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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 28, 1901

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i^VIAViVt'VVMVfWWVV ������
Newspaper in the Koo- t
tenays. Established *
eleven years ago.... j
���VVVVVVV.%VV.VVV^*I. WV W-v->> ���
i A Miner want ad. will $
* make it known to all $
��    Nelson and Kootenay. I
Daily Edition No Q73
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Thursday,   FtBkuARY 28,  [got.
Eleventh   Year
interview With .Representatives of the Crow's Nest
Pass Go.
)eclare   There  are   Ample
Facilities for Supplying
Demand In B.C.
25th January the
T, c. Thompson and II. W. Ilcrch-
llncr, officials of the Crow's Nest Pass
I Coul company, were in Nolson yoster-
liinv mi their way to Oreenwood,where
lllii-y will watch tlie proceedings of
I the meeting of the Associated Hoards
of Trade of Southern British Columbia.
Interviewed by a representative of
The Miner, both gentleman volunteered some interesting information
regarding the controversy whicli is
now agitating the minds of the people of the west���the question of the
.smelters and the coal nnd coke supply���und stated whnt may be considered the case for the coal company.
"I deny," said Mr. Thompson,
"that there has been a shortage of
coal and coke from Crow's Nest for
the mines nnd smelters of liritish Columbia and that theie is any likelihood of there being any shortage.
There are five smellers In operation
in British Columbia, as follows-
Triiil, Granby, (Irecnwuod, Boundary
Falls and Nclsoii. The requirements
of the Trail smelter are 100 tons per
day; Oranby. 90 tons; Greenwood, 411
tons; Boundary Falls. ISO tons, nnd
Nelson, 26 tons. We are prepared to
enter Into contracts for the supply of
tnosc quantities at any time "
"How about the question of ashort-
*ige in the past, Mr. Thompson?" was
'In regard to that," Mr. Thump-
n replied, "tlio Trail smelter wired
us on the 21st of September asking a
reduction in the quantity of coke being sent tbem, from SO to SO tons.
Wc were shipping no coke to tlie
United Stutcs up to tlie '.'1st day of
February, 1000; nnd the reason why
contracts were entered into with thu
United States smelters was because I
the Trail smelter was the only customer whioh wc hud at that time.
As they cut us oft' on February 7, this
left us without a market for one
pound of coke, with 200 ovens burn-
iug sou! to make coke, which, as you
know, have to be kept going all the
"Tho Trail smelter resumed coke
shipments on the 20th June last and
since then we have supplied tbem
with all that they could take, and in
July we shipped the Oranby smelter
some coke. We have never been
unable to meet tbe demand in British
Columbia. As it is at present we
nre producing 130 tons in excess of
the requirements eaoh day, which is
going to the United States." How
about the complaint of the Sliver
King people, who said the other day
tbat a shut-down was imminent, owing to a shortage of coke'."'
���"That," replied Mr. Thompson,
"was partly owing to a mix-up between the smelting and mining department of the Hall Mining tit Smelt
ing Co., Ltd ; but wo uro now billing
all the mining coal to tlie Silver
King mine, and the smelting coal to
the smelter. The Silver King is now
receiving plenty of joal. "
"How about transportation facilities; are tbey inadequate'."'
"They eertnlnly arc���particularly
between Kootenay, landing and Nelson. This prevents thu expeditious
handling of coal."
Asked as to the prospective development of the Crow's Nest coal property,
Mr. Thompson said: "We now have
the grading done and the stone quarried in preparation foe the erection
of _(io more ovens���and we have MO,-
000 lire brick en route from Pennsylvania. With tbe^neicase.l facilities
for production, our output will be
increased by 2(1(1 tons per diiv and this
would give a total output of 710 Ions.
This would more than till all existing
contractu in British Columbia nnd the
United Slates; nnd we will require
tti find a now market for a poition of
"In regard to tlie statement that the
closing down of the Clreenwood smelter is imminent owing to a shortage,
I have  this  to  say;   Cuder   date of
requisitioned us for 40 tonjs pc. '���fy ��J-
with 500 tons for immediate shipment
for stock. Between the 28th and 31st
of January we shipped them (170 tons
and an average of 44 tons per day
since 1st of February, so they either
made a mistake in stating their requirements or have a stock on hand
at present.
"In respect to the Granby and
Boundary Falls smelters���On January 23 rd the lioundary Falls smelter
said their requirements would be 30
tons per day, commencing February
1st, whicli has been more than met by
a shipment ot two cars each day since
that date. This smelter, of course,
has not yet blown in. The Granby
smelter people on the 24th of January
asked for 00 tons per day, 'unless un-
forseen circumstances prevent.' Since
that date and during the whole of
December and January we have been
shipping nt the rate of 100 tons per
day thus assuring the Granby people a surplus stock."
Premier Thinks Legislation
Has Not Been Affected
More Instances of Inconveniences Suffered by Nelson
Business Men.
The publication in The Miner yesterday morning of certain complaints
in regard to the condition of affairs
in the Nelson postoffice caused many
business men to visit The Miner offlce
yesterday to relate further Incidents
and and to congratulate The Miner
upon having called attention to the
existing evils.
Mr. Eli Sutciiffe had a particularly
interesting story to tell. Bis father
had applied at the wicket for letters
and papers. The deputy postmaster
attended him, looked through the let
ters and informed him there were
none and then without looking
through the papers and packages Informed him also that there were none
of the latter. Sir. Sutciiffe, 8r., told
Eli Sutciiffe that he had not been
properly waited upon and the latter
visited the postofflce. He was told in
an offensive manner that some one
had already called for his mail and
further than that the deputy postmaster would pay no attention to
him, Then the next morning Mr. Sut-
clltt'e called upon Postmaster 01 lker.
Mr. (liliter listened to his complaint
looked through the papers and found
one which must have been iu the offlce
the evening be'ore when Mr. Sutciiffe
called. Mr. SutclifTe complained of
his treatment in the hands of the deputy postmaster and wbb told by Mr.
Gilker that he had better call for his
rauil when the young lady was at the
wicket, or in other words that Mr.
Sutcliff 5 must call for his mall when
it best suited the convenience of the
postotlice staff. Another time Mr.
Sutciiffe sent to Vancouver for two
pipe ambers. On a Saturday morning
lie received a letter stating tbat the
ambers bad been mailed at the same
time as the letter. He asked on Saturday if there were any packages and
wns told there were not. He asked
again on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but still, according to the
poiitofflee clerk, there was no package.
Then he lnnilc a kick, a polite but
vigorous one. He admitted that if
the package wasn't there he could not,
of course, expect them to hand It out
to him. but he expressed his belief
that there wus in the Nelson postotlice a package addressed to him and
that if proper search were made It
could be found. The search was made,
and lo-and-bchold! the package
brought to view from the floor where
it hnd been probably since the previous Saturday, lfift the postotlice people didn't let Mr. Sutciiffe rest here.
lie hnd purchased some goods In the
cast and without any notification was
presented through the bank with a
sight draft for the amount of his bill.
Fortunately his overdraft editor had
been attending to his duties and the
draft was accepted and paid. Three
days latei he received a notice from
tho eastern firm that they were drawing on him at sight. The postmark
on the letter showed that It had
been in the Nelson postofflce for a
week beforc.it was delivered to him,
and lie bad culled at the postofflce at
least once every day whilo the letter
bad been there.
Further experiences of this kind
will be   related   by The  Miner  until
N.W.M.P. Report���Conserva
tlves Opposed to Preferential Tariff.
Ottawa, Feb. 27.���In the bouse today Robinson of Elgin moved a resolution that all companies thai bave
received, a franchise or aid from the
country should furnish members of the
house with free transportation upon
the certificate of the clerk of the
house, and that no mileage indemnity
be paid to members while in attendance upon their parliamentary duties.
Puttee of Winnipeg, supported the
resolution. He laid special stress on
the impression abroad that railway
legislation was facilitated in the
house through the influence of the
passes given by the railways to members. Mr. Richardson of Lisgar, did
not believe that legislation was
He considered the government mileage allowance was intended to include, besides actual transportation
expenses, also cost of meals, Pullman, and perhaps tbe time lost. He
would have preferred that the resolution should read, simply to deduct
from the mileage allowance, the railway fare and allow the balance to go
to the members. However, he was
prepared to support the resolution aB
it was.
Mr. MacLean of East York, came
out vigorously against the practice of
members travelling on passes still
drawing their travelling* allowance
from tbe government. Mr. R. L.
Borden said he did not believe members were Influenced in their actions
on railway legislation by passes,
He did not lino tbe language of Robinson's resoli-.tion. He felt that publio opinion on the subject should be
considered. He thought it might
be better if members were to
in the ordinary way. This expense
was made up at Ottawa. The Premier pronounced the proposed measure
a rather drastic one. It was imposing on the railways a duty for which
they would get no return. He held
it waB a tradition of British legislation not to compel tbe giving of services without compensation. Ownership was sacred and should not be invaded without compensation. Tlie
fact that subsidies had been granted
to railways was no argument in favor of the proposition. When they
got subsidies It was because of good
and sufficient reasons at the time.
He said there might be an evil, but
he agreed lt wbb not possible to find
that parliament had been influenced
by passes. In order that tlie whole
question might be fully considered he
moved tbe adjournment of the debute. The debate adjourned. ������
N. W.  M.    P. REPORT.
Tbe annual report of the Mounted
Police was submitted to paillament
today. In regard to orime, Commls-
soner Perry reported that 3(1 convictions were obtained out of 1,351 cases
entered, about 71 per cent. There
has been no startling increase of
crime and the state of the country
from a police point of view is very
satisfactory. Some owners in Southern Alberta complain of horses having
Under the head of "Indians," the
commissioner also says that the Indians maintain their reputation for
good behaviour. There is a steady
improvement In their condition and
on some reserves they havo now large
bands of cattle. During the early
months of the war In South Africa
disquieting rumors were abroad that
the Indians contemplated rising.
These had no foundation whatever.
There was sympathy for Boors among
some of tbe foreign settlements, but
it was of a purely ptatonic o der.
Syndey Porter of Moosejaw,has been
appointed homestead Inspector of Region district.
During  today's   sitting,   Mr. Mac-
Lean, East   York,  declared  that  the
the Nelson postollico   shows   signs   of
being conducted on a  business   basis. ' conservative   party were   opposed   to
tlie preferential tariff. The statement
was applauded by those who sat be
hind him. Mr. Sifton made reply to
The minister of finance, replying to
Clarke, said that to debar from the
advantages of the British preferential
clause articles partly manufactured
in Germany, or manufactured from
raw material giown or produced in
Germany, would be to debar many
British manufactures whioh depend
on foreign raw materials. However,
if the law was being evaded, the
government would look into tbe   sub
Smelter for Alberui��� New  Pulp
Foi- Vancouver.
Victoria, Feb. 27.���The debate on
the address will probably close tomorrow when adjournment will be taken
until Monday. The attorney-general
moved the adjournment of the debate
tonight after a capital speech from
Wells. Martin, if he bus returned,
will also speak tomorrow. All the
opposition front benches were vacant
yesterday and today, Martin, Curtis
and Brown being absent, and only
Melnnes to carry on the work of opposition leadership.
The mining members had the after
noon practically to themselves, the
speakers being Staples, Hunter, Mc-
Phillips, Clifford, Smith, and Neill.
All pressed for more trails and amendments to the Placer Mining acts. Neill
intimated amid applause that negotiations were in progress for the establish nent of a smelter on Albernl
Captain McKenzie. who has been at
Detroit in connection with arrangements for the building of a ferry for
the Great Northern to ply between
Steveston and Victoria, is iu tlie city
and refuses to discuss the project, but
says he is representing big capitalists
who ure prepared to go on with the
pulp industry which the government
has promised to assist. It will be located on the mainland.
The Republic group, a promising
Slocan proposition has been bonded
to Rossland parties and it is expected
that work will be commenced on the
pioperty shortly. The Republic is
located near the Phoenix group, a
couple of miles from Slocan City, and
is a gold-silver proposition.
