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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 23, 1900

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 ��� ���-_
Edition No. 633.
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, Ja
Ten tli Yea 1
nii onmsLUi of
ih nm FLGBT
Buller Probably Too Busy
To Send News-
,,��� bM Keport Says Dundonald Has
tered Ladjsmitli-Eeoruiting
In   Canada.
E -
ing gradually nccomplisbed, When
ever any nl ihe enemy wero observed
taking up a fresh position, our held
Imttoiies poured in showers of shrapnel and ihe rapid movement of the
gnus, followed by aconrnte Bliooting,
must have greatly distressed them,
Tbe enemy were on the defensive al-
meat the entire day, save once, when
they attempted to outflank our left and
were signally cbeokumted, They relied almost entirely on rifle fire. A
few Shells were lired from ll Heavy
piece of ordnnnee but these fell harm
less. We now occupy the lower orest
on the left and aie converging slowly
but surely to the liner centre. The
Boer loss is unknown, lmt must have
heen heavy. Their killed nnd wiiiiud
ul are onn led to lhe tear rapidly.
Mini'-- 1 uiu as are 111 I'lieuliitiou that
iho Boers are retiring. Tbe buttle
will he resumed tomorrow,"
of hi'
.inn, 23.��� M :80 a. ni. ) -
Bnller has reported nothing
���rnl ion mi Monday ; tbe olll-
ejiil mid press intelligence leaves the
Biitish hivouclnd Sundu) nighl mi tho
mound the) hnd won after two days
lighting, The War Offloe turned everybody nni ot the lobbies at midnight.
Apparently Lord Lunsdowne wns as
much willi'Hil news all yesterday ns
,,;l-.i 1 ��� pi r-niiN were. Military men as-
Minio that lighting must have taken
place and that it was probably more
in nn tlie two previous dnys,
I,, n, nl Boiler would nol be likely to
give tho Boers leisure to add to tbo
elaborate entrenchments, to arrange
He : mtillnry nml to concentrate their
forces     The   special    correspondents
Fulldai night were allowed to send
the nimoiiiiceuienl tbut the battle
��� n'roost certniuly resumed the
fniliiv, iii" lay and hemic official ami
|i      nr .ui.il ty is nt a high teusiou.
London, Jnn. 38.���The Times published the following from Frere (.'amp,
dated yesterday, (Monday)   nfternoou:
'(in Fiiday Genernl Wairen began
n Imi.' circuitous march finm Triob-
11 rd s Drift westward. This was abandoned, owing to the fact that the long
ridge, which runs west, from Spurn
kop, was occupied by tho enemy, who
commanded the route, nnd. ring the
maintenance of columns lor trnnsp rts
impossible He therefore returned
ami eiinipedn foi the night about two
miles from Triohiiid s Drift. Ou Bat-
unlay 11 frontal attack on the ridges
wus ordered." The aorrespondnt then
doscrlbos Baturdnys' lighting and
"The nieti behaved solendidly undei
an moo-sent heavy oioss lire in a burning sun, lor seven hours, Our casualties were for the most part slight, the
prnportiou of killed to wounded being
extremely small."
The War Office Optimistic
Regarding Ladysmith.
A Dash to Kinibeiley Would    e 11 Much
--Description of Warren's Sunday
siou is mysterious, and asks if there he
any oonneotiou between his return
ami the arrival of Mr, Webster Davis,
at Lorenzo Marque/., from which point
im is to he taken to Pretoria in n special train sent by President Kruger.
New York, .lan.   22.--Fritz   Mosen-
thai, a member of tho reform  committee of fifty-nine,   whioh  was  heavily
i lined by   lim   Boer   Government,   has
Must arrived in    New York.      He is   a
British subject,    Mr. Mosenthnl  said:
"Personally I believe that the  British   will gain   n decisive victory   soon
in which event the   trouble will virtually he at an end."'
days j u
Durhnu,    Jan.   '..'.��� The   statement
coii't-H i.'i'i an excellent source, Pieter-
',_��� that  Lord  Uiimli'iiald   has
1, idyxinlth   With    1,11011   men.
Hi- i- in i confirmed irom   any  othor
i.t H i- Known that Lord Dun
iluunld's HyliiR column  has been noting iu tin letl of lhe advance
I .a   -U -The Daily riiii.n-
n  i Ived the   following   dated
119,    1 :l."i   p.  in.   from Spear-
 !      "The   I '.in rt,   ad.nit   III
in i;:   i li coral   Lymelon's
. on Saturday.   Uenorul   War
inued pushing,   though  be  is
ii',,-;,iih making verv slow progress,
n- the Boers aie numerous and strungii
a   i lur   infantry are winking
,- illi 11    lldges    Willi Lord   Dun
e ivnhy lying well OUl   0 ' the
Mi [lunl. nnd awaiting   developments
II    Boers  contest   every   inch of   Ih-
ml,   This  morning General Wnrren's artillery  reopened  lire, but  the
i' ���     eld   nm   reply and onr fire be
mine  less  Imi.   'Iho  naval*   guns   in
Iront 11 re  have hei n qnlel     A   Boer
1     i" i   brought   In   boasted   that 11
i'      '   luki    ihn e    months   to  n ;n h
I ith."
London, .lan.    :.".'.���.Inst before mid
ihe War i 'Hice Issued tli" follow-
'���li   limn   (I 'iiernl   Holler:
|'amp, .lan. 99���6 p,  m.
���The rollnwiug casualties   are report'
ed 111   Uennral Halt's   brigade   as   the
n yesterday's  lighting.    Killed,
' Hynll,   Yorkshire  Regiment
snd B men; wounded, Second Lieu-
i'' im AiHiv.ni, Border Regiment!
ilcLngbhind, Innlskllllng;
Lieut, Harlow, Yorkshire Regiment
11,111 ���   UK III mii.-iiig eight men   Other
��ill he forwarded when   re
'    ' -'ing was all tlm War Ollice
' i (I np tn midnight, Nothing
l�� known here regarding
(Special Dispatches to The Miner, i
Ottawa, Jan. 'j.'.���linn. lir. Bordon,
Minister of Militia, considers lhal lhe
present is nu "opportunity to give fur-
thei consideration to the proposal to
repatriate tho lOOtli Prince of Wales
Royal Canadian Regiment. He is of
the opinion thai recou' events indloate
thai the principal difficulty which
stoiul iii the way of raining this deniable object into effect, namely the
difficulty in recruiting in Canada al au
Imperial rule of  pay, need  no  longei
1 0 I, il -l.llli ll        He    lll_n    I elleyi s    tlWl
repatriation   woold  tend  to establish
11--v innl lions between the regnlur
army force of Canada, and would further 11 un ni the strong feeling of sympathy already existing between the
Mother Oonutry   and   the   Dominion,
Th views have boon teported la the
Cabinet witli Ihe result that an Order-
ini' mill ll has boon passed nml uppriiv
ed. providiiig :
I,    That   t'le ininie of   lhe   regimen!
now   I,now ti   iis the   I'rince   of   Wiles
Lelnstnr Regiment, Royal Canadians,
wiih its depot at Birr, Ireland, designated as   nm regimental district,   be
changed In "The inn'h Prince Of Wales
Royal Oanadlan Regiment "
_.    i lmt    the  Imperial   regimental
system 1 'iiiiiini'il ami that tlie   rts
pot of the regiment be transferred to
Halifax, -V ..
8, Thut one battalion of the regi-
mei.i b.' stiltlood ie Halifax and Iln
other in the British Isles, oi elsewhere
in the Empire, battalions inking turn
and turn about to serve abroad,
I That recruits [nr the regiment be
i nltsted in Cities and towns ol the
twelve militia districts, and, when
medicaliv   examined and passed as  lit
I'm  Imp 'rial seiviee, he sent    (li.wu   at
Imperial expense  to  the   100th  regimental depot at Bnllfa*, N. B.
B, That v. hen onoe the repatriation
nl regiment is egret d to, nil ohioi rs
thenceforward    be   (*nundiiins,   from
Kingston   Military College,   and   from
i    i  ihe Canadian militia who
pass ilu-  usual standards requited  fm'
admission io lui pi i Ini service.
ii. Tout the distinctive uniform a.-k
������.I for iu  petition to  ll. it. ll..   ibe
(Special Dispatches to The Miner )
London, Jnu. ...��� ("���* :!!0 p, m.)���
Nothing has been received thus far
today to Indicate that any conclusive
lesult has been reached by tho Hritish.
forces in the region of the Upper
Tugela, ami the lack of Information
regarding what men and munitions
the Hoers have in reserve, prevents an
accurate determination of the measure
of real success attending the t\v
hard fighting. All that can lie snid
is thai the British seem to be doggedly
advancing in the face of an equally
ittibboru resistance, ai the close of
yesterday's lighting, the Hi-publicans
had merely evacuated their lirst line
nl defence to take up another seiui-i'ir
cnlar position al a short distnuce in
the rem-, relying on the old burgher
ruse by which   the   Hoers   have previ
ousiy  managed   dentine  the  British
into fatal traps.
