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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 19, 1899

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Duil) Edition No. 21;
Nelson, British Columbia, Thursday, January 19,   [899.
Ninth Year
three in lliu first draw Cur tIn- Si.  Paul
iJniiiii- a Trophy il iwn  in  the flist
drawfor tlie Pfhter. Winnipeg lias
won the latter emblem twloe i |former
years, hut the fates were against the
men from the north loduy, The two
.skips, Tom Kelly, of the Granites, and
\V. R Payne, of the Thistles, went
,,, ,\.i    1, m 1 down to defeat,     But  thore is still a
Chauncey M Depew Named ohunce for Winnipeg 1
in New York.
Matthews S. Quay of Pennsylvania Has a
Fight on His Hands   Long Dead-
look Prob ible.
cupture this
trophy If McKonzle of Ihe Thistles
wins his game with Milwaukee,
Buffalo, N. Y., Jnn. 18���Joint meetings of both branob.es of Ihe Legisla-
lature in 15 States were li'lil today for
the purpose of electing United St.at.es
Senators. In eight states Senators
weru ohOBen and in seven faction flgh a
prevented an eleotlon, The Senators
elected were as follows: New York
slate, Chauncey M. Depew, Republican, to succeed Senator Murphy, Democrat; Connecticut, Gen. Joseph R.
llawley, reelected; Miissachuset-,
Henry, Cabot Ledge, re-elected; Maine,
Eugene Hale, re-elected; Minnesota,
Cushniim K. Davis, re-elected; Missouri, Francis M. Cockerell, re-elected;
Michigan, J. 0. Burrows, re elected;
Indiana, J. C. Beveridge, Republican,
succeeding a Democratic.
In the states   "demllockeil,"   five nre
are   Republican, namely,    Deleware,
Pennsylvania, Nebraska,   Washington
.and California. Two Democratic, Mini
tana aud I'tiih. The greatest interest is manifested in the Tight f> r
.Senator in Pennsylvania, where Mni
thew 8. Quay, the present Senator, and
for many years Ihe political "boss" of
the slate is seeking re-election. In the
liiillntting today, Mr. Quay was 13
votes short of a majority and the anil-
Quiiy people, headed by .loliu Wanna-
milker, claim that they will continue
the dead lock for six months, rather
than allow Quay to succeed himself.
Rut Portage, Out,, Jan IT   A serious
Blabbing  outrage took place  at the
Queen's lintel   last  ni>jhl.     Two   men
named Tony Ross and Prank Lewis
wete drinking together, but were mt.
drunk hy any means. Ross oommei ced
tensing Lewis while  in   the bar about
his knowledge of French, saying that
he knew a great deal moie about it
than his companion. They left thi-
bar still arguing, when Lewis slabbed
Ross The wound was sufficiently
deep to kill had it gi.ne straight, but
it. glanced off on one of his ribs. Lewis
was apprehended, Ross was taken to
the hospital and doctors state   he may
drop oft at any minuie.
Mr. Chamberlain Speaks of
Foreign Affairs.
If  the   BepubliO   WantH    a   Settlement
Engl.md Will Meet Her More
Than Half Way.
Chief Mataaf Wins a Bloody
Washington, Jan. 18.���Tho Somite
cniiiinittee on foreign relations today
agreed to a favorable report upon the
nomination of Hon. Joseph H. Ohoate
to be ambassador to Great Britain,
Dominion Government will GiveAmeii
cans Good Treatment.
Toronto, Jan, 18.-The Mail Bays
that a member of the Commons who
enjoys the confidential relatioi s with
Laurier government assured him that
the legislation affecting mining would
he une of ihe must important matters
of the coming sessiou. The whole
mining law needs to be re-cast. He
says that the government intends to
deal comprehensively with it.
The member of Parliament said:
'���We are going to insist that the
Americans be treated the same as the
aliens are treated in the States. The
house will not meet until March. I
am afraid Dii g'ey's death will have
the affect or delaying tho sessiou until
late in that month.
Hundreds Visit the Residence of the
Late Father Chiniiiuy.
Montreal, Jau. 18 -Hundreds of
people, including many Catholics,
visited the residence of the late Father
Chiniquy and viewed the remains, since
his death. Deceased is laid out in his
Doctor of Divinity gown, with his
treasured temperanoe medal upon his
breast. His face hems a very peaceful expression. Many messages of
condolence have been received hy   tho
family,    including   telegrams    from
Orange Young Britons of Vancouver,
Joanna L. Reeves, of Toronto, one of
deceased oldest and warmest friends;
Dr. Henri Ami, of Geological Survey,
Ottawa, uud J. S. O'Connor, of New
York, a converted Catholic, Hev. P.
Boudreau, pastor of St. Anne's chinch,
Kankakee, Illinois, where Dr. Chiniquy
used to preach, telegraphed that he
aud Mr. Ballard, Mayor of the
will attend the funeral us lepreseula
tives of tbe congregation.
Says Dreyfus, and not  Esterhazy,   Was
the Author of the
Paris, Jnn. 18���The Soir today publishes another interview with General
Mercier, who was Minister of War et
life condemnation of Dreyfus. Gen
end Mercier reiterates his former
statements and reasserts that the
bordereau was certainly the work of
Dreyfus and not of Esterhazy, who
was uot aware of its existence until
long subsequent to the trial. Under
the plea of professional secrecy, he
declined to explain how the war office
obtained the bordeieau, The secret
dossier, he said, consisted of war min-
istiy documents fully proving Ihe interferences deduced from tbe bind-
eieau. The suggestion that it contained letters from n foreign sovereign lie
characterized as "a pure invention," us
was also, be declared, the slatemei t
that M. Cnsiniir Perler resigned the
Presidency of the Republic on account
of the Dreyfus affair. Regarding th
motives that prompted Dreyfus to
commit the treason imputed, General
Merciet said: "Dreyfus was too fond of
lhe society ol women of a certain clnes.
Hml iu not heen for his reputation in
this respect he would have left lhe
militia college among the first three of
his class, but, owing tn his known im
moral proclivities, he wis only placed
lHh. I think lie resented this and
that his treason was probably an net of
revenge for it." Dreyfus was also in
the habit of talking unpalrlolical'y. A
general wus once obliged to censure
him for saying thut the Reichslandeis
prefeired to belong to Germany as
Ihcy were better treated, Dreyfus
addiiiK Huit he quite agreed with
Major Count Esterhazy arrived this
evening from Rotterdam to testify
before, the Court of Cassation in the
Dreyfus   revision    inquiry,    Beverol
newspaper men met Mill at the railway
station, but he declined to he inter-
The programme for the hookey mntohes
at the Hissliiiid Carnival next week was
received yesterday by Mr. C. E. Ileuslev,
secretary of the Nelson Hockey Club.
On the evening of the 25tb, RoSBlaud
| uud Revelstoke will pluy for the senior
I championship.   On tbe 27tb Nelson and
I the Viotoria'B of Rosslaud will piny   and
' the final game between  the   winners   of
the two series will take place mi  Saturday evening, the 18th inst.
For the junior   championship   Sandon
London, Jau. In. The Right Honorable Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary
of State for the Colonies, speaking
this evening al. the banquet of the
Wolverhampton Chamber of Commerce, renewed, ul great length, the
various threatening foreign questions
confronting the Government. In connection with the withdrawl of the
French demand for an extension of
the settlement at Shungliia.Mr. Chamberlain congratulated his hearers that
Great Brltlan's opposition to the
French proposal bail heen strenuously
supported by the representative of the
United States.
"That, I think.'' he said "a significant and noteworthy fact. Nay, 1
think and hope it will become history
It shows that circumstances are bring
ing about the coiiiiiuinit.y of inteiests
between Anglo Saxons, which in the
future may have farreaulltng and hene-
ficieut results."
He welcomed the changing tone on
the pari of France, declaring that if
tbe French government desiied an
amicable settlement of all remaining
difficulties, Great Britain would meet
France more than half way.
Dwelling elaboratoy upon the Newfoundland difficulty, ihe minister said;
"In spiie ��� f clung' s to ihe contrary,
nobody here has the slightest desire to
evade tl e obligations of the treaty of
Ctr chti Im, we desiie lhat lhe rights
conferred upon France hy that treaty
should not be extended aud abused to
the i jury of our pocket. If, when
these rights arc properly defined, they
are found topossesa value for France,
we shnl hi* perfectly willing to observe them, or if Fiance is willing to
arrange for their extinction on fair
and reasonable terms of coiiipensa-
ti n."
Mr. Chamberlain described in detail
how the French had continually been
eccroi.chicg and striving to extend
their claims on the French shore while
at the same lime thi ir interest iu the
fishery had been continually decreasing.
"In fact," he said "bv means of alleged rights, under antiquated treaties,
they ba\e strangled our colony of
Newfoundland and have done so without a penny of advantage to themselves.
If they arc sincerely desirous of amity
with England it will he an easy matter for ihem to ubaiuluu those auti-
quated rights for u sat'sfuotory compensation.
In concluding, Mr. Chamberlain
paid a high tribute to the success of
Lord Salisbury's foreign policy, remarking: "It is ciiuse for satisfaction
that two great nations, Germany and
the United Stales, both protectionists j
ut home, have proclaimed their iu
tent ion to adhere to thn principle of
"Open Door" in their foreign possession.
