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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 11, 1899

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Dai\> Edition No. 210.
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday, January II,  1899.
Ninth Year.
Litigation Between the City and Joshua
Davies���John A. Turner's Lumber
Bales���Eloctric Lights-
11 bud bargain must lie left to the future
to decide. Anyhow the shareholders "re
nil right. The fact is apparently lost
Bight of that nt the time the polling on
the by-lew took place, the result us first
posted at the City Hall differed considerably from the dual count. JuBt where
and how it oecured linve neve.' beeu
dearly understood, but that there was
A WOl'd Or TWO AbOllt LOCal quite a difference in a matter of hiBtory,
i the inside of which in only kuowu  to the
History. Mayor uud the Tribune.
That the construction of the whole
Waterworks systi in was extremely faulty
the late cold weather has proved beyond
argument, nor could anything else be
expected when ond of the so-called "inspectors" of construction, It. E. Lemon,
11 lamb of Houston's, is neither nu engineer nor a mechanic, neither fish, ilesh,
fowl nor goud red herring, and never
put pipe together in bis life. If be hud be
must have known that to leave pipes exposed two feet above the ground must
ensure their freezing in anyplace whore
frost prevailed in the winter, and tbe engineer in charge should have known
that it requires a very large flume constructed above ground aud a big surplus
of water to operate successfully all the
year round. But then Lemon had to be
found a job and good engineers don't
grow on berry bushes. As it is the city
waterworks are useless like the Electric
light, and unless pi openly reconstiucted
the only resource I ef I lo the City '"
guard against firo nt the winter ia i
chemical engine, rather a costly toy.
The last count I have in the charge
against the administration of the Oity is
their manner of handling Abo Johnson's
application for transfer of a saloon license. Wbe" the Mayor found himself in
a minority on .h�� licensing committee il
is safe to say he knew Hint he had only
10 it quest, the strictly lion Jne Miirtin
01 remove his old political opponeut,
W. A. Maodonnld and insert one if
Houston's tools, John A. Turner, Gold
Commissioner. We, in this distrio1,
have been fortunate enough until lately
in have Gold Commissioners who would
neither lend themselves to hole a rl
1 irner meetings nor to nndeihnud di
i igH of any kind and il came as a sue
'i iso In ninny Hint our principal magistrate should so far have forgotten bis
position as to help out the schemes of
Houston or Lemon or any other man.
But of coarse man is but mortal and an
i'in|ily ill'ice in llie'lurnei' block would
realize much more per annum lei as a
���al"Oii than as an ordinary office Ol store
Mint is just a side issue.
l'ye O'Near.
Nelson, Jen. 10 09.
Tbe following interesting letter, dealing with local affaire, bus been received
by the editor of the Miner.
SmT'It ppears to me thnt tbe voters
of thi C 0 of Nelson are overlooking a
few fuels which ought to influence them
in casting their vote at the comiug municipal elections. Iu the first place it
seetuB to me that tbe result of tho litigation between the City nnd Joshua Dnv-
ies, with regard to the land appropriated
by the City for the reservoir aud tliiine,
has been carefully kept from .lie knowledge ot the ratepayers and while the leg
nl expenses are pel siimably paid, I sti|-
pope tlie amount which will ha��e to he
paid Mr. llavics. as settled In theenni't,
will not be brought forward until eithei
John Houston is secure in bis sent again
for another year or George Neelnnds bus
taken his place and become lesponsibl
for the indebtedness of the Ci'.y for the
ensuing your, lu either gnse ���' etc is no
question but that the amount will be n
large one, greatly in exec-,- of what Jusii
un Unvies would have acc.eptid in the
first pln.ie if Houston bad b it In his
domineering manner, - ,d. ... . '. in 1 ��o
lhe land Without asking the owners' oi
anyone's permission at all. Attain it ii
11I111, ni impossible thai everyone 011
have forgotten the Idle OitJ Clerk's and
den disappearance last winter, ourionsl)
enough   with   11   console! able   nun     "I
money belonging to the Oity, and wind
is stili more curious John Houston was
himself on tbe platform of the 0. P, I;.
depot when Seeley (lhe   lute   clerk)   di
parted, and although possibly there mny
be nothing in it, it lo'dis very much as il
the Mayor connived at bis esoupe instead
of arresting bun as lie should have dom .
Hut in any esse tin \Iu>o. refunded thi
money lo the City out of his own pock. ,
which I lloiik poises conclusively   llici
must hnve been something rotten   ul	
the whole business. At the genera
election   held  on   July   9th     last,   tin
Mayor's language in the Btreet was more
forcible than polite. The epithets he
used are usually those applied to theniule
offspring of the ciiiiinn men only; in fact,
the language was sufficiently expressive
even to draw from lhe editor of the
Economist the following remarks published in the issue of July 18, 1898.
"Mr. 11 ami) wus unfortunate in this
pin-lien I nr Unit be bud us bin most prom
inent advocate, the Mayoi of Nelson and
nnd when we ntuto Hint lhe Mayor of
Nelson exhausted bis ltillingsgule vnc
nl mini v on Snl in diii liini those wll"
know tlm reputation of the man will
have Home faint idea of  the state of   the
atmosphere thus polluted."
The article from which the above is
culled contains much more iu Hid snme
nl ruin but enough bus been said lo show
that the Mayiu's manlier is anything but
biirinonious when he thinks things arc
mil going Ins way. In pushing I would
like also to remark that the Economist
appeals to bo sorry il apoke the truth al
least once, (iiiil now evidently I,lis scissors
to grind.
On tbe front puge of Iho Tribune iu
big bold letters ia prinliid u Challenge,
which of dm If proves tbe weakness of
the uiisi) but without desiring to take
up Unit bnl, I should like lo remark that
if no actual bundling bus heen done,
someone is sailing mighty close to the
wind, or cine hnw linen it happen (but
while Houston is a Virtual owner of
Cray's mill, for tbe time being, yet. he
can sell lumber lo the (lily diiough
the agency of John A. Turner, Cold
Commissioner, in spite of tho regulation
illUed by  Hon. Joe Martin  prohibiting
government servants from being into.
osled in any otliui business. If the
City were making n good bargain |iroh
ably nothing need be said but I   nm   iu
formed on g I authority thai the   luu.
her is costing three dollars per lliousuinl
Protest Against  the Elections Bill.
Monday Night's Sitting Oame to an End
YeBtenlay Morning, But They are
at it Again-
I'M id
of lhe Nelson Dally Miner.
Considering Hint the public are  told
that everything connected with the
olty is run by u inu.s'eifiil hand, the
eby uccoii' is as published are certainly
unique from an ordinary accountant's
point of view. They are supposed to
represent a balance sheet for the year,
sli 1 I hey are not balanced, hut if anyone takes Ibe I rouble they caii figure
mil thnl. lhe total balance  of cash   in
bund is; General Revenue (961.04.
Debenture Account, $1028.27, making
a tot ill of 82684 HI. This amount represents lhe unexpended balance of 8108,-
08289 paid Into the Cily front nil
sources during the year. But the
key to the accounts is in the Auditor's
Hi'liorl where be Stales that the |80,-
���lllll. IK) is held in I rust by the   liunk   of
Montreal uutll the IDIeotric Light case
is   settled,   so   it' we   add that sum to
127,001.58 already expended, we llnd
a total ot 106,401.68 or 82,870.68 expended over ami above Ibe tots
amount received an debenture UUOi lint.
If ihe idea Is to keep a debenture
recount, to show how the money borrowed under by-law for specific | impose was expended, Iben lhe unexpended balanced on each i ('count sb old
be held ill suspe se, until CX|C old;
and   iben ibis   would  show   Ihat   il e
current uooount oi ordinary receli s
nnd disbursements of lhe Oi y woi Id
be overdrawn lo a very oot.slderabe
am nut.
Now sir iiiibinii questioning Iho enr-
reclness nf these rei'iiiiiiiH the | OOUllar
way in whloh Ihey are given lendi to
raise suspicions of jugglb g vi'li figures for ell'ecl merely tu Corrupt a
deficit iu lhe linn.Ing expenses, over
the ordinary revenue i f lhe City.
I am very much siii'irhed at Mr,
Hamilton presentingtuohn "Jink Pol"
Hiii'cmcnt    of receipts and   disburse
j ineiits in  view of IiIh report attached
| thereto.
There is probably not ihe slightest
fed more than it could   bo   bought   for   ���*�� B ��| g in the iicl.u,    b.du, ce, I lit
elsewhere, but ol course the ral yen'. ��""����� "'" i'"'1'' ""'"'K "��� u���'^ m8*'
fool tho bill and Honest John  works off "'1 >" "V"1'1"'1 r'"'l"""1"'1' J1'"���8' �� ! 1h,
. . . I apt to look b r n reisoii.    I am sa islieu
The   epiMHle   reg rdiug   the  El.cltio  If eft m liimse f Mr.   llumll.nn wool
Darkness Co.   is    pn.olioally    closed,   *��v�� mwle a different bftlftUOe , ���!, --,
Whether the Ulty has made a good or |
Victoria, li. C. Jim. 10���The nil night
sitting of tbe Legislature came to end at
et uiue o'clock this morning, when the
members of tbe Opposition being physically unequal to tbe task of further opposing the elections bill, allowed it to
pusB through committee and the house
theu adjourned until this afternoon. Tbe
several divisions taken during the night
Btood 17 to 15, the narrow majority of
two being noteworthy when it is remembered that the object of tbe bill is to declare elected two supporters of the Gov-
ernmeun whose BeatB the Opposition
olnim nre lik.ly to be awarded to them
by the courts, one ou Thursday of this
week uud one on next Monday, as the
trials hinge upon points that cnu be de
cided iu a very short time.
