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 Provincial Library
v7c__ri., . 1
Daily Edition No. 624.
Nklson,  British Columbia.  Friday, January  12,   1900.
L'.ith  Year
Nearly a Thousand British Casualties in
Last Saturday's Engagement.
OommissioD Company Build-1 Military Enthusiasm is at a |	
ing Burned. | High Pitch- j ^^ ^ ^       tf M^ ^ ^
English Papers Severely Criticize the Action of the War
Department- -Smarting Under the Vigilance
of the South African Censor.
Murderer   Senteuoed   at    Toronto-���The
Latest Developments iu Bauk Ville
Ma ie Dane-
Third Time
Lord Strathcona Would Spend a Lot oi
Money.���Good Blaoksmiths Wanted
at the Front.
l,���i,l,.it    .Inn    12.-The Daily   Mail   rice. Miirlinna. and Maria, has been re-
.,'���     "We   learn   Unit in tho   attack I ceived.    .Inst   ns   the   official, ot   the
,'��� 1 iiivitiiitii last . atorday, January 1 Btate Department expected, it amount-
,, ,1,; British losses vine' 14 offloenled to a partial answer, very satlsfao-
_-lk>d end 8. wonnded, and over 800 tory as far as It goes, disposing of tbe
,, missioned officers and men oharacter of some of the Kims seized,
,ii,,l .,,,,1 womidod. The Boor limit's, bnt not fully decided whether in tint
��e heir nre estiunited Bt botweeu 2,000! food stnll's are to he regarded ns con-
,   .......       .... Itriiininri     Thn     British     Uovortinicn
nn.' 8,000 men.'
Loudon. .Inn. 1-. ���(4 n. nt.)���Lee-
Motford cartridges are ruiiiiini! short
in tlie Hritish mnunzmes nnd accord-
ing to nn ntliciiii report the War Offloe
purposes to fall back temporarily upon
n hundred million "mark IV axpaud
inn hi,Hots" -niist of which urn iiltniriy
in storage in Plinth Africa. The War
Office, however, tins issued n strict or
traimnd. The Hritish Government
adopts precisely the point of view regarding the seized goods that was
assumed hy   the State Department and
embodied hy Mr. Choate in Ins note on
the sniiject addressed', to the Hritish
I'oreign Ullice. The British (invent-
ment is investigating tbe fads In o.ou-
ii'.clinn with tlm." goods seized on the
third vessel, tlm Beatrloe, Mr.
Ohonte's message embodied succinctly
the authorities relied upon by the Brit-
ullice, however, has tesiieo n sirnm in- j ine atiinnriiics rciieu upon ��j ___..--..
it, r lo the voluntceis that the ."ill rounds | ish Government to sustain its position
il  "niiirk IV 'given theni must lie used land as llns position, as already  Stated,
in piactii'c   nl Inline, none being tnken ! is one of those [already assumed by the
to south Africa    After the noDllo an- State Department,  of course they arc
n..iiiii'1'tniiil  that no such bullet would ; regarded as convincing.    Fur  this realm used tn this war, its employment,   eon, Mr. Choate's message i. long and
the Daily Ohronlclo thinks, would be n  it was nearly niton before it   could   he
s-rlri-B breach   >f  faith,   especially at ideciphered    nud   plaoed   in   Secretary
,,, British oumplained that the Boers Hay^a bands.   It so   happened   that
occassionally need such projeotiles,        Lord Panneefote. tbe British Ambassa.
Tlie newspapers were reconciled dnr-   dor,was with  the Secretary shortly alia, the cinlv days of  tho   war to   the  ter he received   his message and prob-,
cable censorship, taking ii   for grant- ably; tha snbjeot  was   discussed    by
ed that full  narratives  sent  by  mail them,    It is oertain that the Secretary
would  supply   all   deflolenoles    Kor | ftnd  Pannoefote appeared to  be
mine weeks,  however, even   the  mail  gratified at the   progress made toward
coirespondence  that   has arrived    In a settlement of the cases.
London  has shown   sinus  of habitual I    Later in the day the   following   nth
scissoring by the censor,   Papers are cial statement was given ont by  the
renumbered, without  logical   oonneo- State   Depattmenti   a   telegram  has
tion, leaving the happenings described been received from Ambassador < noate
quite  unintelligible  in   many   oases   retorting an   interview    had [by him
The editors,  acting  in concert,   are with the Marquis of Salisbury, on  tne
laying these before the pnblio and  in-1 ufternoon ui the  10th instant,   in  re-
..-tin. that thev he permitted to know \ gard   to   the   American  shipments  Ot
ami to  print   these   facts.    Tho Daily ; Hour and   provisions  on   the  detnni-d
Mall  formally  accuses the War Offloe ���teamers Beatrloe and Maabona.ond tne
of "dootorlng"1 and editing ollicinl dis- | Dutch*; steamer   Maria.    The     British
patches before theit issuance, nnd oites l jmsitinu   ns to food stnffs   nnil   hostile
particulars. The Dally Chronicle aversI destination is that they oan  only  ne
Hint there sei ms  to be an official con-1 considered contraband of  war itsup-
(Speolal Dispatches to The Miner.)
Winnipeg,   Jan   11.���Thu   Manitoba
Produce   &   Commissions   block  hero |
was destroyed this morning by fire,the
lots boing estimated at $75,7001 iusur-
atice   $51,000.    The   lire   started   fioni!
an overheated furnace.
The ^Manitoba Produce Company
place their loss at close to $53 000 wiih
a hone ol some salvage. The basement
of the bnilding wits stored with wines
i.iul liquors, the stuck of Geo. Velie
ci Co. This was also completely destroyed nnd represents a Iobb of$10,000,
covered by $7,Olll) insurance. The insurance is divided among the following companies. On building, Liverpool & London Association Co., $5,000;
Alliance, $.,600; London & Lancashire
$2,000, On Manitoba Produce. Company's stock. London Association,
$15,0001 Guardian Fire Assuinuce, $(!,-
600; Imperial, $8,000; Northern, 19,-
Will; Canadian Fire, .'1,00(1; Phoenix
of Hartford, $l,ot)0; Manitoba Fire,
$4,000; Union and Crown, $3,000 and
others making a lotnl of *44,000. On
the wines and liquors, Alliance $1,000;
London & Lancashire, $.1,000; Commercial Union, $8,000.
Toronto, -Tnn. ll _-The OntariL uov-
ernment have fixed January '_. as date
of nomination in Kast Middlesex and
January 'll for the election. The constituency is made vacant by the death
of Hodgins,    Conservative    member,
who was elected bv u majority of 70.
Oolonel Kitson, received word ftom
Ottawa this morning that the departure if Toronto's quota for the contingent wns indefinitely postponed, ow-
inn to tbe steamship Montezuma being
oondemned on account of unfitness.
Winnipeg, Jan. 11. ���The Cabinet
held a lengthy Council meeting today.
Premier MucDiinnhl was seen by a re-
poller ns to the result , but said there
wns nothing for publication, as the
Council had o-ily taken up a few matters connected with different depart'
spiraoy against  letting the truth be
Although the number of deaths from
ilyseutry and fevers nt Ladysmith have
I.i. n published by the War Office since
Saturday night, nothing has been gtv-
.'ii mn regard<ng the loam in the engagement The War Ollice asserts that
it has nothing to dive ont.
Arm-ohalr critics, who, In the absence of repnrtorial or offlotal desorip
in ns It. m the sent of war, pour fotth
i'i,nji."liiic curl opinion, and conclude
thai nut lunch is expected of the Brit
Isli hosts In South Africa until Lord
Roberts shall have plenty of time to
limn uml fresh levies shnll hnvo arrived.
'i In- theory is now advanced that tbe
k "im a if ihe tiern an mail steamer
U.i/. i; mul General, since released,
was road, nn misleading Inforriiaiion
-"upplinl to Hritish agents, the desinn
Hung to get Qreal Britain and tier-
manj lute a quarrel.
plied the enemy's forces, it, not being
sufficient thai they are able of being so
used, Iml it must lie shown that this
was their destination nt the time of
seizure. This qualification virtually
concedes the American contention that
the son-Is were not subject to seizure,
it not being   claimed there is any evi
I deuce of hostile destination.
Southampton, -Tan. ll.-TheOnnard
liner Uinbria. which has been char-
lend as a transport bv the I'Hish
(Jnveruntent. sailed frum Boutnamp-
tuii today with 8,800 soldiers for Mmlh
London,   Jan,   ll.-The  plight   of
British iirinsin South AUtoa is over-
slindiiwed bv the slot in which Is bursting over the head of the Home Govern-
mint, The Manchester sp-ncbes ol
Mr A J. Balfour, tbe Government
i,���,i,r in the House nf Commons, have
, loosed snob a tonenl of critic m from
I (he press of his own party that wen
i'ii -im. ,inn. il���it is asset ten mar parliament to re -assemble today, it ii
Ilia i iertnnu oinsler Hohwable nnd Con- doubtful if the Conservatives w"nJfl '''
ilor, which were ordered to Delogna tains power in ipiie of their tremen'
Bav, have heen Instru.ited tn prooeed , ,\imH majority of the past session.
in-dead tn Capetown This Indicates|
n belief in German official olroles, that
thi    rniitriiliiiiid   controversy    will   be
ainicnnly   settled,
Sherbroiike, Quo., Jan. 11.���Premier
Limner spoke here this evening in he-
half of Leharon, Liberal candidate for
this constituency, made vacant hy the
death of the Hon. W. B. Ivbb. He dealt
as length on the prosperity the country is enjoying, quoting numerous
tints nnd figures nnd made a stirring
and eloquent appeal for unity on the
part of the people of Canada. Sir
Wilfrid dwelt on the Hoer war at some
length, emphatically condemning the
Boer Intelferenoe that caused war. and
expressing ardent hope and utmost
ci nlid' nee in the ultimate success of
Hritish aims.
(Special DispatobeB to The Miner.)
Ottawa, Jan. 11.���Thousands of Ottawa ciitzens lined the sidewalks nnt-
wtthatandlng the keen biting air this
afternoon to witness the parade of
troops through some of the priucipnl
streets of the city. Officers aud men
presented a splendid appearanne and
although some of the horses were new
to the business everything passed off
very successfully. The parade added
to the military euthusinsin which is
everywhere present in the capital just
now. Tomorrow night the officers of
"D" battery will lie entertain3d to
dinner at the Russell House.
The evening papers say that squadron "B" Winnipeg, presented a soldierly appearance ob they were seen
passing through tbe city on the train
eurlyjthis morning.
Although the report that   tbe   board
has   rejected   the   Montezuma   is not
here yet,the department is looking out
for one   or two vessels   to replace her.
It is understood   that   Lord   Strathcona,   Canada's   Hiah   Commissioner,
has made au offer to raise two mounted squadrons   of two hundred each  or
four hundred men in all In the Canadian Northwest to  go to South   Africa.
All that Lord Strathcona   desires is to
get the militia machinery  or Canada,
in Other   words   the assistance of  the
Department   of   Militia   in enrolling, nn in. and equipping troops and he
will defray the entire cost of tbe same
as well as that of transports aud every
thing else necessary to take the soldiers
from   the  great   prairies of tbe  west
and tn   place   them at the frtnt, thoroughly equipped with  weapons and in
good fighting condition. Tbe matter is
still under  consideration  of Dominion
and Imperial   Governments.    A   military   expert   snys   that it would  take
about a   million   dollars to  carry  out
what     Lord     Strathcona      suggests.
Nothing   official   is to be had  on  the
subject.    If mutter is carried out then
an   opportunity   -will   be   givon  to a
number of those in the West who were
disappointed in   not  getting  on  this
continent to go to South Africa. There
is yet any amount of   mateiiul to pick
from west of Winnipeg.
Candidate Fletcher Thrown Down in the West Ward. -The
���    Names of This Year's Aldermen.-Notes on
The Late Contest-
Election day has come and cone and
Mr. John Houston is once more Ma' or
of Nelson. It was a keenly contested
struggle and emphasized once more
tho well known unreliability of the
pre-election promises of voters. Hoth
sides were badly disappointed in this
respect, but it was fatal to Mr. E'letoh-
er'B hopes.    It is true   that   the  west
in the Fast Ward, while Mr. F. A,
Crease filled the position nf deputy returning officer in the West Waul. Both
candidates had scrutineers at each polling place, hut nothing of Interest occurred, and hut few voters were challenged, Hamuli one or two aliens were
The number of votes  polled and tbe
i of till
follows :
suoi sssful candidates ao-
the official returns nru  as
Fnsl Ward���
West Wnrd-
Houston's   Majority
Fast Ward
Dlt    II.M.I.
