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Daily Edition No. 900
rV g31
Nelson,   British Columbia, Monday Evening,   December 3,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
Conservative Standard-Bearer Meeting With
Great Success-Enthusiastic MeetiDg
in Nelson on Saturday Night.  .
On the fifteenth of November Mr.
John McKane, mine owner, of Rossland, buckled on his politial armor,
drew his Highland form up to its full
height, and from the snow capped
peaks gave forth the cry of the Conservative clan and descended to the
valleys to fight the battles of his
party. Since then he hns been at it
day and night, traveling over hundreds of miles of country and given an
impetus to the Conservative cause that
will spell victory ou Thursday next.
lie is a splendid campaigner, full of
energy and fire, and no man in the
constituency knowa better its wants.
Such a man in Opposition can do moro
in any house of parliament than a
dozen weak men on the treasury
benches. "A mining man for a mining constituency" is one of the strong
arguments that will place him at the
head of the polls this week.
It was at Rossland that Mr. McKane opened his campaign, meeting
on the platform Mr. A. L. Sifton, M.
L. A., Calgary, and Mr. R. B. Kerr.
of Phoenix. The first speaker pleaded
with the laboring men to rally to
the support of Mr. Galliher, pointing
out that the Liberal candidate had
always been a staunch friend of labor
and champion of the eight-hour law.
In his reply Mr.McKane took issue on
this question and asked how Mr. Gal-
liher could pose as the particular
friend of the laboring man when he
signed a petition praying for the repeal of the bill. He asked tlie chairman of the meeting to appoint a committee from the audience to enquire
into the matter and see if tho charge
was not correct. Ho was willing that
the chairman himself (Mr. .1. Ii. Mc-
Arthur, a Liberal) and Mr. Sifton
should be that committee,but Mr. Mc-
Arthur appointed a representative of
each party. This was the commencement of the petition incident that
assnmed great prominence during the
From Rossland Mr.McKane went direct to the main line of the 0. 1'. R.
and commenced an active campaign
there. On his way he telegraphed
Mr.Galliher to meet him at Kamloops
and settle the matter of the petition
there. Mr. Oalliher could havo done
this by missing only one meeting and
had he done so it is probable that
nothing more would have been heard
of the petition. Rut Mr. Oalliher
would not meet his opponent and refused the invitation. The Kamloops
meeting was large and enthusiastic
and Mr. McKane was most successful.
He read the petition which he had
accused Mr. Oalliher of signing and
while he was doing so Mr. Galli-
her's agent, Mr. Swanson, jumped up
and read a telegram from tho Liberal
candidate denying Mr. McKane's
charge and branding it as false. In
reply to this Mr. McKane read a telegram from the Minister of Mines stating that Mr. tialliher's name was attached to the petition presented to tho
Minister and asking for tho repeal of
the law. Mr, Swanson then stated
that Mr. Oalliher had placed him in
a very false position. Mr. McKane
then went on to Ashcroft whero ho
addressed a big meeting with Col.
Prior, M. P. Vornon, Enderby and
Armstrong were visited and at each
place the Conservative candidate was
most enthusiastically received and
assuied of substantial majorities. At
Revelstoke a monster meeting was
held and Mr. McKane and Mr. Oalliher came together for the Hrpt time
during the .campaign. Theie was a
very lively time. lion. J. H. Ross, of
the Territories, Mr. James Martin,
M. P. P., of jRosstand, aud Mr. F. J.
Deane of Kamloops, supported Mr.
Oalliher against Mr. McKane, but the
Scotchman cou] not be downed and
more than held ;iis own against them
all. It was th re that Mr. Galliher
admitted that In -jhad signed the petition,but lamely tjtid that he was forked to do it by   the  Dundee Mining
Company, of which he was vice-presi-
dnt, and that "his heart was not in
it." Mr.McKane did not spare his opponent and in Bcathing terms denounced his insincerity to the working man. "Some of you dyed-ln-tlie-
wool Liberals," exclaimed Mr. Mo-
Ka_e in a voice of thunder, "may
send Mr. Galliher to Ottawa, but If
the Good Book is true, unless ho le-
pents and becomes sincere, he will
never reach the Kingdom of Heaven."
Mr. Galliher then accused Mr. McKane of being Hon. Mr. Mackintosh's
henchman in the Provincial election
and handling the hoodie. Mr. McKane
challenged Mr. Galliher to name a
committee to investigate the charge,
but the challenge was not accepted.
As a matter of fact Mr. McKane was
in England at the time of the elections. Mr. Deane and Mr. Martin got
to work to break up the meeting and
things became so warm that Mr. Martin retired, afterwards explaining to
Mr. McKane that he had a cramp in
his leg. Mr. Deane was called down
so effectually by the stalwart Conservative that he hasn't been heard of
since. The next meeting was hold at
Sandon and there Mr. Galliher refused
to speak unless he closed the meeting.
Mr. McKane gave way, rather than
have the audience lose time by waiting for the dispute to be settled any
other way. He characterized Mr.Ual-
liher's Mackintosh assertion as uttor
ly false and cowardly and that it he
was a man Mr. Galliher would apologize at once. Mayor Pitts of Sandon
wired Mr. J. 11. MeArthur at Rossland, asking him if the wild assertion
was true and the reply was evidently
intended to be kept quiet as it was of
a nature to bring from Mr. McKane
the assertion that it waB "evasive,
false, and unworthy of a man." Mr.
McKane has been associated with Mr.
MeArthur in Hoard of Trade nnd other
work calculated to benefit the country
and was surprised at tho reply. At
Sllverton, New Denver, and Slocan
City enthusiastic meetings were held
and Mr. McKane was well received
by the miners. Being a miner himself he said he understood what was
wanted here and iu lighting for them
he would be lighting for himself. The
lead iudusry would have his most
careful attention and ho would urge a
policy that would foster aud encourage it. The meeting at Nelson on Saturday, one at Kaslo tonight at which
Mr. Clarke Wallace will assist Mr.
McKane,and one at Rossland ou Tuesday, when Mr. Nicholas Flood Davin
will appear with the candidate, will
close Mr. McKane's splendid campaign,
lie regrets exceedingly that he has
no timo to visit tlio Boundary and
Bait Kootenay but he Is sure of good
support in those districts as tlio, work
has goue on steadily.
One of Mr. McKane's arugments
was that the franchise bill of the Gov
eminent was monstrous as it would
enable Japs to vote. For this assertion lie was laughed at by Mr. Sifton
and other Liberal speakers but the
other day Chief Justico McColl declared that under It Japs could vote.
Alexander Dick, and other spellbinders of the party will address tho electors. Campaign songs will be sung
by the Nelson quartette. The Labor
party is making every effort possible to
carry their cause to a successful issue
and they are sparing uo pains to
make the meeting an interesting one.
Mr. James Wilks arrived in Nelson
last evening after holding a meeting
at Cranbrook on Friday night and
one at Fernie on Saturday night. He
said that ho met with great success
and that the meeting held at Fernie
was the largest political meeting
ever held in that town.
"The Cumberland War Horse" was
never heard to better auvantago on
the hustings than on Saturday night
when he appeared on tlie stage of the
Opera nouse and in a magnificent
speech urged the electors to support
Mr. McKane. Sir Charles Tupper, for
nearly half a century has occupied a
prominent place in Canadian history,
and this fact helped to crowd the
Opera House to the doors, and to keep
it that way until midnight was due
to tlie masterly address of Hon. N.
Clarke Wallace. It was a meeting that
should stir the Conservatives to Bee
that Mr.McKane's majority is a handsome one. Applause, long and loud,
greeted the speakers, from the time
Mr. McKane opened the meeting until
Mr. Wallace closed it, when cheers
were given for tho Queen and the
speakers. Mr. McKane clearly defined
his position and made a very good impression. Sir Charles waB pursuasivo
and eloquont and Mr. Wallace was lucid and convincing. It was a triumph
for the Conservative cause and will
greatly strengthen Mr.   McKane here.
The Libevals intend having two
moro meetings before polling day.
There will bo a rousing rally in Mr.
Gallilier's committee rooms this ovenlng, and on Wednesday Professor
Alexunder has consented to shorten is
lecture and allow the Liberal meeting
to start at the Opera House at _:lf>.
Mr. Oalllher and Mr. Aulay Morrison will address the Wednesday evening meeting, and the last night of the
campaign should see an enthusiastic
gathering. Tho last mass meeting
to be held in Nelson during the present campaign by the Independent Labor party,will take placo at the Opera
House at 7:30 tomorrow evening.
; Mr. Christopher Foley,tho Labor can-
jdidate.will arrive in NelBon this evening and will be the principal speaker
tomorrow evening,   Mr. James Wilks,
Large Body of Them Will Settle in
Washington and Montana.
St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 3.���Between
000 and 1,000 Boer families will locate
on the lines of tho Groat Northern
and Northern Pacific. Rumors to this
effect have been current for three or
four months, and the general public
has been led to believe that they wore
rumors only. Information is at hand
now showing that the immigration
from South Africa is but a matter of
a short time. The Burlington wus
instrumental in bringing to the
northwest 32 representative Boers,
who are now in Montana and who
have been searching for desirable locations. There are a number of
locations on the Great Northern and
Northern Pacific where such a large
party could find desirable homes.