When the house met this nfternoo ,
tbe light was resumed, ou the motion ol
Premier Senilis that the bouse pioceed
to the order of the day, being the third
reading i f the election bill.    Lieutenant
Governor Molnues was in attendance, it-
is said with a view to assenting to  it   as
soon as passed, but the renewed fight bj
Opposition made  bis  honor's visit pre
mature, There will be an all night setting again to night if the strength of the
Opposition proves'equal to their inteu
Tlie It1 M. B. Km press of Japan reueh-
ed quarantine this evening after it tine
passage from the Orient. She brings
462 Chinese passengers,200ot whom are
bound for Mexico. She bus 2(i oilers
and firemen from tho C. P. li. S. S.
Athenian, which bus been laid up at
llong Kong for extensive overhauling.
Dr. Horsey, ot Ottawa, is one of tin
passengers. The Empress will probably
r, main at qunrautiue until daylight.
A great mass meeting was held iu tbe
cily hull tonight for Ihe purpose of protesting againsl the passago of the bill
introduced lo legislate the members if
I'entie Yale and Kuht, Lillooet into their
seiitB and interfere with the election
1 iwa before thu courts, The meeting
was crowded to tlin doors aud resolutions were passed condemning the bill
as ititciferring with the  constitution of
popular government and appealing to
tbe Speaker, Lieutenant Governor ond
Wovernor General  to   interfere   iu   the
Filipinos will not Reoognize Dnited
States Consul.
Hong Kong, Jan. ID The Filipino
Committee hen' has broken oil all relations with the United Statei Consul
Itoiinsevelie Wi'son. The committee
today issued a writ in the supreme
court lo recover the sum of $17,00(1
which the FlllplnOI deposited with Mr
Wildman as treasurer of the Filipino
Independence fund In June last.  The
members of the committee further allege that Beniatl mil disclosures are
probable, showing, they add,  that the
American government n cognized the
Filipinos as belligerents by affording
them assistance in arms ami moral lull un.co to OO-uperate against Spain
"thus endorsing the agreement made
with Aguinaldo at Singapore 111
Albany, N. Y,, Jan.   10.���The  Court
of Appeals l.odny reversed the  judg-
inen' of 848,000 seoured hy Wm. R.
Luidluw against Hussell Huge and ordered a new trial, l.iiidlnw was iu the
office of Huge at the time the attempt
was made on Mr, Bage'l life hy the
explosion of a bomb and lie secured
the judgment on the grounds that
Snpe bad used him us a shield from
be btteOtS of an ex plosive.
Hiirunue Lake, N. Y. -The mercury
at sunrise here today dropped to tho
lowest point reached this season, UB
below teroi
Irishman is a Championship
MoOoy Had the Best of it at the First,
But Sharkey Made a Strong
Lennox Athletic Club, New York,
Jun. 10.���Tom Sharkey, the American ssiloi'.who first saw light of day in
Dundalk, Ireland, better known
as the "Cap of the North" stands
tonight the only heavy weight possibility for championship honors
against the title now held by Bob Fitz-
simmons. He whipped Kid McCoy
good and hard in the tenth round of
what whe to have been a twenty ronnd
battle and by so ^doing, the Irish-
American pugilist forged his way so
positively and undeniably to the front
r. nk that Fitzimmons must now consider the sailor pugl ist's elaim to meet
him in the ring. Sharkey was a revelation to those who saw him a couple
of years ago. His ring work nnd gen-
era'ship were vastly superior to his
exhibition when he first caine to the
East as a fighter.
McCoy, who came out second in tonight's cmillict, is worthy of unstinted
praise. He began as a welter weight
and fought, his way up to the heavy
weight division. In all his tights up to
tonight McCoy showed that he was
possessed of a degree of ability in fistic
work thnt was unequalled and despite
the fact that he was beaten, and
soundly beaten at that, tonight he is
still the peer of any pugilist that ever
donned a boxing glove, us far as ring
generalship is concerned.
Just before the light bets were being
made at even money, McCoy's see-
Oi ds tonight were "Doc" Payne, Con
Keilly nnd Frank Erne, timekeeper
Nate Fenton of Buffalo.Tom Sharkey's
B6COi.de were: Tom O'Hourke. Tommy
Ryan of Syracuse. George Dixou and
Jack Dougherty. Timekeeper, Prof.
I'iin de Forrest. Sharkey's weight was
172 pounds; McCoy's weight 158
pounds. They  shook hands at  10:10.
In the tenth and final round the
Kid kept skipping to the right and nm
Into a clinch where he held Tom without a blow being struck. Sharkey taking the advice of his chief second, Tom
O'llourke, played for the head but McCoy gunrdid himself effectively. Then
Tom tinned his attention to the body
and landed on the ribs with his left.
McCoy faltered and Tom caught him
with a left swing on the neck. McCoy
falteied and Tom caught him with a
left Bwing on the neck. McCoy fell to
the floor of the Hug with his head
hanging over the low-st of the ropes,
looking imploringly around. The Kid
lay there helpless while the referee
Counted ten teooeds, ufter which he
straggled to his feet aud Hharkey, not
knowing Ihiil, the limit had expired,
rushed ut him once more, this time
(.winging his left on the ueok just below
the jaw, Mc.l'ov falling again. Thou
McCoy seemed to bo in a helpless condition but. the referee Tim Hurst, did
uot trouble himself in counting seconds
but waved his right had to Hharkey to
retire to his corner, saying nt tho same
time " I counted McCoy out, ou the
other tall, you've wou."
McCoy st niggled to his feet and staggered to his curlier where his seconds
were ulreudy awaiting him and thoy
placed him on the I tool, while
Sharkey's adherents almost smothered
him with embraces and congratulations.
Will Not Fight Hharkey Hut Will
Fight Corhett.
Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 10. -Ilobt.
Fltzilmraoni In an Interview here to*
day hiiUI; "If McCoy wins tho fight I
will take him on at any time. My
money is already posted. I will light
him either for tbe middle weight or
heavy weight championship. I Will
scale down to 158 pounds to accommodate him If he wanta to fight lu the
mldd e weight class.
"Hharkey la a fakir. If he wlna I
may loll him to go nnd light  Mahei."
"Yes, I'll light Cornell again," snld
ritiHfniiuons, "Provided he whips
The Venezuela Arhitatore Will Not
Meet Until May 4.
Washington, Jan. 10.���Associate
Justice Brewer of the Supreme Court
one of the arbitators for Venezuela in
the dispute with Oreut Britain over
the boundary line of Venezuela and
British Guana, will sail tomorrow from
New York for Paris. He goes to meet
Prof. Muertens, the Russian umpire
and Lord Her.-chell, one of the British
arbitrators, to arrange for the postponement until May 14th, of the argument of the case. Under the treaty
the argument was to have begun on
the 14th instant, but by common consent, owing to other engagement, it
wns agreed thnt the postponement
should be made. This was to have
been done on the 14th, the dny fixed
for the argument but Prof. Maertens
wus unnble to be present then. The
argument for Vanezueln will be made
by ex-Presideut Harrison and ex-Secretary K. F. Tracy of New York,
The Oar Bumped Along and all hut Went
Over With Several iaa-
Passengers on the rear car of the
Spokane Falls & Northern from Spokane to Nelson yesterday had a most
thrilling experience. That there was
not a loss of several lives or at least a
serious injuries received by the passengers seems miraculous.
The train was well filled with passengers and was speeding along at its
usual gait. At Denver Canyon between
Wanetta and Erie, the forward truck
of the rear car broke. At the time
tbe accident happened the train hud
just reached a trestle over the canyon.
When the rear car reached this the
passengers were thoroughly frightened. The car was jolted, it appeared
to the passengers, from one side to
the other and when they glance,1 from
the Windows and found that they were
crossing the trestle almost a panic ensued. The crashing of the ties us the
broken iron made its way over the
bi'jdge added to their terror and there
were few who believed that the cross-
would be made successfully. Fortunately, however, the rear truck of tbe
car did not leave the rails and tin
coupling between the second and thai
In the rear remained Intact. This enabled the train to cross the bridge
without further accident and to the
great relief of the passengers it was
soon brought to a halt. The accident
delayed the arrival of the train in Nelson several hours.
Among the passengers in the rear
car were J. Roderick Robertson and
John Elliott of Nelson and Chief Engineer Stevens of the Great Northern
railroad, These gentleman acknowledged that they were thoroughly
frightened and were extremely thankful that they escaped without injuries.
American and Canadian Represent*
atives Will Meet.
Washington, Jan. 10. -The Ameri-
cnii-Caiiadiun commission was in session for a brief tiinetoday but its attention was entirely taken up with
routine quutlooi. The sub-commit -
tee on the Northeastern fisheries resumed its work after the adjourn
incut of the full Commission. The
lumber item of the reciprocity discussion before the Aug o-American Commission is arousing much interest In
Congressional circles,    A meeting him
been arranged for tomorrow between
representatives of the American and
Canadian lumbermen. The purpose of
the mealing is to try to reconcile tho
two sides, although Iho doubt in expressed us to whether this can bo
Secretary of Interior Hays  There   Is
Plenty of Meat in Qermaoy,
Berlin, Jan. 10,���The  Reichstag   re-
assembled to day.   Count Von Posa>
dowsky, the Beoretary of interior and
representative chancellor, answering
Iho Interpellation! averred that the
alleged scarcity nf meat in Germany
was unfounded, lie added that the
price of beef was about the same as
usual though the cost of pigs and pork
hud risen in some places to a notable
,,xtont. Nevertheless the supply or
cattle was udei|iiato and prohibitive
measures agaiust Importation must ho
mniiit allien In order to prevent the introduction of dlliatki
Admits More Than The Miner Charged-
AU of the Ohargei Made by  The Miner
Substantiated by Mr.  Houston's
Own Statements.
