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 Daily Edition No. S74
Nelson,  British Columbia, Friday Evening,   November ?., 1900.
Eleventh   Year
travel ns ordinary passenger., with
every convenietiee that the eompaiiy'.s
���nrvlGQ iUVoi'ds,
from one point to   an-
How the C.P.B.. Secret Service Traced the
Men Who Were  Parties in the
Conspiracy to Steal.
When a railway oompaly starts out
to Investigate what it believes to be
orookednesa on the part of its employes it never does anything by
halves. When it was suspected that
11 conspiracy to rob the C. P. R. was
working in [rood order in the Boundary country, tho C. P. It. officials immediately dispatched several agents to
that country. They went there in the
guise of commercial travelers, bartenders, etc., and had eyes and ems
for everything going ou. For instance a piano player in a notorious
house in Kosslnnd hail been approached by one of the secret service people,
aud an arrangement made with him
to report any talk which he might
hear among the inmates referring to
any travelers from Kossland to Green-
Wood or back again, and also to mention what might come to him of any
of the suspected mou.
It was through this source that the
first direct talk came to the chief of
detectives in charge. He was wired
back by code to follow up the. line
of procedure. One of tlie agent8 in
Rossland (jot out one night, presumably as n prospector on a "good
time" witli a hotel runner. The party
drifted around the town, money bo
ing freely spent by everyone In the
various bars, and well into tlie morning they rea-hed this house.
Money again went quickly. Bottles
of wilie were opened (Stoppers were ordered sent in. and in all of this lavish
expenditure the hotel runner more
than "held lip bis end."    Getting free
and talkative, the supposed prospector
asked tlie hotel runner why be kept
at the job he had and jokingly said
that "any man who would carry
trunks and valises for commercial travelers when lie could go ont and discover a mine and get rich didn't know
his business."
"Ob, 1 don't know," replied tho
runner. 'I've got a pretty good mint
here myself, and I'm making just
about as mueb as any long-legged
prospector that   ever went np a hill."
C, I'. II. ticket for the Columbia &
Western line, from Rossland to Greenwood, and the ticket is now in possession of tlie secret service department
of the i', 1'. R, Tlie procedure
described in the introductory paragraphs of this article, was gone
through. The passenger went to the
station and got aboard the train, as
hundreds of other passengers did, entered the smoking car and secured a
Seat. When the fares were collected,
he handed up his ticket, and the conductor returned him a hat check, in
return therefore.
This hut cheek is also in possession
of the secret service branch, and with
a specimen ticket is being used in tlie
present investigation,        ���
This experience of the special having been reported to the head olliee
convinced them that all that was required was a littlu inoro evidence,
and the tightening of tho nets commenced.
The men in (Ireenwood acting for
tlio department were told to associate
freely in barrooms with the runners
at that end, as it was suspected that
they wire getting careless in their
success. It was not more than a few
days before they had crsonally seen
tickets sold by the runners to other
men going to Rossland.
One man reported that he'was within two feet of a (Ireenwood runner,
nnd two prospectors, when tickets
were sold to both of the milling men,
and paid for by them, they being assured by the runner that the conductor would carry them through, and
that hundreds of others were traveling the same way, Tbe whole transaction was described after the tickets
were sold to the secret service man,
by the seller of the ticket.
lie said that this thing had been
going on ever since tlie railway wus
built, and that it was "dead easy."
The syndicate men were doing B land
olliee business, and all the runners in
the Kootenays were trying to get Into
the combination. They would not let
them in.   however,   though   occaston-
The conversation going on, the sup
posed prospector   laughingly  doubted a"y <*��- i?ave the ����tstdeifl ��  ohanee
his words,observing that there wern't!'�� niaki
enough tips given out   around bis ho
tel   to give hint over 31(1 a month over j
"That's all right," was theanswer,
"but there's a railroad running out of
Kossland and a lot of passengers travelling on it, and I can get a dollar oil'
the ticket of every passenger going
out if I know he's right."
"Well, how do you do that'."' said
the prospector���"the C, 1'. R, doesn't
pay commissions over lines where
there's no competition,"
"Well, there happens to be competition here," said the runner with a
laugh. "The conductors have got
something to say about carrying passengers, and I do their business."
The other seemingly got indignant
at this stage of the proceedings, and
told the runner that be bad known
him for months and they had been
pretty good friends, yet the runner
had let him pay out hundreds of dollars to the I'. 1'. K., when he might
have given liini tlie tip and let him
down for half fare.
"Well," said tho runner, "you
don't have to do it any more. You
say you are going down to (Ireenwood
tomorrow���if you like I'll get you a
ticket that will carry you there, which
will savo you $*> and make one for
The thing was arranged then and
there, and an appointment mado for
the following morning.
Tlie train leaves Kossland for (Ireen
lollar or two by bringing
likely men to them, or getting hag-
gage checked through free.
'This is the part which would more
likely implicate the station agents as
doing direct work other than having
the tickets sold and not stamped in
the lirst place. The system of checking baggage is so well known now to
passengers on all railway lines on this
Continent that the mere fact that a
baggageman in tho employ of a railway company lias checked baggage
without being lirst shown the passenger's ticket is a matter for suspicion
at once. Tlie rules are absolute in the
matter. They are so strict that it is
cause for discharge from the company's employ to oheck u trunk, a
valise, or any other article over any
of the lines to attach the check to that
piece of baggage even though it may i
uot be put on the train without the
passenger wishing bis baggage so
cheeked lirst producing and showing
tbe man so checking the baggage his
The reason for this is obvious. A
traveler having baggage to be shipped
over the company's, line can only carry that baggage by virtue of having
paid the company tho regular tariff
rate of his transportation. Should bis
baggage be allowed to be checked
without his purchasing that ticket at
tho company's olliee where tickets are
i regularly sold it would leave a wide-
open chance for conductors who are
! running trains to carry him to his des-
Forelgn Ministers Are Still DiscuSB-
ing Peace Proposals.
I'aris, Nov. 2.���A dispatch to the
Havre agency from Pekln dated 31st
October, says:
"The foreign ministers continued
today tho discussion of the peace proposals to be presented to the Chinese.
Tlie French proposals were accepted.
Additional specifications will be discussed Monday. On account of tlie
necessity for thorough accord between
the different cabinets the final note
will not bo presented for several
weeks. General Voyron, (Commander-
in-Chief of tho French troops in
China), with the Allies under his
command, is purging the villages
around Tien Tsin and Pekin, Muuy
villages infested with Boxers have
been destroyed and their inhabitants
punished. A French column sent to
Tuen rescued the inissonaries there.
Another French column met with resistance at Sict Chung. The enemy's
losses wero Considerable. Tho village
was burned. News received from I'uo
Ting Fu indicates a movement of
French and Oerman troops upon Si
Ling where the Imperial tombs arc
situated. It is rumored that the ainiy
of Yang Yu Kanto has resolved to defend the place. As a result of inquiries made by the International commission under General Ballloud, second in
command of the French troops in
China, tho Allies arc convinced that
tbe grand treasurer and Governor of
I'ao Ting Fu and a Chinese colonel
were Instrumental in the murder of
the Americans and English.
Tho Case of Lawr vs. Parker is Now
Being Heard.
At ?, o'clock this afternoon Judge
Walkem rendered a decision in the
Lawr vs. Parker case in favor ot tlie
plaintilV, Lawr, as he said he could
not go back of the ccrtilicate of work
issued to Lawr.
The case of Mauley vs. Collom in
which action is brought to adverse
the Arlington No. 2 which it is alleged occupy a part of the Native Silver
claim was opeued before the Supreme
Court this morning. At the request of
the plaintiff the case was adjourned
until next Tuesday. Messrs. Galllher
and Wilson appeared for the plaintiff
and Messrs. Maedonald and Johnson
lor the defence. This necessarily
means that tho Kossland assizes which
were to have opened next Monday will
again be adjourned.
The next and last case on the list to
come before the session of the court
was that of Lawr vs. Parker. The
trouble has arisen over a mineral claim
on .Morning Mountain adjoining the
well known Venus property. From the
evidence it was ascertained that Mr.
William Lawr located the claim as
tho Rebecca in tlio fall of 1808, but
did his assessment on the Ida claim
which adjoins the Rebecca. He did
this thinking that the work would apply for both claims. Last fall tl e
claim was rcstaked by W. II. Warren
in tho name of Mr. llolden, who afterwards sold it to Mr. Charles Parker. Mr. Lawr is now bringing action to keep Mr. Parker from trespassing. At the end of the morning session tbe evidence of the plaintilV had
been taken. Mr. Lawr was the first
witness and ho told how ho had located the claim and that he had done the
assessment work in good faith thinking that it would hold both claims,
Mr. .lohn McLatehie, Provincial Land
Surveyor, was called to give evidence
and he produced a map showing the
situation of the claims. Mr. II. Inskip
also gavo evidence us to what took
place at tbe mining recorder's olliee,
when the claim and assessment were
being recorded.
wood and Midway, via Robson, at 8ltiaatlon at any price they might
a. in., getting to Midway a 111. 1(1, ('. think fit, there being no check then
1'. K. time. Before breafkaBt that par-1 on the men collecting the money, ami
tlcular   morning,    the   hotel     runner I consequently   the   road would be   left
was in tbe hotel ready to call the passengers of bis 'hns for tho train. The
secret service agent was also there,
reminding him of bis promise made a
few hours before.
