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Daily Edition No. t>_5.
Nki.son, British Columbia, Saturday, January 13,
Truth  Yei
Meagre Report of an Attempt to Cross the
Tugela River.
The War Office Has at Last Made a Statement-   Stirring
Descriptions of Early Engagements.   The Earl of
Ava Dies of His Wounds.
Loudon, Jon, 18,���(. n, ni.)���General Holler's 38 winds, announcing Ills
forward movement ot Tnoisdny, is In-
terpioted ns meaning Unit Im bus pass-
id mound the western end of the Boer
lines  nt  Oolenso  nnd Is   now   several
mills lu'iiiiui them nml within 11
mill's nf General While's outposts nl
l.iiilysniitli. Tho liners, n few ago,
Iimi forces with tlie guns ut Spriugflold
where Genera]  Bnllcr <iuies his dis-
patch    Those  nmnnrters have been
..i.vit.usly dislodged either by lighting
or by maneuvers, Hid liners retiring
111 rn-s lhe Tngola ns 'lonernl Holler ml -
viiin I'd. Prom General Dullor's dispatch, coupled with the fact that nu-
official Intelligenoe from the sent of
war has virtually censed Btmie Monday, the deduction is dtawu that im
i'ii mil operations are in progress us he
eniinol move far without going
against the liner enlrenohnioats. The
rlelllh ns, from enteric fever, nnd dys-
1 miv ni Ladysmith, avernging from
iiiiii to ten daily, are considered mote
serions than the 480 onualtles of Saturday'* light, as they indicate lhe
frightfully insanitary condition of the
beleaguered town. A letter from
Ladysiiiitli dated December fl says Unit
iviii then, ninety on) uf 580 men in.
ih. battalion of which tbe writer wus
n member, were siek with dysentry
in Olltl'io fever; and according ton
dispatch In the Daily Chiiiniele, dated
January s, the patients and attendants in Tuluiii   Oninp where lhe hospi-
inl is, then numbered 8,800 men. An
:u".'iiieiitly well informed correspond,
cut of the Morning Post snys: "The
Boer strength originally 8,800 is now
heavily augmented by Cape Onionists
and tbe ftghtiiic forces imiv be estimated fairly at 10,000 and 800 nuns.
The Boers are net compelled tn guard
Iheir communications Their grass is
pi ml. tbi' emps mo growing,vegatahlea |
nnil cattle and sheen nre plont iful and (
game is abundant."
Remarkable    srenes   nf   patriotism
were witnessed in   London   Inst  even- '
Ing after n short   lervioo held   for  the :
volunteers in   si.   Paul's  Cathedral,
Th' vast audience   wns  slow   to  die- I
perse,   Ladies stood upon their chairs.
beckoning and  calling brothers,  sonsj
nnd friend, in tho ranks,the latter signaling back,   A sciiuo of great animation ensued.   The organist Introduced
n i'�� burs uf the   National Anthem in
concluding the voluntary, The effeot
ol this strain wns magioal. First the
volunteers and then tbe congregation
look up the strain nud the vast cathedra] wns filled with  enthusiastic song.
Tho demonstrations were renewed by I
Hie immense crowds outside. St.
Paul's church yard und Ludgate Hill
weie black with people and it was Impossible for the volunteers tn march,
liuliviitiiiil members were called nut of
the milks by their friends and admirers who raised them on iheir shoulders
nail thus enried them down Fleet
Street to the Temple.    Those who   es-
'lipid hoisting proceeded slowly, snr
"iinded by clinging wotiiun.
Mr, Reginald Wynne, Chief   nf   the
Yeomanry   recruiting    otllce,   says be
line refused numerous offers of service
made by Americans. Only Hritish subjects are allowed to join, Consequently, he Bays, the report thut sov-
einl American Rough Riders hnve on-
lisledjin the Yoomnnn, is incorrect.
Some Britishers,   however,   who'ar
lllleged tu have sieen service in the
American army In Cuba, have been accepted, The Duke of Mnrlliimmgli bus
been accepted by the War Ollice for
servloe in the Yeomanry,
Mr, Chamberlain Iihh received   tele-
gi'sms from   Oeylou Bhowing tbut  the
Legislative Connoil of the colony, has
votod in send 18S mounted armed men
tn South Africa,
Loudon, Jan, 13 ��� It Is reported ibis
evening lhal the Knrl of Avn has died
nf his wounds. He was burn in 1808
and was the eldest sun of thn Marquis
nf IhilVirin and Avn, formerly Gov-
ornor-Ganeral uf Canadn, Viceroy of
India,and Hiitish Ambassador tn Parts.
Tbe l-.nr 1  tiled   without   recovering
COIISCioilsuess, lie went ont as war
rnrii'spiiiiilent, although latterly he
Iimi been mi Sir George White's siaiv.
As the Km! never innrrind, Lord Ter-
fie ii Blackwood, of tbe Foreign Office,
who married Miss Florence Davis,
of New Vork, becomes .heir to the
Marquis nnd the estates. Lord Bnail
Blsokwood, Urn third sou nf the Mai
quia of DiitVi'i'in. is also in Smith Africa,
citizens of Nelson will i'h'iiinhbei a
visit paid to the City bj the lato Enrl
nl Ava shim, months ago when he wns
tinning Camilla.��� ED. I
London, Jan. IS.���The conduct nf
marines of tho naval btigade nt (Iras
Pan Is a source of praise from all correspondents, The Times repnit of that
buttle reads: "The navel brigade
ndvuiiced in extended order but is converging upon the position to be taken,
tiny unconsntunsly found themselves
closed in nnd attempted the assent
Tin' file ilirecteil upon they wns terrible a,nl distinguished by their swords,
Un' officers were tir*t t<> fall. Cum
mender Ethel-ton was mortally wounded 50 yards from the first slop nml one
by one the rest fell ns thev advanced,
many with two nr three bullet wounds,
The slnughti r was appalling to watch ;
the gallantry displayed wns useless
under the pitiless iron bail that wns
but slightly checked by the redoubled
-helling nf the re-ini'orceil battery.
Willi a clncr the Yorkshire men. who
by ii curious coincident bad been conveyed from Mauritius by tbo vrv men
to whose heip they now came, run up
ponring upwards a treroenous (oellade
towards tbo crest of the Sanger, of
course Hi. y lost heavily but their open
formation nnd the Impossibility uf
distinguishing officers saved them
from the concentrated fire that had deprived the naval detaohmenl of tin ir
lenders and little ly little the thin
lino of Khatki crawled up to the top.
Thi storming line win now so near
the nrest thnt the guns oould cooly he
directed uixni the Huers enfilading tl"'
positions from the  spun of the kopje
un Ihi' left and almost 111 a culm.
Lieutenant     lilnylor   closely   followed
by Lieutenant Joues of  the marines,
riiu'iiiii the oi.ii'i' works nl  the Banger
nml made their way over, In the
hull' minute R0 men tumbled over ami
immediately rushed   forward   tn  dear
the position iii the rear.
This was however, stubbornly held
for u quarter nf an hour, more per-
Imps, n< n screen to cover the retreat nf
the Boers. Above, the hill top was almost dripping with blond, not a boulder escaped its splash Oi ciiinsiiii ami
the Innumerable spills and chips of
the Iron stone blocks Indlonted the ter-
I rlflc'nnturo of om fire, Most nf the
dead*or  wounded   Boers weie carried
oil, .Ml of the mere   severely   WOUnded
were found In tiieir hospital a quarter
Hi a mile awnv, but here nnd   there a
dead man proved Unit here, the Transvaal   bad   sent   iis   men   for the   lu-t
time to meet the oncoming column,
London, Jan. I. ���Apart from the
definite news that General Bnller commenced n second ntti mpt to cross  the
Tugela Hiver, the offlolsl news this
morning*; wns the list of OSSOnllles
among the British ollicers   in the fight
at Ladysmith on . ntur<iiiy. January ll,
huwiug   HI killed   and   81   W'uindnl.
By perfecting   nirangonioiils nt Vie-   month,ijill.'iO fnr six months nml   (7 pel
inirn, Winnipeg, Ottawa, ami Montreal year,
for special  news service,   and by paying liberal telegraph  tolls, Thn  Minor
is now   in a position to announce Unit
its telegraphic news service   is  second
to that of no  newspaper published In
tins Province. Comparison with nuy
other newspaper issued In West Kootenay today will show that the world's
news mi published in The Miner is
vastly superior iu quantity and quality.    This   in itself is  just   reason for
the consideration of the rendiug public being esteuded to The Miner.
By the purohase of some fB, 000 worth
of up-to-date   labor-saving   mncliineiy
By null (Domestic) til.oil  per   yenr,
|l.?fi for six months,
Hv  mall  (Foreign) |S.60 per year,
���8 -iii for six mouths.
By curler, 40 cents pur month, |a.ou
for six months, f_ per year.
By   uiiiil     (Domestic)     $���!   for   six
months, p.M pel year.
By carrier, both edit ions for   $1   per
month, $0 for six  months, or fin per
and material, by buying our paper in
carload lots, ami by removing from our I ADVERTISING   HATES.
present quarter, into n new three-story j    Morning   Edition,   (II  per inch  per
building designed and  arranged espec- '' month, or Iii cents per line por day.
Inlly for our purpose, Tho Miner is
enabled to cheapen the cost of its production and incriiisn its producing cap-
Evening   edition,  i'i   per   inch   per
month, or 10 cents per lino por day.
