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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 9, 1899

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 D;til\  Edition No. 2-
Nelson, British Columbia. Thursday, February 9,   1^99-
Ninth Vi?
.1 n
War Department Will Not
Interfere With Him.
guerilla methods, also fought bravely,
lint with loss iH-i-c fjion ��nd regularity."
Tho situation is practioally unchai g-
id. The American line has not. heen
appreciably * xtended and the troops
generally aro taking muoh needed rest.
Recounnisunees show that the Filipinos are In f.*ice .nt the villages of Paslg
ami Parflnnqua, probably 7,000 men nt
the latter place uilhin st i- ug fortlflen-
lioi.s. All was quiet idong Hie li* e
when this despatch was Hied at noon. |
VlflFflBI pub
Mr- Martin's Q, C. Bill Be- Manitoba Hotel is Now in
fore the House. Ruins.
ol Lloyd's has bestowed silver medals upon Captain Watkins,   of the
i American line   steamer   Paris,  Mr.
I John Bradshaw, first mate, and
Mr. R. H. Webb, fourth officer and
awarded bronze medals to eighl
sailors of the Paris for saving the
crew consisting of 22 men, of the
British steamer Vindobala on December j; last in mid-Atlantic,
Ottawa, Peb-8-W.Shanley, engineer! AMENDMENTS  OFFERED  HA L.F    A    MILLION  LOSS
at present engaged in tin investigation of,
  i unsettled claims of Ryan and   Haney   in 	
; connection wilh the Boo canal   contract.
Secretary of  War  Alger   Has Complete  Theae claims, Which arise out of inodift-.Kootenay Members Object to  the British ' One of the  Finest   .Hotel   Buildings   in
Confidence in the Leader of the
American  Forces-
Columbia Telephone  Company Bill-
Washington, Feb. 8.���There was
.���in almost complete release today of
I oations  of   the otiginil   Bpreificttions,I
I will aggregate about $850,000.   Bbanly
is acting iu plaoe  of Chief Engineer of (
I Railways and Canal-, Mr. Schreiher who j	
I is apparently too busy to undertake the
| examination of the accounts. Viol oris, Feb, 8���In   the  Legislatti 0
today Mr. Prentioe's hiil  respecting   lhe
.111 iiicjuiM  li'iii|jiiic.   icitaai   ivncin   ui     /NT    A  T TV IT      A       fN /"**!  A   "ftTT*\   A   T    ' J .ou.,^*- .-* un,    i cDpnuuug    mv
the tension  under  which the rapid   OJjixlJYL  A.   fe0_.JN JJiiij ^r lis!l Columbia Telephone  company
occurrence of events in tlie Philippines has held the officials of the
Administration since the first startling news from Manila Saturday
night. This was brought about
through  the   receipt   of   a bulletin
from General Otis, .summing up I Beturning Officer Befimed to Aooept
the latest rSsults of the fighting he | Nomination Papers of Mr.
has had with the natives. The
statement that Aguiualdo's influence
had   been   destroyed   and   that the I
Filipino leader was seeking for a j Donald, Feb. 8- Then* is ureal iu.iig-
cessation of host lit es and for a con- i naion hero in regard to tie aetion of tt>e
ference was most acceptable,and was j K turning Officer in dee! .ring Mr. We'ls
Canada   Ahum Sounded at
Winnipeg, Man., Feb. 8���At fi"e minutes past twelve this morning tire was
discovered in the dining room of the
ho el Manitoba L��ss than (onr hunts
nil calls the h-ist hotel be-
interpreted as an admission that he
had realized his terrible mistake. It
is entirely improbable that be will
be able to restore anything like the
statu quo, or obtain anything like
the same terms as were probable j and une o'olock on
last week. No one here knows just Opposition hud nl
what General Otis intends to impose in the way of terms. Secretary
Alger tliis afternoon repeated his
statement of yesterday that he had
r'wtn the Genernl no i^strvjctions
since the battle and saw no reason
for giving him any. He realized
he said, that General Otis being on
the ground and having proved his
fitness, was in a better position to
deal with the situation than any one
in Washington. Should the General ask permission, therefore, to
do anything, lie would be granted
permission immediately. "Should
he ask for instructions on any
point." said Secretary Alger, "be
will be told to exercise his own discretion."
In llits view of the case it will be
seen that no one here can tell at
present how General Otis will act
towards Aguiualdo's application,
but the opinion is expressed bj
men here who know of General
Otis' experience with the Indians
that he will nvike the laying down
of arms the condition of dealing
with the insurgents al all, and il
that condition is met, of course, it
will mean a speedy termination of
the rebellion.
elected by floolamutiou.    The fae's of II
cise are as foilnWB:
The proclamation was issued d<
tho nominations for North East
e ay would take  place   between
Manila,Feb. 8.- Noon   -Loftevening
H�� the Filipinos at Unloocau were evidently mussing for a night attack upon
the Aineiican left wing, companies B.,
O. and I. of the 2i)tli Kansas Infantry
were ordered to uttauk and drive thu
sharpshooters fr< in a bamboo .jungle
in front of the firing line, where they
hod caused considerable annoyance all
the afternoon. The balollion paraded
brilliantly, driving tin* natives like
ehalf and ponetrtt'lug the very heart
of Onloooan First l/t. A. 0, Alfred, as
cabled Inst night, was killed while loading his oompany. He was shot In the
forehead. Borgoaul -lay Bhelden,
Oompany I. was terlou-ly wounded
Privates Daniel Hewitt, Uracil Fritz,
.lohn Oallllan and two other members
of Oompany Bi were slightly wounded.
Thirty dead Filipinos were ci.iinlid
in the brush and there were ninny
inure wiiiinded. The gun boa's Gon-
OOtd and Oallao kept, up tin incessant
fire from the bay, lu order to avoid
against accidents from this source,
General Otis wns compelled to rein 1
tbe Kansas battery after buttling tlie
outskirts of the town. Hither the
(���bells of the warships or Ihe natives
tinmaelviH fired n number of buildings
within the town limits,    Presumably
this was the result of the sbellic g,    No
fmther attempt to altuok during the
night was made hy either side.
The Spanish papers generally com- ,
ment iu laviir*il>le fiiiuiN upon   the  id
miralile order maintained  in   Maui n.
The Union liserie.i says: "We urn
satisfied that the Americans, who are
for the grenterjpart volunteers fought
OOOly and with perfect discipline
though without, i trenohruenti, Jot the
various points defended and demon-
stinted Ihe spirit which animated
them.     Tho  Fllmuil   iho are aeon '
Monday, Feb. 6.   The
. airaoKempntR tnade
to put e candidate in   the   11. Id   in   the
person of Mr  Fostfti",   n   prominent  citizen of Donald;   The nomination  pnpei
were sittne 1   ad  the necessary  depoi't
m '!������    Hi** Rntiit.-it't'"'c ail.'���*tl��'*l t'**,^.  i*.i
vrtised nomination plaoe   at   a   prope
hour but Returning OHlcer Griffith  di*:
���col | ill in an appearance.    They  le* di i-
*d the notninalion papers and money   le
i'ie election elc"'  who refused lo reoeive
he simp.   Tin It*  urtting Officer  nrriv-
ed at 20 mi ntei aftei **neand he was id-
RO tpii'li-red thi' pa pen nnd money but it'
u'eel lo tec iv, il at, oisimiog lhat the.i
������ere too late, N n�� i'lislanding Ihe fact
t n't he w. s not pre e i at the proper
ti'iie h penis'.-,i n his n-fussl nt the
H'l-ne liir.eiii iwna from his pocket riomi-
ti ni papers for Mr, Well-, ahnm he de
Olmed * lecled hi declaim ti." .
The people hero are much incensed
at Ins action. They declare it. I > I"
the most hifpf tied pnhiical ��cand*l
ever pu pertraled inC undo, ind it is
freely sibo tod Unit It is n trick em nil
nntii g 1'ioin (),.v. nun ol circles and
inspired b* oi e i" i In* (i ivpi n ��� ui vei -
sed in polilleal triokei j,
There Is uo doubt   whatever that, n
protest, will he entered at  onee, hut  il
is hardly lo be expected ihat lhe ease
will K" to trial as Mr. Wells will be
forced to resign and seek re-electl i.
I'ie Opposition i-re confident of carrying thn seal if ilt'oided an opportunity.
Premier Marcband Explains Them to
the Legislative Asieuihly.
Quebec, Que.. Feb, 8    Premier Mar-
ohand   delivered   his   nniiii .1   budget
spec eh in Ihe Legislative Asseinb y
yeslc iday aftcino* n, speaking fen several hours. The treasurer reviewed
hie statement of lost year that no rail
way subsidies will be granted until lie
has attained an equilibrium iu the
Province's finances, The iieosurrr
claims that the liabilities of ilu* Province has not heen Increased during thu
year, but I bat the deficit of 1810.000  * f
1800 97  Ii:ih  be educed   to   one of
1187,000 in 1807-08, The treasurer estimates oidlaary receipts for lhe mining year. 1808-00 at *I,2(II,KIHI nnd or
dlnary expenses nl 14,177,780, but tlioie
will be an aildit, on lo eupdil   oxpendi-
ure of 1*440,812. Mr. Marohand dwelt |��'"'"i's Cum .sels yearly,
upon flu* crippling affect of ihe del i.
upc n the Province and urges iill to join
in an economical administration of the
Provi ee uniil heavy burden of Inter-
i est. is removed.
i met wilh vigorous objeotion from  Koo
enny members, Mr. ,1. M. Martin and I afterwards b> ail odds tne Dtast noti
EABT ! Mr. Ureeu showed how the bill iu ihtir: 'ween the Montreal and the Pacifio const
opinion, unless very much amettdidl w"*in rtuna. The hotel wiib crowded
would operate iojudiolout-ly to tbe oili��s witn (masts attending the Winnipeg
of Rowland and Kaslo.the ground taltii* etuling bonspiel, but at first uo Import-
by ihem being snppoited by Mr, Mac-.\meo was attaobed to the fire as only
Plan ton and Hon, Joseph Mat-tin. T.^ smoke oou'd be Men. TheoHgin-of the
latter laid that BO telegtnpb or iel-! utf-could i-ol be located, however, nnd
phone company should have at any lime gradually lhe fire spread. At twenty
beeu given permission to siriug wires ip miuut.es past one o'clock the flames
a eitj o town and that Hie legislature broke through the roof of the west wing
bad Bid did exeielse tbe lioTit lonm \-�� and two hours b*ter the entire building
such wires, even if authority had beeu was in rains. Ol the four bundled oc-
given by past legislation. Mr. Prentiie onpants of the hotel none were injured,
energetically defended the jut-tioe of r- ���'but there were many narrow escapes.
speeliug vested rights.   Tbe commission  Tne night was bitterly   cold   and   frost
filially rose reporting progress. bites were num ns  among those who
In committee on   [ha  bill   respecting esoapidinsoa.it attire.   Many   ptomin-
Q. O'c Mr. .Mel'l.illips moved for the iu-1  nt citizeus who resid<-al the hotel   dui-
Ko* i
l we! v
troduotion of a stctii n granting the di -
uity of Q. O's. to those it.embers of lie
bar who have or may enjoy the potilic n
-.1 Attorne) G iiernl or Solioitor General
of OdUada.   This was lust.
