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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 17, 1899

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Daily Edition No. 548.
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, October 17,  1899.
Tenth  Year
The American Yacht Comes Out Nearly
Ten Minutes Ahead.
After Seven Tria]s a Good Breeze Gives an Opportunity
For ihe Rival Craft to Show Their Mettle.
Shamrock Is Not Beaten Yet.
New York Uct. 16 -rlh crews of
liith yachts had breakfast e;u!\ and
when they "turned to'' about si.\ it
was with a will, for in spits' of the
linzy weather, theie was n go- il I r-1 ze
Iriun the eastward which promised to
Increase and give the yachts a good
nice nt last. Jibs and stay sails wen
up and hatches put nn, both lnsln'd und
everything made sung before !'
o'olook, At !l:lii the Coluiiiliia oast otl
from her moorings and wus taken in
tow iiy the Wallace B, Flint, llio
Shamrock started in tow ot the Lawrence A Simons a little later. Covers
were kept on the mainsails and club
topsails to keep them rir^ until the last
moment as there was just inniigli tine
ruin to dampen them. At 10 o'olook
the Coin nil ia's crew began hnistiug
thu mainsail. It was set 111 five mil -
iites. Tho Sbumiock's mainsail begun
to go up at the sumo time but it was
fully 15 miuutes before the sail was
set. When the yachts were ready, the
wind was fairly steady finni the east
ward, blowing about ten miles au
hour,the water smooth mid sky cloudy,
Two miles was about the limit of observation, owing to heavy mists.
At 10:50 both yachts cast off tlnir
tow lines, broke out their jins anil
mast-headed their No. 2. club topsails
The Columbia also sent up her baby
jib topsail on tho stuy. At tho same
time the committee boat, Walter Luoh-
enbaob, anchored due south of the
Sandy Honk Lightship and sent up the
ciniise signal. It was east, making a
-Hi��t dead to windward for the yachts
of fifteen miles and a run hack, if the
wind held from the Hume quarter.
The regatta committee meant bus uess
this lime, for a few minutes lut-r iliey
suited Ihe tug to leg off the eoeii-e
und to 10:4B tho preparatory signal wus
niudo. Both yaclns then began mail-
oeuvertng for position, At. 10:56 when
tbe waning signal was given, they
were playiug for weather i erth to the
nurt!iwaul uf th line oha iin.olf
breaking ont her staysiil it hia t> ���. .
wm n t .o minut'- e e h'li b-.-l v
'be starting signals bub .uoiit��  wer
head! g. .,  cum 1   nf le . tlm i ���>, in
west     r (til      iiuni     o   ,i- I .       Ic
Oohi ibi    11     in     i-r!    ii < I  i   fu
tl   ,'n
mm cutters Manning   and  Onokiuga;
toi  edo i out   Porter   n   U   in
i I osi on board tne small tieel had a
spb i i ������ view ot tha start nnd foi ten
minutes after it ��.as anxious oms for
both \a tit's friends. After that, it
.mis all over but the sheeting, in li\e
minutes the Columbia had widened
the distance to windward between herself and the Shamrock fully a length,
She heeled more thau tne latter noa:,
but her sails were all full and she was
pointing higher from tne moment she
started, Captain Hogarth, thinking
bis boat would be able to ODtfoot the
Columbia sufficiently to tack across her
bnw ii little later, gave her a good rap
full. The green boat re.spn-ided nobly
and tn some it appeared that she was
passing the Columbia very fast. So
she was, but she was losing windward
ground every niinnte.
When the Shamrock tacked to port
11:15 and the Columbia _0 seconds
later, it was seen that Barr had so
placed his boat on the weather bow of
the Shamrock as to spill the back
v-iud into the Shamrock's sails. Hogarth was obliged to keep bioad off
for about thirty seonnds to get out from
under the Columbia's lee. By 11:20
the Bristol boat was quite nn eighth of
a mile to windward and outfooled
her rival al tho time. Captain Hogarth finding that the Shamrock simply would not poiut as high as the Co
luiiibin, flattened down his shoots as
hard as he dared and had to be contented with giving her a good full aud
let her go at that. At 11 :4o 30
when the Sh nirock tauked to pert, the
Columbia was fully a qnatter of a mile
to windward of her. Captain Hogarth
wus growing desperate and he resorted
in his short ticking tactics, in hoie
thnt his bunt would fore reiteh sufflci
ently to make a material gain to wind
ward. Some idea may be gathered of
j tb" quick work thnt followed when it
i is stated that b-.tb yachts made .-eer.il
|(moke lii 'n0 u'" f'l r minutes and
fori -Ave s'l'inds, the Shamrock al
ys til    inn lust.
11 the - I'liol s on of I is in rine nui I
bet e n tii- siunb- sti'kers Hc.garrh
t nd : i si If t.-i t - r in ee ar.1 than
e     .     The     ol        i       .i nnr     been
ii    f re-
ii tern, the Shamrock t.ai  . - ��� ��� ������ .   ���
"'1    ii.. ihe lim  to un<iriy thi c< ntn ul
it    Shi   >ci!.   held   tl  hm    i
ir ni' ,,- ,.r to the llghtslnc hel ri
'" ;��� n ti ff to cross the line, i upturn Barr on tbe Colnmbia, had his
yaoht well in hand, being al the tiiui
u good length astern. Sixth I ���
flat aft, be began to lull the moment
Hogarth did, and shoot ng the Columbia across the BhuniOOk'e wake he
sent her ucriss tho line nioio than fifty
yards to windward of the Ohallengi r
and with such a good oveilap on her
that according to the offioial time she
was only three seconds astern.
Both yaohtR were now close hauled
ou the starboard tack aud were carrying exactly tho same sail, mainsail,
club topsail, jib, foresail and babyjib
topsail. As soon as sheets woie
trimmed all hands except the men stationed at tbe head sheets, jumped for
tho weather side and huddled close
down to the starboard soil, while the
skippers watcned each other like
There were not many excursion
steamers out iu tin.e to see the start
The principal ones weie: The steam
yachts Corsair, Erin and Niugara; the
uxcursiou boats Ropublic, Grand He-
public, Monmoath aL'i Anglo; the rev-
i,   ., uiu.es   longei
to   he -s-ni's'   I ii'k. ii    ��as
ib,  : list' i boat  was half a mile
ml .- ard   ol   her  rixil     In
tin i  more tacks the Columbia still in-
ad In r windward lead Tbe Shan
rock people at i :58 took In ber baby
jii, i r ail, hoping, pferhapB, that she
might iioiiit higher, but it" was evidently In vain, for in 10 minutes they
set the sail back again. It was taken
in 20 minutes lutei for a few minutes.
Each yacht made 22 tacks iu
Windward work and in all these the
Shamrock took the initiative, dipt.
Barr waited for Hogarth to tack and
with but one or two exceptions ho put
the Columbia about within three seconds of the other boat. The laBt half
dozen tacks were longer than the
others. The outermark which had
been obs.inred by mist wbb visible after 1 o'clock. The wind grew lighter
as they approached, but it increased
in force a little as the Columbia made
her last tnck at 1 :4(i. 80 She looked
very handsome as she approached the
mark on the port tack, a couple of hor
smooth bronze bilge plates showing on
her weather side. Smartly tho crew
launched her spinnaker hoom out, to
port before she had fairly made the
' turn and squared  away on   her home
ward course. The great sail was broken out from steps the same moment,
the main boom siding far off to starboard. They were actually eighty rive
seconds setting the spinnaker, The
Shamrock's men beat them five seconds in this work. Tbe time at the
turn was: Columbia, 1:48.19; Shamrock, 1:58 08. This shows the Columbia
wns niue minutes, 49 seconds ahead
when she rounded the mark. The
elapsed time of the Culnmbia for 15
miles was two bonis, 47 minutes, 18
seconds; foi the Shamrock, two hours,
57 minutes, live seconds, showing that
Columbia's gain on actual start nine
minutes, 17 seconds. This, indeed,was
a great vietoiy for the Columbia, for
both yachts had covered the distance in
a steady breeze and at no time were
thoy fur enough apart tn benefit by any
putf of wind. The Columbia's balloon
jib topsail was set ininiediately after
the spinnaker aud tha head sails hauled
down, she began ber 15 mile run to
the finish at a speed of about eight
kiwis an hour The Shamrock's balloon
jib topsail was set several minutes after rounding the enter mark and for a
time it seemed as though she was overhauling the Cdnuibia. At the time
this appeared to be a reasonable o-in
elusion, because when she began, the
st-rn boat was in the position to take
advantage of any -quails tnat might
oouie along, It soon became evident,
however, th -t her apparent Rain was
nuly imaginative ami Colnmbia was
nut only holding her own, but us the
lignris showed later she was really
gaining in tbe run before the wind.
Mile after mile they tiaveli-d lost, sight
ot by tho fleet by reason of the chunks
of mist thai came along. The finish
line marked by the committee boat
and Sandy Honk Lightship, was not
visible until the yachts were within a
couple of miles of it. Then there was
a rush of steamers to reach the goal
ahead of the yachts. It could not be
called an exciting finish uor was it a
tamo oue altogether. So few boats
were present to witness it and the
weather was so depressing that, as a
spectacular one, the fluish might be
called poor. Both in time and distance the yachts were so far apart tbat
it was a rather poor finish from a
sportmans standpoint. When the Columbia, hor great mainsail broad off
to starboard and her akyreaching spinnaker to port, swept across the line at
3:45.59 the Shnmrook was hardly visible astern, only the outline of her sail
being traceable in the mist. Nine
minutes and eleven seconds iu time
elapsed between the finishing of the
Columbia and the Shamrock, which
means in distnact about a mile und a
Finish time: Columbia, 8:54.59;
Shnmrook, 4:05.10.
