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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 31, 1900

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 li 1
Daily Edition No. 872
Nelson,   British Columbia, Wednesday Evening,   October 31,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Provincial Libri-v
Mr. H. H. Cook, ex-M. P., Answers Those
Who Have Accused Him of Telling an Untruth.
Toronto, Oct. 31.���Mr II. II. Cook,
ex-M. P., East Siincoe, has mado a
statuary declaration before Mr. 1'.
Gordon, notary, l'rovince of Ontario,
reiterating his charges against the
Liberal administration that lie was
asked to pay $10,000 for a Senatorship.
lie declares himself ie:uly to appear
before an impartial commission and
give evidence and produce correspondence and copies of correspondence
which he has iu his possession and albo to produce witnesses who can corroborate his statements.
Montreal, Oct. 111.���La Patrie. the
French Canadian local Liberal organ,
last evening published in large type
occupying the whole of the front page,
a letter signed by about one hundred
French Canadians in Manitoba expressing complete satisfaction with
the settlement of the Monltoba school
question. ;
Chatham, Ont., Oct.   .11.-11011.    Sh
Charles Tapper addressed   a   meeting
in the interests of  T.   A. Smith, Con
servative, in Kent County yostorday.
London, Ont., Oct., 111.���Sir Charles
Tupper addressed a large meeting here
last evening in the Interest of Major
Beattie, Conservative.
city: "I supported the Liberal party
for 18 years when in opposition, but
1 am against it now. If government
in Canada is only a scramble for oflice
with no regard for honest principles,
then wo should send to China for missionaries to teach us. Some old friends
who fought in the opposition ranks
with me ask, 'What is the matter'.' or
what do you want'." 1 know only one
code of morals for home, church and
state life, that is what is the matter
with me, and 1 want a clean government which will bold the balance fair
for all the people, that is all."
��� *   ��
Rev. G. C. Huxtable says: "I have
been a Reformer all my life. I gave
my vote in the late election for Sir
Wilfrid, but I will regard it henceforth as a duty I owe my conscience,
my country and my God to withdraw
my support from him."
* ��   ���
Mr. Michael Kelly, the blind orator
of St John. N. B., who formerly
stumped for the Liberals, attended
the Liberal Conservative convention
last week. "When men are false to
their pledges," he said in a speech,
"I have done with them."
speakers will by Mr. S. S. Taylor, Q.
C., who has just returned from the
eust.and Mr. L. P. Hull', Q. C.of Victoria, who is at present attending
the Supreme Court here. An invitation is extended to the Conservative
candidate, Mr. MaeNeill and Christopher Foley of the Labor Party, or any
of their supporters, to be present, and
they will be given an opportunity to
Victoria, B. C, Oct, 31.���(Special)
���Meetings are being held nightly by
both tbe Conservative, and Liberal
candidates and the contest is waxing
warm. It is admitted that the result
will be close. The Liberal candidates
are promising everything in sight.the
mint, the railway to the north, etc.
The campaign will close with big
mass meetings in the city.
Hamilton,   Oct.
Laurier is billed   tu
31.���Sir     Wilfrid
speak   here   next
Marquis of Lansdowne's Elevation to the Foreign
Board of Public Works Will
Report to the Council
Will Recommend That Tramway   Company  Be
hero which will take the form of a
mess dinner with all the enthusiastic
frills that the soldiers call think of.
Hut tho citizens should not let this reception be all the attention that is
shown Lee. Every city and town in
Canada that expects a citizen to arrive
is arranging a lining reception and
Nelson should not lie behind the rest
in this respect. If some public-spirited citizens would take charge of the
matter they would no doubt receive
hearty bucking. Lee deserves an enthusiastic welcome home and he
should get it.
Here are the names of a few among
the thousands of old Liberals who are
disgusted with the machine methods
of lllair, Laurier, Tarte and Sifton.
These old Liberals are in revolt because they are tired of the deception
aud corruption which has characterized the reign of the aggregation at Ottawa, and they are determined that
the rascals shall be driven from
Mr. P. O'Reilly, ex-president of the
Edward Blake Club at Ottawa, and a
strong Liberal,has joined the Liberal-
Conservative Association at the capital. Mr. O'Reilly gave his reasons at
a meeting the other day. lie believed,
lle said, in government by and for the
people, whereas the Laurier-Tartc
Oovernment disregard the people and
its pledges to them, and   stands  only
for the machine.
��� ��   ���
Mr. J. Rathwoll, of Moose Jaw, a
life long Liberal, moved at tlio last
political meeting at Moose ,Iaw a vote
of confidence in tho Conservative candidate because he is opposing the
treacherous Laurier-Sifton Government.
��� ��   ���
Mr. Thomas illuke and Mr. Wm.
Kirkhain, of Yorkton, N. W. T..
both Liberals, havo declared their intention of supporting Mr. Lake, the
Conservative candidate, whom at a
public meeting they thanked for taking the Held against the Sifton candidate.
��� ���   *
Mr. Pcttlngell,president of the Liberal Association of Uegina, is Supporting Mr. Davln, He says: "I am
Supporting Mr. Duvin, and dozens of
old Liberals will do the same thing."
��� ���   ���
Mr. VV. 1). Llghthall, mayor of
Westmount, Montreal, has resigned
his membership In the Liberal Club.
He thinks that evil Influences have
temporarily predominated in the Lib-
ural party, and, although he does not
intend to become a Conservative.
ho will show his disapproval of present Liberal methods by voting against
tho Liberal party on the 7th of November.
��� ��   ���
Mr. Edward Martin, brother of
Hon. JosepB Martin, formerly president of tho Winnipeg Liberal Association, has retired froii i isoolatlon,
and Is participate in thu light
against Slftonism' In the Wcsl.
��� *   *
Mr. A. II. llethune, of Winnipeg,
formerly a meiulier of the Liberal Association, has withdrawn and is
helping lu the light against Mr.Sifton.
��� ���   ���
Mr. Thomas I). Koblnson, of Winnipeg, writes to The Telegram, of   that
The deputy returning ollieers and
polling places in the Nelson riding of
the Yale-Cariboo district, are as follows:
Nelson���J. K. Strachan, Harry
Iloicton. Stewart Campbell, Waller
Martin, Hairy Cane, James O'Shea;
polling place, old Tribune olliee.
Hull Mines���David L. Morice, polling place. Company's store.
Athabasca���John G. Devlin; polling
place, foreman's olliee.
Granite siding���Qeorge M. Phillips:
pulling place, Rubt. Wood's house.
Ymir���Spenser Sanderson; polling
place, Foresters' Hall.
Ymir Mine���.los. W. Koss; polling
place, Ymir mill.
Siilmo���John I3cll; polling place,
Mansfield's Cottage.
Erie���John McVicar; polling place,
N. F. S. depot.
Waneta���A.   Bernard    Duckworth ;
polling place, Custom's oilicu.
Procter���John Vanstone; polling
place, Outlet Hotel.
Kuskonook���10. N. Murphy; polling
place, Oovernment Agent oflice.
Crestou���John W. Dow; polling
place, old P. O. building.
Kitchoner���George Vincent; polling
place, Kitchener store building.
London, Oct. 31.���The Marcpiis of
Lansdowne's elevation to the Foreign
Secretaryship, according to the an
nouncements in the newspapers this
morning, has taken the country
breath away. It was unexpected as it
was unwelcome. Even the staunchest
ministerial mouth pieces among the
afternoon newspapers openly condemn
it. The Globe declares the appointment only shows that Lord Salisbury
is completely out of touch with the
feelings and wishes of the electorate
and Conservative party, while the
Liberal Westminster Gazette, crowing
over the discomfiture of the ministerial newspapers which have been so
loudly demanding the retirement of
Lord Lansdowne from the War Orlice,
express relief at the fact that Mr. Joseph Chamberlain was not given the
pOSt, laying: "The latter's appointment would have filled thoughtful
people with dismay and it is something to have escaped this serious
danger." Lord Salisbury apparently
arranged matters witll the Queen at
Balmoral a week ago. His Lordship's
owu inclination was to resign the
Premiership and devote himself exclusively to the foreign oflice. He
wrote Her Majesty to this effect, but
she declined to accept the suggestions.
Mr. Christopher Foley,tho Independent Labor candidate for Yale-Koote-
uay Cariboo, spent a few hours in the
city last evening en route to Kossland
from the Crow's Nest Pass district
where ho has been holding meetings.
He said that lie met with good success und that his cause in that district
was becoming more satisfactory every
day. and if the many promises hold
good until polling day, Mr. Foley was
sure he would come out with a good
round majority, lie held meetings
at Moyie, Cranbrook, Klmberley, Fer-
nio nnd other places. After a few
days in Kossland he will niaki) a tour
through the Boundary country and
thou along the main line of the O.P.B.
Qeorge Payne, who Is traveling in
the interests of the Labor Party, hns
just, returned fiom the Crawford Hay
district, and lle reports that he met
with good success.
Reminders of   un   Abandoned   Project
of the Western Union.
Vancouver, B. C, Oct. 31.���The
steamer Amur, from Skagway.brought
the men who have been working on
the tJovcrninc'it telegraph line to
Dawson, and who have suspended
work until spring. The northern line
men found traces of the inter-continental wire which was projected and
actually begun, to connect North
America witll Europe by way of Siberia. On the summit of a lofty
mountain near Telegraph Creek they
found a stake or surveyor's picket,
which marked the old enterprise, and
they also discovered the remains of
the old wire, which is still up iu
The Amur brings news that more
snow has fallen during the past few
weeks along the Alaskan and liritisli
Columbia Coast than is usually encountered up to Christinas. Froin
Wrangel northward the snow extends
to the water's edge.
