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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 24, 1900

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 f I ' 1
'     .    LV\)t��<S
Daily Edition No. 684.
Nelson, British Columbia. Saturday, March 24, 1900.
Tenth Year
Hon. Mr. Fielding Presents an Account of
Canada's Finances to the House of
Commons Yesterday.
According to His Speech and Figures the
Dominion Has Enjoyed a Period of
Unexcelled Prosperity.
Ottawa, March 28.���Hou. W. H.
Fielding delivered his budget speech
this afternoon. The Finance Minister
spoke for n little over two hours.
There wns a large attendance in the
House and tho'galleries were well till -
ed. He fiiiiHbed at teu minutes to six
o'clock aud Mr. Foster, who talked
with his lender for n moment, moved
the adjournment of the debnte on the
grounds that he wns not feeling very
well and was umblo to reply. This
was grunted by the Premier, who expressed surprise thnt au nnswer wns
not forthcoming.
There were four prinoipal features
in Fielding's speech. Thoro is an increase in the preference to he given to
Britain In the tariff from 25 per cent
tollH1, pel cent, a proposal is to bo
Hindu to Trinidad looking to tho free
trmle between the Island nud Canada,
with a very few exceptions; tho ad
mission of Canndian securities to the
trustee lists iu Eugland and a surplus
of $7,60(1,000 for ""the current fiscal
year. Fielding was received with applause when he roso to address the
House. He snid it wus a oause of gratification to all thnt the favorable oonditious which oxisted Inst year when
he was nble to Bay (hat it hud been the
most prosperous in the history of Can.
ids,BUd continued that tho year whioh
followed was also one of wonderful
progress. Tho year 18118 wus legarded
as a phenomeual yoar hut great ns wns
its aetiivty that of 1HIM was still greater nml it was beyond nil question the
most prosperous year in Canada's history. Evidence of that prosperity
would be fouud in public documents,
in leturu of banks, in reports of boards
of trade, and in   reports of grent   railways   and     industrial    corporations.
Having mnde this brief  introductory,
he went straight to the flnanoinl statement.   During the year  onding  June
HO last, he said,   that  tbe reveuue collected was   $40,741,249.    This  nmonnt
oxcooded   the    anticipation   expressed
last year by  $108,850  and   showed   au
increase of $0,180,000  over   what was
received in total in tho preceding yenr.
Iu miscellaneous   revenues  there were
large receipts   from   the  Yukon,   and
$111)0,000  in   earnings   of   Government
railways.   The only itom which showed  a diminuation   was  the  postofllce
department, on nooonnt of   the   peony
postage,   The iucrease in customs was
general and in case ol excise thero was
an increase in all  artioles.    The  total
iuorense in exoise  was $1,7711,129.   He
expected that iu   a   few months, probably   twelvo,    the revenue of tbe  post
ollice department would be as large  as
it  was   before   the    introduction    ot
penny      postage     The     expenditure
charge to   consolidated   fund foi   tho
jeai was $41,1)08,00, or au   inorease   of
$1,070,974 over the previous yenr, leaving a surplus of $4,887,749.    (Cheers).
The priooipal iuoreases   wero   interest
Ot publio department for, theplebisoite,
ami  militia  and    natioual   dredging
plant, the cost of  the new steamer for
ocean   service  and heavy   oxpeuditnre
for opening the i ukon.    Dealing with
the public   debt  for the  two  periods,
Fielding   showed   that   from   1878  to
188(1, a period of  18 years,   thero   was
an inoreaso of the debt of $118,115,802,
or an average  increase  por annum   of
$0,5(18,075.   From 1890 to 1899 for three
yeas there was an increase   of $7,770,-
018. an average increase of   $2,502,004.
If deduction was   mnde of obligations,
which existed   prior   to   tho   Liberals
comiug into power nnd whioh belonged
to their predecessors,   say   in nil ubout
two and a half  millions,   the  average
annual inorease of public debt,   would
be ouly about $1,700,000.    Turning  to
tho affairs of  the ourront yoar he estimated   that   tho   total  revenue would
Pass tlio  $50,000,000  mark.    (Cheers).
Up to the first of the present month
there was nn expenditure of $25,018,-
290. There would he a large expenditure between now and the first of
July, therefore, he would make very
liberal allowauoe for that and would
therefore estimate the expenditure of
the year at $48,175,000. "I antoipate,"
said Mr. Fielding, "that at the alose
of this liscnl year, making nil our oal-
nlations and keeping onr aooouuts exactly in the same way as our predecessors, we will have a surplus of $7,525,-
000, the largest surplus iu the history
of Camilla, I may find myself tempted
to infringe on the copyright of the
Postmaster-Qeneral as inscribed on the
publio aooouuts, 'We hold a vaster surplus than has been.' "
Tnking up   capital   aooount for   the
ourrent yenr, he  said that  expenses to
Maroh 1 were $5,841,452.    He was  of
the n|iiniou  that  during   the  current
year the Government would be able to
pay a liberal  outlay  ou  ordinary  account,   all chnrges   on capital   account
and evory dp'ltur  required  for  seivioe
iu South Afrioa,   and at the   close  of
the year not oue   dollar will be  added
to the   publio  deht.    He  pointed  ont
thnt there  was  expended last year   in
the Yukon $2,878,340 which  raised the
expenditure, bnt it  did   not  cost  the
people anything, beoause tbere was received from it  $2,672,040, whioh left a
small surplus.   From 1890 to 1890 there
was a surplus amounting to $0,040,479,
or   au average   annual   surplus of $2,-
105,000.    Putting the statement in another form nnd adding deficits ot ilir >c
yenrs  under   Conservative rule to snr
pluses   nnder tho   Liberals  and   there
would be a betterment   of   $11,85,200.
The showiug would ho  still greater if
the surplus of $7,000,000 of tho ourreut
year   wns added.    Touohing upon   future obligations  he  pointed out  that
within a few years Canada would have
to   redeem   $15,700,000.    Against   that
wo had   $0,700,000   of  sinking| fuud.
Canada would   have to borrow for  renewals in 1910,to tbe extent of $1,000,-
000, assuming that abont   $2,000,000  a
yenr would  bo  added to the debt.    He
believed   that  in   1018, owing  to  tin
great   improvement   in   tbe credit  of
the oountry, we would be able to  float
our loans  at   a much lower rate  than
on old loans.    Whon that time arrived
he was   of   the   opinion   thnt  Canada
win M be paying   leas money for interest   on the   public debt   than   it  was
He made a   comparison of the   trade
with the  Unitod  gtntes  and  that  of
Cauadn,   showiug   that   the   domestio
exports iu lb"  Unitod  States for  1898
was $10 per head  compared with   37.'..,
per   head    in   Canada.    Iho    foreign
trade of tbe United States   was 24 per
hend, and 50 per head for Canada.    In
1899 and domestio exports of tbe United States was $15 por head aud in Canada $84 per boad and tbe foreign trade
wns $25 per bead in tbe  United States
nnd $58 per head   in   Canada.    Taking
up the question of taxation Mr. Fielding gave statistics from   the   trade returns to show  that thero  waa   22  per
oent. of a reduotion in taxation which
was in'., per oent of   the   total   duty.
If the old tariff   had been in operation
for the past year the  additional  duty
the people   of  Canada  would have  to
pay would bu $8,017,000 more than that
whioh   bas  been  paid.    But the average ad  vnlorem   duty  did  not   fairly
show    the    measure of  tariff  reform
which was enjoyed.   If  tho  duties on
luxuries wero increased and  those   on
things which might be regaided as necessities weie reduced   u   larger   tariff
reform might be had without reducing
tho ad valorem dnty  a   single   point.
Reductions  not only  affocted  nil   tho
nntoles    imported   but  It   oompelled
manufacturers   to   sell  at  a    reduced
price,tlie iinported article.    Mr. Field
ing referred   to the efforts which   hnd
been mnde for yenrs to  improve  trade
witli the West Indies.    Canada  gavo u
preference on national grounds but the
United   States,   with   its   system   of
oountervnding duties, gnvo u preference
to the ciine sugar of West Indies. Canada was particularly anxious   to   deal
with Trinidad which wus   only a  few
miles from the Port   of Spain   to   the
Vcnc-.'.u -In Republic.    The Minister of
Trade nnd  Commerce sent his  deputy
Minietei to Trinidad recently, and delegates from Trinidad   also  visited Ottawa. These delegates led the Government to believe that a propos.nl approx-
imating free trade between Canada and
Trinidad would be the menus of   lend-
ing the   people   of thnt island to  turn
their eyes towards Cauadn rnther than
to follow tbe examples of  their  sister
Colonies  in   making  speoinl   treaties {
witn {he Unitod States.   Having fully
considered tbe matter and  having  regard to the position of the other islands
in their relations to|Jthe Ur.ited States,
the Govorumont decided to mnke a pro-
posnl to the Government of   Trinidad.
It   would   bo   mnde publio   todny   in
Tnnidnd   and would bo submitted   to
tbe meetiug   of   the  Colonial Legislative Council on Monday next.   On the
27th   of   February   the   proposal   was
made to tne Dominion  Government iu
the following terms:   In view of your
recent representations if details enn be
satisfactorily arranged, tho  Dominion
Government   agrees, snbjsot to Ihe approval of the Dominion Parliament, to
a free interchange of products hotween
Tiiuidad and the  Dominion of Canada
except spirituous   liquors   and tobacoo
goods, to be  carried direct   per   ships
between British   West Indies nnd   the
Dominion of Canada.    A   detailed list
of specinl artioles comprising the principal artioles of Trinidad nnd Cnuadn,
which duties  against   othor  countries
remain tho Banio   as   at  present, rates
between Trinidad and Cannda   not   to
be made above  minimum   rates to  bo
fixed in agreement; both Governments
to be free to make  Buch  arrangements
as desirable between any   pait  of  tbe
British   Umpire.    Tois  agreement   to
continue Ave years nnd nftei to be continued uutil terminated by ono   year's
notioe to either party.    (Cheers, i
Tbe substance of tho proposal is that
there should be with fow exceptions,
free trade between Tiiuidad and Canada, aud it will be ou condition thnt
Trinidad is willing to Rruut a preference iu favor of Canada ou what products are sent and that Canada will
give preference to Trinidad over foreign oounlries. (Cheers.) Mr. Fielding then took up preferential trade.
He gave figures to sbow how British
trade was increasing uuder tho preferential. It was in that way that Cauadn got preferenoe from Britain. Car -
ada was getting preference and proof
was shown in exports which wero $57,-
000,000 in 1895 nnd rcse to $85,000,000
iu 1899. Englishmen wero open to
reason nnd friendly suggestions but uot
to dictation. If ever Canada was to
obtain a preference in the British market it would be by tho plans of tbe
Liberals and not of tho Opposition.
The Conservatives  say  tbnt if  they
got   back   to   powor, they   would   uot
grant   any preference   to   England on-
less England gavo it to them   nnd   the
Government acceptod  the  issue.    '16
tho testimony   of  uufaith,"   said Mr.
Fielding, "in   tho  system,   in the belief to the word of Her  Majesty's Colonial Secretary, It is the policy that is
welding ns moro closely to the Mother
land, we stand by that policy and   are
prepared to go fuithor nnd whnu 1 con-
olndo I shall place on  tho table of the
House a resolution declaring tbnt nfter
July next, there shall   bo   nn   increase
in   preference to  England,    (Cbeeia.)
After the first of July   next the prefer
< nee will   bo   increased   from   25  per
cent,  to   88)j   per   cent.     (Renewed
oheors.)    In otjier wotds, for every   $8
duty   imposod   upon   tho   products  of
foreign countries, thero shall  bo  only
$8   duty   levied   on   goods    from    the
Motherland.    (Cheers.)   The policy of
tho Government in regard to tariff has
boon one nf prudouoe and   moderation,
The   reasonable   expectation    of    the
people of Canada for a measure cf  tariff reform was being met with an overflowing trensury.    Tho   people   hud   n
right to  reduction   and   taxation  and
this was being done   in   n   way to increase tho trade with  the Motherland,
(Cheers.)    If tho largest class of goods
imported from England nnd the   high-
oat rate of dnty,   85 per cent, nre   tnkon nnd apply to   that   a   reduction   of
88U per  cent, or   on.i third, tho  duty
will be 281, per cent. As things are today thnt was a fair rnvonne tariff."   J
Turning   to   annthor    subject    Mr.
Fielding  said   that   there   wero  vast
sums of   money   in   England   in   Unhands nf trustees who invest it in   the
Continued on Fourth l\mo.
There   Is   An   Absence
Stirring News From
South Africa.
British Generals Advancing
And Boers are Still
ii      Retreating.
Great Brilein to bo in dire straits
and that the Russians have occupied
London. A Springfonteiu telegram
published in Ihe second edition of The
Times soys the apparent submissive
attitude of thu Free Staters should be
aocepted with caution.
