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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 14, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 83?                ibrarvg3loo
Provincial u>-u	
Nelson,   British Columbia, Friday Evenincx,  September 14,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Enthusiastic Meeting of the
Conservatives of Nelson District.
John Houston Pledges Sup-
to Conservative
Last Bight's meeting of the Liberal-
Conservative Association of Nelson augurs well for the success of that party
in this portion of the Yale-Cariboo
district, li was a meeting whereat
all nf the factions of the party were
united, and nun who have not for
some time affiliated with the Conservatives cheered with those who have
never strayed away tlie names of Sir
Charles Tupper and Hugh Johu Maodonald. Mayor John Houston was
iilicof tlicse..'ind lie with Others signed
his niUUC to the articles of the Liberal
Conservative Association and pledged
his support to the nominee of the
Conservative convention in Kevcl-
stoke tomorrow, no matter who that
nominee may be.
The meeting was culled for the purpose of selecting delegates to the convention and was largely attended.
John Toye and Fred .1. Slnrkey were
chosen respectively chairman and see-
relary ami all who were present and
lint members of the association signed
their names to the articles ami became
active members and actlvo Conservatives. The nominations for delegates
placed before tbe meeting the following gentleman:
J. B. Animhle, 9. 3. Bradley, Jacob
Hover, .1. A. Klrkpatrlok,   Peter  La-
i it, W.   I'I.    Mcl'andlish.   C.    Morri
Boll, II, Q, Neelands, Fred Starkey
John Houston, John Toye, John Billot, Frank Fletoher and W, A. Maodonald, (if the above the following
consented to attend the convention
and were ohosen unanimously i Chris
Morrison, Fred Markov. .1. E, Annable, Jacob Dover, VV. 0. McCanillisli,
���'ind John Houston. M. P.  P.
After the selection of delegates, Mr.
VY. A. Macdonald moved, and (I. L.
Lennox seconded the adoption of the
following resolution:
"Resolved that this meeting of Liberal-Conservatives of the Dlstirot of
Nclsnn expresses its confidence in Sir
Charles Tupper as tlieir leader and
hails with satisfaction the return of
Hugh John   Maodonald   to   Dominion
politics, This meeting pledges itself to
use all   legitimate   means toward   tlle
election of the nominee ofthe Liberal-
Conservative Party for  Yale-Cariboo,
thus assisting In  the downfall of the
Lanricr-Tartc adminislration."
Tlic resolution w'lH unanimously
adopted by n Standing vote and three
hearty    cheers    were   given   for   Sir
1 harles Tupper and   Hugh John Maodonald,
bune has h.d something pleasant lo
say of the Liberal nominee. A wondrous change has been wrought, however, Last night Mr, Houston joined
the Liberal-Conservative Association,
pledged himself to support Mr, Galli-
her's opponent and cheered with others for Sir Charles Tupper and Hugh
John Macdonald. He did it all, ton.
of his own free will. No combination
of circumstances forced him to aet as
lie did. He has broken away from
the Liberals and burned liis bridges
behind him, lie has taken with him.
too, a portion of his personal following, a following whieh would otherwise have probably supported Mr.Gal-
lilicr. Mr, (lalliber has certainly been
thrown down.
A Montreal correspondent says: Regarding the entrance of Hon. Hugh
John Macdonald into the Dominion
campaign. Sir Charles 'Tupper snid:
"I knew what I was about when 1
played the card that has caused so
much satisfaction amongst tlic rank
und file of the Liberal-Conservative
party of Canada. 1 knew what wns iu
tlie man, and I assure you, he will
bring us a solid phalanx of Conservative members from Lake Superior to
the I'aeilic ocean. The defeat of Mr.
sifton iu Brandon by Mr. Macdonald
is absolutely certain. "
Sir Charles spoke most enthusiastically of his recent tour, which he declared had been a splendid success.
"It would be impossible." Sir Charles
Tupper said, "to exaggerate the enthusiasm und Importance of the meetings we addressed in Nova Scotia.New
Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
I have never in my life seen anything
like the attendance, as well us the
intense feeling thnt bus arisen in
those three Provinces against the
Laurier Qovernment." Speaking of
Conservative prospects in Nova Scotia,
Sir Charles said that the Conservatives
will carry without doubt, thirteen out
of the twenty seats, und without losing; u constituency will capture live
seats now held hy the Liberals. The
prospects In New Brunswick and
Prince Edward Island are also splendid. Sir Louis Davies is lighting for
bis politicnl life, and if be is not defeated he will not hnve n single follower from his own Province. It was
nlso admitted thai Mr. Costigan's
political days in the County of Victoria are numbered.
Will  Oult work  Monday   ln All  the
Pennsylvania Mines.
Views of Prominent Citizens
Regarding Electric
All Agree That Some Action
Should Be Taken at
Murder in a School House
Puzzles Provincial
Swedes Report Area of Rich
Coal Lands at Port
Order to Strike Affects Over 140.000
Working Miners.
John Houston's action in pledging
himself to the support of the Liberal-
Conservative nominee for the Yale-
Cariboo diatlrot in the ensuing genernl elections came like B thunderbolt
from n clear sky into the Liberal
camp of the Nelson district. During
thu llouston-l'Tctcher election Mr.
Houston  was successful   in securing
10   support   of   a    large   number   of
Liberals, who claimed him then to In
ns good a Liberal as any in Nelson.
As a Liberal, Mr. W. A. Oalllher supported bim nnd probably did more
Hian any other one man, with the exception of Mr. Houston himself, to SO-
cure lhat gentleman's election. Kor
lllis   Mr,   Galliher and his friends
counted upon Mr.    Houston's   support
of Mr. Galliher aa the Liberal nominee in Vale-Cariboo,   It hud nol even
'"'li Intimated to uny of the Liberals
that M4. HnuHton would decline to
����PP0rt   Mr. (lalliber nnd everywhere
" was taken  f,,r granted  that  such
"I'l'ml wuu|,| be forthcoming. The
""h"nnsof Mr, Houston's paper eer-
talnly created this impression for Up..
'"' OVery possible   occasion   The   Trl-
Indianapolis, Sept. II.���At 5:18
o'clock yesterday afternoon President
Mitchell and Secretary  Wilson of the
Union Mine Workers affixed their signatures to the   document   which    will
call 143,000 minora of the Pennsylvania authraetie region from their
work Monday morning ami precipitate
une of the most gigantic strikes In
the history Of the labor world. The
document was the ollicial endorsement of the request of tho anthracite
miners to strike.    It   was considered
by Ihe untioiial executive board of the
United Mine Workers last week, and
when the board adjourned to indorse
tlie strike all power was left in the
hands of the president and secretary.
The ollicial   order   to strike    was .scut
to the three   Pennsylvania districts.
The order is a simple recital Of the
proi lings   of   the   three    bodies   in
applying tor authority to the national
board to strike ami a formal announcement,that the application In indorsed und the strike ordered, Tl"'
order says:
������Do not wait for any further notice tn strike, but cease work in a
body on and after Monday, September
17, 1 Will."
Yesterday     ufternoon      President
Mitchell and Secretary Wilson sat    in
the headquarters, "oth were nervous. They opened telegrams from
different purls of tlic- anthracite region with feverish linslc. thinking,
us they said. Hint each message mlghl
be some concession from the opers
tors.   The  district presidents   rc|ior
r tin
The Miner has taken occasion to secure the views of a number of leading
citizens upon the matter of the present electric light muddle. It has
been done not witli tin intention to
criticise the Mayor or Council but
rather as au aid to them in their consideration of a question which has
worried them for some weeks past.
Interviews witli some citizens ure
published today. Others have lieen
or will be secured and will appear in
tomorrow's Miner. Everyone interviewed believes in Immediate action,
nnd the majority are of the opinion
tbat further tinkering with the present plant is a useless expenditure of
money.     Here are sonic ideas:
,1. II, Wallace, of Wallace and Miller: "I am surprised that some action
has not been taken before this. Immediate steps should be taken to obtain ll proper lighting system, It is
plain that Ihe city ban already wasted
a large sum of money on the present
plant. Although thousands of dollar"
might be spent to belter this plant, it
is my opinion lhat it will never prove
satisfactory, and thnt was my idea
when the plant wns lirst installed, ll
appeals that satisfactory results could
be obtained,if the plant was moved lo
the rapids at Kootenay bridge where
good water power could always be
had. At the present time, owing to
the fact tbat large sums have already
been spent, if satisfactory arrangements could be made witb the Bonnlngton Kails people, it would be thc
wisest step that could be taken. Wc
hnve never had good street lights,
and with the present plant it will be
impossible to obtain tbem. It is tie
Intention of our company to place gas
iu our store, as we hnve not. satisfactory electric light service."
James A. (iilker: "I would say
that immediate steps should be taken
to obtain   a proper   lighting   system.
