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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 26, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 865
. _ __ ,-_ ri f\ /*% n       Provincial Libr.rv _31oo
ATHflBflSGft mcc i ipw
British Columbia Review's Report of the
First Ordinary General Statutory Meeting.
Nelson,   British Columbia, Friday Evening,
Apostolic Delegate Spends a
Very Pleasant Day In
the  Boht.t and
mine wus open-
The British Columbia Review, of
London, England, Bays editorially in
its edition of October lilth:
The meeting -if  tlie Athabasca Qold
Mine, whloh was lielil on Thursday,
was iii many ways a remarkably satis-
footory one.   The recent developments
have shown such large bodies of high
grade ore Unit no ilmibt need be  felt
as to a sufficient supply of  oro for the
mill, and It   Is further Stated that the
cyanide plant will be in operation he-
fore   the   end   of the year.    This will
enable a saving to be effected of  some
iiiio to ��500 per month In the tailings,
und although a bertan amount of these
have  been  lost    there  remain   largo
quantities stored up for future treatment whloh should also bring in substantial prolits to the   company.    The
present rute  of  profit  works  out  at
about 34   per  cent., and  the  cyanide
plant will, It is expected, add another
ii per cent., which   will  enable  dividends   of  nearly   30  per  cent, to  be
paid, so that the   anticipations of one
of the   shareholders that   the   shares
would  shortly  stand  at 1U premium
seems unite   likely to he realized.    As
wt*   have  had    occasion    to    remark
before, this mine in one of   the   most
ably   and  economically   managed   in
the Province.
The report of   the meeting follows:
The first ordinary general (statutory) meeting of the Athubusca Oold
Miue, Limited,was held oil Thursday,
October 13th, at the Cannon Street
Hotel, London, K.C, nnder the presidency of Mr. Arthur Fell, the chairman of the company.
The Secretary (Mr. .1. A. Turner)
having read the notice convening the
meeting, the chairman said :
Gentlemen,   this  1b the    statutory
meeting of   tbe company, and  we,   as
directors, are extremely glad to   meet
you.    We have no  report  to  present,
but I think we   can point to the  fact
that   we   paid   a dividend last   week,
and to the returns which 1  am   going
to read to you, as   showing   what  an
excellent    position   Una   company   is
now iu.    It  was  registered  on  .lune
13th, but we took the mine over  from
June 1st.    For   the   interim   dividend
we took   in   three  months'   working,
the result   being  as follows:   In   tho
months  of  June, July,   and   August,
there were 1,305 tons  crushed   in   the
battery.    There   wero   3,110 ounces of
gold recovered,ef tho value of J. 1 _,47ii.
The expenses   weie   roughly,   ��0,000,
leaving a profit of ��0,470 for the three
months.    The dividend absorbed a little undor ��5,000,   so    wo   have  something in hand towards a further dividend.    I cunnot prophesy   when   that
dividend   will   be. declared, though   1
may say we shall declare it as soon as
we can, for we know   that   these profits are tho property of tho shareholders, and our object will be   to  divide
them among the people   to whom they
belong at as early u date as   possible.
You are aware no doubt that at the
last meeting we decided we  must put
up a cyanide   plant; indeed, that wus
one of the main   reasons   why the old
company was re-constructed. Directly
this company was   registered und   the
implications came in we cabled out to
the manager in Nelson to Immediately
order a cyanide plant   and   to proceed
to  erect   it   with all possible   speed.
We cabled him at the same time   ��1,-
000���an earnest,   perhaps  of whut wo
intended to do.    He wont to the const
and ordered   the  very   large vats that
are required.    They   are ordered from
a  California   firm at  San   Francisco,
who have a greut reputation   for  this
work,    lie has  meanwhile  been putting in the foundations for those vnts.
This, however, has been   a very troublesome matter, for  you   will   understand that  the foundations  for   vnts,
whieh are something   like the size of
this room aud will   contain   an   enor
mous quantity of   ore and water with
cyanide,  thus weighing an Immense
amount, must bo of the very safest
kind. I have heard of cyanide plants
being entirely ruined through the
foundations giving way shortly after
their erection. In sneh a case the
vats can never afterwards be made to
retain water���there is always a  leak
age.   The   latest news wc havo is to I
the effect that the whole of the masonry work is completed, the   roofing
is going on. and the cyanide plunt  is
lo be ready, they  suy,   by   November
1st, but we will give them a little latitude and sny by December   1st.    The
tailings  were caught  i.: n catohplt,
und   the  manager   reported   that  he
could keep these until July last.    We, '
on this side, hoped   he   might   go   on
retaining   them iu this eatebpit until
after that date, but it has   turned out
that he was perfectly   correct,   for   it
appears that in   August, tluough   the
bursting of the dam, it would not contain the   further   tailings   that   were
put ill it,   and   since  that   date   they
have been lost.   It  was  unfortunate,
but it could not be helped. There wus
u suggestion made by  the manager
Unit, in order to snve tho  tailings, he
should   close  down   the  battery,   but
we weie obtaining   suuh excellent results from it without the tailings that
we  did  not  authorise   this, and   the
battery has been running with theun-
parrulled regularity thut   this buttery
bus shown from  the   day   it  started.
Tho   tailings,   which   will be treated
by the cyanide, should   yield between
��400 and ��500  additional   piofit  each
With regard to the mine Itself,which
is producing the   profits   to   which   I
huve   referred, I   have  looked up  the
latest letters and taken   the following
extracts   from    them:    "August   5th,
1W00: The oro in Uie east drift (where
it jumped up) is opening out satisfactorily, and is largo and   of good quality ; it is possible  that   developments
in this direction may havo   important
results, as from   present  oppcarances
we are  in   new   ground."     "August
0th, 1900:   Tho  ore in   the east   drift
is very fine and   about 2,'i   feet wide
In the shaft the ore   is  running  in u
peculiar manner, and  is  mixed   witli
dyke matter.    It is dipping   stiffly   ut
this point.    It is  not possible to give
much information   about  the  ground
here, nor do I expect to  bo able to do
so   for  some    time    yet."    "August
BOth,   11)00:   The excavation   for  the
cyanide is proving  to  be  a   work   of
unusual magnitude, and tho character
of the ground is  such  that  only   the
most  massive    masonry   will   assure
safety.    The  mine   is  looking excellent now, although   there   is  nothing
new to report of especial importance."
"September   17th.    1900:   My general
opinion   of the mine is that the prospects  never  looked    so   favorable   as
they   do  today.    As development proceeds in the   No.   1 (below;   east, tho
evidoneo  becomes   moro favorable   to
the   supposition   thut  we  shull   ulti
mutely havo ore all the  way   tluough
to   the  old   shaft  and  connect  with
those workings where   we   lost   them
by the large slip in this   (old)   shaft.
Of course, this   theory   is   not proved
yet, but all   the evidence obtained   so
far tends   towards the   correctness  of
this view.    This Is  a   very important
factor.    Wc have  continued the drift,
which we cull the 'grunite' drift, and
have opened up some   fine-looking ore
at  this   point.    Wc  have   sunk    the
shaft  a   few   feet,   and   the   ore   hns
now an excellent   nppeuruiico   ut   this
point.    It  seems certain now that we
need have no fear of tbe continuation
of the vein   in   the granite,   and   our
experience   so far goes to  (how   that
it will be larger, more cheaply mined
and possibly   not averaging  quite   so
rich."   "September   -1st, 1000:   You
will   bo  glad to  bear that on further
sinking  of  tho  shaft 15  feet, ween-]
countered   good ore again, and a general assay from   this   mine  yesterday
gave 852.50."
That   85!)   means     two     ounces   12
dwts, to the ton, nnd when we talk of
good ore   in   tbe Athabasca you   must
remember that it means   ore yielding
two ounces, two  and  a   half  ounces,
or three  ounces  to  the ton.    It   is a
nuriTow   vein,   but,   ns I have shown
you. It is exceedingly lich. The manager, when   ho was over here, told us
it is what they call   a contact vein���a
vein running between tho   schist  and
granite,    Tluough thu  cou-itry  there
was this   line   where
granite met, and thlf
ed up very close to or just ut til
of contact of  the  two   formations   of
stone, but after a bit   the vein dipped
right away   into  the granite, und our
manager   reported   thut   of  course lle
could nut prophesy,   nml   anything
might happen when the vein went into the granite. It wus new ground,
nnd whether the veiu would continue,
pinch out, or become richer could not
be foretold. It was un unknown fac-
tor, but you will be glnil to see from
the extrncts I huve read that the grunite shaft, as they call it, Is opening
up some magnificent ore, and that
"we need have no fear of the continu-
ntion of the vein in the grunite, our
experience so fur going to show thut
it will he larger, more cheaply mined
The Leading Figure at a Reception Held Last
The   Apostolic   Del gate,
the   Most
and possibly not averaging
rich." Hut from the data given it
appears to be nearly twice ns wide ns
it wus. If so, nnd it is only half the
value, it will produce an equal
amount to the foot run. Hut we huve
not yet proved it sufficiently to know
what the  real value will  ultimately
turn out to be. However, tile manager
bus never been so confident ns to the
future of the mine us bis letters show
he Is now. The re-construction bus
been carried through most successfully. Almost every share..older in
England came in and the applications
from tbe Canadian shareholders  were
really quite   remarkable;   they   have
unanimously  come   in   and   taken up
their  new   shares.    There were   only
150 shares outstanding altogether, and
they belonged to men upiu Klondyke,
and  it was   perfectly   impossible   for
them to  send   in   their  applications;
consequently a Canadian company sent
in an application on their behalf, und
if those gentlemen   turn  up within a
reasonable time they will nil get their
shares.    At   one moment it   appeared
as if the Canadian   shareholders  were
disappointed    at    the   proposal,   and
some  of  them   even    suggested   that
there was an attempt   being made   lo
freeze  them    out.    They   have   since
found out,   however,   that   our whole
anxiety   has   been   that  every share-
bolder should not only have an opportunity of coining  into  the   new company, but thut  be   should be literally
induced  by  us  to  do so. for we saw
what an immense   mistake   it   would
ho to him pecuniarily if he did not do
We have   spent very considerable
sums   in   Canada   in   advertising and
making    searches   for   all the   share-
holderB because they do not huve registered addresses,  and they bud to   be
found   through the   banks and   other
agencies.    We huve done all   wc could
tc   snve   everyone's    interest,   and   I
know that   In   Canada  they acknowledge at the present time that we have
done so.    I   think   there   is nothing 1
can  add  to the  Information   I huve
plnced  before  you, but   if you   have
any questions I shall be happy   to answer them.     (Applause.)