W. .1.   WILSON
A. Irving   .
Wesl Ward
Montreal, Jan. 11.���Montreal's second quota to the second eontingent.
No. li troop of a Bqoadron "A" of
Mounted Rifles, 38 men and 1. officers,
attached with H9 horses, left for Que-
heo tonight. Thu weather was cold
and there wns n big snow storm so the
turn out of spectators was not nearly
so large as usual. The lack of numbers wus made up in enthusiasm.
ward returned him with a majority i
28, but  this was   nothing  compare! t..
what had heen   counted   on  from   the
promises Riven.    The unlocked for defections in tbe west ward undoubtedly
cost  Mr. Fletcher  tbe mayoralty election.    The day was a busy one anil thr
supporters of   both the candidates   for
tho mayoralty worked hard.   The Aid-
minimi.'   contest  did   not    aron��o  mi
ruuoh interest.    Hacks   and vehicles of
various descriptions   were   around   all
day   couveyinK   outlying voters t.. the
poll which was   a   fairly   heavy   one.
There w is no lack of confidence on
both sides, as was evidenced by tin of speculation. At, least f-,000
was lost and won, and there was all
the way from |600 to 11,000 more uf
Fletcher money to be bad, but the
Houston funds did not appear i|Uile so
so plentiful, though thiro who
had money to spare bet freely.
Notwithstanding that the day was
unpleasant and the streets muddy and
slushy, Baker Street wus full of people
all dny long, and the one question ask
ed was, "How is the election going'.-"
Tho vote was as a rule polled early,
and the usual rush nt the close of noil
iug time was noticeably absent: nor
wus the usual distracted voter observed to rush up breathlessly to either
polling plaoe just to late too exercise
bis franchise.
Apart from the considerations mentioned, a lending factor in Mr. Houston's success wus the organized labor
vote. It is understood that nil tbe labor unions in town plumped for him.
The reason (liven for this is Mr. Houston's canipnign in favor of the Bight-
hour law of.which ho is the must ardent I j.(St year's'seven
supporter, notwithstanding the fuel I
that when it was first known that such
a law was passed biH paper spoke  anv- I ���,''",' ���,"'; TIL""
thing but  favorably  of   it.   Members' tfWher men had   nnd that  was  that
ot   labor   unions,   like  everyone   else
W. IHYINK    .    .
.ii I
n Hamilton Byers was at   a
ttdvautage In that   he   wns
cq.alnted   with   so   few
tors, ami a- the
him he mado no
great (lis--
ut the ci"-
till est upon
With Bucll'a Connoil,  Mayor Houston
will not be tha same ".Mayor Hoosti u
as ul yore He will have t.. watch his
p's and q's now.
Well, anyway. The Mine) supporter
five out of the seven candidates elect-
id. And it ulsii supported live out of
Not so bad.
There was one satisfaction   thtlt
ot   labor   unions,   like  evoryin
have a perfect right to vote for whuin I""1 l""1 "l"11'' 'he hitler
they please, and none will criticize gweter part of the satisf
them for exercising that right, still   it 11),'tor'' ""3 ballots were (
they lui th" HiiUStonians   to   a   standstill and made the hitler nsk ortns,  Th"
faction came m
New York, .Inn   I! -Tlm  stenniHhip
Auchcnnrdcti   sailed    today for   < W
town. Kast London  i.i.d   Fori   Natal.
lie-ideal, immense cargo ol PJ"""���"
London  .lni..n -An uncorroborated > flmir  an I  ff'^"!^���Sl"
 r is current h.te todav  that a|howes and BO trnniport n.niei
l-attlc is progressing at Tag-la   Kiver.
J'Aeii ihe arrival nf Lord Rnberts and i LODdon, Jan. 19.���tord Btrathnona
Kitchener al Oapetown has failed to|atlu. Monnt Royal denied, lnsi evening,
si'in the grow ing  Impatience
T.irnnto, Jan. 11���After a two day's
trial Henry Williams was convicted
ul murder of John E. Varoo and sen-
tenced by Chief Justice Meredith to be
hanged Ap.'il 14. The crime occurred
on the night of Nov. K, when Williams
mil a companion named Macintosh,
broke Into a grocery store in tbo bus
iness part of the city, and had a d��per-
ota i innter with   Varoo,   owner of
the store nnd other Inmates, The polios also nulling in in a few minutes
to assist Varco was killed by a bullet
from William's revolver. Macintosh
was fatally wounded by a policeman.
Williams Jumped from a window Binl
wus pickeii up un thn sidewalk nn"oii-
scious lie mid no defense except to
plead Hint In' bud heen led into the
store by Macintosh,    not   knowing the
object, and says Macintosh alone did
the shooting. Thu jury was out a
cnnple nf liouis when limy returned a
Verdict of guilty with recommendations of mercy.
1 ��� and Mount itovni ueiii ms '���"'",������;'
'���    - *    ""|.    at   the   jn ,,,, jutorvicw with i- icpnl'ei   olll
prolonged Inactivity anil the entire ah.  rj.jjy   Mail,   that  he   had mane an
��� n... of news giving n marked insight. n|y(T' ,., t|���, Government  to beer tne
intn  the Smith African   situation,    II i ,,,,���,   ���f   ������v portion of   the  Canadian
��  a-snineil,   however,   thnt with   the I contingent,
landing of these generals, a return will I	
'"���iiin.le   tu   the originnl plnn of cam-] 19 _A dispatch tn  tho
.'.nun iin.1 a   grent central advance   on ,    ��J"'''"' '��� *'" '    p|fltermatltt8hnrg,
Bloemfontein. Bnt the most Impatient """I .-�����".*'''.''    '.i.rivatn advices
enthusiasts admit that Genera   Boh- Jftefl J��n   Bjayi'
Ottawa, Jan.   ll.���The  Instructions
given out by  the railway   department
us re_ard to cancelling  transportation
arrangements only affeotB  troops   that
were going "iy the Montezuma.    There
is  some  tnlk  tonight  of    permitting
these   troops  to go  along yet,    ns   arranged, and letting them wait nt Halifax,    A cable  was  received today  by
the   Militia   Department   from    Lord
Strathcona stating   that  positions   fur
qualified   horse   shoeing   blacksmiths,
saddlers and wheel   Wrights, could   be
hnd iu South Africa if they could   no.
he sooured in tune to go with tho contingent     Application should be   made
to ths Militia  Department  Veterinary
Surgeun,   J,   Fnterson,   of    Montreal,
who has been appointed to go with the
contingent.    He   will   g.   at   once tn
ilalilnx to Inpeot horses and will   join
the   contingent.    Contracts   for   1,800
sets of saddlery huve been given nut to
Canadian    Hi ins.    Nothing is  known
at the Department of Militia about the
North   West    Indians    accompanying
Horcbtuer to be used ns Boouts.
does not seem  clear   to    the outsider
what the eight-hour   law hns got to do |    Now    Hint  it    h
with Nelson municipal politics, ant! If [proceed   to   cross
it is to he   made   an issue  one   would ' Senilin (It;
think it but fair to   first   ascertain the
position of the  other  candidate in the
matter.   Mr. Byers. whose defeat came
as a great surprise to   many, was commonly  said  on   the  streets yesterday
evening   to hnve failed beeuuse of   his
over Boiler  can
Tugela and the
Bemlin Government   can   rest content
that John   Houston's election makes it
safe.    At least   Mr     lliiuMnti   -a��   it
The Infernal Idiot In a tug  who lei
loose  his   whistle  for over  an   honr
;:=,3����_s__S_. S__*���*_____._SS ._
erts win im unable to move before tlm
end of tin, month.
AH the ollieinls of tbe Wnr Office
deny the repmt that General Mothueii
hns been recalled.
(IIIICII   ,11111 --
from LndvHinilli. dated .laiiiinn   -.   ���
thai   rations  of   bread   and   me
plentiful   and   the   garrison    had   not
to.eneu 'tim huiiy be,..- ������''<���;;;���;���';.
supplies. Luxuries are scarce in La-
smith, but the hospitals arc w.'l m. -
plied with milk and the burses are  in
plied with milk i
Lorenzo Marquee, Jan.  Il,--B_veral I good condition."
Portuguese, on  their way to join   the:
Boers, have been   intercepted   by  thoi    ,,������,,���.   fan   18.��� The  Slandiii'l. in
"""""'"."lice. Ln'Xlorbtlon..,,'   Oam��^��-
  plv   tO   Mr.   Ohoate   and   Ciiunl   VOH
Washington, D. 0., Jan. ll.-TheiBoelow, says: "We shall be mwa
i��ii-w. ,��� o| the British Government to I Burprlsed if the British iiovcrniiini s
Mr.  Ohoate'i raprMtDtatlO-i respect- 'definition of International law ���"* ��?
ma the seizure of American flour   and ���-���    �����ii.���,���.ti, Pnuo
/ill. ...J. .... ,      _.        .     I >'on,     ll     r UIU HI   I "K' ���
���"s .un seizure or American flour   and
Othei goods on tho three  vessels Beat-
Continued   oiiKomlli I'uge.
Winnipeg, Jan.  II.���Thu   Winnipegs
mul Brandon Intermediates hnd u hind
hockey unili'h here tonight.    The Win-
ntpegs liinilly won i to 8,
Ottawa. Jon,   11.���Hon.    Mr.  Fielding has Informed  the  representatives]
of Fraternal Societies who have waited on him that it Is nut. the Intention
of the Government lo propose any legislation al tbe coming sessions dealing
with such organizations,
Ottawa,   Jan,   11.��� The  Bbinuooks
and Winnipeg   Victorias have   yet   In
come to terms regarding dales fur the
Stanley Cup mutches, Winnipeg having
declined   lo come   east except between
February IB and   in,  and  tbe  Sham
rocks declining to give three dales
during   Unit   tiino.    The   trustees   on
Saturday asked the Shamrocks to name
a single date,   any   day from tho
to thu   19th,    The Shamrocks mode an
Continued on Kourth l'ago.
Winnipeg.     Jan.      II    -t'yrilln    H.
Moore, sou ot .1. (.. M.uic, who volunteered for tbo second contingent,which
left here, who pussed   I is   medical ex
nmlliotlnil successfully hn( wns left be-1
hind with   hundreds _l others,   deter-'
mined nit to he kept from the  seat   of
win nud   1 -fi by tntlny s train l"r England tn juin ll.e Imp. I'm   lit ny.
WnlifiiN. ,l;i'\   ll.��� 'Ih"   I Inv. riiun-nt
It.f Nova Bubtln in .ess nn indoy ��� ecided
to vote 15000 to the   patriotic   fund for
the  wives and   children  of   the  two
Canadian  contiug.nts.   While   Nova
Siotians will bnve the tliBt olann upon
this fund the Government has iuti-
I mated its  willingness  to  veto  a substantial fund for  all   Canadian volunteers.
London, Jan. 11.���Tbe Oniien has
proclaimed a meeting of Parliament
for Januaiy 80,
Sit JJjJ.inv.t   up,.-.......
law. though what leuHons there are f
assuming such a thing or  for  Importing Provincial politics Into munlolpal
matters is   not morn   apparent in   Mr.
Byers' case than in Mt. Fletoher's,
III the West Wind   Alderman McKil
lop headed ihe poll.    He did not   hive
to canvass a vote, and his position is n
deserved tribute to his   sterling   wi.rlli
und the faithful  service rendered  by
him in the Council chamlier last year.
His return was conceded by both
parties, and no opposition was hinted
ut in any quarter. Di. Arthur came
, lose behind with eight vules less, mul
will he a valuable addition to tin- City
Council Mr. William Irvine, of |.'nii
Irvine it Co., was the third success
fill iniiutuliite,obtaining the same number of votes as Dr. Arthur. Mr. I'm
land's failure wus due In his utifoilu
nntu ubsencn which pruvuuleil his nnil.
ing a personal canvass.  "Ottl of sight,
out of mind'' is a proverb peoullnrly
applicable to all kinds ol polities    Mr
Thomas   Miuldeii   was   the   other   un
successful candidate.
