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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 10, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 906
Provincial libr.ry g31oo
Nelson,   British Columbia,  Monday Evening,   December io,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
.ldermen Will Probably Investigate Charge
That the  City Assessment Roll
Has Been Tampered With.
Meeting Tonight.
The meeting of the City Council this
.evening promises to lie a most interesting one. There will lie tho report
of tho special committee consisting
of AM. Arthur, Irvine and Hull, appointed to investigate the Mayor's
charges against Chief Thompson, and
In addition it is more than likely
some action will be taken   looking  to
;.i_ thorough investigation of the
oharge that the lust City assessment
roll has been tampered with.
This latter charge is a most serious
one and the citizens of Nelson will
not be satisfied until the City otlieiuls
have looked into it thoroughly. The
Miner would suggest to the Aldermen
that in taking it up they have laid
hefore them first of all the original
Hat as compiled by City Clerk Straoh-
>an, make note of the changes made by
" the Court of Revision and then make
note of one or two changes made by
Some oue without authority before
the list was copied into .he tax collector's book.  In this nay if the Hat has
.tfeen tampered with the   guilty   party
can bo found. The report of the Fire
Chief investigation committee will
probably be a brief orfe. In the first
place it will exonerate Chief Thompson. The committee will state that
no evidence was introduced to substantiate the charges, made Then the
committee will probably recommend
that Chief Tliopmson be reinstated,
and that in view of the fact that the
charges against him were groundless
anil the further fact that he has practically remained on duty notwithstanding bis suspension, he be granted pay for the entire time of bis suspension hy the Mayor.
The report of the committee will
undoubtedly he accepted by the Council and it is likely thut Mayor Houston will then allow the matter to
ilrop, evidently feeling that the time
he has already devoted to his persecution of Chief i'hompnej.i in , been
worsted, and tlien again, it is likely
there will be another investigation
on, one in whieh the Mayor will be as
much   interested   as   he  was   in  the
leave London for Liverpool
and Home Early This
Escorted  to the Depot by
Scots Guards' Band and
Lord Strathcona.
London, Dec. 10.���A detachment of
the Royal Canadian Regiment consisting of Companies -'A" "F"" and
J'l" which reached England about a
fortnight ago on its return hume
from South Africa, left London this
morning for Liverpool. The Scots
Guards' Band accompanied the men
to the railway station, where Lord
Strathcona and Mount Royal, High
' Commissioner for Canada, and other
prominent persons, bade them farewell. To what extent the Canadians
had won the hearts of Londoners was
evident from the serious mixture of
men, women and girls, who, hanging
upon the arms of tho soldiers, marched with them to the station, crying,
Cheering and waving their hands.
The Canadians will sail on the
���teamer I-mlte Champlain tomorrow.
From Colonel Otter down, they expressed intense appreciation of the
Warm reception accorded them In
not a cry from any of the eight of the
crew sho carried. The storm was so
heavy that I could not put ubout to
hunt for any one. There would not
have been a particle of uso anyhow,
because in those tremendous seas no
one could have lived a minute, even if
the water had not been ice cold. There
had not been a signal of distress from
the Foster up io the time she sank."
There is from su to 100 feet of water
where the vessel sank and there is
little hope of ever being able to locato
the place. The Foster was valued at
Sill,000, but there was no insurance,as
it lapsed December 1. The cargo was
not insured. The life saving crew
took a trip today, but could find no
traces of the wreckage.
New Roman Catholic Church Dedicated There Yesterday.
Vancouver, Dec. 1.���The now Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of
the Holy Rosary was opened nnd dedicated yesterday with imposing ceremony by Archbishop Christie of l'ort
land, Ore., assisted by Hit-bop Orth,
of Victoria, Bishop Dontenville, of
New Westminster, and a large body
of clergy. Tho new church is one of
the finest ecclestical buildings of
(lothic design on the Coast and will
nceiimmiidate one thousund people.
It is constructed of British Columbia
stone and possesses the first peal of
bells over rung on the mainland of
British Columbia, tho peal of Holy
Trinity Cathedral, Now Westminster,
which was destroyed in the groat lire
which devastated that city In 1898
never having been bung, as the cathedral belfry had not been completed.
which is used as a naval museum and
stole a quantity of Nolson relics, including the Admiral's watch, seveial
of his medals and gold ornaments from
his   Sword sheath,    The loss probably
Irreparable.    The object  of   th.
thief apparently was merely to obtain
the metal. There is no suggestion
that he is holding the treasures for
ransom, various Intrinsically valueless
relics being untouched.
Ore Barge does Down   Nose First And
Her Crew Is Lost,
i Erie, I'a., Dec. 10.���In the midst of
one of the most bitter gales that ever
swept Lake" Erie, the iron ore barge
Charles Foster, in tow of the Iron
Duke, went to the bottom at 4 o'clock
Sunday morning, ton miles off Erie
and eight persons were drowned as
follows: Captain John Bridge, of
Cleveland ; first mate, unknown ; second inato, name unknown; seamen,
Robert Woods. William Kelly, of l'ort
Austin, Mich. ; Cook, Mrs. May, of
Detroit, two unknown deck bunds.
The Foster was ono of the fleet of
James Corrlgan, of Cleveland, and for
months has beon running from Du-
lutb to Erie with irdn ore. Her cargo consisted of 1,800 tons of ore, Capt.
Ashley of the Iron I) ike made Erie in
safety. In an interview he said:
"When we turned for the harbor, a
sea which was much heavier than
any othor experienced struck us. 1
ran to the stern. Just as 1 got there
the F'oster plunged In an awful sea
tnd dove down nose first.   There was
Returning Members of it Are Still
Actively   Talking.
New York, Dec. 10.���On board the
steamer La Hretagne, which arrived
at Quarantine last night, was Major
John McBride, late of the Boer army.
Major McBride was in command of
the Irish brigade which wus recruited
In this country und served with distinction until Colonel Blake, who is
a native of County Mayo, Ireland,
was given the command, May 3rd.
"Tho Irish brigade took part in
many engagements, and they fought
from border to border, "said Major
McBride. "Our first engagement was
at Dundee on October 13. From there
wo went down to Ladysinith and took
part in the siege of that city. On
October 30 the day that the Boers cap-
ured 1,101) men and at the beginning
of the siege, the brigade did excellent
work. Indeed, their work attracted
the attention of Oeneral Joubert, who
personally commended them. On
that day it was necessary for ammunition to be brought up to the guns.
The work was dangerous and the men
carryiug tlie bbells were exposed. In
spite of tlie danger the brigade volunteered. Under a heavy fire they carried the ammunition up with the result that three wero killed and ll
"From Ladysinith we went to Co-
lenso where we took part in the fighting. Wo were there when Oeneral
Botha wns beaten and when Lady-
smith was relieved. 1 want to say
that that victory waB not the result
of any brilliant fighting, but was
caused by the effect of Uenernl Cron-
jc's capture on the men. The story
that the Irish Fusiliers wanted to
join the Boers is true. Seven-eighths
of the men asked to join us. I was
willing, but the Boer Oovernment
wouldnot allow them to do so."
London, Doc. 10. ��� Mr. Kruger received a message from the Czar Friday
night, Bays the Associated I'reBS correspondent of The Times, at The
Hague. It was worded In very friendly words, but tbe fact that Its existence has been kept a close secret indicates thnt Russia wiBheB to abstain
from any active steps friendly to intervention. The Czar naturally pleads
his illness as a sufficient excuso for
not interfering, Mr. Kruger when
cheered by the crowds on his return
from the euthedral yesterday, turned
and roundly relinked thoBo near him
for such a desecration of tbe Sabbath.
London, Dec. lo.���The Boxers are
disturbing North and Western Cor-
ren, says the St. Petersburg correspondent of The Dally Mail, and tho
Russian troops are preparing to scatter them.
Lower Slocan Rapidly Winning a Reputation for
Large Amount of Capital Has
Been Expended In Development Work.
Compliments   Exchanged Aboard   the
Battleship  Majestic.
Lisbon, Dec. 10.���At Saturday's
banquet on board the British battleship Majestic, when King Carlos.
Queen Marie Amelie and Prince Louis
Philip, together with the membeiB of
the Cabinet and other dignitaries,
were entertained by Vice-Admiral
Sir Harry lloldsworth Rawson, the
Portuguese Premier, Senor J. Lu.
eiano de Castro, toasting "Queen
Victoria" aud "Great Britain" saluted the nlliance that has existed,
and said the signilieancc of the alii
anco was "un assurance that our
rights will bo respected and our dominions maintained." Sir 11.C. Mae-
Donnell, tho British minister in responding thanked tbo (lovernment of
King Carlos for the friendly attitude
maintained with such correctness towards Oreat Britain during the government of Queen Victoria. "The
conlirmntion of alliances which unites
us" continued tho British minister,
"is there in tbe presence of the channel squadron. Ancient tics are drawn
closer b�� recent events. The BrltiBh
Oovernment dobirc that a firm und
dutiable alliance may be ever main
taincd." In conclusion be proposed,
"tho prosperity of Portugal and the
happiness of tbe Royal family." Senor Vlllneao, Minister of Marine and
tho Colonies,    who   responded,   said:
"We welcome our allies. There
(pointing to the British ring) Is the
British flag. Let us salute it with respect and affection as the Portuguese
Hag wns sainted at Komatlpoiirt.
These two salutes are a publ'c atllmia-
tion of the alliance." Senor Villaeae
toasted tbo Britlnh squadron. Hit
Harry Rawson replying said: "I welcomed with enthusinsm my instruction to come to Lisbon whore our union and alliance are now being celebrated. 1 thank you for the reception
and I drink to our slotur navy which
has gloriously maintained Portuguese
London,   Dee.    10.���The   Telegraph
sayB   that a thief  entered   tbe   great
painted Hall  of Greenwich   Hospital
New Bedford, Mass., Dec. 10.-This
city Is on the eve of another battle
between labor and capital. This
mornlm? nearly 1,000 operatives remained away from the Aolnsbnot and
Hathaway mills.