"We shall regard their expansion
without jealousy and shall welcome
(heir co-operation, and, I think, without being too sanguine, we may rely
upon their sympathy aud assistance in
seeming lhe general adoption of u
principle to which we attacdi   so  milch
Revolution  Breaks   Out   After  the  Announcement That Malieto Tanus
Is  King-
Auckland, New Zealand, Jan. 18���
Sainoan advices just received here say
that Chief Justice Chambers on Dec
illst declared Maliete Tnniis to have
been elected king iu succession to the
late King Malietoa. The Chief Justice
alto announced thut Chief Matasfu was
The Consn's of lhe United S'ntes
and Great Britain and the Captains of
ihe Ge man Warship Falke nnd Ihe
British '���nrship Po: poise met the German Consul, who refused to recognize
Malietoa Tanus nnd declined to CO-
opoiatein the disposal of Samoans,
who thereupon assembled in large
umbers at Muliner, armed themselves
aud surrounded the municipality,
Malietoa Tanus and Tamasese mustered aliuit 2,000, well armed, but supplied
with defective amunition, The British
uud American Consuls endeavored to
avoid hostilities, hut they commenced
ou Jan. 1st. Malieto Tanus and
Tamasese fought bravely, but 500 of
tlieir followers were captured. Then,
disheartened and outnumbered, the
two chiefs sought, refuge ou the British
warship aud their followers sought
protection under the gnus of the Porpoise. Mataafa's loss was (11 men
killed and wounded nnd Malieto Tanus
lust 125 men killed and wounded. The
foreign residents were placed under
the protection of a detachment of men
belonging to the British ship and
Chief Justice Chambers and his family
went on board of her. The followers
of Mataafa looted and burned Apia,
destroyed the plantations and pillaged
considerably in tbe country. The
Consuls Inter decided to recognize
Mataafa and his chiefs as a provisional
government, pending the receipt of
instructions from the powers. Dr.
Rafael and the German Consul closed
the Supreme Court, declaring that the
power was vested in thein. The llrit-
ish and American Consuls then appealed to the Captain of the British
warship Porpoise, who landed a force
of bluejackets, aud Chief Justice
Chambers, under their guard, took his
sent. Mataafa held aloof from these
lust developments, The excitement
II��� r force was uiinpposed and look
possession of the court, chief Justice
Chambers was reinstated and the British n d American tings were hoisUd
over Chief Justice ('liuinh. r-' house
and Ihr ei iu i bouse,    Tho provisional
governor wrote to Gupta In siuul n
the 12th that he would seize Malietoa
and take lhe Aninsc-e Off the
by force if necessary, deprive
t heir titli s and bauish them.
Chambers is living on  the
The   British   mni   American
Iliile   pioli sir,I   agal' M   ;ii,y
lliein  of
"Nil puisc.
Icfrlngi -
mint ol'il r l'��� iiii, U'i'Hty, British iesi-
dents hnve talun n fuge la their consulate aid the Aiiht.imii residents have
taken refuge in the Mission.
Latest Reports From Manilla Indicate That There is No Trouble.
Washington, Jau is.���Advices were
received from Manila today stating
that lhe situation on the islands wus
very quiet. The dispuleli proved the
most gratifying official news recently
received from that quarter, It is
announced that the people who had
moved out of the city of Manila owing
to alarming hut unfounded reports,
were quietly returning to their homos.
At Iloilo, affairs are progressing satisfactorily and a gratifying fact, recited
iu tbe cablegram, was that the officers
aboard the American ships aud the
individual insurgents wero fraternizing freely on shore aud that there wus
no sign of trouble,
Received Its Third Heading
SeoondSBeading of Bill Introducing tho
Torrens System -MoFherson's Oon-
tiact Labor Bill.
Raze the
Burn IU Houses and
Town  of Upolu.
San Francisco, Jan 18 -A cablegram
lo the Call from Auckland, New Zealand, under date of January  16th, snys:
When the Oceanic steamship Alameda left Apia on January 12th, a
i evolution had broken out on the
Sainoan Islands and was beginning to
he waged with much bloodshed and
grout destruction lo properly. The
warships   Falke     and   Porpoise,    Hie
latter under command of Oapt. Siui-
tlee, were taking Dart in suppressing
the rebellion.   On December Hist, the
Chief Justice delirmined in favor of
Mulieloa Tnnus, claiming Mataafa was
barred by tlie tieaty of Berlin. (In
January 1st, 6,000 Mi'talias arose in
rebelliou and defeated 2,000 of Malieto a'a men, ambushing Ihem and killing
18 natives and wounding many. lhe
rebels burned 40 houses ami razed ihe
town I'polii. The bread fruit trees
were cut down in many places. The
crew of the Porpoise is guarding lhe
mission as a refuge for Mulietos. The
Consuls   have   signi-d   a
Recent Storms Made it Uucomfortable for
Steamers in   the Atlantic.
Porland, Maine, Jan. 18.���The Allen
steamer Sardinian arrived here this
morning from Liverpool after a 15  days
passage, during which she encountered
the tempestuous weather with which
other trans-Atlnutic steamers have been
battling. On Tuesday, Jau. 10th, aboul
5:80 in the morning, the crew were
awnkened by n terrific explosion which
shook the ship from stern to stern and
threw some of the men from theii
hunks. When they made their way to
the deck they were informed that n
luice bull of fire hud burst only a few
feet above the steamer and hud distributed innumerable smaller ones along
the rails nnd musts. The officers on
Ihe bridge were blinded and half stunned
by the explosion and Hush and were
thrown violently oil' their feet. Fur sev-
vernl minutes excitement prevailed and
the anxiety did not abate until the storm
Queenstown, Jan. 18.���The Hamburg-American liner Alesia, sent word
today that she was outside with a
broken propeller. Tugs were sent to
assist the Alesia, hut returned later in
the day without having been able to
find her, The increasing force of the
gale made it necessary fir the tugs to
seek shelter. It is thought that iln-
Alesia will not approaoh the Irish
coast during the present weather and
may be forced up tbe channel.
Liverpool, Jan. IS.���The British
steamer Nasmith, of New York, which
arrived at this port yesterday, landed
seven members of the crew of the
British schooner Cuneford, Captain
Pike, from Cadiz, ou December II, for
St. Johns, Nlld., which wus abandoned
on January   i~,   in latitude 17 north
and longitude ���!! west.
Victoria, li. C, Jan. 18���The bill to
exclude aliens from placer mines of
this province received its third reading
this afternoon and was immediately
as8ented'lo by the Lieutenant Governor, so that it is now in effect.
Attorney General Martin moved .the
seco d reading of tho bill, introducing
the Torrens system of land registration, debute upon which was adjourned,
Mr. Mncl'heison's hill to render void
contracts for labor made by persons iu
British Columbia with persons residing in other parts of the Dominion,
passed through the committee with an
addition exempting skilled labor not
procurable iu this province.
Copenhagen, Jan. 17.���Carl Jacobson,
tbe well-known brewer, has notified the
municipal uulhoiities here of biB inteu-1 nD(j Rossland will meet on Priday monition to present them with his splendid|ool- [���g mui the winners will play Nelson for
leotion of art treasures, valued   at   over  lue title.
���l,40l',0OO <>n condition   thut   a   suitable |    Qo  account of this   arrangement   the
building iB provided for their display.
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 18���The ice was
Nelson club will enter only one team in
the senior championship, tight, The
team will leave here on the night of the
2(ilh and will be absent two   days.    The
,    . ,       ...      i,i    ;_ I juniors will leave on the 27.  On aoaou'.t
m splendid condition for play loilay m  ' .,.������..���������   ,,.i.
,,    '        ,, ���    ,, ��� ,,   of the soft weather no practices  are tali-
the  Northwestern   Curling    Ronspiel  mg plaoe this Week.    The   Crystal   link
aud the temperature  was  just   right,  1H doged until tbe wtatber becomes cold*
Five games were played this morning,
The Menus by Which Uobcrt Taggnrt's
Life Mny be Saved.
Toronto, Out, Jan.   18���In   the  trial | recoginzii g tbe Matanfa  parly  as th
of    Robert   Taggart,  charged   with i provisional   government, pending In-
murdering his wife, evidence is  being ' structiii s from the powers, wit h Prcsi-
pul in to sustain the theory of insanity ! dent Rafael as executive head.
submitted  by  the   defence.      Medical I    Ou tbe   sixtli   instant,   Rafael   took
men and former acquaintances of Tag-1 possession of the supreme court and
gart occupied the Stand all the morn [declined   himself  Chief Justice.     lie
ing, and it was shown  that Tiiggarl's   askul Mataafa for 500 men   and   was
father was a man given   to   spells   of  refused.    The Uriiish   und   American   near the shore it is about  III feet deep.
rage without  occasion,   the   prisoner i Consuls   united   in   a  strong   protest   The council with   the idea of securing
having inherited   his  disposition and  against tbe action of the President of   tIm lake   as a source  of supply for the
shown indications of an unsound mind,   the Municipal  Council.     On   the  7.h   new municipal water works, instru t.
Several doctors expressed the convic-  Captain St iiidee, of'.lie  I'm poise,  and : ed City Engineer Smith to make sonio
tion that the prisoner was not   icspon-  tho two Consuls declared   the  action ' preliminary   surveys.     City   Solicitor
Bible for his actions when be hammered  illegal.      The    Porpoise   cleared   foij Abbott wus ulso   instructed to take np
out tho brains of his wife. ' ictlon aud lslided a foroe  of   marines,   the wntnr in the olty.
