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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 8, 1900

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 ?tl5i_i.��-*1 U1)r
irv ��
31 oo
Daily Edition No. 905
Nelson,   British Columbia, Saturday Evening,   December 8,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
[ayor Houston Utterly Fails to Make Out
Any   Case   Against the   Chief  of
the Fire Department, W. J.
When   tlio    special   committee   ap-
���    pointed to investigate into tlie charges
against Chief   Thompson  hands in it���
Report to tho City Council   next  Mon-
.;doy evening, and Chief Thompson has
���been reinstated, there   will have been
Centered in the history of the  City   of
Welson the story of   one   of   the most
jbonteniptihle acts ever laid at the door
ol a City ollicial anywhere.
1 'Mayor   Houston   utterly   failed   to
Hiring one iota  ot evidence before  the
���Committee   yesterday   afternoon   substantiating in   the slightest degree ei-
_ tber his charge of neglect of duty or of
certifying to incorrect  payrolls.    The
'. three witnesses he himself called gave
evideueo  plainly   favorable  to  Chief
^Thompson.    On    oath   every   witness
t testified that so far as he knew no one
bad   ever  been  placed   upon the payroll of tbo Fire   Department  for  any
. practice   run  he   had   not   attended.
1 Failing in his efforts to show that there
. was   not  the slightest foundation for
rhis charges Mr. Moustcn did his  best
tto make the witnesses say   something
^derogatory to Mr.   Thompson   but   in
..this he was entiiely unsuccessful. Mr.
'���_W. A. Maedonald, l). C.,   was present
at the investigation in the interests of
���Chief   Thompson   and  he    gave  Mr.
^'Houston to understand that  no  bull-
^doi-.ing tactics would go.  Mr. Maedonald did not spare in tho least the feelings of His Worship.    He  wanted the
-Investigation   conducted   in   a proper
manner and despite the opposition   of
���''the Mayor   succeeded   in   having   his
way so far  as  the   order of the   proceedings were concerned.
Mayor Houston wanted to call Mr.
Thompson as the first witness, but
Mr. Maedonald objected to this until
��� the Mayor had stated his exact
charges. As His Worship had no
charges of any nature which he hoped
to make stick he could not give details aud the committee granted Mr.
Maedonald's objection. Mr. Houston
then called Thomas Lilly, J. J.Chambers, and William l'feift'er 'n turn.
The latter had been dismissed from
the department by Chief Thompson
aud the Mayor believed his enmity
would lead him to do what he could
to injure Mr. Thompson. The Mayor
was  surprised, however,   to   find   his
witness a truthful man and when he
had finished with him he realized
that he could not hope to get any evidence from anyone which would help
him out. The evidence of Mr. Lilly
and Mr. Chambers was favorable to
Chief Thompson and the Mayor again
failed to make a point. Mr. Maedonald then allowed Mr. Houston to call
Chief Thompson. The Mayor endeavored to show by Mr. Thompson's ovi-
ence that tho Fire Chief was not an
experienced man. Mr. Thopmson admitted that his only experience previous to coming to Nelson waB as a volunteer member of the Lethbridge department for three or four years. In
this connection the Mayor might have
gone further and shown that Mr.
Thompson had never applied for the
position of Fire Chief in Nelson, that
under By-law No.3 he had been elected by the members of the department
and had afterwards been confirmed in
his position by Mayor Houston and a
City Council. There was no question
raised by Mr. Houston at that time
as to Mr. Thompson's experience.
Cyril Archibald, George W. Steele
and F. J. Bradley, members of the department, were thon called in turn.
Their evidence developed nothing except in one instance. Mayor Houston
had again arranged for a grand climax. He was examining Mr. Bradley aud had asked the witness what
fuel tlie men used in the mess at the
Fire Hall.
"Why we use City fuel," declared
Mr. Bradley frankly, "and we do it
Mr. Houston hadn't quite expected
this and he quit. That was the result, however, of the investigation.
It was the one thing which
can be criticised which was proven by the Mayor. The members
of tho Fire Department nse in the
mess at the Fire Hall coal purchased
by the City.
This ended the session and the committee adjourned. There ia but one
course open to them. They will bring
in a report to the City Council completely exonerating Chief Thompson,
reinstating him in his position, and
granting him his Balary for the time
he has been under suspension.
Conservatives Fare Badly In
Provincial Elections In
Out of Thirty-Three Contests
Conservatives Win In
Montreal, Dec. 8.���Tho Provincial
elections took place yesterday and as
a result tho Conservatives will havo
just seven members in a house of 74.
There was no interest manifested in
tho fight, the Government have sufficient by acclamation to give it a majority. Contests took place In 3H counties yeBterday, the Conservatives winning Boven seats, Laval,St. John, Jol-
llctte, Compton, Nocola, Dorchester
and Lotbinerc. Among the Conservative leaders defeated are Hon. M. F,
llaokett, In Stanstead, Hon. G. A.
Ninstcl, in Lond, Hon. A. W. Attwor,
In West St. Lawrence division of
Galllher's   Plurality    Over   Foley   Is
Still doing Up.
Latest   returns  show   the   voto  ot
'1 liursday to be as follows):   Ualliher,
2,826; McKaue, 2,4711; Foley, 2,079.
Mr. Galliher's plurality over Foley is
therefore 147. Returns received to
day are:
Windermere���Foley 11, Oalliher 11,
McKane 7.
Athelmcr���Foley 14, Oalliher 8, McKaue 2.
Peterhoro���Foley 11, Galliher 20,
McKane !i.
Blseoe���Foley 0, Galliher 8, Mo-
Kane 4.
Galena���Foley 1, Galllher 5, Mo-
Kane 5.
Crulgelaohle���Galllher a, McKane ll
Foley II.
Stump Lake���Oalllher 5, McKane 8,
Foley 2.
Louis Creek���Galllher B, MeKanc 5,
Foley 0.
Mr. Oalllher Still Receiving Messages
From Friends Everywhere.
The following messages were among
those received today by Mr. W. A.
Oalliher, M. P,-elect!
Ottawa���Heartiest congratulations.
William Mulock.
Winnipeg- Hearty congratulations.
May your Bhadow never grow less. J.
S. ilougb.
Vancouver���Accopt hearty congratulations your magnificent victory. J.
C. McLugnn.
St. John, Nfld., Dee. 8.���Mr. Bond,
the Premier, having secured the consent of Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, Imperial Secrotary of State for the Colonies, to an enlargement of tho new
foundation cabinet, owing to the importance of the problems associated
with the  recent contract, announces
the following as the personel of tho
reconstructed ministry: l'reniiei and
Colonial Secretary, Mr. Robert Bond;
Minister of Justice, Mr. Wm. Har-
wood ; Minister of Finance, Mr. Edward Jackman ; Leader of the Legislative Council, Mr. George Knowling;
members of the Cabinet without portfolios, MessrB. Edward Moris, August
Harvey, James Pitts, Henry Woods
and James S. Ryan.
Natives are Becoming Moro Active���
Several Engagements.
Manila, Dec. 8.���More activity is
shown In the operations on North
and South Luzon. The reports from
the former district come In more quickly and telegraphic interruptions are
fewer. General Funston with troop
A of the Fourth Cavalry, and a score
of scouts, last Thursday encountered
a hundred insurgents posted on the
opposite bank of the Nehlco River.
The Americans charged across the
stream and the enemy retreated firing
from cover. They left four dead on
the field. A native who was captured
reported that, Fagian, a deserter from
the 24th Infantry, who has been active
with the Filipinos, bad been wounded. Lieut. Morrow with fifty men
from the 47th Regiment attacked and
occupied Bulucan. While returning
these troops encountered Colonel Victoria occupving an entrenched position with thirty rilles and three hundred bolomen. Lieut. Morrows' force
charged and drove the enemy from
their position, it is believed with
heavy loss. Preceeding the fight the
expedition had captured Major Flores
and several of his followers. An engagement is reported to have occurred
near Sanroque, in which, according to
natives, fifty rebels were killed. Sev
eral minor encounters and captures
were also reported. Tho Americans'
casualties have been very Blight. The
Island of Bohul has recently been the
scene of more activity on the part of
tho Insurgents than formerly and a
company has been sent to reinforce
the battalion stationed there. The
memberB of the Filipino commission
and several military officers will go
to Dagu Pan tomorrow as guests of
the railway management. Their families have also been invited. They
will return Sunday.
New York, Dec. 8.���Mark Twain,
who responded to tho toast "Our
City," at the dinner of the St. Nicholas Society last night, after humorously noting some of the physical improvements of the metropolis, especially of the street railways, the sky
scrapers and the elevators, said; "In
all things which tend to mako life
comfortable and handy, New York is
far beyond the dreams of Europe.
