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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 30, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 898
*.  Ii
British Columbia, Friday Evening,   November 30, 1900.
Eleventh  Year
Jeteran Conservative Leader Grants The
Miner an Extended   Interview.
Speaks Tomorrow.
Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., who at
the advanced age of over seventy-
nine years crossed a continent
to aid tlio Liberal - Conservative party in British Columbia in
��� electing two members of the Dominion
> House of which he himself has beon
an honored member since its inception, except when High Commissioner in London, reached Nelson iHst
evening from Kossland and tomorrow
night will address tbo electors of this
City in tbo Opera House.
TJie lender of tbe Liberal Conservative parly was met at the depot by a
deputation of leading Conservatives,
consisting of Messrs. W. A. Maedonald, Q. C, John Elliott, W. E. Mc-
. Candlish, Fred Starkey II. It. Cameron, VV. McNabb and others and by
them was escorted to the Hotel Phair.
One of his flrat requests was that he
be not entertained at any banquet or
formal reception of any kind. He was
tired, be said, after bis work in the
Boundary Countiy and was anxious
for a rest. This morning he breakfasted about 10 o'clock and afterwards spent an hour with a representative of The Miner whom he favored
with an extended interview.
"���A�� the result of the general election" said Sir Cbnrles, "tbe present
Government having been sustained, I
very promptly resigned the leadership
of the Liberal-Conservative party. At
my advanced age my only reason for
accepting that position was with the
hopS of promoting good Government
in Canada by the restoration  to  pow-
of the party whose policy has made
iada what it is. The division in.the
servative party on the question of
^^^ edial legislation left it in a very
f; shattered condition and I felt then
that that question being removed
from public attention the claims that
the Conservative party had to thesup-
���prt of the country would undoubted-
b be recognized. I had the Butisfac-
���011 of finding as tbe result of the
fcntest just closed the complete con-
���emnntion by the country of the pres-
\mX Government, except where the
Bee cry and gigantic corruption hud
onalili'd them to stifle public senti-
���kent. In the Province of Pri.ice Ed-
Ward Island, where the Government
had a majority at the time of the dissolution, Sir Louis Davis conies back
frith a majority against him. The
Province of Nova Scotia bos given
them three more seats than they had
at the dissolution,but I have no doubt
that a recount will seut Mr. Kenny in
Halifax, and Mr. Futman in Hants,
So that the Government will only increase their majority in Nova_Scotia
by one vote. New Brunswick, where
we had a majority of two, the only
Province in the Dominion where we
had a majority at the time of dissolution, has now by means of the race
cry given them a majority of four,
result there was lnlluenced also
ly the enormous expenditure of pubic money.    The County of Queens and
unbury,   where  Mr.   Blair   was roamed four years   ago hy a large m>-
rlty, has now returned   a  Conservn-
ve, and Mr. Gibson who was elected
two years ago In tbe County of York
by a majority of one thousand, has
barely escaped defeat In that county
where his father was supposed to bold
the constituency In the hollow of his
"In the Province of Ontario, whore
at the time of dissolution the'Govorn-
ment had a majority of 12, thoy now
find themselves in a minority of 22.
Tho great cities, Toronto and Hamilton, have sent a solid Conservative
deputation by overwhelming majorities, in opposition to the present Government, where four of the Conserva
tive candidates were defeated four
yeurB ago. In the Province of Manitoba, where at the dissolution tbe
(lovernment had the Bupport of a majority of the meiubert, Mr. Sifton,
who secured his election by the most
corrupt means, has but one supporter,
returned by tbe judge on a recount by
a majority of one. I havo no doubt
that a protest will result in his being
left without even that feeble support
from  that  Province.    Io  t,be North
West Territories an Independent supporter of the Government in East As-
siniboia has had his majority reduced
from over 1,000 to 200. Mr. Oliver,
who has on a number of important
occasions voted against tbo Government, has been again returned In Alberta, and by means of the Galician
and Mormon vote they have succeeded in defeating Mr. Davin.
"In British Columbia they have so
far succeeded in electing only one supporter, nnd it now remains to be seen
whether the important constituencies
of Yale-Cariboo and Burrard, will on
the sixth of Decembor unite with the
overwhelming public scntimont of Ontario, Manitoba and Prince Edward
Island in condemning the mal-admin-
istration and corruption of tho present
Government, or throw in their lot
with the French majority of the Province of Quebec, upon which alone tho
Government are now dependant. The
appeal to the cry of race and the determination of the Government not to
aid the Hritish arms in South Africa
until compelled to choose between rendering that aid or being immediately
dismissed from ofllco, has given the
Government 57 seats in tbe Province of
Quebec,againit eight seats held by the
Conservatives, or a majority of 411 in
thnt Province. At the dissolution, tbe
Government had a majority of 58.
Now they find themselves reduced 'j.to
about 40, or nine less than their majority in Quebec. I do not believe
that with tho enormous additional
strength given by tbe recent election
to the Liberal-Conservative party that
any doubt exists that at no distant
day their triumph will be complete and
tho Government of the country placed
in the hands of the party whoso policy on all the great questions has secured the prosperity and progress
which have rendered the Dominion
conspicuous in the eyeB of the world.
I cannot believo that these two great
loyal and independent constituencies, who are to givo their
verdict on December        0,
will give their support to a Government of which Mr. Tarte is a prominent member, ns Mr. Tarte, when representing Canada at the I'aris Exposition, declared that IIU out of every
hundred of the two millions of French-
Canadians in Canada, were opposed to
any md being given to Englncd in
South Africa, und whose paper La Pa-
trie denounced as criminals the
French members who supported the
policy of sending contingents and who
succeeded in driving M. Bergeron out
of public life for having avowed the
opinion thnt French and Englishmen
were alike bound to assist England in
sustaining British institutions in
South Africa.
"Although defeated in my own constituency, I had the untisfuction of
finding the Province of Ontario,which
hns been my home for the lust thirty
yoarB, except when temporarily absent in England, and where I devoted
my efforts mainly during the recent
contest, upholding   the    standard    of
tho Liberal-Conservative party in the
most unmistiyjieable manner that It
has ever exhibited. After devoting 4fi
years of my life.to promote tbo best
Interests of my country to tho utmost
of my ability, 1 am only too glad at
my advanced ago to be relieved
from tho great ruBponslbllity and
onerous duties of tlio position 1 occupied, but 1 could not refuse to give my
hearty support in these two constituencies, Yale-Cariboo and Burrard,
where tho contest arose during my
Sir Charles did not care to say iiny-
thing about his probable successor to
the leadership. Asked ns to where he
would reside in the future ho said he
had not yet mado up his mind. lie
will leave Nelson on Snndny night and
return to Vancouver, where bo will
remain a few days before leaving for
the east.
Toronto, Nov. 30.���Joseph Hnzlotnu,
the ilruggist arrested on the char e of
performiug   an abortion on   Margaret
Milne   a  few days  ago, and   who ie
now charged with murder, Mrs. Milno
having died last night, was brought
up in police court this morning and
pleaded not guilty. The case was
postponed till Monday.
A Shipment of Live Deer Start Across
Vuncouver.Nov. 30.���The latest shipments to England from Hritish Columbia aro nothing less than seven
live deer which were recently captured at Murray Corner, up thu.Fraser
Valley. None of them aro very far removed from the fawn stage, and not
having the delightful experience of
having long roamed the wilds untram-
meled, aro taking their confinement
very philosophically. They are to be
shipped east over the C. P. R.
Balfour Extension of G.P.R.
Ready for Regular
A Piece of Work That Will
Do Away With Delay
From Ice.
The entire work upon the Balfour
extension between Procter and Five-
Mile Point will be finished tomorrow,
and the road will then be ready for
traffic. During the past few weeks a
large force of men have been engaged
and tbe ballusting has been pushed
as rapidly .ib possible. The camp at
Procter at which 120 mon are engaged
will on Sunday morning be moved to
Five-Mile Point. The replacing and
straightening of tho track between
Nelson and that point will be started
at onco and will be completed in a
.month or six weeks. The grade for
this portion of the extension wns com
pleted some time ago and the work
that is yet to be done can be carried
on with out a hitch. When completed
a through rail line to Balfour will
The first sod on this branch was
turned last March and in only u few
weeks more the line will have been
made one of the best in the Kootenays. The progress of the work was
retarded somewhat owing to the section being of a very rough nature.
