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Nelson Daily Miner May 25, 1899

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Array Daily Edition No. 325
Nelson,  British Columbia. Thursday,  May 25,   1899.
Ninth Year
ueen's  Birthday   Celebration   Proves a
ing Sandon made 0110 run, nud
Nelson three, this proportion being
more than kept up during the rest of
the match. There were several accidents during the match though only
one resulled seriously. In the third
innings H. Houston, who had been
(������itching splendidly wns unfortunate
1 enough to got his right hand split   he-
The N elson Fire Department Are Eow the Champions
of All the Kootenays���A Most Enjoyable Day
Is Spent on the Shores of Slocan Lake.
'Twas rather   n  sleepy   crowd   that
left   Nelson   yesterday    morning   on
pleasure   beut.    The I. O. O.   F.    excursion loft Nelson at   7   a.   m.,   and
many of the passengers   seemed to  be
missing a couple of   hours of beauty--
except the   children,   of   whom   there
were   many,   who   naturally    took  n
fiendish   delight     in   torturing   their
mammas or papas with unending questions,     It   must  be    said,   however,
that the juvenilis   element under   the
oiroumstnnoes  behaved itself exreraely
���well.   Tlie oiowd  was  not entirely  a
sleepy ono. There were numerous stalwart young men whose vigorous frames
and fresh faces bore  evidences   of   recent training and   who   seemed   fully
capable of   holding   their own against
all comers,   nu   appearance which was
fully borne  out by subsequent  events.
The fire boys were   there, tho baseball
team was there, tho lacrosse team was
thore,   and   together   tbey   formed  a
most comforting   combination to those
who had or were   intending   to   take
financial   risks   on   Ihe different contests.    The   excursion   took   the   well
known, but none tbe less lovely   ronln
via Slocan Junction, and  the few who
wero not  occupied in   forecasting   tho
success of the   Nelson boys bad an op
portunity of seeing a varying lanflsoape
of snow   capped peaks, forest  covered
hills, and dashing and sparkling river
whose beauty would bo   bard   to   surpass, though unfortunately tlio  dwellers in Kootenay nre too   much   accustomed to beautiful scenes to   fully np
predate their  loveliness,
breeds contempt, and the
the inhabitants   of   a
pass without a remark
in less favored   places
dreds of miles to see.
Everything conspired to make yes
terday s Queen's Birthday celebration
a success ; of course there was "Queen's
weather," a pleasant sunshine but no
oppressive beat. On arriving at Slo-
Oity it, was found that the boat
mercifully late, thereby
a chalice tn stretch
olcse confinement
in the train. The beautiful townsite
Slocan City wns duly admired, and
majority of
lovely country
what dwellers
would go hun-
wns   most
affording everyone
his legs   after    a
those fortunate enough to know uuy of
tho citizens congratulated tbem on
tha now lease of prosperity guaranteed to that charming town by Ihe
encouraging resnlts whieh ti 11 mining
development in that region is daily
In due course of the steamer  Slocan
arrived, suitably bodeokod for the   occasion.    Tho   firs   and   oodnrs of  the
neighboring   forests     had     evidently
boon cruelly despoiled for her   benefit
But what matter?   The   steamer   wns
beautifully   decorated   and   presented
a most handsome appearance as  befits
the luyal Canadian steamer on snob un
oconsion ns tho Birthday of the Queen.
While   the   New   Denver   band discoursed sweet iniiic tlie crowd immediately surged on to the   steamer���somo
800    excursionists    loft    Nelsou���but
through crowded it was au unfortunate
person who could not find   necominoda
tion.    Then began tho sail   up Slooan
Lake.    Thoso who  have  not  seen   it
oan never   imagine   its   beauty.    Pio-
turo a >)road but wiuding channel with
here and  thore tho  abundant
reuohiug   to  tho  water's edge.
ture thoso Bnowy peaks which on either
sido oleave tlio sky like spires of some
Cathedral,   though  fashioned  not  by
meu. Pioture all this, and imagine thn
sameness   broken   by a   rocky-slide  or
taugle of fnllen   timber which testifies
that  nature   destroys   but,  to   create.
But  the   steamor   was  swift, and before these beauties were   well realized
Silvorton wus reached.    Silverton acknowledged   the   approach, of the  boat
with Bovei* shots, nnd the New Denver
band   immediately  played an answering chorus,    Nine  more salutes   wero
firod nnd the stoumor   drew   up at tho
wharf.   Wharf's  a  prosaic, term suggesting flour sacks, oro sacks und lumber, but Silvorton wharf wns yesterday
a tiling of beauty.   It  was beautifully
decorated, tho arch    lending   from   it
being tastefully adorned with tir   nnd
cedar    boughs        and     bearing    tho
word "Welcome"   in   red letter on   "*
white background.    If any proot
the hospitality of the Silvertonians.and
to enjoy ihe varied programme of
sports prepared for them.
A large number of persons who bad
come in by oilier routes wore also
preseut. Leaving Silverton for the
moment wo will follow the steamer
that have tlio fortunes of tbo Nelson
baseball toani and lacrosse men, not
to mention the numerous fair ones
who came to witness tire prowess of
their husbands, finuceo or brothers ns
tlio case might be. Pour miles more
brought the steamer to New Denver,
beautifully situated on tlie shores of
the lako on a level spot where the
mountains have kindly fallen aside
leaving n triangular space opposite
a lovely semicircle of snowcapped
At New Denvor the Steamer discharged the rest of her passengers,
who for tlio nios1* part promptly Bouaht
material sustenance. Luncheon over,
the entire population of New Denver
acoompanii d of course, by all the visitors repaired to tho recreation
grounds. Tliese bad been oarefully
tended, and presented a splendid field
for all kinds of spoils. A grand stand
bad also been erected on the grounds,
which bad been carefully shrouded by
fir boughs. Prom there an excellent
view of the grounds could be obtained,
and there the numerous members of
the fair sex esconned themselves, nd-
niiraby situated to view tlio sports
without danger to their complexion.
Tbeir male companions proceeded to
examine the grounds, and none but en-
oouinms were heard.
The hour   of   tlio   great; race  was at
hand and shortly after   2   p.    m.    the
course was cleared.    The Nelson   hose
team was to   meet the Kossland   team
and intense interests   hung on the   result.    There was a sli-jlu difference of
opinion   before   the   race,  tlie   Nelson
team wishing In   race with their hose,
and the   Bossland   team insisting   ou
running without.   The   Rosslaud boys
were obdurate.   They   had determined
| to run light so the matter was  left  to
ihe   New    Denver   sports   committee
They decided in favor of the Hossland
men and   accordingly   no   hose   were
carried.    Tbe course was cleared   with
some difficulty, so eager were tlie spectators to get a view of the race.   There
was one false start,    and then   started
a race it was worth going miles to see.
The Nelson boys are a fast lot, but the
Kosslanders   are   no    slouches    either
and were, moreover, well trained, nnd
the result   was   a  close  finish.    Tho
run down the hill, and   the
a   clipper.    For   the   major
part   oi   the distance it   was au   even
thing, but during   the last  50   of  the
300 yards tho   Nelson   boys   began   to
draw ahead.    Inch by ino.li   they gained amid the yells of tho spectators, and
"���filially they passed   tho  winning  post
| victors by u clear foot.    Tbo   Kossland
men ran most pluokily, and were quito
played out at tlio finish, but if the rue.)
had   been longer   Nelson
won by n larger   margin,
they accomplished
1��� 3
race was
pace   was
needed of Silverton'S vitality, it wns
afforded liy the crowds that thronged
the wharf to bid a hearty welcome,
to visitors. Flags and bunting wero
freely displayed, nnd at lenst fifty persons loft tho   steamer   to
pnrtak6 of
would   have
As   it  was
i remarkable feat.
Tho time for the 200   yards   dash   was
clocked at 211 seconds.    Thero   wus   no
stop   watch   on   the  ground, hut   the;
timo was oarefully taken, and the time
may be relied upon   as   being  practi
cally accurate.    The Nelson men lairly
won   tbo   title of   tho   Champions   of
Kootenny. In fact if taken in hand and
carefully trained   it is very Improbable
that there is a fire team anywhere in
the wost that can approach them, The
Nelson fire hoys covered themselves
with glory yesterday, and the whole of
Nelson is proud of them today. Their
redoubtable opponents wero beaten but
not disgraced. Thoy made an exceedingly lino run. It should be chronicled here that tlie Kossland men accepted their defeat in a true,sportsmanlike spirit, There wore no disputes,
and it was admitted on all sides that
the race was won nu its merits, Tlie
Nelson team consists of: J. Thompson,
01.  Nuim,  W.  Lillie,   A.    Jeffs,    0.
Archibald, J. .1. Chambers, J. Campbell and 11. Houston. W. Pfelflor and
V. J. Bradley were snare men and (J.
Steele  officiated  as  captain   of   tho
Tho Rossland team wero: ,T. Allan,
C. R. MoBride, O. W. Wilson, R.
Mcllmoyl, .). W. Ross, C. G. Atkins
nnd E. Devlin, Tbey also had two
spare men.
The next item on llio programme
was the Nelson baseball team vs. the
Sandon team, though the latter team
was recruited from New Denver,Slocan
City and oilier places besides Sandon.
Here,    however,  thu   Nelson hoys ouco
more  demonstrated  thoir superiority
iu tho hold of sport.    In tho lirst  iun-
tweon the first and second fingers. It
was u very nasty cut nud ho was ol>-
liged to quit the field. J. Neelands
took his place'; and very creditably did
he acquit himself of the difficult
position of catcher. During the fourth
innings L. Waters cuught a unsty hit
in the eye, delivered by a band which
held the ball just after ho reached second base. H. Houston, however, oame
out to run for him and be soon recovered. Iu the fifth innings S. Neelauds got an awkward fall while attempting to reach first base. Ho was
completely winded for some time,
but he nianngerd to pull himself -to
gether and later on resinned play.
It is diffloult to criticize the game,as
the whole Nelson team played excellent hell and quite outclassed their opponents. L. Waters, however, pitched
consistently well throughout tbe gamo,
and Houston caught well until ho
wai injured. Phair made a couple of
good catches, and both H. Wright
aud Campbell brought off gallery
catches in the long field, while George
Partridge did somo very effective work
at first base. The game eventually
ended with the score of 14 to 8 in favor of Neison, who only batted six
times to their opponents seven.
Nobody won the hox of cignrs offered
hy W. Thnrmun for the first home
run. In fact only two three-baggers
were made. J. Neclands being the first
and L. Waters the second,
iug is tlio   official score:
1     2     :l    4    B    fi
Sandon��� 10     0     0     0     1
Nelsou- 8     1     8     0     1     0
The teams were as follows:
Nelsou���H.    Houstou,   catcher;    J.
Waters,   pitcher;     (1.    Partridge,   lb;
J. Neelands, 2b; D. Blackwood, 8b; S.
Neclands, s. s. ;   A.    Will.   r.   f, ;   J.
Phair, o. f. :   J.   Campbell,   1. f. ;  H.
Wright, also played as a substitute.
Sandon���H. Cainpeau, catchor; P.
Murphy, pitcher; F. Bailey, lb;
Brown, 2b; David 8b; J. Browney, a.
s. ; G. Long, c. f. ; T. Anderson, l.f. ;
Dave Sheen, r. f. ; E. Chesley was a
most   efficient   uni-piro.
Tho Sandon base ball team resigned
after their seventh innings, aud the
lacrosse game between Nelsou nud
New Denver was the next nnd final
event. Lacrosse is always a pretty
and interesting gamo to watch, aud
yesterday's display was no exception,
though the Nelsou team once more
proved too mnch for their opponents.
Tho ground was favorable for a fast
game, and there were somo flyers playing so tho game was both fast and
interesting. The Nelson team gave
many displays of pretty combination,
and individual excellent plays were
frequent. Tlio Nelson aggregation soon
nsserted its superiority, nnd a gonl wns
registered in short order, A. Jeffs being the successful player. The game
for a time became moro evon, but socn
the ball wns hovering dangerously
near tho Now Denver goal, J. A.
Fraser registering tbo second point.
Por some time nfter this the play wus
fairly open and good exhibitions were
frequent on both sides. After a lime,
however, Perrier mado a splendid run
and passed it to tlie centre, when) tbo
ball was rushed through the goal, it
being impossible to say who nctnully
made the winning bit. Shortly after
this 3. A. Fraser scored another goal,
placing tbo score Nelson 4, New Denver, 0. Tlio evening now began to
como on and after about fifteen minutes play a fierce storm arose, raising
*--11.-11 clouds of dust that it was impossible to see the ball. Tlio gamo was
consequently abandoned, the Nelson
team winning as before started. Besides those already mentioned J.
Thompson and D. Blackwood particularly distinguished themselves, tbontth
all the team played well. The Nelson
team included D. Rutherford, goal;
Lynch, poiut; D. Blackwood, cover
point; J. Thomson, first defense; Mac-
Nicol, second defense ; A. Jell's, center; F. Mcnary,first homo; Henderson,
second home ; K. Perrier, third home ;
J. A. Fraser, outside home, and C.
Archibald, msido home, H. Wright
officiated as field captain. The New
Denver team, which included men
drawn from Kossland and Sandon, was
composed of W. Thompson, goal; It.
Qrierson, point; Langcii, cover; W.
Meldruni, 1st defence ; J.  Devlin.   2nd
def. R. Thompson, 8rd defense; W.
Cliffe, center; MeViohic, 1st home;
D. Lewis, second home; W. Coulter,
It will   bo observed   that  tho   New
Denver played one mnn short.
Thu game did not close till about
6:80, nnd nfter an adjournment for
dinner n photograph of the hose team
was taken, und then most of those
who were not obliged to go away weut
to sen "Charley's Aunt" which was
played in New Denver last night by
the Bittner Company. The play ovor
curly everybody adjourned to n dunce
spooiullv trot tun up for the occnsiou
nnd so euded a most pleasant day,
of Silvorton   was one bower of  green, I
and was lined with shady uud prettily
decorated   stands which   enabled  the
verv numerous spectators (thero was a '
big   crowd at Silvertou   yesterday)   to
seo the contests iu comfort.
The first item on the programme
was nn association football match betweeu Silverton and Sandon. The
game was well contested and productive of good pbiys. but the home team
proved ton much for the visitors winning by live goals to none. The Cnle
(Ionian sports camo -next and created
much interest. Tho first event was the
100 yards dash won by B. M. Wilson,
in ll,1., seconds, with J. S. Gusty,
secoud ;. Next was tho standing long
jump whioh J. S. Gusty wnu with
the splendid leap of 11 feet 3**.; inches,
G. S. McLend being second with a
jump of 10 feet 4 inches. In putting
tlie shot G. S. McLeod was successful
with a put of 41 feet, G. S. Gusty being a good second with 8!) feet (i inches.
J. S. Gusty ngain came to the fore in
the Btnading high jump which he won
with 4 feet fi1., inches. G. S. McLeod,
being uoxt best with 4 feet %% inches.
J. S. Gusty also won the ruuuiug hop,
step and jump with 41 feet 4 inches,
G, ti. McLeod being again second with
40 feet 2 iuch"s. The running long
jump was also won by J. S. Gusty
with 18 feot 2 inches, R. Nichols being the runner up with a jump of 17
feet, 1 inch. .T. Gusty was again
successful in the 100 yards hurdle
rnco. His time was 131.' seconds, B.
M. Wilson beiug second. He likewise
won the 220 yards dash in 25 seconds with T. Henderson second. Q.
S. McLeod won the pole vaulting
clearing 8 feet 8 inches, R. Nicols
being a close second with eight feet six
inches. J. S. Gusty gave a most remarkable display of athletic versatility and was quite properly awarded
the handsouio gold medal given to the
best all round nthlete.
Tho double   handed drilling  contest
came   next    and   was won by   Alex-
nnder   Ross and Michael Burns of the
Yellowstone   mino,     who   drilled   88
inches   iu   15   minutes.    Hansnn     St
McDonald   wero     second     with     86
inches.    This   pair cams from Sandon
and wero decidedly the local favorites.
