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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 20, 1900

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 Daily Edition INo. 680.
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, March 20,  1900.
Tenth Year
Delegation Walts on Laurier
and Makes Several
Letters From the Front Tell of
the Bravery of Canadian Troops.
Ottawa, Ont, Maich 19. -A delegation of the TiadoB and  Labor Congress
of ij.iniiiiii waited on sir Wilfrid Laurier anil presented to him, ns is done
annually, 0 number of questions whioh
tbo labor party desires the Government
to look ml"- T1'e delegation comprised.] a. fleet, of Hamilton i Geo.
Dower, ol Toronto; P. M. Draper, of
Ottawa,; .1. S. Cotter, Quebeo;J. B.
MiicKnv. e( Montreal, and 8.P. Brcm-
ner, of New Denver, B. C. 'The delegates were Introduced by Mr. Puttee,
M. P. They culled tbe attention of the
Premier to the desirability of inspectors tin near and tackle of ships, to Mr.
Mnlook'e fair wage resolution which
lliey approved  of  and   also  to the ex-
elusion nf Chinese and the operation of
the Alien Labor law. The Inst two
questions were the principal ones
winch the speakers dealt Jwlth, Puttee, II. P., said they desired to keep
out an inferior class of labor. 'Those
whom limy wanted to exclude from
Canada were an inferior class and un
Inferior race. He said that it was
quite plain that mine owuers in British Columbia had agents in the United
Slides who were sending men into that
Province to take the place of men who
wire on strike, in regard to tho arbitration pioposition it was no use
putting it on the statute book unless it
wns going to bo effeotive, Sir Wilfrid
Laurier thanked the., delegation for
the Information luid before hint. In
Biiuie respects tho Oovernnicnt wus
making some process in the right direction. The fair wage resolution by
Ml. Mnlook was one thing which they
approved of. The Postmaster-General
was also at work on a conciliation
lull nud be asked thu delegate! to sub-
mil tbeir views on it 111 wilting,
The principal grievances Ot labor
men, however, weie two, namely
Chinese nnd the Alien Act. The
Government intended introducing a
hill ill regard to (Jhinese. In respect
tn the alien law, cases that they were
united to inquire into, be admitted
thai there wore dilliculties iu the
Slocan district from the Importation
nf nn undesirable class, even although
the stiike.had beeu settled. /The Gov-
ernmenC has sent a commissioner to
report upon this subject und thev
Would receive it vory Boon. The work
(if the present session would do some,
thing to satisfy the labor party if they
000hi lint do all that was necessary.
Br Charles Tuppur in the House today, before the orders were closed, asked the Premier, now that negotiations
between Canada and Unitod States in
connection with the Joint High Commission were at an end, if protocols
laid by either party before tho commit-
tee could be given to the House so us
tn show whnt position those questions
were in. Luuiior was glud to say thut
the Government or commissioners did
Uot consider the negotiations of the
commission had uoine to an end.
They hud boon only temporarily sua
penned, He was not in a position to
state when the protocols could he
brought down but the Government
was looking into tho matter. Prior
nskid Dr. Borden if tho British Columbia section of the provisional battalion for Halifax wns going to garrison EsquimaU or merely nssht the Imperial troops. He also referred to
utilizing pait of the Leincester Regi-
muni which was not tit foi uotive service, whicli was going to bo loft behind in Hulifax, for the repatriation
oi tie ninth  Regiment,   Burden sain
he had just roturuud from Hulifax nnd
1 mild not say what had been done as tn
Esquimau. As to repatriation of the
100th, tho matter was before the War
Offloe with every likelihood that it was
to ho carried out.
Uiohardson deuiud the report circulated in bis constituency that ho bb-
Ulled the loyalty if the Meunonitos.
In answer to Taylor, Laurier said
that there were some informal negotiations going on in regard to purchasing
tlm Plains of Abraham. The Government would bo disposed lo purchase
the property if it could be hud for a
reasonable price.
Borden, in reply to Prior, Baid that
Be wns aware that several oflicers of
militia holding rank of enptain and
lieutenant voluntarily enlisted in tho
ranks of South Airman Contingents
and went to thu front as privates. It
was not his intention to allow these
officers to till any vacancies, caused by
casualties at tbo front unless recommended in   the   usual   way   by   their
commanding ofiicer and tne Depart,
���"cut has nn Information of any suoh
> "commendations.,
Wut he
angrily called" Fielding "a small
man.       This marie things lively   torn
few minutes.the Speaker asking Foster
lo withdraw but finally Fielding said
he did not oaro and would rather that
business would proceed. This was
done, Mnrtin, Prince Edward island,
moved tor all papers in fbu bauds of
the Government, or nuy member or
oflicinl thereof, relating to thu admission of Newfoundland iuto the Confederation of Canada and also dooumentH
relating to any proposals for the establishment of reciprocal trade relations between Newfonndlaud uud Canada. He spoke strongly iu favor of
Newfoundland entering Confedeia-
tiou. Kaulbnch seconded the resolution,
and Clarke Wallace, Sproulo and Tupper supported it. Davios, who was
leading ihoj louse, said thut time was
not opportune for Newfoundland entering the Dominion as thu present
Premier of the islaud wbb opposed to
it aud the less said of it ut present tho
bettor. When the time uirived thut
Newfoundland was ready to enter Confederation Canada would be happy
uud delighted to locoive her.
Ottawa, Ont, March 1!).���The Marquis of Dntlerin and Avn, writing to
City Clerk Henderson, from Olundo-
bery, Ireland, thanks the Corporation
of Ottawa for the resolution of coudol
ence lu tho (loath of his son, the lute
Karl of Ava. Ha says: "I hasten to
acknowledge the resolution of the City
Council in referenco to the death of
Lord Ava. In reply 1 ask you lo convey to the Mayor and members of tbe
municipality, in the name of myself
and Lady Duff or in, nn expression of
our deepest gratitude for this signul
mink of their sympathy with us in the
death of our eldest ion. Keculling bb
we do, niuuy huppy \oars pateed iu
Ottawa aud constant kindnesses and
consideration shown us by its inhabitants, it is soothing to our feelings
that they should still remember us
and have thought of us in our sorrow.
The action of the municipality in displaying the national uusigu at half
mast for n week, ns a tribute to our
sou's lnemoty, has touched our hearts.
Vour obediout servant, Dnlferiu mid
An Undertaker Who Will Not
Undertake a Cabinet
Martin Endeavors to Make an
Appropriate Addition to
His Government.
Toronto, Out. Maich 111.-The following cubic was received Saturday
from Tbo Globe representative with
the   Hoy nl Cnnadian Heginient:
" Bluemfontoiu, March 17���The Canadians arrived at Bloemfontoiu on
Wednesday, having participated in
Lord Roberts' nuircb. Wo hail no casualties. We participated in the Poplar Grovo'Jlght, but, acting as supports, did"uot take part in the actual
engagement The health and spirits of
the men are excellent. We are now
getting an extra food allowance which
is much enjoyed after the hard cam-
puign. The regiment will probably
stuy for some duys. "
Winnipeg, Man., Maroli 111.���A
largely attended mooting of representative members of St. Mary's Church
and the Church of Immaculate Conception, was held yesterday. The object
of tho meeting was to discusB a proposal to request the Winnipeg Public
School Hoard to take over the management of the Separate Schools maintained by Catholics by private subscription. A resolution was iiuaninionsly
adopted favoring the Idea. Tho motion contained a clause requesting the
school board "to take over the five
schools now maintained by tho congregations of St. Mary's and Immaculate
Conception, at which over 700 children
attend, that the Publio School Board
rent the buildings, maintain and keep
them in repair, that the Bchools be inspected by the public school iuspector
and that the present teachers be retained, suhject to the rules and regulations
as are the teachers iu the other
schools.'' The Catholic school board
has appointed a deputation to wait on
th3 Public School Board aud presont
the above proposal for tbeir consideration at the next meeting.
Victoria, 11. C., March IP.���Hon.
Joseph Martin has introduced bis regime in a manner highly sensational
and cbarnotcristic of the man. I lu has
seized all ties and timber on the
Crow's Nest Railway for alleged
non-pavmont of royalties.
Dr. Walt, father of tho Dr. Watt oi
tho quarantine station and formei
member for Cariboo, of Fort Sieolo,
has been offered a scat iu the Martin
Cabinet and is on his way to Victoria. Premier Martin returned' lust
night from the mainland uud is busily
employed in tho Department in disposing of the business which bus accumulated during his absence. s,> bus.',
whs he this morning ilian an interview
could uot bo obtaiued with him regarding his search for a number of
Ministers for which purpose his trip tu
the mainland wus prolonged as tar aii
Kamloops. While in the latter town
he approached ex-Mayor M. P. Gordon,
furniture dealer nud undertaker ot
that town, and offered him the portfolio of finance A dispatch from Kamloops suys the mission resulted in tuil-
ure and, that although Mr. Gordon
declines to stale definitely the result of
the negotiations, it Is generally .understood that ho lefiisos to make common
cause with Marti-i.
Persistent rumors are afloat that the
Lieut. -Governor has issned nn ulti
mutuin to Martin to the eti'eot that
thero must be a general election before
tho middle of May. Marrrn denies
this Local Conseivatives meet again
tomorrow evening to thriuib out the
question ns to tbo advisability of in-
noduoii'g party lines. Thero is sure
to bo a hot wrangle as the pirty is
much dividod in opinion.
For ouco without a purpose sinister,
Martin to Kamloop goes to Bud a minister.
