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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 15, 1899

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 Daily Edition No. 291
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday, April  1 5,   1899.
Ui   tea,
Trouble Caused by the Eight
Hour Law-
Thirty-ono Stay   at   Work,   Twenty fivo
Oouie Down the Hill. ���Agitator ut Work.
The first fruits of thn rnonnt ill-
advised legislation of the present Government in   wantonly   interfering  in
the relations between employer and
employed have been brought forth. Up
till now the relations between miners
nnd mine owners have been of the
most pleasant description. The men
did good work, were paid good wages,
and both partiPS were contented. Today a strike bas to be chronicled,
which it is to be feared will bo the
forerunner of prolonged and disastrous labor troubles.
A little over a fortnight ago, Mr. E.
Nelson Fell, the manager of the Athabasca mine, in common with the other
mine managers of tbe distriot, received a notification from Mr. .7. Mac
Gregor, Pruvinoial Inspeolor of Mines,
that he must comply with tlie new
law that limits the hours of labor under ground to eight hours, The aot
provided for heavy penalties,if it were
infringed, and Mr, Pell thought it
wise to comply under protest. Accordingly on April 1, all the men went
to work on eight bom- shifts, tbo old
rate of pay, $;! nil tor miners and $3 OU
for muckers, being temporarily con
In tho meantime dolegitious wen1
to Victoria to interview the Miuisti 1
ef Mines on the new law. uud, 'on
their return, informed Mr. Fill nf lln
promises made by lhe Government
These have already been published in
Tbe Miner, btu it. may not hi* mn ol
place to repeat, thein  here,
The Hon. J. Fred Hume telegraphed
the Inspector 01 Mines not to takeanj
action under the act until further instructed. He also promised tin* delegation thai lhe Government would enquire of tbe members for the minim*
constituencies what was tin* wisl*
of the majority in their respective dis
tt-icts, Bnd would govern themselves
accordingly, He further promised tin
delegation that if the Government de
ciilcil 10 enforce the law, tin* min*
operators wonld receive .a month's nl
six weeks uotioe so that they might
have time to make nr:y arrangement*
which tin* new regime might reudi i
All this time, it must he remember
ed,nil the mines in tin* Blooan and Mel
son mining divisions were working on
tho old ten hour system, except lIn
Afhabasou. Mr. Fell naturally saw in
reason to operate bis mine indefiuifi I*.
at a greater expense than other com.
panics. Accordingly on Thursday he
not Hied the men that tbe teil-houi
shift would come into force yesterday
tin   receiving  tbis  notification   tin
men held a meeting among themselves*
to consider the matter, and   lhe chairman of tbeir committee   informed Mr.
Riley, the   foreman,  that   they   could
not   accept   the   change.    Mr.     Kiley
thereupon   went   round    to   the   mink
houses where the men were assembled,
and talked the matter over wilh them
He   found   Ihal  the   men   were undi**,
tho impression lhat in the mines operated by   the London and B, 0.    Gold
fields and other prominent  companies
the   men   were  working  eight   hour
shifts for $8,60, and tbat it   was   pro-
posed   to give   them the worst   of   it
Mr. Riley told Ihem the true slate of the
case, and   pointed   out   tout tho   new
law   bad not   come into operation yet,
that it was uncertain whollier  it over
would,   aud  tbat   in   the    meantime
thev wore asking  higher   wages  than
anyone   Rise was getting.     He also as
scroti them that if it  is decided to enforce the law, tho men might he satisfied
that, they would obtain   their  rights.
This put tlm mutter quite iu it new
light, and after talking tho mutter
over among themselves, Iho miners
showed themselves quire amenable to
reason, and declared themselves willing to go to work again on ten hour
Hy this time iho night shift, wero at
work, so Mr. Kiley asked the chairman of the men's cinninittee if he
wonld go round with him and talk to
the men on the night shift, lie consented, and the I wo went through the
mine aud explained tbe situation to tbe
men, The night shift was also snlis-
fied and agreed to work next day on
ten hour shifts. Their mission oon-
duded, tho two returned, and everyone retired for Iho night thinking that
all trouble and unpleasantness was al
au end.    Unfortunately it was not so.
Yesterday morning when Uu- time
name for tbe day shift to go on, there
was I rouble in tbo air, and sounds of
angry altercations Mr. Riley, the
foremen, wus on deck of course, and
he wuh confronted by a baud of   uugiy
unreasonable men who refused to go
to work. Moro than Unit, tor unanimity did not exist among the men
themselves, a number of the sinkers
ranged themselves across lln* month of
the tunnel and with oaths and asseverations announced their intention ol forcibly preventing anybody els,* from
working. What liny said, -mil what
they were going In do to any one win*
presumed to decide for himself what
hours he would work, was forcible, if
At this overt, act, of rebellion Mr.
Riley immediately jumped in and ordered the men asidu, and utter much
grumbling, cursing and threatening
the strikers obeyed, He then stood at
the mouth ot th) tunnel and announced
that, all who wished to go to work
oould do so, and that no ono would bo
allowed to molest them. He also informed tlm strikers that their cheques
would shortly he ready for lln in at
the office. Ibis had its effect, and the
majority of tbo men went quietly to
woik, and though short handed, " the
mine and mill are being operated as
When lhe strikers called for their
cheques, it. was found that 26 wanted
to unit while ill had deoided to go on
working. The majority who remained
constitutes the pick of the men, and
this compulsory weeding<mt will probably be no disadvantage to the Athabasca hi lln* long run. After being
paid off the 36 malcontents wenl down
ihe hill uttering all kinds of threats
as lo what tbey would do to the nunc
and ul. concerned. Needless to say
these were but, harmless ebullitions of
wrath. Nono of them have shown up
at the miuo again, nor are thev likely
This sudden change of front ou tbe
part, of the men between Thursday
u,glit .*nd Friday morning naturally
caused a good deal of surprise to tilt
management, but enquiry has revealed Ihe cause. It appears that, two oi
three days ago a big Irishman applied
I'd- a job at, the mine. He wns a
str.ingei to the management, but. was
engaged ami went to work ou the
night shift This man, after everything hud beeu sellled, went round
uniting Ibe   men   on   night shift,   and
i * cceded m stirring up evil feeling
Die men became excited with Ibe re
-i,!i given above. This agitator, win
comes from the other side, is believed
ni good authority to havo he n sen,
by the Hossland Miner's Union on purpose to stir np such disputes, The local union ai Rosslaud, it will be re-
* umbered, lias of late taken n-mi
iiseli ill.* task or managing the attain-
uit only of the miners of Hossland,
hit also of the miners of the Nelson
and Slooan Mining Divisions, notwithstanding the. tact thut hitherto
; le miners of these districts hai.
been under the impression that thej
were quite capable of lookiuy aftei
herosel ves.
Mr. Riley was in lown yesterdai
looking for nun. lie reports that In
has found uo difficulty in gelling
i lod miners, and that in two or ihrei
nays there will be a full Force of mei
working up ai tbe mini*. Mr. Kile*
ilso said that   the   idea   that men cm
* is much work in eight hours as in
tun had lucn exploded as far as tin
Athabasca was concerned.   Tiny   hai
in running eight hour shifts for i
* litnight now and the mine wus running behind every day.
A meeting of miners vas announced
(or last mglil,at which it was propose!
io form a Miner's Union,bul it did noi
materialize. If is intended, however,
hi hold a meeting of miners this even*
>iig at whiob is the question of organization will be discussed. .1. W. Wilket
nf,the Hossland Union is expected ti
be present.
Progress of the War in the
Admiral Kautz Report Received at Washington.
Weisenberger's Sharpshooters * Lose Some
Men.���Prcclamntioiis  Distributed Broadcast.
Manila, April 14.��� 7 :B5 p. m.��� General Lawton is marching north along
t e road betwonii the hills and the
lake with the army gunboats Napiden
and Lagnna de Hay abreast of his
troops. The enemy is retreating northward. On Wednesday tbo troops
crossed the Faghanjan and conoou-
trated at Lambuu at the month of the
river. After leaving two companies of
the 14th regimen' to guard the eu-
tranoe of the river, the troops marched
to Longas  and found it deserted.
Furniture which had been dropped
in tha flight, of the natives was scattered along the trails hading into the
hills. Major Weisenberger's sharpshooters were aeni toward San Antonio
in tliu afii'i'iinon and they ran on a nest
of rebels in some thick bushes which
ufforded ujsplemlid covering. Five men
of the North Dakota regiment wore
,;illed and two wounded, two of the former dying after being brought to the
Li ingas' Hunch, where Father McKinnon administered the sacrament to
chem, The main body of the American troops while at r'inner ar Longas
beard the firing and advanced to the
mpport of the sharpshooters, A scout,
from a hill saw the little light and
many white coats running into the
alls. The Laguuu d" Bay, at tbo be-
{inning "i the fight, shelled tli * liillc
naking * lln ii too hot   for the   nu   n r.
