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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 5, 1900

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 \ vW
,iV^il "
Daily Edition   No   450
Nklson, BRITISH Columbia, Tuesday, June 5,  1900.
Tenth Year
One Says That Pretoria Is Already In
vested-Another  That Transvaal
Capital Will Be Defended
to tho Last.
Rumor That Boer Courage Revives and
That War Council Assumes Control-Foreigners   Desert
Sinking Ship.
London, Juno 5.��� 8:20 a.m.���Ot ofifl-
cial intelligence regarding what is
transpiring outsido Pretoria, thero is
I it I la- or nothing ooming.
Lord Roberts in silent, Keveiibole's,
by piecing Items together from various
correspondent?, it would .seam that
Lord Huberts' immediate army is all cm-
pwjfed north off Johannesburg, except
one brigade, wiiit b is at Johannesburg.
Bix oolumus are converging on Pretoria,
An uiidiileil news agency message from
Pretoria, via LoreDZO Marquez, June
,1 nun llli, says: "Pretoria in now invested by the British. No resistance
will be offered. Tho oity will be surieu-
dered by tbe Iiurghninnster as soou as a
formal demand is made." The message
purports to coma in cipher.
President Kruger Commands tbo telegraph eastwards from Pretoria,, and
telegraphic news from Pretoria to 1/ir-
en/.o Mariiuey. has ceased, but messages
of newspaper correspondents continue
to pass lo and tro on the railway, The
latest to arrive at Lorenzo Marquez being nluiut event', nt the capital lo a late
hour Friday night. At. that time according lo these sources of information
the military leaders had quite recover-
from tbe panic and had determined to
defend the town.
One message, which is dated June 1,
says: "Pretoria is full of strange burghers, bnt most of Ihe commandos are
laagered outside. A great war council
of Generals has just concluded its deliberations. The decision as to the
future military ci.urse has not been
made known. Louis Botha and Delary
sat in this council.
Another despatch brought to Loreiiso Marquez, and dated Pretoria
Friday at midnight, says: "The war
council assumed the powers of government. Its members declare that the
Capital may) still be successfully defended. One commander declared
"with tlie help of (lod, the hour will
still come when Great Britain will
acknowledge the independence of the
two Republics. A tremendous change
will yet come over the situation."
General Delary said that Pretoria
would be defended to the utmost,
adding: "There is every chance
that we will yet beat the enemy out."
President Kruger is somewhere to
the eastward but is in constant wire
communication with the leaders here.
There is however a deep feeling of
anger against him on account of what
is now called bis unnecessary lliglit,
and because he and the officials took
all the, gold and left their subordinates
The latest phase nf publio opinion is
a marvellous revival of nonrago.   From
Lorenso Martinez oomeB a despatch dated June 4th, taying: "It. is known that
Hiimn  great  British   movement  is   iu
progress   outside   of   ProtoriB.      The
mysterious   movements  of    Piesidoti}
Krnger's seoretary and physician, particularly their secret visit to the Dutch
warBhip  Friesland,   which   is   in   the
harbor^bere,   have aroused a snspioion
that  important   personages    are    expected.
The news   from  the   minor  theatres
of hostilities ia less cryptic.   The Boer
operations to break Lord Koberls  com-
V innioations hnve been completely bnf-
fied,   and  the   Boer   column    aro  in
danger   of  being   sorronnded   by   the
British  forces  at  Ficksburg, Scneoal,
Htilbron and Lindley.
General Rundle, im teatl of throwing I the enemy were
himself against the Boers entrenched at "     ~~' *
Bedulpherp, moved toward  Ficksburg
aud wUblisheJ  communications with
General Brabant. The Boors marohed parallel with General Bundle, intending to
seize a strung positiou on the Ficksburg road, but Bundle got thero first.
The fifteen hundred Boers who were in
this movement are now reported to be
goiug olaewhere. The correspondent
with General Bundle continues to point
out tint hardness of tlio light of last
Tuesday, hut ho believes It will be the
last real resistance. (Jolouel Lloyd was
thrice wounded. Drummer IIuyueB,
while aiding Colonel Lloyd, was hit in
Unhand, which was resting near the
Colonel's heart.
Colonel Baden-Powell is still at
Mafeking and General Hunter's column
is nlurching unopposed into Iho Transvaal beyond Lichtenberg.
London, June ft, (4 a. in.) Beyond
Lichteiibcrg the ttoers are assembling
lo oppose General Hunter Colonel
Mahon affected a juncture with Hunter on Thursday at Marieboga.
Lomlon, June 5,���The Lorenso
Marques correspondent of the Times,
telegraphing June I, says: "Lorenso
Marques is crowded with foreigners
who had been assisting the Boers up
to a few days ago. Now, like the
proverbial rat, they are leaving the
sinking ship. The more intelligent
speak any way but favorable of the
treatment they received at the hands
of the Boers. Many of them, after
months of service in the field
linil theruBelves penniless, for only in
exceptional cases lias any remuneration
been granted, This is contrary to tbe
Understanding upon which many of
them accepted service. Tbe Germans,
both civil and military,   appear   lo he
rticiilnily disgusted with the conduct
of tlie Transvaal Government. Not a
few Irish-AiuericauB, some of whom only
recently joined, are reluming to tbe
United States."
London, June I���London is today
enjoying Whit Monday as a bonk
holiday and is not disturbed by engagements between the Boers and British
in Soutli Africa.
The public here tiro full of confidence
that Robert* will reach Pretoria before
many hours have elapsed. Towards
that goal he is presumably pressing.
The latesl explanation of the delay
consists in the supposition that he is
giving seveial columns of his think an
opportunity to advance and envelope
such of the Boeis as   arc still  in  the
neighborhood of Pretoria.
Ill Ihe Orange Itiver Colony the
Burghers are keeping a close watch on
President Steyn to prevent him from
leaving the commandos in tbe Illicit.
hering  tO   men,  was   surrounded  and
captured.    Count  Glolchen   sent thirteen   men   of   the   Provincial    Horse,
under Lieutenant Bowkor with a   flag
of   truce,   tn   Senekai   to   demand the
surrender   of  that   place.    The   Hoers
captured the entire  party,   and, aflc
robbing   the   men   of   all   but   thol
clothing, sent them to Vrcilca whciiei
some   of   them   miiniigeil    to   escape
Most of those  who   Hueeeeded 111 eluil
ing their guards were captured,
Those wisliiug to subscribe to tbo Do
minimi Carnival DayZfund are roqiiuBtod to
do so by leaving from 50 couts upwards,
according to tho size of their purses, at ono
of the Ii.inli.'i or uewspaperoflioes toinoiiow.
Shooting Affray In Texas Results  In
Three Deaths.
San Augustine, Tex., June I -Three
prominent men lost Iheir lives in a
shooting affray al the Court House today. They were Felix Robert*, correspondent of the Galveston Nous, Sid
Roberts and Slu nil Noel Knheils.
A few weeks ngo Sheriff George Wall
was Bhot to death by Cunl Boerse, as
the result of au old feud. Walls'
nephew, Noel Roberts, was appointed
sheriff. Ijiat Saturday the second life
was takeu in the quart el when Kugeuc
Wall a son of the murdered Sheiiir,
killed Benjamin Brooks, a member of
the opposing faction. Today the
contending factions met at Ihe Court
House. All were heavily aimed and
quickly lined up for battle. The Sheriff aud two of his family fell before the
deadly lire of Iheir enemies.
Moro trouble is fearetl as many of the
dead meu's friends have started to the
scene ot the shooting fnnn Nucog-
doches. Telegrams have been sent to
Governor Sayers requesting bim to call
out the militia.
United States Troops Aro Sent There
From Seattle.
Washington, Jnne 4.���General Knn-
dull, commanding tbn Department of
Alasks, baa telegraphed the War Department from Seattle, Washington,
that the transport Boseorans left that
city Saturday morning for Cape Nome,
Alaska, witb companies "A" and
" K ", 7th Infantry, nine members of
the hospital corps and one aoting assistant Burgeon. Tbe command was
composed of live officers and -Ml enlist,
ed men.
Those wishing to subscribe to the Dominion Day Oaniival fund are requested to
do so by loafing from SO cents upwards,
according to the size of their purses, at one
ofthe banks or newspaper offices tomorrow.
Cape Town, June ,'i���The telegraph
to Pretoria is still open but tho town is
in great confusion. There has been a
general exodus, among those taking
part in it being the foreign fighting
legions, Six special trains left on Wednesday hist, nnd oue of them is reported to have been derailed. No British
refugees have arrived.
Maseru Basululiiiid, June 1.���Brabant's Horse has Buffered several small
captures at the hands of the Boers.
Lieutenant Bundle wits captured with
SO men while searching a farm house
in the Fitchsburg district. Two of
injured. Lieutenant
Lee and two men were captured while
Another patrol of Boer Horse, mini-
Gables a List ot Canadian Wounded
from Johannesburg.
Ottawa, Out., June 4���Colonel Ayl
tner report! he has receivttl a cable
from Colonel Otler, tinted Johannesburg, Jnne 4th, reporting following
men as having liecn wounded on May
No. 7000, Pte. J. E. DBViee, B. O D.;
No. 7235, Pte. J. B. Bohioaon, 21st Regiment: No. 7355, Pte. J. Jordan, 2nd
Regiment, Q. O. B.; No. 7888, Pte. K.
Hill, 9th Voltigeures D.E., Quebec; No.
7989, Pte. A. Haydon, t'.ud St. John
Fuaileers; No. 7088, Pte. P. Richardson, No. 5 Military district. (No
corps.) Lieut. Col, Otter also reports
No. 7sss, Evans, ns wounded, but
Colonel AylmeT is unable to indeiitify
this  mail.    Colonel   Otter   also states
that the effective strength of the
hattallioii at the front is only ISO,
counting all ranks.
i.untrue, surrendered to Canadian Officers For Trial For Embezzlement.