And, gentlemen, you have the very
best municipal government in the
world and the most fragrant, and you
got it by your unfaltering devotion to
civic duty. By your conscientious
exercise of the burdens of citizenship
you have made the eity what it is,
and God will bless you for it, and
when you die and go to Heaven the angles will shout, 'Here they come, here
they oouie, the model citizens of the
world. Show theni into the archun
gles box and turn the lime light on
them.' "
New York, Dec. 8.���Horace J. Ilay-
den, vlcerpreBident of the New York
Central and Hudson Railroad Company,was instantly killed at his home
today. The lirst his family knew of
the accidont was when two servants
found his body lying in the yard. A
'window in the fourth story was open
and It is not known whether Mr.
Hayden jumped or fell out of the win
dow. As soon as the body was found
It was carried into the house aud a
message despatched for Dr. Walter
Jones. On his arrival ho pronounced
Mr. Hayden dead. It is learned that
the deceased was a sufferer from nervousness and heart disease.
Baltimore, Md., Dec. 8.���A disastrous lire broke out this morning
about three o'clock and is still burning in the storeB of tho Baltimore
Bargain House at Nos. 212 to 220 went
Baltimore Street. The damage to the
building and stock is largo.
Taeoma, Dec. 8.���Advices from Yukon say the council has panted an
ordinance requiring all persons in
Yukon territory to be vaccinated.
Fifteen, thousand are affected by this
Wyndhara   was  returned   from Dover
unopposed in tbe general election just
T-r-p   -1-qi   t)t ti a ciTi n  ne'(' '"lt had l" again appear before
J-LJLl J.IO Jr__t__l_-_IJ__I U ] his constituents beoone Of his appointment as Chief Secretary fur Ireland ill BUOOMllon to   Mr. (leiaid Ilul
four, who was appointed president of
the Hoard of Trade.
Arrives In Ottawa and Talks
of Result of Thursday's
Gratifying Answer to Campaign of Wallace and
Ottawa, Dec. 8.���Hon; Clifford Sifton who returned to Ottawa yesterday, says the.result of the election In
British Columbia was a gratifying
answer to the disgraceful Campaign
put up by Hon. Clarke Wallaco and
Sir Charles Tupper.
Ottawa, Doc. 8.���Dr. Anderson of
Toronto University, an authority on
bacteriology, has been appointed assistant to the Dominion quarantine
officer at Victoria.
Toronto, Dec.8.���Speaking nt adln-
ner given last night by the National
Club in honor of the delegates to the
forthcoming Chamber of Commerce of
Biitish Empire, to be held in June,
Mr. A. E. Kemp, M. P., East Toronto, said Canada should take up the
question of defense. It should be
thrust into politics and such aggravating questions of race and religion
left out. said he. Until this was done,
there was no use in participating in
Imperial affairs.
Toronto, Dec. 8. ���A despatch from
Maple liapids, Mich., says eighteen
years ago George Creoly and wife lost
their two boys by scarlet fevor. Their
clothing was packed away instead of
being destroyed or thoroughly disinfected, until a few days ago, when
their nine year old daughter put on a
suit of the clothes. She took the fever. The father is almost insane over
the affair aud it has become neeeBsary
to place a guard over him.
Richmond Hill, Ont., Dec.8.���While
David E. Yer, aged about fiO, was engaged in repairing the road on
Youge Street north, yesterday, he
was struck by the southbound mail
trolley on the Metropolitan Electric
Railway and instantly killed.
Toronto, Dec. 8.���Rev. Principal
Grant, of Queen's University, Kingston, delivered an address last night
before the Canada Club on the relations of Canada to the Empire. The
keynote of future relations, he declared, must be unity and self respect.
As a step toward the latter he urged
that Canada which hail so long protit-
ed from military protection of the
Motherland, should pny all cost, not
only of sending contingents to South
Africa but of keeping troops there
during tlie campaign. Canada should
release the Imperial troops from the
necessity ot garrisoning the strongholds of the Atlantic aud Pacific and
lie urged that the Dominion Oovernment make an offer to permanently
man the forts at Esquimau and Halifax with Canadian regulars,
Montreal, Dec. s.���At the annual
meeting of the Province at Quebec
Press AsWMiBtlon yesterday, G. II.
I'ortcnuB, Witness, wan elected president; I. J. Tarte, of La Hutric, vice-
president, and James Harper, Witness, secretary -treasurer.
Ottawa, Dec. 8.��� The Canada Ga-
zetto today contains notice that Florence Gnugh, at present of Montreal,
formerly of Ottawa, is applying to
Parliament next session for divorce
from her husband, Charles Fischer
Gough, of Ottawa.
Much Anxiety Said to Prevail In
Court Circles.
New York, Dec. 8.���Much anxiety
prevails In British court circles respecting the Queen's health, says a
World despatch from. Windsor. She
has broken down noticeably since she
was informed that the Empress Fred-
crick was suffering from cancer of the
throat' and could not livo ninny
months. She lias lost her appetite
and pasacs sleepless nights. A belief
undoubtedly prevails among those
around her that the Queen is at least
failing. One of them said: "Although
ordered to get everything in readiness
to move to Osborne on the 20th, the
arrangements may be countermanded at the last moment. Everything
is uncertain owing to Her Majesty's
state of health. This talk about her
going to Cimiez is the wildest speculation. It is unsafe to prophesy her
movements or conditions a week
ahead." The papers in London_nssi.it
that the Queen is in her usual health.
but the above are the true facts.
Havana, Dec. 8.���Sir Wm. Van
Home has arrived In Havana1 after
inspecting tho proposed route of the
Central Railroad. The company of
which Sir William is tlie head now
owns the line operating between Santiago and San Louis and is having
constructed a road from Havana lo
connect with it.
San Francisco, Dee.8.���Harry West,
known as "Kid West," who on August 1 left New York on a wager that
he would walk to San Francisco in
135 days has arrived here, six days
ahead of time. West claims to have
wagered 18,000 with Charles Morton,
of Kansas City, that he would start
from New Yoric City without n cent,
walk to San Francisco and get there
breaking the time specified.
New York, Dec. 8. ���Winston Spencer Churchill, M. P., who is to deliver
a Beries of lectures in this country on
the Boer war, arrived this morning on
the steamship Luciama.
Ottawa,Dec. 8.���The Supreme Court
yesterday gave judgment In tho following oases: Sun Life Assurance
Co. vb. Elliot, judgment for Sun Life
Co.,with costs of appeal and courts below ngaiiiBt respondent. Union Colliery Co. vs. Queen, appeal dismissed
with costs. Galhralth vb. Hudson's
Hay Co. appeal allowed with coBts including costs of Supremo Court.
The Consolidated Cariboo Hydraulic
Mining Company, Limited, of llul-
lion, B. 0., has cloned down for the
season and its latest pi-oduot 163,087,
the result of the last :;s days' work,
was this week shipped from Asborott
to New York, via Toronto, The first
alean-iip of this heasnn was early In
Augubt and amounted to 1135,876, the
product of 69 days' washing. The second clean-up, lis days inter, produced
1154,705. The total output of this
great mine for the season of HHIO, is
therefore 1353,237, says the Ashcroft
Journal, and this has been saved in
158 dayi, an average of 13,980 every
duy the water was turni"! on,
It must he remembcti'd, however,
that piping was suspended 21 days in
the last part of the season owing to
the Lack snpplies. which it wns Impossible to get in because of the bad
condition of the roads. The 21 days
lost would have added 158,680 inure of
the precious stuff   and made the   sum
total ..!'��..ii'-.   Since the Consolidated
Cariboo Hydraulic  Mining Company
has owned this property it lias recovered 1588,000, in addition to the 1353,���
127 recovered this season, making the
total output of tlie mine to tho cud of
tho season.Hint), 8881,127.
���   ���   ���
Mr. l'aul .Johnston, of QreetiWOO ,
who is largely Interested in the new
smelter which is being built then ll
the City today. He said that the
work in connection wilh the smelter
was progressing   most   satisfactorily.
He also confirmed the story that two
more   smelters   wire    tu    be   erected
there iu the near future.
London, Dee. 8.���Mr.Gcorgc Wyid-
ham. formerly Parliamentary Undersecretary of the War Oflice, bus been
re-elected to the House of Commons
for Dover,   without opposition,   Mr,
Sales   have   been   excellent   nt   the
Congregational batasr In the Klrkpst-
rick and Wilson block. Urge numbers have been attending the hot
lunches and dinner given by the indies. Tonight from 5 to 9 Sinner will
bo served, and Immediately after if
any goods remain unsold they will be
auctioned off.
Have the Assessment Rolls of This City
Been Tampered With?  Room for an
Investigation Which May Produce Results.
The Miner has been Informed that
the assessment roll of the City, recently completed by city Clerk
st radian and afterwards revised by
the Court of Revision, has been lam-
pered with.
The   Information   comes    from  a
source which leaves little doubt thnt
there ure good grounds for the suspicions. The Miner iH not, however, in
possession of details.
