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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 31, 1900

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Array 4',
Daily Edition No. 6*,
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday, Januar
tmnps, whioh wim lull   hy nil  parti ss, Intended giving these franchise conces-
ami remarked thai ndriitinnn1 common sinus, the withholding of which meant
groiiiitl   for   pride  was  the  pnllantry wnr    Iln denied
antl    naiiiiiial    spirit
Tcnih Yei
Bhown  by both in���i  expresfled
her  OoloiileB.    He
Opening Day of the British
po.t ut Utti'.auciB  f the Luu iug
nf the British Umpire���Little Added
to the Situation.
London,    Jan,     .in.���Tho    Queen's
Speech ni the Assembling of Parliament
Great Brttnin nml
alnii expressed tlm bopo thnt uftnr the
wnr all race antagonism in booth Afrioa wonld be ohlttoratod, Coutiuning,
Captain Pretyman, whn is a retitod
onptnin of artillery,.said an inquiry
was necessary ns to how tbe requirements' of 'hn war hnd been underestimated, The rapliiill tlnm nppenlod inr
ii;o union of nil pariies in support of
th Go ertnniu in ,ts ell'urtn to ntis.
t -  i   i I    ��� un li  In a jnel �� nr
��� r. Hi '  etl ' i'> ���,    il'ur i   li  i nisi
,ni'    In i  i. r   1'iii llugti ii- t-i'c in le. i
uddri'86   iu   reply io tin) tipaeoh  tru...
the Throne.
The Liberal lender in tho House of
Oommoils, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, ihen rose to reply amidst
cheers (rum   the   Opposition   benches,
r Henry,ooninii'niing nn thn Queen's
wiii ns follows:
"My  Lords   nml    Gentlemen���The
p. ,n whioh hnd recently heen  broken
in South Afrioa when Inst I   addressed
ynu lias, unhappily, not been restored,
lmt otherwise my  relations with other
states  nre friendly.    In   resisting   the
invasion of my Bonth Afrinan Colonies
by the South Afrii-nu   Republic  and
Orange Free Slate, my people havo re-
s|uaiiled wiih devotion and enthusiasm
in tin' appeal whioh   1   havo   made  tn
llii'in nnil ihe heroism  of my   soldiers
in the Held and my   sailors  and   marines, who   were   landed   to  oo-operate
with llii'in, has not fallen short of  the
noblest traditions of   our military h'u-
tory.    I   am   deeply   grieved   that    so
many valuable lives should have fallen
a siu'tillee, but  I hnvo witnessed with
piM' nnil with   heartiest  gratification
the  patriotic  eagerness nnd spontsne-
mis loyalty with wbiob my subjects in
nil pnits nf the Dominion,   have   cnine
fin waul In share in the common defense
ii' the common interest. I am confluent
I shall  not    look   to  them    iu   vain
when 1 expect them to sustain and   re-
new their exertions  until   limy   have
brought  tIii4  straggle, fur-the main-
tnineuoe of the  Empire and the assertion nl' its supremacy in South Africa,
to n victorious conclusion.      It   hns nl-
ready been oonolnded with the German
Emperor for  tho adjustment  of  the
rights claimed by tlm two aonntries in
Samoa, Tonga  and    other  islands  in
the Pacific.   To u portion   nf the stip-
nlntjoni ilm Government of the United
States  has nlsn  been a patty     A   hill
will hi' intru'loei'd at   nn earlv date to
give effect to tlio scheme nf federation
which hn-   been  adopted  after  min'li
careful nonsldetatlon,   by  five .of  my
Australian Colonies,   I havo  wntohed
Willi   cordial   satisfiieioll   tho   gradual
ili'vilii|inii.nr  nf   my   gipater   Colonies
imi governing communities. 1 feel
cuniidinit tbat the establishment of the
gred Federation of Australia will
prove ml nntiiirenus, nol only to tho
> immediately ooncerned, but
the Umpire nt large. The
hi'illni i courage nnd soldierlike qiiali-
t es nl' ilu. Colonial forces engaged ill
South "tfncii have already earned bigb
ndinlrutinn. The patriotic offers of
assistance,which it was not possible to
rccept. have come from many nti-er
i'i',nns. ivith populations of various
'i'- I have received from th" rnl-
ing chiefs of nntive states of India
numerous offers to nhire their tr. ois
ond tho resources of their states
nt mv disposal for sorvicp in South Af-
Ht'i Tiiu-e proofs of thi ir loyalty to
niyell nnd their devotion   io the Cniise
l!l my Empire bave affutded  me much
Itiun     I   regret thut owing   to
-niii' ii-nt ra infill in the autumn ovei
��� ii purl  of  Western   and   Oehlra]
"Iiii. Hie harvests nml pasturage hnve
fin led iii siieh nn extent as to  ornate   it
Minliie.    Timely   measures   have been
taken hy my Government and by tbe
fnlsrsnfthe nntive states to relieve
iif suffering and prevent starvation.
"It appeals tbat service in South
Africa mav hnvo the effect of die-
ftnncbising those taking part in it,
nnd ynu v, ill be asked to sanction n
measure by which  the   injustioe   will
he remedied,
I  omninend   your   delihcrntions at
" nnxions time  to  tho blessing and
K"innocent" Almighty Ond.
Alter th,. reading   of  the Speech tbe
lllills"     "
"""'" ndjiuirand nnlil 4 o'clock p.
"���"I   Hie   Commoners returned   to
"'""���'������ which also   suspended lis   sitt
,n�� "mil 1 o'clock.
Bpeeob, said ho had seldom known sn
little to be said iu such a large number ot words. As, however, the war
advanced, it became more difficult
and more eriti-al and ho was not surprised that the Government had nut
proposed  n  formidable programme of
legislation hh affairs in South   Africa,
political and military, would nn
donbtedly ettgage iho present Parliament to a groat extent. The war wus
uppermost in all minds when the
Members separated in Oct .her. and it
was believed there were tiuops enough
iu Snnth Africa to rapidly cleai thn
Queen's dominions, but their expectations hnd been sobered, Week after
week had seen checks, dis.mpoint-
uients and deplorable   loss of   life.    In
every instance the advance of the Hritish troops hnd been stayed by large
'lodies ot the enemy. Hut the country
had again and again gone through
greater trials with oournge and composure ami would not now depart from
its high traditions.   The courage and
fortitude of British suldicrs wns novel
more oonsplonons and thoy must associate with this the sons of Die (.ninnies, who had shown extraordinary aptitude in tins kind of warfare He appreciated the gallantry and devotion
Which led their countrymen to volunteer but he wished In know the reasons
which necessitated this unusual method of reinforcing the army. He and
bis friends had resolved tn support u
Vigorous proserin inn of the war, that
the integrity of tbe Queen's duiuininus
be speedilv vinoieaied, and he Imagined there would be nn difficulty 111
nntiiiniiig the additional supplies necessary.    "Ilete   my   ngieenielit   with
ibe Government ceases," said Sir
Henry Ciimpholl-Banueniinn.
Sir    Henry    O.mpbell-Bannermnn,
then iiroeeeried with n hitter condemnation of the Administration and the
tune and   temper   iii   Whioh it had ap-
pi'nilcoed the whole South  Africa pinh-
leni, saying that tho narrowness uf the
Government's  pio-ision   for military
requirements    necessitated   hostilities
nnd asserting that us policy marie war
probable.    He   believed   this     feeling
wns largely shared   hy the  House   ami
wns glad nf the  opportunity   promised
to express his opinion. The spencer repudiated   the   idea   tbat   should  they
should awall tbe   ond of   tho   war bo
fnr" discussing   tbe matter.    This was
the veiy tunc, ho rteolured,for effective
11Hie.nm  ami  those   wishing to riiB
claim responsibility shnnld do so now.
"Tbo   Ministers   tell   us," Sir H.nrv
continued, "thut this   war wns undertaken to sei'iui- eqnnl rights tut"   wliite
men.    1 hope they   will   transfer   this
laudable dontrlnt to this country.
Many lostanoai might be applied
where tun bttle consideration hns heen
shown under Mr. Chamberlain's administration in the loyal Dutch ul
Cape    Colony,   The Capo Ministers,
wno are as nioch drown   Ministers  as
that General  Boiler
the   opinion   that   the
fines sent nut   wero   inadequate,
the contrary,  General Holler held
common   military    opinion   thnl
foroes   sunt were  quite  sufficient
tin' Government had asked Pi
hist August, he continued, to nuthnii/.n
the dispatch nf a large a
have been not only extremely bnd diplomacy, but it would hnve been im-
liii-sililn to oersiiade Parliament of ihis
ne es ih". Replying tn Hi. dine! ques-
t   n p' t iy S r   Unity   CumpMI-Hnn.
in'         "i iu   Hi uer 1   Bullet go   lu
Ijm j Natal in.ielj in the exercise uf his mil.
itniy discretionf" Mr Balfonr answer*
ed in tbo affirmative He then pro-
oeeded to rebuke the Opposition for
criticizing tho Wnr Ofllce, declaring
that it was sulely due to the ell'orts of
the Government during the last three
years thnt the army nnd armaments
were greatly improved, "Tho Opposition," snid Mr. Balfonr, "are apparently ready lo take upon their nwn
shii'il icrs tho Government of the country und tho oonduot of tbe wnr. I
wish them well through tbo task. The
Government has not disguised irom
itself the magnitude of tho task and it"
Parliament should think it advisable
to change the Government at the present juncture, I can only sny Hint 1
would support any succeeding Government In the steps necessary to prosecute the war to tbe conclusion we all
desire. But the Government will endeavor to disohargs the grent responsibility so long as it letnins the conti-
dence of the Parliament."
Lord Edmund Pits Maurice then
moved the nmendment to the nadress
"and we humbly express oor regret nt
the want of foresight and judgment
displayed by Her Majesty's advisers as
shown alike in the conduct of African
nffniist since I89S and in their preparation for the wnr now proceeding."
Lord Pits Maurice attacked Mr.
Chamberlain's policy, especially his
failure to punish the raiders nud the
retention of Mr Cecil Rhodes ns a
member of the Privy Connoil, together
with "irritating and reckless methods
Unit plunged tho couutry into war before any adequate preparations were
Tbe debate wns then adjourned.
vaalthat   unless  it  desisted, it   must Ispeech,    We have now l.u,ODD men
result in Hi-out Britain sending n large South Africa, yet we  ��
force to Bonth Africa.   He con Id  not Unity holding our own.   The altitude
������''iieveloe  Government  was ignorant; ���f  foreign    nations   is    described   ns
ni the preparations of the Transvaal, (frleudlv
and they could  not  divest  themselves
of the res'..nt|siliilit\.
Huron Bnllinu uf Burleigh, snid
the Jameson raid hud closed thn mouth
of tbo lioveriinieiit, uml prevented it
nny, ii would from protesting ngainst the arming of
'the Transanal, Hut, he added, the
Government must have known armaments were nei'uiiiolating to nil extent
unjustified by feats nf another raid.
It was ibe duty of the Governmeut
to i nniii.tniictite with the Boer Government i n tlio subject of incrensed
armaments, bnt as the first step, it
ought lo severely punish thn raiders.
The country bud not reached n pass
that if the Government appealed lo It,
it would not hnve supported the Gov
eminent in any preparations it thought
necessary. He wonld' do nothing to
Bnl iimi dues not sirik'
ine ns being sn innIcablo ns Ilm word
wiili 1<I imply. I iiiiii it inn-smy i.i
know whit tbe Government is going
tn do. Lord Salisbury said the muse
nl" our disiistets wns -the t-inullness of
the secret scribe fund,ami tbe British
constitution, But wlmi is the Government's (liny'; Some form of com-
pulBory service must be Introduced to
meet tie growing exigencies of tie
Empire, and 1 am sura the nation v.ill
n t shrink from eitbei thnt or any
ntbei sacrifice to preserve the Empire's
predominance, Thnt we should sin ink
from sending away vast masses of
troops, .-Hunted t.s we me, ill the renter ot a universe hy no means friendly
10 us, without having a hint I'rnni the
Government of the military  measures
IE B. G. 101) If ILL OO
, it proposes taking to f ice the disasters
ut the Government from carrying rWe inutile war to a successful conclusion.