Though there is considerable anxiety
as to the immediate result of General
Bullet's move towards Ladysmith.
which later developments indicate was
undertaken indpendeut of Field Mar
shall Lord Roberts, the War Ollice has
now come 'o tlm conclusion  that   the
rebel Of Ladysmith is only n mallei ol
ii short lime. According to the War
ii. , official ide,-.s. a dash to the relief of Kimberley will quickly allow
lhe relief of Ladysmith, and perhaps
three or tour months will elapse before
the column or columns will have turns-
ports iu u tit shape to advance with
ibe nertainty of meeting with no serious reverses. The latter conditions
are bold by the authorities to be absolutely essential before any forward
movement towards the invasion of the
Transvaal is begun. There is small
probability of Hie war ending inside
ot si\ months.
Dispatches lrnm elsewhere ill South
Africa, this morning, give trivial details of minor happenings and do md
explain the situation,
The widow of General Wauohope, in
���ni open letter, hotly denies the atoiies
that the General in any way oriticiseo
Oeneral    Mellineii.    Mm   says   (I -iieral
Wauohope s last   mention  of General
Methiiell tn her was contained in a let
ter from Orange River, date I .oth, as
follows: "1 expect Mntbuen will halt
at Iho Modder River for some days before pnahing forward. He has had a
hard lime of it and must lie a real gallant soldier t" shove along iih he does "
Lord Wnlsi'ley has also issued a denial
War Ollice i   '
Berlin, Jan. 88.���A dispatch reaeived
from iJinliiin says the German hark
Marie, loaded with sulphur, which
was csputred early in January by the
Hritish j miser Fearless, and taken to
Port Elizabeth, has been unconditionally released.
Spokane   Travellers   Must
Heave Certificates.
Otherwise.  They  Cannot  Go   to School.
Text of Kugulitions���Board of
Health Meets.
New York, Jan. 82.���Samuel   Stockton, of Johannesburg, is e gnest at the
Wnldorf- Astoria,     Speaking    of    the
Transvaal war he says:   "I do not bo-
lievo thnt (he Kocrs have as yet, fought
the great battle   of the   war,   or   even
Ihat this flght will occur iu the mountain passes in Iheir country.    Not even
ng's Nek is more impregnable than
Johannesburg, or  rather  than  Johannesburg can easily bo made lo be.   The
Hand belt   of   mines   reaches   for full I
thirty   miles   between    Johannesburg
and the invading forces, at intervals nt
between   n   quarter   nnd   a   half mile
apart. At oaoh mine are tailing honps,
ihat is.  the  mounds of ground  rock
and debris   from which thn   gold   has
been extracted.    These tailings, which
arc of  tremendous height and breadth
uuil much leseinrilo iu size and contour
the wnFte heaps outside of   the anthracite mines   in   Pennyslvanin,    aro   all
pruetionlly impregnable natural   forts,
while the short distance they lie apart,
with cannon mounted on   them, would
make it absolutely   impossible for the
British   to  penetrate   them.   Ou   the
other band, they  cannot  bo battered
down,and to attaok them with artillery
Wonld bo simply useless as the   ammunition for the   shells   would   be   lost.
Lot them   explode on any part   ol'   the
ground and lhe shifting slag would immediately til 1 up   the   hole I hns   made
and the pile would   be as before.    Absolutely nn advantage would  accrue to
Ihe attacking party."
Ottawa, Jan. 98.���Announcements
as to the recruiting of the Btrntbccna
Horse may ho expected any day.
Meanli'iie preparations are proceeding
apace. The steamer Montrose is practically chartered as n transport, nud
saddles are nearly finished in Toronto,
ilr. McKiichnrn is now| on his way
wesl to purchase boi-SOS, and contra- ts
are being arranged for supplies, the
experience with the two other contingents is making the task uitieh lighter
than it otherwise -"ould have linen.
Your correspondent was Informed that
there is a prospect of this contingent
being gut oil' at thej same time as tlie
steamer MllWBUkee.wlth lhe first battalion     of     Mounted   Hides,    delayed
through the r-jeotlon   of   the  Monte-
zuiiia MS a transport. The Milwaukee
will be a few days later than expect-
ed in reaoh'ng Halifax. She has to be
Innoeoted first at New Orleans by Engineer Woathoibc, who will not arrive
there before tomorrow, and the trip
will take her till Ibe end of the week
.1   lhe   earliest.    The   steamer   Mont-
rose will be in Halifax Saturday,
jt the report 'hat 'ho   War Offloe Is in
possession of a   letter  from General     _ ...      ,        '    ~      ,,    _   ,
'.       , .,      .i .i . i   .���       ,i    '     Hallux.  Jan    '.'.. ���lion.   Ur.   linrden
Wanohope, written the night before the ltttted tnday tlm(  ,,��� WM Riv,u((  ||i(,
battlo   or   Magersfo-teln,   saying It I organisation of liordJStrutnconn's rough
Id ho the lasl letter be would write j riders   hn   closest personal   attention,
- lie would make all appointments of
officers, subject to I.md H intlnona's
iis   be
M la-
    lunl been asked to perform an
impossible task and he   had   either   to
diev or surrender his sword.
rn   i"   ���������   ������     .---,     Spearman's   Camp,    Jan.    '.".'.     (OlHO
iii i"'i. !��� granted tola, m.)���Early    en   Sunday morning
i .. .I..,.i.i,...
Jan    .';',    The  Dally   Mail
;l- il" lull.iwing.dated Sunday night,
1 i man's ramp:
""    has   heen   hot   lighting   all
'".      Uduwn   our atfliok was ri'Biini-| lileiiinll
"' ��l(,*"f"  Hn entire  line, all the lui
;i''   : i' ''a'   pan.    We snon discover
"'Si Hut Uiu rs   occupied   the   range
ill force,  llnir position   being
PrlllCe Of Wales,
Ihe   regiment   and  the winds   "llnyal
Canadian,"  together with a   Maple
Leaf, be I'lllhliiith'ld ill white wnr-tcri
nil blue should' i Straps, edged Willi
,.    That   the   in iginally   distinctive
��� nil ii .mil   emblems,   motto,   elc,   Bin-
nml historically   oonneoted
wiih  the   formation of the 100,  be
granted the regiment ami that limy bo
bourne on colors, .uniforms  '  ���-������-
P'linliiienls of all rank
General Warten commenced a Hanking
movement mi tin- extreme left of the
British position. Tim Infantry advanced at live in the uior.iiug along the
Irregular Tabamyma Mountain, which
aids at Spmii Kop The atlillery no-
���upieri positions behind ami mi tin
range is Interseoti d
���' :ayit.es, nud many approaches
Hiiiilt ol access,    Today tbi
��� '  wne driven  Irom  their
    '���(������tci-day, u>nk coven in  don-
sblntl   rinks wilb wbiob   the
''���'-in.   The rorces therefore
"I th
and    an
     'ihe   contingent    Mould
raised as tnpidly as possible.
",'iiuo nl tne    Ministers will   witness
tie departure of the. other  transports
with the exception of Dr,   Hnrd  who
will be here In son Ins ion,  Major Hot-
dell. Off on Ibe Milwaukee.
along   tin
Ottawa, Jan,   88,���The Government
lias nut yet ooiue '.o any dellnile con-
elusion as io the acceptance of British
Columbia's*) offer to hesrjtbe expenses
of raising uml equipping a force nf one
positions   lie,,,���..   ..,,, hundred hnrs nil men.    The subject
The  British   carefully   worked ' is at iireseiit engaging atteul imi.    One
nf the dillloiillies is   Hint imn   hundred
task of  dr
''"'��� "'"'   " '" Work with good heart i
"r,J momlng,     Much bring   loo
II tad
llllll 11,1
bills      -ml il      Within    "   '^ ,V,"t. mi'eVi.et nnil-     If"1"    PrOVlllCl
thousand vat'ls "1 " eoniniunding kopje   ||(���,s ������,    wIhIi   to eve I Unit niiinber,
"' ' . ��� ,,,��� |:,������-h    wen-   oo ntrnt- ' ,��� case of their nceeptame   It   .- prob.
nil which   Iiiii nm rs ���ll���, lhal two   troups won il   be   taken
  _        ,.,i. ,o aled   behind   ,..,...( l11''' ''��� '';i'1';;,,!l','r;,f'7wo   troops 1 il unit that
���     That iioii-ciiininlsslonod   nlbeeis _|,-���w��� lliioklv over the lull-     "'".,.,,   ottered,    The   iinpres-ion    is that
nnd privates,   m   present serv Ing   in ���,,,���������, the  attaok  ami   tbe Bt|tliii Columbia  will bo tnkonalong
r"nfc%mrB__dncor|S! with exoejllo" SE Wot .aotlon.ly, pouring at the same  tl   the Mm-	
nf'n'ni.len*of i >' '-"��� '" ,0' M 'hi" nm- of shrapnel among ihe Boers, who mi'i'm|ii| -r,.,,,,,|,.,,,,tt, in very  anxious
|nstroctors,et.,                           .   . devoted  their attention  i" mnsko ry  t)i|||   in ������v ,.v,,���t,   British C mhla
Aoopyofthe ������, im- boon swii   "��� ,,     Brlt|grl   infantry,   Tne ,hould not bo passed over In recruiting
H,e Beoretary of Btate for tbe Colonies, flidng on ��                   ^^ ^  th|rd ootitlngcut, and wired ins,
iiniif,,,, ���c s, gFiSss��'_s_r ' katn
wl,���was,-io,-.a!ly   w -1 ����� ***���   -.-nc.���-*..   *������ "V'^\    ���,w   ,,,1,
'" WM'ni ";1" I,,    ,     nw ..,,1 111 ������_*   0��P��������lthewell  k vn veterinary surge, r
;;:;;-;::;;u',',;ari:t,,,.w���.nm^ i '""^ri^z^ ;;;;'-.;.���;,;si- v���e-,���,,,,i.,,on, w,���
��'������ through   Hi" Roy��1 M - ,:"'     H"""1"^ "'   '       '"'" """- ""���   ,""'1'1"""' "'   '""h"H   '
ig   look
""! ont progress was slow,   bnl
I     "-li pluck   told    its   lale
'"v   Ml   linclt   lo   mint hot ,.
