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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 29, 1900

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 Provincial  Lib?
Daily Edition No. 843
Nelson,   British Columbia. Saturday Evening,  September 29,  1900.
Eleventh Year
It is  Growing  Very Warm
Throughout Great
Captain Lampton Assisted In
His Fight Against the
London, Sept. 30.���One hundred and
sixty-seven eonstituenoies, returning
ono-fourth ot the membership of the
House of Commons, made their nominations toiler. I'p to one o'clock this
afternoon 58 members had been elected,unopposed,comprising 43 Conservatives, eight Unionists, five Liberals
and i��" Nationalists.
Among the Interesting personalities
on the Government side returned today without opposition were Mr. Jos.
Chamberlain, the .Secretary of Stale
for the Colonies, (West Birmingham);
Mr, lleo. Wyndham, the Parliamentary Secretary for the War Olliee,
(Dover); Mr. ('has. T. Ritchie, the
President of the Hoard of Trade,
(Croyden); Sir John. 0. Colomba,
(Yarmouth); Mr. Jesse Codings, under Secretary for the Home Department. (Bordesley division of Binning-
liuiin; sir Francois Sharp-Powell,
(Wigan); Mr. Jos. P. Williams, the
Financial Secretary of the War Office,
(Smith      Birmingham) i      Col.        Sir
Charles B, 11. Vincent, the founder of
the I'nited Empire Trade League,
(Central Bbeffield): Mr. John llennl-
ker lieaton, (Canterbury); Mr. ('has.
Bailby Stuart-Wnrtley, formerly Secretary of State for the Hume Department, illiillam Division of Shellield);
and Sir Edward Albert Sasson
(llythcl.    The five   Liberals returned
unopposed include Mr. Wra. Court-
(July, Speaker of the House of Commons (Carlyle); and sir Hartley Fowler, former under Secretary of State
for the Home Department and Secretary of India, (East Wolverhampton),
lu all 68 candidates were returned iin-
opposed, The Ministerialists aggregate 58, Liberals live,   and   Nationals
anti-Ritualist agitator, Bpeaklng pood
Immorally before Ritualists on the
ell'ect of the reformation, suggested to
a writer the lion lying down with
the lamb.
The Queen now has a long list of
names submitted to her as those of
persons entitled to honors for services
In South Africa, The identity of
those who figure in the list is already
causing keen speculation iu certain
olrclcs. The shower of C. B. S., (Companion of the Bath), 0. M. (i.'s,
(Companion of St. Michaels and St,
George), etc., will be   unprecedented.
It is rumored that Lord Wolsey
will be made earl and appointed Viceroy of Ireland, to succeed Earl Cado-
Han, whose resignation seems impending. What Lord Roberts will get still
remains a secret, but Lord Kitchener,
it is said, if ho remains in South Africa, will be given the loeal rank of
full general, so that he can be second
in command to (ieneral Buller after
Lord Roberts leaves.
London, Sept. 89.���The election
campaign Is developing unexpected
heat, chiefly due to the vigorous
efforts of the Liberals to show a united front. Personalities are figuring
Biore than usual in the contests. Mr.
Joseph Chamberlain, tbe Secretary of
State fur the Colonies, by reason of
the aggressive tone of all his Bpeeches.
is tlie object of many bitter personal
attacks. Sonic of his enemies have
declared him to ho politically dishonest and even go further   than that.
Am,her   war      character,     Captain
Lampton, of the British cruiser Powerful, has   heen   assisted in  his   light
against the Government by getting a
letter from Lord Bimebery. He is
also backed by all tlie aristocratic Interests of (he Durham family Church
associations lire figuring actively In
the campaign. The Imperial Protest
am federation hns received promises
'rum thirty-two candidates to oppose
to the utmost any movement tending
In bring England   and the Vatican In
closer touch or towards "Romanising" the established church. On the
other hand, the hading Roman Catholic papers almost unanimously support tbe Conservatives believing that
If they are returned with a solid majority they will achieve tbe pioject of
giving Ireland a Catholic I'nlverslty
nnd iu other ways sec that the educational interests of Catholics In England do not suffer.
The annual church congress, in progress at Newcastle, was attended by
the Archbishop of Canterbury and
Dearly all the other Episcopal and
nigh dlgnntiirics, Including several
American anil Canadian clergymen.
Though held lu Hie midst of the election excitement, politics were carc-
fnlly avoided, and the proceedings
were marked by unexpected harmony.
The  spectacle   ul   Mr. Johu   Kenslt,
Not One of the Issues in the Present
London, Sept. 21).���A curious feature,
comparing the present election with
those bitter campaigns of 1802 nnd
18115, is the absence of home rule from
the hustings. Kxeept in Ireland, it
is a dead issue, or at least a thoroughly suspended one. The rights
and wrongs of ritualists are now much
more frequently discussed that the
once famous cry which sent Gladstone into retirement and put Mr.
Chamberlain on the Uovernmcnt
Lord Roaeberry'S attitude Is an endless source of expectation. So far the
ex-premier has given no sign that he
will take an active public part in the
elections, but that his friends are
working hard in his behalf is evident
from tlie statement of R. W. Perks,
Ml'., oue of the leading imperialists,
who gives the fullowing incomplete
list of candidates who have expressed
themselves in favor of Lord Rosebery's
polioy and of the return of his lordship to the leadership of the party:
Captain Lauibton, Sir C. Furness,
Charles Hose, Mr. Raphael, Sir George
Newnes, L. Ilarinsworth, Mr. Tenant,
linn. T. A. llrassey, Sir A. Hayter,
Mr. Adeaue, Mr. Markham, Mr. Wak-
erly, Sir Edward Beed, 11. I'. Fuller,
Handel Booth, Mr. Harlam, Mr.
Mansfield, Freeman Thomas, Mr.
Suape. Hon.Arthur Brand, Mr. Caine,
Mr. Benton, Mr. Ainsworth, E. N.
Hidden, Clifford Cory, Russell Rea,
Sir J. Jardlne, Sir T. Coates and N.
There are other candidates not included in this list who have also intimated their approval of the policy of
the liberal councils. The old Parliament contained many who are in accord with the objects and views of the
new party, such as Sir 11. Fowler,
Sir Edward Grey, Mr. Asqulth, Lord
F. Fltzmauiicc, M. Huldune, Q. C.,;
W. 8. Robson, O,. C. ; Sir Walter F'os-
ter; L. Walton, Q. C.; Mr. McArthur;
Mr. Moulton, (J,. C. ; Sir J. LeSe, Q.
0, ; J. W. Mellor, Q.C. ; Sir J. Kitson,
Sir George l'ilkington, Muuro Ferguson, Betty Lnngley, Sir John Leng,
Sir W. Dun, Joseph Waltou, Mr. Bir-
rell,   Mr. Uedderwick, (j. C, and Dr.
ConsernvtiveB will contest all the
constituencies in London, of which
there are Ml, returning no members.
At present Liberal candidates have
been selected for only 3d. The Liberal contingent in tbe dying Parliament
from London number only nine.
E. (>. Hcmmcrdc, who won the diamond sculls at Henley, Is to be the
Liberal candidate for Oxford at tbe
general election. An Interesting candidate is that of J. E. Lawton, whom
tho North Salford Liberals are endeavoring to send to the House of Commons in opposition to Mr. l'latt-ilig-
glns. M. P. Mr. Lawton took the
leading part in the formation of the
English Sewing Cotton Company and
has been a leading member ever since.
Sir (llcnn Coates is also being run for
West Henfrow in the Liberal interest.
Eastern  Liberals and Conservatives Getting In
the Field.
Rev. John G. Patton Is Taken
Very Suddenly 111 at
Delaware, Ont., Sept. 20.���South
Middlesex Liberals have again chosen
M. MoGugan, M. P., to contest the
riding in their interest at the general
Ottawa, Ont., Sept. 30,���Pontine
Conservatives have chosen Q. II. Bra-
Im /I'm of Portage Dnfort to contest, the
riding in their interest ut tbe general
Lacbute, Que., Sept. 20.���Dr.
Thomas Christie, the veteran member
of Argenteul, was nominated yesterday by the Liberals. It is understood
the Conservatives will offer no opposition to him" on account of his long
service to the country.
Toronto, Sept. .20.���Rev. John G,
Patton, of the New Hebrides, who
has been addressing meetings in Western Ontario, has been taken suddenly
at Chathm and has had to cancel
his meetings. He has been ordered
to cease work at once by the medical
men in attendance on him and has
already left for New York.enroute for
C.reat Britaiu.
Ottawa, Sept. 20.���Civil service examinations will take place at Vancouver on Tuesday Nov. 13, provided
there are enough applicants.
London, C-it., Sept. 20. ��� Harry
Jamieson, a middle aged and siugle
man, while engaged in repairing a
boiler iu the biscuit factory of D. S.
