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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 1, 1899

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 Daily Edition No  279.
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday, April 1,  1899.
Ninth Year
company   will
in cable communication with the Loudon office as to tlm advisability of oloa-
1 ing down their   mines   at  once.    The
oompany   will   in   any case   close   ita
arrangements    cannot be
reby the cost of the  unit  of
aintained at its present fig-
j ares.    Tha mines thus   affected would
include tho Ymir   miue,    the  Whitewater mine, and tho Slocun Boy.  Such
���n     . 1    *...   . iur       5"tiou   wo"lr'   Probably be the signal
BUSlIieSS   and    Minma'    Menlfor��   general   suspension   of  mining
I operations, so tho publio may judge
of the far reaching and baneful effects
of snch tampering with that  industry
Talk Together-
The Rosslaud N ine Operators do not Accept the Ohange���Intention of
Hall KineB aid L-&B.GG*
The interest, in what is generally
known as the "Kiglit Hour Question,"
is increasing rather than diminishing
as people begin to appreciate the fact
that everyone in Kooteuay, directly or
indirectly, is virtually interested iu
the speedy termination of the dispute.
It is evident now, for information
received yesterday from unexceptionable sources, that Mr. Houuessy of the
Rossluud Miner's Union was rather
disingenuous when he caused it to bo
announced that the miue operators of
Kossland had determined to quietly accept the altered conditions.
The facts, so far as the two chief
companies operating in Rossland, tlie
B. A. 0. and Gooderham-Bluokstook
syndicate, aro concerned, are these:
When the totally unexpected tidings of
tlie new law, coupled with a demand
from the Miner's Union for the
niaintainence of the old scale of wages,
reached Rossland, they fouud Mr. W.
A. Gariyle of tho B. A. 0. in bed with
a broken knee cap. Unable to get
around and not. wishing to aot hastily
in such an important mutter;Mr. Oarlyle gave .irders that for the rest of
the month the company's n.ines
should be worked with eiglit-lu.ur
shifts, at the old wages. The object
of this was to obtain time to consider
tho best plan of action, and in the
meanwhile to see how the new system
figured out. Iu the War Eagle* they
hud been working three eight-hour
shifts for srtme little ��� *-. as 'tlii*-c*
was a certain amount of work which
had to he completed with n a E*peoi
lied time, and the management was
about to revert    to   the old system   t.l
two 10-lionr shifts when this news
came And Mr. Hastings adopted a
similar course to Mr. Carlyle for similar reasons.
It should be distinctly understood,
and The Miner has the best authority
for so stating, that the two large
corporations above mentioned bave not
scqulesoed in the change; they have
but temporarily accepted it, and that
under protest*. As a matter of fact
the mining men of Rossland are now
preparing a memorial on tho subject
which will be seut to Victoria in the
hope of inducing the Government
not to enforce the law. Should the
memorial fail in its onjeot, and should
it be found that the new system is
more expensive, it is the declared intention of both tho above mentioned
companies to shut down their mines
rather than submit to an increase in
the already heavy cost of production.
In tlie meantime the miliars are said
to be straining every nerve in an effort
to accomplish in eight-hours what
they formerly did iu ten, But doubts
are expressed as to whether they will
be able to keep it np.
The busiuess and mining mon of
Nelson are also very much stirred up
m the matter, and yesterday decided
on prompt and combined action. An
impromptu meeting was held yesterday afternoon at wnioh a considerable
number of the leading business men
ami mine operators of this section were
present, and the question was discussed in all its bearing!, Tlie recent
legislation was univeistilly condemned
as inimical to the best Interests of
the Kootenay. It was decided to circulate two petitions, one got up by the
City, and oue by the mining men,
praying the Government not to enforce the oight-honr regulation. The
two petitions are quite distinct and
will ho circulated todav for signatures,
Mayor Neelands, who attended the
meeting, was appointed delegate for
tho City to take the petition to Victoria anrl make all possible representation! to the Government, and Captain
Duncan and J. J. Cumpboll wero given
a similar Commission on behalf of tho
mining meu.
The opportunity may now be taken
to correct a somewhat-misleading statement which appeared in yesterday's
Miner, when it was stated that tin
Hall Miues Company only paid their
miners $3 a day. The fact, of the mat-
tot' is that when a new miner applies
fm- work, he iB first engaged at the
rate of $3 per day; but if he turns out
to bo a competent man he is giveu the
option of working by ccutract. About
76 per cent, of the work at the Hall
Mines is now done by contract, and
the avoiage earnings of tho men working on this system is considerably over
18.60 por day. The management of
tbe Hall Mines intends to go on offering their mon on contract work tho
same price per foot, but has not yet
decided what action to take in regard to the men who ure working for
a daily wage If tho men do not accept*, and the post.of tho unit of work
is thereby lnorea��*j4, -V *-ri".i Mines
will nijst down
'iiii* '.v.ui.Uin _
Ceiauauy* 'vr**, ma yet deemed what
OOiiMe to take, but the  Nelson offloe ia
which is
the   backbone of   the Koot-
New York, March 31.���Part of a
hody was taken out of the ruins of the
Windsor Hotel about 1 o'clock today.
It was found uear the Bake shop,
and consisted of a leg bone and
about ten rihs. so small that somo of
them looked to be the bones of an animal perhaps a sheep. However, the
police were satisiiod that it was a
body, and tbe bones were put in a
eoflin and sent to the morgue. The
bodies found last night were today
taken to the morgue and are boxed,
described as having no means of
Emperor William    Sends Him a Characteristic Telegram.
Baden, March 31.���Emperor William has telegraphod io Imperial
Chancellor Prince Hohenlohe, oil tbe
occasion of the letter's birthday as follows: "May God continue to vouchsafe health and strength to you, so
that your distinguished services may
be loug preserved to me uud to our
His Majesty added his thanks to
Prince Hohenlohe on behalf of the
Federal Princes and the Nation for
his self sacrificing devotion, aud the
brilliant example set in the performance of his duties.
No   Portlier Monoy   Will  be Sent   to
Pay the Cuban Army.
Washington, March 31.���The delegates Jfrom the Cuban Assembly.
Messrs. Villalon aud Hevia, called informally at ll*o h I a' i (lepartn.i **,* today and bad a long conversation with
Secretary Hay. The all airs in Cuba
were freely discussed and the delegates
presented the resolution of the Cuban
Assembly. Secretary Hay assured
the delegates that tho United States
Government would not increase the
amount to pay the Cuban army above
the three million dollars already sent
to Cuba. He said this matter could
not be further considered. He also informed them that the President would
not, consent, to nny scheme for raising
money by the Cubau Assembly to pay
the Cuban troops.
Later Beoretary Hay mentioned the
call to President McKinley, and lhe
President informed him that then
would bo uo oilier or further answer
to the delegation than that which had
already been giveu   by the   Secretary.
German Troops Have teen Landed  and
China Fears More  Extended
Operations Shortly
Pelciu, March 31.���Iu consequence of
the recent, attack by natives upon a
German patrol, a small German expedition is being landed at, La Chnu, a
coast town a short distance from
Kitui Chou. Tho presence ot nearly
tbe whole of the German fleet at K11..1
Chou, it, is believed, indicatss the
possibility of extensive operations and
tho Chinese, in consequence, aro seriously alarmed. Tho Tsung Li Yameii,
in order to show its desire to remove
all possible causes of frictiou, has dismissed three magistrates voluntarily,
although tne German Minister, Baron
Von Heyking, bus beeu constantly
pressing'for   their disgrace.
Tbe fearful ravuges of the Yellow
River flood have caused terrible misery
and discontent in the Province of Shan
Tung and the native ollicials have
been unable to maintain order. The
landing of tbe, Germans is intended
to show tho Chinese that if thoy are
unable to control tlie populace, it is
necessary for the foreigners to protect,
themselves. The imprisonment of the
German missionary near the German
sphere of influence, about Kiau Chou,
is dillicnlt to explain, as the place
mentioned is within easy maroh of a
German outpost. The Chinese fear
that the present operations will expand the German administration to
tbe Hundred Islands horo.
New. York, March 31.���Samuel J.
Kennedy this morning was fouud
guilty (if murder in tho first degree.
He was accused of having killed Dolly
Reynolds in tho Grand Hotel ot this
Oitv early on the morning of August
Ki lust,   " .      ,.,
This evening   Kennedy was brought
into court and' sentenced to be electro-
week    beginning
Nearly  a Hundied Holiday-makers Find
a Watery Grave.
She Struck in a Fog While Making a Good Friday Excursion to the Channel Islands.���The Captain
Went Down With the Ship.-Admirable Discipline Prevailed.
Southampton, March 31.���The Stella
which belongs to the London and
Southwestern Railway Oompany, left
Southampton yesterday conveying the
first excursion   of   the   season  to  the
Channel   Islands.
185 passengers  on
numbered 35 meu.
foggy but   all went well   until
noon,   when   the   fog   became
There  were  about
board and the crew
The  weather  was
J uied a notioe for a new
*nmaic*...^��iiUVui'^-��   u��i TiTCyTWWioii *�����
dense. At 4 o'clock the Casuat Rocks
suddenly loomed up through the fog
bank and tho steamer almost inimid-
lately afterwards struck amidships.
