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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 6, 1900

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Array Daily Edition No. 877
Nelson,   British Columbia. Tuesday Evening,   November 6,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
Tomorrow the Electors of Canada Choose
Between Liberals and Conserva-
tives-The Last Doings.
There 1ms neverTieen a general election that was not the most Important
that has ever taken place���the most
Important! that is, in its ett'eit on the
happiness and prosperity of the people
and in its consequenooa generally. The
present ono is no exception. Leaders
on both sides havo so assured the
electors, in their endeavors to persuade them to look at matters with
their eyes and vote as they were told.
It is not necessary to believe that
the present one is the most lmpotant,
in order to take a deep interest in
the result. Everyone has its importance, but the country will not go to
the dogs if thu voting tomorrow does
not please the side that is doomed to
lose. There is no doubt much depending on the verdict of the majority,
but the minority will live to light
another day, and in the meantime the
affairs of the country will go on niueh
as if the other sido had won.
Not that the result will make no
difference; it would be a mistake to
eoine to that conelusion, besides to do
so would manifest an Indifference
that would not be healthy. It is perhaps just as well that the. people who
aie ranged under one political Hag
should believe with the utmost sincerity that universal ruin would follow
the success of those, who are ranged
on the opposite side. It is that feeling of sincerity that keeps all within
reasonable check, and gives a healthy
tone to the public life of the country.
The lattr may not be all that could
be desired, but it is certainly the better of the very deep earnestness with
whieh the majority of our people
take their politics.
Only one side will win tomorrow,
and each elector hopes, of course, that
his side will bo the winning one. The
Miner is not   conscious of having any
tia and New Biunswick the tide would
seem to have set in favor of the Liberals. At this distance it is impossible
to account for this singular perversity
of political judgment except it be on
the fact thut the times aro good and
the people of those Provinces are sat-
islicd to have things remain as they
are. In the other Maritime Province,
Prince Edward Island, the Oovernment are uot in favor, and Sir Louis
Davies will be a happy man if he en-
capes with his own seat. Quebec is
French Canadian, and that is enough
to insure a good majority for Laurier
'and Tarte. At the same time there is
every indication that they will not go
back as strong as they were in the
last Parliament. Ontario is the
doubtful ground. There it is all
guess. The leaders on both Bides
have been received with enthusiasm
by enormous crowds. So far us noisy
demonstrations go, both parties are
justified in looking for victory. There
have been scarcely the faintest glimmerings, however, of the sentiment of
the great silent vote, and it is the silent vote that carries the day in Ontario. One can only surmise, on the
strength of sueh probabilities as are
most apparent, nnd taking those as a
guide the conjecture would be that
Ontario will give a substantial Conservative majority. At one time it
was thought that all west of Ontario
was heistile to the Oovernment. The
campaign has dissipated this belief;
the Liberals will go back weaker in
numbers, still there will bo Liberals.
The following is ventured as a close
estimate, based on Indications to
which distance may have possibly giv-
on a twist:
Govt.  Opp.
Nova Scotia   12 8
New Brunswick     7 7
Prince Edward   Island     1 4
prejudices, but its   readers  will   have ! Quebec  40
seen that it has very strong preferences. The times hnv been good
since Sir Wilfrid Laurier came in,
and the country has prospered; and
should he win again It will go on
prospering. Hut The Miner docs not
believe that the people should tolerate
political leaders who hold their positions by means of false pretences. The
moat of ns will believe what we most
desire to believe, but the naked truth
after all is that the Liberal leaders
have broken the promises on the
strength of whieh they won in 1806,
and they are now endeavoring to get
a renewal of confidence by impudently
pretending that they did not. Tho result tomorrow depends on the extent
to which they have been successful In
this effort to hoodwink   the people.
Both sides claim a victory. That is
a part of the game, and no one regards it in the least seriously. For instance,The Miner published yesterday
an estimate sent out from Ottnwa,
claiming a decisive victory for the
Liberals. The compiler of thu estimated returns professed to have the
most reliable reports from every Province in tho Dominion. There were
reports in plenty, no   doubt, but their
reliability  is another   matter.   The
men who sent them out eared little
whether or not they were reliable, so
long as some innocent electors might
be decieved into believing them. The
estimate was prepared with the single
purpose .'if making votes for Liberal
candidates. There have been figures
published in Conservative papers that
were probably prepared with the purpose of Influencing votes for Conservative Candidates, These practices are
uot llattering to the intelligence and
manliness of the Canadian people, for
they suppose that among them there
are lnrge numbers who have no political convictions, or, having them, bold
them so lightly that they are ready to
give them up for the credit or advantage of being on tbe winning side.
They may have their convictions, hut
have not conscience enough to bold
fast to them. That is a bad element,
and they become dangerous when
numerous enough to swing the victory
from ono side to the other.
Speculating so close to the event
may   seem  hazardous,   but    there   Is
safety in remarking that lu Nova Boo-
N.  \V.    Territori
British   Columbia
Conservative majority, 3.
Toronto, Nov. 0.���The return of the
heroes yesterday was accompanied by
a number of accidents resulting chiefly
from the reckless use of fire crackers
which tilled the streets till after
midnight. None, however were of a
serious nature.
Toronto, Nov.!!.���The body of Hugh
McConlay, known as "Vorkie" found
on the Grand Trunk tracks a short
distance west of the station here yesterday. Deceased is supposed to have
been struck and run over by a freight
train, causing instant death.
and it was not until towards evening
when the infantry took the position
thut we learned of the fate of the
men. In the morning befure the brigade marched 1 sent out a burial
party, and Logan, together with
other men, were buried. The grave
is on the high ridge to tho right of
liadfontien and at the head waters of
the Crocodile River. It will be suitably marked in due course. I wish to
say that Logan was one of tho most
valuable men in my regiment. His
knowledge of this country und the intelligent way in which he went about
his work enabled me to entrust him
with uny duty. I can assure you we
all miss him   very  much   indeed.
Company Will Operate on   Texada Island���Steamer  Still Detained.
Victoria, Ii. C, Nov. li.���The political campaign closes tonight with
rousing meeting by both parties in
the two theatres. The betting is in
favor of Prior and Earle.
The railway bylaw drags wearily
along. There is growing opposition
to it.
The Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works invites architects to submit before Saturday, December 22
next, competitive drawings, specifications and estijnates of cost for the
construction of a new tlovernment
Texada Island is to boom in the
near future and incidentally more
business will accrue to Victoria with
the opening np of another large shipping mine near her threshold, for
the Puget Iron Co.,is to develop their
mineral properties on Texada Island
on a very large scale. .1. II. Leo, superintendent of mines for the company ou the Island, arrived yesterday.
Speaking of the prospective boom in
mining ou the Island be said that his
company hud secured the iion furnaces
at Port Townscnd and had made ar
rangeincnts to ship SO tons daily from
the company's mines on Texada to the
furnaces to be treated for the export
trade. According to the arrangements
this amount is to be shipped daily for
12 months, and then three hundred
tons daily will be taken to the furnaces. In the ordinary course of
events today would have seen the release of the detained passengers of the
City of Seattle, but more cases have
developed since the arrival at the station. Dr. Watt has decided to keep
the passengers and crew of the steam
er for some days more, bow long is to
be determined by oircumstances. Yesterday another case developed the victim being Freda Belmont, a variety
actress from White llorso.
Toronto, Nov. (1. ��� Miss Augusta
Mngec,78 years of age, waa almost instantly killed by being knocked down
by a norso whilo crossing the street
yesterday afternoon. Tho old lady
(���nine here from Picton to spend the
holiday in honor of the returning
soldiers, with her sister.
Col. Steele Gives Particulars of a Nelson Man's Brave'End,
Sergeant Logan, of the Strathcona
Horse, who enlisted In Nelson and
who hadjnany friends here,was killed
early in September. Col. Steele, lu
wilting of the engagements under
date of September 18th says:
The regiment was on duty on the
4th Inst, nt Hadfontcin protecting the
camp on the right and left. Sergeant
Logan's section of four men were
sent to form an observation post at
the top of the high ridge on the right,
but In proceeding, became entangled
in the enemy who weriji in considerable force under cover of the rocks
and only one out of the five escaped.
