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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 21, 1900

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Edition No. 6S1.
Nelson, British Columbia, Wednesday, March 21, 1900.
Tenth Year
Wily Oom Paul Grants an
Interview to New York
Ho Thinks Lord Salisbury Will
Hang Him if He Ill-Treats
tiou on the subjeot of the alleged
threats of the Boers to destroy Johannesburg and aa to what the Hours
miglit expect in the event of wanton
destruction of British propeity.
(Sl'l'.l IAI.S TO Till'. MINER.)
Now Vnrk, March 20.���An interview bud by the oorrospondeqt of Ihe
Hernlil witli President Kmger, on
jivh 10, nl Pretoria, is printed todny
in The Herald. At that timo the
Presldont wns dssorlhed ns showing
imi little oviiienoe In his oonntenanoe
of tho troniendons Strain he was nn-
dergoing. Tbe complexion ol Mouth
Afrionn uifniis, bnwovei', has changed
Donsiileriihly since then, lie, was
dressed In n rosty frock coat, the fiont
of whioh was sprinkled with tobaoco.
Ho smoked a pitfe dm-ing the Whole
Intotview. ' This war wns forced upon us by (Jeoil Rhodes, nnd tbo mining
millionaires who want the country,"
wiiil the Hoi r President. "The Boers
yielded bb far us possible, until they
siiw thai nothing bnt oompleta snrren-
ilnr ul' ilu'ir independence would satisfy
England. Having been forneil into
the war, tbe Boer will conquer or die.
1 expect nn tiitl from other nnllODP, but
we ore glad of sympathy nnd friend-
' ��Wp. Tlm Traiisvnnl is willing lo
make peace nl any time. Bnt we wain
nn mors conventions. Only absolute
Independence is possible, Wo do not
wnut any more territory, bnt are eon
lent with onr present frontier if we
are pei'milteil In live peacefully. This
is nil \vn nsk. Tbe Transviial will
stipulate In the penoe terms Hint Natal nnd Caps Colony lluteli, now lighting with the Boots, shall be regarded
us belligerents arid sutler no loss of
prnpoity. 1 rcouilly leii-ncii ;lurt some
of tho sauio had been captured by the
British and were being tried nt Cupe
Town charged with treason. 1 oabled
Lord Sallshoiy stating that it suoh
men were nut treated 8S prisoners of
war, wo w'lniil make repnsnls on the
Hnlisli prboncrs here Lord Snlis-.
bury replied threatening if we injured
n smglo Brltisli prisoner they would
hold me personally responsible. I suppose ho menut ilie British would hnug
me. The Traiisvnnl Oovernnieiit re-
pled today inforining Lord Snllsbniy
that thsy despise his threats. There is
no tinth in the story of a conspiracy
iin.oug   the     .South     Afrieun   Dutch.
'l'liis is not their quarrel, The
Orange Free Stole is bound by trenty
to mil os,   Mr.   Buhriuer repeatedly
urged ns tn yield. It is too early to
prophesy the outcome of the war or its
duration. The Boeis nre In God's hand
Slid lie will not let us perish. Onr
total fighting strength is forty thousands but with (bid's uid we eiin prevail. 1 havo two hundred blood relatives fighting and would rather see
tliem ull perish than yield. It ie liber')' or death,"
Cape Town, Mnrch 20.���Tho'Boers
have blown up the bridges north of
Bloiinfoiitoin, including those nt Win-
bnrg and Kroonstadt, and aro now returning to the north.
Wellington, New Zealand, Maroli 20.
In bidding farewell to the fourth
onuti'igent of New Zonlnnd corps, lenv-
Ing today for service'in South Africa,
the Premier, I. J. Ueddon, emphasized
the determination of Australians to
support Imperii;' prestige. The country had four hundred thousand male
adults, mostly drilled, prenared to defend the Colonies and if nn emergency
arose to send enough men to South Af-
lioa to leuve the Imperial troops to
deal with any unfriendly powers daring to meddlo with the settlement.
Lord Salisbury's reply to the Bbnr Presidents and the friendly note of the
President of Unite 1 States nnd tbe nu-
liouncoment thnt Great Britain would
not assent to the indepindenoe of the
Republics weio all endorsed by New
Zealand, where, Ihe Premiei added,
they would maintain that position at
any cost.
Bloemfontein, Monday, Match 10.���
The Boers blow up the railroad bridge
over the Modder River, fourteen miles
north, last night. The law courtH wero
reopened today.
Capo Town. March 20.���Sir Alfred
Milner, the Governor of Cape Colony
and British High Commissioner of
South Africa,bus issned a pioelamation
declaring the Imperial Government
will not recognize as valid or effectual,
uny allouiutions of property, whether
of lands, railroads or mines, within
the Tiansvaal or the Ormige Free
rftnte, or any intorest therein or en-
oiiniberuneo or auy ooncessious granted by the said Governments.
is now
that a
New York, Maroh 20. ���A
cable says that a part of tho
pai'ilientien of South Africa
apparent In the announcement
the British authorities there will make
every elfmt tn induce tho teservists,
the time expired men, and the volunteers, and the Colonials from abroad
to settle there ns soon as tbe war is
ever hy giving them 240 aires of In.id
fail], provided they will occupy tbo
land fur ten years.
South African Republics Will
Be  Under Colonial
There Is a General Lull in the
Military Operations at
the Front.
that the relief of Ladysmith nrose out
of Lord Roberta' operations. "On the
contrary," he says, "the operutious
of Lord Roberta were assisted by tho
faot that Goueral Bnller kept 10,000
Boors oooupied. It would bo cruel
and unworthy to deprive tbo Natal
nrmy of their hnrd won laurels and
none would more vigorously repudiate
suoh a suggestion tbau Lord Roberts
Mr. Spencor Wilkinson, writing in
tho Morning Post, justifies Mr. Winston Churchill's argument respecting
the relief of Ladysmith. Ho thinks
thnt Sir Alfred Milner has gone to
Bloemfontein to arrange for the permanent administration of tho Province and perhaps to dooide about Ibo
captured oi surrendered rebels.
London, Marob 20. ���(2::10 p.m.)
rot nil Hie news that reached here
yesterday and todny Great Britain
julghl nlmoat as well be nt. peace. It
is reasonable to believe that tho relief
nl Mafeking may be heard ot at ��ny
hour, Oeneial Kitchener has entered
l'ricskn, Cupe Colony, withont opuosi
tiou, tbo insurgents laying down their
arms, This continns the previous
rcp-irt uf their willingness to submit.
Oenstsl Roberta nnd Bnllor ure still
Inactive, pending developments at tbe
theatre nf war.
Considerable interest is   attached to
the late of Johannesburg, Comment-
'"g on the reported consultation between Benretary Bay nnd the German
Arnbsssarlor at Washington.  Dr.  Von
Hollelien,regarding urging hoth belligerents tn leave .lobnniiesberg alone,
ihe Pall Mall Gazette, says: "This
'one Dr. Luyds has, us wo may Without Impropriety assume, put abroard
Hie tub, tu the affect that the German
Ambassador at Washington and tho
American Consul at Pretoria are con-
jetting a little scheme of German Intervention. That is really a gloriius
jam and one which shows to what
aoBpernte straits the enemies ol this
oonutry aie reduced. Just imagine n
""vi'mment, Whi,:h has forninllyih o'in-
'''} all entslde Intervention, permitting
'���erinany tu rlir-tsito the eourso of   Lord
����'eits lani'.'b to Pretoria.    The Ger-
i  nan Foreign Offlne knows belter   than
" '"vile   the snub it would infn
���we '1 it venture too
'M��t��inua a
prop! sition
Noiidon, Mnrch 20.���In tho House of
todny    tho   Parliamentary
f   Stnto
Mr. Joseph Chamber
\v'-'-T"iti"ry "f "'"War oillne, Mr
f���;   ',"""��� Hni(1 "ie Secretary
V" '"" Colonie
A   Delightfully   Iuaoourato   Response
to One ot Hia Complaints.
London, March 20.-(7 :10 p. M.)-
The following dispatch has been received at the War Office, from Irfird
Roberts, dated Bloemfontein, Maroli
IH: 1 hnvo received the followiug reply
lo my telegram ^of March 11 to tba
Presidents of tbe Free State und South
Afrioan Republic: "Your Excellency's
telegram reached me yesterday. I assure you nothing would grieve me more
than that my Hurgheis would make
tbemelves guilty of acts such as that
laid to their ohnrge by vou. I am,
however, glad to suy yon must have
beeu mistaken. I have made personal
inquiry of (leneral Uelurey, who wus
in oommand of our Burghers at the
place mentioned by you. He denies
entirely that our Burghers aoted as
stated by you, but he says that on Saturday, thu date beirig illogible, the
Hi itish troops, wheu thev were about
fifty yards from onr position, put up
their hands as well as a white Hug
whilo at the aamo time your canuor
bombarded the said troops, with the
result that Ooinmandaut DeBeer was
badly woundod. Yesterday morning
the head commandant wrote in his
account of the battle as follows: 'The
solders hoisted the white Hag but were
then flrod at by tho British canuous
and 1 wns compelled to oharge.' Perhaps i t is not known to Your Exoellency
thnt the some thing Impelled at Spion
Knp, where, when a portion of the
troops hoisted a white flag nnd put up
their hands and whilst our Burghers
were busy disarming tbem, anothor
portion of the troops fired on onr
Borghors, but some of tho British
troops were killed. It hns also boen
reported that at the last battle of the
Tngelu, English cannon bred on troops
who had surrendered. With reference to the explosive bullets found in
Gronje'B laager and elsewhere, 1 oau
give Your Excellency assurance that
such bullets were not purchased or el-
lowed by the Government. I buve,
however no reason to doubt Your Excellency b statement aa I know many of
tho Burghers of this State and of tho
South African Republic took a large
number of Lee-Metford rifles nnd dumdum and othor bullets from British
troops. Mny I request Your Excellency, ns the cable iB closed to me, to
make my reply known to yonr Government and tho neutral powers by cable.