Advertisement, to run in   both   edi-
unity at the sumo tinio. The benefits lions, |4 per inch per month. 80 cents
thus gained we nre prepared to shuro per inch por day.
wiih our patrons, and today announce . The above rat.'s are for display fid-
new and important departures, togetb-1 vortlslng. Parliamentary, legal, oor-
or with great eonccssions tn the rend ��� piriitious.truueit'nt nnd "wiint," "for
ing and advertising pnblic. sulo" and "Inst" advertisements   take
Between February 1st nud 15th, The a rate of their own but proportionately
Miner will   begin   the  publication of I low,
an evening edition cf four six-column i For the evening edition we have
pages in slue, in connection with its ' purchased the day service of tin Asso-
present morning edition. We ha.eloiBted Press in lull���a service that
taken over the circulation of The Min- dues not now reach the people of Nol-
er, und will give to our renders the son in any West Kootenay newspaper.
profits   enjoyed   In   Iho   past   by   the  The   morning Miner has   for   the past
agent who has a'tended tn Ihe delivery
nf iho paper,   The subscription price
ten days publisher! n portion Of tho service of tho previous  afternoon, known
of   tlie "Miiing puper is placed nt   the  to the craft   us  the   "Pony"   service
lowest living tignre, with -ho   view to  bur is   not   to   be compared with   lhe
making thai edition desirable lo both full service that will be tlie feature of
readers nnd advertisers,   The follow-  the ovening Miner.   We will also have
Ing prioes for the morning Miner will tho iifteriioon specials of Canadian
prevail from the lirst day of lhe present news, as furuished from Montreal, and
year, The prices for tho evening edi a special afternoon service from Vic-
linn, soon to appear, are ulso given. . Inriu, Oltawii nnd Winnipeg.
SUBSCRIPTION���MORNING EDI- ; The host men procurable in tho vari-
TION. j ons brunches of  newspaper production
By mail to any part of the  United I have been employed, and no effort or
Slates or Canada, -.���'> per your. j expense will bo spared to givo to   Nel-
Foreign, frOU per your. ! son the two nowsiost  editions publish-
Delivered by   carrier,   05  eent-i  per ed in the Provluoe.
Among the latter was L. T. William
Henry Dick Cunningham, V. 0., commander of the Second Battalion of the
Gordon Highlanders since 1 H��7, who
has succumbed to his womuls   Ho was
Immensely popular everywhere nnd his
death will cause widespread sorrow. J
General Buller's movement obviously
is of ii Hanking character   but whether
it is  intended  to push  the advance
home or whether his operations nre
unlv a feint to cover nn attack in force
on   thn   Boer position   at     llongwumi
Mountain, remains to ho seen. Springfield, from where General Buller's
dispatch was sent, is Hi miles west of
Frere, Tbe last news from Springfield
was that it was held by the Johannesburg OOrpS under lienerul Ben Viljoen
and that th" Boers had big guns in
position at Potgieterst Drift apparently
six or eight miles north of Springtield
und across the big Tugela. The possession of the Drift ami tho bridge is
regarded us oi great Importance It is
reported here that General Boiler submitted his plan of campaign to l.nrd
Robert's Immediately alter the latter
lnmli'd uml thut Roberts sanctioned
it. There is n belief iu some quarters
that General  Rector MsoDonald will
succeed Lord Mothuoii in Command of
the British force at  Mudder Kivei.
strongly entrenched   about   four ami a
half mill's tn tho north. "
London,   -lan.   18.���Tbe War office
has announced that the British casualties ntuong th" rank aud file at Lady-
si.nth, January fl, were 188 killed and
343 wunii'liil. l.nrd Mi'thiieii is ill or
was i ii j ,n d by falling off his burse,
Berlin, Jan, 18 ���The ssml-ofHclnl
Nordt I lent seh Gasette says Heir
Kiupr. has been requested to stop any
inieiiiii',1 dispatch of arms, guns, am
munition or other war munition t"
either 1" lligereiits.
London, Jan. 18.���The War ultloe
reciivd this morning tho following
dispatch   from   lietioi'nl   lliiller, dated
Bprlngfleld,  January rv al 8*80 In the
evening:      ' We   occupied   the  Houth
imnk of the Tugela River at Potgleters
Drift this   morning and   letted   Pont.
The river is in  flood,    Tbo  enemy   is
London, .Inn. 12.���Columns of descriptions of the operations in South
Africa are coming in by mail. The
rimes correspondent, describing tbo
long, fierce battle at Morider River
says: "For the whole duv tho Guards
Brigade lay on the open veldt iu B hunt
actually   111)  degrees iu   the shade   at
midday.   Meanwhile tho left Hunk had
not been idle, the general hud person
ally led them to the summit oi u slight
rise that c niniaiided the only possible
means of crossing tho liver. Tho dam
hud been built to turn the Modder
River into uu ornamental water run
for the picnic of Kimberley excursionists. They moved in echelon towards
the edge of tho river bank on the en.
emy's extreme left. Thnt it could ho
even attempted to cross the river sliding side ways through Ihe rush of wn-
ter, ono by one, clinging to tho short
supports In full viow of the opposite
shore, was an act of reckless heroi-nn
against which tho wary Cronje had
not provided. This was actually done
and one at a time sumo four hundred
of tlioiii crossed. Then a detachment
of tho Koyal Engineers followed and
little by little a force collected, which
cleared several of the nearest houses on
ihe right and^ effecting occupation of
an Irrigation  dii. hJJ f-rnn  which they
weie lie.et ui_ln.'g'd. io li���i.t for I.I
hours is an union) thnt in any kind of
warfare wnnld be u torribls ��tr-in, but
out OU lhe llltideloS- nidi, tlm exhaustion was so nre it that hundred* ofjneii
and olfli'ti" id'pt   as   thev   hn in   the
scrub, careless uf (be murderous flro
thai   surged  nvei  thrm    To provide
I them wllb food tr bring n   wut.t   cart
on the field was  only lu _a|h".u men to
death   Early in the afternoon tbe Oen-
ernl was shot through tha tblgh, and
foi sumo time the two brigudes, in the
absence   of   orders,   were compelled ti>
net Independently! the only ooninaod
being ii winning to   the Ninth brigade
nnt to light upon   tho  first,   of   which
there wns some dnnger.
Tho magnificent  manner   in   which
i'"iiiliiiiiil   on Sixth  Page,
One Hundred Men Will be Sent to Halifax
at Expense of Province.
Probable That the Government Will Accept His Offer to
Defray all the Expenses of Four Hundred Men.
News From Ottawa.
(Special Dispatches to The Miner, i
Viotoria, Jnn. IS.���Word was received hero this evening Hint the Dominion Government hud accepted the offer
of thu Hritish Columbia Government
to equip a continent of troops for service In South Africa.
Winnipeg, Man., Jan. li.���It is reported tonight thai the offer of Lord
Striithconu to send four hundred
mounted men to bo raised in Canada]
for South AfriOH has liueii le'iepted nl'- j
ter nn exchange Of iaides between Ihi'
Dominion  Government  and  Impena
authorities. The oiler was made sunn
time ago, but owing to Lord Strath
cona's illness negotiations were de
Victoria, B. O,, Jan. 18.-Mr, Som
lin this afternoon, _ald. In an inter
view, re tho oll'i.' of British Oolnni'
Ida, that the Government did noi
want the oiler of bold Strathcona, to
equip and send 100 men, to absorb
theirs Telegrams have been received
by him from Kamlniips nud Chilliw.iok
containing resolutions passed at muss
meetings endorsing the sending ol
troops by the Province. The Government's offer is tn equip  nnd   transport
a hundred   men' to   Halifax.    The
only nnswor received yet from   Ottawa
is an  acknowledgement of the offer
and a request for more information.
the liners to Kind and that lhe cause
of the Transvaal was similar to thut
which caused the uprising in tie
Nothwest in I88S, The Indians of the
Northwest uro those with whom the
treaty No. tl wus made,   which   treaty
covers parts of Assiuiboia. Saskatchewan, and Alberta, Thev are some ot
ibe Oree nation. The Indian populii
turn nf lhe territory ih about 0,000.
They live principally on reserves und
nr" oontented, doing a little agriculture and cattle raising. There are no
Internal ttoublles, As soon as the
rumor reached the Indian department
net inn was taken al once und nn order
was given by the Minister of the Interior to hnve the representations, said
to be made to the Indians, contradict'
oil.    This has been done,
Ottawa, Out., Jau. 12.���A militia
order 1st tied today says that Surgeon-
Lieutenant Colouel Ryerson. Toronto,
of the unattached list, will receive
free passage I" Capetown us nrepescnl-
alive of  thi'   Ked   Cross   Society.    Hn
will (.ni by the Laurentian, Ho will
not hove to do uny military or proles
si,mul duties on liouid. The appoint-
ment of chaplains, Rev. W. Q, Lane
Methodist; Rev. W. J. Co., Kpiscupal.
uml Rev, !.. E. Sinnette, Roman Catholic,   are also given in the orders.
Ottawa, Jan. I.���Telegraphic < nrro-
spondenoe has been In progress now for
days between the Ottawa Government
nnd Lieutenant-Governor Mcluues
and the Inst dispatch last evening,
which wns in reply to a request for
detinite particulars said thut the B. C.
Ministry would pay nil expenses for
raising B monnted troop of a hundred
men nnd equipping of horses with all I
the cost of transport to Halifax. Lord j
Strathoona'a willingness to pay for the j
raising of Iub force  whs signified some,
time ago but since  then  his  Lordship
has been unwell   iu London  nnd noth-
ing further wus   said of it.    It   looks, i
however, today tolerablly certain (hat
the   scheme   will   bo gone   on   with.
Members of the Government  nml lead-1
ing DUblic men hero express their high
appreciation of his Lordship's patriotic1
nnd generous spilit und indeed   of   the
way iu which bis duties us represents
tive in London are discharged. A military expeit speaking on the Subject.
said ihat raising and maintaining of
the regiment would cost Lord Strath-
coim upwards of one million dollars.
Tho Ministers hero refuse to be interviewed nn the subject. Which would
mean   thai   the  matter is still  under
negotiation by the Dominion and   Imperial Governments.
Ottawa, Jau. 13. ��� A cable has boon
received by the Militia Department
from Lord* Slrathcoiiu, intimating
that employment will be found in
South Africa with tho British forces
there, for any horse shoeing blacksmiths and wheel Wrights who inuy
wish tn go from Canada with the second contingent. Applications should
be made t'> the military authorities.
