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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 3, 1900

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Vij,C,aJ ^brary
Daily Edition No. 6i6.
Nelson, British Columbia, Wednesday, Jam
Tenth Year
England is Encouraged  by
Favorable News.
They Want to Know Why Roberts is Sent
and They Will Probably Find Out
Soon Enough-
1 mcroliont   vissols,   Beatrice,   Moshiuiu
and Marin.
TIir goods comprised not only flour,
but miscellaneous articles of common |
trade nml while they worn shipped for
Lorenzo Mrqnoz in British and German ships, yet the contention of the
United States officer is flint tliey were
not subject to seizure. They could not.
lodge representations on tiio subject
until they were possessed of <n knowledge of the ints tint us soon as Mr.
Choite's statement oame tn hand today, an instruction was raided tn him,
to inform the British Government
that tho Unite.! States could not admit the right of seizure in these cases.
Today's instructions to Mr. Cboate
were not a domaud for release of the
yond", nnr yet for indemnity, hut
rather a precautionary note to the
British Government, It will be sufficient to inaugurate the settlement of
the matter hv negotiation and the
State Department has not the slightest doubt that the British authorities,
will make full amends to the owners
of the goods, when the faots aro all
laid before it.
London, Jan. 8��� (4J,in. m.)���Although the contiimanco of minor successes gratifies the British public it is
not forgotten that the larger aspects of
the campaign are unchanged. As the
Daily Nows remarks: "It is u day of
small mercies."
The importance of both General
French's and Colonel Pilchei's victories lies in the ott'eet they nre likely to
have upon the Colonial Dutch. The
latest dispatches from Douglass con-
llrnis tho earlier report that the Boer
laagers consist chiefly of British sub-
jeets who, on the arrival of tbe Free
State command, accepted probably, an
invitation to throw in their lot with
the Boers thus terrorizing the loyalists who are now jubilant.
Winnipeg, Man., Jan. 2.���Twenty
five men of "0" battery, K. 0. A. left
fin active service in 8011th Africa to-
nigbt. They mobilize at Kingston.
Altogether abont lf>0 men will 20 from
Toronto, with the second contingent.
Orders were received tonight. Thirty-
1'iiw more cavalry men are wanted.
Toronto, Ont.. .Inn. 8.���Naturally
the greatest interest was felt here in
the news from South Africa that the
Toronto company had been in action
and Here is the greatest gratification
at the gallant manlier in which they
appeal to hav ^acquitted themselves,
while sincere satisfaction prevails unit
casualties are to light.
London, Jan. 8.���The Daily Mail
make., the following statement this
morning: 'Wo understand that tho
defense committee of. the Cabinet, after
careful consideration of the question
of the defense of the Empire, particularly with regard to artillery, will
shortly call for tho expenditure of ,t'o,-
000,000 to make good deficiencies and
to place the nation on u par with
other groat powers."
Douglass, Cape Colony, Jan. a.���Colonel Pilcher has occupied Douglass,
without opposition and has been received with enthusiasm bv the loyalists.
J Berlin, Jan. 2 ���The press continues
to discuss the capture of the Pundes-
rath with some show of irritation. Tn
a semi-official note the Post, remarks
that in consequence of the seizure,Germany has taken steps, and Great Britain is expected to ileal with the mutter
of spirit of good official relations. The
Neuste Nachrichten says: "There
is every reason to believe the incident
will speedily be closed."
Official circles considered it imperative that Great Britain adopt some
definite altitude regarding tbe whole
question of contraband of war, and are
surprised she has not adopted a firmer
policy on the suhjeot from the beginning.
Frere ('amp, Jan. 1.���Tlie  Boers in
quire-1 by heliograph today:    "Why li
Roberts coming? What has Ballet
done?'' The British replied: "How
did vou like our Ivdditu in the battle?"
London, Jan. 8.���At a meeting held
at the London residence of Viscount
Curzon yesterday B committee of Indies was foimed to equip a hospital base
tor the Yeomanry. The Princess of
Wales accepted the presidency of the
committee, The Duchess of Con-
naught nnd the Duchess of York
agreed to serve ns vice-presidents.
The membership of the committee, in
chides most of the leading women of
tbe British aristocracy, including the
Duchess of Marlborough.
Modder River, Jan    2 ���Yesterday's
cavalry expedition   under   Babingtim,
commanding   the  Ninth and   Twelfth
filianm*.    proves   io   have heen in co-
nperation with   a   similar  movement
0111 Belmont   This, directed by Gen
'���ni Wood, consisted of a flying column
ml a force under Lieutenant Oolonel
'ileher from Belmont.
This force   moved   into the territory
between tbe Orange and  Keit   Rivers.
At Snnnyside northwest of Douglass
it  encountered  a  considerable com
iinind believed to be wholly composed
if disloyal British subjects. General
Bab)ngton's force proceeded iu the
same direction, but on the north side
of the river. The result of this recoil-
naisanoc has not yet been reported.
London, Jan. !!.���The Daily Tele
graph has received the following, dated January 2, from Frere Camp: "The
weather is fine. The Tugela River is
now fordablo. General Buller's army
is in Hue form, ready and confident
fur the work before it. "
London, Jan. H. ���The Lisbon correspondent of the Standard savs: "It is
reported here that Great Britain offi, j
dally acknowledged the correctness of
tho attitude of Portugal regarding Del-
agon Bay. It is also asserted that in- |
quirios instituted by the British consul
nt Loienzo Mnrquez show that since
hostilities began, nothing contraband
has been imported there, except barbed wiro and hreadstuffs."
London, Jan. :(. ���The Queen has accepted the services of twelve battalions
of militia for foreign stations. Seven
of these nre nssigned to Sonth Africn.
The Karl of Albermnile will command
the City of London infantry, instead
of Lord Obarles Howard Vincont.
London, Jan. ;(.��� The Berlin correspondent of the Standard says: The
British representative at Borne lii^s
lodged a protest with the Swiss Government, calling attention to tho faot
that recruiting for the Transvaal is in
progress in SwiHS torritory.
Many young men who have engaged
to go to England for service were
told, ou arriving at Marseilles, Unit
'England no longer needed them, but
that they could go to Transvanl. It is
said that ninny hnve accepted this suggestion and one hundred are reported
to have sailed for Delngoa Buy in a
French vessel.
London Jan. 8.���The Times publishes the following dated Jan 2, from
Lnrrnzn Maiqnez: "It is asserted that
Major Daley and forty men of tbe
British medical corps who were lift at
Dundee when the town wns evaluated, Bie now on their way from Pretoria
to Delagoa Bay."
London, Jan. 2. ���A Cup'town dispatch reports that "the rebels in Berkley district, nie demoralized by the
British occupation of Dordrecht.
Should it turn out that the Dutch rebellion is thus being diminished, it
will bo a matter nf great relief for
tho British campaign." The Standard, however, remarks: "Until the
Tugela has been crossed nnd Ladysmith
relieved it would he idle to deny that
the political position in (.'ape Colony
is 0110 of very great danger. "
Wiishington, D. G, Jan. 2-The
Stato Dopartmont today received from
United States Ambassador Chontn nt
London by cnble a statement of the
facts he bad developed in connection
with tbe seiznro by the British war
ships of American goods   on   the tlnee
London. Jan. S. ���Yesterday the Admiralty chartered eight more large
transports. When all the troops destined for South Africa join those already there Lord Roberts will he in
command of abont 800.000 men, Thirty
thousand urn now afloat or ready to
embark. Military observers in view
of what figures mean, enn't seo how
the British enn fail to lush the Boers
by mere force of numbers.
Ottawa, Ont, Jan. 2.���The list or
officers for the western battalion of
Canadian Mounted Rifles.will bo probably announced tomorrow. Commissioner Herebmer, who all along lias
been anxious for a command in the
contingent, has entered into the arrangements with great zest and reports to tbo Denartment Hint the ranks
(Speoinl Dispatches to The Miner. |
Belmont, Cape Colony, Jan. 2.���A dispatch from the Associated Press
representative at Dover Farm, dated January 1 says: "A mounted force
consisting of 100 Canadians of the Toronto company and 200 Qiioenslnnders
commandod by Colonel Rickerds, two guns and a horse battery under Major
De Rougemouot, forty mounted infantry, under Lieutenant Ryan, and 200 of
the Cornwall Light Infantry, the whole comnianilt-d by Oolonel Piloher, left
Belmont yesterday at uuou on a march westward, covering 20 miles before
sunset. Tbe force encamped at Cook's Farm, where the troops wore welcomed enthusiastically. At 6 o'clock this morning tho force approached a
spot where a laager of Boers wns reported, Colonel Pilcher, iu approaching
the position, which was a line of strong kopjes, detached Major De Rougo-
mont with the guns, the Toronto's and mounted infantry, to work towards
the right, making a turning movement himself with the Queouslanders toward the south position. The manoeuvre was a complete success. The British shells were the first indication of the presence of tlie troops. The Boers
left their laager and opened Are, but the Queeuslanders, completing the
movement, thejangor was captured with forty prisoners. The British casualties weie two men killed, three wounded,anil one missing. Tbe whole
force worked admirably. The two men killed ^belonged to the Queensland
Montreal, Jan. 2.���The Star's correspondent with the first Canadian contingent sent to South Africa cableB:
"Belmont, Jsu. 2.���The Canadians hnve had their first experience in actual warfare,the Toronto company having been with Colonel Pilcher in his
defeat of the Boors at Snnnyside laager yesterday. Onr boys, according to reports which have reached this point flora Doverfarm, where Col, Pilcher
and his command are  now   eucamued,did good work in supporting the guns.