The city by nil  moans should control
and derive'revenue from the lighting
nf the city. Something should he
done without further delay to  repair
the old dam or lmild a new one."
Mnrtin   O'Relllyi    "'toe   lighting
service tit my store is far from being
satisfactory, end if I am not given u
belter service shortly, will purchase
my lighting material from tlie (las
Company. 1 am greatly in favor of
tbe citv' controlling the system, but
w,mid like to see   it    made   a   salifae-
tory one.   It Is quite disappointing to
have in one's store a lighting service
which is of no use. The City Council
should make a move to do something
at once."
Horace Hume:    "You  eanm    call
it  a lighting service.    A CO!  lamp
would   give   a   milch    better    service
Homo Steps Should bo   taken    i ledl-
ately. No, I am not in favor of getting power from Hie lloiinington Kails
v ipany.   The lighting service should
be controlled by the cily. "
James A. McDonald of McArthur A
C, ; I am nol in favor of the pros
ent System in the least and am sure
that'll satislateory plant could be installed at Kootenay bridge at tllc rap
ids. This would .give the city an unlimited power and could nol only furnish the number of lights, but would
furnish power for u ufacturing purposes, which would add greatly to
the building up of the town."
���lobn    Kirkpatrick:    "It      Is     well
known that the present plant is perfectly unsatisfactory. Bomotblng
must' be done soon,  and   why    not    do
ii now instead of waiting two or three
nu,nibs.   Several propositions are 	
fore the council and why do they not
e-ivc them their immediate and careful
consideration? 'the city should eon
Ind the svstem but should have a pi
per one to control. It will soon
the winter season and time is toi
short to be   wasted."
(100, (ino and :ii��l francos. The professional contest was much more Interesting as it resulted in the French
crack, Jacquetin, being defeated by
tlie, Dutch champions, Meyer and
Cooper. Jacquetin, who bad previously beaten tlie other American,
Macfarlaiid iu the semi-iinals. took
the lead in the final and held it during the greater part of the ruee but
during tlie last round, Meyers und
Cooper passed him. Jacquetin spurted, hut to no purpose and finished
three-quarters of a length behind
Cooper, TTu' distance in this race
was '.'.000 meters, time two minutes
and 33 2-3 seconds. Thc lirst prize
was 15,000 francs, the second 0,(10(1,
and the 3rd   _,ooo.
Captain   Kurtz  of the  Tug
Procter Saves a Shipmate.
Victoria, II. ('., Sept. 14.���The
Provincial Police are working on
what promises to prove to lie a murder ease at Saanicli. On opening up
tlic little school there a few days ago
tlie teacher discovered marks of blood
on the floor. Instead of reporting
the matter to thc police, the lloor was
cleansed and nothing said ubout it.
Thc police got wind of the mutter and
arc now working on the ease. Chinamen living in the vicinity say Japs
had a row in the building and that
one was murdered.
The Dominion Government telegraph
line being built into Dawson has
now reached llazellon. The first
message ever sent Ironi that point
reached Victoria yesterday,
The Liberal convention lias heen
set for the loth instant.
Local retail dealers have commenced
an agitation against trading- stamps
and will petition the council to put. a
heavy tux on companies which handle
The apparatus for the new technical school to he established here has
arrived. The school trustees are now
looking for a suitable building.
Two Swedes who were brought
down liy Indian constables on the
Queen City to New Westminster,
charged with selling liquor to Indians
from their sloop, claim to have found
a very rich area of coal lands abutting on tlie sea to the north of Port
Simpson. They say the Beams look
very good. They decline to lell the
location, for, 'as they have a prospect
of staying down this way for some
lime, they do not, want others to get
in ou tlieir tiuil.
A. D. Drummond, of the Provincial
Police, formerly on the local stall',
and now stationed at Telegraph, who
arrived by the steamer Queen City,
tells of some rich copper finds about
six miles from (llcnora. A line copper borite ore has been found there he
says, by one of the prospectors of the
Cassiar Railway Co. Tin- ledge is
eight feet across. 'The ore is strikingly similar lo that, found near
White Horse on the Yukon,
Berlin, Sept. 14.���Sir Frank Lascel-
les, the liritish ambassador who has
just returned from a month's vacation
at Hamburg, says the Dowager Kin-
press Frederick will not come to Berlin for the winter, but will go to
Italy again. Before going to Italy she
will visit Queen Victoria if able to do
so. "I saw the Dowager twice, "said
Sir Frank Lacelles "and slie is certainly not a well woman, although
her appearance is not worse than it
was a year ago when her health wns
lirst affected. She has grown lame
on one foot and needs assistance
when walking."
Forln   and   Lord  Minto   Were
comrades In Arms.
Lashed the Drowning man to
a Tow Line and Saved
An Old Acquaintance Renewed In Nel
son Wednesday.
(lulargcs at   Sandon   Upon Men From
Payne Mine.
Kaslo. Sepl. I.I. Reports come from
Sandon of outrages on non-union men
employed at the Payne mine. It is
slated that one miner who went into
the town Ihe other afternoon was assaulted in broad daylight by a gang of
seven, who cruelly bent, bim. Another
man, formerly a brewer in Spokane,
was foully assaulted while in a saloon, lie was silting at a table with
a friend when two men entered and
Without saying a word attacked him,
1; nocked bim on the lloor and stamped
on ills face and body Warrants were
issued, but by Ihe tunc they were out
Ihe guilty parties had    lied.
118,00 men
Raleigh, N. c. Sept. IB.-Tbe busl
noss portion of the town of Washing
ton. N. ('., today was almost entirely
ilcBtroyed bv lire. The loss is eetlmal
c,| at 1180,000.
Col, l. Edwin i>inii
I'nited Slates
Ibis afternoon lhat   of the l��, "      ^J, fo_ |,,.i,ish Columbia, who lui
in the three districts i:ii..Mm would ,'o  bocn Hpendtog the  last week In   Ri
 ��� " |s,,..   left yesterday for Vancouver.
Continued on I'ouitli Vago. ' '
eating   Contests in the
cycle   Races,
ParU,    Sept.      14.���The    Americans
made ii much better   showing at Vln-
cennee yesterday in the bicycle, amateur and professional, for the Exposition grand prix. than ill the previous
visit.Couper gaining a place in the
professional ami Lake third iu the
amateur. The distance ill this race
was V.'llll meters anil the time I wu
minutes, .V; seconds. The prizes were
works of   urt.   worth   respectively 1,-
.Tuilgc Forin renewed nn old acquaintance Wednesday when he shook
bauds with Lord Minto shortly after
His Kxelleneies arrival in tlie city.
During the rebellion in the Northwest
in 1885 tlie judge saw much of Lord
Minto and evidently learned to admire
him very much.
"It is over 15 years since I met
him," said the Judge to a Miner man
this morning. "He was then chief of
Btaff to (leneral Middletou in tlie
Northwest Rebellion of 1SS5. I was
with Colonel (liter in the Queen's
Own. a regiment that has lately had
the distinction of Lord Roberts accepting the position of honorary colonel. Lord Mclgiind. as Lord Minto
wus then known.was considered a rattling good .soldier. His faiuiliaritv
with the men of the west, the cow-
puncher and Mounted Police qualified
him to. judge of tlieir ellieieney for
service in South Africa, lie is an ardent admirer of tlie Canadian troops.
As a soldier of wide experience he
also sees sonic faults, but is ever kind
to them. He it was who interested
himself in getting Charlie itoss. tlic
celebrated scout into service in South
Africa. Itoss was chief scout for Colonel Otter in 1885. Lord Minto is familiar with this type of western men
and if his advice had been followed I
have no doubt we would have had
thousands of these line plainsmen and
rough riders iu South Africa. As Sir
Charles Dilke said : Send out 10,000
rough riders, cow punchers ami colonials.' I am quite sure Lord Minto has
the same view. Thc War Offloe
should i suit, such men as Lord Minto, he is practical and bus bad wide
colonial experience, Canada to him
is no vast unpopulated frozen north,
but a country of boundless possibilities. Another matter which 1 had
the opportunity of speaking about was
the record of our Canadian soldiers iu
South Africa. Lord Minto takes a
personal pride in their work, lie
knew they could do tbe work und of
one thing I am positive, that is, that
the report Lord Minto wished to
break onr regiment up into units is
false. He was a strong advocate of
keeping them together, he   knew tbey
could do Canada credit and predicted
it. liis prediction!are more than fulfilled, As be says. 'When you sec Ihe
Canadian regi lit continuously associated with such eruek regiments as
the Gordons and Seaforths you may
depend  they  are doing  line  work.'