Kegina, Jan. 18.��� Corporal Lindsay,
of the O. V. M. P., fume from Bat-
tleford to join tbe western contingent.
His father and brother  were both kill  j
ed in the lirst Boer war,   and be was
anxious   to avenge  their deaths.    Un-
| fortunately, ho could nol pass the doc
tor.     Despondency cnine   nver 'inn nml
this morning he placed B pistol in   his
month and shut himself.
Ottawa. Jnn. IS, -At n lute hour to-
night no offer ol a bout hud been made
to replace the Montezuma ns a transport   Although tbej official report   is
not iu, it has been practically decided
lo reject the Moatesuma and   Sinclair.
Aii agent of the Elder-Dempster line
who was here t'idny seeing Hon. Mr.
Borden, was so informed.
A rumor has reached here thul some
one iB endeavoring to impress upon
tbe Indians of the Nothwest thnt Britain wants to eitiuguisb the  lights  of
Ottawa, Out. Jan. 13.���Your correspondent has very good authority for
saying that the offer of Lard Strath
conn to pay the expenses iu connection
with arising aud equipping and transportation of four hundred mounted men
for service in South Africa, has been
approved hy the Canadian Government and that tho men will be drawn
from the North West. The offer of the
Hritish Colombia Ministry to raise and
equip ii hundred mounted men it is
learned, will ulso lie accepted and will
accompany the four hundred from the
North West.
Toronto, Out., Jnu. 18,���Although
the Toronto quota of Monnted Kittles
may not have beie for sevoral days
owing to the postponement Of the departure, Uu' official civic reception and
im. well took place tonight at the armories, Mayor MoeDonnld and a nuin
i.er of  Alderman  uml local  military
men, made appropriate speeches coin-
inditing on lhe motive of tho men.
and wishing them success. There uro
Ills in ull nnd < icli will have II.OOu
Insurance planed on his life by the
city, will receive a silver match box as
a souvenir, and on land tug nl Cope-
town will rei eive _'."i ill gold. Till" is
the same us wns dnco tn   the   TotOttto
members of tha first contingent, Lien-
teinint I'nloiiel K-ans made reply nu
behalf of the men. The proceedings
were marked with great  enthusiasm.
Berlin, Jan. 18.���The war In  South
Africa    Itinues   In   be a   snbpot   "f
elaborate comment In the German
press,      The  Mllltslre  Woohenblatt
the military organ declares Its expectation that Lord Robert, and Lord
Kitchener   having arrived at thi' Oape,
things will henceforth "mend for the
British." The Herman diamond In
ilustrv is being seriously injured by
tlie war. In Htinuu, lour large diamond outtlng establishment! have been
Nelson Daily Miner
.'iiM.nl.wl Daily oxo-upi Monti ay.
Nelson Weekly Minor
Wl *,)WMIN_.II  I'UINTINII  ffc I'l'lll IHIIINll I'll
li   I    MHAriiN, Kdllor iiiiii Minnigur.
Muiiacitii-TiuN Rates,
ll lly per m-nthby oiinltir . 11*1
per liuif fear - >   5 mi
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NKLSON   Wl.'r.KlV  MlNKll.
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l.lton Min ��r Printl nc & PubllshlngCo
NELSON. 11. C.
TUUKI'IIONR    No.    i.|.|.
In 11 review of railway oonstruntlou,
during 1890, In the territory tributary
to Wlnnipon, The Uommerelal of that
eily anye:   ' The sonthetii halt nf   the
Pro.luce of Mantiobn Is fast beooni-
inn u network of railways. There is
no pari of Canada better supplied with
railway facilities today than is the
ruse in the greater portion nf the
southern ball "i Manitoba" 'Hi"
writer could bave said almost ns much
of ilia northern bull, while of a large]
portion nf tlm southern halt lie mi.lit
have emphasized bis ilaim with tlie
statement that une could aonroely no
nut at uinlii without stumbling ovor
a railway grade oi falliug throngh a
culvert. Yet it seems only the other
day Manitoba was ou tbe verge of v
iielli.iu beoause the Federal Government, or Provinoial Government, or
so nobody, would not provide it
with railways. Tbe condition now
may lin claimed as evideuoe of the
lit'UPticinl results iliit may inllnv.
iiuitntion, but the tlioivhtfnl are
apt. to receive from It the 0011
vii'iiou that men can be unreasonably
Manitoha is a young Province, Ii
was ouly the other day, as it were,
that it was thrown opeu to Bettlcmont.
The decade ol thn eighties was wt>il
advanced before  smtlera went into ii
in any nnmliers, and lhe elRlltlos had
not run their course before the people
were twice in incipient rebellion, A
man hud no sooner settled OU a homestead than be beuun 10 ery for a railway. Politicians ol the demagogic
order Canned tbe disnontent. Settlement was hardly begun, yet there weie
dntnnuds for railways in every direction. It wns not reasonable, bul agitation flourishes luxuriantly in tlm
dry atmosphere "f Manitoba, As settlement progressed���and it progressed
rapidly���the Government and tbe Companies kept abreast of it with railway construction. Often, perhaps,
they were huried beyond a reasonable
pace, but never were they behind
the actual demands of tbe situation,
and never for a moment did tlie voice
nf the agitator cease. Legitimate activity continues, however, and with
what resoltb we .ee. Manitoba can
scarcely be said to be more than fifteen
years old, a mere infant, yet in railways facilities it is .is well equipped
as tbe oldest portions of the Dominion,
This should teach us patience, rather
than incite ns to agitation. We aie too
prune to expect that all the nocommod-
ati"iis will he provided the moment
vte cry frr them. That is the disposition in this Province ns well us else
where. We do not stop to think thai
it requires time to tit out a new conn-
try. A wagou load here, a trail there,
a bridge some other place, and railways through every pass am demanded, and if not provided instantly
we become violent Winn in
our new regions we an' til-
teuu   years   old and tind   that   we am
well supplied with nil convenience*,
we shall look back and Wt.nder why
wn were so impatient. In thn meantime, however, it may be well to keep
our wants siitlicienlly tn tbn front to
render it impossible that  they shall In-
iinciiliii ���   liiin-  H '1 1 ilu v:i' ���    ' It,
a mild suggest ion   ii'ini   tbe  Limn u
ant-Governor   might I"1 in  order, utifl
it cumuli be Min.' tun si.mi.
8evernl monthi ago there was an
agreement among mill managers ami
boat and Iiik f.t-.'l 1111^- In iln a little li SI
lulling Hum bad been oustnmn.y, Nil
sun  is Biiri'omidiid   wiih  mountain.,
ami 11 liiile iiiiisu gnes a lung way.
The shucks ui steam whistles was a
nuisance i" all ni' us and a cruel an-
iini'iiiice to   Invalids.   For a time ibe
allli,'titui boonnie less, hut il is breaking out again as luully   as   ever.    Anil
iiiiie was  a  special  ami aggravated
case ou I'lecli 111 night. Nn nne, we
urn .mm, was eliurhsh enough In begrudge Mr. Houston's fm mis any reasonable jubilation over his victory, but
the outrageous din of that lug whistle
passed the limit, If there In anyway
tu pieu'tit (lies, aunoyauoes advantage
should I"' tnken ot ii, nnd if Ihere is
none it Ib worth while oouslderlng
wbelli.'i an effort should mil hn made
iu provide one
'lhe purity nf tha Drug* And Mod loin o*.
l-..m.iil��li*retl In tin1 DAllont   is On* mn-'.
etwontlnl o_omei_t in Iho duoeo-wful trim,
monl nf dUaattQ. Prescript iana Bra oom-
p-iiinacd by us from aiwoliu.o.y Pure
.tnitf-i in norfuct condition, B...d thophy
,-irian's *kill will  mil  We liuUlflod by "l'i
.unl Impotoni tlrugK.
1 I'll' Btoo^s ol rociulrttoH for'
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room
Arc oomp.Qta    Your patroncvRo xollclteil.
Nurses1   Directory.
Kor iln. oonvonleuoa of Phyalolans nml
Nni- s. \vi.   Imvo ostabliahod it Nut
I'm .'I'-.'y. iimi in order to havo ii coin
pleto, roquoHt nil Nur-.cs to Bond in or cat)
nml loavo ilu'ir tmtnoH mul  addrosBeo.
li. F. M'LEAN
Dispensing Chemist
Tolcpliono 115.    P.O. liin'_.i.    BakerStroot.
Muil uiili 1- Promptly Attended To.
1900 1900
(blue 1111 I I't.i'Li't.
Whittaker's Almanac
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
New and Important
llaliluite's "Mill Miles A.CTO88 Uutirdtt,"
l'i lee 11,60.
joining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Tena and      and others worked
Mary Belle l?' >|��rJ"*"
����� Canada Gold Mm-
iti'T Co., is one of the safest buys on
the  market.    Thorough inspection
cordially invited.
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Sold
"ii installments 7Wo., ono third down.
House   ,'Ultl   lot    I. l'   1 ale.   eliist'   lu
business purl of uity.   Price $2,000,
-CALI   in
Great Reduction!
Lmmi $9.65 Per Ton
i onoS;8ALNE8T $6.15 Per Ton
C. A- PROSSER,  Manager.
Inn un) i*our life
HI.iili.lt .nul llullldia sj-1. 111-.
Babcoc. and Wilcox, i-ic.
GAS and OII_~iNGI.-ES,
M',,l!"' J. C.f. CROFTS, m.i m 1
m,_:.,:^r;;K' nelson, b. a
Or to l'i:;n.r.-MiN & Crofts, Vancouver
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
P'l\ Vl.l I'll.me 111
! i\m uiu ��'..  ui:ii. I'.si'itTi'    nil ioi\-
Insure youi house, house furniture
ami pianos with J. 1\. Annable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance companies.