���   *   ��
Yesterday's mining records were:
Transfers; A third interest in the
Queen Victoria claim on the south
side of Barrett creek, 2J.J miles from
the N. St F. S. road, by E. E. Cole of
Trail to Chris Anderson of Nelson at
87*.*.litf. A memorandum of agreement
between C. II. Green and C. F. Whit-
cher of Stanstend, Quebec, respecting the transfer of the Mastadon
claim was filed. The property Is located on Iron mountain, a mile and a
half north of the mouth of Lost creek.
The consideration of the transfer is
80,000, 81,000 of which is payable
within (!" days and tlie balance from
time to time as required for the development of the pioperty.
Locations���The Belle frnction, on
divide between Eagle and Forty-Nine
creeks, by Q, II. Kcefer and M. C.
Certificates of Work���To the Dundee Gold Mining Co , on the Annie
fractional and the \Vliite Pine.
II. E. Beasley leaves today for
I.ee Coombs, a well known Rosslnnd man, is al tlie Phair.
John Gunn. contractor on the Robson bridge has returned from Winnipeg.
A, York, a prominent business and
mining mini of Slocan City was in the
city yesterday
J, S, Lawrence, trainmaster of the
c. tit W. with headquarter! at Smelter
Junction, was in tlie city yesterday.
Smith Curtis, M. P. P., of Rossland, spent several hours in the city
yesterday, leaving at 0,40 o'clock for
the coast.
Robert Dullick. formerly   connected
with the provliic'uil police   in tho Nel
son district and now located   in   Winnipeg, was in thu city yesterday.
R. J. Klrkwood of Slocan City is in
the city today. Mr. Kirkwood is a
pioneer of Springci creek, and located
severul of the most promising properties in that section.
About that second hand article of
yours. Vou'll Hell it if you'll advertise it in The Miner want column.
South African War Has Taken
a More Favorable
Rumors About Botha ���Big
Battle With  Dewet
tion. a pioperty adjoining the North
Star property, have been obliged to
quit work on account of the tremendous amount of water coming from the
vein upon which tliey were working
It is move than probable that they
have struck the North Star ore chute
at I heir end of the property.
H. O. Jennings, who has been working extensively on the Dean property
in Binking a Bhaft, which ia now
down 3a feet. Through the last drill
hole at the bottom of the shaft a
small stream of water has been coming at such a rate that he has been
forced to erect a hoist, so that he
can handle it We hope this is a
good Indication, and that he will find
the water issuing from an ore fissure.
London, Feb. 27.���General French's
most recent success, combined with
the advantages gained by the other
forces in South Africa, has created a
most hopeful feeling at the war ollicc
here. Lord Raglan, under secretary
for war, described it today as being
"the tbin edge of the wedge" and
this Is also the opinion of military
circles, who reiterate that while tho
war could not be expected to end
with a sudden stroke, this constant
capturing of men, guns, supplies nnd
horses meant that the operations
would soon be reduced to a Dacoit
General French is quite tlie
on Pall Mall, though, of course,   General   Kitchener's   controlling  hand is
recognized ui.d.;r   every circumstance.
It is felt by Mr    Broderick and   Lord
Roberts, that   so   long as  the British
forces are doing   something to diminish the Boer's   supply of men, mounts
and ammunition,   they   are achieving
the only possible   objective at present
In   sight.    It is hot   believed to be at]
all   likely   General      Kitcheuer   will j
grant any armistice as   a preliminary I
to peace, or if he does, he will not let I
the war offlce   know   of   it.    until he
learns the result.
In fact, small reliance is placed on !
suoh an offer, for even if General
Botha gave in, the war oflice is inclin-
ed to consider that his action would I
only affect the forces under his immediate individual command,and that
the same policy which is now being
pursued would have to be continued
against the other Boer forces opernt -
ing in vicinities far removed from the
Boer conimauder-in-cbief
De Aar, Feb. 2(3.��� Thorieycroft's
column, when last heard from, was a
few hour's march behind Dewet. The
other columns have seemingly lost
touch with him, Hertzog, the Hocr
commander, is reported to have crossed the Orange river, and he appears to
be still inside the rectangle formed
by the railroad and the river.
London, Feb. 2S.���liennet Burial***-,
wires to the Daily Telegraph from
De Aar nnder Tuesday's date us follows: "The Orange river remains
high. Cur columns are tightening
their grip upon Steyn, Dewet and
Hertzog near Petrusville, and our pn-
trols have been engaged. I anticipate
that a general action is admit to be
fought and that the collision Is likely
to prove serious.
London, Feb. 27.���Tlie Daily Chron-
iolc,which has received a repent It believes trustworthy, though It has no
means of verifying it, tbat General
Botha bas surrendered to Lord Kitchener, says; "According to earlior information General Botha was to have
been received at Lord Kitchener's
camp about the end of this week. Hut,
if the foregoing rcpoit is correct
events have ripened with unexpected
Kimberley, Fob. 20,��� The North
Star mine shipped during last week,
42ti tons of ore. Tho Sullivan mine
shipped during last week 800 tons of
ore. The latter has ceased shipping
for a time. The exact reasons nre
unknown, but it Is surmised to be on
account of the fall In the price of
lend. Extensive underground development work is being enrried on and
will   continue for some time.
The Mount Sicker and 11. C. Development Co. have a good showing of
ore on their Quantrell propertyy, and
we trust thoy have struck thp right
place in which case another shipping
mine will soon be added to this camp.
The  owners  of the   Noonday frac-
Ottawa. Feb. 27.���The militia department has sent out notices that
there arc more applications for positions on Baden-Powell's police force
than are requiied, so it is useless applying.
Annual Report Was Presented
Yesterday���The Concert
The adjourned annual meeting of
the Public Library association took
place last night when the institution
was given a fair start on the new
year. It is hoped that certain suggested changes in tlie management
can be effected whereby the citizens
who have labored so earnestly to bring
the libraiy to its present condition of
usefulness, may be relieved of at least
a share of the anxiety attendant on*
tho financial management.
The officers for the ensuing term
are Judge Crease, president; Mrs. E.
C. Arthur. Vice-president; H. Bird,
secretary; Mrs. A. L. McCulloeli, secretary; directors, Mcsdumes Day,
II. Bird, P. Lamont,.K W. Uanning-
ton, nnd G. F, Beer, and Messrs. G.
V, Holt, Fred Irvine, R. R. Hedley,
J. H. Bowes, G. F. Beer and Frank
The report of tbe last years' work as
presented by Mrs. McCulloch was as
During the past year the library
and rending rooms have been much
improved. Tbe rooms in the Broken
Hill block were found inadequate and
in May the library was moved to the
present moms on Victoria street which
are a very greot improvement. In
August Mr. Harrison, the librarian,
resigned and Miss Williamson was appointed, s^c lias efficiently diaunarg-
ed her duties. During the past year
the buying of books was left to a committee to secure the new hooks week
ly as they come out. This has been
found very satisfactory, and they have
bought 52 new books For thu con-
veu'enee of subscribers a catalogue
was printed which cau be obtained
from the librarian.
Last year tlicro weie only 10.9 subscribers to tlio library as compared
with 2!i3 111 1899, This decrease 1
think is due to tlie fuct that the canvas in 1000 wns not as thorough as in
1899. The attendance in the rending
and recreation rooms has Increased
very much. The highest monthly
attendance during ls'.in being 017
while in January 1901 the attendance
was '.' 000, an increase of 2,070, or
over BOO per cent. This proves without a doubt, tlio popularity and need
of an institution of the kind. It ia
encouraging to tlie directors and
should lulluence the city council to
either take over thu rooms or to give
the dliectors a liberal grant towards
the support   of the library.
The expenses for 1000 huve been
81.I7H. Our sources of revenue hnvc
been from subscribers to the library
8300, a grant from the city of WOO,
the proceeds of thu library ball 8110.
from tlie library carnivals, 8207; from
the Bale of magazines and fines 820;
making a total revenue of 81,2110.
The directors take this opportunity
of thanking tin* city council, the
public and the press for the llbuinl
support and patronage and trust the
new dircctorute will be successful in
securing a monthly grant from the
city and so make the future success ol
the reading room a certainty without the constant strain of financing
that the retiring board has experienced.
An entertainment in aid of such a
meritorious Institution as the   Nelson
Inquiry Will Open This Afternoon Before the Commissioners.
All Signatories to the Kerr
Petition Summoned as
Continued on Fourth Vsgo,
Today at 2 o'clock the hoard of police commissioners will commence an
investigation into the affairs of the
police force and about lifty business
men have been summoned to give evidence iu the matter. A petition wns
presented to Mayor Fletcher protesting against certain points Df interior
economy and His Worship promptly
called the investigation, summoning
every man who 6igncd the petition to
give evidence before the hoard.
The petition read as follows;
"To the Police Commissioners:
"Sirs,���We, the undersigned business men, and others of the City of
Nelson, hearing that yon aiu about to
dismiss from the police service Mr. Edward Kerr, take this means of entering our protest against any such ac-
tion on your part, as wu consider
there is no better or mme trustworthy man in the employ of the police department than the tiaid Kerr
and would further draw your atteb-t
tion to the fact that it is the duty of
tho police commissioners to see that
the police force of our city is always
kept In an efficient condition anil that
potty feelings or jealousies should not
be allowed in the department"
(Signed) W F Teetzel. Fred Irvine
St Co., Jacob Dover, J .1 Malone, .1 11
Vanstone. Martin O'Reilly it Co.,
Nelson Hardware Co, Robert A. Kerr,
J A Gilker, J A Irving, C Morrison,
G B Matthew, J T Wilson, Leonard
Scott, P E Tracey, G 0 S Paterson,
Jas Lawrence, J F Well, Win Brown,
Hurry Wright, J II Matheson, F O
Graham, J A McDonald, H McCaus-
land, J O Patenaude, Ward Bros, Mo-
Finland tit llrockmnn, J J Walker,
A Ferland, II M Vincent, Crow tit
Morris, II F McLean, W (1 Brown, S
Neelands, E J Rohie. T II Smith,
Lillie Bros, O W Jackson, John Tut-
cteou, Wm Wilson, a ll Clements, 0
W Bartlett, A J Marks. _ E Phaii. II
D Hume, F E Ilebdcn, .1 l.aing Stocks,
W O Gillett, W W lleer, Wm McCan-
dlish, 0 W Rutherford, Hiarlcs .1 Wilson, John A Kirkpatrlck, 3 II Wallace, J 11 Nickerson, Geo M Fron���-, 3
Williams, K A Forbes, Geo Ferguson,
Kerr & Co, James McDonald, R Bradford, Fred J Squire, Emory tit Walley,
A D Emory, 1) McArthur ,V- Cor, L
Pogue, J 11 Tuttle, Dunciin McDonald, J Johnson, Hyde. Titsworth _
Co, J L Parks, Tbos Sproat, J M I.nil-
The suhpo'nas served on citizens
were issued under seel ion 221 of the
municipal cIuiihcs acts which reads:
"The coinmissioiiurs shall have powoi
to summon and examine witnesses
on oath in all matters .lonnecti'd with
the administration of their duties
and thoy shall have the sainu power to
enforce the attendance Of such witnesses and to compel tliuin to give evidence us is vested in any court of law
In civil cases. A notice to attend de-
fore the board shall de sullicicnt if
signed dy the chairman of tho board
or any one of the commissioners hut
no party or witnesses shall du compelled to answer any question by his
answer   In   which   ho   mii<ht    render
himself liable to a criminal prosecution.    1890, o :i7, s. 220."
The summons Issued sets forth that
the presence of the party named Is
required "to testify what you know
concern Ing tbe inellli-iency of the police force of tho oity, tiic competence
and trustworthiness - one Kerr as a.
police officer."
