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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 11, 1900

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I       l'i
Provincial Library
Daily Edition No. 649.
Nelson, British Columbia, Sunday, h
EBRUARY   II,   1900.
Tenth Year
War Critics Agree Buller's
Move Waa a Ruse.
With   Seaforth   Highlander, and Blook
Watch He Hold, tbe Boon ia
Check at Koodoesburg.
J_He,d Quarters Camp, Springfleld
Bridge, Fob. 1).���Tbe poeition taken
north of the Tugela River proved a
difficult oon to maintain. The regiments' sent across as reinforcement,
weut into the front line of trenches,
hut uwing to the great strength of the
liners iu the Drakfontein hill to the
left, it was found impossible to advance without risking unneceseory
loss. The Boers continued shelling tbe
Hritish positions. Several Long Tom
���bulls foil among the tiansport train
und fcur burst, on Zievaat Kop, but
tin; Biiurs could uot get tbe range.
The British gun, posted there failed
to silence tbe Long Tom or other masked nuns. The Boer, continued to work
their Nordeiifeld on the British infau
tiy entrenched on the bills. Tho lire
was severe at tunes Wednesday after-
rnnu General Buller resolved uot to
press the advance liy this route. Tbe
transport train moved bank and the in-
laiuiy retired from Vnal KranU'.. Wed-
nemluy night the guns nu the Swart
Kop replied to the Hoer Shelling,-When
they commenced lo shell the transport
train, The Boers got 'a large nambet
oi cannon into position and their
heavy shell lire tendered the advance
IjoiiiIud, Feb, 10. ��� I��ord Roberta'
campaign remains au Inscrutable
inviit ty. He )i��r gone to the -front
with Lord Kitehener and the ttxewgii
militnry attaches have--atarted from
Oape Town to .join bim there, lmt uo
body outside of tlte innermost circles of
the War Office known-where the front
is. The theories of lbe military writers for the London papers are that
General Holler's movements for the
lust few days weu* simply iu the nature uf feints to keep the Hoer, watch-
ini; him while other positions of the
array were advancing elsewhere. The,e
theories are based on the fact that
General Kelly Kenny was reported a
fortnight ugo to he nt Rosemcad nud
from that rumor it hns been gen��rally
assumed that the Sixth division would
co-upernte with Generals Gutuore and
French in clearing the Orange River
district, and opeuing the wuv for invasion of tbe Free State on tho lines ol
General Bullet's original plan. General Tucker has also been reporteta at
Modder River nud tbat hns boon the
basis for another theory that the Seventh division would follow bim, thai
Kimberley would be relieved and tbat
Ihe iirmy would.maroli across the country to llloomfontein. The third theory
has assumed tbat tbe Free State would
he invaded from the river bridge, Belmont, Fanresmith and Springfonteiu,
being the Immediate objective point
aud the cutting of thu communication,
Ol Iho Dutch forces uow south of tbo
rivet lining H,u strategical   advantage.
A Into dispatoh from Strekstroom
��ays that tho -tending Hritish patrol,
<"tisi.tinj.rf a sergeant and six men
of Babsnt's Horse at Brown's farm,
whs surprised and captured early Wed
111 winy morning, prior to the Boor attack* on the Penhoek and Bird', River
'limps. The relief sent from Pen-
boek blundered on BOO Boers. One
���nun of the Oape Mounted Rifles
whose horse was shot, wbb captured,
bit the otherB escaped. A Frencb-
'iniii, who is supposed to be a spy. wus
-Might nnd brought to Sferkstrooiu
the north bank of the river. As it was
impossible to bold the whole summit, General MacDonald constructed a
strong works across the oentre which
were held by the Seaforth Highlaud-
jers and three companies of tbe Hindi-
t watoh. While tbe Highland Light Infantry held a small koplje on the right
the Ninth Lancers patrolled the left
towards the rtvar, Oeneral MuoDon-
nld'n plan being to repel attacks.
Things wont on quietly until Wednesday when the Boers advanced along
tbe ridge within i'OO yards, mounting
two mountain seven-pounders, which
were invi��ible from the plain. They
also hold a smaller drift three miles to
the west. On receipt of this uews
Hethuen dispatched a large foroe of
oavaly and two horse batteries, under
General Babbingtou, with the pnrnose
of surrounding the Hoers. Iu order to
further this plan (lenerui Mar-Donald
adopted merely defeosive tactics. It
was not attempted to force back the
BoerB right, which move might have
resulted in their general retiroiuout
too soon. General Bnbbington left
Modder River ut 11 :!10 in the morning,
and arrived within two miles of Koo-
doiifibei-g at 4 :!i() p. m., too late too attempt the turning movement.
The next morning it was found thnt
tbe Boers had fled from the lower
drift, but still remained nu the hill,
which they also left when they perceived Babliingtou's movements.
Knrly in the morning Babbington vig-
orDttsly shelled tbe retiring Boers.
The whole British foroe is uow re-
tewing to camp. This little affair reflects grent credit npon General Mac-
Donald's tactics, and piovei that the
Highlanders have thoioughly recovered
their old go. dash and courage.
surrounded at.Colesburg, bnt are ���simply in check by a series of oamps forming a semi-circle from East to- We'si^'
The Boers, it is added, mc still, in-.'full
possession of their liues of , ninuiuiii-
cation with the Ftee State and hold
strong positions around Colesburg.
Duriug the morning of February D,' a
bombardment with lyddite occurred at
Rensberg and the Boers' Maxim-Viok-
ersaro believed to have boon silepc-
ed. A dozen dead Boers were found im
the kopje. , ,
Lord Roberts bus addresed aunt limit, tier to President Kinger and ia cow
plaining of the wanton estradiol! ot
property iu Natal.
Large Rewards to Engineers
For Excellent Work.
Loudon, Feb. 10.��� (3 p: m. j���General Bnller is once more f-outli of the Tugela River aud General MooDounld is
hack at the Modder Hi ver. yet today's
news bv no means cnoses tbe acute
disappointment attendant on the failure to relieve Ladysmith. This eiiu be
attributed tn three ennses.
First.���There is a strong belief tbat
General Buller's but attempt was only
a demonstration on n large scale.
becond.���The wiser critic bad warn
*ert*_he pulilic not to expect the immediate relief of General White.
Third.���The Nation has settled
down to the realization that tbe war
will laet a long time, and they are not
���wayed-aa ar first by minor reverses
and viotories. The second and third
reason* are self-explaining.
Tbe first requires considerable elucidation in fnvor of the opinion held by
Mr Spencer Wilkinson, the military
oritio of The Morning Post, that General Bnller did not intend immediately
pushing on to Ladysmith. There iH
now overwhelming evidence to show
that Field Marshall Lord RohertH ordered sytematic activity ou tbe port
of all tbe forces. Ou this basiB, Gen-
eral Buller's movement mny only be a
repetition of Generals MacDonald's
and French's recoiiiiuissance.
Mr. A. J. Balfour's stateninnt about
waiting tbe completion of plans is an
othor stinug reason for belcving that
General Buller nevor intended to mnke
the main ndvanoe via Vnal Kraut z,
but was noting under tho orders of
Lord Roberts. It is also curioos Ihat
the news of General Buller's regiment
flrst came from the Boer Head l.nnger,
near Lady-smith, and that the British
correspondents were freely allowed
to send dispatches before anything
from General Buller wns published.
The unusul appeal by Mr. Bennett
Burleigh, WBr coirespondeiit of Tlie
London Dally Telegraph, asking the
puhlic   to   saspeud -judgment and  rely
London. Feb. 10.���A dispatoh to Tbi
London Times from Springfonteill
bridge, dated   FridBy,   Feb.   9,   says:
Our force ut Voal Kraut?, ontreuched
itself as well ns possible, but nevertheless continued to lose men and no advance was made. But the Boer artillery fired incessantly, and ns Wednesday proceedad, it was ihcrense.-tlv apparent tbat although tbe infantry
might, hy' u very determined assault,
force its way through the sentre-of* the
Boer position,it would become impossible during the subsequent operations
to maintain the seourity of the lines
of communication, and tbe evacuation
ih decided upon. The retirement commenced nt B o'clock at nigbt, the pontoon bridge being removed after General Hillyurd's force hud crossed this
morning. The whole force retired beyond range of the B-iei Runs, which
continued shelling."
London, Feb. HI.���An extra Ontunet
Council meeting wan held this afternoon in response tn a sumnions issued
yesterday evening. The Council last-
ed over to boms. Several member, of
the Defence Committee were present
and Loid Salisbury presided. The
Premier held a supplementary consult-
ation inter the departure of the rimjnr-
ity of his colleagoeR.
London, Feb, 10.���A specinl dispatch
from Spearman's Camp, dated Friday,
FeK 9, save tbut General Heller's ns-
tirement wn, merely temporary, owing
tu a determination to change tactics.
The force, it is udded, will soon resume operations. The casualties were
merely slight wounds.
Trail Smelter Reoeivinp; Large Shipment,
From Republic Mines���Pews
From the Capital
Montreal, Feb. 10.���Some important
changes ure announced iu connection
with the C. P. R. engineering staff.