In an endeavor to reply to th
charges made in The Miner of yesterday in regard to lumber purchased for
the construction of the electric light
flume, Mayor Houston admits more
than bad even heen charged against
The Miner oharged that 180,500 feet
of the 180,000 feet was all that Gray's
mill was supplying at $10 a thousand
nt the mill, or $12.50 delivered at Summit Siding. Now the Mayor admits
that Gray's mill is selling the city
180,000 of \% inch and two inoh plank
at $10 a thousand at tho mill or $12.50
delivered at Summit Siding.
Tho loss to the city,according to the
Mayor's udmission.of $!! a thousand on
180,000 feet amounts to $540.00, instead of $891.50 ns charged hy The
This in itself is sufficient evidence
that the charges made by Tho Miner
are absolutely correct and that "the
best interests of the city have boon
sacrificed" in the purchase of the
lumber in question.
It is admitted that tho offer was
made by Frank Lavin, of Salmo, at
59.50 a thousand delivered at Summit
Siding which is another admission
of the correctness of tho statements
made in Tho Miner. In this connection, in justice to some of tho aldur-
niou, it should be stated that the offer
made by Mr. Lavin was unknown to
them and that they repudiate any
connection with the matter.
The Mayor attempts to excuse himself from giving the contract to Lavin
on tho ground that tho hitter's mill has
uot the proper capacity, though in the
sumo breath he admits that he did uot
enow this at the time that he ignored
Latin's offer in the intorests of Gray's
mill. As to tbe capacity of Luvin's
mill tho Mayor's statement is founded
it appears, ou information from one
Alfred Bunker, who is certainly not a
siiwini" man. It is well known that
the Salmo mill is ono of the best
equipped and fitted mills In the country
und that it has a capacity of at least
20,000 feet per day. If any ono (lunations the statement of The Miuor in
this respect they may inquire from
any of the mill men of tho city.
The Mayor further asserts thnt ho is
not interested in .the Nelson Planing
Mill (Gray's mill) oxoopt to tho ox-
tent that "ovory citizen of Nolson
should have in local industries."
This is a falsehood.
Does tho Mayor dony that ho took
possession of the same mill iu September lust under bills of sale given to
him by T. W. Gray?
Does ho dony thut at tho meetings
of tho creditors it was reported by
Cray's assignee. T. M. Ward, that Mr.
Houston was in possession of tho mill
and all the lumber and logs around tho
I iocs he dony that tho assignne was
powerless to do anything for tho creditor! iu tho face ot those bills of sain
and   the possession  taken under them?
Does he deny that from thut time
forth tho mill was run in his namo?
Does ha deny that Gray was from
thnt timo only in his employ?
Does ho dony thut accounts for lumber wero sent out from the mill in
his name?
Does he dony that T. M. Ward, tho
iiaiiignnii, has, up to tho present,
^iiien nimble to realise anything for
tho creditors of Gray on account of
Mayor Houston being in possession?
Does ho deny that tho creditors of
Gray during all this time havo reoog-
ui/.ed his lining iu possession of tho
In conclusion, if all of tho statements made in Tho Mluor have been
inoorreot, why has Mr. Houston,
within tho past 24 hours, beeu attempting to got OUt of tho in���iidienincut.
In which he ttuds himself, hy transferring kit Interest la the mill to
Urnsoue alltr
TNTpI inn     TiAllv    MinPf k^P him in the right   path   should stopped advertising, and put his reli-
J^UaUil    UdlJy     lYLilltl  mistaken juagment threaten to tarry ance in the reputation his paper had
, , ,    , . ...       ,.    ... ,    ... established. In consequence the paper
him out ot it.      It will bo better   to  ....  , ' ...
tell into comparative  obscurity   and
Pa iltahed Dally excepts unlay. vote the full   ticket:    Neclands   for Bonner has once more gone in for od-
kl on m.srk Pii.NTiNo    Pubmsbwo Co���  Mayor; Beer, Thomson and Wilson vertising    space. - Winnipeg     Free
D, J. HEAi'i.N. Man-.buik Director und  for   Aldermen    ill   the    East,    and Press.
Kdi.or-iii-ciiiefi | Flelchcri  Macdonald and McKillop A
Al.b COMMUNICATION'; m tho Editor nnn-t
bo accompanied by thj r.ame and address
of the witter,not nue-airily for pubUca-
11, but aii evidence of good faith.
SurscitiPTioN Rates,
Daily per month by carrcr S 1 CO
per month by m:ii     100
per half yes r by mi '1    5 00
per year  10 00
per year foreign���  WOO
NEifiON Weekly Miner.
Weekly, pc half year $ 1 28
for Aldermen in the West.
We believe that Opposition members and Opposition newspapers are
making quite too much of the Bill
tn protect Mr. Prentice anil Mr.
Deane in their scats until after the
session.    The Attorney General has
yiei'vcnr    2"11 common sense on his side when    he
per yciir, fur, 'yi,    8 00
Subsorlptlom nvarlubly in advance.
NotieeK of Births,   ninths, and Marriages
nscrted for 50 rents osoh.
Adverliii'ig n tcs made Known on application
Nelson Miner PriniiuE&PublisliinKCo
<'.��|iy for (iiiiiiKi's ��i
lie in lhe mil e
Insure ilian::i
Advertisement  mttftl
by i o'clock p.m. i��
If the electors of Nelson vote tomorrow as they talk there is not the
slightest doubt of Mr. Neelands'
election as Mayor. And there should
be no reason to doubt that they will
vote as they talk. We believe that
the result of tomorrow's balloting
will be to put an end once and forever to Mr. Houston's control of
municipal affairs in this city. It is
high time. Intelligent, lespectable
men who have been following the
course of events here for a year and
more past do not require to be told
that there are more reasons than
one why some other person than the
present incumbent should be elected
to the Chief Magistracy of the city.
A Mayor is something more than a
mere civic administrator. II that
were all, any person with a business
head, whether with or without character, would answer the purpose.
He is, or is supposed to be, and
ought to be, something more than
this, however. He is expected, from
his position,to represent the respectability, the morality, the enlightenment of the community, as well as
its business requirements. It is not
necessary to say whether these have
had due justice done to them during
the first two terms of the Nelson
'The city has outgrown the peculiar views and the peculiar methods characteristic of the present
Mayor. Nelson is no longer a small,
wild mining camp, in which tin-
couthness combined with audacity
is usually held in most esteem. Thi
is a great commercial centre, a judicial centre, an educational centre.
The population is largely composed
Of refined men and women, with
virtuous homes, in which boys and
girls are growing up into manhood
and womanhood. When we electa
Chief Magistrate he should be
one who is in sympathy with the
aspirations of a community that   is
looking lo what is highest and best
claims that the Legislature long ago
ought to have provided that 00
election petition should be tried
while the House was in session.
The country will not inquiry too
closely into his motives as long as
this can be alleged as the principal
object of the Bill, and the indignation of the Opposition members will
be wasted in denouncing it, lo the
predjudice of their own cause when,
as will doubtless happen, occasion
for genuine indignation will be given. Indignation is a peculiar thing
when displayed with cause, it is always impressive; if displayed without cause it soon ceases to have
effect. The Opposition would have
been wiser if they had been less
prodigal in their display of it on
this occason.
It is possible that the Attorney
General may be right when his motives are all wrong. We have little
doubt they are wrong in this case.
He is not the kind of person to have
his mind disturbed by the incongruity of an election trial being in progress while the member whose seat
is attacked is actually taking part
in the proceedings o( the House.
If he did not want to make the Government majority assured for lhe
session, he would never have
troubled his head about the matter.
In moving the second reading ofhis
Bill he is reported as denying "emphatically that the Government had
any motive in presenting this measure other than to see that every
constituency possible should have
continuous representation during
the session." We cannot speak for
tlie Government, but Mr. Martin
was never known to exhibit concern
for others unless it promised some
adv n'.agc to himself. There was
party advantage here, for without
those two seats the Government majority was by no means certain, and
the gentleman's position as a Cabinet Minister ,vas therefore in peril.
The Bill itself, however, aside from
this, is il. feasible. The only scandalous thing on the surface ol the
whole affair was the presence of Mr.
Dearie's name in the division which
carried the second leading.
The point of a paragraph in our
Municipal article yesterday was
partially lost through the accidental
omission of a sentence, ll had been
written thus: "The best that Mr.
Houston's friends can say of him is
that he is not so bail as painted.    11
is not necessary that lhe   people   of
in life, as Nelson,   wilh    its   intelli- JNelson should   elect    a    person    oi
gent,   expanding    population,   no whom anything bad can be painted."
doubt docs.       We fully believe lhis| . _
is the feeling   that is today   stirring
the hearts of our best citizens,    and
thai its Influence will result in the
election of Mr. Neelauds.
But there must be more than the
election of'Mr. Neclands.     I lis cle-
01 the Canadian   penny   postage
stamp Admiral de Horsey writes Ihe
London   Daily   Graphic:  "I read in
the Daily Graphic II report thai   the
Canadian Imperial penny   stamp   is
to be Inscribed with the words,"We
vation to the duel  municipal  posi-l,   ,,
_.       , hold :
New Books.
