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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 4, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 847
Nelson,   British Columbia, Thursday Evening,   October 4, 1900.
Eleventh Year
A Guest of Minister Conger
Tells of Three Awful
The Night Before Relief Came
Was the Worst Ever
Sun Francisco, Oct. 4.���Miss Cecilc
E. Payne, who went to Pekln last
spring .'is tho guest of Minister and
Mrs. Conger, told a graphic story of
the siege on her arrival here.
���(if the whole eight weeks of terrible anxiety   and   dread."   said   Miss
Payne, "throe nights stand out  with
special prominence    They are spoken
of by tho liesieged as 'the three terrible nights.'   The first was just before
the siege   about June   17 or is.   That
wns while we were   in  the  American
legation.    We   went into  the   liritisli
legation compound  on June 20.    The
night I spealc of was one the   foreigners will never forget.    All   night long
weiil   up   terrible   cries,   bowls    anil
shunts of thousands upon thousands of
Chinese crying  tor  the blood  of the
"The second terrible night was after the middle of tin- siege.when three
or four days of muggy and sultry
weather, one of tbe most violent
thunder storms I ever experienced
broke over the eity. Everybody had
predicted that with the coming of the
rain the Chinese would cease firing,
luit the effect was just the opposite.
Il was a nignt of bellowing thunder.
roaring artillery, incessant lightning
ami pouting rain.
"The third and last night of the
horrors was that of August 13, the
day before the relief came. On that
night the Chinese were fairly frantic,
anil moved heaven and earth to break
in anil hill us. Firing that had seemed furious before was tame compared
with the hail of shot and shell that
poured in upon us that night. It
came from all quarters and from every
Imaginable kind of weapon. We had
received reports of the approach of
the relief column and knew that it
must he near, from tbe fi antic attempts of the Chinese to slay ns. We
expected that any moment might be
our last, as many breaches were made
hy Ihe shells aud a determined assault
at any one place would have opened
the way for the hordes outside."
Rev. C. II. Fenn, a returned missionary from 1'ekin, tells of tlie Hist
receipt during the seige of direct news
by .Minister Conger from Secretary of
State Hay.    lie says:
"On .Inly 17 we received a n��ossage
from the   outside   world   that     said:
Communicate tidings beajpr.' There
was no date and no signature. Mr.
Conger sent it to the Tsung-li Yamen
"'ith the request that it be made
plain. Ho received in reply a copy of
���Minister Wu's dispatch, whloh stated that tbe United States Government
demanded word from Minister Conger
in cipher. That message made our
liearts jump with joy. Conger sent
his reply at once.
"That night before relief arrived wo
beard the rattle of the machine guns
at a distance, and it was sweet music.
Everybody got up. It was about 1
o clock. The women made coffee and
there was no raoro sleeping that
night. The next day, as tlie Americans came in, I went down and shook
hands witli each man as be staggered
in through the water gate."
thing better than excitement to excessive drink.
Chicago, Oct. 1.���A special to tbe
Record from New Orleans says: The
Hritish army headquarters in this eity
are to be closed soon. Since the English ollieers were sent here in August
1800,to purchase supplies, 18,000 horses
and 4S,OO0 mules have been shipped
to Capetown, as well as large quantities of forage and other supplies, tlie
pay therefore being about 810,000,000
in English gold.
Express Messenger on Burlington Railway Kills a
Train Robber.
Seattle,Wash., Oct. 4.���The lirst tel-!
egrain from Skagway to Seattle,marking an epoch iu the history of business between Alaska and tbe outside
world, was received hero yesterday.
The time occupied by the message In
transit was seven hours. This will be
reduced. The line over which it is
passed to Vancouver, is that which
the Canadian Government has constructed.
Halifax Already Preparing to
Receive the Returning
Halifax. Oct. I.���Already; Halifax
is preparing to welcome home the
Canadian soldiers from South Africa.
Sir Charles Tupper. Governor Jones,
Premier Murray and Mayor Hamilton, all signify their intention of
helping to make the reception in this
eity a big event. Sir Charles Tupper
is in Amherst and in reply to a telegram, asking what bis suggestion
would he for a lilting reception to tbe
Canadian soldieis returning from
South Africa, tlie following was received: " Everything sliould be done
to show the gratitude of Canada for
tlie undying glory conferred upon it
by our brave volunteers. (Signed I
Sir Charles Tupper." Governor Jones
said that as be thought that Halifax
was tbe only place at whloh the full
returning force would muster,the welcome should be of a national significance. It would be well to invite the
mayors of tlie leading cities of Canada
to be present. His honor said he
would confer with Premier Murray
inui.Mayor Hamilton, and do all in liis
power to make the affair a success.
One suggestion was made by the (lovernment was that Admiral Bedford be
asked to co-operate with the civic,
military and militia representatives
in making the demonstration one to
be remembered. He thought that it
would be possible to have the licet
leave tbe harbor, meet tile transport
and accompanying her up from Sam-
bio, saluting as they came. Tbe forts
could also be manned and salutes fired. Participation of tbe navy in tlie
reception was possible in no other
city in Canada.
Governor Jones was emphatic in
saying that nothing could be too good
for tbe returning troops, and lie was
pronounced in his utterances that the
welcome sliould be something unequalled in the history of Canada.
lion. (ieo. II. Murray said be favored giving tbe boys a most.entbusiastic
and cordial reception, as they were
deserving of all honor that could he
bestowed upon thorn.
Mayor Hamilton   said   that   he and
Engineer Forced by Robbers
to Use Dynamite on Express Car.
Council Bluffs, Iowa.Oct. 4.���Lying
at the morgue in this city.with a bullet through tbe heart,is tlie body of a
roworfully built man with black hair
and moustache, about six feet tall,
and aged apparently t"> years, lle was
one of two men who held up the Kansas City passenger train on the Burlington Railway, three miles south of
this city last night. Express Messenger Charles Baxter killed him. The
two men boarded the train at the Union I'aeilie transfer and climbed over
the tender just as the train was crossing tin* Mosqueto Creek bridge. Engineer Donnelly and Frank Holman,
fireman, who were in oharge of the
engine, were ordered to slow up as
soon as tlie train had crossed the
bridge. While one man held a revolver on the engine crew, bis companion went back and cut oil'tbe baggage
'tiel mail -ars,leaving the day coaches
and steeper standing on the main
line. Acting under orders, the engineer pulled the train half a mile down
tlie track where a stop was made.
Here tbe robbers approached the express ear and ordered Messenger Baxter to open tbe doo.\ He refused to
do so. Under compulsion Engineer
Donnelly attached a stick of dynamite
to tbe side door of tbe ear and blew
it open. In the meantime Messenger
Baxter seized a gun and escaped from
the door on the opposite side of tbe
ear. As soon as tbe door was opened
one of the robbers entered the ear,
while his companion marched the engineer and fireman back to the engine. Baxter crept around in front of
them and seeing the robber keeping
guard over tbe engine crew, fired one
shot and killed him instantly. As
soon as tlie shot was beard the robliei
in the ear jumped to the ground and
lied through a Cornfield, Tho dead
man was brought into this city. Nothing was found on him by which he
could be identified. The robber inside tbe ear was preparing to blow tlie
safe at the time bis companion was
England Will   Commemorate   the Return of Her Soldiers.
New York, (let.   1. ���Public   interest
j in Great Britain   in  the   Boer war is
j revived by tbe prospect of a series of
'gala days when tbe soldiers and gen-
lerals return, says The Tribune's London correspondent.    Three great town
London, Oct. 4. ���Lord Wolseley, the
Comniander-in-cbief, in an open letter
asks tbe public wishing to honor the
returning soldiers, to refrain while
extending them a hearty welcome,
from offering them Intoxicating
liquors as like all of us they arc open
to temptation. The commander-in-
chief also says he trusts the greeting
to the  brave  soldiers   will   be  some-
the members of tho city council would i Hm|WK wm t.om���1Cniorate the arrival
extend to the returning soldiers a ���f the Quards, the London Volini-
hearty welcome. He was not In a posl-j t8era _,, h()nl Roberta, and there
tioii to say just what form the recep- wi[1 ^ u Berit.s 0f Ininor events. 'The
tion should take. He would call a nortn 0f Ireland will also have a
meeting of tbe council and have a com- j Koyl^ fUKtjvll] The Queen was invit-
mittee appointed who would arrange 0(i'((, vjH,t Hdfast when she was in
the programme. The idea of having D,,!,]!,^ but was forced to decline the
tbe transport met outside the harbor illvjiutj0I1. -pho Prince of Wales will
and  conveyed   to the disembarkation  yisi, nuter |n 11,0 winter in her place
pier was a good one. If a feature of I _d lh(.,.(,
thut kind was agreed upon as part of Ul(.|.u
the general ; programme ; it would
necessitate the admiral keeping up
Hteam on the war vessels for some
time, as the date of tbe arrival of the
transport was not definitely known.
will    be   great   festivities
Tien   Tsin,    Monday,     Oct.    I.���VI
Shanghai, Oct.    I. ���British official rc-
Washington, Oct. 4.���The population of Seattle as officially announced
today is 1900, Sll.iiTI ; ls'.io, 48,887.
