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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 8, 1900

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 Provincial Library
Daily Edition No. 697.
Nelson, British Columbia, Sunday, April 8, 1900.
Tenth Year
General Gatacre Engages the
Boers at Reddersburg
Boer Prisoners Escape From
Slmonstown-200 Insurgents Captured,
Enemy Said to Be Planning
t3 Outflank Lord
al attaok, but it is added that they are
endeavoring to turn the British position by orossing tha Basntoland frontier by a road skirting Caledon River,
tho toad emorging south of Weponcr.
Reports reach Maseru hourly of Boer
activity in the Ornuge Free State.
The latest unollloial diBpatch from
Bloemtonteiu, dated   Thursday,   says:
"The Boers oontinue to show great
aotivity and numbers of British troops
are arriving daily."
A small contingent of gunners frjm
tho Biitish battleship Monaroh, left
Gape Town for Bloemfontein Fr; day.
Though Lord Roberts lost nearly a
thousand men this week,he is stronger
relatively, as four times an many men
hnvo been landed at tbe Oape.
Interesting   Events
Queen's  Stay
Bloemfontein, April 4.-(Wednesday).���General Gataore had au engagement with the enemy at Reddersburg
today. The details have not yet been
London, April 8.���No ne"ws wss issued by the War Office tonight. None
was rooeived Irom tbe front exoept
tbst from Bloemfontein, dated April
4th, relating to the engagement of
Gtneral Gataore at Reddersburg, whioh
seems to have been held back by the oeu-
wr. It will be remembered that Lord
Roberts, ln reporting the nnfortonate
occurrenoe at Reddersbnrg, Baid that
General Gatacre bad arrived there on
the morning of April 4, hence he may
have succeeded in engaging tbe Boors
later in the day. It is strange, how-
���ver, that 'Jeneial Gataore's subsequent movements havo not been mentioned in Lord Roberts otber dispatches, the latest of wbioh was dated
tbe evening ot April 0.
Il ii reported from Ladysmith thut
the Boers ire beginning to construe
General Buller's inactivity ns a sign
of fear or inability to resume notive
operations. Henoe tbey are showing
inuoii aoth ity.partionlaily aroond Big-
ganburg, and are said to bo planning
to outflank General Holler by au ml
vauoe in force by way of Helpmtikor.
As the plan is known, it is not likely
tbat the Boers will find Bnller uupro-
The Boers stnte tbat tbe Golosburg
and Storm berg oomniandos, numbering
6,000 men and ten gnus, have reached
Speaking at nn annexation moetiug,
it Wynberg on April 0, foriuor Premier Sir John Gordon Sprigg deolared
that he bad been informed by a member
of tbe Afrikander Bund, who had just
returned from Pretoria, thut the Exe-
ontives of tho Republio at the commencement of the war expeated tbe notive assistance of 40,000 Coloninls. He
bad learned also that doonments exist-
ed iuoiiminutiug n nnmher of leading
Colonials in machinations with the
Uo'-iTiimonts uf the Republics.
London, April 7. ��� (1 r05 p. m.)���
Lord Roberts reports to the War Office
as follows: "Bloemfontein, Friday,
April 8.��� The casualties at Reddersburg were: Officers killed, Ooptaiu
R G. Cannon and Lieut. O. R. Barclay, both of the Northumberlauds;
wonnded, two; oaptnred eight. Non-
oomruUsioned officers aud men, killed
���lght wonnded, 23. The rest wero
eaptured. Onr strength wan KIT mount -
ed Infantry and 424 infantry. The
enemy was laid to be 9,200 atrong
with Ave guns."
London, April 7.���The War Office
posted a list of casualties at Peterson-
tein, near Bosho', on April 0. The
only one reported killed is Sergeant
Pat Campbell, of the Imperial Yeomanry, husband of the well known
aotress. Six non-commissioned officers
aud men are reported wonnded.
England Now Resigned to a
Long Struggle in the
Oape Town, April 7.���A determined
effort was made by Boer prisoners to
���scape from Simonstown today. In
the confusion one prisoner was killed
and another wourtded. Fourteen are
Oarnarvon, Cape Oolony, April 0.���
Two hundred insurgents who were unaware tbat Sir Charles Parsons had
"��-ui iml Eenhardt and were on tbo
way to that place have boen captured
by the British troops.
Notes of the Exposition���Another Duel
Fiom Rothsohililo-Liibersuo Affair.
Paris, April 7.���The advance guard,
of the nrmy of foreigners inavding
Paris for the Exposition, has made its
entry and a very large proportion are
Americans. Tha hotels are already
filling up and the prices of everything
are rising.
At the exposition itself everything is
bustle and confusion. Heavy draught
teams line the streets adjoining tbe
exposition buildings waiting to deposit
their loads of exhibits. The American
exhibitors nro finding themselves seriously handicapped in preparing for
tbo installation, owing to the unex-
poted congestion on the railroads between Havre and Paris and also on tbe
tracks within tho exposition grounds.
There is a continnal struggle between
representatives of every nation to get
oars in the grounds, bnt the French
poonlo hold the key to the situation
and take good care that their own onrs
aro taken to their exhibit spaoe and
unloaded before those of the United
States and other nations. Russia and
Belgium are the only countries favored. United Stntes Commissioner Genernl Peck is disturbed by this situation
nud to expedite matters has stationed
men nlong the railway, from Havre
to Paris, lor the purpose of pushing
through the oars carrying Amerioau
Tho talk of society is of the crop of
duels springing from the De Lnbersac
do Rotbsohildo quarrel, wbioh is really
tbo fruit of ant i-Semite feeling. Tbe
affair is of trivial origin, dating from
the school days of the two principal
aotors, when on one occasion Oomte de
Lnbersno found Baron Robert de
Rothschilde iu possession of tbe college tennis oonrt and asked him to
quit. De Rothschilde refused and in
the course of a dispute whioh ensued
De Lnbersac oalled him a "dirty
Jew." The result caused an ill feeling lasting during the remainder of
their college days. Oomte Ue Lnber-
sao was recently a member of a jockey
club, and an unpleasant remark was
repeated to bim which was attributed
to his old disputant, and ho wrote an
insulting lotter to Baron Rothsobildes.
A It hough the seoonds deolared he was
n minor, and debarred from seeking
satisfaction, a meeting between the two
is only uoBtponed, as De Rotbsnhilde
is demanding to settle tbe mnttor on
the field of honor. The offensive reference to Rothscbilde's second, M.
Saint Allury, insinuating that he is a
Jewish coward, made in tho letter by
Oomte De Dion and Oomte Boni De
Oustollauo.ooting in the oapaoity of De
Lubersao's suoonds, has brought a challenge from M. Saint Allary to Oomte
De Dion who is tbe principal Beooud
of Do Lubersao. This attack on the
Rothsobildes is considered most unkind an they nre remarkable for their
generosity toward all oharitable under-
takings iu Paris.
Continental Press Held Responsible for Attack on
the Prince.
London, April 7.-3:115 p. m.)���The
Boers are in force at Wepennr, north
of timttbfleld, Orange Free State, and
are threatening General Brabant's Colonial division,the main body of whioh,
with the artillery, Is at Wopcner.
A telegram which left Masorn, Basntoland, north of Weponor, at midnight, describes tbe Boers as heing in
great foroo and afraid to make a front-
Loudon, April 7.���From a oity of
nervous forebodings, political ���excitement and almost stagnant business,
Dublin has bean transformed into a
capital as gay and busy as any European oentre. The coming of the Queen,
though to a Ontholio oouutry iu the
middle of Lent, bas started a whirl uf
festivities suoh as bas not been in Ireland since tho good old dnys of whioh
Lever wrote. The Irish nobility have
flocked aoross the Channel from Eug-
lisb homes in unprecedented numbers,
and from tbe south, the west and the
north of Ireland itself, old country
families have poured into Dubliu.
Tbere ie a sulfioieut nnmber of tbe
members of the Ministry in the oity
to hold n Cabinet Council. There are
lovely women nightly dining in gorgeous dresses and shining W'th jewelry,
wbich has not been worn for many
days, to make an Irish lovee of which
any court might be prond. Tbe Ons-
tle, whore the Lord Lieutenant holds
bis away is naturally oentre of atrao-
rinn. but the aucieut building cnn hold
only a few. There tho Duke^of Devonshire, Dnke of Aberoorn, Marquis
of Lansdowne, Home Secretary Ridley
and a nnmber of Peers aud Peeresses
bave been dining in state every night
this week. The brilliant uniforms of
the officers of the Life Guards from
London, of the Duke of Connnugbt's
ni nil', ami the court nuilorm of Ireland's
dignitaries, nre nightly blended with
the blaok attire of the celebrated civilians. The Shelbourno Hotel has been
tbe oentre of gniety. There, almost
every visitor bas a title. Though many
of tbe most distinguished foreigners
learned with chagrin that thoy could
not get rooms and had to be satisfied
with bumble lodgings and dinners.
Owing to the presence of thieves
in the oity and tho very large
amount of jewelry oarelessly displayed, only those staying at the Sbel-
bourne are allowed to enter the outer
doors of tbe hotel without speoifying
whom they want to see, and nre kept
in the cold for further inspection. A
well known but badly dressed peer,
wbo seliloni visits Ireland, underwent
this ordeal tbe other dny, and almost
exploded with wrath whon a gold laced
porter barred his way and made him
show his cauls before allowing bim to
enter. The most popular form of
evening amusement bus been tbo chartering of trolley cars by largo parties
nnd taking rides throughout tin crowded and illuminated streots. With the
influeuoe of social gaiety,politioal considerations are temporarily in abeyance.
The more advanced the Queen becomes iu years, tbe more her work in-
nrenses. The extension of Empire, the
increased activity  ot modern   life and
Parents of the Priuco'B Aflsaliant Ask
a Pardon For Him.
BrnsselB, April 8.���The parents of
Sipido, wbo made the attempt of the
Prince of Wales, have addressed a petition to Queen Victoria praying her to
pardon their son's not.
Greeted Yosterday by Fifty Thousand
Dublin, April 7.���The children's
demonstration, which olosed the
Queen's; week, was one of the most
gladsome days tbe Queen or Dublin
has known for years.. Oertain it is
that the Qneeu is making fresh conquests daily, and her many aots of self
Baoirflce have won the hearts ot Ireland's people. Today's demonstrations
had the elements of joy whioh the
Queen has experienced bnt seldom in
reoont gloomy months. Thore were
miles of oheering chidreu under a continuous oanopy oi fluttering flags.
Tho charming weather tended to make
the celebration in overy way delightful. The genuineness of tbe children
kept Hor Majesty   in   continual  gjod
,  , .spiiits and  yet   visibly   affeoted   her
developments of the  week  quadrupled ,d {ee].Dgg  B8    ^    The    ^
the work of   the Queen, therefore  A��nM M(000 oniIoron arrived |( and ���,.
London, April 7.���From tho Board
of Trade returns just issued it is gathered that the following are tbo Canadians imports for tbe mouth of Marob :
Cattle 8,172, value ��C0,846; bacon 28,-
600owts., valne 52,718; bams 7,870
cwt, value ��10,210; bntter 17 owt.,
value '"si: cheese 35,088 owt., value
��06,080; eggs 3,770 orates, value ill,-
iM'.i; horses 48, valne ��1,810.
has to work harder than at any previous period of her reign. It Ib estimated tbat ehe has to sign fifty thousand doonments yearly, an avernge of
one bundreil and thirty-seven a day,
inoludiug Sundays. Musses of sealed
papers go to tho Queen now while in
Ireland. Sho never really has two
day's holiday together.
In one of throe Politioal House dining rooms is n long oval table, at this
table the members of the Cabinet dine
every evening when the Honse is in
Bession. No privato member would
think of taking a sent ut tho tublo.
Tbe Ministers there discuss plans   and
parted from Dublin without serious
accident wns not tbo least remnrknblo
feature ol the day. On Monday the
Queen will pay another visit to Dublin and the event promises to he qmte
the equal of her first entrance into the
city. The route will be through ono
of the important districts not yet visited by the Queen, and wns arranged
at hsr own requost to gratily tho
previously disappointed public.
Dublin, April 7.���At about 4 o'clock
the Quoen and the Princess, nooom-
puiiind by a small escort of polico.drove
ontside of Phoenix Park into the
country near Dublin. The weather
was delightfully  spring  like   and tbo
gathered there Thursday evening when
Bouie random war talk took place.
Mr. Chamberlain is reported to bave
said seriously: "I think wo are dealing with better fighters as individuals
than any rogular soldiers of tho contingent. The Roers seem to me to
have been oautious and yet nro full of
Superlatives have been almost eliminated from the war comments and
with thi disappearance of possible foreign complications, the editors and
publio speakers take a mi dorate tone
The depressing inoidents of the w ek
have caused England to resign herself to a long straggle. Thn disposition to find fnnlt with the War Office
for not having anticipated the necessity of an enormous number Of horses
aeeras unjustified, for it iB learned
that before the relief of Kimberley
and the destrnction of horse flesh caused by the surrounding ol General
Cronje, the War Offloe wired to its
agents all over the world, particularly
In North and Sonth America, giving
unconditional power to buy hor.ios un-
Iimitediy until fnrther orders. Tbe
circumstances in the way of assembling and transporting animals were
such, however, that homes bonght in
a month oan hardly reach Lord Roberts before June.
Nothing more waa heard this week
of the movement intiated by Ministerial members of the Honse of Commons
to petition the Government to pro-
olaiin Ornuge Free State annexed to
the British Empire. London bankers
are transmitting gold or its equivalent
in large amounts to pay the eheoks of
British officeis who are held prisoners,
and tbe Standard Bank of Pretoria,
honors all such checks. Therefore, as
no limit is placed on the luxuries
bonght by prisoners, they live in
much comfort. In fact, tbeir messes
are probably mnoh better provided than
aro those of,the offloers at Bloemfontein. Some of tbe oaptives have been
there for months and have a regular
service, via Hamburg and Lorenzo
Marquez, wbioh bring tbem good
things to eat, smoke, drink and wear.