New Olty Council Takes the Question
Under Consideration,
Like Nelson, Rosslaud is also seeking more water. In the report of the
llrst City Council meeting of the new
year the Kosslund Miuer says:
"Tbe water question was the first
thing that thn new council considered,
A resolution was  received from W. F,
Tye,   engineer  for the Columbia nnd
r,, ,1,.nation I Western, showing that lhu_ altitude of
Sheep Creek is I, llllll feet while that of
Rossland at the Red mountain station
is It. 500 feet. The former consequently
is 800 feet above the town. Mr. Tyo
estimated the flow floni the lake is
500 miller's inches. Its length he put
nt three-fourths of a mile and its
breadth at n quarter of a mile, while
Believed Now That be Will Not Resign His Seat.
Victoria. Jan. IS���It is now generally
believed that Hon. J. Fred Hume will
not resign his sent. Wheu approached
today he wi J say nothing in regard
lo tho situ..1.-on, neither affirming nor
denying Ihe report of his probable
resignation. It is understood hero
that bis disqualification���-should he be
disqualified���arises from the fact that
Government vouchers were accepted
by the Hume hotel, Nelson, in which
he is interested, for the payment of
board bills incurred by government
Col. Baker occupied bis seat today
aud will continue to do so. It is understood that he bus learned that none
of bis employes have done any business
with the government,
Ex-Premier Turner's resignation wns
forced because of the fact that the store
of Turner, Beeton & Oa, Nelson, had
some business transactions with tbe
Government Agent, evolving the sale
of some blankets.
Government candidates to contest
lhe seats of Messrs. Turner, Hall and
McPhillips will he nominated on Friday.   The writs were issued today.
Father Litigation iu Electric Light
Matter Not Likely.
Tho efforts of Mayor Neelauds and
tho city council to secure a settlement
of the pending difficulties iu regard to
the electric light bylaw were favorably
commented upon by citizens in general
yesterday. Mayor Neelands' prompt
action in recommending that a coin-
mitte be appointed to negotiate a settlement met with approval on all
"If we are going ahead with the
construction of the flume." said a
citizen yesterday, "wo should certainly know as soon as possible where
we stand in regard to the plant. There
is no use engaging in further litigation if a settlement can be reached and
the city is to he congratulated upon
having a mayor and council ready to
act when action is desired."
That a settlement will be made,
thore is little doubt. The coinnittteo
appointed by the Mayor has lost no
time in getting to work and although
nothing definite is known, it is believed that ull interested are willing
to get together, all, at least, appear to
he willing to make concessions and it
is quite likely the committee will
report at next Monday's mooting of
the council thut their efforts havo been
Ottawa, Jan. is.���J. R. Booth says
that the Ottawa and Georgian Bay
canal   will cost four times as much ns
is estimated, if it would cost *50,ooo-
000 then bo says thut the interest ou
this amount would lay four tracks on
the Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sou: A
Railway uud the road could then
haudle all the grain from the Canadian
Nolson Daily MinerI^J
The   Senate   is   under*
Pa llUhed Dully except Bur flay,
KI. ON MlNKIl 1'lllNTINO       1'l'lll.lSlllNll OOil
I). J. HKATCN, Man-.ging Director ami
AU. COMMUNICATION! to the Editor must
bo iccoiiijiuili'ilby tlu itanie nml address
of the witter, not niceuarlly 'or pubUoa-
n, but as evldcnco of Rood futtli.
Dully per month by can'or 8 1 00
per month by mat    100
por halt yoe   by mi, tl    5 0(1
por year  10 00
per year f orolgn ��� ��� IS 00
-  NttliSON  WKBKIY  MlNKlt.
Weokly, po* half year * 123
por year    2 (Hi
por year, foreign    HO0
Subsorlpiloni nvarlt.bly in advance.
Notices of Hirllis,   Deaths, and Marring
naertod for 50 rents oacli.
Advertising n lea iniiilc Known on application
Nelson Miner PHnllig & PublishingCo
f ELSCN. B. C.
redistribution only
cennial census,    a
each   de !
which, if
Mi-leruliialral Keport,
(Observations Uikon by A. H, Holdloh.
in that there can   be   a'
DATS            I>AV llllill
Jan   4   Wi'd'duy 30.0
.inn  5 Thursday 7.0
good, would delay the measure un-1 Jan is Friday si.o
1 Jim ii  Saturday
The opinions of The Toronto
Globe on public questions generally I
are sometimes valuable and sometimes interesting, but what it has to
say of Senate reform or Senate abolition is neither valuable nor interesting enough to warrant the expense of telegraphing it across the
continent. This is a little fact that
Press Agencies for the gathering
nnd distributing ol news would do
well constantly to keep in mind.
The Associated Press would appear
to have a correspondent in Toronto
who attaches a great deal more importance to the utterances of that
paper than do the great majority of
newspaper publishers throughout
Canada who use their service and
are compelled to pay telegraph rates
on the transmission of them. Yesterday morning there appeared
among The Miner's dispatches a
quarter column or so of very sad
stuff, taken from that paper and
wired broadcast, as if it were of the
deepest possible interest to readers
all over the Dominion. The Associated Press should lake an early
occasion to check t'tne i mbecile propensity on the part of its Toronto
The Globe says that ninety per
cent, of the Liberal papers in Ontario favor abolition of the Senate,and
that argument on the question is so
onesided that Sir John Bourninot's
interposition is to be welcomed.
This is not in the highest degree
complimentary to the Liberal Premier, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who, in a
recent speech, opposed abolition and
gave good reasons for doing so.
That is a matter, however, which he
and The Globe may settle between
them. If the argument should appear to be onesided, an explanation
of it which may not have occurred
to our contemporary is that the ma
jority of Canadian newspapers know
very well that the Senate will not be
abolished, and therefore there is no
great necessity for showing why it
should not be. Rut it is desirable
nevertheless that anything like an
agitation of the question should be
We have no doubt the Toronto
paper is quite wrong in the statement that ninety per cent, of Ontario Liberal journals favor abolition.
It is doubtful if ten per cent, favor
such a policy; but the full ninety
may profess to do so just now, and
the reason is not far to seek. They
join in the present hue and cry
against the Senate in the hope and
expectation of intimidating it. It is
popularly supposed lhat there will be
a Redistribution Rill next session,
and as it is expected to partake of
the character of a gerrymander there
is a fear that the Scnalc may reject
il. If lhat body could be frightened
into the belief that it is to be abolished or reformed, it might consent
to let the gerrymander go through,
hence all this shouting and beating
of tom-toms. To be consistent, the
Senate could not object to a gerrymander in itself, lor before today it
has passed through gerrymanders
quite as infamous as any the Liberals can devise. Thai was for its
political friends, however, and the
country accepted them quite complacently. It might not be disposed
to do as much for the other side; indeed, there is a profound conviction
that it will not, but the opposition
will not be so much to the   redistri-
til after the expiration of  the   pre-;
sent Parliament.     This is a const!- j
tutional question which The   Miner
does not pretend to be able   to   settle, although it does not understand
why the House   of   Commons may
not at any time rearrange   its   own
constituencies.      Re that as it may,
however, tbe pretext   will   be   that
the measure is   unconstitutional, a
question which Parliament itself will
have to thresh   out.      The   Senate
will reject it.    Its motives   may   be
partisan, but the country is not going to demand its abolition   merely
because it stands in the   way   of   a
Liberal gerrymander.    There is one
only and true way to reform the Senate, and that is by and through   the
Canadian people   reforming   themselves, and showing by   their   conduct that they do   not   approve   of
political tricks   and   rascalities   on
either side.      As long as the political immorality of the day continues,
we may expect partisanship  in   the
Senate,    for   party   scheming there
w ill be   necessary    to   meet   party
scheming     in     the   other  House,
When   our people   elect   men who
will consider all public questions on
their merits alone, we shall have   a
Senate so   exemplary   as   to   give
pleasure even to The Toronto Globe.
To this end let it begin  by   reform-
ingf itself.
Jim; 15   Sunday
Jim   111   Monday
Jnn 17   Tuesday
KHT      Fill. IIMKTI'.II
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Knskonook and way points
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Monday, Wednesday and
ShIKI a.in -Train leaves 0. P. H. station for Slocan Olty, daily
except Sunday.
-Train  leaves  N.  & F. 8.
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
Kronen Hill Block Raker HI.
The strongest plea in support o
the Attorney-General's Bill to seat
Mr. Deane and Mr. Prentice was
that their constituencies should be
given the justice of continuous representation. Before the Bill was
passed or even introduced, tbe Government had knowledge of the death
of a member, Mr. Neilson, but so
far no steps have been taken to give
to his constituency tbe nearest possible approach to continuous representation. Is the inconsistency to
be explained by the fact that the two
members seated by Act are Government supporters, while in the other
case the constituency is expected to
continue Opposition?
New Books.
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Doctor Thorne,
H. Rider Haggard.
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Britain's Roll of Glory,
D. H. Parry.
Fights For the Flag,
W. H. Fitchet
Deeds That Won the
Empiie, W. H. Fitchet.
Whittaker's   Almanac   1899.
Established 1878,
The Brackman b Ker Milling
Company, Ltd.
Beg to announce that they have opened a Branch House in Nelson and
will Carry a Full Line of
Hay, Oats, Mill Feed, Mled Oats, Graham
Floui, Etc.