These figures show for tlie city as a
whole an Increase in population of
37,834 or 88.88 per cent, from 1800 to
UIOO, The population is 1880 was
showing an increase of,30,804, 01
porta announce that Shan llai   Kuan 8,838
surrendered   to    a   British     warship.   1,1VI. -IS percent.from   1**0   to   1800
Sept.   89,    Three    British     regiments   The population by wards ,���I     000       -
left here Oot. I to garrison Shan  Hal  First,   18,18,  second,  0 081, th1 d,
Kuan and Chung ���Blon Sothcng, and 0,530s totrth,  8,096;   flf h    11,087,
take,,,, ion of the  railroad.    Gen-   sixth, 7,4401   seventh.   8,417,   eighth,
J 7,7*1 ; ninth, 0,168,
A Ten-Stamp Mill Has Been
Ordered for the Venus
A Change of Management of
the Mine Among the
o posse
eral Chaffee has left here for Pekin
Toronto, Oct. 4.���The directors ot
the Venus Mining Co., operating the
Venus mine at Nelson met here yesterday and determined to place an order Immediately for the erection of a
ten stamp mill at the mine. Dr. Doo-
little, who lias been acting as manager of the company's interests nt Nelson, wns present at the meeting and
reported the failure of tho rotary
mill. It is possible that their will be
a change of management of tlie mine
after the stamp mill has been installed as those interested are not altogether satisfied with affairs as they
have progressed up to date.
* *   *
.1. R. Cranston of Rossland, one of
tbe directors of the company which is
operating the Bornite Bank property
situated ou Morning Mountain, came
to Nelson yesterday and inspected tlie
property. He reports thai the development work is progressing exceedingly
Well and the assay returns from tbe
ore show high grade values.
��   *   ���
Greenwood, B. 0., Oct. 4.���Shortly
after the lirst of the year there will
be iu operation in the Boundary district three smelters. Of these the
Granby smelter at Grand Forks is putting through an average of :iuo tons
daily through one stack of 860 tonB
capacity. The second stack is to be
blown in tbe lirst of next week. Machinery is arriving at Greenwood for
tlie smelter being built there by the
British Columbia Copper Company of
New York. This smelter will start
with one stack of 3(10 tons capacity.
Paul Johnson, manager of the smelting deparment of the company, anticipates being in a position to commence operations early in December.
Already ore is being sent down to
iill tbe 3,000-ton ore bins at tbe smelter from tbe company's mine, the
Mother Lode in Deadwood camp. Excavation for the foundations for the
Standard I'yritic Smelting Company's
plant, to be erected two miles below
Greenwood, on Boundary Creek, liaH
started. This is the company that
Andrew Laidlaw formed in Quebec
last winter. Tbe smelter will have
an initial capacity of 800 tons. Ad
vices from the Denver Engineering
Works Company of Denver, Col., state
that seven carloads of the machinery
will be ready for shipment on October
II. Mr. Laidlaw hopes to havo his
smelter running about January 1.
There are nine Working properties in
Deadwood camp, of these the famous
Mother Lode is developed by shaft and
levels to a depth of 300 feet, and the
shaft is to be continued on down to
the 600-foot level. 'There have opened an ore body over 880 feet long and
averaging 00 feet. This is all pay ore,
and only recently on tbe 30-foot level
encountered some exceptionally rich
copper-gold ore. The Sunset mine,
an adjoining property, has quite a
force employed. On the Morrison,
Buckhorm, Arlington-Burns, Greyhound, Great Hopes, Margueirto and
other mines development is progressing steadily.
��� ���   ���
Mr. J. N. Hill of tbe 0. N. Railway, speaking with (i. O. Buchanan
at Kaslo stated that at present the
American smelters were stocked with
lead ores, having as much on band as
the available Supply of silleious ores
would enable ' them to assimilate.
���Vou people," said Mr. Hill, "will
have to learn to smelt your lead ores
independently of a dry ore supply
This you can do if you have coke at
87 per ton, and lots of It. Tbe price
of Crow's Nest Pass coke Is, I believe,
low enough, but their present production is Inadequate." Mr. Hill also
Intimated that the demand for (row's
Nett Pass coal was greatly In excess
of the supply. "This country will bo
all right," he said, "when vou gel
properly booked up." Mr. Buchanan
is in the City today.
���  at
The following mining records tor
yes.erday: locations.--Maripose. on
Whiskey Creek by Dan Eraser; Seven
Stars, on Salmon Kiver, by 10. Peters
and 1). McLennan. Transfers���From
J. McEvoy to D. Eraser, ;.; interest In
Moon Light, near Erie for a nominal
consideration. Certificate of Work���
to (!. II. McKcrn on Elgin and Prize
Medal; T. G. Procter ou Elgin Extension.
Minneapolis, Minn.,Oct. 4. ��� General
A. W. Greely, chief of the United
States Army signal corps, who was at
Nome during the disastrous storm of
September 16 and 10, says the loss of
private interests was variously estimated at sr>oti,()(X) to 8760,000. Over
3,000 persons were rendered homeless.
Very Rich Placer Diggings of
Porcupine District the
Victoria, B, ('., Oct, 4.���President
Shaughnessy and parly of tho C. P.
It. officials,arrived in tlie city Tuesday
evening. They were greatly pleased
With the signs of prosperity they had
observed iu East and West Kootenay
aud the Boundary districts, the hitter,
in bis opinion, being destined to rival
the older sections. The party will
spend but one day In Victoria, leaving
for Vancouver early ihis morning.
Mr. Shaughnessy regretted that they
were unable to accept the board of
trades courteous invitation to a banquet, but they bad made previous engagements.
A stampede to the rich placer diggings of Porcupine District is now
on, and it will be renewed witli added vigor as soon as tlie season opens
in tbe spring. Men are now tumbling over one another in their haste
to record claims. So said Provincial
Mineralogist Robertson, who has just
returned from a trip to the north. In
a reporter yesterday. Mr. Robertson
accompanied the Porcupine commission north. He visited Atlin,and was
much impressed with the outlook in
that section, lie returned from Atlin
to Skagway and went up lo the Chil-
eot Kiver and into the Porcupine district to Rainy Hollow, tho scene of
the latest excitement. At the time of
his visit rich placer strikes had been
made on Bear Creek and Clear Creek,
which How into the Chlloat 1:.' miles
above its junction with the Klchena.
Tlie strikes were made by the very
men who staked tbe discovery claims
in Atlin, and there seems no doubt
about their genuiness. The excitement was at fever heat, and a stampede was in progress from all directions. The day Mr. Robertson left no
less than .">.", claims had been recorded
He is of tbe opinion that thousands
will bo attracted to the district in
tbe spring. Ah to tbe new finds being in Canadian territory. Mr. Robertson says there can not lie the shadow of a doubt. The ground is located fully lo miles north of tlie provisional boundary.
London.���Vanity Fair announces
that Earl Cadogan lias Intimated to
his household thai he intends to resign his position as Lord-Lieutenant
Scuttle���The steamer City of Seattle
has arrived fioiu Skagway with 81,.
600,000 in Klondike treasure and 317
passengers The Yukon River- will
be upen until October 16 or lunger.
Seattle.���The steamship X e city,
ten days   from   Cape   N 0,    reports
another     outbreak     of     smallpox   al
Fori Worth.-It is estimated that
cotton damage caused in this slate by
recent Hoods and high water, will
reach 400,000 bales, worth at least
twenty million  dollars.
Labor   Gonvention   Doesn't
Care to Have Anything
in The Miner.
Understood the Question of a
Candidate Is Still Being
The Labor convention was still in
session at 3 o'clock this afternoon,and
the men who have been in favor of
giving to The Miner none of the proceedings of the convention seemed to
have won the day, for when Tbe
Miner man called at Fraternity Hall
this afternoon lit? was very politely
snubbed, and being possessed of a
small grain of common sense he toolc
his departure. Through the courtesy
of Mr. .lames Wilks'und Secretary A.
c. Thompson, the latter a newspaper
man and an estimable gentleman,
The Miner uns enabled yesterday to
give an account of the proceedings.
Since then, however, it is understood
Hint some of Ihe delegates have strenuously objected lo Tbe Miner getting
any information and Hie gentleman
with Ihe led laee and the big cigar,
who bowed The Miner man down the
sta'ns at Fraternity Hall this afternoon was undoubtedly only carrying
out the instructions he had received.
He is therefore forgiven.
It is understood that today's sessions of the convention were devoted
wholly to the discussion of tbe matter of a candidtae. An effort was
made to rescind the motion declaring
the nomination of a candidate desirable, at least this is said to have been
done. The Miner hasn't any authentic information. It is understood
that out of friendship for Mr. Houston the proceedings are withheld so
that they may he Hist used in The
Tribune in tlie morning.
At the opening of the session of tbe
convention yesterday afternoon a resolution was presented declaring the
convention to be in favor of the formation of a third party to contest tbe
forthcoming election, to be known as
the Independent Party. Some opposition presented itself at once, notably
thai of .lames Wilks, who made an eloquent speech against the resolution.
He secured some support from other
Nelson delegates but all liis persuasive powers were not sufficient to defeat tlie resolution. It was carried by
large majority, and was then made
unanimous. During the evening session it was moved that a candidate be
placed ill the field, and again the opposition which bail manifested itself
in the afternoon came to the front,
but with im In iter success, tin? motion prevailing by a large vote.
