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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 18, 1899

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Dai!) Edition No. 215.
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday, January 18,   1S99.
Ninth Yea
Criticises the Spirit of Jingoism and Imperialism-
Says the World is Nearer the Beginning 0
its Difficulties Than the
London, Jbd. 17.���The Bight Honorable John Morley, Liberal member of
Parliament from Montrose Burghs, addressing bis constitutents this evening
at Breslin, said he entirely oonourred
with the reasons whiob led Sir William
Vernon Harcourt to resign the leadei-
ship of tbe Liberal party in the House of
Commous. It was bis own intention, he
declared, to retire from active and responsible participation in tbe formal
oounoils of the heads of the Liberal pai -
ty, although his zealous and eager oi ���
operation oould always be counted upon
for the Bdvanoement of every Liberal
Mr. Merely p.oceeded to criticise the
"Prevailing spirit ot jingoism and imperialism." He denounced it as "entirely
opposed to all the lessons of Mr. Gladstone, lessons to whieh be would feel
himself untrue, where be to allow himself to drift in acquiescence with a course
of polioy of which he believed injurious
to our material prosperity, to tbe national character and to the strength and
safety of the imperial state."
He frankly admitted that he took a
pessimistic view of the difficulties threatening throughout the worh-i.
"I think," be exclaimed, ''we are nearer the beginning of them than the  end."
It was hiB Arm conviction that "The
prevailing spirit ot Imperialism must inevitably bring militaryism to a gigantic
daily growing expenditure, increased
power to aristrocats and privileged
classes and war."
operation, The Bellevue patient is
Ch ilea Weiuhold, thirty-four years
old, a car driver of 65(1 Tenth Avenue.
He is a very laige man, being six feet
tall, weighing 200 pounds. Weinhold
was taken to bellevue hospital this
morning gasping for breath. There
wns an enormous growth on the right
s'de of his face. He wns unable to
speak and could neither tell his symptoms nor explain the cause, although
the doctors attribute it to either the
extraction or decay of a tooth. There
was not even time for an nnacthetic to
he administered and the lance was
used at once by Doetor Bart Wilson.
A Few More Words About  the Senate
Toronto, Jan 17.���The Globe says
editorially under the heading of "Unnecessary Excitement": More fuss is
being made over the remarks of Bourt-
not an the senate than is warranted by
the importance of the incident. We
are in favor of the abolition of the
Senate and we find on looking through
exchanges at least 00 per cent of all the
Liberal journals in Ontario and a large
proportion elsewhere are of the same
opinion, but we fail to see any formidable objection to Sir John Bonrinotor
anybody else wiiting ou the. other side.
Strictly speaking, we suppose, civil
servants ought to keep out of political
discussions but in this case, argument
is so one sided we feel like allowing defenders of the Seuate all the latitude
they desire. In any case we see veiy
little to object to in the remarks of the
Olerk of the Commons. He said in
the most inoffensive language that the
objections to the Seuate will hardly be
removed while its members are the
creation of a party long in power are
perfectly sound propositions. He also
thinks there should be a second chamber to represent tlie Conservative element in the democracy, We think the
influence of democracy on the people
the very least of dangers which imperil good governments. It is things
that are done behind scenes thnt lire
dangerous. People are not always
light of comse, but they are more
often fight than kings, lords, legislators, corporations, civil and esslesinsti-
cal persons who pull wires. When
people are wrong It is the business of
public men to educuto them. That is
the t ne remedy for mob rule and
And First  Successful  Operation  For
Ludwig's Angina.
New York, Jan/ 17���The first success
ful operation for Ludwig's Angina, the
third case of its kiud in medical history, was performed at Bellevue hospital today. It is that peculiar and
fatil malady in which there is an accumulation of pus in the throat that
chokes its victim to death. Only two
other cases have been reported and
neither of the  patients   survived   the
Reported to Have  Heen Wrecked  on
an Icefloe.
London, Jan. 17,���The Norwegian
sealer Haanfegen whieh has arrived
here reports that in July, 1808 while
between Greenland and Iceland, an immense icefh e wns encountered on
which was sighted a heap of ropes and
rubbish. This was possibly the wreck
of Andree's baloon.
Washington, Jan. 17.���The Democratic opponeuts of the peace treaty were in
conference several hours today devising
ways and means for conducting their
contest. They resolved to inBist upon
an amendment placing the Philippines
on the same footing in their leiation to
the United States as Cuba and to make
a persistent fight if this concession was
not granted,
Portsmouth, England, Jan. 17- President Rafael Igleslns, of Costa Rieo,
visited Queen Victoria at Osborne
House, Isle of Wight, this afternoon,
The warships here dressed ship and
died n salute of 21 guns in honor nf the
Rev- Thomas McAdam, Formerly of North
Bay, Drowned on Toronto
Toronto, Out., Jan. 17.���About 2
o'clock this morning the loud barking ol
a dog ou the frozen bay nttraoted thi
attention of a watchman to au ice hole.
He tried to chase the dog away but thi
animal would not go. A search showed
a seal cap lying ou the ice ueai the boh
and foot prints in the vicinity ns if somi
one had gone through. The police were
called aud after much effort succeeded
in bringing out the body of a drowned
mBU. ThiB morning it was identified as
that of Rev. Thos. McAdam, He was 55
years ot age and was a minister of the
Presbyterian ohurch, though at present
without a ohuroh. He was lately stationed at North Bay and prior to that
was a professor in Moriu oollege, Montreal. He was a scholarly mau and had
many friends iu the city, where he had
been stopping for the past ten weeks.
Lust Suuday he preached twice to Wesl-
min ter ohuroh. The cause of the
drowning is a matter of conjecture.
Whether death was the re .i.lt'of acii lei t
or not is not known. The remains were
identified by his wife, who with him,
has been stopping iu the oity for the
past ten d��ys. Deceased was in full
possession of his faculties last  evening.
The Natives are Very Troublesome in
Specimen, China,
London, Jan, 17���A Central News
despatch from Szeohuen conttima the
report of an attack upon foreign missionaries at that place by Chinese. The
Church Missionary Society has re.
ceived a letter from the Protestant
mission at Szeohuen, which says that a
tierce attack has been made made by
natives upon the Catholic mission
there, but at the time of writing the
Protestant MLslon was still unharmed,
although the anti-foreign feeling wns
increasing. The people, lhe letter
says, are taught to believe that tie
saints' bones displayed in the Catholio
re.ics, are really the hones of Chinese
who had been murdered.
London, Jau. IB.���The Odessa correspondent of the Standard says: "The
Russian Government is arranging for
combined military and naval evolutions
on a grand scale next spring in Russian
China, a feature being au assuult upon
and capture of Port Arthur."
England Now France's National Enemy-
The Iron Chancellor Hoped to Live to See
France Forced Into Such
an Alliance.
Paris, Jan. 17.���Ever since the much
discussed conference in Berlin on Jen.
8 between Emperor William and the
Marquis de Nacilles, Fienohmen have
been aotively discussing tlie possibility
of a French-German alliance. The idea
is meeting with approval in certain quarters, now that Frenchmen have come to
regard England rather than Germany as
the national enemy. M. Ernest Daudet,
the novelist, is an advocate of such an
entente which the Courier du Soir considers "Quite possible."
Le Soir publishes today some alleged
conversations of the late Priuoe Bis-
mark during the closing year of his life,
according to which his dream was to
found a colonial empire. Fearing, however, that this would alarm British in-
terestsjhe determined to force France into colonial enterprises, hoping thereby
to embroil her with Gieet Britain and to
hive her into the arms of Germany and
This new triple alliance, Bismarck believed, would force England to draw
back and allow Germany to establish
colouies in complete siourity. the exposition of Bismarckiau policy, says Le
Soir, explains the whole secret of the
present attitude of German.
The Ambassador at London Speaks
Words of Paaco.
London, Jan. 17.���The French Ambassador here, M. Paul Cambou, replying to au address of the International
Arbitration Association at the embassy
here today, said that no feeling of
hostility towards the British existed
in France. The presses on both sides
be added, hud exaggerated tho little
frictiou over the Fashoda incident,
whieh was only temporary. France
eordially supported the Czar's aims,
hut the Ambassador feared that their
praotical realization would be a long
time coming.
Question of D. tumid Succession is
Causing Some Frictiou.
Belli . Jnn. 17���In the Reichstag
today Heir I.eiizmann Freisinnige,
Peoples' parly, raised the question of
theLippe Detmold succession, strongly
criticised the decision of the Federal
Counoil, and called upon the people of
Detmold to draft their succession law
without delav. This evening papers
c imnienl on the statement of Prince
Hohenlohe as very unsatisfactory and
as leaving the vital points untouched.
Meanwhile Lippe has beeu further annoyed by powerful Pllissiu. The Lippe
Diet has been c impelled to adjourn
because it was f< und that the railway
project with the West Pluilian Railroad Company had failed, owing to the
opposition of the Prussian Government.
Five Children Drowned in a Pond at
the Foot of a Hill.
Scran ton, Pa., Jan. 17���Five small
hoys met their death in a drowning
accident today at South Gibson a small
country hamlet near Foster, Saspue-
henna county. They were Mi riitt
Kobers, Gaylord Pritchnrd, Jay Tripp,
Willie Holmes and Myrtle Howell
Their nges wtre from 7 to 10 years.
They coasted down a hill into a
mill pond.