They    did     some   very   smart   drill-
changing.       Stevenson    &   Morrison
of Rossland   were   third,   drilling  85
inches iu   the   time.     In   tho   single
hauded drilling contest Michael Burns
sneceeded   in   performing   the grand
feat of drilling 18:i-4' inches,   A. Ring-
wood   beiug second with   15% inches.
Tho horse races were  the next   item
of   attractions.   The   "free   for   all" l
was won by Risor belonging to George
Weutworth, of    Calgary, Claudo   Cre-1
gnn's Rosslnnd being second.   Each of!
tho threo heats   was   won   by a head.
There were threo entries for the  quarter mile   Slocan race,   the    successful
horse being Dexter belonging to A. P.
McDonald. Tho pony race was won by
the well   known   pony   55,   A. Thor-
burn's Romany being second.
Tho horse races closed tbe day's
proceedings which wore enlivened by
tho strains of the city band and the
Snndou band. Mr.W. Hunter was Marshall of the proceedings, Mr. J.
Howes president of the committee and
R. O. Matheson, Secretary. All who
visited Silvorton were loud in their
praises of tho hospitable trontmeut accorded tbem, and the Silvertoninus nre
to bo oongratulnted on having made
tiioir celebration such a success.
About 7 :30 p. m. the steamer Slocan
left New Denver on its way to convey the different excursionists to the
special trniu nwaiting them at Slocan
City, whence it returned to Nelson,
though not without incidents. Tho
very sovere storm which occurred
eailier in tho oveniug had blowu several
trees ncross the track which grently
delayed the train. In fact but for
Engineer W. MacNab's great vigilance an accident might very easily
have occurred. As it waH, it wub not
until 12:30 a. m. that the tired but
triumphant Nelsnnites nrrived iu the
City, tlins ending a long tiring
most enjoyable day.
nbout $fi by the gang. The partio"
doing tbis work are known to the police, but it is claimed tbat nothing can
be done with them, nud it seems tbat
robbing the machines is legitimate so
long as thoy are not broken into,
when it would become laroeny.
Tho manner in which the gang works
is tor two or three of tlieni to go into a
saloon together. Cue of tbem will en-
gnge the bartender in conversation,
while the others play the machine.
The fiat pieco of steel is inserted
through tbo crack where the cover
comes down on tbe machine in such a
manner thut the end of it presses
against the wheel and acts as a brake.
In this wny tho wheel can be stopped
nt auy point desired, aud it is needless
to say that it always stops on the
blue, wibch pay 12.50 for a nickel.
Ths scheme is worked hut two or
threo times in each place, and before
tho proprietor realizes that be has been
cheated the meu have pocked their
winning and left.
A number of tho machines have
been losing for several days, but it was
not until yesterday that tbe scheme
was disovered.
Surrounded by the Members
of Her Family.
Berliu, May 24.���The tiibercolusis
congress was opened in the Reichstag building this morning with 2,O0U
members, of which 200 were delegates
from German nud Foreign Goverumeut. The Empress of Germany,
who is patronessa of the congress, was
seated iu the Royal Gallery. Her
Majesty wore a bright spring costume
of yellow silk aud carried a large bouquet of flowers, roses. The Minister
of the Interior, C. O. O. Sadowuski
Werner, who delivered the inaugural
address, said that the tuberculosis
congress and the peace conference at
The Hague constituted memorable
pages in the history of civilization, establishing a posterity to form nu idea
of the spirit of the preseut ago.
Welcome speeches and responses
followed. The representatives of tbe
United States, France, Great Britain
Italy, Austria-Hungary and Germany
were among those who mndo brief re-
marks. Tbey were nil vigorously
ajplnuded, with the exception of Surgeon K. C. Boyd, who represented the
medical corps of the United States
nnvy at the congress. He was heard
in silence. At the completion of the
speechiuaking there were "Doolie" for
the Empress, who graciously
nowledged them by bowing.
United  States  Ambassador Telegraphed
His Congratulations���Steamers En
Tote  iu New York.
Loudon, .May 24.��� Tlio Quueu spout
her birthday surrounded by tho members of her family. The weather was
glorious and the arrangements were carried out without a hitch. During iho
afternoon the Queeu planted uu oak
sapling ou tho west lawn of Windsor
Castle. She drove along Kenneth
drive to tlio spot and was assisted in
the planting by the Duke of Saxe-Co-
burg aud Gotha. Ml the members
of the Koynl family witnessed the ceremony. Her Majesty then continued
her diivo in the direction of Frog-
more. The Military Knights of Windsor presented an address to the Queen
at noon in tbe corridor of the castle,
and received the warm thanks of Her
Majesty. A pretty incident was tho
presentation to the Queen, this morning, by each of her grand and great
grandchildren now at the castlo of a
tiny bouquet of flowers. These descend-
ents of Her Majesty, who was deeply
touched, also kissed her.
The most enjoyable performance
for this week of the Harry Lindley Company wns given last evening
when the chnrmiug 'Little Lord
Fauutleroy" wns presented. The
threatening weather and tho absence
���f hundreds of visitors and excursionists
from the city kept many people away
but there was a fair sized audience. While a child is the chief character in the piece it is by no means a
children's piny but is one thnt oan be
eujoyed by all. Little Ethel Lindley
made a capital Cedric Errol. She
was very taking and completely
captivated the audiences and at Miss
Fliut Mrs. Errol wns a decided
success. She is an uctross of considerable ability and has made a good impression in Nelson. Miss Ward took
the part of tho adventuress very acceptably. Sho is a clever actress and
has doue good work this week. Mr.
Liudley wns irresistible as Hobbs. His
fun created roars of laughter. Mr.
Talbot wns nlao \iood and Mr. Secord
handled the steward acceptably.
The pluy was very well staged and in
dicates the pieces for the remainder of
tlio week will be well produced.
Among the sports held yesterday afternoon by C. A. Waterman, was a boys
foot race of 75 yds, which was won
bv B. Larson, H. Comma, 2nd. A
three-legged race���There wore three
ontries und R. Whittet and Guv Roberts won, but only nn necount of their
small opponouts fouling just before
reaching tho scratch.
A Hnnd-iii-Hnud race���All the contestants caught ouch other by tho hand
nnd any who did not arrive buck at tho
starting point iu the sumo position as
whon they stnrted wero disqualified.
Tbe pnrBO iu this race waB thrown in
tbe air and those wbo finished woro
"in oh" tho scramble.
llicyolo Rnco��� R. James.
Bicycle Kace, boys���Floyd Hopkins.
Bicycle Race, girls���Ethel Lindloy, with Myrtle McLean a close seo-
ond. About |S0 changed hands on
this race.
Now Denver wns not the only Slocan town which celebrated Ibe Queen's
Birthday yesterdny , Silverton, but
four miles awny, ulso celebrated, and
her celebration was a success. Tho
fact, that tWO towns so close together
had sports on the same flay undoubtedly damaged both festivals, but nov-
crtheless   there were sullicient visitors
* to render both a success. Silverton,
which vies in beauty with lhe Other
two gems of tlie Slocnu, New Denver
und Blooan City, wns drossnd in
gala altiro.
Tho citizens of both the rivals
towns decked their streets and stores
with fir and cedar, which, interspersed with Hugs and bunting, hud   a
J most oburuiing eil'oct,   Tbo main stroot
A Sure  Way to Get tho Elusive Two
uud a Half.
A question that is bothering a largo
portion of the male population of Nelson ia how to boat tho ninkel-iu-
the-slot machines thnt nro ho numerous in the Citv. As yot no onn hns
solved the problem but ninny am still
taking the course for which they pay a
large foo. If they road tho following,
which is from the Spoknnn Chronicle
they can cento worrjing: The profits of n number of tho nicknl-in-slot
machines which aro scattered around
the city hove boon much cut down for
the past few days by a gnng ot shnrp
ers, who, by tho skillful mnnipulntion
of it piece of corset Htoel, havo mado
some lurge "winnings,"
Oue of tho victims wns Chris Nngel
of tho Pniidhaudlo saloon, who reported last   night  that he   bod  dono  for
A lettor from Kuslo conveys the  fol
lowing nows:   The   Excelsior   Mining
Compuny (Messrs.   Flutot and   Mansfield)      have   received   from the   Provincial   government  their ultimatum
iu regard   to   tho   South   Fork   road.
Tlio   Goverumeut   cannot     givo    the
uionoy uor promise it    if  tin*   Excelsior company build   the   road tlio provision of funds to reimburse them may
bu   considered   iu   tbe next estimates,
If tlio legislature  does   not   voto   the
inonoy tho Government agree Unit by a
special act they will authorize them to
oollnct   tollB   upon thu-road.    It is not
yet known if   the company will   build
upon thoso terms. It is run ired that it
will ask tbo   citizens   of  Kaslo to join
it, at leust to the extent   of guaranteeing tho good faith of tho Government,
Tho Leviathian oompany has pni upon the market   B50.000 Hhares of treasury stock ut throe contH for the purpose
of  raiBiug somo  additional funds   for
development work.    The   company   is
keeping u small foroe  of men steadily
nt work, und huve a vast body of   mi
neralizod rock,   the values  in some of
which at   timoa  approaches   the   pay
Tho origi.iul owners of tho True
Bine have taken action to havo the
bond upon their property in favor of
tho Hall Mines oompany cancelled.
Thoy it, also asking for an accounting
for oro tuken from the property. The
Canadian   Pacific    Mining St   Milling
Compuny headquarters,   Minneapolis,
property on Woodbury, creek, is again
represented on tbe ground.   It  is  an-
uouced that $50,000 bas been provided
for development work nnd that its
mine and mill will lie again started.
Tho Kootonay Air and Power Com*
puny, Coffee creek, is delayed lor stave
lumber foi tbeir pripo, but aro other
wiBo about ready to start up. They
system, which is almost entirely uew
coiiHists iu pouring water drwn, a
shaft 20 feet square and 800 feet deep,
and confining the nir carried down
by tho wnter, thereby creating a pres-
snre under which it will be distributed. It is expected to develop 50-
horso power, in u radius of two or
three miles.
William Crooko tellH ot   His   Torriblo
Experience in tho Stool Cage.
Rossland, May 24,���Tho   celoDratlou
of Her Majesty's 80th birthday pnssed
off very quietly. Thero was no formal programme, Business was suspended ami the city gaily decked with
bunting. Tbe only sports indulged in
wero a law tenuis mntoh and a baseball game Detwei n Kossland and North-
port in which tho former won by
a score of 18 to 12. Kain stopped the
plav at the close of tl.o first hulf of tbe
eighth inning.
William Orooke, tho sole survivor of
tlio War Eagle disaster, was ablo to
give an A. P. reporter today un account of what happened. He described
tho descent of the cage nearly to tho
surface, the stoppage and tbe descent
slow at lirst but later at a terrifflc
pace. None of Ihe men spoke. He sat
down on the steel cage in tbe earth and
-iiul bis eyes. Two of fbe men wero
opposite to him in the cage and two
others outside somo feet above. Crooko
never lost his senses until he reaobed
the hospital when he fainted. His back
hurt linn greatly and bis left ankle
was sprained and bis left kno cap
hurt lie lias almost completely recovered and proposes to return to work
iu a short time. He will givo his
eviili nee before tho coroner tomorrow
when the inquest will he resinned.
Rossland, May 21. ���At about 4 a.
oi., a miner named James Gully relumed to Ins shack in an intoxicated
condition and upset thi lamp. The
shuck took firo aud beforo Gully
could he rescued by the firemen bo
was very badly burned, lie was taken
to tho hospital aud in timo may recover.
Paris, May   2
fought   between
l-'rcnch author
and   M.    Vnnar
I. ���A   duel   hns   boon
Oatullo  Mendez, the
nnd   dramatic  critic,
The   quarrel   which
led to the meet ing grew out of a
discussion on Saturday last during an
act at the theatre where Sarah Hor-
liurdt produced her version of "Hamlet," and played tbe title role in a
black     eonstutne     ami      with    blonde
hair. Mendez and Vniinr engaged in
fl disiiute as to whether Hamlet should
be fut or thin. This is Mendez's 14th
iluel. The encounter was stopped
four times under iho belief that
Mendez was wounded and tlio fifth encounter found bun with an ugly wound
in the abdomen.
Dublin, Mny 24.���The Loid Lieutenant of Ireland, Earl   Cadogen. has  re-
leased  O'Hanlon,   Mullot  and James
Kitzbarris, alias "Skin tbo Goat,"
lhe lost three Irish political prisoners
who were   sentenced to   imprisonment
for life fm- conspiring  to murder Euro*,
Frederick Cavendish, chief soeretury
fm* Ireland, and T. H. Burku. permanent uiidor-secretary for Ireland,
who were assassinated by stabbing in
Phoenix Park,   Dublin, May    ti, 1883.
I.ii-ii*    KlnmlliitE.
Won.      I.OHt.
     17             U
     1*2            111
Ne*.*.   Yolk	
      11            It) NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1899.
Nelson Daily Miner
Published Daily exoept Monday.
Nklson Miner Printing & Publishing Co.,
D. J.  BEATON, Editor and Manager.
Subscription Rates,
Daily per month by carrier f 100
per half year    5 00
per year  10 00
per yoar by mail    (100
perycir foreign  10 00
Nelson Weekly Miner.
Weekly, pe  naif year 1125
piryear    200
per year, foreign    2 50
Subscription! invariably In advance.
Whether  there   have  been one hundred and fifty new connections with the
water mains of the City siuce January
last,   or half tho number or double the
number,   The Miner does   not   know,
nor  at present   does it intend to  take
the trouble to find out.    The discussion
of the money bylaws with the   intelligence necessary to form a sound judgment as to  the polioy of  voting them
does not  require  that   the ratepayers
shall   have  exaot    knowledge   of   all
these   little   details,   which   seem   to
have a charm for a certain variety   of
mind.   They can reach a decision  by
a shorter road, and one that is more in
keeping   with   the character  and importance of  the   subijeot.    The   City
employs    an    Engineer,   whose  duty
it is to study the  water   question and
to know   all   about   tne   waterworks,
their condition, their present capacity,
and their capabilities   to   meet future
demands on them. If the Engineer does
not know of these things and is incapable of advising with respeot to them,
he is not fit for the position and   does
not earn his salary.    He is so very unfit that it was criminal to  have   employed him in the first place, and it is
a fraud on the City to continue to  piy
the  salary voted him by the Council.
No    one    supposes   for  a   moment,
however, that   it is as bad as this; no
one, that  is, but  an  odd person here
and there who has a bee in his bonnet,
and who thinks he   is the only person
in   the    Kootenays     who    possesses
the  lenst   knowledge   and  experience
of municipal affairs.    All the rest  are
The Engineer is believed to be entirely capable by the members of tbe
Counoil, who come into closest contact with him, and have therefore tlie
best opportunity of knowing; and the
public bave confidence in him. He has
reported that the present works are uot
adequate to the wants of the City,
and that they are becoming less and
less so as the population increases.
We are warned that next winter, unless something be done in the moan-
time, the town will be in very bad
shape so far as its water supply is con
cerned. That is expert opinion, based
on a complete knowledge of the circumstances. It is not the opinion
of a disappointed amateur in municipal affairs, whose bitterness keeps
him in oonatant quest of opportunities
for carping and snarling criticism ;but
of a perBon who is paid to know and
does know, and whose duty it is to
report tbe facts precisely as they exist.
Our water system is not equal to
the present demands of tbe City. We
did not require any one's report to as
sure us of this, for the experience o
last winter afforded ns a rough and
ready method of ascertaining it for
ourselves. Nor do we require expert
opinion to know that what is insufficient now will become moro
and more insufficient as the population grows. But if doubtful of our
own senses, we have professional opinion in support of both.
There may have beon ono hundred and
fifty, or more or less, new connections
sinoe January, and there may be double
the number in addition befora the
year is out. It is not necessary to count
the exact number in the one caBe, or
to estimate with nicest precision in
the other. We all know that since
January mauy new houses have been
completed and oooupied, and we require to be very deaf and very blind if
wo do not know that mauy more aro
in prooeBB cf construction. We must
be a very stupid lot of people iudeod if
we oannot distinguish on evory side of
us the most conclusive evidence that
the population of the Oity is increasing
at a rapid rate. One of the best informed men in Nolson,1 whose facilities for forming a sound jadgment are
superior to most, assured The Miner
the othor day that the present population of the Oity is not less than 0,500.
