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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 21, 1900

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Edition No. 632.
Nelson, British Columbia, Sin day, January 21,  1900.
Tenth Y
Thirteen Hours of  Fighting   Yesterday
Resulted in a Gain of Three Miles.
I'.ii'i'ei't, shows the Boer losses np to
date are approximately 8,430 men, in-
nlnrliug  8,000  casualties dnring  the
siege uf^LadysniiHi.
Ladysmith Reports That It  Can See Buller's Shells
Burst   General Lyttleton Put In a Busy Day
British Public In a Fickle Frame of Mind-
Loudon, Jnn, 80.��� A telegram from
tbe (unit indiaa.es that the north-ward
nnii'cli of the relief column moving
tiiwanla Ladysmith is proceeding
steadily. The authorities here seem
satisfied that now that General Boiler's forces are within sight of Ladysmith, tho bnseignil place is satn nt
present, from serious attack. No news
of real Importance had been mnde
public up to two thirty this afternoon
nnd there wiih nothing to show tbat
tlm general engagement, so frequently
rumored, had yet commenced, though
obviously news of such a buttle was
momentarily expected.
many Government Liberals, and also
many Conservatives ilo not favor the
oandidature ol E, l). Martin, Joe's
brother, who is endeavoring to run under the auspices of both nai'ties.
Improved Over Twenty Five
Millions in Six Months.
London, Jnn, 20.���A special dispatch
from Oape Town, dated Friday, January 111, says. "The Ladysmith relief
force is steadily working northward.
Heavy lighting occurred yesterday.
The Boors are retreating.
i.   iflon, Jan, 81.���The   Wnr Otllce,
short); lifter midnight, posted the fnl
lotting dispatoh   from Oeneral Bnller,
i!m ,i   ! pi nrmnn's    Camp,   Jan.    30,
"i.i in ml Ciery, with a unit of 3en-
erai Waiiin's force, has been in notion
i.  in l n. in., till 7 p. in.,   today.    l"y
,  ii ious use of his artillery be has
i hi- way np, capturing ridge nf
:, i    i ,, for abont three  miles.   '1 be
n nru   now  bivouacking ou   the
li line gained Imi the main position is -nil il front of tliem. Tin
wore nol heavy. About n
luinilied wounded bad been brought in
1,\ il ;|i| p in. Tlie number nf killed
li    nut vet 111 u ascertained,"
1 .        ih.   Jnn,    30.���V!n   Spear-
I'ump,- 'I be enemy have pl iced
' n new guns throwing eight-
in i -i' ll m .I have been bombarding
men \i: iiu-ly for tbe last few days,
tl        little ii.nnngo has  been  done,
i ii"' British   force have been
wounded Tho ttoops urn jubilant
evir General Buller's successful ad
v. His  guns  enn  be heard   dls
nil lie bursting nf shells can
111' I, I li
-I iiinaii's Camp. Evening. .I.ui.
Boer trenches were shelli d
inn ii-iy todny. Oeneral l.yitle-
'"n'< brigade ndvanoed and occupied a
k"i ' ' vans from tbe Boer poBl-
i n I iiiiieii-iein. A oompany of
tiili- nd.nnced Into aotlon and were
1        wl  V iih a   heavy liie   from   the
! Tbo  artillery  nnd   musketry
linnes from   Oeneral  Warren's
I'        '���     I lie   enemy bad nol ihlfti d
'I al lhe  tune this dispatch
'v      nl    Tbe shells sm   die  to  the
'''in inniiln's f. tee nn 'I'lnii-.l i\
i oera,   The British were
I      I mi  n   kopje uml   nllowed   tho
advance |i Isaroly mid  opened
' " i ��� did   Hot reply   and   n
' '   ibem galloped   nil'.     It    i-
,!  thai   the  reoialmlei sun ���
1   Jan, ji. ���(4:ii.�� u. in. >. ��� it
" "I Uonoral Bullet's dls-
' I'll W���r   Offloe, und   tho   nil-
1"  Iho   Associated   Press    frnni
''"up. thnt ll big battle is
'   fought.    Al   fur as can   lie
from these dispatch.! tba re-
"��tll�� iinili'cideil   and ������l���ss the
1 withdraw dnring lhe night, the
'"*��� OH   which   bungs the (ale
1,1 '"'iv-inih ami whioh inav prove the
1   !1" )l   lb-   war,   will Im re.
���'���""   '"   To thoroughly and
'"lively nppreolito the political
"" tbey exist i���  Bngland
'"''"-'���"..I  tho reflections
Ubiry   mieei'sses ���r reverses   i���
, i ite in ihe mind of the
��ud to gnage the task
���"���������     Uoverr, nl  nt the
'���'""< wilon of Parliament, it
��� ,       ' v ��o reiliie tbe nn
,m,'-0 lhal  in the Im few
' Plnoe in ihe national
'lefly, >lnoo tin   British
1 '"'"" ""in i���,s I',,,,,,,! the Boer
iinny was so lunuerous and  so  strong,
the British nation h.is become one huge
���ticl:   exchange,   nol In  the   material
eii-i'. but iu  sentiment.   The nation
as a   whole  governs  its  opinions by
| the happenings   of   the hour, viiccilut-
; ing according to the news ticker in its
' traditions of centuries as  easily as the
niosl nervous innrket  that ever operated in times of uncertainty,   Nothing
h ��� :nt. -nml, lv   lends   itself to   a  ready
imid f.iieeii.i simile nf iln- prevailing
tempi i" of the British mil inn as the
popular conception of the stock market.
: As ,in the floor there is a certain small
percentage wiih such hnge interests
al slake that they nre never budged by
rnmori thai make or break the smaller
fry. lim these compose the very in-
im i ring iiiiii iheir exnlusivenexs may
be judged from the faot thai one never
knows, wmn opening Irom dny today,
snch solid nud Conservative journals ns
Ithe Times, the Morning Post; or the
Standard, whether thev will uphold
or bitterly abase the Government- In
a like inniiue] dues tbe majority of
public opininu sway as favored by
news from the Front. Thus it is well
nigh impossible to determine the real
| feeling   towards   Ihe  Administration
I nml lhe war.   mid it is-till   hauler   to
'���forecast the result iif tbe debates in
[Parliament. Yet, In spite of I his tie
uiondous vaii ilniiiin, the Information
which reporters of tho Associated Press
hive gathered from ull suits of
sources, feuds towards tbe impression
thai Lord Salisbury will continue not
only in power, but in Inn matter of
voles, wiih but slightly diinmish.-d
onntrol, whli h is taniamonl to saying
Unit thn win  against   the Boers will
be pursued   to the   hitter   end. legiild-
less f foreign interference nnd whimperings ai home. The military situation, though gi nernlly regarded as
nunc hopufnl, seems nol materially
changed ibis week,
the select inn bv the   Wnr  ullice of
Maim llellelill Sir Kiedeliek Culling-
Inn, (nr servne nl the front, calls forth
ii o  iimi' nni  ih it  the    iniv. rninent
hns i giii/ed this nflicor's claims at
a ver.i I ue day,  considering   ibe fuel
Hun In- n.in,e i- n by.- word  in  South
Mile.l,     whole    he    spoUt    iilmi'-l    In-
whole military career us a leader nf ex-
puliiniii-. Whilo (ir Frederick Oar-
riiiginii's billet is ai pi.-i'iit ii mystery
io tbe English pres., the correspondent ol inn Associated Pieiis Is able to
say Ihat H '.mis lint, lllor nil, al the
invitation   ul    the War I Ifflce   lllll   III
was called, iiiiii futti.iT thai he will bo
entrusted with whnl will be praotioally
an Independent command of large proportions and will n*tempi to nchlovc,
by means ol one of tho moil betet-ogen-
tins foroes ever gathei in tbi f��ce nl
emih, the galimii  objective   hitherto
held by the I'limmuildcr.-. iu the field to
he nn Impossibility,
New York, Jan. 20.���A Cape Town
cable lo the World announces the arrival of Major General Clui'les Tucker
from India to take command of a brigade under Lord Roberts. Though
stationed recently iu the Madras district, be knows South Africa nnd the
Boers intimately,
Oommissioners Sitting iu Ottawa-Klondike Liquoi Regulations��� Manitoba, Politics.
iSpeeial Dispatches to The Miner,)
Ottawa, Jan. an. ��� A statement of
tho trade of tbe Dominion for six
mouths ending December 81st la-t, as
compared with the same period in the
S-enr 181)-., shows flint thn aggregate-
trade of Oanadn for the pist six
iiiniilhs amounted to {203,491,(1111 us
compared   with   $l?7,,S(i4,illl)   for   tbe
v     v   i    t      ���,ii,i I sumo period of tho previous year, or an
New York, Jnu. 20,���John Adams is I. .,..���. .
Inorehse    of    135,627,297,    The
at the Harlem hospital suffering from
ii bullet wound indicted by Alberto
Beuto, The men quarreled over the
Transvaal war, Adams taking the
English side nnd Henlo upholding
the Boers.
London, Jan. 20.���A enblo letter to
London says that Prince Ronjitainhji,
the well known Imlinii cricketer,when
nl a dinner this week ut Cambridge,
Bipressed regret that his countrymen
wire not allowed to light ill South Africa. He added: "When Russia
comes beating nt th" door of India the
world will see wb'it Indian cavalry
can do."
The War ullice is coming in for considerable criticism for refusing to no-
cept ull'ers of private houses for the reception of tbe wounded from South Africa.   This  patriotic  movement    hns
been snubbed by tbe ctnt reply that
the wounded would he retained in the
hospitals until they wove able to dispense with nursing. On tho other
hind the army surgeons' employment
nf the Roentgen Bays in field surgery
has proved successful and before Feb
ruiiry it is likely thut every column at
iho trout will be furnished with u
Roentgen Kay outiit.
London, Jnu. 20.���Tho Leader's military expert says today thnt n big light
for tbe western roads (lending to Lady-
smith I will take place today, though
it nuiy have even begun yesterday.
All the artillery of Generals Warren
and lllldyurd were not across the
Drifta yesterday morning and tbe ammunition tiuin and most of the heavier guns were probably then south of
Ibe Tugela Uive.r. These, ns well ns
Oeneral Wnrren's lung march, point to
the seiiinis elloi't being made todny.
ports increased by 114,786,826 aud exports by 110,800,772. There was an increase in duly collected of |2,174,464,
showing that the trndo of tbo country
for six months is in a very satisfactory
The commissioners inr the deliinioa-
tions of provisional boundary lines
about the head of Lynn Oaual, Mnssis.
ii. 11. Ti.tmunn, representing United
States, und \V. F. King, chief natron-
luer of the Dominion, representing
the Canadian Government, are holding their first meeting in this city.