Mr. Eceits t' en   ic-ked   lhe   Alton, v
ieiieral io Locepl as an amendiueut lo
s e ion five lhe addition of the following
w u'iIh at ihe end ot Ihe section "*Save
and except ia tbe following cases viz -
Hint ol auy person a member of the b..r
of this province who at the time of co* -
ing iuto force of this act had been a -
pouted ore  of   Her  Majesty's  conn, el
earned in law by the Governor-General
.1 Canada."
Hon. Mr. Martin declared lhat to a -
cept this amendment wonld be io Op-
stroy lhe principle of the bill.    He then.'
ore declined, A new section wns, ho -
ever, added on Ihe million of Hon. Mr,
Ma tin providing that it be foe the Lieu-
enaiit-Coveinor-iii-coiu.cil   to    uppoiic
n the first plaoe five geuthtueu ol u*n
ieds limn five years standing al ih*- oai
f lhe Province, iu addition to the two . ;*
pointments allowed for the year, the A -
toiuey.General aud lhe ex-Attorney Gen
oral.    It was also provided that Ihu gi :.-
1,-tuau holding tlie olliee of Attorney
General for Canada at tbe time of oom-
*nt; into force of tbe acl shall thereby I e
come a Queen's Counsel of B:itish C,*l-
unibiii. The clause relating to oontempt
iu the unauthoriz id wearing of silk was
withdrawn and the bill was reported
ojmplete with the amendments made.
Queen's   Counsel  Hill Cause-
Viotoria, It. ('.. Feb 8.   Th re wn   o
spirited delate iu tlie house yeaterdny
I a
over Joe Martin's Queen's Oounsel II '.
The Dominion appointed these unl
n cenl.ly, when it was decided ilil tlie
I'tnvii ces.bad I he powei, Martin n****
lijteiids to prohibit Dominion nppoiu
lees to wen Hie silk gown. Ibeiuslgnln
.if olliee in I'mvi' 0 III UOUI'tS, pr ct 111
ly relegating to ordl my lawyers  ib
loading men al  He- bar.   A storm of
protests has been   raised,   but  the  I  'I
went through ihe second rending,
Green of Hloean, a down nun ni Hippo ter, leaving lhe house after the vote
Martin proposes to appoint only two
1)11. .1. GREEN DEAD
ing tbe winter hist all their persouni effects. The chief sufferers being: .lames
Tees, Wm Ma K'tzea.J D B, Spra^ne,
Tue building destroyed was acknowledged by travellers to bo oue of the finest in Cauada, lhe firemen fought nob
y bul ihe flames had gained too great
leadwny. Total loss is 1600,000. J. D.
K/avelle, the Lindsay curler, and Lis
rink oooupied rooms in the hotel but escaped with little loss. A representative
of Ellis, jeweller of Toronto, lost nearly
$40,000 iu diamonds and jewellery.
Outside of the Windsor and Place
Vigor hotels In Montreal and lln*
Chateau Frontenuc in yuobec, there
was no hotel building in Canada that
could compare with the Manitoba
Hotel. It was opened on January I,
IK!U and has ever since been one of
Winnipeg's chief prides. Thn Northern Pacific Railway Company was
lavish with money when building and
furnishing it, and so well was it done
that the hotel wns some years ahead
of thn oity, Although engaging a
large business for the* size of the city
it has never paid and was nor expected
to tin I i 1 Winnipeg grew to a place of
greater population mid importance,
Just as this was abov.i to come about
the lire fiend steps iu and robs the
Prairie Capital , its handsomest
building, tl is un v feared hern���and
in fact is almost taken for granted���
that the oompany will not replace tho
building and consequently it will le
ninny years before the city is again
sipnlied with such a magnificent
The Manitoba was crowded with
visitors to the big bonspiel. which is
iu progress Ibis week and it is Strange
that no accidents of a serious na'ine
Occurred. Owing to its great height
the lire brigade had difficulty in lighting the lire. I'l'iielieally nothing was
-caved, nnd the large number of people
.vim have made their home in lie
hotel for years lost everything. The
furnishings were handsome and costly
in    keeping   with    llu>   building    and
when ihn losses are   totalled   up   they
will undoubtedly reach half a   nullum
dollars,   The Insurance  has  not  yet
been slated, ll is thought Ileal lln*
oompany earned hut littlfi, The building was of red brick with brown sione
laeings. The rotunda was particularly handsome, being large unci finished in   oak.    The   dining   room    in
St. Eugene Mine Bonded for
a Large Sum*
MacGregor, Man., Feb. 8.���Fir
broke out in the rear of Turner'
general store today. The followin]
places were destroyed: Roger
Bros : James Osborne's fruit store
W.   Schultz'   tailor   shop; Turn
$400,000   THE   AMOUNT
vv.   .-M-iuinz    tailor   shop;   tamers   .  cu n ~,��� ,���   ,   .
store; Thomas   Scott & Co.; P, W.   A BtronS 0omW Will Work .t-James
Martin; Arkell's drugstore.
Uroniu aud Joshua Finch the
Lucky  Verniers.
Washington. Feb. 8.���The State
Department after mature consideration has declined to recognize tiu-
ciaim of the Austro-Hungarian
Government   for indemnity  on  ac- i'" '*"���'* ''}'
'I be St. Eugene mine, consists of two
t'u . claims   and   two fractions, the St.
Eugene and the Pete-, and was located
I nines Cronin and  Father
count of ihe   Hungarian   strikers
killed   by   Sheriff Martin's posse at
Hazelton. Pa., Sept. io, 1897.
Cciquelin, < f the St. Eugetse Mission on
St. Mniy's river. The mine was shown
them by n nil an named Pierre, and
urn '1 im .i .- 1 timed after themiss'ou,
sntl l.i-������ b--. iter the Indian that,
disc * ro .1 mine, About four
years oro .i. A. Finohof Spokane, aud
Peter Lar -m the contractor, bought
into tbe mine, and development work
has been proseoutod ever since.
Messrs. Finch and Cronin are now
shipping onl   1,000 tons of elonu ore,
i worth sslll n ton at present prices.    The
[mine is a galeUH proposition, running
high In lead and comparatively low in
fs'.-ver.   Tne Moyie and the Quem of
Washington,   Feb.   8.���The war the Hills, Uo properties iu the vicinity,
investigating committee   has   now  wil1 probnhly be also taken over by the
completed   its  labors and its report  '"lm0 company.
will be in lhe hands of the Preside tl The great St. Kugcne mine, the star
tomorrow. The committee held a mine of Eat ECtoteney, situated near
session today that extended Weil ; Movie Olty, has passed into the bands
into tbe afternoon, ^oiii"; over the of a strong i��ngli>b. companv, A short
details. Tomorrow members of the time back Mesi>rs. fl. Bell living, 1.ch-
corr.'rmttee  will   meet   at   ilieir o'.d  lie II.;..  Jan.es Cronlu and (j. A   K
Ihe |Keport  Will be iu  the  Hamls
t resident  McKinley
olliee, formally attach their signatures to the original document, and
proceed in a body to the executive
mansion to inform the President
that thoy have completed their mission, and present their report. The
committee then will cease to exisl.
The report of the war committee is
a voluminous document oi |...i
printed pages. It makes an important feature of beef issue and
dismisses as a general proposition
the charges that have been made
against the beef furnished the arm,.
Ii finds that most of the beef was
such as could be properly furnished
as an emergency ration, pointing
out that evidence showed il never
was intended to be anything else.
As to tho administration und conduct of tbe war, the conclusions of
the committee are understood to be
that everything possible was done
by the department in the limited
time, that it had at its command in
making its preparations for war and
ihe report says that the conduct ol
the war not only worked out in
the end successfully, but in such a
way as to be worthy of great com-
Schneider of New York, paid a visit lo
h- mine, and iicleal is the result. Mr.
Leslie Hill, a mining engineer of Van-
ccliver, reported OU the miue some
time back, and his report was laid before Messrs. Mathesou & Oo. of London, England, with the result that, they
s nl, out. thei expert, Mr. Schneider, to
examine the mine. H. Hell living .v
Oo. if Vaucouver, agents forIMuiheson
&Oo., have Bigoed a shipping bond on
the mine for 1400,000. A small cash
liiyinenl has been made, and the bond
extends over 11 year. Another payment of in per cent of the purchase
p ii" is due this month, hy which time
Mr. Sehuei ler,s report, will have been
1 Ived lo London. If, ns is anticipated, his rc| oit hears out Mr, Lea ie
Hill's, the  payment just  referred  to,
will be Immediately made,
l'he.ioint High Oommii-sion will Resume
its Sessions Then.
Washington, Feb, 9   There will be no
j lint session of I bo full Hinh Joint High
(.'oinmis-ioii until .Friday.   The  Arueri-
eim commit sionen held 11 short meeting
yesterday guiuu  over several subjects,
iiRi'tioulsrly  Alaskan  boundary   issue-.
