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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 28, 1899

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Dail> Edition No. 225.
Nelion, British Columbia. Saturday, January 28,   1899.
Ninth Yea
Hon. J. Fred Hume Will be
The Announcement of His   Ees'gnatiou
OauBes a Return of Political
Hon. J. Fred Humn will not return
to liis seat in Victoiia without a
fight. That ho will be opposed there
is now little doubt. Who bis opponent
will be is not known, but an opponent
there will be. The announcement in
The Miner of yesterdnv was of course
not a surprise. It wns, however, all
that was needed to stir up matters
political. There was little else talked,
of iu town during the day and in tho
evening smnll gatherings iu public
places discussed the situation.
The friends of Mr. Hume were not
idle and efforts wero made to repair
what broken fences there were within
reach. On the other band those who
think there nre other men in the Riding who could better represent it thiui
Mr. Hume, managed to keep themselves busy. The idea of attempting
to draw party lines seemed to be
farthest from the mind of those opposed to Mr. Hume It wns simply
a mutter of getting a belter man; a
man who could do more for West
Kootenay than Mr. Hume hasjsuooeed-
ert iu doing since tho present government bas been in power.
"Kootenny first, last and all the
time, is our motto" suid ono of tho
opposition nnd in these words he seemed to express tho sentiments of nil of
his associates.
There wero several names mentioned
in connection with tho oposition
cundidacy. A. S. Fnrwell, J. Roderick RobortHon, W. A. Macdonald, T,
G. Proclor, H. Q. Neelands und still
others wore suggested during the day.
None of them, however, worn interviewed and who tlie candidate will be
is still un open question. It mny
be oue of the gentlemen mentioned
above; it may be some ono who has
not been thought of up to date, but
whoever it mny bo ho will very lik lv
enter tho field as a strictly Independent candidate, pledged neither to support the opposition nor the government.
He will probably enter with but one
pledge and thnt to look nfter the interests of his constituents, in this ense
the people of the Nelson Riding of
West Kootonay.
Tho story that Mr. Hume will not
be u candidate for re-election is by no
means generally credited. It is pointed
out Unit he could not with propriety
withdraw ut Ihis time. He is in honor bound to contest the soul, both his
opponents und frieuds nny, und tins
they believe be will do, The fact that
he has disposed of considerable of his
inlerestH in Nelson and become interested elsewhere, they say shoulil
have no weight with him.    While   no
definite Information could be found
it is bolinved flint Mr. Hume will be
in Nelson curly next week prepared
to begin the fight, wliinli ho will undoubtedly find   iiiion   his   bunds.    He
will find  much  of tlm preliminary
work done when ho nrrives here, for,
as above stated, his friends have not
been idio.
It is argued by some of his supporters that Mr. Hume, being a minister,
should not be opposed, In answer lo
this argument his opponents point lo
(lie fact that overy Opposition member
who had lo resign luin been compelled
to fight his way buck to his scat. This
however, is not the solo reason for Ihe
opposition which has developed.
"We are opposing Mr. Ilume," said
11 citizen yesterday, "because wr believe wo liuvo stronger men iu Nelson
who could better represent uh. It wns
recognized on nil sidoH whon Mr.
Hume wns last cleotod that he was a
weak mnn but some supposed thnt bin
elevation to the Cabinet of thn Province would givo him strength. On
the contrary, however, be teems now
lo have no weight whatever in dealing
with matters effecting the Konlonnys
Ho has stopped thn building of mnny
necessary frails comiueiiced by the lute
Government, bus allowed useful oiii-
cinls in different purts of the district
to be dltmitsed without cause,   ha*
I beeu 11 party to the Government with
drawing lands from the public, thus
j retarding in u great measure the development of the country and ombarrns
sing tho saw milling interests. He has
assisted in legislation which is a blot
upon the Province. His position as
Minister of Mines and bis presumed
knowledge of mining matters lead people to believe that he would make advantageous changes in the mining
laws. Ho has, however, made rulings
contrary to the recognized practico of
the department und has unsettled the
rights ot minors to their claims.
Without rhyme or reason he has withdraw 11 the privilege accorded miners
who havo allowed their licenses to
lapse of being ro-iustuted in their
mining rights on payment of au addi
tional fee. Thus he has placed in
jeopardy the property of not only tbe
wealthy mine owners but the properly
of the proprietor and prospector as well.
He has failed to hnve the registray
office built here appropriation for
which bus been made, and tho public
is still put to tho inoonvenienoe nnd
expense of registering their papers at
Victoria. Neither has he succeeded in
inducing the Government to provide
for a mineral exhibit at Paris. Many
other reasons might be advanced to
show why we would be better represented by a stronger man, a man hav
ing more firmness aud more   ability."
In an Attempt to Board a Tram  He Fell
Boneath the Wheels and Lost
One Leg.
Albert Canyon, B. 0., Jan. 27.���
A very sad aeident befell the Rev. P.
Ford, English Church clergyman, of
Revelstoke, here this afternoon. The
reverend gentleman had been to Beaver on a visit to a late parishioner and
returning on today's No. 1 train, got
oft' at Albert Canyon station, while
the train stopped as wns the nsunl custom, to see frieuds at the station,
While the train was moving out he
mndo two attempts to board it, but
each cur wns vestnu.od with closed
doors, Although the station agent
shouted to him to keep clear, he made
a last effort to mount the front platform of the Bleeping car. Unfortunately ho missed his footing und releasing his hold fell between the station platform and tho wheels of the
cur which ran OV r his right leg just
below tho kneo. The agent succeeded
In stopping the train und the unfortunate gentleman wus put on nnd tnken
to Revelstoke hospital. Medical aid
awaited him there and it wns found
necessary to amputate the limb, Tho
sad event cast quite a gloom in town
where much sympathy is felt for him.
He is exceedingly popular anil much
beloved among his parishioner.* and he
is well known in Vancouver and
throughout the Province.
British Embassy at Washington Putting on ii Few Frills,
New York, Jnn. 27. ���A dispute!] lo
lhe Times from London says; The
British Government bus deoided to
create u permanent post rsBritish Military AttOOhe to its onilmsy at Washington. Of course, Ibe United Stales
QOVernmeul will previously hav tn be
asked whnlhcr   snch   n   step   will   Im
agreeable to it und will hove to give
nu affirmative answer. The first Brit-
isb military attaoho ol Washington
will be Captain A. Lee, Roynl Artillery, who wus for nearly bve years
professor of military topography at
Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario, nnd who aooorapanled the
American forccH throughout the Ou-
bin nnd Porlo Rioitn campaign as mil
ilary attache nnd whose urticlo on
American regulars in n cent magazines
attracted much attention, lie will be
raised fo rank of Lieut. Col. in li ih
new post.
Australian Will Visit Oanado and the
Stales en Route Homo.
Now York, Jan. 21.��� The Anslrnlian
cricketers will again visit the United
Hiatus and Canada Huh year. Several
oommunicatioiis have Jpaiied between
tne Associated Cricket Clubs, of Philadelphia, nnd the Melbourne Orioket
Club, of Australia,   and   it   has   been
dolded thut offer ihe tour of England
the fiimons Aiistralii leven will return homo by wny of Sun Kiiiiicisco,
thus visifin'g the United States and
playing a series of games here on the
wny. Every effort is being mode by
thn Australians lo get together the
strongest teiim ever sent out by Ihe
colonics, The inlineiary of the visitors
will probably Include three gomes In
Philadelphia nnd one each in New
York, Bultlmore, Toronto, Chicago und
Hun Frauuisoo.
Government Makes Provision
For Lots of Passes.
Another Boat Arrives  from the  North
With fietiirning Gold Seekers Who
Tell of Hardships.
Victoria, Jan. 27.���Mr. Helmcken,
member for Victoria, in tbe Legislature, has taken steps to bring fo an issue the matter of tbe suggested repeal
of the act relating to Oriental labor in
c insequence of tho protests of the
Emperor of Japan. He has given notice of a resolution reciting the representations made from Ottawa, on the
subject anil adding : Therefore, be it
resolved, that ns the s'lid act is conceived to be in the best interests of
this Province, this House is not prepared to pass nn act to repeal the
tt is provided in tho South
Kootenay Railway Bill, now. passing
through committee of tho whole, that
"Tbe oompany shall be bound to carry
over its linn nf railway, without
charge all persons whost transportation
would otherwise bo a charge against
tho Government of this Province, nnd
all members of the Legislature."
This is the first nppnarance of such a
condition in railway churters in this
The Cottage City, which left. Skag-
wnv on January 30, reached Victoria,
early this morning, bringing a batch
of some 25 miners from the Copper
River und a mingled tale of gold
finds,bard luck, and death in tbe Valde
W. 0. Bruce, un old Hamilton man,
but now of Taooma, came out with
his partner, Hebor Smith, of Chicago.
He reports that somo 4,000 men spent
tho season on Copper River, and
coming out in the middle of November over the Valde glacier, quite a
number of deaths occurred from men
being frozen to death. Among these
wero Harry Cohen, formerly a Now
York jeweller, who with nino companions started for the coast, and, overcome by weakness, succumbed to the
cold. Another one of his companions,
named Smith, tried to got to the
Const, but died from his injuries. Another young man, whoso name could
not bo learned froze to death, and a
Hungarian, George Poltovitch, who
enme on the Cottage City, lost part
of ench foot from frost bites.
Man nnd Wife Drop Dead in N. Y.
Within u Few Hours.
New York, Jun. 27.���At number 88S
Madison street., Borough of Kings,
this morning luy the bodies of Emil
Renter, a wealthy wholesale flour imr-
cbinil, of Union uremic, und his wife.
In apparent,   good   health   they   spent
the evening yesterday at the theatre,
Afterwords, they went to a restaurant
for supper then started for home. Ah
Ibey were walking past Hllli Madison
Street, Mrs. Hunter gave a cry anil fell
uiii'ouciiiiis lo the hiiI will le. Thn hour
was bile and lhe Streets were   deserted
ho Mr. Router aroused the oooupants
of the house Thn stricken woman
wus taken inside and two physicians
were  summoned,   Heart failure they
thought had caused death. Dazed by
his sudden grief, the husband left the
bouse and walked to the homo of n
friend not for OWOy. Half nu hour
Inter, he Started back With thn idea nf
watching by his wife's body through
the remainder of the night. A few
feet from where Mrs. Renter had fnl
Inn, he suddenly threw up his hands
and went henvily to tlm sidewalk. A
poller by who had seen him oarried
him into No 808, He wns placed
beside Ihe body of bis wife nnd Hie
doctor ngniii sent for. He wns dead,
and they gave 08 it as their opinion
Hint lie hail died of apoplexy brought
on by the shock. Coroner Burger will
hold nn milops.y in both enses.