London, Jan, 17--U is announced
that the Portsmouth reserve fleet is
not to be disbanded The .hips are to
return to their resptctive porls, in
order that the crews of the vessels may
obtain short lenvo, after which they
will reassemble in the latter part of
February. This action is regarded is
evidence that the Government still
considers the position extremely
Work On the Flume To Begin at Once.
One Portion of it to Be Bushed to Completion- No Trouble in Securing
Water Eights.
The first section of the flume proposed by and npon which work was
commenced by the council of last year
will he completed by the present council. This was the decision arrived at
at a meeting of the counoil yesterday
afternoon. The work of construction
which had been suspended during the
past few days will begin anew nt once
und within two veeks after he gets
the lumber on the ground, City Engineer McCulloch promises to hnve the
tlume completed, assuring good eleetrio
light service to business houses and
residences alike aud permitting buildings which are not now wired to have
snch improvement made.
Yesterday's meeting was called to
order shortly after 2 o'clock with a full
attendance. After some matters of
minor importance had been attended
to , the electric light flume question
was taken up. Aid. Fletcher stated
that he had spoken to the Gold Commissioner with regard to the water
rights and had beeu informed by him
that the city could undoubtedly secure
the rights if the matter was taken up
at once. The application of the Dominion Development Co. and F. August Heinse was for water in Salmon River at a point near Erie and
did not affect the water which the
city had staked. A payment of $44.50
must be made at ouce. however, on the
application originally made. Iu addition Mr. Fletcher learned that the city
could take advantage of the application any time within tbe next (10 days,
and that if any extension of time was
required it would undoubtedly be
The question of the necessary legislation required to enable the city to
acquire the water rights was then
taken up and Messrs, Macdouald and
Johnson were Instructed to prepare it.
In this connection City Engineer McCulloch was instructed to at once make
application for the water, amending
the original application to provide for
water for domestio as well as industrial
The matter of tho water rights practically settled, Aid. Thomson thought
that the ouly thing to be discussed was
whether or not work ou the flume
should be continued. Hu believed that
all of the aldermen were of the same
mind in the regard. Over $1000 had
already been expended nnd lumber had
been ordered. It was necessary that
the electric light plant should be increased iu capacity and he bolieved.
therefore, that the first section of the
fhimo should be immodiatly bnilt.
There was of course the question of
ways and menus. The first section
would cost $7500. Toward this there
was $4000 from the electric light de-
hentures, leaving a sum of $)1800 to be
raised in order to complete the work.
Aid. Fletcher suggested that the
city would in all probability be required to make a loan of about $!15, ���
ooi) for needed improvements on the
water works, sewers aud electric light
plant, and in view of this ho thought
it would bo wiso to go ahead with the
Hume work at once, leaving tho matter
of finances to ho discussed at a later
Aid. Thomson acted upon Aid.
Fletcher's suggestion, and moved,
seconded by Aid. Hillyer, that tho
mayor be authorized to instruct the
city engineer to rush the work ou the
first seotion of the flume, the money
for such work to be paid at present out
of current receipts, the question as to
whether tho charge should be made to
"current" or "dobenture" uocount to
he laid over till some future period.
In answer to  an enquiry City Engineer MoOulloch stated that within two
weeks  after   the  lumber   was on the
ground  the flumo  could be completed.
In accordance with instructions
given him at Monday's meeting, City
Clerk Straohan and that he had spoken
with ex-Mayor Houston regarding the
hook and ladder truck and had learned
that the apparatus in question had not
been ordered. Upon motion of Aid,
Hillyer the Mayor was empowered to
appoint a committee of two to enquire
ana report as to apparatus needed for
the fire department, His Worship naming Aid. Hillyer and Fletcher as the
committee. On motion of Aid. Beer,
seconded by Aid, Kirkpitrick, the
public works committee was instructed
to report as to the desirably and probable cost of au electric fire alarm system.
Aid. Thomson presented a resolution
providing that all cheeks drawn on the
city's account be signed by the mayor
and acting city treasurer and that Aid.
G. Frank Beer he appointed acting
city treasurer, whioh resolution wns
Aid. Beer asked for an opinion in
regard to the matter of employing
British subjects on public works instead of aliens. He did not mean to
be entirely exclusive but he thought
men who were citizens should he given
the first opportunity. It would also
have tho effect of inducing foreigners
to become naturalized. Aid. Beer's
sentiments met the approval of his
Aid. Beer asked if it would not be
advisable to secure from a valuator a
statement as to the value of the electric light plant. The other aldermen
did not thiuk so. The plant had already beeu purchased and it would do
no good they thought to secure a valuation now. Aid. Beer therefore let
the matter drop.
Aid. Fletcher, McKillop and Hillyer
were appointed a committee to negotiate for a settlement of the difficulties
now in litigation in regard to the
electric light plant.
The city engineer was instructed to
use all efforts to remedy the existing
trouble in the water main on Victoria
street between Josephine and Ward.
The conucil then adjourned until
next Monday at 7 :!!() p.m.
Power   of   Parnelism    is  on the   Wan
and the Labor Party
Is  flaming.
Dublin, Jan. 17���Judging from the
results known at midnight, the elections held today have been remarkable
for the success of the.Laborites and the
waning power of Pnrnellisin. The
new feature is that women wero allowed to vote for the first time. In
Dublin the representation of labor has
1 een quadrupled, while the Parnellites
have secured little more than half
their former strength, although owing
to internal dissensions in Mr. John
Redmond's party, it is rather difficult
to give an accurate estimate. Mr.
Redmond himself has been elected for
oue ward, but he did net head the poll
and therefore misses the aldermanship. Mr. Tim Harrli gton, member of
parliament for the Harbor division of
Dublin, is iu the same boat, having
been topped by a new Laborile. In
Cork the Parnellites have done better,
but they havo failed to retain their
f ,rmcr ascendancy, having now only a
majority of one over tlie Dlllonites,
while the Lahorites have secured nine
scats. Wherever, however, the issue
was between a Parnellile and an atiti-
P.iruelliteand the question was squarely fought without internal squabbles,
ns at Killkenny and Wexford, the
Parnellites were victorious. Speaking
generally, there is an increase of Na-
tiona'.ist power, but nothing like a rigorous exclusion of Unionist,
The elections were to the town councils and were held throughput Ireland.
These are the first elect ions under the
new law. Only a few minor disturbances are reported,
Charles B. Wolverlon, of Nelson,  Blew
His Brains Out.
A telegram received in the city from
Boise, Idaho, yesterday, nunc.uncid
that, Charles I!. Wolverlon, formeily
chief of police and until recently a
citizen of Nelson, had committed suicide by blowing his brains out. He
had been drinking since his arrival at
Boise and claimed to have been robbed
of all bis money. He gave no other
reason for committing the rash act.
Wolverton   was   well   known   here,
I where be has heen   residing for some
I years,    He was an unmarried  man of
thirty-three years   of age.     At  ore
I time he was connected with the C.   P.
; R. offices here.
Bishop Potter Startles a Temperance Gathering.
Refers to the Saloon as Snch���More  Poor
Thau Bich; More Saloons
Than Clubs.
New York, .Ian. 17���Bishop Potter
startled the members of the Church
Temperance Society at a meeting in
the Waldorf-Astoria hotel hist uight.
In his addre?s he s_nid the sa'oon was a
necessity under the present conditions
ofaffaiis. Joseph H. Choate, in a
speech, took the opposite view. The
meeting was held to gather money for
the proposed Squirrel Inn, a temperance establishment for the Bowery,
where the working people can go and
spend their evenings. Bishop Potter
was to speak upon the "Church and
Temperance," but he confined himself
wholly to saloons as a necessity.
"We may abuse it." he said, "anathematize it. but it is ii necessity as a
social intercourse. Relaxation and refreshments are necessities. The
saloons exists because you and 1 have
given our brother uo better lliings. It
is the (ruth; you may not like to hear
it, but it is s<\ We, who belong to the
so-called favored classes,have our clubs.
But the poor man cannot afford $100
a year for a club and so he frequents
the saloons. Let there be no mistake,
the man who keeps a saloon defends
t, and justly, as the poor man's club.
There are more pool than rich, more
saloons than clubs. The man who
keepsthe saloon and who says it is
I be poor man's club tells the truth.
Can anyone blame the poor laboring
man, weary of his day's work, because
he leaves his squalid home, his wife
and his squealing child-en and seeks
in the brightly lighted, comfortable
saloon, the Society of congenial com-
The temperance people present present were startled at such sentiments
from Bishop Potter, but be was thoroughly in earnest. His address had
the effect lo cause the rich men present to go deeper into their pockets for
funds to establish the Squirrel Inn.
Already Twenty-Six Deaths Have Been
Caused By tho Conflict.
London, Jan. 18.���The Buda Pest
correspondent of the Daily Mail says
that au Agrarian revolt is in full swing
in the Arad district. Fierce conflicts
have taken i lace in which 10 rebels and
10 soldiers have been killed and the
rebellion is rapidly spreading.
Columbus, Jnn. 18.���Jndge Swartze,
in police court, sustnined the demurrer
to tbe affidavit against the carpenter
Frank WeBterman, who was arrested on
a charge of defying the state anti-trust
law in being a member of the union.
The court held that labor conventions
were not trusts.