I'errin & Co., last evening, fellto the
ground, a distance of fifteen feet,
striking all iron bar on the way down
and broke his neck. Death was almost instantaneous.
ers .'mil Inmates of bawdy houses, appeared before Magistrate Hall in the
police court It is understood that it
has been decided to have all this class
of women summoned,
Cheng Yen lluan, who, as announced in the dispatches, was one of the
officials beheaded by the Empress Dowager for his pro-foreign leaning, is
remembered by Victorians as the dig-
natary who strcnously objected to being bathed at the quarantine station,
lluan was on his way to London to
attend Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee,
lie crossed the Paeilic on one of
the Empresses, and arriving at quarantine, was ordered to undergo the usual bathing treatment accorded to all
the passengers. He objected and
there was considerable correspondence
between the Chinese Ambassador aud
Lord Salisbury and the Federal Government before lluan could be induced to take bis bath. This it might be
though, would help to make him anti-
foreign, butJJ probably tho treatment
he received in London offset this and
hence his untimely death.
Montreal, Sept. 20.���Alexander Mc-
Cullough, vice-president of the Croil-
MeCullough Dairy Co., now in liquidation, and I). J. McUillis, secretary-
treasurer of Montreal Cold Storage
and Freezing Co., also in liquidation,
were arrested last evening on warrants charging them with conspiring
together to defraud the Merchants
Bank of Halifax, of the sum of S22o,-
000 by means of fraudulent warehouse
receipts and ficticious bills of exchange in connection with the Montreal Cold Storage  and    Freezing   Co.
Wnterville, Que.,Sept.30.���The Liberals of Comptou County have chosen
Mr. A. dale of this place to oppose II.
H. I'ope, M. P., at the general elections.
Hamilton, Out., Sept. 30.���George
Arthur Pearson, the self confessed
murderer of Annie Griffin last Sunday, yesterday pleaded "Not guilty."
lie was remanded for trial at the
next assizes.
The lirst, annual shoot of the Nelson
Rifle Association was completed today. From tlie lirst contest yesterday
until late this afternoon it went off
without a hitch and proved a pronounced success. Todays' programme
iwas opened early this morning with
tbe Tramway match. Tbe result of
this match which consisted of seven
shots at .",(11) yards with a possible III!
points was as follows: A. Grant,
points. 35, cup and $8: .1. D. Tinkiss,
33, $7; II. A. l.augford 33, ?l!; Dr.
Hall 33, 8.1: D. McKay 32, 81: R.
Smith 32, S3; W. Harp 32, 82; T. D.
Pickard 81, 8;; .). MeKcnz.ie 110, 82;
A. McQueen 30, 82; W. .1. Davenport
30. 81: F. B. Stewart 20, SI; T. R.
Archbold, 20. SI : A. Carrie 28, 81; Li
Qobey 38, SI.
The result of Ihe Corporation match
consisting of seven shots at till yards,
with a possible II,', points, was as follows:
\V. Harp. Rossland, points .'14, prize,
trophy and SI": N. T. Macleod. 88,
So: Dr. Hall 33, $s; A. Grant, :i2, 87;
.1. Richardson 31, 81; R. II. Dixon 3(1,
83; A. Carrie, 30,83; D. McKay 2��,
83; W. .1. Davenport 20. S:i; D. 0.
Lewis 38, 83; '!'. D. Piokard 87, 82;
A. .1.  Dill 27. 83; II.  Bird 27, 82.
At II o'clock this afternoon the team
match was on. their being six teams
contesting. Each of the above
matches were cosoly contested, but the
Nelson men are still in the lead.
Yesterday the shoot proved quite a
success. Two matches, the Nursery
and C. P. R., were shot oil'and close
scoring was made in each. The Nelson men led in both contests. The day
was fine but, the wind gave soufo trouble. In the Nursery match, distance
being 200 yards, possible 38 points,
the score and prizes are lis follows:
Alex Carrie, points, 32, prize 8.1;
D. I). Lewis, .'lit, SI; Oscar Burden,
30, 838; D. McKay 30, 82; N. T. Mo-
Lood 30, 82; R. Smith, Rossland, 88,
S'.': Dr. Arthur 38, S'.'; Charles Moore,
Kaslo. 38, 81 : A. Grant 38, 81; R.
Btrathem, Kaslo, 38, SI ; J.W. Spring,
RoBsland, 38, Si; Len Uobey 37, 81.
In the C, I'. R, Match at 200, Mill
and (Kid yards, possible lot points, the
results wire :
II. Bird, points OS, cup and prize
810; F. R. Stewart OR, 8M; N. T. Mac-
leod, 02, 87; A. Carrie on, 8(1; Dr.
Ball 0(1,  $:,;   W.    Harp, Rossland,   H7,
Si; D. O.Lewis ho. 83; T. Piokard,Bev-
olstoke, sii,S2: L.Gobey 80, 82; J.Richardson 8(1, 82; J. D. Tinkiss SS, 81 i D.
McKay SO, Si ; li. II- Dickson, Rossland, 84, 81 ; A. McQueen, Kaslo,
83, SI.
Tho secretary of the Nelson football
team, Mr, Adams, has received a communication from the Sllverton team,
stating that arrangements had been
completed for the loeal team to play
there, a week from today. The Nul-
son tenm has accopted the challenge
and will now hold regular practice to
get into good shape. The members of
the team arc requested to attend practice at the recreation ground on Monday evening. Some of tbe old players
will be unable to go, and the players
arc requested to attend practice so
that u full tuaiu can Wo selected.
Montreal, Sept. 20.���Florida Gauth-
ier, aged four years, is dead at Montreal Hospital from severe burns received yesterday afternoon from a
lighted match In the hands of oue of
her playmates.
Victoria, II. C, Sept. 80.��� If Sloan
und Ralph Smith are both in the Held
John Bryden, the Conservative nominee in Naoalmo, will have a walk
This morning several; women, keep-
A Suit Affecting the Rebekah
Claim Adjoining the
LawrSald to Have Done Work
On Venus Instead of On
Mr. A. II. MacNcill. Conservative
candidate for this constituency, arrived in Nelson this morning. Since
his meeting here some days ago he has
visited Ytnir, Kaslo [and Ainsworth,
whore, he reports, great enthuiasin
was displayed and organisation for
the Approaching campaign effected.
The prospects ofj Conservative majorities at those points are very bright,
Mr. Mac'Ncill left this afternoon for
Rossland and next week will visit the
Boundary country.
The R. 10. French Company will
play a return engagement here next
week and will   present   "Quo   Vadis"
on Wednesday,  October Brd, and "A
Cheerful Liar" on Thursday the lib.
in both plays th,. company made decided bits during (heir recent engagement here ami should be greeted Willi
good houses upon their return,
A mining lawsuit In which William
Lawr has brought action against
Charles Parker, concerning the Rebekah claim on Morning Mountain,
nnd adjoining the Venus claim. ill
be beard at tbe fall assizes. Lawr
located the claim in 1S0S und officially
recorded the assessment work, This
year Charles Parker relocated the
claim under the name of Blue Jay.
and stated that Lawr hud done liis
development work on the Venus. Taylor and Hannington have been engaged for the plaintiff and Galllher ami
Wilson for the defendant.
It appears, according to Defendant
Parker, that Lawr in recording his
assessment wotk on the Rebekah claim
acted iu perfectly good faith, but thai
the work he (Lawr) did was upon the
Venus claim adjoining the Rebekah,
Lawr believing all the time that he
was working upon his own claim. The
ease will he an Interesting one.
Lawr's attorneys will produce the
Certificates of Improvement showing
work done upon the Kebclcab. Parker
will attempt to prove that the work
was nut done upon the Kebclcab, but
upon the Venus.
��� ���   *
The mining industry uf this district
is certainly booming at tbe present
time. In addition to the large number of deals that have already been
put through, inquiries for good prop-
erties ure coming tn every day. Communications lire being received from
capitalists of Eastern Canada, nnd
eastern United States and more especially is il tbe ease in the latter, The
inquiries are asking for good properties regardless of the price. Judging
from the present state of affairs, only
a short time will .be required to make
this district as famous in the eyes of
easterners as it is in the eyes of the
men   who    are    here   and   know    its
��� ���   *
The Manchester. England, syndicate
has a taken a bond on the Sllverton Boy
property, T. G, Procter was successful in Interesting the company,   six
men are already at work on the property] and development work will continue all winter.
��� ���   ���
T. (1. Procter returned from (res-
ton yesterday.where he had been bulking after the Alice group . which be
bonded a short time ago. While he
was there he engaged a crew of men.
nnd   they   are   now   at   work  on   the
��   ���   ��
W. K. Bole, superintendent of the
wink at (amp Mansfield, is in Nelson
on business. He states that the property Is showing up well, and that the
vein of tbe Joker has been traced over
5,000 feet through the various claims
of the property.    It has been   crosscut
at 80 different places and  tbe assay
returns from each   gives   high   values
ill gold.
��� t e
The following nre   the   mining r	
ords  for   today:    Locations��� Bunanza
King, on Balmon River, bv w. Connelly and J. Qui im i J. M.. near Second Relief Claim, by Arthur Clement;
Maggie R., near Champion Siding, by
B, F. Foote; Old Chum, on Jubilee
Mountain, by W. F, Hill; Sultana on
Tamnrac Mountain, by W. A. Wallace
and W. IS. Dodd; Renfrew near Porto
Rico Siding, by W. II. Wright Cor-
tlfleatcs of Wink. To I: J. Cranston,
on Maggie i J. 11. MoDoeald; on Cumberland! John Beaton, on Bdltoi ; D.