The Americans cuter i Hun An* ini i
it sunsrl without meeting with an.'
���csistaii* *. Twenty unarmed prison
ts bearing oopies of the proclamal
ui the U. S Philippine eommissii i
.vhicii they had somehow secured wer
11 Ier wards released, and sent outside
uu- lines with bundles of the pro-
���I nidations to distribute,
Tlie fourt i cavalry is guarding Haul;
Iruz.two companies of the Fourteenth
egiment arc at, the mouth of (be rivci
wo arc at Bassingbam, two at   Lum-I
..in and one of the Mtb regiment   an   ;
��� ui* of tht North Dakota regiments ar*
it   Sau   Antonio.    The  remainder  n
he   troops   are   at   Longas.    Genera' ;
ill *. I   n is on   hoard    lhe   Lagnna   di
,;  ..    The   country   just   occupied   :
ii. . ly populated and   produces   tuuel \
Collect.ir of Customs Placed Under Arrest���Soit Against   Contraolors.
Ottawa, Ont. 1-1. ���Mr. Baldwin,
collector of customs at Bathurst, IS.
13., has been placed under urresl bv
the inland Revenue Department for
being behind in his oolleotions. Mi*.
Baldwin made collections for the tu
Innd Revenue on commission and he
is said to be about $2,00G behind As
fur as the Oustoms Departmenl is concerned the ollicials here do not*know
of any shortage, Mr.Baldwin was up
p iinied in 1894,
Mr. Ludgntc expects to return to lb*
coast this evening wilh the lease ol
Headman's Island in bis possession,
The case of lhe Alberti*j*K ulway and
Ooal Oompany vs MuoKeussie and
Al nn, was taken up here al flic as
sizes. The plaintiffs olaim $100,000,
the value of Mb miles of steel rails,
which ir is alleged Muokenzie aud
Maun agreed In purchase for use on
the construction of the Yukon Kail
way. Whein the bill K'ving tho oon
tract lor (he road was thrown out by
lln* Senate. Mackenzie and Mann bad
no use for 'ho rails and consequently
refused to take them. All tjie e\ idence
was put in anda decision is expeoted to
Ottawa, April M.��� Aiiim Nichol, n
domestic servant 17 years old, was
out for a walk last uigbl with her sis
Ier when some iee fell from the veran-
bib of the house striking the unfortunate girl, Sin* sustained such severe
injuries that she died au hour later,
Toronto, Onl., April 14.���Lady Minto this morning hud the   corner  sione
of St. Hilda's College, u ladies school
in co iiecii'in wilh Trinity sohool
Tho proceedings were very    brief   and
simple, A brief address was presented
to Lady Minto and   her ladyship then
laid tlio corner stone with a silver
Corrupt State of Ihe Judiciary Revealed on Authority.
New York, April 14. ���At tbo tin
lotirned meeting of the Mazet inve ti
jatioti today. iVneeler 11. Penkham
'orincr President of the Bar Assooiu
ion was called. He referred to hii
fori or prosecution nf "Boss" Twee*
md mid ihal the construction of pubic *. orks uud tha opportunity givet
o oilioials and quasi-offlnials to ge
plun Ier was responsible for tbaoorrnp
rion that existed in those days. Mr.
Peokhmn said he had talked to Judge
cegan ,ng the assessment made npoi
them for their offloces by n ilitiool oi
gatii/ntiuus   ana said tha   the amoun
issue;" I    I"   ii I.**    I i *'ii    paid   by   tilt
judges wi i.i.i range between tlO.OOt
and .*>.-i,d ' Mr. Peoknam said tin
svstcm i, judicial pntrouaga was it
i:i:| a., ii could be He said the an
praisers in thn s irrogatcs oflice invariably dcniaiidc I a largi r -urn than tin
aiiiitory flues ih* Buid n judge,
whose inline ha \\ itllhcld, had lol i bin
that it v **s ini os-tble for the outside]
,i o imprehi * I l i ��� Hcim iidom pressure brought to    I' ar i,pi .1  tins   jiuliii
to do things tin.' hn did i in like to do
forbidden   to    Race    Longer    Than
Twelve Hours in Twenty-Four.
Albany. N. V., April 14.���Governor
Roosevelt today signed the bill prohibiting six day bicycle and other races
in this state. The provisions of the
bill arc: In a bicycle race, or other
contest of skill, speed, or endurance
wherein one or mure persous shall be a
contestant or contestants, it shall be
unlawful for any cunicslant to continue lu such race or contest for a
liingi r time than 12 hours during any
24 hours.
Montreal, April 14.���Major K. I*.
Bond, chaii'uiuii of ihe Board of Ma-
rine Underwriters, who has just returned from Europe, addressed a me. t*
ing of Ibe Hoard nf Trade today and
mado the important annininccincnl
ibai Marine insurance rates would lie
advanced for ihe St. Lawrence during
the ooming season, The Improvements
whioh had heen promised had u ver
materialized  and    tin*    underwriters
began to look askance   at   risks fur the
at. Luwrcuce,
Thnt Actuated the British aud American
Consuls. ���Dobato in the Reichstag on the Subject.
Washington, April 14.���The cabinet
meeting today wbioh lasted longer
than usual, was devoted principally to
the discussion of the Samoa situation.
A complete written report concerning
tbe preliminariesjleading up to the hostilities, which was math* tn the s.viv
tary nf the navy hy Admiral Kautz.
was read to the cabinet by Secretary
Lung. If throws some ad iitiouul
light upon the complications prior to
the Admiral's arrival. The must important fnct brought out being that the
three consuls, American, British and
German at the time of the admiral's
arrival at Apia, had recognized the revolutionists under Mataafa
The  Mataafa     uprising after   Chief
I Justice < hambers decision in   favor oi
Mnlii ma Tauu,   the admiral indicates
ivas fomented   largely by the  Gorman
i -ul .-. ho insisted upon   recognizing
Mntaafa as king. Chaos was threat
niip.i and flic American nnd British
residents considered themselves n*
peril of their lives. A massacre wa>
feared and under these ciroumstances
ihe American ami British consuls joined with the Germans m recognizing
the provisional Government under Ma
laafa. To Admiral Kautz upon hi*
*.ii*i*l hou. *.<���:>., 'I*** Bvitiub an;
\nicrean consuls explained that they
:,ad been (Breed In this action by tin
rltucss of tb*' silnal ion.
lie* admiral at the conference abonn
be Philadelphia, having satisfied him
ed ihat  Ohief Justice   Chamber's de-
union was in accordance with the Ber
tin treaty, informed   the consuls  thai
hey had nor power to violate its   provisions, und with iho full   acquiosenct
of the British   and Amerioan   consul-
ie issued his manifesto, dissolving tin
irovisionnl   governmeut and   Malietoi
.-as crowned   king.    Tbo counter pro
laniatioii   of the German   consul  and
the shelling  of   tho   native villages as
recounted in   the Press despatches fol-
I iwed.
Berlin, April 14.���There   was a slim
iltenih.nco of member*? hut: the   galleries   were   crowded.    Tin*   opening   ol
the interpellation   which   win regarding Samoan   events,   and   which   tbe
ii"ister of Foreign Affairs bad   pre
iouslj agreed lo   reply   to  was not ��
���access and it was afterwnrds said that
he signers of the interpellation  bluii-
ered in entrusting iis presentation tn
;r.   Lehr.    The   bitter,     contrary  to
greement, made strong   references to
'innnmic mailers    in arguing   ngnins
���he American and   British attitude it
������Samoa, hinting thai   Germany   wnnl<
Ight   both countries   ecnnotnicalh-   il
hwarted politically,    owing   to thest
ta.tementa the party leaders one   aftei
mni her repudiated Dr. Lcbr's dcelnra
i inns.