In the Kusl Ward Dr. II.  A, B   Hall
headed the poll by  80 votes,   it   was
anticipated   that    he     would   make   a
strong candidate, ami this anticipation
wus riallssd. "Blake" Wilson, another acknowledged certainly, was a
good second antl Ihat without having
to muke a canvass.    The third success.
fnl    candidate  was Mr,  Christopher
Morrison who led Mr. J. A.  living by
I the narrow majority of one. Mr, Irving, however, claims one ballot that
was rejected by the returning Officer,
antl should his claim be   snslaineil   by
Judge Forin, before whom   an  appeal
will bn tnken today, there will be a tie
for third place, leaving the returning
iillicer master of the situation by \ittu
it   his    custliig    vote.    Mr     ,1.     K
made public should have been run    in.
Tbe long drawn out din was oaloulat-
e i tn ,io considerable barm ta tbe in-
mates ol the hospitals aud other sick
IO   einleth   the   reign
in-tltc slot maohine.
of   the
Mayor  elect    Houston  bad   i
Imposing  proot ssion  iu��t night.
������nil hundred brooms were saturated
with oil ami made a rery lurid demon
stratum a�� tbey were marched along
tli.. itroel to the tunes of the Hmeltet
Hand At the committee rooms Mr
Houston made a few graceful rt mark-,
thank urn ins friends for electing blm
tu tin. offloe and promising to do ins
i .i> -1 io faithful t .in rv oo I nn. trust
Impost .1 111 ��� ��� n i Im,
The --ii.-i. -_ini aldermanic onudldati
did   unl   eelebiiile    last    night      The;
i .1    lb. n. If      with     n    'i\ ing
the congratulation! ol theli n li ado.
Hamilton Byers was  .1.. t. .i   sltlet
man in Kaslu oiii '. anyway
In tbe Wesl Waid several ballots
with no mail - '\hntevei on Ilu m ����� t������
.n |. -it. .1 in tn.' ballot box. A oonple
of voters tried to make up for this hy
vol ing for nil th" . sndidatos for aldoi
mania bonori
It wn in V'irj .|ui.t town   Inst    night
competed with what it wnso yeai ag..
when   ii
.V . lands   Was     ' ll   I
The in t meeting
will be on   Moudai
of ih.
new  (   i.lll ' II
'Ibis   is   n
of   his    casting    vote.    Mr     .1.     iv.   wm	
Stinclian officiated an   returning nlllcer ' st'ituturj ni.'tiug i"i|iiiied by law. N
Nelson Daily Miner
1'iibllnnwl Dally oxcupl Mun'Iuy.
Nelson Weekly Miner
._LfllON.Vllfl._R l>lll..n..ll ,t l'Ulll.lBltlNU CO
11 J*., Editor and Manager,
ll lly pit m. nth by canter .10(1    5m.
pur yor r  lo Wl
Pit yoar by mall    li (XI
per-rear forui���n luwi
v\ t-ekty, pe  naif your , $ 1 25
p..r yitnr    2 00
pur year, tuwlun   260  the erl'tm-of The Hetitiiiel,    who   Is
no  ilu-.     ;t re] ;i .    tie '.iy
n large mnjorltj   it   .t..o_  to bubihIii
Mr  Mattlu.
Wl- ilo in.t eujoj tin. upeotitole of the
gushing woluome with which Mr.
Martin is reoeivi .1 into the atme of
the Oppo.ltion, but ii is iiiihii'i-nt mul
refreshing In comparison with the
Vancouver paper's present hbnse of
The possibility of Government tie-
feat is ntliiiiltoil in ro many words by
ono of dm organs, The Kainlonpa Bon.
tiucl. "Tin' absence nf two niuii from
their Beats," il says, "by reason of
sickness nr ntlmr uiiii.'uiiliilili. cause
means defeat."   Hy   oo  means,   Let
ISCO 1900
ll 1'
Whittaker's Almanac
TheNelson ElectricTramwaj Co.Ltd.
SultHorlpilon i invariably in iiilvunee
lilson Min ir Prlntl i��& Publlshln.-o
..ELSO... B. O.
Telephone  No.  \.\.\,
member ono" hns good reason to dread
n dissolution, t:iko heart of grnce niui
miiiiitiiin his chccifulness. An adverse vote ilo. s not niPtiu anything In
the present House.   There were several
of I hem nn I lie lirst iluy of the snsalou,
but tin- seienily of the (loveiiinieiit
wns not disturbed by them, lb iy are
liable to oneor frequently, no doubt,
and tin- mil.lie busine*. will suffer by
reason of them ; but that is the worst
that cim happen, and in iiompariBon
with the Government's ease and comfort and convenience it is of no consequence whatever. The editor ot the
Kamliiops paper, therefore,onn p,et sick
nud k i home without the slightest
apprehension. The oheeifnl confidence with which ho cnnlci contemplate the undisturbed occupation of
his seat would soon mako a well lunu
of him. Hut lhe sickness that would
ciinie of a dissolution,would be another
Tbe Miner wishes that the Olty had
done just n. little better than it did
yesterday. Last year it supported live
of the seven municipal cuudidiites who
were elected, and it wns worth observing that a change of three votes would
havu elected the whole seven. Yesterday it supported live out of the seven
who were successful, hut was not so
close with the other two. That is
in itself an lusigniricnnt. regret : something graver is the defeat of Mr.
Fletcher by Mr. Houston in the eon-
test, for the Mayoralty. Mr. Verlaud's
absence [torn the City dnring the
critical period of the oampatgn will
i.xi lain and excuse his defeat, unri in
his place The Miner is not iu the least
loath to welcome Mr. Irvine, with the
sincere hope thnt ut the end of his
term it will have ns ({rent a r.speot for
him as it did at tbe end   of tbeit term
for   tbe two  Aldermen  of Inst  year's
Council whom it did not support.
But it will not profess to  he  reoon-
ciled    with   Mr.   Houston's   election.
It believes it was a mistake, nnd the
belief is not less strong the day  after
the election than it was on the dav before.    It is not so obstinate, however,
as to quarrel  with  the  choice of  the
majority,    That, majority wanted  Mr.
Houston,   nnd   it  was  their right  to
have him; it is the duty of all of us to  I'1',""1''r la adhering  !��� his pledge that
iinLitni   tl,o   .......ii..    ������.i   .���   ..���u��� :..! i'   supported   by   the people he   wonld
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
  _  i-
New and Important
Haidane's -SirtOO Miles Across Oanrda."
Prico 11.50,
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms oi' sale apply
at th. office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ol
Josephine ami Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretarx
Including Saegram's 2, 4 and 7 year old Rye
in barrels. Gooderham tt Worts' Rye in
cases. Seagram's Star '83 Rye and White
Wheal Whisky in eases.    Walker's Club Rye
in (.'uses.
i-5... r*-""\'/,*m-__;'
,.      111.    .St.
Vkl- >���
ixl>HO:>'' ,
NOQ��PC RAT""     -^70
A.   P.. (IK W,
Kii.H nay Agt. See-on
Mr. Hugh ,1.   Macdonald  has yone
outside of   the Legislature for one  of
I his colleagues, Mr. Davidson, a gentleman who was defeated at the general
'h it inn by  a   substantial  majority,
1 hi innol hut   wonder  why   he  baa
done this. Tho only explanation that
suggests Itself is that Mr. Macdonald
hopes to gain the soat Mr. Davidson
lost, through a petition to unseat the
sucresslnl candidate. That wonld he
good politics, tor although a majority 01 six looks big to a Hritish Co-
lunii.ian it is possible ihat in Manitoba
gnu ter virtue is attached to one ot
eight. II is ohBet.ed also that the new
Mining Stocks
accent tha verdict, nnd to unite in
making the best of it. In this it is Mr.
Houston's privilege to assist most ma-
tnrlally, and if be will keep up the
character   of sick monk which he   lias
so successfully assumed dnring the past
tew month it is possible that we may
come out at tbe end of the yenr with
pleasure and satisfaction all around.
He will ba Rreutly enoonroged and
stimulated, perhaps direotud, in his
eiforts to obtain graci in the sifjht of
the people by association with the six
gentlemen who have been elected ns
Aldermen. The City is certainly to be
congratulated on thn choice; take them
all in all, it would be bard to Improve
on them. One satisfaction we enn con-
lldently reckon on experiencing is,
that they are not likely to allow Mr
Houston to forget thnt he is Mayor
only and not the entire corpora tion.
In his character of monk ho may not
be disposed to do this, but nothing is
lost in heing on the safe side.
lediice tho Cabinet to three-paid mem
Lit- There are two others, but they
are without portfolio ami consequently
without si,liny, ir Mr, Maodonald ia
not moved down to Ottawa, he
is likely to enjoy us loug a Ministerial
career as his predecessor- -twelve years
almost to the day.
The Minister of the Interior's instill.lion, that bomesteading volunteers should he allowed their time of
service in South Africa to count ns residence, 0 noes rathei late. Not late,
it is true, in so far as il affects tbe
homestead, but too late to ��-rvn as an
incentive to volunteering. Volunteer-
ink' f"i" Sonth Africa hits closed. No
more oontingents will he required from
Canada, (leiienil Holm will have men
enough in a lew weeks to do for the
Boers, though their mountain passes
were moon-high.
Bought and Sold.
Tena and      and others worked
Mary Belle '/>' *���  ���^m
' Canada Gold Min
ing Co., is one of the safest buys on
the market. Thorough inspection
cordially invited.
iooo Noonday   600 Richelieu
Referendum  Treasury Stock,     Sold
on installments .*.jo., line third down.
House   and   lot   for   rale,   close   to
business part of city.   Prl.e .2,000,
Every requisite for the
Scholar and student.
We have just received
a carload ol choice
Tliomson StatioiiBry Co., Ltd.
C. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
Great Reduction!
(AtfOft $9.65 pet
per Ton
The Province  newspaper is on fairly
solid ground when it reproaches Opno-
From the lesnlt of bis contest yesterday Mr. Houstou will he able, to derive
the iitinieasnralile comfort of knowing
tbiit the Bemlin liovernment is safe.
The New Denver Union have "inliod-
Bltton organs that formerly denoonoed I ted in their oonatitntton iho deolarn
Mr. Mitrtin for now .mhraoinR him. Hon that - the occupation ol mining |B
While doniK this, however, It oughtIparticnlarly hazardous aud un-
not to forget that tt was more reepon-j healthy." This Is no doubt put for-
sihl�� than any othei agenoy or Intro., ward to help support their demand for
enoe in semiring Mi Introduction In. a big wage. The claim is not true If
tu British Columbia politics, it raved ordinary caution is observed, mining
and ranted for week. In the endeavor is little' If any mow hazardous, than
to foist him upon Vancouver ns a can- many other manual occupations, while
didate. and .ever ceased until It bad the robust appearand of nearly ail
sooompUshed its purpose. Mr, Mar-': miners is the best evidence of its
tin's  peculiarities us a  public nun Ihealthtnlnesa,
were MS well known then an   th'y   ate! 	
now, and   if  Opposition    papers  nre I MKTAI. QUOTATIONS,
making themselves ridiculous or I fs('w "*,'"''1<- Jan. II.���Pig iron,
worse still, compromising U_.m_.lve. I�� ^"^^.r'^^l^Te^r.
by praising and  belandlog him,  The .ld.SO;    exchange,    IM.80.     Lend.
I'rovince should have men more shiiine ! sleady ;    brokers,      14.46;    e_chnngei
_    Tin,   Stunts, |.(l. |R to
quiet.   Spelter, ouiet, do-
. |.  .1 5.
rnnure your life
agent Onttirio Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Insure yovn house, house furniture
and pianos  with   J.    E.    Amiable,
Butlderttwill Uml it to their ad.ontOED to
Il.urc with Bradley & Co. on Painting,
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v,
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard Rjy
Red Mountain R'v.
Hudson's Bay Stores
West linker St.,  Nelson.
Telephone 13.
Wholesale Houses.
The only all rail route without
ohange of cms between Nelson n,<l
Rossland and Spokane ami Rossland
Lv. 9.15a.m. NELSON, Ar. 5.20p.m.
Lv. 11.26 a.m. ROdSLANDA-.-OOpui.
Lv.   8.15 BPOK AN K. Ai'.ll.Hi pan
Train that lenyes Nelson nt 0:16 a.K
mnkes close oouueotious id Spokane ft 1
. all CoaBt Points.
r_Rsen���ern for Kettle River aud Boundary Greek.coiineot at MareiiB withKtu.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prep-ired to issue .,., 1   I    .. c /-    j-   I     H. A. JACKSON, O. P. &TA.