Many gulches had to be filled and considerable rock cutting done. There
are only two bridges along the line,
one at Nine-Mile Point and the other
some distance on. The latter bridge
in the near future will be filled in.
which is in keeping with the work
that tho C. P. R. is doing in other
portions of the Kootenays and especially on the line from NelBon to Robson as many bridges there were filled
in during the summer.
It wus the intention of the company
to have tho road ready for use in case
navigation was stopped on the lake by
cold weather. If such a case does
happen, passenger and freight trallic
will bo run over the lino to Proctor.
The effect on Procter is already noticeable as real cstttte has advanced
considerably. It will bo beneficial to
the business men and the mine owners of that section, as it Is exceedingly convenient for both tbe import nnd
export of freight. The Canadian Pacific is to he highly congratulated nn
tho steady progress It is making in
laying nn endless chain of truck
through tho southern portion of Hritish Columbia. Next year will undoubtedly see a line laid from Arrowhead, where connections are mnde
with thu main line, to Kaslo and
probably only a few years and Kuslo
will be connected with Ilalfour. On
the other hand, probnblj- next year
the work will be started on the construction of a line from Procter to
Kootenay Landing, and then the main
lino of that great continental road, as
to passenger traffic will pass through
Nelson, the rapidly advancing City of
the Inland Empire.
New York, Nov. Jo.���President McKinley, says a Washington spoclal to
The Herald, has elected Attorney General Griggs as one of the representatives of the United States in the Inter*
national court of abrltratlons to bo
organized at The Hague.
Shanghai,Nov. 30.���A missionary in
the Province of Han Su reports that
ten thousand cf the troops of General
Tung Fu Unking entered that Province and joined Prince Tuan's rebellion against tho Emperor. Tung hns
been obtaining supplies from the viceroy of S/.e Chuen. Tho Governor of
Shun Si has wired a request to the
Wu Chang Viceroy to send him without delay, eight quick firing guns
and the Viceroy haB ordered,thc guns
to be Bent. It is reported that Hau
Tung, guardian of the heir apparent,
is still alive and Is hiding near Pekin. Vice Admiral Seymour's visit to
the Vang Tse Viceroys is said to have
been in every way satisfactory.
Tien Tsin, Nov. 30.���Tung Wen
lluan, Provincial treasurer of Chi Li,
who was sentenced to death by the
International Military Tribunal at
Pao Ting, is being brought here to be
publicly beheaded by the City Government executioner. This.is the request
of the Pso  Ting military authorities.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 30.���Dispatches from Hong Kong say: The crew of
the bark Lord of Isles, arrived at
Auckland, N.Z..,recently after a terrible experience. Tho bark struck on
North Kaipara Spit and the men had
to cling to the rigging for hours, fin-
nlly drifting ashore on part of the
Rebelion is growing in South China
according to mall udviceB. Villagers
of Lam To Chuk, in Kwang Tung, opposed rebels and fought for two days,
but finally hud to retire with a loss of
2,000, the rebels losing 400. The rebels after victory fired the villages and
massacred women and children. Admiral llo's force went after tho rebels
and driving them back, burned their
villnges. The powder magazine at
Lanking exploded through being
struck by lightning, 40 people being
killed, buildings razed and windows
within a radius of 20 miles broken.
All Outstanding Difficulties Being
Amicably Settled.
London, Nov. 30.���Nothing in regard to the United States battleship
is coming direct from .Smyrna. The
authorities there aro censoring all despatches.
Constantinople, Nov. 20.���(Thurs-
day)~The opinion is expressed in diplomatic circles that the American
claims arising from tho Armenian
massacres, may now be regarded as
practically settled as an irade provid
ing for the building of a cruiser in
the United States is officially promulgated. The question of the consulate
at Hurpoot remains open, the Porte
persisting in its refusal to grunt an
exequatur to Dr. Thomas H. Norton.
Tbe moral effect, however, creuted by
the presence of tbo United States battleship Kentucky at Smyrna in support of tho represctatives of the American legation, tuken in conjunction
with the settlement of tho other
claims, leads tho legation to hope for
an enrly arrangementaof all outstanding diU'erences.
Ileturning Soldiers Enthusiastically
Greeted at the Empire.
London, Nov. 30.���Last night the
Canadians witnessed tho performance
ut the Empire Music Hull, where they
were enthusiastically received by the
Cape Town, Nov. 30.���In tho course
ot his address to the Refugees' Committee on Tuesday, Sir Alfred Milner
admitted that there had been general
miscalculation as to the time when
peace would be restored. Guerilla
operations intended to Inflict the maximum of injuries upon the victors were
causing delay and lie finally pointed
out thut those lit und willing to render militnry service could huston their
own return nnd thnt of the other refugees hy joining the volunteers in
the Held.
Standerton,      Transvaal     Colony,
Nov. 30.���Seventy Hoer women nnd
children, whoso husbands nnd fathers
are still lighting, hnve been deported
to I'ietennurltzburg, Nulnl.
Toronto, (Int., Nov.   30.���A move Is
on foot to   establish   a   large   bakery
trust In   the   city which will   control
the Biipply of bread.
Another Rich Slocan
the Producers
Property Added to
of the Silver-
Tomorrow the well known Ivanhoe
mine, situated near Sandon,and wnich
has rapidly come to the fiont during
the past few months, will be added to
the long list of shippers in that district. This morning the management
of tho mine notified the local officials
of the C. P. R. thnt they were ready
to ship at onco and wished cars sent
to the mine to day, and tho wish wnB
granted. The concentrator, which
was lately installed und which*.! considered to be one of the most modern
in tho Province,bus now been in oper-
ution only 10 days, und now over 200
tons of concentrates ure ready at tbe
mine to be shipped; Tho ore which Is
galena will be shipped to the^smelters
at Nelson and Trail.
But little was known of this mine
up to two years ago. Tbo work hns
been carried on quietly and steadily
and. the property is one of tbe richest
in that district. Having this added
to the list there are now in tbe Slocan mining district over 3,r, properties
which ure shipping steadily.
Mr. 8. S. Taylor, Q. C., who has
been stumping through tho Slocan
district with Mr. A. L. Sifton, in the
interests of the Liberal candidate,
Mr. VV. A. Galliher, returned to the
city lust evening. In speaking of the
lvunboe property and tho town of
Snndon he suid:
"The Ivanhoe concentrator situated
about a quarter of a mile from the
town of Sandon is now fully completed and has been in operation for 10
days, producing most satisfactory results. The plunt is considered by mining men to be the most complete and
up-to-date yet constructed in the
Kootenay country. Tho building is
very conveniently situated on tbe
smith bank of Carpenter Creek and Iiub
a water system which furnishes power for the operation of its electric
light plant and crusher. A second system from another creek furni-ies
power for the rest of the plant. No
steam power is used in the mill. The
capacity of tbo mill is 150 tons per
day and the concentrates are running
on an average in proportion of four
to one. A tramway of the latest design is now completed to the length
of about 2,200 feet and was construst-
ed by Jt. C. Riblet of Nelson. It is al-
bo in operation and is giving every
satisfaction. The owners are operating two mining properties in connection with the mill, namely the Ivanhoe   and   Sunset.    Both   ure   looking
well nnd the Ivanhoe in particular is
considered one of the stiongest properties in the Slocun. Immense quantities of oro are at present exposed
by tbe development. The propel tics
and mill nre owned by the Minnesota
Silver Company and are being managed by Mr. P. .7. Hlckcy to whose
ability us nu nil round milling mnn,
the success of both mine and mill
Chiefly attributed. The Canndiun I'a-
cillc Railway after examining tlie
properties has considered il of sufficient importance to justify thorn lu
building a special spur truck across
Carpenter Creek to the mill at tlie bottom of the hill nnd the K. >t S. desiring fo'get. u'shnre ol the freight produced by this property Is putting in n
hydraulic hoist from the mill to their
truck which runs on n somewhat higher level.
