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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 10, 1900

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V 4
Daii   Editio
n No. 64S.
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday,  February 10,  igoo.
fenth Year
a   From   tbe
'his Morning*
Ifarj Thin- That Buller's Third Attempt
Was Motel,  a Biise-Gen. Gatacro
raised the Boers.
Loudon,     I*   IO.-(5a.tn.)-ABpeo*
ini from       '  inn's Dump dated   yen*
., . ii-..mi says   that owing
lire  nnd tin' impose!*
18    Vn.il   Kranta.
. withdrew.
News whioh publishes
,ui_ dispatch  sill-Bests   thnt  General
,,,,���,,,. h;1,  ���oi  v,-i actually reerossed
the Tugela.      	
London. Feb   l0.-(4:_0 a. m. i-AII
London -   ll",h  *'"'   Bo8r
.-,,,,,,..,. a General Boiler lias
,��� ailed. The atntenient was pass-
censor nl Aden and
iticail, ni tbo light of Mr. Balfonr'fl
anuonurem nl in the Commons, that
Qe,,erai j _ is uol pressing his advance, Mr. Winston Uhnrohill oahles
thut Van! Krauts: wns impracticable
For the gnu whioh woro^needed to sop*
porl 11 tortl,; : 1 '��� nm n, His oablegroui
leaves i ���    on   Tuesday
nijlil .,.,��� , brigade to relieve
.... I Krantz,
ri   wiih  General
1,, ��� : roil   nn in"-  11  free
ixpldiiiing the ngly no-
.,,..;, . tish held, and the
,,,;,,,.. , 10 which hnd to he
cu.-. mi i    is   easy to infer that
���1  i.ini artillery de-
.   hills, ravines  and
.   n   m-iTi-nnii-,   and
pn pared in  advance
.or hai grams (rum Lady*
Monday, describe the
effect General Roller's oonnonade had
on the worn *..i :s,.i.. Hnpi* run high
eriod of activity and
ti'dinni ivu ill .. u ;.- In a close. The
crash i.i almost  continuous
.... at   times   it   su'ined
belli)  hurst   in   :i
, is. preparing always
for the poi di n at.Jwere flrlv-
I111; (herd ndiug  long wagon
thul Iraki DSbnrg Pusses.
. silence followed,
broken ai - croaking, und the
occasional .:..���... ..I shells, surrounding
the town -.- Ith n oircle of light to^ prevent tin .1 approaoh nf the
enemy. A ii , British mines, laid
forthe Boeis, exploded 'accidentally,
. 1 alarming the city and
Usiieial    MuoDounld's    retirement
puzzles the    military   corameutntor.
'tin- un,1   that   finds  acceptanoe ia
that iI  u;    ordered hy Lord  Huberts
and tbut   both  General   Holler's nnd
'.'mull MucDounld's operations  were
- n ni the Commander, iu-
ll111'. in nrilei to iiiTiipy Iho  Boers at
till   ; points, so they woold
1    IraiiBfi r any portion  of
.       c  the promoted
""Ma! advance,
Mi 1 hnrles \Villiains,a lmltnry writ-
a "ho ��� nulla itood to be in oonflden-
lill! relotii ., iii Lord Wolseley, soya
thai beyond donhl Ihe most anthorntlve
opiuion in London regards it as prob
"hie Uml uu . udeavor will be made to
lino ol the  Orange River be-
" '     13   ������ ii. possibly hv Mon-
���I. my V.   I,my say a that  tho
l"-l!1" ol Sir Alfred  Milner, Governor
" ''i1 ' 1 imii, in suffering from pro*
rain and   his  friends (ear  ho
������'111 blank 1I1 nn.
allsbury's  son, Lord   Edward
11 ilo lur Mnfoklug being
doned,    ai the outbreak
" war he   I arned the araonnl of
''     "tores in-... 1   1,. l... sen! to Mate
- " Incentive pledg*
���Ivntu   111   ...   iiiiii   IiiiiI   these
'driiplod.  He Is now in Mufo*
1 oldest defenders.
IB    The Times, deal*
. 11 ���    iiiiiitiiin, says:
II i' hns 1'iilcil. it. seems
11 ii. r atempt  will be
I"   Initial   strauetid
���   ,
lis the campaign, bnt the
'" nPinonnhes    when   its   baneful
"l""1"" Will .-ruse to bolter   our
ah indoning Ibe   principal
1   a   subsidiary  operation
tion. The greol issues of the war will
not be decided in N'ntnl, "
General Mm-I nnnld' i.tironient/I'hn
Tunes oousiders ini ;plic
London, Feh, I).���The  'I mnn   is   an
editorial dealing with ' rem rnl Bplb t
tusk says:   "The tore   him
is unqueetioonl ly . nit,    We
oiinnot   be   sni irl i* 1    bearteni d
should he lie nn .l.i.. I., sol e it with
success. His tusk is ml merely to force
hia way through the Boi ,- lines to
Ladysmith, Thut operation would be
formidable ennnnh. Bnl il would be
easy eonipiireil with oue bo must perform If large strategical results are to
follow bis efforts. He must inflict a
crashing rtefeal uinn tho Boer army.
Unless he onn dnvo thoin into the
Drakensberg or otherwise destroy that
army, the relief of Ladysunth can
hardly bo accomplished with, safety.
We await the issue of the operation
wiih (.'real anxiety.  '
Elsewhere, The Times comments on
the {net that lim rul Buller is " Playing his purl in tbe general soheme
whioh is being co-ordinated by Lord
Ir says nn tins point; "The British
pulilic is slill kept in ignornm b of the
whereabouts ot some 25,000 troops,
and great developments may he expected. It is difficult to believe thai, the
Boers are equally iguornnt ot the disposition of the British forces. The
great game i i' wur will, however,
shortly be begun, nnd we icny confidently hope that ilm period of reverses
is drawing to nn, end.
Loudon, Feb. li.���A dispatoh from
Roodosberg Drift cms not say whethi r
General Bald m ;| in Dually joined
(Ienernl   Mnotloiitilri,    bul    the     woril
combined' seems to indicate that he
did so.
Londnn. Fob. !) ��� A War  Office   dis-
puii-b trom Lord Roberts dated  Tiiurs-
ilay, ffeburnry Ilm     the  report
that General   1 lal ir.re 1 i   ni| nli ed Ihe
Beers at Pen Ilm I: aud Bird River and
thnt   the security  of   both  outposts is
In   regard   to   < leu onnld's
o])erntiinis. Lord R does uot iii.ni-
tinn the former's retin mi ul to Modder
Rivov.    ile   says:    "MncDonnld   wus
dispatched to prnvenl the i oers   blocking the wain diifl ���-  Knodoosberg and
suoocssfolly   established    himself    nl
Koodooshorg in spin of the onteimined
efforts of the Boots   tu  dislodge   him,
At   MaoDonald's   reqw  t,   B.ibingtou
was sent with nil:;. ... ...  .       Yi.allies-
day. February T. Babingtnn threaten-
eri the Boers north ol lluodoosberg
whilejanothei foroe drove nm the liners
southward. "
The dispatch conclades with the
statement: "The enemy hnve now
evacuated their position ��� .1 none Bre
iu sifiht "
London, Feh: !), -Mr. Bnlfonr the
Government Lsnder.replying lo n question in the House of Commons this
forenoon, as to whui information had
heen received from tho seal of wur.
said: "Unr information points to the
faot that General Buller is not pressing an advance from ilm imsiiinii he
has oconpied. Wo do nol nonslder it
light to press him for details of the
operations which are in progress, imi
if he does give sunb information, du
we deem it proper to make this i.-..'..I c
until such operations nre completed,
The Government bus no information
as to whether lienorn I Macdonald hns
Lonrion, Keb. p. ���In The Morning
Post, Mr, Spencer Wlkinsoti lodny re
viewing the military sitnntion ays:
"Lord Roberta is evidently nboiit lo
begin bis campaign and there nm signs
that General Methauu's foroo will
moke the (list linpnrtnitt move, 11 is
probable thai Ihe seventh dlvii b 11
will soon he heard of as coopotntliig
with General Mothuou
"The late ' news regarding Uenernl
Hnller's opi rni Ion Is puzzling, 11
looks now as if he never seriously oon*
lemplated nn iiiii'iniii to relieve Lady-
mirth, but only a demonstration to
prnvenl tlm Boers from diverting reinforcements to Magers ontelli.
Lookini; to the riistau ie from Lady-
smith to Kimberley, a journey lu
which tbo Boer 1 ronl I p 1 little railway help for the transport of their
forces. Lord Roberts has a olear week
for Ihe first blow which will pul ���
new face nn the sltunflnn, This hype
thesis would nncotini tor the pn unl
state of things In both thpntrei ni war
and the pi culianl i I ..1 1 he ...in lis of
Monday and Tuesday oould heonme in*
lelligible,for if Ilu , hnd bi on Intended
as a serious inoveniiint, Getierul Bul
lor would have 1 ei u largi ly n Infnro
ed and would liuvn pushed the nttuok
with greater energy."
B iffS
i miw"
111  the upper TugelnBivor lasted un.im I nm*n   nnnil.P   Will.
ilv:;"'  li-rrtny. (Tuesday), evening.   1 All 1 il   Ul I UOill.    1 Ull
'ni'iiriii'i--���   are   lacking.    Firiim    a I
l-nnii'iu'ii - an- lacking,
Imldi Coli n-... and along the I p| 1
Tugela 1-is been proceeding since ���'.
o'clock thi   m. ruing.
claims 1   a .- i-i' In the
Medical   Hi altli   Ofllm i- nl   lirsl   date.
Tin re aie iinw   :  ' ills and niii"
11 il..- city, ... ..
Miner's Special Despatches
of a Varying Nature.
Boors  Report That Buller Is Foroed to
Retreat Across the Tutrela���L.td}-
sniilli Reported Relieved.
1.1 nd 11, --' li 0, -An inton sting let- L ill', KS
tor hns been ri ci Ivi .1 from 1 'olonel
11.iiii.ni P well, telllug hi w be roil-
duels the .'- fen ie of Mnfeklng by I. le-
phone, lie has muile himself 11 bomh
proof mound, in the centre nf the
town, He ays: " Hire I sit in mv
bomb proof bureau, writing Iheso let-
tors, around mo  is  telephone  eonneo- .
tion wiih each one oi ,���v outposts.   At | joarnR]ist rjr(,es the ('��� P. R- Setting the
onoh one of these outposts  a   i- lesoi pe
keeps ecu- innl watch  on the Borr out
be B. 0. OitizaDs are
Gi Lng Too Far.
(Specinl Dispatches to The Mllll l*. I
London, Fob, 9. ��� (,:80 p. in,)���
ll. in is siiil no news of General Hnl-
ler's dniuHs today or yesterday, A
dispatoh dated Frere Oamp, Thursday,
Feb. s, but probably written with the
advanced lines, Wednesday, Feh.7, ond
sent In Frere hy runners, nays: "The
forces of tbe Buomj- am r.n both our
Hunks aud continue to render our posi
turn extremely .lillicult to maintain."