Reports of the satisfactory results
of deep development in the lower Slocan have boon coming in during tho
past summer and fall. During the
past year more capital has been expended in development work than in
any previous period and the results
are rupilv reversing the reputation of
tho district. The lower Slocan was
first made famous in '96 and '00 by
tbe almost fabulously rich surface outcrops. Assay returns 1 mining into
the thousands of dollars were secured
from surface deposits ranging from
a knife blade to 10 and 12 inches in
thickness. The upper Slocan with
its grass-root propositions had mnde
its record us a "poor man's country," where prospects had been developed from the wildcat stage to di-
lvdend puyers without eupital other
than returns on the ore shipped, and
everyone was prepared for even greater things from these rich dry ore deposits in the lower belt. During the
fall and spring of 96-97 the influx of
prospectors and small capitaliats at
Slocan City, the distributing point
for the district, was enormous and in
a short time a busy town of 1,200
people bad sprung up with its full
quota of lawyers, brokers and mining
speculators. A real estate and building boom was the result and appearance of great prosperity was visible
everywhere. But it was only an appearance. With rare exceptions every
little actual capital was brought into
tlie camp. It was not supposed to be
necessary as tho prospects wero confidently expected to develop thein-
sselves. It was n prospectors' boom,
and in the few instances in which
mining men of resources invested in
the district it was with the full expectation of small outlay and quick returns.
But development of these rich veinB
did not bear out expectations. In
ninny instances the ore bodies
proved to be surface dnposits
only, pinching out at a comparatively short depth. in others the ore was frozen to the walls so
tightly as to making sorting ditlicult
and profitable mining impossible
with the prevailing rates of wages,
aud packing, freight and smelter treatment charges. Then a reaction took
place. Tho report went our from
some of tlie discouraged wise, ones of
"gash veins," a "badly broken couu-
try" and small ore bodlos. Such
operators as Finch and Campbell operating the Arlington and Howard
Fraction groups, and the Hall Mines
with the Skylark and Ranger and
Chapleau groups, got frightened and
threw up their bonds, und it took but
a short time to tone down the enthus
iasm over tlie district and relegate it
to a secondary placo in the opinions
of the mining world. Then followed
two yeais of Inactivity. But little
more than assessment work wns dono,
which, however, In several instances
yielded such results ns to attract occa
slonal attention from the outsido
world. Early in the summer of lHUO
begun the operations of the re-organ-
Ized   Arlington   Company hended   by
R. C. Rithct and Balfour, Outbrie
and Company, followed by the Warner Miller Syndicate, the English and
French syndicate represented by J.
M. Williams et al, and a number of
smaller, but resourceful combinations
of capital and ability. Several of the
most promising of ore deposits were
attacked 'n earnest by these people.
The Arlington was developed to a
depth of Beveral hundred feet, as was
also tho Chapleau and others. And
today the Slocan City district is the
most active of all the districts outside
of tho established inmps of Rossland
and Snndon. Nothing more is heard
about "gash veins"   and   "bad fault-
lugs." The Arlington is a Bteady
producei of a carload a day, which
amount will   be arroiitly  Increased   as
development proceeds and the facilities for handling  the  oro now   under
construction arc completed.    The old
famed Two Friends property Is paying
handsome prolits. The new Specula
tor group lying above the Arlington
is developing into a wonder and extensive development work is going
on. Thu Chapleau has just installed
Its concentrator plant and regular
shipments of concentrates will sunn
begin. The Warner Millei people are
not as active as during tho summer
due to litigation,but it is well known I
that in the Smuggler group on Ten
Mile and Kokanee and Slocan-Kilo
group on Lemon Creek they havo
properties of great merit.
And tho results of nil this work
goes to show that while thore are undoubtedly gash veins so called und
mere surface deposits of extremely
high grade ore to be found throughout the lower Slocun country they
are by no means typical of tbo district,but are rather duo to the dissolving and disintegrating of the vulues
from the larger veins und country
rock and their redeposit in the cracks
und supcrflciul fissures of the country.
For, cutting across and running
with the formation are to be found
veins from live to SO feet in width
filled with soft gangue matter and
lined with tale, in which ore chutes
havo been developed ns in the Arlington running 'JO and 30 feet in width
with depth and several hundred feet
in length, while somo of the smaller
veins, as the Enterprise, Chapleau,
Slocan-Kilo and others have proven
by their continuity nnd permanency
of values to be capable of highly profitable operation.
Slocan City today is a thrifty mining camp and its thrift bears in the
composition no element of inflation
or undue excitement. With a payroll
during the summer of 815,000 to ._(),-
000 per month it is passing into a
winter of active development with
promising prospects for a brilliant
spring and summer. Thus does history repeat itBelf. The results in the
lower Sloean prove again bow the
best mining men of the country arc
sometimes fooled and how little it
payB to accept off-hand the popular
opinions concerning the merits or demerits of any country. In mining the
race is to tho mon of nerve who dare
be indifferent to popular opinion and
the advice of friends and follow their
own judgment out to and ut timus
beyond the "forlorn hope."
British Columbia seemB dostined to
become one of the greut mining districts of the world und eupital is comparatively safe in following any reasonable promise of its diversified mineral characteristics. At least it can be
said that no mineral-bearing section
of its wide domain deserves to be ig
Government May Be AsKed to
Vote Him Twenty Thousand Dollars.
New York, Dec. 10.���Sir Thomas
Lipton, says a Herald despatch from
London, Eng., engaged in a brief conversation, ubout thu contest for the
defence of Araeric's cup, which, it is
reported, is likely to take place between tho Herreshoff boat and the
yacht to be built by Thou. W. Wal
ton of Boston, Sir Thomas said he was
not concerned one bit by it. "There
is only one man in America whom I
fear���thut man Is Herreshoff," said
he, "I believe that so long as he lives
no other d.signer will ever equal
London, Dec. 10.���The Right Hon.
St. John Broderiek bus been reelected
to the House of Commons from the
len.iiUiirel division of Surry in tlie
Conservative interests, without opposition. Capt E. M. Prettymau, Conservative, lias been reelected without
opposition for the Woodbridgo divlB-
ion of eSulfolk.
Berlin, Dec.  10.���The Oerman mem
bers of the Internaitoual court of   ar
bitration   at The Hngno will   bo   Dr
Binguer, President of   tho   Senate  of
the High court, Ilcrr Von   Frnntzlns
Councillor of   the   Foreign   Ol'iee and
Councillor  of   High   Court,   nnd Pro
fessor Von Bar, of   the   University of
London, Deo. 10.���Sir A. Ailand-
Hood, Conservative, hns been elected
to the House of Commons from the
west or Wellington division of Homer
set.    He had no opposition.
Kansas City, Mo., Dec.   10.���Several
bridges were   destroyed   on the   (lulf,
Colorado and Santa Fc   road  nenr Sa-
pnlpo,   I.   T.,   yesterday,   by   strike
' sympathisers.
Number of Seats in the Sen
ate May Be Increased
By Six.
Toronto, Dec. lo.--The World this
morning givefl currency to the rumor
that the Dominion tlovernment be
asked to voto 8211,000 tu Colonel Otter
for services rendered in South Africa.
Tara, Out., Dec. 10,���North Bruce
Liberals have decided to protest the
election of Alex McNeill, Conservative, who was elected over ,1. E.
Campbell by one of a majority.
Novelties   That   are  "Just
Out" Cateh Nelson
A Large Portion of the Christmas Stocks Has Already
Been Purchased.
Seafortli. Ont., Dec. 10.���Colin
Bethiine,treasurer of the town of Seafortli, is dead, aged 01 y��arB.
Hamilton, Deo. 10.���A. R. Kerr,
drygoods merchant of the city Ib
dead, aged 50,
Ottawa, Dec. 10.���The second Canadian contingent who wore announced
to sail from Capetown on tlie 2nd are
thought to have sailed from that
place on Saturday last, according to a
cablegram said to hnve been received
by the military authorities.
Toronto, Dec. 10.���Village of lies,
peler, Ont,. will be created into n
town on und after January   1st. 1U01.
Toronto, Dec. 10.���The World yes
terday. on the authority of a gentle
mnn frum Quebec in this city, who is
said to be posted on Oovornmont mat
tors, says the Oovernment luteudstnk
ing advantage of tho British North
America act to increase the number
of seats in the Senate by six, two
from Ontario, two from Quebec and
two from the Maritime Provinces.
Toronto, Dec. 10.���F. Mcdregor, a
conductor in the employe of the Street
llnilwuy Co., was ariested Saturday
night charged with tampering with
the fare boxes.
Comber, (Int., Dec. 10.���Ed Jnckson,
the 15 year old son of Samuel Jackson, a farmer, accidentally shot himself in the loft side, while out hunting .Saturday afternoon, whieh resulted in death almost instantly.
The holiday increase in the volume
of mail and express handled, Is beginning to bo noticed and the employees
of the Postolliee, express ollices and
custom oflice are already being rushed. The money order and registry
departments also show increased receipts. This is due to tho western
people sending money east to their
friends for Christinas purposeB.
Tbe holiday trade In the local stores
and shops is on with a rush und the
attendance at every store is increas-
ng daily. Every body seems to bo
seeking "new things that have not
nppeured until this season," and for
noveltlies in general. A considerable
portion of the holiday stocks is already sold.
This year thero are as usual endless
changes in designs in all little things
gotten up to meet the popular demand
for something "just out," while in
the heavier lines there is very little
that is absolutely new,yet tbeio huve
been a good many changes in styles
for the Christmas and New Yoar'a.
In jewelry there are many things
that aro now. In both sterling silver
and plated wart the nev. Freucb gray
finish hns come in. In cull' links a ik-w
finish called the rose gold tint, is
now In vogue, brought out by tbo
ChriBtmas demand. Orotesque shapes,
such ns Neptune beads, are becoming
th* rage for tho holdlays iu both gold
and silver links. In wuthces, umbrellas and everythlneg that is for
sale ir. these departments, there aro
changes. In toys, games, Christina*
tree decorations there nre also many
things new for this year. And they
are put up in such a way thut they
readily cntch nnd please the eye.
The merchants of Nelson have laid
in lurge stocks of these now goods and
thore Is no town of equal size in tho
Dominion where tho variety is so
TO     Be
Forces of Gen.  Knox and
Gen. Dewet Said to Be
London, Dec. 10.���The Evening
Standard, which has special soutces
of Information, says this evening,
that a great battle between the British forces under Oeneral Kncx and
tbe Boers under Oeneral Dewet is going nn.