Buffalo,   Jim. 27,��� Subscriptions   fo
the stock of tho Pan-American  Exposition   renched   the   million   dollar
mink   this   nflcrnoon    over    1800,000
i bavlttg been received within   the   pnst
I IS bouri.    It   is   now proposed to   in-
civiiho Ihn capital   stock   of   Iho  com-
: pony   from   * 1,000, Odd   to   M.000,000,
Tlie raising of   11,000,000   by  popular
subscription within live dnvH is a   feat
ihn incorporators of the exposition sny
l bus never before been accomplished in
I this oountry.
Mme. Henri, Widow of Suicide, Brings an Action.
Judge Held That  it Would  Not do to
Consider it Until Court of Cassation Was Through.
Paris, Jan. 27.���The trial action
brought by Madame Henri, widow
of Lieut.-Col. Henri, who committed
suicide in prison here, after confessing to having forged one of the documents in the Dreyfus case, against M.
Joseph Reinaeh, member of the Chamber of Deputies and editor of Repnb-
lique Frnucnise for libelling deceased,
declaring him a traitor, opened at the
Assize Court today. The court decided
to suspend proceedings pending the
decision of the Court of Cassation.
After several anti-semite mobs had
been driven from the neighborhood of
the court, they reformed at Place du'
Chatelet, howling "Spit on Jews" and
cheering for the army. A stick fight
followed, during which several persons were injured, and the rioters
were again scattered. M. Marcel Hub
abart, member of tbe Chamber of Deputies for Rnmbouillet district, Department of Seine-et-Oise, and friend of
the late General Boulanger, was prominent in the disturbance.
Madame Henri was present in deep
mourning in court M. Laberis, counsel for Al. Reinaeh, immediately i sked
the court to postpone the trial until
tho Dreyfui enquiry was determined.
He declared the suit was merely the
work of a political party reduced to
tho last, oxtremities and that it was
merely a desperute attempt to influence
tho verdict of the Court of Cassation
in its decision of the Dreyfus trial.
Thn suit was ostensibly instituted to
obtain satisfaction and honor a woman and child. Here Madame Henri
legan to weep und M. Laberis, expressed regret at the fact that his duty
compelled him to allude to painful
maters. Counsel then protested against
tbe popular subscription started by
the Libro Parole which he said was
opened for the purpose of glorifying
the act of Colonel Henri, who hud
bocome n forger to maintain un innocent man iu prison. "The Court of
Cassation" counsel then said, '"In
spite of tho insults nnd the daily attacks made upon it, continues serenely to perform the work of Just ice,
und I bow in udvance before tho decision which wus given by the Court
of Cassation for it is the duty of all to
bow to the truth." M. Luborio concluded wilh deolarlng that he demanded an adjournment of the ense in tho
superior interest of justice nnd protested that tho accusiition thut the re-
visiunistH or those who favored a revision of Ihe trial of Dreyfus, Insulted
the army, wuh un infamous   calumny.
M. St. Aubin, counsel for Madame
Henri, replied, violently attacking
M. Reinaeh.   lie  Intimated Hint the
wilneHses wore present und M. Rein
nob should give the proofs of his assertions, us he hud pioiuised to do.
M. Lubnrin declared that M. Rein-
BCh desired to have lhe action thoroughly Ihi'cHhid out, but owing to the
fuel Hint the diplomatic nml military
witnesses were not yet relieved from
the restrictions of profcsHionnl socrecy,
a healing of tho ense now could only
be abortive, as in the case of the trial
of M. Zola. The court decided to nd-
jnni'ii proceedings until the court of
Cassation shall havo passed upon M.
Laberie's appeal.
Canada is Not showing up Very Well
This Wintor.
Poughkeepsie, Jun. 27.���Unless their
representatives ikare foster than ihey
did yesterday or today, Canada cun lay
claim to none ot the notional skill ing
cliiiuipinnships this year. The situation is a great relief to the Yankee
skaters and the followers who looked
on with long fanes Inst winter, when
McCulloch, of Winnipeg, skated nwuy
with ull the national honors Threo
chinnpiiinsliips, the BOO metres, I,M)0
metres nnd Ii.OOO metres have been decided, the llrst two mentioned going
to Newburg, N. Y,, through its rcpro-
sentnllvn Teddy Thomas nnd fi,000
metres to Now York Athletic Club,
represented  by MuClave,   Now there
is only one more national championship to be skilled tomorrow, the 10,000
metres and the talent is tonight picking the Newburg boy to add this honor to his other victories. When it is
considered that Thomas has just recovered from a severe sickness and has
had only one week's practice, his work
is remarkably good. While Canada
has so far failed to win a championship one of her representatives A. E.
Pilkie of the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association gave two pretty performances today wining the two mile
bandioap in a hot contest with 12 other
skaters and ulso capturing the one mile
pursuit race.
Baltimore, Md., Jan. 27.���Judges
Goff and Morris in the United States
Circuit Court here today handed down
a decree ordering the sale of the Baltimore and Ohio Railway under foreclosure proceedings. No date was
fixed for the sale and it is understood
that it will not take place, today's
order being merely for tbe purpose of
expediting the reorganization of the
The Oorbin Railway Charter Will Depend
on the Negotiations  at
Among the arrivals in the city yesterday were Sir Charles Hibbert Tup-
per, Mr. F. W. Peters of Victoria and
Col. S. W. Ray of Port Arthur. The
gentlemen are at the Phair and will
be in the city for some time. Sir
Charles nnd Mr. Peters are here on
professional business, having some
work to prepare for the supremo court
which commences its sittings here ou
February (i, and will consequently be
in tho city until after that date. On
Monday evening Sir Charles will address a meeting of the Liberal-Con-
servativo Af^c i.dion.
The party arrived yesterday from
Kaslo, after having visited the Dardanelles mine. Sir Charles is not used to
mountain climbing and hns not yet
quite recovered from all the physical
discomforts attending a visit to amino
at an elevation of 0,500 feet, but a few
aching joints did not keep him from
answering the questions of a Miner
reporter last evening. Both he and
Mr. Peters expressed tho greatest satisfaction with tho showing that is being made by the Dardanelles. A large
ore body is in sight and it is exceptionally rich in silver. The mine
has become a regular shipper, five car
loads boim. already shipped und an-
otbor will be turned out today.
"I cannot understand any Government being so short sighted as to refuse to grant u sum of money to have
the mineral resouroes of British Columbia properly represented at Paris,"
said Sir Charles in answer to a question iu reference to the matter. "More
than the Province could afford would
not bo too much to dovoto to such u
purposo" ho continued. "It is most
important to advertise onr mineral
wealth and no belter medium than
thi) Paris exposition next your could
possibly be found. The money thus
silent would realize ten-fold."
The conversation drifted to the question of the fight- that will undoubtedly
be mode nt Ottawa again this year to
Seouro a charier for (he consliiictioii of
the Keltic River Vullnv Railway into British Columbia. "1 think it will
depend this your   upon   Iho  rosull.  ot
the Joint High Oommiiiion  meetings
at Washington. If an agreement flint
is satisfactory to both countries iH arrived nl gnod feeling will be engendered and the members of Parliament
will feci more inclined io grant the
American company what it. wiuils.
I!nt if, on Hie oilier hand, nothing
conn's of lhe negotiations Canadians
will not. feel inclined to grunt, unv
concession lo Ainericnns nnd the prim-
Iincts will be good for u refusal of the
charter. Of course, if the Government takes it up the bill would go
through, but OS they   were   hist  '.ear
so they will probably bo this���a divis
Ion of opinion among  the  ministers,
" What do yon think will result from
the present negotiations at Washington?"    OSked the reporter.
"Whatever opinion anyone mny
bee on the qui'slion now" iinswrrcd
Sir Chillies "is but u niiiller of guess
work iih the scHsioiiH are secret nnd
nothing whatever in made public
about tlie course of Ihe negotiations.
It is u case of one man's gnct's
againit another's. However if nothing
iH iieeoinplisht d now it will be an   end
to negotiations for veers, Tbe times
are ripe for ii favorable argument but
if the Americana maintain o siiir upper lip I do not see thnt we would lose
anything by doing the sumo. Wo are
getting along very well without the
United Slides liuirkcts und can continue lo do so. "
When questioned in reference lo thn
Alien Kxeliislon Act Sir CharliiH said
Hint he could Hen no reiiHon in   such   n
measure,   "it in bard fo frame ��law
which   effeotS  placer  mining without
nlso effecting quartz mining. I do not
see thut such a bill has anything to
commend it."
Defeated Last Night by the
Rossland Seven.
F. W. Peters of NelBon Was Elected President of the Kootenay Curling
Rossland, Jau. 27. ���(Special)���Nelson was closed out of tho race for tbe
Hockey Championship tonight by being defeated by the Victorias of Ross-
andu by four goals to two. The ice
was soft and the play was necessarily
slow. It was NoIbou's misfortune that
one of the goal umpires was lamentably unfit, for his position and did not
allow two goals that the ^visitors
scored. All the Rossland peoplo thut
were iu a position to see, acknowledged that tho two games were Bcored.
Blackwood played a brilliant game
for Nelson aud on the forward line
Wetmore was a star,scoring both goals
allowed. Rosslaud and Victorias piny
olf tomorrow night for the championship. Iu the Junior competition Sandon was defeated by the Rosslanders
by 4 to 1. The Nelson Juniors who
arrived tonight play Rossland tomorrow morning.
In the curling competitions only
the Walkervillu aud Tuckett contests
were advanced today ou account of soft
ice. Grant is now iu the last four iu
each of the Walkerville. Grand Cbal-
Vngo aud Hudson's L...-* ontosta. To
day's scores wore:
Walkerville���Cranston, Rossland,
8, Grimmett. Sandon, SI.
Prasor, Rossland, 8, Grant, Nelson,
Tuckott���Cranston, Rosslaud, ll,
Peters, 6.
Hood, Sandon, 7, Wnugh, Kaslo, 10.
All Comers���Brown, Revelstoke 10,
Hood, Sandon, 14.
Ski races,sis entries���Olaus Jelduess,
first; . A Solstad, second. Course two
miles.    Time, !i :06.
Skating, one mile championship,
seven entries���E. J. Scovil, of Kaslo,
first. J. M. Merritt, Rosslaud, second.
Three mile, fivo ontries���E. J. Scovil, Kuslo, first; J. J. Kennedy, Ross-
hind, second.
The visiting curlers were entertained at lunch at tho Allan House this afternoon by Messrs. MoArthur, the
President of the Kootenay Curling Association und Messrs. Fraser and Carlyle the President and Vice-President
of the Rossluud Curling Oiub. A most
pleasant and jolly time was spent
from 1 to 2:8C. Between CO and 60
curlers sat down at the table. The
Mayors of Rossluud aud Spokane
were present and responded to a oull
for speeches from the President.