North Dakota, Montana and Washington offer special inducements, and the
Boer agents have visited all of these
places and have selected sites for the
immigrants who are to follow. Railroad officials are adverse to giving out
information concerning tlie Boer settlement because several lines have
been in competition for them, but it
was said today that homes havo been
found for them in western Montana
and eastern Washington.
He Was Loaned Irom a State's Prison Long Enough to Crack a Safe.
Chicago. Dec. 3.���A special to The
Tribune from Columbus, 0bto.,   says:
In order to Immediately secure valuable papers belonging to her dead
husband, the late t'ol. F. ,1. Piokard,
a civil engineer, who died a few days
ago, Bn expert safe blower, now a
convict in the state penitentiary here,
was loaned to Mrs. Plekard hy the
warden long enough for him to open
the Btrong box In which tlie important
papers wero kept. Tbe entire affair
was kept secret nnd the prisoner was
conveyed through tho city in a closed
crariago to the safe, which he ble'.v
open and was returned to his cell before daylight this morning. All private papers wero locked up in Col.
Pickard's safe, the dead man alone
knowing the combination.
The town wiib searched in vain for
an export to open the safe and
the novel plan of securing the services
of a burglar was adopted. It took the
convict twelve minutes to open the
London, Dec. 3.���The Manchester
Guardian today Bays It understands
that (jneen Victoria Iibb decided to
confer a dukedom on Lord Rolioits
and that Parliament will bo asked to
vote him ��100,000.
A Returned Prospector Tells
of the Peace River
Says It Is Richer Than the
Klondike and Is Easily
Mr. Harry Wright, registrar, has
Issued 15 marrlBgo license, during the
month of November,
James II. Rowley, who has been in
the Peace River district near Manson,
an wholly unexplored territory,
about 000 miles straight north of Vancouver, sineo 180f��, lias just arrived in
Nelson. Ho states without a doubt
that it is a much richer district than
the Klondike and probably it is the
richest country in the world.
lie and his partnei, A. E.Austin,
have been up there during the past
five years and they have struck it exceedingly rich. Gold is found_ on
every creek and on every tributary,
and is obtained readily by placer
mining. This place is yet unknown
hut Mr. Rowloy has brought down
such valuable information that it haB
greatly excited the old time millers,
and it it expected that there will be a
stampede to it iu the near future. Ho
und his partner are at present the
only white men who huve made a
lengthy stay in the country,except the
Hudson's Bay agent, who is residing
at Fort Graham, about loo miles from
where  they have been working.
Although the gold is found in abundance in tlio sands of the creek Mr.
Rowley says that there is still larger
quantities of tlie precious metal in the
Mr. Rowley has come to the Nelson
district to obtain a knowledge of
milling as ho expects to take np with
him a stamp mill. If a five stamp
mill was kept in operation it would
easily give returns of S",00 per day he
Ills experience during his stay
there was quite pleasant, except the
time when people were passing by
there on the Edmonton trail to the
Klondike. At this time all the game
and provisions were swept from the
country and nothing was left for Mr.
Rowley. For four days he was without a thing but water and had to cut
tho bark off trees. Previous to this
he was forced to kill his dog, and
thus prolong his existence. When this
was gone he had to resort to his horse
oating its flesh without any flavoring
The district is easily reached. From
Vancouver the month of Skeena River, which is distant about 500 miles,
can be reached by steamers. Steamers ean pass up Skeena River to Hazelton, a distance of 18(1 miles. From
this point tlie district lies about 100
miles directly east and can be reached
readily by the Omenica trail, which
is in fair condition at presenet.
In the course of an interview Mr.
Rowley suid:
"Peace River is a district of great
mineral possibilities. Its climate for
six months of the year, that is, from
May to October, is delightful. Game
is abundant. Thu streams are full of
fish,und from this point of view these
aro highly appreciable conditions.
The greatest obstacle in the way of
Unvoting Is the largu quantity of fallen timber. Tlie best route into the
auriferous district is by Skeena River
to Hazelton, from there the packtrail
can be takon to Tom Creek, which is
situated on tlie western slate belt of
the country.
"The Indians in the district are a
poBcable and industrious lot. Many of
them aro now making largo sums at
mining. Ono of them, "Old Plug
lint Tom," so named from his swell
head dress, is said to have taken 8nr>,-
oon out of his claim on Tom Creek.
The stampede to the district occurred
in the springs of 1871 and 1872, nnd
in a desultory way   before   that date.
"It is estimated that between two
and three mllion dollars were taken
out of the camp at the time of this
rush. For a timo several claims paid
as high as a thouHand dollars a day to
the man. NuggetB varying in size
from 810 to 82(10 hnve been taken out
of the district. The principal gold
bearing crooks in those days were
Manson, Black .luck, Sla e, Lost, Ocr-
mansenn and Silvor Creek. Tom
Creek was discovered in 1880. The
discovery of this creek, which is so
near the former streams, shows how
loose has been tho prospecting of the
count ty. A claim on Black .lack Creek
paid for instance, $1,000 a day to the
man for two or three days.
"Discovery bur on Manson Creek
paid 8Ii,000 to tho ton. Robert
Howell, the locator of the lirst claim
on Manson Creek, took out S".. <M��<��
worth of gold in one day. Tobaggon
claim on Germanson paid 81,20(1 to the
man as the result of six days work.
The gold on this claim was found on
three feet deep of wash.
"The owners of the ground, however, never succeeded in tracing the
direction of tlie channel; indeed, no
very systematic attempt was made to
do so. Shortly, these men, in com
pany with tho greater number of min
ers in the camp joined in the rush of
'7(1 and '77 to Casiar. Thus the Omin-
eca gold excitement barely lasted two
"For those intending to prospect in
that country, the most promising Held
is the Ingeniea, 80 miles up above its
mouth. The Sctoot, and the streams
lying between it and the Ingeniea.
This is unexplored territory,with line
gold propects, on its eastern and western extremities. The slates and schist
lying between these two points (the
Ingeniea canon and Bear Lake) i6 of
the same texture as the creek of the
old camp cut through, and, if thoroughly explored will yield as high re
turns and perhaps better.
"It will be sometime, doubtless, before quartz mining is attempted in the
district, taking into consideration the
present difficulties in the way of
transportation, the cost of supplies
and the price of labor.
"Exceedingly promising galona
ledges are known to exist. Boulder
Creek has a ledge of ore, two feet wide
averaging about 120 ounces in silver
per ton. Native silver nnd copper oc
enr in abundance ou Silver, Tom and
Vital Crocks. Platinum occurs in very
fine pariclcs on the Omenica and Ingeniea burs. Fine gold occurs throughout the course of the Omineela, Finlay
and Ingincca. Very little prospecting, however, haB been done on the
headwaters of the two last named
BtreamB. Arquerito or silver-amalgam
is also of common occurrence in the
placer diggings ou Silver Creek, and
on Vital and Tom Creeks, two of its
"The two latter streams are of little
length,   a   systematic examination of
their  basins   could   be made at small
expense.    The gold   of the district oc
ours in   a  coarse  condition,   nuggets
often being found with quartz still a'
tached   to   them.    All the  auriferous
creeks  worked   up to tlie present   are
situated in the slates   and  schists  ly
ing between Germansen   Lauding and
Tacla   Lake,   which   has   a   width of
about 00 miles.     The schists of which
the country is formed, are everywhere
much   disturbed,   are   broken   up   by
intrusions of granite   and other eruptive rooks, and   present   in   tli is  and
other ways promising indications that
they are metaliferous in character."
���   ���   ���
isi'i:ini, TO the: iiimih.i
Peterborough, Windermere District.
Nov. 2U.���Ore Is now being rawhided
from the Paradise group of mines,
Paradiso Basin, head of Spring Creek,
to tlie foot of Spring Creek, thence
hauled by sleighs to Peterborough
Landing for shipment via Columbia
River In the spring. Capt. Armstrong
has a contract to deliver 8,000 tons of
Paradise ore at Golden B, C., for shipment to the Trail smelter.
Development work now going on ai
the Silver Belt group of mines, Para
dlse Basin, Is satisfactory In every
sense of the word. An Immense
amount of ore is now being taken
out of the present working. This
group consists of four claims, viz.,
Silver Belt, Silver Belt Fraction,Gold
en Rod, and Carbonate, owned by the
Slvler Belt Mining Company, Ltd., of
Peterborough, B. C. Manager C. M.
Keep expects to commence shipping In
the noar futuro.. This Is one of the
most promising propositions In tbe
Piovlncc. The surface showing is
simply extraordinary.
On tho Iron Cap of the Red Line
group of mines, McDonald Creek, development work Is progressing very
favorably under the direction of
Thomas Starbird, of Starblrd and Collett.