They are arranging their plans of operations for marking ntv the Hues on the
ground during the coining season.
In regard lo the importing of li-
ipiors into Yukon the following order has been passed :
1. That each pei'inii so issued hy tin-
Minister of the Interior, shall be signed hy such officer ns the Minister may
designate for tbe purpose.
2. That the fee to be puid for ouch
permit, shall be the sum of .2 per
gallon of n strength to he,in each case,
if necessary,   specified in  tbe permit,
and that such fees shall bo p.ut of the
liquor revenue of the Y'ukon territory.
8, That any person taking or importing, nr attempting to take or import,
spirituous or malt liquors, or otbei in-
toxiciints into the Yukon territory,
who bus not first obtained n permit
from Ibe Minister of the Inteiior, in
the matter hereinbefore mentioned,
shall be liable to tbo penalty provided
by lhe ordinance in thnt behalf enacted by the Commissioner in council
if the territories.
St. Johns. Mid., Jan. au.���The
weather is now more favorable for
operations at tbo wreok of the steamer
Heligoland in St. Mnrys Buy, and Unpeople along the** Coast propose starting eui'iy tomorrow injj an attempt I"
recover tlie bodies which have been
washed ashore i.i tho coves. BVhei
Driscoll, tho pries! of the parish, bns
urged his tloclt lu nvail themselves of
iho first opportunity tor this humane
undertaking nnd has given the use of
his church foi the care of tho bodies
uutil final arrangements shall hnve
been made by the ship owners and
agents tor iheir disposal.
Toronto, Jau. 20.���The Methodist
Oleigy fund now amounts, Dr. Potts
states, to fiO.OOO and is still gaining
Canadians Leave to do Batile
For the Empire-
Lively  Greeting's  All  Along  tho   Line.
Oolonel   Steele   May   Command
Strallicou.i's Horse.
Indian   Government May Be Compelled to Euy  the  White Metal.
London, ,11111. 20. ���Tbo idea thut   tbe
ndiau Government will   shortly   bave
to buy   silver   has   .stimulated the de-, Iingent.    It is estimated tbat
(Special Dispatches to The -Miner, i
Halifax, N.S...Inn. "in.���The greatest
crowd that ever gathered undei ono
roof in tins city Mas iliat at the new
Armory last night, the occasion being
tbe civic recept to the second con-
it  lensl
lunnd.   Indications that the silver  re- I0.U00   pei-mis weie  present  and   ai
serve of tne   Indian   ourrenoy  depart- leini   2,000  wore   turned  away.   Thn
ment has  been  heavily  depleted  and whole proceeding was a grand blaze of
will bo further reduced arc found   in pntrlotio   enthusiasm,    tbe  equal of
the large   sales,   telegraphic   transfers which was never witnessed in thi-old
npon India further marking  gold  for military  city.   Speeches were deliver-
London, Jnn 80.���Advloa from Cape
Town sny field Marshall Lord Roberts
had appointed Lord Stanley, member
ui Parliament for southeast Lancashire, and a fotmei nontenant of the
iiren.ii.'i ���   nrdi. to  be press censor,
Prltl-OM   Kiui'ii      ol Tick bus gene to
iln- front.
London, Jun. 80.- (8:88 p. m,)- The
only War Office dispatch made public
up to thin boor todny is a brief rejiort
from Field Mar-hall Lord Roberts,
under today's date, saying in substance
that General French has extended   liit.
Une to ihn easi,  further threatening
the ilini is line ot communication.
Spcnrinun's Camp,  Natal, Jan, 80
(ll ;i,"i ii. m.)���The firing of Held guni
was   beiiid   early   Ibis   ninrning  from
thn I II.    ll   Is  evident   llinl   General !
Win nm ine- commenced tbe bombard
ment Of the I! '   lii'-iches   in   Lnbiin
una  Mountain.   There  was   ulso i
brief musketry tire.   Among the prl
oneis   captured    Thursday,     wn   ��
grandson in law of Preiltlenl Kruger,
li,,,,.!,���,,..   I-,,,,,'   Colony,    Friday,
Jnn    IR,    Tbe liner .01.0 ��l    Colesbuig
,ls estimated to number from fl,  to
,,iinn. i" ui. a nong force ol Nor-
tal'i Point, The Brlllih iholli did
numb execution eaitward or the town,
���I I,,. Boers lout no to dale Is probably
- n men    Carefully   ������ mpilod  llgi n
:fr iiii republican i-urnes, otne ol whioh
'have been investigiiled and found to be
London, Jan. 80.���The departure today of the  second  detachment of the
Loudon Volunteeri fOI South Africa
led to a lepitilion of tho scene of enthusiasm of Inst Saturday, along the
Whole route from Wellington Bnrraoks
to Nine Kims station. The Londoners
commenced assembling before dnybrenk, nud headed by several hands
ihe volunteers numbering 700 mon, left
barrnoks at 7-.46, marching in fours,
���foretime people contented them-
ii Ives w uii cheering a- tbe column ml
Minced    in   good unli
Ottawa, Out., Jnn  80.���B. C Clute,
Q   O.i who acted us  Coiuniissionei for
the eni]tiiiy into the grievances of
minors In slocan, Hritish Colombia,
against tbe importation of foreign Inner nud the complaint of both miners
unl mine-owners bout lutes of pay,
has returned to Ottawa, and is Bngaged
iu picpaiatio uf nis report to the Gov-
eminent. No announcement as to ti e
result will be made until the luhjeot
coincs beforo Council.
Brussels, Out, Jan. 80���Conservative! of Bait Huron have chosen E, L.
Dickenson, barrister of Wlngbnm, in
oppme Dr. McDonald, Liberal M. P.,
ut tbe next general elections Dr. McDonald defeated .Air. Dickenson in 1806
by a majority of inn.
Monirenl, Jan, 2ii.��� Civic nominations tunk place ut noon today. Mr.
W. K. Dnvun wiih nominated iu opposition to Mayor I'refonlaino. Mr. Dot-
un is   miming   in lhe interest   of   the
Dish Roman Catholics, whoso  turn of
ullice in the Mayoralty chair, the pies-
I'lit nceupnnt is   trying In usurp.    1<*if-
the account of the Indian Government
and the despatch nf gold direct to India. Out of sixteen and a half crorcs
Ol cash reserve, only about seven
crorcs are silver. According to tho
Statist, shntild further gold be sent to
India dining the next two months,
the silver holdings ol tbe Indian I Ioverninent will probably he reduced to
about four crorcs. Before such a
figure is leached purchases of sib,er
for ooinnge ought to he made unless
the Indian Government is preparod to
incur risks which might lning disas
ter, The Statist insists thai the Government must buy silver without delay
and have it coined as quickly ns possible, and reasons that India might in i
to liu subjected to further trials on
top "f the laminii, also pointing out
that if troubles break out on the Afghan frontier, silver alone will lie usable.
Berlin, Jnn. 20. -During tbe coming week the naval bill will he the
main pulitical topic. It is surmised
the measure will reach the Reichstag
early in the w.iek, as the I'uiidesinlh
has expressed beiorehaud its readl
ness tn pass it. lis fate in the Heicb-
stag, parliamentarians now snj, is bv
no means assured, though it la predicted that enough members of the
Centre party will support the bill to
enable its pas-age. The furo.e of rocout
events bus hem telling altogether in
favor of the measure and an enormous
amount nl agitation on tbe Bubjecl has
been made by the fleet entbnsiapms
throughout the Empire. Judging from
ihn present pmspects, tho correspondent of the Associated Press can foretell
thnt the naval iiii, on which the Em-
peror'a whole heart hungs, will be
passed after a number of assurances
nud explanations about them being no
need of new taxes, from the Government, though with the smallest majority.
Manila, Jan. 18.���A puck trnin of
twenty ponies, transporting rations be-
I ween Santo Tuiiins and Saupnhln,
Lngunii Province, escorted by PO men
under Lieutenant Ralstun, 80th infantry, was ambushed yesterday. Two
men were killed, live wounded, and
nine are missing. The pack train
wns loit. The lieutenant and thirty-
four men returned to Santo Tomns
with the killed und wounded,
od by Mayor Hamilton, sir Mnlachy
Daly. Lleutun-iit-v-overnor- Oeneral
Lord William Seymour, Hon. W. S.
Fielding nud Hon. Dr, Borden. The
scene wa- uno of dazzling brilliancy,
tin decorations being on au elaborate
scale, the bright uniforms of thn mill-
i.iiy men adding to ibe effect of a hundred electric lights, Military bauds
played patriotic airs and evoked |r,
mentions enthusiasm, Tho troops paraded tbo streets this morning before
embarking nn the Laurentian. The
Governmenl Btouinors New-Field ami
Linisilnwiie will i-curl tin- nan |,ni
down the harbor. Thousands came into the city from all   ports   last    night.
Chaplain   Sinnett,  of Montreal, arrh
id last   night,   One chaplain   will   go
on each   transport,   Rev.   W.   J,   Con
will go nn the Lanrentinn.
Halifax, ::. S��� Jan. 20.���Tho Lan-
rentinn lefl her dock nl 2:40 p. in.
fm South Afrioa, Thirty thousand
penplo biiw the troi ; - | aradi tin Btrents
and embark on the Laurentian. The
troops wero addressed attic. Armory
by General Button, Dr. Bordi n, and
Lieutenant-Governor Only, 'The sky-
was overcast and a deep mUt hung
over the harbor     The   in op] ���   cheered
themselves till they were hoarse along
the line of march. Ir was dark when
the dockyard was reached and ihe men
began tn embark. The hoises wen
put on board last nigh:.
Mnntrenl, Jan. 30.- 'Iln   I'urth Wesl
Mount' i I Iii ���, torn iug pull i,f the
second ������, ntingenl i- r i nth Africa,
pn.--oi] through I. ��� ��� ��� a-' ; ' nriiiiig
un tin Ir way to llalll .- II wns 2 :80
o'olock when ihe ii. iu nnived but
them was ,|',ii.' a fi,i herb g > i military   men   III    Hi- -tlitiull    tO   Welcome
the soldier-t mul their nfHaeri, Nntur-
ally all Oil heal i > ��� .. deep at meh
uu   bom    bill lhe   singing .,1   patriotic
snug* ui their windowi aroused tbo
nun und number I'i officers got up mul
dressed to greet theii Irlends, Tin,
train only waited a few minutes and
then sped on Its nay to Halifax,
Ottawa, Ont.,   Jan.   20.���The  name
nf   Lleutouant-t olonei S Ic i    mention! d    in connection  ��Itb the cum
mandant of  Strnthi una'-. North  Wi I
contingent i" Sunih Africa,
A  lllttil' TOO MUCH.
