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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 12, 1900

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 Provincial Librarv ��31nn
Daily Edition No. 828
Nelson,   British Columbia, Wednesday Evening,   September 12,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Lord and Lady Minto Arrive
Here On-Schedule
F.xerciscs at  School Mouse
Attended by a Large
In ihe row hours thai Lord ami Lady
Minto are spending In Nelson much is
bulngdono to show Nelson's appreciation of thc honor conferred upon thc
citizens by thc visitor 'Iheir Excellencies. At about half past two o'clock
a special train I" which was attached
their private car pulled into Ihe Canadian I'acitic station, Awaiting them
ui the depot weie the reception com-
miilce. the  Rocky Mountain Rnngers
ii iinnaml of Lieutenants Heer  and
Hay .nni the Kill 'p hand.    Ah noon
as Lord Minto alighted from the trnin
he  receiveil    a   salute    from    Ihe   Itlflc
 I> .-imt ivns greeted by the reception
committee, ivhn welcomed him to
Ihe citv. The line of procession was
then formed anil porceeileil to the G0U-
tral Seh,ml gi'ounds, Their Excellcn-
eies being escorted by the Rifle conipany. headed by thc band,
Ai the  school grounds  a  platform
had heen erected anil    ileeorlltcil    with
Hags and  bunting and   it   was  there
thai Ihe ollicial weleiinie  In  Lord    ami
Lady Minto took place, addresses being presented, one from the Mayor
ami rily Council anil one from the
Board of Trade.
Tbe address from the City Council
was read by City Clc.-W Strachan on
behalf, of the City and was as follows:
"Tn Their Excellencies, the Right
Honorable Sir Gilbert John Elliott.
Karl of Minto. ami Viscount Mel-
guild. County of Forfar, In the
Peerage of tho United Kingdom,
llaron Minto. County of Roxburgh,
in the Peerage nf (ireat Britain.Bur-
unci of Nova Scotia, Knight Orand
Cross of the most dlBtlngushod order
of St. Michael ami St. GeorgO, etc..
etc., (iovernor-ticneral of Camilla.
and the Right Honorable,thc Countess of Minto:
"May it please Your Excellencies.���
We, Her Majesty's loyal and dutiful
subjects, the Mayor and Counoil of
the City of Nelson, in thc Province of
liritish Columbia, beg to extend to
Vnur Excellencies, n most hearty wol-
einne to our young city.
"Your Excellencies' acceptance of
our invitation whieli reached you at
so late a date, and after arrangements
for your return journey had lieen
"n'de. is fully appreciated by us. and
11 tlfloatlon that Your Excellencies had complied with our desire that
J'OU should come amongst us, and see
tho young commercial capital of the
Kootenay country, have   heen received
with greatest pleasure and satisfaction
by the citizens at large.
"We trust thut Your Excellencies'
tour through the Western part of Her
Majesty's Ureat Dominion of Canada
has been both enjoyable and Interesting and that you will return favorably impressed with all you have seen,
especially with the development which
is taking plnco iu the Kootenay Die-
trlct of Hritish Columbia,  and with
the substantial progress and prosper*
Ity of the City of Nulson.
"We would ask Your Excellencies
to accept the sincere expression of
"ur respect and esteem,
"Signed on behalf of the city Counoil of N'elson. this p.'th day of September,  Until.
"JOIIN Hol'SToN.   Mayor.
"���'��� K; STRACHAN, city Clerk."
Mr. Orange V. Holt, on behalf of
tl��' Hoard ���f Trade, then read thc following address:
"T" Their Excellencies, the Right
Honorable sir ollberl Jphn Elliott.
Earl   or   Minto,    and Viscount  Mel-
gund, County of Forfar, In the P ���-
age of the United   Kingdom, Baron
Minto, County of   Roxburgh, in the
Peerage  of  tlreal  Britain, Baronet
of Nova Scotia.  Knight tlrand Cross
of the most  distinguished   order   of
St.    Michael and   St.    (Ieorge,   etc.,
etc.,   Governor-General   of   Canada,
ete. etc. :
May il please Your Excellency,���
The President and Council of iho
Board of Trade of the City of Nelson,
desire on behalf of the commercial
and mining interests of our city, to
express appreciation of the honor conferred by this visit of Your Excellency and Lady Minto to our city.
"During thc past eight months the
commercial and mining interests of
this Hcctiou have heen somewhat
affected by the unsettled condition of
Ihe labor question, which we hope
uml trust is now in the course of settlement on 11 permanent and harmonious liasis. In spile of these difficulties with which the district has hud
to contend, our city luiH materially
increased in population and wealth,
as evidenced by the large amount of
building and railroad operations undertaken, and the manner iu whioh
its wholesale trade (of which we practically hold a monopoly, for this district, owing to our central position)
has been extended.
���(Hir citizens are proud of the fact,
that, when the trouble between the
imperial Government and the Transvaal Ucpulilics reached a crisis, and
our beloved Canada was permitted to
supply a contingent of soldiers to
light for the honor of our Empire, a
greater numbor of volunteers iu proportion to population were furnished
l,y Ihe City of Nelson than any other
city iu the Dominion,
"We would express the hope that
Yonr Excellencies have derived great
pleasure and enjoyment from your
trip through the Kootenays, and that
at any early date we may again have
the honor of entertaining the representative of our most gracious Sovereign.
'���Signed on behalf of lho Nelson
Hoard of Trade.
"ORANGE Y. HOLT, President.
"F. W. SWANNELL. Secretary."
To both addresses Lord Minto made
appropriate replies and. thanking the
City and Board of Trade for the welcome extended to him and Lady Minto. he briefly expressed the pleasure
derived from his visit In British Columbia.
The school children then contributed their part of the welcome to the
Governor-General by slnglng'patriotlo
Tlie Tramway Company had a decorated ear waiting on Stanley Street and
after the welcome ceremonies the Gov-
ernor-Qeneral's party boarded the oar
and were taken for a trip over the
tramway system so that they might
get a good idea of thc growth and Importance of the city.
Thc balance of the programme arranged is lhat after the trip bus been
made over the tram line the party will
board the steamer Moyie. and spend
an hour upon the Lake, after which
tbey will he driven lo their private
ear which will be at tlle foot of Stanley Street.
At half past eight o'clock tonight
Lord and Lady Minto will hold a public reception at the Phair Hotel to
which the citizens arc invited. The
dining room of the hotel; has been
beautifully decorated for the-tension
and there will be a musical programme rendered during the hours of
the reception,
At the conclusion of the reception
Their Excellencies will be escorted to
their private cur which will be upon
the barge which will carry the visitors up the Lake on their   way home.
Toronto. Sept. P.'.��� Ex-Aldcruian
Venal, a prominent sheep and cattle
dealer of this city,is dead.
Toronto, Ont., Vi. ��� Henry A. King,
for a number of years a prominent
stock broker hero and formerly mayor of St. Catherines, died last night of
Brlght's disease, aged .",:i years.
Halifax, N. S., Sept. IS.���A vessel
arrived at Wood's Harbor, Yarmouth,
from Grand Manan and reports thc
total destruction of the Seal Cove,
(Irani!     Manan.     by    lire.    Only   one
church remains,
Ottawa, Sept. P.'.��� The annual' report of Superintendent, of Insurance
Fitzgerald, just issued, shows Ihe to
tnl loss in the Ottawa-Hull lire by the
Canadian, British. American companies to have been 88,602,008.
Expresses Satisfaction With
Chaffee's Dispatch to
Neither Will it Send Further
Troops Unless Found
Berlin, Sepl. IS,���At the German
Foreign oiliec General Chaffee's despatch to Washington declaring tlie
necessity of troops remaining in Pekin, have lu luted with satisfaction. Speaking with reference to the
statements that attribute to Germany's ambitious schemes on the
Yang Tse Kiang. a foreign ollice ollicial said: "Such Statements are absurd as Germany has only landed Mill
men. whereas Great Britain and
France bus each landed thousands.
Germany's action there is wholly precautionary for the protection of the
lives and property of Germans,"
Field Marshall Count Von Waldei-
sce after his arrival at Shanghai will
not remain there, ns some of the German papers have stated, but will proceed Immediately' to the Province of
Chi Li. As an additional reason why
Germany cannot withdraw from Pekin, it is pointed out that .'I,(inn unlive Christians have been rescued from
Ihe Pei Tang Cathedral, and if now
abandoned they would Inevitably be
massacred. The correspondent of the
Associated Press learned that Germany
will not send additional troops to
China unless the position Bhould
change materially. Heavy losses
would be replaced from home. The
present measures apparently justifying the belief that further increases in
China as intended are otlicially explained to be purely cautionary. Private despatches received here say that
the international forces attacked the
Chinese fortifications at Pei Tang
north of Taku and that the losses
were considerable.
(Copyright 1000, The Associate Press.)
Tien Tsin, Sept. s, Via Shanghai.