Messrs. Sam Brewer and J. R. Mc-
Leod have returned from the Joan
group, Bitnated within four milos of
the Kootenay River on the proposed
railroad from Crow's Nest Pass to
Ooldon through Windermere district.
This property is one of the most
promising copper propositions In Eust
Kootenay.   Tho ownerB int.. id to de-
Cootinuod ou Feaitta l*s��e.
Special Meeting of the City Council Being
Held This Afternoon-Mayor Houston
Is in a Hopeless Minority.
Mr. W. J. Thompson, who until his
suspension last Tuesday by Mayor
Houston, was Chief of the Nelson Fire
Department, will be reinstated to thut
position this afternoon unless the
Mayor can show good cause for his
The Mayor was compelled, through
a request of the Aldermen, to call a
Special meeting of tlie Council to consider tlie matter and the meeting was
called for ���! o'clock this afternoon.
Since the demand of the aldermen His
Worship lias, through bis paper and
otherwise made every effort to make
the public believe that he was right
in dismissing Chief Thompson and appointing George Bigelow, but in this
he has been unsuccessful. By distorting the remarks of a leading insurance man he attempted to make the
people believe that the insurance
agents approved of bis action. Finding again that his efforts were fruitless he has during the past two days
been circulating a petition to himself
and the Council asking for the institution in the City of a paid lire department, thinking in this way to wiggle
out of tho mess in which he found
himself. How many names he has
secured to this petition Tlie Miner has
been uunlile to learn, as it is still in
the hands of the Mayor. That he has
secured a number, however, there is
no question as there are several business men in Nelson who are of the
opinion thut a paid department iB a
necessity. But as this question has
nothing whatever to do with the present trouble it will not find place in
the discussions of the Aldermen this
afternoon, unless tbe gentemen themselves allow Mayor Houston to introduce it.
There is another matter which
may also be introduced by the Mayor.
His Worship has not yet gotten over
tbe idea that there is a cliquu at the
Firo Hall which has always been
working against him. He is still nursing that sore spot and will leave nothing undone to break up the feeling of
contentment which now und always
has existed in the fire department.
Ho wants action taken to bar the men
from having thier messroom In the
Fire Hall. Every business uia.i with
the smallest grain of common sense
knows that this would lower tho cffl
cieucy of tlie lire department more
than would any other step that could
be taken. Taking their meals in the
Fire Hall aud sleeping there, means
that a majority of tlie menibcrs of the
department spend practically half of
their time at the Fire Hall and are
thereforo prepared during that time
to answer an alarm at a moment's notice. During the past ten months it
lias so happened that all of the most
serious ilres have occurred during
meal hours and the men have been
able to respond with as much alacrity
as a paid department. That the public
may recall these tires The Miner will
mention some of them. There was the
Nelson Furniture Co., flro at noon,
one flro in tho C. P. R. offices at noon
and another nt breakfast time, the
Burns firo at noon, a lire in tho alley
In the rear of Byers store at ii o'clock,
and the lire at the Nelson Saw and
Planing mill just as tho men were
leaving the hall after lunch. It is
safe to say that if tlie jie.n had not
been on tho spot at the time, i hat at
least one of these tires would have resulted seriously. And yet, In order to
vent his spite, Mayor Houston would
scatter these men ubout town at meal
times and leave tho City without tha
excellent Are protection It enjoys at
the present timo. And he says tlie business interests of the City aro with
him, although he has failed to publish the name ol one man who approves of his action in dismissing
Thompson and appointing Bigelow.
At this afternoon's meeting of the
Council the committee appointed to
inquire into the fire department muddle, the committee consisting of  Aid.
Hall, Irvine and   Arthur, will   report
as follows:
"To 1Mb   Worship,   the   Mayor,   and
"We, your committee, re firemen's
petition, beg to report that we have
gone carefully und considerately Into
the matter and doom ^It advisable to
keep the fire department as efficient
as it now is. This can only ho donu
by regular prnctico and as firemen's
duties are sueh aB to render life hazardous, we ure of tho opinion that
their request is only reasonable. Wo
therefore recommend that the firemen's petition bo received and the request granted."
Mayor Houston will oppose the
adoption of thiB report, but it is quite
likely he will find himself alone in
the opposition.
Duke and Duchess of Manchester Welcomed by Papa Zimmerman.
New York, Dec. 3.���The Duke and
Duchess of Manchester, formerly Miss
Helen Zimmerman of Cincinnati, arrived Saturday evening on the American line steamer St. Louis. Mr. Zimmerman, father of the Duchess, who
hns been here for about a week awaiting their nrrival, went down the bay
in a revenue cutter and boarded the
vcbsoI ot quarantine. Ho was the first
to welcome the pair and to toll them
of tho plans he has mado to make
their visit a pleasant one. He found
them on the deck, and after an affectionate meeting they went below to
make out the customs declaration.
Tho Duko Bnd Duchess will make a
I tour of the country before they leave
for England. The Duke when speaking of his plans said again and again
that whatever Mr. Zlmmermun did
would be agreeable to him. Mr. Zimmerman in turn said that tho details
of the trip west and south depended
on the duke.
The Duke of Manchester was introduced to the newspapermen who
boarded the boat by Mr. Zimmerman.
He Hpoke of the pleasure he folt in
coming to this country. Mr. Zimmerman introduced his daughter. "Gentlemen," he said, "this is the Duchess."
Then he looked relieved. Tlie Duchess, who wns sitting just beyond her
husband, looked up, smiled and nodded her head,   She said nothing.
Mr. Zimmerman Baid they would
remain lor a day or two in this city
and leave in a special car for Lima
Ohio. From there they will go by
special truln to Cincinnati. After
remaining there for some weeks they
will go south, stopping at Chattanooga, Birmingham and Natchez.
There they will spend three days visiting the duke's grandmother. He
will then go as fai west us San Fraa-
clsoo, returning by way of Denver
and Salt Lake to New York.
Auton Goodorow la apparently
getting Into all kinds of trouble. Ho
was up before Magistrate Crease this
morning and was bound over to keep
the peace for 12 months. On Saturday
in the case In which Gooderow was
lined 850 for selling liquor without a
license, Mrs. McGregor of Crawford
Bay was tbo chief witness for the
plaintiff, and when she waa leaving
tho Court House Gooderow come up
and said: "I'll fix you." Thla
frightened her, and think that Gooderow meant to kill her she laid information at onco.
There is a movement on foot to reorganize the Nelson Symphony Club
which has been In abeyance since
Ilerr Stclncr loft the City. There
will be a meeting of the members of
the club nt Mrs. Day's bouse, on Silica Street tomorrow night at 8
o'clock. All those who are Interested
lu such work are cordially requested
to attend tbe meeting, ���*."'"��� Nelbow Dailv Miner, Monday Bvenino, Becember j, ,9oo
The Nelson Miner
Publlshod Kvory Aftornoon  Kxcopt Sunday
���HY TIIK���
115 Flcot Street, K. C.
Contral Press Agency, Lid., Special Agonts
Dally, per month, by enrrior      (S_o
Dally, per month, by mail      _0o
Dally, per yoar, by carrier 8700
Dally, per yoar, by mull    5 00
Daily, per year, foreign    0 00
Weokly, per half year  81 25
Weokly. por yoar    2 1)0
Weekly,per year, foreign  ...  3 oo
Subscription, invariable in advance.
Alt. Cdeckc should 0o made payable to tho
Order"  4t     NKLSON     W'll-IBIIINQ     COMPANY,
Iu an excellent, speech, which made
a most favorable impression on the
large audience present at the Opera
House on Saturday night, Mr. McKane remarked on the danger of the
Japanese vote in addition to that of
Mongolian competition. One is
thought to be bad enough; the two
will be unbearable. This Province is
not being put under many obligations
to the politicians. Iu Eastern Canada
there is absolute indifference to the
invasion of Chinese; the evil, such
as it is, does not affect that portion
of the Dominion,and the people refuse
to become concerned for tho sake of
British Columbia. The politicians are
obliged to look about for votes, how-
ever,aud this Province sends its quota
of memberB. Five years ago, when
the present Premier was so anxious to
get himself and his party elected to
power, he promised his followers here
to govern himself by their wishes in
dealing with the question of Mongolian immigration, lie got into power,
but did nothing. The same laws and
regulations that were in force when
be came in were continued, notwithstanding members of both parties
from this Province urged that more
restrictive measures be adopted. Ab
the time for another election drew
nigh and votes were again needed, he
raised the poll tax a few dollars and
appointed a Commission of inquiry.
Tho increase of the poll tax is doing
little to stem the tide , and out here
one wonders what the Commission has
to investigate. So far Sir Wilfrid
Laurier has done nothing practical
or effective to carry out his pledge
to deal with the matter as the people
of the Province desire. Tho Yellow
evil,in its influences on the industrial
conditions of the white population, is
as great today as it was five years ago,
and there has been no genuine evidence of a desire on the part of the
Government at Ottawa to take the
least step to abate it. They have
merely trifled with the question, and
the trifling promises   to be continued.
