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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 16, 1900

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vi����*ai ,
Daily Edition No. 627.
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, January 16, 1900.
Tenth Year' |^.
Increased Activity All Along
the Line.
It Is Sa;d That General Warren with Ten
Thousand Men, Has Crossed the
Little Tugela Kivor.
Cupetown, Saturday. Jan III. ��� There
in Rood reason to believe tliat the report that Sir Charlos Warren, with 10,-
000 men, has gono towards Weeoen, is
oorreot and we may expeot important
news shortly,
Report, have boon received hero
that dysentry is rifo io Latlyntiiitli.
London, Jan. 1(1.-14 a.m.)���General
Buller's latest authontio word, as to
what be and his 110,0(H) nieu aro doing,
waH wired from Springfield after his
step forward. Striving to think out
tlu> unknown is confused by tho surmise and rumor, and disquieted by suspense. Mr. Spencer Wilkinson, the lucid military expert of the Morning
Post, nsscrta thnt the Boor force in
Northern Natal is linger than General
Boiler', and Sir George White's together, so that the Hoers aie able ti
loav ii force around Ladysmith larger
than tbut within the town aud yet to
oppose Buller with a [orco superior to
his own. Heports from the Boors'
camps ailirin the oirolc of investment
has been drawn closelv by the occupation of some hills near the town, thus
liberating re-inforcements to oppose
'.ieneral Buller. The Daily News Bug
gSBtl that a multitude of the rumors
ihat originato in South Africa and
London are given currency by the
KiiRlish military authoiitics in order
te mislead the Boers,
The war pages of the great dailies
this morning are almost barren. Nevertheless tbe instruments ou tbe loops
connecting the War Office with the
cables continue to click.
Among tbe minor perplexities of the
Wur Ollice is a strike among the military tailors, which oanses delay in uniforming the recruits,
The Hiiuiiiigham Mail, tho organ of
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain,   Bays:
" We understand on the highost nu
thority that it the Government is defeated iu Parliament on the question
ot tho wnr, tbe Cabinet will lmitieui
utely appeal to the oonutry, all the
Ministers having decided to stand the
ground and not permit any iudivi mul
Minister to be mane a scapegoat."
Bnller to tho effoct that he expected
that all the dispositions for a synchronous movement of the various columns against the besoiRere would be
completed this morning. Under these
oirenmstunces, it is considered quite
probable that the advance on the beleaguered town has commenced and
that fighting is nrngiessing Optim
isis go so far as to say it is oxpeoled
Ladysmith will bo relieved tonight if
all goes well. The olllcials nre in-
eliiied to credit the report that the
British have crossed tho Tugela Rivor
in that direction, although there is no
confirmation of the report. Altogether
there is n in.ire hopeful feeling iu offl
cinl circles. There is liitlo news of
importance from elsewhore.
London, Jan 10-The Standard
gives prominence to tho following dispatch dated Sunday, January 14, from
Durban : A mnn who has just arrived
here from Springfield, says that a British column, proceeding to the relief of
Ladysmith, has crossed the little Tugela. When he left it was facing the
Boer position on the big Tngelu and a
Howitzer was shelling the Boer
He also says that 270 wagons load-
od with commissariat stores for Ladysmith had left Frere nnd it was expected that the column woold be in tho
hands of General White Monday evening. The traction engines havo been
doing ezoellent work in hauling heavy
wagons out of boles and swamps. This
they accomplished with the greatest
of ease. The British patrols have discovered parties of Boers in tho direction of Ennersdale, between Frere
ami Estoonrt.
London, Jan. 15. ���A dispatch to the
Daily Mnil, dated Saturday, Jan. Id.
from Lorenzo Murqnez, snys President
Kroger bos issued n proclamation ordering all Buighers to tho frout. Th*
Volcstem, the Transvnnl oflieial organ,
suggests thut the moment the British
cross the border, tho gold industry
should be Irretrievably destroyed.
President Kroger also issued a eireu-
lttr,dated January B, to Boer commandants and Bnrgbers, urging them to
show more energy in toe Transvaal
cause. He quotes Psalm XXXIII,
verse VII, as God had given instructions to the isorghers and says that
the British have lixed the faith in
Psalm LXXX1II. He also quotes
Psalm LXXX1X, verses XIII and XIV,
and asserts that be has searched the
Bible without being able tu find other
mode which can be followed by the
Boers, who must light in the uamo of
the Lord.
Comniauderiug is proceeding ImBily
nt Pretoria, where the town guard is
exchanging Mansers *.ior Martinis as
tho former are luidly needed at the
front. It is said that there aro nearly
three thousand British prisoners in
London, Jan. 15. ���Up to tbe preseul
the reported orossing of tho Tugela
Kivor by General Warren's division
remains but minors, nevertheless the
whole tenor of such news as has dribbled In from South Afrioa during the
last for?-night hours, indicates that n
'unbilled forward movement of a comprehensive ohaiacter ih proceeding It
is not necessary to believed thn uucoii-
Ht.i... stories of the Boers being in
full ret i eat, from Colenso, because it
bns been learned that a column is proceeding   via Woenou, to help  Makarn
to ont off their retreat   At the same
time creditable information from many
different tonroei indisputably points to
iiiiniiiintuous changes in the disposition or the Repnbltoan forces. Advices from Pietoriuaritzbnrg,dated Sal-
""lay Januaiy 111, say that since their
'Meat on January 0, the Boere have
nun removing their guns from the
position south of Ladysmitb. The
sa-no dispatch confirms the report that
the 18th Hussars reached Groblorskoof
without mooting the Boers. Ab the
trenches at Gr.blnrskoof were perhaps
the strongest position held by the Burghers their vacation hns considerably
Mt-Hlshed the British. Merchants of
''"termiiritzburg have received mes-
Wgeil from Ladysmith saying : Bring
l'l> jam, etc." indicating that Lady-
"""th ngentl anticipated nn Immediate
opening of communication while Lady-
""'ith aim telegraphed tho belief pre.
���jilciit there on January 11) thnt the
'oers wero moving a,���i consolidating
��0lr force elsewhere. Ab ooroborativo
" '" Hritish activity In the direction
" t ��;r���li���f of Ladysmith, the Associ-
11,111 1 ��*���_ Is able to any a dispatch has
 " r"''el���d in  London from General
Boer Headquarters, Outside Lady.
smith, Tuesday, Jan. II. ��� The Boers,
occupying the southern edges of Buster's Oop, were driven out bv the Biit-
i'ii Miniiiiiiy.   Ooutmandant Nel, on
tli" west of Ibe town, and the Pretoria
command on the north, have taken the
kopjes   commanding   Uaeear'i camp
from which 'her   maintain a continuous sniping of tlm British
Tho Pretoria commando lost six men
killed, and six wouu led in attempting
to storm tlie fort.
ing. It is true I am arming and it is
because I see clearly that 1 must do-
fend my country.''
To this Mr. Robinson replied: "The
British publio is aroused. If any attempt were made again to enter this
country, (here would be a great outory
in England ; and the Imperial authorities could take steps to punish the organizers and to prevent such free booting expeditions."
President Kroger approached Mr.
Robinson, placed a hand on his shoulder, made n violont effort to suppress
his excitement, and said : "Yon mean
well, but I have lost confidence. What
bus happened would take place again
nnd I nm determined to guard ngninst
Later Mr. Kruger said: "What ib to
prevent Khodes and co-adjntors again
engineering some diabolical attempt
against the independence of my country?"
London, Jan. 1(1.���The correspondent
of tbe Daily Telegraph at Pietermar-
itzburg, telegraphing Thursday, Jan.
11, says: "Tha gallantry of tbo Ladysmith garrison last Saturday appears
to have depressed if not actually demoralized the Boers generall). It is
said that thoy lost at least two, if not
three, killed as against our one"
Loudon, Jan 10���Tho correspondent
of the Tillies ot Lorenzo Marquez, telegraphing Inst Saturday, says :|T'be Free
State has now oalled out every available man, including the lending merchants, who have expected to enjoy
The Volks-Ste, in the course of an
articlo, obviously -.inspired, .indicate-*
the gold-tax as u political move, holding tbut the assumption be correct that
the bulk of the Baud shares is held on
the condition that Germany, France
and other countrios must recognize tbe
desirability of bringing tbo wnr to n
epeedy close. It adds that every day
the war continues costs the shareholders ��17,000.
A threat of confiscation was used to
force the tax. With the invaluable
assistance of a considerable number of
British subjects, the Boers are stend-
ily increasing the yield of the mines,
thus securing fnnds to pay foioigners
employed iu the manufacture of explosives, shells nnd other agents for
the prosecution of the war. The time
must come when the Imperial Governmeut will proclaim that such
British subjects will be prosecuted for
treason or deprived of British citizenship.
Berlin, Jan. 15.���Emperor William
still Hikes the deepest interest in tbe
Bundesiath incident and holds frequent conferences on tho subjeot with
the Forotgh Secretary, Count Von Buo-
low. The German Ambassador, Von
Hntzfeldt, has informed the German
Government that tho seizures were
u ion the order of the British Admiralty, and not of the Foreign Otllce.
At the Foreign Office today, it was asserted, in reply to inquiry, that the reported discovery of a quantity of rifles
in the cargo of the Bnndesrnth was
unimportant, since it was already
known through the mnnifest thnt there
were several ensea of hunting rifles on
London, .Inn. Ill���Mr. J. B, Robinson, the South African iiillionnire, in
n signed article in the Daily News
ibis morning, relate! conversjtions he
has bold with Krnger nnd describes
several interviews in which the Jamie-
son raid v as talked of. On one of tln"ic
occasions President Kruger snid: "Do
you mean to tell mo that yon don't
know the men who   organized und en-
gineeied the raid, organised also for
their own benefit'' Thoy hnd decided
hoi? they WOnld divide lliii Transvaal,
how each of the parlies was to have
ceilain interests in this country.
"Many reformers who worojnut in jail
were perfectly innocent. They wero
Ignorant Of the schemes of tho men in
the inner oircles. There were only
i twelve in the iuuer oiorlos and they
wero to divide tlie Transavul among
","Thoy, or their eotnpanies, found the
money for the rai.l. Pn you think we
are so innocent as ,iot to know that
Rhodes, metaphorically speaking, held
a pistol at the heads of certain men in
England and snid to them I If yon
do not support mn, I shall denounce
you and your complicity In the
raid.'" At this state, iiccording to
Mr. Robiusou, President Krugei lie-
cnino more excited and shouted so
loud that people in the street (topped
to listen to tho conversation. President Kruger then said : "And now you
am riimmistrntlng with mo alsiut arm-
London, Jan. 10.���The War Ollice
has published the following dispatch
from Lord Roberts, dated Capetown,
January Ifi, ll :_0 p. m. : "French reports that u rooniiiuiisuuc.i yesterday
(Sunday) shel'ed the Colesburg road
bridge ; no disunities; returned   today.
Metbuen ond Gutuoro; report no
| London, Jan. IB.���It is annoniKied
iimi the British steamer Milwaukee
will replace the Montezuma, which is
to carry thn Cnnndiiin tloops to Smith
Capetown, Jnn. in.���Mr. Webster
llnvis, the United StnteH Assistiint Sec
retuiy of the Interior, visited the Boer
prisoner! today and subsequently dined with the Admiral. H�� then visited
nud bid farewell to the Governor, Sir
Alfred Milner, previous to starting for
the Trnnsvaal.
London, Jan.16.���The Duke of Marl-
borough, who volunteered for service
iu South Afrlcn.wili sail for Capetown
Saturday night.
London, Lan.   IB.���Major General,
Sir Fred Cnrriiigton, tho well known
South African olllcer, until now com-
mauiler of the BelfnHl district, hns
buon oidered to South Afiron.
Durban, Natal. Jnn.   14.���(Sundnyi.
Foreign military  atteohee arrived
here  this   morning and  Will   proceed
Monday   lo  Capetown  to    join |Lord
Roberta. .
Four   Hundred   Plainsmen
Will Go to South Africa.
Intense Enthusiasm Displayed in Ottawa
Yesterday���Western Men Arrive
at Halitix.
(Special Dispatches to The Miner.)