The British officers box, ..fence and
play various games, inolnding billiards.
There is no disposition here to make
much of tbe attack made on Prinoe
of Wales,Wednesday. But the British
see in it, the consequence of continental press attacks on Great Britain.
Thus the London Times says: "The
suppression of facts, the propagation
of glaring ialseboods and turbulent
abusiveness operating on the weak
minds are almost certain, sooner or
luter, to have an issue in aotions from
whiob to do the writers justice, they
would shrink with horror."
The Times holds tbe German press
responsible for the personal scurrilities
directed against the Prince, referring
to the Kladderadatsoh, whioh is not a
Socialist sheet, but whioh ranks up
towards London Punoh. Suoh alleged
scurrilities as tbe Kladderadatsoh
prints are sytematio, yat The Times
avers the German press is controlled
by tho Government and tbe German
law of lese majesto iB the moBt stringent in Enrope.
Lieut. Scott of the Pheasant
Shot by a Sentry at
Refused to Give Countersign
When Challenged by
The Guard.
Mines Resume Work at Rossland���News of the
Viotoria. B. O., April 7.���Close on
the heels of the disappearance of Assistant-Paymaster Clarko, of the Lenn-
der, comes a story from Esquimau
whioh is much more serious than tbe
one nbove mentioned.
About midnight last evening or
shortly before it, Lieutenant Scott,
Navigating Officer of H. M. S. Pheasant, being tbe officer of tbe wutub,
came ashore and walked up to the
Navy Yard for the unrposo of inspecting the guard, whicli since tbe opening of the war and the prevalence of
reports of Fenian machinations has
been doubled. This guard consisted
of four men and a non-commissioned
officer of the Royal Garrison Artillery,
a fact which* ronders somewhat curious his attempt to include tbem in his
tour oi inspection, it being a rule iu
tbe service that officers only visit
guards monnted by their own command. He was at once challenged by
tbe sentry, Gunner Higgins, but no reply, so it is alleged, was forthcoming.
The instruction of the gnards beiug
of late to challenge aud if not answered to Are; the sontry discharged a
blank onitridge. It is stated that instead ot taking the warning, the ofli-
oer turned and began to run. The
guard then fired two shots, both of
whioh too effect and Lieut. Scott
dropped. He was at once removod to
the naval hospital and the suigoon in
obarge being absent, the Burgeon of
the Egeria and those of other vessels
in port were summoned. The former
remained with him all uight and returning tbis morning, shook his bend
when questioned ns to the officer's
chances of recoovory. Ho remained
aboard but a few minutes then i('turned to bis patient. Lieut. Scott is a
young officer, boing still under
twenty-five. He has been two years on
tbis station,being posted to tbe Pheasant on her last commission October 17,
J. M. Kollie, M. P. P.,   Accuses Him
of Acting a Dual Role.
J. M. Kellie, M.P. P., in a letter
pulisbed in tbe Kootenay .Mail, suys:
"A man who will act in the dual
oapacity of attrrney-general of tho
Provinoe nnd legal adviser lor n client
when authority and interest seemingly
ooufliot is not presumedly, a fit man
to control tbe destinies of the Province. This oocurred first in the caso
of the Sandon townsite, the Crown
Grant to which was obtained several
years ago under peculiur conditions.
Yet Joo Martin bnt one year ago while
drawing a Government salary_of f4,U0t)
per annum, was retained ty J. M.
Harris, alleged ownor of tho townsite
and, though knowiug the imporfect
nature of the title while noting as
attorney-general took no steps to recover tbe Sandon townsite to tbe Provinoe. ''
nrosneots of the night, or go over the RoynHandau stopped at various points
prospenw in is    .        i- ,top3rmit   Hor   Majesty   to  view   the
speeches delivered, or to bo dolivored. jDt,bliu Mountaius, bathed in sunlight.
Owing to the absentees in Ireland only The Roynl pnrty returned to tbe
a small   group   of  Cabinet  Ministers Vioe-Regal Lodge at 6:80.
of   the   Mines   Resume Work-
Shipments Will Begin.
Rosslaud, B C, April 7.-Thn shipments for the week wero 81)3 tons.
Tlm I.ci Roi sent 873 tons and the I. X.
L. 30 tonB to tbo smelter. A number
of miners in tne Lo Roi resumed work
tbis mcrning in a body and with the
beginning of noxt woek making nl
contracts will ensue. The men nre at
present working merely to test the
ground with a viow to determining.
what thn work is worth, this being
preliminary to agreeing on a contract
price. Similnr methods will be followed in tbo Wnr Eagle and the Centre
Star next weok.
Tho LoHoi now hns plenty of ntopes
opened to begin producing oro on tho
old scale as soon as the mine is in full
operation, but it will probably be a
week before tbo shipments much the
nvoruge whioh prevailed before the
shut down.
With the War Eagle and the Centre
Star tho oapacity of the nir compressors nud hoists will hnvo to bo centered
on development exclusively for the
next three months in older to opeu
enough now ground to justify a resumption of shipments, with a snfe
reserve of oro nhoud. The Iron Mask
is likely to continue shipping about a
carload a day, if not more. The Evening Star nnd I. X. L. will also ship
two to four carloads n month each.
Wbatevor deorease the nhipnients
mny show on nccount of the stoppage
of the supply from the War Eagle and
Ceutre Star, is likely lo be made up
from othor mines.wbich will come forward into the milks of the regular
shippors. These inolndo tbo Josie, the
No.J, nud the Niokle Plate, whioh nre
now putting up hoists for the purposo.
It is not an overestimate to sny that
before the War Engle and Centre Star
aro ready to resume shipping,Iho other
mines mentioned will hnve run the
woekly output of the camp up to the
average total wbich prevailed before
the shutdown. When these two mines
resume shipments, their productions
will probably constitute an increase
over the old totals for tbo camp.
Rumors That Prince of Wales
Will   Visit  Canada
This Summer.
Canadians Exports to England ���$ 1.000.000 to
Patriotic Fnnd.
Northern Pacific R. R. Decides
Not to Extend Manitoba Lines.
Winnipeg, April 7.���President Mellon of the Northern Pncifio Railway
Informed Braudon delegates last night
tbnt his company would not build extensions of Manitoba lines this y��ar.
Tbey had agreed with Grroenway to
baild 150 mileR west of Portage, but
when the Government hnd asked for
oouesBioiis in rates thoy bad declined
to go on. He had learned nine" leaving
St. Paul that the Ottawa Go)%inaieni
bad just granted charters to tbe C. P.
R. paralleling overy mile of their
lines in Manitoba aud every mile projected. This whs done with the
view of driving the Northern Pucilic
ont of the country.
Thoy could not get capital into linos
whero siuch competition was threatened. Ho advised peoplo to build the
roads themselves. Under the obarter
of the Northern Paoifio they would
bavo running powers over it and
would be ansurod of having the companies' good will nud co-operation.
W. K. Black, oi Cannon, has boon
unpointed district registrar of Mordon
Lund Titles ollico, vice A. Moiikinnn,
whose appointment has been resciuded.
Loudon, April 7. ���Although no definite announcement bus beon made it
is generally believed that the Prinoe of
Wales will visit Canada during the
comiug summer. The idea to do so
wns suggested some time ago, ajd has
been further quiokeuod by tbe sucoess
of the Queen's visit to Ireland. The
oiu.:v attempt ou bis life at Brussels
will ulso, it is probable, still further
inuflenoe him to take tbo Canadian
trip to show that he does not entertain
uny foars from traveling abroad. The
dosire of Canada to entertain tbe
Priuce bas received further expressions
within the lust few days. His Royal
Highness is said to have reoeived assurance from Sir Wilfrid Laurnr that
tbe whole Dominion will welcome
him. The Mayors of Ottawa, Toronto,
Montreal and Quobec are- also said to
hnvo expressed great anxiety to open
the gates of their cities to tbo Heir
Loudon, Apiil 7.���Lcrd Strathoona
uud the Ageuts-Geueral of all tbe Colonies yesterday sent tbe following
joint telegram to the Piiuoe of Wales:
"Both ou behalf oi tho portions of
tho Empire wo represent and personally, we desire to oxprens onr gratification at tho providential escape of
Your Royal Highness and to offer
our cordial congratulations." Tho
eamo signera wired to tho Queen ut
Dubliu: "Wo desire to express to
Her Majesty, our gratification at the
providential escaped His Royal Highness, the Piince of Wabs, nnd to offer
to Her Majesty our dutiful congratulations. ''
Sir Arthur Bigg replied to Lord
Strathcona i "Her Majesty desires
mo to convey to yon and yonr oo-sign-
ers in your telegram received this
evening, ber bost thunks for yonr loyal
congratulations to Her Mnjosty on the
providential escape of the Prinoe of
Wales. Tho (jneeu fully appreciates
your message. It speaks in behalf of
tho pooplo of a vuBt poriton of her Empire.'
Winnipeg, April 7.���Tho phenomenally warm weather that bis been experienced during the first week iu
April hits been a matter of surprise
iveu to old timers. During tbe corresponding week of April last year 43
and 89 ubove wero tho highest points
reached,while this yenr on two suoces-
hivi- duys the thermometer went up to
The weal her has boon especially
good for farmers enabling them to
commence spring work in the fields
ns scum ns tho snow disappeared, and
reports fiom ull parts of tho clonntry
indicate that seeding is general everywhere, and in somo parts well under
A large number of man nro dally
pouring into the Proviuce nnd aro
readily finding om,.loymont. By the
end of nnother woek n lnrge army of
workers will be busy laying the foundation for Manitoba's crop for 11100.
Regiua, N. W. T., April 7. ���About
two years ago a youug German gill
Kate Mek, married a well known Re-
gina muu, she being then but 1 years
old. A few mouths ago she dosorted
her hi is isi in I and innriiod u man at Indian Head named Heerch. Today Bbe
wns tried before Judge Richardson for
bigamy. Ho returned a verdict of
guilty. Tho young woman was sen-
teuced to six months in ptison.
Windermere, April 1. ��� Development
work ou an extensive scale will ho
relumed ut the Red Line miues, Mo-
Donald Creek, liibutorv of Horse Thief
Creek. A huge amount of machinery
will be installed. Ore is, beiug packed
to Peterborough, nud will lie shipped
via Ooiumbia River to tho C. P. R.
main line.
A lnrge amount of high grade ore
awililn ��� inpini nt ai the Delpbine iniue,
Toby Creek.
Tbe Pilgrim group situated six
miles west of Windermere Luke bun ��
large showing of oopper ore. This
property him been worked throughout the v 1 iter with extraordinary results.
Real estate at Peterborough continues to increase in value.
Tbe Mutual Life Innuranoe Oo. in
now represented for the North East
Kootenay disf.iot.
Arrangement! are now boing made
to develop the Paradise group at nn
onrly dnte, on an extensive scale.
Tho Sitting Bull, Paradise, Del-
nhine, Silver Tip, Red Line group,
Silver Thread, Payslnne, Jupiter Star,
Silver Fox, Shamrock, Hugbtl
group, Bliick Prince, McLean group,
D"tchie, Morning Olory, Diamond
group, Holy Moses, White Kleplinnl,
Black Jack, und Sunrise,will be developed on an extensive scale during tho Iceived threo largo packages of warm
coming season, clothing from Prlnoose   Louise   wbich
There is ovrry indication of an early  are being   forwarded   immediately   to
spring. | South Afilcu.
London, April 8.��� The committee of
Lloyd's Patriotio   Fund hnvo informed
the Canadian High Commissioner of
the intention to muko a grant of II,-
000,000 to tbo Canadian Patriotio
Tho Secretary of   the  British  Fund
for Iho   Canadian   Contingent  bas re-
, jfl
iNeison Daily Miner
I'ubllsnoil Hilly oxcopt Monday.
II   I   BKATON, Killtor and Manngor.
SonsrniPTioN Ratks,
Hilly per month by can!er I   G6
per half yoar    3 cW
per your    7 0��
poryuarby mail    fi00
per year t orolgn ���   800
Weekly, per half year I W
p^r year    2 ��n
poryear. foreign    850
Bnbscripilom Invariably ln aclvanoe,
Nelson Mln ir Printing* PubllshlngCo
nelson. b. o.
Telephone   No.   144.
London 1 EnglandlOffice, 115 Fleel Street. K.C
Central Prwa Agono). Limited, Speoial Agent-
I Nelson Dally Miner
April 8, 1900.
ho bei'iiiiie obnoxious to the powers
that be, when he was paid $15,000 or
some such sum to olenr out and let the
dear people fight their own buttles;
lies a marvellous iuculty for putting
his foot iu it; can mnke morn blunders
in a given spnoe of time than uny other
public man in Cnnadn.
"No. 1. Yates, ,1. Stuart; native
born ; remarkable for nothing in particular.
"No. 8. Curtis, Smith ; came from
Manitoba; deaf; never did anything
worth talking about
"No. -1. Beebe, Oeorgo Wellington;
imported from the United Stntos;
deaf; cantankerous; bus bad no experience whttBTer in pnhlio life; ran for
the offloe of reeve and wns defeated ;
chief characteristic, luck of popularity.
"No. 5. Ryder, Colin S. ; Imported
from Ontario; cnlla himself 'Cboap
John'; ran for Mayor of Cumberland
and Jwna badly defeated; bus been a
cleik iu n grocery store; niu a little
shop, sold it and ennie down looking
for a job; hns had 110 public experience
that anybody knows of.