In the House of Lords, the Puke of
Somerset, in speaking on the address,
eulogized tbe loyalty of the Colonies,
especially Canada, nnd strongly depreciated the adverse criticism of General
Holler his remarks in this connection
being cheered. He snid hn had every
onnfidenoe in General Buller aud in
Loid Huberts.
The Earl  of   Shaftesbury, Conservative, emphasised the debt of gratitude
which Great Brifiim owed   lo hoi Col-
Otlles, and expressed   satisfaction with
the settlement of the Samoan question
The Libera] leader in the   House   of
Lords, the Earl nf Kintherley,    followed.    He said be wns glad  to learn that
Gieut   Britain's relations  with   other
states were friendly.   He added thnt he
believed the   term could be justly   an-
plied to the relations   witn   Enrocean
Governments and   the  United   States,
nud deprecated undue attention to  the
attacks  of   the   foreign     press.     His
Lordship congratulated Lord Salisbury
ou  the conclusion  of   the agreement
with Germany,bnt strongly disapproved of the lone  of   Mr.  Chamberlain's
speeches    In  thnt   connection,   however, he paid   a warm  tri'mite   to  the
conduct of the soldiets on the field nnd
lo the loyalty of tbo   Hritisn Colonies.
The Earl   of   Kimberley,   continuing,
snid tbat   although   tlio   moment was
i oe of   deepest   uruvity, he wonld entirely  abstain   from  criticism  of  the
lotiduct of Ihe   generals-    It   was   the
duty of the   Government to select men
Cnptain Pretyman, in  moving  ibn
; I" reply  to   the   Speech   from
fhrone, In the Commons, express.
'' ""  ''"'Test   sympathy,   whioh   he
'"'"'was  shared by both sides nf   the
 "���   wlth  the  sufferers from  the
Wi.and the snfferfnas  in Natal.   He
"''"'"''"""rod   to   tho feeling of  ad-
Ul""t.ou  for   thB    ������,,���,���      of  the
Mr   Chamberlain,   treated   them io
manner Ill-calculated to allay doubtsI to oonduot those operations nud It was
and fears. The recess brought many | their duty to supnort the Government.
Speephes 00 this subject and astonish-j It was therefore, unwise to criticise
mont at their statements. They now I the generals in those opemtiojn. He
declare that it was Inevitable which is did not nienn to imply that the gen-
obviously SO 6X post footo opinion and erals wero not doiug their utmost to
if not, tho Ministers are hopelessly ��� fulfill their arduous duties, but the
condemned and ought to bo hurled'Government would bo wise if it made
from power, " every effort   to prepnre  thoroughly for
Mr. Arthur .1. Balfonr, nftor n  vain  what might ocour in the future.    Coo-
attempt to d_ow Sir Henry  Campbell-1 tinning, Lord  Kimberley said:   "We
Bannerman   ill   nn admission that   ho must moot a period of disaster, and al-
t|���, | did not advocato pushing the war  into though   our  relations with   tho   other
Boer territory, reproached   him   with poweia are friendly, it would  be  well
waiting until the COUntty bad   become to consider the  possibilities  of tbo fu-
involved   in   military   difficulties,    I" tine, nnd it wniild lin   well if the Gnv-
Lord Salishury, in ieply to the Earl
of Kimberley, assorted that there was
nothing in the stipulations of the oon-
venli n to limit and binder tbe importation of arms and niinnnnilion into
the Transvaal through Lorenzo Mar-
quiz. Continuing tho Premier said:
sain*: "We must join together and exercise all onl' pnwoiH in extricating
ourselves from a situation full uf humiliation and not free frum danger. I
will not say the danger may not have
easily been exaggerated. Nn country
has commenced wnr with difficulties
of the kind we experienced. We have
only to look nt what the northern
states of America went through at the
beginning of tbe civil war to see hoiv
easy ir would ho to draw a mistaken
Inference from the reverses wo have
met at the outset. We hnve every
ground to think, thnt if we set ourselves heartily to work and exert all
the undoubted instruments of the power we possess, wo shall tiring the wnr
to a satisfactory conclusion. Wo have
work which appeals ro ns as subjects
of the Queen and it must throw in the
shade nil thought of party nnd expediency. ''
"Why wero we to know about tho
importation of arms? I believe guns
weie introduced into the Transvaal in
hollers, and munitions of wni in piano
ca��es. We bad a small secret service
fund. If you want much information
yon must give much money. Consider
tho enormous amounts spent by other
Governments,nnd especially the Trms-
vaal, which, I have beard on high
diplomatic authority, spent ��800,000 in
n single year, and the small sums
spent by England, making it imposs-i-
tile fm- us to have tho omiiiscence at tli -
tinted to ns by Lord Kimberley. I nm
ulnd be has not pressed nn immediate
inquiry into the action of the military
authorities at *a time when our Generals in the field and many of those wbo
oould give most valuable information
are nimble to appear, We should defer an inquiry to a more convenient
Later the Premier admitted the de-
ffioietioy nf the existing system, remarking that the treasury bad acquired a powei which was not to the publio benefit. He had not thought, looking into past history, or examining tho
amount of blame to bo nttuched to this
or that Minister.
Lord Salisbury then said he regretted thai Lord Edmund Fitzmaurtoe, in
the House .of Commons, was about, to
bring this great issue into party controversy, adding that thn only place
where his action would meet with
sympathy       wiih       Pretoria.      "Our
efforts,"   the   Premier     continued,
"must be to retrieve ourselves from
the preseul situation which cannot bo
allowed to last. This Empire is a valuable and splendid but responsible
possession.   Wo must  concentrate our
efforts. If we do not tame nil the
smaller passions into one gtent duty,
we run the danger of convulsions
which will tarnish the Empire's lustre, and perhaps menace its integrity."
Lord Rosebery, who {followed Lord
Salisbury, spoke with great force and
earnestness, He asked why the Premier made it so difficult for the man-in-
Ihe-street to support his policy. The
past conduct of the Government, would
come up for investigation he hoped,
ndding: "We have the right to know
if, before   the   crisis, tbe  Intelligence
niel and the sacrifices we
have made, is one oi the most extraordinary features of the British constitution, 1 agree with l.nrd Salisbury
that tbe oountry can curry this thing
through in spite of nil the iiiipliments
of men aud methods tbat hnve s' aokled
u in the pant. But I venture to say it
will have tn b- inspired by a loftier
tone und truer patriotism .than shown
hy the Prime Miuistcr.'*
The Marquis of Lansdowue, Secretary of Stale for Wnr, followed. He
snid he was prepaid! to make a statement at a future date. Ihe Government, ho added, wos not prepared and
hud excellent reason f ,r not pushing
its arrangements further.
In his opinion the Intelligence Do-
pertinent bad accurately estimated the
numbers and armaments of the eue-
my, bnt not their fighting powers.
'The Boer forces hnve shown an
amount of resource, mobility nnd tenacity," Lord Lnnsdowno admitted,
"upon which the Government did nol
calculate." With regard tn the charge
of uuprepurednesB for war, be declared
thai tho Government bud Imped and
believed the negotiations would end
in pence und that the preparations for
u conflict woold only hnvo tended to
precipitate  it."
The address   in reply to  the  Speech
from tbe Throne wns then adopttd.
They Will Accompany Hay
to South Africa.
lei's Special Despatch! s from All Parts
of tlie  Dominion -Hng'li  John
Martlonald Elected.
rcteiit   v, inuipog hy-electlnn
(.'ominous   win    I
Walker i
-'adlug thn pi
fi :
"'-i.n   today
he pro.) i lin
. -,   ,.-jiii'si'iii.i;  i'ii-  : i       i   i         ���, Hi us pine I tig u
narrow > mi-tru tion npi n Ilu el iu    i i
ihe nli i i Inn n >t  govern
Bt ro-i   iinls, at il Iiiii' rtlisiil
fecllni i .  i ' ���   >'. ,   .       lotion    Tlm
afternoon wn      rol      l   t    ntn
bulbils   tin se ii  ���"
served fur .1
��� i
���ing   i,
Tbe Nationalists Will Present u I'nit-
ed Frour to the Governmenl,
Loudon, Jan. SO. ���All sections of the
Irish Nationalists were absent from the
opening of the session of Parliament,
owing to their attendance nt a meeting in committee room in. Room 16,
being avoided, owing to its association with previous discords of the
Mr. Timothy   Harrington,   member
for   the  Harbor   Division  of  Dublin,
presided.   The   attendance     Included
Messrs. Dillon, llenly   and John   Redmond   and   many   of their   followers
Harrington    and    Redmond     nrged
that  tbo   time  ban   come   to   restore
unity in the ranks of the   Parliamentary representatives   nf  Irish Nationalism, Mr. Hetnnnd describing   the prestige of  Great   Britain   as   uraoticnlly
shattered nnd snid there seemed   to   he
no better time for promoting union upon n sound and enduring basis, coupled
with a policy of nnily in   conical   and
entire Independence of  bli Iho English
politioal   parties.    He   then   moved   a
resolution, declining ut   un cud thu oi-
vision of   the   Irish Nationalist representative  and   Hint  henceforth   they
shnnld   act   together     as   one   united
ijarty.   The    resolution   w.s   carried
unanimously,   On Mr. Henly's motion
three whips were elected   loi   the   ic-
united party.
(Special Dispatches to lhe Miner, i
Ottawa. Jnn, 80.���The time for commencing to recruit for the Strathcona
Horse has been enlarged till February
5. us wired yystoi'day. The present intention is to raise one squadron in
Manitoba und East Assinihoia, anotbei
between Easi Assilliboia and the Rockies and the rest in British Colcmbiu.
Shnnld Ibe Wnr Offloe accept the offei
nf the British Columbia Government
tu raise a force, they will be raised
separately aud will be transported from
St, .lohn. N. B., by one of Ihe vessels
cbnrteieil to cntrv hay In Snnth Africa.
The Maxims accompanying the Strathcona Horse will be in the natnre of
uellnping guns. It is almost decided
thai a small detachment, some .'In in
all,of snrveyors, electricians, etc to he
attached io the Strathcona Horse, will
he collected here.
Dr, Burden and his ollicers know
nothing ot the stoiy published In press
regarding the oiler of n contingent cf
tiou cowboys from Montana and Idaho,
Krom time to time mention has been
made in these dispatches of offers nf
service from Americans, hut the "1100
cowboys" story is a new ono to officials of the Militia Department. The
Scottish-Irish Association of Council
Bluff, luwn, bus offered to raise a
corps of 100 men.
'ine final disposition of the British
Columbia force bis nol vet been decided; Three is practically no donM now
that they will go. The force will consist nf two troops of Mounted Hides nr
about 88 men and no guns.