The amusing feature of tlie si illation is that as a rule the parties
Whose names are   aflixcd   have     i tt lo
or no poisonai knowledge of - te subject lit blind, tbe majority having
signed the document with the idea of
securing efficient polios service in Hie
Mayor Fletcher considers that the
coinmlssloneis arc placed in a wrong
light by tlio tenor of the petition ami
is determined to see the proposition
through to a finish. The next chapter
commences today when the investigation opens at tlie police court ju
Josephine street, Nelson Daily Miner,  Thursday,   Febhuray 28,  1900
The Nelson Miner
Published   Every  Morning  Except   Monday
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Central i'ress Agency. Ltd., Special Agents
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Much anxiety will be relieved by the
aniiiiiiniTiiicni that the Silver King
mine will not now require to close
down, as was threatened, an adequate
supply of coal having been received.
:��� i aaas
Once again the cables bring tlie
dread'tidings that storn,y scenes have
occurred in the l-'reucli chamber of
^dfcputics. AIL tbe .trouble is said,to
have' been caused, liy a man named
All Chocks should be made payable to tho
orilor of NE1.B0.V Publishing Comi'a.nv,
THE   PO8TOFFIOE1    -      -
In its news columns yestirlay The
Miner published some information
about the operation of the local post
Olllce which is hardly calculated to
enhance the reputation which Nelson
bears for being an up-to-date town.
Ample testimony is offered that the
postotlice is miserably managed and
that the delays and inconvenience
caused tbe public in consequence are
simply scandalous. There seems no
special reason why this sort of thing
should be tolerated meekly. The post-
master and his staff may be very excellent people���no doubt tbey are; but
if tbey are incompetent or handicapped by any circumstances which prevent tnem from giving the publio a-
good service, the sooner that fact is
discovered the better. The Miner has
no inclination to pose as a grumbler;
but these complaints about the opera
tion of the postofflce are so persistent
and so specific, that it would be derelict in its duty if it did not take-cognizance of them. What is to be done'.1
Are tho people of Nelson to suffer
from this inconvenience interminably-?
.Surely it is not unreasonable .to ask
that the inspector give some attention
11 this public protest against a grievance whicli bears heavily upon the
people! The Miner promises that-it
will not "cease from troubling" until a remedy shall have been provided.
A number of��C'hinese oflicials have
been beheaded. Good! Let the good
work go on, and. in tlio language of
.tbe.immortal bard, "damned be he
.who first cries hold I enough '. "
Mrs. Nation has taken to editing a
newspaper. . That ..settles. . if. The
hatchet campaign j/s ,yyor, for she
will now realize that editors are as
much iu need of philanthropic caro
aud attention as tin- class in whoso
interest she has been; so industrially
The joyful news is hashed across
the continent fiom Ottawa that the
members of tlie Chinese commission
are preparing to start for the coast to
begin the investigation' Which has
been entrusted 16 them. Another message will no doubt be received when
the start has actually been made.
lt would i.ot be at all surprising if
the,story that Lord Kitchener has met
lieneral Botha to arrange for the surrender of the Boers should prove true,
as it can only be a question of a short
time jn. any event before the Beers in
the field will see tlie hopelessness of
the struggle nnd throw up the sponge.
Todny tbe Associated Boards ot
Trade of Southern British Columbia
will hold their annual meeting at
Greenwood. It will prove a very im-.
portant convention, and much will,
depend upon the result of the deliberations. Perhaps the most iali'ri'stiug
question which will uome up for cnn��-
sideration is" that of the smelters, the
coal and coke supply and the application for a charter for a railway:
from the Crow's Nest coal fields south
to the boundary line. Both sides of
the great controversy which bus engaged public attention for many weeks
will no doubt be ably presented ami
full information given so that a wise
decision may bo ariived at. We take
it that the fate of the application
for the charter hangs on the nature
of that decision. Certainly it will
havo great weight both at Victoria
and Ottawa, as it is a reasonable assumption that the people of the districts affected know what they want
and will say so. In another column
is published an interview with repre,
sentntives of the coal company who
state their side of tlie caie. The decision of the meeting on this very Important question will be awaited with
profound Interest.
W. W. _���'. Melnnes, M. P. P., is
reported tb have ' commenced "orating" in the legislature. Those who
are compelled to be present during
'the'egojisltcal and bombastic eruption are to be pitied. It is a matter
for regret that an act cannot be> Introduced for the permanent suppres.
sion of the Mclnnesses.
The suggestion has been made that
steps ought to be taken to ensure the
proper measurement of cord-wood under the-direction of a civic official,
This is a good idea. No one, wo are
sure, will desire to see the wood dealers bankrupt themselves by throwing
in extra measurement, as is now said
to be the practice in Nelson.
The members of the die department
-who hastily resigned out of pique,
because their choice was not appointed to the position of chief, were guil-
ify''of-despicable:! conduct j^and- tlie-;
sympathy of the Community- wfil-be-
extended to Chief Lillie in his efforts
to immediately reorganize the.department and put it upon au efficient
Lowery of the New Denver Ledge.
The fact that there is a Mr. Nation
apparently ooesn't enter into the Kootenaian's calculations. Possibly it
regards Mrs. Nation's husband as too
insignificant to count.���The Province.
Published pictures of Carrie Natron
are calculated to make people wonder
why she needed any hatchet wjufifshe
went to smash a mirror.���Montreal
Herald.      -
The author of The Man Willi the
Uoe might.bring himself up to date by
writing a few warm- verses-on-The
Woman With the Axe.���Toronto Star,.
To' the '"Kditor~-In building.-up, a
country and utilising its natural resources, "surely the best method*to ae*-.
coihplisli this object is to encourage
capital to be invested. liritistofolonm-
bja is amopg the richest portions of
the world fn the natural resource of
coal. Vancouver Island, Queen Charlotte Islands have coal fields. Humns.
Nioola, Ilazelton, North Thompson^
Okanagan, Canoe river, Peace river,'
East Kootenay, the whole, eastern
slope of the Rocky mountains���all
these are known coal fields. What
are some of the Nelson people doing
in hampering any railway whatever in
coming in and supplying all the western states, Mexico or Souih America
with all the coal thoy will buy? That
would Vancouver Island today be
without its foreign markets'.' -.Wales,
Scotland and North England, do an
enormous export trade. Belgium and
France are competing for this trade.
India, Japan and Australia are opening up coal fields for the export trade.
We want to see' British Columbia
forge ahead of Pennsylvania, and cannot help it do so by foolish restriction to prevent   its competing in  the
world's market. Our Nelson Board of i ������_,������ ��� l*_ _,������ ���
. j 1 , xS-:���-=.- ���; ��� ���ali. ;ii4ifiombine., to- make
trade took the only   possible   view  of I .[���,:.
the matter in encouraging development of our coal fields. Bonus no
railways; have free trade and open
competition in the development of all
mineral resources, and British Columbia will ,have a population' running
into millions," and endless industries
and factories to supply their demands.
February 27.     -  k      '���������' '���'���   ���
Wholesale and Retail Meat Mercii.
-Va--*-1   tffffff*f"__J*^
Branch Markets in Bossland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Ttirwe For ha, Nov/ Denver and Slooan City,
Order* by mall io any branch Trill have careful .a*- nrompt attention.
I Tl"
 -L'_oil, Silver-Lead  and   Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE  MILLING   UOLi) 'properties wanted "at once foi- EasteTrr
Investors;---'"* ...... ..,..,.     ;
Parties  having: mining   property for   sale are   requested to send,
samples of theirole to.the.EXC'lIANlIK for exhibition.
We [desire, to., hear from prospectors who have promising minei_V.
claims in BrTOsk Coiujnbla;
Prospectors  and   mining  men   are requested   to make  the EXCHANGE theinheadquarturs when iu Nelson.
-.-All Samples should be sent by express, PREPAID..
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to      t���-.- 14-.
��������� ANDREW   F.   ROSENBERGER-, '---
Telephone No-184. ..*. 0*80x709. ��� ...-; ���    , , 1 nelson, B.C.
Md $00 Line
1 NO.
Also TOURIST OARS passing  Dun-
moi-e JiiLClion dailv for St. I'aul, Saturdays for Montreal mid Boston, Mondays and Wednesdays   for Toronto-
8 mc cars  pass   Revelstoke  one  day
for  your
eastern  trip is to
your ticket reads via Canadian Pacific.
Trams and Steamers Depart.
6-00   ) St���1"01' f��r Kooteimy Land
) Steam
[inK a
J Crow's
ml   eastern  poiiits
s Nest Route.
-i "'"'" Lots for sale on easy terms,
-'���-"''���-'Lafg-Inumber of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of the!
Tramway.; For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Com
pany, Macloiaalcl Block  corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
"""j"*1 A. V. MASON. Secretary.
faun    ..SIX  I��� _.
Wjehavejust ~re-
��� ed: up two cases
���-ofi^;:.;;;;; i
Science | and  art
are the fortes which 2J
our :~Photographs
the   admiration   of
1 **"
all'impartial critics.
-^U$|n STUDIO,
Baker Street.
Bay   Only   Union ��� Made   Shoes,
There is every reason to believe that
tho present session of tin* Provincial
legislatuie will not draw to a close
without some cbamtes hcino; made in
the personnel of the govc-nuicnt, ns
Strong pressure is being exorted to
have Premier Iliiiismuir cany out tho
promise he made his supporter! when
he assumed otllcu regarding rccon
slructlon. It is generally understood
that the changes will include the retirement of Hon. J, 11. Turner, who
will tnko tlie post of agent-genera!
in London.
Mr. John Dillon, Irish Nationalist,
is making a pretty spectacle of himself in tlio Imperial honse of commons. He charges the British with
acting inhumanely towards the liners
In (South Africa, which is of course
untrue; but how any man enn stand
up in defence nf a people who fiendishly used the white (lag to murder
British soldiers nnd afterwards flogged
and assassin.'!ted peace envoys, passes
A fitting aftermath of the peace
conference is fvrnjs-lied in .: the ..announcement just made in tho British
house of commons that the army and
niivy estimates for this year will
break all records in the immensity
of tlie. appropriations. The occasion
seems ripo for another edict from the
Czar of ltussia,advocating the turning
of swords into pruning books.
Nolson is to be ongratulatcd for
having made such an excellent showing in the number of recruits sent
from this city to Baden-Powell's
South African constabulary. All the
men who have been accepted for service arc fine stalwart specimens of the
rugged mnnhood of the west and will
not suffer by compniison with tho
men chosen from any other section of
This stamp used by the JOHN Mc-
PHERSON Co., Lit_ilted;-of HamrllvoOf
the only Union factory In Canada.
i-      . n.i; -���   ,-:���   .��,-,���, ;   jrfc
Carrie Nation would bo a great
help to Kitchener If she'd only take
the job.-Toronto Star,
Western Canada will feel very much
disappointed if it should prove true,
as bus boon stated, that thoir Royal
Highnesses tliu liiilin and Duchess of
Cornwall and Vork,on their approaching- visit to Canada, will land at Halifax and only visit the Eastern provinces. Every effort should be made
to have the programme changed so
that the best and most promising section of the broad Dominion may not
be overlooked. i
King Edward has appointed ills
Queen a Lady of the (outer. Whv.
wc thought that nil ladies���but there,
never mind.- Belleville   Intelligencer.
It Is to be hoped that Mrs. Carrie
Nation will stick to her promise and
stay in gaol rather than give bonds to
be good.��� Columbian.
if a railway from the const to Kootenay will pay, It should he hiillt and
operated bv the people. If It will not
pay It would be cruelty toallow Mann,
Mackenzie 01 some other capitalists
to blow in tlielr hard-earned money
on this charter-blasted province.���
New llcnver Ledge.
Ever notice what wonderful orators
those chaps are who move and sc3
ond the adoption of parliamentary ad-
drosses',' Ever notice how few of 'em
amount   to   very   much afterwards'.'���
iiiiiiiioni Courier,
Hewn re of the snowslide. Taken In
large doses It kills quicker thnn the
bubonic plague. Unlike oilier calamities it embalms the dead nil hunt extra cost.���New Denver Ledge.