"It Is the general Impression of all
parties visiting Snndon nt tho present
time, that the town has never been In
such u prosperous nnd advanced ceni-
dition since its foundation, The
stroets are wider, buildings are more
modern and of n inferior type to those
existing prior to the fire of lust summer. The business men residing there
state that the town tins recovered to
ii great extent from the effects of the
fire, nnd that its prospects wen- never
brighter and its business more satisfactory than at the present time. A
large number of mining properties
are being developed In the near vicinity and their showings are such us to
justify tho belief Hint Sandon will
Boon need to grow beyond pnst expectations   in  order  to do  tbo  business
caused hy the  opening of those  new
* ���   ���
T. G, Procter, who hns just returned
from the Alice group, situated^about
two miles from Crestoa, Ib well pleased with the way the property is showing up. Since this property was bonded its development has proven so satisfactory that much more work, than
was nt first"intended, will be done at
once. A MO-foot cross cut tunnel
which hns just been started will be
run to tap the lead at the 250 foot level. A small force of men is at work,
aad another force to incrense the
number to 12 men was sent up to the
property toduy from Nelson and the
work will be pushed^as rapidly as possible.
Another feature that will be a great
benefit to the property is that the
Government will build a wagon road
from the town of Crcston to the bottom of the hill on which the property
is situated. About (600 has been appropriated for the work. Mr. Procter
said this morning thnt a road from
thiamine would be connected with the
Government road. This will aid greatly in bringing the mine woll to the
front among tbe mining properties of
thut district.
��� ���   ���
Mr. Frank VV. Peters, assistant general freight ageat of the Pacific division of the Cnuadlun Pncific is prepar-
ing a complete directory of the shipping mining properties of East and
West Kootenay and the Boundary
country. This Is a very Important
piece of work and will be of great
value to all mining men and tho public generally. It will contain the sit-
iini ieeii. name of tho owners, and the
name of ouch property In each district. The names will bo in a tabulated form and the book will be a
most convenient one. Along with the
name of each property, there will bo
given a description of the ore, that
is, only to which variety it belongs.
A list uf ^concentrators, stamp mills
and smelters will  also be given.
Mr. Peters, owing to the position
he holds, and us the Canadian Pacific
bundles nearly all tho oro that Is
shipped from tho various mines of
Eastern British Columbia, is probably the best informed man in the
Province in this connection. Time
and again lie has been asked for such
information, and he feels that this
will readily meet the requirements.
It will be published especially for the
capitalists of the east who are largely
interested in this Province, and tbo
public generally.
Berlin, Nov. 30.���A special despatch from Pekin to tho Tageblatt
announces thut Colonel Yorck, com
inunder of a German column|who wus
reporteil to be ut thu point of deuth
In consequence of inhaling fumes
from a stove in his bedroom, died November 27 ut lllvnivni. Ills body will
nrrlvo In Pekin today.
Ottawa, Nov.   .10.���Mayor   Payment
Is being boomed for   the   position   of
Deputy Minister of Public   Works  In
plnce of Gobell, resigned.
Owen Sound, Ont., Nov. 30.���Tbe
recount In NorthjGrey gives Dr. Horsey, Liberal, a majority of IB. Ills
former majority was 31.
North Hay, Nov. 30.���Yesterday, C.
A. McCool, Liberal,was declared elected In Nlpplssing Cou.ity for the House
of Commons. No other nominee will
be put in nomination. Mr. Kloek,
Conservative, former member, claims
the seat from October 31, and has filed a petition with the courts suing for
this right.
Toronto, Nov. 30.���Hon. O. E. Foster, ex-Finance Minister, who Is Id
the city on private business, in an in
tervlew, says the Conservatives need.
Dot be In a hurry In choosing their
leader atMhcrv Is no  necessity foi   It,
I Nelson Daily Miner, Friday Evening, November 30, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Publinhoil Evory Afternoon  Kxcopt Sunday
���BY THE���
119 Fluot Street, E. C.
Central  Press Agency, LI4., Spoolal A|_.nt-
Dully, per month, by carrier      650
Deiily, pur ninnlli, by mull      "Jo
Dully, per your, liy carrier ".Ill
Dully, per yunr, hy mull    _ w>
Dully, per year, furelgn    " DO
Wookly, per hnlf yoar  tl 29
Wookly, por your    * 00
Wookly, por yoar, foreign    3 00
Subscriptions Invariably In ml >. unit.
All Chockfl should he mado payable to tho
oreior   of   Nelson    Puhlisiiinu    Comi'ANV,
We have no reason to question the
perfect truth of the statement, made
this morning by Mr. Houston and his
paper, that "the best posted fire insurance agent in Nelson" Ib in favor
of a paid Fire Department; or of that
of the "manager of the lnrgest whole-
sub? house in Nelson," of similar purport; or of that of tbo "proprietor of
the largest dry goods house on Haker
Street," endorsing the opinions of the
other two. What they say may be
quite true; but just now it is not the
point, and if these gentlemen were as
wise as they are important in other
respects they would not permit themselves to be made the tools of so
transparent a trickster as Mr. Houston.
A paid Firo Department is one thing;
the insulting reception given to the
delegates of the present Volunteer Department, the flouting of the other
members of the Council, and the disorganisation of the fire service by tbe
summary suspension of the present
Chief, are quite another. The question of a paid Fire Department has
not yet come up. The time may or
may not be ripe for it; but when it
does come, it will no doubt be considered with all the deliberation it deserves. The present question is that
of the conduct of our Mayor, who,
with all his opportunities for improvement, cannot rise superior to the
boor in his manners, nor act with discretion when under the least excitement. We shall have a paid Fire Department in good time, even though
the best posted agent nnd those greatest of managers and proprietors
hbeiiilel withhold the light of their
countenance; but in the meantime it is
desirable to maintain the greatest
possible efficiency of the S3'8tem we already have, and this cannot be done
if the Mayor is to be allowed through
mere spite, In one of his frequent
outbreaks of temper, to throw it into
confusion by removing its head.
There aro quite a number of other
people in town besides the Mayor,
tho best posted agent, and the greatest of managers nnd proprietors, and
many of them are owners of property
which it is their interest to have protected against fire. The only protection at present enjoyed is that afforded by the existing system, and until
we decide to have a better and proceed to organise it in all its details
we want that system kept in as perfect a condition as possible. An ill
tempered Mayor is not to be allowed
to kick holes in it whenever free citizens of Nelson choose to look across
the street without bis permission.
The Rossland gentlemen who are
promoting the Chamber of Mines in
form Tho Miner thnt the success of
the venture is now more than assured.
From all parts of the country the
grentest interest Is being evinced in
the Chamber, as letters pouring in to
tbo officers from every mining camp
attest. The Boundary district has
taken the matter up must enthusiastically; East Kootenay halls it as "a
long felt want," the Slocan bus promised it every rapport, Vmir is anxious
to do all it can���in fact every placo
but Nelson lias come out very much in
favor of it. As no point in the country
is more interested in the development
of the mines than is Nelsoii.it is difficult to sec why it is that the responses from here have boen behind
those received from tbo numerous
fmaller places. The people of Nelson
should see to it that such a worthy
object is Supported, It is probable
that a general meeting, to which delegates will be asked to attend will bo
held early in the now yenr in Rossland, and the whole of .Southern Hritish Columbia will hnve a voico In
the organisation. It is by no means
a Ifosslninl body,a�� that general meeting can decide, If It so deslros, that
the headquarters of the Chamber
should be on the Kokanee Peaks; although It is   not   likely   that   anyone
win quarrel with Boislubd's cluims to
the bond office, as there is that much
due her in return for tubing the Init
iative steps. It is understood tha*
there are over fifty applications for
tho position of Secretary. Out of that
number the committee should be able
to mako a good selection.
The committee appointed in Rosb-
lnnd to settle that great issue of tho
present campaign���Did Galliher Sign
the Petition?���has solemnly decided
that be did, and has published a signed declaration to that effect. It was
very unfortunate for Mr.Galllher that
when first confronted with the statement that his signature was attached
to the petition ho should so promptly
deny it, and that two of his supporters here, without knowing tbe facts,
should also deny it. The sole Importance given to tho incident was by
these denials, for it would have beon
an easy matter at the first to have
satisfactorily explained the situation.