���    warmed ou ami occupiedIlege al Kingston.
I"    alla-k   r inienccd  ~.        ,   rl i,   	
:        ii civ. x ouu'i """���������� ;��� ";,.���"������,,' h'',  , ��� ..��-
!'  I'   in lulls,    favorable'; I'."'   V��� ^,  V ,'    ' ",'���,��� I     '""
"'ai'.   lourta-ktsanllsi;';;!;',,,;,,    Ilorso.    N ing     offloW
NeMitheless,   it  is   be- 11 an lie obtained.
In make pro\ isimi I'm
��� ", portions of the Btrnthoonn
"""  ii,. i'n,uio oonsl.
leel llltlllg
Horse on
'"  , "   mi      ib Iln lu Users was ihis city, and of the
ensley, of the uuoiin        ��� look after the  pnrohas
inrtally  wounded  while loading ms ,_.,,���,,���.,,���.,���_, ,.,,���tiim..ii
,_n to seine a fresh point of  Mining'' ������, t��� be selected In I
men t"   ��� "'
The nuiiiials
Cans. Jan,88, The Matin, referring
to tbe arrival of Mr Hnarum in Eu
!rope, says that tbe objeot of his mis.
i   Ottawa, Jan. ���.".'.���The Canadian Pn
trlotio   I'Tiud   total   to  ilnte   is   (Wi,
Hill. HI,
Tho one absorbing topic of 'ennvers.i
tion in town yesterday wa- tbe smallpox. A few were aware from peiusal
of the Spokane pnpeis tliai smallpox
wns prevalent in tbo Stntes of Washington and Idaho, but it was nol until
Tho Miner's Bpeoial telegram, reoe.ived
ou Sunday night, and posted up yes
terdav morning outside tho oHice, was
read that the seriousness of tbo evil
with wbiob Nelson is threatened was
appreciated. The telegram is as fellows:
(Special Dispatch to The M'ner. i
I    Victoria,   Jan. 81,���Aa   a   result  of
I representations made  by  Qoveroinont
agents in the Kootenay and   Boundary
country, Attorney-General   Henderson
is taking active steps   lo   prevent   lhe
introduction into Sonthern British Columbia o! smallpox, which is rampant
in   Washington   and cut nil Idaho, especially   those   districts   tributary   to
Nelson and   other intorior towns.    Information    received    by    the   Government      Ibis      evening     is     that
there     are    hetween    six    and    seven   hundred   cases   of   snialpox    In
those districts.    The    Attorney-General proposes to place  c-uarantine ollicers on ull those roads which  form   an
avenue nf communication  between the
litected distriots and Southern Hritish
Colombia points at which quarantine
offices will  bo  stationed,   probably at
Boundary,   Kootenay   River, Wnneta,
Sheep ("rock and  the  1-ted  Mountain
The general opinion ns expressed by
the citizens was that stringent measures should be immediately adopted
and that nny temporary Inconvenience
should he gladly accepted rather than
run any unnecessary risks. Borne went
so far as to advocate that the Spokane
Falls & Northern trains should not be
allowed to run lit all.
The Provincial Government has taken botive steps iu the matter, and
Aoting-Gold Commissioner W. ,1.
Goepel, was very prompt yesterday in
acting Upon his telegraphic instructions. He has completed nil arrange
iiients for ii system of  quarantine all
along Iho boundary line, and has appointed   special   ollicers   If,   see     that
these arrangements are fully carried
out. Temporary regulations have boon
made ont by Mr. Goepel, which are
law until enuliimod or altered by the
Lieutenant-Governor-in-Oounoil.    The
regulations are a.- follows:
I.    All  passengers   arriving  nt  the
boundary line from   the south over the
(.'.real Northern Railway, Spokane
Falls & Northern Railway, Hod Mountain Railway, and any stage line shall
ba required to furnish the Inspector or
any officer Iii charge of the oarrylng
nn oi those regulations, with a oertlfl-
eiiiii from ibe Health Office of the citj
in t mn which he or she has lasl left,
containing the following pnrticnlnisi
ui)   Thai Ire or -be has col I n   in
an.,1 plaoe ol" building infected with
lb)    That he or she   has nut lived in
any building or plaoe which lies dangerously near any Infected building or
(0) That he or she ha- been vaccinal
ed sinoe the l.Mli day of January,  1000.
In the eyeul of any passenger bring-
ng any baggage (hand or otherwise,
| or whether the snnte shall be for
warded by express) the following cor
tiflcate shall also be required from the
Health Officer of tlm town or city
aforesaid i
(ai Thai the said baggage (hero give
lull description of lhe said baggage -.,
tha, there can i"- no que Hon a- to
Identification) has not been in any
place or building  infeoted Willi  mall
, hi    That Ine said baggage   has   nul
I n sini'od or used in   any building or
place Which  lies dangerously near any
infeoted building or di-tnet
'_. All railway companies.traii-pnrl
at'.on i-'iinpanies and slage   lines   mull
adhere strictly to  the following regU'
(a)  All mail    Iiiiiii    Ineal    points   ill
Eastern Washington ami Central  and
Western Idaho, destined fur points on
tlm Boundaiy line or north nf same
nm-! lie fumigated before leaving tlm
a point Of call south of said line ami
lb' master in ehiirgo of snob nail
must furnish the Inspector,or offioei iu
charge of the carrying out of these
regolatlons, with u ceriiticate from the
Health Offloor of such point whore
fumigation takes place thnt same  lets
been done.
ihi All ears must he fumigated before leaving American points for Bt It
isli Columbia points and the Health
Ofllocr's certificate must bo furnished
that Ruch has hi - n done.
(o) No Indians shall be allowed to
land in West Kootenny or Hast Vain
under any condil '"ns
8,    Inspectors   and   officers  will -	
that iho above regulations are faith
fully and strictly carried mil, al the
same time it being incumbent upon
them to facilitate rather than hinder
tialiie, and in all cases to lender what
as-istiin-e they can in their power to
passengers not inoousistenl with the
above regulations.
'lhe penal olause fm' punishment of
contravention of the above is Section
HT, Health Ael 1807, which provides
thill :
"Any person who violates any regulations of the Provincial Board shall,
unless it is otherwise specially provided, be liable for every sneli offence
to a liin- not exceeding one hundred
dollars wiih or without coBts, or to
imprisonment, wilb or without bar
lnbor, for a term not exceeding six
months, or to both Hue and imprisonment in tbe discretion of the convicting court,"
1). LABAU,
Mi dlcal Health Officer,
.1. KIKKU1-*,
Local Hoard   of   Health.    (Outside  of
Municipality, i
The quarantine officers appointed aro
as follows: W. .1. A-tley, stationed ai
Wiiiietn: O. H. Palmer, ni Poit Hill:
Pony Wright, on the Red Mountain
road In tween Boundary and Northport:
('. G. Hislep. on the wagon road from
Ri | ublie to Midway, while annthi r
o,beer will be appointed t i patrol all
the wag.ni mad loading In Midway
from Obesow, Mr. M. Phillips, Government agent, will look after people
coming In by way of the Tobacco
Several of the doctors in town were
interviewed yesterday hy a Minei rep
resontatlve, and they were all agreed
ns to the seriousness of the situation,
but declined to give any opinion as to
what steps should be taken until after
the Council meeting lust night had
been held nl whioh the matter would
he considered. One other thing Ihe
profession seemed agreed upon ami
thai was that a pes! bouse should be
immediately established in case of
need, there being no such establish.
incut at present.
There is practically no vaccine now
in town but. all the doctors and druggists have wired for a supply, und
there will he pb . ty In it dny or two.