Buda Pest, Jan. 17���A fierce election
not took place today at (Tj-Kzdent-
Aiiiiii.in the county of Agad, Hungary,
and it is reported that four persons
were killed and 1(1 wounded, Troops
have been despatched to the   scene  of
the disturbance  from the town   of
St. Louis, Mo, Jan. 17-In a crowded
street car on board of which waa a policeman, three men today robbed W.
II. Snider, resident manager of the
National Fire Insurance Company, of n
jewel case cont dning between 13,001)
and 11,000 worth of jewelery and escaped with the booty.
London, Jan, IH.���The Madrid corres
pondent of the Daily Chronicle says he
is able to confirm the report that the
Government intends to ask the Coites lo
B inc!ion the sale of the Caroline, Marianne and Pellew on the ground that
Spain is unable to provide the necessary
naval and military forces to protect
"NTol *f\r\      Ttailv     M-i-nft-p ever its political complexion   might  eminent announces its  intentions, the
iNcJsUli     UdilJ y     lVlillCl!. railway company can   make  arrange
Pa ilished Daily except Bur day,
I). J.   BKA.TCN, Man.gini!  Director and
Kdi.oriti-Chlef |
AU- I'OMMUN 10ATION   to the Editor niu.-t
be iccominnled by H13 name and address
of the wi Iter, not n,>ce��virily for publicn-
n, but as evidence of Rood faith.
Sopscription Rates,
Dally per month by carr'or I 100
per month by mat    1 Of
oer half yet   by in;ill    5 00
per year  WO
per year foreign  18 M
Nki^on Wkekiv Miner.
Weekly, pel half year $126
per year    2 00
���       peryoar, foreign    300
Subscription! a variably in advance.
Notices  of Births,   l)3aths, and Marriages
aserted for 50 cents each.
Advertbring rt tos made Known on application
Nelson Miner Printing & Publish IngCo
moots In four or live days."
But first it would be   interesting  :	
to know what the   Senate   has   de-    SEW BRUNSWICK ELEOTIOBS,
nied to the country, in all the   years  uu.y U) Tak(, place  A1)|)ut Uu< Km,
from 1878 to 1896, that the country ()[ Febrnaryi
really demanded. It cannot be Ottawa, Ont��� Jan. 17-It Is reported
charged with neglect if there was kere that the general elections will
nothing to check. What were the take place in New Brunswick about
measures, in    the   opinion    of   The ! the end of February.   There is a ses-
^, , ., , ., c ,, ,, ���,ij i,���,.,! sum of the Legislature yet to run, but
Globe, that the Senate should  have  .     ,���        .   7 ,,
it will not be held,
resisted, and what are   its   reasons     j R M(;Greg()1. ()f BrandoDi lD8pec.
for believing the country demanded Lor of Mines on the Yukon, leaves for
that they should be resisted? With- , Dawson City in nbout two weeks. Me-
out some specific information in  re-  Gregor is now here.     It  is  probable
that Mr. F. 0. Wade and Captain Bliss
may go along with him.
Groceries,Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
There are some features in the
game of politics as played at Victoria that outsiders do not readily
comprehend. Resignations are not
a usual or popular thing with members,but just now they are as numerous as blackberries in June. A few-
weeks ago two of them resigned for
some trifling breach of the Act to
preserve the independence of the
Legislature,and they were re-elected.
Since then four others have resigned
for similar reasons, and another
four are making inquiries to ascertain if it is necessary they should do
likewise. These latter comprise tu o
members of the Government and
two leaders of the Opposition. It
is difficult to decide if this is play or
whether it is all meant seriously.
The nature of these pretended
breaches may be gathered from the
character of one of them. Col.
Baker is mixed up with the Canadian
Pacific Company in the ownership
of a townsite. He is afraid the Company may have had some dealings
with the Government, in which case
he would be an offender against the
Act and to escape punishment would
have to resign.
No one supposed for a moment
the Legislature ever contemplated
that these acts should be regarded
as violations of the law. It is trifling with the common sense and
gravity of the people of the Province
to pretend that because a Government Police officer bought a few
cartridges in a store, the owner of
it, who was a member, thereby forfeited his seat; or because a road
gang on some Government work
bought hay at the Premier's ranch,
he is thereby disqualified. Why,
then, the resignations and threatened
resignations? Are the people at
Victoria such desperate hair-splitters
that an innocent thing like these is
to be magnified into an offence?
They may be violations, according
to the strictest reading of them. If
we are to take as law the finest
technicalities of the law, it may be
that there have been breaches of it.
But it requires that there shall be
some one behind, insisting on the
technicalities and threatening vengeance. Who is it? Are these
members actually being threatened
with proceedings for these trivial
and unconscious . offences, or is
it merely a game among the members themselves to force a crisis?
Whatever the cause or motive, the
thing itself, so far as the public can
understand it, is supremely ridiculous. It looks like very ill-judged,
inconsiderate  fooling.
spect to these, our contemporary's
point is not nearly us good as it
Its greatest mistake, however, is
in assuming that Conservative
Senators are bound to regard public
questions precisely as Liberal members of the House of Commons. If
we concede what The Globe expects,
that Liberal members are always
right, then Conservative Senators
do wrong in resisting anything they
propose. The country, however,
does not concede this. The Senate
may have been extremely docile
during the years named, but it was
because its members believed as the
Conservative majority in the other
House believed, We have no right
to charge them with too ready submission to the majority in the Commons, because, being Conservatives
themselves, they believed in Conservative policy. And il is a much
too extravagant demand to say that
they shall repudiate their Conserva-
ive principles merely because the
majority in the other House happens
to be Liberal. The Senate is to be
judged, not in regard to its attitude
towards the Commons, but rather
its attitude towards the country. If
it can be shown that during those
years it permitted measures to pass
that the country did not want, or in
more recent times refused measures
the country did want, it is put on
the defensive. Otherwise it is serving the purpose for which it was
created, and a very useful purpo
it is.
What a happy place Sandon
ought to be! There nrein it, all told,
eleven ratepayers who can qualify
as members of the Council. Four
of them refused to stancl as candidates, and the remaining seven had
necessarily to accept election ns
Mayor and Aldermen. This is simplicity itself.
A Stout Word For Nlomn.
While there is, it must be acknowledged, more or lei-s of a craze after gold
properties, there is no tenable reason
that it should be so, nor do we believi
the preference would remain, if only the
naked facts were properly given to the
world. As a rule what capital is after
is dividends; and while there is a strong
desire amongst the staid capitalists
England for permanenoy iu Investments
with moderate dividends, this principle
is not largely shared in hy enpit lists Ihe
world over. In conservative and more
enterprising ciieles tbe idea is to secure
the largest dividends, Iu view of all Ihe
facts and circumstances, then, it must
be self-evident to those, who take tin
business view of it, that the Slocan is
the held of all others for Ihe most 1.
inuneralive investments, Sand in M 1
ing Review.
"The Conservative journals,"says
The Toronto Globe, "have discovered |
that unless the Senate is a check on
the House of Commons it is useless.
It is surprising that none of them
perceived this fact in all the years
from 1878 to 1896." Not being a
Conservative journal, The Miner is
not in the least   disturbed   by    this
Superintendent   Murray  says Everything is in < I.kiiI Shape.
Mr. .1. Murray, superintendent of
the Manitoba division of the 0, I'. I!,
who has been filling the place of   Mr,
Mcl.eoil, during the hitter's absence in
the east, ns superintendent uf tho
Ci'.iw's Nest rund, onino Into town last
night o ihe Moyie nnd registered at
the I'liiiir. On being Interviewed hy a
Miner icporter he said:
"Everything is working most saiis
fiietiirily on I he Crow's Ni st I'ass road.
We have now helwi-eu Hoi) ni d UH) men
I at work ballast Ing tie Hue, Worlds completed in places, hut will not be all finished for some lime to come, Tmre
has heen no trouble from snow for the
past ten (lays, though at one I iuie I In y
had experienced trouble at the eustern
end of the line in Ibis respect.
"The towns of 1'Vrnie and Crim-
brook,"Mr, Murray continued, "are go-
New Books.
With Kitchener to Khartoum, by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Thome,
H. Ridei Haggard.
Linnet,        -       Grant Allen.
Britain's Roll of Glory,
D. H. Parry.
Fights For the Flag,
W. H. Fitchet
Deeds That Won the
Empire, W. II. Fitchet.
Whittaker's   Almanac   1899.
Established 187H.
The Brackman b Ker Milling
Company, Ltd.
Beg to announce that they have opened a Branch House in  Nelson and
will Carry a Full Line of
Hay, Oats, Mill Feed, Rolled Oats, Graham
Floui, Etc.
TEMPORARY WAREHOUSE:���Turner, Beeton's  Warehouse  on C.
P. R. Siding, below Gray's Planing Mill.
CITY OFFICE:���Room 6,   Aberdeen   Block,   Baker    Street.
Write for Quotations in Car Lois.
Victoria,  Vancouver,   New Westminster,
South Edmonton, Nelson.
Office and Pocket
Diaries, 1899.