Nelson Employment Agsnc.
nirls for HooRov-ork.    Nnrse   llirls.
Bitnations wanted by Walters. Walt-
Cbarabetmalds.   Cooks.   Baker.
J. H. LOVE, Agi      Baker ��'
- u.,1,11,11..H-. I'litm-iii'ii... .
j -niuii iiun-i-.
"���Room Htuxc  .
.. ItOtHii HOUSO Mid *.' lOU, UtMMl  lit. KtlOII
We do not know if tlm nieu wlto lire ',
Kuthered nt tbeCapltal are oapable of be '
inn impressed -with the gravity of the
situation. They seem to lie a very com- \
111011 lot. liikinn them as a whole On]
the Government side especially, if we
ISWpt two nr   time,    there   does   not
���Win to be an idea above keeping their
faction in power. As they regard it,
elections are held and the form of
le^ifllatini; and administrating obseti-'
ed tor nu other nr higher purpose than
to afford them opportunities to enjoy
the sweets of ollice. There are older
and wiser heads who know lietter, bnt
so fai there is no evidence that tin y
nr-- makiiiK their inltnelire felt.    Yet if
we are not 10 iiiuke a Faroe of parliamentary government   in   Hritish   Co
lnniltiii, it is neoexsary lhal   Die llon-e
should Vie   made sensible  very   SOOn of
the (net that government by a majority nf one is ton uncertain fnr the
good of the putili service. And it Is
the good nf the )inlili,- Rcrvice, innn
than the triumph of this faction 01
that, that the people arc mo-t concern
ed with, if Mr. Bemlin cannot sno-
cued, through mental inability, to In-
..Mien's Improved
Safety Fuse
A-    Supplied    British    Admiralty,
*t,<��.��*.0\*\?<n��*.*\^^_>rf��i**i����?v4_H^'��_,��-',��_'*_��'-'*i.*��***��***��'����'|[��  Bn*j inCviT��PJsC   dav
\\ You are Pretty
Hard to convince if one trial here does not
satisfactorily show you that It always pays
io trade at the
\-M" ,i
Red Front Grocery
Navel Oranges 2~,c, per doz,
Japanese Oranges 75c. per doz.
Mushroom Ketchup 25c.   bottle.
.  .  I
Hotels, Restaurants and Boarding Houses will find ii  It
-���^     and Beans beforo buying elsewhere.
heir advantage to i^ei our prices on Tomatoes, Corn, Peas,
8 Morrison b Caldwell. ��
The Red Front
Telephone Ul.
0\0\f\,0\0%0X0%jiy0\0X0\0\0\*\****\0\J' + *\*\l'\0*0\0��jf*JI*
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'v
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard Rv
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route without
change of ems between Nelson aid
Rossland and Spokane and Bossland
I.v. 0.16 11.111. NELSON, Aj. 6.20 p.m.
Lv. 11.25 a.m. K08BLAND Ar.8 00 p.m.
Lv,  8-15 a.m. SPOKANE Ai-.0.16p.m.
We have just ii'iv'n ed
.1 cai loud ol choice
Every requisite for ihe
Scholar and student.
Tlioiusoii Stationery Co., Ltd.;
that leaves  Nelson at 9:16 a.n
loao ciiiiiii'i'iii'i,:. at Bpokane (01
nil CoaBt Points.
PasBouKera for Kettle River and Boundary Ort.e_,eoime_t at MatOTU wilhritHB.
11. A. JAOKSON, G. P. ,-T.A,
Bpokane Wast
A��ont. Neliinn, B. V
Hudson's Bay Stores
Wt'Ht linker St.,  Nelson.
Telephone 18.
Chimney Swecplnrr,
Houses, Offices and Stores Cleaned
All work done by us is guaranteed lirst class.
Wholesale Houses.
"J-HOI-PE & CO., L-_r._D.-_on,-. vir
I nun nml Cedar St root 8, Nelson, iniiiiu
raoluron.of uauwholoaala doalors In iiuriitinl
iiiilti". uml fiiin ^yrii|is. Sole iiuimUi for Hue
f>i'li s;mii^-, niiniTiil Wjiti-r.
N. At. i iiiiiniins, lj'h_i;,. Kvcrv known
Milk"y of H0fl .IrinkK. P. 0. Hex S8. Telf-
pIlOnoNo ;<1. Hoover street Nelson. Botllois
or UioFamoui si. l.uon Hot Sprlags Mineral
u lit i I'.
nel' liuker uml ll.illnlri't'U, Nelson, iniin-
',', IV""',''1'" "f "Wat Seal" iiiiii "Kootenay
Hulk-   bi-inil of elKitrs.
BollderswlU Hnd It to their ad.anURe to  Le��Ta order"*t"ffiS.,^   Btreet.opposlt ,
ilKiirn wiih liriiilli'v 8. Co. on PelnUng. ;
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
Ilie direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
Flrst-Oloss Sleepers on all trains I rum
!   TOTJ-U-JT OARS psss Modiclna Hat
daily tor Bt. Paul, Sundays and Wed>
iiiMlays  for   Toronto,    Fridays   for
Montreal ami Boston.
Sunn' cais bow Bevelstoke one day
' earlier
>TuTi' i i- hereby alvwi u,��i .ppl _u<m
_< \-ill It" i.i.iili- io Hi,- 1.. iii-iiilitf \..,>io
lily ,,r ll." I'l'.n 111   II,,     1, i , 1.11���,l.t.i. ,,i   il.
noxt -,'--i'n, ;.,r  j. a.m in IneorpontUo ,t Con
limy nlit, poi','!��� inoonalmcl holld, i-qiile u
oporoto i :-.t ni w it h In the tltittrlct. of Koolunn) i
���nd Yale, In the I'roi Inoe ol in U��h L'olvmbl.;
lo run mul ii- rein    oh tr imw aj   li]   olcctiic.
it, mi or otlu r [Mini p, .i- in ij be mo-tl m   nonit
oat "i i onvenloni i to i '��������'���!  and  opoi  i
graph and telephone lines In nnd hi   ������  n   ij
IheolUee, imtn . vIIIirc* anil <otl|cmi nU hi
-niii llistrii'l- nl Kiitt'i nil' iiiiii V.,I. . it i'i, poll   I
or lo connect wllhothor ftnuti that majropei   ���
in nr mil-Mr nf-nil district.; to mipplj ,1,.
trie, Kteatn, air, water or oi her power lo otli> i
oorpomtlnn*,  innnnfnclotie_   or ludlvldoaU;
tonapplj HkIiI toother corporation.,  nfac
nni.'- Dt unlit .-iii..... lo aoqulre .mil hold . il
or i i.-tits tor tiir pun u..- ol generating power,;
wholnor for their own aseor Uio o-'' 'if oth r
corporation*,   a anufactoiici   nr   Individual,
to furnish and snptil) water to other corpora ,
iimi., mnnnfaclorti ��� ortndtvldunlsInwiln 1Mb
trli I-. to acquire nnd liolil land, llmbor rtghti.
li.lii- of way nnd other properly and ca_enii'tiu.
for Hi.' put-pom     -       i      ,.���   . with ill
!���- nt power, in thai bclialfito nequlie nil Hum
-' . i rni ���     ���    iirli llcao and bimliu -  ���
Nil Kin tin 'In. inn,it Company, Limited
' ,'ini .ill Hi.' nmcls frnni lil��e��,  prh
mul lin-ini��� of the llonland and Bonhle Monn
min Kl.'inn' Hallway C'oinnany, Uinltral: loi
i.. I'iti nld.either bi   wnj   d! Imn      i i
>ii-.'. from any muiili Ipifllj In mid IIUii
Kootenn) or S uio; lo obtnl    ��� ,   fmtn
i..Min.ni and otheri no nun , .
ii.ti.it io I In-iri, i. ���f Rooli.
��� ml nit ..iln r  usual, ncrossurj o
poweni and privilege* as nmy tie ni
li .nil or condui liiiio il,,' nltnllili
tl     .'���������..    .. .,n, ,,r .in-I,
I 'I "i ili'-riiy ,,f M.-1-..i, ||,|,
. nr. A, 11 . 1-
M\il)l)N..l,l. ft J0HN80K,
.<(//.. ..
White Countered
Ghitta Percha.
Will Not Crack or Break.
Absolutely safe in all weather
0  I
Minimizes   risk   from   firing f'.is-;
Everything to recommend it.
Ask your denier for them.
Manufactured by
William Brail. Sobs k...
Cambourne, Cornwall, England.
lii'iiiru) Auriit loi i'nut In.
Hi-iriti-tliiK A.nits,
To 'iiul from Hi'lisini, Rossland.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun.
s.im l,v.        NELSON Atr.ll.in
is.in l.v.diiily NKLSON dally Arr._2.10
Morning train connects f. r 1.11 points
j n  lioiMiAUV COUNTRY.
Evening train connects to and from
i Main Line nml points  ninth, nnd (ex.
Sun.i from  till points in BOUNDARY
Dally: sir. Moyle Daily,
134.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 17.20
Connects Kootenay   Landing with
Crow's Nest Branch trains both ways.
K() OT B N* A Y LA K Iv Iv A.S LO UO V t E
Ex, Sun. Sir.  Knknuec.      Kx. Sun
10.00 Lv.        NELSON        Arr. 11.0)
Saturday  to   Amenta   and return
leaving Ksslo at 'JD..
Kx. Sun
lUiii Lv.
Ex. Sun.
4 bra NKLSON to ROSSLAND lis 4
lor mil- iimi fun Information addrennear
est iis'al u.i'iit, or
C K. BBABLKY City Passonier A.eni
l. W. I.IU.W, Again, NetMn
i w" i"' ^NPSMON, EC. J. i (iv i.i;.
I   HSU*"*   a ��.i'���Ari    IB14��!>I.^.#!��
J.'.K '".' ' '_'', '.,.' ��� y '-I?'.''';
.���_������'.'���.. *.'.'l, -.'. ............. ..'.. ...