There has just been concluded nn
Investigation into two charges made
against a City ollicial and it has  been
shown that thero were no grounds
whatever for tho   charges.
There should bo nn investigation of
the charge Hint some one has tamper*
ed with the assessment roll. From
what The Miner learns there is much
more reason for such nn Investigation
than there was foi the Thompson proceeding.
Will the Mayor and Council at the
I meeting next Monday night take the
matter In hand and see what there is
In the charge?
They must If they desire to fulfill a
duty they owe to the community.
Will Mayor Houston take the Initiative?
He Is Forced to Abandon His
Attempt on Gape
Hard Pressed by British -In
Imminent Danger of
Aliwal North, Cape Colony, Friday
Dee. 7.���General 1-Vwet. appears to be
In a most dangerous position and to
need all his strategy to extricate liis
forces. With strong Hritish columns
ou three sides nnd two swollen rivers
barring his front, the Hritish commanders begin to be hopeful that the
great chase for four columns, which
bas been of the most exciting operations of the war, will result In the
capture of Dewet. Definite news of
his whereabouts was first received December 2. The next morning General
Knox started in hot pursuit, I'll-
cher's and   Roberts' columns were de-
tae-hi'ii to make u turning movement.
Aftei a three  hours'  march  General
Knox learned that during the nigh:
Dewet had doubled hack past the
British right, necessitating n complete
cluing" of plans. During the night
of December B, General Knox encump-
ed on Carmi'l farm, the site of the
Unci laager.which had evidently been
recently and hurriedly moved. Knox
started at daylight,   hoping to comer
liiin while crossing Knrrport Drift,
but be arrived too late.    The   liritisli
experienced great difficulty In following Ddwet owing to the rise in the
river, hot they succeeded in crossing
without the loss of a mnn or n beast.
I'roiu thnt time on, the pursuit of the
Hoers wns taken up without baggage,
the troops being supplied by foragers.
enabling then to make more rapid
movements by which the Hritish were
able to keep in touch with tho Republicans.
London, Dec. 8.��� The War Office
has received the following despatch
from General Kitchener at lllocnifon-
tiln, dated December H: "Have just
received news from Knox, nt Roux-
villi;, that Dewet'h force have failed
to force Cemnssie bridge, which we
held, has trekked lorthcnst nbnmlon-
ing. live hundred horses^ and many
carts. Ills attempt on Cape Colon),
therefore, has failed. Ho is boing
pressed on all sides. "
Johannesburg,  Dec.    H. ���The   Doers
hnvw  oaptured    seventeen   thousand
sheep   from   a   small   detachment  of
liritisli troops In the vicinity of Kru-
Capetown, Dec. I,���I/Otd Huberts
arrived here today from Port Elizabeth. He was accorded n splendid reception.    The Mayor, councillors, the
citizens, the court, and thousands of
sightseers met him at the docks and
escorted the Field Marshall to Government House.
His Fat.wcll Address to His Comrades
in South Afrioa.
Johannesburg, Dec. K.���General
Baden-Powell has fixed the headquarters of tbe Transvaal police force at
M.eel.le'i'. le.iiii'iii. where tbe dynamite
factory buildings will bo used as barracks. General Roberts, who hns
turned over his command to U__er_l
Kitchener, will embark for Knglaiul
on a steamer that will call at St. Helen n, where General Cronje nnd many
other Hoers arc prisoners of war He
Ib expected to arrive home ou January
'.'nd. Prior to leaving, General Roberts issued a farewell order, praising
tlie army for its conduct during the
campaign. Ho referred to tlie sufferings and hardships of the troops
which, he said, were endured uncomplainingly, lie added that they had
marched enormous distances at incredible speed over precipitous
mountains, and through dense jungles.
Their food and clothing were oftea.
scant and they were contDually shot
nt by an invisible enemy. They acted
according to the highest a standard of
pntriotism and made the ainiy respected and feared Id Sooth Africa.
In conclusion General RobertB said:
"I regard you, my gallant comrades,
vitle utTeotion and admiratioa, you
will live   in the memory tu my   life's
Port Elizabeth, Dec. 8.���Lord Roberta arrived here this morning ou
li.iiinl Hie Canada, and waa accorded
n splendid reception. The Field Mar-
shall drove around to the town,received a number of addresses and then re-
embnrked on the Canada.
Kruger Now Only Awaiting the Ku.l
of the Wor.
London. Dec. 8.���"Mr. Krnger has
abandoned nil the proposed journeys
to other capitals," says tho Brussels
correspondent of The Standard, "and
all further diplomacy offera to retire,
and will await at Tho Hague the developments at the seat of war."
New York, Deo. 8.���Mr. Kruger
ill receive no present from Vienna,
says a Herald correspondent from
thu Anstrlan capital. This Is not,
however, because he has lost the sympathy of the non-political section of
the Vienna population. The man
who recognized this homage to Mr.
Kruger, Damster Kapjusche, has been
found, it is alleged, to be a swindler.
He hns been arrested and the present,
consisting of two valuable flat's, two
line wntor colors nnd a box weighing
a thousand kilos, containing flvo
hundred thousand signatures, has
been seized in tbo interest of bis alleged victims,
l I.
Nklscw Dailv Miner, Saturdav Evenwa, December 8, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Published Every Afternoon  Kxcoiit, Sunday
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H5 Flcol Stroot, K. C.
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Mr.    Houston's    own     paper   says
"'there   are   members of  the   Council
who believe that  Mayor Houston  has
disgraced the City by suspending from
orlice nnd  preferring   charges against
the   late   Chief  of  the   Fire   Depart
meat. "    The usual distortion is given
here that  distinguishes   eveiy   stale
ment of fact which may happen to reflect  on   the Mayor.    Hut   it is  near
enough the  truth   to challenge atten
tion and comment. The City has been
disgraced.    There is   not   a    man   of
sense or fine feeling in it who does not
sny   that the Mayor's  persecution   of
Mr.   Thompson  has been a most   dis
graceful episode, one that has brought
shame on the name of onr fair City.  A
Mayor may be  doing  his duty in Bus
pending an ollicial and making charges
against him, and in duty there is nev
er disgrace.    Hut  for a Mayor to vent
his personal animosity on nn innocent
official by   malting   base and untruth
ful charges   against him is a disgrace
to the community at large, for in   his
official capnclty the Mayor   represents
the community and puts it in the   position of being a pnrty to the outrage
Mr.    Houston     conceived     himself
offended because some members of the
Fire Brigade petitioned   to   have cer
tail   practices   restored.    These   had
been discontinued   on the order of the
Mayor, who is so violent in   his  temper and so   tyrannical   in his disposi
tion that he cannot   Bubmit to having
his will   questioned.    To   punish   tbe
Brigade for   presuming   to  doubt the
expediency of his action,   he   exercis
ed an   authority   vested   in   him   and
suspended   the Chief.    This was  high
handed and unreasonable, but be   followed it with two charges,one of neg
lect of dnty and the   other of certifying     to   fraudulent   payrolls.    These
charges   were  made in   order to fore
stall the Council, whose   members in
tended to take  the  earliest opportunity to reinstate the Chief.    Tho Mayor
did not   consider, for he did not cure
that   bo  was   branding   an   innocent
man with the mark of a criminal.    If
Mr. Thompson were guilty of certifying   to   fraudulent   payrolls,   he   was
open   to  criminal   prosecution,     and
guilty or   innocent   the   stigma  of  a
trial or investigation wonld   continue
to attach   to   him.    But this   did not
matter to the Mayor; he did not   care
what   happened   to   Mr.   Thompson's
character, so   long  as be could wreak
his   vengeance   on tho   Fire   Brigade
and   out-mnnocuvre     tbe   Council   in
their   intention  to  reinstate the suspended   Chief.    In the   face   of   such
charges made on the responsibility of
the Mayor an investigation was necessary. Tho first wns dismissed as   filv-
olous and relations, ns it deserved   to
be.   There was no evidence   whatever
to shoiv that Mr. Thompson had   neglected his   duties.    The   moro   serious
charge was heard later.   In tho  mean
timu the Mayor had   realised his mistake, and   in  his paper this   morning
he endeavors to break his   fall by saving that "the charge really nmountcd
to the contention thnt the City did not
get value for its 1'ire Department payroll. "   Could   anything be   more  despicable than this'.' The Mayor charges
Mr. Thompson   with fraud,   and then
creeps out by saying that all he meant
was that the   present   system does not
give   results  commensurate with   thu
cost of It.    Such   conduct   is Dot   less
cowardly   than     outrngeons.     Three
witnesses were called In   behalf of the
Mayor,   and  each   ono   disproved   the
charge.  There was  other   evidence   to
show thnt not a penny had  been   paid
out Improperly. There was no ground
for the charge  and   never   had   been.
An    innocent   man    was    hauled   its
a    criminal      before     n     committee
and       before        the       public,     for
no other   reason   than to gratify   the
vindictive   spirit of the   Mayor.    The
members of  the  Council are right   lu
saying that such action  Is  a disgrace
to the City.