Sept. 11.���A body of four thousand
allied troops Including :.'(lll men of
tlle Fifteenth Infantry, under com
manil of .Major Robertson marched today against the cities of Sheng llai
Blen and Tiete, where the presence of
Boxers threatens the Tien Tsin region. The advance was made in two
columns fur the purpose of Hanking
the towns. Gen. Dorward personally
commanded the expedition. The Japanese siege guns were, taken with thc
expedition which included a large
force of cavalry. One regiment of
German cavalry and one liritish battery have arrived.
London. Sept. il.���Mr. Jos. Chamberlain, Seoretary of Slate for the Colonies, in the form of a letter to the
Durham Conservative Association, issues au election manifesto. Referring
to the settlement in South Africa, lie
said: "I Should seriously fear thai
if by any cause tllc Liberals were now
returned to ollice they would be ready
to throw away in connection will:
the settlement of the position which
bus been so hardly gained by the sacrifice of war. I hope every elector
who feels thnt the arrogant and nrlii
trary tyranny of the Boer oligarchy
culminating iu nn invasion of Her
Majesty's territories requires to be
dealt with by a strong hand will
support the Unionist Candidates al
the polls.''
Halifax, Sept. ID.���Yarmouth Liberals have nominated Thomas Fllnk,
sitting member, as the candidate  al
tlie general elections.
Ottawa, out.. Sept.   13.���Tlie  Ooi
eminent has increased the wages nl'
leoinpositors in the printing bureau
jfroin 113 t" 1,18.60 per week.
Yellow Jacket Group Taken
Over by Louis
Stamp  Mill  and   Tramway
to  Be  Built  at
A deal has just been completed
Whereby Louis Will, a very wealthy
capitalist of Syracuse. N.Y., has purchased the Yellow Jacket group of
mines in the Nelsou district. The
purchase price for tlic group of four
claims was 805,000.
Aside from the expense of purchasing the group thc new owner hns
plans on foot for its Improvement at
the expense of between |30,000 and
$..<).(l(lii, in thc way of a new mill, a
tramway two and a half miles long
and an electric plant by which to
operate the mines.
T. .lames, a well known mining expert from Colorado, acted as agent for
Mr. Will and has already been up-
pointed manager of tho new properties and wil! begin in a couple of days
to push the work. The lirst payment
of 110,000 for the properties was
made last Tuesday by Mr. James.
The four claims which comprise the
Yellow Jttcket group arc the Yellow-
Jacket. Maud S., Standard and Touch
Me Not. The properties arc located
iu what is known as the Nelson district, formerly Trail Creek district,
at the head of Champion Creelc. It is
practically a new district with the ore
showing a very striking resemblance
to that of thc great Ymir mines.
The Etner brothers and the Croniie
liiolhers, namely, C, 11. Etner, John
Etner, John Cromie and David Croniie. all of Spokane, were the former
owners of thc properties, having also
been the original locators. All four
of the men live in Spokane and arc
well known. Thc bond of 105,000 was
taken by T. James and the properties
afterwards turned over to Louis Will
of Syracuse, N. Y. Mr. Will has already taken 'complete control of the
properties, and, as stated, has made
Mr. James manager.
Mr. .James has already ordered a
bistaiup mill for the properly at a
cost of about $(',,(111(1 complete, This
machinery ia now on the way and
will be set up and worked before the
snow flies. It is the Intention to add
30 more stamps in the near future and
work the minus to their fullest capacity
A tramway of two and a half miles
in length from thc top of the mountain to the Columbia River is also to
be built, for which preparations nre
now being made. This, il is claimed, will give excellent facilities for
the handling of the ore.
lu speaking of the purchase just
made Mr. James said :
"We have made the purchase and
will lose no time in starting operations. The examination which I have
been making of thi' properties since
last May has proved satisfactory In
every particular, and I claim wc will
have a dividend payer from the first
drop of the stamps. The ore is free
mill.ng with three per cent, concentrates. We intend to confine most of
our operations this winter to the
Maud S. and the Yellow Jacket, hut
do uot intend to neglect the others by
any means."
It is claimed by the new owners
that they already have 8,000 tons of
free milling ore blocked out assaying
|20 a ton. During tlie four years this
property has been known,having been
located in I860, it has never been Incorporated, the original owners doing
all the work, which consists mostly of
shalfts and drifts with some tunnel
work. The majority of the work has
been done on thu Maud H., wilh Ihe
Yellow Jacket close second, (in tbe
latter claim iwo veins are iu plain
sight, measuring Is inches and assaying  175   to   the   ton.    Each  of  these
veins    has   been     traced     the   entire
length of the claim.
Since last May .Mr. .lames has been
operating the work on the properties
for tlie new owner merely as a test of
their character. The work done showed tlie claims all in a splendid light
and to the complete satisfaction of
Mr. Will, who did not hesitate to
make the purchase, lie having seen
thu claims in person about three
weeks ago.
New Westminster Boys Will Be Royally Received.
New Westminster, Sept. 13,���A public meeting held to discuss lacrosse
mutters was largely attended. The
mayor presided, and Mr. IL L. Edmund was appointed secretary. After
considerable discussion it was decided
that each member of the returning
victorious team be presented with a
gold locket appropriately engraved.
The presentation to be. made at a
grand concert to be given in their
honor. It was also decided that a
suitable reception be given them on
their arrival, the latter part of next
week. 'They will be met at the station by the city bund and the mayor
will present an address of welcome oil
behalf of the citizens.
Montroal  People   Take  It   Over  and
Will Start At Onco.
Charles Parker and a Crew of Men
On tlic Ground Today.
Another Important [mining deal has
just been completed whereby a snydi-
cate of Montreal business men become
the owners of the Juno group on
Morning- Mountain. Joining on the
north is the Athuuhscu mine. On the
south is the Blrdseye, aud on the east
the Venus mine.
The Juno property was bonded to
December last hy Mr. M. S. Logan,
of Kossland, who went east, aud notwithstanding the eondtion of the
money market, succeeded in raising
sutlieient capital to fully take up the
bond. A charter under the laws of
British Columbia, was secured, and
a company formed, to be known as
the Juno Gold Mining Company,Limited, witli bead oflice in Montreal.
Thc following- constitute the board of
directors: F. W. Fisher, president;
W. F. Borland, vice-president; F. C,
llirsch. secretary; James .Marshall,
.lames Simpson, A. A. Logan, George
F. Payne, A. B. Harvey and M. S.
Mr. Charles Parker, of this city,
has been employed as engineer, and
went up this moruiug to lay out the
work. The owners of the property
will be in Nelson next Friday.
Victoria, Ii. ('., Sept. IS.���The
steamer Queen Cily brings news from
Essingtoli of the robbery of the registered mail there containing about
Constable Drummond arrived wilh
the prisoner who murdered the boy
in the Indian village at Stickinc, be
lieviug him guilty of witchcraft.
The murder occurred three years ago
and the prisoner has been in hiding
Part of the Giant Powder Works
here was wrecked by an explosion of
two hundred pounds of nitro glycerine yesterday afternoon. No lives
were lost.
Messrs. Prior and Earle, the sitting
members for Victoria City were renominated by the Conservatives last
Montreal, Sept. P.'.��� Sir Charles
Tupper. lion G. K. Foster. Hugh
John Macdonald and a number of
French Conservatives addressed a
large meeting in Monument National
hall last evening. Tlie speeches were
pretty much in the same strain as
those delivered in Windsor Hall Monday evening,  strongly  condemnatory
of the Liberal administration.
Two Kaslo Men Find Themselves  In  Serious
Attempted  to  Garry Away
Books of Lodestar Mining Go.
Kaslo, li. ('., Sept. 1:.'.���Magistrate
Carney presided this morning- to hear
the charge against J. I). Curlyle and
A. (). Sutherland, Tbey are not accused of stealing thc Lode Star Company's account books but only with
intent to steal. Whealler and Martin
appeared for the defence, and with
tlle consent of the prosecuting counsel, Mayor McAnn. the case was remanded till Friday and the accused
were let out on bail of $1,500 each.
Waterford, (int..Sept. 1?.���The Liberals   of   East     Lanililon    have   again
nominated .lobn Fraser, M. P.. as
their candidate for Ihe House of Commons ai the general elections,
Kaslo, Sept. PL ��� It is a sorry report
that the directors of the Lode Star
Gold Mining & Development Company
will have to place before their English shareholders this year. Thu
season is practically over in tlie Lardo
and what has the company to show
for it? l.itt.c or nothing. Its claims
have hardly been worked this year and
its steamer Marion has W'cn tied up
here instead of seeking charters on
Kootenay Lake. And now the affairs
of thc company are to be dragged
through the law courts for J. It. Csr-
lyle, who claims to be general manager, luiH to answer a Charge of intent
to steal the company's ledger, cash
book and journal. Arrested on the
same charge is A. O. Sutherland, one
of the best known citizens of Kaslo.
It can, of course, at once be said that
the two gentlemen had no criminal
intentions when they attempted to
take the account books. Indeed they
felt that they were acting quite rightly Imt, proceeding without duo
thought, they have placed    themselves
in an unpleasant position.