quite   BO  Reverend DIomede 1'alconio.who visit-
Mr. .1. .1. Campbell. In the morning
the ApostollO Delegate visited Sl.
Joseph school when u most touching
address wus delivered by ono of the
little ohildren.
Before leaving for the east His Excellency expressed great surprise and
pleasure at the rapid growth of Nelson and surrounding country.
WA1! IN   THU   PllILLll'IN'ES.
American Troops Attack a Large
Force of Filipinos.
Washington, D. ('., (let. 20.���The
War Department today received u despatch from General MadArthur giving an account of a light in which a
detachment of Amerloan troops attacked a superior force of Filipinos.
The despatch follows:
Manila, t)ct. 84.��� First   Lieutenant
Operatives in Quebec Cotton Mills are Out
On Strike-A Clash Occurred
Last Night.
Valleyfield, Oot, 80.���Pandemonium servatlve party, when he with other
reigned here last night and in a clash members rebelled against Howell, Hag-
between   strikers   and   soldiers,   nine     '  * *)"���� iinn. be considered it
83rd Regiment,
U. H. Volunteers, Second tileutenant
Qrayson V. IIeldt,00 men of the Third
Cavalry, attacked the insurgents 47
miles east of Nurvican, lloiles, Province Luzon, and developed n strong
position occupied by about loo rifle
men, l.ooo bolomen under the command of Juan Villainoi'. subordinate
of Timos. A desperate 'iglit ensued,
which was most creditable to force
engaged, though under heavy pressure
nnd overwhelming numbers, our
troops compelled to return to Nariv-
can, which was accomplished in tactical and orderly manner. Acting Burgeon Hath und a civilian teamstei
were captured early in tho   tight
Uevel'emi muuigw .
ed Nelson yesterday on his enstbounil Febiger, 40 men, the
trip to bis home at Ottawa, was ten- " * Volunteers, Si
tiered a most hearty reception ut the
church of Mary Immaculate last evening. The gathering wuh most interesting and the bouse wus tilled to the
doors, not only with members of the
Catholic church but u large number of
members of other denominations established in Nelson.
When the meeting was opened un
address of welcome wus presented to
His Excellency bv Messrs. T. .1. Scan-
laud, Martin O'Reilly and A. J. Kerr.
The address was signed by a number
oi prominent members of the catholic
church and wns as follows:
'To His Excellency, the  Most Hover-   "����> r.	
end DIomede Falconio;   Archbishop   were released   by   Villainor.    Accord-
of Larissa, Apostolic Delegate: ing to the accounts the Insurgents are
n   muQ���    stronger   than   reported   berei
and their loss al a moderate   estimate
is over 1.(100.    Our loss, killed :    First
Lieutenant (ico. L. Febiger,   Chas. A.
Lindenbeig, \V. F, Wilson, 38rd  Regiment U. S. V. 1. ;   Andrew   T.   John-
Bon,    farrier,   Guy   K.  MoOllntocke,
Third Hegiiucnt 1'.  S.    Cavalry ; missing, John .1. Boyd, Samuel H.   Harrison, 3rd Hcgim _ti   Sam   Davis, Fred
Schwen,   of   Third    Cavalry; twenty-
nine horses are missing, some  kno.vn
to   bo   killed.    (Signed)
Iierlin, Oct. 20.���Germany has
agreed to Jupuu's proposal that the
peace negotiations with China shull
be intrusted to the foreign represent
atives at Pekin.
Kiuu Chun, Oct. 86.���The Germans
captured two walled villages. There
were no casualties among the Germans.
Washington, Oct. 20. ���Minister
Conger hns been authorised by his
(lovernment to begin negotiations at
once with the Chinese envoys on the
basis of those points in the Herman
and French notes upon which all of
the powers are agreed. It is understood that the representatives at Pekln of the other powers have similar
instructions, but whether they have
or not, Mr. Conger 11 not to bo restrained.
Canton, Oct. 2().-Tho officials huve
placarded the Sbetom district offering
sovernl hundred dollnrs rewnrd for
the hciuls of four foreigners who are
supposed to be lending the rebels.
The rice crop has failed iu Kunng -1
Province and robbers are pillaging
Rebellion and famine are certain
"May it please Your Excellency to
accept iu tlie name of the Catholics of
Nelson the expression of our deepest
gratitude for the great honor eonferr
ed on this congregation by Your Excellency's visit. Words cannot express
all the joy we feel to have the opportunity of extending to you iv thousand welcomes to this little city situ
ated iu the heart of the Rockies,
"In   your    person   we    revere   the
worthy   representative   in   Canada   of
Our Holy Father the Pope, Leo. XIII.,
now gloriously reigning over   the   Ca
tbolic   world.    Leo   Ihe   scholar,   the
great Statesman, the beloved   Pontiff,
respected alike by   those   who   do not
belong to his tlock as well as by those
who venerate in him tile Vicar of   Jesus Christ and the   Supreme   Bead   of
the Church, has endeared himself  too
much to us   not   to sei/.e this   solemn
opportunity of   raising   our   voices to
protest uguinst the restraint placed on
liis liberty.
"Liberty, that  blessing   which   all
men wish to enjoy, is   especially   necessary   to   the  Father  of   the   great
Christaln family.   Home so appropriately called the Eternal City,   because
it is the city of all ages as well as  of
all nations,   is degraded and   loses its
character when it   is    forced   to   become the capital nf one particular nation us tlie   House  of  Savoy  has  attempted to make  it.   By a Providential design after being the Mistress of
the World, Home   now   belongs to the
whole   human race, and   consequently   Maher
the power that governs there,   should
be the best representative   of   the bu
man family, the   Head   of  a  chinch
which   like  mankind   is universal in
time   and   in space.    Nevertheless to
lay we  have   to witness and   ih-plor<
the abnormal condition   which makes
tbe Head of  this   greut   Society   composed of some three hundred  mill!
members, subject not only   to  foreign
power, but also to one thut   is  iniuii-
members of the Royal Scots were
Wounded most of litem slightly: live
French-Canadian strikers were ulso
slightly wounded by bayonels of the
soldiers. All wus quiet this morning,
but the cotton mills were closed down
owing lo the action of four hundred
operators In quitting work out of sympathy with the striking workmen who
caused   the  disturbance   lust     night.
Serious trouble is looked   for tonight.
The  town   is  guarded   hy 2.1  officer*.
and :ir,0 men   of   the Hoyal  Scots   nnd
Victoria Hitles regiments of Montreal.
A    woman     named     Dion   died   this
morning of fright as tlie result of last
night's riot.
Montreal, Oet. 20.���Tlie two troops
of the Duke of York Hussars (cavalry)
have been sent to Valleyfield accompanied by Lieut.-Colonel Hoy, 1). O.
c., Montreal district, who takes per-
sonnl command of all forces upon his
iirrival. The action of tho military
authorities iu sending Colonel Hoy,
who is a French Canadian, to command the forces, will prevent any attempt to raise the race question, that
it is Knglish volunteers trying tn
down French Canadian workmen.
gui't says nl thut time he considered it
necessary to make a  change aud that
he   understood   Howell hud agreed   to
this   decision   of   bis   colleagues   and
wus to have   handed   iu   his   resignation, but delayed il from day   to day,
until he (Baggart), with   the  rest   of
his colleagues, were compelled to send
in their resignations iu   order   to   get
rid of   Howell.    Howell     replying   to
Baggart said their was no foundation
whatever for Ihe understanding alleged by that gentleman.
Ottawa, Oct. 80.���The first newspaper in the Iroquois language has appeared in Ottawa under the name of
"Onkakeone," published by Mr,
Cook, of the Indian Department*
Halifax, Oct. 86.���Lloyd Horden,
hailing from New ,York, wns arrested
here this morning on a steamer, just
us tlie vessel wus sailing for New
York, charged with bigamy. Ho is a
relative of Li/./.ie Horden who figured
in the famous Horden murder case In
Maine some years ago.