������������������<>������-<>���������<>���<><> sVs>s>s>0O-t><>��..<>��.
"������hskK ':'- ' "a '' *���'". v.
I l'i hnve Hie most completely
equipped Job Offloe in
the Kiiiiietiiiys, nml ore
therefore prepared to tutu out
tlie Best Wink, and we do it ut
loek bottom prices,
HJ. EVANS it "-O.-U.iK0r Street. Nol
��� sun. ivlioipealolU'.iit'is in liouois, duals
compnt, iln. ii lokand Areolar, water pipe nml
-till i.ui-.nul generaloouimlwloo niercheuts.
UNITED,   hrniit su-eet, .Ntnsun. wliole-
| .-.ile dealon to   tlnur,   meuU,   etc., and   nny
nml ki.'i.i.   MUU.,|   Kilnioiitnii,   Vii-loria ami
New Vtosiinin-iir.   Klevatoi. on Uiiluarr K
Kdmouton itallway.
A MACDONALD & OO.-Corner Vol-
��� nun iimi Jueeiitauie ctioeus. wtiulosnlo
u'lo ii'siinil.iiibljorsin iil.iiueus, _;,.\,'-. uilf.s,
ooois, rubbore, niaoklnawa uml ininors' nun-
PBUKNS _. OO -linker .treat.  Nelson,
���   itlit.iii-iiUi Humors lu fro.-h und curat!
I itio.t-.  Uwldetonme,
ii.tK, i Btreet. .\i.isuii.   v. I,.',. ,.i. .ir.,i
i rs in fro Ii iiiiii cuioil inoals.
i.iMiii.n miker ouvot, Nolsun, whole-
-nit-ilr.tier- ,u litr.ltv.iro nml iinniri{ suppliu-,
plumboro and iliuunltn'a luppllea.
sua ,.itiiu- u���u uii*.
5:* :.     ,. ... , ..      . ,.   *
������������������������������������ ���>���������. ._4>^4.��l,>
fURNER,   BEETON   A   CO.   I'onur
���      ii.liuti,   uml .lu.-epliiiio Streuu-,   No'.-on
tvhole_ale deaieia in liquor* i-i^iir* and dry
Komls.   Agent for 1'absi,Urewlng Co. of Mil-
tt in kie nml I'al.nr} llrowlii.l ,,, of l'_lgai t.
UDSOM'S BAY 00.-Wh_le__le gro-
fl'ios uuil liquors,o.c, Baker SU, Nelson.
JY   GRIFFIN   cV CO.-Horner"vernon
���   aim .imophiuo streets. Nelson, wholesale
in ult-r-in provisions, cured meats, butler and
MILLS, liMiniii-roi'iier Front nml
Hull Street*, Noleoil, inanutuetiirar* of inut
itli.ili' tit ,1, ulii-in sn-li mil iluors; all kinds
ni factory work mnde toorfler.
^nor Josephine mul ii_k'.'r Mireeis.   All-.
... linker
furl .i.fin,n I'arbldu uml We
t'.i- Machine Co,
llund Acotyli'iio
A. R- BARROW, ��._t.t.c.B.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
I'oi'iiei' Vlotorla and Kiiotena; SU.
I'. 0. liox m. Tolephono No. M
r, �����.gkbeii r.��, ��lkmk>ts
Civil   Engineer*   and Provincial
l-and Surveyors.
P.O. Hex 11."' Nolson, U. C,
- AT
Mrs.   McLaughli'--' NELSON DAILY MINH;R, SATURDAY, JANUARY 13   190.0
Petition Will bo Pre_-iit.il to Judge Forin
Today   Oonrso to be Followa. iu
Buoh OlrouinstanooB.
pi,n question ot Mr. IrvinH'fl   appeal
lin,, t|,,,   ...jeriiiiii liy Urn rnlui'iiiim
DI.,,,. ni n ballot oast  in   bis  favor
,.,.,.,t deal oi' Interest  y.ster-
,, ,i tlie iiu'i lim1 l�� his onu-
,', i, 11  stand,   im and Ur.   Monlson
A  1 ,,,. !,������ nun1 plaoe.   The ballot In
iiuuaiiou was marked twice, heuoe Up
,,���mm.   Timrii  was 11 cross trained-
,1,'ioiy ni'ier tlie name of each oaudidntc
,. 1  for, mul  nnother oross lu tho
.,,,,.��� w'lein it I'lRlltfully liel'llKeil.     II
,, 10 stated  that a ballot evidently
u , ,u iiivur of  Mr. 0, Morrison  was
nine rejected,   In   this oase   the  voter
Iimi put his crosses in the rl|(ht plane,
' i,���i  ulso  rim his iieui'il throitRh
,,  ,,     es of   le    1 _o   CllUdill .11 B   l"l
,lio ,, ,,   wus iiiii  voting,   Si 1 Iiiiii  71)
the  Mmiii ii>il   Elections Aot gives
me grounds on whioh a ballot pa-
, .hull i���. I'liji'i'inil hy the Returning
lillieer.   They are as follows:
11),   Par nny ground or reason pn ���
iiIuh! hy the M_iiii'i|inl liy-luw   gov-
. ,,,,,;;;  I lll'll  I'll'Clillll !
(ii), Voting for more candidates
ilmn entitled i��J
di) Writing or mark by whioh tli"
i,iior could he Identified ���
,11.   Unmarked  or void for nnner-
1,11111 V '.
in). Being dissimilar to thoso otii-
eiully supplier!:
Both the ballots releited to were re-
le. ted mi ground (8), The law on iImh
pi im i�� highly technical and them om
tnouy precedents governing it, but the
ii'tuleiiey of recent decisions is to not
deprive a man ol his franchise
whew liis intention is   Beyond   doiilit.
lu the Dominion and Provlnolal nets
ih. id is a statutory provision providing [or 11 recount of votes.thnre is none
ni the Municipal Elootions Act, and
iho iiiii'i'i'in" is therefore thai no recount inn Im demanded m 11 mtiniolpa]
Th.. Municipal Ael does not describe
.��� ���: t��� eli'inly the inii'ihineiy lolie put
in motion io have n mistake of Hie
kind referred to Notified, but aciion
inii.-i be taken under section Ml, which
"The deoision of Hie Returning oill-
- in inn question   nrisin.   iii   re
-,.     of uny ballot shall lie  final,   sub-
��� 1. reversal on petltloa questioning
election or return." As Ibe din-
��� ���'. 1 ballot, if allowed, would niter
���in' return made by the Retnrnlug
"Hirer, it would seem thnt his retniii
may be questioned on a petition. Beo-
tion 8(1 says that "the validity of nil
. .iiii'-iid elootions shell im tried before the lnenl judge of the County
('iiiiii in manner following:
' Any voter or candidate may present 11 petition to the Bnpreme or Conn-
-1 v Court praying thnt the election of
;uiv Mayor, Reeve, Alderman or Councillor may be avoided * * by reason
nl sneli Mayor, Reeve, Alderman or
Councillor not having obtained a majority of tlm votes cast by the duly
qualified eleotors,"
This would necessitate a renount be-
inni ilie judge, and Incidentally bring
up the validity ol the disputed   ballot.
Action on the lines indicated is being taken by Mr. R, s. Lennie, who is
acting for Mr. Irving ami a petition
signed by the later will be present-id
to Judge Forin today praying him to
avoid Mr. Morrison's election on the
kioiuhI thai n liallot iu his favor,
which would have caused him to tie
with Mr. Morrison, was Improperly
rejocted. Judge Forin will set a date
for the hearing ol the mutter and the
whole affair will i_> thoroughly threshed ont, Mr.W. A.Maodonald,Q.C,bss
been retained by Mr. Morrison to look
ufter his interests.
No doubt an effort Will bo   niiiile   to
-online Judge Forin's adjudication to
the single ballot claimed by Mr. Ir. ���
'"_, hut it iB considered Improbable
iliai this will be successful. In this
commotion it may be remarked thnt
the general opinion of the legal fraternity seems to lie that hoth ballots will
be accepted, and that nt any rule both
are In the same category. If this view
be correct Alderman Moriisnn will
remain Alderman Morrison in any
event. If Judge Forin holds a differ-
111 opinion and condemns Mr.   Morel-
"O's liallot and accepts Mr. In inn's,
Hie mutter ia apparently left in the
hands of Mr. J.K. Btraoban.who as returning iitheer, has n casting vole in
thi case of u tie.
Ono rtii.iik wns llnuil ...j and costs in
the Police 1 oi 11 yesterday, Tho ciihi)
n.uu.-1 He iniv James lielly was mi-
jomn.f1 uiiiil Monday next,
Anothor  nnrlond  of hluh grade ore
wnn received at lim Hull Mines siiiel-
ler from the Molly (lilwm mine on
'I hiirsiiny.  t'hls ui 1110 Ih now shipping
The meeting ol the hospital directors
whioh Munilil have iieen held on Thursday nml did not materialize owing to
the nlisiiiiee of a quorum, will lie held
on Tuesday next,
Mr. ,l. 0, Garvin, formerly of the
Porto ltii'D, has lienn engaged to run
lim (lini'iie mill. The Porto Rico hns
been closed down during the iiliaonne
in  vusii'.iiia (nr  tlm  superintendent,
Mi    1 'nrliiiiilil.
Charles Lewis Austin was married
yestonluy afternoon at Um Methodist
parsonage 11 Margaret Ellen Oleson,
The cereiiiiiiiv was  performed  by tlm
Rev.   Mr.   Unl. t.'.i      The   bl)ppy   OOliple
leave for Noi'thpOTl in Ilie morning,
Tlm llaeheleis' Club hail Iheir lirst
.'isseiiinly of   Ihn   sens.iii   un   Tliiii'Kiln.v
night. The attendance was large and
lhe linn wns imisl enjoyable, llerr
Btniner's Orchestra renderod excellent
'I'be Rev, T, Crosby pioneer mis
s 'i 111 y to ihe 13. tl, Indians, nrrlvi-d
in Seleou lasl ulght, lie ��ill preach
missionary sorvons in the Methodist
(Tiiireli tomorrow, at I'olli the morn.
in. and evening  si rviee.