Immediately alter  Ihere  began  a   joint
ession of lhe snb-eointnillee on Ahisknu
{boimdiiiy.   a   number  ol   propositions.
; were discussed but no final mni delimit*
OODOlusioUB were reached. This evening
' the C'Uiiniittee on reoiprooity hold a joint
I session inking up several matters of do
Inll but no far no action has  been   Inken
1 hat may be regarded as conclusive. ,\s
I yet there are uo indications as lo when
! Dual adjournment may be reached.
Lord Aberdeen,   Lord   Strathcona,
Mi. Blaise and Others Present
London, F b, ti. -More than 100
Canadian bankers, shippers and politicians attended the banquet of the
Canada club this evening, Lord
Strathcona and Mount Royal presiding. The Karl of Aberdeen, former Governor General of Canada,
was the principal guest. Among the
other members of a liioronghly representative, company were Sir John
W'iiiibiiin Laurie, conservative
member of Parlitimanl for Pembroke borough, long identified with
the interests of the Dominion in
military and legislative affairs. Mr.
Edward Blake, Nationalist member
ol Parliament for South Longford,
and Mr. Joseph (I. t'obner, secretary in ihe office of High Commissioner for Canada. There was the
greatet t enthusiasm when the health
of Her Majesty  was proposd,   Lord
Aberdeen leading in saying,   "God
Save the Queen,"   Lieutenant General Laurie in replying to the   toast
turned to fight In tronohu.'.nil with   will Mart about the I ith.
Washington, Feb. 8.���The repatriation of Spanish troops in |the
Philippines is now being prosecuted
with energy. General Otis has notified the department that he had in
Manila recently 5,600   prisoners   to  |m() pnu.ii,.,,,i hla profession,
return to  Spain.   Of  these  a,000
have already been shipped and of
tlie remaining 3,600 he proposes to
ship 120 officers and l,8oo men on
two of tbe Spanish Transportati n
Company's teamers now at Manila.
It is   l.ipected   that   these   vessels
ing dead at the foot of the stabs.   Dr.
Green  ��as nn old resident of Grant
PorliH.    lie was a  vefciinary  surgeon,
lb* formerly resided at Walla Walla,  Wash.,
where he has some relatives living,
to tile army said the better relations
H.iiboails Charged With Dleorimiuat- between the United States and Caning Agiiin-t It dependent Concerns lada relieved the latter of tbe neces-
011 awn, [< Int., Feb, 8.- Tho charge sit) of defendlug her long southern
that the Graud Trunk nnd O, P. It. aro frontier. Lord Strathcona and
discriminating In the oil tariff-i against Mount Royal in proposing the "Do-
Independent denlcrs and refineries and minion of Canada" expressed his
in favor of the Standard Oil Com- great satisfaction that the relations
pany, will be Investigated by thu rail    between  Great    Britain    and   the
I sou yesterday, when the news was nu-1WIIV , mlttee of the Privy Ouuncb,  United States had of late been so
nouneed that Winnipeg had lost Its i wliieh meets Felii'iury 22nd. Thesul��� much improved, He had hoped the
finest building. Mr. Hugh Sutherland, jggj; wjjj j)B brought up un no appeal of Joint High Commission would be
j now of Nelson, bail made his homo in ' ||���. sun Oil ReHuiog Company, of able to remove the hist cause of
the hotel for some years and it is likely Hamilton, againsl oil tm ill's of the'friction and draw the Anglo Saxons
'. that he is 11 large   loser,    most   of  his  ,.���i|way   oompnt.los,       Tlie    Stniiiluid   stil
whieh the lire started, was one of   thu
Grand Porks, 11. C, Feb. *h   Sunday chief features of the building and was
morning at I o'clock Dr. J. Gl'i en drop  j surpassed by none in Canada.     It   was
ped dead in the Bloukholin hotel.   He the soono of oil the  leading   banqunts
hid been complaining of ill health for nnd social events of a publio nature.
the nasi, two weeks,  ilm conip uint bo        ,, , ~~~.       ,,    ,
: ,      r Many people iu   tha   Kuotetiay  are
inir heart d scase.   Sunday morning he .     .,       .,, ,.    ,,    ., , ,
h , .*      ,���,      "        tiimiliiir With lhe Mnnilohii hotel   ami
arose unci wetitihiwii to the olliee. lull- ! . ,, ,
general regret was expressed   in   Nel-
who     1
family's personal effeotS   having   been  Ooinpiiuy has ohtnii.ed  < .ml ml  of iht>l*'l'   Aberdeen    who     replied    dwell
In the building. Pstro.'ea* fields and independent dealers upon Canada-, gift in the  matter
London,!' b. h Judging  from Bog-1      BRAVERY   REWARDED.      ' soy the rate on Amorlo II bos been of tariff  and    penny  postage and
hsh precedents, feats are expressed that, t,oreosed with the object of oompeUlug j upon her uuceaslng loyal support
. the i'iuli|cpiiies are Ml mily mouthful*
London, Fob. M,���Tlie committee  tonnUBMl to use Petrulna 0II1
of the iinipire. j
Nelson Daily Miner 2=_tl ".'���, fl^W B00_S j K00TENAY   SUPPLY   C(X
the   electo
good   thin
Tor    Kootenay's    mining    industry?
'And a blow at mining is a   blow   ; I
kl on Minf.k PniSTiN-n     PcBi.isiuNO Co..  everv industrv and  interest   in    the
11. J   BB^rcN. Man*.ngDlraotor_d foraUd        dQn    Us    do.
velopment.    This is   too serious a
I'u .ilished Ilaily exoept I
Sorsciup-rioN Rates,
With Kitchener to Khartoum,  by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Thorne,
H. Ridet Haggard.
Linnet,        -      Grant Allen.
Kill or in-Chief
AM. I OMML'.N ICATION'.   to the Editor must
ho woompanied by tha name and address  matter to be made tbe   plaything of
of lhe witter, not u.<��-*v.rlly for publlca-1 senliment   and as practical    citizens
a. but 11s evidence uf i;ood faith. r
working for our own as well as  the .
country's good  we should consider
Daily per month by ean'or Slno - ����
permonihby mai   i oo it our bounden duty   to   elect   Mr.
oer half ye? by in.'l   500 Farwel', an abler man than his   op-
peryenr  10 00
per year foreign woo ponent, and   whose   election would
Nktaon Wkekxy Miner. be accepted   as a   protest against
mischievous and dangerous legisla-
Woekly, p<x half year  ���   I 1 M     .
nervviu-     20��   tl0n- rs.    , i- ,        ��� i
���    Srwtoto  300! ==_-____=_ Fights Eor the Flag,
riubjoripiioni nvaru.bly in advnnco. On tbe    recommeiidalton    of   the \V    [-1
Notices of Births,  Deaths, and MarrUges Chief Commissioner of  Lands  andi
userted for 00 cent
Britain's Roll of Glory,
D. H. Parry.
Advertising r< U-f umde known on application
Nelson Miner Printing & I'ublishingCo
.-. ELS*~ 1. B. C.
In a leader yesterday Col. Prior's
name was inadvertently used in
place of Col.    Baker's.    Col.   Prior
is not in the Legislature.     It    was
General treated with such   discourtesy in the House a few days ago.
Not   Repeal   Alien   Law
Will   Modify   It.
Victoria, Feb. 8.��� McPhillips'
bill docs not repeal the Alien Law,
but is intended to modify it very
considerably It is to put in provisions to remove the disabilities
It is a quiet campaign���on the
surface, at any rate. There is an
entire absence of that intense excitement which marked the campaign in Victoria. That was a
triple tight, it is true, and this a
single one; but in the Nelson case
a Minster is defending his seat, and
that should count as much, or
nearly so, as that forlorn hope
against those three Opposition seats
in the Capital. Because quiet, however, it would be a mistake to suppose that either side is indifferent or
neglectful.    It is a still hunt.    The
,- ,  . i m���!_  .-.- ���,] . .,,., ,,���,  contempt of his   constitution-!
candidates and their mends are not t
.   ,,. ,     c ,..    .,,.������,;,,,   a,,a t,-, visers, is not specifically state*
unmindful   ot   the attention   clue to
the voter on such occasions, and
which thev are taking great pains
to pay in person. Surface appearances might indicate to the superficial inquirer that Mr. Hume despairs of election, and that Mr. bar-
well's friends are so sanguine that
they do not consider it necessan to
exert themselves. No doubt the
Minister of Mines is under that
depressing influence which comes of
a fear that defeat is surely awaiting
him, but tlie other side must not
take this as an assurance that they
may relax their efforts. It will be a
Ministerial defeat, but not achieved
without bard work.
The election will soon be on
Only four lawful working days remain, and then will come tbe balloting. Mr. Faiwell's canvass is
most encouraging, and fairly complete. Bul few remain who are
apparently still hesitating between
tlie candidates. The Miner, which
has no interests but those of Kootenay and tlie Province, is strongly
impressed with the conviction that
the Nelson Riding would make a
great mistake in electing Mr.Hum.*.
Not that Mr. Hume is personally in
any way objectionable, but fec*use
we would he committing ourselves
to the dangerous courses pursued
by those in whose hinds Mr. Hume
is but potter's clay. Mr. Martin,
who dominates the Cabinet,learning
nothing from experience, is endeavoring to rule with that offensive
assumption of superiority which
wore out the patience of his Manitoba friends and drove him from
the political life of thai Province,
While running bis race nothing will
be permitted to interfere with liis
progress.       Customs,     precedents,
the constitution Itself, must be made .
to bend to bis will.    The success of
such a man   can onl) be secured by
revolution dangeroubl) approximating to  anarchy,    li  should be the
duly of every elector to aid in des-; (Ellejusburg, i
troying  an   influence  thai   is and     Corporal Keudnll Ft
always has been distinctly bad.
Ibii in this Riding we have also
to consider onr   material    interests,
Mr. Hume  is   the  putative   lather,
hut Mr. Martin is   the real   one,   of
regulations and    legislation    calculated,   to    very   seriously   prejudice
the mining interests   of  Koolenay.