Th" sum tbat - being suit lor comes
from thn Ontario Vaccine curia, Pal-
merstnno, Ont '1 his glyei limited vac-
olne i- put up ia hi i meiu-ally sealed
lubes and   is   absolutely pure   so   that
(here is im ihnni ion uniiinnilng
any other disease while vaccinating,
The chances of I ivlng a bad arm are
also iiiiiii ��� ii ni i- n.ii    'inn.
I niiei tbe I'nivi i oi it 1 Act everj
infant i- ust bo vaccinated within three
months, and iii ease of smallpox break,
ing mn .Medical Health officer may
reqnlre erory one to bn vaccinated on
del heavy piii,iln,- The Bpokane
Kail- .v Northern Railway Oompany
nre giving tho anthoritlei every usslsl
mine   in   their   power,   one issnll   ol
v.i,i.di |i   lhal the  quuranti Hloers
will be allowod to worl, at   Northpoil
although iimi tow n Is in the  State m
1 \\ a-hingimi      It    "an   slated in   town
i,   fcrdn\  thai there wore nine ens,    ol
I unnllpnx in Northporl The repori
I thai there was a case in Nelson lu in
���     ' I'   ������    I,-   . I,,,.!.,,,,   ,���,v
I founded,    li wus only chicken pox,
Alter ihe Donncil meeting Insi night
Ihn members organized  us  a Board ol
' Health.    The Mayor wns elected chair
man and tbi Olty Clork seoretary, The
��� bairnian -aid the polnl was to decide what lo do with a     inallpox   case
should one ni iso, Aid, Ai tnur sag-
gi -led that blook l" would be   a   -uii
able pl for h hospital lent,   and   it
was loltled thnt tbe hi abb oflloer oi
nm member ot the board should bu
i mpowored to bave such ;, hnl idlng
ere 'led dlrool ly a case un ic It was
not,  hOWeV, r.    decided    to luive such a
building ei'-' I'd u once, o there Is
,ii i v nm-1" ci il a considerable delay
between Hie di   -   ���  ��� ami  Isolation ol
a  ease.
(in ihe ue iinn ' i Aid Arthur nnd
Hall the school board o.as limtrnuti ri
to require children to pos-ci i certlil
ante ol   vac nun en   hi fore   admitting
tin tn in H ' hoi l     Tin    children   "l
those parents who onnnni afford it will
be v.i.-'i niii' d iii the < in ��� expense.
It wa- also   ih. lib tl I"   wile Im   .'ii 0
racolne i nhe   from   the   < unarm V.n
��� ���Iin- I'atin
Tin- Kootenny Lake General Honpiiai
cannot for tbe present accept an} inoio
I patients hi tbe bed- arc all full, NELSON DAILY MINER, TUESDAY,  JANUARY 23,  1900.
Nf.lf.rYn     Daihr    MlTlArr bv*eleotion'   The three Qnali '.in-
.ylOUU     U(XLi.\/     lYllilCl   Btitnenole8 wero Beriblcr, Lubello, untl
I'libltsnod Uiilly oxcopl Monilny.
N (WIN "it ISKK I'KIXTINM k PuHt.taiiiMQ 00.
11  J.  BEATON, Editor no. Manager.
.loriiin^ Edition,
ii,lly por month by oan tor    M
per half year    It 00
per yorr    T 00
por y-._r by rnall ,    ,"''10
por yt'iir forei_u    i- Wl
Nkl&on Wkkkiy Miner.
-.v ookly, pi i' half your �� 135
p.r yonr    '2 on
por yoar, Foreign    - Sn
Subsortptlom Invariably in mlvanco
: ..Isoii Min tr Printing & Publishing-Co
nelson. b. c.
Telephone   No.   144.
Miner will pay $10 reward
lor information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction ol" any person
who stents .1 copy of this paper
from the premises of our subscribers.
There is an impression abroad that
if Mr, Cotton could bo caught and reduced tn a condition of roason, nome-
thing useful might bo made of him.
Wo do not know how that would bo,
and are reluctant to express an opinion. Certainly as master of tbi' present Government in tact, although not
111 name, ho is never likely to achieve
any grent eminence for himself or good
lur the Province. Ho may hang on
until it goes to pieces, in the hope
Ihat ho will bo advanced to first plaoe-,
but we think it extremely doubtful if
tbere will ever be a Cotton party
strong enough to maintain him as
leader of a Government. Continuing
in his present 000r86, therefore, it is
hard to see how ho can bo of service
lo any one, And that is the pity of it,
for he is undoubtedly a man ol much
ability. He wus drawn at last in the
debate on the Address, and made n
moat readable speech. He left Mi-
Martin in a worse 0(milition than he
had been in before, and put that Dead-
man's Island affair in a light that re-
lb-clod not >\ little cmlit on himself.
if his argument, in other matters was
specious, it wns also Ingenious. There
Is a   waste  of   intellectual   force   nnd
oapaoity ns long as this man is allowed
to ruu wild.
Yet if ho wore to he headed oil'  and
lamed into usefulness, there would immediately aiise the dillieulty ns to what
to do with him.    Wo  believe  then' is
uu doubt that in the  estimation of the
majority   in   this    Province Air. lor
nor, of nil the men at present  iu   public life, would be the safest to   follow.
He is un nble   man, of  good, practical
business  instincts,  and of unquestioned probity.    Just now   ho is  leader of
the Opposition in the Houso,but we dn
not know tbat he would  corn to accept
tbo responsibility of   tho   Premiership
n second   time,   or  to lend a party in
lhe event 01' u dissolution.    The Miner
is in tho happy situation 01   not being
burdened with  tho  eonlionees of   any
party.   What  the politicians   hnve in
view,   therefore,   can only be a matter
ot   conjecture.     Notwithstanding   the
extremely critical   situation, The Unionist hns all  along  maintained   there
will be no dissolution, but thut on the
defeat of the Government, which   nny
happen any time, unother will he formed thut will   have the   OOnfldenoe ul   a
majority Of the present House,   lu such
nn event wo cniuiot  suppose   nny othei
Premtei than Mr.   Turner, nnd it   hns
occurred   lo   uh  Unit tho iiecessnry accessions to establish him  (irmly on the
Treusury benches would   include   Mr.
Cotton.    Hut  would   Mr. Cotton, who
is a mini of unbounded stomnch,   serve
under Mr. Turner? Or is it in contemplation thnt Ur.Turner and his following will bo turned ovur to Mr. Cotton."
Wo  hnve grave doubt of the expediency of the latter  supposition, But if
tho other could he realised w" believe
it would be n fortunate   thing   for the
Frovlnoe.   But whether tbe gentlemen
could bo rendered tractable snongh for
that Is a iiuostion.
Ohamblr and Veroheres, all strongly
Liberal. In tbe be-t general election
Mr. Heacsoleil was returned for
Betthier without opposition; Mi.
j Bourassa    had     Ifll)     majority    In
ILabelli'. ami (Tminlily old ted Mr.
Gooffrion with n majority of ii'.il.
There is nothing surprising,   or sgnill-
:cunt, that llirse should hnve gone by
iiocitiniutiiii! in by elections for one bus-
The sani" remark will apply to Lot-
btniere, another Lihernl stronghold,
and in whioh two Liberals wero nominated. The Government majority
in Hint constituency In 180(1 was 40(1,
Sherbrooke, another Quebec vacancy,
went Conservative by 267. The Lib
eiuls are hotly oontesting it, nnd it is
quite on the curds they may carry it.
Should they do so, there Will bo room
to say Hint the Government's popularity in Quebec is on the increase. But
it will be belter to await the event
before boosting. The seventh constituency is Winnipeg, and the situation
respecting it is tho only one of any
significance. Unfortunately for the
organs, the significance is distinctly unfavorable to tho Government,
lu 180(1 Mr. Jamiesiin curried it by
1,117 of a majority ; lust Thursday the
Liberals did not even nominate u candidate, but surrendered the field to
Mr. E. D. Martin, who would march
afoot aorosB tho continent t" put a
spoke in Mr. Siftou's wheel.
The nominations last Thursday prove
nothing lieyoud the tact that in the
West the Liberals are divided. Shonld
Sherbrooke full to the Government ou
Thursday next, it might be token to
mean that Mr, Tarte's opposition to
the contingent is popular in Qnebuc,
But Liberal organs 111 English-speaking Canada will hardly care to go into eostneies Of delight over that.