This is very rapid increase ; and in the
faoe of it, nnd of the certainty that it
will bo continued, it is appalling to
think what may bo the consequences
another winter should nothing be done
in tbe meantime to inorease our water
supply, and to improve tbe system of
its distribution. It would be suoh
criminal folly to neglect it that we refuse to suppose for one moment tlio
ratepayers will foil to vote the money
necessary to enlarge the works. To
talk of a little beggarly increase of taxation as a deterrent to a duty of this
kind is an insult to the electorate of
the Oity.
add to the   industries of tlie City  and
thus increase its importance,   wo will
vote to grant both franchises.    A   now
City  building   nnd the   extension  of
the electric light    system   aro not necessities.    It  is possible to do without
oither.    But there is inconvenience at
the City   Hall   for   lack of  sufficient
accommodation, nud the town is not so
poor tbat   it  cannot   provide ull that
is required.    We   have already invested heavily in the   electric light plant,
but to   realise   to the best possible advantage it is necessary we should supplement   this   with   further   expenditures.    It is a simple business proposition.     A   better  water    service   and
extended sewerage are absolute   necessities; these do not admit of   nny  sort
of question   or argument.    We havo to
supply   both   or endanger   tbo  public
health through want of necessary conveniences.   This we cannot   afford under any   consideration.    It   will be  a
good  day's   work  foi   Nelson to vote
all tho by-laws.
Right! !
Do you know that you can save money, and,"what is doubtless of much more mom*.'-' to vou, have greater satisfaction
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iting of the room, the furniture that
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your wall has more to do with the harmonious  blending  or
IS    IRISH     ONLY      IN     NAME.
The Yacht Shamrock  Will Be Manned
By au   English and Scotch Crew.
Boston, May 24.���A despatch to the
Herald from Glasgow snys :
| The skippers, under) officers and
crew, have been definitely selected for
the Shamrook and all told they will
make 52 men.
Archie Hogarth will be |in charge
with Captain Wringo,]as assistant
sailing master. Howe, who was first
mate of the Britanio, will be chief
officer, aud Steward, wbo was mate ou
tbo Antrild, will be second officer,
with Messrs. Croker and Livingtson
third aud four officers, respectively.
The other appointments are one b* t-
swain, two boatswain's niati ����� tWJ
carpenters, two sailmakers, nine leading hands, including masthead and
bowsprit end men, twenty-six ordinary seamen, two stewards and two
A sizing np of the crew shows a
few Scotch and English���29 English
sailors and 21 Scotch. The selections
were made from the best available, bo,
except the name, which will be
painted in the stern, there is nothing Irish about her not an Irishman
on board of her and the name Sham-
rook, in view of all these facts, iu no
way iudieates what she was intended
to be an "Irish boat," and no one for
one moment claims it.
At this cabling neither Sir Thomas
Lipton nor the Royal Ulster Yacht
Club people know definitely tbo ex-
fact date of the launching of the
Shamrook, thongh from good authority it is stated it will be ou June 5
or 6, just two dnys ahead of tbo Columbia, zshkz; -^
Tbe iiiuiiching luvitatious have not
beon issued yet. Secrecy in connection with the Shamrock is oven keener
than beforo, as the Tborneyorofts
want to drop her in tho Thames without tho knowledge of auy one, and
they had two piers built with a fence
on eaoh side so that uo broadside snap
shots can bo had. The Sbamiock will
he slid down the ways with a canvas
covering, a sly enough performance.
There iB no question that confidence
is gaining here and the preseut. belief
is that the Shamrock will make the
best hid for tho cup of any challenger.
Of late Sir Lipton shows a moro confident feeling thnn he had in tho
early stages ou the controversy. His
friends encourage him in the belief
that bo has nil even chance to win,
Whatever opposition ho met in oertain
high-toned yachting quarters anent his
building for the cup has for tho most
pnrt faded out and his nluck in building the Shamrock is uow commenced.
The Valkyrie II. is still moored in
Gourook harbor, and there are no
signs of fitting hor out.
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Thomson Stationery Co. L't'd, Z
Embossed and Ingrain
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
n*<' " "dson's   Hav   Company
Our Gracious Q,���:en. Victoria
Ascended tbe Throni,
May Sltb.-We all,  prosperous,
happy and contented, unite
in celebrating her 80th
A Speciality.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
For Sale, Real Estate in All Parts
Of the City.
House. .$2,900
" 1,100
New York, May 84. -The British
vessels in the harbor were decorated
today with flays and banting in honor
of the (Queen's Birthday. Tho lied
Star liners and severnl otber vessels
including the White State liner Majestic joined in the display.
London, May 24. ���M. Joseph II.
Ohoate, the United States Ambassador,
telegraphed his congratulations to tbo
Queen and Her Majesty seut a gracious reply. Thn ambassador alone attended the birthday services at tbe
Chape) Royal St. James palace.
If you see it in The Miner's  Special
Kootenay Number it will be true.
Covoiack, Cornwall, May 34,-5, p.
in.���The attempt just mndo 10 Mont
the American line steamer Baris has
proved unsuccessful.
If yon soe it in The Miner's  Special
Kootenay Numbor it will be true.
The tramway and gaa by-laws have
to do with what are In a sense industrial enterprises,   If we  want to
Many Suits of Clothes.
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Harry Lindley
May you enjoy your holiday, your
picnic sandwiches, salads, pate de
foie g-ras, &c, and on May
turn, better satisfied than
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West Baker St., Nelsou.
Telephone VS.
We have purchased the express
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Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 85.
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All kinds of Canvas in stock.
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III < 11:11 -41 EXPEBT.
From the Electrical StandardlsingTcRting anil
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& South London KlectrioHallway; with Messrs.
Scott Bros., Kensington. Chief electrician lo
Mosars. Watkin Bros., Northampton, England.
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The careful attention given to large contracts will be extended to the smallest
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Address Drawer S, Nelson, B. C.
Purchasing Agent.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
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Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt at Un tion.
pass Revelstoke every day
to St. Paul; Tuesdays and Satardftys
for Toronto; Thursdays for Montreul
and Boston.
Kossland, Trail, ltobson and main line.
Kootenay lake���BattO Bonte.
Stu. Kokanbk .
Exoept Sunday. Kxoept 8uBdfiT
1  p.m.-Leaves-NELSON-Arrlvea-ll  a.a
liooteun) Klvi r Boule.
Stk. Moyik.
Mon., Wed., Frl. Tuos. Thurs. Sat.
8 a.m.-Loavos���NKLSON-Arrivos~0.30 p.m.
Makes conneotlon at Pilot Pay with Sir. Ko-
kanoe in both directions and at K*>oten��**
Landing with trains to and fiom Crows Nesr,
liuo points.
Sandon and Blocan Lake
Kz. Sunday
9.0*9 a. na.-Lcaves-
Ex. Sunday
NELSON-Arrivos-2.20 p. m ���
A how wain Rates
and full Information   by addressing noarea
looal agent, C. E. Beasley, City Tioket Ag't, 0
R, W. DREW, Agent, Neliso .
,FiM '
Tray, Fata. Acts'-,
"���������-��� *"V5S��tl NELSON DAILY MINER,
the signatures to the interest c mpone
mny be <-i ** li*-i* written, stiiinpeil,
pr uti'il or lithographed,
t, The said Debentures slmll bear in-
tt*.'stat tlu* rate uf five por centum
per annum from the date thereof,
which interest shnll he payable semiannually at said office of Hit* I'auk of
Montreal iu .Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada, on the 20th day
of January and the 20th day of July
respectively, in each year of The currenoy thereof, and it shall he expressed
iu said Debentures and coupons to lie
so payable.
5. It shall he lawful for the Hayorof
said Corporation to negotiate ami sell
the said Debentures or any of thein
for less than par; Imi in no case shall
thesaid Debentures or any part of
them he negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-live per centum of their
face value, including the cost of negotiating anil Bale, brokerage and all
other incidental expenses.
(i. There shall ba raised and levied
in each year during the currency of
said Debentures the sum of Seven hundred and fifty dollars(8750.00) for Ihe
payment of interest, and the sum of
Five hundred and fort) dollars (#540.00)
for the paymenl of the debt due under
the said Debentures l*y a rate sul'ii-
cient therefor on nil the rateable lands
in the said municipality,
7. II shall be lawful for the said
Municipal Council to repurchase any
of the said Debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with tho
legal holder or holders thereof, or any
part I hereof, either at the time of sale
or any subsequent time or times, and
all Debentures so re-purchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,
ami no re-issue of Debentures so repurchased shall he made in consequence of such re-purchase,
8. This By-Law shall take effect on
the first day of June, A.D. 1899.
Take Notice, That the above is a true
copy of the proposed Hy-Law upon
which the vote of the Municipality
will In* taken, for the Bast Waul, at
the Fire Hall,on Josephine Street; for
the West Ward, at the office of the
Exchequer Gold Mining Co., on the
north side of Baker (Street, between
Stanley and Kootenay Streets, on the
east half of Lot 9, Block 11, on Monday, the 29th day of May, instant, at
H o'clock iu the forenoon.
Oity Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, May Kilh*
tion of the powers hereby granted and making ' stroet. between Stanley and IContcnny streets,
on Uu* east htilf ol l.oi 11. llloek 11, on Monday,
the anh day of May, instant, al 8 o'olook in Ihe
City Clerk.
Nelson, Ii. C��� May Uith. 1898,
oompeneation for uny doniagG thai may bo done
in the oxooution of Buch powers,
ti. Nothing horetn oontalned shall authorize
or empower lhe Company to lay down or place
my plpou or other  works  Into   through
to put-
Corporation of the City of
BY.LAW NO. 43.
A By-Law respecting llio establishmont of
Oottc and u s Works in the Oity of Nelson.
Tlio Municipal Council uf lho Cily of Nelson enaota as follows:
1. \\\ II, Pearson, VV. II Pearson Junior, I,.
L. Meri'lfield and .1. 'I'. VVeccott, hereinafter
called the Company) are hereby granted the
right, subject to tlm terms, cuiiditions and provisions hereinafter contained, which tonus,
conditions and provisions and lhe due fulfilment (.hereof are to hn taken as conditions precedent to Ihn enjoyment* of the rights and
privileges hereby grouted, in creel, construct,
maintain aud operate (Ins Works within the
limits o�� tho City of Nolson, and to lay down,
relay, connect, disconnect and repair all pipes
along, through and under the streets, alleys,
grounds, bridges und thoroughfares of thesaid
Ity of Nelson, that, may be necessary for supplying gas to tlio consumers thereof, ami erect
any pillars, lamps or other works, and do all
other things which ihe Company shall deem
necessary for supplying gas to the inhabitants
or Corporation of the said City of Nolson aforesaid, and dolugas littlo damage as may ho in
the execution nf ibo powers hereby granted.
2. The Company beforo eroding nucti pillars,
lamps or olher works ami doing such other
things whloh tho Company shall deem necessary for supplying kus to the inhabitants of
the Cily, *hall make application fo the City
Council for permission nn lo do, naming ihe
stroet or streets, alley or alloys, or olher place
along, through or under which il.ey desire to
ereot such pillars, amis or other works or do
Buch other things which the Company may
doom necessary, and before proceeding in any
way with any oi such works shall receive the
approval of the City Council.
li. The laying down or relaying of any pipes
or mains along, through and under tho si roots,
alleys, grounds, bridgos and thoroughfares of
eola Cityand eroctlou of any pillars, lamps or
other works and the doing of all other things
which the Company shall deem necessary shall
ma be commenced until a plan thoroof show ing
lho locution, po-ition and style of such pipes,
pillars, lamps, works nnd things the Companj
deem neees.-ury, shall havo beeu submitted to
and approvod by ibe City Enginoor. And lhe
location, position and style of suoh pipes or
mains, pillars, lamps, works and olhor things
shall conform to and agrco with the plans approved hy ibe cily Engineer.
4. The Company shnll wll bin sixty days from
the final passage of this By-Law (unavoidable
casualties of lho sea and lire not preventing)
comtnonce to construct, erect and establish
Coke and (his Works and buildings adequate
to the supply of gas within the limits of tho
Bald Cily of Nelson, nnd such construction,
erection and estnb ishment shull be carried on
continuously and diligently until such works
and buildings are completed sufficiently to
supply the demand for gas, and within six
months from the final passing of this By-Law
shall proceed as the lity Enginoor may direct
to lay the re(|ui.*-ile leiiKth of mains nf nn adequate diameter, und shall on demand supply at
all times theiefroni to all poisons its hereinafter menl ioned an adequate amount of was, of
good quality, at iho house, shop, establishment,
works or residence of tlie person requiring the
same. And llio Compuny slmll within the
period of two years from tlio paBslng of this
By-Law expend upon the oon-true tion of the
Coko and Gas Works and the laying of mains
aforesaid, nol loss than the sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars i$ttiu.uuo U0), or forfeit ihe
rights gramed under this franchise,
5. The prloe of gae supplied by the compuny
for lighting purposes shall bo controlled by the
Oity Counoil, but Bhall in no case without ihe
consent of tho Company bo losa than 82.00 por
thousand feet or more than $3,00 per thousand
foet, and shall supply as muoh Kan as may lie
required for lighting lho Htreots within the
limits aforesaid within llfty feel or any imiin
laid by lhe Company, and snail supply the Corporation with gafl for power purposes if required at a prioe not to exceed 91.00 por thousand
foot. Gob for cooking or heathy? purposes shull
bo supplied at nofiuore than 82.00 nor thousand
cubic foot of gas, and gOS required for power by
any person or corporation olher thun lhe Cily
shull he supplied at not moro than S-'.OO per
thousand cubic foot.
(J. The Company shall, subject lo the provisions hereinafter contained, on do maud, Introduce into and through the walls or enclosures
of a house, shop, establishment or residence of
any person requiring thesame, a proper service
pipe wilh stop cock and furnish a gOS motor if
required for accurately measuring the -uppiy
of gas lo the person requiring the same,  at a
fair market price, not exceeding for all the
sum of 116.00, and shall keep such service pipo
and gas meter in proper order and repair, provided that Itshall not 00 compulsory on the
Company to furnish or introduce the same as
Aforesaid to anv shop, house, establishment or
' residence at a distance of more than fifty feet
from their mains, save as hereinafter mentioned. ,    , , ,i
7 Provided that any person desiring a supply
of gas if I hi! place wherein such gas is required
he dislani more than lifty foot from any main
may require tho Company to supply such service pine nt op cock and motor for the price
above mentioned in addition to �� Bum nnt ex-
ceodlng$1.00 a foot on each foot of distance
over and above tho said llfty foot,
H With the permission ol tho City Council
and-eeoiding to plans Approved hv the City
Kngineer nnd under his supervision Iho ( one
naiVv mav if found neee^ary make any sewers
thai may be necessary for carrying oil the
washings and waste lineal* which may arise in
thn making <>f gns. and for the purpose afore-
said mav remove and raise all malerlalin such
streets and bridges and they may in snch
Htieetsdoali other noti which tho Company
BhRll   from time  to  time deem   n mam  tm
huniilvlng BAB lo tbe inhabitants Within the
nmilHH^-illod in the second section hereof,
doing as little damage as may bo in the exeou-
building or any bind not dedicated
u-e. without the consent of lhe own-
upieiv thoroof,
Beforo the Company proceed to open or
break up any streot, bridge or pavement thev
shall givo to the City Engineer or olher authority under whose control or management lho
same may be. notice in writing of thoir intention to open or break up the same, not Less than
three clear days befo a beginning such work,
exci pi lu rases of emergency arising fiom defects in the pipe-, or other works, when Immediate notice shall ho given. No pipo, main,
sower, pillar, lamp or othor work or thing Bhall
be usod by the Company for any purpose until
tbey obi a in from the t iiy Engineer a certificate
in writing tli.it tho san.o has beon erected or
constructed iu his satisfaction.