Prince of Wales' Lord ljuex Wins the
Houghton Stakes.
London, Oct. 2(1.���At the lust day of
tho     Newinarket-llougbton     meeting
today   Mr. Whitney's  Spectouin   took
the old Cambridgeshire handicap, ridden   by   Mulier.     The   race   for   tbe
Houghton stakes wus won   by   11.    R,
fl. t   e. Prince of   Wales'  Lord   ljucx.
Mr. ,1.   '  Curtis' Deruby,finished first
in the race for the   selling  weltei all-
aged   stakes.    The    Hying    handicap
plate was won by London, ridden   by
A free handicap of 100 sovereigns was won   by   Britannia, ridden
by .1. II. Martin.    Lord Ellmei 's Coin-
be, ridden by Sloan, won   the   Criterion Nursery   handicap   of   200   sovereigns.
St.    Thomas,   Out.,   Oct.   20.���West
Elgin Liberals have chosen A. 1). Mc-
(iuiguu lo   contest the riding in their
nt���test in plnce of (Jeo. B. Casey, the
former member.
Quebec, Oct. 2(1. ���V. Chatteauvert.
Conservative candidate in Centre Que*
bee, hns issued an address to the electors in which ho intimates that if elected, his main object in Parliament
[will be devoted to the interest of Ijue-
Ibec irrespective of party.
Winnipeg, Oct. 88.���Colonel Thomas
Clarkson Bcoble, one of Winnipeg's
oldest and most respected citizens,
died suddenly of appoplexy this morn-
Montreal, Oet. 20.���The 85th Mount
Royal Hitles. ami tbe French Camui-
iun Regiment which did service in the
Northwest rebellion, has been call-tout to go to Valleyfield this afternoon.
An improvement bus been mnde in
the new ballots which are to be used
at the forthcoming   election.    On   the
Raising   therefore  our   hearts  to   ai nn-,,,,_._	
God with the tens of   thousands, who ,,1,1 ballot, against   the name of   ouch
each morning after Mass pray for the candidate  which  was printed   with
wants of   the   Church, we   also ask of ,,,,,,             ,  ���        ,      ,       ,.
God to give back   to the   Pope the in- a blut'k ,,loc'k- wns k'ft ll circular disi
alienable   patrimony of   Saint   Peter '   '  '" '"' "laced.     II
Settlement of Coal Miners Strike is
Most Welcome.
Scrunton, Pa., Oct. 36.���There is
joy today throughout Scrunton and
the Lackawanna Valley at the calling-
off of tlie anthracite miners strike by
President John Mitchell and his executive ollieers. Tbe order bus ulso
hud the effect of stimulating the coni-
paniea which bud not already hoisted
notices agreeing to advance the wages
ten percent., and today the Pennsylvania Coal Co. sent out its official notice to its miners at Diininore, Avoca
and Plttston, Then- action was also
followed by the Moosic Mountain Coal
Co., and every other Individual iutcr-
  1 est   that   hud   not   done so. and   this
Kingston. (Int., Oct. 20.���.1. W. evening will find the notice up at
Hell, Conservative candidate in Ad- every mine in the valley from Forest
dington County, has issued nn address City to Pittston. About a.1,000 men
calling upon his friends to run a and boys between these points will
clean election, without rcsortiug to , therefore resume work on Monday.
legal and corrupt practices. 	
Brantford, Ont.,Oct. 20.���Eva Grim
stead, aged eight years,was seriously,
if not fatally injured last evening by
her wheel running into a moving
train while wheeling over a railway
Smith Fulls, Out., Oct. 20.���Sir
Chillies Tupper addressed a meeting in
till* interest of the Conservative candi
date here last evening. Ho made his
usual charges of maladministration
igalnst Un' Government.
London, Oct. SO.-ThS Foreign officials informed a representative of the
Associated Press today that thus far
only Italy   and   Austria had   accepted
the Anglo-German agreement, but the
ilssl.���t of tbe United  states,  Russia
and Franco was confidently   expected.
to make Rome once more for all ages
what history has made it in tlie past,
the intangible capital of tlie Catholic
World, and to grant lo our beloved
Pontiff and to you, long years of prosperity.
"We regret that circumstances do
not permit Your Excellency to re- j
main longer with us. but we console
ourselves with the thought that per-'
haps we will be able to welcome you
again to our mountains, where you
will always find devoted children to
His Holiness and to Your Excellency,
who so ably represent our beloved
To this His Excellency made n most
eloquent and appropriate reply, con-
gialulating the members of the congregation upon the beautiful temple
they hud erected 111 Nelson und upon
the enterprise which has led to tho
erection of the lnrge school which will
in n   short time be opened.
After His   Excellency's reply tothe
address he gave tbe  Pupal Blessing, u
most solemn nnd Impressive ceremony.
This was followed  by   Benediction of
the Most Blessed Sacrament, given by
Ills   Lordship Bishop   Doiitenwill,   of
New Westminster,
His Excellency  is accompanied on
his trip by his secretary, the Rev.
Father Fisher. Fathers Welsh. Cote
nnd   Fcrlnnd   received   th     Apostolic
During yesterday afternoon His Ex
cellenoy,  accompanied by Father Fcr-
land. Mr.  A.  .1. Kerr,  and   bis   seere-
visited   the   smeller,     through
on which a cross had to be placed.     If
the cross was  not  placed   within tbe
disc, although opposite to the name of
the candidate,   the  ballot   was  often
thrown  out,   although    there   would
seem to be no   reasonable   doubt as to
the intention of tlie voter.    Under the
new system the black  blocks, or   par-
I allclognuus are still left, but they arc
placed   an   inch   apart  and   between
each pair is set the name of the candidate.    In   other   words the names   of
the   candidates   are   separated   by the
blocks referred to.    To signify bis intention, all that the voter has to do is
to place   a cioss anywhere opposite to
tlie name of his choice.    Il is thought
that this   method   will   keep many   a
ballot which,   under   the  disc system
would probably    huve   to   be    rejected.
There is ulso another point   to   whloh
the  returning   otliccr   culls   attention
and Unit is the freedom   of   the   voter
to vote anywhere within   his   riding.
Thus a Nelson voter can vote ut Trail
or a Greenwood   voter could vote here
if be so   desired.     It Is not   necessary
that the voter   should   be   within   his
owl) city to vote as long as he i
in tlie electoral district,
Meaford, (Int.. Oct. 20. ���Hon. Win.
Mulock addressed a meeting hero ir
the interests of Charles llnstman
Liberal candidate in Bast Grey, yes
terday afternoon.
When the Supreme Court opened
this morning at the Court House,
Judge Walkem gave his decision in
favor of the defendant, In the case of
MeKay vs. Phillips, which was eon-
ended late lust evening nnd judgment
reserved until this   morning.
Aftei disposing   of   the   above   case
the BtOOnd   civil   case   Waterlnnd   vs.
JGreenwOod was opened.    In this   case
Halifax.    N.    B.,     Oct.     2.1.-- Nine I U ""P������   tb��*   Nlr    Walter   Water-
sel, ers.     n red   ut   the    wliu, ves \ �����"-'��� Property, which is situated   on
, ,,   1 1 _, . i���i,t .,/    ��� Copper Street, Greenwood, and which
here, were robbed last night of   many ,     ��� i
., 1 ....     <ci.   .m____11b   also   near   the   hank of   the   creek
watches   and  money, etc,    Ine crews
 1   which passes through the   town   site,
was greatly   damaged by the overllow
_____ nl the   creek    last April.    Mr. Water-
Toronto. Oct. 20.-Sir Charles Tup-j'and is suing tlie corporation of
per has intimated to tho Consei vative ' Greenwood for 15,000 damages, Tho
committee that ho Will be unable to I ��n'iri! morning session was taken up
attend any further meetings in On- '" securing the evidence of C. W. H.
after October B0, finding  it  ue-' Samson, of Greenwood,   an  architect,
Quebec, Oct. 20.���I. E. Cliaplenu, a
young French Canadian advocate has
been nominated to oppose Sir Wilfrid
Lauricr in Quebec enst.
were chloroformed while sleeping am
their clothes ritled.
St. John,   N. B.,  Oct. :i'i.   Hon. 1;.
E. Foster addressed a mass meeting
here last night devoting his remarks
chiefly to the Canadian winter port
question charging Mr. Blair with opposing the gateway of this traffic by
an   unfair   arrangement    toward   Ihe
which   they   were
smelter,     wirou*-. -��� ...iiwav
Undiy  shown  by | Canadian Pacific Railway.
and mining engineer. He told of lho
position of Mr. Wiiterland's land and
buildings, and the position of the
street, in relation to the course of th*
creek. Much technical evidence has
to lie taken, and the case will not be
closed until some time tomoirow.
Messrs, Maodonald uml Johnson ap-
peared for the plaintiff, nnd Mr. A.
. . I.eamy, of Leuiny and tlruy, of Green-
Carleton Place,   Ont.,   oet. 86.���81 rt wood for tho defendant,
MaeKenzie Lowell and lion. Baggart j The case is being beard before a
met 011 tlie platform here lust night. I jury consisting of William R. Undo,
the former speaking in tlie interest of; Donald .1. Dowcry, (Ieo. N. (lllchrist,
Dr. Preston who is opposing Baggart, I F. P.. I.ys. William R. McLean, T. S,
In defending himself for the action I McPhcrsou. II. W. Rutherford aud E,
I at the time of the crisis   In   the   Con     V. Thompson,
tan. ...... 	
eessary to proceed to  Nova   Scotia after that date.