Mr. Hall, n Viotoria member, made
n bright, sonsible speech in the debate
on the Address. Hero is his opinion
on a matter ot deep interest iu this
portion of the Province: "Tbo Eight-
Honr law had possibly been well
meant, would possibly have been well
advised had all tbe mines to which it
applied been developed and on 11 paying basis���but these mines of Kootenay
wero not. The majority wore oh jot
iu the prospect stage: and whilo the
elght-honr system had been applied to
Old working n ines long before (he majority of the -present Parliament ever
thought of entering publio life, it wns
not a system that should be applied iu
British Columbia while ninny of the
mines Influenced were 11s yet  111   what
might  be termed   the   experimental
1900 Nelson Opera House
onice nn 1 Pi cket,
Reference lias been made in this col
imin to Mr. Semple, of The Dnwsou
Gleaner, Speaking of his prosecution
for "contempt of court" because ho
exposed certain arooked gambling practices, he said: "Athough represented
by coimsil.permission to file affidavits,
make a defence or answer to the con-
icinpt proceedings were arbitrarily re-
fu-ed by the Judge,who sits in the Yukon, thousands of miles away from
other courts that might review many
of his acts, and summarily [ound
guilty, and lined lhe unmerciful sum
of ijl.ion, ui in default thereof undergo iinpiisionnieol in thn jail for !I0
days. Asking tho Judge for 15 minutes to obtain the amount, (1,100 being
nn uimsunl sum for nny mu.i to be
(tarrying abont his person, even Ibis
request wns denied, aud resulted in
being sent to the jail, incarcerated, iu
u cell,until the money wns brought into Court and tho fine paid, showing the
animus, malice, haste and vimlicitive-
ness of the court. " Perhaps the Minister of Justice at Ottawa will think U
worth while to make Inquiry Into the
conduct of. this Judge Canadians do
not relish his method of dispensing
justice, it imanks too much of persecution.
The Jlontrenl city charter provides
that no person whn cannot rend and
write shall be elected as Alderman, ft
is now proposed to ask the Legislature
to repeal Ihis cilnusc, nnd The Star is
exceedingly indignant thereat. It tulks
hotly of ignorant persons gelling into
the Council and making havoc, of
affairs. The Star does not distinguish
between ignorant and uneducated persons, Canada has produced same conspicuous examples of uneducated persons as among the most successful of
our business men. A mnn may be
without book learning, and yet possess
abilities of n hich order. At the Same
time, the repeal of thnt provision in
the Montreal .barter would be n retrograde step.	
Col. Baker thinks the Alien Exclusion Act is contrary to the spirit of the
"open door" pdioy for whioh Grent
Britain has declared. And every m.iu
in the Province who can boast of enlightenment enough to last him from
day to day and who has the lenst liberality of sentiment will think ns Col.
linker thinks.
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Wholesale Houses.
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The Liberal orKnim on thn Count,
notably The Vanoon.er Protlnoe, profess to see in tin- Federal nominations
ol   the IHth   evidenee   of  the growing
jinpulnrity nl t'no Imiirior Unvcrnin-'iit
A tritle of iiiRennity added to thin ��lin-
nle eonllileiico could  extract   huiiIh'iihih
from cooumbers, Five of tin- seven
nominations if ers In Quebec, Nn one
seriously supposes that tbe Government
Inw lost liivnr to nny serious
that Province, lloth Sir Wilfrid l.nui
ler nml Mr. Titrte hnve played for the
Quebec vote, nml in a general eleotion
they would  probably carry hh many
Hi'itts   an   in   1806.    Un Tliiirsilny   Inst
theie were four uiiii|i|ioned returns,
three in Quebec and one In  Ontario.
The hitter wan in thn OOUStltoency of
Went Ontario, made n Liberal hive hy
tin- gerrymander of iwi, with a majority ranging from 800 to 1,000, in
ihiki it dropped t�� 7IIH.   Tbe Ooniem-
Uvoh would bo foollnh lo HOnt.lt It   ill
Another Influential petition hns been
put In against the Bight-Hour law.
tbe sinners representing muny millions
of i'iijiUiiI nnd Interests nf vitul import to British Columbia These men
are not fighting Bhadows, nor wasting
Indignation mid energy on mere sentiment. They nre men of affairs, and
oan distinguish the reul from tin- unreal, they nre busy _oen, whom nothing less tiiun ii substantial grievance
could Rtir into aotion of this kind,
The petition wns presented on Friday
by Mr. Qrenn, nnd is sinned iu behalf
of the following Companies:
The Hull Mines Ltd. ; The Fern Gold
Mining & Hilling Co. : Dnnonn Mines
Limited; Qrauite Gold Mines Limited; Queen Bess Proprietary Co., Ltd ;
London ���*. B, tl. Gold Fields, Ltd. ;
The  Exchequer    Gold  Mining   Co.,
Ltd.!   The   Vmir (inl'l    Mines,    Ltd.!
The Enterprise B, (!. Mines Ltd ��� Tbe
Wakefield Mines Ltd, ; The Northwest
Mining Syndicate Ltd.; Tbs Bosun
Mines Ltd. : Fiueh i. Ciiiiinlii'll: The
Kuril Mines Limited . Minnesota Silver
Co., Ltd. ; Sunshine Mining Co., Ltd. ;
The Heen Mining & Milling Oo., Ltd. :
Slncnn   Southern   Mining    Oo.,    Ltd. J
The Wonderful Group Mlulng Co.,
I.ul. | Millet Oreek Mining Oo., Ltd, .
Tim  Chambers  Group   Mining  Co.,
Ltd. ; Slncnn   Slur Mine; Seottlsb-Ool-
i-ninl      Goldfields     Ltd. ;     " Idaho
Minus"; "I'ticn Mines"; Whitewater
Minis Ltd ;**.liiclisiiii Mines Ltd, ; Anton Consolidated Mines Ltd; Hniii-
blcr-l'nrilion   Mines Ltd. ;   Whitewater
Deep Mine; Payne (inns.   Mining Co .
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usage. More musical than
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Mason & Risch
A Piano that has not only
won a reputation, but a Piano
thai is constantly accentuating that reputation, nothing
being left uiklone by its
makers to advance the In-
iiistrunicul musically anil to
keep up  the  high standard
Insure yout house, house furniture,
and pianos with J. E. Amiable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance companies.
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forfeit $200.
the other
hour  or
Admission 50 and 75 Cents
Stage Seats -   - One Dollar
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,����*, $9.65 Per Ton
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.^(..W.WEST SCO.
Noble Five Conn. M. St. M. Co.,
Mr.  Preiilicn .nloil wilb   tbe OppOlf
Hon in ii division mi Friday, making
tbe vote 17 Opposition Bgainil 18 Gov.
eminent if the Government oonlil
I'liiiin thul tbey were sustained with
tins vote reversed, ns they did on the
opening dny nf th" session, because of
xtetit in | the absence ol two of thi Ir supporters,
the Opposition oan rarely olnlm now
thnt the Qovormneut wero defeated on
Friday, tlm two absent members being
ns mnoh opposed  the othoi two wero
friendly.      The    miiccIiicIc   of   :i   (iiiv-
eminent, iii n liritish Province jllng.
Ing to ofllce in the face ot such weak
n iss ns ihis Is uotblng short of a scandal. The min oomposlng it can rarely
bave liiti" sense of tbe honoi nnd din-
11 i 1 v Unit nre supposed   t(i   go with the
positions they ure doing ho mnoh to
III. Mi.-l! ami llnlllilii' systems.
It'll,,:... k uml Wll.i'x. ilc.
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eurius mul liquors,ttiO*, Bilker.si., Nolsnn.
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side,   rinse
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i-'is ot bosl makoB,Hmi-
illi'n.     HIitnkftH,      Hulls,
wiiipH, BruahoB. Ooiqm,
I'lloo. iiatisfaotory,
Cull nml -ie.
Cor. Ward and Baker
ANIl lit: V
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villi ure SI) IHli.M'llllllll.
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yon "JI.'i.iKi per work ll
as I" oaloh SMALL'
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Mrs.   McLaughlin's
I HiniNa iiiniiii.it,     kotarii pnauc,
I WluiH'ruioro Mlnss.  Oorrssp   denoeBol'slted
lie J.ir,o,,Iiiiii: uml linker ..1,.1'ls. AK's.
fiirlalclii.u liai'lilile ami Wellanil Acetylene
(la-  il.i  I,.... ('���.
A. R. BARROW, a.m.i.c._.
Provincial __and Surveyor,
Corner Victoria anil Kootenai HI*.
1'. O. Hex Mil. Toloplioiiu No. M
I". <". llll I > p. s.  I'l.lilll Ms
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P.O. Box Ul Nelson. H. c
BarQain Sale * O'Rel's
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Palij.er,    Etc-
Chimney Sweeping.
Ollice, Ward Si. opp. Opera House _���_*-
w *
,,,,���,,!���,,'   Offloer  -tmol.au   Gives   Mr.
Morrison Bla Canting Vote-Hia
Reasons for So Doing.
Uiu dill'i
rent kinds of  wrestling   thul
over  attempted   to plenBe a Canadian
iinilii'iion. The Turk promises to throw
the other iwolwiic eanti time in an
hour. He will certainly havn his linniln
full���nnil thoy urn very largo hands���
if he'siiccci'ils. McMillan ami Cannon
will alio ineel.