With Kitchener to Khartoum,  by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Thome,
H. Ridei Haggard.
Linnet,        -      Grant Allen.
Britain's Roll of Glory,       ��
D. H. Parry.
Fights For the Flag,
W. H.  Fitchet
Deeds That Won the
Emphe, W. H. Fitchet.
Whittaker's   Almanac   1899.
Office and Pocket
Diaries, 1899.
TAKE NOTICE that I, V. C. Rack-
lifT, will apply to the Gold Commissioner of Wost Kootenay, B. C., thirty
days after date, for a license to sell
liquor by retail at my hotel, located at
Sirdar, 16 miles from Knskonook, iu
tho West Kootenuv district
Dated at Nelson, R. C, this Oth day
of Lee, 181)8
Start the
New Year
As You
Should. ! 1
lion will be incomplete iu  its   effect
if not supported bv the election oi a ' ,,
.    . ,, I 'he
majority of Aldermen who will be in
heartiest sympathy with him. There
are two sets of men offering, one commonly and not unreasonably supposed lo be the nominees oi the
present Mayor. The Miner does
not say that the election of one or
more of these would be a misfortune, I
for some of them at least nre enter -
pris'mg, respectable cili/.ens. I!ul
it would be a misfortune to elect all
or a majority   oi  them,   for   ilia!
would mean a continuance oi municipal methods which ii is mosi   de>
i vaster empire than has been
If a man were to adorn his hat wilh
motto, "I have a vaster estate
I than any one else," passersby would
both ridicule him, and be inclined
to knock his hat oil', if not his head.
Similarly the proposed inscription
OH the penny stamp will only excite
the dislike    and    ridicule   o\'   oilier
I nations.     Doubtless    the    Dally
tiraphic is largely read in Canada,
Pray, use your   Influence   to  stop
such silly braggadocio, and to induce the authorities to substitute
the simple, bul grand, words, 'Hrit-
ish Empire,'"   The  Admiral   is   ii
gentleman   oi  excellent taste
Nimble- lo abandon.      I o be unite on   <���   ,���
<��� leeling.
the sale side, however, the   electors ,.     , ���       "u
have the privilege to choose lhe six CURRENT COMMEXT.
men who offer as  Citizens'  candl* i
dates.    They will support Mr. Nee-i "  '�����>��*'""'  ���""'���
lands In everything that   is  clc,,-1   ^Lff/8"   H"-'"l\ li',,",""'
, . , . spent Willi,OIK) ii.  year   in iiilvi't'tiHlnir1
lated to advance the reputation and  th��� N(1W Y(11.k   Ji(���1(<vl,   .,.,���.���  ���,,���.���
the interests of the   cily,   and   will, be bhought the oiroulatlon wns snfu hi I
Subscribe for
and Advertise in the
Kootenay's   Greatest
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
WHOLESALE   Mail 0rdeArsspeciauty.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon str:et, Nelson, B. C.
Established 1878.
The Brackman b Ker Milling
Company, Ltd.
Beg to announce that they have opened a Branch House in Nelson and
will Carry a Full Line of
Hay, Oats, Mill Feed, Rolled Oats, Graham
Floui, Etc.
TEMPORARY WAREHOUSE:���Turner, Becton's   Warehouse   on  C.
P. R. Siding, below Gray's Planing Mill.
CITY OFFICE:���Room 6,   Aberdeen   Block,   Baker   Street.
Write for Quotations in Car Lots.
Victoria,  Vancouver,   New Westminster,
South Edmonton, Nelson.
7:30 a.m.
Blank Books of All Kinds, Office
Supplies, Diaries for 1899.
Thomson   Stationery   Co.  LTd,
Nelson, B. C.
D.   McARTHUR   &   CO.
Cox. Wnxb & Baiter Sts.
Carload  of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all  its  branches.
We have our own Hearse.
The   Following   Direct   Shipments
Just Received
Cigars  From   IIavanna���Bock & Co's   Golden  Eagles,
Henry Clays.
From   Alexandria,   Egypt���Hadges   Nessim   Egyptian
From Reims, France���Pommery Champagne, Quarts  and
- NELSON���-
Better Than Ever.
Reliable Min-
NO. 2
Inlilnu iiini IHIIi iiYlurk i
. in., ���oplfiuboi1
lal,   IHIW
rurlllr   or
i mm ti Merldinn
Wkkt Hoi:, i
10AHT lllllIMi
Pint Class
Tlmo Card N<
1            FIl'Hl Clll-IH
Sll|il��� lit, IKW
boavos. Iinlly
Arrivo Dally
N.:tn ii. in.
{.80 |i.ni.
R,Ao a. in.
Kniilh Titi'li
8,08 ii.m.
M Ifi a. in.
9,|Q p.m. 1
1H.IIII a, ill.
'/.IHI p.Hi. !
HI.IIKii. in.
Boar l,iikii
l.ftl (1.111. 1
Ill.'ill 11. ill.
1.8H p III, |
Ui::il ii. in.
I'nj im Train
liS8p,m, 1
Ill.iWu. III.
duly Junotlon
i '.'',* inn.
10.40 ii. in.
US p.m,
Arrivo Dally
1.IIIIVII  linlly
Mixed 1
l.i'iivoH linlly
Arrivo Dally |
lllQOtt, in.
llllll Ii.lll.
11 ���.111 "
cmiy Junotlon        Hist) "
tilW "
HUM  "
Arrivo i>ui
LOOVO linlly 1
IKII1T. IIIVINO.                . K
mi         U.
F. ft
Cigar   M'f'g.   Co.
nre our Brnndi.   Bmolce  thorn and
you will Uke thena
I'. O. BOX I'Ml NM.KON, B. 0.
lias taken over the practice of
Dr.    II.   E.   Hall and  is prepared in do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
Ki.iiH-ii lllll ni.,, ii HHlmr hi.
[he News of
the World
*   BUY IT    #
The Miner is on salt at the following news Stores :it live cents per
Gilbert Stanley
Tnomron HtMTonofy Oo
Unniidn Drug & Booh Op
Hotol Hufnq Nowb sunul
It      I   ..tnpli.ll
('.   K.   Nl'lHOIl
.1. V Dqlanoy
Bloomi Now* Coi
.1.1. MouiUMh
PjpOilfl NOWh Co,
VV. I'urkiir
Thompson Rron.
lliiici Bnoknnc
M, Vvi KlmpHon
M. Aiirli'i'Mon
Q, VV. lllll
HiocMiit Olty
BlOOAn f'rorMluff
Ooaoado viiy
WHEN ...
. ��� ��� GOING EAST
Oh ii nrHi. plau llnq in trayoUtiB botwoon
MiniiiiiiiHiiH .hi. Pan) mni t!i,ii���iK���,
tlm principal UJWni In Oiintrul WlHooiihln
I I'liiiiHiui Piiiaoo HiouimiK iiiiii Obalr tin���
BOrVlQQ , ,
I'l'liiillliilimCrHiiriiniiorut.iiilIn tlm lnior��i,l nf
u imtriniH, tho mimi, ologitntwvloeovor
liimiKiuuU.il.   MiiiiIk an "irvml u In cart���
' '" 'rmi'i'vl'i'r' "laHH H"rVl0U yo"r tlokW "h,,,,1,i
-8. S. Alberta leaves for
KiiskniHiiik nnd way points
Tuesday,   Thui'sday   and
8:(X) a.m.���S.S. Movie leaves for Knot-
onny L'd'g nnd way points
Monday, Wednesday and
0:00 a.m.���Train leavpfl O. P. R. Kta-
tinn for Slocau Olty, daily
except Sunday.
9:40 a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.-���8. S. Kokunee annves from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
2:20 p.m.���Train arrives C. P. It. station, from Slocan Olty and
way points, daily, except
4:(HI p.m.���S. S. Kokanec leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:80p.m.���S.S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
6t80 p.m.���Train arrives N. & F. 8.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
0:50 p.m.���S. H Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
6:80 p.m,���8. S. Alberta arrives from
Kuskonookand way points
Tuesday, Thursday anil
6:40 p.m. -Train leaves V. lJ. H. sta-
tii.n forltobsun.Uosslainl,
and all Mail) Line points,
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives O. P. R. station, from all Main Line
points, Rossland and Rob-
son, daily
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angarona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival and departure.
TmnHportiUlnn Conopantos arc rOQOQatOd lo
BlVO notice In tho Minor OI nny nllerntioim in
the time of inival umi ili'imrinni from Nelson.
NEL80N LODGE, No. 21. A. V. &A.
M. moots second Wcilnesiluy in cucli
month.  ViHitiiiK brethren Invited.
G. L. l.KNNi'ix, Hiie.rolapy.
l. O, 0. K. Kootenay 1/imIkh
No. Ill, meelrt every Monthly night,
in   iiirii  Mull. Kootenay street.
Hojournlnn Odd l-'ellows enrdlally inviteil.
A. 11. Clemenix, N.U.       Fred ,1 Bqutrea,8eo.y
COURT KOO'I'KNAY, I O.F., NO. 81H meet!
1st anil 8rd W'l'ilnrsduj in each iniiiilh in Iho
K nf P Hull. K \V bwanell, l'. II. .s. 0, K.; J It
Green.C.K.: J. Purklw, ttuoy.
NEU30N LOIIGK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., nuietH
every Thursday In tho l.o.o.l''. hull. G C
William*. M.W.I W 8 Smith, Keo.-rtflO,', J. J.