Two recent deaths are reported from
southeastern Alaska, one being Scpiirc
Howe, the other I'rcd Hurbec. the latter killed In a milling accident.
If the City Council agrees this evening to accept tlie recommendation of
the Board of Public Works the streets
of Nelson will be lighted in a short
time with power derived from llon-
nington Fulls. The members of the
board made up their minds on Monday evening to act strictly ill accord
with their best judgment, notwithstanding the fact that in doing so
they were quite certain to bringdown
upon their heads the wrath of His
Worship, Mayor Houston. The mayor
was anxious to purchase power for the
operation of a dynamo from the Nelson Saw and Planing Mill, in which
he is interested, and had quite made
up his mind that he would force the
Council to act with him. He was not,
therefore, prepared for the action of
tlio members of the Hoard of Public
Works. They met on Monday evening, after the short Council meeting,
and in a businesslike manner proceeded to consider the various propositions
before them. Their deliberations resulted in the adoption of the following resolutions, which will be presented to the Council this evening:
l. That it be recommended that the
Council cither enter into a contract
with the Nelson Tramway Company.
Limited, to furnish to the city sufficient power to operate fifty 9,000 candle-power electric are lights at the
rate of S'.'li per light per annum for a
term of two years, the city to have
the option of continuing the contract
for a tii i rd year, or,
'-'. That it be recommended that the
Council enter into a contract with
the Nelson Eleotrlo Tramway Company, Limited, to supply and install
an electric light system for lifty :.',0U(l
candle-power arc lights for street
lighting at tt cost of not exceeding
8.1,01)0, tho cost'of supplying and installing such electric light system to
bo paid by the city at thu date of the
expiration of the contract between
the city and the company.
In regard to the action of the Hoard
of Works, Mr.Burnett, manager of the
Nelson Coke and lias Co., Bays: "Under our franchise we are obliged to
supply the City with gas for power
purposes ut the rate of 81 per 1,000
feet. Figuring on .10 h. p., a much
greater amount than is necessary for
tho number of street lights proposed,
and on 10 hours burning every night
in tho year, which is a lioeral estimate, the cost per month would be
8-73,7.1., These figures are lower than
uny others bubinitlcd to the Council
as far as we know. We are prepared
to furnish power at the above price,
and certainly think we are entitled
to the business as our works wore established to supply just such requirements, and it is one of the important
parts of our business and nut a side
line as is the ease with the other concerns mentioned in connection with
the contract."
Toronto, Oct. 31.���Dennis O'Brien,
aged 33, was run ovor by a street car
last evening, receiving injuries which
arc expected to prove fatal. His left
arm was cut oil and he was crushed
badly beneath the car truck.
The Death of a Hunter on a
Lone Island In Behring
Delinquent Water Consumers Will Find
Themselves Without Water Tomorrow Morning.
When your wife or servaut begins| water -ill be cut off tomorrow morn
to prepare your breakfast tomorrow ing from every house, the occupant of
morning,and if in a few minutes later
you nre awakened with a cry from the
kitchen: "John, there'B something
the matter with the water���it won't
run," your best move will be to get
down to the City offices promptly at '.i
o'clock, ask the gentlemanly clerk
how much you owe for water and pay
it���pay it if you have to beg or bor-
ow the money,for until you do pay it
whieh has failed to pay his water
rates. And tho "cut off" will remain
until the account is settled. In some
cases this may work a hardship but as
the city's sense of justice is probably
tempered with a degree of mercy,
what few "deserving eases" there
may be will be leniently dealt with.
Hut the man who can pay and won't
pay, like the man   who couldn't   sing
Chicago,   Oct. 31.���A special to The
Tribune from San Francisco says:   On
Uniniuke Island, which   guards one of
the   entrances   to   the   Behring   Sea.
Charles   Anderson,    sailor, fisherman,
and   hunter,   starved   to death, waiting for friends who deserted him.    lie
died on   June 111,    1809, and his skeleton in his bunk and his   diary   beside
it, were   found   by two hunters   who
were  driven   on   the* island during a
storm.    The   diary   was   addressed to
Andrew (losswold. of Ungu.whu arriv
ed   hero   a   few   days   ago   with   hi
friend's last writings.   Several vessels
passed by his island prison, his record
reads, but nolle   saw   Anderson's   Hag
of distress.   Once a vessel was becalmed elose to the shore and   he   tried   to
reach her, but he had not the strength
left  to   launch   his   1 i tl lu   boat.    Ills
legs   tailed   hi in   anil   he   could   only
pull himself along by his elbows.    Ho
deliberated on shooting liis dog Demp-
sey but he   could nol gather the courage,  "lle brought seals to me through
the breakers." the   diary reads, "and
I fed him as long ns I could."   Eventually the dog disappeared.    The diary
records the ten ible suffering   of   Anderson from thirst and his expeditions
after    fresh   water.    The   last   entry
says:   "June lu.���Now I   must go for
water again.     1 am more   afraid   this
time   than   before.    But   with   Cod's
help 1 may come back again.   I would
not like to die outside, but (lod's will
be done."    He   had   his wish, fur   he
returned and died in his   bunk.
you will be compelled to depend for but would sing, will get very much
your water supply upon the nearest the worst of it, for he will not only
friendly spring. have to pay his water   rates,   but also
And this is no idle threat.  The City   the charge for   eutting off   and   turu-
needs money.    It   is exactly the same   ing on.
as a mercantile house. It has Its And the delinquent water consumers
debtors and its creditors.and when its are not the only ones who will have
creditors push for money, the City j occasion to remember tomorrow. All
must get after itt> debtors. The City those citizens of Nelson who owe the
needs  every   cent that is owing to it
city road tax, traders' licenso tax or
property tax wil], unless thev pay up
before .1 o'clock tomorrow evening,
not vote at the next municipal election. It makes no difference when
fore the officials have decided-that iH, I they pay after that date their names
the    mayor  has     decided���that    the ' will not go upon the voters list.
and if the people won't walk up "like
little men" and settle what they owe,
the City ollicials have a very good way
of compelling them   to do so.    There-
There will bo a rally of the local
ineiiibets of the Independent Labor
Party at the committee rooms on Haker Street, at H o'clock Friday evening. Loeal members of their party will
deliver addresses.
A joint mass meeting under the auspices of the supporter, of Mi'. VV. A.
Galliher, the Liberal candidate, will
be held at the Opera House ut H
o'clock next Friday evening. Although Mr, Oalllher will not be present to address the electors, ns lie
leaves on Friday morning on a trip
through the northern portion of the
district, other  prominent politicians
of the parly   will    be  present nnd do-
London, Oct. 31.���A belated despatch from Pretoria tells of the failure of tho Hritish negotiations with
Oeneral Botha for the surrender of
the Boers. Hotha received Oeneral
I'aget's Hag of truce courteously and
admitted his defeat, but said It was
Impossible to treat for surrender as
long ns any burghers wished   to   con
tiinie the war.   President Steyn  was
more   Irreeonciliable.     lie   refused   to
even see the bearer of a (lag of   truce.
Loudon, Oct, 31.-���"1   learn,"   says
the Brussels correspondent   of   The
Tillies, "that King Leopold's   trip   t"
Paris resulted in Franco-Belgian convention for the protection of common
interests of   France   und   Belgian
liver   addresses.   The   two principle]China "
Nelson Hides Will Honor Tbe ltolurn
ing Transvaal   Volunteer.
Among the Canadian soldiers who
fought for their country In South Africa and are returning on the steamer
Idaho, which is expected to arrive at
Halifax today or tomorrow, is Private
A. S. Lee, who, with Capt. Ilodgins,
W. .1. U, Dickson.and W. Orr ratter-
son, formed Ne]son*i quota to the
first Canadian contingent.   Patterson
has received a commission in the Imperial army for bravery displayed under fire Dickson was badly wounded
and mentioned In dispatches for gallantry and Lie's coolness and bravery
won for him warm praise on itmrc
than one occasion. Nelson has therefore reason to be proud of her representatives and should not lose the opportunity when the stalwart Lee
c ich home of testifying In the satisfaction with which the news of the
Ciiitndinu's deeds was   icccived   here.
Ths Kiil.- Company, of which Lee was
one of the   first   members,    Is   nrrung
Capetown, Oct. 31.���Oeneral Brabant, who has been appointed to I
fieriutend the recruiting of the Cape
regular forces, appeals to tho men to
come forward, alleging that under
present conditions anything like a
general return of refugees is impossible.
London, Oct. 31���Mr. Winston
Spencer Churchill, delivered his first
lecture In St. James Hall. London,
last evening. Lord Wolselcy, commander ill chief of the forces, presiding. Lord Wotseley, who complimented the lecturer upon the success of his
efforts, referred to the wonderful capacity displayed by the llocrs as veldt
Work on the Columbia River
Bridge Will Begin In a
Few Days.
Work is to be started at once upon
thu bridge to be constructed across the
Columbia River about a mile below
Kobson. The work is to be doue under the supervision of Mr. II. VV. D.