London. Out.. Oct. 20.���Herbert R.
Tullinm, one of the officials of the
London Life Insurance Co., of this
city, died suddenly at bis residence
yesterday. Apoplexy Is said to have
been the cause of  death.
**Tia*r�� Nelson Daily Miner, Friday Evening, October 26, 1900
The Nelson Miner
il Kvory Afternoon Except Sunday
��� 11V TIIK���
Limited Liability,
115 Floot Stroct, K. C.
Central  Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agonts
Pally, per month, hy carrier    two
II,lily, per month, hy tiio.il      .Vic
I 'uly, per your, by carrier.... $ 7 00
Dally, per year, by mull   5 00
Dally, tier your, foreign     11 00
Weekly, per hnlf year tl 25
Weekly, per year    'im
Weekly, per year, foreign    II 00
SubtoriptlOBB invariably in ailvauco.
All   ChOOkl  should   be mallo payable lei Ihe
onler  of   Nki.son    Pi'iiushinu   Company,
I [Mil ll��.
Mr. John Houston nnd the editor
of The Economist have swoiu to close
up The Miner. The Tribune in referring to Tho Miner this morning
calls it "a newspaper that never supports a candidate for high oflice without demanding tribute." If the editor of The Tribune, or the oditor of
The Economist will show to the public
of Nelson wherein Tho Miner, under
its present management, hns ever demanded tribute, directly or indirectly,
from any candidate for any oflice,
high or low, The Miner will save
those gentlemen any more time and
worry in their efforts to close up the
oflice of this paper. We will close it
up ourselves and hand the keys to Mr.
Now, most excellent gentlemen,
here is your opportunity.
Someone down East bus been looking up some of the speeches Sir Wilfrid Laurier made during the last
campaign. Some amusing contrasts
between his present and his former
views are fonnd. The Montreal Star
has selected a few of these. During
the campaign ot 1891, while in Toronto.  Mr.   Luurier said:
"I tell you, the Liberal party will
never cense the agitation until they
tiiiniilili and obtain Continental Free
Trade I Fixing our eyes steadily upon
the goal, we shall go on steadily until we reach it���unrestneted commercial reciprocity."
The Star adds: Then lie dilated upon the beauties of unrestricted reciprocity, and asserted that a commercial arrangement with llritain was
"The alliance which is not possible
with Britain is possible with the
l'nited States, and tbe policy which
we have advocated, and will continue
til advocate, is the removal of nil commercial harriers between this country
and tbe great kindred nation to tbe
south of us. "
Some time before the lust election���
on February 5, 1895���Laurier turned
up in Toronto again. This time the
story was different, lie called for
out-and-out free trade:
"The Liberal cause in which we
nre now engaged is the cnuseof eiiiun-
ctpation ugainst oppression. (Hear,
beat.) In this Canada, on this free
soil of America, we have a system
which takes away from the earnings
of men to give to other men. You
cull this 'protection.' Cull it protection, call it feudalism, cull it slavery.
I cure not, it is the same thing; it
Hitlers only in degree. It is bondage,
antl I call upon the young men in the
gallery to icsolve here und now, to
stand against bondage in whatever
���shape it presents itself."
Be was playing to the gallery, and
free trade���emancipation from iudu.s-
trial protection���was his cry. Hut he
visited Toronto again, on June 18,
1890, ami this is   what he suid:
'Imagine my juy.wlu'U I cun sometimes agree with so great und big a
man as Sir Charles Tupper. (Laughter, i 1 agree with him iu regard to
preferential trade. This is a new
idea,    hut    one   which   in     itself    is
fraught with  greatness,  not only for
the Canadian people, but for the llrit-
i-.li Empire at large. (Hear, hear,
and cheers.) The principle is proclaimed that there shall be preferential trade within the Empire nt large,
that is to say. that England and her
Colonies should trade upon a footing
of preference over other nations, Imagine what would be the consequence
if the products of Canada���the wheat,
the hurley, the oats, tlie butter, and
the cheese���which we arc sending to
England were to be accepted in the
Hritish market on terms of preference
over the products of the I'nited States,
of Russia, of all the other countries
which are competing   with us in that
market. The advantages are obvious, so obvious that the moment I suw
the Idea I jumped ut it, and Immediately declared myself in favor of it."
Soon after this he became Premier
of Canada and in the Jubilee year,
1897, he went over to England, but instead of asking the Hritish Oovernment to grant this boon to Canada,
instead of asking them to udopt the,
idea, "which in itself is fraught with I
greatness, not only for the Canadian
people, but for the iiritUh. Empire,",
Sir Wilfrid told the Hritish people
that Canada did not want n'proference
in the British market and   added
"Suppose England did such u thing
and abandoned her free trade record,
she would inevitably curtail the purchasing power of her people. And do
you not think we should suffer from
that, we wlio alone have natural resources enough to feed your millions
from our fertile lands? I have too
great a belief ill English common
sense to think they will do any such
thing. What we have done lu the
way of tariff preference we have done
out of gratitude to England, and not
because we want her to enter upon tho
path of protection. We know that
English people will not interfere with
policy of   free   trade, and   wc do
not desire them to do so."
On other questions Sir Wilfrid's remarks in Toronto on different occasions were equally inconsistent.
What dependence can be placed upon a public man whose views are so
unstable'.1 Absolutely no impoitunce
can be attached to any statement he
Mr. Edwards is a gentleman who
represented Russell in the last Parliament. He is a cundidnto for the sumo
constituency. The Liberals find it
necessary to crush Mr. 11. H. Cook if
they enu, nnd they are employing Mr.
Edwards to that end. He is quoted as
saying: "1 pledge you my word of
honor thut li. II. Cook came to me
three times and threatened to make
it hot for the Liberal party if I did
not do my best to get him a Senator-
ship." It is not likely that Mr. Cook
suid this, or that Mr. Edwards said he
said it. The words were probably
misunderstood nnd mixed by the correspondent who sent them out. Mr.
Cook may have said be would makc it
hot for the Liberal party if he did not
get the Senatorship, but he could
hardly make the matter a subject of
quarrel with Mr. Edwards. It would
be like Mr. Cook to say that, for he is
not the man to sit down quietly under injustice. Hut let it not be forgotten in this connection that Mr.
Cook could not make it hot for the
Oovernment unless there was something hot to dish up. If the Oovern-
inent were innocent of wrong, neither
be nor any other person could make it
hot for them. It was because the Oovernment had proposed a corrupt sale
of their putronnge that Mr. Cook had
it in his power to make it hot for
them. And being human, he proceeded to do it. A dozen such quotations
us the above would not alter or diminish or in tlie least affect the fact that
the Government offered to sell Mr.
Cook a Senatorship for $10,000. That
is the one principal point of the whole
mutter, and it stands aguinst anything Mr. Edwards says Mr. Cook
suid. Cun honest men support a Government that makes a market of Sen-
The editor of The Vnnouver Province
doesn't believe in The Miner's sea
serpent. It makes some slighting remarks in regard to it and questions
the quality of the "brand" used in
Nelson. If the editor of The Province
will visit Nelson wc will not under
take to show him the sea serpent but
will select some one who will undertake to prove to him that tlie''brand"
hero is just us good as the Vancouvor
Nelson and other   Hritish   Columbia
points are   not  going   to have an op
portunity of welcoming home, in   tho
near future,any of the boys who went
to South Africa with the first   contin
gent.    The   dispatches   tell   us    that
there are   no   Hritish   Columbia   boys
aboard the returning   transport,    The
Idaho.     When     they   do   come,   how
ever, they will find us   wnrm   a   wel
come as   returning   soldiers  ever   received.
If Oom Paul could he prevailed upon to come to the Kootenay country
und use a few of his millions in developing mines lie would soon be able to
boast of more friends among the Hrit
Ushers than he possesses ut the present
Yesterday was a most interesting
date in English literature. Five hundred years ago yesterday Chaucer died
and one hundred years ago yesterday
Mucuuley was born.
Tho editor of The Tribune hud another had spell last night. Tho effects
of it are easily disctirnuble in the editorial columns of this morning's Tribune.
Editor   Miner:
Sir,���The editorial war going on
between the Nelson newspapers as to
Which is the real support nnd strength
of the Conservative party ill this district is both amusing and instructive.
In  spite  of ull deprecatory remarks
on both sides, wc know thut both papers exercise ull iniluenee over their
respective admirers. For your comfort Mr. Editor. I may tell you of a
conversation I overheard recently. A
newcomer to the town was asked in
my hearing, whether he hud yet subscribed to one ot our dailies. He replied' " Ves! 1 have subscribed to
The Miner. I understand it is the paper everyone takes." Now of course
we know he was wrong, but this illustrates the fuel thut both our daily
papers have their special spheres of
iufluonce,   Now when  wc  Hud  both
papers claiming to lep.esent the
Conservative party, I think Mr. MacNcill should rest easy us to his prospects in this district. When we take
into consideration further The Tribune's peculiar moral manner "Make
sure which party is to be in power,
then support that Dnrty" nil good
Conservatives will rejoice to find that
paper eager to call Itself the Conservative organ.