However, now he has himself to
thank for whatever harm it will do
his candidature.
Neither They Nor Reindeer Could
Stand the Alaska Climate.
Chicago, Nov.30.���Four Laplanders,
survivors of a party of fifteen who
left their native land three years ago
with !i00 reindeers which the United
States Government desired to test in
Alaska, are passing through Chicago
en route home. The four were Jabe
Latt, his wife,a son of 10 years, and a
daughter eight years old. Through
an interpreter Latt said that the Government's experiment with the reindeers had been unsuccessful for sevei -
al reasons. He said; "The country
did not suit either us or the reindeer.
It was cold enough but it was different in other ways. The deer cli'd not
get the same things to eat that they
did in Lapland, and they did not get
the snme treatment. When we arrived
in Alaska tho deer were distributed,
and each of us went with a certain
number to a certain place. Tho men
who worked with us did not know tho
habits of the animals and could not
treat them as they should have been
handled. 1^ do not know why the
country proved so unhealthy for the
Laplanders. Anyhow it killed the
most of our party."
Victoria, It. C, Nov. 30.���During
October, according to news received
here today from Australia, a volcano
on Bench Island, one of the New Britain group, became active and caused
a great upheaval on land and under
the sea. A number of natives, who
went out to gather fish, were killed
by the shock or drowned. Thirty
two shocks of earthquake were felt.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 30.���Christians
and heathen natives are at war on
the Island of Eromange, New Hebrides group. So far four Christians
and one heathen have been killed, and
the Ch.istians, who are in the minority, were besieged when Dr. Robertson, missionary, arrived at Sydney.
Real Estate and Insurance
Mutual Life Assurance Co. of Canada.
Anglo-Amerioan Fire Insurance Co.
Standard Loan Company.
Rents Collected.   Conveyancing Done.
Three houses for rent.
One fine new house for sale;   only
small payment down.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, per pound f   He
.lava anil Mochn Blond, 8 pounds  100
Flno Santos, I pounds	
Hantos Illona. o pounds	
Our  -poolalulonii, II pounds	
Our Klo Roast, fi pounds	
I 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
A TKIAI. OltltKK sol II It. l>.
INiELSQN, ��� B.  C
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
I inner linei kh Block Baker Strain
SCO  Canadian   UoldileUls  SU
The Wedding ?
The Present?
A question easily solved
if you come to us. A
useful article at a very
moderate price will do it.
Patenaude   Bros.,
Manufacturing Jowelrn,
NELSON,     -     -     B. C.
R. W. DAY,
Agent kor
Life, Accident, and Plre Insurance.
Loans Effected on Desibable
Do You Wish to Borrow
On flrHt mortgago Improved property?
If ho, I can placo your loan, giving you
tho privilege of repaying the amouut
borrowed in a definite number of
monthly payments of principal nnd interest, with tho privilege of repaying
the whole or any portion ut any timo
aftor the second year:
J500 repaid in 60 monthly payments of S10.40
J500 "     96 *' 7.30
1500 "   120 " 6.30
Other sums in proportion.
No commission charged. Definite contract in mortgage limiting payments.
Definite table furnished each borrowor
showing amount required to discharge
loan at any time after tho seoond year.
No Membership Fees. No Fines.
Building loans made; money advanced
as building progresses.
R. W. DAY.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka niner.l Wool and
Asbestos   Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual ILlfo
Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Go.
Three lots in   Mock 47, Hogustown,
885. (Ill eaoh.
Three lots in   Hlock 33, llognstown,
$1011.00 each.
50 feet on Mill Street, 8!500.00.
A   good   business   in   the   city,   in
thorough   working     order,    for   sale
6-Roomed house, corner of Ward
and Robson, all modern conveniences. 825 00
New house on Water Street   18 00
Cottage on Water Street  15 00
7-Rooined house on Robson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, all conveniences  25 00
4-Kooined cottage, corner of
Falls  ane1   Hoover  13 00
for our big Christmas
offer tomorrow. ���
Baker Street.
Our Suggestion
has been well received, and many have
profited by it. '1 he opportunity is still
open to you. If you contemplate buying a Christmas Present call and make
your selection, and have it put away
until you want it. We have now many
pretty things in china put aside for
customers. We advise you not to wait
too long or you will be sorry. All you
require to do is to call, make your
selection, pay a small deposit, and we
will reserve the articles for you.
In Groceries
We carry nothing but fresh stock, sell
nothing but the best, and ask you to
return anything that is not satisfactory.
Wm. Hunter $ Co.
Groceries, Crockery.
Prepare Por Winter
A good old fashioned cold winter is predicted. Be ready for it
by buying strong, solid, dependable footwear���the kind that will
protect you from the rain, snow,
and ice.
We can supply your wants, at
prices to suit you.
The Siioetsts
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largest   line   carried   by
any firm in Canada.
'' Good   Cheer ''   Ranges  and
Cook Stoves.   A complete line.
Call and be convinced that the *nly place to buy
Stoves   and   Ranges  at   the   right   prices   Is   the
A well established livery business,
known as Reynolds' Livery, consisting of four horses and harnness,
two busses, two sets Sleigh* one spring
wagon, aud building.
Lease of ground for three vears and
four months at $10 per month.
Part of purchase money can be arranged with the un-ersigned on
time. ,
Hugh R. Cameron
Raker Street,   Naleon, B. C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital rni_.���i>,    ,   .    .    tl.MS.*!*.** I  tXtot, ���1,700,000.0
Board of lilrirlor.i   Thoipaa K. Kennr,  Prorfldont;   Thomas Ritchie. Vi_e-Pi__Idoiit.
Wiloy Smith, II. O. itauld, Hon. 11.11. Fuller, M.L.C., Han. David Mao-Loon.
Head Ofllee, Halifax 1
General Manager, Kdaon 1,. Pease, Montreal.
Superlntondonl of Hmnchon. and See rotary, W. fl. T.rmnco, Halifax.
InRpeotor, W. F. Brook, Halifax,
lnipootor D. M. Stewart, Montreal
Wove -rotlB-Halllax Branch, Anttgonleh, Brldgewater, ���stharo. Londonderry, Lnnenbure
.MallInnil dliii'.i/i Co.l, pinion, Port H-irkoabury, HjAntiy. Anbeaacadle. Truro Woynioutli
New Rrnnnwlek���Bathumt, Dorchoutor, Fr.iln.let..n, Kl-jr��t��a llCriel Co.l, Mmioton Now-
castlo, Saekville, Wtodnlock. F. E. Inland- rliarlollel.wB, Kamincriride. Quebec���Montroal
(City OfBoe), Montreal. West Knd (Cor. Notre Dan. aad Selti.nra Streets); VV .stmoiin. (Cor
Orcene Avenne and St. Catharines street, ���atari.���Ottawa. Rcwfoandlnnd���St. John's
Cuba, Weil ladles���Havana. Dulled atatei���Now York (18 Rxchange Place) Hupublic, Wouh
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Van
oonver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
���rnrreeepondenln I
Canada���Merehantn Bank of Canada.   Boatan���National Shawmnt Bank.
National Bank,   tan eVr.neliiee���First National Bank.   London, Kng.-
Parla, France���Credit Lyonnala.   Bermuda���Bank of Bormuda,   China and Japan���Sobl
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terras.   Interest allowed an special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Bank of Soollnnd,
TELEPHONE   NO.   120.
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Erfected at  Reasonable  Rates.
Baker Street, Nelson,
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64 Victoria, Chapter 103
and Chapter 104, the name of
   .... _ 	
will  be changed to
tlbe TRoigal Banfe of Cana&a"
"The warmest thing jn
town " is the Hudson's Bay
Blanket. Made in Re(]
White, and Blue.
0% Point, $7.00 per hi.
4    Point, $8.00 per Pair
We also carry a full line of
Canadian Blankets, in White
and Colors, from $2.75 per
pair up.
See our stock before purchasing elsewhere
Corner Baker and Stanley Streeti
the: best
S\, Loil is
To be had wholesale at Nelson.
Co., Ltd-
A. B. GRAY, I!"kcr st" mw��
Kootenay Agent.