In lejcreneii lo Ilie Item which tip-
ii.'iiri"I in yesterday's Minor, Mr. Ilim-
gerfnid Pollen wishes it understood
tent llinugb Intetested in minum properties in East Kiiiileiiny, lie is not 0011'
nccieil wiih Captain Potty,
Early this morning Night Operator
Ross, of Hie (' P, R.,hud direct communication with Toronto, Via Vancouver. Messages came and went over this
immense stretch of wire us clear as a
bell, This is thn longest cicmit Nclsm
ever had with tho outside world and
its great success speaks volumes for Hie
efflclenoy ot the C. P. R. wires and
Messrs. Elliot i- Lennie act inn on
behalf of Mr. Fnwcett, senior, have
served notion of injury on thn 0. P, R.
under the Employers Ciiahllity Act on
account of the death of Iheir son \v)io
died from tbo result of injuries received  ut  Robson  while performing
his duty as n liiiikoninn. Messrs. Elliot ami Lennie hnve already address-
oil a letter to tlm   C, P.    R. asking for
compensation, but without lcsnii. If
the statutory notice referred to is not
promptly complied with, un action
will   he   brought.   The deceased   was
the mht su|i]ii'it of bis parents.
Tho Nelson Hockey Club had a meeting iu the lliime Hotel   last   night   at
which il was decided,  with   the  consent  of Greenwood,    thnt Ihe mutch
against the hookey team of thai  (own
on Saturday Bhnuld be postponed inde- j
finitely.   'Lhe Nelson  boys  ore nuiur >
k-Vi��Vi>><N-v\-\/v'W^**-<*<VV'��-'��--**A*'v^^ ��",
Our January Clearing Sale
Commences MONDAY MORNING and continues until they are all sold.
Come early and get the best selection.
LILLIE BROS. - The Shoeists.
match with them similarly postponed,
nllv nverse to pla- ing u match witbont rnabi
any previous praatioe,   The Nelson La-    :'\
rosso Hockey   team   also held nn   in- i-JjMj;
formnl   meeting in the Kim Hull  last j ^f,xt.
eVOIllug, and    tlm   seeielary   v-as   iu- i '"Mji
strncte i  to  make arrangements with hlyK.
the Rossland  Vlotorlns  to  have their | Jfkjh
Uasollne Lamp and  Trouser   Bnttons  -"y^i-
i'lay tin Important l'art.
���lust as the   niiu'liini'iy was put   in
motion  las'  evening to  produce  this
morning's Miner  nn overflow of gasoline fi"in ii lamp   suspended above the
typo selling ma liiue trickled down in
blazing drops to  the key board,   They
keys   were   of    ei llullod   nnd   consequently  intcrii  Into the spirit of the [.*<&&;'
conflagration   us   enthusiast lnally  ns, >j -
did tbe gasoline with the  result   that
of the alphabet and \atmiis other ehav-
aoteiB thai go to make up  uny self re-
spcetin.   f'Uit   of   tvpe,   went up In il
very odoriferous smoke.leaving the key
board resorabling u irnct, "f land after
a forest fire    The flames  were   extiu
.uMinl with the   aid   of   une   of   the
hoy's trousers, which were wrapped
around the lamp, li looked as if tbe
machine were disabled but the mnster
mind of the "makj-up" ..was brought
into action and; he ordered a sort in on
a furnishing bouse wluie n cross of
������I'm be im- billions" w.is oapturod after a short bombardment on the front
door. The lower half of these useful
adjuncts   to   single   male   lilesscliii-s
were placed over the bald headed
stumps that  once supported tbe keys
After a couple of hours delay the expert operator, who knows the location
of each of the ninely characters, began
to tap tho trouser buttons ami this
morning's Miner OOtnmeuoed to be
mad.'.    Trouser buttons   urn   all   l IK ll t
in thuir place but they are not Ihe best
things iu the world for a typesetting
machine so the Miner's supply of news
in somewhat ourtatled ibis morning
as it was Impossible to set al! Unit was
W   II. Smith.   Chicago!   Mrs.  J. P.     ffV
Gordon,    Oomapllxi ''���   "���   Bilggs, -aNb
Kankakee l H, a. MoCollooh, Spokane I f-jMfe
,1   ii sheine.   Dawsoui li. W. Moore i
B*  V.   Coleuun,   Trail; W. Lawrenoe,
ll. fiiriiana. Robsom  R.   J.   Broody,
James Williamson, Sandon.
"iii and Mrs. V. II. McKwen are
Plying a visit to Nelson.
The ilev. H. Irwin, better known ns
!��� ui her Pat," is in the citv.
Mi. .baring Parker, M. B., of Ron-
'"nil, is  staying at the Home.
Hie new aldermen were sworn in
yesterday morning by the  Oity Clerk.
The Imperial Hauk expect to start
>���' "ing iu their llxturos intu their new
jfeiulses in tbe Hums block about the
"'-' Of ������'ehroary.
Tbe sidewalk past the Madden blook
"I1 l�� ill" I'.ist imice is being  cum.
When finished this will bo a great
convenience to the r.ublio. mM      ^
For Fine Clocks
and Watches
. V"
Only Bargains are Worth
.. Advertising ..
We will speak today of BARGAINS we will give
for the next week.
Sum. short ends of Fancy   Dress
Goods from 12 '/2 to 25c. yd.
A   few   pieces   of   Tweed    Dress
Goods worth 50c. yd. sellin_f now
for 40c. yd.
All   Wool   Serge  in   Black and
Navy Blue at 30c.   yd.,   regular
price 40c. yd.
A very large range of Dress Goods
in Dress Lengths only at 55,   65,
75, 90c. and $1.00 yd.
A large range of Ladies' Top
Skirts, well made and Perfect Fitting in Plain and Fancy Blacks
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B, & C. Corsets, a 75c. line will
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A special line of Black at 75c. pr.
Drabs at $1.50 pair.
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Ladies' Black Cashmere Hose at
25- .15- 5��i ()�� aid 75c.   pair.
Table Linen in Bleached and Unbleached at 35, 40, 50, 65, 75 90c.
and $1.00 per yd.
Table Napkins, Towelsand Towl-
lings at g.ieatlv reduced prices.
Martin O'Reilly
lmvi' received �� l"i **'| Aj>.
BoRulful China Oloeke at \'9jt
remarkably   low   flgnrea. iMC
sawmill Terms Cash
& Co.
Patenaude Bros
and   Opticians.
Nelson,    -  **B. C.
Baker Street $%
tmnnmn NELSON    DAILY   MINER, SATURDAY   JANUARY   13,   1900
Stanley Hockey
dates In : sn^g,    e , b
nf    Montreal     fnr     tin
limit-lies.   'Ilie ilaloa nre
FebrunrV at Montreal.
Cim  have   agreed  in
,' .  ',.'  l|���,    ,-il   ill 1     lis
I I,  in uml tilth
W- W. Ogilvie, Millionaire
Miller Passes Away-
Montreal, Jut). I:;.-.I. A.
adviieiite 1,1' Jollettu, wlui wn
il by the I'nnserviilivo convention nt
I'oi'thicr in he Iheir candidate in ihe
live eiictii'ii rendered necessary by lhe
appoint itietit nl' Hi iiiisiilii'u In the
Post mastership nf Montreal, bus declined lui' neisiiniii reason, Probnblv
Archniiiiiiiiili, tlm Liberal candidate,
will he elected by acolumatinn.
Prisoners iu  lhe  Biuik Ville  Mnrie Oase
Sent  up  for  Trial.   Archbishop
Bruchcsi to the Rescue
(Special Dlspatohes to The Miner. I
Montreal, Jan. 13.-W. W, Ogilvie,
the largest Individual miller In the
world died suddenly today. He attended n meeting nf the iliroilois of
the Huuk of Montreal and ut tlie end
of the meeting complained of not feeling well, lie drove to a doctor'b nud
then home, expiring u short time afterwards. Death was due to the breaking
nf a blood vessel in the region nf the
Mr. Ogilvie was lorn at Cole St
Michael. Montreal, February I I. 1(185,
and educated at the Montreal High
School. IL' entered into partnership with his brothers, Alexander
aud John, us grain merchants nml ihe
proprietors nl' tho Glennra Flour nulls
on Lnchine Canal, Afterwards they
built mills at Seufoiih, Out, Cud
erich, Out., ami Winnipeg, and comparatively   recently the lluvul mill   nt
Montreal.   W. W. Ogilvie been   ihe
individual proprietor of this Immense
business after thu retirement of the
older brother, Hon. A. W, Ogillvie in
1874 and tbo death of bis brother John
iu INSS. Thi'business evei sinie then
has grown enormously, and at the present, time various new projects to in-
orose the firm's trade were under consideration nnd new mills nl l'mt William would have been completed Willi-
ln a your. Mr. Ogilvie was an authority in his business, possessing tt thor
OUgh knowledge of wheat, wheat lands
ami all   the  processes for production
of Hour. The conn try loses iu him
nue of   Iho   most advanced men.    Mr.
Ogilvie filled many important position'!.    Deceased   leaves a widow   and
tour children,two sous and two daughters, Until suns held positions In their
lather's ollice.
Some Sharp Words Used in the Legislature Yesterday.
(Special Dispatoh tn The Miner.)