The Foreign   Ministei. in his reply,
iii'iliasizod    Germany's   adherence   ti
il e Samonu act, the re-arrangement nl
viiich, he declared, was desirable t<
be Goverumeut. Tin* minister sain
he Government knew nothing of  the
.indicts said In have taken place be
ween tho Amorinau Admiral Kautz
ind the commander of tin* Gorman
ivarship Falke. Finally, he announced
that Great Britain hud agreed to thi
lermau proposals to despatch a emu
mission lo Samoa, adding that Germany would only accept a settlement
which would have German rights and
interests    unimpaired,    He    regarded
be nm in-lulled maintenance of ber
treaty rights ns a matter of national
' 'Our all i lade regard ing the com pi i-
cation," said he, "May.lie summed
ap in a simple sentence���adherence
to the legal stains created by the aol
so long as tbe act is not modified by
ibe unanimous decision of the powers, "
No di bale followed, Ilcrr Uebkneobi
ibe So'-iaist leader, approved of llu
ministerial statement, (ieneral sur-
iirise was felt, when it   was   discovered
ml Dr I,' hi- was the only speaker
presenting tin* Interpellation, since
Dr. l.ehr is known us 'he leader of Ihe
Alb* I leniche Vcibuiid. lie was frequently interrupted by erics boih from
nu* left and centre, especially when
lu* referred in tbe threatens I eoonora o
measures   iigaiust    the  United States
Tb*, speeoh of tin* Minister of Foreign
Aiiuivs, tbiuigligni.d, w..s largely deprived of iis etii ol by In-. Lehr s
remark, and ibe natty leaders made
successive declaration of satisfaction
at ihe foreign minister's statements,
disavowing thus,, of lit- Lehr and
greeting the minister's  remarks  with
Prince Herbert! Bisinarok, in a declaration, said he refrained from making statements, as a Samoa aol signer,
controverting the sharp criticism of
the   uiuusuiu.      About   oue     hundred
agrarians intended to precipitate a gen
eral discussion upon the economic relations between Ureal Britain and the
United Stat* - and (rermauy, but,
ih* * were prevailed upon in desist,
The g* neral yerdiol at the end of the
interpellation was thai the pan-German
party, had rendered itseli ridiculous,
London, April 1-1 ���The Pari! a-
mentury seoretary of the Foreign Office
Hight ihn. Wm. si. John Broderick,
replying in the House of Commoni to
questions today, said  information had
reached the Foreign Olliee nf the trinibl
iii Samoa, and said arrangements ha
been mud*, by the three governineni
to send a commission with full powei
to act for the restoral on of ord(
with respect* to the steps ueoessar
fm* the future   government of   the h
Berlin, April 14.���A later and full*
account of the debute in tbe debal
in    Ibe    Reichstag   savs:    Dr.    I.'In*
speech introducing the interpellate
was utterly d* void of taot, and full
ihe orndeat chauvinism. He. scoffed
at America, excitedly attacked Eng-
lnad and demanded that the Government should grant no nun ominercial
privileges to such countries, who, ho
declared, had insulted the dignity of
the German empire. He would not ad
vim* .i declaration of war against Grea
Britain and the United Stales,
said amid boisterous laughter from ���
parts nf tlie Chamber, bul he expootet
.in* Government would annex lln* Sam*
oan Islands and increase tin* navy,
"In order that Germany's prestige
may be sat guarded in both hemispheres. "
The Hamburger Correspondent says
'bat Charles lliifnaglc, manager of
the German plantation at Mailcle
where the fatal ambush was devised,
bus been transferred from the British
cruiser Tanranga io ihe German cruiser
l-'alke, at the request of fbe Consul,
Ui   it,   j., J lilt) Lt A i.ii.Aj*\
A Cock ami I ull Story   About  Transport ing   the Troops.
Victoria, April 14,���The city council
un* still b okiug for an i ngineer as Cecil Smith ni Toronto, their latest
choice has wired asking au engage
ment for a definite ferm and making
other stipulations which the alderman
are not inclined to grant,
In rofereu e in a report from Halifax that troops just arrived there wen*
beiug rushed across the continent to
;i transport waiting ut Esquimau pro-
. i.i *' ,i*,, n to Hnuioa, Ool
Grant, ii.*- Royul Engineer officer in
c here, said today that he had ro-
ceived no iiiiini iiion whatever of tbo
movement and thought it verv unlikely
that it* wi obi ii" deoided up* ti with-
'in notifying him. II.��� was iuoliued
to discredit the whole story as being
oue ni* tb** many sensational reports of
a similar character which proved on-
in the suit of Caniiessa vs. Nicol
tho action in which an order was inarii
that the plaintiff execute a ccrtaii
deed or on refusing be committed ti
gaol for oontempt of court, this morn
ing an application was mini.* to Mt.
Justice Martin for his lelease ill Hn
ground that at the lnne of commitment
no warrant hail been issued, since
iben, however, ;: warrant has been issued and the application was dismissed with costs, Oannessa is in
ihn Westminster gaol.
si. Johns, Mid., April 14.��� Sir Hugh
McCallum the Governor, has given
in the press a copy of lhe letter in
which he recalls Mr. Murine to In*
ministry. In tin- course of it, the Gov.
eritor says he has investigated Mr.Mo-
iiiu's connection with Mr. Roid, tin*
railway contractor for whom Mr, Mo-
rine is general counsel, and hns found
ilu same honest and honorable, lb
gives Mr. Morine a oertifloato of chui-
aciet and condemns the press for in-
ueudos against the ministry, Mr. Mo
iin*. and Mr. Kohl, expressing bis
happiness al Icing sole to right tin
wrong done Mr,  Murine.
Ogdeusburg, N'. V., April 14.���This
locality was visited h,st night by ter-
nli ��� eb "'ire- 1 storms, In the vil
luge oi 1 'ot i-iivtll ��� a dozen residences
and business hicks wct'i struck bj
lightening, The Hotter Tub Mannfao
Hiring Go's, three story building. 40x
Ion was bred and   completely destroy-
ed Electric light and telephone pole*
were struck  by   lightening   and  side
w.ili,s were torn un. The damage is
es:, nutod a' 160,000 Two men wen
Seriously    injured by electrical shocks.
Carman, Man.,. April 14. ���Fire destroyed Hie whole ot the Knliltn block
und   the   Massey   Harris   implement
warehouse this morning The lJtilferiu
boll, with a warehouse beneath, Hemingway and Lawsuits, the Hank of
Hamilton and other offices arc a total
loss. Tha Mnssey people saved the
oon touts of their house as did also the
families in the Roblin block Hemingway and Ijawson's goods are a
total loss
NEW PI id.ic  PARK
Washington, I). C, April 14.��� The
pre.id* ut bus prepared a proclamation
Hell ing aparl IH6,(K)0 ann s of land nn
t b,' -colli side uf Lake 'I uh*  *. I lalifOT-
ma.as a forestry   reserve   and  public
Madrid,  April 14.���El < loiTSO Ksiiun-
nla. the Carlisl   organ,   has   leensup
pressed by the prefect of Madrid on
the ground that it is the propt ity nl
u Hritish subject.
Their Sawmills Cut no More
Canadian Logs*
Will Bring Pressure to Bear  on   Ontario
Government by a  Clause  in
Dingley Bill.
Washington,April 14.���A crisis,'it is
suid, has about been reached in the
controversy between the American
owners nf Canadian lumber in the
Province of Ontario and the Parliament of thut Province which recently
pusssed an act prohibiting the exportation uf all logs. The Ontario officials
have so constructed its act as to apply
it to all timber purchased and paid
for by Americans prior to the passage
of the act. The retroactive effect of this
legislation, if maintained, it is stated
will render worthless large holdings of
Canadian stumpage purchased by
Americans from the Crown Lands Department of Ontario, nnd ulso prevent tin* ^operation of extensive sawmills erected on the Amerioan side,
Which have no other source of supply
than the Canadian timber referred to.
Whon these conditions became
known to tbe American timber owners, they memorialized the government
of the United States to make reclamations from England as the United States bas no diplomatic
relations with the Dominion of Canada. The matter was referred to the
Joint High Commission but that
body having taken   tm aotion, a   coiu-
uiii.i . ,,f v. "iibe:- crfoerB, hcitHrrt hy
RX-Govornor Koch, of Michigan, camo
ni Washington a f��w days bnfore the
corumission dissolved and askod the
wcretary of thn treasury to impose
the retaliatory clause of the Dingley
act, which provided in snnstancu that
in case of the Canadian Government
placing an export duty upon logs, the
-ecrMarv of the treasury would ho
authorized to increase by that amount
*bc tariff on Canadian lumber.
After jurefail consideration and con-
ercnci s wuh   tbe Secretary   of   State
md   with   the representatives of  the
American owners of Canadian timber,
it is stated that a conclusion lias boon
practically arrived at by secretary
iage to apply lhe retaliatory clause of
the Dingley act fort) with,in default of
in assurance from the Canadian gov-
���rnincnt that the Provincial government shall be instructed not to prevent tbe exportation of logs purohased
*nd paid for   by   Americans   prior   to
i he passage of the act.
Wile*her tbis retaliution    will   go to
ibe exteut of prohibiting altogether the
importation of Canadian lumber, or
,, hetbera fluty would be imposed which
wonld be prohibitory in its effect, has
not yet been determined.
Provisional   M��asur<*s    For    Keeping
Order in Samoa Will Be Observed.
London, April 14.���The officials of
lhe British Foreign Oflice stote that
the Marquis of Salisbury bus agreed
lhat the decisions regulating thn pro
visional measures to In; taken in keep
ing order in Samoa will he ohsorTed,
and that the functions of the commissioners will bo to strive to agree to the
measures necessary for u peaceful solution of the difficulties, hut the conclusions they individually reach, will of
Course be sent to thiiir respective Governments between whom further negotiations will then occur in regard to
the tiiiiil settlement.