Built From Orand Forks to
Kettle River District.
Grand ForkB, B.C., Dec. in.���Application will be made to the British Columbia Legislature to incorporate a
company for the purpose of constructing a railway from Orand Forks to
the mouth of Nnglu Creek via the valleys of tho north fork of Kettle River
to east fork of the saino, and Summit
and Ragle Creeks, a distance of about
110 milefl. The projected railway Is designed to tup Franklin and Oloncester
cumps, where large bodies of low and
high grade or. aro being opened up.
The applicants ure R. A. Dickson,
Ocorge Fraser, E. Spraggett, R. R.
Ollpin, A. W. Eraser, Fred Wullastou
and J. A. Coryell.
They All Tend to Increase   Mr. Oalli
her's Lend.
The following are the latest returns
of lust Thursday's polling:
Pentlcton���Oulllher 5, McKane II,
Foley 2.
Fuirview���Oulllher s, McKane, 14,
Foley o.
Poachland-Galllher 9, McKane 10,
Foley 8.
Kclowna���Oalliher 10, McKane 21.
Fe.lcy 17.
Salmon Kiver���Oalllher 12, McKane
0, Foley 0.
Lumhy-Oalllher 20. McKane H,
Foley 2.
.lackman���Onlllhcr 7. McKane 3,
Foley 1.
Mr. Gnlliber now has a majority of
ni...in '.'50, with is places to hear
Mr. A. F. Rosenliurger, n mining
man and prospector, will open nn
olliee in tlie new K.-W.-C. block at
tho first of tli. year.
Vestcraas. Sweden, Dec. 10.���Philip
Nordlund was behoaded this morning. On May 17th, laat as the steamer I'rlna Carl, on which lie was a passenger, wan passing Quicksand, he
murdered seven men nnd wounded live
others, a woman and a boy, and escaped In a boat to Koptng. He was
convicted and sentenced to death In
Juno \Hht. Tho condemned chanted
tbe versos of a Psnlm ns he laid his
head upon the blook.
London, Dec. 10.���It |��� authoritatively assorted that Duke of Westminster Is engaged to marry Miss Hche-
lagh West, dnughter of Col. Cornwall
West. By tho marrlnge the Duke will
become the brother-in-law of Mrs.
(leoige Cornwnllis West (Lady Randolph Churchill.)
Llvldla, Dec. 10.-The Czar's  physicians  Issued the   following   bulletin
this morning:    "The C_ar'a sleep and
appetltlo were very   good.    H' .   ten����
|peraturo and pulse are normal."
' V
Nelson Daily Miner, Monday Evenino. December io, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Published Every  Aftornoon   Except Sunday
���HY TIIK���
Limited Liabilit..
115 Fleet Street, K. C.
Central  Press Agenoy. Ltd., Special Agonts
Dally, por month, by cnrrlor	
Dully, per month, by iija.il	
Diiily, por yoar, by carrier	
Dully, por your, by iimll	
Dally, por year, foreign	
,.     50c
.  1 00
..   6 00
..   II IK)
Globe, are kept busy in explaining
thut Mr. Tarte did not say what he
.8 reported to have said. Tbe gentleman is the victim of tlie most extraordinary misunderstanding ever heard
of. There is a simple explanation
of all these denials and corrections,
however. Mr, Tarte is not misrepresented ; he says exactly what he is
reported as saying. Down in Quebec
he gives expression to sentiments calculated to Inflame the passions of his
compatriots and to excite raoial feeling. That serves its purpose there.
Hut it will not do for Ontaiio, therefore tho organs are instructed to declare that he has been misrepresented, and to publish a version specially
corrected to suit English-speaking
renders. It is not n particularly clever device, but from its frequency is
becoming rather diverting.
__=__,.:�� ���^>^}J,-
���m* /^____���K ifii
Weokly, per half yoar  Wjjjj
Weekly, per year.......    *_��
Weekly, por yenr, foreign    ���> Wl
Subscriptions Invariably in advance.
All Chocks should bo mado payable to tho
ordor of Nelson Publisiiinu Company,
Put Us On
Your List..
��� ���    _^__^L-_-__-i    ������
We  W ��
For the past eleven months Mr.
Houston has heen Mayor of Nelson.
His term is near its expiration, but
he has discovered in time the urgent
necessity of a paid Fire Department.
This had not occurred to him during
the eleven months. Bis vision was
clouded or his perceptive faculties
were inert, until cleared and stimulated by his recent disastrous encounter with the Fire Brigade and its
Chief. It was only then he realised
the danger the town was in from the
present volunteer system. He ran his
head against a rock, and immediately he saw in the myriad stars thus
produced the crying need of a change
to a paid service. What it all means,
in a few plain words, is that Mr.
Houston is endeavoring to cover his
retreat from a most disgraceful attack
on the members of the present Fire
In his paper this morning he publishes a letter from the Secretary of
the Mainland Hoard of I'tre Underwriters, addressed to some friendly fire
insurance agont in the City whose
name is not given. There is nothing
in the letter that is in the least novel
or surprising, comforting or assuring.
All it says is that if we had better lire
protection the writer would be encouraged to recommend a reduction
in the insurance rates. Very probably
he would, ne says that a change to
a paid service, supplemented with an
electric alarm system, would be a
"betterment," meaning that if the
present service were bettered it would
be better. Tlie inoBt of us had supposed as much, without this bit of
stiirtliug information. There is nothing else said on the question of a paid
service. Something more than a mere
betterment is required, however, before there can be a reduction. A substation iB to be provided for the residential district "on the hill," furnished with men, team, und a light
chemical. This would bo an auxiliary to the main station, which is to
be elaborately equipped. If wc go to
all this expense the Secretary would
be "pleased to otliclally" recommend
a  reduction.
This, it seems, is very gratifying to
Mr. Houston, but it fails to establish
the urgency. The improvements specified in this Secretary's letter would
invo.ve a heavy expenditure. It may
be, as the Mayor says, that the cost of
the men themseves would be little
greater than that now puid, in which
case it would follow thut we already
have a paid service, and thut all wu
have to do further is to fully equip it.
That is a niattei that will have to be
takon up soon, as thu town is growing, and our lire service, like everything else, must be kept abreast of
the times. We have to consider whether an electric alarm system is not
necessary, and wbother, not one, but
two sub-stations are advisable. Those
are questions thut are forcing themselves to tho front, but it would lie
doubtful wisdom to take them np in
the expiring hours of the present
Council and decide on them without
proper Consideration. Our present system has served us well, and it can be
trusted to carry ns through until a
better one is devised, with the deliberation duo so important a matter.
We have done too many things witli
a rush; let us avoid thut mistake in
the present instance, even nl tin nigh it
may not serve Mr. Houston's purpose. The town has been taking Its
directions from that self-seeking individual quite long enough: it will better consult its interests hereafter if it
proceeds on its   own judgmont.
The two flags will nuver'morge, but
in other respects Canada and the
United States are us intimate In their
suciul and business relations as it is
possible to be, with a necessary customs barrier between. The inter-
ciiunge of letters is almost as great
as between two of our own Provinces.
Would it not be possible, in consideration of this fact, to arrange for an
interchange of postage stamps? It is
frequently necessary to enclose a
stamp for reply, and in each country
it is not always possible to obtain a
stamp of the other. Why should there
not be reciprocity in their use? There
may be objections that do not uppear
on the surface, but unless entirely in
surmountable it would be a great con
veuience if the postul uuthorities of
the two countries could arrange for
the mutual exchange of stamps on letters passing from one to the other.
The following, from his paper this
morning, is a pretty exact measure of
Mr.  .John Houston :
"The Milier says that the City assessment roll should be investigated.
If it were, no one connected with
The Miner would be found on it. On
the other hand,if the water collector's
roll was investigated, it would he
found that both The Miner and its
editor are using City water without
paying for it."
This sifrnaturo is on every box of the genuine
Laxative Br01110 Quinine Tablets
the remedy that ores n coM _Q one day
There was never in any country a
man who was so systematically misrepresented as Mr. Tarte. Whenever
ho makes a speech which is nearly
every day, the report of it Is invariably followed by explanations nnd denials. Two or three of the organs,
foremost among which is The Toronto
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Hough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LARJ 0.
A well established livery business,
known as Heynolds' Livery, consisting of four horses and burliness,
two busses.two sets sleitjlis one spring
wagon, and building.
LdBse of ground for three years and
four months at 81" per month.
Part of puri'linse money can be ar-
rangeil with tlio undersigned on
Hugh R. Cameron
linker Street,    N_'son, Ii. C.
Real Estate and Insurance
Mutual Life Assiinince ('11. of CiiiiiuliL
Anglo -American Fire Insurance Co.
Standard Loan Company,
BeQta Collected.   Cnnveynuciug Done.
Three houses for rent.
Ono  fine  new  lumse  for pale;   only
sinnll payment down.
MI-INtl KKOU-U, Mil tin   ri'itMf
Wil,'le nil. I     MiUOT.    I 'ei. in.ll .e|if|.ei.iei,M|,r._||,.,|
WiNOEBMERB, _.. 0.
We will see that you
arc not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your   wants  perfectly.
Klrkpatrlck b Wilson
R. W. DAY,
Agent fob
Life, Accident, and Fire Insurance.
Loans Effected on Desibaulk
Do You Wish to Borrow
On first inortgiiKO iniprovud properly I
If ho, I cun place your loan, utvintc you
the privilege of repaying the amount
borrowed in a definite number of
monthly payment" of principal and'n
tercsl, with the privilege of ropayinK
tho wholu or any portion at uny time
after the second your:
$500 repaid In 60 monthly payments of $10.40
$500 "     96 ** 7.30
$500 "   120 " 6.30
Othor sums In proportion.
No 00__.mt-___.09 ehanjod. Definite contract in mortuaKe limiting payments.
Definite table furnished each borrower
showing amount required to discharge
loan at any ttmo after the so^ond year.
No Mcmhur-ihip Fees. No !��� ioen.
Building loans made; money advanced
as building progresses.
R. W.  DAY.
Gee Can Fit You.
He has   one of   the   best   nnd   largest
Kail und Winter Htucks in
the l'rovince.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
Haker Street
I      IN ONE.
Eight  pages  of  Buaimarizod  and
classified news-
Eight pageti of practical agricultural and live stock articles.
