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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 9, 1900

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 Daily Edition   No. 851
Nelson,   British Columbia, Tuesday Evening,   October 9,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Frederick Howard Will Have to Answer to
the Charge  of Attempt to
Murder Muller.
The preliminary hearing in the ease
of Frederick Howard, oharged with
attempting to murder Wilium Muller.
wns concluded hefore Magistrate
Crease this morning and Howard was
committed to the Provincial jail to
await trial at the next assize. Several witnesses were examined. Howard
wns asked if he desired to enter any
elvdence on his own behalf and replied In the negative,
11. Robinson, proprietor of the Bo-
dega, was the first witness exalmned.
He said: "1 can identify the prisoner, He was using bail language In
speaking to tlie bur tender about 1:30
Sunday afternoon, I told him to go
out but lie wanted to stay in anil
treat. I told him liis money was no
good ami 1 'li1' not want hiru in the
place. Prisoner went out ami staved
out in minutes. Mr. Muller came out
to the bar anil then he went back to
the room anil sat down. Prisoner
camel u anil said that be was going to
go anil try to sleep. In a second or
two, as I thought, 1 heard th.i gun go
There was some talk just before
the shooting took place, I ran in and
just as 1 entered the room the prisoner pulled the gun on me and Bald, ' I
will fix you too.' I grabbed tbe gnu
hut still the prisoner tried to shoot
inr before 1 got tbe gnu from him. I
let go of the prisoner and he ran out
uf the loom." Here Mr. Robinson
produced the revolver that was used
by the prisoner, and said, "tin1 prisoner snapped the gun at me a dozen
times, but it failed to gooff." Mr.
Robinson then said tbe prisoner escaped and be tried to get a doetor and
do what be could for Muller who was
lying on the door bleeding dreadfully.
Frank Barr was tbe next witness.
He said that be bad been in Nelsou
one month, and knew tbe prisoner,
lie was standing at the front of ibe
saloon mi Sunday afternoon and bear-
gin loud words at the back of the saloon In- went in to see what was the
matter. When be got there Howard
was using bad language in speaking
to Muller, and iu a few seconds the
| prisoner shot Muller, The rest of his
story was similar to that told by Mr.
Mr. Roberts, formerly owner of a
sei'oiiil baud store near the Treniont
Hotel, was also examined, lie slated
he. was in the small room with the
prisoner and Muller at the time of tbe
shooting, but further than that he
coutd tell nothing because he was in
a hurry to get   away and left at once.
Edward Oleson told mueb the same
story as the oilier witnesses, but became rather mixed in liis story and
did not Seem to  want to tell mueb.
Charles Turner, a prospector, who
was in tbe small room in the Bodega
saloon when tbe shooting took place,
was examined and only made known
what bad already been told.
Ur. II. A. li. Hall, who was called
to the Bodega saloon to dress the
wounds of Muller, was also a witness
in the ease, lie stated that after he
had attended the patient be found
three empty and one loaded cartridge
shells in the room where the shooting
took place.
Chief Jarvls also gave evidence.
Magistrate Cteaso then formally
committed Howard for trial.
Nanaimo Coal Miners Decide
to Continue at Their
Nanaimo, Oct. 9.���A mass meeting
of the miners employed by tbe New I
Vancouver Coal Company was held in
the Nanaimo Opera House. Ralph
Smith, secretary of the Union, Tully
Boyce and Tom Keith and other lead-
days of gambling and the dance hall
in Yukon's capital are over. Theofli-
eials in the north of the Canadian territory, acting upon instructions from
the Administration at Ottawa, have
decided that gambling and kindred
evils must   lie closed down at once.
A few days ago publicity was given
to the letter of instructions sent by
Minister Sifton from Ottawa,in which
he suggested that at once the gambling places be closed. It was stated
at that time that Commissioner Ogil-
vie and Major Wood would defer acting on the suggestion untl next .lime,
so as not to cause hardship among tbe
people who have money invested therein. Hut this decision was evidently
I reconsidered, for passengers who nrriv-
ing spirits iu the union.were present. ;   . .   ^       fte Dolphin   sav   that   th
The meeting was held   '.o consider the .^   hoMM woro _u   dosed   the
mlvisablity of   pressing   tbe company j ^   .   .  ^ last _,, ,,_,.,. ,,��������� hlm,
for  the  demanded   ten   per   cent, on     ^   ^   |||||||i|,   ^   ���_     ,,, oth���
wages, and   was   originally   intended; , ���,������������_, ,.:,,.
B J respects Dawson has hoeonicas a citj.
lo he for   the   pushers   only, but   the        ' ���,���.
1 ,    ....      In model of  morality,
miners finally determined  to take
new BCHEME Voli WAR.
American     Officer     Investigates   and
Learns Much in Europe.
Washington.! let. D.    Captain Bever-
���iliiaiiee bureau.
hand in It, and the mines were closed
'ur the afternoon. It was fully expected that a very stormy debate
Would result from the discussion, as
the opinion of the men was fairly
evenly divided ou the question.  Many
of thorn were strongly In favor of tho | ly  w   I)imn  ,,f ,,���,
demand being enforced   by the  usual  ha| ,.,.,,���.,���.,! fl.()lll   Europe, where l
melius of ii strike   but the majority it _t M,vl,,:,|   months in   the study of
was learned before the proceeding oranancc matters in England, Genua-
opened, favored  giving the oompany        _ttnce, Belgium andSwltserlaud.
time to complete its   eontriiels.     Dur-   ge'WBa   able lo sceur ueh valuable
Ing the debate whieh took place, one jnrormatlon regarding the manufae-
speaker pointed out that even if the Lure 0f ordnaone and found the army
company did throw np its contracts aa 0fgcerl 0fthe European Governments
the Cheaper alternative, It would be a
MM thing, In :���. the same contracts
Could not likely bn seeured again, as
the persons who had had their contractu broken would not be likely to
"m ii similar risk again.
after   a number   of   speeches, some
violently   urging a  strike, the   meeting   decided   to   accept    Mr.    l^'l'i����MTii,.v' think'  that   the development ''f
'""_''"f   ten per cent, rise in wages lo   ,,���. ���.||.lill(.,.y   |���lH reached a very cril ,-
id  thai there nre aboul to
very aeciiiiiiiioilatIng   in   giving   their
methods and views. Captain Dunn, In
the preliminary report ha has made
to the ordnance bureau hen', says that
all ordnance ollieers. as well   as   field
ollieers of  European  armies, believe
the subject of Held artillery is one of
the most Important   being considered.
bringing the guns iu action in order
to secure the greatest possible effectiveness from quick firing.
As to coiibt defence and fortifications, Captain Dunn reports that the
tendency is toward longer guns, with
a higher velocity and smaller calibres.
In this the European war olliees approve the position of the United
States. It is believed that the new
type of gun will bo more effectve than
heavy guns of largo calibre, but with
shorter range.
Captain Dunn reports that tho European ollieers are well aware of the
importance of keeping abreast of the
times in all kinds of gunnery and ammunition, and are watching with interest everything tbe United States
docs in this direction.
Liverpool. Oct. ().���James Fitzhar-
ris, the Phoenix Park murderer,
known as "Skin the Goat," was rearrested here last evening for failing
to report himself under the terms of
his prison release license. It is probable that be will only be temporarily
Fruit Store Gambling Houses
Will be Put Out of
pushers and   drivers, and   to   send
oil singe and
""imittete to   bin,   to make arrange- ���d imp0,.,,u��� ohonges,    The
�����nts, as he requeued. The wages of j,,,,.,.,,^ is intense and the belief Is
��'WMI and miners remain tbe same i , ^ |fi,,(| ,���.,.,,,.,.,. ��� ,��� be the
".��   thep���.se���t   time   until   March,   * ���,������,,���,,,, ���r   ���, in war-
"hen the contracts expire
 '    3
''ambling   Dens nml Dance Halls 0lo��
ed Forever in Dawson.
Vancouver,   ii. c, Oct. B.���The re
mrin wave   has struck   Dawson.
portaiii, |
| fare.    Events in   the Philippines, the
I war In South Africaaml the oapmalgn
in i hinii.it is said, bnve IHSdO this apparent.   European ollieers are working
iii tlie  direction  ..f  rapid-fire guns,
uml    if    pOSsilbe   preserve the present
,.,.. degree of mobility, bul  they nre In-
The  clincd to   saerllleu a little   in time in
The shooting of William Muller on
Sunday afternoon in a saloon is to be
responsible for a wave of moral reform, the soft zephres of which have
already fanned the brows of some of
Nelson's citizens. The card games in
the fruit stores, in tbe saloons and in
the hotels are to be closed up and
Mayor Houston is authority for the
statement that if Chief Jarvls and his
force do not see that they are closed,
and then keep them closed, the
city will  be forced to bang out a card
Policemen Wanted." The chief of
poliee has already been Instructed to
notify all those who permit card
games on their premises to close up at
once and this morning the chief was
busy, for a time, quietly informing
the gentlemen of the green cloth that
they must cease their labors for all
There are several places in Nelson.
fruit stores and the like, which have
been existing not so much to sell the
juicy orange and the chewing gum.
but to put up a front behind which
gambling, a more lucrative business,
might be carried on. The authorities
have been cognizant of the existanee
of these places but they have been
considered as rather a necessary evil
and have been allowed to run on.