Winiii: eg, Jo lieu hi ' ,!������ it-
way, in nn Intel ��� lew gi ren oul lo lai.
says hi  has i       Hi untoi'sbip,   n -
ii is in-' inti in mn t   remain   iu Mnni
I"1"1 '      a.i.l ri -. nt "tin sysii     . i
ui   my
iniiii no
, .,.    ,'  'I       Ull    -I-',
Cons!   '
ons. rvutives
Goverui ���
,)efs?"-frl_ni   '"   V''  ���'l""S ::""
""'"���'"R French   Kiver   tor
wiih  -annul,. |  ain from Enrl
';,;- ��*
that would ic p ii,    ,
Hon   fnr
.11.V    '.. ul I.
p iii Mm. ning the dis
irlage nl ��i slern grniii and
oilier in ight ti in. si nl oi ro He remarked it would ti i hi ii very difil-
ciili task to make 1- n neb Km i navi-
guide for i iigc stetiiu i i inly ; hree
locks \\ nl he n quired to ��� built ns in
other places the river is rery navigable
nud Oei p. The distniu e from I luluth
to Montreal v. ill, by ibis route, 11
over ii'"1 miles shorti i than by all laki
and St. Lawn n ��� route and abont iw
than by i' A K. steamer
v ia I ' ii ii Harbor. Mi
in r' i y to i question e-
to whether the 0 I' ii would erci i
large grniu i li vnb rs nt North Baj
vi ni uf this ��� ut. . p ise i eing ca ���
tali il that i; ��� ne st li .
company would en cl elot
tors, us ii would be necessary to ha <���
tlictit al North Bay no ;<��� lo be able lo
successfully .md quickly handle t a
muting and reloading ol the grain.
ottuwa. Jan 80 i hi Addn ss lu
ply to the Specrli from the Thn oe
| will he, it is understood, moved by
Isaac Gould, member fnr VVesI Ontu .
and seconded by Victor Geoffriou, nf
Vercheres, the former speaking in
English nnd the latter in Erenob,
1'i'ivuie  legislation   for ihe
session   lolnls   Ml I ills,
niih s I,
nnd rail i, in,-
Khnnghni .-
rieu   .ut.
Hint   tlie
Department supplied the Government
bring a vote of censure on the Colonial eminent prepared for ull eventualities, i with sntiic.ient.  information.   If not,
Sermtary   whirl)     might    hnve  been and nil dangers, nud   be ready for   the j dismiss the Department.    If   the Gov-
brought,  Mr. Balfour declared, ut.  any inc.ins to surmount   them,    Thn   Gov-'eminent   possess the information their
time Since 1805.    In general defense Of eminent   does   not   seum to have been   responsibility   in heavy.      1   hope that
the Colonial Secretary and the Govern- aware of the soale of preparations of j when the time for  the  Investigation
incut's Policy, Mr. Balfour   said, thnt the   Smith   African   RopnbllO,"    Lord   arrives,   those   who   havo   served   the |
A   Trusted   Employe   Hobs His Firm
and is ('aught
Messrs. Ilvde & Titswortb were nn-
nlasantly surprised yesterday abont one
o'clock when the junior  partner found
the store open   and  aocut too missing
from tho safe. The bookkeeper hnd
been left in charge and be (telegafed it
to James MneGrego:", tbe teamster,
who sometimes waited on customers,
After searching (or bim nil over
town Mr. Hyde Informed the police
Late in the afternoon it, was learned
that MaoGregor hud been seen walking
on the traoft towards Robson, Constable
Forrester was notified by wire and
Mr. Hyde went down on the niitht
train. MaoGregor gut on at Bonning-
ton Palls nnd proceeded to treat everyone to cigars, At Robson Mr. Hyde
emerged from the baggage car and entered tbe oai with Constable Forrester,
Directly he saw him MacGregir  cried
out :
"Ho help me God I nm going bnok
by the next, train. "
He then broke intn tears nnd begged
for leniency, saying   ho   could refund
Toronto, Ont., Jnn 80.���Tbe annual
meeting of the Toronto Board of Trade
wus held today, President A. E.
Kcinii, who hns heen re-elected for the
current yenr, In the chair. Financially
tlie Board Is lu good shape, the overdraft of ,*;l,l)lir, a vein ago, being
changed intn a bank balance of 13,000.
President Kemp, in his review of tlie
year,commented on the abnormal pros.
perity prevailing throughout Canada.
lie referred to the grent smelting industry being established in Nova Sen-
tin uud tn tne development in the minimi regions of Western Ontario and
British Columbia, As nn indication
of the progress he mentioned that dorian the year, 8S1 miles of railway bad
been built in Manitoba, while 50,COO
new Bottlers had taken up abode in
Manitoba nnd tbe North West. He
sooke of the prosperity of Toronto as a
community, although complaining of
discrimination ngninst it in the matter of freight, as compared with Mont-
real. He touched on the greatness of!.,
the Empire and lhe tendenoy pf rhe
present war tn produce absolute unity
between the Mother Country and tli-
The Ontario Government has appointed e judicial commission to in-
quire into the conduct of returning
officers at the hy chit inn in West Elgin some months ago. The commission
consists of County Judges McGarish,
Ottawa, Baion, Stratford, nnd Motau,
'Ibe Outario Legislature is summoned to ineel   Weilnestlav,    Fcrlniary
i-l. The session will probably be
I)ee]i nilt'rest'is taken in Ilie Provin
rial by-electlons to be held Thursday
in Ens; Middlesex Tbere are two
other vacancies in the Legislature,
North Wiitci'lon.niul West Union where
Liberals unseated after gaining the
seats  ut   by-eiei'tious  have   appealed
triiiu the ruling of the courts. These
will probably rcnii.ii! vacant until after the session.
Uev. .1. Ii. Slico-, pastor nf the
Buns Congregational Church, hns
nade application to Dr. Borden, Minister of Militia, to be permitted to go
to Snnth Africa as chaplain of the
Stiatbcona Horse, Mr. Sileix is a
skilled horseman.
I   Ml
. livided us loi-
Twenty eight fur inoorporoi n
of railways, ii for iur rporatji i , .
miscellaneous onmprttiifls.M for ami ml
incuts to tailway bills, ii for am in
meins to other charters, four forexi i ���
siou of letters of patent, and aeve ror
The   applications   for   divoici     re
something  more numerous   tlnm
been Ibe rule ut   laic.    The  applicants
are G. A. Kobold, Rnl Portage!  '
arino O, Lyons.Trehtone, Man. : I
Miildletoii. T nti,; Gertrude   Pan. r
son. Pine  Creek,   N*. W. T. ;  \\      H
Fetberstonh-tigb,      Penetanguii
Alhortine Biabant, ami I.'. Jam
ne   i
-   I)c
tl In
le   ll.
Ottawa, Out., .I.ui. ilo.���,'
Charleston, 11 tbo Public Woi
partnieiii,lefl today with a parti
borers for British Columbia, wl
will enter upon tbe construction of ihn
telegraph line winch is to conn, t tlie
existing system in British Columbia
at (jnssnell with tbat fioni Stag
I laws..n  City
Montreal,   Jan.   80,���TheO.   -
trutlic  receipts   for   December   >
Gross earnings,   |_,fl?0 810;  w ��� i
lenses.    &I,r._*4,_SJ8|   in t   pnl
,981,    In Di comber, 1808,   il ���     m
lits were 11,30?, 111. and for 12 I
ending Hi i ��� in ber, ill.   1800, the I
were a- fi . ��� ws: Gross earn in;
380,088 i welkin;: expensi ~. fll.
net profits,   113,230,108,    Foi    thi    . !
months eutied in ci mber 81, 181  , I hi ru
wns a net i rofll ol #13,176,81 -    11,   lu
crease in the in' profits over ii ���
period   lasl j t nr   is  therel ire
cember -'";. s"o and  from Jan ary till
ellll'i 1
>1. ,'l
II, tin re was un Ini
Ottawa .Inn. 80. ��� Ex-Speaker Einlay
Young, ol the  Manitoba  legislature,
has been appointed to the   Senate, succeeding the lain Senntoi Sutherland
Ottawa, Jan. ilo.���Thi' B, C. contingent will loarsely be ready to leave by
the 17th of February from St. Jobn,
N. B,, and as another steamer will be
despatched wiih bay shortly alter
wards, if is likely that Ihey will l'o
with thin one instead. The ^Government bere is trying to make arrange
incuts in this diiccliun.
(Special Dis] at. b i    l hi  ",   m
Victoria, B,   I   .   Jan,   80.    In
Legislatun l    iy Pn mil r Si
u further unsatisfactory telogr.im from
Hon   I'   VI    Hi uilii. Mlnlstul    I   Militia, Intimating that no i  Ira i  .. e w,IH
aval Ini lo ou tbe  Strathi ida  trans] on
to aci iniiii'. date tbi   British  Ci Inn     .
oontingenl    Howevt r,   tbe    Mini ������ i
said he wa�� negotiating for .     learner
uud expecti 'i a  reply    Coloi  I   I .
advised   tin   < lovernmeni   ti      u.i    to
some in rang ut wl'li the  Dominion
Government to i o  allowed t    proceed
ni.'iiiii/ai Ion ol the  ooi i-  s,,
in y directly a trai  pnrt �� as
with Hi
lis In In
available.   Ine  i'i
oath ns  to  w rve
everything.    He bnd   uhout .fill nn linn
the only time the Government believed   Kimbcrlcv nlsn urged thnt the Govern-   Queen Will he covered with such glory  and was brought back   In   the   Nelson
tho war would  vuiiled.lut bad suh-   ment   night in hnve been awnre of   tho  that the eyes of tbo   Investigators Will   "i"'1',   "" l""1, "  " 'i'1*"'",'1 nnd hnrd-
f arms into the Transvaal  he da.-led,    I was  appalled at the na-  ^l2$Xt'& tloX,,'.or .n''
seqiiently   become   ronvinrrd   Ihat tbe  Importation ol
Boer Government uever from the  lirst  uud ought to havo informed the Trans-.tore  and   style   of   Lord   Salisbury's , tion
Winnipeg,   Jan,   80.���Pr let Mae
Donald was ri nlected without Opposition for South Winnipeg  today, along
wiih lion. I) i E. MiTadden, the new
Provincial Seen.tiny. The latter represents Emerson constituency, Hon,
.1 Davidson, Hie new Treasurer, has
slill to llml a seal, and'will probably
not seek election until some nl the
elect inn protests me beard from.
Tho re-count   of   bill bis cast in   the
enough to till tbe i onl ,ogi at. .Mr.
Cotton, replj iug to a motion mads I
MoPhllins, said lie did nol a i why the
Crown should n fuse to n fu In ilei
paid twice nn t b ii new fit e miners'
���'l'liliinli 1 li" i mv. runt' ,t hail in
formed the partii - who d I so iimi
payment was unneci isary I i oi rtatn
people pi rsisti I In ts b s ps   ng   their
tees as legal    advisers    silgg   -teil    M,,,v
might ,|i'"|i ii'ii/i thcit pro]    ly by not
doing -"
Mn ii   discussion   i.iok   j lace on tho
respi nslbl        ictici   ��� I   n
llobli' i''uii Magistral    i     ollecting
accniinis    Mi   Martin neon nl lb
-������itnm of un amendment t(  lhe   -
Debt's i "un Bill  prevent!) u this, and
Attune \  I lim r il    Hmideri   n     Iiiiiii i|
tbut he Miuibi put  down   \ roti|
ul this kind with a  high   bund   II
Wlis  brought   I"  bis  IH ! ll B,      'I he   I    .
of   Martin   ond   3ig| mi.   a   s
party, wen placed on   lm| ltanl
mill.��- mmmWkwmimmLmmmtmktwsmtmLWtm
__ ���
Nelson Daily Miner
I 'ublisntU UMly oxcopl Mon-tay.
���-Vlis-i n Printing __ Pubushino Co.
I.   J.   BJEATON. Killlor and Mauagur.
1900 1900
Office an I Pi cket.
ScifScr.iPTio.s Rates,
M aiuii-' K lition.
1' lily per moetb by canter I
per half year	
per ye*r ���
per y.ar by mail
per year
foreign    " ����
Nki.m.n Wkkkiy Minkk.
Weakly. perhaU year ,  .$ 1 25
p^r yoar    8 00
per year, foreign ���   250
Sub-cripaon; invariably in advance
>'_l_on Ml'* :r Printing* PubllahlngC-
IlI.El'HOSE     NO.     144.