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daily except Sunday.
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Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
2:20 p.m.-Train arrives 0. P. K. station, from Slocan Oity and
way points, daily, except
4:00 p.m.���8. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday .
-S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
iliulv except Sunday.
5:80 p.m.���Train arrives N. & F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
A correspondent of a Coast paper
suggests that in the reports of the
proceedings of the Legislature the
names of members should be followed with that of their constituencies, and also wilh something to indicate their political complexion. So
few of the members were ever beard
of before that be finds in impossible
to gather from tbe reports who and
what they are. We are not sure
that it matters greatly, for after the
present Legislature expires very few
of them will ever be beard of again.
We are under obligation to The
Winnipeg Free Press for recalling
the fact that the constituency of
Macdonald in Manitoba returned a
Conservative al the general election,
and becoming vacant a few months
afterwards elected a Liberal. In re
turn for their kindness we arc happy
to relieve The Free Press of the necessity of revising its figures, and
will take into serious consideration
its suggestion that Tbe Miner "purchase a copy of the Parliamentary
Tin- llinm rrrnlli r liln lis
Tlie telegraph tells us that the people
me very indignant nt this course, aud
some idea of the extraordinary chin-
ncter of the preoeeding may bo gathered
from the fact that the self-sustaining
bid wiih actually passed and signed by
the Lieutenant-Governor before suy reply wns made to tlie (Speech from the
Throne. WUen the pecnliiir eircum-
Slauces under which tbe I ,ieuteuuut-(lov-
eruor dismissed lhe late (iuverunient to
niiike way (or this Ministry wheu it wus
hy no menus certain that it was in u
iniiiuril), are called to mind iu connection with the determined effort to keep
this Ministry in power, even the fur-
uwny spectator ciiunot help a feeling of
apprehension.���Montreal star.
iiiiiiiiiiiy Confessed.
Tho Scuttle PoBt-Intelllgenoer is particularly annoyed with the  Legislature's
decision to bur iiliens out of the Atlin
country. The 1'oBl-lntelliyencei's's iiuuiij-
unce is quite niideisliindiilile. Tlinu-
Hiinds on thousands ot dollars worth ot
outfitting business that bus heretofore
none to Seattle will now come to Vancouver und Vicioiiu.   ���Vancouver Prof-
4:30 p.m.
Office and Pocket
Diaries, 1899.
Start the
New Year
As You
Should !!
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and Advertise in the
Kootenay's   Greatest
Better Than Ever.
Reliable Mining News
bution   itself as to the time of intro-1 moe.
The News of
the World
Your Dining Room
Is Not Furnished
If you have not a Block Calendar with its daily quotation from Shakespeare, Dickens, Tennyson, Hardel or
Schumann.    They are useful, entertaining and instructive.
Thomson Stationery Co'y
Have them on Sale.    Get One	
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points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat in-day s.
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and all Main Line points,
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points, Rossland and Robson. daily
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Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to nnd from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival and departure.
Transportation Companion uro requested to
give notlco lo Iho Minor of any all mil inns tn
tho time of irriviil and departure from Nelson.
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month.   Visiting brothion Invited.
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at   thcli   Hall,  Kootenay sfeol.
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially invited.
A, 11. OlemenU, N. O.       Fred J Squires, Secy
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meet*
1st and 3rd Wednesday in each month in the
K of 1' Hall. F W Swanoll, 0.1). s. C. It.: J It
Green,O.R.: J. Furklas. Secy.
NKI.SONLOIIGE.NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meetd
every Thursday in the l.O.O.F. hall. G 0
Williams, M.W.: W 8Smith, Reo.-Sec; J. .1.
Di-laooll, Financier. F. J Suuirc. Receiver, and
I-. M. W.
NKI.-UN I..O.L. No. Mill meets in Iho Mao
Imii ,1,1 block every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock Yisiiiug members oordlally invited.
John Tovo, W. St.; K. J. Bradley, R. S.
NELSON   LOllGK  No. 'ii, K. of   P.
rameeta in Oastls hall, McDonald block
'Jiuvery   Tuesday cvonlng at  8 o'clock.
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R. G. Joy, C.C.
is-.'ui Gko. Rohm K. of R. and S.
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evening at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cordially invited, John Tki.kord,
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rend via	
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Portland Or*.
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"   "�����, Agen.
R.   Cameron,
Notice of Application for Liquor License.
Take notice that 1, Robert Kroy, will apply
to the Gold Commissioner of West Kootenay.
B, C. thirty days after dale, for a license to
sell liquor by retail at mv hotel, located at
Mountain Siding, In West Kootonay district.
Dated at Nolson, H. C��� this Will day of lie
comber, 18IIH.
The York County Loan & Savings Co., of Toronto.
Subscribed Capital, 13,000,(100; Total Assets
Paid Dec. 1HII7, ^460,100,93) Net Karnlngs for '117,
��lo,K10.:i'2. Joseph Phillips, Pros; A. T. lliinle ,
Vlco-Prcs;  V.   Robin, Troasuror;   K.   Hurl,
C. P. BROADHTJKST, Supt, for
Koatenays, RoHalanil, li. O.
0.L, MILLS, A��'t for Nelson,
AtWtl Wll mil aad Uplaln the ��fiUiu. NELSON DAILY MINER. THURSDAY. JANUARY  19,  1899.
tor anil  should   make
Tin- following resolution was unanimously ourriert on mot inn ul' Messrs.
Kvihl mni Grant;
"Tlnii ii is ol tbe greatest importance lo the mineral interests of British
Columbia  that a'mineral exhibit be
n      j     P   T    A       "D sent  to tho Paris Exposition and that
Board 01  irade   rasses   a in B)e ���,������!������ ,,r t_ie Board it is
Strong Resolution.
Government Urged   to  Mako  a Mineral
Exhibit at Paris iu
The South Kootenay Hoard of Trade
ut a mooting lust, evening put itself on
record ns being opposed to any legislation having for its objeot theexolnsion
of aliens from enjoying quartz mining
rights in British Columbia ; also that
die Government of the Provinoe should
spend �� sum of money in properly
advertising tho mineral wonlth of
British Columbia at the Paris Exposition in 1900 and that the Kootenay
Hoards of Trade should make an ox-
hihit of oro at the exposition independently of what the Government
may do.
There wero present, President J.
Boderiok Kohertson, Messrs. W. H.
Grant, J. M. Lay, Aid. Chas. Hillyer,
A. E. Hodgins, Dr. Arthur, Aid. J,
Kirkpntrick, M. DesBrisay, P. W.
Peters, A. G. Gamble, G. V. Holt.
S. S. Fowler, J. Hirsh, F. W. Swan
uell, Geo. Kydd, E. A. Orease, W. A.
Macdonald and A. H. Kelly.
President Robertson explained that
the meeting had been called an account,
of tho general interest taken in the
bills before the Provincial Legislature
and the possible effect of the passing
of the bills making it unlawful
for aliens to hold mining property in
the Province. Nelson was particularly
interested in leaving quartz mining
open to all comers. The president
thought that alien exclusion legislation would do a great deal of harm in
this district, by shutting out enterprising strangers who have done much
lo open the country.
Mr. Holt pointed out that American
money hud almost entirely opened the
country and nil we had was due to
them. The Englishman generally
waited until a property was opened up
before he invested his money in it.
while the Americans took chances and
went ahead in opening up the country.
Mr. Peters thought that it would be
out of place for tlm Board to take up a
question like the ilaoer mining whieh
did not at all concern this part of the
Province. He did not see that the
Board should tl ke action regarding
quart/, mining as 110 intimation had
heon given that such legislation was
contemplated. Ho did not think the
Government would bring forward such
an amendment. In order to bring the
matter to a head he moved,
seconded by Mr. Holt:
"That, wheras an act has been in
troduoed, and is now receiving the
consideration of tlie Houso, having as
its object tho exclusion of aliens from
the rights of holding or operating
placer mining claims, and,
"Whereas it is tho opinion of this
Board that any such legislation as
applied to lode or quartz mining
claims in British Columbia would bo
detrimental to the eest interests nf
the Kootenay district, it is therefore
resolved that this Board desires to put
itself on record as opposed to any such
legislation as effuoting quartz mineral
claims and that a copy of this resolution bo forwarded to tho Honorable
Minister of Minos and the Premier of
tho Province,"
There was no further discussion and
thu resolution carried without a dissenting vote.
J Tho Vaneouvor Board of Trade asked
the endorsatiou of the Board of a reso-
Ution adopted by the Vancouver body
urging the Government to appropriate
a sum of money not exceeding $60,000
to advertise tho Province's mineral
richness at tho Paris Exposition in
Mr. Holt moved, and Mr. Fowler
seconded, a motion heartily endorsing
the resolution of the Vancouver Board.
Mr. Fowler made u few remarks in
supporting the motion and pointed out
that too much value could not. bo
attachod to the proper advertising of
our mineral wealth. It was nociHsary
to bring the country prominently before
the public and no bettor way than by
an exhibit at Paris could well be found.
Ho thought money so spent would be
most beneficial to the country.
Tho resolution carried uiianiinously.
It was further decided that a copy of
tho resolution regarding alien legislation would be forwarded to the Vancouver, Victoria and Kootenay Boards
of Trade for endorsatioii.