The Kaslo Kootenaian   hns assumed
the role of a   matchmaker   and is ���
deavoring to foment matrimonial di
coid between Mrs,   Nation   and lire
Kootenay Lake General Hospital Society..
In accordance with the By-laws of
the Society, the Annual General Meeting will he held in the Board of Trade
room on Tuesday March 18th at 3
p. m.
All annual subscribers of the sum of
Kill are member of the Society and eligible to take part in the election of
directors for the ensuing term.
Notice is hereby given that at the
Annual lieneral Meeting of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital Socliety,
a resolution will be moved asked the
Lieutenant-Governor - in - Council to
grant a change of title from "The
Kootenay Lake General Hospital So-
ciet.v",to "The Nelson General Ilospl-i
tal (Society.'
��� Tot Lu^K&i^'*��* KMJWKWfl TO
Subscribers in Easlo
" ^K'very morning immediately
i.miiob "arrival of steamer, at the
��� ;.-rate:0f '.   . V .'.".",' .,'
75 Cents per Month
i . '���''".   Subscriptions to be left
��____�����] w^.thqwent;'...., ���,'������.:	
___& YOUNG
One ol These
Whittaker's Almanac-.
The N. Y. Woild Almanac
Canadian Almanac.
New   Vork Clipper Annual.
Am 1;    ,. j 1 sVi
Office Diaries, 1901.
,      .    .. * ti'S" la-a  1 _t   {i-V'.-i.*
The Great  Boer  VVar._ By
A. Con_n Pqylev 1(Cic*tb_,_
$,.5o.      ... -i.^.;';,...:
The .feldredg.' Bi' ���Sewing
Machi ne. (Ball' BearIir^,XJ
$30.00,/   ;_J
i_ ��rrj!
���'salt*---11U 'l    To,;-*  il-j ;>:     .r,
.Real Estate and insurance Agonts.
L otfc     F0R SALE
'T.hreB. lofamffid bungaloWiiJ) roonis:
aria .bathroom, with all modern improvements, ...electric light fixtures
complete, good locality, good view.
Hituation, Hoover Street, near Jose-
Tphifle.    E&sy terms. ���     ���
Lpt,0,.Block 8, Dogustown, with 5-
roomed .house, new, SDaO.
Mill Street���Lot and 0-roomcd house
with bathroom, modern conveniences,
plumbing complete, $1900: ox rent for
825 per month.
V. W.
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
kinds of second band goods. Will boy
or sell anything from an anchor to ���
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperta,
cooking utensils, bought in household
qnantities. Also oast off clothing.
Gull and see me or write. Address
Hilver King Hike, Boi U00. H_U
Street. Nelaon.  H   ��1.
i'..'1'i p. in., followod by choir prao
. s. Akeliiirsl, Jtiuiior.   Fred Irvine,
H. Havioi.'uk |Knoi.ihh| Ciiuhcii���Corner
Ward and Milieu Hts. Hundnys: Holy Com-
iniiiiliui 8 a. in.: and on tho 1st uml ;inl HundayH
In the month after MiitllnH; Mut.i.ln- at 11 ii.ni.;
SiiihIiij- Srhiiiil t.'M p.m : KvotiHOng 7.30. Dully:
Mill Hun ul !l.:ili a. ni. Tliiirwlays and Hallil.'
Daysi llnly (loimnunlon 10
Kvennong 1.7"
tloo.   H. S. _    ,���
Geo. JohtiHloiii*. Wanumi
Catiioi.ii, (!iiunoii-*onier:W��rd ami Mill
hi renin Mawi every Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m
Iloticdlctlon nt 7.90 P.m.   Mohh ovory woolc day
at 7.16 a.m.   Kev.   rather Forland itoolor.
1'IIKHHYTKICIAN 1*110111 II    HlirvlcilH 111. 11 ll.lll
and 7.90 p.m. Sunday School at 1.90 p.m.
Prayer mooting Thursday evening at 9 p.m.;
Christian Kndoavor Society moniu every 'I'iioh-
day ovonlng a'i s o'olook. Key, It. Frew,
Mkthoiiist    CmiHOii-Corner  Slltoa   and
Josephine Street*.   Sorvlces at 11a.m. and 7.ST
fi. in.; Sabbath Sohool, 2.90 p.m.; Prayor meet
iir on Thursday ovonlng at K o'clock: Kpworth
l.iii>KHii('. I'.-. liiii'iilay ul Hb.iu. Itov. J. II.
Whito, Pastor. Kesldonco, " *'
rear of church.
Salvation Auhy���Sorvlo b tv.ry evenloc
at 8 o'oloch In  barraoks on V otori '   street
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal,    -   $6.75
Crow's  Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.75
No order can he accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Oflice Oorner Hall and Baker Streets.
Canada Drug: Mel
Book CbiS^I"
tt In Plain and
���T Fancy Hus- -,
�� Hns.   . ���, . ,,
8:fc0    I Train   for   Bossland,  (iiond
Ex Sun j l/oiks.Greeuwood.Midway.eto
0:00    i Train for Slocan City, Slooan
Ex Sun f points, and Sandon.
16:00   I Steamer for Kaslo and  inter-
Ex Sun (mediate points.
1 Train for Iiossland, Nakusp,
y Kevelstoke,   main    line  and
) Paciriio Coast Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and full information call ou or address nearest Local Agent, or,
It. W. Drew, Dcpol, Aifcnt I Nelson, B. O.
B. u.'Broivn, Oity Agont. /
li. J. COYLK,
A U. P. Agent,
Spokane Falls _t
TheSeiare the Newest Gut,
and afe really beautiful and
artistic in,pattern and .makeup, arfd represenl shades and
styles!,", to s'tiit every complexion, figure and taste. ;
An^f inspection is respectfully rflvited.    ,._,    ., .,  ,.
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
��ornfer Baker and"'i_tanldy:Street.
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -   B.
josepblno Htreii'
A��� h   ��� -- JfirnxW��� 8V^""
A?hi*lant EEaffVlomhs in cliaivo.
���_tC_B.f*fS^HS__?? ��������?N and
A. R. BARROW, a.m. i.ob
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Oorner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. 0. Box M9.      !l   Telephone No. ��5
F. O. GBEBN        F. S. OIJiMUNTN
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box WJ Valoon   B. <1
i in
We have just received a number of . . .
F. O. E.
Lapel    Buttons   in
gold and rolled plate
The Jewelers.
Successors to T. H. Brown.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
andO. R. & N, Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
points, i . '. .
Connects at . Meyer's  Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connect.*, at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks.and Greenwood,
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
8 JJ0 a.m Spokane 6:40 p.m.
11:50 :i.m  Uosslimd 8:10 p.m.
7:00 a.m Nelson 7:1'6 p.m.
9:15 p.m Spokane 7:00 a.m.
11.00 p. in Rossland 7:00 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Aorent. Nelson, B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland, Me.
Dominion Lino Vaneouvor March 9
Dominion Line Dominion March 23
Allan Lino Numidian March IS
Allan Lino (Jorhitiiian March lfi
Allan Line Sicilian    March 27
���   ti     i-fVom 8t John, N.-B.
Denver LineMontfort.., Maroh 8
Bearov Line LoiHe Champlain., Marcli 15
Beaver Lino Steamer* call at Jlalif ix ono
day later.
Cunard. Line.Etruria... ....
Cunard Line Lticania	
Cunard JLine-Uuibriu	
Whito Star Lino Teutonic...
White Star Lino Germanic..
White Star Lino Majestic...
American Line Vtiuorland.
American Line St. Louis....
American Line New York..      ........ _~
N. Q.L. Kaiser Wilhehn der UroPHO. .March 5
N. G. L. Lalin March 36
Prom Boston
Cunard Lino Ivurnia  Maroh 9
Dominion Line Commornvoalth... .March lb
PassageH arranf-red to and from all European
points. For rates, ticket and full Information
apply to C, P. K. depot agent or H. L. Brown
City Passonger Atrent, Nelaon, B. C.
General * va^K C.P.R, Offlcee, Winnlpeir, -
From Now York
  March 2
 March 9
 mm'cii iu
 March U*
 March 13
 March 20
 I\Imch fi
 March 13
March 20
Is   as
in our
J OFFICE: 8, i) ai- 10, K.-V.-C. D^jck,
H. & M. BIRD
Ag.nti for Eureka nincr.l Wool and
Aabsato. Co.
Insurance Co. of North Amorlca, Mutual Ufa
Insurance Co., of New York, Oueboc
Fire Assurance Co.  y""""">
t'apt. Troup's  house   and four
lots on Stanley   Street.    Pull
particulars on application.
7-Roomed house, and lot on Carbonate St., close  to  Hall St.
All modern conveniences SIMXI 00
Two good, level lots on  Nelson
avenue,  llogustown ���.     375 oo
Mrs.   Snowden's   resldenco' on
Itiilimiii street
.Ill-foot corner on Latimer St.      5*"> 00
Two -.'fl-foot   lots  In   Hlock 40
Latimer   street  500 w
Cottage on  Stanley   street Jls oo
4-Hoomed cottage   on   corner of
Ward and (lore Streets       U 00
New house on Water Street...     15 09
much  interested
as the bread-winner.    There is sat-
sfaction and economy in using it.
Mnde of the best Manitoba wheat
and by the best workmen, insure
its quality and by the latest improved methods which insures its
Klrknatrkk &  Wilson
Our Fresh Roasted Ooffee Best of
Quality, -as follows:
Java nml Arntiian M*olm. pur pound I   40
Java and Mooha Blend, 8 pounds  1 00
Fine Santos, 4 pounds  1 00
Santos Blend, 0 pounds  1 00
Our BpeclalBlend, 8 pounds  1 00
Our Rio Roast, Opounds 1 00
a tsial o-bni mucited.
r-JELSOl- -        B. c.
7-8 inch dlam. $13.50 per 100 feet.   For
immediate  delivery    In   NeW
t. 0. T. CROFTS,
P.O. Box
(*in0tnfe !? h"n^y pive" ������������al-James
t i .'"f.,0"-*' of -N*1���**. Limber
merchant, did on the 81st day of De-
outer, 1900, retire from the ��'Fal?.
view Lumber Company" (carrying on
business at Nelson).' nsl a H,J
therein and that he will not be r"
sponsible for any   debts   incurred   bv
tia"!*"*? ,since aakl ������S5_S_.
Dated nt Nelson,     I.    c,   this   isth
day of February, A. D., 1901.
���    ,���,. JAMES UUJ,
Per Llliot & Lennie iuB ronjtors.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Poller.
Nelion. B. 0.
Trade''���&[**& ^Tl��btB ���*
and If ,?'-8 "btait"-4 in Canada
and ull foreign countries.
AmSle8.' BH,k,-��f B_iti8h NOTtl>
CoSmr  ' HustlDK8 Street. Van-
qALt_ARY%tl_ER<ar.nt',a��rthtt bhftm" 8}
Taleohnn    DO.
TAMBLYN. M...���..
""���'"" fF   Nnlson.B.n
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to Q. I: LftNNOi. Baker <*"
** Nelson Daily Miner, Thursday,  February 28,  1901
lullliilIcntlon   ol n l'nlr  I.  Drlvlaat
Their Owner to In.aiilty.
Two men met on La Salle street.
"Hello!" ejaculate!! ono of them.' "Seen
till,  Tom?"    The other man  shook  bis
I head. C     I .     ii       a :��� j. I _
"No, not 111; .not physically ill, Jack.
I It's���it's white mice."
"Great  heavens!"  gasped   his  friend.
I "Why,  I didn't  know  you ever drank
; enough for���for that!"
j    "lt wasn't drink, Jack, it wasn't drink.
But come with me.   Let me tell you all."
When they wore sented nt opposite Bides
of a Ki11n.ll table, the alllicted man coutin-
ued; ." 1
"Yes, Jack, Ifs white mice, .My hoy,
Thomas, Jr., got it into his head that lie
ought to have a pet. He wanted a dog,
but the bouse is small, nnd the cook is
nervous, and so wo told him no, uot a
dog, most anything but a dog, nnd we
finally coniprornlsod on a pair of white
mice. I brought them home in a nice,
roomy wire cage, and Thomas, Jr., was
delighted. That was two months ago."