Vcs. His Exoellenoy lias great faith in
Canada and its people. "
.Tames Steers.of Ihe tug Procter.narrowly escaped drowning in Kootenay
Lake below Pilot Hay yesterday afternoon. Only for the heroic aetiou of
Captain I). (Ieorge Kurtz he would
have lost his life. The tug was taking
a barge of fifteen ears to Kootenay
Landing and us it nearcd Rhinoceros
Point the barge was struck by a heavy
sea and management became exceedingly dillieult. The crew was forced
to draw the barge by a tow line, aud
while getting the tug into position
Steers was caught by the cable anil
thrown into the water. In a desperate struggle, and although Incapable
Of swimming, lie caught the tow line
which kept bis head above water
Captain Kurtz plunged to bis rescue.
There was only one man left on the
tug, and at the cries for help from the
men in the water, he lowered the life
boat but In the heavy waves it was
washed away and lost, lie could do
nothing to help as be had to steer the
tug and keep il running full ahead to
keep thc cable light and the men out
of the water. Captain Kurtz lushed
Mr. Steers to the cable and pushed
him along it until the barge was
reached. Several times during their
stay in the water of over an hour,
Steers ericd to the captain to let him
die. After the men were freed from
their perilous position there was only
one man on the tug to run and steer
It, Other serious accidents might
have happened had not the Moyie
wbieb was passing al the time gone to
their rescue. Those who saw tbo
affair say that Captain Kurtz did an
heroic dood and should be presented
witb a humane medal.
London, Sept. 14.���At the third
days racing of thc Doncaster September meeting yesterday the corporation
selling handicap plate of 800 sovereigns for three year olds and upwards, the winner to be sohl by uue-
lion for Ion sovereigns, six furlongs
was won by "Remembor Me" ridden
by Uigby. who nlso on Tin Soldier,
lied for first place iu the race for the
House plate of .',u0 sovereigns for two
year olds, a mile, the tieillg horse being Sequestt, The Cortland plate of
71)11 sovereigns added to a Sweep stakll
of ten sovereign! for three year olds
and upwards, live furlongs, and I.VJ
yards, was won by the I'rince of
Wales cbesniil horse Tuck, on whieh
Tod Sloan hail the mount.
The Kaslo Kooteln inn says: JamOS
Maekay Anderson is gay. He came
down from Jubilee Point Saturday
and his smile was broad. Free milling gold has been discovered on the
property of the Qold Hills Mining mid
Development Company, of which  he
is western manager. The great news
has been wired to Toi'imto. When interviewed by the Kootenaiau Mr. An-
dersiin snid: "Since I was here last
we  have   struck   some   valuable   irou
intniiiing   free   milling     ore.
They are on the Luke Creek slope   nil-
Joining the i-iiiiind'  mineral   claim.
The assays have turned out very well
giving 118 and 110.00, It is tiie best
property we have struck yet. The Intention is Iii open it lis fust as possible. There are trails right up to Ihe
group. Men are working there cutting the leads. " The Toronto shareholders will la- glad to bear this.
Mr. li. c. Rlblet  returns tomorrow
from Spokane where he llftl been fur thc
last week.
The C. I'. K. Telegnrph Oo, report!
a very severe slorin iu the North West
Territories, so severe that all of their
lines nre down in   thut   district,     For
that  reason Tbe Miner this   afternoon
docs nol   contain its usunl amount   of
I telegraph,
_____________ Nelson  Daily Miner,   Friday  Evehiho,  September 14, iqoo.
The Nelson Miner
Published Kvery Afternoon Exoopt Bunds;
���hv TUB-
President and MnnaKhiK Editor.
Business Manager.   .
IU Fleet Street, K. c.
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SubscriptionsInvariably in advance.
All Click- should ne made payable to thu
onier of   nki.son   i'i'iii.isiiinu   Company,
Hr. Russell, one of the members for
Halifax in the Dominion House, eon-
tributes a four-column paper to The
Toronto Globe on what he is pleased
lo call "Tbe Imperialism of sir
Charles Tupper." The comment that
lirst suggests itself on wading through
it is that thc Doctor is either not as
honest as be might be in dealing with
public men with whom he does not
agree, or he is singularly dull of comprehension. The purpose of tlle article is to show, lirst. that Sir Charles
Tupper is inconsistent in his present
professions of imperialism, and, second, that his    tive in   suggesting a
Canadian contingent for the South
Africa war was to embarrass Sir Wilfrid Laurier. With most readers it
will be Sufficient to dispose of the latter aspersion by simply characterising
it as stuff and nonsense. If the Premier hnd had the wit to accept the suggestion of a contingent as tlie splendid stroke of policy he afterwards conceded it to be, there could have been
no embarrassment either to himself or
to his party. It was because he hesitated, and hemmed und hawed, and
listened to the protestations of tlie rebellious Tarte, that he found himself
in trouble,and unless Sir Charles Tupper is possessed of hypnotic power he
could not have anticipated any of
these surprising manifestations of
spirit. The suggestion of insincerity,
intended to operate as a trick, is an
unworthy one in itself, although possibly quite in keeping with tlic disposition and qualities of the Liberal
member for Halifax.
Tbe other matter is one of an entirely different complexion, and
questions of Imperial connection and
Imperial preferential trade are cer
tain to command a good deal of nttcn
tion in tlic approaching contest it is
as well that there should he a clear
understanding of it. Wc have seen
that the Liberal papers are already
endeavoring to create the Impression
that Sir Charles Tupper is not as loyal
to the cause of Imperialism as lie pn
fesscs to be, and we shall probably
discover before many days that those
same papers arc freely quoting nn old
Bentiment rescued from the dust heap
of forly years ago to prove thai
heart he is au en . my to tlie Imperial
connection ami would prefer to havi
none of it. ilr. Ktissell lias Lighted
on a letter written by Sir Charles,
reply to the late Joseph Howe, when
the quest ion of Confederation was rag
ing in Nova Scotia, in which he took
the ground that neither the money no
the men of Hritish North America
should be spent    in   wars   beyond the
seas.   Here is Inconsistency for you,
thinks Dr.  lfusscll, for this is the man
who   was   in such a   hurry   to n 111-
mi'nil that contingent in the Fall of
last year.    The   Halifax member   docs
not stop to consider that a great many
things may change in forty years.
During that time Canada bus developed from a few struggling, scattered,
disconnected Provinces of three millions of i pie into a united and pros*
porous Dominion of twice the population, During that time the relations
between the Mother Country and the
Colonies have undergone a complete
revolution. What would have been a
hardship and oppression in I hose
struggling Provinces of forty years
ago became an expression of filial
gratitude and affection last year.
I'sc Is made. too. uf si,- Charles
'Cupper's determined opposition lo
the resolution offered   nt a meeting of
the Imperial federation   League some
twelve or fourteen   years   ago, to   the
effect that tin lollies Bhould  be lav
ed for thc defence of the Umpire, an
opposition Hint was largely instrumental iu breaking up the League.
The spirit of this resolution won 1.1 al-,,,
embrace thai Parliamentary union of
the Empire vvhleh the Canadian Premier la undersl I to   favor,    h'or  thai
Opposition  all  Colonists will   forgive
him and   even   applaud   bim.     It was
quite a mistaken view in maintain, as
the   authors   "f   that   resolution   did.
(hut Canada had done nothing for Im
perial defence. The project of a Canadian I'aeilic railway was largely con-
Ived as an Imperial enterprise, and
we hnve spent many millions upon it.
We nre spending millions in the maintenance of u militia force. In other
ways, more or less direct,we are helping the Umpire, Hut thut is not the
real point of the matter. Unless the
present Colonial relations are to be
utterly destroyed, and we are to be
merged into a Parliamentary union,
lireot Imperial taxation is out of tlie
question. Hotter, as at present, to
leave it to our good will, our affection, our loyalty. Referring to the incident of tlie Federation League in a
recent speech. Sir Charles well explained it in the following: "I do
not claim that she has discharged her
whole duty. I said you must leave it
to the free,unfettered judgment of the
Parliament of Canada to deal with
questions of that kind, and that uo
power iu the world outside of her
Parliament should lay an impost on
tlie free people of Canada. Let the
hour come, I also said, when it is
necessary for Canada to stand by the
Mother Country, and she will not look
in vain." That is the only possible
attitude. It will be a bad day for the
present connection and all other connections when one different from this
is taken.