Beyond the iiet that Qenerul Buller
devoted Wednesday to bringing more
artillery anil troops across the Tugela,
nntliing is knnwn of his movements,
hut that he badly needed reinforcements is evident from the forming
irom Krerc It is still more patent
1 inti it is impossible for liitn to advance lill the artillery shall have been
enabled to lake up :i forward position
tor ilm purpose of stibdnutg the oer
guns ou both flanks, Upon tbe length
of time occupied in ihis oporntiou depends the duration of General Buller's
maintenance of the defensive, tl is
lensonable to suppose Hint the guns and
reinforcements were in positiou yi
terday and that another attempt to nd
vance is now progressing, at least that
the bombardment preliminary to tbe
actual movement of ihe, torops is in
progress. In the meanwhile news in
awaited with very great eagerness,
not unmixed with anxiety. A; 1 ��� ��� 1
all the ciitie.s now point mil thnl the
mere pushing through lo Ladysmith
withont securing a deoisivo victory 011
tho way would only add danger to
what is already a critical position.
Another Frere Camp dispatoh say:.
,-t Boer prisoner asserts thai iht l-.iii->;li-
er-, expected General Bnller to enws Bt
Slums Drift and that thousands of
Boers weru being posted nt Doru Kloof
to oppose such a passage, while on the
eiiptureil hill, there were only 11 few i
hundred Johaunesbnrghers, This tends I
tn inoroase the anxiety oi those who
believe that General Bnller has scarcely begun the serioos part ol his ndvanoe, though oncouragetnont is glean
ed from tbe news thnt the heavy naval
guns, after repeated attempts, dnring
which tlie mules rolled down lbe bill,
have succeeded 111 leaching the summit uf /.wart* Kop, whence they ate
li.iiiiK excellent practice.
ousts and guns, As sunn ns it is seen
which wny Iheii lire is al.. 1 1 to he di-
i-ccte.l lhe wire connections send word
nnd lhe 'ul with which each def 011-i|vh
quarter is provided, clangs in tin 1 carl
of town v, I ,-:.��� He shell is al-onl
fall. All iu the open ul once no to
ground lit 0 rabbits. "
A dispatch from Cnpe   Tov 11,   dated
Thursday, Keb. s, says: "Tlm f .o*gn j*""11 thousand  na 1   1
['. .-I Atlantic Line   Smallpox at
Toronto Junotion,
(Speei .1 Dispntehes to Tho M im r. 1
Mi nt.eal, Fi h.   n.- Ln   Putr .-,   Mr,
fnrte    . . can, er tieizi s  the   ���   I
1  .- eitiji   is of R  11,   in   si.' tm in;.'   in
invor of 1 'anuria   -. udiug  nn   11
tin-   Triiiisvnii],
1 ttowa,    I - Ni 11 ly   nil    the
: i-i ,. 1 1   .- til ! louse was ..e.-iipii il
ibis .1 term   11 in tbe 111      11   nf   11
'in-   1 (on ' : i. ..'ur-'. In re
I   Ol     ..:.'..'.���      : ,    -per,   US  re-
1 orted i -.   I li - .. li>iii|  Free Press on
Tin -cay Inst. - ir ('bin ��� I 1 n.-r bad
a.-i used Mncm 0, Ihn 1 lltor oi The
Free Press who is visitiua in Ottawa,
with bnving insi in d ths repi it. nnd
v. lib iiii.-'iia ; in .: him 1:1 Ins remarks
...- irding M r, Tni b nml the l-'n neh.
Premier Ln'nrie'r todny received a letter from Miignrn In whirh lie il.-ni.-il
having smi the repoit, and calling for
uu apology from Sir 1 llnu |.
Thu li n'l-r nf i'ln Opposition replied
nl length and s i-l ho had -ime learn-
.al il- ..--.. .. lid 1 . 1 -i mi the dis-
nnteh, bnl n en nl ho v. as in Ihe
Pi <-s 1;aii, iy at ii,- time. Ho nlso
said lm " .all   n ... el   'the   .-   ulsinii
1 :        Gall* ry ol    .   man �� ho   bnd
rliscitcll I ' ���. i. -.'. ilhoul
. I mi 1   ii  '.v. .1   in   nu   ,11111' k . 11
Sir (II arli    I nnpi: and the di hate wa-
.1   i  a   11 nl inn 111 ad-
militai   ntta hers   will  leave  tomor I1 atttihul  ���   the   inn  mini   10  Tot,.
row. Their destination is not given bnl Jlngne*    In son  ;   ; two coniincenis,
,u--sii,i,.,i ly thoy   -.1 I   .; iin In ��������������� Rnl - "'   -:' '" '      ��� ���'   belinrre two n    li
erts, whose wherenhouts  bare nol   .1    '   lirs'hn        11    pmt  for the win
been made publio." ' '      10 direct  iu.eiest, |*  M].* Dn,
A rumor thnt Ladysmith   had   brou and snys ..nun   1    -.., shoi 1,1 11 -���;. 11
relieved ia agBin   currnnl   today,   hnt '"  deTelnpnifiil   nf  the  country,   nul
tlio War   Oftlcu   nnthoriiies   Bay   thnl apnn war,
no   confirmation  of   the re-
Montreal,    Feb.   !!. ���In his reply   tn
tiny ban
Boer Head Lnngor,   Ladysmith, Feb,
8-The Briti.h who were in possession I > hange 1 f the clo>*e of the War Ungli
,, ,-th- kopje   at Molsen's   Drift, nhau- "i-":"-lii:'   mspensinii of n dividend,
doned ii after a bonibnnlmenl  hy Boer Pr stdenl Gnoderlinni snys:   "We ouly
cannon   Mrs   morning,    and    retired .*    ived nn intimation  of   the   Mnna-
1 f the   t i-.-.a nun i.i to   nt   ..ci-  make
tin  di fi nee at   Manit iba
and the   No th   Wi   ;   Territoi ios, nnil
ih.,1 11   r�� *i don should
.    ,     ..          ,    ,     ,  ,, be mnrie,                  Hill \--. ciniions,
lie prntesl nl   the Montreal   Stock Ex- ,  ,                        ,   , ,   ,      ��� ,
,.,..,                  ,   ., duly fin ned mall   1 e | roviderl   with
.-ii 11 ��� ?guinsl In-1 llnre to notify the
across the Tugela liner to their I' .r-
mer position. A desultory caiinouado
is prooieding al Tugela  this mornirg,
but ml:, iv. ise 1 rerj thing is qnii t.
l'i,,. in, Feb.5.���Colonel Plummer's
force ou F bruary 3, attacked tbe Boer
position nenr Ramonstn nml nfter
heavy fightiug, including an eudeavor
to take tho place by storm, tbe Hiit
ish were repulsed, Tbeir loss is 1:11-
'*   iwn,
Eoodoosherg   Drift,   Feb. -The
Boers yesterday  made  a determined
effort to drive tho  British from a  hill
commanding    tho   Drift,     Mounting
two ���' .eu pounders nt the northern extremity, tin y sin ii. 1 the position   intermittently the Whole day.   The Seu-
i'i.tilt   Highlanders gained  11  position I
..-i the rocky summit  and   In pt   op  a
sustained rifio lire, but   suffen .1 son 1
what from the Boer sbellinir,    A   battery wus senl (or, nnd succeeded in si
Icnoing    the   Roer    (Ire,    M iiiiwbiln
two companies of the Argyle Hlghhitid
. 1. Btlvnnoiug   nloin<  ihe plain   in  a
.-,. iterlj   diri ������ Inn,   fonnd   I lin
entrenched al n small   drift,    A shi
engngemi 11I    follo.wi 1,     la Hi ���    the
whole dny.
Ueuetnl   MaoDonnld   now   only  re
quires  snin���������:. -it   troops   In  order  to
oompletoly   surround the Boei      < 1 "���
oral   Bnbington   wns  dispati hi d from
��� i ii.i. 1 Hi* .-1 w Ith   a   large   force of
oavnlry and two   batteries ol horse ur-1
1 lillei-y, but   failed   to   roaoh   hi te al.
Ihongh be started . arly 1 uongh lu   Ihe
day to  enable bim   to gel   hi ro  early
this afternoon    This mom Ing Gonernl
Methtion ordered   thnl   tho combined
fori - shonlri retire   upon   the   Modder
River,   which   movement is  n
needing.   The   Brii Ish   loi io��    lu   the
fighting on Wednesday   were   50  men
, killed llllll wniliulial.
Head Laager,   Ladysmith,   We,lms.
ilny,   Fob    ������     An   iiruimiieil tram 1
terday   ninrie a Borl 1 ���  n nn   1 hie\
towards Oolenso nnd landed  two tlion-
sun.1 British troops on the rlghl ��� 1 the
Unci   posil lon.   The    Boers  1 oinedi
. 1:.��� 1 -��� on bboiI ilm ii'-'" ami marie an alia, k w nb rifles and  nrtill ry,   forcing
the withdrawal nf both tho train   and
1 the troops in Obleveley,   Tbe fightiug
Lnntlii'i, Feb, I).���(6:40 p. ni, I���Up
to the prosont tbe War Office ban evidently beard nothing of a retirement
I i- Genernl Bnller, ns described iu the
dispatoh from tbe Boer Head Lunger,
When shi.-.i 11 tho Boer dii: al h, lhe
0IH1 ials appeared utterly diiinfonudfd.
Apparently they had not the hast
Biispiuion of the possibiliiy of -m-li au
outcome of tlie operations.
London, Feh. II.���The military ex
perts ore bruding Iheir energies ,in-i
ui present to llgnring out from tho
meagre news given ..ui by the Wnr
Office just whn! Genernl Roberts and
ibs chief assistants are doing in South
Allien. What, puzzles Hiimii is Hie si
Inee of ibe War Ollice. It is llgnrt'd
out that (ienernl Bnller is not a I tempting to turn the Boer position. He is
seeking to hteak his wny through tin-
Uuich liuei. by menus of the hammer
in.; power of his arlillery. Dnring the
lirst three days, artillery Bro ftoni lill
guns ai .ui" point and l.'.u another,
were 1 onci nl Pitted np 111 1;,- . in .. 5 '-
entrenchments. Bnller wss nol in 11
hurry hut wns  em.ten;   v.-.i li 1
the position ��� lirsl tnken by __���_. ttlel   .
uml Hi.Inn.i s soldiers, and wilb inov-
iug his cons across the   river   In   sup
rl them.    'I he edge had been  di r 111
in only n  shott wnv. lm) ii wus |n tbe
.  red inn   of   Ladysmith,   which   was
nol in, re than ten mill - from   Ihi   ad
vanned British positions,    If  il   could -
lm hniiimeri ,1   forward   for flvo   mill s|
' i. n. rnl v, lm. s mi n would bo enabled
.1 I-., opera I u -, Ith   Gi nernl   Bnller.
.-.-:���' -��� into itii 11 '.. 0I1 se down tlie Wur
Eniile nud the Centre Star mine, Friday e.'iniiiK. Wo ordered tiie printing of nircnlari i ir ilislributiou nmono
tlie s'lniehnli ei-i mi Saturday and
mulled them Monday evening. Copies nf tins , ir ol ir were handed tn nil
ihe paper? nn Monday evening nnd ap
ni'uti-il Tnesday morning. 1 do not
see bow I could have possibly Kivii
miiii e lo Exchange here nnd in Montreal withe.tit tho I'ns-iiiiity of someone
getting un advantage, If there was
any leak it must  have come from  the
VV.st.   '
The Montreal Slock Exchange's repy
was as follows: "At a general meeting
of members In hi   nn   Thursday  afternoon yonr letter   wus   read und it was
��� il thai ynnr explanation wns de-
itisfn pry. "
tnrj tion  as  well :\^  rifh
and am 1,    I lohnte on the  mo-
inn   ivn    ui     arned       ter v, Iiii li   ilm
ii use ndj uriied,
Oltnwn,    Feb    !).���A   eontrnct    has
In mi iv;::,!, n I,. Pourqi - and l.ul'ivili in
ol . 'it -. 1, for 1 uilding tho Dominii 11
Publio I lui 1 ling al New Wi si niusti r,
11. (' , ; 1   '��� |ila e  those   deslri yod   by
il'     a ���'. '.'.'��� nl   ] ":.: I   ngO,
Winn',,. ..'. Fi b, 1) - Pn
mil 1 Macdi li
..1.1 and   Dr,  !
the new Pro-
vlnciiil Seen toty, were
banqueted   at
Kim rson ti nighr,
!���'.    Ty..