Boffalo, N'. V.. April II.-Mrs. Sarah Frolioh of Pie.ton, Ont.. culled
mi Inspector de Barry today tn reference to the affairs of hor son Louis
Frolioh, who wus drowned in the
Niagara last month. Frolich was
found on thn streets of Baftalo in an
apparently insane condition. He was
deported by Do Barry and placed in
charge of Chief Constubb) Griffin of
the Ontario police atjKort Erie. Frolich evaded observation und jumping
into the river wus drowned. It is
said that Mrs. Frolich iiit-nds to i"-ing
suit against the Dominion government
for the death of her son.
Oagliari, Island of SotIdla, April 14.
���The King and Queen of Duly, no-
compauied by their suite and cubiuut
ministers, lunched today ou board the
Frenoh flagship Bronnus. Great en-
llisia-in prevailed.
London, April II. ���Tho Chinese
i lovernmont, according to a dispatch
Irom Shanghai, has assented to the
proposal to open three new ports in
ibe Provinces of Kiacg-su, Kuug si
and Nguu-Hwei or An-Huei.
��������� ���   ��� D
IN el son Dail\  Mher
t'ubltmied r*aily except Monday.
1). J    BKa CON, Editor and Mana-jur.
place quite a considerable sum in
'Internal Debentures,' and, be remarks, 'we shall e able to get more
mouey than ww should by selling
stock in London We do not pledge
ourselves to do that, but we take tin
power to make use of either or both of
these means.' We can only say that,
in our judgment, if the power given by
the bill is exercised, a serious mistake
will be committed. In the first place
previous experience shows that it is futile to expert to raise money locally,
aud Mr. Turner's plan of merging tb:i
Provincial loans into one class of slock
is far preferable to the ptoposal now
put forward. The Inscribed Stock system instituted by Mr. Turner has been
so eminently successful, that it would
be injudioioui to revert to the ' Inter-
mil Debentures' suggested   by thu Pin
  i auce Minister.    Mr. Cotton will  prob-
The Mayor has culled a special meet- i ably visit this country   in  connection
ing     of the   City   Council for  eleven , with tbe   proposed   loan, nnd   he will
Subscription Katbs,
fi'iily perm nth by carver	
per half year	
oor year	
per *mu: by mail	
per ye-ir foreign	
Nkisu.n Wkkkiv Minkb.
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..    5(��l
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,.  son
,, 100-*)
c* eekly, pci half year ��� t2.>
p^r year    ��� tXJ
per year, foreign    2 3**
Subscription; Invariably in advance.
o'clook this morning, to reconsider
the resolution of the last mooting
transferring the corporation account
from the Bank of Montreal to tho Merchant's Bank of Halifax. From being
silly this matter has suddenly become serious. What is there to reconsider.' By the transfer the City is
saving a half por cent, on overdrafts
and gaining one por cent, ou the sinking
fund.      If the   action   of   the
then doubtless be convinced of the
wisdom of raising the whole of the
mouey iu Londou in the shape of three
percent. Iusoribed Stook."
and those supporting him has any
meaning at all, it is that they are opposed to doing the City busintsi on
business principles uud prefer its in
terests shall be sacrificed. While tbey
aro ubout it thoy had batter reconsider
Several weeks ago it wns announced
that the Washington Govermeut bad
proposed a modus vivendi on thn Alaskan boundary questiou. Later it was
announced that, tlie British Government
Mayor, would submit il to Ottawa, and in tbe
Wall Papers
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our Spring- Stock of
Wall Papers . .
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Sample Books sent
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meantime nothing would be decided
upou. About a week ago Sir Wilfrid
Laurier wus asked in the House if any
proposition has been made looking to
a modus Vivendi, and be replied tbat
tbeie bnd not.    A day or two  later be
their purchases of lumber, the other ��� ;l9ken- to qualify |,ia repiy by saying
day, and resolve that the mill men rhat ��� prc,pos;,i hnn bn,��� ,������,*��� e> bnt tlu,
did uot. charge enough for it.   Another   ,natter wns gonrceiy   ,n shape for sub-
special meeting might be called to
reconsider thu bargain for the electric
light plant, and to pass a resolution
giving the innocent, deceived, and defrauded vending company fifteen or
twenty thousand dollars extra for it.
Still another might be called to recoD-
sidor payments of lawyers' fees, and to
declare that they do not charge half
enough. At the same time let them
advertise to the world, by resolution
formally and solemnly passed, that
the corporation affairs of Nelsou are
open to the plund ring of any one who
ehooiua to enrich himself at the expeuse
of the ratepayers.
Surely these members of the Council
have not stopped to reflect ou the
course they are taking. Before proceeding to reconsider a saving to the
City of a considerable amount of interest iu the course of a year, they had
bettor consider and reconsider what it
is they propose to do. They had
better also consider and reoonsider who
thoy are and whom they represent. If
in the Council as agents or servants
of the Bank of Montreal, to aid that
corporation in getting exoessive interest charges from the Oity, let the m so
deolare themse-res. But if,as representatives of the ratepayers of Nelson, whose
interests tbey are supposed to prefect,
it will be curious tc have them explain what they mean by today's special meeting. The City has surely a
right to i-haiu-c its bank if it pleases,and
if it gains by it the right becomes a
duty. Has tbe Bank of Montreal a
perpetual aud unassailable claim to
that account? Is there any diviue right
associated with it? If not, why all
this bother? Tho change has been
made in au honest, straightforward,
businesslike niauner. To suggest any
scheming or plotting between tbe
members of the Finance Committee and
Mr Kydd is preposterous; they are
mon us incapable of diihonorable nc
tion as any in the City,much more incapable than many of those who aie
egging on tbo Mayor aud his supporters to mnnioipal suicide. The ohange
is regular and legitimate. The City
is the gainer by it. The pretence tbat
its credit will be injured is too childish for grown men to put forward.
A city does not injure its credit by
looking after its own interests. It is
the duty of the Council to make the
belt banking arrangements they can.
What, then, is there to reconsider?
Is it wrong to itiukf ii good bargain in
the interest of the City? Ifjhu Mayor
Mill his friends in this mutter are wise
they will conclude before they aro two
hours older lhat tho only thing to reconsider is themselves.
The Colonial (loldflelds Uar.ette discusses in an interesting manner the
Loan Bill of the late session of the local Legislature : "It may be remembered that Mr. Somlin'a Government
came into oflice on the cry of retrenchment, but the announcement with regard to the proposed loan would imply
that  since assuming offloe   the new
Premier and bit eolleuguos recognise
the necessity, in view of the growing
demands of the mining industry, of
oarrying out a vigorous policy of publio works. If Mi. OottODi the Finance Minister, is correctly reported,
wc urn inclined to think that his methods will not meet with much favor iu
financial circles in London. Mr. Cotton calculated that be should got. at
least ��04 for his loan, which .after deducting expenses, would bring the
priou to ��93,6 per cent." We are told,
however, that he may not issue this
new three per cent, loan in the usual
way. The Loan Bill gives him power
to raise it either by Inscribed Stook or
Debentures.    Mr. Cotton thinks he can
mission to Parliament.   A Washington
dispatch published yesterday says   the
offer   was   referred   to   Ottawa   some *
time   ago   and that   the   Government
11ad "responded   with   the  acceptance
if the general idea of a modus vivelidi,
although some changes in ihe original
nvnposals are suggested,"   In view of
a,   Premier's   first   reply   to   the in-|
luiry, it is pertinent to  ask if be does
.ot  know what   is   going   on in   his j
���wu cabinet.
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Hyson's Bay Stores,
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Jeweller flHHIB
Special Couucil Meetiug at
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A Saving of $11,000 Wonld bo Made ou
the Debentures by the Bank of
Halifax Figures.
��� i*1 -*****��.���
Holds glorious in their golden oarpet of suhjeot of the Rov. R. Frew
j There was soiut thing irregular
about the iiuiices anlling the meeting
of the City Council I'm- yesterday after
liuoii to ciiusidei- the mayor's veto o-
the resolution of tin* Counoil (o
ohange the corporation bunk aooouni
from the Bunk of Montreal to the
Merchants' Hunk of Halifax and us a
result the meeting was culled off und
notices for one at ll o'olock this morning were sent to nil the Aldermen.
The lirst notices sent out wero not
signed by the Mayor us they should
have 1 een, hence tho second edition
which woro Bigned by Mr. Neelands.
