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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 27, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 6$6.
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, March 27,  1900.
Tenth Year
What Canada Will Show the
World At the Paris
Mineral display  a Leading
Feature of the Big
.    Exhibition.
I.VI.N TO Till-: MINIGIt.)
Ottawa, Out., Maroh 80.���Canada
Will hsva lilAT exhibits at the PariB
Exposition this yoar, valued altogether
at |200,000. This is a smaller number
than was sent to the Chioago Exposition in ISOl). but Mr. William D. Scott,
one of the Paris commissioners, who
left yesterday for Paris, says the quality of the exhibit is far superior to
that sent to the Windy City. Tho exhibits include hortionlture.agriculturo,
minerals, timbers and the Government's exhibit of fish nnd game.
Commissioner Soott speaking of the
Dominion exhibition said:
"We have ondenvored, ns fur us possible, to keep it purely commeroial.
We have never bad nnythiug like tho
mineral exhibit. It bas been prepared
under tho aupm iaion of Dr. G. M.
Dawson, director of tho geological survey, .-.'nl thut should bu sulHaiont gnu.
ranteo of its exoellonoe. Tho territory
covered by the specimens oxtenrts from
the Yukon to Cupe Broton nnd Nova
Sootia. Tbe British Columbia Government has i. particularly lluu display of
mineral, including one "hundred specimens of free gold from one hundred
different creeks, some from /ft Mil. A
fountain throwing wheat will be in
operation iu the ugricntural department and wheat, will he taken from
Manitoba aud the Territories nnd will
illustrate thu hard varieties grown in
the great Canndinn west. The fountain
will be worked by electricity. Other
grams will be shown aud the wholo
exhibit hns beeu prepared by Dr.
Sannders, tbo director of the experimental {arm. Prof. J. W. Robertson
has hnd ohurgo of tho food product ex
Dibits and these Juclude oold storngo
plants shown iu operation witb all
vanoties of (ood in oold Btorngo.
Winnipeg, March 88.���Preparations
for the opening on Thursday of the
Legislature nre oomplote. Hon. J. A.
Davidson stated today thnt tho report
of thu Royal Commission will not bo
mails public until it is laid on the table
of the House ufter the assembling of
The argumout on tho demurrer in
the case of the Ojueen vs. The Great
West Laundry Co.. for manslaughter,
adjourned from the assizes, was heard
today. The defendant condnoted a
laundry and a female employee wns
killed a few weeks ago by her clothing tioooming entangled in an unprotected shafting. The counsel for the
oompany argued thnt a corporation
could Dot be fonnd guilty of an indictable offense,    .lodgment was reserved.
A Galician named J. Rators was
killed on Friday by an explosion on
tbe Ontario & Rainy River road near
Brnle Portnge. Several other workmen were also injured.
JameB Spense, a resident of Winnipeg for 511 yenrs, died yesterday. He
was ono of the pioneer settlers in the
Old Red River oolonv and witnessed
many vissicisitudes in tho early his-
<oiy of the settlement, the troublesome
times of the first Riel rebellion being
mattes to him of oomparntively recent
date. He was fortunate in obtaining
possession of lsnd near the site of Fort
Garry, all of which was subsequently
incorporated into the limits of what
ii now the oity of Winnipeg.
with tho C. P. R., but only gave the
right to build 17 miles, while tbis bill
wns for abont 111X1 miles. The bill was
reported from tho committee. On the
third rending Mr. Rutherford moved
bis motion, pointing out that tbe peoplo wanted to see this run on nn independent lino. This wns supported by
Rooho uud Richardson, and carried.
On motion to go into committee ou
tho not respecting the C. P. R., Mr.
Mel.enn (Bnst York), said that the
time bad arrived when the ten per
oout. clause ought to be wiped ont of
the obarter of the Canadinn Paoitio
and tho Governmont should take some
stops in this direction. Colonel Tis-
dnle pointed out that tbe ten per oent.
clause did not apply to the road in
question, and MoLeon suid that Tis-
dale waB an advocate of railways, and
he supposed that Me Lean got more
money out of railways than ever he
(Col. Tisdale) did nnd bo wonld rather
hear the member for East York speak
anginst him than for him. The harp
ings of MnoLeun -were an indication
of Booking popularity rather than principle. When the country was pledged
to amalgamate he wanted to see good
fuith kept. MacLenn (Gust York),
bad made au attack on tbe Canadinn
Paoiflo, staling that live per cent, of
the people of Manitoba nnd tho Northwest were up in rebellion agaiiiBt the
road. Mr. MnoDonuol (Selkirk), took
issne at once witb MnoLoan. He said
thut the people of tho Northwest and
Manitoba wero not iu rebellion against
the C. P. R. Tbe people of his constituency were i nxions to hnve tbis
road built. There was oue member
from the west und one from Ontario
who stated that the people of the west
were np in arms against the C. P. R.,
but uo such feeling existed. Tbe two
members he spoko of, only represented
a very smnll seotion. Riohardson de-
l.i.-.l being opposed to tbe OP. R. He
bad a grent admiration for the O. P.
R., which won al-'v ��naunr*ed, and no
other set of men oonld do anything
��� iiHerein from what tbey did.
Ottawa, Ont, Mnrcb 36.��� The name
of A. H. Gilmoure, ex-M.P. for Obnr-
lotte.who was defeated in the eleotions
by I laming, Conservative, is mentioned as successor to the late Soputor
Montreal, March' 2(1.��� Lemiux and
Baxter, who were found guilty of conspiracy to wreok the Ville Marie Bank
will be sonteuoed next Saturday.
Ottawa, Maroh 36 -���The House went
Into oominittee today on the Brandon
& Southwestern Railway bill. Mr.
McLean, (East York), moved an
amendment that the maximum passenger late of the road be two oents
Per mile. This was lost. Mr. Rutherford gave motion that on tbe third
rending he wonld move that the bill
V sent bnck to the railway committee to be ntnendod so thnt the road
would not be permitted to amalgamate
with tbe Canadian Pacific Mr. Sutherland ngreed that this shonld be done,
"bo member for Maodonald pointed
����t to him that tbere wns a olauBe in
the original ohnrtor whioh would give ���
tn�� oompany the right  to amalgamate J road.
of  a
British Leaders Are Out of
Touch   News of the
General Olivier Slips Away
With the Guns and
London, Maroh 37.���Gonorol Frenoh
is reported from Bloemfontein Snndny
as returning from Thahu N.-lm without
apparently having banded oil' Commandant Olivier witb bis 1.1 guns .in.I
miles of baggage. Boer horsemen are
in oontnet with the British outposts
from Biggnrsborg to Wurrentou. Goueral Bullers' patrol bud n sharp skirmish Sunday at Waschhauk. Lord Roberts infantry have uow boon qniot for
four days nnd an advance is hourly
expeoted at tbe War Office.
Messrs. Wolmornns, Fischer and
Wossels, the peace envoys from the
Federal forces n-.e due nt Nuples in a
few dnys. Alter visiting two or three
Enropenu capitals they will go to Now
York by way of Antwerp. It is understood at The Hague that they aro invested with large power uud are prepared to agree to nnythiug looking to
intervention. Tho Times prints a
statement from Capetown to tbe effect
that the Boers after deducting heavy
losses are probably unable to put more
than 110,000 men in 'he lighting line.
London, Mnrch 27.���Military observers here nnd oven those iu affiliation
with the War Offloe are considerably
confused ns to whnt is being done for
the succor of Mafeking. Some 6000
or 6,000 men are engaged with Lord
Methnen ut Warrenton nnd Fourloon
Streams an now another column is
about leaving Kimberley if it has not
already started for Griqnutown, 106
inilea westwnrd. Is ostensible purpose is to drive out the Boers. The
foroe is desorihed as "a strong one"
nnd the expedition ns"likely tontlinet
much attention."
New York, Maroh 26.���A relative of
President Krnger, a Boer now in Londou, whose name in not known, bus
ttiven an interview to The Herald correspondent, in which he says that
delegates from President Kruger are
now hastening to Berlin and Brussels
and from there will come to tbe United States. They will bring to tbis
oountry a proposition from Presidont
Kruger to President MoKiuley.
The London Boer said tbere was not
tbe least danger of his countrymen destroying the mines. Referring to Mr.
Montague, whose statements of this
subjeot in Washington he said : "They
were totally onautborized. He bad
absolutely uo right to say anything of
the kind and what he bas said has given a false, barmfnl lmpresson." Tbe
Boor was asked as to tbe present state
of the war nnd replied: "We recognized that British forces hnve come in
Buch overwhelming numbers that the
w ar for us has now reached a very
critical period. That is why we have
hurried onr delegates over here."
When asked as to what President Kru-
gei meant by his famous remark concerning, "The blow that would stagger humanity." He answered: "Tbe
president meant that tbe loss of life
would be stupendous. Pretoria has
strong l'oi-tilications around it, bnilt
on the most modern principles. To
take the seaforth will be well nigh
"Do yon regard the prospeots
long siege of Johannesberg aud
toria as likely."
"Johannesburg," In replied,
from a military point of view untenable, we wonld not think it advisable
to austnin so long a siege of Pretoria
ns has been suggested in the pnp irs
here. Let me tell yon, and bear it in
mind, the Boers will never give up.
They will, when pressed, go north into
thoir own territory, as a sort of desert
whioh is fnll of brushwood, furnishes
endless shelter. We know that intricate country well. We have been in
the hnbit of going there every year for
sporting purposes. In the meantime
we have made all arrangements to
blow np evory bridge along   tbe   rail-
Toronto, March 26.���Of the vnriouB
accounts of tho action nt Paardeberu
in whioh the Canadians figured so prominently, whicb came to hand in tha
South African mail todny, tbe best letter that has so far turned up, is that
of Private T. W. Bunton, formerly of
Tho Toronto Stur stall', who in a letter
to his fathor d ascribes tho events
which led np to tbe capture of Cronjo
and thn part the Oanndinns took in it.
The mnrch, nocording to bia story,
from Mugersfontein was extremely a
trying oue. Tbe Canadians were iu
the vanguard of their division and
niarch.-d by uight and by day, their
transports were deficient and they had
to carry their packs when other regiments marched light. By forced
marching they overtook General Roberts at Jacohsdal. If tbe regimout
stopped for five minutes the whole
outfit would full asleep. Bnnton snys
some of the Canadians slept whilo wnl-
king. On February 8, after marching
23 miles from Klips Drift, tbe Canadians oame in contnot with tho euomy
who fired upon them when thoy went
���o tbe river for water. Before the reg-
imeut wns dressed the engagement had
become brisk and tbo brigade with tho
Canadians woro ordered on tho left of
the river whicli thoy cros-iod by n ford
in the roar of tho camp The Shrop-
shires led tho way followod by tbe
Ounnoks. The water wns up to their
nooks aud some even bnd to swim.
The Canadians orossod in fours holding
on to oaob other. On the other hunk
tbey advanced in skirmishing order,
"O" Oompany supporting "A" Oompany. The letter continues: "By
tbis timo bullets wore ooming thick
and we hnd a norrow sqnek. We reinforced "A" Company nt BOO yards and
opened fire. Tho Boers' fite was terric
and some of our boys were hit. We
soon snbdned their fire nnd kept tho
Boers down. Their poBition waB in
the rivor and we were lying in the
open with no covor of any kind except
a few nnt hills. We conld see very
littlo to fire at exoept the smoke from
their Martini-Henri Rifles whicb gave
their position away. Our firing line
was in a crescent shapo, tbe right ou
the river, nnd the loft extended along
the river ahout 50C ynrds. We weie
under flro all morning and in the afternoon the left wns ordored  to cease
(ionliiiunl un fourth Page.
City Will Supply Burns & Go.