The Miner did nut jump blindfolded
Into opposition  toj Mr.  Houston,   It
took time to ascertain all that it could
if his manners and methods, and after
considering these with deliberation
and without prejudice it came to the
conclusion that he was not a fit person to be Mayor of Nelson, a City
that has outgrown iis pioneer customs
and has now become oue of cultured
and icfined homes. It has since seen
sufficient of his conduct and actions to
justify the opposition it has considered it its duty to offer him. It still
opposes him, believing that he is unfitted for any public position. He has
his friends,who are not to be congratulated on their taste or discrimination, and many of these havo boycotted The -liner for its course. Our policy never has been and never will be
swayed by any such consideration as
that, however, and wc look back with
perfect satisfaction Bt the consistent
opposition we have given to Mr. Houston and his ways. But if justified in
the past, what shall be said of this
lnlest atrocious outrage on an inno
cent man and against the public sense
of decency and justice? Does Nelson
feel flattered in having as its Mayor a
person capable of such conduct? A
few of his intimates, men of similar
character to himself, will continue
to uphold him, but every citizen with
a spark of manhood must conclude
with The Miner that tho reputation
of the City is disgraced as long as
such a person is suffered to have a
voice in its government.
��� The   Government are entitled to ex
ercise   their   own   discretion    as    to
whether they will tako steps to inves
tigate Mr. 11. 11.Cook's charge of cor
ruption in   connection   with   appoint
ments to the Senate.   But in roferring
to the matter The Victoria   Tiines_ is
entirely   wrong   in saying that as   it
stands at present "the Premier has de
nied inamost explicit manner that such
an offer was ever made to Mr. Cook.
The Premier has uot denied   anything
of the kind.    He denied it on his own
account,saying that he had no knowl
edge of   such   an offer   and   that   the
Government   had   not   authorised   it.
But he did not say, because   he   could
not say, that no   such offer had   been
made   by   any     person.     Those   who
know   Mr.   Cook will havo no besita
tion   in   believing  that   he   was   approached    with  such    an  offer,   but
whether the emissary can   be connector! with   the   Government   is  another
matter.    It is so easy   to repudiate an
emissary or to disavow   our iniluenee.
If Senator Tcmpleman   can   persuade
The Times to be patient, we  have   no
doubt  the  Senate  wil'. in good   time
see that all the   facts   than can be as
certained are brought to light.
The Rossland Record has suspended
publication. The management spared
no pains and lavished all the expense
they could afford to give Rossland a
second Daily worthy of their patron
age, but for some reason the enterprise did not meet with the reward it
deserved. There is often imprudence
in Starting B paper, but a community
invariably suflcrs by the death of
one. Rossland will survive the loBS of
The Record, hut it was better off
with it.
The British Columbia Mining Kee
ord, with nn enterprise quite churact
oristie of its management, issues a
Special Christmas Supplement, profusely illustrated and full of interesting reading matter. The subjects are
not confined to mining, as a paper
on his hobby, the metric system, by
His Honor Lieutenant-Governor Joly,
and ono on the Governors of British
Columbia by Mr. Gosnell, will testify.
It is a number to please readers of
all kinds, and is well worth buying.
One nf thomotl licftutiful pict.uroH in
colorn. Upon u biifkicrnuiul uf Puro
Solid Gold rostl thu Family Record in
Ihf nlmpc of n hiuirieflonin volume with
Gold Clasps upon h cushion of criniHun
vnlvot with a lit'iuilifu! Gold Tassel.
(>n ilu1 pagen, under dtftbrent lioadiiiK*,
AroipaUM in which to wjiio tho muiiq
rindtUtg of birth, On nilhur nhlc Is a
bountiful scroll on which to rurorrt
marriages and doatba. On Lop of tho
picture nn; iim word*. "Family Rec-
ord," in tlnMfclicwt luHerliiK known to
prinior'.- art*  Under thin are  HpaceH
for father's inn] HloMlOr'l plotUF0& In
lho Inwt.r pnrt nf tllU   pictlin. in i\ lii'iiu
tiful homo scene, Tho dear old urand-
parents, the handsome, stalwart husband, end happy youna wife, thu iov-
in.i ii.n.'iiiii. i and baby boy-ihti Idolized ui'.iiMfi hud are all RHthurud
aniiincl lho labia whilo K-andfiithor
rendu n portion of God's Holy Word.
A truly tKWUtiful aeene, Underneath
are tbo words. "Uotl Hl.ss Our Family." Around this picture are oitrht
apaoetfor photograph* of olhor mum-
burs of lho family, each RpaOO imiHohIiik
a gem flower pirn.,   (duowhoroon tho
picture arc scattered creeping vines,
buds and blOinoma in rich confusion,
the whole rotting on, and thrown into
bold relief by tin; k<'.-.;.'Piim bnokgrouiifl
of Solid Gold which producom a picturo
nl' ii.i//hn.' beauty.
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Successor to Fred J. Squire��
/ Nelson Dailv Miner,  Satukdav  Evening;  December 8, 1900
���I w
It Counted Fur Mure That Time Thau
Any Ho Has Cast Since.
��� They      were        talking       politios
flowu   at   the Hotel   lluiiio   yesterday
Umorniug and in the courso of the eon-
���Bation J.Fred llutne re narked that
had never   lost   a vote,   every man
had    over    voted    for  hail   boen
And there is a good story about my
I vote," added Mr. Hume. "It
��� down home and I was just 21
Hare of ago and proud of the faot
that I had reached that point in my
jRreer which gave me something to
on election day. The man for
.m I was working gave mean hour
In which to vote and I left for the
[s In my working clothes with my
d made up as to whom I should
Hit my ballot for. Ou the way to the
polls I met my candidate. * lie didn't
^Bignii.. me���passed right by.
���took a mental imentory of my cloth
Ing and concluded that 1 had not appeared quite fashionable enough 'or
him. A block further on I met the
opposition candidate���the man whom
1 bad made up my mind not to vote
for. He knew this as well as I did
that made no difference. He
Ipped and shook hands and said he
was sorry I could not see my way
clear to vote for him but admitted my
'right to do as I pleased. I went right
-to the polls and voted for that man
After a few days of excitement he was
'deolared elected by one vote. If the
Other man had recognized ine in my
working clothes ^1 would have voted
for him and he would have been elect
ed. My vote certainly counted that
A Dream From The Vancouver Province   About Sandon.
Anyone who has ever been in Sandon of the old days���that typical western mining town pinched in between
tbe everlasting hills���will remember
the Balmoral House, kept in the early
days by three brothers McDonald���
8andy, Donald and Colin, says the
Vaucouvor Province.
Detectives who visited the town
���aid they were Scotch.
About the same time there came to
Sandon a mining superintendent who
��� Waa also Scottish to a degree, aud
who did not believe that a man could
by any chance earn his wages in a
mine unless he too was a son of the
There were McDonalds galore in
'Bastion forthwith-���mostly from the
County Piuce, which isn't exactly in
Scotland, but may be classed as a
demned sight worse whatever.
l|X_Jaturally all the McDonalds put up
the Balmoral with   the   ither   Mc-
inald' and a man that   wasn't   frae
e highlands (or the County Bruce)
bad a mighty good chance to starve to
death at the bountiful hoard simply
because no one kenned what he meant
when he asked for anything���and
therefore didn't pass it to him.
When anyone casually remarked
"have a drink, Mac," it cost him in
Men money about eleven dollars and a
half, and all the little pigeon holes
in the letter rack were knocked into
one, which was labelled   "M."
After a time the mines closed down
���or got a new superintendent, whieh
was just the same to the clan McDonald���and the Balmoral ultimately closed its doors. A receiver took charge
and commenced the preparation of a
atatement for tho creditors���but gave
l.VUp In despair.
There were two cigar boxes filled
with bar I. 0. U.'s and every ono
had McDonald written on the back of
It���-the book showed a total of one
hundred and twenty-three debtors to
tbe "bouse for board.
They were all of the name of McDonald.
Dr. FraBOr of the N. W. M. P. Tells
\0t Rich Discoveries in That District.
_4Dr. 8. M. Fraser, head of the N. W.
It. P., on the Dal ton trail, is down
from the mining district recently discovered on tho Chilkat River, says the
Victoria Colonist.
"None except   tho   few   who  have
heen   prlllvegcd     to    see   for   themselves," ho said,"realizes tlir Immense
���Wealth of that district.    Of   course In
i general way it is  known   that   the
Chilkat and somo of its tributaries are
rich, but that it Ib   actually   as  good
I a gold-producer,   so   far as dovoloped,
| at Eldorado, is not understood but the
' little work done last summer   demon-
itrated that richer dirt was never dis-
! covered  anywhere   than   in this district.    I   know   it   to   be a fact   that
thousand of dollarB In gold was taken
from boles only   a  yard or so square.