The runner had no suspicion whatever. He drew out a ticket from his
pooketbook    there seemed to be plenty
open for crookedness.
It is suspected no.v by the secret
service agents that agonts at two
points in the Kootenay and Boundary
counties have been checking baggage
free���In Other words, that mon coming to them with the spurious tickets
The management of tho Canadian
Pacific Telegraph Company bus announced that the company has mado
special arrangements to compile the
results of the Dominion elections,
which will be held next Wednesday,
and that any club, association or others who desire tbe returns on election
night can be supplied by special
wires from any olliee of the company.
Mr. Annable will have a wire run to
the Opera House, where the people can
got the returns as soon as they are announced in the Fast and at the same
time be comfortable.
Mr. S. I). Lester has joined the
ranks of Nelson's business men ami
has opened a retail   grocery   store   on
have    succeeded   in     getting    trunks
of other tickets left���and sold it to tho ! checked through and their  duplicates   KYont Street near  the (jeu'eral Hospi
prospector, This ticket was a regular' bunded to  thcui   so   t.iat *hey might tul,
But It Was Worn  by Paul
Kruger  and  That Is
It Is Now the Property of a
Young Lady of Easton.
A Vancouver dispatch says: The
adventures of an old Hoer bat would
be u ratchy title for a storiette, and
the material for such a romance is on
view ut present In the Canadian Pacific Railroad telegraph offices, Vancouver, in the shape of the battered
old headgear supposed to havo been
worn by Oom Paul himself. The bat
has been on the tram]) for one year
and three mouths.and has attached to
it la tags. The history as recorded
on the t.'igs is sufficiently interesting,
but if the old hat could only speak
what a tale it could unfold.
From the record read upon tho tags,
it would appear that an unknown
young lady of Huston, l'u., who bad
relatives living in South Africa, bad
sent to her as a keepsake, a large felt
hat formerly worn by Kruger. This
unknown young lady, presumably
beautiful aud romantic, was seized
with the fancy that she would like
tbe whole United States of America to
see Kruger's hat, and she decided to
send it across the continent and ask
to have it sent back from 'Frisco to
That was in July, 1809, and the
poor old hat that Kruger wore is still
on the bum. A battered crown with
out a king. Tin- young lady first sent
the hal to a friend in an express office
ut Easton, Pa. The lirst friend writes:
"My friends in the carry line please
put your hall mark on this hat. O.
K. it and sond it to 'Frisco. 'Frisco
friends please ship it back to Easton,
l'u., and it will be handed back to tbe
young lady who started it on its
This tag is not dated, but tho next
one to it was the earliest dated tag
on the hat is one labeled Asbury Park,
July .7, 1899, From this time on the
bat was taggod at every important
city and town en route. It has been
across the continent twice and has
visited England and the Orient ou a
trip around the world. Some of the
bright remurks upon the cards would
indicate that express men and railway officials were not the dullest people on earth. One man advertises for
a position, lie will go any place in
the world und do any old thing for an
honest living.
The unknown young lady, and this
is where the onianco comes in, received three offers of marriage through
the medium of the tugs, but alas the
honorable proposals are a little lardy
in reaching the fair unknown.
It is impossible to arrange the tags
us to dute, but here are some of tho
sayings, picked out promiscuously:
Sanlt Ste. Mark���Dear lady : If I
had my way I know what I would do.
I'd lay this old hut at thy feet and
for thy hand I'd sue.
St. l'aul: Fur well dear old hat.
you look tattered and torn, but what
could oue expect the distance you've
been borne.
Winnipeg���Passed through the customs.
Denver: L. F. White: Hood luck
to the littlu ludy of Easton, l'u. Iced,
o. K. Refrigerator cur it.
N. E. Kephurt, Tucomtt���Won't you
be my sweetheart, little girl','
Passed Inspection at Scuttle, August 90,
Passed inspection at Omuhu.* An
gust 4.    Re-iced.    Refrigerator car BO,
Kcd Hank, N. J. ���Detained, smells
of smallpox. Later fumigated and
Dear young lady of Easton, Pa.���
Don't send a hut, come yourself.
James Kyun,    St. l'aul, Minn,
llutte City���Biggest hat ever saw,
all same this placo biggest, best mining camp in tho world.
New York City���Tut me olf at Long
Branch nnd send me up the road.
.a_adi.ii  Pacific   Railway   offices,
King William Street. London, Krig. ���
If tho owner of this hat stood in front
of the Mansion house last night, Mnfo-
klng night, ho would not havo lived
to tell the tale. Wc will ship Km-
gcr's crown by the Red Sell to llong
Kong.   There's air.   The old hat uo
tually took this trip for a large placard bears date of September 4, llong
Kong, via Kinprcss of Japan for Vancouver,
Other tags bore the following inscriptions :
"Tag, your it."
Buffalo���Off again, on again. Flanagan.   Like an old bat.   Remember
hut 'tis thy   duly   clear   to   take   my
love to thy Bender  dear,   W.   F.   Ra-
juhl, Chicago.
Hero's to the   young   lady   of   Easton
Who started this hat,way out Weston.
If it ever gets hack, that it will nol
For tags and   good wishes there's  no
���.1. W. Jones, Belleville, Kan.
I'd leave iny  happy   homo    for   the
sender of this hal.    C.  1.., Townsenil.
I'm only a hat, let it go at that
1 was put on the tramp by   a   woman
like inanv a man who wears a hat.
N. Y. C. R. R., Chicago.
Hat of Easton.   ere   we   part    let   me
clasp thee to my heart,
If the maid who sent thee eamo
Well���to her I'd do tho same.
���C. A. Cunningham, Winnipeg.
F. K.   Martin, Seattle,    says:    "Seattle sends respects to  tho hatless girl
of Easton, I'a.
When this hat'reaches the lady fair
With tbe dark blue eyes, and the light
red hair,
May she soften her   heart   and   think
of me
When she goes in   her  jeans, for you,
C. O. I).
���E. ,1. Noble, Oregon City.
To one tag is attached a strand of a
tclgrapb   eablo   and    written   underneath is:
When you get home telegraph your
baby.    Here's a piece of wire.
Tlie bat is to be sent from here to
Victoria thence to tbe Klondike and
returned in time for the next Australian boat in u long jaunt to the land of
tho Luriken.
An "Old Timer" culled ut The Min
cr olliee this morning to say that hi
had read witll a great deal of interest
the extracts published in yesterday's
paper from The Miner of ten years
ago and suggested that a few more
might be read with interest not only
by the "Old Timers" but also by the
".Iiuinie come Latlies," as he expressed it. Por bis benefit, if for nothing
else, The Miner today publishes sonic
more extracts from its columns of ten
years ago, a time when Mayor Houston, now in opposition in u business
senso, was connected with the staff.
The extracts follow :
"That the (Joveinment is but
slightly interested in the welfare of
tbe people here is becoming almost
proverbial. The surveyor general announced a sale of lots for the 30th
ultimo in Nelson. Prospectors who
had a little money and were anxious
to get a homo to which to bring their
families, tramped for miles over the
mountains back to Nelson to be at the
Hale, miners at work in the mines got
leave of absence for a few days leach
day being worth (3.50) und came here
for the, same purpose; men arrived
from various parts of the lake; and
one or two from the boundary. Their
time, money and travel were fruitless.
All found that, the sale had, for some
unknown reason, been indefinitely
postponed. Such treatment is unjust,
and will redound to the Robson Government's injury some day. West
Kootenay is rapidly growing. John
Robson will yet realize that it would
have been better to treut this district
witli some consideration than allow
it to toss at the mercy of the moss
covered old fogies who have so muddled matters by pottering und tinkering with its affairs."
"Hoover and Cook have dissolved.
Mr. Cook has retired and is suceeded
by Mr. Craddock, The new linn Imported this week some of the finest
grapes and apples ever brought into
Nelson. The Miner thanks Hoover
and Craddock for the samples received,
and wishes those handling whiskey
and socks Would follow the new firm's
".lohn Houston, of The Miner, is
spending a week about the boundary
line to sec if, by his ragged and tattered appearance, he cun shame u few
more people in those pails into subscribing fur the pnper. "
"The hist while baby born in Nelson is seriously sick and grave tears
are entertained as to its recovery,"
"Nelson's first dance was given on
Friday night by Mr. and Mi's. Helm
at their residence on Rlvervlew Hill.
Harry Herbert and Frank Goldsmith
furni'sheil the music. Besides the ho-'
and hostess, there were present Mr
William Ellis. Mrs. George lv R. E
lis, Mrs. Corning, Mrs. licit/. Mi
ScnIVord, Mrs. Turner. Miss McTJc
mutt and the little Misses Cornin
and Messrs. Lemon. Coining. V
Ness. Shirley, Goldsmith, llerhe
Ink. Nesbitt and Woods."