The captain, seeiug that tlio Stella
was fast sinking, ordered the life-boats
to be launched. His instructions
wore carried out with the utmost
celerity and the women and children
were embarked in the boats. The captain then ordered tho men to look after
A survivor states thut he uud 25
others put oft' trom the Stella in a
small boat. When this boat was a
short distance uwuv from the wreck,
the utiilers of tho Stella burst with a
terrific explosion and the vessel disappeared in tbe sea. Thu last thing tbe
survivors saw was tho figure of the
captain of the Stella standing calmly
ou the bridge and giving his last orders. The captain perished with nis
vessel, tho suction caused by the sinking steamer being   very   great indeed,
Continuing, the survivor referred
to, said:
"The suctiou was so tremendous
that we thought our boat would he
engulfed. I saw five boats and the
collapsible boat, besides our boat, leave
tho wreck They coutaiued altogether
between 50 and" 10(1 passengers. Five
of the boats wero soou lost to view but
we took a boat filled with women in
tow and tho occupants of our bout
took the oars in turn and rowed all
night long until most of us dropped
asleep, thoroughly exhausted.
"We sighted a small boat at0o'clock
in the morniug but the Great Western Railway Company's steamer Lynx,
from Weymouth, had meanwhile hova
in sight. She bore down on us and
took us all ou board. She eventually
landed us at Guernsey."
The Great Western Railway Company's steamer from Southampton
picked up 40 others of the survivors
und landod them at Guernsey. According to the latest, estimates of the officials of the Loudon and Southwestern
Railway Oompany, not more than 70
passengers were drowned out of the
220 on board the Stella when she struck
on the rocks. Other reports, however, place the number of drowned
much higher, The disaster caused
intense excitement*, in the Island of
Guernsey aud here. There were harrowing scenes at the office of tho London and Southwestern Railway at both
places. Many Guernsey families lost,
relatives. Husbands are inquiring
for their wives and wives are askingg
for their husbands. Parents are seeking news of lost children, and children
are looking for missing parents. All
the flags are half-masted at St. Peter
Le Port.
Up to noon toduy 102 passengers had
been accounted for including .1. Par-
ton and wife. Mr. Pnrton is manager
of the Western London office of the
American line. The steamers Vera
and Honfleur are cruising iu the viciu-
ity of the wreck. Later accounts say
that the Stella had 148 passengers on
board and thai her crow numbered 42
Another   steamer   of tho same company which arrived   at   the   Island of
Guernsey     at   noon   reported   having j
passed many bodies 'if   victims of  tho j
disaster ahont   the   Ousuet  Kocks.    A |
survivor of   the   Stella   named   Bush. ]
says the speed of the vessel in lhe   fog ;
was   not   diminished   though   tho fog j
whistles were sounded.  Bush adds that
at 3:30 a. in. the engineer showed him I
in the engine room a dial registering a
speed of   18>3   knots   and     thut    the
vessel struck"within '.'5 minutes   after-
wards.    Bush further  asserts that two
lifeboats were sunk with   the steamer,
Whieh, after  resting  on tho rocks for j
about 15 minutes, split in two and disappeared.
Continuing Bush said: "When the
Stella disupoured 40 or 50 passengers
wero discovered clinging to pieces j
of the wreckage or cabin furnituro
and crying piteously for help. All
the passengers and crew hud been provided with life belts and there was
littlo panic.    I   first   slipped into   the
fe'i^'-i^i'iirVii^" -���-" ~!"^ fho
towed supposedly in the   direction   of
Guernsey, but   seven  hours   later  w
found ourselves   near   thej wreck   and
saw dozens    of    passengers   clinging
to the rooks."
Tha boat in which Bush was a passenger, was afterwards picked up by
the Lynx. The passengers all agree
that perfect order and* discipline prevailed on board. The vessel's entire
company took their stations when the
vessel struck, served out the life belts
and lowered the boats. The scene at
the moment of tho sinking of the
vessel was heartrending. Women
were Screaming and praying and people were clinging to spars and other
wreckage in all directions. Those who
had succeeded in getting into the noats
,had a narrow escape from the suction
of the sinking vessel. The voice of
Captain Rooks from the bridge wns
frequently heard urging the rowers
to pull for tl.eir lives.
The disaster is generally attributed
to tlio high speed at which the steamer
was travelling in the fog. The second mate was the only officer of tho
Stella who was saved. The captain
and other officers, moat of the crew
and many of the passengers of the
Stolia were lost. A boat in charge of
the officer capsized and almost all its
occupants were drowned, A few of
them were packed up by other boats.
Cherbourg, March 31.���The tug
Marsouin has arrived here aud reports having picked up a boat containing eight passengers of the Stella
wrecked yesterday afternoon on the
Casuot Rocks in a fog. All the ros-
cuod passengers were suffering from
Southampton, March 31.���The
steamer Honfleur returned this evening after having made tho circle of
the Casuet Rocks. She picked up two
boats containing women's clothing,
money, jewellry, and an opera glass
case. The last had evidently been
used iu bailing. Many most pathetic
incidents are reported. In several
cases men lifted their wives and children into the boats and then perished
themselves iu their presence. One wife
who was thus bereavod lost her reason.
A large number of the survivors arrived here without clothing, clad only
in blankets.
iards iu the country and in some cases
meu of property havo beeu killud. If
it is known who the murderers are,
the fact has uot developed, though
there are men iu Havana who say
there is evidence pointing to Cuban
soldiers bsiug the guilty parties. In
the past General Gomez punished murderers of this kind with death, but
since his removal, the Cubans have
been taking advantage of the lack of
disoipliue to retaliate upon their former euemies who are still ou tho
The Samoan Troubles May
be Settled.
W. J. Terry Makes the Trip   to Skagway on a Wheel.
Seattle, March 31.���The steamer Oity
of Seattle, which arrived tonight
from Skagway, brings the news of a
$20,000 fire at Dawson, March 9.
The fire started from a defective flue
in a barber shop in the Rosenthal
building, which was destroyed together with the Adoock building.
William J. Terry, who arrived at
Skagwav last Friday with a bicycle
claims to have made the trip from
Dawson on his wheel in a little over
nine days.
Thomas Pawcett, formerly Gold
Commissioner of the Yukon, was a
passenger on the Seattle.
The investigation of the charges of
irregularity against Pawcett hav,,
been completed by Administrator
Ogilvie, and the findings have been
forwarded to Ottawa. Mr. Pawcett is
on his way to Ottawa.
Great  Brithin   aud   the  United   States
Seem   Inclined  to   Accept
the   Proposal.
He Makes a Bitter Attack on the
Laurier Government.
Ottawa, Maroh 81.���In the House
of Commons today Sir Hibbert Tupper, Conservative, made a bitter attack upon the Government for the
manner iu which it hud conducted
things at Washington before the High
Commission. He said thut the Canadian Commissioners were not acquainted with the subjects uuder discussion,
and this allowed the United States
Commissioners to take advantage of
them. It was enough, he exclaimed,
to briug the blush of shame to the faoe
of any Canadian wheu he considered
the position taken by the United States
Commissioners in regard to the Mus-
kan Bouudary. The reason for the
United Stutes taking that attitude,
hesaid, was owing to the speeches t!e-
liv .red by members of the Liberal party
*���*��� ym yo��
Sir Hibbert devoted tho greater
part of a lengthy speech to attacks on
the policy of the Government iu the
Yukon district, in which the Government allowed its agents to terrorize
and rob  tho people.
Kiao Chau, March 31.���Tho population of a village near 1-Tscho-Pu
(I-Chau-Fu). recently attacked with
guns a German officer named Henne-
man, a dragoman named Mootz and
a mining engineer named Verschute,
who were on a peacoful journey to I-
Tscho-Fu. In the fight which ensued
several Chinese were killed aud others
were wounded, but the Germans finally arrived here    safely.
London, March 31.���The news of
the disaster to the Stella spread slowly
through London in the absence of the
usual evening newspapers, it being
Good Friday.
As the afternoon advanced small
groups gathered at the Waterloo station where many painful scenes transpired among the inquirers tor friends
at the railway office. A large orowd
collected to await the arrival of the
train from Southampton at nine this
evening which brought three of the
survivors, Messrs. David King, a Lou
don merchant, Heilbon and Greener,
all of whom were wrapped in great
rugs uud bore evident traceH of their
sufferings. They were immediately
surrounded and anxiously quostiouod.
Ono of them said : "The greater part
of yesterday was exceedingly pleasant
but toward evoning we encountered a
mist which soou developed into a
dense fog. Thero was, however, no
apprehension. Suddenly a great shock j
told us that the Stella had struck the
rocks. Screams rent the air. Tbe
crew behaved splendidly, loworing the
boats with tho greatest promptitude. Every woman was supplied
with a life belt. At first we thought
there would be time for ull the boats
to clear away hut suddenly the boilers
burst with a deafening report, rending
the ship amidships."
Mr. King and two firemen, Osborne
and Barclay, wore the last to leave the
vessel. He had just given up a life
belt to aid a clergyman's wife and
was literally pulled into a boat by tbe
secoud mate, Reynolds, who was instrumental in Baving many lives. The
boat with 22 passengers drifted for 15
hours iu tho intense told and was finally picked up by the great Western
Railway Co.'s. steamer Vera from
Southampton. Mr. King believes that
live boats wero launched. He saw one
upturned with childron clinging to it.
United States Will Employ Natives,
Necessary, to Oarry on a Guerrilla Warfare-
Washington, March 31.���It is said
at the War Department that with the
captuie of Malolos, General Otis will
not make a campaign during the rainy
season, nor is it believed that he will,
at present, chase the Filipinos into
the mountain fastuesses of Luzon. The
officials consider it evident that all
the fight that was in Aguinaldo has
beeu whipped out of him, and it is believed, he cannot hold the Filipino
army together muoh louger. A short
rest will determine whether the Filipinos intend to keep up a guerrilla
warfare aud, if so, a plan is already
maturing to meet any such couditious.
Natives will be employed to light
the guerrillas and the government
can give them better pay and afford
them greater protection than Again
aldo. There is no doubt about the
ability to employ natives in this way.