,,-    ���    . 11
Woodstock, Feh. 0.���Tlie prelin i-
nary trial ol Counterfeiter Antony
��� opened hero ibis moruing.
na ,-. nil Amoricnu, win Decker he
e ime asiccinted w ith in Rnltimare
wns the -,: iucipnl w itness, 1 le rle ���
ed Dei Iter offered bim in n share in
il:.. noun i-fi .' ing hm iness in Cnn 1 la
if he ' .-.in 11 would pay Imn "{400,
Sterner refunid tbe offer, Torquay,
nnothui Willi's.-, testified regarding
Di ��� er's ti l( grnphio 1 ode, niter which
tl:- ,-.-. .ei.i'.i nn n for further hearing.
li'iiilon, Keli. p.��� A dispatch in  The
Daily Mail from   Plotmnrltsshnrg  so;
iimi Lady Churchill hns visited ' Iblev-
1 . ( .1:1111.
Montreal. Feb  n, . \v
engineer   under   wh
Onlnmhin  &   Western   branob  of
0. P. li. waslmilt, bus been named
Chief Engineci of Cnnstroctiou over
tlie entire O. P. K. srstem, P. .1.
Dennis was appointed Engineer of
Miiiiitennm 0 over l he m stem, and J,
G, Snlli in . appointi .1 engineer on
the 1 .', -ti rn division,
The Star's London cable snys:
"Hamilton Meiritt, of Toronto, writes
tn a 11 i.-ml In ie announcing thnt he
hns hei 11 givi 11 1 uimunri of tho Smith
Africnn mounted troops and that he
is now busy under Bri��udler-Genernl
tion with the impending invasion of the Orange Free
State. Merritt, who was refused service in the Canadian oontingenl, hurried nt bis own expense to Londou to
enlist tbero. II" nns provided by Hon.
George Wyudham, Under Secretary
of Stute for Wur. with a letter .if In
troduction to Sir Alfred Milner with
Ihe i. mil stated.
A circular 1-- led by 1 be 1'. P. K. t.i-
duy nnnonnccH I ho appointment ofOnp
tain ,1. W. Troun, the present Superintend! nt ol nth n :n Bi iti-b Co*
lnml.11,to ii" SiiperinK mleiit of I tnnoh
lines in the Kootenay district.    Henry
1. ... a-l. -.'. 1 li Inte superintendent,
1. . i.n n il tn report to President
Sbiiughuessy, 111 Montronl, The posiliou to v. hi, .1 Mr. I.cu-1 : is to be pio
: 0.   Feb.   I      In    addll    ti    " ' ' |R n��H"��nmd.    Captain Edward
,,11   .,,,,.1 .,.������,^    ''  (lore is nnmi -        Captain  at
Nil-. 11, .l.lin a. 1 la . 1 in Is mad:
Ohiel ol Train -. 1 ��� ice 111 the Kootenny
sy-teni.  -.inn .... 1. 1-   nl    Nel-nn.
I).    11.    I.. -,, ...     inii -1    Ki sidi n
Engini er ol enny s_  tern, with
. 1 mi    '1 he .--li -   01
:, iinili died,
. i.-n. Feb, ii ��� lu his address  be-
the Cnnadiau   Press   Association
j.   telday, II .-   ri tiril (   I'n sident, W.
iginan, in 00m Inding, urged the
nuitlion to unite in nrg-
In:   ... of  the   fust   Atlantic
. �� ' .��� in by ��� -.- Uovei nmenl   handling
11   jeel    . 1. r   In   lbe Canadian Pn-
Railway,   the  only  li rporation,
l'i,-in, at  conclude I, that   sect 1
111   pted to 1      til     ich n prnji ot with
1 red - to Cam In,
��� .        ohi ..1-. nil   lninl 1 -.
com e.-i i alls, Iii rury and lodge r ns,
 1     .imi 11    ill   Tun ntn
...ui,   in  prevent    Ihn  sproud  ..1
(li .cloned
Mo   new cases have a    yel
i ittawa   Feb. II    1 .... ni I Sti ele  telegraphed    the   i'. inptroller    u     tbe
iti I Pi lice ti -: ���.   llnu   rem nitii .-
>n Mouitoba, the   S irth Wi -1 and   H.
11,   wn     ���' ��� li ti 1     ia-    Hrsi
I, lon, Feb, 10,���-Tho   Daily   'I
graph   annoniioed    thnl   (Jeiiernl  Sli   leaves Calgary for Ottawa toraorruw
l-raiiiis   Clerv   is now on his   wny   lo 	
England Invalided,
li.inilnn, Poh.  10, ��� -\ dispatch tn 1 li
Morning posi Irom   Moddor Kiver dnt-
��� 1 1'hursdny,says General Mncdonald's
mid  General Bnl Ingtnn's   Forces   will
return shortly nnd adds thai the Initio-  be'twpi ���
. .      1 \    onl racl   hns
���nn awnrdi I to 1    irqni    and   Lnriv-
irum    .  . his oil      for   tho
nu i ."1. ��� ��� the new pnblic.buildings in
  .u ',-, ���  tniiu 11 to replace tbose  do*
Toronto,    Feb,        ���The    Htandnrd  sti iyed 1 -   Ire   1 rem    ago,
-   cided to withdraw  from  The*, will neighborhood  nf
.   ��� leuilng  lb.ns,..    li is ellng
ed ihis   .-   ��� .-��� ing   in   tbi   inysti 11 1
of a  ...- : 111      1   bills  or     Toronto, Feu. 11     1 1  ration   or
n portion 1 if   ibe   paaknge,   In   transit  eomhin   of   lhe woolen mill    nl   Hes
Ihi Ilini.,  un.'l  i!- I.uiul.     .Mm kham
��� in  ii.   . ...   teconnnii
from bend .   11 lei 1,
,      rn Bank, while the package wa n completed
... 1   theOlearing   House,   and the 1        my, nnder the piesidency
ol   W,    li.
l.oiiiion. Feb. in. ���A dispatch to Thi
Tim. ��� 11*1 ... ,-i 11 doiberg tinted,   'J I
Toroul n, Fob        There   1    nro]   rti
11 1111 ni    In i.  ovei   Ihi ...-.,
i 1. :.l,en over Hm
lid    Up   . npitul     is
my. February   _,   snyi ll        -     irti        ol    - Ipnj     I'he   Medical  '        0    ' ntentii 11 1   to keep each
timl Hi er reinforcemonti are
.nm .Mui-'. v-'linili-iii.
London, Feh,   H.���1 r.'  ������    ...      1
11,-all'.               ne making nn   Invi  ,    .ill   1 minini for  w hioh
iiiiii..                  endeavor to   ii\   the  it is hesl .      presi  ont. snys
responsihilli     ���                    mnllpoj tn" *m snving ul      11 .              - ipectnd
.  ni   Jain nrj   i.  ti    Fi hi mil':- ...   ... 1            mile of iitlizin        ���    ���
���.VnrOIIIoi iinnnei's  lln.i   ii   bus  nn  win '   tiikiiiB proper  precftutionnry ! ertj     Tbi ?0 person    11
further ww to give oul tonight,
inuiisurcs, although  .1  locnl   physleiiin  I 1    led in tin _i      ildnled NELSON   DAILY   MINER, SATURDAY FJ '��� *'    :���'���
iNelson Daily Miner
I'ubliannl uiub ezoept .Monday.
, .ILS.l.V.MlNlCK  I'lll.VTI.VU  k I'L'IILIBHIMO 00. j
tl   I.   BEATON, Kilitor and Manager,
Hilly per month by carrier	
per half year	
por yoer	
per yoar by mall..	
per year forei_n	
N'klso.n Weekly Miner.
Weekly, per half year $
per year, foreign	
t/ub-irripilon-i invariably in advance
tribntion Bill, and tbere  is   little fi   i
but it will prove itself  quite  equal b
the oocasion.   To propose . genernl n
distribution in the sum,- session   thai
Pnrlinnieul will be asked to make pro
vision fm- the census to be taken  ni  i
yenr   is  nn.'. incongruity   tbat   should
have al .i-ln.l  i-v. ,i a '1 niii      < lur con
stitntion contemplates   tbnt a redistri
bun..11 shall be  made, not  on the  I ..
nf u oi n-U-, bnt immediately following
it.   Tbe  oensns   is  intended to  he n
_uirin to tlie  redistribution.    A   rearrangement   of  constituencies   ai   this
time, whatever   pretext   might bend
vanned in bebalf of it. would be neither more nor less than  a   gerrymander
I 1       I  *����UA.    '.'���  _,'     '
1       .- �����_'*_._',(/lcV,_--- II
i r.TnPQ
Nelson Min :rPHntIni.&PubligliingCo
TELEPHONE    No.    144.
The Miner will pay Sin reward
f��r information thai will lead 10 the
arrest and conviction of any person
who steals u copy of 'bis paper
fr��m the premises of
The Kasln Board of Trade has jk-H-
tinned the Legislature to either modify
or repeal the Right-Hour law We
have several times lnnl occasion to con-
gratnlate this Board on tbe spirit and
good sense displayed in dealinn with
matters affecting the public interest,
and now we have another instance of
it. The membership, we suppose, is
largely mercantile; but like all communities In the Kootenays, Kaslo is
closely identified with nnd largely dependent upon the mining industry.
Ir is entitled to speak, and with the
authority that conies nf direct personal
knowledge of tbe -abject in all its
bearings, on the working of the law
and the evil consequences that Bpring
from it.
The members of the Board believe
tbe law is a mistake, aud on a question of this kind their opinion is more
valuable than thnt of any like number
of members of tin* Legislature. We
presume they would prefer to have the
law repealed, and the old, satisfactory, and profitable condition of things
restored. Failing that, however, they
stiRBest a modification on which it is
possible to arrive at a compromise.
Let the standard day remain at eight
honr... if thonght must desirable, hut
let it be provided that there shall be
no penalty for working overtime.
That is a reasonable suggestion, and ii
lias the further merit of offering an
escape from the present difficulty. We
ar�� frequently .old that eight hours
constitute the standard day in the
Australian Colonies, That is quite
time. There they bave an eigbt-biinr
day, but there is also an eight-hour
wage.    In   Australasian mine;
"J. \V. Stewart has announced thai
liisiirm bus leoured the contract fnr
the Balfour extension," says The
Greenwood Times. "He is buying his
siipiiliesiuNel.si.n. The Nelson Miner ongbt to be satisfied.' ifes, Thi
Miner is sntisiieil. I; is satisfied with
tbe awarding of the contract, ns it believes Mr, Stewart's (iirn ui" entirely
competent for the work. There i- no
our subscrib- j conceivable reason why it should imr
lhe sntislieci with the purchasing of
I their supplies in Nelson, Tbe Miner
is a jiart of Nelson, and naturally rejoices at anything and everything that
biing business in itB direction, just as
The Times would rejcice over Greenwood's good fortnne. Besides, where
else would they buy their -upplios'' At
THr i
��� .���.������������I-.--* *>���
: bai ��� fi :
bars for 25c
It is suggested that Mr. Tnrte is
subject to opportune illnesses. He took
ill lust session and disappeared, hot
returned to employ a good pari of the
recess in active campaigning. The
sessiou is only 11 week old und be is
again taken ill The interpretation is
that Mr. Tarte is afraid to face the
music. We prefer to believe thnt he is
not shamming. We doubt very much
if he is ae onragcous as bis friends
claim, and lie is u vulnerable spot in
the Ministerial armor; but it is not
pleasant to think tbat be is afraid if
tho heavy guns of the House, and his
bealth is certainly not of the best.