"I'll make no cabinet," quoth Guidon, scoflin',
"But gladly take your measure for a
Nelson Coke & Gas Co. Now
Wants to Supply Electric Power.
City Wharf Extension Will
Not Be Carried Out as
Was Planned.
Winnipeg, March II).���The doad body
of an unknown man, evidontly u recently arrived Immigrant, was found
today some distance from the city. A
gnu lay near the body and it Is supposed that tho man committed suicide
by pressing the trigger with a Btlok.
Montreal, March 19.���A ghastly
discovery was mnde this afternoon by
Aime Martin, a youug man employed
us olork and assistant to.I. 13. Boivin,
watchmaker and leweller, 1578 Notre
Dame Street. Hoivin was to have left
for St. Hynoiiithe Thursday night und
hiB clerk went to the store as usual
Friday and Saturday, but as be supposed bis employer was at St. Hyu-
ciuthe.he did not mind liisnon-appear-
mce. This afternoon, as Hoivin wns
to have conio homo last evening, the
young man weut after dinner to his
employer's apartments to find him
starched out dead and with overy appearance of having beeu dead some
davs. Hoivin wjs beginning to decompose. Coroner McMahen is inquiring
iuto the olroun.stanoes this afternoon
and will decide whether an inquest
will bo uecessary. Hoivin was originally from St. Hyaciuthe, and was
ubout 40.
The Mayor aud   City   Council   of the
I    Ciy of Nslson :
Gentlemen,���Under By-law No 411
of the Oity ot Nelson, we were given
the right to sell gas for power purposes. A provision in the same by-law
prevcnls ns from selling gas for lighting ut a rate which would allow
serious competition with tho electric
lighting plant owned by tho City We
are therefore practioally restricted to
supplying gas for power nnd heat. Under these oonditious onr works were
built aid a union larger nmonnt expended in six ninntha than tbe$100,000,
called for in the franchise, to be expended within two yours. We therefore
submit that we are entitled to hnvo
any business iu tho lines of light,
heat and power which the plant of tho
City cannot furnish. It having uonie
to onr notice that certain ratepayers
of the City uro desirous of obtaining
electric power which tho City iB unable t,i furnish with their present eleo-
trio plant, we beg to inform the Council that were nre prepared to install
an electric plant of Bullioient capacity
to meet all present requirements for
electric power and to increase same
for any (utnro requirements subject to
such restrictions as the City Couuoil
may soo lit to impose. We would
therefore, ask your honorable body to
introduce and submit to the doctors
tor their approval a by-law amending
By-law No 411 of the City of Nelson so
as to allow ns to furnish electric
power: Believing that wo are entitled to this consideration at^your
Bands, we are, yours vorv truly,
Fred Burnett, Mauager and Secretary.
'The above letter whicli was presented to the City Council Inst night is
another movo in tbo three coruered
fight between tho Mayo:, the Tramway Company and the Nelson Coke &
Gun Co. From all appearniioos the
'tramway Company will have many
obstacles in tbe way of its supplying
its surplus power to those who deairo
such a commodity. After reading the
letter to the Council tho Mayor ruled
that the Council had nothing to do
with tbo matter. Aid. Irvine differed
with him ns did Aid. Arthur and the
Council discussed the matter. The
Mayor interposed to rerunrk that "as
tbo eleotric plant Boomed suoh a bone
of contention ho was in favor of selling it to some private corporation for
$125,000." The general opinion of
the Council was that tho soivice wac
very poor. Aid. Irvine said that from
all be could ascertain the oiti/eus were
not in favor of spending any mora
money ou the plant. After further
discussion, on the motion of Aid. McKillop the letter of tho Ccke and Gas
Company was laid on the table.
Mayor Houston   thou   took   occasion
to state that tbo  petition, presented to J way   Company
Quebec, Que., Munb il���The
Aoudemy of Musio, Quebec, the leading thoatre, was yesterduy morning
reduced to ashes. The lire was discovered on the stage 15 minutes after
midnight and in three hours the whole
building, with all its contents, hnd
been destroyed in spite of the energy
and tbo efforts of the firemen. Tbo
old St. Louis Hotel adjoining, wns also
considerably damaged. The total loss
is placed at $80,000 with only about
$20,000 insurance.
Toronto, March 111. ���Dr. Barrio, representative of tbo Y. M. C. A. with
the first Canadian regiment, reported
by cable that he is at Orange Rival assisting in the care of the Cauadian
I wounded, Militiury regulations prevented Barrie accompanying tho regiment on its murch In pursuit of
Oroujo's army and compelled him to
remain nt Belmont and carry on work
among the English troops guarding
the lino of communion! ion there.
Much pais mill work bud boon done
among thu men and considerable success attained. Regular daily work of
tho reading and correspondence loom
haa been oan led on in a tin par house
belonging to a Boor lady. Forty-seven
meu have been sworu in for garrison
duty ut Halifax, niakiug 1-18 so far
furnished by Toronto und thoro uro
places for a good many more.
Toronto, Out., Maroh 10.��� The
Kveniug Telegram has a special cablo
from London saying that letters describing the surrender of Cronje at
Punrdeborg, Februnry 2(1, Bhow that
tho Royal Cnnadian Regiment, with
the Shropshlres, advanced in a aeries
of rushes iu moat gallant style, the
Canadians especially showing magnih
cent, almost reckleaa courage. Thoy
took trenches under the most galling
fire and distinguished themselves in a
manner thnt cnllud forth praise from
Lord Roberts,
rluiid, in nnswor to Foster,
��am that no land had been author!sen     Toronto, Out,  March  IB.-John B,
"y Order-ill-Council to any liuos of ' Ewan writes to The Globe from Cape
railway iu Canada since 1800. Cart- j Town, February 17, of the arrival of
Wit said that in view of war there ' the Cnnndian bntteries thore. The
��0 negotiations going on nt pros- j mon were wild with  delight that this
Montreal, March 111.���Only 50 re-
oiuitB so far have been furnished from
this oeutie towards tho 185 wanted
for garrison work nt Hulifax. So far
Lieut. Ogilvie, of tho Royal Scots, is
the only ollicor who has accepted ser-
vioe with the ooinpauy, Captain W.
U Bond, of the First Prince of Wales
Fusile.iis, who was offered tho coni-
mand,having deoiinel
'���nt looking f0 a fust   steamship  lino. I first tedious preliminary of   tho  work
yielding, in reply   to a question, gave'hnd   been   n
���i*g'.nin ono  year's more flgnrcB than  horses, died.
��ere required   and   Poster somewhat  shape.
The  meu  ure    in
A table
Woodstock,Out., March 10. ��� Anthony
Decker, one of the counterfeiters sentenced to five years in the Kingston
penitentiary, determined
Saturday, but was prevented
carrying ont  tbe rash net.
knife was found in bis possession,
Decker says he has $-10,000 iu the
United States.   	
Winnipeg, Man., March HI.���The
Cosmopolitan Hotil at Medicine Hut
was burned today together with H, O.
Evan's store und two oilier buildings.
Tho loss is $5,000, covered partly by
the Couuoil last Monday
the Tramway Company,
been considered by the Council." Upon being asked the
reason for this statement Mayor
Honatnu stated that the potition presented to the Council by the Tramway
Company at the last meeting wbb not
considered by the Couuoil aB tbo resolution passed was for n by-law not asked for on the petition uud was not according to tho act.
After these remarks the Mayor wrote
a note which he passed to Aid. Mc-
Killop. This turned out to be a resolution which Aid. McKillop Biguod as
moving aud haudod it to Aid. Hall
who seconded it. This motion, which
wiib carried, was to the effect thHt the
City take steps at once to put the Oity
eleotric plantain such a conditiou that
it will be equal to the requirements
now made npon it.
The Council met with Mayor Houston in tho chair and there were present
Aid. Arthur, Irvine, Wilaou, Hall McKillop and Morrison. After the minutes were read and adopted the Ooon-
cil proceeded to the business of the
A petition wns read, signed by A.
W. Monroe, M. Kelly, . John Horton
and others, askirg why transients (if
any) were employed on city work
when ratepayers were refuBed the
same. This was evidently the same
petition that become "lost in the
shuilli)" last Monday evening. This
petition called forth a lengthy discourse from the Mayor upon tbe discomforts he had been subjected to by
so many applications for the work ou
City jobs. From five to 50 mon applied every day and nil say they live
in Nelson. He also had many npplica-
tions from business men und the charity organisations. He stated that 80
per cent, of tho men on the city pay
rolls wero residents. Ho thongbt the
matter should bo left to tho discretion
of the foreman. The petition was
A letter from Mr. John Oolditch,
asking for u siduwalk at tho oroner of
llendryx and Victoria streets, was received and filed.
A communication asking for a Bewer
between blocks (1(1 and 07, on the  Itlue
from Wurd to Hall streets wns referred
to the committee ou Public Works. A
request from Arthur Booth thut tho
Council authorize   the extension of the
sewer main on Kootenay Street along
Viotoriu Street so he cun niaku a counectiou, was received and filed.
The following tenders for electric
light poles wore read: George Mathe-
sou, |8.78 per polo including delivery;
D. Dartz, and W. Nixon, $41 George
Bowormnii and D.   MaoDonald,   $4.25.