(Sgd)   State President."
The dispatch from Lord Roberts
coucludes ns follows: "As tho inquiry
into that mutter proveB His Honor's
allegatir.ua to bo unfounded and ns I
personally saw tne holding up of
hnnds which he denies, I hnve not
thought it desirable to coutiuuo Wits
London Maroh 20.-The War Office
baa reneived the following dispatch
from Lord Roberts dated Bloemfontein,
Tuesrtny, Mnrcb 20: "Kitchener occupied Prieaka yesterday unopposed.
The rebels Burrondured their arms.
Tho Transvaalers escaped across the
river. Mr. Steyn is circulating a
notice by meanB of despatch riders in
reply to my proclamation, to tho ell not
that any Burgher who signs a declaration thnt he will not fight ngaiuBt ns
again will be treated as a tiaitor and
shot. Tho Bloemfontein people aie
in Downing affording ns every esaiatance in the
mutter of hospital accommodations.
We have consequently been able to arrange for five hundred bode. Thirty-
throo prisoners wer�� taken nt Prieskn,
two hnndied stands of arms and some
supplies and explosives. The Boers
have begun to surrender on  the Basnt-
London March SI,���(4:26 a. in.)���'
Whilo there is a lull in the military
operations, the political positions of
the win show interesting developments. Tbo Colonial Oftlue has telegraphed to Capo Town the text of the
proclamation concerning destruction of
propeity. This will not be published
in London until after its promulgation in South Afrioa but it is known
that it will couvey an intimation that
any wanton destruction of British
ptopoity during the war will bo regarded as warranting a claim for compensation and as justifying a levy upon private properly shnuld the resources ol tho Transvaal Republic
prove inadequate. The fact that the
proclamation is issued by the Colonial
Office is regarded nn an indication
thut tho Republics will be administered as Crown Colonies, lu this connection it is understood that the leaders
of thu Opposition in Parliament now
admit no othor settlement is possible
since tho Republics insist upon their
demand or absolute independence, In
view of tbis tho efforts of the Liberals
will be confined to seeming in tho settlement tho best treatment for tho
Dutch population, including security
against their disfranchisement, it is
becoming as quite a settled matter
that should tne win be ended, as it is
now hoped, befoie June the Government will dissolve Parliament and
appeal to Ibe i.uintry on tbe basis of a
successful South African policy. Should
tbo war drag ou dissolution will bo
[OStponed until next spring. In any
event one of the foremost plnnks of the
Government platform will be nrmy reorganization. There is no further information as to tho movements of Sir
Alfred Milner. It is regarded as oer-
tain, however, that he has gen.' tn
Bloemfontein to arrange for tho torn-
pomry administration of tho Free
State. Mr. Stuyn's reply to Lord Huberts' charges of the misuse of flag of
truce is coninunted upon ns imperti-
uent uud ridiculous, and Lord Roberts'
courso iu closing useless  discussion   iB
commended as wise.
Indications from Nutnl seem to show
thnt Genera] Bnller'S forward movement will not lie long delayed. The
Government bus decided thnt Major
General Sir Frederick Cnriingnn shall
command Colonial force of .1,000 including the 8,600 meu Mr. Chamberlain usked for from Australia, which
will be stationed on the northern
Transvaal bordei to prevent Boer retreat or nn incursion into Hhodesia.
A statement conies from Pretoria
ndmittiug that the Boer losses during
tbe war exceed 7,000.
No fresh news has been received
from Mafeking, but u Pretoria dispatch, Thursday, March 16, nsserts
that Colonel Phnnnier bus noli been
able to advance south of Lobntsi.
London. March 21.���A dispatch to
The Daily Mnil from Onkerspoort,
dated Monday, March III, says: A re-
coiinaisuuce toward Fhilippnpnli, 17
miles north of Springfnntoin, found
thn farms ull flying whilo flags. The
British tioops were cordinlly received.
It ia reported that Mr. Steyn is trying
to rnlly the Boers but tbo hitter sny
that tbey have had onough  fighting.
London, March 21.���Tbe correspondent of The Daily Nows at Rloemfon-
tuiii, telegraphing Monday, Maroli IB,
says: "1 learn from Johannesburg
that it is uot true Unit the mines have
been flooded or otherwise damaged
beyond tho fuct that the mnchiney is
suffering from disuse. My Informant
declares that the whole story was fabricated to com t  sjmputbv."
London, March 2.���At the Nationalists banquet nt the Hotel Cecil in
London this evening, Mr. John Redmond, leader of tho Nationalist party
in the House of Commons, who presided, said that ho regarded the last nine
years of publio life in Ireland as a
"hideous nightmare. " "Our reunion is
sincere," he continued, "and thero is
nothing honionly speaking which tho
86 Irish members of Parliament cannot
obtain from tho exigencies of the British party." Mr. Edward Blake, member of Pnrlament for Sooth Longford,
who i remised the toast, "Ireland, nation" wiib greeted with hostile cries.
A disturbance ensued aud the police
were called to restore peace. During
Mr. Blake's speech, in coiHeqnanon
of the uproar, tho stewards were suit
for to secure quiet. A scrimmage followed and blows were exobnnged. After a shiup tussle quietude wns obtained again. While Mr. Edward Mc-
Hngh, member of Parliament for
South Armagh, was speaking a small
coterie renewed their interruptions
whioh developed Into a free fight.
Many ladies who were presout became
greatly frightened. Ultimately the
polioe overpowered the disturbers uud
ejected them.
was about   to jH8uu  u prcubima-J oland frontier
London. March   21. ���Mr.    Chamberlain had received the   following   from
tho Governor and Commander-in-Chief
of New Zealand, tho Bart of Ban-
furly : "The peoplo of Now Zealand
wish to express their endorsement of
the stand taken by the Imperial Government in declining to nllnw the intervention ot nnv foreign power, in
the settlement With the Transvaal and
the Free Stnte and in declining to assent to either State being independent.
My Government assures Her Majesy's
Government, New Zealand will support to Ihe Inst the Mother Country,
so fnr as it lies in her  power to do so,
in   maintaining that positiou which
has   been   Inkni   up,    irrespective   of
consequences, I sm desired tondd that
there ure largo numbers of men volunteering, who ure good ridcis and shots,
willing to go to Sonth Africa, for tbo
relief of tbe Imperial forces if the scr
vices of the latter wmo required elsewhere."
London,March 21.-Winston Churchill in u dispatch   doled   P'otmnnritz-
bnrg   wuinily   resists  the coutoution
Preferential Tariff Discussed
In   the   House   of
C, P. R. Refuses to Be Scared
by Premier Joseph
London, March 21.���Tho India
Office has issued its annual financial
stntoment. This sbuwa a surplus of
IKOtl-iyoil ot ��8,688,000.and an estimated sui'ibm fnr 1D00-1IKI1 of ��100,000.
Tho famine expenditure for 1 Willi'.100
worked out lit��8,660,000. It Is estimated that the famine expenditure for
I00O-1IIO1 will be��8,885,000. Except for
tho faniiuo expenditure, the budget is
regarded ns healthy. Tbe gold standard has been successfully introduced
and all demands have been met without borrowing. Tho Biirplus of ��100,-
000 is, however, only a paper surplus,
for a temporary loan of ��600,000 is to
be incurred in England and it is estimated that a temporary loon of three
scores of rupees will be ueoessary for
ways and means.
Loudon, March 21.���The Shanghai
correspondent to The Times says : The
North China Daily News publishes 11
despatch from a correspondent in the
Province of Shan Tung who says that
while tho Chinese Government has not
taken aotive measures to suppress tho
unti-foieign movement, Governor Yu-
oun has warned the missionaries that
the looal authorities ennnot bo held re
sponsible for the safety of those travelling unescorted into the interior. The
position of the native Christarns is
deulorod and aa the anti-foreign movement is continually iguored and unchecked, serious consequences are
St. John, Nfld., Maroh 20.-The
sealing fleet bus not reported ainco it
sailed IfiO days ago. The ice floes
have been driven hundreds of miles
seaward by off shore winds and it is
fenred that this will inoreiise the difficulty of seouring large catches.
Todny tho Governor, Lieut. -Col. Mc-
I'nlliiui, laid tbe corner stone of the
new Reid Railway hotel iu this city.
Tho hotel ia desigued especially to
meet the needs of tourist travel.
The Bond-Morria Cabinet will confront the Legislature, - iaroh 89. A
turbulent session is expocted.
Now York, Maroh 20.���Tho Central
cable office of the Western Union Telegraph Co., advises us follows: "Tel-
egruphio communioatious havo been
restored with Bloemfontein nud a military telegraph ofllce having hoen es
tnblished there, telegrams in plain
luiiguago may be accepted for there ut
sender's risk." The Oommsreial
Cable Co., issued a Bimilar notice.
New York. March 20.���It can bo
stated authoritatively that the State
Department has been informed that nil
of tho Governments of Central America are opposad to the Davis amendment to Ilie Hay-Puuiicefote treaty,
says n Washington dispatch to The
Herald. Iu tho opinion of tbe Governments designated, tho amendment
places jn the blinds of tho Government
(he right to not only take measures for
its own defences with reference to the
canal, but porrait it   to nso   force "for
tho niniiituineuoe ot public order."
Kingston, Jamaica, March 20.���Tbe
British cruiser Alert arrived today
from Colombia ports. She reports the
revolution there in fnll swing nnd that
Britlbi subjects aie in need of protection. The Alert is coaling hustily aud
will return to Colombia.