Power for Their New
Others Who Made Application
Through the Tramway
The question of supplying P. Burns
<fe Co. with eleotrio power for tbeir
cold storage plant took on another
phase lust uight when Aid. Irvine
offered a iosolntion,which was seconded by Aid. McKillop, that tbe City
eleotrio plurii furnish P. Burns & Co.
with thirty horso power nt $5 per
month per horse power and that the
necessary wiping he done at ouoe
m.dev the direction of the City Engineer.
The Nelson Eleotrio Tiara way Co..
handed iuto the Ooouoil a list of business men in Nelson, wishing to obtain
power from the Oity of Nelson for
the purpose of running machinery in
their respective business bouses.
The < ..nilinini,-ution read: "Provided
the City make neaessary arrangements
with tho Nelson Eleotrio Tramway
Co., for tho power required, wo, the
undersigned, wish to obtain power in
quantities horeafter shown���P. Burns
& Co., 80 horse power; Kootenay
Steam Laundry, 15 b. p. ; Nelson Iron
Works, 5 li p. ; Kincaid & Monroe, 10
h. p. ; Elliot cte Morrison, 5 h. p. ; H.
D. Ashcroft, in b. p., in nil a total of
DO horse power."
The communication was in tho form
of a statement nnd was handed into
tbe Council during the meeting. It
was signed by all the firms mentioned
uhnvo and the amount of horse power
desired was set opposite their signatures. Tbe Mnyor evidently, however, did not regard it in a serious
light or of being of a hnni.ti.lo nature
as after be had read it to the Council,
ho remarked that "it is a well known
fact that none of these parties outside
of P. I'urns & Co.want tbe power that
they ask for." The communication
was laid on tbe table after tbe Mayor
bud snid that they could all make np-
pliontion to the City for any power
tbey wanted nnd tbe City would take
care of the business. The special committee, composed of Aid. Hall, Wilson
and McKillop, who bad under consideration the taking over by tbe Oity,
of the Free Library handed their report into tbe Council. Tbey did not
recommend the Oity managing tbe
library but advised a grant of (500.
Aid. Irvine was opposed to granting
$500 and moved nn amendment to the
effect that $300 be given tbem aud
Intor on $200 more conld be given if
found nceoHHiiiy. Aid. Arthur seconded the motion and the amendment was
Mayor Houston read a telegram received several days ago from the relief
committee at Kuskanook, asking for
aid f.uii thn Oity of Nelson. He stated
to tbe Oouncil that be bad at once
answered,after a consultation with the
finance committee, that Nelson would
give $250 toward tbe relief of Kuskanook. This aotion waa endorsed by
the Council and it was ordered that a
check for the amount should be drawn
iu tbo nsual way. P. L. Maodonald sent
in u claim to tbe Council for $30.40 for
laying wator pipo ou Opdar Street, but
the clam, was not entertained.
Tbe following report was bnnded into the Council by Oity Clerk Strachan,
who has been busy for several weeks
making tho new assessment:
To the Mayor and Counoil  of tbe City
of Nelson :
Gentlemen,���I beg to herewith make
return of the assessment roll for the
year of 1900. The total assessed value
in $2,088,260, made up as follows:
East ward lands, $609,585, improvements, $458,100; Westward lands $587,-
725, improvements $842,850. The assessed valnes in 1800 were lands $1,-
1116,025, improvements $426,680. Total $1,692,655.
Showing an increase for the year of
lauds $71,285, improvements $374,320,
or a total increased assessed a value of
the real property in the City of Nelson
of $445,605.     (Sgd.)
J. K. STRACHAN, Assessor.
The report was read and adopted.
A Court of Revision was appointed
consisting of Mayor Houston, and Ald-
erinen,   Morrison,    McKillop,   Wilson
and Irivno. They will sit at 10 n. m ,
ou Mny 2nd to hear ull appeals against
tbo assessment. Notices of the nsBS8B<
mouts will bo sent out and property
holders will have seven dnys iu which
to mnke appeals.
The committee on Publio Works
handed in a report recommending the
following improvements: Placing n
six-foot sidewalk on the north side of
Latimer Street Josephine nnd Oodar
Streets; that tho grudo at tho corner
of Bukor and Kootenny streets be fixed
nnd thnt thu Oity furuisli the curbing
for tho new sidswolk in front of tbe
new Bunk of Montreul; thnt a six-foot
sidewalk be laid ou tho south side
of Silicn Street irom Stanley Street,
204 feet west; thnt n sewer be laid ou
Wator Street from Cedar to Willow
Streot; thut another wagon and team
of horses bo purchased for tho heulth
department; tbut a Bix-foot sidewalk
be laid on tho oust side of Stanley
Streot from Carbonate Street to Hoover; thnt tenders bu called for the removal of tho City stables on Hall
Mines rond ; thnt twelve chuirs be pur-
obnsed for tbe Fire Hull und that the
Chief bo giveu a now uniform,
Tbo roport was udoptod at suggestion of Aid. Irvine, seconded by Aid.
It was moved by Aid. Hall and seconded by Aid. Arthur, Unit tenders ho
called by th3 City Engineer, for laying a sowor on Water Street between
Cedar and Willow Streets, the tenders
to bo in by April 2. This motion carried. By motion of Aid. McKillop,
seconded hy Aid. Irvino, Aid. Wilson
wus appointed a committee Xit one to
purchase the team and wagon needed
for the Health Department.
On motion o: Aid. Arthur, seconded
by Aid. Irvino.it wiis decided to grade
Ward Streot between Victoria and Sil-
ioa street aud the Oity Engiueer was
instructed to prepare estimates for
same nnd ask for tenders tc he iu by 3
o'clock April 2.
All application wns mnrto by .1. B.
McGny ior a permit to use the clny in
the bod of Josephine Street near tbe
lake, also to erect a brickyard at thut
spot. Un tbe ground tbnt this would
open tho streot without cost to tha
City, Aid. Irvino moved thnt a permit
be granted. The motion wns seoonded
by Aid. Arthur, and carried, giving
the applicant tho right to open the
street nnd to erect a building there for
a limited time.
An application from Frank Simpson
and others to build a hotel in Nelson
if a license conld bo p-oniised, was
referred to tbo License Commissioners
with a recommendation that tbo license be granted.
A letter was rend from Mr. Thomas
J. Sims, secroturj of the Charity Organization, asking Hint transportation
be famished a deatituto family to their
home in Wnsbingon. Tho Mayor was
authorized to procuro tickots for them
and send tbe same to Secretary   Sims.
A communication from the Secretary
of thn Laborers' Union, asking that
the City pay $2.50 for nine hours Inhor
wns laid on the table. Mr. E. J. Cur-
ran, owner of the Club Hotel, was before tho Council with a proposition to
stand tbo expense of tbe retaining wall
at Stanley and Silica Streets if the
Oity would do the excavating. This
the Counoil agrped to.
Tbe only tenders received for tbe repair of the City wharf was one for
lumber and was for $10 por thousand,
from the Porto Kioo Lumber Co. No
tenders were mnde for lumber. Aid.
Irvine moved thnt tho City wharf repairs bo mnde by day lnbor nnd thnt tho
lumber be bought iu tbe open market.
Tho motion was seconded by Aid. McKillop nnd carriod.
The Council then adjourned until
next Monday night.
Joseph   Martin   Booked   to
Deliver an Address
This Evening.
J. Fred Hume Tells Victorians
That the Upper Country
Is Anti-Martin,
Montreal, March 26.���Amelia Sea-
bury Black, wife of J. A. Mathoson,
the well known wholesale grocer and
one of the founders of St. James Methodist Ohurcb, died tbis morning. Mr.
and Mrs. Matheson celebrated the
giaud anniversary of tbeir marriage
last August.
Toronto, Ont., March 26. ���Dr. Ryer-
Bon cables from Sonth Africa asking
for 5,000 sweaters for the use of the
Canadians when cold weather sols   in.
Victoria, B. O., March 88.��� Premier
Martin will tomorrow address a muss
niontiiiK of electors iu the A. O. U.
W. hall. This is tho first gathering
whioh Hon. Job. Murtiu has addressed
since lie stumped the city in the bye-
elections early lust yenr, and naturally
considerable curiosity is manifested
to hear biro elucidate tbe policy whicb
bo has nheady outlined to tho country.
The first evening n joint mieling of
tho senior and young Liberal Associations will be held in tho Philharmonic
Hull, when the attitude of the pnrty
tu the Martin administration will
doubtless ho considered.
Hon. J. Fred Hume, ex-Ministcr of
Mines, is in town aud reports tho upper country ns almost unanimously opposed to tho Mnrtin ministry. He will
probably be a candidate in his old rid-
ing iu tbe coming elections ns a Cot-
Hon. G. W. Beebe, the now Provincial Secretary, ussumod his duties
A requisition is in circulation asking
the present city members iu the Legislature, Messrs. Turner, Hull, MoPbil-
lips and Helnicken, to again stand tin-
Tbe old agricultural hall' whicb wnB
employed ns nhnrruck for "C" Battery
when tbey wero first posted to thiB
station will in ill probability re-echo
soon ngiiin tho shonts of soldiers. The
accommodation at Work Point being
tnxed to tho utmost by tbo regular
troops, Major Bonaon, D. O. C, hns
been obliged to look for quarters elsewhere and it is very likely that tho
men will be quartered in the building
mentioned. Today hns beeu a busy
dny with tbe D. O. O., as he haa boon
obliged to ruBh th3 preparations for
the addition to Victoria's garrison.
The equipment for the compnny will
leave Ottuwn todny and in tbo course
of about n week the men will be mobilized hero. Sixty men are required.
Twenty nre expectd from Victoria
nnd Vancouver nnd live enoh from tho
different companies of Rnngers. The
two const cities will, however, praoti-
cully supply ull tho men as aomo of
the npcountry companies have not
offered any. The men will bo enrolled ns infantry und should thoy be retained for uny length of timo, will
form a capital school of instruction for
the militia officers here, who although
artillery men, nooessnrily study iu
funtry tactics. The offlcera of the
company will be Colonel J. MoKny, of
the 42nd Lanark Battalion ; Lieutenant H. C. Ackroyd, of tho OtOh Vancouver Rifles, and Lieutenant F. F.
Clarke, of the 12th Battalion York
With the nrrivul of tho Danube this
morning, onme two miners from the
fur away Cape Nomo gold fields, K. R.
McRae and F. H. Naglo. They arrived in Skagwoy the dny before tho
steamer sailed, over the ioe from Nome
with a team of nix Mafamue dogs.
This is the second and probably tho
last pnrty that will come out this winter from Nome over tho ico of the Yukon. Tbey report a big rush to tho
now gold fields from all northern
Rome, Maich 26.���Cardinal   Camillo
Maw.ell, a bishop of Palestine and prefect   of   tbe   congregation   of   Sacred
Rites, is doad.
Paris, March 26.���Admiral Baron
Viotor.who was chief of the Cabinet of
Murine, during tlio siege of Paris, is
dead.    Ho wus born in 1825.
London, Ont., March 26. ���Henry J.
Bownn, aged 86, and Patrick Babbitt,
aged 78, both inmates of tho Aged
People's Homo, died suddenly a few
days ago. Tho oause of death hns boon
attributed to whiskey purchased by
the former. Tbe authorities are uow
investigating ns to what the whiskey
contained so as to cause sudden
AlKiers, March 28.���Field Maishnll
Sir Donald Mnrtin Stewart died hero
this morning aged 77 years.
Halifax, N. 8. March 26.-Wm.
Fraser, the oldest postmaster in tbo
Province, died yesterday at New
Olusgow. --���- NELSON   DAILY MINER,   TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 1900
"JNelson Daily Miner
Published Dally except Monday.
N'KLBON MINER 1'lilNTINll  SC l'lnil.lH.UN.l 00
D J.  BEATON, Ktlltor iwd Mummer.