"In all seriousness, tbe infliction
of such a Cabinet upon the people of
British Columbia is the grossest kind
of an outrage. And bnlf tho troth
about it bus not yet been lold. "
The half we know is quite sufficient
to satisfy any healthy curiosity. The
peop.'e, at leant, will so regard it,should
Mr. Martin ever venture to appeal to
them in behalf of his assortment of
kf&9?< ?���<����� ^^ ����������' ��� �����:^'- ^ -C^kx.'^ >��. -^ ��� ^. -^. ��� ^ ���*- ��� ~ ���** ��� ��� -S-A.
In Peace and In War.
OUT out this coupon and bring
or send it with 10 cents in silver
to the Portfolio Department of
'Ihe Nelson Daily Miner and get
Pint 11 nf "Glimpse* of South
< Africa in Peace and in War."
5 Bee announcement on another
I page,
,�����������������������!�������� ��������������<
��������������������������� t ��������������������
New Goods and Spring Goods marked at very close prioes to induce
quick buying, to bring shoppers to the store early in the week and to
increase the good will that is existing between the buying public and
our store.   To get a good selection of the money saving chances you
will have to come oarly.
Corsets���A complete range from the leading makes in White, Grey, Black, Pink or Blue.
Money saving chances at 50c, 75c, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2,00, 2.50 to $5.00.
Hosiery���Black Cashmere Hose, sizes 4 to 9 1-2, Money-saving prices, 20, 25, 35, 40, 50 and
75c. Black Cotton and Lisle Hose, sizes, 8 to 9 1-2, Money-snvers at 25 35, 40, 50,
60 and 75c.
Sii.k VEILINGS���The Newest Effects and Colors,    Ask to see them.    Special values at
40, 50 and 75c.
Kid Gloves���All the Latest  Styles  and  Tints.    Each  pair  guaranteed.    Our  Specials
and $1.50.
Ladies' Tailor-made Suits���See out $15 Homespun Suit.
These Prices make every line a Bargain.    That's our statement.    Put us to it.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Houston Block, Baker Street.
25. 35.
Whether the convention at Vanoou
ver him nerved the good purpose of
clearing tbe air we shall not know for
a few days yet. It has disposed of
Mr. Martin as leader of tbe Liberal
party In the Province, but it remains
to be seen whether it bas disposed of
him ns Premier. In the one case only
a section of the people are directly interested ; tbe other cloBely concerns
the entire population. To defeat biro,
however, in his attempt to capture
Ibe Liberal leadership is doubtless a
lonii step iu the direction of ousting
him and his Government and getting
quit of  both.
What is to follow next will depend
largely, if not entirely, on the Lien-
tenant-Governor, After his failure
at Vancouver it might bo expected
that Mr. Martin would recognise and
acknowledge the hopelessness of bis
position and at once determine to give
up the light. But let no one be deceived into supposing that he will do this
ol his own free will. We shall be safe
iu 1 in lulling tbat tbe thing wbioh
any rational being would do is the
very thing which Mr. Martin will
not do. lie is never so completely in
hid true element as when defying public sentiment. To be contrary anddis-
' agreeable is to him the highest enjoyment of life. Any other mnn nnder
the circumstances would accept defeat
and go to the Governor with his resignation, but if loft to his own will Mr.
Mnrtin will bang on to office and
tiring on the olections whenever it best
suits his own convenience, with the
most sol lime iniliiTorence to any feeling
or opinion the public may have.
Then is nothing to expeot from him
except the unexpected. But the Governor may see in that extraordinary
outbnrat of indignation at Vancouver
tin1 Utter lutility of supposing that Mr.
Martin run ever carry the country, and
may resolve to bow to the storm and
call bim nil'. No rending of the constitutional barometer cnn tell us how
fur Hia Honor is compromised. It is
generally thought tbnt his fortunes and
Mr. Martin's are bound up together,
and that if one falls so must tho other.
No donbt if he permits his favorite to
play the game through to the end, he
must abide the consequences. But it
is possible lie may save his own skin
by abandoning Mr. Martin now. If
the fall of the Federal nxe oan be pro-
vented by the instant dismissal nf bis
present Premier, the Govornor bas n
deep enough regard for that first law
of nature to look aftur himself. This
is what mny happen. Bnt let no one
bnoy himself np with the hope that
Mi Martin will voluntarily surrender.
There whs n deplorable negloot of the
virtues In Mi Martin's make-up, and
the virtue nf resignation was not of
I       thai were cultivated.
H'ire is some history.    It   is   contributed by "Au   Irish-American Kpii-co
pal olergyuian,"   through a letter to p
New   York   newspaper:   "The   Queen
is of tho old Irish royal strain.    She is
not only a Gnelpb  and a  Stuart,   she
is one of   the   royal  O'Connors.    The
last Irish sovereign   of the   whole  island was Roderick O'Connor. His sons
were   slain.    His    daughter   married
Hugo de Lacy    Their  daughter   married 11 Ue Burgh, Earl of Ulster; from
them descended Ellen, wife of   Robert
Bruce, King of  Scotland.    (Curiously
enough, the mother   of   Robert   Bruce
was a  descendant of Rodeiick O'Connor, the last ol the great   kings, a supreme   monarch    of    Ireland.)   The
granddaughter   of Robert   Bruce,   the
Princess   Margery, nianiod   the  Lord
High      Steward     of     Scotland,   and
through   her tho  Stuarts  claimed   the
Scottish  crown.    From   thence   it  is
easy to trace bow the   royal   blood   of
Ireland, Scotland and   England   meets
in tbe   person   of   tbe leigning Queen
Victoria.    I   venture    the    statement
that il the Queen, on arriving in Dublin were to say:   'I   come not only  as
the   Queen   of   England,   but   us   the
daughter  of  the old   Itish   inouiircbe,
constitutionally    representing   tbem,'
and   appealing   as  n   daughter   of the
last  of   the  royal   O'Connors,    to my
kinsmen and subject,' there would be n
shout of  Irish   loyalty   jnd  chivalry
which   has never boon hoard since the
days of Taru. "
:^V. gfc ^a^S '-S'-^ '-S'-Sa '-S'-Sai' ^5 ��'^'5''��S ^S'-^L -S'S 'S' ���& '^S* S '-2 28>??
For the Times
From Cape Town to Lafly
By (late) G. W. Steevkns
The caption is   The  Colonist's, and
here ii its description of the curios:
1     1      Mintin,     Joseph;      came
lot'      i- m irknhle    for   bis
ii wayi   in   a row
���  .c- one; seiveci the   people,   so
he says, in his  original habitat  until
On the eve of tho convention Mr.
Martin's Vanoouver organ, Tbo World,
said: "We have every confidence that
the gathering tomorrow will be imbued with those lofty ideals which
have ever been associated with Liberalism, and that the issues to bo met
will be faced witb a determination to
do the best that in each one lies for the
common cause." We need say nothing of the^ssociatiou, but the particular ideal that imbued tbe oonvention
was so lofty that it was quite out of
the reaoh of Mr. Martin and his
friends. The issue it prevented was
faced witb admirable determination.
Some of them broke through the
doors���but never mind how it was
done, it was done, and that is tho main
It is believed tbat iu Nelson and at
other places in Southern British Columbia efforts ure beiug made to get
foreigners on the voter's lists through
naturalisation, whether eligible or
not. Such attempts nro Irandulent,
and constitute a serious misdemeanor.
Thore are both Liberal and Conservative AssoointioiiB throughout these
diitricts, and it should be thoir duty to
ascertain the facts in connection witb
each application as far ns possible,
and in every ouse of fraud to prosecute
for perjury. Tbe men who swear
falsely and the men vho suborn them
shonld ull bo Bont to   the penitentiary.
The Slocan Drill is the latest. Slocan wnB once prosperous enough to
havo two newspapers, but ovil days
came on and both became extinct.
Now another try is to be mado, with
the revival of the mining nidustry.nnd
The Drill looks us if it might bore a
deep enough holo for itself to insure se.
Three-room house, frame;
stable, cellar, refrigerator
built to house, ice house
(empty), and furniture and
furnishings complete. Five
minutes' walk from Baker
Street. Will sell at a sacrifice, as I am leaving Nelson.
Address P. O. Box 626.
Porty-one Years ii Mia
By Lord Rohebts
BriM ail Boer
Both Sides of the South African
Tin Years of Up Carta
ii Peace and War
Ul lie Latest Current
^�� \*/ \*/ v*/ i*/ \*> n*/ i*i \*> i*> \*/ n*> v*/ S v*/ v*/ i*> id/ \*/ \*/ \<> \*/ vl> \*/ n*/ \*/<fc
WE   HAVE   SOLD  75%   OF   ALL   THE
Used in the Kootenay.
Steel Mining Rails,
Blacksmith Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Etc.
Lot on Baker Street, east of the
Queen's Hotel.
6 Roomed House and 2 Lots,
v ith lawn, garden, trees, etc., in
good location,
6 Good Building Lots, only one
b ock from school house.
i) Lots, with Improvements, near
Opera House,
K-Ronm  House and  Lot, close in,
oaly   1650, on easy terms.
3 Houses for Rent.
See Annable
The Miner will pay cash
for clean rags. Bring them
to the Miner Office.
A. lio.mlmr and Duy School conducted by
Ihe SlHton of Bt. Joseph Of Peace, n Ii ���ii-i
nl I'd at Uiucomcrof Mill und JoHcphfno NtreoU,
in ono of thu bolt tdaldeiltUU portlonH of NoIhoii, and Ih cnHlly acocnHiblo from all partH
nf tho oily.
The OOUrM of Htudy includes the fundainnn-
lal nnd liiuhi'i- bmnohi f a thorough Kn^li'-li
edUOAl ion. Hum in course ��� BookkcepiiiK,
BtonoffTlnby und Typewriting. Science course
���MuUQi Vocal nnd IiiHtruniental; Drawing,
etc.���Plain and Art Needlework; Calls then lea,
Kor tonus an* nartlculara apply to tlio Sistor
Tlii Is Not Tie
t Jack Bit;
The Hudson's Bay
-    -    p. c.
You can see it is built to stay, and we wish to fi
build up a business that will last as long as the
We are not here to make hay while the sun
shines, but are looking to future business, as the
following prices will prove :
Oram's Best English Prints, 32-inch    12^,'c
Printed Piques, from	
Dress  Ginghams, from	
Fine  Dress Muslins     ���i
Fine Wide Printed American Lawns	
Fancy Dress Sateens	
White  Piques    %*>
Good Quality Flannelette, from      8c
Wide English Flannelette, from	
Hudson's Bay Stores
Carpets, Linoleums, Oilcloths, Lace Curtains, Window Shades,
House Furnishings.
We will offer Special Reductions in this department for the next 10 days, commencing Mon-
Monday, April 9th, when our prices for
Tapestry Carpets will be
Prusscl Carpets will be
Floor Oilcloth will be
Lace Curtains will be
Curtain Poles will be
Window Shades will be
50c. per yd
1.20 per yd
25c. per yd
75c. per yd
40c. each up
40c. each-up
Our Stock is most complete in above lines with a large
range of Patterns to select from.
All Carpets Sewed and Laid Free of Charge. y-
Wholesale Houses.
WufJRPE & CO.. LrMiTKii.���Cornor Vor
I 11011 aiiil~'cnl��r Streets, NoIhoii, niaiiii-
iMturow of iwiil wholesale.doalors In aerated
wiiors and fruit.'syrups. Sole wonts for Halcyon Springs mineral wator.  'lolllo	
HI ���N M OumlninH, LfBBflM. KVWJ known
J*TlotT of ��oft drinkH. P. 0. Hox 88. Tolo-
nhonoNo.31.  Hoovor Street. Nolson. Hotlloi-s
Jf iho Famous su Luon Hot springs Mineral
CANE &  MACDONALD   I".   Onno,
"is A   Mucdoniildl   Arclillocls nnd Su-
iwriiiKmioiiw.  llrokcn 1IIU Blooki Cor,Baker
Kd Ward am., Nelnon, B. U	
H~ J. EVANS & OO. -Manor su-ool, Ned
fe   Hon wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars
Nnient, lire brick anil lire olay, wator |ilpo and
���tool rallH and general commission merchants.
ij "nunmi -Front Stfoot, Nelnon, whole-
mIo dealers in llnnr. meals, olo., and liny
and BTaln. MIHh at Kdnionton, \ letorla and
New Westminster. Klovalora on Culgury &
Edmonton Itftilway
llim-or street.   Nelnon.   (George   F.   Motion's   old   stand.)   Flour,  Food,   Urnin,  Hay
and   Produce.   Car  lot*  a. specialty.     Cor
ro��|iondonco solicited.   1'liono UU. 	
A MAODONALD & CO.���Corner Vor-
��� uon and Josephine Streets, wholesale
jnatM and jobbers ln blaukou, kIovoh, milts,
booltc, rubbor��, maokinawn aud miners sundries. __^ t	
P BURNS A CQ���Maker Streot, NoIhoii,
.   wholosalo drillers iii froHh and curod
��� ili'iil il.     Cold sl lll'HKl'.
linker Street. Nelson.   Wholesale deal
��r�� le fresh and curod moats. 	
LiuiTKD���Bilker Streot, Nolson. wholesale doalors in hardware and milling HUppliOK,
pliunboni' and UllHnllth'H supplies.
sale paints and oils.
I Vernon and Josephine Strooia, Ne'son
wholesalo doalors ln liquors cigars nnd dry
goods. Agontsfor Pabsl Brewing Co. of Mil
watikee and Calgary Browing Co. uf Calgary,
HUDSON'S BAY CO.-Wholesale gro-
oorleH andliquors.eta, Bakor St.. Nelson
I Y- GRIFFIN * OO.-Cornor Vornon
\J. aim Josephino Street*. Nelson, wholosale
dealers ln provisions, curod meals, butter and
We will receive during the
present week a shipment of lime
from our Kaslo quarry. Builders and contractors should leave
their orders with us at once.