Indignation is the only word that
will express the feelings of the rate-
payers ur the action of 11 few aldermen
in so palpably endeavoring to sacrifice
the City's interests by forcing the acceptance of the less advantageous of
two offers for the City's bank nc-
ciiunt. That a meeting wu? hastily
called while Aid. Thomson is uwuv
when there is no reason ou earth for
immediate action bus compelled the
publio to think that there is ti nigger
in the fence somewhere unci this uc-
tiou, us muoh us anything else, bus
thrown the sympathy of the citizens
entirely   on   the   side   of the Hank ot'
lulifux.    In   lact,   at   present    there
a ems to be hut one opinion,nnd thut is
hut there is no possible course opt n
to the Aldermen bnt to accept tin
best offer,whioh is thut of the Hunk
of Halifax. The argument thut the
gain to the City would be too smull lo
bother ubout is entirely dispelled
when one goes into the question und
does a little figuring. The difference
in tbe tenders would mean a gain uf
no less than 111,000 on the debenture-*
Tbe City uow has a debt nf $116,01.0
anil it is proposed io issue debentures
for ubout 100,000 moro. As time
goes on tbe sinking fund will umount
to something very large umi ut the
end of 20 years the one pi t cent difference between the bids (if the tlnee
bunks uud that of tho Hunk of Halifax
will mean thut the City will moke
.���511,000 by the ueceptunci* ol' tin* liiltcr
offer. This is quite a different story
from that told by the opponents of
the ohange who aver thut the Oity
will gain only |7B or $100, As ugan sr
the assertion that then* Is no use in
unliving a ohange as tho account will
probably go buck next year it is poiut-
ed out that no change will be innde in
the future unless u more favorable
offer than that wbioh tin* Hunk ��� i
Halifax now makes is made, so il e
aooeptnnoe of tin* Hunk ef Hahfi x
offer will mean thut the City will hu- e
the benefit of a lower rate I'm- all tin. e
to come.
Oue reason advanced why lhe Oity
should not avail itself of the opportunity of making $11,000 us sln,*.\ii
above is that Ibe Bank of Montreal
bus always shown itself friendlj lo
the City and treated it well in overy
way. Km-doing this Hie corporation
bus paid the imtik T per cent, on over
drafts while the letter from the bank
now on file, stutes tbat the account
will be accepted ut II per eut. Sunn
people think thut sympathy com.*-;
high ut oue per cent. The Bank of
Montreal, today is charging the City
7 per cent, for borrowed money whereas the City could go elsewhere und
borrow it at a much better figure, In
view of tibs fact it is hard to persuade
the people, thai* the Bunk of Montreal
bus shown any great spirit nf gener
osity in ircutingwiili the City. However this is not tbe question,whioh is
simply whether lhe Cily is to ncoepl
the best offer it bus received. Aid.
Beer. Kirkputriok and MoKillop are
anxious that it should ; Aid. Blc'cliii-.
Hillyer and the Mayor un* anxious
that till business principles should be
oast to the winds   und the offer of the
Bunk of Montreal sooopted, because it
is the offer of the Bunk of Montreal. A
mere matter of $11.0110 is not tn ini'*.
into it.
��� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������J
daffodils, through water meadows
fringed with hazels and willows,
where the long horned red ! tevon en; ���
tie browsed luzily upou tin- fat i*us-
tures. then through u rocky gorge
feathered with enormous hurts-tongue
I'ern. finally emerging upon tbo heather
covered expanse of Exnioor. Here was
rest for the tired brain, from the
scurry und worry of the city und the
busy tlining nf men striving to attain
wealth or to spend it. Then tin* pause
luv lunch with tin* purple heather
fm-11 sout gave liiin time to take stools
of  his    companions.    First   of  all a
roup of shaggy Exmonr ponies eve
him suspiciously und kaep a respectful distance. A pair nf inquisitive
lambs, emboldened bv the anglers si-
lenoe, come nearer, almost within
touching distance, theu gambol nil'
with a series nf senseless jumps tn pester the mother ewe for another uieal.
The wilier ousels un I long-tailed tits
urn everywhere. With shrill cry the
kingfisher flies past, a flush of brilliant
nltrnninrine, nuon is heard ihe bourse
crow of lie* bliickcook who having yet
to choose u imii*., is eager for the fray
with some rival. The warin midday
sun brings it butch nl' March Browns
and olive'dnns nn the wnter und the
frequent Hash ol' tin* rising lish re-
oull'the angler from his day dream.
Hvouing sees the return of the "Wnl-
toniaus," ibe comparison ut baskets,
then the adjournment lo the little 011k
panneled dining room where a royal
repast of trout, Exmoor mutton, junket
und dotted cream is done ample justice to After a while 11 genial rubber
of whist to the accompaniment nf
pities and Exeter ale, in pewter pint
pels brings to a close tlio joyous day.
Ah me what memories! Shall wo
ever���That's enough ! What have ull
these incoherent recollections to do
with Koolenay ! A thousand pardons
but they ltiuy (.,i*ib the eve of some
wanderers in Nelson and please for the
* *   *
Baskets ure still light though there
was a report of an average catch 011
Thursday,bnt us the numbers begun ut
10 and ended (late 111 the evening), us
high us 10 it is difficult to name any
authoritative report of it. Probably
by now it bus reached the score or the
two dozen. We were told us children
to "ask uo (itii'slions und ynu will get
nolies." When we attained to riper
veurs we discovert il that this maxim
"illy applied when asking a lady her
age or when asking Ihn homowurd
hound angler "What look?" What is
there about angling that tempts ils
devotees to follow tho example of the
lute Mr. Ananias?
^ A few weeks ago derision was
thrown, through tbe medium ot these
columns,upon certain anglers who Inst
year reported that fish they had hook* d
bad been seized by enormous chair.
The writer would like lo narrate 1
similar experience that happened tn
him lust Sunday nnd nt the same tin 0
iifer un abject oplogy to those who*!
ho reviled; but what is the use? Tl a
render, in spite of the fact that sevei I
witnesses could be product-d, would
condemn the moral tone of The Mm c
for a total disregard of truth un i
the rival press would jeeringly roi. i-
to "another lish story."
* *   * t*
Lust* Sunday two nnglers onught s *���*
Hsh apiece; another  caught   five.    O-t
the Saturday afternoon preceding sev* .1
were taken by an angler who was uu
fortunate enough 10 lose bis oldest in  ;
dearest friend  in the still   waters   *
the lake that day.    While   in the; a .
nf landing a heavy Hsh on the dropp* 1
(ly, the tail fly wus taken   by  auotlv 1
lisli, the rod was jerked into   the   w
tor,sank quickly aud"hiuo illoe laehr.- ���
The rod wus some Ki years old, ��� ���
split cane made by Hardy, und hi I
followed   the  owner    through  man-,
vicissitudes,     it was   u Slid and iibvu; I
ending to a very   congenial   and    evt
desired oompauionship, R. I. P,
;   sermon
be ���' The
lit the   evening   service will
Pharisee and tbo Publicum "
Post Muster Qilker savs thut he does
not expect, thut the P* st Olliee will
huve to move from its present position
on ucouut of -.be building nf P. Burns
& Co's., new brick block. In fact, although the plans ure being got, out, it
is uncertain whether the block will
be erected iu that locality or not.
Theo Madson is engaged in erecting
an awning over the spacious window
of M. Des Brisuy & Co. It will be the
lurgest awning in Kelson when in
place. Tbe largest in West Kootenay.
however, will be shipped today to H.
S Wallace & Co., nf Rossland, uud
Mr. Madson will go to Rossluud to see
that it, is put up properly.
The local corps of the Salvation
Army bus been busy during tbe past
week preparing for n cuke and coffee
social, winch will be given this (Saturday) evening, An interesting literary and ninsicul programme bus also
been arranged und will be rendered in
connection with (he supper, aud
promises to be one of the most interesting features of lhe occasion. Enough
tickets have been sold In insure the
evont being a success fin mciully.
and Gent
Mining  ami   Keal   Kstate   Broker,
i lli-llt'l-lloeikli Block, Kelson.
Moiu.) toloauf rhuUdliic iiiiiihjees.
*  ->,,!���- f.11- - 1. - I* it.-' ... Monarch,
1 ......   ....ilium!.    AImj imp 111,1 ki and Cain*****
McKinney Kbaren.    A folv hundred dollar** ln-
t may brin^* yon thnu- .-idH,
VI si 1
of the city.
Ti iiniu
Don't stop to think nf where t 1 buy your shoes when in m ed nf a
C'lino direot lo bailie's Shoe slum und we are i*uite sure
yon will go 'lwuv satisfied
I and   l:..trimined Mil-
iMiit.-bless    Selection of
���-! i **.Citations.'*ir.**ji 1    g and
Hummer.   Attractive Prioes.
MetcoroliiKicttl (!<���
taken by A.
-1. Holdich.