The following promotions are announced: Chief Engineer Tye. to be
Chief Engineer of Construction over
the Canadian Pacific's entire system.
Assistant-Engineer J. ti. Sullivan to
be Obief Kugineer over the Columbia
& Western Railway's completed lines.
Kngineer f. Dennis to lie Engineer
iu charge of the muinleunnce of the
entirt nystem, Chief Kngineer Tye,
in recognition of his own and his stall
assistant's ability in pushing through
th" Midland extension tn a completion
In the course nf two veins, hus been
awarded a bonus of ���6,000, and Engineer Snllivaii has been awarded $1,-
000, and cMvininnnl engineers will
each receive fAOO.
Captain Troup, late Superintendent
ot Navigation in British (V_nmbia,hiui
heen appointed superintendent ol the
oiiincb system in Kootenuy. Henry K.
Bo/jsley, who lately occupier! the latter position has been promoted to President Shaughiiessy's office in Montreal.
Durban, Feb. HI.���The Boers hnve
tukeu lnkiiiiillii.it y.ulular.il Magistracy.
Tbe Magistrate, on the night previous,
exploded tbe uiuguziiie, nud with his
stuff, and the police, evueunted the
place nnd proceeded to Eshow.
London, Feb. 10.���The Queen's keen
interest in Geueral MucDounld and the
Highland Brigade, was evident bv the
great ciincein she showed nt the news
of MacDonald's retirement from Koo-
docBberg. Her Majesty sent special
inquiries to tlie War Otllce, bet as the
ollicinls had no kuowledge of the
movements up to midnight, the Queen
mode ber Secretary telegraph twice to
Router's Agency usking for the most
minute detail*), whence the news oame,
who sent it,ami requesting the earliest
notification of any explanation received.
London, Feb. 11.-(4:10 a. in. )-The
War Otllce still maintain silence regarding Ilie situation .at the sent of
war, uunontieing at 11 :80 Inst evening,
Hint uo further news hnd been received and none has come from other
sources which would give a due In
General Buller's movements since he
recrossed the Tugela or lo the present
position of the forces.
London. Feb.  11.-A specinl dispatch
frum   Springfield   Bridge, under   dale
on  General Buller, also   has consider- | (). j,-*rl<i���yj ].*,.u. 7, gives a new exphm
Torouto. Feb. 10.���Before concluding the session ot ibe Canadian Pres*
Association fe-tetday it was decided
to meet in Montreal next year, and to
bave an excursion through the Maritime Provinces. A resolution advocating the establishment of an army corps'
of 10,000 men for service in Sonth Africa was withdrawn, owing to the opposition on tho gri.iinil that the subject was ont of the jurisdiction of the
Association, A resolution was presented favoring the Government ownership Of lelephnlie  ami I ,-legl aph  linen
of the Dominion, but no action was
taken The suhj.ct is to he taken up
next year.
Ottawa, Feb. 10. ���It is learned that
Major-General Hutlou, commanding
tbe i :il.iniiun Militia, ban received notice from the Wnr Ollice of bia recall
for special service in South Africa.
Tbe inline of Oolonel Aylniei. Adjutant-General, is very generally iu��,n- I
tioued for coininuud of tbe Militia,
when Geueral limine goes. The ml-1
onel bus undergone u special course in 1
the Old Country, but is at present in-,
valided, thiough an unfortuuuie fall en '
ship board.
Torouto, Feb. 10.���Relative, of Private Robert Lindsay, Fiist Manuhoatei j
Regiment, who wus iu Lndyaiinth, [
have been notilied thut hn was killed
im January il. Tbe victim was a sol
of .lames Lindsay, of Oiancoiidnle,
near this city, who is ai pieaeut in
the North Went.
traffic wi>l yield over 1200,000 In revenue annually.    AU the machinery ie-
[quired for the valines mines of Republic is coming   to   ihis point   by   i-i.il.
I Four carload, hnve already arrived for
the Republic    Reduction    Works,   uuc1
I seven or eight cars still remain to
come for the same company, The
Mountain Linn, nf Republic, has ill-
ready received -.U carloads and a consignment of machinery to arrive
shortly, for the Repnblto mini..will on,
cupy ,*i(i cats.
Toronto, Feh. 10.���Lord ,j3tiathcnnn
cables to President Kemp,of the Hoard
of Trade, that owing to bis recent ill.
nsss, he will be unable to leave London for Canada for some months, '
Clilfoid , tint.,. Feb. HI ���Thomas
Whitehead, a prominent merchant,
nnd President, of the Board of Triule at
Wulkertnu, died here this niornljig,
presumably of heart failure lie drove
beie today in au open buggy, the
sudden chill probably hastening . the
end, though ho was u well man wllBll
he left home.
Morrisbnrg, Out., Feb. in -William
Hendeison was arrested here tnnieht
charged with b.gntnv. preferred by
Alexander Hniri", whose daughter
married the prisoner n few days ago.
It is alleged he hns a wife and three
children at Tweed, Out. Magistrate
McDonald sent bim to Cornwall for
Kentville, N. B., Feb. 10. ���Hon. __.
.1. Oogwell, Judge of tho Piolmte
Court, King's County, died liere this
evening. *
Toronto, Feb. 111.��� Wold hns reached this city that Private Robert Lindsay has been killed ut,Lady-smith. Deceased belonged to the Manchester
Regiment and nml been iu Ladysmith
since lbe seige coinuienced. He was
killed on the 1Kb of Jauuary. Tic wits
the eldest sou of .Tames Lindsay, of
Helena Avenue. H*s father is now iu
the North Went. Several brothers and
sisters are employed in Toronto.
Montreal Feb. 10.���The Grand
Trunk, us is shown hy the figures
published laet month.hiul an unusually
good year, hut it was hardly thought
the profits would extend to the secoud
pieference stock. This, however, under the management of Mr. Havs. it
has been able to do Tbe Canadian
Pacific is prosperous, and there Is tnlk
on tbe Stock Exchange tbat tbe divi
il.iiui, to he declared in the middle of
the month, will also be increased,
lust at niesent the C. P. R. is paying
4 per cent, on its stock und the belief
is that tho shareholders will either get
a bonus or tbe stock will be on a basi-i
of fl per cent.
The Wnr Eagle continues to he discussed in business circles, although ihe
senre is over for it sold steadily this
morning at 16(1 to 101, and in the afternoon rose to lllll. The Stock Exchange, in its official capacity, does
uot touch upon the management nf the
OOmpany, except, in a general way.
The grievance nf the Montreal Stock
Exchange is that owing to a "leak."
the sources of which i- not known
in Montreal, the Toronto crowd were
given an opportunity of unloading on
their Montreal brethorn.
Sensational Attack ou the
Minister of Finance.
Cotton  Denies Them,  but  Martin  Will
H-ve Them  Iuyestigated  by  a
Select Committee-
i-l'l-.l III. TO THE MlM.lt.)
Viotoria, Feb. 10.���The sensational
charges niiule by Mr, Martin in the
House yesterday are the topic of discussion in the city to lay. The senBiition
was sprung in the debate on a moit
innocent looking motion by Ilelgesou.
asking ihe Dominion Government concerning uaiiouil laws, ro as to nial.u
it impossible for any Mongolian to become u British snhjeut .Ice Martin
Spoke to the resolution and Helmcken
niovtd an amendment that in accordance with a hint fionj Joseph t.'liuin-
1 ii-1luiii, that the Dominion Govern1
ment should ori'.er a bill similar ti tlie
Nntal net, providing certain educn
foreigners. Premier
the Uovern-
Toronto, Feb. 10-Frederick Hainil*
ton, Tim Qiobe's Wnr Correspondent.
entiling trom Belmont, snys: "The
Canadian, who left bore n few
days ago, under orders to proceed
��"*' front tiiGriis Pa���, have been
"xpectnilly detuined at Belmont."
Modder  Kivor,   Feb.    ..-(Noon. )-
Oonetal MacDonald scored n distinct
���*l*i0ca_s at, Koodoesberg. HIb original
orders were to hold tbe Drift ami coo-
'mul a fort. Tho posiliou, how-
''''*��� was extremely difficult, a long
r����ge nf high hill, running northwest
and terminating  clone to tho Dttlt   Ol
able significance.
On the other bnud, Puller's recent j
speeob to his troops in which be said ,
he hoped to be in Ladysmith within n I
week, tends, some people claim, to |
throw doubt on the belief that he has j
only been ilemonststting in foree.
The Utest news ftimi Modder   River
���bOWB that   (ienernl   MacDonald's   ie-1
tiieinent from Koodoesberg was elfect-
ed in complete order. The most reason
sbio explanation ni his movement is
that it was undertaken more to restore
the confidence of the Highland lirigade
who are still nervous from their terrible experience at   Magcrsfonteln���than | i^T-*
to gain any Important objective.
