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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 9, 1899

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Dai\j Edition No, 208
Nelson, British Columbia. Monday, January 9,   1899.
Ninth Year
\l^����������j_��.m��������.&��������������^ \ time   will   be  available   for    study.
v- ^ \ There are in the words of tlie organiz
ers "ineu aspiring to bo vestrymen,
county oounoillors, members of Parliament, trade unionists and fellows who
harangue crowds in tho streets ami
I who organize olnos." Tho funds for
the Boheme uro provided by the American admirers of John Ruskin, the
1 painter mid actor.
If fire luul hrokin out   In uny ��r
Ihv husliit'ss   hlticUs In Nt-isnn  last
mi-ill tlie Ore brigade " ���*��� �����������
been  utterly powe-"'
hiiImIuIuic Hi*' UniiM's.
ihe di) wai entirely without pru
I'thtik in case of lire.   .11 r; o'clock
there wai a flow or water hardl*
���UK lu MelHon i����* h
Igade would liave ��^
fverlem i<> ����<>  ln K
irn. Iu oilier WOWli K
^ there was a flow or water m*���-..,,
vi BiiAlcleut i�� throw a Rtrenni lo ihe ��^
Si roof of a shack on llu* Unlit, .ill L
M oltlKeufl will appreciate the danger K
��� 5 arlslnte from niu'Ii a condition of t1
0 affair*. K
4 in addition, render* or iu<'Miner n
nm hi a i ho BufTer�� The Miner niant
Ih run by Water power. M Itcn that
fall* the Ivnc-Kclltiig machine can
not In* operated and ll U then ueceft-
Miry lo fall hack upon the- f,caRCB,*'
from which lull a small amount ��\ ��� ���
Mix- can be net when compared with   j��'(
- the work which may he done ������> the ���,
]i machine. While theclttacnH of Nel- y
vi M)ii arc In danger hourly of lotting >[
H their premise* hy flre( The Miner Ih '.
,1 alio having Its trouble, in addition ^
'^   lo Hh danger.     It  Ih  compelled to    ^
5 curtail Uh "output" of local rending S
��.I mallei' aud Its readers are compel. ?
'J ed to curtail their reading Vie are ���-,
H sorry for the readem* silken and we ^
w trust |ii�� renders are sorry for the k
'4   Miner's sake. ������,
Officers Meet   and Discuss
the Situation.
Professor Harunoke in nn  Attempt  lo
Drown His Sorrow.
Berlin. Jnn. 7.���The strange, disappearance before Xnnts of Professor
Hnruuoke from the Hall University
iii Saxony, has been cleared np. The
professor, who was visiting relatives
here, over the holidays, was uot a
victini'of the proverbial absent minded-
uess of his profession, but fell into the
bunds of some sharpers, who learned
thai he had a large sum of money with
him. In one night tho professor lost
nearly all of his money, after which
he tried to drown his disgust in drink
and finally landed in a hospital under
an assumed name, Yesterday he snr-
pi'ised bis relatives and friends by re
turning "clothed nnd in his right
mind," minus several thousand thai
evs. nnd plus a vast amount of experience   of metropolitan eorruption.
Emperor     William    Has   n   Squabble
With Perliu Artists.
Berlin, Jan.   7.���Emperor   William
by   his  entrance into nit affairs,   has
been drawn into   a squabble   with the
Berlin artists.    Si vertil landscape ai
i'.ts took exception to   the  deeisiou i   '
tne Imperial   Committee nn   ln.ngii ���.
new piotures   and demanded a jury to
consider   the    decisions.      Several   of
these were made by the Kaiser personally,    Herr   Von   Werner, director  of
the academy, has   proposed the expulsion from that body of   the  protesting
artists, and he. is sustained by the Emperor, who does not want the derisions
of the Imperial Committee questioned.
The   artists   in question have issued
a protest to the action.
Ministerial Crisis is Iinmi-
nent in Madrid.
This the Trend  of Public
Opinion in England.
End of the  Old and  Beginning  of the
flew iii tlie History of
Belieyes Great Britain is Determined to
Force Her into Hostilities���Times
Denounces France.
But They Must Have Money to Enable
Them to Mako a New Start
iu Life.
Havana, Jim    7 - Twenty-live  Dubai]
generals and elders met at   Mariana   ti -
day to consider the position of the Cu
ban army. A document   wns duiwn  up
for dispatch to General Rodriguez ask-
him to (mil n general meeting of offloers
to lake neliini fust upon the need  of  a
mm of money to ennble tbe officers and
privates of thu   army   to   make   n   new
mart in lift-, and, secondly   with   n gnnl
to the lack of respect shown the  Online
offloers by the people ol I.'aba   and   the
Americans.   The latter matter bus special reference to the refusal of the niutiic-
pal police to salute General  Snugiiilh
and other offloers,
The mei ling today resulted in a three
hours talk oriiiei 1 of, but not unfiii Dil)
to the Americans and no disposition was
shown to assume an attitude of   protest
or opposition, On the contrary,   n   will
ingiiess to disband was   expreiBed,   pro
vided money was   forthcoming   lo  give
tlie men composing tne Oil bail   army   a
new start, as one ot   ihese  present  put
the c;B', "As lhe United Slates ci Heels
tb.' island revenue, we Inusl look to Ih
United Stales."
Two  hundred    Bpanish  officers  ami
soldiers are in the   PreBidlu   peuiteutiay
reiving BBUtenoes   imposed   ripnu   them
for military olTenaes. The Spanish authorities ieste:iil of taking III m I,
Spain Id nerve out their leims tell tht'Di
among 600 other oouvlots,   They  wan
their freedom and  have petitioned General Ludlow to release  them.   As   it   is
no part of of lhe business  of.   American
authorities  to punish   Spanish   milit,,y
prisoners whose common offense has
been disnqieot ~T i (Beers, nil will probably be released alter trial by a board ol
officers which will be appointed tn il-
quire into their ciisbb. One prisoner was
found todayjwhose term bud expired li
mouth ago. Ho was an American negro
who was taken into custody about Ihe
middle of hist summer.
Who Are Running as Candidates for Civic
Honor and Their Occupations
Will Be Named.
Two Americans Will Establish a Ool
logo in London.
London, Jan. 7,-Two young Ameri
cans, MossrB,
onus, m.inn.���. W. Vrooinnn anil 0, A.
Rntre, members of Oxford University,
arc inaugurating a soheme for the
establishment of a college for labor
lenders, whieh IB attracting considerable attention.
(t appears they ciiinc especially from
America to carry out the project and
Mr. Vroomap is said to bo already
known   there as   au   ultra-democrat.
The college will bo called Raskin
Hull. They have leased Sl.ulibs House,
nu old mansion of Hir.i, iu Christ
Church Collage, and it will be opened
on Washington's birthday by a meeting iu Oxford town hall. Uiiskin
Hall will accommodate 10 -nen. There
will be no ordinary servants, but
among the studentB will be cooks
and other i-ervauts who will get their
board free In return for four hours
dftlljr watt    Tii�� uiuu.mler ��t   tlitlV
There will be a busy lime at the
Olty Hall today between the hours of
12 and 3, when Mr. J. K. Strnbaii will
receive the nominations of the different gentlemen who are going to seek
tho suffrage of the citizens of Nelson
in the approaching contest for mayoral
and aldermanic honors. For several
days past past public interest has centered in this contest, und tho names
of the different candidates are on
every tongue.
The  candidates  for   the   mayoralty
are   Mr.    H.    G.    Neclands.     a   well
known    aud   respected   citizen,    who
represent the   overwhelming desire for
reform that is sweeping over tbe oity,
and   Mr,   John   Houslon.   the present
incumbent of that responsible position.
For  seals in the Oity Council  there
are   t\V0   distinct    tickets in the field,
the   Citizen's   Ticket,    and   a   ticket
composed  of devoted  followers of Mr.
John   Houston,   The Citizen's candi-
,,.itcs in the West Ward are Massrs, A.
L.  Melvillop, the well known assnyer :
R.   M.   Macdonald,   lawyer,   and   F.
Fletcher, I'roviiicial Land Surveyor,
Mr. Houston's candidates arc;
Messrs.  Madden,    saloon keeper, and
K. P. Whalley, sodawater manufacturer. The name of Mr. W. Irvine
was originally plaied on the ticket,
but. Mr. Irvine has withdrawn. Tie
explanation   offered   is,   that ho found
subsequently that he could not qunlifv
However, Ibis limy be, there is a gap
in the ticket,
No oue doubts, however, that tic
Mayor will manage lo find a way out
of the dillic.ultv, and bv noon today
will have sonic kind of a candidate to
complete the ticket.
In tb') Bast Ward there are three
strong men on the Oitizen's ticket,
Messrs. 11. B, Thomson, manager of
Turner, Beetotl & Co's. store, P. K.
Wilson, lawyer, and (J. F. Boor, a
large property owner in the city. The
remaining three of Mr. Houston's
candidates are: Messrs. C. Hillyer
contractor; T. M. Ward, insurance
llgent and ex-saloon keeper, and ,1.
Malone, saloon keeper. Mr. Ward is
the only new candidate of the three
Houston men in the ward.
Madrid, Jan. 7���At tho meeting this
evening of tho conservative club, Seller Silvela formally confirmed   the previously  reported   complete   agreement
between himself and General Polavieja
and made an important announcement
of the Conservative lolicy.   Senor Silvela said he recognized Senor Sagasta's
services   to   the   throne, but censured
the Premier's   policy   in Cuba and os-
peciallv his conduct regarding the war
between Spain nnd the  United States.
He   declared   that the   present   cortes
was morally dissolved and   suUI he believed that the fall of Sagasta was imminent,
The financial question, Senor Silvela
said be regarded us most important,
He favored a tax on all personal property, the increasing of indirect taxation and the effeoting of large economies in pensions; supported the
maintenance of the concordat with the
Vatican and advocated the re-organization of the Administration of Justice.
He favored the establishment of a
Ministry of Public Works and Corn-
morce.liaving control of posts an I telegraphs, and maintained the necessity
for giving a powerful impulse to the
industrial resources of the country.
Regarding foreign politics, Senor
Silvela held that Spain's geographical
position precluded Ihe possibility of
her becoming a teriitory governed by
foreigners adding :
"We must, therefore, re-organize
the army and navy, so as to be in a
position to defend Iho country in cuse
of necessity."
In conclusion Senor Silvela declared
that he did not believe he nor Sagasta
was desirous of retaining office.
The Cabinet will meet tomorrow
nnd Monday. Premier Sagasta will go
to the palace to notify   the Queen Re-
'   ����'--' :.."l ���viu|0
London, Jnn, 7.���All events seem to
work together   in    European   politics
to increase the tension between   Great
Britain and   France.    The past  week I
has   brought   Madagascar   and   ISgvpt I
forward as   when the   mutual   irrila
bility was  subsiding.    Even the most
conservative observers  begin to take a
pessimistic   view   of   the relation between the two powers.    This  includes
those who,   up   to  the   present,   hnve
considered tbe  belligerency to be mere
talk, duo   to   super-sensitiveness upon
the, part of France and to  unnecessary
gruffness on tho part of Great   Britain
in insisting   upon what she   considers
to be her   rights     On one side France
seems to foster the growing belief that.
Great   Britain    is   determined   under
some pretext or other, to   force her into war, and is willing to   make a pretext if no plausible  excuse arises.    On
tbe   other   side, a large party   of   the
British   public   profess that their   patience has been strained beyond endurance by what, they   deem to be the unvarnished dishonest^ of French   diplomacy.    The   past ii hours brought the
pnbliuiitlon   of   the Times denouncin
eaoh of the Federal   Governments  has
already considered it   und the   present
shape of the bill is virtu lly the result
of mutual cone'ssions made by the several Governments. From an authoritative source, it is learned   that tho tusk
of agreeing to   its   final   form   proved
very difficult to the South German Governments, and especially Wurlembnrg,
and   Bnv irin,   which   originally    opposed any such legislation, since  they, i
thus far. have not been   saddled   with |
tricbinrsis   inspection,   and   saw    no
reason why the whole   Empire  should
be saddled with an expensive meat in- j
speotion merely because Prussia wish- |
ed it.    It   was in   deference  to  these
South German   votes,    that   the Pros
sian   Cabinet   gradually cut down the
demands and a number of the Agrarian
features of the   original   draft  of   the
bill were eliminated.    Two important
modifications are the dropping   of   the
clause providing for   State   remuneration for all cattle   und   meat  declare.I
unfit for sale,   and   the insertion of   a
clause enforcing   the inspection of   all
cattle and swine slaughtered, for   private consumption.
Germany Would   Improve   Hers   With
Amerioa and  Great Britain.