If there must be guerrilla lighting
during the raiuv soasnn whioh soou
will be upon the Philippines, tho
TJuited Stutes will uot sacrifice its
troops in such warfare wheu the natives can be obtained.
Washington, March 81.���A modus
vivendi for the settlement of the
Samoan troubles has beeu proposed,
and is now under favorable consideration by   the   three   governments   cou-
rued It contemplates the creation
oi a Joint High Commission consisting of one member from each oountry
to pass upon the receut, clash of authority aud resulting disorder, The
proposition, it is understood, was put
forward by Germany und it is the
second oue submitted for a settlement of the entire question.
The first proposition was that the
United States and Great Britain join
with Germany in removing all the
ollicials now serving in Samoa through
whom the troubles had arisen. To
this tbe United States and Great
Britain replied that as their respective officials were not regarded as having acted in the wrong, it could not
be conceded that they should be withdrawn and thus discredited. Now
the new proposition is presented, to
leavo the whole question to High
Commissi* tiers, oue from each Government, the High Commission to
havo supreme authority is reaching a
This would suspend, for the time
being, the authority of the present officials in Samoa so tar as tbe recout
difficulty was concerned, aud leave
the settlement to an entirely uew
body, free from projudice, and with
���"V^i 2 .'. .. li :g ::���: go jjivo added
weight, to irs findings. It would be
temporary in character, not suspending or varying tho Berlin treaty, except for the special purpose und for
that reason would come uuder the
general designation of a modus vivendi. Tlm treaty itself contemplates
this speoial arrangement, as it provides in Section 1,,Article VIII, that
any special amendment may be adopted by the consent of the three powers wilh tho adherence of Samoa.
Up to the present timo uo final acceptance litis been given, either by tbe
United Slates or Great Britain, but in
view of tho troubles reported within
the last few days, all parties seem
much inclined to accept, this affording
at least some prospect of a solution.
This is borne-** out by today's cable, ud-
vices from Berlin referring to the favorable acceptance of the lust proposition. The cable gives uo hint of
the specific proposition, but, it is ou
tho linos above laid dowu.
Berlin, March 3).���The German press
having strongly intimated that Mr.
White and the Americau government
showed bad faith when tbey recently
assured the Gerniau Government that
oonoiliatory instructions had beeu
cabled to Admiral Kautz, Mr. White
has deemed it advisable to denounce
this as a libel and as untrue, adding
that neither the Washington authorities nor he, knew anything of the
Samoan bombardment sooner than the
German Government.
Assassination of   Spaniards   Causes  a
Large Exodus.
Havana, March 31.���The steamer
Montsorrat sailed this morning for
Spain, having on board 280 Spanish
passengers formerly residents of Cuba
and mostly small merchants. This
exodus is noticeable because of the ,
numbers. There have recently been at j
least three authentic murders of Span-
Wreckage   of    tho   Marecbul   Lauuur
Washed   Up ou   the   Coast.
Loudon, March 31.���A large amount
of wreokago has beeu washed up
on the Pembrokeshire Coast today.
A ship's papers, three bouts and a
life boat bottom upwards, marked
Marechal Launer. The Marechal Limner, wreckage of which as previously
reported, had been seen along tho English Coast, is undoubtedly lost. It is
believed now that tho bark went on
the Hat aud Barrels rock near Small's
Light. She was laden with 3,000
tons of coal.
The French bark Marechal Lanner
was a now vesBel of 1,711 tons. She
sailed from Swuusoa, March 28 fur
Sau Prauoisco this being practically
ber first voyage. Her master was
Captain Le Petit,
A   Falling Boulder   Works   Havoo  at
The Niagara Palls.
Niagara Falls, N.   V.,   March   ��1.���
This morning about   6 o'olock a  great
i mass of rock   estimated to weigh   over
] 1(10,000 tons fell from the cliff   on   the
! south side  of   the   Button*   whirlpool
' rapids elevator aud plunged down into
tbe gorge road trucks aud   the   build-
! ings ut the foot of the   elevutor   shaft.
These buildings had just been repair-
j ed owing to tho fall of   au   old   elevator shaft,   a few weeks ago,   aud   this
morning they were again wrecked, be-
' ing crashed   by   the   falling   mass  of
l rocks.    A portion of tlie lower   part of
tbe elevator shaft was  also torn away.
* One   largo   bouldor    weighing   many
tons rests   on   tho gorge road   traoks,
while between it und  the cliff there is
u mountainous muss of shale torn from
tlie     cliff    by     the   huge  limestone
! bouldor.
At I lie top of tbo bluff there is an
[ immense rook gradually breaking
away from the cliff, which probably
will fall before many hours, tho seam
having opened up three inches sinco
the early morning. This rock is inuny
feet wide-, long and thick and weighs
bnndreds of Ions. Wheu it makes the
plunge it will full ou the gorge road
which is not iu operation. The oars
of tho Buttery elevator ure not running.        	
Windsor, Out., March 81.���Mr. Mao-
Qregor, M, .P, has beon in Montreal
interviewing Sir William O. MoDon-
ald, the tobacco manufacturer, ou the
question of encouraging the Oauudiuu
tobacco growers by using at least a
por ion of their products, uud Mr.
McGregor was told positively that the
tlrm would not use a pound of the
j Oauadiau article.
I >
Nol-ifm TlfiWv T\if;nAr*Wa newspaper, devoted 10 Provincial
IXOIO-JLL UCtlJ} lu!.J.*ni and Canadian interests. Unfortu-
 [nately it is not, und it is not only desirable but necessary that the fact
should be known.
The paper is the property of Mr.
Heinze, an American speculator who
has designs ot his   own   and who em-
Wall Papers
Published Daily exoeptBur-Taj,
NKLSON MimES l'KlNTINO St Puth.i91ii.n-ci CO.,
D. J.  BEATON, Managing  Dlreotor and
Kditor-in ���('!������;,-.'
I ploys it for their advancement.   He is
Al.b tOMMUMCAflONS toihcKditormuat |at enmity   with  the Canadian   Pacific
be looompaniedby ths name and address
of the writer, not 11 (o-^u-ily for publication, but ok ovldence of good faith.
Supschiption Rates
$ 100
.    10(1
,    5 00
  . 10  0 I
por year foreign  13 00
Daily per month by outlet
per month by nifti. ������
Dcrhalfyee byniiiil
per yoar
$ 1 26
.   200
Weekly, pet half year. 	
per year	
per year, foreign   8 03
Subscription * luvariably in advance
Notices of Hirths,   UjftthB, and Marriages
inserted for 50 cents each.
Advertising ri Ies made Known on application
Nelson Miner Printing & PubllshingCo
r.ip, fur 4'bauRrN .*(   A.lverllHCUieui   mini
t.r in nn* om..   hy  4 o'cloek p.m.  (���>
Iiimii*.    rhnllgr.
Commencing next Sunday   The Miner
will be published every Sunday
morning. There will be no Monday
morning paper hereafter.
With the close of March,
gone   out   with   the   most
which has
genial   of
smiles, winter may be said to have
come to an end. It has beeu on the
whole a pleasant and prosperous season. Nelson has nothing to complain
of; there is much for congratulation
and thankfulness. Our population
has continued to increase, and busiuess has beeu good. There is nothing
to indicate that the progress of the
past two or three years is iu danger of
being arrested. Ou the contrary, ull
the signs inspire the strongest belief
that Nelson will continue to grow until it becomes oue of the first of the
commercial and industrial centres of
the   Proviuce.
Ou all sides mining development is
going on apace. Railways are being
eitended. aud in connection with
theui towns are springing np that give
excellent promise of large growth.
The entire Kootenay country and west
to the Pacific is now or soon v. ill be
open to enterprises of all kinds. Tbeie
is every reason to believe that the Slooan will this season experience a most
gratifying revival of activity aud progress. Before another year the rich
resources of the Lardean country will
be made accessible to the enterprises
of the miuer. Look in any direction
we will, and the prospect is oue of
great hopefulness. Development is in
the air. Tho people have confidence
that Southern British Columbia is on
tho threshold of unwonted prosperity,
and that is more than half tbe battle.
And there is another confidence pregnant with even greater promise.
British capitalists are looking and
coming our way. and if nothing untoward should occur to revive their timidity we may expect a rush of investment that will establish mining development on a solid, enduriug   basis.
These are the signs, and they all
count for Nelson's advancement
There nan be uo development in all
this regiou that will not have its beneficial iufiueiK-e on this City, Our
citizens feel this and an inspired by
it. Tho natural effect is to induce
them to prepare for tbe general prosperity, in order that each may get his
"hare of it. The town was uever
more confident or active than it is today. Perhaps there is uo better indication of the conditions of a community than the advertising columns of its
newspapers. A reference to these will
show that the business men of Nelson
are alive to the times, and have the
sagacity to make the most of them.
Let the development in the regions
contributory to this City be what it
will, our business men are prepared to
cop.< with it. That iu itself is a
healthy and most gratifying condition.
Building Improvements are most active, yet they cannot keep abreast of
the demand. There are no empty
houses, and new ones are snapped up
even before completed. That is another healthy sign, for it means that
Nelsou is fust gathering to itself a
large population. The outlook is
more than hopeful, and if only true to
ourselves a splendid future is assured
to us.
Company and in rivalry with it, hence
its campaign of abuse against that corporation With this explanation,
we quote from The Globe: "The*
Miner's position will be better under-
Stood when wo explain that Mr. '
Heinze is suing the O. P. R. Co. for
a large amount in connection witli the
recent purchase of his interests; that
he is one of, if not the lending spirit
in the smelting combine recently or-
ganized in the United States, which is
in dea liy opposition to the smelter at !