Washington, Jane I.���Having withheld aotion, ont of deference to tho request of counsel, as long na possible in
the case of Count Lantrec, Socretary of
State Hay today issued to the British
Embassy a warrant for tho surrender,
to the Canadian offioials, of that nobleman for return to Montreal, wboro be
jh wanted tn anBwer a obarge of embezzlement.
Those desiring to subscribe to the Dominion Day Carnival fund are requeated to
do so by leaving from 50 cents upwards,
according to the site of their puma, at one
of tho banks or newspaper offices tomorrow.
Melnnes   Jr.   Tells   Family
Secrets at Political
Precautions Against Plague.
Stringent Measures
American  Syndicate Obtain
Control of Giant Mining
Victoria, B. C, June I���The Opposition candidates heltl a most BOCOeSsful
meeting in the theatre lure this cveu-
ii g. The speaker! were the oandidates
and B. V. Bodwel, Fred Peters, 0. H.
Lllgt'ln and others.
Speaking at Norlblleld on Saturday
evening, W. W. B, Miliums said with
reference to bis father's position he
would let the audience into a family
secret. Forjtho past two years his
father bad been in communication
with the authorities at Ottawa in relation to resigning, being sick aud tired
of the worry.
Mr Tinner: "Tbat is Untrue."
Mr. Melnnes: "That is not an untruth and the records at Ottawa will
bear me ont."
it is rumored that a mobilization of
the Mainland Fifth Kegiinenta will
take place in Victoria ubout the beginning of July.
The news was received this morning
from San Francisco of the death there
ou Saturday of live Chinese from Bubonic plague, is sufficiently alarming
to awaken sentiments of the greatest
apprehension at this port. Fortunately
the unremitting vigilance of Dr. Watt,
ami Inter of Dr. Biggins also, ut
Williams Head, and the modern plant
which the Dominion Qovernment hns
placed there to light the epidemic, has
kept Victoria's bill of health clean.
To this efficient system the authorities at Ottawa have within the last
two days added another precaution,
namely that, Uot only must boats
from San Francisco be examined at
the head, but that Chinese from that
port must undergo fourteen days quur-
ntine before being allowed to land
here.    This prompt action,  which wus
'oinniunicatcd to the Provincial
Board of Health on Saturday will
under the circumstances, meets with
general approval.
Bnt Dr. Fagan, seoretary of the
board proposes to go still further than
this if ho can secure tbe en-operation
of tbe Legislature. He has laid before
the Government,tbiongb tbe Attorney-
General, a list of the recommendations
which, if ciystalized into law, will
cause a sanitary revolntion in the
qnarter which it .will affect. One ol
the Doctor's recommendations is that
ail Cliinese and Japaneat present
themselves for medical examination
every six months, or evory month in
timo of snnh danger as at present.
Certificates of hoallh will be granted,
such certificate to ho prodnoed on demand   by tbo   constituted   nntborities.
Hossliuid, I!. 0��� June t-Mr. G. W.
Armstrong and A D.Coplau.of Hpokaue
are in ihe city. The latter is the
President of thu Giant Mining Company and the former came here for
the purpose of resuming operations on
the propeity of the Giant which was
stopped about flueo months ago when
Senator Turner. Colonel Bidpath and
Mr. Sanders bad an option on the control of the stock of the company. Mr.
Armstrong says tbat a syndicate composed of Philadelphia and Michigan
capitalists havo obtained conttol of the
Giant Company's stock and intend  to
push its development   M. E. Puroell
has been engaged to tnke charge of the
work and operations are to be started
with Mr. Phippcii, counsel for the
License    Holder's     Association,    iu
which he  states   that the Prohibition
Bill wonld   lie  nullified  through the
deed of surrender executed by the
Hudson   Hay   Company   ill   1809,    The
corporation at thai, time surrendered
attained rights of administration ami
other privileges, with conditions and
exceptionssel'forth ill ailceil which was
an agreement  between the Company
and the Dominion ami Imperial
authorities, and therefore not subjeot
to   the   Provisions   of  the   Provincial
Qovernment,   tine clause of tho deed
of surrender provides that the Company shall he at liberty to carry on
its trade without hindrance iu its
corporal ion capacity, and no exceptional tax is to be placed ou the
Company's land, trade or servants.
It is heli! that the prohibition measure     would   be    a   hindrance to   the
Company's trade.
Premier Macdonald was Interviewed
on the question this afternoon and
said that the point raised wns an arguable ono anil would have to he decided
by the Courts. The Qovernment would
not withdraw the bill, however, but
wonld let it go before the House ami,
if passed, the Coutls would he asked to
give a ruling ou the disputeti points at
When asked as to whether a bill hindering the Comdauy  from  trading in
furs would be iilttaviics, Mr. Maodonald replied. "Undoubtedly the present
luwa restricting the hunting of fur-
bearing animals were passed with tint
consent and by the request of the Company.
"Is the prohibition measure being
passed at tbe request of the company?" "No, they aro rather quiescent about the matter."
"If the oourts decide in favor of tbe
Oompuuy will tho bill ho nullified ?"
' 'It would uppear at least aa if the
Company would be given n monopoly
of the liquor tiafflc."
"That would not, aooord with tbe
eqnal right's plank of your platlorui
Mr. Macdonald?" "No, of course tbo
Government would hardly allow the
Company a monopoly."
ToroDto, Ont., J me 4.-At Old 81.
Andrews Church yesterday morning Dr.
Milligan strongly endorsed,iu the course
of a sermon, every effort made towards
ibesiiiel observance of the Sabbath
day. "Yoa would not have found Ixud
Aberdeen spending the Lord's day as
tbo other man did Inst Sabbath," deolar-
cd Dr. Milligan. This was an allusion
to the visit of Lord and Lady Minto to
Ihe city during tbe races a week ago.
Yesterday they gave a dinner at Parliament Building and in tho evening left
for Ottawa, being accompanied to the
Union Station by an eBCort of one hundred Highlanders.
Hurry P. Litllcford died this morning
from tho effeots of an operation on bis
eye, which was destroyed by a jab from
au umbrella iu a street fight April IS.
An inquest has been ordered and arrests
may follow,
A special cable from London says:
"Major Dale, late of the Canadian mil
ill", was today installed as Military
Kuight of Windsor. 'Ibis honor his
only been oonferred ou two other Canadians, Lie ii tenant Colonel .1 as. Fitzgibhon
and Colonel George De Battenburg.
Toronto, Jnne 4.���Lieutenant-Colonel G. T. Denison nnd B. K Walker,
who have been attending varions publio fnnotiona in England, Colonel
Di'iinisiui having gone over to attend
tbe annual banquet of tbo British Empire League, have returned to Toronto.
Both report the groattut, enthnsiasm
toward Canada and Canadians, and
gieat prospects in Great Britain.
Ottawa, June 4.���At n meeting o
the Cabinet this afternoou, an mile
ill council  was passed   retiring  Judgi
Van Wart of the .Supreme Court c.
New Brunswick, on bnlf pay. Judge
Van Wart, who has been in tinuncial
difficulties, is broken down iu health
and is unable to do any work.
Sidney, N. 8., June I.���A boiler ill
Ihe Dominion Iron and Steel Company's crusher, at George's quarries,
exploded this morning. Engineer
Perry was killed.
Hon. Smith Curtis Addresses
a   Nelson   Audience.
Ottawa, Ont., June I There is big
trouble ill the building Initio as a result
of contractors refusing to pny union
laborers $I.St) a day. All the works are
shutdown end hum 11 ed   arc idle.
Winnipeg,   June  4.���A  city paper,
this morning, contained an Interview
Replied to Hon. Ralph Smith
and Mr. Hawthorn-
He Thinks Dr. Hall the Most
Desirable Candidate
Tho audience litat lion. Smith Cut-
lis met at the Nelson Opera House htHt
night was not hy auy menus as sympathetic as tbe speakor might have wished
although his address was punctuated
with spirited applause a large number
of times. When Mr, Curbs undertook
to show his auditors why they should
not voto for Mr. Houston, tbe Fletcher
men applauded, and wheu lie lit out after Mr. Fletcher there was applause
from the Houston side of the house,nnd
when he referred to Dr. Hall as, to bis
mind, the most desirable man of the
I In en candidates in tbe Nelson Killing
the Hall men took up Lbe hhinlilttpi ing
and cheering. Mr. Curtis, therefore,
brought words or cheer to all parties
and elicited continuous applause from
an audience almost wholly opposed to
the Hon. Joseph Martin and his (lov-
More interest attached to what Mr.
Curtis wonld Bay ,of thu candidates
hero than to any other remarks he
might make. A great dual of curiosity
had been manifested as to the occasion
of bis visit, hut this was satisfied early
in the evening. He bad come, he said,
to set Mr. Martin and Inn government
right in the eyes of the Nelson people
and to refute niatuments which had
linen inailii by Mr. Balph Smith nnd
Mr.llait tliornwniie during their recent
visit to the oity. Almost bis entire
addreBa was devoted to critioism of the
speeches of these two gentlemen.
Later, when referring to the oan
didaies iu the Nelson Biding he claim-
that both Mr. Fletcher anil Mr. Honston, no matter how sincere they may
be, would, if eleoted, bu compelled to
associate with men who, because of
pledges made, would not sot in
the   best   interests   of   tho Kootenays.
At Ibis point Mr. Curtis was handed
a written i|Uestiolt. asking him which
of the three candidates In the  Nelson
Biding would Support the Govern-
inent and which would be the most
desirable representative of the Nelson
"I thought that question had been
answered," said Mr. Curtis. "Dr.