Berlin, Jan. 7.���The German Chamber of Commerce aud Industrial   Arbitration in   their   annual  reports   this
week have referred more or  less freelv
to Germany's trade   with the   United
States.    A   majority of them   express
the hope that commerce  relations will
become   closer   and     more     friendly.
The Leipsig   Chamber   of  Commerce,
one of the most important iu Germany
deplores the uncertainty of   tho   commercial relations with both the United
States and Great   Britain, and says it
trusts the  Government   will  strive to
the utmost to re-establish permanently
the lest relations with both countries.
The Bunder Industriellen.    the   Rhenish manufacturers   Association,   however, urges the  Government to adopt
prompt nnd energetic measures against
the United States iu   view of the palpable violations of the treaty.
Says   Americans Promised
Him Independence.
Protests Against Intrusion and Urges all
to Work Together With
Ill     I IIM     JUl...,   V.     .v.    ..
gent of ih Ministerial crisis.
Instructions (liven Chicago Police
By the Chief.
Chicago, Jan. 7.���(thief Joseph
Kipley has inslrueted the Chicago
police to "shoot to ki.l" when it becomes necessary in dealing with high
waymnn   and    notorious   thugs,    "i
want lo say to every police officer ill
the City of Chicago" said Chief Kip.
loy today, "that when they have posi
live proof thai a robbery or any outrage has been committed and Ihev are
pursuing the men and these desperadoes turn about when ordered to hn t
nnd resist or display nuns, the officers
must shoot and -hool to kill. Such
men nre desperate and there is only
one way to   handle   Ibem. and that is
in the same way they will deal with
the policeman if they have the oppor
tnnit v, "
This deteru iuation to clear Cbioai o
of highwaymen, burglais, and footpads at uny cost is the direct result ol
lhe killing of Policeman I'Mward .1
Williier by six highwaymen, who had
held mi tlie dry goods establishment
of 11, C. T. Borriiiini al 21st and Lincoln streets last night, and the serious
wounding of Policeman John Met'uu-
The Nelson Hockey Club will hold a
practice this evening at the Crystal
Rink in view of Ihe approaching
championship games at Ihe Carnivnl
at Rossland All players are reqnostol
to attend.
The two rooms of the public school
I which     have     been   closed   since the
Christmas holidays on account of
; uuotled repairs-Will llOt be opened
' today   as   at   first   announced,    Thev
will, however, be opened lomormw
! morning.
liill Kor Cable Construct ion Introduced
iu U.  S.   Senate.
Washington, Jan.  7.���Senator Lodge
today introduced   by  request a bill to
provide for a sub-marine cable belwi" ll
tho United States and Hawaii aid lie
Philippines, Japan, China and Australia Th ��� Postmaster General is authorized to contract with the Pacific
Cable Company, of New York, for the
payment of J12fi,000 a year for SO
years for transmission of official
messages from Si.n Francisco to Honolulu, thu linn to ho laid December
ill, ]()00. Before Dec. 81, 1902, iliii
company shall oonstruol a line from
Honolulu lo Manila with an additional
sum of $126,000 to be paid by the Government, Within four years lhe company shall lay connecting lines In
Japan for which 036.000 a year for !.'(!
years shall be paid The rale fixed between Mm Francisco and Hololulu is
85 cents a word and to the further
points $1 per word
Washington, Jan. 7.���Genetal Julio
Rengife. charge d'affaires of the Republic of Columbia, has received an
offioinl despatch from Bogota announcing that  satisfactory   adjustment has
been reached on the (Vrrutli Pease,
which has recently caused such serious
I rouble between Italy and Colombia
1 thnt an Italian squadron made a men
aeittg tlilt is Ouleiubinii wnterii.
pilOllUllliOl.      v/��	
France in language SO fierce from that
conservative newspaper that Frenchmen are reading the two together and
nre construing them as parts of a deliberate poioy, inspired by one mind.
Thnt mind in the theory of the man-
in-the-street, is Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, the Secretary of State for flip
Colonies Oilier papers may storm
and scold nnd aro not noticed, but
when the Times becomes allusive foreigners interpret, il as being the voice
of the Government, In the present in-
tancu, some Engi-hnien will place the
same construction upon its utteranc s,
recalling how the Times led the "No
surrender" cry over the Fashoda incident, under evident inspiration. In
fact, it in certain, public opinion in
Great Britain will not sanction the
(lovernment to swerve an inch to
avoid war with Franco, thinking that
if it must come, this is the best time
to have it out.
Many people give importance to the.
issue of the Madagascar blue book almost simultaneously with the unmistakable pronouncement at Khartoum
by which the British agent there, Viscount Cromer, in his remarks to the
Sbeilcahs, announced thai Great Biil-
nin has set her   seal   upon   Fg.vpt      If
there ever was a doubt  in  the minds
of her European rivals thai Great
Britain intended to foreclose the mortgage upon which she has expended so
much labor uud blood to secure, it
must hnve been set ut rest by the utterances of Lord Cromer, iu which the
word' Protectorate" written iu large
letters appeared, though the government mouthpiece carefully abstained
Iii in using that incendiary word.
A more definite notice that Great
Britain's tenure of Qgypl Is permanent
could not be asked. The British agent
told the assembled Sheiks that,
henceforth, they would live under
ihe Joint British and Egypt Ian
ll igs, knowing no sovereignty but that
of lhe yueen and lhe Khedive, which
of course,  means thai,   the latter   will
be a harmless figurehead, This formal
assumption of sovereignty over tbe
Soudan   is  more distasteful to France
I linn to any other nation, " and renewed protests may be expected.
In the meantime, another enterprise of the utmost moment in further-
. u 'c of Great Britain's domination iu
Africa is about to be consumatcd.
Mr. Cecil Rhodes, the former Premier
of Cape I o nny, alleged instigator of
the Jameson raid, and so-culled Napoleon of South Africa, is going to
England to arrange for pushing forward the Cape Town railroad so long
the dearest dream of the Imperial
party. A definite proposition will be
presented by Mr, Rhodes to London
capitalists for an extension of the road
from llultiwuyo to Lake Tanganyika.
Its Importance for some year swill be
politioal instead of commercial and he
liopes to persuade the British Government to smooth the way by guarantee
ing Il'u per cent, interest on the bonds
to cover cost, of const ruction.
Mrs   Botkin's Attorneys  Are Worikng
Hard For Her.
San Francisco,   Jan.   7.���Mrs. Cor
nelia   Botkins, convicted   of the murder of Mrs. John P.  Dunning, of   Do
ver, Del.,   whb   to havo  appeared  fcr
sentence today, but did not   do so, her
attorneys giving as the reason the sickness of their client,   who, they allege,
lias been ill ever since the jury returned a verdict.    Her  attorneys asked for
three weeks to   prepare a   batch of ex-
oaptions to ihejverdict. but on the pro-
tost of the   District    Attorney,   Judge
Cook   granted   a   stay   of proceedings
for one week.
Gold Commissiour J. D. Sibbnld Asked to Resign.
Revelstoke, Jan 7.���J. D. Sihbald.
Gold Commissioner, received this
morning a letter from the Minister of
Mines, Hon. J. Fred Hume, requesting his resignation to take effect the
16th instant, giving as reason that
his notions have not been conducive to
the interests of Revelstoke. H. N.
Coursier is spoken of as his succesor,
but it is not definitely known who
will succeed him.
The citizens are going to hold an
indignation meeting in Tappin'fl Hull
protesting against Sihbald s dismis
Manila, Jan. 7. ��� Aguinaldo,  tho Insurgent  leader has issued a manifesto
to which he declares he   never   agreed
at Singapore,    Hong   Kong, or     elsewhere, to recognize the sovereignty of
the Americans   here,   aud   insist that
he returned to the   Philippines ou   au
American   warship solely   to   conquer
the Spaniards and   win independence.
He asserts   that   both his proclamations   of   May 2i and   June   12 stated
ibis fact officially, aud   he claims that
Major   General Merritt co (firmed this
by a   proclamation   days   beforo    tbe
Spaniards capitulated, stating   clearly
aud definitely that tho American forces
ca'no to overthrow  the   Spanish   Government and liberate the   Philippines.
In   conclusion,    Aguinaldo   declares
that he bad nitives and foreigners witnesses thut the American forces recognized, not only by acts, that the Filipinos were belligerents,   but   by   publicly saluting the Filipinos  flag,   "as
it triumphantly sailed the seas  before
tho eyes   of   all nations."   Aguinaldo
then solemnly protests in   tbe namo of
ihe Diety, who empowered him to   di-
rect his hri-ilv u in th*   difficult   task
of regeneration, against   the intrusion
of American   Government, and reiterates that he could produce   proof   that
he was brnnght   hero   on   tho   understanding that the Americans promised
him   their co-operation   to attain independence.
The revolutionary leader then calls
upon all his followers to work together
with force, and assures them he is
nonvinoed that they will obtain absolute independence, and urging them
ne.'or to return from the "Glorious
road," on which they hail already so
far advanced.
Major General Otis attaches no importance to the manifesto. He says
he feels confident, that tho opinion of
lhe better classes of the Filipinos
is not expressed in it, but as to whether the Filipino masses can be controlled and the Filipino army kept hack in
cheek, he does not know, although he
hopes for a pacific outcome of tho trou
Lisbon, Jan. 7.���The British steamer
Loobetine, bound from Newcistle-on-
Tyne to Alexandria, Egypt, has passed
I'onich. on Ihe south side of Ihe peninsular of that miine, and signalled thai
Bhe has rescind  four members of the
crew of lhe British steamer WooUor,
Captain Cole, from Barry, on Deo.80,
for Los Palmes. Canary Islands, where
the vessel sunk.   The remainder of the
crow of the Wooler urn missing.
London,   Jnn.   7.���A   meeting was
held here of the freaks iu Rnrniini
and Bailey's show, now exhibiting
here, at which resolutions were
adopted protesting against lhe word
"freak" in describing human curiosities. They claim that frequently so-
called "freukH" are eases of superior
Washington, Jan. 7.���The War Department has Dually decided lo continue in force for a lime at. least tho
system of controlling tnxeB in Cuba
practised by Spanish authorities, hut
with some very Important changes
made in lhe plan, The plan is embodied in a general circular which
was promulgated by tbe war department today,
Three   Regiments   of Regulars Under
Orders to Sail.
Washington, Jan. 7.���Secretary Alger bus decided to send four regiments
of infantry to the Plnlii p ne Islands,
the -lib, 19th and 17th have been designated and in addition the Brd infantry, now nt Fort. Snelling, Minn.,
Will go by the same route, namely,
across the Atlantic.
The telegraphic orders of tho 0th
inst., directing that six companies of
ihe 17th iiiinntiv accompany the
fourth infantry to sail January 16th,
the remaining eight companies to sail
Washington, Jan. 7. ���Besides the
Bolacfl, which was ordered earlier iu
the day to proceed at once to   Manila.
Secretary Long has ordered  the boats
I'rinceton and York town to the same
point. The Princeton is now at New
York and will go via Suez. The York-
town is at San Francisco, and will
cross the Pacific.
Still a Subject of Much   Discussion in
Berlin, Jan. 7.���The   Imperial meal
inspection bill is again one of tlm fore
most subjects   discussed   by   the Ger
mini newspapers.    This measure, early
iu   the   week, was   finally   passed   by
He Prussian Cabinet, and has gone to
lhe linn ii'Hi'uih.    .\ iiirb,   it is under-
I stuml, Will iu��kf>   short wuri ���( it,   al
SI.   John, N,  B,,   Jan. 7���The Fur-
lioss  line steamer,   Daman, Captain
Wilson, from Liverpool, December IK,
for St. Johns and ll.ilifnx is overdue
She is uow 21 days and as no tidings
have been received here, it is feared
that, she has broken down, if lint foundered. She has u niimhiu of passengers on hoard, besides a crow of 80
M. Paul Deroulede is Suffering Only
From Bronchitis.
Paris, Jan. 7.���The Liberate suvs
the friends of M. Paul Deroulede, the
founder of tho Patriotic League, and
member of the Chamber of Deputies
for the Angoulenie division of Char-
enle. deny that be was wounded in the
abdomen in a duel (ought two weeks
ago with Count do Castellaine,a member ot the ChninhiT of Deputies, representing the Castellaine District of
Lower Alps. The dispute which
Caused thu duel was said to have grown
out of a quarrel regarding an actress.
Tl e friends of M, Deroulede in denying
the Story Bay he is suffering from
Hamburg, .Inn. 7���The Hamburg
Chemical factory was destroyed by lire
this evening uauslng a lost of 400,000
Trenton, N. J., Jan. 7. ���Articles
of Incorporation of the Havana Electric Co. were filed with the Secretary
of Btate today. Tho company is
capitalized at. 15,0(10,000.