("Conservative" is in error. Tho
Miner is not engaged in any war
looking to a settlement of the ques-
tiou us to which is the "real support
und strength of the Conservative
Party iu this District." The Miner
is the organ of no party or class.���
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. $5 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 50
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing  Mines  2 75
Lang's  Matte  Smelting  2 25
Miller's  Qualitative   Analysis.. 176
Kemp's Handbook of   Rocks  1 75
Thautwine's   Engineer's  Handbook   5 50
Hawkins'   New   Catechism   for
the Steam   Engine  2 25
Hawkins' Maxims  and  Instructions for   Boiler Room  2 25
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    of
Electricity  2 25
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Your eyes are important and re
quire attention to avert serious
discomfort. Consult us in time
about your eyes���it is never too
Manufacturing Jewelers.
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Asbestos   Co.
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sewer connections, one lot
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St., S4O0 cash, balance easy
terras          1,300 00
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two corner lots,   cash   8575,
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8-Roomed house, corner of Ward
and Kobson, electric light, hot
and cold water,bath aud sewer
connections 825 00
8-Roomed bouse. Hume Addition 20 00
New bouse on Water Street   18 00
7-Koomed house on Kobson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, bath, hot and cold water,
electric light, und sower connections  25 00
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Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS passing Dun-
niore Jm.clion Daily for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal and Boston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto.
Same cars pass Revelstoke one day
for  your  eastern  trip is to see  that
your ticket reads via Canadian Pacific.
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Enjoy Two Hours and a Hair or Clean Fun.
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r_i_ f>DK ��ud eastern points via
"lly    ) Ciow's Nest Route.
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Ex Sun J Forks, Greenwood,Midway,eto
0:00 j Train for Slocau City, Sloean
Ex Sun j points, aud Sandon.
10.00   ) Steamer for Kaslo und   inter- ,
Ex Sun I mediate points.
18-40 ) Traill for Rosslnnd, Naknsp,
T_.11- [-Revelstoke, main line and
A"my    ) PuciBic Const Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and full information call ou or address nearest Local Agent, or,
K. W. Drew, Depot Agent. 1 _i80n, B. c.
H. L, Brown, City Agent. /
Tr_v. Pass. Agent        A O. P. Agent),
Nelfoa Vancouver
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At Annable's office, Madden Block.
All delegates who would like to
protect their families by taking- out
one of the popular policies in the
Mutual Life of Canada, and all
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their property will be destroyed by
fire, can have the same covered by
insurance in the Anglo-American
Fire Co.; and any who are tired
paying rent can purchase a house
and lot on easy terms. Vacant
lots for sale; houses for rent; Baker
Street business property on my list.
In fact, 1 have twenty-three different properties to dispose oi during-
this Convention.
Office hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 5
until after the General Elections.
Credentials signed by the President of any Chaptered Bank accepted.
Those who enjoy hunting
lind here a first-class quality of Hunting Goods, not
only Smokeless Loaded
Shells that are dependable
and reasonable, but a full
line of Powder, Shot, Cartridges, Primers, Knives���
in fact ull the needfuls for
a day's shooting.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Hough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PI LOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
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Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-op,    ,   .    .    Si,9tus,o>o.oo |  Bent, ��i,;oo,ooo.o
Board of nireelorm   Thomas K. Kenny,   President;   Thomas Ritchie   Vlo_.'prnli.m,i
Wiley Smith, H. O. Bftuld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C., H.n. D.vkt MaoKoon. vlo8-"esldo��t-
lli'iul  llllln.  Hal llai ;
General Manager, Edson I.. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Socretary, W, B. Torrance Halifax
Inspector, \V . F. Brock, Halifax. ,
Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montreal.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Van-
conver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
CorrrtpoBdenU t
inn aria��� Morchants Bank of Canada.   Konton���National Shawnmi T_nn_    _1.1     !���_��___
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till points east, west and south to
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for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
Stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective Sunday, October 21st, 1000.
Train No. 88 (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    10:48 p.m.
Leave Northport      5 ISO a.m.
Arrive Rossland     7:30 a.m.
Train No. 34 (Night Train).
Leave Kossland    11 :l)0 p.m.
Leave Northport    18:48 a.m.
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Allan Lino Parisian  Nov.!
Allan Lino Tunisian Nov 11
Bonvor Lino lake Superior Nov J
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White Star Lino (lormniiio Nov tj
Cunard  Lino Campania f"~8
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French Lino Le Touralne Nov 8
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polnta. For raUw. tlcko.H and full Information
apply to C. P. K. dopit aKont or H. L. Brown
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General A .cnt, C.P.K. Offloes, WlnnlpfS
7-8 inch diam. $13.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nel��o_
J. 0. T. OROFTS,        ��� .       _
P.O.Bo*     .Nelson,-, i
tm$k\iim-<s, Nblson Daily Miner, Friday Evehwo, October ��6, 1900
Some Sample Stage Jokes of the Present   Time.
It takes but little to make the patrons of vaudeville laugh. Most of
the funny sayings look flat in print,
but tin' riiliciilou. manner in which
they are uttered and the horse-play
which accompanies most of them serve
to carry them off with more or less
success. The following is popular just
now, anil yet it has been in use for
nix months:
First Comedian���My sistor has groat
luck. She w��8 down to Asbury Park
this'summer and got an 8l0u pearl
out of an oyster.
Second Comedian���That s nothing.
My sister got a diamond necklace
th'in Bummer out of a lobster ut Nar-
rai/iinsi'tt Pier.
Another team does n sketch in which
the Htagf setting showed the exterior
of a country inn. The woman appears
iih the waitress. After a little by-
play the farmer announces that he
would like some dinner. Many of the
diNhos he orders are not on the bill of
fare. Finally he says he would like
to have some boiled potatoes.
"We haven't any," replies the girl.
"We didn't expect you."
"Well, then," he says, "give me a
couple of loose eggs.''
���Haven't any," is again the answer.    "We didn't expect you."
"Well," asks the farmer, "didn't
the hens expect me, either" And she
"No; if they had they would have
been laying for you."
"Your'e a wonder."
"Vou ought  to See my sister."
"Where is she?"
"Doing a skirt dance in 'Aladdin.' "
"You ought to see my sister. She's
doing up a shirt in a laundry."
Walter Terry and Nellie Elmer, a
song and dance team, discuss matrimony.    The giri dually says:
"What kind of a husband do you
advise me to get?"   lie replies:
''(Jet a single man,and let husbands
Two men, billed as "Smith and
Campbell, talking comedians," amuse
the audience with this sort of   patter;
"I'm going to buy my Uncle Tom
a candy horse."
���Why'.'    He might not liko it."
"Well, if he don't like it he can
lick it."
"Don't spring anything like that
on me. Did you hear about my
"He's a corker."
"Is that bo?"
"Yes, he's got a job in a bottling
"Do you know your coat dou't fit
"It's a good fit."
"Uo on, it's almost a   convulsion."
"I met your wife yesterday. "
"Did you notice her teeth?"
"No, she didn't open her mouth. "
"That couldn't have been my wife."
"I understand you heat her like
"That's the only way I get the dust
out of her."
"Say, do you know 1 started in life
as a barefooted hoy?''
'Well, I'll tell you right hero 1
wasn't born with shoes on."
"You must have soniehing up your
"I have."
"What is Is?"
"My arm."
"Well, I'm fixed new. I got a job
helping my father. He's the superintendent of a factory and Iiub a thousand men under him."
"That's nothing; my father had !>,-
two men under him."    "Is  that so?"
"Yes, when he went up in the balloon in Cbioago.''
.���^^S^SL^SLSLSLSLSLSLSL^'00_:_&'���**' ___.__'-SLsLSLSLSLSLSLSi'
While this Special Sale is going on, we will jL
inue the Slaughter of all other Articles in our L
We are determined to open in our new  L
Lamps s_i Clocks.
DURING our Slaughter Sale, preparatory to our removal into the quarters
now occupied by the Canada Drug and Book Company, we have sold
at very low figures a large number of Articles from our Extensive Stock.
Lamps and clocks take up a large amount of room, and we have a lot
of goods at the depot which we must make room for, and during the next two
days we will cut the prices of our Lamps and Clocks to figures that will place
them within the reach of the family with the most modest income. We have
them in all styles, prices and makes, and so many of them that you will have
little difficulty in securing just what you want.
J!' location with a Brand New Stock, and to do this  ��y
W we will Slaughter Everything. !L
Thin ilgnat-re la on every box ot tbe genuine
Laxative Bronio Quinine *-����>*
the remedy that cares a eoM \W one dnjr
Isn't It Sweet?
The delioate, refined Bcent we
constantly strive to secure in our
perfumes has given us a lasting
reputation with refined people.
Tho true fragrance of tho'hlos-
t��.mi' from which the extracts
are made is so plainly distinguishable as to be delightful
to the discriminating buyer.
___W-^^ ____���__*____.___: ___^.-___:--_{^:^:_^
^���^.^^^.^^5 _8 _5 ^J-^-^^St.-^^--^^* -0.^0-00 00-00-00-00>rp
Gamble & O'Reilly JWJSWxxxxxxxxtKxxxxxxKxxxsa
Baker Street
Real Estate and insurance Agents.