Fort     Scott,    Kan, Jan.   80.��� Geo,
Silheo and Edward    Meeks, half lirolh-
(ileal George Sheet, where the friends,
wives, and iweetbearti of the men In-
ilited mi Joining them ond marching
arm   in   arm.    Thus   In the   Ulldsl of
ciinslunHy luoreiling   enthusiasm   the
volunteers finally reached the station
���i ii mi, where the Duke of Connanght,
the Lord Mayor,sburl.fi mul other mil-
toon aldermen out of thirty-six were ere, who were nonvioted of murder
eleoted by acclamation, ot whom the bore early in the week, were lynched
majority represent the reform ole- by a mob in tbe oonnty jail yard to-
ment of tbo city, ] night.   Al   n   lote   hour their  bodlos
were dangling from  two trees in   tho
yard,  tha authorities   having   liein
completely surpti od thai no effort had
I n mode t move   the gimsi |y t\ i
donees uf the b - work
London, Jnu. 20 Mr. C, I . Rose,
who will contest the Newmarketrtlvl
imi of Conibi Idgo hire ngninst M i
Hurry McCalmont, li a ion of the late
Sir John Rose, 11 Montreal, Mr Row
Intended contesting for the America
nup after thn Dunravcn Basco, but sub-
sequent!) rei oustden d tbe matter
Winnipeg,   Jan.   30.���The  report is
until it reae'ii'il ' circulated toditv Ihat  I'rcmiei Mellon-
aid will not run in South Winnipeg at
Hie approaching by-election but will
later on contest Kildiinan, Mr. Davidson inking the Pretnier'i place us candidate iu South Winnipeg and Dr.
<;inin retiring in Elldonnn to make
way for tbe Premier.
There is veiy   little Interest here   In
ihn   Dominion   by-eleotlon for Winni-
Cblongo, in.. Jan.   20 ��� Oharles   L,
Kin,to,   formerly  postmaster aud Citj
Treasurer ol Fall River, Ma��� , ohnrg
id with    Ilie    euibiv/li'llli'llt    Of   |0 000
fiiini Hie li'ilisiiiv iif    l-'it 11   River,   was
Han and civic ilignuloriei, had asseui
blod    The  volunteers   were   rapidly peg,   Indications point to the election arrested today,   Pcote lias eluded   tin
continued ou Kourth Pain, I"'  Puttee,   the  Labor Candidate,  ai authorities for ovor four years.
London, Jan. 20,- A oontraol has
been signed ii i M. Lai oi I ci nine] tor
V If red Droyfnt, duriug the late trial
ui Rennes, t" iectnri lor thirteen
week" in tbo United State during tin
autumn ol I In : r. oni     ni
I '     .-     I  i - N - I    I.
Wnshlngti ii    I     ���' . Jan  20    I on
suit loncral Adell ��� 11 Hny inlli I ti day
ri'"ii Capo 'i ��� ���-��� ii       ' ���   ���    i Bay.   He
will Ink" Hi"    i.ui" ei    li   in   l.oren/o
M,ii.in. ,���   foi i'n loi In,   telli i Ing  Mi,
llnllls there NELSON DAILY MINER, SUNDAY, JANUARY ai, 1900.
Nelson Daily Miner
1 iiblisnod Dully oxcopl Monday,
11  I.  BKATON, Editor and Manager,
Suhscwption Ratkb,
Morning Kitttluu.
II illy iw month by o&nler  Ci
per hint yoar  :i Wl
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poryunxby mail  SOD
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Nelson Wkukly Miner.
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por year, forcl-n    2 50
Subscriptioni invarinhly in nilvanco
Nelson Min :r Printing d-PubllshlngCo
Telephone   No.   14.).
The Miner will pay $10 reward
for information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of any person
who steals a copy of this paper
fretr. the premises of our subscribers.
nan be iiibataiitlntail, th.re in nrgbnt
need of re for 111 m high eiroles tit Dnw-
son. "
Wi- do not know anything of Judge
Dugas, only mi general principles it
may bo suiniisad Unit, he in a useful
friend ol Mr. Sifton'a. Bnt we know
something oi Mr Wade, and smoke nr
no smoke ir. can bo relied upon with
nlisolntc oontiili'iicc that wherever he
is there is Qatnu, Of nil the offloials
whom thi' crafty Mr. iriit'toi] has sent
up to. tbe Yukon���and a prettier uest
nf adventurers it would be hard to tind
���the��� is not one in tlie lot- who will
bear more solid, systematic, untiring
wntohing than this name Mr. Wade,
It is possible Mr. Sample can accomplish something by taking his case to
Ottawa, but it he expeots that Ministers will help hi 111 or any one else to
i_et at the bottom uf .ill tho plundering
thai, has licen going 011 tit Dawson
these past two years he is much too innocent for 11 Klondike!-.
1900 1900
Ollice ,1111 Pocket,
Whittaker's Almanac
my poi
Delivered to an :
I have a complete siock
on  hand of
Insure yniir Ufa
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
I Hi
Insure J'OU house, house furniture
and pianos with J. E. Aunable,
agent Victori -Montreal and Equity
I'ire Insurance ci monniea.
13Y STEM/Til.
No one has ever thought of s-ri-
iinsly disputing tbat the Right-Hour
law was slipped through the Legislature without allowing the members
au opportunity to consider it. Neither
iu behalf of Mr.Cotton.who intinduced
the amending Bill, nor of Mr. Hume,
who was the putative father of il, has
any one ventured to deny that a
trick was played upon the House in
regard to the measure. Huob is and
has heen thn understanding throughout the Province, yet we Imagine there
ure few who have realised to the l'nll
the Btealthlness with which the eight-
hour provision was made law. It was
brought home to us in 11 striking
manner by the remark of a member
the other day, who was discussing the
mutter in 11 speech on tho Address.
He was interrupted by a member of
the Government with the question,
" Did you not vote for it." And his
reply was: "'I suppose, Mr. Speaker,
1 must have. 1 certainly do not know
of it."'
Many other members as frunkly honest as this one could say the same.
They did not know. It was late at
night, at the fag end of the session. A
number of measures were being hurried through. No notice of this
amendment had been given, nor did it
appear in the printed Bill. It was
culled in its turn hv the Chairman of
the Committee of the Whole, the short
amendment was hurriedly read and as
hurriedly declared curried, and in the
brief space of a minute or two, With
tired and impatient members voting
for they knew not. wlint, a few words
passed into a law that bus paralysed
the greatest industry of the Province
and has produced au angiy division
hetween olusses that has done and is
doing incalculable harm.
The Hcandal of all this is painfully
evident to the people ; do not the mem-
ben of the Legislature yet realise itV
Mr. Booth's candid confession should
have a sobering effeot on all of them,
and if sensible Of their responsibilities
as men to whom hnve heen entrusted
t.!io affairs of the Province, they will
reconsidei the situation and with tin Ir
best judgm-nt decide to amend or re
jieal the law and thus undo the mischief they so recklessly let loose a year
The Greenwood Miner says: "Where
Joe Martin fell down was in accepting tin- services of James Dunstnuir in
going from Vancouver to Victoria by
speoial boat and train In order to take
part iu the opening of the House. Had
he waited and gone over on the Islander in the regular way, he would,
in all probability, have had the support of MaoPberson, of Vancouver, aud
the sympathy at least of a large element of the labor party. On lucouut
of his apparent alliance with the
Dunsmnire, whose name is an abhor-
rence to the labor party, be lias lost
MaoPberson, and has estranged the
labor organisations. Martin's fault as
a politician has always been his precipitancy ; and hy another too quick
stop he has lost his Ins. opportunity in
B. C." There is probably truth in all
of this; but it speaks little for our
good sense and discrimination as a people if a man's reputation is to be left
'0 the mercy of an accident. It was
only by availing himself of the Duns-
muir conveyances that Mr. Martin, by
any possibility, could reach the House
in time for that first division.
New and Important
Mill at PILOT HAY.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Great Reduction!
$9.65 per Ton
$6.15 Per Ton
HAitn coAi,
Halda lie's
3800 Miles Across l.'aniibi."
Price SI.511.
Nelson Cleaning; and Dyeinp
8. I). PIERHE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing" cleans 1
dyed, altered and repaired.
iii-nr of I'larkt ll-ii-l. mi -.ns
Mrs.   McLaughlin's
We have just received
a carload ol choice
-amain Sa
A Piano that improves under
usafje. More musical than
others arid lasts longer,    .    .
And little Greece, too. She made a
sad mess of it when she drew the
sword 011 Turkey u few years ago; lint
she is valiant still, aud full of sympathy with tho right. The Hritish
Legation at Athens is overwhelmed
with individual oilers to fight the
Boers; tbe University there has telegraphed its sympathy to Oxford at
Hritish losses; a memorial service has
been held at the naval station of
Poros, and the Cretans at the Piraeus
have offerod to furnish a corps of 1,000
men. No, Great Britain is not isolated. Greece wonld not count as much in
winning battles, perhaps, hut otherwise her sympathy is more to ho desired than that of. say.  Russia.
Some of those war correspondents
are wonderful fellows. One of them
saw an "ironical laugh" playing
around Cronje's month during the progress of the ha'tle of Mr.gerslontiin.
The correspondent was no doubt well
to the roar of the British forces, and
("rnnje was presumably far enough in
the rear of lim Poets to he safe, yet
the delicate lines of nn "ironical
laugh' could lin distinguished nt tbo
distance of those dividing miles. It
would have heen more to the purpose if
he had seen these barbed  wire   fences.
Mason & Rlscti
A Piano that has not only
won a reputation, but a Piano
that is constantly accentuating that reputation, nothing
heing left undone by its
makers to advance lhe ln-
instrurneut musically and to
keep up the high standard
)-0,^_<,,>-^,,i,_?'>,.^1')_,.--"",,,_^">'_iv'1,'_     >*"11)i^1,^^,,''_^lni^>11,i.-���vn-^1')i^1'>^--���"''',!'