Their worships then left to have a
photograph taken with the Union Jack
and Old Glory displayed and entwined
as typical of the unity and friendly
spirit now ' -i .lung between the two
After the luncheon he annual mooting ot the Kootemiy Curling Assooi-
tioii took place when the following
olllccrs were elected :
Patron���Hon, O. H, Mackintosh.
President���P. W.  Peters, Nelson.
Vice-Presidents���Messrs. Eraser of
RoHsliind ; Brown, of Revelstoke, und
Buchanan of Kaslo.
Secretary Treasurer���II. O. Jackson,
Kxoetitivo Committee���Messrs, Oarlyle und Morkill, of RoshIiuuI ; Judge
Forin and Mr. McLeod, of Nelson; Q.
O. Buchanan of Knslo; M. L. Grimmett, of Sandon.
As the semi finals and finals uro now
being played und Iho weather during
the day not being cold enough, the
games were fixed for 11 p. m. and 1 :l)0
a. in., tin's ie0(iring all night sessions, but day und night is aliko to
lovers of tho "ronrin" gamo when a
competition is on, So far Nelson's
chunces of bringing ono and perhaps
two trophies homo aro good. Tho
culling bonspiel hns been a pronounced
London, Jnn. 27.��� The Standard
snys: Mr. John Morley, tho Liberal
Statesman und journalist, has been
paid the siini of $50,11011 for writing u
biography of tho late Mr. Gladstone,
under whom Mr. Morley served a*
Chief Booretary for Ireland,
, 4t
Nelson Daily Miner
Published Dally except Surday.
el on Miner Pkintino Puhlisiuno Co..
D. J BK.M'LN'. Mun-.ging Director and
ALL COMMUNICATION   to the Editor must
bo teoampanied by tin r.nuio und address
of the wilier, not u.cc->sarlly for publloa-
11, bul an evldenco of good fiilth.
Supscription Rates,
Dally per month by can'or t 100
per month by mai    100
per hulf yer   by ni; il    5 00
por year  10 0U
per year foreign  IS 00
Notion Wkekiy Miner.
Weekly, poi half year $ 1 8fi
por voar    2 00
1      per year, forolgn   300
Subscription! IIvariably in advance.
Notices of Births,   Djaths, and Marriages
osertod for 50 cents each.
Advertising n les made Known on application
Nelson Miner Printing &PubllshlngCo
There bas been another resignation,
this time one very closely affecting the
electors of Nelson. The announcement of it hardly comes as a surprise,
as it bas beeu well understood among
the politicians of tho City that Mr.
Huino hart been disqualified in a manner similar to that which drove about
a round half dozen of other members
out of the House and back to their
constituents. Tho only surprise is that
the resignation has been so long delayed. It has been quite current for
several days that Mr. Hume had not.
been appearing in his usual place
in tho House. Mr. Robertson first,
and then Mr. Neill, tromptly rosigued
when informed of their innocent violation of the law. So did Mr. Tisdall.
So also did tho three members for
Victoria who nre now seeking re-election, including the leader of the
Opposition, Mr. Turner. Only Mr.
Hume delayed. Probably be has a
satisfactory explanation. It may be
that only at the last, moment was he
furnished with conclusive evidence
that he was disqualified. He is entitled to the benefit of any doubt, ami
in the meantime the most generous
construction should be put upon his
apparent tardiness.
The resignation, of course, involves
another election, which will probably
be held as soon as the preparations for
it can bo made. It does uot seem to
be absolutely certain that Mr. i.ume
will ngain otttt. It is snirt that he is
under stroug temptation to go up to
the Atlin country. If he had nothing
but his seat in the Legislature to con
sier, he would probably do this; there
is in addition his Cabinet portfolio,
which iu all likelihood will influence
���im to face another coutest. Those
who think of disputing the seat wilh
the Ministerial party will probably be
on the safe side if they calculate mi
Mr. Hume as their opponent. It is
ono thing to resign a seat in tbe Hoi se
when you have to; it is quite another
to resign a Government  portfolio.
Mr. Hume's violation of tho law was
no doubt ns unconscious as lhat of any
of the other members who have resigned, and be and they are uliko entitled to such a measure of public
sympathy as the occasion demands.
But in the contest which is to follow,
it will be as well not to allow this
sympathy to obscure greater things.
Commiseration is nn amiable quality,
but it has small placo in tho game of
politics. Mr. Hume, assuming that
he will again be a candidate, will be
judged by Ii ih pubic nets and by the
nets und policy of those with whom
be is nsssociulcd. Successful nnd respectable government of u country
could not, be curried on on any other
principle. Should he be opposed, tlm
electors will be required to decide between iho policies represented bveooh,
Hueh in it word is (ho situation that,
will be presented in a few days, and
we should   divest   our   luindH   in the
meantime of all thoughts or reflections
likely to Interfere with a full und
just consideration of it.
Custom's officer most probably exceeded his authority. Many of them do
thut, often to tho country's prejudice;
for the few dollars, or cents, obtained
in the shape of duty is a poor equivalent for the dissatisfaction created by
it. Tbe story, however, that poor
men coming into the country often
h...n to earn money before they can
net their clothes through the customs
is arrant nonsense. No poor man travels about with clothes that are liable
to duty. A Custom's officer who levied duty ou what were obviously settlers' effects, and held them for payment, would deserve instant dismissal. The whole story is either a concoction or o misrepresentation of the
It is made worse, ns we hnve said,
by the editor. In making a comparison
with the conditions in (lie Transvaal,
the editor gives ihe impression that in
British Columbia we live off tho
strangers within our gates. That may
not have been tbe intention, but the
unthinking or unsuspecting reader will
so understand it. This is calculated
to do us harm, aud if The Empire haB
a proper appreciation of the matter it
will put it right, with its readers. In
respeot to tariff taxes, internal revenue taxos, municipal taxes, Provincial taxes, or taxes of any other sort
or description, all are treated alike in
this country. Thero is no Uitlauders'
grievance in any part of Canada, and
to suggest that there is is a mistake
that should be instantly corrected.
This is from The New Denver
Ledge: "The Moyie. Leador reaches
this office about throe weeks after the
date of publication. Moyie is distant
from Nelsou 125 miles by rail aud boat.
Tbe mails, however, are carried 450
miles, first by team, then by rail,
aimin bv team, thou agaiu by rail,
then by boat, still again by rail, once
again by boat, then still again by
train, and again by rail aud still again
oy boat." If this does not turn Mr.
Mulock's head, we hope it will turn
his attention to the great need of
postal reforms and postal enterprise in
Southern British Columbia.
Praise r���r lhe ex-Premier,
Mr. Turner himself makes no pretenses to statesmanship, He ouly
claims to know something about the
capabilities of British Columbia, and
what will tend to develop those capabilities, and to have been able, in
conjunction with his friends in and
out of the Legislature, to devise a plan
whereby that development would have
beeu rapid. He can poiui to what has
occurred in Kootenay during tho past
live or six years, where such a series
of events bas taken place, where such
itreut prosperity bas been enjoyed by
the people, where so much bus been
done that is weighted with glorioi s
promise for the future that the mofct
part of the Speech, which his political
opponents mil into the mouth of lhe
Lieutenant-Governor, was devoted to
congratulating  (he country upon   the
fruits of the policy of the late Government in this regard. Mr. Turner
believed lie had formed plans which
would lead to similar prosperity in
Other parts of tlie Province. It ih
irue that he was opposed by Iho present Government party, then in Opposition, who foretold nothing but failure and the imposition of burdens up-
oi Ihe Province which if could not
bear; but every one knows that they
suid I be sume thing iibout the Kootc-
nny projects, upon whose ell'ect upon
lhe country they now offer such
congratulations.��� Viotorio Colonist.
The editor of The Empire, London,
in the department devoted to "Things
in General," publishes this paragraph :
"A corresiioudnnt, in Ross-
land, B. C, writes inn the following :
'This iH a nice country! They tnx n
man'l Sunday suit ami cb-uii shirts,
mid sonic poor men who arrive here
with a few chillies and no money, not
lining able lo pay the duty, cuniiot. get
their clothes through the Customs until they   have   earned   enough money.
This jh the way Canada treats settlers
from Ihe old country, charging thoin
Wi per cent of the vulnn of their
clothi's, not only on new ones but alno
if they have not worn them for six
months,1 This does not sound very
encouraging, nnd the rouub-taxed
Uitlauders in the Transvaal arc not the
only ones with a grievance after ull."
The man's story in the llrst place is
bad enough, but tbe editor mukcH it.
worse, Very possibly Ihn coiiiplninant
was made to pay duty on liih Sunday
suit and clnun Hhirts if they wero
new and bud not been previously
worn ; but settlers ns a rule me poi-
mitt.ed to bring in n geuoroiiH supply
of clothing without   ils being subject-
ed to a Custom's tax.   if in  the case
iu question   a   tax   was imposed,   the
Tile   las,   aii,l   Worst.
"Golf?" the physiciiin suid with u
sigh. "Golf, or more correctly, golli-
oitls, must be designated thu fourth
dementia, Oolfloitls is a permanent
addition to English manias, and is
attracting the attention of thinking
alienists. This mania differs from
ntliuiH in that il. iH iiiohI ueutu in ils
chronic stages and is inciirnble. Its
symptoms arc a loathing for legitimate
business, iiii abnormal disposition
to copious profanity and nervous irritation, a passion f'oi- giddy and eccentric garments, a profound oontempt for
truth, ii hatred of domestic restraint,
iiccompiinied   by   Hushed   face and   a
depraved love of out-of-doors. ".���Golfing.
hi.ui Bxperlenee Teaettos.
We huvc now iind several years' experience with the system oi remunerating aldermen for their services, The
experiment Iiiih proved anything but.
Hiulsf'aclory. The Hillary is the Induce
incut Hint, brings mil so many low
grade candiilulcs every your. The council is composed of purely professional
aldermen, The payment of salaries
to aldermen should be discontinued,���
Toronto World
With Kitchener to Khartoum, by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Thome,
H. Rider Haggard.
Linnet,        -      Grant Allen.
Britain's Roll of Glory,
D. H. Parry.
Fights For the Flag,
W. H. Fitchet
Deeds That Won the
Empiie, W. H. Fitchet.
Whittaker's   Almanac   1899.
Office and Pocket
Diaries, 1899.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and  is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
Broken lllll Block Raker 81.
