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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 2, 1901

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Newspaper in the Kootenays.    Established
S    eleven years ago....
Provincial Library g31oo
wwwv��wv��.wv�� WW WW t
A Miner want ad. will \
make it known to all
Nelson and Kootenay.
Daily Edition No Q51
Nelson,   British   Columbia, Saturday,   February 2.  iqoi.
Eleventh   Year
The Hall Mines Smelter Returns Show a Large
Details of the Bond on the
Ottawa���Notes of the
The Hall Mines smelter has Issued
Its statement of receipts for the four
weekly periods ending on January 10.
The figures are very Interesting, evidencing bb they do, a wholesome increase In the tonnage of ore coming
to the Institution. Tbe aggregate for
January is nearly 2,703 tons as compared with 2,154 for the preceding
four weeks. The smelter will shortly
blow in its second stack, an event
wbich will mark the beginning of a
new era in   tbe   history   of  Nelson's
commencement   of development at an
early date.
The Drill further states that M
Williams has bonded the Myrtle
group lu the big basin at the head of
Twelve Mile creek for 845,000. The
owners of the property are James,
Fred and William Tattersall and
Thomas Waring. The Myrtle embraces four claims with a strong vein
of galena.
Thomas S. Dunbar, a member of
tbe syndicate which is operating the
Phoenix group near Slocan City on
which one of the richest strikes of the
season was made recently, is in the
city today on business. He states
that the Phoenix is looking better
than ever. Two shifts are at work
drifting on the vein Which continues
to average five feet in width. The
paystreaks are of about the same conformation as at the point where the
crosscut came into the vein, and tb
ore will average not less than 8100 per
ton. A quantity of ore Is being taken
out and a shipment will be made to
the smelter.
Raoul Green, engineer at the May
and Jennie property, is in the city
today. The entire erew at the mine
will lay off for the day to attend tbe
ceremonies in the city in common
with all the miners in the vicinity
The teamsters   employed   in   hauling
smelting Industry.
Appended is the official statement of ' the plant   for   the   stamp   mill  from
ore received:
Athabasca concentrates    07,534
Ymir concentrates  320,010
Queen Bess carbonates     .'15,433
"        "   galena    53,410
Molly Gibson ore  527.672
Cariboo concentrates     30,404
Granite concentrates    80,036
Arlington (Slocan)  786,470.
Silver   King ore  775,250
Payne ore  243,230
Two Friends  ore     74,420
Granite to the mill site will continue
at work because of the necessity ol
moving the beavy machinery while
the roads continus in good condition.
Serious  Accusations   Against   Repre
sentative R. W.Wilcox.
Washington, Feb.   1.���Charges were
Hewitt ore     162,367 ' submitted to the house committee  on
Bondholder ore  37,730
Whitewater   ore  504.513
Last Chance ore  871,161
Trade Dollar ore  38,624
American Boy   ore '.' 10O,5Tt
Ruth ore  148,387
Bismarck  32,523
Hope ore  42,081
Hope concentrates  22,10b
Reco ore  33.446
elections. No. 1, against delegate
Robert W. Wilelox, tbe Hawaiian
representative in tbe house of repre
sentBtives. This committee has be
fore it the other petitions against
Mr. Wilcox. The charges are madi
in writing by George D. Gear of Ha
wali who submitted   letters   purport
Sovereign ore    25,588  Ing to be copies of letters written   by
Goodenough ore  20,320
Surprise  ore  36,356
Sunset ore  77,801
Slocan Sovereign ore  34,937
Muddison ore  39,306
Ivanboe coneentrates  142.550
Ivunhoe slimes  10,884
Pinto ore  4,414
Sunshine ore  23,260
Silver Hill ore  499,203
Blaok Prince ore  37,044
Total lbs 5,585,653
Total   tons 2,702.82e5
Further details of tbe bonding of
the Ottawa group on Springer ereek
announced in The Miner some days
ago are given in the Slocan Drill as
J. W. Williams, acting for his
brother, J. M. Williams, has seoured
the well known Ottawa claim, Springer creek, for 833,000. The deal is in
the nature of a working bond, running for twelve months. The first
payment falls due in July and the balance next January. Work is to commence on or before April 1 and at no
time must there be less than six
miners employed. The parties signing tbe bond were W. R. Clement, C.
P. Wiehmann and W. E. Worden,
The Ottawa is one of the oldest
claims in the camp and has always
been prominent. The lead is a
strong one and has been exposed almost the entire length of the property. A great deal of work has been
done and the claim has been under
: steady development all winter. Two
I .men have been
Wilcox to Filipino officers. The al
leged letters are of a highly sensa
tional character.
One of the letters said to have been
written by Wilcox is given in duplicate, bearing tbe alleged signature of
Wilcox. It is dated Honolulu Jan.
31, 1890, and is addressed to Dr. Jos
eph Losad, Captain Marti Burgos
and Senor J. Luna, and introduced
to them, "A fiiend of mine, who is
a very able man to help you in your
cause." Among other things the letter says: "Mr. will be an   useful
ally to light for tbe cause of tne Phil
"One thing is sure that you could
resist against any army of invasion.
You have a population of 12,000,00(1
and a disciplined army of 30,000 well
equipped with modern arms. I have
already made up my mind to join you
in your campaign against America in
case they Insist to ignore the right,
the justice, of your cause. Tell General Aguinaldo I am already giving
my services for your country, and
am ready to obey orders to go to
your country and fight for the inde
pendence of your people and country
at any "lomen t."
The ether bears tbe alleged signature of Wilcox.
Vancouver, Feb. 1.���There is a per
sistent rumor circulating here to the
employed in tbe main effect that G. R. Maxwell, M. P., is
drift, which has followed the lead in to resign and enter Mr. Dunsrauir's
for 300 feet. Their work was encour-. cabinet, that Attorney-General Eberts
aged by an accidental discovery last is to be elevated to the bench and
fall, when a slide of debris opened tbat Smith Curtis of Rossland, liber-
up an ore streak on one side of the al, will become attorney-general of
drift. Subsequently a horse of granite British Columbia, while Alderman
was encountered, but on passing Baxter will run for parliament in Mr.
through this two stringers of fine ore Maxwell's stead. No foundation can
were met with. One of these is 14 be found for the rumor.
inches wide and the other 10 inches.
Tbe ore is exceedingly high grade,
having given values of upwards of
>1|200. It is a dry ore pure and simple,
carrying considerable native silver
and sulphides. The breast of the tunnel gives signs   of tbe ore streaks be-
Washington, Feb. 1.���At the cabinet meeting today Secretary Hay
spoke at some length upon the situation in China. It developed that the
plenipotentiaries of the powers were
coming amalgamated, giving one big not making as rapid progress toward
chute. This is a depth of over 70 feet a settlement as had been hoped, and
vertical from the surface and the that many disturbing questions bave
ledge is in place. | arisen in   consequence.    Whether   our
A. R. Barrow, surveyor, came in forces in China should be increased,
from Nelson on Saturday to survey! or the question of whether it would
the Ottawa, and a crown grant will , be necessary to make arrangements
at once be applied for. Two or three for more permanent quarters for
other parties were after the Ottawa, those who are now there than has
but were forestalled by Mr. Williams. ' been thought proper so far, were
Arrangements are being made for tbe' among tbe questions touebe-3 upon.
in I
Between Two Rows of Warships the Royal Catafalque
Is Solemnly Borne from Osborne House to
Biief Description of the Imptessive and Pathetic Scene,
People of Nelson Prepared to Duly Observe
the Mournful
London, Feb. 2.��� Half a million of
the late Queen Victoria's devoted
subjects lining the shores of the Solent yesterday witnessed a majestic
and awe inspiring pageant   and  bade
last farewell to their beloved ruler,
happy in the circumstances of her
death, sovereign of the greatest naval
power in the world and fortunate in
the manner of her obsequies. The
ceremony was a fitting tribute from
n nation owning Nelson for its hero
to its dead monarch. All who
were witnesses of tbe function testify
to tbe profound emotion it inspired,
and agreed that the spectacle could
not have been surpassed for splendcr
and solemn effect. The dominant
note in tbe whole scene was its grand
simplicity, and, so far as human utterance was concerned, its silence.
The sad procession glided along in
beautiful order and precision as
though moved by some hidden power.
No incident of any kind occurred to
mar its Btately beauty. There was no
accident of any soit ashore or afloat.
Tho weather was tbe traditional
'Queen's weather," and the "Queen
if the Sea" was carried across the
waters to the accompaniment of minute guns and military music���a picture which w'll live in   history.
If the elements should prove equally
favorable today, which at the moment
of cabling. 3 a. in., seems doubtful,
the millions of the metropolis will
witness an even greater tribute to
the Queen, who will be burled as a
soldier's daughter. Thousands of
troops are now marching into London
to breakfast hurriedly preparatory to
taking their places in tbe line of
march. With this peaceful military
invasion is an equally large civilian
invasion from the provinces and
From Victoria station to Paddington station the streets of London are
now draped in purple, black and
white. In St. James street, one
meets with a perfect blaze of purple
of all shades, Piccadilly is gorgeous.
Some of the clubs are entirely veiled
with purple cloth, relieved by white
bowes and rosettes. The lamp posts
in the middle of the road along the
route bave all been removed, and the
streets are being sanded preparatory
to the function of today. The cavalcade which will follow the coffin,with
King Edward in the centre flanked
by Emperor William and the Duke of
Connaught, will exceed in brilliancy
anything ever seen in England.
There will be nearly fifty kings and
princes, each wearing the uniform of
his own country. Following the
brilliant cavalcade will come the
princesses in carriages.