The man who would permit himsell
to be used for such a   purpose  cannot be a fit   representative   ol   the
miners of  Nelson Riding,    Should
wc elect Mr.   Hume we may expect
at the next session to sec  tlie  Alien
Placer legislation supplemented by
Alien    Quartz    legislation.    Todav
we exclude Americans from the   Atlin country, tomorrow   we will   exclude    them   from   the   Kootenay.
That will mean a sudden collapse of
mining development iu this country,
It   will    mean    the    suppression   ol   /*j(T5ll*    ^fflrifl
much enterprise and the banishment  VrfljJUl     kJlUllUt
Bin pin
Works, His Honor, the Lieutenant-; Deeds That Won the
Governor, as long ago as July last,
was asked to approveof an additional
appropriation for the Nelson Court
House. This His Honor was graciously pleased to veto. He was
at the time in communication with
Mr. Joseph Martin in respect to the
dismissal of the Turner Government, and the formality of a new one
more to His Honor's liking. This
is not a little story concocted for
election effect but is taken from a
letter written by His Honor himself
���at least His Honor's name is attached to it���and published as part
of the correspondence which occurred in connection with the arbitrary
change of Governments last August.
Whether His Honor was acting on
ihe advice of Mr. Joseph Martin   in
between the two of them, the Nelson Court House was dropped, con-
trav to the recommendation of the
Turner Government.
\V. H. Fitchet.
Almanac   1899.
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon str;et, Nelson, B. C
Official Directory.
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
Office and Pocket
Diaries, 1899.
Annual Stocktaking Sale!
Having just finished Stock-Taking, 1 find a few lines
which I want to clear before Spring Goods, which are now
in transit, arrive.        ....������
reg'r price, sale price.
Ladies' Wool Blouses   $2.00 $1.25
Ladies' Flannelette Wrappers      2.00 1-25
      2.50 1.50
     3-50 2,25
Ladies' Jerseys at   $1>25
The   Balance of Ladies' and Children's Jackets at   Wholesale Cost.
Men's Overcoats at   $6.00
Boys' Overcoats at      2-5��
Ladies' Felt Slippers      i.oo
Men's German Socks         5��
Figured Wool Dress Goods at Cost.
Come and get Goods at Low Prices while they last.
Governor-General - - Lord Minto
Premier - - Sir Wilfriu Ijiuriei
Member House of Common.-. Dominion Purlin
mont. West Kootonay        Hewitt Bostock
Dep Col. inland Revenue F IV Swannell
Lieut.-Governor ��� Hon T R Mclnnes
Premlei - Hon Ohas Henilin
Attorney-General - Hon Joseph Martin
Minister of Finance - Hon JrC Cotton
Minister Mines end Rducatlon Hon .1 F Hnnie
Pres Executive Council Hon Dr McKeehnie
Member I^mii-lative Assembly tor Nelson Hid
lnu ��� Hon .1 F Hume
Mayor      ���       ���      Hnmlltnn George Neelands
Aldermen���Chas Hillyer.  II 1) Tlmm-on, J
Fr-mlt Beer, hraiik Fleleher, A. L. McKillop
,1. A. Klrkpntriek.
fit y Clerk - ��� J K Straohan
Polic-e Mat/titrate K A Crease
Chief ofPoUoe .        A FMoEinnon
Chief of Fire Department   .    W J Thompson
Auditor ��� John Hamilton
tlealth OfBoor - -        Dr. LaBait
city Bngineer ��� A. L. M'culioeb
Olty counoil meets every Monday, 7:80 p..n. ui
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st.
Dr. E 0 Arthur. Dr. G A B Hall, Geo John
stone.   Principal���J.   Hostley   Boady. B. A.
President J Roderick Robertson.
Secy-Tress, ��� K W, Bwannel
Medical S iph.
John A. Turner
VV. A. Jowett.
F. W. Swannell
J A Forin
Dr. G.A11 Hall
First Jailer
Second Jailer
Third Jailer
Senior Guard
Capt. N. Ftbtstubbu
Geo. Partridge
Jos. Libhc
Fred Jarvls
John McAliuan
Humphreys & Pittock.|To Engineers & Surveyors.
Best Candies, Fruits,   etc., delivered
to any part of the city.
Canadian   and American  Papers always on Sale,
Next to Nelson Hotel,
Thu  following Slock is now  tn Ihe City
Pound,  haying   been taken up by bhe City
Pound Keeper.  Owners car have the b ime by
Col.   Baker    whom     the   Attorney-   proving ownorehlp end paying all expenses:
1 Dark Buy Colt about 2 years old.
Drawing Papers,
Print���Tracing Paper aud l.iueu.
Detail, Cartridge, Eggshell, Clothbaoked
uud Haul iiuiiU   -dross Section and Blue
Trntitwitie. Ileuke, Searle, Wbittaker ii"
and Stafford's Watei 11
i nil the Popular Handbooks. Hit-gins'
*.ol Inks in All Colors.
Thomson Stationery Co. L't'd, NE��l
Government Inspector of Agencies W J Goepel
Gold Commissioner         - John A. Turner
Mining Recorder-Tax Ool -       R F Tolmie
Collector of Customs       - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen
County Court J mine J A Fori r
Registrar              - K T H Slmpklim
Inspector of Schools         ��� William Burn**
nui;   TABUS   FOB  I'lOSIXU  OF  maim
AT  I'OHT  oiiiii;.
Mall   I Spokane;   Vie
for-    Winnipeg!   '
lorta;  Rossland
Vaneouvor and
nil   Knslern    Points.
-9 n.in
( Nakusp:   .Slooan  I-*akr,    San-  1
don;   Vancouver,    Winni-    >8p.n
I       peg. Main Line, O.P.R,       J
I   liosslnnd;   Trail, Robson 'and ^
,        Points on c. & K. Rv. f
Kaslo and l..ko Points,
4 p.m.
1 Chestnut Horse with white scrip in face,
', or 8 years old.
Steamship Lines
Allan Line -California	
Dominion Line - Labrador
Allan Lino���Caslillnn
White Star
against  British   companies,   which j ^n��^8g^gc-^ulonlo_;���
the act now contains.    The   provis- j American Lii c--st. Paul... .
..    .    .,      ..   ni-ii- 1 Anchor Line-Kurnessia	
tons  that   Mr. Mcrntllips proposes
arc that   only  British subjects and | Dominion Line-Dominion...
companies incorporated, licensed or
rejr'istere.l in British Columbia may
locale claims, but all persons not
British subjects may purchase claims
aud own them by inheritance, devise or bequest.
From St. John
 Feb Hi
From Portland
 Mar. 1
From Me**- York
 Feb. 22
 Fi h. is
From Hi.sic.i
 Feb ii
PassaKi-s nrrangod to and from all European
points. For rates, liei.et- nnd f��.ll Informailoi
apply toC. P. It, depot ag. nt or C. K. lleaslcy.
City Ticket Agent. Nelson, H, 0.
sip   (Sonera) Agent,CP,li. Onions. Winnipeg
Reviso.il List of Bpokane Men   Injured
at Manila,
Bpokane, Feb. 8.���Tlie, following  is
.n revised   list of  the   Spokane  men I jj0
killed nnd injured  in  lhe  battle of i
Manila i
Corporal Geo. \V. MoGowan, Co.  A.
Private Ralph W. Bimouds, Oo, A.
Private Walter N. Hanson. Co. L.
Private Joseph k. Dougherty, Oo. A.
Private James P. Greek, Oo. A.
Private John 0. Klein, Oo. A.
Private Rioliard 11. MoLeau, Co. A..
Private Osoar Bowards, Oo. A.
Private William E, Everett, Oo, A.   !
Private William R. Fait, Oo. A,
Private Frank Rivera, Oo, A,
Private John Pruitt, Co.  L,
('iiplain A.  H. (Jlis, Co.  A.
r'nat Lieutenant Joe Smith. Oo. ,11.
General Broker.
House nnd Lot Victoria tit.
-     *H(I<I
"    Silica St.
Mines Road
2 Lots Silica Street
-     SIH)
C rner Lot Vernon Street
To Let��� l-Hoonied Cottage.
D.   McARTHUR   &    CO.
Cox. Mar6 & Bahcr Sts.
Carload  of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking- and Embalming in all   its   branches
We have our own Hearse.
Weather is Wet
We Have Them.
Neeland's . . .
Shoe Emporium
Real   Kstnle k
Aberdeen Block.
All parttM nre  Cecil iciiif.l  iintiii.---   buylnu
llooo Mining mid Mil in*.' c pauy, Limited,
sn��*k Oerilflmitu New, -ill. H3. ill, it", unci 8IU,
in I'uvcir ui* I., le). liuiii.: mi. "i; in favor nf I..
petumon. ind No. 818 In favor of 8, T.Arthur.
Snlil c-crliilc-iiii. vv.i-c- iililnlii.il bj fi-iiucl iin*l
will nm In* rudooniod,
F. 'I'. KBILLY, Soorolary.
Howes, Oo, A,
Cnrportil James A. lirnewell, (!!o. A.
Private Obnrlen I*'. DeLaue, Oo, A.
Private John T, Mltoliell, Oo, A.
Private ITred W, Sohanrlor, Oo, A.
A shipment of choke assorted Cigars. They are
the best value for the
money in the city.
Prices 2 for 25c.
and 3 for 50c.
Also best brands of Clear
Havana and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos to suit all
Hotel Hume
Geo.    Holbrook,
City Scavenger,
All  Mti'ln of dtiy and iiIk'Ii! BoftVODR
Work promptly  dono.    Chlmnoy 3woopintf
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FR!:SH . .
OllinpK BUpplll'd on kIiiii'Ii ��l Hot lee and  LOWSt   Pril'es
Mall * Irilel-c reeeivi' Careful nt lent inn,
Nothing hiit Freeh and wholesome moate and suppliee
kept in stuck.
Market* al Nulann and Ymir.