A pi- 8
Apr ti
1 ***.��..',
Ayr 10
A in-11
Apr 12
Apr n
Apr 7
What is the use of complaining? The
wsuther bus been execiuble; we knnv
it und must grin nnd bear it. We ure
still waiting fur spring nnd shall probably wait until we burst Into an almost tropical summer.
Oh for one Hnglish spring day, for
one day's ramble   up some oldcnunlrv
woodland Btrenml  There is a little
river iu Devonshire   running   through
Exmoor, through   ihe  country of  tne
Uounos (immortalised  by   Blaokmore
in   "Bornu  Doune"), and   nt a place|0'ra spWiousTnloony' in   I'm
where the riv��   is   not   muoh   wider  B(,r*eRa where   bis  onstnmer
than Cottonwood   Creek   during   '
water, there is 11 comfortable little Inn
There was a clean record yesterday
ut the City Police Court.
The next silting nf the County Coin;
opens ou Wednesday next.
In the Baptist, ohuroh tomorro
evening Mr. Rose's theme will i
"Faith by a Drying Brook."
A considerable unrobe* of iuro:
for the next, sittings of tb* Conn*,
Court were   subpocniied yesterday,
A well attended meet ing of the loon
Counoil of Women was held in tl
1 *cruro room of St. Paul's church ye*
tord.iy afternoon,
Tho   Miner   bus   heen   asked lo un
tiounco flint good practical  minors oui
Uud billets on several properties in tl
vicinity of Kelson.
Many married men had Iniportai
work to attend to at. their olliee la.
night.    If their wives don't believe 1
1 bey can  oousull   the  receipts at  tl*
Opera House.
Mrs. D. MaeKarlanl gave a children's masquerade party at her house
yesterday afternoon und from all accounts the young people had a moil
enjoyable time.
Mr. W. A. (lallilier, v. ho is in Ottawa pressing Nolsou'fl oluitus for 11
Govern ment building   wired yesterday
that indications were  Ihul his mission
would bo entirely successful.
���Testerdny wus almost a record one
in tbe mutter of real estate transactions. Messrs. Gamble & O'Reilly
alone putting through live or six
deals of quite respectable  dimensions,
and those about to build
should enquire of us for
estimates on
Roofing b
"V\'e moke a Specialty of
Hot   Air,  Hot Water   an
Steam Heating.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltc,
Importers of
Shelf uud Heavy Hardivan
second to none in America, eve,
though it docs happen to be i.
Nelson, and we know wheret
we speak. We are thorough!,
equipped and as the ni.ijofii
in Koolenay know, are capabl
of giving* satisfaction.
a Judge
Of Pishing Tackle?
Aberdeen^Block. j^   McLaughlJn
Eggs from pure bred
Plymouth Rocks at
$2.00 per Setting.
If SI.
Inspect the
Nelson   and
out 111
B. C.
Nelson Hardware Co.
General Teamsters.
is much easiei to settle  than   the
Just call at the store opposite the
you will find an assortment nf   all kinds,
Shirts, new, neat   and   nobby.
Stripes and Light Flannel.
Office Saloon and
in   Silk
for B. C. Oil Ce.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Emory & Walley
The Other Up-to-Date Furnishers.
Oh You Dirty Thing
Cried a   little girl   to   11 untidy little boy on lhe
street the other day,
ask your mother to tell your fathe
worth of their new Soap. My mai
washing now, that soap is so good
other Soaps, and besides it's so ch
is why thev
to call   at   DesBrisay's for
una says she is going to do
and it   doesn't   hurt
ip.    They bought
*ell it .so cheap.
her   hands  like
a carload of it,thai
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Freso
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts
Telephone   38.
Niagara  Falls Acetylene    Gas    Machines.
Newling b Co.
Baker Street
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Houso   I.nls nml   1 111-ill.
I! porta uf tbo oity,
tin mi iiii inn
Mining Siocks.
custom* Brokers.
Uui't ICsl.ui aiitl
[rmurai oo Atfunln.
Grain, May,
Front Street
Feed int   n lots at Carload Prices.
If so read all the "Fi
ments and lb*
your   1
: come aiui
it iii from
1" advertise-
To Loan^*
Great West Life Assurance Oompanv.
At 8 per cent, ci
Improved Property.
Agent, Baker Stree*.
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most compl
goods imported direct   fr
te slock in Nelson.    All onr
in   English,  American and
madian Manufacturers.
Mr. A.   .Inlinsliiii   ot tlm Bodega  is
Intuklny nrrauBomnutfl I'm- the building
front of tlm
1 innn'^11 viH'ii*  li im i*ii-i**nn'i'H oan '-tt-
1 joy a fragrant Huvanii in tin- cool sum-
, .   nun- evenings.
where il lew BUgleta usi'il    lu   incut   lit
11 liiiie whi'it Maroh wiudfl   were   sue-
omnbiug tu April blossoms,
The Stream   wus   1'nlily well plucked
with trout, averaging in weight about
three to the pound. Fine fat, plump
little fellows 111 <,v were, and with a
light eight fool rod, oob-weh-llke gut
anil tiny Ilit'H. tbey gave pli ntv of
"port. For miles round the fishing
wuh reserved for the use of the Quests
nt the Inn.
The ini**lers were toilers In tlm
mighty Oity at London iiiiii Ibis would
be tbe first belt from tho daily rou
tine of business In the year, Tbe
tliHt <luv would be 11 lux-iintm*. revel in
those Devonian "���Blyslan (fields."
The angler would follow the sit rum
through woods of beech tiees still In
tbdir   brown   winter   garb,     through
A number of good looking young
bachelors wore obsorved yesterday
evening waiting anxiously at the stuge
door nt ilm Opera Houso nftt r tbe performance, They got left, however,
for tlm ladies went out by another
The sti'iimcrs on iliii Oolumbla River
will revert to their summer schedule
mt April -;i. The luriii train servlt e
will, of oourse, ohange at the same
linn*, the train (or Rossland and the
north leaving ol B 40 p, m, as formerly, nml Hi" Slooau train ul 0 a, in,
In iiu* Presbytarl in ohuroh tomorrow morning 11 solo will be snug by
Mrs, Oliver, At thi evening aervioes
Mm. Melville Puir.V will sing, "Saviour, I Come,''   by   Westendorf.    The
Nelson Opera douse
Monday, April 17
A    Grand    Concert
under the auspices of tbe Ladies
Aid uf the Prfigbvterian chinch
HRulnled bj Mrs, Melville Parry,
Mrs. W. A. Maodonald, Mrs,
W. 1*'. Brnughnm. Mrs, Bruae
White, Mi-H Wilson, George
Kydd, VV. A, Jowett uud Herr
Btelner, Oello Soloist
I llmiorvril miii*. .Mir, .iiIihIikIoii Wc,
T okels ut (iiii'ii'l-i Drug A lli>"k
Stun* on Thursday, Apnl 18
Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Payment nmsi accompany
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B-C.
When You Ask
For a.
��pokane Falls A
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The ouly all rail route without ohang
i of cars between Nelson and Rossland and
Spokane and Bossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p-m
"    11:55 "   EOSSL'D    "      3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p-m
Train Unit leaves Nelson at 9:40 a.m
makes olose oonceotioni at Hpukane foi
till I'licitir Count Points,
Passengers for Kettle River aud Boundary Creek, connect at Murium with Stage
O. (I. DIXON, G. P. &T.A.
Spokane   Wash
A Kent,Nelnon, B.O.
that is made
by the
Kootenay   Cigar   M'f'g-  Co.
Mt:nll-   I.ESHIINS. -On  piano   di-kuii   or
?Hilar, by Mr*. "A". J.  Antler, ltobnon ulrcc!
wo doom wunl of Stanley.   P. 11. lloz ISO.
Mrs. Sydney Oliver,
iIoui-h wiwi of Htunley.
: innii'K and Piano, by
Obwirvatory *-ir,*i*i. two
and avoid takin
which is now
g ,i cheap imitation
on the market.
OFFICES and Rooms to rout, newly deoor
..tril and iiiilnifd.   Apply Thomson Stationery
;  CO..  l.lll.
At Nnkiixp, eight good tie mak;
ivior Uentll*
an orders.
FRANK A. TAMBLYN will  have a choice
assortment of Cm Flowers for sale before  the
approaching Halls.   A large number of potted and bedding Plants will be in this week.
Frank A. Tamblyn Bttker Street
urn.   I'ay 7 renin In the airing.
Sc Co.
KOH BALK- Old newnpapematM cent. |Mi<
Hki. .1*1 i tlm thing to put under carpet*.
Minor offloe,
A good, hi rang yout h   to learn
'    ulti
ill,*   t'|ilit>Wi*rtng   iii.d    Furniture   bUKlneua.
Mii'ls  Nelson  rarnlture Co., Corner Ilakru
and Km*! I'tniy HtronlH.
WANTED���A   1**. iiniu an  bouaekeeper In
private family.   Addroiw MIm Dunn, City.