The matter of finances was discussed at some length, and while no definite action was taken in this respect,
it is understood that laboring men
throughout the district will be asked
to each contribute one] day's pay toward a oampalgn fund.
The greater part of the evening
session was devoted to the drafting of
a platform, and at 13:48 the following was adopted:
The platform adopted by the convention is as   follows:
No. 1.    Free compulsory  education.
No. :;. - A legal working day of
eight hours.
No. 3.���Government inspection of
all industries.
No. I. The abolition of the contract system on all public works.
No. 6.���The public ownership of all
franchises, such as railways, telegraphs, waterworks, lighting, etc.
No. c. The abolition of Asiatic Immigration, Hie application of the educational test and the abolition of Inducements to foreign Immigration to
settle in ihe Dominion,
No. ',. The abolition of child labor
under I I years of age.
No. s.   The adoption of the I860 de-
Continued on Fourth Page.
���mb____h__ Nelson  Daily Miner,   Thursday  Evu'uiwg,   October 4,  iqoo.
The Nelson Miner
Published Every Afternoon   Kxcopt Sunday
��� 11V TIIK���
Limited Inability.
london orrioK:
IM Fleet Street, K. ('.
Central  Press Agency, Ltd., Spo-jlil Agent*
Dally, pet month, by currier    ��5c
Daily, per mo,ith, by mall     *>o
Daily, tier year, tiy carrier 8 7 00
Dully, per year, by mail    ���r> 00
Daily, per year, foreign    U (lo
Weekly, per half yoar  81 85
Weekly, per year    - 00
Weekly, per year, foreign    3 00
Subscriptions invariably in advance.
All Chcckw should be made payablo to tho
order of   Nklson   l'i'iii.isiiiMi   Company,
Whether Mr. Bourassa had an understanding witli the Dominion Premier when he resigned liis seat in the
Douse and stood for re-eleotion, as a
protest against the action of the Uov-
ernment in sending the South African contingent, can of course, be a
matter of conjecture only. Hut whether a concerted device or not, it is
standing the Government in good
stead among tbe French-Canadians of
Quebec, As usual, a two-faced campaign is being conducted. The party
were two-faced on the burning issue
of the election of IStlii. In Quebec
they bad one policy and one set of
promises in regard to the Manitoba
school question, and in tbe English-
speaking Provinces another policy and
another set of promises. In the latter tbe cry was that Manitoba was
not to be coerced; in Quebec tbe electors were quietly promised that the
Catholics of Manitoba should be given a more liberal measure of relief
than was proposed in the Remedial
Hill. Tbe Protestant vote was placated by the assurance of no coercion,
aud the Catholic vote by the promise
of sympathy and aid if only Sir Wilfrid Laurier were returned to   power.
Tbe question of the contingent is
even more embarrassing than was the
school question. There is no doubt
whatever that the Premier, influenced by Mr. Tarte, opposed the sending
of tbe contingent and desired to
avoid it if possible. He was afraid he
would lose tbe support of French-Canadians, who were supposed to be in
sympathy with the Itoers���supposed,
rather, to be in sympathy with the
French of old France, who hated England and desired to see the Hoers successful in their defiance of Hritish
supremacy in South Africa, lie did
not fully apppreciate tlie intense loyalty of Hritish Canada, and it was not
until the roar of indignation that
would brook no trifling went up that
be changed bis mind, and suddenly
discovered that it was Canada's duty
and pleasure to stand with tho Moth
er Country in defence of the Empire
From that time onward lie has been
one of tbe most fervent of Imperialists,and lias even put forward tbe pretension that the contingent was due
to him and his Government. This is
the plea he advances when appealing
to English-speaking electors.
Hut it is important to hold
his French friends in Quebec
for      without       them there        is
no hope of carrying the elections
Therefore it is that in that Province
be has Mr. Ilourassa aud Mr. Monet,
the two irreeoncilables, stumping tbe
constituencies, denouncing the contingent, crying "shame upon England" for lighting tlie Hoers, but all
the time making a turn intended to
benefit the Laurier candidates. It is
not Laurier who sent the contingent,
but the fanatical Imperialists of the
East and the West. Mr. Monet explains it beyond question. "This is
not Hie lirst time," he says, "that the
fanatical Tories of Ontario have tried
to impose their narrow views upon
the rest of the country. Vou remember the question of prohibition. It
was the English-speaking people who
sought this compulsory legislation,
and who wished to make the Province
of Quebec give up their right to eat
and drink when they pleaBe. They
did this, not because they are all
drinkers of water iu Ontario, but because they wanted to coerce Frencb-
Canndians, although they themselves
are the only ones who abuse drink.
And so in this matter of Imperialism, they seek to impose their views
on us, and to make us contribute
money and men to light where wo are
not   interested."
It was the Doers  this   time; it may
Erai  next.    That country is get-
tion that will bear an   immense   deal
of consideration.
Great distress of mind is making itself manifest in certain quarters over
tlie fact that tbe newspapers of the
constituency "are singularly silent
regarding tlie merits of the two candidates now before tbe electorate for
their suffrages." This might be immediately remedied if it were not for
an unfortunate omission ; the special
kinds of merit requiring discussion
ace not designated. In physical appearance they are both large, and
rather tine looking. They both have
the merit of wearing good clothes. We
have not observed very closely, but
both seem to wear their hair reasonably short. As sprinters, until tho superiority was decided by actual test,
we should be inclined to back Mr.
Galllher, bo being tlie sparer man
and longer in tbe legs; but in a trial
witli tbe gloves wo are not sure but
Mr. MacNcill would be tbe favorite in
tlie betting. What their merits are as
base-ball or foot-ball players, cricketers, bicyclists, or anything of that
sort, we have no means of determining. We should judge that both possess fine lung-power, and under the
excitement of a hot and fast campaign
we should not be surprised if they
could make their voices beard from
the top of Toad Mountain to tbe top
of Morning Mountain. These are
some of their merits; it would be easy
to extend the list. The Miner, however, prefers to discuss the policies
and principles for which they respectively stand as candidates for election
to Parliament, believing that these
are of greater public importance than
the size of their feet or their taste iu
The American character, in its re
lations with continental affairs especially, is still deeply impregnated with
insolence. The American people are
impicssed with the conviction that
when they ope their mouths no other
dog in North America has a right to
to bark. Notwithstanding this disposition, there will be no serious trouble along tlie Alaska boundary. Insolent American traders may make
themselves unpleasantly offensive;
but there is a sober, steady Administration at Washington, which has
learned much of international obligations and courtesies during the last
decade and has displayed a marvellous .aptitude to adapt itself to ils
new conditions as a world Power. It
will keep the unruly citizens of Alaska in order,and compel them to recognise that there are other nations on
the continent whose rights they must
"How many electors of Canada arc
there who want to go back to the discredited National Policy?" asks The
Vnncouvcr Province. Bless its innocent heart, we could not go back to it
if wc wanted to ever so much. We
cannot go back to a thing wc have
not "lost or discarded. The National
Policy is still with us. It has never
for one moment been put aside since
it was adopted, twenty-one years ago.
It is a child of the Conservatives, bnt
the Liberals have taken It to their
bosom and cherished it so tenderly that
in four years of coddling it has lost
but a thin paring of a fraction of one
per cent.	
The Miner has received the first issue of Tbe Labor Gazette, an official
publication by the Dominion Government, "with a view to the dissemination of accurate statistical and other
information relating to labor conditions and kindred Subjects." It "will
not be concerned with mere questions
of opinion, nor will it be tbe medium
for the expression of individual views.
It is an official publication, and as
such will seek to record only such
statements of fact and such collections
of statistics as aro believed to be
trustworthy." There is, on these
lines, a field of great usefulness for
The Ciazette.
Most of the planks of the Labor
platform, as adopted in convention
yesterday, are reasonable and practical ; others are too visionary to excite
general interest. The country is not
ripe for public ownership of railways,
and we doubt if any of tbe delegates
present at the meeting yesterday will
live until it Is. Compulsory exercise
of the franchise is a fad of some well-
meaning people, who take their happiness in this world in self-delusions.
A general bard and; fast eight-hour
day and tbe abolition of tlie contract
system are at at least disputable.
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. 8!> 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 .10
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing  Mines  2 ".'>
Lang's  Matte   Smelting  2 88
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. 1 T.'i
Kemp's Handbook of   Rocks  1 75
Thautwine's   Engineer's  Handbook   r> .in
Hawkins'   New   Catechism   for
tho Steam   Engine  8 88
Hawkins' Maxims  and   Instructions for  Boiler Room  2 25
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    of
Electricity  2 25
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for   Engineers  2 25
Machinists'     and       Engineers'
Pocket Manual  1 25
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 oo
Canada's   Metals  85
Canada mm &
A Careful Reading;.
at band that a thoroughly
equipped druggist should have.
We have plenty of fine, fresh
drugs, plenty of good help,
and plenty of time to give
your prescription careful reading and careful compounding
so as to Insure the best results.
Baker Street, Nelson.     I'. O. Box 220.
ting into straits that promise to make
a revolution or a foreign war inevitable. There is also tbe Chinese puzzle. Before It is straightened out no
man living can tell what may hap
pen. should Great Britain become
Involved in a war iu which France
was on the opposite side, what would
Canada's position be with Laurier
and Tarte and Bourassa and Mouct in
the scat of power','   That  Is a  ones-
Coal and: Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order can be accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Olliee Corner Hall and Baker Streets.