The incorporators are: W. R.S. Mel-
vin, Bust Orange and G. K. B, Wade,
und Herbert A. Howell of New York.
It is understood that the company Is
formed for the specific purpose of acquiring tbe street railways of th* UUjr
��f H��< kusi
a onutL dLOW.
A  Confe.alon   Thnt   niiuhti-A   Hope*
Onoe Bo lllwh.
"My nephow, there is somewhat on my
mind. I have, then, a secret���a socret
that weighs upon nie moro profoundly
each time you con o to visit me. Cun I,
dare I, shall I utter It?"
"Dear uncle, what Is there could shake
toy regard for you? From child! cod up-
tfnrd who lins been my Idea of nmnly Integrity? My uncle I Speak on, then. I
will be firm."
Thus said the young gambler, whoso
lace was all purity and sweetness, hut In
whose glance lurked a little something���
er���who shall say what?
"No, no I Alter nil, why should I crush
your young life? Why not leave ynu the
flawless gayety and hope of youth? Thore,
I will nut be sellisli.    Let It pass."
"As you will, undo. It la nut forme
to Importune you. It la naturally no affair of mine."
"But that, then, it truly 1b. Listen,
Louis���hush!���you know thnt I livo In
luxury, that I have gold lu plenty aud no
thought for tho morrow?"
"Yos, yes; it is true."
"Did you never guess whence came my
fortune? Would ynu���would you���young,
���agcr and of unstained honor, have daily
visited a lonoly old limn these many yuan
had you known?   Alas, I tear uctl"
In breathless suspense tho young man
Waited. Would the money he hoped to Inherit, which be haujpnid for with bo ninny
visits of duty, descend to him tainted
with fraud? Would It come to him blotched with blood? If so���if so���well, It
should make no dlfTorence.
"Louis," came the mysterious whisper,
"when I die, you will with frantic sorrow,
grief and unalternhle regret, find that my
money was���wns"��� And the old man's
emotion rose up and choked him.
"As you say���'was'���yos, It was���It li
���u annuity I"���Pick Mo Up.
Mining Stock Quotations.
ompUefl by ll. (i. MoOuUooh, mining tirok-
Noloon, U. (.'.. 1'. (J. box Ilia.|
Shade of Washington���I'll bet that they
���would be glad to have us over la Manila
about now.
Shade of Lafayette���Yes. I reckon
shades would be very acceptable In a hot
oountry like that.���New York Journal.
True Type of Ilia ('Imi.
"What aro you going to do with that
picture molding?"
" Going to frame the president's Thanksgiving proclamation."
"What's your Idea in doing thnt?"
"On the walls of oneof thorooinsat my
house I've got banging up every Thanksgiving proclamation overissued by a president of the United States. I don't believe
there's another man in the country that
bas such a collection."
"It's a unique idea. How does President McKlnley's proclamation compare
With the others?"
"I don't know: I've never read any of
A Long Pelt Want.
Jinks���I've Btruck it now suro. Bound
to make my fortune in six months.
Winks���What have you invented this
"A patent Improved collar button. You
know how it is when you drop a collar
button. It nlwnys rolls all over tho mom
and then disappears forever. Well, I've
Invented a self acting constrictor attachment which turns the collar butlou Into a
tack the instant it touches the door."
"But tacks sometimes roll."
"Yes, but always stop where you can
easily find them by simply taking off your
���hoes."���New York Weekly.
Queerfnl s.ml.
"Good grnciiiiis, Bridget I I never
dreamed that when I gave you an afternoon oil you'd coini-i back lugging Olio of
the funeral wreaths!"
"Ol am goln to Bind It to me sister's
husband's aunt, poor soul! She lias been
sick foive weeks, an Ol think It might
ohoer her up."���Indianapolis Journal.
His [nferonoe.
Iillger���Yos, I always like tho cold
weather. I'm never surry when winter
Anstey���Sny, huw did ynu break your
wife of the housu plant habit, or Is she
one of the few that never were addicted to
it?���Chicago News.
Wo are glad to bear so many Georgia
editors saying In their brightOOlumni that
"the world's all right," for this nicaiis
that subscriptions are coining in at a lively rate, and that nil the wood Is In for the
wlntor.���Atlanta Constitution.
In  llonton.
t:.>lilii���Ialways  kiss  my wife when I
leave the house In the morning.
Dobbin���I've beard that some men will
do almost anything ns an exouae to got
���way from home���Boston Transcript.
"Woman I" ho hissed.
Sh�� looked embarrassed,   "What has
boen tho usn," she sighed, "of all my
Strenuous efforts to make a man of myself?"���Detroit Journal.
It Sr.-iim Slot.
"Stubrust, tho orltlos say your book
shows great promise for your future."
"Future? Ureut .lupllcr I can't a mini
���vor do anything good und thou quit?"���
potrolt Free Press.
Not So Very New.
Young Lobby Lounger���Havo you seen
Jllle. Oharmll, the new prinilor diinseuse?
Old (iraybeurd��� Not slnco I was a boy.
������-New York Weekly.
Ahmii ureal.
Ho���Would you ninny mo If I was poor?
She (dead  sure that he   Is   rich)���Of
mm .m I would.���Syracuse Herald.
Subscribe for The Miner
nun' of Company Vaiue.
Xilsnn, Slocan and Ainsworlh
Mlli'i-inui Hoy I IHI
.Uhahasca 1(IU
U'llllKttlU Ion 1 ID)
Dundee   1 Ul)
luii'dai.olles 1 0 >
llullle 1 ihi
Hsie 10(1
' Kohoaiier    l tm
Fern O. M.Co     Ai
lllbsoii 100
lull Mines  ,��l
Idler    leu
'��� ..mi.in inn     2.i
N'-l-oii-l'ntil ill      Ai
Ivll In Miinli zllln.i         I HI
olile Kiv,- ll'"
: mililurCon  1 00
loco HO
1,1-im sun-   .'ill
ivn Frletuls    !(0
Wondorful  1 mi
Washington UK)
Trail ('reek
Butte  100
i 'alodnnta ('on   1 oo
iiniiiuiiiiler 1 00
lie.-rl'iirk I 00
Km. r|iri-e 1 00
Kiuekn Consolidated l oti
K\ i-niim Slur 1 00
Hcorgla t oo
II,mil Hope 100
Grand P.ize    I HO
(Hunt 100
High Ore I 00
Iron Mask 100
ll-mi Coll 100
.liunlio 100
I.IIyMiiy a 00
Mayflower 1 Of)
\tr.niui 1 00
Mi.nl,.('rislo 100
Mmrwump 100
VnvoltV 100
Phoenix 1 "0
Poorman l oo
lied Mountain view l on
ll isslnnd  Hninostnke 1 (HI
Hosslnnd Red Mountain  l 00
-ilviM-ii-e 1 00
-ilv-r Bell  1 00
-l. Minn  1 00
Virginia    ' m
Vlctnrv-Trlmnph    1 an
'I in  EllglO (nil I 00
W si be Knl .losie 1 IX)
v htte Bear 100
Alphn Hell 100
���inilin.i ll'iorni Molvl 1 00
Waterloo K 'mini MHO I 00
i.rilin.i lljilriiulic Cun ftOO
''limine      25
il.ilden Cnoho 100
0,-c. M. & M. Co I IHI
nn Ironsides     1 on
���iinn-ider       100
tin Horn     in
Vlin    I twin    1 00
wtnohoster       26
fire iMuinilaip  100
t 20
1 25
1 00
2 05
1 25
no dead work to be done, neither will
there he any necessity for hoisting or
pumping for years to come.
On the Nevada, the most westerly
claim of the group an immense quantity of very rich float has been found,
and along the trenches which have
beeu dug for the purpose of locating
the ledge single pans of sand have
yielded from 30 to SG cents. Preparations have been made for a systematic
effort this spring to locate the source
of this float. Tho government trail
crosses this group, and on it a good
camp has been erected close to au excellent spring of water.
On both groups there is nn unlimited quantity of good timber, and
the company has ensured the profitable
working of their properties ny very
wisely securing the only steady uud
efficient water-power in tbe neighborhood,   namely  a  grant of 00 miners'
inches from Sandy ('reck, where a dam
(il) feet long and 14 feet high has already been put in,and a flume line4800
feet in length has been graded, ready
for the construction of a flume next
soring. The company will thus he able
t) avail itself, at nil seasons, of at
least (il) miners' niches of water under
a head of 700 feet, developing 100
available horse power.
The mill site is an ideal one. situat
ed at tbe foot of a slope near Kootenay
outlet, directly north of the Granite,
one mile distant. The erection of a
30 Stamp mill will he proceeded with
as soon as weather permits in early
i soring, while specifications hnve
b'en prepared and tenders called for an
| aerial ropeway from the Granite bins
to the storage bins at. the mill site.
The ore can thus he transported at a
cost not exceeding 10 cents a ton.
An evenly graded wagon road is to be
constructed from tbe Royal Canadian,
mi which a gravity surface tramway
will be finally laid. The company
lias also acquired some 40 acres of
Wood's preemption adjoining the mill
Tho oie on both properties is a free
milling quartz, and it is estimated
that the concentrates will average
from $7i5 to $i)0 a ton and will he
cheaply treated at the Hall Mines
smelter. Forty-five men have been
Bteiidlly employed on the property
siuce April, hut in the spring the
force will probably be trebled.
Captain Duncan is now in Loudon
perfecting; arrangements with bis directorate for the vigorous completion
of the projects of the company, while
tlm general business is heing looked
after by Mr. ,T. Laing Stocks, with
head office in Nelson.
Job Work
New York.   Jan    6���Lead,   firmer:
inkers' $il 7,j; exchange, $:! !>7>a to $-1
Copper stronger, brokers,   fsiii.60,   ex
change, |18.B0 to ill! 60.
*   *   *
There was a time when the idea prevailed that tb   Hall Mines was the only
.nine near Nelson. This idea lias   now
ecu dissipated.    The  success  of   the
Athabasca and tbe California   is  well
known but there   are other   properties
icar here which are rapidly advancing
uto first rank. The Granite and Roy.il
Canadian groups have long been known
a  pr nii-ing properltes but sii o taken
ivcr last spring by   a strong syudicale
hey deserve more   serious   considera
Ilotli of these groups are being oper
atiou   on a large scale by iho   Dunoan
The Granite group which is situated
il I'.ugle Greek   consists of six claims
The Granite,   Red Rook, Tamarack,
n.e   tiii.ii.ie,    \\hi:e   Sunn   and   lln
.bile Swan Fraction.    Through these
be White ledge,original]} opened upon
lie     SVbile   nunc   belonging    to  tin
,ilson-lJ (l.iii.iii group,bus neeu traced
.mi iiiicincreii   n;, ground sluicing aim
touching hi   eigbl   di Herein    place.-.
v niln   tbe   White   swan   ledge   upon
..Inch considerable   development work
i,is beeu done upon tne  Eureka   claim
. iiriher south, uuUouutedly   also   runs
through tne  group.    Dams have  been
pul in ami preparations inane to ensure
ibu locution of i !ns  ledge by uncover
nig the   ground   to   bed   rock  iu   the
n.r development ou ibis propert}
consists of a double oouipnrtment shaft,
in,iw ii us iliii iiriiiiiiiiiini! shaft, now
I mil 140 Ice! following lllii dip of lhe
ledge ar an angle of -lo degrees. The
licllliess of the ore body mny be judged
I rum thu fact Ibat lllll Ions of ore
averaging  |U1   a ton h.ive been  taken
nit while sinking the shaft. A level
mis been started at tbe 7t) foot level,
and is being driven   Hiii'lh  and south
II has be n driven about 300 feci in
he latter direction and shows a continuous   body   of    ore,   assays    from
which run   El i   iflill to   $100   to   the
Ion. A second level, nt a depth of I'M
feci has been recently   started,   and   a
no oi il  n.is   been     Installed   to e.\-
��� ���I111>   lhe sinking of the shaft,    tin-
in lhe Red Hock,   u   southcily   c.vten-
dnn of   the Granite,   ground   sluicing
lias exposed lhe ledge in several places
ii iins property   tlm   vein is flatter,
'.nd a shaft,    known   as   lhe   Duncan
baft, has been sunk on it to  a   depth
f lid feci  showing   a   continuous  ore
Hilly to that depth,and of equally high
grade as thai taken   fr.nn   lhe   Drum-
iiiiiitd shaft.