The men started out from hero with Colonel Pilchei on reconnaisiiaee,
which the Colonel reports have been successful in every respect. He reports that he had but two killed nn.1 one officer, a lieutenant, wounded.
None of these are Canadians. The other companies of Canadians are nil
here and iu good health. The Toronto company is officered ns follows: Captain R. K. Barker, Lieutenant W. R. Marshall, Lieutenant L. S. Wilkie,
nnd Lieutenant F. D. Lnfferty.
(Associated Press Dispatch. )
Belmont, Jan. 1. ���A dispntch from 1 fol accuracy, while Lientenntuit Ryu,
Dover Farm, dated January 1, says :| with mounted infantry, worked
"Colonial troops, who have been lone- j around and completely uncovered the
ing to he allowed to meet the Boers, | fire of the Boers, who had been hid-
have at lnsr been given an opportunity j den in the bushes.
tn do so and scored a brilliant success,
The raid conducted by Colonel Pilcher
was very difficult, owing to the fact
that the movements nf the troops were
immediately i ommnuieuted to the
Boers by natives. In order to prevent this. Colonel Pilcher, making his
toned ii,arches from Belmont, left n
British trooper at every farmhouse
with instructions not to nllow the natives to leave iheir houses, the patrols
calling the names of the natives hourly
in order to prevent their .'scape.
In tlie mnnomiver  at   Cook's  farm,
Colonel Piloher sent   mounted   patrols
Meanwhile, Colonel Pilcher with
the Qneenelanders, tnking advantage
of every cover, made a direct attack,
the Australians moving slowly, but
suiely nnd only shouting when they
saw the enemy rotiro under their
steady fire. The Qneenslanders behaved with great ccolness, laughing
and chaffing even at the moment of
greatest peril.
During the advance, tho Boer fire
suddenly censed. Thirty-five Boers
hoisted a white flag and surrendered.
A portion of the Torontos moved
across the front of the guns and enter-
east. One of these, consisting of tour led n Innger. The Boors had fled
men,commanded by Lieutenant AdiO Fourteen tents, three wagons, n great
suddenly encountered 14 Boers who store of rifles, ammunition, forage,
opened fire. The lieutenant was so-i saddles and camp equipment and mini-
verely wounded and Privnto Butler J erous incriininnting.papers. were cap-
gave up his hor.ie in order to carry his ' tared.
lieutenant out of range. Another pri- j The Boers lost six killed and 12
vate, whose horse had bolted, pluckily I wounded. The Torontos stood the
returned to render assistance. Ho wns i galling fire ,vith admirable patience,
wounded in the leg und his  horse was ! never wasting a shot.
killed.   Meanwhile, Lieutenant Ryan, 	
who   had   worked   magnificently,   re- \
potted that the veldt   on   the right of
the enemy was clear  thereupon   Major
London, Jan. It.��� The morning papers are unanimous In praising the
De Hougemout ordered the guns to n gallantry of the Colonial troops. The
trot. They arrived within I,BOO yards Times says: "The Mother Country
of the laager. Immediately the one- ' will share with the Canadians and
my could bo seen streaming over the! Australian! in tbe oxide and grntiflon-
kopje. They were completely snrpris- I tinn they must feel at the fine quailed but quickly opened a woll directed , ties displayed by their troops in this
fire. A representative of the Associat- ��� morning's little engagement."
ed Press had the privilege of carrying The Standard says: "The Cansd-
an order to the Toronto company to ians and Australians had been shout-
double nuiek into action. The order ing for a fight. Now they hiwo had
was received With great satisfaction, their opportunity und they lave greatly
The company rushed forward until distinguished themselves by their cool-
within a thousand yards of tbo cue- I ness and discipline. Fiom the view
my's position, when it opened a hot [ point of Imperial unity, the little tight
fire upon the kopje and completely sub- , may fimly be described ns one of tlie
ducd the Boer fire. The British art 11- 'most giatifying events recorded in the
leiy shelled the position with  wonder-   recent history of the British arms."
have been filled to maximum strength,
although   many     applicants  are  still
urging claims to places   on  the Initial- t
inn for whom there will not likely  be I
room.    There will   bo   Hit)  Northwest1
Mounted Police ou the contingent, out!
of a total of 858 iu   the   two   western
lately for Halifax. The troops will
probably leave heie on Friday by special train in charge of Captain Williams.
Pretoria, Jan.  1.-Last night   (Sun-, The loss of tho British   is not  known
day) the British in foroo, attacked
Commandant Chooman's command in
Colesburg district, ami triod,,to storm
the position. They repeated tho attack
this morning, but weie forced to re-
treat, the Boers holding the  position.
but it in repotted to have been heavy.
The Boors consider it is a great compliment to the Transvaal that Lord
Roberts should havo been selected to
supreme command of the British
London, Jan. 2..���Sir Charles How-
aid Vincent, Colonel of tho Westminster voluntoers, has failed to pass the
medical examination necessary to qualify him to command tho City of London infantry in the division bound for
South Africa. Tho command of this
corps must therefore bo given to another
i    Mr.   Harry   MoAlmont,    the    well
! known   sportsman,    has   been  Ordered
to South Africa with tbo Warwickshire
Mr. Geo. Lynch, the newspaper cor-
respondent, who was cuntured outside
of Ladysmith and imprisoned at Pretoria, has been released, and has arrived nt Lorenzo Marquez,
Sir William Thompson has been ap
nniiiled consulting surgeon to the Brit
ish marines in South Africa
General White reports under date of
December ill that ihe number of eases
of dysentrv and fever in Ludyfinith is
li: creasing.
Hamburg,  Jan.  2.���The   Hamburger
correspondent announces thai the Gar-
niou bark  Hanswagner of Hamburg,
was seized by the British nt Delngoa
Buy on December 21, nml that her
owneis have lodged a complaint with
tho British Foreign Office.
the defaulting  teller of  tbe defunct
Bnnque Ville .Marie, to escape. Herbert was arrested the other day and it
was in his examination today that the
fact came nut that ever since tbe failure of the bank he hud been paid $12
per week bv Baxter to maintain himself in biding. The payments are said
lo have beeen made because it was essential that Herbert should not tell nil
he knew about Baxter's account with
the defunct bank. The esse promises
to be a sensational one. The last time
Baxter ran into the grip of the United
States law wns about four years ago
when he was arrested iu New York,
charged with smuggling diamonds
across the line, Ho was taken to
Plnttslniri!, N. Y,, where the offence
was technically committed nnd while
awaiting trial there managed to escape James Helfcininu, tile customs
official who had him in charge, lost
his job.
Selections Made at Ottawa
Canada's     Metropolis   is   Eu.ioying   a
Spell of Exceedingly Cold Weather.
Montreal. Jan. 2.���The extreme cold
weather of the past few days bus been
the cause of a large number of frozen
feet, hands, etc . which have been attended to by the city hospitals.
Herbert, the teller of tbe defunct
Ville Marie Bank war. before the police
magistrate today and remanded till tomorrow.
Alex. Vallieres, aged 00 years committed suicide by cutting his throat
with a razor yesterday.
Thomas Aliau, of the well known
firm of Thomas Allan & Co.,jewellers,
this city, is dead  from   typhoid fever.
Herbert, tlie teller of the insolvent
Ville Murie Bank, nude; arrest charged with stealing ftom that institution,
wns permitted to dine at his home
with his mother yesterday, under surveillance of a detective.
The Canadian Paeilic Telegraph
Company has been advised by the
Eastern Telegraph Company, that an
arrangement has been effected with
the cable companies nf the west coast
of   Africa, whereby messages for plaees
iu the east coast via Loanda and Cape
town during interruption nre accepted
while the war lasts, at the same rates
ns via Ad. n.
Quebec Will Hold   out  Inducements
For Amotienn   Corporations.
New York, .Ian. 2.���Lynn T. Loot, n
Montreal banker, who has been in this
city for seven' flays sc.ui:iik Irfforma-
lion regarding tbe New Jersey corporation laws, left for Canada tonight
In a statement today Mr, Lest said:
"When the Quebec Logislntnr?
meets on January 18 there is little
doubt but that a bill will be passed
making it possible for the Province
not only to get all the benefits through
taxation, etc., that aooroe to American
states, where Canadian companies
are incorporated, but also milking it
nttruclive for ne.v companies of the
United States to take out Iheir incorporation papers in Quebec, and thus,as
foreign   corporations,  escape  the hns
til" legislation   threat id   by   many
states of the Union.or unfriendly laws,
whioh are already au accomplished
Special Despatches to Tho Miner Prom all
Parts of Eastern Canada-���Oom-
iua; By-Elections.
|    (Special Dispatches to The Miner.)
Ottawa, Jan. 2.��� Hon. Mr. Siftou,
Minister ol the Interim', and Comptroller Fred White, of the   North West
Mounted Bolice. oompleted  the list of
officers for the western squadrons to
be kuown as Second Battalion of
Mounted Rides. This evening the
Minister of the Interior gave out as
follows:    Second Battalion North West
Mounted Hides, iii command, Commissioner L, W, lieicbnier, N. W. M.
P. ; Adjutant Inspector, M. Baker.
N, W.; TransportOtttcer " W B. Ens-
tttohe, Moosomin; Quartermaster, Inspector .1. B. Allan, N. W. M. P. ;
medical officer vacant ; Veterinary Surgeon, R. Kidcll. Calgary; Major, Ma
jor James Walker, Calgary and Supt.
dames Howe, N. W. M. P. ; Captains,
Bupt S. Sanders and Inspector A. K.