Tho Vancouver Evening Teletrri
'"Tho Vancouver -cvouiug i.e........
lias been enlarged from four lo eight
pages, and. in a two column article
describing how the paper is made, it
State) that -its editorial matter is pre-
nared    the  night  before.'     Judging
pared   the nig..-
from its tenor, the cd.tonal matUr
of The Telegram was prepared at tin
nd   hy
same time and   hy   me <�����'""'
who prepared the    plate   matter    a
'  g In nine of its-I> culu_in��,
mi-   editors
First Contingent From South Africa Lands
at Halifax and Is on Its Way
Halifax, Nov. ���_' ���Tlie scenes of enthusiasm which attended tne landing
of part of the  First  Contiugent from
South Africa yesterday morning were
followed \iy wild revels at night. A
monster illuminated parade of military and naval battalion, Bremen, fraternal and athletic organizations and
societies was witnessed by over seventy thousand people. The city was a
general blaze of electricity aud lire-
works and the   din of   explosions was
deafening. Transparencies of beautiful designs and colors were general ly
displayed. Some excitement was caused by an arch catching lire. The
troops left here hy special train shortly after midnight.
St. John, N. II., Nov. 2.���The train
with tho returning members of the
First Canadian contingent arrived
here at 12:30 today. Thousands of citizens wore ou the streets to give the
heroes a warm welcome. As evidence
of the popular enthusiasm of the people every public building, and all business houses and residences in every
quarter of the city were decorated with
bunting and appropriate mottos. After
an address of welcome to the young
veterans an immense procession,repre*
sentlng many societies, paraded the
principle streets. Tonight the same
procession will be held in honor of
the returning heroes.
London. Nov. '.'.���W'liilo engaged
in tearing down an old building here
Wcstlie Wilkinson, aged :."-', of Mount
Hrydges, was fatally injured hy the
lloor giving away, lie died iu an ambulance while on his way to the hospital.
Toronto, Nov. 2.���It is estimated
thnt tho earnings of the Toronto
Street Railway for the present year
will reach nearly a million and a halt
Toronto. Nov. 3.���Mr, Joseph Alph
Livingstone, one of the leading men
in the Temperance Colonization Society, which about twelve years ago
created a hooui in Northwest land, is
dead, aged 73, Apoplexy was the
cause of death.
breathing is from the stomach, the
muscles of his chest being paralysed.
Many physicians are watching the
ease and declare the patient may live
for months, hut despair of his complete recovery.
Tilsonburg. Out., Nov. :.'.���As the
result of a conference between tbe two
factions of the Liberal party in Norfolk, .1. c. Ross withdrew from tho
��� ���oniest. Charlton is thus elected for
the eighth time as the Liberal member for North Norfolk.
Toronto, Nov. J. - Liberal party
ma lingers are to adopt the campaign
methods in vogue in the United
States, that of chartering a speciul
train for the purpose of delivering political speeches from, through certain
sections of Ontario.
Kingston, (tin., Nov. :;. Today His
Grace Archbishop Lewis resigned tho
chairmanship of the House of Bishops
which means his retirement as Metro
politan of Canada. It is likelv liishop
ilond, of Montreal, will be his successor. Archbishop Lewis intends residing in England for the future, hence
bis action.
Montreal.    Nov.    '.'.    The   Court   of.
the Queen's Bench   opened   here   this
morning, Justice Hall presiding.    After   swearing in   the   grand jury   the
court adjourned for a week.
Montreal,   Nov.2,    The formal opening of  the   Itnyal   Victoria   (ladies)
College, tlie gift of Lord Strathcona.
and tlie unveiling of tlie statute of
Ilcr Majesty nt the entrance to the
college, last evening, was ono of the
most brilliant functions in Montreal
of lute years. Over 1,500 guests, in
eluding the leading representatives of
the social ami business circles of lie
city, enjoyed the, hospitality of Lord
strathcona. His Excellency, the Gov
ornor-Gencral and Lady Minto were
present with their stall'.
Toronto, Nov. :;. The case of Arthur Foreman. II years of ago, the
lad who was brought to the Mel,
Chlldrens1 llospit.il from Port Calling
on Wednesday snfferlng from paralysis of the limbs from his waist, down,
caused by a bullet Wound, is exciting
the attention of physicians. Investigation shows that the bullel severed
the spinal cord and lodged just below
the ski.i of the right shoulder. Tbe
severance of the spinal cord u uatlj
results in instant death. His anus
were numb for some time, after be
was injured,but they are gotting so ho
can use them, His brain is sound as
ever,   lie   can    swallow,    but    his
English Press Does Not Like Lord
Lansdowne's Elevation.
London, Nov. 2. ��� If The Daily Telegraph's announcement bud been a
mere feeler to ascertain the temper of
the public toward Lord Lansdowne's
appointment be would certainly never
have beoome Minister of Foreign Affairs, imt although the appointment
to the Secretaryship has not yet heen
officially confirmed it is accepted on
all sides as a settled thing.
The Standard, which says it has
learned that Lord Selborne, uudei _oc-
lel.uy of State for the Colonies, und
William St. John Ilrodriek, under secretary of State for Foreign Affairs,
will enter the cabinet and that
Charles Thompson Ritchie, piesident
of the Hoard of Trade, will be given a
higher post, says: -m"The appointment
of the Marquis of l.ansdowne to Her
Majesty's secretaryship- Secretary of
State for Foreign Affairs���is un almost Inconceivable blunder. He bus
neither thoj character, qualifications
nor experience feu- such a position.
The only plausible excuse for the appointment is thnt l.ord_ Salisbury
will still control the Foreign Orlico
while l,o!'il*l.ansclo\vne relieves him^of
his routine  duties.   '
The Daily. Mail says: "If Lord
l.ansdowne is appointed Foreign Secretary and some other gentleman of
agreeable manners is made First
Lord of the Admiralty tho country
may lament a great opportunity lost
The Daily Chronicle says: "Wo
may well ask whether the country
would havo voted quite so 'khuki'
had it known of this appointment beforehand. "
The Daily News says: "It is presumably the explanation of the control in foreign affairs which would
have been impossible if Mr. chamberlain had heen appointed. Iu fact Lord
Salisbury will still ho Foreign Minister with l.ansdowiic as his clerk."
New York, Nov. '.*. ��� Respecting the
Dei astellanc financial affairs Richard
Saohard, counsel for the countess, is
quoted iu a I'aris dispatch to The Ti i -
buno as saying that,all debts will bo
paid immediately by the tioulci   estate
with the   exception   of   a   few claims
from antiquity and bric-a-brao dealers, which are ileolncd absolutely exiled hilllllt.
Melbourne,   Nov,   2.���The result of
the elections to tlie Legislative Assembly cif Victoria, is the return of l.">
ministerialists, i- members of the opposition and two independents.
New York. Nov. '.'.   Win.  I,. Strong,
who was the last   mayor   of   the  old
city of   New    York,    died   early   this
morning at his residence in this  city.
A meeting of tlie executive commit'
tee of St. Andrews' Society will be
held at 8 o'clock next Tuesday evening to make arrangements for the annual banquet of the Society to be held
on the evening of St. Andrews'   pay,
������, Nelson Daily Miner, Friday Evening, November 2,  igeo
The Nelson Miner
I .blirihcil Every  Afternoon   Bxcopt Sunday
���11Y TIIK���
HS Floot Street, E, c.
Cci'trul Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agents
Pally, per month, hy carrier     050
Ilaily, per moiiLh, hy iiiuil���     Wo
Ilaily, per year, by carrier  9 1 IMI
Dally, per year, by mail   a on
Ilaily, per yoar, foreign    11 00
Weekly, per half yoar  ?1 US
Weekly, per year   2 00
Weekly, per year, fnreiKii     3 00
Subscript ions invariably ill advance.
All Check" sliould no mailn payable to the
order   of    NKI.SON     1'L'lll.lSUINU     COMPANY,
There are few questions that give
greater uneasiness to Parliamentary
candidates than that of prohibition.
They are not as a rule in favor of it.
but they lack the courage to say so.
In many of tbe constituencies there
are prohibitionists in considerable
numbers, and their votes count. They
have a habit, too, of putting- tlie cpies-
tion squarely to tbe candidate. If be
has the courage of his convictions and
says that be does not believe in prohibition, bo loses their votes. Usually
he lias not the courage of his convictions, but returns as answer something that is taken ns n pledge to sup-
poit that extreme remedy for the cure
of intemperance.
An obscure judgment of the .ludie-
inl Committee of the Imperial Privy
Council affords bun a large measure
of relief. It has been doubtful whether the power to prohibit lies with the
Provinces or with the Dominion. Incidentally the question was raised in
n ense that found its way to the Privy
Council, and as far as tne judgment
of that supreme authority dealt with
tlie matter it was understood that the
Provinces had no power in tbe premises. That was satisfactory to the
prohibitionists, who are content to
look to the federal authority for action. And it brings the question face
to face with the candidates. Hut
they escape by saying that in the second largest Province the result of the
plebiscite was against prohibition,
and a general measure therefore would
be injudicious, for tbe reason that the
law could not be enforced in a community in which the sentiment is
hostile. This is possibly true, although there is something curious in
professing prohibitionists like Mr.
Sifton pleading it in excuse for inaction.
The averag. candidate, however.
can advance it with some effect, lie
can declare, and for the most part
does, that he is an ardent prohibitionist and would lay down his life for it;
nothing in the world would give him
greater pleasure, if elected to Parliament, than to support a Prohibition
Act. Hut what would be the good?