The developing plant consists of a
B0-hurse power boiler!with hoist,power
drill and pump. There is a good com-
Portable camp, blacksmith shop, stable,
magazines,   etc.   Al   the    mouth of
ihe   Di'iiininond   Shaft   ore liins   have
been erected with a capacity of BOO
The Royal Canadian group consists
of the Royal Canadian, Colorado, Nevada, Hay. and Mocking Bird, in all
about 180 acres in extent, nnd is situated about one mile west of lhe Grail-
ite group, though   not   quite at such a '
high elevation.   Upon   this group two
ledges have been pinved. one on the
0 dorado, and lhe other on the Royal
Oiiiailian. On Ihe latter property
throe levels are I eing driven,giving be- j
tweet! loiols tWO slopes, one of 76 and
one of fit) feet, In driving these levels,
work on which is being igoroiisly
pushed, several hundred ions of ore,
averaging |87 to the ton, have been
inti'ii mil. This property is ln'iug very
conveniently und econom cully work-
mi. in ihe levels are being driven on
the strike of this ledge, thus   there   is
Steel Tape and All  Kinds
of Instruments repaired.
Fatenaude Bros.
Purchased and payment made as soon
after receipt of ore as
samples can be assayed .
Quotation: given
upon the receipt of
, LTD,
Notice is hereby given that application will he made to the Parliament
of Canada, at its next session, for an
act to declare the Bedlington and Nelson Railway Coinpaany to be a body
corporate and politic within the jurisdiction of the Parliament of Canada,
and the Company's Railway to bo
a work for the genera] advantage of
Canada, also to authorize the Oompany to exercise running powers over.
and to the use nnd onnratioii of the
property of other railway companies
and to  make such  arrangements for
Conveying or leasing tho Company's
Railwav and its rights and powers as
is usually given to railway companies
in their Acts of Incorporation, and for
other purposes,
Kaslo, R O, Dec 21),  18(18.
Notion Is hereby Riven Uud tlm undersigned
will, utter tlm cxiiirntii'ii nf thirty days from
IliNiiniii. iinnlv tn tlm Hnm-il nf Unnnnlna Com-
mlsulnimn for tho Olty nf Noi��nn nt llmlr next
sitting iluTi'iif'i'i'. for itin urnntlng in aim nf a
li. miy iu null iiuunrs by retail nn i be promises
litinwn us llin Vtotnrlll tin rl llllll sllluili"! iiii
lot j 7 nulls ;n Muck I'inn tlm-mil ll hliln nf Vic.
torin Flrmn In tlm Bald City nf Notion.
ll   It. TAYI.OII.
I in i nil at NuIhuu, B.C., this 8th day ol Deoem
bur, l��ltt. ��5
1 Unfinished Worsted Coats
'9 to wear with odd trousers is the
li correct thing this Benson.
li And what is correct  can   be
fl found   here  ut  any  time.     We
ft have a huge  stock of clothing,
fl Inil we don't keep it long.   The
f. arrivals of    this   week   will  be
'9 gone  by  next.     The style  and
8 cut of the garments catches the
S eye and the quality of the goods
fl the judgment, and  makes eus-
m tourers uf all who come to see.
= -J. A. GILKER--
Groceries and Crockery
do   it
We have the most completely
equipped   Job   Office   in
the Kootenays,  and
are     therefore
to turn out the
Best Work, and  we
at    rock   bottom
You need some   new
Stationery     for
year   of    1899.
Bring it  to Us.
We will do
it for you
Quickly, Neatly
and Cheaply
Nelson Daily Mind
Victoria Street,   Ne'son.
ttKAL   ESriTK   AMI    1NSI KVMT.   Alil'.NT
ami irniK
ritlVATI'. AMI <IHIl\t\Y II MM.
Valuable Bat er Street and other excellent property fur sale.
���till'.' Turn, i-lcmil.ti KiiK'k. Nelson. It, ��'
Steamship Une*
Ailun Lino���Laurentinn,
I'Y in P rt hind
It, New York
.   .... Ju"    1
 1 ..
 : hoi ���:
 lac. 1
...             ..tin, ���'
 an. 1
" hiti) ct:ir I ino-Cvtnr
v\ bite Mar Line Gcin
W'liiie Slur Lmo���T utunic
iiniirri Lino���' ntnrtn
Cuniml l.inu   Rei vin.    .
A... h il' L lie    K   l    1 H^ill
knobor ' i"" K li opta.
Amu I' can Line��� i. L< u
Allan LUiu���ftiulo Nelini:-kii lull
Tallin, W5.00,$60, Bhu, *7U gtjUiind upward*
In termed tit to, $i2.M)un'l upwards
yioorago. |22.$0 mni up ward b,
PtiHsongora Liokotod Ibroutfb to till point*;
Great Britain or [rolaiid.aiulatHpecUlli'lo*
niton in all parUoftho IfiuropoanoouUioui
rantjod from all poi/iti
City Tlufeei AgeuL Nolrton
���(ipaiil pas^aKeN i
Apply toe i'. it.
)i* to
���Ml  Gonoral Akoi
it, C.Kit. OfflOOM, Winnii.er
General Teamsters.
Aleuts lor B, c. Oil Ci.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
TflSHll/C   ^�� our nianY Customers  for  their   Liberal
I llUliI\3   Patronage for the Past Year; Wishing you
all a Bright and Prosperous New Year.
Groceries aud  Crockery.
Xmas !s Over
And The New Year Has Come.
���*>��� >->.>0"*>-.C<"0<..O<..C<.
There niny lie aomethlnp; you have
I'mgulten.     I'et'hiips   we   hnve   it.
('nine nnil see.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
\11   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager     I   ��.,_-,,   ���^��.,    ^    _
S. S. Fowler, E. M., NELSON,   B. C.
Mining Engineer     )
$6.75   PEK   TON,   DELIVERED
Orders   received  at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay  and   Baker  Streets.
(jeneral Agent
he Great
ihort Line
From the   inniHifiiciiner
i"  the    retailor   direct,
menus close  prices    arid
' personal responsibility.
uylng  from  the   manufac-
mice in- milker uf ^uuils
menus BVervthing to the
I'liiclin-ci-, i'ni- it, s in it-
s linn Insurance npiinst
Infeiiiii' Goods nnd Uxor
hitiint Prices, while the
customer maps the Immediate hencllt,
VeeUlJ.Ht??n?ufr,.Vv^'^n.K8,-Bl'urJ'   t 8u'^  P,n8'   ^Wettes,  LoeketH.
. m.   ', 'I '' "'";"S ^^ ;llil'��si,VV��''=l"'��. ('locks, Slclin, Silver n.,,1  811-
��� i.i  ,    ,  ... , ,.       ,  '     ,',  ��� '"i.i>f, .-ii.ci inn; nuvei- mni   nil-
In .'.I Ware, I personally selectnd>im the immense stocks at the differ
lit l;ii'|(i]'|i'S.
Buy from J\COB  DOVER and Save Money.
Engraving: Free.
I CD. J. Christie j
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'y.
^ae!son &  Fori
Sheppard R'y.
Re^Mou"tain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
of care between Nelson and Eossland and
'      """"""' ","1 " ���' Ro(,med ^ ��pokane and Rossland.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   811.
| Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
''   11:55 "  EOSSL'D   "     3:10
"    8.30am.SPOKANE   "   630p.m
Train Hint lenvos Nelson at 0:40 B.U1
t ranked close oontientione at Spokane foi
T "ll I'ncilic. Const Po "i��
��� PossflnBera for Kettle Hiver and Bound-
11 'ii.' Oreek.oonneot nt MnrouB withBtnge
I   Dnilv.
��� nMT  niinic,f:���      a       I. *; a G- DIXON, G. P. &T.A.
I LJJ.J. unristie,  Agent t\ Hp���kane w��*
��� , 1,(1. K. TAOKA.BUBY.
*������������������������+��������������������������������������������� 11 Agent.Nelson, B. (1.
Thfi   Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
Advance   money  nt  terms  to
suit borrower. NELSON DAILY MINER, MONDAY, JANUARY a, 1899.
assessed owner; VI. Brel, license; J. A.
McDorniiiu, liceuse; K. A. Forties,
���~���m ��n  ���nT.tTTaTnxi   nn'    A Obrreapondent   writes   the   Daily
WAS THE OOUBT OF REVISION   ON Minw ng  jfollowa.   Iu  his Worship'B
mouthpiece of  Saturday there is what
purports to he tin account of the meet-
j ing of his supporters in the East Ward
I ill   winch   it    is   stated   there   were
present over BO representative electors.
This surely is   11   misprint, as   it. is
well known the   number   did uot   exceed 16.  An angel (hush!) occupied the
chair,   with  u   gentleman acquainted
with corpses   und effigies us secretary.
Then followed the withdrawal of the
only two men having  nny  pretense to
the support of the  electors. The report
rtales that one of the  Oltizen's ticket
Many Voters, Improperly Omitted, Added,
But Technicalities dtand in the
Way of Others.
Probably tbe most amusing sociies in
nny court ever heldyn the city   of  Nel-   wus nominated for   alderman, hut the
son or the Province of British Columbia Ulque would not have   it,    Then   fol-
,      ^ .    1 ..  i.._.  t���.  ��� lows a lengthy JB��ort of Mr. Surfer's
were witnessed on Setuiday  Inst  by R Hpeeoh whi,.llis ,,,.lllv th��� ,nost hl,,ric.
large number of persona who assembled 0U8 eveut w),i,.|, nttH yet occurred dur
111 the city   hull  to  claim   to  exercise j ing the   campaign.    Imagine  Charlie
their right ot franchise ns having been
improperly omitted from the voters list
compiled by Oity Olerk Strachao nnd
certified ns oorreot by Mayor Hous
ton, who afterwards carefully returned
the same until compelled to produoe it
* because of the exposnre,eontuitied iu Ihe
oolums of the Miuer.
PolieeMagistrate Crease occupied  bia
sent upon the bench withlhe City Cloik
and the mayor at his side.   The first application  wns  that  of    Robert   Henry
Bradley, a clerk in  the Canada  Drug
nnd    Book  oompany  store,   who   hnd
made the   required   deelui'iitioii   willlin
the required time, hut who, uot  having
the statute at hand, delivered his declaration to u fellow clerk, William Kiitlier-
ford. who was also   filing 11  declaration
in   a  bouseholdor.     William   Bradley
gave evidence to this effect and was supported by  Mr.  Rutherford.   Tbe   city
olerk upon being asked   how   the   U'.nne
happened to he   omitted  from   tho  list
stilted that Bradley   had uot   personally
delivered  his declaration  to  him and
Mr. Strachau, iu search of   further  evi
deuce, then found that some luxes  on a
lot for which Mr, Bradley had beeu   as
sensed, but whioh he did not  owe,   had
not been paid.   The mayor was  becoming impatient nnd  constituting   himsell
judge, delnred:
"lie cannot go on the list."
The application was dismissed.
Following this came the case of Rev.
Robert Frew. He had gone lo the city
clerk's office for the express purpose
uf getting on the list prior to  Dec   1.
lie had paid his road tux. At that time
he also  asked  if there was anything
else he had to do or anything  to   sign
to be entitled to vote,   and the city
clerk said no.     Thinking fiom this
that, bis name would go on, Mr.  Frew
thought nothing more of it.    The city
clerk stated that Mr, Frew's memory
must be playing him sonic  trick nnd
denied his statements.     Being put up
on oath he repeated the denial.     Contradictions were prevalent (or a few
ininiit.es, and as Mr.   Frew   did   not
come within the  four corners of the
statute, not having made his declaration, although having been told  there
was nothing else to do, bis application
was dismissed,
Tlie next case was that of J.H.Love,
His evidence was to the effect that he
bad resided in Nelson for about three
years, bad paid all taxes, and had all
other necessary qualifications. He
visited the city clerk's office, to get on
the voter's list. The dec.million was
made out. The mayor wus present
and when it was handed to him for
his signature as a Justice uf the Pence,
he read it over, refused to swear Mr
Love, and tore up the declaration
This Mr. Houston did not deny. The
declaration thus not having been made
and filed within the proper time, bis
application wns dismissed.
Fred Elliott's case was the next.
He was a member of the (inn of Billot
& Lennie, solicitors, The firm bad
taken out a license, tbe annual fee for
which is over $5. He was a British
subject over 21 years of age and bad
paid all taxes.   His name was added.
Another curious case was that of
Annie McKcii/.ie, who bad paid all
taxes before tbe list was certified and
was an assessed owner. This was accounted for by the city clerk as being
a "slip."    Her name was added.
William Wadds applied on a license
issued to Wadds Bros., carrying on
business at Nelson and Vancouver,
hut because one of the. firm resided
out of the city bis application was re-
This ease and a number of others in
a similar slate were strenuously opposed by the mayor, tbe city clerk
and their solicitor, each at different
intervals interrupting tbe proceedings
so that the magistrate was power.ess
to keep order.