Urattsand  Letters ol Credit _   ,        ��.-
u Spokane  Wash
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlm, 13. G. K.TAOKABTJRT,
l'       1   r\ r--^      \r   , I A.Hiit. Nelson, B. 11
L-., and Dawson City, Yukon!
District. , ������ ��� ��� . -'
    Kootenay Railway and Nav.
"| HORPE & CO., Luuntn.   t'ormir V,r
f.r.,,,,'"!" ';'"' ,''",'"',' 8're��> Kelxi in""
tnotutora of and wholesale doalem In awatud
wiucr- and fruit ajrrups. ��oleag.n_i for lint
c.ten .-enii.- inincitii water.
N. M.Uuniuiiii_,_uuu��,   Every known
variety of mft drinks,   p. o. Hox _k   r,i,..
pnon.NO 81, lleoterSli't.'t N,!.,,,, H���|||,.,.
Win,'.',    '"""'" "~U   eu" "'" ���""I"'"'-"- Mlnnral
nor it.tkti and Hall Bureau, Nelson, man-'iiiici'. ui " ',i _eal" und " Koouimir
UeUe   brand of t Igai-a,
HJ- EVANS _i '.O. Baser 81 root, Sol
�� -.ei. ��� ii,,.,..,u,ti taitti. in Uquora, olgant
;t.iin'iii. ic ii nu .tii.t in-, ,.1,1, walor pipe and
; alcol riilin .ni.l ���, in rat ooiuuiiBak omhantA
l.i.MiiKii. Mem oixoor, .\,���������, wbolo
1 suit, doalun ta Hour, u.oala, ou-., iiiiu nny
1 iimi mmn.   MllUi.t  hklinonUin,  llcterla aud
New Uc-i.mi,.,,',. _lu>atora uu I'til.iij _
l'.iiiiiiii.i..ii Hallway,
AMAi_OONALD &. OO. > ur, ti v,,
��� in.. .111,1 juMiuintia oliuew, wliuloiiala
ki'u-1 ri. nnil juiiiier-in bl,, kIuviv, mltla,
-nun,, rubtwra, uiaoKlnaws uuil uniicm' sun-
agent Victoria-Montreal unci Equity
Fire Insurance companies.
VTOTIOB Is hereby riven that application!
ii.   f,,'v'i. "" '."i��li- i<i tlu-.I._i.isUitiv_ .Wrc OperattBR
blyofthoProvlnonot BrislahColumbia, at IU,1 KASLO & sun AN It Ml.WAY
noxtaoffllonifornnAottolnoorporalo mum iNTKltNA'noN.Vi, \.\v *& tkaii co
Nelson Employment Agencv
Girls lor Housework.   Nnrse  Girl*.
Situations wanted by Waiters.  Waitress.   Chambermaids.   Cooks.   Bator,
J. H. LOVE, Aot
Paaaengi-r train tor Sandon nnd wut .taUon
leavu  kn-lo nt. �� n. in., ii.tiiv.    Katurnlus
loavojSandon at l.lop.m,, atrrtvbis al Ku��ln
111 _.(]_ p.'"
tUQ it
UU11N3 4 (iO iliiKor oirvoi, Nil-on.
t, titiiiiiir- iu lio-li unit curtitl
U. IO -turiuti.
Baker r
oporato trauiwnya m tho lii-irii't- ol tfooUinay
nml Yalo, in tho Provlncao' nrltl-h t'olvmbl-t
I., ran ai a oporatu bucIi iramwaya by eleotrlo
si emu . .r 01 her power, ns innj tie roo-t econonil
cat or convonlont; 10 erect  uiui oporate tele
uii.|.'. 11111I It'leiihoi,,-lines in uml heuve,.,,  all IK'i'.i'.N AT10N Al, NAV   JtTllMl  I'll
i',e. 11 s.iuttn-. riiligot and wttiemenu in Opurntlnaon Kootenai bik^ m 11 V,.r      1
-'iiii'i-';"'" 1-. ''Kootenay ,,,,,1 Yalo. win, ,���,���. sir.' "_ntorV_.tl__   '   ,', v - Ra.   , ,rNJ|'���,��� ' V/aNOooVLR   nAR_i��V��Hc   wO'Y.
or 10 eon incl wn hot her lines I lull may operate at 6 a m, dally except   s���,��� ,��     Itelm SS2?    V    '-'"'""   ""K -i   OU'WIb ..ulwu,    Wliui.
norinitsule.if-u.l, district.; to supply elec- leaves Ne sun ut. I.:tn ,, ,���     '.   fn. a       I f������.'   "'"  '"������"������'���-���'���'��� .I'.i-v.i... una lulull'g .uplulo*.
i..". attain, air, water or o horpowor to other l'llot. Hay, Unaworth ani'nl^_S_rtn__l��_n , I'l'i'"oei','...,.i ,i���-.������. , auppue.,
, nupoint ens   manufactories   or ludlvlduaUj neeta wh_ 8il^___J?taJHtoT_._fr_n. mSS        t.    ��
for hi ituV',,- -  i! nl!' ���'"'"'  ' "",1;;;-'''V"'"-. ^^ _mu��_U_iis made ut Bonnor'i Pom l"'"u"--""   aoalon ... uquura onjani and dry
bM?? __?wn^%^__-^'if-l��:f_ ""'"' ,'";'" w"'0*;���' Northern Hallway to   ml ,,,,,    i """''"������   ���HHtol  lor f.ta    druwiu* to. ul -Hi-
.���.j put,,    in iiiiii behalf; to nofiulio all the  cast, mul west.  ",lh   Ka.keeand i lUaar] biowiu_Uo  ui i ..Iguiy.
In-c.-.inn lieu. -,i���,ll,u-i,,css���rthe l.AKliO-Dl'Ni AN   DIVISION .".TPr. ' -"���
1   'UD-ON'_ _AY CO.-   tlioltstllil Ki
ST .CO.Iti.AY t__iT_HEH CO
,,.,.,, .-tlt.l   ...,-un       t, itu.t.**
ll.' It .1    . ,.| . .,   ,,..,.
HAhD-.V��lt_. <_  MlnlNQ _OPPLitS
inmoH.-a'**1-7" '."fl '
.-? | plali
in 'stic -fl II
in   turning u_niust him
oi abuse,
it is n pari of tlm political game, wn t
suppoMi  to vveioonii' ssslstanoc from
wbaiever i|uarutr   it   lnay come.    Thn
Mi  Martin who waa bml eiiinmh for lhe'
worat that (l|ipoaitiou pnimrs coobl say '
of him si. loontfal aoo is the Mr. Mnr- j
tin ol tialny.    Their hooMoii clinnne   of
tone ia vory   properly   the   subject   of
Ministerial sarcasm, but it liea   less in
thn mouth of The Province than of uny
ether to  Indulge   In   it.    There   iH  n '
repTOUb, however,   which   it   ciinnot
simre wiih organs ol  tbs Opposition,
It has no right  to obarge Mr. Martin
with betraying bis conitltnentn aim
with meanly dinging to his position
iis their representatiTe,   That gentleman    has    Ilia   faults,   but   Want of
courage,   ol   mnnlineas,    ia not one of
them.    Tbere   mny bo a ootTM  slieiik   Kor the oonvmlo t Physlolai
to it, but it is then..   Before theses- n;',','":,';;,.,"",',]";,',' r,1,'':1;"1';'1 " ^"-""'
, ,_     .. inn , nu t, .nni in nnli-rlo hnve ll  i i
ainn opcneil Mi. Martin calleil a ineel.  Plot*, roquoat all Nurao to send In or oall
niKof hia constituents, ami tol.l   ll,,.,,,"'" ''""""' "l,""'', ","1  ,"1'1"-" '
plainly ami   Without   disguise what hn
intended to do.   Ha also told them
that il thn ciiuran Im was going to take
���liil not meet thejr approval be would
resign, No mnn Mold do more or oner
fairer.    It was a   bug.-  meeting,   nml
Tim purity of ihe Dm.- and Mpdlolntx
"d' l-in.e.l tu Ilia pallonl  is Hi,: moat
I'sscnliiil eleliiul In III.   auocossful Ireal
incni nl dlaooao,   I'r rlptlona aro coin. I
i. .iiiuieil   by  ii-  froin   abaot If   Pure
lirugs in berfocl condltlutl, and the nhy
sleliin's -kill will nut im nullified by nhl 1
mul linpiiti'i.t iini.-.
OaralooVa ,>,, lu   r,,i
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room
Am oomploft   Y.uir pal ronago aolloltsd.
Nurses'   Directory.
Nelson ICI
to acipitre
I .mil till-in
Hon l-.l
ll ihe T".."���Vf,.t'!,"1i.""'' ''VVJF'I    8,r; "In��rnlt_i__t*i bv. K-___""f.r I ardo
ttallway Comnany, Liniltodi to snj[Argsnta at._$^m.8und_y!!r
, litlktirat.. Nou	
cuius uitu u.piui'..
,.11              .i .I"?.!';.;';r'iii v.''' ' ^ts7- ljn,lto<ii t��ana aw��{�����������. _"r. ___iv"     '���*'""', _,,
IK1' \  IllliriWOf   ! ::rrrt^.'.^ g^gtiorie,ptopuob*rau
lllll > uiipi\)\ui fsa|g��F^vvB D����*u '  sSMWfi J.Y^��.ottre��ua-N.s^:
*        r. ���_, j,ll_",f,!i'��i.���r,,_.��_i!-i;:,:V:,,rv'"ii: Ko-dorda.  ,lrTJr���':,!,',A",,'",'J8","l '"" WsnaaU d   ������**"'��� -~vuiuua,ourod inaau, butler
As   Supplied    British   Admiralty,
���      ,   ',,      .,        , * .'     "    line, lllll
mul nl ol her waaafy or Inoldontal   dress:
wwonandprlvllegoanaiiiai bo nocoaanry or
acldpntnlorc lu-tlvcto ihe alUlnnienl of ;
I the itlinve ilini'. i , or nni ni iiiiiii
li'ii'''"i'I" i in "f Nolaon ihi- l-t ilny of
.lAi'iniN'Ai.'ii ,v JOHN8QK, I
''.'.; ..'.", forth,  \/���(.:���,,���i,, !
Hannger, Ratio, n, c
S   (V1ILLS,   i.i.mii 11>   i tiini.r  I'iuiii
iiiimiiliit'liirei'rt of "i"l
White Countered
Grutta Percha.
Will Not Crack or Break.
Hull, 'Noli	
wholoaaie dealers In aaah u.d doom all kuida
ni factory work tuado m mdur.
lata in nil
Dispensing Chemist
Telephone li:,.      P.0. Box��),      linker SIrool.
Mull Order. Promptly AUendod To.
Chimney Sweeping,
i Houses, Oll'k'cs ami Stores Cleaned.
All work done by us is guaranteed first class.
I.eiive   u ill nlll.e   Wild  BtrO'jt, luipntil.
(in- Machine
Minimizes   rial*   from   firing
Everything to recommend it,
Ask your dealer for them.
Manufactured bv
n.;.i;���  .       ,1  n t !VVA\ltr{ TUaE BOILERRl,"    *i��*;J"aeuii_ieaua naaer BCreoS. Agi��
Piiitim nl Pptoiii cJM k a^'ifew
O   fc-      GAS and OIL   ENGINES.
A,""Jl" J- O.T. CROFTS, mi'-ik^ NELSON, B. 0.
A. R- BARROW, am. ii i
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Victoria ami KoolO&l-) HU.
Tolopbono No.'
I V. O. Itox 659,
Every Man
Cambourne, Cornwa
Oeiiornl Aki'IiI Inr Cum In.
Distribution AKont_.
likes in dress in fashionable nul
Nice Flttittp; Garments
do SO at n   lensiiiinlilc.  |iticc.    lily
Fall nnd Winter Banvples are no*.
com pic te In Suiting, Overooat
mul I'liney Vealings,   Give an   ��� n
null   llllll   1   will   I,.,nl,, )������,,   pil".'S   I.Kriu-.O!
Uuil will iihImiiihIi you.