1 London", Maroh 24.���(4:15 a. m. )���
Lord Roberts' main army continues
waiting at Bloemfontein. The sensational interest in tbe fate of Mafeking
hns intensified with Colonel Plum-
mer's forced retirement to Crooodile
Pool where he was two months ago.
Relief from the north, now dwindles
to improbability. Lord Methnen is
skirmishing with the Boars at Warren-
town, Hi miles away. Although
seemingly in foroe suffloient to do
pretty much as he liken, be has not
advanced these five days. It is hoped
thnt his military administration has a
pleasant surprise in preparation for the
Britishers by raising tbe siege with a
strong column of cavalry, and artillery detonring to Mafeking.
General French's cavalry and
Mounted^ Iufantry, it is rumored, are
fighting somewhere east of Bloemfontein. This suggests more Boer bad
news, ns Commandant Olivier's commando, witb two thousand wagons, is
reported ou the Basntoland frontier
toiliug northward towards Krooustadt
via Ladybraud. Tbis enormous wagon
train is supposed to be moving twenty
miles a <in\. General Freuch's cavalry
posts stretob from Bloemfontein eastward to the mountains.
General Bnller has not yet moved in
Natal. Tbe eighth division will go
direct to Bloomfontein. Lord Roberts
effective disposal at tbe front ten days
hence, will be, it is estimated 750,000
men with tbe easy possibility of
moving eastward forcing the Boers to
uvacuato tbe Biggarsberg tango and
jniuing hands with General Bnller
before continuing the promenade to
Tbo Delagoa Bay railway arbitration
award is editorially considered in tbe
inorniug papers. The approaching
declaration of the findings of the arbitrators is welcomed as coming at an
appropiratu moment, nnd is bringing
the acquisition ol Delagoa Bay appreciably neurer.
London, March 28.���In the House of
Commons today Mr. John Gordon Mac-
Neil, Irish Natioualist member for
South Dnugal, again showed n desire
for information in regnrd to the battle of Mugoi'sfontein and Lord Me
thueu's relations with his oflloers nud
affairs in Kimberley, but the Parliamentary Secretary of the War Office,
Mr. George Wyiidhom, passed all questions. The only positive answer given
by Mr.Wyndhani wbb to the effect thnt
neither dumdums nor auything of
tho nature of expanding or explosive
bullets had been used by the British
troops iu South Africa. In regard to
the trouble between Colonel Bloom-
fleld-Gough and General Methnen, Mr.
Wyudhnm snid thnt nn invastigation
would be held ns the witnesses would
returu from South Africa.
Business   Men   Present
Petition to the Lieut.
Want the  Political Muddles
Settled Without Loss
Of Time.
Loudon,Mnrch 23.���It is officially announced thut the Dolagon Bay awaid
wfll bo gi\ eu Monday next, Marob 20.
Londou,March 28. ���(0:55 p.m.)���According to a speciul dispatch from
Cape Town, dated today, General
French's cavalry brigado is fighting
eastward of Bloomfontein.
New York, Mnroh 28.���According to
a Washington dispatch the Government has been notified that the Delago
Bay award decision will bo announoed
iu a few duys nnd that the Portugese
Government balieves tho award will
not* be mote than -1,000,000, although
the claimants expect it will bo several
millions more. The Portugese Government have been collecting tbe necessary funds which to satisfy the award
as soon as it is rendered. In this connection it is announced that Geo. W.
Vausiolin, of this oity, who is president of the American Couuci'. of the
South African Republics, bas sent an
oflioial letter to the Portugese minister
at Washington, offering to loan the
Government of Portugal the sura necessary to pay the Deligoa Boy award.
While he admitted that the offer was
mado us tho ultimate purpose of helping the Boers, Mr. Vausiolin said that
the money would not be loaned by the
London, March 23. ���(9:21   p.   rn.)���
Tho War Office has issued  the   following:   "From   the    general   at    Cape
Town to the  Seoretary  of  War:   The
following tolegram bas   arrived   from
Nicholsou, Bnluwayo, Mnroh IB.��� Tbe
following  is   from    Plumer,   Lobasti,
Mnroh 14.���The Boers   advanced   from
tho  south   in   considerabe  foroe   this
morning.    They   also  advanced   from
Goodes  Siding.    After  a sharp  little
engagement,   Lieut.-Col.   Bodle's  advance post was oompelled   to   retreat.
The retirement was excelleutly carried
nut to our main position.   Tbe casualties included   Lieut. Chapman   and   a
corporal, prisoners,   and  two missing,
probably    prisoners.     Five     troopers
were wounded.    Chapman's horse  fell
with him oloso to tho enemy, who immediately surrounded him.   Tho exact
i'.���"���!��� casualties are  unknown   but sev-
ernl wore shot at short range.    In   tho
afternoon the Boers   advanced   further
north and shelled our position   from   a
ridge on tho left. Our 12),;-pounder replied   the  artillery   duel   ooutinniug
until sunset.    Li.-ntennnf   A. J. Riley
lias hi nee died of wounds.   Ono native
wns killoa."
London, March 23.���The International Cable Chess Match betweou tbe
lending experts of United States aud
Gient Britain was opened ou this side
today at the Cafe Monioo. After an
exchange of friendly messages, Mr.
George Newnes, invited the players to
bu seated uud road out tbo gnmes of
the competitors. The pairing wns
as follows: Pillsbury vs. Blackburne,
Hcbowater vs. Lee; Barry vs. Atkins;
Hodges vs. Bnlingham ; Hymoa vs.
Mills; Voigts vb. Lawrence; Marshall
vs. Jackson ; Bampton vs. Jacobs; New
man vs. Ward ; Dotmar vs. Trenohard.
Au adjournment was taken at 12:30
when the state of affairs was as follows: Pillshnry had still the better of
Ibe game ugainst Hlackburue; Showal-
tor had a slight advantage of Lse;
Hymes stood also better than Mills,and
Mai: hall against Jackson; Lawrence
hnd a bettor position than Voigts,
and Jacobs hnd a good winning chance
ugninst Brampton. Tbu other games
were ovnn.
Viotoria, B. 0., Maroli 23.���Following tbe announcement in The Colonist
yesterday morning, the following petition will be cirouluted for signatures
To H. D. Helmoken, M. P. P., J.   H.
Turner, M. P.  P., Richard Hall, M.
P. P., aud   A. E. McPhillips, M. P.
P., representing the oity of Victoria
in the Legislature:
Gentlemen���We,     tho    undersigned
do pray that you will take   immediuto
steps to call mass meeting  in the City
of Viotoria aud   elsewhere   throughout
the Province   in   acocordance with the
suggestion contained in  Tno   Oolouist
of the 23rd March, 1900,   for   the  purpose of  denouncing   the  action of tho
Lieutenant-Governor    in    permitting
Hon.    Joseph   Martin   to   retuin office
contrary to all  constitutional   practice
aud much   to   the  injury of the Province.
The plan iB to havo strong resolutions passed denouncing the Governor
nt the Victoriu meetiugs and afterwards for tho peoplo to proceed in a
body to Government Honse and there
present petitions to Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes and demaud nn answer.
It iB felt thut this is thn only course
loft open to people and hoped thnt
other districts throughout the Province will on-operate ou similar lines.
It is rn-. - '1 tonight that Martin
will announce his Cabinet complete
Mayor Hnyward bas opened a subscription list for the relief of those
who Buffered from tho Kuskanook fire.
Dr. Fagan, Socretary of the Provincial Board of Health, returned lust
evening Ironi the interior. He says
the vigilance of the health uuthoiities
has kept the Boundary free from
smullpox. He hns suspended travel
between Republic and thin Proviuoo.
A mild sensation was created owing
to tho discovery by tbe polioe in
Chinatown of seditions plucards asking
for subscriptions from tho Chinese
population to n fund to help China iu
warding off British aggieasion. The
language usad in the placards is something atrocious.
F. W. Heubacb, representing the
Winnipeg Fair Association, today interviewed the Board of Trade re Provincial aid to a British Columbiu
buildiug at the exhibition. It met
with a very faiorablo reception. From
hero Mr Houback goes to tho Kootenay oouutry.
Victoria, B. C, March 28.���The
Board of Trade today uuanimously
passed a resolution urging thu Dominion and Proviuoial Government* to
grant subsidies to secure the extension
of tbe Esquimau nnd Nanuimo Railway to the uorthoru end ol Vancouver
Island. The proposal that British Columbiu interests shull erect u buildiug
for the exhibition nt tho Winnipeg
Fair of the products of this Province
nlso mot with favor.
Yukon papers just to hand note that
Charles Hill has beeu committed (oi
trial for murder, shooting his partner,
Wm. Blais, iu tho Polly River district.
London, March 28.���Colonel Plumer
has apparently retired to Crocodile
Pool, and Mafeking seems further off
than over from relief. This news was
contained in a dispatch from Buln-
wnyo, dated Mnrch 10, nnd published
iu the second edition cl The Times.
Theso advices add the base hospital
bas boon brought back to Gaberonos,
though the oorrospondont says it is
thought tho object of the Boer demonstration of Maroh 15 nud 10 was to
cover tho removul of the siego guns
i mm Mafeking. General Fronoh's ao-
tivity in the Orange Free State may
well bo a preliminary to a forward
movement by Lord Roberts with the
main army. A dispatch from Bloemfontein, dated Thursday, Marob 22,
snys President Kruger is reported to
1 have   issued   a proclamation declaring
Rochester, N. Y., March 28.-Pas-
quale Patrcnu, a section man employed
by tho Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg
Railway, was murdoied Inst night iu
the tool house at Maplewood.fivo miles
from West Avonuo station, his head
having heeu oruBhed, evidently by u
henvy instrumeut. A week ago Put-
ronn ronoiVed his monthly pny, nnd it
is supposed the motive of tho orimo
A man by tho name of John
Myors wns nrrestod this afternoon.
No money wns found in his possession
but he is snspcutod of knowing abont
tbflc-imo than ho is willing to disclose
nt prosent. Section Boss Shunahau
snid Pntronu hnd nearly $500 in cash
with him and $1,000 in Ihe bank. Pat-
roua was Htruck uud killed with a   10-
ponud maul.
Kingston, Janiugon, March 23.���Advices reoeived here today from Ciudnd Listowel.Onl., March 23.���Tho List-
Bolivor.Vonosneln, ��ay that a fortnight owel Gas <k Electricnl Works blew up
ago Mr. James Lyon, the acting Brit- ' at about 11 :45 last night. W. Britton,
isli Consul there was fatally stubbed the enginoor in charge, was severely
whilu leaving the consulate. I injured.
Sydney, C. B., Maroh 23.���Cbiof of
Police, James Breekham, wns finally
stabbed nnd one of his subordinates
uamed Schnrmau, who went to his assistance, waa shot through the body
and muy nlso die.ns the result of a iiot
among the Italian workmen at the Dominion Iron and Steel works hero on
Wednesday afternoon. Brookbam wns
in thn not of suppressing the trouble
when he wns fatally stubbed with a
ntilletto. The trouble arote over a dispute between the foreman of the works
aud one nf the Italians, the latter being supported by a large number of
his fellow countrymen.
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Nelson Mln ��r Printing & PubllahlngCo
Telephone   No.   144.
The Miner will pay $10 reward
for information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of any person
who steals a copy of this paper
from the premises of our subscribers.
Some curious nrgumeuts nre ndvanc-
ed against the adoption of party liueH.
As an example, it is pretended that
the advocates of tho change go so far
as to maintain that all the defeota of
government would bo remedied under
it. No one is so foolish as to make any
suoh claim. There are defeots in
every system of government, and will
he as long as human nature retains
its present frailty. But under party
government there nre fewer defeots
than under any other system known to
man. Nothing oou persuade the vast
majority of us that Great Britain is
not the hest governed.country ou earth.
We have to go back through the centuries to come to that period when tbe
evolution of government in that country reached the party stage, and it
developed gradually, and tentatively as
it were, nntil tho system took firm
root. It bas flourished ever since, and
no one thinks of changing it for another. It flourished because it gavo accumulating proof that under it the best
results were obtained. The British are
a practical, businesslike people, They
gave to the world responsible Parliamentary government They insist on
honesty nnd efficiency iu the administration of publio affairs. Tbey are not
tbe people to bold fast to tbe party system, if they were not convinced that
it was the best tbe wit ot man has yet
What is the best for Great Britain
is the best for hor self-governing colonies. We have party government in
the Dominion and in all tho Fioviuoes
but one other besides ourselves, nnd of
that one other it will not bo said that
its political standard is to be envied.
Men are not purified by merely taking
on themselves the name of a party,
but it is impossible to doubt that they
are sobered aud Btreugthened by a
sense of their allegiance to it. The
average man feels his responsibility
as an individual, but when to tbis
is added his responsibility to
party the probability of goiug straight
is increased. There is a double constraint. He h.-ii his personal reputation to oousider, which often does not
count for enough under strong temptation, but there is also the reputation
of the party, which is not seldom a
more potent influence than tbe other
in the regulatiou of his oondnct ns a
publio man.