A manipulation of election returns
in our morning contemporary of yesterday is too curious to be allowed to
pass without remark. It was said
that thi' minority of the Provincial
electorate "runs the Government,"
and iu proof the figures of twenty
constituencies represented liy (Iovernment supporters were taken, showing
an aggregate of 10,844 votes. Against
these eight others were taken, with
10,075 votes. The oilier ten arc not
accounted for. which is certainly very
singular under the circumstances. Hut
the strangest thing is that two of the
eight, Kevelstoke and Slocan, are represented by members who support the
(Iovernment and consequently help to
"run" it. If thc figures for these are
deducted from the 1 ().(!"'>, and added
to tlie 10,844, our contemporary's position is at once disproved, without reference to the remaining ten, a majority of which is in the (Iovernment
column. The paragraph is altogethe
so singular as to suggest the idea that
Mr. Houston has not yet recovered
from the excitement of bis visit to the
Those who nre so cocksure   that the
I'nited stutes would retaliate against
(Ireat Britain, If she were to give
preferential treatment to the Colonies,
would do well to explain why thnt
country does not retaliate against Canada for onr preferential in favor of
(ireat Britain. Exactly the same provocation would exist in the one ease as
it does in tlie other. The I'nited States
docs not and wonld not retaliate, for
the very good reason that Imperial
trade relations are a domestic affair,
and against which foreign complaint
could not reasonably lie.
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. 85 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 6 -60
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines  2 75
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  9 SS
Miller's  Qualitative   Analysis.. 1 75
Kemp's Handbook of   Hocks.... 1 75
Thautwine's   Engineer's  Handbook   B 50
Hawkins'   New   Catechism    for
tlie Steam   Kngine  2 2b
Hawkins' Maxims und Instructions for   Boiler Uooni  2 2b
Hawkins'   New    Catechism   of
Eleotrlolty  2 25
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations  for Engineers  2 25
Machinists'    and      Engineers'
Pocket Manual  1 2;,
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 nil
Canada's   Metals  S5
H. & M. BIRD
Agents lor Bunks  .pli���.,_i Wool and
A..be��liis   Cu.
Insurance Oo. nt Norm America, Mutual Life
lnsur_nr.il Co., ol New York, Quebec
lire Assurance c.o.
Wholesale  Houses
rnilOltl'K & CO. Limited-1'ori.ur Vunimi
X und Oedar StroutSt Nolson���Manufaolur-
L'l'riof and wholosajo doaloi'ei In aoratod wiitorn
und fruit Byrupfl. Solu agontti fur Ualoyon llui
Springs iniiiri.ti wator.  Telophonotw.
N. M. ('uiiiiiiitis,  Lfssoo���Evory known
variety of soft drluks.   PO Uox as. Telephone
No. 81. Hoover Btroot. Nelson.   Uot Hern of Hie
famous Si. Leon Uot Springs Mineral Wator.
CANK & MACDONALD (ll. done, Jamos
A. i-i,tc;donal(l)���Areiutoots und superintendents, JJi'oken Hill lilock, corner Uukei uml
Ward Streets, Nelson.
00.���Manufacturers of Hie ltoynl Seal
and Kootonay Italic Cigars. Factory and
ollice, Baker street, Nolson.
HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker Slreet., Nel-
��� sou���Wholcsnlc dealers in liquors, ot
Karri, cement, lire brick und lire clay, Water
pipe und Hicel rails, und goneral ootntnlBsloii
u lore hunts.
J    A. M'DONALD-Mudden Ulock  Nelson
���    Krujls, ice cream,  "U. H." obooolatOd
higholass confectionery,  ice Cream Parlors
Wholesalo and retail dealers in grain,
hay. Hour, feed. Wills at Vieloriu, New West
minster; Kdmonton, Alia. Elevators on Cat
gary and Edmonton Hallway. .Manufaoturon
of the celebrated li. & li. brand cereuls.
A MACDONALD & Co.- Corner Kront
��� and Hall Streets���Wholesale grocerf
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
rubbers, mackinuws und miners' sundries.
_!_! Olllee corner Hall and Kront Streets,
.Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, Mooring, and every
tiling in wood for building purposes. Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
P  BURNS & Co.���Baker street, Kehon���
���   Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured
moat*.   Cold Storage.
Baker Slreet, Nelson���Wholesale dealors in fresh and cured meats.
Street, Nelson��� Wholesale denials in
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware t'o. Ltd j Uaker Streot,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware und
mining supplies, plumbers' uud tinsmiths' sup
JLi    paints, oils and glass; mechanics' tools
Agents for Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
rpUUNKH, BEETON A Co.-Corner Vernon
JL and Josephine Streets, Nelson��� Whole-
salo dcaleiM In liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
und Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UllSON'S DAY Co.-Wholesale groceries
und Uquon etc., Bnkor Struct, Nulson.
Kront and Hull Struuts, Nulson���Wholesale dealers in wines (0086 ami bulk), and
domestic and importod cigars.
JY. MUFFIN Sl CO.-Corner Vernon and
��� Josephine Streets, Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealors in provisions, cured moats, buttor and
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Poiter.
Nelson, B. C.
Soo Line
Throe-story house on Park Street,
near Hakor Btreet. To be sold aheap,
Pari cash,
HulldloD  Iota  uml ri'si,l.'i s in ail
parts nl tlir oity uml Dome Addition,
Two Story House, six rooms, fnrn-
isin',1 eomplet-, on Observatory Streel
close to the Tram Line. 136,00 per
Seven room house on Oarbonate st.
aii modern Improvementsi *;,.'i per
1 imperial    Liipited
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Tourist Oars pass Medicine Hat
daily for Ht.  Paid;    Saturdays for
Monlrenl and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars
pass Revelstoke oue day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar IO:.'*.
16:80 l.v Nelson Ar 18:46
Morning train daily for mnl from
Rossland, and for Revelstoke, main
line and Paoiflo Const.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rossland, and from Revelstoke, main
lino aud Paoiflo Coast, and daily
(except .Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7i80 l.v
iKx Sun)
Kor and from .Sandon, Slocan points,
Revelstoke,   main   line   and   Pacific
Kootbxay Lakh Kaslo Routhi.
(Ex Sun) Sir Kokanee (KxSiui)
18:00 l.v Nelson Ar 11:1m
Saturday to Argonta and return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k,
Kootknay Rivkii Route,
Daily    Hits Movie ami Nelson     Dnily
___�� l.v Nelson Ar 2:.'lll
Connects at Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
Kor rates, tickets and full Information apply to Depot, or City Agent,
Nelsou, H. ('., or
Trer. Baa. Agist     a n. p. Aoint,
NeUen Vauoouver
Ar 10:30
I Kx Sun)
New Dry Goods
Millinery Store.
Saturday morning our NEW
Jackets and Mantles will be ready
for your inspection. They are
direct from Germany, and will
include the latest styles and most
up-to-date Mantles ever shown in
Our Golf Capes are comfortable and stylish. Plain Colors in
Fawn, Blue and Black. Prices
start at      ...      .      $4.75
Our Ready-to-Wear Felt Hats
include the latest English and
American styles. Will be pleased
to show you everything in the
NEW GOODS. Our prices are
the lowest.
If \ 0-0,0
Morrison ft Caldwell
Finest line of
Staple and  Fancy
Groceries, Provisions,
Canned Goods,
Fruits, Vegetables, etc.
Our Specialties :
Best Creamery Butter and
Fresh   Bogustown  Eggs.
^    Morrisoi) Sl  CaldiWell
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
a^g- ���������.���������������^STg
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful a��d oromot attention.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital r_M-ui $l,s_-,070.00 | Beat, 91,joe 000 0
���.^""n' "r 9brtMmt Thomas E.Kenny, President) Thomas 'tii.iii.   vi__.p_-.i___,
Wiley smith, 11. u. Bauld, Hon, 11.11. Puller, m.l. c, Boh.D_rt"___oKoen. "wMoui.
Mi'iui Office, iin linu 1
Goncrnl Manngor, Kdson I,. Pease, Montroal.
_|1|1sp!S'or.'"v.'.\ Hi". ���' Hnli__. ' SoCruU"'y' W' "��� lO-flUeO, Halifax.
Inspector 1). M, Btowart, Moniroal.
_ _ Branches I
,\ova taaUa-HUUu Branoh, Antlgonujh, Brldgewater, Bonbon. l.o_dondorry, tmnenbnn
MalUand |Hanta1 CoJ, Hotou, Port Hawkojbury. Sydney, _hube__o_dlo, 'I'runi w",,, _'
Hew UrimimJek-Hnlliin- .,   Iiori'lieslor, Kri'di'i'li'lmi   KliiiMiu, iKonl  (',, im.',,,.,__   _
oaeae.Sjjokvillo, Wo.,d��t.,o���.   I- _. ,',���. (hnilolV.'iow,,* u" ��� So.  ��_rtS32___iSffi
,ny oiiio,'), Montrml. WrntKni (Cor. Notre Dame and Seigneur* StreoU)fwMtoo__t 8��or
Greene Avenue and St. Uatharlniw Street. Ontario-Ottawa.  Newfoundland-st  1, ,_r;
Cuba, wi'/u Indlei-Havana, United stalea-New York 110 Kxchnnge PEm) Sepublfe __*%__
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Van-
conver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
I'M I I SJHIllfl,  |,,s I
Canada-Morahanbi Bank of Canada. Botlon-Natlonal Shawmut ltank. ��'hiraao-Amori���
NaUonal Bank.  San Pranelncn-Flrst National Hank.  London, Kng.-Hn.k of sro in,
PnriN, 1'niiin. -Orodll LyonnalB,  Ben a-fiankol Bermuda.  ��'iii_u m 1 j_���B_  1 ��� J
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, "a""-  ,,0,|k
Oeneial BanklnK Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Hon-In
and Sold, Letters of  Credit. Etc., Negotiated. ���*��������������
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Hank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
dNCORPOB-r**yj ley^
Just unloaded���
Another car of
For family trade.    The hest,
purest, and most palatable.