Ili.lt has stated that in the event of Mr.
Martin having nineteen supporters ill
the House be would Vote Colllidellee ill
the Qovernment so us to enable then
them to curry out their polioy. I
would prefer, therefore, that you
should vote for Dr. Hull for both the
other candidates arc pledged to defeat the Qovernment if possible."
After   Mr.   Curtis butt  concluded,
Mr. W. A. Lalliber wus culled upon
und addressed the audience briefly,
Frank Fletoher, W.  A. Macdonald
Dr. Hull nud Hon. Smith Curtis addressed the electors of Ymir yestcitlay
afternoon and hnd a very good meeting.    Mr.  Fletoher was particularly
well received and there seems little
don Li that he will poll a majority of the
Ymir votes.
Bowmanville, Jnne 4.���D, T. Lock-
hart, ex-M. P. P. for West Durham, is
dead at tbo age of til.
i When Hon. Joseph Martin spoke in
Nelson several weeks ago, ('buries Hill
yer   wus bis chairman  nud  for some
time afterwards was raoognieed as Mr.
Martin's leading supporter here.   List
night Mr. Hillyer wus at the Smith
Curtis meeting and no mini iu the audi
ence was more strongly opposed to the
speaker than was Mr. Hillyer. Time
does work some wondrous changes.
hoc to allow free  individual  action  In
Ihe Coming eleel ion.
Tliiiaii wishing to subscribe to tbo Dominion Day Iliirnival fund arc requested to
do so by lea vi ne; from 50 oents upwards.ac-
cortliug to tbo size of their purscB, at one of
thu li.inlui or uowspapor  olflcea tomorrow,
Carnival General committee Makes
the Appropriations.
Messrs. A. II. Buchanan, F, W.
Peters, J. J. Malone, W. F. Tectzul,
C range V. Holt ami Mayor Houston,
comprising the General Carnival Committee, met yesterday afternoon 111 the
Hank of Montreal building and made
a very good start In what is to bo
the biggest Dominion Day celebration
Nelson ever knew, and the biggest
thing of its kind ever planned   in   tho
interior of British Columbia,
Secretary Beaton reported progress
up lo date ill the mutter of securing
four oared crews from Winnipeg and
Ihe coast,   and   it   was   decided to at
nice wircaboth points accepting tho
propositions made  and hooking both
irewa for the big regatta.
The riifltirtnt  members of tbo  com-
mil' '���. for their respuotive sub-coni-
ntittees, repnrtetl progress, and naked
for appiopriutions. The Finance Committee, through Chairman Holt, reported 18,600 fissured, bnt this amount
wus not deemed sulllcient and the oom-
itteo decided to make further efforts
having In view tho collection of 83,-
500, Appropriations wore then mado
on a basis of a -;;,oiio fund,whioh,how-
over, will not provide for expenses unforeseen at the present time,bnt whioh
aro hound to arise.
The   programmes    ontlined  by   tbe
���I moo   of  the   sub committees   are
most eluborato ami asanred a land and
water carnival surpassing anything
ever before attempted in tho interior
of British Cnluinhin. Tho evening
water ear nival, in tbo bauds of Capt.
Troup and an eflicieut committee, ia to
be n magnificent affair, Beveral htm
dred dnllurs having been appropriated
for firu workB, decorations, etc, and
for prizes to thu most   beautifully ds-
orated boats. Tbe aequntio sporting
events will include the fonr oared
Winnipog-Vaucouver-Victoria raoe and
several other events in whioh local
people will participate.
Tbe spoils on land including baseball, will be attractions far surpassing
those in the history of previous celebrations. Spokane, Kosslaml, poinla
iu the Boundary uud on the ('row's
Nest line und Slocan points will aond
their athletes to contest for tbe prizes
Bui lo tin all this i In- eommiiii i iniisl,
have more funds. There ia no doubt
of their ability to raise it, but they
want to tlo this with aa littlo trouble
aa possible und jns��� att tpiicklv as pos-
ble. The lists for subscribers of 50
cents and upwards wero opened yesterday in the hanks anil ill The Tribune
and Miner offices. Several huiiUretl
dollars should be raised in ibis way.
L-t everyone statu! a share of tho expense.
Kaslo Losos the  First Football Came
to Silverton,
Kaslo, June 4.���Kaslo and Silverton
et   in the  first   game of  the Slocan
football   league   schedule   this  after-
noon.    There was a hot   game which
Silverton Won by one goal to nothing.
The   referee   did   not  give   universal
sal isfael ion.
The  Tournament  at Saint Andrew's
Begins Tomorrow.
'-'""I rone I.���The draw for tho
men golf championship occurred this
morning at St. Andrew's. The first
iluy s play OS June 0 should fttrtaUh
an unique exposition of golf, as Henry
Vardiui. the open champion, and Harold Hilton, the amateur champion
have been drawn together. Fifty
four competitors have entered,
Kaslo, B. C, Jane 4���The Kaslo
Miner's Union have decided to endorse
no candidate for election to the Provincial Parliament nt tbia time. He
lievlng it more to the interests of la-
Dospcradocs Disguised as Passengers
Rob a British Steamor.
Shanghai, June 4.-A number of
desperadoes, disguised as passengers,
have pinned the British Yang Tm
Steamer Kutwo. They committed
wholesale robberies, terrorizing the
passengers who were quite unable to
offer resistance. The thieve* escaped
with their bootv'
VMVffi$M*&i '
~Wmr *r~ -mm ___p
JNelson Daily Miner
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n J.  BEATON. Editor and Manager.
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Nelson Daily Miner \
June 5. 1900.
In Peace and In War
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or send it with 10 ceuts Iq Bilver
for each Portfolio desired, to
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The Nelson Daily Miner and get
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See announcement on another
page. I
Five days  more, and   then   the
people will have  the  whole  matter
in their own  hands.    So   far   the
politicians and the newspapers have
had the floor.    They have been the
advocates   in   the   case,   and   the
people  have   been  the   jury.    On
Saturday  the  case goes  to  them.
There  has  been no Court functionary to swear them, but by virtue of
their  franchise  they   are   under  a
moral   obligation   to   rendei a  true
verdict according to the evidence.
They are expected to cast aside all
prejudice, whether for or  against,
and to decide  as  honest  and  true
men, according to their best judgment and with a single  eye   to  the
public good.    We know that many
of them will not do this.   We know
that in all elections there are members of every  party who vote from
personal or selfish motives, without
regard to the interests of the country.    But  the  man   who  feels his
responsibility   as  a  citizen   knows
that   his   franchise   is   a   trust, and
will   biing conscience to the marking of his ballot as he would to the
discharge of any other duty.
Although five days  more remain,
the work of the advocates is practically at an end.    Little or nothing
is  to  be gained by argument from
now on; the people have made up
their   minds, and   what  really  remains it to complete the  organisation and get out  the  vote.    There
is  nothing left to urge in behalf of
one  candidate  or  against  another
that has not already  been said.     If
there   are   any   still   wavering   it is
not  because  of incompleteness   in
the presentation of the  case.    The
Miner  has  thought  it  its duty to
oppose the election of Mr. Houston
as   the   most   undesirable   of   the
three   candidates.    Political rest is
the one great necessity of the situation   in   British Columbia, and Mr.
Houston's election would contribute
the   least   to   securing  it.    He  is
essentially a living  part of the disturbing element, and  however honest his intentions and irreproachable
his motives, his return would be an
aggravation ot the disorder it should
be the desire of all good citizens to
As evidence of the deplorable
mess into which our politics has fallen it is only necessary to refer to
the attitude of The Victoria Times,
an able and respectable journal,
controlled by a Dominion Senator,
And supposed, therefore, to have in�� ]
telllgent knowledge nf our system of
Parliamentary government. It is
supporting in its own city a member ofthe Martin Government, and
opposing Mr. Martin himself; it is
supporting two Government and
two Opposition candidates, and is
using its influence to secure the defeat of the two other Government
candidates and the two of the Opposition. What better evidence
of the confusion that hurts
could be given than this? It may
look like wanton inconsistency and
reckless trifling, but is it not rather
the fault of the situation than of the
newspaper? Mr. Houston is the
candidate of a party that has little
strength in the country and will
have no influence in tlie House; Dr,
Hall represents a p_rty that makes
no pretension to political control;
how can the situation be steadied by
the election of cither of these? The
only remedy for the existing confusion is to elect Mr. Fletcher, who
is in sympathy with the political
element in the Province that has
candidates in all the constituencies
and who expect to be returned in
sufficient numbers to form a strong
Government. It would be little
short of a public calamity to be disappointed in this expectation, and
Nelson ought not to make the mistake of increasing the risk by the
defeat of Mr. Fletcher.
This is the 236th day ol the war,
and the following are some of the
principal events of it:
October ii, 1899���The Boer
ultimatum expired  and war began.
October 12���Siege of Mafeking
October 15���Kimberley isolated.
November 2 ��� Ladysmith isolated.
November 23 ��� Battle of Belmont.
November 28���Battle of Modder
December i���Canadians left Cape
Town for the front.
December io ��� Gatacre's surprise at Stormberg.
December i i���Battle of Magers-
DECEMBER 15���Buller's repulse
at Colenso.
December 18���Lord Roberts appointed to the command.
January- 10���Lord Roberts arrives at Cape Town.
January 23 and 24���Battle of
Spion Kop.
February 15���Relief of Kimberley.
February 27���Cronje surrenders
at Paardeberg.
FEBRUARY 28���Relief of Lady-
March 13���Lord Roberts occupies Bloemfontein.
March 27���Death of General
May 12���Lord Roberts occupies
May 18--Relief of Mafeking.
May 30���Lord Roberts enters
tial majority of the seats. It is the
only escape out o( the wilderness.