Victoria. Jan 13.���Smith, of South
Niiiiainiii, nud Higgins, uf l.si|iiimult,
were the chief contributors to the debute mi His Honor's spsech in Purlin-
nieiil today, the other speakers being
I lean of Kuniloops, Kllison of Vermin,
ami McKeilinie, President of the Executive Counoll, who hud the Hour al
adjournment. The lirst speaker, whose
remarks nre specially Important inasmuch ns he is president of the Canadian federated Labor Unions, was particularly seven' in his reply to due
Martin, declaring that organised labor
has repudiated Martin and that that
politician bus   placed   himself'   outside
the pule nf uny party by his readiness
to merge nil considerations unl principles und political honor for gratification of personal spite. Uo hnd followed Martin, hn snid, because he believed
him nn amicable and sincere chuimiiini .
of the lights nnd interests of the pen j
pie,   He   hail   found   him  unstable,
Wiling   In   sacrifice   any   principle for
personal advancement, egotistical, I
OOUld muck Ilie sneleil purpose of the
(lull lin CI'OSS,    The fund, the dirt, llllll
11"'  rxtrnorillnnry   profusion  of carl
iiui-is, eie , around though nol so
offensive ns tlie I easily condition nf the
'lend. II was oi l'tllinly a grim sight
Iu witness. If 1 eniihl write sliailily
for a week   1 could nut exhaust the lisl
of pi'ciilini ities.   anomalies nud novel
tii s of the, w.ii, waged   ngaliisl us   hy
uu    iiuilesiipl incil l'i nee uf   rebels   who
are .-iililiers by instinct and   farmer. 01'
out tie raisers for u livelihood."
From the Ladysmith correspondent
of the Daily Chrniiiclo ennuis n grim
touch of besieged misery :
"Dishevelled women are peering out
of their dens ill the rocks and holes ill
the sand. They crawl into lhe evening
light slinking the dirt from their petticoats and siinil from Iheir   back   ami
hair.    They   rub ll hildren'K   faces
ruiiiiil with the tails nf their gowns.
They tempt scraps nf Qames to tako|tlie
nhiil off the shallow water for the
children's tea. After sundown,ft steady
Scotch drizzle settles down upon   ns. "
i ell v,
.    All
A new   OOttngO  ililllitiiiillK six   rooms,
loll   room,   .oinploto pantry,olouots. a
slid in.n; Two lain, ftnasl looatton la Uio
ni tin in fruit Iroos,Imported ro es. oto.
fun il nr.-. ctnisisling ot new Km" I'lui'O, |i
suite, siiietittiii'il,  stool rang, (sot npi oui'P-U,
bedroom iiultos nml nil ulso pertaining n> n won
furnished house,   Must bo sum us owner Is]
loavlng Hie uity,
cure Nolson Hardware ( o,
Utilise is Kiiiiiiieil un lets III iiiiii 17, hi"fk 88,
Mill sir, i I.
Nelson Opera House
Still remains in the mind ol ninny as to whether the
year lum Is the i imenoemoiit of another century.
it out
Remains in the mind nf any person nr t croons,
lint wecan mul hnve lieeti selling ilie best goodi
It has been figured uUl
yeai'   1000
Let them
li.   ,
nan, woman nr
for the least m
bombastic, theatrical,   and    in   reality!
nothing but a  bluff.   His betrayal of
party secrets uml his insults to the ]
lenders of tho party from which be I
bus been ujaoled hnd heen treated with !
silence, because such n man nnd such I
tactics ns he employed   were  beneath
th mtempt of gentlemen  and   men. |
His challenges in  Ministers and Members savored   indeed altogether of tho I
ra tiuck und poolroom, nnd were nl. i
together foreign to  the  respectability |
ami dignity of a deliberative assembly.
Higgins,  in defending his   uon-allo-
striking Perform un ces Witnessed nt
the Theatre Last Night.
Professor MnEwen's performances
uro always laughter provoking, nnd
Inst night'8 Wlis 110 exception to tho
rule, but to the observer his remarkable display of hypnotic power wus the
! salient point. Apparently the professor
'had been nettled by one or two omniscient sceptics, ami hi' certainly gave
them a must convincing proof of the
reality ni the show. No reasonable
person saw lost night s performance
nnd thought it wns u fake. The nni-
versa! verdict was thnt it was "on the
The most sirikiug performance of
the evening wus the human pyramid.
Three   men    were    placed   with   their
heads and  feet on  two tiestles,   and
four men placed upon them, all in the
cataleptic   state, und   then   the proles
or mounted  upon   tbem,    After th
others had been removed   the   subjects
left on the trestle wns covered with a
blanket and
mounted by tlneo men  ut
wus   this   all     The   snino
Montreal,      Jan.      li.���Archbishop
Brcohesl thus expresses himself on Ihe
recent article  iu   La   Seiunine   Rellg-
ouese. "The article is oni'Mo be regretted and its publication, which
would huvodiccn uu unfortunate oocur-
nine nt anytime, is particularly so under the present painful olrcnmstnnoes
Such is tbe feeling of the   whole Can
adian untioo; sucb la tbe feeling of
the clergy and of the Hierarchy."
Ottawa, ,lan. 1 a.���Major 1) C. F.
Hliss has been recalled frum the Yu
tion, nud the position of supply Officer!
to the Yukon garrison is abolished.
Elaine to tbe Government,   said  that
he did sn largely beoause, without con-1
solium  their   supporters,   certain  uf,"'"'''
the Ministers hnd   sought  n  coalition ! man was placed in an upright position
With Iheir opponents even nl a sacrifice   and a sterilized pin wns thrust, through
of party principles; und because, again | his tongue ami ear
without  consulting   their supporters,
the ("iiveriimeiit had offered a million
dollnra toward the Pacific, onble oon-
stn.eiiuii, the only return being in
over-costly advertising,   this offer not
being subject tu riitilicatinn by the
Legislature and therefore a violation nl
the onnstitutinn, He censured tbe
Government for not eudenvoing to
terminate the deadlook between mines
nun initie owners in the Sbicnn over
tho eighl hour Inw,nml aiinniinccd Unit
he would move for a Royal commission <i   inquiry   Into the working  of
Uml net. with n view In finding u suln-
lion of the existing difficulties thnt nre
greatly nrcjudioal   In lhe   mutual    in-
ii esis of labor and capita],
Some   talk is occasioned by tho   fact
ihat u.e Government caucus,   lasting
until midnight    was not   attended   by
Green who was said to bave gone to
<i inner with the members of the Op-
6    NIGHTS    6
Monday, Jan. 8th
anions Scottish Mind-
idor  and   Hypnotist.
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd,!
Why look I'm lit.
quality and pi-lci
n ii
iimn ties bus
> goods hand]
pun en that wo h
eil. No. 1 or niiiie.
Successors in M. DesBrisav & Co
tMQW0M0MO��OM0��t4t#4ltM#<_#H'M l*'��<*l*#**#l*#��#��<����#t��#H#��^��^,^)
One   Great
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated i860.
Capital Antlioiizcil   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo,
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
tleneiat Banking Business transacted) Sterling Bills of Bxchanfio Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts reoelved on the most favorable terms.   I nl crest, allowed un .pedal
deposits and ou Saving Hank accounts,
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Kanairao, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Hypnotism by Telephone,
Hypnotic Balloon
Etc.       ,Etc,
without   causin
rnmeiit of any kind.    The professor
I then tapped the pupil ot his eye  witl
his linger two or  three times, without |
the   siilijecl    flinching.      Not   content
with this demonstration ot the serin-
I ineness of his  performance,   Professor
! Mi Dwell tools anothel man. nnd so to
speak, suiidiiicd his elbow joint,  lesv-l
! iiih the suliject in full possession of all I
his other  facilities.   The fiat was snp-
I ported hy two men, and then the professor monnted upon the ellmw joint,
ami ilelivered n speech therefrom without lis slnminc Ilie leasl sign nf veak-
ening, Noither of the two men thus
expeiiraentod on are "travelling with
the show,'' hnth of them lire, nnd uro
well known to hnve heen lor a cou-
sidcriililc time, occupying positions in
Mi. Mi'Ewcn successfully demon-
siiiiteii hei night that his performance
is all what it. claims to be, and also
hat the -'it ns of the wonderful power
which he exercises are well Worth
simlviiit,' by the enquiroi after knowledge        	
.. L. POGUE...
i miliums final Kir-i Pago.
Pictou, Ont, dun, 11.���Alexander
McWillvray, for many years u prom��� -
Dent citizen of this town, died tIiis
Winnipeg, Man., .lan. II. ���A L.th
bridge dispatoh reports the deulh of
Mr. M. L. Davis, in the coal mini's
ncur that town. His olothlug was
ciiugbt iu the revolving fans and he
was; whirled  to instnut death.   The
clothing was   torn   from the body ami
the remains  horribly  mangled,   Oe<
ceased was a young man   "f   'i'i  years
and very highly respected,
Premier Mncdonald in reply to a
question said thut no date hud yet been
fixed for holding lhe bye elections for
endorsetion "f tne Ministry, bnt thai
it would probably lie decided In a
oounoll meeting wbicb will take place
nn Tuesday,     Nothing lias I n   ��I��� ������ -i.I
e<l regarding (he meeting nl the begin
The Queen's Hotel at   l'ilt   Moon I
wns (,ulted by tne this morning.