Ottawa, March 20.���The debnto 011
Russell's resolutions on the preferential
tariff was resumed today by Ur. Ma
Donald (Huron), and Craig, (East
Durham), dealt with oast pnliticnl
events such as unrestricted reciprocity
and commercial union which bo said
the Conservatives saved country from
having the Liberals carry them into
effect. Foster complained that tbo resolution was moved at a time whon il
could not   be   amended.    He   repented
that Government bad not  carried out
its pledges and went on to argue that
Canada should have something in return from Britain for preference. Ho
also contended thnt it was the intention of Laurier, ns expressed 111 his
speeohes before tbo general elections, to
secure preference from Britain. In
conclusion he gave notice of the following amendment which he would
move at the first opportunity as he could
not do so now : "That this House is
of tho opinion that a system of Imperial trade preference between Grout
Britain and Ireland and tho Colonies
would greatly stimulate increased
production in and commerce between
these two countries, nnd would thus
promote nnd maintain the unity of tbe
Empire and that nothing Whioh falls
short of the complete rcali/.ntion of
such 11 policy should be considered final
or satisfactory."
Fielding, iu reply, said Hint while
Canada hud not preference ou the slat
nte books of Great Britain, still we
got It in the hearts of tho people, nnd
the trade returns showed that this was
the case. The way whicli Foster suggested in dealing with this question
wus not practical, Canada fonnd, but
that it was not either the pioper way
to deal with Biitnin, seeing how
much she had done for Canada in the
past. The Government cculd stand
the jeers of the Opposition on the
question which Her Majesty the
Queen thought so important ns to re-
ter to in her speech from the throne in
the Imperial Parliament, and also received approbation of the picas of the
Empire.    (Cheers).
McMillan (Huron),endorsed the preferential tariff fioui a fanner's standpoint. He quoted 2H articles which
were used by farmers whioh hnd been
reduced in duty 18 por cent.
Heyda spoke iu favor of the resolution and was followed by Borden (Hulifax), who opposed it and praised the
National Policy. McClure (Colchester), ridiculed Borden's professions of
faith in the National Policy whon it
wns well known that until recently
be had beon a Liberal and opponent of
protection. Moore (Stonstead), followed.
Tbe House then divided on tho resolution of Dr. Russell which was oar-
| ried by 01 for to 40 against, m ijority
of -15 for the Government. Bourassa
voted with tbo Opposition. Independents voted with the Government.
Fioding Bald that tbe budget would he
down on Friday and the House then
There is general regret hero over
tbe news of the death of G. H.
Bertram, M. P., nt Toronto tonight.
Ho hnd many worm friends and no
enemies in Parliament.
Tho Senate today discussed the let
tor written   by Colonel   Foster,   chief
staff officer of the Militia Department,
to Lieutenant-Coloiiel White, Guelph,
stating thut bis namo bad been struck
off from the staff at Kingston because
he wns taking an activo part in politics. Bowel talked strongly on this
subject and Mills replied stating that
the 'Minister of Militia never guve nny
instructions for sending such a letter. Colonel White was nenr sixty
years and was a cripple and these were
the reasons why his name was struck
off. The letter was sent with Hut-
ton's instructions.
many years und felt cnnlldeut thnt he
would acqnit himself in n manner that
would redound lo the credit, valor and
courage of Canada. Father Liieombo
loft today for Montreal and on the
89th instant will sail from either New
York or Halifax for  Europe,
Montreal, March 20. ���A dispatch
from Victoria, B, C., which has been
extensively published,to the effect that
Joseph Martin has Inaugurated his regime by selling all the ties and timber
011 the Crow's Nest Railway for alleged non-payment of royalty, is ridiculed nt the C. P. R. headquarters,
Tbo Cnnadian Paoiflo nre owners of
the Crow's Nest line uud they say tbey
have no knowledge ot the seizure, but
uro certain if nny seizure hns taken
place it has no pnliticnl significance.
It is quite the common thing, say tho
management, for a Government officer
to make seizure of lies of n section
road,if it has been found tbnt lumber
men who supplied the logs to contractors havo failed to pay duty on
them, nnd possibly this may ho tho
ease ill tho present instanee.
The Hank of Montreal's share of the
British War Loan is ��18,000. It will
be remembered that tbe bank mane application for ��'2.000,0110. The Merchant' Bank of Canada subscribed for
��100,000 bonds, and will receive ����,-
Toronto, Ont., Mnreh 80.��� George
H. Bertram, M.P.,for Centre Toronto,
died tonight after prolonged illness.
He underwent, au operation for cancel'
some mouths ago nt Now York which
was at the time believed to have resulted favorably, but was in reality
niisncccssfol. He leaves a widow
and several children.   He was aged Oil.
Tho Outnrio Government lias appointed O. K. Eraser, brother of the
late Hon. H. P. Eraser, registrar of
the united counties of Leeds uud Granville.
Toronto, Out., Mnrcb 20.���The
Globe's correspondent at London,Eng,,
cabled yes onlay a summary of a letter received from John A    Ewun, The
Globe's correspondent witli the Second Canadian Contingent,   and   dated
Capo Town, February 27. Ewan
suys: "Xbe Pomeranian arrived bete
yesterday. Nine lioises died 011 tho
voyage but the men are all well, in
splendid spirits and delighted at tho
prospect of active service. At sports
held here todny, the Canadians entered
a team in the tug of war contest, being
the only nou-nnvul team in tho event.
The surprised nil by reiichiug thn
Semi-final, having had to contest
against strong teams. They wero
benton in the final by a small margin.
Their victories over the snliois in
tho qualifying tugs, wero vigorously
applaudod. Williams, Canadian, won
the half mile race. These contests iu-
doated the fine physique of the Canadians, especially ill view of the fact
that tbey bud only just landed nfter a
loug voyage. Since Paardeberg praise
for the Canadians is on every   tuuguo.
Strntford, Ont, Mnrch 80.���Van
Bnaklrk, oity engineer here, bus resigned, to accept u similar position in
Ottawa, March 20. ���A ennens of tho
Conservative party was held this morning for the consideration of the question of getting the investigation of
the West Huron and Brockville bye-
elections before Parliament.nnd a committee was appointed to prepare a motion which will bo proposed on motion to go into supply. It is understood that some at tent inn wns also devoted to Hie question of how tho Conservative majority in thn Senate shall
deal with the Redistribution Bill
when it is called for second rending.
Two schemes are proposed, one lo move
the six months' hoist,  without  debate,
and the othor to bring in the amendment offered by Sir Charles Tupper in
the Commons lust week.
Strntford, Ont, March 20.���John
Morrny, aged 7:1, reported to be the
wealthiest man In Strntford, is dead.
He was born 111 Srotland and was a
pioneer of Northnust Hope.
Ottawn, Maroh 20.���Some days ago
Joseph Tessier, employed hy McLaren
<& Edwards, ou tho Dnmoiue, waa
found dead where he bud been working in the woods. The body was
brought down to Des Joachims, and
left there till some information could
be get as to the whereabouts of bis
friends of whom nobody seemed to
know anything. He had been hired
for Messrs. McLaren & Edwards, by
Mr. Obevrier, of Ottawa, Obevrier nnd
Limoges, hotel men of St. Patrick
Street, hired Tessier for the woods 11
couple of months ago. Tbey say he
lived ou Inkermnn Street, Hull, and
that he hnd snmo relatives iu that
city. Ho wns an nnmarried man
about IH years old. nnd when leaving
Ottawa was 111 good health.
Rev. Father Lacombe, the well
known Canadian mitaionnry, interviewed the Government on a scheme
he has on hand to colonize u large trnct
of territory on the Snskatehnwun, east
of Edmonton, Tho Rev. Father is delighted at tbo ehoic.i of Colonel Steel.'
to command Strathcona's Horse. (Ie
bus kuown   the  Colonel   for   a   grout
Montreal. Que., March 20.��� This
morning tbere cnine Into force a recent
agreement between the Iruuk lines and
transcontinental railways making a
marked advanee in second class passenger rates to the Pncifio Coast. The
advance applies to the Grand Trunk as
well ns to tho Canadian Paoiflo Lust
night u second class ticket from Montreal tn v'anrnuver   could be bought for
(47, this  morning  thoy  0 >m  109.40.
Rates to all Pncilie Coast points have
been advanced in the same proportion.
The advance to Intermediate points
is not great. For example lust night
tickets for Ni Isnn cost fin. fit), today
they ure issued at 169.68.
Jos. Zotiquoj Lapointe, n French-
Canadian, who claims to have discovered the north pole, nnd has heen telling scientists of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington all about if, is
experled in Montreal soon, on bis way
to Three Rivers.
Hamilton, (Int., March 80,���Ald P.
O. Blsiober, who wns taken ill a con-
pie nf weeks ago whilo playing billiards, died today, aged li. He was
mayor iu 1802.
Toronto, Ont., March 2.���The Legia-
lature tonight rejected the amendment
offered hy tbe Opposition nnd railing
for the nramissal of Sheriff Brown, of
West Elgin, by a majority of seven
and with the vote thefdebate on the
budget wns ended.    The   dismissal   of
the official  mentioned   was asked  for
nu tho grounds Hint he had been guilly
of  irregulnrities   iu   counectiou   with
Continued un Fourth 1 .,.,,.
In oison Daily Miner
I 'aIdisiusl Daily oxcopt Monday.
N'KLBON  M IN Kit   1'ltlN l-INII   & 1'CBLISII INIl III)
I)  J.   HI,:A i'i in . Kdltor and M��nr��er.