The official summary is:
Elapsed time of Columbia, from the
outer mark to the finish was two honrs
six minutes, 40 seconds; the Sbam-
rock, two hours, seven minutes, two
The Columbia having gaiued 32 seconds.
Colnmbia, start, 11:01.00; finish,
3:54 59; elapsed, 4:53.63. Corrocted
time, 4 :f>3.58.
Bhauirnek, start, 11:01.08; finish,
4:05.10; elapsed, 5:04.07. Correotid
time 5:04.ni. Thus tbe Columbia
wins by 10,minutes, 14 seconds aotual,
and HI minutes, eight gf.oonds corrected ti i n. Aftet tiie nice, while tl-e
y .eh!- wre bi i"g towed buck to their
mi gp   Sir Thomas Liptnu's  yacht
in i  ��� i-i'ii   lo ;��� Id'   the  C'lium la.
,i   c r  ami men. lul by Sir
1 i   si1,    'I    the     Yank* e
,- . . ��� y o ii -. I l ei weie
qrtlo-tJy |i ue to ivith three oncers
and i tiger (torn the Columbia's men,
j, ,i b) Mi. ' llivor Iselin,
A nnml "i nf yachts Bred guns -.������ ���������
lutes to both yachts at the finish
The flagship ' '"������ air was among tbe
number and as soon as tbe Anierioan
yacht bad orossed the line, Commodore
.1. Pierpont Morgan ordered the Amer-
inan i lisigns to be hoisted at each
masthead nud at the ends of both
gatfs. The ships saluted with their
whistles and tbe Shamrock's roception
wns as noisy as the Columbia's.
Twenty minutes after they had crossed
tho finish line, the only vessels out
there were ihe old light ship and the
telegraph schooner Lizzie Carr, The
yachts and the excursion fleet had vanished in the mist homeward bound.
London, Oct. 10 ���A somewhat revised edition of Hall Oaiuo's "The
Christain" was produced at the Duko
of York's theatre this evoniug. But
whether because of the long heralded
advent of tho play or for failure to secure what England has been lod to believe an ideal Amenonii cast, the performance in a mnunor failed to realize
what were undoubtedly high expectations. Evelyn Mellar seemed misplaced
in the part of "Glory Quaille" and
Herbert Warring, as 'John Storm,"
lacked much thai might hnve made a
complete performance. The Ptince
of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge,
Canon Wilbeforce Lady August Hni
ris, Lady Violet Brassy aud Sir Edward Lawsou were conspicuous in Unboxes.
Tacomn, Oct. 1(1.���A. C. Little,
State Fish Commissioner, has received
a report of an examination of Chilli-
whack Lake nnd River, a trihutray of
the Fi'dser, which heads In Whatcom
county, north of Mount Baker.       ������
The exaniinining party report that
they found but few sockeyes iu the
lake, which is just across tbe boundary, about two miles in British teiri-
lory. Mr. Little is of the opinion,
however, that the party arrived at the
lake tno late in the season, as current
repi rt lias for years given the lake
ciedi for being a favorite haunt of
these fish.
"While it may seam a little strange,
at first glanee. to be propogating fish
in a rivi r in British Columbia, it is a
good proposition," remarked the Commissioner "Tbe sockeye is the mo-t
valuable fish that comes int the Sound.
Of the catch ot the present season, estimated at 8,"i4,H00 cases. 514 000 ere
sockeyes, 80,000 chindoks, 388,000
hunibpaoks and about 72,000 silver and
dog salmon.
. "Praolii-ally all of the sockeyes are
Fruser River fish, and fullv 000,000
and mny e 050,000 of ihe 854.000 eases
Bre Fruser Ri.er fish, so Ton s-e the
importance to Sound fishermen of
keeping up the supply of fish in the
"We have now several hatcheries on
tbe streams tributary to the Sonud,
built this year, but only one, Baker
Lake, has been in operations and that
not long enough to get any returns.
Next yoar ought to show returns from
Baker Lake hatchery
"The fish for Fraser river come in
the Straits and swarm around the islands, seldom coming further south
thau Port Madison. A few sockeyes
-���tin up the Skagit and we hope to
make that a good sookeye stream, but
the best proposition is the Fraser.
"My plan is to put a hatchery on
tho Chiliwack River, above the Like,
across on our side of the line. The
stream is an idenl one for a sockeye
hatcheiy and the lake favorable to tbe
suocesa of the enterprise and such a
hatchery ought to be a most valuable
addition to the fishing industries of
this State.
"In this region, the sockeye or blue
back, is practically extinct. There
are a few in Wallowa Lake and a few
in Oregni Lake, but not enough to out
any figure in the fish output of that
State. While I believe wo can make
several of our Puget Sound streams
good fish streams and that probably the
Skagit aud perhaps the Nnoksack and
other streams mav make good sookeye
streams, yet the importance of Fraser
River should not be overlooked."
Their Following in Lobby and Discussion
Will Be Very Small.
Situation in South Africa Desperate, but No News of
Any Further Fighting���News That Irish Leaders
Condemn Government Is Not a Surprise.
St. Louis, Oct. 10.���A special to tbe
Poll t-Dispatch from Dallas, Texas,
6iiys: Near tbe state fair grounds, in
the eastern sulmrbs, a trnlley car on
the Raoid Transit road, filled wiih
passengers, collided this afternoon
with an excursion train ou the Santi'
Fe road. Of ibe 4!l passengers on tbe
stieet cur. nearly half weie hurt. Six
were seriously Injured, and three of
than eauum iive. Tne ambient was
caused by tho trolle, car and train at
tempting to mnks- a cioasing wh re
there  was   u-i   flagman   at the   time.
V Intoria, B. C, i'oi. 16,��� The divorce case 'f Sohnltz vs Bohul's came
up before Mr. Justice Walker thi-
iiininiiig. Henry BnbultZ sees for divorce from bis Wife, Helena Schults,
for adultery. Sumo formal evidenoe
was taken und the case then adjourned
until tomorrow. The wife is unrepresented. The partios are of Atlin and
Hamburg, Oot. 14.���Charlotto, siBter
of  Heinrich    Heine,    the  celebrated
German poet died here today, aged 08.
Whilo there is a By-law in this City
tbat prevents people from heaping up
garbage in front or back of business
houses, there is no ponalty attached to
any disibeying it. Some people are
in tbe habit of sweeping out trash to
their back doors of nights and   setting
': fire to i'.  Such a fire was put out Sun-
|day night by Officers Smith aud Kerr.
I Chief'ihnmpsno, of the Fire Department, wi'l hereafter examine into all
such cu-e.-i r'.os-lv and sumo melius will
, be proi idid to escape from  a  possible
' eiinllagriil inn.
Inuid. n. Met. i0. 'lie Evening
NeWB publishes a dispatch iron,. Capetown saying tbat a- the i ape Ministry
refused to dnll out the volunteers fui
tbe defense of ihe Colony, tbe Imperial authorities baie done so, On the
oilier band, tbe Capeti wu corespou' ent
of the Duily ' hroniola declares that
the Inipsriui authorities huve never
suggested any bit h action and ho asserts that tbe widespread report ru-
gaiding the resignation or intended
resignation of the Cape Piemier, Mr.
W. P. Schreiner, is incorrect.
al   this  nf-
London, Oct. 10.���The Colonial
Office issued this evening tbe correspondence between Mr. Chamberlain
aud Sir Alfred Miluer, British High
Commissioner in South Africa respecting the Transvaal controversy, from
September 8 to October 12. Tbo salient point of principal dispatches, however, has been already published.
Some of the telegrams, tieating of side
issues, are interesting.
For instance, the Goveruor of Natal,
Sir Walter Francis Healy-Hutchiniiin,
wired Mr. Chamberlain on October 2nd
as fo'.lows. "Diuusul reports that natives in tho Vrybeid district of Transvaal are becoming desperate aud it is
feared that they will not remain quiet
much longer. The Boers are seizing
their cattle, and the Chief implores
the British Government to intervene.
I havo replied that it is best for the
���olus to remain quiet. My opinion
is, however, that the natives iu Vry-
heid district may possibly rise against
the Boors tn oase of war. They will
not much longer submit to the treatment they have had at the hands of
the Boers.