From a hole eight feet Bquare on bedrock,   Smith   and   Bigelow   for  dayB
took out from 40 to 1U0 ounces of gold
a  day   and   they never at   any   timo
worked more than ton men."
an ������)'.
e Biscuit
and Cake
are light, sweet and wholesome,
while others are sour, heavy,
bitter, unpalatable. The same
flour, butter, eggs and sugar are
used; what makes the difference?
It's all in the baking powder
can be depended upon always to make the food light,
sweet, delicious and wholesome. This is because it
is scientifically and accurately combined and contains the purest grape cream of tartar, the most
healthful of all fruit acids, used for a hundred years
in the finest leavening preparations.
Thli ilpiiture It on ovory box of the gonulnt
Laxative Bromo-Qiiiniae w>��*
th* ru��d7 that euros > c_m tq ���*>��� <Mtf
Note.���There are many alleged cream of
tartar baking powders upon the market
sold at lower prices, which prove, upon
analysis, to be alum powders in disguise. Alum is a corrosive poison,
which must nut be taken in the food.
Wlliam Seaton of Seattle Tries to
Make a Clean Job.
Seattle, Wash., Dec. 8.���Wm. Sea-
ton, aged 23 years, formerly of Decatur, Ills., attempted Thursday night
to exterminate an entire family of hiB
relatives at South Park, nine mileB
from Seattle, With an axe he Bmashed
in the heads of four people, leaving
them for dead, then shot one man in
the back and attempted to kill a deputy sheriff. Before being captured
Seaton was shot twice but not fatally
by Deputy Sheriff Kelly. The only
one killed outright was Seaton's uncle. Daniel Richard Seaton. lie smashed in tho head of his si6ter Mrs. Roy
Clark, but her recovery is hoped for.
The other two victims were Myrtie and
Hazel Hapegood, aged about ten
ears, children of a former husband of
Mrs. Clark. The skulls of the little
ones were crushed and then the bodies
were thrown into a manger in the
barn. It was supposed they were
dead, but later report from the oounty
hospital says that the skull of one of'
the children had been raised and there
is hopes of reoovery. The other will
die. A man named Kennedy, who
got in Seaton's way after the tragedy
was shot in the back but not seriously. Seaton Bred three times at Kelly
before Kelly brought him down with
two shots, which took effect in the
head aud arm. Seaton told the following story: "I was disgusted with
the actions of my sister, and after I
had struck her in the head with an
axel came to the conclusion that I
might as well make a clean Bweep. I
smashed the skulls of the children
and then threw their bodies into the
manger. Returning to the house, I
saw my uncle asleep on a Bofa. I
chopped his head aimost off." While
telling his story Seaton gave no evidence of iiinaiii ty.
Seattle, Dec. 8.���The gunboat
Wheeling, Capt. A. R. Congdon
reached port yesterday from her sum
mer cruise in Retiring Sea. Sne
brought John 0. Brady, Governor of
Alaska, from Sitka. Governor Brady,
who Is on his way to Washington, In
discussing the needs of Alaska said:
Alaska needs laws which will enable
residents to acquire titles to their
homes and lands. In order to do this
survey work must bo extended. I advocate the bestowal of citizenship up
on the natives. They are good people,
The Esquimaux of Alaska have been
unfairly treated. Dutch Harbor should
be fortified. It is the strategic point
of southern Alaska. I cannot nrge
too strongly the need of an Alasakan
cable to some point on Pugct Sound."
Now York, Dec. 8.���The Herald
says: Tho name of the yacht to defend tbe America cup has been given
much thought by W. Butler Duncan,
Jr., the vessel's mannger. Mr. Duncan has come to the conclusion that
Eagle would be an appropriate name.
He has not yet fully reached a decision In the matter, but Eagle has a
national ring about it and la not de
void of meaning.
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
as received from The Miner's special
Blacktail  0% B
Butlo & Boston  2% IX
Crystal    4% 3X
Deer Trail Con  2% 2H
Evening Star  -,'. 8
Gold Ledge  1% IX
Golden Harvest    ._        %
I.X.L .....203. ..
Insurgent  ..
Iron Mask 31
Jim Blaine  87_ 8
Lone Pine Surprise  7l_ (1?
M mini niu Lion 27 111
Morning Glory  5?f _l��
Morrison  3X 2).
Noble Five  4
PrincesB Maud  l*i 1
Palmer Mt, Tun  18 13
Quilp 25 20
Rambler-Cariboo 2(1
Republic   00 52
Reservation  5 3
Rossland Giant  2X 2J_
Sullivan 14% 14..
Tom Thumb 12>_ 119.
Waterloo  2% 2
Winnipeg  7
Conjecture  4X 3%
American Boy 10 8
Trade Dollar  4 2
Rainbow  4%
Hcioules  3% 8
Juno 4X 0%
Miller Creek  2% 2
Wonderful  2 1
Gold  Standard  9X 8X
Dewey  3X 2!_
No sales.
Advertisement* Inserto- tiwler thin head nt
tho rate of 0110 oont a word per Insertion. No
advertiMment takon for lose, than -1 oent-.
FOR    RENT��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
SALESMEN wanted to sell our goods
by sample to wholesale anil retail
trade. We^ are tho largest and only
manufacturers In our line In the
world. Liberal salary paid. Address,
CAN-DEX Mfg. Co., Savannah, Oa.
WANTED.���Plain     sewing.       Dross
making    shop    preferred.    Address
Lakcview Hotel.
LOST.��� Pocketbook    containing   8J��
Reward   if   returned to Eramett  0
Brown, Miner Office.
FOR   SALE   or   Rent���Two    Smith-
Premier,   one   Remington   and   one
Empire tyowriter. Apply W. L. Teho,
C. P. 11. telegraph oflice.
Mrs E. II. Thompson, (late of Iloraii-
wend's well known establlshmeiit,
Toronto), haB opened parlors for hair
dressing In Victoria lilock. Ladies
may make appointments by mail or
othorwlBO. Room 1, corner Baker
and Josephine Streets.
FIRST-CLASS   Room   and   Board, In
private   family,   reasonable   terniH.
Apply   on   SUlea   Street,   two   doors
west of Ward.	
FOR RENT.���A two-story,six-roomed
dwelling,   bath   room   etc.,    118.00
Apply H.   M.   Brydges,   Mara   Block,
over Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
FOR SALE���A now house, ten rooms,
very convenient,with all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley antl Carlmnate   Street.
PRIVATE Hoard   and Room.    Bested
throughout. Hot and cold water and
baths.   Three   doors    south   of   Post-
oflice, Ward Street.
Wholesale Houses
rpuoui'K & CO. limited-Corner vonion
1        llllil   1 Vil.i.r    :,| ivrl  .,  Nel   ill.      Al.lhl] l.u'l ll I'
���"I'M   Of     Ulld    V,   huh'     ,< I.'    ill      I I-] lit   .HI .1 I l',l      U   ;, I   ,���:   ���.
and I'ruii   > ni|:...   Solo agonis fur Halcyon llol
: 'jiruii;   in 1 nu ,11 wator.    I 1 ,. j ,1. .im tw.
N. M. Cui-iminH. --OH-.UU���Kvory known
variety of ho.l drinks. P U .Hox 88. Telephone
No. :;). lioovor Birout. NoIhoii.   Hot-lorn of Lho
i.vmuu    , i. Loon llol ti|>rii>Kri Miii'Titi Water.
C1ANK & MAODONALD (H. Dane, Jamea
J   A. Al uixlona Id)���Arch Hoc in and mipurin-
i undent ���-. 1:1 in.m Hill Hlock, comur Hakoi and
Ward birouLn, isolnon.
HJ. KVA.NH & CO.-Baker Btroot, Nol-
���   Hon���Wholoaalo doaicrn in llquon, ci-
i;.w ���., cciuont, lire brick and hit cluy, watcr
pipu and oluol mi_n, and guiici-al coininirmion
WhoioMalo and retail dealer*! in grain,
hay, Hour, loud. Mill*, al V ictoria, New \Vont-
W-UtJlor; Liiinontun, Alia, iUuvaioiH on Calgary and J-dmouLun Itailway. Manufacturers,
of the celebrated H. & k . brand cereal..
-ff-1 :rl>
A    MACDONALD   _t  Co.-Cornor   Frou
���   aud   Hall   atroolH���\\ liolunalo   grocer.*
and jobbers; In  blankotrt, gloven, inittH, bootn,
i iiiiiiii:.. uiackinawH ami uanum' nuudriCH.
____1 Oilteo corner Hall and front WiroeW.
_*uiriOu���i-Uinbor, ceiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purpoees. Uot our
prices.   CurroHUondenoo Holiciled.
1_>   BURNd & Co.-Bakor direct. Nelson-
.  ���   Wholesale dealers iu frohh und cured
inoatb.   Cold Storage.