* D
r 1
JTendi i -���������.' leived by the   on-
ilevsi   ,1       . .'*.'.!.'
__ $ fur tin 1,     i.    * *.*i  :i ii  aa,
TrnnTPNAY  (*  Block 5. Nelson, 1 lard and V10
Xi-VWXlJl^Xi. J-    ^   turin - nd   10,  Blool
���*/%.-***%/*%***v%*-%. *i%*%^%^��^��
L   A 	
._..__.._.....  -. ~. ~.-.*,-. ~. Ja  '���'���   Victor High   il   or   im
k-%^%^%*^*^-%^*V*V**^-%*%^9  tender 11  ptt 1.    1.'*
A Hill  line  of French
W." A.".i*)V, ETX, Nelson, B. 0.
We can supply  you.
Suitings just arrived,
������'. ���   ' ;._;,,
-1 ]*. <���; botwe -n Jopep . no and (till    i   il -.
beautlfu  j utitcd.      I *
be   i*!*ni**: fed,
Lol mni 81 ore * :* I. kor si root,   *** id  I      Ion,
In its review of the   reoent   Bessio
of the   British   Oolurnbia   Legislature
The Colomiil Goldfields   Gazette says:
"We   may lie   wrong   iu   contending
that this measure was responsible  for
the unyielding  attitude of the United  TwoLoUan( ,, .������ ,, room8 ot| 811ioa
States Commissioner.- m regard to tni
Alaska boundary question, bnt ih ;���
cun bo no denying tbe tact thut tin
Aliens Act has proved it veritabli
boomerang. It has inflicted a grievi ua
blow to the trndu of Viotoria and Lot and Houso Lntimur stroot, near Josephine
Vancouver, anil has nut   pill    a   Singlt Btroet, Price <1.0��).    Terms ��500 cash,
extri British subjeot int" possession Ol bnlanci on mortgage,
the   placer mines   at    Atlin ami   elsewhere.    It   was   tt Jlog in tin* mangel
policy, for which the two   leading eit- * ''"     *" "
ies of tbo Province are paying   a   deal-   |,���i on BakorBtroot, near the oornor of I odat
price.   Its baneful  effeots mny extend suw
bevoud the limits  of   British   Oolum-
bia,   for   it,   is   quite   possible that in   Also a large list of tho bosi  Rostdentln   Prop-
Alaska,    which   has hitherto  been   a*- orty In the city.
free to   British mine) s as to American          	
subjects,  the   United   Suites   Govern     Agenta for Addition "A and"Huiuo AddUion,
ment may ndi pt  reciprocal   measures 	
It ia rumored that -Mr   .Ioe Mai-tin tin* , .   ,,
B.O.    Attorney-General,    forced     tin     , Tho British Columbia Permanent Loan and
Aliens Bill   through    the 11,.use   with   ^vings Company, who give the mos   roiison-
the deliberate objeel of raising difflonl    ^ble terms to borrowers, allowing Principal to
ties between the     authorities at   Otta      ','' "*'M "" ��tony tlmo without I harglng any
\va and Washington.  Those   who   ban-   li''IIUh-
pen to know that   Mr.   Martin,    when
resident   in Manitoba,    aspired   to the
position  of Minister of  the  Interior,
now   held   by   Mr.    Sifton    are most <\i>'('llt ���*-
likely to give credence to this   rumor  !    '-.
It'is to   be hoped,    however, that   the	
measiirewUl   be   repealed at   an oar,    ^PERIAL BANK
*    *    * OF   CANADA.
Assays made reoently  of samples  ot Capital Paid up                          $2,000,0"
ore  from   the   80-foot   shaft    on   tin ���!'->                    ibkoto "                ''"""'"
Sullivan mine in Bast    Kootenay, give h. s. Howlnnd, Pres.  T.'K.Merritt, Vice Pres
9 value of f89 per   ton,    The ore came tVm.ltamsay,      lliinh lly.ui,      ltol*t..l,ii!i*ii\
from one   side of the ledge,  and as   it T. Sutherland Stayner,      Kilns Rogers,
contained   considerable   iron, the offi- Head Office, Toronto,
cers   of   the   oompany   thought  little D. E. WILK.IE, General Manager,
value   would   he   obtained.    Much   t( E, HAV, Inspector,
their   astonishment the above   return? Branches in all principal cities aim lowm
,vere given. in    Ontario  nml Quebec
*   *   * iitiuicIks    in      Maiillobn,   *Nortlitresl
Denver. Col, April   I4--A oablegram ���   Temtortei. b��U BrUtoh Columbia.
received from London announoes   that ^."SS&^C^ZS^SSSSSS
W. S.    Btratton has   sold   Ins   famuii- m Edmonton, N. VV.   T.    Vancouver
Cripple Creek mine, the Independence, i      lson. Luvklsiokk, B. 0
H. fl.. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
We want to tell you about our Spring Styles   this
week of which we have a
Large and Well Assorted Slo:k
Special   Dress   Goods   Sale
To clear a few lines al half the usual
price.    All in Dress Lengths  of  7
yards each and no two alike.
oes Figured Dress Gocda al 10c. pcgulr-r price 75c,
7 V <���'��� . I';       il Dress Good   titGii . regular prioe $1.25.
!'  Piea   Figured DreBs Goods at $1.00 regular prioe $1, 76
The balance of our Spring Capes and
Jackets at wholesale Cost Price.
Gamble & O'Reilly,
A.  FSi^LAF4
Conic and see our Styles and Prices before
you buy,as our Stock is second to none in
the Kootenay District. You will always
find our lines up-to-date   and   at   popular
to n company   of   London   oapitalistH.      Agents In Great Britain   Lloyd's Bank, Ltd.
The prioeis not stated, but is believet   :i l.':V"1,;"',1.^!'':',1;,l*,:T'.''::;-.'^1,!1 EST. ",0"��!
to he'not less than 120,000.000,
*   *   *
New   York, April    14.���Bar   silver.
ofl3*i'; Mexican dollars, 4T:<, ; silver ���certificates, 60 to ��()'.,.
viinpanv.   The   performance   sbowc
for the lirst   time   the excellent   *,:* UttLOUi'lS   VJ P" C 6"\/-A   n*^,
iccoinmiidattons   thai    the   ne, bou.-i /-v .���   _ ______            ,.,��,,.,.,
has provided.   The   soenerj   was   * 1)                                                     i'KlDAYj
leading feature of the performnm    11 /                           ���           \                                              A \i ry
was most elaborate, the staKu   pictnr. ��� / ,                                              .    )      . �� T��r-��*-4 . v                     ' *
being  extremely   pretty.    There  wi, I <-**J     x  ' x \^n X X   X  \^     lAIUKiMli
A Large   and   Enthusiastic   Andienct
Greeted Them Lust Night.
The Opera House last niyht contain
ed a large audienoe tli.it seemed   to   .
thoroughly  surislie I   with   ih**     pro-
duction   given by the   Spider and
oompany.   The   performance   sbowc
for the lirst   nine   the excellenl   sta *
accommodations   thai    the   ue * bou
being  extremely    pre!
no pretense at a plot as it was a   sp,
taonlar   extravaganza   in   more   tl
name.    The   specialties     won
clover and brongbl rounds of applansu
from   those   present,     Oatohy    s m
were   interspersed in   the   nn
joviality ami the whole of the porf,
alii-e was a very    * *ijl fable    and    hi
class one.     This afternoon i bt n
bo a liMiiiiii*.*. the  ourtiiin   rin-a
at 2 :1B the prices for   --vlii
35, 50 and in cuts
After the performance   last   ui
ciiizen asked :
"Winn made the By ll   '.-
Ami a friend auawcri d tin I
*' It was   i.e. ..*..-.    iin*   sp  i
���Those v.iin   registered   nl the   ',      ir
yesterday W( re *. I). 0   Jol     ��� a,
ptt; W. G. Rnbb,   Kaslo;   Mri    '
Levitt, Spider and Fly ;   Fran
Vicar, Spider and Fly; A.    K.    Ji.ne-
Poitland;   Mr.   ami Mi.-. Slater, Vim
couver; Stuart Tuil.  Slocan City    Hi
tor McRue, Rossland ; John R   Mnr,
New Xork; Prank Patterson, Chicago;
O. \V. Kiley   Athabasca mine.
I ��   l.ll'lllllll ll  M 1,-.   1.   I .........  ..    ......    ...
may be ii posited fer transror by letter or oabli
u any purt uf Canada.
Lett its of, !���*���*'ii !-*-in*l on Alaska Commer
.iiul i'o. niiyablc al St. Michael's, Alaska, and
Dawson City.
Iirufis Sold, available at all points in Can
i.i, t'iii:.-.* ::i itesand Em ,pe.
I.,'M<T- **. orodll Issued, available in uoj
mrl of tho world .