On September 20, Mr Chamberlain
Bent the following to the British High
Commissioner. "I think that if the
Government of the South African Republic commence hostilities, it wouln
be well for vou to warn President Kruger, that in view of the persistant ru
mors that huve reached H r Majesty's
Government as to threats to murner
British subjects, he and his Govern-
meui are expected to uroieci the lives
i.ud properly ni peaceable people, lint-
isli subje-ts un I others and will ie
held responsible by Hir Majesty's
i mi i nun-ill for any uct oommitten
contrary io the usages if civilized peo
Lou Ion. Oct. 10.��� The   WOI   news is
sml in lbs icioii  of Biiimi-ii    Then
.r>    tumors   that tbe lours ban    I . en
repulsed al Mafeking ami are attacking
A Capetown paper has a despatch
flora ihe Orange River stating thut
the telegraph Wires have been cut between Vrvburg and Kimherlv and it is
belie /ed that the Boers arc taking advantage of the presence of a large
gathering of disloyal farnieis at Vryburg, celebruting Nachtmaalt, to attack the town, reporting that the
fanners Will assist them against tho
British. The same dispatch says tho
British force at Kimberly, is confident of its ability to hold out, but
urges the immediate dispatch of relief corps. Tho question of a positive
rising of the Dutch farmers in the
northern portions of Capo Colony is
very important.
moment'    to t
Sir ., iiii.,m , eru n Hitr '0 . i n d
Mi . nliii Morley nill nnd u ii-n y
make a s ate eei.t uf their views tomorrow, ni their ,ii ii us will be
guided largely bj the 1 ne b ah Sir
'Unr> Can pbi II I ���nn- i man li del of
the (J|i) ositiou in th      Hi ��� om
inous, in, i ������ ti. .
Ii is considered probabb that Mr.
Morley will vote for a hostili amendment if Sir Henry Carupbell-Banner-
mau moves what ho culls a reasonable
and appropriate one.
The Irish- leaders, however, are certain to move an amendment condemning the Government's policy, though
their follovsing in a discussion and the
lobby is likely to be small.
The Dally Mail's correspondent at
Colesburg has been inquiring regarding the matter and on the whole think
ihe chances are agaiust a rising, He
bases his opinion on the prospeot of
good crocs after four lean years, which
he believes will predispose tho farmers
to peace Nevertheless, there is serious disloyalty and much anti-British
agitation iu these districts, while tho
Free Slate Koors threaten au immediate invasion Oi Colesburg and Aliwal
The Daily Mail's correspondent asserts that Sir Alfred Milnei is worked
to death and that Capetown is surging
with bitter resentment at what is
culled the "Schreiner Cabinet's be-
irayal of Mafeikng by its constant ro-
fnsiil to seud a volunteer force to its
relief. "
The advanced Radicals will meet tomorrow, to deliberate upon the liui
they shall follow, and iililiongli it is
fairly certain thut any subject but tho
Transvaal will be ruled out of order,
Mr. James Galloway, Member foi Robs
and Cromarty, has deoioed to test the
point by giving notice ot annul nd-
inoi.t to the Cr i'> ti r question. Dis-
patohes from the Cape are veiy nienmo
tonight. But ibey include sn important message from Gleucoe ourop, dated
8:86 this afternoon (Monday | annoiiuo-
iui! tb.it the Boer Commander which
invaded   Natal   through   beings Nek
nud   alter   occupying    .Newcastle    ad-
vanned to Daunbauser, returned on
Igniu.iie yefietfiay evening,their trans-
pOlt serv.ee b'ing reported dofeciive.
this ill neiay Indefinitely tlio antici-
piied "int hoped tor assault on the
-tnu.g Hr ti-h position ut Gleucoe.
An th i dis, ut h top- rts U' tivity on
tie  part ul the I' rec  Bt  tc eoiuinaii i   n
tin neighborhood ot Aliwal North, ou
the southern   frontier.   The Boers ad-
vauce patrol, ihe dispatull says, go to
the frontier bridge nightly tn keep
watch, tiling s ols in intervals as signs is. it is believed the enemy i a I cuds
shortly to tiy to push the railway station with the help of artillery posted
on a ridge commanding   the town.
Now York, Oct. 16, -The Commercial cable has issued the following notice: "Wo are advised that the Natal
administration announce that telegraphic communication with the
Orange Free State and Transvaal has
been suspended. The eastern company
notify us that censorship has been established at Aden, on all messages for
Sjuth Africa."
Loudon, Oct. Hi.���In the absence of
the Ministerial and Opposition dinners which are usually given on the
evening of the opening of Parliamentary sessions ut which the contents of
the Qusen'l Speech are generally made
known, the Speech WBS privately coiu-
Victoria, Oct. 10.���The  Ancient Or-
I der of   Forestura   annual meeting    for
Columbia   District opened  here   today
I with   delegates   from all parts of   Iho
' Province present.    The meetings   will
continue this  evening   and   tomorrow
ami Wednesday.    Thu   annual banquet
will bo held tomorrow evening.
Nelson Daily Miner
I ublisaoJ Daily except Monday.
MeiSOlt Minkr Printing _ Publishing Co.,
D. J   llEATON. Fxlitor and Manager.
ally per month hy oanter i 1 00
per half year    6 0(1
perywr  1000
per y_ir by mall    600
per yo     forelirn.  1000
Nkiaon Wkkkiy Miner.
Weekly, pe  naif year I 1 M
p..r year    2 00
poryoar, foreign    '50
MubHcrlptlon i invariably in advance
sclson Min r Printing & PubllshlngCo
TtLEPHONE     NO.    144.
Referring to the wilful exaggeration
of the number of men employed in the
mines iu the region of Sandon, The
Mining Review of that place says, after giving the correct figures in detail:
"In all there are in these mines less
than fifty men working now, when
under the old law they would be working five hundred strong. Thn figures
are the conclusive proof whether or
not the Eight-Hour law is injuring
the Slocan.1' The Miner has never
said more than this. It was never
claimed that work was wholly suspended. All through the Slocan men
are at work developing properties,
and this will go on though every producing mine iu the Kootenays should
shut down. Development has not
ceased and will not cease. But work
in the mines proper has been paralysed
in consequence of  differences  created
there is none at all as to the outcome
of the present muddle in British Colnmbia. Political affairs have got into sach a tangle thnt only a dissolution
can put them into any sort of workable shape again. Thn present Government cannot go mi. That is not a
matter of opinion merely, but is a
simple calculation in figures. Governments that exist by favor of _egisln-
tuies or Parliaments cannot live without majorities. The Semlin Government uever possessed oue that was bit
enough and stnble enough to put anxiety aside, and such as it was has been
frightfully mangled of late. There is
not a man in the Province with the
least knowledge of the situation and
with political sagacity enough to distinguish between the Government side
and the Opposition side who does not
know that present Ministers have lost
control of the House, To lose control
means resignation or defeat, and with
a [legislature composed ai at present
another Government that could sur-
I'liunil themselves with an assured and
reliable majority is imposible. There
is r>o escape from the existine situation except through dissolution,
What a general election will result in
producing we shall be safer in prophesying after the event than before. A
year ago and more the Liberals as a
party declared for partv lines. The
challenge has oeen taken up hy the
Conservatives, who in two conventions
have expressed themselves as favorable
to party government. These declarations can only mean that in many of
the constituencies, if not in all of
them, the parties will be represented
by candidates of the regulation stripe.
The chief organ of the Couservatives
is not pleased with this arrangement,
and its opposition may have the effect
of introducing soino confusion, perhaps
even of causing some embarrassment.
The situation may be further complicated by the necessity of considering
other interests. But as to the main
issue of  the  coming  campaign  there
We are showing' a
First-Class Line of
by the insane action of the Legislature .  ,     ,,, ,    , ,.  .    ,
.,,. ...   ., , ,.    ���   .       should bo neither  doubt nor difheulty
iu   meddling   with the   relations   be- I ,., , ....
, i���,i-_     Every candidate   who   will   refuse  ti
tween employers and   employed.    The 1 ,    , J   , .
iU     _i -.\ ��� declare himself  as willing to  consign
same paper in another place says, with , ^    ���    ,.     ��� t B   ,   ,,   ,,
the Semlin, Government nnd all their
works to oblivion, if nothing worse,
shonld be defeated. The exaot complexion of the opposing candidate need
not matter; it will be sufficient if he
stand as a living nnd breathing protest
against Martinism and Cottonism, and
too much truth, as we all fear: "From
indications there will be a lalior struggle over tbe wholo of the Kootenay
country. Notwithstanding all reports
to the contrary, $3 for hand drillers is
the prevailing price   the country over.
In a word, it is just as well it  should
, - . . ��� , . I the dishonor  and  disgrace  aud   grave
be    so.      Patching    up    here     aud:     .... . . "      .
there will never  make   a cure ;  bolter
have  a general olosedown, and n geu- i
eral   understanding  arrived at.    Wlth I ��� down paitie. against, so long as they
the full mining   staff  on one side and .
all the owuers on tho other, an under-10"1'1      ""���""���  "���"'���"''"'^'"i".
stanniug permanent   in   its  character
I public danger their triumph would
bring upon the Province. Let there be
I a dozen parties against, so loug as they
I aro united in tbe determination to
In its  Ottawa   dispatch, dated   the
ilOtb, The   Toronto Globe says:   "The
will be soon   reached.    The crash can
not come a moment too soon. "
Tho mining  industry  of the Koote-! j" ,
.. , . Imperial   authorities   havo   ;,11   along
nays, which was so bright with prom-   , .,   ,   ,,     ,, . _
, , ��� known that tne Government nf 3an-
1S9 at   the  beginning  of  tie year, is  ���,      ...    .   ,,   ,      . ,      t        ,
nda will gladly furnish a force for ser-
vice   in  Smith   Africa."   Omniscient
This  lamentable  condition of things T       ��� ,       .,    .,     ,    ������        ,
.   . ..._...     .     Imperial    authorities!    They    knew
more than the  Canadian  Government.
theinseh ���-      In an   iiil ii 1 ievv given I 1
' tbe same   Glol      jus!   in<  ��� ���   tc prevj
Wilfrid   : mrii ���     Prei iier
sttitl:   ' ���..- fi  -' .:.��� diani     in ���    biur, 11
conl ugeu , the G        imenl   bus   ni
I   be  qi - ti ti,'     li  the I lov-
threatened with complete stagnation.