Coal and Wood.
Agent. Imperial Oil Co. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order  can bo accepted mle*
accompanied by cash.
Offlce Oorner Hall and Bftkor Streafc-
from and after
the Second day of January,  1901.
General Manager.
Halifax, 1st November, 1900.
P. O. GREEN        F. S. 0-KMENTS
Civil Engineer- and Provincial L*ai
P. O. Box ut *",i��0D' B-
A. R. BARROW, a.ml0B
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Oorner Viotorla and Kootonay Sta.
P. O. Box w: Telephone No. ��
ini_J_late  delivery   '��
i___L    - X
veeps   Over   Island    ot   Guam   and
Beaches Big Cruiser.
[Manila,   Nov.    30.���Tho   transport
Jherman,   which   has  arrived    here,
Brings   news   of   a    terrille   typhoon,
Hliiuli swept over tlio Island of Guam
B) Nov. Kith, demolishing tliousauils
��� dwellings, including tho hcadquar-
jHrs of Lieut. Commander Seaton
'ljwhrocdcr, tlie Governor of the Island.
The   towns   of   lnorajan and   Tarra-
Hrn were obliterated. It is estimated
that .hundreds of natives wero killed.
The eoeoanut crops for four years
have, been ruined uud tho vogotation
of the Islands Iiiih been lulled by salt
water. The storm burst with terrific
rabidity about 10 o'clock in the morning. Tlie uu-ullary cruiser Yoscmite,
which wus occupying a berth near
the collier just in, dragged her anchors und was driven a ground 1(10
yards from a ieof. Her boatB wore
crushed in. A launch with a crew of
five men had previously left the ship
to endeavor to find a safe anchorage
for tBe cruiser, tho indications being
that the anchors would not hold where
she was. The men were not Been after they left tho ship and it iB practically certain that tho heavy sea which
tne storm kicked up swamped the
]aunch. The bodies of Coxwain P.
fiwanson and Seaman Geo. A. Neill
fjere recovered after the typhoon sub-
Strikers Attack a Workingman Who
Opens^Fire on Them.
Ban Antonio, Texas, Nov. 30.���Ono
man killed and five others wounded,
one fatally, is the result of a clash
last night between the union and
non-union forces in the telephone
strike inaugurated here November 3.
The doad Is: Wm. Lacey, policeman,
aad the wounded aro O. D. lllaton,
Btriker.will die ; Martin Wright, president of the Electrical Workers Union, shot in the left nrm; Sammy
Smith, employee of Telephone Co.,
and two others, names unknown.
Smith did ull tho shooting. In company with other employees of the
OOtupaiiyJie started out to repair broken wires. The nun bad police protection. Tlie party returned to the
exchange. A little later Smith emerged and started to climb a pole on the
ojiposito side of the street. A crowd
of men surrounded him and began
throwing stones, after which he ran
Into Robin's stables to escape the
crowd. The latter followed and the
flfjht was continued in the stables.
Bhortly afterwards three shots were
_M8ard. Lacy was tlio first victim.
The second shot ��� grazed Wright's
ohest and entered bin left arm. The
last shot struck Wanton. Lacey died
.In a few minutes after the shooting.
The shooting caused a great deal of
ttcitemimt and many wild rumors.
Ijhnith and ono of the strikers were
placed in jail.
Hiought That Members of the Tribe
Offered Up a Sacrifice.
���Chicago, Nov. 30.���A special to The
Record from Hakci-fiold, (.'al., says an
Indian was burned to death a few
flays ago near Kernville but whether
It was an accident or he was offered
t��p as a human sacrifice by the other
Indians in tho party is not known. A
party has been organized here to visit the scene and make an investigation. About half way between Big
Blue Hill and Kernville, the body
waB found and it proved to be that
of an old Indian named Bill Chico.
It was discovered lying face downwards with nearly all the clothing
burned off and the skin badly burned.
Two Indians acknowledge that they
had seen Chico the evening before and
that they had gone to a house near by
���nd begged matches and paper. They
Bald that they had wanted the
matches to moke a light for the purpose of searching for a bottlo of whiskey which Chico had lost. It is reported that several Indians were
there at the time, and that they were
holding a sort of a dance. The authorities believe that Chico wr.s deliberately roasted by orderB of his tribe.
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and French markets.
Seattle three years ago with littlo but
a good Btock of pluck and energy. He
now returns with sufficient of the
goods of this earth to make him independent for life.
Seattle, Nov. 30.���What is said to be
the I&rgeBt specimen of pure gold ever
taken from the creeks of Atlin iB now
Ion exhibition in Seattle. It is of nug-
j get formation weighing 20   ounoes, 17
I pennyweights   and   12 grains, and   is
S valued at $502.   While thib is  the intrinsic worth. J. D. Harngan, owner
of the precious nugget, has repeatedly
refused  offers  of  8700    for  it.   The
nugget wbb found on Harrigan's bench
claim, No. 9, below en Pino Creek, at
a depth of  about ten feet.    A nugget
valued at  81,000 was   taken   from   an
Atlin claim two years ago, but clinging to the gold were largo  quantities
of quartz.   Harrlgan left his home in
Prominent Men of Two Nations Exchange Kindly Sentiments.
London, Nov. 30.���More than 300
were present at the Hotel Cecil this
evening ot the Thanksgiving dinner
given under the auspices of the American society in London. Mr. F. C
Vanduster, picsident of the society
was in tho chair and the guests in-
eluded Baron Alverstone, Lord Chief
Justice of England, Mr. Wm. Court-
Gully, speaker of tho House of Commons, Sir Jas. Charles Matthew,of tho
Queen's Bench Division of the High
Court of Justice, Mr. Frank Green,
Lord Mayor of London, Capt. Arthur
Lee, Mr. Choate and the full staff of
the United States Embassy. Mr. William McKinley Osborne,United States
General agent in London and many
other distinguished American citizens
and Englishmen. The speeches following the dinner glowed with international compliments, all the speakers dwelling upon the good relations
existing between Great Britain and
the United States and expressing the
hope that these would continue.
Toronto, Nov. 30.���A writ on behalf of the Dunlop Pneumatic Tire
Co., of London, Eng., has been issued
against Senator O. A. Cox, Edward
Gurney, E. B. Ryckman, barrister,
of Toronto, Warren Y. Soper, of Ottawa, of tho Dunlop Tire Co., Ltd., of
Canada nnd the American Dunlop
Tire Co., claiming damages to amount
of 8250,000 for alleged breach of contract, also on account injunction of
appointment of a receiver to the Canadian Dunlop Tire Co.
Ottawa, Nov. 30.���The United States
authorities havo advised the Agricultural Department of a change in its
quarantine regulations which were
arranged between Hon. Sydney Fisher and the UnBited States Agricultural
Department Borne years ago. The
change is in effect that all cattle sent
into the United StateB from Canada
will only be admitted on a certificate
of an United States official located in
London, Nov. 30.���The composite
regiment of the Household Cavalry also returned on the Hawarden Castle
The troops arrival in London was
marked by the scenes of enthusiasm
which, had so often be rehearsed in
the metropolis during the paBt year,
Great crowds awaited the cavalrymen
and the cheering was lusty and long
throughout their march to their quar
ters. Paddington, where thoy detrained, waB ablaze with color, as were the
streets along the route. Several regi-
niiuital bunds added to the general
gaiety and they sang,J"God Save the
Queen" in chorus.
Tliia alrnituro la on every bw of Ibe gonulne
Laxative Brotno-Quiiiine t^101*
*_��� msodjr that cmca a oo. _ % ���_�� *����
Charlottetown, P. E. I., Nov. 30.���
Yesterday morning the body of Fred
Vassey, a well-to-do farmer 30 years
of age, was found partly covered with
Bnow. He visited the city Tuesday
evening and during the storm attempted to return, and died either
from heart failure or exposure.
Orange River, South Africa, Nov
20.���The Herzog commando, 500
strong, attacked Col. Henry Hamilton
Scttlo's column Tuesday morning.