Eight paees of interesting fiction
and magazine features.
3 Sections. '   24 Pages.
$1.00 PER YEAR.
Balanoe ot 1900 freo with subscription for 1901.
NELSON 1.0IH1-   No. 'a. A. K. tt A
,\i   ei.. ..|   . .-i-eeu.l \V_ilinnulay  In oneli
ii...!.: I,    V tailing brotlicrn wolcomo.
^���jB^ '��� O- O. F. Kootonnjr IxhIko
Jlj| No. HI, moot* evory Monday nlnlil
^^e_^^ at thoir Mull, Kootonny Htroot
Unjiiiirnine. (Mil Follow, conllnlly Invltod.
John A, MeUan.N.U. 1). \V. Hulliorforil. V.Q
Froil J.   .,'en,   Por. Hoc.
Nh-80N'-   Ut'KKN    NO.   211
SONS    OF     KNOI.ANI),    moote.
Mi' HrHt \'. . .in,- I i \ ovoniiiK nf
rue-li month nt Fliilnriiiiy hull,
cornor uf llakor and Kootonui
Htrootn. Vi.iiin,; urolhern conl-
ieill) Invltod.
John Watson, Secretary.
NKI.SON  L, 0, L. No. 111!.,  inoeln in I'm-
tornlty Hall on firm, und Ihinl Fililay evonlngl
Of ouch tliulltll ut 8  .'clock.     Vlwltllli;   Iiuinilell-k
leeinlliilly Invltod.   it. ItobliiHOii. W.M.;    Wm.
Crawford, H.8.
NK-HOM _01IO-   No.ri, K.nf I'
inootn in K. ��f I", hull, Orfil.elluWK block
ovorv   Tuoiilay "ovenlng al.  8 O'Oloak
5JAI1 MlUlllg knlKhtH cordially   Invltod
F. .1. Hhaiii.kv, O.C.
J. A.IM'ji l T n-.. K. of It anil H.
NKLSON AKHIK No. _i, _'. O. IC, moot*
every Hoc.ni) anil fourth Wodnowluyn ef eaob
month. Veiling- memboni cordlully Invll-
( liiei-leee Prowwr. BMirnt-ry.
NoIhoii Kiicampinolit No. 7.   Moot* ovory .ml
eeiiel lib Friday of oach month, In odd Fcllou.
Hull,  cornor  llakor nnd   Koototniy   Hlrori
Nelnon.   A. H. GlenunlH, C. P.; I). llrArlbii.
It, S.   Vlieillng brotlior. alwajH w.lcoiiifi.
Can't we persuade you to do yourself a favor ?
have a little tale to unfold to you of
in all our
comprising Toilet Sets for  gentlemen   and   Ladies,   W C_.
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For the next 30 days we will give on all
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-lv *_
-__ -k _k _k __. _k __ _W_k __:_fc��k __:<__: __. w.__rW___'__f_k"__:"__:":__ __ _fc
Rich's Famous
Julia  Marlowe
They shape to the foot and are
the most perfect fitting shoes
Kindly call and inspect these
The SuoeistB
A whole page if we attempted to name the many
pretty things we  have in
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E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
P.O. Box 626.  Coblo Addross: "Croasd-llc," Nolson.
conrussioN aoent.
God.-Morelrio & Nul.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and Montreal Stock Exchanges. Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
g:   If you do not  receive  during  the  next  few  days 3
(by mail) one of our
I Xmas   Hamper)
Lists        I
do not think you have been Neglected. Your 3
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Cook Stoves.   A complete Hue.
Call and he eonvineed that the only  place to buy
Stoves   and   lianges   at   the   right   prices   lu   the
Merchants' Bank ol Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital rnlil-iip,     ,    .    .     i. i,.is.-.,n;ii.tNi |  Kml ��!,)������,"���������
"iinril ��r l>lr.-ri,irs:   Thomas K. Konny,   Proddtntl   T. om-n Rltchlo. TlM-IMlM
Wiliey .sii.ii 1,   11. (i. iiiuiM, .ll.in. II. 11. Fullur, M.1..C lion. DhvIiI MauKuon.
II, ml  Olliro, lleilH.i�� :
General Manager, Kdson L, lJeaHC. Montreal.
-nperliitondoiii ot ItranclioH. nnd tjuei-lary, W. B. ToiT_n_o, Halifax.
Inupector, \V. K. -rock, Halifax.
InHpoctor D. M. Stewart, Montroal.
Kie'-ee I,,. : .   -
Nova geotla-llalllax Branch, A_���koiiIhIi, UrUgawater. Guynboro. LaadODdnrTi W1"_5_
Mallland (HantH Co.), I'lctou, Port Huwkeiebury, fiyilnoy. Uliulninacadie, Truro, Wl|_��5"
ftovr Brn-nwlcli-BiithiirBl,, DoreheHler, Kroilui-lctoii, KIiikhIoii iKont Co.l. Moncloj. WJ
caHtlo.aiiokvlllo, Wloditook. I". K. lalnnil���t'liarlotlrlown, suiiuiionilda. Qurl>err-Jioiiu��
(City Ofllco). Montreal, Went Knd (Cor. Noire IJnmo und Bdgneuni Btnetfll ��oMtiiiouiili��
Greene Avonuo aid St. Cathurlnos Htrret. UnUrta���Ottawa, N>i>rnun.lln.nl- !-t.J��"
.uiiii. Weal I��dle��-Havann. 1 mini Hinle��-Kew York |1U Kxchanno 1'iaco) Itopubllc,!""
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Caiuuln    Mi'r��'!i;iii:-
National  Hank.   Han
I'ihIk, France���Credit LyonnulH.
Kong mid 8huii|[hul BankltiK Cor[K)ruMoi).
I'orrrKporiilciilM t
Bank of Cnnada.   Bnnliin-Natlonn_ ShawmnL Bofik.  ^_*_f_\___\L
���. rnmrtsni   Kn  1   Nalioiiiil  Hunk.   IoimIoii, Kng. - Hank of ��01"".
lit Lyonnals.   Itermiida-Hank of Iluruiuda.   OU-U BM Jai>����-i��"��
iviiiih mm oiihiihiiui iiiuikiiiK Cor[)oratlon. l.
Ueneial Banking Bualnesi Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange box.0
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the mOBt favorable terms.   Interest allowed on "P*0
deposits and on Having Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager,Nelso^EC-
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Maedonald Block  corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64 Victoria, Chapter 10J
and Chapter 104, the name of
will   be changed to
"Zbe TRov>al Bank of SanabjT
from and after
the  Second  day  of  January,   i901,
General Manage
Halifax. 1st November, 1900. Nelson Daily Miner,  Monday  Evenino,  December io, 1900
He Lived In Grcnt Style and Surrounded by Koiniin,-,-.
The most famous bandit ever known
on the Smitu lfe trail wus Bspinosa, a
Spaniard, who nt one time liuil greut
wealth nnd lived in a hacienda on the
bunks of tlie ltio Grande, near -iintn _'e,
like one of the dukes of his unlive country. He claimed descent from u knight in
the army of Cortes, uml the walls of his
house were ornamented hy ancestral portraits painted by famous artists of Spain)
He huil Immense herds of sheep und cuttle, und upon his dukedom ruled over several hundred peons, who regarded him
oa 11 king-
After the American occupation of New
Mexico Esplnosa fell into hml company.
The newcomers taught him new gamos
���nd played him unfriendly tricks. They
trespussed upon his hospitality. They hided his hacienda, lived in luxury ut his
expense, drunk his wine ami ale his inut-
on and then wou his money ut curds.
:le lost so much that he became liiiiin-
ffslly embarrassed uml wus compelled to
Mortgage his herds. It wan a greut mor-
tllie utiun to the proud Spuniard, and
when it was too late he began to realize
"tbui he had boon Imposed upon.
One ilny I"* made the acquaintance of a
rich young New Unglander, who had come
1 Santa Pe with u lot of money to engage
business. The Yankee visited.the liu-
tfclendu, and souu liiuile himself ut home
���ttteie. It was suid that he wns in love
, witli Ilouna I'lspiuosa, a beautiful girl
^Ebout 18 years of age, and that his nflVc-
_Blon was reciprocated. At one time when
Hbspinosii was pressed for money the
���Voung Yankee received a large remit-
Stance from the oust. He offered it to the
flBpiiuiurd, but the latter wus too proud to
___.,.,,,et a loun from his sisler's lover. The
Koine night, however, after he had retired
'. the young mini heard a burglar in his
Koom, and in the struggle learned that
Kthe intruder was uo other thnn his host.
���JBeiu. discovered, Espinosa drew a dug-
������ ger and  plunged  it into the American's
I The members of the household came
'   tushing inlii the room just us the victim
wns dving.    He told thetu what hud hup-
. penel,  and  the  sister uf the  murderer,
tlirowiug herself upou  the  bnily  of her
deud   lover,   cursed   her   brother  as   an
, assassin uud a thief.    The guests mnde
no ulle'inpl to arrest him,  hut  lO.-i'inee.su
knew that he wns ruined nnd, in desperation, abandoned his ranch nnd lied to the
Bungle de Christo nioiiiitnins, where he
f made his lieuilqiiarlers for several yenrs,
{Conducting successful ruids on the over-
Hand conches  und  the freight caravans
iilong  the  Sunta   Fe   trail  and   robbing
ranch settlers in  every direction.    The
government   offered   a   rewind   for   the
bandit deud or alive, und after about ten
I years of unparalleled  outlawry  he wus
I shot   hy   an   Irish   trapper   named   Tom
JTubin, who cut off his head and brought
1 It to the authorities in un old gunnysaek.
L��� Chicago Record.
-   Ti-iv.Ior   Bay.   That   lav-gM  Ba
N-t Iluv. tbe A-coni|ill.h���lent.
"Snoring may be inconveniently obtrusive iu a sleeping car," suid the experienced traveler, "hut it is just as much
a mark uf d high stage of civilization as
is the sleepiug car itself. You inuy take
it for u fact that ull the wild and inferior
races do uot snore. The doctrine of the
survival of the fittest gets in Its work
right there, and tlie suvnge person who
vocalises his Bleep stunds a very good
chance of learning that snoring Is not
good for the health. Suppose you are &
very savage person out on the warpath
In a country full of your enemies. You
take every precaution against discovery,
covering your trull uud selecting your
camp so us to hutlle ordiuitry search.