Mr. Fletcher is the candidate in
Nelson; a man of good ability, respectable character, anil of attainments that qualify him to become a
useful anil reliable n representative,
It would be a thousand pities if Nelson should fail to support the only
men who promise to give us stable
government. It would be the proverbial blunder that is worse than a
Prank J^etcher.
Stability of Government.
Observance of our Constitution.
Peace, Progress,
and Prosperity,
Agitation, Stagnation,
and Adversity.
Committee Rooms over Neeland's
Shoe Store, Baker Street, Open
every day and evening. All supporters invited to attend.
Room  3,  Turner-Boeckh  Block, Nelson.
Notary public, Real [;.��tate, Insurance
Mines, Loans.
*2,(K)0 will buy lot with furnished
house rented for |>0 per mouth, and
stable rented for 9X0 per mouth. Very
central location.
820(1 cash, lot on Carbonate Street,
82,000 will purchase 4 lots and residence, Hume Addition.
81,200 will purchase lot on Baker St.
A nice cottage nud large lot Five Wile
Hunch at Pilot .Bay, (10 ncrea cultivated.
$850 house nnd lot on Hnbsou  Street.
$2,400 will purchase 14-ioomed house;
very central location and easy terms.
Call at once.
8-1000 will huy Corner on Bakor
Street.    Easy terms.
84000 will bny Corner on Vernon
$250 each will buy 5 nioe residence
lots on Carbonate Street.
$20 a month will rent a s roomed
bouse.   A 1 map.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbcstos Co.
Real   Bstate.   Fire  Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
Lots 1 to 8, block 50, corner of Hoover nnd Hemlryi Streets.
These nre gf oil level lots, cleared of
trees and stumps. The view from them
isoiieof the best in the City nnd the
situation is well adapted for residences.
The opposite block has been reserved
by the Government for public purposes,
Not less than two lota will lie eold at a
time. Terms: Half cash, the balance
in 6 and Vi mouths.
Eight-room house aud two lota on
Robson Stieet, between Stanley
nnd Kootenay, per month 820 00
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Mr. Mackintosh made a final appeal to the electors of the constituency in The Rossland Miner of Sunday. It was mainly a refutation of
the many falsehoods and slanders
circulated against him during the
contest and in the interest of Mr.
Smith Curtis. It is a powerful appeal, and will not be without its influence. One matter in it will bear
referring to here.
intosh visited London to organise
the company that has insured Ross-
land's future, Mr. Joseph Martin
wrote Labouchere, of Truth, "warning " him,and hoping through him to
" warn " England, against wildcat
schemes, such as the H. A. Corporation. That was so like Mr. Martin���jealous, envious, malicious.
Rossland will everlastingly disgrace
itself il it should elect Mr. Martin's
partner and colleague over Mr.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Palls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood,
Lv. 10 20 a.m. SPOKANE, Ar.O.MO p.m
After Mr. Mack-jLv. 11.15 a.m. KOSSLAND AI.oln.t, 111.
. _   . .       Lv.   8.45 a.m. NKLSON, Ar.H.(H)p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wasb
Airent, Nelson. B.C
Poij't; Worri).
arthue" gee,
Merchant Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from S25.00 Up.
The silver lining to the political
cloud that overhangs British Columbia is becoming more and more apparent every day. There is good
prospect of a strong Government
after the elections of Saturday. The
two principal elements of the Opposition, with a full field of candidates
between them, will carry a .ubntan- J. H. LOVE, Ajj't
Nelson Employment Agencv
(lirl (or Homework.
Cook (woman).
Baker Sf
New Goods!
Just  received   from   the
The very latest ideas in���
Card Cases
pelts. Etc.
The Nelson Coke &
Gas ��� Company is
now prepared to supply the best LIME
in   the   country   at
5oc per cwt
Special rates on carload    lots.      Apply
Nelson Coke & Gas Go., Lta.
Baker Street.
To get the best results from a
timepiece it is necessary to thoroughly understand its mechanism.
We have this understanding, acquired by years of study and practice iu some of the best workshops
iu America,. We invite the severest tests and guarantee satisfactory
178 Baker Street. Nelson.
WE   HAVE   SOLD  75%   OF   ALL  THE
U��ed in the Kootenay.
Dominion Ale and Porter
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Dominion White Label Ale
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I   Dominion Bulk Ale
9 (in 16 gallon kegs)
I   Teacher's Scotch Whisky
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to any branch will have careful and promot attention.
J    We are now doing business in ���
Next to  Nelson  Hotel, where we hope to see all our  I
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Give us a  call.
Telephone 10 p. o. Box K. and W
Our  Clearance Sale of
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needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
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(Jail and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
Streot, Nolson, B. O.
Office with C. W, west _ Co., Cor. Hall
and Baker Sts.
City Office of tbe Nelson  Bodfl lW��ter
UKt>l I       Brand and
W*Kb/Vll CK Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Aoints >OR Oanao* ��� JAMES TURNER A CO.. Hamilton. Ont.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.  G.   TRAVE8,   Man aver.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Ord-rs by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Mr George A. Stewart Potts of
(greenwood is In town for a fow  days.
���I')],, water in the lake bus fallen
four inches during the last two days,
and has gone down two feet, three
Inches below the highest point reached
this year.
Tlm polls at thin year's elections
mill te located in tho old Trihune
���l���,.ii on Vernon Street, which is nt
praBent occupied as Houston's committee rooms.
Hev. John Hobson and   Mrs. Hobsoii
Nelson   for   Vancouver last cven-
vhere  Mr.  Robson  will al once
assume  charge   of   his new und more
Important pastorate.
The Venns Minos has received the
first consignment of the machinery
for its now mill, a car load of material
linving come on Saturday, Tho machinery was hnnlod to the miiio over
tbe uew wagon road.
An auxiliary hose station is being
erected at the corner of Hull nnd Front
sircots, in tho rear of the California
Wine Company's store. It will
oomodnte about Hon feet, of huso and is
located only a fow yards from n
Thu Ladies Aid of tho Congregational ohnroh will hold a strawberry
festival this afternoon nt the residence
of Mrs. G. Watson on Stanley Street,
from three until ttn p. lu. The proceeds will be devoted to the building
fund of tho new ohurch.
Chief Jarvis now hns n now resting
place for stiny animals that are impounded by tbe police department.
The now pound is situated in tho rear
,of the Nelson Transfer Company's
stablea and is mnch more conveniently
located than the old pound.
The Ymir Miller says The Nelson
'Miner has stated that Dr. Hall would
have 7a per cent, of the Ymir votes.
"J'he Ymir man is wrong. The Miner
niever said anything of the sort. That
abatement was made in what Mr.
IIS oust on calls "Dr. Hall's purchased
jxirtio- of The Miner.''
Politicians of all colors and creeds
waited anxiously for word from Vancouver yesterday afternoon In regard
to the matter of the voters' lists, but
none came, lteyond a message to the
effect that the' decision would not be
banded down until today. Mr, s. s.
Taylor, who argued the question before the court on behalf of the appellants, returned to Nelson yesterday
and expresses the belief that the names
will go on the list.
While -lessrs. Fletcher ami Hull
were at Ymir yesterday afternoon,
Mr. Houston was sitting in a large
easy chair In the Bank of Montreal
building telling the Carnival Committee how carnivals were run in the
early days nnd Offering some very
valuable suggestions as to the management of this year's celebration. His
Worship took the day off and rested in
preparation for the final effort of the
last days of the campaign.
It appears that the report that the
'Slocan City'Miner's Cnion endorsed the
.candidature of Ii. F. Green has two
liides to it. Notices of tlie meeting
\were sent early to those who were
Ikuown to be favorable to Mr. Green
atml the meeting was consequently
iilioi'ougbly packed. The attendance
was small and by no means represents-
the.af the Cnion, The resolution en-
ilorsi-K Giioen was carried but when
the majority of the members who went
not notified of the meeting, beard of it
thero was a great row raised and two
of the leading members threatened to
leave the Union if the doings of Ihe
meeting were made public. A promise
was consequently made that the meet
Ing would be kept a secret, but it was
not and now the Union is In for a row.
James Will.
anti-Martin i
Rossland,'    II
The following wero tho transactions
at the mining Recorder's ollice ytstei-
day. I,ileal ions: Black Lion on Canyon Oreek by Frank Ducharmo; Gold
Loaf on Cariboo creok by John W.
Mooie ; Janet, 7 1-2 miles west of Nelsou hy Francis Holland. Transfers:
Prom Horatio McDonald to Harry S.
Aitken, the Juno, King of the Forest
and Kirkwall, all situated on Morning
Mountain, for a nominal consideration.
Certificates of Improvement I Edward
Dyer on tbe King Solomnn, Flossy R,
Kimetallio; to the Husting's (B. 3.)
Exploration Syndicate ou tho LaDnra,
Slrontian, Micawher Fraction. Micaw-
ber, Dirootoroto Fraction, Directorate
aud LaDnra Fraction. Assessment
'Certificates: Andrew E. Crossett, Lulu ;
iRico Kellogg, Torpedo; W. E. Cox,
Maggie May.
\V. A. Maodonald has posted n notice
in front of liis house across the lake
warning all peisons not to trespass on
the property. During the last few
Weeks there have been several ai tides
stolen from tbe house, which was broken into for the purpose. Tho doors
were all locked and therefore thu entry
ofthe house was a seiious offense.
Among the articles stolen were a number of window shade* and a lot of oil
cloth. In addition to this tho grounds
have been badly treated, a number of
tlie fruit trees being injured and
plants trampled down. Sunday afternoon Mr, Macdonald was out on tbe
hike nnd noticed a party of Chinamen
landing at the place. Ho followed them
end found them in the honse. They
were promptly bustled out and, taking
jo their boat, made for Chinatown, Mr.