This lamentable condition of things
Will scarcely be sensibly affected by the
mere development work that pr motors prosp '-is. ������'��� other i t ten n
u vill find it ncoi isai to pn -
ii ic.   The i       t such   -will
oome stagnant, and thi   intire ������ .    less
of the ci nntry   will   suffer   in
Gookino Stoves & Ranges
Backed by
Which we are offering at
We never assert that u
price is low unless the item
possesses every desitahle
feature���unless it is an article we can recommend.
No matter bow low the
price, it is never of value
unless it possesses llie necessary quality requirements.
Pink Iron Blood Pills
Shelf & Heavy Hardware
Etc., Etc., Etc.
1 eceivetl
The Great Blood Builder,
Nerve Tonic and Regulator,  we fully reoonmend,
3 Boxes $1.00
H.  BYERS   &  CO
 BOOK GO.       j
Powder,   Caps,    Fuse,   Shovels,    Picks,
m1IaaJ11||1IJSmm|||!1I bar ,ron and steel��
ore CARS,
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in and sec us.
A large   consignment  of   all  kinds of   Heavy   Hardware
just   arrived.
Christie Brown's
Water Ice
and Choice Assortment
Biscuits and Cakes.
Hudson's Bay Stores.
West Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone 13.
4/x ^s ��� -��, ���<��_���-_��� S ��� >_, ��� ^ -��, ��� 8P;
quell 0     This  evil   has been wronorbl
���>    ��� i-iiiii. -i! 1. id   nol   even con iden tl   the
by the Government and Legislators, in '
passing a law dotting down   the v.ork- :
how   could   I be   I mpe . i bo
I thorites   kn iw   v. hnl    tbey   wonld   or
 ""    '    ,:h    l;'"" "       :    -wonld not d  'The      -   1 tin      twi :
iugs mitl tuminfjs havo heen uiario ne-
oessary by tbe successive iitiitinie- of
Mr. 'I'arte. lie first put down his foot
against tho idea of a continuent. hence
iiiu the niiuii owners notice of their
intention to do ho. The mine workers
were Immediately oneouragod by their
leaders to *akii advantage of the
ohauge, by demanding the same pay
for eight honrs that they had been contentedly accepting for ten. Thoy were
weak enough or indiscreet encngh to
act on the suggestion, and tho mine
owners were confronted with a demand
foi the old pay. It was lint in 'human
nature to submit to this double wrong,
and the mine owners are resisting.
Because thoy refuse to he imposed upon they are abused hy heelers of the
Government And in the meantime
the labor agitators and leadeis.too Ia7.y
tn earn an honest living with pick anil
drill and who are faring sumptuously
at the expense of their dupes, are ex-
liiir'ing tlm mine workers to hold out.
Tbo result of all whieh promises to be
general and complete stagnation during the coming winter.
Greatest opportunity to get Genuine Bargains in
New and Seasonable
ever presented to the people of Nelson.
Compelled by the force of a rapidly increasing: business f
abandon our present over-crowded quartei i
we have leased
"It is a moral certainty that we
will have both Federal and Provincial
elections within six months," observes
an exchange. In Eastern Canada tho
conviction la becoming more general
and growing stronger that the present
Pailiament of the Dominion has had
its last session. Whether the politicians ate deceived in their reading of
the signs only the event itself can conclusively prove. Bnt no doubt tho reasons ore strong for supposing that an
early dissolution is contemplated. The
Government lost rather than gained
during last session, aud they stand to
lose still more in popularity shonld
thoy decide to meet the Hnnse again,
Then, as we have already remarked,
there must he elections soon in Manitoba and Ontario, and the chances
seem largely tn favor the prediction
that both thoNe Provinres will lie lost
to the LibetnlB. To go to tho country
with the record of theso defeats would
be a bad thing for the Liberal party of
the Dominion.
Whatever doubt there may be, how-
ovor, us to  au early Federal  eloction,
tho Premier's interview disoouraging
it. Then the angry rear of the country frightened Ministers, and Mr.
Tarts, our French ruler, was induced
to consent, hence (lie claim now that
there was never any doubt about it.
The paths of the politicians and their
organs arc not always of the
strain lit est
The Columbia won tbe first bent.
We do not know that thera is anything
to be added to this���just now, at any
mm H
, ��� ���
Now that, winter in c-uminu on and the weather
chiiiiKi-iiiilii nil are snhjeol to causal and
cold* fur 1 Im i'iii-ii of whiih we kouii
11 full linn nr ihe popular remedies  MUCll 1IH
Byrup of White Pine nnd  Tnr,   Ayer's
Cherry Peotora', Fellow's Syrup
Hypophosphltes, Boschee's German
Svrup,   Balsam   Aniseid,    ('base's
Linseed and Turpentine, Hull's Pulmonary Balsam, Gray.'s .Syrup Red
Spruce (iiun.Pyny Pectoral, Cham,
berlaln's Cough (lores Pisob'Consumption Cure Shlloh's Consumption, Scott's Emulsion, Pate Nor
wegian Cod Liver Oil, Laxative
Brotiio-Qulnlne and n njmber of
others at.
Mclean's Drug Store.
Prescriptions  carefully  prepared at
any hour of the day or night.
Telephone No. 145.
Mail Okdeks   Promptly
P. O. Box 226.
From a Steamboat to a Baby's Rattle
Everything has a value at my store.
WARO   STR��_T��
ttetween Baker und Victoria Streets
Wl U Ul  I)
North-East Corner Josephine and D^ker Sts,
and on Nov. 1st will move to our new premises. To reduce
our immense stock of Dry Goods before that date, we will
commence Oct. 16, One Great Removal Sale, and will declare
such a war on prices as will convince the people of Nelson
that this is in reality a genuine Bargain Sale. This is not a
sale of any particular part of our Stock but effects each and
every article irrespective of cost or value. Money is easier
moved than Dry Goods. Bring your purses for we are determined that the goods must go.
��� -   V
- ���
Bargains in Ladies' Mantles.
"       " Dress Goods.
" Ladie's Suits.
" Children's Reefers
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f\\     *
In fact our whole Stock will be one mass of Bargains from
the beginning until the end of Sale.
Martin  O'Reilly & Co.
>_ A44444444-44��A__t__i_��i_'_'_ _ _s- -���   ���_��_;>- ^fi
9-5--������ -��� ��� 9Ti��� W9���" _> -> -1 V9iW9 _>*_! _l_! _trjr5_sf^.-js .-JS.--S r-srJSr>*V NELSON DAILY MINER, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1899.
There are Thirty-Five Ap.lications���All
Cannot Go���Arrangements For
Sailing of Troops
Rossland; P. A.Ross, Slocan City;
It. McGuire, Molly Gibson mine; D.
\V. Miioro, Trail; Mrs. A. li. Kilnsie,
Toronto; Percy J. Lyons, Walla Walls';
_. J. Aliirich, Wu'lla Walla; James
Waugh, Kaslo; James, PngsbVi St,
.John, N. B, ; N, N. Maoi.ean, Victoria.; ti. H. Ayoard and wife, Montreal; 0. K. Hill, Toronto: Andrew R.
Tufts. Vancouver; 0, II Warden, Victoria; D. H. R. _ otlierhuni, Ymir;
Donald Raid, Montreal; M. McCoiien
nnd wife, Toronto.
Gaptaiu A. E. Hoilgins' call for vol-
untrurs to servo iu the Transvaal has
been well respjnded to, unless then
thirty-five volunteers having sent in
their names, of whom 1(1 belong to the
Nelson Kirl'1 Company, The physical
standard is a comparatively biph one,
as apart from possessing a good constitution, volunteers must be five feci
six indies high, H4 inches round tho
chest and between tho lines of 22 ami
40. Dr. Symonda was busied all day
yesterday in examining the would be
recuits, and several of them failed to
come up to tho ntandard. It is not
known yet, how many men will be accepted from Nelson, but it is not
thought that more than ten or a dozen
will be iible to find place*. Oaptain
Hodgins telegraphed (jolonol Peters
aeveoal times Sunday and yesterday,
but yesterday evening had received no
reply. Ho expects a telegram toilay
from Colonel Peters with full instructions as to when and where thn volunteers nre to be se it. As will be seen
from a copy of a cablegram from Mr.
Chamberlain to Lord Soymonr, published below, thero is not much time
left, as tlio troops must leave Canada
by the Hist instant. It is understood
that the drafts from vaiioiisf parts of
Canada will assemble at (Quebec, nnd
there mobilize. They will piobably
sail from Halifax on the steamer Sardinia, which has been chartered by
tbe Dominion Government for that
purpose. It seems that the Canadian
contingent will Bail direct to the Cape
from Canada, and will not go via
London, England. The Nelson volunteers are not all raw recruits. Tbe
members of the Kitie Company have
been regularly drilled for a good many
mouths past, nnil one of them, Mr. Orr
Pateison, has seen active service in
South Africa. He was through one of
the Matabele campaigns as a member
of Giflord's Horse. In tact he was
tho youngest sergeant-major in the
Kbodesian Horse, of wliich Giflord's
Horse formed a part.