Now, however, tbe worm has turned
and the fruit store man must pay
more attention to bis fruit and chewing gum if be would be able to buy
coal and food for the winter that is
coining on.
Workers in the Kamloops and Kootenay District Will Gather,
The first Sabbath school convention
for the Presbyteries of Knnjlnops and
Kootenay under tbe direction of the
synod of British Columbia,will be held
In the St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
Of this city, Wednesday and Tliursdny.
October it and is. An elaborate programme has been arranged and 0 big
gathering is expected. The first session will be held on Wednesday even
ing. while there will be a morning,
afternoon and evening session on
Thursday. All the prominent minis
tersof the district will be present and
will deliver   addresses   on appropriate
subjects.    A  cordial    Invitation bus
been extended lo the public to be
present at each session. The following programme has been prepared:
Wednesday evenlng.Ootober 17, from
7:30 to 0:80: opening exercises; organisation nomination and election of
OfflcorSi     address,    Rev. ,1. A.  Logan,
,.,1TIV ir of Babbath School committee
Of synod Of B.C. ; address, "The BI-
l,|,. (loss and How to Teach it," Rev.
K.  Frew,  Nelson.
Thursday mornlng.Oclober IS, from
0:00 to IS: Devotional exercises; ad-
dress,   "Qualifications    of   Babbath
School Teachers   and   Bow to   Secure
Thorn," I'ev. A. D. Monties, Kasloi
dl oussloni address, "How to Inter-
,.���, parents In the Babbath school and
_sn.ro Their Help in Teaching the
Children," Mrs. M. D. MoKee, Slocan
Cltyi dlseiislon; address. 'The Sunday   School   Superintendent  and   HI"
Methods," Mr. F. M. Chudbourn, Nelson ; discussion.
Afternoon session. October 18, from
D:00 to 5:00: Address, "How to Retain Boys in tbe Sabbath School and
to Lessen the Gap Between tbe Sabbath School and the Church." Rev.
Joseph McCoy, Vernon; discussion;
address, "Tho Use and Abuse of Sabbath School Helps," Mr. George Bradley, Nelson; discussion; question
drawer, Rev. W. tl.W. Fortune, Cran-
Evening session, October 18, from
7:II0 to 9:80s Address,"Importance of
Impressing Right Ideas Upon tbe
Children," Rev. 1). Ci, Gordon, Per-
nie: address, "Relation of life Session
Managers and Members of the Church
to the Sabbath School," Rev. W. 11.
W. Fortune, Cranbrook; closing exercises.
Pemiirokc, Ont., Oct. 0. ���Mrs. R.
Dickens of this place, is dead as a result of injuries received by being
thrown from a buggy yesterday, the
horse becoming unmanageable and
running away.
Matters   In China Are Still
Far Away From Settlement.
London, Oct. 0.���The Shanghai correspondent of The Times, wiring Oct.
7, says: It is reported that French
tioops held up Ko t'hiao, on the Lu
Han Railway. The Russian nnd Hermans bold Pel Tan forts and have also
taken Ton Chan and the Kai Pin
mines, thus comprsln the coal supply
in North China. It was expected that
Count Yon Walderze would maintain
an even balance between the Powers,
whereas the actual result of the operations places all the strategical positions in the hands of other nations.
A strong feeling prcavils that the situation is daily becoming more
Tells of His Part in the Attempt to
Defraud Insurance Companies.
Chicago, Oct. U.���Frank M. Smiley,
the detective of the Moonoy and Bo-
land agency, who was one of the men
arrested yesterday in connection with
tho insurance frauds, which ended
with the death of Marie Defenbach,
August 35, has made a full written
confession of his part in the crime.
The confession if tine, implicates
witli him Dr. August Unger and Frank
Wayland Brown, assistant manager of
the Mooney and Poland agency, the
other two men under arrest. When
the case goes on trial Smiley, it is announced, will turn State's evidence.
State-Attorney Dcncen expects that
all three men will be convicted of
conspiracy to defraud the New York
Life Insurance Company, and two benevolent societies, tho Canadian Order of Foresters and the Knights and
Ladies of Security. But it is very
doubtful whether any charge can be
even formally made on the evidence
available. At least one other man
connected with the Mooney and Bo-
land agency is now under surveillance
for suspicious actions at the time of
Miss Defenbacb's death. It is not
Improbable thai several other conspirators may bo connected with the
It  Is   to   Advocate   Abolition of   All
(lovernment Restriction.
New York, (let. II. ��� One of   the men
examined by Supreme Court Commissioner Trimble In the investigation into the allegd anarchist plots iu
Patterson, N. .1., which resulted it is
charged In King Humbert's death,
was II. Mazotti, who Is reputed to be
usually   the  secretary   of   anarchistic
i tings.    When questioned as to Ills
testimony, he Bald: "I told the commissioner that there were several anarchist organizations In Patterson.
Put they were divided on the question of killing the heads of governments, although as a rule they do not
question the killing of kings ns a
matter of policy. The. purpose of
our organisation is to advocate abolition of all Government restriction
and substitution of individual liberty."
Nominations Will be Made on October 31st
and Polling Day is Fixed For November the 7th.
Ottawa, Oct. 9.���A proclamation
was issued today dissolving Parliament and fixing the date of nominations for Oct. 31, and polling day November 7. Writs are made returnable
on December .1.
Mr. A. H. MaeNeill, the Conservative candidate in  tlie Vale-Kootenay-
Cariboo district, was called up by
The Miner this morning by telephone
aud asked as to his programme now
that the date of election is known :
"I have only just received the
news," said Mr. MaeNeill, "and have
not yet mapped out my programme,
But we are hard at work and will be
able in a day or two to announce
dates of meetings throughout the district. Things over here in Rossland
look bright and advices from other
parts of the riding are equaUy cheering. With a three cornered fight I
have not the slightest doubt of success at the polls and the Conservatives
of Nelson can lay in a stock of brooms
and enguge a band for the night of
November 7,"
Those who arc most anxious to
compass the defeat of Mr, A. II. MaeNeill have, within the past day or
| two, made efforts to secure the withdrawal of both Mr. W. A. Galllher
and Christopher Foley, with the view
of putting in the Held another man
who it is believed would draw both
the Liberal and the Labor votes solidly. Tho men who first suggested the
move are citizens of Rossland, who
have admitted with the three candidates in the Held Mr. MaeNeill 1b sure
of election. It is understood that Mr.
Galllher has declined, np to date, to
listen to these advances and lias determined to stay in the fight. Mr.
Galllher could not bo seen by The
Miner this morning because of his
absence from tbe city. Mr. MaeNeill
wusaskd by telephone if be bud heard
anything of this move and he admitted that he bail and said that bis information was that those who were at
tbe bead of it were sticking to it and
were confident that both Mr. Galllher
aud Mr. Foley would withdraw, leaving the Held open for one strong man.
How Chicago Men Amuse Themselves
During Campaign Times.
Chicago, Oct. U.���Bloodshed followed in the trail of Chauncey Depew and
bis three mile escort of Republican
inarching clubs last night, .lust us
the last company in line turned the
corner at Sedgewick Stand. Chicago
Avenue, it was charged by an organized gang of men, who had concealed
themselves in tbe dark recesses of an
alley. The rioters were repulsed by
the marchers but not until four or five
of the Republican marchers had been
injured, some seriously. The most
seriously injured were: Michael Bulla, found on the street unconscious
after the struggle, nose broken, eye
out, three teeth knocked out, and
struck on the head with a brick;
eorge Hughes, picked up unconscious, having been struck on the head
with a paving block, slight contusion
of skull. Many other of the marchers
were more or less hurt and uniforms
ruined. The men who precipitated
the riot escaped.
Men Working On Dawson Telegraph
Overlap 100 Miles.
Victoria, II. (,'., Oct. ��.���Passengers
arriving here last evening by the
Tees, state that through mistaken directions, two parties working on the
(lovernment telegraph line lo DnwHon
have overlapped, the distance between
tbe two ends of the line being over
one bundled miles. It is feared this
will prevent the completion of the
line this year.
Dawson officials estimate that the
recent order of the (lovernment will
throw eight thousand claims open for
location in the Klondike.