Soo Line
Imperial    Untiled
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars
pass ltevelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:35
15::K) I.v Nelson Ar 18:45
Morning train daily for and from
Rowland, and for ltevelstoke, main
line and Pacific Coast.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rossland, and from ltevelstoke, main
line and Pacific Const, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7j80 I.v I N .       (        Ar 10:80
(KxS.in) \ N,,so" j (HxSim)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points,
Revelstoke, main line and Pacific
Kootknay Lake Kaslo Routk.
(Ex Sun)      Str Kokanee      (Ex Sun)
1(1:1X1 Lv Nelson Ar 11:110
Saturday to Argcnla and return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay River limn:.
Daily    Stis Moyie and Nelson     Daily
22:.'i0 I.v Nelsou Ar 2:110
Connects nt Kootenay Lauding with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
For rales, tiekeU and full information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, 11. C, or
Trav. Pass. Agent
V.I, on
A   a. V. Agent,
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largest   line   carried   by
any linn in Canada.
������ Good   Cheer "   Ranges   and
' Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call and be convinced that tlie only  place to buy
Stoves  and   Ranges  at   the  right   prices   is   Hie
The Florence Hot Blast I
Heating Stoves
To   Burn   Crow's   Nest  and  oilier   Soft   Coals.
The Florence Hot Blast is made Particularly
for these Coals. Satisfaction cruaranteed.
Baker Street, Nelson.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Placers  ]\(aVi)  CUl
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton & Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-tip.    ���  .    .    ��n,ssn,070.��o |  it. .1, Wl,700,000.0
���.��0,"',, ,"r Wwetorn 1  Thomas K. Konny,   President;   Thomas Ititchic. Vioo-rrosidoiit
Wiloy Smith. H. O. Baulil. Hou. 11. II. Fuller, M.L.C.. Hon. David MacKeen. resmoiu.
Head Olllre, Halifax:
General Manager. Kdson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Ilraiiches. and Secretary, W. B. Torrance. Halifax
Inspector, W. F. Hrook, Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montreal.
Branched I
Nova nrotla-Halifax Branch, AbUkoiiIhIi, Bridgwater, Quysboro. Londonderry, Lunenburg.
Maiiland (Hunt* Co.), Pioton, Port. Huwkoabury, Sydney. Shnbonooadle. Truro Weymouth
""' BruiHwIek-Biilhursl, Dorchester, Frcdurlclon. Kingston (Kent Co.l, Monclon Now-
puUe Sjuikviiic, WoodRtoak. i\ K. imniul-Churloitetown, Bumnierelde. Qoebee���Montreal
(Uty Oltlcol, Montronl, West K111I (t or. Nol to Damo aud SolKiiours Streets) WuHtniouni Kor
Orecno Avenue and St. Catharines Street. Ontario-Ottawa, In htaadlaud���81 John's
���ul>a. Went iBdlea���Havana. United SUlei���New York (18 Kxohange Plaeu) Republic Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
CorrrKiiondrntH t
rnniida-Morcliniits nnnk of Canada. Bonlnn-Nollonnl Shawmut Bnnk. ��'lilrngn-Amrricn
National Hank. San1 Franrlwo-First National Hank. London, Raft-Bank of ___j
{���iirl���, rraiirr- Credit LyoiiiiniH. Krmiuilii-llnnk of Bermuda. China and Japai --1 oik
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. * "
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on thp most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
R 00171s ai)d Offices to ^ei>fc���
Apply   t��>   the
INlelsoi) Electric Traiji Wai) Co.
Corner Josephine ant)  Vernon Streets.
Will pay the hiKhe.it onsh price for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Fornitnre, stoves, oarperts,
oooking ntensils, bought in household
qnantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or writo. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Ha'I
8tnw*. Nelwvn. H. 0.
A. R. BARROW, a. _. i an
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Vlotorin nnd Koolonay Sts.
P. O.  Box B6B. Telephone No. fir,
Houses aud lots for sale in all  parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal    Fire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
flSttOSf*     See ANNABLE
Gamble & O'Reilly
Of Writing Pipet won't lant
long, Voud hotternlnni another "hurry op' order with
CALL ON   1 Hi
anil try a bottle, n down, or a barrel of
OALGARY BEER ax li. i the i����� .1 ami
rhrnpi _ on Ihe nuirkel. Alno try our
WINES,    LIQUORIi,    and     CIGARS.
THE MINER'Telephone UJ, Bftkor St��� Nelson, U. C.
Boom 1, Tnmer-Hoeekh Block
Houses mid Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
FJv<h llx, Hoven nml (,|Kh|  riH)nl  |1011Bl]a fo_
*sIo, twenty per cent bolnw co��t.
flNCORPCRa*"*") H670i
Don't overlook us
when you need
See our special
for brakesmen-
elastic sides - a
good, neat, strong
Also the finest
Boys' School Shoe
you have seen.
Corner linker and Stanley Street*
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting' at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,  and connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkavb. Dtiy Train. Ahkivk.
Id .86 11.111 Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:05 p. in HohbIiiuiI 5:80p.m.
I) :30 a, in Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
9:48 p.m Spokane 7:06a m:
11:00 p.m Rowland 6:80 ��.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Airi-iil.. Nelson. B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
Allan Uno Tunisian  _,'!
H. iiiiiini!,  I.lno t'ainhroman J.R'! 5
Heaver l.ino l.ako Ontario J*?',;
Heaver I.lno   hiixllanln 'St
Krom New ^ or*
White Star Lino Qoeanlq ,l,'',',1;
WhlteStar Line Tontoalo "1'1,',.
Ihinnnl I.lno (Ininiiiinln ���'"''',;
Canard una Strurlo '''' ,'i
Anierloan!,lnoBt, Lonla "?',���
American Uno Now Vork  _,'!
Anohor Line Ethiopia 1 ",',!
Anchor l.lnc Oity <>( Home Of';
N.O.L. LlooKilior Wllholmdor Uoskc..< f '
N.O.U nine Lnhn JffiJ
French Line Iji QatOOfpiO .[, j!
French Uno La Toaralno ,,., J
Allan State Lino California!! ������ '"���;'
From HOHlpii.
Onnnrd Line ivornla ! ''   I
Dominion Lino Now England _ ""',
I'liMuaKOH arranKod to and from all B_jHS
polnlH. Kor ratOH, tlcko.n nnd full i"'""!""'"
apply to C. r. It. depot nnont or II. L. Bfowe
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, II. y.
W. P, K.CtJ.MMlNllS.
Oonornl/gent, C.l'.U. OlUcos. �� 11 j
I,Kin.int.t: OAST STEEL
7-8 inch diani. $13.50per 100 feet. I"*
immediate delivery in ��!����������
J. 0. T. CROFTS. ��� n
I'. (). Hoi      , Nnl��m_!
1-'. o. grkkn      f. s. oTSments
Civil Engineers and Provincial M"
P, O, Box 1�� M*'"011' B' tt
"^K Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Thursday   Evening,   October 4,  1900
has reoelv
ed the
Mr Harold Beloa
following very interesting letter from
,, a Minerals, who is Berving in
South'   ftfrlea     with     StratUoona's
"standerton, Transaval,   Aug. so.-I
believe  I made Borne sort of a promise
to write to someone.and I aid write to
West   hut don't   know whether he reeved it or not, as I have received no
klnd ���r communication   from  anyone
s'i���,v  my   arrival   in   Smith   Africa.
Probably I have   some letters chasing
muttround the cniiiiiry, and eventually they may oatch us up.   The  best
thing lean do Is to  give you   a  very
short account of our doings, the new-
paper reports   being  mostly   wrong}
We stayed   six weeks   at  Cape   Town
owing to glanders amongst the horses
and the  V,   S.   quarantined  us.   We
then ordered up to  Zululand,
j we went, some by land, includ-
lg myself, some by wafer to  St. Lucia Bay,the Idea being to out the Del-
agon   Bay Hailway.    The   Hoers were
fonnd there ahead of us, in force, consequently   we were wired by "Hobs"
to join  Macdonald's   (3rd   Mounted)
Brigade at    Lilian's   Nek.    We  put
back as hard as wo could and  caught
him   up     at   /.andspruit.     Zululaml
Btruck mo as  being a  fine country,
principally rolling hills  with  grass
knee deep and   fairly watered,  hut no
timber with the  exception   of  a   tew
scattered wild pepper trees.    The people are the finest  race  I   have  ever
seen, well fed,   happy  and   most perfect movers, the women especially; in
fact it gave me quite a shock the lirst
time I saw a magnificent   young girl,
aged about sixteen,   clothed   with   a
beautfal smile and a head apioa about
three Inches Bquare.   At Zandspruit
1 eunic down with  Natal sores practically "11   over   me, but   worse  on my
legs,   1 had to go Into hospital, (loth
Brigade Field   Hospital), the   accommodation was, to say the least, limited: the tent had about four pegs, laid
1111 the ground,  frozen an   inch of   ice
every night, wind blew like, the devil
all the time, no warm water, no ointment, no  lint  or   rags   for dressing,
stayed there 10   days, was removed to
the Station   Hospital, Newcastle,   got
well in a week.    Came up here, found
the outfit  gone   with    Duller   across
country to Ermelo, thence  to Middle-
burg, where they   are   now   we don't
know, in   fact   we   Unow   nothing   of
the war at all, the   earliest   news  allowed to circulate  here  is   always at
least a week  old.    Ilirseh,   Cochrane
and Wiagge are   with   the   outfit and
..re all right as far as 1 know.     B. II.