I ono.
hox m
Lciivi* urcloiv ut M. IlcHllriwiy'i
KubIcoqooh  mid Oreston
Monday un*l Friday 7:;iiiii.iii
Lobby oponed from 7 a.m. txi 10 p.in.; tlenorcil
Dellvery.o a.m. in s p.ni.;  rtogutraliOB. H.:1*!
i.in. in. p. in.: Money (Jrderfl nlicl Savings Hank
iii.ni. to t tun.; Suniiiiy 1 himrillito 11 a.nil.r
J. A. OILKKU. I'ostmaator,
CHl'lt'-ll D1KKOTOKX.
('iiriicii of England- Matin 11a.m.; Rven
?"oiig. 7 -n p.m. overy Sonday. Holy Oonmun
Inn on ist ami 3rd Sundays ice the month aftoi
M.uins; on Bad and ttli Sundays, at 8 n.in
���-iiiicliiy tjohuol at ���.,.:tn n.ni. lt.*v H. S. Akn
huret. Reotor.   for Ward and Hilica utroiis.
I'UKsns rK.niAN UHOROB Servic-cwal !l n.m
ind 7.3n p.m. Sunday School at 'i.an p.in
Prayer mooting Thursday evening at is p.ra.;
LJhrlntlan KDdeavor Soc-ietv maetsevery Monday evening at 8 o'clock, ltov. it. Frew.
Methodist   Chuboh���Corner  Silica  ami
JiiM'pliinu Streets. Services at It a.m. and 7.:'o
p. in.; Saiitiatli School, 'X.'m p.m.: Prayer mooting on Friday evening at B o'olook: Epworth
League 11, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Hev. John
ltobson. Pastor.
Catholic Ohobob-Moss nl Nelson. Brsl
mil ihic-d Sunday al sand 10.00a.m.; Benodic
i**n hi 7 ;cti iii s ji.iu. Hev. Fnthor Ferland
BAPTIST I'm-neii - tSer tecs morning und
evening al 11 a.m. and 7.80 p.m.; Prayer moot
un.' iVednesdny evening at s p,m. iho U. Y
I'. I . Monday evening al S o'ciook. sirangcts
cordially weloomed.   ltov. 0. vv. itos(*, Pastor
Salvation Abvy-Sorvio b every eventnr
ii s o'olonk in iiiii-ru c-k^cin Viotoria stroes
Aditltnnl Ivigccomliii in charge.
A    NF.L80N LO
%T jT^M. moots sec
"^vNnii.i.iii. visi
,01'UK, No. 23. A. K&A.
���otiii Wednesday In each
ling brclliron Invltod.
O. I.. Lennox. Beoretary.
I.  0.  0.   F.     Kootenay  Lodge
No. in, meets ovory Monday night,
at   tlieh   Mall,   Koolenay st*uul
iojoumlng Odd Fellows cordially invited.
E C Arthur, N. U.   John Vanstonc, V. (i.
Prod J Bquiros, Seoy
Nltl.SON'S   (JI'KKN    NO.   '.'II
SONS    Oh'     KMil.ANII.    Illeuts
si-eond ami fourth Wednesday nf
eaoh u Ih at K. of P, Imii, Mai*
I'nniild Blook, cor.   Vernon   and
Josephine stroots.   Visiting brethren oordlally invited
Oius, li. Fabbow, Beoretary.
Newly Furnished Rooms btab
All Kinds Of Smoke.
COI'HT KOOTKNAY, I.O.K., NO. 3138meets
Isi and 3rd Wednesday In each munlh In Iho
K nf I' lliill. I*' W Swancll, 0. II. B, CI. It.; .1 II
Ureeu.C.H.: J. l'arklss, Seoy.
NKLSON LOIMII*:, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every Thursday In the l.o.o.K. hall, a 0
Williams. M.W.i W 8Smith, Reo.-Seci J. I.
iinseoii, Flnanolor; F. J Squire. Reoelvor, and
Maker street.
Prices reason-
At the Carney Blook
Until ami eleetrlc liKht.
I   The Crow's Nosl Pass coal Conipnny, Ltd..
are opc-u'tci rue 'Ive tondoi-s for the; erci'tion nf
Two llnnilreil Coke Ones in blocks of fifty,
SpeoHlcu lie -us ran he obtained on application
to iho company, who do not bind tnemselv
m in cop! In   Iii wesi or any tender     Hy  ord
of thu company.
Ucneial .'ilunagei
Ferule, U, t... January 17th, WW.
I) Kit H V
NRL9QN L.O.L. No. 1A91 moots In the Mao
lloiinhl   block   every Thursday evening at 8
o Hoik    \ isit.ing members oordlally Invited.
John love. W, M : F. ,1. Hrndlcy, H. S.
JJTA. NKLSON   LOUGH  No. r>, K. nf   !'.
r���\ftmccls in Castlo hull. Melloniild block
jyevcry   Tuesday  evening nt   8 o'clock.
1A1I visiting knights cordially Invited,
It. 11. Jov. C. C.
Itt'01 Oi*:o. ItiiHH K. of 1(. and S.
Ah wc keep our Tobaccos iu bolh our Excis
able to carry a large and assorted stock.
nml Customs Bonds we are
Improved  Property
House mni Lot on Bllica street IU00
Homo nnd two lota on vernon Btreet.,��� 1600
gotue and Lob on Victoria Htmot  2100
House nml l.fil on Victor In street    1600
House mid Lot un Vietorin street    1000
House nml two lots on Carbonate street..  1HW
Daiiy Hunch near oity  f-W
Oilier Tnriiri-.llnrrkh nuicU, Nelson. It. \
,LViV.   -
An Operatio Sooiety is Also on the Tapis
and  the   "Seisha" Will  b*)
Last Saturday the   Miunr   suggested
that au operatio sooiety   he   organized
in tho oity und also that a fuuoy dress
oarnival for some   charity   bn   given.
On Monday nn order  was   dispatched  to-night,
for thirty hooks of tho "Geislin"   und
yesterday afternoon it was decided   to
hold the oarnival 11 week from tonight.
An operatic   society   will   ho   formed
and the "Geisha," one   of   tho   most
tuneful and populur   operas   of   latter
years will   he   produced   after  Lent.
There is tin abundant supply of  talent
in the city to   fill   nil   lhe   purrs.    In
fact investigation has   shown   a   sup-
rising large number of people in   Nelson who are qualified to take   part   in
the production of a comic   opera   and
thnt tho performances will   ho   highly
artistic and the heat ever seen in   this
part of the country seems to be assured
already.   Mr. VV. A. Jowett, who has
hud considerable   experience   iu   conducting operas,   will   have   charge   of
the music.    A meeting   will   he   held
shortly to   organize   aud   prepare   for
the production.
Meanwhile, what promises to ho the
best carnival ever held in tht oity
will be given next Thursday evening.
It will he under the auspices of the
Ladies' Hospital Aid and the proceeds
will be denoted to the Kooteunv Lake
Hospital, As it is for charity it ib expected that the managers of the Crystal
rink will give the ladies the use of the
building for a very low figure���n sum
large enough to cover tho actual expenses of lighting and heating. Light
refreshments will ho served aud in
evory way the affair will be made
thoroughly enjoyable. The committee
will be generous in the distribution of
prizes so ns to encourage a large number of people to dress. The following
will be offered : best lady's costume.
gentleman's costume, lady's comic,
gentleman's comic, best girls costume,
and best buys costumo, the boys and
girls to lie under fourteen years of age.
As diversions of a public nature are
too rare in Nelson it is expected thai
such 11 carnival will he u great success.
is iu t' e city making arrangements
with the 0. P. H. to cirry the freight
for Ciisci.rlc, Grand Forks, Columbia
and Brooklyn,
Mrs. Laura Brown leaves today for
England on u six months' visit to her
former home.
Hon. .1. Fred Hume returned to Nil-
son yesterday from Ymir when* he nd-
d cssed a meeting Mciudny nigh1.
Mr. A. 6. Fnrw.ll arrived home yestsr
day utter a visit In different parts of the
NelsOL Hiding nnd reports affairs most
Staff Uuptain Tamer of Bpokane will
speak at  tie Salvation  Army barracks
Capt.   Turner   visited  Ktislo
m Min it
Kootenay District
yi sterdiiy.
Do uot forget Mr. Holdieb's lecture
tonight. Besides being interesting, it.
will he of praoliosl value to tb..?e wlo
listeu with attention and uutlerbtiindiiig.
Work on lhe new opera house is pio-
gressing rapidly aud the oouiraomrs decline everjthiug will he in readiness for
the opening by the nil Star English Co.
next Mo* day evening.
Assistant Superintendent Forrett and
GENTLEMEN���The sent for this
Riding being ugaiu vacant by the resignation of the Hon. J. Fred Hume,
at the earnest request of a large number of the electors of this constituency,
I offer myself as a candidate to represent you in the. Legislative   Assembly.
I advocated in my lust candidature,
and still propose to support, the building of useful roads, trails, and bridges,
in the District, and was pleased to see
last year the commencement of some
publio works of that nature. I regret
to tind that   practically   all   such im-
You Want
Buy Shoes
There is no better place to go than 10 a
Store, where shoes and  shoes  onlv   are
We devote our entire attention to selling Footwear and are certain that we   can   please   you.
A call wil
nvince you.
LILLIE BROS. Aberdeen Block
Genera) Passenger and   Freight Agent j
Dixon of the Spokane Falls aud  Nurlb-  iwovements    in    this    Riding were
1 -ru road iiirived in Nelson yesterday   in  stopped upon   the acceptance of  office
by the Hon. Mr. Hume. With regard to
public buildings, appropriations were
made last session lor additional School
accommodation, and a Land Registry
Office in Nelsou. Ab to the formei
the sum voted has heen expended in
a dilatory manner,greatly inconveniencing the Trustees, teaching staff and pn
pils. As to the latter no attempt bin
been made to supply the grave want.
It may be remarked thnt when iu Opposition the Hon. Mr. Huinn streuouBl.\
pointed out the inoonvenieuoe of hav-
nil documents stffeet-
Vietoria, and advocated
the building of the oliiee in Nelson.