After five hours hard light the Boers
were expelled from the position, losing heavily. The British losses wero
Philadelphia, Pa., Nov.'30.���Before
what was probably the largest crowd
that ever atteaded a Thanksgiving
football gamo in this city, the University of Pennsylvania team yesterday
defeated tbe Cornell eleven by the
one-sided score of 27 tn 0.
Morrison b Caldwell
Finest line of
Staple and Fancy-
Groceries, Provisions,
Canned Goods,
Fruits, Vegetables, etc.
Our Specialties:
Best Creamery Butter and
Fresh  Bogustown  Eggs.
Morrisoi)  &  CaldWell
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
9>0 3&*0 f MTfTTt S___k*_V
Branch'iMarketsiix Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, We-w Denver and Slocan City.
Order, by malt to any branch will have careful a*-, oromnt attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Man aver.
Bakrr Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
N, Al. Cumminn, I_o^uu���Kvory known
variety uf ufi drinkH.  i' u uox 88. Telephone
Nu. 31. Hoovur tit i < ul, NuIhuii.   li.it i In   u_  Ihu
r_.ii.uuri st. i.i ,m iiui sprnnfH .Miii-i.Li WatOTi
C1ANK Sl MACPUNAl.l) (U. Cuno, Jhihub
..' A. Mue-loimld.��� Archilm-tri unit Httix ii In
UsihIudlh, iti.ikrn li ill 1._(*___, uurnur buki i and
Wurd siruolH. jmjIsuu.
CO.���Manu-acUiiurw ui Uiu Hu>a. _sual
and Koulonay Hullo Cigars. Factory and
ullicu, iiu kor oiroui, NuUon.
HJ. KVA.NS Sc CO.-Haker Streot, Nel-
���    ���nn    \\ lm    doal-i'M in liquoi'H, ui-
garni ben-Ant, tiro brick and tlru clay, wutor
pipe aud uUiul nui , und .-.������iu-i ui uuiuim_u_iui>
WholuHule uud rutuil dun-urn iu grain,
hay, flour, loud. Mills at Victoria, Nuw Went-
nun., in, Edmonton, Aita. ElovuturH ou Cal-
Ktiry and Kdmonton Hailway. Manufuctururn
ul thu culubratod li. A_ ___, brand curuuit..
A    MACDONALD   &  Co.���Cornor   Frou
���   and  Hall  streets���Wholosulu   groccre
aud jobber-, iu blankets, kIovoh., mm-,  boom,
rubbers, inuckinaws aud iiumi ��� sundries.
_i3| Olllco comer Hall and troiii Sireets,
isulson���Lumber, ooUing, flouring, and every
i i_ii_K iu wood for building purponus. Out our
prices.   Curruripoudeiicu Holu-iied.
P  BURNS & Co.���Baker street, Kelson���
���    Wholesale dealers iu fresh and cured
liiouih.    Cold Storage.
Huker Street, Nelson��� Wbolubalo deal'
ers in fresh and cured meats.
titrcut. Kelson ��� Wholesale denials in
hurdwaro, miners' supplies, importing good..,
A/|'LACHLA>' BROS. (Successor* to Van-
_i_f_JL couvor Sard ware Co, Ltd.) Baker Street,
Nelnon���Wholesale dealers in hurdwaro and
mining supplies, plumben.' and i li ti supplies,                                  _______________
paints, ml-, and glhs.; mcdianl'**' tool*.
Agents foi Ontario 1'owder Works; riyn .mite
/���pURKKH, BKKTON & Co.-Corner Vornon
X. and Josephine Streets, Kelsuu���Wbclo
sale dealers In liquors, cigars, and dry kikmU.
Agonts for Pabst Hruwing Cu. uf Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.	
UDSON'S HAY Co. - Wholenalo grocerio
and liquors etc., Baker Street, Nelson.
Front and Hall Streets, Nelnon���Wholesale doalert- n wines lease and bulk), and
domoetlc und Imported cigars.
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.~Cornor Vernon uml
��� Josephine StroctH. Nelson��� Wholesale
dealers in provisions, euro) meat*, but tor und
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
The Nelson Electric Tramway Co. Ltd.
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the oflice of the Company. Madonald Block, corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary.
dee Can Pit You.
lie has   one of   the   be.t   and   largoat
Fall and Winter Htocks in
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen'8 Hotel,
Baker Street
Room 1, Turner-Boeokh Blook.
Houses and Building Lota in All Farts
of tlio Olty.
Five, alx. Bevon and olg-t   oom liouBCH for
wile, twonty p(v cant below coh!..
.nil try a bottlo, a dogon, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER aa It la the boat and
choapeat on the market. Aluo try our
WINES,    LIQUOR 8,    and    OIQARS.
Telephone IB, Baker Ht, Nelaon, 1), V,
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland, Mo.
Allan Lino PorHlan  Doc t
Allan Lino TunlHlan Doc 13
Allan Lino Htrw. call at Halifax ono day later
Dominion  Line  Dominion ..Doo8
Dominion   Lino   Cambroman Dec 18
From 8U John, N. II.
Boavcr Lino Lako Superior Dec 7
Beavor Line Lake Ontario Doo 14
Beavor Lino  It-., call at Halifax ono day later
From Now York
Whito Star Line Toutonlc Doc 5
Whito Star Lino Qormanic Doo 12
Cunard Lino Ktrurfa  Doc8
i 'en ;ei el Lino Lucanln Dec 16
American Lino Now York Doc 12
Bed  ^tar Line Friealand Doo 12
N.U.L. Lino Lalm Doc 11
Fronch Lino I>a GiiHcoiKno Doc 13
Allan State Lino Sardinian Doc 8
...     ��� From Bonton
Cunard Lino Saxonla Dec8
Dominion Lino Commonwealth  Doc 12
1'iiHHaKOH arranged to and from all Kuropoan
point*. For ratea, tlcko.a and full Information
apply to C. P. R. depot a_;ent or H. L. Brown
City Paaeeonircr Agent, NoIhoii. B. C.
Oeneral �� onnt. C.P.B. Offloea, Wlnnlofg
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill atriLOTBAY. Tarda, NELSOU
and LARl.O.
j. a. Wayward.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Nelson, B. 0.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day $i.oo.
J. V. O'LATOHUN, Prop.
Will pay the big-eat cash prioe for all
kinds of seonnrl hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an nnehoi to a
needle. Fornitnro, stoves, carports,
oooking ntensilB, bought In honsehold
qnantlties. Also o��Bt off clothing.
Call and aee me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. -La-
Street. Nelnon. H. O.
Canada PermankntandWf.s-
tern Canada Mortoage
Money to loan on Htnilizht Mortgage.
Apply to Q, U LENNOX, Baker 8t
Put Us On
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superiority of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your wants  perfectly.
Klrkpatrick b Wilson
In older that tho Government may
he 111 possession of definite information with which to Kunply those eeek-
ine,- investments in this l'rovince, I
urn instructed to Invite particulars
from those who havo properties for
sale, and who may feel disposed to
forward such particulars to this oflice
for the purpose in question.
In view of the proposed early re-or-
tponlBation of the Agent Geiieial'H
Olliee in London, England, tho desirability of having on lilo a list of
farms and other properties for sale,
with full and accurate details, is ol>-
vioiiH. Properties submitted may include farms and farm lands, industrial or commercial concerns, timber
limits, water powers, or other enterprises affording opportunities for legitimate Investment.
It is not proposed to recommend
properties to intending investors, but
to afford the fullest access to the classified lists and all available Information connected therewith, and to place
enquirers in communication with the
The fullest particulars are desired
not only of the properties themselves,
but of the localities in which they
are situated, and the conditions
affecting them. For this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded to those desirous
of making sales.
Secretary, Hureau of   Provincial   Information.
Twenty-five per cent off all
Trimmed and Ready-to-Wear
Haker Street,
Advcrtlaomonta Inserted under this head at
tho mto of ono cent a word por lnaortloo. No
odvortlaement takon for loan than 2. oent-.
FOR     RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Hank of Halifax.
CABIN to Kent.    Apply Royal   Hotel.
Mrs E. II. Thompson,(late of Doran-
wend's well known establishment,
Toronto), has opened parlors for hair
dressing in Victoria Hlock. Ladles
may make appointments by mall or
otherwise. Room 1, corner Baker
and Josephine Streets.