Undor party governmont such scenes
aa we have witnessed in this Province
during the past few weeks, or months,
would have been Impossible. Under
it Mr, Sotnlin would have felt constrained to tender his resignation on
tho first day of tho Hussion, when confronted with an adverse vote and with
icdlsputuhle evidence that under the
mo��t hopeful cironnistaneeH he could
not expect to command a working majority. But we had personal government, n syHtem which encourages a
grand general soiumble for oflloe,
and under whinh evoiy man in permitted to do the most,h,. can fnr himself. Ho therefore felt at liberty to
hold oj, hoping for something to turn
up that would prolong his Ministerinl
life. When at last obliged to go out
ho was suoceeded by a man who hnd
not a follower in the Honse. Under
party government the Lieutenant-Governor would have been obliged by his
sense of the propriety of things to send
for the recognised leader of the Op|io-
sition. But there wns no such restraining influence. It was a mere iiersonal
game, nnd he felt, free to pink on a favorite, in the 'lonperntn chnnon thnt
the man of his choice could oreatoa following. The revolting bnseneHS nnd
degradation of whnt hns followed we
all know, nud it is time we should nlso
know that these would have lieon
spared us if there had been party government.      	
reoknniug with good reason oil the sup
port of Mr.  Dunsmuir.    The Nanaimo
Herald,   for instance, whoso editor  is
in the way of knowing  what   is goiug
behind    the    ourtain,     is    quite
positive that thero is a com
bination, while Tho Vancouver
Province eases its mind by emit
ting tho following: "Martin and
the DunBUimrH. What a nice lond for
the Liberals to oarry into tne next Do
minion election!" Without looking
as far as the Dominion election, we
feel somewhat distressed on Mr. Houston's aooouut iu his ambition to try
for a seat in the next Provincial election. He is gagging painfully over
Mr. MaVtin ; but if the dose is mnde to
inolude Mr. Dunsmuir it will ba a ter
rible trial to him. He will manage it,
however, even although he hns to pro
vido himself with n rubber gullet.
If   Mr. F. Oartor-Cotton   will   take
the liberty in good pnrt,wo would Bug
gest to him to drop   his   opposition lo
the party lines movement, fall in with
his nuturnl associates, and go into 1111
mediate   tiaining as  a   candidute   for
the CommouH iu tho approaching Fed
eral oleotions.   He   is   a clever  man
and if so determined can make trouble
for others in   the  Provincial   coutest
but for the present at  least thore is uo
useful place for him in   tho local field,
while   at   Ottawa   there   is scope for
his abilities and oppoitunity for doing
his  Provinoe   good    service.   Should
Sir Charles Tupper carry the   country,
it is more than   probable   that BiitiBh
Columbia would be   giveu   representation in tbe next Cabinet,   and   we   do
uot know any   one   who   would stand
between bim and   a  portfolio,   unless
it might be Sir   Hibbert   Tupper.    We
beg tbe geutlemuu   will give this suggestion bis best consideration.
The Victoria Colonist maintains its
right to freelj criticise the Lieutenant-
Goveruor, notwithstanding ho represents the Sovereign. It will be a bad
day for Canada when the people's
mouths ure closed ngniust just oriti-
oism of the arbitrary acts of auy of its
rulers. But it is well to understand
thnt this talk of a Lieutenaut-Gover-
uor representing the Sovereign is all
poppy-cock. Mr. Moliines represents
the Governor-ln-Couucil at Ottawa,
aud that alone. On Sir Wilfrid Lnur-
ier's reoomroendatiou Lord Minto can
sond him about his business any day.
He no more lepresents the majesty of
our gracious Qneon than he does the
planet of Jupiter. Ho is the sorviint
of the Ottawa Governmont, appointed
to represent it as Governor of one of
the Province and has no more of the
divinity tbnt hedges kings than has n
The Revelstoke Mail says: "Mr.
Martin is out looking for Cabinet Ministers. He hns fniled in Kamloops, we
hear, and Revelstoke, unless ho stops
nt Grillin Lake, is next point on his
tour of discovery This opportunity is
ono not. often offering itself, nnd ns
thoro nre hero severnl very eligible
persons the honor may not go past us.
Hon. Pearutta Peanutter would not
sound out of tho way, you know, even
if it was but tor a monlh, nnd then
thoro would be three hundred in it at
that, without too mnoh to do or say,
as 'de boss' looks after all that."
Mr. Houston Is njt a politician; ho
is a statesman. Scoffers will please
contain thoniBclvos long enough to
noiiBult Mr. Houston's pafer cf yesterday's date, In which the claim is made
in wordH that   oannot be  mistaken,
Ou nny loss authority it would hardly
bo allowed. But when we consldoi
how neatly he extricated himself from
the dillicnlty of carrying an electric
light plant that would not shed light,
we are bound to admit that be ia a
man of affairs of a vjry Superior order.
Heated by Hot Air
Dining   Room
the City.
For the Times
From Cape Town lo My-
By (late) G. W. Steevens
Forty-one Years ia Mia
By Lonn R0BBBT8
Briton nl Boor
Both Sides of the South African
Tea Years of Dpi Canada
ia Peace nl War
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��� ,, Kroni St. John, N. 11.
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nearer Uno "i.usituniu"    April il
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Groveethaok,   Apply J,  .1    DAMP-
III'XL, Smelter Ollice, Telephone 21).
Cupper, Silver and Gold Rlnnn In
Wliu-u Money la n,,1.1,ii- Won and
Lost on (lis Flip of a Coin���How the
Law and Stranmera Are Evaded.
AnionR the lower classes of the north
of England gambling hns censed to be n
pastime. It hns become a mania. No
matter what race is to bo run, even if it
ho hut a hcu race, the colliers must havu
their "hit ou," and no game can bo played
without tho minors hacking their fancy.
The favorite haunt of the gambler la
tile (rounds where sparrow sweeps, pigeon shooting, rabbit coursing and other
similar sports are held. There is nothiug
unlawful ahout the sporting, und inattem
are generally so well arranged that although the police are aware of tut existence of Ihe gambling, yet they aro
powerless to prevent it. The presence of
a stranger usually puts a check to proceedings, As a description of oue ol
these pocket editions of Monte Carlo,
which are so numerous in the populous
portions of the north, might prove interesting, tho writer visited ono of the best
The grounds are situated on the outskirts of oue of the large manufacturing
towns of Lnucnshirc and are much frequented hy the inhabitants of the Bur-
rouudiug villuges. The way is rather
desolate, hut in the lanes several men
were lounging about. These men are
called tho "scouts," and their duty is to
see that no suspicious person, police or
otherwise, enters surreptitiously. The
grounds consist of several large fields,
which nre well screened from observation. Admission is gained hy a very narrow winding passage, which opens out
upon the pay hox aud pavilion. When
the writer cutored, the place looked quite
1-eSpeCtable. At the bottom was a large
number of spectator! watching a rabbit
coursing match. A man ran some distance down the field with two rabbits in
his hands, and when he released them
two dogs were sent after them. The
dogs rapidly gained on the rabbits and
soon caught them, but two men in racing
costume, who had run after them, caused
the dogs to drop their trembling prey.
The dogs were splendid looking animals.
It was quite evident that tbe visitor
had created a diversion, for the men
crowded round the "stranger," eying him
suspiciously. It took him some little time
to convince them that he was not an
agent of the police. When this was done,
the crowd surged away, and an alteration was soon effected in the scene, nbme
of the men were now playing quoits,
others curds aud various other games,
but the majority had formed themselves
into groups 01 'I'r-s" These "rings"
nre culled gold rings, silver rings or copper rings, according to the coins gambled
Thero were three large rings nnd several smaller ones. The writer looked at
oue of the inrge silver rings. It consisted of about 40 persons, aud in Its center
was the man who did the tossing by
throwing up two half pennies. If they
came down with tails up, tbo men who
had backed tails won; if heads, then
bends won. Two men armed with sticks
kept the ring from decreasing in size by
striking out right and left and hitting the
lexs of the gamblers as they pressed in.
The persons forming the ring were of all
ages and sizes, some well dressed, some
in rugs nnd tatters, some laughing, some
swearing, but ull with the same greedy,
covetous look upon their faces. They all,
young and old, pressed eagerly forward
until the blows of tbe men inside drove
them back.
No one seemed to be angry at the blowi
received. The place became a pandemonium, tho noise grow deafening. The
dogs barked, howled and yelped, while
the men shouted themselves hoarse. The 1
gumhliug itself was very simple. One of
the men would throw down on the gravel
ut his feet a a shilling piece and call out:
"Heads a crown! Heads a crown! Head!
a crown!" Another man would drop another coin nt his feet and say, "Tails a
crown!" The cries were sometimes varied to "Heads a crown! Who'll take
heads a crown V" The man in the middle, who was a neutral, put two half pennies upon the palm of his hand and threw
them up. Now all was nearly silent, and
the gumhlers' eyes followed the spinning
coins us they went iuto the air and then
fell tinkling to see the facei of the half
Again the noise grew as the cry
"Tails!" was shouted. The bnckers of
tails stooped down and picked up the
coins they had won. The losers either
pulled more money out of their pockets,
or, if they were nearly "banked," went
to the copper ring again to court fortune.
Now the erica of "Ileuds a crown!" aud
"Tuils a crown!" arose, and the same
procedure wus gone through, and it was
astonishing to see the amount of money
won aud lost at this simple game. Some
one came up to the writer nnd said: "If
tha wants to see brass (money) change
hands, go nnd look at yon ring."
The ring pointed out wus a large one,
aud the people composing it were on the
whole perhaps better dressed thnn the
others. The mode of procedure wus tho
same as lu the silver ring, but the
amounts staked were much larger, live
pounds being a moderate stukc. In a few
minutes the writer saw hundreds of dollars lost aud won. 801110 of the men who
threw their gold on the floor were most
miserable looking beings, and appeared
as If they had not had a dinner for a
week. Apparently a sovereign would
more than cover the coBt of all their possessions, aud yet they frequently drew a
handful of gold out of their pockets.
Suddenly a transformation came over
the scene. The word "strnngers" was
passed along. The money was hurriedly
picked up and the rings broken. Most of
the men crowded round where the coursing wns tnklng plaee and appeared ns If
they wero interested In the proceedings.
In about five minutes two well dresKcd
men entered. They were "strangers."
Whether they were detectives or not the
gambling was not resumed, and the
grounds gradually thinned of people.
Such gambling places art distributed
nil over the industrial aorth and are likely to continue to exist, for it la almost
Impossible to collect evidence to leud to
n conviction In a law court, ao cunning
are the managers of them.
ShocH   Aro   Left   In   the   Area,   and
Gucata I.tvo Dollhonae Paahion.
It is a novel affair, even to the traveled
foreigner. The entrance is usually a little nren, which is practically an extension
of the street or sidewalk and delined hy a
low platform or raised floor. Krotn this
modest eminence the proprietor and those
ahout him greet the new guest with profound hows, their foreheads touching the
floor repeatedly. There is no showy office, no high desk, no lordly clerk, no big
hook for the guests' autograph���only u
little table about 1-1 inches high, witli au
Inkstone, suggesting that here the accounts are mmlo up. Hut the guest may
not yet ascend. His shoes must bo left
in the area. That explains its shoeshop
Quick servants promptly nssist In the
correction of his understandings, bringing sandals or slippers if he is unsup-
plied; then, preceded by his traveling effects, he is led to his apartment. He observes that the stairs are without rails
and that the female servants make their
steep accent much us a child would, often using their hands as well ns their
feet. Ours is a "ten mat" room���that is,
It requires ten mats, each three feet by
Bix feet to cover, or ruther to form, the
floor. The mat is mnde of woven straw,
overlaid with m-iliiiary minting and finished with n firm border. Being soft and
yielding under the foot, It is comparatively noiseless.
The furniture? A dainty doll table 12
inches high, a little lacquer tray with a
tiny teapot and two small cups nnd snu-
cors, two floor cushions and u wall scroll
���that is oil. The sole heating apparatus
is a box of ashes with a nest of coals.
Beside the coals is a teakettle. Between
us and the snowstorm raging outside
there is, first, u wall of snsh filled with
translucent paper, then a narrow hallway, then a siidiug snsh filled with
glass. A finger thrust on either of three
sides nnd your every movement is visible
from without. Locks? What good? All
tbe doors ore paper nnd work in slides,
and oil the windows ore doors.