The tender of Goorge Muthcsou wiib
Tenders for tha retaining walls on
Silica Street and Slanloy Street weie
read and wore as followB: W. O. McLean, $2.75 per cnblio yard for Stanley
Streot wall und $2.25 for tho one on
Sihcn Street; William Schnckloton,
Stanley Stroot, $11.05, Silica Street, til;
E. Parniquist, Silica Streot, $!1.40; J.
K. Harbottle and F. W. Lindsay, Silica Streot, $11.50; W. H.Webb, Stanley
Street, 18.60, Silica Street, $11; Oan-
noil Bios., Stanley Street, 18.60, Sili-
oa Street, $8.26; John Ellis andi W,
Martin, Stanley Streot, $11.25, Silica
Street 18.16,
The bids of W. O. McLean foi the
Stanley und Victorin Street wall of
$2.75 per cubic yard, and $2 25 for
the ouo nt Silica aud Ward streets
were accepted. At the suggest inn of
Aid. Arthur, seconded by Aid. Irvine
tho City Engineer was authorized to
spend $60 in improvements at Ihe cor-
uor of Kobsou nnd Kootonay streets
Tho Nslson Coke & Gas Company
Informed the Council-in a letter that
they had tukeu ovor tho gus works
from the constructors.
The question of the City wharf extension, which at a formei meeting
of the Council hud beeu referred to
the oommitteo on Publio Woiks cnnie
up before the Council uud was gone
into quite thoroughly by Aid. Irvine
who has just returned to the City.
Aid. lrviu) is the chairman of the
committee on Publio Works. At the
lust meeting the majority report was
in favor of doing the work bv day labor uud the minority report in favor of
nccepting tho tenders. As the vote
whb even the Council was at a standstill. After getting the particulars
from the City Engineer he asked the
Counoil if it were advisable to speud
$8,000 or $0,000 on this work when the
work ou tbe sheets wns so much more
important. Could not the old wharf
bo rebuilt nud last for the present sea
son'.' What would tho City save by
day lahor when the tenders weie lower
than the estimate of tbe City Engineer? Acoordiug to Mayor Houston
$1,000 could bo Buved by day labor.
Aid. McKillop said thut if the wharf
wore replauked it would meet tho requirements, tha*, when the Bnlfour Extension wns completed most of the
triiflio would go that wuy. After discussion Aid. Arthur submitted a resolution which wus seconded by Aid.
McKillop, that the old wharf be re-
plunked and railing added. The Mayor
and Aldermen Hall and Irvine voted
against this measure but it was carried by the votes of Aid. MoKillop,
Arthur, Morrison nnd Wilson.
The Finance Committee then approved a uumber of bills for supplies
furnished tho City and other expenses incurred hy tho different departments. Checks for same to be issued in the usual wny.
'The City Engineer reported to the
Council thut tho Wurd Street sewer
outlet is completed. He was instructed to moke nn estimate for the contemplated plunking nf the City wharf and
to ask for tenders to be handed in by
next Monday.
Dr. Arthur   then   moved   that    the
Council uscertiiin from tho City Solicitor if a bylaw be noceasnry to empower
the City to take power from the Tiam-
The   ronolutiou   waa
The South African Campaign
Disclosing Few New
Secretary of the War Office
Says Mafeking  Is
All Right.
London,     March     20.
(I h
The War Office has had
this hour confirming    I   e i
relief of M ifoKing bin    ,i
ham, Parliamentary   Ui,m ���
of Wm, replying toe prn i
iu the lobby ot Ihe tl, av   ol
about midnight saiu:   "1 ti.i
all right."
The Free Sinters Bien.iegi
quite collapsed.    'The,    ale   1
arable   force   an,nml     mi,lib
munb dispirited.     A i-p.i     fli
vide reports   liui L i, t
ami   c.iiniiiUtiiio   aie   going
stud.    The   agents he   loll
using      desperate     means
additional troops, com man eering
Boers under pouulty of death.
to Kruun
uebihO uie
to    ruit-e
Krooustud, where the Boers ure concentrated, is 71 miles from bloemfontein,   It is surronudefl   by  a ooumr.
of hills nud jnugles Geiieial Gulmie
is now resting ut Upriugfouieiu preliminary to joining Lnid Roberta.
General Boiler's hill work be'ure
Ludjsmith has given him nn experience whiah is about to be used in toiling the Bigwaursbeig rung". It is believed thut 25,000 of his 40.000 men
nre ubout to engage Botha's force ami
the next news of fighting will probably be fiom Natal. The landers of
the Afrikander Bund nre circulating
petition in Cupe Colony uskiug the Imperial  Government not to   luke   away
tho Independence ot the Boers, 'thirty*
two   thousand    aiinitnnil   li. ops   tui
South Africa are now ut sea.
London, Mnrch 19.���The Lorenzo
Marque?, correspoudon of The Times,
telegraphing Monday. March 10,
says: "Last night tbe Portugese authorities hurriedly despatched by special train u force of infantry to reinforce
the garrison ou the Transvaal border."
London, March 20.���The Times
commenting editorially upon the report that Germany will ask the bellig-
erents to guarantee the aafety of Johannesburg, snya: "We decline ��o
believe that any responsible German
stuti.snian would make such nproiosul.
Certninly the Government will not
make agreements at foitigu instigation."
evening  by  secouded by Aid. McKillop and carried
had     not  by the Couuoil.
By-law No. 03, regulating tbe erection of buildings within tbe Uro limits, wns then reconsidered, and finally
udopted by the Council.
The Council then adjourned till next
Monday uight.
New York, March 10.���"There undoubtedly exists in Government circles
nervousness anent tho Queen's journey
to Ireland," says the Herald's correspondent. "There is much comment
and Borne grave shaking of heads. To
be sure, tiiree-qnurters of wliut has
been suid ubout the journey is false.
In the first place, the assertion thnt
Mr. Chamberlain enignpered tho whole
thing iu totally untrue. One of the
piime movers  waB   tho Duke of   Oon-
uaught, who is the new Commander-
in-Chief of the army in; Ireland. Another waa the Duchess of York, who
simply adores Ireland, and tho Irish,
uud the third was Princess Beatrice,
who will accompany tho Queeflu. The
Queen herself is so absolutely" enthusiastic nboiit her coming visit that the
loast contrenips would grievously
wound her feeling*."
London, March 20.���A dispatch to
Tho Daily Telegram flora Bloemfontein flays: "Iu a speech which ho
made here a few days before the British entered the town, President Kruger admitted thut his men would bo
unable to keep in the field for another
Cape Town, March 18.���Gen. Sir
George White, defender of Ludyfliiuth,
has arrived here but is too ill to permit of u puDlio roceptiou being given
in bis honoi.
London, March,20. ��� A disputch from
Cape Town riuted Monlay, March 111,
suys thnt Sir Alfred Milner und his
piivuto secretnry left Cupe Town tbnt
ovening bv a speciul train, Tho disputch does not indicate Sir Alfred's
destination and thoro is a nnssibility
that he is going uorth ou u peace mission.
Washington, March 10.���News of
further trouble in Ooeur d'Aleue mining district reached the War Department today in the following telegram:
"Vancouver Pnrracks, Washington,
Maroh 10.���Adjt.-General, Washington : Couimunding olllcer at Fort
Sherman reports Privates West, Hayes
and David F. Haydcn, Co. "M," 24th
Infantry, Jwore badly shot iu Couer
d'Alono Oity. Suspected purties un
der arrest. Recovery of men doubtful.
All quiet there. (Sgd.) MaoKniio,
acting Asst. Adjt.-General, in nbBenoo
of Commander."
Montreal, March 10.���The trial of
.Tames Buxter and Ferdinand Lomieux,
charged with conspiring to rob tho
Ville Mario Hank, began at tho Court
of Queen'b Bench today.
Carnven, Maich 10.���Tho   Canadian
Mounted Rifles  under Col. Herchmer,
nud Canadian Artillery,   commanded
by Col. Drury, huve uirived here with
a contingent of Yeomunry. The nppear-
mice of this force here, has hud an excellent effect In the district. It is reported that a large foicu of insurgents
is In the vicinity of Vun Vrkveli.
Cape Town, Mnrch 10.���Owing to
tho quarrelsomeness of Colonel Scniol,
tho Geiuinu ofiicer in oblige of thu
Boer artillery, who was wounded and
taken prisoner ut the battle of Elands-
laiigtc, he bus been removed from the
prisouor'n cump to a transport.
London, Mnrch "10. ���(2:16 p. ni.)���
Neither the advance ty way of Fourteen streams nor Planter's movement
bus yet resulted iu bringing news of
Mafeking. From Bloemfontein nnd
Natal tbere nre apparently no serious
developments und public interest re-
muins centered in Colonel linden-Powell's forco, unrestricted by events of
greater military importance, However,it appears likely thnt the converging of the troops towuril Mafeking
inriicntes a much more serious purpose
than merely its relief. Judging from
Lord Methuen's presence at. Warren-
town and the ouptum of the nearby
passage of the Vnal ;it Fourteen
Streams keen observers '.beliovo Lord
KobertB meditates un advance in for���
on Pretoria by way of Rustenbnrg.
This might start either from Fourteen
Streams    or   Klorksdorf   and     would
:    i
Continue,! un r'uuriti l'.,*r.
wGKKFm~~~~"   **Lm. NELSON   DAILY MINER,   TUE&dAY, MARCH 2d, it)6d
iNeison Daily Miner
I'ubllsbod Unity iixciiiiI. Monday.