Kclip.se Soap,
Imperial Soap,
Mushroom Keti In
Vanilla Extract, Dr. Prices,
Van Camp's Kel
Van Camp's Pork and Beans, 2 Ib
Fresh Ranch Eggs,
Storage Eggs, pei di
Finnan Haddie, per lb,
���-*>���-*> ���������.���.
Wc carrj  a ful  I       "  s land Salt Fish, Pickled
Pigs' Feel and Cool ngue.
. 1 ���'���__>-*'
U-.��'*-"' *S70
We have just received
:   c 11 It    I nl choice
\ .'...-':   ll
Morrison &
T-iep_.ii. 134.
The Red front
..  k0* �� a * ����� ;r b * i*.
H0*,0*0*,K-n0-z.t*i0*!.si*.'r0*,e"* s *i.'iv.jiXJ tin* >X)f*),'V: 0M0\0
i , .._'_*��*_��*_*_** ��_a"r,- - ��� ���- -i��ait*i*t.r*.jr-i<i' __"__'
0.00 .00 .00 . 00 .00 . ._!- . 00 .-��-��� /el* , 00 . 00 .f.0,0ir>. (T0    X*0
\'J^. _*��' _*"J*- 2*" S!" 9" _?��� ���*-*��� *_*iV* _*���- J?***"S**"' J-***' -��, -Na
iyV"_, '���K-^^--k-'<^-*_v*'aii��**ik*-��,*i_*'av-^_''-_*'-_' *��_. - ^* A*
.111 MM; BBOKI It.      vnrii.y Plliuc,
', IH ll ��� ".- ,    '     ; ,.    i ..;��������� ..
WIN] BRMERR. ... o.
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Vaccination  Notice.
to :
on ^
4. ���>�����������->���
Hudson's Bay Stores
,- ��� il Baker St., Nelson.
Parliament should ease Mr. Bonr-
asaa's mind, The poor man is in terrible distress beoanse of the fern- thai
the dispatch of the first contingi ot,
withont the consent of Parliami nt,
may be taken as a precedent. He
desires to establish by vote that all future Governments shall be lilt free to
act us they see fir. There can be no
harm in that, especially :is loyal Canadian Governments will never hesitate
to go to tbe uid of tbe Mother Country in time of need. Bourassas or no
We are offering sterling values
throughout the store. Here are a
few of them:
Notice     i '.van thut it is tin-  W
duty   . : ��� rents of  every ohild  to i Jk'
i ��� ��� -1311 three montba \Jff
oi its birth to '. ������ mi in to some medi- j ��� i*
nni ina. ti on .... , ap] i inted or mi- j Iffl/
tborlzi .:������ - egnlations of the j ...
Provincial hot .i nl health, fm Hie pur- \\ji
f..-.   "I I .initial. : yff
M. :i.. i that from   and t j/
lav of 1     rnnrv In-   Vv*.
i   I   Table Linens, Pure Irish Linen, at
the i !������ .    .        inch    ihild   '
shall prodc ie prim ipal or     icb
er of tl i i irtlfii ato  -: on li _
������hat  tbe cbil a  Boccessfully
at   "   ;J
.   o'clock    \ W
���  in   until ',   ii.   m..   ti -   tin   -   I*
W      25, 4-0. 50, 65, 75, 90c yd.
\)i  Table Napkins at 75c,- $1, 1.50,
2. 2.50, 3 per doz.
p. m, mil i :   p.    in.,    in-   tin   fc*i       _n r
onrpi  rbildr.n.   '..'-'J       N hPPTmO' fl I     '��� r'i    -*.? 1    AiI 10 ITf4
Every ch for   vao-       ���       1011001111^ ClU   __J,  OU,   _.UO J,-!*
; .-���.;   Circulai Pillow Cloth at 18, 20,
cinatii 11 -in il
living lor the most part is i|uite u^
expensive as in this Province, the
standard wage Is IS.60 a da}. Here
the whole minium Indastry is threatened with stagnation because the
niin.-rs tlemand $8.60 a day. We do
not suppose any one would object to
the eigbt-bonr day. but tbe pay should
correspond. The difficulty existing
here would probably adjust itself in a
short time, if the Legislature would
break ground for a general compromise
on the Hue suggested in the petition of
the Kaslo Board of Trade
How the Legislature can refute, or
why it. should delay, to take action
that would at least invite some form
"f settlement is beyond ordinary comprehension, It can be explained only
mi the theory that it is indifferent to
the pnblio welfare. Foi nearly six
weeks it has been in session, tbe greater portion "f which tinio bas bun
passed in a struggle between the parties for the loaves and fishes of office.
Dnring tbe remainder of the period
they have been pottering over Buoh
weighty matters as tho reduction of a
lew dollars on the license feo for a
country tavern. And all this time
thn principal industry of tlm Province
has been dying of a wound initiated
by the Legislature Itself, lu a feu-
days tin* Hail Mines Company will
close down, as a direct ri-uli of lhe
Eight Hour law. liead what Mr.
Croasd.lle says: "The increase, 1 I,,;
of labor al   the  mine since last June
hns ulso been a serious matter to ns,
cumin- as it iini when there was nol
much dead work to be done. Ibe
smelter wonld have helped greatly,
ami probably averted a suspension al- |
together, had we been able to ci'iitiiiiie
lead smelting steadily, We had contracts with silver-lead mines lust year
that would have enabled us to 'I" this
if tin- Slooan mines had not closed
down Inst June." Tlm War Eagle
and the Centre Star mines al Kossland,
two of the largest In that district nud
thr almost s.ile supply loi the Truil
smelter, ar" olosing down, ami it is no
secret thut this action is largely doe to
the Blgbt-Hunr law, Mines on all
sides are Idle through tbe -ami* uause.
Tbe Industry bus been seriously crippled; genernl uml complete stagnation
is threatened, and to it nil the Legislature remains impassive, This conies
nearest of anything we know to Nero's
liddling while Home buttled.
Mr.   McBride   is    endeavoring    ;..
amend the Municipal  Election Ael in
two    particulars.    One   is   that    the
Clerk of n municipality   shull. immr-,1-
where j jntely nfter revision,   make  oul an al
phabetical list of vi tew, 1 hi in er is
that a municipality may, by by-law,
provide for the adoption of a voting
machine. There is grave .lai . i tbal
tin earthquake may nt any mon
an end to legislation nt Victoria, and
it will he well uot to count too confidently on these bi ii ndmi ats.
.     ��� ...:,'
to pay tin    ai  inntion fi e payal li    to
tbe a ���--. vao,
cinat .in-     harge on ui I ������. - ti   to
the physii   mc    ti nding at  tin pnl lie  ���
sohi ols, i ��� i...:-.!���,��� thi i   y toei
ical health i . ��� .���
3. B mv.      \{\4
I ruary ;;;���   1900,        ,*
Ti li phone 13.
liou .at and Sold.
5000 Big Horn Treasury. A snap
iooo Noonday   600 Richelieu
I lere's .  g-a id buy 1
Refe   indtini   Pre ism \   SI ook.    Sold
on inBtul ���   ai    i i_r., i!,,- per month,
Housi   and  Lot in business portion 1 35����*
.  1,
50 Cases
New Drug's
and riedicines
Receh 1! this v.
fresh from  the manufacturers.
Tell  116.     P 11. I- 11
.Man Ordi m'Promi       _tn       I To.
;Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
25c yd.
Towelling      5, 8, 10, 121-2. 15,
18c ]
White Spreads at ?1, 1.25, 1.50.
2,2.50,3.4,5. 'r
These are only a few of the  . , 9lfS^^9l%^S.
.;,;   many Bargains we are offering. . ���lssu'd l,ere' L a"or phone"
. .
I can now supply you
with one of those. . .
���*. ���������.������ �����
.*-!..    1 S S,
Professor   r_xper_ence
Nelson ���    College J
..!     i
.:���'*'''--,"   1
1 ..in    .j.
b; - > ' '
& Co.
ii. ,..! ll.illi.l... sj.:,.,n-.
md .VUeox. etc.
f:',      GA!5 .nul OH.   fcNGlNES,
' p!yt0 J* O.T. CROFTS, m.i.m.f.
1     ' NELSON, ft C.
''ii.. ��� ', ,'-��� i iioi-TS.Vancouver
.. �����.
��� ������ ,- '
���00- ,.-a ' **'0��
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now pn pared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credil
on Ska-nay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
__ . . __   	
J. !!. LOVE Aq'I      Baicer i
MISCHL.. 1.1...JU3
Great Reduction!
: II.MtH COAL     <��.f\  ,-*c i
lANTIIIiAi ITEl   ���__>��.', OO   I1'       I
$6.15 per  Ion
I'ltiill's NK-ST
tl -.1.
ll   ill
The Senate la to be Invited  a nermiil
time In _)tit :i Niiinuim-y .nil to a r.ili-i.
rjStKPHONJ  l'i.
. II....
,i    j..
. 11-	
Prank A. I
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   _-**aJ_*_ _er,   Etc*
Chimney Sweeping.
Office, Waul Si. opp. Opera House
Gleaning and Dyeing
s. M. i'il._.UH Prop.
i   d .-' and Gents' Clothinp cleatte I
dyed, alten il and n paired.
'.'��� a,- ill I i,.,!.,. Hoi   |, -KL-II.V
IL!   i    ;C; ,   Board and Room:'
Fir     Clai     Board   and   Room;
ar  English
Chun :   ' .,:..';;   Board
;     ~-,.?o.
I.-  ��� -
nere is a Ci'        ��� Out Sale in Gents'
l      : CED AT ��J_0__LAND
n,. Lu Bit- Hits L8ft t0 IuVf8tieate
' Auotliel, Cbso at Eea.er, ou tho
���j. 4 p. _. Koiul-
.,1 tbo efforts of the quarantine ��_.
tl)���ritie8ll���rtBonr.l-ol Health to keep
nl,,0-ft inin'inu-i.oit*. into in.-
, .'.iniiii.iii hnve  not been entirely
���,���,, ���_  two oa-n have been re-
|d   | ,., night The Minor rooeiveil
"   't,lli,,M.i._ .Uspii'i'li from KoHsland:
,,ARBmiiiiooii80 of smallpox was die*
���0VM0_ hero today. The patient U -��
.ight-vear-old child, who oiuue i�� here
'ith her mothi'i'from OolviUe on 8_t
.���.,,,���- |art.   She I  been  vnooluatwl
...niimlvPi id  ,,a.������lii.o.   The house
|iwue8n quarantined, and patient and
hM  ,,���,���v,,l in   the   isnlatod boe-
wta1 nnd every preoantion taken."