Iu Oroat Britain, whioh is the boat
governed country in tho world, minors may hnvo an eight-hour day, or
an eighteou-hour day, or a four-hour
day, or a duy of any length tbey may
cbonso to demuiid that is not clearly
opposed to tho general public interest,
if a short day, they are expectd to
acoept a corresponding wnge. The
pnblio sense of justice deinnuris this,
and tho good amso of the workmen
concede it. But Parliament will not
permit nny cluss of artisans, miners or
others, to carry legislation that will
make it illegal to confine themselves
to uny number of hours. They may
have a standard of oight hours, if tboy
wish, and engagements and wages may
bo arrauged on that basis; but if by
arrangement with employers they de-
Biro to work longor boors or shorter
hours it is their privilege to do so.
This privilege they stipulate for themselves, and Parliament insists thnt
they shall not be deprived of it. More
than once meddlers and agitators
have attempted to induce Parliament
to make a hard and fast day, but have
always failed ; the workmen hnvo been
protected in the privilege to contrnot
themselvjs out of any limit thnt may
be prescribed.
In British Columbia miners are
snbjcted to a speoies of bondage. A
day of eight hours has been laid
down, aud to work in excess of these
exposes both employer and employed
to serious pains and penalties. The
miner may prefer to make an arrangement with the mine owner for a longer day and better pay, bnt the law
steps in and says thnt he must not.
Every man in British Colnmbiu who
works underground for hire in n metalliferous mine is a slave, in the sonse
that ho has his personal liberty abridged.    They are not free men.
A man may work auy number of
Bonn for himself. Fortuuntely for the
reputation of the Province, they are
not deprived of thia privilege. Through
it there ia an escape from the slavery
of the law. Instead of working by tho
tlay for another, a man may take a
contract. Under contract, he may
work longer hours if he pleases, ns he
geuornlly does, and he can earn more
money. Over iu Rossland tho large
mines have been closed down. They
are now or soou will be ready to be
reopened, but the owners aro understood to require that the men shall ao-
cept tho recognised eight-hour wage.
Failing this, they prefer to let the
work by contract; indeed, they have
already taken steps to apportion tho
work in ibis manner. The men are
willing to accept contracts, but tbe
professional labor leaders, who see
danger to their occupation if this system should be generally adopted, have
entered a prohibition. The machinery
of the Unions has been put in motion
to prevent tho men from earning better wageB at contraot work, pending a
dual decision at headquarters. Two
or three mon sitting in judgment at
Butte, Montana, have the power to decide whether citizens of British Columbia Bhnll hnve the liberty to work on
thn conditions thut host please themselves. Au agent of tbe Unions has
been dispatched to Butte to lay the
matter before our foreign masters,
and on them depends whether mining
in this Province shall be resumed.
Whot with tbe slavery of the law and
the slavery of the Unions, the miners
of British Columbia hnve come to a
strnngo pass. If tbey had the spirit of
free men they would not submi t to
either a single day.
Apropos of that reroonsttnnoeof rosl
dent laborers, it may bo instructive to
mention that when the Unions inn
those "Illinois" down from Rosebery
to Nelson a month or two ago, Mr.
Houston, to help tho Unions out, put
a number of tliom t�� work on tho City
streets. He thus used his powor nnd
abused his position us Mayor to take
part in the struggle between the Unions and the miuo owners. Ho did
not scruple to make our civio Interests
an agency for the support of tiie Un
ions in a controversy with whicli the
corporation us such shnu.'d on no nr
count have been allowed to nicddlo.and
least of all meddle in favor of tho side
that was responsible for almost complete stagnation in the mining industry. The man who would do this
would stuff' u voters' list with names
of transients who have no settled
We believe Aid. Irvine oorroctly interprets the popular seutiment when
he says the citizens are not in favor of
expending auy more money ou the
electric light plnut. This hns boon a bad
business from the beginning. But
little else could ho expected of nn enterprise that was founded in corruption. If the City oan dispose of it for
half the sum mentioned by tho Mayor
at the Inst Couuoil meeting, it will he
well rid of a bad bnrgain.
It is quite possible, ub the Mayor
snys, that be is pestered with applications for work nnd flint his hair is
turning grey with worry ; bnt tbat is
no answer to Ihe remonstrance mado
to tho Council on Monday night, in
behalf of resident laborers, hy Mr.
Monroe, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Hortou and
others. They compluined that transients were being employed to the prejudice of residents. To soy that bo
lias from five to fifty applications overy
day is no answer to this complaint.
He mny have a million; when he
beggod tho people to oleot him Mayor
It was his businoss lo consider tbe
worry, and if not prepared to face it
ho could retire. Now that he is elected he must take the bitter with the
sweet. And when suoh n question as
this is raised ho is expected to give a
straightforward explnnntion. If thn
complaint is true, it is desirable that
the oiti/.ons should know it. There
is a suspicion thai ho is employing
transients in view of the next revision
of the voters' list. Mr. Houston expects to bo a candidate, and he iB looking forwnrd to stuffing tho lists.
Hence his eagerness to employ transients over tho heads of residents. It
would be fraudulent, of course, lint
Mr. Houston is not fho man to stick nt
fraud if it stands in the way of his
pinna and ambitions. A vote thnt
counts is what ho wants, novel mind
how it is obtained,
This is how it is put iu Mr. lions
ton's paper: "Tho Miner Publishing
Company wrote, applying for City job
work." Tho Miner wrote to ask for n
share of the i,)b work. It will be pos
sible, wo think, to see the distinction
It wrote because Mr. Houston is cor
railing it all. No doubt tho hope of
bolstering up bis printing office with
City patronage was one of the principal reasons for becoming a candidate,
hut it is no reason at all why he should
have the whole of it. If Mr. Houston's paper were not such a fool, it
would say a good doal less than it
Tbe Council did an eminently sensible thing on Monday night when it
refused to sanction the expenditure
of *8,000 or 10,000 on the wharf during
the preseut year. It wns A Id. Irvine who
suggested repairing instead of rebuilding, but for some reason ho did not
support his opinion with his vote.
However, there wus a mujority in favor of it, and thus the City will he
spared a large expenditure this year for
an improvement that can well afford
to wait.
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of the
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Ten aeres, with lar|ie house dosfl to
Nelson. Fine situation for keeping
poiilhy. flood fowl honse. Apply X,
Hox 688, Post Offloe, Nelson
New Books.
Parson Kelly;
By Andrew Lang
Mk. Jack  Hamlin's Media-
Bret Harte
Louis Creswicke
The Bitter Vintage;
K. Douglas King
An African Treasure;
J. MacLaren Cobban
Prospecting,  Locating and
Valuing Mines;
Engineers' Examinations;
New Catechism of the Steam
Maximsand Instructions for
the Boiler Room;
The Mineral Industry;
Life of Nai-oleon III.;
By Archibald Forbes
Codfish, Whole and in Bricks
Salmon Bellies in Kits
Holland Herring in Kits
Mackerel in Kils
Fresh Canned Salmon
Fiesh Canned Kippered Herring
Kresb Canned Kippered Herring and Tomato Bauce
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring and Shrimp Sauce
Fresh Canned Kippered Mackerel
Fresh Canned Broiled Mackerel
Fresh fanned Ocean Hmldics
Fresh Canned I'ersed lilnnlcrs
Fresh Canned Shrimps
Flesh Canned Oralis (Deviled)
Fresh Canned Sardines
Fresh Anchovies in (llnss
Nkuson, H. 0.
A Boarding and Day Bohool conducted i>y
the Butprs of Bu Joseph of Poaoo. It is situ-
aleil at tlic corner of .Mill ainl Josephine streets,
in ono of ihu boat residential portions of Nolson, anil is rusiij- accessible from all parts
of tlio city.
The oonrra ot study Inoludos tho fundamental and lilgber branches of a thorough Engll'fi
education. Btutnesi course ��� HookkccpinK.
Stenography and Typewriting. BoIeSoe course
���Music, Voenl mill Instrurnontah Drawing,
etc.���I'lilin mill Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
Kor tonus uii'l nartloulaM apply to the Bister
The pest that; Morjey cat) piiy.     Take rVo Other
Manufactured by the Braokman-Ksr Milling Co.. Ltd.
victoria, Vancouver, Westminster, Edmonton, KoksIrwI, Nolson.
I >��'��"��o������'i��ii��ii��ii��ii#o��ii��ii����#w#h
They are made in your midst, of the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where good  Cigars are sold they can be bought.
The Royal Seal and Kootenay lielle.
Union  made.
I >">ii#n>ii0iijni
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
The Bu; Anniversary Sale is makipg the Right Impression. Many
people have come to our Store with the idea that we were merely advertising,
and not having a genuine sale. They have been convinced that this Anniversary Sale of ours is A rare opportunity to get Nicw Dry Goods at extraordinary low pricks. The crowd is daily increasing. The sales grow larger.
The prices go down lower than ever.
43 Ladies Tailor-Made Suits, just put in stock today. The
latest styles; the newest materials; the best quality; and
guaranteed perfect fitting. Wednesday Bargain Prices
$15.00, $16.50, $18.50, $:!2.5o, $25.00, $27.00, $28.50,
$30.00, $35.00.    All worth at least 20 per cent more.
\]/2 Dozen Black Lustre Skirts. Wednesday Bargain Special $3.00.
Ladies' Mercerized Striped Underskirts. Wednesday Bargain Price $2.75.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Houston Block, Baker Street.
wJj^Mo/ Jiw 1juit hjM^tv Jet/
fNCORPOfW��*V> 16TO,
J. E. Amiable
Lot  on linker Street, cast of the
Queen's Hotel.
6-Roomed    House   and   2   Lots,
villi   lawn,   garden,  trees,   etc., in
good location,
C Good  Building Lots, only one
b utk from school house.
4 Lots, with  Improvements, near
Opera House,
8'Room   House and  Lot, close in.
only    1650, on easy lei ins.
3  Houses for  Rent.
See Annable
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Telephone 13.
ftg ����������������������� give.;
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to auy branch will have careful and promot attention.