Sobsokiition Rates,
Dally per month by oanler	
per half yoar.
vor y.ii.i- by moll.
per rear forewn..
.1   II-'
.. aw
.. 700
.. dOO
..8 00
. ��oo
Weekly, prr halt yoar	
por yoar, foreign    '-';-"
Babsorlptlon-i lnvarlsbly in a.lvanoo,
Nelson Mln sr Printing & PubllshlngCo
Telephone   No.   144.
Nelson Daily Miner
March 27, 1900.
In Peace and in War.
CUT out this coupon nml bring
or send it with 10 cents in silver
to the Portfolio Department of
The Nelson Daily Miner and get
Pnrt I of "Glimpses of South
Africa In Peace and in War."
See announcement on another
a bettor service is necessary ninl is
worth paying for. Such is the reasoning of Mr. Houston uud his paper.
As The Miner has already said, there
is only one nbstiiclo to tho introduction
of eleotric light and power from the
outside, if the people desire to have
them. The Gas Company havo erected
a lurgo plnut ut a heavy expense, on
the understanding thut they should
buve no other competition than the
I0311I eleotrio service. We aro under
obligation ns nu honorable community to observe  our  agreement, if tlij
Gns Oompnuy nre disposed to hold us
to it. Hut to maintain that tho people
may not lepudiato thoir own monopoly, nnd sook elesowhere for what
thoy want, is to indulge In very arrant uonseuso. It is tho people who
ure the City, and thoy are not likely
to invito injury to tliomselvos. If
dissatisfied with the local service, nnd
willing to stand the cost of introducing another, we do not know thnt Mr.
Houston's hriok nnd planks hnvo auy
call to aomplaln. Tbe whole matter,
In its present shape, is most unBiitis-
fnctory. Tho people paid for a good
olectrio sorvice nnd ure not Retting it;
they invited a Gas Oompnuy to come
in and tied their bands. Thero is uo
olootrio power, and thore is a very
poor eleotric light. If tho present arrangement is to be disturbed at all���
and thi inteiests of tho people, who
nre tho City, would seem to demand
tbnt it should be���the best polioy to
pursue would be to modify all the bylaws and givo us free trade in light
and power. The people wnut the best
they can get nt the cheapest rate, nud
whutever is best nud cheapest is in the
public iutereBt.
nicely in the spirit ot humanity. O1100
before I-.��� 1;. 1. c arms ovnroumo the
savage Zulu; by lining ho it strengthened tho Krnger, since whicb timo it
has cost much blood aud treasure to
overcome the Kruger. All in the spirit of humanity. We may also In tbe
spirit, of humanity nip in tho bud all
faction tnrliuleucy whicli hours fruit
by promotion nnd nurture, Rather dispel factions at ouce, than fight fnetions
with factions. No, let ns declare thut
the coming contest will bo fought on
pure party lines. Let fnetions merge
into party, if tbey will, lint for tho
sake of the credit and prosperity of our
Fiovineo give ns a chnuce to record
onr vote on clear out new linos.
Give us a new hook and wo will endeavor to gild tho edges witb pure
Ijihernl-Oonservntivo principles nnd
euoh leuf iniiy be embossed with Legislative enactments upon tho grent policy of prosperity and progress, which
has heen productive of so much good to
overy interest nud every industry
from tho highest to tbo lowest in every
other part of our bro��d Dominion except British Columbia. Yours truly,
Now Denver, March !34.
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
The Miner doos not profoss to know
what designs the West Kootenay
Powor and Light Company may have
on Nelson. It may bo that tbey desire an eutranco into the Oity, and
that tbey ho given a freo hand. Tbero
hns beeu no publio or oflioiul intimation of any such purpose, aud if entertained it may be good polioy on the
part of the oitiaeus tc thwart it. But
whatever we may bo asknd to do, let
us, for tbe crodit of onr good sense as
anue people, proceed to do it with some
degree of intelligence. Wo are not surprised thnt Mr. Houston mnnifests tbo
most extroino sensitiveness whenever
eleotric light matters nre broached,and
it is quito uuturul, of course, that his
feelings should be refleotod iu tbe columns of his newspaper; hut this is not
a reason why the citizens should be
led into further absurdities in connection with tbe subject.
Nelson bas bad an elootric light
plant foisted upon it. The then Mayor of the Oity, who is Mayor again,
indnced the Council to purchase a
plant, for several times its value,from
a company of which be was the moving and controlling spirit. Ho was
enabled to put a good many dollnrs iuto his own pocket ns a consequence of
tbo deal The Oity has sinoe pnid a
farther large sum in the endeavor to
make tbe service equal to tho demands on it. Tho plant has thus cost
ns a very pretty penny, aud possibly it
is goo.l polioy to keep out competition
in order that tbo City may be recoupod
some of the expenditure. But if this
is to be the policy, let us clearly understand what it means. Tbe service
is entirely inadequate, and what there
is of it is of poor quality. We think
tbere will bo uo two opinions ou these
points. It Is claimed that tho City
should put up with this imperfeot service, ruther than ullow nnotber oom-
I "ny to come in with n beltf-s.
Wo, "resume the City of Welson, like
other o .iee, is oompoaed of tbe people
who reside in it. This may not be
the case, however; indeed, Mr. Houston and his paper would seom to hold
tho view tbnt the City is something
apart from the people nnd nutngnlstic
to thorn. What thoy oonoeive us composing it we do not know, but must as-
s.ime that it is brick, moitar, lumber
and shingles. Aside fiom tho peoplo,
thero is nothing else hero to nonstitute
tbe Oity. It is tbe people who use the
electric light service; it is tbu peoplo
wbo ate .it--atistieii witb it; it cnn
only be tho people who desiro tbo introduction of another system, for we
have never known brick, mortar,
lumber, and shingles to havo the faculty of reasoning or to entertain preferences one way or the other. Another system cannot ho iutroduood unless tho people express an umistnknlile
desire to have it. They wonld not do
this unless they conceivod their internets demanded it. Hut they uro told
thnt they most not think of such n
thing, beonuso it would bu bad for the
City���bad, thnt Is, for the brick, mortar, lnmhei, nml shingles. The wishes
of the people are not to be considered ;
it is thn brick, inortnr, lumber and
shingles that are to determine whether
It is difficult to obtain any information of Mr. Georgo Washington Heche,
tbe latest acquisition to Mr. Martin's
Cnbiuet, but it iu undorstood thut in
Federnl politics he in a Liberal. So
far all Ministers are Liberals, and it
in no doubt Mr. .Martin's intention to
hnve a purely Liberal Cabinet. He
is bonud to put himself in the positiou
to claim that ho is tho leader of tbe
Liberal party iu British Columbia He
is thus foroing the issue of pnrty
lines, and even if there wns reluctunce
to adopt thnt polioy in thn coming
eleotions bis uotiou would make it imperative. 	
Notion is hereby given that all
sons resident within the Oity of
son wbo have not been vaocinuted
within seven yenrs nre loqinrort within seven days from the publication or
this notice to be vaccinated.
Persons lequiring to ho vnnjinntert
free of charge mnv attend nt any timo
during tho next seven .lays between
tho hours of 3 uud 5 o'clock p. ni��� at
my office on Josephine Street for the
purpose of vaccinntion. Upon the
eighth day following the dny on which
any person bus been vnoninated, he
or she shull attend the medioal prnc-
tioner by whom tho operation was performed in order thnt the medicnl prac-
tioner may ascertain by inspection the
remit of tbo operation.
Any person fuiling tn comply with
the requirements ot this notice will
be liable to the peuiilties prescribed by
the Publio Hoiilth Aot.
Meriinnl Heulth Ofiicer.
Nelson, B, O., Mnrcb BOtb, 1B0O,
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., I.imitkd.���Corner Vor
non an.) Cedar Streets, Nelson, miiiiu-
faoturors of and wholesalo dealers In aorntod
waterH and fruit syrups. Bole kkohU for tint
cyon Springs mineral wator.   Tel SO
���N. M. * 'in in:.. Lessee,   hvory known
variety nf soft drinks. 1*. O. Box 88. Tole-
ptioue Mo. 31. Hoover Streot, NoIhoii. Hottlors
of the Famous Bt. Loon llut Siii-Iukh Mineral
(II.   Cnne,
us. A.   Miiciliniiil.il    Architects and Mil
Broken Hill Uloek, I'or. llaker
nnd Ward Bts., Nelson, II. C.
For the Times
From Cape Town to Lafly
By (late) 0. W. Steevenk
Forly-oi tain lit
By ]
Union oil Boor
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Notice is hereby given thnt the publio Is informed thut rule No. fill of the
regulations ol the Provincial Hoard of
Health, approved by order of tbe Lieu-
teunnt-Unvornor-in-Ooiinml, is iu foroe
in the City of Nelson, by whioh overy
person of an ago to make him or her
legally responsible, who hns not beeu
successfully vncoinntod within Beven
yours, or who does not hold a certifl-
onto of bis or her insusceptibility at
the present time to vaccination, is required to procure the vaccination of
himself or horsolf within seven duys
after pulbio notification by the Modi-
cul Health Officer dirocting goueral vno-
oinution. D. LABAU, M. D.,
Medioal Health Officer.
Nelson, B. 0., Mnrch 20, IHUO.
HJ. EVANS & OO.-Bniter Btreet, Noi
��� son, wholesale dealers In liquors, olKsrs
content, lire brick and tiro clay, water pipe and
steel rails and Kenor.il eoniinlHslon uiorohaets.
LiMiTKi).���Front Btroot, Nelsou, wholesale dealers in Hour, meals, oto,, and huy
and grain. Mills at Kdinonton, Viotoria aud
New Wostmtnster. Klovators on Calgary &
Edmonton ltallway.	
ROSS. LEE* TAYLOR-Uukoi- street.
Nelsou. (George h\ Motion's old stand.)
Flour, Feed, Gruin, liny and Produce Car
lots a specialty. Correspondence solicited.
Phono 21..
Both Side
i of the .South African
Some of tbe Const exchniiges must
have been laboring under a misapprehension in rognrd to Mr. Dunsmuir's
oonuection witb Mr. Martin. It is
quite understood tbat thu Victoria Colonist voices the views of Mr. Duiib-
inuir, aid for the past week at least
its attitude towards Mr. Mnrtin is by
no menus calculated to givo tbe impress!, n that he or bis Uovornment
oan couut on tbo snpport of what is
called the Dunsmuir interest. The
Colonist is hammering away at tbe
new Premier with n vigor and power
that leave nothing to be  desirod.
Ten Years of Op Carta
ii Peace and War
Ml tie Latest Current
Heated by Hot Air
Dining   Room
the City.
A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Vor
��� non and Josoimlno Streets, wholesale
grooers and jobbers In blankets, gloves, mltls,
boom, rubbers, ruaokinuws and miners' sundries.
P BURNS A CO   M.il.er Streot. Noison,
���   wholosale dealers in frosh aud ourod
moats.   Cold storage.
���Baker Street. Nelson.   Wholosulo doal
ers in fresh and ourod meats.
,-LiMiTico���Maker Stroot, Nolson, wholesale dealors in hardwuro aud mining supplies,
plumbers' and tinsmith's suppllos.
sale mints and oils.
Vernon and Josephine Stroots, No'son
wholesale dealers In liquors cigars and dry
goods. Agont-. for PsbBG Brewing Co. ot Mil-
warkoe and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.
short time only will elapse before
that bugbear of the thrifty house-
keeper looms up, " Housc-Clean-
ing," when the man of the house
lives  by
and what meals he manages to pick
up at the restaurant. Wc are looking forward to that time. We know
that carpets are bound
old, spots will appear, and the
decision will finally be that it will be
cheaper to put
oerles anti liquors, etc
Wholesalo gro-
Bakor St., Nolson.