To explain the ease fully it is necessary to mention that up to a short
time ago S. S. Connauton was manager of the company and it is said thut
he is today managing director. Ho
and J. I). Curlyle did not love each
othe like brothers. Mr.Connauton left
for Vancouver lust week and he placed
the affairs of the company in the
bands of C, W. McAnn, the company's
lawyer. Curlyle cabled to Liverpool,
England, the head oflice of the company, saying that Connauton had left
and he received back a wire from his
brother, the president of the company
appointing him managing director.
But Mr. McAnn suys that the company's by-laws provide that the appointment of manager lies with tho
directors and the directors are Mr.
Blyth, ,1. Conruyt of this town, and
S. S. Connauton himself, so that only
Mr. Blyth appointed his brother .1.
I). Carlyle-Blyth, (Mr. Curlyle dropped the Blyth when he came here some
time since).
Acting on the telegram Mr. Curlyle
took possession of the steamer Marion
despite the opposition of Mayor McAnn. This was on Friday. Yesterday he announced his intention of
getting into the otlice here and obtaining the books. But instead of doing the deed in broad daylight he
waited till the town was asleep last
night, when, accompanied by Mr.
Sutherland, he, it is alleged, entered
the ollice and attempted to take the
hooks it. is reported. The chief of police seeing them in the oflice asked
them what they were doing and reported the matter. The arrests followed.
Quebec, Sept. 12.���Hon. Mr. March-
and, premier of the Province of Quebec. Buffered another relapse last
night and had the last rites of Unchurch administered to him. Bis
condition,  however,   showed   marked
improve nt through   the   night   und
this morning he is much better. Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Wednesday  Evening,  September 12, igoo.
The Nelson Miner
Published Kvery  Arlornoon   Except Hiindny
��� IIV TIIK���
Limited liaiui.itv.
Prosl-cnl and MamittlnK Kilitor.
Business Mnnngor,
11.-, Fleet Strout, K. 0,
Ciiiilral  Press AKcnoy, Lid., Special Aucnb
Pally, por month, by carrier	
Dally, por month, by mail	
Ilnlly. per j cur, by carrier	
Ilnlly, per year, tiy niidl	
Daily, per year, toreig	
.    (l_c
I 7 (Id
,.    .1 IK)
.    !l UU
Weekly, per hair year  |1 jjjj
Woolcly, per year	
Weekly, per year, tnrolKU	
Bubsorlptlous invariably in inlviuico.
. UO
All Chock" should tie made payable to the
onler of NKI.SON Pilil.lslllSll OOMPANY,
The nation prospers that manufactures for itself, was the sentiment
which pervaded the speeches at the
banquet given by the Manufacturers'
Association at Toronto u short time
ago, Two prominent Liberal politicians were among the speukerB, Premier
Boss of Ontario,   ami  Mr. Paterson,
Minister of Customs, both of whom
were as much imbued .villi the sentiment as were those others who are less
politicians thun business men. Speaking of the growth of Canadian manufactures, Mr. Paterson said that
twenty years ago our exports were
three millions; in tbe next five years
they doubled, then trebled, until lust
year they had increased to eighteen
millions. This was u great advance,
and while it was going on it was natural that trade generally should show
a gratifying increase. Being a Liberal politician. Mr. Paterson did not
point out that it was just about
twenty years ugo a Conservative Qovernment Introduced the National Policy of protection to native industries,
nor deduce from the fact, as is obvious
to the dullest mind, that the increase
of our manufactures began with it
and went on flourishing as it grew
older. In effect, however, he admitted
that the manufacturing prosperity of
tbe country has been due to thc protection afforded it by the National Policy.
It is a pity when this is so evident
nnd so generally recognized, that the
party and Government of which Mr.
Paterson is so 'distinguished an ornament have not endeavored to the extent of their opportunities to encourage still further the development of
our native industries. Within the
past four years, during whieh they
have been in power, it has become
pluin to every observer thut the lead
industry of British Columbia has
languished because of unfair conditions whieli might easily be removed
by legislation. Lead products have
been admitted from other countries
under such low duties that the lead
miners of the Province were at once
put at a   hopeless   disadvantage,   nnd
In consequence the Immense deposits
of that mineral have scarcely been
touched and a source of great national
wealth remains undeveloped.
A year ago thc Associated Hoards of
Trade of Eastern British Columbia
requoSted the Federal   Government   to
raise the duties on   lead products and
thus give the industry a chance.    Thc
nation that manufactures for itself is
the   prosperous   nation.    That   is   ad-
mittcd by Liberals us well as Conservatives, and Mr. Paterson the oilier
night gave Sgures to demonstrate  its
truth ill tlic case of Canada. But the
request of the Associated Boards of
Trade was nevertheless Ignored; the
duties   have   not   been increased, and
the Industry still languishes, This is
not even acting up to the light to
which    the   Liberals  themselves,   in
their serious moments of business,
confess.    Other   industries   have   been
encouraged, with the result thai iu
twenty years our export of manufactures has increased sis fold, If similar encouragement were given tn the
lead Industry, the mines nf the Mo-
can today would be the scenes uf an
activity that   would speedily make it-
self fell, to the advantage of every in
teres! in the community, It would
seem tbat to tfet the full benefit of the]
National Policy ull the time we slu
have to go back to the party who r,
the authors of It.
It appears that those residents of
Nelson who are without electric light
must continue to do without it until
Mr. B. C. Biblet returns from Spokane and reports upon the feasibility
of repairing the old dam. No one
seeniH to know when Mr. Kiblet will
return. It might be a good idea to
learn from Mr. Biblet whether be in
tends to stay away for a few months
or only for a few days. Mr. Riblet
is not to blame for thc delay; the
blame attaches to the Council.
Never was a September day brighter
and clearer than today In Nelson
Lord and Lady Minto will know what
Nelson weather is and will envy us
when they reach their Ontario   home.
If you haven't done it yet. and you
huve a boat, hustle right, down to the
water front and decorate it for to
night. A few Chinese lanterns will
do. Lord and Lady Minto must leave
in a nlaze of glory.
This is from Thc Vancouver World
.1. II Senlker, of this city, while in
Ottawa last week, was interviewed
concerning the political situation in
the west. Mr. Senkler stated thut
the Liberals are sure to retain the
seats in Vancouver, New Westminster
ami Ivoaotenuy, now held by the Government. Nanaimo is vacant, but
was represented by a Liberal and will
bet so again surely. As to Victoria
for which Messrs. Earle and Prior
now sit, there is a movement to get
Mr. linstock to run as a Government
candidate, and Mr. Senkler predicts
that he will accept and will with his
running mate carry tbe constituency
for thc Government. Mr. Senkler also
says that if Sir C. II. Tupper bad
attempted to run as a candidate in
Vancouver he would have been over
Whelming defeated. The people o:
that city utterly condemn him for his
Yukon charges and his attack on such
men us Major Walsh, Colonel Steele.
Inspector Strickland and Major Cart-
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. 85 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting    5 5(1
Stretch's Prospecting, Locating
und Valuing   Mines	
Lang's  Matte   Smelting	
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis..
Kemp's Handbook of   Rocks	
Thautwine's Engineer's Handbook 	
Hawkins' New Catechism for
the Steam   Engine	
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for   Boiler Boom	
Hawkins1 New Catechism of
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for   Engineers	
Machinists' and Engineers'
Pocket Manual     1 25
Stevenson's Practical Test     1 00
Canada's   Metals         85
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo- Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order  can lie accepted  unless
accompanied by cash.
Ollice Corner  Hull and  Baker .Streets.
I Kl.KI'llo... :ci.
Nelson Employment Agency
Waitress.     Chambermaid.     Woodcutters,    Cook (woman),    Walter.
Situations wanted by nurses, labor
ers.   COOkS,
J. H. LOVE. Ajrt.. Baker St
NINIIVU   IIK��l___,       MI.li!  pt mil .
WindermereMines.   Corrwp ��� ones Solicited
A. R. BARROW, a.m. i.a e
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria aud Kootenay Sts.
P. 0. Box 669. Telephone No. 96
The End of
The Season
Finds   us   with  a   tow   pairs   of    Men's
and Women's Summer Shoes
on hand, and these we have marked down
very low. You may find your size in the
lot if you call early.
The Shoeists
Wholesale Houses
NBI-S0N, B. C.
mjloiil'K A CO. Limitod-Cornor Vurnon
I aiul ( Vdur dtrouU, Ni'l'.im . l;iniii'in-! ur
ci'.i of and wholoHtilu Uuulei'H tn uuratud water"
und fruit flyrupu. Holu iiKoutH fur litilcyon ilol
; -iM'iu-, -. mineral wutur.   Telephone 00,
1 1 N. M. < 'uuiiiiiiH, LoHtioe��� Kvory known
Variety of noft drink... 1' O liox 88. Telephone
No. 111. Hoovor Street, NoIkou. liottlerH of the
fainuuH hi.. Loon HotHpriugi- Mineral Wator.
CANK A AlACUONALI) (II. Cane, J anion
A. Macdonald)���ArchiteoUi and Htiporln-
tun dents, broken Hill Ulock, corner tiakor and
Ward Hlrootn, i\oI_oii.