Armstrong,one of the engineers of the
C. 1'. K. staff, who reached Nelson
yesterday from Montreal. He left for
Robson last evening, and will at once
lay out plans for tho work. A large
number of men will  be engaged  ami
the work will be pushed as rapidly as
possible. During the construction of
the Crow's Nest line, Mr. Armstrong
had charge of one of the most difflonll
sections on the line including all the
important engineering around tbe
loop and the large bridge across the
Mitchell Kiver. Mr. Armtrong will
return to Nelson iu a few days to pur
staff. I
Winnipeg, has   been   given   the  con
romps that are the inevitable accompaniment of such games as "bobbing
for apples" "blind man's buff" and
taffy pulling. Dig houses, however,
are not iudispensible to a jolly time
and many jolly parties will celebrate
the festival in Nelsou tonight and
have just as good time as their country cousins.
Would Not Take Advantage of
Corner in Cork.
Chicago, Oct. 31. ���The culmination
of the October pork corner, controlled
by Sir Thomas Upton, came today
when pork for delivery this month advanced $3, raising in less than a dozen
Hades from SIT, yesterday's closing
prices, to 8-0 at the close today.
Shorts w'lio had held off until the last
moment boosted the price to 8-0.   It
was said that Sir Thomas could have
had the price Slim as well us S'M. but
he declared he had uo intention ot
"���queuing" anybody.
London.    Oct.    31.-The     Shanghai
uorresp lent of The Times, jilting
yesterday says: "Li Hung Chang
has wired to Chang Chill Tung, the
Wn Chnng viceroy, that the peace negotiations are satisfactory.but  to oth-
ci leading oiBoiais be has telehraphed
the reverse bidding them   prepare   for
Stockholm,    Oct. II.���The   I'uko   of
Abrussi has chartered the Gothenburg
whaler   Capolla I"   pi I    to   Franz
Josef land In search of the three missing Arctic exploration expeditions.
Berlin, Oct, il,   Tbe Oerman Oovernment  has  adopted  the  American
system of consular representatives and
tho Hrst batch of .pedal represents'
lives were appointed yesterday,
Ottawa,       net.      11      I'm son     and
Smith's oil shells al Janosvlllo, ii.io.-s
Bides! River, were di rtroyed by fire
last evening.    Loss  16,000.    Loss sup-
ling for a reception   to   the   returning  posed to be covered by insurance.
Port Huron,   Mich.,   Oct.   31.���The
Chicago and (it ami Trunk railroad was
sold at noon   today   under   first mort-
" ���"���-"- ��������� -*- ���'���' ~ ���""'     gage foreclosure proceedings   brought
unnlies   for   his    engineering   "  ��       ., '   ���, * _���
11 ,        -���       , ,   bv the Mercantile   Trust Co,, of   New
t is statei    that   Mr. Omni, of     ��� "
_rk. in accordance with a decree   of
the United States District court.
M. Hays, and
li. VV. Modcbiugh, of Detroit, reprc-
stoekbolders of the load,
were thu only bidders, the road being
sold to thoiu for 18,708,701.04. Of this
amount 1(1,037,000 represented tho
mortgage, and 8"71,7UI.U4 was Interest.
tract   for   the   masonry   work of   tho
bridge,  un.i that  the   contract   for I ��eBeral  Manager a
furnishing the material for the bridge
proper has been   lot   lo   the Hamilton I ""ting ll
Bridge Oompany,
Tonight the Small Hoy and Blushing
Maid Will Celebrate.
Tonight being the :i 1 ht of October Is
the "Hallow E'en' well known to!
the small boy in search of fun and the
blushing young maiden who is mix-
Ioiin Iii know   what   fate   the   future I
holds for her   In Ibe   way   of  a   hUS-l     Iierlin, Oct. .11.    Dr. Von llollclsen,
band.   The small boy will lie in wait. Oerman   ambassador   to  the  United
for Unsuspecting   pSSSSrsby   and treat   states,  arrived   here   yesterday   from
they to doses of lloor up from the rear Cerlsbed.
and he   will   also   auiuso   himself   by ~ -
N��W York. Oct.    81..  The dentil   of
A. M,   Metiregor,  a director  of the
standard Oil Co.,  was   aunounccd today.
changing the front gates of his neighbor so that Mr. Hrown's gat'1 will
hang In front of Mr. Jones' house and
vice versa. He ban also various
other devices, too" numerous   lo  lnen-
Tlie people of Nelson will be glad
to know that with the rotlrcmrnt of
Ihe Misses I'rickniiiy from the proprietorship of the Cottage Hospital,
that  Institution   is not   to end its ex-
tion, to extract amusement from priie- Islence. Miss Ferris, who has been
lical jokes. There are many supersti- a devoted and able nurse at this ho_-
tions connected with the festival thstlp'tal, Is to take cbsrge and continue
have descended from   the   old English   lb'' work   ns   in the   past.    For   more
days,  prominent among them  being I than three years the Cottage Hospital
the custom for a young diiinsel to has afforded the moans of furnishing
carry a lighted candle and a mirror I the most careful nursing and atton-
dowii a dark stairway In tho hope tion to Hie sick in Nelson, in a man-
that she may see tho fnce of her fu- ' Her that could not be equalled even In
lure hushiind\loplcli"d In the mirror. |�� comfortable home. All the city
The evening   Is usuuIIn   the   even)   of   doctors are at liberty to wild patients
Hallow   B'ea  parties''  which    are I there, and most of them  have had oe-
cnsicni to do so.    At tho   present   time
the wards are nearly full.
grout fun when the various games appropriate lo the night are carried on.
Especially in the country nre they en
Joyabls  as tin-  roomy old fashionedI    The Terpslchorean   Club  will give
bouses lend themselves to 11 ccasioii | an invitation daUOS in the Opera iiousu
by furnishing plcuty of  space for the   this evening.
a Nelson Dailv Miner, Wednesday Evenino, October 31, igca
The Nelson Miner
Published Every Afternoon   Kxcopt Sunday
���BY THE���
Limited Liability.
H5 Fleet Street, K. C.
Central Proas Agoncy, Ltd., Special Agents
Pally, per month, by currier     C5c
Iltiily, per month, by mail     50ci
Daily, por yoar, by carrier $7 00
Dally, por year, by mail    fi 00
Daily, per year, foreign    tl 00
Weekly, por half yoar  |l 15
Weekly, por yoar    2 00
Weekly, por yoar, foreign.    -00
Subscription** Invariably in advance.
All Checkp should bo mado payable to tho
order   of    NKLSON     PtfBUBHTS.    UoMI'ANY,
scintillating and meaningless phrases,
llefore Sir Wilfrid was ever heard of
it was the policy of both Liberals and
Conservatives to make Canada a ''nation," if hy that is meant a great and
prosperous self-governing portion of
the Empire. And it is fast becoming
such a nation,and was before Sir Wilfrid became Premier and will so continue after the people retire him.
Policies have much to do with the
growth of a country, but Canada's
prosperity is owing more to the country itself and the people who inhabit
it; to Its great natural resources, and
to the enterprise of those who exploit
them. It is these that are making
Cunada a nation, and the vain and
boasting Sir Wilfrid is merely the fly
on thu wheel, exclaiming, "See what
a dust I raise!"
Mr. Houston's extreme sensitiveness to every reference to electric
light or electric power is so marked
as to become almost painful. Everybody observes it. The least mention of
the subject is sufficient to throw him
into a condition of excitement. Even
the smell of gas maddens him,for gas,
unfortunately, suggests the other.
Some of the Haker street business
houses are lighted with gas, and because these are not illuminated all
night our Mayor gets into a passion,
lie contrasts the night gloom of those
places with the brilliancy of tho others that are lighted with electricity.
What a fine thing it is, he exclaims,
to have our principal street brilliantly
illuminated all night! Rather fine,
certainly, but as it is not necesssary
it is a waste of illuminating power
and therefore an extravagance. It
may not be an extravagance on tho
part of the business men who keep on
full lights all night, or of the householders who do much the same thing,
as they are charged a flat rate and
the cost lo them Is no greater; but it
costs the city so much more to maintain a system that supportss this extravagance, and we all pay for it in
the end. Hut this Mayor of ours, who
falls just a little short of being clever,
does not see this.
The extended lighting of the city is
a question that has engaged the attention of the Council for some time.
After due deliberation the members
of the Hoard of Works hove decided
to recommend a contract with the
Electric Tramway Co. This Company
is another red rag to the Mayor, and
the flaunting of it In his face is as bud
as if it were seriously proposed to do
the public lighting with gaB. We do
uot pretend to know whether the sum
mentioned in the proposed contract is
greater than the service is worth;
but we do know that the members of
the Hoard are quite as good business
men as the Mayor, and wo are strong
ly inclined to suspect that they are
both a little more honest and a little
more disinterested. If they say, as
they do, that after a careful consld
eration of all the offers they conclude
that the one made by the Tramway
Co. iB the most advantageous, wo are
quite content to accept their judgment
and have overy confidence in the wiB-
dom nnd honesty of it.
Hut the Mayor is indignant; he is
even augry, and already threatens the
members of tho Hoard with the wrath
of the electors next January. There
are no questions of taste whore tho
Mayor is concerned, otherwise we
might venture to remark on this dis-
pluy of temper, lie professes to bo
concerned for the city. Ills real concern is to put a spoke Into the
wheel of the Tramway Co. whenever
he cau. Of course the price asked per
horn- power per annum In too large.
What this City needs.he says, is cheap
power, .lust so. Hut more sagacious
men than the Mayor will say that a
number of othor things will have to
become cheaper before we can hope to
see Nelson grow into a thriving man
ufacturing town. Cheap power i
one thing, but cheaper labor than can
be obtained tir'ay is even a greater
necessity. We also want cheaper rents
and cheaper living generally. It il
folly to expect that we can success
fully compete in manufacturing, with
the cost of production enhanced by
the Inflated prices that prevail here.