QuebCO could not be excluded in
measure of the kind, and Quebec has
pronounced against it. Hut still something may be done, he hastens to assure his dear temperance friends. A
Federal measure is out of the question, it is true, but lie is willing to
give the Provinces the authority to
deal witll the question on their own
account. Happy thought,and in scores
of the constituencies the candidates
are acting upon it. Mr. Sifton is doing so in bis case. And the strange
thing is that the alternative is acci pt-
ed as satisfactory. I low can the
Dominion Parliament enlarge or contract the powers of tin- Provinces'.'
That is a matter that is settled by our
Federal constitution, the liritisli
North America Act. Iu that Act the
powers of th�� Provinces are defined,
and as they cannot he talon   away by
the Federal Parliament it is only tea
scmalilc to suppose that neither can it
enlarge' tliein. For any extension of
tlie Provincial jurisdiction wo shall
have to go to the Imperial Parliament, the source of all authority
These pledges, therefore, to get over
the difficulty by giving the Provincei
power to legislate on the subject arc
merely so much waste sound.
will, for it is the ruling peculiarity
of the Premier's to break with his
own principles and take up with something new. ^^^
What fools the electors are supposed
tube! Over in Victoria tbe Government paper is urging them to vote for
Drury and Riley and thus secure the
Mint for that city. In Vancouver
the cry is "Maxwell and the Mint.''
Doth places, it seems, arc to get it, if
they only return the (lovernment candidate. Why not "Galliher and the
A partial explanation of the present
abominable mail service in Southern
Hritish Columbia will probably be
found in the fact that the mails are
overburdened with franked campaign
matter which managers for the Government are sending out by the ton.
It can almost be said that Ministers
have taken complete possession of the
service, und are using it for the benefit of their candidates ill all parts of
the country. And the people pay to
maintain it.
Among tlie changing    policies taken
up by   Sir   Wilfrid  Laurier    was   om
advocating a Parliamentary federation
of the Empire, tinder   which    the Colonies would he taxed at  West minster.
It was in    relation   to   this   that   Sir
Charles Tupper said tlie   Premier   was
too   liritisli for him.    And so   say all
of ns.    The Dominion of   Canada and
the Commonwealth of  Australia   have
no Intention of going back to the days
of Irresponsible government, and having   their   affairs    administered   for
them from Downing   Street.    That   is
a policy that   is too   English for   men
accustomed  to  self-government.   Por
the moment, howevei, it   tickled   the
fancy   of   the shallow Sir WilfiId.    If
ho has  not already discarded  it be
Discussing public affairs with members of the (ireenwood Board of
Trade,Mr. Turner said that it was the
intention of tbe (lovernment to submit at the next meeting of the Legislature a comprehensive scheme of railway construction, lie spoke particularly of an extension to Pcnticton, as
necessary to put tlie Shuswap and
Okanogan on a paying basis, and thus
relieve the Province of the guaranteed
interest it is now paying under agreement with that company.
Thin si^naturo is on every hox of tho genuine
Laxative Bromo^Quinine Tablets
the remedy that cures a cnJM tB �������� **ay
Advertisement - inserted under this head at
the rate of one cent a word per insertion. No
advertisement lu-en for less than 25 conta.
FOR     BENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
FOR  RENT���House on    Victoria, Corner of Ilendryx.  Apply .1. Cholditch.
WANTED.���Clean   Cotton     Rags    at
The Miner.
SHORTHAND and Typewriting   done
nt the olliee of H.  ('.    Kiblet.    Front
Street, '.'ml door west of   Hull   Street.
'I'd.  151.
FOE SALE.���A good,paying boarding
house business.    Apply after 5 till) p.
m. to Carbonate Street,   2nd   east  of
Fill; SALE.���Florence Park Hotel and
Roberts'   Ranch,    situated  on   lake
shore, :;>_;   miles from Nelson.    Apply
II.   U. Cameron.
WANTED. ��� Evciy   woman in   Nelson
to   visit     Mrs.   Einfleld's    millinery
pailors. and   see   her   stock  of   hats.
The best ill the city.
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete' class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in 20 lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
FIRST  CLASS   lcicnii   and   hoard  in
private family, $5.60 anil $(>.    Table
board (4.   Carbonate Street,   second
house east, of Josephine.
A Meeting in the interests of Mr.
Foley, the Labor candidate, is called
for Saturday evening, Nov. II. in the
committee rooms on Haker Street.
Mr. Parr, of Ymir, Messrs. Wilks,
Mowatt, Robinson, Clayton and others
arc expected to be present to address
the meeting. Everybody is invited.
The Cottage Hospital heretofore carried on in Nelson by the Misses Crick-
may has been transferred to Miss Ferris, such transfer to take effect from
the l.'dli day of November, 1900. Miss
Ferris with n competent Staff of
nurses will continue the conduct of
the hospital. All persons owing for
hospital treatment at the Cottage Hospital up lo ihe 15th day of November
next, will please remit the amount of
their debts to tin- Misses ('riekinny by
that date, and all persons having accounts agalnsi the hospital will kindle render them cm or before that date.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to O. I.. LENNOX, Buker  St.
SILICA    ST.,   !<i   VWEEN     WARD    AND
TELEPHONE     NO.   120-
--_"J - -
nnd try a boitle, ii tloson, or n barrel of
CALGARY B.ER ��� - it N tlie bail and
clienpcd on iter miirkot. Abo try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and    CIGARS.
Telephone 03. Hukor HI,   Nolnun, 13, C.
Plant your Hyacinth
Bulbs in a glass. They
grow better and look
prettier in a glass than
in common clay pots.
Hyacinth Glasses 9
inches high, assorted
25 cents each.
Post-Office Store
Isn't It Sweet?
The delicate, refined scent we
constantly strive lo secure iu our
perfumes has given us a lasting
reputation witli refined people.
Tim true fragrance of the'bios-
80ms from whloh Ihe extracts
are made is so plainly distinguishable as to he delightful
to the discriminating buyer.
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. O. liox 326,
At Annable's office, .Madden Block.
All delegates who would like to
protect their families by taking out
one of the popular policies in the
Mutual Life of Canada, and all
who cannot sleep soundly for fear
their property will be destroyed by
fire, can have the same covered by
insurance in the ANGLO-AMERICAN
Kire Co.; and any who arc tired
paying rent can purchase a house
and lot on easy terms. Vacant
lots for stile; houses lor rent; Baker
Street business property on my list.
In fact, 1 have twenty-three different properties to dispose ol during
this Convention.
Office hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 5
until after the General Elections.
Credentials signed by the President of tiny Chartered Bank accepted.
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Rent and Salo on Easy TermB
Olliee over Nikon Wine Store.
(iff Can Fit You.
He lias   one of   the   best   anil   largest
Fall ami  Winter stocks in
the Province.
A. GEE,  Merchant Tailor
,    Opposite (^iH't'i)'s   Hotel,
BaUor Street
Brewer, nf Pine Lager
Heei nml Potter,
Ai-Uon, P. 0.
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and French  markets.
i_  ��j
!t_i_I  \A _�� _
Wholesale  Houses
rpILOK-'K & CO. Limited���Corner Vernon
X und Cedar alroeUs, _\e_ou��� Ahmu.uuiu.r-
ero uf und wliolebutu ttuitlcrn 111 ueraled waters
and fruit ayrupH. tiole agents for Halcyon Hut
bpriugt. mineral water,   lulu phone tw.
_!^|    N* Ms Cummins, Lessee���Every known
variety of sot. druiks.   1' U box US. Telephone j
No. 31. Hoovor street, Nelson,   }JoiUu__ uf the j
i.uiiuus bt. i_eun iiot -.priiiKH Mineral Walor
C^ANK &. MACDONALD (II. Cane, James
J A. MaeaonalU)--Ai,ehueetb una ���upeiiii-
tendeuis, lirukeu llnl iiiuuK, uurnur Haker aud
Ward street-, jselson.
IV cu.���Mauufaoturers of the Koyai Seal
ana Kootenay Hello Cigars, tTuctury and
ulllce, Haker struol, Nelsun.
HJ. BVAN8 & CO.���Haker Street, Nel-
��� son���Wiiolt'Milo dealei. in liquors, ci-
gar��i eenienl, lire Oriek antl lire eluy, Water
pipe and _teel rails, ami Ki>uuial coinmlstdon
J     A. M'DONALD -Madden Hloek. Nelson -
���   Fruits,  ico cream,  "U. H." chocolates,
nitfii class confectionery,   leu Cream i'arlurH.
u hoiesuio aud retail dealers in grain,
hay, flour, feed. Mills at Victoria, New Westminster; fulmonfou, Alia, .-.levators on Ual-
gury and lulmoiitun Hailway. Manufacturers
ul the celebrated H. & K. brand cereals.
A    MACDONALD   &  Co.-Corner   Fron
���   and  Hall  streets���V\ holcsulo  grocers
ana jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, i   .
rubbers, inackinaw _ and miners' sundries.
_\ iitticr curner Hall aud front Streets,
.\elson���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Uot our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
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���   Wholesale dealers iu fresh and cured
meats.   Cold Siora^e.
Baker stifct. Nelsou��� Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.
Dress Shoes
and Slippers...
How are your slippers for the coming dancing season ? If you need
anything in these lines we can suit
you, as we have a large range of
dress shoes.