The speaker pausedaud sighed feelingly.
"Well, nil went finely uutll about three
weeks afterward. .Theii one morning the
boy came bursting .into my room to inform me that, the 'mires had got soma
lovely little mlces.' And so they had;
fiveof them. Luckily the cage was large
enough for the growing family. But-
well, in four weeks we hnd 47 mice, in
six weeks 100. We gov* up trying to
accommodate them all in oue cage, and
so cigar boxes, work baskets, cracker
tins and even the bathtub were brought
Hilto requisition, �����
"Nuturally, two or three escaped every
day uml lived at large, feasting In the
pantry nt night and begging by onr chairs
nt monl time. They took such a liking to
the cook that they got to making her
room a sort of meeting place. Tlie result
could have been foreseen. My wifo has
been doing the cooking now for several
weeks. I have got so that 1 Bhake my
boots from fores of hifbit before putting
them on. One: nio-gping. I foimd i twop th
my shaving mug. And w�� hive them
served up to us at table in the cracker
jur, the sugar bowl and the cheese dish."
"But why didn't you get cats'/" asked
his friend.     .*��
"Cats? Great heavens! We've had 20
of them. We can't keep them about.
They stay three or four days, get so fur
that they can't walk, and then crawl dejectedly to the door, accompanied by n
frisking contingent of whits inlesi We've
tried cats, Jock."
"Well, then, rat jralson; turn yon tried
"Oh, yes; auita early In the game. The
mice seemed to thrive on that poison. We
tried traps, too. They caught a few, just
a drop in the bucket. And all the time
they kept right on increasing. We haven't
taken a census for nearly three weeks
now, but a, moderate estimate would
place the number at about 000. Just
now, when I met you, I was on the way
to sec a maa- who has ferrets. 1 shall try
to get n few dojen good, healthy ones. If
they don't help��� What's that?" he
shrieked.     "    ' *'"
"What's -what?" asked his filcnd.
"That? Why, just a piece of white paper!"
"Oh, I���I thought��� Well, 1 must get
on. I don't suppose you'd care to buy
that house, would you? No? Well,
good by." ������-..-> .;*
And the roan afflicted with white mice
crept dejectedly around the corner,'looking nervously at every piece of. tprn: paper thnt fluttered in the breeze.���Chicago
Inter Ocean. -
| Ad vei iisniiiijiiis inserted under this head at
i tho rate of ono cent a word per insertion. No
' advertisement taken for loss than 25 centa
Sttuation  Wauled   advertisements   Inserted
three tiniuH free of charge.
FOR   KENT.���Cellar.., Apply.
I     Bank.of Canada. --.>'.
I KOT{_8ALK.���l20 acres of first-class
agricultural and garden land, 13
miles from Nelson on Kootenay Lake.
Will soil Jn . 10, 20 or 40 acre tracts.
Price and terms reasonable. Apply
or address, A. F. Rosenberger, Room
4, K.-W.-C. Hlock, Nleson.
WANTED.���The   reader to know that
if he   reads   this,   other people will
read his ad, in tbis column.
The story of a Juvenile*. Joke and
ike Sale Thereof.
One day the 11-year-old daughter of n
Journeyman humorist sat down in cold
blood to build a joke. Her. unconscious.
humor had brought many shekels into tlie
house, for she was a bright child, ami her
papa was too good a business manager to
allow salable jokes to go uusold. This
joke, however, Was prepared by the humorist's daughter with the idea of putting it on the market, and the humorist,
recognliing*lll'W'k commercial volne, ticked It off ou his .typewriter and sent it to
By great good fortune the Joke found
favor in the eyes of the editor, who remitted $2 in payment therefor.
"Frances," said her father, when the
check came, "I have Bold your joke,
Here is half a dollar for you."
Frances was happy. She told everybody of her literary success. Sho also
told her mamma.
"Frances," said mamma, "papa got
more thun 60 cents for your joke."
"Did he?" said Frances.
Then she went after papa.
"Pupa, how much did the editor pay
you for my joke?" she asked.
"Two dollars."
"Aud you gave me 50 cents of it?"
"Yes, but you see I hnd to do the work
of typewriting it, and mailing it, and
paying postage, and sending stamps for
its return iu case It was uot available."
"1 see."
Frances went away. Presently she returned.
"Pnpn," sli* said, "you charge a high
commission for selling jokes, don't you?"
Pupa mnde no verbul reply. He took
Jl.tiu from his pocket and handed it to
She put a dollar carefully in her littlt
purse am] handed CO cents back to her
"I think that's about right," she said.���
Harper's Biuar.
A country rector was showing a pnrty
of his pai-lBhloners over the rectory, when
thoy cume to a small room full of eurios.
Pointing to an nnnlct of dull gold, the
clergyman remarked:
"That ornament was found in a tomb
In Mexico, Central America. The tomb
wus probably 1,000 years old."
An old fellow standing by fidgeted,
Scratched his head and then remarked:
"Scuse mc, sir. They must 'nv* 'ad
yer. America wasn't discovered 000 year
ago, let alone 1,000."���Answers.
FOR SALE.���Second hand piano in
I good older.. Will _i_ tuned .before
1 delivery.-  Ariply R. W, Day,   Madden
Block. I   ,i- * |        _-tJL_
i FOR -SALJi.-f Lotion > VornotS .^sWeSeti
bringing;   in   ground   rent "of "42$ a
month. J200n.    Apply R.   W. Day.
ROOMS TO LET .��� Clement-Hillycr
-'block. ., Apply Tramway company's
WANTED.���Position as'cook in hotel
. or, restaurant by ' a woman. Apply
K.-if, Miner office.
nWANTED.��� Situation    by   man   and
wile,   t,o   opok for a camp, (experienced) apply If. Wv Miner office
FOR   SALE.���Two    Smith-Premiers,
one Densmore, one Remington, good
condition.     Apply   W. L. T.,   C. r\E.
Telegraph office.
FOR SALEr���A new house, 4ien rboras
very convenient.with all modern im-,
provemetats. < Apply A. E. Clarke, cor
ner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street,
KOR SALE-Second hand safe. Cheap.
Apply J, ,J. Walkei, jeweler.	
TO 'RENT.���t^roomed    house,   bath,
etc., 810; modern cabin, 80; barn on
Silica street, 810. Apply S. M.
Hrydges, K.-W.-C. block,Baker street.
FOR RENTf-Building formerly used
as eottuge hospital. Seven medium
sized rooms, two exceptionally large
rooms. Moflorn conveniences. Apply
A. R. Sherwood.
���FOR   SALE.���Organ   in   good   condi
���:   tion.    Address J.-1, Miner office.
FOR SALE*���A snap, 7-roomed honse���
bath, pantry, at corner of Silica and
Cedar street1; 8t,T85. -��� For full partien-
lars apply at office.  ..,,...     ,:
FOR SA LE,���Two lfits.. and ; 0-rpqmed
house, bathroom, cellar, etc. Large
kitchen rnnge.in Place;; cost $>,500.
House piped for gas all. sanitary tta-
provements.' Fuir ' rjartfcdlars applV
office. It. W. Day.   83000.
FOR SALE. ��� Lot E, hlqek.'-t,   sub-djv.
182, 50x120, 8250.
It. IV, DAV, Mnrtden Block.
HELP WANTEfD.:~T*# Miner  -wants
you to help BWell   this^colnrtinj    A
Miner want ad. always brings results
WESTERN Canadian Employment
Office, Victoria St., P. O. Box 711.
Phpne 270, Wants���Tie makers, 6K
and 7 cts. in string; four men lo
loml ties; four good axe men ont of
eity. Female, first clas8������ waitress,
830 per month and good nurse~ girl.
File'your application fdjr... poftitiopB.
No charges until position is secured
NELSON Employment Agency, Baker
St., J; II. Love.
WANTED-First   class  *otel���*��� ^etjofir.
Waitress.   Girl for housework.   Tie
mukcrs. ...... ��� .
WANTED.--Position as bookkeeper at
mine or other occupation   required;
Joseg)) Jones, MinCr office.
\VANTED.+-The!a<idi*ei_*��j:of ;allJ*r-
sons who stftal papers from their
neighbor's door steps. To* all such
persons The Miner .wltl 'delive,rpapers
free, i Adrt*i?ss -flelHoii Daily .Miner. ~
W^ANTED^���A stenographer'of experience���Address K-2, Miner Office.     ;
WANTED-Bf'#alB^ an&^Wei.-'sitlila-
tioh as porter and chambermaid.
Can furnish good references. -Two
years experience. Can care for horses;
also milk. No objection to leaving
city.    Address E, Miner office.
A PERFECT fitting ladies tailor gys-
,.tem ta��ght,..cutB by darts and scam-
less waists.    Peters & Dynes, Broken-
Dill Block.
WANTEDj-ArOremain for aerial tramway. jfljnsK be, a. good wire,.,rope
splicer, f&ood position for'ajood.map..
None need-apply unless fully compe-
tent.    Apply M. B., Miner office.
WANTED.���By young man   21   years
of   age   position   of any kind. . Address, B. -2, Miner offlce. 	
LOST"���On Saturday  Cveuing, pair  o:
eye glasses and gold chain.    Finder
will oblige by leaving at Miner Office,
FIRST-CLASS Room and. Hoard, jn,
. private family, reasonable terms.
Apply on Silica street, two doois west
of Ward.
ltaiidnlph Stewart's new map, show
ifig all surveyed mineral claims. 81.50
each.    R. W. Day, Madden Block.
PRIVATE rooms and   board!    Heated
throughout.     Use  of   bath.    Apply
Mrs. Reilly, one door above Postoffice.
Dressmaking and plain sewing by
the day.    Addiess  Miss Hanux. Box.
507, Nelson. ���   ���,,.     ,..,   .
TRAINED NURSE  open   to   engagements.    Mrs. Seton, Silica Street.
it*, I-..
���-     '      Hi.
>������ -. ��� ta    rri
|j.i|      ��� a  ,:��� -,!.   .
.'.i " .       i .i  .    :...;;    .
��� : -.:       . t
.   j i    r
-5-1J   Hi .:>:!���-. tfl    -'   ,-   .-.
Is there any thine; you want?
I    (If Jthjsre is, rria}<e,jthat Want''
known  through The   Miner's
\   -
^���'Want- Page and you will get
it.    A Miner want ad. always
brings results.
ti    !
.i \
':'}'        ''���   '        . "
' ���   .-���'.i   i    .?
f ���:     He  ���   -,
.   ���      I I
:   -
. ff. ?;:--��� ''
.-;������'     ,
WANTBjD���A   fiirpished. rooTfl   in   a
private! family where there is   a telephone. *Addre88 0., Miner office.
8100,000ji0().���I want a GOLD mine
nettinjjr tSiod.OOO.O'O aaiually.' Free
milling gold properties wanted. Send
price, terms, full 'report, etc., to Andrei? ,'F, ; Rosenberger. Nelson, B.
C, Room 4, K.-W.-C. Block. Phone
10*. 1 J i  	
An ad. in The Miner  want   column
always brings results.
WANTED.r^l IttBeticailj. miner wapts
place in or around a mine where
wife eould cook for: crew up to 20
men. No encumbrance. References if
required.   Address, J.   A.,   Box   30i,
1 ��� 'I 7 ���! ;���i���
WAJl'JjED.��� Two fiwnishe.d rooms for
light housekeeping.    Address   M   1,
Miner office.
WANTgD.��� Every man or woman
...:.'��*_Q.Wants anything, to make that
want known In this column. A Miner want ad always brings result.
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
liortent and quickest route U> the East and all
points on tlio O. lt. and N. and Northern
l'liolflc Railways In Warhingtoa,
Oregon, and the Southern
Passenger train for Sandon and way station)
leaves  Knslo ul, 8 a. in., dally.    Returning,
lenvcH Sandon ul 1.15 p.m,, arriving at Kaslo
a* 3.59 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lake and River.