The order of precedence here observed emphasizes the great changes
the death of Victoria has made among
her daughters. Princess Christian,
Princess Beatrioe and Princess Louise
now yield places to the daughters of
the King. The first carriage will contain Queen Alexandria, the Duchess
of Fife, now Princess Royal. Princess
Victoria and Princess Charles of Denmark. The sJcond carriage will contain the daughter of Queen Victoria and
the King of the Belgians. The court
sent a special invitation to Mr. Henry
White, secretary of the United States
embassy to attend the service at St.
George's chapel roval today, and to be
present at the luncheon that will be
given in Windsor Castle.
Portsmouth, Feb 1.���The members
of parliament and newspaper correspondents representing every nation
embarked on a small steamer and
were   entertained   at luncheon  today
as guests of the admiralty. A' gauze
of fog hung over the still waters of
the Solent and the warships appeared
like gieat shapeless black rocks. The
fleet stretched from Portsmouth to
Cowes, the turrets of Osborne standing above tbe purple hills. Abreast
were tbe battleships Benbow and Colli ngwood guardlog the avenue ten
miles long through which the Queen's
body was to pass to the mainland of
the kingdom. There were 10 British
battleships, II cruisers and 80' gunboats. Eight naval ambassadors of
friendly powers were ranged along
tbe Portsmouth harbor and white gunboats and steamers with official spectators formed the remainder of tbe
southern line. The British ships were
an imposing sight with their uniform decorations, coal black hulls
with a line of red just above the water, white upper works and yellow
smokestacks. All displayed tbe jack
at the foremast and the white ensign
at half mast at their sterns. The foreign ships attracted most of the attention of the English spectators. Tbe
giant of the whole fleet was the Jap
anese battleship Haatsuz, the largest
war machine afloat, a fortress of clay
colored steel with the scarlet sun on
white field hanging at her stern, the
fighting emblem of the youngest world
power. Emperor William's navy was
represented hy the Nymphe, the Victoria Louise, the Hagen and the Baden, all having blue gray colored upper works. The Hagen was flying
Prince Henry of Prussia's flag, yellow arms on a white field.
The Dupuy de Lome, under France's
tricolor, was a fine sight, she is built
with a prow fronted long ram, high
of the water.
Portugal was represented by the
cruiser Don Carlo6. The ill fortune of
Spain's navy asserted itself at the
last moment for word came that the
Empradore Carlos V. had turned back
from her trip to the port with crippled engines.
The pathway between the warships
was a quarter of a mile wide avenue
of clear water. Behind the lines of
warships hovered a few yachts and
channel steamers. Black torpedo
boats and torpedo boat destroyers
were skimming about, and officers'
gigs and launches swarmed everywhere. Bugle calls came over the
waters and gaudy signal flags burst
out and disappeared. The British
ships were also lighted with gleams
of the scarlet coats of tbe marines.
Tbe black muzzles of the huge guns
swung from their ports looked very
Queen's weather came at noon in a
burst of sunsh'iio and the clouds cleared away from tbe channel, and lingered above the treetops along the
crest of hills on either side while tbe
police boats ushered tho merchant
shipping and crowded exclusion crafts
back to their anchorages under tbe
shelter of the shore. Through the
whole length of the channel there was
only a long double file of warships
wth black messenger boats dashing
among them.
For nearly three houis the fleet
watched for the coming of the funeral. The officers on the bridges in
the most gorgeous uniforms with all
their decorations and medals scanned
the Cowes shore docks through their
glasses. An occasional brilliant burst
of sunshine showed tens of thousands
of spectators, subjects of the dead
Queen assembled to witness her last
passage from Cowes to Portsmouth.
Shortly before 3 o'clock white
smoke broke from the Majestlc's side
and a second later a report cracked
over the harbor and echoed to tbe hill
announcing the starting of the Alber-
ta from Trinity pier. From ship to
ship the salute was passed down the
line. Each vessel of the fleet was
firing minute guns. They all employ
ed their "shore side batteries so that
on the channel side there were silhouettes of hulls, spars and ironwork
before the backgrounds of dense gray
smoke. Tbe sound was that of
great battle. The funeral fleet was
just well under way when it camt
abreast of the press boat. Eight tor
dedo boat destroyers crept away, mov
ing in pairs like silent pall bearer*
marching before a bearse. They were
the Portsmouth squadron, of exactly
tbe same size, every inch of hull and
machinery painted a dull black and
with an officer standing like a statue
In its bow, their crews were aligned
"at attention," like sentries on theii
decki, and hardly a ripple came from
their bows, their speed being barely
five knots.
The pairs of torpedo boat destroyer
were jtbout one hundred yards aparl
with four boats between stem and
bow. A quarter of a mile behind, fo)
lowed the royal yacht Alberta. Al
her stern stood a tall officer, uniform
ed in dark blue, alone and as motion
less as if he were a part of the ship.
The Union Jack was at the foremast,
the roval standard fell from hall
way up the mainmast and the naval
ensign trailed from her stern. Tht
after deck of the yacht was roofed
with a white awning and beneath the
awning, through glasses, could In
seen tbe catafalque, of royal purph
and ruby lines, on which rested tht
coffin. Four officers in sombre uniforms stood at the four corners of tbt
catafalque, with their faces turned to
ward the ships. A few other person.'
could be seen clustered on the Alberta's deck.
As the funeral yacht moved slowl}
past, tbe decks of the warships wert
crowded witb their crews. They were
all manned to their full complement
The sailors, in blue, with straw hats,
formed a solid mass along the deck.*
of each ship, standing with thei
arms at "attention." A line of scarlet coats, topped by snowy, shining
helmets, on the after decks, showed
wbere the marines weie stationed.
The fighting tops and guns were also
manned. The officers stood out in
showy full dress array. The band of
each ship took up the funeral march
when the Alberta came abreast of her
and the spectators of all the othei
craft tqok off their hats.
Following the Alberta trailed along
five other yachts at regular intervals.
First was the Victoria and Albert, a
royal yacht twice as large as the Al
berta and of similar design. She carried the royal mourners who, as relatives or officials, followed the coffin.
King Edward and Emperor Willam,
were chief among them, but from the
observation boats they were the only
group recognizable. A few scarlet
coats could be seen, with ladies in the
deepest mourning, and on the upper
deck the Queen's Indian attendants
were distinugished by their white
helmets and turbans.
In the wake of tbe Victoria and Al
bert, Emperor William's yacht Hoh-
enzollcrn loomed up like an ocean
greyhound as large as a warship,
painted white with yellow funnels,
glittering unfunerally, carrying the
German flag at her bow and the naval
ensign at halfmast at her stern. Three
other yachts came in single file he
hind. Tbe Osborne, larger than tbe
Alberta and of tbe same class, next
tbe admiralty yacht Enchantress,
���mailer, aad then a little Trinity
house   yacht.    Finally   came another
vessel, a black torpedo boat destroyer.
Twenty minutes lifter the first pair
of torpedo bout destroyeis came
abreast of the press bout, the historic
parade had passed. The guns on each
win ship   censed firing when the   Al-
���rta had   gone by   aud   the   marines
reversed arms," but they and nil tho
crews remained ut their stations,
while the fleet of steamers from tho
Hhorcs, their decks solid masses of
black, and crowded with thousands
of the late Queen's subjects raised
their anchors and followed outside tbe
line of warships.
It was five o'clock when the echoes
of the last gun censed. The sun was
a great red globe sinking to the hill
tops, the clouds began to fall again
upon the Channel and the body of
the Queen was safe in Portsmouth
When the Alberta entered the harbor with the minute guns in the forts
sounding, the bells of all the churches
und of the city tolling, the ancient
line of buttle ship, Victory, moored
there, fired a salute from muzzle
loaders, the marines manning her
stood at arms, the admiral's band
played a dirge, the escorting torpedo
boat destroyers drew ahead and steam-
od to their berths and the Alberta was
moored in tbe clearance yard. A
juard of a hundred marines marched
on board. During the night, the
quarter deck where the bier restB is
lighted by electricity.
Conspicuous   among the  officers  on
luty aboard are Vice Admiral Seymour, who distinguished himself in
the China campaign, and Captain
Lambton. of South African celobrity.
The King's yacht was made fast to
i buoy in midsteain with the Hohenzol-
lern lying near. Tbe royal personages
ind their suites dined on board and
ivill pass the night there. Steam
launches with armed guards patrolled
irouiid both   yachts   all   night.    The
rowd in Portsmouth is   estimated   at
Rumors of a Reorganization
of the Kootenay C.P.R.
New Tug Soon to Be Launched���A Large Freight
The details of the memorial service
in Nelson were finally completed yesterday when one or two minor points
in connection with the event were
irranged. Unless something ultogeth-
,'r unforeseen arises in the next few
hours today's proceedings will out-
lank in every respect previous efforts
in the direction of public ceremonies,
ind will be on a scale worthy of the
inland capital of a great western
province. The procession, which is
to parade as an evidence of respect for
the departed sovereign, will represent
tbe best religious, fraternal, business
nnd industrial interests of the city
together with citizens generally. In
addition the presence of citizens of
foreign nations, partieularly those of
the great republic to the south, will
make the spectacle unique in the annals of the city and district. The
proceedings will embrace every class
nnd creed   of the community.
At 11 o'clock this morning the
lodge rooms of the various fraternities and labor organizations will
begin to hum with activity. For half
in hour the efforts of those in charge
will be directed toward getting their
companies of marchers into shape and
ou to the street,where the marshall of
the day and his staff take charge and
direct the various units to the points
which they are to occupy in the line
of march. It is confidently expected
that not less than 780 men will be in
line for the parade and as the task of
arranging these in order Is not small,
the fraternities are requested to assemble sharply on time.