Mr. Peters thought that the Boards
of Trade of the Kootenays should
make an effort to make an exhibit on
their own behalf at the Paris Exposition in addition to what the Government might, do.   The  Kootenays, bo
said  were molt interested In the mat*
necessary that the. Government of the
Province afford linmieial assistance in
cany ing this out. Bo it therefore
resolved Hull a eoniiiiitlee composed of
the President and Messrs, Macdonald,
Fletcher mid the Secretory be author
ized to draft suitable letters to oilier
Kootenay and B. U, Boards of Trn lo
with" the object of obtaining thefr cooperation in getting BUOh exhibit
together and inducing tho Government to give necessary aid."
A. VY. McVitly, Secretary of tbe
Fort. Steele Board of Trade wrote asking the Board to memorialize the Government on the Crow's Nest, mail service. Tho Nolson, Board lias already
taken a stand on this matter and a
copy of the resolution will be sent to
Fort Steele.
The mooting then adjourned,
E. C. Davison of the Vueogling
Brewing (Jo., Trail, was iu Nelsou yesterday.
.Mr. P, F. Richardson, representing
George L. Allcu & Co., Vancouver, is
at the Hume.
The Bank of Hamilton will open up
its first British Columbia branch in
Vancouver some time iu February.
The Cascade Record of last week
says: A letter was actually received
from Nelson in four days' time this
week !
Mr. W. A. Macdonald, Q. C, has ,e-
turned to Nelson after a few duys
spent in the Slocan couutry and I'm flier north.
Albert Barrett, one of ttossland's
newly elected aldermen, has failed to
qualify nnd another election is a
Mr. G. M. McDnwe'l, who is putting
iu the sampling Works at Itoseberry,
left with Mrs. Mis. McDowell lor Victoria yesterday.
At the Beard of Trade meeting last
evening two members happened to
mention that it ti ok 12 to 15 days to
receive letters from Oraubn ok.
Electors have been quite busy of
late getting their names put on the
Provincial voters's list. Application
blanks cau le procured at the Recorder's office.
George S. Jaquilh, representing
Warwick Bros. A- Rutter, of Toronto;
\V. E. Davidson, of Nerlieh A Co.,
Toronto, and Geoige Buscomb, of ,1. A.
Skinner & Co., Vancouver, arc among
the commercial travellers iu the city.
Free Press, Winnipeg:���After eleven
years' service with the Hudson's Bay
Company hero. Mr. C. McGinn loaves
today to fill a position in their store at.
Nelsou, B. C. Before leaving his fellow employees presented him with an
address anl a very handsome gold
City Engiueer McCulloch had fouJ
men at work on Victoria street yesterday in au effort to locale the freeze-up
in the water main. In one. of the test
holes the water in the pipe was found
to be frozen and other holes will be
dug today and tires built to thaw out
the pipe. It is possible that water will
be turned on by tonight.
There has been quite a movement in
Baker street real estate within Ihe past
few days. Following the purchase of
a lot near the Hudson's Bay Oo.'s store
by City Engineer McCulloch from W,
P. Tiemey for 14,000 conies the sale of
the 80-foot lot where the Vienna Bakery
now Stands, by Hon..). Fred Hume ti)
Robert Hurry for |8,000. Heal estate
in Nelson is active at present.
H. B. Porter, of Porter Bros., Brooklyn, is in Nelson. Mr. Porter is engaged in laying the steel and building
bridges on   lhe   line   of   the   RobsOD-
Pcniicion mud out. of Robson.    Tc a
Miner reporter he said that the work
was now neeessaiily progressing slowly on account of the snow and the
weather, tt would he some time next
summer before his part of the work
would be eoinpleted.
S,  Parrisb,   produce   merchant   of
Itossliind, was in Nelson yesterday on
his way home from Edmonton, Mr.
Punish invested in Edmonton property a little over two vein's ago and if
was to look after his interests that
the recent visit was made, "I built an
JW.IHIO block there two years and a hull
ago," said Mr. l'liirish lo a Miner reporter," and for a year did not, have a
tenant, Eighteen months iig<>, how
ever, the block commenced lo llll up
and now every room in it is occupied
The town is growing prosperous iiguin
and although for a timo 1 despaired of
ever realizing anything, I nm now well
It Will be Rushed as tkpidly as Possible
Until Completed.
Work mi the electric  light  Hume   wns
re-oommeuoed in earnest yesterday.
City Engineer McCulloch put more men
on the work nml instructed the foreman
to rush it through as rapidly as possible.
The hunter ordered from Gray's mill
and the Salmo mill will be shipped to
Summit Sidiug as qniokly us possible.
Mayor Neelands yesterday scut out a big
supply of provisions to the boarding
himse in which those who me working
on the Hume live. This was in response
to a request which was received on Monday.
This morning the Mayor   anil   Severn1
nf the Aldermen will vi it, the   scene   ol
the Hume iu oompany with the City Ki-
Ice Creepers!
We 1 lave just   received  another
consignment   oi'  these   famous
Life and Limb Savers  Call
early.    They won't last long.
Chicago, Jon. IH. Several hundred
men ond women, employed in a big
buildiig nt 158 Market street, were
thrown into n panic today by a tiro which
broke oul ou the fourth Hour. Although
uo "ue was injured, many had narrow
esoapeB. The structure was oooupied by
a number of mokers of gentlemen's finishing goodB and hats. The loss sustained aggregates <100,000.
LILLIE BROS. Aberdeen Block!|
A Treat.
Just Arrived from the Haple District.
Hong Kong, .Ian. IS.���Tbe Canadian
l'aeiflo Railway's steamship "Empress ot
China" left. Hong Kong at noon today
for Vancouver, B. C.
Hume���R. H. McKer, Pilor Bay;
W. E. Davidson, Toronto; C. A.
Wing, Oro; Mrs. E. R. Orchard
nnd son, Seattle; P. F.   Richardson,
F. J. Gavin, Vancouver; Mrs. Hol-
den, Mrs. Boyle, New York; John
Cholditch,Nakusp James McGregor,
C. A. Carmen, .F. J. Stephens, Vancouver.
Phatr���C. J. Kirkham, P. O'. Peterson,   Thos.   Johnson,    Spokane;
G. A. Farini, Oro; James Kidd, Lis-
towel; C. E. Fradgley, Yniir; I). H.
Harrington, New Denver.
Queen's���S. Perrit, Rossland; D.
E. ('lark, Pilot Bay; Thomas Kane,
Eric; David Black, Sandon; A. Williamson, D. Collins, Brooklyn; J as.
Knox, Arrowhead.
Somcpeoplethiuk that a Hardware
store is a pom- place to look forsuitable
Disabuse your mind of that idea. We
have a line of goods amongst which
will he found the most useful and appropriate articles for presentation purposes. Their value is not fleeting.
Every di,y the receiver of one of these
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liMYBr tisFtare Co..
importers of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
A Fresh Lot of^
Maple Syrup
In Tins and Bottles.
Also a shipment of Pure Rock Candy Syrup
in Bottles. Prices very Reasonable, considering the quality	
Headqu arters for Dried Fruits. Jams and Jellies
M.DesBrisay & Co.
Aberdeen Block,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
damps BUpplied on shortest notice and Lowes   Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing hut fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, 81,500,000, Reserve, $1,175,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
�� 3
fc FOR   RENT ^
jp: li-itnoiiii-ii Stone House $o o��
g- 1-Roomod Ploatored House ��� |U 00
fc-      1-Koomed   < oUukc  near   BUuiluy   :^
fc:   si reel, 875(1. ^J
E    6-Roomod Stone Cottage ?i3uu.       ^
^z     Large Double House $2000. zz��
^^-' * -* * ^ * .. .   . M. ^ ^ * *   ^Jfc^AA^A '.^
B        SEE ANNABLE       ||
i.T   OFflCli t II TOKIA NT., <>\ IIKIIM.K ::J
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and  see   us,
B. C.
Now finally known us
Fisher Station, C.N.P. R'y.
West Kooteuaj Valley, B. O., on line
of O.N. P. Ry., and
Nelsou A: Bedlington By., now  under
information regarding Creston may
be had of GEO. M'FAKLAND, Agent,
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
������������������������ ���������������������������*���������������������������������
!������������������������������������������������ ���������-���������������������
t |
I Short Order Meals x
t ���
+ Al Any Time���Day X
X or Night.
Antlgonlsh. N S.
Batburst, N. b.
Brtdgewater, N. s.
I'liarloUetown. P, E. I.
I lorcheslcr, N. B.
BVederloton. N. B.
Guysboro, N. S.
II rand Forks, B. C.
Halifax. N. S.
Kingston, N. B.
Londonderry, N. S.
Lunenburg, N. S,
Mail land, N. li.
Mom-ton, N. It.
Montreal, P, I).
Montreal, Wost Knd
Montreal, Westinotinl
Naiiaimo, B. ('.
Nelson, II. C,
Newcastle, N. I!.
I'iclon, X. S.
I'ort Htiwksbnrv, N. S.
Ro ' land, 11. V.
Saekville, N. B.
Sliiibeniieadie. N.S.
Summerstde. r. E. I,
Sydney. X. S.
St. Join, Nflil.
Truro. N. y,
Vancouver, B, (.'.
Vancouver, East End
Victoria, B. (.'.
Weyinoulli, N. S.
Woodstock, N. 1),
Ymir, B. 0.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in '-t favorable terms,    interest allowed  on  special
deposits ��nd on Having Hank accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Savings Hank department has heen established In connection with tho Nelson branch of
this bank. Deposits Of one dollar and upwards received, and current rate of inLerenl allowed,
al present 3 per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Steel Tape and All Kinds E
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
of Instruments repaired. I Two Lois on Mill Street.    $300 Cash.