FIRST-CLASS   Room   and    Hoard, In
private   family,    reasonable   terms.
Apply   un   Silica   Street,   two   doors
west of Ward.
\v ANTED���Employment Kb bookkeeper
or light employment by steady man,
address, "Y" Miner Orlice.
FOR SALE   OR    RENT.���Four   room
house   to   let.    Handy   to   smelter.
Rent Sin.    Address "II" Miner Office.
FOR RENT.���A two-story,six-roomed
dwelling,   bath   room   etc.,    SIB.00
Apply S.   M.   llrydges,    Mara   Hlock,
over Merchants' Hank of Halifax.
WANTED���Good smart boy to deliver
paeaages.    Martin O'Reilly &. Oo.
FOB SALE--A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient.with all modern Improvements.    Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
TRAINED   Nurse,  open   for  engagements.    Surgical,   medical,   and accouchement.    English    nnd   Cauadlan
diplomas.    Apply, "E" Miner   Oflice.
PRIVATE Boar-   ami Room.    Heated
throughout.  Hot and cold water and
baths.   Three   doors    south   of   rust.
office, Ward Street, J
Nblson Dailv Miner,  Friday EvEumq,  Novhmber 30, ,qqq
Magistrate Crease held a Small
Debts' Court this afternoon at the
Court nouse. Three minor cases were
disposed of.
This is St. Androws' Day and this
evening the St. Andrews and Caledonian Societies will celebrate, tbe former at Hotel Phair and the latter at
the Queen's Hotel.
At 5 o'clock last evening at the
manse of the St. Paul's I'resbyterian
Church, Rev. Robert Frew, united in
marriage Mr. Albert Benson an Miss
Mary Syvcsrudd, both of Nelson.
An attractive window display is to
be seen at ,1. A. Maedonald's Palace
Confectionery, on Ward Street. An
endless variety of Christmas novelties
of all sorts are grouped in the window and present a most attractive appearance.
The members of tho Nelson Lodge,
No. 83 A. V. Sz. A. M., will hold a
ball at the Opera House on Thursday
evening December 27. A committee on
arrangements has already been appointed and the necessary plans are
being executed.
Two cases were heard before Magistrate Crease at the Police Court this
morning. Charles Devour, a barber,
was fined 820 and costs on a charge of
using profane language on the street
on^Wednesday evening, .lohn Hurk, a
laborer, pleaded guilty on a charge of
drunk and was fined $5 and costs.
The members of the TerpBichorean
Club held a meeting last night and it
was decided to hold an invitation
dance on Thursday evening, December
18. It will be held at Fraternity flail.
An invitation committee was appointed and arrangements will be
made at once.
The portion of tbe rink for" No. 2
curling rink was planked yesterday
and hereafter the ice formed will give
the best of satisfaction. This will do
away with the complaint which was
made in the past, as the ice was always in very bad condition owing to
the ground being of a springy nature.
Mr. Henry II. Thomson, arrived in
Nelson last night from his home at
150-Mile House in tlie Cariboo country. He is hale and hearty as ever
and spent the day in shaking hands
with his many friends iu Nelson. He
leaves Nelson this evening or tomorrow.
A quiet wedding took place last
evening at the residence of Father
Cote, when he united in marriage Mr.
Hall Isham of Sandon,and Miss Elizabeth Conroy of .lauesville, Wis. The
bride arrived in Nelson last evening
and the ceremony took place shortly
afterward. The happy couple left for
Sandon this morning where they will
make their future home.
Yesterday The Miner gave the opinions of 20 business men of Nelson in
regard to the present difficulty in the
ffre department. Twenty-three of
these men wore most emphatically opposed to Mr. Houston. This morning
Mr. Houston published the opinions
of three men, all of whom approved of
his action. It took him two days to
find these three but he got them at
Mr. J. W. Moore who is engaged In operating the steam
shovel on the Balfour extension, arrived in Nolson last evening. He stated this morning that a subscription
had been taken by the employees there
for the benefit of Pat. O'Toole, who
now lies at tho'ticnernl Hospital suffering from an amputated^ foot. Mr.
O'Toole had worked with the mon on
the extension a month or two before
he met with the accident of having
his foot crushed last Tuesday, and he
wns a general favorite with the men.
(Ivor $:i()(i has been raised.
Hugh Mel'herson, a minor, lies at
the City jail, with two or three fractured ribs. About II o'clock last evening, when be was highly intoxicated
he managed to work up a good row
near tbe Tremeent Hotel. The light
lasted only a few minutes, but during the mix up Mel'horseiii received his
injuries. He at once proceeded to lind
Dr. Lallan, but when he got to the
corner of .lo.Nophno anil linker Street
he was arrested by Officer Hardy. Dr.
Hall was at once culled to jail to attend the patient. Mel'herson apparently suffered severe pain all night as
he maintained a pitiful groaning,
which kept the rest of tho prisoners
awake during their ordinary sleeping
he Is conducting a newspaper and job
printing office that is by no moans a
union office.
In an editorial this morning tbe
proprietor of The Tribune ovadeB the
question entirely.    He says:
"The Miner says The Tribune is
not a thoroughly union office. This
will bo news to the following-named
printers who are employed in the
office of The Tribune, etc."
Then Mr. Houston gives a list of
tho men employed in his office. Of
theso Mr. Houston and one other
are really non-union men, and a majority of the balanco have had thoir
names printed in the International
Typographical Journal, the official
paper of the Union, as being uudpr
suspension. If one man in a printing
office is not a member in good stand
ing of the Typographical Union that
office is not a union office. Mr. Houston's office is not a union office and
knowing that well Mr. Houston this
morning dared not deny the statement
mado in The Miner of yesterday. He
does not lie, as he accuses The Miner
of doing, becauso ho knows he would
be found out. Ho simply begs the
The Miner repeata.for the benefit of
the Union men whom Mr. Houston
hopes to support him or his candidate
in the n_xt mayoralty campaign,
that Tho Tribune office is not a union
office, that Mr. Houston has refused
on every occasion, but one,to listen to
a representative of the union, and
that Mr. Houston is, therefore, at
heart, opposed to union labor. When
Mr. Houston gets out of politics he
will not be subject to such criticism.
While he remains in the political
arena he must put up with it.
Spokane Mining: ' rock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
as received from The Miner's special
Blacktail 10 %%\
Butte & Boston  2%
Crystal  4%
Deer Trail Con  2.-_
Evening Star.  o%
���Hold Ledge  2
Golden Harvest     X
I. X.L 20J.
Iron Mask 31
Jim Blaine  8
Lone Pine Surprise  1%
Mountain Lion 88
Morning Glory O.tff
Morrison  3}8
Noble Five  4
Princess Mand  1 %
Palmer Mt. Tun  17
Quilp 23
liarabler-Cariboo 20. _
Republic   07J_,
Reservation  5
Rossland Giant  23.
Sullivan 14%
Tom Thumb 12..
Wuterloo  2%
Winnipeg  7
Conjecture  4X
San Juan    %
Jumbo  3
American Boy 10
Trade Dollar  4
Rainbow  4%
Golden Star  H>_
Sales���Lone Pine, 5000 at 7X ; Morning Glory, 10.0 at 0; Morrison, 1000 at
3X11 Sulliran, 5000 at 14%.
25 H
From Coopersville, Mich., comes-
word of a wonderful dscovery of a
pleasant tasting liquid that when
used before retiring by any one troubled with a bad cough always ensures
a good night's rest. "It will soon
cure the cough too, "writes Mrs S.
Himelburger, "for three generations
of our family have used Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption and
never found it's equal for Coughs and
Colds." It's an unrivaled life-saver,
when used for desperate lung diseases. Guaranteed bottles 50 cents
ind Sl at the Canada Drug and Hook
Co.    Trial bottles free.
Tbe most miserable beings in tho
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the Dominion are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects: such a Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Palpitation of tho Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrnsh, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue nnd Disagreeable Taste In
the Month, Coining up of Food After
Kilting. Low Spirits, etc. Go to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
Flower for 75 cents. Two doses will
relieve you. Try it. For sale by W.