NELSON, B. C. %f
m a    '
I Stand-
There is not much doubt that the
Government at Ottawa were anxious
to avoid another sossion. More than
anything else they dreaded further
Yukon revelations Put Mr. Tiirte's
rather hra/.eii challenge to the loyalty
of the Canadian people made dissolution an unc.omfortiitily hazardous experiment , and the Manitoba elootions
dispelled any lingering desire there
might be for an early appeal. There
will bo another session, and the Yukon will be in evidence. The old
Charges are by no meaiiB disposed of,
and these will he supplemented by
freHb matter that promises to be made
quite interest ing. An editor of a newspaper in Dawson, Mr.  Sample of Tin
(lleiiner, has been chased out of thi'
1 -nnntry by prosecutions for contempt
ur court, lie was ill Vietoila the
OthU day. and liefntn returning will
submit his complaint to Ihe authorities
tt OtttWa. His ("a"'' is thus slated
in The Oiilnnist :
������The  (acta in   biief   nre  that   The
Gleaner printed what  in   the opinion
of the Judge was   contempt   ol   OOOrl
Por this Mr. Bemplo was irrested   and
lined $1,100, which he paid     He   then
printed In his paper very strong signed
uiticies attacking  Mr.    Wade,    and
challenging him to prosocnle fur libel
wi that the f��_B might I'1' taken In Inn
a juty. Instead nf this, it is said, Mr.
Wudo   Instituted   procedings ns   in    n
neaond contempt,   which has come to
DOt-lnH lie'iuise Mr. Hemple left the
Country tn wall redress ai the handH of
tho Appellate Court here. He proposes to return to Dawson at an early
day. He doclai-iH bli ability to prove
,,H I,,, has suld and much more, ami
if bell or n uuartyr  of   what   be  says
The editor ol The Ktimliini'
Hid has made a fiiinlt, manly
for that indecent   attack   on   the Lieu
tenant-Governor,nnd confessed to inexcusable neglect in nol revising its correspondent's letter, lie is mo genuinely contrite, and un' reparation is
altogether so handsome, that the Honse
can well afford lo let the matter rest
where it is.
Fire, Life, and Accident Ins
Collections Solicited.
1  IIOII-I'  	
Two Corner Lots with f-Itooui Itouso.
An ,'xini good liny ��� HIM
S-Koom llui-e l.*i*_
UoxSffi.   Phono 117.
Tlm purity nl 1 In' Inn;;-- uml Mo-lolnoi
iiiliiiiiil-li-ii-il In tin' |iiilleiil Is Iln' nn,-I
OMHi'iillnl i.'liiiniinl in the "!'���'���ml li'i'iu-
ment nf ili-mi-i' rii'-rnpliini-- urn i-niii-
pouiiaea*   lij-  n-  frmn   absolute)--  I'm"
iniikh in porfocl oondlll in.'i Un' pliv
-l.-liinV .kill will mil bo iiillllllnil li>' niii
nml Impotent itni-s.
,    IHir Minks of roqUUltM for
The Toilet
The Nursery
The? Sick Room
Ai.v ijili'ii'"   Yenr imi ronnga tilloltod.
lur iini oon.onlon 'i Physlolan.
Mill  - .  we   liavo e.mlili-ln-.l 11   Nn
Directory, nnd in ordor to havo II oom
ploto, 1, Mm  1 -'11 -.uracil to Bond in nr mil
1111,1  loava Hull' lu h tutd   "i'ii'' ���'
Dispensing Chemist
Tolophono 11.'.    P.O. It".  ...    BokorStn ot
Mmi Ui-oi. Promptly Attended To.
Nl 1 ION, II. 0.
A Boarding nml Day But I ooniliiotoil bj
the sl-i, 1 - uf si. .In-, nl, nr I'oaoo    In     In
1,1 nl ni 11 -nor of Mill nml .In ��� nl* 1 i"-' .
in  ��� nr 1 li.-   I---I   11- lldOlltlAl   I '"ii ��� "(   Nl I
ion,  nml '      nci'    llilii  from nil parU
nf lim,-ill.
'I'll,. , inn--!' nf    hull   1 ii.-lil.I.-���   I In- fini'liiim 11
Oil mill   IiIkI.it Iiiiiii,:lm     ���< II tin,1,11ml, hn: i  li
lulu, ni lon.    Hn rn. - -    , mn 0    II11011 01 mm'.
,    .1 upli) iiiiiI T, pott 111 inc.    Hi Ill   ���
Mll.iO,   Vim,I   nml    In.Iiiiiii, ni.il     Hi-.iivIiik.
oto,   I'lnln iiiiiI A11 Nuodlowork; ' .ill iln 1,1.-,
lllil' -Imii iiiiii llnllidi" Systems,
Bat-cook and Wilcox, oto,
A,""y'" J. O.T. CROFTS, M...M,,
''^���.^..K NELSON. B. C.
ilr tn PltlUIUSSON ft Cni>l'TH,Viiiii"(iuvei
AdvartlMtnonti Insoried under ilds hood al
thO nil ��� nf mm ei'iii u word por In-i'i'iliin. No
inlverlUi'liiellt. tr.lu'll lories'- Itnlll '.'.i runt  .
WANTED.��� Immediately,  e'-periineeil
(Iresimuker nl  O'Reilly's.
WANTED.���Firs! clnsi clerk  I sales-
man fnr dents' [furnishing nml
olotbmg, Only experienced man nosd
apply,   Anpiy Thee. Madson,
l.iis'l      A black si'iilsliin 11111IT, left in
the '1 n-miiiil Until.     A vi'wnril nl 110
will in- paid in anyone bringing same
1,1 the Clarke House,
: W*
i �����"���>,
1  _-"!'">,
I  -^"i
All The War News _
Specials From Victoria
Specials From Ottawa
Specials From W innipeg
Specials From Montreal
All The Canadian News
All The Local News . .
���IN   THE���
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St.,  Nelson.
Telephone 18,
. I
r      3
^    ���
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., l.'Mirmi.   Torn.. V,-i
linn  mill  Cedar  Street-.  Nelson, niiiml
faoturern ot and wholesale dealore in oornlod
vratera and trull syrups. SoleaRouts (or Hal-
oyon Spring! mineral vater.
��� N. .M. e'llliiimiis, Uw i, Kn ii kiniiiii
viilluiy of sofl drinks. |>. (). Box Bg, Trlu-
lih'in,'Nn si. Ileover Street Kelaon Bottlinn
ef the l-'ntuuiis si. Iaioh ltot Bprlngii Mineral
��� ���  I- ,.r ll.l'lll
-_.-u.l-t ritrt'fl. Nel
.    h i�� li(iui-*>-. i-i^iir>
emonti tin. h i.k nnd lircciny, wator pipe nud
| t-teol mils mul gvmm. f*oininis*-ion D.orcbi_ot&
I.IMl'IKli.- Knilll Mlvet, .Niiisuii. wluili'-
snlo dt-iileri- in It.ur. munis, cti:., inn! in)
nml Kritin. Mills nt Kdiiuiiiloii, \ u-lnnii unit
Now Wi-siiiilnsit-i.   Blevaton on Ci-gary k
1 .nil.minli   ltllilwnv.
?  -
A MACDONALD & CO.   Corner
���   no. Kim jueupbiue .Miouin. wiioluisiin
mn ersaadjubbere in blttiikeUi slovoi
hoot*,  rut
llllli'Mtl.lWS nud  inlin'i->   .-un
P^'i   O  BUHNS 4 CO   linker f Irt-i
Hiifr   ���   ���  wholiwale de-uen in frt^h
!t, NolwD.
iiiiii cured
nu il-. I'-lilslul-iiKo.
it   ,N. li.lli.
:u,uii meats
Publishes mote Telegraph News than all
other West Kootenay Papers,
65 cents
i.i.MiiKii uiikei envoi, Nuuioa, ��n"i'-
Ml, doalem in ti .nliviuM nml uiinii'K lUppHMi
lilmnliur.-'iind liiisiiiiti,',- supplie-.
.,.,  . nililh n���u uita.
Vernon innl JuMiphinu Slrooi^, No'-ni
WholCMlIu lll'illmn 111 Illinois omul's mid it)
Ki'iiil-. .\Keiil-.ill- I'.ill-, llrowillh- CO nl ���"I'1"
��u koe 1111,1 i'nlKiiry llri-wni- ''"��� "' ' 'I-'"-'-
HUDSON'S BAY CO.   i*holi_ttlo -">
I'l.'iii-, uml ii,|iii!ii-,o,o., Baker ou, Notoun,
Vi in"!'
JY  GRIFFIN  a. OO.   (inii'i
���   uml i i otruuUi. iNi'lsiin. waoii -'i'
iti'iilt'ii-in provii-iuiis,euriiil meat
MILLS, i.imuki' I orner I i"'" ��� ;
Hull Blroon, Nobou, iiiiuiiiiiiiiiii'i'i's, ii '".
wholeaalo dealers In aaeh ai.d doow nl' *'""*
nt f.u-loi-y work niiiilo lo older.
nu,-Jnnoiililiio nml liuk'ir rtlrwiti-.   '�����'"���
"dtf .for Ciilnlii.n Carbide and  Wollund AwilJiin'
_ Cor.
I-in lorn
���imi parUoulan apply iu thi
WANTED.���Torenl ii fiiinisheii house,
cloiio in, fnr nun month nr   one J'i'iir.
Nn rliiiiireii.    Apply tliis offloe,
FOR HALE���Honn- anil Lot  All morl-
elll iiii|irnvelili'lltH (ill Vletnrlii Street.
spii'iniiii rental property. BqnlpjMid
wiiii nil modern oonvonlinoes,   A Hs-f
Hiiin.    Address 11.  1'. <'.,  -liner Ofllce,
TO   BENT.��� Tine olflee nr  store in
rear nf Athabasca Saloon,   noonolail
by (ia- Company,   Apply on promises.
FOB BALE.���A  new oottnge onntaiii-
mu six rooms, hull, tnith room, cimi-
nli i" pantry, olosets. n new shed K.xiii
'IWll  lilt-.   lilli'SI   llil'l.illll    ill     Ilie    1'ily.
Set nut In ll'iiil tires, I ni|nil ted KMes,
910, All f nnil I lire, OOnSlStlOR (if new
Kuril I' ii mi. i, pnrlnr suite, sldcbonrd,
Hieel range, isei u\d carpets, bedroom
smiim and all else pertaining tn ll well
furnished bonne. Musi be snid ns own
ei is leaving tbe oily,   Robert   Inee,
Olirn Nnlsnii    I Innlwiirn I'n .    llnu ,
silllllleil    iiii    lotS   Mi llllll    17,     llloek    Ilo
Mill atieot.
Mining stocks
C. A. PROSSER,   Manager.
lt"ii'.lit .nm Sold.
Tena and(
Mary Belle
mul others worked
I*) the Western
Laiindn Gold Mining l ,!., i-. one of the safest buys on
the market. Thorough inspection
cordially Invited,
iooo Noonday   Goo Richelieu
Referendum Tressnry Btoolc,    Bold
i-n installments 7Ko., one llilwldown,
.   II.""'""   ""'I    I"'    I  1    Male,   elnse   to
mislnesapari n| oily,   I'ii
- .-,000,
A. R. BARROW, a.��
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Viotorli
P.O. Box oN,
nml Kooteiu*. I
r\ ��'.