'I'lir   municipal   tangle,   which   ban
It, n   agitating   tli"   publio mind  for
rami 1 time past, was  Bottled yesterday
by Returning  Offloer .1. K. Stmolmn,
whin he gave bin casting vote in fnvor
..I Mr. Christopher Morrison as oaudi-
iliiin (or iilileriiiaii for tho Blast   Ward
li will in remembered that nt the  rn-
,vni   elootions   Mr.    Morrison wus declared elected   over Mr.   .1.   A.    Irving
Lv one vi te. 809 to 801,    n ballot in f;i-
voi of either candidate having been re��
tooted by Mr. Rtraohau in his capacity
of     returning    offloer.     Mr.   Irving
���ought to avoid Mr,Morrison's election
mi   the   ground tbat a ballet in his f i-
Mir lnnl been Improperly rebooted  Hnd
that   consequently   tlm   voting should
liuvo heen declared a tie.   Mr. Irviug's
luiiiisel. on a  technicality,   suooeoded
in preventing the  ballot   in Mr. Morrison's l.ivor lining   co-isiilered   at nil,
tliiiugli there ia no doubt that that particular ballot  wns  equally as good as
lhe  one   Mr.   Irving   clninied.    Judge
|'"orin deoilned to consider Mr. Morrison's ballot, lmt   decided   in   favor of
Mr. living's ami   referred  the election
t" tlie casting rote of the returning
oilier. Mr. S-'irachan yesterday morn-
lug ul !,i o'clock gave bis vote to Ml".
Morrison, who is thus ai Inst firmly
seated in his alderman io chair. Mr.
Straoban prefaced the oast iug of his
Mile with Ihe following remarks:
"On Thursday, the Uth day of this
mouth, tlm munlolpal elections wero
held in this City. Jn connection with
the counting of the votes oast for tbe
iiliieiiiiiiuie candidates for the Kast
Ward, l considered it right to reject
iWitb others i two certain ballot
pnpers, One of the two''allots waa
cast in favor ol Mr. ,1. A. Irving and
two others, ami me In favor of Mr
Morrison acd two others    The  result
of thi out   showed   thnt Mr.    Mom
.mi had ii.lived ���.(>".' votes, nml Mr. .1.
A liv.ng 201. I thereupon declared
Dr ii A, li. Hall (who headed tbe
poll), Mi. \Y. ,1. Wilson, who came
next, and Mr, C. Morrison elected nli-
iriiiiii for tiie Best Ward.
"Mr. .1 a. Irving objeoted to the
i. .ii by me of the ballot referred
tn, which was cast in his favor, and
nit,'i wards Bled a petition to avoi I
Mr, Morrison's election,   Thn matter
'.nm'i ��� t  .Tadge Forin,   aim 1  was
-n' -,.|i ii i.i ly served with a cony of the
mi in   in   the   case, whioh rteti r
mill's that the  ballot  rejected    and
i   limed by Mr.Irving was ami is valid
und that it be  counted for him.    Tli is
'  ii'i|i.i'iilly makes it n tie us between
the two candidates referrel lo, nod I
mn now lulled upon to give  my  casting vote.
"Ir appears  ihat   by  judgment   ilo
imi I iy Lord   Chief   Justice   Coleridge, nu behalf  of  himself  and three
nth-r ouiineni    English   judges, in the
esse ni Woodward vs. Baraone,  arising
imt of n municipal eleotion  In  Blrro-
inn. Khglaiid. si,nilar ballots to
ill ��� two rejeoted by me were declared
Rend. Had I been aware, at the time
"i the noon ting of the votes,of this de-
| i-imi. I would, of course, have oount-
wl both, ami in that case Mr. Morrison
Wi il'l have received W'.l voles and Mr.
li lug SOS, ii appears to me that my
duty ii. clear Although the judge only
(halt with the ballot claimed by Mi.
Irving, ii does nol do away with tbe
i i thai tin ro ii siin a ballot oqualiy
Rood which should have been counted
l'i Mr, Morrison, uml which, were 1
i" 'I.'rnl,. in favor of   Mr.   Irving,   he
take   in 'nilings   to    have     it
ci mited fur him.
' 'I" not wish to Interfere with tho
'   "i the majority of the electors
at'' ���!- tne majority  was in favor of
1   Morrison, I oouslder it   my   plain
1  I"   oasl    my   vole in   bis   fnvor,
1   now  accordingly  do, ami  I
i ''" laic imn ciccicd alderman for
i '    Ward,"
Miners Use  Him Iladly���Yesterday In
lhe Local Legislature.
Victoria, B, ('.. Jan, 31���(Special)���
The   sliiteini'iit    of   Mr.    Mnrtin   thai
the miners of Nanaimo bail not withdrawn their support was not home out
by the result of tho meeting held there
Saturday night, The theatre was
packed, but Mr. Martin lunl a very bad
reception, being oompellod repeatedly
to take his seat for twenty  minutes li
nil iw lhe uproar to subside,  i In claim.
ing that be had iiiii gone   1 k   on his
principles, the crowd retorted by saying ho never had any. A free light followed shortly afterwards, compelling
him to stop for a quarter of nn hour,
im resuming lie said some people
though I Dmismiiii u horrible monster,
uml some one in the audinae made re-
lily: "Yes, you said ho was a few
months ago." He added that, if the
Government did not stand by the antl-
.lupaueae legislation, that race would
sum overrun tho Province, and he at
least would leave it. He was interrupted with cries of "the sooner the
bettor.''   He   oundemned the  Ottawa
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id it mid  Portor.
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B. O.
&> ��� Jb> ���__-���__/���._-'��� 00 *__^v>(
I Government for not hringing
in more
effective loglelotion against Mongolians, when some on in the audience
asked, "What Governmenl do you
support?" I'innlly the audience would
listen no longer and started singing
patriotic songs, compelling Martin to
Victoria, 13. C. Jan. 88.���The Leu-
islai'nrn hnd another night session to-
night In order to polish off the second
want of oonfideuoe motion. For eight
hours the House discussed the Clifford
resolution,   "That   in   view   of   hasty
legislation by tho Government last ses-
^ jsion, in amending Ihn Plnoot Mining
am, by whioh aliens arc deprived of
the right lo acquire pleoer mines in
this Provinoo, having proved highly
detrimental to tho mining industry by
obstructing the introduction of napltal,
creating distrust in titles to mining
claims and by hampering the development of such Industries, the Government iiaj forfeited the confidence of
the people of this Province, "
The debute wis  chiefly   remarkable |
for Joe Martin's right nbonl  face on i
tho  question,    Be   is generally looked
ujiini ns the   nnthor Of   the   legislation
complained of.   Today he snid he  had
completey changed   his mind as to the
ii i ol the act.   He found Ihat it kept
out just Hint class of American mining speculators so needed In tho Canadian west, a chiss ihat did not exist
to nny extent in Canada. The only true
remedy was to wipe it otf tho statute
book, other members of the Opposition spoke strongly in fnvor of that
course but Attorney General Henderson
refused to do anything of tha kind.
The Governmeut proposed, he said,
to amend Ibe act so as to allow aliens
tn liny claims from Canadian and Hrii-
ish holders,
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Victoria, R. C, Jan. 88.���After dig.
cussing the motion until 11 n m. a decision was   leached,   resnlting   in tho
defeat of tbe motion by a majority  of
three, Mniliii and Higgins, on tbe Opposition side, being absent. Martin
went out of the House to avoid -oting
against a law inlioiluced by himself.
Prentice snid he wonld have voted for
Clifford's nu,tion lunl Henderson not
given notice of an amendment to the
rimer Ael. lie was opposed to the
principle of excluding iilicns.
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J. H. LOVE, Agt
Baker _' NELSON   DAILY   MINER, TUESDAY   JANUARY   23,   1900
nn cm mm
Plans Approved by Council
Last Night.
Tenders Galled for Paving  Five Blocks.
Largo Amount of City Business
The City wharf question bus been
smiled itt last, antl before long that
ancient institution will no longer he
au eyesore and n uusinnce to those using it. A double decked wharf will
be constructed anil tenders for its
erection will be Immediately called
for. It is estimated that the new
wharf will cost in tlie neighorhood of
For the first time there was a full attendance at the Council, Alderman
Morrison taking liin sunt for the lirst
time. A letter was read from Premier
C. A. Seuilin stating that the Council's
reqnast regarding the grant of lands
and money (or the establishment of a
high-school would be considered. Applications from Messrs. 0, A. Cum-
vnins and .1. P.Cameron for the post of
Inspector of Public Works, were received and tiled.
On the motion of Aid. Arthur nnd
Irvine, a petition signed by Mr. K. J.
���Steele ni.d othor ratepayers that, the
crossing at the corner of Robson and
Kootenay streets ie put��� into a safe
condition, was ordered referred to the
Street Railway Company with the request that they fix it. It appeared
thut the Tramway Company had taken
up the old crossing and their grade
was several feet above the side walk-
making the crossing dangerous.
The application of E. MacGregor for
the position of pound keeper again
came up for consideration. Aid. Wilson offered the use of his counts ns a
temporary pound. This otter was accepted and MnoGlCgor eventually got
ins appointment.
A letter was rend from Lieutenant
Beer,Of the Nelson Rifle Company,asking Ihe City to snpply light, for their
drill shed. The request wus granted
ou tho understanding that the company pny for tho installation.