Trail; and that Mr. Heinze is associated with Mr. Corbin and others in
securing a charter to tap the Bound
ury country, in opposition to the O.
P. R. No oue, therefore, need be surprised at what The Miner may suy in
opposition to ihat or any othei Canadian institution which may stand in
the way of Mr. llcinze's designs in
this country. The truth of the matter
is, The Rossland Miner, an excellent
paper in many ways, is simply the
agent and mouthpiece of men, who, a
capitalists, monopolists, and aliens,
are endeavoring to exploit the riches
of British Columbia in their own interests It exists in Rossland for that
purpose and no other. As a bright
newsv newspaper, backed up by
American capital aud brains, it has
outside of Rosslaud and vicinity a
certain influence, being wrongly
supposed to represent the views of
that important district, and is therefore all the more dangerous. We want
tbo public, however, to understand the
real facts of the ease. Mr. Heinze,
as head of the great smelter combine,
is doing bis best to crush the* smelting
industry in_ British Columbia, and as
a partner of Mr. Corbin, for a -similar
end in view, is endeavoring to secure
a charter for a railway zig-zogging
the international boundary in order to
tap here and there the mines of Southern Vale and divert the ores, which
should be smelted ill British Colombia, to the United States. The Rossland Miner's denunciation of the C.
P. R. as a monopoly and an octopus is
no more than Mr Heinze's plan of
campaign���part of au organized conspiracy���to enrich himself and his  as
Wc have received
our Spring Stock of
Wall-Papers . .
and Decorations,
Comprising the newest Designs and Colorings	
120   Patterns
To Select From.
Sample Books sent
on application.     .   .
Cheap Cash Store.
Bargains in House Furnishings.
Lace Curtains     50c per pair.
" 3 yds long and 45 ins wide. . . .$1.00        "
" 3 1-2 yds long and 60 ins wide   1.75 "
Nottingham 1.ace Curtains at  $2.25,   $2.50,  $2.75,  $3.25.
Best Quality Nottingham Lace Curtains at $3.75  per   pair.
Swiss Curtains at $4.00 per  pair.
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Art Muslins at 10c, 12 1-2C, 15c and 20c per yaid.
A Full range of Dotted Net ami   Swiss   Muslii s   for   Sash
A Special Bargain��� 1 piece only,   Reversible  Cretonne   at
35 cents per yard.
Terms Strictly Cash. Stand 2 doors east of Bank of B.C.
Who has seen my Cloth< and
Samples of Overcoat Suitinirs,
Trousers and Fancy Vesting
says they are elegant. Tlie prices
are right. Fit and Finish can
not be excelled in Canada.
Ladles'    Tailor-made  suits  a
S & o Clement Block.
Mining  and   Real   Estate   Broker,
Turner-Boeckli Block, Nelson.
j    Money 10 loan fur building purposes.
Mining Shares fur Sale���Dundee, Monarch,
_     . ', t'tica,   Fairmont.    Also  Uepublio and Camp
BOOiateS at the expense   of   tins   conn- | McKinney share*..   A few hundred dollars in-
Tlie story ol tlie (Greenwood cou
stable, wlio personally interviewed
ihe Attorney-General to lia-re his
vouchers certified, aud being uncivilly refused threatened to take the
amount of them " out of his hide," was
deuied hy the organs, oue and all of
which declared that nothing of the
kiud had taken place. This has
drawn out the constable himself, who,
iu a long letter to The Colonist, substantially corroborates the story as originally published in that paper.
vested may bring you thousands.
Proporty fur sale In a'l r��r*s of the  city.
Hous-* 1 ��� rim!
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
WHOLESALE   "*" 0rdAraspec.aiity.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
House Cleaning Time.
As yon will no doubt require New Carpets and Curtains when renovating tlie house, do not forget we
have a much heavier stock of Carpets and Lace
Curtains than formerly,and will be pleased to show
what we have. The latest novelties in Dress Goods.
We are showing a fine range of Ladies' Capes,
Jackets and Skirts. ....
Clothing,   Boots and Shoes,   Gents' Furnishings.
A.  FEI^LAlNlp   <& CO.
There may be resources behind the
Filipino rebels that will enniile them
to keep tbe Americau forces employed
for a loug time to come : but just at
proseut it looks as if tbey were
Hearing the last ditch aud as if peace
for those unhappy islands were within
reach. The Republic's first experi-
meut of colonial government has not
been as smooth and pleasant as might
be desired, but the more important
thing is that it is showing itself in |
evi.ry respect qualified for the task.
The old Anglo-Saxon spirit will tell.
Some Pianos are Sweet in Tone
Some Pianos are Responsive in Touch
Some Pianos are Chaste in Design.
Few Pianos are  sweet in   tone,  responsive
in touch and chaste in design.
BOARD AND ROOM IListen t0 a Mason & *isch Pian��.
Play upon a Mason & Risch Piano,
Examine even the case of a Mason &  Risch Piano,
And in it you wil' find all the requisites of
a perfect instrument.
Inspection 1-jViiecl.     Gorrespoi)cierjce Solicited.
Fiist-ola******* board and loom, Todd's
old stand, corner Ward and Carbonate, in rear of English church, heated
by steam. Table board *4; room and
board $5 and $5.50.
A collection of Hue Belgium Ca* aries
for sale.
Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Payment must accompany
all orders.
Thomson Stationery Co. L't'd, Tr
canadian <\
; Pacific Ky.
Spring Opening.
The Danger
In tlu1 Fii>t Baptist Cliunh,
Sunday, April 2ml
KM. 1. W, BTlCKHOimB, RoulMMl
will preach in tlie mornhiK at 11  h.  in   and i
a^tiin in tlu evening .a 7 p. m.
at 1 p m. Mr. Staekboute will upeak to th ���
nan nf Mr***. Stock'- olatt and "other* who tufty
wish to attend His subject will be "Let no
th.it Cart Rope*"
Where ���*       -
Your eyes nmy be warning you every
day of their weakness and their inability to work without help. The
eye* are the "daily bread maker**" for
nio-t of us. They are prieelcw to all
Don i neKlect them. Timely attention
will save future misery*
Regarded  simply   ns  ��  npivspnper
published la a neighboring town. The
Miner   <*oiil<l   hitTO   nmhiim    bnt   thp
most friendly feeling f**r its nameaake
xsC Sosslattd,   TKttt at" ct'i    i* ��� *j*r*J
however, clearly referred to in the fol-1
lowiu*; extract from   an article in The
Viotoria Globe, winch render it necessary   to   estimate   our    oontemporarv !
ou other grounds and from a very different standpoint.    It is published in a '
British   Columbia   town   and   derives
whatever public  support   it    receives
from people of this 1'rovince; it is supposed therefore, to be a British Colum- j
MU8IC LE880N8. ���On plnno organ or
guitar by Mrs. W. J. Amley, Hobson street
two door- west of Stanley,   P. 0. Box 180.
MU8IC LB880N8���Staging nml Piano, by
Mrs. Sydney Oliver. Observatory street, two
! doors west of Stanley.
THE sleeping CAR  ROUTE]   I Respectfully Invite the Ladles of
EAST   OR   WEST |Nelson to   our Millinery Opening,
Tourist (.'ars  pass  Hevelstoko  daily    _ _ _ _
to 8b. Paul; Tuesdays and Satrmlays   Mf^ J\\ f j  on rrtilitl
foiToronU-  Thm>.lays for Montreal   JTl I J. IM L LCI 14 li, 11II11.
and Bost<*n. I
united states. -bpokane  Falls <&*>
Northern R'y.
It is on the South Side
oi Haker Street and is
filled with the very
latesi things   ill
A LIMITED amount Of private funds to loan
un mortgage upon improved city property.
Apply to Klliott and Lennie. SOlldtom, Nelson.
iiKKICKS and Koonis to rent, novrly decor-
Boots ated and painted.   Apply Thomson stationery
i\>.. Ltd.
was I'KD���Hy iirst olass bookkeeper, w-ho
I or 4 bour
lia. 3lor i boursa day Io -.pare, a set of books
Addrsc*. N V Z Miner office.
To  Hossland, Trail,  KoIisod,
6.40U m.-Leaves-NKLSON-Arrives-10.3Jp m
I. i*ni  lake   kimlo KuiMe.
Stk. Kokankk
Bxoept Sunday. Except Sundnv
4  p.m.���Leaves���NBL80N���Arrives���11  a.ii
Koolenay River Bnnie.
Stk. Movik.
Mon.. Wed., Kri. Tues. Than. Sat.
8 a.m.-U*avcs-NKl.SON -Arrives -��.50   p n:.
Makes connection at Pilot Bay witli Str. Ki ���
knnec in both directions.
Steamers on their respective routes eel al
principal Landings in both directions an 1
ul her points wben signalled.
��� I.*lii   ilm   anil    nm*.Han* Paints  via
-i.i.-iiii   Lake. Dally.
i-..��i a. PL-Leaves NKL80N���Arrives8J0 p.m.
Asckhtain Rates _ K tackabury
and full information   by   addressinit ncare* t      *     ' A       , MBim_  '-a n
local sgent, O. K. Beasley City Ticket Ag't, or . ARent.Nelson, B. (,,
K. W. DREW, Agent. Nelno
Nelson  A  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without chang
of cars between Nelson aud Bossland and
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 9-40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"    11:55 "   EOSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8-30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p.m
Train that leaves NelHon at 11:40 a.m
makes close oouuectiouB at Spoksne foi
all PaciHc Coast Voiuta.