The cablegram sent by the Hun. Joseph Chamberlain to Lord Seymour,
who was uilminiHtrator iu regard to
the seuding of a Canadian contingent
to the Transvaal, renos   us follows:
Lo don, Oct. 4, 1899.���Tbe Secretary of ,-tute fV,r War ami the Coin-
in.iiiri.'i in Ciiief desire that you ex
press our high appreciation of the signal exhibition of patriotic, s irit of tne
people of Canada, shown by the offers
to servo in South Africa, nnd to furnish fi.rois.-n information to assist the
organisation of forces in nuns suit
able foi military requirements.
_ Kvi.l',-. units slioulii consist oi about
Via men; secondly may bo infantry,
mounted infantry, or cavalry In ��inw
of tbe numbers already available, infantry is most, cavalry tin least serviceable. Thirdly, all should be armed with decimal UOli rifles or earbines
which oan be supplied tij the Imperial
i' ��� orni ��� nt it necessary; Fourth) .
nusi provide i heir nun [uij i eul
aud monnteii troops tbeii own horses,
V'ii'tiilv. No! more than om ojptain
and three suball rn must ac om
pany each unit, Tbe wboli force may
be commanded by mi officer not higher
than a major.
in cousiderina the number which
can be employed the Secretary ol btue
for War, Buiried by the niitu-e of olli-
ii l orders, desires that the Colony
should i.e fairly i presenterl within the
limits necessary, If Iir force i- tu be
fully utilised by the avail ible stuif as
an integral portion of tne Imperial
forces, thev would gladly accept tho
nuns. The conditions lire as follows;
Troop's to be debarked at the port of
landing in South Africa at, the cost of
tbe Cilouiul Government or roluuieers
to the date of debarkation; the Imperial Government to provide pay at Imperial rates, supplies and ammunition,
and to defray exp. nst-s of transportation back to Canada, and pay the
wound pensions and compass minto allowances at Imperial rates. Troops to
embark not later than 31st of October,
proceeding direct to Capetown for orders. Inform accordingly all who have
offered to raise volunteers, (Signed)
The names of those who have volunteered are as follows :   Captain A.   E.
Hodgins; 2nd  Lieutenant G. S. Beer;
Sergeants, W. J. G. Dickson and C. E
Beasley; Privates,   G.   J.   Eaeder,   F.
Boyd, H. Gervan, F. W. Smith, 0. H.
Smith, G. Phillips, H. W. B.   Kilpnt-
riok,   A    Turner,   J.   Wadds, J.   W.
Seale, H. W. R.   Moore,   E.   G.   Lee,
and W. Orr  Paterson ;    Civilians,   A. |
D. McCallum,   J. A.   Knaul,   R.   H.
Leicester, W. Linney, Dan McCallum,
John Molntyra, Frank Summers, Fred !
Simonds, George   Bartlett, F.  Pulleu, I
A. Bergmen, W. G. Pearoe, J. Faulds,
James  McAdam,   H.   D.   Hunter,   J. I
Abbott, J. Ryan and Watson.
Should, as is expeoted, there be more
candidates than the Government will
expect, preference will be given to tbe
members     of    the     active  Canadian
Militia I
_ 1������
Hume���A. L. Gilpin, Toronto; C.
F. Riebel, Nelson; George W. Williams and wife, New York; S. B.
Morris, Red iey. Out. ; Mrs. C. W.
Brown, J. 0. Bolander, W. N. Dowsing, Spouaue; S biooke, Victoria;
Harry L. West,  Nelson;   Henry  Roy,'
North Star Ernneh of C. N. P. Delayed
For Lack of Workmen.
The North Star branch of the Crow's
Nest road is to be 18 miles long, but
thero is so much railrond construction
going on iu various places, that good
railway laborers are almost impossible to get. No stiol has been laid yet,
but.,12 miles of the road has boon graded. Under present eruditions it is not
expected that tho road will he finished
mil il well on into the winter.
An aerial tramway 11,200 feet long
is to be constructed from the North
Star mine to the railroad. It is expected that Mr. K. 0. Ribbet will
construct the tramway, his system
being preferred to the Halliday system
which is in use at the Hull Mines.
Mrs. McLaughlin is shotting a tine
line of children's bats and caps.
A mackintosh without an owner
awaits identification at tho police station.
The Court of Assize, presided over
by Mr. Justico Martin, opens this
Mr. F. W. Peters returned yesterday
from a short holiday trip to Winnipeg
and St. Paul.
Frederick Flanagan yesterday olocted
for a trial by jury, and will be tried
at the ensuing assize.
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McDonald returned yesterday from a five months'
trip through  eastern  Canada  and the
The Board of Trade meeting did not
materialize last, night, there being
not sufficient members present to form
a quorum.
Mr. J. R. Craustou, local manager of
the Bornite group of mines, ou Morning Mountain, returned last night
from Rossland, whero he has been on
comoauy business.
Tbe Miner desires to thank the
Thomson Stationery Company, Ltd ,
for the present of a nice waste paper
basket. Officer _err made tbo presentation last night  at eleven o'olock.
Dr. Rose, resident physician of the
Kootenay Lake Ueneral Hospital, expects to go to the Coast in about a
fortnight to take the examination rendered necessary by the B. C. Medical
Association's rules.
The ladies of Nelson held a meeting
yesterday regarding the proposal to
start a music ball in Nelson, and several ladies spoke against the plan. A
petition will bo circulated against the
music bull by-law, nnd the Presidents
of the various Li.dies' Aid Societies
will have lists whereto signatures may
be attached.
in he p'llico onurl yesterday Ed.-Mc-
Leod wns charged with assaulting
Frank Starkiug with a bottle. He
was tined $20 and cost", not to mention
a severe lecture from the Mavnr ou his
choice of weapons, J. McEachern was
also fiiu'il |7 niifi uostsfor fighting with
j Bosbi on Baker streot, iloshi's
case comes up today.
Ou Saturday evening about seven p.
in two boys, one of tbern a newspaper
'������ - asked John Andn ws, hi tter
i;i own as Sonny Boj to buy n paper,
Andrews puib I nut some bills, and
thn newspaper buy's companion
crabbed two bills; a ten und a one,
and made off witb them. The greater
part ol the money has since been refunded.
Frederick Johnston.of Hartnny,Manitoba, h"s accepted a position in Martin O'Reilly & Co.'s store. Mr. Johnson, who is a nephew of Mrs. ��. A.
Tiiiiiblyn, left Brandon in response
to a fi legram at 2:80 p. in., last Saturday, arriving iu Nelson early
enough to go lo work ou time yesterday. Communication with the East is
becoming quicker.
It was niinonnceil in Tbe Tribune
that the new six-foot water wheel arrived in Nelson last Friday. As a
matter of fact it only turned up yesterday The big dynamo, which has
been to Rossland for repairs, will be
brought, h��ck as soon as the foniidatinu
is ready for it, which should he in
three or four days, aud it is expected
that the Citv's electric light plant as
reorganized will be in full running order inside of a week.
Mr. W. H. Dowsing has returned
from the Spokane Fair where he was
fnr some days in charge of Nelson's
mineral exhibit. He was also representing the West Kootenay Brick &
Lime Company, whioh secured first
prize for its lime stone, second prize
for ornamental stone and second for
brick. The brick win acknowledged
to be the best on exhibition, bnt it was
the very elaborate display of a competitive company tnat secured the first
Yesterday morning's sittings of the
Conntv Court was taken up by the ex-
ami nation of W. F. Traves under n
judgment summons in tho case of
West & Emerson vs. Traves, application for the reoponing ot the judgment
having beeu refused. The defendant
was ordered to pay 188.88 a month until the judgment is satisfied. Mr. W.
A Macdonalrt appeared for the plaintiffs, and Messrs. Hanniiwton & Taylor for the defendant. In the afternoon the case of Thomson & others
vs. Hamilton Byers & Company,
trading as the Goat River Lumber Company, came up. The de-
fenso was that Mr. Geo. Bigelow was
the Goat River Lumber Company, aud
therefore liable. Mr. Bigelow was examined at some length, but as tho judge
found the courtroom getting too cold,
Ihe case was adjourned until a day to
be fixed.
Mauila, Oct. 111.���The insurgents
made au attack upon Angeles at half
past two this morning. One American was killed and several wounded.
Tbe Fillipinos used atrillory, a few
shells exploding.
South Fanuington, Mass,, Oct. 10���
The forty-sixth regiment which was
rocrnited largely in New England, left
here today for S.m Francisco, where
the regiment will embark for the Philippines.
Bombay, Oct. 10.���The Vicoroy of
India, Lird Cnrznii, of Keriloston, und
his staff will shoitly visit the plague
and famine district, Before starting
thev will all be inoculated against the
The Hague, Uct. 10.���Mr. Stanford
Newell, United States Minister to the
Netherlands, will sign tbe protocol
embodying the agreements reached bv
the representatives of the powers participating in the recent conference.
The fcj es Feed
the Brain.