Tbo special; committee appointed to
investigate the salaries paid to the
City olllcials pieseuted the following
report :
i. Your committee recommend Hint
the engagement of the City Solicitor
be terminated ", and that the City Solicitor be paid for services rendered
nnd not bv way of a lived salary.
2. That the services of .C. W. Dill
assistant engineer, be retained and
that he be required to assist the City
Engineer in the preparation and completion of a wnll.innp of the City.
���\ That the medicaid liwnlth ollicer
lie appointed witliout^alary, uud paid
for services  rendered,
4. ymir committee do not suggest
any further chnnges with regard to the
city officials, but recommend that the
Connoil   iit an early dale organize as a
local board of health to  ontry   out the
provisions ot tbo Public Health Act
Thu   report   wui_ taken up clause by
8. That a orosBing be laid from tlm
centre of lot 00 to the centre of blook
2 across Vermin Sinei.
4. That a three-font sidewalk lie laid
from La Pointers boarding house ou
Vernon Street to the Kootenny Supply
Company's premises.
5. That a crossing be laid across
Hall Street on the north side of Baker
ii. Thai the sidewalk on Stanley
i-Uvet, from (lore Street to Mrs. Ingram's bouse, as recommended by tlm
late Publio Woil::i Committee and approved by the late Council, be completed,
This report was adopted by tbe
Mayor Houston then introduced the
nroestioil ol the City wharf and produced some plans which had been prepared, and whioh embodied suggestions made by Captain Troup of the C.
1', H Tie- plnns call for a double decked wharf, one deok for low water nnd
the other for high. The roadway of
the preseut wharf will be utilised for
tlm former,
The wharf will be 200 feet long Ivy
186 feet, wide nl the lauding place
where freight will lie discharged. The
roadway will be IS feet wide, with
five feet on either side set apart for
pedestrians. It is estimated that the
ne-.v wharf will cost $11,Dim. Though
not quite certain where the money
will come from, it was decided to go
ahead as the wharf was considered a
Un tbe motion of Aid. Arthur and
McKillop, it wns decided to build the
wharf by contract, the materials to be
furnished by the City. Those latter
will also be sunplied by ooutraot.
The City Engineer waa instructed
to get out detailed plans and Bpeoilioa-
tions at once and the tenders must be
In by mum February 13, The contractors will be obliged tu have the,
work done in 00 days from the date'
of the award.
The Council   look   thi*  opportunity
of following iho line of tbeii predecessors by putting themselves on   record
on the wages question,    As heretofore, !
all contractors on  City work must nay i
ordinary   laborers a minimum wage of,
...60 a day, and as the wharf will be
the lirst of these contracts where skill j
ed labor is employed, it   was   nlso nn-
nounoed thai carpenters  must  receive j
or iu other words taken by American
vessels tu Buffalo, Out of eveij ten
bushels of Canadian grain, I don't
think I am exaggerating in saying
that nini- have gone to Ainelicmi ports.
All that will be changed by the project we have now in hand, The dis- Mr. MoCuramon.who is at tin Koote
taiiec f'om Port William to North Kay  nay Lake Hospital   suffering   from ty
,,.,,     .,       _.         v,    .,   ,.      .    -,i ���.    nluntt fever   is doing well
is 860 miles; from North Hay lo Mont-   *  ,
arsain Sale # O'Reilly's
BOX 511
real, yt is 800 miles. The Canadian
Pacific will undertake to carry, with a
licet of their own, our Canadian grain
li'iiin Fort William to North Buy,
where it will be transhipped to Canadian Pacific cars en rnutc to Montreal,   In other words,   the Canadian
Pacific w ill do what the Canada- Atlantic ttuilway is now doing from
Parry Sound. If this enterprise is carried out, iis havo no doubt it, will be,
it will bring 35,000,000 or 80,000,000
bushels of Canadian grain to tlie St.
Lawrenoe route and port of Montreal.
Of course, tbo port of Montioal has to
be equipped speedily, and that ib the
reason why I have been urging most
Strongly on the Harbor Commissioners to go ahead."
Montreal, Jan 89.���Work was begun
today on cniisttnetioii of the big Connor's Syndionto elevators, contractors
sinking holes to find tbe necessary
depth of piling.
The Canuadian Pacific Railway hns
settled up actions against it by laborers employed on the Crow's Nest
Pass line. Seventy-one men were paid
from $60 to i?7."i each.
The Hank of Montreal nnd its directors hnve made another gift of 110,000
to the Canadian Patriotic Fund. The
sum includes contributions of directors
1 and makes the total subscribed by the
bank uml directors  S.7,000
the attack
far proved a Blight one.
The Balmoral mineral claim situated
one niiile south of Nelson, near the
Silver King waguii mad was yesterday
transferred to the Delight Gold Mining Company.
The report that Lord Dundonald had
entered Ladysmith caused several eel-
, lninl,..,. hi t ni'dii The smallpox
aoare bad a -innlar effeot earlier iu
the du..
A bill of sale of a quarter interest
iii the Mulligan and Gold Queen mineral claims for i}nt)0  from .1. Astley   to
Mrs. Ann Astley was recorded yesterday. The claims ure situated on Porcupine creek.
The ollicers of Court Kootenny, I.
() F , for tbe vein 1900, will be installed on Thursday, January "ifi, at 8
p. ni. in Fraternity Hull. The installation will be followed by a supper
and social evening
Mr, Jennings can e np for e-tamma-
t- n on discov ry \o-t��rd.i\ tlie case
of Ke my vs. Jean ngs I .v,"million was bcln before the ie.i-ti r,
Messrs. It s. Lennie and J. A, Harvey
of Port Steele appearing for the plaintiff and defendant respectively.
arc rapidly Increasing in
AilyiulUeulents insortel miiloi- till
Hie rat ��� of ono cent a wtml tier lascrl
advertlsoment Inkon for Urns loin ii-'i c
head al
lon.   No
Winnipeg, Man., Jan. __. ���Petitions
against the elections of tlie following
Liberal members wen filed ut the
Court House today by Messrs. Tupper,
Happen & Tupper, attorneys for the
petitioners: T. C, Norris, Lunsdowne;
,1. Riddle, Lome, ; Winkler, Rhine-
louil, and T. L. Morton, Westbourne.
N.i petitions weru filed against Con-
senntiv- candidates, bnt a number
Will he filed during the week.
I$8.60 n day.
Paving tlm City streets wns the next
subject of debate. Tlm City Engineer
recommended macadam, which he
roughly estimated, would cost about
|1,000 n block. He recommended n
lower layer of 8-inob stones aud an upper layer of small stones. The former
would have to be broken by hand and
the latter by a crusher. A discussion
on crushers and the cost of stone breaking ensued, and to establish this it
was decided to employ 10 men for n
week breaking stone as an experiment.
It was ulso decided lo call for tenders
for paving live   blocks, the  tenders  to
be iu by February 6.
On the motion of Aid. Irvine and
Arthur it was decided to complete the
cemetery fence.
Sidewalks on Baker Street in the
future will extend 14'., feet fioni the
lot line with a 6-inoh curb.
Aid. Arthur drew attention to the
faot that tl session of lhe Normal school
wns ,n be held at the Coa-t and ono
at a town in the interior, and proposed
that tbo Minister of Edooutlon tie notified that if the session b&held in Nelson the City will provide accommodation. The motion was adopted,
!     Mnvnr Houston drew attention to the
Torouto, Unt., Jan. 22.��� Samuel
Striiss, of Newark N. J,, who has for
months been lighting extradition on
the chaigc of embezzlement,this morning consented to return and stand nis
trial,    lie will return tomorrow.
WANTED ���A   competent   newspaper
man can hear of an   opportunity   foi
employment by addressing this  ollice.
LOST.���One black   Fisher   tail   from
a ladies' fur boa     Finder please   return tn I).  A. McFiii'land, City.
WANTED.���Immediately, experienced
dressmaker at O' Reilly's,
Because it is
any Tea in ths
Put up in  y.
uniform in  flavour and th
market.    It's a high class
and  i   lb packages,
quality is far above
Tea nt a low price.
Once   used  always  used.
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Successors to M. DesBrisay & Co.
RAKBB ST. l.l"l.HO-. B. ..
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated i86g.
Capital Autlioiizect   -   *   -   -   $2,ooo,6oo
Capital Paul l]i��, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,2��o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Geneial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed un special
deposits and on Having Hank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
\V AN XKD��� First ohms clerk and salesman   for   Gents'   Furnishing    and
olothing.    Only experienced men need
apply.    Apply Thee.  Mailson.
LOST. ���A black sealskin muff, left in
the Tremont Hotel.    A reward of 110
will be paid to anyone bringiug same
to tbe Clarke House.
Toronto, Ont., Jan. 32.���Albert
Meade, news agent on the G. T, B. for
the Canada News Company, was killed
some time late last night hy falling
from n train. His body was found
strewn along tho track this morning
by laborers.