NOTICE in hereby given that I have deposited in the ofMco of the Registrar-General of
titles, Victoria, plans HhowinK a proposed dock
or wharf and wurohoune and approach en thereto and site to float a boom over the Went Arm
of Kootenay Lake in front of lot lor block) 62a.
in the city of Nelson, aid tho location of tho
name, together with a description of tho proposed sites, and I have deposited a duplicate
of each in tho olliee of the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, at tho city of Ot
lawa, Ontario,
Notice is further given that after tho expiration of one momh from thin date 1 will apply
to His Excellency the Goveinor-General-in-
Oouncll for approval of such plant) and description and of t be works i herein referred to.
Dated at, Nelson tho Hth day of January 1899.
Start the
New Year
As You
Should. !!
a i mill. Compliment.
In Hid olograph I onl adltion of Tbaok-
eroy's works whioh ih bolus prepared
hy  li in  daughter,   Mrs,   Ritchie, tho
iiilrinliii'l inn   In   Ihn luli'Kl volutin' Iiiih
ii delightful story, Thaokeroy, in
ih.'m, triads un nnsuooossfnl effort in
Kuin a si'iii in Parliament, ilin opponent wuh ljuril Mniick, uftorwarde the
first Governor-General of Canada, A
Hurl nf oatohword osed daring the oon>
test was "May the host man win."
One day, junt before the, olootion,
Thaokeroy and Lord Monok met on the
stroet, shook hands nml ohatted pleasantly for a few moments When ilmy
separated Thaokeroy said, laughingly.
"Well, may the best iiian win." "I
hope not," replied Lord Monok. with
a oordial smile and a bow.���Stray
Subscribe for
and Advertise in the
Kootenay's   Greatest
Painting and
Fancy Work.
Better Than Ever.
Reliable Mining News
Mm, V, A. Tiiiiililyn, Vernon u|., Is prc|>iitcd to
lulu- pupils In iiiilntliiK nn Sul in. II hiss ii.mK',,,,.
un.. ,ii��n lemons given In nil branolioi nf luiosi
fancy work, onion executed promptly nnd
M reasonable prluu. '
Hie News of
the World
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
WHOLESALE      MaU ^Speciality.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
Pianos   and   Organs.
Heintzman Pianos,
Morris Field Pianos,
Newcome Pianos.
Dominion Organs,Doherty Organs
Thomson Stationery Co. Ltd, "K"'
Official Directory.
Governor-General        -        -        Lord Minto
Premier - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Common;, Dominion Parlia
meet, WestKoolenay    ���    Hewitt Bostock
Dep Col. Inland Revenue F W Swannell
Lieut. Governor - Hon TR Mclnnes
Premie' - Hon Chan Semlln
Attorney-General       -       Hon Joseph Martin
MinlHtcrof Finance - Hon F C Cotton
Minister Mines and Education   Hon J F Hume
Pres Executive Council      Hon Dr McKechnie
Member Legislative Assombly tor Nolson Rid-
Inn - Hon .1 V Hume
Mayor - ��� Hamilton George Neelands
Aldermen���Clias Hillyer, H B Thom-on J
Frank Beer, frank Fletcher, A. L. McKilloo'
.1. A. Kirkiiatrlck,
City Clerk
Police Magistrate
Chief of Police
Chief of Fire Dopartmont
Hi-all h Officer
Cily Knglnoer - .... ,, .��� , ,���������.,,
City council meets evory Monday, 7:110 p.;n al
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
Dr. EC Arthur. Dr. G A B Hall, Geo Johnstone.   Principal���J.   Hostler   Soady. B  A
President - J Roderick Robertson.
Secy-ireas. ��� F VV, Swannel
D.   McARTHUR   &   CO.
Cox. Mart & ffiafcer Sts.
J K Strachan
E A Crease
A F McKinnon
W J Thompson
John Hamilton
Dr. LaHau
A. L. M'Culloch
Medical Supt.
John A. Turner
W. A. Jowett.
F. W. Swannell
J A Forin
Dr. G. A B Hall
Carload  of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
First Jailer
Second Jailor
Third Jailer
Senior Guard
Capt. N. FitsBtubbs
Geo. Partridge
Jos. L-ibhe
Fred Jarvis
John McAlman
Government Inspector of Agencies VV J Goepel
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its  branches
We have our own Hearse.
All Kinds Of Smoke,
Gold Commirwioner
Mining Recorder-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Court Judge
Inspootur of Schools
John A. Tumor
R ����� Tolmlc
Geo. Johnstone
John Keen
J A Forir
William Burns
lllll:   TABLE   FOB   < LOSING   OF   MAILS
Mail   C Spokane;   Victoria;   Rossland A
for{    Winnipeg;   Vancouver and      9 a.m
V all   Eastern    Points. J
Nakusp;   Slocan   Lake,    San- "I
don;    Vancouver,    Winnl-    }8p.m
peg, Main Lino, O.P.B.      )
(  Rossland;   Trail, Robson "and A
Points on O, & K. It'-.
T. k B. PLUU
As we keep our Tobaccos In both our Excise nml Customs Bonds we are
able to curry n large and assorted stuck,
Weather is Wet
We Have Them.
Neeland's . . .
Shoe Emporium
Annual Stock-Taking Sale!
Having just finished Stock-Taking*, I find a few lines
which I want to clear before Spring Goods, which are now
in transit, arrive.        ......
Ladies'  Wool Blouses   $2.00 $1.25
Ladies' Flannelette Wrappers      2.00 1.25
      2.50 1.50
        3-50 2.25
Ladies Jerseys at   $1.25
The   Balance of Ladies' and Children's Jackets at   Wholesale Cost.
Men's Overcoats at  $6.00
Boys' Overcoats at      2.50
Ladies' Felt Slippers      1.00
Mcn's German Socks         50
Figured Woo| Dress Goods at Cost.
Come and get Goods at Low Prices while they last.
Kasloanil I.ukii I'uiiii���-.       t p.m.
Kuskouook   mid Crouton
Monday and Friday 7:3(1 a.m
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Ocnorul
Delivery, 8 a.m. lo 8 p.m.;  Registration. 8.30
a.m. lo 7 p.m.; Monoy Orders and Savings Itank
9 a.m. lo 4 p.m.; Sunday 1 hour 110 to 11 a.tnl.r
J. A. BILKER. Postmaster,
Ciii:ncn ok Knoi.anp-MiiIIii 11a.m.; Eveu
Song, 7.80 p.m. overy .Sunday. Holy Common
Ion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month ufloi
Matins; ou 2nd and 4th Sundays, at 8 a.m
Sunday school at 2.80 p.m. Rev, II. S. Ako-
hurst, Hector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
Pukhhytkiuan C'liuitcil���Sorvlaeanl. 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 n.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society mods every Monday  evening   at 8  o'clock,     ltov. It. Frow,
Mktiiodist CmmcH-Corncr Silica and
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.31)
u. m. ; Sabbalh School, '2.30 p.m.; Prayer meet1
Ing on Friday livening at 8 o'clock: Kpworth
League Q. K., Tuesday ut 8 a.m. Hev. John
Hoi, .ni. Pantor.
Catiiiii.ii' OHUROB -Muss at Nolson. llrst
and i lnnl Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Honcdliv
linn nl 7.30 to 8 p.m. Hev. Father Ferland
Baptist Ohcrob - Services morning and
evening at 11a.m. and 7.80 p.m.; Prayer meet
Ini? .Vcdnesday evening al 8 p.m. the B. Y.
P. II. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially welcomed.   Hov. 0. VV. Hoso. Pastor
Hai.vation Ahmy���Servlo s ovory evonlnp
at 8 o'clock In barracks on Victoria strool.
Adiuiiuii Kdgocombo In charge.
#   BUY IT    *
The Miner is on sail at the fol-
lowlng news stores at live cents per
llllberl Hliinley
1 In.in mi :  1 ,it Iniii'l V
lo         Nelson
Camilla Drug St Hook Co.      Nelson
Ilolol Hume News Stand      Nelson
1'   I'nuiiii'. 11
ft, F. Nelson
Mow Denver
,!. F Ilolaney
Slocan News Co.
Slocan City
J. I. Mcintosh
Slocan News Co.
VV, Parker
Hi   Mill     ll    II
Thompson Hms.
Ilolel Spokane
M. VV. Simpson
M. Anderson            Hlornn Cms.lug
C, VV. lllll
i' i"li iiii
anil  News   Agents
on   boats
trains out of Nelson.
Steamship Lines
...    ,  From St. John
Allan Line   Parlshn      Feb, 11
Dominion Lino-Vancouver  ,,F0bo
.n     ..     v,    .,, Prom Portland
Allan  Line   Numldlan !vb.   4
From New York
Whlln Slur   Line   MaJMtlO Fob   H
Cuniird Line   Auniiila  Feb.   1
American Line     1   Units Feb   8
Anchor Line   Aiiehorla      Feb 11
Allan HiiileLInn   State of Nebraska .. Feli23
.. ..... From Huston
Dominion Line   Canada Feb. 18
Passages iimiiigcil to ami from all Buroposn
points, For rules. HeUels nml lull Informal Ion
imply l.nl' P. H.dopotiigiiit or C, IC. Honsley.
CllyTlckot Agoul, Nelson, II, 0,
....   ��� WILLIAM BTITT.
MS)  General Agent, O.P.H. Offlooa, Winnipeg,
NK1.HON LODGE, No. 38. A. F. & A.
M. moots second Wednesday In each
month.   Visiting brethren invltod.
n. L. I.knniix. Bocrotary,
4jS|W&��_     I.  O.  11.   F.     Koolenay  I go
'^KaSfiJf/ No, III, mooU ovory Monday night,
W"W'     at   their   Hall,   Koolenay  street.
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordlally Invltod.
K 0 Arthur, N.G.   John Vanslonc, V. O.
Fred J Squires, Secy.
���1 i-.iimI iiiiiI fourth Wednesday of
each moulh at K. of P. hall, Mar
Donald BloSg, car. Vernon and
Josephine si roots.   Vlsllluglireth
run oordlally Invited
Ciiah. H. Faiuuiw, Secretary.
COURT KOOTKN A Y, I.O.F., NO. 3138 iuooIa
1st and 3rd Wednesday In vault month In tho
K of P Hull.   F VV Swanell, C. I). 8. 0, H.I J "
ureen.O.H.1 j. Purklss, Sooy,
NKLSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., mods
eXfJCf Thursday In the I.O.O.F. hall. 0 c
W lllants M.W.: W S Snillh, Heo.-Hoo.; J. J.
Rn'Op111 Hiiuneler; F. J Squire. Receiver, and
P. M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1IIII2 moots In Iho Mac
Donald block every Thursday evening ul 8
0Clock, Visiting meiuliei's cordially Invlloil.
John love, VV. M.; F. ,1. Hradley, H. S.
-NHL80N   LODUir. No. It*. E. of  P.
WneelH In Casilo hall, McDonald block
IHSVpry   Tuesday  evening at 8 o'clock.