A number of names were added,
however, as having been improperly
omitted, a list of which appears he-
Hillyer using such words as "administrative ability," and talking about
"harmony" in the council! By the
way what about Alderman Teoty.ol's
notioe of motion to cancel lln. Mayor's
salary?    And   whoever   oharged them
with harmony? The word "recriminations" occupies a prominent position with only three other words in the
line. Any one who knows Mr.
Hillyer will consider that report of his
speech ns next lo libellous.
Then the Mayor conies in for nn en-
logy of course, when the speaker is
transformed into a prophet, closing
with a hurst, of oratory which is only
equal ill absurdity to the previous alleged remarks of the candidate, and
the miinuer 111 which John Houston as
Editor throws hoqnets at John Houston
as Mayor.
Mr.   Olive  Pringle
opened  up a law offlo
of Rossland has
1  in Greenwood
j The steamer International has completed her repairs and will arrive at
Fivo Mile point this morning as usual.
Mrs. F. A. Tamblyu is ahout to
open up classes in painting canvas,
satin or glass, and also iu all kinds of
fancy work.
The C.   P.   R.   has   announced itt
intention of granting return tickets to
the Kossland Carnival at single fare
For the present   110  tickets will be
issued from Nelson to Brooklyn, or
any other lake points between Nakusp
and Robson.
Tbe regular annual meeting of the
Board of Trade will he held this evening at 7 :!i(). at which the officers for
the eusuing year w ill he electod
There was a curling match ou Sal-
urdny evening between a rink skipped
by W, H. Grant, and one skipped by
Dr. Forin, the former winning easily.
His Honor Judge Forin will hold a
special meeting of the County Court
nt 4:80 this afternoon, at which he
will hear   naturalization applications.
The steamer Moyie did not get iu to
Nelson on Saturday night, and a private telegram states that the train did
not arrive at Kootenay Landing as
Miss Mooney, the Nelson milliner,
left vesterday to visit her parents at
Mattawa, Out. While away she will
he present at the millinery openings
at Toronto,    Montreal und New York.
Mrs. J. R. Robertson will deliver
an address at a meeting at the Rev, R.
Frew's house tomorrow afternoon at
t o'clock ou missons. AU ladies aro
cordially invited. Light refreshments
will he served.
A masquerade will he held on Tuesday evening at the Nelson Skating
Rink, at which prizes will he given
to the best dressed lady and geutle-
tnau, and also to the most, comic character. The admission fee will he 26
cents.  __	
Mi'leruloicniiil Report,
(Observations taken by A. II. llolilich.
Hoc 30
Dec :ti
Jan   1
.Inn   2
Jnn   3
Jim   i
Jnn   5
28 30
To tbe   udependent   Electors  of
the City of Nelson :
Having heen presented with a requisition bearing tho signatures of a
great many of tho ratepayers of the
City of Nelson,iiskiug me to stand as a
candidate for the honorable position of
Mayor of our city at tlie coming elections ; and having heen urged to do so
hy a large number of others; I take
pleasure in announcing that I am a
In so doing I feel assured that all of
yon desire to see our City take that
place in the Province to which she is
entitled, and tn that end my humble
serivees will he devoted.
I believe that tbe year upon which
we have just entered will he the most
important in determining the City's
future; that necessary public works
should he undertaken, and that, where
practicable, and in the host interests
of the City, such work should he done
hy day labor; that in tie administration of the affairs of the City there
should be no sectional feeling and no
favoritism remembering that we are
all equal as ratepayers, and have the
welfare of the Oity as our common
oause, first, last  and all tbe time.
I further believe that, competent officials superintending the different pub-
lie departments will advance aud
conserve Ihe best interests of the Oity ;
and that a better distribution of tbe
City's business among proper com-
uittees. will insure a termination ot
he one-man rule ol the past.
If elected, I am ready and willing,
as Mayor, to assume mv proper share
in the administration of the City's
affairs;,but I believe that tbe alder,
men should be intrusted with a fair
proportion of tlie government of tbe
I will advocate a substantial reduction in tho salary of the Mayor.
I will endeavor to act iu tbe best
interests of the Citv, and treat my fellow citizens iu tho same way as I have
during my lengthy residence here.
A Han Held Up if
A $4.00 Bill in our store last week, and
said: "When I invest this in shoes in this
store I Hiow 1 am making a good investment     	
You will find just as good investment
for your dollars as this man if you deal
Goods Way Upl   Prices Way Downl
LILLIE BROS. Aberdeen Block
The following names were added to
tho voters' list:
A. Ferland, license; G. A. B. Hall,
license; li1. Elliot, license; W. J. Quin-
Ian, license; O. Whittet, assessed
owner; \V. L. Hurry, license,.!. A.
Irving, license; O. A. Waterman,
license; A. G. Shaw, liconse; O. Now-
ling, licenses P. E. Wilson, license;
G. W. B. Hcathcote, assessed owner;
H. H. Ward, license; H. J. Evans,
lioense; 0, Hillyer, license; R. 8.
Lennio, lieouse; D. Me.Arthur. license;
J. E. Annablu, license: R. G. Joy.
license; G. T. Triinni, assessed owner;
M. McKey, assessed owner; A. Mc-
Kunuie, uBseased owner; J. La Poiutu,
It Is llll) Must Modern lu l .|iil|.i... i.i.
It Is the Hii i IihI Kittled Line.
It inm a Itock Uullimt Konilln-il.
It Crowe h Nil SlllHl IICHK.-rlH.
it is in- only "in'- KunuiiiK Ltuturlo �����
lliih   Km.in run.
It ln Nni'-'l I'"' II"' CuurK'Hy nl lln l.iii|.l<>viH
It Ih the iinly Mint wnlim  iiinls  nn
ii in Carle I'lun.
Attractive   Tours   during  Season  11
I Savigatiou on Great Lakes via Dulutb in
connection with Magnitlceut Passengei
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
j   For maps, tlokott and complete lntoimaUcn
1 cull on or address Agunts, K, & H. Hy.. C. Jr K
8. Nav. Co., N & F. H. Hy., or
H. .4. .i ii lisov Ventral Agent
Siniliiui, ,   ITll
v. I. wif.iim v. ��.. v. & t. it.,
(1 I'H.il, Mil
' Msptat
For AlriM
We, at tbe solicitation of a large
number of the citizens of Nelsou, offer
ourselves as candidates for aldermen
at the ensuing Municipal Election.
Our candidature is not aimed at
either of the prospective candidates
for tho mayoralty and we severally
pledge ourselves to aid aud uphold
whoever may he elected to the position of mayor in all proper measures
that may be in the best interests of the
City,and to support any necessary public improvements such us the extension
of the waterworks, sewerage and electric light systems and the grading nnd
improving of the streets and laying
requisite side walks in the city.
We consider that the equipment of the
city's Fire Department should he augmented so as lo afford our efficient
Fire Brigade every facility for protecting life and properly,and incidentally thus securing a very substantial
reduction in the Insurance rates.
Our aim and object is tbe welfare
of the City of Nelsou, and to do all in
our power to advance thu City's interests by pursuing a judicious and
progressive policy.
On these grounds we confidently
ask for the support of the voters of
the City of Nelson.
I'G. Frank Beer.
I Henry B, Thornton,
1 P. E. Wilson.
(Frank Fletcher.
���! R.   M.   Macdonald.
I A. L. McKillop.
The Mayor's Chair
 Is Crying Out  "Who'll sit on me this year ? "	
We are in the field again for 1S99 with a larger and more
complete stock than ever. Our stock is by far the largest
in Nelson. Our aim this year will be, as in the past, Low
Prices,  Good Goods,  Promptness and Civility.
Special  attention given  to Mail Orders.
M.DesBrisay &
Aberdeen Block, . NELSON. B. U
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowee Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meatB and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $1,175,000.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Antigonlsta, N s.
Ilmhurst, N. h.
Ilriilifuwu'er, N. S.
Cliarlottelown. P. K. I.
Dorchester, N. B.
Kivderlcton. N. B.
UuvHliorii, N. S.
(ir.uiil Forks, B. C.
Halifax. N K.
ICiiiKKton, N. B.
Londonderry, N. S.
l.unenucrg, N. S,
Mai'land. N. B.
Moecton, X. B.
Monireal, P. Q.
Montreal, WeHt End
Montreal, Westmouut
Kiinaimo, B. C.    '
Nelson, H. C.
Newcastle, N. B.
IMcion, X. 13.
Port llawksbnrv, N. S,
Bo   land,"B.C.
SaekvUlo, N. B.
Slulbenacildie. N. 8.
Summerwidii, P. E. I.
Svdney N. s.
St, John. Nfld.
Trtiro, N. S.
Vancouver. B. O.
Vancouver, Enal End
Victoria. B. O.
Weymnulli, N. S.
Woodstock, N. B.
Ymir, B. C.
(kneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in "-t favorable terms..  Interest allowed on special
deposit! *nd on Saving Hank accounts.
Nanaimc, Nelson, Rossland, Vanconver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Kuviiig-1 Hunk department haw been CHtablUhixl in connection with tbe Nelwon branch of
this bank. HopOHittf or one dollar and Upwards received, and current rate of lnUircwt allowed,
at preHent '.\ per cont. per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
zl Real Estate and Insurance Agent. IS
X Two Lots on Mill Street.    $300 Cash. ^
H The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 3
% and Savings Co. %
t^   advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and    -��
fc 8 years by monthly instalments. 3
Newly Furnished Rooms
At,  tbe Carney Block,  Baker street.
Bath and electric light.  Prices reason-
Take notice that tho partnership
heretofore existing between M, Mark-
esoii and Andrew Bordnuin has thiH
(lav been dissolve l.tbe bakery nnd confectionary business being Htill conducted by M. MurkuBon.
aiocioi Oity, Jau. 4, iwm.
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
$6.25 Delivered to any
part of the city.
Charles St.  Barbe,   Agent.
Office with Charles A. Waterman & Co., where
orders will be received.
5|^ Cottage in good locality  114.
Shiuik       ----$*.
^ 1 Iliiusn 10 Room* ^
X~ 1 House 8 Rooms ^
fc 1 House 7 Roouii z%
p* 1 House 0 Booms 3
5^ 1  House 6 lloouis :3
��:' TERMS TO SriT. =5
fc^ -^
%       SEE ANNABLE       3
��: on hi. vi< tokia ht., oh rhiim.k ^5
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer aud Porter.
Drop in  and see   us.
B. C.
Now finally known as
Fisher Station, C.N.P. R'y.
West Kootenai Valley, B. C, on  hue
of C. N. P. By., and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry.,  now  under
Information regarding Oreston may
be bad of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent,
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Asmo. OornwuL)
OppwIU I'hulr Hotol,
P. O. BOX 583.
Kxtendod experionco In Chile and Qermftn
South Africa. Abriij's and analyBla of oron.
UeportS nnd valuation!) on mineral propcrtieo
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
up by contract.
���    OYSTEK HOUSE.    1
X Short Order Meals
X At Any Time���Day
* or Night.
J     The best Cook.
���      The Best Attention.      X
X     'lhe Best Meals. *
\ Y. HOSHI - Proprietor, t
Soinc|ic(i|ilci,bink that a Hardware
store is a poor place to look forsuitablc
Disabuse your mind of thai idea. We
have a line of goods amongst which
will he found the most useful and appropriate articles for presentation purposes. Their value is not lleeting.
Every day the receiver of one of these
will have reason to praise your judgment in selecting a lasting gift,
fanra Hardware Co..
ImjKirlorrt of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Nelson Daily Miner
Pu illshod Daily except fii nlay.
D.J.   BEAl'CN. Man kiiik   Director and
AUj COMMUNICATION! lo Hie Editor must |
be iccoiup'iiiiod by tha i vine and add rest. |
of tho miter, not n.uK-uirily for publloa-
11, but as ovidenee of good faith.
D.iily per nionlli hy can'er % I ID)
per inonlh by mni ���    1 00
per half yerr by in: il    5 (Ki
per yoar  10 Oo
por year foreign  1300
Neison Wmkkit Miner,
Weekly, pel half year  ��� ���$ 1 M
per vear      2 (Ki
per year, foreign    BOO
Subscription i  uvurlubly in advance.
Notices of Hirths,   Djaths, and Marriages
Dierted for 60 cents each.