Everything slides. Do you want the
servant? Clap your hands smnrtly, and
then comes from somewhero nhove, below or around a "H-i-i-i-i-i-i," und sandaled feet aro quickly sliding toward
you. At the sound of the sliding door
you only look to see her or him approaching you ou siidiug knees; at least, so it
seems. Your commands are received by
the polite waiter in thnt attitude, and
the disappearing is after the fashion of
tho approaching. Dispose of yourself as
hest you cnn. The little platform nt tbe
end of the room, with your roll of rugs,
mny give you relief from standing or sitting on your heels.
I have been fortunate enough thus far
to be entertained where a choir could be
had for the asking. But when one comes
to monls, which ore served in one's room,
it is quite n condescension from the foreign chair to the little Japanese tnble.
"Foreign food" nlso is to lie found in the
best hotels���beefsteak, chicken, butter,
eggs, potatoes. Ono cnn get on very well
with such "hardships" if they are not
spoiled in tho cooking. ��� Nortbwestorn
Christian Advocate.
The Darky Honatabont.
"I was down on the river front tbe other day," snid a veteran Bteambontman,
"and henrd some negro roustabout Bing-
Ing the 'Gen'el Jackson' song. It was the
first time I hnd henrd the thing for years,
nnd you have no Idea how it carried me
back to old times. This Is tbe way it
"fien'el JacVBon mighty man���
Wliaw, my kinatiom, Arc away!
lli> Ih-tit on .<... an lie fla-tit on tan'���
Whaw, my kingdom, urn awayt
'"     "Qen'cl Jackson find de trail���
Whaw, my kingdom, Arc awayl
He make a fort wM cotton bale���
Whaw, my kingdom, fire awayl
"There were other verses, I believe, but
those two wero tho most popular, and
buck In the sixties nnd enrly seventies
you could hour the deckhands droning
them at every landing. I havo often
wondered why it was that the old time
roustabout songs havo so entirely disappeared. The river negroes still chnut at
their work, ot course, but, like the girl in
the bnllnd, they 'do not sing the old songt
���the songs of long ago.' Another favorite that I remember hud this refrain:
"Heave awayl   Heave awayl
I'd rather court a yellow gal
Than work tor Henry Clay I
"Ton cnn still boar that sung on tbe
levee occasionally, but very rarely."���
New Orleans Times-Democrat
The Sun.
The sun Is to vast that If It were a hollow bnll the moon could revolve In the orbit which It now followi and still he entirely closed within the sun's Interior.
Kor every acre on tht turfnet of our
globe there art mort than 10,000 acres 01
the surf net of tht great luminary.
Rtrlea In Wedding lttnK..
"It ia generally supposed thnt women
regard their wedding rings as sacred,"
remarked a Chestnut street jeweler yesterday, "but as a matter of fact they
don't. Superficially they may givo you
this impression, but when you come right
down to it they don't let a little matter
like sentiment stand in the wny of style.
Style in wedding rings? Why, to be sure.
The ring thnt is now used is a narrow circlet of gold which looks like littlo more
tbun u guard for the other rings on the
finger. But that isn't the point. What I
want to emphasize Is the fact that women who were married years ago and
whose wedding rings arc the old atyle,
massive affairs aro coming in every dny
to have them altered to conform to tho
present style. Kven elderly women with
married daughter! of their own seem to
have little sentiment In the matter nnd
huve their heavy hands shaved down to
the size required by tho preseut fnshioa."
-Philadelphia Itecord.
A fl- -in." "I Call.
"Yes, ma'm, th' mistress Is out. Walt.
That's her telephouiu now. Sit down in
the parlor a bit while I talk wid her."
(At the telephone)���"Yls, ma'am, it's
me. Has anybody called? Yin, nin'ntn.
Two old ladles. Their nnmes? I didn't
ax 'em. One hns red hair, nn her face Is
smeared over wid paint The other Is fat
an doonipy, an she's growto u foine doo-
ble chin. Y'os'm, they're here now.
Whnt's that? Yon know 'em. Eh! Hoy
thut slower, plenso.   I will,   flood by."
She turns to the callers. "Mistress has
Just telephoned mo," she said with a rare
imlle. "She snys telephone me Just as
soon ns the old cuts hnve gone, nn I'll
come home. I'm only around tho corner."
���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
IV1..   tho 1 .ii.ii.in Didn't Car*.
There was a tremendous storm at tea.
Everybody was fear einr.ed hut the cup-
tuln, who sat rending a book in the cabin.
A pnssenger went to him and told him
the ship wns going down and all would
be drowned.
"I don't care," the old salt replied,
without lifting his eyes fium his book, "I
oaf gut von cnucer In my stomach and I
die In six weeks any voy."���Detroit Free
i'nuw. . .
Mnltre Labor! is one of the best amateur athleteB iu Parts.
Edward V. Wliintun, the new copper
king, begun life us a silver miner iu Colo-
Mr. T. W. Davis, ex-mnyor of Peoria,
Ills., although 7~ years of age, is un iu-
veierute rider of the bicycle, which ho
began to ride when 01,
Lord Duuruvon, who uo longer outs
any conspicuous figure in yachting circles, is said to have become a patron of
professional pedestrian ism.
Governor Plngrco of Michigan snys he
knew untiling of politics und took no interest in them until he wus 47 yenrs old;
when he was elected mnyor of Detroit.
Carol Ilendrick Kruger, n nephew of
the president of the Transvaal republic,
is n recent graduate of the Edinburgh
university, where he won the Syme surgical scholarship.
Senator (.'hnndler of New Hampshire,
besides writing most of the editorials ill
the Concord Monitor, reads a good deal
of copy and makes up the paper ou his
managing editor's duy off.
The Austrian explorer, II. I.eder, who
visited the ruins of Kurn-Knrum iu 1S!IU,
Is buck ngnin lu central Asia nnd writes
thnt he has good prospects of reaching
Lhasa witb the aid of the ruler of Ui-ga.
Clinton Dawkins, now finance minister
of India and just appointed senior English partner of the great American bunking house of Plerpont Morgan, is a man
of excellent family, which formerly held
the earldom of Porttnore.
Itobert It. Stuyvesunt of New York hns
just sold n plot of ground which tins been
owned hy the Stuyvesnnt family for "10
years. It was purchased directly from
the Indians by Peter Stuyvesunt, governor of New Amsterdam.
William M. H)varts' poor health Is
treated lightly by thnt statesman, Wheii
some Job's comforter recently told him
he looked about half his former self, be
mode nnswer, "I wonder if the othor
hulf looks as badly us this one."
It is assorted that the French president, during his vacation at ltnmhoui!-
let, has been shockingly disregoi-dful ot
conventional dress. He does not even
take the trouble to knot his ties, but uses
rcody mnde crnvats or none ot all.
When arrested for shooting his wife,
Robert Clemens, Bon of a rich farmer iu
Payette county, Ky., defended himself
ou the ground of his wife's doafneas,
suyitig tbnt he put a bullet through the
ceiling simply to attrnct her attention.
Mayor Josiah Quincy of Boston announces that after Jan. 1 he will devote
himself to business interests rather than
politics. He will start on a Europcnn
trip as soon as his term of ollice as
mayor of Boston expires, hnving a pnr-
ticulur desire to utteiid the Parts exposition. He snys there is no truth in tho
report thut he iuteuds to move to New
A copperhead suuke crawled into a
Kentucky coffeepot and poisoned a trio
of colonels at a single sitting. However,
nnulte poisoning is uever fatal in Kentucky.���Washington Post.
Corn grows so high in Kansas this year
that when a rancher misses some rousting ears from the stalks lie is hulf inclined to think uugels reached down and
took them.���Denver News.
Is Michigan getting moss on her bnrk?
One of her farmers was fleeced by green
goods men iu New York, while one of
Detroit's policemen wns held up nnd shot
by a footpad.���Detroit Free Press.
Ohio is goiug to celebrate the centennial of her admission to statehood lu tht
federal Union. Ohio hns n great many
things to be proud of nud n grent many
tilings she should desire to conceal.���
Memphis Commercial Appeal.
We huve troubles enough of our own
in tbis state without tnklng care of Ar-
kauKus' fugitive droves of uegroes, the
majority of whom are, of course, paupers
nud likely to become a charge on us.
Still we are Dot as bad as Illinois���we
don't use the military to stop the negroes
from coming into tht italc���Houston
American manufacturers and workmen
ought to he proud 1 ' the testimonial they
have received from Lord Kitchener upro-
|ios of the Athura bridge.���New Yolk
Lord Kitchener of Khartum, In bin re-
innrks ut the opening of the Athnra
bridge, pnid a fitting tribute to the energy
and nblllty of American enterprise iu taking the contract.���Milwaukee Wisconsin.
lints off to General Lord Kitchener of
Khartum for his handsome tribute to the
energy, ability nnd resources of the Ynn-
kee ns shown in the completion of tbe At-
burn bridge in the heart of Africa in thu
hottest month of the year!���Boston Herald.
Lord Kitchener, In his speech on the
Atliara bridge in Egypt, makes a very
unliable and graceful allusion to the fact
thut It wns built by n Philadelphia linn.
Tin- Quaker City is perfectly content to
maintain a placid ami neutral attitude,
building bridges  for Great  Britain and
battleships tor Uussiu. ��� Wushington
Congress without Tom Th-ed! Who can
Iniugint It?���New York Tribune.
Mr. Heed has always been a big congressman, and he will always be a big
lawyer,  even  In  New  York.���Cinclniintt
Iteed Is too grent 0 man to be foi gotten
ut once, even though  forgetfuliiess nnd
Ingratitude nre pre-eminent charscterhv
ties of politics and politicians.���Buffalo
The statement tbnt Mr. Iteed will
"practice his profession" in New York
may mean more than sueh nn uiinouni-e-
uient usunlly does. Mr. Heed is a politician ns well as a lawyer.���Atlanta Constitution.
New York butchers are getting together the sinews of war, hut thn beet
trust still retains the tenderloin.���New
York World.
All combines are not Inimical to tht
public Interest���for instance, the coni-
biue against tho beef combine. The pe y
pie will wish mort power to It.���Erit
The beef trust Is getting back at ut
now for the manner in which wt criticised the embnlmlng process they used
when war's ularuis filled tbe laud.���Den-
Ttr Post -^ nelson Daily miner, Saturday, MAkcM 24, 1900.
��� ������ 1 1       '     'I     l-lmu  I       1 ri  I I      I    ' "I   I.. .
.-��������� p -���r[.
Mow  Daatt,  a  "lis   Elephant,  Takea
Care of a Little Ualiy.
Little Evan Henly of New York hns
the biggest nurse iu the world perhaps.
The nurse's name is Basel, and it is tho
gentlest 11,0110 pound elephant that ever
was perhaps. The baby Is the little son
of the elephant's keeper, and it is hard to
tell whether the elephant loves the baby
or the baby loves the elephant most.
Just think. If the elephant should
make a mistake nnd set Its big foot down
on tho little oue, or should strike it with
Its Bwingiup trunk, there would he no
more baby Honly. But there is no danger of that, und the baby plays about between the elephant's big feet nnd looks
up luughlng at the big swaying trunk.
Hundreds of people guther every duy
to see Basel taking the baby out for a
ride. At times the buggy is pushed witb
the trunk, the end hanging to the ground,
again the handle is grusped with the tip
of the trunk, and still another wuy of
wheeling the buby is to push the carriage
with one great foot and guide It with tho
The milk for the buby is always bunded to the clephuut In n nursing bottle, but
the wise elephant will not give it to the
baby without first tasting it to see if it is
sweet aud wholesome.
In  a  Ladylike*  Manner.
"FraneeB," Baid the little girl's mnm-
ma, who was entertaining callers in the
parlor, "you came down stairs so noisily
that you could be heard all over the
house. You know how to do better than
that. Now go back und come down the
stairs like a lady."
Frances retired and after the lapse of
a few minutes re-entered the. parlor.
"Did you hear me come down stairs
this time, mamma?"
"No, dear. I'm glad you came down
quietly. Now don't let me ever hove to
tell you again not to come down noisily,
for I see that you cun come down quietly
if you will. Now tell these Indies how
you managed to come down like n lady
the second time, while the first time you
made so much noise."
"Tbe Inst time I slid down the banisters," explained Frnnces.
A niitorlcal Joke.
One often misunderstands a Joke hy
nimply not knowing about some small,
but famous, event in history that everybody is supposed to know. Vov example,
there is a little town in New York called
Rome, with a little newspaper called the
Rome Sentinel, nnd when the grent his-
toriun Freeman was in this country he
asked, "Does anybody ever call thnt paper the goose?" How many of our boys
nnd girls know whnt the historian meant?
Weli, there Is a story that once the
Gauls besieged Home und nttempted by
night to climb over the wall. They had
almoBt succeeded, when some geese began to squuwk uud uwukencd the gnrri-
aou, which drove the Gauls back. And
so you see what Mr. freeman meant
when he asked, "Do tbey ever call thnt
paper the goose?"���Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
A Terrible Mnalelan.