R Morrison on Copper Mountain; U.
R. Shrnin, on Joker and Quaker Girl.
Transfers���From   James   Wcstgate to
W,    Ii.    Wright,    entire     interest     in
Bcuchbiiry,    near   Porto    ReCO   for   a
nominal consideration,
��� ���   ���
W. II. Jeffory, of Whitewater, consulting engineer for the Canadian
Quid Fields syndicate, arrived in Nelson tins morning and left this afternoon fur Rossland, In Bpeaklng of
the general mining conditions of liis
section Mr, Jeffery Bald:] "The
Whitewater mine, is showing up exceedingly well. Last month tbe shipments were 4(1 cars, while this month
they will lie much larger. Tbe company with which I am connected is
now operating upon the Sunset and
Wellington groups.which are situated
near the .Whitewater property. We
have been getting Into shape the old
working ou the Wellington claim and
are now ready for stuping. The lead
of the Sunset, which is evidently the
same one as in the Whitewater, has
been ful lowed a considerable distance.
The vein is HI feet wide, with well
defined walls. The pay streak is
somewhat smaller but has in places
been found to be 12 feet wide. Hood
assays have been obtainetd from the
ore. The highest we ever obtained
was 330 ounces of silver, 7n per cent,
lead and also good values in  copper.11
��� ���   ���
It is learned mi good authority that
i.iKKi.iioo shares uf ihe Rossland Giant
have been bonded by Snn Francisco
capitalists for (100,000. The bond goes
into effect October 1. aud is for two
years. In that time the bondholders,
according to the agreement,must sink
a new working shaft 70(1 feet, and do
1,(111(1 feet of tunneling and I.(Kid feet
of diamond drilling. The'old owners
are tu receive 5B per cent of the net
proceeds from ore shipped during the
two years and the other 48 per rent,
.vill be held iu escrow as a protection
to them should the new owners break
the contract,
A controlling interest in the mine
was recently secured by Philadelphia
and Michigan capitalists, represented
by G. W. Armstrong, a former Michigan man. The ortgual majority huld-
ers were A. D. Coplon and A. D. Bent-
ley. The lirst sale was made on a basis of seven cents per share and the
recent one on a basis of lo cents.
Since work was resinned bj the other
new owners a few months ago several
important developments have been
reported, largely Increasing its known
value. The mine has made one or two
small shipments, but most of the
work has been development, Tho
present deal insures the thorough exploitation of tho property, which is
on Bed Mountain, Rossland, about
west of the War Eagle, aud Separated
from it by the No, 1 and Novelty. It
was located iu 1800, and was one of
the lirst claims staked in  the district.
The basis uf division of the 1,000,-
oou shares among the present stockholders could not be learned, hut the
deal is supposed to be between the
former purchasers and the Cnliforn-
lans, and not to involve a general pro
rata sale. The names of the new purchasers are kept a secret.
Canadian Tidies His   Own  Life Under
Mysterious Circumstances,
Chicago, Sepl. 20,     W. T. Casgrain,
a civil   and   contracting   engineer,    a
man of distinguished Canadian family, was found dead in his room yesterday. A gas jet wus turned on and
ii Is believed that death was wilfully
sought. IL' died in a hotel where be
had boon registered under an assum
eii   name.    The   whereabouts  of  his
wife and family who lived here with
him until a yoar ago are not known.
In his office was found a diary containing notation uf his expenditures,
In Its list uf expenses the initials
"F. V." appeared nearly every day,
une entry being " F. V. a trip to Chi
10."    From the nature  of  the
entries the police believe that " F.
V." is a woman, In the back uf the
book this address was found ���]���', v.
IS Sixth St.. rVllllamsport, Pa "
Encouraging progress is being mad
by the Nelson Amateurs in their rehearsals for The Mikado, which will
be produced two weeks from next
Monday, Every day this week rehearsals of either principals, chorus, or
orchestra   have    taken      place.    This
evening the chorus win have a rehearsal In the Opera House. The men are
requested to be on hand sharply al
7:1.'..   and   the   ladles   promptly  at   *
o'clock.      Nest     week    full      rehearsals
will he held on Monday   and   Tuesday
evenings in the opera House, Mr,
Ualton,  ihe  scenic artist,   is  doing
Some very line work fur the prudue
tloll.which will be beautifully staged.
The oostumes will reach here next
week from Winnipeg.
How the New Peddlers' By-
Law Is  Now to Be
Hotel Men Not Pleased With
the Mayor's Reading
of It.
Many of the business men of the
City.more particularly the hotel men.
are complaining uf tlie manner in
which the City intends to enforce the
by-law in regard tu peddlers. There
is. and should be. no complaint of the
City's intention to keep tlie ordinary
jewelry peddler, the bankrupt stock
man. etc.. from doing business here,
but hotel men and others complain of
any attempt to prevent tlie ordinary
commercial traveller from doing business without lirst securing a wholesale lloense. The lirst intimation they
had that such a move was to be made
was from the following editorial published in The Tribune on Thursday:
"Nelson merchants and manufacturers intend to strictly enforce all laws
against transient traders and those
who lake orders to be filled at other
cities.    Drummers  for  outside  sugar
houses will be compelled to sell lo
wholesale dealers, just as drummers
for wholesale liquor booses are compelled to do. No drummer for a whole
sale liquor house.outside thisj'rovinco
can sell liquor lo retail dealers without lirst taking out a wholesale bouse
dcalei 'a License,'
According to this-and it is from tin'
pen of Mayor Houston, and should
be authentic retail cigar men bore,
Bueh as Thurman or Crow & Morris.
must purchase their entire stock- from
local houses, and not buy. as they
have been in Hie past, from travellers
who make their regular trips to Nelson several times a year, and spend at
the hotels and elsewhere several hundred dollars during a season. Ami it
will be Ihe same with the dry goods
drummer. Before doing any business
wilh Fred Irvine & Co.. Kerr & Co.,
Martin O'Reilly .< Co.. or any other
drygoods house, he must go to the City
hall and secure a wholesale license.
Tbi' traveller who sells shoes.jewelry,
hardware, or any other articles, must
also secure his license. In fact, every
traveller who comes to Nelson to "take
orders to be tilled at other cities," according to Mayor Houston, must lirst
secure a license nt n cost of 8'JO. This
includes every traveller who visits this
City.    The result of such n policy, the
hotel men say, will be to keep out of
Nelson a large number of the drummers who now make regular trips
here.thereby diminishing the business
of the hotel keepers.
It may be," said one hotel man to
The Minor,     that   the aldermen   will
have something to  say   about   tho
mannei in whieh the bylaw shall be
enforced, and that they will nut allow
the Mayor to dictate to them and to
the citizens in general."
New York. Sept. 29, Wm. K. Van-
iHThilt has given his cheque for half
a million dollars to his daughter, the
Duchess of Marlborough, says a London despatch to The World, The gift
is in tbe nature of a thank offering
fur the Duke's safe return from the
wnr iii South Africa,after about seven
month's service. The Duehcss accompanied by Ihe Duke, is now in Paris
investing the money in antique furniture and   di ratlva  articles   for  the
house now building for her in May-
fair, one of Hie must fashionable districts uf London. The money fur the
huuse. another half million dollars,
was ��� Christmas gift to  the   Duchess
from  her  father.
Th,-    Winnipeg   Free    Press,   which
baa  recently  Installed  a new   plant,
bus issued    a    mosl     artistic    souvenir
pamphlet, with a description ami half
i reproduction   of tin- different do.
partiucuts of its olliee,
' < Nelson   Daily  Miner,   Saturday  Evening,   September 29,  1900.
The Nelson Miner
Published Evory Afternoon  Exropt Sunday
���11V TIIK���
i.iMiiKii Liability.
rostdant nnd MuntiK'HK Editor.
Business Mummer.
11,1 Fleet Street, U. C.
Central I'rcss Aiteucy, bid., Bpoolal Agonts
Dally, por month, hy currier	
Dally, por month, by mail	
Dally, per yoar, by oarrlor	
Dally, por yoar, by mull	
Dally, per year, fureix	
8 7 till
. .', (KI
.    !l (KI
Weekly, por half yoar	
Weekly, per year	
Weekly, por yoar, foreign 	
Subscriptions Invariably In odvanoe.
��l 2.
All Checks should  De miule puyiible to the
oriel- of   Nelson   Pudlibiunq   Company,
There are two Liberal candidates in
the Nanaimo constituency, lately represented by the erratic and much dis-
appointed Mr. Wclnnes. Mr. Ralph
.Smith is one of them, lie is already
a member of the Legislature, but bis
ambition calls him up higher. He is
prominent in labor circles; in Hritish
Columbia, indeed, be is the acknowledged leader of that element of our
social and industrial organisation.