West Kootenay Brick fe
Lime Co., Ltd.
I Baker St.
#��$#$��#&$��$&��#####$#** m
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
fining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silvar Star Mining Stock of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Big Horn Treasury. A snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock, Sold
111 nmtrdlmentH 1%o., 1)40 per month.
House and Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
14-Room House, cheap; terms
easy;  close in
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-(Jlass Sleepeis ou all trains from
TOURIST OARS pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal and Boston.
Same cars pass Revelstoke one day
WAltn ST.
Baker St.
Wreot Importation
All tlio 1 ending llniml
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
en Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
To and from Robson, Rosslnnd.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun.
8.00 Lv. NELSON Arr.11.40
18.40 Lv.daily NELSON daily Arr.'22.10
Morning; train connects for all points
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line and points north, and (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Ktr. Moyie Daily.
24.00 Lv. NKLSON Arr. 17.2(1
Connects  Kootenay   Landing with
Orow's Nest Branch trains both ways.
Ex. Snn. Str. Kokaueo. Ex. Sun
10.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 11.00
Saturday to AtReuta nnd return
leaving Kaslo lit 20k.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun
(1.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 14.41)
4hrs NELSON to ROSSLAND brs 4
For 1 nii-s 11 ml full Information addross noar
���ml local agont, or
O. K. BKASLKY  City Passenger Agont
R. W. DKKW, Agom, Nolscn
Trov. Pass. Agont        A   O. P. Agent,,
Nels-n Vanecnvi-r
Advertisements lnsortod under thlH lioad al
the rat'i of one cent a word per insertion. No
advertisement, taken for less llian 'lo cents.
KOH SALE���At a bargain, complete
furniture for five room house. Apply
nt Cabinet Oigar Store.
FORHBN'f. ��� Grocery Btore and dwelling at ninii'f of Oak and . Chatham
streets. Grocery stook for saie. Owner leaving Nelson. Will b��U at a buc-
rilice. Apply R. H. Williams, Baker
r?OR SALE.���Two heavy   teams,   one
light team.    Apply J. L.    Vaustone,
Baker Street.
TO   RENT.���Comfortably     furnished
room to a gentleman,private family,
oue block from   Baker   Stroet.    Apply
by lotter to Postollico Box (174.
WANTED.���Three   gentlemen win   bo
accomodated   with room   and  hoard
iu private   family $0 per woek,   apply
this offloe,
WANTED.���MiiHio     pupils.     AddroBs
Box 107.   Nelson, B. 0.
SEWING GIRLS wnuted at the   Hud-
son'B Bay Stores.
litis onterod upon iu SECOND QUAETBR
with eulargod (lenoinniotlation und iiicronsud
fuulIillOH for promoting tho Intoruists of Ml udoniH.
KvcniiiK BMaiOna Mondays, WodnosduyH and
Regular early.
Itoom 7, Victoria Block. Joaophtno Street.
Houston Blook,    -   Nelson.
feoine Choice Lots and Houses for Sale.
Agent Montreal Loan & Investment Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in and Bee us.
Owing to tbe deprujiiou caused by
the labor troubles I am prepared to
buy or sell ull kinds of second hand
goods furniture, ourpets, stoves, eto.
Call aud see me. Apply to Silver
King Mike, Hall Streot, next door to
ABhcroft's blacksmith shop.
OrderB hy mail promptly attended to.
Great Reduction!
IiiAiti) coal   cfcQ ftR npr Ton
(ANTHHACITK)   9?iOO   Per   l u"
,NKST $6.15 Per Ton
Tenders Wanted.
Tondcrs will be received for Iho purclioso of
Iho buildings slliinteil 1111 corner of Ward anil
llaker . -11. ��� 1 ��� and buildings nl present ocou-
pled by Kirkpalrirk & Wilson.
Further particulars, apply to Kirkpnlrlck K
Wilson or A. II. rleinelils.
Tonders to be in by noon. Monday. April
���Jill, HMO.
Will report 011 nud investigate Mines
and Mining Propositions. Adviso as to
the bost suited working and oro treatment nethodB. Will secure capital and
Uud a market.
AH correspondence Btriotly ooulldou-
Permanent address:
211 Sixth Street, Portland. Oregon.
whore you can depend on goltlng tho boat
iiriiinls in His market, and any quantity Iron
100. up.   Prloos oannot bo disputed,
Frank A. Tamblyk, Mgr.,
IUkbr Street, Nelson
Capitol and V. C,
Cabinet Cigar Store.
Ti-nv-.ii.iu -\v.iii Children���Womnn'i
Heal llirthrlulit-Aooouut llnlilt llud
For Women���-Wliy AVcur HittMT���Tho
Viilue of PcrCvot Teeth.
Mrs. Mary E. Ilmvloy of lVkln, Ills.,
lias i;i\.'n nM'ny 11 fortune in thu CQUSQ of
tomporaiu'o aiQODg tho minora of tho
stnte of Illinois. After n Hfo of unusual
activity, at tho age of Sl years, she timis
herself almost pennileili yet she has nut
ii'-i'iiiii hur laborsi
Mrs. Hftwloy was horn nt WoyneBVtUo,
Do Witt county, Ills., April 1, 1848. She
Is the daughter of James P�� Martin, a
pioneer, who moved to Illinois from
Penmtylvanla.    Uu    became    ��    widely
known temperanoe advocate tn those curly days.
When llttlo Mary Martin came Into
the world, sho found that six brothers
hud preceded her. Her father was su rejoiced over hor advont that ho flew the
stars and stripes from the roof of his
house- all day, and the neighbors came
from fur and uour Lo Learn tho cause of
this unusual demonstration.
When she was 3 years old, her parents
moved to Dolevan I'ralrie, LogaD county.     Thero   hor   father   prospered   und
Oldest and Best Made in
Now'n the time to order.
��. Mi'UINN, Agent,
MorehanlH* Hunk of llalifnx NoIhoii.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Two Girls for Hoimework.
l.nuiiilrv Girl.    Boy for Milk Unnrli.
8ituatioti8    wanted    by    Waitress.
ChiiniuerinaidB.    Nurse Girl.
linn    DHU.UNQ.
J. H. LOVE, Ayt      Baker Sf
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
Try NAPOLEON OIiowIi.k Toliacno.
A. M. I. C. li.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Cornor Victoria and Koolonaj Sta.
H. O. Bo�� SM. Tolopliono No. 116
Boom 1. Turner- boeok Block.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
Two   lots,   oorner,   6-rooro    all
coirveuianoes |2,200
Two lots, 8-rooms, Cnrbonato St. 2,800
Two lots.oorner, B-rooms.all oon-
venienoea  2,900
Two lots, oorner, K-rooms, stone
liiiiiiilaliiiii. all conveniences... 2,000
Two lots, best oorner ou Stanley.
Three lots, best oorner on Ward.
Two lots,choice corner on Stanley.
Three lots best corner ou   Josephine.
Houses aud loin in all parta of the
Prices Right,    Buy Now.	
Civil and Meolianiciil Knirincorn,
Supplied and Kructcd.
AOKNTS for lliu HImIoii Iron \Vork��, BtboOOk
4 Wilcox llollcr Co.. I'ooko'H Wiiu Illlpo
and Koi'iiwavs, He. KUi.
S. 11. I'm i. in:
J. T. I'lKKItK
Cleaning and Dyeing
���>'��� < . CMRBN P. ��. n "'." 'M "
Civil   EngineeM   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
��'. O, Iloi iu Nolson, Il I!
Notice of Application for License-
I hereby Rive notice that I intend to
apply to the Hoard of Licensing Com-
iiiissiniiers of the City of Nelson Bt its
next silting (or an lintel license for
the promises sltnated upon Lot 18
Block (ill (north side of Vornon Streot
between Ward nud Josephine) In the
Oity ol Nelson.
Nolson  Tailoring,
Ladies' and Gents' Clothinp cleane I
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bc.r I'Urtf Hnli-I, ""'���"O*
Fraternity Hall
dor linker A Kunlrnny Hta.
cnn be rented for Concerto,   Leotorea
jjnnces', Hiiin|in'ls nnd every kind of cn-
tei-tnininenl.   Good iiiite-rooinH, (ilonk
rooniH, Kitchen nml dining room for-
nished.   For tmius apply
DH. E. 0. ARTHUR! Oity.
The only all mil route withoul
chauge of care between Nelaou aud
Rosslnnd nnd Spokane nnd Rossland
Lv.  0.15 n.m. NKLSON. Ar. 5.20 p.m.
Lv. 11.25 n.m. ROSSLAND Ai.8.00 p.m.
Lv,   8.15 tt.m. SPOKANE. Ar.0.15 p.m.
Train that leaves Nelson at 9:15 a.n
makes close oonneotious at Spokane foi
all Goaat Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Bound
ary Greek, connect at Marons with Stag'
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
A Rent. Nelson, B.O
Two cottages on Hendryx
Street near Victoria, each
containing four rooms and
lean-to. Apply "J. C,"
Miner Office.
within  a  few yours was tbo owner of
1,000 acroa of land and wns out of debt.
At the ond ot 14 yours, the family removed to Pokln, near lVorin.
There Miss Martin mot Norman Q.
ITawloy, and on hot- eighteenth, birthday,
April 1, 1800, they woro ninrriud.
Mr. Huwloy owned a conl niino nyd a
groin elovntor nnd was otherwise prosperous. Ho moved to a farm south of
Pekln, and from there ho conducted liis
business. After a fuw years ho met with
an accident which seriously damaged liis
mental condition, and from that time forward Mrs. Hawley attended to nil Of his
financial affairs. Shu superintended tin)
coal miuo, conducted the business of tho
elevator, reguluted the farm nnd nt tho
saint tlnis attended to her housework,
during the busy season boarding from 0
to 18 of her employees.
After a few years of such laborious
life Mrs. Hawley succeeded in leasing
the mlno nnd elovntor to a number of l'e-
kin capitalists. In this transaction her
friends havo taken much pride. Two
pieces of property which hud been for
years a burden, though prolituble, were
mado to pay hor a large annual rental
clear of all oxpeuses.
It was durlug this actlvo life that Mrs.
Hawley became so deeply Interested In
the temperanco cause. Sho begun to
hold gospol temperance meetings in her
uouso. Theso resulted in considerable
good, and soon sho erected a minion
hall, whore she conducted n Sunday school fer several yenrs In conjunction with guspel temperanco tneetingi
during the week. Many men nnd women
were converted aud became consistent
memberB of some eh Itch.
Mrs. Hawley has loi �� been recognised
ns tho leading tomperum worker in the
Pekln district.
During the many yenrs of her activity
Mrs. Hawley at her own expense established mission halls for the benefit of
miners throughout tho central Illinois
district, and In the course of time her
fortune gradually slipped away. At one
lime she owned 1,200 acres south of I'e-
kln, but this became mortgaged nnd
eventually passed into other hnnds. Hut
Mrs. Hawley still continued her work
nniong tho miners, and they, for whom
she had dono bo much, rnised a fund for
her benefit nnd hnve since provided her
with n homo In Pokln. The Prohibitionists of the state interested themselves In
her, nnd through them she has been provided with a permanent homo in Chicago,
Ten acres, with large house close to
Nelson. Fine situntion for keeping
poultry. Good (owl bOBM, Apply X,
tax oail, Post Ollice, Nolsou" , r t
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Hchodulo of Time.       I'm-illr sundard rime.
Ktroclivn Kobrunry let, WHO
K asi.(i ��c HIXX'AN llY.
I'anHonuer train for Saiidciti and way station*
leaves   Kaslo  at 8 a. in., dally.    HoturnliiK.
ItinvoH Handon at 1.16 t>.m., arriving at Koslr
al .1.55nin.
Operating on Kootonay l.iikcn.1 cl Hlvor.
Hlr. "International' leavos Kaslo for Nolson
nt (1 a. ui. dally oicept Hundny. Returning,
loaves Nolson at (.30 p in., calling at Balfour.
Pilot liny, Alnswo"th and all way points, (inn
norta wilh H. K. fe N. Irain to and from Hpo
I...ui' at Klvo Mil. -1 ���������fill
Htr. "Allwrli" lenvos Kacdo for Lardo and
\ ns-i.tii at s:tn p m Wednesdays
n .nuns call at  principal Inndlngs In both
directions, and at other potnU whon signalled
Ticket* sold U> all points In Canada and the
United Slnli-d.
ToaacortAln rstes and full information ad-
, .. >ic.v. i .  ...mln, II.C.
.$t   i��   tl*t r* ������������1U!, IHfsnHZRI j
the marble hand bowl partly Ailed with
.warm water and allowing him to splash;
in ii.   She began by placing n Turkish
towel mi ilie marble and only allowing
liis toot I" dip ini" tho wator, which lie I
fciiimi  so amusing that  lie voluntarily I
leaned over nud dabbled his hands nnd'
arms In   tha   soapy wator.    ITrom tin-
bowl to tho ballituh wns not a difficult I
step after ho began to Like water.
Woman's Ileal  III. i In iuhl.
Oan we cheat Father Time and go
down to old age witli unwrlnkled tacesi
1 sny emphatically yes. But, remembor,
thero is no royal road to boauty unless
hoaven has been particularly kind to you.
External vigilance must lie your watch*
Word. l>u nut rush madly to the facial
masseuse and expect her to turn you out
a i-uviug boauty in un hour when ynu
have been noglectlng your face for years.
Now 1 bear you sny, "Why, I wnsli my
face in hot water nnd simp twice n dnyl"
And yet 1 have the temerity to tell you
your face is not clean,  nud  unless you
want wrinkles do not use soup, imt wo-
ter, on thu face. The timo is fust up
proaching when ladies, yes, nud gentle-
men, will think it as necessary to have
their  faces  regularly  treated  us to  be
well  fell or Well gowned.    They  will  not
be ashamed to havo their friends know
they are treated, but will be decidedly
ashamed not to he treated. Neither will
they fondly Imagine thut raising iho forehead nnd contracting the brows make the
face more expressive. Pacini contortions
will be called by their right uatne ami
not mistaken for expression. Hut you
say you do not know when you raise the
brows or frown. Then learn to know.