But a new and greater evil is now
threatening us. No effective restriction iB put upon the immigration of
Chinese and Japanese. That of the
latter especially has been on the increase this year, and has assumed
large proportions. They become naturalised, whether fraudulently or not
does not appear to matter. Under a
law of this Province they wero prohibited from voting, but in abolishing
the old Dominion Election Act tho
Liberal Government repealed this safeguard, and according to the judgment of Chief Justice McCoil a few
days ago ' two thousand of them will
go on the lists and vote at the pending election in Burrard. Two thousand votes will turn tbe scale in any
constituency in tho Dominion. Their
votes will go to the Government candidate,who is pandering to them, and
for the first time we shall have a representative of the .Japanese in the
Canadian Commons, to legislate on all
matters affoctlug labor in British Columbia. This is an alaiming outlook,
for which the country Is indebted to
the Liberal Government and party
Mr. McKane is alive to the dangers
threatened by It, and if the electors
will Bond him to Parliament���as they
will if they have the least appreciation of their own interests���he will do
all that one strong, earnest man can
to remedy tho evil and Bee that effee
tive measures are taken to prevent
its recurrence. He will have tho back
ing of a powerful Opposition, and his
protests will be listened to. Mr. Onl-
lihei is too much of a partisan to differ from the Government on any question, and Mr. Foley, standing alone,
would be powerless.
marked for him on Thursday next; tho
many Liberals who do not believe in
u party of broken and dishonored
pledges should support him to a man,
if only as a protest against the new
methods which havo boen introduced
by leaders who think less of principles than of oflice. Mr. McKane deserves tlie voies of all who, for any
reason, are dissatisfied with the Government of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
Mr. Tarte, and it will not bo creditable to Nelson if he goes out of It
without a substantial majority.
The Conservatives of Nelson discovered on Saturday night that in Mr.
McKane they have a candidate in
every way worthy of them. They saw
in him a man possessed of intelligence, courage, and great earnestness,
precisely the kind of man to succeed
in whatever he undertakes. Every
Conservative vote  in town should bo
Let those who believe that Mr. Tarto
is a lit man to govern this Dominion
vote for Mr. Galliher j that is their
privilege as citizens of a free country, however mistaken they may be
in exercising it. But every man who
believcB that a British Dominion
sliould have rulers of a different sort
should voto for Mr. McKane. Men of
this class are in a majority in Yale
Cariboo, and all they have to do is to
turn out and vote to insure his return This should be the duty, not of
one man, but of every man.
i   �� ��.i   .HIWWMM',1
English-speaking Canadians will
wake up some day and find that they
aro strangers in their own land.
With Mr. Turto master of Quebec,
Gallcians and Doukhobors swarming
over Manitoba and the Territories,
and tho Japanese in possession of the
ballot in British Columbia, we shall
find ourselves cutting a very insignificant figure This, however, is the new
Liberalism, as prepared for us by Mr,
Sifton and Mr. Tarte, with the saint
ly Sir Wilfrid smiling approval. As
the only protest open to it, Yale-Carl
boo must send Mr. McKane to
The proposition to establish ...Chain
ber of Mines for Southern British Columbia is looked upon with much fav.
or by The Colonial Goldfields Gazette.
In the course of some remarks on
the subject it says: "If the Chamber
is established, it may do a great deal
of good in making known throughout
Oreat Britain the riches of the min
ing districts of the Province, concern
ing which there is now still much ignorance. The new Chamber must
however, be careful to go the right
way to work hy only disseminating
trustworthy information, and not by
circulating vague, exaggerated, aud
unsupported statements of fabulous
mineral wealth. British Columbia
has lofig stood iu need of accurate
anrl| promptly published statements as
to Its mineral output." With capable and trustworthy men to manage
it, there is no reason why the Chamber should not realise all that the
most exacting friend of tho Province
could expect from it.
Labor Mass Meeting.
The Independent Labor
Party will hold a grand rally
in the Opera House on
Tuesday Evening, Dec. 4th
Chris. Foley, Alexander
Dick and James Wilks will
speak and a Glee Club will
render some of the latest
campaign songs. Everybody
R. W. DAY,
Life, Accident, and Fire Insurance,
Loans Effected on Dehihaulk
Do You Wish to Borrow
On flrnt lnortKOK-i Improved property?
If ko, I can pliu-u your loan, tflvinK you
tlie priV-lOflCGO- rupityiiiK (no amount
borrowed in a deflnitu numbor of
monthly payments of principal and In-
terenl, witli the privilege of ropayin^
tho whole or any portion at any timo
after the wri-ond yoar:
$500 repaid In 60 monthly paymontsof S 10.40
1500 ��     96 " 7.30
1500 "   120 " 6.30
Other sums In proportion.
No , Miii-iii mil charged. Doflnilocontract In nin.-1'..iiKr limiting payment*.
Definite lahlo furnished each borrower
phowing amount, required to dlflcharvo
loan at any time after tho norond yoar.
No Membornhlp Koch. No HnuH.
JIuildiiiK iniui- made; money advancod
an l.uil-lii. ���  i' . ,-.���    i- .
R. W. DAY.
Bank of
British. Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and  French  markets.
fWCORPOR^ -m *S7<*
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Your List...
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Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
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A woll established livery business,
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two busses, two suts sleighs one spring
wagon, and bulldlDg.
Loase of ground for three years nnd
four months at .It) per month.
Part of purchnBo money can be arranged with tho undersigned on
Hugh R. Cameron
Baker Street,   N-Json, B. C.
Real Estate and Insurance
Mutual Life Assurance Oo. of Canada,
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Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up,     ,    .    .     1. i,_s.l.o.u.oo |  Brut �����I,.oo,ooo.��
Board of Mrteloni t  Thomaa K. Konny,  President;   Thomas Rltohlo, VlOo-ProBldonl.
Wiley Smith   11. -. Bauld, Hon. 11. 11. Fullor, M.L.C. Hon. David MaoKeeu.
���lead Oflice, Halifax i
General Manager, Ednon !.. Pease. Montreal,
Superintendent of HranchcH. and Secretary, W. II. Torrance, Halifax.
Inupector. W. F. Brook, Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montreal.
Brailrh.K 1
Xova gcolla-IInlliax Branoh, AnttffOhlah, Bridgown__r, Ouysboro. Londonderry, -.nnen-iirp,
Maltlund (Hanta Co.), Plctou, Port ilawkenbiiry, Sydney. Sliubonaoadle. Truro, weyniontn
New Hrnnrtwlck���Dathurat, Dorchester, Kredericton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Moncton, >o��:
castle, Saekville, Waodsiook. P. K. Inland���Charlot.tetown, -ummonilde. Quebec���Montreal
iCity Ofllco), Montreal, WoRt Knd (Cor. Notre Dame and Seigneur* Stroots); Wostmount Itor.
Groone Avenue ar.d St. Catharines Street. Ontario���Ottawa. Newfoundland���St. Joli"'
Cuba, Weal Indies���Havana, lulled Males-New York (111 ICxohango Pluool Republic,����
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
C'orrefipondenlH l
Canada���Morohants Bank of Canada.   Boston-National 8hawmut Bank.  Cblea��o-Am(irlo��
National Bank.   Ran Fr.nclseo-Klrst National Bank.   London, Knit.--Hank of BOOHjHia,
reiriee, France���Credit Lyonnais.   Bermuda���Hank of Bermuda.   China and Japan���honk
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
deneial Banking; Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange Bought
and Sold, Letters ot Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson^O.
Of U rltlng Papor won t hist.
long. You'd bettor placo nn-
other "hurry up' o��dor with
Bents Collected.   Oonveyaooi-g Done.
Throe houses for mil.
One fine new house for sale; only
small payment down, I
The Nelson Electric Tramway Co. Ltd.
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Com-
pany, Mardoimld Block, corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets
T, C. DUNCAN, Secretary,
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 65 and 64 Victoria, Chapter 103
and Chapter 104, the name of
will   be changed to
"Zhe IRoffil JSanh of Canaba"
from and after
the Second  day of January,  1901
General Manager.
Halifax, 1st November, 1900.
TELEPHONE 13- 1    ���
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largest   line   carried   by
any firm in Canada.
/ m
Nelson Daily Miner,  Monday  Evening,  December 3, 1900
Moodic, of Kaslo, Tells of Nelson's Stalwart Major.
In a letter from South Africa one
|tt-C "boys" who went out with
_f_ First Contingent, B. C. R.,
Ijor Hodgins, October, 1800,
VV. U. Moodic, Kaslo, the
, B. C B.) states ho is not rcturn-
hvlth the "A,""B"a_d"0" Com-
H_es, who aro now en route home
Ktiondon, Eng. Having been ofler-
__\, good position from Major Hod-
_JL he has decided to remain. in
South Atrlca, nnd will try it for a
Hiar or two longor. lie is under Ilod-
Jflns In the Imperial Military Railway
Jjtvlce, and speaks in tne highest
terms of Hodgins, right from tho day
ntlngent sailed from Quebec,
especially when in the scrap at
eberg, where Hodgins' stock ran
t When poor Capt. Arnold was
laid low, Hodgins took command, as
BJancharcl, (first Lieutenant) was not
present on the lirst few days of I'aar-
deberg. Then it was that Hodgins
showed what he was made of. Moodie
states It was the hardest trial that he
ever had to rub up against, to resist
the temptation of not coming home
Via London with his Company, and
as one of the western boys to bo pre
inted.or at least to have the honor of
the '"march past" Her Majesty.