That's all right, but if you snore it's all
wrong. An enemy who hears the sound
will make Investigations, aud the result
is fatal always and frequently uncomfortable.
"1 hnve been a great deal among wild
people, bolh in this country und elsewhere, und 1 know thut they do not snore.
Once I hud on. of these government professors with me. Ho was a very wise
man and knew more about the savages
than they did themselves, but he 'would
snore to beut the bond. Like most people whose slunib��w* jure orchestrated, he
denied the t_-_t..uu we should never have
convinced h'.iii ut what the rest of us had
every reason v.* know if it hud not been
for .one little tM'ciiuistnnce. Oue night
we made our ramp right In n village of
the savuges. They were peaceful enough,
and we were in no particular danger.
Still, us they were wild people, It was
just us well to keep some sort of a watch
on their moveaients.
"Well, the professor rolled himself up
in his blanket and soon was snoring like
a good fellow. After awhile I felt that
there were people nhout, uud I lifted myself up on my elbow to see what was up.
I'm blessed if pretty neur the whole outfit
of the savages hadn't left their own
houses and squatted down on the grass
where they could look into our camp and
see what wus going on. It was the first
time in ull their lives they had ever heard
a man snore, uud they did not know what
to make of it, or rather they thought
they did, for they sized it up that some
one of the gods wns communicating with
the white men.
"It's never very safe to monkey with
tho religious opinions of the savages, so
I got up nnd woke the professor. When
_e saw the crowd sitting around our
camp, he wns scared for fair, but when
I told him that the savages had gathered
just to hear him snore it made him mad.
I don't see why it should. If the say-
ages don't snore and the civilized people
do. then the suore should be taken as one
of the badges of civilization."���New York
[It Hake. It Interentlnir For the !'���_-
��� entfer. When It Occur..
I A boat drill is an Interesting perform-
Bftnce when one sees it for the lirst time,
irovided he knows thut it is coming, but
Its terrors are real for those who do uot
expect It nor understand what it nienns.
"The second day out, while I wns sit-
jltlng calmly on deck," said a woman who
"crossed the ocean, "I heard the hell ring
[Violently     and     continuously.     Looking
ground, I saw two able seamen drugging
' a henry hose, nnd in another secoud the
water was turned on full  force.    Then
n| the crew began to appear on every hand
B nnd to tear about  in the wildest way.
_  Meanwhile  the   bell   continued  to   ring,
'* and the cuptuin stood on the bridge giving orders.    I wondered if I hud time to
.-. go for my pocketbook or for a life pre-
'. server.   I did regret thut 1 hud not read
��. more carefully the directions for putting
'JMou th. Life preserver.    Meanwhile 1 tried
, to find out how neur deulh we were and
just what wus the cuuso uf our doom, but
the  men  to  whom   I   appealed   were as
much frightened or as Ignornnt ns I.
('_. *' 'Yes, the ship's on fire,' one answered
me.   Another suid he didn't know whether there was a fire in the hold or whether
something hud broken about the engine.
The crew were busy getting the lifebouts
over and hadn't time to answer my questions.    I suw women crying uud clinging
to their husbands, nnd one woman waa
about to leap overboard  when she  was
restrained hy a man in u white coat and
apron, who,  1 think, was u conk's hoy.
The cook's hoy told mc nt lust thnt it
wus a drill to test the men.   'Don't try to
encourage me,' I protested.  '1 lind riilher
Jtiuiw the worst.'
���r "It must hnve been ever In five min-
utrie, but 1 leiirned in thut time to know
e whut it meant to feel sure of denth nt
sen. I asked the captain why ho didn't
warn the passengers of what wns coming. 'Because the men would know, too,'
he replied, 'and 1 wouldn't find out then
how lnuny men slept ou duty.' "���New
York Press.
One of Uncle 8*m'. Mnirnnu,
"The museum of tho deud letter ofllco
1   In Washington contains a varied assort-
efj ment of urticles which huve not been in-
\ eluded in the sulci of unclaimed parcels,"
_ writes I'uttl Lyle Collins ill The Ladles'
fi Horn.  Journal.    "Among them  inuy  bo
��� seen    Ivory    miniuliires   of   greut    age,
KwatchuB, false teeth, boxes of raising uud
���vTof  wedding cake,  pislulB aud   knives, a
;' clothe,  wringer,  a  coffeepot,   a  kereesi'iiu
; lamp, Infernal machines, decorated china,
dainty fans, horned frogs, centlpedSi human   skulls,   a   mounted   iilligiiliir   mors
than four feet lung uml, In short, every-
���   thing that one would Imagine would not
v  be sent by mall.    It hardly seems neees-
���iiry to say thut dynamite and live ner-
pouts are clussed as 'annullable,' yet Ihe
mull service has been culled ou to Iruns-
port both."
Very Hnr*.   *
There Is a bright 10-year-old youngster
In Bangor, Me., whose mini hus a fad of
keeping an autograph iillniin. Sonic up-
preelative friend wrote upon one page
the quotation beginning) "What is bo rare
ss a day In JuiieV" etc.
The youngster in question wan looking
over the book for a place to put his name
and noticed thin. The next page was vacant, and he wrote, In the hold If somewhat Bcrngly chirogriiphy of youth, the
answer aa he Baw It, "A Chinnmiin with
whiskers," aud then signed his name.
of The Miner
Poor   I  eeieej.1
"I am not st all Certain," snld the father, "that my daughter loves you sulli-
ciently t�� warrant me In Intrusting her
to your keeping for lift,"
"Vfell," replied the young man, "perhaps yon bsren't had' the smne advantages for observing things that I have."
."���Philadelphia North American.
Craved by Collectors, It I. Burned
by a Careless Domestic,
In the year 1851 a 12 penny black Canadian postngo stump was printed by the
government nt Ottawa. The public did
not regard this somber issue with faror,
so few were issued.
One of these stamps was sent to the
Hamilton postoffice, where it wns sold to
an old gentleninn, who said it was a
etuime to print the queen's picture on a
Etnmp thnt might be handled by profane
hands. Tenderly the old gentleman put
It on a purcel, sending it to a friend In
the United States. Here, in the wast,
basket, it lay for many a day, till an errand boy found it uud quickly transferred it to his allium. Despairing of getting n guod collection and his fever for
stumps somewhut abating, he sold them
to a denier. The new owner, on looking
at the cutulogue, found that what he had
paid .5 for wns worth .25.
Accldentnlly this stamp was slipped Into a 25 cent packet and sent to a dealer
residing in Hamilton. When tbe lattet
opened the pneket, be was astonished to
find such a valuable stamp and, beiu|
honest, wrote his friend to inform him of
what had happened, offering him 11,204
for it. The offer was accepted, and tht
stump aguiu changed hands. By this
time the stamp had increased In value,
and not a few came from a distance t.
look nt the treasure. Oue dny un English nobleman, who, through a Canadian
friend, hud heard of the Btamp, offered
$1,500, which offer was accepted. The
Knglish lord, fulling iu love with aa
American heiress nnd wishing to gain tha
fnvor of her brother presented him with
the stump us a token of esteem. Here,
In Its new and luxurious Auierieun home,
it cnnie to a sad cud, tor one day
the maid, by mistake, swept the Btump,
whieh had accidentally fallen out of tho
album, into the lire. In nn instant the
stamp which thoiisnnds lind heard of and
longed for went up in uuioke to the
broad, blue sky, leaving not a trace be-
kiad. j
S the most Completely Equipped Office of the
kind in the   interior   of   British Columbia.
-#   Look over this list and see if there is anything
^  you need	
Letter Heads
Bill Heads
Memo Heads
Visiting Cards
Wedding Invitations
Dance Invitations
Ball Programmes
Hand Bills
Price Lists
Legal Backs
Customs Papers
Engineers' Reports
Business Cards
Concert Programmes-
Pay Rolls
and anything that can be
printed anywhere.
Wholesale Houses
rpHGRFE & CO. UiuiLeU-L'orHor  Vurnon
X uml Cudar -.troul*, Nolnou���Manu_uciur-
um of uml wholtwalu (luulttiH in uuruUid wuiurn
eiuil fruit, nymph. fcioU) ;��;< nl ��� fur Huloyon llul
tSpriutfh mliiurul wuter.   Tulephumj mi.
N. M. Cummin*, 1.1-m'd Kvn-j known
vttnely ut nofL drink,*. 1' o liox. So. 'lulupbunu
No. 'Al. Jiuuvur Hiriitii, NuImjii.   liotllurnof Lhu
I-iiiiiiii-   .-���,, i.i-uii  Hot t-priuurt Mini-nil \\ hut.
C1ANJH & MAODONALD UI. Oaae, J anion
J      A.  ..l.ii'tloimMl     Ali-tulc ti   ami   MUpUlill-
lundouiM, i-itiM-u Hill JtiufK, uornur liukui aiiU
Ward .'iiirie, .\ci-.tin.
J. BTAN8 & CO.-littki'r Btwot, Nol-
_.    hOU ��� \�� hulUnUlU   duttl-lrl   Ul   liqUUrH,  (__���
Kuio, ri im ni.  un- brink  ami nit- clay,  Wutor
plpU   Ulld   hluul    I all-, aii'l    K  'Jul it)   . ..iniiil   -h ii,
BUACKMAN-__.__!_ MILMNU CO., Jjru.-
v. in ia- i.ii- ir ui ruiuil duulorb in kiuiu,
huy, tltiur, louu. .Mnlr- al VloUirla, Now Wusl-
mlutiLor; KiiiinMitt.il, Alia. lUuValoni ou �� a.
Kai. tuid Kdiiuiiiiwii Hallway. Mauufaoluroi>
uf tlio oolobruuxl li. & K. brand uuroaln.
A MAODONALD & Co.-Corner Fron
t aud Hull Mi.n - \\ iiuli'Miic firocen.
nmi jobber* lu blankou, tflovov, milu. booln,
rubbunt, maokiuawtt aud uiiuuni' buudnott.