DrlHooll, Ki nam tier; F. .1 Hqulru. RooulvOr, and
l>. M. W.
NKI.^ox bill.. No iiiiii moots In the Mao
Donald blook every '1 hiirnli..v uvolilug at B
o'l-ini k VUltlnii ineiniiei^ oordlally uivttod.
John Tovo W, .\i ; f. J. iliadluy. II. ,s.
NI0I.SHN    l.mni i:   N.i, ���.',-,. K. of   I'.
'    f*^""'1-'1*' '" ('"s|le  hull,   Mislliilinlil blOOK
ill JfJffiuVei7    Tili'.Mhiy   evening at   H O'olDok.
""All vihliiiiK knlghbi rnnlially Iiiv.h-iI.
11. C. Joy, 0. O.
(Itfil) Gk.ii. Uoss K.of K. ami-..
NKI.sON LODGK, I. 0. O. T. Moot* In
OMtte Hall, Mel.onald BlOOK, UVOry Mnndiiy
evoniiiK at 8 o'clock, Visiting iViniilnrs cordially Invited, John  1'Ki.i'intn,*
(Jhlot Templar.
.1. F. JaOOuDOn   ir'ine'y
Great West   Life
Assurance Co,
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
and  News   Agents   on  boats  nnd
trains out of Nelson.
1Mnf!l','',i'iTi!'','.''',1','m &��,,U*���� ftni1 Mllwaukn.
TOP Rll l'���i..|rn, points, ,
"""aginu wSrSlBf"(m" u" y,n"'n("1���"1 tloku'
,Iab. A, OLOOK,        or       ,l ��n 0 Ponii
��""��S?L^8.onil    . General'I'm,. A#"'nt
Notbof Application for Liquor License,
Take iiol.lco thai, 1, Robert I'Yoy, will apply
in too (iiiiii OommlMrionor of wow Kootoiiay.
I). (1��� llilrly days nfiei' ,|H|���, f,���. ���  |Tooll��0 l<>
will Honor by retail at mv hotol, Iqontod at
Moiiiilnln Hlillnn, Ii, Went knnlenny dlw'rlel,
Dated nl. Nelson, D, 0��� I.IiIh llllh dny of  Ho
omnlinr, 1HIIH.
The York County Loan & Savings Co., of Toronto.
HnhMcriiieii Capital, 18,000,0001 Total Anota
Paid Dec. 1HII7, *III||,IIIII.II2; Not KarnliiKH for '��".
Iiiiaio.iw. 0. V. Broadhunt, Bupt. for Konta-
imyH.    JOMph Phllllpl,   I'ich; A. T.  lliinter,
Vloe-lTim;   V.   ltohln, TieiiHiner;    10,   Hurl,
O.L. MILLS, Ag't for Nelson,
*��aaU wiu ami ��a�� oi��iMn the iritem. NELSON DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY n,  1899.
Committee of  Clergymen  and  Citizens
Formed to Set up a Petition to
the Legislature.
There was a meeting yesterday evening in the lecture room of the Presbyterian ohuroh at whieh there wove
present representatives from the different churches in town, Including the
clergymen. On motion of the Rev. R.
Frew and the Rev. 0. W. Rose, Mr.
Obarles McKay was elected to the
chair. The meeting wns the ontoome
of Iho recent session of the Trades'
Congress of Canada sitting iu Winnipeg, at which it was stated by Mr. I
Wilkes, the Rossland representative,
that the organized labor of West
Kootenay as represented in Rossland
condemned Sunday Labor, and was in |
favor of a Sunday Observance Act
similar to the one now in operation in
Tlie     following      resolutions     were
passed: "That a committee be appointed who will cnul'cv with the
owners of mines represented in this
cily, and will also circulate a petition
among the mines in this district on
Sunday���the petition to he sent to tho
Provincial Legislature.
"That a committee of clergymen be
formed to correspond wilh their respective churches to call a meeting
with a similar object, and to get up a
petition to ho sent in at tho same
time as tho other.
"That a committee he choson to
divide the town into wards for tho
purpose of circulating tho petition.
"That two members from each
church, together with their respective
ministers, form a working body to
carry out tho objects of the meeting."
The meeting then adjourned until
January 94.
This Miuister Will Go to Heaven Only
On Certain Conditions.
ObioagOi .Ian. 10.���"Whon I got to
Heaven" said tho Rev. Thos. Gregory,
in offering his resignation as pastor i f
the church of tho Redeemer last evening, "Tho first question I am going to
ask is, 'Are there any trustees here?'
If the answer returned hy tho Apostle
at the gale is in the affirmative 1 am
going to the oilier place. " Dr. Gregory's resignation was immediately
accepted. Lack of money and co
operation caused the resignation.
Mr. John A. Turner has received tin
following telegram froto Mt. li, M. Ar.i-
strong, controller uf the poet ofHue de
pertinent at Ottawa, iu reply to the telegram Hout by tho Board Ol Trade on
Mm day urging Ihe uecemiiy of uu m-
niediate mail sarvioe twin ,N< inon to
points on the Crow's Nest 1' ips road.
John A. Tuner,
Secretary Board of Trade, Nelson.
Mail servioe over Crow's Nest I'.is^
railway is receiving the attention ot the
1!. M.   A rum'lung.
The8i80 0. P. H. train was delayed
yesterday evening and came in ID minutes late.
Mr. John Keen, Hocordor, of Kaslo,
returned home yesterday afor spending
some days iu tho oity,
Tho Nelson lire brigade hockov Icmn
and Ihe Nelson hockey learn will play
lit the Crystal Kink Friday evening
0. W. MoArlhur,   mining   engineer
of  Denver, Col,,   nnd brother nt bun
eiiii MeArlhurof this city,   Ih in Nelson.
There will be pruotloe of tho orchestra of the Nelson Musical Sociiy tomorrow evening ill, Mr, K. BrOUghllUl's
At the culling rink last night a rink
skipped by Mr, N. McLeod beat u
rink skipped by Mr. W. II. (Irani by 18
to I.
I) The tttg Siindoii which the 0,   P.  !'���
Iiiih heen liuihli g on Slocan lake, will
lie launched al, UoHchcrry next Halui-
Stephen While,   proprietor of the
Nelson House, who him boon visiting
at, HantT for Iho pimt two weeks, has
returned to Nelson.
It, III expec'ed that the seivice between Brooklyn and Ronton will be
resumed today,llluolllewrtot again taking Up hev regular run.
Messrs. Gamble &|Rellly have moved
their offices aorois the street and are
now lu the premises formerly occupied by Mr. W. J, (I, Dickson.
A hockoy match Is being arranged to
bs blsyed bstwnuu th�� Handlers aud
Wholesalers of Nelsou this evening at
the Crystal Skating Rink.
Mr. J. A. MoDounel, one, of the
contractors on the Peutioton road, is
at the Phair. He leaves today for
Montreal aud other lCaslern points.
Mr. J. Macdonald of the linn of 1).
McAvthnr & Co .left lust night for Slocan to secure additional piles for the
spur  they are udding to tho 0. P,   K.
The remains of T,!rs. Neil Mcl.eod,
who died lust Sunday, wero interred
yesterday. The funeral services were
held ni the Presbyterian church aud
were conducted by Hev. H. Frew.
11 is staled I hat, lhe insurance   ui iiii -
pu 'ies   operating  iu   Rcsslund   have
given iinticeth.it unless that cily   can
i procure    water     within    30   hours,
nil insurance policies there will he cancelled.
.1. lJ. Manhart, 0. P. R, bridge foreman,   has purchased two lots on   tbe
corner <if Ward and Robson streetB,
from J, E. Annalile and intends creeling a handsome residence in the very
near future.
0. F. Wing, of the Oro Mining
Oompany, whloh operates the Golden
Ledge, is In Nelson from Spokane
where he has been in connection with
the construction of the mill to be
greeted at the mine.
The recent cold snap did not spare
Bondon where tbe thermometer stood
at 20 below. Tho electric light and
water systems, however, were not
effected aud come through without
Mr. G. A. Keefer, chief engineer of
the Nelson and Bedlington road, is at
the Pbair en route to the soene of construction after having spent the holidays at tho coast, Mr. Keefer report"
that construction work is progressini
Frank Rohhins, superintendent of
the Stem Winder nnd Brooklyn mines
in Greenwood camp, returned tn Nelson yesterday from an examination of
the Evening Slav mine at S ocau, with
Mr. Hugh Sutherland. Mr. ttobbins
leaves lor Greenwood tomorrow morning. I
James \\'. Moffat, late of iho firm nf
Moffat & Church, assayers 'ind mining ;
engineers, leaves this morning for his!
Iinuio in Toroutl ou a visit and while
there will lay bofore some Toronto and
Montreal capitalists propositions for
inn development of some West Koott -
nay mining properties.
There w h a good attendance of ladles ui ihe recent practice nl the Xclsiui
musical society al Mr. lll'OUg-
ham's house, Owing In lhe meeting of
: In- Board of Trade and the e cctiou,
the gentlemen were thinly represent-!