Special Prices to the
Corner Baker nnd Stanley BtreeU.
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson w ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's  Falls  with
Stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and (ireenwood.
I.KAvp. Day Train.        AmuvK.
10.88 n.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:115 p. m RoBsland 6:80 p.m.
U :30 a, m Nelsou H:U0p.in.
Nif��lit Trnin.
9:46 p.m Spokane 7 :05 n.m:
11 :II0 p.m Kossland 0:U0 a.m.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Allan Lino  Corin'hiiui ..
Allan I.lnu I'lirihlun	
Dominion I,Ino vandouve
'in,Minimi l.lno  llouilnlon
From Montreal
 Sepl 15
nonunion i,i,k>   i nn,���, ..opi.-.1
Hoiivur l.lno l.uko Mm;. Hllr Sopl 21
Hon vor l.lno ljiko Buporlor   Sopt -'S
White Star l.lno Uormanlo
White Star Une Cymric,
While Slar I.I11B Muio��tlo
Ounard I,ino Btrurta	
Amerloan Une Now York..
Ho,i siar l.lno tConstngton
Ounard l.lno Borvla	
UUUard l.lno  l,n,-nniu	
Anchor I.ino Anohorla	
Anohor Lino A.lorin
Krom Now York
. Sopl II
Bept 111
.Sopl 86
Sept fi
.Sopl 10
Sop.l i"
.Sopl 19
Sopl l.i
.Sopl tl
H0017.S ai)d  Offices lo I^eijii;.
Apply    io    the
INfelsoi) Electric TraijiWai) Co.
Corner Josephine atfd   Vcrijor, S.reeis.
Auoiior i.ino A.ioriti cepi t-
N. (I. L. Lino KnlHorin Miirlu Thoro��ln..Sopl IH
N. O. L, Lino Allor Sopt 11
Allun Stato Liiia Liuironllim Sopl"
Cnimrd Lino Snxonla Sopl-';
I'liiiiliiion Lino Now KnKlnt.d  Ocl HI
Panugra , 11.,,,,, ,1 to mid from nil European
pOlnta For rnUiH, lloko.s anil full Informal Ion
apnli 10 0. P. H. depot agent or ll. L. Brown
t'ity nUSOBBOr A_0nt, Notion, 11. 0,
General / mint, c.l'.H. oilloos, Winnipeg
MRS. RB-LLYi who has taken over
the house on Ward Street jlllj
above the Post Offloe, will Kiv<' bonul
and rooms. Several cliuice rooms still
unoccupied.  'I'etnis reasonable
7-8 inch diain. $18.60per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nolsi'D
J. 0. T. CROFTS, _ ���
P, O. Box 07D, Nohon, B,0,
T1KFm*& Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Friday   Evkning,  September 14,  1900
M,-  II. C.  Kihlet   Engineer in Charge
of Extensive Work.
Tl���.   following   from   the   Spokane
Chi lolo oxplains   why   Mr.    B.   C,
lllblasl has been unable up to date to
,.',,,ii,ine  the   Nelson    electric     light
''''"]'., ���_t of between 8750,000 and
���sou OlHi the wonderful Post Falls electric pliuit is I" t�� built, ready for
r .,..,,i,,��� by the next high water in
,'���,    Spokane   Hiver  or   early     next
SI>j) o Hibb'l. mi old Spokane man,
has'been engaged by B. K. Neill lis
the engineer for the oompany and already hns n party of surveyors on the
irroiinil laying off the   site   ready   for
The buildings will be the siu.iIh-r
purl of the expense i" comparison
'villi Ihe three huge masonry work
(llllllH which are to be constructed,
diverting the entire course of the river Into a canal leading to  the   power
Mr. Rlblet states that be will have
contracts for the work let within
throe weeks and will have the work
well uinler way. lie is very entliiisins-
t\- in his praises of the site chosen
uuil estimates that 30,000 volts of electricity will be sent over the wires in-
1,, the   great   Conor   d'AU    milling
country. The amount of electricity
this means can be understood when
Spokane electric cars only have 500
The busiest and mightiest little
thing that ever wns nmdn is Dr.King's
New Life Pills. Every pill ir n sugar-
onated-ooated globule of health, tbat
changes weakness into strength, list-
lessness into energy, brained fug into
mental power. They're wonderful In
building up the health. Only 35o per
box. Sold by Canada Drug & Hook
AdverflKomontH Inserted under this head at
tho rate of one cent n word per insorlion No
advertisement taken for loss tl,,,,, 28 oents,
LOST - Between Hume Hotel and Post
Office   n  child's   gold  and  enamel
watch.    Reward,    Mrs. Dr.  i> Campbell,  11 III,,,' Motel.
FOE    SALK.    Mendelssohn     Piano,
Cabinet Sewing   Mad,ine   (Singer).
Apply   Geo.   Ourd,   R i   i. Turner-
lloeckh Ulock.
WANTED    A    g I    <i-i i��� I    f,,r general
housework.    Apply Kossland Hotel,
Vermin Street.
WANTED���Apprentices to learn dressmaking.    Apply  Martin  O'Reilly ..
FOR KENT --'ni'iiishcd rooms,   (loud
attendance.    Second   door   east   of
City  Hall.
FIRST   CLASS   room   and   hoard  in
private family, |6,G0 and fO,   Table
hoard  ��l.    Oarbonate  Street,   second
house east of Josephine.
Tells a star Reporter of His Plans For
the Boundary.
Mr. S. II. C. Miner, of (Iranby, and
the head of tlic Miner-Graves Syndicate of mines and smelter, was at the
Windsor Hotel yesterday and left in
the afternoon for bis home, says 'The
Mont.rill Star, of Sept. 8, Mr. Miner
in conversation last evening made the
Important statement that they would
shortly consolidate the Knob Hill.
ol,l Ironsides, and Qrey Eagle i_to
one Immense concern,
This proposition will not come altogether as a surprise, for the reason
that it is Ihe reasonable and logical
outcome of thc whole situation. Mr.
Miner also states that a refinery at
Grand forks is thought of very seriously.
ll is estimated that if a relinery
were established, a saving-of at least
I I-'.' cents per pound eau be made on
the copper. As a matter of fact the
consolidation of these four great properties will necessitate that the Important question of a relinery he taken
Into consideration within the next
eighteen months. It Is estimated that
the construction and equipment ofa
relinery would cost about Sl.nou.oiili]
Mr.Mlner says that all the mine owners in Ihe ltouudary beld Iheir breath
awaiting the starting ofthe (Iranby
smeller, but they are now more than
satisfied. The Company is now connect ing the mines and smelter hy a
private I,'I,'phone wire, and in a comparatively short time the mines in
question will be supplied with all the
operating power they may require
from tlie Qrand Forks electrical
works, and that steam will lie superceded completely. Mr. Miner states
thnl ihe operation has proved a grand
success,nnd that it works as smoothly
as if il had been going on for teii
years He said thut they were not
sorting the ore now being put through,
and that there was a good profit In
every tou   going through the smelter.
Arrangements For Exhibit From ThU
City at the Dig Fair.
The N'elson mineral exhibit at the
Spokane exhibition will undoubtedly
far exceed that of last year. Mr. W.
II. Dowsing, who has been given complete charge of this work, in speaking of the matter this morning   said:
I have up to the present time secured samples of ore from 51) or 80 properties. This number already exceeds
that of last year, hut 1 am anxious
that it shall he increased to lb or
over, I will be leaving for Spokane
''���'"l.v next week, and if there are any
mine owners or prospectors who wish
the properties represented. I would be
pleased if they would bring the samples to T. (1. Procter's otlice, on Haker Street, before next Saturday."
As Mr. Dowsing is well known in
Spokane and one of the pioneers of
that section of the country, he was
given the lirst choice as to the position of the 2s'elson exhibit at the Fair.
The stand, which will be in the
most prominent position of any mineral exhibit, will be elaborately decorated and so constructed that it will
represent a cave, and in thc crevices
mnl nooks will be placed the various
samples of ore. Mr. Dowsing will
not only try to advertise the mines of
thlB district hut will spare no pains
'���> advertising the city itself to the
''est advantage. Photographs of the
'""in buildings, both interior and exterior views, will accompany the min-
���''al exhibit. 'I'be enterprise which is
a most   worthy one will  incur a  con-
FOH    SALE   CHEAP-Large   house
and 11) acres opposite Nelson.    Fowl
house.     Running  waler.     Apply ().