However he had to look after his own
interests lirst and consequently remained belli nil. The company were
vary wry to lose him, especially Mr.
Dickson (of Nelson,) as the hitter and
Moodie bad arranged to take a run up
to Olwgow and Edinburgh if nt all
possible. The "A" Company wanted
especially to have Moodie with them
B�� he was the poet nnd composed the
F|r8t. Contingent It. 0. It.'s "War
Songs," "Hot time in Transvaal Tonight," and "When You Hear Those
Dim. Dum llullets I'ing," etc.
Capt. Parry of   Winnipeg   Accepts   a
Commission in Constabulary.
The Winnipeg   Free Press   contains
the following   announcement   regard
ing a brother of Mr. Melville Parry of
'Capt. Parry, of the 911th Billcs, who
is at present attached to tbe B. C.
D.'s, has received notification from
the Governor-General's military secretary of his appointment to a commission In.tlio West African constabulary. This is one of the 12 commissions which were placed at HiB Excel-
lenoy's disposal among the officers of
the Canadian  force.    Capt. Parry  has
it received his  papers  yet  but  exits them within   a   few   days,   and
ill   probably   leave    for    the  Gold
, in a week or ten days.    Ho   has
expecting   an   appointment   to
neral Baden-Powell's force, but as
s has come first he has decided to
ipt it.
Capt. Parry   has been very   popular
ith the officers and men of the 90th
during hiB connection with the battalion, and the members of the corps,
together with his numerous friends in
the city regret his departure, but at
the same time arc pleased to learn
that he has been successful in securing his appointment.
With Captt. Parry's departure the
00th will have lost six officers since
tho South Africun war broke out; Major Arnold, Surgeon-Major llevinc,
Capt. Macklc and Lieut. Mike Irvine
have gone to the Transvaal, Capt.
Walke to the N. VV. M. P. and now
Cart. Parry loaves for the Gold Coast.
slugger?" I disclaimed all title to
that aud told him I was Arthur Sullivan. "Oil, Arthur Sullivan?" he
said. "Are you the man as put 'Pinafore' together?"���rather a gratifying
way of describing my composition. I
said, "Yes." "Well," returned the
citizen, "I am Borry you ain't John
L. Sullivan, but still I'm glad to see
you, anyway���let's have a drink."
Advertl-emonts intiorlod under this head at
ho rate of ono cent a word por inBortion. No
iiiivi'vi .Bomenl takon for loan than 25 conta.
FOR     RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Here's the Heater
The Job
WANTED.���Girl for housework,   best
wages paid.    Apply   Mrs. Hchcrmcr-
horn. Water St.,   near   O'Neil's  Grocery.
FOR    SALE    or   Rent���Two     Smith-
Premier,   one   Remington   and   one
Empire tyewriter. Apply W. L. Tebo,
C. P. R. telegraph office.
CABIN to Rent.    Apply Royal   Hotel.
Mrs E. II. Thompson, (lato of Doran-
wend's well known establishment,
Toronto), has opened parlors for hair
dressing in Victoria Block. ' Ladies
may make appointments by mail or
otherwise. Room 1, corner Baker
and Josephine Streets.
SALESMEN wanted to sell our goods
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trade. We�� are the largest and only
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world. Liberal salary paid. Address,
CAN-DEX Mfg. Co., Savannah, Ga.
FIRST-CLASS   Boom   and   Hoard, in
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply   on   Silica   Street,   two   doors
west of Ward.
WANTED���Employment nsbookkeeper
or light employment by steady man,
address, "V" Miner Office.
FOR RENT.���A two-story,six-roomed
dwelling,   bath   room   etc.,    810.00
Apply S.    M.   Hrydges,    Mara   Block,
over Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
but 1
Sir Arthur   Sullivan's   Exporloncc In
| 81nce the death of Sir Arthur Sulll-
n many   of   his   storios  have   been
told.    By far the best of the distin-
ished traveler's American auccdotcB
It the one he tells of  mistaken   identity.    He says:
I was travelling on a stage in ratli-
CT a wild part of California, and arrived at a mining camp, where we
had to get down for refreshments. As
wo drove up tho driver said: "They
are expecting you here, Mr.Sullivan,"
I was much ploasod, and w,icn I
reached the piace I found a knot of
prominent citizens at the whiskey
���tore. Tho foremoBt of them came up
to a big burly man by my Bide nnd
said. "Aro you Mr. Sullivan?" The
man Baid "No," and pointed to me.
Tho citizen looked at, mo rather contemptuously, and after a while said:
^���hy, how much do you weigh?"
thought thiB was a curious method
eating the power of a composer,
I at onco answered : "About 102
^���nds." "Well," said the man,
"thal's odd to mo, anyhow. Do) you
Hj.n to say that gave fits to John S.
Hlckmore down iu Kansas City?" I
Bll, "No, I did not give him Ills."
He then said: "Well, who aro yon?"
��� replied, "My namo is Sullivan."
"Ain I    you   John   L.   Sullivan,    tlie
*hl�� ��lirn_tur_ Ii ob evory liox ol the genuine
rUative Bromo-Quiihine w>iots
l rtmod? that carte ��� e��M h) ���"��� ����������
WANTED���Good smart boy to deliver
packages.    Martin O'Reilly & Co.
FOR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient.witli all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and  Carbonate   Street.
TBA1NED   Nurse,  open   for  engagements.    Surgical,   medical,   and accouchement.    English    and   Canadian
diplomas.    Apply, "E" Minor   Office.
PRIVATE Board   and Room.    Heated
throughout. Hot and cold water and
baths.   Three   doors    south   of   Post-
office, Ward Street.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, per pound ?   40
Java nnd Mocha Hlond. 3 pounds  1 00
Kino Seme,-, _ poundu  1 00
Santoi* Hlond, A pounds  1 00
Our  SpociiilBlund, 6 pound*  100
Our Hlo I' ei!. 6 pounds  100
A  Till il. OltllFK SOLICITED.
Nelson,      -      o. c
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Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always in
Wo carry a complolo stock of Coant Flooring
Colling. Inilde Finish, Turned Work, Sanh nod
Doom. Special ordnr work will recolvo prompt
nttontloir   Mall onion solicited.
Porto Eico Lumber Co.,
Head OIH-.���H��mlryx and Vornon St., Nolson.
at the
Until .Ian. 1st, 1001, these Solid Gold
Plate 'iuttonB containing photo of
yourself or friend will be given away
with each dozen of our best Cabinet
Photos. Our reputation for artistio
work is well established but pay a visit
to our studio and you will be convinced
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Baker Street.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order can be accepted  miles,
accompanied by cash.
Olliee Corner Hall and Haker StroeU.
That Will Double Your Comfort and Divide lour
Coal Bills.
Is made in several sizes, all
constructed on the same principle���the principle that gives
prodigality of heat with parsimony of fuel. Come and examine them. The Draw Grate
is a decided improvement; no
trouble to get the clinkers
and waste coal out.
McLachlan Bros.
In order that the Government may
be in possession of definite information with which to supply those seeking investments in this Province, I
am instructed to invite particulars
from those who have properties for
sale, and who may feel disposed to
forward such pirticulars to this oflice
for the purpose in question.
In view of tho proposed early re-organisation of the Agent Oeneial's
Oflice in London, England, the desirability of having on file a list of
farms and other properties for sale,
with full and accurate details, is obvious. Properties submitted may in,
elude farms and farm lands, industrial or commercial concerns, timber
limits, water powers, or other enterprises affording opportunities for legitimate investment.
It is not proposed to recommend
properties to intending investors, but
to afford the fullest access to the classified lists and all available information connected therewith, and to place
enquirers in communication with the
The fullest particulars are desired
not only of the properties themselves,
but of the localities ia which they
are situated, and the conditions
affecting them. For this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded to those desirous
of making sales.
Secretary, Bureau  of   Provincial   Information.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka niner.l Wool and
Asbestos   Co.
Insuranco Go. of North America. Mutual ILIf.
Insurance Co.. ot Now York, Quebec
Fire Assuranco Go.
Three lots in   Block 47, Bogustown,
J85.IMI each.
Three lots in   Block 33, BogUBtown,
$100.00 each.
SO feet on Mill Street, .500.0(1.
A   good   business   in   the   city,   in
thorough   working     order,   for   sale
0-Roomed house, corner of Ward
and Kobson, all modern conveniences  825 00
New house on Water Street   18 00
Cottage on Water Street   15 00
7-Roomcd house on Robson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, all conveniences  25 00
4-Rooincd cottage, cornor of
Falls and   Hoover  13 00
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland. Mo.