Almida is  Probably   Lost���Anxiety
Among; Shipowners
NewYotk, Feb, 8.���The repoits
on the hurricane encountered in
mid-ocean on their lust westward
voyage by the big liners St. Louis,
Lucaniaand Lu Champagne have
made owners and agents of delayed
vessels somewhat uneasy regard ing
their ships. Sea faring men have
given up all hopes of ever seeing the
Britisher freighter Almida which
sailed from Shields, England, for
this port on December u> last, in
command of Captain A. McGregor
with a crew of 25 men. No incoming ship has reported speaking to
the Almida since she left the other
side. The missing steamer which
wits called the Cedar Brantih, is a
steel vessel of 1524 tons and carried
;t general cargo. The Almida pass-
passed Funnel Head,Scotland, Dec.
j 1 si.
The Tweedie Trading Company's
steamer Catania from Glasgow December 21st which met ;t gale that
curried away the smokestack and
partly wrecked the upper works,
sought repairs at St, Michaels,
Azores, on January sixth last, three
days after tidings regarding the disabling of lhe vessel bad been
brought to London by the Mesba-of
ihe Atlantic Transport Line.
The Catania started from the
Azores for this port January 26 and
up to the pre icnl lime has not been
heard   from.     The    agents    of   the
Catania say the boat   mght to have
here several days   ago but has
probably been delayed by tbe Hurricane. The o\\ ncrs of purl of the
cargo on tbe Catania had it reinsured today. The overdue Tweedie
liner is an iron schooner rigged
steamer of 2933 tons. It is in
charge of Captain Furlong and hits
a crew of 35.
There is much interest as to the
identity of the British steamer
bound west which was .spoken to on
January 19 in latitude"43.6 longitude 57.27, by the Pennsylvania of
the Hamburg line. The British
vessel which is said to hnve displayed the signal letters, N.D.G.F.,
asked to be reported to her agents
in New York and reported all on
board were well. No vessel with
the code letters mentioned litis
entered an Atlantic port since.
Mr. F rrttt's private oar. Both geutle-
meu will remain in Nelbon todny.
Things are beginning to look betler.
Slnoau Junotioii has beeu given a post
office. 1t. is only a mutter of time when
everything relaliug to the postal setvice
will he* tunning smoothly hereabouts,
but it is drency waiting iu some caies.
The Miner is abked to announce that
th ! pok.T game referred to in yesterday's
Miner did not take place in the hotel ou
Vernon street bb leported but in the rear
of a groeery store in another portion of
the city. This is justice to the Vernon
street hotels-,
The 0. V, It's- second transfer barge i ing to   register
wi I lie ready fur com mission on  K0.1t-! j���_ \nn(\ \���
entry L ko iu a month.    It will  haves
c.cpncity of 15 curs, nnd with the  pres
mt barges In use will enable the com-1 x submit that the legislation already
paay to move 84 curs a day between passed during the present sitting ol
Kootenay at d Nelson. ��� the Provincial   House,   of  Assembly if
Packing water is still   one of  the  im- ��� against the interest of oui mining   in
I'oilaut   industries  of   Nelsoc.     Water
was turned on foe a short lime Inst inglil
and those whose pipes  weie not   ii* /. i*
laid iu a   ��upplj.    Il   will   probably he
1 wo or three days yet before the full | ing a retarding effeot on the develop-
f tree * ill be turned on. nient of our metalliferous mines.   It is
Mr. M. L. Grim melt of Sandon, who interpreted as  the  introduction of tin
is in the city attending the Supierae[ tBiu edge o( tl)e wedge
Oi tut, denies the  repott  puUislied  in
the Milier yesterday lhat Sandon is
sufferl. g like Nelson from the lack of Itlou ,(' PWJhiMt aliens from prospect
wattr. He says that the.town hns an Ling and developing the mineral re
abundant tupply for both tire aod do-1 sources of Kootenay. T may add thai
ine.-lic purposes. th(.   ���,-,���,,...   ()f Kootenay   view   with
At   the   Crystal Rink last night a   alarm any radical changes in the rain*
curling match between rinks skipped   III(? laws fts oalonlatod   t0 prevent  tU(
For 25 Cents
YOIj can buy a
li-ltoiniecl riton*- Housi:
320 00
t-ltoouieil Plastered Houso  ���
|U no
l-Huomed  Collage near  Stanley
elroel, 8750.
8Roomod Stune Cottafce $1300.
Liirste Double House 82000.
<���* EASY TBBM8.
Cottle of Pickles
Mixed,   and a
New   Mixture,
Idustry, The Alien Bill prohihitiu)
aliens from working in the nlaoei
mines of the Province is even now hav-
towards, prob
introduoing logisln
by F. A. Taniblyn and B. Waiiey l
resulted in a victory for the former
h\ 18 shots to 6, With Mr. Tamblyn were Messrs. I). Porter, 11.!
Goodeve and J, il. Wallace, and
Mr. Walley's rink contained Messrs.
Carey,  W. Lillie and J. Thompson.
Word hns In tut in-* 'v u h-. ihe Nelson j
Itcctey 1 lull Ihnt the Victo ms of Bosf-
Innd will he unsb!e to play here on Friday night as am.oil cc-cl. It now looks
as if'he N*.*l--i cluhv.il Imve no more
games this winter n> d thai *t will have
to mil Ihn M'i.soii v i bout a vlo'urj. An
effort ah>.ulil be made to induce one of
��� he Iii sslnnd flubs to play here-
The Chinese New Vein-'., dnv was
heralded Inst uighi al midnight by a
ge icrtil llring of crackers Bounding
like a fusillade of infantry. The
Chinamen everywhere were cleaning
U;i their abodes unci preparing for
their annual oelehrntlnn, when
8Miry self respecting Mongolian is
licensed lo become inobrinied, but nol
10 work.
Mr. Hewit   Bosli-ok, M. I\.l fl .Vlsm*
c-t-idny moruti.g to continue   his   trip
hrongli bis oonstitueuoy. 1 he announce-
ind t be made 10 the oit z-*ti8 of Nelso
hnl the mail   service   over   the  Orow's
Nest I'ass line is  to  be  inaugurated al
once, has not yet bee ��� I'u 11 lied.    Neiihei
'lu'C. P. R. nor the post olliee.  author]
introduction of capital,   thereby  con
trading the Held of labor.
The privilege formerly existing of B
free miner who had inadvertently al
lowed his license to lapse, being re
instated in his rights upon the payment of a small fee, was heartily endorsed by me : and the withdrawal ol
this privilege by the Minister of Minei-
was an arbitrary act which has nl
ready resulted in loss to miners, pros
pectins and others, and is ctilcuhitei
in the future to operate disastrous!,!
ti those interested in mining.
I am opposed to the hasty passage ol
milling legislation without giving tin
miuiug communities lhe opportunity
of considering such measures. Buol
hasty procedure is unusual in thisProv
luce and detrimental to the best inter
csts of our great mining industries.
I consider the parsimonious admin
istriition of public affairs luangnrnlei
by the present government is oalou
I,ited to seriously endanger the efBoellCJ
ol the civil service and hamper th*
transaction of public business.
1 ndvoeate a change in the mineral
net to compel all  partners in a minim
Well Seasoned,   Nicely
Good Seller.
Have   you   tried    the
Mustard  and Horseradish,   a
marvelous preparation put up in   small
"iass jars with spoon attached.
M.DesBrisay & Co.
^������������������������������������4'>'��tvf ���**�������������������������������� ���������������
I Removal Sale.
'���^���������������������������f ���������������������������������������������������������������������
The Bank of Montreal has ordered us out of our present
premises by March 1. Everything must go to make
room for New Stock in New Premises.
BOYS' CLOTHING must be cleaved out entirely, if at 11
sacrifice. .......
Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Neckwear, Hats, Caps, Underwear,
.Men's Clothing, Suspenders, Mills. Cloves, Hosiery,
etc. .......
This  is a   Genuine Sale.
�������������������� m ��������������������������� �����������������������������<>+���������+
g       SEE ANNABLE       3
toiTll'i: lIl Tom\ ST., ON mtiim.i: r^
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Drop  in   and  see    ns.
B. C.
Now finally known as
I .-Ini .-;; n. ti, O.N.P. R'y.
i West iiuotouaj Valley, B. O., on  lino
of C .N. P, Ry., and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now  under
Information regarding Creston may
he had of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
CRESTON,   B. 0.
Emory ft Walley
������� + ���������������������������'�����������������������������������������������������������������������������
I u-reat West   Life
Assurance Co.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lot��,        -       Nelson, B. C.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
R.   Cameron,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated i��6o.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve. 81,175,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova 5cotia.
lies litive beard anything in reference t*
it aud Mr. Bostook 1ms been  uu.ible to clniu-   to  benr   their share of thi
give any further information.
There are some people around the
Miner olliee who uro otnbued with tin*
Idea lluil they can play hockey. In
i r.lcr to demonstrate this to tin unbelieving publio it is necessary for them
to administer a severe defeat to some
aggregation of players, they have'
picked the  bankers  of  the  city   for
their victims und hereby challenge tin*
niciiiicd men to play next Saturday afternoon Immediately after the married
vs. single game in the Crystal rink,
Tho display of publio spirit which
animated tliceiiizensof Rossland might
be emulated in Trail to some advantage, matter by whom introduced, which are
sa: s lhe Trail On clt News. The oiirui- fm. th(, Deneflt of the Province,and will
va\   which terminated since we  lust
sessini'iit   work, or forfeit their inter
cs .
I inn in favor of further exteudiufi
tlm l'ulilic Sohool system, and placing
greater powers in lln* hands of the
School Trustees In Organized localities,
i Hereby increasing the efflolenoy of the
sell ool.
While opposed to   u   urge   portion ol
thu legislation introduod liy the pres
ent Government, I am tndependant
and intend if elected to sunport in the
Legislative    Assembly   measures,   no
wei.t to press, win a  genuine  success,
and we vencur-e to predict that in the
near fui me flu* winter carnival of Rossland will become a great event including among not the least inipoitnnt attraction, n coasting race from Rosslaud
t^i Trail. This form of sport obtains in
Swill/, riimd and many places in Eur-
Mr. L. Browa Ioavm on this morning's train ope. The carnival was u' tended by all
nn iibu-lnoHs trip to Ymir. hiU'Ih and conditions of people from   all
Chief Squires o( tbe RoBeland lire dc- pnrt-i cf the Province as well .-is Spo-
1 artment bus re.Hgnrd. knne,   llel na,   Unite, aid   Anaconil: .