All visiting knights cordially invited.
11. (1. Joy, (!. O.
(S��0) (lieu. Rohh K. of H.antl S,
NKLSON LOIKIK, 1. (). (), T. Moots In
Castle Hull, McDonald Hlook, ovory Monday
evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Templars cot-
dlally Invited, John TKi.ininii,
Chief Temple 1 .
J. F. .in,-liln nn  Soo'y
111 Al     I SI ill     INK    IVSII1AM I     KIM
 Ropublio Btooks for Sale ���
1,000 Bryan and Bewail nuts
IKMI Maxwell lots
liKMt   Miinron    .'Ids
wmi Standard OcU
iikhi 1,1 ttie Cariboo (Boundary 3 ots
WOOToioilo ,, II ds
10U0;Llburty I) cts
VMee ffilMfiBeeekk Uleek, Nelsem ������ ��
An Exoellent Organization That is Doing
Good Work in the
Designer agent. In reply we have to
state tliut the gentleman is not
known tn ns, neither il" we carry the
DesiRuer patterns (ur any other put-
tern), anil for that mutter wo ilo not
sell the Designer. We are returning
1 your teeeipt and trust you may yet
' receive your paper or catch Mr.
Whitney.    Yours respeotfly,
P. Lament, Man.  Dir.
A union with whioh all the vvoniens'
societies in the city   are   affiliated   it
the local hraneh of the National Council   of   Women.    The   various ohuroh
and philanthropic   work in which wo
men are engaged are represented in the
council and   it   is   fou'id that such  a
union   helps nil the societies   without,
causing   any of them   to lose their individuality.    The   council wits organized last summer when Lady Aberdeen
was in   the  city.    It tonk some  time
to perfect the organization   so   it   was
well on into October before   the   work
commenced.    Up   to   the   end   of the
year the chief   monument���nnd a good
one���to tho onorgy and thoughtfuluess
of the ladies  who held olliee   was   the
founding of the freo library   and reading room.    It was the executive of the
council of   women   that   first made  a
move towards supplying   a library and
to   them   belongs   tho     praise for   its
realization.   If   the    council    should
never do anything   else   its  organization will not havo beeu in vain.
The annual meeting was held yesterday afternoon in the lecture room of
tit. Paul's church and all the ladies societies in the city were well represented Mrs. J. Roderick Robertson, president presided and there were present:
Mrs. Day, Mrs. Stocks, Mrs. Pearcy,
Miss Delmage, Mrs, Hamilton, Mrs.
Unnuormaii, Mrs. Charles Wilson,
Mrs. Painter, Mrs. McMorris, Mrs.
Mclntyre, Mrs. Bellamy, Mrs. Troup,
Mrs. Goepel, Mrs. Dowell, Mrs.
Clarke, Mrs. White. Miss O'Reilly,
Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Deacon, Mrs. Sutherland, Mrs. Gurd, Mrs. Sims, Mrs.
Lament, Mrs. W. W. Beer, Mrs. G. F.
Boer, Mrs. Blake Wilson. Mrs. McCulloch, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Escraige, Mrs.
Tho minutes of the organization
meeting were read and adopted after
Mrs. Robertson had opened the meeting with a few remarks which explained its nature and the purpose
for which it was culled.
Mrs. Arthur the treasurer, read hfr
report for the years work, showing a
substantial balance of cash ou hand,
The report was adopted Messrs. Kydd
and Bowes, who had audited the accounts, wetO aekod to act ill Hip same
enpacity this year.
Mrs. Stocks read the report of the
executive which reviewed everything
done since organization and shown I
that, during its Blunt existence much
good had been accomplished,
Au amendment to the constitution
wus proposed by the Ladies Aid of
St. Paul's church, iiicreusing the
number of vice presidents from four
to six. This was found desirable as a
larger executive was needed. The
change was made.
When tho election of officers camo
up Mrs. Robertson was re-elected president, by a unanimous vote, her protestations that someone else should
have the honor, being unavailing.
Tho board of Officers for thu voar who
together with the presidents of the
affiliated societies form the oxeculive
committee were clouted as follows:
President���Mrs. J. Roderick Rohert-
Vice-Presidents���Mrs. Goepel, Mrs.
Day, Mrs. Arthur, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs.
Litmont uud Mrs. G. F.  Heer.
Recording   Secretary���MrH.    A
Corresponding Seerotary ���
Treasurer���Mrs. W. W. Beer.
The president drew attention to the
fuet that Miss Livingstone, the well
known cooking expurt would lie in Nel-
ison about, lhe middle of February to
give cooking lessons, the proceeds of
which would lie devoted to the funds
of tho Public Library. Tho choice of
suitable quarters for the lessons was
left to the executive. If tho men of
the city will consult their appetites
aud digestion thoy will exhaust Iheir
persuasive powers in urging the ladies
to attend Miss Livingstone's classes
as she has au International reputation
as a cook and denionstratoi' and to 1 in -
part but half her knowledge of tho art
of cooking to the ladies of Nelson
would bo to banish dyapopsiu from our
borders forever.
It Has Heen Organized   and Will Soon
Be at Work.
The Hall Mines Smelter Baud is a
"go." It has been organized with
12 pieces and .*l(io have already been
subscribed toward procuring instruments by the Smeller men. Eight of the
bandsmen are old in the business, two
only having hud no experience
names of the Musicians are: Bandmaster, G. Norgorsou, cornet; G.
Shii'ling, cornel; W. B. Shaw, cornet;
0. Wulcrofl, Andy Johnson, R. Chambers, (4. Hall, A. Benson. J. Jnlesrud,
A. Olson; Doc. Smith drummer; J. C.
Dufresne, E.  flat cornet.
Of the above Messrs. Norgorsou and
Shirling have their instruments, leaving ton to be purohased at a cost approximated at $860. The bandsmen
without instruments have each subscribed $1(1 and other employes of tho
smelter have raised a fund of $(!().
There has been promised by local merchants the sum of $100. ' This with
the amount raised at the smelter will
leave about $1(10 to be raised anil this
the city will be asked to donate. It is
the intention to make the band a first
class one in every respect and as soon
as it becomes proficient uniforms will
he purchased. Andrew Johnson has
heen appointed chairman and Mr. Dufresne, secretary-treasurer, and they
together will look after the finances.
The bund expects to be well under way
in about a month or six weeks. The
Instruments have heen ordered from
tho Canada Book & Drug Company.
erecting the new sampling works at!
Rosebrey, leave for Spokane this morn- j
ing lo be absent a week.
A Ferland, merchant, today adver-1
tiscs in The Miner his annual stock
taking clearing sale. i Mr. Ferland has
the largest stock of dress goods in
West Kootenay and is prepared to lot
a part of it go at low down prices.
A lecture and coucert will bo given
at the, Presbyterian church next Friday
evening, Feb. II. Kev. Robert Frew-
will discuss til3 subject, "Europe Revisited. " Mrs. Parry, Mrs. Brougham
and other looal talent will assist in
the concert.
The Inland Revenue author!tie
have summoned the Nel.ion Electric
Light Co., for uot having taken out
their annual license which should have
been done last July. Elliot and Lennie are acting for the authorities and
the case will he heard before Police
Tho i Magistrate Orease this morniug at 1(1
The Nelson Methodist church is to
have a new parsonage, to be built at
the rear of the church facing on Josephine street. It, is to cost $2100 and
the conlr ict for its erection has been
let to W. G. Gilleft. The church itself is now undergoing repairs, the
walls being kalsomiiied and tho woodwork painted. In addition several
new pews will bo placed in the church
and electric light fixtures will also be
It's Not a Question !|������"""*
As to liow much you paid for
your shoes, as it'is what did you
gel for your money ?
Value in Footwear is what
is making now customers for us
every day
fc: FOR
0 Roomed Slow- Houao $20 00
4-Koomed Mastered Hoimo ��� gig oo
Why   not  become
Aberdeen Block
Sir Charles Hibbert Topper and Party
at Sandon.
Sir Charles Hibbert Topper, Lieut. -
Col. S. \V. Ray, directors, and Hon.
Fred Peters, vice-president of the Dardanelles Mining & Milling Co , limited, says tho Ko otenaian, arrived in
Sandon on Tuesday evening and visit-
oil the mine is company with \V. J.
Trethewey. the managing director.
Mr. Trethewey reports (he mine looking well. The ore chute on the eigth
level continues to improve as the
work progresses and one carload per
week is at present being shipped to the
Paget Sound Reduction Company at
Everett, Wash This ore will return
from 200 to 360 ounces silver per ton
ind from B0 to (ill per cent lead, and
there is no excess of zinc. As the ore
only contained 10(1 ounces^ silver down
to the 400 feet level the directors are
naturally feeling good over the rich
ore   encountered at lhe ."00   foot level.
The shaft is now being sunk to the
000 foot level. Messrs. Topper, Peters
and Ray are heavily interested in the
Mollie Gibson mine on K.ikaneo creek
where a rich strike of BOO ounce ore
was reported last week. They will return via Kaslo and thence on to Victoria.
Succumbed   Last     Evening   After    a
Short Illness.
G. B. dimming who for the past
two and a half years has been connected wilh Turner Beaton & Co., hero
died last evening after a very short
illness. On Tuesday ot this week he
was taken sick with pneumonia and
rapidly grew worse until early yesterday his lifo was dispaircd of.
Deoeased was an Englishman and
mini to British Columbia about six
years ago. His parents live iu Yorkshire. England, his father lining rector
of Lofius. Mr. Uuraming was a popular young mail and his untimely taking oil will be greatly regretted.
Ho Suocouds in Deceiving Several Slooan Women, i
Ladies of Kaslo and other Slocan
towns have recently suffered at the
hands of a designing man. Ono W.
Hi Whitney���or that is what, he called
himself at least ���has gone among them
representing himself to he un agent of
the Canada Drug and Book Co,, of
Nelson. Mr. Whilnny succeeded in
convincing several ladles that the Designer Patterns wero what thoy want-
oil and from ouch of I hose collected N,"i
oonts in ciihIi, Ono of them a Mrs.
Jennie HurriM look it upon herself lo
write the Canada Book anil llrug Co.,
In regard to tho matter and this is
the reply she received: "Dear Madame.���Yours of the llllll inst. to
hand, in reference to Mr. Whitney, the
No One Seemed Particularly Sorry
at the Governor's Departure.
St. Johns, Niid., Jan. a?.���Sir Herbert Murray, the retiring governor of
Newfoundland, who is to bo succeeded
by Sir Herbert Edward McCallnm,
late governor and commander-in-chief
of Lagos, West Africa, has sailed for
England. Owing to the unfriendly
relations he sustained, in consequence
of his methods, toward both political
parties in the island, there was no
p'ipiilar demonstration of regret at his
departure, No public or semi-public
bodies accompanied him to tho steamer, and no gathering of citizens witnessed his leaving. The whole incident
was unique in the history of the colony, Sir Herbert Murray having beeu
the first retiring governor who had left
the Colony without receiving a farewell address from the leading dignitaries of ohuroh, state, oommeroe and
the learned professions.