Ottnwa.Ont., Jan. In.���The Government has beon officially notified of the
WBr Office's acceptnuce of Lord Strath-
conn's offer of 400 mounted men from
the North West. It is understood that
tho Elder-Dempster liner Montrose
will convey these troops, along with
those from British Colombia, to South
Ottawa, Jan. 16.���Hon. Messrs.
Fielding, Blair, Borden, Mulock and
Sutherland will go to Halifax to see
tho troops embark. Other Ministers
may go also.
Thcro must hnve been from _5,000
to 30,000 peoplo who turned out this
forenoon to cheer the Ottawa battery
ns it took its departure here today for
South Afric .. The crowd at the railway depot wns packed like sardines in
n box. All clnsses were represented,
Ministers of tbe Crown, military men,
civic representativoB aud plain citizens. Cars were decorated with the
British colors and the baud played and
crowd Bang '' Auld Lung Syne'' as the
train pulled out of the depot. At head
of deep cut the train stopped nnd the
Governor-General addressed the soldiers.    The enthusiasm was intense.
It was decided todny thut the vessel
to replace the Montezuma, as n transport for thu second contingent to South
Africa, will be Milwaukee, siBter ship
of the Montezumn nud owned by tho
same concern, the Elder-Dempster Co.
She is now on her way from Liverpool
to New Orleans for mules but will be
in all probability sent north to Halifax, where fihe will b.eaccordiug to calculations of the owners, on Thursday
of next week. She is slightly larger
than the Montezuma. The fittings in
the latter, however, which are now almost complote, will do for the Milwaukee with very little change.
The Government has been officially
notitlod of tho acceptance by the War
Office of Lord Strathooiio's offer to
bear the expense of raising and out
fitting four hundred mounted men
from the North West. The consent
of tho authorities heie to tbo scheme
has already been given, and it is ti.k-
eu that the force will be raised under
the superintendence of the Minister of
Militia, us was done with the first
two contingents, nlthongh Lord Struth-
conn, will pnrsonullv be consulted nn
all points nnd will probably soe fit to
nominate somo of the ollicers.
Halifax, N. 8., Jan. 18.���The steamer Laurentian, the first transport leaving ll.ilimv will sail Sunday morning
at 1(1 o'clock. Tho reception, tendered
by the citizens of Halifax, will take
plnco Friday evening.
Tnnorlo, Jan. Ifi. ��� Captain Barker,
who commanded the Toronto company
in the reonnl fight, writes his pnrouts
from Belmont, December II, telling of
scenes in n pievioiiB linttle. Ho says:
"Our chaps now ull look dirty, sunburnt, but fine, nnd there is no sickness. The khnrkl clothing is tho color
of the African sand uuil nearly nil the
men luivo linnrds. They nre getting
over anxious to go forward and fight. "
Montreal, Jan. IB,���On Decombcr'.K,
while lighting with Nulul carbineers
at Ladysmith, Robert Milne-Miller, of
Iniiesfnil, Alberta, was killed. He
was a son of Surgeon Major Milne-Miller, formerly of Uosshire, Scotland.
Toronto, (Int., Jau. IS,���The Mail's
IjOiiiIoii special says Colonel Pilcher
with Canadians and Queensland-It,
moved on Jniiuury 7, from Belmont,
south   to General   Huhington n line  nf
visited tho cmnp today. Major Williams inspeoted his eastern troops, aud
expressed satisfaction. He drilled bis
troops for an hour. The drill wns admired by a largo crowd. Tbe general
opinion is that "B" squadron will be
hard to bent.
Ottawa, Jan. lo. ���A general militia
order today snys:
"Officers before being appointed to
comuinud or seconds in command of
corps of active militia, other than
permanent units, will require to pass
an examination in tactical fitness for
command, This examination will be
conducted by a board of officers ni
camps of instruction and will consist
of, ability to rend a map with facility,
to handle in tbe field a mixed force of
not less than one battery nnd three
battalions ill the practical solution of
some simpld tactics. All orders to be
written by tbe candidate, to command
a unit of tbo candidate's own arm in
some similar operation, written solution of a set of tactical problem, (only
one), marking on a map tho position
of troops required, eaoh member of
board to record bis opiuion individually of the work done by candidate
and to state clearly whether in his
opiuion candidate possess necessary
qualifications to mako nn efficient officer, possessing the required power to
command aud handle men. Officers of
permanent units will hereafter be required to pass "Taotical fitness test for
commands" before n board of officers
of the Imperial service in tbo snmc
manner ns officcers of the Imperial sor-
vice, nnd after same facilities for instruction have been given as to officers of  tho same Bervice.
Ottawa, Ont. Jan. 13.��� The Ottawa
and district quotu to tho Beoond eon-
tingeut received a royal send off this
morning, the streets being crowded
with enthusiastic citizens, bunds,   eto.
Winnipeg, Man., Jnn. 15.���The special conveying the Nothwest Mounted
Police contingent for South Africa,
numbering nearly 400, will reach Winnipeg between 10:80 nnd 1 o'clock tomorrow nnd those nn board will at
once be taken to the Drill Hall nnd entertained to luncheon by tho city. A
stay of about two hours will lie made
Greenwood, B. C, Jan. 15.���Mayor
Hardy bns reoeived six applications of
citizens to join thu B. O. coutlngont
for the Transvaal aud telegraphed to
the Provincial Secretary offering their
services. Since then a seventh, who
served in tho Texas Rangers, Iiub heen
added to the list. They are ull Belect
mnu nnd anxious to go to the front.
Moutrenl, Jau. 15.���Tne Bank of B.
N. A. has subscribed ..1000 to the Canadian Pntriotic Fuud.
London. Jan. 15.���It is nnnounced,
in n dispatch from Capetown, thnt advices havo been rocnived there from
ColoBburg, dated Friday, Jnn. 13, saying that Colonol Porter, with the
mounted New Zenlanders nnd the New
South WnleB Lanoers.wne worrying the
Boers from kopje to kopje by pluoky
hnznrdous moves. The Coloniuls.it wns
nrided, wore oompletely non-plussing
the Burghers. A party of RemingtoiiB
scouts eluded the Boer pickets, entered
Norval's Pont and secured vnluable Information.
Capetown, Jan.   16.���A dispatoh to
the Argus, dated Friday, snys: "The
authorities have received nows that
General Wurren has occupied a strong
position north of the Tugela Rivei.
The report is discredited iu oflioiul
New York, Jnn. 15.���A circular, appealing for peace nnd pleading for the
Boers, signod by 400 clergymen of ell
deiiotniniitioiiB in the Netherlands, hns
just been delivered to   the ministers of
Christian ohurohes In Great Britain.
Both Parties are Now Busy
Filing Protests.
Funeral of the Late Mr. Ogilvie in Montreal���Death of Prominent People-
Bail for Baxter.
(Speciul Dispatches to The Miner, j
Winnipeg. Jan. 15.���A meeting of
those iu opposition to the Government
of Hon. H. .1. Macdonald, was held at
Dominion City today for the purpose
of selecting a candidate to oppose Hon.
D. H. McFadden, in the approaching
bye-election for Emerson,. Mr. Gavin Roes waa selected to oppose tbo
new Minister. The first batch of protests arising out of the recent Muni-
toba election were filed today. The
Liberals enter protests against six
Conservative members elect, Morris,
Rosenfeldt, Portnge la Prarie, Morden.
Mauitou and Rockwnod. The Conservatives protest the Lilierals elect for
Lakeside, Birtle, Deloraine and Onril-
Andrew B. Clarke, of Clarke Bros.
&. Co., stationers, formerly of Montreal, died suddenly today.
Montreal. Jan. 15.���Judge Hull gave
judgment today ou the application of
James Baxter nnd Walter Ernest Fel-
lowes, prisoners iu connection with the
Ville Mnrio Bank case. Baxter will
havo to give bail to tbe extent of $80, ���
000, hall of which is to be personal.
Toronto, .Tun. 15.���Fifteen thousand
dollars damage was cansed this morning in a fire whioh gutted Lang <S_
Co.'k dry goods establishment. The
origin of the fire is unknown. The loss
on the building, owned by H. T. McCarthy. Is eBtimated at 19,000.
London, Out., Jan. 15.���Wiliam Giri-
dous, u prominent real estate broker,
while on his way to lunoh this morning, dropped dead in front of the Tecum seh House.
Father Point, Que., Jan. 15.���Mr.
Pitre D. Rouleaux, first mayor of this
parish and posttnastor since 1865. died
this morning after u long illness.
Edmonton. N. W. T., Jan. 16.��� Fred
R. Gibson, town clerk, former deputy
sheriff at Reginu, during the rebellion,
and who officiated at the execution of
Louis Reil, is dead, having been 111
ouly a few hours.
Montreal, Jun. 15.���Dr. J. Baker-
Edwards, well known chemist and an-
alyist, is dead, aged 75.
Halifax, N. H., Jan. If..-The detraining of Manitoba troops was witnessed by   ihoiisiiuils,   while hundreds
Oraugn River, Jun. 1,.���Oeneral
Wood, for the first time in this oam
paign, has ofltablishcd u post in the
enemy's oonutry. With n force of nil
arms, he took up n nositinn,.luiiunry ii.
at Zontspan Drift, on the north side
of the Orange River, in the Free State.
Toronto, Out. Jan. I"-.��� Protests
have been filed against the retnrn of
Conservative memb"ts for East and
West Elgin. Onn bud been olredny filed ngninst the return of Hon. John
liryilen for South Ontario.
Tho National Putriotin Fund started
by the Globe amounts tonight to 18,���
1100. This does nol include 18,00. contributed today by the Bunk of B. N.
A., whloli is sent from headquarters
iu London, Eng,, to the Central Com-
initteo Fund ut Ottnwn.
Montreal, Que., Jan. 15. ���The funeral of the Into W. W. Ogilvie took
place this afternoon. The funeral
wns oue of the most largely attended
ever scon in Montreal. The nhief
mourners included the Hon. Senator
Ogilive,   brother  of deceased, nnd the
ib nsel's  three    eons.   Tho   funeral
service was couductod by Roy. J. Edgar Hill, pastor of St. Andrew's
church. At thn conclusion ol the service the remains were conveyed to
Mount Royal cemetery for   luterment.
Ottawa, Jan. 15.���Williams, tho Toronto murderer, has been sentenced to
be hanged on Good Friday. As question has been raised, the Minister of
.in in ' wus asked for an opinion. Hon.
Mr. Mills said that there was nothing
in the cisle to preveut the carrying out
of the sentence that dny. It is thought
thut Eugish precedent would justify
Justice Meredith in again bunging thn
mnn before him and renewing- tho
(Associated Pren Defpetohea.)
Montreal, One., Jan.  15. ��� A Detioit
dispatch  says  Senator   McMillan, ao
ciimpuuied by ruprereulallve Michigan
timber  dealers,   will   urge    Secretary
Hay al Washington to take some action
toward adjusting grievances   now   .1
isling  between  the Ontario  Government and Michigan lumber men, relative to  pine   timber.    If no  emicahlti
settlement is likely, the  Senator  will
Contlniiml on fourth P_g.. NELSON DAILY MINER, TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, 1900.
Nelson Daily Miner
rubllBDad Kaily oxooin Monday.
SHIJUlNMlNEIl PlUN.INti  k l'llllLlflHINO Co.
11  J. BEATON, Editor and Manager,
SUnSC'Kll'TlON Katkb
.Muiiiiiii. Edition.
Hilly per n-.iiiiili hy oanler	
���        per hntf year	
por yuar by .null... , ,	
per vi- iv foreign ,
.*    6'
Srnscitii'Tui \
r.ienini! t',li
..t  1.1
Dull) per niunili hy panior
por imii year	
per your ��� I1"
|icr year liy iin.il       :t 50
pel-your by lli.iil riu-i-iK'n.,      I'M
Nklson Weekly Mined,
Weekly, pie half yoar S IM
pfcr year.
peryear, foreign    260
Siibncrlption-i Invariably In advanoe
.olson Min ;r l��r Intl _k & I'ubll-hlnj, Co
nelson. b. c.
Telephone   No.   144.
,.. ,,] 1, h ncliui i'n. simplest stHternent j
th il 1: 1 i.i. - i-1 in rational English,
That .paper linn been sn long noons-
lomed to 1 he language nf Uu- bar-room,
thn men traolt, nud Ihe gnnibling den
that nny other appears strange to it. It
is neeiii ���- - to ay that The Miner has
not nun.e 111.v -ui-li contention, nor 1ms
it. snid any thing that a pei-Bon of ordinary 80I100I or mil lege education eonld
ro diutoil a-, in read such a meaning
iuln it.    	