��� w���. al-" lonrned in Nelson yeeter*
. ���,.��� ,, ,,,.,. had heen discovered at
a',, .,,- a atiition im the Nelson i- Fort
Sheppa'rd lino. Dr. LaBan, Medloal
Hcttlth Officer, left hist evening to
make au investigation. Mdimwhile
th(! efforts ot Hm looal Board will he
doubled mid a ciom watch kept to
bco that tho dreaded disease does cot
break onl here.
Th0 wholesalers of Nelson   wore  ro-
., .ible for 116  oars  of merchant!!--
lent run yesterday to various points.
,.���, Rov 0. W. Rose will prenohhU
,���i .���,.���. mn Nelson lomorrow evening'   -|- im ol liisilorarturehiiHU.it
jet in'i-ii lined.
The Hon '* H. Mackintosh arrived
i��� N,.|_,., yesterday to take part in the
send-off accorded to the recruit! for
gtrnthcoim's Horse.
Tlie louR expected lust car ol ma*
,,���',���.������ [ot the Nelson Gan & U.ke
t'ompany arrived at length yesterday,
__,! was Hint nn to the works.
The Nelson Lanrosse-Honkey Cluh
i.i iv' tin* Roi-slaud club In Hossland to-
,.,,-ht and tbe Uosslanri-Viotoriai play
���,. jielson Hockey cluh at the rink
In the l'n.-i, ' '   ���    Otrorcta   tonur-
row the Rev. Mi   Frew will preaoh on
thefollowliip -.ui.-'. ts: Morning,
New Birth."   Evening
The Delielit Oold Mining Oompany
v,-i.ida\ ni.(am.-il a Certiflonte ol Im*
prnvom-nts in rospeot of the Balmpral
tnhienil    claim,    situated    on   r.nrt
The now heatiug apparatus at the
Kontdiav l.i'Ui' < Ienernl Hotipltal should
I,- in �� irking i rder in a week, and it
will nut lm long then before the now
wni i i- tenanted,
During tho temporary absenoa of Mr.
John Hirsch who left last ��i. ht with
tbe Nelson contingent to shoot a fow
Unas. Mr, A. M, Barrow Will look
lifter iii- business,
Mux MoSwnyne arrival! from the
East v.-ii-i-.iav in inkii a position witn
Martin O'Reilly & Oo, Mr. Mo
Bwnyue lias had long experience in tho
dry Komls i.nsiiii'.-s.
��� Noah and the
Mr. T. McAllisler, who is one nl Ilm
Btrathconn uontingent, had his ,.,i-
denoe tnken yester iii.v b< fore the rei is,
trar in the onse of .tnraeon vs. Huw* -
ley. In this nisn the pliiinti'V, nrnprio-
tor of tlm S.ierbronltn hotel, issuing
for tbo board of six men who w.ie iu
the defendant's employ, mid who, ii ���*���
alleged, went good in- Iheir boi d
bills. Mr W, A. linllih.r nnpi i d
for tin* phiiiitili: .ial Mr. S S. Tn; h ,
(J. 0., for the t.. .i im'.
Reference in thn programme lo. Hrrr
Steinor's nonoeit in nliothei coin: n
will.showtliiit.it will be n nniniuiti
treat thut is woi'thy of a full home.
Nolson musical oircles have heen roii a*
what In&otive ut late nud the concert
will com i ns a welcome change from
the dirth nl' musical attractions, Horr
Htoiuer has done u great denl for musiii
in Nelson and tins is an opportunity
for the public* to show its appreciation
of his efforts, especially nn the excellence of the programme will well repay thoso who attend.
On "Wednesday night next the skat-1
ing rink will be ihe scene of a very
Une carnival, which n committee of
ladies is making arrangements for,
Tho proceeds will be iu niri of the
Kree Library fund, nnd as lhe fund is
in lined of reinforcements it is hoped
that the cm nival will lie well attended. Tho Smelter Hand will bo present, The admitision Ceo will bo 98
oents for those in costumes, FO cents
general admission, and 25 cents for
children, Every effort is being made
to provide a splendid evening's enter*
H. M, Vincent returned yesterday
from his eastern trip, bringing with
him his wife and child, who have
been spending the winter in London,
Ont. While in Toronto, Mr. Vinci nt
intended the convention of the International Customs Gutters, where all the
finest clothes imiilii in the ladst
fashions were on exhibition, and the
lending tailors of North America exchanged knowledge of their business.
Mr. Vincent brought with him from
Toronto Messrs. T, ('lough nnd A. T.
Haines, two of Tor.inio's best tailors,
and will open an olegant assortment of
Spring goods tins Week.
At the skatiui; rink loniuhl the Victoria hockey team xvill play the Nelson
City team fu the ohntnpionship series,
These teams should prove to be evenly
matched, and no ilnnht n lirsl class exhibition will be given. The ice is
now in good condition to permit last
hockey, and the members of both
teams are reported to be in good condition, The Nelson team will be: Goal,
S. Neelaiids; point, W. Duncan : cover,
H. Howden; Rutherford, Pollen, T.
Duncan and Johnston or i*iinke. The
band will be in atteun*nn:e and as
the Kami, is culled for i :80 sbittp, there
will he plenty of time rilter ii is over
for the skaters lo enjoy themselves.
Another cm line match in lhe President vs. Vice-President scries was
played yesterday, and resulted as foi*
lows: Vice-President���F. Irvine, .1.
M. MoKenzie, .1. Lawrence, A. Carrie
(skip), 10. President���R. Hedley,
A. H. Bnjhanan, T. Liliie. Judge
Forin (skipi, IS, The ice was in _nnii
condition and the game an exoiting
one. In tbo morning the two ri.iks
will compete at the Rossland carnival
hail n Honri practice game, A scond
game iu the President vs. Vice-President series was played last night and
reunited In a victory for the Vice-President's side whioh is away ahead in
tho contest. The rinks were: Di.
Arthur, D. Porter. A. N. Other, W.
W. Peer, (skip), 11, vs. W. Liilie, 11.
R. Cameron, E. (I. Smyth, J. II. Pox.
(skipi ii. Mr. 1'o.v skipped (i. 0,
Hodge's riuk in tho absence ot the
regular skip.
-��S����'(A^'>A/i/>i*>A^VVVV*.,'V'Ai^ ..-���'..'.' !-V *y. WV.<&>WiiAr>rV<0VWWirVWVW*rWyWW+
io the i,i
i'.i n    !��� i\
I    '
;   .
- :
in need ;iiul
the   besi
all-! iie-\.- ���
footwear l
i be hsi i in ill
t i i y.
al  prices
that will  bui
you ?
Come an.
ins*..,;   nu*
We   will
not   be   uud
Bring Your Repairini
There is a Clearing Out Sale
Furnishings on at O'REIL
of Gents'
r *.<>��*>���<;*.*> <,**��� TO
+++++++ + ++**+*.>++<>++++++++++ + <r+<.*'<t'r<t^+'><'-l'*''*J><l <?$>*���> + <
Victoria Street, 'ASeSson
(Opposite the Postoilice);
wlioiesaie Mouses.
"Vf-HORP _ ��_>. CO-, Umitk.i.   Cornor V.-r '
.!     nun  ..nil  t'i ii^r  SU'Otits,  Sulson, nianii-
fuolui irri of uuil \v.u.)-.-.alo dotvlur-. In i.ui-ntcd
wului'H uml I'nn' ���;. nips   Solo ukcuU  fur Hal- .
Oni, ,-;u-in,:- ininural ..*._tnr.
S. Al. iimi,.
I'ln-lci)  rn' M.il ilrlnk
phone Na 31.   lleovoi
,..' Ill-- I.'IIIIIOUM  SI. Ll
ii mui-.
. I', ii.
-:.-���.i S
ii lloi Si
s.   'I'elo-
N,','. llml ii is universally in--
kiunvtoUged lluit m) patenl nppli-
nnccs posiiiv-h euro lU'l'TURli,
mul are (U-AI-ANTEEI- lo fjive
invito the very worst cases-���infants,
L'liiUlren nnd iidiills���-no matter how
bad you may he ufflicled.
I will pay your fare both ways if
you can force the Rupture down in
an*, position with my NEW RETAINER on.
Size and uye immaterial.
See what  our lending Physicians
s;i\ :
*4^..*i(_.��<.^.ti>. a<-0*>-'^''$-'i����s��-**.^*^'��IB��*1->***>S'O><*9*>S-,C,--'2'i-3<''a<''.!i
Olta-.Vil,   Deeenilier -JIUli.   ISllll.
1 hnve mnoh  pleasnre   iu   lostifymu
-.,,1  J. F.VAN3 Ik 00.   Bimirdtreot. Nol    to .T.  U.    Annulr.-n_'i-   ability   ill   tbo
,u:���,r,.;:��� ;.Vi;_-;!,.i1.?i^j"'._te,,���pi^m- ���<*������i twmtmout m ner,���,,,-
���   i . ..   . . miiiui iiiins.-loii nioiTliuiits,    Huutnre,    He  haa    v-i-y   ancoesiiriilly
treated   putients  of   mine   ruiiRiu^ iu
.IN. HAY AND CEREALS tigo trom n fo�� mouths to (Hi yearn  ol
,,_.-! uuc    Most     of   ii,.--'     patieutfl   were
;     ,     '��� IJiwa^-ra-trlvi-Ka.. wlToK  alltioted with verv lav.;.- nnninnnReiible
.. im in   :',.'i-.   a,.-,.!-'. '.-i'i;., iimi  nay   llrrnin. wl.ieli I'nile.l iii li" relievf-tl l.\
M Imsliit as GjoJ ss i Unite Claim.
Till;   OI.I>   ESTABI.18111515
W'l.i.i   Known
f !
V r\��   no.
I, --.'..-.-,.
T ll.in'i.
.nan I.'.
,.:....   i,
Kli.li.l..: -   ..a
N'ieli.rili ami
L'lilg-ry k
DONALD fit CO. -Oomor  Ver-
a... mul .(..-..���, a   ��lruet->.   ivholosalu
.'.,: i .:.:..���v-ill lill.lll.nl.-. gloves,   Illlltrl.
I a',.!    I-,   IllllCkln.llVS   .unl   lllilllll-s'  Mill-
Situate  at   Procter's   Landing,   on
Contains  fifteen  rooms,   furnished
icc-pa son i
���-. t'.LiKi.S i'. CO -'in-ill-su-i'i-t. Nelson,
���'   ,    li li.i,.- it-   'IriHir.-;   in   t'[V-li   mill   i-'ll'i-'i
li.ll-l,    f- llli-Kil'U-H.
nd enroll metu��
Wholesale doiil
class bar room and bar fixtures. Two acres of -.rounds.
A lot et little people nre coming into
the world in Nelson at present, Yes-
tardily the ruiartette of tlio pmvlotu
ilny wn-. supplemented by the arrival
ot a vim in Mis. R. Bradford.
Work nn Ihe Boruite Bank group
on MorninK Mountain, in progressing
well. Attention is confined now to
���inking n shaft which is showing up a
Kiiuil ore body, which assays well in
The Nil-en I*iuiiitr.it* Coinpiiny
hnve grenlty increnseil their ucooru-
lniiiliiiiun l.v tuUine in .1. A. Irviui��'s
old grocery store next door. They
li-iiivial n carlond of bod room net*
Mr. ('reuse yesterday received the
Md news of the death nf his aunt.