Sp.-aking in tlu> United Sunt'- Pen-
ate on Monday liut, Mr. Hoar raid:
" 1 believe th�� attitude ,if tbe people
of the TJnlted stnt.-- towards those ol
Great Britain is one ilmoet of attachment au'i love " He added tliat if
Great Britain were WIOnfT in the present contest she was rtgarded by pairio- j 	
tto people prooiaely aa thev  wonld re-1 t
; Kar_ their own  G_.ernm._t   if tbey   W lllttaker S   AlmanaC
weii' wrong.    The feeling may  not   be
bh warm us Mr.  Hoar   say*, bat   there 	
is no doubt   it   is  general);   friendly
aniunp;   the   better  olaaa.    When    our
neighbors    were   at   war  with   Spain
tbey knew that   Hriuin   wns ready   to
.-trike ut the lir-t indication  ol   Knro-
p-an Intervention    We <!���' not  know
what may come onl of  11.i -  Transvaal
affair.   A Utile tiling may  provoke a
hoatile demonatrntion  in  Europe,   Is
Anirric-aii friendship ptepaied to uo tbe
length of Qieat Britain's,   -linnlil   the
ocoaaton arise?   Ii Enrope were as certain of   American  Interference  as   it
waa of that of Great Britain, tbe latter
Power will uot be molested in aettltns
aeoonnta with the Boera
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
Turner Beetqn& Co
___________-N ELSON ____-_���___
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
The Miner will pay S10 reward
lor information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of any person
who steals' a copy of this paper
Iron", the premises of our snbscrib-
Our correapondent   at  the  Capital
nays that a   Bill tn amend  the   "Coal
Mines Regulation Act" will either   be
withdrawn   or  radically    altered;  its
clauses nre so  drastic  that many   sop-
porteraol the Government have become j
alanneil and show   rigna  of  rt-bellin;,'. '
It is a little   hopeful to see  that aome
tiling can stngK'-r 'he   present Legisla-
iiir,      II is a-   reckless   a   one   a- ever
convened to   legislate for   a Province
It- fundamental weakness  is a lack   of
intelligence, and wanting wi' itself it
eaeilv  rum-   to demagogoi-m.    It   has |
conceived the notion  that to pander to I
, very popular clamor  is to achieve the I
bighe-t    aim   of    statesmanship.
An amendment specifically prohibit-1
iug Chinese and   Japanese from work-
in;;    in    the    coal     mines    of     the
Province    was    declared    uncoustitu-
licraal      The    Bill    in    question    ia
designed   to  attain    the   same    pur-
poee In another   way.    It   is pronoacd
that   no one   -ball   be employed   in   a
mine who oannot   read tb��-  prescribed
regnlattona   as    printed   in   Eoalish.
There is another   Bill, introduced hy a
'i.i un'." auk member.to provide tbat all!
peraona employed in a mine shall wear
their hair cut short.    The average   Intelligence of the Ministerial aided the
Honae is of a character   to  appreciate
legislation of this kind; however, it is
tii" education   test  that is  at  preaent
under   consideration.    It is  beginning
to dawn <,n the members tb.-t   possibly
there ar- miners to whom the Engliah
tongue is natural   who   are unable",to
read a lentenoe   printerl   iu   English.
These would   lie  ,-xcrnded, as   well as
the   Mongolians.     Thoie   aie    doubts
whether the Legislature has a right to '
deprive  any  class of onr  own   people \
ot their btead and butter.  Accordingly j
the Bill is to be taken   under  particu- 1
lar and very coieful consideration.
Any ,ause in the cateer towards
demagognlam 1- to be welcomed, but
the real value and r-igniflcunce of this
one we am unable t" estimate. That
will be better judged when considered
iu connection with what may follow.
The 1 oal mine? are not the only ones
that are threatened with serious evil
by the wretched -pirit that is abroad. \ Loo'< in
A year ago the Legislature blindly'
��� li 1 !-d an amendment affecting   met   ]
-iilifei u- minea that has already caus- ���
ml much injury and is threatening still
greater    We do   not pretend to   know '���
whether an eight-hoot day is too long
or too abort,  or  tbe  happy  medium'
etween the two; bnt tbe  mdd_n and'
arbitrary declaration  tbat eight  hours 1
���-hall constitute   the   day   has  created
nvlla  tbal   a wlae  Ivegisiature would
hasten   to   remove.    If   the    members
<hall prefer   tn   bi matter-   take their
. that i".  if   they choose   ratli.-r
10 submit to the Unions, they will un   ;
'liieatiiiiiably pave   the way fur greater .
,vils to come.    If the  miners watt 1-'
alone tbere would  be no trouble   Bnt
it is the walking   delegate, the   -cere
inry, and tbe  "Micials   generally  that
ihe future in this   Province will   have
to reckon with.    These are  the prnf��s-
mi-l���, tbe men whn live by agitation,
who snbalat on the   troubles  tbey   aie
nble to create.  Let them win a victory
all along tlie line in tbe present struggle, and it   woulrl   uot   he long before
Ibey   had   sumo   other    agitation   on
fool    A second victory wonld he easier
than tbe lirM.  fur   there   wonld he the
prestige of sneeesa to aid them ina
ihnit time the v.alking delegate wonld
e master of tbe situation in Blitiah
Colnmbia. I- that a prospect to contemplate with equanimity? The Couei
d'Alenea ia one of the rioheei mining
region- in the world, (fifteen years ng "
it was struck with the blight of this
naw-faabloned unionism, and it has
nev-r leoovered, It stamls today as n
warninK of the fate that ia in store for
tin- Provlnoe, k ont Legislature* do
not steady themselves ami remember
in time that evils are often mote easily
prevented than removed, 1
Thete is respectable sentiment
enough amoug the American people
and tevvspaper- to keep Boer sympathisers in check, without putting Cau-
adian newsnapers t,i the neoeasity "i
working themselves into a paaaii u
whenever a meeting is he,d. An ex
chjnge from across the tnrder say- of
these gentry: "The 'pro' meetings
now being held in this oountry are uncalled for and foolish and the influence
they exert is nhout on a par with the
outcome of the resolution! adopted by
the thr-e tailors ol Toole) Street.
These meetings are not representative;
they simply give a few blatant demagogues an opportunity to Bbow sensible people what asses tbey are.''
New and Important
Delivered to an any poi  t .
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stotk
on hand oi
"3SO0 Miles Across Can-da."
Price $1.80.
Fur personal reasons some of those
who know him will be inclined to congratulate Mr. Robert Watson on his
elevation to the Senate. But those
who care mors to -ee the Canadian
Seuat- represent the best wisdom, the
riprst learning, and the finest manners of the country will admit, if
pressed, that Mr. WatSOU was by no
mean- tbe happiest choice that might
have be.-n made. The one Liberal in
Manitoba who siands out prominently
as must worthy of the honor is Mi.
.lames Ki-hei. But unfortunately he
possesses a political conaoienoe, and
thus bar- his own advancement.
tfffaAsfrt l*jj0*AtA4t4/ 4oAuL0>
Mill at PILOT HAY.
Tards, NKLSON and LAKDll
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
j Insure your life
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
We have just received
a carload ol choice
Insure you- house, house furniture
and pianos   with   J.    E.    Amiable,
wh, r- you can  depend on  getting  the  best I ������   1  -
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10c. up,   Prices cannot be disputed,                      mill*. ���>* onf.ii.      *"��� ������� " na...        -& 1
1   ! Fire Insurance companies.
i'iiiim: aa.
Frank A. Tamblvn,  Mgr.,
Baker Street, Nelson
Windermere Mines.   Corresp   deECoSor-ltec
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone 13.
Thi Conncli ha- antborlaed tbe rental of premises to accommodate tie
Polio"- Coon, at a cost of $15 per
month. Fifteen dollars per roouih
wonld pay five par cnt. iiiterp��t nn
IS,600. Last year the then Council
submitted a by-law to raiae 15,000 to
provide additional civic aoCOmmoda-
tion that was mm li needed and that
wonld nerve for many years, not it
was voted down.   One of  the hitt-re-t
opponents of the hy-law was th- pre*- "1 Cfl-, T?p\-, f r, PpVl 1 7tll
������nt Mayor. Civic economy is proceed. ����� OHI X tJU. LU X CU. 1 / til
iuk on rather ainRnlar lines, 	
4' 4** & -^ ^ ^L ^L ^l 4l sk, &, s&L ^i, ^L sbi, sU, $L sk, ^L ik ik ^l $l ik ^_ ik ik ^i, _k _k ^l ik ik >k ik
��    >*���    i*.    ic   ,(t   iii    ��c   f-*\>\    ik    i��r   (<r   if   if   ��c   (_    ic   ��c   ,c   ,r   tc   fc   ic   ��ir s\    fl.    ��ii    ic   ic   ��c   #c   tc   ir ~Tr
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An ounce of prevention is
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Agents \m* Pursers���Rev-
elstoke and South, Fernie
and Wesl Sell 'rickets Feb.
i_th, i,,ih, 141I1, 15th and
1 Oth. limiting going portion
to date of "-ale, and return
portion good to leave Rossland  up  to   February   i*th.
Nelson. B.C.] Jan. -ytli,  11,00.
A Piano that improves undor
Ugage. More musical than
others and lasts longer,    .    .
MasoiL ft R'scti
A Piano lhal has not onl)
won a reputation, hut a Piano
that is constantly accenlu.it-
inj; that reputali.in, nothing
beiiiK left undone by it-.
makers tO advance the in-
inStrumeut musically and to
keep up the hi|,'h Itandard
Thomsou Stationery Co., Ltd.
Nelson Employment Agenc.
Tie llakera   <'iri  for Bonaeworh
CORK  imll.l.lM).
J. B. LOVE, Agt
0. A- PROSSER,  Manager.
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��� I ���  ���
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painters ami
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Ladies' and Gents' Clothing clean, l
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In. _f ti_Hi- ..*.._������. .ii.i,\
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; Alliui Una ' I' ri-l-n**
Huiiiiiiinii 1 in,, "Vinoouvbr"
hiii 10
Ki!'- I"
1 wiili,. smr i.ino "Toutrnilo" PeP-i
��   -      2 1    .-      .      IA111-I1111-I.ini- "Alrlllll'lu"
_��� _,  Anchor Una "Aiclioria"         hb I
P  8   v""1' ���aiiuiii l.ln)il -Viiiil,���" ... Feb.ll
: ���miiTli'iui l.lin, -\-i.  |'������|"         K���l,.7
���    llivl si���,   l.ln,, "Wi-iiTiiliinil"    Kill."
l'ilhui',1 Uno "l.u.iiiiiii"..,, ...  Ki "i I"
Allan SI,,,.,   I ,,,,.--.,.. ...   v.i.. .   1.,.'   \t..r, I, I
itfer-r-i NELSON,
B. C.
Bargain sale
-���������mill   l.llli'      iinili rt'"   i��
Allan Hint.' UtlO"flUUOf Nrl-mnkn" .MhpIi I
I ��� trriini M" I����
S\  ��� 1~V aa I I'lMiilninn l.lin, ��� N'.w Knidniiil"" Fob II
ill    I A I      III' 0\. K nun St. .lohn.N. II,
1      1        bfA  ill I*       ll.'iiv.'.l.i,,.,   "lal.,  Ilal    j,���.-l
I'n-.il,;, I iirralitjiil Ui mill frou, nil  Kurnpr��ll
iniiiii-. Kor runs., tlo-ata nml full Inftrnimiun
fOplrtoC I'. It, ili'iml iiiciil or ll K. lk����lor,
C'ltlr l"i��_-i ,ik,,| Aurnl. Nplnou. II I
Ua_or_IAaaut,Cl>. H. OHlow  WUnlraS NELSON DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY,  JANUARY 31,  1900
iless tin' Oouroil Take _������_-   Action
Nelsou May Soon Bo in Very
Serious Trouble.