^'ifflil*! NELSON   DAILY  MINER,  WEDNESDAY,   MARCH 21,  1900
mv \v II. Sluolsir, of Kaslo, nnd
uSsts. 0- B. Htortevant and II. Oi
HeliingMi ot Northport. ure at the
Hnutii'.v & Co, are putting the finish-
Ins loiioii��� uu the Imperial lluuk'B
Law QtiartBrs and the hank people ex-
lot to move in on Baturaay.
Thero will ho n frill rehearsal for
iinth  priuoipals  aud ohorna of "Pina-
���r��� ��� tonight ��t ��i80. It ih partioo-
li���.|y ili'sii'oil thnt everyone asslstltlg
Wui attend,
���H nml M. Bird hnve sold the loin nn
Rob'sou Street owned by H. W. Day,
to Miss li. V. Hongbtou, who will at
once oommenoe the boildlua ol 11
hooBo thereon.
Messrs. Kerr & Co.) will open for-
lmillv, their now store, nt the comer
of'Ward and Baker Streets, tomorrow
morning, nnd uordiallj invito the l>ul>-
iio in rail and Bxauifrre thoir full and
up tu date Htuok of goods.
Mr. M. Madden is ereoting n building 011 Kootenny Btreet near Victoria
Hint will contain two apartments
whi.ii finished. Mr! Madden will 00-
niiiv ono with hi�� family nnd bas rent-
ad tin cither to Mr.  Wm. Unyuor.
A. ,1.   W.    Sniifh,    well    known   ns
"Pat," nnd brother of James Smith,
of the Nelson Boda Water Works, died
recently at Uhwkoii City, of pneu-
in,nini. Deoeased wont inrtli about
two years ago, uud did very well.
South Knst Ko���lfmiuy 1ms already one
oshiiiiiate, and at least a half dozen
who nre spoken of. The announced
candidate is Mr. Ferine, father of tho
liiwn of that nnnio, nml the local Free
Press Bays he will run uh an Independent.
Mr. T. H. Arohbold in otootiiiR nn
offloe In front of the house he reoently
narohnssd on Baker Snoot near Kootenay, As soon us it jn oompleted be
will vacate tho offloe ho now lias next
In the Customs office and oconpy tho
ono now being lir.ilt.
The different limit houses yesterday
nil presented a Boens of activity as
tiie owners were all engager] In Hottinu
their craft rendy lor the  season,   s'ov-
mil erews wore out   from tin,    Nelson
Boat Club aud many partios wore out
nu the water enjoying thu afternoon
Mr. W. I'. Kenilihs, tho newly an-
UOldted 0. S. Consul ut Nolson, pniil
1111 nllieinl visit to tlm Ci.y   Hull   yoH-1
torriuv aocoinpanled    by   Mr,   F. J.
Si'liolield, Vioe-Coiisul nt Vioioi'ia.
'in the absence Of tbe Mayor ho was
received hy Oity Clerk Stracliiin, who
wel ued lii 111 fo tho City.
II. I'. Henwiek.Hnsslnnil; 1). Gnvrn,
Jr., Vancouver; Ueorge Mann, St.
Haul; Vale QleasOu, Sun h'laneison;
.1. K. Beaton, Nelson; W. Valentine
llniii. Bonningtou Fulls; \v. II. Dowsing, Procter; W. A. Turner, Toronto;
Charles   W.    Husk,    Kokanoo    Crook;
nnd ,1. w. I.own, Winnipeg, registered at the Homo yesterday.
C. K. Skilled, a ooloied painter,
whom F. J. liradley it Co. have re-
l<orted 10 the pulii'ii as eudeavoiing to
Beonrs work on the mlareptagentdtlon
that he is working for Iho linn, do
nieH empbatlonlly thut he over made
rrauh representation, nud states thut he
in, nod has been for smi.o timo. in business for himself. Ho never at any
time pretended to belong to tho firm
of K. .1 Bradley Ol Co., aud never solicited work in thoir name.
A short time ago tho directors of tho
Paelolns Cold Mines decided to run a
cross oot to strike the load un the
ChainpionVlnim, nuo of the PaotolnS
group. The foioman fli Oliarge of thp
work, however, reported that uh tho
spot decided on as the pioper place to
slart the tounel wns liuiied rip in forty
feef of snow, it beinii a bud plneo for
dliftlng, the woik cnulrt not be pro
oeeileil with an nrtaugvd. Howovor,
yesterday nnnthor report wiih received
to the f licet that an immense slide hud
come down, olunrai the snow nwny
and the work lind ogminoiued. Slides
lire somotiinPH very imefnl and this ono
was decidedly timely. The Chnmpion
gives every indication of being very
rich in gold,
Wm. Gooding, who hns occupied n
Rood deal of the (footfa nttentiou for
thn past woek, wns hofore Magistrate
Oleum- yenterday morning, Ho was
arraigned on the second chnriio, that
nf slealinu 118. 70 from tbo Nelson Soda
\Saler Factory. A. Munsen, of the
(���rove Hotel, was another witness who
was exniiiiuel. lie tosliti-d to paying UiHKling |1.60 on account for tho
Kelson Sodn Water Fnotory. Hooding
wns OOrntnltted for trail and will
come up fur elec.fioii before Judge Forin tomorrow. At tho same lime ho
will be sentenced lor tho first offense,
"hen be came up bpforn Judge Forin
lo determine as to his trial for thnt
offense he pleaded guilty and was at
mice tried and found guilty. He will
probably do tno same tomorrow. H.
II. Howderi will come before thn Court
at Iho name lime.
A few duys ii��o City oiork Straohnn
'���-ued distress warrants ngiiinst all the
Unbans who had failed to pny their
toad lax. Hut ns there woro no Roods
"ii Whioh distraint could be mnde nnd
'hey were returned ho then issued
HiininioiiH for all the delinquents. Most
��l MS men, bOWever, left town and
only two wore served. Ono of Ihe men
appeared nnd the other absconded. The
one who appeared waH fined (ii and
costs and on default of payment wus
sentenced to ten dnyn in jail. After bo-
'"K in the lock p for a few hours,
now. ver, his |���,e was paid and he
w���� released. A bench warrint waH
, ���"" f"r the other ��nd if ho Is caught
"' ��ill he prosecuted,   it is tbe Inten-
" M the City to  use overy effort   to
lieu! the tnx from these men who re-
msetfl   eontrihulo   towirda   the  Ciiy
i,'Wi' '' ,Ab,Ii'.v is bnildiiiR a boat at
ni�� host house that will be n new craft
,or Kootena, Wntr,rH. Hho ia on the
,���, '"""iiilt dish" model, on which
njon Of tho hall-raterH in tin Kaslern
wnersaro built. When Ilnisbed ��he
wm l�� about in feet ovor all and live
'"'"nine inches beam. An she will
J?Shi's? nh"nt "'k'11 '"ches of water
"win be seen that she will be  n ro.
New Dry Goods Store
| And Cordially Invite You to Attend
������ ���������������������������
Our stock consists of the newest and most up-to-date
goods in English and American manufacture.
Millinery and Ladies' Ready-Made Garments will he a
specialty with us.
Millinery opening will be announced later.
Our Motto:    "Good Goods, Cash, and One Price."
All goods as represented.    Satisfaction assured.
Cor. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson.
ninrkably safe boat. She will be docked over, with a cooknit thut will no-
commodate two people nnd have a well
in the cockpit for a oontie-boaid. As
she will hnve oue wnter-tinht bulkhead
forward and another aft bIio will lie
practically a nouainkablo boat. Mr.
Astley has not decided what rig ho
will riHe on hor yet but will probably
adopt u rig such as is usually used on
boata of her class. In building hor
BIr. Astley has not exaotly followed tbe
"skimming dish" lineH as he has
made her fuller and deeper to inoreaso
her safety.	
A Party  of   Rosslaud   Gontlmen   Get
Mixed Up Regarding Right Train.
MessiH. T. Mayne Daly, Bernard
MacDonald and Ednioud Klrby, of
Rosslaud, bad rather an amusing experience the other evening in an attempt to go from Nelaon to Rossland.
fn fact they made the round trip from
NbIhou to Robson without being aware
of it. The incident ooourred in this
way. Thoy left here on tho (1:40 train
Mondny evening and loft the train
at Robson and got on the boat intending to get off at West Robson. When
the boat lauded on the opposite side
for some reason they were unawaro of
it and stavea ou the boat until she
got bank to Robson. When she pulled
into the dooh there they fancied they
wero on the other side of the river and
promptly got into tho train that stood
alongside to convey the passeugeiB from
Kobson to Nelson, being still under
the impression that they were going
to Rosslund. When tbe onndnctor came
through they handed him their Rosslaud tickets nnd were very much surprised to learn that they were beiug
ranidly huule.1 back to their starting
point. Of course th��y were obliged to
remain all night iu Nelson. They
left yesterday nnd snooeoded in reaoh-
ing homo without nny further mishap.
"There is but one small chance to
buvo your life and that is through au
operation." was tho awlnl prospect set
before Mrs. I. 11, Hunt of Lime Ridge,
Wih , by her doctor after vainly trying
to euro her of a frightful case of stomach trouble and yellow jaundice. He
didn't count on tho marvellous power
of Kloctric Bitters to cure stomach and
Liver troubles, hut she heard of it,
took seven bottles, was wholly cured,
avoided surgeon's knife, now weighs
more and feels better tlrau ever. Its
positively guaranteed to euro Htoinnch,
Elver and Kidney  troubles and  never
disappoints,   PnoeWov at the Canada
Drug ft Hook Store^	
Because a Watch lias
run for years is no indication that it docs not
need cleanino;. Many a
wntcli is ruined by being let run too long without it. The oil becomes
dry and invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. Wchave
every facility for icplac-
ing any part, or making
a watch throughout if
necessary. Kirst-class
work only.