OBRBN -  Ii < I'1*" V1H
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P.O.Box US Kelson, �� '���
in."I. l I;
WAItll HT.
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    Painter,    E-G'
Chimney Sweeping-
, Ollice, Ward St. opp. Optra H-UH NELSON DAILY MINER, SUNDAY,  JANUARY 21, tgoo
Tin- Miuei Will Make
(si News as Sunn
Pnblio tlm Li
as Received.
As news of an important nature ih
Imnvly expected from South Africa
Miner has niiule arrangfl'iients to
���|| the dispatches telegrnphed to
it nnliiv. As Ronn 111 they are recoiv-
nl ihcv will I'" bulletined in lhe win-
,l,m nf ll- McLean's drug store, Mr,
M,'I,' nn has kindly put this window
.',, ,|���. disposal nf The Miner nnd all
day it is anxiously watnhed by orowds
,,f citr/.i'iis who aie eager for tli" Intesi
���,���-, iiinii the front. Through the
untcrnrtee of The Miner no city in tbe
Province is belter supplied with wnr
ueWs than Nelson and that Nidsnn people appreeiate it is evideneed by the
constant encrense in the ciroulation of
The Miner. "Send The Minei to my
hnnso, hereafter, us yon are the bead-
.mailers for war news.'' wrote a Nelson business man yesterday, snd that
1, hut one of a seme of inoh statements
le every nay.
Any   important    news    there   Is    to
nial.e   puhlio   todny   will be  reoeiied
promptly by   The   Miner and will
1 uiletiiii'il.
Mr. S 8. Taylor, Q. (.'., is away nt
the Ooast on l��'i_i.l business,
Rarly this tin ruing a sou was horn
i��� Mrs ll. S  Akebmst,
Mr. Brigstook, secretary of the Fern
Hold Mining Company, left ou yesterday eveniug's train on a visit to Rossland.
Mr. E. M. Saudi ford, of Now Den
mi. paid a visit to the  Granite  mill
v,. unlay.    He repoits that everything
1.. working smoothly.
Mi. ('. Halifax Hull, engineer of
Un Nelson E lee trie Tramway Company, returned to Nelson last night
innl a few days visit to Rossland,
ii-s Lordship the Bishop of New
Westmister will say the HI a. in. mass
in the Catholic Church this morning,
iiiiiI nls:i nllieialo   at    the   evening Ber-
. ice,
The Rev. R, t'rew ami the Rev. 3.
Rohsou hnve arranged an exchange ot
pulpits foi this evening's ssrvioe, and
tin former preaching in lhe Methodist
i inii'li and lhe hitler in the Presby-
li 11.in
The    lin.iii'i'    committee  was sclie
,-i to meet on   Friday evening, bul
en iiuoi'uui win obtained and the meet-
,.: will ho held iroinodlntely bofore tho
regular meeting of the Council  toium
row (i miiiii.-.
City Clerk Straohan   has announced
it iie will   giVO bis easting   vote   a-
a reasonable certainty or tliare
ice. in the meantime hockevists
ers anil   ih,.   tiuk   people   tin
for a frost.
Yislnday   morning   at     tho   Court
House was taken  un  In the exnintna
lion on discovery before the Registrar
of the plaintiff in the case of Redriy
vs. Jennings, in whioh the plaintiff,
a rioutot iiimi Bpokane, is suing for i
half iuiei'isl in the tnwnsite of Kimberley in Knsl Kootenny. A slmilnr
examination of Mr, Jennings will be
held on Monday. Mr. K. B, Lennie is
lulu g for the plaintiff, and Mr. W.
A. Mncdouuld, 1,1 0., appears for the
The -dnu'i on the Referendum mine
lies heen eoniplntei, retimherod aud is
now down ;,"i 1". et, ami will be sunk I ���
lhe lllll lent level, when ll 100 [Out nf
drilling will he driven on the vein.
The ne assays well nnd a five stamp
mill has. i een purchased aud w ill I e
erected in the early summer, '1 here
aie three ol'iims in the group whioh
hnve in en recently surveyed,and Crown
grants therefore are nxpeolod to be issued within three weeks. Mr. Charles
Parker, M. E., of Kissland, is engineer in charge of the group.
The City Hail was tbronaed with
Chinamen yesterday morning when
the Chinese assault case was being
triod, An is nsual in such cases there
was a good ileal of cross swearing,
tbi' defense being that the complain
ant-i's burns were caused by an accidental fall against a hot stove. Another witness sivme Wong Nong hit
Boy Kee over the head with the hot
top of the stove. Eventually Police
Magistrate ('lease imposed a line of
*'it) and costs, whioh Wong Nong paid.
Mr. '''red Elliot appeared lor the defense.
The trustees of the Iliime Addition
school, Messrs. E. A. Crease, A, \V.
Peck nnd I.. H. Williams, held a
meeting in Mr. Crease's office yesterday afternoon at which Mr. Horns, the
inspector nf publio schools, was present. A resolution was passed accepting Mr. Walter Clayton's application
for the post ot teaoher. It was further
resolved to apply to the Provincial
Government for a grunt to enable them
tn meet the expenses incidental to
tilling up the school tooins. It is hoped, that the school will be open by
February I,
riie Highest Priced Wine in the i
Heavy Winte
!t Slioes
Warm   Lined   Slippers
Oontil-UQB until thoy nre all Boltl,
oarly and gel tlm bost -.oloatton.
innry standard
Veuve Clicquot Champagne ______
ASK   FOR   iTi
A. li. QUAY,
ih nay Agt. Nel-i
miss palmer      ' KSISTEBER & CO.,
���il Iht Ki dorgill Ll n nml I'riin nt. Pelli
Kngllali Church School Hihuii on 2d .).,
toriiiti .in.', particulars applj lo
o  re_ul
���e   Iif    M
-.  .1.  it. Holier
i ��� Fino Taj.
iv mul Porter,
in   .-lllll   see   l
B  C.
_ *_!__��. -SI. "-.J *-_3. *-s_S __S_ ____. ^_�� ^��5> '<*& 5_S __��.
> ��� gO0 ���.-��' ��� >& ��� 011/ ��� _Jr' ��� _sn " <l�� ��� (L!> " if"'' 0* ' -1*" '."'-���'
"_��, . ����,.. . *-.-,. . -_. ��� ���_*,<*��
_R -��s'- -��; "iv-- '�������� -��S
E. I!. Singers, patent lawyer, Wash'
iiigtun, D. '"., l>. S.   A.,   reports   the
following patents granted by the U. S,
Pntents Ofllce, January 0, 1800, to   in. '
ventHi's  residing in the   Dominion of
Ounadn,   He will mail copy of specift-1
'���ation   and   drawings   of   any   patent
for in cents   in   stamps.    II.   Aylnior,
Richmond, life preserver;   E.   Carney,
Toronto, man if old Bales-book; D.Denis,
St,  r.enoil, potato digger; J,   Hindi 11, j
Stratford, coinponnd stoara engine; A.
Painter,   Nolson,  apparatus  for load- i
ing "iiovealile   carriers;   K. S.   Honey,1
Toronto,   valve   for  inflation; W.   1J.
Bundle nnd J. E,    Mason,    l'orlnge  la i
Prairie,  band entter;   R   M     Swav/e, |
St. David's,   ehaiiRcable  gear  for  bi-
Ladies' Underskiits . . from 25 Cents up
Good Black or Navy Blue Top Skirts        . from $4,00 up
25 per cent, cut on any Blouse in the Store
Flannelettes . . from 5 cents per yard up
Table Linen . . 20 cents a yard
Table Napkins , .75 cents a dozen
Toweling . . 5 cents a yard
Large-size good-value White Bedspreads   .      .    $1.00 each
Special Bargains for Tuesday morning.  Watch for them.
returning ofllcer in tbe case of iho tie
���i the two Aldermanic oaudt-
dutes, Missis. Morrison and Irving, on
Mi a my morning at the Oily Hall
at 10 o'oloek.
l'he O,  P.  1!. train hearing the   pas-,
.elisors from tbe north last night   Was       Allan B    Duds,    Vancouver;    I).    W.I
hours lnte.owing to a delay iu the Moore, Trail; vV. .1. Muldrnrn, Toron
urrival of the -it. inner from Arrow- to; John A. Groin, Portland; Ben D.
head,   Tho Rossland   passengers  were   lie-"'. Montreal; OhatIes Parker, Ross. I
iht in from Robson  on a speoialIland; Sidney   Syke��,   Qnelph;   ().   B,
Iter hut a brief delay, Iionmls,   Sniittle;  Henry   Rov,   Ross-
'land; I!. T.Wnikill.   liininingtoii; Nor
[In -nainer Kol.anee eiinie hue*, (nnil ! ,���.,��� ^    Onmphell,   Montreal; W.   II.
Kusln ln-t nluht iu  rime to take the ; n,,,.,,,,,,,,   John Qoilson,   Vancouver;
Allan K   Dods,   Vancouver;
�� Houston Block
'VSCS- _-__-_.__��������__. &��_'��&1������
Nelson, B. C. jjj
_S��>- ��_��* �����__- �����- <'�����>- ���> ��_*>
-fc, -Uta, .^s*. ��� ^ ��� _i_ ���
<���_- ��>- <afc- ��r>. ��_.
���_��. --*i_--_��. ��� ���-�� --��t.. ���
0*.,* .0*r . fi*. J*dl
-Sb- _0__-  _fc   ^kW ��� 00r*^^
>��___���-____. >.__-*_T--<-_(
Movie's inn in Kootenny Lnnding, so
Mini the laiter bout might have an op-
portuility to wash out her hoi lev and
make some trilling repair". The Movie
will resume her usual duties this evening.
Mi   1". B. .Siniih line  r lved a let-
lei fn ni Mr. H. Winfleld in wbii h the
dates that ho lias ordered a plio-
loitrupli ot lhe troop, This, w hen it
inn -. v.iil be on view-al the Bod-
iiiii will di plot the troop,of which
Iln ti O, volunteers form part, ready
i   taki ihe field.