The affair was reported to me by the
man who got away and I Immediately
sent supports but owing to the rough
nature of the ground and the strength
of the enemy they could not nppioach
Chicago Man Kills His Wife While
Handling a Revolver.
Chicago, Nov. (1.���Hy the accidental
discharge of a revolver last night
Clarence Burkley Beard&ley, u man of
wealth aud well known in the city'
business circles, shot and killed hi
wife, Mrs. llowkcr Reardslcy. Th
accident occurred in the family apartment of the Macintosh. 3711 Superior
St. The victim on receiving the shot,
fell to the lloor with a scream, and
was dragged up by her husband to die
In his arms. In handling the revolver
fiom which the bullet made the fatal
wound Mr. lleardsley was endeavoring to instruct her how to frighten
away any burglars who might pry
about the house during bis absence on
a business trip which he was on the
point of making to the i'aeilie Ccast.
After explaining thoroughly, he laid
tbe weapon on the table, lly sonic
means it was k-00ked off and striking
the lloor exploded, the bullet lodging
about the heart.
The case of Mauley vs. Collom reopened before the Supreme Court this
morning at the court. The case wns
adjourned last Saturday owing to an
objection being raised to free minors'
certiticates which were issued in Slocan. Mr. Christie, the^minlng recorder at Slocan,was the lirst witness, and
he stated that the free miners certificates wero issued by bis assistant
while ho (witness) was not able to be
at the otlice through sickness. After
hearing the evidence Mr. Justice
Walkem. stated that the certificates
were valid. This ended the evidence
for the plaintiffs, aud the defendant
asked that the case be withdrawn,
but the Judge ruled in the negative
and the first witness for the defence
was called. It Is expected that th''
ease will be closed lato tomorrow afternoon.
Miss Ethel Gray, daughter of Mr,
A. II.Gray has arrived in Nelson from
London. England, where she has
been In training as a nurse.
Mr. John Toye Iiiib been awarded
the contract to build a residence on
Robson Street for Mr. .1.  K. Strachan.
I'nited States   election   returns   are
being   received at "The Olliee" und at
"The Athabasca" this  afternoon  aud
II. (>. Kicker, ex-steward of the International, left this morning on the
Great Northern for his old home at
.lames Wilks left this morning for
the Crow's Nest district where be will
hold a serins of meetings in the interest of Mr. Foley.
In the case of the Canadian Pacific
vs. Medhurst, the preliminary hearing of which was held before Magistrate Crease at the court house yesterday was afternoon, and will be tin
ished at Cranbrook on Thursday.
Albert Maslonka, the 12 year old
boy who was convicted on a charge of
house breaking at tbe fall assizes before Mr. Justice Walkem, will this
evening be taken to the reformatory
at New Westminster, by Special Constable .1. 11. Martin.
A meeting of the executive committee of the St. Andrews' Society will
be held at S o'clock this evening at
the olliee of the president. .1. Roderick
Robertson. It is expected that committees will be appointed to look after
the arranging of the banquet to be
held on St. Andrews' night, Friday
Nov. 3(1.
A quiet wedding took place last
oven ing at the residence of Rev. Robert Frew, when be united in marriage
Mr. II. M. Thorburn, of Sllverton,
and Miss McLean, of Lake George,
N, 1!. Miss McLean arrived in Nelson last evening from the east and the
marriage took place shortly afterwards.
A most pleasant evening was passed
last night at llosemount. the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Mount, who kindly
placed their parlors at the disposal of
the Ladies' Aid of St. Paul's church.
Quite a number of friends attended.
Solos and instrumental pieces were
given by Mrs. and .Mr. Murray, Mrs.
and Mr. Pain ton, Miss Wilson, Miss
Stltollffe and Mr. Cliadbourne. These
socials arc very successful in drawing
the members of the congregation to
gether and ('renting a friendliness
most acceptable to the church's well
Manager Aiinnble has made complete arrangements for receiving returns of tlie Dominion elections at
the Opera House tomorrow, lllaek
boards have been erected on the stage
and the standing of the parties will
be kept posted. Score cards will be
distributed. The doors will be opened at 4:311 by which time the returns
should be coining freely. An admission fee of twenty-five cents will be
charged, those paying it receiving a
ticket that will admit them at any
tiiuo, or any number of times from
4:3(1 until the last returns are in at
Miss 11. L. Leigh-Spencer, of Vancouver, is in Nclseui. having come
here to vi,sit some of the mining properties in the district. Miss Spencer is
interested in the Athabasca and Britannia, the latter at Howe Sound, 2S
miles from Vancouver, which was recently bonded to an English syyndi-
eate for 13,000,000, It is considered
one of the greatest copper properties
iu the world, exceeding the Tread-
well mines in value. Miss Spencer
leaves for Rossland tonight and will
visit the Boundary country before returning home. Miss Spencer is the
only lady real estate and mining broker in Canada, and has put through
some very large deals. She was successful in this direction in London
last year. She is well known in Nelson, her business bringing her here
several times.
The members of the Nelsou Loyal
Orange Lodge No. LOOS, held a banquet at the Victoria Hotel last evening the occasion being the celebration
of Guy I-'awkes day or the Gun Powder Plot. Nearly fifty guests were
present and a general good time was
enjoyed, Mr. ,lohu Toyo presided
as toast master, to tbe .satisfaction of
all. The banquet was opened by singing a toast to the Queen,    The rest nf
the toasts and responses were as follow: Canada, Rev. .1. II. White;
Army and Navy and Volunteers, llev.
W. Munroe: Our Commercial Industry. .1. A.  Irving; The Orange Asocia-
tion. D. L.  Stanley; Tne Celebration,
W. W. Ilradey ���, Neiscin Lodge, It. II.
Ilcibiiison ; Guests, II. A. Stevens; The
Ladles, F. ,1. Hradley. The music of
tlie evening wus furnished by Mill-
ward's orchestra.
As the result of accumulating dilll-
culties between   the   Cliupleau Mining
Company, and ex-manager J. .M. Williams nn Injunction was granted yesterday by Mr. Justice Wallsem to the
company  to keep Mr. Wlliami fiom
trespassing on the Chapleau property
until the present difficulties are settled, it appears that loose management has been manifested in connection with the work carried on at the
mine. Hut what seems to have
brought the matter tc, u bead was that
tho representatives  of the direoters
who lately came from Paris to inspect
the property, were refused adlllittallee
al tbe mine by the ex-inanagcr's
brother, .lames M. Williams. It was
also learned in obtaining the injunction that the company had remitted to
Mr. Williams since Inst spring nearly
100,000 and that he had not opened
the bank nccount in the name of the
company but hud kept It as his private account.
Electors of the United States Have Chosen
Their President--How the Polling
Hoston, Mass., Nov. (i.���The first
vote in the state to be announced today, was from Avon. The polls there
closed at 1 o'clock and at 2:13 results
were announced as follows: For
liryan and Stevenson, 1.0, for McKinley and Roosevelt, 174; for Governor
Crane (Republican) 175, Puino (Dem.)
130. The vote in this town four years
ago was liryan 110, McKinley 237.
This signifies a loss for McKinley of
(13 votes and a gain for Ilryan uf 31.
New York, Nov. li. ��� Election day in
New York City dawned clear and
pleasant and there was every indication that a full vote would be polled.
The polls opened at 0 a. in. to remain
open until 5 p. m. Within the limits
of Greater New York there are 1,552
voting prec'iicts and 630,233 registur-
edvoters. The voto was cast rapidh
iu this eity. In tho fifth assembly
district one third of the total vote had
been cast at s o'clock. In Brooklyn al
so the early voto was very heavy. No
disorder was reported in the boroughs
and in general the voting was carried
on quietly.
Philadelphia, I'a., Nov. ii.���Election day in this city and state opened
with ideal weather. In this state the
polls are open from 7 a. in. to 7 p. ru.
Boston, Nov. (',. ���The weather was
perfect this morning. Balloting
throughout the 35 wards of the city
was conducted quietly with indica
tions that a heavy vote would be east.