Referring to the explanation made
1., n Montreal antiienoe by Mr, Sifton,
thai Mr, Orecnwoy'a defeat in Maui,
I -jl.ii w.-n -dm- lo nv.'i eiilllidi-Iiie. The
Vaiieouvi r World says: "No iliuihl
there is uiiu-li truth in this statement." Oor exoellent and esteemed
OOUtempornry is    quite   too   guileless.
There is do troth whatever in it. From
the women! Mr, Hugh .1. Maodonald
was nuuln leader of the Opposition Mr.
Qreenway knew thnt If he were to
eairy the next elm-linn he hnd his work
eut ont tor him, and frum thnt time
forward   lie  negleoted    nothing     to
Strengthen his  defences.    He   dug   his
trenches nml put np his bnrbnd wire
barriers, and did everything else that
a priidont and experienced general
would do. Mr. Oreeinvay was defeated beoause of two reasons; one,
that the people wore becoming tired of
him, and Ihu other, thai Mr.Sifton and
the Dominion Government were even
more nnpopnlar than himself.
Office 1111*1 Pocket,
Whittaker's Almanac
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
New and Important
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
Mr. Martin is opposed lo suli-titu
ting a money subsidy for the land
grunt made in aid of the Columbia &
Western railway. That is Mr. Martin's privilege, whatever may ho his
motive; whether a conscientious regard
for principle, which has never been
known to weigh too heavily on that
gentleman, or personal animosity,
which long and assiduous cultivation
has made a part of his nature. Ilo opposes the Change, and Inhes the ground
that the Railway Company have now
no right to either subsidy or grant.
There are IpriiI points involved in tho
ease as he presents it. nud with these
we do uot propose to have anything to
do; but there is one broad oomprehen-
sivo point based on justice nnd common Bense, aud in respect to tbut we
presume to havo an opinion thai is
perhaps ns valuable ns Mr. Martin's.
Thn Columbia & Western began under a Provincial charter, and to aid in
its construction the Legislature voted
a laud grant of two or three million
acres, Every person in the Dominion
capable Of reading a page of English
intelligently has known  for years that
it is within  the  light of the Federal
authority to  take   control  of nny Pro
vineial railway, by the simple declaration that it is for the general advantage of  Canadn.    The   land grant wus
voted subject  to   that authority,   and
with tbe knowledge   that  at any time
it might be  exercised.    In the  course
of time it wus exercised, iu   pursuance
ot u policy prevailing nt  Uttuwa  that
all railways of any pretension or importance whatever should be broughl
within the jurisdiction  of the Homin-
ion and subject to tbe General Ball-
way Act.    Any other policy wonld  be
liable to provoke much   inconvenience.
When the   grant was made, therefore,
it was within the  knowledge of every
member  of  the Legislature who knew
his a, b, c of poplie  affairs thut  the
Columbia  &   Western  would    nlmuit
certainly, indeed, quite certainly, pass
from under the control of the Province
to that of lhe Dominion.
Mr.    Murtin contends  that    linemen
thiB has neon done the Company's right
to  the   land   lapses.    Thero   may   bo
speoial provisions in  the charter under I QP'TJOOT
���which   it would   bo   possible   to press   rOVjllv-'V.-Ll
this claim, but we were unable to  do-
teot any reference to them iu the report
of   Mr.   Martin's    speech.    With   our
present information we understand the
Columbia & Western was Incorporated
iu tho  iiBnnl   way, wns voted  a   land
grant  subject to the usunl  conditions,
und that it finally passed tu Dominion
oontrol in the usual Inevitable way.
To dnim under these circuinatiineis
thut the Company nre no longer eniitl-
ed to tbo land Rrant is merely a preliminary to repudiation; nnd wo should
think, it we may be permitted to have
an opinion on the subject, that iu
the repudiation of last session this
Province has had as much dishonor
thrust npnn it as the public reputation
und the public credit will bear with
Lord Stralhcona's offer to equip und
land at Cape Town four hundred mounted solidnrs is niagnilicenl in its patriotism and genei'OBity, The l'rovini-inl
ofl'er to Bend ono hundred rough riders
is no strain on the patriotism of British Columbia, but it is ton much like
the offer of a nflllion iu aid of an tm-
peirnl cable to command ranch admiration, There is just it little ton much
self-glory in it to give it the genuine
'3800 Miles Across Cam-da.'
Price $1.50.
fining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Tena and     aiu' others worked
Marv Belle l,-v lhe Weslem
mary  Dene Canada Gold Min.
ing' Co., is one of the safest buys on
the market. Thorough inspection
cordially invited.
iooo Noonday    600 Richelieu
Referendum Treasury Slock,    Hold
on installments ?i���'o., one third down.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland. Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have carefu! and prompt attention.
r^H/Js 'ft*Hs U&Js &npt�� ty
We have just received
a carload ol choice
Tho purity ot Hi" Drugs uml Modlotnoa
administered le the nation, la Hi�� moat
.������.-������������li'ti dement in ilu* successful treat*
in tint of (ii-i-n-i'. Preioriptiona uro com-
nounaed by in. from absolutely Pure
Drugs in perfect condition, aud the physician's skill will not be nullified by old
and Impotonl drugs,
Our stocks ot requisites for'
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room
An-; iploto   Your.pati-onaKe noliolto-.
House   and   lot,   for   Fide,   close   to
business part of city.   Price $2,000.
WARD st.
Nurses'   Directory.
For tho oonvenionoo of Phyalolans nnd
Nurses, we hnve established a Nursos
Directory, nnd in order to havo ii complete, r. rjui -1 ;ilt Nurses to send in ur .nil
and leave tholr mimes and  addresses.
Dispensing Chemist
Telephone 115,    P.O. Box 229.    Baker Street.
Hall Ordcra Promptly Attended To.
Every requisite for the
Scholnr nnd student.
Great Reduction!
$9.65 per Ton
$6.15 Per Ton
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now* prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credil
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Hudson's Eay Stores
Writ Baker St.. Nelnou.
Telephone 18.
Wholesale Houses.
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Insure your house, house furniture
and pianos with J. E. Annable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance companies.
C..A-PROSSER,  Manager.
Biiil-.cr.-j will Hnd it. 10 tholr advantage to
tinuio with l-i-i-dl-iv & Oo. on Painting.
TtLomsoE stationBTT Go., Lta.
Mrs.   N-C--au_-.hli.Ts
���VfOTlCK i   liorebj riven that appllontloti
j>     i.iiii lo to tho i.i_liiiiiivn .u-i-m
lily nl Un- I-nn iiK-i-1,1 ll.-. Mi Columbia, ul IU
11,ai -,-i,,11; 1,,run Ael hi Incorporate 11 Com
inn-I. Imilil. i',|iii]iiui')
In tnkiiiK n purv.-y of tin- work ilmio
hy thn oltl Oounoll, ill otilnr I.i milk.-
plnim for IIiIh ynar's opnrnliiiiii', the
now Cminriil will obiem with more
than imuul Hiitisfuctiun thu Improve-
mollis thnt bate been carried out ��t
the initiative or rni.hir tin. diMO-lon of I^w'trarr-wSyilliUhS b'l
the City EilBiDeer,    In .Mr. MoOolloqh  and \  In tho l*TOviii-_ of BrlU��h Ooi.mbb-t
i... v.y  ~   r. I in run uiiil ii|���r,ili--nil, tiiiiiili.il-. liy olootrlo,
iho corporation ih fnttuiiato in   Having ataain or othor power, .< Bin) i��- mo��l eoonoml-
.noffloini wi... I. oapabie, ......H.-i.-...i^v;:;,v;;:^::'i:;.^;,:.;:n,'i::.,lll,,;::���".::.w.:;,1".-n
tioim,    in.liiHtrio.iM.    and    palnitaklng,   fhodtlpn,.towiivvlll��gi-i ami aottlomont; In
, . , ..      -alii iiiBtrn-i   of Kootonny and Yolo, with now
one  who  pOHWnei  in ran- tltgree tlm :,.r| nneel with olhor (lima thai may operate
tliHpo. iti.,..   to mind fall own   l...Hi���.:;s ! JjgS&mZSl, - Ma. Kher w ���__??. olSi��o��r
nnd   haiiinii-r   away  nl   It  until  duty oorporal   inanufaotorli     qr ludlvldualm
.     totmpply liuli' lo othoroorpurntloni.. inanufao-
wa��   <*ollv    pDrformtitl.    'Hint   h   the  uirioii or liitllvliluiilx; to aoqulro and hold wnt-
ki���.l nf   pnblio -er.anl   the   * pie "jjjjw fejfatfE^JQS^JPSgiL
wnnl   .iti'l it will   be only BtflOiOTH Oil  oon n     n-oniifaclorlei    or  Indlvlduali
... 1.   ., 1,, IniliiHliiiinl -iilMily uiilii' t" ntlii-r   riirliur,.
iim part iii the new Aldermen If ih.-y , J , ,,,���,.,,,',-!,.',������ i<���n_i _in.aitfiiii
.how ib..!.- nppreolatlon uf bin .ervloci ^Jf;,*,?*KV-,n.���Sihol-Sl-opol-YV,1!"iIXomSnt:
bv Hti��iiuth<-iiiiii_   hiH  linmls wbonever for tho piirpoai' of tin bomimny, wllhnll n��
,     irj na ivi   in thai I I lialfl loncqiiii
Bennett's Improved
Safety Fuse
As    Supplied    British
Spokane Falls <S_
Northem R'v,
HIeIsqn & Fort
Sheppard R_y_
Red fountain RY
The .mil nil t-all route without
change of cum between Nelson n. il
llosslatiil uml BpokTino and Rossland
Lv. 9.16a.m. NELSON, Ar. 6.20p.m.
Lv. 1126a.m. HOrtSLANDAi-800| in.
Lv.  8.16 ii.ni. BPOKANE Ar.O.lhp.m
Train thnt  lnnvis Nelson ot 9:16 R.i'
in:,,.,    i-Ii.hi  aonneotioDs Bt Bpokane I
ull Connt Points.
PaKBOURen. tor KetMoltiver anil Boundary ("ruck,connect nt Msrous -itbBtn.i
Spokane Wash
Admiralty. I o, k. TAOKAIUJRY,
A_nnt. r..-1-nti. It. 11
���'���_   i-
��� ������������������+ ������������-* ���������������������������������������I
\.  -:. k
THORPE & CO., UeOTBD.-Oorner Vor
hum imtl Codar ritroots, Nulr-on, iimnu-
fnoluro---of und wholosal-a dealon in aont-ad
wuiurs ami fruit syrups, Solooftenta for lim
cyon Springs minora) water.
.N. Mi Outututns, Loaw i. Kvery known
variety of sou drinks. i\ ���->. Hox 8S. Telephone No SI. Hoovor Street NcNon Bottler*
of tho Famous -M. Leon Hot Springs Minun.l
HJ. EVANS ik OO. BacorBtreet Nel
��� son, whoioiuuudealers In Liquors, cigars
cement. Are brlok mul Drool .y, water piiw and
sleol rolls and general oommuston increhaou.
Limitbd, Front street, Nelson, whole-
sale dooiors in Anur, meals, etc., and t.a>
and grain. Mills ut Kdmonton, Victoria ami
New Wostmlnster, Klevators on Calgary &
Kdmonton Hallway
A MACDONALD & CO.   -orm-r  Vci
���   nun uml _i:._pliiiHi  mrBSU. whiil.-mili-
.rn ri-i mul jubbor. iii b-UiSats, glovoa, inlt:*.
tiuuls,  l-iibbt'i-n, niurkiliiiwH an,I  iiiIhui-h' huh-
P BURNS * CO  BakorStreet, Nelaon,
a   wiii.li-.-ii.lo ,,i .un    In li, .h iui.I curtMl
inoatit  Ovid ���Un-ags.
-liuki-i Mi-cct. iNolsuu.   WiiolunuluQcul-
en in fiu-li mul ourad ineuu.