Start the
New Year
As You
neat thrust.    Conservative journals I Ing rapidly ahead, and   new  buildings
may resent it if disposed; but as it is '' "���"' bolnB constantly erected.   'I he St,
cur Mi
Cit.y is | re
.    The mini'
we   may
point out where the Toronto   organ I ond the work of loading  is   going on.
is deceiving itself.       For we can as-, Altogether 'he freight business is vi ry
sure   it   that there are many others HI'liHIIl,:l,"'y nnd we nre handling large
.    ��� i    ,. ,. , , ,,     quantities every   day.    There   is  a
be.sidesConservative.swhowould.be   '       ,        .     ,   .       }      ,    ���
postal service twice a week  From  the
very sorry indeed to give a tree rein BMt ��� fllI.lia c,mlb ook( ,,ut ���om, fmm
to the   House of Commons,   what-  Kootemiy eftit,   As  soon us the gov-
... . ,���   I'.ilgrnr nun
intended as an argument in favor of       ,
. poring to ship extensively
the abolition ot the Senate, we   may | ������,.������.���,, ,���lS ���,m ,lh ,���/,���,. foi, go ,.,���,���
Subscribe for
and Advertise in the
Kootenay's   Greatest
Better Than Ever.
Reliable Mining News
Your Dining Room
Is Not Furnished
If you have not a Block Calendar with its daily quotation from Shakespeare, Dickens, Tennyson, Hardel or
Schumann.    They are useful, entertaining and instructive.
Thomson Stationery Co'y
Have them on Sale.    Get One	
7:110 a.m.���S. S. Alberta leaves for
Knskonook and way points
Tuesday, Thursday and
8:00 a.m.���S.S. Moyie leaves for Kootenay L'd'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
9:00 a.in ���Train leaves 0. P. R. station for Slocan Oity, daily
except Sunday.
9:40 a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Kossland, Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokunee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
2:20 p.m.���Train arrives 0. P. R. station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, except
4:(HJ p.m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kuslu and way points,
daily, except Sunday .
4:30 p.m.���S. S, International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
duilv except Sunday.
5:110 p.m.���Train arrives N. & F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
6:50 p.m.���8. S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
6:80 p.m.���S. S. Alberta arrives from
Knskonook and way points
Tuesday. Thursday and
0:40 p.in. ���Train leaves 0. P. R. station for Robson, Rosslaud,
and all Main Line points,
10:80 p.m.���Train arrives 0. P. R. station, from all Main Line
points, Rossland and Robson, daily
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to und from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival and depnrture.
Transportation Companies are requested lo
give notice to tho Minor of any alterations lu
the time of irrivul and dooarture from Nelson.
dor. Mavo & Salter 5te.
Carload   of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
N'feLSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. & A.
M. moots socond Wednesday In each
month.   Visiting brethren Invttod.
O. L. Lrnnox. Secretary.
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its  branches.
We have our own Hearse.
The   Following   Direct  Shipments
Just Received
Cigars  From   Havanna���Bock  & Co's
Henry Clays.
From   Alexandria,   Egypt���Hadges   Nessim
From Reims, France���
Golden   Eagles,
Pommery Champagne, Quarts  and
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodgo
No. 10, moots every Monday night,
at   their   Hall.   Kootonay afaet.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially lnvltad.
A. H. Clements, N. o.      Fred J Squiro*. secy
Isl and 3rd Wednesday In each month in the
K of P Hull. ,K VV SwanelL O. D, s. 0, It.; J It
Qreou.C.R,: a. Farklss, Scoy.
NELSONLOIIOK.NO. in A.O.L'.W., meets
every Thursday tn Iho 1,0.0.7. ball. O 0
Williams. M.W.: W s Smith, Rcc.-Sec,; J. J.
Drtseoll, Financier; F. J Squire. Iloceiver, and
I'. M. W.
NKI.SON L.O.L. No. llill! meets In tho Mao
Donald block every Thursday evening ut 8
uVlotk Visiting members cordially Invited.
John Tovo, W, M.; V. J. Bradloy, It. s.
NKI.SON   LODGE No. !��, K. of   P.
KmoetS in Castle hall, McDonald block
vvery   Tuesday  evening at. 8 o'clock.
(All visiting knights  cordially Invited.
It. G. Joy, C. C.
ISJijI Gko. ROBS K. of R, and S.
NKLSON   LODGE.   I. O. G. T.      MeeU In
Oastle Hall, McDonald  Dlock, every Monday
i veiling  al 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cordially Invited, John Tki.kobd.
Chief Tumplar.
J. F. JacobHon   Sec'y
Watch For Them
His Excellency and the Blue Buds.
They arc our New Brands of  Cigars���Royal  Seal,   Kootenay Belle, Little Gem are the Others.
Royal Hotel
Jobbing in foreign Raw leaf Tobacco and imported   Cigars.
You can buy our brands of Cigars at "Smokers'
ters," W. A. Thurman, Proprietor.
The News of
the World
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Post Office Box 126, Nelson, B. C
#   BUY IT    #
The Miner is on sale at  the  following news stores at five cents per
Thotnnon -Iftt-lotiorjr Co
(���aniwiu Drug & Book OOi
IIoU'1 Ilurnr Nuwh Ntuiul
��� l>  Oampboll
c. v. Nolson
J. K Dolanoy
Blooan NmvH ('o.
.). I. MchilMhii
Blooan Mowa Co.
w. Parkor
Thompson Unm,
Hotel Spokane
M, VV. BlmpBOD
M, Anderson
l\ W. Hill
Nrl' un
New Denver
Blooan Olty
Blooan Crosilng
Oasoaao uiiy
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
trains out of Nelson.
. . ��� GOING EAST
Uhou Unit. qltuM lino  hi traveling botwomi
Ml.imiiipi, Ik. HI.  M u,���,   OfiToago,  i.
tt)��  iirlnuliiiil i,ownn In Control Wftooiliili
Pullman Palaoo Bleeping and cimir O&w
service       .       .
j The Dining Obm are operated In thelnterott ur
Ik imii'iiiik, t,i���, most elogunt.��ervloi> over
Inaugurated.  Ueala aroeorveda laOarti.
I'n obtain flret olaaa sorvloe your ticket should
road via        .        ,        .
*     THE WISCONSIN     *
+     CENTRAL LINES     +
Dlreot oonneettona at Oliloago and Milwaukee
101'llll Ii.iikIoi'11 pninl :.
^BgenMr'wIte011 ���".��n your nulir0Hl "*���'
Jam. a. ('.Louie,       or      Jab. C. Pond.
0ono0ir��'L.A,Wl     . aonorftl P** Agont
8*8 Stark Street, MIlwunUiu.
Portland  Ore. Milwaukee.
R.   Cameron,
Notice of Application for Liquor License
'lako notloo lliiii, I, Robert I'Yoy,  will a|>|il)'
in the Gold Oommlgeloner of Wont Kootenay,
B. p.. thirty days after date, for a lioenoe to
noli liquor by  retail at my hotel, locatod nl
Mountain Killing, |n Won!. Kiiotoniiy dlStrloL
Dated at Nelson, B, 0��� this loth day of De
ooinbor, 18118.
The York County Loan & Savings Co., of Toronto.
Subsoribed Capital, $8,000,000) Total Assets
Paid Deo, isii7, $4O(U0O.0S| Not Earnings (or 'ii",
110,080,81, .loHoph Phillips, PrenA. T, Hunte ,
Vloe-Prosi v. itohin, Treasurer I K. Hurt,
0. P. BEQADHUBST, Supfc. f<r
Kootenayg, Roiiland, li. 0.
0.L, MILLS, Ag't for Nelson,
Agents WU10*11 abd explain the system. NELSON DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18,  1899.
IN BATTLE ARRAY local and personal
OBEABE'S FRIENDS  APE FIGHTING     Jiimes V. Weloli, Hie oontraclr.',   went
Tl TOR HTM '" ^l"'f,'"'e yesterday ninrniii��.
I    A   special  meeting  of the Bonril of
Three Petitions Signed Bj Nearly Every Trade wil1 b<> hell this evening.
Reputable Business Man
In Nelson-
Mr. E. MnlliiLiluine, resident engineer
ol the Nelsou-beillingtou road, nt Cree-
tou, is in Nelson nt the l'hnir.
H. B. Thomson, manager of Turner,
Beeton   Company's   store,   lenveb this
If the Provincial authorities  insist
upon the resignation of or undeitake
to   dismiss   Pi lice MnRistrate A.   E j niorniiiK for East Kootenay points.
Crease ttey will be taking such action _
in the face of protests from nearly | Superintendent J. Murray, of the
every reputable business man of Nel-1 Crow's Nest Puss line, arrived in Nelson
son. j on the Moyie last night and   is   at   the
The three pelitions started in circu-  }>ilnir,
lation   Mouduy   afternoon   wound   up i 	
last night with a list of names which I 0ity Clerk Htraclian has collected since
represent almost all of the wealth and j Saturday about $4,000 in license feep.
business   interests of  this city.     Mr.  TliiB amount includes anlooti and   oilier
Crease's frieuds, ii'il they include
nearly all of the fairmiudei men iu
Nelson, worked with a vengeai.ee.
Nothing wns left undone to place before the Provincial authorities the true
situation of affairs. Letters were
written and telegrams sent and the
majority of them were from supporters of the present Government For
instance, one telegram sent yesterday
hy a Hume supporter and n ninn who
took nn active part iu his campaign,
read as follows:
"A dispicnble move on to have Police Magistrate Creas�� removed. Iu
tense feeling here aiuoDg your strongest supporters. 'Am writing j ou full
particulars. Don't allow anything to
be done until yon get my letter."
This was but one of many of a like
nature. It was sent by a geutleman
who had been out of the city and who
only returned yesterday and learned
of the affair.
It is generally believed now, however, that the efforts to have Mr.