Patenaude Bros.
Dan Morrison transferred a seven-
oinhtliH Interest in thn Ayer claim on
Barrett Creek, being a relocation of
the Blaok Sheep clnini. to Don. Robin-
sou, for a nomine! consideration.
A fourth inleroHt in ibe Ayer claim
and a fourth interest in tho Juno claim
also on Barrett Greek, wore transferred to Leo Graham from Con Robinson
for ISO.
Donald R. Morrison hns transferred
his full interest in the Miunio claim
eight aud a quarter miles wist of Nel
son to the British American Gold Mining Co., Ltd., of Rosslaud for a nominal consideration,
A sixth interest in the Little Joe
claim at the head of Beaver Creek was
transferred yesterday from John and
Katie McEvoy to Dan Eraser in con-
sideiatiou of |frO,
John McEvoy also transferred an
eighth interest in the Copper Glance
claim at tho head of Beaver Creek to
Dnu Eraser for $60.
A third intorest onch In the Birthday and Chainier claims on Round
Mountain wns transferred from E.
Peters to R. W. Bneom, for a nominal
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    I'iiirjter,    Etc-
Chimney Sweeping.
Office. Ward St. opp. Opera Mouse
whore you ran depend on gulling the hcHt
lirandrtln thn iimrkd nnd any ipianUly from
10c. up.   PriecH ciiiinot he disputed,
'niiiu  o:t.
Frank A. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
Kakbk Street. Nelson
AtlvorUne.men!,n iaaortsd under this tiend nt
tlio nvtfl of ono euiit n word pur IiiKtirMon. No
advertisement liiken fur Iush than 2.1 oonts.
WANTED.���Hkiit and    waist   maker.
Enquire at   Mrs. Helton's dressmaking parlors. Mnddou Hlnok.
FOR    RENT.���Six   roomed   house   in
Hume Addition   convenient   to   car
line, furnished or unfurnished.    Apply
A. W. Pock.
WANTED.���Good Shirt   Iioner.    One
who   is   thoroughly    competent    to
handle white shirts,   Apply at Enterprise Laundry, Vernon street, city.
WANTED. ��� Apprentice     wanted     t��
learn dress making, Mnrtin O'Reilly
& Co.
F. L. Osier & Co.,
Capitol and V. C,
Cabinet Cigar Store,
...L POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlery
The loading hhop. Ijtirge
block.  Mr-I !-������   mlii!    lu.!
on hand. Harnettx, Col-
lnrH ot dchI make>i,Sad-
dlurt, BlankeU, Bolls
Whip-, Hi ii- h. ., Coitlbx
PrfcsH satisfactory.
[  Cull and rco.
Cor. Ward  and  J��akor
I hiroft**.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Pour Waitresses.   Shirt Ironer.
Hoy for Ranch. Girl for Housewoik.
Nurse girl.
J. H. LOVE, Agt     Baker Bf
Twonty-tliroo Mineral Clnluin, from ono to
tlirco   nidus   from    Handon,  In   tho   l.mm.
Blooan, for wilo chonp.   Will noil for cash or
IhjihI from ono lo tlvo years.   Will lake ore
for pny.   Sickness forces mo to oltor tho above
Kinlnimy Ijiko HosplUl. Nolson. H. ('.
Hnililorswill find It to thoir ailvanlarro lo
IlKiiro with liradley & Co. on I'alntlnit.       '
��������� TAILOR  ���
Oleanine and Repairing Neatly Done.
Clothing Made to Order
Corner Ward ami Baker.
WANTKI).���Mnsie   nupilH   (piano) iijr
an   experienced   laily   teacher.    Address,  A. B.i Hox   560, E O., Nelson.
BKWINU QIKLB wanted at Ihe   Hod-
bou'h Hay Stores.
WANTED.��� Hoys   and girls to   strip
tobSOOO.    Fifty 'ents n day, and   ns
mneh liioie ns thoy  can earn.    Kooto-
uay Cigar Oompany,
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i.c.b.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Victoria and Kootenay St*.
1'. O. Hox W. Tolophoii o No. Ik',
Civil  Entrlneera   and Provincial
l-and Surveyors.
Jl'.O.HoxlM Nelson. H.C.
Boys' and Girls' Week
Wo are making a Special
Drive tbis week in School
Boots. See our prices.
They will astonish you.
The Shoeists
Bring Your Repairing.
***** ww ww ���
,^\ ^\ *\ */y ,^rv /?\ /Fv *\ ,^v n\yi\ ^v -*a 4^\,^v ^\ *\ ^r\ ^\ ^v ^\ x\ ^v ^ ^\ ,^v\
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
4'iipilnl   Pnhl-tip.     ���    .     .      $l,1rH.-|.0T0.IN>   j   Uril ni,:ihi.ihni.ihi
��'(ini of IHrrrCnrni   ThomaH K. Kcnncv, IVrsldiMit;   Thomnn Ititrhii1.  Vlott*Protidanl,
Michuul Dwyor, Wiley Smith,  11.0. lluiild, lion. II. H. Kiiilct-, M.L.C\, Hon. David MaoKuon.
iinid onicr, iiniiriu 1
OcntTiil MunaKor, RdkOD U PtMBi Montreal.
Buporlntondonl of BnoollOt. W. H. Toituiico, Hulifax.
Inipootor, W. F, Hrork. HnJifax.
Boontarfi I>. M. Btowtrt, MontrenL
Itriiiirln s !
Nova leotllt���Halifax llranch, AnttKOiiNh. BrldffBWattTi (luyshuio. Londoiuicrry, Liiiiciiliurif,
Mnliland (Hin.ts Co.), Piotou, Port HiiwkcHtiury. Sydnt-y, shnbonao&dlo, Truro, Wflymoutn.
Sr.w Brnnawlek-Buhunt, Dorcheator, Arodencton. Rlnfnton (Kent Co.), Monrton, Mow*
'���.v-1 If, Snckvlllc, Wooaatock. ���*��� I-, l-lnnil I 'Inn ���lot h'tn"11, snnillioraldo. (|url��rr Muni niul
(Oity Offloo), Montreal. Weat Knd (Cor. Noh-o ihmio und Satgoaori Btrtota); WoaUnount (for.
On-ciio Avi'inif and St. Catharinoa BtrooU Oiiliirlo-Ottawa. Mrttrnunilliiiid S|. JoIiii'm.
< iiIki. UtmI lodlea- Havana. Inilrd Hlnlrx- Now Vurk (Hi KxchangO 1'laci) Ut'piilillr, Waxh.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
TorreFtpoiHlrulM I
<'iiiin<lii���MoreiuinN Bank of Canada. KokIoii���National Sliawmnt Hank, i lilrnuo Aimini
National Bank Hnn l-'rmirlitco���Kii^t National Hank. London, Bags liank of Hrotlnint.
l*nrlH, Ira nee Credit Lyonnais. Itr ruin da Hank of HLTininla. I lilitu auil .lapaii Houk
Koiik and 8hangb0j BankWR Corporation.
(iencial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the mosl favornhle terms,    Interest allowed  on specia
deposits and on Saving Hank account*,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For that liousc you have erected:
Sideboards, Cheffoniers and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
linker nml Wind Streets. Nelson, B. C.
Headquarters  For
Portland Cerjieijt, Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths').
Special QuOtfttiolll (iivrn fof Carload I.oIh,
A. 11. (illAY, P. O. Hox 581,
N'olsoo, B.C.,
Kooicn.iy Agent
TheMsop ElectricTram way CosLtd,
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Maodonald Block, Corner of
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary
v * Tr^r ���'*����� B
Sir Wilfrid Lander's Bpseol ou tbe 11
0. Political Situation.
The Hansard report of Premier l.anr-
ii-r's reply to Col, Prior's Interpellation in reference to tho dismissal of
the Semliu Government nnd the projection of Mr. Martin into the center of the ring|will   be interesting:
The Priinti Minister (Sir Wilfrid
Lantldr). Mr. Speaker, I must oon-
fess to my bon. friend flint 1 do nor. at
all appreciate at this moment the motive which hns induced him to prion
this matter to the attention of tbe
Honse or of the Government. The
question which exists in llriiish Co-
In in Iiiu today is crlainly a very serious oue, lint my lion, friend knows
that it is not au unconstitutional oue.
It is today in the hanrlN of the people
of British Colombia. The Lieutenant
Governor has acted within the precincts of his power. Whether he hns
acted wisely or not is a question
which is submitted, not to this Government, nut to this Parliament, hut
to tho  people  ot  British Columbia,
The Lioutoniiut-Oovoiuor, in the exercise of his authority, lias taken a
very serious step, I must admit, and
one which I presume he has not taken
except after due aud serious reflection.
He has taken the steo of dismissing
his responsible advisers, who, it may
lie claimed in one sense, I hough they
bad beeu defeated on thu previous
day, bad still the confidence of the
House , bnt be has found advisers ready
and willing to take the responsibility
of bis action. Now, it has been determined more than once, and the question
is no louger iu dispute,that under such
nlroomstanoes the remody is in the
hands of the people themselves. It is
for tbe people of tho Province of British Columhia to declare whether
tbey approve or disapprove of tho action of tbe Lieutenant-Governor. I
apprehend that under such circumstances as those which exist in British Colombia today, it is the duty of
thu Lieutenant-Governor, at an early
date, to dissolve the Home, uud to
snmmon the electors ut the polls and
submit to them with as little delay as
possible the question whioh he has
himself, by his conduct, placed before
them. It is not, in my judgment,
within the duty of the Dominion Government nt this moment to interfere.
Wo may have our views ou tho action of thn Lieutunaut-Governor.