11  J.   BEATON. Editor and Mummer.
C/.nr Josiepb I commanded bis serf,
the Police Magistrate of Rosslund, to
report in writing why ho darod swour
iu those special constables the other
duy. The serf duly did this, saying
in part:
"About the 7th or 8th of Fobriuiry
lnit I wus waited on by the representatives of the Lo Roi und War Euglo
milling oompanies, who requested that
some wiitohmon and spuoial constables
should be sworn in and alleging that
there wero a uunibor of idle and vio-
ioub meu about Rosslund nnd that thoy
were apprehensive that tnese men
might attempt to destroy the property
of thoir respective companies, aud
that already several things had happened whbh indicated that these idle men
were more auxious to ninko trouble
than to work. A quantity of powder
had been stolon and one or two of tho
steel guys on tho Wnr Eagle smoke
stack had beeu loosened."
In consideration of these and other
reasons, tho Polioe Magistrate thought
it would bo prudent to uot as roquest-
ed,proceeding ou tho old prinoiplo that
prevention ia better than cure, and
the wutchmen wore duly sworn in.
His Imperial Higlineas, the Czar, at
the same time ooinmauded another
Beif, the Mayor of Rossland, to explain
why thnt city should take upon itself
to preservo peace and proteot property
within the limits of the corporation,
without consulting him. His Worship
replied us well aa his trembling hand
and beating heart would admit:
"There is no trouble anticipated
here between mine owners and miners
that I am reaie of. The placing of a
fow specials at tho mines was simply
a precautionary meuBuro in view of
tho fact that a large number of men
wore being laid off and they being
idle might possibly cause some danger
to property. Tho bunkers and other
independent poreons consulted, concurred in this view."
We do not know what will happen
to the Mayor for supposing that he
and the bunkers ami other business
men of Rossland had auy right to an
opinion on the subject. While His
Majesty roigns thero are to be no opinion in this Proviuoo that are uot directly licensed under his hand and
seal. On recoiving these reports, the
Czar forthwith wrote tho Mayor a letter that was intended to extinguish
him.    This is a portion of it:
"I only learned yesterday that the
city authorities assumed responsibility
for what ocenrrod at the mines. I
shall insist upon thnt responsibility
being uuderstood by the public at
largo, and hope that some sufficient
reuson can be produced for what seems
to me your most unfortunate action under tho circumstances. If tbe mine
owners had any reason to apprehend
violence being done to their property,
they should have communicated with
this Depiirtment. The same thing applies to the Oity of Rossland. If at
uuy time any municipality anticipates
any trouble which would require suoh
an unusual display of force, it would
appear to me most proper that they
should at onco notify this Department,
iu order thut we might work in harmony with them to nfford the protection to property whioh we arc bound
by the law to give."
The Polioe Magistrate was orushed
with the following:
"I think that this ciroumstance has
boon very nnfortunata indeed, and is
likely to much prejudice the administration of justice iu the Provinoe.
The point made hy you as to the expense, to my mind, is of no importance whatever; it is the duty of the
Government to protect property, without any rogard whatever to the qnes-
tion of expense. No doubt the administration of justice is committed to a
large extent to a oity when incorporated, but at all times this Department
is responsible, and no stop of suoh a
serioua nature us this should be taken
by any magistrate or any city municipality without first notifying and obtaining the advice of this Department. "
This is a big row over a few speoials,
appointed under exceptional circumstances, aud for tbe sijgle purpose of
guarding property that was exposed to
injury. So small a thing might well
bo undertaken by the city authorities,
on their own responsibility, aud without reference to the Department over
which His Imperial Majesty has presided tor tho lust two or three weeks.
But His Majesty is of another mind.
Ho delights to show his authority,
und hence his insolent lecturing of
t hoso Rosslnnd officials. The people of
that city are a poor lot if they do not
resent such insulting language.
It is now within a day of three
weeks since Mr. Martin was entrusted
with the task of forming a Government. He picked up two oolleagues
who wero nevor before in publio life,
nnd of whom the people of British
Colombia know absolutely nothing.
With himself they were sworn in, and
ovor siuco they have boon administering tho affairs of the Province, with
ns much ussnranoe ns if the Cabinet
were completed nnd it hud been nscer-
tninod that thoy onjov tho confidence
of ihe public Nothing comparable
with this has over occurred in uny
country Hint boasts of responsible government. For Premier.a poison is selected who hud neither friend nor follower in the House; he chooses as col-
leagues two others of whom nothing is
known; the Cabinet remains in nu In
complete state ; into the hands of these
three the publio interests are committed, and the Lieutenant-Governor neither insists that the Cabinet be completed nor that the peoplo shall be given
an opportunity to say whether they
havo any confidence in tho rump already formed. A muiu reason for
dismissing Mr Semliu wus because he
wns one collcnguo short; Mr. Martin
is throo short, und yet ho is permitted
to carry on the affairs of tho Govern-
meut aud without un nppoal to the
country. A grosser abuse of power
wns never known. If proper romon-
strnuco wore made to the Federal nu
thurifies, whose representative and
servant Mr. Molnnos is, it is impossible not to believe thnt Immediate stops
would bo tnkon to put an end to this
outrage.   ____m__^_^__
We aro uot surprised that Mr. Peters
should manifest some iniputienooat the
criticisms ill-iuformed newspapers
feel oollod upon to make of matters
affeotmg the C. P. R. His exposure of
the misrepresentations with rpspect
to rates into the Boundary country, in
the report of an interview published
in another ooluinn, would indicate
that tbe paperB did not know what
they were saying, or oare iu the least
whether it was t'ue or not. Peoplo
who do not build railways or operate
them are very free to make charges of
exorbitant rates, but those who have
some knowledge of tho work nre io no
snob a hurry to be unfair. In oompnr-
ison with other things in Kootenny
und Yale the freight rates are reasonable, and Mr. Peters shows very conclusively thut in regard to the C. P. R.
there is little to oomplain of.
The Vancouver World givos promise
of making a most faithful and dutiful
organ. For example: "The delegation of business men who waited on
Lieut.-Governor Moluues yesterday,
received very little satisfaction. Those,
and othere of kindred spirit, should
remember that in such a political
crisis us vie ure now passing through,
forbeuranoe is a virtue whicli must be
exeroised. " In other words, the organ
would have all concerned to understand that the affairs of this Proviuct
nre not to be conducted iu the interest
of business men, but of the politicians.
Mr. Mclnnes has engaged to establish
hia good frieud, Mr. Martin, iu office,
and business men nre requested not to
interfere. Tho commercial and industrial affairB of the Province will piob-
ably Buffet in consequence, but these
are trifling matters in comparison witb
the graticfiation of Mr. Martin's ambition.     	
At the olose of hie first year of office,
Mr. Shaugbnessy eujoyB that greatest
gratification of all Presidents, the
gratification of being able to make n
satisfactory report. It is all summed
up in the last clause: "The growth
of your gross earnings from #18,0-11,000
iu 1805, to |29,2il0,000 in 1899, notwithstanding tbe important reductions
made during that period iu the rates
for the carriage of height in the territory weBt of Luke Superior, is evidence
of the mar.olliius progress aud development taking place in Canada, and
which from all present indiontions are
likely to be maintained." It is evidence of that; but it is also evidence
of splendid management of the uffuirs
of the Canadian Pacific Company, for
whioh Mr. Shaughuessy is justly entitled to a large share of the credit.
Considering that the Executive of
the Provincial Liboral Association
have declared against party linas,
The Victoria Oolouist asks: "How can
one party run an election on party
lines?" We would recommend it to
wait and see. In the meantime it
will probably not object to be questioned in its turn. While the muss of
Conservatives and a large number of
Liberals all over the Proviuoo havo
come to regard party lines as most expedient in thu publio interest, and
while the numbers of both are still
growiug, The Oolouist is as violently
and ae unreasonably opposed ns ever.
Is that beoause party government
would destroy perBonul snpromncy in
the Legislature, to the grout disappointment of Mr.  iJniiMiiuir -
It is not necessary to havo nn Irish
ig, or an English flag, or n Scotch
flag for the proper celebration of St
Patriok's Day, or auy other day, by a
British community. A British ting is
all that is required. Tho oxenao made
by Mr. Houston's paper for Mr. Houston's neglect or disrespoot is   ohildish.
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Paiijter,    Etc-
Chimney Sweeping.
Office. Ward St. opp. Opera House
Parson Kelly;
By Andrew Lang
Mr. Jack  Hamlin's Media-
Bret Harte
Louis Creswicke
The Bitter Vintage;
K. Douglas King
An African Treasure;
J. MacLaren Cobban
Prospecting,  Locating and
Valuing Mines;
Engineers' Examinations;
New Catechism of the Steam
Maximsand Instructions for
the Boiler Room;
The Mineral Industry;
Life of Napoleon III.;
By Archibald Forbes
c&nadaTmjg &
Codfish, Whole anil in Bricks
Salmon Bellies In Kits
Holland Hewing in Kits
Mackerel in Kits
Fl'Bsh Canned Salmon
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring
Fresh fanned Kippi'ieil Herring and Tomato Hiiuco
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring and Shrimp .Sauce
Fresh Canned Kippered Mackerel
Fresh Canned Bi oiled Mackerel
Fresh Canned Oceun Haddles
Fresh Canned Parsed Bloaters
Frcsli Canned Shrimps
Fresh Canned Oralis (Deviled)
Fresh Canned Sardines
Fresh Anchovies in Class
NUI.HON, 1). C,
A Boarding ami Duy School oouduclod by
tho Bistera of St* Joseph of l'caco.   Ituflftu*
a led all ho corner of Mill and JoHophlno uLruct ,
in one of i ho boat residential portions of Nolson. and id easily uecuwHiblu from all purU
of I ho city.