L���8t Monday week, Aid. Arthur nnd
m.KiII.'H inii-cduced a resolu'ion bind
ll, city to prosecute the unpen! in
w Travel*"cu���   Mayor Hm",,,,n <f
I ���,���    motion,   saying   that  the
���_,,���,,,, Hie  new   bylaws brought
the old ones into forae, that  the  City
L|l D successfully ran on these for a
lousidornblo time and tbat if morellt-
���  ,���i���, was indulged   In no   one could
te,l W]m, ii woold cost the City.
ll,,. p]ntlR| de argument hnd   weight
I  en- e"      c-oif   :i"d
its vo e      0 M a,   r
,, ,,.cl'." S  ii-- III.   i'i" �����
^ I,jd   ho 1      MX    ' f
bis atgn.ii.u1 was that tbi quashing of
lh0 new consolidated by-laws re-enaot-
Pli the old ones ns a uecesanry eon-e-
������,,,���,,. Uiiforlnnniely this is not the
gate, und today the City does not pos-
m'a sintle by-law of anv description
extiept those thnt have been piiHsul sub
wtnasutlv to 'he consolidation of the
old by-laws ns revised by Mi ssrs. Tup-
per, Peters & Potta.
Tlie Into Oonncil canuot ho blamed
fm they iii'l'd on the advise of tboir
legal representatives, and both ex-Oity
Solicitor Oalliber nud Messrs. Tapper,
Peters & Potts were nud aro Btill of
apinton that Mr. .instice Martin's de-
oisinii in the ense refened to will be
inevitably reversed ou appeal. Until
bis election ns Mayor. Mr. John Houston through the medium of his paper,
strongly nrged the most stringent
measures against Ihe violator nf the
by-law, though now he is the first to
muesli Ihe dropping of the appeal, but
iniiiii must be forgiven to thn cauili-
ilnte for office who is lighting against
All this, however, is beside the
poiut. It is tint now the nuistion of
the erection or the destruction of Mr.
Ii.im- building, or even of the validity nf lie Fire Limit by-law that is
eiercising the minds nf intelligent cit
i/tiK They arc afraid, and with good
cms,' (hat nunc oi the by-laws sun-
|ii-nl   to   regulate the Otty  have   any
IrCill 1 M-eliee  nt   Illl.
Kor ib" proper understanding of tbe
P'-itioii it tiiitst be remembered, thai
until Mr Justice Martin's decision is
mis'niinil or r -versed,or at uny rate appealed against, it is law. No appeal
h;i- been entered, and the present
Council has signified its intention of
not appealing, so the mutter resolves
n>, it min the edict which Mr .Instice
Marlins decision has n,on Nelson's
Mtnnnnal legislation, and upon this
point a Miner tepreseiitatlve yesteraay
interviewed a number of thn leading
Ineiii lawyers. All those seen, except
one Arm I w host dictum will bo given
"iiai neb 1,  were   or this    minion,
"By-law No .."1, which repeals the oil
by-laws and enacts tlm consolidated
In laws, wns. by Mr. Justice Martin's
decision, rendered void us far as tbe
eimoon ni the consolidated by-laws}!*
ri'tieeii ni. 1 ut || perfectly good and
valid in so tar us it repealed tbe old
bt law*. "
li this 1- ��i, Nelson today lus practically an by-laws 1 if uny description at
The onn firm which ditl nut give this
opinion snid thnt the point submitted
wss, limn 1, i,.K���i ,, |m ���f . jPW, a
��eiy One one, which should he adjndi
Med iiimil ny the 1-11111N or at nny rate
deserved the most cat ef 111 uml  minute
Dunn one point the legal frntenrty
Mn- nil agreed, ami thnt wan that
��''���!" ni suiii,, kind slim Id be taken.
Boms thought thnt the appeal should
ne pmseoated because tlm ('itv could
nut lose, o hers thought that the Citv
Ji'i-bt and n.ivisi.i thnt. tlm old by-
ISWI le Immediately and expressly 10-
���nsct-d, Hm ill weio of opinion that
111 Ms present position thn City might
"'iv dav (In put it mildly) bo snbjeot-
Kre t    risk    of    connilerniili
new yiar wns inangiiruteil in right
royal slyla
The pyrotechnic branoll uf the cele-
hraiinn was as ieinnnstrative us ever,
and a grant deal of powder,imprisoned
111 bright   red lines, exploded   witli   a
regularity that oWBjnred up visions 0'
Tugela River, All night this part 0f
the programme continued. Todny will
end tho celebration, In China new
year's festivities continue for two
weelis, but in Nelson the Celestials
cutinnt afford to spend so much tune
away from their work.
ed   in
��� id injury hy the  anomalous
���'"ion ill tim niuniciiml  legislative
BtS     Mr   John Houston, since
'''- he e Mayor, seems to think
Oelsbrated .Mstwday in a Bight Royal
Celestial Style.
--stetday    was   the   Chinoso  Now
"' " Nelson's     Chinese       eolnny,
Whlob is e,i,���|,, s,���| (,f   lietwoen HM) uud
4"" Mongolians,   was  en   fete.    Their
'"'"'- weie decorated in truo Oriental
'' "   * ��tyls   nnd   lurid  red cnnls  on
iiivi'iii the general public to
J    ' OT   nod   enjny   tho   boniiliful
''���M'lilv   nf   the alinoiid-eveil  deui-
""* "i   Chinatown.   Bamtne,  llnige
'"  -ni'i. giemaw, nod various other
onl iinpr inienlili! viands
"I ni   great   piofosion,   and
"-'-   were   most nlientive   to   ull
'"'"   OallSM.     A    stmm   of   citizens
"'"i' Chinatownwardi ull dav, und
���_<���_ honse must have hail hundreds of
filers     In ihn evening, ���nd   late into
'" night, the oalhng continued, but
ih" late goers wen. Invariably ol the
l,'""i   na whn were interested spectu-
'���' ll'" vininus gambling gnrau
. '*' ""��� Chinaman wen, onrrying nn
" ""'"* "iirereut resorts. Ootid cheer
*����"verywhere   lu   evidence and the
The St. Enaeiic oouaentrator, nt
Movie, will be enlnrgod to a oapanity
of BBO or -100 tons per day, says The
Provincial Constable 8, A. Kelly returned yesterday frum Sandon where
be says tbat everything is   now   quiet
and orderly,
Tbe Mirror Lake Ice Coinpativ's rig
rnu away yesterday morning, lint was
stopt'oii In fore anything was damaged
lllll Ilie rig.
(Vr'.fl tips nf Improvements were
. .-iini icstci 1,1. iu Mr. K.N. McLean,
11 Rossland, on the Consolidated Ala
liiioi.i und Atlanta chums
Mr (i. Frank Beer has left for Fair-
view, B. 0.1 where he will attend a
meeting nf the Board of Directors ot
the Fan-view  Corporation   tomorrow
The adjourned meeting of the License Commissioners for tho Nelson
fiicensim; district will he held in the
Court II .use on Tuesday next at
11 a. 111.
The "Ooontowu siOO," a negro organisation which hns the reputation
nf giving u lirsl class entertainment,
will appear at the Opera House tbe
lirst three nights of next. week.
Joseph Rulllvnn and Thomas Gannon, charged with complicity in the
recent burglaries, were again brought
np before the magistrate yesterday,
nnd  were remanded for three days.
Mr C. S. DrummniKl, director ot
Ihe Nelson Electric Tramway Com-
pnnv, and also of the Granite Mines
Limited, arrived in Nelson yesterday
and Is  staying with  Captain Duncan.
The Nelson Carpenters' Un'nn meets
tonight tn transact considerable business All carpenters, whether members of the Onion  or not,   aro   invited
to be present nt  the lirst pint of the
Mr. \V. H.   Bwerdferaer has Hied a
confirmation Of the sole of nil his interest in the Rile, Trumpet, Willie.
Ballowphnn, Royal -"utlier and [nvin
cihle olaims on Eagle Creek to Mr.Solomon Johns,
Owing to an oversight tho name of
Mr. E. (Iri/.zelle wns nnntteil front
tbe account of tbe Licensed Victuallers' banquet on Monday evening. On
that occasion Mr. Grlaa-Ue Rang ex-
tieiitelv well and was deservedly encored.
Lieutenant Beer says he has bad at
least nil personal applications from
men wbo want tn go to the front, enrt
ns In en deluged with letters irom nil
parts of Ibe country, He hns as yet I
iceivitl UO instructions to accept recruits.
The Montreal Loan &��� Investment
Company has come into Nelson with
Mi. Sfniih'v Tytler ns local intent. A
strung local directorate is being formed, and as soon as the ncess >ry forms
anil papers arrive, Sir. Tytler will be
in a position to do business.
The local hockey players held u practice Inst licht, and it ls.on the cards
that the 1 ague match between Ibe
Ni'-'nn Hockey team  Bnd  the  Nelson
Lm rosse-Hnckey    leum   will take place
tomorrow evening Instead of Saturday. The uncertainty of lea lu Nelson
may  bave something to do with   this.
According tn the local paper the citizens of Moyle rejoiced exceedingly on
obtnlning depot and telegraph accommodation. The depot is a temporary
one. and of diminutive proportions'
lmt it eiilUccs for tin present, and tbe
citizens aro relying with conlidencc
on Mr. Wnyte's promise of a station of
regulation size before ninny months
The Great McKwen, who gnvo sn
much satisfaction in his renent ten
nights   engagement in   the    Nelson
Opera House, will appear In Bosun
Opera House, New Denver. Kebinniy
mb. nnd Itnl) The people Of tbe Shi-
0111 will have u rare opportunity on
those two   dates (n enjoy  a thoroughly
interesting and amusing entertainment
Capinin West nf the tug Halys, bus
11 kic- niniiog about ibe spasmodic
manner in which the electric lights nn
thn Citv wharf endeavur to lighten the
wav nf belated marineri  to  Nelson,
Captain West gcnenllv cumes along
between 7 nud S o'clock.nnd snys Hint,
except when tbe muon was shilling,
tlie lights hnve md been burning uny
night during the past three weeks.
Tin- wires are strung and Ibe bums
in place and thete seems tn bo no apparent reason why tbo lights should
not bo turned nn.
Provincial Constable Kellv has re-
oelved a report from Provincial Cnn-
s'nlilo Forrester, of Ymir stating that
the uinn who wns recently killed on
the Hull Mines Tnimwiiv has been
identified as John Waddcll. Waddell
bad worked at the Ymir mill for ubniit
six ilays.nnd he was Identified through
some 'blankets   he   hnd   pnrohltwd   nt
the slnte   ibere   nnd   snine   things   be
Imi stolen from thehnnkhnneeon leaving and which were found oil bis person The Investigation, whose successful conclusion is lice chronicled,
was instituted by Mr Kelly nnd carried out by Mr. Forrester.
Thomas Ward wns oharoed yesterday
with b'ning ni his possession a   silver
wntoh, watch guard, fonr raaors nnd s
compass which had heen  burglarised
rrnm Prossei's second   hnnd store   iBSl
Ssnirdiiv morning, He hint been twins to sell Ihe rnznis at the Luke
View Hotel and I'oliccmnn Kor. get-
ling a des'Tintion of him, arreslcd Ins
man near the Eire Hull. The tirlioles
were found on bim His storv wns
1 but a friend bad mads him  a   present
01 the watch mul guard,nnd given bim
th�� rators tn soil   -negesting they an
,1110 the pedlling hu-inoss. He hnd
un evidence lu snppml this yum. ""���
Mr. Cicase guvo him six months bind
Timely Information given Mrs
George Long, of Btcaitsville, Ohio!
prevented a ilre.ioful irauedy aid suv-
eil two lives. ,\ frisbtfnl comih had
long kept her awake every night. Mm |
had tried many re" edies and doctors
but sleud.v urew worse until urged to
try Dr, King's New Discovery. One
bottle wholly cured her, and she
writes this marvelous meidcine nlso
mired Mr Long of a severe attnok of |
1 nenraonia. Such cures are positive
proof nf too matchless merit of tins
gaud remedy fnr curing all throat,
"best and lung troubles. Only BO cents
and |1, Every bottle guaranteed.