Allan Lino PorHlan I)oc 6
Allnn Lino Tunlnlan Doc 13
Allan Lino  - t . -. .-.-ill  at Halifax ono day Inter
Dominion   Lino  Dominion DeoH
Dominion   Lino  OanibromiH. Doo 18
From St, John, N. 8,
Boavor Lino Lake Suporlor Doc 7
Beavor Lino Lake Ontario Dec 14
Beavor Lino Rtra. call at Halifax ono day later
From Now York
Whito Star Line Toutonic Doo H
White Star LtnoUcrinanto Deo 12
Ounartl Lino Ktrurla  Doc8
( .in n nl Line Lucanla Deo lfi
American Lino Now York Dec 12
Hod.  -*tar Line KrlcHland Doo 12
N.O.I-. Lino Lahn Doc 11
French Lino La UiikcoIkiio Dec 13
Allan ��� talc Lino Sardinian Doc8
From idi 11111
Cunard Lino Baxonla Dec 8
Dominion Lino Commonwealth  Doc 12
P_kM__M arnwKod to and from all Ruropoan
polntH. For rates, tickets and full Information
apply to C. P. K, depot agent or H. L. Brown
City PatwenKer Agent, Nelnon, B. C.
Genornl * cont. C.P.K. Oflloen, Winnipeg
Turner-Boeckh Dlock Baker Street
WANTED���1000  Athabasca.
To Chose From
of The Miner
-^  you need
IS the most Completely Equipped Office of the #
kind in the   interior  of  British Columbia. %?
#  Look over this list and sec if there is anything sj-
Letter Heads
Bill Heads
Memo Heads
Visiting Cards
Wedding Invitations
Dance Invitations
Ball Programmes
Hand Bills
Price Lists
Legal Backs
Customs Papers
Engineers' Reports
Business Cards
Concert Programmes-
Pay Mis
and anything that can be
printed anywhere.
# Bring Your Job Work to The Miner ^
** Ward Street, Nelson, B.C. *��
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Hossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by malt to any branch will have careful a*4 promot attention.
(lwv/4 Mlt+cs Swul/ tkhnJirtif- tn/
Wholesale Houses
riMIOHPK & CO. hliiiltwl-CorMur Vornon
JL   and Cedar dtreolH, NetMD��� Munufuciur-
i-i-..- of and ..\!.'itf-itk: douluni In ut-mi���.; wttUir*
und fruil nyruptt. Soto atjunu for Mtilcyoii Hot
Spring,* mm ci... wilier.   Tolopl-onti UU.
XI N. AI. i ummliiH, Letwe����� Evory known
variety ot notl drink*. P O Box Hrt. Tolophono
Mo. -1. Hoovor SLroot. Nelson. JJotUerti of tbo
famouH St, l-fuii HotSpruiifH Miuuntl Wittur
tiAN'r. & MACDONALD <H. Cune, Jauioh
J   A. Maedonald)���A re hi UicUi and HUperui-
tuudonut. Hi iik.'ii 1 till Ulock, ouruor JJakur and
Wurd SireoUt, jSelMQ.
HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker Struct, Nel-
��� ��� im \\ hull- .tic doalcn* in liquoro, ei-
Ktiia, cement, tire brick and llro clay, water
l>ipi- and -tool railH, uml kouciuI coinuibt-Ului)
3u/t ':&AAs #ns At/ ^axM**/ if 'ttLrtJ*
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manauer.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
P. O. Box 626.   Gablo Address: "Groasdallo,'
conmssioN aoent.
Nelson.   Code���Morelno _ Neel.
Is prepared to tie-gotiatc the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and Montreal Stock Exchange!, Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
F. O. GREBN        F. 8. 0I__MENT8
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box WI Helton, B. a
A. R. BARROW, a. ill a i
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotorln and Kootenay 8t_.
P. O. Box 66.. Telephone No. 85
BKACKMANKKll .'Jlll.lMl  CO.. _Tli.-
V. leeele    eelee   ���U(1   e. i  ill    '!��� .lle'l-.    til    Kiel'"
mill"!-!-;   hellliejllle.il, AlWi.     ___v���!__n  Ull   Cat
K-i'y uml luliiiuue���in lt_ilw-..   M-iiufaclurun,
of ni'  , ,-ie In,.:,'ii li. 6. K. bruliil curualH.
'_��� in ui
buy, I)uur. heel.    Mill  al VlcUma, Nuw VVuhL-
The largest assortment of
Imported Cigars,
Case Pipes and
to be found in Nelson.
Over 200 Different Patterns of B B Pipes
Just the thing lor   Xmas   Presents.
Baker St.
- Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS passing   Dnn-
more Junction Daily for St Paul, Sat-
nnlays tor Montreal and Ronton, Mondays    and    Thursdays    for    Toronto.
Sunn, cars   pass   Revelstoke   one   day
for   your   cnsti'in   trip is to  see   tha
your ticket rends via Canadian I'aciUc.
Trains and Uteampra Depart.
6 00    ) '^tt'nI"pr x\V Kootenay Lard-
Daiiv    l1"*   *""'   l',Ui,,;r"  points   via
'     ) Crow's Nest Route.
8:00 ITraiu for Rossland, Grand
Ex Sun j Korks,(ii'iM-iiwoi>d,Mldway,i.te
0:00 i Train for Sloean City, Mocan
Ex .Sim j points, and Sandon.
10.<K) I Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
ICx Huu j mediiite points.
18:10   ) Train for  Rossland, Nakuap,
Rovelstdke,   umin     line   and
A MACUONALU .. Co.-.oritur -You
��� uml Hull BLrueu��� W hulutwlu Kruccru
uml jobbure, in blanket*, k'"'��� ��� ��� mltU, boou,
i iileleei ���, itiuckiiiaWN aud nine.    . HUUdrlus.
Asi Ollloo eeeiiei r Hall uml Krom Mini.,
Noliton���Luiitbur, coillue_, lloorlnx, and uvury
tliliiK In wood for btilldniK purponu- Uut uur
l'i ie,  .   Corr-Huomlune���, hoIicIUjU.
1)   11UKN- H Co.-ltakor Btrout, N��1<joh-
.  ���   Wliolotealo duulei. lu lie   ie and uurud
lliuuu,.    Colel MluruMu.
Il.ik.-r .-linn. Nelson-Wholoaalo ,1, .,1
om In fru-tt and curod nioals.
.'eie. ei.   Nolson ��� WbolRHnlo   d.alaiH  in
liaidwuru,   unite i .       e j I._, 1 j. .,   Hporlilli.   li"- .
MXACII-Af IIHOS. (Buocuwom to Van-
oouvor HurtlwaroCo. LUl.illakorBtroul.
Nel-eel,       \\   l.eele ��� III.!     ell,���,!,,-     In     ll.ll t! %S Itr,'    ami
itilnlnK miiiplloH, iiluiiilii'ie,' nnd tiitHUillbs' HUp.
NK1.HON    HAHDWAHK   CO.- Wholoaalo
paint*, iiil-e and Klaaei; nieecbaiiie--' UmiIh.
AKonla fui Ontario l'owdor Works; njn uiiiie.
rilUHNKH, liKKTON (t (.'o.~Co.nor Vontos
JL    nnd Joaoplilnu  Blrools,   Nolwtn-Wlicle.
��� -lie- doaluni In lluuora, clRurii, and ilrf _u,e-l
aki'ih- tor AM Mi.ivuiK in. ..r Mllwe
iiinl CulKiirj HrcwkiiK l'u uf Calicarr.
UlmON'H HAY Co.-Wholosalo Krocrit-
eeliel IlljUOnt ie|,-���   UllklT   BlrOOt,  N, i' Ull.
lAI.IKOKNlA WINKCO.,IJmlt_d-C.onu.r
J   Kront and  Hall HtriHits, Niihini   Whole
e-eili'   ileeileTee      11    WlllUH    IC-HU    eele'l    lelllkl.   eelie!
domoeitio and Imi-eei i,-.i ciKara.
T Y. UHIKK1N _ ro.-t'orncr Vornon nnd
ti . Jotwphlno ULroeU, Nulwn ��� Wltoluuilo
doalor. In proTlflonu, cur*) moat*, butler and
Piii'iflic Const Pointa.
For Time Tallies, Rates and full information call ou or address near<���. t Local   -\|_enl , e'l,
H. W. Drew, Doimt Sitenl I Nulaon, B. C.
H. L. Ilrown, city AkoiiI.  /
W. .'. ANDKHBON, K. J. I 11VI ,K,
Trmr. I'aew. A_eoti        A   O. P.  Ajibi..,
  Nsbon VannooTW
Spokane  Falls  Sl
Northern R'v.
N elson __Sl__ Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediat
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Dossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave           DAY TRAIN Arrivo
BKWa.tn Spokane 0:40 p in.
11 lM nm Rossland 8:10 p in
7 :0o ii . m Nelson 7 :15 p. m.
8:l"' P-in Spokane 7:00 a rn.
11 -00 p.m Rossland 7:00 n_in.