With this important unit General
Methoen's force is rehabilitated for n
vigorous uttaok mi (ienernl Cnniji,,
and an attempt to relieve Kimberley
mny be looked for. Mine than likely
it will be superintended by Dnvd Roberts, while the Seventh division und
part of General French's cavalry are
occupied in a turning movenienl cn*d
of .laenhdal.
A dispatch  from   Remborgi  -��ted
Friday, Fob. ll, reports much iictivity
against nil the   British   reconnoitetiiig
at inn of General   Hnller's   retirement.
According to this dispatch,   a balloon*
i-t on Wednesday discovered tin* Inct
that the HoeiM bave developed eMinnr
iliuary und Unexpected artillery
strength on Doom Klnop, In the Hritish right where tin
ill aw up   a   d IS -ii
with disappearing
riiiniingiv masked,
balbiiiuist, n
coveted  in
Toronto, Feb. 10.���The Globe's special correspondent with the First Can-
inliun contingent in South Africa,
cnliles lhal, the contingent bus been
detained at GrSI Pan, the scene nf
Lord Melhuen s second aucei-sfnl
Ililll   innlla. cu tn
gulls,    some   lilted
mountings und  all
These, out for the
er would havo been dis-
time to save thn Hritish
from falling into the deadly Uuu, U
they cnnimnniled the rnnd the Hritish
would hnve to take ill iirdor to rcneh
Ladysmith, These guns rendered the
actual positions of the Hritish tintnii-
able nnd further ndvniiin impossible.
���vi,���t at thn i-osl "1 n terrible and use*
f lite.
Lolidnn, Feb.   II.-Mr,  Spencer WH
Mm ihn military exprt, renewing
tin Bonth Afiicini situation lor the
AsSSOOlated Press   at   midnight, snvs.
������Loid Robert has now taken how pi
the campaign. His strategy evidently
is to act in the eastern theatre ol war
with energy enough to move the centre
of gravity thither :ienernl Lule, s
movement, therefore is considered In
its place in a general ���oheme.   Che
dens us to be thnl If (Ienernl Holier
cannot skin   the bear  himself   be   enn
bold its leg while some one   else dis*s,
rdingly   I ienernl   Holler
Monlrenl,  Feb.   10. ���A   Delrnit   ills-
patch snys at a  ting   of the Caniid
imi American Club lu that ally, tha
Mayor of Del nut was condemned fm
presiding over a pro-Hoer meeting recent lv.
Victoria, B. .0, Fob. 10.���Out of loo
volunteers for Strathconn's Horse, only
ten sunceeded in passing Major Laurie,
the rivroiting offloer, Jtisluy. Fifteen
had been allotted as Victoria's i|untu,
and it is not yet decided whether to
close the list at once or give a furthei
opening nn Monday. Those accepted
are ,1. H. Lamnre, lately of thn Mount
ed Police in the Yukon nnd one of
*'C" bsttery-, G. V. N. Spencer, n un-
live Victorian. SOU of David Snencer;
B. A. St. (le irgn and C. H. Fall, Eng
lisbmsn, resident in ('owiihiiu; W. fi,
Nonry, unlive i.f St. Thomas, (Jul. :
II. ii. Fraser, born In India; W. D.
Frasei. W. o Winkle. <;. Billot nnd
II. O. i lu I.I.a , nil born in England.
Ottawa, Feb. 10.���The following
Order-in noiiiicil has been passed:
"Custom's outpnrt of Hedlillgtim is
now under   the survey of Port    Knsln.
Ure in wood Is erected Into an ontport
of customs nnd a warehousing port un-
dei Grand Fnri.s.   kfoosejaw,   N.   W.
T., is erected into   an   nutport of   customs,  ami a warehousing port,  and
placed under the survey nf the pint   of
Calgary, N. VV. X.
and declares the Poets aro in no  sense
is    tint
Continued un Fourth !'����������
Grand Forks,  B,   0., Feb, 10.���The
Republic mine ,if Republic,    Wash., is'
now milking   daily  Shipments by  rail '
fioin (irnnd   Forks to tbe   Trail Smelter.    The   ore   is   convejed   here    on .
sleighs.    Last week shipment, amounted io nn tons.  The B. 0. mine In Sum
mil t'uinp.is shipping nn nveinge of .0
i-ni-s a week to til, sinne  smelter.    The
Yankee Boy nud the   Yankee (iirl will
nlsn begin i-igiiinr shipments  to Trail,
The mill,- is situated mi   Hardy M	
iimi, two miles frum Grand Folks
An idea of Grand Foiks us a dittri*
i.iitini- center   inn Ih* gained   from the
fact   that  tbe volume  of Incoming
ll-elgbt    llele   bisl      Ullllltll      n 1111,11 ll I ell     to
four million   |>minds.    If   the   present
���volume of business In maintained, this
Hossliind. II. C. Feb 10���'I'he only
smallpox case disco\eied here ami
which caiiin in from Oolvills a week
ago,has been sent to the isolated hospital.    The rest   nf the household   where
the case occurred have been placed under strict quarantine,    No new   case
has been reported, but if one is discovered ibe fuel will prompt!) be mad"
pnl lie by the licnlth authorities, who
have the whole niuii. t well in band,
Then ure im new features   rcgniiling
the I,,. Boli War Eagle or Oentre Sim.
mui iiii further , losing down nr material reduction in the stall of nny ol Ihe
mines mentioned, or of nny .if the
other working properties .in the oamp.
linnal    tests   foi
semitu  announced   that
nif.it wns acting along these lines,
and was corresponding with the
Dominion Government on the matter
and thnl of Ohinese Capitulation tax.
This brought Martin to his feet nob
be accused the Government Of parting
fiom a policy that it had decided ��s
hest when be was a member of it. The
Government Inst year declared that tlie
Nuthl act would not be effectual tor
tin* purposes described. Now it made
a dlstinot change of policy, nnd was
p.epared to accept the views of the Do
iniiiioL to put in force the Nntal act.
The Finance Minister classed Martin's speech as clap trap uud ahsuni.
lib challeugeii his contention that the
Government had departed from thi*
position it 'md taken upon this ques
tion. Taking np .Martin's reference
that the Province should fight the Do.
million over the disallowed anti Chinese and Japanese^ legislation, jnnt us
Manitoba did over the Northern Paul-
tin Knilway entry matter, Cotton said:
"1 think the opinion we must have,
of the gentleman's acts and career in
Manitoba can be formed by his retirement from that scene."
Martin did not catch the reference
uml had ('iitliiu repent it. Cotton was
proceeding with his speech when Martin shouted something nbout cowardly
tnctics, uud snid Cotton was afraid to
repent the statement. The Finnnce
Minister retorted thut he was afraid
of nothing,and repeated the statement
Martin declared it wus tho most contemptible statement made on the floor
of the House. The Sneaker called
Martin to order, and rhe hitter's interruptions became so numerous tbat the
Speaker said.be would have to nuine
him if he did not, cease. Cotton said
he hud not mdulged in personalities,
whercnpnii Martin said be hud un hesitation to go back to Manitoba at any
tune, bnt lhe Finance Minister dared
not go bank to Colorado.
Amid uproar, Cotton asked who wsh
iictiug in n cowardly fashion uow.
Martin said :
"I have no creditors waiting me in
Manitoba; 1 dofniudad nobody." The
Speaker said thnt if Martin did not
keop order he must name him. Cotton
then   niiule bis speech.
On conclusion, Clifford, who "its
next ro Martin, moved an amemlmeul
which gave Mnrtin nn opportunity to
mnke a snnsiitionul attack on Coltou
ns to his actions in Uolnrado. He took
up Cotton's remarks us to his (Martin's) leaving Munitobu ; snid he wus
never afraid to go back, in fact three
months bad not elapsed since be left
there in 'B7 that be hnd not boon hack
in the Province,   "l have never  been
cupiased there. I have never been iu
jail. I have never hud my ireditms
bunting   for   ilie   when I gut   tn   this
Province, Cuu the honorable gentle*
mnn (Cottoni say this with leguid to
the place whence he came-'  siino  he
came lo tins Province he has not dur
ed lo go hack to Colorado, where  he is
charged with having committed gross
crimes ami misdemeanors.''
Cotton then gave Martin tin* lie.
saying   he  denied   the   statement.    It.
was  absolutely  without    foundation.
Mai I in r,'tinted that he was lhe lirst
mnn in the I'rnviiii-e whn bail been able
to get n denial from the finance Min
later of the Colorado charges. Con
eluding,be gave notice nf a motion for
the appointment ol a seleol committee
to Investigate the gross charges of
criminal mlsconduol against the Fin*
mice Minister, which he wus prepared
to mnke ill   the   House   und   have   m
Miirllii is today preparing a resolution with the assistance of tha  legal
member* ol the Opposition that will
l.e tei'liniciilly perfect, to press fnr
an Investigation Into the Colorado ree-
.iid nf ('niton.
! The
Famous    Murder   Trial   at JLnsi
,, .     ���    ,,      ,   ,      ,���    ���,, ('nmes to an End.