Limited nakor .,,,;, n, i ,,n. wtiuiu-
Milo.lt-.tlur^ in h .rilwum uml iiiiinrt. Huppllen,
liliiiuli.r.-'uml litiMiiitiiV aappllei.
-.;.,��� . .lllll -  llllll Ui|h.
White Countered
G-utta Percha.
Will Not Crack or Break.
Iy s;ifo  in .-ill
nr wlii-ri-viir ii limy be neoewiary.
Mr. HouBtnirH ruiiir unyH Thr Miner
lllll Ui-i-li cniil.niilliiK Hint Hn' Olty '''i'i
not olToril to lOM Hm reviiiimi Hint wan
il.iriv.-il   from tlm  Hint   iiiiii-Iiiiii-'h.    We
do not nttriiiut'i thin to nn Intentional
nmi d.'lihi-rnto   denlre  to  niisri'iircKitit
tin- ettinido of Ihe Miner; it in iim-
nntir.-ly to ��n Ignorance that iH Incapable und.-r rurtiilii   oircamitaneei ol
nil Iln
K r ri.'ii-lii-i'--. lU'l.ili ���!:.���- nml llll-ll"-- DflllO
\ii-iin i;!i , ii i- 'I i.uiiiviii C*oiiip_ny, l.iinlt.-ii-.
lo nunnlro nil Uio n --i-i-. fri IiI-mm, prlvlllRfH
uml liu-ini-- i.i Hn l!ii--lmiil nml Sophie Moiili
lain  Kin hi,   Ili.iliiiiv rniiipiiiij-. I.iiiiilnl-. In
nirolvii niii.iiiiirr lis  was ol I r plnor-
wl-,-. from mn iMiiiiii-ip iiii i in wilil IH-iri. i- of
ti... ,i 11>>. > in- V,,ii,; iii .ilii'.in o-amplloii from
hiMiiiiin mul ntlior prlvlleui rron, nny iiuitilul
pnilly In mild lii-niii- ni Koolanny nml vole.
nn.I nil ..ii.,1 ii iiiil, in-' ii | in- in- Identnl
pi,ui-r- nml pii- iii , ,-, n   niii-In- ni-i -r--iiry  or
In, iiti-iititl ni  iln. iii,-1-, tin-  nltniiiiiii'iil  tit
Iln- itliini ,.',m -i i, or "in nl L.10IH.
Dated nl llii i m nt Nol-on ilil�� l-i day of
in ii.-i. a. ni
la/Mlcn _.. the AfiM<"<��".
Minimizes   risk    from    lirinp;
Everything to recommend it-
Ask your dealer for them.
Manufactured by
Cambourne, Cornwall
(li-iii-rnl A���i-nt fnr ('mill In.
In - i il-ii n.i     Ak.IHI-.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
1NTKI.NATION \i, N.W. ft TRAD. Vi},     '
Sohedulo of Tlmo,      Paotftc. BUntlaed rimo. 1
KABU) ft slocan i:v.
Paasong-ir train for Bandon nnd wayBtattojii
luuviiH   l-ii-ln .ii 8 a. in., dallr,    I.Hurtiinie, I
loavoflflandon at 1.10 p.m,, iimvhiK ��i Koalo
, ;il  :t.Vi p.lll.
UporatlnRon Kootonij Lo-koand Rtvor.
|    Htr.  ,,lhi- it itiuii.,1'   ii'-ivi"- l.;i-lu fiirXol.on ,
I .it 0 it. in, dally oxcopt  Bunday.   Iloturntog,
, loavofl Nci-nn ui  LIU) p.m., calling at Balfour,
I Pilot Bay. Alnsworth and nil wuy point*. Uon
neotii wiili s*r. "Albotta" io and (ran. llon��
iht - I'.-ny, Idaho, rilno with s. v. ft N. tu and
from Hpokune al rlvoMUo Point.
i   sir     Albortn" I_oavo-i Nelhon fnr I.onnor'H
Foiry, Tuomlayi  uiul   HaturdayH al   . n.in.,
I inoouna Btoamor "IntomallonaT (ram Kaslo
at Pllol Ray,
Keturnlng, loar_w Bonnov'a Forry nt is -\. m.
Wndm-Mliij-H und Sniiiliij-..
Dlrool oonnootlOTi.] mad a al Bonnoi'a Fern
wiili Qraal NorUlVrn Kuilway for all point-*
uai-t. and wesl.
Htr. "liittsrnallonal" loavo KaiiO for 1 anlo
and ArgonUl at MS p.m. Wi'iliii'HHajH anil Iri :
days. :-'ir. "AUh'ii.i ' loavoi ttatilo for l_ardo
anp ArK'-nta ai BOO p.m.Bunda) i.
BtoaiDenicall  at iiriorlnal liuidingH In both ,
dlrootlons, and al ouiorpolntfl whon riftnallM
Tirkfl-H i-olil lo -ill puiniH In Canada and thfl
I'liltr.l BtOtOS.
TO MOOrtaln ntag and full Informal ion, ad-
drcw :
M-ui i.'.ci,   li  i   In.   |j. 0
WEB liiivi- tin- must
equipped .1
.1... i/...,	
nisi, ooinplelelj
.lull Office in
tbe  Kiiiiti-uiiys, ami m,,
therefore prepared to lurn  out
tin- Beat Work, and we do it ��t
nick bottom  pi-iies,
TURl.tR, Bi-bTON &. UO.-'W'
itinoi, iti.,1 j.i-.-.-liui.t rilrou-,, No'.-on
wlioloaaHi doaloui In iiqiiiu-n ci|_uri. uml .try
Kiniil^.   .iKi-,,i���i'ui-I'm.-. Urawing Co. ol Mn-
tut, ki-u in.il - nlK-u.t  lli'-iviiit. Co.  nf I 1*1-11'I ���
HODouN'o Li��Y OO. - ������ I'"'1 --""' "'"
..nil" unit llnllul-.u.ij., llukcral., Nolni'll.
JY   URI.'FIN  4.  CO    '.nni-  Viinnii
.     111,11   li.n,i|llll,C Sln/UU.  NulhUII, Wllllli-i-ittl-
��� it-,.1 ��� i- ... 1,1-i.M.iii.iK.i nr, il iiieui-, Liillcr ..ml ,
Nui-SOl. brtW AND PLANI__��
(viillS, i.imiii.ii I..UIIHII- i-i-uiii r.imi
ll-.it .-nut-.-, NuImiu iiiuiiiiiittiiHi-urn ot uii'i
whulOMlodi ;-i i,,-i-li . il iIouik; nil klmi-1
.it I... Im j WurK llnlilti iu oidur.
nu- .I.IM--IHUU uml iluhiir nli..!l^i. AK"--
lur I it,uiu.n run,nli: uml Willuliil Aculj Uii-
l.n- .Alui-liiiuil it.
.. .
��� ������ . ��� + .-. . . . �� ������.��� .44. _ ^4^^
A. R. BARROW, am.'.i<
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner VlotorUtand ivnoioiiny hi_.
I'. O. Inix finll. Tolophuni- Ne. M
I. ��. liltUN I   H. (I.t-IIM--
Civil   Rny;ineers   end I'rovlncinl
1.nnil Surveyors.
P, ll. lln\ 111 NulKon. H. i'-
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Paii).erf    C_c>
Chimney Sweeping.
Office, Ward St. opp. Opera H-UM NELSON DAILY MINER, TUESDAY, JANUARY 16 iqoo
Mayor Appoints the Finanoe        Publio
Works Committees -City Salaries
May Be Reduced.
The new City Council held Iheir first
mooting yeserday afternoon nnd trans,
anted n o'onBidernble amount, of rout in"
Imsiness. The attendance was not
mute n full one. Mayor Houston wns
i��� the chair, and Aldermen Irvine,
Arthur, Hall,and Wilson were present,
Aldermen McKillop and Morrison being the absentees.
Tbe two standing committees were
nominated by  the Mayor  nnd  nre  us
Pnblio Works Committee���Aldermen
Irvine, (chairman), Hull nnd Wilson.
Finance Committee���Aldermen McKillop (clniirninn), Arthur nnd the
successful oundldate in thn Morrison-
Irving dispute,
Tlie application of Dr Stoddnrt for
leave to obtain power from tbo Wist
Kootenny Power & Light. Compnoy,referred tn the present Council by the old
one, wns considered and, on the motion of Aldermen Arthnr and Hall, it
was decided to refuse to issue permits
to anyone for the use of electric power
from that company. The application
of Ed. MaoGregoi for tho position ot
City Pound Eeepei wns laid over.
II. W, llnwley wrote offering to pny
BO coins, ii loii lor ico taken from the
toservoir providing he were given the
exclusive right to take it. The request
was refused nn the motion of Alder,
man Hall nnd Wilson.
Tlm City Engineer's annual report,
already published, wns received nnd
On tlie motion of Aid. Hull and
Wilson, tbo City Clerk wns Instructed
to get ont u lift of the users of electric
light and water, the rates charged
them ami the rules that shonld be
charged under the bylaw, und submit
tho same in two week's time.
It was decided to issue a cheque for
13,750 to pay the Interest ou Iho do-
In mures which fulls due this month
Tbe alleyway in block 5, between
Josephine nnd Ward Streets will be
made pnsaable for tennis, according lo
the terms i f a motion proposed by Aid,
Hull nnd seconded by Aid. Irvine.
Sjiinc onpnld accounts were, ou (lie
iiiiiiiiiii of Alderman Wilson und Hill,
referred to the Finance Oommlt,tee.
The Council ilien endorsed thn late
Connoil's petition to the Provincial
Government for the transfer of block
41) to the city and the appropriation ol
$1(1,011(1 for school purposes, ami directed Ihn City Clerk to forward a copy
of the resolution to the Provincial See
Tne issu.ni I   u   note   for   180,000
wns authorized as collateral for the
overdraft at tbe bunk, pending tbe collection of current revenue.
On the motion of Aldermen Arthur
and Hull, a committee whs appointed
to look Into tho qneition ol the salaries
paid   lo   those   employed   by   the C'ilv
nnd rep ut on the advisability of making am reductions. The cninmiitee
consists of Aldermen MoKillop, Wilson
and Arthur.
After deciding that the Council
would meet in the City Hall every
Monday ul 8 p, m. the meeting adjourned.
probably the largest ho has bud yet.
Possibly the Bleping mnn in Des
Brisny's window was a drawing onrd,
as ho was nwnkenod on the stage lasl
night. Before waking him np Professor McKwen proceeded to demonstrate
Ihe genuineness of the hypnotic sleep
by puttiug sterilized pms through
bis lips, pushing n tooth pick up iiis
iici-i> aud touching his eyeballs, none of
whioh operations caused tho sleeper to
winco hi th" hast. Dr. Uabel Arthur
and Dr. Stoddnrt were ou the stage and
wntohed these tests carefully, nud were
thoroughly satisfiud ns to their genuineness, The slci'iicv then woke up,
having been iii a hypnotic sleep since
8 a, in. He was ravenously hungry,
nml did ample justice to the dinner
provided for him.
A very funny scene wns enacted Inter nu when n subject was placed on a
ehnir and told he wns Inking his des
girl mil for n drive. Tho purl, of tb,
best gill was taken by another subject
under n similar delusion, nnd tho audience screamed with laughter ns tbo
two nun nii'eotinnately embraced The
eniei (annul nt included with n baseball
gnnie, Stveral outfielders stood among
tho nudience, nud they nil plnyed the
imnginnry gniue with much zest, even
if with but. littlo skill.
Tbo cerformanoes uro slill as funny
as ever, nnd il is universally regretted
ibm Mr. MoKvi'ii hns only two nioie
nights to play here.
/ l(^A/v^*^^��vwv'^<^^���^A*^���v-<^^
Commences MONDAY MORNING and continues until they arc all sold.
Come early and get the best selection.
The Shoeists.
^ rA-^AfA AoAiA V
Mr. Ernest Mansfield returned last
night from a  trip to New Denver,
Mr, Frank Robbius,   superintendent
ut 'be Su'iuwiiiiler mine near Phoenix.
is iu the city-
Messrs. John MoKaoe nnd J, C,
Drewry return to Uussland on this
morning's train.
The sleeping beauty in D-slirisny's
wiuduw yesterday g.ivo The Miner's
special bulletins a hard run for tlm
lirst place as attractions.