The Indian woman whose husband
was tried at Vancouver and neijiiittd
on the charge of murdering a boy in
Casslar district, committed suicide by
hanging herself on the stiiitiuer Amur
on her wav north.
leader of the eonipany'liiis a reputation
among the amusement loving pubic us
an entertainer of remarkable ability,
and the company of artists which lie
brings with him is said tube of a very
high elm's. The plan of the house for
tomorrow night is now open at tho
postofllee store.
Montreal, Oct. 0.���Lord Strathcona,
Canadian High Commissioner to Loudon, arrived in the eity this morning,
and despite a heavy downpour of
rain, received a hearty welcome by
tbe students of Meilill who assembled
at tbe station to meet him. lle expects to return to London soon.
New Time Table of Canadian
Pacific to go Into Effect Oct. 14.
London,     Oct      il.��� John     Patrick
Crichl.m Stuart, Marquis of Bute,died
this   morning at   Dunfries Bouse, his
seat in Ayresblrc, from paralysis.
Tho   Alba   lleywood  Company   Will
Play to a Packed House.
The Ali.a ileywooii Comedy Company which appears in the Opera
House tomorrow evening under  the
auspices of the members of the Nelson
Fire Department Relief Association
promises to be one of the best entertainments offered to the Nelson public
for some ti  Thai the public thoroughly understand this there Is  little
doubt for the ml vi e   sale of   tickets
assures a large house and the entertainment will undoubtedly be a sweets iu every way.   Albu lleywood the
After Sunday October II, the Im-
perial Limited service of tbe Canadian Pacific Railway will lie withdrawn
and the winter time schedule will
take effect. This will necessarily
change the time of the arrival and departure of all trains over the entile
system,and the new time table locally
will be as follows:
Trains leaving Nelson for Rossland
will be as follows: Morning train,
daily except Sundays, will leave lit 8
o'clock and returning Will arrive ut
11:28 a. in. The afternoon or evening
train will be daily and will leave at
5:40 p, in. and returning will arrive
at llHll) a. ill. Morning trains will
connect nt West Rol.soii for all Boundary points to and Including Midway.
Evening trains will connect at Robson
for and from the north. Revelstoke.
mainline and Pacific Coast, and from
Midway all iulerm.liiite points. The
scrlvcc lo nnd from Sandon and Slocan points will be dally accept Sundays, and will leave Nelson at U a.m.,
returning will arrive at ,':liip. in.
The Nclson-Knslo service will remain
as at present, that is. leave Nelson,
daily, except Sundays, al I p, in.,
and returning at 11 a.  tn.
The time of the Nelson-Kootenny
Landing service is not yet definitely
known but it Is expected that the
boat will leave Nelson in the early
morning uml   returning will arrive al
Nelson  lu  the afternoon about.', or 0
p. m. This service will be dally connecting to and from the Crow's Nest
brunch and nil eastern points.
lies Moines,   ioWa,  Oct.   '.'.     The  olli-
ciui preliminary estimates of the crop
yield   of   Iowa   for   tl uireiit year
show that the total of nil oereals will
Im. 1181,480,030   bushels,  which   is   ten
million iu excess of any previous year
and Ul million above the average
yearly output foi the past ten years, Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Iuesdav  EvKNINO,   October 9,  1900.
The Nelson Miner
Published Every   Afternoon   Kxcopt Sunday
���11V TIIK���
Limited liability.
141 Floet Street, K. c.
Contrnl  Press Agency, Lid., Spolal Agents
Pally, por inonlli.hy currier     05c
Dully, per month, by niiiil      50o
Dully, per year, by oarrler t 7 00
Daily, per year, by mull   >r. (*o
Daily, por yoar, foreign ��� ���   H 00
Weekly, pur halt yoar  ��1 25
Weekly, per your    i ml
Weekly, per your, foreign     3 00
Subscriptions invariably in advanoe.
All Chocks slioulil he mmlo payable to tho
order of NELSON PUBLISHING Company,
After a needlessly long wait dissolution has come, and an order for a new-
election has been issued. Nominations
will be held on Wednesday, 31st
Inst., and the polling a week later
The contest will be short; there is
every prospect that it will be sharp,
and each side hopes for itself that it
will be decisive. The (iovoriiment's
discretion in respect to dissolution
has been used to tho advantage of
their party, which means that a practice essential to our form of govern
ment has been abused. For over a
month there has been uncertainty,
during which time the leaders of the
party in power have been privately
instructed to prepare for the contest.
No great advantage has been gained
by this, howevei, for the Opposition
have been on the alert and their preparations are probably as far advanced
as are those of the enemy. They were
not caught napping, which is nothing
to the credit of the Government's intentions. Now that the uncertainty
la nt. an end, thorn will be a general
feeling of satisfaction that the excite
ment and consequent business, dis
turbance will be over so soon.
The Colonist lias some commendatory things to say of Mr. lhinsmuir in its
Sunday leader, all of them moderate
and in good taste and sueh as few w
feel disposed to challenge. But what
they l'ad to is rather darkly indicated. There is to be an effort, it seems,
to carry out some new- policy, a "policy as broad as the Province." The
only clew to the nature of it is in the
following, but if it means no more
than a no-party administration it can
hardly be said to be new. There is
the suggestion, however, that politi
cal foes anil malcontents are to be ap
peased, and warring leaders aie to
embrace.    We quote:
"If there are political interests
which arc not wholly in unison, an
effort ought to be made to bring them
together, as the political leaders of
old Canada brought all interests into
harmony to consummate Colifedera
tion, and as parties got together iu
(Ireat Britain in order to defeat the
plans of those who aimed to divide
the I'nited Kingdom, British Colum
bia can well afford for the present to
take leave of party politics in its local
affairs, iu order to accomplish the re
suit which we all so much desire;
namely, the material advancement of
the Province, so that those of us who
are now living in the country may de
rive some of tbe benellts of expanding
prosperity. Mr. llunsinuir IwiB un
iloiit.tH.il.- been able to inaugurate an
era nt'm good feeling. It should be his
effort to establish an epoch of united
"This. then, is what we regard as
the present duty of Mr, llunsinuir as
a public man. and one into whose
bands front power has fallen. The
responsibility is u serious and weighty
one, but we are confident that he is
fully equal to it. If there were notb
Ing iu British Columbia politics but a
question of ins nnd outs, or the distribution of patronage, The Colonist
would cease to trouble itself lllmut the
matter, and no man of large individual interests would reel warranted in
giving   it   bis attention,    lint at. this
particular Juncture  there is far more
than that. It is not too much to nay
that the welfare of the Province for
the next decado depends in a very
large degree upon the   line   of   policy
which  the   local   Government    may
adopt during the next six months,mid
the manner   in   which   that   policy Is
endorsed by the Legislature. The time
Is therefore nl hand for united action,
and the inauguration of an era of
harmony and progress.  '
meet ing. Mr. Sloan, too, was there.
Mr. Sloan is the gentleman whom a
number of Liberals selected as their
candidate, and was in the Held a long
time before those Labor delegates at
Ottawa nominated Mr. Ralph Smith.
The bitter's chairman rather assumed
to ignore Mr. Sloan, but he and his
friends seemed determined to keep
themselves very much in evidence until the close of tbe polls. There was
much turbulenoe in the little family
circle, and it should not prove preju-
licial to the chances of the Conservative candidate, Mr. Brydcn.
The  ways of   Mr.  Ralph Smith may
bo ways of   pleasantness, but all his
paths are not paths of pence.  The lirst
meeting of bis oapmalgn in Nanaimo
was a somewhat uproarious one.   The
younger Mr. MelnneS wns present at
It, and Mr. Mclnncs does not like Mr,
Ralph Smith. That will sufilciently
Isccouut for thu uproarioutinvsb of  thu
We have not yet seen it announced
that Mr. Dewdnoy bus accepted the
nomination for the constituency of
New Westminister,but the best friends
nf the Province hope that he will. It
needs its strongest men at Ottawa!
With Mr. Garden for Burrard, Col.
Prior and Mr. Earle for Victoria, Mr.
Bryden for Nanaimo, and Mr. MacNcill for Yale-Cariboo, British Columbia is fortunate in tho character of
its Conseravtive candidates.
Books You May Need
Are You Right?
You can be sure of your minutes
if you provide yourself with oue
of   our   accurate   and   reliable
Don't run���get a good watch to
run for you.
Manufacturing Jeweler. .
Nelson Opera House
October 12th & 13th.
��� I
A Show of Unusual Excellence
Europoan Acrobatic Marvels
JACK SYMONDS,    Of Sytnonds-Jluohos-Rastus
ED. FOX. lle With the Eccentric Loos.