1 .11 RENT
6-Roomed House and Bath Room
together with Kitchen Range
oomplete with hot and cold
water, Observatory St., Magnificent view,   rent  including
water rates  ��� ��� ���
.-Boomed   House   corner   Cedar
and Carbonate Streets L
r.-Roomed House Hume AddltlonWB.OO
.���Boomed Cottage (lore st sr~.no
9-Boomed House Corner Mill    &
Hull Sts., from Nov.   1st 83(1.00
Rents collected. 1-oaiiB made. Agents
liritisli Columbia Permanent Loa- &
Savings Company.
m ONE.
Eight pages of summarized and
classified news.
Eight pages of practical agricultural and live stock articles-
Eight pases of interesting fiction
and magazine features.
Morrison b Caldwell
3 Sections.      24 Pages.
$1.00 PER YEAR.
Balance ot 1900 free with subscription for 1901.
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. O. Uox 220.
St. Joseph's
Next term commences 3rd
September. Por particulars apply to the
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Finest line of
Staple and Fancy
Groceries, Provisions,
Canned Goods,
Fruits, Vegetables, etc.
Our Specialties:
Best Creamery Butter and
Fresh  Bogustown  Eggs.
Morrison  &  Ca_dWe.ll
Rubbers and Creepers...
These are necessary this sort of
weal hot, to keep you from slipping
and Insure Safe Walking. We
have them to suit all.
Wholesale Houses
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83
AJTtwo-story  dwelling!   7 large room.;   front nml  hack
Ktaii-K;   halls;   eliiM'ts; hatli roinu ; sewer eonneetion ;
about four blocks  from pOBt-office  S'J.ikio
8700 enRh, balance monthly.   A BrBt-olas. buy.
Five-room cottage; sewer eonneetion; -5-foot lot; a block
from tram line, in Addition A        7r,o
Busy terms.
Two [rood 25-foot lots, near the street ear barns; only        600
50-foot corner, Vernon  Street     3,500
25-foot lot, Carbonate street       250
5-Uoom Cottage  817 50
4-Koom Cottage     15 00
.-Uuom Cottage     15 OO
4-Koom Cottage     18 00
To   let  on a yearly lease, .-room house, comer of   Cedar
anil Victoria;   all plumbing;   gas anil electric light.
Fire Insurance Fromptly Placed.
rrtUORPB & 00. Limited-Comer Vornon
X   und Oedar dtreoU, Ni-Uoii���Muiiufnoiur-
oruof ami ��� iholi uili .   ni noml-il watoru
unil fruit ��� \ i u|.*.   bolu uu-utK fur Halcyon -lot
BpHngn mineral water.   T-lcplionts UO.
J_N N. M. Cmiiiiiinrf, l.*x,i)-���Kvory known
variety of >-fi drinks, 1' ii Hox 8H. Tulephoue
No. ;tl. lloovor-iruci, Nelnun. hottluni of the
Idiiiouri al. i.imii llui iSpnuK* Mineral Wutvr.
I A. Muciloimlill���ArctmocU .nil Huporln-
teudonte, liroki-u Hill Mock, curnur bukor and
\\ tint .irouu., .Nulftun.
-U.-.Muiiiiliiilui-rs of tin; hoyul Seal
,ni,i Kootonay Uuiiu Cigars, t.,, i ��� n > and
Othoe, llnkur blreot, Notion.
HJ. KVAN. &, CO.-Baker .treul, Nel-
���     "i     '���'- I., ;<   iluulcn, in liquora, ci-
Kara, oemonU tire brick ami lira cluy, water
pipe and t.iut-1 raiia, uhiI general cuuunuuuon
JA. MOONALi) - Madden hlock, NeWou-
���    i i ���.(���  ,  ice cieaui,  "U, be    uhoooiftU*.
nihil chuMi oonteoUoo^ry.   Ico <Jro��ni 1'arlont.
1 > \\ hui. .tic and 11 ;mi deuloni lu grU*.
n��->. Hour, .ml. Miiih ai V iclona, Now VV'e��t-
iniiibier; h>iiiion_un, AlUu Klovalora on ____
_��.v, and tulinuuum Hail way. Mtuiufaclurttirn
ol UlQ colubralod 11. ��c K. brand ouroul_u
A    MAODONALD   & Co.���Corner   Kron
���   und   Hall   atrot-U��� W lioluttalu   grocert
ami .MitiiM'i    in i.i.niK'i-. glovuH, initiri, boota,
ni:.;'. i  , inuckiiihWH and unnui-w' uuudrio_��
_I^i     Ulllcu  corner   Hall and   t��rtmi  bireeU,
AUinon���Lumbar, OQtliogi HouiLuk, and over;
i l<iii.; in wood lur buUtling i-n i1" ��������� -.   Uet our
pncuh.   Corrunponileiieu holiettod.
|> liLUNs & Co.���Baker .ireut, Neltoo���
X. . \\ tiuliihalu ilcaloi-H 111 fi.'h and cured
iiiu.u,.   l.'olil -loraKO.	
TT      Hukcr .Unci. Net-DD���WhOteHle deal-
en in frunh iui'1 curcit menu.
P. BURN5 & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to any branch will have careful ��*4 orompt attention.
Pot wood *��r lmril or soft riuil.
The largest  line carried   l>y
uny linn in Canada.
M A6TH/ MHjA/ <f0 -tfyry, As C4i^/
"Good  Cheer*1  ttftngM nnd
Oook stovi-M.   a oomplete line.
Call nml In' convinced timt tin' only place to lmy
SUivph iiiui   Bangei at the  ri^'hi prloei  i�� il��'
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
J toLieel, Nelnon ��� VS liolenale >i hIhih in
naitlwaro, inlueib' BQppUe. hporUuK KtKxi*,
VI'L-ACHLAX  HUOri. (Hucco-wore lo Van-
JjA  couvur Hardwt-TttCo, Lui.iiinkortitxM.ti
.���-. 1 >iu    .. I,,.'.  ,tn-   .I. ,,,!!���- in  imrdwarn ana
iiiiinii,,   11 L'i'ii-   . iii'inii.ii - und  1 iii^nnihr." sup*
pllOH.  _
paintri, niln and KlhM] moohanlcii' tooln.
._KonLn tot OnUiiio 1-wdor Work*; < 1) immii��
fpUHNKK. HKKTON & Co. -Cornor Vernoa
_L and J" i-fiiiiu' HlrtwUi, Nelson-Whcto*
juilo donlorri in LlQnONi oiKarn, and dry good*.
AKontH for r.tii-i iiri'^ m< i'd. ��-r Milwaukwi
and Calnary Hrt-wiiiK Co ol Culirtiry.
II UDtiON'H HAY Co.   Wholesale urooerie.
1    and 11'nun- etc., linker tilreot, NoIhod.
ClAl-lUlltNlA \VlNKC(��.,Uinltod-Con_er
) Kronl and Hall Street* Nelson���Whole*-
Hjuo UcKlors n WiOM lOMfl and bulk), and
domoHlfo anil iiui��n i.'.i OtgftnL
I'KOYISIUNS,    l'!.olH( V. tfc FRUITS
JY. OH1KK1N it CO.- Corner Vornon and
.   Jceephine  BtroeU,   Nelson - Wholoaalo
dealer^ In provtsloiiN cured inoaU, butt��r and
nnrl trr a bottle, a rloren, or a rmrrol of
OALOARY BEER an it li ������ __ _S
pheapept on the mnrkot. Alxo try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    end    CIQARS.
Tclophouo US. Baker St  Nelaon, B. C.
PJooips ai)d  Offices lo f^ei>t_
Apply   to
Nielsoi) Eleclric TraipWaiJ Co.
Corijcr Joaephiiye aijd Veri|oiy Streel*.
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manauer.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortoaok
Money to loan on Htrniitht MortK��Re.
Apply to O. U LENNOX, Baker Bt.
Room I, TiirniT KiH-rkli Rlook.
llminwi and Building Lota in All Farts
of the Oity.
f-'lve, nil. Mren -hit elxht room houA-n for
mle, twontgr per oent below ooat.
Put Us On
Your List...
We will sec lhat you
are not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
delivery) or reasonable*
ness oi price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your   wants  perfectly.
Klrkpatrkk fe Wilson
A. R. BARROW, a. m. lok
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Ooroor Vlotoria and Kootenay Sta.
P. O. Box 689, Telephone No. B5
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
i ?. 0. Box Ul Daleoo, a Q
��� ���-���,,"-��� ���*h--' Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Friday  Evenjmo,   October  9,6,  iq��_.
First Sabbath  School Convention Proves a Splendid Success.
Delegates    Decide   Not
Effect Permanent Organization.
Tho First Sabbath School convention of the Presbyteries of Kamloops
and Kootenay of the Synod of British
Columbia, which opened on Wednesday evonlng at St. Paul's Presbyterian 1 huroh in tins olty, oltsed with
an Interesting session last evening,
Tin' entire gathering was a pronouno-
i',l success and all the delegates were
well pleased with tli.ir stay hero. It
���un* Intended to complete permanent
organization, but as all the delegates
were of tbe opinion that it should be
an Intcr-denominatlonal affair no organization was effected.