Cheap power is only ono of the coudi
tions that affect production, and tak
en hy Itself is an insignificant one
The Mayor does not explain why power should bo cheaper in Nelson th
other things are, although the fact
that it is proposed to bo supplied hy
the Tramway Co. is probably thought
to be explanation enough. Hut that
will not satisfy the reason of the majority, and when the people are lashed with the Mayor's threat they will
only laugh al It.
"I claim this for the Liberal Government," soys Mr Wilfrid Laurier,
"that we have endeavored to carry on
the policy of the country so as to
make Canada a notion. " The country
il getting   somewhat   tired  of   these ' ��aio, iwunt'j per wiul' below tout.
Two Eastern mails were supposed to
have been received in the City yesterday evening, one via the Crow'B Nest
and the other via Spokane. The Miner
daily receives exchanges from Halifax, St. Jonn, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and other Eastern
points, as well as from New Y'ork, St.
Paul, and other American cities. Exchanges are necessary to a newspaper;
they are often the editor's principal
tools, for without them he could not
know what is uppermost in public
thought and what changes are really
taking place. Not a single Eastern
exchange was received at this office
by either of the mails that came in
yesterday evening. Whether this is
the fault of the railway mail clerks
or of the Postoffice here we do not
I;now; but it is a fault that is being
so repeatedly committed, in greater or
less degree, that the mall service for
Nelson can only be designated as one
of the worst in existence.
Hecause there is a Federal election
on it is not necessary that Provincial
affairs should stand still. Our Government at Victoria is under a public
pledge to appoint a Commission to inquire into the working of the various
Acts affecting the mining industry.
No step has been taken to fulfill this
pledge, although it is more necessary
now to do so than it was considered
to bo when made. Since that time
the tax on mineral output has been
doubled. In addition to the other
conditions more or less prejudicially
affecting the industry, there is this
new one to inquire into. The public
service cannot be maintained without tuxes, but it is poor policy to levy
a tax that discourages industrial enterprise and development. If the latest act of the Government does this it
is important the fact should be known
as soon as possible. The inquiry cannot be made too   soon.
Oui worthy namesake at Rossland
is distressing itself over a very small
mutter. The bogus Toronto Globe
which it says the wicked Tories have
circulated in the Eastern Provinces deceived nobody, and was never intended to deceive anyone. It was only an
elaborate and somewhat expensive
method to give emphasis to certain
Globe views and declarations. It was
a clumsy device, perhaps, but not a
dishonest one, and the fuss made over
it does not speak much for the perspicacity of those Liberal papers that
allowed thomeslves to get into a state
of mind over it.
There are few men in Canada who
know better what they are about than
does Mr. II. II. Cook. He was the
last man to say that he was required
to purchase his Sonators'.iip at a cost
of ten thousund dollurs unless it was a
fact. Now we have his statutory declaration of tho truth of his charge,
and of his readiness to produce evidence iu support of it. Mr. Cook Is
too old a hand to be caught   napping.
required.   No
worry small c
mended by ih
Rubens  Vest
ever devised
is the   BEST
for infants.    No
or     STRINCS
Hilling over tlu* head to
lilclrcn.    lis use is recoin-
���t eminent physicians
for its efficient protection nf lungs anil
abdomen, For sole by all leading Drv
Goods shirrs.
-���-_H-_.IM.1_.   MM. II. II I _���______,
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. k LENNOX, Baker  St.
Room 1, Turner-rloeokh Clock.
Houses and Building Lots iu All Farts
of the Oity.
Five. hIi, seven and eight room bounce for
Plant your Hyacinth
Bulbs in a glass. They
grow better and look
prettier in a glass than
in common clay pots.
Hyacinth Glasses 9
inches high, assorted
25 cents each.
Post-Office Store
Isn't It Sweet?
The delicate, refined scent we
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perfumes has giveu ns a lasting
reputation with refined people.
The true fragrance of the'blos-
soms from which the extracts
are made is so plainly distinguishable us to be delightful
to the discriminating buyer.
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. O. Box 226.
At Annable's office, Madden Block.
All delegates who would like to
protect their families by taking out
one of the popular policies in the
Mutual Life of Canada, and all
who cannot sleep soundly for fear
their property will be destroyed by
fire, can have the same covered by
insurance in the Anglo-American
Fire Co.; and any who are tired
paying rent can purchase a house
and lot on easy terms. Vacant
lots for sale; houses for rent; Baker
Street business property on my list.
In fact, 1 have twenty-three different properties to dispose of during
this Convention.
Office hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 5
until after the General Elections.
Credentials signed by the President of any Chartered Bank accepted.
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Propertiea for Bent and Sale on Easy Terms
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flee Can Fit You.
fie had   one of   the   best   and   largeat
Fall and Winter stocks in
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Ward Streets, iNelson.
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Of Writing Papor won't last
long, You <1 bettor place nn.
othor "hurry up' onler with
...J?0*!"1 8f ���Ir-rtor-i  Thomas K. Kenny,   President;   Thomas Ritchie. Vice-.'reHldent.
WUey Smith, H. Q. Bauld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C.. Hon. D_-ld M_oK___.
Head Office, Halifax 1
Genoral Manager, Edbon L. Peaae, Montroal,
-uporintendonr of llrnnclioR. and Secretary, W, B. Torrance, Halifax,
Inspector, W, V, Brock, Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montreal.
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7-8 inch diam. $13.50per 100 feet. For
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J-��-T-&f8._o8_     *�������
1*p��* Nbuu-n Daily Miner, Wednesday  Evening;  Octaber 31, 190a
(By Surah Beaumont Kennedy,) .
Everybody liked Hilly Brown, who
sold tickets at the Lyceum window.
The other men in the oiliue tcilil him
their secrets luul horrowotl his money,
and the little lulls who rented opera
Musses would have fought for him
any day an^ 6f-0-lea In tin) hattle.
Ilul the person whom Hilly desired
most to have like him was a blonde
matinee girl With soft eyes and gold-
glinted hair. She eaino so regularly
through the Bummer season that Billy
grew lirst to expect her, and then to
long for her.
"Yes, I have saved   you   something
���rood,   Miss  Ward,"  he  would   say,
while hia eyes lit up with   a pleasure
that  was    unniistakealile.    Antl    she
would smile haelc anil thank him with
: Bhy   modesty.    Once   when   a   sudden
Storm came up ho   carried  her to  the
oar under his umbrella,   but  she   hud
I declined his escort any further, so the
! season was near its close .mil lie really
i knew   very   little  of  her   beside  her
It was the last matinee   before   the
flitting of the singers, and   Billy  felt
[he   must   learn   something   of   her or
[life would   be   very   lonely   until the
I winter season opened.     Finally he de-
���elded on a bold step.   He chose two
���excellent seats and reserving   tho  oue
Ion the aisle   for himself  ho gave  her
[the other when she came.    "The   Bohemian  Girl"   was  the   bill   for  the
and the curtain hud just gone up
on the second net when   Hilly  slipped
Iquietly   into   tbe  vacant   seat   beside
(Miss   Ward,    .he   looked   at   him  at
first in startled  surprise; then colored
beautifully as she hesitatingly returned the   bow   he   gave    her.    He   had
neant to boldly start a   conversation,
but the music   was   beginning, so   he
had to content himself   with   offering
i her his .'glasses  und   picking   up   her
[fun.    At the next    interval,  however,
[be suid bravely us the curtain fell:
'Raffuel and little Myers are in fine
���voice today." To which she made
���polite but distant reply. But Hilly
Iwiis in love and desperate and uot to
[ he daunted, aud so with the utmost
[ deference he went on to talk of the
opera season, its artistic and financial
success. And gradually the girl unbent, bo that they were chatting like
old friendB when the curtain went up.
Then her attention returned to tho
stage; but Hilly sat studying her absorbed face, its delicate curves, its
sweet womanliness,and thinking What
life would mean to him if he hud u
wife like that to work for; he had always been such a lonely follow, witli
out mothet or sisters, nnd he wus so
warm-hearted and ail'ectionate that lie
felt his isolation keenly. Every word
the girl hud uttered convinced him he
had been right in his estimate of her
churaeter, and his loneliness grew up
[ on him.
"When oilier lips   und   other   eyes
Their tale of love shull toil���"
sang Haffnel in his clear, impassioned
voice;   and the girl, turning her head
suddenly, met Billy's   longing eyes in
a gaze it was impossible to   misinterpret.    For one fascinated   moment she
met thut gaze ; then   her lushes swept
I downward und a deep rose-tone suffnft-
ted her faco.
'When hollow shull weur a mask
'Twill break thine own to see,
: In sueh a moment 1 but ask
That you'll remember me,"
sang Kaffael, and   the   vust   audience
thrilled and stirred ; und   Hilly   leaning siduwise whispered into the small
eur near his shoulder:
"Will you remember me at   sueh   a
I would sell my soul to   servo   you!"
Again the soft eyeB met Mh full of a
vague   questioning;   then   apparently
satisfied, sank to the bunds clasped in
her lap.
"Pardon me," Billy " whispered
humbly, under cover of the applause,
for he trembled lest ho had offended
her, "but you Bee 1 have been watching you aud thinking ubout you all
summer, and so 1 seem to have known
you for ages. I should not have spoken thus, of course���but, by heaven,
I meant it!"