PasseuKers for Kettle River aud Boundary Treek, connect at Marcus with Stage
0. G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Trav, Pass. Agent,     Dlsu I'a*.-. Agent
Nelson * ancouvsr
Humphreys & Pittock.
W \NTKH At Naku-p. eiifht ifoivl tie niak;
it-     Pay 7 OOntS in lhe strln***.     Peter (lenelle
WANTED���Servanl ��irl for bouse work.
"ipplv Mrs. K. Cordmuly. last hoie-con Vernon
Ureal, left hand side going up.
KOK SALE -Old ne��>pap<jl-s at 25 centi per
! ISO.     * *
Miner office,
l-'risli Fruits. Dandles,  and all  kinds
oitioft Prinks.
All Contractors louring on  buildings that
will require
Should consult
Canadian    and  American   Papers al- M"    W.    MELLOR,
ways un Sale. VIOTORIA, B.C.
PHONE   Who ������'a,T'c* tho '"ntest stock of Plate Oliuw
in the Province,
Hudson's Bay Stores,
25;.  ptr  Dozen.
The best on the iVlarket.
��� *PTf TTTt
Hudson's Bay Stores,
West Baker St..  Nelson.
Telephone IU.
Is now prepared to till orders
for    Luncheons,    Dinners    or
Evening Parties.
Melton     Mowbray     Pies.      Chicken,
Veal, nnd Pork Pies.    All orders
promptly   attended   to.
Ward St.,   - Opposite Hume Hotel.
Steamship Lines
From St. John
Allan Line���California!) April    2
Dominion Line���Scotsman April   9
From Portland
Allan Line���Castilian        .April   8
From New York
White Star Line-Britannic  March 29
Cunard  Line���Untbrla April   1
American Line���HarN March?,)
Anchor Line���Anclioria March '25
From Boaion
Dominion Line���Now England March 20
Passages arranged to and from all European
points. For rates, tickets and full Information
apply to C. P. H, depot agt nt or C. K. Heasloy,
City Ticket Agent, Nelson, li, C.
645)   General Agent. t'.P.K. OttlcoH Winnipeg.
Dealer in BOOTS &
SHOES. Repairing
work a Specialty. The
Cheapest Place to
Deal in Town.
Hall Street,
Few Doors Below Baker.
Carbide -
Niagara   Falls Acetylene    Gas    Machines.
Newling 6 Co.
Baker Street
Two Lots and House with 11 rooms on Silica
stroot between Josephine and Hall siroeU,
beautifully    sltunted.      Prloe   $3,500.
Terms $1,500 cash,   balance to
be   arranged,
Ix)t and Hounc Latimer stroet, near Josephine.
atreot, Price $1,000.    Terms $500 cosh.
balance nn mortgage.
I/>t and Stoic on Haker Htroct, good location,
Price $8,000.
I .ni on Baker street, near tho corner ol Cedar
streot, $800.
Also a large list of the best Kesldentla   Property In the city.
Agents for Addition "A" and "Hume" Addition.
iu*TST��^"^pS"5n&""aWSu i Next to Nelsou Hotel,   '"i0^
The British Columbia Permanent Loan and
Savings Company, who give the most reasonable terms to borrowers, allowing Principal to
tie paid off at any 1 line without Charging a")'
lion us.
Qamble & O'Reilly,
^���������������������������e ��������������������� ������*������������������������
I'lie sorely tried patience, of Iho tin-
|r]i*r nniy huvo n fitting reword duriug
the Easter holidays. The last two or
three niRhtfl have been comparatively
warm. However bright uud vnrin
the miil-day sun may he, tho trout
will not rise readily until tho frosty
nights abate Like the hunter, the
angler weloomes "a southerly wind
and a cloudy slty" provided the wind
be not too strong; for on Kooteuay
Lako a stiff breeze is somewhat dis-
00n*��erting to the average   eanoist.    It
is no uncommon sight to sen  a  canoe
ou a squally day behaving like a disorderly weathercock. There are days
too when the larger craft need a measure of skill in their management,
days on which tho pious Aeneas���ere
ho had shuffled off this mortal coil
might have been attempted to address
Ins helmsman, Palinurus, in less
dignified strains than those which Virgil has attributed to him. But the
pious one and hiB biographer havo
now but the Styx wherein to angle,
���with the worm that dielh not, and
bis unblemished name is handed down
posterity without the record of one
single "big, big D" having been uttered by linn ; A worthy und fitting
example to every Nelsonian, tho angling fraternity in particular.
Kut to return to our muttons given
a continuation of warm nights and
sunny days, the Easter anglers should
return homo with more in their baskets than empty Husks and depleted
tobacco pouches. Th? fly should be
the cause of a decrease in the trout
population of Kooteuay; the trolling
enthusiast may buoy his hone with
the inemoiy that th* eutrepid, indescribable, finny monster, which last
season was reported in The Miner us
having seized, more than once too, the
trout which some undoubtedly vera
cious angler was in the act of lauding, giving that abglsi a rare tustle
tor some minutes before the prey was
relinquished, bus yet to be finally lured
to his doom.
* *   *
Last Sunday though the night was
cold and the wind in the morning bitter, several hardy anglers Hallied
forth 111 quest of saluio-purpuratus.
Two boats contained "early birds,"
and they had the pleasure of breaking
through tho ice opposite Squires' Point,
thus cleaving a way for tbeir more indolent followers. The foremost boat
"made it" but, the second boat was
warned by an individual on the bank
that it wus impossible to get through
the ice. Not wishing to share the fate
of Franklin, the second boat bout an
honorable retreat, and sought a brief
solace in the calm but to them unprofitable water opposite the town. They
hoped, but iu vain, that should the
first beat's crew reach tho happy fishing ground below Urohman 'Jreek and
have any BUOOOSS with the trout, the
ice would enclose the said first boat's
orew on (heir return journey, would
hold them prisoners there until the
crack of doom and so effectually prevent the disconcerting reports of their
superior success to be bruited throughout the lov.'ii. But "rh"inm�� propose
mais Dieu dispose;" the second boat's
crew, after a few frnillii-s casts, returned home at noon; and the first
bout's crew came home iu the dusk
with four nice trout, an unholy thirst,
and an irritating attitude of intense
superiority, A youthful occupant, of
that second bout, who had made sure
of his "man" drawing first, blood, is
looking for that individual who
warned tliein not to venture to cross the
belt of ice. These four fish aie believed to be tho first taken with the fly
this season. They were of goodly proportions and if laid in a line, would
havo been nearly equal in length lo
that of their capturer. A doctor was
seen to take a large char on the troll,
but the bait was not particularised,
possibly it was a special asceptic preparation of his own.
* *   *
Now is the time for the angler to
make ready his stock of tackle for the
season, The Nelson stores oiler a great
variety iu this line some good, some
indifferent and some undeniably bnd.
As a rule, the store Hies are apt to bn
too large, too gaudy, and tho wings
are unduly large for tho size of the
hooks. The wing of ally should not exceed the length of the hook more than
an eighth of an inch; they should,
foi wet, flv fishng, lie flat ovor the
hook, be dressed with soft feathers
and not be too heavy. It is strange
that the almost obsolete flies dressed
on the gut should be universally sold
here. In the old country und in the
Eastern States, eyed hooks are almosl
always used. The advantages of the
latter are undeniable ; the fly can
be more expeditiously changed when
dressed on an eyed hook, (he gut when
cracked or frayed at tho head (where
it always first givis signals Of distress)
can be easily renewed on an eyed honk,
whereas till) fly dressed on the gut
would be worthless whim once the gut
is destroyed,
The new bronzed hooks now iu
vogue in tlio old oouutry are far
stronger than the old blank or blue
honks, Before purchasing a fly the
hook should be tested in the sumo way
as a careful fly dresser should always
test his hooks'. The point would be
fixed into a piece of softwood then the
honk should be bent upwards. If the
metal is too brittle the hook will break
it too pliable it will bend. This simple process will save much disappointment, und many wholly uiiuoe.oHsary
words. Gut should be round and
opaque; milky colored, Hat gut is
Worthless. A large stock of tackle is
unnecessary bnt good for trade; if
you have a friend who ties his own
Hies borrow or "lake by mistake"
his liy box and help yourself, for locally
fled flics seem to appeal more lo the
front's uppetite than (he trade articles. On tl.e choice of rods more
and a host of disciples nt Isaac. Walton were nut after the elusive trout,
If was t**o cold, however, for big
baskets and, strange In say, almosl
every fisherman admitted that he had
caught nothing.
The dedicatory ceremonies of the
new I. (J. 0. V. ' Mall will be held on
May 2. Tickets, including admission
to the dance and supper, will bo $2
The lacrosse enthusiasts of the City
meet in the Fire Hall (his evening to
organize for the season. All those interested in Canada's National game
are requested to attend.
Good Friday was generally observed
yesterday and all the btis'liess houses
on Haker street wero closed. A largo
number of people took advantage of
the warm weather to go out on the
Tomorrow morning The Miner will
bo delivered to all subscribers :i. their
houses. The newsdealers in the Thailand Hume Hotels will have a supply
on hand. There will be nn Miner
on Monday morning.
The Nelsnn Baseball club had its
first practice game yesterday. Two
teams were selected and at the end of
a most, exciting game the score stood
nine to six. The club will have a first
class learn in (he field this seasou.
The Rev. R., Frew returned yesterday from Ymir where he had been delivering a lecture in aid of the Presbyterian Clmrc.li. The lecture, which was
entitled "Europe Revisited" was a
great, success. The Forester's Hall
was crowded.