F'or some time ho has been flirting
with the Dominion Government, and
every little overture of political love-
making has been received with a welcome beaming with Bmtles. lle was
111 Ottawa not long ago, and before
coming away e;ot himself appointed a
member of the Commission that is to
inquire into the question of Chinese
Immigration, The position is supposed to carry a salary, and under the
law which is intended to provide for
the independence of Parliament this
fact would in the ordinary course ol
things present some difficulties in connection with his contemplated candidature. We presume, however, they
are all expected to be successfully overcome, otherwise we should not huve
heard of him in connection with the
representation of Nanaimo in the llo-
minlon House of Commons.
Mr. Italph smith Is a gentleman who
has carried the respect and confidence
of more than the class he specially
represents, ile is a man of some
weight in tho Province, and if he
were to continue to devote himself to
the industrial conditions that already
present themselves here, and which
promise to increase in their importance and urgency, be could easily cut
out for himself a most useful career.
Hut in fcroin|r vo Ottawa and mixing
himself up with the party contentions that grow so rankly at that capital, he is taking the most certain
means of spoiling himself. Ottawa is
the grave of countless labor repula
tlons. They cannot live in that
highly charged atmosphere. Every la-
bur moth that has flickered about the
poltical candle at Ottawa has ended in
becoming a party hack. This fate
has not been characteristic of the devotees of one party only, but of both.
In looking for political appointments,
and permitting himself to be used in
the game as a candidate for Xanainio,
Mr. Italph Smith shows that he is
not superior to the temptation that
has proved fatal to so many others.
He may be content with the character
of a party hack.hut it would be a sore
disappointment to those who, with
simple trust and confidence, have been
looking to him as their leader in British Columbia,
There is a curious fatality about labor lenders. Sooner or later they betray the selfish   stuff   of   which   liny
ai imposed.      Their     professions,
like those of so many others, are mere
stepping stones to their own aggrandisement, We shnll continue to believe
as lung as possible that Mr. Ralph
Smith is one of the best of the lot.bul
If the laboring class In this Province
are living in the convict ion   that they
have a  special   cause of  their own
they cannot too soon begin casting
about for another leader.
A scandalous   disregard of the   law
nnd the saaredness of  human  life   is
just now being manifested in Vancou
ver.    There Is  a   law against fust bicycle   riding   on   the   streets of   thai
city.    No attention has been   paid   to
It   since   the day   is   was passed, and
accidents of   more or less   seriousness
have been frequent in oonsequence.    A
tew   days   ago   oun     ot   those    fiends
known as scorchers ran   into a woman
on a  bicycle   and   killed   her.    There
was no arrest;   indeod. judging   from
the tone of the local press, there   was
more sympathy for Ihe   scorcher   who
bad transgressed the   law   than regret
at the death of the  woman.    The   authorities   caused  un   Investigation to
be made, but It had to  be  adjourned
because   the   principal  witness,   the
oulplrt   himself,   had   not   even   been
sum ed   to   appear,     If   there   was
ever 11 ease of manslaughter, here
was one; but SO lightly arc these
things considered In Vancouver that,
with the adjournment of the inquest,
we have probably heard the last of a
matter that should earn for the criminal transgressor of tlie law a long
term uf Imprisonment.
We have pleasure in reproducing the
following from The Tribune of this
morning. It is il line example of the
amenities as understood and practised
by .Mr. Houston: "The Miner says
the work of making Baker Street a
credit tu tlie city 'must stop at Stanley.' We ate not aware that that ex-
siilisiiliseii sheet wa.s charged with
either financing the City or directing
the expenditure uf tlie City's revenue.
We are afraid if it hail that privilege
it would have less difficulty than it
has of llnanclng its own business."
Sir Wilfrid I,aimer's Jubilee gift of
a tariff preference is nut realising all
the hopes the liritisli people entertained of it. Canada had been importing much more heavily from the
I'nited States than from Great Britain, and it was understood the preference was designed to put a stop to
such a painful anomaly. During the
lust fiscal year we Imported of dutiable goods less than 838,000,000 from
Great Britain and over 844,000,000
from the United States. Our total imports from the United States were
897,000,000,the heaviest ou record. Sir
Wilfrid has shot bis holt and got his
title,and perhaps no longer cares; but
if liis heart still swells with tbe pride
of Imperialism, he will have to consider whether that preference should
not be raised several points higher.
When in Opposition the Liberals objected to the appointment of members
of Parliament to olliee under the
Crown. It was a bad practice, they
declared, subversive of the independence of Parliament, So strong was
their objection that Mr. Mulock introduced a Bill to put a stop to the
practice In eighteen years the Conservatives made seventeen of these appointments; since the Liberals came
in four years ago they have made
fourteen. It is fail to mention this
fact as an example of Liberal insincerity or hypocrisy. Here is tbe reply
made to it by the virtuous Times of
Victoria: "Conservatives object to
Liberal members of Parliament being
appointed to offices under the Crown.
They do not believe any save Conservatives sliould be permitted to serve
their country for emolument,'1 If
The Times is as innocent as it looks,
it should have, lived in the days of
court fools.
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abdomen.   Kor sale, by ail leading Drj
Goods stores.
-_nrni--i-Trffir-nir-TTTTi-iT.T-���ii rar r
Mrs. Enfield specially
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attend her Fall Millinery Opening
October :.' and 3.
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novelties of the season,
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The Floronce Park Hotel
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14:1 acres, more, or less. A first-class
going business, with .'t.ri acres of first-
class land under cultivation, MO fruit
trees, a large proportion bearing
fruit; 1(100 small fruits���raspberries,
blackberries and currants.
due mile east of the terminus of the
Electric Tramway.
Kor particulars apply to
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance  Agent,
linker Street.
I hereby give notice that at the
next meeting of the License Commissioners for the Nelson district will
apply for a license to sell intoxicating
ifqtiors at the Rossland Hotel, Vernon
Street, Lot 10, Hlock 0(1, In the City
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your prescription careful reading and careful compounding
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Baker Street, Nelson.     I'. 0. liox 220,
Soo Line
Imperial    Liijiilec.
East   and   West
First ('lass Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead and Kootknay Landing
Tourist Oars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal und Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto, Same cars
pass Revelstoke oue day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:86
15::t0 Lv Nelson Av 18:45
Morning train daily for nnd from
Rossland, and for Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Const.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rossland, nnd from Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Const, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7:30 Lv I N .        { Ar 10:30
(Ex Sun) \ JNelson  1 (Ex Sun)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points,
Revelstoke, main line nnd I'aeilie
Kootenay Lake Kaslo Route.
(Ex Sun)      Sir Kokimee      (Ex Sun)
16:00 Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenia and return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay River Route.
Daily    Sirs Moyie and Nelson    Daily
_:30 Lv NelBon Ar 2:30
Connects nt Kootenay I.aiuliug with
Crow's Nest Line trnins.
For rotes, tickets and full Information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, B. C. or
Triiv. I'ttHM, Altont
N.I. in
A   (��. P. Annus,
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Quality, as follows :
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Our Wo Roust, (i poundH  1 00
iVELSON,        -        B. C.
A. R. BARROW, a. m i. ok
Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay St��.
P. O. Box 669. Telephone No. Or.
Will pay the hif?hest cash prim for all
kinds of senond hand Roods. Will liuy
or sell anythinK from nn anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, onrperte,
oookiug utensilfl, bought lu household
quantities. Also oast otf clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. HaU
Street, Nelson, B, 0.
Helps in Housework.
Wc can do much to
give you pleasure ami
satisfaction in your
With our improved
utensils the work will
be greatly lightened,
while the excellent
quality of tho articles
insures a long period
of usefulness.
Baker Street, Nelson. ��J
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Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Cnpllnl 1'nlil.np,     ,    .    .    WMKMTO.OO I   Hci $1,7110,000.0
wi',""1!?1 A_   ���Tl _*��� i, T,h.on   ���K;, ."M!*  r.rwldcnt;   Thomas Ritchie, Vico-l "resident.
Wiley Smith, H. Q. Bauld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C.. Hon. David MaoKeeu.
Ilinil Ofllce, il:, 111.,.. ;
General Manager, 1 ',1 on L. Pernio. Montreal.
Suiierliitcndoni of Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, \V. K. Brock, Halifax.
lUHpector D. M. Stewart, Montroal.
Itrnnrlim J
Nova Hrotln-Halifax Branch, Antlgonlsh, Bridgowater, Guynboro. Londonderry, Luncnliiirpr,
Miutlunil (Hants OoJ, Plotou,   I'ort lliiwkentmry, Sydney, shuhcnncnillc. Truro   Weymouth
New Brunswick��� Bathurst, Dorchester, Frederlcton, klnKxtou (Kent Co.), Moncton, New
easde, Saekville, Woodstock. T. K. Island���C'liurlottetow-n, Sunuiiermdfl. Quelier- Montreal
(City Oillcel. Montreal. West Kncl tt'or. Notro Dunio nnd Seigneurs Streets); Wesl mount (Cor
Greene Avenue nnd St, Catharines Street. Ontario���Ottawa. Newfoundland-St. John's
��� uiiii, Weil Indies���Havana. United Slates���Mow York (in Kxobange Place) Republic Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
< "I 11 -inenl, ills 1
Canada���Merchant* Bank of Canada.  Boston���National Bhawmut Bunk. Cbleaio���Amerlea
National Bank. San franolMO���First National Bank. I.miilnn, Bag, - Bank of Seotlnnd
Turin, France- Credit I.vonnais. Ilirmuilu-Bnuk of Bermuda. < I1I1111 ami Jnimn I loin
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
(ieneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favoruhle terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits aud on .Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
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Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Notthern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \< ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at   Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkave. ilny Train. Akrivk.