Chicago, Nov. 0.���The polls opened
in this city ut 0 o'clock and by 7
o'clock it was estimated that 20 per
cent of the registered vote of 401,717
hud been cast. The day began with
the sky dull, but clear crisp air.
San Francisco, Oil., Nov. ti.���Today
wus fair and tho conditions are favorable fur a heavy vote throughout the
State. At sunrise the [lulls were opened and many voted before breakfast.
The State was confidently claimed
by both parties, each by a plurality
of 12, out I to 13,(100.
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 0.���A perfect
election day dawned in Maryland. The
polls in Baltimore opened at ii a. m.
and in most of the 304 precincts il
was estimated that one fourth ol the
ballots in the city had beeu cast by h
New Haven, Nov.ii. ���Election morning in Connecticut opened with the
clearest uf skies, a moderate temperature and other conditions generally
favorable to the coming out of a large
vote. Voting began briskly at six
Denver,'Colo., Nov, li.���Ono policeman was killed anil three were injured in a light at u polling place iu the
lower part of tbe city curly today.
Montgomery, Ala,, Nov. o.���Cloudy,
cool weather favored voters. There
was absolutely no interest disceniublc
Alabama's delegation in Congress
will probably be solidly    Democratic.
Atlanta, Ga., Nov. ii.���The Interesl
wns apparent early and a heavy vote
was expected. Although there are
contests in one or two districts a solid
Democratic delegation to Washington
had been partially assured at the
primaries some week ago.
Raleigh, N. C, Nov. II.���Interest
in today's voting in North Caroaliua
centered   around   the    United   Mate-,
Senatorship, The state was considered safe for Ilryan ami tie- vote promised tobo heavy.
New Orleans. Nov. Be Flection day
opened in I.ouisana with Indications
of rain. The voting wns slow uml
there was apparently only half-hearted Interest in the result clue lo the belief that Bryan and Stevenson and the
Congressional  ticket   would   make a
clean sweep of the State,
Wilmington, Delaware, Nov. o.���A
riot occurred in the third election dis
trict of Wilmington which resulted in
the destruction of the polling place.
The ollieers were nearly half an hour
late in opening the polls and about a
hundred negroes had assembled In
line waiting to vote. When the doors
opened they saw a white man. James
Mel!ugh, ahead of them attempting to
vote. This infuriated them and they
assaulted Mcllugh and Inspector
.lames Dugan, cutting both seriously.
Policeman Sherry was also cut in attempting tu reflture order. The negroes destroyed the polling booth and
the registration book disappeared in
the melee. Sliould the department of
elections refuse to re-open the polling
place the Republicans would lost
about 150 votes.
.lonesboro, III., Nov. (1.���In a quarrel over politics at Lyck Creek last
night, .lohn Kerby, Democrat, was
shot ani instantly killed. John
Thornton, a Republican, was arrested
.'barged with the shooting.
Lincoln, Nov. li.���Wm. J. liryan returned to Lincoln this morning, after spending the night in Omaha. His
first net after arriving here was to
swear in his vote and then cast it. He
voted the straight Democratic ticket,
national, and congressional, lu Nebraska the weather was Ideal. The
best order prevailed and a large vote
was promised. ,
Canton, Ohio, Nov. (1.���President
McKinley cast his ballot at U :20
o'clock this morning. At the voting
place quite a crowd had collected. His
registering number was 307.
Says The Spokesman-Review: netting on the result of the election was
lively in Spokane yesterday. Over 84,-
000 posted ut ,lnck Wilmot's place
was taken down and the money placed
in Wilmot's hands as stake-holder.
Among the bets taken were the following: 81500 to $.100 that McKinley
is elected; 810(1 to 8.10 that neither
Bryan nor McKinley will get the entire electoral vole of Kentucky; 8700
even on I'rink in three bets, one of
1500 and two of 8100 each ; 8200 even
that Prink curries Seattle, Spokane
and Taeoma; 9200 and 8X0 evon that
the Democrats will not elect a single
man on the county ticket, bailing the
joint judgeship; 8200 that the Democrats don't elect a single man on tho
state ticket; 812', that DoUBt Is the
next sheriff; 1100 that Frink has l,-
000 pluralty in Spokane county ; 82MI
that I'oindcxter is elected.
As an indication that the Democrats
are becoming more confident, and are
not letting the Republicans have
everything their own way, a bet wart
made yesterday between a well-known
mining man nnd a Howard Stree
business man of 81,000 to 8MJ0 that
Rogers will be elected.
One of the largest bets yet made on
the result of the presidential election
was made ut the Spokano Hotel last
evening between an eastern   merchant
ami a syndicate of Spokane politicians. A forfeit of 8-reMi a side was put
up to cover a bet of 111,000 to s:,:,n<i
that McKinley Is elected. The Spokane Contingent bus the McKinley
end uf the wager.
Now That Kruger Is Away He Hopes
Hoers Will Fight Without Remission,
lias Jibuti I, Nov. il.���The Dutch
Cruiser Qelderland with ex-President
Kruger on board has arrived here.
She iius been directed tu wait Instructions from The Hague at Port Sail,
with regard to Mr. Kruger's landing
in Europe. The Geblerland will stop
there days. Mr. Kruger Is In excellent health, Dr. Beymans declared
Mr. Kruger, was gulag to Europe
purely on a holiday. Mr. Krnger waa
found sitting on deck with his legs
wrapped in sheep skin. "May they
fight without remission," he exclaimed, energetically filling his pipe, referring to the Hoers, "that In what wc
EsflMPK Nelson Daily Miner, Tuesday Evening, November 6,  190a
The Nelson Miner
Published Every  Afternoon   Kxcept Sunday
���HY TUB���
_ilMIT.ll I.IAIHl.ITV.
il;, Fleet Street, K. 0.
Contral  Press Agency, Ltd., .poeial AgontH
Dally, per month, by currier     <ie5c
Daily, per month, hy tiii.il     wo
Dalw, per year, by carrier 8 I OQ
Dally, per year, by mull   j> JJ]
Daily, per year, forcigi ' m
Weekly, per half yoar  81 25
Weekly, per year.......  �� 00
Weekly, por your, foruiKii   J DO
-ub.ioripiioiiH Invariably In advance.
All Check" should no mado pnyablti to tho
order of Nelson I'.hmsiiinu COMPANY,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier made a splendid
figure at the Jubilee, and bis generous gift of a tariff preference caught
the trading fancy of the English people and dieted a considerable amount
of cheering. The lion, gentleman
came back to Canada with a Cobden
Club meal suspended to his neck, and
his admirers have ever since regarded
him as one of tho most illustrious'of
Imperialists. Hut he and his (lovernment have been making rather a sad
mess of many of our domestic nffairs;
those London cheers seem to have
brought on an aggravated attack of
swelled bead. The Dominion Franchise Act which the Conservatives had
passed was repealed. It was repealed
in a hurry and In somewhat of a temper. The Premier nnd his supporters
were more anxious to put their heels
on tbe obnoxious Act than they were
concerned for what sliould take its
place. They repealed tbe old law, and
provided that the franchise laws of
tho Provinces should be used in its
We are just discovering in British
Columbia that this simple and expeditious meth.d of legislating is attended with some most regrettable
consequences. The old Dominion law
of Conservative parentage provided
that the word "person" was not,to
mean a Mongolian. Chinese nnd Japanese, therefore, could not voto under
it, even if otherwise qualified. In the
hurry and temper of repeal this safeguard was destroyed. But this is not
all, or tho worst. Our own local law,
which for the most part regulates the
franchise for the Dominion, i�� careful
to exclude Chinese and Japanese;
their names are specilically forbidden
to be registered. The repealing law of
Sir Wilrid's (iovcrnmnt, however,
makes short work of this protection.
It provides that tho care uf the Local
Legislature to protect the lists against
tho names of Mongolians shall go for
nothing, and enacts that in spite of
their exclusion they shall bo entitled
to vote unless otherwise disqualified.
A naturalised Chinese or Japanese,
thcreore, whose name is omitted under the local law, must bo accepted as
a voter, under the new Dominion
Franchise Aet. In plainer words, the
local law excluding Mongolians is
overridden by the legislation uf our
Liboral masters at Ottawa.