H. Qutbbert; Subalterns, Inspector
,1. D, Moodv, J. V*. Begin, J. A. Dnv-
idsou, A. C. Maodonnell and T. R.
Wrougkton, of N. W. M. P., and Captain lnglis, Calgary i Lieutenant John
Taylor, Manitoba Dragoons and T.
W. Chambers, Edmonton.
Captain Maunsell,    Assistant   Engineer of Militia and Defence, left otta-
; was today for Halifax tu assist   in   superintend'tig the fitting  up   of   trans-
i ports for the cortingent.
A cablegram w,.s received on   Saturday fro'n W. li. Swrtj aud t 's daughter h aiiiniiiijiiv the .ni ivni oi their ship
at Cope  Verde Island.    Mr. Scarth   is
accompanying a shipload of Canadian
i fonder to tin- seat of war.
Montreal,   Jan,   2.���A   star   cable
nays:    Lord   .Strathomiu   nnd     Mount
Royal hopes to visit Montreal some
lime this month, but as yui is not eer-
iiiin whether be will he able to get
away or not. He bus not yet engaged
; his passage.
Rat Portage, Ont, Jan. 2.���Ule Olson and Charles Thiirledson, miners,
wer�� clown to atoms in the Sultana
mine yesterday while thawing dynamite Tlie shaft house was badly
damaged by the explosion.
Chicago, 111,. Jan. 2.���Water was
turned into the 188,000,000 drainage
canal at fl a. m. today and begun In
How toward Lockfort where it will fall
into the Des Moines River nnd thence
through the Illinois nnd Mississippi
Rivers to tlie Gulf of Mexico. The
engineers of the   sunitaiy district have
c��t a channel to carry  800,000 cubic
feet ot water u miuute. The water was
ullowed to How into the canal at Ihe
rule of 50,000 cubic f"ct a minute today and the amount will be gradually
increased. Probably a week will elapse
before the omul is full of water and is
carrying away the sewuge that Hows
into the Chicago river.
Dublin. Jan. 8.���Extra precautious
have been adopted by the military authorities here. The Constabulary has
been full armed. Sentries from sun
down to morning have been increased
at the barracks. Patrols march
around all day leaves nf absence are
Winnipeg, Man., Jan. 2. ���Many letters from the Canadian contingent iu
Sonth Africa have reached Winnipeg,
describing the trip to Capetown.
Mrs. Werner, of Brandon, lias fallen
heir to t. n.llOO.
w. M. Bmoie,   C. P. B. brakesman,
was killed at Medicine Hat. while
coupling cars.
Charlie Carlson, -'10 years of age.
an old resident of Cnnninre, Alberts,
Committed suicide here last night, as
Ihe result of a prolonged holiday
Toronto, Jan. 2��� Tim Mayoralty
election here resulted in the return   cf
E. A, MaoDonald, by a majority of
nearly 8,000, The figures are: E. A.
MnoDonaln, 11,781;  E   E. Clarke, M.
I'., !i.HIT , John llallain, ,'.,2:il.
Hamilton,   Ont.,   Jan.   2.���At   the
Municipal elections yesterday u by law
Was carried fur permanent Improvement nf roads at an outlay of IIBC.000
and for the adoption of public parks.
Canon Bland, nf Hamilton, Ont,
has witlirdawn bis resignation to
Ohtlsi ciiureh Cathedral,
Toronto,   Jan.   2. -The custom's re
Berlin,   Jan.   8.���The foreign mill- oelpts at Toronto forthe'year broke all
tarv allaehes lunched with the Emper-   previous records,     ''���
or yesterday.   The   Emperor and the
Crown    Prlnol   lit    noon received tbe
Japanose Minister   who presented the
Order   of   the Chrysanthemum tn the
Crown Prince.
live million dollars
Winnipeg,   Man.,    Jan.    2.���Orders
were loeeived from Hon.    Dr.   Borden,
Minister of Militia, today   that   "B"
; squadron,   Cunudinn    mounted   1 tiles,
i should be prepared   to  leave  imrued-
Pretoria, Jnn 2.���Three British prisoners who wro taken nt Malagro, sny
thnt Captain Gordon Chennoy Wilson,
husband of Lady Sarah Wilson, nnd
five other officers, whose names they
refuse to give, were wounded in a re I centage
emit sortie from Mafeking.
Halifax, N, 8., Jan. 2. -Hon. L. E
linker, prospective Lieutennut-Guvcr-
imr, was found dead in 11 sleeping oar
GOOD TIMES. Montreal, Jan. 2.-The Jacques Cat
Pittsburg. Pa.,   Jan.   8,���The wages  ijcr Banqne,which hid temporary diftl-
of 86,000 men   in Pittsburg   were   ad-   r\t\[\   when    the     suspension      of   La
vanned today from five to 10 per cent JBanque Ville Marie caused a  run on
and In some cases   even a greater  perl __
Continued im Fourth I'ngu.
Jan. 2. ���A de-
Kingston, Jamaica, Jan. 2. ���A de
ichinent of West India Regiment icol
red) embarked today to reinforce tin
lermuda  garrison     It is thought tba
lermuda garrison It is thought thnt
f tho Imperial troops go to South Africa, I'amiiiiaii militia will be sent
here for garrison duty.
James Bnxtor, a   Wealthy Montrealer,
Mixed up in  tlie Bunk Case.
Montreal, Jan. 2. ���James Baxter, a
well known money lemler hor��, who
has a police record gained in the early
seventies in Chicago, is under arrest
here The charge uguinst him is that
he aided  and assisted James Herbert.
Now that, the affairs 111 South Africa
are .joining to ��� crisis and as battles
nf great   Importance lire   liable   to  lie
er offloe as they are received and printed in full In The Miner Ol the following day.   No newspaper In the Prov-
fmvht any day, The Miner has made , inee will have as full and complete a
arrangements to have any news of, war news service as The Miner has
importance sent lo  it   during tbe day,   now made arrangements lor,    All that
] instead of only n! night as has been \ remains is fur the South Africau ecu-
the    custom     heretofore.    These   dis-' sor to let the news   through   and   Tho
J pa'chen will be bulletined at The Miu-' Miner will get it, V
Nelson Daily Miner
I'iiMIhiii il iially oxoept Monday.
��� >   ).   BKA.TON. Editor and Manager.
li'ily per month by cantor I I (Ml
por half yoar    a 00
poryeer !  1000
per year by mail    600
par year foreign. 1000
Nia.soN Weekly Minkr.
Weekly, lie   naif year I 1 U
Ptr year    100
per year, foreign    250
Siib-tcrlpllont Invariably In advance
Nelson Mln .r Printing ftPubllshlngCo
TELEPHONE    NO.    144.
Mr. Houston, standing oaudidate for
tbe Mayoralty of Nelson, publiitlies
vi liat he would doubtless dignify with
the name of an address to the electors, and then Beamingly runs away.
There is nothing in the address but a
tew municipal platitudes, some promises that any candidate would feel obliged to make if challenged, and an
effort or two to impose some empty
phrases as an evidence of wisdom.
Ho would have saved space and accomplished his purpose quite as well if he
had merely declared that he was an
angel. What the electors are particularly interested to kuow is why they
should prefer him to Mr. Fletcher.
Would he makn a better Mayor? Is
lie more learned in municipal institutions and the practical operation of
them? Has he a liette knowledge of
the grade of a street or the angle of a
sidewalk? Has he superior ability as
director or adviser in the financial
:tflairs of the town? Does he know
mora about parks, or tire apparatus,
01 wharf requirements? Is ho more
honest, or more respectablt; more
courteous in his demeanor, or a better-
living man? We must have Bon.e ren-
sona for preferring him, and naturally
the people look to his paper to supply
them. Is it because Mr. Houston may
fairly be assumed to shine as a more
expert manipulator of electric light
plants, aud other cumbersome "utilities" of that sort,thai we ore to choose
him as Mayor over Mr. Fletcher? The
Miner can any day give a dozen good
reasons why the latter should lie elected uver Mr. Houston; will Mr. Houston kindly furnish one as evidence of
his own superiority? Perhaps it would
be well now to give one of the dozen,
audit ia this: Respectable citizens
will be able to approach Mr. Fletcher
as Mayor, whether in his office or in
the Oonnoil Chamber, without being
cursed and sworn at, and subjected to
the vilest epithets picked up in brothels and low bar-rooms. In tbe exquisite refinement of bis nature, we are
��ure Mr. Houston will appreciate the
value of an immunity such as this
that are not substantia] enough to be
reckoned with in any serious prognostication ; what is patent is that the
Governmeut cannot, depend on more
than one of a majority, and one of a
majority will never do for steady, continuous work.
We do riot see,therefore, how a ctisis
is to be avoided. But while the Government may not be aide to go on, it
does not follow that it must necessarily
go out. If any person on the Opposition side can satisfy His Honor that he
can form n Government with a good
working majority, His Honor would
be at liberty to entrust him with the
task. Rut with the House composod as
at. present this is out of the question.
A stable Governmeut with the Legislature constituted as it is is an impossibility. The escape is in a dissolution,
aud Mr Semliu is entitled to ask it as
his tight. At His Honor's request
ho accepted tbe task of forming a Government ont of a House elected under
hostile auspices, and finding himself
with but 0110 01' a majority aud too
weak to proceed he can domand the
privilege of an appeal to the people.