Patenaude Bros. �� The Birkbeck Investment, Security
% and Savings Co.
^   advance money on Improved Real Estate,    Repayable in 5 unci
g^ 8 years by monthly Instalments, 9
The best Cook.
The Best Attention,
'the Best Meals.
!��������������� ���������������.������������������������������������������j
t Y. HOSHl        - Proprietor, a
itioe of Application for Liquor License.
Take notloo thai wp, J. Ft and <ioo. JpyoOi
will apply to the Gold Commissioner of wosl
Kootenay. B. ('.. thirty days after date, for a
license lo soil liquor by retail al onr hold, lo-
oatod at Fisher, 10 miles from Knskonook, in
I no VVe��t Kootenay district.
J, K. &G_0, JOYCE.
Dated at Nelson, B. 0., this 28rd day of De
comber, 1898,
cnuKt'HOK England���Matin n a.m.; Even
Song, 7.30 p.m. every Sunday. Holy Coramun
Ion on )st and :ird Sundays in the month aftet
Matins; on 2nd and 4th HundayK, at 8 a.m
Sunday School at 2J0 p.m. Rev. H. S. Akc-
hurst, Hector.   Cor Ward and SUlca streets.
Presbyterian Church���Services at u a.m.
and 7.80 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society meeU every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. R. Frew,
Methodist Ohuroh���Corner silica and
Josephine Btreeta. Bervioes at U a.m. and 7.30
p. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.30p.m.- Prayer meet-
Engon Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Kpworth
League Q. K.�� Tuesday at 8a, m. uev. John
Kobson, PoHlor.
Catholic CHURCH���Mosa at Nelson, ttrnt
and third Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Benedic-
Uonat7.30 to S p.m. Hev. Father Ferland
Baptist Church ��� Bervlcea morning and
evening at 11a.m. aad 7*80 p.m.; Prayer meeting vVcdncitday evening at. K p.m. the B. Y.
P. U. Monday .evening ut H o'olock. Btrangern
cordially welcomed,    Hev. ('. \V. How, Pastor
Salvation Akmy-Sorvic h every evening
at K o'clock In l.ui ru . I. un Victoria street.
Aii iuluii Millnor In charge.
Snv.viK IN TUB AlNSWORTH Minink Divihion
Or Wk-i KOOTBHA. DllTRlOT��� Wiikrk
LoOATKDl���ONI and a gr \ltiKit mii.km
Till KahloTkail.
TAKE notloo thai L Wilfrid Franots Breug-
ham,   F.  M. C No.  BIA6,   agent   for Charier-
King-ley Mllbourno, F. m. 0, wo. 1080a, Intend, llxty dajTM from the date hereof, to apply
I to the Mining I (reorder for a Certificate of I in
I proveinonts,   for the purpose of obtaining a
! urown (irani of thi; above claim,
1   And further toko notice that action, under
sootlon 87, tnusl be oomtnenoed before he ls<
; Buanoo of suoh Cortlfloatoof Irnprovoiiietail i.
bated thlfl Hilli day uf December. IHJUJ.
MUSIC LESSONS.-On iiiiiiio oi'khii or
jruilitr, hy lVIrH. W. J, AnIUiv, RodbOTI Htroo'.
two (loorw y/tmb of Slunlciy.   P. 0. Box 180.
COB SALE  Complete outfit; of Rood liouflO'
kOOplnR fUtnltUTO for tsmall fmtiily.    Applv ill
WANTl!.I).���A DUfBB mnid. April;
Mrc. 1). A. MoFnrlaud, corner Hull nnd
Rnbimn utireotfi.
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
$6.25 Delivered to any
part of the city.
Charles St.  Barbe,   Agent,
Office with Charles A. Waterman & Co., where
orders will be received.
nm; TABLE ton  CliOTINfl or hailh
AT  I'OHT  oili< i:.
Mnii i Bpokanei ViolorUl  Rosdsnd i
for     wlnnlpos;  vanoouvor and   m: n.m
I llll    Im.   '.in     I'mi,i I
Nuluihp;   SliK'tin   l.ukr;    Hnli-
(lcin:    v  -     " '
II   SliK'iui   Liikr;    Han- \
Vaneouvor.    Wliinl-    }8im
Main  l.ino, O.P.B.       I
i ru Ijihi. Tralli imii un  imi i
I'nInlK on 0. & K. 11
I..i   In umi   I .nl. i   I'mi,'
I '1 V.lu
I Ii.lll.
Knskonook   and CroHton
.Mmnliiy and Friday 7i!Hi a.iu
BuHlntr IK-i'N Thnt Cannot lie Found
Mllll   tl   MyMtlM-lollH   lllltllllll'l'llIK-.
Awny back in the fifties there \vnn a
Shawnee Indian village on the South Canadian river, about sii miles west of Smith
MoAle8ter, but tho old villiinu has long
uiiu'o disappeared. On the spot where the
young Shawnee bunk suhk his klowala to
bis dusky maiden and ooufted bis best
girl by tin. Unlit of tlm full moon only '
all occasional ruck hearth and a fow gravel
are left to Indicate tho former hunting
grounds of the red man.
Near tho old village slto now lives a
white num. Just on the border of this
man's farm Is a spot which seems to havo
been the thickest settled part of the Shaw-
nee village, and hero Is a grove of black
oak trees. In this grove are two vory
large Jiost oak troos, one In the south nnd
one In the north ond of the grovo. In the
grove can bo hoard most any day tho buzzing of a swarm of bees so plainly that the
noiso has fooled many old bee hunters,
but all their search has never revealed a
single bee.
Now comes the most peculiar part of
this most poouliartnlo. Tho largo post oak
troe standing at tho north end of the
grove Is the curiosity of tho bunch, for
not long ago a young man, hearing of the
beet, went tothe spot and proceeded to
look carefully up eaoh tree In the grove
until ho came to the north tree. Be was
within two feet of this tree, looking up,
when he hoard a noise just llkoaoarpentor
at work nailing on hoards, and the noise
seemed to come from tho tree. He went
around It several times trying to locate
the hammering, but it still scorned to
come from the tree. The hammering continued until he happened to touch the
tree with his hand, when It suddenly stopped. The man then wont away amazed.
A day or so uftorward this man hud occasion to again pass that way. He slipped
up to the tree and listened for tho hammering, and, sure enough, it was as plain
as over. He touohed the troo with tho ond
of his finger, and, as before, the noise
stopped at once. This man and several
others have trlod touching the tree several
times since, with the same result.
They Bay that the humming of bees and
the curious hammering oan bo heard any
day, but no one has been able to expluln
the mysteries ot this enchanted grove.���
Galveston News.
{        KOOTENAY \
Mining Stock Quotations.
imipili-il by H. (!. MoCullooh, milling lirok-
Nel.-on. 11. 0.. l>. II. bus 165.1
Being a Short Chapter From the History ot Little Susan Gratebar.
"I'm not going to school this morning,"
says little Susan Gratebar, and Mamma
Gratebar, indulgent ever, makes no objection, for the rain is falling very heavily,
the sky is dark, the wind northeast���a
rainy day.
And so a leisurely breakfast for little
Susan, a glance at the clock now and then
as the school hour approaches, and a
sonse of pleasure as it passes and leaves
her here at homo instead of finding her in
her accustomed place at school. For this
Is a break in the routine, a relief from
school and studios, a novolty, for homo to
her in these unacoustomed hours seems
strange, just as to any of us any familiar
thing will seem strange whon seen in any
Vuine of Company Value.
Nelson, Slocan and Alnsworlh
American Hoy 1 on
Athabasca l oo
Vrltngton Con l no
Dundee l no
Dardanelles i uo
Dellio I nn
RIbIb l nu
Rxohoauer l uo
Pern U. M. Co  25
liillson   15U
lliil) Mines  HI
Idler l ihi
l.nnilou   Hill       2.">
Fielson-Poorraan   2.i
Kaslo .Miinle/unia 1 on
Nellie Five UMI
[tumblerCon  inn
Heco 1 IK)
Slooan Star   .Ml
TwoFrlonds     'in
Wonderful  lno
Washington loo
Trail Creek
Butte 100
Caledonia ('on   1 (Ml
Commander -inn
Deer Park l on
(enterprise l no
Kurokn Consolidated 1 nn
Kvening .Star 1 UU
Georgia l no
Good Hope l on
llrand l'rizc  1 IKI
Uinnt UK!
High Ore 1 on
Iron Mask 1 IX)
lion Colt 100
Jumbo 1 OU
l.ilvMay 500
M lyftower l oo
Mr.nila 100
MonteOrlsto l uo
Mugwump l no
Novelty 100
Phoenix 10(1
1'oorinan 1 OU
Red Mountain View 1 0U
Rossland  Homestako 100
Rossland Red Mountain 1 00
Stlverine 100
Silver Moll  IHO
St.. Klmo 100
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph 1 00
War Eagle Con  1 UO
WostLo Roi Josio 1110
White Dear 100
Alpha Hell 100
Cariboo ((.'amp MoKl 1 no
Waterloo (Camp MoK) lull
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 011
Channe      25
Gulden Cache 1 UU
Or,: M, 85 M, Co 100
lllil Ironsides T (XI
smuggler ion
Tin Horn    25
Van Alltla 1IW
Winonester   25
Fire Moimlaip ion
Painting and
Fancy Work.