8 1. "I oul ruin's Daughter," and a
eliiiius from Tain Imuscr were
ToiMpMiiesteA Han Held Up
oil Cily nf Mm,
A $4.00 Bill in our store last week, and
said: "When 1 invest this in shoes in this
store 1 l'now I am making a good invest men 1  	
You will find just as good
for your dollars as this mai
here. ....'.. 	
if vou deal
Aberdeen Block P
Having heen presented with a requisition hearing the signatures of a
great many of the ratepayers of tho
City of Nelson,asking me to stand as ti
candidate for the honorable position of
Mayor of our city at    the coining elee- 1
tions; and having heen urged to do so (jOOdS   Way Up!     PriCCS Way   DOWIl!
by a large number   of  others;  I  take,
pleasure   111   announcing  that I am   a
In so doing I feci assured that all of
you desire to sec our Oily take thai
place in the Province to which sho is
entitled, and to that end my humble
serivecs will lie devoted,
I believe that lhe year upon which
wo have just entered will ho tho most
important iu determining the City's
future; that necessary public works
should he undertaken, and that, where
practicable, and in the host interests
of the City, such work should be done
by day   labor;   that   in   tie   adminis-   ... , 0 ���  , 1.,..,..,.   .,,,,1   m���-o
We are in the field again tor i8qq with a   largei  and more
tration of the affairs of the City  there ,    �� ' .   .    ,     ,       ,      ,
omplete  slock than  ever.     Our stock is bv tar the largest
fc FOR   RENT 3
' fc1  B-Roomod sione House $fi (Ki  ^S
j SjE  l'Uoomed Plastered House  ��� $12 00  3
������������ 33
���l-Tloomeil  Cottage near   Stanley   ���^
street, S7M. ^J
6-Roomod Sione Cottage S1300.       ^5
Liu'Ke Double House S2000. ^
The Mayor's Chair
. . . Is Crying Out  "Who'll sit on me this year ? " . . .
should he no sectional feeling and no
favoritism remembering that we aro
all equal as ratepayers, and have the
welfare of the City as our common
cause, first, last   and all tho time.
I further believe that competent officials superintending the different public departments will advance and
conserve the best interests of the Oity;
and that a hotter distribution of the
City's business among proper committees, will insure a termination ot
the one-man rule of the past.
If dieted, I am ready aud willing,
as Mayor, to assume my proper share
in the administration of the City's
affairs;,but I believe that tho aldermen should bo ini rusted with a fair
proportion of the government of the
I will advocate a substantial reduction in tlie salary of the Mayor.
1 will endeavor to act in the best
interests of lhe Oitv, nnd Ileal my fellow citizens in lhe same way as I have
during my lengthy residence here.
in Nelson.    Our aim this year will he, as in the  past,  Low
Trices,  Good Goods,   Promptness and Civility.
Special attention given  to Mail Orders.
M.DesBrisay & Co.
%       SEE ANNABLE      3
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and Bee   us.
B. C.
Aberdeen Block,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing lint fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in slock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Now finally known as
Fisher Station, C.N.P. R'y.
West Kootena\ Valley, B. 0., on line
of C.N.P. R'y., and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now  under
Information regarding Creston may
lie hud of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent,
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
lAIMM. MF1ME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall.!
Cuius' iptrat Ticket ���_______
Fur AUflril.     'Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Opposite Plmir Hotol,
P. O. BOX 583.
Incorporated i860.
Sain, a Chinamen employed at Ihe
i iiiine Hole .wis prosecuted yesterday
Uy Mr. Qorsoe Hume lor Bteaiiug
a bowl and sonic Rtarutr. Several other
i.rl.icles had been missed and such
petty pilfering is becoming sccoiiimoii
that I'olice Magistrate E. A. Crease
imposed the exemplury Boutenue ol
three months in Jail.
Numerous slides occurred last week
in the vicinity of Hie lin erprise mine
on Ten Mile says lhe Kaslo Prospeotor,
lllin   came   down   the   gulch and took
nm, a  number oi  buildings ami the
track nl. the No. ,\ workings ami
swung around on Hie dump, Another
grazed Ihe hum and a third made
ihings Interesting at No. :3 tunnel.
The big Ncepasva slide alsoeainc down
laii did no damage,
The Kaslo hockey club was organized last Tuesday evening wilh Ihe
following offloers oleoted fur the ensuing year; Patrons, Mr, and Mrs. (!.
I',. linrrard. Hen. President, H I'',
llrecn, M. P. P. ; Pros., W. P. Dick-
sun'.    Vice-Pros,,    Alderman    Good-
enough,   0.    Dixon   and   A.  Fletcher;
Captain,  s. Hunter; Secretary, A. .1.
Ilill! Treasurer, I). .1. Young ; Com
niltlee, A. T. Garland, 11. Klctchei'
and A. Sice.
The Crystal Skating Rink mnunge-
iiiiiit   have   made  arrangements by
which a hus will leave lhe cornet ol'
Slanlny and linker streets al 1 :W) and
8 p, iu. each evening for their rink.
Passengers will be carried ul lhe
Bpooinl rale of 10 eelils. *
We, at the solicitation of a large
number of the citizens of Nelson, offer
ourselves as candidates for aldermen
at the ensniug Municipal Eleotion,
Our candidature is not aimed at
cither of the prospootive candidates
for the mayoralty and we severally
pledge ourselves to aid and uphold
whoevci may be elected to the position of mayor in all proper measures
that may he in the best interests of the
City,and le supnort any necessary public Improvements such as the extension
of the waterworks, sewerage and clcc-
Iric, light systems and the grading and
Improving of tho streets and laying
requisite side walks in llm city.
We consider thai the cipiipincut of the
city's Fire Department should be augmented so as to afford our efficient
Fire Brigade every facility for protecting life and property,nnd Incidentally thus securing a   very  substantial
reduction in the lusiiraiuc rales.
Our aim and nliject is lhe welfare
Of the City Of Nelson, and lo do all in
mil' power to advance the Cilv's in-
Icrcsls hy   pursuing   ii   judicious   mni
progressive policy.
On these grounds  we   confidently
ask for   the   support    of tllO volcrs   of
the Cily of Nelson.
111  [frank Boor,
BAST WARD      Henry li Thomson,
I p. IS, Wilson,
I Crank INotoher,
WKST WARD    ' K.   M,   Mnodonald,
I A. L MoKillop.
Reserve. $1,175,000.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000,      ���
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
' AmIgonlah, N ^.
Kiilliin-Kl, v I.
' ".nilucwa it, N. S.
. I'hiulotlotowii, I'. K. I.
, Dorchoster, N. 11.
Ii'ivilerlcton, N. B,
i l lu\hlmrii. N. S.
llPHiid Forks, B. 0.
lliilifux. S H.
ICInifxton, N. 11-
��� Uinrtonderry, N. B.
Lunenburg, N. H,
Mai'land, N B.
Mm dim. N. II.
Montreal, P. Q.
Montreal, �� out Kml
Montreal, Wunlinount
Niilliiiliui. It. ('.
Nelson, ll. C.
Nowoaetln, N. II.
I'iiliui, N. S.
Port Hawhsbury, N. S,
lt.i' land, 11.1'.
Haekvtlle, N B,
Sliiilirii iiii-. N. S.
SumiiH'r-iiili-. P, K. 1.
Bydney N. -.
St. John, silil.
Truro, N.s,
Vancouver, 11. C,
Vancouvor, K.-si Kml
Victoria, ll. ('.
Woynioulli, N. H.
Woodstock, N. B.
Ymir, It. t,'.
Qeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Utc, Negotiated.
Accounts received on the In-' -I favorable terms.    Interest allowed  on special
deposit l ��nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A HiiviiiK-i Bank department tian boon OHtabltnhod In connection with the Nel��on branoh of
1 this bank, Deposlia of one dollar and upwards recolved, and current rate of interest ailowecl.
I ut praaont :i pur oent. por annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Extended exporienoo in Chile and German
rioutb Afi'ira. A^snys and analysis of oren.
Itoports and valuations on mineral proportion
Underground surveying and mine plana kept
up by contract*
*    OYSTER HOUSE.     X
X Short Order Meals
At. Any Time���Hay
or Night.
The best Cook.
The Best Attention,
'lhe Best Meals.
Real Estate ana Insurance Agent. ^
Two Lots on Mill Street.    $300 Cash.
| The Birkbeck Investment,  Security |
ll and Savings Co. 1
I tn  advance money on Improved Kent Estate.    Repayable in 5 and ^5
fc S yours by monthly instalments, ^
X Y. HOSHI - Proprietor. Z
X \
��t.M It
j Newly Fnrn
MUf-'ie I1R8BON81   1111 liiimii  omul!  or
uulliir, liv Mi'm.  W. .1. AHiley,  KuIhiiii utteot
l.wii ilmii'H went Ol Stnnliiy.   I'. (I. IIiik IIW,
WAN'I'Kli   A poult Ion nimanuKer ond hook
koopor fin nn hotel.   11nn Intil nn��'i oxporlenue
mill run Ulvn KOUll  ri'l'iiiiilii'i'H.     Apply  Mllnir
WAN'I'KII An Inl.i'lllKi'tit liny l0��lllllj lu'.v.
Apply in tiiniiittk. l.niiiiUi, HiilU-lini'H, nil!., Nul-
mm, ll. ('.
WANTK1) TO HUNT���A four or
live room liirninheil llOUiS or threo
rooiiiH I'lirniHlieil (or ll��ht lioune kioji-
lUg.     AdilreiiH U,  U.   II.,   Mo ml Ollloe.
Al, the Ontney Hloek, Itnlier Street.
Until mill eleetrie light, I'lices reiiHiill
isked Booms Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
$6.25 Delivered to any
part of the city.
Charles St.  Barbe,   Agent.
Office with Charles A. Waterman & Co., where
orders will he received.
Painting and
Drawing Lessons
Given by Mil. B_NWtOK; Pot terms,
etc., address r. o. 01 Thomson Hta-
turnery Oo.