Greenwood,   B.   C..   beb,   10.���The
concert given by th"   Kossland   Dandy ;    New York, Feb.   10.  -Molineu
Conns tonight, realized over   *|i'.n   for i found guilty
the Mansion House Fund.
'I .miril"r in tin
lilsl    ill*-
,gie,. ut 11 p. in., tonight. Ni-LSON   D-VX.Y   MIi\ ___-_, SUNDAY FEBRUARY   n, 1900
JNeison Daily Miner^"^Z
And it is n stable
lith    a    rensonatit-
���. 1 amount ot   honesty  and   a   supply of
PabUfihsd Lfaily cxceot IMonday. j horse-sense, this Province needs   above
..elsoxMinkr Printing k Pcblishi.vo Co i everything else in the world.    At   the
I)   J.  B��ATON. Editor and Manager.
Subscription Bates
Hill*/ por month by can Ier	
per half year	
per yoar by mall.
.��   M
.. :i 50
.. TOO
..   a 00
panie time, we should alwnys regurd
it is a pity that good use cannot lie
made of u person so full of resource and
ol such respectable abilities.
porrear foreign    8 00
Nelson Weekly Miner.
Weekly, p. r half year I 1 !i
porrear     800
per year, foreign    250
s.ub.cripuon- invariably in advance.
N.Uon Min :r Printing & PubllshlngCo
nelson. b, c.
Telephone   No.   144.
Tlie Miner will pay $10 reward
for information ih.it will lead to the
arrest and conviction of any person
who   steals   a   copy  of   this  paper \ push through in   the saui
Iran: ihe  premises of our -ub-crih
First came tin- Vint Eagle and Centre
���Star, then the Ball Mines, ami now
the Le Rni. The Payne closed down
many months ago. These are by all
odds the largest mines In the Koote-
nays, and in a few days the last of
them will cease production work. If
the Legislature had kept its hands off,
there would Imve l,e,-u no interruption: the mines would continue to
work full-hand,-d.and prosperity would
reign throughout the entire region,
Men of little minds nn- influenced by
a phrase, a orv. The Eight*Honr
law here is just and right, because it
is the standard day in other mininp
legions. Especially is tbe example of
tho Australasian mines cited in support
ot* the action of our Legislature. It is
true they have an eight-hour day in
ihose Colonies, bnt it wns not brought
about by hard and fast legislation, as
in this Province, it was a matter of
mutual agreement between the owners
and the miners, and in making it no
one dreamed of the folly  of tacking on
�� provision that a miner must  not
work longer hours. He is left free to
do as he pleHses. He can work ten
liouis, nr twelve hours, or lift-en
hours, if desirous of doing so and be
oan find any one to employ bim. The
regulation day is eight, but bv agreement the working day may be anything. The liberty of the subject i��
not taken from him. A reasonable
standard wage for the standard flay is
also matter of agieeiuent. In Hritish
Columbia the miner is deprived of the
ngbt to work longer than eight hairs,
and the manner of the legislation invited him to strike I'm the old pay for
t**n honrs.
It was not to he expected that the
mine owners could submit to these restrictions and exactions. For months
iiii-y have struggled on in tbe hope
that reason wonld prevail and they
woold have justice nt last, but so far
there is no  sign   of  either.    There   is
Cnptain Bobadil's method   of defea'-
Ing an army has never been   improved
upon.    Yet if   The Miner  were  Field
Marshall,   in   command of the  South
African   forces,    it would   proceed   on
different lines, it would first strengthen Methnen, and  at the same time order   Kelly.   Gatacre,   and   French   to
unite.    This done, Methnen would   be
told to   advance   in   the   direction   of
Bloorafontein and cut hi�� way through
at  any  cost.    It would  be   a  itittUh
bit of   work,   and   would   cost  some
live.; but   better   -i.COo   casualties   ill
one decisive -ngagement   than 4,000 in
half n dozen, with nothing substantial
achieved.    The    other  column   would
way,   nnd
after dispersing  or  taking  prisoners
Cronje's army tho two  united, or Separately, should make for the   Drakens-
berg on   forced   marches.    If  Joubert
took the  alarm   und   started   for  Pie-
totia, he should be   headed off;   if   he
took up 11 position in the   Drakensbeig
he would find   himself in a very  bad
box, with Methnen hammering bim in
front and   Buller ismuding hiin in the
rear.    After that, matters might safely
be left to take care of themselves.
TT      1 1   ��� ^. _*_*'. _-��-<_-*._-*-.^.<^-^**g****^*^*^;*^;_^____L*g,
Valentines ^*-*-*����^--f:-r^
��. m are poiiiir
February Business
     . m
Comic    .  m
and. )\{
Sentimental JJJ
���J. We are offering sterling values ^\
Jj- throughout the store.   Here are a (|\
il} few of them: ff\
Hi Table Linens, Pure Irish Linen, at
���NCORPORAT!**.. ",370,
.lohn Kuskin   did   not believe   with
General   Sherman   that wur   is   hell.
Some one bus dug np out of oue of  his
works, as appropriate  to the present,
the following:   "When I tell you that
war is the foundation nf all tbe arts, I
meuu also that it  is  the foundation of
all the high   virtues  aud faculties of
men.    It is verv   strange to me to dis- |
cover this and very dreadful, but I saw
it to be an undeniable   fact.    .    .    .
1 found, in brief, that all great nations
learnt their tiutb of word and strength
of   thought   in   wai, that  they  were
nonrisbed in war and wasted by peace,
tnngbt by war and deceived  by peace,
trained by war and betrayed by peuce;
in a word, that they were bom in war
and evpired in peace. "
Hi 25, 40. 50. 65, 75, 90c yd
Ht Table Napkins at 75c, $1, 1.50,
ty 2,2.50,3 per doz.            - . JJJ
m Sheeting at 25. 30, 40c yd- J;
w Circulai Pillow Cloth at 18, 20, 'J*
m 25c yd '2J
}{' Towelling at 5, 8,10,121-2, 15, 5
\W 18c yd. 1
J! White Spreads at $1, 1.25, 1.50, L
JJJ 2,2.50,3,4,5. $
Ht These are only a few of the fjj\
city of Neison Local Board of Health i fo maily Bargains we are offering. 9\
Vaccination   Notice.                , ���>��� 1/              _?                                                        <-�� ���_
We have just received
a carload ot choice
mint iisckiK.
Windermere Minea.  Con-gap
mi I Akl l'i mn .
en. a Sol 'cited
_ fl.
It was quite expected that the local
organ hen- ol the Montana l-'edeiation of
Labor would attempt tn break thn force
of the announcement regarding the
Hall Mines by making a coarse attack
on the management. That is so entirely in ki-epiug with its character
that any other course' would have es-
ci ed surprise. It requires a good deal
of assurance on the part of an outsider
who is not an expert tn pass judgment
on the business method! of a Con_ern
of which be'ean know absolutely nothing, but the editor of the organ is
,-,|UBl to Ihe occasion.
Notice is hereby given that it is the
duty of the parents of every child to
cause such child within three months
of its birth to be takenjto some medical piactitioner. duly appointed or authorized under the regulations of the
Provincial board of health, [or the pur-
rose of being vaccinated*.
Notice 's also given that from and
after the fifteenth day of February instant, no child will be allowed to at- j
tend any public or private school in
the City of Nelson, unless such child
shall produce to tlio principal or teAcb-
er of ths school a crtiticatn showing
���hat the child has been successfully
A physician will be in attendance at
the public sohools daily from !) o'clock
p. m. until 4 o'clock p. m., for tbe
pnrpose of vaccinating children.
Kvery child presenting itself for vac- ���
cination should bo accompanied by one I
of its parents.
Children whose parents aro unable
to pay the vaccination fee payable to |
the medical practitioner, will be vaccinated free of charge on aplicstinn to
the physicians attending at the publio
schools, or to Dr. I.al'nu tho city medical health officer.    By order
J. K, STBACHAN, Secretarv.
Nelson, B. C, February 7tb, link).
& Co.
*���""**���*���__*-������__��� -"-IS -^-5 -**���> -�����_- -<_.' 8'!_'' ���_* -**���__.-*__��� '���}*}:-__��__j___^V
���/-�����__- ���__��*���__- ���___.- 00��� 00 ��� 00.*,_.'��� 00 -00- 00 -00- 00 ���00-04'
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone 13.
fining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
5000 Big- Horn Treasury.  A snap
iooo Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury .stock,    Sold
on installments 7'oC, K,c per month.
House and  Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
Editor Miner: ,,
Sir-Will   you   nllow me   space   iu,���      .   -,
your , iilunble columns for the benefit of 1 xt69,l   LSl3,t6,
those who are  opposed t,, vaccination. !