A general meeting" of all Liberal-Conservatives of the Nelson
District will be held at the rooms
over Neeland's Shoe Store, on
Thursday, the 13th inst., at 8
o'clock p.m., for the purpose of
selecting delegates to attend the
Liberal-Conservative Convention
to be held at Revelstoke, B.C., on
Saturday, the 15th inst.
All are invited.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up.    ,    .    .    ��l,9WS,O70.O0 | Rem ��H,JOO,000.0
Hoar.! of iHrci'inrsi   Thomas K. Konny,  President;   Thomiw Ititchlo. Vico-ProHldoul
Wiley Smith, H. G. Bauld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C., Hin. David MncKoon. "���'uu��i
llrilll   Office,   lllll Mux I
Goncrnl Manager. Kil-mi L. Peano, Montreal.
Superintendent of Ilmnclics. and Secretary, W. H. Torranco, Halifax
Inspector, \V, V, Brock, Halifax.
Inspector 1). M. Stewart, Montreal.
Kin lirlu-H t
(City < uu,-.-,, Montreal, West R.nd (Cor. Notre Dumo and SeiKiieurs street*); Hcsiinount, (Uor
OCMIl- Avenue and St. Catharines  Btreet.   Onliirlo-tlttawa.   >c>< r,uni<iiii_ii   . i  John's
Cuba. Went Indies-Havana.  I nil,,I Mate h-Ncw York (111 Kxchanifo Place) Hopublic Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
J'Biiadn-Morcliant* Bank of Canada. Itomoii-NaUonal Shawmut Bank. <'���lraao-Amerl_a
.National Bank. San _ ranrlarv���First National Hank. Luudon. Knis.-Bnnk of Scotland
Tnrls, -ran. .-Credit I.voniiiils. Ilrriuuda-Baiik of Boriuuda. (Ulna nnd Japan-llonJ
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. *
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letter* of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
We Have Sold 75 Per Cent of 411 the
Portland Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay
and Sewer Pipe
U*ed in the Kootenay
Just Received���Oarload
Dominion Ale and Porter
Dominion White  Laiiel Ale
(la pints ami quarts)
Tills is the finest Ale browed in C'aiuid
Dominion  Bulk   Ale
(pints anil quarts)
Teacher's Scotch   Whisky
Its  IB-gallon  kegs)
Ib still tbe best
CO.���Manufacturers of the Hoyal Seal
and Kootenay Belle Cigars. Factory and
olllee, Baker Street, Nelson.
HJ. KVANS A CO.-Baker Strout, Nol-
��� son���Wholesale dealers lu liquors, cigar,,, cement, lire brick and lire olay, wator
pipe and stool rails, and gonoral commission
J   A. M'DONALD-Maddon Block, Nelson-
���    Km lis,  ice cream,   "<;.  ll." ohocolales.
high elass confectionery.   Ice Cream Parlors
V, hole .iliu and retail doalora ln grain,
hay. flour, food. Mills at Victoria, New West
minuter; Kdmonton, Alia. Klevators on Cnl
gary and Kdmonton Hallway. Manufacturers
of Ihr celebrated B. A lv. brand cereals.
A MACDONALD A Co.-Cornor Front
��� and Hall Street*���Wholesale grocers
aud jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boot-,
rubbers, mackinaws aud miners' sundries.
JJl Ollloo corner Hall and Kront Stroetd,
-.cIhoii���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and evory
thing in wood for building purposes. Gel our
prioes.   Correspondence solicited.
12.   BURNS A Co.-Bakor Stroet, Nolion-
.  #   Wholesale dealers iu fresh aud cured
moa_>.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson-Wholesale deal
ers in fresh and cured meats.
Street. Nelson - Wholesale dealuts In
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.) Baker Slreet,
Nelson-Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbors' and tinsmiths' supplies.
paints, oils and glnsa; mochanies' tools
..:.nir:i'   tOOlS
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
TURNKR, BEETON A Co.-Cornor Vornon
and Josephine Streets, Nolnon���Whole-
sale doalora in liquors, cigars, and drygoods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesale grooerlo-i
and liquors etc., Baker Street, Nelsou.
C. AL1FORNIA WINE CO., Limited-Comer
J -ront and Hall Streets, Nolson-Wholo-
salo dealers in wines lease and bulk), aud
domestic and imported olgarn.
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vernon and
. Josephine 8tfoct_, Nolson - Wholosalo
dealors ln provlalous, curod moats, butter and
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LARDO.
INCORPOR-rwJUl 1670.
Just unloaded���
Another car of
For family trade.    The best,
purest, and most palatable,
Special Prices to the
Corner Raker uutl Stanley Street*.
Spokane  Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson ___ Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Rooijis ai)d  Offices lo l^eijit.
Apply   to   ihe
INlelson Electric TraijiWai) Co.
Corner Josephine aqd Vernon Streets.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Melton, B. 0.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkave. Day Train. \ um if.
10.35 a.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:05 p. m Kossland 5:80 p.m.
9:80 a, in Nelaon 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
9:15 p.m Spokane 7:05a m:
11:00 p.m Rowland 0:110 a.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, Q. P. St T.A.
Spokane  \V__ii
Agent, Nelaon, B.O
.;'_._-_AJ'"-l_.'-.-. ,,("","' "r " barm of
CALGARY   BEER  iw II  I- tbo bont nnil
__-___"!   "". ____J_\S_*n-    Sin  try  pur
WINES,    LIQUORS,    uml     CIGARS.
TclciilioBc W. Iiniin Bt,, Nelson, n, o,
V. O. QREKN        F. S. OI-KMENTH
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O, Box Ut Kelwn, B, C.
Will pay the highest oaab prioe for all
kinds n[ hi noiiil band goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Kornitnre, stoves, oarporta,
oooking uti-mils, bonght in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing
Oall and see mn or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box UOO. Hull
Street. Nelson. B. C.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
��� t,      ..      ���    . Krom Moiilrrnl
Allnn Lino tlorlnllilnn  Hoplrt
Allan l.lno 1 'nrl��ln Bept W
liiniilniini Lino Viiiiooiiror Sopl 14
Dominion Linu I kimlnioii Kept W
II,ii,,-, Uno l.uko .MoKililtto Hnpttfl
Hon vor Lino Lnko Superior Bopl ill
..,_,.  _.     .. '''rom Now ^ ork
Wlilti, Slur Linn <fmnnnlo Bopl IV
Wh to Slur Lino Cvmrlo  Hopt 24
Whit* Blar Lino Mnlwtlo    Bopl*
Ounnnl Lino Ktiurln Bept 14
Amnrlcnii Lino Now Vork Sopt t��
Hod Hi��r  Lino Kensington BrplIU
Cunnrd Lino Korvln   Bopl IM
Cunard Lino Luninln Bept ti
Anchor Lino Anihorin Sopt 14
Anchor Lino Astoria BoptK
N. U. L. Lino KnlHorln Mnrio Thoroula.. Bopl 1��
N.O.L Lino Allor Bopt -11
Allnn sinto Llns Lauiontian Bopf-t
_        ... From BoHlnn.
Cunnrd Lino Saxonln Bopt2S
Dominion Lino Now JCnulnnd  Oct II)
I iwHngoK nrranxed to nnd from nil Knropcnn
pi nni...   For ratoH, tloko.o and full Informal Ion
apply lo 0, I'. H. dopjt nnont or II. L. Brown
City PiiHHonKor Agent, Nelnon, B. C.
���    . W. P. F. CUMMINGS,
Goncrnl Aoroit, C.I'.K. Oftlcos. WlnnlpcK
Specialty i   Eye. Ear and Nose.
Oflice i   Baker Street, near Fraternity
Hall,   Telephone No, ��,
MRS. HRILLY, who lias taken over
tlie home on Ward Street jimt
above the Post Oflice, will give hoard
and rooms. Several choice rooms still
UOOOOtipled.  Terms reaHnnahli'
7-8 inch diam. $11).50por 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelson
J. 0. T. CROFTS,
P, O. Box 676. Nolson, aO, Nelson  Daily Miner,  Wednesday   Evening.   September 12,  1900
��� London, Sept.