Tii- rabbit and tha bullfrog fought
About a simple thing,
The former had the bullfrog brought
Unto hia houac to sine.
But noon tht rabbit rubbed Mi head.
"I'm aure I cannot face
Tour awful anuaic, air," ha aald,
"Bacauaa it ia ao baae."
���New York Herald.
A florae That Mnde Two Prisoners.
The BUffalO Horse World gives an uc-
count of how a horse In tho civil war
made two prisoners. Shcriduu was in tile
Hhenaudoiih valley, and confronting hii.i
was (leiirrnl Jtil.nl IC.-irly with a large
force of Confederate cavalry. A magnificent horse was brought into the Union
camp, and Major Oscar L< Teuchout of
tht cavalry uppropiiuted him. In a
chnrge mnde a few days later the horse
took the bit lu his teeth and carried thn
major, in spite of all his efforts, a prisoner Into the Confederate camp. Hero
the horse wus appropriated by a Cnnfed-
ernto colonel, nnd a littlo later, In another engagement, he took the colonel, lu
spite of all his efforts, into Sheridan's
enmp. So the horse made a Union major
nnd a Confederate colonel prisouers of
Artificial Underground Flrea.
It In not uncommon for fires to get
started in mines and continue to burn
underground for years. In some parts of
Grout Britain there nre such phenomena,
but we need not go no far uwny from
home to find a similar one. At Aspin.
Colo., are mines, In Smuggler mountain
that are like raging furnaces. Forty
miles of underground supports ure burning. Tho singular purt of it is thut these
fires are not always in coal mines. The
fuel for tho conflagrations seems to consist of the woodwork iu tho mines, nud,
mors particularly, of n dangorous gas
that forniH and collects in the underground chambers. Coul miu.s are still
bnruing that cuught fire over '10 yearn
ago, uud there seems to bt ao prosptct
of tbeir smoldering out.
What Gaa la.
Two little boys witnessed a balloon ns-
casino for the first time recently. "Oh,
look, look tbere!" taclnimed the youngest.
"What Is that?" "It's a b'loon," replied
tht tldtr. "What makes It go up so
last?" "Oat." "What Is gus?" "Why,
gas Is���Is���1�� melted whjd-"       . ������&,-*:.
Re   Lived   In   Great   Style   nnd   Siir-
ronnded by Hoiunnce.
The most famous bandit ever known
on the Santa Fe trail wus Fspinusn, a
Spaniard, who nt one time had great
wealth nnd lived In a hacienda on the
baukB of the Itio Grande, near Santa Fe,
like oue of tbe dukes of bis native country. He claimed descent from a knight in
the nrmy of Cortes, and the walls of his
house were ornamented by ancestral portraits painted by famous artists of Spain.
He hud immense herds of sheep nnd cattle, and upon his dukedom ruled over several hundred peons, who regarded him
ns a king.
After the American occupation of New
Mexico Kspinosu fell into bud company.
The newcomers taught him uew games
and ployed him unfriendly tricks. They
trespassed upon his hospitality. They invaded his hacienda, lived iu luxury ut his
expense, drank his wine nud ate his mutton and then won his money nt cards.
He lost so much that he became financially embarrassed uml wus compelled to
mortgnge his herds. It wns a great mortification to the proud Spaniard, nnd
when it wus too lute he begun to realize
that he had heen imposed upon.
One day he made the acquaintance of a
rich young Now Fnglunder, who had come
to Snntn Fe with a lot of money to engage
iu business. The Yankee visited the hacienda, und soon made himself at home
there. It wns said thut he wns in love
with Donna Bgptnosa, a beautiful gill
about 18 years of age, and thut his affection wns reciprocated. At one time when
Fspinosn was pressed for money the
young Yankee received a large remittance from the east. He offered it to the
Spaniard, but the latter was too proud to
accept a loan from his sister's lover. The
same night, however, after he hud retired
the young man heard a burglur in bis
room, and in tbe struggle learned thnt
tho intruder wns no other than his host.
Being discovered, Espinosn drew a dagger nnd plunged it into the American's
The members of the household came
rushing iuto the room just as the victim
was dying. He told them what had happened, nnd the sister of the murderer,
throwing herself upon the body of her
dead lover, cursed her brother as nn
assassin aud a thief. The guests mnde
no attempt to arrest him, but Espinosa
knew that he was ruined and, in desperation, abandoned his ranch and tied to tbt
Sangrc de Christo mountains, where he
made his headquarters for several years,
conducting successful raids on the overland coaches nnd the freight caravans
along the Santa Fe trail and robbing
ranch settlers in every direction. The
government offered a reward for the
bandit dead or alive, and after about ten
years of unparalleled outlawry he was
shot by an Irish trapper named Tom
Tobin, who cut off his head and brought
it to the authorities in nn old gunnysack.
���Chicago Record.
It Makea It Interesting For the I'aa-
senarers When It Occurs,
A boat drill is an interesting performance when oue sees it for the first time,
provided he kuow-B that it is coming, but
its terrors are real for those who do not
expect it nor understand whnt it means.
"The second day out, while 1 was sitting calmly on deck," said a woman who
crossed the ocean, "I heard the bell ring
violently and continuously. Looking
around, I saw two able Bcatuen dragging
a heavy hose, aud In another second tbe
water was turned on full force. Then
the crew began to appear on every hand
nnd to tear about in the wildest wny.
Meanwhile tbe bell continued to riug,
and the captain stood on the bridge giving orders. I wondered if I hud time to
go for my poeketbook or for u life preserver. I did regret that I had not read
more carefully the directions for putting
on the life preserver. Meanwhile I tried
to find out how near death we were and
just what was the cause of our doom, but
the men to whom I appealed were as
much frighteued or as ignorant as 1.
" 'Yes, the ship's on fire,' one answered
me. Another said he didn't know whether there wus n fire in the hold or whether
something had broken about the engine.
The crew were busy getting the lifeboats
over and hadn't time to answer my questions. I saw women crying nud clinging
to their husbands, and one woman wns
about to leap overboard when sho was
restrained by a man in a white coat and
apron, who, I think, wns a cook's boy.
The cook's boy told me nt last that it
was a drill to test the men. 'Don't try to
encourage me,' I protested. 'I hnd rather
know the worst.'
"It must hnve been over In five minutes, but I learned lu that time to know
whut it meant to feel sure of deuth at
sea. I asked the captain why be didn't
warn the passengers of what was coming. 'Because the men would know, too,'
he replied, 'and I wouldn't find out then
how many men slept ou duty.' "���New
York 1'ress.
One of Uncle Sam's Moaeumi.
"The museum of the dead letter office
in Washington contains a varied assortment of articles which huve not beeu included in the sales of unclaimed parcels,"
writes I'atti Lyle Collins In The Ladles'
Home Journal. "Among them may ho
seen Ivory miniatures of great uge,
watches, false teeth, boxes of raisins aud
of wedding cuke, pistols uud knives, a
clothes wriuger, a coffeepot, a kerosene
lump, luferuul muchincH, decorated china,
duinty funs, horned frogs, centipede, human skulls, a mounted alligator mors
than four feet long und, in short, everything thut one would Imugine would not
be sent by muil. It liuidly seems necessary to say that dynamite and live serpents are classed us 'unmuiluhlc,' yet the
mail service bus been culled on to transport both."
Very Hare.
There Is a bright ll)-year-old youngster
In Bangor, Me., whose unlit hus n fud of
keeping an autograph album. Some appreciative friend wrote upon one pogo
the quotation beginning, "Whut is so rure
as a duy in June?" etc.
The youngster In question was looking
over the hook for n place to put his num.
uud noticed this. Tho next page was vacant, and he wrote, In the bold if somewhat sorogly chirography of youth, the
answer ns he sow it, "A Chinamun with
whiskers," uud then signed his name.
Poor Papat
"I am not at all certain," snid the father, "that my daughter loves you sulli-
eieully to woi-rnut me In Intrusting her
to your keeping for lifo."
" \Vell," replied the young mnn, "per-
haps you haven't hud the suine udvuii-
tuges for observing things that 1 have."
���Philadelphia North American.
The   Debilitated   Man.
In the treatment of those nervous disorders of men, young and old, which result
from the abuse of some law of nature, early
indiscretions, later excesses, dissipations,
etc., there is much to be considered. The
subject is deeper than most physicians
think it.    One thing is certain.
Drugs Only Stimulate.
They do not tone nor strengthen. It is just
like taking a glass of whiskey to temporarily relieve the mental torture of some financial or fauiily trouble. I soon saw drugs
were not giving my patients satisfaction
and went to work experimenting, just as a
bnsiness man does if he wishes to change
some condition of his affairs which are not
proving profitable
The first thing I  discovered was that
the weakness  was  not local.    Fo: proper
results a remedy had to be found which
would build up the whole organism.    I knew then that I should
Treat    Calise,    Mot   Effect.
And to meet this demand I invented a portable chain buttery, whioh developed into iny present famous Dr. Sanden Eleetric Belt, with
attachment for men.    This appliance is a model home self-treatment.
It generates the proper amount of Electricity in the proper way.
It is made especially for weak men. You wear it all night for 00 to 00 days, and take ordinary care of your general health. During
this time it is building up every organ of the body. Over 0,000 were cured during 1888. Current* are instantly felt, though controlled b) a
little regulator thumbscrew. Drop in at my office aud see it, and consult me free of charge; or, if ut a distance, write for my free book,
"Three Classes of Men," which explains ull, sent in plain sealed envelope.   Call or write today.
DR, M. SANDEN, 474 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Office Hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
.      P. BURNS & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Ordors by mall to any branch will have careful and promot attention.
Codfish, Whole and ia Bricks
Salmon Bellies in Kits
Holland Herring in Kits
Mackerel in Kits
Fresh Canned Salmon
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring and Tomato Sauce
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring and Shrimp Sauce
Fresh Canned Kippered Mackerel
Fresh Canned Ih oiled Mackerel
Fresh Canned Ocean Haddies
Fresh Canned Parsed Bloaters
Fresh Canned Shrimps
Fresh Canned Crabs (Deviled)
Fresh Canned Sardines
Fresh Anchovies in Class
The pest that Mo^ey caij puy.    Take I\fo Other
Manufactured by tho Brack rimn-Kor Milling Co.. Ltd.
Victoria, Vancouver, WcMtmlunter, Krimoiilon, HoHrtluiirt, Ncl��on.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   7RAVES,   Man aver.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
We have opened an electrical branch in  connection
with our* hardware business, and wc are in a position
to do Electrical   Repairing,   Contracting (for mines,
steamers or dwelling houses), or to supply  Electrical
Is prepared to do every kind of work that can be
done anywhere.
An Expert Watchmaker
will repair your Watch. Will
repair your Jewelry and will do
it at a price easily within the
reach of everyone.
See our Stock of Watches and Jewelry.
Try us on Engraving and Monogram work and you
will never go elsewhere. Mail orders promptly
attended to.
Baker Street Nelson, B. C.
Turner Beeton& Ca
Just arrived from Milwaukee
Miner's Shipment of Gooda Received
Witli Groat Satisfaction.
When the steamer Moyie tierl np to
t]���i rtouk at Kuskanook yesterday
morning and discharged the large
Shipment of supplies that were gathered Dy The Minor, the inhabitants of
the burnt out town eagerly clustered
around the goods to proonre whnt they
vera sorely iu need of. The representative of Tbo Miner who accompanied
thu goods handed the shipment over
to the relief committee. There was a
great deal of provisions and clothing
ju the bundles and these were diBtri-
bnted where they would do the most
Rood. Children, who had been but
p0���r!y olad, were supplied with clothing and out of the generosity of the
oita'iis of Nelson, many dresses for
tbo ladies were forthcoming. The
neatest need was for provisions as
tbo town's scanty supply of entables
wan well nigh exhausted. Ham, bacon, fresh meat, flour, oatmeal and innumerable other articles were served
ont where thoy wero most needed, and
the shipment was sufficient to last the
inhabitants of the town for n week.
What is most needed now is' anything that will help the people to
again build up the town. Lumbar,
nails and carpenter's tools aro badly
needed nnd those who wiBh to contribute cannot do better thau supply
these. The people there have made up
their minds to stand by the town and
will again try to make foi themsolvos
the comfortable homos that were
wiped out by the fire. The Minor
will reoolve contributions todny and
forward them to the sufterers. Mayor
(Joodeve, of Rossland, telephoned
The Miner last night thnt the citizens
of Rossland woro contributing libor-
nlly and that all the donations from
them wonld bo shipped to The Miner
and foi warded by this paper to KuBka-
nook. Theie is now in Kuskanook
sufficient clothing and provisions, but
building material is badly wanted.
J. 0. Blandy is chairman of tho relief
committee, aud D. McLennan is secretary, Messrs. Hoyt and Beddey attend to tho distribution, and Mrs.