Ladles' Tnlluring  In   ,,11   its
branches, n Bpeolitlty,
f, v. ��;itu;\
T'heoanlO   T)    T    PTTPT^TTT. I      GREEN & CLEMENTS
!__*.___I W_iaiDlU|.L|vll  Engineer.,    and Provincial
GENERAL BROKER Land Surveyors.
P.O. Hex nr, Nulson, 11 0,
--"''in        Phone in
m.AI,   H-IATK.   AM)
>_0.' i.iniiii.. i and ii
| -lciiiviiis Illliycr Block
io -"urnlihoO	
I-ltiKUii Ilmise I'liinlslieil
'-   slllllll llllll   ,.,.
7-lluuin Hi use   ,
Hioem Houeo _n_ i lot,, Kood |Uc,it|011.' ���'JjJ
���Virs.   McLaughlin's ���_L,
.ha Wus Found in tlie Diniil. Rouui of the
Troiuout Hotel Aftor  Horns
of 'Ollloil
Maori Ooxhead, about thirteen yOHrs
old, the adopted daughter of the non-
Irn.tor wns lniNsinu on Wednesday
nielli incl 11 search was made fnr ber
i,r,i, mi low 1'iit without resnlt,
\n, ui ���: .1'. iu"k vosterdny morning it
wus l'l'iiu toil 1 ' the police thai site wus
in   t.hO   Treitiiuit   Hotel, mul 11    senreli
wns mads hy the patrolman and night
clerk in the room indicated, Tlm
apartment, however, was only tenant'
mi by u man and his wife, The search
went mi, but she wiih unt fnntiil until yesterday when she wns discover-
mi earing tinnier in the Trcmont ilin-
Ing room.
Kri-sli inquiries were Instituted nnd
it tinnsiiiri'il Hint Bb��*i hnil OOOUpied n
tciim in  the Ti'i'iiiont whioh hnd been
...... i.;eil  the lifter.liiiin   liefo''u Iiv .1:1 -
lint   vet    17.     'il 'll'    	
I   1
.1      ii It   UU   '.'.'       .   ' .
. .(��� uirl i ii nn tn ilie   mo'
I'he ciil  then questioned first told nn
improbable tale about being  ponnoed
nu in the theatre by two men and tnk*
en off,  but  afterwards  confessed  she
went with Kflllj     Thn   poll 06   do unl
vol think the whole trnth 1ms heen
ascertained, and nre making snqnlrins
ns iii tlm movements uf the pnir the
oveiiiim Ivof'.ro.
Kelly is now iii tlie Oity juii charged wiili abduction and will be brought
up before the maalstarto this rooming.
He is well known to the polloe and bv
un means bears the hest of obaraaters.
1 n
neaoe and harmony without even the
iliiniliiy ni ii white flag. The bellger-
mils retreated lo Iheir kopjes nuder
ciivei of mud.   The War Otllce has not
J'lit issueil list of Hie disunities.
leorge l'i. Btruoliern, Torouto; 11. 8.
litis, A. ll. Jnoksou, Spoltnin.! I.rn-
Miitislielil,   Trenilwell   (...1.1   iuiue,
I). Dunonii, Toronto ;  li. Mot Inire,
lly (lilisiin mine; tl. II Qnreth,
iiiloiips', T.  N.   A11, insult, Ynur;   I).
Dickson, Winnipeg; 1), 3, Molly, Spokane; Wm, Brydsnn, Toron-
K. A. Duff, Winnipeg i Hurry Uny,
ssliin.i; James t_n Garihe, Trail.
Mr. T G. Proctor left on lust night's
limit un n trip to Kast Kootonny.
Mr. Pat Campbell, oi Kitchener, l.vft
last evening for bis home, after a
three days visit to friends iu the City.
Mr. c. Hnngerford Pollen, who hue
charge of Captain Patty's mining interests in Kust Kootenay, is in tbe
Mr. Phillip Fitspatrl.k, of Sirdar,
left on Inst night's liont for home.    He
spent a few pleasant days with Nelson friends.
Mr. II. (). MiiCollocb, formerly in
the mining   broking  business   in   this
city but now toasted in Spokane, in
registered nt the Hume.
Judge Forin will adjudicate upon
the question us to whether or no the
ballot claimed hj Candidate J. A. Irvine is a good one at the Court House
this morning.
Tho Hrm of Campbell _t Bartlett, nt
thu Ciirke Hotel, hiivn finished the
Improvements on the bnilding nnd new
nccoinnindiititius   urn in   linn with the
Improvements all over tbe nity,
Mr.Frank Campbell is visiting Ores-
lott fir a few day. Mi. Charles Mutton is representing Mr. Campbell during his absenoe, Mr. Mason is an old
employe of the ('. P. R. and well
known in commissary circles.
Mr. John Houston, thu successful
candidate for the mayorality wus duly
sworn in us Mayor yesterday evening
by Returning Uffloer .1 K. Straohan.
The now will ho sworn in
Mr. H. 11. Tuit, formerly of Nelson,
but wh_ has been taking a medical
course ut the Manitoba Medical College, Winnipeg, bus joined the second
Canadian contingent ns a gunner.
The Nelson Hookey Club meets nt 8
o'cloek this ovening .to olios, the team
Unit is to piny at ltosslund tomorrow
night. Tho meeting will 1"' held in
tlie llnel Hume ami all tlm mnmhers
of the club lira tequcsted to atteud,
i Twentieth Centurv Fund service
will beheld in tne Presbyterian Clinroh
this evening ut H o'clock Thn Hev K.
D. MoLaren of St. Andrews' Cburoh,
Vaneoiiver. will deliver an Hdrlress nml
Hulos .ill lie sung bv Mrs. Oliver nnd
Mr l.ii/.y.ell. All ine invited to ttt-
It is to bo Imiied that the new Mavor
will take prompt coguizunco of iho
stnto of the crossings. Wilding may
have iis delights ut the proper time
nud plane, but to tlm ordinary citizen
devoid of gum bnntH, the street crossings are not n thing to be lightly ut-
The foreman in charge of the work
on tlie Lost Hoy claim, one of the
group in (Jump Mansfield lieiiiR operated by tne Pimtiilus Gold Mines, Lim
itwl, of Nelson, sends, down the re-
pott that   the   tunnel which   iH   being
run on tbo ledge is progressing rapidly
und the showing ia Improving with
every shot. Tho properly gives every
Indication of turning   ont veiy rich.
All efforts to identify  thn .ns.ti   who
Was killed the other   tiuy on   the   Hull
Mini's Tramway have proved unavailing and he wili in- burled today by the
Provincial   authorities,   One  of  the
linker   qhlni   found   on   him hnd   Ibe
name of Wnddeii scratched on it, and
n bottle of vaseline liought In Vinir
was nlso discovered in his pocket,
bnt neither of these slender clues Iihh
as yet amounted to anything,
A roan named Smear nni ted from
Oregon on Wednesday ovening nnd yon
terday asked the Chief of Poll06 to
help him get IHh ��ifo nud four children who, he said, wire living with u
111:111 hero, The chief explained that it
wim rather out of biH province, hut
went down to see that, there was no
bleach of the peace. Tim husband talked with hiH rival und the two hooii
canio to blows, hut worn quickly Hopnr-
nted. Eventually the man consented
to lot the woman go, mul husband and
wife ami family return to Oregon this
One of tho last aots of Mr. Geoigo
Neelaiids as Mayor was to wade on
Baket Street and sup irate two local
plumbers   who   bad   disagreotl    about
something and were strnniuiHiy endeavoring to settle it by spoiling ono un-
athers facial regularity. Tbo cointiat-
anta hccuino very badly mixed np in
tlnplioiui wire hut it did not interfere
with the battle. The Mayor's sortie
wan most  successful,   ns   ne   restored
Interesting   News    Kmin    Ihn   Crow's
Nest Pass.���Triido   tor Nelson.
There nre two towns In British Columbia   Unit   bear names which   will
lust    us lung us the   history   of   (
Britain, Kitchener and Bidnr, Both
are, ns iho view loi Us today, worthy
of their  names,   Situated  along   the
line of the Crow's Nest branch uf   Ihe
C, P. It.,   they do not have to depend
nn Hie railroad eunipunv tor u living.
The nulling country surrounding is
-<���<��� in i,i   the Btime deveb
��� i  i.eni   in   B   ('.    Tiuii   the   dev.  im
HI        111 COtll '���    i;    Ml   'i    ..'111'.'        pt -
ilnli      iVheiii vol'   huge u die- ��� I i .
��� I' '.Is. ie. .re i ti . ne. ell li I lu BUtlll nil
ex eul ill it il is ..n   nssiuitl    fact    thut
the values me thers, oapttal Is more
llinii willing to put in its Bnrplns.
Such has been ihe esse witli these
towns. The Sidur of I'lgypl wus not
above disguising himself in older to
iieiielii ins country. The .idar of H.
(' nc.ils no disguising, the ore is in
sight. The trade, nnd it is a huge
une. Instead of coming lo Nelsou, us
fnr ns lhe jobbing line is concerned
comes from the Kust Why should it
not oiiiio from Nelson? Tito distance
is not grout. Thu money is there.
The opportunity is nt bund to secure a
trade nf nt least three thousand dollars
per month to Nelson. The freight
rates   aro not extortionate   nud Nelson
merchants would do well to look into
bis section's trade, which is so close to
the borne interests, und so closely nl-
liod to tlie real welfare of Nelson.    As
a business mnn of that place said, "Nel-
sin don't seem to cure, for our trade.
We will trade whore we can do the
best.    Thut   is   only   natural,   But
really, Nelson is wlierj the business
should he done." Such a statement as
Hint from business men coming from
a quarter that should bo supplied by
Nelsou ought to awake some of the
Nelson jobbers to a realization of future prospects. Business can be acquired if it. is solicited, nioie i specially where it is ready lo drop into
the lap, Mr. Patrick Campbell, of
Kitchener, who bus been in the City
for two or throe days ]inst, stiys:
"Nelson ought lo havo ull lhe jobbing
Hade in Hint country."
Mr. Campbell inns a general merchandise store at Kitchener, and is in
a position to appreciate the requirements necessary for progress, and the
development of ;< huge business. Mr.
George Penny, another business mini
from that section. Indited at Creston,
says that Nolson is entitled to. and
ought to luve the wholesale trade of
everything west of Cranbrook.
Tlio merchants of thnt section
wonld rather dotil with the Nolson people than wilii any others if they can
mly ho brought together in the right
VVVVV-V-f. WW ww</wvw-WWWwwvww,vwwwwwwwwwww>/.-w,v-^^
anusry Clearing Sale
hiditor Minor:
Sir���The suggestion to establish a
Mineral Museum in Nelson is one that
eserves the early attention of the new
Council, in order thut some steps nuiy
be taken in that direction to bavu at
least a beginning made before the coming season. A collection of typical
specimens of the various prodnuts of
Kootonny mines and prospects would
be the greatest value, not only for a
mine owner, but also tu the prospector, us, if properly urning"d, and the
values, not of nicked specimens but of
average samples, attaohed tn enoh, ns
��"11 us particulars its to width of
vein, the formation enclosing vein,
where si'iintc, etc, etc, n stronger
visitiiiR the collection could s"o at :i
glance the oharaoter of the products.
and the geological conditions prevailing in the various districts. Tims, In
stead of going uwiiy without investing
bo would probably Hud something
which bo night think worthy of Investigation. Thorn is no doubt tint
thai spec linens such ns tho above
would he easily obtained, nnd in lirst
might In- placed in charge of the lib-
rnrinn of the Free Library, nnd it u
nni ice uf the existence of such a collection wire to be prominently displayed in the various hotels, there
would be found to ho no lack of visitors to tho museum. The collection
need not be confined to the Nelson district, lint should be such us would give
a ooinnrehensive view of Kootenay
Nelson, nib January, moo.
J, H. R. Christie, for the past nine
miiiitlis circulator of The Miner, has
sold the oiroulution to The Miner, and
will enter his brother's otlico   when, a
wider field for   business   experience
iwnits him. Th" Miner lias found
Mr. Christie nu honorable and upright
young man, of grout activity nnd then'
can bo no doubt   but that he will be
successful   in   his new field.     All   tto
counts due fin Miners delivered by Mr.
Christie urn payable at this ollice,
and for all monies collected by him for
advance subscriptions this ollice will
deliver Tbo Minor us agreed by Mr.
Commences MONDAY MORNING and continues until they are all sold.
Come eai*ly and get the best selection.