FRED SCHMIDT - Sweet Tenor
HANK GOODMAN        -     Ploaslno Gomodtan
CHAS.   VAN - - Balladlst
J. HARVE HKie.c.s - Premier Basso
Gorton & Lee
The Princes of High Class Musical
Comedy and
Prices: $1.00, 75 ana 50 Cents.
Canned or Fresh
Just now tbe fall fruits are especially attractive You eun buy here the
best of
Peaches, Apples, Grapes,
for full canning or for present eating.
Our line of canned and preserved
fruits will continue to be tbe very
best, so you are free from the necessity of putting up fruits if you prefer
Fresh  or  Canned  Fruits as You
Want Them.
Peaches, Pears,
Plums, Quinces,
Apples, Bananas,
Sweet Potatoes,
Green Tomatoes.
Kirkpatrlck 6  Wilson
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. 8f> on
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting !i 50
stretch's  Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines  2 T.'i
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  8 86
Miller'8   Qualitative   Analysis.. 1 7(5
Kemp's Handbook of  Rooks  1 75
Tbnutwine's Engineer's Handbook   Ii SU
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    for
the Steam   Engine  2 '.T>
Hawkins' Maxims aud Instructions for   Holler llooui  2 96
Hawkins'   New"     Catecbisiu    of
Electricity  2 "*>
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations  fur Engineers  8 35
Machinists'    and      Engineers'
Pocket Manual  l '���'���'>
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 00
Canada's   Metals  85
Houses and lots for sale iu all  parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal     Fire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
<_?._oBr     See ANNABLE
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order  can be accepted  unless
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall and Raker Streets.
Close connection Bast and Wests
bound,at Spokane with trains of the
trains of the Spokane Falls and North'
ein Railway.
Direct eonneetion at St. Paul with
out change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West ami South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at_10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct conj
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, Han Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect nf Duluth with
theningnificenl slcatnships North-West
anilNoi'tb-ljuid of tbeNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply lo any agent of .Spokane
Kails k Noil hern Ky., Kaslo Ai Sloean
Ky., Kootei ai Railway k Navigation
Co., or to
Qeol, I'ass. k Tkt, Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
8. Saviours IEnolishJ iiuiurn-cornor
Ward nml silica sis. Sundays: Holy Communion H a in.; und on tin; 1st und Brd Sundays
In thu month after Mat.lins: Mattin- nl 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 2,:��> |p.in ; Evensong 7,80. Dully:
MatUns at 0.80 a. ill. Thursdays and Saint's
Ilnys:  Holy  t'ottimtininn  III a.   tn.     Fridays:
Evensong 7.80 p, in., followed by oholr practice. II. S. Akcliiirsl, Hector. Kind Irvine,
Uno. Johnstone, Wardens.
Catiiiii.ii   ('uracil-Cornor Ward und Mill
streets Muss every Sunday at Sand lli.miu.in
Benediction at. 7.30 |i.m.   Mnxs every week tiny
at 7.1.1 a.m.   Itov.   Father  Ferland Hector.
I'ukbhvtkhian CutmoB���Services a 111 a.m.
and 7.:��1 p.m. Sunday School at. 2.:W) p.m.
Prayer meet ing Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Suciely tneelw every Tuesday evening g<i s o'clock. Hov. II. Frow,
MKTiiomsT Ornmcu-Oornor Silica and
jonphtas Street*, Servloesat 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. m. ; Saliliulli School, 2,80p.m.: 1 'injur mooting on I hiir-ihiy evening at 8 o'clock: Kpworth
League C, E��� Tuesday at. S a.m. Rov, J. II.
White, Pastor. RcHldcncu, Josephine Slreel,
roar of church.
Haitist Uiiuhcii - Services morning and
pvonlngallla.m. and 7.311 |uu.; Prayer moot.
Ing 1 humbly evening at 8 p.m. the R. Y
I'.U. Tuesday ovonlng nl, 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially welcomed. Itov. (J. J. Coulter White,
Salvation Akmy���Servlo s ovory ovonlng
��t I o'cloch In Imrmeks on V otorl street
AOJudant Edgecombe In charge, I
OCT. 15, 16 & 17
conic OPERA.
INleisoi) Operatic Society
Plan of Seats is now   open
in the Opera House Store.
PRICES: $1.00, 75c- and 50c.
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largest   line   carried   by
any thin in Canada.
"Good   Cheer"   Ranges   and
Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call and lie convinced that the only  place to bny
Stoves   and   Ranges   .it   the   right   prices   Is   the
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Falri-np,     .    .    .     $_,��KT>,0.0.00  I   Kent ���1,700,000.0
I'nard <>r 1M1. thus:   Thoniiw K. IConny,   ProHldont;   Thomaa Kltchlo. Vlce-Proflldout.
Wllr) .Smith, 11. U. ii.Milil. lion. II. 11. Kullor, M.L.... Hon. David MaoKeen.
iinid Office, iiu.min
GcnenU Mutiukct. Kdson L, Pcaso. Montreal.
Supurintemkini of Branches, and Secretary, W, B. Torrance, Halifax,
Inspector, \V. K. 1 .ock, Halifax.
ltiMpuctor I). M. Stewart, Montreal.
lira 11 ���)������ h t
Nova Hfottft���Halifax Branch, AntiKoniah, Bridgwater, Guygboro. Londonderry, Lunonlmrp.
Muitland (HuntH Co.), Pictou, Port Bawkonbury, Sydney, Slmbenncadle, Truro, Weymouth
New BrmiKwlrk���Bathunt, Dorchester, Frederictim, KiiiKHton (Kent Co.), Moncton, New-
t_.t.l_. Sack villi , Woodi���_<__;. r. r. IhIkihI��� Charlottetown, SummorHlde. Quebec���Montreal
(City Olliee), Montreal, West Knd (Cor. Notro Damo and Solgneum Streets); Wentmount (Cor.
Greeno Avenue and SL Catharine. Street, O n la lie���Ottawa. Newfoundland���St. JoIid'h
Cuba, Wefit ludleM���Havana. Hulled Hlntex���N_w York (Ki Exchange Plaoe) liepubllc, Waah
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Van
conver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
CorreHpundenlH t
Canada��� Merchant** Bank of Canada,   Bon ton   National Shawm ut Bank.   Chicago���America
National Bank-   Han _ rum _*<���<�����First National Hank.   Londen, Kim. ��� Hank of Scotland.
Purls, France-Credit Lyonuais.   Itermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   I liiiiu him! Japan    Houy
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling: Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc, Negotiated.
Accounts received on tlie most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Hot Blast
To Burn Crow's
Nest and other
Soft Coals. The
Florence Hot
Blast is made
particularly for
these coals. Satisfaction guaranteed.
MIACHLANBROS,       Baker St.
I^ooijis and Offices to I_ei. ���
Apply   do   ihe
Nelson Electric TraipWat) Co-
Corner* Josephine and Vernon Streets.
Room 1, Turner _oeokh Hlook.
Houses and Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
;''lvo, kIx, bovou nml olglil room honsoH for
Niiln, twenty pit rent, bnlnw iiomL
nml  try ft bol.l.lo,  u flown, or n barrel of
OALQARY  BEER iw li la dm hum, ntul
ohe__   on    tbe   market.    AIho  try  our
LIQUORS,    mid    CIGARS.
Tuloplionu 10, Maker m��� NoIhoo
St. Josephs
JXcxfc term commences 3rd
September. For particulars npply to the
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day II.00.
li . J. V, O'lATOHIIN, Prop.
mcoR por**..** i_7_h
We Sell the
Highest Values
. Lowest Price
Most Satisfactory
Absolutely Pure
In Nelson.
Corner Baker and Stanley Streeb
Spokane Falls dc
Northern RY
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \< ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's  Falls with
stage daily for Republic,   and connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkavb. Day Train. AimrvK.
10 .,35 B.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:05 p. m Bomilnnd 5:30 p.m.
9:80 a, ni Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7 :05 a.m:
11:00 p.m Kossland 0:30 8.B1.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Krom Mont ii'"'
Allan Lino TunUIan  PSjJJ
Dominion I.Iiid Ciunbromnn J��{ V
llcavor Linu Lnko Onlnrlo _>i��
llonvor  Uno   LimlUinla ���;��������� _L'w
Krom Now York
White itar l.ino o_inlo .yf.i
White 8l*r Line Teutonic "_ ,'"
Uuiinnl Lino Campania ,', , i'i
Cunard Line Klrurlii  "V,.!
American Line Ht. Louis  ,"!"���.:;
Amoricnn Line New York....  .. .V
Anchor Lino   Klhlopia ;''',���
Anchor Lino City of Koine _,'?
N.G.L. LlnoKniHor Wilholmdor (tawi..- c ���
N.O.L. Lino Lnhn ����   '
Krenoh Line l^> liiU'COKlie	
French Line La Touraino���
Allan Stato Lino California!!