Newling,  linker Street.
..Last Appearance..
In the   London   Laughing
Why Smith
Stayed Home
POPULAR   PRICES: 25 Ci 50 Cents
No extra.    No higher.
Seats now on sale.
Commencing Monday
Sept. 17th
Russell ft Drew's
Theatre Co.
Change of Play Each Night
expense.    Already   a   larg,
amount has been subscribed, but   Mr.
Dowsing would bo pleased  to accept
"Iher contributions,   large   or   small.
"'"m- who are instercsteil   in    having
1 i(.   "f Nelson  well   advertised
Mioiihl give us much aid   as   possible.
The Great  Christian Play
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of second hnnd goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, carperts,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothinR.
Oall and see me or write Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
Street. Nelson, B. 0.
A Tempting Table
Th,. slBiinturo 1, on t.v-ry |)M of ^ g0,llllne
Laxative -inimo-Qniiiine i*1"""
""������ h'uuhi,. that cure* n.**, *, on. day
Mai Buimnt mn
Waitress, chambermaid, Woodcutters,    Cook (woman).    Writer,
Situations wanted by nurses, laborers, i hs.
J. II. LOVE. Agt.. Baker St
If yon hnve difficulty in making a
pleasing variety in your bill of lare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
nmi learn how easily and economically
it can be done.
Here are a few things that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrick fe  Wilson
Pan Points
Tin Pans are not all
alike. There's ihe difference in the tin, in the
ironing, and in tlie making. All the points that
go to make the difference
between good and bad
quality are embodied in
tin pans.
We Have Tin Pans of
Every Kind and Size
made  from  extra  heavy
stock, and warranted to
wear well.  All our Hard
ware is equally meritori
ft LMil 5* Will
1 ci.u��r 1
R. P. Rithet & Co., Ltd-
Aircnts   lor British Columbia.
A. B. GRAY, Box _2l, Nelson, Kootenay
WHlaiBnMMM <s��s__i
IpT^ ' If
We have an .'issorlniclit of the
best quality of perfumes that will
surely prove an enjoyment to tbe
belies. Tbe natural fragrance of
sweet dowers, bottled nnd sold for
a right price.
White   Rose.    Lilac,    Heliotrope,
Sweet Glover, Carnation,
These perfumes are sold in bulk
or bottled, and arc guaranteed,
Baker Streel, Nelson.      P.O.  Box 230,
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle,
Room 1, Tnrner-Hoeckb Block.
Houses aud Building Lots iu All Parts
of the Oity.
WANTED-flood building lota down
town for client.   Also land adjoining
city for gardening.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day $1.00.
Thorough English, Calisthenics,
Music, French, and German if required. Kail term commences Hid
September,   For particulars apply to
Josephine Ht.
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker.
WANTED���A furnished  house.    Wil
offer good rental,
Straight   Mortgage,   at   8  per  ccn'i
Wanted���Molly Gibson Stock.
(leneral   Agent  for the (jurat WEST
Life Assurance Jo,
WANTED���For Spot Cash���Two central    lots   siiilnble    for    1 csiileiicen.
Of WrilhiK I'apnr won I. lirnf
InllK. Vou'il butter pin��� nn-
other "hurry UP onlor with
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C., and Dawson City, Yukon
I>l!ltSUANT to tlm "Creditors' Trust Doodl
Ad," uml Amending A,'Is, and the Trie.
,,','-��� und Bxeoutors Act. Boolinns _i to sii
Notice ts hereby Riven thai I, as admlnlstra-
torof. tneostatoof ThomiH Hid,unison. In his
lilVlinic of llloclllewuot, in lho County of
Kootenay, hotel keeper, licensed, huve died in
lln- Vancouver Hesl-try of the Supremo l.'onrt
of liritish Columbia, n doolaratlon Unit the
mid estate is ln_uf_olenl for tho paymont tn
full of tho dehls und liuliilllies of the naid
Thomas Hieluinlson.
All persons havlns eluinis ukuIiisI IhccslAto
of ihe suid Thomai Richardson, who havo nol
already tiled with me full imrlieulurs of the
name duly verlili.-d. togothor with Lho particulars of securities, if any, held liy them, ure
roqulrod to do so before Ihe 1st duy of October
Notice is horoby furthorgiven that after thu
1st day of October next the administrator, us
trustee, will proceed lo distribute tho proceeds
of the I rum estlitu mnoiiK llui parlies cnhtled
thereto,having rogai_ only lo the eluinis of
which ho then bus nol ice. uud II,ut. ho will not.
bo HablO for I he proceeds of I he trust estate, or
any purt thereof, s��� distributed, to any person
,,f whose ehiini he hud nol notice at the time of
lho distribution,
Sotieo is horoby gtvon thai u mooting of the
creditors or Ihesuld Thomas Hlelmrdson will
be held ill tho Curl Houso ul Korl Steele.
II.I'.. on Monday, the _ltli dny of September,
A, ll. 1000, nl Ihe hour of one o'clock in Ihu
dated ut Fort sicclo, 11. c. this 18th day of
Ailguid, A.D. 1IKJII.
IIMh 1.it    \,I,���,,ii   ',.,:,������.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head offioe toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortunge.
Anply to O. i��� LENNOX, Linker St.,
The End of
The Season
Finds   us   with  a  few   pairs   of    Men's
and Women's Summer Shoes
on hand, and these we have marked down
very low. You may find your size in the
lot if you call early.
The Sboeists
V/e Have Sold 75 Per Cent of 411 the
Portland Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay
and Sewer Pipe
U*eil in the Kootenay
ifc Just Eecoived���Carload
9     Dominion Ale and  Porter
(la pints mnl quarts)
Dominion White  Label  Ai.e
This i.s the finest Ale brewed in Cans.*,
Dominion  Bulk  Ale
(pints ami quarts)
Teacher's  Scotch   Whisky
lin  15-pallon  kefs)
Is still the best
NELSON, 11. c.
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
����^W^^*^^^^^*WV��^^*^**r^^^*VV*/***** ��*/*��>***.
VVVVVVVVV^^^^^rVVS^AVrirV^rVV^rVVVVSAr\r>r\r^rW >
Coal and. Wood.
Agentii Imperial Oil 0o. Ltd.
Mrs. Enfield has received a'Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
f Anthracite,    -    -    $9.65
fine and well selected lot o
English and American
HATS and
Which she offers al the lowest prices ever offered in ihe
Mats from 90 Cents  Up.
Hall   Block.
St Joseph's
Nexl term commencea 8rd
September, Por particulars apply i" il"'
Nn nider  ran lip accepted  nnlc'Ht
accompanied by cash.
Ollice Corner  11 nil unci  linker Street*.
Bouses and lots for Hale in nil parts
of the Oity.
Victoria-Montreal     1'iiv    Insurance
I '��ini|mny.
Ontario Mutual Ute Insurance Company,
A. R. BARROW, a. m i ok
Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
Oorner Viotorin and Kootonay His.
P. O. Box 65-, Telephone No. 9 Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Friday  Evening,  September   14. -900,
Tho Mansfield manufacturing company have opened   an ollice <��n   Baker
Street lu.tueen Stanley and Kootenay streets.
The contract for the construction
of the stoic and residence on front
Street for Mr. McDermit was let to
day to Martin Madden. The building
in to bo < pleted by October 20.
Mr, Nelson Fell and family, of the
Athabasca mine, have engaged the ('.
P. I!, house boat and will occupy it
during the coming week. The boai
will be moved to Nino-Mile Point.
The city workmen   are placing   thc
now sidewalk' on the south side of Haker Street between Josephine and Hall
streets. Several of the Stores in that
block will now be below the level of
the pavement,
Died,���In Nelson on Friday, llth
September) aged two months. Elean-
orc Elizabeth Gordon, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. T. (I. Ilaultain. Funeral from Church of Mary Immaculate
tomorrow. Saturday afternoon at 3
T. II. Procter, who in company
with Mr. F. IV. Petors and other Canadian I'aeilic ollieials from Winnipeg,
has been making a visit to the coal
mines of Fernie. Sullivan, North Star
and other mines of the north, will return to Nelson tomorrow morning.
Tho adjourned ease in which Frank
Hock was charged with stealing a
sum of money from .lames Harris, was
brought before Magistrate Crease at
the police court thin morning. Beck
was committed for trial and was at
once taken to the Provincial jail.
The home lacrosse team is now endeavoring to secure a game with the
Winnipeg team which is to play at
Now Westminster during the Exhibition there. They will bo invited to
make the home trip via the Crow's
Nest Pass. They world then be able
to stop oil' hero and play a game.