Crease removed have failed. It is
thought that Secretary Hume would
not dure sacrifice what political interests he has here by sanctioning such a
"Those who seek to remove Mr.
Crease," paid a gentleman yesterday,
"have been turned down by the people.
The Provincial authorities; of course,
know of this aud it is not likely they
would care to make enemies of those
of their supporters wlio are defending
Mr. Crease and who were on the win-
niug side in the municipal election. It.
is a matter of politics at Victoria, not
of sentiment or of propriety, and it
would indeed be poor politics to take
Mr. Crease's head."
Home Particulars of the Sad Event
Seattle a Few Days Ago.
A dispatch from Seattle gives the
following details regarding hobt. Jain-
ieson's suicide:
"Grown despoudeut because of his
belief that ho would lose a twenty-five
thousand dollar suit, which he had in-
sl Ruled against Sir Charles Ross for
professional son ices rendered, Robert
JamlosoD, the nolod mining engineer
and expert of Vancouver, Saturday afternoon took bis own life.
"Room 20S of the Rainier-Grand bo
tel, one of the first class hostelries of
Seattle, was the eeene of the tragedy,
Lying upon his buck in lied and with
his head and shoulders slightly ele
vated by the prop of a pillow on either
side the deceased pressed the muzzle of
a Smith aud Wesson revolver against
his temple and sent a 88-Oalibre bullet
through the brain. This was at 850
Saturday afternoon, but it \uw three-
quarters of an hour later when the unfortunate man expired, though he at
no time regained consciousness. The
ball passe 1 clear through the bend a tl
fell in the folds of tbe bed clothing.
Calder Hirdie, one of the hotel bell
boys, llrst heard the report of the. pistol and wilh all reasonable. Iinste
physicians were summoned, Dr. Kloe-
ber the House Surgeon responding,
found that it was impossible to be ren
eer material assistance to the dying
So far as known, Mr. .lamieson left
only one parting message. It was
written ou the back of a card, addressed to no one, and read as follows:
"Wire to Rev. Norman Tucker, Vancouver, B. 0., to inform mv wife; also
inform lawyer Sheppard belli."
CURLING MATCH1 POSTPONED. ,,.,���. (. p ,{ ,���,,,,���, mM g ��� lliw���
On account of the soft ice the ourl- out of Cascade. Not only will a huge
Ing match between Rossland and Nel- smelter be erected at that point. but
sou, which was to take pluce today, ' also extensive work shops. The latter
was postponed until the ice Is in better j will lie a necessity owing to the
condition. If it continues too mild to .amount of traffic thai will necessarily
play the game before tho carnival the converge at that point. Work on the
rinks will meet at Rossland on the I construction of the smelter will, bow-
evening of the 2-ttli inst. The Rosiland I ever, uot begin until conslruction trains
rinks selected to meet the Nelson ourl-1 onn be run as far as Cascade,
ursure: J. Lawu, R. W.  Pretty.  .1.  S. ��� RS
C. Fraser,  R   Dalby  Morkill, James     The postofflce of Upper Grand Forks
Anderson, W. A. Oarlyle, Major R, G, ! has   been   re-named   Columbia,    the
G. 0. S. Patterson, ot  the   Kootenay
Meat  Co., passed eigiirH around among
his friends yesterday,   lie is the proud
possessor of a bnbv boy,
Thomas Shank, oue of the lending
hotel men of Brooklyn, has opeued a
hotel in one of lhe towns on the hue of
the Nelsoi -Bedlington road.
2 A man named Riley was brought
betore Police Magistrate Crease yesterday charged with stealing $80 from a
man who was mixed up with him in a
drunken spree. The caBe was re
manded until Monday next.
Physicians report the mtasles epidemic ns rapidly ou the wane. There are
only a few cases in the cily now and these
are of a milder type. Typhoid fever,
however, still hangs on and there are
many suffering from that disease.
Hamilton Byerp,the hardware mercliiint,
arrived in Nelson yesterday morning utter
spending several days in Kaslo, Snudou,
Kuskonook nnd other poiuts. Next Friday he will lenve for Nova Scotia to visi'
his mother who is ill. Returning he
will spend n few days ih the big markets
of the East.
Greenwood hi>s a club. The following are the offloers: President, C.
Scott Galloway; vice-president, F. J.
Finncane; secretary, \V. L. Leonard;
treasurer, J. W. Smith; committee, A.
M. Whiteside, .1. W. Smith, A. S
Black, J. E. Leckie, Geo. A. Guess and
D. A. Cameron.
John Hartmami of tbe Poorman mine
was brought into the city on Monday
evening. While working with the compressor at the miue be had three tingeis
ou the right blind eiushed so severely
that they had to be amputated at the
Misses Crickmay's hospital.
The arrivals at the Phnir Hotel yestei -
day were: P. Burns, Calgary; M. II.
McLeod, Macleod; J. Murray, Winnipeg;
J. H. Fink, Fort Steele; E. Mnllaudaini,
Creston; R. M. Covington, Slocan Cit>;
F. A. Bennett, Spokane; P. B. Portei.
Robson; W. Valentine Hunt, Bonni.'g-
ton Falls.
A dancing club bus hc.eu organized in
the city nnd Ihe first dnuce was given
last evening. It was held in the Lilly
Bros' old store and was an eujoynlili'
affair. The name of the club is "Ivy '
aud [the following getitlemeu are the
managing committee: Messrs. W. Gaul-
iuer, H. Brudley, E. B. Irving nnd P. E.
Postmaster Gilker finds that he will
uot require at the present time the extra
boxes ordered to be placed iu the poel
office. As they bnve'nlready beeu ordered,
however, they will bo put iu plnoe ns
soon as they arrive. A number of box-
holders discontinued nt the llrst of the
yeur thus mnkiug the supply at present
sutllcieut to meet all demauds.
If tbe weather continues for two or
three days as it was yesterday it is quite
likely that another fall of snow will be
required iu tho near future in order that
sleighing may be good until the general
breaking up. Yesterday was a very sloppy oue and wet feet were tho rule. In
additiou to this it ruined and altogether
it was anything but desirable weather.
Edwaidi Leckie and Mr. Ellwood. name by which  the new   C,   P.   R.
At Rossland on Saturday evening in | town at that point will be called. At
the preliminary matches to select the j the present time temporary bridges
rink to represent the club in the Hud- are being constructed at the old John-
ion's Bay competition at the coming son ferry and near Columbia, and a
bonspeil, Smilb played Cranston and j wagon rnad made along the I), P. It.
was defeated by a score of H to 7. right of way on the south side of the
In the olub competition for the presl- river, In order to divert through traffic
dent's prize, Fraser defeated Oarlyle from lhe old town of Grand Forks to
by u score of 10 to 10. Yesterday after- j Columbia. These will be replaced
noon Oarlyle and Morkill met iu tho later on by permanent bridges, punil-
Hudsou's Bay competition. The latter t lellng the railway bridges to be con-
won by a snore of 14 to 0. ' strunted at these points,
Allan Bros., who are building the uew
opera honee on the corner of Ward and j
Victoria streets, are making tliii K" liuni.
Yesterday the building jnniuii need to
rise fioui the foundation in real earnest
aud if work is continued at such a rate,
tbe early days of February will see the
building almost completed.
The residents  of   Victoria  street  be- .
tween Josephine and Ward, shook bands j
with ench other   last  uight   when   they !
learued that tbe city engineer bnd   been j
inst moled lo thaw out the fn zen   water
pipe.   It was two   weeks   last   Suuday
thut  the   water   first   disappeared   anil
siuoe lhat time tbe   unfortunate   householders have been   compelled   to   oany
water from the homes of   kindly   neigl -
b ire.     City   Engineer   McOulluoh   will
make a lot of frieuds if he will but  rush
the work.
Those who have not actually seen
the work of building the railway
through the McRae creek pass and
alnug the North Fork of the Kettle
river, says the Boundary Creek-Times,
can scarcely realize the difficulties
which modern engineering skill can
overcome���ard yet the construction of
the line from Rob'on to Boundary
creek attracts little comment outside of
the local press It is a strange fac*,
but the praises of this feat of engineering will probably not be loudly sung
until construction days are a thing of
of lhe past.
Ice Creepers!
We Have just   received another
consignment   of   these   famous
Life and Limb Savers  Call
early.    The)' won't last long.
6-Koomcd stone House
(-Boomed PlMtorod House ���
$6 UO
SI'.' mi
Aberdeen Block ��
l-Kootned Coltago near Stanley
sired, $7511.
6 Roomed Stone Collage 81300.
Largo Doublb House $8000.
A Treat.
Two  or  Three   Rinks   will   Piny
the Rosslaud B nspiel.
The Nelson curling club met at the
Hume hotel last evening. The president, JudgeForin, occupied the chair
nrd there was a good attendance of
members. It was decided that the
c'ub would be repiesented by two aud
possibly three rinks at tbe Rosslaud
Lonsplel next week. The personnel of
the rinks will uot be decided upon for
a few days, but tbe skips will piobiibly
be F. W.Peters and W. H. Grant.
The riulis will leave here on the evening e.f the 24th.
Nels'in will be represented nt the annual meeting of *be Kuoten.iy Curling
Association to be held in Rosslaud at
the time of the bonspiel by Messrs.
Peters and Grant.
In order lo stimulate piny in lhe city
suit liib' prizes will be offered for rink
competitlop, The riulis wi 1 be as follows:
Judge Forin skip, John Rae.  P.  La
liiont, Dr. Foiin.