Parents who neglect their
childr, j's eyes are more
cruel than
��� } the Chinese,
11 who encase
J the feet of
their little
**' ones.  One
dwarfs the feet���the other
stunts the mind.
When we adjust glasses
study becomes a pleasure. .
Patenaude Bros.,
Nelson. B. C.
Wholesale Houses,
HORPE & CO., Limitkd.���Corner Vernon and Cedar Streets, K
  ____.    , Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in aerated
waters and fruit, syrups, Sole agents for Hal-
oyon Springs mineral water.
���N. AI. Cummins, _jes.*.t, JOvery known
varie'y of soft drinks. P. U. Hox 88. Telephone No SI,   Hoover Street Nelson.
iter BukeraDu HullsircuiH, Nelsou. 1111111-
ufuGturor* of " 'loyal Meal " and " Kootenay
iiuiiu" brand of cigars,
HJ. EVANS & OO.���BanerStreet. Nel-
a son. who esale dealers in liquO'S, cigars.
eeuient, Are h [ok and lire el >y, water pipe and
steel rails nnd general commission moruhitnts.
Limited, Front Sireet, Noisou. whole
sale dealers In flour, weals, etc., and nay
and grain. Mills at Edmonton, netorm and
Now We* mills;.ei'. Kiev a tors on Calgary &
Edmonton Railway,
EO.   F.   MOTION-   -Whole*!* Har,
Grain ana sued.   Special quotation* on
oad lots Co uli Kootonay points.
AMAODONALD & CO.-Corner V_r-
��� noti and Josephine streets, wholesale
gru ��rs and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts,
booths, rubbers, maobin&ws and miners' sun-
_,   Vurnou Street, Nelsou, Importers, whole*
le grocers.
P  BURNS A CO-Maker Street.   Nelson,
���   whulosale dealers in fresh and cured
meats.   Cold storage.
���iiafcer street, nelson,   Whole-aledeal<
urn in fro-h and cured meats.
nre but'the hint Of Coming winter.    Our
Fall and Winter Stuck of Shoes in
in ready for your inspection,
If jou are lookinK for Seasonable Footwear
at seusible prices you are looking for our
LILLIE  BROS, shoeists
Gamble  &  O'Reilly,
Land Surveyors _ General Agents-
Custom House, Real Estate
and Mining Brokers. ���
Lots fur Sale. Houses to Kent.
Loans on improved Heal Estate.
Fire, Life and Accident insurance.
OFFICES KF..U.I.V ill o< h.
hiii.it lireel Melina, B. C.
fl GiiaiM lor the Public
Golden Crown
US ... Baking  Powder ... f��
TiVo   Oije   lb.   T5r;s  for 25  Cerits.
Telephone Call, No. io.
Post Office Box, K and VV
IWe Lead
not only in prices but
all goods leaving- our premises are guaranteed or money back
--------------------------^-----_---_---------_--- ����
Fire,   Lif--',  Accident   and   Sickness
Real  Estate and  Loans.
7-Room   House >$2,250
50-Foot   Corner       300
106-Foot Corner       600
We  have  several  snaps   in   House
:i Knoiiis- nnil attto, -' lots, oornerStanley..|1,500
4 Koou 8, 2 lots, lnvelj slluiiuun  l.mKl
I KnOUlH   n:'-ir ClottAtf     ilii;,r,,> l;il   lot      BOO
.j Itoonib, stoiiu fuunuatton cellar full size 1,6,'iu
6 Hooitw Vernon -trei i, '1 luis, eACelloui
I! Room ,.. down town new, ���11 i-onvi'iiien-
0 ��, rental ui 830  2,150
8 Iti>..ins,  Ihi-co  vornndah,  'J lot*,  deivl
ilii'.p   ...    3.300
8 Hmiiits, all conveniences, 2 loU,new��� 2.0UO
Willi V.  L   Osi.kk.
Real Estate fe Mines-
Choice residential lots   and  good
business lots for sale.
Over two hundred   lots   in  Addition A are on the market.
Hume Addition and city property
for sale.
Business property a specialty.
$;(75 will purchase 2 Lots on Carbonado St.
jROOwUl purchase throo lota  n Davis' Addition. Including corner.
$300 will purohase t wo lotn In Addition A.
6,000 shatoi Utioa (pooled! He
10.100     "      Fairmont   "    4c
���  Blackcock Mining Company 20c
Minim:  ami   Heal   Estate   Brok r
Tiirnwr-BiiecHi Block. Npmon.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters ol Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
v , and Dawson City, Vukon
1 )istrict.
Out'Fresh Ro;ibt��*ti Coffee oi  Bt-st
QtlM ity, iis follow s :
Java and Arabhu Vlocha, per pound.,      $   40
Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds 100
Fl c Santos, i pounds  1 00
.Sumo- Blend. 6 pounds  100
Onr especial Blend, 6 pounds  100
Our Rio Roast, 8 pounds    100
H BYE US A CO.-Corner Baker and
��� Josephine Streets, Nolson, wholeBaie
tir.iii'i'.-- in hardware and mining oupplioK,
Agents tor Giant Powder (Jo,
LtBUTAtO liakur btreet, Nulnon, whole-
-;il'i ilculcf.'s in hardware and minirg suppllcn,
plumbera'and linsinith'ti HiipplfeH.
Mil*- paintK and uiIh.
Vernon and Josephine Stroeif, NolHon,
wliolouale dealers in liquors cigars and dry
goods. AgentHfOr PabSb Brewing Co. of Mii-
wa koe and Calgary Brewing Co. or Calgary.
UD SON'S BAY CO.-Wholfnii1e ��ro-
curiun aud liquors, olc, Bakor 61., N'elHon.
JY  QRIFFIN  * 00.-<'"rner Vornon
���   and JoH.iptiliio atruutn. NuIhoii, wholosalo
(luiilem In provluloas, curixl incuts, tjntttir and
MILLS, l.iMiTBU-Uorncr rrant ana
Hall Strmiiii, NoIhoii. lilanutacturcrii of and
wholesale dealers in sash aid doors; al] kinds)
of factory work made io order.
nu .1.,.-,,,1111,��� unit iUMT dti'tcU. AkIs.
forGaiciu.n Oartilde and Wulland Acetylene
iiui Macldno Co.
' Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Faid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Ocneial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, lite, Negotiated.
Accounts received on the m "i-t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposit! 'ml on Having Bank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydde Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Salesrooms :
2 doors east of oddfellows
block w. uaker st.
l>lEL50N, - B.  C.
Corporation of the Oity of
Tho following persons ��re entitled to he
jjliiced nn in. 1 uli i -'s i.ki [..> 11.,-i  i: ���.   of Nel-
con, viz.,
Any male or female being a British safajeot
of tbe full age of twcnty*one yeara, who tball
have paid, on or before the Fir��i day of No-
Vfiitl*rr next, nil municipal rat��*8, litxc. aH��e8M-
mentb and lloenae feea payable by him or hor
lo tho muniiipiility,
im who is the assosted owner of lands or of
iinprovomenlH, prtbeasaearod occuplorof landH
HitiiHto within tho municipality! or
it) who to a resident of and carrion on business and Is the holder of a trudcr'n liccnno in
the nmniclpahiy, the annual toe for which is
noLlossS titan 'lvo dollars or
Ut who is b householder within the munlci-
: pnlIty.
No penott shall be entitled to vote under a
householder's QuaUflcatloOt nor Ki.all his or her
name be included in the Annual Voters' Lint
unless ho or she shaU, on or bi-foro the i'ir*.���
day of llrrrniirrr nt-xt, enter with the under-
signtfd his or her name kh a voter, and shall
make and   personally   deliver to   the  under*
signed at the same tune a statutory declaration, the form of which may be obtained at the
city oHIcoh.
J*y order.
J. K. BTRAOHAN, City Clerk,
Nelson, B. ('..Oct. 12 18J0.
'*4 /husMUd   AAhVT +M w*^ cuA,  4v<^y
���   - ��� ^f^^j^ss'-
i   ,1
I     MINING NEWS.     I
Ihe Boruite Bank Hold Mining Oo,
mi Morning Mountain, four miles
siiutli of this place is another mine of
Hieat promise, about to lie added to
the Nelson camp. Active work has
been going on on this property for the
past 2>fj months, by the syndicate owning the sniiio under the management
of J. H. Cranston with the most pleasing results. Now that the owners
me satisfied of its bein�� a mine they
have coucluded to stock it under the
above iiuiue. About u week ago there
was offered for isnbsrriptions, 900,000
slinres oi this stuck. Though Mr.Cranston hns had wonderful success among
the Nelson and Rossland people in the
way of getting subscriptions, there
are yet a small lot left which it is
hoped will be taken up within the
next two or three days. The company
is now in course of organization,
Meantime the syndicate are going
ahead with development. So as to get
the shaft down as soou ns posible as
the company is desirous of shipping
ore this winter. Mr. J. h. Vanstone
is the company's official broker here,
who will be pleased to give full infor-
raation, show samples und take subscriptions.