TheOOUfBO of study includes tho fundamental and higher branches of a thorough KiikII ill
ethical ion, ltunhic i eourso��� Bookkeeping,
Stenography and Typewrit ing. Science course
���Music, Vocal aud lnntrumonLal; Drawing,
etc.���Plain aud Art Needlework; CallsthonlcH,
Kor terms aD'1 nftrttottl&tl apply to tho Bistor
The Pest; that Money cai) JBby.     Take IS/o Othei
Manufactured hy tho Hnukiimii-Kor Milling Co., Ltd.
Victoria, Vancouver, VVen|niinsiei\ Kdinont.on, Kosslutid, Nolson.
They are made in your midst, of the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where good Cigars arc sold  they can  he bought.
The  Royal  Seal and  Kootenay Belle.
Union  made.
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Anniversary Sale j
Our First Anniversary Sale is now in
full swing. Every day brings forth its Special Bargains. Of the'many that await your
inspection today, we draw particular attention to:
Our New Blouse Plaids at 75c, $L25.1-50,1-75-
Our New Black Silk Crepons at $1-80, 2-05, 2-25. 3-75, 5-50-
Our New Prints, Fast Colors* at 10c, 11 l-2c, 13 l-2c-
Our New Linen Crash Suiting at 20c and 25c-
Our New Ladies' Wrappers at $1-25, L50, 200, 2-25, 2-50, 3-25-
Our Linen Crash Towelling at 5c, 7c, 9c, 10c-
Our Grey Cotton Specials at 5c, 8c, 10-
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Houston Block, Baker Street.
Real Estatejitarf en
Lot on Baker Street, cast of the
Queen's Hotel.
6-Roomed House and 2 Lots
with lawn, garden, trees, etc., in
good location,
6 Good Building Lots, only one
block from school house.
4 Lots, with Improvements, near
Opera House.
8-Room  House and Lot, close in,
only   1650, on easy terms.
,i  Houses for Rent.
See Annable
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
A   *r*'    A A A A A-AA.A_^~v   c\ ���
^���*JC�� TTyTVTTT"vyey>,
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Ordera by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Telephone 13. �� J ��
Board of  Health Decides to Malie It
compulsory Without Further
Loss of Time.
Notices Will Ho Issuod At Once and
Arrangements Made ror Free
At llin close of tho Couuoil nieetlOR
Hi,, lliuiril ot Health went Into bob-
B|on witli Mayor Houston in the elmir.
Hie question of oQtnpnlaory vaccina.
tinii wns (limuiBHod. it wns reported
nml nil tbo smallpox aa��os In Roaglnnd
van paopla who hud uot been recently
vaotiluated, as wbb also the oaae with
tbe mini who in now in the Isolation
hospital, A resolution wuh offered hy
Mr. Morrison aud BOOOUclad hy Mr. McKillop that the proclamation necessary
In the compulsory vaccinatum of all
residents be published In the two daily
papers for one week. The motion was
tarried. It wns moved ami carried
flint: Ihe Medical Health Ollloer make
preparation for free vaoolnation, Tho
Board then adjourned sine die.
Hon, T. Mnyne Daly, of RoHSiand,
i.i among tho (,'iiests at the  Phair.
Mr. Bernard Mncdonald of tho II.
A. tii UosBland, iH in town for a few
Mr. ,T. l.oiiHdnlo Donpo was the first
person to register from the new town
of Prooter.
Mr. Edmund li. Kirhy, of ltosslniiri,
the manager of tho War Engio mines,
is at the  Phair,
Now crossings will be placed at corners of Stanley nud Latimer streets
nnd Carbonate and Stanley streets.
H. II. Bowden will come up tiefore.
Judge Form on Thursday next to eleot
us to whether he will havo a speedy
OF. Murray fins acquired a partnership ia tbe Enterprise Laundry, which
is now located 111 the Hnum Rloolc opposite tho Grand Central Hotel.
Mr. W. Shaw, who has heen fnr
sometime connected with the Hall
Mines Smelter, will go to Urand Forks
wliero be hns accepted a position.
John W. Masturson has transferrred
a five-eights interest in the Atliu mineral eliiini to Kiank tirittou aud
Arthur Campbell fur a nominal consideration.
A quarter interest in the Atlin clnini
anil a third interest iu the Atlin Fraction claim has been transferred from
Frank Briton to T. H. O Brien, of
Ymir, for n nominal consideration.
The leotures of Miss Murontt, of the
W 0. T. U., have become popular is
Wel.snn. She had a lnige audience at
the Methodist Church last night aud
Will itive her closing leotnre there tonight.
Wm. Gooding was before Magistrate
K. A. Cruise yesterday. After hearing the evidence of Messrs. WillianiB,
Thomas Madden and Leo Theliu,
Gooding was remanded uiilil today for
u continuance of trial.
M. Leon Lishet, of Paris, who
baa heen at the Phair for nover.il days
will leave todav to make an examination of the Whitewater Mines. Mr.
I-evin will take back to Paris a report
ou tho mines nnd snmploa of ore.
II. Harris, Into chemist at tbe Hull
Minis smelter, has accepted a similar
position with tbe Ameiioan Smelting
ifc Kulining Co., nud will he stationed
ut Lemlville, Col., for which point be
leaves this morning. Mrs. Harris will
roniniu in Nelson for some time.
Geo. M Berry, the roller sknter,
Will hy a very ttillicult feat at the
Minstrel entertainment this week. He
calls it "shooting the shutes." He
Will skate down an incline, hut a few
defrees off the perpeuriioulur.nud come
to 11 standstill a few feet from the hot.
John Joseph Judd was brought in
Sunday from Klmberley, by Constable
"anies, of Fort Steolo, and lodged in
tne jail, He was charged with the
Jliettof some money nnd will come
"More Judge Forin on Thursday tor
In The Miner'a aoconnt of the St.
iatnek's Day concert mention of Miss
MCOonnan, the aoeompanist, was
emitted. Miss McConuan filled hoi important dutien iu a highly creriitablo
iiiiiimer and is a decided acquisition
10 ihe musical oircles of tbe Oity.
The 'Jus Company hns abont four
miles nl pine laid. Workmen are
now employed making connections at
iiucreut points and putting in regulars ut certnin pluceH. TIibbo regula-
miacMitrnl the pressure aud nt the
"Me time collect the water oaused by
the condensation of the gas.
Th��re lm8 been a larRer domnnd for
residences jn Nelson dunug the past
���w nays thnn thero over was before.
ii���!".u". 6I,e����raginK Bign as indloat-
"���k mat tho nnmbor of familieB in
neuron is moroasing rnpiilly. There
Wll l,�� n vety ]ur(i,e nniuber of r6Bi.
"ences erected during the summer.
0'B1.��l"1i,!Srmy Bale of Martin
nml11 .. t\����" commenced yeeterday
II,.1 ".'vml "ny wn8 " 8I��nt Buooesfl,
h" stat 0f clerks being kept bnsv
00 tantlv. The window of the store
lnr������ ' "'traotively dressed, showing a
;;g 1 assortment of very pretty Bilks.
J��W�� arrangement reflects grent oredit
me window dresser, Max MoSweyn.
tioivo/f^l8?* Bnor' ��' th�� Rnngers, re
1) n n "���fijnn'ftom Mujor Benson,
the m,,,;��� "1 Vir,ori��' *o tho effoot that
B m w" h,,vo 1,Mn Heleoterl for
tux In ''" y wU1 "ot bo sent to Hali-
i"u "AT ���Roto BMulmalt. Thore
����� probabiUtV   that thongh the   men
Larger Annual Sale Than All Othei   Electric Therapeutic
Appliances in the World.
npIIE above-mentioned little book, called "Three Classes of Men," will be
* mailed free and securely sealed in plain envelope. It tells of my thirty
years' experience as a specialist, and how I found over a quarter of a century
ago that we should look to that great natural force, ELECTRICITY, for
strength where strength was required, and shows why
Medicines Gan Never Gure.
It tells of my wonderful invention, the Dr. Sanden Electric belt, now
known and used the world over. This appliance combines the best elements
of every electrical apparatus known to science, and cures speedily and forever
all results of youthful errors or later indiscretions, Physical Weakness, Nervousness, Lame Back, Varicocele, etc. We give in " Health World," sent
with book, over four hundred testimonials, with names and addresses, new
every month. Don't fail to write for this hook today, or, if you live near
enough, drop in and consult me free of charge. My office hours are 9 a.m.
to 6 p.m.    Sunday 9 to 12.
DR. M. SANDEN, 474 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
were anxious to nerve at Halifax they
will not care to go to the latter place.
The Rangers are getting now target
butts for the rifle raugeH whioh will
he placed in position ai that the langen
will be on a level. The Hangers will
call a meeting sometime during the
week of all the citizens who are interested in rifle shooting for the purpose of getting new members iu the
Kitle Association.
Since its opening here the St. Joseph School has been very succepsfnl,
over oue hundred pupiU being enrolled. Five lots have beeu purchased at
the corner of Mill aud Josephine
Streets end plans are now being prepared for ajarge school that will be
erected thereon. This building will
be ready for oconpanoy by the first of
The rehearsal for the opora "Pinafore'' are being held twice a week
regnlarly aud Horr Steiuer is much
gratified at tho progress the principals and chorus are making. Special
scenery for the production is now being painted nt the Opera House by an
aitist especially engaged for this
work. The opera will be put on with
all tho accessories of the best stnge-
eraft and will surely present an attractive appearauoe from the front.