BFrank Tamblyn  skip, James  Law
rence, E. B. Carry, B. Walley.
F. W. Peters skip, W. F. Anderson,
G. B. Hedge, Geo. Kydd.
W. H. Grant skip, T. Eillie. H.
Hume, S.   Neelniids.
Arrangements will be made later for
the playing of these guineas.
PA1TERSON.- To the wife of G. C. B.
Patterson, n boy, Dec. 16th., 1898.
Just Arrived from the Haple District.
A Fresh Lot ofs ""* ^
Maple Syrup
In Tins and Bottles.
Also a shipment of Pure Rock Candy Syrup
in Bottles. Prices very Reasonable, considering the quality	
Headqu a rters for Dried Fruits. Jams and Jellies
M.DesBrisay & Co.
Aberdeen Block, . NELSON, B. u
|        SEE ANNABLE
��:  <u i ii i VHTOBM ST., ii\ nitiiM.i: :
Soniepeoplethink that a Hardware
store is a poor place to look forsuitable
Disabuse your mind of that idea. We
have a line of goods amongst whioh
will be found the most useful and appropriate articles for presentation purpose's. Their value is not fleeting
Fvery dny the receiver of one of these
will have reason to praise your judgment in selecting a lasting gif
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes   Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets nt Nelson and Ymir.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  In   and  see   us.
B. C.
Now finally known as
Fisher Station, C.N.P. R'y.
West Kootenai Valley, R. C, on  line
of C.N. P. R"y., and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now  under
Information regarding Creston may
be had of GEO, M'KARLAND, Agent'.
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
CRESTON,   B. 0.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, ��1,500,000, Reserve, $1,175,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Antigonish, N S.
Bathu ret, N. h.
Hridffewa^r, K. S.
Ohanottotown, P. K. I.
Dorchester, N. B.
Frederic ton. X. B.
Guysboro, N. S.
Grand Forks, B. C.
Halifax, N. 8.
Kingston, N. B.
Londonderry, N. s,
Lunenberg, N, S.
Maitiand, N. R.
Monclon, N. 11.
Montreal, P. Q.
Montreal, Went Knd
Montreal, Wesi mount
Naniiiino, B. 0,
Nelson, 11. ('.
Newcastle. N. B.
Pielou. N. B.
Port llnivkshiirv, N. S.
He'.land, 13. 0,
3ackvlllo, N. B.
Shubennoadle, X. S.
Summeraide, P. E. I.
Sydney. X. rt.
St. John, Nlld.
Truro, X. S,
Vancouver, B, C,
Vancouver, East Knd
Victoria, B. C.
Weymouth, X. S.
Woodstock, N. B.
Ymir, B. C.
1     OYSTER HOUSE,     t
!������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������� X
��� X
I Short Order Meals
X A.I Any Time���Day
T or Night.
The best Cook.
The Best Attention.
'lhe  Best Meals.
L Y. HOSHI - Proprietor.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tbe in ������-l, favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits ind on Saving Hunk accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Savings Bunk department, has been established in connection with the Xelson branch of \,( ,
this bank.   Deposits of one dollar and upwards received, anil current rate of interest  allowed.   pastor
at present. 3 per cent, por annum.
CnoRCH op England���Matin n n.m.: Even
Souk, 7.no p.m. every Sunday, Holy Commun
Ion on 1st and :ird Sundays in the month aftci
M.uins; on 2nd and 4th .Sundays, at 8 a.m.
Sunday School al '-'.311 p.m. Rev. H. S. Akc
burst,. Reel or.   Cor Ward and Silica street*.
PBK8BYTERIAN CmI'ltcu-Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.IHI p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Society meets every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rov. It. Frew,
MKTtioniH'r CnuiiCH-Corner Silica and
I Josephine Sireets.   Services at 11 a.m.'and 7.30
Geo: Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.OJa^tSaff^^^
%J �� O i /   ^^ League O, E��� Tuesday ate a.m.      Rev. John
Robson, l'astor.
1    ('atiiiii.ii' Ciiuiicii-Mnss   at  Nelson, first,
and third Sunday at Sand lo.una.m.; Honudie-
tion at 7.3(1 lo H p.m.   Rev.   Father Ferland
TIST Ciii'iicu - Services  morning and
^     ... niiiKfit 11 n.iil. and 7.311 p.m.; Prayer meet-
-^   ing Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.   tho B.  Y.
importers of
Paints, Oils, Shiilt' Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Steel Tape and All  Kinds
of Instruments repaired.
Patenaude Bros.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.   H.   E.   Hall and  is  prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. .  .
Broken Hill Block ��� Bftktr II.
: Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Two Lots on Mill Street.    $300 Cash.
I The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 3
= and Savings Co.
r. Monday avontnji at 8 o'clock.
orilially welcomed.   Rev. ('. W, Rose. Pastor
Salvation Aumv���Sorvle s   every evening
at S o'clock  in  liarra ckson Vielorla street.
Ailiiiliuil Millner in charge.
advance money nn Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and
8 years by monthly instalments.
siti'.itkik iiik Amswoivrt] Mining Division
ok   WMT   Kootknav  DlSTRIOT���Wiik.hk
IIIIC   KlHI.U'I'llAll .
TAKE notion thai L Wilfrid Franoli Breqg
hum.   F.  M. 0, No.  DIM,   iiiscnl   for Charles
Kiiii<sley Mllbourno.F, M, c. No, iiwia, in
ti'ii'l. ^Ixly days from tlie dale hureof, to apnly
in ihe MIiiIhk rtooordor(ora Cortlflcateof Im
prui iinenis.   for the  |iur|uise of ohtainliiK a
( run li I ��� rant of I lie aliiive ilailn.
And furtnOr take notloo llial nrtioii,   under
motion :i7, mual bo oomoiBnood lieforo he is.
sun lire of sllrll Cert I Unit i'of ]m|irovelnulnts.
Haled iiii- mill day of Dooembar. wm.
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
$6.25 Delivered to any
part of the city.
Charles St.  Barbe,   Agent.
Office with Charles A. Waterman & Co., where
orders will be received.
inn   TABLE   ion   <iosi\i.  oi'  ninn
IT  r��i I   in i u i
I Bpokanoi Vtotorlai  llonland i
. Wlnnlpogl   Vntirniivi'r atid ;-9 ll.ln
I iill   Knslern    I'olnls. I
i Nakiupi   Slocan   Lake:    San- i
don;    Vaiiiouver.    Wlinil- )8p.tn
I PBS, Main  l.lnu, U.l'.lt. I
1 Riissland;   Trail. Rohsou and 1
| I'nlnls on c. & K, lt<-. f6p.ni
Kaslo and l.nKo Coints
4 p.m.
Knakotippk   and Croston
.Monday anil Friday 7:W a.m
I've lieerd th' ohlpper blneblrda sing
When  April's Bur"rt* glHimed,
I've tried rite hard i* be nur.iiieed
When paid iopranern >iereunied,
I've 'lowed my gals t* tote me off
T' church on Sunday morn
An licord th' offftn toot  It out
Ez loud ez Oabr'l's burn.
An it wua music, tew, I'll own.
But, 'a 1 told Mary Ann,
I'd ruthev hear a turkey hen
A-alzzlin m th' pan!
Time wuz whene'er a fiddle squeaked
S' livclyltke an sweet,
'Twuz hard f keep from keepln time
With my cowhlded feet.
It aoundit good now, an 1 kin raip
A tune or two m'aelf,
But dancln li a thing long sence
Laid by upon th' shelf,
But I kin eat ez well ec when
T* do It I began���
That's why th' turkey hen Mounds good
A-etzElln In th' pan!
Thankeglvln, when I'm putterln round,
A-doin of odd Jobs
For Mary Ann an atuffln In
T' etove limb wood an cobe���
Don't tell me then a man should try
His appetite V gov'n
With that air JuU-y female bird
A-cookln In th* oven,
Fer there Is things ez can't be did
Ez well ez them ez can���
I feel that when that turkey hen
'8 a-slzzlin In th' pan!
Then   spout   about   yer   spring   blrd'e
An with yew I'll agree���
Taas, I'll enthuse an sing bass on
"M* Country, 'Tla of Thee!"
Tew pay th' fare, I'll ��o an hear
That Paddyrosky play.
When   Patty 11   fetch   her   top   notoh
I'll stomp an yell "Hooray!"
But, arter all, th' sweetest note
Fer me till life's last span
Will come from a plump turkey hen
A-sltxlln In th' pan!
-Up to Date
4'%.-%/%%*'%/%.'% -%/%/%�����������/*%'���'���
KOUihlNAl   _ U  library,    Mr,   Crease
Mining Stock Quotations.
ompiled by II. 0. MoGulloph, mining lirok-
Nelson. II. C. P.O. Iim lli.i.1
Onr enemies point out our faults, all.
w. might never Improve aufflolently to retain our friouds.
Had there never been a yowling feline
wo never should have known the prloeleu
worth of a oatlesn night.
We ar. never altogether miserable bo
long aa we oan dream of something that
would make us altogether happy. A�� a
rule the man who doesn't Ilka a pun objects to It on the ground that "we oon-
deiun what we do not comprehend."
A bird that oan sing and won't sing Is
��� whole lot kinder than tho young woman
next door who oan't Blng, but will sing.