Trial bottles free at. Canada Ding &
Hook Store. **~~
Persons wishing to purchase
h very fine Watch   nre cordially invited   to visit Pat-j
enaudb   Bros',    establish-1
ment.    Watches of all   the
best   Swiss and American [
manufactures are represent-!
ed. !
Expert Watch Repairing a Specialty
Are  you going lo the   Rink?    II   so  yon
will probably need a pair of Sknlitig Shoes.
And ean supply your needs on short notice
if you will come early. Bring vour Skate
.niii   have   them   put   on   free   ol    eliai ���,
__5S _-_S ~m -��-��-^-w <+9 -��-��-�� -��& -^-> S *���*. **&> **m **���>, -�� +m **& -*�� ���**> ���^m *-*�� --��*��� ���-�� *+m ��-��_>
Patenaude Bros.
Nelson Opera House
3    Nights Only    3
Monday, February 5
The Premier Colored Organization of America, in
15 LeiiColoM Artists
Pretty Girls.
-"-"��� ""5 -S9.
. i
We are going out of the Gents' Furnishing Business, and
will sell our entire Stock of Gents' Furnishings at cost.
9\ Men's Starched Shirts 75 Ties, regular price 50c 25
jB Collars, 2 for      -       -       -       25 [Ties, regular pi ice 25c, 2 foi    -    25^
a\ Cuffs      - 25 Heavy Wool Underwear, pr suit $1.25  ^:-
fj\  ; =
2J        Bargains in Dry Goods.       , Comforters, large size
The Black Bostonian
The Coontown 400
Jubilee Singers.
Tlie Event if tlie Sensm!
Admission   50c,  75c, and $1
Blelchurt and Hallldle ��yntcnw.
llulii uik nml Wllnox. clc.
A"'">l" J.CLCROFTS, m.i.m.0.
BB_^S?8?A2_?R NELSON, B. C.
Or to Pbboubson & 0bo*jts, Vancouver
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared lo issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C-, and Dawson City, Yukon
'ny 20 yds. Towelling for
��\ 20 yds. Flannellette for      -       1.00      ��"
(}\ 20 yds. GoodWideWhite Cotton for 1.00        Bedspreads     - 1.00
/f\ Art Muslins, per yard 10 to 20c: Ladies' Black and Navy gkirtg    4i00
m Good Heavy All-Wool Grey Flan- J
f}\ nel per yard -    20 Ladies" Jackets for $3, $5. $5.50. Ij.0.50
These Lines must be Reduced to Make Room for Spring
Goods that are arriving daily
| Perfect Satisfaction or
W  Houston Block Nelson, B. C.
S^ ___. d _C ___;_& l&C^^ *^ife fefe ^���'���*;. fefefe ^ife S-.tfe S'-'fe fe-fe m&
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
i Young Men, Become Yom
Own Assayers-
Branch Markets in Ro��sland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Or-or_ by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention,
Throe ������������>i>ili- ��iii loach fou -\--a>inK f"r
Oold, silver. i'o|i|u-r. 'Ihir, depnrtm.nl m In
��� liaivi'   "f   I'm'.   ^iiIit.   Iloncir  tirncln.ilu   i,f
McOIII Unlvonll},
l.Ki and iiairu lunv, choapor than ten now
BoArd and [nHittotiot) Id AmylPff. ill for
11 uiiii > -nli (inlliirx por month.
Wrllfl Id I li" i'n no. l'i. I.
New \Vi--iniin--iur.
All olanos <>f Iwiilng md] ba im-l in iltl-.
hcunty Coll Roof il- klml In Uio Ut-t.
The Highest Priced Wine in the Market
Sold retail at the same rates as the ordinary Standard wines.
Veuve Clicquot Champagne-.-^
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Pali*��_er,    Etc
Chimney Sweeping.
Office, Ward St. opp. Opera House
Knui miv Ak'- Nel'on
TheKelson ElectricTram way Co, Ltd,
Lar-,- number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the ollice of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ol
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Hi i nm, ii. C.
A nonrdlno antl _aj s, I oond 1 l��
Uio si;, i~ ,,i Hi ,i,,-,|,Ii al I'cnoii H h lltil
ai,,I ni 'liucornorol .Mill nnd Jo_pphliia ��tn_U
in mn'nf 11,,- i���  i  i,  Idotitlnl pnrlloniof Nol
SMIi.   llll'l   i ���   < ai   '.     a, , Qflnltllo    IhpHi    -ll   I'aH-
ofllioi in.
I (io ' "' I    ln,!\   III, lllilr-   tllO fllll'lllllll'll
lal ami higher hmnchon of ��� Ihormigh kngil-l
i-tliii aiiun.     Iln a ,���,i -     llookkoophig.
Hionogrnph) nndT>'po*rlllng.   HpIcihh ootin��o|
Mil-l,'.   Vocfll   ami    I ii .11'iiia mill.   I il.i \v ili_
.i,-.   Plain ,ii,i ah Nii lloworki t'-all ilnni,-.
Koi l< nn   and parlli nl n  np|d) 10 Ihi Sl-lor
Bennett's Improved
Safety Fu^e
As   Supplied    lit iiir.li   Ad, iii
White Countered
Ghitta Perclia.
Will Not Crack or Break,
Absolutely safe in all wtuthi i
PDie's Miners' Safety liir.li
Mlrim'zes    li-k    lro;n   lirii ��   l'i   ���
Ever)iliin^ i>' iecommend i .
\ your dealer lor ihem,
Manufactured In
William Bennett Son; k Co.
.. L. FOGUE...
i on
DornaM ami Sadillnry
'I ha li iiiinw hhop. l��i^'
.lock  ia-!     "in,1  imi.
ii.i  li, "'    ll       i "
!. i. ol i" '  maki  . -mi
dlOK,      I'I.mil'-.       IMI
l Ol IIV. ill
i ,1 Ak'nil  I'"  <"'
I, ���   ia .
Fraternity  Mali
in.- iin-ic *v Koolrnaj I la.
.  In i��nted I"' '' ueerl .   I_>i I
Ul.il'-.  Itril-lu'YComb      hm        BltDc|llfl    imIim-iv   Inii <i
I,a lainiii,ai'.    Qond aiili'-ini   ill
I'liniiis, Kitchen and dining room fin-
nlahed,   For t. pply
UU, ��. C, AUTUI'K  i
l'i ��� ,     a' i factor).
I    -11 J. T	
i  iii.   U��i       llllll     H.k'i
nrc��t". ���HIM
liurst     ,
the ii-meieiv   dnring  lhe
Within n Week.
New Ynrk. Jan, 80.���General Rnsrel
���tiger is  qnoted  as  saying  it   Is  on-
Aiiieriran and  onpatriotio la leek  to
-tii tip division anuing   the   Ain-riciiii
tt     ci_       n���   t" 'ii   d   rpu.a. I people ��s to Boer and anti-Boer, and at
He Say_ He .ull Be There irwo-Bugii^_���.i._..-English -The
English peop'e kept their hands oS nnd
their mouths closed in 1898. and I he-
Here this country ought |o  be   as   de
l ('.'III   linw   "
HE ADDRESSES HIS MEN ^  L���!i(,���n Jan ���" ra] ,,���,,. ���
ports that tbe c.Boalties to the n. n
commissioned offiosrs and men In tbe
Tbe Usual Lick of News from the Front | two sections, on  January 80 ond  _!,
were 11 killed. 488 wounded and sis
The Miner is on sale al tho lol-
lowing news store- nt bve cents per
Gilt* rt .-   . ��� '  v Nt
i tiouiKOQ &tai lonon* Co
- ,*���_ Boob Co.
Hotel Rami New- .-��� u :
!; iir v .-.- -���. .-.,;
h. Q*_mphe_]
C. K. Solson
J. Klii
l��,  A.   llnuMmw
Bloc in Now- Co.
S N ��� .��� ..
li. A   I. v  *
>i ImOIi
Si '.-im
Ni a Dem��r
--��*���*��� K-try
V-Lncou. ��� r
;^SB.KS,."sS! Wholesale Houses.
and   News    \g-ents
I rains nut ,if WUcin
on   boats   am'
Was in Evidence Yest-rday��� Three
GrneralK are Coim>reiii,_-
Li ii'lou.   Jan.   81.���The    Oapelo
i rrespoildent ot The Daily Mail, t.
London, Jan. 80.���The reported De].
I aniin Bay railroad decision is discredit'
lui in ixirdmi, where nothing concern
lug the decilioo is known    It is point-
,-_ nut ttat in any case it is noi likely
Buller re-t-rdny   (Monday)   road   |beIPorttiltrt will be obligMl to transfer ths
following me��____ from the  Queen toH*"* -* P����  ,'lU"*��t  Brliain aa
Sir Charles Warreu*_   force i    * I   must |there are plenty of people only t
espnM  mv admiration of   tbe   troop* | *��� t0 P��? tb�� l""onuI
Spokane   Kans   dt
Northern ft'v.
Nelson   &   Fori
Sheppard R v
Red Mountain R'v.
Tlie only al! rail route without
change of cars between Nelsmi �� d
lioaalau.1 nnd Spnkiuv ami Huns' imi
during the   past   tryiiin week,   especi
ally if  those  regiment.*  yon   specify,
nnd of the ai-complislinieiit of yom   ar-
dnoua march.'
"General Buller  told the men  that
Ought uot to   think  because   they
i i i, tired from their position that all
their   work   was of no .ivail     On   the
itrary     in   hi*   opinion,   tbey    had
i   the   key   of  the road to Ladysmith, in which he  hoped in be with-
'] a week.  '
of     he n.ii ni-
uity in return for such a cenc-s-.u.
London,   Jan.   80.���(?:S. p    iu. I���
There is almost  a complete absence of
a wa from ^British   sources in   South
Africa   np   to   this     hour. The   only
New York. .Inn. 80.���Montague
White, who was Oonsnl-General dI thi
South Afrioan Bspnblio in London
until the ontlueuii ot the wnr. ci niri-
but) s an article to the February mini-
l>ei of the North American Review
which may l>e regarded as a statement
from the Boer point of view of the in-
tluences ami [orora which brnnght
ahont bostiliee lietw.-en the South African Kefublics and Cireat Britain,
The circumstance! commonly held to
he responsible for the present situation
h.- merely glances at Among these
he points to the discontent of the British element in Johannesburg, the
clumsy diplomacy nf Mr. Chamberlain,
the activity of Mr. Rhodes, whom he
describee as  "a  disappointed   capital-
l.v. 8.15a.m. NELSON. Ai 5.2 |> n
Lv, 11 2_h.ii}, l;i'">l. tXl) \i SOU in
l.v    Sloa.m SPOKANE Ai.ti 1   p.ui
Train  tbat  leaves   Nelsoi. nl !' Jo -. ���
makes close connections at Mp'-kane f. ���
���ill Coast Points.
Passengers 'orKettleRivernud Bonn."
ar)" Creek,connect al Marcus _ith8tAg
li. A. JAOKSON, G. P. i. TA.