10.86 11.111 Hpokane 7:10 p.m,
12:11.". p. in ltossluud 5:80 p.m.
t) :30 u, in Nelsou 8 :(X) p.m.
Nitfbt Train.
ii >in p.m Spokuuo 7:06 a.m:
11:00 p.m Kosshind o:.'10 a.m.
Spokane   Wash
Aeent. Nelson. P.O
������        5
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
Allan Line Tunisian  ��_.j
nonunion I.lno Ciuuliroman (;rl '.'
Beaver Line Lake Ontario J1''1,?,
Hearer  Line   l.usllania  _��� 'J
From Ne��' Nork
White 8tar Lino Ocoanio  _*.!
White Star Line Teutonic  OtoW
Cururil Line Cnni[mn!a .('' ,!.'
Ciinanl  Line Fliuiin     , , i
American Lino St. IjouIs   , ,���
Amorlean Lino New York  . ���
Anchor Line   Klliliipln ���[><<'<
Anchor Line City of Home "ecu
N. II. L. LiiioKalHir Wilhclm ilor Uossc.. .Oc g
N.O. I..  Line  l.alm J ��[ '
Freiuh Line l.n QaftOOffllO n t il
Franoh Line La Touruino  ,',,,���
Allan Statu u_ Ciilifoililnll ;,��� g""
From Boston.
Cunnrd Line Ivcmla  !!'! !
Dominion Lme NowJCnglsiid    ���_
I'iwkiikoh amii.Ki.il lonnil from all hnroi1���"
poliiiK. For rales. Heko.H ami full Information
apply lo C. P. 11. depot iikoiiI or II. L. Brown
city PasBongor Agent, Nelson, B. 0.
W. I'. F.< L'llMlNGS,    ,
Qonorol.' m��nt, I'.I'.H. unices. Wlnnlpi K
7-8 inch ilium. 018.80per 100 feet.  For
Immediate delivery   '"  M**
J. C. T. CROFTS, ��� , ��� p ���
V. O. Hnx      . Nelson, P "
P. 0. UHEKN        F. S. CLEMENTS
Civil Engineers nnd Provincial Lane"
P. 0. Box US Utlaon, 8- A Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Saturday   Evening;  September 29, 1900
Miraculous   Escape of an Assayer anil
His Companion.
11] have   l��'''11
but 1 have l"'V1'1'
miner nil my life,
lieurd of  anyone  es-
consec(uenOeB  of an explo-
irJiraoulotts manner as
siiin iu sm'''
.,���. uxperieneed by myself and a
voting lli;l" who wus working with me
';��� il,". mine ut the time."
Clarence Rottergren, n German by
blHh related to The Minneapolis Tribune tho story of one of the most miraculous escapes from being burled
'live in n mine that has evoi been
heard of, while waiting one afternoon
fur n Western bound train.
nj WiiB working in one of the cop-
,���.|. mines In the western part of Corn-
Lll England, about 10 years ago,
where I was employed as assayer. It
was inv duty to look up my own ore,
n,l |��� tlie course of this work 1 was
obliged I" visit every part of the mine
in which 1 was employed,
i.jt was during a time when there
was much excitement going on at the
mil,,, over the locating of a new vein,
whleh was said to be very rioh, yield-
in.- a large percentage of clear ore.
A number of experiments and exploits
hnil heen made In the direction where
tbe vein was supposed who, but torn
longtime it Beeemd impossible to ascertain the actual course of the strike.
������The blastings were gonorillly made
Sumlnys, when the initio was vacated,
mill there was no danger of misgiven
signals anil alarms. Tho mine had a
hiul record in the way of accidents, as
nearly a dozen miners had lost their
lives mi account of accidental explosions occasioned by misgiven signals
or carelessness on the part of tlie
���It was agreed that thoro would be
no blasting oue Sunday, as there was
sufficient ore to last the coming week.
I decided, thercforo, to explore the
chambers, in tho direction of the suspected vein, in hopes ol' making a
lucky strike independent of any other
assistance I asked a young Cornish-
man who lived in tho vicinity of the
mine to accompany me although not
mentioning the   oujeel of my exploit.
Tin mm.hi lint lights were too weak
lu answer the purposo of my undertaking and 1 had therefore furnished
myself with a large torch, which 1
asked the boy to carry. The young
man had no objection, and after
equipping ottrsleves with the necessary tools, for tho work we proceeded
to the depths of the earth to see what
we could timl.
"The mini1 was completely deserted
when we entered ami descended the
shaft, tlie only man around being the
old engineer, who lowered the carriage for the descent. We repaired
Immediately to the plaee where 1 expected to begin work, our course leading through the main shaft to the most
interior part of the mine. There was
nol n person about the shafts, and 1
congratulated myself upon being fortunate enough to have the circumstances come niv way to such an extern.
"As soon as we had arrived at our
destination I began work. I had no
idea there was a cavity iu the vicinity
of the place where we were which was
separated from the present mine bv a
thin wali of rock. What led me to Believe tbis was the fact that about 50
years prior to this time there had been
a rich copper mine about a mile from
the present main shaft, and which
had been abandoned on account of a
heavy flow uf water which had always interfered with its operations.
"This mine, I thought, would be
located directly at this point, and it
was my intention to sound the walls
until I would satisfy myself that
there was either another mine near by
or II new vein altogether.
"I had been at work about ah hour
when we were suddenly thrown to
the ground by a terrific underground
explosion, whieh sent rocks of all
sizes Hying nml dropping about our
heads, and threatening a speedy end
to our existence for a few seconds.
The boy dropped the light in the ex-
cilenicnt leaving us in total duikncss,
crawling and scrambling about the
large masses of rockB which were lying about the ([lace.
"Having at last recovered our touch
by means of the light given by striking matches, we endeavored to make
our way buck. The more wo walked
the more difficult became our way.
The blast bad thrown up huge piles
of ruck which nearly filled our passage and in some places almost locking
us In.
When wo arrived at tho place
where the blasting had taken pinee,
my heart almost stopped. A complete
cave-in had been the result of the
shock, blocking up the whole passage,
and in this way locking us in completely, There would be no passage
made for probably three or four
weeks, and Ihe huge masses of rocks
which had losseneil from the top anil
sides seemed uh if they would never
I"' removed, 1 felt more grieved at
the fate of the young man who hail
accompanied me at my own request
and for whom I felt responsible, lie
also realized the seriousness of the
situation, but felt about ns much at
loss as to what to do ub I did.
"Suddenly the object of my search
seemed to impress me more fully than
at first. I felt convinced that' there
would he another shaft In the vicinity
and alter confessing everything to the
.voting mail, we turned back and proceeded to search for the lost mine
With mure enthusiam than at lirst.
Our work was not in vain, but I was
not the one to make the discovery,
ihe young Coriiishinan's hummer was
the lirst to bring an echo from the
inside, which told distinctly that our
Work had not heen in vain. Uven at
this point it seamed quite discouraging, as we had no blasting material
and could not make holes large
enough for us to pass through with
only our hammers and picks.
'We sat down for ii moment for
consultation when my attention was
strangely drawn to a pile of rocks
neatly raised agnint the lower part of
the wall. The structure was too well
elected to have been thrown there
accidentally, and it occurred to me
that It must have been placed there
[or some other purpose than a mere
wrap pile. | hardly dared to breathe
when wc began to remove the stone,
out my suspense was only momentary.
r�� bad removed but two or three
ecs of quartz when we were face to
Used in Millions of Homes���40 Years the
standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder,
Superior to every other known. Makes
delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
griddle   cakes ��� palatable   and   wholesome.
Note.���A void baking powders made from
alum. They look like pure powders,
and may raise the cakes, but alum
is a poison and no one can eat food
mixed with  it without injury to health.
face with a large hole, in which the
darkness seemed almost impenetrable.
"Now 1 saw the object of the explosion. The mine had been discovered by some other person, who evidently desired to get the credit of the
strike exclusively, and with a criminal design bad decided to intercept
our Interference.
"Having removed enough of the
stones to permit us to get through we
lost no time in proceeding to explore
the excavation, which proved to be
exactly as I bad predicted,the remains
of the old mine.
"The shaft in which we entered
ended Immediately on our left, and
the only thing for us to do was to go
straight ahead. I doubted whether we
could get out by going that way, as
it led to the inner part of the mine,
instead of leading out. We scrambled along, however, the passage he-
coining smaller as wo advanced. We
were soon obliged to crawl on our
hands and knees through the narrow
passage, which must have at one time
served as a sluice, the marks of water
being very conspicuous on tho walls.
I felt more convinced, however, that
we would sooner or later reach the
open air, 01 .some obstruction that
would prevent us from proceeding further.