Macdonald followed them and they
landed at the 0. P. II. wharf and hid
under a part of the planking. Tbo
police were telephoned for and in a
shurt while Chief Jurvis appeared. Hiatal Mr, Macdonald rounded up the offenders in a shack in Chinatown, wheie
they were given to understand that nny
further depredations would lead to their
arrest. No further trouble is anticipated from tbem, but tho plnoo has been
posted for the benefit of nny persona
*ho may feel inclined to trespass
Jhere. ���
All doctors told Ronick Hamilton, of
"OKI. Jefferson, 0., alter suffering IS
nionths from rectal (Istnla, he would
din tinlesB a costly operntion was performed ; bnt he cured himself with
I've boxes of Bueklen'e Arnica Snlve,
���be unraBt pile enre on earth, nnd the
best salve in the world. 25 oontfl a
{!"*. Sold by Canada Dorg and Book
, the labor leader, is
Nelson and Martin In
takes an occasional
trip toRpsshuid and puts in'_ day or
two working lor Smith Curtis. When
lie returns to Nolsni) h,. works Jiis't.
as earnestly for John Houston and tji
his efforts to get vote's for that gentleman condemns Dr. Hull us a Mnrtin
man and therefore dangerous. What's
good in Rossland is bad in Nelson.
The Pactolus gold mines of Nelson
have taken over the contract they
hutl let for the driving of a crosscut
on one of the group of claims in Camp
Mansfield, A camp has been established and three shifts arc at work in
tho main tunnel. A large amount of
work has been done, showing that the
company bits a live feet ledge, with
two feet of quartz, for nearly a mile.
The values are satisfactory, making
the property decidedly rich. The company has secured two more claims, the
Esther and Beatrice from W, W.
Beaton and the Pactolus Fraction
from Charles Plowman,
Messrs. K. 1'. Wliulloy and 0. B.
Winter hnd   nn   amusing experience
while out sailing Sunday afternoon,
they were off Five Mile Point, and near
the middle of I ho hike observed a man
in the water, seemingly clinging to au
oar. Thinking he wns the possible victim titan upset, they put about nnd
made for bim. When he was close
alongside they saw that be wbb sup-
porting himself on two logs, and, fully
dressed, was propelling himself towards the shore, They invited him
into the boat thinking, nattirallv, tbat
he was in need of iissistuuce. To their
sin prise, ho declined, saying that be
was on his way across the lake and
could do very well by himself und did
not want anyone's help. Tbey Ihen
offered to tow hiin ncroBS but ho refused, siiwit g he wai iu uo hurry as ho had
plenty of time to make the crossing.
He was seen by several other people who
went to his assistance only to be met by
the same response. Oue gentleman,
who wus out iu his canoe, says he was
in the witter for nearly four hours and
that when bo made bis landing on tbe
opposite shore he jumped from the log
ferry aud, running rapidly up tbe Bhore,
hid in tho brush. He had evidently
changed bis mind about not being in a
hurry. No one seems to buve any idea
as to the man's idenlity ond from nil accounts he wus a bit "off" in the "upper
Is envied by all poor dyspeptics
whose stomach and liver are out of
order. All such should know that Dr.
King's New Life Pills, tbe wonderful
Stomach and Livur Remedy, gives u
splendid appetite, sound digestion and
a regular bodily habit thut insures
perfect health and great energy. Only
25 cents at Camilla Ding and Book
Spring chicken nnd nil tbe delioaoios
nf the season served to you when yon
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Ranch, two and n half miles up tbe
river,    W. M. Roberts, propifetor.
Bo sure you are right, then go ahoad.
You can't be wrong if you deal with
Nickersou, watchmaker und second
hand t ruder. 257 Baker Street, Nelson,
B. C.
Spokane Falls  & Northern   Kailway Oo.
Obanee of Time-
Effootive Sunday, June Urd, tbe
Spokane Kalis & Northern Railway
will ohange time and inaugurate new
service as follows: Day traiu will
leave Spokane at 10:115 a. in., arrive in
Nelson at H :0o p. in., arrive at Rossland at 5:80 p. m.: will leave Nelson
9:80 0. m., leave Rossland 12:1)5 p. in.,
arrive Spokane 7 :lo p. m. Night train
(now service) will leave Spokane 11:45
p. m., arrive at Rossland ll:lii) a. m. ;
will leave Rossland at 11 KM p. in., arrive at Spokane nt 7:()5 a. m. Great
Northern standard sleeper will be attached to night trains. H. A. Jackson,
General Passenger Agent.
Messrs. Crow ft Morris, the tobacoon-
ists, give n ticket witb overy 25 cent
purchase, which entitles the bolder to
nn Interest in n case of pipes, n box of
25 cent cigars, or a single pipe. Drawings aro held every Saturday night anil
the lucky men hnvo their oboice of all
the Inrge assortmout of pipes in Crow &
Alorris' big show cases and of tbe several brandB of 25 cent oigars. The Crow
A Morris store is the one with tbe open
front and you can't miss it if yon walk
down linker Street.
"A Friend in Need
Is a Friend Indeed."
Too many people never come to
They wait lor the glasses to come
to tliein.
These are the people who talk
about bad eyes in old ape.
Death and glasses come to all.
Blessed are tbey who oie young.
Hlcssed are tbey who use glasses
when needed.
When in doubt about the needful
time, or ignorant ol tbe proper kind,
come our way.
Patenaude Bros.
Tenders will bo received by the undersigned np to the 15th of July next
for the sinking of a shaft on the Mand
S niiiiorul claim on tho North Fork of
the Salmon Rivor. Plana and sped-
HcatioiiB will bo mailed on application
to the undersigned.
C. G. HOB80N. Secretory.
New North Fork Miuing Co.. Ltd,
P. i). Box 886,
Jnne 1st, IIHW,       Vanoonver, B, 0.
To the Electors ofthe Nelson
Riding of the West
Kootenay Electoral District :
'3-nti.emkn���Aa the nominee of the
Conservativepurty I beg to offer myself
as a candidate at the coming general
eleotion to represent you iu the Legislative Assembly of this Provinoe.
The l une bus nrrived when all pnrtios
are fully alive to the fact that the future
welfare of our Provinoe demands n
sound, fair aud honest business administration aud tbat any great popular
Party must appeal to other and
higher considerations than those ot individual fcur of loss, or hopo of gaiu.
I oonsider it tbe duty of every member
eleoted, to be n Proviiicialist to the extent ot the best interests of the Proviuce
first, lost and always, and to support all
good legislation with that objeot iu view
In linking you for your support, I will
state that t am oppoaetl to busty legislation of nny kind, but particularly with
reBpeot to onr Mining Laws, as tending
to jeopardize buaine8B in I crests aud to divert oapital: for instance, twice the Legislature baa passed Alien Exclusion
Laws and thoy arc now tor the Becoud
time m-oking to repeal them after baviug
done considerable mischief.and damage.
Witb regard to tbe Eight-Hour Law, I
am opposed to any change in tbe law
as it now elands. Shorter hours for all
classes of labor is no new idea, but in
my opinion the principle ehould he such
as to appeal to all Sections of the Community as being not only a neoesBily aud
benefioial to all, but in keeping witb the
general advance ment of our civilization.
I would advocate the amendment aud
strict enforcement of the Metalliferous
Mines Inspection Act, so as to more effectually proteot the lives of workmen.
Witb regard to tbe Mineral Act: I
would endeavor to have certain scotionB
more clearly defined, for the purpose of
avoiding litigation ; and witb regard to
oo-ownership, to introduce an inexpensive end speedy modect making a co-
owner bear his share of assessment or
relinquish his interest.
I am in favor of an amendment to our
School Lawn so as to give Cities tbe control of the Schools in tbeir midst.
A fair Rediatribution Aot should be
passed as soon aa possible.
I would advocate tbe bringing into
foroe of the Torren's Aot, provided it is
made optional ; as the cost in a great
many cases will be excessive aud out of
all proportion to any benefit to be do-
I would urge the speedy construction
of a Court House iu Nelson, equal to
tbe requirements of this di-triot,
I would strongly advocate inorensed
Orauta for ttoada, Trails and Bridges
wherever snob will upbuild cud develope
onr Proviuce, more especially in the
Mining Distriota, and all auch expenditure to be placed in capable nnd experienced hauda to be denlt witb iu n
systematic way.
Our undeveloped natural resources
abould receive more attention, and be
more widely advertised in order to attract
Witb regard to obeap foreign labor I
believe, where the remedy ia an Imperial
matter, in viowof the atand our Province
nnd Country baa taken in tbo present, war
giving both lives nnd money, tbe desired
ond can bo gaiucd if properly sought,
without bringing about a serious misunderstanding with the Dominion Government aud entailing deplorable agitation
na wo require poaoenutl proaperity in our
I am opposed to any clique or faction
ot politioal agitators wboae principle aim
is to embarrass and retard the business
of Iho Proviuce for purely personal ad
van cement.
I strongly condemn the notions of tbe
Lieut.-Covernor na being nu invasion of
the prinoiple of responsible government
and a misiiBe of bis power under onr
Yours respectfully,
Nelson, ilth May, WOO,
A Cushion
For Your Feet
Rubber Heels make walking a pleasure, give you
a springy, elastic step, and will add many years to
your life by doing away with the constant jarring of a
solid heel.
The best kind, neatly attached, 75 cents a pair.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Oapital Pald.-i *i,iinr>,ti70.��u | Rest, fliTW.1Mlt.tl
Board or Director. 1  Thomas EX Kenny,  Prwldonti  Thomas itiu-liln. Vloa-Prealdenl
Wiley Smith, II. U. Until-, Hon. II. 11. Fuller, M.I..C. Hon. David MaclCion. ">��"">"'���
lll'llll  Oilier, Hill I In. :
General Manager. Kdhon L. Pease, Montreal.