From the Sandon Paj streak The
Miner clips the following statement ot
Total shipped July 1 to December 31,
1898, 17,991 tons.    January 1, 1899.   to
Otc. 7:
Weekly      Total
Payne  5,436>��
Last Chance  3,245
Slocan Star  648
Sapphire  33
Coin  18
Ajax  40
Sovereign  20
F.eo'0  180
Ivaiihoe  1!9
Treasure Vault  113
Bed  Fox  14
Trade  Dollar  50
Liberty Hill  3
Madison  15
Wonderful  28
American Boy  30
Idaho Mines  840
(sjneen   Bess  1,441
Wild Goose  15
Monitor   260
Whitewater     83       2,220'
Jackson    83 713
Hillside .       1 1
Bell  3U
Wellington  II
Antonie  050
Kambler  4fil
Dardanelles  100
Great Western      48
Bosun  5fi0
Marion  20
Capolla  3
Fidelity  3
Vancouver    ..... 320
Wakefield         580
Emily Fdith  (10
Oomstook  120
Noonday         20 420
Enterprise  71 o
Tnmarnc  20
Black Prince  15
Chapleau  15
Total tons    80     17,951 >^
The above showing shows readily
thnt The Tribune's numerous statements that all of the Slocan -mini's
will be running full force on Oct. 1,
is undoubtedly corre.it (?). The mines
of the Slocan turned as much ore in six
months in '98 than as iu nine months
in '99. The shipments in October
with everything booming (?) is particularly noticeable.
��� ���   *
The Miner learns from a reliable
source that the Canadian Gold Fields
Comp uy luiB, through Mr, J. C.
Dreweiy, acquired the Queen of the
HiiN and the Moyie propenirs. which
are extensions if the Lake Shore mine.
The price is said to be 1826,000, and
Mr iveslie Hill, the well known milling engineer "f Vancouver, is nnrt.r
ft o ii i a h Id i one-' j |,ti, in
est   u ; ne    in ,!��� i i   -   .-��� ��� .
��� ���   ���
..-.ii    ti
pros    cl    tin    ore hndii    of tl
ait 111 statist
. i ���      ���       ���
i.      are thus I
ing      1'0   . ��� Hffi'OIIVelj     ll D
in. r  cl eap ��� than   hy the nsnal wet ���-
on-. Mr. J. L   Parker, formerly of thi
Dundee mine, lias suce, tied Mr    Kii-
Iogg,   formerly of tin   Hall Mines, a
Superintendent of the North stur.
J. Evans & Co., ��50; Ewait & Carrie,
|"'0 Lyceum Theatre Co., *:!��.! 10; Bank
ot Montreal. ��2.0; The Hall Mines,Ltd.,
|25; West Kootenay Bntobeiy, $25;
California Wine Co.. $2o;Ja8. Lawrence, $25, Mayor 11 (i. Neelnnds,
$25 Judge Forin] $25; G. F. Boer, $25;
,1. Boderick Robertson, $25; Mrs. J.
Roderiok Robertson, $25; J. Laing
Stocks, $'.'5; Mrs. .1. Laing Slocks, $25;
Mrs. R. W Day, $35; A. H Clements,
$36; Bank of B. C., $30; A. Maodonald
& Co , $20; Turner, Beeton & Co., $20;
\V. \V. Beer. $20; Kirkpatriok He Wil
son, $30. S. S. Fowler, $20; Jno. A.
Turner, $20; D. MoArthur & Co,, $20;
John Hii'sch, $20; Merchants Bank of
Halifax, $15; Taylor & Hannington,
$15; A. MoCulloob, $15; P. C. Green,
$15 ; Kootenay Supply Co., $10; John
Blouiberg, $10; Mrs Malletto, $10;
Wilson &- Hiirshaw, $10; H. Byers &
Co., $10; M. UesBrisay & Co., $10;
Vancouver Hardware Co., $10; Canada
Drug & Bunk Cn , $10; T. Q, Procter,
$10; A. MoKillop, $10; Thomson Stationery Co., $10; Hyde 6c TltSWOrth,
$10; Wallace & Miller, $10; Find. Irvine & Co., $10; Nelson Hardware Oo,,
$10; Nelson hardware Co., (G. Beer),
$10; J. A. Qilki r, $10; Parsons Produce Co., $10 iMiicDonnld & Johnson,
$10; Hotel Hume, $10; bilvei King
Hotel, $10; Malone & Tregillis, $10;
W. P. Teetzpl, $10; O. W. West, $10;
Captain Duncan, $10; John Elliott,
$10; K. S. Lennie, $10;.I. H. Bowes,
$10; A. Perlaud, $10; Prank Fletcher,
$10; Arthur Painter, $10; Robert Kob-
ensou, $10; D, J. Beaton, $10; A. H.
Kelly, $10; R, Marpole, $10; W. A.
Ward, $10: T. J. Sims, $10; Brackman
ic Ker, $10; E. E. Plnur, $10; Mrs.
E. O. Clarke, $10; C. D. ,1, Christie,
$10; Rev. Robert Frew, $10; Gallib��r
& Wilson, $10; T, Madden, $10;rsel
son Soda Water Factory, $10: Mrs.
Judge Forin. $10; J T. W.-ir, $10; P,
B. Stewart <fc Co. $10; Ward Bios.,
$10; H. B. Bellamy, JlC; J. J. Walker, $10; W. A. Jcmett, $10; ,1. F. Ja-
onlison, $5; Geo. Ritchie, $6; ibs-o.
Mudsoii. $5; P, A. Taiublyu, $5; ,��. K.
Sherwood, $5; Gilbert Stanley, $6; .N.
T. McLeod, $5; A. G. Gamble, $5;
Unslo.v Niwiing, $5; Nelson Furniture
Co., $5; F. W. Peters, $5; J.O. Puteu-
aude, $5; Lillie Bros., $5; Mills &
Lott, $5; G. O. Buchanan, $5 ; J. H.
Vuuatoue, $5; John Campbell, 5;
Thorpe & Co., Ltd., $5; Ku^teuay
Steam Laundry, $5; vV.M, Guidon, $5;
A. S. Farwell, $5; H. M Vincent, $5;
Stephen White, $5; Hamilton Powder
Co., $5; Farley & Simpson, $5; G. K.
Tackahury, $5; W. G. Robinson, $5;
Sherbrooke Hotel, $5; W. A. Thurman,
$5; O. Lund, $5; E. C. Holden. $5;
Morrison & Caldwell, $5; K. Hurry,
$o; Alex. Stewart, $5;.J. K. Strachau,
$6; Box. Macdoniild, $5 ; P. F. Emerson, $5; Mrs. nnd Miss Stocks, Kirkcaldy, $5; Mrs. Michael Beveridge,
Kirkcaldy, $6; Emory & Walley, $5;
A. Barrow; $5; Royal Hotel, $5; Noel
Brown, $5; Mrs McMorris, $5; A.
Shaw, $5; S. P. Shaw, $3; J. A. Irving, $3; To cash, $2.50; G. O. Ross,
$2.50; Geo, M. Fronk, $2.50; F. E.
Emerson, $2.50; H. D. Ashcroft, $2.50;
J. A. Dewar, $2.50; A. Thomas,
$2.50; H. Stutter, $3.50; E. J. Curran,
$2.50; Paterson & Co., $2; E. W.
Matthews, $2;F. W. Swanuell, $2; A.
Pfeiffer, $2; Geo. F. Motion, $2;
J. R. Wray, $2; George Jov, $1. Total, $2,054.95.
Real Estate
Fire Insurance
Life Insurance
Money to Loan
Nelson, R. C.
0. A- PROSSEE,   Manager.
Pekin,    Oct. Hi.-Mr. Yano  Fnmio.
Japnuese  Minister   In China has been
recalled.    He will he succeeded by Mr
Nisliii   former   Japanese   Minister  to
Advertisements Inserted under this head at
the rat- of one cent a word per Insertion,   No
advertisement taken for less limn 25 coals.
To Contractors anil Euilflers
You cm save money by
buying your
Plate, Sheet and Ornamental
Glass from
R. H. WILLIAMS, Nklson, Agent for
J.   W.  MELLOR,
We have completed our alteration and now have plenty of
room to accommodate the ever
increasing number of custonieis
to our store.
Delivered lo an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill ut PILOT HAY.
Yards, NELSON and LARDO.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Turner Beeton & C
Every Man
liken to dress in Fashionable n"d
Nice Fitting Garments it he .'tin
do no nt n   reasonable price.    Mi
Fall and  Winter Simipleisnre uow
c,itii|il"te in Builipae, Oveiconti '
mill Funcy  Voctiiigs   Give ,n
null  in'l   I   fill  '1'ioti   .���������!   	
Mint   VV  II II '������'
1 idles' T:nl -ring
l   11, lie.-, ii  sp i-.nl }
Stevens EL
Rooms I .mil II
Clements Hillyer Block
FOR SALE���A hotel business cen-
trnliv locnted in the Ciiy of Vancouver; has hirge bar trade; contains 89
bedrooms; doing a large business.
Good reasons for selling. For particulars apply, A. M, LEATTIL, Vancouver. 8t,
FOUND���A bunch of   keys, t.velve in
number. Found ou Cottonwood Greek
by Milton MoClaudisih.    The same can
i,e hud   by culling at the  Winer oiHce
Crow's Nest Pass
Special   Rates For Carload
Orders nmv he 'eft with C. VV '..'��� I
&_Co. nr wiih.
W W\
A Large Sum Has Been Raised, But
Much More is Wanted.
Below will be found a list of the
Bubscribers to tbe Building Fund of
the Kootenay Lake General Hospitn).