The lion, gentleman says that he has
acted unwisely. At this moment it
would not ho prudent nor ad\ isable for
me oven to offer my own personal
opinion on the matter; I should not
say a single word to prejudge the
question. We may have our views, 1
say, as to the advisability of the conduct of the Lieutenant-Governor and
as to tbe method in whioh be has proceeded ; bnt all this is in the hands of
the people of the Province. If thay
approve of the action of the Lieutenant
Governor, in my judgment, that is an
end of the question. If they disapprove of it by returning to the House
of AsSombly 11 majority opposed to the
present Government, it is obvious that
the Lieutenant-Governor will he found
to have taken a very serions step. But
until thn peopln have pronounced on
the matter. I submit very respootfnlly
to tbe judgment of the House that it
is not foi this Parliament, nnd still
less for tbis Government to offer any
opinion as to what has taken plaoe iu
British Columbia. On two previous
occasions in this Dominion Lieutenant-Governors have dismissed their
advisers���Mr. Letcllior, in 1878, and
Mr. Angers, in ISM. In the case of
Mr. Aognrs the matter was not at all
brongbt to the ntteution of this Parliament. In the case of Mr. Letellier,
the matter was brought to the attention of this Government, and the Government took a certain action which
was not, in my opinion, justified by
tho event. The opinion has prevailed
iu all those cases thut when the Province is blessed with representative institutions aud has responsible Government, tho remedy must be held to rest
primarily aud finally in the hnnds of
the  peoplo of the Piovince themselves.
Const   Conservatives Can't   Make  Up
Their Minds About Party Politics.
Victoria, B. 0., March 20.���Conservatives at their meeting tonight talked
for three hours on the question of
party lines bnt arrived at no deoisioo,
adjourning at tbe call of the chair.
There Is some talk iu Victoria of calling a monster mass meeting to denounce the action of the Governor in
permitting Martin to bold office witb
an incomplete Cabinet and asking the
other districts throughout theProviuoe
to co-operate in this movement. Martin denies that Dr. Watt, of Cariboo,
has been asked to enter bis Cabinet.
London. March 21.��� The Constantinople correspondent of The Times an
nounees that the Saltan has yielded
in all essential particulars to the Russian demands respecting railway concessions iu Asia Minor.
Calcutta, March 20. ��� The bubonic
plague is fast inscrnasing. In Bengal
4,768 d 'nths have occurred in the lust
week. These included 744 in Calouttn,
and 'J.OOS in; Pntnn. Tho Vioeroy,
Lord Ourzon of Kcdlostnn, yesterday
visited tho medical collego which is in
one of the infected districts of Calcutta.
Berlin, Mnrch 20.���There is no
foundation for the stntemnnt marie
here on (lie authority of a St. Peters-
lung correspondent of Lokal AnzeiRer,
that Germany bai participated in any
way in a reported Kruico-Russiau
cominqne to Great Britain with reference tu establishing pence in South Africa. Germany answered the Kmger-
Bteyn appeal unaided and uninfluenced nud the text of the answer has been
published trough   the German   Consul
nt    Pretoria,   No  negotiations   took
place between Germany nnd Russia,
uh InJ how the funnel shonld nnswer
und Nothing is known hero regarding
any   specinl Russiuu plans or   [ironed-
ures, relative to the war. The tier-
man Foreign Offloe admits that, oral
negotiations have taken place iu Vienna ns tu tlie sugar bounties   between
Austria and Germany,   the result of
which must be kept secret fur Ihe present. But Germany is not negotiating
with other powers than Austria on
this subject, end the negotiations nt
Vienna do nut cuntemplnti' another
International conference. Pnliticnl
circles in Berlin place no reliance un
the dispatch from Washington, thnt
the German Ambassador to tbe United
Stntos, Dr. Von llolleheu, is trying tn
bring about  jeint   notion   in order to
guarantee the safety  nf Johannesburg
and the papers this evening declare
that there is no truth wbntever in any
such report.
COUtblUOd from First Pago,
the West Elgin eloctious but the House
adopted tho view of tho Premier thnt
tho case of Sheriff Brown wus sfill
sub-judice uud thut iu all fairness
judgement should be suspended until a
thorough investigation Had been made.
The anuounoement of the result nf
the debate was greeted witb applause
both from members on the Boor of the
House and spectators in the crowded
Windsor, Out., March 20.���Alexander Henri, who died here yesterday of
paralysis, bad a most remarkable Oa-
reor, parts of which are as exciting as
the romance of the laud that gave him
birth. He was the son of Count Jean
Baptisto Henri, at the time of young
Heun's bilth in 1381, one of the foremost men in France, and after passing
with brilliant houors at the military
college, be joined tho army as Colonel
in a regiment of uavaliy. When in
1863, during tbo reign of Napoleon 111,
all officers of the aimy wero asked to
take oath of alleginuoe, Henri refused
because he was au anljnt Royalist,
aud was dismissed from tbo army,
going iuto exile to England, after
which his father disinherited him.
In 180(1 re went to Louisville, Ky.,
then to Cleveland, Ohio, where be was
employed iu most menial positions.
After wandering around until 1877 he
oame to Windsor where be secured n
position with the ferry company, Inter
receiving charge of the stamp office in
the Postal depa.tuient which positiou
he retained until bis death.
Sherbrooke, U,uo., March 20.���Another bad wreck occurred on G. T. R.,
between seven and half past this morning. It happened about two miles
above Lonuoxvile, near Fitzgerald's
crossing. Tbere wero 27 cars dumped
down the embankment. The ensiue
und two cars passed and it is thought
the big engine spread tho rail.
There are two wreoking trains at
work, one at oach end, oue from Richmond and tbe other from Island Pond.
Winnipeg, March 20.���About -10 men
for the Halifax garrison left today foi
Ottawa. Over 100 applications were
received iu all, bnt owing to tbe strict
medical examination only about 40
we-e suocessfnl in passing.
The Mikado mine, Rat Portnge,
produced #1,000 iu gold during tbe
first two weeks of tbis month,breaking
all previous records.
At Winnipeg assizes today, Edward
Cameron was sentenced to bcvbu veins
imprisonment for shooting at George
Pollipat, witb intent to kill.
Winnipeg, March 20.���Mr. Mnvin
Ross, a well-to-do farmer of tbo Emerson district, was intsantly killed today by Inn team rnnning away. Mv.
Ross was Patron candidate for Emer-
sou at two elections. Ho retired before polling day in tbe recent bye-election.
Hamilton, March 20.���The Dominion
council, Royal Templars of Tempe;-
ance assembled here this morning. It
consists of representatives of six grand
councils, among them one from Brit
ish Columbia, The morning session
was devoted to reading of reports, election of standing committees, etc
Simeoe, Ont, March 20.���The Liberals of North Norfolk have again
chosen John Charlton ns standard
bearer in tbe next general elections.
Mr. Charlton has represented this constituency for 28 years.
Toronto, Ont., Maroh 20. ���Mr. 3, A
Auld, M. P., for South Essex, speaks
In glowing terms of tbe tobacco industry of that countiy. He says SB
factories in Canada are handling Canadian grown tobacco which means
that 1600,000 which formerly went to
the United Stales, now finds its way
into the pockols of  Canadian fanners.
Kingston, Out., March 20.���While
attempting to boardl an outgoing
freight train at the G. T. R. Jonotlon
this afternoon, .lames Brown, agul
22, of Osbawa, was struck by a light
engine: and hnd both feet so badly
mangled that it was found necessarv to
amputate them above the ankle at "the
Hotel Dinu Hospital. Tbe young man
received other injuries.
Montreal, March 20.���Soon to be
married and distraoted beoause ot bis
inability to collect outstanding lonns
with which bo hnd hoped to furnish
a honse for himself and the young
woman of his choioe, Wilfrid Mnrtin,
undertaker's assistant, entered tho
cabmen's shelter at Prince Arthur
Street near Park Avenue, shortly after
12 o'clock last night and shot himself
iu the bead, dying almost instantly.
Sydney, N. S. W.,  March   20.���Two
fresh CHses of the bubonic plague   have
been officially reported today.
Mr. H. A. Stewart, of Ilie local bar.
is at the Criekemny Hospital. Mr.
Stewart was taken ill several days ago
with a heavy cold and is now threatened with an attack of congestion of
fhe lungs.
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Class Sloepois on all trains from
TOIJHIST CARS puss Medicine Hal
dnily for St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays foi
Montreal and Boston.
Same cars puss Revolstoke one day
To and from Robson, Rosslnnd.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sim
8.00 Lv.        NELSON Arr.ll.4l
18.10 Lv.daily NELSON daily Arr.22.10
Morning train connects for nil points
Evening train connects tu nnd from
.Main Line and points north, and (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Str. Movie Daily,
21.0(3 Lv, NELSON        Arr. 17.20
Contents Kootenay   Landing with
Crow's Nest Brauoh trains both ways.
Ex. Sou. Str. Knknnee.     Ex. Sun
10.00 Lv. NELSON Arr. 11.(0
Saturday to Aigenta and return
leaving Kaslo at 20k.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun
O.UO Lv. NELSON Ar. 14.40
4nrs NELSON to ROSSLAND bra 4
Kor rates nml full Information nddross near
ibt local agent, or
C. K I1KASLKY City Passenger AKcnl
it. W. DRBW, Again, Nol��n
Tray. I'turn. Agent        A  ft. P. Agor.c,
Nol^n Vnm-mvpr
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only   all   rail    route   without
change of  cms  between   Nelson in d
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland
Lv.  0.15 a.m. NELSON, Ac. 5.20 p.m.
Lv. 11.25 a.m. ROSSLAND Ar 3.00 pm.
Lv,  8.16 a.m. SPOKANE, Ar.O.lfJp.iu
Train that leaves Nelson at 0:15 n.n
makes clone onnneotious at Spukaue foi
nil Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek, connect at Marcus with Stag-
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Acrent. Nelson, R.f!