She made no reply, and it waa not
until the lust scone wus over that he
spoke again, then it wan only some
commonplace about tbe end of the sea-
sou. They came out of the theuter together, for he kept persistently by her
side. Hut on the corner she stopped.
"I wait for my car here. You
have been very kind to me this summer, Mr. Brown, aud 1 shall carry
away from your eity many grateful
memories of you.''
"You are leaving tlie city'.'" faltered Hilly.
"Yes; my stay here has been only
temporary; I have relatives elsewhere
who are claiming me."
"You will not come to the matinees
this winter'.'"
And Billy knew his plnec at the
ticket window would be unbearable.
Z The misery In his heart was depicted pluiuly on his face, and perhaps
that was'what made the girl put out
her bund.
"1 hope we shull meet again sometime. Good-bye." And she stepped
on the car that had paused ut her sig-
nul and was whisked away before
Billy caught his breath. Then he
cursed himself for a fool for not following her. He was "pushing"
enough in business matters, but somehow in her gentle presence he lost all
capacity for assertive action.
Tho autumn wns so dreary for Hilly
that he gave up his place at the Lyceum window and went on the road
as advunce agent for a new "star."
The change was a relief, but he still
lunged for a sight of the soft eyes and
gold-glinted hair, and still dreamed of
the home the owner might have made
for him. (Ine afternoon, in a Western city, having arranged for his company, ho dropped into the theater
where the Lyceum opera company,
now making u winter tour,was giving
a matinee peifornmnco of the "Bohemian Girl." lie thought it would
be pleasant to renew acquaintance
with the members of the troupe; but
once inside he had eyes but for one
person. In a box near the stage, so
near that he could almost touch the
rail witli his out-stretched arm, eat
May Ward, his summer matinee girl,
lie knew her nt once, although in her
soft eyes wns a light of troubled sadness he hud never seen there before.
Beside her wus an elderly woman with
a face as cold as it wus handsome, and
in the chair behind her lom.geit a
ycning man witli every ear-murk of the
dissipated man-ubout-town.
"Who are they?" repeated the theater attache who hud accompanied
Billy. "Oh, thnt is Mrs. Barrow
wilh her son and niece. Nice, is an
orphan recently come to live with the
Barrows who, because she is worth a
few thousand, are trying to force a
match between her and the sou who
is no-end-of-bad. It seems the girl's
father was the young fellow's guardian and lost a lot of his money, and
they are working that dodge on her to
rope her in.    Cursed mean trick"
Hut Billy was studying the girl's
pale face aud longing dumbly to
throttle the man behind her. Tbe
play went on, but he gave it scant
heed, for ho wan thinking of the last
time lie heard it in his far off native
eity. watching tho girl all tho while
with his love-hungry eyes.
"When other lips and other eyes
Their tales of love shall tell���"
sung Kaffael; nnd this audience, like
thut other one of the dend summer,
thrilled und stirred. Billy leaned
forward, breathing deep. Up in the
box the girl moved restlessly, her
glance sweeping the house as though
iu search of nn answering gance.
"In such a moment 1 but ask
Thut you'll remember me���"
Ah 1 their eyes had met���she hud remembered ! Antl then just as he had
reud the gladness of her glance there
came the booming sound of an explosion, und from the cracks in the
stage lloor issued puff, of white
smoke. For one nwful moment no
one moved, then came that cry moat
dreaded .if human listeners���"Fire!"
And the audience rose with one common impulse of self-preservation, and
shoved and .urged and shrieked. Out
of the box young Burrow darted, followed closely by Ins mother, leaving
the girl to take care of herself. White
and panting, she stood irresolute,gazing from the righting, surging crowd
in the aisles to the smoking stage. It
looked like death either way. Then
a hand caught hers and a strong arm
wus ubout her wuist, for Hilly, climbing over the   intervening   chairs, had
gained the box.
"I will snve you, never fear. Thank
God, I have found you!"
With a cry of joy she yoilded herself to him, and nlmoat currying her
be brought up the rear of the half
frantic throng whose goal was the dis
tunt door. But fuiuting women and
children retarded the onward rush,
nnd the vust mass of humanity swayed back and forth, nnd made no headway. Just behind Billy was a window ; to this he returned and throwing up the sash looked out. It waa
full 18 feet to the paved alley below,
but an ollicer wns in sight; to him
Hilly shouted, then turned to the
"It is your best chnncc.    Come."
But she held buck. "Not unless
you go with mo. "
"1 will follow," nnd lifting her
through the window he let her down
as far aa their joined hands would
permit, then dropped her into the
urms of tbe blue-eout. He thought to
follow ut once, but as he straightened up a mother thrust her little girl
into his arms. Imploring him to save
her. And so the child went to the
ollicer below, and the mother followed. Then others crowded about him.
and it was not until 111 women and
little ones hud been pussed over the
window ledge thut ho found himself
free to follow for the pressure in front
lind been relieved and the crowd was
Mowing into the street. When he
gained the pavement tho girl was
waiting for him with outstretched
hands, and together they ran down
the alley away from the burning
building to tne opposite street. There
they paused. She did not thank bun
in words for saving her, but the hand
be had held in their (light was not
withdrawn, and her eyes shone upon
him. full of tender admiration. In
bis dreams she had sometimes looked
at. bini thus.
"You did remember the song? You
did think of me?" he cried, forgetful of the  fire.
"Whenever a man has snid a word
of love to me since that day I have
thought of you."
l'assers-by were beginning to look
at them, lie saw her shrink from a
���orutlny and in a moment he had her
in n waiting cab.
"Where is your home?"he naked.
"No. 256 North���" alio began; then
with a gesture of   repulsion   she cried
out;    "1 have no home!"
He took her hands in his. "I saw
your aunt desert you, May; I saw that
selfish coward they want you to marry
save himself and leave you to perish.
You are right; their house can never
be your home. Will you mnrry me,
dear, and let us make a new home,
whoso ono law shull be love and happiness?"
She lifted her tender eyes. "Ever
since that other matineee I have felt
that you were mine, heart nnd soul;
lifter this one I belong wholly to you.
No other lipa or eyes must henceforth tell their tules of love to me." "
w ���
I Lamps ^ Clocks. |
DURING our Slaughter Sale, preparatory to our removal into the quarters
now occupied by the Canada Drug and Book Company, we have sold
at very low figures a large number of Articles from our Extensive Stock.
Lamps and clocks take up a large amount of room, and we have a lot
of goods at the depot which we must make room for, and during the next two
days we will cut the prices of our Lamps and Clocks to figures that will place
them within the reach of the family with the most modest income. We have
them in all styles, prices and makes, and so many of them that you will have
little difficulty in securing just what you want.
While this Special Sale is going on, we will
continue the Slaughter of all other Articles in our
store. We are determined to open in our new
location with a Brand New Stock, and to do this
wc will Slaughter Everything.
_J_Vs* ->*. ^���-%c-%.>.'^'>''*.'^'^'^g"a-^'>a,-S'^'-S'S''S,^,i&_r^
���JS  _5 ^00.^09' _S -Taw-���_�� -'00- _��-00>-'0*-00>'%i-00>-00-00>-*0 -00^-00 00-00'00-001.0*"
H. & M. BIRD
Agents fur Eureka rum nil Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Insurance Go. of North America, Mutual ILIfe
Insurance Co., of New York, Quoboc
Fire Assurance Co,
Sixteen lots in Hogustown huve been
placed in our hands for Immediate
sule at prices varying from (88 to 8128
each. These lots are all In good position und are llrst-elass  building sites.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
_\   _���y    ___fc____. __________ _____%
li-Roomed house, corner of Ward
and Kobson, all modern conveniences 82,1 00
8-Roomed house, Hume Addition SO 1)0
New house on Water Street   18 00 j
Cottage on Water Street  if. <">: Orderi by mall to any branch will have careful
7-Roomed house on Robson St.,
between Kootenay   and   Stun-
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
oromDt attention.
lev, all conveniences.
Oamble & O'Reilly
Baker Street
Real Estate and Insurance Agents.
O-Roomed House and Hath Room
together with Kitchen Run���
complete with hot and cold
water, Observatory St., llag-
nlflOent view,   rent   including
water rates  W8..0
5-Roomed   House  corner   Cedar
und Carbonate Streets 8.0.1)0
5-Boomed House Hiinie AdditionSir..00
1-Roome. Cottage Core  St 118.80
ll-Roomed House Corner Mill   it
Hall SU,, from Nov.    1st 83D.no
Rents collected. Loans mnde. Agents
Hritish Columbia Permanent Loan &
Suvings Couipuny.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
Thli signature is on evory box of tbe genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinioe *>bteta
tha remody that cur... a 00M h) ��wo day
St. Joseph's
Next term commences 3rd
September. For particulars upply to the
For wood or bard or soft eoal.
The   largest   line   carried   hy
any linn in Canuilu.
"Good   Cheer"   Ranges   and
Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call nnd be convinced that the only  place to buy
StovcB   and    Ranges   ut   tbe   right   prices   is   I lie
Soo Line
Also TOURIST OARS passing Dun-
mini! Junction Daily for St. Paul, Saturday, for Montreal ami Boston, Mondays nnd Thursdays for Toronto
Same cure puss Revelstoke one day
for   your   eastern   trip  is to  see   (.lint
your lioket rends via Canadian Pnoltic.
Trainh and Htimincrs Depart
Kx 8u
Ex Su
Kx Su
J Steamer for Kontrnny l_ai_d-
,' iuk   and   eastern   pointa   via
) Orow'fl Neat Route.