The subscriptions total up to 13,654.95,
and have been raised by t'le ladies on
the Hospital Board. Tbe hospital authorities, have also other funds in hand,
but ubout *2,000 more is still required
to complete the improvements and
enlargements now being effected. The
building part of the new addition is
nearly completed, nnd the hospital as
enlnrged should be ready for the receptions of patients before the winter has
properly sot iu. Further donations
will be thankfully received by the .Secretary, Mr. F. W. Swanuell; or the
Treasurer, Mr. W. W. Beer.
Following is the list of subscribers:
London & B. U. Goldflelds, Ltd.,
$100; Duncan Mines, Ltd., and Electric Traction Oo., *I00; Hon. J, F.
Hume. $50; Imperial Bunk of Canada,
$60 ; Jacob Dover, $50 ; John Houston,
$50; P. Burns & Oo., $50; R, Hiibterer
& Oo, $50; Hudson Bay Oo,  $50;   H
I-      I      II
'!  .    ���. urn ... union*
CONTRACTS    TAK1        f 111     MAMOXIi
COltK   lilill.l.l.i,.
J. H. L0VK. Au'.      Baker ;
!  ll���i oi
Blui I -.,  ii.
11<: - | 'ii
��� i   i
First-Class Board aud
Room, Todd's old stand, in
rear of English Church. Table
Board, $4 00. Room and
Board, $5.00 and $5.50.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
8. D. PIERRE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaii3 I
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bear of I'larkr Hoirl. w:i ���.<,
where you eun depend on gel Linn M10 hunt
nranilsiln thi murki-i am. any quantity from
llie. up.    PrlOOl cannot be disputed,
Frank A. Tambi.yn, Mgr.,
Bakkr Street, Nki.son
Anplj in I lit; .ill.'. Ul! LEAH  IIINU
8OCL1 riON,s.ii ilor   ;.:���..;.. ,   1 ,...
lEiirjriilii-. tn
PACK IIliniss.
wnips, ETC.
Builders will iimi it to their advantage to
IlKiiru Willi Hriutlev & (Jo. on 1'iilnting.
Wanted, immediately, six Rock
or Cat Foremen. Wages $60 to
$75 per month. Two years' work.
Wire Hugh Mann, care McKenzie,
Mann & Co., Savanne, Ont.
Great Reduction!
������ $9.50 Per Ton
Special  rates for carload   lots and
for outside points,
Fraternity  Hall
Cor Bnkcr A Koolrnay sis.
call lie rented for Concerts, Lectures,
Dances, Banquets and every kind of entertainment. Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen nnd dining room furnished.   For terms apply
DR. E. C. ARTHUR, Oity.
a.m.���S.S. Moyie or S. S. Nelsou
arrives from Crow's Neet
B0I1. connection, Kontenay
L'd'g and way points daily.
a.m.���Train leaves O.P.R. station
for Hun,Inn, the mnin line
and intermediate points
via Slocun City except Suu-
a.m.���Train leaves C, P. R. sta
tion for Rossland, tha main
Hue iimi intermediate point*
via Robson daily.
a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
Btation for Rossland, Spokane and way ptnnts danv.
ii.ui.--fS. S. International arrive*
from Knslo nnd way points
lailv .xei'ni Hi.inlay
.,111���Trail' arrives from -.ush-
and, fi-ai 11,1 uii>..11 nnd
nii"i ne im i' is dad\
(i.iu ai 11\ei. 11, p. n. Men
tion,  from   Rossland,  tin
mtiitl hue iimi miei'i,. ,ii,i ,
i> ints vni Roheon dnih
p. ni. 'I raiii uvi'ives c. p R,
stiitiou from 8n> dnn, tin
mnin hue and Intermediate
points via .Sochi (Jitv, except Siludaj
p.m.���SS. Moyie or S.S. Nelson
leaves lor Kootenay L'd'g,
way points and Criiw'n Nenl
Branoh and points Kant
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents pet-
Ollbort Stnnley N���|KOn
rlioniHon Stationery Co Nil*on
Cnniidn Drilg&Book Co. NoIboii
Hotol Hume Newa .Siand Noltion
Hotol l'halr Niiwh Hlnnd Nukon
Hunipliniy k 1'Ittook NulHiin
li. Cninpboll Ymir
(J. F, NoIboii Now Denver
J. h   Delnney Hrwuborry
It. A. Hradwluuv Slocun City
Sloeiin Nowh Co. Sandoii
I Ii.nns.-oii IlroH. Vancouvnr
U'",1;  sJ?okano Hpiikiuui
M. W. SlmpHon ItOHHlnnd
Unioni & Younn KiihIo
John Dnrden \mtAo
Jamei Har/illton Qreiton
gamnplPrtoe itobson
H. A. KIiik & Co. Greenwood
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
trains out of Nelson
ESTABLISHED 150 YEARS LOndOll,    Efli��.
"ORBIT '   Brand and
PREfl I ER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Actios for C��siad�� 1 JfiKt S TUFt    ER t CO., Hamilton, t    r.
\      DU i
Wholesale and B    ilea! Mercbants
h><Z- ��� *< *�����������++ * -iSs ���
Branch Mai kets in Roosland, Trail. Neison. Kaslo.
Sandon. Three ForksS. Wew Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any brancti will have careful and prompt attention.
Wxw Electric Silly ail Gonstivlioi Go.
Complete Electiic Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,   towns,   etc.    Electric  Fixtures, LampsBell.'. Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephin* S* NELSON, B. C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern f?'v
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only nil rail route without
Changs' of cars between Nelson a il
Uosslnii 1 mill Spiikan   an 1 linSHlnntl
Lv.  U10M,.in. NELSON, Ar 6,d'�� p.m.
Lv.   liia.m. KOSSLAN  >  iroSU    in.
v    S it) ii.i'u .SPOK i.N'E     1 ii' 11   .111
tint   ','itvis-   S.
New   Fast   Daily  Service
EAST   and   WEST.
Oj tiiiunl Routes Enat from
K i- 1 -I     s   S   up. is nn nil  truiiw   1   a
VUROWilEAU  v K.I.ii I3N V.Y   UU.
itM'KI   T     .M,-.s      .,.,.-   [t v    t k
1 - . in   , r ni   Java    i- M    t-
m     H   I  II, T 11   n\s 11 1 1  ciaitit
Il    1 I .' I'll 1 .
S 7.L ON
1 , ill'il
I'WOIlli II 1.   ���  .    .
Imlr 1 lil oflli em         ��r
ivlll r intlutie  '. .   ���. .  , ,
'���'��� ��� '  I'     :i  '      ill- ���   un
:" 11 ul ted In Mr, r  a   \\ ,1     .,.,,, ���   s,| ,������_ r
ol Oin Hi nn ! Hi nnrt.niviil	
f"�� non '��� -: ��������� in in ii,,i., ,
1 ��� ��� mi ',.,-r- ,ii iu,, 0I1I in-   M,   1,1 iiuiui,-
lliclr fi'li'iiilfcinid piiiron   torthili p truiiHiiatn
1I1111111,   nil BOltilt far tlio ofltuc In 1 u In ,
the bin Ini-.-s ol tholr olilultentannd th.   nnbllo
at In bid,
hYclli'K fully �� Ki'iwl Hint tlm intiru I- of all
patrona ��ill oontluua to be pro eotod and in ir
bllSllinMH 11M1 hilril  tl) pl'.'llip, I.V ,  WU I'lllllHill,
Huspt'iii fully.
Nolson, It I'. Oot. 12. 1899,
is' "   1 i.s. \ ,   1   '   .,   ,s   .���'-   I I
-,,', I   ���
1 -    Lv,      NI LSON       .'
Tiir tluy/1 bill   tl���"    , - '
  1  ��� li-ni'.", l.-i,mil: ii
KOOTENAI   lil VI      I
Daily,   .-Lis, ii.i'ii' ami Nel 011     '   )'
22.301s Lv.      NELSOU      Arr. -���'' k
Oi 111 icta   hsuutemiy    l-unding *��
Ol' 'w'   Ni s.   Line la 11-. ,
I hrs   NELSOiN to BOS8LAND-I is '
The Nelson & Fort Sheppard
Railway Company have resumed
the sale of lands and timber along
its line, and townsite lots at Rossland, Krie and Ymir. For information call on or address
S. Charles, Agent,
Rossland, B. C.
For rates and full Information address nonf
PAt local itguul, or
C. IC. DKASI.KY city Pflraengor Aroiii
It. W. DllKW, Again, Neleo
VV. F. AJJDERSUN, K. ���'��� QPyJ* ,
Tmv. Haas, Aituui.      a (i. P. A��ot.t.
v,.|. -,. ' ",r"   [
Atlantic S. S. Lines
MINIXtU iiiiiiui'.ii.       vol tin  PIIHUC.
Wlndermoro MlnoB.   CorreapoiKior.colSor'.ltod
From Montreal
Ocl ��H
Dominion Line "Ooinbroman
Dominion Line "Vanoouver ...
Alliui Line "I'lii'lsiiin''	
Allan i.lne "Bavarian 	
M hits Slnr.Line "Mu.icstli'"
Will to stur Lino "leutonlo
Cunard l.iiw ' Aurniiit"	
Cunard Lino "Ktrut-in"..	
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From Hostor
,   OoI.M
..N.'v -��l


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