Learn to think while 1111111111- or tulk lie-
fore your mirror for 11 few days, and
you will soon be as conscious of using
those muscles ns opening or closing the
eyes. I hope in the near future facial
expression will be taught in our schools
and wo will not see children wilh wrinkled brows like their grandmothers,
Take two women of the same age. Oue.
we will say, is sallow, wrinkled and
handsomely gowned. Thu oilier has a
fresh, smooth complexion, bright eyes
ami Is lieutly, hut plainly, gowned.
Which Is tho more pleasant to look at!
Nothing adds so much to a woman's
ease nnd grace of manner ns tbe eon
sciousness of looking well. It is a duty
you owe yourself, your family and your
friends. Tho Turkish bath, the hairdresser, tho manicure and chiropodist all
had their struggles. Now well groomed
men and women ure not ashamed to say
they patronise them. So it should, and
will soon, be with the facial masseuse,
iSho is looked upon by many women us
their best friend.���Philadelphia Times.
. ti-M P '������ - -
that perfect teeth nre more to bo milled
than pearls or diamonds. Bxoept In
CBSes where the hone itself Is brittle nnt-
iifnlly or otherwise degenerated, there Is
no reason why, with tho skill of the
American dentist and our own personal
cine,   WO  should   not   enjoy   the  use  uud
beaut; of n full complement of natural
tOBth as lung us we live. The shrinking
if the gums away from the teeth Is a distressing  habit and  one  which  should  ho
guarded against in childhood. Often a
change ot toothbrush Is beneficial In getting tho new ono with bristles n trifle
closer uud tho brush itself 11 hulf size
larger or of u different curve, and this
where there is pain or soreness lu the
gums. At first the treatment may seem
harsh, but in a short timo the gums will
harden and the teeth be In good condition
otherwise. Llstorlne is a good wbitener
for Hi" teeth and may be rubbed on with
Die linger. A society belle possessing
beautiful teeth uses this method, applying the brush only nt night before retiring, ltefore using the listeriiio all particles of food should bo removed from
Ihe teeth wilh a wooden toothpick. Never allow n toothache to Inst longer llinn
tho timo It takes to reach your dentist's
ollice, for, besides tho suIToiliig you must
endure, the skin is often rendered unsightly for days by the outside Application of camphor nud other strong remedies, which mui- the complexion, the temper of the sufferer and tbe comfort of
other members of the family, besides only
affording temporary relief. The otherwise perfect beauty of one of the most
popular professional singers of tbo time
is seriously depreciated by rows of un-
oven and discolored teeth, which bIuj
will not hnve interfered with by dentists
for fear of Injury to her superb voice.���
Chicago Inter Ocean.
A.-.-oiinl   llnl.lt   Ilild  For  Women.
"If I had daughters," said n capilnllst
whose financial theories huve never been
rudely tested by any youthful feminine
experimenters, according to Tho Puritan, "I should,uuvor permit them to have
nn nccount with any shop. The account
habit is productive of more pecuniary
trouble llian nny other, and no woman
should he brought up in this country of
feather blown fortunes 011 auy plan
which would not be a good ono for tlio
"Put nn nccount is so convenient. One
need not wait for chunge," said ono woman.
"Vou can get whnt you need in May
ami pay for It In Juno and huve a
mouth's happiness out of It. Is thai
worth nothing?" demanded another.
"It's ull the same in the end," said a
third. "You have so much money, Vou
always spend It. What difference whether you spend it before or after receiving
As a matter of fact It Is n well known
principle that tho buying power of nny
given sum is greatly increased by the
distance between the would ho buyer and
(he sum.   The Junu allowance, seen from
May, looms large uml magnificent. Having nn account, the woman who sees il
orders wiib n prodigality to fit her impressions. It requires the nllownnco of
June and July to meet the Indebtedness.
Of course, Iho nccount habit fosters
extravagance. A woman would hesitate
to buy thu green silk purnsul or to order
the nectarines which she could live contentedly enough without did she huve lo
lake the last bill or coin in her purse to
buy them. Hut they nro to be charged'
Happy thought! .She cun have them and
keep thu money in her purse. And she
does, and uext month lias none.
Tbo account  habit makes debts seem
natural and not Iii the least disgraceful.
It Utterly destroys the habit of self denial In little luxuries. And there nre very
few women whose financial position and
whose moral natures are sufficiently high
lo be Impervious to these things.
Trnvi-llim With Clilldrea.
In traveling with children thero Is
much for mothers to learn. They must
he carried along 011 a journey, even
though mothers are sensitive nnd feel the
bluck looks of fellow passengers who nre
not renlly to be blamed. We cnn put up
witb the noise of children who belong to
us, but it is ruther wearing when we
hnvo not tho slightest Interest in the llttlo ones boyoud tho feeling n child nl-
ways Inspires. Thero ought to he practical Instructions whicli prospective mothers could obtnin free of oharge, und I nin
not sure that a fund for such n purpose
could not bo rnised by public subscription���contributions from sufferers from
materunl lguorauce.
Since tbere Is 110 school of Instruction
we may in well tnke whnt crumbs of
wisdom we eon pick up. Among tliein
we will undoubtedly find something of
ro��l vnlue, something to exnctly lit our
own ense. Any mother who travels long
distances knows what a nuisance a perishable child's hat is. A cup or soft hut
would stnud 111 usnge and look none the
worse for It, and little bends are restless,
nnd car scats nre hard. Little feet get
tired, too, nnd a change of shoes is restful and Bootblng. A luncheon is s necessity, for childish stomachs nre 01 ways
demanding attention, and a bit of food
will add n dcnl to a child's comfort. Simple sandwiches nre wholesome, and even
slices of bread and butter 1110 appetising
at that time. Plain cake In moderation
is good If children are accustomed to it,
hut not osherwise, and fruit Is necessary.
When eating, children should not be
nllowod to ronni about the car, for a
sticky, greasy youngster will iproad terror all along his pnth. Attention from
passengers should be rewarded wilh u
"Thank you," for It Is presumed thut
those two words were nniong Ihe Mrs!
taught to the baby, us Important ns the
habit of ohedleuce iu takiug medicine,
I have often been nniustd at the r-iruta-
gem employed by mothers to make very
young children become iiccustoiiud to
something that wns good for them, 1
���aw a mother conquer the fear her buby
kei ef the bathtub by standing him Id
��� ��� -j*>���ik��-vm
Why Wenr llnl.f
Why do both men and women persist
In wearing huts': uskB Pearson's Mugu-
zinc. There are threo reasons why we
should wenr clothes. We mny wear
I hem for the snke of decency, for the
sake of warmth or for the sako of display. None of these rensous applies to
Ihe wearing of hnts. Of course, thero
are head coverings that nro warm, inch
us tbe Icelander's senlskiu hood or the
usbermin's toque; but, ns 11 rule, there is
no real warmth iu tho hut of either sex.
When a woman pins a light structure of
strew and artificial lluwers on thu top
of her hair, she never for an Insliint itu
ngines that the thing will keep her from
Inking cold. The masculine tup hat is
certainly warm on a hut day, but It is
very fur from warm In cold weather.
Neither are hats worn for the purpose
of display. Doubtless there nre times
when women make the hat the occasion
of displaying their fondness for dead
birds, muslin flowers nnd other beautiful
objects, but this is only when fashion has
decreed Unit big huts shall bo worn. At
olher times the female hat is so microscopically smnll lliut it could not bu suc-
ceeefully used for displaying anything,
As for men's lints, tbey never display
nnythiug except Ibe ntrociius tuste, which
make* them fashionable. Why, then, iii
Ihe name of nil that is sensible, do men
und women wenr huts?
As a rule, every mnn nnd every womnn
looks better Without n hat than wilh one.
This Is why we all take off our bats ��'
ihe opera or at an evening party.    And
il we cling lo n custom thnt has not n
word In be said In Its behnlf. We periisl
iii wearing the uglv, useless and Injurious
bat Why do wo do It? I should like to
Hud u good Irish echo thnt would answer
Ihe questiun at length and iu u sntistuc-
lory way.
The Value nf I'erfrrt Teeth.
Teeth play such on Important part In
the ensembls uf a beautiful face that it
j is a source of wonder why so ninny parents neglect to tench their children how
] to take care of those preeioiiB bits of
ivory and Ihe sensitive giiini surroundliig
them.    They cauuot In taught too surly
Halt 1 ....I..-.I 1 ,������ ,nls.
An Invalid staying nt one of the large
Sanitariums In the oust was astonished
the other day to hear her physician say
that n mnjority of the .MJO patients there
were 111, directly or indirectly, from eating half cooked cereals. Nothing, he declared, was moro ruinous to the digestion
than n breakfast made from uncooked
cereals. He included ull the Instantaneous foods of this kind in his diatribe, declaring that all were equally Indigestible
nnd ended with Ihe dictum that nny cereal must be homo cooked for at least
live hours before it Is in proper condition
to ho eaten. While this is perhaps a
rather radical view it is one that is held
by many authorities in domestic science.
Kvory housekeeper will like to err on tho
right side, nud sho will find thnt it Is
really a simple thing 10 cook the breakfast Cereal overnight. Stand tho double
boiler of breakfast food on the bnck of
the range when preparations for the
evening meal nre begun. By bedtime,
when tho kitchen fire goes out, it will
have had u long softening,   and  in tho
morning it will really not need to he cooked, only warmed. In winter, when tbo
lire is not npt to die out until late in tho
night, the dish is left stnndlug nil night
on the range. A single trial of the plan
will satisfactorily demonstrate that the
long cooking makes the food more palatable, ns it certainly ndds the comfortable consciousness that It bas probably
much increased its wholesomeuess.
I   ..II.I.. MS      1. Iltllllf,      I-..1I.-.-.
1. .11.1 01. unknown lo most of its In
habitants, has n police 1.0.1' the like ot
which dues nut exist in auy other city ou
In order to see It work you must get up
very early on Saturdiiy morning nnd visit
Covent Unrdou market. There you will
sou such a bluck of trulfic and such a
crowd of nngry uud unreusonnble drivers
(hut you will nut be surprised ut thu
metropolitan police giving up the duly of
keeping order as an impossible job. Hut
still you will find that things come right
in the end, nud, on looking to find out
how this is brought ubout, you will probably be shocked nt discovering that Covent Garden has n police force ull to Itself in the shnpe of some hundred or so
of old women. They dnrt in nud out
among the curs, order tbe drivers to stop,
or buck their horses, or move on. They
shout ami shako their fists nnd catch the
Imrses' heads and. if necessnry, shy turnips or potatoes ut thu drivers. Hut they
nlu n\ s succeed in having tbeir owu wny.
Only for these, women It Is believed
that it would bo necessnry to read the
riot act every Suliirdny morning lu Cot-
eut Garden. As it is, thu women police
make n comfortable living out of their
profession, the drivers giving them dnily
lips, while tho proprietors pny them a
fair salary.
Alioat l'r. .-l.niM 111,1111,
All  precious stuues  urn   purified by  a
bath iu honey.
It   is  snid    thnt    the   ngnto  quenches
thirst and, if put Into thu mouth, allays
Amber la a cure for euro throats and
glandular swellings.
Amethyst banishes the desiro for drink.
Cat's eye Is a chnrm ugninst witchcraft.
Coral Is a talisman ngnlnst thunder anil
���vils by flood and field.
lliuiuonds produce somnambulism, and
Spiritual ecstasy.
Emeralds mcuu friendship and con-
Garnets preserve health and Joy.
The onyx Is apt to cunso terror to the
Wearer, as well as ugly drenins.
Opulu uie fatal to lovu und bring dls*
eon! to giver aud receiver.
Sapphires impel thu weuror to all good
Tho tnpnr Is said to be a preventive of
hug trouble, impurts strength and pro-
moles digestion.
Miss Alice Joyce Is known in Texas ns
the turkey queeu. She mnkes a business
of raising poultry and puts on the market several hundred turkcya every year,
���he is making a thorough success of tho
work. She rides a spirited little mustang and drives her Hocks to Son Auto-
slo, spending several duyi on the rond.
lime. Pnttl has n queer fnd, which sh*
has kept secret from lbs public. It is
only a few years since it becumt known.
���he has n passion for daggers and similar pointed weapons. Most of those In
b' 1 collection nre very smull, and ninny
ef tbem nre historical,
A ����ry dolicnto way of preparing oysters Is to put a bit of butter in a frying
pun. When hot, put In the oysters, suiter! nnd peppered, Shnkc gently until
they begin to curl and serve ou iquures
ef buttered toast.
To change tho atmosphere In an Inra
lid's room pour some good cologne into a
I soup plule and, with 11 lighted match, set
fire to II. The cologne makes a pretty
tt.ino and Impurts a welcome freshness
to the sir.
*""    "'MsSaTT seas _ ��r~�����   -
Would you unilomlind &
Tlm languat.'!- with no word, |
The ipMgb of ^rouk snd bird,       ),
Of WITH llesg lli* undt J^
Would you mnke your own i'i9i
TV nipaiilus ul the l����vw, flf,
'Ilie sung tlio liliince wtuvei \vj
Whirl liulw wiiula mailt mount 4jJ|
Would vou know how iwcet jtfB!
Th. Islllnit ol tlm rill, jfcfcil1
Tlm c-Blliiig on tlm hill��� feUOT
All tunes Urn il��)�� runi'ilt j-JSili'
Krithrr alnu nor ��rt, ISt
No loll con help you hear; ���
Tho merit of Iho cor
li in Urn oi'i'ii lu'iirl.