,-'. en! opposite the month  of
'  -      - ,a   'ii ok,    on   tin' C.    P.  1!., is
i ompleted nnd trnius will he run
i through it Ibis week. The lev-
h is heen finished and the lies
uud rails ure in place for laying The
cat does away with the use of three
trestles  and n dangerous   curve.
dny wi eli. Sunday the 38th, a
special pntrlotn service will be held in
in" afternoon In St Paul's Presbyter.
ii" I'liaieh. The service will he lolly
cliorni, ami Mr. Frew will preach a
speuinl sermon on the wnr. After the
"" rvics a colli i'Iuiii in aid of the Oan-
milnii i1.inn,in- Fund will be taken np.
lhe City Clerk's investigation Into
��� comparative amount of eleotric
l'i:,i nnusnmed and paid for hy tho
niliw-na lias not vet been omnpletnd,
out there is little doubt but that il will
rpniiii iiil,i��� i- in a considerable addition
'the City revenue or iu a consider.
ah e (living of the amount of light sup-
Hn'C. p, R, siitveyoi's at Balfonr
nnve completed  tho shorn survey from
11 linlfour light house to u point a
"'"" and ii half n-Wrer Nelson. They
"I;" niiule soundings along the slime,
with u view   to locating . positions  for
' '"i and pnssongei slips, it Is proh-
thai extensive   sidings   will  also
'"' M-v b" eniiHtrucled al  llallour.
''>'     Until llbonie Inst a fnr boa yes-
���B3 and sent an iiilvcrlisctni'nl.oil'or-
R a reward for its  recovery,   to The
*    iv'cii before the advertliemenl
'"'I the printer to be   set up, word
lived that the missing artiole
��� found, The Miner paid the
'��""! and Miss Hhmne now has the
"a   Advertising iu The Miner always
'i""ii returns,
'' '   Kootonnlnn  publishes n letter
1 "" Private -,. ii. Wilklns, ot Kaslo,
p|, '"bet ol "A" company in Ibe
' nnntUan oontingenl    In Bonlh
Ml"   latter is dated Do   Aar,
.. ''Il,n' UilSOO, iiiiii Ihn writer iitateB
fi". '""i   OX] I   iheir lirst light   In a
"'  'un      Ilo   HltJS   lhal ey,,lv|hi|ig
.'/;   "','    the stubborn  nature of the
'  'bill  is now raging.
I ''    iiiuiiiiy   team    waa
l"1''1 l" Play the Nelson Lacrosse
1,1,1,1 here at the rink last
''"' lhe mulch was imlelliiitelv
���., {? ��� "Wing to lack of ice. It was
lor .        t.WM "l,"lt'H*1  tu fix anv date
"' postponed game until there win
Jell' Davis,' i Irand Porks.
lnnl hi
i -
Hl.WK MEN FA 1.1.
Victims to stomach, liver and
kidney troubles, as well as
women, a d all feel tho results
in loss of appetite, pn sons n the
blood, liackneli", nervousness, head-
aelie. nnil tired, listless, i ini-ilnwii
f, i ling, lan t hero's no need ui feel
like that. Listen to .1, W. Uarilnpr,
Idaville, 1.1-1.    Ilesav.-i  "Electric Bit-
tersiu'l'lu t the thing for a man when
In- is ail iiiii down, ami don't cai-o
whelli"!'lie live-ui dies, ll did nmie
to give ine new strong h and good
ii|i|ielite I linn anything I could take.
1 can now cat anything, and haven
new  lease on life."    Onlv 50 eiiils at
Canada Drug & Book Store.   Every
bottle guaranteed.
Jh fa *wt*r *f 4** wesh, *****
���fa C&MnM+A/' 4h aaC
Persons wishing to purchase
ii wry fine Watch are cordially invited to visit Pat-
ENAunn Huns', establishment. Watches of all the
liisi Swiss and Americnn
manufactures nre represented.
Expert Watch Repairing: n Specialty
Patenaude Bros
Turner Beeton& Co.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Kuhedille flf Tlliiu.        I'ncille .-1'inil ai'd   lei'
KASLO & Sl.ill'AN  IIV.
Panenger train for Sandon And was italloi-
loavei  Kii>1ii nl H a. ni.. dully.    Keturiilna,
leaves Sandon at 1.16 p.m., arriving al lin-ie
ui 3.65p.m.
Oliil'iillllir en ICunleli'.y Luke nml Rlvor,
St. "Inlni miliumd' li'uvi-Ka-le fin-N'-i.-"ii
nl li n in, dally oxcopl  Sunday    Etoluriilng,
leaves Nelnon ui 1.80 p.m., nailing al linlfnnr,
Pilot H'lV. Aliiswiitlll unit nil \\iiv lininlh. l'"ll
r.i'iis with s r. "Albo li" IO ��"d from lien
ner'H Furry, Idaho, ilwwlth s P.&N. maud
frnai si, nl l    Five Mile IMii.l.
Hlr Alliertn" LeiiM's V l-im for llnni,,:'-
l'"_rry, Tusodays nml Saturdays al V h ni���
ini'iiilnK Stflnmor "lntornatlonal" from Kaslo
nl I'imi uny.
Ilui nriiiiig. leni'ns Ronnor'i Porry al �� a. in.
We'll i-mIhj'-- und .Stintliiys.
Hi:-, il eeliiii'iillnlis iniiiii' nl  Hinuii-r     Kflrr]
with Ureal Northern Railway for all polnu
east nnil -est.
str. '-International"Imivi-i Kaulo (or l-irda
nnd Armenia nl 8.16 p.m. U'eilne ilny. mul I-ri
days,   str. "Allie'iii" loaves Kaslo for Lardo
anil Arg.'iiln ill �� OH pan. Slinilliys.
Hii'iia.'i-call ni brtnolpal laiidlngt in bolli
ilireelliilis, mul ,il inln-r polllls when lignallod
'I'ii-ki.-l-hiiI.1 n, nil puiiiU ill Ciinndii mid tin.'
1'nHi'il Slulos.
To asoortun rates and full Information, ad-
ilre-> ���
Miiiin_i r. Kaslo, Ic ''
I he direct routi from
io nil points
EAST   and   WEST.
��� pel
��� .    iTOn*  . \   ai. ���
L'KI 4TOAH_ pas.
,    MAY
i in.
ll   diciii
��� Hat
lor si. r
i ll,  ."��� iiinl
_ya  and
iys   fnr
Ti in nlo.
l-'i-ii'a- .-
ii ,-���
��� .1 III,'    , .;    .
i-.ii Hot-
i it a li,V
.-.Hike   nil
��� day
'O 'lllll fl-
���in Knbson
1.',,.- linn
UK. HAUHKK, Dentist   lias
an offloe  Willi   Dr,    Morrison.
and bridge work a specialty,
Crow n
S.   BAVIOOB'S  IKNin-lslll   I'm IIOII   <"!'"'���'
U'liril nml Billon Ms.     Siinila.vs:  Holy (.mn
lusi arrived from Milwaukee.
illliiil Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Hays Iy  (Join-iunlon  m a, in.    Fria������>-.     ���'  �����*"   *"���
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared lo issue
Drafts and  Leit-rs of Credit
tm Skaguay, U.S., Allin,   B.   Ex. Bun
... ,-���        \-   i WOO Liv
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
El. Sun. Kx. Sun.
8.00 l.v.        NELSON Arr. 11.Hi
18.40Lv.dally NELSON daily Arr._2.10
Morning l ruin connects for nil poinCa
Evening train connects to nnd from
Main Line ami points north, and (ex.
Siiii.iIi-.iiii  all points ill  HOl'XDAItV
Dally, Str, Moyle Dally,
24.00 Lv, NKLSON        Arr. 17.20
( nir.-i it,   Kl oleiKiy     Landing   ttilli
Crow's Nest Branch irains both ways.
Sir.   Koliiinec.      Ex. Sun
NKLSON Arr. 11.01)
Saturday  in   Amenta   and i-otiirn
leaving Knslu :,i   ^lik.
I loo.
n_t..80 n. in, followod by olipir Prn
ii s. Afcohumt, Keeiiir.   I'l-eil Irvlno,
Johnstone, wanlons,
Cl'l'llnlli    ("lll'lli'll   li'llier Whi-iI  "'"I Jlill
Ltl'.^.'i'Rli.HK.vV.e.v l-n....l..y "I ""-"'! '^-'.i'.l'.Iy
lli'i,e.lli-lii I 7 :m I'.'ii-    M;     '"" "> "      .""'
ill 7.I.ui.in.    Hel'.    I'allli'l'   l"'r ' '"'   '"'
PiiKsnvTKiiUN Oiiuni ii  Borvlooaa
nml 7.:��i  p in-    Bunday I
PniyerinisiliiigTIiiiivilay  evening^'j***;;
*_p_->.--������..��� ���_>-*
Hi'lnnil ni  1.8? I
(liii'tsliali I'liiili'iiiyiil'Hiii-li'lv  el   -
day   ovonlng   at  8   o'eliieV.      F-OV.  "���  ''""w'
Pai Lor,
Branch Markets in Rottsland, Trail, Nolson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have carefii! and prompt attention.
('inner   BIllOA   unit
HI ill II ll.lil. iiiiiI 7.IIH
F��'tVuVoli-_ygat1a^.n.v?Te5}n  t . J . l-ilAULL I OC \J\J, 	
...L POGUE...
i OH
!liii'iicKH anil  Saddlery
I I ��� i Ullng Imi'. I.ni-e
I... I . Iloi I ��� lortod -terl,
,,1,    li.lllll       ll-illii      .   1 i'!
1,11    ni i ml        id
.11. III. ml 01   .       I I'll  .
Whip . Hi" i" . Ooinb-,
l'i ni    all dietary,
< 'nil uml	
Cor  Ward  "mi   Hakor
Ex. Sun
ii.no Lv.
. 81 li.
. Il.lll
in   4
KiiIisiiii, I'lisinr,
llie'iisT  (llll'lli'll       Hel'ilees   llliirning m"l
Inn .V'eilni'iilii)  evening nl   8.I1'1.
I'.C. Miinilny ovonlng m 8 0
oo rtlally wslooniod.  Bev.t
hAi.yAH.iN aiihv  Bprvlo s evsM ovonlng
m Bi.vii.eii in barraok-i on Votorl
AUJuilual Kiluoe-iiiliii'" QBaW1
  II.   V.
eliiik.    SI i-uin.i'i-'
. Vi . ItO ''.   I'"  Id
Builder.Will Bnil II l�� tli.-lr i-.lvi-..t--Ku to
llja", will..On fc Do. on 1-ataUng.
loo, ni
, yon   Oan   di'tii'lnl on   gi'lll'i'/   ttlfl   boil
. in in, iiiiuiii-i and any quantity from
iilint lie ill inili-il,
tiiiim: Oil.
MIMMI IIIIIIHIill,       Mil A lit,  IIIIIII.
Prank A. Tahblyn, Mgr.,
Uakuk Stkukt, Nblsom
iVIndi Vlimro .Mllili".   Cono-n    'leu., Mil'    :i I
| WINDKltMEKE. ti. O.    .