H. A. JAOKSON, O. P. ft T.A.
Spokane   \Va*h
Agent  Nelaon. B.O
7-8 Inch cllani. ��!_. CO per KO feet. For
iinnieiliHU. delivery jq Nel_o_
4, 0. T. 0R0FT8,
1-.U.UUX ilmal,
_���__���__��� Nslsqn Dailv Minur,   Monday Eveniho,   December 3   190Q
Mrs. W. A. Maedonald, who has
been seriously ill nt the City hospital
for a week past, is out of immediate
danger and lier recovery is now looked for.
[gland Revenue collections for the
months of November are as follows:
Spirits, S:i.717.4:i; malt, 8285.00;
tobacco, $1,1011.50; raw leaf,
$11.40; cigars. 8833,00. Total, 85,-
875, .'13.
The usual meeting of tbe City Council will be held at 8 o'clock this evening. Two important quostions will
be considered, namely, the abolition
of the City Wards, and tbe increaso in
tbe number of aldermen to eight. At
the last meeting tho Mayor said that
tlie Council bad power to do away
with the wards, but he was wrong.
There is no act or amendment to that
affect, and therefore the question will
have to bo laid aside.
The members of tbe local masonic
lodge held a meeting today and
decided to hold their annual ball January 3, 1001. Tbe following committee were appointed: Music and printing, Messrs. Quinlan, Day and Weir;
decoration, Messrs. P. Irvine, O.
Hodge, and J. Dover; refreshments,
S. S. Conaon, Sims, and Klrkpatrick;
invitation, Messrs. O. Johnstone, P.
Fletcher, S. Cannon and Day. Invitations can be obtained from many of
tbo latter committee.
Although the present Hoard of Public Works are to be congratulated on '
the many improvements throughout!
the City, there are a few little things
still left undone. Portions of two
streets remain to be put tn a good
condition. Victoria street from Josephine to Hall is in a decidedly bad
condition. Thero is a fair passage for
vehicles but thero has been no side
walk laid. The western end of Haker
Street, which leads to the new yards
of the C. P. It., and the old station is
also without a side walk, and the
first impression of Nelson, to new
comers by tho C. P. Re., is not a favor
ble one. Tho question of improving
these places will undoubtedly be considered at the meeting this evening.
Never in the history of Nelsou has
there been a lecturer who has succeeded In drawing such crowds as Prof.
Alexander. Night after niglit tne
Opera House has been filled aud it is
the general expression that ho has
aroused more interest in practical science and stimulated more ambition in
the way of right living than other
speeches or lectures which have been
heard here. His lectures to men yesterday afternoon aud evening wero
especially worthy of commendation.
Tonight his great lecture on "Love,
Courtship, Marriage and Jealously,"
will be given and certainly the house
should be crowded as it undoubtedly
will bo. lie will close his series on
Wednesday niglit with a lecture on
how to read character by eyes, nose,
mouth, chin,  handshake,   walk,   etc.
or. There was an excellent chance to
test the speed of the boats on Saturday. They were both bound for'Kim-
lo, When the steamer Kaslo was opposite tbo mouth of Cedar Creek the
Kokanee was seen coming up the
Lake and the Kaslo waited fully
twenty minutes so that an even start
eould be made for tbe raco to Kaslo,
a distance of about 13 miles. The
water was smooth and conditions favorable for a race. The crew on each
boat were given orders to execute
their duties in the quickest manner
possible. When the steamer Kokanee
pulled up on a line with the Kaslo.
both steamers gave a sharp whistle,
and nil knew the race was on. Unusually fast time was made and it looked for a time as if honors would be
even. Hut nearing Kaslo tbe Kokanee
was gradually gaining and when that
port was reached she was leading the
steamer Kaslo by one and a half miles
Captain Fraser at onco hoisted the
broom which was still in placo when
tbe Kokanee arrived at Nelson this
Continued From First Pago.
velop it on a large scale next spring.
It is their intention to commence
shipping as soon as tranportation can
be arranged for.
Hon. W. C, Wells, M. P. P., Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works,
the populur member for this constituency, deserves great credit for the
manner in which be has attended to
tbe wants of this growing mining
cuinp during the past two   years.
It is undeitood that a  foreign   syn
dieate is very anxious   to   secure   the
White Cat group situated  on   Boulder
Creek.    This   property   is   owned   by
James R. MoLeod, et al.
Shamrock and Paradise Fraction
claims, joining the Paiadise mine,
will be developed on an extensive
scale next season. It is generally understood that tbe Paradise,Silver lielt,
Shamrock, and 1'aradise Fraction are
all situated on the   same lead.
Spokane Mining stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
as received front The Miner's special
(M'l'.l :IAI. TO THE MINER.)
Blaoktail 10 9%
Butte-s Boston  2%      IX
Crystal  4}_       2\i
Deer Trail Con  2%      2X
Evening Star  6Ji       8
Gold Ledge  2'4      IX
Golden Harvest     >_ %
I.X.L 20'A 10
Iron Mask 34
Jim Blaine  8 3X
Lone Pine Surpriso  V-i       OJ-j
Mountain Lion SO 20
Morning Glory (I h%
Morrison  3%       2%
Noble Five  4
PrinceBS Maud  1%       1%
Palmer Mt. Tun  16>_ ..
Quilp 22% 21
Kambler-Oariboo 20>_ 26^
Republic   08
Reservation  5 3%
Rossland Giant  2).       2
Sullivan 15  . 14X
Tom Thumb 12 10
Waterloo  3 2%
Winnipeg  7
Conjecture  4%      3%
Miller Creek  2%       2%
Hercules  3%       2
Juno 3%      2%
American Boy 10 M       1%
Gold  Standard  _!���_       1%
San Juan    3^        J_
��� Loudon,   Dec.    3.���The  opening  of
the iuitial session of tbe fifteenth Parliament of Queen Victoria occurred at
2 o'clock this afternoon.
Practical Work and Papers to Bo
Dealt With This Week.
The first examination to be held in
the Kootenays for otlicieney in the
practice of assaying was opened in
this City this morning. There nre
eighteen Candidates, who are taking
the examination. Tbo practical work
will be dime at tho offices of the Hall
Minos, Mr. Church,and Mr. MoKUlop.
The work In tho oflicos will be done
during the day time. The work there
will oc the reducing of ordinary Biuel-
ter pulp. Tbe written subjects are
sampling, lire assaying, and wet assaying. ThcBe suojects will be written on between tbe hours of 7:30 and
10:30 o'clock on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday evenings. The examiners aro Provincial Mineralogist Robertson, Mr. Herbert Carinichael of
Victoria, Mr. MoKillop and Mr. Harris, of Nelson. After the papers have
boen examined hero they will be sent
to^the Minister of Mines Mr. Richard
Mcllrlde, for his approval and then
the result will be made known. It Is
expected that the examination will be
held annually at Nelson.
"There is only one chance to save
your life and that is through an operation," were the startling words
heard by Mrs. 1. B. Hunt of Lime
Ridge, Wis., from her doctor after he
bad vainly tried to cure her of a
frightful case of stomach trouble and
yellow jaundice. Gall . stones had
formed and sho constantly grew
worse. Then she begun to use Electric Hitters which wholly cured her.
It's a wonderful Stomach, Liver and
Kidney remedy. Cures Dyspepsia,
Less of Appetite. Try it. Only 50
eonts. Guaranteed. For sale by Can
ada Drug A- Hook Co.
Lucky Soldiers.���Lord Rosslyn has
evidently an eye for detail. In bis
article in the Mall describing the
effect of Lord Roberts' advance upon
Pretoria on the prisoners at Watervaal
and other guards, he wrote: "Hollander and llritisher.soldiei' and Boer,
peasant, prisoner and warder, joined
in a universal scene of congratulation,
in a mutual expression of esteeai   and
a general glass of Robert Brown's
Four-Crown Scotch Whiskey. Happy
tbe hit of tbe prisoners who were able
to BOothe their sorrows with so fa
mous a brand as Robert Brown's
An Interesting Boat Race on the Lake
on Saturday.
The C. P. R. steamer Kokanee came
Into the port of Nelson this morning
with a new broom tied high on her
foremast, as tho result of being victorious in a race with the steamer
Kaslo of tho Kootenay Railroad i-
Navigation Co., on Saturday afternoon. It has long been known thnt
the Kokanee was the fastest boat on
Kootenay Lake. Since the new _tcam-
cr Kaslo was launched Homo jealousy
haB prevailed between the ollieers of
the two boats and of course the captain of tho Kaslo thought that his
boat was second to none us lo speed.
He was therefore looking for a ehanco
(o make tbe Kokanee take back   wnt-
German Syrup is the Bpecial prescription of Dr. A. Bosbee, a celebrated German Physician, nnd is acknowledged to be one of the most fortunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds nnd Lung
troubles of the severest nature, removing, as It does, the cause of the afTec-
ton nnd leaving the parts in a strong
and healthy condition. It Is not an
experimental medicine, but has stood
the test ol years, giving satisfaction
in every case, which its rapidly increasing sale every season confirms,
Two million bottles sold annually.