11, Whon tho Company open or break up tho
road or pavement of any street or bridge, tbey
shall with a'l convenient speed, cot piete the
work for which tho same shall bo irokon or
Opened up, and shall llll in the ground, reinstate
and make good the road or pavomonl ho opened
or broken up nud carry away tlio rubbish occasioned thorebj and shall at all times whon
required while ny such street or pavement
shall bo broken up, causo a light sullicient for
the warning of passengers to be set up nud
maintained every night during which same
shdi bo oponod or brokon un.
12. The Company shall be liablofor and shall
indemnify the Citj for nil damages arising out
of tho construction andonorat ion of thoir
Cokoand this Works, including therein the
construction and keeping in repair of every
main, sewer or any other work in respool of
this By-Law and tne conveying of gas or aow-
nire through Riioli tnnlnsaud -ewers.
Hi. If at anv I ime in lhe opinion of Iho City
Council tho profits on lln.'gas sold in tho City
bo excessive I he Company Bhall submit lo
arbitration tho question of tho prices charged
for gas supplied anil shall produce their books
and othor papers for Inspection and tin' prices
of ga> supplied for all purposes shall he rcduc-
od as the City Counoil shall direct, occording
to tlib rato decided by arbitration, but not '
any case io reduce the ('oiupanyV profit
Corporation of the  City  of
By-Law No, -it).
?:(u,ooo to
extend the
la per cent, per annum on   tho  gas hu��in
such arbitration  to be  conducted  under the
provisions of tho Arbitration Act, being Chap-
tor fl, 1807.of tho British Columbia Statutosand
nmonding acts.
II. The City shall Inve tho right on tho oxi Iry
of ten ye irs from tlie dato of the passing of the
By-Law lo take ovor and own tho aforesaid
Cokoand Qos Works on a valuation to bo determined by arbitration; the City nnd tho
Company lo name each nn arbitrator, nnd thoy
to inuuo a third, and in the event of ihem dis-
ngroolng on n third the same to he appointed
by the Chief Justico of the Province, such arbitration to he conducted und
lion Act, Chapter it, 1897, of the British Colun
bin Statutes or ils amendments, such valuation
to he bused outhe value of the plant at the
time of transfer as a. going concern, and the
value of the ('oko business established, but no
value shall be determined as inuring to tho
Company by thoir possessing the franchise to
distribute gas throughout tbo City.
16. Tbo local ion of such works lo be approved
o'hy the City Council.
17. The rights, liberties and privileges mentioned in this By-Law, subject to chaise il,
shall b0 exclusively enjoyed save ns to the
Coko works, by tbe Company for a period of
twenty-five years.
17. A contract, embodying lho provisions of
this By-Law and a covenant on the port of lho
Company to conform Io and fulfil all the matters and provisions hereby required of them
shall be drawn and shall be executed by the
Cily nnd the Company within sixty days from
the passing of this By-Law.
is. In this Bv-Law the expression "city" shall
mean the "City of Nelson"; "Cily Council"
shall nieui "Tho Municipal Council of thoCily
Of Nelson"; "City Engineer" shall mean "The
Engineer of Ihe City of Nelson", and the word
"Company" shnll include, refer to and bo in
every way binding upon the Company, their
nnd each of their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.
A   Hy-Law   to raise
Water Works System.
Whereas, A Petition has been presented to
the Municipal Council of the Corporation of
the City of Nelson, signed by tho owners of al
least oi.o-lcnlhof the value of tbo real property of the said Olty (as -bown by the hist As-
Bossmont Koll) requesting the said Counoil to
introduce a By-Law to raise the sum of Thirty
thousand dollars <$:i0,ni��)| for the purpose of
extending Ibe Water Works Sy.-tein of the
said ( ily.
And Whereas, if is doomed necessary and expedient to extend tint Waterworks System of
lhe City of Nelson for the convenience of tho
citizens and for tiro protection.
And Wheroos, II la expedient lo bm-row tlie
suid sum of Thirty llnm-and dollars (liU.OOOi
for ihe purposes aforesaid :
And Whereas, : be whole amount of rateable
, land of the BAid City, according to tho  lust re-
lid I vised Assessment Roll, is (Sight hundred and
six thousand eight hundred and BeV only dollars
And, Whereas, It will bu requisite to raiso
annually by rate the sum of Two thousano five
hundred and eighty dollars (2,580.00) for paying
Ihe snid debt and interest.
Now, Therefore, the Municipal Council of
the t lorporatlon of the City of Nelson enacts as
I. Itshall and may ho lawful for tbo Mayor
of the Corporat ion of the Oity of Nolson to borrow, upon the or dit of the sad Corporation,
by way of the I indentures horoinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, body or
under  oodles corporate, who may be willing to ad-
Take Notice that tho above Is a true copy of
the proposed By-Law upon which the vote of
the Municipality Will bo taken, for the E ist
Ward at the Firo Hall on Josophlno street, for
the West, Ward at the olllco of tho Exchequer
Gold Mining Co. on north side of Haker street
1 etwoen Stanley nnd Kootenay streets, on
Monday tho 29th day of May al eight o'clock in
the forenoon.
City Clerk.
Nelson, tt. C, May 10th, 1809.
Corporation of the City of
Vance the same as a loan, a stun of money nut
exceeding in tbe whole tho sum of Thirty
thousand dollars (30,000,00;, and to cause all
such sums bo raised or received lo bo paid into
the hand- of the Treasurer of tho Corporation,
fortius purposes and with lho objects herein
before recited.
2, itshall be lawful forthe Mayor cf the said
Corporal Ion to cause any number of Debentures to be made, executed and issued for such
sum or sums as may be required for the purpose and ohjeot AforeBald, not exceeding, however, the sum of Thirty thousand dollars 130,-
000.00), each or tho said Debentures being of
Arbitra- tho denomination of Ono thousand doll rs il.-
000.00), and all such Debentures shall bo sealed
with the seal of tho Corporation and signed by
tho Mayor tnereof.
li. Tlio said Debentures shall hear date tbe
20thday of July, A.D. 1890, and Bhall be made
payable in twenty years from the said date, in
lawful money of Canada, at lhe otllce of tbo
Bank of Montreal tn Nelson aforesaid, wh'oh
said place of payment Bhall be designated by
the Bald Debentures, and shall have attached
to tbem coupons for the payment of interest
and the signatures to the interest coupons m y
ho either written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
1. Tbo said Debentures shall boar interest at
the rate of live per centum per annum from
tho dato thereof, which interest shall be payable semi annually at said olllco of the Bank
of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful
money of Cai ada, on tlio 20th day of January
and the20thday of July loapectively, in each
year during the currency thereof, and it shall
DO expressed ill said Debentures and coupons
to bo so payable.
5. It snail be lawful for lhe Mnynr of said
Corporation to negotiate and sell tho said Debentures or auy of them for less than par; but
iu no ease shall tho said Debentures oi any of
them be negotiated or sold for loss than ninety-
five per centum of thoir face value, including
tbo cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage
and all olher incidental expenses.
(i. There shall be levied and raised in each
yoar during I bo currency of tald Debentures
the sum of Pit teen hundred dollars (1,600,00)
for thu payment ��� of Interest, and the sum of
Ono thousand and eighty dollars (1,080.00) for
tho payment Of lho debt due under tho said
Debentures bj a rate sullicient therefor on all
tbo rateable land in the said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for tbo said Municipal
Council to re-purchase any of the said Debentures tt pun such terms as may bn agreed upon
wilh the legal bolder or holders thereof, or.nnj
part* tbereof, either at the time of sale or any
subsequent time or times, and all Debentures
so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled
and destroyed, and no reissue of Debentures
so re-purchased shall be mado in consequence
of such re-purohose,
8. ThiB By-Law shall take effect on tho lht
day of Jui.o, A.D. 1899.
Ky Law, No. 39.
A By Law to raise 115,000 to extend and Improve Klootrlo Lights.
WHEREAS, A Petition has been presented to
tho Municipal Council of tbo Corporation of
the City of Nelson. Blgned-by the owners of nt
least ono-tenth of tho value of the real property of ibe Cily (as shown by the last Assessment Roll), requesting the Bftid Council to introduce a By-Law to rai-se fifteen thousand
dollars (915,000) for the purpose of extending
and Improving the Electric Light Works System and Plant in tlie Cily of Nelson.
ANi�� WlIKHBAS, it is expedient to borrow
thesaid sum of fifteen thousand dollars (J15,-
ouo> for ihe purposes aforesaid;
And \\ hereas, the whole amount of tho rateable land of tbe said City, according to the lost
revised Assessment Roll is eight hundred and
six thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars
And Whereas, it will be necessary to raise
annually by rate the sum of Twelve hundred
and ninety dollars ($1,290) fur paying thesaid
debl and Interest,
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of Ihn
Corporation of the City of Nelson enacts as
follows :���
1. it shall and mny ho lawful for tbe Mayor
of tlie Corporation of the City of Nelson lo
borrow, upon the credit of tbe said Corporation, by wny of ihe Debenture* hereinafter
mentioned, from any perdon or persons, body
or bodies corporate, wbo may bo willing lo advance the same ns a loan, a sum of money not
exceeding in the whole the sum of Fifteen
thousand dollars ($15,000), and to cause all such
sums so railed or recei ed to bo paid into the
hands of tlio Treasurer of tho Baid Corporation,
for he purposes and with the object*, hereinbefore recited.
2. it Bhall bo lawful for tbe Mayor of the
Bald Corporation to cause any number of Debentures to be mado, executed and issued for
suoh sum or sums as may be required for'ho
purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding,
however, the sum of Fifteen thousand dollars
1515 000), eaoh Of tho said Debentures being of
the denomination of One thousand dollars (si,-
(IOO), and all such Debentures shall be sealed
with tbe seal of tbe Corporation and signed
by the Mayor thereof.
It. Thesaid Debentures shall hear date llio
20th day of July. A.D. 1899, and shall he made
payable in twenty years from Ibe said dale, iu
lawful money of Canada, at the office of tho
Hank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which
said place of payment shall bo designated
by iho said Debentures, and shall have attached to tbem coupons for tin- payment of interest, and the signatures to the interest coupons may be either written, stamped, printed
or lithographed.
4. Tho sold Debentures shall bear ini jrest at
the rale of llvo porognlum per annum frum Iho
datolhereof. which inlcr*s* shall he payable
semi-annually at said otllce of Ihr Bank of
Montreal at Nelson aforesaid, iu lawful money
of I nnnda. on the 20th day of January and tho
:0tb day of July respectively, In each yoar during tho currency ineieof. and it shall be expressed III said Debentures and con pons to bo
so payable.
ft, it. shall be lawful for the Mayor of said
Corporation to negotiate and Bell the said Debentures or any of them for I em than par ; but
In no oase shall the said Debentures or any of
th tn bo l ogotiateiur sold for leas than ninety-
ftvo por centum Of their face value, including
the cost ol negotiating and sale, brokerage and
all other Incidental expenses.
6, There shnll hi; raised and levied in each
year during the currency of said Debentures
thu sum of Seven hundred and fifty dollars
(750) for the paymenl of interest, and the sum
of Five hundred and forty dollars (040) for Iho
payment of tho   debt   under lho said Debon
Take Notice. That Ihe above Is a true copy
Of the proposed Hy-Law upon which the vote
of tho Municipality will betaken, for the East
Ward at tlie Fire Hall on Josephine Street; for
iba West Ward at tne office of the Exchequer
Gold Mining Co. on lho north sido of Haker
.Streei, between Stanley and Kootenay
Streets, on tho east half of Lot 9, Blook ll, on
Monday, tbo 29th day of May, instant, at 8
o'clock in tne forenoon.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B.O.   May Ufch, 1899.
6:80 am.���Train leaves 0. P. li. station
for main  line  and  intermediate points via Blocan
Lake route dailv.
S:(J0 am.���S.S. Moyie leaves for Kootenay lAl'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
9:40 a.m.���Train loaves N. & F. S.
station for Kossland, Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.- H. S. Kokanee airives from
Kaslo and way points dally
except Sunday*
4:00 p.m.���8. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:80 p.i'i.���S. H. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
5:80 p.m.���Train arrives N. & P. S.
station, from Spokane
Rossland and way points
0:50 p.m.���S. S.  Moyie   arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
6:40 p.m.���Train leaves O. P. K. station for Hobson, Trail,
Hossland, etc, daily.
S.;i0 p. m.���Train arrives C. P. R.
station from main line and
intermediate points via
SloOBS Lake route daily.
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives 0. P. K. station, from Hossland, Trail,
Hobson, etc., daily.
Transportation Companion aro requested to
tares by a rate sullicient then-for on all the give notlee to tho Minor of any alteration! in j
rateable land in thesaid Municipality. tho time of urival anddouarture from Nelson.
7, Itshall he  lawful forthe said M inlolpal j
CounoU to repurchase any of the said Deben*
tureinpon auoh tormBOfl may be agreed upon
with the legal holder or holders thereof, or any
part thereof either at the time o( Halo or any
subsequent time or timos, and ull Debentures
ko repurchased shall forthwith bo cancelled
and destroyed, and no re-is*-ue of Debentures
so repurchased shall be made In such ropur-
8. This By*Law shnll take effect on the 1st
day of June, A.D..1MW.
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star,   Hercules,  Surprise  and  others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nel*
son, but have no regular  times of arrival ad departure,
the pr
fbe mi
the VV
Notice that the above Is a I rue copy of
posed By-Law upon which the vote of
liolpallty will be taken, for the Kast
t the Fire Hall on Josephine Street, for
t Ward at I be olliee of tbe Exchequer
Provincial Land Surveyor.
(jold Mining Co, on lho north    iilo of Uiikur
AND   11088LAND, B. 0.
The Hiner ZZZ
middle of June the Handsomest
and most Carefully Prepared
Presentation of the Resources
of the Kootenays that ever left
a press.
Sixteen Pages,
Containing' views of Nelson and
all the Slocan and East Kootenay towns, and tho mines tributary to each.
ioo Half Tones
are now being made from photos of the towns, leading business houses and hotels, and
leading citizens.
For Advertisers
This number will offer exceptionally favorable means of
making themselves known to
the people of this district, and
also of bringing their names
prominently before the outside
Price Ten
Cents Each.
Leave list of names with ten
cents for each one at this office and we will
do the addressing and mailing. NELSON DAILY MINER,
Corporation of the City of
BY-LAW  NO. 12.
A By-Law rospnotiug an Eleotrio
Street Kailway iu   the City of Nelson.
Whereas, Thomas J. Dunoan ami
Francis \V. Peters, both ot the City of
Nelsou (representatives of the British
Eleotric Traction Company, Limited)
hereinafter called the "applicants, "
havo applied to the City of Nelson tor
the right of constructing, equipping,
maintaining and operating street rail-
Way lines in tho Oity of Nelson,    aud
Whereas, tlio applicants have applied
for the authority, right and privileges
to build,equip, maiutaiu aud operate
and from time to timo remove and
ohange a double track or single track
railwav or tramway, with all necessary
sidetracks,switches and turnouts,poles,
wires, conduits, aud aii appliances
for the running of cars, carriages aud
other vehicles ou, over and along the
streets or highways of the City of Nelson, nnd
Whereas, it has beeu deemed advisable to grant tbe request of the said
applioauts, subject to the terms and
conditions and provisoes hereinafter
contained, und on the distinct agreement that the fitllillment of the said
terms, oonditions and provisos in so
far as the same are prior in point of
time to construction and operation of
such railway line or portion thereof
shall be conditions precedent to the
oonstruotion and operatiou thereof,
aud iu so far as the terms and conditions hereinafter contained lelate to
tho operation, conduct and management of said railway lines or system, or
any part thereof, the same and the fulfilment of the same, shall iu all cases
be conditions precedent to the continued enjoyment of the rights aud privileges of the applicants under this By-
SNow, therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
Nelson enacts as follows :
1. Subject to the fulliimeit by the
applioauts of the terms, oonditions and
provisos hereinafter coutained, which
terms, conditions and provisoes and
tho due fulfilment thereof are to ho
taken, as hereinbefore stated, as conditions precedent, to the enjoyment of
tho rights aud privileges hereby granted, the applioauts are hereby given
and granted the exclusive right and
privilege to construct aud maiutaiu
complete aud operate double and single
track railways or tramways, und from
time to time to change a double to a
single track railway or tramway, and
vice versa, with the necessary sidetracks, switches, turnouts, poles,
wires, conduits, and all appliances for
the rnnniug of cars, carriages and
other vehicles adapted to the same on,
over, and along auy of the streets or
highways of the City of Nelson, and
to run their oars, take, transport and
carry passougors aud freight on the
same, by electrio power or such other
power as may bo found practicable,
but such power other than electric
power shall, bofore being used, be first
approved of by tho City Council.