 ;...Oel II
    ... OoU
 .'.Tort W
Cunard Lino Ivornla	
Dominion Lino Now England....
Piihhbkok arranged to and from all Kurd ���
points.   Kor ratoH, tlcko.B and full Informal" i
apply lo 0. I'. K. depot ngont or II. L. liro����
Goncrnl / mint. C.P.U. Olllcos. Winnipeg
7-8inohdlam. $13.50 per 100 feet. ��*
immediate delivery in ����*������
J. 0. T. OROFTS, ��� n
p. 11. iinx    ��� Kolw"' J_
F. O. GKKKN        V. S. OTjKMENTS
'Jvll Engineers and Provincial U��>d
P. O. Bo* US Mel"00' B> tt f
Nelson  Daily Miner,   Tuesday   Evening,   October 9, 1900
The New  York  Times saysi   Wall
Street at P��,sent is watohinB wlth
' ,, i]lt,,,.st the steady advance in
the price of stlver-an advance that on
���rl(j reSuHed in oarrylng the prioe
Ul, t��� nearly HI cents an mince in Now
York th" highest Ugure Kince January
1SUT ' Explaining this uiliwnce, and
dlBousslng the situation generally, and
the piospeot of still higher prices,
Secretary. Edward Brush of the
Ainelrcan Smoltins and Kelluing Company,   an   authority   on   the subject,
.���The subject is one the future uf
wh|oll it is difficult to forecast.
Propheoles are worse than wasted.
When silver ilcelinctl from 80 cents im
ounce to ������������ oents there was u Strong
Bontlment nifiiiust it, and yet the decline was in the face of very general
predictions that it was not likely to
ooeur, At the present time the price
is governed more than it has been for
some time by the law uf supply anil
demand. It may not be generally
known, hut it is a fact, nevertheless,
Hint there has been a serious falling
off in tin' production of this country
in the last year. The production 11
year ago was about 50,000,000 ounces;
this year it is on a basis of a little
over .10,11(111,0110 ounces, the falling oil'
up toclate being equal to about 4,(100,-
000 minces. This is due to the fact
that some of the mines have been exhausted, while at tho same time so
much attention is being given tu the
gold anil copper ores that silver is
somewhat neglected. Were the price,
however, to go up to 711 cents an
ounce, many new mines would undoubtedly be worked. Yet In this
connection the fact is not tube losl
tight uf that while the production has
decreased here, it bus increased in
Mexico ami Hritish Columbia sufficiently to offset the loss here.
"What is the real factor in the situation is the increased demand from
India, China, and the Straits Settlements. So far this year London Iiiib
shipped to India. .1,000,(100 ounces
more than during the same time last
year, tu China 11,Olio,OOII ounces inure,
uml tn Ihe Straits Settlements 3,500,-
000 ounces more, The Increased shipments lu t'liina are due to tbe extension of trade ami the war. Since the
outbreak uf hostilities there tbe country has not been able to import anything, while exports still go out. Naturally, something must go in to pay
for those exports, and that something
is silver.
"In India the situation is more interesting anil stable. When tbe Knglish Government closed the mints to
silver iu 1895 it made an artificial
value fur the silver rupee, just us our
silver dollar has its artificial value.
In India they have no   banks, and the
only way to accumulate money is to
hoard. Now. Bllvei went to India for
years upon years at the rate of (10,-
000,000 ounces a year, and it went
out of sight, hoarded in tbe form of
the coined rupee. As soon as the
higher artiefiial value of the rupee
was created the Hoarders of the rupees began to take the amout, getting
the higher value, aud putting their
hoardings back in the form of bnv silver, of which they could got 35 per
cent, more in weight. At last this
ocean iB being baled out.' The hoarded rupees have nearly all come out,
but, inasmuch as the monetary needs
of the country arc increasing, the
English Government must continue to
coin rupees at an increasing rate, until it gets back to the place where it
was before the mints closed."
Peterhoro, Ont., Oct. B.���J, Kendry,
M. I'., bus Bgain been nominated for
the Commons by West Poterobro Conservatives.
Ottawa, Oot, 0. The Supreme Court
tmliiy rendered a list, of judgments
affecting eases iii Manitoba, Nova
Scotia, Quebec ami Ontario.
"One night my brother's baby was
take wilb Croup," writes Mrs. J. C,
Sider, of Crittenden, Ky., "it seemed
it would strangle before wo could get
a doctor,so we gave It Ur. King's New
Discovery, which gave quick relief
ami permanently cured it. Wo always
keep it in the house to protect our
children from Croup and Whooping
Cough. It cured me of a elirunic
bronohlal trouble that no other remedy would relieve." Infallible for
Coughs, Colds, Throat and Lung
troubles, .mi cents and Sl. Trial bottles free at Canada Drug & Hunk Co,
Advertisement* Inserted under this head at
the rat*, uf one cent a word por Insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 2,1 cents.
FOR SALE.���Florence Park Hotel and
Huberts'    Ranch,    situated  on   lake
shore, :.'V   miles from Nelson.    Apply
II. R. Cameron,
LADY, cheerful, active, desires position ns housekeeper. Useful companion, nursery governess or mother's
help. Willing to leave town. Hood
references.  Address " IS" Miner Office.
WANTED -Dressmaking   apprentices
wanted*. Salary paid.  Hudson's Bay
WANTED.���Evoiy   woman In  Nelson
to   visit    Jlrs. ISnfiold's    millinery
parlors, and   see   her   stock  of   bats.
The best in the city.
FOR   SALE.���Cheap,     steam   yacht.
Apply Geo. S. Beer, agent, city.
WANTED.���About Nov. 1st., a position as Stenographer by a young
lady. Speed 110 uiiii upwards. Experienced typewriter, Apply to Business College. Mrs. Rattray.
FOR   RENT.���A   furnished  bedroom
on linker  Street. West.    Apply Box
180 Post Olliee.
LOST.���Fox terrier bitch. 10 months
old, black and tan bend, black spot
on tail answering to name of Spark.
If any Information is obtained, ad
dress, C. W, Voung. Provincial Police
otliee. Nelson.
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught In 30 lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
FOR : RENT.��� Cellar.   Apply   Mor-
cbants' Hank of Halifax.
FOB HENT���Furnished rooms.  Good
attendance.   Second   door   east  of
Citv Hull.
FIRST   CLASS   room   and   hoard  in
private family, |5.50 and ���(!.   Table
board   $4.    ('aiiioniite   Street,   second
house east of Josephine.
Water   Rates   Must   He   Paid   Before
Saturday,  Oct. 80,
All those who are in arrears, and
who persist ill not paying their water
rate before tho '.'Oth of this month,
will be cut off from all water supply
without further notice. This was the
order of the council at the weekly
meeting last evening and it was then
ordered that the ordinance be strictly
I'le question of securing the water
front right from the (lovernment came
"P but nothing was done as Mayor
Houston said that three ministers
would visit Nelson next week and
that they would be approached on the
W. H. Brown asked that a ditch be
placed on Gore Street, for the purpose
"' draining his property.    The matter
was referred to the board of pulbic
, W. II. Bullock Webster askod that
ihe electric light system be extended
to his residence on'Latimer Street. It
was referred to tbe board of public
Hl_��' T' Cro,ts offered the olty 11
Blake stone crusher quoting tbe price
at 1300, The matter was referred to
the board of public works.
''��� U. 0, lleer by communication
awed to be reinstated as tax collector.
further than to read tbe request notb-
mg was done.
A six foot sidewalk is to be placed
on the ninth side of Victoria Street
mm Ward to Stanley. Also an elec-
[ic light is to be placed in front of
'he-erty library.
The pound by-law was advanced to
'he third reading and will be finally
adopted next meeting.
$  Of their  own  merits  modest
* men lire dumb���Coleman.
It really shocks our
modesty to tell of tho
superior excellence of
our goods, but modern aggressiveness
has reached such a
state that wc are
forced to mention it
occasionally to remind tlie Absent-
Mindcil Beggars
A Careful Reading.
al hand that a thoroughly
equipped druggist should have.
We havo plenty of line, fresh
drugs, plenty of good help,
and plenty of time to give
your prescription careful reading null careful compounding
so as to insure the best results.
Baker Street. Nelson.      P, 0,  liox 2M.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Is the highest priced Champagne  on the English
and  French  markets.
Some Rubbers have very little rubber in them. Indeed they are very trashy stuff. We don't handle
anything but the best brands,the kind we know will
bring customers back for OTHER Footwear. You
can DEPEND en our Rubbers, We have them at all
prices and in all styles.
Mill nt, PILOT HAY. Ynnls, NKLSON
and LAHDO,
H. & M. BIRD
Agents lor Eureka  rimrral Wool and
Asbestos  Co.