The SLoeista
��� 'V***^*V*VtS^^V**/V>^WWW��i^*/^W��WVVVVVV*VVWVVVV��
P. BURN5 & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
��^__- �����������)������������ _���_
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to any branch will have careful rM prompt attention.
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
atl'iiut, Nelh-un ��� VMioicsiile d.iluis in
luuilwaru, miners' rappUcs, .sy_niiig gooiU,
MXACHLAM BROS, (auccc-iorii to Vancouver Uiii'ilwuioi'o, Ltd.;Bakertitrate,
Melf.ii��� W liolutculu ilenlurs in luirilwnru tin.
ininliiK BuppUea, plumbers' and t_Q__IUi_' suu-
.LI    icciici . uils uml Kli.ss; iiiechiiiiicV tools.
Anent* foi uiitnrio 1'owiler Works; dynamite
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X.    nnd Josephine  StreotH,   Nelson���Whtlo-
suio aealen in Uquon, eiKurs, and drrgood.
Agontafor PaUt llnming Cu. of Mihv.ukeo
uuil (.iilKiiry HitwIiik Co nl CiilKiiry.
UDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholcsnlo KrociTlci
nnd liquors etc., linker Street, Nelson.
C1ALIFORNIA WINE CO., Limited-Corner
j i i  .'inn Hull Btrool >. Nelson���Wholesale dealer- n wlncn loaae nnd bulk), und
domestic und imporlod clears.
TV. OKIKKIN _ 1(1.
.   Ji
..- Cornor Vernon nnd
Josephine Btroota, Nelson _ Wholeinle
dealers in provlnloim, cured meal*, hnltcr and
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of I
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Apartodo No. 83
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
��� '.plliil  I'll Id. up,      ,    .     .     $i,dks,o:o.0O  I   ltd ���1,100,000.0
WI-JSli?.   _-_���L   ____ _%_'���  !;��;si'lcnl1.   Tbomiw Kitohio. VlcoPrenldout.
Wiley hinltb, H. 0. Bnuld, lion. II. II. Fuller, M.L.C.. Hon. David MaoKoen.
11 el OIIIrc, Iliilim.i
General Manager, Krison L. Pease, .Montreal.
Superintendent ol Hiiiiiehes. and Secretary, W. a Torrance, Halllai.
Inspector, W, V. Hroek. lliiliinx.
Inspector 1). M. Stewart, Montreal.
��� ��� , lininclica!
Effifl Sf.��,V1n-.H"1,,,��][1���mni!h-,An,|Ko��l��li, Hrlditcwuter.Qtiysboro. Londonderry. Lunenburg.
\1>, Mr . L_S-__�� U'U?' , 0rl, "'iwk��:>��'';>', H>'c">7- Shiibeiiac-die, Truro, Weyniouln
___.. -_*m \_" '"r_' ','. _'"_1'''' ?*?-.8",C-!n! frl'U<��'o�� iKont Co.). Monctoii, New-
i* iS ,' \\ acj.lMii.'k. I'. I.. Island -Charlotti'towii.-uiiimorHlde. Quo-ei���Montreal
VJ * 0I,I"'I, Montreal. West lend (Cor. Notre Diimo mid SeiKiieurn Strcolsl; Westmonnl. (Cor.
��� __'-___-_*_��� UM"".m^ Slreel. Ontario-Ottawa. Newfoundland- St. Jo_.
i 11 ha, Weil ludlen-IIaviiii.i. I I Ktalm-New York 118 -.change 1'laee) Republic, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
GorrapondM-ti i
K_____82^ a b��SS- ��������_,_��� n���:ik.s.r.^���
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on speciitl
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
We Sell the
Highest Values
Lowest Price
Most Satisfactory
Absolutely Pure
In Nelson.
Corner Baker and Stanley Streeb
Mill nt PILOT BAY. Yniils, NELSON
uinl LAB] O.
J. a,Iaywaed.
Placers  ]N.aVi}  Oil
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Put Us On
Your List...
We will sec that you
arc not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
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From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will bll
your   wants  perfectly.
Klrkpatricl. b  Wilson
Turner Beeton& Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imiieriul Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order cun lie nccepteil unleM
accompanied !>y cash.
Ofllco Corner flail nnd linker Stroota.
TMiKPIIONK *'��� _
7-8 Inch d iam. $i:t. Wl per 100 feet.   ����
Immediate delivery   la  �����--"
j. o. T. CROFTS,
i-, u. Uox
I I   I*. I''
_���___��� Nelson  Daily  Min-r,   Friday   Evening,   November _, igoo
A (iooil Ledge Struck in the Bonanza
Last Week.
Grand Forks, B. 0., Nov. 2.���
Messrs. MoNameo and Comslo.k, contractors nn tli" Bonanza, report tlmt
i��� tho drift from tlio bottom of tlio
ghaft for the west ledge, where they
.re. now working, the character of
the rock is changing, and they expoot
to strike the lead at any time. For several fed the rook has been impregnated with iron pyrities, nnd now n Utile copper is oomlng in. Development
of the Bonanza iH watohed wilh Interest, as it is believed hy those conversant with the property thnt when
tho west ledge is tapped at depth,
shipping ore: will he encountered.
This belief is based on the develop-
men! already done on other parts of
this ledge, It is anticipated that by
the lime the snow falls the Bonanza
will he. on the list of shipping mines
of this district. The last suroplos
taken from the west drift of Ine
Earthquake, in whloh there is four
feet of clean ore, gives values of 820
in gold and copper, and a small
amount of silver,and from the bottom
of the 85-foot shaft, samples run
813.50 in gold, 7X per cent, copper,
ami four ounces in silver. The tace
of the east drift, which has three feet
of ore. assays SIS in all values. Work
is to he begun ut once in the drift
from the bottom of tho No. 2 winze,
ut a vertical depth of 1011 feet. The
management of the Earthquake have
arranged with the representative of
the Diamond Drill Company, who is
now in the eity, for 1,000 feet of Diamond Drill prospecting. The work is
to begin as soon as the machinery can
he placed on the ground. It is reported today on reliable authority, that
an Important strike has been made
on "the Golden Eagle, adjoining the
Earthquake. In the drift no feet from
the shaft, a crosscut has heen started
to determine the width of the lead,
and seven feet of ore has been crosscut
without striking the second wall.
This ore is all of shipping   quality.
R. A. Ilrown. superintendent of the
Sunset mine in the Similkameen district, has returned from the mine,and
reports that arrangements are completed for working all winter on the
property. Work in the old shaft has
been suspended after Blnklng 100 feet
and running 120 feet of crosscuts
without finding walls for tlie ore deposit. It is now the intention to sink
u double compartment shaft to a depth
of 5110 feet. This will lie the main
working shaft of the mine. This
shaft will be sunk in a dyke of por-
phyretio quartz, which runs laterally
through the deposit of copper ore,
nnd in which the work can be clone
much more cheaply than in the copper. At .",110 feet of depth crosscuts
will l)d run to the copper, and then
the work will consist in drifting and
blocking out ore. The mine is at
present equipped with a L3-horse pow.
er steam hoist. The next plant will
bo a 5-drill compressor, with so h. p.
boiler. This will be shipped as soon
as the wagon road from Ivercincos to
Princeton is completed. Ml. Ilrown
says that when he left the mine there
was 20,000 feet of lumber on the
round for the erection of shaft houses,
etc., and that 3,000 bushels of charcoal had been burnt and 200 cords of
wood cut, ready for winter. In the
80-foot crosscut from :.".' per cent copper lo 53 per cent. Mr. Drown obtained assays tanging froni :?! , per cent,
copper to r,:j per cent, and an average
of the HO feet gave S per cent, copper
und $'-' in gold.
had but one conversation with Caleb
1 owors, und that wus in relution to
my going up to Frankfort with the
men on the 26th of January und ut no
place was the name of William Ooebel
mentioned or referred to in any wuy
or in uny connection by Culeb Powers.
"1 eli-si re furthermore to state that
either upon the occasion of the lirst
conversation with Campoell or the day
after I received from him Sill in cusii
and since that conversutio'i I have
received from him, both before and
after I was a witness at Georgetown
in the Dowers ease, various sums of
money, and 1 havo since such conversation with Campbell and ArthurGoo-
Icel received Ircim Arthur Qoebel various sinus, aggregating uhout 8300, and
upon one occasion $10 from Justus
"Tlie last suai I received was on
Tuesday, October 33, luon, which was
85 given me by Colonel Campbell at
his office in Cincinnati, .lust prior to
giving me this S."., Campbell had telephoned to Arthur tiochel to come to
his olliee. which Goehel did, and when
he arrived at Campbell's office he went
nto a private olliee with Campbell und
Campbell came out ae.il handed
me $.,"
Anderson further gives alleged dates
and details and concludes his affidavit
"I believe my testimony In the trial
of Caleb Dowers aided in his conviction and 1 am unwilling longer to
Buffer in conscience by the thought
that the falsity of my statements huve
aided in   convicting   Culeb   Dowers."
Cleveland Reported to Have Said That
He Will lie Elected.
Washington, D. ('., Nov. 2.���Ex-
l'rc.sident Cleveland���"the Hermit of
Princeton"���has at last come out of
his shell and expressed his views regarding the outcome of the Presidential contest to occur next Tuesday.