Lee   (Corporal)    was   shot   dead   at a
kopje near   Wntervaal. west of   here,
l'lirkes  of    Cranbrook,   originally a
lieutenant  reverted   to tho   ranks  as
sergeant.also killed, close to the same
spot, under a Hag of truce.    Five lulled altogether up to   date,   all   sniped,
and about double   that   wounded.    Of
many things 1 must not  write in ease
uf accident but will   leave   till   I   see
you   whieh   1   hope   will   be    before
Christmas anyhow.
Of tlie country as far as 1 have seen
it, my opinion is that   in time it will
become Immensely rich. The land and
the herbage   is   far   superior  to anything   to  be  found   in the   Canadian
Northwest.    The  climate     for   seven
months In the year at least is superb.
In Cape Colony it rains In the winter.
duly  aud   August,   in all the rest  of
uur possessions the rain  falls in summer, December   and   January.    There
arc drawbacks  of course,   sandstorms
fur instance.     We get them about one
a week, lasting usually   twelve hours.
Olio has just   opened   up   now   and   1
suppose by night   1 shall   have   eaten
quite a   large   per   eentage   of   (late)
Dutch real   estate.    But it    is   purely
a capitalists country,    or   possibly   a
good mechanic.outside of that it is no
place for a white man. There is absolutely   no   wood   and   water   is   very
scarce and   bad.    All tlie known mineral lauds arc in the   bauds of  about
four syndicates   and   you   know what
that means.    As to joining  any police
outfits, there   are   SO many men. horn
Africanders, who can talk   Dutch and
Kaffir,    that     a    mini     like.      myself
couldn't possibly get   to be more than
n buck.    Of the   Boers all I can say is
you may believe the worst you read of
them.    In fact 1   doubt   if   the   worst
baa been   written.    Of the   treatment
they are receiving nf the hands of our
people   I may say   nothing or  of   the
conduct of the campaign   now.    Probably those things may  be heard of afterwards.    Strathcona     llor.ie-     have
won a   good   name   from   Duller   and
"Hobs"  for  what work  they    have
done, but I am afraid are not in good
Odor   with a certain class   of   Imperial Ollieers.     I am detailed off nt present to look after oni stores   with   our
Quartermaster-Sergeant    and    don't
suppose 1 will be able to join the outfit until they strike the tallroad some
where and slay there long enough for | 0*o*o->040*0-*0-��'04*-o*0*0*'0������_
one to find it out.    1 am in  lirst class
form, the   country  apparently  being!
just about my size.    However, I think I
I can live more comfortably   in   li. C, |
Please remember tne  kindly   to   Far-
well.     Uncle    Halifax.   Martin,     St. ;
llarbe, and the rest of the mess that 1
may know.   Tell A. s. |<\ that I hope !
to  be back   in   time fo   celebrate the
opening of the new century accordin
to contract.
If Brown
Said So,
It's Right
Is the name of our new Fall
Shoes for men. We have
them in
Viscol Calf
Vici Kid
Q lazed
Box Calf
They are made hy the leading' Canadian and American
manufacturers, on all the latest up-to-date toes. Widths
as narrow as B and as broad
as F.
That is, if you are
speaking of Jewelry or Watches, because he Knows what
he is talking about,
Return engagement of the
For 2 Nights Only
Wednesday, Oct. 3
The Great Christian Play
Thursday,  Qct 4
"The Cheerful Liar."
Wholesale Houses
rpHOHPK & CO. Limited���Corner Vernou
X und Cedar dtreeU, Nelson���Mamifuui.ur-
oi'rf of und wholesale dealers in aerated waters
und fruit Byrups. Bole agents for Halcyon Hot
Springs iniiiurui water.  Telephone uo.
__N N. M, Cummins, Lessee���Every known
variety of soft drinks. 1' o liox 88. Telephone
No. 81. Hoover titreeti Nelson. Bottlers of the
famous St. Leon Hot Springs Mineral Water.
C1A_JE & MAODONALD (H, Cane, James
j a. Maodonald)���Architects nnd superintendents, Broken Hill Ulouk, corner linker unit
Ward HtreetS, *\olson.
CO.���Manufacturers of the Royal Seal
and Kootenay Belle Cigars, Factory und
ottlco, linker street, Nelson.
KV1N8 & CO.���BakM Strcol, Nul-
-011���\\ liohwile dealers In liquors, ci-
Kiu'o, cuinunl, tiro brick and llru clay. Water
pipe anil tLuL'l rail., and general cuinliliHaion
J   A. M'DONALD - Madden Ulock, Nol��m-
���   Fruits, ico ci-oain, "ti. B." chocolates.
in^ii clash oonfootlovery.  ico Cream Parlors.
SVholcsalo and retail dealers in grain,
hay. Hour, feed. Mills at Victoria, Now W'owt-
Ulilkstor; Kdtnonlon, Alia, Elevators on Calgary and julinouluu Railway, Manufacturers
of the celebrated ii. 6c K. brand cereals.
A MAODONALD & Co.-Cornor Front
��� and Hall blrocls���Wholesale grocers
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
rubbers, niaekinaws and miners' sundries.
_Ll UUIce corner Hall and Front Streets,
Nelson���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and everything in wood for building purposes. Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
Close connection East and West-
In,und al,Spokane with irnins  of  the
trains of the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West und South.
Loaves Spokane daily for East at'10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p-m
West-bound trains make direct con
nection  for Victoria and  Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on tlie Bound.
During tho season of navigation East
hound trains connect at Duluth with
Iheiiiagniticenl steamships North-West
and North-Land of thoNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Hailway.
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls * Noil hern Hy., Kaslo & Sloean
Hy., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Oo., or to
Genl. Pass, & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wasli
Brewers of Fine Lager
Deer and Poiter,
Nelson, B. C.
BURNS & t'o.-Baker Street, Nelson���
Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured
locals.   Cold Sturage.
Baker Street, Nolsou���Wholesale dealers in fi'u.sli and cured iikjuLh.
,   Nelson - Wl
minora' aupplios, Bporiing good
street,  Nelnun ��� Wholoaalo dealots In
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van.
oouver Hardware Oo, Ltd.) linker Streetv
Nelson-Wholesalo denlorn in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths* nun-
Children's School Shoes that will statu!
all kinds of wear. Strong, reliable
Shoes, that   will   prove a solace to the
have to
'1 hese arc the kind wc
The Sboeists
Representing the Largest
European and  American  Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83      -       -       DURANGO,  MEXICO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
a ex  ________ as*. _
_^__~������������������������ "*__*_'
Branch Markets in Eoasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by matt to any branch will have caretuE _4 prompt attention.
HARDWARE!  CO.- Wholesale)
Unix, oils nml bjabs; iiiuchaDicn' tools.
Agents foi Ontario l'owiler Works; dymuuiio
rpURNKR, BKETON & Oo.-Oorner Vornon
JL and JW'tiliinc Streets, Nolsun���Whcle-
sale dealers in liquors. cigars, and dry goods.
Agentfl for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co of Caltfary.
UDSON'8 HAY Co.���Wholesale groceries
und liiiuor  etc., Baker Street, Nelson.
C1AI3FORNIA WINK CO., Limited���Corner
} Kront nnd Hull Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in wines (ease und bulk), und
domestic und imported cigars.
-Corner Vernon and
.  Nelson ��� Wholesale
U'ulcrs In provialons, curod meata, butter and
���   Josephine Streets,
Prices 50 and 75c,
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Thin aliinaturo Is on every box ol the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Qiiiniae i*1'10'*
the r.mody that cures n coM tt| mae ��>�����
Properties foi Rent and Sale on Easy Terms
St. Joseph's
Kext term comtnenoes 8rd
September. Kor particulars apply to the
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Ollbcrl Stanley
Thomson Stationery
Oiniuln DriiK&iliMK
Co       Nelson
Co.       Nelson
Hotel Huns News sumd      Nelson
lloli'l I'lialr News Stand       Nelson
1��. Campbell
J. V. llc'luni'V
It. A.  Hrwlsliaw
Sloonn City
Thornton Bros.
Lunonl & Yimnii
11. A. UlllKfct-'o.
and  News   Agents
on  boats  ani?
trains out of Nelson
oiiicu over
Willi' Nl'"'
A general meeting of the wppoTteri
of tbe Consorratlve oanoiaate i"1
member ot the Home of Commoniiior
Yiili'-Ciuilio liMlluenev will 00 tieiu
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Sohcdulo of Tip*.        Purine Htnnclnrd  1'iine.
K.II'eellve Kebrliury 1st,  I'.NW
on Thursday  evening in
over Neeland's sln��'  store 01
stiiM't.   It  is Important  thai
should be a large attendance
iicsi  method   of orgnnl*lng
eiiiisiuilKii will he discussed,
nii',11 ii:n iNBi
Chairman Conwrvatlve Association,
NelHon, October 1st. IW��.
s  the
for the
KAH1X) & Hlfll'AN UY.