, Train   for   Rossi and,   (irand
n ) Forks, Green wood, Mid way ,eto
Train for Slocan City,   slocan
11 < poiuto, and Saudon.
Steamer for Kaslo aud   iuter-
i) mediate points.
Train for I_osh1hih1. Nakusp,
Revelstoke, main line and
Paoifilo Coast Points.
For Time Tables, Bates and full information call on or address nearest Local Agent, or,
u. W .Drew, Depot Agent ) N ,      B c
II. L. Ilrown, City Agonl.  /
Trav. Pass. Agent        A. G. P. AgeLt,
Neb on V_nccu��er
S. Saviouh's |Knui.ihh] Chuhcii-Corner
Ward nnd Silica Hit*. Hum_nyn: Holy Communion 8 11. m.; and on tho im arnKtrdHundnyR
in thu intuit h u.lor Matlin-s Mntt.n- at 11 a.m.;
Sunday Hchool 2,30 p.m ; EfiveDBODg7.80. Daily:
Mftt.tii-KntQ.30 a. in. Tbondaya and Saint'f
Daym Holy Communion la a. in. Fridays:
Evensong T.80 p. m��� followed hy choir practice. H. S, AkehiirHt, Hoc tor. Krod Irvine.
Geo. Johnstone, wardens.
Catholic Church -Corner Ward and Mill
-in'.'! ��� Ma��H every Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m
llenedintion at 7.30 p.m.   Miwh every week day
at 7.lo a.m.   Rev.   Father Korland Ri .lor.
I'HKKBYTKHiAN.Clit'HCH���SorviceHat 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndoavor Society roeeUt overy Tuesday evening a*> a o'clock. Rev. R. Frow,
Mrthouirt Chuhcii���Corner Silica and
J one phi no Slrootn. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.31'
n. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer mooting on Thursday ovonlng at So'clock: Kpworth
LoaguoC, K., Tuesday atBa.m. Rov. J. II.
White, Pastor. Rf._idGnce, Josephine Street,
rear of church.
Hai'Tist Church ��� Service, morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meet.
ink* Thursday evening at H p.m. the B. Y
P.U. Tuesday ovonlng at 8 o'clock. Htraiigurs
cordially woloo*��.ed. Rev. O. J. Coulter White,
Salvation Army���Sorvlo h ovory evening
at 8 o'cloch In barraokR on V otorl Htroet
AdJudant Kdgeoomhe tn otuuvo.
.AR8.-MEAL8 a la 0AETE.
Close connection Bul nnd Weeb-
In,mid nt Spukniii'willilriiiiiH of the
trains of the Spokane Falls and North*
ith Railway.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with nil brains for
Oh.lc.go, Toronto. Montreal, Mew York
mid aflpoints West anil Bouth.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at!10:15 a.m
Leavos Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct con[
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Port land, Sari Francisco, and all points
on the Bound.
During Ihe season of navigation l'',n,it
bound (ruins connect at Diiluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated iu ,connection with the Great Northern Kail-
ror further Information, mnpH, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Kails .- Northern Ky., KrhIo & Slocan
Hy , Kootei ui Hailway <_ Navigation
Co., or to
Ge.l. i'nsB. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Opo rating
Schedule of Time.       Pacific Standard l'lrufc
Klfcctlve February Int. 1900
PaHHonger train for Sandon and way Htationa
leaver)   KaHlo  at 8 a. in., dally.    Heturntng,
loaves Sandon a. 1.15 p.m., arriving at KmIo
a* S.&5 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Uiko and Kiver.
sir. "International" leaven KiihIo for Nolfton
at (1 a. in, daily except Sunday, ltd timing,
leaves Nelnon at E..0 p.m., calling at Ilalfour,
Pilot Bav. ..in-wu-th and all uay pointh. Connect-) with S. F. _fe N. train to and from Hpo-
kaue at Five Mile Point.
Steamer Argcnta hn- boon laid up for the
Stoamerticall at principal landlngt. In both
direction.., and ��t othor polntn when signalled.
Tickotfl nold to all point* in Canada and the
Unltod Statea,
To aacortaln rate, and full Information ad*
drew i
M-Lnaenr. Kaaln.B, C,
_. WWWw W^v w Wvlw
AUJThe Latest News.
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News From Ottawa
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All The Canadian News
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West Kootenay Butcher Co.
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Baker Street, Nelson.
Ordters by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Hooijis ai)d  Offices io I^eijt
Apply    _o
Publishes more Telegraph New* than all
other West Kootenay Papers,     .     .
65 cents
nml  trr a bottle, a dojion, or n. barrel     _)
CALGARY BEER "���< It l> the bout mm
o_M__   on    tbe    mnr.ct.    Aluo  try   oii��|       v      v ,^v v       . ^^ _.
^N?ftS"!2f   jtfelsoi) Electric TraijiWai) Co,
Teiopbonoto. HakorHt Nelson,u.Cif Corijer JoscpKli>c ��i)d Veri)Oi) Street**
__? __>*_iv? __?__? __* _*>*^il-' -*   _i-~r'u_> %_?r'ui-' _0?'<<ll*;'' Nelson Daily Miner,  Wednesday Evenima,  October 31. 1900
The largest election bet yet made
in the state this year was closed ill
Spokane yesterday morning, sayB yesterday's Spokesman-Review, A syndicate c.f the Black Tail Mountain Mining Company, resident at the mini),
cm Ulack Tail Mountain, Lake I'end
d'Oreille, has   put   up  100,000   shares
of Black Tail Mountain  stock agalnsl
���.'un.mm shares owned hy a syndicate nf
Spokane Btookholders that Bryan will
he eleeted. .1. M. Jeanott, superintendent nf the Blue lilrd mine, represents the Bryan faction and Charles
lilies, cif the linn uf Thies, Qoodall &
l iVnid represents the MoKlnley contingent. The market prico of the
Black Tail Mountain Company's stock,
the owners of the Blue Bird, is approximately 10 cents, so that the tn-
lal money value of the bet Is about
830,000, The bet was partly the re
suit of difference, it is said, other
than political, In any event, it in
vnlves the control and practically the
ownership of one of the most promising small mines near Spokane.
���   *   *
\Y. It.Winstead returned last Friday
from Whitewater, 11. C, where he is
extensively interested in mines, says
the Spokane Chronicle, lie reports
I hat the outlook in the Slocan is better than it has been for the last two
The day Mr. Winstead left a strike
was reported on the Sunset of IS
Inches of high tirade ore. This was
in a different part of the mine from
where they were already getting out
oro. They also had two carloads of
me mined and ready to ship. Mr.
Winstead reports that the Sunset
mine on Jackson Creek has been sold
to Qeorge Hughes for (10,000 cash. It
was sold by Spokane parties. This is
a lead-silver property and will net
82,000 a car. There is ono carload
ready to ship and cnouglicire in sight
to pay for the mine.
Tbe second payment has been made
on the Fletcher group. This iH a gold
property and was reported to have
heen sold for 830,000. The owners
will start work in a short tune.
<   ���    ���
Bernard Maedonald, the general
manager of the B. A. C. and allied
companies, reached Kossland Monday
from a hurtled trip to London. When
Interviewed by a Kossland Record representative, Mr. Maedonald said:
"My trip to London was only for
the purpose of making a general report on the mines here to the directors
of the Hritish America Corporation
and allied companies. It was tne intention of these gentlemen to visit
Rossland this fall, but they were prevented and I was cabled to come over
instead. I spent 13 days in London.
There was nothing specially laid before the directors beyond the general
conditions of the mines here and the
outlook for the future. I may say that
the directors were very well pleased
indeed with my verbal report, and expressed their evident satisfaction at
the results attained so far, and at the
outlook for tbe coming year. There
will be no change in the policy adopted in developing the mines. 'The chief
difficulty that we are encountering at
the present time is the lack of smelter
facilities. .lust now there are over
forty-five thousand tons lying in the
yard at Northport and it is useless in
pushing shipments and simply piling
the ore up there. 1 expect that hy
the commencement of tho year the additions and improvements at Nortli-
porl will he finished anil then we can
Increase the BhipmentS, For the present the only thing we can do is to pile
up the ore here which is taken out in
development and ship later when the
smelter has caught np. This applies
specially to the l.e Koi No. 2 and the
Great Western mines. There is practically nothing new to tell you heyoiid
what I have stated.
��� ��� ���
Kossland. !!.('.. Oct. 31. ��� Late news
from the Rambler-Cariboo is of an encouraging nature and snows that it is
a mine of more than ordinary worth.
This is shown by the ret urns from
::- tons of ore which wus the last shipment made. This shipment went
511.'.i ounces and 03.3 per cent, in lead
to the ion. The I- tons yielded 811,-
508,30, Seven other carloads were
recently sent to the smelter and yielded from 81,200 lo 81,600 net each to the
COmOany.     These seven carloads   were
taken from the old workings, The :is
Ions were from a new lind on the :i;,n-
fool level going north into the hill.
In tin bottom of the winze on the
450 foot level while drifting on the
ore body there has just heen encountered full face of ore'that carries over
2(12 ounces and over 00 per cent, lead
to the Ion. During the past summer
there was installed nn the Rambler-
Cariboo the largest plant iu the Sloean.
'I lie property has heen developed by
a Berics of three tunnels which have
opened it I" a depth of 350-feel on tlie
lirst or Xo. I ore shoot. A winze hus
been sunk from the bottom of the No.