2. The lines of said railway aro tn
be built, equipped and operated subject
to the following regulations, and tlie
applicants are to conform thereto:
(a) The applicants bofore entering on
any street to construct any line of railway shall make application to the
City for permission so to do, naming
the street, or streets, across or aloug
which they desire to operate their
works, aud before in any way proceeding with the work shall receive tho
approval of the City Council.
(b) The construction of any line of
railway on any street or highway
shall uot be commenced uutil a plan
thereof showing the location on street,
positiou aud style oi track, road bed,
rails, poles, wires, and all other appliances shall have been submitted to aud
approved by tho Oity Engineer.
(o) No approval either ot the City
Council or tho Oity Egiueer shall have
auy force or effect if tho railway line
for which the same has been given has
not been fully constructed and iu operatiou within twelve mouths from tho
time of such approval.
(d) Thu location on streets, the positiou,stylo and gauge of all the tracks,
road bed, Tails, poles, wires and all
othor appliances shall conform to
agree with the plans approved by the
City Egiueer, and the gauge shall he
the standard gauge (4 feet, 8Ja inches).
(e) No uew line or extension of existing line shall be opened for trallic
until tho applicants have obtained a
certificate in writing from the City
Engineer that tho same has beeu constructed to his satisfaction, subject to
appeal from the decision of tho City
Engineer iu tho event of refusal to
grant such certificate.
(f) The overhead or trolley system
is to be adopted,
(g) All poles erectod shall bo so
placed as to interfere as little as poa-u-
blo with all other uses of said streets,
and both material and workmanship
of said poles shall bo of first class
quality, and oil all graded streets said
poles shall lie painted ; and the applicants shall have tin use of all electric
light poles owned by tho City for
street railway purposes, provided the
same are properly braced and protected
by the applicants, with the approval
of the Oity Engineer.
(h) The conches and cars to be used
on the said lino of railway shall he of
the most modern style aud construction, suitable for tho safety and comfort of the passengers; shall whon in
operation be always sufficiently lighted
and heated, and shall havo painted
ou conspicuous parts thereof in largo
plain letters, so that tho samo may be
readily seen by.dny ur night, the route
or street on which tho same are to bo
(i) Each car is to be in   charge   of a
uniformed conductor, who shall clearly
aunouce   tho names nf cross streets  as
the  cars     reach   them.      Conductors
shall only receive   and   discharge passengers on   tho  right or   curb side  of j applicants
tho cars ou double track   routos.    Cars  privileges
are not to bo overcrowded (a   comfort- j
able number   of   passengers   for  each
class of cars is to bo deter mii*rd by the
Oity Engineer and approved of by   tho
Oity Oouncil. )    Cars   shall  be stopped
at every cross streot clear of such cross
stroot for taking up   or letting off passengers : provided   no car shall bo   required tn stop   at such cross stroet unless signalled   by   a prosn-j or  persons
desiring to board such car, or by a person or persons on   suoh car desiring to
be let off.    Oars aro   to commence running on ull routes not   later than   (1:80
a. in., and to run until 11   p   m.,   and
eaoh day at least IB  cars shall bo   run
eaoh way on eaoh  route, and when a
census taken by the Oity shows that
the Oity has a popolation of 12,tiou,
then at such Intervals between n a. m.
and 11 p.m. as the City Engineer with
tho apptoval of the City Council, may
from time to time determine,
(j) The trades nf said railway lin*
shall be laid, on streets improved ami
graded so that carriages aud other
vehicles may easily travel over ami
across at any or all points thereof with
the least, possible obstruction and on
streets not cotistinoted according to any
established grade, the said tracks nf
sau! rialway lines may be temporarily
laid, but sliall bu so constructed as uot
to interfere with or obstruct the crossings of any streets intersected bv said
line, and on snob streets between such
intersections tho said railway shall be
laid so as to impede as little as possible trallic thereon, and according to
plans approved nf by tho Oity Engineer; and an soon as such streets are
giaded, the said tracks shall bo altered
tn conform to such grade, at the expense nf the applicants, and the said
tracks shall then be laid so that carriages anil other vehicles may easily
travel over or across tbem.
(k) Upon streets which are not yet
Improved and opened no by the Oity of
Nelson, the tracks of Baid railway
Hoes may be temporarily laid nooorfling to plans approved of bv 'ho City
Kngineer, and may be thereafter altered by the applicants, and the City of
Nelson will assist the applicants by
paying one-half the cost of clearing
trees nnd stumps and ditching such
portion oi the streets as mav be required to be so cleared and ditched, or
al, tho option of the City, such work
inav be done by the Oity, and one-bait
of tho cost thereof sliall be defrayed by
the applicants, and should tlie applicants require tn do such work in connection with tho opening up of such
streets the Citv will give the applicants
tho free use of earth and rock ou the
streots, which they may need for ballast or otherwise, and which iu tlie
opinion of the City Council is uot, required by the Oity for street purposes;
but such material is not to bn taken s.*.
as to bring tho streets below the grade
as established for such street or streets.
(1) Ordinary carriages and other vehicles may travel, on, over aud across
tho said tracks, and it shall be a lawful for all and every person aud persons whomsoever to travel upon and
use the said tracks with their carriages,* or other vehicles, loaded or
empty, when and so often as they may
please, provided thoy do not impede
or interfere with the cars of tho applicants running thereon, aud subject at
all times to tho right of tho applicants
to kooD upon tho said tracks with
thoir oars when meeting or overtaking
any carriage or other vehicle thereon.
The oars of tho applicants shall bo entitled to tbo right of way on said
tracks, and any vehicle, horseman or
foot passenger upou said tracks shall
turn ont on the approach of any car so
as to leave the said tracks clear; duo
warning being given at tho intersection of streets of the approach of said
car by the ringing of gong or bell.
(in) Slid applicants sliall at all times
maintain tho ties, stiingers, rails,
turnouts, curves, sidetracks, pules,
wires, and conduits in a stato of thorough offloionoy uud tn tho satisfaction of the City Engineer, and shall
remove, rouew and replace tho same
as circumstances may require, and
as the City Engineer may direct.
(n) Said applicants shall at all
times keep so much of the graded
streets occupied hy thoir said lines of
railway as may lio between the rails of
overy track and between tbe lines of
every double track and for the space
ef eighteen (18) inches on the outside
of every track iu good repair, cleaned
of snow, ice and other obstructions, and
shall cause the suow, ice aud other obstructions to be removed as speedily
as possible, the snow and ice to be
spread over the balance of the street so
���is to afford a safe and unobstructed
passage way for carriages and other
vehicles. Should the Ouy Engineer
at any time consider that the suow or
ice so obstructing the said portions
of tho said streets has not been properly or as speedily as possible removed
from or about the tracks of the said
railway "lines or not properly nr as
speedily as possible spread over the
said streets, he may oause the same to
���.Ki i be removed or spread as aforesaid, and
right to buy tickets at the rate not exceeding six (ti) for twenty-five (25)
cents, tn be used only on school days
betweeu the hours of eight a. m. and
live p. m A ticket shall bo deemed
a fare. A class of tickets must be sold
to bona fide workmen at the rate of
twenty (20) for one dollar, the same to
be used only by workmen when travelling on the cars between the time tin*
cars commence running in the morning and eight a. in., and between (i p,
in. and 7 :8I) p. m., such tickets to be
sold only at the offioes of the company
within the City of Nelson, to bona fide
workmen, who must sfato their names
and occupations, arid comply with
other reasonable conditions. The
classes of tickets above named, excepl
workmen's tickets, shall bo kept for
sale ou the cars of the applicants at all
times. In case of failure to supply
such tickets for purchase by passsen-
geis, then said passengers shall bo carried free until such tickets aro provided.
1. The applicants shall have the
right to charge and collect, from every
person on entering any of their cars
a fare, and any person refusing to pay
any such fare may be removed from the
oar. The rate of fare for each passenger travelling on auy one of the said
lines shall not exceed ten cents, including ordinary hand baggage, except
on night ears as above provided; provided that no fare shall be required of
a child under five years of age while
travelling under the care of another
older person, and provided that when
the samo passenger travels over two
or more streets or lines iu the City,
there shall bo but nno fare for the
whole distance so travelled, and ihe
applicants when desired by passengers
shall issue transfer tickets at the point
nf connecting or crossing line to any
passenger who has paid one faro on
auy line operated by the applicants
iu the City of Nelson, whioh transfer
(heck shall entitle the passenger so receiving the samo to a passage on any
connecting or crossing line operated
hv said appioants in said City. A pis-
sauger shall be entitled to as many
transfers for oue fare as shall bo uecessary to allow oue continuous trip nr
passage over the lines ot tho railway
from any one point on the said lines
within theJOity of Nelson to any other
points on their said lines within the
City, and such transfer checks shall
be used only by the person receiving
the same, and shall be' used within
ten minutes, or upon the next available car departing upou a connecting
or crossing liue upon which it is to
be used.
b. The proporty of the applicants,
consisting of real estate used in the
operation of their railway, and necessary for such purpose, road bed (which
shall iuclude also tho rails, polos,
ties aud any part or share of the pavement which has been constructed by
the applioauts) shall bo exempt for
the space of tou (10) years from municipal taxation, and no taxes or licenses
shall be levied or collected from the
applicants during said period upon said
property or for operating nud carrying
on said railway.
(i. Whenever the City of Nelson decides to pave anv street or highway
traversed hy any nf such railway lines
the applicants shall at the same time
pave in a similar manner, or in such
other manner as may be approved by
the City Engineer (provided that such
pavomeut shall not ho of a moro ex-
penssive kind than that adopted by
tbe City) those parts hereinafter referred to, and in case any streets in
whieh the applicants shall lay a railway track shall have been paved previous to the time of laying of suoh track
the applioauts shall upon laying their
traok repave the same and keep in repair the same as hereinafter  provided.
Tho parts referred lo shall be:
In caso of a single track ; between
the rails aud eighteen inches on each
side of them.
Iu caso of double track; between
both sets of rails aud eighteen inches
on each side outside of both tracks aud
between each inside of both tracks
commonly known as the "devil"
Tlio parts referred to as aforesaid
shall bo kept constantly in gaod repair
bv tin* said applicants, who shall also
construct nnd keep in good repair
crossings of similar nature to those
within   the limits
ir   rail-
limits of   tho
tho applioauts unless appealed from
as hereinafter mentioned. f> 11 repair
and construction shops, offices, car
sheds or barns ami general buildings
(except power house) used bv the au-
plicanls in the operation nf th
way shall be within tin
8. The applicants shall be liable for
aud shall indemnify the City for nil
damages arising nut of the construction or operating uf their railway.
9. The Council may, after the year
1000, by written notice served upon the
applicants, nr any one of them, or anyone of their ollicers or agents resident
in the Oity, or any person whom they
shall by written notice to tho City
designate to represent them, to receive
notices or process, demand the construction of auy now lino or Hues
wi till n the Oity limits on any street
or streets as hereinafter provided.
Line or lines must be designated as to
route and terminus, and must extend
from line or lines already in operation.
At tho date of such notice there must
be an average actual bona lido resident
population of at least BOO persons of
above live years of age, for each half
mile of proposed line, living within a
distance of one quarter of a mile ou
eaoh side thereof, and not within one-
eighth ot a mile of any parallel lino
already In Operation, that is; an aver-
ago of live hundred for each quarter
square mile, measured as above. The
upplioants shall construct and operate
such new lino or lines within twelve
months from such notice. A bona fide
commencement musl bo made within
such reasonable time as may bo fixed
by Council wheu giving notice.
I. The applicants shall within four
months after lhe final passage of this
Hy-Law deposit with the City Treasury
two thousand ($8,000) dollars to be retained by the City ns security for tbe
payment of any damages that may ro
suit to the City from tho commence*
ment of the building of such railway
and a failure to complete said two
miles as hereinbefore provided, and in
ease nf such failure to complete thesaid
two miles within the time hereinbefore
limited the City shall repay to the ap
plioauts the said sum of two thousand
dollars ami interest at tho rate of five
per cent per annum, less any damages
payable as aforesaid. Upou coniple-
tio of such two miles of railway said
sum of two thousand dollars sliall bu
lopaid to said applioants, or their assigns, with interest iu the meantime
at tho rate of five per cent, per annum
II. If tho applicants comply with
the provisions of this By-Law and
shall operate the said line or linos of
railway in accordance with the same,
they Bhall ho entitled to en.ioy the
rights and privileges granted under
this By-Law exclusively for the term
of thirty-five (3b) years, and nt the
expiratiou thoroof the City of Nelsou
may on giving one year's notice of
their intention so to dj assume ownership of the said railway and personal
property id connection therewith, of
every kiud and description, upon payment of the full value of the same, including the value of any pavement
mndo or done by or nt the expense of
the applicants, to bo determined by arbitration, and iu considering such
value, the franchise, rights and privileges granted uuder this By-Law,
and the revenue, profits and dividends
derived or likely to he derived are uot
to be taken into consideration, but the
arbitrators are to consider only the actual value of the actual and tangible
propertv, plant, and equipments and
works connected with and necessary to
the operation of the said   railway, in
tors being unnblo or failing to ngree
upou the said third arbitrator for one
week after their appointment or tho
appointment of the one of them who
was last appninted, then such third
arbitrator shall he chosen nno appointed by the Ohief .Tusitoe for the time
being of the Supreme Court of the
Proviuce of British Columbia, or in
the event of the Chief Justice being
sick, abseut from tho Province or
otherwise unable or refusing tn act,
then such third arbitrator shall bo appointed by the Hunior judge of suoh
court. The decision or award of any
two of the said arbitrators shall be
final, suoh arbitration to be in other
respects governed by the provisions
nf the Arbitration Aot.chapter 0 of the
British Columbia Statutes of 1897, or
its amendments,
1*1. Any person or ticr-ons who
shall in nny way or maniii r wilfully
obstruct the free passage of cars on
and along the track or tracks upon
nny of tho applicants lino of railway,
shall be liable upon conviction before
the Oity Polico Magistrate, the Mayor
or any Justice or Justices of lho Peace
having jurisdiction to a fine not exceeding twenty dollars and costs, for
each offence, and in default of payment ot said line and costs, to be
imprisoned iu any police station or
lock-up bouse in thesaid Oity for a period not excluding twenty-one days,
unless such penalty aud cosls shall
have been sooner paid.
15, The Oity will not. during the
onrrenoy of this franchise, grant any
permit or franchise to any other person
or persons or oorporation for the operation of a street car system in thoCity,
or in any way authorize the oonstruotion of a streot railway system hy any
other persou or persons or  corporation.
Ki. The Olty hereby oonsent to
this By-law being ratified bv the Legislature of the Province of British Oo-
lumbia, and sn long as tho applicants
comply with the terms of this By-law
will not oonsent to nor approve of oi
confirm, or in any other wav assist
any otber party or company or corporation in obtaining from the Legislature any rights or privileges tn outer
upon or occupy any of tbo streets of
the City of Nelsou for tho purpose of
operating n street railway system.
The cost of legislation is to be paid
by the applicants.
1?. Alt provisions of this by-Law
shall appply to any extension of rhis
railway beyond tho limits of the Oity
or any lino or lines acquired, owned,
controlled ur operated with or adjoining a Oity line or lines when such
stieets or routes come within the limits of the City of Nelsou.
18. All rights and privileges under
this By-Law may be transferred to
and become vested in a company to be
formed aud organized by the applicants and their associates aud such
transfer, and all benefits and obligations arising undor this By-Law slmll
bo transferred to the said Company
which shall thereupon become and bo
liable in the place of tbo applioants
for the propsr carrying out aud fulfilment of this Hy-Law.