LILL1E BROS. - The Shoeists.
Atlantic S, S. Lines
Front Pi rtlot ., Mr
Allim l.lne "Vuin.lim,          . . ,iun. t,
' ll in l.tni    ' '..��� i irnl n- .   Jan..'
Dominion    Inn     loniti loa"   Jan, _.
1-cliv.ri.-i.! to an .mv poi  I t n  Dominion Uno "Cn , Kit,. ..
-   i ....,���. from Ns�� Yin'
K-OOtenav   Lake. J\ lilto 8t��r ..loo''li<-o��iilo       ,,,       .Jan...
l\UUl.llllJ      l_..ll.l_. Niii'tlli.eniun   I.i..1-1  "l.ohn" .I.ui'.
in."''.". "NeW  "lull;" Inn. "|
I have a complete stock      J*'-'1 S|'"..'���"':;,:'l''i'.-'���""'"
r, I " Lino "t.ii'iii'iii Im,   'i
Oil   hand ot AjiohnrUne ������Kiliopla: .t������.;,,
Mian State Unu '81 ilu ol Nobnu-ka ,   Jan, I.
Di.TT.'U     . Vli (-iiniu. Lino "Campania" lan..;
IvUUl-11   .'_i\l> Psfwagns arranged to and from all Kuropoon
puiiitt.   Kor no..... tickets and lull inf. rotation
DRESSED LUMLKK, l��ffi^fS&,W��&* '"""'"������*
N6 1
We nre overstocked in sonic lines und before stock   taking   we ""J
have decided to reduce some lines ut prices never before  beard ��
ol in Nelson.    A few ol'the  prices given  below  will   convince Sf
they are genuine Bargains. _;
Bleached Table Linen, special, 00
in. wide, 33c. yd.
Bleached Table Linen, extra
i-iualitY 65.. BOo., #1.1)0 nnd #1.2.
Fine Quality Pure Linen Tabic
Napkins, 100, 1 25, 1.50, -00,
'1,"id and $8.00 per dozen,
Good Quality and large .i'/.c Comforter fur 1.IK), 1.25, 150 . 00
up to .7.(10 apiece. Every ono
n bargain,
All Wool While Blankets good
quality   and   large size from __
#1.2. up. 5
Good Heavy Flannelette 5, 8, 10, '
l_i.j, 16, IS, niulaic. yd. *
Ladles' Wrappers at 75c. #1.25, __
2.00,2.50 and #800 each *��
A    few    Ladles'     Underskirts _t.
nnd  Bl0U8eS in  l-'micy Striped _*T-
.Mercerized, regular price -l 50 S��
uml #5.00, will olenr at - 00 and _��
#2.50, *
l/dies' Corsets   from   .ifle    to '
.5 00 per pnir.
Any Ladies' Jacket in the Store     ��i
Hartin O'Reilly
& Co.
5  Terms Gash-
Baker Street &
ii   \irfln(  (* P  l.  inn,....   \
Mill at PILOT HAY.
lards, NELSON and LAI-DO
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
Kii'Ml-l lass Slct'pcis ou nil trains li-tmi
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assayers-
Throo months will loach ynu Ajasaying fnr
Qo)d, Bllver. t'opiior.  This department la in
\ rhiivtiu  of   I'rnf.   BUtor,   Honor   Qraduatfl   o.
MoQUI Unlvoreltj.
Live un��l loarn how, chonper than von now
Board nml tnstruotton in A-nayingt all for
twentj ->ix (lullnt't. per month,
Write to the Prlnotpal,
New Westminster.
All olasses of learning may bo had in thi-,
he only CollfgO of Us kind in the West.
URNER L>EETON & C/O. I60"62 Brodway,   New York
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
can bo roado throttsh speculation with doposit
of $l*V().(K)[thirty (lu[iiii^l upwiinl lor It per eont.
margin upward] on Mm k Bxohango.
Theitreateet fortunes havo been made through
speculutions m Stocks, Wheal or Cotton.
tf yon are Interested to know how spaoula*
tion- areoondueted notify us nnd we will send
you itiforimitioii and market letter free of
Usual oommtsatons charged for executing
fiovemment, >lunl Ipnl nml Kullriuul
bondsquoMitcns furnished on application for
pureluisu, sale or exchange.
TOURIUT OARS push Mediolne Hat
daily for St. Paul, Sundays nnd Wed-
nesdaya [or Torouto, Fridays toi
Montreal nnd Huston.
Same cars pass Itevelstokc une day
To mid from Knlison, Rossland.
Kx. Sun. JJX. Sim.
8.00 Lv.        NK1.SON Air.ll.ln
18.40 l.v.d.iily NBIiSON daily __rr.22.10
Moniinp; train connects f' r nil points
Evening train connects to nnd from
Main Lino nnd points north, and (ex.
Suii.ifiiini nil points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Str. Moyie Daily.
21.00 Lv. NELSON        Air. 17i<i
Ciiiim'cts  Kootenay    Landing  with
Crow's Nest Branch trains both wayB.
Ex. Sun.        Sir. Kokanee,     Ex. Sun
16.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 11.0)
Saturday to Ai.enta and return,
leaving Knslo ut 20k.
Kx. Sun Lv.
Ex. Sun.
Ar. 11.40
4I"'�� NELSON tu ROSSLAND bis 4
For rates and full Information addrosBnoar
i'si IimmI iiKmiL. or
O   K. HKASI.l'.Y  City l'u��sen|{er
It. W. DREW, Akoi.i.NoImii
-A'. K. 4NDKR80N, K. J. I'OVLK.
Tr.iv. 1'iisii. A.unl, A   11. P.  A|<oi.t.
Ni'ls-n V'inrciivir
Wholesale _nd Retail Meat. Merchants
�����_-__-������- ��������� ��� ��� __*__
Patenaude   Bros.
For Fine Clocks
and Watches
Wo havu received n lot of
Urn infill 1,'liina OlooUs nl
remarkably low figures,
Tlie are timekeepers and
will inake useful presents,
Patenaude Bros.
Watch makrs,
and   Opticians.
Nelson,    -    B. C.
Branch Markets in Ro_*sland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Advertisements Inserted undor thli hoadat
the rut ��� uf nni" ('iini ii wtinl por iii-i'iiioii.   No)
iiilvcrtlNi'iiii'iit lukfii fur In-* limn '.'.'��in'iil-t.
WANTED.���A boose furnished or uii-
furnlshed,   with  both room,   Hunt
moderate,   Apply  R.   0.     Campbell'
> WANTED. ��� Oottagi oi   lim" rooms,
or throe   rooms  <i!omj in,   for linlii
housekeeping,      Permanent    tenant.
AdiiriiH�� "Oottage," Mine: unlet'.
XNKI.-'ON   I.ulKJl-:  Nu    ii, K.    of 1'
J sin'" t- in ic. uf 1- hull, Oddfellows lilwk
< j*?? ,-'��� vi'iT  Tuooday evontuB at  8 ocluck
^.\ll vi-itin. kniifiii- cordially Invited
I., .con 0  O,
11. J'iv. K.uf It.und s.
COURT ICiiiH'KVAV.   1.  O.   K.. N"o.   8188.
! Meettngii '.liul nnd   Ith   I'liurHduv,  Kruturiiiil
h.ill. -I A Irving O. II.   W. 11. thaw. It. S,
I. O. O.  F.     Kootenay Lotl.r
No. 18, moots every Monday night,
at   thuil   'lull,   Ivoolunuy HI,��*oi't
���-ojoiirnliiir Oil<l Fellows cordlully invited,
ll siiuw. N. i)   .liilm Sool.y, V. O.
Fred J _QOll_B.Sc)'
NKLSON LO.Lu No. 1898 meets in the Mao
Donald block every Thursday eventng at h
ul'Iu, k.   V;-iliu|/ ineiuberH cordially Invited
juliii Tove, W, M.: V. J. Bradloy, li. &
Kandon Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.    di<- barber, Duntisi has opened
" * ' un otili'u wiili Ur.   Monison,   Orown
Orders by mall to any branch will have carefu* and prompt attention.
Illl  Oil
iiiiii btidge work 8 ipeeinlty,
Mis fhtturuJ -
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
B. Ii. PIBBHE Prop,
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleani I
dyed, altered and repaired.
Kritr nf ' lull..   Ilulrl. \IIMI>
Nhl.^iiN's   IV KEN    NO.   ill
j&SBBSss,    SUN.S    DF     i.SOI.AN'll,    lilcoUi
^,   Mr-i  and      ur-I   wednoflday   uf
i'c A r      ''"(!n  iiio'i'li   'it  I'iiit'-rniiy hull.
^ji-U'Cil)  corner "f Baker nml Kootenuy
ill ^iri'i't-.   VIsltltiB brothern ror<l-
&  lullj Invited.
.inns waisiin. Beoretary,
M.I.-HN   AKKIK   Nu.   .'.'.   V.   II.   K., luiel
evor) -''"ii,i .nni fourthWod___lay_|of eaeh
in niuii. Visiting members cordially hull
j it. Wrm. Secretary-
Fraternity  Hall
for Baker <t Koolrnu] His.
ciin lie rented  for Ooncerls,  Leotures,
Dan.i s, Banquets and every kind uf on
ti'i'tiiinui' ni.   Good ante-rooms, oloak
rooms, Kltohon and dliilng room fur-
uif-lii'd.   Kor ii'iin- apply
UU. I_. 0. AIU'IH It   (litv
Brewers of Pine Lager
li ��� nnd  roller.
Drop  In  and  see  us,
mi mm; iiHoki-n,      ,.0'i'iKi 1-illtll.
Wlndcrmoro Mlnon.   C'orraup   doixoaol'iilliKl
tthVM ion -;i_n clc-jH.tifl on K'1'i"K 't��o boil
..n-t-.lh.n th- nmrki't nun nny f|inintlty from
Hie. UP,    l'rh'i'-i runnot In- AlapUt-Od-
'PVOHB 9:t.
Frank A. Tamblvn, Mgr.,
Baker Street, Nelson
s. Bavjour'-i IKnouaiiI Ciiimcii uoti-pr
Wiinl nml Blllca ttta, ttttlidaj-ij Kob Com
in nn i<n. 8 n tn.; itint 'in t hi1 l -i .tint :.r.l suodn)
in i hi Rftor Mall In . '��l itUo nt 11 n.m .
rtuntiaj School 2,80 p.mj Kvoti-tong 7.30, Dailj
Mniili.-.ii 0.3U ii, in, TlnirtMl i) and Halnt'��
hn)-; Ilul> Communton 10 .t. m, Kri'luy*-;
Kvun nng 7,80 p. in., followed bj choir proc
ttoc II B, Afcohurit, Rector. Fred Irvine,
Qoo. Johnston ���. \\ inl
1 'hi i ��\ i BRIAN Cm k< ii Bel 11 oi :i' ll
and ..;(i' p.m, Bunda) Bchool _tt -ivt p nt
r..ijn mooting Thundoj ftvonlng nl B h.m.;
i in [si 'in. I-.ikL. ii " Bocloty meol i i or) Mon
da) ovonlng ui 8 o'clock, Klv. it. Frew,
MKTHOD181 ihi mn Conter BlUofl and
Jowphlno Btroeta. Bervioosal 11 run), and '.so
p, m, ; Sabbath School, 3.80 n.m.j Prayor diool
iiik im Kruiny ovonlng aj 1 n'olooki Bpworth
LoaguoO, __.,,'\ nay al Ba.m.     tlov, John
lldli-tm, 1'iuUur,
Catiiiiih Cnunoil M'>-- al Nolaon, Mo.i
and third Bunday m h and hum a.m.; lUm.-dlr
tinn nt t.wi to 8 p.m. Rev, Father Cerland
Hai-timt curmn Borvlcoi morning and
ovonlng at 11 a.m. and 7*80 p.m.; Prayor moej
ttiK -fVoanoada-f ovening at n p.m, the P. v.
i'.t . Monday ovening at a o'olook. Btrangem
oo iimiiy welootnod.   IUv, t". W, Rote, iPo "tor
salvation Army���Borvlfl h ovory evening
tl Bo'oloofa in barraota on V otorl Hired
Adjudunt Kdgecouibo tn charge. NELSON   DAILY   MINER, FRIDAY   JANUARY   i_,    1900
uu I'h'si Page.