Baker airoot, NoIhou��� Wholoaalo dealer* in fredh and cured moalM.
blreot, Nolson ��� wholesale d_alarn in
hatdware, minora' supplies, sporting goods,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Co. Ltd.) Haker -Street,
Nelson��� W bulesalo dealers In hardware and
mining Hupphus, plumbon.' and lliisuiiths' tmp-
NELdON   HAHDWAHK   CO.-Wholesale
paints, oils and gli-ss; mechanic-.' tools.
AgouUi foi Ontario Powder Works; djrnuuito
ri .UHNEK. HKKTON & Co.-Corner Vernon
X and Johophme atreoU, Nolson���Whclo-
��aio dealers In liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. or Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co ot Calgary.
UDsONS hay 00-���Wholesale neoerlM
and liquors etc.. Baker btroet, Nelson.
(^ AL1FOHN1A WINK CO., LimiLod-Cornor
J Front and Hall Street*, Nelson���Wholesale dealers ti wines (case and bulk), and
domestic and imported cigars.
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Comer Vornon and
���   Josephine Street*,  Nelson ��� Wholesalo
dealers In provisions, cured mouts, bul lor and
A Critical Test!
We like to have people tes,
our Paints and Enamel, We
like them to know the good
qualities they contain. They
are full of good points, and we
know it.
But the best test of Enamel
is the wearing quality. There
is no cracking, no peeling, no
fading, where the Sherwin-
Williams Enamel is used.
All you need with it is a
brush.    Vou can do the rest.
McLachlan Bros.
By the week from S5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'LAUGHLItf, Prop.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box 1�� Poison. B. n.
A. R. BARROW, a. m 1. ok
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Corner Victoria and Koot.nny 8tn.
P. O. Box 5S9. Telephone No. 95
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
orders by mail to any branch will have careful ��-��_ orornot attention.
London, Eng.
"ORBIT"  Brand and
PREMI ER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Aii-NT- Fon 0��n-di> ��� JAMES TURNER t. OO.. Hamilton. Ont.
CROW  &   MORRIS,   Sole Agents, Nolson, B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
P. 0. Box 626.   Gable Address: "Croesd-lle." Nelson.
connissioN aoent.
Godo-Morolng _ Nonl.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing in shares 011 the London nnd Montreal Slock Exchanges, Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the iir uresis of ahsentce inveiton���
The Best WATCH
in Ihe world
For the Honey.
We are olTer'nif' a very fine
line of watches which wc
specially recommend as being   durable   and  able  to
50  per  cent   more
hardship than any other
watch. We have them in
ladies' gent's and boy's
sizes, each one suitable for
Christmas presents. Our
fine watch catalogues sent
on application.
Patenaude   Bros.,
M-iiur.ii'.turinii Jewelln,
NELSON,     -     -     B. C.
To Chose From
The largest assortment of
Imported Cigars,
Case Pipes and
to be found in Nelson.
Over 200 Different Patterns of B B Pipes
Just the tiling lor   Xmas   Presents.
linker St.
at the
Until Jan. IM, 11)01, thr-ic Solid Gold
ri.iie-   ''.iiiiniii.  oont-etniag  photo  of
VOUt-_lf or friend will be given away
with eaoh dozen of our heHt Cabinet
1'hoton Our reputation for artintic
work in well eatnbltlb-d but pay a visit
to our nl mine nml yeeii will be convinciid
of our ability to pleano you.
Haker Street.
Will pay the hiKheiit oaRh prioe for all
kinde ol _eoowl band Roodn. Will bay
or Hell n11.vtl.11iK from an anchor to a
needle. 1''in nit up., estovea, oaiperta,
onokinR iiteimiK bought In bonsehold
qnnntities. AI no oast off clotblnc.
Oall and aee ma or write. Addrets
Silver King Mike, Boi 300. H��U
Street. NielMin. P. (!.
7-8 inch diam. H&00per 100 feet.   Fnr
Hiiini'ili lie  delivery    in   Nelwa
i. 0. T. CROFTS.
P. 0. Box      olios
In order that tlie (lovernment may
be in possession of definite Information with which to supply those seeking Investments In wis l'rovince, I
inn instructed to invite particulars
from those who huvo properties for
wile, mill who may feel disposed to
forward sueh particulars to tliiH otlieo
for the purpose In question.
In view of the proposed early ro-or-
gantBation of the Atfeut (ieneral'H
Olliee ill Lnntliin, Kn^luntl. tho desirability of baying nn file a list of
farms anil other properties for salei,
with full anil iieeurate details, is ob-
viiiim. Properties submitted msy ln��
eliule farms and farm lands, indus-
tiial or commercial concerns, timber
limits, water powers, or other enterprises :e il'. ei eli ner opportumtIes for legitimate Investment.
It is not proposed to recommcud
properties to intending Investors, but
to afford the fullest access to the elass-
llleil lists anil all available information eonneeteil therewith, and to place
enquirers in communication with the
The fullest particulars are desired
not only nf the properties themselves,
but of the localities In which they
are sltuutctl, and the conditions
nffeetlng them. For this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded to those desirous
of making sales.
Secretary, llureau  of   Provincial   Information.
���" Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS passing  Dun-
mure Jtiuction Daily for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal and Boston, Mini-
daye    and   Thursdays   for   Toronto.
Same cars   puss   Revelstoke   one  day
for  your  enstein  trip Is to  see   tha
ymir ticket rends via Canadian I'aciUe.
Trains and Steamers Depsrt.
B 00 ) Steamer for Kootenay Lacd-
iie.ii- f,uK and eastern points Tla
"""y     J Crow's Nest Route.
8:00 ) Train for Rossland, Grand
Ex Sun ( Forks,(Ireenwood,Midway.eto
11:00 {Train for Slocan Oity, Slooan
Ex Sun ) points, and Sandon.
HI. hi ) Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
Ex Sou I mediate poiuts.
__-t0 ) Train for Rossland, Naknsp,
n,.:i_ .Revelstoke, main line and
ua,,y    ) Paciflic Coast Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and foil Information call ou or ".ildrcss nearest Local Ageut, or,
It. W. Drew, Dopot Agent \ Nolson, B. O.
U. L. Brown, oily Agont. /        nll _
W. |. AN UKH60U, K. J. OOYLK,
Trie-. P__k A_8-l A. O. P- AgSftt,
Notion V_n-_nv��r
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediat
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects nt Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave           DAY TRAIN Arrive
S sOO a.m Spokane 0:40 p.m.
II :60 !_m Rossland H:10 p.m.
7 :00 a. m Nelson 7:15 p. m,
0:45 p.m Spokane 7 :im i_m.
U .00 p. in Rossland 7 .on a__i,
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. _. T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.O
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited,
Rough and
Dressed   Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-i White Pine Umber Always in
Wa carry a complete stock of roiwt _"loorln_
cHIok, Iii-iiI, Kliil*!,. Turnod wS?_. |Sf. |_ft
Doom.   H|-,cl_l order wurk will rocolvo prompt
iitUMitloir   Mall onlore. iwllcltod.        ������"��"�����
Porto RicoLumberCo.,
Head omcc-IIonilrrx aud Vcmon 8U, Nolnoa,
!____ \
Nel_on Daily Miner, Saturday Evenmo,  December 8. 1900
Mr. D. C. JiiluiHini wlio is connected
with the smeller at Everett is in the
City today.
II. .1. Wilson left last evening over
the C. P. It. for Liverpool, England,
via New York.
Mr. .1. L. <i. Abbott, of Messrs. Ab-
liutt, Hart ei McHarg. nf Rosslund, is
in the City on legal business.
Bev. ltobert Frew will occupy the
pulpit both morning and evening at
the Presbyterian Church tomorrow.
A meeting of the executive of tho
St.Andrews' Booloty will bo held next
Tuesday evening at the otlice of the
President Mr. .1. Roderick Robertson.
It is said that Mayoi Houston has
been; advised by his friends not to
again attempt a race for the mayoralty and has decided to stay out of tbe
\V. Fergus Anderson, general traveling passenger agent, of the C. P. R.,
left for the Coast this morning,
where he expects to remain .during
the next week.
"Congregationalism" will be the
subject of ltev. Wm. Monroe's sermon
tomorrow evening at Emmanuel
Church. There will be tlie usual good
music, instrumental and vocal. A
cordial invitation is extended to all.
Service begins at 7:30.
There will be home made bread, hot
buscuits, turkey, ham jellies, salads
and other delieaeies at tho High Tea
by the Methodist Ladies' Aid Society
Monday from 5 to M p. m., opposite
the parsonage. The concert at night
promises to be unusually good.
"Peck" McSwain, known in the
newspaper ollices of an entire continent, and who favors Nelson with bis
presence during a portion of his time,
says he is going to 150-Mile House
where everybody must be all right because they voted solidly for Galliher.