(���Roomed  Cottage
street, $750.
near  Stanley
0.Roomed Sione CollUKe $1300.
ljirue lloublc Honso $2000.
Did You Ever |f
|=       SEE ANNABLE
OFFICE VICTORIA ST., t>\ lllllll.F :
Stop and consider the prices you are
If you didn't it's time yon did.
paying  for   Eatables.
reason  we  can
we    buv   in    la
We want to remind you that the
below onr neighbor is simply because
quantities. .....
We carry the largest stock, therefore we are in  a   position at all times to fill your orders, no matter how large.
New Laid Eggs Arriving Daily.
M.DesBrisay & Co.
Aberdeen Block,
Some pi opici liink that a Hardware
stoic is a poor place to look fiirsuitahle
Disabuse your mind of thai idea. Wo
have a line of goods amongst which
will lie found the most useful and appropriate articles for presentation purposes. Their value is not Booting
Every day the receiver of one of these
will have reason Lo praise your judgment in selecting a lusting gift.
Importers of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Pour cars of custom ore arrived at
Ihe Hall Mines Smelter yesterday from
fie Ainsworlh camp.
a  raffle for a diamond stud will
be held this evening at   lhe  (Queens'
Hotel.    Everyone has a chance.
John 1{. Hevis, the former owner of
Ihr Kossland Miner, has established a
paper in Jiepiihlic, Weill,, called the
Kopuhlie Miller.
M''s. Melville Parry will sing the
solo, "Abide with tat," by Torring-
ton, next Sunday evening at St. Paul's
Presbyterian church.
Fletcher Andrews lefl yesterday for a
tour of Iho "Grand Circuit, "omlirnc-
ing Kaslo, Sandon, Three Eorks, New
Denver and Slocan   City.
Rev, R.   Frew  will speak Sunday
evening   on the subject I    "What is   a
Christian" with specialreferenoe    to
Hull Caine's "Christian,"
The population of Kosslanil is now
estimated at kiiiiii, This includes Kenneth 'iViiriiigion Bellairs, editor of
the Tillies.--Cranbrook Herald,
Kev. 0. W. Kosewill preach tomorrow morning in the Baptist church
on Ihe subject of "A Villon" In tin'
evening his theme will ho " lliintisni. "
Hewitt, linstock,  M.  1'., will address
ii meeting in Kaslo next Tuesday even
ing.    If is not  probable he   will ho in
Nelson   for   the   Topper   meeting   on
Monday night.
Frank J. Donley, of the grocery linn
of Simpson and Ponlev, who has been
sick for the pasl lo days, leaves this
morning for a short visit in the Stale
of Washington.
The managers of the Crystal rink
have   made iirrangemenls   for another
masquerade onrnlvnl to take place noxi
Wednesday evening. Very handsome
prizes have been offered and lhe nffoil
promises   lo be a lug success.
D. McAilhur, of lhe linn of 1). Mc
Arthur & Co., and his brother, O. W.
MeAi'thiir,   who  has the oontraot for
poes YoUr
Clock Keep
Good   Tiijie? . . .
Then send us a post card
or call and VVC will do the
Patenaude   Brothers.
tin Wednesday evening-, Feb.
isi, there will be a Masquerade
Carnival at   the   Crystal   Skating
Rink,   mill   the   following   valuable
Prizes will ho awarded:
For I.ailv's Fancy Costume A
Sterling Silver Fern,   value $20.00.
For Gentleman's Fancy Costume
���A Sterling Silver Shaving Set.
For Most Original Comic���A
Bronze Figure (Setter).
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes  Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, ��1,500,000, Kesem, $1,175,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
AntiRoniKh, N *<. Maiiland, N. B.
Bathurst, N. h. Monelon. N. B.
Bridgewater, N. S, Montreal, P. Q,
Charlottctown, P.B.I. Montreal, West End
Dorchester, N. B. Montreal, Westmotwt
Frederloton, N. B. Nunuiinn, B. C.
Oujsboi'O. N. S. Nelson, B. <'.
lininil Forks, B. C. Newcastle, N. 11.
Hnlifiix, N S. I'iclou, N. S.
KiiiKHlun, N. B. Port Ilawksbury, N. 8.
Londonderry, N. s. Ro 'land, B. C.
Lunenberg, N. s.
���Snckvllle, N. B.
Shubenaoadie, N. s.
Bummerelde, P. E. 1.
Sydney, N. 8.
SI. John, Nfld.
Truro, N. s.
Vancouver, B, ('.
Vanoouvor, East End
Victoria, B.C.
Weymouth, N. s.
Woodstock, N. B.
Ymir, B. C.
Cieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the ni ���'��t favorahle terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposit 13 'nil ou Having liauk accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vanconver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A BavingB Hunk department Ikih been established In connection with the Nelson branch of
Hi In bank.    Deposits or ono dollar und upwardH received, and current rate of inloroHt  allowed,
at present 8 por Gent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
i_                       Real Estate and Insurance Ascent. :_
|                    FOR SALE |
E            Two Lots on Mill Street.   $300 Cash. ^
I The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 3
I;               and Savings Co. i
E  advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and 3
E                               8 years by monthly instalments. E3
Mi'Mii! i.khhiinh.   On piano  organ   or
suitor, iiy Mm, vv. ,i. Ailloy, Robion Htraot
tWO tlnoi'H W'I'mI of Hlmiliiy.   I'. II. Iliix ISO.
ROOMS TO   LTCT   Fiii'iilHliml iii.il unfurn-
Muill.   A1hc> ii foW viiriilirlrH fur lulil" lioill'iliiro.
Mi*, Ki'iniy, CiiruoiiMo hiii'iit..
Patronize Home Industry
Made   Cigars.
Royal Seal
Our   Other
>dged to be about   the  Best  Clear
Cigar On the   Western  Market.
Brands arc so Well   Known    they
A I'AU'I'V having two or Ihroe lolauro noun
it .Inv WOUld III'"" kH nf liuiikn in kaop.    Ap-
lily VV. II. II   MliiiM'Ollli''.
VVANTKD���munition In u prlvuLo family or I
will do Kcnoral lioiwu work, Adilromi X. Y, Z. |
Minor i mil'".
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Post Office Box 12C Nolson, B. C
Our Motto:   "Good Goods for Good Money,"
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
finally known as
Fisher Station, C.N.P. R'y.
West Kootenai Valley, B. C, on
of 0. N. P. Ry��� and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now  under
Information regarding Creston may
be had of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent,
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
$������������ ������������������������"������ ������������ ���������������������������
X Short Order Meals :
At Any Time���Day
or Night.
A First Class
Dinner Served
From 12 to 2.
; ����������������������������������������������������������������������?
Y. HOSHI        - Proprietor.
Great West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
Newly Furnished Rooms
At the Camay Block, Baker
Bath and electric light. Pricea
We hnve  purchased  the   express
ami drayage buiineii of Mr. j. W.
Cowan anil bespeak as lurfrc a patronage al the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders al I). McArthur's or
telephone No. 85,
lllll 11,T.w Infill, HiillHi Ilnpro' . .1. i iiln  ,| nl   116
I pur  111 it.   only   nun li .it   liotir'H   rliln from
IpOkano. pn llm H. F. to S. mllwuy,   miar lln
1 town nf Door I'mii.  Alio Ml uNtej 1 fruit
1.mil "iily II mil.' umi' Viinniiivur, 11,1'..on the
Noil It Ann, viiliii'il ill t'..'n ini '" ii. Will Inku
purl iiiih nml pail linpioTi'd N'olaon property
1 ... itliniil   Im iilnlii'i iinr>>     A'l'lii-,.,, |
M, MAKKBHON, Blooan Oily.
\        KOOTENAY \
Mining Stock Quotations.
oninllerl by II. U. MoOullooh, raining brok'
Nelson. B. C. P, O. boJt4G5.|
Par Price
Name of Company                  Value.       Anked
Nelson, Sloeun anil Alnswori.h
American llov  t tit) 6
Athabasca ion t'l
Arlin^ion Con I 00 II
Dundee 100 28
Dardanelles 1 ou IIS
Ilullio 100 10
Klsle l(��l
Kxcllooiler KKI 10
Fern (S. M. Co    25 65
(iilison 160 10
Hall Mlnea  ��1 lis
Idler 100 10
London Hill   25 25
pTelson-Poorman   25 45
Ka-lo Monlc/uma 100 25
Noble Five 100 17
Rambler Con 100 25
lleco 100 1 20
Klocan Star     SO 1 25
Two Friends    30 10
Wonderful  100 5
Washington 1 00 10
Trail Creek
Mutte 100 lj
Caledonia Con  100 p
Commander 1 00 13
Doer Park loo 21
Enterprise l 00 10
Eureka Consolidated 1 (HI II
Evening Star 100 6J
Georgia 100 3
Good Hope 100 2
Grand Prize  100 i
Giant. 100 5
HighOre 100 2)
Iron Mask 100 !)5
Iron Colt 100 10J
Jumbo 100 47
lily May 600 1SIJ
Mayflower 100 0
Monita 100 10
Monte Crislo 1 00 10
Mugwump 1 00 3
Novelty 1 Ofl 6
Phoenix loo 5
Poorman 100 13
Hed Mountain View 100 1
Hossland   Homostake 100 15
Rossland Ked Mountain 1 00 2
Silverino 100 4J
Silver Bell 100 6
St. Klmo 100 6
Virginia.... 100 47
Victory-Triumph 100 lit
War Eagle Con 100 3 20
West Do HoiJosie 100 27
White Hear 100 8
AlphaBell 100 7
Caiihoo iCamp McKl 1 00 1 50
Waterloo ICanip Mc.K) 100 7}
Cnriboo Hydraulic Con 500 95
eii" iiin-      25 8
Golden Cache 100 6
Occ. M. &M. Co 100
Old Ironsides 100 -
Smuggler 100 10
Tin Horn    25 12
Van Anda 1 (10 41
Winenestor    25 12
Fire Mountain 100 ���
New York, Jan. 27.���Bar silver,
(ill,1,,'; Mexican dollars, 4~. Loud,
strong; brokers, $4.10; exchange,
$4.40 to $4.4(i. Coppor strong; brokers'$16^ ; exchange, $10 to (16V.
Tin, steady; Straits, $2!!.00 to$2o.S0;
Plates firm.