���Ual."h.C   C
-Those uiuglc In-
wliii'li hold Liin-
,,. ;ll���i govern it niul pro-
vlil.it with taxes le pay, might Btnnd
(01. a London Can Change," although
aB, ooeasionul disgruntled tax payer
muy Inslsl that It moans "Loudon's
c i|V Combine." The American
' .��� .1 obaorvlng the lettet'B on the
side of 11 red omnibus on the Strand,
l8 ]10t ospociitlly Interested when told
thai thoy Indicate "London County
Coum,|V" um he would be Interest-
.,1 if  ho knew what that   remarkable
body ����s "I' '" J"M """'' "'"' "''"'
��� pcclulinr sort ol organization it   i.s.
anyway. ,.    . ,
The I.. C. C, Is lunusing Itsell wilh
Bnondlng 1711,000,000 in big Improve-
monts In the metropolis, but the
works ii has In hand have not attracted much attention because London Is
lll0 iteari ol n nation, and always so
Interested    in   national   affairs  that
municipal mutters get   ( iparatlvely
little notice. That's an Ideal oombi-
natlon for "boodle aldermen" and yet
,������. ,,r the queerest things about the
l��� c. ('. is that ii is praotioally free
from the reproach of crookedness,
1��� time to come the present London
County Council will bo famous as tho
builder of n new London: today it is
imt,,rioiis ns tlic destroyer of old London. Literary nnd historical relies
in Ihe sluipe of Interesting old buildings that hnd tho misfortune to stand
ou ground that was ������wanted" have
fallen tu rise no more, and many others reminiscent of famous charaoters
from Dr. Johnson to .lack Sheppard
arc In vanish. Your Londoner rather
rosenta ihis. just as he resents another
purpose on the part oi tbe Council i"
replace his erawlinjr omnibuses witli
cable cars; and he is not mollified by
descriptions of the contemplated great
new Btreot,' from llolborn to the
Strand, and tlie remarkable Improvements to the Strand Itself, whioh arc
the reasons for the present wholesale
Ami yel this project is worth worldwide, to say um hi in-of local, attention, for it is one of the btggost pieces
of municipal engineering of recent
years, and for comparison with it one
must go hack to the reconstruction of
Paris by Napoleon, the achievements
uf Huron ilaussmann, and the bnild-
Ing of the Klugstrnsse in Vienna, It
will take ten years   to   complete   uml
Ql si will be 836,000,000.
Al present there i.s no street running straight t.'om the great traffic
artery of llolborn io its great parallel
irtcry, the Strand, at the most crowd-
vi points.hetween which stretches the
densely packed neighborhood of Drury
Lane,   Seven   Dials   and    Bow Street.
ending, on the Strand  side, with the
Church of St, Mary le Slraud. whieh
���lands in the middle of the road, facing toward Charing Cross. Further
down, In he sure. Chancery Lane connects the two great streets, lint Chan-
eery Lane is a lane. Above it, if you
want to get from the strand to nol-
bnrn you hnve to hunt your way
through live or six little .streets, laid
at angles, end to end. so that by the
time yon emerge Into what the Cock-
neyscal! "'igh  'o'born,"  you have
gone almost twice as fnr ns was necessary. Most of this neighborhood, the
mine In whieli Dickens laid so inimy
"f his scenes is a shun, and one of the
Worst in London. The London County
Council is cutting a ({rent swath
through this district, sonic 800 feet
wide, und will run through its center
Street inn feet wide, straight from
llolborn to the Strand, entering the
'���'st slreet by two horns on each side
"f the old Chinch of St. Mary le
Strand, as shown in a map printed
The great width of thc new street
* ill permit a double line nl cable
Sara to run through it. The Council
means to Me to it thnl none but buildings of real architectural beauty shall
face upon it, while its situation with
relation to the most Important <lis-
trlctaof  London  lends its makers to
expect particularly rich returns In the
shape   of leases and  rents.    In   round
numbers they look for ii total recoupment of 81...0011,11(111 within the next
Blxtj   years,   making the   net cost   to
the taxpayer! about 110,000,000,
"f the same general character is another scheme with which the London
County Council Is about to go ahead,
having received tne necessary parliamentary permission,      This Is known
us ihe  '"Westminster scheme,"  and
will cost 18,000,000,
The third great   scheme   which   the
London County council  is beginning
will cost more than twice us much   as
the improvements to the parliamentary district. This enterprise is a tunnel under the   Thames   from   Oothor-
hlthe io Hhadwoll, and the expense of
building ii win be 111,000,000,   I nr-
til llrowu.
Whal a Const Paper Says of the En-
The Victoria Colonist, has the following in regard to the Edith .1. Miller Concert Conipany, which will appear in Nelson soon :
The small but thoroughly appreciative   audience   which    assembled  at
Institute Hull yesterday eveniug on
the occasion of the concert given by
the Edith .1. Miller oompany left the
building thoroughly disgusted with
Victorians for having failed to turn
out in greater numbers to hear what
wuh in every sense a decided musical
" Tunc after time have a few music
lovers assembled in this city at different places of entertainment and felt.
humiliated at the regrettable lack
of appreciation shown by the publio
when really meritorious performers
came to the city. Lust evening was
no exception to the rule. A few score
of people and numerous rows of empty beuohes greeted Miss Miller ami
her excellent company at Institute
Miss Miller is an artiste of rare
alblity. Her voice is rich in quality,
of great warmth and beauty of tone.
Since tlie visit of Mdle. Trebelli, Miss
Miller is hy long odds the hest contralto singer heard here for many
years, ami is certainly a most aeooin-
pished vocalist. Her expression is
earnest, but free from exaggeration,
anil therefore satisfying and effective,
Miss Miller was applauded and recalled during the evening with spontaneous enthusiasm,
Mr. Robert C. Campbell, tlie tenor's
mimhers were surprisingly well snug.
His voice possesses that beautiful
quality peculiarly adapted to sympathetic music.
Mr. Stanley Adams, the baritone,
has a voice of tine, rich tone anil good
Compass, liis style evidences Ihe
best of training combined with good
Miss dean Forsyth.the aecoinpnnistc
with the Miller company, is certainly
one of the Lest iu Canada. Being a
vocalist herself, she is able to appreciate and interpret the aim of the
composer and give the singer the proper support at the proper time.
Pan Points
Tin Pans arc not all
alike. There's thc difference in the tin, in the
ironing, and in the mak-
ing. All the points that
go to make the difference
between good and bad
quality are embodied in
tin pans.
We Have Tin Pans of
Every Kind and Size
made from extra heavy
stock, and warranted to
wear well. All our Hardware is equally meritorious.
��� i-axa
TJ'�� HlRnntnro Is nn every Imx ���f the ��. nulne
Uxativc Hninio Quinine Tablets
"" '���������'�� that enree   . celM In ont day
A Tempting Table
~"_n_\v7_uii's |Knoi_bii| Chuhcii -Cornor
Winil nnd silidi Bis. Bundajrij Huly loin-
iiiiiiiiun 8 n. in.: unci on the 1st and .inl Sundays
in tho month after Mnllin . Mattins at 11a.m.;
Sunilny School 1.30 ii.m ; BvOMOng i..lii. pally!
Mulliie. nl II.M a. 111. ThinvhiyK mill Niinl I
llnysi Holy Communion HI ft. ni. V riiluys:
Evensong 1.80 P. m., followed hy choir lime-
lieu. H. H. AkohurHt. Koctor. Mod Irvino,
Uno. John. toiiK, Wardens.
Catiioi.ii   Chuhcii-Corner �� aid niul Mill
sl reels Miihh every Sunday al Sand lU.IHIa.ni
llcnodiclion at 7.30 p.m.   Mass overy week day
at7.l6a.rn.   Hov.   Father rorlniid Iter lor.
1'ltKHHVTKHlAN CllUHtll-Horvlcosat 11 a.m.
and 7.IW p.m. Sunday Schoo at 2..W p.m.
I'rayor moollnu Thursday evenlnK at 8 ii.ni.;
Christian Kndeavor Society meets every lues-
dny evening   o�� *   o'olook.    Hov. R. Frow,
M_-ii,,;>tBT Cinmcii-Cornor Silica and
Josephine Streets. SorvlcoH nl 11 a.m. and WW
p. ni. ; Sabbath School, 2.3(1 ii.ni.: I raver meeting on Friday ovonlng at 8 o'clock: hjiworlli
la"iguoC.IC., Tiiosdnyat8a.nl.     Hov. John
Km.  nn. PftHlOr. , ,   ,
Hai'Tiht Chuhcii ��� SorvlcoH morning anu
ovoningftllla.ni.and7.30 p.m.: I'rayor nieel.
In_ Thursday evening at 8 p.m. tho H. t
I'.IJ. Tuesday ovonlnK at 8 o'clock. SlrangerH
cordially welcomed. Hov. U. J. Coulter V> Idle,
1'nhtxir. ' ,
Salvation AiiMV-ScrvIo s overy evening
nt 8 o'cloch In ImrrnckH on V otort strout
Adludnnt. KdKP��*ininn In chimin. 	
If you have difficulty in malting a
pleasing variety ill your bill ol tare
from day to day.
Come to Our Grocery
and learn how easily and economically
it can be done.
Here are a few things that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrick &  Wilson
Soo Line
lijiperia-    Liij-ileil
East   and   West
First, Class Sleepers on all trains from
A ltuow n ha i ian ii Kootknay Lanii'nii
Tourist Oars puss Medicine Hut
daily for Sl. 1'iutl; Saturdays for
Mniilroiil niul Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars
pass Uevelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:35
16:80 Lv Nelson Ar 18s4fi
Morning train daily for nnd from
Rossland, and for Uevelstoke, main
line and Pacific Const.
Afternoon train dnily for and from
Rossland, and from Kevelstoke, main
liue and I'aeilic Const, and daily
(except Sunday) for nnd from Boundary points.
7:1(0 Lv I ���.,���_  [        Ar 10:80
(1.x Sun)        , Nt,son I        (Ex Bun)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points,
RevelBtoke, main line and Pacifio
Kootenai Lakb-Kaslo Route.
(KxSuii) Str Kokanee (Ex Sun)
10:00 Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenta and return,
leaving Kaslo _t 20:00k.