Mrs. F, A. Taniblyn, Vernon St., is prepared to
lake pupils in painting on Sal In. Glass and Canvas. Also lessons given in all branebes ot latest
fancy work. Orders executed promptly ami
at reasonable prices.
1 20
I 25
3 2U
1 511
the American congress���uo longer iu
foroe -abrogated by the free will of tbe
AineiicHii people before the riches of the
fur tun ih land were uncovered. The
aim not of the Ui.ited States was
amended in Marob, I897i nnd this is the
law nf lhe land now!
" 'This net shall uot be construed to
prevent any pern ms not citizens of Ihe
United States. [Mini acquiring or holding
lultt ur parcels of lands ill unv incorpor-
nl. tl or plaited cilj, town or village, or
in an < mine ur mineral clnim, or iu nny
nf lhe terriioriiies ot ihe United States.���
Fiftv-fourth Congress, Sesa,  11.,   Chap.
'Inquiries at Republic,   Wash.,   have
already shown that some "(  the  claims
have been staked nml are now owi e.l by j
Biitisb subjects, aud  on  the  American
side ot tbe 4llth meridian there nre many 5-j
imrifarons holdings by British  subjects.   IMPFRjA^ BANK
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger,
All kinds of day and night Soavengerlng.
Work promptly done. Chimney Sweeping
Box 232.   Lcavo ordorB at M. Dosllrisay's.
New York,   Jan,   IS.���Bap silver 5S
I 5-8.   Silver certificates 59 1-2 to 00 1-2.
Lend strong, hiokers 1400,   exchange
$4,221-2 tn |427  1-2.   Copper strong,
other than Its familiar relations to other I brokers 18 3-4, exchange M :i-R to It 5 8.
things. Xin   strong,    straits  $22.20   to  2240.
And Susan reads and plays games with   t)iH(.es firm
her little  brother and walks about the      ' ' *   *   *
houso, and finally gets a lirtle tired of it
all, as any of UH would, for wo all, old
and young, need for our welfare some
regular employment���to have, as tho say- |
Ing is, our minds occupied. And presently little Susan gets interested in the
weather. There's a thin place in the
clouds, us thore often Is even on the rainiest days, and by comparison tho sky
Hghtons up a good deal. Then Susan
���aye to hor mother:
"Do you think It's going to cloar off?''
But Mrs. Gratobar, older than Susan
and wisor in the weather as in other
things, says she hardly thinks so yet, and,
euro enough, ten minutes later it has shut
In blacker than ever and the rain fulls
more and more heavily. And so it goes,
the whole day long���a rainy day���and
Susan doesn't go to school at all. She
stays in tho house, and it gets pretty irksome before nightfall.
But some time in the night the wind
changes and comes out from tho northwest. Tho storm has passed, the sun
shines brightly, and little Susan Is up and
off to school bright and early and glad to
She lintl Her Way.
"I shall havo to ask you for a tloket for
that boy, ma'am."
"I guess not."
"llo'stooold to travel free. Heooou-
pies a whole seat, and tho car's crowded.
Thore are people standing up."
"That's all right."
"I haven't time to argue the matter,
ma'am. You'll havo to pay for that boy."
"I'vo nover paid for him yet, and I'm
not going to begin now."
"You've got to begin some time. If
you haven't had to put up faro for him,
you're mighty lucky or else you don't do
much traveling."
"That's all right."
"You'll pay for that boy, ma'am, or I'll
���top tho train and put him off."
"That's all right. You put him off If
you think that's the way to got anything
out of mo."
'��� You ought to know what the rules of
this road are, ma'am How old is that
"I don't know. I ntiversaw him before.
If you want a ticket fur him, you'd better
ask that old gentleman down tho alslo.
llegoton with him."
A Novel Ailvi-Hlsi-mont.
A Russian  shopkeeper with  an  eye to
Immediate returns is said to havo posted
an niiniiitnooinoiit lo tho effect that tho
roason ho had hitherto sold so cheaply was
that ho was unmarried and did not need
prollt for the maliilnnanoH of u wife and
family Tho advertisement closed as fol
"It Is now my duty to Inform tho pub-
lln that this advantage will shortly bo
withdrawn from them, as 1 am about to
bo married. Thoy will therefore do well
to make their purchases at onco ut tho old
Tho result was that there was suoh a
run on the simp that in thu course uf a
few days tho shopkeeper had made enough
money to pay tho expenses uf his wuddlng.
Rhubarb u �� Garden Crop.
I One of the garden crops that thoroughly
understands how to take oaro of Itself Is
rhubarb. If planted In earth that Is not
vory dry, it will conlinuo for many years
without receiving any particular attention. It Is, however, vory fond of high
living, and those who desire to have largu
ami i.uei'ui. ni stalks should give a good
top dressing of manure overy season.���
MIndian's Monthly
Tbe Kootenay manager of one of the
i largest American exploration compauie
i operating iu British Columbia has handed
1 in The Miner the following art icle   upon
I the Alien Placer B.11, ttliie.h  will be   of
great interest not only to   mining   men,
but to rentiers in general,    it  was   written before   the   bill   received  its  third
"Never before in the history of British
Columbia has n Government measure
-lirietl the interest nntl temper of tbe
Pacific slope like the Alien Placer bill.
Tne suddenness ot its conception, the
ease with which is has slid through H
second readiug without serious opposition, the piercing effect of its  enactment
into law nil indicated that the Proviuoe
was ns fully prepared for such a meisnre
as the Americans were unprepared for
it. At Seattle aud Tticoina the indignation and protest has laken Ihe form ot a
blue flame which is tapidly spreading lo
all centres of business on the const.
Through the efforts of the 0 lumbers of
Oommeiceof the Puget Sound cities the
matter is already officially before the
\VushiDgtou Slide Legislature now in
tension at Oiympin. Since it became
apparent the bill was likely to become n
law without debate, the wires to Washington, Ottawa mni London have been
kept white hot in an effort to sicure n
postponement until the proposed Legit -
iiitinii oan be examined with that degrte
o( scrutiny which ils far reaching impoi-
tittice demands, The Ainei ieiiim request
I this us n matter of justice, being the parties ngniiiht whom lhe net is specially
diteoUd, mid promise, if given the opportunity, to make up a case which will
ii move the 11 I lie Imii tllilii'l upon which
the bill is i opuliiil) puppi ml to rest.
"lhe  Alien   I'lncei    An",   is   the   Ibst
movement of oeiloiu corporate Influence.
in ('militia looking toward   the   absolute
exolunlnn of foreign competition |rj  the
Dominion.    The scope of the idea is   by
im nn mis signified by ihe present mens
ure but this is the premonitory symptom
I of it      In    it   nre   ii eluded    exclusion
I fiom velnl as will as i urifernus depo"its
to Bay nothing of an   extension  of the
j system to the oniiimereiiil   nml   carrying
111 ni|e. Tin' people of British Columbia
huVe evideutl) not been let into the sec
ret of this measure which was let upon
the stage for the llrst act in tho form of
a retaliatory bnrlequiu, appealing with
piiiriuiie pride for popular support.
"Without going into the moral aspect
of retaliatory legislation, the bearing of
such a spirit in good wholcsoine laws,
becomes simply a questiou whether the
British people of British Columbia will
enjoy the auomalons distinction of placing on the statutes n law founded on    an
titter misapprehension tinwiiingly gi>-
ing legal force to corporate greed at  the
expense of not otil) the penile of this
Province bill nl the expense of n friendly
ami neighboring people as well.
"Upon v.linl is this proposed alien  hill
Notwithstanding the popular belief to
ihe contrary all through the mining districts of the United States every miner
has equal rights without rtspeot to his
" this is article II, section 88 of the
constitution of the neighboring Hinte of
" 'Tne ownership of lands by aliens,
other tlinn those who in good faith have
become citizens Jof the United Stabs,
is prohibited in this state, exoept wheu
acquired. * * * Provided Unit the
provisions of this section shall uot apply
to lauds containing valuable deposits of
minerals, metals, iron, coal or tire-clay,
nnd the necessary land for mills ami
machinery to lie used iu the development the eof and the manufacture of the
products therefrom.'
"Now what are you goiug to
against? A popular delusion, a myth?
Is it to be presumed that tne emiuent
members of tbe Provincial assembly are
legislating in tbe dark or must we assume some other motive'for their action?
We are almost driven to the latter conclusion. There oan be no retaliation,
least of all among English speaking
people, without adequate oause. And
when the oause is absolutely uou-exis-
taut, fanciful or imaginary, where it pre
sumed to base vital legislation on snob
an airy foundatiou,we are perfeclty justified iu turning tbe search light of inquiry
in some other direction
prayers and petitions of the people of
British Columbia for the Gorbiu railway system were detented hy the cry of
"Oauadaffor the Canadians." Oun it be
possible to lead the people again into a
paradox hy a simili ir ruse?
"No measure of praise iB sufficient reward for tho independent and manly
course of The Miuer in opposing snch
hasty legislation from a moral standpoint nnd in the midst of a sadly misinformed and mistaken sentiment. It is
just such independe; ce which cnitBes
the suicide to pause on the briuk and infuses into his life renewed hope and suu-
'After nil it does uot matter much
whether gold is discovered by nn American, Englishman, German or Italian.