The make-up of the procession has
already been announced. The Rocky
Mountain Rangers lead the parade,
followed by the navy, army and militia veteians. The militiamen will
bave with them tbe Maxim gun
which has been draped in royal
mourning for the occasion, and will
step to the air of the Dead March
from Saul with reversed arms. The
ine of march is from Fraternity hall
ast ou Baker street to .loscphine
street, south on Josephine to Victoria
street, west on Victoria to Kootenay
street, north on Kootenay street to
Baker, east on llaker to Ward street,
south on Ward to Front, thence east
to Hall street and tho recreation
grounds. At the grounds the programme outlined in The Miner will
be carried through. Programmes
containing the order of service and
the hymns for the occasion will be
distributed and the Salvation Army
band is to lead the singing. The service is intended to occupy from 30 to
40 minutes, it being deemed wise to
shorten the open air proceedings at
this season of the year.
Special attention is directed   to  the.
A   number     of     very      important
changes are contemplated   in   connection with   the   C. P. R. In   Kootenay
and Boundary districts   if rumor is to
be credited.    Local   railway men   are
watching the bulletins from the headquarters at Montreal with keen Interest, in the firm   belief   that   the next
few weeks   will   bring about  changes
which will surprise the  general   public. It goes without Buying that nothing definite has been   made known, in
fact Captain J.W. Troup who left last
week for   Montreal   wus   in ignoraneu
of what his hurried trip might   bring
forth.    It is stated,however,and probably with   considerable   knowledge of
existing conditions,   that   the   recent
absorption   of   the   Yukon   steamship
line    into   the  C.    P. R.   system   has
made a vacancy for a first class steamboat man and that in filling the  position the company naturally picked  on
Captain Troup whose  ability   in   this
line ib unquestioned.    When   it   came
to   sscuring   an   official    who  could
swing a steamer line and a section   of
railroad   such   as   the   White    Horse
road   the   company   probably decided
tbat the very best man  available   was
the gentleman who   has   managed the
Kootenay rail   and   steamer   lines for
the past year.
In event of this being done, report
has it tbat a very important change
will be made in connection with what
has been known as the Kootenay and
Boundary divisions. This is no less
than its establishment as a separate
and distinct district answerable only
to the head office, and under the
charge of a general superintendent
who will take charge of the Crow's
Nest, Kootenay, Columbia and Western and Boundary roads with a division superintendent in charge of each.
At present General Superintendent
Marpole of Vancouver, exercises an
oversight over the local divisions.
The reason for thecliunge would probably be tbat the business has increased
to such an extent as to justify the
extra staff. The name of II. E. Beas-
ley, formerly superintendent at Nelson and for the past year chief clerk
in Piesident Shaughnessy's ofliee, is
mentioned in connection with the
general superintendence with Mr.
Uuchesnay, now of Rerelstoke, as one
of the superintendents.
The Miner does not give the foregoing as a statement of fact, hut as the
gist of what is general talk among
local railroad officials. Hitherto the
railroad men have sized up the situation pretty accurately, and it would
surprise no one if their predictions in
this case should be very close to iho
The new C.P.R. tug will be launched on Wednesday or Thursday next at
tbe shipyards. The craft is complete
with the exception of u few finishing
touches which can bo applied after
she Is afloat, and the management
has decided to take advantage of the
favorable conditions now existing for
getting her into her natural element.
It is understood that a name has been
selected for the tug but it will not be
divulged until the lady who has tbe
distinction of christening the bout has
broken a bottle of I'ommery over the
prow and has announced the name.
The company will state beforehand
when the launching is to take place
and the public will be enabled to
witness the event.
Continued on Fourth Page.
The C. P. R. is now handing double
the tonnage of coal, coke nnd ore that
it was moving at this time last year.
This statement is given on the authority of a prominent freight official
and is a strong testimonial to the advances made by the country generally
during the last twelve months. In
the Boundary country, of course, the
ore shipments are several times as
great as at any previous time, this being largely due to the Miner-Graves
syndicate's operations.    In tbe Koote-
Contlnued on Third Page, Nslsoh Dailv Minkr, Saturday,   February s, 1900
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Whittaker's Almanac.
The    N. Y.  Woi   Almanac.
Canadian Almanac.
New   Vork Clipper  Annual.
Office Diaries, 1901.
Today is the great day of mourning
throughout the length and breadth of
tbe empire. Saxon and Celt, Hindoo
and Mohammedan, alike will bow
their heads in grief. For today, all
that is mortal of Queen Victoria, the
mother of her people, will be laid in
their last resting place.
A thousand pens have paid timely
tributes to our dead sovereign, and
the civilised world has risen to acclaim her virtues. We knew also that
the grim reaper could not much longer stay his hand, that she had already
been long spared to reign over her
people with the wisdom of a great
ruler, and the tenderness of a mother
toward the unfortunate and suffering
among her subjects. A worthy successor, too, reigns in ber stead ; but
all this does not fill the void in our
hearts. As children we were taught
to reverence tha Queen, as men we
have learnt to fully value her, and
now that she has gone we all feel that
there is something wanting in our
national life. With highest authority
but without arrogance, of spotless life
amid every kind of temptation,
thoughtful for others when often bowed down by domestic grief,Queen Victoria is enshrined forever in the
hearts of her people. To our children's children she will be known as
"the Wise and Oool Queen."
Yesterday saw the royal yacht with
its priceless burden pass through the
grim ranks of her great fleet, manned
by the sailors she loved so well. Today the citizens of the great metropolis will see the body of their loved
sovereign carried to the grave, escorted by her soldiers and followed by tbe
mourners of the nations of the world.
Here in Nelson, many thoiiBand milet.
away, her loyal subjects will assemble, and, with equal sorrow, tender
their last token of respect to the memory of   the dead.
Happy is he, whether monarch or
subject, noble or peasant, of whom it
can be truthfully said, as of Queen
Victoria, "She hath done what she
The  Great  Boer  War.    By
A. Corian  Doyle.     Cloth,
The    Eldredge    B.   Sewing
Machine.    (Ball Bearing.)
Is it Common Sense
to pay from $50 to $65 for a
Sewing Machine
when half that amount will get one ?
I Nelson Giotnina House i
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
K.-W.-C.  BLOCK.
j Crow S Morris j 4 Drop Head,
Flora de Vineda
Vallens o Co.i
Two choice  cigars, well known
all over the world.
Will   give  most   enjoyment  to
people who know a good
ft Qui GtpT Store
BaKK'I STl E7-T.
If you have any idea of buying a machine
it will be dollars saved you to investigate the
merits of the
High arm, Vibrating Shuttle, Lock Stitch,
Light Running, fitted with Complete Set of
Attachments, and carries the Hudson's Bay
Company's Guarantee for Five Years,
Great Slaughter Sale for the
Next 30 Days.	
j FromjO to 25 Per Cent I
g��5<-      TS
N ordei to make room for Spring Go.^ds I have
decided to sell for the next 30 days, all goods in
stock at greatly reduced prices. A. I heavy
goods away down, cost not considered. And in
Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats and Caps and
Boots and Shoes, I will give from 10% to 25% discount and all Rubber Goods at cost.
Now is the chance to partake of the best bargains in above mentioned goods ever offered in the
Kootenays. My stock is all new and up-to-date,
and the sale is genuine. So now avail yourself of
the best opportunity to get good goods] at less than
wholesale prices
Four Drawers, with Top Quartered Oak, $30
Hudson's Bay Stores
Complete   Electric Equipments  for  Electric   Power   Transmission  and
Lighting for Mines, Towns, etc.    Electric Fixtures, Lamps,
Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Houston Block.
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers.
Suits Made to Order, Oleaned, Dyed, Altered and Kepaind-
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mall Orders Solicited. P. 0. Box 634
A   DIRfiE.
Oh Ood of Nations, in this hour,
When grief and sorrow reign o'er all;
When hearts bereft admit Thy power,
Ob. hear us its on Thee we call
Our Mother, Queen,   Thou'rt  called
1). J. DEWAE, J. P.
Notary Publio, Oonvejanoer.
$2,250 buys 8-roora house on Carbonate
St., central looation.
$2100 boys good house on Silica street,
near Kootenay.
81, mo, good 1ioub6 near hospital.
$2,000 buys good house with large   lot
in Hume addition.    Easy terms.
8000 buys two   lotB,   100x120, on   Mill
3-room   house,     Stanley st $ 8 00
3-room house, Mill  st   10 00
7-room house, Hume   addition.. 20 00
And now for comfort,
Lord we pray.
Almighty King!   In Thee we trust,
We humbly say Thy will is right,
Thy dealings with Thy people just,
Thou reign'st in majesty   and might.
Our Sovereign lady'scrossed the tide
And landed safe on Canaan's side.
Eternal Refuge:   Cod of Love!
To thee we come, on Thee we call,
Our Nation save, and  from above,
Thy blessing pour on gieat and small,
(im- Queen iB dead,and now we sing,
With trembling voice, Uod Save the
-M. L. R.
Baker Street.
Real Estate and Insurance Agents.
Three lots and bungalow, 5 rooms
and bathroom, with all modern improvements, electric light fixtures
complete, good locality, good view.
Situation, Hoover Street, near Josephine.    Easy terms.
Lot 0, Block 5, Dogustown, witb 5-
roomed house, new, $950.
Mill Street���Lot and 0-rooined house
with bathroom, modern conveniences,
plumbing complete, $1000; or rent for
825 per month.
The Gait Coal office has
removed to the Ward Building, on Baker Street, two
doors west C.P.R. offices.
A full supply of Gait Coal
now on hand.
General Agent.
No. 265.
The late Sir Arthur Sullivan had a
good story about Sir V. Oore-Ouseley,
Oxford professor,who could talk nothing but music, relates the Newcastle,
(Eng.) Chronicle. "Sim" Egerton
(Lord Wilton) invited him to dine at
the Life Guards' meBS, aud Ouseley
sought to entertain them with tbe hn-
morous points in the degree "exercise" of an unsuccessful candidate.