111. Nothing in this By-Law shnll
he construed us giving the applicants
any rights to utilize or dispose of paw-
or for any other purpose than the operation of their railway or incidental
thereto, or to permit* auy porson or
corporation supplying them with
power to havo any such rights.
21. A coutract embodying the provisions hereof, and a covenant ou the
part of tho applicants to conform to
and fulfil nil the matters and provisions hereby required of them shall bo
drawn   and   shall   bo executed   by the
charge tho expense thereof to the applicants, who shall at once pay the same
to the City. If, however, tlie City
Engineer is of the opinion that snch
snow or ico should be removed entirely
from tho streets SO :.s to afford a safe
passage for sleighs and other vehicles
the saiil applicants shall at once do so
at their own expense and charge, or in
case of their neglect the Oity Engineer may do so and charge tie* expt nse
to them, and they shall pay ibe same.
(o) The Mayor, the Ohief of Police
or tho Obief of the Fire Department
of the said City may order a suspension of the running of the car.-* on th*
said stieets used by lhe said lines nf
railway, or any of them, as he or they
may ('emu necessary during any lire,
on such street or   streets.    In   case   of
Ure, the Chief of the Fire   Brigade, or
all ollicers of thu City, authorized by
the Mayor, may cut or pull down any
wires, poles, structures or appliances
used to operate the cars on said lines,
or any nf tbem, or incidental theietu,
and neither tho City nor such offioera
shall be liable for any loss or damage
resulting from the cutting or pulling
down thereof, but shall only bo liable*
for the actuiil cost or expense of repairing or replacing the same. The members of tbe police or Fire Departments
of the City of Nelson, when in uniform, and the pol icemen and deetuo-
tivos exhibiting a badge are to bo carried free of charge on all nf tho street
oars operated by the said  applicants.
(p) The lino of railway of the applicants, fur tho conveyance of passengers, sliall bo operated daily, and
should tho said railway cease to bo
operated ut nny time for a pi nod of
two (2) mouths in any one year, the
shall lose all rights and
h ireby granted under this
by-law. Such failure to operate the
said railway lines during the said period mentioned is not to cause a forfeiture of the franchise and privileges
hereby granted, if the same should re-
sult from failure to obtain eleotrio
power, or fiom any other cause for
Whiob tho applioants are not iu any
way liable.
li. Single cash fares are not to bo
moro than ten (10) cents each, and
fares on any cars operated after 11 p.
m.. aro not tube more than double lie*
ordinary maximum single fare. A
class .if tickets must be sold at not.
less than twelve (12) for one ($1) dollar.    School childrou aro   to huve  the
adopted by the City     	
aforesaid at the intersection of every i the City of Nelson may for fifteen
'railway track and cross streot. In ��� years thereafter, at any tune, ougiv-
e'*i-*e the City Engineer considers that ' ing one year's notice of their luton-
t'i'ie paving or repairing of pavement tiou so to do, assume tbe ownership of
on streets within the lines above men- the railway or all real nnd persona
tinned has mt been properly or snffloi- 'property in connection with tho work-
untly lone the City may aiieot that the ing thereof, of every kind and desorip-
work may be done' and completed uu- | tion as a going concern, upon payment
der the directions of the City  Engineer
eluding snch pavomeut, if any, nud I City nud the applicants within four
aftor the end of the said form of said months from the passing of this By-
thirty-five years, tho City   shall havo  Law.
the right at the end of eaoh succeeding* '-1* In this By-Law the expression
fivo (6) years to tnko over, assume aud "City" shall mean the City of Nelson
purchase the said lines of railway and , "City Council" the City Conncil of
railway system, and all tho plants, ap-i'be Oity of Nelson ; "Oity Engineer"
pliances and other property connected '. the enigneer of tho City of Nelson,
therewith, upou the'terms hereinafter and tho word "applicants" shall in-
meutioned provided for as tn arbitra- ' elude, refer to aud be in evory way
tion, and the notice required in suoh I binding upou the applicants, their and
case shall ho one year, and until such eaoh of their heirs, exocutors, admin-
ussnniption and purchase the rights istrators, and assigns, where name I
and privileges aro to he extended to the and mentioned in connection with tho
applicants boyoud the said period of. word "applioauts," wherever the
thirty-five years on and subject to same occurs iu this By-Law, and shall
the terms and conditious herein con- ; also wherover referred to he binding
tained. ; in   everyway  upon a company  to  be
12   After tho   expiration   of   fifteen ( formed and organized by the applioauts
(16) yoars of tho said   thirty-five years I and their associates.
Dono and passed iu   Oouncil  at   the
City of   Nelson   the day   of
 A. 1)., 1890.
of the said Corporation, by
Debentures hereinafter '
from anv person  or
aad iii such eases all expenses aud
charges to which the City has been put
shall be forthwith paid to tbe City by
the applicants, it being the understanding that auy question as to
whether repairs are necessary or have
been properly done by tho Oity shall
be subject to tbe decision of tho City
l.uginei r.
The Oity shall upon reasonable notioe
of their intention so lo do, havo the
right to tako up Bnd replace the streets
of the full value of the same, inolud
ing the value of the pavement made
or done by or nt the expense of the applicants, to ho determined bv arbitration, aud shall upon the expiration of
such year's notice pay tn tho applicants, in addition to the actual value
uf  the aotual  and  tangible property,
plant equipments and works cunnected
therewith and necessary tu the operation of the railway a further sum of
live years' prospective profits in con-
unction witli the. business as a going
concern, and such live years prospective profits shall be arrived at by calculating the average urolits of tho railway three yenrs previous from tho dale
uf such assumption and three years
from and after the dote nf such assumption-and such prospective profits so to
bo paid shall he deemed to include all
rights, benefits and advent *gn conferred under the franchise granted hy
this By-Law.
Take notice thnt the above is a true
copy of tho proposed bylaw upon
which tlm vote of the Municipality
wi 1 be taken ; for the East Ward at
the Fire Hall, on .losephme street;
for tho West Ward at the Office of the
Exohequer Gold Mining Oompany, on
North side of Bnkor Stroot between
Stanley and Kootenay street, ou Monday the 29th day of May at eight
o'clock in tho forenoon.
Citv Clerk.
Nolson, B. C, May 1(1, 181)!!.
way of uH*
,   ,.      ��� - persons,  body ,���.
bodies corporate, who mav be wiili,,'
to advance the sniiii* as a a,,*,,, ,., ' **���
of money not exceeding in the whnlo
the sum of Ten thousand dolla
000.00), and to cause all sucl
raised or re* eived lu I
hand, of the Treasurer of th.
Corporation, for ihe purposes
with the objects  hereiiihefor
is (|lo,.
sums so
r��*'d into the
2. It shall be lawful I'm* the Mayor of
the said Corporation to cnuseany num
ber of  I) bentures to
cuted and issued for such
as muy  be  required  foi
and   object  nf. resaid   i���.
���  said   De.
shall   lion,
A.I),  iHiO,
m twenty
'* in lawful
'I'ti'-o ,,| the
lIBOll ah.I,. I
paymenl   sliall be
made, exe-
'inn or sums
fbe  purpoBo
 t exceeding
however,   the sum uf Ten ''
dollars ($1(1,000), each  of I hi
bentures being ul the ill nominati f
Ono thousand dollars ($1,000), and all
such Debentures sh.ill be sealed with
the seal of the Corporation and i
by the Mayor thereof,
:i. 'I'lie said  Debentun
dale the 20th day  of July,
and shall   lie made payable
years from   Ilm  said  dati
money of Oanada, at lhe <
Bank of Montreul in Xels
which said place of
designated by the said Debenl nn >,,,,,,)
shall have attached to th ���oiipons
for the payment of Interest, and the
signature coupons may be either
written, stamped, priuted or hii,,,.
���1 The said Debentures shall l��.u.
interest lit the rate, of live per centum
per annum from the dale thereof
which Interest shall be payable semiannually ab-iaid oflice of the bank u|*
.Montreal iu Nelson aforesaid, in lawful
moiiev of Canada, on tin* 20th day of
January and the 20th day nf July respectively, in each year during' th,.
currency thereof, and it shall be expressed in said Debentures and coupons
to be so payable.
5. If shall be lawful for lln* .Mayor
of laid Corporation to negotiate and
sell the said Debentures or any of
thein for less than par : but in no case
shull the said Debentures or any pari
f them be negotiated or sold for lets
than ninety-five per centum of their
face value, including the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage and ail
other incidental expenses.
(I. There shall be raised and levied
ill each year during tlie currency uf
said Debentures the sum of Five hundred dollars ($500.00) for the payment
f interest,and the sum of Three hundred and sixty dollars ($360.00) for th,*
paymenl of the debt due uuder the
s; id Debentures hy a rate sullicient
therefor on all the rateable land iu the
snid municipality.
7. It, shall bo lawful for lhe said
Municipal Council to re-purchase any
of the said Dehenl nres upon such terms
as may he agreed upon with the legal
holder or holders thereof, or any part
thereof, either al, the time of sale or
anv subsequent time or times, and nil
Debentures so repurchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,
ami no re-issue of Debentures su repurchased shall be made iii consequence of such re-purchase,
8. This By-Law shall take effect uu
the lirst day of June, A. 1). 1809.
Take Notice, That the above is a
tine copy of the proposed By Law upon
which tlie vote of the municipality will
be taken, for the Kast Ward, at the
Fire Hall, on Josephine Streei. forthe
West Ward, nt the oflice of the Exchequer Gold Mining Co., on the north
sine of Baker Street, between Stanley
and Kootenay Streets,on the east half
of Lot I), Block 11, on Monday, the '29th
day of May, instant, at X o'clock in the
Citv Clerk.
Nelson, 11. 0., May 10th, 1K09.
traversal bv the railwav line fur the
purpose of altering lhe grades thereof, *
constructing, or repairing pavements,
sewers, drains or conduits, or for lay
ing down ur repairing water or gas
pipes, ami for all other purposes within the powers of tho Oorporation, the
name being replaoed by and at the expense of tbe City without being liable
fur any compensation or damage that
may be occasioned to the working of
the railway or the works connected
therewith,    and such    work shull   not
bo unnecessarily delayed  but  shall be
carired nn uud completed with all reasonable speed, regard being hnd to the
proper and effloieut execution thereof,
The privilege granted under this sec-
ton is also subject to any existing
rights (Statutory or otherwise) of anv
olli* r oorporation which uow has or
hereafter shall hnve the power to upim
or tako up streets of the (-ity. such
rights to bo exercised with the permission and under the direction of tho
���VS The   applicants   shall   commeucn | thou such dispute or
Corporation of the City of
By-Law No. it.
A   By-Law  to   raise $10,(XK) for the
erection of Public Buildings,
Whereas, A Petit ion has been pre-
I Hculed to the Municipal Council of the
Tlio decision of the City Engineer  Corporation  of tbo Cily of   Nolson,
with respect to the provisions of sub
sections "F," "tl," "H," "I," "J"
and "N," of section two (2) of this
bylaw shall bo filial and conclusive,
subject ouly lo appeal to tlm Oity
Oounoil, and should any dispute   ariso
signed by the owners of at least om
tenth of file value of tlie real property
of the said City (as shown hy tlio last,
Assessment Koll), requesting tlio said
Council to introduce a By-Law to
raise t he hiuu of Ten thousand dollars
between tho City   and   tho  applicants  ($111,(1011)  fur the purpose of erecting
(with reference   to the carrying out  of   Public Buildings in the Oity of Nelson,
uny other portion or portions of the
provisions (>f this By-Law or should
there bo an appeal from the decision uf
Ihe Oity Engineer, with respect to the
currying out of any portion or portions of lho provisions of this By-Law
ippeul   shall   bo
tho actual building and  euuipping nf I settled by arbitration and such arbitra-
their lines uf railway ill tho City with- \ tion shnll be conducted hv three nrbi-
i�� a period nf lour (4) months nttur ! truturs, nno to be chosen by each of the
the'final passage of this By-Law, nud parties hereto und the third to bo np-
sueh  oonstruotion   shall   be thereafter  pointed by the two so chosen   as aforo-
oarried on continuously nnd diligently
until tho upplicnnts shnll hnve completed ut least two miles of their line
of railway in the City of Nelson, and
should any question arise as to whether
said railwav is being constructed continuously und diligently the City En-
ball have the power   lo   decide
gineer s
said     question     and    hi
shall     bo       binding
<  do
or for extending and improving tbe
present buildings.
And, Whereas, If is expedient to
borrow the said suln of Ten thousand
dollars (|10,000) for tlie purposes aforesaid.
And, Whereas, The whole amount
of the rateable land of the said Oity,
according lo Iho last revised Assessment Roll, Is Blight hundred and six
thousand, eight hundred and seventy
dollars (8800.870.00),
And, Whereas, If  will   he  requisite
to raise annually, by rate, the Bum of
to choose au arbitrator for fifteen Eight hundred and sixty dollais ($800)
days after being requested in writing for paying tlie said debt, and interest,
by tho other party to do so, thon the I Now,Therefore, the Municipal Coun-
piirty who makes such request shnll cil of tlie Corporation of the Oity of
appoint the arbitrator for and   in  ho- Nelson enacts ns follows :���
half of the party SO failing, neglect- I 1. It shnll and may be Inwful forthe
ing or refusing as aforesaid,and in the Mayor of the Corporation of the City
further  event of   tho said two arbitra-, of Nelson to borrow,  upon the credit
lid.    in   thn
hereto failing.
event nf   cither   parly
neglecting   cr  refusing
Corporation of the City of
By-Law No. 38.
A By-Law to raise $16,000 to extend
the Sewerage .System.
Whereas, A Petition has been presented to the Municipal Council of lhe
Corporation of the City of Nelson,
signed by the owners of at least one-
tenth of the'value of the real property
of the said City (as shown hy the lasi
Assessment Koll), requesting the suid
Council to introduce a By-Law to raiso
the sum of Fifteen thousand dollars
($15,000.00) for the purpose of extending the Sewerage System of thesaid
And Wherereas It is deemed expedient lo borrow the said sum of Fifteen
thousand dollars ($15,000.00) for  the
purpose aforesaid.
And Whereas Tho whole amount  of
the rateable land of the said City, according to flic InsL revised Assessment
Roll, is Eight hundred and six thousand eight hundred and sevenlv dollars ($800:870.00),
Aud Whereas, It will le requisite in
raite  annually,  by  rate,   the  sum  of
Twelve hundred ami ninety dollars
($1,290.00) for paying Hie said debt and
Now, Therefore,The Municipal Counoil of tlie Corporal ion uf the (.'ity of
Nelson enacts as follows :  -
1.  It shall and may lie lawful for the
Mayor of the Corporation of the City
of Nelson to borrow, upon the credit
of the said Corporation, by way of the
Debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body nt'
bodies corporate, who may be witling
to advance the same as a loan, a sum
of money not exceeding in the whole
the sum of Fifteen thousand dollars
($16,000), and to cause all such sums so
raised or received to be paid Into tho
hands of tlie Trunsurer of the said Corporation, for tlie purposes and with
the objects hereinbefore recited.
8. It sliall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporal ion to cause any
Dumber ef debentures to be mndo, executed and issued for such sum nr sums
as mav be required for the purpose
and object aforesaid, not excoi
however, the sum of Fifteen lho*
dollars ($16,000), each uf the sal
bentures being of the denomination oi
One thousand dollars ($l,G0l).0U), and
all  such   Debentures shall   be   sealed
with the seal of  the  Corporati I
signed hy the Mayor thereof
I!. The said Debentures
date the 20th day of July,
and shall be made payablo
years from the said   date
money of Canada, at tin   	
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid
which said place  of piy nl shall In
designated by   the said Debontu*
and shall have attached to llieui
pons for the payment of interest
I  ln-
shall bear
A. 11* 18W.
in twenty
ill   lawful
oilice of the
The City Was Deserted, aud There Were
Only Children's Sports to Break
the Stillness*
Tho sun rose into a cloudless sky
yesterday und thero was "just sullicient
breeze to catiso the flags that were
raised in all directions to flap lazily
against the poles. It wns Queen's
weather aud bespoke a good day's outing. The different excursions that left
tbo city carried away so mnny people
that the streets woro deserted all day
and Nelson never appeared so absolutely quiet. As the weather was so
favorable about half of thoso who
had not taken advantage of the opportunities to attend tho celebrations
at Kaslo, Silverton and New Denver
packed appetisiug lunches in various
shaped baskets and hied themselves
to tho lake where boats were taken for
the cool retreats above and below the
City. Fishing rods wero the most prominent feature of tbe outfits and the
elusive trout wero not allowed to cole
bratp the Queen's Birthday without
Nothing occurrred in the City duriug tho morning. The hot sun shone
down ono deserted streets and the few
mortals who moved about did nol
exert themselves more than the law
allowed. After lunch home energetic
individuals organized children's sports
and a neat sum of money to bo spent
for prizes was raised in a short time.