And His Honor cannot refuse it, if he
observes the unfailing practice in all
suoh cases. A dissolution, therefore,
and a gen. ral election would seem to
he the only possible outcome of the situation which will present itself ns the
House convenes tomorrow.
Whether the preferential tariff prefers is a question that has recently heen
engaging the attention of The Winnipeg Tribune, a paper whose editor is a
Liberal member of Parliament aud is
therefore not to he aocusod of partisan
prejudice. It all depends. "Let us
suppose," it says, "that Canada's imports from other countries consisted
solely of crockery���imported from
Grjat Britain, and binder twine imported from the United States. If we
import a greater volume of binder
twine than of crockery, and if hinder
twine is put on the free list while
crockery pays a duty of 20 per cent.,
or when coming from Great Britain of
15 per cent., to which country is the
preference given?" There can be no
doubt as to that. It continues: "As
a matter of fact, our imports maybe
divided into three classes, (1) those
we Import from Grant Britain only, (2)
those we impoit from the United
States or some other country only, e.
g. binder twine, (;!) those we may import either from Great Britain or some
other country, e. g. books. Whether
or not the tariff gives a preference to
Great Britain depends upon how the
rates of doty on (1) compare with tho
rates of duty on (2) quite as much as
upon a speoinl rerluetion made on (!S)
when coming from Great Britain."
That is fairly put.
1900 1900
Office 11111 Pocket..
Whittaker's Almanac
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
New and Important
Haldane's "3800 Miles Across Oanrda."
Several months ago the Gpposltion
papers on the Coast hod tbe Govern
ment defeated. There was some uncertainty as to the majority, but if Dot
large it was sufficient. The Miner accepted their reports aud estimates, and
took great delight in dancing over tbe
bodies of those doomed Ministers. Then
came the South African war, which
drove our local political affairs out of
men's minds. Interest in the situation is [renewed by tbe approaching
session of the Legislntorc. Tomorrow
Ministers will face the House, aud
soon thereafter we shall know whether
they are strong enough to carry on
the public business.
Whatever   may   bo the outcome, the
situation is certainly   n   critical   one.
But it deserves to be regarded  also  as
singularly remarkable, for no one who
may   be  supposod   to know appears tn
have tho least idoa of what is going to
happen.   The full   thirty-eight   members aro available aud will   take   their
seats.    Sixteen of these are in straight
Opposition, and will vote want of confidence at every opportunity and under
any circumstances.    Nineteen straight
Ministerialists  are  on   the  floor, aud
there is one in the Chair. Two former
Ministerialists,   Mr.  Martin and   Mr.
Iliggins.ani in revolt,  and will vote to
defeat tbe Government  if   sore of obtaining the ermlit   when   tbe  deed   is
done.    There  ure  tfcus  eighteen  who
desire the  death of  the  Government,
against nineteen who will die of grief
if it does not   survive.    It ia  impossible to go on with a  majority   of   one.
tbe Lieutenant-Governor would not be
justified   Id   permitting  it, nor could
any Premior   who   respected  his position consent to hold on even if allowed.
Mr, Seiiilm must do  better than present himself with one of n majority, or
tetiie.    Tbe party of two can play   between the sides,   now attaching  itself
to one and then to the other, bat farce
in grave   matters of   Government has
not yet been recognised   in Canada  11s
a  desirable   adjunct.    There   may   he
other changes, it is true, of which the
public   will   kuow nothing   until   the
ocoaiion shall offer   for their open display.    Members on the Opposition side
may divide  with  tbe  Government on
certain questions, while Ministerialists
may find   aongenial   association  witb
the   Opposition.    Thane   are     matters
Tho hilarity of the season bns proved
too much for some of our contemporaries. One of rhetn, over in the Boundary Country, says it is not going to
take part in tbe discussion, whether
1900 is tbo beginning or tbe end of the
new century; nnd another, in 'he Slo
can,salutes its readers in "this the last
issue of the eighteenth centary."
When they have slept off the efforts of
tbnt lust couvivinl gathering tboy
will no douht regain their accustomed
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on Mood .y, the lJth day of January, HMJO.at the
hour of three o'clock in tho afternoon.
Dated at Nelson. B.C., the 17th day of  De*
comber, 1899.
NOTICE of assignment pursuant to the "Creditors' Trust Deeds Act" And Amending
NOTICE is hereby given that Charles H.
Macdonnld heretofore trading as general merchant in the city of Nelson, B. C. has by deed
dated the 86thday of December, l-w, assigned
ail his personal estate, oredtbs and effects which
may be seized and no id under execution and all
his real estate to S. M, Hrydges of the said city
of Kelson, accountant* In trust for *hc benefit
of bin creditors.
Tbo said deed was executed by the said
Charles   IT   Mucdonald  and   tbe   paid   S.   M.
BrydgOS on tlie -'ti h day of Dccomber, lfiOO.
All portions having claims against tho 	
Charles 11. Muedonuldare required on or before
aims against tlie said
re required ouo
tho 26th da)' of Feb-uary. liHju. to send to the
trustee fu 1 particulars of the same duly verified, together with the toourltles of any) held
by them.
Notice is hereby further given that aftor Ihe
Miiid BOthday of February. ltt-K), the trustee will
proceed to distribute the proceed* of the trust
ii-tatc among the parties entitled thereto, having rcgurd only lo the elftiim of which lie has
received not loo anil that he   will not he  liable
for the proceeds of the trust estate or any part
thereof, so distributed to any person  of whose
claim be has not had notice at Die time of   the
Dated at Nelson, B. C\, the 27th day of December, mm.
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Denver Kire Clay C'u. of Denver, Colorado.
Don't forget
to try
St. Leon
Hot Springs
Alter the Xnias festivities.
Sole bottler-
Nelson Sotln Watei Fnotory.
A Fow Instftuo.es of the Result of an Autocrat Insisting on Taking too Mucli
Power Upon Himsolf-
Mr   John Houston \x  nf,'i\iu   offerine
himself for mayor awl the oiHsstnB of
Nelson, before voting would do well
to look into his record an tin administrator of the Citv's affairs dnrtiiB tlie
two years for which he held olllce.
His tietion in selliiip concerns in
which ho wns Interested to the City
will nor he disonssed here, but there
nre other thincs that will bear investigation. It must, he remembered that
when Mr. Hoiston was Mayor, he was
not only Mnvor, hut Oounoil, Ciiy
treasurer, City clerk, Oitv engineer,
City solicitor nnd evervthina else, and
so must be lesponsihle for the mistakes in all departments. Ho Insisted on attempting to perfotm on his
own initiative a number of rlmies
which it was ImpOB'lhlfl for one man
to irrouerly perforin, and the liatnrn]
rcoilt win that. 'h'V were not properly
performed The City has Clown since
he was Mayor,but even then tho City's
hnsinoss wns too large for one man to
do more than properly supervise the
vari <ns departments. As a matter of
fact he tried to run them all himself
with the result that everything wns
done in an unbusinesslike, rule of
thumb manner, and no single department really received the supervision
it, was entitled to. Naooleou was an
autocrat, and for a time successful,
hot he had genius, and his wonld-ho
iniitators'.'who possess his autocratic
instincts and obstinacy without any
genius naturally come to grief,
An instance of this, though rather
ancient lustoiy, is iu point. It is the
case of the absconding City Clerk
BeelflT, who dlsapoeared with defalcations covering a considerable period.
Had the City's affairs been properly
looked after, this could not have gone
as long as it did, and as n matter of
fact tho full extent of his defalcations
was not known until after tho present Connoil oame into office a year
ago. This instnace is not' meant to
impugn Mr. Houston's honesty, for,
us is well known, he made Heeley's
shortage good out of his own pocket.
It is tho slipshod method of business
winch made Sceley's continued thefts
possible, to which attention is now
drawn Another small but typical instance is the case of a frozen water
pipe ou West linker Street rather less
thiin a year ago Tha City Engineer
hail given instructions it should be
laid to giado which would hnyo mink
it about five feet, and he beli��ve'1
that the inspector hud seen thai- his
orders had been carried out. When it
was dug up it was found to be only
two feet deep, nnd it appeals that the
omniscient Mayor had l>epn n round
anhsequetltly with different orders.
Similar instances could bo multiplied
a thousand times. Again n year ago
last September the then Mavnr Hons-
ton, who had taken upon himself the
task of BOUirvising the street work,
announced in open Connoil that the
men at work on the Hume Hotel
hridu'e and elsewhere were loafina and
so robbing the City, and accordingly
all the City dny work was suspended.
That this had been aoins; on for a long
time was a matter nf common knowledge, and it would never have occurred bad there been tin efllcient foreman,
but Mr. Houston had to do it all him-
But the most glorious mix-UD of all
wns the state of tho City ncvinnts
when the present Council took office,
aud for present our loses one instance
will suffice Mr. John Hamilton
made a statement of the Citv finances,
compiled, it is understood, from City.
everything Houston's figures, which
showed cash in hand on Deo. 81, 1808.
to the amount of SH83 30. When the
new Council took office thev found, to
their astonishment that their was ni
money either in the bank or the Ci'y
safe. Accordingly they employed Mr.
Peck, and hiH audit showed that, instead of a balance there was an overdraft at the bank of f!!78 1)5 with
cheipics outstanding to the amount
HU2 Again no Imputation is sought
to bo in any wt��v cast on Mr. Houston's honestv, bnt a man who thinks
ho is capable of running the Citv's
finances as well as everything els.
should at least, know within sfu24.95 of
where bo stands.