The officers, of course, did not understand a word. Ouseley continued :
"And you'll scarcely believe me,colonel, when I tell you that the whole
movement was in the hypomxolydiun
"Hless my soul," replied the colonel, "you don't say bo!"
"It's a fact," gravely Baid Ouseley.
This amusing stoiy from the chronicles of an English rural town Illustrates the danger in kindling ambition in the rural breast;
An officer of a Yorkshire Yeomanry
regiment, in an address   to his troops
made a stirring allusion to the medals      0ur pjeture() havo a���  ^ charm o{
worn by some   army veterans   in   the   the person.    They   are   true   as   life,
ranks.    One   of the   volunteers after-' yet without the faults of nature,
ward went home in a very thoughtful |
frame of mind and   the next morning
he came on parade with several medals on   his breast,   Said   the  officer*
Put Us On
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your  wants  perfectly.
Baker Street.
Kirkpatrlck ft Wilson
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont,
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G, Ii. LENNOX, taker 8t
Pursuant   to   the   "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and   Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby given that John
Leask and Francis C. Rankin, carrying on business in the town of Cranbrook in the Province of .British Columbia, as tailors and men's outfitters
under the firm and style of Leask tit
Rankin, by deed of assignment for the
benefit of creditors, bearing date the
7th day of January, 1901, made in
pursuance of the ''Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts, have
granted and assigned unto Creighton
Ross Palmer, of Cranbrook, British
Columbia, clerk, all the personal estate, credits and effects of the said
John Leask and Francis G. Rankin,
aud of each of them (both partnership
and private) which may be seized
and sold under execution und all their
real estate and of each of them in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
Leask & Rankin, ratably add proportionately their just claims without
preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment was executed by tne Baid John Leask and
Brands C. Rankin, on the 7th day of
January, 11)01, and by the said Creighton Ross Palmer on the 9th day of
January, 1901.
All persons having claims against
the Baid Leask & Rankin are required
to file with the trustee on or before
the 20th day nf January, 1901, full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the natims of the securities,
if any, held by thti...
And notice is hereby given that after the said 2flth day of January 1901,
the trustee will proceed to distribute the assets of the estate among
the parties entitled thereto, havingi
regard to the claims only of which he
then shall have had notice and that
he will not he responsible for the assets or any part thereof 60 distributed to any person or persons of whose
claim he shall not then have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will he
held on Saturday the 20th day ot January, 1901, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at the offices of W. F. Gurd,
solicitor, Baker street, Cranbrook,
B.   C.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 11th day
of January, 1001.
Solicitor for the Trustee.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil 0o. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.75
No order can he accepted unlesi
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall and Baker Street*.
$1,000���Lots 14 to 21, Block 47,
Hoover Street, between Hall and
$1,250���Lots 21 to 24, Block 42, corner Ward and Latimer.
$750���Lots 15, 10 and 17, Block 44,
corner Latimer and Kootenay,
$400���Lot 18, Block 44C, corner
Latimer and Ward.
Lot 20x120 and 8-roomcd house with
bathroom, pantry, and electric light,
corner of Carbonate and Stanley Sts.
Assume loan, $1400: cash, $1000; balance, $000. Equal payments, three
and six months.
Lot 8, Block 23, 30x120 Nelson Av
enue, Bogustown, $200.00
Lot 12, Hlock 24. 30x120, Davies St
Bogustown, $225.00
Lot 31 and 32, Block 2,00x120, Hume
Addition, with bouse on same, $2,
Lots 21 and 22, Block 31 ; house on
each lot; all modern conveniences
bringing in $25 per month each; Car
Donate Street; $4,000.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Nel .on. B. 0.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland, Mi*-.
Allan Lino Tunisian Jin 19
Allan UiiiiNiiiniiliiui FobII
Dominion Lin** Canibroman Jan 23
Dominion Line Vancouver Fob 2
From Ht, Juliu and Halifax
Beavor Lino Lako Ontario Jun 2d
Beavor Line Lako Champlaln Feb 8
From Huston
Dominion Line New England Jan 30
From New York
Cunard Lino Utnbrla  Jan ID
Cunard Lino Camp nta Jan 26
White Star Line Majestic   Jun 23
White SUir Lino Oceanic Jan 30
American Line Friosland Jan 13
N. (i. L. Alter....'. Jan29
Passagea arranged to and from all European
points. For rates, ticket and full information
apply to C. P. K. depot agent or IL L. Brown
General A wit, C.P.B, offices, Winnipeg
Will pay tha highest oash prioe for all
kinds of second band goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperta,
oooking utensils, bought in housohold
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 800. Hull
Street, Nelson. H. O.
Lirge number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Maclonald Block  corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
A. V. MASON, Secretary.
Could wo read tho hearts of women, what a
vast amount of Huiibring v/otUtl bo exported,
Fkmalk Wbaknsbb ha. produced moro invalids among women than any other cause
Have you any of tne following symptoms I
Nervousnosj, Weakness. Buokacho, Headache,
"Ail Gone" Feeling. Hot Flushes, Variable
Appetite, lttstlessncBs. No Ambition. Easily
Excitod, Painful Periods, Bearing-down Pains,
Leuchoirhoea, Pimplos on the Face, Pains in
Mm Loins. Eyes Sunken, No Vital Energy, etc.
We Dan Cuub You. It matters not who has
trcnted and failed in curingyou. Consultation
by Mail iH Absolutely Free, and if curable we
will tell yon so. Don't let surgeons operato on
you. \\\o can cure you without cutting. Our
New Method Treatment is mild and pleasant. Family Doctors have treated you for
years, and yet you are not oureu���they only
help you from timo to tlmo. Let us cure you
at STouk Own Home by our Now Method
Troutnicnt. Hundreds aro being cured. Why
not you J Wo will mail you our Symptom
Blank Bimply for the asking, and wo will tell
you free of charge what we think of your
case. Remember, your letters are kept strictly
private and confidential and are answered in
filain sealed envelope.   Write at once, enclos-
ng stamp for reply.   Address UK, Vi. H.
MflUEU  xt  Cff., II*. ���   Chicago.  UL
Mention tbis papi
Pursuant   to   the   "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby given that George
Bremner, currying on business on
Baker Btreet in the town of Cranbrook
in the Province of British Columbia, under the firm and style of
George Bremner tit Son, as general
merchants, by deed of assignment for
the benefit of creditors, bearing date
of the 10th day of January, 1901, made
iu pursuance of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts has
granted and assigned unto Robert Edward Sherlock, of Lethbridge, Alberta,
North West Teiritories, merchant, all
his personal estate,credits and effects,
whioh may be seized and sold under
execution and all his real estate, in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
George Bremner & Son, ratably and
proportionately their just claims without preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment was
executed by the said George Bremner
and the haid Robert Edward Sherlock on the 10th day of January, 1901.
All persons having claims against
the said George Bremner tit Son are
required to file wHh the assignee full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the nature of the securities if
any held by them, on or before the
28th day of January,   A. D. 1001.J
And notice is hereby given that after tbe said 28th day of January, 1901,
the assignee will proceed to distribute
the assets of the estate among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard
to the claims only of which the assignee shall then have had notice, and
that the said assignee will not be responsible for the assets, or any part
thereof, so distributed to any, person
or persons, firm or corporation, of
whose debt or claim he shall not then
have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Monday the 28tb day of Jan-
uay, A. D. 1901, in the premises of
the said debtor, Baker street, Cranbrook, B, C, at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon.
Dated at Cranbrook this 14th day
of January, A. D. 1901.
8olic"'��r for the Assigne.
7-8 inch diam. |13.50per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelson
4. 0. T. OROFTS,
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day Si.00.
I, V. O'liiTOHUlI, Prop.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
1 have a complete stock on hand of
Bough and Dressed
, Shingles,
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tards, NELSON
aud LAR1 0,
connissioN aoent.
P. O. Box 626. Gable Address: "Groasdalle,"
Nolsoa.  Gode-Moreing & Neal.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of
developed miues. Has arranged for
deuling in sliares on the London and
Montreal Stock Exchanges, Shares
bought and sold in London on margin.
Will take charge of the interests of
absentee investors.
Office: Selous Blook, Kelson, B. 0.
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -   B.C.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.e
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Oorner Victoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box B69. Telephone No. 95
F. 0. GREEN        F. 8. OLEMENT8
Ciyll Engineers snd Provincial Land
P. 0. Box US Nelson  B. (V Nelson Daily Miner, Saturday, February a, 1901
0. P. OFFICERS  MAY GHANGE ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Of Eoyal Canadians I
at Paardeberg. j
Continued from First Page.
nays no such great institution exists
like the Miner-tiraves syndicate requiring two trains constantly engaged
in hauling ore so that tho very large
local increase represents operations
over a much larger area.
James McDonald has returned from
Trail after arranging with the construction department of the C. P. K.
for the construction of thu wharf at
Lardo. The contract for ties to be
used on the road has,It is understood,
been let to Gub Carlson of Kaalo. The
oontrnct involves the cutting of 80,000
ties. Mr. McDonald will complete
his arrangements for a supply of piles
at once and make preparations for
moving his pile driver to the bcciiu of
operatious. The work will take a
month or two and Is to be completed
before high water sets in. With the
wharf in shape the construction department can unload its plant and supplies for the continuation of the bar
do work without delay and nothiog
will interfere to retard the completion
of the first twelve or fourteen miles of
road, the grade for which has been
Sometimes a fortune, but never, if
you have a sallow complexion, a jaundiced look, moth patches and blotches
on the skin,���all signs of Liver Trouble. Hut Dr. King's New Life Pills
give Clear Skin, Rosy Cheeks, Rich
Complexion. Only *i5 cents at Canada
Drug  and Hook Co.