We like the man who thinks the weather 1b going to clear up bettor than we do
th. one w ho Is sure It has set In for a long,
rainy spell.
Speaking of the fetohlng billet doux of.
olden times, we are reminded that the
modern policeman makes his billy do some
rather fetching things.���L. A. w. Bulletin. 	
Know Rev Power.
"Kathleen, my husband was dissatisfied
With the breakfast this morning."
"Your husband dassont say that to m.
face."���Browning-King's Monthly.
His Ver*lot.
In selecting; a jury in a Blllvllle court,
where a murder oase was under consideration, a lawyer asked a hardy mountaineer:
"Do you believe In capital punishment'"
"Well," replied the mountaineer, "I'm
so dead ag'ln' cnpltal thnt I most inglnrul-
ly hangs the fellcm that owns it whatever
I isea '.ml"���Atlanta Constitution.
Bncoaraalnsr Htm.
He (after being accepted)���And now,
darling, may I have just one kiss?
She���Will you promise never to ask ms
���gain If I let you have just one?
He���Yes���thut Is, I'll promise not to
ask for that particular one again.
She���Oh, well, tnko It! But I don't see
why you want to waste time asking such
foolish questions.
The  Itrnl   Intercut.
"Oh," said the girl who was looking
���ver Miss Cayenne's shoulder, "you are
reading the account of Mrs. Von Snub-
bar's party I"
"You want to soo who was lnvltedf"
"No, dear. I waut to see who wasn't"
���New i'ork Journal.
America's Const Defenses.
Excited Citizen���1 hear 100 foreign bat-
tteehrps are approaching our coast.
American Statesman���My goodnossl
We must notify tho life suving service. II
the wind should veer nround to the east-
'nnl, the poor ships would tie dashod to
pl*oes.���New York Weekly.
Not if Nhr'n <.,.,.���! Looking.
"Mrs. Squaiefao., I do believe, has
���noiigh ability to got her a seat in oon-
gresi if women were eligible"
"Maybe, but I know sho bus a hard
time gelling n neat in a street ear."���Indianapolis Journal.
in* <����������� Mnkp.
"What aro you doing!" asked the
bad boy.
"I," proudly sold tho boy who was making up bis own eXOUIS for noiiiittendaiioo
at school, "am making history." -Cincinnati Enquirer.
ikinmin  In fight.
He���This dllatorincsB of tho peace commission is very trying. It la hurting my
She���What Is your business?
"I'm n map manufacturer."���Yonker.
Baron (suspiciously)���Somebody must
drink my wine I
Footman (accommodating)���Well, Herr
Baron, if you order It, I'll drink It for
you..-  I lu n ii'risli-.i ���Im libit Ier.
Dcft-rreil  Prouuaal.
"Why Is It that si uttering men ar. nearly always bachelors!1"
"Well, tlmy get so much  tlmo to think
before they speak."���Detroit Free l'roas.
Subscribe for The Miner
Name of Company Value.
Nelson. Slocan und Alnsworlh
American Hoy 10"
Athabasca 1**0
Arlington Con 1 00
Dundee 100
Dardanelles loo
Ucllle 100
Klslo 100
! F.xcheouer  ..100
l Fern G. M, Co    25
! (tllMOII lf'O
I lliill Mines  ��1
Idler 100
I London Hill     2S
, Nelson-Poorman    26
I Kaslo Moiilezninii 100
Noble Five 1 IHI
Rambler Con  100
Itcco 100
Slocan Star    50
Two Friends     ��0
Wonderful  100
Washington l oo
Trail Creek
| Hulto 100
I Caledonia Con  �����. 1 00
i Commander 100
Door Pork 100
I Enterprise 100
Kiirekn Consolidated 100
Kvoning Star 1 On
Ucnrglti 100
Good Hope 100
Grand Prise  100
Giant 100
High Ore 100
Iron Mask 100
Iron Colt 100
.luinbo 1 00
UlyMay SOO
Mayflower 1 00
Monita 100
Monte Crislo 100
Mugwump 1 00
Xoveltv 100
I'hoonix 100
l'oorman 100
Red Mounlain View 100
llo-slnnil   Homestake 1 00
Kossland Ited .Mountain 100
Silverine mo
Silver Boll  100
St. K.lnio 100
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph 1 00
War Eagle Con  1 00
West l.o Itoi Josio 100
White Dear 100
AlpliaHeli 100
Cariboo iCamp McKi 1 00
Waterloo (Camp MoK) l 00
Caribou Hydraulic Con 5 00
Channc     -5
Golden Cache 100
Oco. M. &M..Co loo
Hid Ironsides   100
-iniiiralor  100
Tin Horn    25
Van Anda 100
Wmoneater  25
Fire Mountain 1 00
I 20
1 25
3 20
Htiitnd thut u list of bonks hud booii
derided upon ami would he or lererl
this morniug. These, together with
those already on the shelves will nuike
ig for so young
further stilted
that incorporation would be nffeoted
within a month,   Librarian Harrison
gave nu encouraging report of the ut-
teudauoe at lhe rooms nnd of the number of books loaned to subscribers.
A ende of rules concerning the loaning of books was drawn up. New
books must be returned after soven
days, and the older ones after 11 days. A
fine of five cents a day will be chnrePri
on books kept out over the stipulated
time. Treasurer Kydd showed a satisfactory financial statement.
The Association has not yet received
the civio grant promised by ex-Mayor
Houston. Mr, Houston promised $1)00
tO the library and the day before the
late election raised liis promise to $511(1
as yet tho board has not realized
either promise. Another applica-
be made to the now council
Painting and
Fancy Work.
Mr-. K. \. Tamhlyn, Vornon st.. Is prepared to
take pupils in painting on Satin, Glass and Canvas, Also lesions given ill iill brunches of latest
fancy work. Orders executed promptly and
nt reiisonabli: prices.
linn   will
and   the   secretary was asked  to write
to   lhe   Mayor   in connection with the
The board adjourned   to meet ou  the
lfitli of February when arrangements
for   the   annual   meeting of   the suti
scribers will be made,
Geo.    Holbrook,
City Scavenger,
All kinds of day and night Scuvcngorlng.
Work promptly   dono.      Chimney  Sweeping
Box 232.   Leave orders at M, IlonHrlHiiyV.
Berlin, Jan. 17.���Herr Schmidt, a
Socialist member of the Reichstag has
voluntarily informed the public prose
color at Madgberg that he was solely
responsible for the publicotion in the
Socialist papers of the article purporting to be a conversation between the
Princo of Bagdad and his tutor on
account of which the editor Herr
August Mueller was sentenced last
week to 49 mouths imprisonment on
the charge of lose majeste. The whole
case must now be re-opoued.
Capital l'nid up     ....    s'aooo.ooo
Kusl - - ... 1,200,000
II. S. Howliinil, Pies.   T. It, Mcrritt, Vice Pros
Wm, Ramsay,     Hugh Ryan,     ltoht Jaffray,
T, Sutherland Sinyner       KUas Rogers.
Head Office, Toronto.
D. B. WILKIB, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
Ili'iini'lies In nil principal rltlrs anil (owns
In    Ontario   anil .Quebec
Itriinclii h    In      niniilloliu.    Northwest
I'm lln ill", iiiiii llrlllHu Columbia.
Winnipeg, Man, Pobtaob La Prairie, Man.
Brandon, Man. Calgary, Alta. Phinck al-
BBRT, Snsk. Kiimonton, JAlta.
Vancouver, B,     0,   Sooth     Edmonton,
Nelson, B, c.   Revblbtoke, b. c.
Agents in Great Britain���Lloyd's Hank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard street. London, with whom money
may lie deposited for transfer by lottcr or cable
to any purl of Canada,
Letters of Credit issued on Alaska Commercial Co. payable at St. Michael's, Alaska, and
llrnfts Sold, available at nil points in Can-
da, United states and Blurnpe.
Loiters ot credit issued, available In any
purl of the world.
Savings bank Department -Deposits of $1
'ind upwards received and interest allowed.
Debei lures���Municipal and oilier debentures purchased,
Money Orders issued payable at any Dunk
Rates���Under 810, 8c; $10 to J20, 10c;
$20 to $30, 12c; $30 to $50, 14c.
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
| Unfinished Worsted Coats
to wear with odd trousers is the
correct thing this season.
And what is correct can lie
found here at any time. We
have a large stock of clothing,
bill we don't keep it long. The
arrivals of this week will he
gone hy next. The Btyle and
cut of the garments catches the
eye and the quality of lhe goods
the judgment, and makes cus
tomors of all who come to see.
--J. A. QILKER--
For Next Ten Days
Line of Tea Sets of Dishes
Containing 40,  44, and 56 Pieces at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
Groceries and Crockery
1 XI
Concerning lhe acquisition of propertj
;u tin- Boundsrj district by Torontooii|j-
iinlists, tho Boundary Creek Tunes siiy>-:
'One of the must iniiinitr.iit di His in connection with Boundnry Creek mining
properties wns trausaoted last week in
Toronto, when B>run E. Weaker, imin-
njjerCanadian Bank ol Commeroe, lb n
SiMintoi CnX mni Ki'belt .In If rn j llecim e
associated with Mackenzie, Maun & Co.
ui the ownership ol bi|{Grei>i wood camp
properties. The mines iuoluded iu tlie
deal are the Brooklyn, Stemwiuiler,
Uawbide, Mnultzuma and Btindard.