Tomorrow being Easter Sunday,
the Kev. \v. T. Stnokbouse, B. A., of
Rosslaud, will occupy the pulpit of (he
Bnpfisl Ohuroh at (he morning service at II a. in., an I also at the evening service at 7 p. in, In the afternoon at *1 i>. m. Mr Staokhonse will
address the men of Mrs. Stocks' class,
and any other gentlemen who care to
At the morning service of the Presbyterian Church tomorrow the Rev.
R. Frew's subject will be "Afterwards." In tho evening he will
preach ou "Absolution, the Power of
the Keys." At both services there
will be special Easter hymns, and in
the morniug Mr. Caldwell will sing a
solo entitled "Calvary. " In tho evening Mrs. W. A. Macdonald will sing a
solo, while the choir will render the
anthem "Send out Thy Light" by
J  F. Field.
In St. Saviour's; Ohuroh, tomorrow
being      Kuster Sunday,        Holy
Communion will be celebrated at
7 a. m., ,S a. in., and after the morniug service, which is at
11 a. m. The music at the Communion Service will bo Dykes in F\ and
Mrs. Troup will sing, "But x'liou
Didst Net Leave" from Handel's Messiah. In tbe evening there will be
two anthems at thu 7 o'clock service,
"He is Risen," by Simper, Mrs.
Troup taking the solo, and Mrs. Mel-
villn Parry will sing, "I know that
my Redeemer Livoth" from the Mes
Sec the Sinking of Spanish Tnpredo
Boat at, .Santiago July llrd, tonight
at Opera Houso.
The chairs of the Hoard of Trade
room are lacking thoir full complement, if (he borrowers would rotiirii
'hem they would confer a great favor.
Yesterday was a great day for ang-
'urs.    The weather was most agreoable
The parents of Gardner Gilroy, formerly of Winnipeg, will be very glaa
to receive any information of his
���iresent whereabouts. He was said to
be in Nelson a short time ago. Any
one knowing his address will confer a
favor by leaving it at The Mmei
Beaching and Burning of Spanish
Oruiser Visoaya���Opera House tonight
and the balance of week.
Phair���James Cronin, Moyie; F.
J. Ewiug, Creston ; Frank Patterson.
Portland ; H, J. Sanderson, Toronto ;
W. O. Dutton, Spokane; A. Kelly,
Brandon ; Wm. Lawson, Toronto ; E.
G. Hicks, Winnipeg; A. T, Shaw,
Portland; Fred James, Spokane; A.
Sterling, Winnipeg.
Hume���H. McGuire, Molly Gibson
mine; Geo. S. Richard, Cranbrook;
J. H. Freeman, Victoria; H. W.
Hidden, Portland; W. H. Dorman,
Vancouver; H, M. Fullerton, Brantford ; W. H. Silencer, Ymir; Mrs. E.
B. Perkins, New Denver; Mrs. Habor,
New Donver ; D K. Mnleson, Toronto ;
I). W. Moore, Trail; F. R. Phillips,
Toronto; F. G, Brown, Toronto; J.
A. Loudon, Montreal; J. R. Crown,
Winnipeg, T.  Leo   Peel, Nelson.
gentlemen ever worked in a mine or is
it another ense of the wrong ox being
Mr. Bremner has been fair to a
fault in treating the subject. I believe
that with the eight-hour system as
much work can be done as now. If the
judgment of one iu tho business counts
for anything, tho law is a good one and
should stay. J. A. S.
New Denver, B. 0.
Roosevelt's Rough Riders aud Their
Trained Horses���Shatter in Cuba-
Landing the First U. S.��� Soldiers in
Cuba���Spanish Bull Fights���aro some
of the scones to bo reproduced���at the
Opera House.
Mr. F. J. Painton has just received
a largo consignment of tho famous
Nordheinior pianos at his store on Baker Stroet.
"War on Canvass" at Nolson Opera
House, Thursday. F'riday and Saturday Evening.
MeteroloKlcul Uepurl,
(Observations taken liy A. H, Holdich.
Mnr 25 Saturday 10.0 17.0 0.00 28.10
Mnriti Sunday 11.0 17.0 0.00 28.10
Mar 27 Monday 11.0 20.0 0.00 27.00
Mnr28 Tuesday 60 ?0.0 0.00 27.70
Mm* 20 Wod'day 47.5 .U0 0.00 27.70
Star 30 Thursdaj 42.0 23.5 0.00 ?7 95
Mar 21 Friday 40.0 .'0.0 0.00 27.85
unnecessary wort, the old fashioned imple-
th*.i*i,, and old fashioned methods are good
enough for you.
But if you desire to make matters easier for
yourself and help, como in and look ovor the
wc are showing. Kach article Ik the best, of
its kind both in quality and design and our
prices are not high.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
importers of
Shelf and Heavv Hardware.
(i-iooni houso and 2 lot* on Car- f}
b'umte stroot     ��115(1
House und 'l lots on Silica streot UnO
5 room houso und 2 lols near Park HW>
House and 2 lots on Jodeplunu st 1300
Houso and 3 lots on Vornon streot   &��00
Housoaud 2 lots on Lake street 2tW(i
-50-foot lot on Haker streot.
a lots on Robson Htrei-t  775
2 lots on Hoover stroot  650
21otson Ward streot ,  500
2 lots on Latimer street  400
li lots on Carbonate st. reiddeneo 500
1 lot ('arbonate st reet  i*50
2 lot* in Hume Addition  1150
2  lots in Hume Addition a snap
,1. L. VANSTONE, Mining Broker.
li. II. WILLIAMS, Custo'is Broker.
Real Estate Agents,
Baker tit., Nelson, B. C.
Great. College Hunt Raue on the River Thames���between Oxfunl nml
Gun-bridge teams���Don't miss to see
tliis Opera Honse tonight nml balanoe
of wuok.
To tin* Editor ot 'inn Miner i
Sir���" Are tlm oondltlons of tlm mill"
eta ns they should he," Certainly they
are not, neither are the wiiulitions of
the "newspapers publishers, the gio-
oar and the lumberman" but because
Ilm condition", of the latter are not,
it is no argument that the miners'
condition Bhould not be improved,
Tbey are the most, numerous class.
Begin with tlm greatest evil anil the
others will ootne in for their share in
good time anil aooording to their merits. "The average newspaper man
works from 12 to 14 hours a day"
Why? Beoause in this oese the miners' conditions are not as desirable  as
they should he, anil therefore the gro-
cer, wood chopper, clerk, street laborer, and all the rest who patronize
newspapers an* in like circumctenaes
us they must draw direot from the
miner and let inn wiy lime that if Urn
miner were to return in kind the hostile spirit of the newspapers thn hitler's conditions would not be so desirable as (hey aro now. "Is ten hours
too lom*". Yes, in trial holes where
poisonous gases shorten the life of the
man who inhales by every breath, his
hours are too long deeidedly. Put one
of Ihe mine managers who from their
comfortable office chairs find no fault
with the ten hour system, put somn
of those gentlemen into some of the
polluted holes for nny length of time
and his hours would he shortened too.
Hut iben i( makes a difference
whose ox is lining gored. The Nelson
Board of Trade is much concerned for
tlm miner.   I   wonder if any of  these
The Mayor ar d Aldermen,
Tlio Corporation of the City of Nolson
Gentlemen,���] Ijuk to enclose herewith it
statement showingEteoelpta and Disbursements
fm* yoar ending December 81 St, IK'JS, together
with Supplementary Statement .Ian. 1st to 18tn
inclusive, 1889.
You will note Ihave notprepareil|a statement
showing Assets and Liabilities as such /i statement cannot be accurately made Without tirsl.
having a Capital account. This your ledgoi*
does not.show anil I would recommend lhat  a
valuation bo put on the assets of the Corpora.
tion. where the actual cost, less deprooiatlon
if any. cannot he ascertained and a capital ac
count opened. At lhe beginning nf the year
18981 note Water Hate receipts tot he union ntuf
$Ul7.fiO   not entered   iu  Cash   Hook  and other
small errors ami omissions making a not dif*
ference in receipts of $117 85,
Yours respcotfiillv,
Debenture Accouiil.
iVroc-ds.'Kxp'ndd    DI!    i CH
Wator Works. I$98M 0011184*18 81S330S 81
Sewers    9840 00   8870 31 iltfllNI
Cometery  1998 00   1967 88 ntli
ICleetrlc bight. 8U1H0 Ull! WlllKi -ill :1KKI!180
Hal. at Creilit.l I 1723 WI
SSI HI til .lllll DI
Total Reeelpta from all (Sources and Disburs-
monts for year ending Deo81. istis
Revenue oolleoted    8 40098 78
Waterworks debentures      0880 00
Hewers debentures      9850 nil
Cemetery debentures    4020 00
Bleotrlo bight, debenture   31)100 oo
$JW1'M 7.1
(ieneral Aooounl t 311772 SI
Wator Works Oonstruotion   1834181
SOWar "       K37II 31
Cemetery      1257 80
Bleotrlo Light Planl   86480 211
Int'st on Overdraft for which choquo
has not heen issued       32K 37
(11121112 III
Kxcess of Uecelpls over payments.... 1718 11
Overdraft at bank Jan. 1st inns     2203 90
646 to
Add Cash on band Dee. '31st. 1HIIS         In in
Overdraftnt Bank Doo. 81,1808      585 us
H'.ulonientshiiwinK Itecelpls and Disbursement
Jaiiuny Mlo 18th, IH'M
Revenue Oolleoted I 880 66
Disbursements Qen. Acct           ( .'ion so
Sewor Oonstruotion  lie .*in
Klootrio Light....   IM <��;
Ovordrafl .Ian. Isi, istio  585 95
Int on Dee. O. D. charged in .Inn 22 15
Overdraft Jan, 18,1898   UNO 71
Cash on hand Dec. 31, 18118      Ill HI
Cash on hand Jan. 13, 'Oil  211 IKI
(1820 80 (1820 30
Say John
Come in and see our New Line oe Shoes.