Thorn aro many in this Province
who are unable to see any great menace in the immigration of a limited
number of Chinese and Japanese, but
there are few if any who desiro to
givo them tbe franchise. If they come
at all they must bo content to be
treated as aliens. It is thought to
be a liberal enough stretching of the
Britisli idea of liberty to sutler men
of those races to como ill and com-
pete with white labor, but no one has
Contemplated that thoy shall be permitted to elect our members of Parliament and thus have a potent voice in
the making uf our laws. There are
probably nut many naturalised Chinese in lliis Provinoe, but the'Japan*
osc who have taken tlie oath of allegiance   and    been   admitted   as   British
subjects  arc quite) numerous,   Their
nnmes arc not cm any 'Provincial voters' lists, but under the law passed
for us at Ottawa by a Libera] (Jovein-
ment and Parliament, those Japanese
have only to make application and
they become voters. No one but a
ruffian would tall; of shot guns to prevent this. Shot gnus do not harmonise
with British methods of government.
If our laws entitle a Chinaman or a
Jap to registration, he is to bo protected in his right to vote, the same
as any other qualified British subject.
But it is necessary to correct the mistake of those Ottawa Liberals us soon
as possible, by providing that the
Mongolian hordes shall   not   register.
luncheon. Hy four o'clock local time,
at tho latest, returns should be coming in, and within the next three
hours sutlicient should be known to
indicate the verdict of the people.
Unless, of course, the result should
be close, in which caso we may havo
to await the last return from tho last
poll before being relieved of anxiety.
But whatever it be, it cannot be too
strongly impressed upon tho electors
of Yale-Cariboo that their duty is still
the same, and that is to vote accord
ing to their political convictions.
Two much haB been said about
sending down a member in sympathy
with the party in power. A more
Immoral political doctrine it would
be impossible to conceive, and a more
dangerous one it would be impossible to put in practice. What it means
is that the constituency will be asked
to sell itself; to barter its principles
for some supposed material gain.
There can never be honest politics in
Canada as long ub such a monstrous
sentiment us this is suffered to pre-
The system of balloting in many of
the American States iB a cumbrous
affair, and the count is necessarily
alow. Today our neighbors are electing their President. That is a great
event among themselves, but since
they budded out into a world Power
and rubbed shoulders with other nations they have begun to realise that
the sun does nut stand still and the
people who inhabit the rest of the
earth do not gaze in entranced amazement while they go through the process. They have had it borne in on
them that in the eyeB of the rest of
the world the election of a President
and State officials is very much like
any other general election, important
only in proportion to the nation's iniluenee in the politics of the world.
Owing to the slow count, it is possible that many of us in this city will
grow weary in waiting for the returns
and go to bed without knowing
whether it is McKinley or Bryan.
The election in the United States
today and the election in Canada tomorrow have special interest for the
Slocan. If Bryan is the President,silver will go up in price; if the Conservatives should be in the majority,
the lead industry will certainly receive the attention it deserveB and
which the Liberals have so long denied it.
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Should the popular feeling be strong
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by seven or eight o'clock tomorrow
evening how the elections have gone.
Return, from the Maritime l'rovince* should in mlng iii  before the
next i.sMue of The Miner. The polls
at Halifax will be closing while malty
at us in NfltOO are   still  engaged  at
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Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Tuesday   Evening,   November 6, 1900
iiv Jeannotte   Iladerinaiin Walworth,
Aiit'li'ii "A   liar Btnster," "Southern
Silhoiiutlts,"  Ktc.
She hail sent him away from her
with scorn of eyo and bitterness of
tongue. No man who hoped to have
her wear his name, she had suid,
should drag it through th. mire of tlio
niu. course.
lie had retorted with a clumsy jest
-always a poor way to placate a
proud, and angry woman.
nit was dust, my love, nasty lung-
clicking, eye-blinding dust." Mentally he prayed for the ability to
throw some of it in her beautiful
Bves, just sufficiently to blind her to
tho eiiormty of  bis having  jockeyed
��� own iiorse ut the oounty fair,
when bis   groom   bad   suddenly   gono
She bad been the handsomest, woman on the grandstand. She did not
hold racing a bad thing in Itself,
She would never have countenanced il
if she bad. She belli opinions on all
sorts of subjeots. Racing tended to the I _ad"pa8.ea'"senta
Improvement of stock. Hut that ho:
lover, the man whose name she hud
promised to take In the near future,
should come "prancing on to tbe
course" wearing bis own colors in
place of the cut-away of custom, was
more than, mortal maiden sliould bo
expected to stand amiably.
When be bud proffered that feeble
little joke about the mire being Oust,
she had drawn her horse up with a
iei-U. She must do the same with
him. He had come, as bo came every
afternoon, to ride on horseback with
her. ,    ,
Their way bad lain between hedges
of white Cherokee rose and tbe bridal
wreaths of blackberry bushes. Their
objective point was usually a plateau
of land just outside the tall grass-
covered levee that rimmed the entire
river front. From this plateau they
had together,watohed many a glorious
sunset with peace in their hearts aud
honey on their lips.
Now with darkening eyes and head
averted,she looked down upon the ,yel
low river coursing seaward with the
sluggishness of low water, lie was
pondering, not uncomfortably,barring
this small scrap between them, that
the chances of high water were slim
and that a secure year and a big crop
would enable him to gild the old nest
prettily for his mate. At that particular juncture the young lady by his
side looked very little liable to Imprisonment in any sort of cage.
She sat in her sadlc with the graceful composure of a woman who know
she looked better in habit and cap
than in flowing draperies, also with
the fearlessness of lifelong practice.
A wordless pause had followed in
the wake of that futile joke. She
turned a tragic face towards him :
"1 perceive, Kalph.'tliat you consider this a mere till. It is not. It is a
separation between you and me for all
"For all time, Flo? That sounds
"1 feel inexorable. You nave outraged me beyond hope of forgiveness.
You, my husband that was to be,
tricked out in black and orange stripes
for all the world like an organ grinder's monkey."
"1 suppose now you could substitute
another Species of striped animal.
Kscaped convict could you, Flo? It
sounds a degree more human."
"1 leave substitutes to you. The
man who could substitute himself
for his hosier is not the man for mu."
"In ease you could, my; dear," he
said,with persistent opiinisi���,"l could
labor so hard to become a trusty and
win a shorter sentence by meritorious
She reared her plumed cap haughily.
"Don't dear me, Ralph. It is a flip-
panl denial that I mean what 1 say.
I am thoroughly in earnest."
lie looked at her incredulously. His
sentence seemed cruelly disproportion-
ed to his offending. "Areyou in earnest saying that you and 1 part here
and now forever'."'
Shu stretched one small gannteleled
hand over her horse's head in the direction of the siuggisb river. She
was statuesque in her stern beauty,
"When the waters of that river
meet and mingle with the waters of
Willow Lake, you and 1 may come together again italph Wlllett���not before. ''
She touched her horse on bis shining Hank with the jeweled whip that
formed part of her equestrian outfit,
and before he eon Id frame an answer
was galloping homeward without
him. His lirst impulse waa to follow her; his second to canter slowly
in the opposite direction, lie did not
exactly knoiv why lie chose to turn
his horse's head towards Willow
Lake, but In a little while be found
himself pacing along its reedy hanks
disconsolate enough to have satisfied
his worst enemy.
Perhaps he wanted to satisfy himself that.the meeting or the waters
was not an aqueous Impossibility,
lle derived small comfort from him
survey of tho   chances.
The levee from whose crest he and
she bad viewed   the   sun   go down in
lurid sullenness befitting their own
unhappy mood, was the pride and
Care of the whole country. It ilclieil
the possibility of disaster even from
that most mischievous of nil streams,
the Mississippi river. Ever year saw
ItH crown more securely matted with
protecting grass llbrrs; anil its base
broadened nnd strengthened by watchful labor. Quite mile inland, fringed
with pussy willows and emerald
mosses, lay the limpid waters of Wil
low Lake, shadowing the stars by
night, dimpling at the kiss of the
faintest zephyr.