Miss Emily Crease, at Lytton, Miss
Orense wiis well known in tho Prov-
ince, of which -he lms boon a resident
fnr ever 85 yenrs,
There is nnly nne serious case at the
Kootenay Lake < leneral Hospital, thnt
of Mr. Mctainnes. nf Ymir, who is
'Iniiii with typhoid. Three cusus ot ton-
silitis have been brought in iu tho last
few iliiye.
Mr, MoGutre oame down from the
Mnlly liihsnn mine ycslenllv and reports that the property is looking ox-
eei'ilinuly well, the new vein, whose
discovery was ohronioled some time
sinoe in The Miner, showing up pur-
tii-ulnrlv well.
a ball wus given at tbe Opera House
lasl night, in nid of tbe Sister's
school, The attendnnoe wns lnri;t> and
those present spent u delightful even.
in_. The music wns furnished by Mill-
waril's Drchestrii, nud supper was served iiui-iii", the evening,
Mr. W, ll. Bullook-V-eb-rter, Chief
nf Provincial Police, is expected back
in Nelson on the lath Instant Oon*
stable Kelly lift Inst ni_ht with
Strathcona's Horse, ami in tbe mean*
while any Important Provinoial Police
matters thai, oome np will be dealt
with by Mr. Goepel,
Ur. Doollttle leavss tonight for Tn-
ii.nin. whence he will gc to San Francisco li lun- leininiin.' here. Ho hns
arranged for n ton of Venm nio to bo
si nl Iii San   FrnUnlsOO   to   snmn   sani-
pllng works there, where a thorongb
test of the ore will be made before it
Is decided what ulani will be installed,
Nelson'i contribution to tbe sook
iiind wns forwarded to Vnnooo.er by
the (;. P, u matin, yesterday, lu nil
SOU pairs went from   here fnr the sold-
|nrs in Sonth Afrlcn, The credit tat
tins handsome contribution chiefly belongs to Mn. J, Roderlob Koborlson,
to whom nil Uu- suekH wore sunt.
Che latest conttlbutotl worn Mrs. Lan
g Stevenson, Mrs. Hamilton, Mr.
swssin.tou and Mr, Ferlaud,
Aro Rrand, but Sl;in Eruptions
life uf Joy. Bncklen's Arnica Salve
cures them; also Old, Running and
Fever yores. Ulcers, Boils, b'eloiiB,
I'orns, Waits, ('uts. Bruises, Burnt,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Ohllhlalns,
Host Pile enrn on earth. Drives out
Pains mul Aches. Only SB cents a
box. Cure guaranteed. Bold by tbe
Camilla Drug iV Book Co.
Removes everything in Bight; so do
drnsiic mineral pills, but both are
mighty dangerous. Don'l dynamite
the delicate machinery of your blood
with calomel, croton oil nr ab.es
pilKwheu Ur. King's Mew l.il'i Pills,
wbiob an* gentle as a summer breeze,
do the work perfectly. Cures Headache, Constipation, Only i:< cents at
the Canada Drug & lick store.
On water
front, and  close to   wharves anc
unl full particulars apply lo
isiiciii, Nelson,   v
I iiftleili'alui-s in harilwaroaud roltilpg -ni
].t!"ni...[.'and ilusiuttti'ri -applies.
i.iiiriii.   Kaker
���or price
T. G.
or ��� iiniis uml ��ii>-
lTquors ai>_d dry gqods.
URNER.   BEtTON   ��_*   CO,   Corner
Vernon una Jusi-i Mno rilruui.-. No'aon
wholoHtiiu Uuulo.8 in llquora riK*-*r'*. and dry
goocbi.   Agontt for Prttwt Brewing Co. o( Mli��
_     iv:i'l,iT;:ii'll',i!i;,in  BrowllIK Co.   Of   l'-ti;*uy
"? r
8U_>_01-'S BAY CO.   �� holesi
i-,-:-u tana liquorn, eio��� Baker St.,
Isiin. j
I Baker Street, Nelson.
mr>'^'^<��'-^'��e^'**'*^^'^'<^'m''^H*'^"9'��*'^'^^9'^''0'^,^''<i^^\PR0\llSl0liS, PRODUCE & FRUITS
JV  GRIFFIN  4  OO.-Corncr Vornon
.    and .iiis'Hiliiiie .streets. NiilMiin.ulloli.silli
(Jo dwn/n, ii> fii
��� v
ileak-i-i, iii provlBlons, cured incut
Corner  V.-rnon
butter anil
ull thu 1inn.es triad.   Tlio  principle of
thin ; in,-in appliance m-.-his to be per-
ffel. Tlie Kuppovi. is ilni-ileil against,
ihe s'at .-I in.' rnptnrn unly, and oan
ia. iniiniptiluieil t . i ��� min iici urntely.
1 unhesitatingly reunniiiieiiil Mr. Arm-
sIiiiii. tn Hi.- e.ni.-iili'inii.ni it ill- pro-
i'i--ii'ii nnil ilie pulilin.
llliNUV  1'.   AKHlIil', M.  I) .
in-; l-:igin Street.
.Iniiii Montgomery,   o. M.Williuiiison,
I.   K, I-. V,    Miig.'iy ,.l     M. D. O.M.
M ntgnniery ami Williamson.
I'liysii-inns  nml   SurgeoUB,
Anii.rli.N. 1).. Dec. -Oth, 181)7.
I run niiliesiiliiiinglv rueoninieud .1.
L. AriimtroHg'H patented appliance
ns mi,, (I'M bus i_ivi"i me pertcct Miti*---
I'ai-lii.u ii: ilia in.iiiii, in nl Hernia by
such Heal,- I believe ii in bens sci
entilln an il in piiu-ihlo for Hush nppli*
nni'. s ��� . be Hindu,
Patients of mine, en whom several
styles nt trusses have, been tried and
lulled in their object, found.when tin -
nl wiili Hn- Armstrong appliance, that
they iniild il" nil kinds ol work, lifting
hoavy loads, etc., with safety, and
without experiencing any discomfort
oi pain. In adjnatment it is sitnploit;
in itself.
The prni'i s.-inn would do well to Investigate its merits before fitting their
nan. ins with anv other.
December lath, 181)11.
I hnve mnoh pleasure in renornmenil-
ing io the attention of tho profession
n Henna supporter, the invention of
.).   I..   Armstrong,    ol     this     city.
tt/A/S '
'���'��� ��� .   :   I
y     am 0p (f
- Ilr 11,1,        -    _m    !���" ,..-.    ..,.     .1   *   J.^-   .-1 ���-.r ����_��������������������*__--���__.--*��-���__ Mf,
Persons wishing topurchase t
L -I-.UH.1 ma v, i -*������ !'.>��� ���*  *��� , -   _ |
Sf stT��E Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ment.    Watches of all ilu-
best   Swiss and American'
manufactures are represented.
Expert Watch Repairinga Specialty
Patenaude Bros
90Z-T-+O �����������������". -^5Si��
Branch Markets in ROBSland. Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
tiandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
W^^-K^^^-r-Ti _S8 After  repeated  trials pl   the  instru-
wiiuli'-iile ill alius iii sash hi .I liniii-.s; nil kinds   ins lit,   1   nni   satisfied   that   H    is   Ihe
ni ia, mn uiak inaiii-in iinii-v. ���u,.\ efficient truss  in the   Dominion,
As regards motlo of application ami
results, it stauds nlnoe in this country,
ninhodying the principle of lixed support, not to say pleasure in the treatment nf  hernia, recognizing ns it does
tllllt the riaplislle ples.-llle    is' .iltVnrdeil
by the wall ol the abdomen. Vours
truly, 0. I*. OHUROH, M. D.
I have (he privilege ot referring yon
in s, viral of tho must reliable ladles
mired by my appliances, Including the
wile i.i'a prominent minister ..I the
gospel, wife of n prominent lawyer,
wives of two merchants, and others,
including n I.AOV 08 V10AKS OLD,
ami mother "t nne of our must prom I
in nt inorchants, These Indies have
nut worn any support from one lo font
years, and most of   them three Jyears.
Testimonials from most respectable residents of Victoria, li. C.
(which lill inn much space), A/-.
I., Goodacre, Esq., Queen's Market, Purveyoi in II. M. Navy.
Young Men, Become Your
Own Asaayers*
The Nelson KleetrieTram way Oo. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building  Lois adjacent   to the
of their Tramway.    For price and terms ol sale apply
1 lomfra),
C, 1
C. l-lliott,
1 ol
l 'inii ri\ i ilei ���-.
. I-'..
1   Sli
will   be   :
t  the
Hume  II
idti) and \\
nnd -��� isi.
Call Early.
Macdonald Block,   Corner, ol
Three month; will Uhm*- y>" A����rlng lor
llulil. silver. Copper, Thi iloimrtmcnl is In
iiliui-ili! nf I'liH. sal.a. Ilimur Oriiiliiiilu "I
Mi-dill lJnlvor.lt!,
l.lvo nml  learn lia.v. ,'....;..i- limn '.."i BOW
Dotfil ana EnMractlon tn A - -__yi��-__r_ Oil f"i
iwciii> :*ix .loiiiir* por month.
Writ*' 1 o 11n- rritinipiil,
Now Woslinin l'-r.
All oLiw-h o( lonrnlni. may lm lnnl lu tlilf,
k. oolj L'ollog. Of III kind n III. V, out.'
at the office of the Company
hine and Vernon Streets,
T. C. DUNCAN. Secrctar}
Fraternity Hali    RBISTERER & CO.,
C,,r llnliir .. M.ioK-HiO **<"���
lm- Ciiiieiis.   Lecture*
.ai-.i every kind "I en*
iiii'-i-uiiiiis, eliiuk
ran lie rented
llall.'is. H.ilnin
iiilniniiieiil.    lm "I -'
';,;���,;;,. Kin.I,,.., ,,,1.1 tininK ������ r>��-
nisiieil    For termpply
lilt. K, C. AUTIIUII. City.
Agk! is  wn Pursers    Rev-
elstoke   and   South,    Pernie
and Wesl    Sell Tickets Feb. I	
12th, i,*,ili, 14th, 15th and1:A. R- BARROW,
iiiih, limiting going portion
in date ni sale, and return
portion good to leave Rossland np to February 18th,
Nelson, B.( ., I in. 19th, itjoi..
Provincial Land Surveyor,
i omoi Vi- i.n ..i K....1.11.. -
1' 11. Box Ml). fololihoim Nn. M
Brewci 1 uf Fine Lager
Boor m.il I'm Ier.
Drop in and see ns,
B. C-
,       ,i..- aini full Ini .' "i'i ...i. iiddn     'a ..
��� . : igont. or
i-  1 . BKA81.KV City Panengor Agoni
it. W, DIIEW, Akoi.i. Nul-i n
\V. K. ANDERSON, K. J.COVl.l..
'l'rav. I'asi. AkohL,        A   11. 1'.  AkuM,
Nul.���, ..      Vunccuvit
I.I. I.Ill IS I   t, I lIUIMh
t.ivil  Bngineer��   ami Provincial
Land Surveyors.
I'. 11, Hon ll,'.
Xul.on, H 0,
TO lOOBIillllrarss.
Crowds Witness the Departure of the Contingent.
tal the corridors and steps of the lintel.
Outside was tha Salvation Army
Band playing martial airs, and, with
renr nml escort .1
/..ns, tii�� recruits
made th.-ir wny down to the dock,
There were -".t) of them iu all, the
names of Dr. Lewis, of Rossland, aud
Mr. VV. E. Lindsay, ol Greenwood,
having beon added to the muster roll.