*   *   *
Ono of the most promising mines
of this district, aud one that should
shortly become a dividend payer, is
tho grouu huuwn as nu- salmo Uon-
soliduted mines, belonging to the
oompany of that name, A Minor representative recently visited tlie property which is situated about oigbl
miles east, of Salmo and one mile north
of Sheep creek, and consists of fom
olainis. The While Cloud, Blue Jack.
Yellow Jack, and Sitting Hull. The
principal workings are just below tl e
crest of u hill up which the trail
The principal worV has bcyn done
on the While Olond and Blue .luck, on
the former of which n shaft has been
sunk to 'i depth of 40 feet. O i tbe
Blue Jack, a shaft live by seven is now
being sunk and, when the Miner
representative visited the property'
it was down about loll feet. The shafI
is an inclined ono, following the dip
ot the Ledge which is seven foot wide
at the bottom of tlie shaft. At the I Ob
foot level a station has been made,
uud about. 50 feel of a drift has been
driven along the vein at this point.
There are three   parallel   ledges  on
the property, whose ontoroppings are
exceptionally large and well delliied.
the main vein being 85 feel wide on
tlm surface. (In gaining depth, however, Ihe ledge shows up an average
widlb of about seven feet, and, so fur,
the high values of the ore are main-
mined. The ore, which Ih a iiuarl/.
carrying considerable galena, assays
from $:H) to fill) iu gold, silver and lead
anil ih periiliarly amenable lo colleen-
trillion. There is a largo quantity of
ore     on   the   dump   winch has   been
taken  mil   in  the course of develop'
menl, but no sloping bus as yet been
done. A great ileal of surface work
Inn been done, and between $8000 and
$001111 has been expended on lhe group
in  development    work.      A drown
Grant ban been applied for, and should
be shortly Obtained, There is a horse
\\ linn al the shaft, and the mine is
fully provided with ii comfortable bunk
house, cook house, Hlablcs, blacksmith
shop, etc. The property bus been
worked ciitiliiiiiniisly for a year past,
ami development work will lie pushed
right idling.
Wnlcr rights have been taken up on
Slurp iTi'i'k, nnd au admirable site has
been chosen for a coiiceiili'titor which
will be erected iu the Hummer, providing ihn Government willoonstrnota
wagon road up Sheep (ironic, where at
present there is bul ii pack trail. A
pel i I ion to t hut, effeot is now before
the government, Tlm lack of
transportation is a serious handicap
to this promising mining ilislrict,
nml a wagon road would mean much,
not only tO the Salino Consolidated,
bul also to Ilia JTellowstOne and the
numerous other promising properties
whioh are to be found in the neighborhood  in  various stages   of develop*
menl. Once this road is built, lhe future of the Salino Consolidated seems
assured. Au aerial Inimwny from
the mine lo the coiiceiilriilur can be
easily oonstrnoted, and every facility
fur client.' mining anil treatment of
the ore will be   iill'oriled.     Mr.    11.  II.
Campbell, vice-president of the company Is in chirge of the work, but the
head   offlOBI  of   the   i iinipniiy lire   in
KuHshuid. Mr. .1. Chambers is president, and Mr, Charles Dempster, S60>
roi ary-treasurer.
t   *   *
A dispatch ti'iim Rossland says:
Kdwin Durrani, luuuager of Hie   Brit
ish   America   Corporation   stated   to-
| night   that   work will bo   started immediately upon tlie La Fleur Comstock
mine near Nelson on  the  reservation.
This   is   the   famous copper   property
I whioh theNorthport Smelter Company
an auxiliary  of the B. A. C, recently
! purchased   for $!i2.fi(>0.    Mr.   Durrant
states that   it is   expected   that   early
shipments nf ore to   Northport will bo
made from the La   Fleur property.
* *   *
The shipments of ore over the Kaslo
& Slocan railway for the week ending
January 20 were as follows:
Payne to Omaha, 200,000 pounds;
Last Obance to San Francisco, 160. ���
1100; Last Chance to Aurora, 80.000;
Keco to Aurora, 40,000; Rambler to
Aurora, 80,000; Trade Dollar to San
Francisco, 40,000; Dardanelles, to
Everett. 86,000; Whitewater to K. O.
C., 128,000; Jackson to K. O. C, 32.-
000. Total, 710.000 pounds or Slit
* *   *
News has been received in the oity
from Fort- Steele of a rich strike of
gold quartz on Boulder Creek, a tributary of Wild Horse Creek, about six
miles from tbe town, says the Fori
Steele Prospector. The news, which
is well authenticated, is that the lodge
has been opened up by a drift some
76 feet, Ono hundred i'eet lower down
than the No. 1 or main drift, there is
a full breast of ore in the drift,
and the same rich pay streak of 18
inches on the hanging wall. Thero is
a great future for this property. It
is well situated, there being a good
tunnel besides water power and timber The values correspond iu both
* *   *
Tho Atlantic in Kimberly camp was
bonded by Bruco White of the Slocan
Star mine and Messrs. Wilson and
Burns, of P. Burns, & Co. The price
is $20,000. Of this amount $500 was
paid in cash and tho balance will be
paid during the V3W. The deal was
arranged by E. A. Bieleuberg. The
new owners will begin working the
property at once.���Boundary Creek
* *   *
John Donald, a well known mining
operator from Rosslaud, was in Gas-
ciulo this week ou his way to upper
Boundary country. In conversation
with a friend here, ho remarked: "1
see that tho announcement is at lasi
made that the O. P. R. is to erect a
large smelting plant iu Cascade this
year. I havo known of this for some
time, and it is now generally conceded
that this town will beyond a doubt hemic of the most important points in the
Boundary country. Other large enterprises for this place are also being
talked of and will doubtless go forward
in due time. Cascade is all right."
Mr. Donald is said to stand close to
���hose who have inside tips, and the
above opinion is therefore worthy of
The Emperor ot   Germany   Celebrated
His Birthday Yesterday.
Berlin, Jan. 27.���Emperor William,
this morning received birthday congratulations of his family and household imii after a special service in tin
chapel of the castle, he held a reception in the White Hall. William II,
Emperor of Germany, King of Prussia etc., was born in Berlin, Januan
27, 1859.
The day was marked with "Kaiser's
weather" sunny, but cold. The city
was thronged and wherever the mem
tiers of the Imperial family showed
themselves, In the si rents, they re-
oeived    ovations,     The   oelebratioi
throughout Germany was mure general
iban for several years past. The
Prussian minister al Munich, Conn;
Von Mots, gave a banquet and the
imblio schools of the city had spOOtal
exercises. Emperor William pi'csont
ml each pupil iu the Berlin public
schools with a book descriptive of Germany's naval progress. All lhe public
departments joined ill the festivities,
ihe cily hall and municipal bnildlngh
being decorated wilh Mugs. The banquet given by the RelobHtflg and Prussian diet was attended by all lhe mem
hers of hoi li bodies except the Socialist. The Illuminations this evening
were very brilliant.
Prince Herbert Bismarck
promoted lo rank of Major
Herr Von Dirkuer. of the
diet, who recently   gave the
a beautiful villa and 7000 acres of farm
and forest, land, called "Ciidineu,"
near Killing, has beeu appointed a
member of tne Elerrenhads (House of
Lords). It, is Hignillcaul as showing
lhe roHoiitmoiit of the Dullish Government at   the   recent   expulsion   of
Danes from the Northern Provlnoesof
Prussia lhat lhe Danish ships nl.   Kiel
and other ports throughout Germany,
Omitted Hag displays.
Berlin, jnn. 27.���Thn ICmperor's
birthday honors InoludeDuks Alhreuhl
nf Wnrieiiibiirg, Order uf the Black
Quale | Baron von Keller, Governor of
SclilcHwig-lliilsti'in. Grand Cross of
the Hud Kuglo j I'ritice I'hn I'slenlierg.
lied lOagle ; The Queens of Saxony and
Wiii'iiiiiitiiiig und   Prinoe   Hohenlohe,
Bed Cross Medals, At Kiuow Chun,
lhe day wus eelnnruted bv a grand Inline, parades, salutes and banquets.
has been
(iliiiWlMi BEBIOUS,
Brussels, Jan. Uf, ���It is admitted
lhat Ihe rebellion In the Congo Free
Stale is of the most serious nature
uud lhat lln whole slide may lapse into barbarism,   The uprising is due  in
excessive   eiiiiimtTciai   exploitation by
trading oompnnics, instances are cited
of native villages   which did not   give
the   di'Hiieil   quota   of   rubber    being
burned and the Inhabitants masiaored,
ill ll liilim.nil  lll'IIOI'l,
(Observations lalien by A. II.  Holdleli.
.1 ii ti 21
Hnl unlay
.Inn 22
28. Id
.Inn  "ll
.Inn 21
Jnn 25
.bin 211
28 III
Jau 27
Geo.    Holbrook,
City Scavenger,
All kinds of day mid nlglil, Hi'iivengerlng.
Work promptly dune, riiliiiney rfmicphiK
il iiiiii.
Bus 382,   I .nave urdera nl Al, I ii.uliiiui.y',-.
Tb�� Highwayman Waa Forced to Aa*
knowledge Defeat.
"Hold up your handsl"
Tho night was of inky blackness. Thlok
clouds bung low in the sky. Street lamps
fluttered bravely a blook apart, but they
cast about as muoh light on the situation
as tho war commission does on hospital
abuses. Scattering raindrops beat on th*
tin roof uf un adjoining barn and trickled
down to tho ground, where, mingling;
with the dust, they did their best to ruaks
an ideal Chicago street. Thore was no ono
in sight, save the wayfarer and two desperate robhers, with hardened faces, ragged whiskors and gleaming pistols,
Willis Hollis Jones stood transfixed, like
a small girl gazing at tho window of a
dime museum.
"lii'iuleinen," he said, "this is so sudden, as n young lady said to whom I once
proposed nfter having visited her every
night for seven years and spent a fortune
buying flowers and candy���how I wish I
had the niouey now I"
"Yes," said the spokesman for the rob-
Imi'H, on whoso face villainy was stamped
liko the name on a bottle of soothing
sirup, "we wish you had It as well, bul
we will try to be satisfied with what you
havo at presont.    Produce."
Willis Holds Jones looked afar down
tho street and strained his eyes like a girl
looking into the gloaming for her lover
who has got his dutes mixed and Is out
with his other girl on the West Side. But
tho form of no policeman dimmed the
"Gentlemen," he said, "please do not
spatter my brains against yonder newly
painted barn, for I have no money."
With a terrible oath the robber ngain
demanded money, refusing to bellove that
bo well dressed a young man would be out
without a oent.
Willis Hollis Jones was pained that his
word should be doubted. "Believe me,"
he said, "I havo no money. You are a
few hours too late. I have just been to a
ohurch fair."