The cx-Prcsident anticipates a landslide for Mr. Bryan.
lie has so stated to a reporter of
The Philadelphia Times, who interviewed him at Princeton College lust
night, and The Times emphatically
declares the interview to bo genuine,
absolutely authentic, and prints it
this morning.
Politicians of both parties are discussing the announcement of the former President with great avidity���
one side being highly elated, while
the other is decidedly downcast.
While Cleveland declares thut he
will not vote for Bryan, he expresses
the belief that the Democratic leader
will bo elected overwhelmingly.
The announcement will greatly
help the Demooratio cause in the East
and be a corresponding injury to the
Republicans. 'This much is admitted
by prominent Republican leaders ut
the National Capital,
The enthusiasm among the people
which Bryan lias worked up for the
Democratic ticket in the State of Now
York is deemed to be certain to result
in a sweeping Democratic victory in
that state.
It is nol. doubted by Mr. Bryan's
supporters in the East that New .ler-
Boy will fall into line with Now Y'ork
and Maryland. This Btatc, added to
other pivotal states which Uryun will
undoubtedly carry, ensures his election.
But   Northern   Telegraph   Line  Will
Not Be Completed at Onee.
Vancouver, Nov. 2.���Steamers Amur
und Tees have arrived from the North.
The Northern telegraph construction
party has returned. It is officially an-
Bounced that the lino is not overlapped, for the Xnss River runs between
the two ends. The southern end is
strung to the river side und the northern end comes within IIU miles of the
bunk. The work has hoen abandoned
on account of the terrible snow
(loo. McDonald, a young man who
cut quite a figure us city agent of the
Temperance Life Insurance Co., was
sentenced on Saturday to three months
for stealing $.", from the room of a
friend. On Sunduy he broke jail and
has not been recaptured.
When things are "tho best" they
become "the best selling. " Abraham
Hnro, a lending druggist of Belleville, ()., writes; "Electric Hitters
are. the best selling Hitters I have
handled in 20 years." You know
why'.1 Most,diseases begin in disorders
of Btomaob, liver, kidneys, bowels,
blood und nerves. Electric Hitlers
tones up the stomuch, regulates the
liver, kidneys and bowels, purifies
the blood, strengthening the nerves,
hence cures multitudes of maladies.
It builds up the entire system. Puts
new life and vigor into any weak,
sickly, run down man or woman.
Price 50 cents. Sold by the Canada
Drug .. Book Co.
Just received at .1. A. McDonald's
a shipment of "(lentlemun in Khaki,'1
"Lord Roberts," "Buller " "Kitchener," and the "Tartan Plaid" candy
boxes, which when tilled with our
choice cuudies, cannot be equalled us
u gift for the fair ones.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts1 Uuneh, two und a half miles up
the river.  W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Glad to See You
because lie sees you clearly and
without that distorting, annoying, injurious contortion which
imperfect glasses give.
Your eyes nre Important nnd require attention to avert serious
discomfort. Consult ns in lime
ubout your eyes���it is never too
Manufacturing Jeweler..
Finlcy   Anderson   Says His   Evidence
Was Perjured,
Louisville, Ky.. Nov,2. -The Louisville Evening Dost prints an affidavit
of Finlcy Anderson, the telegraph
operator upon whose testimony Caleb
Dowers was convicted of complicity iu
the murder of Qovernor Uoebel, in
which Adnerson swears his Btory told
on the stand at Georgetown was perjured.
After telling of a conversation with
Attorney  Camoboll at   Cincinnati  in
connection with the Qoebel case, thu
affidavit continues:
"���1 remained in Cincinnati after
this conversation with Mr. Campbell,
aud some time after Hint Arthur lloe-
bel.in his store upstairs on the fourth
lloor, .when- 1 had gone at his request,
asked   ine if Dowers   lind   not   In   my
presence at Barbourvlllc   in January
said lo me ill Substance   these    words.
referring to William Ooebelt 'They
say ho wears a coat of mail, hut it
won't do him uny good,' or something
similar to thnt.
"1 told Arthur Ooebel that Powers
had never said anything of the sort
in my presence to my hest knowledge.
lie told me to think and see if I could
not remember.    1   could not n tuber
such u remark and I know that Dowers never did make such a rental- or
anything resembling it. in my presence, but being urged by   Arlhiii O	
bel 1 Bnally concluded to state thnt lie
did  make such a  statement and  so
swore upon the trial, which testimony was false."
"Before making my statement to
Campbell, Wharton Golden told me to
make it as strong a;, possible, as thoy
(referring to Campbell and Ooebel |
would take care of me and protect
" I desire now   In sn v thai    I    never
id i I ill. A COLP IV ni: KU
Take l.;c\cii!v<- .romi) Qtilnlno TsblStfc All
tlriiiiKlstH refund thu money If It fulln tn euro.
36c.   K W. Urovo' HlKiiuturo i" on ciiuli box,
Where Those Come From That Are
Eaten in Nelson.
As the result of the immediate district of Nelson not being a fruit producing country, large quantities of
this urticle have to bo imported annually and therefore, the prices on apples and other Bin all fruits nre necessarily higher than they otherwise
would be. The nearest fruit garden
to Nelson, and one which has made
rapid strides to tho front, during the
past two years, and which DOW* produces, if not the largest quantity, the
hest apples grown in Canada oi the
l'nited States, is-thal.of the Okauagan
It has boon ascertained from the
local dealers In this product that but
a small quantity of tho apples whieh
are consumed In this city are brought
from Okauagan, but. on the other
hand BO per cent, are Imported from
the fruit gardens of the State of
Washington. Owing to tho situation
of Nelson to the fruit districts of the
west, upplcs can be brought from the
American side and sold tothe epnsnm-
ers here at a lower price than if they
were shipped from the Oknungnn country. This tact is hugely duo to the
transportation rates. The freight
rat.' nn 100 pounds of apples coming
from Spokane, where  largo quantities
of the apples are purchased is B6 cents,
whilo the rale from the Okauagan
district is ii.1 cents per hundred. Of
course the duty on apples coming from
the American side has to be llgnred
in, but as it is only 14 cents on 100
pounds, this quantity of apples can be
laid down heie at a cost of .10 conts.
And, ns apples are grown In much
linger quantities on the American
side, they cun be bought at a much
lower price than they can In the fruit
gardens of British Columbia, where
they are us yet raised In conipaiatlve-
ly small quantities, When the rail
way from the Kootenays to tho coast
is built, Nelson will purchase Canadian apples, hut until that time the
Stule of Washington must supply this
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Turn-r-Bocc.ti BlocK Baker Street
9,000 London  Consolidated (Silver
Hill) B4J.
-,500   Exchequer  7X
.ion Referendum  IH
1,000 Shares Crow's Nest Coal.
1,000 Shares Kninbler-Cnribuo.
2,00tl Shares Noble Five.
List your Stocks with us.
a/-"*** 0\trtit1-*.0-r.0X0lAIf*tlX0\0\0+\0\0\0\0\t\0\0\0\0'A)0-*0'��,0%0
?V*X*tt,-,H_. 1*0^0*0<UJI'IE.0*0*0\ + 0\0^*0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0*MM.
_JJ \0
R  Morrison fe Caldwell
Finest lino of
Staple and Fancy
Groceries, Provisions,
Canned Goods,
Fruits, Vegetables, etc.
Our Specialties :
Best Creamery Butler and
Fresh   Bogustown   Eggs.
rrisoi)  &  Ca.dWell
H. & M. BIRD
Agents fur Bureka Itinera! Wool and
Asbestos  Cc.
Insurance oo. of North America, Mutual ILiro
Insurance Cu., o! Now YorK, Quebec
Flro Assurance Co.
Sixteen lots in Hogustown have been
placed in our bands for Immediate
sale at prices varying from J85 to 8126
each. These lots are all in good position and are tlrst-class building sites.
O-Rooined house, cornor of Ward
ami Ilobson, all   modern  conveniences   .25 00
8-Roomed house. Hume Addition 20 00
New house on Water Street    is 00
Cottage on Water Slreel    ID 1111
7-Koomed house on Robson St.,
between Kootenay and Stan-
lev, all conveniences  '.'.", oo
1 It-.!
Si. Lcliis
To be had wholesale at Nelson.
l\.   P.    -_ilhefc    &
Co.3 LuL
A. B.  GRAY, IWwrHt, Nelaon
Kootenay Agent,
Gamble & O'Reilly
Baker Street
Real Estc'c and Insurance Agents.
Soo Line
Also TOURIST OARS passing Dun-
more Junction Daily for St. l'aul, Saturdays for Montreal and Boston, Mondays and Thursday, for Toronto.
S.nie ears pass Revelstoke one day
I'm1   Mini-   eastern   trip   is to  see   that
your ticket  rends via Canadian I'aeilie.
Trains and Steamers llepurt.
ii oo /Steamer for KootenayLacd-
ii���;k. i'"K and eastern points vin
"111>    ) Crow's Nest Route.
N:P0 1 Train for Rossland, (hand
Kx Sun ) Forks, Greenwood,Midway,eto
0:00 [Train for Slocan City, Slocnn
Ex Sun 1 points, and Sandon.
10.00 ) Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
Ex Sun 1 mediate points.