"Billy" Koch, the well knownfreii lit- ���KoMland Mint r.   Bill nlialeverynudo
er, who at one Utile handled nil the do"'' t<n'Bet u"' biK auininer carnival
freight for the Oflppll (Jreek dl��tii��t, b" Nelson next July.
especially give my support to wluit.
ever may assist iu developing und tend
towards the prosperity of the Kootenay District. I wish to deal fairly
and openly by the electors and think il
right for me to add that I am a Conservative and if in the future party
lines should be drawn, I will be found
allied with the supporters of thut
Youi'H Faithfully,
Nilson, Jan. 88, 18��9.
UittgonlBh, N s. Maii land, N. B. 3ackvtlle, N. B.
'.-'.hurst, N. b. Moneton, N. H. Shubcnaoadle, N.S.
ti'iiiKuwn'er,N.8; Montreal, P.O. Bummeraldo.P.K.I.
'hnrlottctown. P. K. t. Montreal, AVoet Knd Sydney X. a.
iiiivhcKlcr, X. It. Montreal, Wentinount 8t. John, Nllil.
I'l-uderloton, N. II. Manalrao, ll. C. Truro, X. S,
InjBboro, N,8. Nelson, B.C. Vancouver.B.C.
ir.ind Forks, Ii. C. Newcastle, X. It. Vancouver, Kusi Knd
Iciiifcix. X s. Ptplou, N. 8, Viotoria, It. C.
ClngBton, N. B. PortHawkabury. X. 8. Weymouth, X.s.
.iiicliiiHterry. N. 8, It    land, B. <'. Woodftook, X. H.
.iinetibcrg, N. S Ymir. It. V.
ieneral BankbiR Hu.- *.ss Vransacted; Sterling Bills of Exchanne  Bought
and ��olj, Letters of  Credit, lite, Negotiated.
wvo'ints received *    ihe ni    I. favorable terms.    Interest allowod  nn special
. *'|.osit.t   nil on Saving Hank accounts.
fanaimo, Nelson, I'ossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End.
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A "'tiviliuH Il'inU ('(ij'iiriiiu'iit Im^ litn-ii 0Mlfth|l-lntl in connection wilh the Ni'l-on bmnol) of |
ti- im U.   DopoiiH ot ono di.Ilm' .imi upw .n-.U n r. i\. il. ai,i) en r rent rote uf hit omul nilowcH.
I iirunout n por pout, pot* iinuuni.
Gi-eo. Kydd, Manager; Nelson, B.C.
We have purchased the express
unci drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a pat-
ronage al the bunds of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. Nv
���^gUjjpfc. -'_-^
Real Estate and Insurance Agent,
m     Elevated When Full.
l'be well bucket is like some men
���3 \ in this particular. Hut all our goods
.-.-,, ,,     ,  iii st -i       3 are elevated.     The quality is away
| The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 3 ��p. Take for example ..ur Lamps,
'iZ .   -        , -. 3   which we arc now ollering at great-
�� and SaVingS U0. 3 j >>��� ^'^^ Prices,    And alio our
fc      1 1 1 n    1 i- . .       ii ui  ��� 1   SB   Xta lruvs, etc., etc.
5--    advance money on Improved Real l'.st.-tte.     Repayable in 5 and   -�� 1 ���
fc 8 years by monthly instalments. ^ ' Vfl 110011VPT1 TTftTfl-
I ARTHUR R. SHERWOOD, AG'T. |i ware Q     Ltd.
7iiUliUUIiUiUUlUliUiUUiiUiU'JiUUliUiilitiiUUIiUUiUiUiUK io.,1.,- or
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Nelson   Opera   House.
��� J7777Trf 777777777777' i
15 Peoplef
poes YoUr
Clock l(eep
^Good  Tiiyie?
The Greatest Aggregation of Star   Specialty   Artists.
Then send us a post card
or call and we will do the
Monday, Feb. 13,1 Patenaude   Brothers.
T'lis property is close to Greenwood aud
promises well for future development.
Mining Stock Quotations.
ompllad by II. G. McCulloch. mining brok
Nelson. II. 0., P. O. box liii.l
Vnmi- of Compiuiy Value.
S'clsiHi, Slocan and Ainaworlh
Athahmiea 100
���ArliiiKimi Con 1 00
Huu'li-o 100
Dardanelles too
Rzoheaaet 1 oo
Fern u. M. Co   *i*i
Hull Mines     n
Nt'lscin-Poorman     25
Kaslo Muutozunia         1 DO
Noble Five 100
llambler Cou  1 00
Keco  lnci
Slocan Star    30
Two Krivuda    .10
Wonderful 100
Wftf-liiuijtoii. .. .   11"'
trail Creek
Butte lno
Caledonia Con  100
Commander..  1 00
Deer Park 100
Enterprise..  100
Kurekn Consolidated 1 00
Evening Star         1 00
Georgia 100
Good Hope 100
Grand Prize    1 00
Giant 100
High Oro 100
Iron Mask 1 00
lion Colt 100
Jumbo 1 00
LilyMay 500
Mayflower 1 00
Monita .��.    1 00
Monte Cristo 100
Mugwump 1 00
Novelty 100
Phoenix 100
1'oorman 100
Red Mountain View 100
Hossland  Homesmke 1 00
Rossland lied Mountain 1 00
tiilverine 1 00
Silver Bell  lno
St. hlmo Iiii
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph  1 00
War Eagle Con  I 00
West Le Hot Josle 100
White Bear 100
Alpha Bell     1 Oo
Cariboo iCanip MoUi I 00
Waterlou iCamp McK) 1 00
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00
Channe     25
Golden Cache 100
Tin Horn     25
A Grand Forks dispatoh   says:   The
Calumet mine near   WelliuKion   can?
12 mills from Grand Forks   has   just
been bonded by an English   syndicate,
The exact amount nf the lioud has  not
been made public, but it is known that
10 per cent of the purchase   price   was
paid.    The Calumet was located  about
five years ago and has been under bond
several timesfbefore.    It has consider-
i hie development   work   done   on   it.
Price  xijo owners of this property when  the
deal was made were   Richard   McCar 1
ren, ex city treasurer of Grand   Forks
and R. C. Johnston.    Work is to  start j
at once.    Major Leckie, who   recently
purchased the B. C. mine in   Summit
camp for -5300,000 has decided to  work
tbat mine on  a   different   basis   from ;
heretofore,    He has   ordered   a   mam- 1
moth   hoisting   plant   and    extensive
mining machinery and intends to   use
Che* present plant   at   the  mine only ��� Capl
temporarily,     It will    lie   remembered | Hesi
the B. C. mine was originally   owned
by John Keongh   of   Colville,    Wash.,
who sold that property to J.   H.    Harrison   for   $60,000   who   in   turn   recently sold the mine to  Major   Leckie
for $800,000.    The B. C. lies 13   miles
from Grand Forks.
Spring Goods
Have Arrived.
They are of the Highest Quality and Nobbiest
Patterns ever seen in Nelson	
I can give you anything in the Tailoring line
that can be secured in the East, and at Reasonable Prices  .... - - - -
1 23
I on
H.   M.   VINCENT, Baker St.
Merchant Tailor.
59 .1-8-
Copper strong,
exchange 17A4
brokers $4.30.
tO S4.62      t-2.
$13.85 to -514.
York,   Feb.   8���Bar i
Mexican   dollars,   47
3 so
brokers 18 to 1S '4 ,
to 18. Lead dull,
Exchange $4.57 t-2
Tin easier, Straits
Plates steady.
��   ��   *
R. C. Pollett recently purchased
the Nevada mineral claims for "thi
American Gold Mining company,
Tbe Nevada is situated on Porcu-
pinecreek, little overamile from the
railroad and about two miles from
tbe town of Ymir. Tbe Rio Grande
company's property adjoins this
claim, and the Jubilee, Sadie and
Rltie Eyed Nellie lie just across the
creek on the north. Tbe claim is
traversed by three ledtj.-s, the main
one being over 50 feet wide on the
surface and upon this most of the
woik is beinj^ done. At least Sioco
has already been expended up >n
this property. A shaft rive by seen
feet has been sunk on lhe main
ledge 35 feet deep, and thereon is a
substantial shaft. Some very fine
concentrating ore has been encountered near the bottom of the shaft
and from tests which have beet:
made it can be concentrated live
tons to one, the one ton of concentrate-giving $133 in values.
All of tbe rock or gangue which
'.'rnis the ledge is mineralized, and
upon having an average samole of
this rock assayed over $9 was returned, of which Sri was in gold: it
was also found capable of concentrating 25 tons to one, with a net
return of $113.76. It i- anticipated
that it will pay to put in a fair sized
concentrating plant in the neai
future, as should present indications
obtain this property will be on a self
sustaining basis by the end of tin
year. The property has been surveyed and is now in process ol
crown granting.
Hon. T. Mayne Daly, Ross
Thompson, ti. W, McBride and C.
K. Hcnn, in conduction with Mr
Pollett. have consented to act as
directors jf the company. There is
a limited   amount    of  promoters
stock, at quite a low figure, Still
open for purchase, the proceeds from
which will be applied to the advantage of the property, further development, etc.
# #    H
The result nf the Hull Mines Bene l��ii g
operations during tbe four week - ending
Jan, -7 ��en t ������ days, ti hours' smelting.
8727 tons of ore wete smelted, yieldin-
89 tons c ipper, 89,260 t _ silvi r.