Bosehe's German Syrup was Introduced in tho United States In 1SH8,
and is now sold in every town and
village in the civilized world. Three
.loses will relieve any ordinary cough.
Price 75 cents. For Sale by W. P.
Teet ze. 1   	
Just Like Home���Is what they all
say of tbe elegant compartment cars
on "The, Northwestern Limited,"
operating between St. Paul and Chicago, only not one home in a thousand
is as rlciily and tastefully adorned.
You will enjoy absolute privacy when
traveling In one of our compartments.
Tickets nt nil agents, 11. S. Collins,
General Agent. Spokane.
If you don't like BluoJ Eibbon Tea it's
bocatiBo .you'veZnover^tasted it.
TO < I III   A  < ol 1>  IN  ONK DAT
Tnko l..e -.,el ivi. Hromo Quinine TubliiU. All
elen,:>-i t i,-r,111.i the money If It falls to cure.
B&D,    V., W. (.r*wn ��� ��� i. mil nn. Ik on  nantt tin*.
The Best WATCH
in the world
For the Honey.
��� We are offering a very fine
line of watches which we
specially recommend as being durable and able to
stand 50 per cent more
hardship than any other
watch. We have them in
ladies' gent's and boy's
sizes, each one suitable for
Christmas presents. Our
fine watch catalogues sent
on application.
Patenaude   Bros.,
Manufacturing Joweltw,
NELSON,     -     -     B. C.
Slaughter Sale Jn
Miners and
'" Heavy
Working Shoes..
POUND,���Saturday   niglit,   a   money
orilei issued to W. J.   McDonald   on
Baton St Co. Apply to Rlohard James,
Silica Street
TtLXrHONA   NO, 199.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane withtrains of the
trains of the Spokane Palls and Northern Hailway.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Yoik
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at_10:15 R.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct c��n[
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, Bnd all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNortbern Steamship Company Line, operated in con-
nection with the Great Northern Hailway.
tor further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls ft Northern Ry., Kaslo St Slocan
Ky, Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Oo., or to
Genl. Puss. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane. Wash
nnil try a bottlo, a dozen, or a Imrnel nf
OALGARY BEER as It In lho hum ���,"[
cli_un.Ht on tn. market. _] .. trv m,r
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and    CIGARS.
PRANK A. TAMBLYN, M.��...���
Toloiihone M, Baker Bt. Nelaon, li, <_.
Having decided to go into the
handling of Ladies' and Gents' Fine
Shoes exclusively, we have decided
to clear out all our Miners and
Heavy Working Shoes (of which we
have about 500 pairs) regardless of
cost; at your own price.
62 Pairs of four laced Banigans,
solid leather soles and inners, sizes
6 to 10. Regular Price $1.50;
slaughter sale price
GO cents.
71 Pairs of Bunkhams with or
without tap, soles extra heavy,
shanks and counters, sizes 6 to 10,
Regular price $2.25; slaughter sale
ito Pairs Blucher and Gaiter
Shoes *ingrain and kid leather,
nailed or plain sole, outside counters if preferred, sizes 6 to 10. Regular price $3,00; slaughter sale price
42 Pairs Grain Blucher and
Boots with buckle or lace, heavy
soles, sizes 6 to 10. Regular price
$3.00; slaughter sale price
132 Pairs Oil Grain, kip and
calfskin, lace and blucher, cut Boots
hand made, nailed, outside counters.
This is the best Mining Boot we
carry. Regularly selling at $5.00.
Slaughter sale price
These Boots and Shoes are all to
go at above quotations; first in gets
first choice,
Mail orders promptly attended to.
S. Neelands.
Gee Can Fit You.
lie has  one of  tbe   best   and   largest
Fall and Winter stocks in
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
Baker Street
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Poiter,
Nelson, B. C.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head offioe toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. I_ LENNOX, Baker SL,
If You Buy Now
Your Money Will Last Longer.
We have en our Opera House Store, articles suitable for Christmas
Presents for young and old���gay and ge-ave. We have got to move from
this stoic, and we are going to sell every article on the premises.
TO DISPOSE OP OUR   .   .       ..'
iySsrS^ff^.S. *;ff'.*l-r:-_'".-.'^'~*':*S-:*Sr.S-.fr&s;v
W   ' T&
to Daulton.
to Royal Crown Derby,
to Royal Worcester,
to Haviland Limoges,
to German, Japanese and
to Austrian Fancy Cliina-
to ware.
W The nicest assortment in  Nelson.
A full line of Our Usual Holiday
Articles. Dolls.Toys, Fancy Goods
Etc., are now opened up and wise
buyers are making' early selections,
. Canada Druo and book 60. i
^>__5-___ ,-_��-___ -_S-2_.:___.____ :-���_._-_- _2-___ ___________ :__��-___ __&____ ___-___. ____^ ��� __S^fl
'.���0^2.00 0ii��� 00-00��� 00- 0*��� 00-00��� 00-00��� 00'.f\-00��� 00-ZS��� *0-s?��� M0-1S-00^-^..^���'
Of Millinery.
Trimmed Hats and Ready-
to-Wear Hats Must 60.
Two houiNof HOurnU-oinmon senso set in a fraino
of humor.���Toronto Ulobo.
In his most famous locturo on
in thi* torture the Pratowor will tbow-vrhM temperament! ihonld or should not nun.
will .explain the jeiKiii. of love In tlm bead iirnl laoe; how to loll 11 loving diapo-Uogudit--
thoy aro in a lovinK mood; .how to know �� lllrt. ji-iiIoum niinilod or real mollierly pi m; Ml
It is contrary to our policy
to carry these tjoods over from Sjg ft'' ���* �� ��I><1 s,hould &������ popping the quw-on, and how to mnnnKo sour _-__.-_���.
J o .       , .    I s��mo reasoDH why thone w-hoarL'woil nmteit ilimiirri'L'
season  to
accounts for our
season, and   thisi,,,/t'.?0'?"".^,0^���^1^ tho Bt-K.. Mnichiiw-mi<i-i_
mit. not hliulinir.   Ailmlwuou 2bc uml ;ix\   ltosorvied sonln 0U0.
The balance of our stock of
Trimmed Hats and Ready-to-
Wear Hats will be sold regardless of cost.
Call and see our offerings.
Kerr St Co.
Cor. linker and Ward directs,
Friday night -Training Children.   Saturday night, 8 o'clock ��liarn-H��iil< xi Trail--
nments.   bunday. 3 p. in. and 8AC, p. in.-I_.eturus to MKN ONLY.   Silver -illwilm.
Twenty-five per cent off all
Trimmed and Ready-to-VVear
linker Street.
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Ellected at   Reasonable  Rates.
Bukor Street, Nelson.
Will pay the higlie.t cush price lonll
kinelH of seoond hand Roods. Will-J
or sell any thin (j from an ncctatoi
noedle. Furniture, stoves, caipem,
oookinR utensils, bought in bot-toH
qnnntities. Also cast off clotbinl
Call and see me or writo. Addiw
Silver King Mike, Box 200. HJ I
Street. Nelaon, R O.
Ry the week from $5 lo W.
Hy the day fli.oo.
Fred Irvine & Co,
Arriving Dally
ft The New Slrnlltlil 0
T pront Corset. Wc j
2   Have Them.
S ft
���O*OK)*O>O^0tHO*    I
Merchandise has its place in the Preparations for the Xmas Season.   The attractiveness
of the Goods to be found in all our Departments will make brisk selling for the next three weeks.
Christmas Dolls.
Our new line of Dolls is now
on display. While the quality is
of the highest, the price is so
modestly low that you will be surprised at the size of the doll you
can get for a dollar or two.
Jointed Dolls, Kid-bodied Dolls,
new French-shape Dolls, Blond
Dolls, Brunette Dolls, 9 to 27
inches;  35c lo$  8.50.
Silk Waists.
Nothing but the finest Taffeta,
Liberty Satins and Liberty Silks,
from $3.50 to $15.
The great demand for Furs this
season was recognized by us very
early���in time to make selections
when they were at their best.
Whatever there is for ladies to
wear, made of Fur, will be found
in this department at very low
You lose most of your handkerchiefs, the laundries wear out
the rest, and your handkerchief
case needs constant filling. We
have them from 5c to $7.50 each.
Winter Gloves
And Mittens in great variety.
The very latest style in Gloves is
the Suede, Castor and Mocha.
These Gloves are nice for cold
weather, as they are much warmer
than dressed kid. We carry these
lines in black, mole, tans and
greys, $1,50 to $2.00.
Eiderdown Comforts.
The cold snap which we have
just experienced, suggests what
we may expect when the winter
sets in in earnest, so get your
Comforts now and be ready.
Prices, $1.50 to $?6.00.
Sole Agents
I'.ni i.-i ii I Patterns
Fred Irvine & Go
Special  Care   Ink-"  ?
In   I- ���_   ���>��   n��"  I
I     ��������c*o*o*o*��*��*5  \


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