The country developed got the benefit
ami the world gets the benefit. What
would have happened if i-uch restrictive
laws were euncted before gold was discovered?"
* *   *
Sandon, .Tan.   18.-The   Ruth   Mines I
will begin work on   their concentrator
this week.
A i e\v vein has heen struck ou the
S!ocan H:t\r property ihis week.
The Rico mine is continuing the
shipment of high grade ores and is
pushing the new developement work.
* *   *
Silverton, B C, Jan 18���There arrived on the wharf at Silverton yes
Lerday ni'Tuillg, sacked and ready for
shipment, 32 tons of ire from tbe
neighboring miues. Tl �� wharf is now
completely stocked wilh ore sacks.
* *   *
A tiansfer was made yesterday if
a oi.o half interest in the Kattie H.
from Widinm Connelly of Ro i-
land to P. Corliss of Ross'and. T' e
Kattie H. is situaied on the N Hli
Fork of the Salmon river.
*   #  *
Capital raid up     ....    ��'<.wki,o<ki
Hum  L.300,000
11. S. Howland, Pros.   T. It, Merrill, Vice Pros
Wm. Ramsay,     Hugh Ryan,     KobtJatiray,
T. Sutherland Slayner      Ellas Kogers.
Head Office, Toronto.
I). R. WILKIB, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
Brunches iu nil nrlnrlpnl cities mni towns
in    Ontario  and (Quebec
Itraiii'lit i     In       riaiilliilin.      Nut lint til
Terrlliirles and iSiliMi Columbia.
] WiNNii-Ko, Man. Portage La Prairie, Man.
BRANDON, Man. Cai.oahy,   Alia.  I'niNUK Ai.-
. bkrt, sask. Edmonton, ;Aita.
| Vancouver, n. ('. Bourn Edmonton,
; Nelson. I). C.   Uevklbtoke, h. C.
Agents in Great |Hrltaln���Lloyd's Bank, Ltd.,
, 72 Lombard street. London, with whom money
may lie deposited for transfer by letter or cable
to any part of Canada.
I       Letters of Credit issued on Alaska Commor-
retnliate   ciidCo. payable at Hi. Michael's, Alaska, and
Dawson City.
Drafts Sold, available at all point* in Cauda, United Stales nml Knrope.
Lotters of credit issued, available in any
part of the world.
Savings bank Department���Deposits of si
and upwards received and interest allowed.
Bebeilures���Municipal and other debentures purchased,
Money Orders Issued payable at any Bank
Rates-Uuder 810, 8c; <10 to $20, 10c;
820 to $30,12c; 830 to 850, Uo.
J.  M.   LAY,   MANAGER.
 Republic Stooks for Sale.	
1,000 Bryan and Sowall 5 cts
,, 1000 Maxwell 2 cN
The   repented  loou  Munrao  3ct��
500 Standard 5ft-
1000 Little Cnriboo (Boandaryl 3 cts
2000Toledo  litis
100t��Ltberty Si els
Olliee Tut net -IttMi'ltb Itlnrh. Nelson, It. <
General Teamsters.
for B, C. Oil Go.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Geo. W. Bonis, will
apply to the Gold Commissioner of West. Koot
enny, B. O., thirty davs after date, for a license
to sell liquor by retail at my place, known us
the Pioneer Restaurant, llobson, B, O.
Dated Januaiy 18th. 1899.
I All nartii's arc cautioned| against buying
I Hoco Mining nnd Mil in.: Company, Limiinil,
i Slock Cerlillcnies Nos. 242, 248. 241, 245 and 216,
Sub scribe for The Miner! reti,|iHti"KT Pp��nM &i����m�� ����>' ��f
Jau. 6-
Orackei���On Rover creek :i l
from Kootenay river, Gen. Dixon,
Dixie' 1-i mile B ef Ko ti nay river,
Louis Uavtwlg,
Em tun Q���West side of Rover creek,
ll 1-2 mi �� of Kootenay river, John
.lull.   Hi
Tmnnrauk l''in   On Balm >u rlvei
\V. Bacon,
.Inn. IK
Major   On Blue Dug mountain, ndj
Bin Tunnel
ia favor of L. 10. Hank; No. "47 In favor of L.
rotnrson, aad No. 2tH in favor of 8. T. Arthur,
.���said cerUllcatos were obtained by fraud and
will not he redeemed,
F. T. KELLY, Secretary.
Take notice that [.Robert Mi.'olinn.wlll apply
lo tiioGoid Oommlnlotior of woa! Kootonay,
ill, C, thirty flays nfier dale, for a lletnisit In
I sell Hiiutir by retail nt  my  tlutol, located al.
I Slrdur, l.ri mllcHfroui Kuskonook. lu the West.
1 Kooicnay district.        IKIBKItT MKKIIAN.
Dated al, Nelson, 11. 0., lids Isl day of Decern.
W. H. Oooperand Joseph her.iwis. m
Oro, Jan. 17���The camp of Or.i, P.O. j
was enlivened Tuesday evening on the
occasion of an impromptu gathering
by the employees of the Oro Gold i
Mining Oo. Their popular superintendent 0. A. Wing had tendered his
resignation lo the company some iluie
iign hut was not lelleved until yesterday when Mr. Farm from Toronto
c une to take ehnrge of the Company's
various mining enterprises. The employees started fcheevenlng's entertain-
Notice in hereby given that application will bo made to the Parliament
of Canada, at its next session, for au
net to declare the Bedlington und Nelson Railway Coinpanny to be a body
OOrporate and politic, within the juris
(lift nm of the Parliament of Canada,
and  the Company's Railway  to be
a work for the   general   advantage   of
Unfinished Worsted Coats
to wear with odd trousers is the
correct thing this season.
And what is correct can he
found here ul any time. We
have a large stock of clothing,
hut we don't keep it lung. The
arrivals of this week will be
gone hy next. The style nnd
out of the garments catches the
eye and the quality of the goods
the judgment, and makes ins
tumors of all who come to see.
--J. A. GILKER--
p   O. STORE.
For Next Ten Days
Line of Tea Sets of Dishes*
Containing 40, 44, and 56 Pieces at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
Groceries ai)_ Crockery
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mininy Engineer
Orders   received   at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner oi'
Kootenay  and   Baker  Streets.
General Agent
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
&y_~ +>����������������� ���_������!)
Branch Mai kets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
i C. D. J. Christie I
5-Room Colt line
3-Boom House
2-Lot Corner, two houses
2-Lot Corner - BOO
BO-Poot Lot, Vernon Ht-,   -   1800
Aberdeen Block,
!������������������������������������������������������������������������������.* 1
Spokane Falls &
Northern R^y.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red IVIquntain^R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
of oars between Nelson and Eosslaod ami
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
���'   1L.55 "   ROSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6.30 p.m
Train Unit leaven NhIbou nt 11:10 a.m
make* olose oonneotions at Bpokane loi
'ill l'neitle OoaBt Points.
Passengers for Kettlo ltiver and Boundary Orees,consent nt Mnrous witbStige
0. H. DIXON, (i. P. &T.A.
Spokane Wash
(��. K. TAoKABUUY,
Afrant.Nelson, B. 0.
Steamship Lines
Allan Lino  Parisian	
lioiiiiniuii   Mno���Soolsman.
"     Vanoouvor.
(Ulan Lino- Mongolian	
muni by meeting in the dining room of |Oannda, also to authorize tbe Com-
ihojeompany's hotel Mr. Wing wuh pany to exercise running powers over,
seut for and an address wuh delivered iiml ti) the uhc iiiiii operation of the
bv W A. Ohesley on IrataaH of those' P���i'f <* ��* ��ti>er ���lw��v companies
ny w. n.      ������'} nnd to ninkii mioh  arrangements for
present,       Mr.   n.     >l.     McNniiy, 'conveying or leasing the Company's
builder, wuh mode ohaliman Railway and. its rights and powers hhj
f nddvess olthanks Worn iH usually given to railway companies
Kiiirn   fol owed   in   a in their A tits of Incorporation, and for
the mi
i.nil i I'll r iilir
Mr. Wing, M
pleasn.nl vein with severul witty stot'lee,
In nddi Ion lo lhe address Mr.   Wi"g
wan presented wilh a handsome g��ld
From Bit John
 Fob. ii
 Inn 28
 Koli I
Front Portland
 Jnn. 28
From Now York
wiiiio Star Line -Brltannlo Fob, l
c.iinnrii Line���Campania  Ian. 28
Amprloan Line���Ht Paul Fui>. i
Anchor Line���Anoborla Fan. SO
Allan BtatoLIno -State o(Nebraska-.,,,Vob23
Passages arranged to nnd from nil Buronean
points,   For rniiiH. tlokots und full information
imply InC P, It, dopotagi nt or 0. 10. HoiihIuv.
Olty Tlcliot Agont, Nelson, B, (!.
,.      ��� . WILLIAM HTITT,
MSI  OoMnrnl Anout.C.I'.lt. offloes, Winnipeg,
other purposes,
Kaslo, B O, Deo 39, 1898.
I endors wanted for purohase of lot 8 In blook
I! und lot 7 lu tilock 8, subdivision ot liUtrlut lot
, BS, Uukor Street, NuIhohHI. (J.^Tcndori to bo mill risked to this orlloo marked "'l'lme,''
Purchased and payment made as soon
after receipt of ore as
samples can be assayed.
Quotations given
upon the receipt ol


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