1. for one. positively   refuse to suhmit Fjr-g InSUraDCG,
to any   so-called    'law     or -duty
1 that says mv children   are to be VflCOi-
wit.uo.. left but to shut  down.    They fa^. .-Mr flesh nlld   blood,   whether
cannot allow ignorant legislators at j
Victoria to make ducks aim drakes of
their properties. They might stagger
along under the Kighl-Hour law for a
time longer, but they realise that already they are face to fact, with au issue and the sooner the   struggle com ia
the bettei.   Are mining operation! In
British Columbia to  be  Conducted   by
Ihe men who supply the capita), or hy
laboi agitatois in Montana whose
methods wire recently exposed in the
OoeUr d'Aleiics' Is this Province to be
governed by men 11mtui1.1l in Ihe principles ol British jnstice and fair play,
or hy labor mobs in the United States-
Tbnt is the issue, and il is high time
to hnve it. out. The capital already
here and the capital looking wistfully
in our direction want   to know   while
we   -tall'l.	
Captain Bell, of Ihe Canadian Maxim gun section,told Lord Melhueii Ihat
he would wager the Royal Canadians
weie the best firing battalion In Booth
Africa, 'Hid that he   had   tin,   Muxim
giiiis which  1,-  woold  uadertske 1,,
plaoe on tbe lop Ol the highest kopje
in Ihe country when the Canadian.! got
tn the frout. We bave no doubt lhe
bitter iionst Rtpeolsllj is well founded.
ns the gun section contains two Nelson men.  Pntersoii and I.ee    The boast
was made Immediately after a sham
engagement, In whlob the gun seotlon
carried tbi .Maxims on then shoulders
up the side of the kopje and navel
rested until they goi to the top. If
we could reach the ail of ihe Boers,
we would .elvi-.. thetu lo have the
1111 st discreel respocl possible for these
Life Insurance
I louse 8 -.00
Cottage   10.00
my own or that of my children, are in 1
my own keeping and no man, or lody
ol in,'ii, have any tight to soy, tbut
"poison" shall he innooulatrd info
onr veins, because, iii iheir opinion,
such will lessen the danger of small
pox.    Just   as   good opinions  say  the
contrary,   It is a fact,  undented, that
no amount of iiiniciilatinn will tnevetit
the disease, as persons thus tn-ated
have been taken down with it. Again,
what guarantee can either the City
oiii,-iiiK  or  tnedioal attendants give
us, tlmt ihe virns does  not contain the
germs of   consumption   or   othei   foul
diseases (hat cattle lire subject tn'.-   We
have seen  whole   families of healthy
children  suffer   terrible   misery   fori pupils Acquire business knowledge
weeks, a- tbe resell of tins   rile  prac- Jjy
lie,-     And   because   we refuse to sub- '
mil  to what wi* believe  before ('ml
is wrong, we me   Informed  thai out
Children onnnol   receive the benetits of
education either at  private or public
schools, though thev themselves are in!
nerfeol health, and we. like good citi-j
sens, pay our i����-,
HEALTH ANIi .11 .stick.
Nelson, Feb. B.
A full line of
Harris Homemade Tweeds
Prom Talbot Harris, Scotland
Fancy Fall Goods of
every description. Call
and inspect my stock.
I can now supply you
with one of those. . .
$15.00 per week. 150 outfits just
received. Trice $3.00 and $4.00.
Issued here.    Call or phone.
Professor   Experience
Is the  Head-Master at the
Nelson    Business   College
Under the famous Budget System
actum  experience
in   business
KIT-TIN- in Tin: . urmN.
London, Pen. 10 --.\ ipsclnl ni*--
pah h from (.nlro -m-- ihe mutiny of
ib,- Soudanese iro,,;w m Khartoum has
aasumed lorioni proporlloni and is
uansing greai inxlety
50 Cases
New Drugs
and riedicines
Two of our
changes. The
The Grand
Doundary  Country
'ire.-inidod   Tun,--   and
(forks   Miner
linilii's both, t,, whom we wish Ion.,
life and tnUOh prosperity have -lorn s
from the   Capital   that   11   innl 11 ion is
Imminent, with Mr. Cotton a�� Premier. Tins is possible, but noi probable
We do not know   what will be left  of
Mi. Cotton ufier Mr.    Martin gets
through wiih hiin, 1.in ibquld I scape
unscathed It is doubtlol if he could
e.tablish biuisslf   ss the head uf a 'l��
Received ihis week,
fresh from the man-
Nelson Employment Agenc.
l-'our 1'iisi (,'iuss Miners.   Woodchop-
pcrs.    Waitress.    II, u-,-k, ��� p,a
sitiniiniis wanted, by   nouseiusld,
Kteiio(!fapher nud typewriter.
I 1 IKK   llltll.l.IN'U.
J. H. LOVE,Apt     Baker .'
Advertisementslaserted ui���l,'i- thlsbeadat
tlie rut" nf oi nil ft mini [,,-r i Lion,   N'o
ii,lv,-rllrM-rn,'i,l ink,-ii fur loss Hum _.',,-ritlH.
LOST     .',   wiilkinu   stick.    Made ,,,.7
"01 cedar bark.   MiHsinif from Royal
Hotel,     A    suitable   reward   will     be
given,    Apply to K.  I,  Osier
WANTED.���The care of otllce,   bouse,
or Janitor work of any discriptiou 1 ,,,���������,  ���    _.-.
-SiMSSS! "'" ���  A  fiA0'lCV a,ld D^onCity, Yukon (J.W.WEST & CO
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Sk.T-_.ti.-iy, U.S., Atlin, B.
(11 tat Reduction!
; IIAIlll rn.M,     /��./-.   /sr ....
(AXTiiitAi tiki a>y_DO petrioh
lllcicherl iipd Ilullidio m -i,-mis.
JJabooek Mid Wilcox, etc.
"^..������_!.,.,.." NELSON, B. 0.
Or tit I''kri.h:hh..n' & Ckokth, Vancouver
I'ltllW.-l   N-|->T
per Ton
Paper Hanger,
Glazier.   Pairji.er,    Etc*
Chimney Sweeping.
Office, Ward St.
opp. Opera Hmisc
V.ANTKD,   Two
&li ii,-i
WANTED.���To    Rent,   _   rnrolihed
liou-a, (hi, ,,r si\ looms.  ,,,,,], a ||
MiiH'i' uilii,
LA RUB  Domforta.la   room  lo De��*
h, ns,,, comal Hull mul   lloovi'i.   tot
Telopl ii,.    P.O. Boa aa    Bakerftreet.
-Mall ,',,!, I-;|*���,1M|,I|,  AIH||J_,| J?,
KlHM.-sMKIi Kuii.M,   nu.l   bn/ir.l   Id*
privuti faiinly, tn |��r weak, Oarboo*
iM -treeti Brd door am ol JToeepblna i
Tul.l-.r   Nicely foriiinhpil   roomn  ,,n
Bllica tUraet, nre dorm ,-n-i ,,i iiiih-
mllsl Cliuri'li.
��ii i   rou i .ui di i.i-ii'i di  ., iiiun tlio i��-si
nranit-In tli ���   mark,-' Kl    quaOtll) troll
in,-, hi,.  Prli,-- o ii nol i-     ,    ���
Prank A. Tambi -, ,,
Baki-:r Siki-i i,
Nelson Gleaning and Dyeing
8.  I). l'IKKKK Frop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans i
dyed, altereil and repaired.
Bfiir of )i,i,-i.<. ii,.i, i. vr i.siin
NBUON   I., !1',,",i';:TtV',i'1 ���l,n'1 ;!'���"> Hii'lr .ulv.mi;^,. i���
iiKuro witli iiniiiii-i >.- oo. on Painting,
Board and  Room.
Pirsl  Class  Board   nnd   Room;
Toilil's old stand, in rear English
Church,   Table Board, SI4;
Room, Si
'.-, and $5.50.
WANTKO.-Hoy.   anil   mils 1
tobeooo,    Kifty imiilii   a ilay,
inucli inoio nn thny can mini.    Koott
nuy Cigar Company.
There is a Clearing Out Sale in Gents'
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
<an*-* NELSON DAILY MINER, SUNDAY,   FEB.R.U.AR^: n,  1,9-00
. i.
nu. _���' - -
i_roa_-rs aud Prom-
teol _t Fra-
iti Hall,
1 V ,...._Vv  [nsl night- i" commeni-
H. irtnre  to   Montreal;
orationo ���.i(.,,t   ,v,.���
:   as 11   was   bnt  n
...  Beasley's  in-
��n>; ���ri,.S his long reel*
in tin   - -   ' '' '*���'���'
il.un' l'i '"
wus a  !-''
���I '
.i_ii: iimi 1
11. Mil' -
witeil lies t ,     ...        ..
-'.���.' Ml with a  few
ciiairmiiu   who   nn-
Mohes   and  good
Ilie evi-i I -       - oveuing
The assembly
uresentntive  ono,
, 1 ing  present.    Mr.
1  ni iii'iit ohair*
,;!<"!   011   his
1 11    hie   left,
. iimi 1,    General
iti r, linn. (.'.
.    Bowes  being
was the !