Hurt to re arrange eastern fixtures,and
1 tiered to play Winnipeg on February
13, 16 and 10, This was communicAt-
ed to   Winnipeg,   but   the   reply   was
that 11 preliminary aouple ol days practice would keep Ihein in Montreal for
ten days necessitating an absence from
Inline fur the ton men otmer two
weeks. They can only give six days in
Montreal and want to play on Febno
ary 16, IT and 10, This has heen wired
to the Shamrocks by the trustees, who
ask fcr the days between February 13
and HI, tu any single date during thnt
Ottawa, Jnn, 1'. ���Sir Wilfrid l.nur-
im' left this morning for Sherhrooke,
where he will  speak for L. R, Barron,
Liberal candiilnte in lhe tilling.
I iltawa, .Inn. 11.. -The Court of Rls-
Imps iu the case of Rev, Thomas (leu
ghan, of Hamilton,suspended'seven
years, gave its judgment today acquitting Mr. Gnoghan'in every place and
restoring him in his previous position,
Thn judgment was uuunimons,
l Associated Press Despatches.)
Montreal, Jan. IL���The quarterly
meeting of the Canadian Freight
Agent's Association is being held nt
the Place Vigor Hotel here. Represent'
ntives of all tho railways running in
the Dii'iiiniou are in attendance,
el.iin.ns,but those in attendance thoroughly ��� 'ji yc' '' ���'. The ���'' .'event 1. M.. weie in    .i nil  n,,.i   the
humorous oiiis in'uiiL'bi forth peals of
liniglrm. 'ihe si il t uiu y work wns a
surprising display ol Mr, MaBwen'B
power. This feature, onn well worth
seeing, will he reprodu.od tonight,
when Mr. MoGwun promises to give a
more interesting entertainment than
any thnt has preoeoded it bovo, Un is
enabled tn il" so us he is now thoroughly acquainted with his BU.jeots
ami has (hem under full contrul.
Kaslo, jau, 11.��� (Special)���As a result of the   polling today Kaslo's   City
Council will be   composed Ibis year of
Mayor   McAnii,      A Mermen     llodtlor,
I lain n, Carlson,   Goodenough,   Moore
and Archer.
Grand Forks, B, 0,, Jan, II. ���Ij
Mauley, was re-el.otod Mayor today,
with ti majority of 18 over Charles
Oumuilugs    The following aldermen
Weie    ,-|t .1. il :     II,     A.     llellllei'Sl'.ll,.W.
II, ll.ivnv. P, S. Mi't'iillnin, W. K,
Mauley, .1.  I luiuililsiin, and H. Harvey.
Mndon, out., Jan. II.��� The aniinnl
convention of BJas^ern Ontario Butter
and Cheese Association, is In session
here. Reports were read which showed a most euconrngihg condition of the
dairymen through the past year.
M out real, .lan II.���James Baxter,
the well known banker, who is nt
present awaiting trial charged with
aiding Herbert,tbe teller nf the wrecked Ville Marie Bank, to escape justice
ami upon whom a demand nf assignment was made yesterday by 0, .1.
Rliiuebart, brewer, today Instituted
proceedings against Rhlnehari for
.r.p.dtio damages, on the ground that
the demand of assignment, made on
him yesterday, was not justified, At
the instance of Oolonel Sherwood, of
the Dominion police, warrants have
'|Bcn leaned against James Baxter, Ferdinand Lemienx  and  J.
charging    tbetn    with.
times   between   January
July 86, 1899, unlawfully
folly i-tinspiring tu   client
the' Ville    Marie   Bank.
Lemieux   lint li   pleaded not   guilty   to
the charge this morning. At tlie suggestion of the judge. Herbert also
pleaded nul guilty.
Toronto, Jan. ll.���Bev. R.P.Bowles,
pistei of  the  Metropolitan   Methodist
Church, has accepted a call CO (trace
Methodist 3buroh, go into
effect iu June Him.
.1. Herbert,
ai different
I. I89H, and
and deceit-
and defraud
Baxter   and
RpgSlaud, Jan. II. ��� (Special. ) ��� A
S. (iiindeve was elected Mayor, defeating Hector Mci'hei.son by a majority
nf 58, Goodeve rooeiveri 800 votes and \
MoPherson 868, The aldermen elected
.no Ward one. Charlie It. Hamilton,
John Di an; Ward two, Hector McHae,
Alex A. MoKeneiei Ward three, John
S. Clnto,  Jr.,  (leorgo Talbot.
Greenwood, B. C , Jan. II.���Thonine
llai'iiy, Mayor, was l'O-elected, over
It. Wood by 46 majority, Aldermen
iii the north ward,nre ('. S. Galloway,
P, s, Shnrpe, B. A, Baunerman;
south ward, James Sutherland, D. .1.
Sullivan and Q. H. Copley.
Contliiuti. from Hirst Pogo.
plied In the cni'iingo Of foodstuffs fails
to Iiinl acceptance at Washington and
Loudon, Jan. 1'-.���The Capetown
ot t'respondent of The Daily 'Mail telegraphing Monday says: "The vanguard of the Sixth division is waiting
at Table Bay until the arrival of Lord
Roberts. '
11. M. S. Fearless seized the bark
Maria L, which arrived at Port Klizn-
lieih Saturday from the Argentine
with sulphur.
tu. n, women and ahllri.eii   who   ban
pelted In be  III    Ibe    neighborhood,   llllll
compelled all the iiolorod men withiu
sight In lake on" their Inns. Shortly
i.:'. I'wai'ils tin- I'oei' ciiiiiiiiiiiuhi began
to Hie past, making a bravo show, mul
doubtless inilucncing their friends with
tlm magnitude of Iheir UQinbA.8, Thev
were all mounted and armed, clothed
ill many colors, and 111.- nasi in twos,
loins   uml   sixes, ns   they   funded    110
formation, no order, ever) uiuu his
own " baas,"
They   were BOO mul looked  Ilk	
Tho> inailn plenty of dust   and BOOUtotl
a very determined set ol men men
who would   darn anything, from oam
niiuiileeiicg your horse In taking tin
until tended luwn.
After these warriors had marched
past thu iiiiwd Biirgutl un to some
packing cases at the corner of thu market squnre, where Oominnndtint G.ob-
lev was preparing to address the gntb-
cling, lie begun by reminding bin*
hearers that  Qolesbnrg   and  district
was now a part of the l iiiinge l-'tce
Stain. Then, waxing eloquent, he
made an appeal to nil Afrikanders tn
join them, their own -hind relations, 111
this war against Ureal Britain. He
nppi'tiled to thorn iii the name nf thu
great Aflrkandor nation which England was iiying to trample under foot,
"Our arms have been vlutl'inUS 0VI iv
where, Miilckiug nnil Kimberley
have fallen Lndysintth is In our
biiiuls. We havo annexed n large purl
of the   Cape     Colony.     Where   is   lhe
boasted strength of (England**'"
He t oiicluiled mi appeal
by asking the blessing of Heaven on
their anus, and again appealed to
those who loved justice ami freedom lo
come to the Oonrt House and enroll
themselves under the banner ot United
Booth Africa.
ll was a guild speech ���for those tn
whom it was addressed. Its rugged
simplicity iiiiii directness of language
took hold  of the mind and   demanded
attention. (Iioblcr quoted Scripture
copiously, and rose lo (lights of elo
qneiice, which had a ttenietn'oiis effeot
on his audience, lint for the fact that
it was a oonoootiou of lies from beginning lo end one could admire the
man's determination, hut ns hn must
be iu possession of the fads about
Mafeklng and Kimberley be can only
be branded as a profane scoundrel wilfully misleading n h'l of ignorant peo
Commandant Grobler Is a travelled
man. He has toured through the
United States on a mission from his
Government, and was given every opportunity ot seeing everything, He is
an intelligent mnn and a bom orator,
knowing how to perfect acts and bring
them to hear ou the rustic mind, as
truths, with u force 1 havo rarely seen
equalled.   He speaks English fluently.
Nelson Opera House
6    NIGHTS    6|
Monday, Jan. 8th
__"_.��'--"' �������������������������_.��_*�����_���������_-������'����������������*���' . '������"-*"' _.'.���..���.������.�����_'._,���.# "#'���*'������..( |
i-iiom: s ��>����' MJ
Still remains In the mind of ninny as to whether the year ltioo or the
year HUM is the ciiniiiicnccincnl ulanutlici' cenliiiy. Lot them llgui'i'
it out
Hcnininsin tlie iniuil ul'any persnii or ni'tsons, man, Woman or child
that, wociiii ntul have been selling lhe best guilds for Iho least money.
It has been figured out
Brautford, .lan. '11��� .lohn Fraser,
lhe oldest chief of . the Mohawk In-
iliaus, is dead.    He was st venrs old.
Toronto, .Ian. 11.���The Orown Life
Assnrunce Company is the name of a
new insurance company, with a capital of |1,000,000.
i.un.itin, .lan. 19.���The Standard has
the following dispatoh dated Monday,
from Klein Camp : "Our patrols hnve
searched both"thinks of! the Boer position. They found a large camp five
miles nasi of Colensa evidently in anticipation of a Btitish attempt at a
turning movement"
Lnrenzn Marquez, Jan. 12.��� Iuspeo-
lion nl travelers hound to the Transvaal is revived under un old law. No
une will he allowed to proceed unless
he declatos before his consul thai he
has no Intention of fighting; for the
Mr. Martin Was Absent and the Government Will Wait For Him.
(Special Dispatch to The Miner).
Viotoria, B, (,'.. ,Iau. It,���There was
no session of the House this afternoon,
adjournment having b->en made until
tomorrow, Mart in was unable to be
present   today, and iis the Government
members want him to hear speeches in
continuation nf tbe debate  speech, in
which it was said would be some hard
raps for him, adjournment was tnken.
Martin comes in for considerable from
all sides in this city for his conduct in
revealing Cabinet nnd caucus secrets in
his speech yesterday.
Speculations is rife as to the real
mason of the adjournment of the Legislature over today, everyone being
agreed thnt unless with some unnn
nounced intention the Government
wonld nut be likely to suggest a day's
vacation simply to have their arch on-
eniv. .Ion Martin, present, p..rticnlni lias he has sought no such favor. Ralph
Smith,   whn moved   the Jadjoornmeni
of the .debate tn tbe surprise of both
parties, lias hitherto been a staunch
friend of Martin and it is rumored
that he may yet balk at some items ot
the Government's programme, Rotaoli
that providing fur the giving of n ensh
subsidy to the C. 1'. K for the Cnliitn
bin & Western land grant tn which it
has been alleged*) the coinpanv has i.n
right, having secured Dominion incoi-
poratlou. There is an Intention to introduce uu nniendment to tho i"ply
based upon thi. section of the address
mid il is nut ut all unlikely that the
Government will be subsequently de
tented thereon, MacPherson, Btnlth
and two other members of the Govern
ment following being virtually boon,
to such nn amendment as would
delay any substantial  Item of Govern-
ment intention   until   the light uf the
company tn the grant iii question
could be determined by tbe courts.
SI   Johns, Nll-I..   Jnn.    I.���A    huge
steamer believed to be a pnisengor ship
has been wrecked nn n reef in SI
Mary's Hey, about five miles from
shore. The vessel, which lies with her
hind low in the water, is ..n lire aft,
Several persons have been washed off
the deck during the day. Just before
nightfall  others  were seen m (he rig
gilig   and   it   is feared   that they   will
perish before daybreak,   The stenmet ���
name cannot be ascertained,
Mr. McKwen cuiiliiicl In- attention
lasl night to the subjects who hod al
ready proven good and as a result his
eiitel'tiiinment never lagged a moment,
The audience was not ns huge ns mi
the twu urevlnus nights, on ace unit nf
thu  excitement    over  the    innnbipnl
New York, Jan. in.���The annual reunion nf the Albany Sooiety of Now
York wns held tonight ut Delinonicn's.
line hundred and fifty persons were
present. Judge Woodward devoted the
lirst part of his address to tbe Dutch
In Albany and then turned to the
Hutch in' South Africa. As he con-'
tinned, the guests begun to cough nud
laugh and in other ways annoy the
speaker. Justice Woodward made an
ineffectual effort to oroceed with his
paper, but skipped whole pages. He
Anally said ;
"I want to apologize to yon for accepting your Invitation to speak here
tonight. It was niuieistond that I was
to be yum guest und to speak on the
subject I have talked nn and to rend
my address. 1 seem lo have given yon
offense nnd I sincerely apologize to
yon. '*
Then drawing himself to Irs full
height he Ihnndered; "In olosiog, 1
want to propose a toast to tbe grand
old statesinan, the William the Silent
of South Africa, one of the must impressive personalities alive, old Oora
Pad Kroger,''
There weie a few cheers, but Krn-
ger's name was drowned in an nviil-
linchs 'if  hisses
Justice Woodward is a particular
friend of Governor Roosevelt,
A special correspondent of the Daily
Mail,  who   was piestnl when the Free
Sttte Boers invaded nud annexed British territory within the northern
linnnihiiy of Oape Colony, sends Ihe
following graphic riesorl.tion of the
s. enes he w Unseed at I 'oh sbetg
Naaiiwpuiiri.��� The annexation of
Colcsberg and other colonial towns hy
the combined forces of Ibe Drang"
Free State aud -he Trnnsvaal wonld be
Indricious if the already apparent
effects were not serious, (ine morning
this week u commando of (inn brave
men suit minded the defenceless town
nf Colesberg, ami while ihe peaoeablt
Inhabitants were -till having their
morning sleep, the rebel Inhabitants
were up milking coffee for the enemy,
Tbe town was annexed; the magistrate. Mr. Wrench wns commanded to
band over the keysol ins ullice, end
ihe Free State dug was hoisted in
place nl' the glorious Union Jack.