:i tunnel to u depth of LIT, feet and is
in ore all the way to the bottom. The
intention is to deepen this winze to
the 050-foot level aud to drift along
the ledge at each 1(1(1 feet. This will
be on the first ore shoot. The richer
ore of the mine from which the 33
tons above mentioned wus tuken is
found in a drift on the 850-foot level,
which is now extended over -0(1 feet
beyond the first ore shoot. The drift
is being extended north through the
hill in order to tap a third ore shoot
which shows up so prominently In tho
croppings on the surface; when vertically under   the   third   ore   shoot tho
depth will he 000 feet. Tho management purposes extending this drift
still further and out to the surface on
the other side of the hill. Just over
the crest of the hill there is ft fourth
ore shoot. This will be tapped at a
depth of 1,300 feet. ThiB will give
plenty of backs for shipping. When
tlie drift is completed a crosscut will
be run at right angles to the drift iu
order to tap four ledges of dry ore
which carry -101 ounces of silver to the
ton. Thoie is no lead in these dry ore
ledges. These ledges are parallel to
the ledge whieh is now being worked.
It is expected that the main drift
will be completed through the property by the first of May next. It
will be '-',000 feet iu length when finished.
All of the ore that is under 50
ounces silver to the ton is placed on
the dump and the management Bays
there Is 8350,000 worth of this second
class ore. The intention is to erect a
concentrator and concentrate this ore.
-Vow that winter is coming on the
snow will enable the shipment of the
ore to the railroad for loss cost than
In the summer. And the determination is to largely increase the shipments.
*   ���   ���
W. F. DuBols, superintendent of
the Arlington mine, near Slocan City,
is in Nelson today. He states that
everything has heen going satisfactorily at the mine since the new road has
been completed. They are now shipping about three carloads of ore per
week to the Hall Mines smelter. A
number of improvements have been
made at the mine. Two large ore bins
are being erected, one having been
completed and the other nearly Bo. A
new olliee is also being erected. Five
teams are engaged in hauling the ore
fiom the mine.
The llenlcy-Keeo Mining Co., Case
Now in Court.
Tho Henley vs. Keeo ease was settled at the opening of the afternoon
session of the Supreme Court. The
court allowed Mr. Henley to retain
the 3,500 shares of Reco stock and
they will be transferred on the company's books to him as it was decided
that Mr. Henley had obtained the
stock in good faith. The balance, .,-
500 shares   have   been   placed   in   the
hands of Registrar Simpkins and the
court will decide as to their proper
owner, Harris having entered action
aaginst S. T. Arthur to secure a return of the stock.
Advertisements inn i nl under this hone! at
tlio ralo of ono cont, a word por Insertion. No
advertisement tnkon for loss than 35 coats.
Spokane Mlnlni? Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane ((notations
as received from The Miner's special
name. ASKED, mi).
American Flag  8'j 0
Hlacktail 11 -
Butte & Huston  8 2,'i
Crystal  i\ 2!.;
Conjuncture  3 2)4
Deer Trail Con  3 2%
Evening Star  Q%       0
Gold Ledge  2.'.        1%
Golden Harvest      H %
Gold Standard  01-j 7_
I. X. 1 20 19
Iron Musk 38 0
.liin Blaiue  8 214
Lone Pine Surprise  8'4       g
.Mountain Lion BO 30
.Morning Glory  Il'i       6
Morrison  2^       2H
Noble Five  6 0
Princess Maud  21.      I.1.
Qiiilp 22 0
Humbler-Cariboo '28i4 27 .
Republic    76 0
Reservation     7 5
Rossland Giant  2'4       2
Sullivan 15). 15
Tom Thumb II) 17
Waterloo  3\       0
Winnipeg 3.S       0
Conjecture...-  3 2.1.
Sales���Conjecture, 1000 at 2% ;   Deer
Trail, HHin at _J< ; Golden Harvest, 2000
at   ',;   Rambler-Cariboo,   1000  at 30
00 day call, 1', : 1000 at 27 ; KKKI at 30
00 day call. lit; 1000 at 80; 80 day call
1'., ;    Mammoth,  2000  ut  17',;   I_me
Pine*Surprise, ikx) at 8.
A newspaper reporter dreamed one
night that the editor had decided to
get out an edition that was entirely
satisfactory to everyone. Every item
that was brought in was carried all
around to different houses and if any
objections were raised it was promptly "killed." At :i p. m. the paper
went to press as usual, and when the
patrons unfolded it that evening they
found nothing but a blank sheet. The
editor of the paper   slept sweetly that
night, realizing that ho  had printed
nothing to offend   anybody, and   that
his paper was entirely satisfactory.
"One night my brother's baby was
take with Croup." writes Mrs. J, C.
Sider, of Crittenden, Ky., "it seemed
it would strangle before we could get
a doctor,so we gave it Dr.King's New
Discovery, which gave i|iiicl< relief
and permanently cured it. We always
keep it in the house to protect our
children from Croup and Whooping
Cough. It cured me of a chronic
bronchial trouble that no other remedy would relieve." Infallible for
Coughs, Colds. Throat and Lung
troubles. :,n cents and 81. Trial hot-
lie-  free at  I 'anad.'i   Drug & Hook   Co,
TO < I III:  > COLD in ONE nil
Take* Ijixiitivn Hrolno Quinine Tablet*. All
ilriiKKlsl�� refund the money if it falls to cure.
is:,   K W, Uiove ��� signature Is ou ouch box.
Probably one of the most interesting civil eases ever hard in Nelson,
was opened ut the Court House this
morning before Mr. Justice Walkem,
when tho case of Henley vs. the Keeo
Mining Company came up for trial.
The suit has arisen out of a poker
game which wus played at Sandon
about the middle of November, 18HH,
ind in which J. M. Harris, president
of the mining company, lost heavily
mil paid a portion of his debt in Keeo
shares. Those who were in the game
ure Mr. Harris, Mr. Arthur, Mr. Peterson aud 11. flauck, the latter being
one of the cleverest caid gamblers in
the west. Each of the other gamblers
received from Harris a large quanitty
of stock. Mr. Arthur after tbe game,
returned to his home in Spokane, and
on Nov. 18, 1898, he borrowed 81,500
from a Mr. Henley of Spokane,the latter receiving for security .500 of the
Reco slinres. At another time Mr.
Arthur borrowed Bonie more money
from Henley nnd again the latter received 2,500 shares of the Bame stock.
Henloy bus now on his hands 0,000
shares of the Keeo stock. The Reco
Company refuse to transfer^ the stocks
on their books to Henley, as they assert that the shares were at first obtained by fraud in that the game of
poker was "crooked." Mr. Henley
was the ony witness exuminted for
the plaintiff this morning and he simply told of the manner in which he
had obtained the Keeo stock certificates.
William Harris, of Sloean City, who
is now in the Provincul jail here
waiting Hal on a charge of attempting to committ suicide some time ago.
again eumo before Mr. Justice Walkem for election nt this morning's session of the Supreme Court. He was
ganted a speedy trial,and the case will
probably be called before judge Forin
in a few days. Harris was granted
bail in the Bum of 8S00, which he has
"When a child I burned my foot
frightfully," wiites W. II. Fads, of
.lonesville, Va., "which caused horrible leg sores for 50 years, but lluck-
len's Arnica Salve wholly cured after
everything else failed." Infallible for
Hums, Scalds, Cuts Sores, Ilruises
and Piles. Sold by the Canada Drug
aud Hook Co., 85 cents.
Just received ut J. A. McDonald's
a shipment of "Gentleman in Khaki,"
"Lord Roberts," "lluller "" Kitchener," and the "Tartan Plaid" candy
boxes, which when rilled with our
choice candies, cannot be equalled us
n gift for the fair ones.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts' Ranch, two nnd a half miles up
the river.  W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
The Cottnge Hospital heretofore carried on in Nelaon by tho Misses Crick-
mny has been transferred to Miss Ferris, such transfer to take effect from
the 15th day of November, 1000. Miss
F'erris with a competent staff of
nurses will continue the conduct of
the hospital. All persons owing for
hospital treatment nt the Cottage Hospital np to the 15th day of November
next, will ploase remit the amount of
their debts to the Misses Crickmay by
that date, and all persons having accounts ngainst the hospital will kincl-
lv render them on or before that date.
FOR     RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Hank of Halifax.
WANTED,���Clean   Cotton     Rags
The Miner.
A LADY accustomed to, and fond of
children, will go and take care of those
whose mothers havo to go out during
the evening or the night. Address,
U.  D., Hox 588, Nelson.
A Meeting in the interests of Mr.
Foley, the Labor candidate, is called
for Friday evening, Nov. 2, in the
committee rooms on linker Street.
Mr. I'arr, of Ymir, Messrs. Wilks,
Mowatt, Robinson, Clayton and others
nre expected to bu present to address
the meeting. Everybody is invited.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Rest of
Quality, as follows :
Java nnd Arnhlnn Mocha, per pound..
Java nnd Mochi- Blend, 3 pounds	
Kino Snntos, 4 pouniln	
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Our KpoolalHInnd. li pounds	
Our Klo Itowit, 11 pounds	
Sai.khkihi.mh :
Nelson,      -      b. c-
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Carbonate street.
SHORTHAND and Typewriting   done
at the olliee of II.  C.    Kiblet.    Front
Street, 2nd door west of   Hall   Street.
Tel. ir.i.
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m. to Carbonate Street,   -nd   east  of
FOR SALE.��� Florence Park Hotel and
Roberts'   Ranch,    situated on   lake
shore, :!!_   miles from Nelson.    Apply
II.  R. Cameron.
WANTED.���Eveiy   woman In  Nelson
to  visit    Mrs. Enfield's    millinery
parlors, and   see   her   stock  of   hats.