Bupsrlntondenl of Brandies, and Secretary, W. I). Torrance, Halifax
Inspeotor, w. F, Brook, Halifax.
Ins peel or 1). M. Stewart. Montroal.
yovn Beotlfl- Halifax llrnnch, AntiKonlsh, Hrldicowater, Riiysliora. Londonderry Liuirnlmre
.Miulliitiil llliir.l.i t:o.l, PlotoU, Port liliu'lccslitiry, Sydney. Sliulieniteiulle, Trurd Weyiiiuiilli'
New io nn-.., nt. Bathurst, Dorchester, Froderlcton, Kingston iKont Co.l, Mc-ncto'i Now-
castle, sack vilie, \\ oodstoc.-, I". i:. Itlund���Charlottetown,Summerslde. tin.<i��� , Montraal
(tlil.y Olllnii), iMnnlri'iil. Went Knd (for. Nolrii Manic and HciKiictirs HI renin); VtY.sl mount (for
Greene Avonuo and St. ratlmrlntt.H Slroot. Ontario���Ottawa. Newfoundland -St John's'
Culm, Wf��i Indies���Havana, Iiiiiicd MtUes-Now York (Hi -xobange 1'laco) lluimblio Wiwh'
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
t'-iii. se,.,ni, nis t
Canada���Merchants Sank of Canada.  Ilnnioii-Nntlonnl Shawmtil Dank.  I'lilrn-o-Amorifsa
National Bank.   Wnn Francisco���First National Hank,   -niiilon, -nit.-Hunk of  Scollinil
Paris, France-(>odit Lyonnale.   Bermuda-Bank ot Bermuda.  China and Jnnan-Jlotui
Kong and Shanghai Hanking Corporation. "
Ueneial Hanking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters ol Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorahle terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Nelson's Newest  Hostelry. Complete in every respect,
It has just been   opened   and the
public is invited to visit it.
Hy the week from $5 to $0.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'MUGHLIN, Prop.
Certificate of Improyerarnts.
Notice���Venango and Shenango Mineral claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located���On west side of
Kagle Greek, ahont 2,000 feet sonthwest
of Poorman qimrlz mill.
Take notice that I, Chas. Moore, nf
Kaslo, B. O.i acting as agent for Thos.
R. French F. M. O. No. ll,!i05B and
Isaac Erickson, Free Miner's Certificate No. 11,304 B, intend, Bixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Reoordor for a Certificate of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
nnder section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of suoh Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 25th day of   April, 1000.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.f and Dawson City, Yukon
Brewers of Fine Lnger
Beer and Porter.
Drop in and sue us.
Fraternity Hall
I ���i- III,!,, r at lanotrllliy HI..
can be rented for Conceits, lectures
Dances, Banquets and every kind of entertainment,   (food ante-rooms, clonk
rooms. Kitchen and dining room furnished.   For terms apply
DR. E. O. ARTHUR  City.
Notice of Application for License.
I hereby give notice that I intend to
apply to tho Bonrd of Licensing Commissioners of tho City of Nelson at its
next sitting for nn hotel license for
the premises situated upon Lot 111
Blook till (north aide of Vernon Street
between Wnrd and Josephine) in tbe
Oity of Nelson.
i,l.'l'i .1 lll.l   CAST STEEL
7-8 inch diitm. Dil.'). .Viper 100 feet. For
Immediate delivery in Nelson
J. C. T. 0ROPTS,
P. O, BOX 676, Nelson, li. 0.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
1 Mill at PILOT BAY.
-aids, NELSON aud LARDO;
Great Reduction!
(ANTHKAC1TKI   $9.65   Per Ton
coal       ��D.iO per  Ion
Houston Block,      -      -      -      Nelson,
Agent for Phoenix Insurance Oo.
of Brooklyn, H. Y.
For Sale or Lease���Large building
on Vernon Street, suitable for wan-
house, factory or large boarding honse.
Several good houses for rent.
Choice lots for sale.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to U. L. LENNOX, linker   St.,
Our Freeh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, hh follows:
Java anil Arulilnn Moclin. per Dpi���id $   Hi
JftTll Ittlll MlK'llll III. ml. I) | i.u;,,.|       J (jn
Fine Bunion, I pound**  1 uo
Hanloit Hlmiil, fi poiiniln  1 w
Our BiHidiillllend, 8 potimlH  1 00
Our Ulo Koawt, II pottnilH  j oo
S\ Minimi ims :
iVELSON,        ��� G. C.
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A pnvute. Hospital, Medical, Surei-
cal and Obstetrlosl t'ltaeB Mined in the
HouBe. Private room |2U and $15 a
week. Betla in ward fVi a week.
Norsei sent ont to pnvute bonaea at $15
a week. Apply to Tbe Mines Orlok-
Suitable for Ladies' or Children's Dresses, also Ladies'
Blouses; good heavy weight; width 271. inches. Special
Price 60c a yard. Shades: White, Cream, Heliotrope,
Blue, Pink, Cerise, Purple, Green, Navy and Black.
Sample "ne of Ladies' Silk Blouses; regular price
$5.00; clearing at $2.75.
Nobby Millinery for June
Agent Standard Patterns.
:C   Yourself and Friends
��   are   invited   by . . .
Tie Home Art Society of Decorative
of New York, to view aiiJExhibitionlof
Silk Art  Needle Work
and arrange for a series of lessons
from   May   28th   to   June   13th.
Hours   10  to   12 and 2  to 4, in
Hume Hotel Parlors.
Art Lectures Mondays,  Wednesdays and   Fridays.    Lessons and
Lectures free of charge.
MRS. KENLY, Artist and Teacher.
The teacher will inform each lady
joining the class where the Silks
and Linens can be obtained.
Belding's Art Silks and Linens
used exclusively  in these classes.
With the Compliments of
Fred Irvine 8 Co. i
forty ...ran...
cents  Lawn Sprinkler
The cheapest, simplest, .'ind most desirable device for
sprinkling lawns ever made. Willi ordinary pressure it will
cover a space of from jo to 60 feet, and is the only sprinkler
on the market that can be moved from one location to
another without (hutting of! the water or wetting the person
handling it.    They're only 40 cents each.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Mara Block, Nelson.
The Nelson ElectricTram way Co.Ltd
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary
a*j-M fff 0ftm\\w
MMJI ��-..���<������)���J-V
rgWV>Arvwvw'��ri��vv'^^ '
This Space has been purchased by Dr. Hall's Committee to be
Used by them in the interests of Dr. Hall until Election Day
i [/v/l/l/l/lA/WMV'*"*'*'*��a��AA'^^AAA*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*%A*'**A*A^
for Dr. Hal
To the Electors of Nelson Riding, West Kootenay District
I Equal Rights and Eight |
?     Hours for all. 5
Gentlemen. ���In response to numerously signed requisitions asking me to
he a candidate for the Provincial Log-
islatnrjat the foithcoming election, I
have consented to enter the contest as
au Independent Liberal.
I have the honor, therefore to solicit
your votes and inllu9iice, and if eleot-
ed I shall do my utmost to secure for
the Province honest, economical and
progressive government.
A brief outline of some of the principles which I think should lie embodied iu tlie Legislative Aots is given
I have the honor to be gentlemen.
Your obedient servai t,
G. A. B. HALL.
1. The principle of eight hours constituting a legal day's work should he
recognized and strictly enforced.
3. Steps should immediately bo
taken through the proper channels to
pievent thd immigration into this
couutry of Chinese and Japanose labor
8, Two dollars and a half per day
should bu the minimum wago of unskilled labor throughout the Proviuce
on all government works.
4. A fair wage hill slionld be introduced requiring the payment of stand-
aid wages ou all works to which the
Province contributes subsidies or uid
in any form.
fi. The establishment of a labor
bureau under the direction of n Minister of the Crown, whose duty it Bhall
be among other things, to collect labor
statistics, ond   to act  as   a  mediator
between employers and workmen in
all cases of actual ot threatened
strikes with power to call nnd examine witnesses and compel disclosure
of all material facts iu connection
with such disputes.
0, I believe thut trunif roads should
be built and maintained by tho government and encouragement given to
miners to extend those roads. Such
work should bo directed by competent
government engineers. Where trails
are required to single or small groups
of elnims rlie cost of such trails, if
built by the claim ownerH on the approval and under direction of a government iiiDseotor or engineer, shall
apply us   assessment   upon the claims.
7. Government ownership of all
telugr.iph systems and railways where
practicable by construction or purchase.
8. Tho establishment of technical
schools   for   metal If lerous   miners   in
Efficient and Permanent
Civil Service.
Exclusion of Chinese aiul
Japanese Labor.
connection with smelters nt different
points iu the Piovmce.
II. To drnw tho attention of capitalists and investors to British Columbia
as a desirable centre for profitable
mining operations bv suitable advertisement and by the Appointment of
a special agent at London and elsewhere whose services shall be free and
equally available for all owners of
British Columbia properties.
10. To encourage the establishment
at suitable points in British Columbia of
(a) Steel and iron works.
(b) Shipbuilding yards.
(0)   Additional   smelters aud   refineries.
11. The retaining of the resources
of  the  Province   as an   inset   for   the
i benefit of tho people, nud taking effective measures to prevent tho nlionatinn
of the public domain, except to  actuul
I The   introduction    of ;
Fair Wage Bill.
settleis or for boua lido business or industrial purposes, thus putting nn end
to tho practice of Hpooulating in the
12. The taking of active measures
for the systematic exploration of the
Province, including a government survey of the provinco by sections nnd
tho preparation of accurate nnd cheap
maps iu accordance with snoh   survey.