1'ussenKer Iruln for Sandon and wnysl��tlnn<-
lenves   Kaslo  nt �� l>. m.. dailv     UeUiriilnK,
loaves HnndonBt 1.16 i>.iis,. smrtng at Kaslo
at It.Vi p.m.
OperallnK on Konlenay ljikeand llivir
Sir. "International leaves Initio for Nol-on
nl. 11 a. ni. dally JTOOpI Buniliiy. I eInnil>n(.
leaven Nelson al 0.10 p.ni��� enllliiK nt n ' ,
Pilot liny. Aliiswo-lb and nil way points. ( 01 ���
nsoU "(lh s. K.t N. 'ram lo and from Hpo
kano nt Klve Mile Point.
LARDO-DUMI AN division.
Hleniner Armenia loKVOl KsslQTuwdajT"*nfl
Kridiiv- al II n. m. for Ibe bead "f iiiivIkiiIIiiii on
l|���.    fjjlpot  llenrnn  Rlvori   returnlntt leave-
Hall'. NiiuliiiK Wednesdays and ^turdajrs.
BUI rsraiil *t prlnrlpnl landlnKs In bnlh
dlrootlons, and at othor points whon ���BnauflJ,
TlokatVsoUltOaU polnlnln Canada and lho
Uti-Mr_anM|l_ full Information *d-
NKI.SON' LODGK, No. 23, A. F. & A
M. ineotH Beoond Wednesday in each
month.   VinitinK brethorn welcomo.
I. O. O. K. Konlenay Lodgo
No. KI, meets every Monday night,
at  their  Halt.  KooUsnay Blroot
Sojouminsr Odd Follows cordially invltod.
Join, A, Miltae. N.ll.   I). W. Kutlierford, V.O.
fri'd .1. Hqulre, Per. Sec.
Nelson Kncnmpment No. 7. Meet* every '2nd
and HI, Friday of each month, in Odd Fellows'
Hall, collier linker end Kootenuy Htreelt.
Nelson. A.H. Clement-, O. P.| I). MoArthur
It. S.   VisitiiiK brother.- nlways weleome.
NKI.SON   I.IIIIIIK   No.    25,   K.  ofP
ineotH In K. of P. hall, Oddfellows hlock
everv   'I'uesday  evening at 8 o'clock
ijAll vllltlng knights cordially  Invited
F. ,1. HiIAIII.KY. c. c.
.1. A. PAQUBTTB, K.of H.and8.
NKl��SON I.. O. I.. No. lta�� mectn in Fraternity Hall on l'r-l end llilrd Friday ovonlngs
of onch month at 8 o'clock, visiting memben
oordlaUv invited, it. Hohluson. \V7M.; Win.
Crawford, It. a.	
COU11T KOOTKNAY, I. O. F., No. 31.11J-
Meetings lib Thursday Of month. Krnlornnl
hall, J A living C. H.   P. It. Fleming. It.S,
NO. 241
Ihe tlrsl Wednesday evening of
eaeh month nl Ftnternliy hall,
corner of linker and Koolonai
streets. Visiting brethorn cordial!) Invited.
John Wathon, HocrelAry.
/I  Xu^O  <Uy<f< AHrtA/t
H- & M. BIRD A Tempting Table
Agents for Eureka  flineral
Asbestos   Co.
Wool and
Insurance Go. of North America, Mutual Lifo
Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Flro Assurance Co.
50 ft. on Mill  Street	
50 ft. on  Victoria  Street,   easy
85 ft. on   Victoria   Street,   easy
50 ft. corner on Stanley Street. .
35 ft. Victoria Street, west	
50 ft. Vernon Street,   west	
8-Roomed  House  on   Carbonatf
7-Uoomed  Hon.se.   Parle   Street,
close to Baker street	
7-Roomed Bouse on Mill Streel
8-Roomed BouaeJIurae Addition 80 00
Furnished House on Observatory
Street   B5 00
.9   BOO
to 0o
35 oo
NKLSON AK111K  No. 22, F.  O.   _., mcoU
ovory teoond und tDurinWodneMuyi of each
in nnili.    Vi-iiinif    immtnTH cortlially    invli.
( ! i > 111   Pronor�� Beorotary,
H. BlVlOim'S IKn(ii.ihii) Chukch- Corner
Ward and Hiiicn Bta. Bundays: Holy Com-
tnunloii8it in.; and on thu IhI unilSnlSundajH
in lho month after M.iM in ; Mattin- at 11 a.m.;
Bunds? School 1,90 p.m j BvonsoDg 7*80. Dally;
Muttii.H at \V.V\ a. m. ThuivdayH and Haint'h
Dayi) Holy ('nmmtiiiion 10 a, in. Fridayn:
BSvO-MngJiN i��. m., followed by choir pnic-
tieo. 11. H. AkehurNt, Hoctor. Frod Irvine,
Oeo. Johiirttonn, Wurdonn.
Catholic Chukcii -Corner Want and Mill
Btroetfl Muhhi'vi'IV Bandaf at Hand lo.UOn.rn
Bonodlotion at 7.-Ml P.m.   Mann every week day
at 7.15 a.m.   Hov.   Fatbor Kerland Hector.
I'liKKHYTRitiAN (*iii'K(.ii- HorvlceHat 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Hunday Hchoul at _.;*<�� p.m.
1'rayer meethiK Thursday evontnf( al 8 ji.m.;
ChriHtlan Kndcavor Hneletv meet* ovory Tlies<
day uvcnliiK ;���' S o'clock. Hov. It. Krow,
Mkth.iImht Ciiimcii-Corncr Silica and
Johcphlne HtrcetM. HervlcoH at II a.m. and 7.30
u. in. ; Knhlialli BohOOl, 2.!f) p.m.; Prayor inoet-
iiik on Thuiriday evcnliiK al. ^o'clock: Kpworlb
Lca^uo C, K., Tun^dny atH a.m. Hev. J. II.
While, Paid or, Hcuideiico, .(ocephine Stnri,
roar <>r ohnron,
hai-hht Oiiuiton ��� Borvioss morning and
cvotilnuat. 11 a.in. and 7*80 p.m.; Prayer inuet.
iriK   Thursday evening  St K   p.m.   tho  H.  Y
IM'. Tiii'Mlay evening at H o'elcx'kt HtraiiKorH
< "i ���intiij woIoo'~<hL Hov. O. J. Coulter White,
hALVATiON Ai'my Hcrvlf M every ovonlng
at h o'cloch In barrack* on V otorl ittroot
Adjudanl KdKroombo In clmrKo.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring- and
Finished Lumber-
Mill st PILOT HAY   Yiii.Ih, NELSOM
ami LA KIM).
If you have difficulty in making a
pleasing variety in your Mil of fare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
ami learn how easily and economically
I it can bo done.
[lore are a few things that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
! Fresh Fruits arriving daily
; Choice Butter and Eggs
, A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Klrkpatrkk & Wilson
Bank of
British  Columbia,
VERNON ST., NELSON. Is now prepared to issue
PAtes Drafts and  Letters of Credit
Hy the week from $5 to $r,. on Skajruay, U.S., Atlin,  B.
By the day *i.oo. C, and Dawson City, Yukon
J, V. O'JiAUGHLTN, Prop- j District. Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Thursday  Evenimg,  October 4, 1900.
Heaver lino steamer, Lako Cham-
plain, sailed from Liverpool for Montreal on Monthly afternoon.
C, K. Neil], manager of the Vancouver branch of the Merchants1 Hank of
Halifax, arrived in Nelson yesterday,
Mr. Melville Parry, general agent
of the Confederation Life, is In Rossland on business connected with his
James S. Lawrence, trainmaster of
the   C  .v    W,    Railway     at   Smelter
Junction, is   in   Nelson ou business
connected with the company.
The steamer Nelson will not leave
the city wharf for Kootenay Landing
until 11 o'clock   this evening,   being
held to accommodate the R. K. French
Comedy Company.
Mr. K. W. Matthews yesterday received word from Winnipeg to the
effect that Mrs. Matthews was seriously ill there. Mr, Matthews left
last night for Winnipeg.
The pastors of the various churches
of Nelson are arranging to hold a
union Thanksgiving service on
Thanksgiving morning Thursday,Oct.
18. It is not decided yet where the
meeting will be held, hut an interesting programme will he arranged.
A social under the auspices of the
Ladies' Aid of the Congregational
Church was held at the residence of
Mrs. Hellamy ou Haker Street last
evening. There was a good attendance and the affair was a success fin
ancially as well as socially. A short
musical programme was rendered.
The freight business of the Canadian I'aeilie is exceedingly large at
present. During the 13 hours ending
at noon today over OS cars heavily laden with freight left Nelson for
points in the Kootenays. The principal freight is coke and coal for use at
the smelters of the district. The
greater portion of this is brought
from the Pernio coal fields.
All those taking pari in "The Mikado" are requested to be at St. Saviour's Church school room promptly
at eight o'clock this evening. The
production is now but ten days off
and all the rehearsals are most important. Tomorrow evening and on
Saturday rehearsals will bo held in
the Opera House. The first rehearsal with the orchestra takes place tomorrow evening.
A very important meeting of the
Liberal-Conservative Association of
Nelson will bo held in the committee
rooms over Neelands' Shoe Store this
evening. Arrangements for the campaign are to be made aud it is likely
it will be decided to open at ouee a
permanent committee room here, with
a secretary in charge until after election. It is desired that all Conservatives of the city be present at tonight's meeting.