Nothing short of a miracle would
ever effect a union between those clear
wavelets and the surging waters of
the river. And, as this was not tho
age of miracles. Ralph Willet turned
him about with a heart as heavy as
One of Flo Merrltt's chief charms In
bis eyes was her Steadfastness.   As she
had been steadfast to him since the
hour of their liethrothnl���no light fu-
silade of flirtations with other men���
so would she lie steadfast, now, iu her
renunciation of htm, He might as
well give her up as lost���to him.
lle was no pulingsentimentalist, lie
rode homeward with the deep seated
resolve to patch up his broken life
linos as best he might, with so much
wrenched out of them at one blow,
lie was a man who believed in work,
ami in progress and in fun. Alack-
a-day this latter article of belief had
brought him to griuf.
No one ever heard him rail either
at Flo Merrill or at Fate? As the
head of a, large estate ho found plenty
to do, and he did it with his might.
Of neighborhood necessity he was
kept informed of Flo's movements.
Somebody told him that her health
was not so robust as it had been;
then, she had given up horseback exercise  as   too  violent;   next, she had
I gone to New York; then to Europe,
With the wide seas between them, she
I seemed doubly lost anil doubly dear.
Spring rolled around as it has a trick
of doing Irrespective of  lovers'  woes
|or wishes.    Wlllett celebrated the anniversary of  his  break with   Flo  by
riding to the identical spot where she
nee    on   him.    The
waters of the river were climbing up
I its sandy banks at great leaps and
hounds, lie had had his good year]
I and made his big crop. The wherewithal to gild the cage was his, but
there was no bird to gild it for.
Old planters confidently predicted
"big water," but they who dwelt behind the grass crowned levee laughed
delinace at the surging river. No water could break through that levee.
But as eternal vigilance is the price
of safety, some watched while others
slept. Slept in peace until there came
a night of storm   and   stress, ami���
Kalph Willet,worm out by bis day's
watching a levee guard, had fallen
into a piofound slumber, llo was
aroused by a rude bawling under bis
bedroom window, lie recognized the
voice of the night guard who bad relieved .1 i in from duty.
"Hello, Wlllett, 1 say. Levee gone.
Cut by those white devils that are
cutting timber in the wood across the
river. Mississippi river, will reach
Willow Lake by 12 o'clock today.
Ruination to the crops and the devil
to pay, generally."
Wlllett leaned from the window in
his pajamas to shout:    "What'."'
��� ��� Fact.''
The next day Ralph Willett sent a
mysterious cablegram to the city of
Nice. It was addressed to Miss Florence Merritt.    It read:
"The waters of tho lake and river
have met. Cable what steamer you
return by. Will meet you in New
She held bira from her with both
hands���hands that trembled in spite
of her. She asked him a question
with lips that smiled���in spite of her.
The light ot a great gladness shone in
her eyes���iu spite of her.
"Ralph Willet did   you���did you���"
"Cut that levee? I'm not that sort
of a scoundrel." lie drew her towards
him with a profound sense of possession. "It was simply a miracle performed in my behalf.''
"Oh," she"said, nestling contentedly closer into his encircling arm.
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Editor Miner:
In your issue of the 3rd inst. was an
article re the arrest of F. M. Medhurst in this city last Friday morning, that was misleading in every respect. It stated that never before in
Cranbrook "bad there been so much
excitement," and that Mr. Medhurst,
upon being taken into the street
"yelled aloud for assistance and his
lawyers." Such a statement was absolutely falso. There was no disturbance whatever, either upon the street
or at tbe station. The arrest was at
an early hour, and only tnree friends
uf Mr. Medhurst were present. There
was no "frenzied mob." no "excited
people," no "attempt to force an escape" nor any necessity for a "gallant defense" on the partofthe officei
in chinge. The arrest was made just
before the departure of the west bound
train and Mr. Medhurst was hustled
out of the town where bis alleged
crime is charged to have been committed, without a hearing,without an opportunity to see his attorneys and
without a chance to furnish bail. The
people of Oranbrook are neither hoodlums nor law breakers. They are simply a fair-minded lot of citizens who
believe in justice and fair treatment
and in case of an alleged Offense, In
proper prosecution, and not petty persecution. JUSTICE.
Cranbrook, II. C, Nov. 3, 1900.
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Returns from the elections in tlio
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They will he received by an operator
in "The Office" from :i o'clock in the
afternoon until tile result is announced.
St. LoUis
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Soliodulo of 'I'iino.       Psd-O HUniliii- lime-
Klliccllvo February 1ft, 1WW
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loaves   K-hIo at 8 a. m., ilaily.    Kolurninii,
loavoH Sandon at, 1.15 p.m., arriving at Kaulo
a- 3.55 p.m.
OporatinR on KooUmay I_ike and Klvor.
8tr. "International" leaven KiihIo for Nolxon
at 6 a. ni, dally eicopt Sunday. lloturnliiK.
leaven Nelaon at (1,<0 p.m., calling at Balfour.
Pilot Bay. AinnwOTth and nil way poliit��. Con
nocta wilh S. V. fc N. train to and from Spo
kano at Five Mllo Point.
Sll-amor Argcnla ban boon liilel up foi tlio
winter. .     ,,       ,   _ .,
Stoainom call ��t principal landing* in not i
dlroctionii, and at olhor point" whon algnallnl
Ticket* sold Id all points in Canada and tleu
Unltod States.          .
To ascertain rates and full information ad
dross l
Manauor. Kaslo. B. 0,
Collegiate ScMI.
Victoria, B.C.
The Lord Bishop of Columbia
.1. W. Laing, Esq., M. A., Oxon..
llimlinnstor. ltcv. C, Bntor Sharp,
M. A.. Cantab. II. 3. B, Mudfftt,
Em... St.   l'.ter's College, Cumbiiilni'.
Moderate tarsal to' boaMari uml day
scholars. Hoys reeeiveil from eight
yeari of age and upwards. Military
'I'MJRN-lt, IIKKTON &('o. Corner Vernon
X. and JsaOphlnS UtTOoU, Nolcni \\ lei le-
���nil' dealers in Uqaon, clg_n, and dry goods.
Agents for Pataet BrowlnffCo.o( Ullwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co ui Calgary.
wiiuii'-ciili' grooerioi
ami li-incci   etc., Baker Street
('tALIKOKNIA WDJBOO.,Limited Cornel
J Ice,in icnd Hull Slreuls, Nelcciin Whole
sale dealerH n wines lease anil htilkl. uml
domestle and impnrteil cigars.
JY.UKIKie'IS . CO,   Corner Vernon unci
���   JoBopbinc   Streets,   Nelson ���.Wholosall
ileaiers in provisions
cure,! incuts, butter mill
Bank of
lrill. Technical art inrlndinif iner-hiiii-I TJ�� i ���    n r\    "I "I   ���
,,ii drawing. Boarder* may,  by their ClltlS-l      UOiUDlbia.
larentl wish Attend any place of wor-   *�������� ��_-__�����        W����i-rw����i
���   NELSON.
sliiji to which they arc aeenstomed
present imminent .14
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Krom Montr.'!..
Hoavor  Uno  Montfort Nov Ifl
Bcftvur l.ino Uiko CliHiiipliitii Nov 21
\ii!Hi l.ii .' 'I' -i.'in Nov 11
I tun nn i'Mi    l.l nil   ( Jiliil.io null Nov 10
Krom PortlMid, Mo.
Allan Uno Numhlfan  Nov 2M
1 ii .111 tn ion Line VAOOOaTOI1 Nov 24
From Ilallfiix
Dominion  Lino Vancouver Nov 25
Krom New York
Ctirnnl   Lino Lunanla Nov 17 i
Cuiiunl Line Umlirtn    Nov 2. j
WliitoHtar Line Ooriiiunit;  Nov II
Whltu 8Uir Lino Ma.i��Htlc  Nov 21
Amuric��in Lino New York ..Nov 21
herf  "'Ur I Ann WuMtcrnlniKl Nov 21
N. ((. L Line Trnvo Nov 20
Ani'lior  Line Anchoria .Nov 24
French Line I* __orraine  Nov 22
Allan -.tale Line Hlate of Nobranka... Nov 17
From BoKtnn
Dominion Lino  Comnionwcaltti  Nov II
Cunard Lln��'I vcrula Nov 17
r.i-' 'i��f" ii mm 11! to ami from all Kuropean
polntj). Kor rat4iri.tieke.ri ami full information
uiiuly to ('. P. It, do pot uaot or H. L. lirown
t'Hy Pummi Acont, NolMm, B. (*.