W. T. Mnitb, who has a quarter interest
iu some of the properties, left Spokane
lor Toronto this week. His visit is in
connection with Ihe recent transaction
ns well ns other mining deals he ia putting through. Joe. Boss had heen in
Toronto with Dun. Maun for some time
before the Toronto capitalists iuvested
iu the properties.
A Government Employee Here Given
a Few Hours' Notice to Quit.
The Himstcn-Tiirner forces in the
city have achieved one victory. Yes-
leidny John A. Tinner. Government
Agent, "acting upon instructions from
the Honorable Attorney-General,"
notified A. E. Storey, jailer at the
county jail, that his services would he
no longer required, and immediately
appointed     ex-Mounted      Policeman
Jill-vis to tho position. Mr. Storey's
only apparent crime is that he voted
fur Mr. Neelands. According to all reports his work at the jail whs of n
very satisfactory nature and no reason
whatever has been given for his dismissal. A,though employed by the
month he was given only a lew bonis1
notice, He is a ini'ii with a wife i.nd
family and has built fl comfortable
home in Nelson. Mr. Jarvis, his successor, is a sing'e limn
Mr. Storey received his  appointment
through Hon. J. Fred Hume, and the
Question litis inisen in cm luctuui   with
the dismissal   what influence hius Mr.
Iliinir  al Victoria   when    oi.e   of   h\>
appoiutees can be turned out of offloe
without cause by another member of
the simie Government)1
Ottawa, Out., Jan. 17.���It has heen
arranged between Allan and Dominion
lines and Postmaster-General Mulock
thut in future mail steamers at Halifax
will not lenve for Liveroo )1 until snch
time as the Chinese mail arrives from
the Pacific. This will make it necessary for the steamer to wait a few
hours once every month. At present
the train with the mail does uot arrivo
until shortly after the steamer departs.
Moterologlcal Kcpuri.
by A. II. Hold
OATE            UAY
'in   4   WerVday
Tun  5  Thnrsdaj
Inn 1:1   FriiKy
0 01
.Inn 11   Saturday
Tun. 15   Snn.iuy
Jan in  Monday
Tan it  Tuesday
ltl.ll,    CSIVIi;   AMI    IVMItlM I     UaiNT
 Eepublio Stocks for Sale-	
1,000 Bryan and Suwall 5 cts
1000 Maxwell 2ct-s
loon   Munroo  3 cts
600 Standard 5 ut*
mm) utile I'ariboo (Boundary) 3 cts
20!H Toledo  lir.ta
10uo;Ltborty 8} cts
llllli'C Turnrr-ltiii'i'lih lElnrk. Ni-Isoil. It. <'
All  Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
%%%* '%%%v%v%%''%%^%%'
General Teamsters.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On iiiann ormn c
Kiiilar, by Mrs. W. .1. AsUey, Robson strcc!
two doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Uox 130.
WA.NTKO���A position aw manager and book
keeper for un hotel. Has bud yood experience
anil can give good references. Apply Miner
FOR BALE���Comnlete outfit, of nood housekeeping furniture fur small family. Apply al
i ids office.
TO LET���Furnished   hedroom   in   a
private family.     Apply, Miner Office.
WANTI'.I).���A nurse moid Apply
Mrs, D A. MoFarlaud, corner Hull and
Rnbsoli streets.
tivo room furnished house or three
rooms furnished for light house 1<< ep-
lilK,    Address II.  R  11.    Miner Olliee.
Apnts for B. c. Oil Go.
(Standard Oil'Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Goo. W. Beals, will
in ply to the Gold Commissioner of West Koot
ii ny, it. 0��� thirty days afterdate, fora license
to sell liquor by retail at my place, known as
tlie Pioneer Restaurant, ltohson, B. C.
Haled .lannay 12th. 1899.
All parties nre   cautioned I against buying
Kooo Mining and Mlliinn Company, Limited,
Stock Cerlillc s Nos. 242, 24:1. 244, 245 and 24IJ,
in favor or L. E. Hank; No. I'4T in fuvor of L.
I'elerson. and No. 2IS in favor of S. T. Arthur,
Said certificates were obtained by fraud and
will not lie redeemed.
F. T. KELLY. Secretary.
Monthly Reports Presented at a Meeting Last Evening,
The regular monthly meeting of the
directors of the Nelson Public Librnry
Association was held iu the Board of
Trade rooms last evening, Tlie business was of a routine nature. There
were in attendance Mrs. J. Hoderick
RobertSOU, President in the chair;
Mrs. McCulloeli. Secretary, Mrs, Day,
Mrs. Arthur, Mrs. Stocks, Mrs. Miller and Messrs. J. R. Robertson, Geo,
Kydd, K. A. Crease, G. V. Holt, Dr.
Hall and Librarian Harrison,
All the committees reported on tlie
work done thus far in connection wilh
the opening of lhe library. Dr. Hall,
on behalf of th'' rooms and fnratlhlngs
eominitlee repotted that |I8B had been
spent on the furnishings. Mr. Urease,
for the hooks and periodical committee
InkliiK ! IIi'i
l.l. 1808,
wkst Bound
(first Clam
Leaves Daily
B.80 n. in.
USB a. in.
0.45 ii. in.
lll.lKlll. 111.
10,08 a, in.
in.20 a. in.
10:34 a. in.
10.80 a. in.
hi. 1.", a. in.
Arrive Daily
iiiiii o'rhtrh a, in..Scplrmbar. 	
Pacific or l.'iill, Meridian i Take notice that I, Robert Median,will apply
I 10 IheGoltl I'liniinissiiini'i' of West Kooteiiny,
111. 0., thirty days iil'ler dale, for a license to
i sell lienor by retail at my lintel, Indited at
Kas'i BOUND i sirdar. 10 miles from Kiisknnook. in the West
Kirsi class, Kootonay dlstrlot, koiikut MKEIIAN.
Paksonger Dated ai Nelson. 11. C., this 1st day of Decern-
arrivo Dally I *��r, 180 '��'���>
8,30 ii.m.
Time Card No I
Sept. l-i. isns.
South Kirk
Lear Lake
I'aj lie Tram
Cody .Innctlou
8,06 p.in.
2.1H Ii.m.
3,00 |i. in.
1,50 p.in.
1,88 li in.
1.22 p.m.
1.15 p.m.
Leave Daily
IHKiii. in
11:111  "
11:23  "
Arrive Dal
���2ntl I). F. &
Sal don
Cody .hinetinn
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mininy Engineer
Orders   received  at  Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay  and   Baker  Streets.
W. P. TIERNEY,       -       General Agent
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Mavkets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will ha\e careful and prompt attention.
������������������������������ ������-������������������������������������������������������������
eO. D.J. Christie'
5-lloom CottBtfe
$l"i (X)
3-Roiim House
12 50
'2-Lot Corner, two houses
- *icoo
2-Lot Cortii'r
00-Fi'ot Ixit, VernoD at-,
-   Hv00
Aberdeen Block,
Notice is hereby given thnt   application will lie uiiiiie  to the Parliament
Arclvo Daily [ Qj _��innlt��. at its   next, session, for   all
U:oti ".in
11:80  "
11:31  "
i.i nvo Daily
Newly Furnished Rooms
At.   lhe Carney   Blook,   linker  street.
Bath nml eleotrlc light, l'rices reasonable.
net to ileelare the Bedlington anil Nel
son Kailwny Ooiiipaiiny to he a body
corporate anil politic within the juris
(lietiiin of the Parliiiiiient of Canada,
and Ihe Company's Uailwny to be
a work for ihe general advantage of
Canada, also to authorize tho Company to exeroise running powers over,
imii to the use and operation of tho
property of other railwav companies
ami to make such arrangements for
convoying nr leasing the Company's
Railway and its rights and powers as
is USD ally given to railway companies
in their Acts of Incorporation, aud for
other purposes.
Kaslo, B O, Deo '10, 1898.
Steamship Lines
From 811 John
Allan Line���Parisian   Fob. 11
Dominion   Line���Scotsman Jan 28
" "      Vancouver Fob 4
From I'orllanii
Allan Lino���Mongolian Ian. 2S
From New York
White Star  Lino-Drltaiinlc Feb. 1
Cunard Line���Campania ian.28
Amt'.rlean Lino���si.   Paul Fob. 1
Anchor Une���Ancliorla Jan. 2ii
Allan Stale Line���Mate of Nohranka... .Feb j:i
Pansages orrangod to ami from all European
pointH. For raicK. tlokotf nml full Informal inn
aepljrteO.P. R, depotag��at or c. B. Beasley,
Uily Ticket Agent, Nelson, 11, O,
MSI   Gonornl Agont. O.P.R, OIIIcoh. Wlmilpi'i
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'y,
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohaag
of oars between Nelson and Rossland and
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
���'   11:55 "   ROSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6.30 p.m
Train that leaves Nelson at 9:40 a.m
mokes close oonneotions at Spokane foi
all Pacific Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle liner and Boundary Creek,connect ul Marcus withStnga
0. G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent.Nfllaon, B. 0.
Tenders wanted for imrcluiHo of lot 5 In block
0 and lot 7 In block H, subdivision of Illatrlct loi
l'6. Baser Htrool, Nid-on H. I!. Tenders to bo ad-
iirniHud tothls aulas marked "Time,"
Purchased and pay��
merit made as soon
after receipt of ore as
samples can be assayed.
Quotations given
upon the receipt of


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