13. Tbe iuterests of the Province
can be best served by a permanent
civil service, appointments to which
should bo made by reason of merit und
uot of political influence.
14. All unoccupied lands in the Province should be open to hona fide settlers at fair prices which shall be decided upon by a governmout land ngent
or valuator, and better facilities should
be given for acquiring small areas for
establishment of market gardons and
lfi, Where mineral claims are held
by joint owners and where odb or
more of such owners refuses to contribute towaids the annual assessment
work, provision should bo made in the
Mineral Act for the sale of the interest of such delinquent   owner.
in. The abolition of the deposit by
candidates for the legislature.
Redistribution of the constituencies
on nu equitable basis.
1 will advocate the appointment of
a conciliatory Hoard to consist of
representatives ol Labor. Business
and Capital, to whom all disputes
between Labor and Capital will be
The  establishment  of a
Labor Pureau.
(The Miner is not in any way responsible for any
of the sentiments expressed in these columns. The
mallei' is prepared by Dr. Hall's friends and occupies space purchased by Br. Hall's committee.)
Do the People of the Nelson Riding Desire a Return of It.
In 1898 this Province turned down Turnerism. It had a hold on the country for
years and presumed it could hold on ad infinitum but the people began to realize that
unless an effort was made to unloose its
grasp there would soon be nothing left of
the public domain. To elect Mr. Fletcher
would be a retrograde movement, because
he is avowedly in favor of Turnerism. It
would mean either a repeal of the Eight-
Hour law or amendments which would
make it of no value to the miners and others
it was intended to protect. Vote for Hall
who has always been the friend of labor
and determined to save the lands of the
Province for the people.
If the electors ofthe Nelson Riding send
Dr. Hall to Victoria-and they are going
to do it - they will have the best representative they have ever had and one who would
prove much better than cither Mr. Fletcher
or Mr. Houston. Dr. Hall is a man of
the people. His experience, gleaned from
his visits to every mining camp in ibis
vicinity and his intercourse with miners
during the past several years, fits him to
properly Care for the miners' interests in the
House at Victoria. He knows, loo, as
well as any man, how the interests o\' (he
merchants and the business men in all lines,
can best be served. He is a friend of the
day laborer, the man who toils in the sun
and in the rain, and as bis friend will see
that he is properly cared for. Dr. Hall
has done more than either Mr. Fletcher or
Mr. Houston to better the condition ofthe
laboring man in Nelson anil by their votes
they will repay him next Saturday. There
are many, too, who know another Bide of
the doctor; many who have been mused
hack  lo   health and strength by him when
they have been without money and without
friends. These men will remember the
doctor's kindness to them.
Candidate Fletcher being "called" at this
point of the game, has thrown down the
Turner ace he held up his sleeve and asks
the old party to return him to Victoria
where he expects to play the old game
again with the "Big Four" of a kind.
A Man is Judged by the Company He
Keeps.���Candidate Houston says a man is
to be judged by the company he keeps; so
be it. It is not so long ago that one of
his chief supporters tried to deprive a force
of miners ofthe wages justly due them for
work done for a company of which the supporter was a prominent member. Yours
is bad company John.
If the mountain will not come to Ma-
hamot, Mahomet will go to the mountain.
The Tumerites are pledged not to recognize party lines, but Messrs. Fletcher and
Macdonald say the Wilson Conservatives
will join Turner. Therefore a vote for
Mr. Fletcher is a vote for Turnerism,
Candidate Fletcher's failure to reply to
any of the questions asked him in regard
to the names which the Conservatives succeeded for a lime in keeping off the voters'
list, makes him, in the minds of everyone,a
parly to that infamous act. And this will
be temembered next Saturday.
Ymir yesterday
Candidate I lall went lo
where he will have things practically his
own way on election day. The thinking
men of Ymir have chosen him as the man
they will support and are using every effort
toward his election.
Fletcher is for Turnerism and bail government; Houston is for Cottonism and
bad government; Hall is for equal rights
for all men and special favors for none,
therefore good government Which of the
three do ihe people want?
and Good Government
A Quiet Little Meeting Does Considerable Business.
Smith Curtis' counter attraction in
the Opera House last night did not deter the Mayor, and Aldermen McKil-
lop, Wilson, Morrison and Irvine from
attending the regular meeting ot the
City Council. It was a featureless
meeting but considerable business was
The Public Works Committee recommended, among other things of minor
importance, that the basement of the
publio school be supplied with electric
lights and that the Municipal Band,
which practices there, be supplied
with lights free; that Richard
Street from Stanley to Ward be made
passable for teams; that stone curbing
be laid ou the south side of Baker
from Josephine to Ward and that
a lifteen-foot sidewalk be laid on the
same   block ;   that  a fifteen-foot side-
alk be laid on the east side of Josephine from Victoria to Baker; that
the contract with Strncliau Bros, for
putting in water connections be terminated and that the city do the
work in future. The hospital wns
grunted SO per cent, rebate on its
ilectrie light service.
The Finance Committee reonmmend
ed the payment of the payioll, ainouut-
ing to over $1,500, and also that various
amounts be paid.
Some applications for street improve
mtnts were leferred to the Board of
Public Works. Nurse Fahey refused to
reduce her amount for services rendered at the i mull pox hospital and the
amount iu full was ordered paid.
Aid. McKillopgave notice that at the
next meeting he will introduce a bylaw
fixing the rate ot taxation for the year
It was decided to lay a 15-foot sidewalk ou the east side of Stanley Slreei
from Baker Street to the alleyway, and
a 10-foot walk from there to Vernoi.
a.(I that a crossing be put iu on Vernon
to conueot with the Registry Oflice.
There is something like $2,6(10 owing the oity hy delinquent citizens wh<
use the water, electric light ann
scavengers and it wae decided to issue
notioes that if the amounts are not
paid in ten days the services will bi
Tbe Board of Works prepared an
estimate of the amount desired for
public works for the year. Tbe total
for sewers was 815,275, water 118,500,
electric light $11.740. The ratepayers
will be asked to vote on a $75,win bylaw to cover these anionnts, and to
provid3 $35,000 for Btraet improvements. Last year $15,0011 was voted
and debentures not issued so that
amount will leave $tiii,oii(), wbioh tbe
oity will actually be asked for. If the
by- law is passed the debenture debt of
Ihe city will be 8250,000. By law
Nelson could go as high as $400,000 on
the present assessment.
Advertlsomonts Inserlod undor this head at
the rate of one cent a word por insertion. No
advertisement taken for loss than '25 conts.
WANTED.���An experienced stenographer.     Apply   to   H.   R.   Cameron,
Baker Street.
TO RENT.���A    furnished    loom    in
house    on   Silieia    streot    between
Cedar and Pine.   L. J. Conkey.
WANTED.���Lots, or house and lots,
payable in monthly instalments. Morton, Miner Ollice.
WANTED.-Comfortable   room
board, in a private home  hy  a
man.    Address F. C, Miner Office.
WANTED.���First-Oluss Dining Boom
Girl.    Apply Hotel Hume.
FOR RENT.���7 room furnished house.
Modern conveniences.    Apply to Mr.
Johu, Royal Hotol.
WANTED.���A flrst-oliiss   general   servant.   Mrs. Taylor,  corner Ward aud
ALL KINDS- Of  plain   Bowing   done.
Blouses und ohildreu's clothes a specialty.    Mrs,    Hogen,    Opposite Opera
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., L.'MiTKii.-Oornor Ver
non ..n. i Cedar Streets, Nelson, manufacturers of and whulcsnlo donlors In norntoil
watorsund fruit syrups. Solo agents for Halcyon Springs mineral water,   Tul (10
���.V. AI. Cummins, l.ossiie, Every kuuwn
variety nf Rofl. drinks. R O. Box 88. Telephone No. 81. Hoover Btroet Nolson. Bottlers
of tho !��� anions Bu-Son Hot Springs Mineral
TURING   CO   -Aiiuiufuciurum of U
KOya!I boal mid  Koolenry Hello Cigars
lory and oltlco, linker .it rest. Nelson, II. (
HJ. EVANS & OO.-l'iutor Btroul" Nol
��� son, whoiosalo dealer!I in liquors, cigars
ooniunt. llru bHck and Uro oluy, wulur pipe und
slool rails nnd general oniniiussiun morrlianls.
J      A.    M'DONALD - Maddun    Block,
.     Nil ,,i,    u. i'.    Kmlu,    Ico   oroain,
liir.li  class   .'uiifooliouoiy.
II. CtiOoolxtai
Crt'itu. purlin's
Money Loaned on Straight M(���
Real Estate and Insurance,
T0   "BNT.
���I-Koonied Cottages.
Moratory _,,��.___
During the heat of ih,.
If ,v<m want to keen cm      r
a low nl
Service for the year 1900 will
be commenced J U N E 10th.
The "Imperial Limited"
takes you across the Continent in four days without
change. It is a solid vesti-
buled train, luxuriously
equipped with every possible essential for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Ask your friends
who have travelled on it or
iIomiIu .mil  nl.ill  dealt'
l.iMiTKu.��� wholesale and luinll dealers
In grain, liny, (lour, feed. .Mills nl Vlotorlu.
New \VosliniUHtci-. Kdmulilon, Alto. ���luvnt-
ors on Calgary .v Kdniuntuu ltiillwny. Munir
faoturers ��r celebrated h & k brand coronis.
A MAODONALD & CO. -Corner Vor
��� nun und Josephine streets, wholesale
grocers und jobbers ln blankets, gloves, mitts,
I.mil:.,   rubbers, inackinuws und miners' sun
CANE   _
Jus. A.   M.i.iI.. 11;,hii
&   MACDONALD    III.   Cine,
I.   Mncdouuldl ��� Architects und Superintendents.   Broken Hill Blook, I'or. llukor
and Ward Sts.. Nolson, B. 0,
Ollice  1 on.it   Hull   und  rrunl  . nv.'i-,
\cl-oi', It. Oj    Liltnbor, (.Villus.   HooriiiK  und
overylliiiii:   in   wood   fur  builriitiK   pni plt.,--.