Advertising rt les made known on application
Nelson Miner Prin'.hig&PubllshlngCii
aro honest, fearless, and who cannot
be button-holed into small iniauities
on side issues, men who are known to
be public spirited in the best sense of
lln word, and who have the well'uro of
the city at heart"
Copy Tor 4'llliuges o Adverllsemetil lllll.I
he In the Old e by 4 o'clock p.m. lu
Insure ehiuigi
Says The Victoria Times: "A
four-cent stamp, (that is double postage for over-weight letters under the
new regulations) would suve time end
trouble in affixing two twos. The
new stainprt are large, so large that
they take up ;i f."��"i denl of the space
on the crdinary society and even on
sumo business envelopes. To place
two of those on a small envelope would
be somewhat inconvenient. Why not
hive a four cent stamp uf I he same size
but of a different color from thu two-
cent Imperial?" Why no! do better
than this by having   that monstrosity,
the penny stamp, culled in and burnt,
und a stump that is a stump issued ill
its place?  Tbe new slump is an offense
lo the eve; it outrages artistic feeling, and everywhere it goes it carries
with it a suggestion of insolent und
vulgar bragging. Evon one is too
many for any envelope, big ot little.
New Books.
With Kitchener to Khartoum, by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Thome,
H. Rider Haggard.
Linnet,        -       Grant Allen.
Britain's Roll of Glory,
D. II. Parry.
Fights For the Flag,
W. H.  Fitchet
Deeds That Won the
Emphe, W. H. Fitchet.
Whittaker's    Almanac   1899.
In its leader the other day The Van
couver World took occasion to say:
"At tho opening of tbe New Year we
have to state that in future, ns in
the past, it shall be our aim to pursue
a thoroughly independent oonrae."
This independence, it will be under
stood, has reference to its attitude in
respect lo political parties and questions. When some leading Liberals of
the Proviuee, a year ago or moro, endeavored to divide the Provincial
electorate on Dominion party Hues.
The World refused to join. The effort
was not successful, but the fact that it
was irade seems to have left its effect
on Tbe World, for it, has since opposed
those Liberals who have joined with
Mr. Semlin iu forming and maintaining a Government, Whethor for that
or other reasons, it has also freely
cirticised the Government at Ottawa.
It has been independent, and it says
now that it intends to remain independent.
We aro unable to quite comprehend
our contemporary. In a paragraph or
two farther on in the same article, it
refers to the decision of the Conservative convention held last September
to divide ou the old party lines. Iu
view of this, it says "nothing remains
for the Liberals but to accept, the challenge. " A precisely similar challenge
was Involved iu the action of tho Liberal convention of October, 1NII7. Vet
on that occasion The World refused to
aeknowldego it. It hud no doubt then
that something else did remain than
its acceptance. Why is the later "challenge" to ho treated differently? The
only possible explanation is that a
strictly party division is Imminent,
and that The World is squaring itself
to fall into lino. But. what becomes,
then, of ils promise to "pursue 11 thoroughly independent course," in tlie future as in the pustV
We arc afraid The World has involved itself in some obscurity ; but us
far as its politioal survey is concerned,
there call he lillie doubt that ils remarks presage a change iu the char
ucter of parties in Provincial i ffuirs.
That would seem to he the expectation
in tbe political centres mi the Coast,
and what is determined on the ('nasi
ill this regard will have to he accepted
hy the rest of lhe Province, whether
we like it or not. Those of us who
are outside the whirl of politioal excitement would prefer to leave nld
party lines alone in matters of purely
Provincial concern, but while thai
may he our preference most of ns no
doubt recognize thut a division is In-
evilulile, and a* it is hound In come il
may us well come quickly, We gather
from The World Hint in Vancouver il
is expected that it will come quickly.
Put it, cannot come willuuil disrupting
the present Government, nnmposod us
it is of men who are of both political
parlies. Unless, of course, one
group of them or the other are ready lo
sell their principles for place, carryibg
their followers in the House with them.
That is too much to apprehend, and
therefore the only conclusion is that
before many moons we may look for
stirring tunes in Ihe political Held.
Wu nm command suooess in municipal K'lviiininnet if we stait right. But
if we let ulfuirs drill, into tbe bunds
of the jobbing   clement we shall   soon
iiuvit a miniature Tammany,  which
may cost us ninny a blush and many a
penny before we can succeed in overthrowing it.
Events, a new weekly journal published at Toronto, coulaiiiH an article
on municipal politics, a paragraph
from which will apply in Nelson us
well an elsewhere : "The best remedy
for a city sunk in jobbery and Corruption would be to sweep out. the stables
sind Install 11 new slock. The first
thing, the second thing, anil lhe lusl
thing thnt, the ratepayers have lo do
is to choose the right men���men who
are known to im untrammelled by
party, clique or   company,   men   who
Bnerlflce Nol Necessary.
We believe in the fidelity of the
Imperial authorities ami of our fellow-
subjects across the sen to Canada today. They have been on onr side in
the past; they are on our side now.
No change bus been made in tbe Imperial policy with reference to our
right to say 'what our terms in negotiations with another country shall be.
To charge them with a desire or an
intention to sacrifice us is to do them
injustice, und. what is worse still, to
create in this country a feeling of distrust where no occasion for distrust exists. We must remember that Great
Britain bus placed our ease in the
hands of our own representativees and
that Britain's position is an attitude
of help, and not of obstruction or opposition. ���Toronto Mail.
A ltulllil Tbilisi.
Mr. V. ,T. Deaiie left for tho Coast
on Saturday night to take bis seat iu
the Legislature on the 5th. There is
a protest lodged, hot the penalty is
only $500 a day, a chance Mr. Dcanc
is quite willing to lake. If a suit
should be brought against him to recover it could not hurt him. You can't
get blood out of a stone.��� Knmloops
The Speech l�� Nnl lhe Wlmle I'rosriiiiiiiti'.
The division existing iu the. Cabinet
itself cannot long be kept concealed.
It is likely to take the for", of au open
rupture nl nuv time. Whether it
shall be long or short, we look for a
very interesting session. Tbe constitutional question involved in the
dismissal of lhe late Government will
doubtless ho considered at length.
The recent dismissals will naturally
come up. and tlicre arc other subjects,
ihe discussion ot which ought to give
rise to very lively sessions.���Victoria
Praised in Long unil atrougTerms,
Tbe speech from the Throne, delivered yesterdav to the Legislature, is one
of the longest, and ulso of the strongest of a now lengthy series of similar
sessional addresses antloipatory of im
portion legislation, whioh have been
prepared for lhe consideration of our
Provincial House. ��� Vancouver News-
lliiev in Us liitoi million.
We havo been asked: "Who is this
liian Fisher who bus condemned the
Hudson Bay route?" Considering the
prominence   he   has  been    given,   it
might be supposed that Mr. .lames
Fisher, M. P. P, was a recognized iiu-
Ihorily on exploration, an experienced
navigator, or at least au expert on
geiigranliy. lie is none of these, He
is a political lawyer of Manitoba, a
member of the Provincial Legislature
who was sent by Premier Greenway
to aeeoninay the Diana expedition to
Hudson Hay iii 1807, He is not a
mini ol any particular prominence even
iu Manitoba local politics, and his enemies aver that the onlv reason for his
being selected for the Hudson Hay mission was I hat three years 4igo he judiciously   censed    to   oppose the separate
shooi settlement which the Laurier-
Greenway oomhinaton hud promulgated.���Calgary Herald,
Painting and
Drawing Lessons
(liven by Mil I'l'lNWIi K. For terms,
etci address I'.  0,  or Thomson Siu-
liullel'V Co.
Tnko aotloo that I,Robert Moi-bun will apply
tn I LioQold t'otiuiilssliiiuT of West Kooloiitiy,
ll. U., thirty iluys nflor data for a license to
sill lli|iiiii> hv icliill ill my lintel, InoaUld ul
slnlar, i.'i miles fi��iii Kunkonook, In the West
Kniiiciiay dUirlol IKUIKUT M I'.KII AN.
Iluleil ul, Nelson, II. I'., lliiH ls| ilay of December. IK'.IH Dili
MUSIC I.KSSONS. On piano iii'nun or
Kiillar. by Mrs. \V. ,1. Aslley. Itiilisou street
[WO doors Went Of Stanley.   I'. (). Mux 130,
WANTED���A position as manager and book
keeper for an liolel. lias Inul ginul OXPurlotlOO
ninl ena glva Ku'iil roferonoos. App{> Miner
WANTED ai. inii'iiigeni boy tosludy law,
Apply to Klllol it Lonnle, unllolton, 0Lo��� Nelson, II. u,
A. Tumid)n. Vi moil Hired, Is proparod to iiilie
pupils lu puihtiiia on Satin, Kliiss nnd Canvas,
Also lessons kIvi-ii in nil brunches Of the latest,
fancy work.     Iirilurs  uxociiloil   promptly  anil
ai reasonable price..
WANTED To RENT-A four or
live room furnished bouse or three
rooms furnished I'm light house keeping,     Address II.  11.   11.    Miner (llllce.
Established 1878.
The Brackman b Ker Milling
Company, Ltd.
Beg to announce that they have opened a Branch House  in  Nelson and
will Carry u Full Line of
Hay, Oats, Mill Feed, Eolled Oats, Graham
Floui, Etc.
TEMPORARY WAREHOUSE:���Turner, Bccton's  Warehouse  on C.
P. R. Siding, below Gray's Planing Mill.
CITY OFFICE:���Room 6,   Aberdeen   Block,   Baker    Street.
Write foi  Quotations iu Cur Lots-
Victoria,  Vancouver,   New Westminster,
South Edmonton, Nelson.
Office and Pocket
Diaries, 1899.
TAKE NOTICE thut I, V. C. Ruck-
liff. will apply to the Gold Commissioner of West Kootenay, B. C., thirty
days after date, for a license to sell
liquor by retail at my hotel, located ut
Sirdar, 15 miles from Knskonook, in
tho West Kootenay district
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 9th day
of Dec., 1888
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Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Notice of Application For Liquor License.
Take notice that I, Charles Olson, will apply
to the Gold Commissioner of Wist Kootenay,
B. O, thirty dare after date, for a licence to
-nil liquor by retail nl my hotel, located at
Sirdar, on lot I, blo-;k SO, in the West Ivoolenuy
district, CHARLES OLSON.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 15th day of lie
comber, 1S98. Doll
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7:110 a.m.���S. S. Alberta loaves for
Knskonook and way points
Tuosdiiy, Thursday and
8:00 a.m.���S.S. Movie leaves for Kootenay L'd'g (ind way points
Monday, Wednesday and
9:00 a.m.���Train leaves G. P. R. station for Slocan Oity, daily
except Sunday.
0:40 a.m.���Train leaves N. & P. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
10:0") a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Casio and way points daily
except Sunday.
2:20 p.m.- Train arrives C. P. 11. station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, except
1.00 p.in.--S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4*80 p.m.���8- S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
daily except Sunday.
5:80 p.m.���Train arrives N. & E\ S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and wnv  points,
6:50 p.m.���S. S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
(1:30 p.m.���S. S. Alberta arrives from
Euskonookand way points
Tuesday, Thursday and
6:40 p.m.��� Train leaves 0. I'. P.. statu ui for Hohsiin.Hossla ml,
and all Main  Line points,
10:30 p.m.- Train arrives 0, P. P. station, from all Main Line
points, Rossland and Rob-
son, daily
Steam tugs Kaslo, Augeiona, Red
Star, llei'coles, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, hut have no regular times of arrival and departure.
Trnncportiitimi CompnnioH aro requested lo
[rivenoliee 10 the Miner i��f uny alterations in
ilit! linieof irrivui utidileimrtiiro from Nelson.
D.   McARTHUR   &   CO.
Cox. Mav& & Balicr St*.
Carload  oi' the latest furniture on the market
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Upholstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in.all  its- branches.
We have our own Hearse.
The   Following   Direct  Shipments
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1 lenry Clays.
Co's    Golden   Eagles,
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From Rkims, France���Pommery Champagne, Quarts  and
��� NELSON  .
lulling I'.MVrt llllll tiVhlcL ll. III., H,>|ll,'iiilM'|-
lil,  i huh.    Pacific ur i!nii, Herlillnu
wkst Boutin
V\vM CIiihs
l.imvos llnily
B,80 a. in.
k.m a, in.
ii.i.'in. in.
Ill.llllll.   III.
ln.HK a. in.
iu.au a. in.
Ul::il ii. in.
10,84a, in.
10,48 a, in.
Arrive Dully
I.eilvoH Dully
lllOOa, in.
11:10  "
IlilM  "
Arrive I'al
Tlmo Card No:
M'lii. tat, num.
Slut ions
Huiiiii Cork
Hour Uko
I'ii,) no Triiiu
Cody Junotlon
Hiu ilon
Cody .itnioiitui
(i. v. m
kah'i Bound
Pjrii (inss
Arrivo Dally
11.30 p.m.
B.0S ii.tn.
1,10 ii.m.
3,00 |i.in. i
1,60 p.m.
1.IIK ll in.