Spokane   Wash
Apent   Nel.op   R   C
Corporation of the City of Nelson
Separate sealed lenders will he receive! bj the '.ncr aud City Council
.���I Nelson np till noon on Monday,February 6tb,  1900.
il")   For
ore or
- in,  i ritish i' mn lun' the ooi i�� ia loi
soppl.t ing the curbing,
i i i  l'i i sii| ; lying the enrbing,
>is', un- it;, i -   and , ouditions of ten
riering and couttaol   may   be seen  on
implication   ���i   the cfttce  of tbi   i ii
, i g mer. Citi Hall, Josenl iue .-ueu
>,   ;-,   II,
Km h tender must he acompanied hy
an ii i"|i'��l lan* check or eel tin at-
,-f deposit made payable to tho Oor-
porstiov i i the City of Nelson,equal to
L.", per cent oi lhe iiiiii-nut of the ten-
ilei. ns a security for ihe fulfillment ��� I
the contract, which s'uiil he forfeited
n tin- party declines to eoter intn con-
tract when called upon in dn so, os if
he fails t" complete the work or to sup-
plv ti.e n aid lal ciinti,id.d for. Tin
checks of the nusoccessful lonrterers
will if returned t iiiun upon th" ex
., i timi , j the routiact,
iii" lowest ' r i.ny tender not neces-
saiilV   Hi      il'  '
.1   K. STRAI "AN   Ci     '
N'i :-, n. H  C . J nn ar.   .! th   '' no
fining $tqcks
Bought and Sold.
5000 Big- Horn Treasury.  A snap
iooo Noonday    000 Richelieu
Refeieniiiini Treasury Stock,    Sold
on installments 7>jjo , oue third down.
Bargain Sale * O'Reilly's
rno\i; h
J.: \in bd
trobi.,  :
Uo dtwi-
.  cJolt-AKe i
orti-r \'o
��� - . niuii
in   u   in<
.  HuRfc -5* OO
I     11 t.d   L'edui
Rl 111 i". ��� of  III I  w li
waters mid frui   -.*. rui
1 jnn SprliiifH iniin
���A   M. t'lllliimis, !_.���--  i.    Kvii;.  KHO��ll
\.t:-!i- j ul nuf| .links. P, ii. Box 88. Ti'ltp
phone V" Ut Ht��-iver Streel Sclwn BotUeiii
uf itie Kiiin.m- st, U-oii Hot Springs Min-i.il
HJ. _:VA,MS &  -O. -Bwwr -.rivi, Nol
���   son, * hu cs.ilc *1" iht- 111 li *un -, iiK"
cemonL Are n i.*U nnd lire fi iy, water plpoand
gtotd t-UU and k- noral co_u__i._n._ou moti !_�������� i-.
k..^mwAN _, KERMILLING CO. ]
���n*   ljmiiki     r'i-"hi Sireet,   M'l-'ii. ivtiolo j
.���11 -��� rapidly tnoroasing in
Becnuse it is  unikirni
any Tea in the inurkel ���
l'ul   ii|i   in    ' .���    and   1
iii   flavour   ami  the quality is  far above
It's  a  high   class Tea  at a  low  price.
li  packuges,    Once   used   always  used.
f The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd. 1
i      "AKt'll ST.
���m_M�� *�����������" �������������<
Successors to M. DbsBrisay & Co.
KEL-ON II. c.   2
*��-��"0<''**Ni����-is����"i>"<"#imi>Cii��i,��i-��i>a.>��^^._>ll- 7
reliable dispatoh of any  importance In list   politidan who  hui rained his oa-
* confirmation of tbe report tbal  (ien-  **'* "���" a statesman   by an act ot mad
era Kelly Keuuey. eoiuniander   of  tne
fell, and who   was   huruin_   to be revenged ou those whom he  had liitterlv
S-Mli Division, has occupied    the posi- J wronRisl."
���: tbnnt   midway   tietween  Qenersl]    There  were three immensely power
French at   RensbuB. Mid Genernl Gat    Iul-   "��'    una-ow.-l    forces,    niiniely
.   , -,       ...      ,        tre.ai ,.f   uolil. Inst of
-ore. at Stekstrom.   From   thi-   it  �� . Illlr��� f,,,^,,^.
led that a   jnncture   of tbe three'    Mr.White devotes very particular at
foroea   is   beios   made, preparatory to  lention   to   one   mdnence   which   ha-
:��� ginning of   pla'i of   advance ou   connuouly   been    overlrol.ed.   namely
the growth r.f persona]   rule as embed
Floi'infontein   The despatch from  Pre-
i     dated   siatnrdny.   .Isnoary   17,
:he Bwr version of the   Pietfi D
teoonoaiaaanoe   referred  to in ihe
-   itsb   of    January   K,   when   tbe
Kn.ti.h   losses   were   two   men   killed
and   ten    wounded.    Tbe    Associated
- ienrns   thnt   General Lyttleton's
-till in its  original position
al   Potjrietee'S    Dttft.   showing   tbut
i-     ���   Qeaenil   Bnller's (bra
north of the Tugela River
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
intkun'ath'xai. s.w  ___ ntAD. vo.
Sohedale of Thue.       Paciflo SNndaiil rime.
KASLO -v -i.n. AN' RY.
PMMOB-er trnin (or Sandon .imi wnyvtation^
learea   _Ca_do at .  a. m.. daily.    Heturniiic.
1 -4ivi-s Sandon at l.lj p.ui.. arriving at Ka_uo
a: 3.55 p.m.
OptTfttintr on Kootenv Lake and I.iver
Str. "International   Learefl B___s_of__r Setoon
ar fl a. ui, daily excepl   Sundny.    I.oT'in lug,
i'MVi-r. NfUon al  l��30p.nu, calling a*. Italfour.
���,���;,.    ""'j"'*     Pilot Bav. Ainsworth (md all ��upo_t_t__. t .n-
mpire,   aim   >\   RecU u[.n Sr  uAJbe��ta   io uh_ frvm- Hon-
I - rVrry, 1 lai.o. Um wi-h  S. P, __ N. to a_:d
front Spok_.ae at Wire Mile Point
Str AJberta" Learo- Ke_eon for BonDer^-
Ferry, TQendaya and Haj imlan al T a.m..
rr.eetii_K SUBamtf "'Inien.aiional" from Kaslo
at Pilot May.
House and  Lot in
tion of town. $3500,
stness por-
AMn -k-uNMbU _~  .. _.<
���   no    i-iiti  .'i.c.-t'iiNiu  ci 1
1*.. cr   ���   1
...... wii-ne-ale
_;io �� r> and jubbci- in bl -n -��u-( gluvos, init:s
-KKJi-?, ru_ii>cr>, maoKtnrtW-i ami luiuura' buu-
���^ l. _J i. ^ oO Hahor Alreol, Ncl*>.-i.
��� ��� .viiJiu-aic auHiorn iu irc-u and ouru
uie.Us   C-Mbtoratfu.
-i_.skcr ctrct-t Nelson.
*���_ It a-iJ OUttxl
1 llOlUrUlOdb'll
House   and   lot   f
business part of city.
sale,   close  to
Fii'.'e ���2,000.
Sepanite sealed tenders will lie re-
rviveil by tlie Maym and i ity Council
of Nelson op till noon on Miinriav,February Ittb, 1900, ior material for the
.ire eonntruction oi a wliart nt the foot Ol
Hall Mtieet. at Nelson. Brui-li t'ulom-
il 1    Km squared limlier and plaoks,
Neil Y-'ik. Jan.W.���Poi>- Lee 1- on    approximating 400,000 f.,: board meas
ill    ���   iti.tbis   Eocd    ffiis-  t"   t:iii_  nr*'
���   ��� ,.    ���,    D ,,  - (J)    ror piles. appro\tinnlin_;    ..."
, ���:������,; .-   K'tween   t.reat    Brituio   yltim] frt,t r ,v
and me  Transvaal   Rapoblio,   a_ya   ��� '  .:'.    For    bolts,    drift    bolta    nnd
Tbe World from Roiiu-. and lie waaben
tilled   me Que.'U of  Holland, , Sp-elflcaUoiM and couriitj.'r.s of  ten-
,    . . .                 ... ._- deriOR nun contrart   nmv   N>   seen  on
iu to use   bis mnneme in
ed in the High Oomrol-ilouer of Soot-  wSSSd-j- t"%n���"'' V"Tr " S''" '"
"*    ��� I'invt oranectlofifl made at Iionner- Ferrj
��� ���      ���        0      '���������     ���������' nith C-r--.'.- N.-r.litni RaOwai for ad point-**
eat. and wa*t.
Sir. "Intarnaiionai"learao Kai-to for I_anlo
and Anenta a: >4op..n. WednosdaTB and hri
���. iy-.   Sir, * Airvna" leave* Ka-lo for LArdo
.���,.' Argantaai 300pjt__Snj_c_axa<
Btaaneracall at i>rincii>al landing*- in both
directions, and at other pcin__> when -iigrtallc-l
TiektMs -old to all points in Canada tuid the
United Staiea.
Po MOertaUi ratal and full information, ad-
Corporation of the Citv of Nelson.
Great .Reduction!
$9.65 P^ Ton
$6.15 Per Ton
HAHD chat.
UMiibu   baker atf-tnt, Not*
ale deaiara in h-utlwaroand tntnlrg Bappiiua,
piun_bei_-*nnd i4__auiltt.*_i supplie*..
NELSON   HARDWARE   00.-W__ol��
*aifl .amis uuu oils.
VemOti ana Jo.-0(lune -.trt-eis, Ne'.-on
wtaolesalfl doaleta in liqnurt* t-igurs and df)
Kood>. Agent-for Pdbai Ure wing -'o. of Mi.-
wa  kca and .'algary Brewing Co, of tv.Jginy
HUDSON'S BAY CO.- * holrMUe k o-
cened ami liquor,--, u c., Baker at., Nomnii
���C>irner  Vernon
  ... Nelson, wholesale
dealers to provifiiou**, cured meats, butter and
.  Ban jusL-phine atreota
rniiivs ni;s;-
.  "Al.
 . ii  uorner Pcuhl
Hall stftt-'-s, 'Nelson  loanuiaotoran of ami
I wlioli'-siilo ikaler. in sash a d doors; all kinds
j ot factory worn made io order.
Ki'll"-I'.T IR.INU,
*" *ii.i_>'r.  Kaslo. B. C
TElVPHiiVF 13.
J,,si','iiiiK'ami uaker M.nis.   ,AKt>.
a, L'aruide and IVellaod Acoljien-
(.ia   Maihiiiet'o.
��� ���
| Ross, Lee & Taylor j
in.    The    Pope   declare*
that no   wai has caDsiti him   n mncb
::: -- or mini) a*   ihe  stm_:_le be-
i   Kn_land  and   ibe    B,*rs     Ha
"This war   is  inspireil   MitbM
bv ideal- af   ri.ilizatijn unr   by   jnst
national   ml rwla,    I can do  Diithinp
bat r**a.T tot the d.ail
lOD, Jan. HO ���A   dispatch
-,..'s     A refopi-e. wh" htt ar-   J-'ntract.-l for
rived   li-re from Johaiinesbor,:. r-ports
, f the   Boer shell   far
at that place od Jannary M
is irreparable.
���pplioatioa at tbe offln of the ("itv
Boeineer, '"itv Hull .l,_ephine Street
Kacb tend.-r must t-e acoonipanied hv
an teeapted bai.k oh-ck or certifieatie
of depnsit.ni.iile payable to the (', : -
ation rt the ("ny of Nebon. eqnal to
H pa oi-nt. of th_ amnnnt ot thi tender, a* a security for the dm- fulfillment of tin- i .intraot. which shall he
fiirfi'ited if the party dn-lines to enter
Into contract when nailed upon to _o
from to, or if be fails to sopoly the mateti,'.
Tne cbackf of the un-
n --'.:1 tenderers will Is- returnwi lo
theui opou the eiecntion of the oon-
Th-       '1 he lnw.-~t nr any tender nor
' sanlr a.-certed.
J   K  BTRACHAN, Tut Olerk.