"in this I wus not mistaken, for
at last we beheld a faint light whieh
proved to come from an old well that
had at one time served as u part of
a pump-works by which water was
extracted from the mine. It was
quite deep, but very small in circumference, which wus the only advantage we had in making our ascent.
This was not very difficult, us the
walls were rough, with large projecting rocks on all sides.
"When at last we stood on the top,
wo united in thanks to Providence,
who had pointed out such a miraculous way iu which we were given our
liberty. The marks of our experience
were very conspicuous on all parts of
our bodies, and 1 have still sears to
testify to the suffering endured by a
crawl of three miles. We found ourselves nearly three and a half miles
from the main shaft; of the mine in
operation ut that time, a distance
which we covered largely on our
hands and knees.
"I have never been able to'ascertain
who and what was the cause of the
explosion, as none of the men were
about the place during the whole day,
and there was no one who knew of the
blast until the following Monday
morning, when they went to work. I
still believe, and shall believe, however, that the blast was not accidental."
A New Find Made tmd.fi Company Will
lie   Incorporated.
0. M. Keep,who is heavily interested in Windermere district, has returned to look after his mining interests
there, says the Spokane Chronicle.
In speaking of the. mining outlook,
M r. Keep said :
"It is now my intention to Incorporate the Silver Hell group of mines
on Toby Creek in the Windermere dis-
tiiet. The group consists of the Silver Holt, Silver Belt Fraction and
Carbonate, Considerable work has
been done on the claims during the
"I have just received a letter from
Mr. Symonds, who bus charge of  'lie
work, and he informs me that a new
discovery has been made on the Silver
Belt. There is eight feet of good ore
in a ledge running parallel with the
main ledge and only a short distance
east. The ore has all the eharaeteris
tics of the ore found in the main
ledge, and the clean ore has on assay
value of Iiu ounces in silver nnd (17 per
cent lead. Mr. Symonds says further
there is ore enough in Bight to keep
us going for two years. A larger
force of men will be put on at once
and the development continued all
Spokane Club Preparing   to Meet a T!.
C. Team.
The Country Club has decided that
its golf competition to begin next Saturday will be a handicap affair and
the prizes for the winners have already been donated, says the Spokane
Chronicle. The following statement
was Issued today:
The object of the Spokane Country
Club in holding a competition, he-
ginning Saturday, September 2U, is to
determine who shall ot istltute the
team to meet the Hritish Columbia
players at the proposed contest during
the fruit fair. Tho club uompetitiou
beginning Saturday will be a match
play against Ilogey, and those players
who bring in the best absolute score
against Ilogey will constitute the team
to compete against   Hritish Columbia.
In order to give the preliminary
contest additional interest three
prizes have been generously donated
by F. W. Smith, llolley, Muson.
Marks .fc Co., and Ware Hros., and
these prizes will go to tho three players who bring in the best handicap
score against liogey, the contests bong all equalized as nearly as possible
by suitable handicaps.
Play will begin on Saturday, September 29, and will be IS holes, match
play, and all cards must be returned
by Monday evening.
First handicap prize���Five dollar
box of cigars donated by F. W.Smith.
Second hnnditup prize���Box of golf
bulls, donated by llolley, Mason,
Marks ct Co.
Third handicap prize���Single piece
Spalding driver, donated by Ware
Hy order of the sports committee.
J. C. Williams, chairman.
Advertitiomont* Inserted under thin hood at
tho rato of ono oont a word per Innortlon. No
advertisement taken for loan than 25 contnj	
FOB RENT.���Furnished rooms. Apply Ills linker Street.    Quiet part of
K<lit BENT.��� Cellar. Apply Mcr-
chants' Bank of Halifax.    	
FOR KENTN-Furnished rooms. Hood
attendance,    decond   door   east   of
City Hall.	
FIRST  CLASS   room   and   board  in
private family, 15.50 and fll,   Table
board  84.   Carbonate  Street,   second
house cast of Josephine,
A Tempting Table Wholesale   Houses
-,   H.i|, ���   v���.ik_
9  psg
��� - ���>:; ��� '���:[���:���-'��������� ..*' ./..-=-3_m��j
rlw r
If you have difficulty in making a
pleasing variety in your bill of fare
from day to tlay,
Come to Our Grocery
nnd learn how easily and poonomioally
it can be done.
Bore are a few things that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Ynrds, NELSOU
and LAKIK).
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
The Leafling Scotcti wnisky
R. P. Rithet & Co-, Ltd-
Agents   lor Hritish  Columbia.
A. I'.. Hi' M    Box .'..���I. Nelaon, Kootenay
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin. B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
IlHOKI'K & CO. Limited���Comer Vornon
_ and Cedar dtreoU, Ntilnon���Munufautur-
urn of Mid wholesale dealers in Aerated wuiorn
ami fruit. hjtulw. Bole utfont.H for Halcyon Hoi
; i m i uj,. minora! water.   Telephone (K).
N. M. Cummins Lessee���Every known
variety of noft drinks. P 0 liox 8H. Telephone
No. BL Hoover Street) Nelson. Hot Mora of the
fdinous hi. Leon Hot Springs Mineral Water.
' A. MucdonaldI���Architects and snporin-
tundentH, Hroken Hill Hlock, corner Hakcr and
Ward Streets INolsim.
CO.���Manufacturers of the I toy til Sut',1
and Kootenay Hello Cigars. Factory und
olliee, Haker Street, Nelson.
HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker street, Nel-
��� Bon���Wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars, cement, lire brick and tiro clay, water
pipe and bteel rails, und general couunishion
J   A. M'DONALD-Maddon Ulock, Nelson-
���   Im-uii-., ice cream, " O. B." chocolates.
high Class confectionery.   Ico Cream l'arlora.
J > Wholesale aud retail dealers in ki.hh.
hay, flour, feed. Mills at Victoria, New Westminster; Kdmonton, Alta. Klovators on Calgary and Kdmonton Hallway. Mauufucturors
of the eelebrated H. & K. brand cereals
A MAODONALD & Co.-Corner Kront
��� and Hall Streets���Wholesale grocers
aud jobbers in blankets, gloves mitts, boots,
rubbers, macklnawH und minora' sundries
Olllce corner Hall and Kront Streets
,v]..��ni i.iiiniiri, ceiling. Ilooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
P   BURNS & Co.-Baker Street, NuNuii-
���    Wholesale dealers iu fresh and cured
meats   Cold Storage.
Haker Street, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in front, and cured meats.
Street, Nolson ��� Wholesale dtolail in
hardware, minora' supplies, spurting goods,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Co. Ltd.) Baker Street,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining uupplies, plumbera' aud I in-nut li--' nup-
NKLSON   HARDWARE   CO.- Wholesale
paints i'iU and glass; mechanics' tools.
Agonts foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
rpUKNKU, BKKTON & Co.-Corncr Vernon
X and Josephine Streets, Nekton ���Wholesale dealers in liimors. cigars, and dry goods
Agents for I'ub-i Hrewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholusiilo grocrriiH
und Uquore ot��., Hukur Mi-n, NelKon.
Kront and Hall Streets Nelaou���Whole-
mile dealer* in wincn Icti.-ie and bulkl, and
domebtie and imported cigar*.
JY. GRIFFIN It CO.���Oornn Vornon and
. Josophlne Street*, Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealoni in proviaionu, oured meaUi, butter and
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Poiter.
Kelson, 1'.. C.
H. & M. BIRD
Agentf for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual Llf.
Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
BO ft. un Mill Street S  BOO
50 ft. mi   Victoria. Street,   easy
terms ".    B00
8A ft. oil   Victoria   Street,   easy
terms       'J.'iO
BO ft. corner on Stanley Street..      11.10
���.'."i ft. Victoria .Street, west       0B0
.Ml ft. Vernon Street,   west    1,800
H-Roonied  House  on  Carbonate
Street S'.Ti 00
T-liooineil   House,   l'lirk   Street,
close to linker Street   ltd 00
7-Kiiuincil House on Mill Street    li 00
El-Roomed House,Utime Addition 80 no
Kurnislieil House on (lliservatory
Street '.  Bo iki
; >l*******W*'**''V��*iiVVVVW*WVVVVVVV%WVWVVW^^****
Coal and* Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order can be accepted unless
accompanied i>y cash.
Ofllce Corner Hall nml Haker Street*.
Children's School Shoes that will stand
all kinds of wear. Strong, reliable
Shoes, that will rrcve a solace to the
father's purse. These are the kind we
have to show you.
The SLoeisrta
a W. A. T.
Have you tried it? The
man in the picture is smoking
one, and he is happy. You'll
be just as happy if you try it.
W. A. THURMAN, Tobacconist
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83
Placers  NaVj)  CUt
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Co:
Nelson, B. C.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
a_B ��������������������. __
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mill to any branch will have careful ��U sromot attention.
I Imve DOW ill stock a line
nf nil cliixaeN of
By the week from $5 to $rt.
By the day 81.00.
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25,
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
The Ladies Hospital Aid Soolety
will meet in the vostry room of the
Presbyterian Church Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Tomorrow evening in St. Saviours
Church, Mrs. .Melville Parry ami Mi-.