Ill,'  UIU s I    '
wns prop"
sjioki! oi th
ley Iiinl if-
winch the
Mr. -; ill
then on
some :���"
gold I''1
iimi hu
tlmn any
hail alv
of  course,
0 Sir.   Beasley,
ing.    His  health
, i   chairman  who
���linn ,-i rvioe Mr. Bean-
; he 1 Diupuny, services
my  showed   they   ap-
Iton   station master,
I the employees of  the
01 the ''    1J.   K-.
with   a  hand
: ml oimin   with   n
Malm nils.     He   sniil
,  Mr.   Bi asli-y lougei
e an,I   had   In i'ii us
���   I-   years,   nnil
: most harmoniously
rear, ihe   address
accompli! '  wh'ch was very
I ii ami  contained
mi signal.
.   od the  following
��� I ;,... 11 Mr.   II.   !-..    l.i asley.
Ihi   in pli yees  of
,     v in s , 11   Lis   iln,art
miot a, .    ii, February   IO, iiiiiii. "
When tl n�� hnd Subsided Cnp-
uiu Mi-Mi rris.im bohoU of ihe Ollicers
,       1 olvnuhin  & li mtnuay steamer,
pro* I  I -    ;      ''���'   with   a   ><-r>
haiKisonie silv,    ten  - mine, consisting
ot a tea pnl miliar  howl,
,...,!:; Ill-eell     llljd     S|l|ll)ll
���a-,,,  Hi
i.i ii:
��� i-i- troy.    In n
Me Morris  ox-
I 1 -', em   in
! old ly the
��� li    will 111    his     as-
relation hiul I    11 ol the   inosl
I . , ,1      1 .. -, ai lui ion   he
v, ed and   hoped thut
in   niiikiu; 11 ij 11 itll 'es   lie
winilil not any friends,
pins   insciip
,   1.    Mr. 11. 13.
nl   ,-i   Hallway
I olll,nl,1,1
! llllll.      10,
llrailey,   -
s .
tone 011
ii:    I
Hi   111
fl- .1 lill
pnblii .
forgot  tl
Mr, SI i
<���   i*.   then
the  1 itizoua   to pre*
pm   ��� uf gold.
��� :  hy   ill!   at
. '    he   llllll
��� well he was
:.- rl a- an   nlli-
. p im.    Iln   hiul   nt-
-1, bnl un -
bnsiastio  one.
, - iii 11 itli the
, 111    niii never
1   tne   company.
roci - ill il to read
the Biliii mg ilie ptesent-
ntimi, 1111, hi   uames of IB
promim i.
Mr.Hi ,1 hui wns In*
tertnpti , ,    ��� ��� t 'I hen.
winroi, ; , imn to .Mr. John
Haiullti  , 10:1,1 men,    Clip-
'"in Mi - -   .iiiiioatineii,
ami Mr, ,. ,, mild aud the oit*
tl  1, ii    I hanked
'hem : Ho   hail   been 18
i: ,i" - and  m
i ud this   wns  th"
had yet been
-, ss   he hnd
: tbe loyal cooper-
���": II ��� illroodmen.   lie
*ya*' . and surprised ut
[nenm froni   the Bteam*
matmeu, u gi        i,   u   Mrs.   lleusloy
**'oiil*l nl in,,,.   'I,, the oltl-
lid in,i know  be-
ii many friends.   In
nt  road hiul    heen
1,11111 snd - nt   wai fully iilivu
a��i nay,  He ex*
i living   ihe  h.in-
_f1'' c">* 'i'i .-.   ,and I'oneliiil-
liealth  of Captain
i hug  abilities he
Captain  Troup
niuii,) n h
imuie ol the even-
I   longs,   Inter*
lies, ami excel-
lied     hv   Herr
_r Qoorge Kydd
i- ii" and   wus re-
Mr. T. <*--
li    liriltiiniii."
"  ' i ' in  Kossland Vi-a-
U.   H,   Uaokintoth
11  ���' - ���! pj   and    eloquenl
uteri (ol, 1  Morris'
statiitiH-m, iimi   tbo   Kooi ly contin*
I Ml'     ll-l.llitl.l      ill
i lihi  conviction
'    tiugul-b   thorn-
did   urn   ii'tiiiu  thoy
l__oi causo.    Mr.
ii i  unions  othor
���  : ������ ii   rooltn*
- . nan,   "Tommy
mg   with   grout
M,'..ll".,n   '     '���*�����   whole   assoiubly,
-   i   ii Lun
��� ivnrnl songs,
ire In iana tlm
' Ualway." Mr.
r lhe   lirst
ly, ii win -nng dedl*
-ii,,   have   ;',,n, in
io tin Mayor and
i'i i led  lo hy Ur.
"     wa    nol   'pres-
i ""i Of Messrs.
II,    Thompion    and
,., nluctlons which
npplanse.    Mr. 0.
uims nnd  au*
���    the bnnjo,   Mr.
I,,,, i  -mi.'  ".lohn Peel."
,,'. ;l,!'"mm  read letters  .if regret
i| ��"!? ""��� "  olved (too Messrs. A.
��� MOKenslo, of Kossland, J. A. Cam-
emu, Superintendent of the Crow's
Neit brunch, Mr. Defiohan.y, Superin-
teiiuont on the nu in line and several
others. Vi. H. Molnnes, general
fieight iigent with headquarters at
Winnipeg, responded to a call for a
speech. Mr. Sullivan of the Engineer
Department spoke of the position occupied by the members of bis department..' Mr. John McKuiia snug
"Bonnie Prince Charlie," and "The
Grand Old English Gentleman." Mr.
l-iewis, of thu Kngineer Department,
commented on the dill'ivence in the
work of the two hiuuchos of his department. Dr. Bowes, of Rossland,
answered the toast of Rossland in a
well turned and interesting argument
to the effeot of the non-rivalry between
this city anil Nelson and grucefnlly
conceded many points to our city. His
remarks were received with enthusiastic cheers. Mr. Peters' response
to a (oust to his health and Mr. Croas-
duile's reply to the toast ot the Hall
Mines, the pioneer industry of Kootenay. closed thu speech tusking of the
Mr. II. I',. Williams, assayer  at the
Granite Mines, is paying a flying visit
to Nelson.
Mrs. .1. K. Robertson is paying a
visit at Yietoiia. .She left for the
Const on Thursday evening.
Mr. Uun Wilson has arrived here
from Loudon ou mining business. He
will probalby remain heie for several
Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Benton arrived
iu Nelson on yesterday evening's boat.
Mr. Beaton will lake a position ou the
editorial stall' of The Miner.
The subject of Mr. Frew's sermon
this morning will be "The New
Birth." In the evening he will continue his aeries of sermons on lhe hook
of Genesis, tne subject beiug, "Noah
and the flood."
The   managers  of the Carnival   for
the Library have decided lo postuone
the Cm-nival {until Monday February
ID, This is owing to tho faot that the
Kosslanil Carnival will occur on the
date originally selected for the one to
be given here, and they do not desire
that the two events shall conflict
A telegram was received iu town
yesterday staling thnt Mr. R, Cochrane bad been accepted at Crnnbrook
for Strathconn's Hone.    Mr. Cochrane
was .ixlicmely anxious to eulist und
accompanied thu Nelson contingent on
their way east ou the chance ol getting
another opportunity nf being taken on.
'there will lie a special musical service in the I'lfsliyti riiiu Church next
Thursdnv evening, when Miss Duns
more will give au address entitled
"Among the Indians." Miss IJuus-
iiiiitc was formerly missionary at the
Indian school at Regina. Among the
musical attractions will be a 'cello solo
by Herr Steiuer.
Mr. 3. Vi. Stewart   is expected from
Trail with   his  outfit   on   Wednesday
and will immediately oommeuoe  construction work   from the Balfonr end.
| H>, will do tbo first six   miles himself,
land will lei anb-coutraots for tho  bul-
lunei, of   Hi,' work.    It   is    understood
! that local men will   have   the   prefer-
I once In lhe awarding of   the   sub-con-
Turner, lingers nnd Eowes, the three
ex-convicts charged with burglary,
were yesterday committed for trial by
Police Magistrate Crease, tiosbill.
the '''inlander, who is charged with
assault, will come up for trial tomorrow. He his sworn our an information for assault against the day bartender at (he t'lnli Hotel, uud the two
cases will be trieii  together.
A startling incident, of which Mr.
John Oliver, .1 Philadelphia, wns the
subject, is narrated by bim as follows:
"I was ill a most dreadful condition.
My skin was almost yellow, eyes sunken, t"iigiii, caied, pain continually in
hack and sides, no appetite���gradually
growing weaker dav by day. Three
physicians had given me un. I'',,minutely, a friend advised trying Electric Hitters; and to my great joy ami
surprise, the liist hottle niiule a decided Improvement, 1 continued their use
for three weeks, and uiu now ll well
niuii.    I know they saved  my life, and
robbed the grave  of another victim.'
None should fail lo   try   them.    Only
aii cents guarnuto-d at Canada Drug iV
Hook Store
^VV'��V*��NV_��*VVV��VVS'VV**��V**^VVVV ->W*. V*0++0**00*VV00000V**000000i, .
to the fact that yon need and
can   bur   out   ol   onr  stock
the best aH-th.-year-round
footwear to be had in this city,
at prices that will  suit yon ?