Nelson, B   C . January ".Vrh. IW00,
N- '-���   V  r-. Jan     30���Ollicers.   w);u  ,^______
t General White in   India,
_ n ...Me to The World, da- Corporation of tlie City of Nelson.
elate that ihe com maud, r of the l_u,ly 	
-mitli   (.-.irriscn   will   make   a  stroi'K TENDERS   WANTED.
lad al any co*t. to cnt   his   way Sealed tenders   will   1*   reoeiv.d by
:' be 'o.pecta   that   an   order   to the Mayer aud Cilv  Council   ot   Nel
- abont to reach him.    Mil
-- are inclined to think tbat
at   I.adysmitb. on the Tu-
tela,   ii   Kimberley,   and   at   Modder'
River  will   be   lift t" work unt their
ition and hold a�� many I
while   the   Capetown I, in
������ oviinr   towards    ii��n-
ml two h'l poiitiwi.
son. np till noon ou Monday. February
l-tb. 1900. for the i.i.-trn. tion of a
wharf at the foot of Hall Btreet, at
Nelson. Brltuh Colombia, tha oon r-
ation Mipplying nil material.
Drawings, -pecifioations, and   oondi.
tions of tendering and OOltract may be
M i. on appliriitinn al the olbce rf   ���; ,-
i ity Kiu-meer,   City   Hall.    Jos-j
.treat, Nel��on.
Kiicn tender   must  he   arootnpanled
  by an accept,si i-auk e_Mok m cart i Oca te
m^~~~~ of depi_lt,   lllaile    [aval le     t"    tbi   '     -
~atun!ar   Jan. .'7 ��� A   ���!'-��� poratlon of the Cirv cf   Nel-m.
��� aabwe.   Cap.'  tWony, �������_�������___.-�� the   am. nt.t   ,���   ������ ���
1       _ ,    , ., tender, as a �����. uritr for the ,lc> full:!.
ni'iani Delarry rep-rt. tbat ,���.���. ���f ,he .sontru't.   wbiob   aba
i; larr'"   body   of   British    adranoed forfeited if tha party declines  t, .:���.,
-i.uio.irv    .''.   ami   attaokeil n"o contract   when  c_Iie<i nis'ii to  do
tit* th.' British i ��� r. tiieaf   -"  ,r ,f "V*/-"1-.!."'���'��� ���*"*��
_.      ,,       , ��� oiraoted for.    Tbe eberk* of thi    ���
_�� _mn _���      I-   )  -r .,    ,,..,.. .,���,,,..,,.. wI,| ... ���...,.
,^,-re     two     m.il   lllgbtly   ihem o]Kin   the   execution   cilia
I  nafld      lirobler     rep.irts   ira, t
__hlin_   s���uv   daybreak.     the      Th" ln'*"�� ��r ��".v ����"'�� '" ;    '
Victoria Street, Nelson,
Opposite the Postoffice);
A. R- BARROW, A.M.i.c.B.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Comer Yie.ori.i and Knoteiuiy SU.
K O. box 559. Telephone No. 80
Gooklna Stoves & Ranges
Which  we are offering* at
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
F. I". I.KI.KX I", s. < LIHKMs
-ivil   Engineers   and  Provincial
. O. Ilex Ho
Nelson. B C.
Adv_itl0_tnentainsortei under tblsbeadai
,   he nit   of one cenl n word per hi-erlion.   Nu
J   idverti-euii'iit taken for less linn SSeanta,
WANTED.���By  lady thoTongblv mm-
Detent, p Bition ns Dime to invalid,
nt honnekeepei.    Viotoria Epuiloymenl
J j riniean, \\ iuiiipeg.
��� ������-���������.������
Correspondence Solicited.
WANTED,���An nft.if.H_t teachei (lad)
prelerrert) for tie Oraobionh Fnhl c
-ihnol Dunes to coiiiiniin e 1st nl
Murch next. .Senn BnplloatioDS still-
iiig qiiulitientions to ilie nniieisipni'il.
\le.-s Moffat, tt'cretiir' School Board
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
capital rn ni 111 $l,Mj..W.e�� ; 11..1 *i.:oo.o-ii.mi
"nurd ���r lilri'i'inr. i   Thoraftft K. ICi'imey. Prcslileiit;   Tlavims Ititrhie. VIee-"re��i'leiii.
Micliiiel liKjer, WUey ,-iniili. II. (i H.uii.l, Hon. II. II. Fuller, M.L.C.. Hon.DavidUaoKeen.
Iiiiiii mil
Oeneral Mftaagor, I'Msnn I.. I'm-
Sup iiiiii'iiilein of Iiiun, lie.. \V
Inspector, W. v. Hi,,,-,. II., if.i\
SSi'i'i'iliily. 11. ,M. slIi'Wiii'l. Mi'llt I i-al
', Ha 11 la \,
, Montreal,
B. Torrance, Ihillf-..
Ai'.li-inii-h, |li'iilK"ival-r. Guy-lioro. Ixindonilcrry. l.unenlniri:.
* >l'ilienneAilli-. Tiuro,  W.jinonlii.
"11 1. .Mnnrmn.  Sen
���ry. .-yiln
TU LET���Nicely furnished   tnnnn   n'
eiiii'M t.-riet,tive floors east of Method lot Church.
LUST-Retweei: Rcynl Hotel and Pest-
office.rishi bund black seal (.untitle!,
Kinder please return to H P, MoLeau'l
Urn- Store.
iVANTED ��� Bovi  ami   _^irl_ to  stiii-
lobncco     Fifty cents   a day. and   as
much  111,lie lis thev   cull   elllll.      K
nay Cl-iir Oompany,
-h in gieat f>r,H'   -ndeaTrring   tu
r _r iK">��:ti,'iis    i,. ii- ra]
-.-ho- -nan   hastened to   the   aaaiatasea
��� :ieral   (Irobler.    (ieneral   B
Mn: in 1! this eveuiiiK and :>)iorts
';.,    Pritiftt   were  repiil-xi   and
,      ���   B - n maintained   their   posi
Ti���������   Host   |o��' was   f, nr   men
���1 1 ne man   s,,ver.-ly w.-nnd
���   1'rti'h liws is nut knowi
" issve peeo hearv     The 1 -ml 1: I
- ���      .. .      '! ���        other      Bm
��� :���    rtad q�� ��� I
���arilr ai-repted.
.1   K   STBAOHAN, Olti I
N    -  11. B.C Jannnry __tb, IS00
TO    LET. ��� l-'nrnisheil    renin
K. C   II .   .Miner Oflloe
- s LODOft  No. a A. r k  1
- -wii.| We.!
nionlh.   Vi*itln_ bretbern.
Knn  -r-v,    Kriilay.   .Ur    M.���Tbe
ni1,ar_nieiit. win, li   lasted
��� t- nlay.  wa��   r>-umed    thi-
BR     'lhe   B"��r-   -��� n-
into all   parts   ol   Kiroberler     Tbele
ral casoaltieft.    A   ��hei!   ei
1 OURT KOOTENAY,   1   U   y . N -
hot   .Mre-inir-   Jml  ��oil   lib   Thnr_l_i     ���
hall. J A InrtacC. H    W. 11 Hha��. R  -
I.  O.  O.   F.     Kootenaj  l_ttl<
Na K ni. ��� \'  ���
.1   theii   MaII.   Ko.. eii.i,   ���
Sojourning tsld Fellow oor' .
'��� Rhaw. N.U    John s. 1 .j."-"  1
NKI.suN" LO I- No
IKinai.l   1      ��� nitir-.|��j  r\
,   kxk.   Vi-itii ^
Jaka To>r. \v. m : y j. iir..'.: 1  1. -
NKLSON AKRIK  S     .-.'   F   O.  E
���a to.��   hear-e.   which   w.s  '        "   j | -^"Zn^'^i'..'
���    ��� ��� ��� ���.-���-.-..
,'���  - Hi     .. .   1
I *      -     G Mr
1-  , -.  I,  ..   -
.*'���-..' f      1.
H      - I ! ; ��� _��� --,
-    ' ' || Jj
~ " 1100
"���'*���-'' ��.;_��
Oulin_t f - .-..������
I.UM  -unr hlnok   Pial.et   Ull   from
a tadiM  fnr Imn.    Piniler plenno  re-
torn to D  a. McVtorland, nty.
^^AT* DlacJl s,,il,^'ii "unr.  I.n in
tae Itvmont Hotel. A reward oi 110
wni be paid to Qoyona brliioluH unma
to thi* Olarke Houk,
\nvn sroiiii   Mi'ifix Rrnnoh.
Mali In dlHanis Co.), IMctou,  Purl itnwk��*-b ... ,
*.��".��  Itrtiu-... irk   H-tliiir-t,   Dorch ito.",   Kri'itt-rtiMcn.  Ktng-ti-fm iKe  .   -
1 wtle. Siu'k vilir, \V n 1> oo .-   I* K< l** I.unl -ChwIO'iolown, >uiiitiif_>lfle
1 ity ouiiTi. \tniiin\ii. ����� r-i Kml 1C01 N'otre Uft'iio nn*i Hnign on_*ur-etM; Wostmmiii  iCor.
Oroonti Avi-mif ani Hi   t'HtbarinM stroot   <��innri"   Ottnwi.   %r��r��uHfiin��iii~si. John'-.
�� ulm. .*. .'-.I IimIIi-h   lliiv.uia. I lninl "���inii-H   New Ytirk iltl tCxobftDgV Kbusoj Kcpub.ii-, \\ uh.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo. Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver. Vancouver East End, Victoria.
-t urn -.pun-ill ni-1
rii_i_i_ln-M-"r1iiin:K "nt k �� f .'m-mlii    IIuhIhh    N  tl'Ui 1 ^hi
\u i ii 1 i-tiu.k    mm i> iiri-fi   Kitm  Malta -<i l-ta  k.   i.<
I'n-..., Iriuu'i-   ' rcli   I...i tiii.il-.   Ili'i'iiiuiiii- It n*. nf M 11
Runu unit _)hnil  Imi * 'Hi -nm Coi*|i irntlnn,
aeneial Banking Buslneaa Trannactedt Sterling (tills of Bxch-*njr-f  Bought
and Sold, L.'iters of  Credit, Etc, Ne^otJated.
Acconnit reoelvei] on thn mosi favorahle tt*mi_k    [nt^reai *JIow��J op niH^cini
tlcjMisits Mini on Saving Bank aoconuta*
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
nail Rank, Chlr-_o-Aninlei
li . F..|_. Hank t -cotliinil.
la     < I,, ,a  .,,,,I  J.,,,,,,     II, : ���
P. O. Box K. and \V.
Telephone io
Kor tin
next  TWO  WEEKS  (only)  KIRKPATRICK  ft   WILSON
offer the Public the Gremesl  Reduction in
Ever before advertised,
ill w
iii convince \ ou.
linker Street
I-H. BARBER, Dentist has
nn oltl,'.. with  Itr   Morrlnou
mul hilttge work a ipeololty,
*" ���
r ������
AacR   S'.
Onr Freeh Roasted OotTeo Beat of
Qua Ity. as follows :
Java nml-\rnliinn-Min-liu. piir I'ltini.l $   ll,
.'am mul Mocha Hlond,! ponnds i nn
I I-,- s.iiitn.  I pounds I in
BMtos Hlond, ,"i pound.      I nn
Oor   spcolalRlond, 0 pounds, I ki
Onr Itlu Kna-I. ii pounds  ��� ihi
i min on out *in ii iri:i>.
s M.i-iiiiiiMs ,
No. 185
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisli and Poultry in Season
E.   C.
C.'    Orders bj ,���.���i ,,,,,.,
TRAVES.   Manager,
a vker Street, Nelson.
���Il111 prompi Retention.
:�� ���*
���-���% �����  ia_*- "


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