.1. I.ochore will sing the duet from
stainers, "Daughter of Jarius,"
Rev. ii. .1. Coulter-White will eon-
duct both services at tlie baptist
Church tomorrow. In the morning
the subject of the sermon will be
"Perfection," in the evening tin- text
will lie "Arise, lie Calleth Thee."
The church is now lighted hy gas. A
cordial invitation is extended^ to all.
The steamer Nelson is now repaired
and was launched this morning. The
regular Nelson-Kaslo service will
again he established this afternoon.
The Kokance will leave Nelson ut 4
o'clock the regular time, and the Nelson will leave for Kootenay Landing
at ln:30 this evening.
Complaints of the most serious character have heen made to the police
concerning a lewd man, who has of
late wrongfully enticed young girls
into his shack. The authi rities were
informed of his actions yesterday and
an active watch will he kept for the
offender, He will he punished to
the fullest extent of the law if the
proper   evidence can he obtained.
Rev. A. M. Sanford, II. A., of Sandon. will occupy the pulpit of the
Methodist Church tomorrow at 11 a.
m., and ?:.')(> p. m. Mr. Sanford will
give an account of the work done in
Sandon. and.of the heroic efforts now
being put forth by the Methodists
there to rebuild their church which
was destroyed in the great lire Inst
Rev. Father Drumiilond will lecture
ill the (Iperu House on Monday evening on "The Irishman as a Soldier."
Father Drunimond is a most eloquent
and entertaining speaker and with so
fruitful a subject should he heard on
Monday evening to the very best advantage. Admission to the Opera
House is HO cents with no extra charge
for reserved seats.
The loeal lodge of the Ancient Order of Foresters will hold a special
meeting at s o'clock sharp this evening at Fraternity Hall for the purpose of sleeting delegates to attend
the district High Court, which will
ho held in Vancouver next month.
There is also other important business to transact and a full attendance
of the members is requested.
A baseball game is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at the recreation
ground. Tbe Nelson Intermediate
team will play the Kossland Stars.
Thu latter will arrive in Nelson at
10:30 a. m. tomorrow. This game was
to have been played last Sunday, hut
owing to the weather it was postponed. The game will be called at 3:30 p.
in. sharp, and a large attendance is
(in Sunday evening lit the Opera
House, instead of the usual service,
there will he a special service of song.
During the service the following selections will be rendered: Anthem,
"I Was Clad": baritone solo. "Calvary" (Rodney), by li. Thompson:
anthem. "Praise Be to the Father";
bass solo. "Zioii" (Rodney), by VV.
Caldwell: male quartette. "Speed
Away." A cordial invitation is extended to al).
A very interesting exhibition of art
needlework was given yesterday at
Miss Tamblyn's home on Vernon
Street. Miss Tamhlyn is in charge of
the lidding. Paul >fc Co.'s classes in
Nelson, and a large number of pupils
are taking advantage of the tut ton to
perfect themselves iu this branch of
fancy work. There were a great
many samples of work on exhibition
yesterday,and all were greatly admired by Ihe large number of Indies who
attended. The quality of the work
showed that either Miss Tamblyn is a
remarkably proficient teacher or she
has a very clever class���probably a
mixture of both. Some of Miss Tamblyn's overwork was very much admired. The classes have heen very successful iu Nelson, and great Interest
has been manifested here in art needlework.  ���
Nelson  Daily Miner,  Saturday  Evenihu,  September
29,  1900.
with 1,1
ami tin
while  our   second   game   was
eheo, which   was nol    in   the
These the people of the   east
us to defeat, whieh   we   did.
the former live goals   to   two
latter twelve to   seven.     Our
third match was with Ihe Nationals
at Montreal. This team then held the
championship of the world and that
tith was against us before we started
to play. We were all the more determined lo win and came out with a
splendid victory of nine goals to
three. In this game our team won
the record of the world, scoring three
goals in .Mi Seconds. The lirst two
goals were scored hy only three passes
.f the ball for each one. We then
played the Shamrocks at Montreal
who hail won ihe championship ill
1800, but we defeated them witli n
score of six gaols to two. Although
we carried the laurels from this team
they an' still the favorites of the east,
owing to their previous record, When
we played against the Capitals nt Ottawa on August 31, we probably played before the largest number of spectators that ever congregated to see a
locrosse contest.    There were over 3,-
0110 people present lo see the game.
This was undoubtedly ihe fastest
game ever played in Canada. In the
entire game there were not live mis-
plays made. During Ihe lirst IS minutes, we thought that defeat was out-
fate, but tlie staying powers of our
team proved too much foi- them, anil
at the end of tin1 game with a score of
four lo one, we had won ihe championship of the world. We then proceeded to Toronto, where we played
that team, the game resulting in a
draw, our team being badly crippled.
We asked them to play on the following Thursday, but they would not.
Our last game was with the Tecum-
sells, of Toronto, whom wc easily defeated. We were not very well treated in Toronto, but were given the
short end of   everything."
Mr. Lynch who played lirst home,
and Mr. A. Turnbull. received much
praise from the eastern papers, owing
to their good playing. They are the
two men who scored the three goals
.0 seconds.
President Cleveland's
tion to Details,
had an interesting and imxxpect-
Member of Famous i,nrur*Hs_
Visits liis obi Friends.
Fred J, Lynch, �� member of the
world-famous New Westlmnster lu-
crosM* team, arrived in Nelson hurt
evening, on liis way li'.me from his
recent eastern tmir. Although now uf
New Westminster. Mr. Lynch was
formerly <��f Kelson ami is well known
to many of thia city. After calling
im a few uf liis friends Mr. Lynch
will leave for New West minster on
Sunday, and assist   the team in   play*
inif the Winnipeg team
"Spdaking for the team, we all
l on Tiies-
our tour    exceedingly  well,"
aid lie.    "We were treated with   tho
(/reritest   courtesy  by    nearly    every
team which we met, and by the citizens of the towns where WC Stopped.
N'othlng seemed to be  too g(
We played seven games in
not   [ON any.  Our
the Montreal*), wh
"oil for us.
all and did
flrfl game waH with
George Ham, the literary man of
the C, 1'. K., and one of the bent
known newspaper men between the
Atlantic and Pacific, reached town
(sometime between o'clock last night
ami in o'clock this morning, having,
it iH said, waited in the outskirts of
the city until President Shaughnessy
and his party left for Kossland. This
morning lie was busily engaged in
Bhaking hands, etc., with his many
friends in Nelson. Ham's presence in
town reminds the writer of an incident which occurred in Winnipeg
about ten or twelve years ago. At
that time George was a valued employe of the Free Press. He and Gov-
ernor Schulu. then Lleutenant-Gov
ernor of Manitoba, wore rather warm
friends aud George, having been invited to Government House several
times, took an afternoon off one day
and called on the Governor. The balance of the story can better be given
in George's own language, just as he
related it that evening in tbe Free
Press office.
"I sat around and talked with the
Governor for a while," Baid George,
"and then he suggested that I might
be thirsty. I was forced to admit that
I was and he asked mc���with what I
took to he a wink how I would like
some cold tea. 1 admitted that I
might hi- able to worry a bit of it
down and be called the servant. Iii a
moment the servant was back again
ml I was banded my drink. I put it
to my lips and Kent it down. You
might not believe   it   boys,   but   I'm
d d if it wasn't cold   tea.    I nearly
Another story Ham used to tell, in
which the name of Governor Sohultz
appears, is the following: <Jov.
Schultz owned a yacht on Lake Winnipeg known an the Keewatin. Word
reached the Free Press office one afternoon that the Keewatin had capsized
and two men had been drowned.
George was busy getting the details to
wire them east when the telephone
run^.    It was Gov. Schultz.
" Is   that   you   George?" asked   the
������Yes, what is Governor?"
"There's a story   going around that
the Keewatin    has  captdzed   and   has
drowned two men.     It   isn't   true and
I want you to deny it. "
" Put. it is true. " replied George.
������No it   isn't." said  the  Governor*,
"and   to prove it to you I'll   send the
captain of tin- boat down."
In about twenty minutes the captain of the Keewatin stood before Mr.
"You've got a story about the K>"-
watin   capsizing   and   drowning   two
men'.'" he Haul to Mr.   Ham.  "Well   it
Isn't true. "
"Hut it is. " siiid Ceorge."I've talked lo one of the men who was on the
boat. "
"Well   then   lie inns!   have lied   to
yon.   '     replied     Hie     captain.     "S|
didn't capsize :if  all.     She just    foul
tiered :i nd dro�� ned two men. "
ed experience with former President
Cleveland during his last term," said
a naval officer of high rank to a
Washington Star writer, "which
taught me a lesson I ought to have
known before, and illustrates how he
sometimes went behind the record
when ne wished to inform himself as
to the accuracy of official documents.
"I was at the time chief ot a division in the Navy Department. A
woman, whose name it is not necessary to mention, used to amioj' me
greatly by soliciting my aid to secure
her a place as charwoman in the war,
state and navy building. She would
come to my olliee every day until her
presence became exceedingly distasteful to me.