F. Teetzel.	
Just Like Home���Is what they all
say of the elegant compartment cars
on "The Northwestern Limited,"
operating between St. Paul and Chicago, only not one home in a thousand
is us rien'ly nnd tastefully adorned.
faithful friend <>f Union Labor and as ! You will enjoy absolute privacy when
such bus   appealed   nml   Is   appealing   traveling In one of our couipnrtinonls.
today to Union men in bis capacity as ,Ti,'l<,',�� "l "",   _f__}_    "' S' CoU,M'
������     ,r,    '        ���         (leiiernl Agent. Spokane,
a public man   Hint     _ne Miner yester- 	
day called tho attention of Its readers
to the fact that at  home Mr. Houston
Proprietor   of   The   Tribune   Cannot
Deny That Non-Union Accusation.
It was only because .Mayor Houston
has   always claimed himself   to   be  a
Lucky Soldiers.���Lord Rosslyn has
evidently an eye for detail. In his
article in the Mall describing the
effect of Lord Roberts' advance upon
Pretoria on the prisoners at Watervaal
and other guards, he wrote: "Hollander and Britisher,soldier and Boer,
peasant, prisoner and warder, joined
in a universal scene of congratulation,
in a mutual expression of estee_i and
a general glass of Robert Hrown's
Four-Crown Scotch Whiskey. Happy
the lot of the prisoners who were able
to soothe their sorrows with so famous a brand aB Robert Hrown's
"Four-Crown. "
,l;illimili I.    .1.11   lie.l nil
Tako Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet*.  All
Those who have not yet heard Professor Alexander at the Opera Bouse
have certainly missed a treat as every
lecture is replete with humor while
containing ideas nsoful in every
home. Last night applause and laughter alternated as he scored some of
the shams of society of today. Tonight he gives his lecture on training
ohildron without the use of the rod
and will contrast half a dozen little
ones on the stage at the close. Suteir-
day night owing to the political meet
ing after tho lecture on "How to Read
Character" will begin at 8 o'clock
promptly. On Sunday nfternoon ut 3
o'clock and in the evening at 8:45 lectures will be given to men only,while
his greatest lecture on "Love, Courtship, Marriage and Jealousy" will be
given on Monday night. In this lecture he will explain signs of love in
the head and face, popping the question, and how to manage the mother-
in-law. At the close two or more
couples will be matched on the stage.
That is a programme to jam the
_V��ifl_L^;fl__.-fl__.ff_;___:.__;&��/��_L-'tf/___;____^___>*-0*^00 __*      L-=:
" If you don't like Blue Eibbon Tea it's
beoause you've never tnBted it-
Slaughter Sale In
iners and
..Working Shoes..
Having decided lo go into the
handling of Ladies' and Gents' Fine
Shoes exclusively, we have decided
to clear out all our Miners and
Heavy Working Shoes (of which we
have about 500 pairs) regardless of
cost; at your own price.
62 Pairs of four laced Banigans,
solid leather soles and inners, sizes
6 to 10. Regular Price $1.50;
slaughter sale price
50 cents.
71 Pairs of Bunkhams with or
without tap, soles extra heavy,
shanks and counters, sizes 6 to 10,
Regular price $2.25; slaughter sale
no Pairs Bl_cl\er and Gaiter
Shoes "ingrain and kid leather,
nailed or plain sole, outside counters if preferred, sizes 6 to 10. Regular price $3.00: slaughter sale price
42 Pairs Grain Blucber and
Boots with buckle or lace, heavy
soles, sizes 6 to 10. Regular price
$3.00; slaughter sale price
132 Pairs Oil Grain, kip and
calfskin, lace and blucher, cut Boots
hand made, nailed, outside counters.
This is the best Mining Boot we
carry. Regularly selling at $5.00.
Slaughter sale price
These Bools and Shoes are all to
go at above quotations; first in gets
first choice.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
5. Neelands.
w   Daulton,
If You Buy Now
Your Money Will Last Longer.
We have in our Opera House Store,   articles  suitable for Ch
Presents for young and old���gay and grave.   "We have  got  to  move"?""
this store, and we are going to sell every article on the premises '
Royal Crown Derby,
Royal Worcester,
Haviland Limoges,
German, Japanese and
Austrian Fancy China-
The nicest assortment in Nelson.
A full line of Our Usual Holiday
Articles. Dolls,Toys, Fancy Goods
Etc., are now opened up and wise
buyers are making early selections.
, Canada Drue and Book Co. .
4~^~^-0*^-00~-00^-00?00'-00'.ty^5 ;S^_B___0^00���"-3-*_5^00^-^.r?-*
Of Millinery.
Trimmed Hats and Ready-
to-Wear Hats Must 60.
It is contrary to our policy
to carry these goods over from
season to season, and this
accounts for our
The balance of our stock of
Trimmed Hats and Ready-to
Wear  Hats will  be sold  re
gardless of cost.
Call and see our offerings
Kerr & Co.
Cor. Baker and Wai-d Streets,
Two hone h of Bound common nonso set in a frame
of humor.���Toronto Ulobe.
In his most fainouf. lecture on
In thin loci uro tho Profossor will ghOWWhtt lompcrnincntt. should or should not mirrj;
will oxi'lnin the .siKiiH of love in 1)10 head and f��cc; how to tell u iovinu dfepoHlUoo and whether
thoy aro in a loving mood; how to know a flirt, jealous minded or real motherly pcreoo; courtship aH it In and nhould be. popping (ho question, and how to muiinge your iii'illii,r.n-]ii��,1
Some roatCflU why those who are well mated disagree.
At tho clone two or more couples will he maimed on tho Htago. Mutchmakiii;. -ci<mi_.
but nol binding.   Admission 25c and 3.V.   Uenen od houIs 50o.
Friday night���Training Children.   Saturdny night 8 o'clock sharp���Head* nml Tetr/jei-
umriii���..   Sunday, 3 p. m. ami M.-5 p. in.��� I_octuren to M I .N ONLY.   Silver eolloetloii.
JlUcf   4,  -W-^ d*Af!6 MHrt-A/,
U a, cuA/tdp^nU turf*.
3 Fred Irvine & Co,
6 The New Straight 0
I Front Corset. We I
X   Have Them. f
of the Gnn^i1*^���^ V}?��6 ^the PreParations for the Xmas Season.   The attractiveness
ot the Goods to be found in all our Departments will make brisk selling for the next three weeks.
Christmas Dolls.
Our new line of Dolls is now
on display. While the quality is
of the highest, the price is so
modestly low that you will be surprised at the size of the doll you
can get for a dollar or two.
Jointed Dolls, Kid-bodied Dolls,
new French-shape Dolls, Blond
Dolls, Brunette Dolls, 9 to 27
inches;  35c to$ 8.50.
Silk Wais-ts.
Nothing but the finest Taffeta,
Liberty Satins and Liberty Silks,
from $3.50 to $15.
The great demand for Furs this
season was recognized by us very
early���in time to make selections
when they were at their best.
Whatever there is for ladies to
wear, made of Fur, will be found
in this department at very low
You lose most of your handkerchiefs, the laundries wear out
the rest, and your handkerchief
case needs constant filling. We
have them from 5c to $7.50 each.
Winter Gloves
And Mittens in great variety.
The very latest style in Gloves is
the Suede, Castor and Mocha.
These Gloves are nice for cold
weather, as they are much warmer
than dressed kid.    We carry these
lines   in   black,    mole,   tans
greys, $1.50 to $2.00.
Eiderdown Comforts.
The cold snap which we have
just experienced, suggests what
we may expect when the winter
sets in in earnest, so get your
Comforts now and be ready.
Prices, $1.50 to $25.00.
6   Sole Agent.,
6 For
2       Itiitlerlck Pattern,
Fred Irvine & Go.
-T--"*-"!"���' '."_"." ' "   "I"! '"' """��_""  druggist*reriind themoner If It .aliauTouro.'
Is far from being it union mon In that Mo, X W, arore t flgo-twel. on e��c_t��_,
��� .  ___ J &
�����040��I_-W>*0*0*0*     ^.
6   Special  Cure   Taken   ���
?   In   1 ini 1.1    all   Hall
X   Order..


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