W. 1��, K. t TMMINU8,
Oeneral A sent, C.P.H. Uill<xs, WinDlprg
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
CM and Dawson City, Yukon
Soo Line
AlsoTOURTSI OARS piuaing Dun-
nioro Junction Daily for Bt. Paul, s.it-
iirilnyu for Montreal and Botton, Mini-
lays and Tburadaya for Toronto.
S:,iiie cars  puss   Revelstoke  one  day
leu-   Yimr   enslein   trip  is In  see   Unit
viii- ticket   remls via I'nii.iili.iii PitciUo.
V. 0. OREKN       K. B, OI-BMENTS
Civil Engineers and I'rovloclal Und
P.  O. Bo. W5 V.lsnn. B, ��'���
Trains and Hteamers Deparl
g .qq   ) Steamer for Kontenny l.acd-
Daliv    i    K   '""' ea8'6rn  points   via
) Crow's Nest Route.
M:o I Train for Rosslandi Grand
E. Sun ) Forks,Greenwood,Midway,eto
0:00 (Train for Sloean City, Moenn
Kx Sun ( iiniiild. and Snuilou.'
10;00 I Steamer for Kaslo and iuter-
V.k eSuu ) mediate points.
1S-I0 (Train for Rossland, Nakusp,
Duil'v Revelstoke, main line ancl
) 1'iieiliic Count. Points,
For Time Tables, Rates .-uicl full Information call mi or address nearest Ijo-
iiil Agent,or,
11. \V. Drow,Dopol Agcnl  i Nelson, Ii. o.
II. I,. Brown, Cltl Agiint. I
W. K. A.NUKIt.ON, *,. J..OYL-,
Trav. Piwri. AkoiiI        A. li. P. AKi'ttt.
Nfll.cm '     e    c,n..T
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson  Sl Fori
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail rout, between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
(.Ireat Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Kails with
Stage daily tor Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective  Sunday, October 31st, 1900.
Train No.'33 (Night Train),
l.e'iivc Spokane    10:4. p.m.
Leave Northport     5:50 a.m.
Arrive Rossland      7:80 a.m.
Train No. 84 (Night Train).
Leave RoBsland    11:00p.m.
Leave Northport    12:45 a.m.
Arrive Spokane     7:05 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. ft T.A.
Spokane   Wash
A.Piit. Nelson. B.O
OAES.-MEALS a la 0ARTl..
Close connection Baal and Weat-
botind at Spokane withtralns of tlie
train* of tho Spokane Palls und Northern Railway,
Direct eonneetion at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Ohic-K��i Toronto, Montreal, New York
ami all points West and Bouth,
Leaves Sjiokanu daily for East nt"10:l5 a.m
Leaves 8;iokann daily lor Weat at 7:45 p.m
West-lieiuiii! trains makedlrecl '"n^
iieitii.n for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, sun Francisco, nnd all point!
mi i he Bound,
During t lie i'as'.n of navigation Baal
bound trains com I  al   Duluth wuh
the magnificent steamships Ninth West
and North-Land of theNortbero Steamship Company Lim , operated in connection Willi the (Ireat Northern lUil-
I'm- further Information, maps, fold-
era, etc, apply to any BJfent of Spokane
Palls ft Northern lly.,  Kaslo A:  Sloean
Ity , Koniei ni Hailway ,. Navigation
Co., Of tO
(ieul. Pass. _ Tkt. Agt,    Onm'cl Agt,
St. l'aul, Min       Spokane. Hash
A. R. BARROW,a.m._o.b
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria und Kootenay Sw.
P. O. Box ��.. Telephoue No. ��.'.
Hy the week from $5 to *0.
Hy Ihe day *t.oo.
J. V. O'J-AUGHLIN, Prop.
J Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Tuesday   Even,ho,   November 6,  1900
Fish Kiver (amp. West Kootenay,
NOT. 4,__A powefrul Nelson company
entitled the Imperial Development
Syndicate has bonded a group of
twelve free milling gold claims on
Lexington Mountain, about one mile
from Cambrone. There is every reason'to congratulate these enterprising
gentlemen on what promises to be a
recoid investment. Survey iiur is now
ill progress and supplies arc being
rushed in for winter work.
Adjoining these claims on the southeast is the the Oyster group upon
which the locators have done considerable work; this Bummer with most
satisfactory results, The finest lead
which up to now has been uncovered
on the mountain has been crosscut in
two places and gold, visible to the
naked eye, Iiiih been takeu out of both.
This lead is about ten feet wide
witll shist on the foot and slute on the
hanging wall.
Upon the Criterion which also
touches one of too Imperial Company's purchases and belongs to the
owners of the Oyster tfroup, Messrs.
Allen and Ernest, a wonderful strike
has just been made which seems to be
richer than any yet heard of. A small
fissure vein about three to four feet
in width cutting the formation at an
angle of thirty degrees literally
speckled with coarse gold has been
uncovered for about two hundred and
fifty feet but no more work has yet
been tlone on it.
The Lucky Jack, about a mile to
the southeast, a great galena showing
located last season will be worked all
winter and cabins have been built and
preparations made to that end.
,1. A. Magee is building a cabin on
the Copper Hollar and will employ a
crew of men on it right along. This
is a very promising copper prospect
and a good strike has already been
made on it.
Mr. Jackson, of Kossland, who has
been in and out of this district all
summer and has acquired several of
the best silver-lead properties in the
neighborhood is doing work on the
Wide West, Black Hear and Eclipse
groups and is employing forces of
from eight to twenty men upon   each
��� ���   ���
S. Lefebre. an old miner and pros
pector of Trail, has recently sold the
Orand Junction claim on Champion
Creek and three claims on Hall Creek
to the Ladysinith Gold Mining Co. of
Montreal. Tbe last three claims are
located in Nelsou district, the first
named in Waterloo district, about 10
miles from town. It is the intention
of the new owners to put a 111 stamp
mill on the Grand Junction, the rook
being free milling. Mr. Lefebre starts
for Montreal next month. On his return he will install the machinery and
put a large force to work.
��� ���   ���
Everything is now   in   readiness at
the Minnesota Silver Company's mill
for handling the output of the Ivan
hoe mine, says the Paystreak. The
tramway is in oporation and works
as smoothly as could be desired. The
mill has been running for the past
few days on tests whieh have proved
everything satisfactory, nnd the on
will be turned in today or tomorrow.
When everything is running the mill
will handle 150 tons a day. Work on
the switch is progressing slowly, hut
should be completed within two
weeks, when 0. I'. R. cars will be
loaded right out  of the oro bins.
I'p at the mine new buildings are
being constructed to replace those
burned six weeks ago. There will ho
a bunk house 100 feet long with accommodation for 138 men. The din-
ing room and cook house, which will
occupy another large Imililin , will
bo one of the finest mine camp hotels in the Slocan,and the office building and foreman's quarters will lie
oomplete in every particular. When
these improvements are completed a
full force will be put on   at the mine.
Within the next Ull days the Minnesota Silver Company will he crowding
the record of the St. Eugene and
North Star in East Kootenay or any
of the banner shippers of the Hohs-
laud camp in value of output,
��� ���   ���
Peterborough,   B. C, Nov,   I.���The
Silver Kelt Mining Co. Ltd.. of Peter
borough. B.C., will develop tho Silver
licit. Silver Celt Fraction and Car
Inmate and Golden Rod claims, known
as the Silver Hell group of mines, situate on Spring Creek, on a large seal"
throughout the winter under the personal direction of A. M. Syinoiis. Mr.
A. M. Keep the manager of the Silver
licit Mining Company expects to commence shipping within four months
from date. The Government has almost completed a wagon road to the
month of spring Creek, and a sleigh
road will he completed from there to
Paradise Basin within a week, The
Silver Belt group is considered one of
the finest showings in the Kootenay
���sonntry, and it is only u  Question of
time when it will rank with the foremost shipping propositions.