Tho Ladies' Hospital Aid ib desirous
that all those who are contemplating
assisting in the furnishing of the new
part of the hospital will consult with
one of their committee!, before purchasing any articles. Thoro are many
things needed for the establishment,
among them being an invalid lounge,
au invalid chair, six small chairs,
three easy chairs, six small rngs, head
rests for beds, soreens, small trays,
tray oloths.warm jackets,night gowns,
nlates, cupB and saucers, tumblers for
private wards and other articles. The
buying committee consists of Mrs. T.
J. Sims and Mrs. Frank Heer. The
furnishing committee is composed of
Mr. W. W. Beer and Mrs. Roderiok
Robertson. Tbey will be very glad to
give any assistance to any one who
intends to  make donations.
Willinm P. Kenibbs, tho new United
States Consular Agent, arrived in Nelson yesterday and is staying at the Hotel Hume. Mr. Kembbs comes fiom
Boston, MnBS., aud for the last few
days bns been the guest of Mr. L. Edwin Dudley, Consul of tho U. H. at
Vancouver. He is accompanied by Mr.
Fred J. Sohofleld, the vice-consul ot
Vancouver. Tbe Consular Agency is
to be looated in the Elliot block. Mr.
Kenibbs was until reoeutlv at the head
of the "Legion of Spanish War Voter-
aiis," n larfco order oomposed of tho
soldiers and sailors of the U. S. Army
and Navy, who fought against Spain.
Mr. Kenibbs himself served in the
Soveuth U. S. Infantry, and was so-
veroly woundod at the battle of El
Caney, being discharged from the
army for total disability. Mr. Kenibbs is n newspaper roan of snmo
unto, having been a member of the staff
of the Boston Globe, the largest newspaper in New England. The Consular distirct   now  under  Mr. Kenibbs'
jurisdiction embraces all points in East
and West Kootenay, except Kosslaud
and Trail.
Phair.-R, F. Toliuio, Prrcter;
Bernard Miicdomild, T. Moyno Daly,
Kiliiium! B, Kirby, Knsshinri ; Mr. anil
Mrs. Nelson Fell, Athabasca; B.
Thomas, Vancouver ; C. H HisHrisny,
Spokane; E. Charles, Rosslnnd ; Q. V.
Ayland, New Denver; Pierre Oeine-
voise, Lille, Frnnop.
Because a Watch has
run for years is no indication that it does not
need cleaning. Many a
watch is ruined by being let run too long without it. The oil becomes
dry and invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. VVehave
every facility for leplac-
ing any part, or making
a watch throughout if
necessary. First-class
work only.
Patenaude Bros
whero you run depend on netting the beet
iirnndsln llin market ami any quantity from
10c. up,   1'rieon ciinnol be ih i d.
Frank A. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
FUkkk Street. Nelson
Advortlsomontslnwortoii Under (Ills head.at
the rata of one cent a word por ilium-lion. No
advortlBoniont taken for lo���� than 25 coiiIh.
FOR   KENT.���Six   roomed  house  in
Hume Addition   convenient   to   car
lino, furnished or unfurnished.    Apply
A. W. Pool;.
WANTED.��� Good Shirt   Ironer,   One
who   is   thoroughly    competent    to
handle white shirts.    Apply at   Enterprise Laundry, Vernon Street, City.
Six room Cottage opposite Nelson
witli more than an acre of land.
Young fruit trees, strawberries small
fruits nnd cultivated land for gulden.
Creek running through garden. Excellent spring Water lend into house,
(trove at back. Apply J. J. CAMPBELL, Smelter Office, Telephone 21).
...L POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlery
The loading shop. Large
flock. Uotil. "KHorLed stock
on hand. Karnes*, Colin rn ot best niakcK.Snd-
<lli . HlunkeU, Bolli
V'. lip ., hin im, Coiuoh
Priam Batinfactory.
Call and ceo.
Cor. Ward  and  I.aker
Nelson Employment Agencv
Four Waitresses.   Shirt Ironer.
Hoy for Rnnob. Girl for Housework.
Nurso girl.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker ��'
Twonly-throo Mineral Claims, from 0110 to
lliruo Milieu from Sandon. In tbo famoiiH
Blown, for Hue clump. Will noil for ciibIi or
iHind from one lo llvo years. Will take ore
for |iii)'. Sickness forma mo Lo oiler tho above
K'mtunay Lake Hospital. Nelson, H. C.
Rulklcrswlll dnd It to thoir ndvanUmo to
IlKuro with llradlev & Co. on Painting.
��� TAILOR  ���
Cleaning and Repairing Neatly Done.
Clothing Made to Order
Coiner Ward and Hiker.
WANTED, ��� Apprentice     wmitril     to
Ionrn dress ninking. Mnrtin O'Reilly
& Co.        	
WANTKH.���Music   pupils   (pinno) by
nn   experienced   lady   toucher.    Ad-
rlross, A. H., Hox   660, P, 0,, Nelson.
SKWINO tJIKLS wniited ul the   Hudson's Hivy Stores.
A. R- BARROW, amice
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Cornor Victoria nnd Koolonaj Sts.
l'.n.noxMB. Telephone No. i��
WANTIOI).     Hovs    nml girls '"   s,r,P
tolmeoo.    Fifty cents n duy, und   us
much more ns they  oan earn,    Kootenny Cignr 'Jompiiiiy,
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
J1'. 0, Box 145 Nelson, D. C.
I ^rNlr\^r>r>M^rV��r>��^^^M^^^^rV>��V��%��i����VMV����VWMVyWVV��
Boys' and Girls' Week j
Wo are making a Special
Drive this week iu School
Boots. See our prices.
They will astonish you,
The Shoeisls
Bring Your Repairing
���vWVvvvuViMi AA/WWVWW w
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated i860.
C'npltal Paid 11 p.     ,    .    .     .Si.!-s-,,o;i,.<mi  |   Kr*(, $i,;mmhhmh>
Roitrii of Directors 1  Thomas K. Kenney, President:  Thomas EUtohle, Vloe-PresIdQtil
Miclmul Dwyer, Wiley Smith, H. 0. Banld, Hon. II. H. Fuller, M.L.C., Hou. David MucKctn.
ucad onirc, Halifax 1
Goncnil Manager, Kdhon L, Pease, Montreal,
Superintendent of UrunchoH, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
ItiHpector, \V. F. Ilrock, Halifax.
Secretary, I). M. Stewart, Montroal.
KraiiclicH I
Sovii Hrolla- Halifax Hranch, AntiffOBlsh, Bridgewater, nuynboro. Londonderry, Lunenbiiru,
Mailland (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port Hawker-bury, Sydney, Hliubenacadle. Truro, Weymouth.
Nrw KruiiHWlrk���HntliurHt, Dorchcstor, Frederlclon, KiDKStOIl (KODt Co.l, Moncuin, New-
castle. Hack villo, Wootistock. I*. K. Inland���Churlottclown, Suininerside. Onrlivr- Montreal
(City Offloe), Montreal. West End (Cor. Notre Damo and Bsignson Strtetx); WeMinounl (Cor.
Qreeno Avenue and St. Catliarinf^s Street, tliilnrlu���Ottawa. Nrur��iuidlniid-St. John's,
t'ubii* Whi ladles���Havana, i mini itates���New York [16 iCxohange Place) Republic, Wash*
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Oerre ipaadeMts:
<'nniidn~Morcbantn Bank of Can ml a. BaStsil��� National Shnwnmt Hank, CblcSge���Arnrrfon
National Itunk- Han FmnrlHro��� First National Hank. Loudon* l-:n��. li.-ml, of Hootlfttid.
!':ni-, Fniiii-f Credit Lvounais. Bermuda��� Hank of Uennuda. CUM and Japan Hong
Kong and Siinngbai UaukliiK ('orporation,
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold. Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moat favorable terms.   Interest allowed  tin spocia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For that house you have erected:
Sideboards, Cheffoniers and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
Uuker and Ward Streets. Nelson, B. C.
Headquarters For
Port(ai)d Cenjeiji, Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths').
Special Quotations (liven for ('urloiul Ixita.
A. ��. (HiAY, P. (). Box Ml,
Nelsou, B.O.,
Kootenny Acent
The Nelson ElectricTram way Co.Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary n
Editor Miner:
Sir,���Thu political qneBtion of the
moment seems Ul lie: Upon what lines
shall the coining Provincial elections
be held? One view, thut accepted by
tho Liberal-Coimervative convention
lately held iu Nelson, is in favor of a
division upon the recognised party
lines of Reformers against Conservatives. The other view, advocated by
The Tribune, uml enforced with all the
vigor of Mr. Houston's vooubuUry,
calls for a division on the lines of labor against cupitul. That this is the
diviSOD desired by Mr. Houston is
clear to any one who bus read the editorial columns of The Tribune for the
last few duys, and 1 shall not take up
space in quoting from those columns
iu evidence of what is apparent in
every lino of Mr. Houston's writings
on tiie   subject.
Now, in view of the fad that the
reconciliation of disputes between labor and capital is one of the greatest
ends towards which our Legislature
can bend its onergios; an end wbioh, if
accomplished, will result in a roturu
to prosperity and peaco for all olussos,
which will bring thu blessing of
abundance of work to the wugo earner,
and open up houiirtlesB fields for investment of capital, enlarge the opportunities of the merchant and artisan;
anil, in a word, accomplish the largest
part of that for which Governments
exist, namely, tbu welfare of tho people generally���in view of this fact.how
can any thinking man desire an election run on lines devised expressly to
enlarge the existing differences, and
to embitter moro intensely those who
should be working in harmony?