Hovt looked after the ladies. On evory
side was beard nothing bnt words of
praiso for the conduct of Mrs. Eraser
who worked heroically during the fire
to save some of the buildings. Mr.
F. E. King, of Kaslo, accompanied a
shipment of supplies from th��t town
and saw that it was proporly distributed. His Arm, Walker & King, lost
heavily by the fire ns it oairied a stoek
of general men's furnishings.
Mr. \V. A. QsHiher is spending a
week at Halcyon Springs.
There senilis to be a small epidemic
of grippe in town as quite a numbero!
peoplo are suffering with that unpleasant diseases.
Tho Nelson Coke & On? Company
has jnst received a new lot nf handsome brass fixtures that will enable
them to supply all domauds for Buoh
Mr. StnckhoiiRO, of Rowland, is giving the residents Ol Nelson a treat on
Sunday, by having consented to occn-
py the pnlf it of the Baptist Chnroh,
at both services.
Joseph Asselin, the minor who was
injured a few days ago, and brought to
the General Hospital is improving rapidly and will bo ablo to loave the
hospital iu a day or two.
llnrrister Stewart, who hns been ill
at tlm Criokmay Hospital, is rapidly
getting well. Ho was ont yesterday
lor a short walk and hopes to leave
tho hospital in a few days.
Mr. Thomas O. Piooter will loave
mr Spokane today aecompnnied by Mr.
w, H Dowsing, after a short sta." in
Spokane, Mr. Procter will go to Londou, ling., for a Bix week-B stay.
One of the War Eagle miners,named
Dunn, wns arrested by Chief Jarvis
charged with vagrancy. He waa intoxicated and bogging on a street, corner. Magistiate Crease gave him 24
hours lo get out of town nnd dismissed
Iho charge against him.
The Imperial Bank was busy yesterday moving into its new quarters in
tne limns building. 'Ihey are now Bet-
tied and able to spread out in those
eoimiKKiioiis quarters in n way they
wore never ablo to do in the small
office thoy formerly occupied.
The now town of Procter is booming along in great shape, A number of
meu aro nt working laying out lots
nnd cleaning up tho ground. When
Mr. Dowsing returns next wook the lots
wilKbo put on sale and will no donbt
letch good prlcefl.
At a meeting yodtordny of tho board
�� directors of the Weit Kootenay
Wok & Lime Co. Mr. W. H Dowsing was elected managing director and
seoretary-trenaurbr of thn company.
Mr. Diwsing Ruoceeds Mr. T. G. Proo-
ier, who hns resigned thn ,.oflitinu on
aoconnt of a trip to tho Old Country.
Tonight at 8 o'clock at ttm'Oiwr-a
Houbo, Mr. Mih-B Tomlins will give an
interesting exhibition of animated pictures of the battles of the Transvaal,
the films wore brought direct from
Niutta Africa and will show nnthentio
reproductions of some of the most exiting Incidents of the war. There
will nlso be a mntluee at 5 p. tt,
Iho Tramway Company has received
""Vices that their electrio geiioiator
will he shipped from Peterborn ou
Monday next. It if now thiee mODthl
��;nce Ihe Canadian General Kleotiic
' ompnny contracted to deliver tho gen-
New Dry Goods Store
4 ���������������������������������
-^ ������������������������������������
Cor. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson.
Corsets, Qioves, Hosiery,
Ladies' Underwear,
Ribbons and Laces,
A good day to select your Dress Pattern.   They are
going fast.
etator here. Owing to the long wait for
it the Tramwuy Company tins been seriously hampered in its operating. Until they get the generator installed
they will not be able to run oars up
the Stanley Street hill.
F Summers, the man who wns
charged with the theft of ��2B from
ihe proprietor of the Moflel Restaurant
was before Magistrate Crease yesterday
morning. Summers bad left town
Wednesday evening owing a board bill
of |50 and came back nun gave him-
sw'f up ou seeing an socount in a paper
of the warrant issued for hiB arrest,
the charge was goue into very thoroughly by the Magistrate and after
hearing all the evidence Summers was
dismissed ou the ground that there,
was uo evidence to sustain the charge.
Aid 0. Morrion haR reoeived a latter
from D. D. Birks, Secretary of the
Bpmite Rank Gold Mining Company,
Ltd , saving be bad been elected a
director "of that oompany. The letter
was written from Rosfllauri iu which
town iB the head office of the oom-
pnny. The Bornite Hank Company
has a very iromiBiug property about
iik; miles trom Nebsou, near the Athabasca mine. It has been worked all
tne winter and has Bhown a value of
ti!4 at the 75-foot level. The company
will put machinery at tbe mines in
the early spring aud are confident of
getting great results from their outlay.
Messrs. F. W. Peters, \V. P. Ander-
hoii and Superintendent of Telegraph
Wilson of the C. P. R., made a proposition yesterday to Mr. J. A. Mara,
owner of the building now occupied
by the Bank of Montreal, to rent the
same for the C. P. R. For some time
the C. P. R. has been looking for uew
offices as tney are greatly overorowded
iu the building they now occupy. The
buildiug owned by Mr. Mara would
Buit their needs quite well and being
on Baker Sreet wonld give tbem a
more prominent position in tbe City.
No definite conclusion was readied
yesterday, but it is probahle tho deal
will be consummated today.
The Tramway Oompany will not
bnild nu extension of its line to Robert's ranch at 8-Mile point, aa they do
not think the traflic that would bo
gaiued would justify tho great expense
that it would be nooossary to incur.
They will at once, however, start to
make an extension of their line to the
foot of NelBon Avenue. At tbis
place there is an exoellent site for an
athlotio grounds, which could include
n field for baseball, orioket and la
orosse. Tbe site is only a short distance from tbe lako. The Secretary of
tho Tramway Company has been in
ooilfliiltation with the baseball and
other olnbs, with a view to establishing such a ground.
Major Leciko, general jntinngor of
tbe Hepublio mines and Mr. .1. O.
Hotortsou, engineer in charge for the
name oompany, have boon in tawn for
several days arranging to have nome
bargeR constructed. These barges will
bo used on the Kettle River, from
Midway to Curlew, in order to shorten
the haul from Republic. This route
is contemplated on anoount of the soft
conditions of the roads between Grand
Forks and Curlew. Sovoral steamboat
men havo been employed to survey the
Kettle River and uscertain the feasa-
bility of the plan, to examine the
channel and waterway and to locate
the most desirable place for landings.
If this Hellenic is found practicable, it
will divert to Ropublto, freight which
is now going in  from   '.Iraml  Forks
^ \*/ \*/ \*> vi/ \*> \*/ v*i \*/ v4> \*/ ii; n4/��\*> \*/ \*/ \*/ v*> v*/ i*/ \*> \*/1*/ n*�� \*/ ^
The  New Town of  Procter,   Terminus  and   Transfer   Point   of  tbe
.   Orow'a Nest Eailroad.
This old established mid well known Hotel is offei-el for sale;
n Bargain. Hotel contains 16 rooms. Lawn Tennis Grounds, Summer Mouses, Boats, etc. Kteninbont Landing ou the Grounds; including Furniture. Bar Fixtures, Bedding, Linen, Stoves, Cooking
Utensils, etc
Two hundred men are woiking on Construction, Townsite and
Wharves nt present time.
Plans nf Townsite, Depot, Wharves, etc, win be shown to
intending purchasers!   also Photographs of Hotel.
Easy terms will lie made to responsible party.
For price and full particulars, apply
und send it to Midway. This would
have a serious effect upon Grand Forks
trade. It iB not likely, however,
that tno 0. P. R. will make a very
strong offort tn prevent the carrying
ont of the proposed scheme, on account
of the recent attacks made on the C.
P. R. by the Press of Grand Forks.
The woman who is lovely in face,
form anil temper will always have
friends, but one who would bu attractive must keep her health. If alio is
weak, sickly and all run down, she
will be nervous and Irritable. If she
baa Constipation or kidney t rouble, her
impure blood will cause pimples,
blotches, skin erupt ions anil u wretched ciiiiiplexiiin. Electric Bitters is the
best medicine in tbe world to regulate
stoinncli, liver  and kidneys  und to
purify the blood. It, gives slicing
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety
skill, rich complexion. It will make ii
good looking, cbainiing woman of a
run-down  invalid.   Only fill cents, ut,
Canada Drug * Book Store,
Because  a  Watch has
run for years is no Indication thnt it docs not
need cleaning, Many a
watch is ruined by being let run too long without it. The oil becomes
dry nnd Invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. Wchiivc
every facility for replacing any pint, or making
a watch throughout il
necessary. l-'irst-class
work only.
Patenaude Bros.
NELSON,  11. r..
Paper Hanger,
Glazier.   Paiqier,   Etc
Chimney Sweeping.
Office. Ward St. opp. Opera House
Nelson Employment Agencv
MeNsongor Bay.    Dressmaker.
Girl for Housework.
i-inii-.  nnii.i im;.
J. B. LOVE, Ayt     Baker Bf
Tweuly lliroo Mineral CIiiIihn, from ono tn
tiiitu mik. from Sandon, n. tha f anion*
BIOOU* for hjiIo i in up. Will null for ��� ������ li or
bQDa Iron ono lo II vo your*. Will take ON
for pny. BliiMii��� forvrn mo to olfor tho above
Kootoiiny Lsftko HoHpltnl. NoIhoii, li. ('.
��� TAILOR  ���
Oleniiiiur and Repairing Neatly Done.
Clothing Made to Order
Corner Wnnl and Baker.
A. R- BARROW, *<*> u.��.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
��� 'in '"I Victoria and Kootonaj Hta.
V, O. Hox MS. Tolophono No.!��
i. < - i.iiiia
F. S. < llHI M-
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
I ..-ind Surveyors.
And do it right- We can put on half
soles, heels, patches, or sew up rips, as
as good as any man in town, and a great
deal better than some, and charge no
more than they do.
The  Shoeisls
Bring Your Repairing.
-.ii, n... n.
N.I  mi,  II, (
$12,000 Stock of New Goods Offered at Cost.
We have decided to sell out our Dry Goods
and continue exclusively in Clothing, Boots, Shoes,
and Gents' Furnishings, and now offer all our Dry
Goods stock at wholesale prices. This includes all
our Spring Goods now in stock and in transit from
the East. It is the first time in the history of
Nelson that a stock of this size has been offered to
the public at such a low rate, and all wanting bargains should not fail to see our prices. To the
ladies of Nelson we would say that this is a good
opportunity to get your Spring and Summer Dress
Goods at a bargain. Here is a sample of some of ft
our prices :
Brussels Carpet, Regular   1,25;   Sale   price
Wool Carpet, Regular 1.00; Sale Price
Wool Carpet, Regular 75c;   Sale price
Union Carpet, Regular 70c;  Sale Price
Stair Carpet at .
Lace Curtains, Regular 1.00;  at
Lace Curtains, Regular 1.50;  at      -
Lace Curtains, Regular 2.00;  at
Lace Curtains, Regular 3.00;  at     -
%��� %- ^- ^- %��� ^c ^* ^ ^ *Mr ^-^���jfr+'flfr %��� ^ %��� ^-'%- ^- *jfc- %��� '^-'^- ljMr ^
j^rv^Y/K.^V.^V.^A .^V^ ,^v.^ .^Y^Y.^Y+.'Wv.^V.nK .^Y^Y.^V,.^Y^Y^V ^..fF.iJjI.flV
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
capital PaM-iip.    .   .   ���    )Hi,frKA.070.wi 1  it. si. #i.;oo,t>oo.oo
Roiinl or lllrrrfnrtt:   Thomas K. Kenncy, President;   Thomas Kitchic.  V.ec-I'reF.uYiil.
Mielmul Dwyur, Wiley Smith,  H. G. Bauld, lion. H. II. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. David MacKuon.
il.ini Ollirr, llHlirnki
General Manager. Kdoon L. Pease, Montreal.
Baperbltondont or Brunches. W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
InspeotOT, W. K. Brock, Halifnx.
Secretary, 1>. M. Stewart, Montreal.
,%'ovn firnlIn- Hulifax Branch, AntiKonish, Brftlgowatpr, Guyshoro. Londonderry, Lnncnhum,
M.iiil.iinl ill.11.: Co.h Bictou, Port llawkesbury, Sydney. Shuhenucadie, Truro, Weymouth.
Xr�� BruiiHwIrk- Bathurst, Horchesler, Krederlcton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Monoton, Newcastle. Saekville. \\'i-in: -i*M-k. iv l.. Islnuil���Charlottetown, Suinuierside. Uiirlirr���Munlreal
(City Offloe), Montreal. West End (Cor, Notre Dame and Bngneun BtrcotB); Weatmoont (for.
Greene Avenue and St. t'alhurincs Street. Ontario���Ottawa. ftrMfoumllHtHl--St. John's.