Kor ratos and full Inforniatlon nddroi   noiir
e-i looai ii-'-iii, or
c  K, niA-l.l-.v  ( Ity I'n  " ' -1 At   ii
It. w, DUKW, Agi nt, "m-i   n
W. V. ANDKR80N, I . ���'.' OVLB,
'I'mv. paaa, Agotit,      A  (.. V. Agoi.i
Nol^-n V mien i   i
Nelson Employjnent Agenov
'I In peril ii'-'-'l ' Htli foi  lianinli i
i iii i -  foi lion levi ��������� I.
(ml for ,-inie.   Nursi Qlrl
CONTHAC'I       I \Kl.v     COH     DIAMOND
inlll'.   llllll,l.lNli.
J. H. LOVE, Ao't      Baker L'! NELSON    DAILY   MINER, SUNDAY   JANUARY   21,   1900
Why the States are Interested in British Supremacy.
by water routes,   only   vessels   of   the
United States mua' be used.
Canadian commerce is jcoupying a
good deal of spaec in American papers
nowadays. A recent issue of "Engineering News'' says tbut tbe Dominion has spent i??0.iHiii,i!iin nu iis canal
system,of which 150.000,000 has gone
to the Si. Lawrenoe system, including
the Wellnnd Canal, whioh gives access from Luke liiie to Lake Ontario.
Since |s"-.i the trallic has varied be
tween   1,600,000  and 2,000,000   tuns   n
becoming hard to restrain in oouse-
qucnoi . They have also caused the
invasion of the Knliir territory, looting
their entile, uuil have thus induced
them to rise uud invade your oonutry
and kill your burghers. As ono wliite
mnn to another I warned General
Cronje on the 14th November that this
would occur. Yesterday I beard thnt
move Knllirs were rising I have
warned Genernl Suyican accordingly.
Great bloodshed nnd destruction of
fai ins threaten    yon   on   all   sides.    1
mm Sale * O'Reilly's
White House Reception to the Diplomatic
Corps--To Abolish Duties on Paper,
Wood Pulp, Etc.
(Special Correspondence of The Minei)
Washington, D. O., .lan. 12.��� "Winter
gaieties follow each other thick und
fast in this city. The event of the
week bus been the reception at the
White House to tbe diplomatic corps.
Lord Pauncefote, the British Ambassador, was tbe liist to be received. He
wore bis gorgeous court uniform of
black broadoloth and gold lace, and
was accompanied hy tbe Indies of bis
household and the gentlemen of bis
Lady Pauncefote wore blue mirror
velvet flounced with sil-ei-spangled
tulle, and white tip iu her hair. Tbe
MiSM's Pauncefote followed, all exquisitely attired. On Tuesday, Lord
Pauncefote gave n dinner to Colonel
Charles S. Denby, Those who dined
with the Ambassador, besides Colonel
uud Mrs. Denby,were the Chinese Minister and Mine. SVu, Cienernl Corbin,
Oeneral and Mrs. .1. B. Henderson,
Baron Speck Von Sternberg, and the
Brazilian Minister and wife.
The notion of the Transvaal Government in refusing to permit U. S. Consul Stanley Hnllis to act na British
representative at Pretoria dnring the
war, is taken as a proof either of the
invincible ignorance of tho Boera in
the nnittei of diplomatic procedure, or
as u species of snub to this country for
Hie open sympathy of the administration with Great Britain. It seems,
however, that the Boe.is do not go further than to refuse to permit Mr. Hnllis to claim the name of British representative, but do permit him to do
everything that he would bo entitled
to do under Hint claim. In other
words, if tho matter is rightly understood in this city, they grant tbo thing
uml merely deny the name. Remembering the storm of indignation towards Prance and Germany that swept
over this country on account of their
upen sympathy with Soain during
our late war, very few Americans
blame the Trnnsvaal for feeling more
or less bitterly toward uh. How the
Americans regard tho struggle is
shown preliy accurately by un interview recently given out by Mnjor .1.
M. Burke, of 'Wild West" fume. "It
is characteristic" be said, "of om
people to take thu part of the under
nog, nud hence the feeling manifested
in many sections In meetings called to
express sympathy with the Afrikander!. Getting away from this, it. must
be admitted thut our ioteissts are
hound up In tho lnniiitaineiicc of the
piOBtige of tho British Empire. English success, for instinco, means the
completion of the Capo and Cairo
Railway, ns well uh tbe building of
thousands of miles of railway elsewhere,  ull   nf which will call   for  the
pnrobaie of iron mul steel and rolling
stock from the United Status. England is the advance agent of civilization and wherever she goim her policy-
is that of progren mul developmnt"
Thn Supreme Court of the United
Statu luiH recently rendered a decision
in the case of the Canada Sugar Refining Company Igllnit the Insurance
Company ol North America, Involving
the insurance on the prufltH of a our-
go Of siirgui" shipped from the Philip
pines and   partially lost by shipwreck.
Tho Circuit Conn of Ap|ieuls held
that us the cargo was not a total loss
Hi ire could bo no recovery on the policy.    This decision was reversed.
Tin- inoveiii' nt to aboliHh duties on
poper, wood pinp, nun so forth, in
whioh Canada is so much interested,
continues to   gather force,    The  price
of ordinary newipapei bus been so
Increased by the test tbut it has become a most serious ninticr with country as well us city journal-*. Con-
iriictH recently made by Now York pa
pers are said to have heen at 2',, cents
fm large eiinlracls, and   II1.,   cents  for
hi nit11 ones.   Certain   Canadian mills
have offered, it is said, to soil in hiiiiiII
lots at 2.0 cents plus the tariff duly.
The bond of the Washington   Cuunty
Railroad Oompany ns a common carrier for tbe transportation of npprali
od merchandise In bond and merchandise in tranilt to, from, and through
the Dominion of Canada, bus been up
proved by the Trenuiy Department
mul the ciinpnny is authorlaed to
tnnsport over such oonneotlng lines 01
route" us mny be neiesHiiry tn reach lhe
ports of dustiiiutlon specified in the
entry nnd manifesting   each particular
cane.   Wh.re transportation is  made
tinned to a fair rate of interest on the
cost of the canals, they would be prohibitory, But there is now a prospect
of better results. "With the completion of the new Soulanges Canal."
says the News, "a depth of 14 feet of
water is secur?d from tlie upper lakes
to Montreal, and n determined effort
will be made tn draw export traffic in
this direotion in competition with the
lake and railway routes to United
States ports Ii appears pretty clear
that the nine-foot Krie Canal cannot
he expected to compete with the 14-1'oot
Canadian route, especially as the latter
has the further advantage that for a
large part ol the distance the navigation is in a lieep and brond river,whi re
full speed is permissible. "
< ontlimed from Fir_u Pago.
Bennett's Improved p-
Safety Fuse
���toy ST,
aro rapidly increasing in
year.    If the freight rates were propor- I wish to offer you a chance of  avoiding
"My advice to yon is to return tn
your homes without delay, and remain
peaceful till the war is over. Those
who do this before the lllib will, as fur
as possible be protected as regards
yourselves, your families, and property from confiscation, looting, and
other penalties, to whioh those remaining under arms will he subjected when
'invasion takes place. Secret agents
' will communicate to me the names of
those who do. Those who do not nvcil
themselves of the terms now offered,
may be sure that their property will
be confiscated when the troops arrive.
Each man must he prepared tu hand
ovci his rifle and 150 rounds of ammunition. The above terms do not apply
to officers aud members of the Stunts
Artillery, who may surrender ur prisoners of war nt any time, nor to rebels
on British territory. It is,' probable
that ray force will shortly take otiVn-
sive. To those who,after this warning,
deter iheir submission till too late, I
can offer no promise. They will have
only themselves tn blame fur injury
lu and Iubs ol property they and their
families may afterwards suffer,
"Mafeking, 10th December. "
General Suymnn has written with
regard to tbe above circular to the
burghers that he is very incensed that
it was sent direct tq them, nnd he is
apparently liincb annoyed thnt sitting
looking nt a place is not tho way to
tuke it. Ke challenged Ul to come nnd
drive him away. He al��o explained
lhal so far from being kept iu the
dark hy the coiiiinnnders and the newspapers, the opposite wus the case. The
hot and angry tone oi Ibe letter shows
that the sending   of  circulars   touched
As   Supplied    British   Admiralty.
White Countered
Ghitta Peroha.
Will Not Crack or Break.
Because it is uniform
any Tea in the market.
I'm   up   in
in   flavour  and the quality is far above
It's H   high   class   Tea  at  a  low price.
nd   i   Ib  packages,    Once   used  always  used.
safe  in all
entrained for Southampton and lilt
to tbo strains of"AuldLnug Sync"
and "God Save the Queen," Large
crowds met the volunteers at Southampton and gave them a ringing send
off as they embarked on the transports
Ario-lo.  Kiiiifaiiin Castle and Gaul.
I p|1||
Miriin'zes   risk   from   firing
Everything to recommend it.
Ask your dealer for them.
Manufactured by
Win Bennett Sou _ Co.
Cambourne, Cornwall,
I The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
t Successors to M. DesBrisay & Co.
L     RAKER ST. NKLSO- 11. ..
#.i��,i��.i��.i��ii��"��"��"��"��"��"��"��""��">"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"��ii��iM |
Genernl Agent for Cane la.
Distributing Agents.
Brussels, Jan. so.���Dr. Leyds, tho
representative in Europe of the Transvaal, has issued a statement through
the piess saying Ihat he is in receipt
of so many offers from men who wish
to volunteer for service with tbe
Boers, that he is compelled to announce that he is nowise authorized to
enroll anybody lu Europe and thnt
eveiy one wishing to serve iu the war
must go to South Africa at bis own
risk and expense.
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &  Fori
Sheppard R v
Red Mountain R'v.
Colonel Baden-Powell has addressed
a characteristic letter to our Boer besiegers. The lext is pnblisbod in lhe
Mafeking siege edition, ll runs us follows-.
"To tbe Bnrghers under   arms   round
Man king:
"Burghers���1 address you in ibis
manner because I hnvo only recently
learned how yon hove been inten
tionally kept in tbo dark bj your ollicers, the i Ioverninent, and the newspa-
ders, ns to what is happening In-Othni
parts of Soiuh Africa As tho officer
commanding Her Majesty's troops on
thin lini'dev, I think it right to poinl
out dearly lhe inevitable result of yonr
remaining lougei under arms ngaiusl
Great Britain, i'ou ure aware tbai the
present war was earned by the invasion of llriu-li territory by your forces
without justifiable reasons. Vour lenders do nol ie|i you thai .-ii far vour
fiirces have only mei the odvauce
guard of tlm Hritish forces, The eir-
eumitauoes have changed within the
Inst week. Tho main body of the
British are now daily arriving by
thousands from England, Canada, lu.
din, nnd Australia, and are about to
advance  through   the country,    in  a
short lime the llepulilic will  he in the
bandi ol the English, and no sacrifice
nf life on your part oan stop it.