* ��   *
Greenwood, B. 0. Feb, 8 -John M
Sorofibrd of Boralaud onuie here cm Friday with is [.r act ion I miners fiom that
city nml proceeded at onoe lo tbe 13. C.
mine. Mr. Berafford baa been appointed
8Uperiutt-i.li nt of that mine. Tin-P.. 0.
ir I u be opened up on a very extensive
acnle.   A new 40 ton malting  plant ��t!l
���'inn he iii-tidli'd. the lli"t of itn kiln)   I.
in ��� > 11-. iitc ci iii this distill 1 \ iiii* plan
is nu the wbj hi'i*' nnd n- s* 11 .* is 1 luoeo
tin y will sink .1 lOOO fo *l tin.. OUUpart-
m .1 ncirkiug abaft on the II. 0. rJonii
thing over tMX),U00 baa been planed in
trcHHiuy to OSrrj .1 thus work, and il 1-
taiitinpateil Mint 11 Inigi*  (*>rc*e  nf  [Diner*
will lie brnnghl here from Rotaiaud   up-
01. il.. hi civ..11.1 the plant.
A live f.'.il in.* chut ��� litis been i-tmck
on the Winnipeg nt  the utm foal  level.
Sad   Shooting  Affray  at  a   Fancy
Dress Ball.
Ne\vburgh, N. Y., Feb, 8.���Lottie Usher, 1S years old, was accidentally shot at a masquerade 1 all
this morning and lies in a precari.
ous condition at her home. Among
the guests at tbe ball was Michael
Rochan, who was dressed as a cowboy, and carried a pistol. While
the party was in a group to have a
flash-light photograph taken, Rochan playfully snapped his pistol at
them. There was a report and two
of the group fell to the floor. One
was Joseph Cuddy. The bullet cut
a gash across his forehead and
glancing, hit Miss Usher behind the
right ear. The bullet flattened out
and fractured the skull. Rochan
was tirrested. He said he borrowed the pistol and didn't know it was
At the sitting of the Supreme
Court yesterday the case of Seattle
Vs.Clark lasted throughout the day.
\\ he"h the court rose one side of the
case was in. It will probably occupy
the attention of the. court during
today's sitting.
I H. s. Bowlaad, I'm.   T. It. Merritt, Vine Pro*
1 Win. 1 tummy.      Hugh Ryan,      Itnht Jaffrny,
T. Sutherland Slnyner       hlia- UoKer.-*.
HCRil iltllc-c, Tnr n.n.
|D. 11. WILK IK. General Mn* ager.
E. HAV, Inspector.'
Branches hi ull priucipal nltlm mill imi us
in    oiilurln   umi   lien ;.. 1
Branches    In     Manitoba.     NorlltMCsl
Territories, ami itrlilsli r.iimuiiiu.
WINNIPEG,   Mllll. l'OKTAGE I-A   Pit.MKIE. Mil   . !
Brandon, Man. Caloary,  Alta. p. ixcr. Ai.-:
11KHT.        Sask. Edmonton,        ;mi:i. i
Vancouver, u.     C.   Sooth     Edmonton,]
Nelson, b. c.  Kuvklstokb, h. c.
0::�� am.
- Train leaves 0. P. R. stntioi
for main line at .1 Intermediate points via blocan
Lake rout.* dailv.
S.S. Moyie leaves for Kootenay L'd'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
9:41) a.in.-Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Hossland, Spokane and wny points daily.
10:03 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
dailv except Sunday.
Union   I
Men      I
Smoke I
Union  I
Made    I
Cigars I
Royal Seal,
Kootenay Belle,
Little Jem,
Blue Buds,
Bonnie Fives.
Mfg. Co.
See   that   Union   Label   is  on
Every Box.
-gents lu Great Britain���Lloyd's Bank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard street. London, with whom tho. oy ��� ,
may be deposited fur transfer by letter or oable | H:lK> a.m.���b. b. Kokauoe arrives from
to any part of Canada,
Letters of Credit issued on AlaskaCommer-1
oial Co. payable at St. Michael's, Alaska, and)
Drafts Sold, available at all points in Can-!
di.. United States and Europe.
Letters of credit issued, available in nny
part of the world.
Savings bank Department���Deposits of 911
and upwards received and interest allowed.
Debet Lures���Municipal and other drben-'
tures purchased.
Money Orders Issued pav-bln at auv Dank ���
EUtee���Under tio. Bo; |10 to $*>. loo; ���.
ISO iu 130, 12c; ��30 to $.-W, Uo.
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
General Teamsters.
Hetrrolosleal Kvperl,
(Obuerc-ations taken by A. II. Holdtrh
Feb 2 Thursdaj 11.0
Pob :' F.idaT r.O
V I* I Saturday 5.0
Peo 5 Sunday 7.c��
Feb ii Monday ;:i*i
F**b 7 Tuesday l��.."i
F,*l. 8 W.-d'day 2.in
1.01V- SN**\V
1.1! O.IKJ
���8 0.00
-7 n.Oli
-6 O.Ocj
���j 0.00
7.A U.03
111.0 n.iM
n m
at oa
Hpits for B. C, Oil Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Antlinoite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car oi' Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Knslo and way points dailv
except .Sunday.
-t:inj p.m.���8. ti. Kokanee leaves foi
Kaslo and way -mints,
daily, except Sunday.
4:30 p.m.���S. S. International leaver
for Kns o and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
3:30 p.m.���Train nrrlvos N, & F. f.
statinu, fiom Bpokane,
EoMland and way points.
I 6:50 p.m.-S. S Moyie avrives fion
Kootenay L'd'g and waj
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
0:40 p.m. -Train leaves C. P. K sta
ti-.u for Robson, Trail.
Hossland. elc. daily.
8.30 p. m. -Train arrives 0. P B.
station from main line ai i
intermediate points vi,-.
Sloe n I^ike rou'e daily.
10:80 p.in.--Train arrives 0. P. K. sta
tion. from Rossland, Trail
Robson, etc., daily.
Steam tugs  Kaslo,  Angerona, Rec
Star,    Hercules,   Surprise  and  otlii-r-
; ply on Kootenay la!<e to and from Nel
son, Imtliave no regular times of ai
rival and departure.
\ Trahaportatlon <.'o*iip.��iiin* are roqnented u
rive notice lo tbe Minur of nny a.ioriitions it
iii** linicof irrival auddenartnre from Nelaon
*����� 'iiiir. by Mr?   W. .1.
t * 0 dlior-* west of Stan
On V'lcio urff.-in o
A��th*v. lt.th-.on -*irue'
[���>-.   P. O. Hox 1.10,
WANTKD-By twentieth ina* . h... rd nnd
li.l.in,' for man and wife. Address o. K. G.
Minor otQco.
THK atrvlees of a pi-arlioal LoiU'r inaker
ind -tfrnii tlclur oan Ih* had by rtdih��^.-iinK
Uiveii Lorkbart, Ymir, U. C
Purchased  and
ment made as
after receipt of ore as
samples can be assayed.
Quotations given
upon the receipt of
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone  iiii.
S. J. Mighton,
Offices, Aberdeen
Block, Nelson.
Spokane Falis^ &
Northern R'y
A Fort
Sheppard R'y
Red Mountain R'y.
��� The only all rail route without ohan;:
of cars bet'-reen Nelsou and Rossland aii
Suokane and Rossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. HELS0B Arrive 5-30 p-n
"    11:55 "   ROSSL'D    "      3:10
"    830 am-SPOKANE   "    6-30 p-m
Train that leaves Nflson ul !J:4(lu!
makes eloue OflDOeotioDB at Spokane fc
���c!l Pacific Coast Points.
Passengers tor Kettle River and Bom d
i.-v Creek,connect nl Miironu withStm*
(.;. (i. DIXON, G. P. k T.A.
Spokane   VViisli
AK.-iit.Ni'K-wni   Ft. 0.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
Agents  for
B.   GRAY,
'.iHlerliv aiv
(P.  O-   BOX   6'*     NELSON.
B. C,
Negligee Shirts.
I have a Big* Stoek that must be sold.
They are Good and will go at Bottom Prices. ... .... ....
J. A. 611KER, - P. 0. Store
Before  taking   stock   in
Glassware ��� Department
clearing'   sale   oi'  Oddments,
for New  Goods.
our   Crockery and
we    are   making a
maktncf   Room
Special Discount Given on
Tea Sets;
also Toilet Sets.
Groceries and Crockery
5      Gamble & O'Reilly,
Civil Engineers &   Provincial  Land Surveyors.
(Mineral { laims Surveyed and Crown Urants applied (or)
Heal Estate, Insurance and General Agents, Notary Public, tii-	
e'tides an Accident uud l-c ver Policy, which gives you
|1600 pe in*.*!; while'aid up or $1600 in case of death for
lln* *-in:i 1 premium uf $3 ifl per year,
GAMBLE & O'REILLY,  Agents, Baker Street.
Time t'anl in effect January  3rd,  lsiis
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
���_���_�� ���������������������� C?_
Branch Markets in Rossland. Trail. Nelson. Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Ml  Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
%^v^ ns, -*��.��.-%%% ���%,* v-%. ���*.-��
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Smiililii.il. Norllil   11
Read 'i.ivvn Read up
llci.il  Lv��, 8.80a.m.  Kudo    8-30 p.m.  Boater
���'    T.:t'i  " Alnsworth 7.1*1   "
������   sin - I'iioi my i',:f)	
"    8 IJ   "   Hnlfour   li.uil	
������     Ar   B.M   ���' ..Mil.* I'". MO	
"   lew   "    Nelson    4.*l    "        "    l.v
Connoeu wlthN.il t". B, Katlwnj train fc.i-
*pokaae. loaTlna Hive Mllol'otnl at i**:".i n m.
'ici'iii-i- l.'im* Kn^lii cily wharf nt fool of Hnl
-.lnci,   Bllhjtcl toL-limiKi! wiiliout notioe.
llOHKHTlHVIS-(i. Manager
CRES I ON, B. C. orow��'nestel!NE
$6.75   P=R   TON,   DELIVERED.
All orders must he accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to ilu* office of
General Agent. Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
Successor   to     C.   E.    Malletto  &
Wholesale      and     Retail     Healers      in
Quotations given on car load lots to all
G. A.BIGELOW, - WlanagerilBAKER^TRBET/    -    nelson, b.c.


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