Capt. F. V. Armstrong has secured
a eontract.from R. R. Bruce, C. E.. of
I'cterboomgh, manager of the Paradise group of mines,Spring Creek, Par-
idise lliisin, to pack out 11,000 tons
>f ore to Peterborough Landing,
thence via steamboat on Columbia
Kiver to Golden. The Paradise group
consists of three claims, viz., Paradise, Royal Stag, Comstock. Fred
Breneomian, an old reliable practical
mining man is in charge of the de-
lelopmont work. This group iB considered one of the big.thlngs throughout the Province.
Situated adjoining' the Paradise
mine is the Shamrock claim. Many
practical men believe that the Sham-
rook will prove with development
work to be even as promising a mine
as the Paradise, if not better. It is
understood that a Montreal capitalist
purchased a three-fourths interest in
the Shamrock during the past three
months. Since the survey of the Paradise group of mines and Shamrock,
thu Shamrock takes in 111) feet additional ground from the Paradise mine.
The Paraidse Fraction claim adjoins
the Shamrock and Paradise group of
mines. In fact it is doubtful whether
a more promising section of country
can he found in the Province than
what is known as the Paradise Ilasin
at headwaters of Spring Creek, tributary of Toby Creek.
The Iron Cap mine situated on McDonald Creek, tributary of Horse Thief
Creek, is being developed on a large
scale by the McDonald Mines, Ltd.,
otlice at Peterborough, B.C. This company is represented by Messrs. Star-
bird and Collett two very energetic
practical mining men. In fact Messrs,
Starbird and Collett deserve great
credit for their perseverance and faith
in the Windermere district. Iron Cap
is 'one of the Red Line group of
The Peterborough sawmill is running full blast in order to keep up
with the demand for lumber.
All the shipping properties in the
Windermere district will ship all ore
via Peterborough during the coming
Geo. Goldio, recorder at "Windermere, hns been transferred to Fort
Steele and it is understood will take
over the Kimberley recording otlice in
the spring.
John Hulman.of Thunder Hill, East
Kootenay, has been appointed mining
recorder at Windermere, B. C. Mr,
Kulman is an old timer in the Windermere district and is well thought of
and will undoubtedly prove a good
reliable recorder.
*   *   *
The following are the mining rec
ords of the day. Transfers���From
Charles II. Arehibold, of Ymir, to II
Stolp, of Ymir, U interest in Golden
Reaf, Silver HI off and Copper Crown
on llarett Creek for a nominal consid
oration. Certificates of Work���To
Charles Munroe on liru.h; J. Lindsay
on Forest Hell; M. R. Driscoll o_ Sea-
forth. Locations���Foothill on Wild
Horse Creek by Finlay MeLeod; St.
Elmo on Wild Horse Creek by J, G.
Very   little work apart from the re
ports   of   the Hoard of Public   Works
and Finance    was   transacted   by   the
City Council at tho meeting last even
It was ordered that S1.H00 be sent
to A. G. Lang for part payment on
the chemical engine, the total amount
due being 81010, 8110 being held for
repairs which it is said have to be
A sidewalk was ordered to be laid
on the north side of Haker Street between Ilendryx and Cedar, and on
the west side of Stanley between Silica and Victoria Street.
The bylaw to hypothecate the money
debentures to the Bank of Montreal
was dually passed.
The Council was asked to have the
sewers extended at different places
throughout the City, and in each case
the matter was referred to the Hoard
of Public Works.
It was decided that the City Auditor,
Mr. McDermlt, should he given clerical assistance so as to get the books
in proper shape to hand over to tho
Incoming Council.
The Council was adjounred for two
weeks,to meet on Monday the l'.ith ist.
What   Alfred   G.    Hales, the   London
War Correspondent, Says.
^ Mr. Alfred G. Males, the war correspondent of the Daily News, who has
returned to London, has, in an interview with a representative of that paper, given the following Impressions
of Lord Kitchener:
'I have seen men," he said, "go
into Kitchener's quarters swaggering
and laughing, nnd come out looking
like plucked birds."
"All the line feathers gone'.'"
"My word I've asked more than
once what happened. 'Well,' came
the answer, 'one look is enough for
me.    It makes your blood run cold.'
"And do you think that such a man
is likely to inspire confidence? Lord
Roberts is loved by his army."
"A man might disobey Lord Roberts, but Kitchener 1	
"Well, did Kitchener come into
touch with these men'.'"
"Yes; and when he did their jaw
fell, 1 can promise you. Why, he told
some of them one day he wondered
they didn't bring ladies' maids to curl
their hair for them, lie went down
to Cape Town and found dozens of
them having a good time ill a swell
hotel there, full of rank and fashion.
'Well, gentlemen, what are you doing here'." 'On leave, my lord, ami
this is the���haw���only good   hotel   in
Africa���haw���haw '���   'On    leave,
eh?'���'Yes, my lord. There's nothing
���haw���haw���doing just now.'���'Oh,
well, gentlemen, you'll cither take
tho next train back to the front���
there's one in two hours. I believe���
or���the next boat to England.'
"You can always spot one of Kitchener's men. They mind their business, and don't care for anything else.
They are soldiers, and their duty is to
light and to win. II not, to die. 1
believe that this war would have been
over mouths since if Kitchener had
been in command."
"Good Heavens! surely Lord Roberts has done splendidly'."'
"A magnificent soldier, but I think
Kitchener would have done the work
"How's that?"
"Those brilliant flanking movements are slow. Kitchener believes
in frontal attacks."
"But what slaughter:"
""Well, there wouldn't have been
thousands of deaths from enteric,anyway. "
"And Lord Kitchener ?"
"I think he is another Wellington
Terrible���a man without bowels���
without a friend���hated by many���
feared by all���but a man who will
put tilings through���a man who believes that it is a soldier's work to
tight and win���or die. Now the sight
of transports crawling, lumbering
along used to make my blood boil.
Kitchener would have cut the baggage down by half. Half of the wagons laden with ollieers' luxuries���
Tommy never got any. lie did cut
them down when he had the chance,
Mind, these are no hasty conclusions. I was there for nine months,
and I didn't go about with my eyes
shut He's a fine judge of men. too.
Do you think' he'd let his officers go
loafing about cities and towns? No
Hume���J. E. Hume, Toronto)  John
ilunn, Stonewall; F. F. Pooler, Spokane; O. K. Mrener, London; II. L.
McCain. Kaslo; L. .1. Cross, Vancouver; Charles Plowman, Kaslo; 0. E.
Knowles. Ainsworth 1 J. J., Fleutot,
Kaslo; M. S. Logan, Kossland; Mark
Mauley, Slocan; C. M. Ralston, Vancouver: K. K. Thorburn, Sllverton;
D. W. Moore, Trail: Miss McLean,
Lake George; II. F. Haker, London,
Phair���Hubert Twlgg, Now Denvor:
Frank Sweeney, London; W. F. Dubois, Slocan City, H. F. Baker, London; Louis (uppage, Kaslo; J. C.
Drewry, Kossland; Sydney H. Lee,
Toronto; II. W. I). Armstrong, Toronto: Mr. and Mrs. A. B. W. Hodges.
(Irand Forks; J. II. Bastedo, Toronto.
A. F. Van Ettisinger, Portland ; Frank
Oliver Kossland; W. II. Ronald, Banff;
II. B, Alexander, Sandon; W. C,
Adams, Slocan City; J. F. Colluni,
Slocan City; Mrs. Watson and Mrs.
Well. Toronto.
Are stoves cheaper or dearer than
they were in 1800?
What is the price of coal? How
much has the cost of heating a house
been reduced since 1890?
Are you buying new furniture
now? Is it cheaper than it was when
the Conservatives were in power?
In short do the weekly wages buy
much more now than they did in 1800?
Certainly, the average Canadian
workman's wages should buy mueb
more now than in lS'.Hi. for that, was
the closing year of a world-wide depression which disastrously affected
industries in England, the United
States, Germany, France, Belgium
and other countries ill Europe, Us well
as Australasia and the countries of
Central America and South America,
whereas during the last four years
those countries have enjoyed unprecedented prosperity���Montreal Star.