"One day she produced a petition
for a pension of 830 a month for disabilities alleged to have been ineurr-
\[ in an explosion in an old arsenal
building in the reservation on the
Potomac during the war, and where
she had been employed in some capacity. The petition was headed by the
name of an officer superior in rank to
of other persons of comparative prominence in the capital. To get rid of
her I affixed my signature.
"Her private pension bill was finally taken up and passed by Congress.
It was vetoed by Mr. Cleveland. He-
fore the veto message was sent up to
the eapitol I was visited by a polite
young man, who said that he represented the president. He desired to
know whether 1 was personally ac-
lualnted with the applicant. I said
that I was not. He asked if I knew
anything of her antecedents, the nature of her wounds,;her past and present moral character, all of which I
had vouched for to the president by
my signature to her petition, 1 was
forced to confess, to my great chagrin, as I was personally acquainted
with the president, that 1 knew nothing about her beyond what 1 had seen
of her in my olliee.
"My polite inquisitor then informed me that private inquiries made at
the instance of the president had
proved the falsity of her position in
all respects save that she had been
employed by the Government at the
time of the exploson, and she was
otherwise unworthy of (Jovernniental
"In his veto message Mr. Cleveland
made those in the war. state and navy
building feel uncomfortable by his
sarcastic remarks about officers and
gentlemen who testified to the character and worthiness of those of whom
they knew nothing, and scored Con
gress for passing a bill with the proof
of injuries   absent from the record.
"In  Washington the   petition-sign
ing habit,  formerly     much   in vogue,
has   fallen into disfavor and   officials
are very   cautious   upon   whose   peti
tions they place their signatures."
>_��-& ft& �� _^' S^C ��_P ����$��; ��.�����; _L-__ ___L- _L^ &��; fc��&_
/��>^���^���^���^���>r_.^.^.^.^- _^.S.^:^-.^^-^^-.^��-��-:��rtr^jft
Ir _i
nery Opening
w Extend to the Ladies of Nelson and vicinity a cordial
w invitation to our GRAND DISPLAY of
f Pattern Hats and Bonnets
JJJ Including the very latest Parisian and American styles
W and all the newest effects in trimmings.
And following days, will display DRESS GOODS, SILKS, (f\
��"'  Wi"J����  Shorn Sow.
Up-Co-Dato Patterns i���
and Suitings.
are Pound
Lloyd,   who   has
The Rev.    A.    It.
journeyed across Africa from cast to
west, tells, in his recently published
work, "In Dwarf Land aud Cannibal
Country." an amusing story of bow
be nearly got in for the equivalent of
a Central African breach of promise
action with a dusky maiden.
"A young damsel of very handsome
appearance came one day," he says,
"to visit me at my house, bringing a
basket of fruit, of whieh she asked
my acceptance. Of course I thanked
her as best I could, and accepted tho
"The following day she came again,
bringing another present, and again I
gladly received it. Mut when this went
(in day after day for nearly a fortnight I began to think something was
wrong. I therefore consulted one of
the boys, who explained to me tbe
meaning of these constant visits.
���It appears that this is one of the
native customs, Any young woman
seeking a husband and finding a
young man to whom she feels drawn,
immediately brings him a present,
ami if he receives it, she ,is ecoui'aged
to renew the gift.
"Each acceptance makes it more
certain that she has found favor in
the sight of the young man, and at
the end of a certain time he is expected to propose to her, and she becomes
his wife, Imagine my feeling when I
heard the story and thought of the
many undeniable proofs I had unconsciously given her that she was an accepted suitor.
"With great' embarrassment, there
fore. 1 had to tell her that my ignorance had caused me to do what I
should not otherwise have done, and
finished up by telling her that a white
man could not possibly marry a hlaek
g The MW Dry Goods and Millinery Store
k(     N.B.-   MOGARDS.
~-00-0*-00-00-00-00?00-.00?5?00?5?2��r2?5*S r*^ .-���.-$ rg �� ^ >gfl
f^x Bliss Overcoatings,
9\   Raglan
Oxford Tweeds
and Tweed
the  Very   Latest
ese  are
Mr..). K. Lilly, a prominent citizen
if Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful deliverance from .1 frightful death.
In telling of it he says, "I was taken
with Typhoid Paver, that ran Into
Pneumonia. My lungs became hardened. I was so weak I could not sit
up in bed. Nothing helped inc. I
expected soon to die of Consumption,
when I beard of Dr. King's New Discovery. One bottle gave great relief.
I continued to use it, and DOW am well
and strong. 1 can't, say too much in
its praise." This marvellous medicine
is the surest and quickest cure in tbe
world for all Throat and I.ting
Trouble.   Regular sizes 60 cents and
81.IH>.    Trial   buttles   fiee   nl    Canada
Drug A:   Book  Store.   Every buttle
Just Look at Them!
0USe -rfuuisw _/ atUUns c^in^if
That pretty picture should lie fram-
:]. Call anil sec tbe mouldings at V.
.1. Krailley & Co. 's.
I''. J. Bradley .fc Co, have received
their full stock of wall papers and
wall mouldings,    See them.
fltitr Jw^iLfrf f
Phair���-M. C, Calcleugh.   Winnipeg
A. II. MacNcill, Rossland; W. II
Jeffrey, Whitewater; s. K. Hughs
Ainsworth; T. G-. Shaugfetaessy, It. It
Angus. Montreal; 10. II. Osier. \\. II
Mathews, A. U. Creelman, Toronto
W. Whyte, \V. It. linker. Winnipeg
It. A. Peterson, Montieal; I). F.Coyle
Winnipeg; J. It. Nelson. Montreal
F. II. Abbott, Vancouver; .1. (i. Sul
livan. Trail; II. .1. Cnmliie, V*ancotl
vcr: I''. .1. O'lirlen, Max McGregor,
San Francico ; .Miss Flora llallop, Hal-
four: It. It. Nixon. .Minneapolis:
Ralph S. Clark Traill Frank Watson.
Spokane: W. It Kulou. Philadelphia,
Fa. ; S. .1. Thompson, Vancouver,
Hume   II. II.   Cooper,   Vancouver;
I'. W. denies. Hamilton. A. R, Tufts,
Vancouver;  T.  (iraham,   Revelstoke;
T. !���'. Flcutot, Kaslo; T. li. Hill, Vancouver; A. Iturcli, Montreal; James
Jones. Vancouver; S. F. Sutherland
and wife.   Revelstoke;    Mrs.    Durcck,
Rossland; Daniel jRobinson, Revelstoke; K. Mclicod, Rossland; A. I..
Davenport, Spokane; William Mitchell, Athabasca.
Spring chicken mid nil tho delioanioH
of the Htinsou served to yon when you
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Ranch, two and a half miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, propiietor.
Tlie finest line of picture mouldings
in the Kootcnays call be found at the
store of F. J. Hriidley ,fc Co.. Josephine Street.
Thorough English, Calisthenics,
Music. French, and Herman if required. Kali term commences Hrd
September,   For particulars apply t"
Josnphlno "St.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. U LENNOX, Baker  St.
St. Joseph's
Kext term commences Brd
September, Por particulars apply to the
CALL ON   I or
Lecture by
Father Drunimond
- barrel of
lie host nnd
nnd  try a bontc,  a itoKon
. :.. '[..       on    the    nmrkut.    Al*o   try   our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    nml     CIGARS.
Telephone tn. iiakor hi
. Nolson, It. 0,
Flannels and Flannelettes
Are Now Seasonable.
Mon. Night Oct. 1st.
Are You Right ?
Vou ran he nnn( ,
r with one
I   reliable
to. I in; . .old in ou; DAI
TaUn Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
flrui.'Ki-ij rofund lho money if ii fail, te cutr
'lie.   K, Vr, Grave'. Ilgnsturoll on uagl
An Oklahoma girl who advertised
for a husband, jot him, The t.>t.-.i
expense for advertising nnd (redding
ontiit was 911, and within  a rear the
liiisluind died, leaving n life insurance
of 83,000,    And yet some people claim
ou each bux,   that advertising dot's not paj
n he sun
if yon provide your-.,
of   our   accurate   iu
t iliielo'epers.
Don't run-   l"'I " good watch to
run for you.
Manufacturing J.wal.rf,
Wc  have  them   in   large  quantities.    They  come
widths, in plain and fancy patterns.
27-inch   Flannelette at	
31-inch   Flannelette at ,
34-inch  Flannelette at 12 j
36-inch Flannelette at	
Extra heavy quality of English Flannelette at.
Then there are GREY FLANNELS~an
All-Wool Manuel, 26 inches wide, at....
Our Finest quality at	
7c a yard
10c a yard
a yard
a yard
* yard
lloiisea and lots for Hale in all   pa
if the t'lty.
Victoria-Montreal     I''ire   [nSttranoe
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Madden Block
Ward Slroet
Nelson Egopt Agency
FoUI axemen,    Cooks.    Waitress.
J. H. LOVB, Agt., Baker St
Houston Block
���ON    THE-
Por   terms   and   particulars   enquire
Art Music Co., or at MS Silica Street.
instruments Supplied,   Phone 183.
Of WrllltiK Pa por won't last
longi Voud bettor place on-
other "hurrj-up* onler with


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