���John Vance Cheney In Century.
Driven    Away   From   n   Houae   Very
Easily by a Very Small Boy.
"I never was more completely routed
in my life," said tho retired burglar,
"than 1 was once hy a very small boy,
though he did have to help him a large
tin horn. Pretty ulcu sort of a houso II
wns. nnd, mussing around, 1 got Into thli
smnll boy's room, 1 don't know whether
be heard me In tho ball, though 1 don'l
believe be did, because I'm uot ordinarily
u noisy muu iiroiiiul lliu house���thnt Is,
around other people's houses nnywuy-
or whether he saw the one hciim of light
1 threw Into the room for n second from
my lamp, but I guess it was the light.
"Anyhow, before I'd tnkeu  two steps
In   thui   r i   1   heard   (ho   tcerilickesl
hlasl on a tin horn I ever henrd, nnd il
seemed us though it wus right within n
foot of my bend. I turned my lamp tu
where it came from, and there, silting up
in bed and blowing loud enough for n foe,
li .in, was n smnll boy, 10 yenrs mnybe.
villi his hair standing on end, If an;
human being's ever did, hut blowing thb
horn good and hearly. 1 suppose the
youngster must havo beeu nervous or
wakeful over some celebration that hnd
conic off or that was coming thnt they
blew horns in, and he had his horn under his pillow and was lying Ihere nwnke
He'd read liis literature enough to know
what a light from n bullseye meant in a
house at that hour in the uight, and
when ho saw my light creeping over tin
carpel be reached under his pillow and
got that horn and began to blow It, scared half lo dentil, but never flinching, nud
blowing ull the better on that nccount.
"Well, you know, eo'irnge nud nerve
und all tbat are very necessary parts ol
n man's outfit if he calculates to amouni
to anything, but thero nre times when,
no mattor how much a man's got of 'em,
he doesn't want to unpack 'em at all.
but jusi wants to light out ns fast a>
be can. nml Ibis seemed very cleurly tc
I no   of   those  occasions,   because   it
wouldn't be two minutes before the wboli
neighborhood would be around the house,
nud I started right away, hearing the
folks ou thnt floor Humming doors open
and making n grand rush for tho small
boy's room ns 1 went down tho front
stairs. Ills excitement kept him n-blow-
ing u second or two after they cnine, and
that time wns a great help, and then, of
course, It took him a little time to tell
his story, nnd thut gavo me more time���
enough to get nwuy in.
"Hut if I did get away 1 suppose they
must  hnve looked on  little  Willie as
hero, and I think mvself that Willie wa��
pretty slick."
v\ , i.si.-r l-nlil Him.
The late George Hurtle, who was keep
er of the gnat seal In tha state depart
incut for over half it century, knew Dnn-
iel Webster well nnd hnd the honor, ns
did so many of that great mini's friends,
of being his creditor, but, more fortunate
than many, received back the loan in full.
"Huve you any money with you, Bar-
tie?" asked Mr. Webster, at that time
secretary of state, one dny nbruptly.
"No. sir," promptly replied bis clerk,
knowing the idiosyncrasies of hie chief,
"Have you got any at home, thenV" do-
manded bis chief.
"Yes; a little," rcspouded Bnrtle cau
"Huve you got ns much as $100?" que
rled the great man further.
"Ves, sir." The unswer was given reluctantly.
"Then bring it to me at once," ordered
the secretary.
Tl loney was soon In Mr. Webster's
hands ami several weeks nfter, promptly
on demand, was repaid, much to the surprise of the lender, who looked upon it
us gone forever.���New York Tribune.
An Imva Flub. Story.
Hero is nn Iowa yarn tbat raises the
limit on fish storlesi "We wet our lines
In Shell Ilnck river, a few mlleB below
Cedar Falls, and caught a catfish that
weighed 190 pounds. Boing without flih,
flesh or fowl it the camp, we put a
pole through its gills aud shouldered it
half a mile for dinner. On opening It
we found that it had swallowed a smaller cat thnt weighed about IB pounds, so
wo said we'd eat tho latter for dlnuer las'������������id Of the big fellow, as It wns perfectly fresh. LSut when we opeued No. 2
there was a still smaller cnt iu its gullet,
one that weighed live pounds, and ns tho
party consisted of only threo wo made a
dinner ou that I have nbuudnut wlt-
ii.   , .."
Moro  Moving   I.llernture.
"I1" you know, Margaret," said a Columbus father to his 18-year-old daughter
the oilier morning, "that It was nfter IS
o'clock last night when that youug man
lefi here?"
"Oh, It couldn't have been, pnpn."
"But II was. Now don't let that happen again."
"But, p.'ipn, I couldn't tell him to lenve.
1 did nothing to entertain Mr. Ktnylnts
except to show him my scrnpbook."
Well, I'll bring home my nccount book
this evening, with the dry goods, millinery ami dressmaker expenses balanced
tip. If he chIIh again, show him that."���
Ohio .siato Journal.
Ton Many Odds.
"An Irish counsel," anys The Orcen
Bag, "having lost a ense which bad been
tried before ihreu judges, one of whom
WM esteemed a very aide lawyer nnd the
other two but Indifferent, some of Ibe
other counsel chaffed him a guod denl.
'Well, now,'said he, 'who the mischief could help it when thero wore a
hundred judges <.n the bench?'
"'A buudredl' said u bystander.
' I !"���"��� were but three.'
'"By St. Patrick,' replied the counsel,
there were one nml two ciphers!'"
We Carri)  ihe Largest Flange of Woolens in  Kootenai).
Our Hotto for 1900 Is, That the Best of Material and Workmanship Is None Too Good for
Our Customers.
All Clothing to be tried on and satisfied of a perfect fit before leaving the premises.
To those who have never visited our premises we extend an invitation to call
and inspect our stock of woolens before ordering elsewhere.
H. M. VINCENT, Tailor
Baker Street, Nelson.
Next Door to tlio Hank of Montreal.
A oomfortable five roomed cottngo
aud garden for sale at a low price on
easy terma, near car line and Vernon
Two nmnll booses nicely furnished,
very cheap fm ensb.
Some larger residences with modern
conveniences choapor than you can
build them.
AIho good building lots in different
parts of the Oity.
I cnn onote loweHt rates of any Brut
class life company.
Can insure yon agrtinst nil accidents
.-mil diseases from Ingrippe to lumbago, in tho Ocean Accident & Gun-
rantee Corporation.
It would be snfer to ioanro ynnr
house and furniture ns tbe warm
weather conies.
Three-room house to rent, $10 a
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co-
Real   Estate.    Fire   Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
"The Borlcgn," 25-foot lot and buildings on linker Streot.
Mr. Morley'H residence nud !12   noroa
of land ncniHH the lake,
Two lots and shanty on   Hob-
son between  Kootenny and
Stnnley I   BOO 00
One lot and warehouse  isxiio
on Baker Stroet  1,STB 00
Hundred foot corner Wind and
Riohnrds      800 00
Kitty foot corner, Latimer and
Hondryx      B8B 00
Fifty-foot   corner,    improved
nnd fenced,Stnnley mid Gore     500 00
O. F. Ktter's   Residence, corner
Kootenay and Robson,7-rnoms.115 00
A Chinaman always lakes spirits, usu-
<* t  whisky, with his meals, but he
s moderately and never upart from
poi)i*i; Worri).
Arthur" gee,
Merchant  Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
Auction Sale
To  be  sold, pursuant  to a judgment of the %
Supreme   Court  of British   Columbia, made in an $$
action, Firman vs. Macclesfield, with  the approba- m
tion   of a  Judge  of the  Supreme   Court, by   Mr. ���
Charles A. Waterman,  at  the Auction   Rooms of W
Charles A. Waterman   &   Company, next door to W
Bank of British Columbia,  Baker Street,  Nelson, m
British Columbia, on the 9
11th Day of April, A. D. 1900, 1
��� i
at 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, in separate par- m
eels, namely, Lot 3 in Block 5, and Lot 10 in Block jp
9,   both in the City of Nelson,  according to  the m
Official Plan. ���#���
Particulars and conditions of sale may be had
of Davis, Marshall & Macneill, Solicitors, Vancouver, F. M. Chaldecott, Solicitor, Vancouver,
and of Davis, Bowes & Ward, Solicitors, Nelson,
and of the Auctioneer at Nelson.
Dated this 22d day of March, A. D. 1900.
District Registrar. %
Heated by Hot Air
Finest  Dining   Room
in the City.
The Nelson ElectricTram way Co.Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ol
Josephine  and Vernoe Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of ihe
The Waverly Hotel
Gamble & O'Reilly
2 Lots, 6-Room House, corner,
on Carronate st e. t $2,000
2 Lots, 8-Koom Hou e     arhon-
ate Blreet     2,ll50
Agents for Hume Addition   and  a
large number of Addition " A" Lots.
 -w T
Spring  SUiUngs
A full line of
Harris Homemade Tweeds
Prom Talbot Harris, Scotland
Fancy Fall Goods of
every description. Call
and inspect my stock.
Then, nre houses Mill ntsnillng In  Nuremberg,  Biivariu,   that wsrs  built la
Twonly-lhren Mliiernl Cluiiiis-, from ono lo
U11110 iiiIIuh from BatldOll, In Ilie fiimoim
Hlnemi, lor mle chimp. Will sell for cash or
lionil from one lo live years. Will tnko ore
for pny. Bloknesi forum me lo oiler Iho uhovo
KooUinny Lake Hospital. Nolson, U. 0,
Senled Tenders will be recoivsd by
the undersigned up till April Kith for
driving IOOO feet of tunnel with air
drills nt the Yellowstone mine. Specifications and pnrtionlars can be obtained at the mine near Salmo.
Salmo, B. C.
Six room Cottage opposite Kelson
with more than an acre of land.
Young fruit trees, strawberries small
fruit* and cultivated land fur garden.
Creek running through garden.   Kx-
nellent spring water lend  into house
Grove nt back     Apply J.   J    CAMPBELL, Smelter Office, Telephone 20.
Accident and Sickness.   Special Health
Policy issued by
Head   office,   Montreal.       Costs only
.fill) 11 yenr.
("nimble & O'Reilly.
$12,000 Stook of New Goods Belling at Wholesale Cost,
Dress Goods that were 40c, now selling at 25c.
Dress Goods that were 05c, now selling at 40c.
Dress Goods that were $1.00, now selling at 60c.
Dress Goods that were (1.25, now selling at 75c.
Black Lustres, in plain and figured, that were 50c, now selling at 30c
Black Lustres, in plain and figured, that were 76c. now selling at 46c
Colored Dress Ginghams, regular 20c goods, now selling at 12,4e   ��
Colored Dress Ginghams,  regular 15c goods, now selling at 10c   *
Colored Dimities, regular 16c goods, offered at 10c. m
A. FERLAND & CO.      I
Elliot Blook. Baker 8tr��et. *
���lima IIIMIKI It.       NOTARY PUBLIC.
Windermere Mines.   Con-esp - once Solicited
Turner Beeton& Co.
Just arrived from Milwaukee
Uot a
���   (llllipOU
The water in tl.e lake rose two nml
tliien-iiuiuter inches iu the last li
'Olinipso'V.f South Africa for
and   ten cents.    They're at
The Minor ollice.
Procter town lots are mooting with
��� r,.iicly sale. A lnrge party of Nelson
people visited the new town today.
The Gas and Coke Oo.bns olimied all
of its property on the lints and will
enclose the rreiiiisos with a high
board feuco.
Mr J. Irvine, of Rossland, will con.
duct the services tbis moining and
evening ut tho Presbyterian Church.
Mr. Frew is still out of town.
Alex Stewart, of this Oily, who bus
boun absent   '�� t1"1  K,lHt   f(,r  ,lvo
months, returned to Nelson lust night
over tho Spokuuo Fulls & Northern
The Loudon Weekly Times bus pub-
llHluid a list of contriliinioiis reoeived
at the Mnusion House for the Mansion
Houae Fund. Among the donations.
mentioned is one of ��180 from Nelson.
T u. May,   the pioneer barber of
Miilsoui has rolittod his barb ir shop in
the bnsemont of tho Miiililon blonli
with new work benches and olinirs
anil  bus   installed    a    complete   bnth
A full rehearsal of the opera "Pinafore" will he held tomorrow evening
nml nil iu the oust are Blirneitly re-
queatuil to bo present. The management isquests also that only   perform-
ers put iu au appearance,
The snle of seats for B, P. Whnlloy's
entertiiiutuout whieh takes place next
ThorHduy bas heen vory successful anil
n liig house is assured. The entertainment promises to he the best nf
Its kind ever given in Nelsou.
Mr. J. 0. Sproule, of Winnipeg, n
former aldermnu und a prominent man
of that oity, arrived iu Nolson lust
uight ovor the Crow's Nest Pass line.
Mr. Sproule is eu route to California
but will spend somo time iu this country before prooeedmg south.
K. 0. Armit waB extremely lucky in
bis fishing vesterday. He succeeded
ln landing a S^i pound trout opposite
tbe powder magn/.ino and also In oap-
toriug several other speckled beauties
to add to bis basket. His big fish is
the record for this senson thus fur.
The South Kootenay Bonrd of Trnde
will hold its regular meeting in the
Board room on Monday April II at S p.
in. Nominations for delegates to the
oonvention of the Chambers of Commerce of the Empire to be held in Loudon, Kug., during tho last weok in
June will be called for.
The C. P. R. is making great time
with its faBt freight aervioe. Oue
train, known us thi "B. C. Bullet" is
running on a schedule of ten dnys from
Montreal to Nelson, nud brings freight
to Nelson from Outnrio points in eight
days. Rooently a cnrloiul of freight
from Montreal, for the Lnwriuce
Hardware Company arrived in ten
.days. .ji ....      <������
Tbe motor generator -which the
Tramway Company has been nnxionsly
awaiting for a long time past arrived
in Nelson last night nn i the work of
iii��inlling it will begin immediately
It will take about two weeks to complete the task, at whiob time u second
oar will be put iu service and tbe run
np Stanley Street resumed. With the
new appliances, whiob will be nttunbeil
to the oars, it will be impossible for
a oar to gain a dangerous speed.