And yet u few thinking men do so
desire, and the reasons of some are noi
far to seek. Mr. Houston is a thinking
1:11111, and, being such, realizes clearly
that if the welfare of the country generally iB to bo tho ruling consideration
In the coming electiou, his ambition
of a seat in the House will stund no
chance of being realized. On the
other hand, if ho can, with the aid
of professional agitators, bliud the
miner3 and malingers to their own best
interests, and inflame their passions
and prejudices to an unreasoning, irreconcilable, and disastrous antagonism, ha will Btand a fair chance of being thrown out ou top in the turmoil
and upheaval that will result.
In short, tho welfare of tbe country
and the people demands a settlement
of the existing disputes, which will bo
satisfactory to all; while tho ambition
of Mr. Houston demands their continuance. It is 11 be bopod that both
parties to the present trouble, as well
as the electorate generally, will realize
the situation, and firmly deoline to be
used as tools, to their own destruction,
for fashioning Mr Houston's ambitions ends. A. NELSONITE.
Nelson, Maroh 10, 1900.
ativo. Let me give you one moro comparison I tbo first five olasH rates between KosBliiinl and ymir, a distnncc
of 00 miles via 8. F, t%. N. Kai way,
according to tariff issued Murch 10,
aie as follows: 	
"Class 1, 78i olass 2, OH; olasB !i, 68;
class 4, BO I class 15, 53.
"For similar distance 00 miles tin
construction rates which have been SO
much oriticised are ns follows:
Class 1, 78; class 8, (Id; class, 1!, P8;
class 4, 40; class 5, 86,
"Our piesent rates for same distance
over any of our lines iu Kootenay or
Boundary are us follows: Class 1, fiS;
class a, fill; olnss 8,40; class 4, 80;
class 5, 27.
"If any reasonable person will compare these figures and will recognize
the enormous expenditure |��� opening
op the West Kootenay and Boundary
Districts which this oompany have
gono to, I do not think they will agree
with some of the presB criticisms that
you refer to.''
Continued from Hirst Pago,
Mr. Peters Answers Some of the Criticisms Made  by Provincial Papers.
Mr. F. VV. Poters, Assistant General
Freight Agent, of the C. P. R., was
asked by The Miner yesterday if he
hud rend the criticisms by Borne of the
Boundary and Rossland papers on the
C. P. R. rates to the Bonudury District
and said, that altbongh it was not his
duty or custom to criticise press comments, be considered thorn unfair for
the reason that the faots were not
brought out. If they were known he
did not think his company would be
placed In the,light it is in many instances. "Now that you have Bpokeu
nf it," ho said, "I should be glad to
givo you some figures whioh I think
will convince any one unbiased, that
theie is no reason for tbe altaokB upon
us which havo appealed in some of
the Boundary and RoBBland press. In
the first place complaint is mnde that
tbo reduolion from what is known as
'construction rates' in effect during
tho building of thu C. & W. extension,
has not been sufficient; it 1- said that
it shonld have been double what it
was, bnt our friends do not look at
whnt ih".-, intes actually were. As a
matter of faot the so-called construction rates were lower than rntoB
which are actually in affect today on
other lilies of railway operating in
the Kootenay djatiict, nnd In wbicli
are not conBidered excessive. For instance wo hnvo nover heard the people
of Sandon or Kaslo complain that the
local rates charged by the Kaslo &
Slocan Railway, between those points,
were higher than they shonld be considering the expenses of operating railways in this country, yet those rates
are today actually in excess of the construction rates For IiibIiiuco, the rate
from Kaslo to Mctiuiggnn, 2!! miles,
third class (tbis is tho prevailing rate
on staple artioles Bhipped lcs* than carloads) is !lfl conts. The construction
rates referred to made tbe third class
for that distance :<2 cents, same class
rate Kaslo to Sandon, 40 cents. For
an equal distance tho construction tar-
Iff gavo 80 cents. Let me further Btate
that the so-called construction rates
were actually the flame scale of rates
thnt has been iu existfnoe on nil lines
operated iu the Kootenay district by
this oompany siuce its construction ;
that is between points on Naukflp &
Slocan branch, the Columbia & Kootenny brunch, nnd the Kossland branch,
aud we heard no complaints that tH3y
wore excessive. When we took ovor
the C. cfc W. branch from the contraot-
01s, we decided to make a general reduction in all our mileage rates
throughout tho Kootenay and Round-
aiy county, and the rednction between say Nelnon or Kosflland and
Greenwood, averages 40 por oont. This
chiiugo of tariffs made a reduction also on all other Kootenay branches
which leaves our rates ns compared
with those of some of the other lines
operating in this country an average of
80 per cent, lower. Surely this is
fair, specially through a distriot such
ns tho Boundary country where the
cost of construction was enormous and
the cost of operating equally  nigh.
Mention is mnde of the enormous
tralli" into that district; tin' largo accumulation of freight which existed in
November and December was simply
orders bold buck for months, in ordei
to get the benefit of railway rates as
against the enormous teaming rates
which existed. Now that that in
oleared up any one interested can find
the trafllc jh not particularly reniuunr-
probablv coincide with an advance via
Bloemfontein nud Natal. Thus Lord
Methuen may be given a chanco to retrieve his repulsion as has been doue
with General Gatuoro. Conimunuant
Olivior has accompliBhed auotbor step
in his retreat from Northern Cupe Colony evacuating Rouxville and going
towards Kroonetadt where President
Steyn is.
Kingston, Ont., March 19.���Sixty
per cent, of the strikers at the cotton
mill have decided to return to work
at tho old rate. The strike is to all
appearances raised and work is progressing satisfactorily.
Montreal, March, 10.���Joseph Body
is the name of a second victim of the
Are in the boaiding hoiiBo where
George Patterson, a O. P. R. tele-
giapb operator, lost his life early lust
Thursday morning. Body died in ihe
General"Hospital Saturday evening.
New   York,     March     10.���Copper,
steady;     brokers'    |10K i    exohnuge,
#I0.H7J^.      Lead,       steady;     brokers'
|4 45; exchange, 14.07'^ to 14.72),;.
Tin, weak; Straights, $!J2, nominal;
plates qniet.
Spelter,   eiiBy;   Domestic,    $-1.55  to
"Awful anxiety was felt for the
widow of tho bravo Geutral Burnhain
of MaohiaB, Me., when thoj doctors
said she could not livo till morning''
writes Mrs. S.H. Lincoln, who attend
ed her that fearful uight. "All thought
she most soon die from Pneumonia but
she begged for Dr. King's Now Discovery, aaying it had moro than onco aav-
ed her life, and had cured her of Consumption. After three small doses she
slept easily all night, and its fuithoi
use completely oured her." Thii mur-
velons medicine iB guaranteed to cure
all Throat, CheBt and Lung Diseases.
Only 50 cents and $!. Trial bottloK
free at the Canada Ding & Hook Store.
The Miner is on sale at  the  following news store:  :.t five cents per
Gilbert Htnnloy Nelson
Thomson Btauonory Co Nelson
Canada llnig ficllook Co. Nelson
Hotel Humo News .Shunl Nolson
Hotel Phair News Stand Nolson
fi, Uampboll Ymir
C. K. Nolson NowDcnvur
J. F. llolnney Hosoberry
It. A. Bnulshnw Slocan City
Slocan News Co. Sandon
Thomson Hros. Vancouver
Ijuuont & Young Kaslo
H. A. King & Co. Greenwood
and  News   Agents   on   boats  anc"
trains out of Nelson
H. & M. BIRD
Annus for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co-
Real   Estate.    Fire   Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
Lot   and   Buildings  on   Baker  Street
known as "The Bodega."
Eight room honse, B0- foot corner, Silica aud Hall  fJ.BOO 00
Four room house on Robson   .     8ou 00
Six room house, two  lots,   on
Silica Street   1,750 00
Lot ou   Baker   Street,    waro-
honBO   lKxliO   1,275 00
Now house, 10 rooms, all conveniences   8,000 00
Comer, Mill and Hall.
Several good bnilding lots.
Fnrnished House, Five   Booms,
Victoria   Street  |!I0 00
Our Fresh Boasted OoffeeBestof
Quality, as follows :
Java nnd Arabian Moctin. por pound |   II,
Java and Mocha llliniil, :i pounds  1 00
fine Santos, 4 pounds  1 (Ml
Santos Hlond, 6 pounds  1 (10
Our  SnocinlHlcnd, 0 pounds  1 00
Our Hlo Itonst, II pounds  1 (XI
A TRIAL 01:111 It sol II I i I l>.
Sai.khiiihi.mh :
f\i ELSON,        - B. C.
MININtl llicolil It.       HOTA.il ri nix.
Windermere Mlnw.   Conpsp  - cnceSol'oitod
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Wholesale Houses, ^xxrooraxxjoorc*^
nelson. B.c.        g   MECHANICS   WANTED   g
THORPE & CO., I.imitkd.-Corner Ver
non and C'cdar Streets, Nolson, niniiii-
faoturem of and wholoHale dealers lu aerated
walom and fruit, syrups. Sole agonta for Halcyon .Springs mineral water. .TelOO
���N. M. CuiiilntiiH, Les���,:i, Kverv known
variety of noft .Irinks. P, 0. Hox 88. Tele-
phonoNo. 81.   lloovurStreot, Nolnon. Hotllure
of the KaiuoiiH : 1 i., ,m 11,,1 spiinss Mineral
HJ, EVANS & CO. Haioir si rout, Noi
��� Hon, wholesale doalors In liquors, cigars
dement, tiro brick and ftreolay, wator pipu uud
stool rails nnd general commission merchants.
lii.MiTKD.���Front street, Nelson, wholesalo dealers tn Hour, meals, otc, and hay
and grain. Mills ut Edmouton, Victoria uud
Now Westminster, EUevatora ou Oalgary &
Edmonton Railway,
ROSS. LEE 4 TAYLOR-HuKor street,
Nolson. nieorgoF. Motion a old stand.)