He is going to make an effort to secure a concession from the Laurier
(lovernment and then build a railroad
so that tbe world will be in eloser
touch with Peck's "good people" of
the north.
Action was started in tbe Supreme
Court today by Mr. Milton II. Peters,
through Messrs. Taylor and Manning-
ton against the Nelson Electric Tramway Company, for damages to the
amount of 510,000 on account of the
loss of an arm sustained :n a wreck of
a ear which occurred at the corner of
Kootenay Street and Hall Mines road
on December 23, 1809. The case will
come before the Court at the winter
assizes which will probably be held
here next February.
Rev. (1. H. Morden of Rossland will
preach at both services in the Methodist Church tomorrow, the occasion
being the anniversary of tbe opening
of the church. A very fine musieal
service will also be rendered by the
choir. Special offerings on behalf of
the -0th Century Thanksgiving Fund
will be received, donors having the
option of applying their contributions
to the small indebtedness on the
church property. Mr. Morden was
pastor of the congregation from 18114
to 1808 and was extremely popular
with all classes. His many old friends
will be glad to hear him again. On
Monday evening the Ladies of the
church will give a High Tea announced elsewhere in this issue.
The Church of Fingland bazaar
which will be held by the Ladies'
(luild of St. Saviour's Church at the
Opera House on Tuesday and Wednesday next, promises in ever}' way to
eclipse all such affairs that have
been before given by tho church.
Elaborate preparations are being
made by tbe various committees and
by tho ladies in charge of the different booths and all those attending the
affair will lie sure to sec the finest
and prettiest of fancy articles that
can be displayed. The Opera House
will be decorated for the occasion and
there will music in attendance to add
to tlie attractiveness of tbe occasion.
On both afternoons tea will be served.
On Tuesday evening a dinner will be
served from li to 8 o'clock and_on the
second night there will be an oyster
supper served during the evening. A
musical programme will lie a feature
of Tuesday niglit and Wednesday evening will also be marked by some
special event. It is hoped that a large
attendance will reward tho efforts
of the ladies who are interested in
the  bazaar.
by Mr, l'u I ii tor of'tbll City. Is giving
the best of satisfaction, Tho Kootonay Electric Supply Company of this
City is now installing an electric
plant for the lighting of the mill and
mine, The plant will cost In the
neighborhood of SI,ODD. When these
Improvements are completed the development of tho property will be
pushed vigorously. Although the
new company have had control of the
property only il few months, it is now
proving to be one of the best proper-
Lies in this district, and the management is exceedingly well pleased.
���   ���   *
Word was received in Nelson this
morning that work had been commenced on the well know True Blue
property, situated near Kaslo. A station BO feet by 30 feet is to be cut in
No. 2. tunnel and the winze which is
down ���!() feet is to be sunk ISO feet
further, giving 1!��) feet in all. The
beginning of active work upon this
properly has been expected for some
time. Not long ago it was bonded by
.1. C. Drewery of Rossland for the
Canadian Gold Fields Syndicate and
the pi.liiiin._ry work, so that development could bo carried nn without hindrance was at once started and completed about a week ago. A good
trail was constructed, the rubbish
about Die property was cleared away,
and a comfortable bunk _house was
erected for the miners. Mr. Drewry
is at present at Montreal where he
went shortly after taking out the
bond, and on Monday he completed
tho necessary arrangement and wired
to start active work at once. The contract to do the work which ^has just
been laid out, has been let to Mr.
A. Stephenson, one of the former
bnrgi thnt It Im quite likely she may
succeed in landing tlio (lorniuny
Ciown l'rinee for her youngest.
"It often made my heart ache,"
writes L, 0. Overstrcet, of Elgin.
Tenn., "to hear my wife cough until
it seemed her weak and sore lungs
would col lapse. Good doctors said
she was so far gone with Consumption
that no medicine or earthly help could
save her, bnt a friend recommended
Dr. King's New Discovery and persistent use of this excellent medicine saved her life. " It's absolutely guaranteed for Coughs, ('olds. Bronchitis,
Asthma and all Throat and Lung diseases. r,ii cents and 81.00 at the Canada Diug ,._ Hook Co. Trial bottles
Mr. .1. II. Wilbur, traveling salesman for the well known linn   Samuel
May Co., billiard table.manufacturers of Toronto, is stopping at the Hotel Hume. If parlies wishing supplies or any Information in regard to
purchasing billiard and pool tables
etc., will drop a postal and it will
save them time and money.
Grand Duke Michael, of   Russia,   and
the Crown l'rinee  of Berlin.
Good progressi toward the completion of the improvements that are under way at the Highland mine at
Ainsworth on the new tram, mi]]
electric plant, compressor, etc., is being made. The last load of machinery for the concentrator has just arrived aud will be put into place as
rapidly as possible. It is expected
that it will be in operation during tho
early part of January. Tho tram,
put up and completed  some time  ago
The serious illness of the Czar,
entailing as it does all kinds of questions as to the succession to the throne
of Russia, says a Iierlin despatch, has
had tho effect of endowing with addi
tional importance and urgency the
search which is being made for a
bride for Grand Duke Michael, heir to
the Moseovite throne.
Nor is it the Russian Court alone
that is looking for a marriageable
Princess. Tbe Court of Berlin is en
grossed in a similar hunt of a bride
for the Crown l'rinee, who, having at
tained bis majority, may at any moment be called upon to assume the
reins of power either as Regent or as
bis father's successor. A few years
ago the number of marriageable I'rin
cesses was very large indeed���iu the
neighborhood of three score. Today
there are not more than three or four
who are available, for the choice of
both the German Crown Prince and
the Russian Heir Apparent is restrict
ed to Protestant or Greek Princesses,
and in this manner both the younger
Bisters of the King of Spain and the
marriageable 1'rincesses of tho house
ot Hapsburg, as well as of Bavaria
are eliminated from the list.
Indeed, tho statutes of the reigning
family of Austria strictly prohibit matrimonial alliances with non-Catho
lies, and it is difficult to conceive so
devout a daughter of tho Roman Cath
olio Church as the Queen Regent of
Spain allowing her daughter to be
come a con fort to either the Lutheran
or tlio Greek: faith.
This narrows down the list to three
���namely, I'ri.ieess Margaret of Con-
naught, Princess Beatrice of Coburg
and l'rincess Alice of Albany.
Princess Beatrice of Coburg eould
not, however, under any circumstances become the bride of the Bus-
sian Heir Apparent. For lie Is her
first cousin, and marriages between
lirst cousins are so strictly forbidden
by the Greek Church that there could
bo no question of a dispensation, particularly in view of the fact that the
Grand Duke, if he succeeds to his
brother's throne, will become as Czar,
not only temporal sovereign, but like
wise the consecrated Supieme Pontiff
of the Orthodox National Church
The selection is therefore limited to
Princess Alice of Albany and Princess
Margaret of Connaught. The latter
(atone time promised to be a very
pretty girl, which promise, however,
has not been fulfilled, and the (Irand
Duke Michael, who was invited by
Queen Victoria to England for the
special purpose of making her acquaintance, did not seem to be attracted Dy her, although bis brother
anil mother are most anxious that he
should   marry her.
l'rincess Alice of Albany is a fur
prettier girl, her comlincss being of u
more delicate typo, anil it i.s possible
that she may becoino the future Czarina of Russia.
The Princess who is most likely to
become the bride of the Crown Prince
of Germany is Beatrice of Coburg
youngest daughter of the late (irand
Duke. She bus Russian blood In her
veins, her mother being tlie only sister of thu late Czar, and the widowed
Duchess bus iluiie so well in marrying
her other daughters, one to the Crown
l'rinee of Buiiiiiiinia, another to the
reigning Grand Duke of Hesse, and
the third to the l'rinee Regent of   Co
if you don't like Blue! Ribbon Tea it's
because you've never tasted it.
TO CUKE A ���01.11  IN ONE  IM V
Tako Laxative Hromo Quinine Tablets, All
dniKirislH rufunil the money if it fails to euro.
2Sc.   K. W. Or'ivo ��� eeliriiatnro ie. on  oach hnr.
STRAYED or Stolen.���F'ox terrier
(bitchj answering to name of
Topsy. Black saddle mark, tan bead.
Anyone harboring Hame after this
notice will be prosecuted. Return to
Miner Oflice.
Hunter, late of New York Central
Ticket Office, New York, is requested to communicate with .1. II. Wilbur,
at Hume Hotel, Nelaon, B. C.
The   Rubens   Vest   is
undershirt over devised for
BUTTONS,    PINS,    or
required. No pulling over llm head ti
worry small children. Its h.-i' is rocom.
mended by the most eminent physician!
for its efficient protection of longs am
abdomen. For salo by all leading Dr.
Goods stores.
Slaughter Sale In
iners and
..Working Shoes..
Having decided to go into the
handling of Ladies' and Gents' Fine
Shoes exclusively, wc have decided
to clear out all our Miners and
Heavy Working Shoes (of which we
have about 500 pairs) regardless of
cost; at your own price.