Then the fuu began. Baker stroet
was taken possession of aud a multi
tude of little people defied the blazing
son and raced timo and again. There
were all sorts of races on foot and
awheel. A Miner man made an industrious attempt to socuro the names
to tbe fortunate contestants hut the
events came so thick and fast and the
winners disappeared so modestly after
the events that the rob was a hopeless
one and had to he given up. When
the exohequer, which was Ohalres Waterman's hat ran dry it was passed
around agaiu and the money was never
Tho races continued until after six
During an interval two baseball
teams gathered in tho shade of the
Queen's Hotel and a very exciting
game of hall took place. Several hundred people witnessed tho match and
liberally applauded the efforts of the
embryo champions.
About four o'clock a gust of wind
aud lowering clouds indicated that
the weather clerk was up to somo mischief and a downfall of large rain
drops continued tho suspicion. It infused great energy into the members of
various joyous picnic parties uud boats
were taken for a quick run homeward. From every nook along the
shore a boat darted out, turned towards tho Citv and shoved its nose into tho waves that were lashed white
by tho angry wind. But, it was about
time to get home anyway and. no one
could grumble about a few rain drops
after a day of such glorious weater.
Tired out bnt happy mortals toiled up
hills to their homes abont dinner
time and declared thoy had thoroughly
eiijovod the eigtieth birthday of
Queen Victoria. There were sotre
baskets of lish hut no one had much
difficulty in carrying homo all he
caught. The town lapsed into state of
qnietnes in the evening. The usual
pyrotechnics wero lucking hut an occasional tiro cracker sputtered out
some smoky loyalty ami delighted the
hearts of various obildren. Toviards
midnight the streets become alive with
returning excursionists in various
stages of enthusastio loyalty who soon
sought their various beds and thus the
day in Nelson terminated.
I water rates, electrio   light rates,    and
'; licenses; here the assistant clerk keeps
the Various   books of   his   department
  1 and   pays     the   City workmen ;   here!
Mayor Neelands leceivi s   reports   and
A VERY QUIET QUEEO BIRTHDAY applications of all   kinds and attends
to tho duties of his Ohio* here Police
Magistrate Crease holds hii court aud
disposes of tho Oity drunks and disorderlies; hero the Citv Council has its
session and the couucil committees
their meetings.
It is not necessary to add that it is
impossible to transact all the business
outlined above in a satisfactory manner
in this one room. Opposition to this
bylaw, the object of which is to remedy this overcrowding must surely
arise either from ignorance, or prejudice
Wo pioposo to construct a hull having
suitable offices for nil the City offloers
and lire proof valuts for the use of tho
City Clerk and City Engineer. This
lust fact alone should result in the bylaw
receiving a large affirmation vote us
at'present no safe receptacle is provided
for tlio maps and plans of the City Eugiueer to replace which would cost
the City many hundreds of dollars,
The now linll will nlso provide mure
convenience, for the Firo Dspartment
and suitable quarters for mn- popular
Free Public Reading room and Library.
The proposed uew hull is no luxury���
but like all the other proposed expenditures necessary for the proper conduct
of tho city afflairs. it is therefore
with every confidence we ask for an
eniphat c " YliS" on Monday to the
various mousy by-laws.
Nelson, May  24.
Work and worry make age
faster than years. Whatever
makes work easier and worry
less, smoothes back the
wrinkles and lengthens life. A
splendid help to this end is	
Atlantic S. S. Lines
The collection for the sports on the
streets yester lay realized about ono
hundred dollars which w is distributed
in prizes among lucky youngsters.
J. Morley Hoag, of tho Dominion
Folo Company, who has been taking a
medical course in Toronto, has return, d to tho City to spend tho summer here.
Mr. P, Rums left yesterday for a
trip through the Bouudary country.
While hore he concluded arrangements
for the erection of the company's brick
block on Baker street.
Cyclists yesterday enjoyed tho first
run on tho portion of the bioyloe path
that has been completed. By the first
of July the work will be finished and
riders will have one of the finest
paths iu tho country.
Tho short piece of side walk on the
wost side of Ward street above Baker
street was in a shaky aud dangerous
condition last night. The supports
had apparently been knocked away,
and it appeared hardly strong enough
to support its owu weight.
Ono fisherman yesterday made a
good haul. He was using bait dowu
the river and his moat was gobbled up
by a huge member of the finny tribe.
It was lauded without a struggle
and proved to be a clnir, three feet, 10
inohes long nnd \2:,l pounds in weight.
Ed. Basquet was tho  fortunate fisher,
Mr, R. W. Broak, of the Geological
Survey, has beon detailed for duty
tbis summer in "West Kootenay. Mr.
Brock road a paper on mineral formation in tho Kootenays at tho March
meeting of the Oauadnin Mining Institute, held at Montreal, treating his
subject in the most exhaustive manner. The paper was published in full
in tho Canadian Miniug Hoviow,*of
The Bittner company will open au
engagement of oue week commencing
Monday, May :"l and Saturday Mali-
nee. All the old favorites ure witli the
oompany and mnny now faces, the com
pany being on their way to Spokane
wbiro thoy open ���June 12 for un eu-
gagoment of ten weeks at the Auditorium Theatre. Tho company will
open in Batioy Campbell's beautiful
sooiety comedy drama" The Galle**
Slave. " Monday evening each lady nc-
oompamed by lady or gentleman holding one paid reserved sent ticket will
be admitted free. Thero will bo an
entire chango of play, pictures and
specialties each night.
From Montreal
A linn Line���Laurent inn June 3
Allan Line���Numldian June 10
Dominion bine���Dominion June 3
Dominion Line���Cambroinan  Juno 10
Beaver Line���Lake Ontario June 1
From New York
Mny 31
White Star Line���Majestic	
Ounard Lino���Luoanfa tuno 3
Amerioan bine-Purls Mny 31
Anchor Line���City of Rome June 3
Allan State Lino���State of Nebraska June 9
From Boston
Dominion bine���New England May 31
Passages arranged to and from all European
points. For rates, tickets nnd full informal ion
applytoO.P. Ft, depotogent or U. K. Beasley
Oity Ticket Agent, Nelson, B. (J.
General Agentl 0 P, K. Offices Winnipeg*
House Cleaning Time
We can assist yon iu tho annual
nverhauliug by Turnting, Paper-
Hanging, Kalsominicg and Interior Decorating Estimates
cheerfully given.
Josephine St. Opp. Clarke Hotel
Are You Going
To Atlin or Dawson City
If you are call and get posted on
the White Pass & Yukon Route.
The best, safes t andcheapest route
West Baker Street NELSON
"Workingman" Protests  Against Disorders in tbe East End.
Editor of The Miner:
Sir;���Keferiing to tho communication of "Law and Order" which appeared iu Tbo Miner a few days ago,
would it uot boa good idea for the
chiof of polico to put into practice the
suggestion continued therein, even
if the Oity Council hns concluded tu
give th* denizens of East Haker Htreot
four mouths to remove elsewhere?
The fact i�� tbat the incessant
pounding upon a seoro or more of
pianos all uight to thiise living in
that neighborhood, wbo have contracted
tho habit of arising at (1 or 7 o'clock
in the morning and going to work like
decent people, this nuisance has become unbearable.
Iu the second plnce if theso women
were ordered under penalty of arroit, rn
keep out of tho saloons (of which there
are-throe or four iu the tenderloin dis
triot to roceive their patronage* street
disturbances���JU which they nro constantly figuring���oould he greatly modified. Thero is a constant uproar going on in tho East End fur which the
Oity Oouncil cannot be hold accountable but lor whioh tho police are greatly
to blame, for tbo reason that these
particular ovils have been brought to
thoir notice repeatedly and uo action
has boeu takeu yot.
Nelson, May 24, mm.
il It'-porl,
(Observations taken 1
y A. 11. Holdieli.)
DAY         HIGH-
I.ow- BAIN
EST     K.U.I,
Mny If
Thursday  lil.O
11.0     0.31
?7 OS
Mny 111
Friday      M.O
40.0     0.01
May ��)
Saturday lit.5
45.0    0.00
May 21
Sunday     01.fi
14.0    0.00
Mny 22
Monday    73.0
40.0    0.02
May 23
Tuesday    78.0
U.&    0.00
May 2*1
Wed'day  so.u
50.0     0.11
General Teamsters.
Agents Imperial Oil Co
Dealers in Wood and Lime.
The shipping* Point for Goat
Mountain Minos on the Crow's Nest
Pass and Bedlington and Nelson
The Centre of one of the Finest
Agricultural and Fruit Growing-
Districts in West Kootenay.
For information and Price Lists
apply to L. A. HAMILTON,
Land Commissioner C.P. R.,
Agent, Creston, B. C.
Gamble &  O'Reilly.
Houso and two lots, wiili Boven mums, on
Carbonate Btreoti near Cedar street* |2600i
Boarding House with 27 moms on Vernon
street for sale or rent, good business propost
Now bousoi BUttablo for dwelling or boarding
house* IB rooms and basement, boated by fur
nucu.   For rent on Ward and .Silica hItooLh.
Also a largo ljst of ihu htwi. Restdentla  Property in tho city.
Agents for Addition11 A" and "Humo"Addition)
Tho Hriltoh Columbia l'urnmnonl* Loan and
Savings Company*} who give tho most reason*-
able terms to borrowers, allowing Principal to
be paid off at any tlmo without Charging any
1 Jon uk,
Gamble & O'Reilly,
., Nelson.
Train*. Uiiii mi I'... HI.* hi
1 mini .1 Time.
wkht Bound
.;*ht ItniiNi.
Leavos liuily
\rrivo Dally
it,mni. in.
K,.*!*.' ll. ill.
1,80 n. 111.
1. It a. ni.
).S6 11.111.
10.12 a. 111.
lil:2.*. a. 111.
lii.Win.. in.
ID.Ill 11. in.
K011LI1 Ki.l-k
Knar Lake
I'u) mi Trim
('oily .Inaction
Bund on
3..M p.m.
3.2U p.m.
2.2.1 p.m.
2.H) p.m.
2.MI p.m.
1,4*3 p 111.
I:'ll p.m.
1.2:1 p.m.
Arrivo Dully
.ouvo linll)*
And think that there will be no hot weather
this year, because we are having a few cool
days. The warm weather will come with a
rush, and find you unprepared unless you get
your Summer Shoes and Oxfords now.
Our lines are fresh and complete. Come and
get first choice.
Aberdeen Block,
Just received a large consignment of all  binds of
Mantel Clocks.
We have the finest BLOUSE SETTS, BEAUTY
PINS,   BELTS and all kinds of GOLD and
Baker St.
Two Carloads just received. Try our Prices,
then try our Goods. We guarantee everything we
sell in the Paint Line.
Agents in Nelson for Cabot's Creosote Stain.
Who is your Hatter ?
.   .  .  NECKWEAR, UNDERWEAR, fee?
If you are not satisfied that you are doing* as well as
you can do, both for style and price, why not see what we
can do for you '*���* Our Stock is all New Fresh Goods and
Prices are Moderate.
We have Stetson's, Roelofs and other American
makes of Soft Felt Hats, and are Sole Agents in Nelson
for Coaksey's Stiff Hats.
Underwear of English and German Manufacture.
Mail Orders receive careful and prompt attention.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Box 148, Neison. Emory & Walley
Ladies'  Blouses
at $1.00
at Si.25.
at $1.50.
at $1.50.
at $1.75.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
I liHve Bevel) Lots that I will sell
separately or all together, four of thrm
mi Nelson Avenue, where the Street
t'ms :n*i* expected to run, uud the others
ure iilsu well situated.
Term**) one-third cash down, and
balance in :i and li mos at 8 per ceut.
Other Choice Lots.
Money to Loan.
Fire Insurance at Lowest Kates.
Mininj-* and  Real   Estate   Broker
Turner-Boeckh Block, Nelson.
Fancy Dry Goods, Silk
Shirt Waists and Dress
Skirts always to be had at
Mrs. McLaughlin
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. C.
Before going, call at DesBkisay's, where you will
get promptly and profitably outfitted. Goods packed in
cotton sacks and re-packed in gunnies ; or packed in
boxes, if preferred.
We can fix you up in any style, and all you have to
pay for is merely the goods. No extra charge for packing
or delivering.
Largest and best selected stock in  town to choose from.
Prices right.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
To tlio Editor of Tlio Minor:
Sir:���Iu order Unit uny voterH who
at present think the proponed new
Oity Hull an uiHinccoHsury luxury
may lourn of thoir error.I beg to submit the following facte At lirosont
the   whole   business   of   the   ('ity   is
mm scotch thistle misioitat, olaim
Situate in thu blooan Oitv Minimi Divi
won oi*-   Wi-hi*   Kootenay   Dutriot
\vmi*i*i: Located!  On North i*ohk* op
Springer Orrkk, about fiVE miles bait
of Blooan Oity,
i.-l.ii Hlriob,  u
lllplii'll .lulu,  lull.
Ill      No,     IK7IIA,
........t  I
Ki-no      Minora      Cortlll
Intend, sixty iIujh  from   tbo   dato  bdroof,
to apply to tbo Mining Hooordor Por a Cortlfl-
c.ltoof IliilinivcinrntH  fur lln*  purpose (if oil-
tnlnlm-* ii Orown Grant of tho abovo olaim.
i    Ami farther inku notloo Ural action under
seotlon87< mutt lio oommonood iirfi.ro tne lv
Leave*. Ilaily
11:00a, in.
11:1.5 "
Arrive Daily
Slut Ions
Arrivo Ilully
LlsM  "
Ilaily liOuve
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gllborl Htunloy
Intlmiciry Og
Canada Hi'u\t & Hook Co
lion-! Hutni' NOW0 Htuwl
Hotul I'lmir Now*Stand
Humphrey -.-* pit Luck
l>. Campbell
.1. Y. IMuiHiy
Union Broi.
.i. i. Molntogh
Blooan Nowh Co.
w. Parker
Thomson Bkm-
Hoti-i Bpokane
M. \V\ HlmpHon
UMI   Itlur
Lam on I & Yuhhk
II. T.   M it -Inn..j.I
p. B. Bevan
No I won
Blooan City
K ii* Luin,.,1.
If so read all the "Fishing Tackle" advertisements and then come and hiiy
your  outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete stock in Nelson.    All our
goods imported  direct  from   English    American   and
Canadian Manufacturers.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
Spokane Faj]s_&
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &_ Fori
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail routo without oliang
of cam between Nelsou und Bossland and
Spokane and Bossland.
T*eave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"    11:55 "   EOSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8*30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p.m
Train  tlmt  leaves   Nelnon tit 9*40 n.m
innki'K i'Iiihi* eiiniu'ctiiiiiH ut Spokane foi
till l'aeillc Conut 1'iiiiitH.
Passengers for Kct!l<* Uivurntid Bouudary Creek, connect nt Marcus with Htngo
0. O. DIXON, (i. P. &T.A.
Spokane   Wnsft
Affent,Nelson, B. O,
Ml MM.  lilMlhl It
Wliuloriiiiini Minn**.   t'iirid*.t>oitilonco
l.ll.sr.    A wnti*li .���hiirin ii-ihllnit (if  Mii.ll
engraved k.*i.i lookol and void wblftio, Kimlm*
<iilliilil>* tt-wiirilcil nil leaving urtlclun ut thin
WANTED,   nirl
Apply Mr**. Waldie
fur   k.'iiitiiI   lioiiHewurk.