Cuba, U(hI luillrs- -Havana, liiilrd KIhIck- Now York (Hi HSxoh&nge Place) Itepuhlie, Wash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
* im 11 'spimHi 11 U ;
Canada-Merchant-* Bank of Canada.   IU*ttnn~National Shawmut Bank,   CltlrnKA   Amrrioa
National Bank-   >'"��   ��� ���*������"��'-' '���    I ''  '   Natiunal Bank.    I hm, KU�� - Bank of  Scotland.
I'ails,  iiiiMiv   Credit  Lyouiiais.   Kcrmuda-Bank of Bermuda.   Clilita and Japan    Hong
Kong and Sliaughai BankliiK Corporation.
Geneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold. Letters of Credit, BU., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most fnvoruMe terms.    Interest allowed on specin.
deposits and ou Having Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For that house you have erected:
Sideboards, Cheffoniers and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and best
finished  Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
linker and Ward Streets. Nelson, B. C,
Headquarters  For
Port(ai)d Geipei)t, Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths').
Hpceinl Quotations Given fur Carload Iota.
A. B. (iKAY, P. O, Box Ml,
Nelnon, B.O.I
Kootenay Airenl
The Nelson ElcctricTram way Co.Lt(l.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary
'    MM    ' . a&itti&l
all ���HM
Successful Entertaiu-uont in the
Opera Honse Last Night.
The Nelson Minstrels gave a very
saccessfnl performance last night at
the Opera House,the auditorium being
well tilled.
The entertainment was opened tiy an
overture by tho Millward Orchestra
entitled "Chicken Brigade." The
curtain then rose on the opening
ohoroH given by the ontire oompany,
They sang, "Down on the Ohio River." The orohostra aud end men then
played a veiy pretty ovorture. The
song olio was led by R. E. Thompson
with a piece oalled "Stories Thnt
Mother Told Me." "It's a Hot Combination, " was thon song by Harry
Gervan. Mr. Charles A. Pressor wing
a ballad entitled "What Right Have
You to Judge Her,'1 which W88 received witb applnase. Mr. Eddie
MuUinn announced to the audienoe
that "I'll Make Dat lilnok Gal Mine,"
and Mr. Harry Marshall took tbe
bouse into his conildonce to say "I
Don't Understand Rag Time." Mr.
W. J. Caldwell sang mo.-it effectively
"King O'er Land and Sea." Mr.
Honeymnn following with "My Hannah Lady." Mr. Harry Marshall and
tho oompany closed the first, part with
a grand finale, entitled "Dai's a Jubilee." Part second was begun with
an ovorture by tbe orchestra oalled
"Rough Riders'' and selections were
then given by a quartette composed of
Messrs. Thompson, Prosser, Hardin
and Caldwell. A sketch oalled tbe
"Brondway Swell and Bowory Bum"
wns rendered my M'ssrs. ProBiwr aud
Marshall. Mr. George Berry then en-
tertuined the audience with fancy
roller skating and also did some clever
jumping and balancing. "A Bunch of
Ragtime" was handed out by Eddie
MoGiun. "The Absent-Minded Bdg-
gar" was dramatically reoited by Mr.
W. J. Hall, with a hidden quartette
accompaniment. A ragtime quadiille
and Grand Kake Walk were then
danced by four oonples, led by Master
Lanoe Gilchrist. Those participating
in this fonture wero: P. J. Lynch,
Miss Charlie Prosser; Hn-ry A. Oer-
van, Miss Harold Smyth; W. .1. Caldwell, Miss Eddio MoGiun ; Jaok White,
Miss I. G. Nelson.
"My Old Kentucky Home, Good
Night," was sung by Unole Nod and
company and the performanoe closed
with "God Save the Queen.
Windormere, Maroh 21. ���Peterborough, the metropolis of the Windermere district, is fnst assuming proportions of a modern town. Business
houses and private residences aro going
up everywhere.
Messrs. Foster and Santo have completed their lnrge store at Peterborough
and will soon have the largest stock
of goods in the interior of British Columbia.
Messrs. Skelton and Brewster have
oorapleted a large nnd commodious
hotel at Peterborough.
The Peterborough nnd A tha liner saw
mills nre workintt night and day to
rill orders for the local trade.
The Warrior and Jupitar Star olaims
will be developed on a largo soale this
season. Tbey are situated on Bonlder
Creek, in tho copper belt.
Development work is progressing
very favorably on tbe Silver Tip mine,
Toby Cieek.
The Jonn group, situated at Skoo
knmchuok, will bo worked on a large
scale during tbo present season.
Development   work  on the Delpbine
mine up to dnte shows a   mnrked   im
provement in tho mine,   tbe ore  bouse
and dump   being   filled   with   an im
inense amount ot high grade ore. This
ore will net over $100 to tho ton.
The Paradise group, Spring Creek,
will resume development work during tbe latter part of April on nn extensive soale. Tbis property has the
largest surface showing of carbonates,
west of the Rocky Mountains. Tbe
tunnel is now in 70 feet and has not as
yet crosscut the lend.
Real rslate throughout the Windermere district has taken quite a jump,
especially in tho town of Peterborough. Lots have changed hands in the
oentral portion of the town nt a 100
per cent, advance.
Tho Bear group, en the Bugaboo
Creek, will be developed during the
early part of the summer. This property has an immense showing of copper ore.
The White Cnp, Black Prince, Alps,
Sitting Bull, Silver Thread, and Pay-
ing Teller groups, situated on Boulder
Creek, will be worked on an extensive
scale during the coming season.
The Paystoue group has been worked throughout the winter with wonderful results.
From present indications tho pros,
pectors rush into the Windenreie district, will eclipse the Capo Nome
The   surface showings in this   camp
nndnubtedly   are    i   promising   in
British Columbia.
H. E. Neave, mining engineer, has
bonded some very promising properties
on Toby and Horse Tbiel.Creeks. Mr.
Neuve represents English capital.
The eyes of mining capitalists aro
turning toward this district.
A large amount of  ore   awaits shipment on the hanks of the Columbia.
Frankfort, Ky., March 2:1.���A ad
of 70 extra polioe and deputy S riffs
guarded the outer entrance ol the court
while a tile of soldiers stood at the
(loom aud pasHcd on tbo credentials of
tho persons entering tho loom when
the henring of tho men charged with
oompliicity in the murder of Governor
Goebel was called today. The general
public wns excluded by un order of
Judge Monro. Tbosojadinitted, however, soon filled the court room on tho
second floor of the building. The Lexington nnd Winchester co'npnnios,armed with Winchesters were stationed
through tho various rooms. Not much
more than tho ordinary crowds were on
the stroets and thure wns no eioile-
mont. Judge Moore convened thu court
at 10 o'clock. Tbo prisoners, Republican Sooretary of Stato Cnlub Powers,
witb Coltou and Juhii Davis were
brought into the court room. Tne Commonwealth witnesses were culled, tbey
nuin boring fifty. County Attorney
Polsgrovo announced that he was ready
for the trial of the case. Ex-Governor
read the warrant ngaiust Powers,
charging him with being an ncoossory
to the murder of Wm. c'oebol and asked dismissul of the defendant on the
ground that the warrant was fatally
defective, in not alleging thnt the
crime was committed in Franklin
County and that it did not even show
the offence to havo boon oomrmtted in
Kentucky. Judge Moore overruled the
objection to the form of  the   warrant.
New Yoik, March 88,��� Justice Furs-
man, in the ciimiual branch of the
Supremo Court today, set tho trial of
Miss Oiga Nethersole aud tho other
parties defendant iu the indictment
returned yesterday by grand jurv, for
April. Neither Miss Nethersolo nor
the other defendants were present.
Kiuston, Jamaica, March 23. ��� Dis-
patobes from Surinam, Dutch Guiana
received here today say the feeling of
tbe Dutch there is strongly antagonistic to the British, and that British
subjeots iu prison hnve beon so brutully
treated that they recently revolted and
shot one of tho keepers. The British
residents of Surinam are said to bo
suffering from the same giievn'uoes as
complained of by the Outlanders of
South Africa.
London, March 2!J. ��� At a largely attended meeting today of tbe Irish
members of Parliament, Mr. John
Redmond presid n;, it was decided
that in the interest of nntinuul unity
it was advisable to summon a convention of the Irish people, including the
representatives of the clergy, nil publio bc.lies.and the nationalist organizations, etc. A committee wns appointed to arrange tho details of tbe convention, which will probably meet
at Whitsuntide.
Continued from First Pago.
best olasses of seouiities. Canada was
never nble to obtain admission to these
securities,but an arrangeniont had now
been made with tho British Government to do this. He calculated that hy
thiB concessional modornte estimnte of
two per oent, saving on loans which
Canada would have to make in England in the noxt ten years_ would effect
a saving of no less than" 2!^ million
dollais to the Canadian treasury. This
transaction alona would pny the entire
cost of sending Canadian soldiers to
South Afrioa. Mr. Fielding coucludod
ns follows: "And now Mr. Speaker
my tnsk is done. It is, I trust, an
agreeable statomeut whioh I have been
able to present to thn Parliament and
the people of Canada tbis day. It is a
story of very prosperous times; it is n
story of a strong financial position; it
is tho story of a country that has been
able to pass through the recent financial difficulties without the need of
borrowing a dollar; it is tho story of
a country that has not a dollar or filiating debt today; it is the story of n
country with an overflowing treasury
under reduoed oustom tariff; it is the
story of liberal grants for every useful
publio service; it is the story of   great
public enterprises for the present und
future needs of Canada carried on witb
comparatively insignificant additions
to the publio debt; it Is the story of a
people occupying a vast country
strotohing from ooenn to ocean, nearly
all of whom are today busy, prosperous, contented and happy; it is the
story of a people who b;-ar cheerfully
every obligation that comes upon then
for the maintenance of their own public service and who have found their
devotion to the throne nnd person nf
their Sovereign so quickenod by the
inspiring ovents of recent years that
they give freely of thoir blood and
treason for the defence and honor of
the Empire in lands Hint are faraway.
May we all realize the goodly land in
which we all dwell   and   may   wo   all
remember with grateful hearts tbe
blessings which Providence bas showered upon this Dominion of Ganadr."
((heat Cheers.)
When Mr. Fielding resumed bis
seat the cheering continued for boiiio
time and tho whole Houso rose to their
feet whilo "God Save the Queen,"
wiib enthusiastically sung. Mr. Foster
then moved the adjournment of tho
debate. Mr. Fielding said that Mr.
Foster had told him he wiib in poor
Sir Wilfrid Laurier said h> was surprised but that there was then nothing foi bim to do but to move the nd-
j inrnment of the House. Mr. Fiold-
iig gave notice of tho following
changes in the tariff: (I) That it is
expedient to amend Ihe existing laws
respecting customs duties by inserting
Ihe following item in the free list:
(2) Machinery, F. A. cluss, not maiie
in Cnunda when imported exclusively
for use in factories for the lnanufnn-
tuie_of beet sugar; (!l) That it iB expedient that tbe existing laws respecting oustoms duties shall bo so amended thut from and after the first day of
July, 1801, the reduction of duties under the "British preferential tariff set
forth in Section 7 of Chapter 37 of the
acts of 181)8, shall be one-third instead
of one-fourth as therein provided nud
that the duties to be levied, collected
and paid ou artioles ontitled to the
benefits ot suoh preferential tariff,
shall be two-thirds of tbe duty imposed on liko articles under tbe provisions of shedule 'A' to the oustoms tariff', 1897 as amended,"
City of Nelson Local Board or Health
Notice is hereby given that all persons resident within tho Oity of Nelson who have not been vacillated
within seven years aro required with-
u seven days from tbe publication of
tbis notice to he vneoinated.
Persons requiring to bo vao:inated
free of charge may attend nt any time
during the next seven days between
tho hours of 3 and li o'clock p. m., at
my office on Josephine Stroot (or the
purposo of vaccination. Upon the
eighth day following the day on whicli
any person has been vaccinated, he
or she shall attend the medical prac-
tioner by whom the operation was performed in order that tho medical prac-
tioner may ascertain by inspection the
remit of the operation.
Any person failing tn comply with
tho requirements of this notice will
be liable to the penalties prescribed by
tbe Public Health Act.
D. LAKAU, M. D.,
Medinnl Henlth Officer.
Nelson, B. G, March 20tb, 11100.
Toronto, March 23.���Dr. Potts reports thnt the Methodist Twentieth
Century Thanksgiving Fund busrench-
ed |648d62.00, being an inorease for
Marob of $22, U24.-In.
Brantford, Out, Maroh 23.���Arthur
E. Laiug. the young man charged
with stealing suras of money amounting to $1,800 from Lawrnson'a private
banking house, St. George, pleaded
guilty on tbe advice of his counsel.
Judge Hardy sentenced the prisoner to
three yenrs' imprisonment in the
Kingston penitentiary.