S H. Knslo leiivoH Kaslo ilnlly at a a in; leaves
Pilot, liny daily ut 11:15 a in: arrives Kuskonook
daily 111 11:1.011111. Returning, leaves Kimku
nook daily at 12:40 y in; loaves Pilot Bay dully
nt 2:811 p in; arrives Kaslo dally nl I ii in.
H.B. International leaves Nebon dally at 7
a in; li'iivi's I Mini Buy dully nl 11:16 a in; arrives
Knslo dally at U):4o a in. Returning, haves
Kaslo daily nt I p in; leaves Pilot liny ilnlly at
2::m p in; arrivos Nelson dally at -l ::*���'��� p in,
11. _ N. and K. V. Rys.
ransoiigur train leaves Kuskonook for Spokane dally nn arrival of steamer Kaslo, connecting at Ilonnor's Kerry with Great Northern
flyer, e.n.1 bound.
Loaves Spokano for Kuskonook dally at 6:26
a in, making dfroct connection at Kuskonook
with stnanier Kaslo for Nolson and Kaalo.
Hioiiniors oall at principal landings In both
directions, nnd at other points when signalled,
Tlokpta sold ID all points in Canada and tho
United States. _l,
To ascertain rates and full Information ad-
dresa I
Uununlr. Kaslll.B.   C
G. _ Tackaiiury Local Agent.
The Exception.
"Women, ns a rule," remarked the cynical hachelor, "are given to exaggeration."
"But there are exceptions to nil rules,
you know," snid th* spinster.
"True," replied the c. b��� "and the exception to this one Is when they tnlk
about their own age."���Chicago News.
Become m Habit.
"Why docs Jim Todgers affect that
funereal style of wnlking?"
"He can't help it. He's been an usher
st ao man* weddings,"���Cleveland Plain
Dealer.     ,. 	
D. J. DEWAfy J. P.
Notary Publio, Oouvejaaoer.
88,850 buys   honse  that rents for 8900
per annum.
$1,0,10 takes  house and  two   lots,   A
��l,05(l buys  house    and    lot,     stone
81,050 buys   cottnge   and   lot,   Mines
rund, easy terms.
81,550 takes s-roomed   house with lot,
75x75, corner Latimer-and Cedar
List  your   property   with   me  for
quick sales.
Loans on   Improved   property,   low
i ates.
Houses to let, collection* *-iade,
Close connection Bast and Westbound at Spokane withtrains of th e
trains of the Spokane Falls and Northern Kail way.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and aflpoints West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:15 p-m
West-bound trains make direct con
nectlon for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During tbe season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagniflcent steamships North Went
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Oreat Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls ft Northern Ry., Kaslo ft Slocan
By., Kootei al Railway ft Navigation
Co., or to
Qnol. Pass. _ Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane. Wasb
' And ad. In The  Miner want column
always brings results.
GENTLEMAN'S Son requires situation on farm. No salary until competent. Well eduoated. References
given and required. W. L. Chace,
Harrow Road, London, W. -
and masquerade costumes made and.
rented. , Green's   .tenement   in   alley
between Josephine and Hall.
THE ANGLE LAMP���No   smoke,   no
sinell, no trouble, light  that  never
tails.    Address   Charles  Burt,   agent,
MANDOLJN,'-mfflfiTf-French Lanr-
guage.   ' Lessons by C. Leblanc.   Silica   street,     opposite    St.   Saviour's
church.  "-
the only place in Rritisb Columbia
where prospectors cun exhibit samples
of their ore to the mining public., Np
charges made for exhibiting yout.ore,'
and listing vour property. Room 4,
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. 0. , Phone
104. .- i'i      .,:���".,.; 1
WANTED.���Old rags, must be dean,
Apply Miner oflice. ���..,,-.
Nelson, b. c.
rj'-iHOMPE 45 CO. Limited-Coruur Vornon
X and Cedar dtreots, Nelson���Manufaci ur-
erd of. and wholesale dealers In doratod waters
and fruit syrups. -Sole HKeuUfor liujcyon lluL
aprings nUIier.il water.   Telephone U0.
A.y ��j. M. Cummins, h_wa i flvagf known
"varietylof soft drinks. 1'iilluxte. 'luleplione
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelson, bottler* ol tlio
famous Ut. UHIU Hoi bpi 11 inn Miluir.il Water.
C^ANE & MACUONAL1J (H. Cane, James
J A. Macdbnald)���Architects and superintendents, Uroaelnlill lllocs, corner iiukei aim
Ward titreels, lAplsou,,.    . ,   ,.
H.J. EV.ANS ��� L'O.-Bakar Htreet, i-ial-
��� son���-Wholesale dealers iu'liquors, ci-
Kaio, cement, lire brick and tire clay, water
pipe and steel rails, and general commission
merchants. '���;���'-       '-
URAC-UAN-KER AllLLlNU uo., 1/rn.-
JLj> Wholesale and retail dealers in grain,
hay, floutrVfeed: Miflsat Victoria, Now VVest-
niinster; __nonton, AlUi. Hilovators on Calgary and Ednlonton Railway. Manufacturer?
of the oelebraped B. & K. brand curoals.
,. MACDONAIiO ����� Ott.-^Oorner -Fron
JjL. and Rail titDoets���Wholesale grocers
and jobbers In blankets, gloves, millh, boots,
rubbers, maekinaws and miners' sundries.
iH I (MBoa corner Hall and Front Streets,
.Noisqn���Vunilier, coiling,- flooring, ana every
thlig in wood; far | building purposes. Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
PI3UKN3 & Uo.-Uaker Street, Nelson-
.   Wbolosate dealers in freah anil cured
meats.   ColdjSuiraKC.
Bak��i* -Street, kelson-Wholesale deal
ers in fresh and cured moats. ,  ,,,
Jj .Street,! Nelson ��� Wholesale djalais in
bmrdware, iidnersr suppllos, spbrtlng goods.
oto, I^e,"- I-    ',,:     ,..,   I
.TI^'MCRLAVHiiQS. .(BuocossorH. (.o Van-
JJJl- oattTfit Hardware Co, Ltd.) Baker Street,
Nelson���Wholesale- dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup-
KELSON! BXttOWARE "Ca- Wholesale
paintsi oils and glsss; mechanics' tools.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; 'lyn vuite
rilUHNKlt: BEETON & Co.-Coruer Vornon
X and Josephine Stroots, Nelson���Wholesale dealers! in liquors, cigars, and dry gooda.
Agents for il'abst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and CalgarylBraWBgCo ibl Calgary.      U | !'
UDSON'S BAY Oo.i-WholeKale grooeriei
andllhuors eto., Baker Street, Nelson
/^lAJUFORNIA WlNE'CO;", Limit��l-Cdrncr
\J FroitTand Hall Streets, Nelson-Wholo-
sttlo dealers   n wines (ease and' bulk), and
domestic and lmported;c4garS.. ���   ��� I      -  , ��� ���
 _44 1�� 1- '���' -��   tr ���'
JY. aR|FFIN;_ Cp.r-pornor, Vernon and
���  Josephine streets, Nelson��� Wholosnlo
dealoraln irovlulo-x   ured jo ts, butter and
letter papter-ar��l
name of
0;*fV :pi*in
anpply-'yi: u.
want'.serne   firie stationery-
envelopes���with  the
your   Horiie'   or  "Nelson, B.
te*d"th��reon'rs   The Miner can
���iuti-'jii.-ii.-iv  :.   ���:
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LABI'O,
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R. offices.
relatives afflicted with the Dis
ease of Drunkenness? We huve
a sure cure which enn be given
with or without the knowledge
of the pntient. Send for particulars, enclosing 2 cent stamp
for reply. Address Dr. W. II.
Saunders  .*.  Co., Chicago, III.
connissioN aoi-nt.
P. O. Box 626.  Cable Address: "croasdalle,"
Nelson.  Cade���Morelntj & meal.
Is prepared to nepotiutc the sale of
developed mines. Hns arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and
Montreal Stock Exchanges. Share-
Isiught and sold in London on margin.
Will take oharge of the interests of
absentee investors.
Office: Selous Block, Nelson, 1M1.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81,00.
ilj. V. O'LAUGHTJN, Prop.
Mesdames Lambert ��Co.
A new supply of oflice stationery  Is  ph  c      u    nl(inllflvctur,,d  fron)
hat you want no-v.    Telephone   144, .���.���,���,_.���.    ..  *,���_   ,���,... ������,.,.
Tlie Miner Office, and we  will call on
measurement, and upon latest Paris
models. Imported French goods imed.
West Block, 287 Baker Street, near
Hall Street.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of^British Columbia.
.Paid up  Capital,   S-t.ooo.ooo;   Reserve   Poind,   83,000,000; ?
Aggregate  Resources Over 865,000,000; _.
HON. CIEO. A. COX, 1'resident.       K. S. WALKER, General Manager.     :
London OfflM: oil Lombitrd Strtet,  K.  C.
New York Ofliie; 16  Exchange Place. O
And ok branohea in ('anailauiid the Uniixil -jtutes. Including:
clmniihook        kamloorb                  nkw wknt.min8tkk   vamoodvrb 9
Kkunik                Nanaimo                    Huhhi.ani,                 Vk-i-dhia *
YUKON DISTIIICT-Dawson and Wiiitk Hoiisk. ���
UNITjtD STATKs���Nkw Yohk, San Fhancihco, Skaiti^, Pnitri ,\\h, skaiiwav, ��
Savings Bank Department.     |
nbposllS Hecelvcd wd Interest Allowed.   Present Bate H I'i*- lent T
Nelson Hraiich. GRANGE V. HOLT, Mfanager. {
Even cheaper Children's Shoes than
we do if we listened to some manufacturers and put in '"shoddy stuff where
it wouldn't show." But none of that
for us. We want our shoes to wear sp
well that when they are Worn out
mothers will say, "Sell me another
pair���just like the last oijes." We
hear that every day. Let us give you
a chance to say it.
I Neelands Shoe Oo. 1
S= TELEPHONE    264. =3
The Man
Who Shaves
appreciates the value of a
good razor. The rrian who
goes to the barbershop
does- not appreciate the
time ; he loses. A good
razor will save time and
��� money :for you.
.TJiess specially tempered,
well ground razors will
hold the edge and make
youi shaving easy.  .
.. 1.-
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
1 ���
. II
��� . ��� .
, ll
II .1
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
:   ...      . ��� ��� ii ���   M
.  '���
���  -���
.���! ���:
1    "
���   ���
���   5
-    ���: :
���     .
;��� j
.      .
.:   ���
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Royal Bank of Canada.
Clipllnl   AiilliiirUi'il,
Incorporated 1869.
Kt.-1.1HMI.IKMI.IM1 I   Capital   I'alU-up,       ,     .      .        Kr.MllMI.IIIIIUII!
Bimnl of Dlnrlora    Thomnfl K. Konny,   Pretililoiit;  Thomaii Ilitclilo, VI,-c l'n^lduii.
Wlloy Smith   II. O. D-uld, H-jn. David MaoKoen.
Heart Olilrr, Halirait
General Mnnagor, Kdcon L PeuSi Montreal.  	
SuporlnUindont of IlritiictiuH, and ticcratary, VV, B. Torraneo, Halifax.
Branrhrii I
���ov.   Scotia- Ball���-   Branch,   AntlgOflUb, I a.euef.-Montroal    (City   Oflloo),   Montreal
���      ���     ��� ��� Wont  Kml  (Cor. Nol.ro   llaino nml Holn
iii'iirM UtrooUil;   UV..I imninl   H'.ir. Oreeiio
Avenue and HI. ('alhiirinoH mruoU
Newfo.adla-4   *-!. J0I111V.
t'.ba, Weat laidlea���Haviimi.
I'Bilril Statea-Now York (16 KiclialiKo l'lnco
Itepubllc, Waah.