They're just what you want for this weather
of all kinds���Won't cost you a cent to look at
'em. Bring some of your friends along- too;
we'd like to get acquainted with them.
The Easy Shopping Store.
1 have just received a
consignment of
23=3ewelleb Tbampton Movement
used by all railroad   men.    Come  before
they  all go.
Baker St.
No Kick Coming
When you see our $10.00 Suits. They are what you
have been paying* $14 and $15 for.
If you want something* better than a ready-made suit,
we have a Full Range of Spring* Samples from the well
known firm of Kennedy & Douglas, Merchant Tailors,
Toronto. We will take your measure for them. These
are Union Made Goods.
Emory & Walley,
The Hub Furnishing House.
Falling   on     Sunday    this    season     will   create   a   big   demand   for
Don't go without them. We will be well stocked. We have also
made anangements with the Hens of Nelson to supply us with New
Laid, so there will be no excuse for not being able to get Strictly New
Laid Eggs for Easter. Something choice in Easter Hams and Breakfast Bacon.    Very lean and extra cure.
Your table won't be complete without a pound of our Celebrated Tea.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
T. Rails T. Rails
8 lb.
12 lb.
Drill Steel,  Blacksmiths' Coal,
Ore Cars, Powder, Caps and Fuse.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B. C.
356 Fishing Rods
And more coming. English and Canadian
make. Bamboo (whole and split), Steel,
Lancewood and Greenheart. The largest assortment in Kootenay. Mail Orders promptly attended lo.
Nelson  Hardware Co.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Oumpa supplied <ui shortest notioe and Lowes Priuua
Mail Orders reoelve Careful attention,
Nothinn but Iresh nml wholesome meats and supplies
kept in Htnck.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions.
We have heen appointed *oie agent*)
for Kootenay for SWIFT & CO.,
South Omaha, nnd will curry u full
stock of moats of their manufacture
at Nelson	
Mall orders will ho filled at prloei
ruling on day order in received.
Head - Offices - Winnipeg
Brancubs Vanoouvsr, VlOTOlllA
Kklson, Rossland, Atuh I.akk
Taoisu Lake, Qrebkwood, B.O.-
and Dawson I'itv, N. W. T.    .
P.  J.  RUSSELL,  n.-iiuger.
NCI .-ON. II. O.
Patronize Home Industry, and Smoke the
Royal Seal
And   other    Union
Made Cigars  of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
IB. f
To Loan^>
Great West Life Assurance Companv.
At 8 per cent, cs
Improved Property.
Agent, Baker Street.
General Teamsters.
ipits for B. C. Oil Be.
(Stanford Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length*
to order. One car of Fresri
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
Capitol Paid  np $2,000,000
KuMt 1.200,000
ll. s. Howland, Pros.  T. K.Merritt, vice Pro*.
Win. KiutiMiy,       HmkIi Uyan,       Kobt.JaflVay
T. Sutherland Bt&yner,     KliaH KoKerv.
Head OfflOdi Toronto.
I). K. WILKIEI, General Manager.
K. HAY, Inspector.
HriiiirlM'H Iii nil iirlnrlpiil - IIIm ami Iowa*
In    oiii-H-in   mill   Quebrc
Rranehea    In       Uanii.>i��;t,     Itierlhwml
TerrllorleR mid Itrlilnli ColumbtM.
~n. Calgary, Prince albkrt, Kdmonton
rn Kdmonton, \. \V. T. Vancouver
Agonta in Great Britain -Lloyd's Bank, Ltd.,
VI Lombard street London, with whom money
may i��; deposii ed for transfer by letter or cable
to any part of Canada.
Letters of Credit Issued on Alaska Oonuner-
oialCo. payable al Hi. Michael'H, Aliwka, and
Dawson Clcy.
Drafts Sold, available at all point* in Can-
ria, United States and Europe.
Letters of oredtt i-- n"i, available in any
purl of the world.
ri.ivinK* bioik Department���Deposits of $1
and upwards received and interest allowed.
Debetturos -Municipal and othor deben-
turos purohaaodi
Money (irilrrH IkhiiihI payable at any ItauL
1. ��������� Under 810, 8c; fio to |20. 10o;
|90to9B0j [Sot WOtolfiO, He.
J.   M*   LAY.   MANAGER.
PRINCIPALS -a-tftfi^iefc.oamb. eng. clty Scavenger,
Boarding and Day School.      Present   Numbers 44.     Preparatory   class     Al: kkl,iB of lluy ttwl nl(<hl 8oavonn.rlng.
under Lady.   Highest references to   Parents, etc. Work promptly done,    Ohlmnw  dwooplig
}' done.
Kor Terms apply  to  Principals, - 1171 Georgia St., Vancouver.      Bo>H*  L*��ve order.at M. DMBrlwT'i. NELSON DAILY MINER SATURDAY, APRIL i, 1899.
It is Being Tested at the
Athabasca Mine.
It Can Deal,   it  ll  Olain ed,   .  550 lb.
Blow.���Operated  bj One Han-
Some Mining Item..
A novel machine is now beiug tried
for tbe first tinib iu tbe history of
British Columbia milling at tbe Athabasca uiiuH. It is called tbe Elmore
Hand-power rock drill, and is a Chi-
cagnnn's invention. Tbe machine is
operated by one uiau, and uses any
kind of ordinary drill steel, which is
pounded by an ordinary miner's hammer. Tbe inventors claim that it has
au automatic feed, and the drill makes
a perfect turu after every blow. The
hammer ia governed by a removable
spring, uud the strength of t-ie blow
given varies with the strength of the
spring. The strength of the blow cau
ne varied, as stated above, from 100 to
550 pounds, so a uniform rate of speed
oan be maintained irrespective of the
hardness of the rock. It may be
mentioned that the -weight of au ordinary man's blow is estimated at SO
pounds. The power it developed by
a very clever system of levers.
The machine is worked on a stretch-
bar, placed across the tuuuel or shaft
as the case may be, and is operated
by au adjustable lever, it being so
contrived that a hole cau be driven
iu any direction. When put up ready
for shipment the whole concern
weighs 1(55 pounds, and oan be readily packed ou a horse. It bus already
been tried   in Mexico with success.
Messrs. W. C. Hepburn and A. D,
Sykes. who are sole agents for 13. 0.,
have taken a contract at the Athabasca, and, if it is a success there, several mines in the vicinity have promised to give it a trial. The great advantage claimed for it is, that, while
it does not supersede labor, it greatly
lessens the cost of mining.
Mr. Reynolds, tbt representative of
the Eastern syndicate which has bonded the Yellowston* mine near Salmo
for $50,000,is staying in N'elson the
guest of Judge Forin. Mr. Reynolds
quite recently visited the mine, aud as
there is a heavy payment due on April
0,aud mafliinery is now beiug shipped
to the mine, a Miner reporter yesterday enquired of Mr. Reynolds whether
it had been defnitely decided to take
up the bond.
"I am uot in a position to say MC-
actly what plan of action will be
adopted with regard to the mine," replied Mr. Reynolds, "as everything is
not settled yet. But ynu may say that
I visited the mine, aud was very well
pleased   wifh what I saw. "
Beyond this guarded statement, Mr.
Reynolds would not go, through to
the outsider the probability of the
Yellowstone soou being added to^ the
list of producing miues seems veiy
Rossland, B. O., March ill. ���Superintendent Morris of the Velvet was in
from Sophie Mountain today aud reports tbat the ledge in the south crosscut has wideued out to nearly 80 feet.
This, with the other development,
gives the Velvet ample stoping ground
to commence shipments were it prr
vided with shipping facilities in the
way of a spur from the Red Mountaii
Railway, a distance of sii miles. It
proves the Velvet to be a mine. The
Velvet is operated by the New Gold-
fields of British Columbia, of which
Sir Charles Tupper is the leading
Tbe Evening Star has ' sent two carloads of ore to the Trail Smelter.
There are some 16 carloads ou tbe
dump at the miue aud us soou as the
road is iu a more satisfactory condition this  will bo   sent to the smelter.
It is expected that   the   smelter   returns will show   that  the ore ruus be
tweeu f-J.j and ��10 per tou.
��   #   *
Northport, March 81.���After being
shut down for over two months the lie
Roi smelter was started tip. At exactly 1 o'clock p, in. yesterday blast
furnace No. 1 was blown iu, a big
crowd being present This is good
uewB hero, the long shut down working considerable hardship on] the men
employed. Must of the old employes
of tba company are here, however,
BOd will resume their old pssitioiis.
Furnacu No. 2 will be running by
the end of this week, at which time
the plant will be run at full capacity.
Daily shipments are being made, and
this, with tho ore already on baud and
roasted, guarantees a steady rnu for
some months to come.
Mining Transfers.
Where no **on**i lorfttion Is named In tran**fer-
Iho nominal Mtira of SI Is to be understood.
Loiiit, et al and A.   Beline,   $.'50 cash,
due 1st May, '00, $4,00(1.
March 22
Mineral Mountain���C.   A.  Kiikwood
to R. J.  Kirkwood.
March 88.-
Noble Four���Daniel  Nichol to .1. Y.
Kesler, >4.
March 27.-
Pacific���Alex McDonald to A. Stewart,
Black Prince���C. Murphy to   \V.  E.
Boie, f-*,'.
March 38. ���
Bleaufield���John   Bulks   to   George
Bulkes. $50.
March 20
Gladstone and Pacilic���Alex Stewart
to Jobu McKinnon, half in eucli.