"Quo Vadis" was produced before
a good audience at the Opera House
last night, by the It. B. French Co.
The success achieved by this powerful
play a couple of weeks ago was repeated last night, the different characters
being capably taken. Tonight the
very laughable comedy, "A Cheerful
Liar," will lie produced. This piece
scored a great success on the occasion
of the company's former appearance
here this season, and anyone who
wants to enjoy a hearty laugh should
go to the Opera House tonight.
With this week's issue, Tho Ymir
Miner, published by ('!. R, Clark,
sends a beautifully illustrated supplement descriptive of the Ymir camp
and containing information relative to
all of the properties in the vicinity of
Ymir. Tlie supplement is a credit to
its publishers,and the publisher is deserving of the thanks of not only tho
Ymir mining men, but the mining
men of tho entire Kootenays, for his
efforts to put before the reading pub-
lie the facts in regard to one of the
richest mining  districts in the world.
There was a very pretty wedding
in St. Paul's Presbyterian Church last
night, The ceremony was performed by tho Rov. W, A. Alexander, of
Columbia, B. C, assisted by Iiov.
John Munro, of Trail, the contracting parties being Mr. Alex. I). Morrison the popular jeweller nnd optician
of Columbia, and Miss Jennie McAl-
pliine of Toronto, They both come of
old and respectable families in Ontario. After spending a day in sightseeing about Nelson they took the
westbound train for their new homo in
The Nelson   football   soason   closed
for this year, when   the   game   which
was scheduled for   Saturday   between
Sllverton and the    local team was declared off.    The record   of   the Nelson
team for this season was not the best.
This was   greatly   due to the men not
having sufficient interest in the training and in keeping tlie team together.
Tlie lirst game played was with Kaslo.
on   Dominion Day, which resulted   in
a draw.   Later they played two games
with   Sllverton, losing one and    win-
iiin/r one.    The other game was   with
(Irand   Forks   which   Nelson   lost   by
two goals.    Out   of    the   four  games
played Nelson  won one, lost   two and
the other resulted In a tie.    The team
will undoubtedly be reorgauued next
In regard to U. I). Campboll, who,
according to a dispatch to The Miner
a few duys ago, haB secured a commission in the Army in South Africa, the
Kamloops Sentinel says: Ronald
Ilruce Campbell, one of the Kamloops
men on tho First Contingent, has been
given a commission. He is now a
Lieutenant in the Duke of Cornwall's
Light Infantry. Lieut. Campbell
will not now, of courBe, return with
the 1st Canadian Contingent. Presumably he will remain in South Af-
lica witli his regiment. Lieut. Campbell comes of good lighting stock. For
generations past liis family has been
connected with the Hritish army.
His father was a oaptain of  tho  nth
Madras Infantry, and saw service in
India. Kalmoops Company, R. M. K.,
have good reason to be proud of the
success achieved by one of the men selected from their ranks to represent
Kamloops iu South Africa.
E. II. Rhoda, formerly mate of the
steamer Moyie, who left here last
spring for the Yukon district, returned to Nelson today and will begin
duly this afternoon as mate on the
Steamer Nelson. Mr. Hhoda left here
last May and was for several months
captain of the steamer Scotia which
runs on Lake Atlin. While on service
there lie was taken sick with fever
and pneumonia and was for four
weeks in a critical condition in the
hospital at Atlin. Speaking of business he_said: "The amount of freight
being carried through that district iB
something enormous. Fifteen boats
were running on the lake, one leav
ing the port each day. Each boat car
ried over one hundred tons of freight.
The passenger list was also large. At
Atlin Mr. Kusscl, formerly of Nelson,
has started an extensive brewery and
is doing a good business. Around
Atlin many hydraulic mining machines are now being used and as this
does away with much hand labor there
aic fewer men in the place and consequently buainess is rather dull." C.
C. Heecher, whose place Mr. Rhoda is
taking, will take the position of
mate on the steamer Kokauce.
Montreal, Oct. 4.��� Tho following
nominations took place yesterday:
Province of Quebec���Richmond, Wolfe
County, .1. 11. Crepeau, (Cons.); Chi-
eoutimi and Sagunay, Jos. llirard,
(Cons.); Huntingdon, W. S. McLaren.
Province of Ontario���AVest Ontario,
J. J. Oould, M. P., (Liberal); Kingston, 1). Mclntyrc, Q, C, (Cons.).
Liberals of Centre Toronto have induced Harley Dewart, County Crown
Attorney, to contest that riding in
their interest.
Quebec, Oct. I.���Sir Wilfrid Laurier
wus accorded a warm welcome by tile
constituents of East Quebec as well as
tlie electors from other parts of tlie
eity and surrounding district last
night, lle announced nothing new in
his speech. Regarding the date of
election he said ho did not exactly
know and if lie did he would not inform his hearers.
Toronto, Oct. I.���Mrs. F. A. Hall,
a young married woman, whose husband is said to be a New York newspaper man, was found dead in bed
yesterday morning from the effects of
illumination gas which had been turned on, cither by accident or with intent to commit suicide.
Mr. William Hunter Purchases Western Mercantile Co. Business.
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.,
has changed bands aud will hereafter
be under the management of Mr. William Hunter, an early settler in Nelson, but latterly of New Denver and
Sllverton. Mr. Hunter has purchased the business and in doing so has
returned to. a business life in Nelson
after an absence of nearly ten years.
Tho Western Mercantile Co. came into
existence only a year or two ago. the
business having formerly been run
under the name of M. Desbrisay <fc Co.
Mr. Desbrisay has been the principal
stockholder and he is at present in
Nelson, having come here to make the
transfer to Mr. Hunter. Mr. Hunter
will bo a very valuable acquisition to
the list of Nelson's business men. He
is enterprising and up to date and
wherever ho has been has not only
won the respect and confidence of his
fellowmen but has made a reputation
as a successful business man. The
Miner wishes Mr. Hunter success in
his new field.
London, Ont.,Oct.4.���At yesterday's
meeting of tho Baptist Union, the
Rev. Dr. John Clifford, former president of the union, in moving a resolution generally condemning a resort
to war to settle international disputes,
referred to Mr. Joseph Chamberlain,
declaring,"there is no greater personal menace to the well being of tlie
country and the well being of the
world than the masterful impulse now
driving tho chariot of the British Government.*'
Brantford, Ont., Oct. 4.���Mrs.
Gllkingson, the wife of Colonel Jasper T. Gllkingson, for many years Indian agent here, is dead aged 78
Sherbrooke, Que., Oct. 14.��� A fatal
collision ^occurred ou the Boston &
Maine Railway at North Derby, Vt.,
near here yesterday afternoon, between a light engine and tlie local
passenger train, resulting iu the instant death of Fireman Bowker of the
light engine, and the injuring of live
other trainmen and three passengers,
none seriously however. Failure to
observe running orders on Hie part of
the enigneer of the light engine was
the cause of the collision.
Toronto, Oct. 4.���George .laffray,
brother of Mr.Robert Jaft'iay.the well
known financier, is dead, aged CO
Toronto, Oct. 4.���E. Y. Eaton,son of
Timothy Eaton, vice-president of T.
Eaton .t Co. 's big departmental store
this city, is dead, aged 37 years.
A Suggestion to Some of the Business
Men of Nelson.
The following is respectfully referred to some Nelson peoplo. It is from
tlie Vancouver Independent, and applies equally well to those for whoso
benefit it is published in The Miner
as it does to some of Vancouver's business men:
"I want your figures on this job of
printing," said a prominent merchant of Vancouver to tlie foreman of
a leading printing olliee in this city
tlie other day.
"All right, sir," said the foreman,
lie was handed the batch of manuscript, and after looking over it eare-
fuly, quoted tlie merchant a fair price
for printing.
"My goodness, man!" the merchant
exclaimed, "you are fearfully high.
I can get the work done much cheaper in the east. The prices you printers charge here is ridiculous. 1 shall
send this   printing to Montreal."
"Pardon me," said the foreman,
"but I can get my clothing, boots
and shoes, groceries, fuel and house
rent cheaper than I can do here, It is
poor economy on your part to send
your printing away when you run a
business here and are dependent upon
the working men of Vancouver to
keep your establishment open, You
would be the first one to raise a howl
if the worl.ingincn of this city were
to club together and send east for
everything they needed, "
"It does not matter what you
think," he said,as he was leaving tlie
office, "1 am running my own business, and I do not intend to have my
printing done here when 1 can get it
done so much cheaper in Montreal. "
There is not a day pusses but this
same dispute arises about thejpriees of
printing. There is not a job printing
establishment in Vancouver but has
come in contact with these merchants.
There is not an employing printer
in Vancouver but what "feels the far-
reaching effect ou his business by this
nefarious practice. There is not a
printer but whose future is threatened by these Cheap John methods of
doing business on the part of some of
Vancouver's leading business men.
We are now ready to show you the latest ideas in
They are cut in the very latest modes and tl_
prices cannot fail  to satisfy. '
JACKETS range from.
SKIRTS range from....
SUITS are t0 De bad from
$8.50 l0 a fine Serge
Homespun at
*> $30
- $15
II. II. Watson Was the tiuest of
Honor of the Local Lodge.