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of the
TheWaverly Hotel
It is Bnid thnt Sir Thonins Lipton
will obnllengo (or tho Ainorlon Cup in
mm. nud that thn ynoht to bo built for
tbe occasion in to bo oalled tbo Erin.
We sui'i:e-t un amendment. If Si*
Thomns Liptou desires to mnke victory
absolutely oertnin, lot bim cnll his
yaoht Dublin Fusilier.
To tbo Editor of Tho Miner:
As a oloae observer of political matters pertaining to Provincial Interests,
and judging from tlio restless condition of the public mind, uot only at
tho present timo but in the pnst, I
think tbat our only hope is to end the
domination of personalism in tho
Governmental ntfnirs of our Province
nud appeal to tho electorate on pnro
pnrty lines. Thnt n disposition aiirl
prevailing desire exists that party
linos may bo drawn in Provincial politics has beeu evident for some tune.
The Libeial-OonsFrvatives have, by a
well attended convention, declared for
the adoption of i mi v lines, and the
Liberals are by othor means endeavoring to form a liberal government, not
hy opon doclnruliou. of course, but by
attempting to hoodwink thu Conservatives.
Who are the Cabinet ministers so fnr
chosen? Evoiy ono Libnruls. And
why should Mr. Murtin bo (tailed upon
to lend  the  Government?   'Tis snid
lie is not iu harmony with the Liberal
pnrty | thnt ho is nn outcast; but we
can huve no doubt a strong olomnut of
harmony will ho attained if Mr. Martin becomes nn iictunl lender of a Liberal government in British  Oolomhla,
In my opinion,outside of some obscure
motive, it is inexplicable why Mr.
Martin should have boon culled upon
to form a ministry. I cannot agree with
tho viows of Sir   Charles   Topper   und
some others, that we us Conservatives,
should waive pnrty lines to defout
Mnrtin. I believe It would only enhance his chances of election, for prob-
ablv under uny circnnistnnci.s Mr,Mnrtin will reoeivn tho Liberal voto, and
outside of party linos thn candidutos
that the Conservatives may assist to
elect, would probably he of n i-hurnotor
so susooptible us to be oiisily controlled by the powers thnt will be, Mr.
Martin's pnliticnl record wns, when ho
l.ee,.me ;i member and li'i'ilur of the
Seralin-Martin-Untton Government, of
tho same clinruoter ns now, nnd wo
know that the members and supporters of that Cabinet for an Important
period wore as clay in his bunds. And
why wo should particularly wish tn
down Mr. Mnrtin, and join issue with
u faction that wus shaped uml moulded
by his hands I cunnot nnibrstniiil.
Sir Hibbort   Topper's   simile   rends
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
This Offer Open for   Ten
Days Only-
Lots 11 nnd 12 in Block 28, being tho
Southwest Corner ol (lore und Kootenay .Streets, Nelson.
Cash Price $450.00 for the Two.
Write or wire to
Real Estate, Mines, LoutiR,
01P. Granville St. Vancouver, B. C.
.  A OO.���Corner Verm n
  ... no titfeota. Nolson, wholusalu
.tealen. in provisions, curod moats, butUir and
Ui   and Jusophlho
Mill ut PILOT BAY.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co-
Real  Estate.   Fire  Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
The Bodega on Baker Street.
Mr. Morlcy's resilience  and abont i)2
acres of land aeross tbu lake
Five room honse and two well
cultivated lots, neatly   fenced.    All   plumbing    except
sewer   connection  $1,400 00
Two lots, corner Latimer and
- Ilon.liy\      535 00
Four lots, corner of Ward aud
Richards   Streets      800 00
Two lots anil shanty on   Robson,'   between   Stanley   and
Kootenay...-..;      60C 00
Lot and warehouse 18x80,   on
Baker  Street  1.275 00
Great Reduction!
,a��&$9.65 Per Ton
OROW^NKST  $6>15   per   Ton
whom you ran  Atponfl on  Rutt-tnir  tho  bout
hi.iinl   in ;lr-  Linl.-i  una uny iiumiULy from
HV. un,   I'im   cannot bu (llripuU'il,
���PHONE 9.1.
Frank A. Tamiilyn, Mgr.,
Rakbr Stkkbt, Nelson
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer nnd Porter.
Drop in and sec us.
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    P.iiijter,
Chimney Sweeping.
Wurd St. opp. Opera Mouse
Real Estate & Mining Agent
Room 1. Turoer-Boeck Blook.
Splendid Comers on Stanley, Josephine. Mill, Silica, Ward.
First-class Hotel siu. oi> Baker.
I ."i and Houses in all parts of tho
Will build you a Uonie if I cannot
suit you.
See Me.
5-rooin House on Corner Hoover SI.,
well finished, 8800.
2 Beautiful Lots on  corner, close to
Cm- Line almost given away.
Fire, Life Accident and Sickness Iu-
surauoe affected on best terms.
Money lent on improved Ileal Estate
Next door to New Bunk of Montreal,
on Kootenay Street,
Nelson, B.C.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland, Me.
Allan Uno "Nuinhllun" Mnrch :u
Alli'ii l.-iin- ''Parlilinn'* April 7
f)omInlon J -im* "Dominion" April 13
���ominion ltlno"Uftii.uroiii.in" April 17
From St, John, N. B.
Boftvor Lino "LnkoPupurlor" April 4
, '���l.i,ui,....in�� April 11
From Halifax, N. 8.
Bonvcr Lino
Houston Block,    -    Nelson. .
Some Choice Lots and Houses for Sale.
Agent Montreal Loan & Investment Co.
Fraternity Hall
Cor Itnkrr ��t Itontt'nny flt*.
can be rented for Concerts, Leoturefl
Dances, Banquets uikI every kind of entertainment. Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen nnd dining room furnished.    For tertnpply
DR. K. O. ARTHUR! Oity.
"LuHiUinla" April 11
From Halifax, N. B,
l Allan Lino "Numidian" April 1
| Allan Line "l*arlt<li\n" April 8
Dominion Lino "Dominion" April 14
Itonvor Lino "LakoSuperior"..        April S
Boa vor Lino "Lu*It,anla".. .: April VI
From New York
While Star Lino "Germanic" April 4
While Slar Line "Oceunla" April 18
Cunard Line "Lucunia" April 7
<'mmi il Lino"Ktmria" April 14
American Lino "Bt. Paul" .. April 4
Hod Star Line "Friosland"  April 4
Anchor  Lino "Ethiopia" April 7
North German Lloya  "Saalo" April 3
Allan State Line * t'oroftn" April 12
PaBHagOH ��rrangod to and from all European
points. For ralec, tickets and full information
apply to C. P. K, dopot agont'or O K. Boonloy,
City I'OHHunftoi AKont, NoIhou, B.*1
l-<Minrn] Ast-cni. CP.R. OftlcoH Winnipeg
Ten acres, with large honse closo tn
Nelson, l-'in.. situntion for kenpiiiK
poultry. Good fowl honse. Apply X,
Box 688, Bost Ollice, Nelson
new enrpets than relay the old; and
then how much more satisfactory
for all concerned! We have not
room to say much here
subject, but will merely remind you
that we can fit you out from the
to the attic, and will guarantee
satisfaction, ,
We can offer a nice choice in
American   Axminster   from   25.00
to 30.00.
English  Axminsters and Wiltons,
all sizes.
English    Brussels    and    Velvets,
19.00 to 30.00.
If there is a spot where all the
wear comes on your carpet, and
which begins to look shabby while
the rest is comparatively new, the
remedy is
We have a fair assortment and
all sizes.
Smyrna, 1.25 to 4.00.
Axminster, 1.25 to 5.00.
Wilton, 6.00 to 10.00.
Wool, all colors.
Also,   a   large   stock   of
at prices that will satisfy you.
Board and
and   Room;
rear English
First  Class  Board
Todd's old stand, in
Church.    Table  Board, $4;   Board
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
Civil anil Mcc1.huI.ihI KnKinuors,
SupplitMl nn.l Kro.-toil.
AOKNTS for tho Hlralon Iron Work", IlalsiHik
4 Wilcox BoUfirOo., Oraokfl'fl Wirt. Hope
aud l.'.i|'.-ui>i . Kin., Ktc.
our  carpets   made
laid in a workmanlike man
ner, free of charge.
Telephone 13.
ss\    *r
who and   Whnl  I. Thl.  Character
Wao.a Name I. So Familiar.
Miimlio Jumbo ia by bis very name an
attriictlbn to -us. Tlio above "character"
Is Mi.l.i.iniui.li Jamboh In his unabridged
niiinc, uud bt is a noisy man of th*
woods along the Mandc, or Mnndlngos,
In woatern Africa. The traveler Moore
was the first person to introduce him to
white folks. He is the unviigo mini of
th. forest and ia more Important through
the nolsj train of followura thnt accompany bim 11. ii ii by any uutborlly of bia
Tbis mystorlous porsonnge always appears iu a horrid disguise, nnd ut night
only. The Bt-opo of his existence, or Ids
raison d'etre, is that of frlglitouing the
women of these west Afrlcnn settlu-
muuta, and, to tell tbo truth, they are
terribly afraid of bim. Nobody who
hours bim first will admit thut tbe shouts
aud cries he oinitB uro those of n human
being. He wraps himself iu u loug dress
made of tree harks up to nluo feet in
leugth and crowned by a wisp ot straw.
When a man has u quarrul with his wife,
Mumbo Jumbo it asked to luterfero and
pacify, but nlns times out of tcu tho
husband 19 found to be right, and the
wife all wrong. Poisons dressed in this
queer auit aro frco to give any orders
they see tit, and all present have to uncover their heads. Wheu women se.
him coming, they run away to hide, but
tbe man in tho Mumbo Jumbo dress will
immediately cull them buck nud mnke
them alt down or dance. Should they
remonstrate' or rosist, they are selted
and whipped severely.
lib. followers constitute a society or
club, with strict rules and pledges of secrecy, to wblcb they are bound by ontb.
One of these la not to divulge anything
about the "order" to auy woman nor to
any man not Initiated. Boys under 10
years of age aro not admitted. Any
oath sworn to In Mumbo Jumbo's mum-
Is absolutely binding, and coutrareutiona
are punished with severity. The mem-
bora are said to speak also a dialect of
their own, which is kept secret from the
females���another stratagem hy which
th�� men seek to keep the females in aw*
and siibjectii.u.
Mungo Park and other explorers noticed th* use of this ragamuflin uccoutrr-
II..-nt in most towns along the Gambia
river and always for the drnstlcal purpose aforementioned. Indeed the men,
decked with tblB senrccrow dress, were
dealing out with whips and clubs the
most unmitigated and brutal kind of
"Justice" to women either guilty or bus-
pected of guilt, always amid the acclamations ot the "mob power." No doubt
ihis singular society acts as n sort of police against wrongdoerB, but none cnn
define tho arbitrary principles which
prompt them to action. ��� Journal of
American Folklore.
H. Male a Wonderful Chance la th*
Firm'. Ba.lne.. Method..       ���
llnllit's uro not confined to any particular walk ih life, and all have that underlying weakness that la developed when a
bluff faila them.
There Is an old gentleman In Detroit
who might In. called Peace, ao gentle ia
hla nature and so deficient la he In com-
bativeness. Ho haa been greatly Imposed upon by some mean enough to tuke
advantage ef his disposition. Recently
ba took a partner in, hla aon, a strapping
young fellow, wbo pulled In "varsity"
crow and waa the all round athlete of hit
"Is this Peace?" ho was asked the other day when he answered the telephone.
It was. "Well, sir, I got your impudent
letter. Tbat stuff I sold you waa just
What I said It waa and just whut
you agreed to pay for It. What do you
anenn by telling mo 1 sent you an Inferior
glad* of goods?"