Mis. Lewis gave a largely attended
dance at her house yestordav   evening.
If Fred Steinberger, formerly of Nelson, will communicate with "L. B,,"
Miner, he will hear of something to
his advantage.
A meeting of Mr Frank Fletcher's
supporters will be hold this evening io
his committee rooms iu Martin
O'Reilly's old store, noar the Bank of
B. C. A large attendance is requested.
Police Magistrate Crease held the
regular sittings of tho small debt's
court yesterday. But one caso came up
and this was adjourned until the next
sitting on Friday.
The now lavatory arrangements at
tho City Hall have been completed to
the great satisfaction and comfort of
theiCity officials, and the last coat of
paint was being applied yesterday.
Notwithstanding the faot that there
had been no court sinco Saturday and
that Now Year's day had intervened,
there were no oases on the Police Court
docket yesterday. This sneaks volumes
for the orderliness cf Nelson.
On New Yenr's ove a thiof, cvideutly
in search of potables for his New
Year's diunor.effocted an entrance into
Mr. H. J3. Croasdalie's collar and stole
some beer and olarot. Ho was considerate enough, however, not to make a
clean sweep of everything.
The Rising Comedy Company gave a
shortoned repetition of their perform-
auoe to a somewhat small house last
night. Tim olovor contortionist again
evokod rounds of applause, as did Mr.
Frank Lewis in his conjuring performance, in which his wife was able to
assist him. Mis trunk hick wan very
A proBpeoror yesterday complained to
the polise that  some one  had  broken
into his cabin, which is situated about
one aud a half miles east of Nelson,
nnd made off with all the portable
contents. Suspicion nttnohes to some
Italians who live in the vicinity. Tho
Provincial police will look into the
There has been a doubt expressed in
some quarters, whether a man who is
a house older in one ward aud a license holder m another is entitled to n
voto in each wind or not. Last year
ex-Attorney-General Martin gave an
opinion that such a man would be entitled to vote in both wards, anil this
verdict has been followed by City
Clerk Srr.ichau in making out the lists.
Nothing fresh transpired yesterday
ith regard to the aldeininnic enndi-
datos except that, as will bo seen elsewhere, Mr. Arthur Forland has declined himself as a candidate. He is well
known as u prominent and successful
business man and should meet with
good support Mr. McKillop, it is understood, will not run again, aud Mr.
���T. J. Wins has been approached several
times, hut so far without Blioess.
\V. Brydson and D. K. Moll 1801),
Toronto : K. E. Snowies, Spokane ; D.
W. Fnine, Huston: Mr and Mrs. W.
R. lioss. Fort fiteelo: ff. 11. S. Heard,
Medic'no Hat; David Sloan, Slooan
Dinner Uiveu   to  H. Winticld   Before
Leaving For tho War.
The latest recruit from Nelson for
the second contingent is Mr. Harry
Winticld, formerly a non-commissioned officer with a good record for efficiency in tho 20th Hussars. Mr. Win-
field has made many frieuds while he
has lived in Nelsou, and a few of them
determined to give him a hearty send
off ou tbe occasion of his starting for
Calgary en route to South Africa.
About fifteen sat down to an excellent dinner at the Quecu's Hotel yesterday evening, nnd, when tho good
things had been fully discussed, the
clinirir.an, Mr. Mooro. proposed the
health of the Queen. This toast was
drunk with the usual loyul honors, after whicli he proposed the health of
tho guest of the evening, at the same
time presenting Mr. Winfleld with a
purse, as a substantial tnkon of the regard in which he was held and of their
appreciation of his action in volunteering for active service. Mr. Win-
field lespouded in a few well chosen
Messrs. SiniB and Byan then entertained flic company with songs, when,
after drinking the health of the chairman, the part> broke up after a short
but pleasant, evening.
Those present included, Messrs. H.
Winfleld, B. G. Wilson W. 0. Hen-
burn. II. W. R. Moore, H. M.T. Pvm,
G, Still well, T. Gallon, K. Winearls,
V. Walter A. Logan, S. T. Sims, F. 0.
Pnrkes, M. M. Mcl.eod, and A. N.
Mr. Winfleld left by last night'B boat
for Calgary via the   Crow's Nest Pass.
Boot jand Shoe  Economy
Commencing today wo will offer our immense stock <<(
nt gieatly reduced prices in order to make room tor our Spring Stock.    Bargains will be the order ul' the dny.    ci
y.   come eiii'M
WWtHW WVWVVfl', ���
Mr. Fletcher Defines   His Position Regarding Public Works.
A Miner representative hurl a talk
with Mr Frank Fletcher yesterday on
the coming niavoralty contest, and Mr.
Fletcher hud something to say regarding the reports which are being circulated ns to tlie probability ot his favoring one nnrt of. the Cltv rather than
another ill tho event of his being elect-
ed Mayor.    Said he:
"Some of Mr. Houston's friends nre
snying that if a Mayor from the West
Ward be elected, the interests of the
East Ward will be neglected. The record of tho outgoing Connoil disproves
this. Mayor Neelands enme from the
West Ward, and the Interests of the
whole City were always impartially
"The greater part of the money for
public improvements wns spent hist
year iu the East Ward,according to the
recommendations of the Roarri of
Works, of which I was chairman.
The policy I pursued as Alderman I
Bhall continue as Mayor. "
Greenwood, B. C., Jbii. 2.���On
Monday evening at five o'clock an
Italian was killed on the O. P. R.
track by a car being bucked down to
the "Y" Three Italians were Stand
ing on the track talking excitedly, and
disregarded the warning until the car
was on them. Two managed to escupe
but tho middle man was struck in the
back and run over. His back was broken aud he was otherwise badly injured. He had two hundred and fifty dollars in bis pooket.
To 'ho Citizens of Nelsou:
In response to numerous requests
from business men, property owuets
and tatepayers, I offer myself as a candidate for Mayor of the City of Nelson
at tho approaching Municipal Elections.
Briefly stated, my platform ia as follows :
If elected it will be my earnest en-
doavor to assist in more firmly establishing Nelson as the wholesale distributing centre of the Kootenay Country
��� the position for which she has been
so admirably designed by nature.
in furtherance ot this idea, 1 will
continue my consistent advocacy of tho
construction of a wharf which will
meet present and future requirements
of the wholesale and other business interests.
I believe that the City has reached
thnt stage when permanent street improvements have become an absolute
necessity and that the cost should lie
met, as fur as feasible, from onrrent
revenue and should the Citizens see fit
to entrust mo with the office-of Mayor,
it will bo my aim to carry out a well
devised system of street improvements.
It will bo my policy to oppose the
hot rowing of money unless tho same be
used for the increase or establishment
of Public Works producing a revenue
to the Taxpayers.
I am opposed to any increase in the
salary of Mayor, which would necessarily involve a reduction in salaries
now paid an efficient staff of officials,
or an increased burden to tho taxpayers.
I am strongly in favor of maintaining the Fire Department in n position
of thorough efficiency aud would advise the adoption of modern equip
ments including a Fire Alarm System
aud the purchase of a chemical engine
whioh won hi effect a reduction in all
Fire Insurance.
It will be mv consistent policy to
safeguard the taxpayers aguiust any
attempts on tho part of corporate bodies, carrying on business iu Nelson, to
encroach upon the rights of the Citizens.
In my opinion a sufficient amount
of money should be expended upon the
P.irks of the City so that they will provide the Citizens with recreation
grounds and opportunities for healthful
On all muuicipal  works  mv   policy
will he to employ bona-fide residents of
Nelson   aud   to   maintain   the   publio
j standnr 1 rate of wages
I believe that   the Public Schools in
I Nelson should be under tbe control  of
'the City and that every   effort   should
[ be made to establish a High   School in
our midst.
Iu concluding I wish to Bay that in
the event of my election I will consider it my duty to share with the
Council the responsibility of the Civic
administration believing, ns I do, that
the assumption of entire authority by
one individual is subversive of all constitutional Government, whether
Muniflioal or otherwise. Yours respectfully,
i*   Don't Forget  the Place fur   ^
i   Choice Groceries, Crockery   5
I jc   nnd Confectionery* f
Nelson  Harness Shop
.rSi /s?)L_ ",e 'arSest stock
JKvriV ,'J%M\ ntid greatest varie-
ffl/^'^^iM ty of Harness,Sad-
wiw^iSi dies,Collars,Blank-
liWiP':     '    els' >etc-' kep'  '"
'   "i*' the   Kootenay.     A
U call   always    con
vinces.     Hall Street, Nelson.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rowland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
! Orders by mail to any branch will have carufu! and prompt attention.
Pnno j
J. McPHCtl
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Class Sleepers on nil trains from
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,   etc.    Electric  Fixtures, LampsRcll*. Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephinn S* NELSON, B. C.
Ottawa,   January  2���Tlicro   are
present seven nnnstitnteuuies unrepresented in tlie House of Commons and
six vaonnoicB in the Senate. It is ex-
pnetod that, the writ for tlie vacant
House of Commons seats will lie lsBiiorl
before tho asaemblini? of Parliament,
The vacancies in the Senate will likely
be filler] by that time also.
Iu compliance with the request of a
large number of citizens, I have consented to offer myself as a candidate
for alderman in the West Ward. If
elected I shall do my utmost to protect and further tho interest of the
City. OwitiK to unavoidable circntu-
staucea I shall not be in Nelson during
the week,and consequently will be unable to make a personal canvas. Hoping to reevivo your support I remain,
yours obediently,
St. Johns, NfliL. Jan. a.���Tho
schooner Puritan was driven ashore on
Cabot Island in a hoavy gale yester
day a��'d eight of her crew of nine weie
lost. Six wore married men with families.