HrlilK'iwniiT UilVHlwro. liOndonderry, 1.111
onliunt. MallJiinil (HnnU Co.), I'iclou, I'ort
HnwkoHliury, Hydney. Hliubonac_lle.Trura,
New     Br.nawlek ��� lint hun-t.      DorcheaUlr,
FrodorlcU'ii, KlnKHton iKont Co.), Monu
ton. Nowcaatlo, 81���kvllle. Ht, Jolin.W-oodHlook-
p. v.. lalarnl���Charlottetown, Muminomlde.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
t'orrmporirtfnln ���
4'anada-MerchantR Bank of Canada. Boatom-National ShawmuUBnnk. t'hlrago���IlllnotH
Trust aid Saving! Bunk. San Fraaelaea���Klnit National Bank. London, B.C. - Bank of
"lyonnala. Benu.da��� Bank of Bermuda. <'falna nml J11
kIiik Corporation. Spokane-Old National Hank.
Ueneial B-nking Business Transacted; Sterling; Bills of Exchange Bought
and Sold, Letters ot Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terma.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
We  must  have  room   for  our  Spring   Stock  of
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing and Room Moulding; in the City
Sign Painting and Interior Decorating a Specialty
Ijosephine   Str<--^t,       -       -       Opposite   Clarke   Hotel.
I Nelson   Daily Mik^r,  Thursday,  F-hrvarv 28, 19m
It was erroneously stated in Tlit
Miner yesterday tbat the Tiail smelter was likely to close down owiny to
a shortage of coke. It should have
read the Greenwood smelter. The
mistake occurred in gleaning the information over tlie  phone.
Tlic patrols of the poliee depart
ment have been rearranged so that B
constable is now on duty from 8
o'clock a. in. to 7 in the evening, in
addition to Chief Jarvis, The uniforms have been ordered by the city
council nml the force will be supplied
with the clothing within a week or
A start was mnde yesterday on tlie
new sidewalk between Josephine
and Hall streets on Victoria street.
This section of sidewalk is probably
the most pressing piece of work on
the board of work's hands and the
citizens resident on east Victoria
threw up their hats, figuratively when
the sidewalk gang went to work.
Leave was granted yesterday in the
ense of Manley vs. Collom to extend
the time for appeal until the May
sittings of the court.
The Terpsichorean club meets tonight at Fraternity nail. Tlie club
assemblies during the winter have
been of a pleasant nature.
travelling bag of the latest pattern
dtted with brushes, etc. Other addresses were made by Messrs. Ellis,
McDermid and Leicester to all of
which Mr. Parkinson feelingly replied. Subsequently the Ladies' Aid
served refreshment and a pleasant
social hour was enjoyed. Mr. Parkinson leaves this morning, for Vancouver where he will assume a position with the firm with which he has
been employed here.
At 4.10 yesterday afternoon tbe
arguments in the ease of Marino vs.
Alexander weie concluded, his lordship reserving judgment. The case of
I'itts vs. Harris was then called.
An impressive ceremony took place
at the city hall yesterday when Bill
Herring was sworn in to faithfully
fulfill the duties of the olllce ot
poundkeeper without fear or favor.
The new official is awaiting the arrival of a shipment of dog tags from an
'eastern manufacturer before commencing bis campaign against dog owners.
Grange V. Holt, president, and TV
G. Procter, leave this morning for
Greenwood to attend tbe annual meet
ing of the Associated Boards of Trade
of Southern British Columbia. Mr.
Holt is president of the Associated
hoard and will preside at the sessions until the new officers are elected. Mr. Procter acts as delegate of
the Nelson board.
And It Pulled Her Out-
"Doctor after doctor said I should
not drink strong colfee. It struci< me
as peculiar that this advice should he
so universal,
I have been a school teacher, and a
few years ago began to feci I was
pretty well worn out and nervous,
found that I was depending more and
more upon my coffee to carry me
through my day's work. Many times,
when teaching in a boarding school,
I have asked the matron for a cup of
coffee "sti-ong" because 1 felt I could
not get through the recitation without it.
Of course, I was living on borrowed
strength, and two years ago the
physical crash came. Nervous prostration and neurasthenia, For weeks
I could not even walk or stand alone
The physician said it would be
two or three years before I could recover so as to bo able to do anything.
My appetite was gone. I could not
sleep, and I was in a desperate condition, nervous and otherwise.
I was wanting coffee very badly,but
it was kept from me. One morning
about three weeks after the break
down,the nnrse brought me a cup of
coffee, of delicious flavor. 'May I have
it'." I exelalined, 'Yes. the Dr. says il
will not hurl yon now.' I eould not
understand it and did not liy. but
just drank the coffee, and had it every
morning after that.
My appetite began to return with
the first cup. and I had been enjoying
it for a month or more when Bister
said. 'Does your coffee taste as good
as it did before yon were sick'." 'Oh
yes,' said.'It never tasted better,' 'Is
it   strong   enough   lo   suit   yon'."     1
said, 'it could not be Improved.' 'Do
you know,' she said, 'You are no��
diinklug Mocha or Java, hut Postum
Food Coffee;' and so it was, every
graiu ol it,
I had often scoffed at Postum Food
Coffee before 1 knew of its value,
and its delicious flavor.
It has boon a saviour to me. Instead of waiting two or three years to
recover strength, I am now In good
working condition six months after
the break down and feel better than
I have   In-   ten   years  past."   S.   W.
U ..   Everett, Wash.    Full   name
given by_ Postum Cereal Co., Battle
Creek, Mich.
There is a reason for such rapid recovery. Postum Food Coffee contains
the natural phosphate of potash and
albumen from the grains of the Held,
which nature has sent for the use of
humanity in the body. These materials combine in the human system and
go to make np the gray matter that
fills the nerve cells in the brain and
all through the structure. We must
furnhh proper materials if we would
build the proper body.
You can get those materials in a
delicious form in Postum Food Coffee.
A meeting of the license commissioners was held on Tuesday at whicli
John Cosgrave'8 license for the Valley
hotel near Ymir,  whs transferred to
A. Anderson. Another meeting of
the commissioners will be held on
March 14, nt which nn application
from Erie will be dealt with.
Captain Fitzstllbbs is still in charge
of the provincial jail as warden, official notice of the government's action
in appointing R. B. Lemon to the
past not having been received as yet.
Another vacancy has occurred at the
jail through the resignation of George
Partridge, turnkey, who is leaving
for South Africa with the constabulary contingent.
Nelson company, Rocky Mountain
Rangers held a meetirg at the armory
last night and in the course of the
session a petition was drawn up requesting II. E. Macdonnell, travelling
freight agent of the C, P. R., to accept
the captaincy of the company. The
members agreed to accord Mr.Macdonnell hearty and undivided support in
event of his accepting the position.
The petition will be presented   today.
Captain Charles W. Busk of Kokanee creek was in the e.ty yesterday
arranging for the erection of a handsome residence at his fruit ranch.
The building is to he completed as
early as possible at a cost of some
83,000. Other improvements are to be
made at the ranch this year. Captain
Busk is also arranging to have the
steamer Angerona raised. He proposes to tako the machinery out of
the craft  and build a new  hull.
A number of representatives of
boards of trade throughout the Nelson
and East Kootenay districts were in
the eity last night en route to Greenwood to attend the Associated Boards
of Trade meeting. Among these
were: .lames Ryan and Aichie Leitch,
of Cranbrook; G. 0. Buchanan, A.
W. Goodenough and Mayor O. A.
Carlson of Kaslo; C, F Hannington
and James T. Laidlaw of Fort Steele,
and J. P. Farrell and Lewis Thomson
of Moyie.
James Bcaniieu was sentenced to
four months imprisonment in the
provincial jail at yesterday's police
court. Tlie charges of stealing a
dresser from a neighbor's shack and
of stealing a dog belonging to D, McKay were both proved to the hilt and
Judge Crease imposed a sentence of
three months for the first and one
month for the second offence. His
Worship holds strongly that a snack
must be respected in the same degree
as any residenco in the city, and is
determined to put an end to the petty
larcenies from shacks dining the
owners' absence.
A report Is OtirrOtlt here Hint u numbel- of the members of the New Westminster lacrosse team, who were
counted on for the All-British Columbia team to play In Australia, have
decided not to take the trip and that
the Vacancies thus occasioned are being tilled by selection from junior
coast teams. If tins is correct the
AIi-H. C. team will not get much support In the Nelson district. Two
members or the Nelson team, Arthur
Perrier and Dan McNichol, are fast
enough for any company nnd would
probably like to take in the tour. If
the team ib to travel as an All-It. C.
aggregation, the Kootenays should
be represented, and this is tlie concensus of local opinion.
At the close of the regular Young
People's meeting at the Baptist churcii
a nunihei of the members ot the congregation met at the church to express
regret at the departure of Mr. Tbos.
Parkinson fiom tho city." Although
it had only become known at a late
hour on Monday that h.* was about to
go to the const a large number came
together. The chair i.as occupied
by J. L. Stocks. Past'./ Morgan on
behalf of the congregation made appreciative reference to Mr. Parkinson's long and faithful serviies to
the church, ns choir leader, deacon,
S. S. teacher, etc., and in conclusion
he   presented   him with  a   handsome
List of Accepted Applicants   For   Baden-Powell   Constabulary.
The recruiting in Nelson for the
South African constabulary is practically concluded. With the exception
of a few late applicants who may be
taken on to swell the quota, the local
contingent is as follows:
A. B. Walby, W. G. Campbell, _.
Lefebre, L. A. Dodd, A. McKay, J.
A. Fraser, II. McRae, J. McCutcheon,
D. W. Baker, A. D. E. McKinnon,
J. Blancy. L. Atkinson, R. L. Willis,
W. Shanks, E. Nicholson. CO. Hislop, W. H. Sinythe, O. Robinson, S.
Calkin, D. Donaldson, A. M. Clark,
J. McNie, II. Gardner, A. A. Steele,
W. II. Dobie, W. J. Thompson, T. D.
Curtis, J. Gravely, J. L. Atchison, R.
L. Reid, Geo. Partridge, II. B. Davies,
J. (i. Stewart.
Yesterday morning Lieutenant Beer
had the entire outfit on the recreation grounds for the riding test. A
spirited horse was provided and all
the men were required to mount and
circle around the grounds. It waa
not expected that the volunteers would
prove to be expert riders, the majority of them having been engaged for
a longer or shorter period in occupations which do not demand expeiience
in the.saddle. If a man demonstrated
that he had some knowledge of
horses and was not timid in the saddle the inspecting officers were satisfied that he would do for the corps.
Not one of the men failed to come up
to the standard, and tho shooting test
in the afternoon was equally satisfactory.
The Rossland contingent arrives
this morning in charge of acting-Sergeant Gannoway, late of tlie Scots
Greys. They remain here until time
to go aboard the boat for Kootenay
Landing where further facilities for
handling the contingent have been
Lieutenant Beer accompanies tbe
squad to Foit Steele where he will
wind up the recruiting in the Nelson
Sorry to Leave Nelson   But Likes His
New Position.
Captain J. W. Troup returned to
Nelson last night after a month's trip
to the east. After being apprised of
his appointment to the superintend-
ency of the 0. P. N. steamship line,
Capt. Troup went to the Atlantic
coast and was there a week or so -in
connection with his new post. He
will remain here for a few dnya or until Mr. Downie, his SUCSeSBor, arrives
from the coast. This is a matter of
four of five days, after which the Captain will <;o to Vancouver and take
bold of bis new position.
Captain Troup is not by any means
dissatisfied with tlie change of olliee.
A substantial promotion is involved
and his duties will be in a department with which he is thoroughly
familiar besides which he has a preference for the sea coast, although asserting that if, required to live inland he know of no place more desirable as a residence than the Queen
City of the Kootenays. Mrs. Troup
and family will not reniovo from the
eity in the immediate future.
The Canadian Pacific Navigation
company, of which Captain Troup
will be in charge, in an impoitant
affair. Tbe fleet has a large aggie
gate tonnage and the service, aside
from the Vaneouver-Skagway route,
embraces the west coast of Vancouver Island and, more or less,the mainland coast. In connection with the
railroad a system tlie steamer service
promises to grow to large dimeusions.