Insuranr.11 Co. of North America. Mutual Lifo
Insurance Go., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
-id ft. mi Mil!   Street S   500
.mi ft. im  Victoria  Street,   easy
terms     BOO
2.ri ft. on   Victoria   Street,   easy
terms      260
.11) ft. corner on Stanley Street..     080
2fi ft. Victoria Street, west      080
BO ft. Vernon Street,  west  1,300
8-Roomed  House  on   Carbonate
Street ��2S 00
7-Uoomcd  Souse,   Park   Street,
elose to linker Street   B0 Oil
7-Roomed House on Mill Street. 2B 00
8-Roomed House. Hume Addition 30 Oil
Kurnislu'd House on Observatory
Street  8�� 00
'��� ��l|pujture li on ovory box of the gonnlno
laxative Bromo-Qiiinine *�����������
' Umi* tb_t corn ��� COM    . ��*��� ��"V
"Hills of Sale, Aet."
His Honor tlie Lieutenant���Governor, undet the provisions of   Section   li
of the   "Hills  of Halo Act as enacted
by Section S> of the Hills of  Sale  Act.
Amendment,   Act,   1809,"   has   been
pleased to alter the place for  the registration of Bills of Sale "for the remainder of the County of  Kootenay,
as  follows, namely:      ,      ���      ,       ,
For   that   part   of   the   County  of
Kootenay h��lng the territory  covered
by the North Riding  of Lust  Kootenay Electoral District: -
The olliee  of  the Registrar of the
County Court at Golden,
For that part of the Connty Ol
Kootciiav bo_ff the territory covered
by the Revelstoke Riding of the West
Kootnav Electoral District:
The office of the Registrar of the
County Court at RevelBtokc.
Such alteration to take effect on
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial    Secretary's    Office,    6th
September, 1900,
Soo Line
I imperial    Limited
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Annowiihad and Kootknay Land'.mi
Tourist Cms pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paid; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston! Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars
pass ltevelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 IiV Nelson Ar 10:11-}
16:80 Lv Nelson Ar 18146
Morning train daily for and  from
Rossland. and  for Revelstoke, main
line and I'aeilie Const.
Afternoon train daily WT and frmn
Rossland, and from Revelstoke, main
Hue and I'aeilie Consl, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7.80 Lv ) x, ,       S        A��' l��iS0
,",    _     , 1   Nelson  ] (K   Bunl
(Ex Sun) j ( U-xpiii)
For and from Sandon, Blooan points,
ltevelstoke,   inaiu    line    and    1 aeillc
(Ex Sun)       Str Kokunee       (Ex 8On)
1(1-00 Lv Nelson Ar lltUU
Saturday to Argenta mid return,
leaving Kaslo nt ZOiOOk.
Kootknay- Rivkk ROUTE.
Dnilv    Strs Movie and Nelson     Daily
22-80 Lv Nelson Ar 2:110
" Connects at Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nesl. Line trains.
For rntes, tickets and full Information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelsou, H. C., or
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83      -       -
Wholesale  Houses
rpHOUPfl Sc co. Limited���Oorser Varnon
,1     umt (.'ii.ii'  -.I'ri-i-, .\i 1 -ii,,    :w t.i,; in
t_-rj uf and wholesale dealers in aorulcd waters
and fruit Hyrupn. Solo agents for Halcyon Hot
- pi mi; ��� minerui water.   Tolephon. *KJ.
_13i N. Mi Cummins, Loesoe���Every known
Variety of soft drinks, i* 0 Hox an. 'l ulepbone
No. 31. Hoover .invt'i, NoImiii. bottler* uf Die
luniiii. .-.. Leon Hot spring* Mineral VVuter.
C1ANK Sc MACOONAU) (II. Cu.no, Jaineu
'   A. Maodonald)���ArchitccU und tuiperiu-
1 '-ii'ii-n: ���, Itrokcn Hill r.iu, 1.. cornor Haker and
Wurd SLroutH, fsolson.
CO.���Manufacturer! of the Royal ideal
and   Kootenay    belie   < 1,.   1  .     Factory   and
otlice, linker btruot, Nelson,
UJ. EVANS Sc CO.-Haker Street, Nol-
��� nn u iii>i."...|. .le,1. 1 in Uquors, ei'
:,.u :������, cement, tlie brick und lire clay, water
pi in' and ��� -1 < i'l rails, and K"nural commission
J    A. M'DONAU) -Madden Hlock, Nelson
���   Fruits, ice cream,  "U. H." chocolates,
tUtft) Clan confectionery.   Ico Cream  Parlor*,
W'holusule and rutin) dculcrs in grain,
hay, Hour, feud. Mills at Victoria, New West-
iiim :i-r: Kdmonton, Altu, KlovatorH on Cal-
Kary and Kdmonton lUulway. Manufacturers
of lho celebrated H. & 1,. brand Cereals.
Trav. 1'ftHH, A��od_
A  H. P. Agenti,
A. R. BARROW, am 1 ok
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotorla and Kootraay Stn-
p, 0. Box M9. Telephone No. 95
A   two-story  il\vi!llin_     7 large rooms;   front find   liaok
stuii'H;   halls;   closets; hath room ; sewer eonneetion;
about four blocks  from post-office  83.000
$7oo cash, balance monthly.    A Brst-class buy.
Five-room Cottage; sewer eonneetion; 25-foot lot; a hlock
from train line, in Addition A        750
Easy terms.
Two good SB-foot lots, near the street ear barns: only....       fioo
riii-foot corner, Vernon, street    3,600
US-foot lot, Carbonate street       250
5-Rooro Cottage  817 50
���i-Kooin Cottage    IB oo
B-Room Cottage     l.i 00
4-Hoom Cottage      18 00
To   let   on a yearly lease, li-room house, corner of   Cedar
and Victoria;   all plumbing;   gas and  electric light.
Fire Insurance Fromptly Placed.
Amaciionai.ii  & co. -Corner Front
���  ami llaii streets��� wiioitiHuiu <���,,..,���
una jobborn in  blankuU., kIovoh, mil Lh,  IhhiUi,
nililii i>, iiiiuikiniiWH and miner.*' -iiii.ln.- .
VJEIjBON SAW and planing mii.i.-
i\ I ulice corner Hall anil Iront HirovU,
.M'i .ni i .uiiii.. i ceilliiK, llooriiiK, uml uvury
l ImiK in wood lor building purpotuii*. i;. i our
pricoH.   t ��� i l.i:.,   nolicllod.
PBUKN8 & Co.-Bakor Street, Nelion-
���   U tioluKalu il. ul. i    In fresh and cured
menu,.   Cold suiruia-.
Baker utraot, nslson���Wnolesals deal-
orn in frodli und cured ineuU.
Streel. N.I nn ��� Wliok'Kiile ilsnluiB in
tuLnhvaru, uiinei-h' ui-pln h (hhiiuk KOtxln,
ML AC II LAN BROa (Suoce��<orH to Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.) linker Streel,
Ni-i nn v, imlr ,,l,- deiilem In burdwaro and
luiuinK roppUsSj plumberh' and I in-niil b��' hij|i-
���M"K_80N   HAUDWAKK   CO.��� Wholcwilo
il        I"l l 11 I : . .Ill-    Htltl   K'll. ���   .   III. I ll.u.i. IooIh.
AkuiiU foi Ontario I'owdor \Vorkn; dj nauiltu
P. BURN5 & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to nny branch will have careful _4 nromnt attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
rpuUNKK, BKETON & Co.-Corner Vornoi:
X    und JOMphiOfl UlroclH,  NoIhoii���WJicJo-
���Hii' ilriili'i ��� tn ini .nn- . i-i(;u ���". unit dry Koodt.
AgonU for l'.id-i JtrcwihK Co. of Milwaukeu
und CalKury Brewing Co of ChIkmt*
UDSON'H HAY Co.  Wboleulo pooeriei
and liijuorx tjtc., Haker Mtreut, Selnon.
C1AMKOHNIA WINK CO., Limited-Corner
/ Front nod Hall Htreut. NoIhoii-Wholo-
Hiiio doalern in wlnon n-u ��������� aixt bulk), and
doniodtlc and importod Olgars,
JY. UK1KKIN 4 CO. Corner Vernon and
��� JoMuphliie HtroL'tM, Nelnon ��� Wholenalo
dealei. In provtaloiiH, curd moaU, butter and
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
Fish and Poultry in Season
_=.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Bakkr Strket, Nki.son.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Wlniiortnoro Mlnon.   Coitmp  ��� onooHol'clUil
Brewers Q( Finn Lnger
Beer ami Potter,
Sir I -ii, U. ( ���1
Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Tuesday  Evenim,  October 9   *&*>>
11. W, Taylor, of tliis olty, who yes-
terday purohased tbe Newsboy eluiiu
from Robert Qua, brougb down a sample of nn1 froiii tin- property nnd Imd
assay tests taken from it yesterday
afternoon, The returns were higb,
souu' giving .110 in Kuld per ton. The
vein has been found to lie III! inches
wlile. and tins been stripped for a distance nf 1,300 feet.