Gamble & O'Reilly
2 Lots. 6-Boouq House, corner,
on Carlonate street 92,000
2 Lots, 8-Rooin House   Carbonate street     2,1511
8 Lots and Bouse on Silica St.
between Stanley and Ward.
Terms    3,000
Agents for Hume Addition   mid a
large number of Addition " A" Lois.
Accident and Sickness,   Special Health
Policy issued by
Head  office,  Montreal.      Oosts onHi
S10 ii year;
Gamble 8 QReilly.
Six room Cottage opposite Nelson
with more than an acre of land.
Toong fruit frees, strawberries small
fruits nml cultivated land foe gulden.
Greek running through garden. Excellent spring wider lend Into bouse
Grove at back. Apply .1. J, OAMP-
HELL, Smeller Office, Telephone 20
Wholesale Houses. mmmmxxmmttmxxxxxxxmv
TO    BUY	
Bailey's Wood Bottom Planes,
Stanley's All-Iron Planes,
Stanley's Block Planes,
Stanley's Rabbit Planes,
Stanley's Plumbs and Levels,
Disston's Saws,
Russel-Jennings' Augur Bits,
Universal Spoke Shaves.
Are something you  want good.
Wc have  therefore purchased the
best goods that money can buy. and feel satisfied a call will
convince you.
Just a word about
THORPE & CO., i.:MiTi;it. Oornor Vor
non and codai* Stroots, Noinon, manu<
faoiuront of and wholesale doalora in aoratod
watora and frail syrups, SoleftRonte for Halcyon Springs minora! wator. TolOO
\. Al. I'miuniiiN. LosieOi Kvcry known
variety of soft drink*. P. O. Hox 88. Tulo-
phonONO  81*   Hoover .Sheet. Nelnon. Hotllei-H
of tho Famous BU Loon Hot Springs Mine-nil
Jan. A. Maraonald] \rchTtocU and Bu��
perlntendon!*, Hrolcon inn Hook, (lor, Maker
and Ward bU., Nelson. It. 0,
HJ. EVANS ik CO.   Hauerdtruot, Noi
���    "ii. tybolOSOJOdealers In liquors, olgarH
Content lire brlok and flroolay, water pipe and I
Stool rails and gonoral commission me re halite.   1
Limited.���Front Streot, Noiion, whole*
si do dealers in Hour, meals, etc., and hay
and grain. Mills at Edmonton, Victoria aud
New Westminster. Klovulors on Oalgttr? &
Kdinonton HaHwuy.	
ROSS. LEE A TAYLOR-BuKor street.
Nelson. (George v* Mol ion's old stand.)
I'lour. Kei'il, drain, Hay and Produce Car
lots n specialty. Correspondence solicited.
Phono '-'it.
A MAODONALD & CO. Corner Vor
��� non and Josephine .Street*, wholesalo
grooers and jobbers tn blankets, gloves, mitts,
lioois,  rubbers, nuickfnuws und miners' sun-
P  BURNS & CO-'taker Street. Nolson.
���   wholesalo dealers in fresh and cured
meats.   Cold storage.
-ilaker Street. Nelson.   WholcsaloUeal
ers in fre-h and cured moats.
Li.MiTKD��� linker street) Nelson, wholesale dealers in hard waro and Dlinlrg supplies,
plumbers'and tinsmith's supplies.
salc paints mm ml-..
Vernon and Josephine titrjois, No'non
wholesalo doulors in liquors cigars und drs
goods. AgeutHforPabsDBrewing Co. of Mil
wui-kco and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary
UDSON'S BAY OO.-Wholeaalo aro-
eeriosuncl liquors, oi.u., Jlukortit., KoIkoh
JY  GRIFFIN  * OO.-Oorner Voraon
���   and Joseptitnu street*. NelflOD. wholsttla
dealers In pronsloiu.ourednieaU, butter and
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Real  Estate.    Fire  Insurance
Private Funds to Loan.
\iot   and   HnilrliuRM on  Ilaker Stroot
known as '' The Hcirlcga.''
Ei|.'ht room house, 60-foot oornor, Kilioa aud Hall  IS,500 00
Four room honse on Hohson..     850 00
tiix room house, two lots,   ou
Hilloa Street  1,750 00
Lot ou   linker   Street,   warehouse   18x:i0    1,275 00
Now house, 10 rooms, all conveniences   ajiou 00
Corner, Mill and Hall.
Several ��ood building lots.
Vnrnisbed House, Five Rooms,
Victoria   Street f!j0 00
G-rociin House on Coiner Hoover St.,
well finished, $800.
2 Beautiful Lots on  corner,  close to
Oar Line almost given away.
Fire, Life Accident and Sickness Insurance affected on best terms.
Money lent ou improved Kcal Estate
Next door to New Hank of Montreal,
on Kootenay Street,
Nelson. 110.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beor and Porter,
Drop in and see  us.
Fraternity Hall
��'��r llnlirr .1 Kootennj tila.
can lie rent ed for Concerts, Lectures
Dances, Banquets and overy kind of entertainment, Good ante-rooroB, cloak
moms, Kitchen nnd dining room furnished,   Por terrapply
 "li. B, (!. AUTiinu' oity.
���IKING hkiiki it.     HOTAMV l-nu.ic.
Wlndsrmero MIddp. Con-Mr. ��� oncoSoltottod
WINIiKKMKUK. .<. fj.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
,,     ,,���     ,,, From Portland, Mc.
Allan Lino "Niinudian" March .11
Allan Lino''Parisian'*       Anrll7
Dominion l.inu "Dominion'1 .Anrll 13
Dominion I.Ino "Can,broinin"  April 17
,,    ., Kromst. John.N. 11.
Doavor Lino "Lake Superior"  April!
Denver Lino "Lnsltanla" April 11
,���     , ��� From Halifax, N. S.
AUSn Line"Niunldlan April l
All in Llue "Parisian''  Aprils
Dominion  Lino "Dominion" April II
Doavor Lino "Lake Superior" April.',
Doavor Lino "LusitanJu" April IS
mm i<   n,     ,,     ������ . . *'ron'Now fork
v\ bite Star Lino "Gormanlo" April!
While Suir Lino "Oceanic" April 18
Canard Lino "Lnoanla" April 7
Ounard Lino"Kiraria" April n
Jmerjoan Lino "SI. Paul" April!
Boa Star Lino "Frlosland" Aprilt
Anchor  Line "Klhlonla" April 7
North Gorman Lloyd "Boole" Aprils
Allan Stain Lino "Coroan" April 12
Passages orrangod to and from all Kurupoan
points. Kor ratoH, tlokota and full Information
apply to C. P. H, depot ngont or U K. I l��-.t, 1,-j
City Passergei Agent. Nolson, D.lt
Qenoral Aennt.. C P. It. Ofllraw  Winnipeg
Wc curry an elegant line of Inside and Front Door Sets, Butts,
etc.   All  the Newest  Designs, and  at  the  Lowest
Prices.    Drop in and see them and net prices.
Vancouver Hardware Co., m.
:_2      Used In the Kootenay.
WE   HAVE   SOLD   75/   OF   ALL  THE
Steel   Mining Rails. I
Blacksmith Coal. f
Sewer Pipe, Etc.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Great Reduction!
^-*%$0.65 per Ton
$6.15 per Ton
Board and Room.
First Clitss Hoard and Room;
Todd's old stand, in rear English
Church. Table Hoard, $4; Board
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
i 'ivii an,i Meohonlool Rnginoors,
Supplied and Eraotod.
AGKNT8fortho rtlndon |ron Wmlis. nnboook
4 VVIIcoj Bailor Co., Crooko'sWIro Rope
and Uopeways, Kie., tote.
Poi)*l Worri).
Merchant Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
Bank of
Mining stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining   Stock   of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Big Horn Treasury. A snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
I     Here's a good buy :
Referendum Tresaury Stock,    Bold
on installments 1%o., l^o per niontli.
House and  Lot in business portion of town, $3500. -
14-Room   House,   cheap;   terms
easy;  close in.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
Room 1. Turner-Boeok Block.
(I Rooms, all conveniences, corner, 2 lots $2,200
K  Hi j>,in:;,   lil-:.t   cliiHH finish	
nil conveniences, corner, 2 lots 2,1100
ft Rooms, comfortable  home, all
conveniences, corner, 2 lots 8,000
First-class corner, 2 lots, on Stanley;
splendid opportunity for -big rental
Houses and lots in all parts of the
Now is the time to buy.
British Columbia,    hm-hio* - i**
T*. ���~.., ~.         1 ���     ��� Some Choice Lots and Houses for Sale.
Is now prepared to issue
t\   c. ,   , ��� ��� Agent Montreal Loan A Investment Uo,
Drafts and  Letters of Credit! ���=
on Skatruav. U S     Atlin     R       In the matter of nn  application for a
oA.ibudy, u.o., rtllin,   U.  rtup|ioa,() of a certiflnnto ���f title to lots
C, and Dawson Citv. Yukon ol0Vfln  (it) anrt twelve (ia>,
rj.      . /' "  tweuty-seven (37). City of Nolsi
Nelson,   B.
Notice is hereby given that it is my
_  intention   at the  expiration    of  on-)
J. T. I'lKiiHK mouth trom the  publication hereof, to
"  tbe certificate of
_   lands,   issued to
GeorRii A. B. Hall, on tbe 20th  day of
Dcoember, 18118, and numbered 15!l!l K.
Lnml Registry Office.   Victoria,   B.
Nelson  Tailoring,  Gleaning aud Dyeiug [larae a duplicate  of tbe certificate of
Establishment. title  to   the  above
PIEflRB BE0THEE8, Props.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired.
�����r curh. Mvin. HUM O., lllth February, 190J.


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