The best in the eity.
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in SO lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
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Glad to See You
because he sees you clearly and
without that distorting, annoying, injurious contortion which
imperfect glasses give.
Your eyes lire important nnd require attention to avert serious
discomfort. Consult us in time
about your eyes���it is never too
Manufacturing Jewelers.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day *i.oo.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents ppr
Gilbert Stanley Nelnon
ThoniHon StAtlonery Co NolBOD
Canada Drag &Hook Co. Nelson
Hotel Hume N.wh Si ami Nelson
Hotel Chair Nowh Bland Wi-mi
I��. Campbell Ymir
C F. Nel won NowDonvor
J. F. Delaney Kosoborry
It. A. Hrad.-hiiw Slocan City
Slocan N''W'. Co. Saodoii
Thomson BroH. Vanoouvor
l.:ilil��)n! & Young I _;i -In
H. A. KIiik k Co. Greenwood
and  News   Agents   on  boats  ane?
trains out of Nelson
Wlndermoi-lMlnes.   Corrogp ��� onosSoilclt
N KLSON LODG K.   No. 23. A. F. & A
M. liniots second Wednesday In each
iionth.  VlsiUnn brother, wclcoiuo.
Niilunn Rnoampmenl No. *.   Moots ovory 2nd
und nil Friday of eaoh month, In odd Follows
Hull, coriicir Baker and Kuoliiciiy sl routs
Nolson. A. II. Ulmncnls ('. p.; II. MoArthtu
H. a.  vi-iihiK brothers always welcome.
jtjttttj^v      I.  O. O.   Y.     Kootunny Ixxlue
04mJFJ��A.    No. HI, mod   ovory M Inyntght,
'"JlrK ~    ���|   nn'ir   Mull,   Koolonny stroot
Sojourning Odd Follows cordiully Invitad.
John A. MoRao, N.tl.   11. W. Hlilherford, V.G.
Hied J. Hciuire, IVr. Sue.
NKLSON LOUGH  No.   IB, K. off
. niei'ls 111 IC. uf P. hull, Oddfellows block
lyvciv Tuesday uvuiilng nt 8 o'olooi
-jjAll Visiting knlnhtH rordlnlly  Invltod
I'. .1. HltAlil.KV, C. 0.
J, A. P.QUETTK, K.ot It.und 8.
NKLSON I,. (|. L. Nn. 1(1!. moots in I'm-
Icnilty Hull on I'rsi und third Krlduy ovonlnKs
of ��uh iiiciiiIIi ut 8'l'oliH k. Visiting moiiiliors
ciu'diully  Invilod.    it. itoliinsoii. YV..L:    Wm.
Crawford, It. s.
NELSON AKHIK No. 22, F. 0. EL, meets
overy seoond und fourth Wednesdays of ouch
in onlli. Veiling mi'iiihors cordially Invito
('linrlos Prosspi, Soorntjiry,
sons OF ENGLAND, moot*
tho MrHt Wednesday ovonlng of
ouch miinlli ul Kiiilcrnlty hull,
corner of linker und Kootonny
��t| ots. Vi-liiuK lindhorn cord-
lull) Invited.
Jons Watson, Secretary,
COURT KOOTENAY, I. O. F., No. 3138.
Meetings ith Thursduy of month. Frntorun
ball, J A Irving 0 K.  fi It, Fleming. K,8,
AnOpen Letter
To Voters
And Voters' Wives,
Dear Sir, and Madam :
I am a candidate for your
favor, for the position of leading jeweler of this good city
of Nelson.
I submit my platform for
your consideration :
I am opposed to " ways
that are dark" in business,
and favor open and honest
methods with the public. 1
represent values as they actually are, and " call a spade a
spade " when I describe the
different qualities of goods.
I am in favor of selling
goods at such a profit only
over cost as will enable me to
continue business successfully, looking to my prosperity
in the large volume of business which will result in selling at moderate prolits.
I am in favor of taking
trouble to please customers,
by returning their repair worn
promptly and keeping my
store clean, bright and attractive.
I respectfully solicit your
vote and iniluenee���
Antl a visit to  my store.
Sincerely yours,
T.   H.   BROWN.
I      IN ONE.
2 Eight  pages  of  -Ui_inari.etl  and
O     classified news.
^ Eight pages of practical agricultural and live stock articles.
Eight pases of interesting fiction
and magazine features.
6        3 Sections.      24 Pages.
o $1.00 PER YEAR. c
9 Balance ot 1900 free witli subsovip- v
o tion for 1901. a
Turncr-Bocc.h Block Baker streot
:;,u(hi London Consolidated (Silver
Hill) 84X
'.'.500 Exchequer  ?.';
soo Referendum  \),
l.ooo Shares Crow's Nest Coal.
l.ooii Shares Rambler-Cariboo,
-J shares Noble Five.
List your Stocks with us.
A. R. BARROW, a. m i. o.e
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box KM). Teln.honfi No. 98
V. 0. GREEN        F. S. CLEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P.  O. Rox W5 HelRnn. F. <1
Bond your bnnitifiia dlnotto Waftliliietoo��
tn\vvn time* c��sU -fin, butter n<>rv_<?��.
My office clou to U. B, Patent Office. FREE preUmlo-
i %ry examitu-tlone made. ____�� fee not due until pnUnt
I ACTUAL EXPERIENCE. Book "How toobUln F_.t_nt_,"
1 etc., lent free. FatenU procured through E. O. SIggert
receive .pedal   notice,   without charge. In   the
ll-ui.ratod monthly���Eleventh year-termn, $1. a year.
���^ iii il> ��l> t#i iii ��^ iii i*i tto t*�� iA> tl>. i��> iii il> il�� it; u; i^ u> \|�� U/ u# ^^
1 Another Big Sale!
1      Coming!
We are now looking over
our stock preparatory to
putting on another BARGAIN SALE. Tomorrow we
will have something to say
to you about it.
Look for our advertisement in this paper tomorrow. In the meantime come
in and we will give you an
early chance.
I Martin O'Reilly & Co. i
1 i
i|i Tlmt desirable residence, corner of Cedar and Front streets, i
v}..       known us tlie llaywiinl place.    Grounds 135x130;   8-room house,
%t      with nil modern conveniences.    Terms on application, i
| i
& FOR   SALE. j
_&      ^'" �� 'ots' Carbonate Street  s 500 oo
Ti*      Two lots. Observatory street     ooo oo i
i{i        7-Uooin house  8,000 00 i
JL..      8'Rooin house     riiiu nn
tJt i
t Several small houses and one 8-room house. *
������������������������ 1
Fire Insurance Promptly Placed. i
Loans on Real Estate at 8 Per Cent.
When   insuring your  life,   Investigate  the terms and  record I
of the
Those who enjoy bunting
find here a first-class quality of Hunting Goods, not
only Smokeless Loaded
Shells that are dependable
and reasonahle, lint n full
line of Powder, Shot, Oiir-
tridijeg, Primers, Knivi
in fact, ull the neeill'uln fur
a day's shooting.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Motilmil
Dominion Line Dominion NOV  3
Dominion   Lino Caltibi-man Nov 111
Allan Lino Parisian No\-:i
Allan Line TunlBlan Nov 11
Beaver Lino Laka Bnporlor.. Novj
Beaver   Lino l.iko OnUrio NOV 8
From Now York
Wlillo Star Lino Teutonic Nov 7
While; Slur Llnu lleruiiinlo  Nov 14
cnrjinl  Line Catnpaola Nov8
Canard Lino Btrarta  Nov io
Anierloan Lino St. I'uul  Nov 7
Keel -ilai' I.lno Frjosland Nov 7
French Lino Lie Touniino.  Nov 8
Anchor Lino FurnonHla Nov .'1
Anchor Lino Ethiopia Nov 1(1
N. U. L. Lino Lnhii Nov II
Allan Mulo Line Sardinian Nov :i
From BohIoii
Dominion Line Now England  Nov 7
Cunard Line Ivcrnia Nov 17
I'aHHOKos arranged to and from all European
lioiutK. For ralOH, llcko.s and full Information
apply lo 0. P. 11. depot auout or II. L. Brown
t'lty Passenger AKont, Nelson, B. C.
General A trunk. C.RIt. onicm. Winnipeg
Spokane Falls &
Northern R_
Nelson  _L  Fort
Sheppard RY
Red Mountain R'v.
Dominion and
Laud Surveyor.
Sealed  tenders  will  ho  received  by
ihe undersigned until 12(noon)Friday,
NovemLer 2nd, for the erection of 11
two-slot v frame cnttiiRe for the Kootenay Lake General Hospital.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily
Will pay the highest oash price for all
kinds of second hund goods. Will huy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Fnrnitnre, stoves, oarperts,
nooking utensils, bonght In household
quantities. Also CBSt off clothing.
1'all and see mo or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 300. HaU
Street, Nelson, H 0,
The only all rail route between
--II points east, west and south W
Rosshuid, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls Witll
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage u:i\\f
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective  .Sunday, October  21-st, 1900,
Train No. :i;i (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    10:46 p.m.
Leave Northport      5s50ft.Bc
Arrive Kossland       7:80 ft.ffl.
Train No. 31 (Night Train).
Leave Rossland    11:00 p.m.
Leave Northport    i-.-l.-i a.m.
Arrive .Spokane      7:0.1 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.O


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