Saving*! bank 1** p irl monl Deposit - of si
ind upwards received and Intorosl allowed.
Dobertures Muniolpiil and other deben
un- 11111,!, i-',l.
Miiiit** Orders issued paynblnnt nny liiuif
Ruti 1���Under i*1 1; -m :*j ���-.'-'���i. 10c:
Sinn s:tn, 1: ; ���       . -      ,.. .
J.   M*   LAY.   MANAGER,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRES51 . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice nnd Lowes   l'i n ,*.-
Mail Orders receive Oareful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stuck.
Markets at Nelson and Vinii-.
Special Sales This Week
in Jardiniers and Pedestals, Onyx
Tables and Cut Glass at
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall
Groceries   and   Crockery.
h. byers & CO
Heavy as*}t! Shel*r   Hardware,   Paints,   Oils, Etc.
Most,  Steai)t Paclisjjy  <��  Wire  i^ope.
Agents: Giant   Powder  Co.,   Truax
Ova Cars, Canton   Drill  Steel,   Gur-
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O.  Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
*^V*^�� -V% <���*%��� *%** tb"
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S.  Fowler, E. M.,
Mining* Engineei
ney,   Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
i an
5��       APRIL
MATINEE      24 CC  15
.   aordinary Attraction. Nelson's Biggest Show.
.*.,;, Burlesque  )f the Season, n. B. Leavitt's Gorgeous Speclural Extravgan/a
S8THE.   ^. CO.,
��Vholesa!!e Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS,    Hnderby and   Veriio-i	
A.     B.    GRAY,     tp   O.  BOX  6n    NELSON,  B.  O.,
Vprloni, April 14.���Tlie ice in llii
(iriinil HiviT above hare nave way In-
nigbt rauiiitit! tlm wiiinr on tberivor t
rise to a Bleat height. Industrial Iustl
tiiiiniis situiiii'ii along tin*   river  ln*i*
Hiisttiiiii'il great   damage by the   ili��ni
ii)|4 (if tin* lower Huts nml tlm -iiii-wiii;
away of property by tbe ice.
Montreal,   April   14.���The   ptioe ol
Montreal and   London  Btnok  droppei
ten iiniiits yesterday   aa a result nt
big Boorifloe sale on   tlm   Mining   Bx
ohange,   A   prominent   mediaal    1
wunted to realize on 30,000 ah area am
lost. He aold at (io oents. The pre
vioua prioe waa To oents.
' Gorrin, Out., April 14.���James Per
kiita, M .1', grain merchant ami trans
urer of tin* towuslnp ol Ilowiok, wai
drowned last ni*,'lil while endeavorini
to miivo his property which tlie ovei
How of the Miiiiliitid river bad eu
Advance Sale opens to
r ��� [uifl -I'lii Soonory.
Tin- (if'M'.i-   1 ��� 1 !odl UlllQSi
Tha tSuuerh   (allots.
The Uolil nu i Silver March
Tho New Hii   in Kollioa and Kancios.
Vankoo iMotHuliuvti. The Widow Brown {Throw
'Em Dowii.lJowej: TJio Dotnostlos of tho lJalaco
Siii 1 -n Vi' un ticre Ha ml; The Mormald's Kovola
Steamship i ines
111. Tuesday, usual place.     Prices $1.50, $1.00 & 75c, Boys 50c
. .1." ..1 is will be run from Kaslo and  \ mir   for
Saturday Matinee and Nig*ht.
JOHN Sr'EAR,   House Cleanino Time
Minn I.ill'* '  l.lllllrnli.ili
lillllilliull  I.ill"     N'ni II' I*
1- 11 nv prepared i<* iii orders
fm- Luncheons, Dinners or
Kveniiiff Purties.
*\-liiic Star Lino   Tuutonlo 	
'nn ini   1 ilno   1 loinpatiln	
\iin-iiciiii I.in.    I'.ii i-- 	
lii'-lii'i* 1 in*'   Kthiopia 	
Ulan Stato Lino���Mongolian...
l-'nini llnstn
Dominion Line   Dominion  April
Pn 1,1 .in*! front all l��*aropoan
n.iinis. Kor rate 1 i uti anil full Inform * 1**1*
ipplytot'. P. 1 * I, li.  Uonsloj
il)   I'l.krl   \l.   lit,   N   I I n. II. O,
1  ' ��i.i-.|',ii. ��� >ti,,-...  **, i, nlpod
...    * n :
in   VIellon    Mowbrny     I'les      Chicken
Jjjfjjff       Wiil, mid  Pork Pies,    All orders
pi-uiupily  attended   to
��� |.:i. IU
We can insisl y* 11 in the ntumiil
, rerhauli i-r h} I'liiutiug, Paper-
LUnuiinr, Kalsoininiuu nnd In-
1, rim* beoorating. Estimates
���i.n* fn'ly given.
Berlin, April 11.���Thn National
iSeitoag snys that ii learns that the
QoveroiDsnt lins heen informed 1 .
Great Britain thai the latter ban 110
duHigii of annexation of or a protnotoi
ate over the Tonga [dnml**,
Omaha, Neb., April 11 ;Prairio
limn have liuriii'd over a Iiu-m" area in
Greeley oonuty destroying many farm
linimeH. .1. K. Lepper and Ins f,*n,
of Brayton, perished in the flames,
Ward St.,   - Opposite Hume Hotel. Josephine st, opp. Clarke Hotol
*s' Ea.ik of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement,  showing   lha prigress mnde hy this Bank Id the
past ten years: 1SSS 1898
Cnpitnl Paid   Up  $1,000,000 t 1,500,000
Best     200.000 1,260000
i),*pi,-ii    2.802.110*) 8,175 000
Ciiv* l.iii.ni  0011,00.) 1,887000
Loans...:  8,83 SHOO 8,B5+.IK)0
Liahilitie.s t.  I'nlilie  H188O1W OIWO.OUO
Total   Ash 1    52800 0 12 737,000
(ieneral Banking Business Irans ctud; Sterling Bills <>t Exchange  Bought
and Sold, L Hers ���.;'   *.'rt.*.:it, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    . fiiv<*ntl*le li'i-ms,    [iitiietsl allowed  on speoial
di'piisil :   ml mi S.iviii'j Bunk iieni'tinta,
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Kossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Yrair.
A Savings Bauk deparimont has been established in connoi tion with thu Nelson brunch of
this bank, Doposlt-fi ol one dollar pud upwards reaoivod, am) > nrrcnt rule of inlorost adowod,
iu present ;t per rent, por annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
ii)ese ai)d Japanese Matting
Japanese I^Ugs
This is the Cheapest and most
effective class of goods for house
Turner Beeton& Co.
Statement   of  Receipts and Disbursements   for  Three   Months,   Ending   March   31st,   1899.
Went K      cnn    Vallny, B. C, oti   line
ul'C   N   I'. Ky.. nn.i
Neli Si Bedlington Ky., now  under
...li   I ��� in 1 nil
li   ormnl        i *!*. ui'ni" < Vi'sinn tiinv
[-FARLAND, A.genl
Kelson, ni* inin
Creston Townsite Co.,
February ..
TolalH .    .
I obi ll im
'I'ol il
E 'lo I.i *lii      lloK-Tnx
$   I.*,:: 70
T'i'i ",7
*, '.:
���jn*, iu
III.-) (HI
10 k
ltd    187 711
I.i   mi
Prlnt'd    I'niili**
nml     IH'il-'in*'
. l    -nil ry  Ql'OUItllH
1 *.ii       III nn     !
Kl l"   -117
' ! -   ,
, ���     fl 35
- VI
Snlarioa    Con
-t !-iii*i	
t  H28 *;n I   173 nn
l.-.l 27       in I mi
841 ii*:  ��I,30J 3
Still   .
���ill 12
jun i:   .-I.IHI nil 81,881 ti,
lOI'i'lH,* Rlootrlo     Wntorworkit
Slroota   Unlit     In ..I
Mnlni. Oonot'ott Mnlnt'co >0 n'stn
S1.3S0 mt
I li.Sll.-i .'il
$    78 11.11 nn ( 11 25  .-17, 16  |2,707 88  t  1155 25 92-10 161 c,.,^ uv,, ,������. -.
in lis     2358                 2.11112     l.n.'.n .".-'     I,:t.*i!i ;m    11(112     l.ilil'i 75    11.1711 i
81)5      .**. ui    i:i*l 77i    31172     1,80142 3 4(1    22(1 811 I.S17 01
308 HI    22(1 ������''
!0J      I *���-. m    Hi iki  *W28 2I)  .-sill ���.'-', .--..;-���* 01  '-.-'��� I,    ���-'. iti i.i*5*.'l.iilt.i '20
Nelson, B. C, April 8th,   1899
A. W. PECK, City Auditor


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