Cheyboygau Fraction���W.  L   Potter
to E. B. Dunlop,*.,1.;.
Mining Locations.
(Since February 24.)
March 15.���
Maggie���Thos.    Smith,   2nd s  fork of
Lemon Creek, formerly Spanish.
Frederick���J.    S.   Smith, 2nd s fork
of Lemon Creek, formerly Model.
Mining Stock Quotations.
Cum lied by J. L*. Vanstone, Successor to H.
U.   McCulloch,     Mining    Broker,
Nelson. B. C. P. O. box 109.
Name of Company
British Coluiiibia.
Cariboo ICamp McK)	
Deer Park	
Evening Star	
Fern U. M. Co	
Iron Mask	
Iron Colt	
Little Cariboo	
Noble Five	
Rambler Cariboo	
slocan S'.nr	
Slmnnan Dolphin	
Tamarack iPooleili 	
Waterloo (Camp McKl.
W'ial'ton iTrea��l	
Ben Hur	
Black Tail 	
! Butte St Boston
I Chetjpa Blue Jav.  .
j Dora	
1 Bolden Harvest.. ���
Qoldun Sunset 	
Gold Ledge	
lr.in .Monitor	
Jim Blaine	
j Lone Pine.	
| Morning Glory 	
Mountain Lion 	
��� North San Poil ... .
I Palo Alto	
Princess Maud	
j lteaate 	
San Poil 	
* Trade It ilhr	
' Tom Thumb	
: Bu-falo lln.ni* Hev
1 70
1 10
(Siuce February 24.)
Feb. 25.-
Noble   Four���Malcolm   Cameron
Dan Nichol.
March fl.���
Montezuma���A. W. Aylwin to ti.
Mighton, >������, |195,
Montezuma��� ti. J.   Mighton   to
McArthur, **.���.
Maroh 8.���
Truro���AUx   Stewart   to John
Kilo    and   Wedge   Fraction���James
McNaught to   N    F. McNuught. 1-19.
Truro���John   McKinuon   to   A.   G.
Belt no, ,'u.
Truro, M| Tom Plate���Option J. McKinnon to A. C. Behne, due   July    1,
Silver Leai-Optiou, N. ti.   Tuoker,
U:3il ain.���Train leaves O. P, R. stntioi*
for main   line   a d   intermediate pjinls via Slocn
I*ake mute dailv.
8:00 am.���S.S. Moyie leaves for Koot
enay L'd'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
9:40 a.m.���Train leaves N. k F. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane aud way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and wny points
daily except Sunday,
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokanee airives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
4:00 p.m.���ti. ti. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday,
4:30 p.m.���S. ti. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
5:30 p.m.���Train arrives N. St F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
0:50 p.m.���S. ti.  Moyie    airives from
Kootenay   L'd'g and way
points,    Tuesdays,   Thursdays and Saturdays.
6:40 p.m.���Train leaves O, P, l-i. station for Hobson, Tiail,
Hossland, etc , daily.
8.30 p. in.���Train arrives ('. P R,
station from iiiiiin line aud
intermediate   points    via
Slucnti Lake unite daily.
10:30 p.m.���Train airives ('. P, K.  station, from Rossland, Trail,
Hobson, etc., ilaily.
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay bike to nnd from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival ad departure,
Transportation Companies are requested to
give notice to tho Miner of any alterations In
ih*. 11 in...if u-rlvsd and departure from Kelnrn.
4   BUY IT    *
The Miner is on sale at  the
The Ros
Has been so great we were compelled to
order more goods, whioh have just arrived.
First come, first choice.
H.  II. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
following news stores at live cents per
J   Y.   QRIFFIN   &  CO.
Dairy Fed, Mild Cur d Meats, "GRIFFIN BRAND" onr Specialty.
Choice Creamery and Daily Butter, (bees.*, Eggs
 Write its'for Pi-ices	
Nelson Branch.
p. burns & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merclranb
ij^g- �����������������������������<������������������ 'Sri*
Branch Markets in Rossland. Trail. Nelson, Kaslo.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will ha*.*.* caretul anti prompt attention.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Oo., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotation* on Car Lot",       -       Nelson, B. C.
Nelsoi)   Teijl   ai)d    AWrjiog   Factory
Canvas Goods, Tents, Awning, and
Fancy Striped Cii'tiins for Verandahs and Windows.
Ih,:,). Madson,
fcE Real Estate and Insurance Agent.                        ^
|i The Birkbeck Investment,  Security %
�� and Savings Co.                 3
^ advance money on Improved Real li-tate.     Repayable in 5 and   ^m
���g- 8 years by monthly instalments.                            ^
Turner Beeton & Co.
Carload   of   PABST   BEER   Just   Arrived.
A Large Stock of ���~����
Liquors, Cigars & Tobaccos,
Dry  Goods  and  Ore  Bags
w*.��� Always on Hand.
Wholesale Oi)Ig.
Frank A. Tamblyn N0T1CE 0F ASS,0NBHiT-
'Bftkor Stroet) will bave, throughout
tbo summer, an anortmeut of tha
Chotoesl House plants ovotfrocotvod
in Nelson*    New shipments every
i*nrt.H)iiii to tin Creditor*Trail ���>�� ��<i acIh
Ull    .iiiM-mli'il irU.
QUberl HUiil***,-
TlioniHon Stationery Co
Canada Drnvfi Hook t'o
Hotel Ilium* Now�� Stand
lloti'l I'halr \*:w�� Stand
Humphrey **; 1'ittock
I'   Ciiinpl'oll
O. F. Nebon
J. F I'olane}*
l.lnton linn.
.1. I. MoInWtb
Slooan Nowh Co.
W. Farker
Tho-iiHon Broa.
l|r*li*l Spokane
M. W. Himpaon
W. II   lll.r
I.Hinoni St VotniK
II. T.   Mucilolmlil
11. B, Ilevan
New Denver
Hone berry
Hloean City
and   News   Agents   on   boats   and
trains out of Nelson.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at 1). Mi-Arthur's or
telephone No. 8s,.
Egg's from pure bred
Plymouth Rocks at
$2.00 per Setting.
11. c.
NOTICE IS hereby Riven that Samuel J.
Mij.:M.m. uf Nelson*) It. 0.. heretofore carrying
on business U ToboOOO Merchant at* Nelson, 11.
Om hw by deed dated the lOtn day of Maroh,
A��D.tI89b, assigned all bis personal estate.
1 credit-* ami Burnt*, whloh may be -n/ni  and
sold under execution, und all hi* real cHt-ute, to
Hugh K, Cameron, of Nelson, B. C, Agent.*, in
trust for tho boneflt of lii�� credit orn. 'Ihe *aid
deed whs executed hv tne said Samuel .1,
Mighton and liy tin- said Iltigh K, Cameron, on
the HHh (*ay of March. A. IJ., 18W), and all ju-r-
hoiih having claim- uralust the suit! Samuel .1.
Mighton are lequircd.nn or before the 10th day
of April, a. i>, L8W0, to send to the Trustee full
particulars of 1 he same, duly verified, together
with the particulars ot thu security (if any)
held by then.
Notice N hereby further given that after the
said ll Hi day of April. A. !>.. 1880. tho trustee
will projeed t�� distribute the ansotH  of   the
trust estate amongsi those creditors who arc
entitled thereto, nnd whose olainis havo then
been lodged with him, having regard only to
the el .Un-<��f whi< h he then lias notice, ami
that he will not be responsible after said date
Cor the assets of the said trust estate, or any
part theieof, -o distributed to any person or
persons, linn or corporation of whoso claim he
hud not notice nt the time of distribution.
Notioe is hereby given that a meeting of the
creditors of the said Samuel J. Mlghton will bo
bo d at tho law OfQoa of Macdonald fie Johnson
ou Maker stioet, In I he City of Nelson, on Monthly the'Mh day of March, A. I>.. 1HW, at tho
hour of two o'clock in tho afternoon.
iMted at Nelson, 11. C, this 10th day of
Murch. A. 11    )���������������.��.
toilet tors for the said Trustee.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions  to Suit
All Tastes	
Stitson's, of Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,   of
London, are Our Leaders. .... ....
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries  and  Crockery.
We have now on Display in our window a fine
Assortment of
Every piece having* the maker's name stamped
on it.    We are selling at very low   prices.
Eyamine anfc be domnncefc.
Kirkpatrick  & Wilson
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
���������v*-*-***-** ���*���*���%������<
J. Roderick Robertson.
General Manager
S. S.  Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should   be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS,    Enderbyand Ve
A.   B.   GRAY,    ip. o. box en  nelson, b. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, ��1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova 5cotia.
Comparative Statement, showing   the progress made by this Bunk iu the
past ten years:
Capital Paid   Up	
Liabilities to  Public	
Total Assi-ts	
$ 1,000,000
$ 1.600,000
!) 1)00,000
(ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Aoeounts received on the in   t. favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits   nd on Saving Hank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Saving*! Hunk dupiirinionl. lia* beon enljil>llnlio<l In connection with tho Nelson branch of
thin hank. Deposit*! of ono dollar anil upwards iccolvod. and current mU> of lnu*rcnt allowed,
at present 3 per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Dealers iu all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
General Broker.
ltoal Estate in all Parts of the
Imre, Like, Accident
and Sickness  Assurance.
Aberdeen Ulogk.    ,    ,    ,
Wost Kootenay Valley, B. O., on line
of O. N. P. Ry., and
Nelaon & Bedlington Ky., now under
inioiiinii.mti regarding Oreston may
be hod of GEO. ATFAKLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
ORKbXON, B. 0.


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