The Nelson Gain 01 uh held its
weekly praotiee shoot yesterday afternoon. The weather was highly unfavorable tor good shootiug.ns iu addition to being a very cloudy day, there
waa a tbick haze that hung ovor the
field all afternoon. TbeBe couditious
aoconnt for the low average. The following is the score, eaoh mnn hnviug
36 birdB: Dr. Hall, 7; R. H. Williams, 5; A.Canie, 12; S. NeelandB, li;
Jaspei Phair, 8; Dr. Armstrong, 11; H.
E. MoDonnell, 1); H. W. F. Pollok,
10; Olarence Goepel, 1!!; Dudley Blackwood, 17.
Yesterday was the first Saturday in
many weeks that did not admit of n
pleasant time upon the Inuo. It was
wintry weather and the heavily lnden
olonds sent down all they contained.
There was rain first, then bail nnd
then enow. At intervals during the
day the son peeped out to show that it
was siill on dnty up behind tho clouds
and the air giew warmer for tbe time,
only to ohill one throngh again wbeu
tbe clouds blotted out tbe sunlight,
lint,its Nelson's weather is ideal nbout
six days out of every seven, one oannot
A test wbb made yesterday of 2,200
feet of hose now iu the City fire department. It was oondncted by Chief
Thompson, under the supervision of
Mayor Houston, at tbo hydrant near
the Nelson Saw and Planning Mill.
Ot the 2,200 feet put under a pressure
of 175 pounds, 850 feet wero declared
bad and thrown oat of servieo. The
test showed 160 feet morB of bad hose
than Ohief Thompson reported to the
Connoil atlta last meeting,nnd is a foil
justification of his request that 2,000
feet of new hoso be purchased at ouoe,
��s the City bas now but 1,050 feet of
heae in use.
The dispatch in The Miner of yesterday morning to the effoot tbat Judge
Dugas, of the Yukon territory, wus
to investigate and report upon certain
oharges brought against Gold Commissioner Senkler, formerly of Nelson,
eanaed considerable comment iu the
Wty yeaterday. J. H. Bowes, of
whom Mr. Senkler wbb a former partner, Is confident that whatever the
oharges may be, they are of a "trumped np" obarauter. and doea uot believe
that the investigation will result in
sny indention upon tbe integrity of
his former partner.
If tbe opera "Pinafore" is bb popular in Nelson as it would appear, from
the following uotioe, to be in London,
a big house should greet tho NoIroii
amateurs: The 1000th performance
In London of Gilbert and Sullivan's
"��� M. 8. Pinaforo" was oelebrated at
the Savoy theatre on Saturday,September 10, and a crowded house received
the v.oik with as muoh applause nR
though it were quite a new oue. Originally produced nt the Opera Oomiiiuc
in May 1878, when it hnd n phenomenal inn for those davs, it has been
jwioe revived nt tbo" Savoy threntre.
bnt always nuder  the eame manage
ment. Thero is only one of the origi-
nnl o��Bt playing it now, and that is
Mr. Richard Temple us Dink Dendeye.
The new Sullivan opera is not yet
ready,   but   induing   hy appearances
thero is nn need to hurry,ns" Pinafore"
and "Trial by Jury," whieh form
the bill, look good for many weeks
The Slooan Di ill, n uow journalistic
enterprise in tlmt city, publishes the
following epigram ln its first number:
"The political situation iu lii-itish
Colombia is something like a Silver-
ton conktuil: n little of everything,
pretty well mixed." It also promises,
in tho following paragraph, to givo a
slory of the early days of Nelaon:
"Later on when leisure momenta crowd
uh, we will publish a storv entitled
'How Qeorge Henderson Lost a Million, or the Wreck of the Soft Drink
Factory.' It iB a tnlo of the onrly
days of Nelson and full of explosive
situations and very startling  evouta."
Within a short  time   the   Trnniway
Company will    have completed  the
laying of the truck to the loot of Nelson Street, near one Mile Point, and
the work of improving tbo ground
thero for reoroution purposes will then
begin, The property will bo cleared
up and boat and buth houses elected.
Tables will also be constructed for pio-
mo purties and good lacrosse grounds
and a baseball diamond laid out. The
latter will bo made perfectly level nud
rolled so us to make a   petr:ict basubnll
diamond.   Refreshment   booths   will
probably be opened in the vicinity of
the grounds nnd Nelsou will then hnve
u recreation purlc iu ovoiy Bouse of the
Mr R. H. H, Chapman, who has
relatives In Nelson and who wns at
uno time an esteemed member of tho
Staff nf Tho Winnipeg Free Press, is
now editor of The Humid, Los Angeles, Cnliforuin. It wns through him
Mi. James Neill, the famous and popular American imtorinannger, first
learned of the death of Major Arnold.
Mr. Neill at once wrote the following
letter, datod Los AugeleB. March 20:
"My Denr Chapman,���I put np in the
prompt stand, on our call-board the
report of poor Harry Arnold's death.
Our old Winnipeg gunrd was terribly
upset by it, nnd it enused much sorrow. There iB nothing wo cnn do but
shod a teur for the Hue fellow's memory. If you should notice thnt any
fund ia proposed for a memorial or a
benefit of nny kiud, I would like to get
in it for $50. Wo nre hero again in
August.  Vory sincerely, Jumos Neill."
The Louise BrehnuyBnllnd and Opera
Company, which will uppear at tbe
Opera Houso ou Mcuday week, will
furnish n raro front to the musio lovers
of Nelson. Alrondy a large number
of seats have been reserved and those
who desire good seals had beat apply
at once as they will probably all be
gono in a few days. Miss Biehuny
will be assisted by a company of well
known artists in a choice musical programme, concluding with,a portion of
the Grand Opera "Martha."
Louise Biehnny, by her former connection with Edonnrd Retnenyi, Sou-
sa's band und numerous other managements wbich have always demanded
the best talent, has made for herself n
wide reputation, bnt one no more ex-
tonsive than deserved. Her voioe ia
one of the rioheat aud sweetest ever
heard. Mies Brehauy is particularly
skillful and pleasing iu ber lighter
Mr. W. Gnillaume Sauvlet IB too
well known as a pianist to need particular mention. His Beleotions are all
perfeotly executed and tbe artistB
oonld not possibly have a more able
Miss Olga Sob moll, Iho violin soloist,
is a special feature of the program.
This young musician iB making rapid
advancement and should rank with the
bost of American violinists. In the
lighter strains und moro fanoifnl interpretations her performance is bril
Jessie Beatrice Monroe is a brilliant
young artist, possessing a pure, full
ooutralto voioe.
Louis J. Mintz is a tenor whose
resonant voice, of wide range and excellent volumo.givoa promise of attaining internatioual renown.
Forrest D. Cnrr, basso cantnnte, has
an exceptionally heavy, well-controll-
od voice or great scope.
The company is an exceptional one
and should give a fine performance.
P. A. Dauforth, of LnGrane, Ga.,
suffered intensely for six mouths with
a frightful running sore on his leg,
hot writes that Buoklen'B Arnica
Savle wholly cured it in ten days. For
Ulcers, Wounds, Burns, Boils, Pain or
Piles it's the best salve iu the world.
Cure guaranteed. Only 25 conts. Sold
by Camilla Drug & Book Co.
Mr. Roderlok Robertson's Views on
the Labor Situation.
Tho following recently appeared in
a Slocan paper: J. Rodenok Robertson, manager of the London & B. C.
Gold Fields, and S. S. Fowler, engineer of snmo, passed throngh here on
Saturday on tbeir way to the Enterprise mine. Considerable improvements are to be offooted at the mine as
soon as the snow goes off, and it is
the intention to largely inorease the
ore shipments. At present the road
i - in bad shape, neoeBsitating the use
nf both sleighs and wagons.
Sreukiug   of   the Bettlemont arrived
Phair.��� R. O. Davia,Quebec; Heotor
MoRae, J. Fred Ritohje, Rosslaud ; W.
R. Angus, Toronto; G. H. Barnhart,
Ymir; J. H. Poff, Victoria; B. O.
Riblet, Nelaon; J. A.Smith, Spokane;
A. H. Wnlleridge, Vancouvor; W.
Wnll.toll and wife,Montreal; John Mc-
PherBon and son, Montreal; J. O.
Holden, Nine Mile Point.
Home.���R. McLean, Kaslo; E. Tin-
tayno, H. J. Clurry, A. G. MoKeuny,
Toronto ; J. O. Blandy, Kaslo; J. S.
McFarlaue, John Pophorn, Silverton;
Alex Stewart, Nelson; E. Morran,
Nelson ; W. F. Clonics, Hamilton ; P,
H. Waner, Trail; J. E.Home,Toronto;
J. C. Sproule, M. B. Steele.Wiuuipeg.
Was tbe result uf his splendid health.
Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not found where Stomach,
Liver, KidneyB and Bowels are ont of
order. If you want these qualities
and the success tbey bring, nee Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They develop
every power of brain and body.
Only 25 centB at the Canada Drug &
Book Store.
Because a Watch lias
run for years is no indication that it does not
need cleaning. Many a
watch is ruined by being let run too long without it. The oil becomes
dry and invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. We have
every facility for teplac-
ing any part, or making
��� a watch throughout if
necessary. First-class
work only.
Patenaude Bros
at in tbe Nelson nnd Ymir camps,
Mr. Robertson said the aim was to
have a universal wage with tho Slocan
���or |!1.25 por dny for the miners, with
11 deducted for  bonrd.    This soale, ho
believed, would ultimately be adopted throughout tin Province. He foresaw this stiiiio time ago, nnd now that
the net I lenient has come, what little
animosity hnd been nrousoil over the
labor troubles should bo dropped and
everybody work together for tho upbuilding of the country. A good miuer
should be able to soouie employment
anywhere, irrespective of hia boing
either a union or non-union miner.
In England it would tnko some time
oro the effect of the labor troubles here
passed, and capital was a nit ahy,
though Mr. Holiertsou belioved the
Amei icniis wero not so tender, nnd
consldurnblo oapital might come this
way. The leas said about silver, he
believed, Ilie better, us   then   the lnnr-
ket wjuld not beoome ho agitated,
This wns a grand country nnd a fore-'
most camp, with resources unlimited,
and it should be tho aim ol nil to advance the guneial interests of the section and seek to obtain tho best results.       	
The Spoknne Ohroniole hns the following in regurd to tho death of Scott
MoDonald :
Scott McDonald, one of the wealthiest mine owners of Spokane, died yesterday ut 4 p. in., uftor a lingering lll-
ncBs of 10 months. A year ago last
August Mr, McDonald wns taken ill
with grip, whicli developed into consumption, nnd two weeks ago be wiib
oompelled to take to his bed. For tho
last ten duys fulled rapidly an.I the ex-
peoted end oame yesterday.
Mr. McDonald wns one of the earliest
settlers ot tbe western country. He
was born in 1851 in St.Oharles county,
MiBsouri. Hia parents were ruinod
lluauoially in the civil war. and Mr.
MuDonald in 1809, then a boy of 18
years old, came west with his sister,
Mrs. D. L. Griffiths, and settled in
Butte. Ho begau work there ns a Inbor-
or, undorgrouud, and worked up to responsible positions, until, when still a
youth, be wns nppointetl superintendent of the Lexington mine.
Mr. McDonuld has been oouncoted
with some of tho best mines of the
northwest. He was one of tho first
men in the Coeur d'Alene district and
located the Poorman nnd Tiger. From
hero he went to British Columbiu nnd
opened tho famous Payne, of Sandon,
B. O. He was owner and superintendent of this mine nt the time of his
In 1802 Mr. McDonald married Misa
Agues Smith, of Lesueur, Minnesota.
Two children are the result of this
marriage, a boy Bruco, aged three
years, and a girl, Ruth, aged five
years. The other relatives of the departed mine owner aie four brothers
and two sisters. His oldest brother is
in Missouri, while the othor three aro
in tbe mining sections surrounding
Spokiin'. Both of bis sisters are in
Stewart, Montana. Mr. MoDonald
waB a in 'lnbor of the Masons at Bntto,
but hud uot been transferred to Spo-
kaue, having moved to this city three
years ago.
Such Weather as This
calls   for  stout;  .serviceable   shoes,  thai   will   keep
your feet dry and preserve your health.
And You Need Them.
Wear one pair and you will know more
than we can tell you,
ilumt them
Bring Your Repairing.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and promnt attention.
While others are talk- ft
ing of Joe Martin and 'ft
his chances, drop in J
on me and have your ft
measure taken for a S
suit of clothes.
\l> w ijk w vv w w w \v w w w \i/ Va ifc W i^^o w w -4t W \k to. w ^1
Trr Trt m ^sr ^a ^jf;^^ptJ)��t^^��(^^^^^^^^^^a;^^^|t^ -W. -Ir-
Baker Street
Thy Oi
No. 185
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capltnl l*itl<l-up.     .    .    .     $1,0X5,070.00  I   Knit, $l.fOt,MO.0C
Roiml or  IMrectorni   Thomas K. Konnoy, I'ronirtent;   Thoninri Kitohlc.  Viuu-HroHirtmit.
MIclmuL IJwyor, Wiley Smith,  H. 0. Bnuld, Hon. II. H. Fuller. M.L.C., Hon. David MftoKuun
Haul Ollice, iiiiilin 1 :
Goneral Mimagur. Erison L. Pchhc, Montrual,
Superintendent of Branohes. W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
liiHpoctor, W. I1'. Brock, Halifax.