Klour, Food, Grain, May and Produce, Car
lots a specialty. Correspondence solicited.
I'honc al.
Nelson He k Gas Co., 11
Capital Stock - - $250,000 CO
Divided into 10,000 Shares of $25
7��� Preference Stook ��� $ 75 000 00
Ordinary Stock   -   -   175,000 00
A limited number of preference
and ordinary shares of the Company
are offered to citizens of Nelson at
r,ar-       .   .
Subscription books are now open
at the office of the Company, Baker
Street, Nelson.
NeIsob Gaks & Gas Co.. LU.
Manager and Secretary.
Gamble & O'Reilly
2 Lots, n-Itoom  House, corner,
mi Call (mate street $2,(XX)
2 Lots, s-Hooiu Bouse   Cuilion-
ute street    2,150
:< Lots uml House on Silica St,
between Stanley and Want,
Terms ..,.',     3,000
Agcnls for  Hume Addition   and  a
large number ot Addition " A" Lots,
Accident nnd Sickness,    Special Healtli
Policy Issued by
Head  office,   Montreal.      Costs only
$ 10 a year.
Gamble 6 O'Reilly.
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A pmnte Hospital, Medical, SorRi
cal anil Obstetrical cases nursed in the
House. Private room $20 and $16 a
week. Beds in ward $12 a week.
Nurses seat ont to private houses at $15
a week. Apply to The Misses flrlok-
The Bricklayers' and MaRons' Union No. 3,
of Nelson
Respectfully wish to notify contractors and all whom it may concern that
from April 1st, 11)00, thsy have concluded to adopt tho eight hour system
at UflU cents per hour, b-iing a reduction from tlio old rata of 6d2,' cents
per hour, their object being to give
contractors suflloient time before send-
lug in their tenders tor woik. Believing it will benefit all ooncerued. we
lespsctfnlly submit.    (Sgd.)
JOS. OLARK, SecrotBry.
.7. W. ETCHBR. Piesident.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in  and  sec us.
B. C.
Capitol and V. C,
Cabinet Cljrar store
Fraternity Hall
Cor llalirr .1 l,,,,,i, ������, hi..
can be rented for Concerts, U'ctnres
Dances, Banquets aed every kind of entertainment, Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms. Kitchen and dining room furnished.   Kor termpply
 OH. B. 0, ARTHURS Oity.
Ten aires, with large Imuso close to
Nelson. Fine situation for keeping
poultry, flood fowl house. Apply X,
Hox 088, Toil Office, Nelson
A MAODONALD & CO.   Corner Vor. |
���   lion and Jimupniiiu streets, wholesale
Krooe.ru and jobbers in blankets, nlovon, milts, j
boom,  rubbuni, aUMttunaws and milium' huh- !
P   BURNS A CO    ll.il.er. I reel.   Nolson,
���   wnolosulu dealers in fresh nnd nuruil
meats.   CuldsloraKu.
���Baker street Nelson.   WTiolesulodoal
or* in fro-h aud cured lilouls.
-TO   BUY-
Bailey's Wood Bottom Planes,
Stanley's All-Iron Planes,
>( Stanley's Block Planes,
$5 Stanley's Rabbit Planes,
JJ Stanley's Plumbs and Levels,
O   Disston's Saws,
Russel-Jennings' Augur Bits,
Universal Spoke Shaves.
T���^^^^|    |^     Are  something'  you   want  good.
11   V^Vb/Lsj^sJ     We have therefore purchased the
best goods that money can buy, and feel satisfied a call will
convince you.
Jtitt a word about
We carry an elefraiit line of Inside and Front Door Sets, Hulls,       CJ
etc.    All   the   Newest,   Designs,  and   at   the   Lowest
Prices.    Dtop in and see them aud gel prices
Vancouver Hardware Co,, ml ��
NELSON,   B.C. ��
Limitku���linker Street,, Nelson, whulu-
halo doalors in hard waro and mining HiipulluH,
plumbers'nnd tinsmith's supplies.
sale paints and oils.
��� Vernon and JoHophino streets, No'.son
wholesalo doaleiH in liquor* eitfurs uud dry
lioode. Agontsfor PabsiBrowing I'o. of Mil.
waukee and Onlgojy Brewing Co, of Calgary,
UDSON'S BAY CO.-Wholesale groceries and liquors, oio., linker St.., Nelson.
JY GRIFFIN 4 OP.-OoraOr Vernon
��� ��nd Josephino Streets. Nelson, wholesale
dualoralri provisions, cured incuts, butler and
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
Temperance Hotel,
The Family Resort of the
The Waverly Hotel
G-room Bouse on Coiner Hoover St.,
well finished, $H<Xt.
2 Beautiful Lots on  corner,  close to
Car Line almost given away.
��� Fire, Life Accident and Sickness Insurance ntTccttd on best terms.
Money lent ou Improved ileal Estate
Next door to New Hank of Montreal,
on Kootenay Street,
Nelson, 1!.C.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland, Me.
Allan Line "Nuuililliu," March ,'U
Allnn Lino "I 'arlnlnn" April 7
Dominion Lino "Uouiinion" April II
Dominion Lino "IJaii.broiii.in" April 1,
From SL John, N. H.
Doavor Lino "Ijilto Ruporlor" April 4
Ucaver Lino "Lindtnuiu" April II
From Hulifux, N. S.
Allnn Lino "Niiiuldlnn" A pill 1
Allili Lino "PariHinn"  April H
Dominion Lino "001111111011" April 11
Iloaver Line "Lake.Superior" April,',
Doavor IJne "Ltixltunlu" April 12
.....    ���      .. From Now York
WhltoStnr Lino "Germanic" April 4
Whit* Star Line "Oceanic" April IN
('uiinrd Line "Lucunlu" April 7
Canard Lino "K' rnrlu" April 14
��iiiorlmn Lino "Bt, Paul" April I
Hod Star Lino "Krlcslaud" April I
Anchor  Lino "Klhiopiu" April 7
North German  Lloyd "daule"  April 9
Allan BUito Lino "Corcun" April 12
PaHHAgoH arranged to und from ull Kuroponu
point*.   For ratcH, tickets and full Information
applytoC.P. II, dopotngent or (J  K.  He;, .ley
Ully I',,.- ��� ,��� i,,;e 1 Agent, Nelson, II. 11
-.. ilopot agent
PofHcngoi Agent, Nclwon, II. 11
Bonnral Agent.. (' P. K. Offloci  Winnipeg
Board and  Room.
First Class Hoard and Room;
Todd's old stand, in rear English
Church. Table Board, $4; Board
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
�� WE   HAVE   SOLD   75/   OF   ALL   THE ft
l                       FIRE BRICK and
'.%      Used in the Kootenay.
*   Steel Mining Rails. |:
:���! Blacksmith Coal. |,
5 Sewer Pipe, Etc.   fi
I        H. J. EVANS & CO.        f
;-2 NELSON, B.C. >
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manauer.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Great Reduction!
(aSS, $9.65 per Ton
$6.15 per T
poi)*fc Worn).
Merchant  Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
civil And MsahnnloRl Koginoors,
VANCOHVliM   AND    NI-I.SON,   B.   C.
Blippilcl ami BrMtod,
AOKNTS for Urn KMon Iron WprkN.TVlboOoV
4 WilioxIlollurCo., Ciniildi's Win- Hope
uiil KOPSWS]% KU;., 1.1,.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin,  B.
jC, and Dawson City, Yukon
i District.
J. T. I'lKltKK
Nelson  Tailoring,  OleaniDg and Dyeing
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleane 1
dyed, altered and repaired.
K<-��r t'Urke Haul. MEUON
Mining stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining   Stock   of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Big-Horn Treasury. A snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock,   Bold
ou installments 7>^o., lj^c per month.
House and  Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
14-Room   House,   cheap;   terms
easy;   close in.
H. A.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
Room 1. Tunwr-Boeok Block.
0 Rooms, all conveniences, corner, 2 lots $8,200
8 Rooms, flrst-class finish	
all conveniences, corner, 2 lots 2,(IW
8 Rooms, comfortable  home, all
conveniences, coiner, 2 lots 3,W
First-class corner, 2 lot��, on Stanley!
splendid opportunity for big rental.
Houses and lots in ull units ot the
Now is the time lo buy.
Houston Blook,    -   Ne'son.
Some Choice Lots and Mouses for Saw
A gent Montreal Loan & Investment ('"
In tbe matter of an application for s
rinplioate of a certiflnato ut title to lob
eleven (11) and twelve (18), Monk
tweutv-seven (87), City of Nelson, 11.
Notice is hereby givon that it is mj
intention at the expiration of oim
month trom the publication hereof, t
issue a duplioate of the certificate I <
title to the above lands, issued !���
George A. B. Hall, on the 80th day <���
December, 1898, and mimliered IBM I\
Land Registry Ofllce,   Victoria,   1
C, JOtb February, 190 J.


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