Today the mining records are: Locations���Deep Level, on Cayuse Creek.
by .lohu Slinson : l.ingstonc. on Cayuse Crook, liy lOlis-' Ehlers.    Transfers
From Charles Parker to .lames I,.
Stamford, entire interest in llaywar-
bic. 1'asooc. Minneapolis and Everett, for a nominal consideration.
Certificates of work���To Joseph Lang,
on Klondike; I'.W. K'eeeh. on Mother
Lodge; A. I'.   Hag. on  Millenium.
.lames M. Mollis, a coast lacrosse
exponent, recently witnessed a  game
between tho Victorias and Winnipcgs.
of Winnipeg, after seeing1 several of
the New Westminster games in tho
oast, and predicts that the Winnipcgs
will prove a difficult lot for the coast
inon to defeat when the former visit
New Westminster in October, lie
believes tlie Winnipcgs are stronger
than any of the eastern teams.
Captain Troup's new steam launch
reached Nelson this morning. The
frame is entirely of steel, and was
made by the Poison Iron Works, Toronto. The new launch will be tlle
fastest and handsomest in the Interior
of licitish Columbia. Its dimensions
are approximately 50 foot keel, six
feet beam and about live foci depth
of hold. The length over all will he
about TO feet. The launch will bo litt-
od with the most modern
ful machinery,
Speaking of tin
College, the Kaslo Kootenaian very
truthfully says: This institution, although only a short time   established.
has _\_i me deservedly   popular.    The
principal was at one time at the head
of uno of the leading colleges of Eastern Canada and comes to Nelson with
splendid recommendations. She is at
present using her Inlluenoo with the
government al Ottawa to obtain for
the Kootenays a civil service examination center.
c.il. Benson, It O. C, of Victoria.
arrived in Nelson last evening and
will inspect tin' local Rifle Company
this ovonlng al the skating rink, tin
his way from Victoria he inspected
th impanies at Kamloops and Hosslaud and found them in a satisfactory
condition, In the course of an Interview concerning tbe uniforms of
the Hooky Mountain Hangers. Colonel
Benson said that the head dross was
very unsatisfactory to the officers of
liritisli Columbia aud that tho military department at Ottawa would ho
asked to make a change, it is not
likely that another hat will bo substituted, but Ihe present band of Ihe hat
whieli is of a red and green eolur will
be changed to a dark brown leather
strap. Colonel Benson will leave for
Kaslo tomorrow where he will inspect ihe company of that plaoe on
M lay.
i apt. John R, OlfTord, manager of
the Silver King Mine, closed two eon-
tracts this morning for additional machinery lor the Silver King. The purchases were made from the .lames
Cooper Co., and the .lenekes Machine
Company and everything will be installed within two months. The
machinery is purchased for develop
ment work. It Includes steam boilers,
an s.'i-h.p. double drum hoist ing engine, large pumps, cages, ropes, buckets, ete. 'the boilers ,'ile to be placed
underground, an innovation iu the
Kootenay oonntry. They will lie in
No. b tunnel ami will require loo feet,
of smokestack' to carry the smoke up
through the old workings to the open
air. The sbafl is located iu No. :,
tunnel. As soon as the new machinery is installed development work- on
the mine will be pushed as  rapidly as
possible and under the very aid __-
llgcniont, of Capt, Uifford Ihe Silver
King promises to take its plaoe again
among the big mini's of   Hie   country.
tised and brought to thc attention, of
tho American capitalists. Maps
showing every section of tho country
will he kept and will he placed at
tin- service of intending buyers whioh
will give them a most comprehensive
idea of tlie Provinoe. AU the prominent newspapers and other readable
matter will he kept on li lo. The local
ollice will still be kept np and while
Mr. Procter will tako charge of the
Nelson otlieo Mr. Dowsing will he
given complete control of the Spokane
office. The enterprise is a most deserving one and it is hoped that it
will meet with good success.
at   the
Clara Mathes Company
Opera House.
The Clara Mathes Comedy Conipany
gave a lirst class presentation of "Hazel Kirlce" at the Opera House last
night. .Mr. .1. (I. Stntz, as Dunstan
Kirko, carried tlie honors of the evening', closely followed by Mr. Marsh
as Pettious Green, both of whom won
tho hearty plaudits of the audience.
Miss Mathes in the title role and
Miss Emma Mathes as Dolly Dutton
sustained the reputation they have established in Nelson as clever actresses
and delight ful entertainers, Miss
De Este, though suffering from a severe cold, filled the part of Mercy
Kirko very acceptably. The only
weak spot in tho company is Mr. A.
lieid. llo is entirely lacking in ability as an actor and seems to have no
idea whatever of the proper make-up
of an English gentleman. With this
exception, however, tho company is a
good one and fully deserving of good
support. Miss Emma Mathes '"coon"
songs between aots wero very well
rendered and elictod loud and long applause. Tonight tho company presents "Why Smith Stayed Homo," a
comedy full of life and laughter. The
engagement closes with tonight's
R. E. French Coming With . First
Class Company.
At the Nelson Opera House for the
week commencing Monday. Sopt. 17th
Mr. R. E. French presents Russell A
Drews Third Ave. Theatre Conipany
in repertoire. This company comes
to Nelson better and stronger than
ever and will present the latest eastern successes, as they carry a carload
of scenery and sixteen people. Special scenery will he used in every play.
Mr. French will be remembered in
producing in Nelson a year ago,which
met with such great success, "Damon
an Pythias" and other plays and he is
pleased to announce to the Nelson
theatre goers that ho will open Monday night with the fad of the 30th con
tury. the groat Christian   play drama
Continued From First I'aRo.
on strike Monday, President Mitchell would not state what secret iullii
once had boon at work lo prevent the
strike and which caused the delay.
lie said the person at work had ottered his services voluntarily and thai
the matter was confidential.
As to maintaining the men during
the strike, he said : "When men light
I'or just wages they can subsist on
very little, At any rate, it i.s safe lo
say that nobody will starve or want
for the necessary clothing. Most of
the men live in company houses, and
we'must consider the probability of
eviction, hut these things have been
fully considered. At this time it will
he folly for the organization to go into details as to tho provision for clothing and feeding tho strikers."
President Mitchell will leave Saturday for llazelton, Pa., to personally
conduct the stirke.
lized from S
"Quo Vadi.s,
each night a
Mikioweg's famous novel
with a   change of play
d a Saturday matinee.
m pi
rtant News From Various Boundary Camps.
Grand Forks, B. C, Sept. 14.���A]
Trunwoiser has purchased a quarter
interest in the Minnie claim, .Summit
camp, from ,1. II. Goodeve, of this
oily. Tho claim has a four-foot ledge
upon which a 50-foot shaft has been
sunk. The values are principally in
copper, assays as high as 7 per cent
having boon obtained. W. K. White,
an old-time prospector, has purchased
the Monitor claim in Brown's camp,
north fork of Kettle River.from Leonard ,1. Lownds, The deal was negotiated by .lames Ralston. The Monitor
is located a short distance from tho
(lolden Eagle and adjoins 1!. A.
wn's well-known Volcanic.
IV. II. Dowsing and T. U
will establish an oflice in Hp
mediately after the exhibiti,
i- to be held there dill ing tin
I'root or
ikanc Ilull which
lirst two
weeks of October, Tiny will make
that the headquarters for the advertising of not only Nelson and the mii-
roundlna dlslidol but the entire Province of llrii lull Columbia, 'ric olHcc
will bo established on the main mreel
ami no pnlns will bo spared in advertising Uio country to the fullest extent. Humpies of ore fr very mining propei i . "I lho dislriel will he
displayed in a suitable show room.
A list of all liu' mines and mining
properties will   be kept   on    lilr.     |;,.;ij
tl&lul- willulso bo  Wtcnulvclj adver-
lf reports can be credited the Home
stake claim in Franklin camp, north
fork of K'ettie River, is a wonder. A
series of assays gave high returns.
One showed values of 8..0 in gold and
'.'ii ounces of silver per ton. The ledge
is Mi foot wide, according to the owners, Frank Coryell aud (Ieorge Wolff,
of Grand Forks. The third partner is
Alex McDonald of Nelson. The ledge
has been uncovered for a considerable
distance, and it. Is proposed to continue the development work all winter.
A force of men resinned work yesterday on the English A French claim
Brown's camp, north fork of Kettle
River A shaft will be sunk :;o feet
from Ihe face of a '.'oil-foot tunnel.
A rich ore body was encountered
last week iii a drill from the l_0-foot
level of No. 3 shaft    on    the   R.    Hell,
Summit camp,
Hugh Cannon claims to have struck
38 feel of solid ore on the White Elephant iu Brown's camp, north fork of
Kelt le River.
Word has reached town of a rlel
strike ou the Stemwindcr, Brown'l
Camp, north fork of Kettle River,
bul particulars are not yet obtainable.