Bocrotary, D, M. Stewart,, Montreal.
Brandies !
Nova srniin Hulifax Branch, AntiKonifdi, Bridgwater, GuyHboro. Londonderry, Lunenburg
Multlutid (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port HawkeHhury, Sydney. Shunonarndk1, Truro, Wt yir.iHilli
Sew ifruiiKVtlck��� Bathurtit, Dorchester, Frodorieton, Kingston iKm.t 06.), Monoton, Now
.it 1' . S;u*l; villi-, Woodstock. I*. II. IhImmI���Charlottctown, Kuinnioi-Hidc. Qui'Iter - Mimtrtiu
(City Ollice), Montreal. Wont Knd (Cor. Notre Dame and Bugneun Street*); WeHtnuuint K'oi
Qroono Avenue aud St. Cathariiuin Street. Ontnrlo���Ottawa. NcvtfoiiiMllniHl- St. JQUn'l
t'ulm, Mcii I utile*���Havana. Iluilcd HIiiIch���Now York (IU Kxchaugo Place) Koimblic, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vac
couver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
CorrrKpoiidfiilH 1
I'nnuiln���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Benton���National Shawniut Bunk.   Oilman���AmorlM
Natiuiml Bank-   Han FrwuclHro���First National Bank.   London, Bug* - Hank of  Scotland,
rail., France���Credit LyonnaiK.   Bermuda���Bank of Bermuda,   China mid Japan -llon^
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and ou Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
GERM EA (California Whim Wheat)
GRAPE NUTS- A Food for Brain and Nerve
Aud a Dozm Other Coroals.
Leading    Grocers
Telephone 10
P. O. Box K. and W.
I >��'���">"���"���"���"���">"���"���"���"*"���"���"��� "���"���"���"���''���"<"��ii��ii0ii��i>#H I
They are made in your midst, of the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where j,'iiod  Cigars are  sold  they can  be bought,
The  Royal  Seal and  Kootenay Belle.
Union  made.
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
��� NEW
You will want something New and choice for Easter Sunday. We are in readiness to meet your
wants. Would suggest, first, a New Hat; we have the correct one for you. NewTailor-Mape Suit,
style and fit perfect. New Over-skirts in all the new makes. If you want a New Dress Pattern,
can have a choice out of at least three hundred designs. Our Black Dress Goods cannot be equalled
in Nelson. New Blouse and Dress Silks all choice patterns. New Parasols, do not buy till you
see our selection. Silk Waists, a chance you seldom get; One Dozen New Silk Waists, samples,
this week 20 per cent. off. Fifty sample Underskirts, all new, 10 per cent, discount. Seventy-five
Sample Jackets, the very newest, discount 20 percent. Ladies' Whitewear, we carry full lines in all
newest Garments. Ladies' and Children's Undervests. We handle the E. T. Corsets, fit guaranteed
perfect. Specially good in Hosiery. Gloves and notions of all kinds. Stah.e Department is well
looked after, Lace Curtains, Cheniclc Curtains and Table Covers, Madras Muslins, Art Draperies of
all kinds, Pillow Cottons in all widths, Towels, Towellings, White Bedspreads very special at $1,
Blankets, Comforters, Sheeting and Tickings, Table Linens and Napkins. Something new and
special in Linen Table Covers.
Your patronage we respectfully solicit, guaranteeing perfect satisfaction in goods and prices. Our
Motto "Good Goods, Cash and One Price, Small Profits and Quick Returns."
Baker St. Madden Block
P- S-���Agents for Standard Fashions.   Patterns Kept in Stock-
Nelson, m
I NfiLSON  DAILY Mlfctik,  SUNDAY, APRIL 8, 1906
��� in iT.iiiaVi-'v'"-'c*'rr-
miii uWn'.iin
Cornea nil Appalling  Ijoss of Life nnd
Austin, Texas, April   7.���Thin oity
is in   prtab   ilurkni'.ii   with   a   lOgiag
liviir, Him mile   wiilo,    swollen fnr beyond itH niitiiriil   limits.    In   addition
to the vast loss to property in this soo-
tiou, it is calculated   that   between 80
and 40 lives  have boen   Bncrifloed   aud
tho reports ooming  in  from the tribn-
tui-y districts do not   tend to   iinprovo
inuiiiis.    The Hood is  not  unlike tho
disastrous Johnstown Flood somo years
ni;o, in that tin- raging  river,   already
swollen   beyond its  capacity, bore too
heavily  upon nn Immense dam spanning tin1 river  here, breaking   it  und
letting loose   a   reservoir of water  UU
miles lung, half a niilo   wide   and  (ID
feet  deepi   aud    carrying   dritti action
and  death  down  into  the  valley  of
the Colorado   Hiver.    The  gieat  dam
in Colorado River gave away  at   noon
today from tho   enormous   pressure   of
water and with   a  roar   aud   a  crash
swept   the  valleys   below    the     oity
wreoktng the Immense light and powsr
plant and   drowning   ei^ht   workmen.
Small   trees  began    decsending    the
river,   piling    np   agaiUHt   the   dam.
This weight was augmented every moment until   by 10 o'clook there was  a
maps nf debris lodged   against tho dam
wbioh  threatened  the   safety of  the
structure.    In   addition    millions    of
gallons of water, muddy  from its long
jonrmy, was  whirling   and  plnngin?
against the Oo-foot  wall  and  it  was
evident that no wall   could   withstand
the immense pressure. The crisis came
shortly after   II   o'olock,    when   suddenly, with a   report like tli3 roar  of
the oc3au, the  great   waste  of wator,
38 feet high and 500   feet   wide rolled
out uf the centre   suction of   the  dam
down the. lace of the  00-loot wall into
the river below.    This   left a yawning
gap in   the   very  middle of tho  dam
tluough   which   the   debris and wator
poured while thn Hood   was   threatening everything in  its   path.   The  re-
leased water   poured   iuto   the  power
house and caught  eight   employees at
work, drowning ull ol thorn instantly.
The  breaking of   the dam   caused the
wildest excitement   In the  oity.    Tbe
telegraph companies wired   at once   to
places below to   look out (or the grcut
wave and runner? were despatched on
horses to notify   those   living   in   tbe
valleys below tho oity. The telegraphic
messages served as a   timely  warning
to many, but the rushing   wateis   outstripped   the   horsemen    aud    many
houses weie picked up and swept away
hefore th�� occupants could get together
their valuables.    Large crowds gathered   on   the   river   banks   and   persons
were swept   into   the   river  when tbe
dam broke lint all woro saved by boatmen     A crowd of wbite people   numbering U0   living just below   tbe  dam
in tents were seen at their habitations
before the   dam   broke   aud have   not
been   heard   of   since.    It is   believed
that   all   of   them were swept   away.
One man attempting to cross the road,
leading to the bridge   across tbo river,
just as  the   wave   rolled  down,   was
caught and ho and his horse and bnggv
went clown with the  torrent and were
heard of no more.
A family of six nogroes living in
the valley south of tbe city are known
to have been drowned. It is estimated
that more than 100 houses have beon
destroyed and that the loss to propeity
will he great. The breaking of the
dam engulfed tho old water company's
plant below the city, and it is tonight
lying 16 feet under wuter, while tbe
oity is in darkness and without water.
Thn surface of the river throughout
the day hint beon dotted by small
houses or fragments of honaos and
drowned animals, along with trees and
dtibris, all of which bear testimony to
the ravages of tho floods in the moun-
tainsoui regions above Austin. In addition tn the Joss here the International and Great Northern and Austin
and Northwestern Railroads, both entering this city, hive soll'ered sovoroly.
The first named sustained a serious
wreck by reason of the flood this morniug. Thu south bound Oannouhall
train from St. Louis, ou the Interna
tiouiil ami Grent Northern, due nt 1
o'olook, was wreoked at Me Neil,
nine miles above hero as a result of a
washout. Tho 3ngin�� and cars plung
ei iuto u culvert, demolishing the en
gine and thb mail car, baggagu oar,
two day ousohea and one sleeper. The
ears left the track and rolled over on
their sides in four feet of water, but
110 lives wero lost nor wore any passenger-, badly injured. This is attributed
m Ilie fa-t that there wero not many
nn ihe train and it was running slow
at ih" time owing to a bad traok. Thn
mail clerk, Ora Davis, was seriously
braised, and Snglneet Mayhall and
Fireman O. M. Btaley were slightly
Injured. The Austin & North Western
road operated no trains today, duo to
the fad Mint five of the bridges were
Washed away during the night.
Church's Alabasline
Hkahy   tor thk  Brush  hy Adding Oold Water, and
Kash.y Applied,
Alnbiistiiie is especially adapted for plain tinting mid whitening, nml is easily applied in SUCll woik fay anyone who can read
our simple directions mid handle a brush:
and cleansing, as well ns beautiful, and is positively permanent)
that is, when applied on a solid turfaoe the coating can he
repealed iu thin coals lioin time to lime for years, as long as the
plastering stnnils. without removing the old Alnbiistiiie coals, and
every Coat so added strengthens the wall and hardens with age.
Color card for the asking,
Vancouver Hardware Co
Mara Block, Nelson-
Glimpses of South Africa.
The Miner now has on sain the
second portfolio of "Glimpses of South
Africa." If anything, it is more elegant thnn Mm first number and not one
booh should he left nt the beginning
nf next week when Portfolio No. 3
will he offered, The Minor will make
a -penal oiler, in tlmt it will givo for
'in cents ami one   coupon   cut   from   a
nopy of tins paper. Portfolio No, l and
S, Tin- oonpon will be found at tbe
head of the editorial colnmn. Cut it
nm nf tins paper and put it in your
pocket so tbat yon may get tho Portfolio when you pass The Miner   office.
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A private Hospital, Medical, .Surgical nml Ubstatrloa] cases nursed in tbe
House. Private room $20 and flfi n
week. Beds in ward $12 a week.
Nurses sent ont to privnte bouses at |1B
n week. Apply to Tho Misses Orick-
Under instructions we will offer for sale at our offices,
Baker St., Nelson, West of Bank of B. C.
at 2:30 p. m. sharp on
Tuesday, ioth day of April,
We have just received a
consignment of NEW WALL
PAPERS that give us the biggest
stock carried in the Kootenays.
and PAINTING of all descriptions.
Sign Painting.
Fancy Room Moulding at 2,'a Oeuts a Foot and Upwards-
Finest Assortment of
BiuHsels, Velvets, Tapestry, Axminster and All-Wool.
Smyrna, Tecumseh.
Maple Leaf] Kumila, Victor.
LINOLEUM���Neat and  Fancy Pattern, in 8-ft. nnd 12-ft. widths.
Baker ami Ward Street**.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson,
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Kroni Portland, Me.
Allan Uno "1 jiii D'litinri" A lull 11
Allan Lino "Tunisian*' April _*1
Dominion l<inu "Dominion*1 April l.t
Dominion Lino "Can,brum.in" ...April 17
From Bt. John, N. li.
Ilcavnr Linn "Ynlu" April 11
Braver Line  "l.ii-iliinin" ApilllH
Prom Halifax, N  H.
Allan Line "Tunisian" April 22
Dominion Lino "Dominion" April ii
Beavor Lino "Yola"  . ... .  April IH
Beaver Lino "LuMitanla" April lit
From Now York
Whito Star Lino "Oceanlo" April IK
Whilo Htur Line "Tun Ionic" April 2J
Cunard Lino"��truria'1 April u
Canard Line "Campania" April 21
\ 11- '!��� Lino  *'Ne\v Ytirk" April in
Ued  Hlar Line   "UY-Oeniland" April 18 I
North Gorman   LInyil   "Ijahn"   April 17 '
Anchor Lino  "AnHmrla" April 'l\
Allan Htato Line "Hate rtf Ncljrii-ka" April L'l
PaHaagcH arranged lo anil from all Kuropcan
points. Kor mUw, MckntH and full lnfcrnmtion
nDplytoCK K, dopotatffnl or U K. UoaHloy,
City I'aHHoi'i(tt! Ak'"iiI, Nolwn, B.ll.
Soneral A��onb.CP. It, Ulllct..  Winnipeg I
...L POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlerv
Tho loading Hhop. Largo
(���took. BohL '��� -mi i .il Htock
on hand. HarnoftH, Col
Un ot beak makeH.Sad
diet.     BlankolH,     Boll*
Whip*,   (tin-In--i.  ('mm,
HricoH aatlifactory.
j   Call and poo.
���   Cor.  Ward   and   J*akor
1 nu* aw*,
��� TAILOR   ���
Cleaning and Be| airing Neatly Done.
Clothing Made to Order
Oorner Ward and Baker.
#   Lot 8, Block 2 and  East Half  Lot  7, Block 2,
Gitt)  of   Nelsoi),
-j}*    being'situated on the North Side of Baker Street, directly east of the Queen's Hotel.   Terms    $~
10 per cent at the drop of the hammer and balance in 30 days.   Title clear. jk
For information apply to
Charles A. Waterman & Co.
The Terminus and Transfer Point
of the Nelson and Balfour [sec
tion  of the Crow's   Nest
Pass Railway.
has many advantages as a  place   of
Business and Residence, because of its
natural Beauty and surrounding.
is situated on an elevatod level plateau,
with magnificent views of the lake and
mountains, where the panorama of diversified scenery
is most interesting and pleasing, and being equally accessible by either steamboat or railway makes it a
place for Ideal homes.
Lots are selling fast so call early and take your choice.
range from $75 to $150 a Lot. Terms, one-
third down, balance 6 and 12 months' 6
per cent, interest.
PROCTER courts investigation, invites criticism and
demands recognition.
For Maps and particulars apply
^^  natural Beauty
j-iuuo cue ceiling it
T. G. Procter,   or Frank Fletcher,
Baker Street,
C. P. R. Land Agent,
Kootenay St., Nelson.


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