Ottawa, March 23. ���Public notice
is given that tho Minsterial order,
dated 25th March, 1897, excepting
coasting vessols from San Franciso
from the quarantine regulations of
Canada, issued by tho Minister of Agriculture has been temporarily withdrawn by a Ministerial order, dated
2ii|b March,'1 HOI), in consequence ot
too reported pre6eice in San Francisco
of bubonic plague.
Montreal, Que., Mnrch 23.���The
Montreal Street Railway wns today
flued $25 und costs in tbe Recorder's
Oourt for irregularity in service. The
recorder rulod that an ordinary snow
storm was not n iorce mnjeun.
So fur B4 mon hnvo boan enlisted for
service in Halifax as garrison rogi
meut. Tweuty-Bix more men are
wanted. They may be secured before
Tuesday when the contingent leavoB
for Halifax.
Ottawn, Mareh 28.���A cable has
been received stnting that Win. Robort
Eccleston, of the Cinndinn postal
corps, baa boon granted by tho Imper
ial Government, tho local rank of cap
tain while in South Africa.
Hnme���C; H. Briggs, Kunkama; R.
Fnlstau Morkill, Bounington : Falls;
D. W. Moore,Trail; C. Plommer Hill,
Port Hill, Idaho; Charles Parsons,
Vaucouvor; G. Brennnu, Winnipeg;
W. W. Beaton, Kuskanook; F. E.
King, Kaslo; H. T. Tilly, Toronto;
Gus Dunn, Montreal.
Phair���H. M. Hanafnrd, Louise
Brehauy Co.; G. W. Bernhardt,
Ymir; ,7. Lonsdalo Donpe, Prooter;
Mr. aud Mrs. B. O. Rilbet, Nolson; F
J. Finuoane, Greenwood ; O. F. Gro
vor, Toronto ;*E. D. Cndley, Winnipeg ; G. C. Saiier, Vancouver.
Advertisements Insortod under this hond at
the rat. Of one oent a word per ...��� .���.;......   No
advertisement lakon for less than 25 oent*.
WANTED.���Five or six roomed house.
Rent must be low as poison desiring
it lost all ho   had   in   the   Kuskanook
(ire.   Address W. M, Miner Offloe.
WANTED.���Small class   in   elocution
by competent teacher.   Pnpils taught
in thoir  own   homes.    Address Eloou-
tiou, Miner Ollice.
WANTED.��� Positiou as   stenographor,
Apply at this ollice.
10    LET. ���Large,     nicely   furnished
room     with     conveniences.    Apply
Northeast   comer    Lake   and    Cedar
WANIED.���By   a thorough   practical
tailor, permanent   situation as   coat
hand.    Address,     "Tailor,"   Box   07,
Mouse Jaw.   Assn.
SKW1NG GIRLS wanted at the   Hod-
sou's Bay Stores.
WANTED.-Hoys   and   girls to   strip
tobacco.    Fifty cents   a day, und   ns
much more as they  can  oarn.    Kootenay Cigar 'Jompany,
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Notice is hereby given that the publio Is inlnrmed that rule No. 53 of tho
regulations of tho Provincial Board of
Health, approved by order of tho Lieu
teuant-Governor-in-Cooncil, is in foroe
in the City of Nelson, by whioh every
person of an age to make bim or her
legally responsible, who has not been
successfully vaooinated within seven
yeais, or who does not bold a certificate of his or her insusceptibility at
the preseut time to vaccinal ion, is required to procure the vaccination of
himself or herself within seven days
nfter pulbio notification by the Medical Health Officer directing general vaccination. D. LABAU, M. D.,
Medioal Health Officer.
Nolson, B. C, March 20, 1900.
Real EM ni Insnraace
Lot on Baker Street, east of the
Queen's Hotel.
6-Roomed House and 2 Lots,
\<iili lawn, garden, trees, etc., ill
g-ood location.
6 Good Building- Lots, only one
b ock from school house.
4 Lots, with Improvements, near
Of era House.
8-Room  House and Lot, close in,
only   1650, on easy terms.
3 Houses for Rent.
See Annable
49& no.";. leLv^tir^
^���^ id   thoir  Hall   ,;,���   ' ^
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially tavlL'^
JohnHcolcy, N.O.   Jol,aA.MelUe   .:,,
-rr-p��� -JLWj.'tal'.nU;^
Nelson I'.neannimeiit No 7    M^i '���-5
ami 111, F,-i,l,ly ���'f o,���!h monilH "ullT^l
Hal, coiner-Baker nml K- ' T>w��'
flelsoii. A .11. Clements, c. p���1'' A "lr����.
It. 8. Visiting bro.hi.rs Always' ij, **r,
COURT KOOTENAY.   I    ,|    v        '
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, ns follows :
Java nnd Arabian Mocha, por pound 9   40
Java and Mocha Hlond. 3 pounds  1 00
Ktoo 8antos, i pounds  1 00
Kan.os illond, 6 pounds  100
Our  KpoclnlHIcnd, 6 pounds  100
Our Rio Roast, (.pounds  100
Nelson,      -      b. c.
In 1 lie ...at 1 t-f of nn application for a
Duplicate of a cortifinato ut title to lots
eleven (11) nnd twelve (13), block
twenty-seven (27), City of Nelson, B,
Notice is hereby givon that it is my
intention at the expiration of one
month Iro.u the publication hereof, to
issue a duplicate of the certificate of
title to the above lands, issned to
George A. B. Ball, on the 20th day of
December, 1888, and numbered 1633 E.
Land Registry Office, Victoria, B.
O., Iflth February. 100).
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A private Hospital, Medical, Surgical nnd Obstotriual cases nnrsed in tbe
House. Private room $20 nnd |1G a
week. Beds in ward $12 a week.
Nnrses sent ont to private houses at $lf.
a week. Apply to The Misses Orick
Fraternity Hall
Cor llaker .1 Kootenay 8U,
can be rented for OoncerlB, Lectures
Dances, Banquets nod overy kind of entertainment. Good .-...li-���i-....i...i, cloak
rooms, Kitchen and dining room furnished.   For termpply
DR. E. O. ARTHUR! Oity.
Ten ncros, with largo honse close to
Nelson. Fine sitnntion for keeping
poultry. Go6d fowl honse. Apply X,
Box (133, Post Office, Nelson
Builden will find It to  thoir oilvnnUtKo to
ilKUrO Willi 111 u'tli'V \ Co. Ol) Puilil inj;.
Showing the Movement of Brit
ish Troops in South Africa, at the
Opera House Tonight at 8:30.
Matinee for Ladies and Children
at 5 o'clock.
Admission for Matinee,   10c  and
Admission for Evening, 2i;c and
This Offer Open for   Ten
Days Only-
Lots 11 aud 12 in Block 28, being tht
Southwest, Corner of Gore and Kootenay Streets,'Nelson.
Cash PrtCe $450.00 for the Two.
Writ�� or wire to
K.-al Estate, Mines, Loans,
019 Granville St.        Vancouvsr, B. C.
Great Reduction!
(anthkacite) $9.65 per Ton
OROWVNKST $6il5   per   Ton
F. L. Osier & Co.,
AND ....
...L. POGDE...
Harness and Saddlerv
Tho loading shop. Large
���lock. Bost n.Bii.rii-.l stock
on hand. Harness, Collars ot bost makos, Saddles Blankets, Bells
Whips, Umslios, Combe
Prfoot. uathifaotory.
Call and tee.
Cor. Ward and I,akor
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Schedule of Time.       Paoiflo Standard Time.
EHucttve February Int. 1000
pAKHonger train for Sandon and warstallonB
leaveB  Kaslo at 8 a in., dally.    Returning,
laavos Sandon at 1.15 p.m��� arriving at Kaslo
at 3.56 j).m.
Operating on Kootenay Lake and Rivor,
Str. "International" leaves Kaslo for Nolson
at 6 a. in. daily except Sunday. Returning,
leaves Nelson at 4,30 p.in., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Al.iHw.i'-ili and all way points. Connects with S. F.St N. rain in ana from Spo-
knno at Five MUo Point.
Str. "Alberta" leavos Kaslo for I,in .In and
Argenta at 8:30 p ro Wednesdays
Stoamora call at principal landings In both
dlroctlons, and at other points when signalled
Tickets sold to all points in Canada and tho
Unitod States.
To ascertain rates and full Information, ad-
dross :
Manager, Kaslo, J), C
NELSON LODGE, No. a, A V �� a
M. meets second Wednosaay h/l*
month.  Vliltujg trethorn weiepy
NKLSON   LODGE No    i',  u     ,,
toneets In K. of p. fin, oddfillom \t I
Mivorv   Tuesday ovoiilni ��.  ��   ��� M
HAH visiting knVr'coKlnV OB
L. Sou-it O. C.
O. Jov.K.of R.unrtB.
fat and third W��di,..,d,5 8
oach month nt Kran.rniiy i,,,?.
corner of Baker and Kootsau
Fa,,!!,"1""' brel"t"" ��*
John Watson, Secretary,
NKLSON AKRIK No. M, F. o. E. mm.
cvory second and fourth Wednosdaysi of each
monUl. Visiting membora cordially |Kj��
J R. Wray, Sooretary. ""���
S. Saviouus [English Chiju.-ii- Comer
Ward and Silica 8t��. Sundays: Holy (���������,
niunlon 8 a. rn.! and on the 1st and 3rd Sundi���
In tho month altor Mattlns; Mnttin- al Ham"
Sunday School 2,30 p.m ; Evensong 7 :m I)u ,'���
MattinsntB.S0 a. m. Thursdsys"sn3 ffl
DayBs Holy Communion 10 a. .... Krldavn"
Evensong 7.30 p. m., followed by choir unic:
Uoo. H. S. Akohurst, Roclor. Kiel Irvino.
Goo. Johnstone. Wardens. '
Catholic Cnimcn-Corner!Wsrd ami Mill
streets Mass every Sunday at 8 and 10IKia.ni
Benediction at 7.30 p.m. Mass oven wick day
at 7.15 a.m. Rev. Father Kerland Itecior.
. I'liB.iurniiiix CiiUB.cn���Services at 11 a m
and 7.30 p.m. 8unday School at 2.30 pin'
Prayor mooting Thursday cvonlng at 8 p'm '���
Christian Kndoavor Socioty ineols overy Monday ovonlng at 8 o'clock. Rov. It. Krow
Mkthodist CHUBCH-Cornor Silica and
Joscphlno Stroots. SorviccH at 11 a.m. and 7 30
p. m.; Sabbath School, 2.S0 p.m.: Prayer moot.
Ing on Friday ovonlng nt 8 o'clock: Kpworth
League C, E��� Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rov. John
Robson. I '..-.I....
Baitibt Chuhoh - Servlcoa morning and
ovonlng at 11 a.m. nnd 7.30 p.m.; Prayor meet
ing vVcdnesday ovonlng at 8 p.m. the B. If,
P.U. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Htmnuo���
co dlally wolcomod.   Rov. C. W. Row., :PaMar
Salvation Army���Servlo a ovory evening
at 8 o'cloch in barraoks on V otorl street
Adit.dant Edgooombn In nharge.
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Class Sleepeifl on nil trains from
TOURIST OARS pnss Medicine Hat
daily lor St. Paul, Sundays nnd Wednesdays for Toronto, FridayB for
Montreal nnd Boston.
Same cars pass Revelstoke one day
To and from Kobson, RosBland.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Hud.
8.00 Lv. NELSON Arr.ll.4U
18.10 Lv.daily NELSON daily Arr.SB.lu
Morning train connects for nil points
Evening train counects to and from
Main Line and points north, nnd (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Str. Moyie Daily.
SM.OO Lv. NELSON       Arr. H.'*
Connects Kootenay Landing ��itli
Orow'B Nest Branch trains both ways.
Ex. Sun. Str. Kokanee. Ex. Sun
10.00 Lv. NELSON        Air. U.W
Saturday to Aigenta and return
leaving Knslo at 20k.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Hun
0.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 11.40
4 bra NELSON to ROSSLAND brs4
For rates and full Information address near
ust local agent, or
O. K. BEASLEY City Possongor Agonl
R. W. DREW, Agent, Nelson
Trav. Pass. Agent)        A O. P._Agett, 'Ti
Spokane Falls &
Northern RV.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route withou
change of cars between Nelson aid
Russia ml and Spokane and Rossi.u "<
Lv. 9.15 a.m. NELSON. Ar. 5.20 p.m.
Lv. 11.25 a.m. ROSSLAND ArAOOpni.
Lv,   &16 tt.m. SPOKANE. Ar.6.15 p.���-
Train that leaves Nelson at 9:15 am
makes close oonneotions at Spokane K��
all Coast Points. .
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek, connect atMarons with Stage
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane Wash
Agent, Nelson. B.O
MIMN V BBOMEK.      ��OTAB�� rflBUC.
Windermere Mines.  Corresp ��� enoeSollolteil


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