' "I   think   you   did."    And   tbe   lUBty
youth purposely weakened his voice.
"What, you old shrimp! Vou dare accuse mo of rascality I I'll ba down ther*
Irisld* ot half an hour, and if you don't
apologise and then settle, I'll use you for
��� club to wreck th* office. I'll show
you I" And the roar would havo terrified
tbe timid old gentleman.
' Young Peace got his father to go se*
���bout some stationery for the new firm,
set a table and a fow chairs against th*
walls and then waited. The bully came���
big. red, noisy and abusive. For about
a, minute be had vagus thoughts of a
windmill, a freight train and an earthquake In conjunction. When the old gentleman returned, everything looked natural except the grinning office boy and tho
trembling creditor.
"Mr. Pence," said the terror tamely,
"I'm sorry I did not send the goods you
ordered. I'll take them off your hands,
or you can pay me what you think ia
right."���Detroit Fre. Pros.
A Little Incon.l.tent.
Mra. McctiT -1 have not seen your
mother for ��� long time, Mrs. Charltti-
(sdd.   Ia ah* well?
Mrs. Charlttifadd���The truth Is I see
her bnt seldom myself. As she grows
older she Is so Irritable and complnlus
���o much ot her aches and pains It is
really an ordeal to ba with her. I am
on my way now���
Mrs. Mentor���Ah! To pay her a vlalt,
I. suppose?
Mrs. Charlttifadd���Not exactly. I am
on my way down town to tho Old Ladles'
Home. I go faithfully twice a week to
read and sing for th* dear old things, and
they talk to me and tell me of tbeir troubles. Th* Infirmities of age aro so touching, don't you think?���Brooklyn Life.
The Clerk ill., gave..
Every business man stops on Jan. 1
of each year and takes a careful Inventory of his affairs. His books show him
the eipensas of tht year, and It is rare
Indeed where a study of these docs not
Siirpris* bim by showing Into what a
large sum little Items will grow. If every clerk would also scrutinise his expenditures as carefully for the year thnt
is post, he would be dull Indeed it he did
not gain eome new light and rise from
the taak with stronger resolutions for
the future.���Saturday Evening Post
Oae Klsrht.
"Borne things go without saying," smiled th* pal* youth with th* lofty forehead.
"That's good," smiled the beautiful
young girl. "I like a man thnt can tak*
a hint."���Eanaas City Independent.
Bonis naturally generous bnt chilled by
experience resemble brooks covered with
let, which ar* full beneath of beautiful
movement* and sweat murmurs.
Th* coat of running a big ocena liner
frosa Liverpool to New fork and back
Is Mouthing ov*r 190,000.
Hrsterloo. Power. Ascribed to th*
Plant by the Indian..
The Indians regard the coca with extreme revcicncc. Vou Tscllmli, tho Austrian scientist, who mado a most thorough study ot the ancient customs ot the
Incus, Buys: "During divine worship tlio
priests chewed cocu leaves, nnd unless
they wer* supplied with them it wns believed thnt tho favor of the gods could
uot bo gained. It wns nlso deemed necessary thut thu suppllcntor for divlue
grace should approach the priests with
nn 'aculllco' in his mouth. It wns believed thut uny business undertaken without
the benediction of coca leaves coul.l not
prosper, mill to tbo Bin-lib itself worship
wus rendered. During nn interval of more
than 300 years Christianity litis not been
able to subdue this deep rooted Idolatry,
for everywhere we Uud traces of belief in
the mysterious powers of this plant.
"Tho cxcnvntois in tho mines of Cerro
del PaSCO throw cluiwcd coen upon tho
hard veins of metal In the belief thnt it
softens the ore nn.l renders it more ensy
to work. The Indians even nt tho present
time put coca leaves in thu mouths of
(lend persons in order to secure them n
fuvorablo reception ou their entrance into nu..th.-.- world, nud when a Peruvian
on a journey I'ulls in with a mummy ho
with timid reverence presents to it Bomo
cocn leaves ns his pious oiTering."
One of the scientific explorers who has
been working up in this region told mo
of bis experience with a coca chewcr.
"A mnn wus employed by me," he said,
"iu very laborious digging. During the
Hve dnys and nights be wns In my service ho never tasted food nnd took only
two hours' sleep each night, but at intervals of two hours nnd a hnlf or three
hour:, he repentedly chewed nbout hulf
an ..un.-ii of coca lenvcs nn.l kept nn
'aculllco' continually In his mouth. I was
constantly beside him, nnd therefore hnd
tho opportunity of closely observing him.
"Tho work tor which 1 had engaged
him being finished, he accompanied mo
on a two dayB' journey neross the level
ground. Though on foot, he kept the
pace of my mule and halted only for tho
chaccnr (chewing). On leaving mc he
declared that he would willingly engage
himself again for tho Bnme amount of
work nnd thnt ho would go.through it
without food if I would but nllow him a
sufficient supply of cocn. The village
priest assured me thnt thin mnn was U2
years of age and that ho hnd never
known him to be ill In his life."���Sucre
(Bolivia) Letter iu Chicago Record.
How  lie  Mad*   lliu   Money   Ont  of  a
I.osImk FlKht.
Jny Gould was noted for tinning any
nnd every circumstance to his own pecuniary advantage. Ills connection with
the Krie railrond furnished a brilliant opportunity for him iu this respect, according to a Wnll street mnn of the older generation, whom an incident recently led
into a reminiscent mood. His own expulsion from the compnny wns the opportunity. He mnde it a basis for an extraordinary bull movement in the stock. Legal Bteps had beeu taken to oust bim,
snye the authority for tho yarn, nud the
movement wns bncked by powerful banking iuterests in London aud able legal uud
Influential political parties iu tbis country.
At last It became apparent to him thnt
he would be turned out. He saw thnt
nothing could save him. When the situation was absolutely hopeless���not bo-
fore, for Gould was a good fighter���he accepted It with n good grace and Immediately Bet to work to turu It Into an opportunity for profit. Erie was selling low���
20 or so. Gould knew thnt his displacement would be hailed with delight, the
popular opinion being tbat be was doing
all in his power to wreck tho great railroad syBtcm for his own benefit. He
know, therefore, thnt once the property
h&d passed into other hands the stock
would boom. Consequently be promptly
proceeded to quietly accumulate the
stock at th* low price for which it then
Not before he hnd gnthered into his
hands an immense amount of the depreciated certificates did he cease fighting,
and so valiantly did ho fight that mnny
thought his dethronement wns by no
means S^snfe thing. Then enme bis capitulation, and Erie stock, hitherto despised, become the most eagerly sought
after of any on the list. The price nd-
vnnced to about GO, and Gould closed bis
venture with a magnificent profit. Little
wonder thnt he took so philosophically
thnt defent, which the financial writers
of the time were wont to allude to as the
most crushing ever suffered by a Wall
streot king.	
The Court Staid by Him.
"The neatest piece of Bnrcnsm I ever
heard from a court was at Madison when
Judge Carlnnd wns on the circuit bench
of this district," remarked a lawyer
while talking to some other people about
laughable things that Sometimes happen
In n court. "Lawyet Blank of Madison
was arguing the side of a case he represented, nnd after going along for nwhilo
Judge Garland remarked: 'I believe the
court Is witb you. It Is with you.' This
was a decision in Blank's favor, but lie
kept right on with his argument. Pretty
soon tbe judge snid ngiiln that the court
wns with him, but Blank would not quit
and finished his nrgiiment nt some length.
After he had finished Judge Garland
said, Tn spite of your argument, Mr.
Blank, the court Is still with ymi,' nn.l
then Mr. Blank tumbled."���Sioux Falla
Abya.lnlan Qlnnte.
In the course of his journey through
Abyssinia nnd the regions to the southwest of thnt country Cnptnln Welby
pnsscd through 20 tribes, nnd no trouble
waa experienced with nny of them There
were no lnrgc towns nnywheie. The Inhabitants live In tukuls. One tribe, the
Tirknnn, was of Immense stature, most
of the men being seven feet In height.
They hnd long hair, extending to the
waist and matted like felt. This they
generally wear turned up in such a milliner ns to form a receptacle for smnll nrti-
cles nnd knlckknacks, the otuls being
finally twisted into a tall with n thin
atick, nbout whicli they ur* very particular.   i	
A Cro*. Examiner.
Baron Alderson once remnrked to na
ndvocnte who wns notorious for the personal nature of the questions ho address-
ed to witnesses, "Henlly you seem to
think thnt the art of cross examination is
to examine crossly."
Forced Merriment.
"Whnt is forced merriment?"
"It's the kind  a timid  inns gets off
when his wife give* a 'dlnner."-Culoago
Manly Vigor���No Drugs
Whe:i I started out 30 years
v.go as a young- doctor, in treating weak men I gave drugs. I
didn't know any better. But
when I found there was really so
little   reliance   to   be  placed  in
medical treatment I commenced
to cast about for other remedies.
One time 1 experimented with
the galvanic current of electricity, and from that to the present
day���25 years���I have not written a prescription for weak men.
I have demonstrated the fact
that a general treatment is required to regain lost strength,
because these troubles come on
slowly and involve not alone the
nervous system and glands, but
the Heart, Stomach, Kidneys,
Liver, Bladder, &c.
Electricity, 1 found, came up
to the requirements of a general
treatment, because Electricity is
strength or nerve force, and is
supplied the system with this
lacking element; it built up
slowly but surely the whole organism without the least stimulation, without a particle of dan
ger. In the beginning I gave a
battery treatment, but 1 soon
found that a home self-application was needed. 1 knew then
that a portable battery was required���one which would give
plenty of electricity and at the
same time be light and convenient. This led me to invent a
chain of cells which was woin
around the patients waist.
That first chain of cells was
the beginning of what has developed into my 1899 model Dr.
with suspensory, the great treatment for weak men. Now known
the world over.
Last year I restored 6,000 to
strength  who  suffered  from the
results of youthful errors or later
excesses, having had Losses,
Nervous Debility, Lame Back,
Impotency, Varicocele, &c.
Currents instantly felt, but under
complete control of wearer; simply turn regulator screw to make
mild or strong. Put it on at
night when going to bed, and
take it off next morning. Keep
this up 60 to 90 days. That will
bring back the lost vigor.
Drop in and consult me free of
charge, or write for
"Three Classes of Men," which
explains all and is sent free by
mail in plain sealed envelope.
I answer all letters personally.
Write or call today.
DR. M. SANDEN, 474 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Office Hotii-B, 0 a. m. to fl p. m,
��� TO   BUY	
Bailey's Wood Bottom Planes,
Stanley's All-Iron Planes,
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Stanley's Rabbit Planes,
Stanley's Plumbs and Levels,
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Universal Spoke Shaves.
Are  something you  want  good.
We have therefore purchased the
best goods that money can buy, and feel satisfied a call will
convince you.
Jutt a word about
Wc carry an elegant line of Inside and Front Door Kets, Butts,
etc.    All  the  Newest  Designs, and  nt  the  Lowest
Prices.    Drop in nnd see them and get prices.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
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Codfish, Whole and in Bricks
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Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Turner Beeton& &>���
Just arrived from Milwaukee NELSON DAILY MINER, TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 1900.
I yiews^..
from the
Se^t of War
> *-
Battles, Seiges,
Artillery Duels,
Desperate Sorties,
Hand-to-hand Conflicts,
The Wrecking of
Armored Trains
and Bridges
with Dynamite
Big Guns, Camp Life,
Boer Laagers,
Corps of
The Red Cross and
Army Hospitals
Interesting Throughout from Cover to Cover. British-Boer War
Pictures.   Yiews of South Africa.   Splendidly
Described by a Noted Author.