To settle the question satisfactorily
the committee on organization, consisting of Rev, A. D. Menzies, of
Kaslo (chairman), Rev. D. L. Qordon,
of Pernio, and Mr. George Hradley, of
Nelson, brought in the following resolutions:
"Your committee on organization
begs leave to report as follows:
"That In the opinion of the delegates in convention assembled at the
call or the Synod's Provincial committee, it. is not advisable to at present
effect an organization on strictly denominational lines. That we appoint
a committee consisting of Messrs. V.
M. riiaill.oiirii, and W. Wood, anil
Revs. M. 1). McKee, .1. A. Ferguson
and It. Frew, the lirst named to he
convener, with instructions to communicate with the other evangelical
bodies in the district with a view to
the organization of an inter-denominational Sunday School Association.
"That these denominations he asked to appoint committees to co operate
with our committee on arrangements
for a union convention to be held next
year at sueh time and place as in
their judgment is most, desirable.
���'That in the event of any failure to
Miuie united action our committee he
instructed to make necessary arrangements for a convention in 1901."
At the beginning of the meeting
Km-. W. (I. W. Fortune,-! Cranbrook,
opened tbe question drawer. A number of questions were asked and wore
well and satisfactorily answered by
the speaker. Rev. I>. L. llordon, of
1-Vrnie, then read a paper on the "Importance of [mpreB8ing Kight Ideals
I pon the Children." In the paper he
pointed out that the teacher should
first possess lnm or herself with high
Chl'istaln ideals and then they would
be properly imparted   to the children.
Rev. Mr. Fortune also read a most
interesting paper on the "Relation of
the Session Managers and Members
Of the Church to the Sabbath
School." in which ho pointed out
that it sliould bo the duty of the pas
tors and elders to superintend and be
in attendance at each session of the
Sunday School. He also brought out
the same fact in connection with the
members of tho church.
After the delegates moved a vote of
thanks, in acknowledgment of the kind
hospitality whieh they hud received
from the pastor. Rev. Robert Frew,
the members of the church and their
friends, tlie session closed with the
hymn. "Blessed He the Tie That
Hinds." Mr. C'hadbonrn of this city
presided at the meeting. The delegates left for their various homes to-
Mr. W. II. Dowsing returned last
night from   Spokane   where   has been
for tile last month,
Tho New   Denver   I.edge says:   A.
II. Kelly has made another sale and a
small fortune. Kelly is .somewhat of
a lino, lie once paid a S3,000 board
bill all at once.
Pamphlets containing the winter
tiii..- sell,.dub' of ibe train service of
the Canadian I'aeilie were received at
the local office this morning fiom the
head   office at Montreal.
During tho past week the water in
the lake has risen about, eighteen
inches, un unusually Idg rise for   this
season,   This   Information   i es  to
The Miner from .Mr.  W. .1. Astley.
Mr. Ii. ('. MoOregor.of Kaslo, a contractor, is in the, eity today on business, lle says that business in K'nslo
is   steadily    increasing   and tlmt'inrr-
ehants are again experiencing prosperity.
The loeal Has Company are prepared lo figure on the power neeeshaiv
for the she,.|, lighting plant which the
City Council has under consideration,
and will submit, figures at the next
council meeting when the matter will
he gone into. Manager lluriiett, of
Ihe I,as Company says: "We can furnish anj amount of power, and in Die
franchise granted tho Gas Company
the city Inserted the  clause   thut  we'
must furnish them gas for power purposes at a very low rate which we arc
prepared to do, uml naturally expect
to get any business along that   lino."
Everything points to a large anil
enthusiastic meeting of Conservatives
lit tlio Opera House tonight when
Candidate McNeill and Mayor Good-
evo, of Kossland, will speak. The
chair will ho taken at eight o'clock
and all electors arc cordially invited
to hear tbe questions of thf campaign
ably discussed.
Mr W. !���'. Anderson, of Ayr, Ontario, father of Mr. W. Ferguson An-
terson,local traveling passenger agent
of the Canadian I'aeilie, arrived in
Nelson last evening. 'The father and
son had not seen each other fur eleven
years. Mr. Anderson, St. is over (KI
years of age. lle is now living at
Ayr, where he formerly conducted an
extensive mercantile business.
The invitation dance to be given by
the Waverley social club at the Waverley ilolel this evening, promises to
be a decided success as nearly every
invitation sent out has been accepted.
Tbe ball is being decorated in a beautiful manner and the committee ou arrangements is leaving nothing undone
to make it a success. Good music
will be furnished by an orchestra.
Capt. Etterohank, one of the best
known pilots around Vancouver and
Victoria,is in Nelson today on his way
home from the lloundary Country
where be has been visiting relatives.
Capt. Elttersbank is pilot for the C. 1*.
It. Empress steamers. Ho was first in
the upper country in 1803 and again
in 1800 and not since then. He says
he notices a few changes and is particularly Impressed with Nelson.
During the past few days heavy
seas have been experienced on Lake
Kootenay. The Moyie, which was
bringing a barge from Kootenay
Landing, and which left thoro at 4
o'clock on Wednesday did not reach
Nelson until late last evening, with
its guards well buttered. The Alberta,
which runs between Kaslo and Koote
nay Landing was laid up all day yesterday at a point some distance south
of Pilot Hay. Tugs were held up and
freight tratlic was stopped for the
time. The passenger service was not
Interfered with.
On next Monday evening and thereafter the curtain in the Nelson
Opera House will rise at S o'clock instead of B:30 as in the past. Manager
Annable has made this move because
of the complaints of many people that
they are kept out too late when they
go to see a performance. He believes
that in a town the size of Nelson it
will be just as convenient for people
to be present at H o'clock as at S:30
o'clock. Therefore the "Breezy Time
Co." will begin their performance
next Monday evening promptly ut 8
In speaking of Ernest Mansfield, the
New Denver Ledge says: Mansfield
has a reputation of always treating
his workmen well. A former cook of
his once came into Slocan City and
got a job at a prospect near that
town. Before ho had time to go to
work the manager tired him, remarking that he did not want any one from
Camp Mansfield, as he did nol feed
his men on canned turkey, and other
toothsome grub. This is one ease
where a man lost a job becuse he was
too well fed at his last place.
Martin O'Reilly e_ Co. arc issuing
invitations to the ladies of Nelson to
attend classes in fine art needle
work, to be conductd at the Hume
Hotel, beginning Monday morning,
by Mrs. W. D. Cranston. With the
exception of Tuesdays and Thursdays
classes will be held during the week,
in the morning from 10 to 1:.', and in
the afternoon from -' to I o'clock On
Tuesday and Thursday classes will
be held in the afternoon from 2 to 4
and in the evening from 7:30 to 0:30
Martin O'Reilly & Co, are also showing to their patrons a newly arrived
stock of stamp linen and silks, for use
by the needle work classes
Mrs. I,. K. Wright stated yesterday,
says Tin' Rossland Miner, that there
was a discrepancy in the way in
which she testified ill Nelson at the
trial of Ernest Chenoweth, charged
with the killing of Mah I,in, and the
manner in which it was published in
the papers. In the published evidence
Hhe was made to say that her husband
was offered |S00 by two Chinamen to
seoure the conviction of young Chenoweth. She claims that what she did
testify to was that shortly after the
murder   of   Mali  I,in   a   well   dressed
Chinaman approached Mr. 10. Wright,
hoi husband, while   he  was  (forking
in his own bouse yard, They conversed together foi some time. Finally
the Chinaman, who spoke English
fluently, brought the conversation
around to the murder of Mali Lin,
and stated that he was from Vancouver ami that   be  was the represents
live oi a Cbiiie.se society there; that
he would give Wright 8800 if he
would find the party who murdered
Mah l.in. and secure his conviction.
Nothing what ever was said by the
Chinaman about fastening tbe crime
upon young Chenoweth.
Tho newspaper frequently discuss
"tho relative merits of the weather predictions published daily by the officials of the signal olliee for one or
two days in advance, and those found
in tbc'numeroiis "fanners" almanacs
published several months, or even a
year, in advance, and sold in large
numbers throughout tho country. The
predictions of the weather,as made by
thu weather service, are based entirely
upon the daily maps that show the
actual condition of the atmosphere as
reported by reliable observers throughout the country. On the other hand,
the predictions iu the various almanacs are founded upon a variety of
principles among which arc the following :
1.���The most conservative and rational almanacs are those that compile
from the records of many past years
a table showing what sort of weather
has prevailed most frequently on the
respective days of the year.
8.��� The least rational almanacs are
those that pretend that the weather is
controlled by planetary combinations
and stellar influences, therefore, such
predictions aie properly said to be
based upon astrology.
3,���An intermediate class publishes
predictions based upon the probability of spots upon the sun, thereby as-
tuning it to have been demonstrated
that the solar spots control terrestrial
.���The least scientific system of
preparing the almanac predictions
was explained by a publisher whose
almanac made the greatest pretensions
to high scientific accuracy. This
man stated that on certain days he
felt endowed with a certain ability or
inspiration. These were his weather
making days, on which he sat down,
aud with the most absolute confidence
in the accuracy of his work wrote up
the weather for the coming year, continuing at the work for a considerable
time until the inspiration seemed to
leave him, whereupon he necessarily
stopped and delayed resuming the
work until again filled wth the spirit
of divination.