Ii'il p.m. i
1.33 p.m. i
1.10 ii.m, |
1,1'iivo Dully '
Mixed I
Arrivo Dully I
lli.VI ii.m. 1
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uro our I'.inniis.   Sin.iki'  them uud
you will iiUi- tiioiii
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P. ('itnuilmll
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Now Denver
.1. 1'   linlnmiy
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iii-.i prinoipul inwiiH InContrnl WlBoonnin
ruiiiiiin Pniiioo BloopmR nnd chair Can
SlTVlro . , f
Tlm llliilnKCar-iiirr npornloit li, tho InlOroU of
iu |inirmw the mom ologunl wrvloo over
lnauRural��d,  Monla aro norvod a lu Oarl*,
To obtain (IrHlolawiiiervloo yourllckol should
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ond WoilnoHiliiy in eiioli
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ul   lltoii   'lull,   ICootoiuiy sl.'-oet.
Bojoumlns odd KoIIowh oordlally iDvitod.
A. 11. Oleuienta, N.O.      Krod .1 Squiron,Soo.y
COURT KOOTENAY. I.O.K., NO. 3188 moots
Ut und llril Wo'lm-Hilnv in 1'iicli iiiontli in llio
IC of 1' Hull. V W Swiinoll, C. I). S. V-. H.\ J ft
Greott. C.R.; J. FnrtdaB,Booy,
NKI.SON l.OIKIK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., ini'.ls
ovory Thursday in the l.O.o.K. ball, G 0
WUUamB,M,W.i  W 8 Smith, tUto.-Seo.! J. J.
DriKcoll, Kiniini'k'i". F. i Squlro. Kocoivcr, und
I'. M. W.
NKI.SON 1,(1.1,. Nil. UEil inool.s In iho Muo
Diiimlil bloi'k every Thursday, evening ut 8
o'clock, visitinhc member* oordlally Invited.
John 'I'ovo. W, a.j !���'. J. Uruilloy, 11. S.
NKtBON    LOUOK  No. it, Iv. of   1'.
"VtiniooUi in Caetle hull,  MoDonnld block
|every   Toesday evening at s o'clock.
/All vlsitiiiK kointit-  oordlally Invited.
H. G. Joy, 0. C.
leHo) Gbo, Ross k, of R. and 8.
NELSON   LODGE,   1. O. O. T.      Meols in
Cii-tlo Hull,  McDonnltl  Block, ovory .Moniliiy
ovonliiK ut s o'clock.   Visiting Template oor-
llilllly illVilod, JlllIN   l'Kl.K(llll),
(Inlet Tompiur.
J. V. .Iiuiobson   Soo'y
Great West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
R.   Cameron,
Notice of Application fur Liquor License.
'inkoiioiioii Umi, i, Robert Krov. will apply
to tlm iioiii ciiiiiiiiiHHionor of Wost Kootenay,
B. O,. thirty days after date for u lloonsa to
sell Itgiior by retail nl, iiiv hid��1, liiiiutod ill.
Moiiiilnlii Siiliiin, Iii WcnI koolomiy illntrlol.
DatedhtNelson, B. 0., this mill day of De
comlior. IKIIH.
lhe York County Loan & Sav-
iufls Co., oi Toronto.
Till: WISCONSIN     *
Dlroot onniiooilnns at OHloogo ami Mllwaukei
lor nil t.n-loin pnlntu,
''" ui'i'm"'.'." Ivri'"" '"" "" ''"'"' B8ar��rt Uoko<
,IAK. A.CI.IIIIK. or Jah. ('. |>(|N���,
�����taSSnii   , u"""1'"1 ''"���"'��� A��';��t
^lUSInrk Htroot, Mllwnnlin.
I'lirilnnil  Oro. inii��niiii,,.
siiiwcrlboil Capital, 18,000,000) Total AhuoIh
j Paid I  1WI7,1460,100,091 Not Earnings (or '""���
f40,t80,tt,  0.f. Broadhursl, Supt, for Kiioio-
| niiyn.    Joseph Phillips,   Pros; A. T.  Iliinlcr,
Vloo-Prosi v.  Robin', Treasureri  K.  Hurt,
C.L, MILLS, Ag't for Nelson.
Aftenti will vnll and mcplaln tho iiyitem, NELSON DAILY MINER MONDAY, JANUARY 9,  1899.
'I'lie Story of the Moi-oili-nNly Brutal
Knout hn Told by 11 Elns.laii Surgeon���i'lie Worst Criminals CIiomou
to Wield Ihe Lush.
Passing ulong u gloomy passage of the
Alexander prison, whose walls uro covered with block inoliliiioss and reek with
tho strong scent of pine cones strewing nn
the floor, wo find at the ond of the oorrl-
dor chairs and tables for tho authorities
who witness the infliction of the punishments. Among the offloials uro u lawyer,
the chief of tho prlsoD (111(1 the BUrgoon,
nnd 11 little way off Is placed the ''block"
of threatening aspoot, behind whloh stands
the wieliler of the knout, who awaits his
victims with 11 curious look His gurli ia
apparently Intended to make iho situation
all tho more impressive. Be wears a lull
wlillo head covering, soft felt shoos, a
blood rud shirt Willi its sleeves turned up,
und bo carries the knout In his hand
Along tho olio wall stumls a row of convicts with smoothly shaved heads, and
facing thou, is a long lino of warders arm
oil with loaded revolvers in the hand The
silliness, as of the grave, whloh stamps
all present, Is broken from timo to time
by the rattling of tho handouffs and the
leg fetters mid by a furtive cough or tho
rustling of the papers upon the table of
the prison governor
"Who will be the noxty" is tho question
that is all too clearly to be read upon tho
deathlike features of tho "arrestants."
"Siilorov" Is called out by the governor
in a quiet, restrained voice. Sidorov steps
unsteadily and with an Increasing totter
and rattling of his chains out of tho lino
of gray, long felt coats. 1 note his lips
growing pale and the four In his widely
opened oyos, as though ho wore a hunted ]
wild boast.
"Lie down I" is the command. Hastily
liuiking the sign of tlie cross on his broast,
Sidorov lies down nt length on tho bench
and throws each arm around it Ho is
then bound by leather thongs to tho
bench, and his bunds are tied together bo-
neath it
"How many?" asks tho warder charged
Willi counting tho strokes.
"Sixty," is tho quiet answer of the governor
"Look out," or "Pull yourself together," forms the general remark of tho
knout wielder, and the next moment tho
blows aro raining in fearful thuds upon
the bare back of Sidorov, who utters heart
piercing shrieks. One, two, three���tho
warder calls aloud tbe tale of tho stripes,
every one of which hisses and loaves its
mark on tho culprit. The cry that at Urst
followed every stroke has gradually become an unbroken howl and roar, und
readers must have strong nerves if they
can picture further all the hidoousnesa of
this diabolical form of punishment.
This sort, of oastigiition is inflicted upon
oonvlots whenever it is ordained hy the
law or by the police and local nuthorities.
Tho dispenser of blows is always u fellow
taken from the prisoners themselves, and
in his hands the fate of the delinquent
may bo said literally to lie. Tho knout
consists of a thick wooden stick, to which
is fastened a strongly plaited lush, about
80 inches long and :i inches wide, and this
thong Is cut so as to form three lashes nt
lt;i ond A ooiivlct who retains the smallest degree of human feeling can never lio
induced to undertake this olliee, and thus
only tho moat reprobate and hardened
criminals aro chosen lor tho dread work.
To these inhuman creatures the courts of
Russia Intrust, human life. It is In their
power to inflict only light punishment
upon tho condemned, to make him il cripple for tho rest, of his days or to send him
to his grave on tho spot, and yet the ollicials never deem it necessary to put any
restraint on these (loggers. The experienced (loggers are really skilled at their
work. If they wish to show any mercy to
the delinquent, they rain blows on his
body with tho middle part of lhe whip,
while the cruel tips of it fall beyond the
prisonor and on the bench, but if no
mercy is to bo given, then the knout is
made to do Its fell purpose In the bands
of a skilled (logger the motions of tho
knout aro so quick that thoy can scarcely
bo rightly followed by an inexperienced
observer. In oil her case the prisoner naturally howls, but tbe difference In tho result is very marked Tho lightened form
of punishment can be bought, and woe to
htm who Is not, ulile to propitiate tho
Tho courts generally condemn to flogging coiillrnieil orlinlllills, fugitives from
Siberia nnd vagn ' ��� '-. ninny of whom
hnve received alii in, r Inuii rem to 800
blows. An old Hi erliui trump finished
Ills curriculum Vltno with the following
words, "1 have recoiled all told 1,400
stripes of the blreli rod, Dou blows from
the knout and numberless thrashings hy
slicks." As Is to bo expected, the stalls
tics of the Siberian prisons show lhe futility of those punishments as corrective
measures. In proportion as the punish
moots Increase In number and cruelly so
the relapses and backslldiiigs Into orlnio
Increase Nostalgia, or Inlonslllod home
sickness, Is  curiously   strong   In   Iho   In
mates of the Siberian prisons and will not
bo repressed by tho most uruol system of
Hitherto we   huve dealt  only  with tho
knout, which is tho rarer form of punishment and must   bo ordered   by a oourl (if
luw.   Tho usual corporal punishment by
moans of rods and slicks Is somewhat dlf
foront, for thoy form the alpha anil omega
of tho corrective measures lu use lu si-
bvrlan prisons     This form of punishment
is regarded rather us u bagatelle, and yot
Its effects are much worse than those of
the knout, for it Is muted out to all in the
lame meaiure.   It needs not to bo ordain
od by a court of law, and  Iho Victim un
dergoos no previous medical examination
as to  his Illness to bear the   punishment
Every governor Of prisons can give 111) umi
every district governor lilt) of  those blows
at thoir solo discretion It lithonakod
truth that even orliuluali when grievously
111 do not escape this punishment. A fit
male prisoner In tlunlistrlct of ICorsukov
was whipped to such an extent that she
loll down dead.
That the governors of Siberian prisons
aro not all monsters, hut that there are In
exceptional cases kindly hearted men, Is
,,,-eii in thoniuio of Slpjiigln, tho former
director of tho prison at Irkutsk He
wont so far In  his dauntless rolurms as to
entirely abolish punishment liy whipping
And  what  was   thu  rostiltr    The  prison
discipline Improved astonishingly, trims-
grossloiiH and crimes almost censed lobe
the order of  tbe (lay, and   attempts Iocs
cape became a thing of the past.- Vratsoh,
a St. Petersburg Medlcnl Weekly
Inhuman  Methods That  Are Used In
Superstitious Russia.
Superstition is very rife throughout
Russia und tho oast. In some parts of
Ktissin the people bellovo that devils can
enter Into tho organism of human beings,
whose actions they thereafter guide, nnd
there aro soroorors who profess to be able
to cast out tho spirits. These men are utterly without scruplo, and the sufferings
Whloh they cause their victims to undergo
may be easily imagined. Very few cases
ever conie before tho law courts. Tho peo-
plo look upon tho wizard as a powerful
personage, who cun work them much evil,
and therefore not lightly to be provoked.
Hence con:plaints are rarely laid bofore
tho tribunals.
A typical story of the sort, however, recently came before tho court of Vladican-
case. A Mohammedan mullah, or priest,
named Ahmed KanitisanulT, was charged
with torturing a peasant woman named
Kotcherctova, his object being to drive
devils out of her. Kntehorctova, who was
only 90, foil ill, bor malady being accompanied by epileptic lits. The villagers and
her husband, a mini named Aslan-Bek,
oaine to the conclusion thnt she wus afflict'
od by evil spirits, and tlie husband called
upon tho molliih Kauiasunoll to cast thorn
out. The priest came to tlie house und
began his treatment,
l'irst of all they made up a big wood
lire, and when there wore plenty of hot
ashes they stripped the young woman und
tied her hunds nnd foot. Seeing those
ominous preparations, Kotoheretova bo-
gan to cry out, nnd begged them to desist.
"Cut oil my arms, put out. my eyes; do
what you like, but do not burn mo I"
Thoy paid no attention to her pleadings,
and, picking her up, placed her on the
tiro. She then became Insensible. She
wus covered with burns, which the doctor
who examined her declared to be of a very
severe character.
Whon brought bofore the court, the
priest explained that the woman's husband had sought his advlco. Ho counseled Aslan-Bek to force his wife to name
the spooks, and he (the priest) would be
able to restore her to health. He had put
hor on tho flro until she gave tho names
of the evil spirits, which he then wrote
upon a piece of paper nnd threw It into
tho (lames, after which ho was qulto sure
that the devils wou/ld leave her. He nddod
that when she cried bofore being put on
i be hearth it was not sho that wept, but
the devils.