Kootenay River Route.
Daily Strs Moyie and Nelson Daily
22:110 Lv Nelson Ar 2:110
Connects at Kootenay Lauding with
Crow's Nest Line trninB.
For rates, tickets and full Information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, B. C, or
Trav. Pass. Attend
A. a. P. Agent,
R. P. Rithet & Co-, Ltd-
Agents   lur liritish  Columbia.
A. B. GRAY. Bux Bsl, Nelson, Kootenay
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Houses anil lots for sale in all parts
of Ihe City.
Victoria-Montreal Fire Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Com-
Mr?!'6*     See ANNABLE
B 5; ?: V'-_fT'^v_} is ,;i :'-'
5 WM
 '" Mml
We hnve an assort ment of the
hest quality of ptsi_uine8 that will
surely prove an enjoyment to tbo
ladies. The natural fragrance of
sweet dowers, bottled and sold for
a right price.
White   Rose,    Lilac.    Heliotrope,
Sweet Clover. Carnation,
These perfumes are sohl in built
or bottled, and arc guaranteed.
Baker Street. Nelson.      1'. 0.  Box 290,
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
NKLSON, Jl. 0.
Room 1, Turner-Hoeckh Block.
Houses aud Building Lots iu All Parts
of the Oity.
WANTED���Good building lots down
town for client.   Also land adjoining
city for gardening.
By tho week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
Thorough BingllBh, Calisthenics,
Music, French, and (ierinan if required. I .ill term commences '3rd
September,   For particulars apply to
Josephine .1.
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker.
WANTED���A  furnished   house.
offer good rental.
Straight   Mortgage,  at  8  per cen'
Wan Led���Molly Gibson Stock.
General Agent for the Great Wkst
Life Assurance Oo.
WANTED���For Spot Oash���Two central    lots   H-ii-i-lile    for    lO-tnli'tiee*.
ijKKSUANT to tho "Creditor*1 Truil Docdi
1     Aei,"utnl Amending AoU, nnd lho Tro*
toon' ami KxeculoiV  Act, Boo^lnna n;t  lo  mi
Nolioo i* horoby Riven Llrnt I. aa niituini-im-
loiof tho oliiti'of TIiomih-Uli'lmnl-mi. in hin
lifetime of tiloo_Uewool, In t tie County of
Kootenay, hotol keeper, deceased, huve died lu
tliu Vancouver HoKi^try of thu Supri'im: Court
nf Hritish Columbia, a doolaration Uml Mio
said estate in Innuffiolonl (or tho payment in
f*iii of ihu dobta and llabUltiea ot iho wild
Thomiin KidhartiHon.
All persona havlnaolalnisagainsi thoentato
of the saiil Thomas Euolwdson, wlio havo not.
uliuaily lllcd with mo full particular, of thu
-ami! ouly vorillnd, together with the purlieu-
lars of HccuritiuH, if any, hold by them, uro
required to do .o hoforu ihu ut ilny of Ootobor
Kotioo Ih horoby further given ihataftor thu
tat day of October next tho administrator) a��
trustee, will proceed to distribute tbo proceeds
tif the truil estato amoiiK thu parties ont il led
thereto, Imvinu regard ouly to the claims of
which he '.hen tins notice, and that, he will not
bo liable tor tho proceeds of the trost ostato, or
any pari thereof, to dlstiibutod, to any person
nf whoso claim ho huii nul nolieoat Hie lime of
the distribution.
Notieo is hot'oby glvon Uml amootUlgOf tlio
creditors of Uio said Thomas Richardson will
he held in Ihe Oourt House at Fori BtOolo,
B.C., on Monday, the '.Iih day of Scple.nher,
A. I>. 1000, at the hour of one o'clock in the
Dated at Fort Stoole, B. 0., this lsthdayof
August, A.D. iuoo.
Orileial Administrator.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head owiob toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to O. U LENNOX, Bakor bt.,
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60;
Nelson,   B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   G.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
e.g- ������������������������
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orderi by mall to any branch will have careful a*4 oromot attention.
Mrs. Enfield has received a
fine and well selected lot of
English and American
HATS and
Which she offers at the lowest prices ever offered in the
Hats from 90 cents  up.
Hall  Block.
Thursday & Friday-
Sept- 13th & 14th
Now I .ays. New Players, New Seen
ery. New Specialties. Nothing but
tlie Best.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents tor Eureka nineral Wool and
Asbestos   Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual  Life
Insurance Co., of New York. OueDoc
Fire Assurance Oo.
Three-story house mi Park Htrt'-t,
near Haker street, To be sold cheap.
I'arl cash.
iiniMiii;'  lots and residences in nil
parts of  the city unit lliimi' Addition.
Two Story FfonSG, six ruiinis. furn-
islii'il complete, on Observatory Btreet
close to the Tram Line. 935.00 per
Seven room house on Carbonate Ht.
All  modern   Improvemente;   8-".   per
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Hohodulo of Timo.       I'aeilic Standard lime.
Bflbottvfl February int. iim.
I'aHKonger trnin for Handon and w&yHlntlons
loavoH   Kanlo  at 8 a. in., daily.    KeturninK.
leaver. Handon al 1.16 p.in,, arrivliiK nl Kamu
iii ;(..'���'��� p.m.
OpcratlnKon Kootenny Ijikoand Hiver,
Str. "Tnlernational" leaven Knwlo for Nolnon
at 0 a. m, dally uxcept Hunday. HrtnrninK.
Ichvoh Nolnon at M<) p.m., ralllnR at Hiilfour,
I'ilot Hav, AlniWOTtil and all way point*, t^on-
nortH with B. Y. A N. irain to and from Hpo-
kano at Five Mile 1'olnt.
LARDO-DUNi AM  division.
Hloamur ArKonlu leave" Eutflo Tuondari and
Kridayn ni li n. tn, for tho head of nu\ IgaUon on
the f.'pper Di-neun Hive-; relnrniiiK lOaTM
If.-II    l.tiirlniK Wodnoida] 1 and HatnrdayN.
Hi_uamorri call at iirinciiial landliiKH in i.utli
diroctlonK, anil %t otnor points whon Ml((iialled
TlokotH Mold ta all pOlfitt in Canada and tho
United Htaton.
To aacertala rmtOM and full information ad-
drew I
Manager, KaHlo. H,(\
Thursday evoDlog tbe great Madison
Siiuarc Theatre huccgbs
Friday ovenlug   the   New   Military
POPULAR   PRICKS: 25 & _<��� Cents
No extroi   No higher,
Beats now on mile.
Of Wrilinir I'apnr Won I ln-1
lon_, .uml boUsrplscesii'
othor "hurry up' orilot with
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
St. Joseph's
Nexl icrin oommeooei .'Inl
September. Kor partlou<
Ian ;ii��plv i" the
SR. SUPERIOR, Nel��uh Dailv Minkh, Wb_>N��. hav Evening, Bbptembbr  ia, 1900,
_tvn.v ���
���  .'.V_J
_ljij!fl$__-j-X''L_''*:______.1' 1 " _ t.. ���
The Canadian Paoiflo contemplates
running    a   tunnel   to  out   off    the
switchback at the Crow's Nest Pass.
Tin' work will proabbly be Btarted
Tho eontraot to build u residence
nn Oak Street ut tlic Lake front for
l;. II. Williams was let yesterday afternoon to R. A. Kerr * Co. The
building Ib to be completed by November i"��.
Ensign Stalger, traveling in connection with tlir social work of the
Salvation Army, will be in Nulson tonight and tomorrow night. Hi'
will conduct a lantern Bervioe on
Thursday   evening at the Barracks.
Th,' foundation of the eight-stall
roundhouse in the c. r. H. yards is
aboul completed ami tlir oonstrnotlon
of tho strueture will In' .tailed the
lirst of nexl week. Tho contract hits
been lei to A. (i. Creelman, of lions-
Tin' time of leociving tenders for
(lie construction of tin- ('. P, K. depot will expire this evening. A large
number of tenders havo been received from local and outside contractors.
The eontraot will be awarded and
work started upon the depot at   once.
At a meeting of the Liberal-Conservative Association last night it
was decided to hold a miisB meeting
tomorrow night to select delegates to
the convention at Kevelstoke on Sat-
urday, The meeting will be held in
the hall above Nceland's  Shoe   Store.
Kenneth 'ffarington Bel lairs, who
not long ago intimated to the city
Council of Spokane that he would like
a settlement from them of a 80,000,000
bill of damages���or in default thereof, a meal ticket���has been returned
to the Medical Lake asylum for the insane. Thus the Spokane council Bets
aside the hill for damages, while as-
Buring poor Bellairs continuous board
and lodging.
The regular Hemi-annual election of
otlicers of thc Moyie Miners* Union
wrts held last Tuesday. Following
iH a list unsuccessful candidates: President. II. II. Dlmock; Vice-President,
M, I,, llollister: Financial Secretary,
I*. T. Smyth; Treasurer, 1''rod Pollard;
Conductor. Tim Parrel 1; Warden,
Michael Nugent. The Moyie union
has a membership of l.iu.