Come and inspect our stock.
We   will   not   be   undersold.
Bring Your Repairing,.
Pine VV.iiih,   Clock   and  Jewelry
repairing.    Work   nnd  goods
guaranteed  positively.
Patenaude Bros
The Blind Phrenologist
Prof. Vinter I'. Cooper will lee
turc on Phrenology ;u the Opera
House, commencing Tuesday, Feb
iiinry iiih. In order to appreciate
these lectures, be mre and attend
the liisi. An unique musical pro-
griimme precedes ench lecture.
Ailmissii in free.
There is a Clearing Out Sale of Gents'
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
��� ���������'��->-H��*����<***>-(-��**H. ������,.���.������ ������������*>*+4h++*+++++**mm+*+*+++
I Ross, Lee & Taylor |
Wholesale Houses.
Victoria Street, Nelson,
(Opposite the Postofiice);
Correspondence Solicited*
������,>.,��.i��.'��i,�����,>.,��.,��,,#.,������!, .i>t)i��e)i_>i'<'��e)"<'_t ">"<"*"<"*
| Aii Invest
t as
as a
THORPE & CO., Limitbd.���Corner Ver
nun Htiti Doo-ir Strewta. Nolaon, nu-i.u<
.*��� faotui-ew of una wholosalo dealer**- in aerated
wilt if rs i-i-d'frul* Rj.TU.P'**.  8nlt> agents for Halcyon S]n-ini_H minora! water.
���N. AI. Cuiniiiuis, Lesaii-e,   Kvcrv known
variety of i-oft drinks.   P, o. Itox 88.  Tele-
I phone No St*  Hoover-Street; Nelson. Bottlort.
i ut' ihn Famous St. Loon Hut Springs Mineral
.. vvmKir.
HJ. EVANS -St CO. -H.it*:��irrir.roeL, Nul
��� sun. wno-u-i-u-j iIc.-Um-s tu liquors, olgars
ceineiiL Hi'o b-'lok and lire olay, water pipe und
steel nuts ��\ui general nomnilRtiion merchants.
Limitbd,���Kmnt street, Nelson, whole-
snlo dealent In flour, ineuis. etc, und uay
.nd Kvaiu, Mills .ti Kdmontini, Vlotorla and
Sew Wo^itnin-itM-. I-l-.valors on Culgary Si
Kdniouiuii |-_,-ilwuy.
f The Old Established and Well Known
9 Situiitc at Pro-tor's Landing, on Kootenny Lake.
I Contains fifteen rooms, furnished complete. First
*    class bar room and bar fixtures. Two acres of grounds.
On water front, and  close to   wharves and proposed
For price and full particulars apply to
L Baker Street, Nelson.
f*��.i>ii��"��',������'������'���"���"���"���"���"��� "������"*"���"*"*"*"*"*"*"*"*"*"
A MACDONALD & CO.--Uorner Via-
��� noii (Hid .i, ������!-, 'iitu- btcoeis. wnolosalo
erooers and jobbers In blankets, glovee, mttts.
bootH, rubbers, aiaeklnaws und miners' sun-
P BURNS A. OO ��� Buker Street, Nelson,
���   wbolesule   duulers  in  I'runb uud oured
menu.   VulA _.<toriu.n.
-Baker Street. Nelson,   -ft holeseuedeal
i-i ��� io fredi and cured meats.
Limiti.1-���linker riireet, Nelson, wnule*
Hriledculors in hnrd ware nnd minirg supplies,
plumbers'and tiusiuilh's supplies.
nale .mui! ������ auct *'ii ���.
TURNER,   BEETON   &   CO.   Corner
Vernon  nnd Jofupbine street*,  Ne'_ton
I wholesale dealers in liquors olgan and dry
goods,   Agent-* for PabSC Brewing Co, of Mil-
waokoo aud Oalffary iirowtnR Co, of (.Alftary
4, JLhU fU*U< AV**4Am
/nrf^ii^y Ca 4*h,4J<i^
UDSON'S BAY Od-Wholesale kto-
leneinnd UqUOrSietc, linker St.. Nelson.
JY   GRIFFIN   &   CO.-*'��>mer   Vernon
���  ami Josephine (streets, Nelson, wholesale
dealers In provisions, oured meaty, butter and
. t'KK-s.
MILLS,  -Limited���Corner  front  and
' Hall  btrottu*i   Nelson,  inanutucturers of  and
wholosalo dealors in sash ai d doors; all kinds
of faetory work made lo order.
p. burns & co.��     Keturn
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
i.g, �����������������*��*��--->*=S
Branch Markets in Roosland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order, by mall to any branch will have carefu! and prompt attention.
The Miner is on sale at the fol��
lowing news stoics at five cents per
QUhorl Utiuiliiy Nelson
Thoinnon Hiiiilimi-iy Co      noltos
* ni i,1, ii; i,- \ iiuiiii Oo,     NoImmi
Hilt.i'l liana   \iiwh Mllillll       Nl��Non
lli.li I I'llilll- Ni-��K SIhiiiI Ni-I-iiii
lv Oampboll Ymir
r. y. Nol on NawOsnver
,i. )��� ttolmioy iiniiiiifi-i-}-
11   A.  lii-iiil-linw Sliii'iin Tlly
Nine,in NOWUCO. Siillilon
Tnornnon Hi-oh. Vaaoouvar
I... m ,V Viiiiiik Kii.Iii
li. a. King ft Uo. QrMnwood
1111(1   News    Agents    on   bnals   ani-'
trains out of Nelson
I a��re number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line Of their Tramway. For price and terms ol sale apply
a" the ollice of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ot
loseohine  and Vernon Streets.
J    ' T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Fraternity Hall
��-or Ill.Vrr A KlMilrimv Hl��.
wberrated for Ooncorls.  Ijrtffln
,..i.l .ivi.i-v lain
Danoes, Banquotaaod every kind ��!'<�����
IlllMillllillll-       t"0'"1  ""I'I'-1 "'M
.oo,,,", Kit-lM-n mul .llniiiK i'��om fill-
Dliheai   Vot -trmppiy
DR. E. 0. AHTHUR. Olty.
Broworsof Fine Lager
Boor and Porter.
Drop in and SUB us,
B. C.
13th FetUo Feb. 17th
Aoknts and Pursers- Rev-
elstoke   and    South,    I't-'inie
and West    Sell Tickets  Feb.
j i _*ih,   i,.th,   14th,   15th   and
I idih, limiting going portion
to date ol  sale, and  return
portion  good to leave  Rossland   up   to   February   [8th.
Nelson, I!.(.'., Inn. aothi nioi>.
I'm-l-iilCK anil full inroriniitiini aildro-n nenr
< i>.l im' il ngflllti or
C  K, HKAHI.KY  Clly I'lui-umeor A_i*ni
It VV. DllBWi Agoni, NoIhou
1 W, K. ANDKU30N,             K. J. COY LB,
Tr��v. I'm* Anent.       A  11. I*. AgoLt,
Ntltrn,        ....tt Ji      V����(icn��ir
Now that ii is universally acknowledged thai mv patent appliances positively cure  RUPTURE,
and   are   GUARANTEED   to   give
invite tlie very worst cases���infants,
children and adults���no matter how
bad yon may be afflicted.
I will pay yonr tare  both ways it
you can force the   Rupture down in
I" ��� ��� ��� ,
[any  position   with my   NEW   RETAINER on.
Size and aye immaterial.
Sec what our leading Physicians
' say:
Ottawa, December 30th, ihhh.
I have lliuoll pleuittre in tiisMlyiii_
to J. Ij. Armstrong's nliilit.v in tin-
iiiHiliunu'iil treatment nf HiTtiin nr
Uiiiitnvtv He hiiH vi-ry sn-eesHfollv
i treated iihuhhIs of mine lan^m- in
j ii.it' lrnui a In..' muutiis to iiii yearn i f
une. Must of these patients we:,
ulllietivl with Tery lnr����� nnninnitKeubln
Hnrnin, wlilob fill led to be relieved by
all tbe trusses td3d. The principle of
illis paient appliaaoe seeuiK to be p��
t'ei'l. lhe support is direoted aginnHt
the s.��at of tlm rupture only, noil enn
ne manipulated to retain aoenrately.
I iinliesitatiimly rei'iuiiineiiil Mr. Ann-
stvniiK to tbn i-niisiilnrutioii of thn pro-
fusiiiiii anil the pnblio,
1011 Klein Ktreet.
.lohn Mniilgnnriery,    G, M. Williammin,
L. B. 0. P.    SiirRery Ol    M. D. 0. M.
Montgomery and Williamson,
Physicians and Surgeons,
Ardnili.N. I).. Dee. -.Olll. lSlir.
I euu uuliestitaliiiKly  recommend .1.
L.   Armstrong's   patented  appliance.
us one that has kivpii ran perfect MHtis-
fncrion in lhe treiitineiit of Hernia bv
���nicb means. 1 believe it to be as sei-
eutilie as it is possible for snsb uppli-
unci's to he muili*.