Toronto, Jan. "!"_.���Miss "lilchliorne,
in the assi/.o court this morning, sued
William Edwards, of Norwich, for
breach of promise,claiming a thousand
ilollai-H. She was awarded judgment
for six hundred and fifty hy tho jury,
after a brief deliberation.
WANTED.���To reut a furnished house,
clone ill, for one month or   one year.
No children.     Apply this ollice.
FOR SALE���House unit Lot. All modern Improvements on Victoria Street.
Splendid rental property. Equipped
with all modern oonvenl.noes, A liar-
gain.   Address O. P. C, Miner Ollice.
TO   BENT���Vine   ollice  or   store   in
rear of Athabasca  Saloon,   oconoled
by Gas Company,     Apply on premises.
FOB SALE. ���A   now cottage contain.
ing six rooms, hall, bath room, eoin-
plete pantry, closers, a now shed Hxlli
Two lots, tiiiest location   in   the   city.
Set out in fruit tries,   imported   roses,
etc.   All fnrnitnre, consisting of new
Karu  Piano,  parlor suite,  sideboard,
steel range, (set np)  carpets,   bedroom
suites and all else pertaining to a well
i furnished house.    Musi he sold ns own
icr is leaving   the   city,    Hubert   luce,
' care Nelson  Hardware Oo,,   House is
situated on lots 16 and  17,   block Hn
Mill Street.
-itiing ii was impossible to transaot
business al the City Hall,nnd the oases
Miiiu'iinios took up the greater pail  of
the day. Aid Hall, Arthur and Wilson   were  appointed   a committee to
Inuk op a sellable premises for a police court and for the storage of city
Aft  r    Aid.    Irvine had   applied   for
ami had been granted fonr weeks leave
of absence, the Council adjourned to
organise as a Board of Health,
clause,    Tlm lirst  clause   was  adopted j tact that when the   Police   Court   was
and there  outgrow a discussion on the
question of appealing   the Treves case
The Mnyor wus in favor nf  letting the
matter drop and not to   incur   further
expense in the way of litigation.   Aid.
McKillop thought    tin-   appeal should
lie prosecuted, so that   the City should
ihdiniV'ly    know  whether    iis    laws
worn gisid or not.    Aid. Arthur agreed
with him, bul a motion   to   that effect
proposed by tbe aldermen named was
voted down, it transpired thai in pursuance of the orders of the late (' iiineil
ex-City S'dioitor Galliher had taken
the preliminary stops towards on appeal.
In this oonneotion, on tbe notion ol
Aid. Hull and Wilson, il was deoided
to iiHk for applications forjhfl post of
Oily  Solicitor.
In discussing Clause 2. Aid Irvine
thought that if the services of nu assistant city engineer were not  needed
he should go, and there wus but little
work in that, department just now.
Aid. Arthur explained that the committee considorod tbat the map men
tinned in the report was absolutely necessary, and that it would be more expensive to get it don* outside. Mme
over if Mr. Dill were retained his sor
vices would be available next summer
when they woold he needed.
rim remaining clauses  weie adopt
id as they stood, Dr.    I.iiltau being re
appointed health offloer,
im the recommendation of tin- i-'m
anee Committee a number of nooonnts
weie ordered paid
Tho l'tiblie Works Committee report,
ed an follows :
I, They reeoiiiiniind thai a crossing
be luid aeross Stanley Street from lhe
siitilb side of Silina (Street,
_. Thai a two plank crossing be laid
nn Water Struct lioar O Neill's grocery
Iimi   Mr. Tarto Has a Sebenie For Expansion ol Connda's Shipping,
iSpeeial Dispatches to Tbe Miner. )
Ot-BWft, Out.,    .Inn.    ���-���_. ��� IIiiii. .1    I,
Tarte, Minister of Publio Work*, was
seen   this   morning   and asked   if   he
would glee nny information In regard
m Hie proposition to make French
River navigable so as to bring the
great steamers, carrying produots of
grain   of the   North   West    I'lom   Kurt
William, to North Hay mi the Canadian Paolflo Hallway.
"I havo been giving my attention."
said Mr. Tarte, "tn Ibis inalter for
several nu'lilhs. So nun h so, thai 1
will ask my colleagues to allow n,c to
plane in the ostlinnti i a pr itty large
amount of money to Improve Frenoh
Hivei- from its month on Georgian Hay
io Lake Mlpisslng. Tho dtstnnoe is
about -in mil's. It Is already a navigable river and wc will "illy have In
improve parts ot its lo inake il a   lirsl
class waterway lor ships drawing eighteen feot. We will require to build
dams and ibiie looks, ami the balance
of ihe   wmk   will be dredging,   .lust
look at the   fuels" said   the   Minister.
"l'p to ibis day, tlm ('.P.It. have carried our Canadian wheat to Fori William whore it has I n loll lo iis fate,
St. Catharines, Out., Jan. ti.-William H. Vainey, a prominent contractor, died   late   Saturday night  in
the  ollice  of Flnmii.erfelt's tannery.
The   body   was found   this   morning.
Heart trouble was tho cause   assigned,
*.H. BABBBB, Dentist has opened
an ollice with Dr. Morrison. Crown
and biidgo work n specialty,
NaUOM, Hi".
Smitli Falls, Out., Jan. __.���J, M.
Clark, ex-M, P. P., died nt noon to-
day, after a brief illness. Ho was ii-1
yenr- of age.
Montreal, Jan. US.���A corrected list
of the civic elections by acelamination
show that twenty, out of thirty-four
aldermen were thus elected, Of this
number nine are of tbo reform clement.
Montreal,   Jan. S3,���J,   A.   Martin,
editor of Le Journal, the new Conseiva-
live organ In Ibis city, died suddenly
this morning.
(inii. Ont.. Jan. -..���The; Gore Mn
lunl   Fire   Insiiiatieo Company   tt
voted |600 to   the Canadian  Patriot.!
l'lind, ami $500 to the Red Crosi Fund
A Boarding mul Uny Bohool oouduotod by
Ilie Sisleis or lit-Joseph Ol I'onoo ll issltli-
ul en ,it llei'iiioi'l'iif Mill innl JoMplllnQ si nil-,
In uno of I III.' Wesl l-esi, loot in! purl Ions ill Nelson, iiiiii is lasly iii-i-esf-i'ile from all purl-
of I bo oily.
Tin- etiiir-e of stmiy inrbnlos tho fundamental iiiiii higher branuhes of �� thorough Kngd-h
education, lliisiiios- omirse -Bookk-Opllig,
sioiiogr-ph. uml Typo-writing,  i*cleii__ .-,.ni-�����
Musie, Vocal uml instrimii'iitiil; Drawing,
oto.    lMuin uml Art Nee.llewiirk; <'nli-t 1,,'iu.--,
Kor tonus uml particular! apply to the Sisler
Bu parlor,
Nolson Cleaning and Dyeing-
S. 1), P1E1.KE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired.
it.'itr nf Harks Unlet, .mmin
Stratford, Ont., Jan ���.'���' - Jos. li.
Kirk, O. E., dud today aged 111 years.
He wan engineer for lluimi District
Including Perth, Huron and Bruce
Counties, from 1848 io iK7'_.
blank day nt
Private Hospital
TheNelsoi. ElectricTramway Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ot
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Abb   KIN1IS   OK
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
our side of
is siill going on at 2 one lb. tins for _5_.
O. Box K nnd W. Telephone io. Baker Street
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
.1 K, Hum'- l.iiii'i
11 - Alllll'	
Yesterday wan another
tlm City Police (lninl.
Aldermen Irvine leaves tomorrow mi
a fmir week*1 pnrnhnung trip tbrongta
Bittern oltl en,
A. MoDonald ban transfer! ed the
Garnet Miiii'ial I'biim nn Bird Greek tn
!���'. Regan ami M. <*. Honaghan,
* The application for bail In th�� Kelly
I'asi', which wiih Hi'iii'ilnii'd [or vaster.
<lii>, WBS iidji ni'i'i'd until tomorrow.
A MOV. and sailboat worn   lent nn to
Balfour yesterday In tow of tbe steam-
ii Hercules, They ate destined (oi the
imn .if tbi' surveyors there
n. lv Md.i'an,   tin-  drngglsl  offers
Ibe pnblio an   nlti'i'iiatlvti tn   smallpox
in tlm shape nf ii hoi containing every
oonoelvnble huh-ii ami every rimci'is'
niii<< preventative ti tin' disease, The
members of tlm Miner niuii' won' encb
presented wilb  one  of tlm   valnabli
,,"v""",iv""1 lKht iO. A- PROBER
A well   known   jonng   NuIhiiii iiiiiii    ,	
recently wrote his father tbnt im had
volunteered for Bonth Africa. Hi*
father wrote bnok Imploring him  uol
tu (_n ii.i in' would certainly be shot,
The  nm answered  that, if his father
^ Id supply   tlm iii'i'dini,   in,  wonld
Romprnmiss ny remaining in Noi-nn,
imii shot 'lim reply ol tlm anxious
parent imn nut yet beta ri Ivmi.
GookiiiG stoves & Ranoes
Which we are
offering at
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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