Tbe inquiry showed that the woman
had been kept on hot ushes for eight
hours The head man of the villngo de-
posod thut such methods of treatment
were often employed and wore always successful Tho court found the priest guilty
und sentenced him to deprivation of all
his civil rights and toono year's imprisonment Tho husband would have been ulso
tried, but thut bis wife declared thnt sho
forgnve him.���St. Petersburg Correspond-
He  Would  Not Believe It.
There is nt times exouso for Incredulity,
A certain representative of the sultan of
Turkey on one occasion was perhaps to bo
excused for unbelief
It was when tho Duko of York���now
the heir to the English throne and tho
cnininiuider of u battleship���wns n young
midshipman und his ship wns in Turkish
waters. Tbe story ia vouobed for by Ad-
mlral Sir Frederick ilodford, under whom
t'lllloo UouiKO MjrVOU.
Tho vessel called at a Turkish port to
ooal, and during this operation a representative of tho sultan came to pay his respects to his royal highness. Ho wus
courteously received by tho captain, but
In response suid that it was for tlm prince
his visit wus intended.
"1 nm In command," said Sir Frederick, "and the prince is un otlicor. but
bore lie comes."
At that moment the queen's grandson,
who was in command of the coaling party
und who was noted (or energy In the per
forninnco of his duties, caine up That ho
was In oominand Of the coaling party
needed not to bo explained to the visitor
The fact was apparent. Ho wus as black
as any of the men.
Tho Turk turned away in disgust, refusing to believe Mint he was face to face
with an English prince, and lolt with tho
oonvtotlon that ho hud been hoaxed.���
Youth's Companion.
A  lliii.tl,-lil   Arrest.
The late John Bon Bold  was one of the
bravest men who ever served on tho Chicago police force Dyer Sounlan was one
of tho most desperate criminals of his
time. Doing wanted for a crime, he lied
to his house with Molly Molt, a criminal
aa well known as he was Tho two barricaded the door nf a room on thu second
floor. When the police arrived, they open-
nil lire upon them through the panels
The ollieors scnt.tored  mitt   betook them*
Helves out of range of the bullets   Matters
were ut a  standstill when   ljniilleld, who
wns then Captain of police, arrived on thu
tlnlckly procuring a bodtlck, he wound
it, around bis left arm. Covering ids heart
will) the Improvised   shield, ho drew   his
revolver nnd asoondod the stairs.  Sounlan
hoard him approaching ami called through
the cliisod door, "Who's tliat'r"
" Honfiold, " wits the unsivor.
Soanlan turned to bli companion, and
dinging down his gun laid, "It's all up,
Tho door was thrown opon and I lie two
criminal* surrendered to ihe only man
they  knew  thot  could neither boat  nor
I'rllieess 11,-iilrtee null Hie Demi.
A Rtory relates to Princess Heiilrloe,
who, when a lillie girl, used to play at
eunklug She hail on one occasion inaile
some cakes \\ hlch wore liiore I hall usually
bad, and all her friends declined tn taste
them "Very well, tlion," Bald the little
princess, "as Dr. Stanley Is not hero 1
ahull give 11 iniii lu tlm donkey." The lain
Dean Stanley was a great fiivorllo wllh
the queen's  younger Children|   ho had so
many entertaining stories to tell. Princess Beatrice was well aware that be hud
noil her tusl.o nor smell, bonce she considered him a most proper person for tlie con-
sniiipiion of doubtful pasties,���Westminster (inzilttll.
lie Didn't  I.Ike ll Crowd.
Mrs. QntroX���Mabel, dear, are you sure
Mr. Wiiodliy loves you for  JOUrSolf iilnnof
Maliol- Voh, Pin sure he does, mainina
He Is always so restless when  you are In
the room
Tlio"ilmaklur," a Finnish stone, which
I bocomus almost white before the approach
of lliiii Weather and darkens when storms
aro at hand, Is used by the natives as a
barometer in whloh thoy rcposo tho highest confidence
Til*  Whole Hill.IV.
Visitor���And what  Is  the special distinction of this theaterl
Aowr-.l--k'lli>iig��niU illstttr
i        KOOTENAY j
Mining Stock Quotations.
omplled by II. (J. MoOullooh, mining brok
Nelson, b. 0.. P. O. box 105.1
Name of Company Value,
Nelson, Slocan und Ainsworth
American Hoy 1 on
Athabasca I n"
M-liniilon Con  1 01)
Dundee 1 00
Dardanelles ' '��>
llellie 100
i-'lsle 10(1
l-'xclienller 100
F.i-n O. M. Co    25
llihson 150
U;i!l Minos  ��1
Idler 100
i onilno  Hill      25
Nelsoii-Poormiin     2.'i
Kn-lo Mnnie/iimii          100
Noble Five 101)
I! nobler Con  1 IHI
Keen 100
slocan Slur    "ill
wo Friends    Wl
Wonderful  l i*>
Washington  I,HI
Trull Creek
lllllle    1 00
f'aMoniaCon   loo
I 'niiininildcr 1 00
Door Park 100
Knterpriue  100
F.n'okn Consolidated l no
Rvenlna Star 1 00
rteorgla       1 <*>
flood Hope 100
Brand Prize  1 00
(Hunt 100
RlKhOre l no
Iron Musk 1 00
Iron f'olt 1 00
.limibo 100
l.ilvMny "00
Mayflower 1 oo
Mr.uitn 1 00
Monte CrlBto loo
Mugwump ��� 1 oo
Novelty 1011
Phoenix 1011
Poorman l oo
Red Mountain View lot)
llosslnnil   11 oiliest uko 1 00
Rossland Red Mountain 1 OO
silvcrioe 100
silver Hell  100
si. slmo loo
Virginia l<��>
Victory-Triumph  l no
War Fugle Con  1 00
\Y. st LollolJosio 100
While Hear 100
Alpha Hell loo
"niiboo iCampMoKl l oo
Waterloo (Camp MoK) 100
''iiriboo Hydraulic Con 6 00
���limine      25
ml,Ion Cliche 100
Dee. M. & M. Co 1 00
Oil Ironsides 1 00
-iniU'irlor 1 IK)
riti Horn    25
Vim Andii 100
Winchester   25
Fire Mountain r l oo
1 20
1 25
1 0(1
2 m
1 2.i
Steel Tape and All  Kind.
of Instruments repaired.
Patenaude Bros.
Purchased and payment made as soon
after receipt  of ore as
samples can be assayed.
Quotations     given
upon    the   receipt   of
Occupation Is one groat, smirnnof enjoyment       NU    lime     ) -l-c ���!������-.��� 1 J-   uciill|lloil   WSJ
���vet miserable.��� U. it. i*ud��u
Notice is hereby given Hint ii|i|ilicn-
linii will be iniule Hi tlm I'miiaineiil
uf (/'lunula, ut its next session, for an
not tn declare Ibn Bodliiigloii nnd Nelson Railwav Compnnny to Im a body
I'lirinu'iilo uud politic within tlm .juris
iiii'tinii of iho Parliament of Canada,
umi    Hie   C(itii|>iiiiy's   Ituihvity   lo   be
a work for Hit' general advantage of
Canada, ulso to authorise tlm Company to exetolie running powers over,
umi to tlm   use   mid operation   of  tho
property of other railway companies
umi in make snoh arrangements for
convoying or leaning thu  Company1!
Railway und ils rights and powers uh
iH usually givoil   to railway companies
in tlmii AeiH ot Incorporation, umi for
oilier purposes.
Kaile, a 0, Deo IB, UDi.
Job Work
-TO THE���
We have the most completely
equipped  Job   Office   in
the Kootenays,  and
are     therefore
to turn out the
Best Work, and   we
do   il   at    rock   bottom
prices.     You need some   new
Office     Stationery      for
the  year   of    1899.
Bring it  to Us.
We will do
it for you
Quickly, Neatly
and Cheaply
Nelson Daily Mine.
Victoria Si root,  Nelson,
lllll.    l>llli:   AMI    IVSIIttMi:   AI.I'M
HUM.I   III LOIN  Ulil'llt II.M.
AMI I I'M tit
Valuable Ruler Street tuul other ex
cellenl property fur gale,
(llllii Tunic r-ltiii 1 kli Itlorli. Kelson, II. I
Steamship Line?
Krt'iu P Tl lulu)
\II1111 I.lee   Liiiirrtiliiin      1
Prom New York
1 lille PtarlJno  Cvinrlo      Jan.
1 hllu star Linn   Qorlimnlo      .In"
\\ lilli- sou- i.iae    I < uluiilc         .Inn.
utmrd Line   1 in!������ ni     Jnn,
Cillini'il I.inn RotVlS .. .Inn
.Vuehnr blue   F v i hkoi In.li,
llii'lmi" I.I'"'    IC li'iilim.                 .Inn. !
',111,1 inn blue    -I. l.i,ll h Ian.
Vlliiii l.llu-   Mule Nelnie-lui Ian
Cabin, MfcOOTWO, Nm, 170 HO and upwards,
liilcrnicilini'-, |83,AUnn'l iijiwituls
Blooraito, $m.mi mni upwards,
l'uHMUlKelx lieketi'il IIiI'IHIkIi In nil I'lilnl* ;
limit lll'illilli nr lli'lniiil, mill nl K|iuallllll lio
nikiH Id all pnrUoftllo Kiti'ii|ii'iui I'lnill mni
I'l'iipiilil liilHhiini'M lii'lnllKi'il friun nil liiilnl-
Apply llll' P. ll. I'll.) 'I lek.-I. AkiiiiI. NiiIhiii,
ill' (l)
MID    lie 'ill AkiiiiI. 1.1'.II   OfllolM, VYliuili.e!
General Teamsters,
Agents to B. c. Oil Go.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order.    One car   of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Unfinished Worsted Coats!
to vtaar with odd trousers is the |
correct thing this season.
i      And  what   is'correct   cun   he
fl  found here at any time,    We
f)   have n large   slock   of  clothing,
f)  luii we don't keep il  long,   The
g. arrivals of   this  week   will lie
by next..     The style and
li cut of the garments catches lln
�� eye und tho quality of the goods
fl  the judgment, and  makes cos
ti liuiii'i's of all who come to sec.
= = J. A. GILKER = =
l>   O. STORE.
Groceries ai)d Crockery
1/iC To our main- Customers for their Liberal
\\3 Patronage for the Past Year; Wishing- you
all a Bright and Prosperous New Year.
Groceries and   Crockery.
Xmas Is Over
The New Year Has Come-
There mny lie soniel liing you have
forgotten,    Perhaps   we   have   it.
Conic and see.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
\11   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
|. Roderick Robetrtson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
$6.75  PEH  TON,   DELIVER   I)
Orders   received  at   Frank    Fletcher's    Olliee,   Corner  oi'
Kootenay and   Baker Streets.
General Agent
The Creat
From tlie   manufacturer
10 ilic rciuiliT dh'eut,
moans close prices nnd
|iiis(iiiiil ics|ioiisiliility.
lying from tho mnnnfno-
1 iiicr or maker of goods
means everything to tho
I lll'i'lilisei', fur i|. in in i(.-
sclf (ill llisiii'iuici- iigaiiisl
Inferior Goods and Kxor
llillllll     I'lil'CH,    while     III,,
ciinIiiiih'I' l'eapa the ini.
mediate benefit
My stock of Jewelry, [tings, Hi lies, Scarf Plus,   Lorgnettes, Lockets,
n'coUcIn, liuntlcmeii's vnsl Uhaliis, Watches, Clocks, SloHlnw Silver umi Hil-
��� r I'lni.eil Ware, I personally seluotcd rroin the Immense stocks ut Che differ
. nl. factories,
Buy from J\COU   DOVER and Save Money.
Kiigiui ing Free,
Office Oor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Tslipliolio   Iii,
I CD. J. Christie
A  .'I Roomed mid n I Roomed
The  Dominion   Permanent
I.on 11 Co.
Advance money at terms to
suil borrower,
\ C. D, J. Christie,   Agent
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'y,
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
Tho only all rail routii without obaug
of cam biitwoon NoIhoii and BoHBland and
Spokane and EosBland,
Leave 0.10 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"   11:55 "   KOSSL'D    "      3:10
"    H'30am.SPOKANJE   "    6 30 p.m
Train Unit leave 1 Nelson at 9i40 d.tn
miikcs  olOle  atnili oliniiH lit. Hliokimn fm
ill I'ncilki Omit  I* lints,
I'llHHeiigoiH for K nt itivnratid Houiiil-
ary Greek,oonneol atMoreui with 8taw
(i. (i. DIXON, (i. p, .vi'.A.
Spokane Wash
0, Ki TAOKA.HU11Y,
I A|.i'Ml,,NrUol), tl, (J,


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