The property is situated along the
Spokane Falls & Northern, about six
miles from Nelson, and is well looated
as to shipping inutilities. Development work will be resumed next
spring, when tunneling  nnd shafting
will e done.
*   ���   ���
Rossland, Oet, 0.���The output from
the euinp has been dimlnishd, as the
Le Roi No. i! has stopped shipping
altogether for the present and will
not resume until the plants at the
smelter anil at the l.e Roi are in a
sufficient statu of preparedness to allow of resumption. Ii is probable
that one or two Irregular shipments
may be made from time to time, but
the output from the l.e Koi No. 2 has
practically ceased for the present.
The Rossland Great Western should
ship this week. It was the intention
to ship last week, bul the smelter has
become mure congested than over. lie-
fore all the arrangements have been
completed it is probable thnt the year
will have ended. Shipments for the
rest of the year will not, therefore,
materially exceed the Weekly output
for the last seven days. As to the
Columbia and Kootenay, there will
be nothing done upon it for the coming winter as far as shipping is concerned. Although H was the intention
of the management to have done something this season, there has been so
much work in eonneetion with the
other mines that there has not been
time to attend to the Columbia and
Kootenay. which indeed,for the treatment of its ores depends upon the capacity of the Northport smelter.
The smelter has three furnaces in
full blast, but is restricted by tbe capacity of its sampling mill, through
which all ore must go before it can be
placed upon the roast heaps. Now the
Le Roi is building a sampling mill on
the headworks of the main shaft,
whieh, when completed, will allow
the mill at Northport to deal with
customers. Kven when this is completed the smelter has to put in some
subsidiary mechanical roasters and
even another briquetting machine, so
that the first matter from the smelter
can be treated for a higher renfiement
before shipping to the refineries east.
Thus it will be seen that the shipments from the subsidiary II. A. C.
properties depends wholly on the com-
lction of a quantity of inter-dependable plants at nnd connected with the
S   *   *
The returns ol   tne   Athabasca mill
for the September run. nre as follows:
Period of   run, :.'!! dnyB, 8 hours.
Number of tons crushed, 410.
Value of bullion recovered. .$11,583 3ii
Value of   concentrates     4,08(100
Total values recovered 116,308 .'111
Value per ton SII'J 70.
Corrected returns for August plnce
the total values recovered at 117)873.34
���   ���   ���
The following are the mining records for today: Transfers���From (I.
W. Taylor of Nelson, to R. McGregor,
\i Interest in Newsboy, on Roaring
Creek, for a consideration of (5. Certificate of Work���On North Fork to
Ymir Gold Mines. Ltd. Locations���
Copper llutte, on Hall Mines road, by
Alex Lang and W. Telford; llraohuiid
on Sandv Creek, by  1'. .1. Nichols.
11. Dewar was arrested yesterday
afternoon on u charge of unlawful
indecent assault on Madame llellen, a
French woman who resides near the
Kossland Hotel on Vernon Street.
The assault took place ou Sunday.
Dewar wns arraigned before Magistrate Crease at the Police Court, this
morning but the case was remanded
until 10 n. m, Thursday
The rock crusher at tbe eity quarry
on Victoria Street, was moved from
lusephine to Hall today in order to
obtain sufficient rock to ciush for the.
completion of the mncndnmmng of
linker Street, Tho rock on Victoria
Street between Josephine nnd Hall iu
now torn away and a good grade has
been mnde. Men will bo ong ged to
level the street with earth and then it
will be made passable for teams.
The Canadian Pacific steamer due
to airlvo in Nelson nt 1 130 this morning from Kootenay Landing did not
reach here until 11:111 tills forenoon,
thus being lo hours Into. From the
passengers it was learned that the delay was caused by a big washout at a
place called Wavigoon, a short distance east of Rat Portage. It is said
that heavy rains have been falling
there during the past two weeks nnd
now big Hoods prevail.
The plaa of seats for the first two
performances of "The Mikado'' by
the Nelson Operatic Society were
opened this morning and there was a
big rush for tickets. Tho rehearsals
last night left, no room for doubt as
to tho artistic success of the production and the sale of seats this morning made the financial success assured. This evening tho first dress rehearsal will take place. Tomorrow
night there will be no rehearsal aud
on Thusrday another dross rehearsal
will he held.
The advance man of tbe Gorton
Minstrel show which appears nt the
Opera House l(riday and Saturday
nights, snys of hill company: This
Company do not believe In procrastination, but always seize upon the
timely topics nt once, and mirror its
funny features to the public, it is
truly an up to date minstrel organization, (all white artists). The great
new First Part, with its six end men,
famous Crescent City C/uartette, new
ballads, new jokes aud interludes, is
the best ever seen of genuine minstrelsy and mirth.
Great interest is being taken in the
opening of the Colville Indiane Rser--
vation which tho United States Government has announced is to take
place shortly. The country is said to
bo of extreme fertility, and a rush
similar to that which took plnce when
Oklohomo was thrown open to settlement is being looked for. The Reservation is in the northern part of
Washington State, and close up to the
Canadian Boundary. The principal
plnees In the nelghobrhood are Mol-
son, Chcsaw and Holster which are a
ew miles of the boundary line, und
they are most easily reached by the
Canadian Pacific Railway's new
Boundary Creek extension from Midway, the distance from that point being only 19 miles to Holster, 20% to
Chesaw and -'II!., to MolBon by a gooil
waggon road. In the past difficulty
has been experienced In getting shipments of freight to those parts owiug
to luck of customs facilities, but this
will now be completely overcome ns
the I'nited States (lovernment has just
assigned u customs officer to Midway
to facilitate tho transfer of American
freight to those points.
Allen line steamer  Parisian arrived
at Moville ut I p. in.. Sunday.
Horn���This morning, to Mr. and
Mrs. Dudley Blackwood, a daughtor.
C. D. ���!. Christie'  left  for Spokane
yesterday on a pleasure nnd business
Mr. C, W. Hill, who for the past
yeur has been assistant city engineer,
leaves tonight for llracebridge, Ontario, where he will go into business as
contractor and engineer. Mrs. Dill
accompanies him.
The relatives of .lames Campbell,
who died at the city hospital yesterday,were heard from last evening und
they requested that the .cumins be
forwarded lo Exeter for interment.
The   remains   will    bo   shipped   this
Mr. C. E. McPherson of Winnipeg,
, general passenger agent of the C. I'.
R. line west of Lake Superior, accompanied by Mr. 13. .1. Coyle, of Vancouver, assistant passenger agent. Is expected to arrive in   Nelson  tomorrow
Toronto, Ont. Oct. U.���Isiah Warner, who it is alleged, was badly kicked in the abdomen by B. Taverncr
during n brawl in a hotel at Huniber,
Saturday, September 39, as to the respective merits of Hon. Clarke Wal-
lee and Arch Campbell, ns candidates
in Fust York, died Saturday as a result of the injuries sustained. Warner
was caretaker of the Ontario Governments' piggery. Tavemer Is now in
Jail, and will havo to stand trial on
the charge ot manslaughter.
Toronto, Oct 9.���Corporal Ingle-
stroin, a hero of Paardeborg, mnde 60
out of u possible 75 nt the Queen's
Own Rillc   shoot Saturday.
Kingston, Oct. 9.���J. A. Allen, author and writer, fnther of tho lute
Grant Allen,the well known Canadian
author, died here yesturduy, aged 811
Bire to adjust some grievances respecting minimum nnd maximum
weights and other matters regarding
questions of  classification to British
Oolumlba and other points, and will
endeavor to arrange a conference between the business men of eastern
Canada and the Classification Association in order to bring about the
TO rl Bi: A  GOLD  i\   om   DAI
Take bsxatlvn Hroino Quinine Tablets. All
dniK_ t�� rufunil ihe monojr If It, falln to miro.
Uo.   K, W. Drove's signature la on each box.
Athens, Ont., Oct. 9.���A destructive
i lire occurred here Saturday. A frame
building, William Parish, grocer, und
| W. Harlc, tinsmith, and a number of
residents living above the stores lost
everything. The ndjoining building
was badly damaged and the store of
Aekley Urown, hamessmnker, destroyed.
Toronto, Oct.J.���Tho transportation
committee of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association and the Canadian
Freight Classification Association de-
Ottawa, Oct. li.���Sir Wilfrid Laurier
leaves this afternoon for Montreal anil
will address meetings iii the Province
of Quebec the four following days.