II. II. Watson of Vancouver, Grand
Master of the Masonic Order of British Columbia, was the guest of honor
at the meeting of tho Nelson lodge,
No. 23, A. V. and A. M., at the Masonic hall on Baker Street last evening. There was a large number of
members present and an exceedingly
interesting time was spent. After a
short secret session an informal banquet was held after which several of
the members delivered short speeches.
Mr. Watson is on his annual visit to
tlie various lodges of British Columbia, and yesterday paid a visit to Ymir
Hume.���Alex. Gartshore, Hamilton;
A. Forrester, Rossland ; K. B. Rhoda,
Vancouver; .1. Cosgrove, Toronto; 11.
C. Harris, London; J. M. Martin,
Rossland; Eugene Croteam, Ymir;
John Albi, Rossland; A. II. Wal-
brldge, Vancouver; J. W. Collins, San
Francisco; J. A. Mitchell, Rossland;
A.  W. Brown, Toronto.
Phair���C. E. Neill, Vancouver; Miss
Macfarlane, Miss (1. Macfarlane,
Miss S. Macfarlane, E. F. Barchard,
Montreal; A. .1. McMillan, Rossland;
J. F. Farland, Erie; II. II. Wutson,
Vancouver; John llowatt, Langdon;
John House, Seattle; Mrs. Adams and
daughter, San Francisco; J. W. Han-
Held, Halifax, N. S.
Congress of Peace Makes Some Very
Porlinent Suggestions.
New York, Oct. 4.���Tlie International Congress of Peace now being
held iu Paris has adopted several resolutions concerning tlie policy in
China,says a cablegram to The Times.
The Congress resolved that the action
of the missionaries was often intolerant, that their religious propoganda
should not be backed up by diplomatic
or military force, that they sliould
go into China at their own risks and
perils, that Euorpe should abandon
any religious protectorate in China,
that forcible annexation of territory,
especially tnat held sacred by the Chinese, sliould cease, that the powers
should attempt to establish a stable
native Government capable of undertaking international reforms, that tho
open door for the honest commerce of
the world on equal terms was the only
policy which gave any guarantee for
the country's future peace and stability.
Much Speculation As to What Premier
Roblin Will Do.
Winnipeg, Oct. 4.���Much speculation is at present being indulged iu
by persons interested in polities as to
the formation of the new cabinet on
the succession of Mr. Roblin taking
olliee. It is said in (lovernment circles that the departmental work in
some of tlie offices has assumed such
porportions that the present staff,
witli only three ministers is becoming unable to cope with it. This lias
led to the suggestion that Mr. Roblin
may increase his cabinet to five port-
folioed ministers, but as there is no
appropriation for this it cannot be
done this year. It is stated on good
authority that Mr. Rogers will be taken in for the present, without portfolio, with the understanding that he
will have one before tho next sessiou
is over. Mr. McFadden and Mr. Davidson will be retained as at present,
and Hon. Mr. Campbell will bo sworn
in attorney-general. It is said that
Mr. Roblin will take Sir. Johnson's
place without portfolio, as the latter
is said to be anxious to retire. This
leaves Mr. Roblin practically free
from departmental duties, which it is
said he does not wish to undertake
this year.
We ask you to look at them. Their worth will convince you.
Houston Block.
To Our Customers
...AND THE...
Public in General.
1./   ../   ill
this day disposed of our Business, to Messrs.
Wm. Hunter it Co., we bespeak for them a continuance of that very liberal share of patronage which has been extended us during our business career in Nelson. Wc can only
assure you that those traits which has built up for US and maintain
the reputation for Honest and Reliable Dealings, will be continued throughout by the new firm. We therefore take great
pleasure in recommending them to all our old customers, and
also to as many new ones as may honor them with their patronage.    Thanking you otic and all for past favors, we are
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.     |
Montreal, Oct. 4.���The annual
meeting of the Lake of the Woods
Milling Co., was held here yesterday.
A dividend of ten per cent, on paid
up capital stock of the company was
Hamilton, Ont., Oct. 4.���The last
order of the 11,000 great coats contracted for by Sandford's for soldiers
in British waters was finished and
shipped last night to Vancouver.
Galveston.���Twenty-one bodies were
recovered from the debris yesterday
making a total of 2,.'ion officially re
ported as recovered since the storm.
To the Public.        f
Having this day taken over tftje Business of The Western 3;
Mercantile Company, Limited of Nelson, we beg  to  ask  for a &���
continuance of the patronage which  you   have   heretofore ex- _
tended to them.    Our aim will be at all   times  to  supply you g,;
with the best goods at lowest possible prices; being in   a  posi- g;
tion to buy goods in  larger  quantities   than  any  firm  in  the g!
Kootenays, we will therefore give you the benefit of the margin, ��;
The same stall which has waited on you   in   the  past  will ��?
continue to do so, and they will spare no pains in  making the _
dealings both pleasant and profitable to  you.    To   those  who ��|
have not honored the retiring firm with a share of their patron- g;
age, we would ask you to come and have at least a trial  order, g.'
when you will be convinced our prices arc the lowest,   and  our ��j
goods are the best. &
Wm. Hunter & Co.    g
Successor to cZ;
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd. |i
Staple   and   Faijci)   Groceries. |
NELSON, B. C. ��
Continued Kroni Flint l'ugo.
London, Oct. 4.���At 8:4.1 p. m. the
returns showed that 311 members of
Parliament had been eleoted as follows: Ministerialists, '2'12; Liberals,
54, and Nationals 46.
posit required of candidates for the
Dominion House.
No. o.���Compulsory arbitration of
labor disputes.
No. 10.���Prohibition of prison labor
in competition with free labor.
No. 11.���Compulsory exercise of tho
Take Laxative Bromo Qulnlno Tablets.
(IrtiKKiMlH refund tho rooner If It falls Us cure'
lie,   E, W, drove's slKnaturo la oo each box.
Kerr & Co. wish to announce that
their millinery opening as announced,
will continue all Week ; no cause for a
postponement, The first day, although the weather was not as we
would have liked, was a decided success, both as to sales made, and mini
hers of ladies iu attendance.
Victims to stomaoh,liver and kidney
troubles as well as women, nud all feel
the results in loss of appetite, poisons
in tbe blood, hackaohe, nervousness
headaoho snd tired listless, run-down
fooling. Bnt there's no need to fee]
like that. Listen to J. W . Uardnor
Idaville, Ind. He says: "Eleotrio
Bitten- are just the thing for a man
when ho is all run down, and don't
onre whether he lives or dies. It did
more to give me new strength and
good appetite than anything 1 coold
take. I can now oat anything and
have a new lease on life." Only 60
oonts  at  Otnada  Drng & Book Store.
���ON    THE-
For   terms   and   particulars   enquire
Art Music Co., or at ass Silica Street.
Instruments Supplied,   Phone 183,
Advertisements lnnertod under thfn hoad at"
the rato of ono cent a word por Insorlion.  No
advertisement taken for low tlian ������ > <vn: .
Are You Right?
You can be sure of ymir minutes
if you provide yourself with one
of   our   accurate   and   reliable
Don't run-get a good wateli to
run for you.
Manufacturing Jewelers.
Spring ohicken and all tbn delioanioB
of the soason served to yon when you
visit Florenoe Pork Hotel at Roberts'
Rsnoh, two and a half mibjB up the
river.   W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to O. J��. LENNOX, Baker St
Gee Can Fit You.
FOR KKNT. ���New seven room house,
High Street. Hume Addition, 300
feet from Olty line, City water and
bath. Possession given October Dth,
Also furniture and stoves for sale.
Apply to Charles W. Dill or to Mrs.
Bullick, owner. 	
LOST.���Fox terrier bi ten, i" months
old. blaek and tan head, black spot
on tail answering to name of Spark,
If any Information Is obtained, address.' 0, VV, Voung, Provincial Police
olliee. Nelson.	
SIIOIiTIIAND A few pupils wiinbVi
to complete class (evening) being
formed By an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in SO lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
WANTED. ��� General       Housework,
tiood plain cook.    No   objection   to
going  outside of city,  will wash anil
iron. Address W. Miner Office,
He lias  one of  the   best  and   ,
l<all and Winter stocks In
the Province.
Opposite Que
      Baker Street
Merchant Tailor
I hereby   give   notice   that
next meeting of the   License 1
sioners for the   Nelson   .list
apply for a license to sell i
at   the
riet   will
liquors at the Kossland |/, v *
Street, Lot 10, Block 80 in \'i .T"
of Nelson, B. C. ' '"  the  cit>'
make up and remodel all kinds of
fur garments in the latest styles.
Dressmaking a specialty. Mrs. H.vimI-
man, opposite Provincial  Jail,   Ward
FOR RENT. ��� Unfurnished six-roomed
cottage, water, electric light, and
sewerage.    Apply to Mrs.
Observatory Street.
F<) It RI0NT. - - Ku rn i shed rooms. Apply 318 Haker Street,    (bliet pari 01
city. _
KOR RENT.��� Cellar. Apply Merchants' Bank of Halifax.	
FOR RENT���Furnished rooms. Hood
attendance.    Second   door   east
City Hall.  _���
J. V,
FIRST CLASS  room   and   board
private family, *��-'">0 and |fl.   1
board  ...   Carbonate Streot,
O'LAUtWLiN.    j house east of Josephine,


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