No doubt some almanac makers
adopt a combination of the four methods, but, in general, these seem to be
the principle most widely recognized
in the long range predictions of the
almanac, except only in all eases the
authors make free use of a system of
general and rather indenflite term
that will apply just OS well to a thunderstorm, a hurricane, or an earthquake. The warning "Look out for
something very unusual about this
time. " is. of course,not a meteorological prediction, and not nearly as definite as the railroad signboard, "Look
out for the engine when the bell
The short-time predictions of the
weather bureau have proved their
value hy the years of experience during which they have been tried, bul
the author considers long-time predic
tion, that is, predictions for weeks
or months ahead, to bu an impossibility, because many of what may be
called the vital phenomena, those on
which the predictions arc based, can
not possibly bo foreseen. In the matter of predicting drouths and long-
heated terms, the weather officials say
that nothiug has yet been done, but
they think that when the science has
advanced so as to comprehend the
weather phenomena of the whole
northern hemisphere, it may be possible to predict the approach of a
drouth or a wet season wth some degree of probability.
"Did you see that last act'.1 rial Ila!
Ho! Ho! It's enough to make a dog
"So it seems. I didn't see anything funny in it, though."
"Noiseless pneumatic tires are put
on rocking chairs now."
"Well, let us be patient; maybe
they'll get around to putting them'on
piano keys."���Philadelphia Record.
Sometimes a fortune, but never, is
you have a sallow complexion, a juunf
diced look, moth patches and blotebe-
iin the skin,���all signs of Liver Trouble. Hut Dr. King's New Life Pills
give (Hear Skin, Hosy Checks, Rich
Complexion, Only 85 cents at the
Canada Drug and   Hook Store.
"When a child   I   burned   my   foot
frightfully,*1  wiites   W. II. Bads, of
.lonesville, Va., "which caused horrible leg sores for 30 years, but Huck-
len's Arnica Salve wholly cured after
everything'else failed. "Infallible for
Burns, Scalds, Cuts Sores, Bruises
and Piles. Sold by the Canuda Drug
and Hook Co., 2.1 cents.
Just received at J. A. McDonald's
a shipment of "Gentleman in Khaki,"
"Lord Roberts," "llullor " "Kitchener," nnd the "Tartan Plaid" candy
boxes, which when filled with our
choice candies, cannot be equalled as
a gift for the fair ones.
The li. 0. Novelty Co., has received
a consignment of very line oil paintings of the scenery of Kootenay and
the Selkirk mountains. 'They will be
on view and on sale commencing Sat
unlay morning.
Beginning Saturday the 27
and Lasting Until Nov. 1,
Of the Following; Hand OU Paintings of
the Scenery of Kootenay and
the Selkirk Mountains.
Three Sister Mts. No. i and 2; Scene on Kool-
enay River, No. 1 and 2; Middle and Upper
Falls, Kootenay Kiver; Bow kiver Falls near
Banff; Cascade Falls near Cascade City;
Hello-ate Canyon, Brozer River Canyon, Albert
Canyon, Glacier, New Denver and Cathedral
Mts. Also Etchings of Howard Payne, George
Dewey and George Washington. Steel Engravings, Colored Photos, Lining Room and
Bed Room Pictures, and other Pictures to suit
almost anyone; in fact we have over 600 feel of
wall space covered with beautiful Pictures at
prices that defy competition.
Picture Framing Department.        %
Five thousand feet, thirty-seven different lines
to select from, at prices the lowest in the Kootenay. In fact we have cut the price of Picture
Mouldings down one-half. Call and examine
stock, and if this is not true we will give you a
Frame for nothing. Our Picture Gallery has
the largest stock, and the finest line of Pictures
in Kootenay.    Call and be convinced.
Our Other Lines Are.
Gasoline Lamps; Electric Belts, Electric Lanterns, Electric Bed Room Lamps, Novelty Scissors, Blank Photo Albums, Electtic Medicinal
Batteries and Gasoline Lamp Supplies.
ArlvcrtlsemonU lnsortod under this hoad at
tho rata of one cont a word por insertion. No
advortisomonl taken for loss than \i cents.
KOR    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
WANTED ��� Unfurnished   room;   private   family,   where,   there   are   no
children ; will take  meal.s,  if   can   he
arranged.    Address L.   Miner Olliee.
SHORTHAND and Typewriting   done
at the olliee of II. C.    Riblet,   Front
Street, 2nd door west of   Hall   Street.
Tel.  161.
LOST.���Will   the party   who found   a
wagon   cover   near     the   Methodist
Church please return it to Talyor Feed
& Produce Co.
FOB SALE.���A good,paying hoarding
house business.   Apply after 5:30 p.
m. to Carbonate Street,   2nd   east  of
WANTED���Gasmaker. Man    with experience    preferred.    Apply   Nelson
Coke and (las Co.,   Ltd.
FOR SALE.���Florence l'ark Hotel and
Roberts'   Ranch,    situated on   lake
shore, 2%   miles from Nelson.    Apply
II.  R. Cameron.
WANTED. ��� I'lveiy   woman in   Nelson
to  visit    Mrs. Enfield's   millinery
parlors, and   sec   her  stock  of   hats'.
The bcBt iu the eity.
SIIORT1IANI1���A few pupils wimted
to complete class (evening) lining
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in :_���<) lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
FIRST  CLASS   room   and   board  in
private family, (5.60 anil |0,   Table
board 8i.   Carbonate Street,  second
house cast of _o.pp.lne,
This is to warn the public generally
that 1 will nol lie responsible for any
debts Incurred hy ,1. .s. Hooper, who
has represented himself as associated
with me in business.
  Winnipeg, Man.
Gee Can Pit You.
He has   one of   the   best,   and   largest
Fall and Winter stocks in
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
Ilal-.r Street
OAfiS.-MEALS a la 0AETE.
Close connection East and Westbound at, Spokane withtrains of tbe
trains of the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
Direct connection at, St. Paul wil limit change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at;i0:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct con*
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
Dining the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
and Noitli-I.iiul of thcNoi'lhcrn Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Ui-at Northern Railway.
For further Information, maps, fold-
en, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls ft Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry, Kootei ai Railway ft Navigation
Co., or to
Ueul. Pass, & Tkl. Agt.   Com'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts1 Ranch, two and a half miles up
the river.  W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
to cut. > < in ii iv km: niv
ThIco Laxative Uroino Quinine Tablets, All
druggl-ds refund tlio mono? If It fall* to euro.   ,,
SJ5C. J_ W. Orovoi   .nature in on each bo*,' "BLUf. EIBB0N TEA IS DELICIOUS." I
Turnnr-Boec.lt Block Haker stroot
London Consolidated (Silver Hill)    ;t I
MollleGlbson  go
���juno ]    io
I ain.'irac    51 ������
Referendum  <ju
1.1st your Slocks with us.
Kootenay Railway aud Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Schcdulo of Tipio.       Pacific Standard 1'lmo.
k.ilcctlvi) February int., kkxi
Passenger train for Sandon and warstattam
leaves Kaslo at 8 a. m��� dally,   Returning,
loaves Sandon at 1.15 |i.ni��� arriving at Kaslo
a' 3.65 p.m.
Operating on Kootenai Ukoanil Rlvor, '
fit.r. "International" loaves Kiisln for Nelson
at, I, a. in. daily oxrept Sunday. Returning
leaven Nelson at 11.411 p.m., nulling at Ilalfour
Pilot Hay, Ainsworth ami nil way points. Don'
poet, with B. F. & N. train to and from Spokane at Five Mile Point,.
Steamer Argenla hns been laid up f0i tho
Stoamorfloull nt principal landings In both
directions, and ��t other points when signalled
Tickets sold to all poinU in Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rules and full Information address I
Kanagor, Knslo.l), C,
Be Wise in Time
Never would so little money buy so much goods. Our
Murk Down Sale last week created a sensation. The lower
priced goods in several of the lines quoted you have heen
cleared out. The sale must continue, however, and this
week we will give you better qualities than ever, at almost
as  close  prices.    A  great   drive   in
Ladies' Jackets
in Reaver Cloths, Kerseys, Covert Cloths and Broadcloths
made in the latest styles and handsomely finished :
A    $7.50 line will be sold at  ^4. KQ
A      q.oo line will be sold at  ()()()
A    11.50 line will be sold at  'J gQ
A    15.00 line will be sold at  }) (M)
An  1S.00 line will be sold at  _ \  JjQ
A second  drive in
Ladies' Tailor Made Suits
We still have a line we will sell at $5.00 per suit.
To go to the other extreme, we want to mention a very
fine line, superior quality of goods and excellent finish,
which we are selling at $10.00 per suit.
We have some big surprises,  too,  in
Ladles'TallorMade Skirts
In addition  to the above bargains we are making an
offer in
Fine White Wool Blankets, soft finish, made from specially
selected yarns, fancy colored borders, in six, seveii and
eight pound weights. See our leader in extra quality of
all wool, eight pounds, 68x86 inches, at $4.75 per pair.
at all prices and qualities. One line we would call your
mention to is a fancy printed covering, new designs, at
$1.00 each.
The above are a few of the bargains given in our
effort to get tne money we told you last week we needed
and must have. We got a lot last week, but are still
compelled to sacrifice in order to get more. Don't miss
this chance.
Martin O'Reilly
8t Co.


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