The developments of the war in South Africa, its serious oonflicts, the deeds of heroism af its participants, the graat massing of Roer Armies and the unprecedented forward
movement of British troops to the Cape, coupled with a universal desire for information
concerning a country cf which very little is known, have intensified public interest in the
subject to an extent hitherto unequalled. With characteristic enterprise, this paper will
supply the demand for Sonth African Literature that present conditions have created. To
this end we now offer our readers the first number of a magnificent art series to be issued
in weekly parts under the title of "Glimpses of South Africa in Peace anp War." II-
ustratiug and describing the current military ev"nts of the day and the sights and the
scenes throughout Souta Africe by aid of Camera, pencil and pen, presenting a pictorial
history of the
British-Boer War and Countries from the Cape to the Front
Also I
I Photographic |
tions of...
The Scenery,
The People,
Ty2es of the Natives,
Their Daily Life
Diamond and Gold Mines
The Cities, Parks,
Cemetries, Monuments
Thoroughfares, Puhlic
Buildings, Churches
Places of Amusement, etc'
Every reader of tbis paper is entitled to participate in this distribution of "Glimpses
of South Africa" Portfolios. Bring or send 10 cents in silver to cover postage, wrapping,
mailing, distribution, etc., together with an order cut from page 2 of this paper, and you
will receive Portfolio No. I, containing 16 pages of Photographic Reproductions, 91-4 x
121-4 inches in size, of "Glimpses of South Africa in Peace and in War."
,i�� /
^^^ ^^^tVMsr NELSON   DAILY  MINER, TUESDAY,  MARCH 27, 1900
His PeooHfc  Aotions   iu  Oonnootion
With the  Power Question.
Aldarmsn Make Wilson is trying to
flsuro out Whnt Mayor Houston has
Mined by hi" apparent determined nt-
Lot to hinder the firm of P. Burns
* Oo (roni BSOTJrfng the thirty horse
,���r which they asked for severul
weekH ago and whioh was granted hy
tl���, couuoil last night.
"The Mayor, through his paper,
snid Aid. Wilson to a Miner man last
-Ight 'has heaped abuse upon my
bead and upon the head of the firm
cf p Burns & Oo. He has made statements whioh he knew to he false, in
thnt he aoonsod us openly of being but
th,�� tool of tho Tramway Oo. iu our
endeavor to floonre the powor needed for
Ibe operation of a cold storage plant.
Every communication we have written
i��� oonneoHon with this matter has
been addressed to the Oity. It was
through that channel alone that we expected to get the power. It mattered
little to us whether wo got it from the
City plan' or from Bonnington Falls.
What we wauted was the power. Now
the City has agreed to giro it to us,
but not until we have been abused in a
ioandaldns way by the City's chief
executive, and all this without any
good cause whatever. If a Arm, in
the proper conduct of its business is
to be made a target for suoh abuse
from the Mayor of this City. I must
my that tho condition of affairs is pe-
onlinr. Mayor Houston told mo personally, before this matter ever oame
before the Council that thero would be
no dilliculty whatever in securing
what we wanted. He gave me his
promise of assiBtanoe and I relied upon
it. How well he has fulfilled that
promise yon.know as well as I do."
Fire SutTuiers Are Being Well Cared
The work of relieving the families
made destitute by the Are at Kuskanook last Friday night still continuos,
and the movement, as started by The
Miner, has been supplemented by the
chantnbly disposed people of the other
oities and towns of the districts.
Sowellhrve the people responded
that at the present time uo moreoloth-
1111; is required. There are enough
provisions accumulated to supply the
needy for the next week or teu days,
hot the relief committee will,however,
accept any food that stands collected
at thu preseut time.
The greatest aud practically tho ouly
need of the losers at the present time
is for sufficient building material, not
ti entirely replace the burned build-
nip;, luit to elect permanent shelter
for those who are huddled in tents
and have none. Nails, saws, and
hammers are needed ns are bricks and
lime for oonBtruoting nbimneys. At
the present time Borne fifteen people
have left Knsknnook, soveral of whom
are to return iu a week or so. When
a Miner man visited Kuskanook on
tinnday several children weie playing
��n mud the burned piles nf rubbish, one
of whom, a boy of six years, was pointed out. The little chnphad no clothes
ou at all till the first supplies outne
from Nelson. The provisions aro kept
in the section house, locked up, and iu
charge of two members of the committee. The committee of relief expressed themselves as being very grateful to
The Miner for its assistance ns well as
to the people of Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Kaalo and Cranbrook, who have
beeu the hoaviest contributors. The
committee is tryiug'_to divide the goods
fairly aud havo placed all oash funds
with the Bank of Montreal at  Nelsou.
Property Turned Over to Messrs. Ward
aud JefferieB.
The Hall Minns, Ltd., of London,
Eng., have transferred to Wm. Curtis
Ward and Wm. George Jefferies, their
entire property iu consideration of
tW.OOO In six per oent, first uioitgago
bonds. Mr. Wnrd who is named as
piinoipal, Is genoral manager of the
Bank of B. C, at Vancouver.
Mr. 3. 3. Campbell, tho local manager of the property, snys that the
transfer ia a matter of ordinary sequence and will not hava any material
offset upon the reopening of tho works
���� this is an old matter oouoerning tbe
debentures. It is probable, Mr. Camp-
bell sayB, tbat tho same foroe will be
retained as ac present.
The four-year-old ohilrt of R. F.
^erry, of Five Mile Poiu.;, diod yesterday morning after a brief illuess.
A oertifloate of Improvement has
been iieued to Columbus M. Parker, of
He son, upon the Yakima mineral
XIT,'��, Miner is authorized to state that
M'- W. ,1. Herring ("Bill") will not
accept office as President of the Counoil iu the Martin Cabinet.
Don't forget to out tho coupon out of
jhis paper and bring it with ton cents
��of The Miner offloe   for part  ono of
Ulnupses of South Afrioa."
See the announcement in another
pafte in regard to "Glimpses of South
Africa iu Peace and War." It will
inteiest you, and incidentally cobt you
ten rents.
Roderick F. Tolnne, formerly raining recorder iu Nelson, and who has
been visiting tbe Slonan for the past
few days, leaves today for the Boundary Country.
Work was commenced yesterday on
tho reconstruction of the, front of the
Tremout House The frame will give
way to bnok and when all is completed, Mr. Malone expeota to have a most
imposing struotuie.
On May 1st, the grooery firm of
George Bell & Oo., will take over the
premises of Hyde & Titsworth, on
Baker Street. The latter firm will go
out of the ntail husiuesss aud will engage in the wholesale frnit business.
C. D. MeKeny.ir, manager of tbe
Arlington mine, of Erie, B. (J., has
removed his otlioes from Kaslo to Nelsou. He will occupy tbe building
reoently vacated by the London &
British Ooiumbia Uoldtields Company.
The baseball players of Nelson will
hold a meeting at the Fire Hall lo-
uigbt. Tbe meeting will be for the
purpose of organizing for tbe coming
season and all those who are interested in baseball are invited to  attend.
Paul Fuller, of Vinir.liiis transferred
to O. A. Lovell and Owen Boyer, of
Nelsou, three-quarter's interest iu
the Uolden Gatn mine, looated on tbe
south side of Hidden Creek, about
five miles east cf the N. & F. S. Rail,
A very successful rehearsal of the
opera "Pinafore" wus held last night
under tho direction of Herr Steiner.
The professor has sucoeeded in securing the services of Jnmes Lawrence to
take the part of the boatswain and is
highly gimified thereat.
The Vernon & Nelson Telephone Co.
bas been engaged during the past two
davs iu laying a cable across the lake
from Five Mile Point to the factory
of the Ontario Powder Co. The office
in NcIboii will therefore have direct
telephone communication with its factory.
The regalia for the now Chapter of
the Royal Arch Mason has been received in Nelson and Mr. E. E. Chipman,
of Kaslo, grand superinteudent for
British Columbia will be present and
institute the Ohapter tomorrow evening at 8 p. m. All R. A. Masons in
Nelson are invited to be present.
The Miner was out just one dollar
when it slated on Sunday that tbe Oity
was saving 15 cents a cubic yurd on
the retaining wall at Silioa and Ward
Streets by reason of the work being
done ny contract instead of day labor.
Tho City is saving 11.35 a yard, the
day labor cost being |3.50 a yard, and
tbe contract labor cost  11.15 per yard,
The slumbers of several oitizens were
disturbed yesterday by newsboys calling the morning paper and "All about
tbe relief of Mafekiug. " Some climb-
ed out of bed to purchase the paper,
but found nothing about the relief.
One man promises to spank the boy
from whom he made his purohase just
as soon ub he runs  across   him   again.
City Clerk J. K. Struoban left last
night over the Crow's Nest road for
New York Oity, where be will join
Mr. T. G. Procter and sail for England. It will be Mr. Straobau's first
visit to England in 20 years. His
leave of absence from his duties as city
olerk will extend over a period of two
months and be will take full advantage of every hour of that time.
Joseph Podvin, of Slooan City, appeared before Judge Forin today for
election and was bound over for the
May Atsizes in tbe sum of {1,00.0, in
default of whioh he was committed to
g ial. Podvin is accussed of a criminal
assault upon a .Mixing girl, 12 years
of age, named Editb Raokliff, also of
Slocan City. He is said to have been
utoxicatcd at the tinn of the assault.
Nelson has forgotten its recent
smallpox scare aud is right in the
midst of a la grippe epidemic A
large number of citizens ure suffering
from this annual visitor and in some
oases the malady has taken a very severe foim. The Miner offloe is afTeoted
to an unusual extent, three members
of its staff being off duty nnd under
the riootors care. This, by the way,
is the best evidence that The Miner
gets everything that ia going on,
whether it is in tbe news line or otherwise.
The nnnual meeting of the Nelson
Lawn Tennis Club was held in the
Bank of B. O. rooms on Maroh 22.
The offioera of the Club are: President, H. E. CroaBdaile; Vice-Presidents, Frauk Fletohor, J. R. Robertson and A. E. Hodgins; Secretary, W.
P. Dickson; Trensurer, H. W. F. Pollock. At the meeting it was deoided
to overhaul tbe courts and to erect a
pavillion. It was also arranged to
hold a olub dance in April 17. Sub
aoiiptions for the season of 1000 are
now due.
Nelson Typographical Union, No.
840, held its regular meeting yester-
day aud oleotod, officers for the ensuing
year. They are: President, I). A.
Maulsby ; Vice-President, 0. V. Dake:
Sec.-Treas., W. G. McMorris; Reo.
See., L. W. Aokley ; Sergt.-at-Arms,
W H. Fletoher; executive ooramitteo,
0. V. Dake, F. 0. MoOanna, H. B.
Huhbard. Tho Union has a progres-
aive membership aud huB just commenced the Beoond year of its existence. It is the pioneer of the labor
organizations of Nelson.
An unfortunate accident, ooourred
on the 3f)th on tbe Molly Gibson wagon road, about four miles from the
landing. Patrick MoOann, while returning from the mine lo the landing,
with an empty wagon, lost control
of his hoises. They daBhed rapidly
down the dangerous desoent and for a
time he kept them safely in the road.
Whilo crossing a very narrow place
in tho road he polled them in too close
to the bluff and the wagon struok
heavily against the stones. One of the
wheelB was dished and McOann was
thrown violently against the bluff. His
skull was frnotured and it is supposed
he di3d instantly. The horses stopped
a few hundred yards further on and
were found  late  in  the  evening by
And do it right- Wo can put on half
soles, heels, patches, or sew up rips, as
as good as any man in town, and a great
deal better than some, and charge no
more than they do.
The Shoeists
Bring Your Repairing.