Montreal,    Que.,     Jan,     li ��� .lames
Baxter, Walter Fellow,* iiiiii Ernest
Pellowea,  broker,   nnd   it    Lemieox,
..' uiintniil. and .1. .1. Herbert, teller
uf the defunct Hank Ville Marie, wen
nil   committed   to stand tlnir Mini   at
the approaoblng issslon of the Oourl
nt Queen's Bench on the charge of con-
spiring   iu   defraud   the   bank  ol   its
lunds. Tlie aniuuut Involved Is snid to
lie 1178,000, Application made for
lail   waa   taken   under   consideration
mul iu the meantime ail th"  prisoners
aie languishing iu jail.    Several more
arrests   am expsoted    in  oonneotlon
wiih the case
Ottawa. Mnn . Jan li.-Walter S-
curd, bra:.email on tbe Q T l( .while
OOnpltng cars here this morning slipped and in falling between th" bumpers
was impali'il. lhe link iHiielrating   his
chest    He died nt noon
Winnipeg.,   Man..     Jan.     IV���The
Winnipeg Vlcturias challengers for the
th.- Boars had realised and augmented
the strength of tlm position, the success wiili which they kepi llnir works
anil disposition secret until the cm-
cial moment, the feint on the extreme
right Which drew off the entire nitil-
lorj strength of n-ir forces from their
main position, the nstouisbing aoenr-
any of their picked shuts at longest
range, should nil be remembeied in
the credit of their generals. It was
In the materia] which formed the
commanders that they failed. They
could not do mote I nan they actually
did with the men under command
Jealousies brd sprung np between the
general-, tlie linn acoused each otboi
ut oownrdloe and the threat ot physical
force had if ruinuis were true, to bo
held nn i   1 In-ill  moro than   OIICS.    The
une pound Maxim gun was the most
effective  weapon used by   the   Boers,
The   tile OT six    shuts lin il in one see-
nnd while  the gun was traversed bad
il,nie uiolal effeot ill.iii Ihe steady   ills
������burg" nf shrapnel frum tho ordinary
Ifl-poonder at half minute Intervals.
une  mnn   nut   far from me had both
Hughs   blown "ii  as he snt by, o I
these little shells landing nn the
gtiiiindjietwi "ii thorn, bnt there is no
question that the mortal effect was as
a ml" greater  than   the practical re
I (if tin lessnn in im learned from   tin
As a subscriber says, the   following,
token from tbe Boundary Creek Times.
"assays higher than  must pro-peots'
of the kind :
Laugh, little   folk!   for joy   to   think
that Knglaud's sun has set.
Ilui Fame   laughs louder than ye all
nud freedom loudei yet.
Take hack your spite engendered snei
ymir conscript-nurtured scorn,
Hark! to the cry tl at comes from East
out-heralding tbs Mom.
And Westward of tho sunset ��� from  tin
Race ye so revile.
Prom by the broad Bt tinwrcce���from
beneath the Southern Cms:
��� ���vV(���we _re England's I Count with
us before yoo count her loss I"
Ijongei than ocean's leagues  it comes
nud loudei than its l'nam,
"The Motherland is calling  ns���we'ri
wanted, buys, nt Home!
To light the Empire's  battles, and  to
wear the English rose "
And   clarion like   and  clearer   still it
gntl eis und it grows!
"Tali  us" theii manhoud cries as om
" we heed not limb nor life !''
"Take    them;    tbey'r.    yours1   we
grudge  them  not,"  cry mother,
sislt r. wile.
"Ten thousand men to light for you nf
Hritish flood mid breed,
Ay, twice ten times ten uinn-iiml shall
lie with yon if you need,
Wo i.re .is stiiunili as   liiaw Natal that
bears tlm battle's brant,
In gear   and   gold, und   side by
liuhts with yon at the front.
was  felt   f.
^respondent says 11 monia tmi
ilde in any Inline | New Disc
than once
Muiiiiei River itn-
" Il mil Im lintiii
war. lor officers to retain their swords
.nni ti will im worth while for the
w,ir iiiiii" iii constraot some light ear-
bine ihat may be carried by them in
stead ni the w ilghty ones served out
tu tin men."
"Awful  anxiety
widow of ihe brave General  Bornhara
of   Miieliins.    Me .    when    the   iloelors
shim she could nni  live nil  morning"
i writes Mrs. 8, H. Lincoln, who at-
j tended her that featfnl night " All
thought she must soon die frum pn
London, ; Jan. 18.��� Julian Knlph
wriimg for the Dally Mall describes
one small hill In Belmont engagement
siiving "On this kop,|e the Boer commander oorapnllnd Ihe poor men ol ins
command to live for weeks, nnshaved,
andean and bnngty looking, I knew
when I -aw these neglected bodies
��� .it'll ut. tbe British  bayonets found
them, bow It could lie that white men
lie begged   for Dr,   King
iivery.    saving   it had   mine
suv 'il her life, and had enr
ml her iii consumption, After thioe
small dunes she slepl easily all night,
; ml ii iiii'ther n.-e completely cared
her." This miii'Velluns medlalne is
guaranteed m cure nil Throat, Cheat
nnd Lung Diseases. Only .mi cent und
|l.    Trial  huiiies  ine ni Canada
llrng i.  11'ml. Store.
Hi ilu-.u. 1 j ilr-t. ins- iiniturtukiir In Nolaon.
Ml!. ... IV. I'I Ill'V.   Aililn
NULMN i hum I um: co.
Appll .hallo Block,     link.i'si, cur. '.out.mi)
Or ut  icHiileiH'c uu Blllcu strui't,   Bast
Harness aud
Tho loadtng ahopi Largo
.took, nest ��� ssui'ieii .took
mi  hand,   ftarncBH, rol
1,-ti's ot hesl iiiiikt-. Siul-
tlll's. Illllllkl'ls. Hulls,
Whip-,   Hxusln's, Cullllis,
I'r'i't's satisfactory,
rail nml ico,
cur. Ward nml  Bakor
si reel-.
Iii tho mattor ot t-ho "Uompnnlafl Winding Up
Act. 1808,"and In tho matter uf tho "Nelson
Hoot-man Gold Mining Company, Limited," in
Noliooti horoby given tlmt ut nn extraordinary gonoral mealing .��f the Neliton Poorman
Gold Mining Company, Limited, held November 17th, 18P9, duly oon von ed, a Rp-pclal reaolu-
tton requiting the Rttd eotnpany to be wound
up wa* duly pa-*��edi which resolution ut n sub
aoquentoxtraordlnory general mooting of ilu.
suid auupHiiy, also duly convened, uml bold on
Dooembor-5U-, 1808, was duly confirmed.
At. such \m\ mentlonod meeting the appoint-
monts of William Murray Botsford nf tho City
of Vancouver Province of British Columbia,
as liquidator and Charles O, Bennotl of the
same place as Inspector, for the purposes of tlie
Winding up wort- confirmed.
Notice la also given (pursuant to "Companies
Winding l'p Art, _8UB." section m.. ihui the
creditors ot and others having olaims upon tlie
!*uid company, are required on or before the 10th
day of January) A. 1)., HUH), tot-end tboirnunieH
niul addrewos, tho parttoulars nf > heir debts or
olaims and the nature of ibo Beourltles, if any,
licbi by them to William Murray Botsford,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax, Vancouver, li. v.,
ttio liquidator of the Bald company.
Not ie_* is forthor kIvcu that after nuoh lust
mentioned date tbe said liquidator will proceed
lodi-lribute the assets of tbe said compsliy
among tho parttos entitled thereto, having regard only to tbe olaims of whioh be Bliall then
have notice.
Dated ut Vancouver,B.O��Pec.Oth. 1880,
Macklnnon Budding. Granville ot-roet, Vancouver, H. C
BolloltOr for the suit) Liquidator.
Bhareholdurs in ihe Mid company  are re
questod to forthwith forward their Hhare cer-
tlfloatos to the t-i-.-il liquidator In order thnt th
distribution accuiing therton may bo spoodlly
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
\l.l,   KIM IS   OF
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Ni i son.
Orders hy mail receive careful and prompt a'ten tion.
Can't do better than by tnlking with
about their daily wants.    The .ul,
is the quality, price and qunnlity
with Crockery, Glassware, etc., at
ntage we have over our competitors
i slock. We '"in also supply J'OU
liock Bottom prices.
Mining and mail orders carefully
llllll   Ml
llllll   ill'
lll'I'I'SSIU'V  '
NOTICE U hereby given that an nppli-
ciitinn will im made tn tin- LeolslH-
thn AsMMiulily nf the Province of Hritish (.'uliiinliia nt its next nesaloa.tor an
Act to Incorporate a Company with
power to riiiiBtiuct. equip, maintain,
mid operate telephone nml telenraplt
lini's within nnil tbronghool tin-Pniv-
inn' of British Oolmnbia, ami to
Kiruct. ei not, awl maintain ann
ninny pules and othor works
vines hh tlm Company   ili-eni
for making,  completing,
nsiriK, working,   operating ami mai
laiuini.' the s.vstflin of  noromnnloation
by ti'lnphoni'  nml  telegraph,   and  to
open or break np any pari  or parti ol
the sani blgbwaya or atreeta is often
as tin' sniii Company, its agents,  olll-
(���BrH or workmen think proper, ami for
tlm pnrposea of the nndertaKing in pnr-
obase, aoqnlre, or  lease, _Uii bold and
sell ami dispone of latiils, bnildlnga nr
tenements within the limits aforesaid
and t" porohase nr lease, for any term
nl  yars. any telephone  in   teleiirnpli
line    established,  or  to be establish-1
nil, in Htitish Ciiluinliin. eoliuented  or
tn be oonneoted  with the  linn  whioh i
the Company  may  oonstrnat, ami  to
amalgamate  with  or lease its line or
lines, nr any portion or pni'liniis there-
nt. in any oompany possessing, aH pro-
prletor, m.v line ol telephones or til.
graph oomrannioatlon oonneotinu or
tn be oonneoted, with tbe said Company a line or linen, and tn borrow
money for the purposes of the Com-
I'linv, iiiiii iii pledge nr mnrtuiiK. any
. tha Company's assets for thai pur-
pose, and to reoeive bonuses nr prtvil. I
eiies from .my pet .on or body  roroor-
ale.  llllll  With llllotbel  llsuilljneesslll'V
>r Incidental rights,  powers or ptivii-
f��e" B" "IIIV I cesaary or Inoldental
to the iiiiiiiiimi'iit of ihu above objects
"i anv of them. '
Dated this 1Mb <i,.y of December
>������- .1. R. 13HUWN.
Holioltor for the Applomuu.
P. O.
attended to,
Box K and W. Telephone io. Baker Street
We are slm \ ing
First-Class Line
V I*. I. Y
we are offeringQat
Shelf & Heavv Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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