The talk of the day In Monteal Is
the opening of the magnltlcent new
building erected on the best site of
the principal street by The Family
Herald and Weekly Star. The l-'amily
Herald's contemporaries are paying
it the highest compliments. Thu new
building is said to be the finest newspaper building in the world. This is
Raying a good deal for Canada. The
Family Herald and Weekly Star has
made gigantic strides.
This ilgnatnre is on every box of toe genuine
Laxative Bromo=Quinine w"��
th* remedy that cures a coir) ��-!) on* day
relatives afflicted with the Disease of Drunkenness ? We have
a sure cure which can be given
with or without the knowledge
of the patient. Send for partie-
ulars, enclosing 2 cent stamp
for reply. Address Dr. W. II.
Saunders tit Co., Chicago, 111.
During the cold weather do
not worry about baking your
own bread, when you can
have Fresh Home - Made
Bread delivered daily by the
Star Bakery. It is. also to
be had at the following stores:
T. J.  SCANLON,  Stanley Street.
Josephine and Lake Streets.
Joy Cometh in the morning,
And is the evening too;
If you eat his home-made bread
You'll be Joyful too.
Owners   having   claims   for
sale containing say
Less than 10 per cent Lead and
small Values Gold or Silver
are requested to forward particulars as to approximate
quantities of ore in sight, assay values, amount of development work done, transportation facilities, names of locations, etc., to
B. 0.
The present la ft time when war pic-
fcnren are it- graft tor oem-Mid than over,
The conduct, of the Britten loldleN on
' the battlefield has won the plaudits
c.l   a'lniiriiir, ll.ttintlrl.    VVo.mvout yi'-'ul,
[ expiMiM' piiiiii-ht ,1 /our largSi beautiful
ptoturee, ni/j So* $4, on hunt y, superfine
calendered paper,  A picture thai win
eoiiiuiend ii-eii' and send a thrill to the
heart Of every true Cimidlnn Is the one
called Attack of Royal Canadians at
. Paardubora. There are la-Tally hundreds of llguros uu this piuMire, tho
mountain's or kopjes Ptrecohlng out
into the distance are swarming with
men, while here and there a prostrate
figure speaks only to well of tho Boor
riflemen. It was on this battlefield tbat
M"' [Lilian t -Major Arnold met death un-
il'ii.���!rn;*ly. ln.iiiud it. 1h only too truo
Him many of (how i;;,limit hrarUthut   .
lir.il -in hij;h when the  CllOUrlnU   tlious-    .
ands hade thorn Cod spued an they   ,
Hailed   from   ('annda's  -imp-, now lie   .
Mill   forever  In lonely graves on  (ho   .
mih'r Bide of the world undur African   .
skloH.   To ovory Canadian lioart, to  .
ovory Canadian  homo, tho ili-mrta ot  .
their brave NiiMliorboyt-i spunk wilhan
inv-i-liiiie   thrill of   patriotism   and
prldo.    Cordon   Highlanders   at   the
iiattio of Ilulmont, Charafnu the Boor
<iuns.il l.hmd.sia.Kite, and the Charoo
of Conoral Kronen's Cavalry on tho
Rotroatlno   Gonoral   Gronje's   Army.
Thorn,  are  nil   hUitIpk  pleturos, ai d
ountiol t'.nl in ooiumund I le -him h ��������������� lo
any ono who wll oxi-mlno Horn.   They
aro RED HOT SELLERS I   A.'uM-. coin
money, iiin p"otlts. Enormous Btt0ceis<
Ono ngont sold us lu one day,   Ha.nplo
and terms B0O! inonofruei; four fortfloi
ll.Tfl a dozen; 29 for |8.8Si .wfor M,00j
Mi for #11.00.   Write today for a tfoapn
and make mouoy. Homo Novelty M'l" a
Co., BOX 618.   (Dopt. 381 C) Chicago, 111.
Wholesale  Houses
iiHOltl'i'J & CO. Limited���Corner Vornon
uud Cedar ouui i o, .\*-i-.uii Manuluuiur-
i-i . of aud wholesale dealeiH nt uoruled wulers
and bull hjrupH. Dole uuuulH fur iluteyun llul
bpnngs uuiieml walor.   Teiephouo 00,
.1  1        ��-*)���    Ai.  ���    Ulllllllll ���*,     l..:.-..--.ui-       I'.Vei'i     kUOWil
VuriuLy ul suf i. d. inks. I' O liox BH. Tulupliuuu
So, .11. lluovur birooli Nulsoa. l>oltlur�� of tin.
famous ol. l-enii liol Hprlugg Mineral Water.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
Wo curry a complcto ntock of Count Floorim*:
Ceiling, Iimido FlnlHtl. Turned Work, Hush und
Doora. Bpoeiai order work will rccoivo prompt
attention-   Mall orders Kolicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Office���lT-sndrv*t and Voinon St.. Nelwm.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane withtraina of the
trains of the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Ohicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and ul 1 points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:15 p.m
West-bound trains make direct con
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Lino, operated in connection with the Great Northern Kail-
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Hy., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co., or to
Genl. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. H'nsli
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
hortest and quickest route to tho Kant and all
points on Hit: O. R. und N.and Norihorn
Pacific Railways in Washington,
Oregon, and tho Southern
Passenger train for Sundon and way stations
leaves Kaslo at 8 -A. in., dally.    Returning,
loavoH Sandon at 1.15 p.m., arriving at Kaslo
a4.3,55 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lake and River.
S S. Kaslo loaves Kaslo dally at 8 a in; leaves
Pilot Bay daily at 9:16 a m: arrives Kuskonook
daily at 11:15a m. Returning, leaves Kuskonook daily at 12:*10 n m; leavos Pilot Bay daily
at 2:30 p in: arrivos Knslo daily at 1 p m.
8. a. International leaves Nelson daily at 7
am; leaves Pilot Bay dully at 0:15 am; arrives
Kaslo daily at l*):4a a.m. Returning, leaves
Kaslo dailv at 1 p hi; Ieav��-fl Pilot Bay daily at
2:30 p m; arrives NoiHon daily at d:;d'p nu
B. & N. and K. V. Rys.
Passenger train leaves Kuskonook for Spokane daily on arrival of steamer Kaslo, connecting at Bonner's Ferry with Groat Northorn
flyer, east bound.
Leaves Spokane for Kuskonook daily at 0:25
am,making direct connection at Kuskonook
with steamer Kanlo for Nelson and Kaslo.
Steamers call at principal landings in both
directions, and at oilier points when signalled.
Tickets sold 19 all points In Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates and fnll information address i
M*r.iwrnr. Kaslo, B . C
G. K Tackauukt Local Agent,
C1ANK &. MACDONALD ill. Cane, James
i   A. MucUuimld)���Architects uud huporin-
i cuiii'iiM-. Jinir.rn lllll Uluck, cunmr Uakui and
u nni atrucu-t, ,\olhon.
HJ. JCVANS -jfc CO.���Baker Street, Nel-
��� sou���Wholesale duulurri lu liquors, cl-
Kuia, cement, lire brick uud lire clay, water
pipe uud i h'i-i  mi is, una guuerul couimibsioii
I JltAlJKAlAN-KH.Jt MiliLilMU CO., lA'Il.���
J-> VVhuiUHalO uuli Irlinl (I. ul.;I':, in grain,
liuy, lluur, ruutl. .Mills ul. Viotorla, Now Wuni-
DlUlSturl iMlnmliniii, Alia. H.luVlilUl'U uu Ou).
Kuiy uiul iMimojiLiii Ituilwuy. Mi.uu(uu*.urum
of liiu r.i.lu uii'd ii. St H. uruud uuruulH.
AMACUONAl.U St Co.���Cornor *'rou
��� uud ilull :.in;ri.s \i hull.sal.: Krucurt*
uiui .lubiii.']-.. in blaukuu, Kiuvu.s, miLLH, buotu,
i-uuburn, muckiniiWH uud uiiuem' uuiidi-iuu.
XII Oltlou corner Hull und i*roiit Uu-uul��,
MoIbod-*ijunibor, oolllog, llooriiiK, und uvui-y
tliuiK in woud tor building purpodOH. Get our
uricuH.   CorruHpundiiucu Holioitud.
PliUllNS St (Jo.-Bukor dU-eot, Kohoii���
���   VVlioloeulo doulorn in frouti und cured
meatti   Cold SloniKC.
��T     liukor Btreet, Nolnon��� Wholosule doul-
or�� in rrouli und ourcd rnuutn.
J btrenL, NelBon - Wbulmilo deajata in
liuidwuru, iiiiiu:is' Huupliuti, HpurLing uoodn.
M'LACHLAN UH.03. |Buccon��or�� to Vun-
couvcr Hardware Co. L,Ul.) Bukor Street,
Nelson��� VYholcHttlo ileiilerii iu hurdwuru nnd
mining flipping, pluinberu' uud LiuxiulLlis' i.uii-
..!_> puiniri, oils und glims; tnoohunics' tools.
Agonts foi Onturio Powder Works; .lyn uniu'
111UKNKR, UKK'i'ON St Co.-Corner Vernon
X und .loseplliie streeis, Nelson���Whcle-
sule deulers tn liquors, cigurs, und dry goods.
Agonts for Pubst Browing Co. of .Milwaukee
und Culgnry Brewing Co of Culgury.
Miners, Attention!
I rhmh I
MARK   g;
Guttapercha Water-proof Fuse has heen
proved and not found wanting.
No miss-holes.   No running.
UDSON'8 BAY Co.-Wholesalo groceries
and liquoi-H etc., Raker Street, Nelson.
/ 1AUFOKNIA WJNKCO.,Limited-Corner
\J Front and Hall (Streets, Nelson���Wholo-
ualc dealers n wines (caso and bulk), and
domestic nnd Imported oigars.