I In- Bcene on the wharf was au   uu-
Martin   Accuses   Cotton   of  Criminal
Speoial Dispatch to The Miner).
Viotoria, Feb, B.���The long expected passage al arms between Joe Martin
mul Finance Minister Cotton, which
was looked lor ns ilie outoome the Chilli -e agreement last session, took place
this afternoon, it was the most sense-
pressivi!  one as the  men  i-n.Mii.-d  on  tional attaok  on the Finanoa Minister
There   Is  a   Clearing   Out   Sale  iij  Ge
Fiurnishiiiys oi) ai O'^ElLLY^S,
_j��-rK_ I
m^��"0"9^m^<m^m^m-e��"��"9"*"*" * "���"C"��"��"#**��"^>**0"��"<.'>*3��o.Ma
the steamer,, The wharf was crowded
with a dens.-an.i struggling mass of
humanity, all  trying  to catch  a lasl
ever made  in   British Columbia  poli-i
tics since Humphrey s notorious attack
.ai Dnnsmuir. Mintii, aoousod Finance
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Another fresh lOn.-iKiinn'lit of our
News by   Wire  of the  Contingent���Enthusiastic Dinner at the Pliair
Last Night.
glimpse  nt    their  departing   friends,   Minister Cotton of flying from Colorado
Brand ot Moolia and Java Coffee, reputed hy tho bost judges of tho above nnlnlo to ho     '
liossessoil of tho hlgheut ,|iinliiy and Minor.
Tin- whistle- ,blew, guns were Bred,
tin- band played and oheer aftei cheer
ran! I e nir. As the lime for departure
drew closer the band played " 1'heGirl
I I..-it Behind Me," then tha National
bj a freighl train  and  defrauding his
oreditors, and dared him to go back
Colorado, \> hi n   1..' was charg '1 w ith
gross    criminal    misdemeanors.     Ou
i (itiini giving bim the lie lie | ivi
A-it Is -ini-to please even the niosl fastidious,   l-'or ink- mil)- by the
Anthem, and the steamer glided  into tloe of a motion for the appointment  if
tbe night to tbe strains of "Auld Lang a commission   to make  invi
li   was ii   jiiyout,  and  enthusiastic
Hatheriug tbat met yesterday   evening
in the Phair Hotel nu the occasion   in'
tho  bauquet   tendered   tbe  departing comrades'   forms
recruits for Strathconn's Horse hj Mr.  darkness.
.Syne" as tl mini niiule a   mad rush  nun the gross criminal   misi nuducl uf
to tin- end of the wharf sending tonnd  tlie Finance Minister,
after round of ringing cheers  as their ���	
disappeared   in  the
-I. Stuart. All the volunteers were
present ami many of their friends, the
whole consisting of a very representative gathering   of  the men of  West
Altogether  it  was a scene  without
parallel in the history of Nelson, That
outbnrst of loyal enthusiasm in the
miilst of   the   faraway   monntuins of
Kootenay,    Mayor   Houston   occupied  British Columbia oould not   have been
the chair.   On bis right was Major T.   surpassed in ihe heart  of   the ".British
J. Edwards  Leckie,   anil  en his  left  Empire,
th-Hon. C. H. Mackintosh,    Au excel
lent dinner was discussed und the hest
of good  fellowship    prevailed,   One
iilea.   one   thought,     was    prevnletit
throughout the evening, and  appealed
to permeate all present. That idea was
loyalty to tbe Queen and Empire,* loy-
nltv of   tin*  most fervent  and  sincere
kind.   Every reference to  the  Queen,
io  tne   Empire,[or  t"  tbe wnr was
greeted  with   thunders  uf applause,
Greater unanimity would he   impossible.
Dinner    over   tlie    to-is.t.    of    tbe
yueeu" wus drunk with  the  utmost
loyally and enthusiasm, aud then   Dr.
Bowes,of Rossland,proposed the health
of the "Army^and Navy and Volunteers'' in au eloquent speech. He referred to the past record of those splendid services. He urged the "volunteers
to emulate the splennidj example of
then- forefather! Of the volunteers
many were culled hot few chosen, and
Canada would look to them to do their
duty (cries of' "we will").   He was
sure they would never deface the
Queen's Bhilling they had taken unr allow their arms lo become tarnished
and ooncluded by wishing the recruits
i.iod Speed.
Winnipeg,   Fub.J 9.���The  Winnipeg
troop of .Strntliei.nns Horse, iu accordance with order- received fiom Ottawa, will leave for tbe Captial on Monday next, joining the bod} of _50 men
aud horses who will arrive in that oity
on their way to tiie point oi rendezvous,, Some I* men have been picked
in Winnipeg.
Struthoona, N. W. T., Feb. D-A
banquet and ball was tendered to the
members of.the Alberta troop of Stratb-
cona's Horse last night and a good sum
of money was subscribed by the citizens of Strathcona and  Edmonton  fori
Washington, D. 0., Feb. 9.���At ihe
Cabinet session today the principal
subject of discussion was the plague
situation in Haiwaii. It was- pointed
out that the exigencies of the case, required ilesiriii-ii.ii of large numbers of
cabins in the poorer section of the city
of Honolulu, and thnt in consequence
ninny natives are homeless and in n
destitute condition. Apparently there
is no legislative authority to meet tbe
sitnatioii by the appropriation of funds
for tho relief of these in distress, and
it is umlerst". d to I n the pnrposi
President MnKinley lo communicate
the facts to Congress with a request
tor autli.ii-iti.i.v to reconvene the old
Legislature to establiah a commission
with power to do whatever is needful al this time.
inside finish.    | The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd. ;
COAST FLOORING       | Successors to M., DisBrisay & Co.
and : &,i&ufr>9'imr>'m^&>m^(><<^&>&t^+'*m*^''<t''<t'>&>>Q>'&>'Cl'<l'^<vi>i*rs,*-1
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
Mill at, PILOT BAY.
lards, NELSON and LAHDO
Gookina Stoves & Ranees
3 Good Companies 3
Which we are offering "at
London & Lancashire Life Ass. Oo.
Ocean Accident & Guarantee Coiporatiou,:
Pliccuix fire Insurance Oo-
Washington,   I).   C,   Feb.   9.���The
Senate Culiau Committee   lodny grant-
these  men.    A   remarkable  thing   iu
connection with this enlistment was ed a henriD8 ��" 'nr bnl <w*nori��!ng
that all tbe members oi the English "*" ���"��''������""" if a onble by .heOo-i-
Chiin-li choir, inoluding the organist, n*elT''" 0ab,e Con,Pa"y ���""��� ������K!**��st i(
volunteered and were aooepted.             b-v Messrs' Th*'*"-"* '''��� 01��**'k ���"���'' I*"--**'
'l'ii|_guit of the Western I nion.
Medicine Hai.X.W.T.. Feb. ��.���Tbe
members  oi   Stratboona's oontingenl BALLOTS  DESTROYED,
from  hen. D. MoKae. H. Brown,   A. Toronto, Feb. O.-Wnen tbe West El-
a Purvis, Dick  MoLeoy  and  Charles gin Investigation Commission   met  al
Shaw were the guests of H.   H.   Ross tbe Partial I   Buildings   today,   G.
Inst,night,   together   with  aboul   800 H  Watson, Q. <'.   Crown Prosecutor,
eiii/'iis.    Patriotic speeches and soLgs announced   that   by an  accideut   lhe
passed   ihe  night    most    pleasantly. W��rt   Elgin   ballots  tent    from    .St.
Kipling's song, "The Absent   Minded Thomas after  being  received  nt  ilie
Mr. T. Q. Procter then'sang,   "TbeIBeggar ' brought a  response   of fl_S, Parliament Buildings, frum the  Courl
Soldiers  of   the  lJueen,"  which,  aa I giving 123 to each member of the  con* | of Appeals had   l.eeu destroyed.   The
I lave you seen the new three dollar yearly Accident and Disease policy issued by the Ocean Corporation? Includes $1500 travelling
railway policy and weekly payments for illness caused by Small
Pox and twelve other common
General Agt.       Opp. Oddfellows' Block.
Baker St., Nelson.
I louses for sale and rent.
II_C_?OI-T_ilI.S   OB*
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
might lieexpoeted.was enthusiastically 1 tlngent
received. Tbe Hon. C. H. Muekin-
tosh followed with tbe toast of the Ottawa, Feb. -.-Recrniting In tbe
"Empire." He referred to the loyal North West Territories and British
reeling in Canada and her determine- Columbia for Stratboona's Horse was
tion to uphold the Empire nt all I uuiabed last uight. Lieutenant-Col-
rests. He was glad to i|uute Colonel on,| Steele this morning wired Fred
Morris as SHj-Ing that tbe men of this White, Comptroller of the N. W. M.
oringent were as Hue a body ns ,-nnld 1 ,*. , ���,.��� ,���. ,las   snooeet|t.d ,,, ,.���,,
court will investigate ihn oironui-
ntancea of the destruction of the ballots.
Benefit. Concert
have heen picked anywhere. He was
sure ihut the danntleafl hravery 01 the
men and Ibe superior strategy 0! Lord
Keller's would lirinp.   nliout   a gloriont
blill Another Chance  Por Those Who
Would   Volunteer.
The recruits for Stratboona's Horse
have been selected sn far as Nelsi n is
concerned, and by tbe time tin- appears in j ri nt they will be well nn
their way eastwards, There is still a
chance, however, for those B]
whn. though duly qualified, were un-
aiiie iii Bnd plni es on that com
li w     be -. i.i..ii-l.ereil tbat the lim
eminent of   Blitlsh . Columbia  offered
a splendid body   of   men   while   many
, I'llil'i" were all'.inll-    to go,     Till* Viilnn-
tears have all passed tbe critical ea iro
linitjini  and nr-- ol Hi I'-dcnl build,
Viotory In u very few weeks lime.    He   admirably sun, ,1 for Ihi' -   .
referred to the faot tbat be had a ion whiob  thev  have entered,   Ur,
in .me  contingent  and  a  son-in-law  Kael.ein. Veterinary  DfHei , baa  pur-
going wiih tlii.-.oue, hut .nob -acini.-.-  ,.,,,,_,,, .,    , _    ������,.
were  made  cheerfully  on suoh "Tn-;rvg.,lllnit
-'""- Reoroiting havinu   Bnisbed, tbe lirst  **he Do,uiuIou  dovernnient  a body of
; "Bonnie Prince Charlie," was well dotachmeut will leave  Calgary for Ol    ""' Ml!"     Tnla ""'"'  ll'"* ;''"'  "<"*
rang by Mr.   John   MoKane. and  en*  rnwa today,   Tha   train will travel  nt
.buslaatioally applauded, ,,���. ,,���,.,,;   ,, ,���,,���,. .,��� ,���,,,, .,,���, ���, .���.
Mi. W. A, Unlliher then rose to tbn goo ������.,, and IJ5 homes will oomititute
toast of Canada and her previous efforts I thB fir,| [nntalJ-nnent The second nam
to sustain tlie Empire,   Mr.  Qalllii-r W|ll leave on tbi  13th  aud  the  third
mi the nith.   AH will   la .an. by  the
86th  instant,   -\;   least ten .lavs  will
be required in fitting out the regiment
nud th. -1. ns department   is nc(ively
engaged In piepai ,n_ ..   it
ia announced thai sun., shoeing smiths
did  uot   go in much   (or history con
t.'iitiiiK himself with 1111 extremely ,-lo-
qnoni 1'iiiog.v ot  the  iiriiish Empire,
iiiiiI 11- defender!, and also i|untert Uol
onel Morn-.' favorable diotum n�� to the
1 intingent sent from Nolaon.