Tbere was no  demonstration.   The
British linked on in sullen silence.
wlni" the i ii. iiiv. Influenced
by the fear of ci.nsei|iieiiies, uttered
never a wnnl.
All day lung the luwn was alive
with Hems riding up nnd dnwii. showing oil' their horsemanship, and stopping colored men  who did nol  salute
them. Next day a big eruwil assent-
bled in market square tn hear the proclamation  tend.
About ii a. m. an advance gnatd
inine prancing down the street���a motley crowd, dresied in all kinds nnd
conditions uf cloth lug���and cleared
Hi" wa\ for the big commando which
tbey deolared tn he approaching, They
amUMd themselves   by chasing colored
The editor nf the Dawson   City
tells the following tele nf woe:
Some time about June lasl the editor
ordered  a  box  of clothing ami  other
effects shipneii   from his laic home in
Manitoba,    In due lime that box stinted unt on its travels.     Arrived at Van-
cniivet  it rested   awhile, ami    then decided 'ii   come   via   SI.    Michael.    On
the way il changed its mind about tin
Oape Nome   di800Very,    and    by   since
melius turned hack to Viini'iiuvi ���;���, rest
ed agiiiu, and then went over   to   visit
at Viotoria,    Krom the Garden City it
Anally tore itself away ami Balled ovei
the raging main   tn  Skngway.    There
is staid awhile tu look   into  some reported Irregularities among the !'.   8,
officials, and then came over the White
Pass tn Bennett, Hem it loafed around
the fur a  month ur Bo, wiih
an   immense   crowd   of  lazy Bluftless
lmxes.    By a great effort it broke mvnv
from these   bad   coinpaninns, but went
astray again at White Horse.    The sen-
son   was  getting   late,   and   the  cold
night slarl.'il it on once more.    The C.
D'Oompany, which had stood sponsor
to it sn far, banded ill nvur tn the Willie Irving.   The  Willie undertook to
come  down   the   Yukon   too fast, antl
getting   into an   ice jam, now   lies   at
the bottom of the rivet at Selwyn. The
stiinkc stnek still shows   above the ice,
nnd sn long as it shows we know where
that box is,    which is a glca* comfort
Recently   an   ice jam slid   the   Willie
along the bottom a half a   mil'   nearer
Dawson     If  it  keeps nn   coming, nil
we hnve tu do is to stretch   a   fish   net
across tbe river bers to catch the Willie
as she slides past,    out   ll hole   in   Hie
ice, and get   the box,    The   protliding
smoke stuck  will show us whom te
This is the lirst thing we have hnd
to put in "sunk" and being rathe.
sensitive abont it, wain tu redeem it
as sunn as possible.
New York. -Ian 11.���Hichnrd Hard
ing Davis, who sailed for Sonthaiiiplon
nn the St Louis yesterday, is bounn
fur South Africa where he will not ml
wnr correspondent tor a nnmber os
magazines and newspapers.
New  York,    Jan.    II. -The    Blittsb
���learner Hortenslans lofl here yesterday
fm Capetown wiih  8*1,000 bales of hay
for  the  Hritish army.    The hoy oa	
fur the must part by rail fi  Canada,
1,1 lll'Nii EN ROUTE.
Shanghai, Jan. 11.���I.i Hung Chang
has ai rived here on his way in assume
the victim-ship nf I.tan Kwan
Fiimous Scottish Mim.1-
R.uder mul   Hypnotist,
Just   One   Great   Long
Hypnotism by Telephone,
Hypnotic  Balloon
.Etc..       Etc.
ion mull mn i ies has proven tl
,o cheap good* handled, Nn. I
!! The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd,
Why look I'lirllii'i  ttliiu mall cm t ies has piuvcn lhal we lend  both  in
quality iiiiii price,   No cheap good* handled, Nn. 1 or nunc.
Successors to M. DbsBrisay & Co.
i >'i-_m����>��'_r��'a>��'><'#">��.<">��>__"���*-#<��_H��_M��_l"���*'->'->"_u-<".<i-<iia_t��i i
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated iHoo.
Capital \i!iliiniz.d
Capital I'd iii i p, :���!.-in.i.i��������':,
l.t-st'i'Ve, Sl,2f��0,000,
Head Office!  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
(lencial Hanking Business  transacted; Sterling Hills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on Uio most, favorable terms,   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Hunk accouuts,
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Harness and Saddlery
'I'lic loading simp. Largo
-lo.-k. Hot Hsortod -i."l.
un hand. Harness, Col.
lars ol in"-! iiihUo. siul-
.Hi-. Blankets, Bolls,
Whips, Brushes, Combs,
I'l'Mfs satisfactory,
Rail and too.
l'or. Wiinl unit linker
In Uio matter o( tho"Cotopnnloi Winding Up
Act. U����8,"am! in tho matter of the "Notion
I'mi'iii'ii' Uohl Mining Company, Limited," in
N r n horeb; gtvon that at an oxtrnordin-
in\ -general mooting of tho Neb-ton
diilil Mining Company, Limited, ln-M Novem-*
hoi i"' li i'*' _ rtul] eonvc ed, n -i�� olal roaolu<
lion requiring tho 8:ild company to be wound
up wit- iiuiy pa��_iod; \\i.iih revolution ut d mil.
-tuiii'iii uxtrnortlinorygeneral tnoutUig of the
-niii eomj any, also ,iui> uonvonod. and held on
DcocuiUenUn, 18U0, wa_ duly oonArmcd,
Ai -'i��'ii i-i-i tnentlonod meottng the appoint-
mentD "i VVUliam Murray Botaford of the niy
ol Vancouver I'rovlnoo of Drltteh Columbia,
�����< liquidator nnd Charlofl 0, Bounoil ol tho
xaiue place ^- Inspector, for tho purposea of the
Winding ")��� were eonflrmod.
Nni in- is nleoglvun I pursuant io "Companies
Winding Up Aot, Wn." section lui, ihm the
orcdttor_ of und others having claims upon the
-;i ni company, aro required -mor .u'rorviheiuth
da] of January, A. l>.. UMi. to sond their namee
nn'il addresses, the particulars nf tbolrdebts or
elalm*-an<l the imiu ����� of theseeurttleS] if nny,
held Im Lhotn i" -Wlllinin Murray Hot-ftmi,
Mcrclmiils1 Uai u <��f Halifax, Vancouver, H. u.,
ii<> liquidator of theaaht company.
Nni _sfurther given  ihnl uflcr -ueh  lust
mentioned dale tbo said liquidator will proceed
todintrlbute the nesot-- of tho said company
among tho par if os entitled Ihuroto, having regard nul] lo tho claims of which he nhall then
ii \ i-   ntiee.
DulodHl Vnnoou or,B. <'.. Uer.Hih. I8WI.
nsltuitSK I'M M.I-.II.
Mac Innon iiu Idtng,Qranvllle Htreet, Vim-
rouror, it. >'.
>.��1 ri'M- im* tli-F said Liquidator.
Bh ir. h- .|.i. 1 ���- in ih -id o mutiny aru re
nufstod to forthwith forward tlioir share .���������
U Hen I os to ihu -aid hquldatoi in order Ulii ih
distribution accuring U1011 on tuny be ipoodily
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
AM.   KIMH   (IK
F^esh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
_=.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nklson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Cup.  Henry,   Vs.,   Jan.    II.���Tho
stfianisliip   Empress, the vestal   prevl
limply .sported ashore, ftoato-Ht 9.1. p,
m., witii'nii asslstnaee  and prnceedeil
on her oonrse nppaieully  anlnjnte.
Gibraltar, Jan, 11 ���Arrived���Pnrsl
Bismarck, mb-w Vor It.
Nrw York, .lan. 11, Arrived���Trave,
Hn nii'ii
Antwerp, Jan, n Arrived���Swit.-
it]iiiiii. Philadelphia.
UuflertaKiug: and Embalming:
Hy 11.,' milv III-1 , Iii-- .i...l.'i|.tk�� r la  N.'1-..ii.
MM. A. W,  I'l'ltllY.   A.l.ll'���
Applowhalto Block.    B_ksrt_oor, Roolunsj
ilr nt  ri'iiil. ii.v  .in lUlOt   ��trril.   I.. '
Nni H'l'. Is aiven that sn niiiili-
riiiii.n   will he made to the Legid4-
n\i' Ai-fli'ini.iy ol the Prov.n f Br 11
ish Colnrnbio al Its next session,tiir an
A't tn Incorporate a Onmpany with
power to riiiisiriii'i. equip, maintain,
iimi operate telephone unit telearsph
lines within and iiiriniulumi the Prov-
Inoe of British Oolnmbia, and to oon-
s tint i nit.uml maintain soon ami hh
many poles aud other works and dadoes ns the Company deem nec-e*i_try
for maklug, -ompletins, sapportlDK,
ii-iiiu-. woruliiR, operailQu and main-
��� :��� i ii i nr. the system ol nomt-innioatlon
by t. lephone nml I. li.tnpl., nml tn
open or break op any part nr parts ol
the said highways or Ftr"i'tn ih often
is tho said Company, it- snouts, offt-
.i'i- .i wi rkmen Hunk proper, nml inr
tin. | nn 11. .��i.i tin. undertaking to par-
.'iin-i. noqulre, or lease, and hold and
sell and dls)iosa of lands, bnllnlnits or
tenements wtthiti the limiiH aforesalil,
.nni to i.ui ihn ��� lease, for any  term
ni   years, any telephone  or  teleyrapli
 talilt n.'i.   nr   in be establish'
Hit, in lliitlsh Columbia, oonneoted, or
to i. .   rti 'i  with tho line n liloh
the Company may construct, and to
nmnl.iiiiiiiii. with ol lease Its Iiiiii nr
linos, ..r any portion or portious thereof, in mn nompnuy possessina, an pro.
pi It t. v. in , Iimi nt telephones nr tele-
.rnplt mmmnnloatlon oonneeting, or
t'. be I'.'i.iM'i'i.'ii. w Ith the sml Ooni-
pany's line nr lines, and to borrow
ni. ii. v ii i the purposes ..f the Com.
panv, nnd to pledge nr innrt.iiKn any
..I tin. Uotnp in ii ets for that nor-
i�� .. and in ii'i'i'ivn i.iiiiiiHi'fli nr prl.ll'
'i. .i.ui my |iii-..ii or body eorpor'
ni'. mi.i with nil otbei iiHuni.ttipessary
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in tin iiitiiiiimt nt ni tin. ni.n\. objects,
or any i.i tiiiii,.
Dated this  ; .iii  day  nr  December
i     ' .1    It    IIKOWN.
: allcltor for tbo Apploianta,
Can't do belter than by t;111<i11tr with
about their daily wants. The advantage we have over our competitors
ia the quality, price and quantity nl slock. We can also supply you
with Crockery, ti asaware, etc., al Rock Bottom prices,
Mining nnd mail orders carefully attended to.
P. 0. Box K and W. Telephone io. Baker Street
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
Gookina Stoves & Ranees
Which we are offeritiffCat
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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