_Ll    on ur  oornor  Hull and   Mmii   titrt.eUi,
Mi-mi i.iiiiiiici, uoIUiik. iuhmiiik', und ovury
liniiK in wuod for building purpotfou,   Oot uur
_" i'-i     .       I   Ml IT    |iiMlllrm i-        ....   Li i  .i.
13   BURNS &, Co.-liakur atroot, Nulwii-
.   ���    W'liuli-M.iio doalurtt in frtMtii and curod
moatb.   Cold bwnmo.	
llakor -.troot, NolHOU-Wliolotiulo dual-
rr-> iu fru-b and curod niouu.
.������ ��_Iq"��_i      __���**���      '0
In onler that tlm tiovcrmnent m_y
bo in puHsessioii of detinit. Informa-
tiuii with whloh to supply those bc._-
iiit,' Investment- In this I'rovlnoe, I
am instriiou-il to Inv'to purtlculara
from tlio.su who have propi-rtieu for
Halo, anil who may fool disponed to
forward men ptrtlaulara to this olliee
for tin- purpose in iiiiotjtion.
In Hew uf tho proposed early re-or-
ganisatlon of the A_fent Uoneral'a
Olliie in Loudon, Un^laiid, the desirability of having on lil" a list of
farms and other properties for sale,
with full and aeourato dotalls, U ob-
viuim. Properties submitted may lu-
oluilo farms and farm lands, indui.
trial or commercial eoneerns, timber
liinltK, water   powers, or otlier enter-
prlaea aflordlog opportunitlN for leglt-
iumto invostiiioiit.
it Is not proposed to recommend
properties to Intending investors, but
to afford the fullest neeoss to the classified lists and all available information conuceted therewith, and to place
enquirer* in coiniuuni.atiou with the
The fullest particulars are desired
not only of the properties themselves,
lent of the localities in which they
are Bltuated, and the conditions
ultrctintf them. For this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded to those desirous
uf making sales.
R. E. (10SNELL,
Secretary, Bureau of   Provincial   In-
# Bring Your Job Work to The Miner &
# Ward Street, Nelson, B.C. J
A-vertiueraentfi inserted under this head at
the rate of ono oent a word per Insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 25 oente.
FOR    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply
chants' Bank of Halifax.
WANTED.���A second hand showcase;
inquire  Lester's   grocery on   Water
Street.    Phone 217.
lin.v rytiie.ni, Settle Quarrels.
It was in October, 181M, that the big
python nt the -tin foil into the deplorable
error of swallowing his companion, s
snake only a few Inches shorter thnn himself. A similar disaster is reported from
Bombay, where for some yenrs past two
large Indian pythons had occupied a cage
III the maietUp of ""' Bombay Naturul
History society. Thore wns some niis-
liiiilerst.'iniliiiit between thorn ovor a pur-
triilite, feir they wore found so tightly
entangled lu each other's colls that the
ui nne-1 endeavors of peacemaking keepers failed to effi'it a separation, utiel th.y
were left lo settle the matter according
le their own lights. Next day there was
only one very stunt python visible. These
large reptiles evidently know but one
wny of settling a quarrel. ��� Loudon
Sheridan ii.i.i th* neat of it.
Hlohiiril Cumberland, the playwright,
was extremely jealous of his young rival,
Richard Bherldan, It is related Hint lis
took his children to see one of the first
peiforiiinncos of "The Sohool For Scandal," and when they screamed with de-
Held thoir Irritable father pinched them,
���aytngl "What are you laughing nt!
Vou sliould not laugh, my angels. Thorn
Is nothing to laugh at," adding in en un-
doitono, "Keep still, you little dunces!"
When this wbb reported to Sheridan,
ho said, "It was ungrateful of Cumber
land to be displeased with his children
for laughing at my comedy, for when I
went to see his tragedy 1 laughed from
beginning to end!"
WANTED. ���Capable, reliable person
in every county to represent lnrge
company of solid financial reputation ;
$!I30 salary per year, payable weekly ;
S3 per day absolutely sure and all
expenses; straight, buna-lido, definite
salary, no commission; salary paid
euch Saturday and expense money advanced each week. Standard House,
Caxton Building, Chicago,
Hunter, late of New York Central
Ticket Office, New York, is requested to communicate with J. II. Wilbur,
at Hume Hotel, NelBon, B. C.
WANTED.���Plain     sewing.       Dressmaking    shop    preferred.    Address
Lakcvlew Hotel.
LOST.���Pocketbook    containing   828.
Reward   if   returned to hlrnmett  0.
Brown, Miner Ottlee.
FOR   SALE   or   Rent���Two    Smith-
Premier,   one   Remington   and  one
Empire tyewrlter. Apply W. L. Tebo,
C. P. R. telegraph otlice.
Mrb E. H. Thompson, (late of Doran-
wend's well known establishment,
Toronto), hns opened parlors for hair
dressing in Victoria Block. Ladies
may make appointments by mail or
otherwise. Room 1, corner Baker
and Josephine street,..
FIRST-CLASS   Room   and   Board, In
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply   on   Silica   Street,   two   doois
west of Ward.
Her nir-1.
May���Jennie loves Jack Bweldhedde
but she's afraid he loves somebody else
Fay���She's right too.
May-Indeedl   Who ll UT
Fay - Jsok Sweldbtffe - 0ttMH
Bumdard and Tim*     ,., ^. t__.-__-j
FOH SALE���A new bouse, ten rooms,
very convenient,with all modern Improvements.   Appiv A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley ami Carbonate   Street.
PRIVATE Board   and Room.    Heated
throughout. Hot and cold water and
baths.   Three   doors    south   uf   Post-
office, Ward Street.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Hossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by maflt to any branch will have careful sr��4 oromot attention.
Jit/ erfsL**AU*/ *�� &&
Baker Street,
NELSON,       -   B.C.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From PorUand, Mo.
Allan Line Puralan  Doe 8
Allan Line Tunlriliin Dec 13
aiImh Line HtrH. ciiH at Halifax ono day later
Dominion Line  Dominion D008
Dominion   Line  Camuroman Deo 18
From Ht, John, N. B.
Beaver Lino lAkeHuporior  Deo 7
Beaver Lino lako Ontario Deo 14
Beavor Line Htm. call at Halifax ono day later
From Now York
White Star Line Tontonlc  Dec fi
White Star Line Gormanlo Deo 12
Cunard Line Ktruria  Doo 8
Cunard Line Lucanln  Deo 15
American Lino Now York Deo VI
lied   -*tni' Lino Krlenland Doo \%
N.O.I- Lino I -nl. n...  Doo U
French Lino l ,n UarioolKne  Doc 13
Allan mi,tie Lino Bardinuin Doo8
From I it ni on
Cunard Lino Baxonla Deo 8
Dominion Line Commonwealth  Deo 12
I'uHHaKON arranged to and from all Kuropoan
pointa. For ratoa, Uake^a and full Information
apply to C. P. it. depot auont or H. I.. Browi
City PaHHonijcr Agont, Nelnon, B. C.
Goneral *���i.t. C.P.H. omooH, Winnlpfg
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's  Nest  Coal,   $6,15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order can be accepted mili-n.
accompanied by caah.
Office Corner Hall and Baker Street*
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont,
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to O. I- LENNOX, Baker SL
Turner-Boeckli Block Baker street
WANTED-1000   Athabasca.
at tho
Until .Inn. 1st, 1001, these Holid Oold
Flute Buttons containing photo of
yuurnrlf ur Irii'iul will In- nivi-n .iwnv
with each doxen of our In -t Cabinet
Photos. Our reputation for artiatio
work in well enl��,hliHli<.<l but pay u viHit.
to our studio end you will be convinced
of oar iiliilii v to |ileum- you.
Haker Street.
eieeel    try   _   bOltlO,   ft   illire ll,    OT   It   twitTfll   Of
CALGARY  BRER m '< I" tlm bunt anil
ohoftpest    on    in.    mnrkol.    AIho   trr   our
LIQUORS,    uml
"RANK  A. TAMBLYN. M.......
Telephone 83. H��ker HI    Nnlevin. II. c,
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Effected at  Reasonable  Rates
liulnir titroot, NYltKiii.
.-In-i-l.     NoltiUI]  ���   W liini'i-.iir    tl.llllltM    iu
liurttw__ru,  uiinunt'  MU|iplluH,   Hpurtiutf  hocmU,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (HucooHHorri io Van-
couvor HanLwitruCu, LUl.f linkur dtivui,
Nebtou��� W IioIok&Iu .;���*,<: m hiirawuru uud
nnmiiK (.uppliuti, iiluinlifi * und LiuxmlttLH' HUp-
Xl      p.iint-. nil-   Alld  ^1...-. iiii'i-hiu'i.   ���'   Uwlri.
AkuuU fui Ontario 1'owdur Workn; dyatmiie
��� I'UilNKK, HKKTON fcOo.���Cornor Vornon
X aud Ju-opttmu titrouU, Nuliwii���Whole-
��� ai<- ilr.iln -. in ii<|Uui ���. clKarri, ami dry koucLu
akuuU for I'litii HroWeUiK Co. o( Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDUON'S BAY Co.-WliolcHalo groc��-rloH
and llquorx otc, Hakur titravl, NuIhou.
C1! AL1KOHNIA WIN K CO., Limited-Corner
' Front and Hall Htrueti, NuIhod���Whole-
Hate dualent n wIdcm icano and bulk), aod
domohtlu and Imported eiKaru.
- Soo Line
Also T0UBI8T CARS pnKsing  Dun-
iiiiii- JuDOtion Daily for Ht. l'aul, Hat-
iirduyH for Mnntreal aud Boston, Mon-
dnys    and    Tliui'sdays    for   Torouto-
Shiup cars   pans   Revelstoke   one   day
for  your   easti'in   trip is tn see  tha
ymir ticket reads via Canadiiio Pacitlc.
Trains and Hteamei-s Depart
5 .fJO    ) Steamer for Kootenay Lacd
ing   aud   eastern   points
row's Nest Route.
JY. OK1FK1N It CO.���Cornor Vornon and
��� Joeeplilne Street*. Nelson ��� WholeMile
eli'tile-rei In provlaloun, cureil iiumu, bulUir anil
A Critical Test!
Wc like to have people test
our Paints and Enamel. We
like them to know the good
qualities they contain. They
are full ol good points, und we
know it.