.Iitiiies Kelly, oharged with abduction, was iiiought up before Police
Magistrate Crease yesterday, and wns
again remanded until today.
I'be Granite slump mill started up
again oil miiiiIiiy with teu slumps, the
other ten being set going last night.,
ihe mill is working admirably under
Hi present management.
The Rev. B. Frew left Inst night for
Ferine to intend ;i meeting oi the
Pn Bbytery there on the occasion oi the
induction of the Hev. M. S. Jordon.
Mr. Frew expeots to get bock on  Wed-
A bnu I
Cues  Through  a  Trestle
Two Miles Prom Hero.
The 0, P. It. seems to  be  having a
run nl tbo worst kind of hnrd luck just
now    There     was   u     siniish   up   near
Creston on Sunday, and the very  next
day another accident bus to   be   chluii-
loled, The 8 o'clock train yesterday
morning, consisting of several freight
cars us well as the passenger conches,
had _u>t passed  through  the new   ont
"'out two miles out of Is'i Imui when
the car iu front of tbe baggage cm
jumped the track, I'lnngcd along the
trestle and finally went through it,
f'dling alMUl    -II    feet.    The   ear   was
loaded with coal. Two cms in nil left
tne Hack, nnd tho trostlo wns rather
badly knooked abont
The engine with n few of the curs
wein on |o Uobson Hiking one or two
of the passengers but most of them
Walked back tO Nelson. Tlmy were
s'lukcu uu hut nolle of them wen hurt.
One lesnlt Of tbe accident wilB thnt
Wi trains i.eut out of Nelson yesterday
to Slooan Olty or Robson, though ono
went as far as the trestle to m. et the
Revelstoke   nnd    RoSSlnlld    passengers
last evening, uml a transfer was effeot
'"'���   The 8 o'clock  train  will, however, go out   as   usual this  morning.
Mr .i. c. Drewery, who wus   In  the
"maah'Up near Oreston on Sunday, was
also iii ynslerdiiv's accident. He thinks
fellway travelling In the Kootenays is
Betting dangerous, ami expressed n
wish to Into ��� balloon as thu only sufe
way nr getting buck to Rossland.
The Yinir brauob of the Merchant's
Bunk of Halifax wns closed on Sutur-
day, Inn.' is very quiet and gives indications of remaining so until nulling operations open on a more uxten
sive s nic in tbe spring,
The ^Excboqnei sent down another
BhipillOUt of '-'I Ions to tho Hull Mines
smelter ou Saturday. The teturus,
which were  received   yesterday, "show
ihat the ore went |_E In gold nun '."-_
ounces iu silver to the ton.
Alter the Sunday evening service at
the Baptist Church hud been concluded Mr. Ranch was joined in the bonds
of holy matrimony to Miss Emily
Amy by the Bov. O, W. Rose. The
newly married couple will take up
tn, Ir residence iu Nelson,
Mi. P. M. Ohadbouru, oro buyer for
the Hull Mines Binelter, returned yesterday from a visit i" Ainsworth. He
reports that tilings nre rather quiet
there, though there is good prospect for
increased uotlvlty In the mines next
The office ni the Hudson's Bnv Cora-
pauy Will   I"'   moved inlu   their   new
.look todny, und the groceries will be
transferred us soon as the fixtures,
which nre dully oxpeoted, arrh o, Tbe
dry goods will not do hern uutil the
middle of February.
Men nr" now being employed to work
on the Bulfoui line. Locator' are now
al BlllfOUr and although nothing bus
vet hem sain about the sinning ol tbo
uon'tinnt th, te is no doubt
work -aiu he well under wa
end of the   n 111.
Subscription Rates Went into Force on
January 1.
Following arc The Miner's new
rules. Evening edition will benin publication about ths 1st of February,
All subscribers who have paid in art-
vnncn for morning edition lo be do- |
livcreil nt. the .1 per month rate will
receive tha evening edition also dining the time now paid for without extra oharge being made therefor
By mail to anv part of the United
states or Canada, $5 per year.
Foreign, $8 00 per year.
Delivered by earlier, 86 cents pet
month, $8.50 fOr nis months and .7 pet
After Febrcaivy 1. 1000
By m-iil (Domestic) .-.ii- per yenr,
18.00 for si:; months,
Hv mail (Foreign) .li.fill per year,
:?'l '.'."i for six months.
By o.rrier, 46 cents per mouth, I-.60
for six months, i?~> per year.
By mail (Domestic) *l for six
months, 11.60 per year.
By currier, both editions for il per
month, |6 for six months, or��J10per
Morning Edition, (8 per inch per
nu alb, or 16 cents per inch per day.
Evening edition, -?:* per inch per
month, or 10 cents per inch per dny.
Advertisements to run in both editions. i?-l per inch per month, 80 cents
per inch per dny.
The above ratas are for distil iy advertising Parliamentary, legal, cor-;
p n iiioiis.irnusieiit and "want," "for
sule" and "lost" advertisements take
a rate of their own but proportionately
Nelson Opera House     LUMBER.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
  i Delivered Lo an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
3        NIGHTS        3      I have a complete stock
on hand ol
Monday, Jan. 15 th
Famous Scottish Mind-
Reader unci  Hypnotist.
One   Great
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards,  NELSON and I.A.RDO
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Prospectors, Mil
Hypnotism hy Telephone,-Young Men, Become Your
Hypnotic Balloon
.Etc..       Etc.
Children 25c.
Own Assayers-
��� Three months will toucli you Assaying for
Gold, silver. Copp-or, Thi- department! [���* in
oliarva ol   Prof.  Butor,  limit)*- Un-��lu..it> of
I McQUI University,
Live ami loam now, choapor Hum you now
i    l.o.ti<l  nnil   Inslruriion in  A-
j twenty-nlx dollnrfi por month,
Writ"'to ilu- Prtnolpnl,
nylng. nil for
From Portland, M"
Allan liino "Nuniidian" Jim. 17
Allan Lino "..alii'-irniaii'' Jan, 20
Dominion l-lno "Domlrlon*1   )an,27
Dominion JUne "Cambroman*1 Fob, ..
From New York
White Star Lino "Ooonnlo" Jan.27
North German Lloyd "l_ohn" Jan,23
merloan Line **Nb*w York" Jan. 21
Rod Btar Lino "FrioaUnd" Jan* 24
Ouuard Line "Klmria" Jan. _0
Anohor Lino "KthopiaJ Jun.rw
Allan Statu Lino "Slate of Nebraska'...Jan. ..5
Ounard Lino 'Campania" Jan. 27
���anr.agoH nrranKed to and from all Kuropoan
points. For rates, tickets and full Infcrmation
apply to C. P. H, depot agent or C K. i.wwloy.
City PoBsengoi Agent, Nelson, Ii.*'
G on-oral Aucm. 0 P. a. OtAc-it. VVlnnlre-g
Canadian <y
���  1>acific K
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Olasa Sleepeieon all trains from
TOURIST CARS pa_a Mediolne Hat
dally for St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal and Boston.
Slime ears pass Revelstoke one day
To and from Bnbeon, Rosslsnd.
Ex, Suu. Ex. Sud.
s.lK) Lv.        NELSON An-.ll.40
18, Id Lv.diiily NELSON daily Arr.__.l_
Mornlng train I'oniieets frr all points
Evening train conuccts lo and from
Main Line and points north, and (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
=; Rev.J. W.Sipprell, B. A.B. D. | <'ountry.
NOTICE is hereby given that an appli-
catiim  will be made to tlm Legislate.. Assembly ol the Provinoe of Kvil-
11 .��� .1,:,. -, ,���������-i,���Cf,! Ish Colombia at its next nession.tor nn
Persons wishing topurchase��otto  in(.(irpum((, ��� Coll���mllv ,viU,
k very fine Watch   are cor*'I power to oonatrnot,  equip,  maintain,
tlially invited  to visit Pat- | and operate  telephone and   telegraph
enaude   Bros',    establish
inn.  iimi
by   tlie
ib Colling   and   wife,    .1.    H.
Viiui'.'iiver; I'n.nli U, O'Brien,
Olinrles W. iii-'". K'll.aii"'
W, II. Smiiii, Ulnoagoi Ueo,
I Oiundy, Toronto; II ink Noll, Pnr
in Ui.n; _ll���� V. Arolier, Montreal!
Brneil .11 inslleld, New Denver.
i ireok
merit. Watches of all the
best Swiss and American
manufactures are represent-
Experl Watch Repairingn Specially
Patenaude Bros
Minor, N. i>.. .lim.  IB.���A   strike nf
. fioua   proportu ns   i- ilii.iii" i  by
train op.ratives ol tbe Ureal Northern
Rullway. This applies to freightmen
ouly, bnl it Is ihonghl thai nni'��� an
amicable adjustmanl of dlffireueei Is
iiriin_iii aiiinit. n general tls np  will
result.    La-I Utgbl Mi  ml ���in.al    Hint-
lux of train men wn- held and ll wan
deoided to go oni Tuesday nigh! anless
nimiiiii'iiiii'ii m the role, lately Intro
dnced ooinpi lll��*_ tnltht orowi to
do switching at terimnal iminis. wa
Destroying Its victim, Is n type of
Constipation    The power nf this *';
dermis imiliuly is roll on organ*- and
nerves and iiiuscli's and l.raln. ii"*;;-
no health till It's ovcreonie. Bui ur.
King's New Life PIUs aren safe and
certSln cure, Beal In lhe Win-M <��'
Htotnacli. Liver. Kldneysand I;""1'1"-
only 23 cents, at Canada Dt-ng��_ I K
Store. .
His Beoond
fewoi MoEwen  Opens
Week Well.
N"l-"iniles im no Hiiom to tire of  Mr.
MoEwm,., performanoe for tlm audi-
""''" al ihn Opera Houbo last night was
Ailvcni-enii-i.'- Insert-il under thlaheadot
14,0 ,,,i of une eenl a wnt- per Inrjrtlon. *-.-
ndvortlaoilienl luken for law   hall - ��� ��� i-nt-.
I'm: SALE, -A new cottage I'liiitiuii
jnu six rooms, ball, batb room, nom-
plete pantry, olonets, a new shen n.xlii
Two lots, Bneai location i" tbe oliy.
gei out In in ii trees, Imported roses,
eto, Ail fnnuune. oonsisting of new
Knrn Piano, parlor snite, sideboard,
steel range, (sel np) carpets, bertrooin
BiiiisB .ma all else pertaining to a weU
i'iiiiii-i,e bonse. Musi be snid as own
,., ,.. leaving the city. Robert [nee,
,.,,,. Nni in Hntdwnrn (*,, . Honse Is
Htnated on   lots 10 and  17,   blook  8_
Mill Stti.l.  ________
in; raRI BR, Dentist 1ms opened
,,, oftluH with Hi- Morrison, Crown
nnd i-ridue worh a speolalty,	
Our Fresh Roasted OoD ( BmI
i*na itv. as follows :
Java Mil* Arabian Mooha, per poont.        f   H;
.l.ivuiihil M.���lim Ulond,-po li
i i ,. Banlw, i pouniw, 	
sinio- Hlond, ���' mi'l-     ,      "'
Our -i.i'iinl Hlond, 0 pounds,     	
our lllo Roast, 8 pouoda ' ***
* Tin i i ��iii��''��� sin un ��-i>-
s.\i.i:suiiiims .
rVlEl-SGIM,       -     J^^5'
UniM Tsnf 1-*ii ��������� Lager
l{���-<-���' nml Porter.