The September 7 issue of The Monetary Times says: We B6e so much in
print day after day about what is
"going to he done" in mining mat
ters iu Western Canada, not all of
which, however, comes to pass, that
it ih very agreeable to learn of actual
sales of actual mines; of purchase
money being paid and work being
done, We arc pleased to hear of thi
purchase, on August 23rd, for 8100,'
lion cash, of the Highland group of
mines situated near Ainsworth.
A Combined locomotive and rotary
Bnowplow to be kept in continual service over the Canadian Pacific branches in the Boundary Country during
tlic winter season was shipped from
Toronto for Nelson on September Oth
and it is expected that it will arrivi
here next week. In this section of
the country tbe ordinary wing plow
has heen used in the last aud many
difficulties were encountered especi
ally iu connection with heavy snow
slide. The new plow is Ihe only one
of its Kind that will be in use iu the
The Salvation Army authorities have
chosen as the dates for the celebration
of their annual Harvest Thanksgiving
Festival, Saturday,    Sunday.   Monday
and Tuesday, September  30th to OetO
her 2nd,   The  Salvationists   will  re
ceive as a token of gratitude gifts   in
kind   as   well as   in   cash.    Anything
in   the   possession   of   the   merchant
the grocer,    or tlle druggist, would,  if
offered, he thankfully received and be
turned to good account   in   the   interests and support   of   the many beneficent   and   deserving agencies of   this
unique organization.
Nothing has been done towards obtaining electricity for the lighting
of the city. It was thought that
something would have been done at
the meeting of the Council last Mon
day evening hut the matter was not
even mentioned. Everything seems to
be lying in wait for Mr. li. C. Kihlet.
to make his report on the repairing
of tlle old dam. as he was authorized
some time ago by the Council. At
present Mr. Kihlet is iu Spokane and
it is not known when he will return.
It is probable that a considerable time
will elapse before the city is properly
lighted again.
Mr. T. 10. Flalton has returned to
Nelson from Sandon for the purpose of
preparing the .ceneiy for thc opera
"Mikado." after which he expects to
return to Sandon to furnish with scenery the stage of a new hall being
built there.     Mr.   Ilaltou says   Sandon
is being laid out on a much Improved style and that stores ami dwellings
are going up in all direct inns. Two
large Concentrators are also in course
of construction and few idle men can
be found anywhere Mr. Ilalton is
considering a proposition to establish
in Nelson   a   scenic   studio   with   the
view of supplying with scenery all
hulls and theaters in thc Kootenay,
Frank Tamblyn has received the
following- despatch in reply to the
invitation to thc Westminster Lacrosse Club to visit Nelsou: "Impossible to accept your kind offer. Many
thanks from team, (signed) 11. Ry-
all." The despatch is dated at Moose-
There were two sessions of tbe
County Court held at the court house
today before Judge Forin. The morning session was occupied with the
case of Treves vs. Lapoint. the plaintiff suing for JDS, for damages to an
engine, and rent. Judgment for 84..
was given aagiitHt tbe latter. S. S.
Taylor appeared for plaintiff* while
Vi. A. tialliher appeared for tbe. defendant. The case of the Grown vs.
Manderson was brought before the
court this afternoon. A. M. Johnston
appeared for the Crown and .1. II.
Howes for the defendant.
Mr. .1. W. Scale, of Spokane, and
Miss Annie Cartwrigbt. of Nelson,
were married this afternoon at 2
o'olook in St. Saivours' church. There
was a full choral service by the choir
and the marriage ceremony was performed by Kev. Mr. Akehurst. Mrs.
Astley presided at the organ and played
the wedding march. The bride was
given away by Mr. It. R. Hedley. Mrs.
Scale was formerly a member of the
choir of St. Saviour's church and was
a most popular young lady. She left
with her husband for Spokane, via
Kossland, this afternoon.
The mining records today arc as
follows: Locations ��� Columus, two
miles below Trail by Loon] Kioux; Columbus No. 2, near Trail, by (iaspard
Lapicrre. Transfers���from Charles A.
I'ettcrson to E, Deloug. of Spokane,
one-half interest in Chenango No. 2,
On Salmon River, for a nominal consideration. Certificates of Work���To
P. 10. Doollttle, on Cambridge and
Astrat, on Morning Mountain ; to Jos
eph Harrison on Ballyhoo; to Ale.x
Carrie, on the Irish; to The Hastings
(II. C) Exploration Syndicate, Ltd.,
on the Original.Free Donald, Original
Fractional and l.uclla Fractional.
Shay Locomotive No. Ill, one of
thc largest engines in service on the
C. P. K. lines in the Dominion, was
brought into the local yards last night
from the east. It was built by the
Lima Locomotive and ' Machine Company and is especially adapted for
steep and heavy grades. It will be
used exclusively ou the Kossland
branch for the purpose of hauling ore
from the various mines to the Trail
smelter. It is over 105 tons in weight
and is driven by three cylinders each
Hi inches by IS inches. The diameter
of the boiler shell is 19 inches, with u
lire box 77 inches long by 50 inches
wide. Taking the engine as a whole
it is of an immense size nud it is capable of drawing exceedingly large
loads up heavy grades.
Those For Eastern B.C. Will Probably
He Held in Nelson.
The Dominion (Iovernment is con
sidoring the advisability of placing
Nelson on tbe list of civil service ex
animation points. The secretary of
the Civil Service Department at Ottawa, William Foran, i.s communicnt
ing with Mrs. M. L. Rattray, of tin
Nelson Business College, and in a let
ter to the latter it was stated that if
the required number of applicants
could be obtained from this district.
the examinations hereafter would be
held in Nelson.
There   are   several   young   men   of
Nelson and this district   who have al
ready expressed a desire to take   these
examination   aud   it   is thought   that
there will   be   little dlcfliulty in   ob
tainiug tbe required number.
Heretofore those who wished to
write have had to go to Vancouver
and at considerable expense. Owing
to this many were restrained from
taking tbe examinations but now that
they are likely to take place in Nol
son it is expected that applications
will be received from many points of
the Kootenays. Mrs. Rattray will
give instructions in all subjects and
will probably also conduct the examinations. The next examination will
take place in November, and it is
probable that, arrangements will be
made so that it can he held in Nelson
at that time.
London, Sept. 12.���The Capetown
correspondent of The* Daily Mail referring" to the question put to the
House of Assembly by Sir John
Sprigge regarding the refugees, says:
"The distress among tbem is very
serious.    Large    numbers,      mostly
Americans, are living in caves on the
sides of Table Mountain, owing to
their inability to pay rent."
New Vork. Sept. 12. ���Dr. Dennis
Dowling Mulcahy once Bn active Fenian agitator who was Imprisoned in
Knglaud in the latter part of the sixties with Donnovan Rosso and others,
died in Newark, N. J., last night,
aged B3. He had been In failing health
for some time. Heart failure caused
ills death.
Said  to Be of a Gross Value ol One
Hundred   Millions.
This Is the Report of an Expert Sent
From London.
News has been received In Nelson
of big ore deposits uncovered at the
Le Roi mine. The report was made
current in Kossland Saturday that
there had been located in that great
mine a body of ore with a gross value
of 8lh(i,(i(i(i,ii()(i, and a net value, after
the expenses of milling and mining
had been deducted, of 833,000,000, It
is reported that the expert Bent out by
the owners in London has made the
report af'er careful investigaion.
What were considered tlie side walls
of the ledge have been drifted through
and the body of ore located.
It is also current that the report of
the expert was cabled to London, and
as a result the stock has risen SI I and
is now Belling in American coin at
3fl'l per share. If the report is correct
the Le Hoi will be the greatest mine
in the world. Its large ore bodies
have already become known the world
over, but the deposits have never
been supposed to be so Immense as
this report makes them. Clarence
MeCuaig, who has been examining the
mine, is quoted as saying:
"Two years ago Mr. McDonald,
manager of the mine, told me that ore
existed outside of what was supposed
to be on the walls, and bis work has
not only proved that he is correct, but
has also demonstrated beyond question
that the Le Roi is one of the greatest
mines lu the world. The main shaft
is now down .00 feet and the mine is
thoroughly opened up to a depth of
BOO feet.
"On some of the levels tho ore is
being stoped for a width of 107 feet,
and faces 00 and TO feet wide are common. Outside of this enormous vein
other parallel veins have been proved
to exist, and there is no reason to
doubt that these conditions will cor
tinue the same until water level is
reached, 1,200 feet lower, and it is
quite probably that the same condi
tions will prevail to a depth of 5,000
feet. You must remember that these
estimates are not haphazard, but are
carefully compiled from what has
been actually demonstrated by the development. '*
TO ci in: A COLD i\ om: iki
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
ilntKKi-rtii rofund thu monoy If It falls to cure.
-Hk.  K, Vi. Grove'* signature tt ou each box,
Work   on   the   Several Properties   in
That Camp.