"When a child I burned my foot
frightfully,' writes W. H. Eade, of
Jonesville". Va., 'which caused horrible leg sores for 30 years, but Buck-
len's Arnica Salve wholly cured me
after everything else failed." Infallible for Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Sores,
Bruises and Piles. Sold by Canada
Drug & Book Co. 25c.
It will pay you to read our ad. in
another column. Our blend of tea at
Thirty cents per pound will Buit you
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Miners, Attention!!
Laxative Bromo-Qtiinino romoves tho cause.
Last Night's Smoker   a Complete Sue
cess in Every Way.
The smoking concert at the opera
houBe last night in honor of ex-Chief
W. J. Thompson was fully as succeBB-
fuly as the similar affair accorded the
remaining members of the constabulary contingent on the previous even
ing. The house was well filled and
the audience ready and anxious to be
p'eased. Good fellowship had the
upper hand throughout and the coi
cert cannot be described otherwise
than as a success. City Clerk Struchan
occupied the chair and announced an
excellent programme. A special fea
tare was a three round go with gloves
between Dick Slugg, the local welter
weight and Harry Watkins, a colored
lad from Winnipeg. The latter was
well set up and a neat boxer The
two gave tlie fastest exhibition of
sparring yet seen in the building and
won rounds nf applause by their clever
work. Watkins afterwards did a sand
dunce turn which made a hit with
tho audience.
At the close of the proceedings May
or Fletcher presented Mr. Thompson
with a handsome lariat, as a toiteu
of the esteem in which he was held
by Ills friends. The ex-chief acknowledged the gift In an extremely neat
and happy speech.
There's something iu the want col
mini of The Miner that will interest
Continued From First Pago.
Public Library should always be well
patronized; snd doubly so when such
high class talent has been secured as
lu Uio piesent instance, A glance at
tlie programme, published In yester
day's issue, Is sufficient evidence of
the meiit of the musical purt, and
those who have seen Mr. Dowsing In
the role of a magician will all bea
witness to the absorbing interest of
his performance. Mr. Dowsing ranks
with the first class professional mag
Icians, and his clever legerdemain is
a treat to watch. His lepertoire includes a number of exclusive and very
clever tricks, several ol winch he
will porfoim tonight.
Thin iiimiiitiiro !��� on every box of tbe guiuiln*
Laxative Bromo-Quinu_�� *w>i��-
U>�� remedy that caret a COM tt mvx Am���
Arc you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through Tlie Miner want
column, what vou are in want of.
You'll get it.
Phair���II. W. D. Armstrong, Toion-
to; Lee Toombs, Rossland: A. York,
Slocan ; J. C. Rusk, Portland, Ore. ; G.
Arthur, Portland ; C F. Hannington,
Fort Steele; Jas. T. Laidlaw, Fort
Steele; T. P. Melntyre, (J. E. Graham, Winnipeg: Mr. and Mrs. McMa-
hon, N. A. Mackenzie, Lewis Thomson, Moyie; W. Anderson and family.
Winnipeg; Smith Curtis, Rossland;
J. P. Farrell, Moyie; James Ryan,
Archie Leitch, Cranbrook; E. M,
Sandilands. Sandon; G. 0. Buchanan,
G. A. Carlson, A. W. Goodenough,
Kaslo; John Gunn, Stonewall, Man.;
S. Watts and wife, London, Ont.
Hume���C. W. Busk, Kokanee creek ;
H. A. Small, Vancouver; il. Clever.
New Denver; John Love. J. J. Ilart-
ney, Winnipeg; Jcthro Brooks. Molly
Gibson; G. A. Mitchell, Rossland; G.
B. Mann, St. Paul; Robert Bullick,
Winnipeg; Captain and Mrs. Clifford-
Silver King.
Lately starved in London because
he could not digest his. food. Early
use of Dr. King's New Life Pills
would have saved him. They
strengthen the stomach, aid digestion.
promote assimilation, improve appetite. Price 25c. Money back if not
satisfied. Sold by Canada Drug.t Book
About that second hand article of
yours. Y'ou'll sell it if you'll advertise
it in The Miner want column.
Follow the Crowd���And you will
get aboard an elegantly equipped
���dean, well lighted train on "The
North-Western Line" when you reach
St. Paul. If you are going east,
can't do better than to tell your home
agent you want to try tile North-
Western. W;> will do the rest. II. S.
Collins, General Agent. Spokane.
The talk of the day in Monteal is
tbe opening of the magnificent new
building erected on tho best site of
the principal street by The Family
Herald and Weekly Star. The Family
Herald's contemporaries are paying
it the highest compliments. Tho new
building is snid to be the finest newspaper building in the world. This is
saying a good deal for Canada. The
Family Herald and Weekly Star has
made gigantic Btrides.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you seo what The Mii*or can do
for vou.
NKLSON LODGE    No. 2.1, A.V.St A
inoolB second Wednesday In ciu-h
month.   Vi*iiinK brethern welcome
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodifi
No. 10, moots ovory Monday nlxh'
at theii Mull, kootenay Btreet
SalournlnB* Odd Follows cordially Invited,
John A, MoRao, N.O. I). VV. Rutherford, V.O,
Fred J. Squire, Por. Sec.
Kootenay Tonl. No. V, K, (J. T. M., hold their
reu-ulnr inoetingH In Fraternity Hall, I. 0. 0. F.
block.on tho lit and 3rd Thursdays of ouch
".Willi. Visiting brethren conliillly Invited to
attend, O. A. Brown, K. IC: A. p. I'urdy, Coin.
B. J.Stool, p, B.C. '
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1003 meets in Fraternity Hall on f rst nnd third Friday evnniiu--
of oaoh month at, 8 o'clock. ViHlUnij members
oordlally lnvllod. W. W. Bradley. W, K.I
A. Minty, 11.8.
NKLSO.** I.01IUK  N0.-M. K. of P.
Jrniooli* In K. of l��. hall, Oddfellows block
evorv   Tuesday ""evening at 8 o'clock
0A11 visiting knights cordially  Invited
H. M. Vincknt, C.C.
A. T. Paiik, K. of K. and H.
A cheap remedy for coughs and colds
is ull right, but you wunt something
that will relieve and cure the more
severe and dangerous results of throat
and lung troubles What shall you
do? Go to a warmer and more regular climate-.' Yes, if possible: if not
possible for you, then in either ease
take the only remedy that has been
introduced in all civilized countries
with success in severe throat and lung
troubles, "Boschee's German Syrup."
It not only heals and stimulates the
tissues to destroy the germ disease,
but allays inflammation, causes easy
expectoration, gives a good night's
rest, and cures the patient. Try one
bottle. Recommended many years by
all druggists in the world. For sale
by W. li". Teetzel & Co. Get Green's
Prize Almanac.
We have in stock choice teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan. We
blend them to your'taste. All prices
and qualities.    Kootenay   Coffee Co.
"Will wonders ever cease'.1" inquire
the friends of Mrs. L. Pease, of Lawrence, Kan. They knew she had
been unable to leave her bed in seven
years on account of kidney and liver
trouble, nervous prostration and general debility ; but, "Three bottles of
Electric Bitters enabled me to walk,"
she writes,"and in three month I felt
like a new person." Women suffering
from Headache, Backache, Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Melancholy,Fainting and Dizzy Spells will find it a
priceless blessing. Try it. Satisfaction is guaranteed, Canada Drug tit
Book Co.    Only 50o.
Japan    teas���"Spider Leg, "Panfir-
ed,"   "Sun Cured,"���have a   place in
our stock.    The new "Ceylon   Green
is fine flavored and economical.    Kootenay Coffee Co.
Yon should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
Yes.August Flower still has the lar
gest sale of any medicine in the civilized world. Your mothers and grandmothers never thought of using anything else for Indigestion or Biliousness. Doctors were scarce, and they
seldom heard of Appendicitis, Nervous
Prostration or Heart failure, etc
They used August Flower to clean out
the system and stop fermentation of
undigested food, regulate the action
of the system, and that is all they
took when feeling dull and bad witb
headaches and other aches. You only
need a few doses of Green's August
Flower, in liquid form, to make you
satisfied there is nothing serious the
matter with yon. For sale bv W. 1<
Teetzel JS. Co. Get Greens' Prize Almanac.
Do you want some   fine stationery
letter paper   and   envelopes���with the
name   of   your  home or "Nelson,   II.
C," printed thereon?   The- Miner can
supply you.
If yon don't like Blue Kill-on Tea it's
benause you've never tasted it.
Take Laxatlvo Bromo Quinine Tablets.
drugKists refund the money li lt falls to ouro.
Mo.   10. W. Grove a fdirnafura Is on oaoh box.
China Hall
Telephone 261.
We   have just opened up a
largo  assortment  of .  .  .
and other novelties.
First Door West or C.P.R. Offices.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
NKLSON A Kit 110 No. 22, F. 0. K��� modi
ovory second and fourth Wednesdays of each
ni onth. Vlsltina- members cordially invlf,-
Charlea Prossar, Seerotary.
Nolson Kncamnmctit No. 7.   Mucin every 2nd
and Uh Krlday of oach month. In Odd Follows    .
Hall,  oornor   Baker and   Kootm ay   stroots   A-l White
Nelson.   A. II. ClmnontH, 0, 1'.; I). UOArthlU
R. S.   Visiting brothers always wolonaia,
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
COURT KOOTKNAY, 1. O. F., No. 81*i
Meetings 1th Thursday of month. Fraternal
hall, i A Irvlnii O R,   1*. 't. Fljininn. It.H
Pine Lumber Always In
We earry a complete slock of Coast Flooring
('ciliiiK. Inside Flnls-h, Turned Work. Bash and
Doors. Special ordor work will receive prompt
nttoiillon*   Mall ordorH solicited.
NKLSON'S   QCKKN    NO.   241
1st and 3rd Wednesday
oaoh month   at, Fiati
corner of Bakor  and  Kootenay
street*.   Visiting brothorn cordially Invited.
John Watsou, Secretary,
Ul\.Vl,,       IIH'I-I   ���      -_ -_    . _ _ ���
arSy-naT,: Porto Rico Luni ber Co.,
ami    |-������l,������.�� LlfllTBD.
Hoad Offlce-tfeiidrvx aud Veinoa 8t��� Nelson,
Gutta Percha Watei-tight t'use has been
proved and not found wanting-
No miss-holes.  No fanning
Do the Children
Need Shoes ?
Come in and let us show'you our Perfect Fitting Children's _.hoe. There is nothing so
important as proper fitting footwear for the little ones. It changes their entire nature. Comfort makes them happy and cheerful. Why not
make them happy?
The Shooists
rSit'0*>xAx% iV'*iA'*��*��a'W***��vvvVWWVVV***i��
From now until the end of the month we will sell Watches
at the following prices:
7-Iewel Empire Movement, Nickle Case.-   . $6
15-Jewel        " *���*��� ��<        s, ,.'.'     '7
17-Jewel       " " Adjusted Nickle Case."  16
7-Jewel Waltham Movement, Nickle  Case.......      6
15-Jewel " " <������> .-,.       .��
17-Jewel P. S. Bartlett Movement.       10
17-Jewel Royal Vanguard Model Movement.......    _o
21-Jewel  Crescent  Street Vanguard   Model  Move'.
ai-Jewel   Vanguard   Movement,    Finest   Waltham
JMov   nent	
ing makes the home look more cheerful and
than to have your walls finished with
See our large stock of Paints, Stains and Varnishes.
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers.
Suits Made to Order, Cleaned, Dyed, Altered* and Bopaired.
Opposite Clarke Hotel.
���losephino St,
Mall Orders Solicited.
liox n-14
Complete   Electric Equipments  for  Electric   Prmor   T..       ���   ���
Lighting for MK Towns, etc. Xt^^""  "*
Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc. P '
Houston Block, mm j Q
���>. i\


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