Says Danger of Republican Success
Lies in Apathy.
Chicago, Sept. 14.���Senator Manna
arrived from New Vork yesterday
and immediately assumed charge at
national committee headquarters, and
admitted the great danger of Republican success was over confidence and
consequently apathy of Republican
"We aro facing thc same conditions
in this campaign as in 1892," said
Ilanna. "There wore nearly BOO.OOO
Republican voters so confident In 1802
that President Harrison would be reelected that they did not take thc
trouble to go to the polls. Thoir negligence, due to over-Confidence, cost
the Republican party tho election.
The Republicans are confident, and
the Democrats arc making a desperate
effort to win. The national committee knows tlie plan of battle of the
Democrats. We know they aro planning to recapture Kentucky. Wost
Virginia, Maryland and Delaware,
carry New York and Indiana and
elect Bryan.
"1 admit that New York is doubtful, in the sense that the Republicans
can not set it down as certain to give
its electoral vote to McKinley. We
must light for New York. The Democrats are going to make a desperate
light to carry thc state. Thoy have
advantages they never before had in a
national campaign. Thoy have Greater New York and Tammany has control of over ��90,000,000 public revenues.
"We know that Croker has made a
deal with Bryan. lt_ is foolish for mo
to talk about our winning in Now
York without the biggest kind of a
"We have a fight on our hands, and
unless we aro willing lo light as hard
as our opponents wo arc in danger of
getting whipped. "
Toronto Telegram: The lacrosse
championhlp of Canada implies tlie
lacrosse championship of the world.
The league which is made np of
Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall nnd Toronto clubs has clung to the belief
that its members could decide the
championship of the world.
That belief has been mildly disputed
by adherents of the C. L. A., an organization whioh educates players who
can hold thoir own with the best men
in tho Montroal or the   Ottawa teams.
The theory that Montreal and Ottawa produce players of higher grade
than the outer barbarians has luen
utterly destroyed by the performance
of thc Now Westminster team. A
team which travels over throe thousand miles and defeats the Montrcal-
ers and Shamrocks and Capitals in
quick succession, and draws with the
Torontos, has a better title to the
championship of the world than any
other lacrosse organization on   earth".
If the championship of the world
goes to the I'aeilic ('onset it will still
remain in Canada. Eastern Canadians
who might have preferred lo witness
thc triumph of their own representatives, must acknowledge the remarkable achievement of the Canadians
from the hanks of the Eraser  River.
Give the Eyes a Chance
In nil ages, In nil lands, tho eyes should bo
pormlltod io (five tl olr owners unhampered
ir Yor Woru> Have Youi Eyhh SERVE
You in tiik Best Way
You should see thut they are correctly titled
with proper glosses, Our' nil en tion iusui'oh
you satisfactory sight <>ur lenses lit your
eyes und our frames lit your face.
Patenaude Bros.,   opticians
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete slock on hand ��f
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill et PILOT HAY. Ynr__, NELSOU
uml LA KIM),
J. a/saywakd.
uml  Irr a bol.tlo, a rioton, or a barrol ot
OALGARY  BEER  em  ii  la  lho best, mnl
olicupust    on    lln-    itinrki..    Also   trv   our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    mnl     CIGARS.
FRANK   . . TAMBLYN. HI.......
TeleplionoIB. Rakor St.. Nelson, H. ('.
P. 0. GREEN        F. S. CLEMENTS
Civil Engineer, and Provincial Land
P. O. Pox U. Nulson, B. Q
These Cool
Are a Forecast of Cooler Autumn Days to come.  Have
You the Proper Sort of Wrap for Such Weather.
We have (hem for you in a variety of styles. They are
Box Coats and Closefitting Jackets in Stylish Tweeds and
Serges, Handsome Half Capes in attractive Plaids. Wc
have them at prices ranging- from
$7.50 to $30.00.
At the same time wc may mention thc fact thai our
stock of TAILOR MADE SUITS is complete and up to
date, and the patterns are thc very latest. As to price, you
can't hesitate there, for you can have them from
$7.50 to $35.00.
Then there are SEPARATE SKIRTS.    If you don't
want a full suit you can have one of these.    They range from
$1.75 to $10.00.
In STORM SKIRTS we are n
The prices are way down.
king a  special  d
Are you having a PALI. GOWN made?
you some stunning" patterns in
We can sh
Dress Goods.
Houston Block.
a��������"��__; __'_{_'_Wj___\&_���_��� __\:'"��� g-ff^��� ^.^iwWW^ISj.__\:^: i.__\. ~_:__\;SL'jg��
Wo are In receipt ol the following
Inquiry: "Hoar oil!tor: Our cow has
gone dry, du ymi tliiiiu we could sell
hor for dried beaf? if . whew?"���
Indianapolis Nows.
11 MUX'
land; .1.
wood : t
.���M.S. Logan and wife.Iluss-
A. Loudon, Montreal:   s    it.
Vancouver; ll. JacohB, llreon-
I. \V. Lawson, Toronto; ,1. !>.
Vancouver;  ,1.   .1.   I'leutot,
Whb tho ball that hit G B. Stead-
man of Newark,Michigan, In the Civil
War. It onnso.- hnrriblii Uloois thnt
no treatment helped for 'in years.
Then Buoklon's Arnica Salvo cured
him. Onrea (Jot-, Bruises, Burns,
Boils, Felons, Corns, _kiu Eruptions,
Best Pile onre on earth. 2f> cts. a box
Cure guaranteed. Sold liy Canada
Drug St Book Store.
Spring ohicken and all the delinnnins
of the nun served to ynn when you
visit Florence Park Ilntol nt Roberts'
Kanoh, two aud a half miles up the
river.    W. M. Eo_e_t_, propiietor.
Itnoul Green, ll. J, Ifeown, Kaslo.
I'halr.��� Colonel    lienson,   Viotoria;
A.   E.   Make,    II.    A.   .lames   IMiii-
btirirh, Scotland; A. I). Morklll, Rossland; 0. K. Graham, J. I.. Doupe,
TU i I III   A   < Ol l>  I\  iim,  nil
'1'iikn Laxative Brotno Quinine Tablets, All
iini-uisN refund ihomonofif it fallsu> run-.
Uo,   _, W, Urcvv'u nlgnaturc in uu vucb liux,
M, Williams,
I'l-at   wagon,
W.    REINHARD,   M. D.
Specialty:   Eye, Ear and Nose.
Oflice:    linker Streel, near Fraternity
Hull.  Telephone No, Ji,
Non-Assessable and Non-Personal Liability.
Capital $250,000, in Ten Cent Shares.   Four Claims, All Crown Granted,
With No Debts or Liabilities.   One Mile West of Eossland.   Over
600,000 Shares in Treasury for Development.
The properties of ihis company are situated directly west and 600 feet
lower in elevation than the famous Le Roi No. 1 and Le Roi No. 2, that are
now shipping 10,000 tons a week. The Workings consist of a shaft and Two
Tunnels, driven to lap the ore body on three separate and distinct veins. No. 1
Tunnel on this vein is in over 100 feet, and No. _ Tunnel on this vein has
reached a depth of 112 feet, with three and one-half feet of shipping ore in
sight, and forty feet of the ledge to cross-cut. The ore is identical with the
Le Roi ore, the High-Grade Gold-Copper Ore of the camp. The No. 1 Vein
has been opened in live places for 2,000 feet, which dips to the I. X. L. adjoining, which is now shipping the highest grade ore in British Columbia. Several
buildings arc on the ground, with two blacksmith shops and large boarding
house, etc., with watei and timber in abundance.
Our  assays   have  averaged from $5.00  to $800 in  Gold. Copper and
Silver; and the shipping facilities are the best.    The Great  Northern Railway
uns three tunes through the ground, three smelters close at hand, and reduced
for shipping and smelting, and we are now ready to
charges of $4.50 per ton
start shipping ore.
The shares in this Company have been strictly pooled,
oolcd Receipts only until the Pool  is dissolved.    We  need
send you 100 shares lor $7.00, 1 000 for $60.00, 5,000 for $275.00, and
for $500,00.
ind we will issue
money, and  will
d dress
JAMES LAWLER, Managing* Director,
BOX  545,  ROSSLAND,  B. C.
Or Money can be sent care Bank of Montreal.
References :    Any  Bank or Business  Man in the City of Rossland.
Inve-tlzate-Send for Prospectuses, Engineers' Reports, Etc.
_<'.4  ������  ���-��� ������".ii.i.usm, engineers' Reports, fctc. Jt
*V_bf_$'&<_* ���<*���<* ^SM ^^ *-^ ^ :g_i _a--___ ���____���____ __��__��� _a ____! va *?l
^���^���^���00-00-00'^-00-00-00 ���00^^',^^^^^^^^^^^^


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