TO ri in: a coin i\ iim: day
Take Laxativo Hronio Quinine Tablets.   All
druggist- refund tho money if It fails to cure.
25o.   _C. W. Ornve - signature is on each box
in Dress
From Coopersville, Mich., comes
word of a wonderful ilscovery of a
pleasant tasting liquid that when
used before retiring by any one troubled with a bad cough always ensures
a good night's rest. "It will soon
cure the cough too, "writes Airs S.
lliiiii'llnii'giT, "for three generations
of our family have used Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption and
never found it's equal for Coughs and
Colds." It's an unrivaled life-saver,
when used for desperate lung diseases. Guaranteed bottles .Ml cents
and ?I at the Canada Drug and Hook
Co.    Trial bottles free.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts' Uanch.'two and a half miles up
the river.   W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
We Are Still 1
Talking   1
^ We still have left a few of those Handsome
ST. Jackets of which we told you last week, antl they too
S= are going at Bargain Prices. We would purlieus' larly draw your attention to a A*
^ nicely finished Beaver Cloth ^^ T^ CO
�� Jacket, stitched  with silk at *^O*0
jE Then we have the Finest Kersey   Cloth   Jacket
S~ with storm   collar,   stitched
5~ with silk, box hack
rE at	
i.ersey   t-iotli   Jacket
What Is tne Matter
With Your Watch?
Won't it }roV There is no mystery
about it, and if wo are favored
with your repairs wo guarantee
to please yon. Are you in need of
a now time pieee? If you are we
can (five you a liarjjuin in
watches. Come and examine them
Jewelers nnd opticians.
Complete Election Returns
Will   Be   Received   at
the Opera House on
A direct wire will connect
witli the stage, and the re
turns as thoy arrive will be
read and shown on large
screens. Score cards will be
furnished, with blanks for
filling in the returns as they
are received. Smoking will
be allowed, and an admission
of 25 cents will be charged to
cover the expense.
Canada Permanent and WeS'
tern Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage
Apply to (i. I. LENNOX, Baker St.
We have gathered together
for tomorrow some of our
most desirable Dress Fabrics,
and a prices very exceptional.
PLAIDS. These are very
choice, pretty for children's
dresses, waists, etc. Out-
price 25 cents per yard.
in all the new mixed shades,
very stylish for ladies' skirls,
they are in great demand.
Scotch Wool Pi. a ids.
Clans Maedonald, Mc Kin-
tosh, Gordon,  Cameron, etc.
S. -AVioi'K. [Knui.ihiiJ I'lii'KCH���Corner
nurd and silica .sis. Sundays: Holy Coni-
imiiiinii 8 a. in.; and nn Hue let and :ird Sundays
in thi-ninmli after MatUoa; .Mallin-nt 11 a.m.;
Sunday Sohool2,80p.m ; Evonaong7.80. Daily:
Mattinsal D.30 a. in. Thursdays and Saint's
Days: Mniy Commanlon in a. in. Fridays!
Evensong 7.80 p, m., followed by choir prao-
tloo. II. S. Akehursi, lloetor. Kiwi Irvine,
Geo. Johns! ono, Wardens.
Catholic CHURCH���Corner Ward and Mill
s|nils Masscvcij  Sunday at Sand 10.00_,m
Benediction at 7.W p.m.   Mass every week day
at 7.15 a.m.   Kev.   Father Ferlnnd Heetor.
ru-SllYT.HiAN ('Him il-Sorvlcosat 11 a.m.
and IM p.m. Sunday School at 2.110 p.m.
Prayer moating Thursday evening nt 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Soclcly meets every Tuesday evoning nil . o'clock. Hov. 11. Frow,
MRTM-DtBT Cmenrii-Conicr Silica and
Josephine Street.. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. ni. ; Babbath Sohool, 2.:ii) p.m.: Prayer mooting on I hni'Mlay evening at 8 o'clock: Enwortb
League 0. K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Itov. J. H.
\\ till,', Pastor. Residence, Josephine Streel,
roar of ohurch.
BAPTIST Chuhcii ��� Services morning and
cvcningal II a.m. and 7.80 p.m.; Prayer moot,
ing Thursday evening nl 8 p.m. the H. Y
P.U. Tuesday evening at 8 O'oloolc. Strangers
Onrdlally wolco-ied. Hov. U. J. Coulter While,
S. '.VA'l'lON Ahmv���Servlc h overy evening
al 8 o'cloe'h in burriieks on V ctori stroct
Adinelan! Bugpnomhfl in ehare/n.
We have many other Handsome .Jackets ranging in price between these two, and can suit any
| MartinO'Reilly&Co. |
We have been instructed by Mrs. Catherine Finnerty to sel
by   public   auction   the   contents   of   seven-room   house.
���consisting ok���
Bedroom Sets, Parlor Set, Dining
Room  Furnishings,  Stoves,  Etc,
Wednesday, November 7t_
At 2 O'clock P.M.
On the premises, on Carbonate Street, second house east of
Josephine Street.
Chas. A. Waterman & Co.
KELSON LODGE   No. -I, A. F. & A
M, meets second Weclnesilny In oach
Month,   Visit ing brothcrn welcome.
Nelson -tioampuioill No. 7. Meets every ind
and lib Friday of each month, in Held Fellows
Hall,   coiner   linker   anil    Kootenay   slrects
Nelson    A. II. i:| in,, 0. P.; li. Mi-Arthur.
u. ..    \ isiimg 1,rut hers always welcome.
hist received ut .1.   A.   McDonald's
a shipment of "Gentleman in Klmkl."
Lord   Roberts,"  "Buller " "Kitoli-
I'lii'r," und tlie "Tartan Plaid" oandyi
boxes,   which   when   filled  with  our
choice candies, cannot be   equalled as
a g\il for tbe fair en*-, j
Kerr $ Co.
B.VKKIt ST-KBT, Nelbon.
1. O. O.  F.     Kootenay Lodgo
No. Hi, meets every Monday night,
at  iholr 'lull, Koolonay Htroot
Solournin. Odd Follows cordially Invited.
John A. McUac. \.(l.   I). \V. KillliciTord, V.U.
Fred .1. Squire, Por, See.
NKLSON  LOLlUiC   No.~2o7Tc. off
iiic.'l- in K. of I . hid]. Oddfellows block
ovorv Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock
All visiting knights cordially  Invilod
r. .i. Bradley, c. c.
.1. A. PAQUBTTB, K. 0( K.andH.
N-LSIIN'S Ol.'F.KN Ml. ill
SONS ijf I'lNOLANI), meets
the lirst Wednesday evening of
each monlh at Fialernliy hull,
corner of I laker and Koolonay
streets, Visiiing brother- conl-
uillj Invited,
John Wathon, Socrctary,
Full Returns of the Elections in the
United States will be received by special
wire on  TUESDAY   NIGHT  at the
NELSON AI-lIK No. 22, F. O. B., moot*
every second and fourth Wednesdays of each
month. VlHlting members cordially invito
Charles Prnssoi. HecrelJiry.
London, Eng.
ORBIT      Brand and
r Kb/Til fclK. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Aa-NTB fob Oanao* i JAMES TURNER & CO.. Hamiltom. Ont.
CROW   &   MORRIS,   Sole Aoonts, Nolson, B. C.
Turnor-Boock. Block Baker streot
2,ooo London Consolidated (Silver
Hill) 843
COURT KO0TKNAY, I. (J. F��� No. 3I3_. I
Meetings lib Thursday of month. Kralorna i
hall, J A Irving C H.   V, It, Fleuilng. U.8,    '
2,500 Exchequer	
500 Referendum	
1.000 Shares Oow'h Nest Coal.
1,000 Shares Uiunliler-Curi.oo.
3,000 Shares Noble Five.
Lint your Stocks with us.
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Ellected at  Reasonable  Rates.
Mukpr Street, Nelson.
Of Writing l'apor won't last
long. VonNl bettor place an-
ether "hurry up oi-erwd^^-


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