Philip Raonl, a blacksmith at the
landing. Becoming alarmed at tbe
non-appearance of MoOann, he snri-
dlod a Iioibo and started to look for
bim. Abont three hundred yards from
where the horses were found he
found MoCanu's body where it had
lain since his fatal fall from the wagon. The body was brought to Nelson
last night and an effort made to communicate with the dead mnn's relatives.
Those registered at the Phair Hotel
yesterday were: R. F. Tolniie, Procter; R. A. McNally, Rossland; H. E.
Finlav, Chicago; James V. Weloh,
7-Mile Point; 0. D. McKenzie, KaB-
lo; J. M. Stewart, Spokane; J. G.
Thomson, San Francisco; Thomas
Bryce, Glasgow ; J. H.Wallaoo, Toronto; T. M. Burton. Nakusp; William
Melutyre, John Gibb, Montreal; P. J.
Downs, Toronto.
W. M. Pinkston, of the United
States Qnarxermater's Department,
who has boen in Manila for the last
var, is spending a few days iu Nel-
bo i. Mr. Pinkston is on his way to
Cape Nome where ho will b��ve a po-
siiion similar to the one he occupied
at Manila. He will go to Seattle on
Saturday to meet tho chixf of the
Quartermaster's Department aud then
go to Cape Nome. Mr. Pinkston gives
a glowing account of the possibilities
of Cape Nome and says there is room
for 100,000 people in the country.
He told The Miner's representative
tbat one friend of hie averaged $86 a
day placer mining there last summer,
and had taken out over |S00 In one
day. Mr. Pinkston reports the insurgents in the Philippines fairly under
control and thinks the war is well
J. A. Mara, of Knmloope, who formerly represented the Kootenays in the
Dominion House of Commons, was in
Nelson yesteiday. Mr. Mara has just
returuad from abroad aud was fortunate enough to be iu London when the
news oame of the relief of Ladysmith
and also of Oronje's snrreuder. "London went wild when the news came,"
said Mr. Mara. "When it was known
what part the Canadians had played
in the forced surrender of Oronje, Canada's praises were on every tongue.
The 'Lady of the Snows' is more to
the English people now than she; has
ever been before.' Talking of British
Columbia politics, Mr. Mara placed
himself on record as favoring party
lines and believeB that if a step had
been taken in this direotion some
time ago, Biitish Columbia would not
todny be in suoh a mess politically.
A Miner correspondent, signing
himself A. K. Ritic.wntes as follows:
How manv people of the Oity ever
look np ns they pass by. If ninny did,
what odd things r.iight bo noticed.
For instance at the Clarke Hotel ou
Josephine Street, way np under the
eaves aro a lion and a unicorn standing with fore feet upou a globe of the
world. The animals are all right bnt
tbe globe is not. Tbe ontlines of
North and South Amerioa are easily
seen but Australia is apparently about
to leap over tbe Isthmus of Panama
aud take np a residence iu the Gulf of
Mexico, which it would about fill,
while the Philippine Islands are
bumping into Victoria harbor, and
Russian Asia is apparently a ferry
boat trip from Skagway. Tho date under this is 1891, but I think this dors
not nocouiit for it all ns the geography
was tho same then as now.
It is oeitninly gratifying to the publio to know of one concern in tho land
who aro not afraid to be generous to
the needy and suffering. The proprietors of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, havo
given nwuy ovoi ton millions trial
bottles of this great medicine; and
have the satisfaction of knowing it has
absolutely cured thousands of hopeless
cases ABtlima, Bronchitis, Hoarseness
and all diseases of thn Throat, Chest
nud Lungs nrj suroly onrod by it.
Call on Canada Drug & Book Store,
and got a treo trial bottle. Regular
size 50 conts and $1. Every bottle
guaranteed, or price refunded.	
liecixxi.se :x Watch has
run for years is no indication that it does not
need cleaning. Many a
watch is ruined by being- let run too long without it. The oil becomes
dry and invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. Wehave
every facility for replacing any part, or making
a watch throughout if
necessary. First-class
work only.
Patenaude Bros
The Miner correspndent at Kaslo
wires as follows: Nelson Free Masons
desire to form a ohapter and have
communicated with Grand Superintendent Ohipman, who has arranged
to take a big party of Kaslo Masons to
Nelson Wednesday night to open a
chapter. The three prinoipal officers
spoken of for the new ohapter are:
George Johnson, H. Weir, aud Dr. La
Bau. At present there are two chapters in Kootenay, the senior at Kaslo
and tho other at Rossland.
J. E. Amiable
Lot on Baker Street, east of the
Queen's Hotel.
6-Roomed House and 2 Lots,
Y<itli lawn, garden, trees, etc., in
good location,
6 Good Building Lots, only one
b otk from school house.
4 Lots, with Improvements, near
Opera House.
8-Room  House and Lot, close in,
only   1650, on easy terms.
3 Houses for Rent.
See Annable
F. L. Osier & Co.,
AND ....
A Boarding and Day School conducted by
Iho Sinter* of at. Joseph of Peace. It is situated atthocornerof Mill and Josuiihtnu streets,
in ono of the best residential portions of Nelson, and is easily accessible front all parts
of the city.
Tlio courco of study lucludcH the fundamental and higher branchos of a thorough lCnglish
education. Business courso ��� Bookkeeping,
Stenography and Typewriting. Science course
���Music, Vocal and Instrumental; Drawing,
etc.���Plain and Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
For terms an' particulars apply to tho BlHtor
S. I). J'll.HKK
J. T. PlKltHK
Nullum  Tailoring,  Gleaning and Dyeing
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaue 1
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bear Clarke Hotel. NKiAON
...L. POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlery
Tho leading shop. Large
ttock. i. ft- i Assorted stock
on hand. Harness, Collars ot bost makes. Baddies. Blankets, Boils
Whips, Brushes, Combs
Prices satisfactory.
'   Call and hoc.
Cor. Ward and F&kor
New   Dry  Goods  Store! I
������������������������ <
Specials Today���Tuesday.       ]
��������������������������� i
Speci.-il line White Bedspreads at .$1.00.   Sec them.
Good Goods, Cash, and One Price, our Motto.
I $12,00D Stock of New Goods Selling at Wholesalo Cost.
We have decided to sell  out  our  Dry Goods
i and continue exclusively in Clothing, Boots, Shoes,
1 and Gents' Furnishings, and now offer all our  Dry
[ Goods stock at wholesale prices.   This includes all
I our Spring Goods now in stock and in transit from
1 the East.    It is the first time  in   the   history of
Nelson  that a stock of this size has been offered to
1 the public at such a low rate, and all wanting bar-
| gains  should  not  fail to see  our  prices.    To the
^ ladies of Nelson we would say that this is a good
m opportunity to get your Spring and Summer Dress
M Goods at a bargain.    Here is a sample of some of
Wk our prices :
t ���Dress Goocfs thut were IPc, now selling at 26c.
Dress Goods that were 05c, now Belling at 40c.
- Dress Goods that were |1.00, now selling at 00c.
3R Dress Goods that were 11.25, now selling at 75c.
���%��� Black Lustres, in plain and figured, that were 50V, now selling nt SOc
S Black Lustres, i" plain nnd figured, that were 7uc, now selling at 45c
Spj Colored  Dress Ginghams, regular 20c goods, now selling at  12,^c
���jfc Colored  Dress Ginghams,  regular  15c goods,  now selling nt 10c
jB Colored Dimities, regular 15c goods, offered at 10c.
I      A. FERLAND & CO.      ��
Elliot Block, Baker Street. <3j
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital ruld-up.     .   .    ���     si.!ps:.,ii;ii.(hi |   it,-,i, l*l,]oo,eoo.M
Minimi or Dim-lorn:   Thonuw K. Konnoy, President;   ThomuK Kitclile.  VlnoPresldent.
Miclmiil Dwyor, Wiley Bmlth,  II. O. Iluuld, Hon. II. II. Fuller, M.I..C, Hon. David MacKccn.
Hrnil Oilier, llnliriilt
General MimaKor, KuVon L. Penrto. Montreal.
Superintendent of BmnohoS, W. II. Torranee, Halifax.
Inspector, \V. K. llrork. Halifax.
Secretary, 1). M. Stewart, Montreal.
Ilraiirlim I
Nova Scntla-Halifax llraneh, AattgoniSh, Bddgswatsr, Uuysnoro. Londonderry, I.uuenliurL'.
Maltland (Hants t'o.l. Pielou, Port Hawkesliury, Sydney. Shulicnuci.dio. Truro, We/moutn.
New Braaiwlek���Hathunt, Dorchester, Fredencton. Khasten (Kent C0.1, Hanoton, New
catdle, Sackvillo, Woodstock, r. B. blaMC���Chai-lottctown, .Suninierwide. <|iirlire���Montreal
(City Oftlcc), Montreal. West End (Cot. Notro Dame and SelKiaurs Street*)] Westniouul (Cor.
Greeno Avenue and St. Catharines Street. Ontario���Ottawa. Mt-nrniimllnnd-St. John's.
���L'uun, Wid Indies���Havana. United Slates��� New York (16 i-:\'l d- Place) Kcputilic, Wash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Cnn ml a-Merchants Bank of Canada.   lUmton���National Shnwmut Hunk.   GhfMga������ America
National Hank- Hnn iVnm-i-. <��� IV : National Bank, l.umlmi. Knit. Hunk of Scotland.
Phi-Ik, Fninrr���Credit IiyotinaiH. H��*rimi<lii-Hank of llerinuda. China ami .laiuin Hun.:
Kong and Shanghai BankiiiK Corporation.
(ieneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold. Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on specla
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For that house you have ercetcd:
Sideboards, Cheffoniers and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
Baker and Ward Streets. Nelson, B. C.
A. R- BARROW, a.m. i.e.e.
Provincial land Surveyor,
Corner Victoria and Koolonaj St..
V. 0. Box 669. Tolophono No. 1)5
1. <. ��.iti 1 \
V. S. I'lOlAlh
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors,
P.O.BOXlU NulHon, Il.C.
Headquarters For
Porfcjai)d Geipei)t, Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths').
Hpociul Quotations (liven (or Carload l.ot��.
A. B. GRAY, P. 0. Box 621,
Nelson, B.C.,
Kootenay Agent
TheNelson ElectricTram way Co.Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
Continued from |h'ln.t Pago.
firing as soms of our troops were on
tbe other side of tbe river. As Boon
as we stopped they started sniping
wbich mnde us hug tho gronnd.
Shortly after joining the firing line,
Captain Arnold, of "A" Company,
was strnek. The Boers staited a murderous Are on the stretcher bearers who
oarried him away, a trick they kept
np all day. Towards evening the left
was ordered to reinforce the right.
It was a daring move, bnt we did it
by rnuning down by throes and fours.
At dark all forces retired nnd quickly
men volunteered to search for our
wounded. Our casualties were IV killed and til wounded. Wednesday, February 31, we are testing us we are all
played out for we had little to eat and
drink nnd lots of bard work. Yesterday they used b one-ponnd gun on us
wbich threatened to mow down some
of the Canadians when the artillery si-
lenoed it. I was all duy nnd night
without water and was nearly dead.
There is a very different feeling in
thu regiment now from two weeks
ago. Active service is uot what its
cracked up to be. Thursday, February 11, the artillery kept no damaging
fire all day, it is astonishing bow
Ihey hold out. Tbe prisoners say
Cronje won't let them surrender. We
are getting but little to ent, which is
mighty peculiar because there are
plenty of cattle around. I bad biscuit, some jam and a bit of soup yesterday for my rations. "
Montreal, Maroh 8.8. ��� The Herald
correspondent with tho First Contingent, in a letter to that pnper todny,
describing the battle nf Paardeberg,
whare ID Canudians were killed, says
the lives were lest in a needless
charge; tbat the commander of the
Cornwall regiment was with the Cornwall's when the assault was .made.