Patenaude   Bros.
For Fin   Clocks
and Watches
We have receiver! a lot of
Boa nil ul China Clocks al
remarkably low figures.
The are timekeepers and
will make useful prcsen's.
Patenaude Bros
Watch mak rs,
and    Opticians.
daily for St. Paul, Sundays anil
nosdays   for    Toronto,     Fridays    fn
Montreal and Boston.
Siime cats pass Revolfltoke one rlay
To and from Robson, Rosslr.nd.
Ex. Suu. Ex. Sun.
7.10 Lv.        NELSON Are. 10.40
18.00 Lv.daily NELSON daily AlT.21.40
Morning traiu connects fi r nil points
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line anil points north, and lex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Str. Moyie Dnilv.
23.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 10.20
Connects Kootenay Landing with
Crow's NcBt Branch trains both ways.
Ex. Sun.        Str. Koknuee.     Ex. Sun
lli.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 11.0)
Saturday to Aigcuta and return,
Ifiivinj.: ki.ifllo at 20k.
M^i TheNelson ElectricTramway Co. Ltd.
ys and   V\ ed- *
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale appeal the office of the Company, Macdonakl Block. Corner ot
Josephine  and Vernon Streets,
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Turner Beeton& Co.
^  NELSONL^e-v
Ex. Sun.
O.(K) Lv.
Ex. Sun.
Ar. 14.20
Kor raton tun! full Information addross near
cut local agum, or
C  K. HKASLKY  City l'usscngor Agcni
H. W. DIUCW, Agcia, Nolfl.i u
Trav. PaBB. Agent,       A  11. P,  Akhi.1,
Np|r--n Vani-r u��   r
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
C. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
will   onon  her   Kindotyarlon   and  Primary
Huhool itl the BngUlh Church School Room on
2ml Jan,
Kor turnis particulars apply to
fttthoroHlrtcnroof Mn-. J. K. Robertson, Bak-
orHtreot. Went.
VTOTIOR in hereby nivon that Application
_1^| will be made to the Legislative Asflom
biy of the Provineo of Brinish Columbia, at iu ���
next kohhIoii; for an Act to Incorporate a. Com  j
puny with power to const met. build, sgatpand
operate tramways In the Districts of Kootonay
and Yalo, in tho Province of MritMi Colvmhiu;
to runutid operate such tramways by electric,
Mi'.in i or other power, as may be mo-t economical or convenient; to erect, and operate tolo*
BT&ph and telephone linen in und between nil I
thu cities, town-, Villages anil settlements In I
said Districts of Kootenay and Yale, with power to connect with other lines that may operuto ;
In or outside of rooh districts; to supply dee-1
trie, steam, air, water or o'her power lo oilier J
corporations,   manufactories   or  individuals;
to supply light tootheroorporatlons, manufactories or IndivlduuN; to acquire and hold water i n;iii ������ for the purpose of generating power,
whether for their own use or the use of other
corporations, n aiiufactorles, or individuals
to furnish and supply water to oilier corner i-
tions, manufactories or Individual); in said Districts; to acquire and hold laud, timber lights,
rights of way and other property nnd easements,
for the purposes of the Company, with all necessary powers in that behalf; to Require All tho
n ' i ���. M'.iiH In ���- . privileges and business of the
Nelson Klcclrle Tramway Company, Limited;
to acquire all the assets, franchises, privlliK I
and business of the Kosslaud and Bophlo Mono
tain Klectrle Hallway Company, Limited; to
receive aid.either by wny of honu- or Other
wise, from any municlp.ility in said Districts of
Kootenay or Yale; to obtain exemption from
taxation nnd other privileges from any munlcl
pality In said District* Of Kootenay and Yale,
and all other usual, necessary or incldcntul
powers and privileges as may he necessary or
incidental OT OOndUCUVOto the attainment of
the above objects, or anv of them.
Dated at the City Of Nelson this 1st  day   of
December, A, D.. [fflD,
Solicitors for tltt, ,tfft/icn>it<.
Bleichurt nnd HalUdle BystomB.
Hancock and Wilcox, etc
Or u/Fkiuukson & Orofts, Vancouver
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland, Me.
Allan LinQ "Ijiurenliaii" Dec, 97
Allan Line "Parisian*1         ��� Jan.  *'>
Dominion Una "Cambroman" Dec. S
Dominion Dine "Vancouver"
Jan. IH
From Now Yorl
 Dec. :'"
Every Man
likoa tn drew iu Fashionable at d
Nice KittiiiK Garments if be .'an
ilo mi nt a reagotiable price. Mv
Kail and Winter SampleH are now
Complete in SuititiKH, Uvercoati ���/.
and Fancy Vesting*, Give nn ;
oall ami 1 will quote yon pih's
that will a��totii��li yon.
Ladles' Tailoring   in   nil    itx
branob.es, a specialty.
White Star Line "Toutontc
North Gorman Lloyd "SarUu" Jim.
fl\morloan Lino''St,Paul" Dec-''
White stur l.inu "Cymric" Inn.  ���'
Rod Btor Line "WcHtenilQinl" Dee, _'.
t'uiiiiril Line "t'nihrla"         ���Jun   11
Anchor Line "AnohorliC  ���Dec..-1
Allan Stnte Line "State of Nebraska'.   .Ian.-"
Ounard Line "Campania"    ��� ��� Deo. nn
Krnin Huston, Ma��-.
Dominion Line "Now   England" ..Jan.  ���'.
I    PaHKliKes arranKed to anil from alt Kuropcaii
' points.   Kor r.-iteri. ticket,- nnd full Infcrmalinn
apply to C, P, R, depot agent or O   K. Hoauley
Uii.y Passengei Accent, Nelson, H.c.
General Agent, 0 P. B. OOoss Winnipeg
where you can depend on getting the Im^i
i.i'ii:.'!-in ih ��� market ami any quantity from
inc. up,   prices oaonol be disputed,,
Frank A. Tamki.yn, Mgr.,
; BAKER Street,        Nelson
Stevens iS*
Rooms i and 11
Clements-Hillyer Block
Hy the only tli-i class undertaker in  Kelson.
MK, a. W, PURDY.   Address
Applowliaito Blocki    Baker su oor. Kootenay
Or i't  restdonos on yiiu.i street)  Kant of
i Jor-ophln'..
(lltfTO  M.im/f  ���vl/Wtof 'W-ty    rtt-f^Cisfr-u.4  OLA./
s��f     /^H/UstsJ    /Usp-PL/ A^-xXs   TT^LuA/ NELSON   DAILY   MINER, WEDNESDAY   JANUARY   3,    1900
out arriving at  a decision   respecting
M.  Guerin and Deruulde.
Continued From First Pago,
some otherjbanka,   proposes to   chnnge
its name to I a Banqne Du Canada.
Toronto, Jan. 2.���Senator George A.
Cox was today unanimously elected
President of the Canada Life Assurance Co., successor to Mr. Rnmsay.
who retried.
Toronto, Jan. 2,���Many soldiers fur
the second contingent departed from
various Ontario cities and towns today
and Were given an enthusiastic send
Ottawa, Jan. 2.���It is understood
that the by-eleotions for the seven vacant constituencies for the Commons
Will be held ou January 36, with nominations a week earlier.
Rioge Town, Ont, Jan. 8,���Twenty-
five thousand dollars loos was occasioned this morning by a tire, which originated in H. M. Green's hardware
store, thence communicating to P.
Bawdin's pharmacy, Royoraft's law
ofllce, aud the Odd Fellows' and United Workmen's lodge rooms. Insur-
anoe II5,000.
Maodonald Wins After   Many Years of
Toronto, Jan. 2.-E. A. Macdonald
has been |electcd Mayor of Toronto.
This is considered a blow to parlyism
which figured prominently in the election, Clarke, M. P., being supported
by the Mail and Empire, and Hallnm
by the Globe: Ihe successful candidate
running as au independent.
aiices were agonist Mr. Peel, with his
soiled clothes, his big broad brimmed
hat, unkempt hair, and Bible. The
Tommies hitched their prisoner to a
bullock waggon for safety. Finally, a
member of Lord Methuou's staff recognized him, and he is now tho life of
the whole camp. Mr. Peel was on his
way to bring bis sister down from
Chiongo, III., Jan. 2.���The police,
today, took entire possession of whole
line "of the new Northwest elevated
railroad in this city. Tho police acted under oulcrs of the Commissioner
nf Public Works. The regular crew of
tbe OOinpany'SOne train is under urest.
The arrests' are the result of tbe refusal of the railway officials to comply
witli the order from Commissioner of
Public Works, to cease train running,
It is claimed that the company's
striictnie was unsafe.
Windsor, Out., Jan. 2.���Mrs. Alice
Bonsette, aged 70, was burned to float
yesterday "afternoon at her borne in
Sandwich East, while fiying meat in
a pan on a stove, tho live having ignited the meat in the pan.
Belleville, Out.. Jan. 8 ���Daniel G.
Caniff, ?!! years of ago, for many years
a prominent resident here, is dead.
A widow and one son survive.
St. Johns, Nfld.. Jan. 8.-The British Government contii'.nes in constant
communication    with    the    Colonial
Ministry over a renewal of the modus
vivendil The Colonial Cabinet would
like a modified arrangement relieving colonial fishermen from the juris-
dicti.m of naval officers, who now
inle the coast as autocrats. The Colouy
holds this reform to be au essential
preliminary to a renewal of the measure which expired yesterday. Thus far
the Colony hns proved stubborn.