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vornon and
���   Josephine  Streets,  Nolson ���Wholesale
dealers in prov*Hlo-,��   nrnd je  ts, butter and
" Soo Line
Also TOURIST OARS passing  Dun-
moi-e Junction Daily for St. Paul, Saturdays for* Montreal and Boston, Mondays and Wednesdays   for Toronto.
Hume cars  pass  Revelstoke  one day
for   your  eastern  trip is to see
your ticket rends via Canadian Pacific.
Trams and Steamers Depart.
5 *00 ) *^"'eanler f��r Kootenay Lacd-
n���,-i��� f'nK and eastern points via
i>al[y    j Crow's Nest Route.
8:00 (Train for RosBland, Grand
Ex Sun [Forks,Greenwood,Midway.ete
9:00 i Train for Sloean City, Slocan
Ex Sun j points, and Sandon.
10-00 ) Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
Ex Sun j' iiii'ilinti* points.
18*40 ) Train for Rosslnnd, Nakusp,
n���;i.r f Revelstoke, miu'u line and
"*"'    ) Pacifiio Coast Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and full information call on or address nearest Local Agent, oi',
R. W. Drew, Depot Agent \ Nolson, B. O.
H. L. Brown, City Agent. /
it. J. (JO VLB,
A   H. P. Aftoi.li,
Spokane Fails <&.
Northern R'v.
Nejaon & Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediale
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood,
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
8:00 a.m...... .Spokane 0:40 p.m.
11:50 a.m.. Rossland 3:10 p.m.
7:00 a.m Nelson 7:15 p.m.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:00 a.m.
11.00 p. m Rossland 7:00 a.rn.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane Wait
Agent, Nelson, B.O
The Canadian Bank of Commerce!!
With Which l.i Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up   Capital,   88,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   $2,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. S. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branelicH In Canada and the United Stated, including:
Atlin.: Oreenwood Nelson Sandon
t'lUNimooK        Kamlooi's New Westminster  Vancouver
Fkhnir Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON MSTHICT-Dawson and White Horse.
UNITKI1 STATES���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skagway,
Savings Bank Department.
Dci>o��it8 Received and Interest Allowed.   I'riwnt Bate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GEANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Moulding Hooks,
Curtain Chains,
Curtain Rings,
Picture Cord,
Towel Bars,
Fancy Tacks,
Stair Plates,
Picture Nails,
Curtain Rods.
Vestibule Rods, to extend any length.
Brass Rod cut to any length for 5c per foot.
A Snap! Por Sale, $2000 Cash
g}4 miles from Nelson, on Kootenay River; 77^
acres; l/2 mile river frontage; 8 acres cleared; good
garden; apple trees bearing (10); strawberries and
other small fruit; 6 buildings; good house, stable,
barn, root house; large hennery and runway; line
fenced; plenty of timber; creek; light wagon, and
rough timber. Also household effects���cook stove,
bedding, carpets, etc., and a quantity of carpenter's
tools. Large float, and when in place steamers will
stop in front of house.    Clear title.
A. A. 1AAAA1
R. W. DAY, Agent.
��� ^v^^^^l^^^^^A^>^^^^^^^^A^��l^^^^l^��l^^^^^l^^vs<vv^^/vv^w^/vww^^:
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ft-g ����������������������� <M
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Order*- by nan to any branch will have careful a��4 prompt attention.
Baker Street,Nelson,
B. C.
Lot 1 j in Block j, in the City of Nelson,
Willi stone and brick block thereon, commonly known as the Houston Hlock. Said
lot having a frontage ot'_5,, fiv, ������ I!akl.,.
Street and a frontage ol lao feet on~Jo"'T-
pliinf Street, wi'h 16 tool lane at rear, will
be Sold by Public Auction subject to'a re-
serve bid, on Monduy, the nth Day ol
February A. D. 1001, at the hour ol two
o'clock in the afternoon sharp, on the Northeast corner of Josephine and Baker Sts
Nelson, B.C.
Terms: $5,000 cash at time of sale,
one-hall ol balance of purchase price on or
before 30 days from date ol sale, and other
one-half of said balance, oi\ or before 60
days from date of sale.
All rents and other earning! of said
property will be received by vendors until
full purchase price is paid. Further terms
and conditions will be made known at time
of sale or upon application to
Nelson, B. C.
The Royal Bank of Canada.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up,    '.    .    .     t��i,ok.i.otimmi |   bciI, ->l,*-oo,onn.o
���iniiril of  l��h,ii.,r,     ThoniiiH K. Kenny.   Pronldont;   Thornon Kilchie   Vioo'pr��LlH..ni
Wiley Smith. H.G.Buuld, Hon. David Ma��fcoen. u�� -wwuie,  vice Prusldunl.
Head Olllce, llniiraxi
General Maiiagor, Edson L, PeaHo, Montreal.
Superintendent o( Bnwohet, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W, K. lirock, Halifax.
liiHpi'clor ii. M. Stewart, Montrea.
Brunches t
Nova   Scolla-Hiillfax    Rranoh,   AntlgonlHh,
Bfidgewater. UnyBboro, Londonderry, Lun-
cniini'i:. Mali-land illnr.i ��� Co.), Pictou, Port
llawkcHbury, Sydney, Sliubonacadie, Truro,
New    KriiiiHwick ��� Bath-orst-,     Dorchester,
Frodoricton, Klni<iton (Kout Co.l,   Mono-
ton. NowcuHtle, tiackvilie, WooilHtock.
P. E. Inlund���Charlottetown, .Suinmernide.
auclwe-Montroal (City Ofllcel, Montreal
WeHt Lnd (Cor. Notre Dame and HcIk-
nour�� Strcote); Weatmonnt ICor. Oreeno
Avenue ar.d St. Oatharinaa Street.
Newfoundland ���St. John's.
f'ulMi, Went lodlei���Havana.
United ��Ute��-New York (lti Hxchango Place)
lliipuhlic.. Wash.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
('orreapondentN 1
Oanadn-Morchanin Hank of Canada. Knnlon-Natlonal 8hawmutIBank. ���rhleaao-Illlnol'i
Trant and savings Bank, nan Francisco���First National Bank, London, una-.-Bank of
Scotland. Paris, France-Credit Lyonnais. Iiermuilii- Bank of Bermuda. Ililnii and Japan��� Hook Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
deneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling; Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and ou Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largest   line   carried   by
any firm iu Canada.
"Good   Cheer"   Rnnpes  and
Cook Stoves.   A complete line.
Call and be convinced that the only place to buy
Stoves   and   Ranges  at  the   right  prices  is  the
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by miil receive careful and prompt attention
We  carry a most complete stock of everything required in an Assay
Office and Laboratory.
Morgan  Crucible Co., Manufacturers of Battersea Crucibles, etc.
F. W. Braun & Co.'s "Cary" Combination Furnaces and B-irners.
Vancouver,   B  C.
Protect Your
Best   Faculty
and Save
Your   Sight.
VV   J    HARVEY    F. O, HI. C. I., I'rofonHor of AphthOlmologT, Doctor of Onllrn
SolontiBo Optlolun, of Toronto, ha�� glvon "h-hl '���> thous��iid�� thni, wore suiimni,' frmi
RlmoMt total blindness. Pooplo alllictod with Weak Kyen, Hfadachw, 1'iiiiw in tho Hoad. Kjo;
Croimcil or Dlvorgod, Double or Indlxllncl Vlnlon. I/<wh of Mnsoulor Power, or any Juror or
Itofraollonof iho I'.yiH, will boKlven a freo connnllatlon.
(lliw-eH m.tod i�� any Hlidil nndora pobIiIvo unarantoe of satlnfacUon.
AT M'LEAN'S DRUa STORE until Saturday, l-obiuarj Wh.
Hour* 10 to 13 uud Hoi. /
Nelsok   Dailv Mmwi, Saiurpav, Fewiuarv a, 1901
"1 !   ",.'g
M-M'MiftiNMV-l'Mrl-fr-EWMVVW'Mfti I
Kd McGregor and .lames Foote were
sworn in yesterday as special constables for duty today.
Born, on Friday to the wife of J.
P. >Swedbur|{, corner time and Stanley
streets, a daughter.
Dr. \V. O. Hose hus purchased the
property on Vernon street owned by
VV. II. Lawr.cousisting of a house and
two lots.
A meeting of the Ladles' Hospital
Aid will be held in the Presbyterian
schoolroom on Monday, February 4
at 3 o'clock.
On Monday, Fob. 11, Rev. R. B.
Iilyth, B, A., (Corporal Hlyth, R. C.
A.), will lecture in Emmanuel church
on "The Boer War."
Memorial services in honor of the
memory of her late Majesty Queen
Victoria will be held in 8t. Saviour's
church today at 10*30 a.m. and :i p.m
J.    W.    Casey,   of    Portland,    Oro.
spent yesterday In the city. Mr. Casey
Is the western   representative   of   the
Chicago,    Milwaukee   and     Ht.    Paul
The skating rink will he closed this
morning and this afteinoon, but will
open this evening at t) o'clock. The
rink will also be open tomorrow afternoon from 3 to 6,
The officers of Nelson lodgo No. 25,
K. of P. request that all visiting
brothers and members of the local
lodge meet at Fraternity hall at 11 a.
m.sharp today to attend tbe memorial
Among the drapings at the Royal
bank today is a curtain in black and
purple bearing views of the late Queen
and scenes emblematic of the colonies. The design was prepared by Bill
P. B. Fleming, recording secretary
of the local lodge of the Independent
Order of Foresters, requeBts that all
members and visiting brethren assemble at Fraternity ball this morning at
II n. m. in order to take part in the
memorial services and procession.
The Spokane Northern Telegraph
company's office is among the offices
which are tastefully draped in black
and purple out of respect to the
Queen's memory. The telegraph office
���will also be closed from 11 a. m. until
2 p. m. today as an additional token
of respect.