Bora epeoplothlnk that n Hardware
store U11 poor place to look (orsultable
Disabuse your mind o( thnt, idea.   We
hltve aline of  kooiIh iiiiioiiknI   whieh
will lie found the most useful and appropriate nriicicH for presentation pur*
poHCH. Their value in not fleeting.
Every dlty the receiver of one of l.hcNe
will nave reason to praise your jikIk-
inent in selecting a (iiHthiK Kill'
llllplll'tl'I'K of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Mitu'.i'N' HupplieB
.        KOOTENAY I
Mining Stock Quotations.
[mines of
ompUed by H. G. MoCullooh, mining brok-
Nclson. B. 0.. P. 0. box 1115. |
Name of Company Value.
KelBOD, Slocan and Ainsworlh
American Hoy 10"
AthahaMca 1 "0
ArliiiKton Con 1 00
Dundee l oo
Dardanelles OH>
Dellle I'*1
Klsio 100
Excheiiucr 100
Fern 0. M. Co    23
(iibKon 1''0
Hall Milieu  til
Idler 100
London  Hill    25
N'clnon-Poornian     2.1
Kaslo Montezuma     loo
Noble l'Mvo 100
Rambler Con  I oo
lleco I""
.Slocan Star     50
Two Friends    SO
Wonderful   100
Washington 1 00
Trail Creek
Butte 1O0
Caledonia Con  1 00
Commander.    1 00
TleerPark 1 00
Enterprise  * 00
Kureka Consolidated 100
KveninK Star 1 00
Georgia 1 00
Oood Hope 1 00
Grand Prize  100
Giant 1 00
High Ore l oo
Iron Mask 100
Iron Colt 100
Jumbo.   100
Lily May.... 600
Mayflower 1 00
Monlla 100
Monte L'risto 1 00
Mugwump 1 00
Novell i- 100
Phoenix 100
Poorman 1 '10
Red Mountain View 100
Rossland   Homestake 100
Rossland Red Mountain 100
Sllverine l "0
Silver Bell 100
St. Mmo 100
Virsrlnia 100
Vlctorv-Trlumph  1 00
tVar Eagle Con  1 00
WestLe KoiJosle 100
White Bear 100
Alpha Bell 1 00
Cariboo iCampMcKi 1 00
Waterloo ICamp McK) 100
Ci riboo Hydraulic Con 5 00
Chaiine      25
Golden Cache 1 00
Occ. M.&M. Co 100
Old Ironsides  100
Smuggler 100
Tin Horn    25
Van Andn 1 00
Winchester    25
Fire Mountain loo
1 Iiii
2 05
1 2fl
shipments are not included hut they
are double lh"se from Silverton."
The exact shipments from Silverton
from July last areas fo lows:
Aug. 26th, Emily Edith, 15 tons.
Dec. 9th, Cornstook, 10 tons.
Dee. 12, Oomstook, 2:i tons.
Dec. 12, Vancouver, 2D tons.
Dec, lOlh. Fisher Maiden Ii tons.
Dec,  16th Vancouver,  10 tons.
Dec. tilth. Wakefield, 00 tons,
Die 20th. Wakefield. 60 tons.
Dec 22nd, Vancouver. 20 tons.
Dec. 27th, Vancouver, 20 tons,
Deo. 80th, Vancouver, 20 tons.
Dec. Hist, Wakefield, 2.1 tons,
Jan. 2. MID, Vancouver, 20 tons.
Total,   HOI tons.
This quantity covers very little more
than the shipments of hist month
when rawhlding began nnd leaves out
of view those of last winter, We wish
that those of New Denver were double
this, but unfortunately for it the fact
is that leaving out the^sliipments from
the BoBUn mine, which are loaded at.
the Bosun landing, a very few oars
would be ample to tnke away all the
ore that left New Denver during the
saidperiol. Silverton too will show
in tlie future a large iuereose in its
sail for Spain via the island of Martini
New York, Jan 10.���Bar silvern!) 1-S.
Mexican dollars 466-8. Copper strong,
brokers 13 84, exchange 18.50 to 13.7o
Lead strong, brokers $8.85, exchange
$4.10  to   $-1.15.     Tin   strut g,  straits
821.70 to $27.    Plates firm.
* *   #
On the St. Eugene, the great, galena
mine of East Kootenay, belonging to
Messrs. J. A Pinch, S, Oronin and D.
Mann .about 1500 feet of development
work has been done, consisting almost
entirely of four tunnels, the three
lower ones being connected !>>' winzes.
The lowest of these three is in HUD feel,
and taps the lead at a depth of 350 feel
Development work has li.'en going on
now for about four years, and as n result there is about 50,000 tons of ore
blocked out. There is also absut 4,500
tons of ore on the dump which has
been taken out. while doing development work. This is now being hauled
down the wagon toad, a dislanee of
2 1-2 miles to the  railroad,   whence  il
will be shipped in ii day or two.   The
vein iH a true fissure, varying in width
from three to ten feet, and has heen
opened up along I lie surface for a distance of 1IKM) feet. The ore averages
about 60 ozb. in silver iand 60 per cent
Lumber is now being hauled for the
construction for a 3-mile Hume which
will convey water from Hark Shanty
creek to the 15D ton coliceiitrafor which
is fo built in the spring.    A  tramway
8,500 feet long is also fo be erected, but
it has not, yet, heen decided whether il
il to lie an aerial or a gravity tramway,
* #   #
|" There was n report current ill Knslu
on Monday evening that four feel of
ore was struck in Ihe Dnrdnclles inine.
No confirmation of the siory wns
received hut from the BbowingS in the
mine fur some weeks past it wns expected thut an Important strike would
Shortly he modo and the news is generally credited.    The   mine has shown
great promise for some time.
* *   #
Bllverton, British Columbia, .Inn. lo
A winking bond and lease 1ms recently been given hy lhe owners (the
chief of whom is Charles MoNlohol of
Silvei'lon) lo Messrs. Ileiinodum ami
Stewart   Bt'OS,    (2|   ou   the   Noonday
group of two claims which lie east of
the (iiilena mines und less t luin ID miles
cost of Silverton for (35,000. The shmv-
ii g of galena ore on this property is
excellent, Indicating a large body uf
ore samples of which have assayed 237
ounces of silver nnd there  is  very   lit
tie doubt thnt while lhe intelligent development which if will receive from
these practical ml tiers it will become u
Valuable mine. They gn to work
thereon without  delay.
The New Denver Ledge gives evidence in its last issue, as is very usual
with if, that  it is   effected    with   the
green-eyed monster, Jealousy,   Ltsnys
that Mr. 1'eterS, district freight iigeiil,
of the C. I*. It. stalls that the ship-
menls of ore from tbe various hike
points from .Inly 1st, IKDH were ns follows; Enterprise 888 funs. Silverton
properties on aggregate of 211 tons, it
concludes   tlitmi    "Tlie   New   Denviir
Montreal, .Ian. 10���Shortly before
Christmas a young man named Arthur
(iatilhier arrived in Montreal from Chicago. He called himself Gardner and
(.���'aimed to be one of the fastest cyclists
in the world. Last Thursday night he
entertained a dozen of his friends in
high style at Riendeau hotel and upon
eaving tendered a $50 cheque signed
by the World Cycle Works Co. There
was a balance due him out of this,
amounting to $0.00, which he said he
would call again and get, but he never
came back. Riendean, of course, deposited the cheque with other papers
at his bank in the ordinary way and
was surprised to be informed that
cheques on the bank at St. Hyacinthe
signed as above had been seen before,
hut that there was no account with
the company and no funds to meet the
cheques. Detectives were sent to
trace the young man and arrested him
in a restaurant. Before Judge Des-
noyers in the police court, the accused
pleaded guilty to uttering a forged
cheque, knowing it. to he worthless,
and was remanded for sentence.
Rome, Jail, 10.���Archbishop Ireland
is expected here before the end of tbe
month, when be will probably explain
his preface to tbe book hy Father
Deckers before the Tope takes action
nu Americanism. Owing to the anti-
Jesuit outcry by the Liberal papers,
tbe publication of these sheets have
heen postponed. Another element of
friction between civil and ecclesiastical authority appears in the intention
of the Government to introduce a divorce bill in Par lament, The Vatican
is preparing to protest.
New York, ,Inn 10.��� Justice Nash, b
Ihe supreme court today refused to
grant the motion made on behalf of
Benjamin I'. Cheney. Julia Arthur's
rich husband to vacate the attachment
of $5,000 secured hy Theodore Moss,
ihe proprietor of Wallack's theatre,
against the Julia Arthur company    A.
II. Iluinmell. who  is  Moss'  attorney,
on receiving the attachment, promptly
seized the scenery nno costumes of
Miss Arthur and her company, which
were in the theatre.
Copenhagen, Jan. 10.���A traveller
named Daniel Hruan is organizing an
expedition to start during the coming
summer in search of traces of Prof.
Audree.the Arctic explorer, in eastern
Albany, N. Y, Jan. 10.-The Oourl
of Appeals has denied a new trial to
Mrs. Place of Brooklyn, who is sentenced to he electrocuted for the murder of her step daughter Ida, Place.
Unless the governor interferes she
will be the first woman to be electrocuted in this state.
Mr. Rhodes is a masterful genius
who commands general admiration���
aid obedience. But he sometimes
meets his match. The brainy yount'
editor of a Rhodesian journal (VSalis-
bury) hart consistently "slated"
Rhodes and all his works. Hearing
that this journalist was in Cape Town
(?London) the Colossus invited him to
the Burlington Hotel to "talk him
over." When the young man entered
the room, his host snorted :
"Sit down I"
"No. thanks, I prefer to stand,"
said the visitor coolly.