Vi.Tiuiii Stroot.
t.i'i ii,"   truiiHtioti-il   iirantiiiiilly   iu   OHO I iuiuiosofanobOertlflostoofImprovoment
Oflico.    Here tlio City Oltrk uttciulH to I JOHN'lllltaCH
his oorreapondenoe,    receives    t��xon, | i*c1 ted tiiia lata day of auptombur, im.
and   News   Agents
rains out of Nelson.
on  boats and
Keeps a full line of Royal Seals and other Union
made Brands of the
Kootenay Cigar Mf'g Co.
Factory Prices
Miner Offloe.
Furnished   nhaek.
KN'OLISH kiiaih'ATK Is open fur en*wt��.
in.'iit uk superintendent : two years' exnen*
onoe In thi** country. Aiidru.-w, A. li., Atinor
1*011 BALK,
oomod noun*-.
(furniture  lufflolent for four-
Apply to Amiable.
promuoi al present ooon*.
lllll***..    PokiohmIoii lt*t  of
plod uh 'lln- Miner
jinn*.   Apply nn thi
MUSIC l.l-.HSiink.'-On piano onfall-or
Kllllar. liy Mr.. \V. J. A��ll.*y, KoIihoi. Hlniot
two ilnor*. iviiHt. of BUinloy.   P. O. Hox U0,
FOK BALH Old nnWHpupm-H al U iioiiIh po
ion. Ju**t lho HiIiik to put under carpoli
Minor oflleo,
WANTED   A liny nol.youiiKer tlinn IS to do
traclo.     '
ltuht work and lourn
Apply Mlnoi
WANTKD   Kvi'iy mun. woman and child  n
Nelsontosend ooplsi "f Ths Miners Bpeoiai
Kootenay Number W fit l�� in   tho Kant
I/iiivi. names with tenSoonts for caoli ono
llilu orlloo and wo will .loth.' runt.
B.Tytler Ih now prepared to gtv, I.* ..nn*. loiiln.r
prlvalo or cIiihmi Inollunil waior ooloii Hkolch-
InK from nnt uro. For torm- npply S, Tytleri
ljsker Bt. Went.   I', O.UoxiTl. NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY, MAY 25. 1899.
s I
\        KOOTENAY \
Tho Ymir mine is shut down on account of an accident to the rock orushor,
the concentrntes being  shipped steady.
The Bosun in the Slocan, shipped
20 tos of ore last week. Shipments are
somewhat reduced owing to tho extensive development in the No 1. and 2
The great electrio hoist to the War
Eagle has beeu so far a disappointment. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. This does not agree
with economic raining.
The lower lever of the rsouaiiza at
Bossburg is producing richer lead
ore aud carrying more siver than any
ore heretofore hoisted  out of the mine.
About 22 tons of ore is beiug daily
shipped to the smelters.
Many of the less well appointed
mines of Rosslaud nre havng the usual
trouble with surface water. The
Houiestake has found it necessaiy to
put in a new pump, and sinking lias
been temporarily suspended on the Velvet.
*   *   *
Kaslo is just now headquarters for
mine managers and mine speculators.
Special attention is being being accorded to the Lardeau district.
Ore shipments from May 12 to IK,
inclusive, are as undar:
Payne to Omaha, 523,000 pounds;
Last Ohance to Omaha, 80,000 pounds;
Gibson to Kaslo 32,000, Total, 635, -
000; or 317 tj^ons.
Mining Stock Quotations.
Compiled by J. L. Van-itone. Successor to H.
G.   McCulloch,     Mining    Hroker,
Nelson, ti. 0.. P. O. box IK).
Name of Company
British Columbia.
Cariboo ICamp McK)	
Doer Park	
Evening Star	
Fern G. M. Co	
Iron Mask	
Iron Colt	
Monte Cristo	
Little I'ariboo	
Noble Five	
Kambler Cariboo	
Slocan Star	
Shannan Dolphin	
Tamarack (Pooled)	
Waterloo tC'amp McK).
Wlarton [Treas)	
Hen Hur 	
Blaok Tail 	
Butle St Boston	
Chespa Blue Jay	
Golden Harvest	
Golden Sunset	
Gold Ledge	
Iron Monitor	
Jim Blaine	
Lono Pine	
Morning Glory 	
Mountain Lion 	
North San Poil	
Palo Alto	
Princess Maud	
1 12
1 So
We have a fine assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H. fl. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
Arrived and Open for Inspection
The finest lot of Crockery, Glassware, etc., that has ever been
brought into Kootenay.    We have the   Stock   and  our   prices
are below competition.
Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons, in any quantity.    Come early  and see ihe
display.    Don't forget we carry the largest stock  of  Groceries
in Nelson and our Crockery and Glassware Depart
ment is upstairs.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
1 40
As the annoncement has been made
that the Government ot British Columbia purpose lorcins* the Amenfluient
to the Metalliferous Mines Inspention
Act, making eight hours a working
day for those employed underground
in metalliferous mines; Seo. 13.���"Ko
person shall be employed nndergrounrl
in any metalliferous mine for more
than eight hours in every twenty-four
hours;" the undersigned as representing one of the two parties mainly
affeoted, consider it advisable to make
public their views on the situation
created by this uncalled for legislation,
and to indicate what their line of aotion must inevitably be.
While the undersigned are determined to respect and adhere to the laws of
the Province, it may be pointed out
tbat this law is far renching in the
injuries it must inflict upou the mining interests of the Province, and on
the amount of wages earned by tlie
It means reducing the hours of labor
in the mines from 20 hours a day to
1(1 hours, as many of the mines are so
circumstanced that three shifts cannot be worked to advantage. Tbis
me",ns a reduction of 20 per eent in
ths amount of the production of many
mi es, aud a reduction of 20 per cent
in the development work beiug carried on in the mines preparing for
production and a reduction in the supplies used in tne mines.
The most amicable relations existed, and still exist, between the em
ployers and employed at the mines.
The men were earning good wages,
equal to any being paid in camps in
tlie United States, and higher than
those paid in many,and they were reii-
dering good   services for tnese  wages.
If anv discontent was rife at the existing state of affairs, it was not gen
erally known. It is therefore deeply
to be regretted that the Legislature
has see fit disturb the existing harmony, to interfere with tbe growing
prosperity of the mining districts,
to reduce the wages earning power of
the men employed, and to interfere
with the free right of contract hitherto enjoyed.
As to tho future, nfter the 1st of
Jnne next, at the mines represented
by tho undersigned, ohe standard rats
of wages thut will be paid to skilled
miners for an eight hours working day
will be three dollars ($11.00), and other
labor will necessarily be also paid for
according to the time worked.
The Hall Mines, Limited.
The   London   &     British    Columbia
Goldfields, Limited.
The Athabasca Gold Mine, Limited.';
The Ymir Gold Mines, Limited.
The Duncan Mines, Limited,
The Loudou Hill Development & Mining Company.
The   Kxchequor   Gold   Miuing   Com
Tho Dundee Gold Mining Company.
Mollie Gibson Miniug Company.
YellowBtone Mining Company.
Nelson, B. G, May 111, 1899.
Trade Dollar	
Tom Thumb	
Buffalo Hump Dev.
Capital rail up ���    ��� lu.QOO.oo:
llOHt -       - 1,200,010
IIIIIKCTO lull, ti. Kowlanil, 1'reH.   T. It.Merritt, VloePrei
Wm. llanihiiy,      HukIi Ityan,      llobt..!al!'ray
T. Sutherland Hiuynor,       Kliaa Hokci-*-*.
Head Olllco, Toronto.
D. R. WILKIK, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
Hi ii ii. Ii.~ In nil |.iln.I|ial rill.*** iiiiii tOWM
In    Ontario   nml   Quelirc
iiriuulH-s    In     MnnlloHn.     Narlltwciil
Tcrrlliirl*'*. anil Hi Hl-.li Columbia.
th Edmonton, n. vv. t.   Vancduvkh
���Atf-mta in Great Britain���Lloyd's Bank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard atreot, i...niton, with whom mon*)}
may bo deposited for transfer by lottor or cable
to any pari of Canada.
nkij-on BRANCH.
Lctteraof Credit Issued on Alaska Cominar
Rial OO. payablo at Bt. Mlchael'M, AlaHka, and
Dawson City.
DraftH Sold, available at, all pointH In Can-
da, United HtaleHand ICuropo.
Lott****** of omdit Issued, available in any
part of the world.
Savings hank Ilenarlniont-DopoHlbi of 91
and upwards received and Interest allowed.
DnboiitureH- Municipal and other tloben
til run purchaHOtl,
Money llrdorH ImhihkI payablo at any Hank
Rates���Under   ��lo,   sn;   (iu   to 190,    ioe,
(211 to |.10, Uoi l��0 to $50, liO,
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Nelson and her surrounding*    District    truthfully
portrayed   by    pen
P 0. Box K 6 W
Telephone 10
Baker Street
Ten Thousand
Sixteen Page
Scattered broadcast over
World, showing to the
people the unrivalled advantages which this district offers to capital.
the vast amount of good
such a publication would
do at this time?
Winter lingers in the lap of spring, but Gardens  must he
attended to, and we are Headquarters for
Garden   Tools,   Lawn   Mowers,   Garden
Hose, Lawn Sprinklers, Ice Cream
Freezers, Bird Cages, Screen
Doors and Windows.
You realize the necessity of protecting your house
���with good paint, but you do not realize the necessity of protecting yourself against poor paint.   It all
looks alike in the can, but one kind comes off, the
other iSays on;  one kind soon looks shabby, the other
keeps new.   The kind that holds on strongest, looks new longest, ia
It is the result of a quarter of a century's paint-making expert
euce; the product of the largest paint facto***}* ia th* world.
We sell it.  '.
Shelf & Heavy Hardware.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
-*/���%--%���*��� *���%-%���*%-*���%��� -%^-%^-*v**%-%^.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
NEL50N, B.C.
the   Edition
by 50,000
it    will   1
ol    napei
til is
The descriptive matter of the
Special number will treat of the following leading subjects:
History of Nelson; Nelson as a
residential city; Nelson, the Commercial Centre of the Kootenays;
Shipping* and Railways; Statistics,
comparison last two years; Attractions for Sportsmen and Tourists;
Industries; Contemplated Improvements and Buildings; General
Character of Mines; Nelson as a
Mining Centre; Beauties of West
Kootenay and special writeups of
Slocan City, Silverton, New Denver, Sandon and Kaslo and the Slocan District in general. Ymir, Salmo and Erie and the Ymir District;
Fernie, Cranbrook, Creston, Movie,
and other Crow's Nest Ry. towns
and East Kootenay in general.
There will be a large number of
other interesting features.
Patrons whose contracts call ior
cuts are urgently requested to furnish photographs as early as possible.
u1i701 centennial mineral claim.
sltuatk in alnhwoutii mining division ot
West Kootenay District,- Whkhe Lo
oated:���On Khah Crhke nbar waggon
ROAtl,   ABOUT   KIII.ii   MILES   FROM     Al.NH
ri-Alvl*: NOTIOE Unit 1, John Hir**oh, an
It agont fur Robert Im IClrV-wood,
Krce Minor's Oorttfloato No, 23182a, in-
tend, Hlxiy dayi from tho dato hereof, in apply
to thu ;\linh>*< Rocordor tor a Certifloato "f Ini
provomonU, fm* the purpoto nf obtaining a
Crown (J mn i of tho above Claim.
Andfurthortako notloo iimi action, under
nootlon :i7, iiiiihi. hi* ooi oncod beforo Dm I*--
uuanoo of suoh Oortlfloate of tmprovomonti.
Hated tldn 1 It li day nf A iikiisI , 1811
Tendon aro invited fur ilm imnlhiK for ok o
year nf ilm entire output nf nre from the
Wjutowator    Mince  unci   Jnokaon   Mlni'M   Iii
Whitewater Btatlon, ami for up-f relent to tin*
wiinii mine*., Tumlum for oaoh mino lo lie
made Hi.piiraloly.
.X I'll,
Publio Notice is hereby Riven thnt
tlm votes of the Eleotors of the Municipality ot tin City of Nelson will be
taken mi Monday the twenty ninth day
of Mny instant botween the hour of
!S o'clook n. in. uiirl 4 o'el ink p. ill.,
on the following By-Laws namely:
Bv-1jiiw No 88.��� A By-Law to raise
$15,000 for the extension of the sewerage system of the City of Nelson.
By-Law No 88. ��� A By-I,:v\v to raise
(16,000 tor tlio extension nnd Improvement of tbe Eleotrio Light system
plnnt nml works, of the City of Nelson.
By-Law No -10. ���A By-Law to raisi**
|80,000 lor tin* extension of tho water
works system of the Oity ot Nelson.
By-Law No. 41. ���A By-Law to raiso
$10,000 for the erection of public
buildings in the City of Nelson o*,r
extending ami improving the present!
By-Law No. 42.���A By-Law respect-
int* nn Eleotrio Street Railwny in thu
City of Nelson.
By-Law No. 4!!.��� A By-Law respecting the establishment of Coke und Gin-"*
works in the City of Nelson.
Tho votes of tho ohctors in the Enst
Ward of the City will be tuken nt the
Firo Hull on .losephino street, nnd of
those in the West Wurd at the olliee of
tbe Exohequer Odd Mining Company
on the north side of Bukor Street between Stanley umi   Kootenay   streets.
Any mnlo or feinulo being of tho
full Bge of twenty-olio years who is
tho assessed owner of liuiii or of run!
property within tho Municipality shall
have a vote either conforming or nogn-
tivinj,* Ihn Haid By-Laws or any or
either of them, on each Ward in which
ho or she may bo assessed for liuiii or
real property.
By Order,
City Clerk anil Retaining Olllcer.
Nolson, British Columbia, May 17,
General Broker-
Hotel for sail* $i,U(i0, entiDg tor $10(1
per mouth.
Bnker Htreet proper!) for sale nt $**���',
1000, renting (or 8150 p month, leasee
for 5 years.
Twelve bits in Hume A IditioD, oheap
A la-roomed House for rent, convenient to Baker street.
Money to loan at K p,. cent. Fire ui.it
Life Assurance.
Diamond Core Drill
Contracts made for development of
properties. SbareB taken iu part pny-
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
S.  D. 1'IEKKR Prop.
Nelson Employment Agency
so Men for railroad,
(lirl for out of town,
Blacksmith wanta situation.
Baker wanta situation.
Carpenter wanta Situation.
Cook*, want situation.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker St
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
Peter Genelle, & Co.
Headquarters for first
class Building Material.       We     make     a
specialty of
Well Seasoned Flooring, Rustic and
Ship Lap.
E. G. BEER      Agt.
Uenr ,il Clarke Hole).
A fjood Copper or Gold Property
partially developed,    Apply
Mining Broker,
Nelson, ii. C.
w. j. a. DICKSON
Choice residential lots   and  good
business lots for sale.
Over two hundred   lots   in  Addition A arc on the market.
Hume Addition and city property
or sale.
Business property a specialty.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries
|\/j | LLS,   Knderby and Vernon	
A.   B.  GRAY.   ip. o. box en nelson, b. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authoiized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, Sl,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative .Statement, thowing   the progress made by this Hank in the
pust ten years: 1888 18118
Oapital Paid  Up  $1,000,000 .$ 1,500,000
Rest    200.000 1,250,000
UepoBlti  2.802,000 8,175,000
Circulation  903,000 1,887,000
Limns  3,835,000 8,654,000
Liabilities to Public  -4,088,000 9.900,000
Total Assets  5,286,000 12,7:17,000
(ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the ni    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits ^nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vanconver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Savings Bunk department has been established in connection with the Nelnon branch of
1 his bank. I)opo-iln of one dollar and upwards received, and current rate of inlcrest allowed.
-it present 3 per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Turner Beeton & Co.
Victoria, P.C.     Vancouver, p.C-    L.Oi��dloil, E��ig��
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Oiunpa supplied on shortest notice and Lowei? Prieeo
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
NothiiiK but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Kootenay Electric Sroly anfl Constroction Co.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,  etc.    Electric
tures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON. B. C
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should
either personally or by mail to the office of
General Agentj Cor Kootenay & B.iKer


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