IS'io ) Train for Rossland, Nakusp,
Daiiv    l l>l'vt''s,'ike,   main    line   and
'   ���     ) I'ncitiic Coast Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and full Information call on or address nearest Lo-
eul Agent, or,
it. \v. Drew, iiepot Agent 1 tfciHon, b. c.
II. I��� Ilrown, City Agent.  /
VV. _ . Ah_-K_UN, K. J,COYLcK,
Tray. Pa_ Agent        A. G. P.  Ann.:
Nolcon Vn.rc.ver
Spokane  Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson  Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v,
Red MountainJR'v.
The only nil rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
I for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and (ireenwood.
Room 1, Tnrner-Kueckh 11 look,
Houses aud Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
Klvo, six, Hovun niu! I'IkIiI  room house* for
Hiile, twenty por oont. below cost 	
_. 0. GBKBN        F. S. OI.KMKNTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box N�� H-li-vn. B. <1
A. R. BARROW, a. mi. a i;
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Corner Victoria and Kootenay SU.
P. O. Box RAO. Tnlophnnn Nn. ��:.
wiMVt B_.0_.KB, ���.mini Pimil
Wlndsrin-roIMlam.   .orrtwp ' oncoHuP-lt
WINnKHMFRR. ,<.  ("1
Of %VrM lliK 1'MHir won't Iwl
lonK. Vou d bettor plnce 'in-
othor "hurry up' order with
O-Roomed House and Hath Room
together with Kitchen   Range
complete   with    llol   and    .'old
water, Observatory St.,   Magnificent view,   rent  including
water rates  82S.OO
.���Roomcd   Mouse  coiner   Cedar
uml Carbonate Streets 830.00
.-, i: i 11,,1'sc tlumo Additlontlft.00
I-Roomed Cottage Oore st 113,50
D-Roomcd lions,. Corner Mill   A
Hall Sir.,, from Nov.   1st J30.00
Rents collected,  Loans made.  Agents  Effective  Sunday, Ootober -1st, 1000,
Hritish Columbia Permanent  Loan   &
Savings Company,
Train No. 33 (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    I0:4fi p.m.
KOOTENAYCOFFEE CO --^^���������������������������- !S__t
'I'rain No. :il (Ni^ht Train).
Leave Kosslainl    II 100 p.m,
Leave Northport    HUB a.m.
Arrive Spokane     TiOB u.m.
Our Fresh Boasted Ooffee Best of
Quality, as follows i
Java and Arabian Mooha. per pound I io
Jura and Uooha Rlond.3 pound,, 1 no
Kino Bantoa. i pound*     ... I oo
B elites HI I. fl pound"  1 ii0
iiur  HpootalUlond, 11 puundii  1 '*.
Our ltio 1 r.... -1. Opoi nd.  1 00
A Tiii.u. mint it Mini in ii.
2 doors east of oddfellows
Nelson,      -      a. c-
H. A. JACKSON, (1. P, &T.A.
Spokane   Wash
- c .-r11   Nelnon, B.O
Will pay the highest cuts, prloo tot all
kinilH ol second hand guilds.    Will liny
or  noil  scything from   an anchor to u
needle.     .'urnitiiiv,    itovei,    OaipertS.
oooklng utensils, bought in household
qnantitlMi Also (list olf clothing,
(lull and wo me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Jl"X aoo. B>��
Slrenl. Nwlson.  1*   I'
Hy tlio week liom $i In $6.
By the day ���l.OO.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Krom Montreal
Iloiiiinlon Uno Dominion Nov   II
Doiciinioii   I,Inn Ciilnliiouuin Nor In
All.cn l.lne I'nrlsliin   ;Nov3
Allan Una Tunisian Novll
iic.ici l.lnc Lake Bnporlor   Nov'j
Denver   l.lne  ljiko llntnrlo   Nov S
Krom New \ ork
Whito Star LinoTentonlo    Nov 7
While siur Lloa Oornianlo     >>"* "
I'ciijinl   l.'.no ('iiiupiinlii  Nov 3
CuiNircl   l.in.c  Klrurlci  Nov 10
American I. BU Paul    Nov 7
Kc-d ��tar Uno Frloaland    Nov 7
Kii'iirii Uno LaTouralno     Nov ��
Anohor Uno jfurnoaola .N"V'
An.lior  l.lnc   Klhlopla     N01 1"
B.O. I., l.lnc Lnlni        ;s"1 8
Allun Btato Uno Sardinian ,��oi .1
Krom Boston
Doinliilonl.innNewK.nKlcii.il _f0V,I
Cnnnrd l.lnc herein      ���  ���     cWOI 11
I'lUnMlctW iirriiiiKcd lonicd from nil Kiim|s'nn
points. Koi nil.-, tli ko, ��� and full Intormniton
apply lo a P, ft di'f'l "ST"!  >'','   (��� '������ Ilrown
I'llv   I' c-    c l ��� _ ��� I   A.t'lll.  Nl'l-"M.  H- '   ���
L1Vrl"   "'K      \f   iV K. ITM.MI.M,*,
Ucncral Arfunl. i'.l'.K- OIII---. Winnipeg
For wood or hard or soft coal.
'The   largest   line  carried   by
any firm in Canada.
"Good   Cheer"   Ranges   and
j        Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call and he convinced that  the only   place to buy
Stoves  and   Ranges  at   the  ri^ht  prices   is  the
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   O.    TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
I^ooij-s ai)d O^ices to l^eijl.
Apply   io
Melsoi) Electric TrarnWaiJ Co.
Corner Jost-phinc*  and Vernon Streets.
^W -_?^_# -i^W^<lii>^^^^^S__?^_^W%-?*
All The Latest News.
News From _ Victoria
News From Ottawa
News From Winnipeg
News From Montreal
All The Canadian News
All The Local News .__.
���IN   THE���
Publishes more Telegraph Newi than all
other West Kootenay Papers,    .    ,
65 cents
''' ^'/...."'-^Tl'.^A,^
____���_��� Nelso.1   Daily  Mine*,   Friday  Eveniho,   November a,  1900
J. C. Drewry  of   Rossland
Bonds the True Blue
Copper Mine.
The True Blue copper mine,situated
about three miles from Ivaslo, was
bonded yesterday by Mr. J. C. Drewery, of Kossland, a prominent capitalist and mining promoter. The purchase price is not given out hut it is
said to be a largo sum. Mr, Drewery
was in Nelson today for a few hours
en route to Moyie and from hiin the
ahove information was obtained. Immediately after the papers were drawn
np yesterday a crew of men wore sent
out from Kaslo to repair the trails
and to get things into shape for aotlve
development work at the mine, which
will he carried on vigorously all winter.
The property consists of three
claims, the True Blue, Peacock ami
Copper Queen. It was bonded about
a year ago by the Hall Mines Company for 865,000 and they expended
from 830,000 to 840,000 in developing
it, but werejforced to relinquish the
bond at the time of the difficulties
last summer. During the time they
worked the proporty they did a considerable amount of development.' in
the form of tunneling, shafting nnd
sinking winzes, They ulso made a
shipment of two carloads of ore to
the smelter. One gave an average return of 10 1-10 per cent, copper, while
the other gave an average of 12 2-6
per cent.
The former owners of the property
were .Messrs. .1. Fraser, M. A. Stephenson and Angus Campbell, all of
Kaslo. Mr. .1. Fred'Ritchle, of Kossland, represented the owners in the
In speaking of the property Mr.
Drewry said: "It is one of the hest.
if not the hest, copper properties in
British Columbia." It is .Mr. Drew-
ery's intention to form a new company which will he known as the
True Blue Copper Mines, Limited.
After pushing the development all
winter, and if satisfactory results are
obtained, it is probable that a tramway will he erected in the spring and
shipping will begin,
Samuel Vila, representing .lames
Turner .v.  Co.,   wholesale grocers,   of
Hamilton. (Int., is in Nelson calling
on the trade.
Mr. .1. c. T. Crofts left last evening
on a business trip to Vancouver,
where he expects to remain for the
next two weeks.
Mr. II. (I. Williams, who at present
has eha'gc of the local ticket office of
the Spokane'Falls and Northern, left
for Kossland this morning on a business trip.
The children's party to have heen
given by .Mrs.     Horace   11 nine   at   the
llcctcl liuii.e last Saturday afternoon,
and which was postponed, will lie
given tomorrow afternoon.
The c. P. K. Telegraph Co.. announces that it will give the free use
of its wires to all members of the Idaho contingent of Canadian voluneeers
who wish to announce their arrival,
etc.. to relatives and friends.
over  811600 of   the City taxes were
paid in at the city hall yesterday.
This makes over 83, 800 that has lec-cn
paiil during the past two clays. There
are yet a large number of property
holders who have not paid taxes,
UlaneV and Itaiiisilall.of Bogustown,
received last night from Los Angeles.
Cal., a oonslgnmenl of forty Belgian
hares. They aie going Into the Belgian hare business extensively and expert .-c,,pu to lind a large market in
the Kootenays,
The  highest   temperature   recorded
in N'clson iuring October was i,. degress on tic., loth anil   the   lowest was
:::i degrees which was r ,riled on   the
86th   and   -7th.    The   mean   tempera
tures were,    maximum   50,   minimum
:i".    The rainfall on 17 days amounted
tec   I. I I   inches.