Out our prieon.   Correspondenco HuliciLud.
Trav. Paafi. Agon.
A O. P. Agent).
Synod of Kootenay Grateful For
Its Reception,
Through its secretary, the Rev. II.
S. Akehurst, the Synod of the Dio-
eese of Kootenay expresses to the
people of Nelson its gratitude for the
cordial treatment they received during
their stay here:
"The Rectory," Nelson, B. C,
���Tune 1th, 1900.���To the Editor of
The Miner���Dear Sir: Please allow
me to convey, through the medium of
your paper, the unanimous vote of
thanks accorded by the members of
the DloceBe of Kootenay for the great
kindness and generous hospitality
extended to them during their seBsions
by the citizens of Nelson. Believe
me,  sir,
Yours truly,
Clerical Secretary of Synod.
Charles St. Barbe
Stock and Share
General  Agent.
P BURNS A OQ-Hrtkor Street, Nelson.
���   wholesale defuert) ln rn--.ii and cured
meats.   Cold gtorago.
���linker Street. Nelson.   Wholesaledoal
or* in ft (������ h and cured meals.
LnUTBD��� Maker Street, Nelson, wholesale dealers In hardwaro nud mining supplier
plumbers'aud tinsmith's supplies.
aale paints and oila.
Vernon and Josephine Streets, Ne'son
wholesale dealers in liquors cigars and dry
goods. AgOQt*for Pabst Hrowing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co, of Calgary.
cones ana liquorst etc.,
��� Wholesale gro-
liaker St., Nolson.
where vou can depend on gcti ing the beat
orands In ths niarkot and nny quantity from
10c up,   Prices cannot be dlaputod,
'PHONE 93.
Frank A. Tamblvk, Mgr.,
Rakbr Street. Nblson
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed Tenders will be recaived until
12 o'clock, 110:111. Monday, Jnue 11 tb
next by tbe undersigned for the ereo-
tion of n three story briok block' for
Kiikpatriok & Wilson nud A. H. Ole-
ini'iil. A deposit iu the form of a
marked cheque payable to the order of
thu owners for the sum of li per cent.
of the tender must accompany each
tender to insure consideration, otherwise it will not be entertniued.
The lowest or any tonder uot necessarily accepted.
Rooms 7 nnd K Aberdeen Block.
r. 8. I l.lllli.Ms
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors,
P, O. Hot 1415 Nelson.HC
A. R. BARROW, a.m. i.c.e.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Cornor Vlotorla and Kootonay Sts,
I'. O. Box M9. Tolophono No. M
Gamble & O'Reilly
1 into
Two   lots ami   house. S rooms, bath
room   and   kitehen,    all   modern
provements.   (rood    view,   hand}
town, 83,500.   Terms.
New   Cottage,   Mill Street, 82r.
New   Cottage,   Stanley   Street,   8M
per month.    All modern convenience:!.
Two  new cottages, tlore Street, 815
Gamble b O'Reilly.
Smoke Our Cigars
They are made in your midst, of
the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where (rood Cigars arc sold
they can  be bought.
The Royal Seal and Kootenay
Union made.
Kootenay  Cigar
Mfg. Co.
B. C.
cu-nor Front and Hull Street**, Kelson.
Wholcsnlo dealers in Wines (enso and I.11II.1.
and lloinestic find imported ClKnrs.
JY- GRIFFIN A OO.-Conior Vernon
��� and Josephino -trocb). Nelson, wholosnlo
dealers ln prov���-ions, curod meaU, butter ���na
Is hereby given that I intend to apply
at tbe first meeting of the Board of
License Commissioners for the City of
Nelson, held thiity days after the date
hereof, for leave to transfer the lioeni
now held by me for n saloon known as
the Aibnhasea Saloon, situate on the
southeast oorner of Baker and Kootenay .Streets, Nelson, B. 0., being on
Lot 1, Block 13, in Nelson aforesaid,
to Patrick J. Rnssell in trust for tbe
Athabasca Hotel Company, Limited.
Dated this 11th dav of April, lnuo.
Witness:   P. B. Wilson.
Koora 1. Tni_er-Boeokh Block.
Real Estate & Miniug Agent
11 loom house, all conveniences, 2
lots down town.    A bargain.
Houses in all parts of the oity.
Baker Street improved property.
Income 10 per cent net.
75-feet best resldenco corner in the
oity.   A snap.
A good list of building lots to select
The Miner Book Binding plant is
installed and in full operation.
If y.m have a full set ol "Glimpse
of South Africa" bring'them to The
Miner ollice and have them bound.
Nki.hon n, c.
A IlnnrdliiK and  Ihty'Heliool conducted by
tho Sisters of _t. Joseph of I'unoo.    It Is sltu-
lllI'll 111 llir. 1 I'm ) ,.l Mill ..ml .1..  1 |.In 11.     In . I
111 ono of tlie liiwl. 1.' 1,i.'ii 11.11 1 .11 10I Nolson, and Is easily accessible from all parts
of Iboolty.
Thu course of study Includes the fundamental and lilidior brunches of 11 Hh.iiiiikIi KiikIIsIi
B���aoauotl. iluslncss course��� Bool���CMplllg,
sii'iinniiplii nnd Typewriting. Bdouoe course
���Music, Vocnl nnd Instrumental; 1 ������...-. 1 ,,,���.
ota.���Plain and Art Neodlowork; Calisthenics,
Kor terms au*! nartlculnrs apply
4i*nT fM Ma*/ CuAs OrtJO
..           *   V m
���p cool
Big Schooners
10  Cents.
The only good Beer in Nelson.
Atlantic S.~S. Lines
Allan l.lno "Corinthian"
Allan Line "Parisian"...  '"
llomliilou Mnelupplv BKta.for
Dominion Une Allullllnlou"
���louver Une "Ijike Mogantli
Heaver Une "Like 8npoi'lor'
White Star Uno   "Oceanic''
While Slur Une "Teiilonle"
Ouuard Une "Ktrurla"	
Cunnjil Lino "(lampanta"	
North  Herman   l.loyil  "tttlin
North Gorman Lloyd "Travo
Anchor Uno "Ethiopia"	
American Uno "hi. UiuV. ,        " j ��� '���!
Hod Star Uno "Fri-dnnd" ���  jM
Allan Sinto Uno "Simliniu,,' ... ,.,; j!2S
Passages arranged In anil Ironi all Knrone.,
SX' ����� "'<?��� "<*ol* and full InfcmiK
apply to C. P. It, dopot agent ior 0 K. UM_n
City Passongol Agent, Nelson. II I! '
,    W. P. F. I'UMMINfJH,
H��n��r��l AimnlU: H. K. OrtW  Wlnnlrd
 June 9
 luno in
~ir.-iinif.jju,,, g
.. "���      June ill
 June 8
���1 ���������.������. Jiin-15
Kruiii New York
 Juno 2u
 June 9
June 18
June 12
June HI
Close connection Kast and Wert-
hound at Spokane with trains et tlie
trainn of the Spokane Falls and Northern li.ulw.i' .
Direct connection ut Si. l'uiil without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Tork
und all points West anil South
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 pm.
West-bound trains make direct ron-
uection for Vlctoiln und Vancouwr,
Portland, Ban Francisco, uml all points
00 the Sound,
During the season nl navlgttllon East
bound trains conned at Dulutb m
themagnl-centsleamsliips North-wen
and North-1�� ml of IheNorthern. team-
ship Company Line, operated ��' "'!]'
neotlon with the Great Northern Ball'
way. , ,.
fat further Information, mans, f"1--
ers, et*., apply to any uKi'iiti'lSP","1"1-
Kails A-Noil hem Uy��� Kaslo A' Slocan
By., Kootenai Railway .v Navigation
Co., or to
(ienl. Pass. & Tkl. Agt.   Com Cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane. Wash
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Schedule Of Tiuio.       Pacllle Mini lanl nn��
Kll'ecllvo Kebriinrr l-l, J;"1
KASIX) & B-O0AJ. BY.        ,
l'assonger train for Bandon ud ��    �� " ���
leaves   Kaslo  at I a. ill., '''-''t', ,J',I',' Kaslo
loaves Sandon al 1.18 ii.in., nrrhiiw "' *"'
HVnt1."naTIONAL NAV. ft TAUUtt
Operating on Kooleii'iy t^ffffOSm*
Str.  ������International'  leaves KaU-|g__:__
at (I a. 111, dally oxropt BundM. ''' "r ,,,��
lonvos Nolson at 11.10 p.m., M K """',.������.'
Pilot Hay. Alnsworth anil all WW'fEtS,
necla with S. F. li N. 'ran. 10 ami W�� ^
kano at Klvo Mile I'n'nl.     _,_..,�����
LAUnO;UUN.,ANiI)IWf,% ������d
Sir. "Albert.'' leave
Argont�� at 8::��1 |i in Weil
rjioainers call's!  nrliicllial
directions, and at oln.
uimllnK" I" |8_
Tickets sold to all points In l-��'""la "nu
UTofla��o'orta"nraW��and full Information .-���
The Miner is on snle at the f-1'
lowing news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Htanloy
Thomson Stationery ro
II0U1I Hum" News Hlaii 1
Hotel l'halr Nows Slanil
II. Campbell
C. F. Nelson
3. F. Dolanoy
K. A.  Hrftdshaw
Slooan Nows Co.
Thomson Bros.
��� .anient & \oung
H. A. King & CO.
Slocan cur
and News   Agents
trains out of Nelson
boats and


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