Story of Eva Moser Who Died
In a Shack In Nelson
The story of Eva Moser, whose dead
body was found in a shack at the foot
of Ward street last night, is tho story
of another outcast from the half
world; a story of a woman who had
fallen so low iu the depths of degru
dation that oven her sisters in shame
refused her succor. She died as she
hud lived for several duys pust, in u
dirty shack, what little clothiug she
wore as dirty as the floor beneat
nor, and around her empty bottles
which had boon filled with that which
hud brought the woman herself to the
position of an outcast. There was in
her face as the body was lifted from
the floor a Bemblance leftof the refin
ment which hud marked her girlhood
Sho wus discovered last evening by
John Rhodes who notified W. II. liul-
lock-Webster, Chief of Provincial l'o
lice. Mr. Webster visited the shuck
and found thut the woman had died
only a short time before. Rhodes at
tention was drawn to tho shack first
on Sunday morning when in passing
it, ho hoard some one groaning, lie
looked through the window nnd the
woman wus lying on the floor, ns
Rhodes thought, drunk. He paid no
further attention to her, until jester
day evening, when again passing the
house. This time he looked in
through tho door and saw the womui
laying motionless on the tloor. Jit
did not care to inevstigute hinicslf
und therefor called Mr. llullook-Webster. Chief Jarvls and Ur. Ar
thur. coroner, were notified and tho
latter ordered tho body removed to an
undertaking establishment.
Eva. Moser, as the woman was
known in the half world,came to Ncl
son from Feinie several months ago
She was addicted lo the liquor habit
nnd wns more often drunk thun sober
In duly she wns arrested for vagrancy
nnd was sentenced to 00 days in the
Provincial Jail, being discharged on
October 1. Since thut time she has
lived ns best she could sleeping in the
shack in which she died and begging
liquor or money from any one who
would give. There is no suspicion of
foul piny in connection with her
denth. Coroner Arthur has decided
that no inquest will lie necessary, as
tho wOman undoubtedly died from
natural causes.
Cranbrook, 11. C, Oet. 9.���Mr. W.
A. Galllher. the Liberal nominee in
the Yale-Kootenay-Cariboo district
had a big meeting in this city last
night. Everybody in town was ou to
hear the Nelson man und he was en-
thusinsticully received. Mr. (lalliher
will hold meetings at several other
points before returning to Nelson.
Two More Coal Mine Operators Offer
the Ten Per Cent. Advance.
Hazelton, Pa., Oct. 9.��� The A. S.
Van Wicklo Co., operating tho Cole-
rain and MllneSville collieries, and
the Calvin Pardee and Co., owners of
the Latimer mines, posted notices today offering the ten per cent, advance
in wages to its mine workers. The
notices are similar to those posted by
the other companies. There are only
about four other individual operators
in this region that hnve not yet offered the Increase, among them being n.
B, Markle & Co. These firms, however, are expected to make the wage
concession within the next few days.
There wus no march this morning but
the usunl crowds gathered in the vicinity of the collieries that nre still
working for the purpose of getting
the men to refrain from going to
work.   There  were  no disturbances
repoi ted.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Ranoh, two nnd a balf miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, propiietor.
FOR SANK. Two good business lots
In the town of Phoenix, SO feet
frontage, original cost Sl.mm, will sell
for tho same figure on the following
terms: One third cash, balance in six
and twelve months, Address F it n
P. O. liox 198, Nelson, 11. C.
LOST.���A long, black   ostrich feather
boa,   Finder please return ty Minor
office and receive reward,
Fancy Shoes are shapely
for a short time only;
After they have been
worn a little while they
become shapeless.
We are Sole Agents for
Dress Goods  I
C=  French CrepeTCloth, a great bargain,   at,
�� per yard rrgQ   3
C:  French Wool Creponne, at, per yard,..
I .      , cm,     , i)0,(J_^1,-^0, 20(>' 250 1
C=   French Silk and Wool   Mixed   Creponne,
at, per yard 8?5 25   ^
S_;  French Silk Creponne, finest  quality,   at,
�� per  yard $5-5()   ^
S^  Black Satin  Victoria,   smooth   finish,   al,
�� Pcr >'ard 750 =1
�� Black Mosquiveitte,  satin  finish,   al,   per
H yard 75C and $_.()() |
�� These goods are all bright and new, being  this  ����
S~ fall's importations,and this is  the last  opportunity  3
�� you will have to secure them at the above prices.
(Martin O'Reilly J
which keep their shapliness.
These shoes are modelled on
correct lines and do not have
to be "broken in" by the
rxelsons SATISFIED
WOMEN wearers have
found the Empress Shoes,
Fashionable, Elegant and
Perfect Comfort.
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Bent and Sale on Easy Terms
Olliee over Nelson Wine Store.
Provincial Board of Health
Regulations for the Detection ana
Treatment or a Disease Known as
Bubonic Plague.
Approved by Order of His Honor tho
Lieutenant -Governor - in-Council,
Dated the lith Day of September.
1. All sick Chinese or Japunesc must
send or (five notice of their illness to
the Health Officer or Police Constable
in the district where sueh Chinese or
Japanese reside.
2. Physicians in attendance "on sick
Chinese or Japanese shull notify the
Health Ollicer or  Chairman of the Lo-
cul Board of Health of Municipalities;
or if in un outlying district, the (lovernment Agent must be notified. Sueh
notification should statu the cause of
illness and the condition of the glands
throughout the hody of the sick person und   should   be   delivered   to   the
Health Officer, Chairman of the Local
liourd of Health or Government Agent,
us the' case may be, at the earliest
possible opportunity'.
3. In City Municipalities the Modi-
ml Ileulth Olliee shull he notified
within six hours of the death of any
Chinese or Japanese, by the person on
whose premises such ileuth occurred,
or by some relation or person having
charge of the person so dying,
I. In Rurul Municpalities the Medical Health otiicer, or Chairman or
Secretury of the Local Hoard of Health
must be notified within six hours of
such deaths, and in outlying districts
the (lovernment Agent or Provincial
Constable shall he notified within
twelve hours ufter such death, or as
soon after as possible. Certificates us
to the cause of death must he signed
by the health officer in   muiiicitalities
and in outlying districts hy the Government Agent, or some person duly
authorized by him.
i. Any person violating any provision of these regulations,shall be 11-
ahle upon summary conviction before
any two Justices of the Peace, for
every sueh offense, to u line not s.x-
eeiling one  hundred   dollars, with or
without costs,  or  to Imprisonment,
ith or without hard  labor,  for a
term not exceeding six months, or   to
both fine  uml  Imprisonment,  In  the
discretion of the convicting court.
Secretary Provincial Hoard of Health.
Hy Command,
Provincial Secretary,
Victoria, Ii. C., September oth, l'yoo.
To Our Customers
' ...AND THE...
i Public in General.
l \f> iii \.i
WE having this day disposed of our Business, to Messrs.
Wm. Hunter & Co., we bespeak for them a continuance of thut very liberal share of patronage which has been extended us during our business career in Nelson. We can only
assure you that those traits which lias built up for us and maintain
the reputation for Honest and Reliable Dealings, will be continued throughout by tlie new firm. We therefore take great
pleasure in recommending them to all our old customers, and
also to as many new ones as may honor them with their patronage.    Thanking you one and all for past favors, we are
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
To the Public.
Having this day taken over the Business of The Western
Mercantile Company, Limited of Nelson, we beg to ask for a
continuance of the patronage which you have heretofore extended to them. Our aim will be at all times to supply you
with the best goods at lowest possible prices; being in a position to buy goods in larger quantities than any firm in the
Kootenays, we will therefore give you the benefit of the margin.
The same staff which has waited on you in the past will
continue to do so, aud they will spare no pains in making the
dealings both pleasant and profitable to you. To those who
have not honored the retiring firm with a share of their patronage, we would ask you to come and have at least a trial order,
when you will be convinced our prices are the lowest, and our
goods are the best.
1     Wm. Hunter & Co.
Successor to
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Siaple   anil   Fancy   Groceries.
&*A U*jL  *&l CaJUs* *nU    -
Canada Permanent andWes-
tern Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. U. LENNOX, Baker  St.
Nol Ron.
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kinds nl second hand goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an ancbor to a
needle. Fomitnre, stoves, oarperts,
cnoking ntensils, bongbt In household
qnantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write, Address
Silver King Mike, Box 300. Hall
Street. NoIhoii. H. O.
I hereby give notice that at the
next meeting of the  License Oominla-
llonerfl for the Nelson district will
apply for a license to sell intoxicating
liquors at the KoHsbind Hotel. Vernon
Street, Lot 1(1. Hlock Oil, In the City
of Nelson, B. 0.
Gamble & O'Reilly
flee Can Pit You.
lie has  one of  the  belt  and large*'
Kail nnd Winter stocks in
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
Baker Street,


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