Drop In mul sea ���**
lines within and thronghont the Prov
ieee of British Colombia, and to oon
s,met, ereot.aud maintain sneh and *
ninny poles and other works and de
vloea as the Company   deem   uei.
for making, completing, supporting
nslng, working, operaiinu and maintaining the system of Aoiuraunloatlon
by telephone and telegrnpl.. end in
open or break up any pun or pans ol
the said highways or sir.i'ts as often
us iin- said Company, its nielli", otli-
eera or workmen think proper, und for
the purposes of the nndertaking to put-
obase, acquire, or lease, nnd hold and
sell and dispose of lands, bnllnlngs or
tenements within the limits aforesaid,
and in purchase or lease, for any   term
of yiirs, any telephone ot taleuraph
line established, or io be established, in 1'iiii-iii Columbia, oonnented, or
to he oonneoted wiih the line whioh
the Company may oonstrunt, and to
amalgamate with  ot lease its line or I
lines, or any portion nr portlOUS there- ,
of, to any company posansslng, ns pro-
prleior, ai i line oi telephones or tela
graph I'oiiiiiiiinieiiiioii Donnentiug, or]
in la- oonneoien, with the said Company's line or lines, and to borrow
iii,hi,-v fi r the pnrposes of the Com-
pmiv, and to pledge nt mortgage any
nf the Company's assets for thai purpose, .'nni i" receive bonnsesor privileges from >n> iieisini or body  rorpor-
ate. mil wltn "11 ilhei nsnal.n.ri���:nv
nr ineiili nml lights,    powetS nr pll.ll
egos us innv be ueceesaty oi Incidental
in ih.' nitiiiiniieiit of the above objaola.
ot any oi them.
Dated this  16th  dav  of Decembet,
I8H0, .1. It. BROWN.
BfllicltOT f"i the Apnleiiinls.
Now Wcstininsicr.    |        KOOTENAY RIVER ROUTE.
All olas-tt at learning may be had in this, i J-;'''*-- ^r1,^'        .    RfSjfe
Im only loll, im. i,f ii- kinil in ihe Wesi. ; 'H.W Lv. NhI_30N Ait.17._I1
f~~-  -      Ciiiineets  Kootenay    Landing with
BANKKRS AMJ BROKERS.        I Clow's Nest Branch trains both ways.
IJLU. iv. J-ViiLLJlllt OS UU.   Ex. Sun.        Str. Kokuneo.     Ex. Sun
16.00 Lv.        NELSON        Air. 11.0)
'.UlAMil   111 Uu.
New York
���f-7 60-62 Brodway,
rttug, J
mn bo mado through ipaoataUon wiih dopotlt
nf *.:(ii ui ['inrij si_-iLt-.i | iii.u.tni [di :t por conU
tnargln upward] on Stock Rxohugo-
ThaBTOftl 0 i furl OHM luivr bom miuU-l lirouis'h
ipooufiirUoni in siock-, WboatorOoUoni
If you mo intOTMtOd to know Low IMCOjA*
tloni aro oonductod noUCjroiand wo will iQ&a
jnu tnrormatloi and nwrkot icttor (roe of
cfaaigo. ,
l-unl oommlialoiu ohnrgod for ixoouUng
..ovrrniiic' t.  NhbIMmI    ami    HMllrnHil
Iniiiii-'iimlntion-finni-hiii on  apiilicntiun  for
.iiivfii.i--* -.ii ��� oxrji-UigOi
Collections Solicited.
7 Room Houbo
:��� HiH.in Hun.J.
It.HIMl  11,...-.-.
, Uoom ii, ui i
iii modern oonvcnii-i.' �����. ?-'i'"'.i
Saiurday  to   Aigeuta   and return
leaving Kaslo ill ''nl..
Kx. Sun.
IUX) Lv.
Ex. Sun.
Ar. 14.40
4 hi-i NELSON to KOSSLAND his 4
For rnleri uml full infni in.il inn .,-1.1 ri  near
u-l lucnl iint-nt. or
C  K. H' A. 1.1 V   iiiy l'ii.,-,'hgi-i Akc-hi
I!. W. IiHKW, Anon', Nelwn
Tr��v. Hm��. AKODt,       A O. P. Auonr,
Nrl��-n VanrcuTi-i
-NELSON   LOIIOE   Nn.   IS, K.   of P
VSttniMU In R. of 1'. l.i.ll. ii.lilfi-ilu.i-. block
no.iiv Tuasds.  evening at 8 o'clock
JAU  vi-lllnx knl_hi-   .-or.ll.illy   lorllod
(1. Jov. K.of RandB.
Milium- '.'ml ��nil III. Train-lay, Fraternal
hall. ,1 A Irvlnn f. It.   W. B. ahaw. H. B,
I. O. O.  P.     Kootenay Lodvo
No. 10, menu, every Monday nl���!il.
at  Omit   'I..II.   Kootenay ,ltlet
MnJourninK Odd Kullows cordially Inrltod.
tl Rbaw, N. O    John Hooley, V. O.
Frod J Houlrca. Sey
NEI-KIN" I..H.I.. Nn. lilWmnolain Iho Mac
I ..i.i   block every Thurwlay evnnlng al S
ii'iliii k.   VJhIILiik ini'iiibern c��nllall/ InvlUMl
Jul,li luve, \V. B.I f. J. Hnidluy, IC H.
...L. POGUE...
Oarnesa and  Ba-M'ery
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeinp
S. 1). 1'IEKKE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing clean- I
dyed, altered and repaired.
ii. -.,....  i ........... I ����!���<> .
Tho li-mlinit -In,p.  I......
to, '.   ll.    ,.
nn  hand    lUn	
1 .,     i,l   In       in,ik<-. Sn-I
dli  .    HlnnkoU,     liril-.
\Vlit(i-.  Ilru-li,-. G !���-.
i-i   .     ,i   ��� ,,;,,ry.
Crtll III,,I    , '
Cor. Want and
ii., i
Fraternity  Hall
lli��l and third Wedne��lay of
null iiHH.Ih at FrHtcrnlly hall.
,,,in,i of llnki-i and Kooumay
ItfBSts. VInIUiis t.retliern cord-
l.lll) ll.vll.-l.
Jons Wathon. Hecret_ry.
NF.I-��IN AKIUE No. M. F. O. E.. uieet-
cviij -iTimil and fonrlli We<lnr_li,>'H|of each
month. Vl-lllna mi-inben. conltally Invlt
J ll. Wray. ��<OTelury.
rill.lt'll DIM-TORY,
Will oft. aiue n horrible Burn,
. Ai ���nn i
Hi-nlil, Cui i"' Bnilse, Buckle-is
isi.lv.-. il,.- Iio.l   iiiiii.u'i.i I.I. wiM kill
lhe iiiiin anil pi-ouijiily ruM It,   <
old Hores, Fever Boro.��. ' Icj't'
Felons, Com.,  nil   Skin   Bniptlon
Hesi Pile cure nnoartli,   Onlt
a hox.   Cure  gimrniiteed.
('nn.ida Drug .- Book -	
io cents
sold by
B. C.
Winik'riiii'i" Mini ���
W'lNliEKMEKK, .I. O.
kelson Etuployinent A^encv
Ki\p  Tie  innkei".   Two   l..iii.inii
cui- for Boo.Bi.oik.   Norse Oltl.
l Hill.   liKll.l.lM..
J. H. LOVE, Apt      Baker ..'
S BAV|OUa*B IKsiii l-lll Clirinll Ciirnii
Want nnd -llli" BU. Sillldnyi' llnly I nni
i ti 11 n Inn * ii in., nnd nn I bo Iti nndrird Hnndnyi
In lhe month uiu-r Mniiln. i Mnilln- nl II a.m.1
^.u.dav aclioolWnp.ni ; Krenaonf TJB, tmily:
Matllm.nl S-3_ �� Ol, I Imrilny. anil Sum'
[iij : H,,1) i niiiiiiiininn In u. in. Frlda)-
Kvon��ong,.Hn n, m., IoMiumiI Ik  i imir pnii
ii.,-     H. 8,   Akilnii-t.   Kaotor,     I iid   Iriinr.
u.hi. Joniurtons, Wafdeas,
I'lit.HliVir.lilAN I'm mil   Hrrvlef" al II a.ili.
r-t'\n   tiH A i-****" U I Nl C B V    ami 7 ���*"  i""-    Saadai Bchool at UO p.m.
FOR    MnUnlllbK Y      l-my.. m<-llnaTI._P-.ay <v��nlnK al Hi.ni.,
I'lirlnllnn Kndoavor h<k l.-i) in.-ri�� .v.-ry M���
'   k.
for Hi.-..-.-it M.i��l��'i.n> -i-.
inn lie i-.-iili-d   fur Ciiu-ei Is.   l.ielutes.
I in ii.-es, ii ii ,|ip i   ii ,1 every kind nf en
ii-itiiiiiiii'tii.   Good ante-rooms, cloak
���i.mn -. Kill-Inn nnil dining  inmn   Ini -
nlslied.   For lei mi apply
  Hit. K. ('. AUTIIl'H  Citv
lu. li in ii nnd ll..,Hill- si.i, p.-
Hull,,�� k nml W
torn roi
unl   In I
I .,,,    |p     ill i.i p Sol'oll.'l
ill p-li-l nn   Rolling   III*-   1_-_l
Iln ninrk.-t uinl i.t.y qilnntlt) fron
1.N-. lip.    Prises riuniiil lit-ili-p'ul.Hl,
tiiom: ��:i.
Prank A. Tamblvm, Mgr.i
Bakbh Stkbkt, Nklson
"h"'J.C.T. CROFTS, m,m
Itikii ."in.
Ill lui i in.i WOW .v Cii.iriH.Vaiii-iiuv.'i
Jay  i-n-iiiiiK   nl   "   u'tl.M k.     Rev. II. Frew.
I'n- lur.
MKtlliiiii  l      I'm in ll    I'lunir   Hillcn   nnd
.1,. . ptiini' sirrri..   Bervlowal lla.ni. nnd 7.SO
SahUlh BohOOl, l_Jp,ro,| . ...
ln_ nn   Krlilny ovoqlng at I* o'cloek; Kpwortn
I'rajcr lin-it-
^k- KpiMirtli
Rev, Juiui
iMguo 1.1 . Toesanr ni s��.m.
lt.ilH.in. l'i '":.
IIaitiht Oltl in ll svrvlr.'" ninrnlnK nnil
, iti mine :,i ll i in nul MO pin.; l-rayvr nn-el
in. AHIn,-,|n) iii-iiiilK nt H p.m. Dm 11 V.
\'T Monday ovontna ��l 8 o'olook. HtrniiKi-n
,n .Ilnlly -i-li-.iin.-l. Hev, I. W. llo^p. |l'a��lor
NVTRON     R   ft'    ��*n mi.,-. A n_v��.rvlc r,   ..very .iiiiin-
I.JjllOUl.-    D,   U.    ���,   ,��� |,   |n   i_.rra.-k>  on Viloil       ftTWl
Adjudanl <->Ik<-_ii..I_i In charge.
"I'aiiiiiip   I'lirheii - rmiit.rlWar.1 ami Mill
KNOINKKIU) AMI  AOKN1 M�� levari  Monday at H and lti.Ki a ni
_��._     .....        ���.._..���       ________   . HeiiKll.-IInn at f.SOli.m.    Ma�� ever) Wink dat
KSTIMATKS.     PLANS.    REPORTS. | ,. : r. , m.   II. v,   Kaiher  Kertand llennr. kelso_- : ulv i_i-*fE__, tdesday January i% tr/r.
:���....-.. :-v: havz
*>" i
.*!-.-.*���'���   .      >   .
���      .      '       -.    - :
k.- M - -
.--.-.- | ���.       ���     ���
��� f ���     . , - | .-_���.-. v ���     ���
_���..    N ���   ��� i
��� ,       I .     .  I    t
��� '���..-���   H_m     M - -   -
M_       Mf   l|<      *
I     -   -
���    . ....
���   - |   -
���__,". - '��>���    4-    1  t V-.
1_-      *      .        ______��*  .    ���   ��� ���-     ���
-e *������-.-   ���
: ���   .: -        i   ���
- .    . - ���
I .--. M ���-.-   pa-pen
��� -    -11'.'   .1    -. .- .   .
....... v ....  .
i.    ���    ��� - ���    ���������    V
. . . . .      .        _   . .   .    .
' ������  ��� . ���    '
���   I
��� ���       -
1      '     v  ���
1  . J
- I ,   ��� --I     ...    .-
. .    ���
- ���     H_H
��� 1
...        I .
.    - - .
-.  i- ���    ��� - -. - -i .  u_i
.   ���    ��� ,      ��� ���       -.  -     ��� -   .-
... - ...
.--.,.- ..    -,
i - -���-:    ���        ��� . .     -
.' -            - - -  -     :'������������.���
��� .      'v- ���-,.-������ ,.. ... - ���
'.'���"���         ��� - .  ��� .
'        ���-.'��� ���          be m
-,,.,_��� .    ._���.--..
'.   .-         ;-
. -. ��� -   ���       ...