These Wild   Irishmen Would   Piovide
Amusement for Young Canucks.
New York, Jan. 2. ���A special to
the Times from Builington, Vt., says:
It is leported that the Fenians are
engaged iu storing large quantities of
dynamite, lyddite ammunition and
supplies in a"few selocted repositories
in remote districts in Vermont and
Maine near tho Canadian linn.
The information comes from persons who claim to have knowledge of
the puichase of some supplies and others who learned of their transportation
by railroad disguised as groceries.
Dynamite and other explosives have
been secured in surprisingly large
quantities and stored under ground on
tbe Vermont border, while large qlian
titles of canned meats have been hidden in some large barns of sympathizing farmer- on the Maine line near
Now Hampshire.
It is said that au efficient ambulance
corps is being oigamzed under the supervision of a few loyal Irish women
and surgeons who were in the Red
Cross work iu Cuba. They are also
preparing a large number of "first
aid" packages for the invading forces.
The new movement is tho work of
the Irish element in the larger cities,
hut it is a fact that a laige and important work is being doue among the
farmers of the border states. A schedule is being arranged of farmers who
can furnish wagons, horses and oxen
for transportation purposes.
New York. Jan. 2.���The eighth
week and the forty-seventh day of the
trial of Roland B. Molineux for tbe
murder of Mrs. Katharine J. Adams,
opened with Harry S. Cornish agaiu
ou the stand. The cross-examination
of Cornish hy Attorney Weeks was the
feature of the day's proceedings. Molineux watched the witness with greater interest than he lias manifested
heretofore during the trial.
Havana, Jan. 2. ���The President of
the Supreme Court, Senor Medusa, ad-
ministered the oath of office to the
members of the new cabinet. The oath
was the ordinary one administered to
all Cuban officials taking office under
the present authority, swearing allegiance for tho time being to the military authorities of the   United  States.
Lisbon, Jan. 2.���The Cortes was
ripened today. The messages from the
Throne d dared that tho cordiality of
Portugal's relations with the other
powers was shown by the presence iu
tlie TagUS of fleets of France, Germany and Great Britain. No mention
was made of Great Britain or the
Curry, Pa., Jan. 2���The blizzard
which lias raged unceasingly in northwestern Pennsylvania for the past two
days continues. The Lake Shore,
Erie, N inkle Plate, nnd Pennsylvania
Railway, while having considerable
trouble, are moving some trains
There's a little red faced man,
Whioh is Bobs,
Rides the tallest 'orso ho can���
Our Bobs.
If it bucks or kicks or rears,
'K can sit for twenty years,
With a smile around both 'is ears-
Can't yer,  Bobs'
Then 'ore's to   Bobs   Bahadur���little
Bobs, Bobs!
' E's our pukka Kuudttbador���Fightin'
Bobs, Bobs!
'E's tbe Dook of Agpy Chel;
'E's the man that done us well,
An we'll follow him to 'ell���
Won't we, Bobs,'
If a limber's slipped a trace,
Ook on Bobs,
If a marker's lost 'is place,
Dress by Bohs,
For 'e's eyes all up 'is coat,
An' a bugle in 'is throat,
An' yotl will not play the gnat
Under Bobs.
'E's a little down on drink,
Ohsplin Bobs:
But it keeps ns outer Clink���
Dont it, Bobs?
So we will not complain
Tho' 'e's water ou the brain,
If 'e leads us stinight again���
Blue-light Bobs.
If you stood 'im on 'is   cad.
Father Hobs.
You could spill a quart o' lead
Outer Bobs.
E's been at it thirty years,
An' amnssin' souvoneers
In the way o' slogs an' spears���
Ain't yer, Bobs?
What  o does not know o' war,
Gen'ral Bobs,
You onn r.rst tbe shop next door���
Can't they, Bobs?
Oh, 'e's little, but  e's wise:
'E's a terror for 'is size,
Do yer,   Bobs?
Now thev've niude a bloom in' lord
Outer Bobs,
Which was but 'is fair reward���
Weren't it,  Bobs?
An' o'll wear a coronet
Where his 'elmet used to set,
But we know von won't forget���
Will yer.  BobB?
Then 'pro's tu  Bobs   Baliadnr���little
Bobs, Bobs!
Pocket-Wellin'ton an' 'arder���Fight-
in' Bobs,
Bobs, BoIib!
This ain't no bloomiu' ode
But you've heloed the soldier's load,
An' for benefits bestowed.
Bless yer, Bobs!
��� Rudyard Kipling.
Nelson Opera House
rionday, Jan.  ist
Comedy and
Vaudeville Company
will open ;i
in   the   Nelson Opera
House,  on
Monday, Jan. 1st. 1900
B��X 817    L
has taken place the business will ho conducted under the same manage,
ment. and our many customers will be pleased to know that they Will
be met nnd dealt with with the same cotutesy as lias hitherto prevailed.
The olasB of goods whioh has been handled by and hullt up such, a,
reputation forth- Ih ��f M. DBS ��KI AV ft 00. will continually be
kept i��� stuck, and us our oustomers   will   not lo  Hslt^d   to deal  with
strangers the .��t utation of tlny.ld firm will be maintained throughout.
Commence tie- year aright hy dealing with the old reliable.
Wishing you all a very llaupy New Year, you will know us as
i| The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Successors to M. DesBrisay & Co.
Stap e and Fancy (Iroceries.
They  will
produce  Operettas,
is   and   liii;h   class
Insure your lift-
The Churoh Tangle   iu tho Philippines
Will be Straightend Out.
Mauila, ,lau. 2. ���Archbishop Chap-
pelle, tbo papal delagate to the Pbilio-
piues, arrived here today on the United State! transport Sherman. It is
said that the friars are striving to secure Monseigneur Chapelle'sear for the
purpose of securing better protection
for^individual interests. The arrival
of the papal delegute directs attention
to the questiou of the church and the
brotherhood in the Philippines, including the matters of deciding the brother- I inK
hoods claims to reol estato and Other OnardBmen uppuired and seised hire.
croperty of the church receiving state* They refused to listen to his explan-
support   and of tho re-establishment of  aliens,   and to  all   bis  expostulations
The special correspondent of the
Daily Telegraph records the following
incident: Tho Hon. Uenrge Peel, who
was present at tbe battle ol Belmont,
got into warm corner, the bullets flying thickly around him,and, as he was
only a spectator, he prudently scram-1
bledbickto the rear of the fighting |
line. After resting, he started again i
for the purpose of exploring, when he
found himself suddenly in the enemy's
eump. An old Boer .lumped up from
behind a roek, anil Mr. Peel prepared
lo sell bis life dearly, when instead of
a bullet the Boer offered him a Bible,
opeu at Revelations, and then fled
precipitately.   Mr.  Peel was examin-
the    Bible   when   two   Uien.ulier
agem Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authoiized   -   -       -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Mova Scotia.
Ueneial Banking Business    transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits r.od on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlln, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Harness and  Saddlery
The Icaillnfr shop. Large
Mock. Heht "Hsorled Htm'k
on Imnil. Harness, Col-
l.irs ot best make*, Saddles. Iiliiiiki-t-. Hells,
Whipn, lini-hr.. Combs,
Prices Katisfaclory.
ChII and -eo.
Cor. Ward and Haker
Insure your house, house furniture
and pianos with J. Ii. Amiable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance companies.     '
Advertisements Inserted under thiKhnadat
tlie ratn of onn cent a word per insertion.   No
advertisement taken for Ian tlian 'IS oonta.
; BUOKKKTrTPKR "of TarRe experience
��� dosires evening engagement at audit-
j iug, oi   keeping  small set  of books.
Spanish enrutos in native parishes. In
asniucli as tbe i|ue��rion of tbe expul
siou of the brotherhoods from the islands and the freedom of tbo people
from tbe alleged injnstico of certain
members of the oulcrs has always been
declared to bo tho principal cause of
tho revolt of tho Filipinos against
Spain's sovereignty, long time residents of the islands declare that if the
friars aro rotumed to their former parishes tho native-, seeing them retnm
undor American administration will
soiely attai k and kill them and otherwise cause disorder.
simply  replied, "You're a Boer  spy.
Come along of ns." Certainly  appear-
The Czar Will Issue a Rescript   on the
Subject This Month.
Rerlin, Jan. a.���Tho Voiwaerts published today what purports to ho u rescript written bv Count Miiravieff ut
the Czar's direction and uddressed to
nations interested iu tho international
conference at The Hague.
The roicript will be issued,it is said,
ou the Ruusian Mew Year, January 13.
It renews tbe expression of tbe aspir
ations of tke Czar for the peace of tho
world und the diminution of armaments, and points ont that the good
work of tho Hni'ii.- conference threatens to crumble awny unless the work
is prosecuted vtith zealous devotion.
Then it proceeds with nn exprosion
of regret that another war has broken
out, "tbe spreading of which over the
entire range of civilized Immunity has
been for tlie present pievented by the
peaceable disposition of disinterested
states. "
Corporation of the City of
Paris, Jan. :!. ���The High Court concluded the hearing of the conspiracy
cases today, with counsel speech in defence of M. (ruoriu. The High Court
later announced that it hod decided hy
a vote of I-IS to 4W> that M. Buffet was
guilty, with extenuating oircum-
���Unoefi that it acquitted Codfuri and
Ue Var.x owing to tbe large majority
in their favor und that it iicqnitted M.