Sandon. B. C, Sept. 12.���No. 8 tunnel of the Payne, being driven on the
McGuigan slope of the mountain, is
in 560 feet. Better headway is being
made than for some time,and it is expected that the vein will be crosscut
in about 00 days. This will give a
total vertical depth of over 000 feet
from the summit of the mountain, and
something over 300 feet froiu No. fl
The Reciprocity, lying to the west
of the Puyne, is being developed in
the hope that the Payne vein may be
discovered. A crosscut to the north
i.s now In over l.r>0 feet, and will be
continued to the Bide line unless the
vein is previously encountered. The
company owning the property was organized in Spokane* in 18117 by Sidney
Norman, but a large majority of the
stock is now held here and in Montreal. J. A. Whittler is in charge of
the work, five or six men being employed on contaret.
The It. E. Lee, owned by an English syndicate.of which Lorenzo Alexander is manager, is working a force
of 10 men. At present a new vein lying about 30 feet north of the original
vein is being explored. The tunnel
shows seven or eight inches of clean
ore. Preparations are being made to
sink an incline winze, and should the
showing continue satisfactory another level will be opened up.
A good showing of clean ore has recently been discovered on thc (lalena
fraction, lying at the bead of the
(ireat Western slide and surrounded
by the Northern llclle, (lalena and
Saddle. The property is owned by
T. B. May, local manager of the Bank
of British Columbia; P. M. Hayes
and Frank Wilson. Three men are at
work on the claim, and will continue
development until driven in by snow.
At present it will be impossible to
prosecute work during the winter."
Humors are Btill prevalent as to a
resumption of work on the Washington und Slooan Boy, but so far the
owners have made no move. Unless
a start is made within 30 days it is
not probable that anything will be
done this season.
The 800-foot crosscut tunnel at thc
Antoine is nearly completed and the
contractors expect to turn it over to
the management about September 15.
It will give the mine natural drainage
and will greatly facilitate work.
Some very rich ore bus been found on I
. .CALLS   FOR ..
. . AS    WELL    AS . .
We have them at prices ranging from $1,50 to $5,00,
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Molistoi) lilock, J3aker Slreet.
the Saturna, situated ou the summit of
Last Chance mountain and adjoining
the Surprise. The owners arc doing
development work on a small scale.
Archie McNiuighton   Doesn't Like the
Treatment Received.
Toronto, Sept.  12. ��� A.  10. McNaugh-
ten, manager of the New Westminster
lacrosse team, has addressed a letter
to The Telegram, in which ho Bays:
"The Westminster team feel very
keenly, the treatment they are receiving at the bands of the Toronto Lacrosse Club,and that the latter should,
in view of the coutreous treatment
accorded them on their western tour
last fall, the expense of which, in all
its details, was borne by the Westminster people,have arranged a match
between the Capitals and Dutl'eriiis
on their own grounds for the same
day as our game witli the Teciiinselis.
at the lime knowing full well that
our fixture was made. However, we
have been shabbily used before, and
we are not a bit the worse for it. We
can get along without any assistance
from the T. L. C, (we haven't received much, financially or otherwise),
and we will till all our engagements,
too, and draw a crowd to see our
game on Saturday, as it will be the
last appearance here of the team that
has made the biggest record ever made
by a team, viz., travelling 4,000 miles
and playing six mutches in twelve
days, each one on the grounds of the
home club, the last two with a team
in a much-crippled condition from
rough usage. During the trip, we
won six and drew one match, and
scored 47 goals and had 14 scored
against us. I might also say that I
challenged the Toronto Lacrosse Club
through Captain Knowles, President
Butter and Secretary Macdonald, to
play off the draw, either on Thursday
or Friday of last week, but they absolutely refused, evidently being well
satisfied to have it a draw."
Victims to Btomaoh,liver nnd kidney
troubles as well as women, aud nil feel
the results in loss of appetite, poisons
in tbe blood, hackaohe, nervousness,
headacho nnd tired listless, run down
feeling. Bnt there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to J. W. Gardner,
Idaville, Iud. He snys: "Eleotrio
Bitters nre just the thing for a mnn
when he is all run down, and don't
enre whether be lives or dies. It did
more to give me new strength nnd
good appetite than anything I could
take. 1 can now ent anything nnd
have n new lease on life." Ouly 50
cents   at   ( 'iiniida   Drug Ss Book Store.
Those who enjoy a glass of beer or
ale served   to^tlum   in a pewter mug
j will be accommodated hereafter at
"The Otlice."    Messrs.   Emergen   and
I Neelands have laid in a stock of genuine "pewters" for the use of their
Customers and will see that the "pewter" and the ale are always kept cool.
Spring ehieki'ii nud all tbe delioaoies
nf the season served to you when yon
visit Plorenoe Park Hotel at Roberts'
Ranch, two and a halt miles up the
river,    W. M. Koberts, proprietor.
Give the Eyes a Chance
How the Stella Palore Fared In the
Frigid /.one.
Christianiu, Sept. 12. ���Further details regarding the arctic expedition
of the Duke of Abuzzi. on board the
Stella l'ollare, whose return was reported yesterday from Tromsoe, Norway, show that the expedition last
year through Nightingale sound and
the canal, reached as far north as
80.4, but finding no winter harbor' it
returned to Tetlitz Hay, Crown Prince
Rudolph's Land, where the Stella Po-
lare was frozen iu. The Duke of Ar-
buzzi's fingers were frostbitten on a
trial sled trip about Christmas, and
two joints were amputated, obliging
him to reamin several months in his
tent. Tho cold increased to 52 degrees eellus. On March 11 the ad
vaneo was renewed and ten men start
ed north. After ten days' inarching
three started to return to tlie ship,
which, however, they never reached.
Tlieir fate is unknown. A second
party of three men passed the eighty-
third parallel after a march of 20
days,and then returned to the ship. A
third party, led by Capt. Algin. with
two Alpine guides, and a sailor,
reached latitude 8(1,8.1, and was then
obliged to return through lack of
food. It started with six sledges and
forty-five dogs, nnd returned with
one sledge and seven dogs,having sub-
Bisted for seventeen days exclusively
on dog flesh.
On August 8 the Stella Pol are started homeward. She traversed the It.'lt-
lsh canal iu a single day, and then
drifted about for a fortnight in n severe struggle with drift ice before
rcuchipjf the yyen,6vu.
In all ago., lu all lands, the eyes should be
permitted to give tl clr owners unhampered
lv Yor Woci.n Havk Yocii Kyis Skuvk
Yoo in tiik ll_ar Way
You should seu that thoy aro correctly fitted
wlt.ti proper glasses. Our attention InsureH
you satisfactory sight. Onr lenses fit your
eyes and our frames tit your face.
Patenaude Bros.,   opticians
(.lose connection BSnsI nnd Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
trains of the Spokane Falls and Noiili-
ern Railway.
Direct connection at St, Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New fork
and nil points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:45 put
West-bound trains make direct conj
���lection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, ond all points
on tlie Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Dtiluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of UieNortbern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Ball-
I'or further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of .Spokane
Falls It Northern Ky., Kaslo It Slocan
Hy., Kootei ai Hailwiiy A Navigation
Oo,, or to
Geul. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
8t. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wasb
VERMONT.���Wanted by Moses \V.
Leech, Information as to the whereabouts of Merritt C. Mallory, which
is his mother's maiden name. Address
Moses Vi.  Leech, Everett, Wash.
Foil RENT���Three   furnished   rooms,
suitable for light housekeeping, centrally   located.      Address   A.    II,   t\,
Miner Ollice.
FOK     SALIC���Mendelssohn      Piano,
Cabinet Sewing   Machine   (Singer).
Apply   Qeo,    (lurd,   Koom   1, Turner
lloeekh Hluek.
Kerr & Co,
Sec them   J5S 00
WANTKI). ��� Immediately, smull
house, cottage or part house, about
ten minutes walk from Opera House,
state particulars, "MILLS" Miner
GENTLEMAN   nnd  wife   want two
unfurnished rooms in private   family, With board, or privilege  of light
housekeeping.    "II" Miner Oflice.
WANTED���(ienernl     housework      or
chamber work.    Address "C" Miner
Miss hush field. Graduate Nurse!
Open fnr engagements. Telephone Hi',.
WANTED���A   good   girl   for general
housework. Apply Rossland Hotel
Vernon Street.
WANTED���Apprentices to learn dress-
making.    Apply  Martin  O'Relllv &
Co. J
FOR HENT^Kurnished rooms. lt,��l_
attendance.    Second   door   east   of
( ity Hall.
FIH8T~CLAS8  .non.  and  hoard In
private family, 16.60 end ����.   Tab]
board 81,   Oarbonate Street
bouse east, of Josephine.
See them at %\() (M)
at....$15.00, $20.00
and #25.00
are  right  up  to date.
Kerr & Co.
FOB  SALE  OHEAP-Law, hou__
and 10 acres opposite Nelson.    Fowl
house,     Running  water.     Apply O
Newling, Uuker Street,
the lirst Wednesday evening pi
each month nt .laterally hall,
corner ot linker nnd KOOtens.
streets. Visiting hrelhcrii conl-
i..llj Invited.
.Ionn Watson, Beoretair.
overy second anil fonrl It WodnewlnyH of BSftl
in onth.   Visiting   iiiciiiIkts cordially
Charles Proesqr, Secretary,


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