:���        ��� ��� ���   . <
���   '        ;���-.---
'������ '   . ���
.    '      -      ' - ���    v .   .
-.. ��� ���     -
I I - -
isiuliis-i _;._._
BOUGH 91 B0EB&     .
�� I-.l_U.l_ -,i   f
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I    ......    ...   .,,     ....   BMW
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..... . ... .... ....
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-  '   '<������   ���   '     ��� ' : :    ��� : .:.    ��� .   . ^_ ._
.. .      .        ...        -     ���    ��->.,..
'���-. 1 :���:   .-- :."<.'. 7i.' toe Ii-jiiuie*
.:,. I 1 he Western Mercantile Co., Ltd. ]
^ - -    ���- u M. L'i h Co. 9
f      -t-UI --T ��F-.l_.__-�� ���  (.    ���
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
lD__rporn_d 15.69.
Capital _-i___oii-__d   -   -   -   ���   $2,000,000
Capital Paid L'p. $1..->X'.i>>.i, Beaerre, $1.25o.ooo.
HesJOm.-.:  *______     No*x 5____L
." 1 -      .' ���
C��l    ". ; _ -
��� -j.   i""-
-i -  v. i.
* ��� ^1" ��: .-. u   r
Mr*-:. ^-_^fl*#*- '.
- 1 btte t ti
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1 -      11 -| v- -^i--r�� ��'-.ntr4 "i*
,.- - .-.K.a>ri     The ??*!>���. i
���-*..' ���-. ��� .   "-. ik .- ���. ti_-.-_   *n��
aJ B_rWJr,_ Biis-inet.  :ri.--j_n��sd; SU-';a_ BtHf 04  tx^bjuir.   B-.i-fbt
asJ Sxm_I, L_i._T>; oi   _rcait. Etc., NcgoUstoJ.
4.-.:   -���"-.* TWx.-*i    ���.;-.-       - - ----:_.-
dpp_KU 4����1 0_ -Siv;n^ Back acctmoU.
i Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Kelson, Rossland, Van-
wraver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
|    .      . .   - ,         .  .
----- |                                                          -      .. -1. '
"          -                            - 'l '������       '           '       '         ' '                         .���-.������.---���. �������_���                           C_       . -:'.      -.^
'.                         -. -i .���-���;��.:��..- en��   t^��j
- . -      eetioD i       ... -.            ���_,--  -. ..
'  '��� ''-                     ---.-.--. -   .; ��� v. -~'. If--   '&.,'.
������������������ ' '' ���            i         . v.k��� .'..-   . -    - -  .
���^.-.,- it,- road
4--..   *!._-.    ' . ' * -
- - . ;     ������������>
Greo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
'. 11    MV
.. zj,\.-"f
���to*   ".   _?.���>>   _n_      '.-������������' -   -     - p_r��      I    ���-��* "���-
* ��� ib*  �����__
....     ��� .. 4 ....... .     .    .
��� . -     i
ii   .- ���.-.���.���*    Afus "
-.      ��� - ��� ���     .
���     -        . ���      . ���,    I
��� ...   ��� ������ : ���   .
-.-.�����. I      .-. .-:    '*,���: -.
< ������.       ���       .
'. \n��  -.    -. i -   mm
��� . ������ if
���   i -    .
.... ...
��� ���-���-���-..
m   - ������  ���   ------ rvo
'.Tr7��-3ai e*fl ^-i.; :   <__gn
prfaf ".- -       .. >     '    ��� f-
.    .<-.������   -._   i-   -_i�� 'f.   OBB- C-JpI*T
���-.-:.._    The chafe *
-------  ���--j _-.._.j        Large number Choice Building   Lots  adjacent  to  the
  j line of their Tramway.     For price and terms of sale  apply
QCOT-_X_0_E_ at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block,   Corner  ol
_*_.   is.���Pi��   iro_. Josephine and Vernon Streets.
._. v.   |_4    _-._t:.-- �������    _r-     ivi -v/- .v-     r-
T. C. DLNCAN. Secretary
v.-���'._����..   ��:-. *.'.-: *_���
���    ���    '  '   '���       " . ��� .        -     -.   .   i     :::��� ���     p_H_D>   ��ri��*'
' ��� ��� ��� vbick nt  ���*-       ; ���
.---���-       .-.-.-��� -.  ���-.:.     __��____���
- ...
'--' "':-������'.-'���.       tftei    ��M'.b   -r.��  t -   .
v.-.-. -                 -.--..-���;   i.v   ^v/:
.       ���    ��� ...   ������        -.;    ..
i_->i_-         -. ��� ���   ��� -���   i             ire �� _ br on* rrteaad i*a
-  ��� I i. i :..;- - -            - -                        '       -     '
bad '^-rrj >*������ ���'.���.���     ��� 11     I    H- "���'-
/.��������_.,.-.������ -.- ���	
>-��*-r    br'��- ��
��; ". to >4.T...
- - -��� ee*l;  BteriM
|L4t;  *i
. --*�����:     .   "'������       i .        *'.-     Bf-ettii
-'. ���._>*   ({��ot �����.'.-:�� .:   >   ��.
.-..-j _be  -=s=
totita " ���   **Tt.
.-ir*x.i!_   *r.-:    ii?..:.;.
fd-.j_n.tege,   it.'.-.-.-���  ��. .-    :���-.,-.
-.   .  -. .   -        . -   > -siifi f_*T-
.'  I-.    . -.-.;���, i: r.-,ti-.:-���- J
.--.       .    .-.-    - .-    -.;_itt-r-
;...-... mm ;���'-���'} loom Urn   ���-
���*   r/;<arjt ii   ''v'/t   :_��-.���:   tfee
"v   '^-.<_t.    ar.-l   -.'.'.-. tbe   '.;y.-oir^[   alike
..-���     ���   ��� ���������        I; l_   i
-���j'.ii'.-.-.-i*"! '.--���   tbe i ���   ���
II <-._> nneeHti    _���- .-   I'orfa ��ee 	
. - ���                       -:    tot dm .             ..... ���...
*tnD>l*<l   _igBtt_     /.ii    ;.-..-.-_������-:   ��� ..               _
��� -.- -_f.- i I-..- tick .'.-. ��� .*rr *������ -.- ���-��� ���                                Etooee er_e _ohji--_i
lt_d In Mtjmtto >--i.-: ;._.���_���..���,  esd ,,..���                 .     ,        ...   -.^...j. ,:.     (tieespeeted tbeoffemliag pobtV-i-
<aid tb��. hi. j/>�� ���;'.��� m  h_-gi ....   j_r>T��r.'i      rl a   er will be Boarmoaeil^ ander tbe law o_
biai abo-ra aarjr qaMti_a  oi .   igoaBa;                     ParHa-aaataijr pritilaga wbiab tbe lata
Mr   Mi/1'.fi.l-: -   prtM   'Ih��/i'^r. I>_Ti^ H.-.-'/lcctd in   I'.Vi, M
wl 1,1* [//.n' h'^/<*   */,-: -.:, '. -..�����.. '������ H>.                                       ���A    H   M'���   �� i.-'it.'rl '/f th* K��r.rj��lr Bro��. oaiw.aD'l
uBifh-.  -r._-.  appeared to ibi   e-ntiary rloa,    .. --.  - t_r-Oeo<nal   <1   .'.>���_    ���*,..���-.. bad ��afar yet  i/^-n '.-��il-i   lote
/.   '.-. y.'     -    _d)odi_atlog   ���;;/ .   '.,..-    Interriawed   ������-.-  m-i-,1'.--.   'jii.��-rtti<* h* will b_ air**t*��i
��� m �����..'.-    Baaleoaaid be r,--: aaeei -- -                       SrwfcnnMllaodwitb  -non tfu Boeaker'i  -itariaot   by tb<;
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at 6ve cents per
OJt_r-. _t_j_>T ?���'��� _jt
lawwi _uuoD_rr Co .-.'that
'm-a L..-_( khwA Oe. N<S%_b
BeMl H-.i_* S>���� ri'juvl N.Uaa
Hv>: l'.--ur N-w. ii_K_i ��job
H-.m^irr; i_ K-.-xii N<_i_<a
Including Saegram's ;. 4 and 7 year oid Rye
in barrels. Gooderham i Wo; is' Rye in
cases. Seagram's Star 'S-, Rye- and White
Wheat Whisky in ca-es. Walker's Club Rye
in Cases.
... B. OKAY.
K_ot.r_.v Agt- N-H-on
lAf'/r- f,*��r-J of > .'.''j/'   .'.'.HV   *:.���'���    ||
Hiaj. 1* _Mroti_fl__ .u   %i. ���   '...-..-
u^_t 'i..' Ii  ir.'   '..-''. Use that Judge
; ..r.i. baa rotad,   Jodga f-..-./.   .,.-...-
I...'-: to . ,��'.!y tbe 1 w piletj  1
poaitinii "t.'i  ... defiance -,i _j; ���
1 r _��.���,I.�� '.I 'li .1' H'.y    .-.-.-.    '        '    ..
tfiit.i/ii oeamilad ��.. objaetiona and In-
��.��t��.i  -,/. trrinji tbe '.-.      The   m
lion of the aot  Bodei   vhlefi tbe petl
t.'.r.   ���/,��>   broogbt  i/rorldea   (01   tbe
;.-.', daaoe '.( _�� election when Ibe ald-
.-riunn ha. DOt ' obtained a m./.-.-y ol
ii.i  ������',-.-��   'u-'.   hy
alaotora,    in'i   Ml
Canada  be ���_;--  tbe  opportonltjr baa *__fgaa_it-_--A-B-a. Tbe action taken by
M .'., a> -/.at '>.|/,.-ir le O-OCern- tbe   I>-Ki��:at-re may legally I/: aopple-
.-;   tbat ':���'-.-���- ���- DOtaee  --ha- a-:- ���'.--.'   ���    I orflmary   i.r'-ce*.  f'^r  lit*]
be ri'iw  if ih-y in tbe conrta.
������ ���   "     -  ration    He oontende fbe debate 00 tbe jaldraai  in reply
���tat eonfederatioi     -.-..> u<.% ".�������� to tbe epeacb <A ibe Tbrone wh eon
rantageooi  lo  Kewfoondland,   woold timiad in the H'.a>e thi. nfterii'-ju. Aa
<m nt   inportanoe  to tbe   Dominion, nave neatly _11 Ibe  pt'-.;'.c�� .i_-aker��.
i- . vr-v^."
C,r, -Ve-��r.
-. F   iMiUMT)-
K   A.   brtd_>*w
S*e��i ' Bf
r_w-.fi ��w- '.0.
TUriTi*jt Brr__.
X. W. rfinpwci
taaaootk Voaaa
Jum. M..'.���vx
r!*iDt_-l I-rio.
H. A. Kln_ fc Co.
Greet wo��i
and   News   Agents
on   boats  and
trains oat of Nelton
pT'iridiog tbe French ibore dffflcnlty
���vera Battled l_-f.;r.- tbe erenta <Mj.ti<ri-
mated titberwiaa, In bia opinion,
'...fivin might be ineol-fed In difficult)*
v.nh   l.-.-r.'i. Canadlana   wtm    rolgbt
tte Muly  ijnellfled   <bow amypathy "iwar.i E'ranoc
Ma"l',naM   Drged| 	
NOTICE i�� hereby iflrm. tku Vi d.j. from
d._s I loier-l to .trolr 10 the Chief Com
-._-io.jer of L.r-1. uid Wort, foe permivioa
to cut fcf.il ntrrr .w.j- timber from *.h- follow-
l&a rie-Ti--_hd trfci-.t of Uao. ailo&ud oa tbe
xootb Fork nf Etu. 1 reek, .bom .Ii mile.
fnun -*lry_an Une. W_�� Kooven., In-trict:
rommet.r..iur >t > po_t on tbe north bank of the
ere-k. fctroot fir. m le* from tbe fcak.; theooe
_,-i'l. 1. ch-. '.bene wet Vt cht. tbacc nor h
'hence "���: tli eh., tbeooe norlfi Vi rh^
t>.enne wwt l��j rb��, thenoe nonh ie< h.. thenr.*
e��-'. I'O cb., ibenee ��o-th ��i c*. then.e <_>t a.