The order to oharge was given because
it was thought too much time bad
been occupied in firing on tbu Bnei
position. Tbe Brigadier after expressing regret thnt the charge had taken
place, whiob he said was uot intended, expressed sympathy at tbe loss of
many Canadians, but congratulated
them on their fine fighting qualities.
Berkley West, Mnroh 3(1.���A commando of 400 Boers has re.iocupied
Papkuel forcing tbe rebels in tho Her-
bert distriot to rejoins the federal
flag. Extensive looting is reported in
that direction.
Montreal, March 30.���The Montreal
Rolling Mill property wns destroyed
by Are with n loss of f 00,000. Several
firemen were injured.
��� Ottawa, Out., Mnroh 3(1.���The Canadian Patriotio Fund total is |307,-
A mooting of the Liberals of tho
Nelson Ruling of West Kootenay Electoral District will h�� held in the Odd
Fellows' Hall, Nolson. on Saturday,
the 81st instant, at 7 :80 p. in. Business : Tbe election of delegates to the
Vanoouver Liberal Conveution. By
order of tbe executive.
Acting Secretary.
Gamble & O'Reilly
2 Lots,  'i I;    House, corner,
on Carbonate st let $2,000
2 Lots, S-Room Hmis e Carbonate street     2,150
Agents for  Hume Addition   nml   a
large number of Addition " A" Lots.
Big Anniversary
Clearing Sale
This is the Second Week of Our Big Anniversary Clearing Sale. Many New Goods have been added
to Our StOcWuring the past week, and all will be placed on sale at prices that cannot be had elsewhere. This
Sale is a master stroke without a parallel in this country. Our Goods are not Shop Worn or Out of Date. We
have been but a trifle over one year in business, so the Goods cannot be anything but Good Goods, Fresh Goods
and Up-tO-Date Goods. All this week we are giving Special Prices in every line of Dry Goods and Tailor Made
Garments.     Read the Price List.    It contains but a few of the many money saving opportunities we offer.
Dress Goods Department.
Figured Black Dress Goods,
regular 40c; this week,
per yard      20c
Figured Colored Dress
Goods, regular 75c; this
week, per yd      65c
Fancy Dress Patterns, 6 yds.
in each; regular $1.00;
this week, per yard.... 82^/c
Ladles' Tailor-made Skirts
Black Lustre Skirts, regular
$3.00; this week $2.50
Black Serge Skirts,   regular
$4.50; this week $3.75
Figured Black Skirts, regular $4.50; this week $3.75
Silk Department.
Fancy Blouse Silks,   regular
50c; this week, per yd. .     35c
Fancy Blouse Silks,  regular
$t.oo; this week, per yd.    85c
Fancy Blouse Silks,  regular
$1.50; this week, per yd. $1.25
Wasii Goods Department.
Colored Dress Prints, regular
10c; this week, per yard      5c
White and Fancy Piques, regular 18 and 20c; this
week, per yard      15c
Art Muslins, regular 12 i-2c;
this week, per yard....      8c
Staple Department.
Striped Flannelletes, regular
8c; this week, per yard 5c
Linen Towelling, regular 8c;
this week, per yard.... 5c
Table    Linen, regular   35c;
this week, per yard.... 25c
Table Napkins,regular$ 1.25;
this week, per doz $1.00
Hosierij Department.
Ladies' Black Cashmere
Hose, regular 35c; this
week, per pair     25c
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose,
regular 35c; this week,
per pair     25c
Ladies' Black Cashmere
Hose, regular 60c; this
week, per pair     45c
Ladies' Black Cashmere
Gloves, regular 35c; this
week, per pair     25c
Ladies' Black Cashmere
Gloves, regular 50c; this
week, per pair     35c
Ladies' Black Kid Gloves,
regular $1.50; this week,
per pair $1.00
Ladies' Colored Kid Gloves,
regular $1.50; this week,
per pair $1.00
Men's FurnisMnos.
Silk Neckties,  regular  50c;
this week     25c
Linen Collars,   regular 20c;
this week.. i2^c
White  and   Colored   Shirts,
regular $1.25; this week    90c
Houston Block., Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C
?$    Tho  New  Town  of  Procter,   Terminus  ant1   Transfer   Point   of  the   S��
���-S Orow's Nest Railroad. ��;
This old established ami well Known Hotel is offered for sale;
a Bargain Hotel contains 16 rooms. J.awu Tennis Grounds, Summer Houses, Boats, etc. Steamboat Landing on the (.rounds; including Furniture, Bat Fixtures, Bedding, Linen, .Stoves, Cooking
Utensils, etc.
Two hundred men arc working on Construction, Townsite and
Wharvps at present time.
Plans of Townsite, Depot, Wharves, etc., can he shown to
intending purchasers;   also Photographs of Hotel.
Easy terms will lie made to responsible party.
For price and full particulars, apply
Accident and Sickness.    Special Health
Policy issued by
II. "I   ollice,   Montreal Costs only
Jjilt) a year.
Gamble fe O'Reilly.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
Capitol and V. C,
Cabinet Cigar Store.
Owing to the depression canned by
tho lnhor troubles I nin prepared 10
bay or sell all kinds of second hand
goods furniture, mirpots, stoves, etc.
Call and see me Apply to Silver
King Mike, Hall Street, next door to
Asheroft'H blai-knmitli shop.
Orders by mail prompt It attended to.
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A private Hospital, Medical, Surgical and Obstetrical cases nursed in the
Honso. Private room (SO mid f 15 n
week. Beds in ward %\1 ii week.
Nnrsos sent ont to private houses nt >fl5
a week. Apply lo The Misses flrick-
���  TAILOR   ���
Oleaiiimc and Repairing Neatly Pone.
Clothing Made to Order
Corner Ward and llaker.
M'llMrr.i will   Mini    ii    Ni    !|m-ii   iuh.itil.iK'1   \o
li.mum with llnulley & Co. uii l' tinniiK.
Ailvortlsomanls Insortod under thin hood nt
tho rain of one cent u word |ior liihurllon. No
ud vcrtlMt'iiicni. taken for loss tliun i!.') cunts.
LOUT.���Plain gold   bracelet.    Howard
on returning to   R,    M.   Mucdonald,
WANTED-Fnrnlsbed   bonse  to rent
six to nine rooms.    Must hnve  modern   improvements.    Apply   to M.   M.
0,, Miner ofllce.
TO LET.���Seven roomed honse, furnished or unfurnished. With bath.
West Silica Street. Apply to Mts. ,T.
Crawford,baok of Presbyterian Church
or at Methodist parsnuugo.
WANTED.���Position as   stenographer,
Apply at this oflloe.
lO   LET.-Large,     nicely   furniRhod
room     with     conveniences.    Apply
NortlioaBt   corner    Lake   and    Cedar
SKWINU GIHLS wanted at the  Hudson's Hay Stores.
WANTED.-Hoys   and   girls lo   strip
tobaooo.    Fifty cents   a dny, und  nu
much more ns they   oan   earn,    Kootenny Cigar 'Jompnny.
���MUMI  lIBOHIIt,       SOTaM  |.|BLIr,
Wlnilormoro Mines.   Corronp - oncoSolicited
Auction Sale
To be sold, pursuant to a judgment of the
Suprerne Court of British Columbia, made in an
action, Firman vs. Macclesfield, with the approbation of a Judge of the Supreme Court, by Mr.
Charles A. Waterman, at the Auction Rooms of
Charles A. Waterman & Company, next door to
Bank of British Columbia, Baker Street, Nelson,
British  Columbia, on the
11th Day of April, A. D. 1900,
at 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, in separate parcels, namely, Lot 3 in Block 5, and Lot 10 in Block
9, both in the City of Nelson, according to the
Official Plan.
Particulars and conditions of sale may be had
of Davis, Marshall & Macneill, Solicitors, Vancouver, F. M. Chaldccott, Solicitor, Vancouver,
and of Davis, Bowes & Ward, Solicitors, Nelson,
and of the Auctioneer at Nelson.
Dated this 22d day of March, A. D. 1900.
District Registrar.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker S
CORK   I ut 11,UNO.
Waitress.   Shirt Ironer.
Plain honor.    Girl for   Housework.
Apply at
Nelson Employment Agencv
Twoiity-tlireo Mlnoral Claim*, from ono to
tliroo nillos from Sandon, in tho famous
aliK-mi, for .alii cliraip. Will sell for rash or
bond from one lo flvo yours. Win lako oro
for pay,  Bloknsa foreiw mo to offer tho above
Kootenny I��ko Hospital. Nolson, H. (���.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, us follows:
Java ami Arabian Mocha, por pound S  40
Java and Mocha Blond, .1 DOOMS     ...      100
Hno Santos, 4 pounds      ' 1 00
Beatos Wood, fl pounds.         1 no
Our  Speoial Blond, s pounds "" 1 00
Our Hin l!o;i-i, 6 pounda ,,,, 1 00
a 1 hi a i. oki.hi soucitkd.
fVELSON,        -        p. C.
j, IRON *
Im  ami lira.. I'aMiagii ,f Kvrr,. |,,.��� ,.,,,
�����>".    Mi-pair,   ������,|    J���|,|,|I>K
�����'�� A XII < HIM .
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining-   Stock  of
Sumpter, Ore.   Cull for Prospectus
5000 liig Horn Treasury. A snip
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Hold
on installments 7^o., 1^0 per month
House and  Lot in business Pon
tion of town, $3500.
4-Room   House,   cheap;   terms
easy;   close in.
H. A.
poi)'t Worn},
Merchant Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
.Six room Cottage opposite Nelson
with more than an acre of land,
Young fruit trees, strawberries small
fruits nnd cultivated laud for garden.
Creek running through garden. Excellent spring water lead into house.
Grove at buck. Apply J, J. CAMP-
HELL, Smelter Office, Telephone 21).
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Class Sleepers on all trains from
TOURIST CARS pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal and Boston.
Same curs pass Revelstoke one day
To aud from Kobson, Rossland.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sup.
8.00 Lv.        NELSON Arr.ll.4f)
18.40 Lv.daily NELSON daily Arr.22.10
Morning f rain connects for all points
Evening train connects to and from
.Milin Liue and points north, and (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Str. Moyie Daily,
24.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 17.20
Connects Kootenay Landing with
Orow's Neat Branch trains both ways.
Ex. Sun. Str. Kokanee. Ex. Sun
16.00 Lv. NELSON Arr. 11.00
Saturday to Aigenta and return
leaving Kaslo at 20k.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun
0.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 14.40
4hrs NELSON to ROSSLAND bis 4
Kor rati-- and full information aolresn noar
Qbt local agont, or
C. K. BKABLKY Oity Passenger Agent
a W. DREW, Agem, Nelson
Trav. Paso. Agont        A (1. P. Agont,
Nelsrn Vanwuter
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v*
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route without
change nf cars between Nolsou atd
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland
Lv.   0.15 a.m. NELSON. Ar. 6.20 p.m.
Lv. 11.26 a.m. ROSSLAND Ar.a(��p.ni.
Lv.   8.15 a.m. SPOKANE. Ar.O.lBp.m.
Train that leaves Nelson at 0:15 a.m
makes close oonneations at Spokane foi
all Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Crook, connect Bt Marcos with Stag"'
H. A. JACKSON, Q. P. ft T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.O    	
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
(lllhnrt Stanley
Thomson BUtlonory Co
<' nin Drug &Hook Co.
Ilotol Hiimo Nowh Stand
Hotel I'halr News Stand
|i. Campbell
0, K. NoIhoii
J. K. Dolnnoy
R. A. HradHhaw
Slocan Nowh Co.
ThoniHon Hron.
Liitnoiii. & Young
II. A. King & Co.
and  News   Agents
trains out of Nelson
Slocan City
on  boats am'
L s<


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