Mr. Rhodes glanced at him, frowned
at this independent attitude and said
"What do you wont?"
"I don't want anything; you sent
for me."
"But your paper���why are you always attacking my work���what do
you want?" persisted Mr. Rhodes,
convinced that a subsidy was the one
thing necessary.
"Look here Mr. Rhodes," shouted
the journalist, "you are besieged by a
crowd of scoundrelly blackmailers,
who bleed you. I am not one of that
gang.   You can't buy me up I"
The great man nearly had an apoplectic fit. Never had he been thus
hectored. He swore, he snorted, he
paced feverishly up and flown the
room. Finally he strode up to his
critic and roared:
"But I can ruin you���you and your
d���d 'rag'.    Do you know that?" "
"Oh, no you can't, my friend."
retorted the young man, quite coolly.
"It's my 'rag', and I shall write what
I like in it. If you have, nothing further to tell me lot mo say 'Good-day',
I  am   just leaving for Rhodesia!"
And he walked out with a calm
assurance which quite staggered Mr.
Rhodes. The young man has since
changed bis views, and is now ono ef
Mr. Rhodes' most fanatical admirers,
and the mayor of a Rhodesian city.���
London Empire.
Washington, Jan. 10.���John R
McLean, owner of the Cincinnati Enquirer is dangerously sick at his home
on I Tit li street. He has hiccoghs. He
hurt Buffered from thcin several days
lust week, but the distress censed.
Since then they have resumed. His
friends are alarmed. The disease is
superinduced by gout and Btomnoh
St. Louis, Mo., Jan,    ID.���Joseph II
Dillon   had his name changed hy legal
1 process   to   Joseph II.   DiUon-tiregg lo
��� imlih��� Iiiiii lo   marry Mary Gregg and
nl the   same   lime save   Ihe fortune of
1800,000  bequeathed   to her hy   nu oo
centric   uncle   nu   ci iiii I i 11 (ill    lliitl  she
retain the name of Gregg through life.
ll is supposed the uncle inleiidcil his
niece should remain unmarried.
Loudon, Jan. ID. Sir Charles and
Lady RIVcrs-WllBOIl leave London nl
Ihe end of March on au extended  Iiiiii
through   California,   Their charming
house, Pout street, which they purchased three years ago from Mrs. Lang-
try, will be let during their abseiic*'.
He All Plead Guilty.
The New York Sun accuses Canad
ians of minding their own busbies .
This is an unfair advantage to take of
us; for we cannot retort to the Sun in
like manner. The New York luminary
appears to be sincerely pained, however, because we take considerable interest in affairs Canadian, when we
might so much better employ our time
in worrying over the problem and
politics of the great American nation.
Then it goes a step farther and makes
It a reproach to us that the  Sun and
its friends are ignorant, i f lhe matters
which interest us, We should not
have thought without assistance of
the Sun's modest suggest Ion that any
person, or persons, so far removed
from the Sun olliee as are the stay-at-
home Canadians, were responsible for
Ihal journal's ignorance of Canadian
affairs and sentiments; but we are
free to confess that, if the blame is
really ours, we have a great deal to
answer for. However, when we turn
lo the Sun's article to Mud wherein we
have failed iu our duty and thus become responsible for its picturesque
misinformation respect ing (lanadn and
Canadians it is somewhat, confusing
lu Ibid that the head aud front, of  our
offending appears to be that our papers discuss the affairs of the Dominion     too    Industriously. ��� Montreal
puhi.oK (in Dooiimbsr 9, at Pollok Oaatlt,
Nitwiiin MiuiriiH. Iionfrowshlro, bootlund,
thu wife nf How FurgUMon-Pollos nl a sun,
11 ill-1 li Ini:! rill  It r |,iil I,
(Observations taken by a. ii. iioidloh,
tun   4
Iiiii   Ti
n 80
lice BO
Hoc .'II
Slit iirilny
Jim   N
Inn   II
22 0
.Inn 111
Purchased and payment made as soon
after receipt of ore as
samples can be assayed.
Quotations given
upon the receipt of
Steel Tape and All  Kinds
of Instruments repaired.
Patenaude Bros.
lU'.U,   ESTATE   AMI    IN'SI'lttXT:    UilAI
AND ITIV4E     -
Valuable Baker Street and  other ex
eellent property for .Hale.
iilllcc Turnrr-Baeohh Itlock. Nelson. II. <
Steamship Lines
Allan Ijino���Lmircnliiin.
From Portland
     ..Jan. 21
From Ne��v York
White Star Line���Cymric Inn. r,
White StttP hinc   Germanic Jan   IS
White Slttr Une���Tuulouia Jan. 'J.
unarfl Lino���I inliria  Jim. I'
Ounard Lino   Reivia Ian, 21
Am-lior Line -Furneasla Ian. I
\nchor Line���Ethiopia   Jan. '2.'
A.merican Line���ml Lou's Jan. i
Mian Line���State Nuhmska Jan. n
Cabin, $46.00, 960, Ibu, WO $80 and upwards,
intermediate, |32.n0ani upwards
Steerage. |22.fi0 and upwards,
Passengers ticketed through to all points !���
Qreat Britain or Ireland, and at specially lo\
iiites to all parts of the European oontl lent
Prepaid passages arranged from all point.1
Apply to u P. B. City Ticket Agent. Nelson
01' to
..r)4)   General Agent. O.P.R. OffloOR. Winnipeg
General Teamsters.
tptii for B. c, Oil Go.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. Ono car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Unfinished Worsted Coats
to wear with odd trousers is the
correct thing this season.
And what is correct can lie
found here at any time. We
have a large stock of clothing,
ft but we don't keep it long. The
f. arrivals of this week will be
'i gone hy next. The style and
li cut of the garments catches the
�� eye and the quality of the goods
the judgment, and makes cus
���omers of all who come to see.
--J. A. GILKER--
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts
Telephone    lilt.
Berlin.   .Ian.  id.   The   Magdeburg
court linn sentenced Herr August Mel-
hr,   editor   Of   the   Socialist    VoIkhIi-
Tiiiime, to in months Imprisonment ou
the charge of I.cn MiijohI.c.
All kiniit. or day umi iiIkIH BoavongerlnB
Kingston,  .laniaieii,  .Inn.   10,   The I Work promptly done.    Chimney Sweeping
gUDhOBt fleet whloh left  Havana  Jnn-  ilono.
miry 1st   coaled  here   today and   set1    Box88��.  Leave ortsn It M. OssBrUsy'*.
Painting and
Fancy Work.
Mr*,   Pi A. Tiunlilyn, Vernon nt., Ih prepared to
UL_0 | ni pi Ik hi puiiilinK on Hut in, UIhhh iuhK'iiii-
viiH. aim) leuons Kh'on in nil brwiohea i>r luuwi.
fancy work.    Oraorfl OXOOUtOd  promptly and
at reasonable prlooH,
Geo.    Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
Notice is hereby given that application will be made to ihe Parliament
of Oaiuida. at its next session, for an
act to declare the liedliugton and Nel
son Railway (lompaiiny to lie a body
corporate and politic within the juris
diction of the Parliament of Ouiuida,
and the Company's Railway to be
a work for the   general   advantage   of
i'lunula, also lo authorize the Company to exercise running powers over,
and to the use and operation of the
property   of   other  railway companies
and to  mate such  arrangement! for
conveying or leasing tlie Company's
Railway and its rights nnd powers as
is usually given to railway companies
in their Acts of Incorporation, and for
othor purposes.
Klilo, B 0, Deo IB, 18UB.
For Next Ten Days
Line of Tea Sets of Dishes
Containing 40,  44, and 56 Pieces at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
KIrkpatrIck & WIlsoM
Groceries and Crockery
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S.  Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Orders   received  at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay  and   Baker  Streets.
General Agent
The Great
Short Line
From the manufacturer
to the retailer direct,
means  close   prices    and
personal responsibility.
'.(tying from the manufacturer or maker of goods
means everything to tlie
purchaser, for it is in itself an Insurance against
Inferior Goods and Bxor
liitant Prices, while th^
customer reaps the im
ustoinci' reaps
nediate benefit
My stock of Jewelry, Rings, lie oclics, Scarf I'ins, Lorgnettes, Lockets.
Vecklets, (ienfleinen's Vest Chains, Watches, ('locks, Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Ware, I personally selectedj'roin the Immense stocks at the differ
Buy'from MCOB  DOVER and Save Money.
Engraving  Free.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
��*_-������������ ������������-3s=9
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders oy mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
; ������������������������������������������������������������������������������
IC. D. J. Christie i
< *     Al! Roomed and a 4 Boomed  ���
r  House. ���*���
The   Dominion   Permanent X
Loan Co.
Advance   money   ut  terms   to
suit borrower.
i ���
:: 0. D. J. Christie,   Agent
I :��������������������������������������������������������������
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
-__*LM��_*ntain R'y*
The only all rail route without ohang
of oars between NuIbou and Komilainl and
Spokane and fiossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"    11:55 "  KOSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6-30 p.m
Traiu that leaves Ni lson nt 9:40 0.10
make* oloHe oonoeoMoni at Spokane mi
nil I'uoillo Const Points.
I'aHsongers for Kettle Hiver nnd Itonnd-
nry Creek, ooiuieot, nt Mnroun withHtnge
C. G. DIXON, (I. P, &T.A.
Spokane  Wiuh
Agelit.Nel.iiii, ll, C,


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