Rut the best test of Kn.-imcl
is the wearing quality. There
is no cracking, no peeling, no
fading, where the Sherwin-
Williams Knamel is used.
All you need with it is a
brush.    You can do the rest.
McLactilan Bros.
Will pay the hiR-eat cash prion for all
kinds ol seoond band floods. Will bay
or sell iiiiviMiiK from bu anchor to a
needle. Fnrnttnre, stoves, oarperta,
oooklDR utensils, bought tn household
qnantlties. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see ma or write. Address
Silver King Mike. Box _oo. H��U
Street. Nelson. H  a
7-8 Inch dlam. ��18.60 per 110 feet. For
immediate delivery m Nelsea
i. 0. T. OgOrTS.
1. U. llol        sl<m
8:00 (Train for Rossland, lirniul
Ex Son I Forks, Green wood,Midway ,e(e
0:00 j Train for Slocan Oity, Slooan
Ex Hun j puiiiii, uml Saudon.
10.-00 I Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
Ex Run | im-iliiiii. pointa.
18-40 / Train for Rossland, Nakosp,
,. .: .'Revelstoke, main line and
UMy    ) I'aciHic Coast PoinU
For Time Tables, Rates and fall Information call oa or address nearest Local Agent, or,
II. \V. Drew. Ilopot Aucnt 1 Nolson. B. O.
II. 1.. Hrown, City Agent./
. A.MiKK.~(iN,
Trar. l'-m- Agent
Neb on
A. a. ���*���>���%>
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Kossland, Nelson and intermedial
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
I*Bve DAY TRAIN Arrive
H UO a. m Spokane (1:4<l p. m.
I r.vi i in Rossland 11:10 p.m.
7:0oa.m NelBon 7:15 p.m.
0:15 p.m Hpoknno 7:00 am.
II .00 p. in RiiHsland 7:00 a.iu.
H. A. JAOKSON, Q. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wi__
���gent, Nelson, B.O
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day tLOO.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. 0. Box Uf Malson, B. U
A. R. BARROW, a.m. Las
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Victoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. 0. Box Ml). Telephone No. 00 V
Nelson   Dailv   Miner,   Monday  Evenikb,   December   io   1900
A viii', .1. C. Wright, w:iH brought
ln.riiiv the Police Magistrate this
morning, and was ordered to leuve
tlie City in the qulokest possible time.
Rev. .1. H. Morgan of Aylesforrt, N.
S., who is In take charge of the local
Baptist Church, is oxpected to arrive
in Nelson tomorrow afternoon at 4:80
via the Crow's Nest Pass.
A meeting of tbe Young Mens' Social Club of the Congregational Church
will be lii'M nt the Club rooms at 8
o'clock tins evening. Every young
man Is extended :i cordial Invitation.
William Arthur Batt and Mary
.lull- Andrews were married by Rev.
Robert Frew at the manse,Mr. Frew's
residence, at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon. Mr. nnd Mrs. Batt are both of
Mr. II. L. Edwards, a mining engineer of the well Known copper eoun
try around Houghton, Mich., hua arrived in Nelson with the intention of
investing in mining properties in this
Mr. and Mrs. P. -I. Squire have
moved from the riincli across the river
to the house recently occupied by
Mr. Langford on Victoria Street.
Mrs. Squire will be at home to her
friends ou Wednesday afternoons.
Two prisoners, both of Fernie,
were brought to the Provincial jail
last night. Mrs. liassey Smith, on a
ennrge of drunk and disorderly conduct, was sentenced to four rhonths,
and the other. Tim McCartey, on a
charge of assault, was given six
A two stulleil I'liiiniihonse is to be
erected at Eholt, near (Ireenwood,
at once. The contract bus been let A.
0. Creelinan, who despatched a force
of men this morning and on their arrival there the work will begin at
once under Foreman .1, M. Worth.
The structure will cost   about   .1,500.
From 5 until 8 o'clock this evening
there will be High Ten served at the
vacant house opposite the Methodist
parsonage by the ladies of the Methodist Church. There will also be a
concert in the evening after eight
o'clock. An attractive musical programme will be rendered by well
known amateurs.
Matthew Nelson and John llnlni
iiled a notice at the mining recorder's
olliee today that they had today signed an agreement for the sale of the
Viking, Champion. Toronto, Unlloon,
Vega and Gold Central Fractional
mineral claims, all situated near the
Granite mine. The terms of agreement were not specified.
The seats tor the new Congregational Church arrived in Nelson last evening and will be put into place tomorrow. The design of the seats is tho
very latest and they are finished in
antique oak. A pulpit accompanied
the consignment. The order was filled by the Globe Manufacturing Co.,
of Walkerville, Out.
A large shipment of Japanese
oranges has been received by the
wholesale men of Nelson. This is the
first consignment of this variety of
fruit thnt has been received this season and they are uf a superior quality
being much nicer than those received
in former years. They are a Bplendid
article for the Christmas trade, and
arc in great demand.
Four teamsters appeared before
Magistiate Crease this morning to im-
swei to tlie charge of driving over and
destroying sidewalks. They were
not fined but they stated that they
would repair tbe damage dune. Chief
Jarvls said tins morning that the side
walk bylaw would hereafter be enforced to the extreme and the next offender would receive a heavy tine.
Mrs. Abraham Lackey, aged 46
years, after   an illness of only   a   few
days, died at the General Hospital at
an early hour lliis morning from a severe attack of convulsions. She leave's
a husband and a family of small children. Tho family have resided In Nelaon nearly _ year, coming here last
winter frum California, The funeral
will take place ai -' o'clock tomorrow
. afternoon   at McArthur's undertaking
parlors on Vernon street, ltev. Mr.
White,pastor of tbo Methodist Church
officiating. As Mr. Lackey is a member of tho Carpenters' Union that organization will attend in a body.
Messrs. Actiin and Thomson have
leased frum W, A. Thurman, the stun'
now occupied by the West Kootenay
Butcher Co., on linker Street, and
will conduct a fruit and confectionery
business. 'Iliey expect to open their
Hture next Saturday. It is expected
that the \V. If. II. Co. will movo to
their new quarters in tlie now K.-\V.-
<'. block tomorrow, The Old store will
then be remodelled. Mr. Thomson of
the new firm is frum Greenwood,
where during the past" year he has
been conni el with a feed and produce business, Mr, Action has been
connected with it. F. Stewait A Co.,
of this City and Const joints, during
fbe past three years,
Mr. U. W. Day, who has been confined to tlie house for the past few
days with a severe attack of grippe,
is .slightly better today but will probably not be out for a week or so.
Messrs, McFarlaml and Ilroekman
will open a crockery and ohinaware
Store in the quarters adjoining the C.
P. It. Ticket olliee on linker Street on
Saturday next. The store is being
refitted and will show up the stock to
guild advantage.
A general meeting of the Hritish
Columbia (!ood Roads Association
will bo held in Victoria, on December
lsth. All members and all persons
desirous of becoming members of the
Association are invited to attend.
Delegates frum all Farmers' Institutes, Boards of Trade and Municipal
Councils are expected.
Mr. Frank W. l'etors, who has been
assistant general freight agent of
the C. P. R. In Nelson for several
years past, has received substantial
promotion. After the first of tbe year
he wiil be transferred to Victoria to
act as assistant general freight agent
there. Mr. Peters was out of town today and could not bo seen in regard to
the change.
James A. Maedonald, of Cane and
Madonnld, today received notice from
D. Ewart of Ottawa, chief architect of
Dominion works, that the plans for
the proposed public building of Nelson
had been forwarded to him ou the 5th
instant for the purpose of receiving
tenders for the construction of the
proposed building.
Mr. W. CI. Brown who was formerly
connected with the Hotel Hume will
shortly open a confectionery store in
the Kirkpatrick - Wilson -Clements
block on the Waul Street side next to
Tiaves' new store. In connection
with the store Mr. Ilrown will eon-
duet an oyster parlor and lunch room
at which lie promises the best of service to all who patronize him. He
expects to commence business about
tho -'0th.
Harry Conway, who came down
from Kossland to have a good time in
Nelson, came before Magistrate Ciease
at the Police Court this morning and
was sentenced to spend three mouths
in the Provincial jail, just because
he used his 14 caliber revolver too freely at the Sherbrooke House on Saturday night. In the evidence which
was taken it was shown that he
threatened to kill the bartender and
two other fellows who were in the
house, and conducting themselves
quite peaceably at the time. All th
trouble was caused by Conway going
into the bar, ordering a drink and refusing to pay for it. He was fined
8100 and costs or three months. He
ciuilil not pay the money and so had
to serve his time.
The ladies of St. Savior's Guild wish
to thank the merchants of Nelson and
all others who have so generously
contributed to the Bazaar whieh is to
be held at the Opera House tomorrow
and Wednesday during the afternoon
and evening. Many pretty things
have been donated by different ladies
to be put on sale at the different
booths and when the opening takes
place tomorrow afternoon the scene
presented will be a pretty one. The
ladies interested in the affair are
working hard today anil tho interior
of the Opera House is being handsomely decorated for the occasion. As
previously announced tea will he
served both days .of the Bazaar and
tomorrow evening a dinner will be
served li om 8 to 8 o'clock at which
the best cooking in the City will be
In evidence. On Tuesday evening
an oyster supper will be served frum
S to 10 o'clock. A generous patronage
should reward the efforts of tho various committees in charge of the Bazaar.
Captain Beach, the aquatic marvel,
arrived in town yesterday and spent
tlie day in getting liis tank unpacked
und reaily for tlie novel exhibition lie
is billed to givo   here   at   the" Opera
House Saturday afternoon and evening
next. Capt, Beach has quite a record
in the swimming line, lie is at present holder of tlie world's record for
Staying under water, having stayed
under without coming to tlie surface
for three minutes and ten seconds,
This feat was performed in Madison
Square garden    in    1800, when it   was
nnder the management of the famous
showman,   P,   T.   Barnum,   Captain
Beach also won two famous swimming races In the open sea, swimming against tlie Englishman, Finny,
and Hie famous Australian swimmer,
Cooke, from the battery in New York
City to Coney Island and winning
both events. IDs performance is given in a large glass tank filled with
water which is placed upon the stage.
He dues all suits of things under the
water, and will present an entertainment of a thoroughly novel nature.