In Emmanuel church on Sunday
morning Rev. Wm. Muruoe will
preach on "The Inevitable Result of
Action." In the evening at 7:30 a
song service will be held,the first half
hour to be devoted to congregational
singing. This will be followed by a
choir recital. A cordial invitation is
extended to everyone.
The hoard of works has prepared a
report for submission to the next sitting of the city council dealing with
several important matters, among
these being the reopening of Vernon
street now closed because of the work
in the C. P. R. yards, the removal of
tbe weigh scales from the lot to be
used for the new government buildings and the question of concluding
an agreement with the Electric De
spatch and Messenger company.
A memorial service will be held in
the Methodist church tomorrow evening. Brief addresses will be made by
,T. Ilostley Soady, B. A., George
IInrd and the pastor. The musical
programme includes the following
numbers: Mendelssohn's funeral
march; voluntary, "Blessed Are the
Dead; chant, "The Lord's Prayer";
anthem, "Sleep Thy Last Sleep";
mixed quartette, "Days and Moments
Quickly Flying"; mule quartette,
"When 1 Survey the Wondrous
Cross" ; voluntary, Dead March from
In response to the lequest of the
city council ut its last meeting the
secretary of tho Nolson Charity Organization has presented a .detailed
statement of Its disbursements In
charity for last year. The sooiety
received Sx.'n and disbursed $418, the
difference representing the deficit
which tho couucll has been asked to
make up. When the society was in
operation last winter the parties who
applied to the city hall for assistance were referred to the secretary
and if the case pioved to be meritorious, aid was given. Thus a number
of cases wore attended to which must
otherwise have been taken in hand by
the city officials, and the disbursements for charity by the city were
very slight when they might have been
heavy. In view of this it is likely
the new council will help theorganlz
ation out.
Issued   Yes-
Rue's   Rink   May   Win  the  Fletcher
Today will see the close of the individual rink series in the curling
tournament. Last night line's rink
defeated Walley's quartette, leaving
Rae and Richardson to fight out tbe
finals for the handsome set of lockets
presented by Mayor Fletcher for tbe
competition. This matoh is scheduled
for tonight. Last night's game was
aB follows:
8. G. Campbell,       C. D. J. Christie,
J. Bunyan, J.   A. Kirkpatrick
C. G. Mills. Dr. Hall,
J. Rae, s. 12. B. Walley,  s. 10.
A well contested scratch game also
took place last night between rinks
skipped by Dr. Forin and F. A. Tarn
blyn. At the end of the 12th end the
score was a tie but the Tamblyn rink
finally won out as follows:
J. F. Weir, D. H. Stanley,
P. E. Wilson,        D. J. McLaughlin,
H. Goodeve, J. H. Wallace,
Dr. Forin, a. 13.     F. Tamblyn,   s. 15.
Revenue For January   Keeps Well Up
to the Average.
The   returns compiled   by   the cus
toms officials for  January's  business
at the port of Nelson are as folows*.
Dutiable   Imports    value 850,155
Free Imports, value     4,526
Total JS4,e81
Duty collected 813,354 06
Other revenue  80 00
Total  813,434 06
Berlin, Feb. 1.���The war office has
received the following despatch from
Count von Waldersee: "Pekin, Jan.
31. ���A column of four companies
with cavalry, mounted infantry, field
and mountain artillery all under
General von Thrott, left bore today
to scour the district between San
Klan Tien, Chia Tow, and the tombs
of the Ming dynastyy. In an explosion at Shan HI Kwun, a captain and
37 Japanese were killed and 17 wound-
d. A British curtain and sergeant
wore severely burned."
Consult W. J. Harvey. F. O. M. 0,
I., ubout those head aches, cross eyes,
or the fitting of spectacles that arc
absolutely correct at McLean's Drug
Store until Saturday Febiuury 8,
Hours 10 to 12, and 2 to 5.
If yon don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
Several New Writs Were
The C. P. R. has another suit for
damages on its hands, a writ having
been Issued yesterday ny Taylor tit
Hannington on behalf of Howard
Guest. Readers of The Miner will remember that Guest was employed as
a brakeman on one of tbe two trains
which met in a head on collision near
Bonnlngton Falls, on August 24 last.
Guest waB thrown from the flat car
on wbich he was riding into a cut
where several flat ears were piled up.
People who examined the spot ufter-
ward wore at a loss to understand how
he escaped with his life, but he was
so far fortunate, alt hough sustaining
severe Injuries to his back, Guest
was in tho hospital for some weeks
but Anally got uround again.   He now
seekBto  recover  84,000 damages from |benanlw m'��� neTel. tasted *t
the company alleging thut  negligence
on the  pure   of   certain   employes of
the road caused the wreck.
A writ was lsBued today for Berviee
in Montreal in the matter of Feuwlck
vs, C. P. R. The aetlon Is to recover
81,600 for damages claimed to bave
been done the plaintiff's property in
Wardner through the expropriation of
the ground for the Ii. C. Southern
road. The suit will be tried In the
supreme court.
A supreme court writ was issued
yesterday iu the case of Davis vs.
Dunn. The writ is for service in Minneapolis.
At the court house yesterday R. S.
Lennie of Elliot & Lennie conducted
an examination for discovery in the
matter of Marino vs. Alexander. The
defendant George Alexander of Kaslo
was examined.
Another chamber sittings will be
held by His Honor Judge Forin on
Monday morning. Owing to the approaching sittings of the supreme
court, the business to be brought up
will be extensive.
Advertlaoments inserted under this head at
tho rate of ono oeut a word per Insertion. No
advertisement taken for lew than 26 oents.
Situation Wanted advertisements limorted
throo thnoH free of ohariio.
FOR    KENT.���Cellar.
Bank of Canada.
Apply     Royal
HELP WANTED-We must huve at
once a Dumber of reliable persons
anil families in this locality to work
for ub whole or spare time, good
wages paid. No canvassing. Write
for position today. People's Syndicate, Dept. A., laoYongest., Toronto, Ont.
WANTED.���To   hire   a  piano by the
month.    Apply A. 11. C, City, stating terms. 	
Sons of England Lodge,
Queen. All members and
brethren are requested to
Fraternity hall on Saturday
at 11 a. m. to take part in tbe public
memorial service. All Englishmen
are invited. By Order,
T. MORLEY, President.
meet at
Kootenay Tent No. 7, K. 0. T. M.,
request tbat all members and visiting
brethren meet at Fraternity Hall this
morning at 11 o'clock sharp so as to
take part in the memorial services for
her late Majesty Queen Victoria.
R. ,1. STEEL, D. S. C.
Members of Kootenay Lodge No. 16
I. O. O. F., and all visiting brothers
are requested to meet at the old Odd
Fellows' hall. Kootenay st., Nelson,
on Saturday, February 2, at 11   a. m.
E.  H.  MILLER,  Secretary.
Continued From First Pago.
But She Got Over It.
It sometimes takes nerve to quit
habit even after it is plain that the
habit is ruining the health. A little
woman who was sick from coffee poisoning (and there are thousands like
her) writes, "I had become almost a
coffee fiend, drinking it at each meal,
then afterward I was no nervous and
weak that I would drink more coffee.
I was a great sufferer with stomach
and heart trouble.
Everything I ate distressed me.
There would be great puffs beneath
my eves and my bands and feet were
terribly swollen. 1 was reduced to
108 pounds and was really slowly dying.
A gentleman talked seriously to husband and myself about giving up
coffee and using Postum Food Coffee.
He convinced me, from his own and
other experiences, that probably coffee
was the cause of my trouble, so we
tried Postum, but at first it seemed so
flat and tasteless that I was almost
discouraged. However, I looked at the
directions on the package and found I
had not been boiling it long enough,
so I followed the directions exactly and
had a clear, rich beverage, with a
strong ring of good coffee, and very
delicious taste.
I began to sleep better und was not
quite so nervous, my stomach and
heart trouble slowly disappeared, and,
of course, as I was getting well I
stuck to Postum, and that was easy,
hecauBe it tasted so good. Now after
a year's using I can truly say I never
felt better in my life, have no trouble
whatever with my stomach, sleep
well, eat well,and weigh 127^ pounds.
My neivous headaches have all disappeared. I feel like telling everybody
that is ill to try leaving off coffee
and use Poatum Food Coffee, for it
will surely work a cure." Mrs. Ella
Kituhig, (Salinas, California.
Nelson wholesalers report an excel
lent week's business. The trade is
now in tbe midst of what is known
as the winter quiet period and while
goods are not moving as rapidly as is
the case in spring when prospectors
are outfitting and new properties are
opening up in every mining camp, a
comfortable measure of business is being transacted. Shipments are being
made throughout the wide area of
wbich Nelson is the distributing center and the merchants are looking forward to a season of unusual activity
with tbe coming of spring.
fact that citizens generally are urged
to march in the procession. A section
of the parade is reserved exclusively
for citizens who are not turning out
with any of the many organizations
and badges have been prepared for
distribution among all citizens joining
the parade. ]
All along the line of march merchants and others have draped tbeir
places of business, making a striking '
ensemble. Every flag in the city will
be at half-mast, although this has
been the case ever since the 22nd
inst. |
A strong delegation of  miners   will
be in from the mines in   the  vicinity '
of the city, and   this   section   of  the
procession promises to   be one of   the
strongest in the entire line.
During the day special services will
be held at St. Saviour's church, and
on Sunday the services in tbe city
churobes will he of a special nature.
It is expected that business places
will be closed up all today without
Laxative Brouio-Qulnine removes the cause.
Out of respect to the
memory of our dead
Queen our store will
remain  closed   today.
The Jewelers.
Successors to T. H. Brown.
WANTED.���Situation    by   man   and
wife, to   cook for a   camp, (experienced),   apply V. W., Miner office.