62 Pairs of four laced Hanigans,
solid leather soles and inners, sizes
6 to 10. Regular Trice $1.50;
slaughter sale price
50 cents.
71 Paits of Bunkhams with or
without tap, soles extra heavy,
shanks and counters, sizes 6 to 10,
Regular price $2.25; slaughter sale
10 Pairs   Blucher  and  Gaiter
Shoes     ingrain    and    kid   leather,
nailed or plain sole, outside counters if preferred, sizes 6 to 10. Reg
ular price $3.00: slaughter sale price
42 Pairs Grain Blucher and
Boots with buckle or lace, heavy
soles, sizes 6 to 10. Regular price
$3.00; slaughter sale price
132 Pairs Oil Grain, kip and
calfskin, lace and blucher, cut Boots
hand made, nailed, outside counters.
This is the best Mining Boot we
carry. Regularly selling at $5.00.
Slaughter sale price
These Boots and Shoes are all to
go at above quotations; first in gets
first choice.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
-IN   THE-
Methodist Church.
Sunday, December 9th.
Conducted by Rev. G. H. Morden
of Rossland, Former Pastor
ol the Congregation.
(Turkey, ham, hot biscuits, bread,
home cooked salads and jellies
will be served by the Ladies' Aid
Society on Monday, from 5 to 8
p. rn., in the vacant house opposite
the parsonage.
Concert in the Evening
In the Church.
Good  programme of  music, with
addresses by visiting clergymen.
Admission   to Tea  and Concert,
50 cents.
D. J. DEWAR, J. P.
Notary Public  Oonvejancor.
House and lot on Silica Street, nice
location,    near    Episcopal     Church,
Seven room house, new, all conveniences, only (1,650, easy terms.
Nice lot on Carbonate Street, between Ward and .Josephine Streets,
Seven roomed house, stone foundation, lot 45x180,    92,(1(1(1, easy terms.
Loans on improved property, S per
cent., straight, or monthly payments,
No commission.
Seven roomed house, new, Mines
Road, |85, Including water.
Four room Cottage, near Phair Hotel, Sin.
Hoven room house, Hume Addition,
Capt. Hay ward's Bouse, 850.
Canada Permanent and Wes-
tekn Canada Mortgage
head  office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight MortpriKo
Apply to O. f_ LENNOX, Baker St.
Turncr-BoeckJi Block Baker Streot
WANTED���1000   Athabasca.
S. Neelands.
Gee Can Pit You.
He has  one of  the  best   nnd   largest
full and Winter stocks in
the Province,
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
linker Street
If You Buy Now
Your Money Will Last Longer.
We have in our Opera House Store, ^articles  suitable for  Christ
Presents for young and old���gay and grave.    We have got  to  move from
this store, and we are going to sell every article on the premises.
I Canada Drug and Bool 60.,
-*8n__. _i, -S-SS --S-^ :-2:_2'-��'-��*>2--S '-iB?_?'^ '-2'-S ^-S'-S _j_fc_& _S^ ��� 00!^k
\S^00-00   00-00-00-A90-  00- 00- 00- 00- 00- 00W- 00- 00- *0- ^- 00- <00- A0t- 00^-^.-%-y
Royal Crown Derby,
Royal Worcester,
Haviland Limoges,
Oerman, Japanese and
Austrian Fancy China-
The nicest assortment in  Nelson.
A full line of Our Usual Holiday
Articles. Dolls,Toys, Fancy Goods
Etc., are now opened up and wise
buyers are making early selections,
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland. Mo.
Allan Line Pernlftn  Doc 6
Allan  l iim- Tunisian Dee IU
Allan l.ino ulrs. et.ll at   Halifax one Any later
nonunion  Line Doiiiiiiior Dco8
Dominion   Lino  Cambro'nan Doc 18
-from st. John, N. H.
Heaver Lire Lake Suporlor  Dec V
Heaver Lino lako Ontario Dei; 14
Heaver Line sirs, call at Halifax one day later
Krom New York
Whito Star Line Toutonic.  Dee fl
White Star Lineticrmnnic Dec 12
Cunard Line Ktcuria  Dec8
Cm ard I/.no Luoaulfl  Dec 15
American Una New York Dec 12
Led   Star Line I'l-i-'nland Dec 12
N.O.L.Line Lahn Decll
French Line La t_a*-_oiKiio  Dec 13
Allan Mute Lino Sardinian Dee 8
From Boston
cunard Line Snxonfa  Dee 8
Dominion Line Commonwealth  Dec 12
Passages arranged lo and frum all Kuropcan
points. For rates, tlcko.s nnd full information
apply to C. P, li. depot agent or IL L. lirown
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, B. C.
General * ?ont, C.P.H. Ulllco-i. Winnipeg
We have just received a large assortment of Stamped Linen Novel-
tics in
Slipper Holders,
Cushion Covers,
Pillow Shams,
Photograph Holder,
Tray Cloths,
Center Pieces,
5 o'clock Cloths and
Side Board Covers.
Belding's Embroidery Silks al-
��� ways kept in stock.
Special attention is drawn to  our
Table    Linens  and   Napkins.    We
import these goods direct  from   the
. manufacturers in Ireland, and have
I the latest designs.    Ask to see   our
i Cloths and Napkins to match.
Intending1 purchasers will find it
| profitable to g?t our prices before
I purchasing.'
H. & M. BIRD
Agents fur Eureka riine-rul Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Insurance Go. of North America, Mutual U.lfo
Insuranca Co.. ol New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
Three lots in   liluek 47, Bogustown,
885.00 each.
Three lots in   Hlock 33, liogu.town,
810D.U0 each.
50 feet on Mill Street, M00.00.
A   good   business   in   the   eity,   in
thorough   working     order,    for   sale
O-Roomed house, corner of Ward
and Robson, all modern conveniences  .25 00
New house on Water Street   18 00
Cottage on Water Street  15 00
7-Uoou.ed house on Kobson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, all conveniences 25 00
4-Hoomeil cottage, corner of
Falls anr>   Hoover  IB 00
nnd try a bol.Mo, a lioson. or a barrol of
CALGARY BEER aa It in the bust and
chcuiitiiit, on the mnrkot. AUi try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and     CIGARS.;
Telephone 93. Rake. st. Nolson. R C.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Kerr St Co.
Cor. Baker and Ward Streets,
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Elfected at Reasonable Rates.
Bukor Street. Nelson.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Co. _li.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,  $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order can be accept fii u_M
accompanied hy cash.
Offlce Corner Hall anil linker Btte*
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Nelsoo. R. C.
->_��_     o>o**o*o*c*o*o*o     npq n     tar ��� _**_. _#*_ o*o*o*o*o��o**o*o   W
;| | *ss_ | -hrijui irt/mu. _r__ ��� _��    I?_.____-*! t
"*T       ���0��5*0��5*04O0*0*
Fred Irvine & Go.
0    ��
.^ Merchandise has its place in the Preparations for the Xmas Season.   The attractiveness A
5r    of the Goods to be found in all our Departments will make brisk selling for the next three weeks.  X
���>M .  w
Christmas Dolls.
Our new line of Dolls is now
on display. While the quality is
of the highest, the price is so
modestly low that you will be surprised at the size of the doll you
can get for a dollar or two.
Jointed Dolls, Kid-bodied Dolls,
new French-shape Dolls, Blond
Dolls, Brunette Dolls, 9 to 27
inches;  35c to$  8.50.
Silk Waists.
Nothing but the finest Taffeta,
Liberty Satins and Liberty Silks,
from $3.50 to $15.
The great demand for Furs this
season was recognized by us very
early���in time to make selections
when they were at their best.
Whatever there is for ladies to
wear, made of Fur, will be found
in this department at very low
Handkerchiefs   .
You lose most of your handkerchiefs, the laundries wear out
the rest, and your handkerchief
case needs constant filling. We
have them from 5c to $7.50 each.
Winter Gloves
And Mittens in great variety.
The very latest style in Gloves is
the Suede, Castor and Mocha.
These Gloves are nice for cold
weather, as they are much warmer
than dressed kid. We carry these
lines in black, mole, tans and
greys, $1.50 to $2.00.
Eiderdown Comforts.
The cold snap which we have
just experienced, suggests what
we may expect when the winter
sets in in earnest, so get your
Comforts now and be ready.
Prices, $1.50 to $25.00.
Q   Solo Agent. O
2       Butterick Patterns    "
Fred Irvine & Co.
0*OH>����*0*0*0*0* gp
X   Speclnl  Care   Taken  ��� ,
?   In   PIIHng   all   "all  V g.
2   Orderi. 0 i.
ik:*o*o*o*o*o*oo*     m,   m   -v ^a      mm     7   __ ��� ��� ���*_*-        ���r     -*_w -*��� B      ���o*o*o*o*o~'~���   >?


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