"The question now Ihat yon   have lo
put to yourselves before it is too late
is���Is it worth while losing your llvn
In a vain attompi tu Hop the Invasion,
or take a town beyond your borders,
which if taken will be of no n ��� lo
you.- I may nil yon that Mafeking
cannot be taken by sitting down, for
we have ample   supplies   for   several
niinlhs.    Tin-     SI,nils     Arnllrr-     hns
done very little dauiago, and we Rre
now  proteated  bulb    by  troops    ami
mines. Vour presence hire and elsewhere iiinnoi stop Iho British advancing thtoagh your country. Vonr load
era and newspaper! oroalaotrylu to
make you bnllove thul some lip i'.'ii
nomblnotlon of  power Is   likely to In
lervene in your bebttll again.-l England.
ii is nol iii keeping with then- pro-
tenoe thai yonr side is going to be vie
torloni, imr in accordance with facts.
Tlm Republic, having rieclarod war
and taken Ihn olTi'ii-iv ���,  OBUUOl    claim
Intervention on then behalf, The
Gertnnn Emperor Is nl presout In Hug
lani, ami fully sympathises with ns,
Th" American Government hai warned
others of it* Intention la ilde with
England should any Powor   Intervene,
Franco ha- large    IntarlltS iu  lhe gold
Heidi ideiiii' ni ��iih il i Bngland,
Italy   is ' -iitiri'h   iu   oei 'id with d
Etui ui  Iiiih  un   nauie   i"    Interfere,
The  Mill    is    1100    i ioverillne'll     aglllll'-l
another, and  nol  nr a pi n|
another people
"The dutv :i-i|gilid iii mv   IroOp     ll
to --ii -ni. hen   lint il thi   propei   i inn
an in*. i tin ii iu iiuhi  and kill un
til you give in \nu. "ii tin- other
hand, hnvo other luteri ���' tu i hi tin oi
your famtlli i,fiirmi,and tin Ir afi tv,
V'lin- leaden haw oamod thi di
���traction ��� i Cormi, md have in, a on
woman and  i hlldren,   i lor nn n  irn
inm on a smt place,
importance to him,
and is   of
The only all rail route withonl
change of cms between  Nolson a, d
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland
Lv. 9.16 a.m. NKLSON, Ar. 5.20 p.m.
Lv. 11 25 a.m. ROSSLAND Ar800pn_.
Lv.   8.16 a.m. SPOKANE Ar..... p.m
Train tbat leaves Nelaon at 0:16 a.m
makes close connections at Spokane foi
all Const Points.
Passengers for Kettlellivernnd Boundary Creek,connect at Marcus witbStag*
Spokane   Wash
Agent. Nel-on. B. 0
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Aiitlioiizc'd   -<���������-   $2,000,000
Capital Paul Dp, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Qeneial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposit- and on Saving Hank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Young Men, Became Your
Own Assayers-
London, Jnu. 80,���The m-ws  "f the
death of Mr. G. W. Staeveni, tbe special correspondent of the  London Dail]
Mall, from enteric fever,   Monday,   at,
l.ailvsniitb,    has   been   received   with I
genuine sorrow  in London, where he |
hud mam    friends  in  nnd out of  his
profession.   Mr. Steeveni bad a distin-
guilhed   cniei'i   at   Oxford.    His   first
important   newspaper   success     was
the aeries   of   letters, which be  wrote
from   America, headed   "The Land of '���   Thrso months will loach you Assaying for
,,->,,,,    U:     ,    . ,      ,   .���      IJol.l. Bllyer. Coupor.   This ili'imiiiniint n. In
���be  Dollar.       His  last   work,   before 0har_e of Prof. SuUr, Hoaat Gradual, et
���oin��   to  the   Transvaal,   was   "The j M.'"'.'"1 t-'nlvor-hi.
' 1   Live nml loam how, oaoaper tlmn von now
tragedy   of  Dreyfus,"  and  bis  long [live.
slay in hot, unsanitary Renin's is
thought to have undermined his constitution io au extent that made him
an easy prey loi the lever     Mr. Steev-
cm made a romantic marriage a few
years  ago with   Mrs.   Rogenon,   well
known In London society,   Sim was 80
years old, Mr.Stcevciis was ".li, bnt the
mntliage was very happy. They were
hit devoted tn each othor.  Mr. Steev-
ens Usui to write loher dally,where.ex
Im was.
Lewis, I lui., .lan. 80,���-The Fenwlck
life   saving   station   npoitl   ll    M'-m-I
throwing np rooked abool eight milei
Off sliuro.   It is thought to lie u steamer
ashore ou  Penwlok  island.   Tne  lug
\orlli America   left   Delaware   break-
water at 8 o'olook tonlgbl to go to her
n-.-o-l nice.    l'"enwic)i   Islam)   is   nbool
twenty uiib'H south of Oape Benlope.
noun! anil In-truction in Assaying, all for
twenty-six dollars pormonlh,
Write lo tin.' I'riiinii,,,'.
New Wastialaster.
All class,'- of li-ariiiii- m.iv lie luul in this,
hi- only Toll k'ii ��f Us lninl in lhe West.
Peru,   Jan,   80.���The  ami Uovern
mem organ,  La   Pntrle,   ohnrgoi the
i ;,in iuuii'iit with abandoning French
prior rlgbti o.er the Danish Wir-t in-
dies and says: "Lonroark only despatched n ri'iiri'si'iiintivc to negotiate
tbe ceisiou of tbi islands io tbe United
-i  us    after    negnlialiniiH   with   the
French Uo.ernment, which benoronth
renounced  tbe  Frenoh  rights of pre    ./.l"'11
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Knur Portland, Me.
Allan l.ino "Xtiiiil.liiiii" Jan. 17
Allan Lino'���('uiiforniun*' Jan. ft
Dominion lino "1-omliIon" lan _T
Dominion Una HCutnbroinanN - ������Fob. :i
Km in N.'w  York
u bile siur Una "Oeo-.nl.."   Ion.37
North < _-iii- ui Ll.ijil '-l.iilin"   , lan, 83
imirlfjui Mil" ' N-w Yuk" Inn.'Jl
ii..! BUr Uno "l-'ri.-iHioi" lan.SI
.'iiimril Lint- "Ktrnrla" inn 30
lienor i Ina ' K hopln, Jai; 80
Allan Nuif Una '---t-it ��� *>i Sounuika'*->Jnn.23
Cunara Lino >*0_ui_|M_nU_*', Inn. 27
I'n-^iK'-- mnin^t-ii loand from nil HJuropoAn
uolnta For rate*, Uokei - ami rull Inft rmailon
.iii|.hiiic P. 11, depot aa ni nr V IC it.��� a-i����� ���>,
i iiv I'li'���riiKiM  -.aon.., Sol mi, It i
i.i ,,,...|  -Win.i   f   p   U  '  n\. .���     i\ itinli ig
.0. 23, A
V.St A
in   DAI 1
TheKelson ElectricTram way Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building" Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner oi
Josephine  and Vernon Streets,
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
our sale of
is still goiii�� on at i one lb. tins for 25c
P. O. Box K and W, Telephone 10. Baker Street
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
BXNlCL-ION   i.'ini.i.   \,,     .'.,. k.   ,,r |>
i !\n - in K ni l- Imii, OJdfoiloM   blook
ivt iv  Tin ul_)   ovunllig ui  H 1, cl.-'k
Ml \i-IHti_ kill-in- cordially  lorlltij
I.. Mm 1 O. 0.
11. Joy, K nt it. mul k
TWO    IHIMIHUl)    VA'Vt'lH    l.liSS
s.ui   Piannlieo,  i'nl.,   Ian.   90, ���AI
-I'liiiii In tin' Ksnitiint'r froiii NogalM, ;
Mi'\iimi, layi 11 Iniiiii' lm�� imn iini_hi!
bj till Meiloinn nml Yni|i!i��, in whioh
the Yih|uIh wota dlfaatod with  baavj
low   Tbe killiaR nnmban 800.   lfl��o
iiini'tri'ii ware taken ptif-oner-i,
. Nn. sim,
.    liiiw-  -ml nnil   HI)   I lun -'lui.   l'i.il,'innl
Imii, ,1 A IrvingU, It.   w. 11 Blinw. ll, H,
I. 11. 11.  K.    Rootaaai Lodga
I Sn. 10, nnil , - \�� r_,- ,M,,ii'ii,\ night,
nt   lliill   Mull,   Knnl,'im\   .1 --,-,-1
Siijniirtilii- (I1I1I I-'i'IIiimh ronli'illy iiivll.-il.
II Hlinw. N.ll    .I11I111 .-. ol,-)'. V. II.
Kn'ii .1 Haulm . Bo)
SI.I.SIIN  I, III.  No. Ii.'.i.' I- in  lim   Mlic-
iiun.iiil tii,irk I,,,, 'i iiiii..in, ovoiilng at I
i.iluik. \'i-iiiiii( in, 11,1,, r- oordlnlly 1,. \,,,-. 1
-i.it.,, Tm i'. \v. H.i 1 . .1. Ilmdloy, It, B,
GooKino Stoves & Ranges
Which we are offering at
ii_ifoi.t_j]_fis o_r
Fraternity  Hall
lor link, 1 a It'ioli nn, hi-.
1 .in Ii ��� niiii'il fm Oonoerla, Leal 1,
linii.'i m, Banqueti at il every kind ol en
I, lliiililllilll.    (i I null' i'miiiiih,   ,1,1,1k
I'iiiIiih, Kiti-lii-li nml dining  room   Im
1   ' ' I.    I'"i in in- n|i|ily
lilt. K, (1.  MITIIIU   I'iiv
Khl_MI*.'H 1.1 ki:\ Mi 11
ROMS "I-' KNUI.ANI), iiiii'i
llr-i  and    Ihlnl   Ivodni iln)   nf
oftoh  tiiin.it    ���'   l-'n li    1, .ii
romi-r ol   Unl, 1   nnd  K i, i,
* mrooi     '.', inn- im tin-in . nni
'       lull)  mi    1   I
John u >, ,.-.    ,, 1, u,.y,
' 1 1   ON AKIIIK Nn   SI   I", n.   I',.. ii,..i
���ini  ooonil ni 1 fouril tt Him   ' i)    h
 mil.   Wiinm   1 rdially   invn j
Hi. ii'lnr). '
-I It. Wniv.
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Private Hospital
In Kr,
,1 K. Hun,     1,1
II     llllllllOII
Bargain sale * o*


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