DO YOU   need   an experienced Book-
keqer   and    stenographer.     Write
W., Miner office.
Fen. 12-16,
*     'r*k
Winter Carnival
���a d:
Curlln? Bonspiel
WANTED.���Every   man    or    woman
who wants   anything, to make tbat
want known in this  culinun.    A Miner want ad always bringB result.
FOUND.���On   Cedur   Btreet, a   locket
containing picture of children.    Apply Miner oflice.
TO  LET .���Clement-Hlllyer
Apply   Tramway   company's
FIRST-CLASS    Room and   Bourd,   In
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply on Silica street, two doois west
of Ward.
WANTED.���Hy young lady,   position
us clerk in   store.    Best   references.
Apply L. S., Miner  office.
WANTED.���The   reader to know that
if he   reads   this,   other people will
read his ad, in this column.
FOR   SALE.���Two    Smith-Premiers,
one Densmore, one Empire, good condition.    Apply   W. L. T., C. r\R. Telegraph office.
WANTED���Servant      girl.     Enquire
Mrs. Dewar, Victoria st.
and masquerade costumes made and
rented.    Green's    tenement   in   alley
between Josephine and Hall.
AGENTS WANTED���For the life and
reign of Quoen Victoria. Best book.
Prospectusos ready, free to canvassers;
credit given. Apply World Publishing Co., Guelph, Ontario.
WANTED.���Blacksmith ;    . must    be
good machine tool sharpener. Apply
at office of the London and B. C. Gold-
fields, Ltd., Baker st.
FOR SALE.���Any  amount of space in
this   column.   It   always brings results.
Phair.���R. Smith, Rossland; J. A.
Leonard, G. II. Miller, Vancouver; H.
Lurkman, Rossland; J. W. Casey,
Portland, Ore
Hume.���W. H. P. Clement, Arthur
Poole, W. H. Cushing, Toronto; E.
B McMaster, C. A. Carman, Vancouver; C. W. Busk, Kokanee oreek;   W.
E. Bole, Slocan City ; T. S. Dunbar,
Slocan City ; Jethro Brooks,Molly Gibson ; A. W. Smith, Montreal; G. J.
Ross, Silver King.
Queens.���Geo.     Doyle,     Athabasca;
F. Dick, Slocan; John Muffett, Erie;
L. C. Campbell, Victoria,
Ashtabula, Ohio., Feb. 1.���A Bes
se.mei passenger train telescoped a
Nickel Plate freight at Wallace June
tion, Pa., today. Freight Conductor
Peter Donahue was killed. Twenty
passengers are reported to have been
slightly hurt.
New York, Feb. 1.���A solemn high
mass in memory of Queen Victoria
was offered in the Episcopal churoh of
St. Mary the Virgin, in this city today. The church was ciowded to its
utmost capacity.
London, Feb. 1.���The engagement
of the Duke of Roxburgh to Miss
Pauline Astor, daughter of William
Waldorf Astor, has been definitely arranged. The wedding will take place
some time nest summer.
Cnarlottetown, P. E. I., Feb. 1.���
Tbe election of MacKinnon, Liberal
member in the house of comomns for
EaBt Queens, was ordered today. MacKinnon was declared elected over
Martin, conservative, through a box
from one polling booth, which was
stolen while in transit to the returning officer, being thrown out. In delivering judgment Judge nodgson
declared that tbe depth of corruption
and debauchery was a disgrace to any
country and made him ashamed to
live iu tbe province.
Ottawa, Feb. 1.���The Ottawa hookey club will challenge the Victorias
of Winnipeg for the Stanley Cup.
The match to be played at the end of
the season.
Zerra, Ont., Feb. 1.���Oliver Cole,
of Southampton, today was committed for trial at the assizes for attempting to bribe Sylvester and Samuel
Cole to give false evidence in the
North Bruce election case.
Washington, Feb. 1.���The house
today passed a bill to amend the Chinese Exclusion act with a view to
prevent the fraudulent entry of Chinese into the United States and several other bills of minor   importance.
If he'd hard Itching Piles. They're
terribly annoying; but Bucklen's
Arnica Salve will cure the worst case
of piles on earth, it has cured thousands. For Injuries, Pains or Bodily
Eruptions it's the best salve in the
world. Price 25 cents a box. Cure
guaranteed.    Sold by Canada Drug Co.
Take Laxative Bronio Quinine Tablets.
Buy   Only   Union - Made   Shoes,
This stamp used by the JOHN Mc-
PIIERSON CO.. Limited, of Hamilton,
the only Union factory in Canada.
China Hall
A man is known hy the oompnny he
keeps, a woman is known by the room
sbe keeps for company.
The Quest Room
Toilet Set	
Ib an important part of thedur* -shing.
If rightly selected it may be ornamental as any piece of i iiinitu iu the
room. Do you entertsiu gmists this
weekf See our Toilet Sets in tbe window today.
First Door West of C.P.R. Offices.
Stanley Street Rink
tPWlXmVffl Fee 2S Cento.
TYPEWRITER For Sale.���Williams'
machine, visible writing, neat type,
fast work, convenient case, only in
light use for short time, good value
at S50, will take 830 cash for qulca
sale.    Address L, Miner office.
WANTED.���General    housework    by
good working   woman.    Will   wash
and   iron.    No   objection   to   leaving
city.    Addreos W. Miner office.
TRAINED NURSE  open   to   engage
ments.    Mrs. Scton, Silica Street.
FOR SALE.���120 acres of flrst-class
agricultural and garden land, 12
miles from Nelson on Kootenay Lake.
Will aell in 10, 20 or 40 acre tracts.
Price and terms reasonable. Apply or
address, A. F. Rosenbei-ger, Room 4,
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson.
HELP WANTED.���The  Miner   wants
you to help swell   this   column.    A
Miner want ad. always brings results.
PROSPECTORS having promising
mineral claims for Bale are requested
to call at The Prospectors' Exchange.
Phone No. 104, Room No. 4, K.-W.-C.
Block, Nelson, B. C.
WANTED���Free Milling Gold Propel
ties in British Columbia. Phone No.
104, K.-W.-C. Block.   Andrew F. Ros
enbetger, Nelson, B. C.
FOR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient, with all modern im'
provemeuts.   Apply A. E. Clarke, cor'
ner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
DR. MORRISON, Dentist, has re
moved to his new offices in the
K.-W.-C. Block.
"A 'Aarning Voice"
Ib the title of an interesting little book
that shows how
Ib LOST find how it rimy be
It is sent securoly sealed t plain envelope Free, on receiptor ti stamp for
We are the leading special int.* in
curing ill cases of Kidney und Bladder
Trouble, Sexual Weakness and Impo-
toncy. Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, plight
Losses, Gleet and Stricture, quickly
and permanently. We havo cured
tlioiiMinds at their own homes. AH
lottors kept strictly rivnte and answered in plain sen If: envelop*:. Consultation by mail fr e. Write today.
Ad dross
Sta. 0, Ohicago, 111.
lii��ii<ii>i����ii��uM">"'>"'>ii*iii��iii i
Eight Curling Contests
Under the AuspioeB of tbe Koote-
nuy Om IIiik Association.
Hockey Tournament
For Senior, Junior   and   Ladies'
Ohamploushlps of ll.O.
In Trophies ana Prizes   $3,000
Ski   lie s Bkut ng Kiui'-s
For   Provincial   ('hninpionships
and for Men nnd 11..ys.
Cutter and Dog Eaces
Rates of Single Fare for the Round Trip
On A   Railways.
ty For further ptlcuarlars    c posters and programme*!, or address
Seoy. Carnival Committee,  Rossland,  B. O.
���* I
and try a bottle, a dozen, or a barrel ot
OALQARY  BEER M It Is the best and
cheapest    on    tho    mnrkot.    Also   try   our
Telephone W. Hekorflt   Nelsop,B.C
Now Is Your
During this month we will sell Boots, ShOOS
and Rubbers at greatly reduced prices, and we
would invite you to come in early and secure a bargain.
' i'^'^*V��''��*%^'*^A*MAA*A^*AA*^A*^^^^'^M*^^^*��^'*/VVVyVVVVyv%���� i i
"We curry a complete line of prize winners at the World's Exposition. They are tho Putok
Philippe, AtfaKriiz. ]x)ngine, and last, but not leant tho Empire, winch are thu bcRt value for the
money. Our line of American��� Walt liani, Elgin, iHiobor-liampiIcn, is alio very complete. All
of above watches are positively guaranteed. Money refunded in mso of failure to satisfy,
Our watch repairing department is next to nono in America.
Manukacturino Jewelers.
������������������������   ;3
The women of Nelson are
usually quick to appreciate
quality, style, and workmanship in footwear. They
have set their seal of approval on the new style ot
toe, of which we carry a
brge assortment in Don-
gola, Vici Kid, and Patent
Kid, for the street and the
| Neelands   Shoe 1
|      Company
jV**��'**A*'***A*'V��-V*V*'.A*'**VVV%*V'***^ xA^^x^x)lA^fxxxxyM/u
^VMlmM   omr?>Pper Mi*"CS "anted at the EXCHANGE.
FKEE   MILLING   GOLD properties  wanted at once for Eastern
investors. ���orem
Parties  having   mining  property for   sale are . requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition
dal&S&Uh fe&bfe  Pr��8peCt01S Wh�� have proinis,ne mineral
Prospectors n     , |iti
CHANGE their headquarters"when in Nelson!
and   mining  men   are requested   to make the  EX-
AU samples should be sent hy express, PREPAID
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. nelson   n c
We  must  have  room  for our  Spring   Stock  of
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing and Room Moulding in theCitv
Sign Painting and Interior Decorating "specialty *
���    ��� .   F.J. BRADLEY & CO.
Joseph.ne   btreet,       -      .       Opposite   Clarke   Hotel.


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