"The Mapln Leaf" was   then   uiveii
cepted ni . 11 crniting will soon Btarl
It was 1,iiiih : from n trustworthy
private - ar 1 yi iti rday thai 80 men
will be taken from ihis district, and
It ia probable thai Kelson will ngain
lie named as the recrnit'ng siniiiiu.
So those whn hnvo been disappointed
so far need uol d<��] nir.
.lames   PortM   will   Plmrtly   npeu  a
1.ni.-li. 1   hi 1    n the stom  bnlldii.- ri -
eently   1 ���  .- nn r,   Rueton  .'.-
and other artisans bi   to bi   taken on Co,, on J. 1 street,
Monday, February 1__Ii.
Trio 1 '��� 11 iini -��� \l- ndulssohn
Mi . ! ���.   .- White, Miss   Wilson, Herr
eador'* from Carmen.Bizet
Mr, !.'. Macdonald,
<'.i:" Si  .,  -"( ..1.1 i.-e '      Roever
Herr Sli ii ir.
Song���"Happy Days" Streslitsky
.Miss Car. v.
Violin Solo���" t'nli.nu s- '. Wieninwskv
Mrs   Brace White.
Song���"TbeTwo Grenadiers".  ..
Mr.  George Kydd.
Recitation--"Slonj Ohiei'fl Daughter" T.  .Miller
Miss Lillian (Inrd.
Cello   Solo���"l-itaiila"    (By    re-
'luest) Schubert
Herr isteiiier.
Song���"Tbe New Kingdom."...Tours
Mrs. W. _\. Maodonald,
Trio���(0) "Intermezzo." Muscagni
iln "Spring Song"        Gounod
'li. s' ' " H  ii|.|,|-a llonsa
lilu.-U. where ...
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up,    .   .    .    9li9S8.-MO.00 I  Botl iM,.00,000.on
'm.ii'i; of Dlrectorfli  Thoraas K. Kcmicv, Prostdont;  Thonms Ritchie,  Vlce-Prosl    1
Mlchaol Dwyor, Wiley Bnilth, II. G. Baind, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. David MaoKei
���ii .hi Office, Halifax -
Qoneral Miinn^er. Bdboo L Peaao_ Montroal.
Superintendent of Branoheft. W�� I*. Torranco, Halifax.
Inspootop, W, F, Brook, QaUfax,
Soeretorj't 1>. M. Stewart, .Montreal.
i;i*nirii. ���.!
Kova !*.���(.. la - Halliax I .ranch, -Antlffonlfih, Brldgewater* Guyabora Londondorry, Lnnonbtirc.
Maitland (HnnU Co), Plotou,  Porl Hftwke��bury, Sydnej   anubonaendie, Truro, Woymoutli.
Nr.. Brnnmvleh   Bathurst,  Dorchestor, Frederic ton, Kingston iKetd O0.1, Monoton, N. ���
c Lstle, Bank ville, WoocUtock,   r. K* IhIhihI -Cbarlottetown, SumuierBitlo.  Quebrc   Sifonl 1
(City Offloo), Montroal. West. Bnd (Cor. Notre Dame and Seigneurs Streots.; -tV-ustmouiii 1C0
Greene Avonuo and St, Catbarincw Street,  Ontario  Ottawa,   Nr-.vfViiindlautl   St. John
i ulin, Weal limlii"*.--Havana. I nilril Malt-**- Now York lid Exchange Place) i;�� b le, .Vai
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vac
couver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
<'nninln���Men-hum- Rank of Canada.   Ronton���Natlonnl Shawraul Hank.  Chicago- Vimii, i
Nation-! Hunk   Nun Pr.nclico���FIrat National Hunk.   London, l.nu.   Hai.k of fcjcol
rnrl��, France   I'n-ilii Lyonnnls.   Iliriiiuiln   Bank of Boriuuda,   I lilim am' .iniuui   Hoi
ivi.i.^ ami BhnngliAl llankini. ('iii-|ioriilioii.
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed un Bpeoli 1
deposits and on Having Bunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
hy Mr. George Kydd. ereryoae rieing|M Ottowe, tm ..-
to thi, feet md   ilngiiif.   tbe ebotai nol  known,     li   _< .   -,   bow
"The Boers nnd to Whip Them."
wiik wittily ii-jilieil lo liy Mr. lleetor
Uacrne, of Ronleod He����ld be hnd
understood that be wn, t" oe milled mi
tn ri-iily in the tuiiNt ..f Ilm new 'Irni-
vnni mniei   tin-   Premiership  oi Cecil
Rhode, 'applaoM,   followed   bj  Ihree
ol is and a   tiger   for   Klioilem     lie
many enn ) B   ���   111 ��� *<I In tlm   ��    i     11.
Hr.ink-.   il."   tii 1 nl Htrntli
ooiin's Hoi        ,  . I nt i ittuwii.
before the end ol the yenr nil be M. I'
P.   (member, of tho Provincial Parlla.
ui.-in ai Pre ton.1 , .\- to the  bail way
in whip tin. Boer,, he Mid he bed in en
1.in uwi ..ii.    B    '        Fob.  11   -Tho
acbool ei in .-n hi re I .-.������ hi i n i'n-
triotlo  I .mil to 1 . (ho 1 1111 -
ml 11111 si.i.nii. ers foi llio   war,   nud   lo
; In Ip tin 1   im.nli.     thai   inny   i    di*.
p. inii HI     upon    till 1.
pupil  ..tl. i.ai    to -..iiiiiii-
Mini-      Hi  . oil pu
pil, in ti 1 in idn     \ 1 11 ���
The Miner
lowing news
rhoi '���!'���.
t] in OruK tellooli r���,      %
���   I'hali        1   - nm;       \,   . ,.
Mi w 11,
Ito ���
11 1 at.
I a I,.
on  boats on.
NELSON, li. C.
n.v.-n a pointer tbat day that ooaldnoi "'!""'"" h "
1. 1
1   ;    ,, 1.1,11
.1 ���   I'll   A.  Hri... ���
(.local   ���
11,.,,a on Ri ���
I Jl nion
II 1    '...ii- t   Uo
and  News   Agents
trains Olll of (.ell on
S  liioqi
'stiooy isaa *nii
���jqJatj SujAnq u| Con,mi Suiaus
no,< ||oi 01 pasuajd sq ||iu aw pun sn ass pun in auion
VINO   '*!|Hn-'i|   pm:   _|d.--|.   us   ||as   111:-)
NOS1IM   V   >fOld��Vd>{bi>l
Turn   1 his   around
>eople   of  Nelson.
t oc��_c ��e.C'> a��<*�� e��i-*__ i
uh.it   is   pu/zliiiij-   the
Iini. ami Inlil up   a   l.ee Kiilnlil
ridge iniiiii oheer,
Oolonel M..111- rose to gel the men
nut end rni greeted with Hue.- ohei n
and the i-i lining of "Hi-'m a Jolly Qood
1 .  low."
At llii- jiiui-lur.-   tin- lollowlug tele-
gram from  Dpokane  wa, brought  In
nml   inn:.     .
among ohildien    ' !|
lillte.l.   ill l.iur III     ���
egnphed I i '.��� I, in   '.    . I twentj Hvi
lun. offered li  nt
I .-II III! \/V  '.ill.l.  ��� i \M, TBI \l.
nnd rend bj  tbe   obalrmin amid  tbe evening   ia,
' ' *onlferooeoheering, ,-.,���   .��� .
1"   lhe   Kootenaj    oantingeol    foi  bimti If for trlnl
Btrathoonn', Bom ,������ ,��� ,n. ,
" Vonr Amenoan well-wiiher, on lh<   mente known i nil, ,t,
���������'-iMiigiiu, -11 f  the line vend theirp," which flgni   I
beartii il greeting,  toyon,   Tbey  en-  the I trial ,1 H.i
join you not onl. to uphold jroni ooan j Alfred Di rfae. and that h<
try and yooi l_aeen, mn iln ta -im��   nf, �� udo
Mint in,. Hardy blood of the tneooi tbi   ..  41 no
itonndlesi west, In whioh  Ihi    .inert*  tbei .,.   ,.   | thnl In   in ,.     i..
.nn.-. n- well u-   the   Brltl,h,   loin  I, wroti
peerii-  Mn- world iroand.' Sanben    ,,  -,��� ti
The men gave three obeon li i   theli  ,,-n.   i      ,i   \,,,      ..... ,,
.-.   tj and Colonel _te-le, and   then tn    thi ���   im   Merman   Military   .1
l'i.,, to make Ilm,   wny   down   In   the   al Par -   ������    whom   I ���,,.,.������
tree! throagb tbi orowdi thai throng-jtbe bogt   rl .nmonl
SpokPrte   Faiis &       next door to opera house.
IViorthern Rv. 	
Nelson  &  Fort C. A- PEOSSER,  Manner.
Re        intain I       Atlantic S, S. Lines
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
ALL   KINDS  01'
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
oil, .     hel ui ,ii   .*,,. ,    ;
I |{i j
l.v.  B.lo a a.. N KLSON,   \,  ;, m i, ,,,
1,1.   II l_J a .,���.   |<l l-'-l   \\|,   \,    .
Lv    8 l.ia.ni. M'llKA.N'i:  Ar.6.1/1 |,.���,
'i'''->'e ',,     ai at H:i:, i, p.
mul,' ������ lion, ,1 Spokane I :
��� ���  I ol Uarotu -itbHuai
II    I. J IOK -UN', (.. P, St _   ..
Spokane  Waah
Agent Neleon, B. i
.111,.:, Ml
md, Mo,
I oh, m
P*( li   17
Mnn i. ;
. .
in, S. li.
i . ',
- ���
In.inn loi
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompl attention.
i   .    ��� ' I
C i .
u hllu - ���      - |no    ..
Willi ...
.  -  .i
i "Ken
Pi li, .
I-,,, n
Pell. II
Pol II
I ot)
to I Ino "stall      -   ���. , , ,' 'March i
I'n -a���i. airaiiui-,1 to nnil I om all Buropoan
polnii    r... ,..i.  , Uokoi , ..icniiu'i.jii
inn I)mr. I'. It, il.|..i: ._��� .,     ,    ,:   ).;   h^ibJoj.
I'i'l I'n   ������;,-.a  Wont,   ..   on, I: 11
*������- I'   1   i l .i.Ml.vu...
Oco,r��l Aiiont. 0 P. I<. ottlcm Wlnnlrt,,
Mi WW, II. I .
.   '   '" IMJ .-.I.....I  , .,,,, b, I
.���ii;,**-.-.Vr,���r;.-.r>.:.vl:1.,,.;.,1:v:������.,���:' �����
;,.;  Plain andArl Noodlo-oFfil^ufiSton/S:
- .1i:,;;.;',' |w��"*'i��r����Pply*.Ui,gtot_r
...L POSUJJ...
Hamesu ami  Snddlor.r
Tho loading _hop   '-*
���in. !,. H..-I ��� -hin-li-il .I...-,
mi Iiainl llm-ii, ... Col
ll i ..I bo i uu.k* . .-.nl
ilie-. HliinkuU, Hell
Whip*, ii-i. ... , Comb
i'i-.-.    itlsfaotory.
''nil ami	
i'or. Ward  uml   Uakei


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