"Foiled I" muttered the robber In a
hoarse whisper.
Hawker���Good morning, mum I Any
pins, tapes, needles, cottons or buttons I
oan show your
Miss Eldersere���Not> today, my man.
Go nwoy.
Hawker���Any pipe oleaners, bootlaces
or collar studs for your husband, mum?
Miss Eldorsore���Go away, I tell you I I
haven't got a husband.
Hawkor (cheerfully as he departs)���
Ain't yer, miss? Well, don't take It too
muoh to 'curt. While there's lite there's
'ope.���Ally Sloper.
Safe Criticism.
The Cardinal de Hot z asked Menage,
tho celelu'iiied French critic and scholar,
to give him some idea of poetry that hi
might ho able to form a sort of judgment
of tho pooms that wero brought to him.
"Sir," said Menage, "this Is a matter
thnt would ocoupy more time than you
oould sparo, but I'll tell you what you
muy do. Whenever they read nny of their
pooms to you, you say at venture, 'That's
very bad.' You'll seldom be wrong."���
Detroit Free Vross.
Recofcnlzed by a Description.
Mrs.   Barblnby  was   regaling   Mr.   B.
with a !'..\v ticileutitmo from the nuvtit'tlslug
"Now, horn's something," she exclaimed, "that I'd liko to havo in tables! Just
seo here, John! Polished white top and
curved legs"���
At that instant liltle Mndge entered.
"What's that?" said she. "Who's been
writin In tho paper 'boutgran'pa?"���New
York Truth.
Room For Nothing' Else.
Jones���The guest of the evening didn't
make much uf a dinner, did he?
aharpe���No, but you couldn't expeot
him to.
Jones���Why not?
Sburpe���Didn't, you hear him say when
ho was making his speech that he was
"llllod with emotion?"���Ally Sloper.
Like nianco.
Bhe���After all, why should we blame
Blanco? It isn't really his fault. I suppose ho can't help it. Some men ore constituted that wny.
He���I don't quite understand you. Constituted that wny?
Shu���Why, they're so slow about going.
���Chicago News.
A nook For Paniil.in.
"Well, well I That old college professor
has begun to make a furtune at last."
"The old follow with the voluminous
"Yes; ho has published n book of a
thousand synonyms for 'monkey,' 'our,'
'slob'and the liko for the usu of pugilists."
���Philadelphia Record,
Soon Ilrndy.
Enthusiastic   Amateur���Oh,   mamma,
there's suoh a picturesque old vagabond I
I want a snap stint nf htm.
TiilTnltl Winitt (untieing that the numerals pointed In hlS dlrinitl(in)���Walt till
I run mo lingers t'rnugh mo whiskers,
miss. There. Go ahuad.���Chlougo Tribune
ivimi lie Went For.
"And so my old frlund, Tom Henilor-
son, bus gone to Utah. What did lie go
away nut there for?"
"Judging by what I've heard Binoo he
loft, It scums to Inn n been for this town's
Buiplotom Oonduot.
"Clementine Is either ougagod or else
sho Isn't."
"VVluit do ynu nieiinV"
"Why, sho has quit looking In tho nilr-
rnrwhen she puts on bur hat. "���Brooklyn
A (lame of Cliniiee.
"Wo never havo the same ooffeo twice."
"How's that?"
"Well, my wlfu buys Unround wherovor
she lakes a notion to the brlo-a-brao."���
Detroit Free l'russ.
Off Her Mind.
"There's n lead olT my mind," snld the
Italian lady as she deposited the seven
bushels nf cnid that she had picked up
along ilin mill "ml trucks.
General Teamsters.
Capital Paid  up     -     -     -     -     ���?-22S'S92
Rest  i,aw,oue
H. S. Howland, Pros.   T. It, Merritt, Vice Pres
Wm. Ramsay,      Hugh Ryan,      Kobt Jaffray,
T. Sutherland Slayner       Ellas Rogers.
Head Office, Toronto.
D. R. W1LK1E, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
Branches In all principal eillcs and towns
lu    Ontario   and iO.ii.-in���<���
Brunches    In      Manitoba,    Northwest
Territories nnd lirlilsli Columbia.
Winnipko, Man. Poktaiie La Phaihik. Mae.
Hkanoon, Man. Caloahy,   Alia. Pmnck Ai,
bert, Sask. KllMONTON. .Alia.
Vancouver, B.      O.   South      Edmonton,
Nelson. B. C.   Revelstoke, B. C.
Agents in Great ,Britain-Lloyd s Bank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard street, London, with whom money
may be deposited for transfer by letter or cable
to any part of Canada.
Utters of Credit issued on Alaska Commercial Co. payable at St. Michael s, Alaska, and
aWl)��rall8 Sold, available at all points in Can-
da, United States and Europe.
Letters of credit Issued, available In anj
part of the world. ������.������.��.
Savings bank llepartment-Deposits of |1
and upwards received and interest allowed   ���
Debet tures-Municipal and other debentures purchased, u.-i.
Money Orders issued payable at any Bank
Rates-Under (10, 8c; $10 to $20, 10c;
$20 to $30,12c; $30 to $50, He.
for B. C. Oil Co,
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
S. J. Migtiton,
Offices, Aberdeen
Block, Nelson.
Household Furniture
For Sale.
I am leaving the city and
by Friday next everything
must be disposed of.
Call at my residence next
to Miner Office.
6t80 nm.
8:00 inn.-
11,HI ii.in.
10:05 ii.ni.-
Negligee Shirts.
I have a Big Stock that must be sold.
They are Good and will go at Bottom Prices. ...   	
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
For Next io Days
Line of Tea Sets of Dishes
Containing 40, 44, and 56 Pieces at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
r.::��) p.m.
0:50 p.m.
Groceries and Crockery
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
%AV%At '%**<*%'���%���*��� '%%-'%%''%%-
J. Roderick Robertson, -.
General Manager I ^p.   -nNJ    R   r
S. S. Fowler, E. M., INfcL_>Ul>,   D. C
Mining Engineer )                                    m
$6.75  PEK   TON,   DELIVER   D
Orders   received at  Frank   Fletcher's    Office,   Corner of
Kootenay  and   Baker  Streets.
G-eneral Agent
Now Wnleli 111....
"Ftr-nr 1110 gobble," Hiilil tho turkey.
"Well," oliwirviiil U10 fnriiior'e Hon nf li.
driiKKiitl It, toward bhe liluuk, "turn about
lu lair jilny, ynu  know."
Horn  Tlinl War.
fllm_I linvii Imnnl Unit you eold I w��i
(ami of tbe round Ol my own volne.
Ilu_ Wnll, ymi Iiiivii ymiriiulf admitted
th/tt vou Illin inimlti.���NuuuwU.
Subscribe for The Miner
Traill Iouvon O.P, R, ntiitiin
for uiiii" line and Intermediate pninlH via Hliiciiii
btkn route ilailv.
h.h. Moyit' leaveifor Knot.
I'liny L'&'g and way point*
Monday, Wodneeaay and
-Train Ioiivoh N, & V. ti
station for Rossland, Bpo<
itane and way polnta daily.
���ti. ti. International arrives
from KukIu nml wny points
ilaily exoqpt Hniiilay.
H. ti. Kokanee aralvea from
Kftslo and way points dally
ezoept Sunday.
tiOOp.m.���8. H. Kokanee leaves f��i
Kimlo and way points,
daily, exoept Sunday .
ii80 p.m.���S. S. International loaves
for KiihIii and way points,
daily exoept Sunday.
Ti'iiin arrives N. & F. ti.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
���S. S. Miiyin arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way
polnta, TiicsdiiyH, Thursdays and Saturdays,
0:40 p.m.���Train leaven. (I. I'. It. hI,ii-
tlon for KoliHon, Trail,
Hossland, eto, dally.
Train arrives C. P. H.
Station from iniiin linn aid
Intermediate points via
Blooan l.akn route dally.
Train arrives 0. P. R. station, from ItoHHland, Trail,
Robson, etc.. daily.
HUiam tiiKH  KiihIii,   An��erona, Red
Star,  Heroulee, Burprlse and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nel
hoii. Iml,have no regular times of arrival and departure,
Tri>i!Hpori��iioii Companies nm roQusfted 10
ulvu iniMi'K lotlio Miner of miy altera lion" lu
tu�� Usuet irriral and departure from Nelson.
8.80 p. m.-
!():!��) p.m.
Wholesale and Eetail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Urders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
p������������������������������������������������������������������������ I Spokane Falls &
C. D. J. Clllistie \ Northern R'y.
i;KAd ESTATE,  LOANS AND t  Wel80n    &    FOft
insurance f Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
of oars between Nelson and Bossland and
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5-30 p-m
''    11:55 "   BOSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6.30 p-m
Train I hnl leiivus Nelnou nt 0:40 a. ra
makes oIiihu oonueotinns nt Spokane (oi
nil Paolflo Coast Points.
PiWBeiiKers for Kettle Bi��er nnd Boundary Creek, oonuoot nt Mnrous with Stage
0. G. DIXON, G. P, &T.A.
Spokane  Wash
AKent.Neltion, B. 0.
To Let for 8 months-
ed  Cottage with   bath;
B-Room Cottage
.'l-Kooin IlmiHo
ia wi
'2-Lot Corner, two houses
-   $1(10(1
2-Lot Corner
fid-Knot Lot, Vernon nt,
-   1800
Aberdeen Block,
&������������ *���������������������������������������������������������������������*
Al) piirtliiH  uro   cniitlnnod   fi^itliiHl. lmyluK
li'i'i'u Miniiir, ihhI   Milling ('oninany,   UniUm!,
Stock Ooptlnoatea nob. ��p, 248,844, '24r> und Up,
in l';i \ nr nf I,, lu, Hank; No. l,47 ill fuvor nl Ui
I'oUxwm, und No. 848 In favor of H. T. Arllmr,
Suid 0OPufiOtttO8 Woro obtained by fraud nnd
wtu not in' rftdoomod.
F. TVKJMjLY. Boopotery,
Ihe York County Loan & Savings Co., of Toronto.
of ore as
be   as-
HllliHi'l'llilill ('iipll.nl, ��:i,IKHI,(HKI;  Tot ill  Annul*
Paid life, law, s-imi.iou.itt; Nut Earning!! for w,
140,930,31, Joseph Phillips, PreiiA. T. Hunts ,
Vloo*Prss| V. Kobln, TriiiiHin-ur; IC. Hurl,
o. P. ltuoAiuiimsT, Hiipt. for
KooteiiiiyK, Rosslond, 11, 0. <
O.L. MILLS, Ag't for Nelson,
AfinU will u��ll ana explain Ik. qratem.
Purchased   and.
ment   made
after receipt
samples   can
Quotations given
upon the receipt of


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