The social to he given under the
auspices of the Lin lie's' Aid of the i on-
gregatlonal ohurch   will he. held   this
evening al the residen if .Mr.   A.    i .
I.wart, opposite Hie lieiieral Hospital.
An excellent, musical ami literary
programme  will   bo   rendered  and   a
dinner will he served by the ladies
from :, o'clock,
The morality of Nelson and the surrounding disi i-ii't is apparent lv becoming much    heller    Ilnin     it    Was fl  few'
months ago, At pre,cut the I'rovia
eial jail here contains IU prisoners,
which is the smallest number <��f Inmates for the past two years, (Inly a
few months ago there were confined
in its cells is prisoners, Before the Kith
of this mouth four more convicts will
lie released. This will leave Hie juil
with null'   Irt prisoners    unless   in    the
meantime others are broughl iu.
The Conservatives held a meeting at
thoir committee rooms on BakerBtrecl
last, evening to hear   the  reports from
the members of Hie oanvussing committee. From the reports il Has
shown that the   canvassing wus iil���,nt
completed and thai very satisfactory
results had been obtained. The confidence in tin* success of the Conservative candidate, -Mr. MaeNeill, Is Increasing daily, and when the vote is
cast on November 31, tlie followers   of
the Conservative cause expeel to have
a : d majority,
Election of ollieers and  routine but
Incss occupied the attention of those
present ut the   annual meeting of  tlio
St. Andrews' Society last evening in
the Board of Trade rooms. It was decided lo hold the annual barujui't on
St. Andrews' night, Nov. ltd. The
officers were elected as follows: President. .Mr. .1. Roderick Hobertson; Mr.
George Kydd, vice-president; Mr. .1.
K, Stracbau, secretary-treasurer; Mr.
S. S. Taylor, Q. C, solicitor, Kev. K.
Frew, chaplain, aud Dr. Forin, physician. An executive comniittee was
elected as follows: Messrs. A. L. Mclvillop, .1. A. Gibson, W, A. Macdonahl. .1. A. Forin, .lames Lawrence,
George Johnstone, -lohn Hamilton,
.lames Mel'hee. Captain Duncan und
N. T. McLeod.
"Big Bill" McLain has a partner
named Tom Livingstone who used to
lie a Conservative, hut who has been
talked into changing his politics hv
"Bill." The latter was telling Jack
111.8011 nbout Livingstone und men-
i ionic! the fact that he was a Conservative at one time. "He was'."'
said .lack', "why that man looks intelligent enough to have always been n
Liberal." I). A. McArthur was washing his sidewalk at the time and
heard the remark and he turned the
lu se on Cihsoii and then put into the
store. McLain was the onlv one who
Mr. \V. A. McLain, in charge of the
construction of roads in this district.
came in to Nelson yesterday from 'l(.i-
Creek. where a road is being built
from Granite Siding to the May and
Jennie group. Mr. McLean has put a
second gang of men to work on the
May and Jennie end of the road und
in three weeks expects to have the
road completed. Work on another
road has commenced, it is to he built
from the I'oorman mine along the
cast side of Fugle Creek and will run
through the .lack Pot, the Central, the
Star. Hie I'ingrce and other claims.
��� inly about a mile or two of the road
will be built this year, the balance
to be built next season. Mr. McLain
says the road to the May and Jennie
will he one of the best mining roads
in tne Province.
The following is a list of donations
to the General Hospital during the
month of October: Magazines, Mis.
<!. Nunn, Mrs. Campbell-Johnston,
Miss Williams, Mrs. Fellowes.and Mr.
Rlckard; Mowers. Mrs. Thomas, Mrs.
(!. Laing Stocks, Mrs. lirigstoek, Mrs.
Shaw and Mr. W. C. Kielly; fruit
and dishes, W, Hunter A Co., Mrs.
lames Maodonald; vegetables and
fruit, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Hodder,
.Mrs. Laing Stocks; jelly, Mrs.J.Irwin :
cake, Mrs. F. Woakes; grouse, chief
of Provincial police; trout, Mr. Hudson, Robson; linen, furniture. Ladies' Aid. Tlie Miner has heen asked
lo thank through its columns, the lo-
ial telephone company for the kindness it showed to the staff and patients of the hospital by placing hand
'phones in the building so that all
could enjoy the production of "Mikado. ''
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
us received from The Miner's special
name. A8KKD.    inn.
Blncktail 11 101.,'
Butte & Boston  2%       _.'..
Crystal    4 o%
Conjuncture  3 2l*
I leer Trail (Ion  2%       2>4
Evening 8tar  7 8V
Hold Ledge    2^        1%
Golden Harvest      H        %
I. X. 1. 20 III
Iron Mask :�� U
.1 im Blnine  b' 4
Lone Pine Surprise  8H 8
Mountain Lion BI) (l
.Morning Glory  7 6U
Morrison  _��,' 2!*
Noble Five  5 2',
Princess Mnnd  2,'i 1.',
Palmer Mt. Tun  17 0
Qnilp  0 0
Rambler-Cariboo 2K 25"_
Republic   08 ti
Reservation    7 5
Rossland Giant  2'4 2
Sullivan 18 II' j
Tom Thumb 18).;    1C
VVaterloi  H'ti       _>_
Winnipeg  4 I)
Copper Queen 10       7
Sales   Rambler Cariboo,  11X10 nt 2(1;
R.sslaiid (li.int, 1000 at 2l4, 1000, 500,
500 id 2: Crystal, 1000 ul M\.
Saturday's Special.
Ladies Colored Taffeta Silk
Underskirts, Finished with
corded umbrella shaped ruf-
fle, and warmly lined. Gootl
value al $i2.oo. Our special
price tomorrow
Kerr # Co.
Bakbh snii-'-T, T-ujiin,
An Unparalleled Exhibition of Bargains now on view at the store
of Martin O'Reilly & Co., Mm may have thought at first that this
was a Circus Advertisement, and that in return for your money you
were only offered an Empty Show.
It is not a catch-penny affair, however, but an Invitation to You
and _'our Friends to come and look at our array of Shelves and
Counters Stocked with an endless variety of Dry Goods of all descrip-
ions We will show them to you and tell you the Prices. You cannot
resist them.
Do you need any persuasion to induce you to accept our Invitation.   Then look at these prices; they will talk for themselves.
The Style and Cut of these Garments
Cannot be Excelled Anywhere.
Ladies Jackets
Nicely Finished Beaver Cloth Jacket,
stitched with Silk; regular price $6, going at. .$ 3 50
Double Breasted Jacket, large pearl buttons,
front and sleeves   trimmed with  braid;   regular'
price $9.00, going at     5 00
Heavy Black Curl Cloth Jacket, trimmed
with cloth straps; regular price $10, going at..    6 00
Heavy Curl Cloth Jackets, in dark greens
and blues, double breasted, with storm collar;
regular price $11.50, going at     7 00
Handsome Braided Kersey Cloth Jackets,
lined with mercerized sateen; regular price
$15.00, going at     8 00
Best quality Kersey Cloth Jackets, with
storm colors, in fawn, blue and green; regular
price $18.00, going at    10 00
A very superior quality of Beaver Cloth
Jackets, with and without velvet collars, stitched
with silk; regular price $22.00, going at    16 50
Ladies' Tailor Made Skirts
These wc have in black and navy blue Serges of good wearing quality, lined with excellent silesia; regular price $6.00, going at   $3 00
Here is something out of the ordinary, in
the same colors and also of Serge, but it is the
quality that excells here, we never had better;
regular price $9.00, going at     7 50
Black Creponne Skirts; regular price $S,
going at     5 5o
Fine Black Creponne Skirts, trimmed with
block satin and with good velveteen binding;
regular price $8.50, going at     6 50
Ladies' Silk Waists
A very pretty Silk Waist in fancy stripes,
all sizes; regular price $5.50, going at  $3 50
���     ���
A very handsome Taffeta Waist, pretty
colorings in fancy stripes; regular price $15.00,
going at     8 00
Black Taffeta Waist. We are clearing out
this entire line of nobby Black Taffetta Waists
at less than cost; regular price $7.00,   going  at    3 50
A very heavy quality Table Linen, handsome designs, 54 inches wide; at, per yard         35
A very heavy quality Table Damask, grass
bleached, rich satin finish, extra heavy quality;
regular price $1.25, going at, per yard         85
Table Napkins, fine bleached pure Irish
Linen, at, per dozen,$1.25, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50....    3 00
In Russian Crash, Huckeback   and   Grass
Cloth, at, per yard, 5c, 8, 10, 12'. and	
Sheets and Pillow Covers
Sheets made of the very best Bleached
Sheeting, ready for use, 72x90, at, per pair   $1  50
Pillow Cases, heavy quality, nice finish,
bleached Cotton, 40 and 42 inches wide, at, per
P:iir         35
Chenille Curtains, fringe and dado top and
bottom, 38 inches wide, three yards long, at,
Per Pair  $3 50
Tapestry Curtains, fringe at both ends, re-
versable patterns, 49 inches wide, three yards
long, per pair      3 50
Nottingham Lace Curtains with button
hole stitched edge, 3^. yards long; at, per   pair        90
This is not the First Cut Price Sale we have had, but better opportunities were never offered.   These Bargains Won't Last Long.
Martin O'Reilly
Great Show This Week.


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