-.-nre tou'h Vt ch., tbenoe e*-t 44 efa. to
point -��� .r/mm<.,r> ment; ,-oaulnlnc w, are* of
i-'l<i i_Te��. more or ler_i.
I>i-. 1 ���:.- ��rth ')��. of rjetober. I**.
I.'l ��. FRANK BEER.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
ALL   KIM-3   Of"
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt
tbat a:i ihe ballota cael abovld h- ">u-
aidmrad eo .��� to determine t-bethet Mi
Uonrlaoti h��<l <n bad DOl a   rna.'.rity r/f
vr.t.-., and thai tberi ���*"�� n'. atrtborlty
ondei ihe iwit. i'ii merelj oonaidarlni
an laotated rejected ballot Mr Lam
Ola aritowl thai Ibe teiiJMiii.K oOtoei -
artdanda waa aofBelent n*ldan-e aa ��i
ti,.   raaOll ',( lhe V'.ti-iK an.l   Hint M'/r
rieon'a ballot IboiiM  ba e-aolnde. ai II
v.... not olalmad ai tbe tune  'i be (odgi
daotdad not to w> ''*"���' Blltheballol
1,1,1 t., .;.,i)in." bli Bt lent Ion to tin t��.i
rojaoted haii<>t��, one In  taroi  ol  Mi
Irving and tbe otfcei In Unm ol Mi
M..rri_/n.   tbongb, n�� will  be BBtn, be
BBbeaqoently abanged bla mind in tbli
reapdi I
Mr It H. Umnle than contended
Hint ibe rejected ballul In Ibtoi "i Mr
IrviHK, and    -thl'ili wari   iniukefl   with
tw'. BOte 'if UIOBBBBi wn. -.'rinl aii'l I I ted
th<- <:a-_t "f  Woodward re  Haiaona,
Mr w A Maodonald followed, nr
going thnt *ha rejected ballot owl In
Mi Monlaon'i faroi wn- lood, and
ampbeaiaad tbe hoi thai lhe oa* 11 ted
1 Mi. Unnnle norrerned both the bal
At thi" Jiiii'tiin   Ih'    lodge   wan   nli
_,., v..i to make none ohangee In the
ootei be bad Btaelonelj made end he
tpparentl. obanged lafaa mind alao, foi
bli jndgrnont almwa lhal he only eon
atderad one ballol The oonrl then ad-
j.iurii-'', Indgmeni In m_ raaerTod
11, iiim-k jndgo t In hf-i
titloner *��> glwn ��nd ih reji
full below
��� ���In Ih.- Battel '.I Ih" Miini'i|iiil Kl>-'
tlllllB Anl,
������j. A ir-niK. P-tltlonar,.
��� ���oliriM Motrleon, Beepondent,
"Tli" iH'Htl'i"   htifrir..   lin-   ��(ita  Nt
Ottawa, Ont-1 .lan 16.��� TheM
ter ui tbe Interior bea r ���-<-.-.< <i a 1. (..rt
oi tbe in-iiaii Agenl at Bdmonton
���rhlcb ��-yi information from rarlooe
inriinn ie."rrattone In tbe Niith '���'���"'
la to tbe effect that then
nothing in tbe >nni abont the Indiana
i,t-iiii/ Indnoad to -rympatbize w 1 tt. tbe
.lor. to cot  ��!������! carr.   .w.f timber from th.
<tna 'le.
Kr.n. Cre*��
1 Mowing
lit lllll    |rll-
rodnoed In
Ottawa, .lan. IA.���One of the On.,
wit- in tbe iii��' Canadian oootlngont,
wiitinK  from   Belmont,  ieyi    "Tbe
llrat   <-i.iirt-iiiartinl   BM     bald   V- ll  I
day. Colonel   Bncban  preeldlng    The
il ,'t  waa �� yum.!  fellow from Hi !
John,    Wl l.r,   Vk��      ' llllll/' ���!   Ml I ll     -l.llllll_l
n ii-vi.ivnr from '1 oomrade    He i��.t;
forty two iinyi  In Ibe  oommon jail
Oil    Otter,   in ��-<���-.'1.    iborlened  'in-
aenteuoe  by   aerren  deya,   iinikiiin  II
thirty live daya
POLITK ai. ('in. 1.
Vii-nmi.    .Inn    ID     Tin-   Ni.-ii   inn
Preeae aaye the Bertlan Ministry bai
reigned owing to Idnn Alexandei In
alfltlng on gtanting ainni tytoall tin-
[��i|ll |i ,ii prlaont ri oonvloted <.r iii��ii
tri 11 Bgntnel hi father, former
Kiai. Milan
1 III, OTHBB wah
Mi.iiiln, .Inn I., A tioop ol Until
i-nviilry loat iv... hum killed, nnil th 1...
11.in wonnded In nn nnpoonter with
the Ineorgenta near Mnn Fernando de
in 1 nin1,. January 18
!'-i,w trmrt of :*r,rl. .Itu.te.1 oa
*bo..t  live mile, from   Hlocan
1. ke. W'e��t K'Krtenfcr W��trlr-i     1 oo.men.lita
fc. . \*r-' n_fcr he .unlet of E. %n. I-��kr. tbaace
e^t lui etu, tbe ee MHjtb  -1 <h% thence went
! IWj nli-. thence north --i. '.I... theme we.t Vl ch".
! ��� heat<��� n./rih */i ��� i... laaaea -__t _ich_, theri.e
-,-r 1. :'> ch., theoc* e��-t i.i rl... then'-; _o_tl. _J
1 ' I,-. rn-.r*- er le��^. to the .hore of Kv.nn Lake,
' tf.i i.'-e following lfcke .hore 10 point of 'om
m inn Bill tr". ._m_.lnl.iK an ���� of  Wfi vre_,
inore or I. -*.
Ih��ud thi. ll.t day of October. IK��.
I�� WM. W. BKEIl
The Uronnwood Miner ��ill titihli-h n
II ' .,r bolldlngB Hn-  wi-'-k   i.n
im pared   by    Oreenwood   b rob It.  I
Th. in wiih  i'i"  imiliiingi  ereoted  In
Unit town al 1111 ii'tnnl   i-nil   nf   f'l.U,-
< I K I II ll  t I I -> OB   I _ l-B.l. I H| m .
11 nr. ik Ttir Ooat Rtvi.K MlMsi, Dine-
till      o.       Wnet       K.-1TKNAV      IIIHTIUi-l.
WiirMf.   UocaTBDi  Ok   Wiiiia iin,,i-m.
M01 aratg.
'I-AKK   NOTICK  th.i   I.   o. II. N. Wilklc.
' X .ctli.K ��- utent for John Andrew Korln,
Yi~ Mi,,,:. Ortlfli-.i- Bli,I.I*, llenrr Roy.
I-,, Miri'-i. tertitl'.iie ll.ar, and J. A. Mi-
lloti.lil. free Miner. Cpr-lflc.le ITl.lSO. Intend,
-ir.-) ,li>- fr'.iii tli-iirii'- her.-i'f. tonpply to the
Minim. Recorder for 1. rertin.-nte of Itnprov.--
ii,<i,i- for the purpo-i- of ebtaUHagB Crown
i _n.nl 'A lliei.tKii'1 cUlm.
And further uke notl.-- th.��t .'tion. under
--.-' lion 'fi, n.ii-t be f-onimeii'-e*l l��� fnri- tbe Ifi.ii-
.1,, < uf   net. c-rlllli-.te of Improvement.,
|i��t<il thin l*th d.y of Ilor.-t.il-r. ISO.
U. H N. WI1.K1K.
1/1 Roh-IhiiiI.
B OOOtimiing  tbe  rleha-e t.yiay de
roted mocb   time "1 .lt>*ph  Martm,
v.I,rr>.- [rereritnility ai.rl doing" ��>-enj hy
tbe 'one of the ��ano_K ai*aker��. to
have   become   ��-   urgent   �� niatt<-r   a.
any I poinded in tbe j,r'r��ianiii,.-   ���
,,   ,,     . ,,        ...    ���,    ..^    V"*TICK I-  herelry ��i��eo   th*t rtity rUy.;
Dr.    MoK-ObnlB,   Pre-idf-nt   of    the   ;\    fr.^ ,!_.!��� 1 ���,r-tui u, .ppli to the Chief ;
OootwH, whooontlmied hi. apewh on '::':,;���.'[!*^l2'}L*.'r.,'*-v,m^
.I,.- opening oi  tbe  -ittin_.  atta.-krt
Martin, a".rj��inK him of hreach of
trinit. H'- "Ak tip the remark, of Martin in r'-n'T'i '" edltoTiela of Ibe  Nan-
aimo Herald, an.l .leni'-'l the charge oi
the Member from Vbocootm that h?
bad oontrol  of tbat paper.   TbaPnai-
dent oi Ibe Connoil "aid Martin had
(.one on i to the OpPOBltion   l��-lv   un<l
_,oi and repeeted  tbe _i��t of �� oonrar-
-ation he had had with Mr   lliiti-tnnir,
Oomog, i�� "1" Hotel Wlleon, t��i the
affed thi' Martin had ooma to l>tiu_-
muir ana uaarad blm thai il  Ibe Op-
poaitlon would hiinit to_.th.-r be, Mar
���In, wonld ne-i-t tin-in to overthrow
the Ootetrnmenl He appealed to Mr.
Donemnii to ay whether tble waa trne
or not,   ami then the Mernbei from i'n-
mux ro-t- to bli feel and made hi.
maiden epaai h
��� All I inn Bay," ��alil Mr. Iiuni.-
muir,    "11   tlm'    II i"   purely   trm- "
, 1,',-.' 1 nmenl applanoei
Dr.MoRacbnla then tanntad Mr Martin wiih i-omplna in \Vintii|M-i_
agelnal a labor oandldati tbe Oral that
had been poi op tbere���In th�� inter.��t
,,t in- brotbar, altboogb tbe nmi
pr.,iitiiMt.tiri. at n beoqnel h.-ld ll Boh<
land, had called tbe oompany praeenl
"white ehlrted hoboe*," uml,  tnrnlng
to ��� inimhi r  of laboreri   nt   thn  iltior,
���Id,    ' I In y aie mv Irn-iidK."
A B, MoPbllllp-iWbo followad, bald
tlm Moor nt Bdjoornment,   li�� tottfhi.i
on a iintnlii-r of .tilij'-rla, tnr-lutiili|_
Ibe   Atlin Allan   Bill   whlofa In- naiil
hnd in t.'il o-.i,'- ' lliii hnat nit' I'-iii nl
It'c rouiilry by drivinc not lalmr. Hn
.���(indeiiiiH'd Un. art nnd -nld il wan in-
'Oftloe U Aiii'-rinaiiK
our sale of
is still going on at a one Ib. tins for 25c
P. O,
Box K and W. Telephone
1. Baker 5treet
fin na is tiik lion Riixk Mimvii Iiivih
[oa    ne    Wr-T   K'.'i-iasAi     lu-ini<-r
Mllll"      I ��� r  Alt., ON     WniTB    llll.lt  HI
-M'liSHIS.    fill   III   ...      AM.    AllJOINI...!
in. Mm si ms In.' niW.
rpAKl. NOIM I tlt.il I. tl. II. N. Wllkle,
1 itiiliiK iu. nifcnl for J. J. fl, (.(Mfclin
rti-t Miner. Cartlfloata No. HHl.i;i., intend.
-I.l> ��l.._r_ from Hie d.te hereof.'o ftpply lo
lb. MlnlriK It.-coEder for . certlUcntc of Itn-
provamanta. f"r the iturpo-.. of oitinining .
'i'i-ti-nnil t.f thi- i.lxivi' < lllitlt
Ami further t.k.< notloa Unit action, under
��� ��� 11,11,  ;.. miiinI Ire i-nitiiiirniii'd h-fori-t In   i    n
un.-.- of nut Ii .-it till' til.- nf improvement-.
Dated UlU l.'iih iln) nf lieeemlier, law.
0. II. N. V. Il_i.ll..
����� Itoraland.
A limited amountof prlv.la fund, to loan
on tiioii<tr_K��i 11 j_,��� j. iini",,1,��. ��� 11 y properly. Ap-
Iy to iiiiii fc !_....... lallelum.. NeUu.
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
GooKiiio Stoves & Ranges
Which we are offeringOat
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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