Several Cases Disposed of at Today's
Tlie County Court of Kootenay was
opened at tlio Court House this morning before .Judge Forin. Although
there were fifteen cases before the
Court, a large number wore disposed
of today and from the present Indications the session will be a short ono.
Brackman vs. Costollo was the lirst
ease. It was a matter uf a garnishee
of funds in tlie hands of Tierney and
Co. but defendant stated that the
hinds had been placed in the hands
of other parties before tlie garnishee
was served. Judgment was given in
favor of plaintilV. Tile case of Dunn
vs. Clarke next came up. A motion
was made for leave to sigil judgment
as defendant had made default by
non-appearance, and judgment was
given with costs. In tho ease uf lluie
vs. Rene Laudi, et al, an order was
made to serve a writ on defendants all
of whom are In France. The action
is for 88,800 for wages and moneys
advanced by William ilo'o. Tlie next
Case was that uf Huberts vs. Stc.vart
for 8170 damages said to have been
done to the plaintiff's ranch by J.
W. Stewart, a railroad contractor, on
account of him establishing his camp
there, This is the only jury case.
The jury consists of K. J. Steel, G.
A. Hunter. W. II. Houston, Gilbert
Stanley, and J, II. Nolan. Tbe case
went to tlie jury this afternoon.
London,Deo. 10,���A special despatch
frum Shanghai announces that Li
Hung Chang's Manchu Secretary, Ke
has been arrested by order of Field
Marshall Count Von Waldersee, un tlie
charge uf comumnicatlng with the
We have just received a larpe assortment of Stamped Linen Novelties in
Slipper Holders,
Cushion Covers,
Pillow Shams,
Photograph Holder,
Tray Cloths,
Center Pieces,
5 o'clock Cloths and
Side Board Covers.
-folding's Embroidery Silks always kept in stock.
Special attention is drawn to our
Table Linens and Napkins. We
import these goods direct from the
manufacturers in Ireland, and have
the latest designs. Ask to see our
Cloths and Napkins to match.
Intending purchasers will find it
profitable to get our prices before
This Will Represent the Turn Over of
the Granby Smelter.
Grand Forks, 11. C, Dec. 10.���The
Granby smelter, which was blown iu
on August 21,has in 108 working days
treated 4.1,000 tons of ore, which
yielded 1,050 tons of 50 per cent,
matte. This is equivalent to 828 tons.
or 108,000 pounds, of metallic copper,
in addition to the gold and silver values. It requires no extraordinary
knowledge to figure out that tlilj annual turnover of the smelter, with its
daily capacity of BOO tons, will considerably exceed 81.000,000.
' The plant will be doubled early in
the next year, when a matte converter
will also be installed. Of the ores
above referred to, l.OUO tons was custom ore from Boundary aud Republic mines, the rest being contributed
by the Knob Hill, Old Ironsides,
Victoria and City of Paris mines.
Hobartown, Tasmania, Dec. 10.���
The crew of the Hritish steamer Harlech Castle, which recently brought
000 Australians from -South Africa to
Adelaide, mutinied today. A number
of policemen are now on board of
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
as received from The Miner's special
NAME. ASKED.     Hill.
Blacktail  I).1.; 0
Uutte & Boston  2. _ 1J.
Crystal     5 4
Deer Trail Con  2% 2
Evening Star  0;_ 4
Gold Ledge  \% 1'.,
Golden Harvest     %        %
I.X.L 20._ 10
Iron Mask 31
Jim Blaine 10 BJ_
Lone Pine Surprise  7,'_ 0>_
Mountain Lion 29 20
Morning Glory  5>-_ oX
Morrison  3}_ 2. i
Noble Five  4
Princess Maud  1).^ 11,_
Palmer Mt. Tun  14".. 18
Quilp 25 21)
Humbler-Cariboo 20 21
Republic   (15 553.
Reservation  5 ,'.
Rossland Giant  2;_ 2X
Sullivan 14''_ IP.
Turn Thumb 12 10W
Waterloo.,.,  2% 2
Winnipeg 0
Conjecture  4}_ S
American Hoy io1^ I)
Hercules  3)_ 2
.luno  4X 3%
Miller Creek 2% 2:'���
Wonderful  2X IX
Gold   .Standard  li;._ K
"There is only one chance to save
your life and that is through an operation," were the startling words
heard by Mrs. I. II. Hunt of Dime
Ridge, Wis.. frum her doctor after be
had vainly tried to cure her of a
frightful ease of  stomach trouble and
yellow   jaundice.     Gall    stones     had
formed   and   she   constantly   grew
worse. Then slio begun to use Electric Hitters which wholly cured ller
It's a wonderful Stomach. Diver and
Kidney remedy. Cures Dyspepsia.
Loss of Appetite. Try it. Only ",n
emits. Guaranteed. For sale by Canada Drug it Hook Co.
Kerr St Co.
Cor. Baker and Ward Streets,
We are offering a very fine
line of watches which we
specially recommend as being durable and able to
stand 50 per cent more
hardship than any other
watch. We have them in
ladies' gent's and boy's
sizes, each one suitable for
Christmas presents. Our
fine watch catalogues sent
on application.
Patenaude   Bros.,
Manufacturing Jewell's,
NELSON,     -     -     B. C.
D. J. DEWAR, J. P.
Notary Public,  Oonvejancer-
House and lot on Silica -Street, nice
iocatlon, near Episcopal Church,
Seven room house, new. all conveniences, only 81,050, easy terms.
Nice lot on Carbonate .Street, between Ward ami Josephine .Streets,
Seven roomed house, stone foundation, lot 45x120.    ��2,(>(>(). easy terms.
Loans on improved property, S per
cent., straight, or monthly payments.
No commission.
TO LF/_.
Seven   roomed   house,   new
Road, ..;."e, Including water.
Fuur room Collage, near Phair
tel, .10.
Seven room house, Hume Addition,
Capt.  LI ay ward's House, swo.
. <______________________:___;__L___;&___;_&x^__k;&___;___;&&��^____e^!7^
If You Buy Now
Your Money Will Last Longer.
We have in our Opera House Store,  articles  suitable for Christ
Presents for young and old���gay and grave.    We have  got  to  move  flom
this store, and wc are going to sell every article on the premises.
Royal Crown Derby,
Royal Worcester,
Haviland Limoges,
German, Japanese and
Austrian Fancy China-
The nicest assortment in   Nelson.
A full line of Our Usual Holiday
Articles. Dolls,Toys, Fancy Goods
Etc., are now opened up and wise
buyers are making early selections.
Canada Drug and book Go.
-w^_5_-.a -S �� '--2'-J��:_2 _^ -��S'-2 :_2'.-2'^2?__'-��� ^'-^^B^S^^-S^.">_yk
'S^Tf-00'it-00.00-00. 0t-00.00-00-00-00fV"00��� 00-00��� _������ .90��� .*0?2^00^T-^.&-'
If you don't like lilue Ribbon Tea it's
bemuse you've never tasted it.
The must miserable beings in tlie
World are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than Seventy-flvo per cent, of the people in the Dominion arc afflicted
with these two diseases and their
nIVectB: such a Sour Stomach, |8ieh
Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart. Heart-burn,
Watei'brash, Gnawing Tains at the
Pit of Stomach. Yellow Shin, Coated
Tongue    and Disagreeable TaHte  In
this Mouth, -OiniiifC up of J.'uiid After
Elating, Low Spirits, etc. Go to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
Flower for 7!i cents. Two doses will
relieve you.   Try it.   For sale hy \v.
V. Teetzel.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane withtrains of the
trains of the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane dailv for East at_10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct conj
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During I he season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Dululh with
theniagiiilicentsteaiiiships North West
and North-Lund of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Hailway.
-.or further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls ft Northern Ky., Kaslo St Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Itailway & Navigation
Co., or to
Genl. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
Christmas 5
Luring this month nearly everyone is looking for suitable gifts for their friends.
Nothing is so suitable as a piece of Jcw-
elery or Silverware.
We cordially invite all to come and examine our stock and assure yourselvestli.it
we are giving better value than can be
found elsewhere in the Kootenay. Our
store will be open every evening during
If Brown Said So, It's Right,
Our Fresh R���asi_ed Coffee Best of
. Quality   as follows.!
T_I_'"" A,'"V""' "ochR. P��r pound..
me Santos, I poundH....:...   .,
hiinloHllliji,,!, _ poum,8      ������
l\,,l   ,.|""V.le.l..Ilel, li   poundH	
uur Itlo Roast, tl poundH	
. 40
l no
1 oo
1 oo
l oo
1 no
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Opo rating
Hcliodulii of Timo.       Pacific Standard lime.
Klt-cllvo February 1st, 1000
1'assongor trntn for Sandon and waystatlons
loavoH  Kaslo at 8 a. m., dally.    Returning,
lenvos Randon ate 1.15 p.m., arriving at Kaslo
a* 3.55 le.ni.
Oporatlngon Kootonay Lako and Rlvor.
Str. "International" loaves Kaslo for Nolson
at 6 a. m, dally oxcopt Sunday, ltoturnlng,
Ioiivoh Nelson at ii. in p.in., calling at Ilalfour,
Pilot Bay. Alnswonh and all way pointa. Connects with S. V. St N. train to snd from Spokane at Flvo Mile Point.
Sll'iuner Argenln has lioon lull! up foi tlio
winter. .
Hummers oall Bt prlnolpal landings in both
directions, and ftt oihor point* when signalled.
Tie koi h sold I o all point- In Canada and the
I: nil .-il States.
To ascertain rates anil full Information address I
Manager, Kasln.il. C
Placers  rtaVt)   Git
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton & Co
Nelson, B. C.
TO CURB A < Ol l> IN ONE 111!
Take Laxative Broiuo Quinine Tnblcts.   All
drUMlitj refund tho money If it falls to oure.
to,  I':. vv. (i i ovi'.i signature Is on eaoh box.
A TBI A I, limine Mil K n, ���
Nelson.     -     B_ c.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Nelson, B, 0.
ORBIT      Brand and
PKhilVlI ti_V Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Agents for Canada i JAMES TURNER & CO., Hamilton, Ont.
OROW  &   MORRIS,   Sole Annuls. Nolson, ii. C.
I have now in stock a lino
of all classes of
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at
to Fred J. Squlire-


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