Sabran and De. Hamel. The court
then adjourned until   tomorrow, with-
Public Dotlcoli liorobj given to tin Bleoton
of tin- Municipality nt' tho City of Neton thai
I roqulrd the proaonso of tho said doctor* al
tile COUncll Chatllbor ill llli-ritv iilllre-on Vir-
llll-in Street hi the l'il>   (if  Nclaoil on  Motility,
tlie eighth ilnv nf January, itmu, at \i o'clock
noon, for tho purpose of electing porsoni to represent tin-in in tin- Municipal Council u Biaior
and Alileruieii.
The mode ut nomination of candidates shall
be as follows:
The eiindi,lute- -hull  bo DOtTltnatod In writ-
inK: tho writing shall bo rabsoribod by two
voter- of   the  municipality   a-   propOfOT anil
reoondor,and shall boaollveroi] t ilha Iteturn-
tliK Olllrer at nny time botwcoll tho dale Of the
nut lee., nil ���_> |>. 111. of tin- <liiy of Ihe iiiuniuatlon ;
imil iu the event of a poll tu-ins- noooniary mit-h
poll will be opened on Ihe lltli iluy of laiillar.v.
I'.iil'.iit S o'eloi'K in the fnreliiHili niiil kept open
until 11 o'clock ill the  nfteri u. ut   the follow-
iliL( place-, vi/,:
f'orthe SMI Ward AI the I'ball- lintel Sample ltniiln-; Sorotnpi Block, on tho east aids of
Josephine Street, between linker and Vlelorln
For the We-I Ward Al the ofllce of the
Kxchcipirr Gold Minliix Coinpanv. on the
north Hide of linker Street, between Stanley
Street   mill    KOOtenay   Street,   In   Hie   City  of
(If which every person I- hereby required to
taku tiolieeiuid k'nvern himself a rdinirly.
The qualification* by law required in be poa-
-e���ed by tho candidate* for tho office or ofncoi
mi iitiniied nlinve lire ii- fnllnvv- :
The pcr-nn- i|iialilleil lo be nominated for
and olootcdaa Iho Mayor of Ihe city shall be
juoh person! as are mnlo itriii-h subjects of the
full age nf twonty-ono year-, and nre nut ill.
i|ilalilted under any law. and have hern for the
six iiHin i next preceding the day of nomination thoicgl-tiTcd owner iii the Ijiuil Registry
iiillrrof hind or real proporty In ihe city of the
assessed valuo on tho Inst municipal nssoSs,
ment roll nf ono i him-1nd dollars or more over
nnd above any registered liieuiiibniiire ni
charge, and who are olhcrwl-o dulv qualified
as miinieipal voter-.
Tin- pononsquajlfled lo be unmlnnteil for and
elected as Aldermen of tbo city shall be suoh
persons as are male Rrlllsh subjects of the full
use nf tweiitj mie years, and liiv nut ,II-,,null
lied under any law-, anil hnve been fnr tte-  -i\
months next preceding tho dm of nomination
tlie regtstereu owner In the I...n.i itogl-try
Ollleeof land nr real property in the City Of Ihe
assessed value on the In-t uiunldpa! assess
ment roll of the hundred dollars ovor inn'
above any leglstorod iiiriiiiiliraine or charge,
anil who are Otherwise qualified n> muni, i|,,il
(liven undor mr hand m the (Ttyof Kelson,
hi. the Province nf llrlti-h I nlunibla, ilea ZSth
day of Uecctnbur, tw
Rsturnlng cifflcir'
Will close books for year,
at this ofllce.
etc.    Apply
WANTED.���Two bed rooms with use
of parlor in private family, in good
neighborhood, for lady, two obilarin
and norse. Address (j. H. B.. Post-
office Box BOS, Nelson.
DR.  BARBER, Dentist  has   ope 1
au offloe  with   Dr.   Morrison.    Crown
and bridge work a specialty,
Nelson Employment Agencv
Five   Laborers.    Two   Nurse   (Jills.
Hotel Porter.
Girl for Housewoik.
CORK   Mill.MM,.
Baker V
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made to tho Legislative Assembly of tho Province of British Columbia at its next session,tor an
Act to incorporate a Company with
power to construct, equip, maintain,
nnd operate telephone and telegraph
lines within nod throughout tho Province of British Columbia, nnd to construct, orect.aud maintain such and no
many poles nnd other works and devices as tho Company deem nocessary
for making, completing, supporting,
using, working, operating and maintaining the system of communication
by telephone and telegraph, and to
open or break up nny part or parts of
the suid highways or streets is often
as the said Company, its agents, ofli-
cors or workmen think proper, and for
tbe purposes of the undertaking to purchase, acquire, or lease, and hold nnd
sell and dispose of lands, buildings or
tenements within tho limits aforesaid,
and In purchase or lease, for nny term
of yean, nny telephone or telegraph
! line established, or to be establish-
led, in Biitish Columbia, connected, or
to be connected with tbo line which
the Company may construct, and to
amalgamate with or lease its line or
lines, or any portion or portions thereof, to any coinpanv possessing, as proprietor, ai.v line of telephones or telegraph communication connecting, or
to be connected, with the said Company's line or lines, and to borrow
money for the purposes of the Coin-
punv, and to pledge or mortgage any
of the Company's assets for that purpose, and to receive bonuses or privileges from any pel son or body corporate, and with nil other usual,necessary
or incidental rights, powers or privil-
egen ns may be necessary or incidental
to tho attainment of tho above objects,
or any of them.
Dnted this   15th   duy   of  December
ISM. .1. R. BROWN.
Solicitor for the Apploinnts.
J. H. L0TE, Arit
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
.Schedule of Time.       Pacific Standard Time.
I'll-.-i ��� m-. > i train for Sandon and way stations
leaves Kaslo nt 8 a. nt.. dally. Itoturnlng,
leaves Sandon at 1.15 p.m., arriving at Kaalo
at S..Vi p.m.
Operating on Kooleuay Lake nnd Klver.
8tr. "International' leaves Kaslo for Nelson
at II a. m, dally exeopl Sunday. Returning,
leaves Nelson at I,:t0p.nt��� calling at Halfour,
Pilot Hay, Alnswortii and nil way points. Connects with Sir. "Alhoita" lo ami frote lion
nerV Forry, Idaho, ilso with S. K. & N. to and
from Sioknnc at Five Mile Point.
Sir Alberta'' LMVM Nelson for [tenner's
Kerry, Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a.m.,
meeting Steamer "International" from Kaslo
at Pilot  Hay.
Hi-tnriiiiiK. li-nvi- Hiimier',. Korry al 8 a, m.
Wednesdays and Sundays.
Direct conned ions made at Honners Kern
wlih Orcat Nor.hcrn Hallway for ail points
oast and west.
Sir. "International'leaves Kaslo for l.inlu
and Argcntaat S.IAp.m. Wednesdays and fri
lay-. Sir. "Alborta" leaves Kaslo for Ijirdo
and Argcntant 8IX) p.m. Sundays.
Steamers call at principal landings In both
directions, and al olner points when sb/nallix!
Tlekela sold to all points In Canada and Ihe
United States.
To ascertain rates and full information, ad
dress |
I on t Kit I ih v in. i,
Managsr, Kaslo, it. G
In tho mnttcrol the "Companies Winding l'p
Act IM, and In the mnltcr of (ho "Nelson
Piiiiriiinii Oold Mining Company. Limited,'' in
Notice is hereby given Hint at an extraordinary general meeting of tho Nelson Poormnn
Hold MiniiiK Company, Limited, held Novcm-
bet 171 li. lS'.li, duly convenod. n special resolution requiring tlie said company to be wound
up was duly passed; which resolution ntn sub
sequent extraordlnury general meeting of tho
said company, nl-odul> convened, ntulliold on
I December.'uti, MB, wa-i duly confirmed.
| At such la.I mentioned meeting Ihe appointments ol Willlnm Murray Hoisford of tlie City
I of Viinenuicr Province of Hrll'sh Columbia
j as liquidator and Charles C. Bennett of tho
same place a- Inspector, for the purposes of thu
Vt Indlng up wore confirmed.
Notice I- also given ipiirvuanl to "Companies
Winding l'p Act, lHlrti'' section lm, that Ihe
creditors nf and others having claims upon tlie
-aid company, arc required on or before thclOih
j dny of January, A. D��� HMi. to send tholr names
nml addresses, the particular- of iholrdebts or
I claim-iiiid ihe nature of I lie securities, If any,
held by then to   William Murray BotafoTd
| Merchants Hank of Halifax, Vancouver, H. C
j the liquidator of the said company.
Nolle I- further given that after such lost
mentioned date the said liquidator will proceed
lodl-tiibiite the ns-ots of tho s.ild company
among I lie pnrtle-.onKMod thereto, having re-
jgardonly lothe rn.:.r, of whleh he shall then
have notice.
Dated at Vancouver, H. C. Dee. (lib, 1890.
MitelInnnn Huildlng. (Jranvlllo Street, Von-
comer. H. C.
Solicitor for the said Liquidator.
Sliareholil, is in the said cnmpnny aro re-
quested lo forthwith forward their sharo oer-
lllkatcs to llie -aid liquidator In order that thu
distribution nccuring thereon may be speedily
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
ALL   K1ND3   OF
Fresh   and   Salted   Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt a'tention.
We wish you one
and all
A Merry Xmas ���
and a Happy New Year.
P. O. Box K and W. Telephone io. Baker Street
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
Gookina Stoves & Ranges
Which we are offering-Hat
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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