Patients nf nnne, nn whom sevirnl
styles Of trusses have been tried and
failed in their objectt found.when fitted  Willi Ibe A: in   ��� mi;!; iiii),limn e.   lhal
they nould do all kinds nf work, lifting
heavy   loads,    ete.,   with   safety,   and
without experiencing  any discomfort
or pain.   In adjustment it is siiuplnity
in itself.
The profession would do well tn investigate Its merits before tilting their
patients with any other.
December 16th, 1W-9.
I have much pleasure in recommending to the attention of the profession
a Hernia supporter, the invention of
.1. L. Armstrong, of this city.
After repeated trials of the instrument I aw salistieil thai it is Ilie
most efficient trnss iu Ihe Dominion.
As regards mode of application and
results, it stands nliino in this ooon.-ry,
embodying lhe principle of fixed support, not to say presents in tbe treatment of hernia, recognising ns it does
that the requisite pressure is -afforded
by the wall of the abdomen. Yours
truly, C. B. CHURCH, M. D.
I have the privilege of referring yon
tn several of the must reliable ladiex
cured hy my appliances, including the
wife of a prominent minister of the
gospel, wife of a prominent lawyer,
wives of two merchants, and other*-,
including a LADY 88 YEABS OLD.
and mother of one of our most promi
nent merchants. These ladies have
not worn any support from nun to four
years, aud most of   them three^vears.
Testimonials from most refpBCt-
able residents ol Victoria, It. (.'.
(which lill too much space), viz:
L, Goodacrc, Esq., Queen's Market, Purveyor to II. M. Navy.
II. Ma.isell, Merchant, Govern.
incut street.
R, Homfray, Esq., C. E,
J, C. Elliott, Esq., Sec. Hoard of
Fire Underwriters.
|, Giscombe, Miner, Port Slrcct.
I   will  iu- ai  the Hume Hotel
Tuesday anil Wednesday, February
jnlb and list.
Call Early.
A. R  BARROW, ��.m.i.c._.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Cornor Vlotot-laand Kootenay Bts,
Telephone No. IU
i. <. ��.iu:i.\
r.s, < ii m ii*
Civil   liiiKinccr.s    and  Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P, o, uo_ i�� --.-i.i,. u, c.
Essential Diplomatic Object
Is Now Attained.
Great Britain Guarantees to Protect Portugal Airaioat Europe���Clayton-
Bulwer Treaty*
School of .Minns: Miners right to Tun
her: Surface rights of mineral claims 1
Hasty mining legislation ;Separate rep.
resentation for Boundary; Boundary
District; District Land Maps; Land
Registry Offices; Facilities required
for pulbio services; W niton road, nnd
County 1 ioveiument:
Also reoommending that the Board
einli rse a resolution by the Kossland
Board ol Trade on the l.th ult., re-
cording the opnositinn of that board to
any increased taxation o| ininiug nrop-
The Council further recommend tbe
Board to pass resolutions urging tne
Dominion (ioveiument to supplement
the grant placed on the supplementary
estimate, last session for a public
building at Nelson,  with a  sufficient.
suiii 10 put up a suitable   building uud |
to proceed with   the   erection   of   the
same nt an early date,
Continued From Fir*t Pago,
There   is  a   Clearing   Olll   Sale  ii)  Gei^s*]
Furnishings oi) ai O'REILLY'S.
li'i....LANIH-:RS WIN.
.111    1   s,,i 1 \ 11,11 i-i(i;ss )
Loudon Feb. 10.���There exists today
what praotioally amounts to a defensive and offensive alliance between
(4renr Britain and Portugal. For th��
past week and longer there has heen
circulating through the English pres��,
irrespective of party lines, a nervous
eppiebensioan ot European opposition
aud still more nervous appreciation of
tlie fact that (jreat Britain at the present moment is unable to fare u with
honor to herself. Constant editorials
in most nnsensationnl papers bave almost developed this phase of animation into u national nightmare. In
the first place much of the press clamor for a tieniendi.il- army in order to
meet unforeseen emergencies is originally iunpited with a view tr. compelling Parliament to pas, quickly any
financial measures proposed by tbe
Government, and make the same popular with ilm people, who through additional taxation may lie called upon to
add their mites toward.- the stnpendous
plans uow pending to place the Briti.ih
Empire uimn a military eminence so
supreme, ns to be beyond tbe fear of
Russia's activity in China and Persia, aud French and German antagonism are freely paraded before the nation as uu incentive to be up and arming, even if it needs to be to tbe point
of pelting into operation the Militia
Ballot Act, which is almost -ynono-
nions with conscription. Yet the accounts cf anti-British activity all the
world over, as disbed up for British
readers, are not causing the Foreign
Unlet* nuy serious anxiety and they do
not include any icul reason for the
tremendous military nativity, which
is a determination to convince Portugal that it is advisable tor her to meet
Great Britain's demands regarding tin-
ports essentinl for carrying on the
Boer wur, namely Delagoa Bay und
Biru, und at the sara,- tunc, having secured Portugal', assent to every -proposition mnde. to he in a position to
support her jagainst united European
oppression. No word of this ia hinted
nt here, but the reporter of the Associated Press learn, that pressure is being
brought to lieai upon Portugal by continental .'powers to prevent her from I Carnival at Rossland thi, week, prob
giving aid to the British.
Portiiguls Minister here. Senor Pinto de Several, is almost as much an
Englishman as Portugese. He la only
too willing to do everything beyond
the bounds of neutrality to help, if
Great Britain will protect Portugal.
Lord Salisbury is determined that
this shall be done, nud is counting
on the 0O-operatlOn of his countrymen
tn put the nation' on a footing to defy
European oppression. H,- has this week
taken definite measure- regarding the
aforementioned ports that can only be
described as daring. Portugal, bending
to the medium of coercion nnd convinced that Great   Britain   is! able; to
Nelson Hookey Team Loses By a Score
of Six to One.
The Rossland Victorias proved too
much for the Nelson hockey team lust
night, a ratlin inn-resting game re*
snltiug in a vi.-tory for thu visitors hy
six goal- t.. one. The visitors proved
to be a very fast lot. and although
oramped on a much smaller rink than
they an- used to. got in some effective
team piny tbat produced goals. The
two most glaring faults of tbe Nelson
team wen- the constant bunching of
the forward i and their utter inability
to shoot. Almost every time tbe pock
was worked into the enemy's territory
the bit of brilliant work would termi-
nine in n poor shot that gave the puck
to the opposing defence. But be thut
as It may, the fact remains that tbe
local boys weie outplayed, and tho fact
that there has been ice in Kosslanl for
some time was demonstrated in the superior condition of the visitors. The
Mist half was very much in Rossland*s
fnvar, the score at tho end of it being
live to none against Nelson. The .second half, however, produced some excitement, for the hoi.ie team struck a
livelier pace and held the visitors
down well. There was a semblance of
team play among the local forwards,
bnt the luck nf abooting powers rendered some pretty rushes useless, lu
this half each team scored once.
The Victoria defence is a very strong
one, O'Brien being especially effective, while the forwards aie fast, and
on a huge rink would no doubt bold
their positions well. Under the close
checking Tom Doucau was not as conspicuous as usual, hut he played a tine
gume. Vi. Duncan was Btrong on tbe
defence, and Neelands mnde Bonie
pretty stops.
The match was over sn hour late in
starting, which did not particularly
please those who went to the rink to
skate when it was finished. The teams
..Goal      .1. McCreary
Point K. Adams
Cover   E. M.O'Brien
Forwards . K. S. Winn
Dr. S.A.Ross
G.K. Townaend
W. S. Harris
Vi.   Beaton;   Umpires.
nul   Mclntyre;   Time-
SVetmore   and Archi-
risking his array, but short of that is
to give the Boers as much to do in Natal as he can. His attack of the past
we.-k was hardly -Aided out with the
push that marks a mau resolved to
win or bo broken. In any case it is
00 easy task to cross a river in order
to pierce tbe front of an enemy posted
beyond it. Modern weapons favor
au attack which envelopes a flank, but
not an attack which tries to break tbe
centre of an army.
The new plan involves prompt and
successful offensive operation* ngninst
the Free State forces iu the west���a
series of crushing blows. Any failure
in their execution would leave tin-
hold on Ladysmith which nothing
but disaster in the west and certainty
of more to follow, will make them let
gj. But Lord Roberts is a strong mau
With a big heart, a resolute will and
a clear head. His presence with n
British army has a maguetic effect,
and when be moves be probably will
make the Boers move. He hns reinforced Methuen with n cuvalry brigado
nnd horse artillery, nnd there is probably nn infantry division to follow.
Looking at General Buller's action by
itself tbe impression it makes, recalls
General McClcnnan, who though cautious and knowing how to preserve his
army, hardly ever displayed the innate power to run risks, and the self
reliance of a great commander.
To all .appearances, Genernl Buller
has given up his third attempt before
his attack was fully developed. A telegram received this evening from Lorenzo Marquez speaks of a sortie irom
Ladysmith on the night of Thursday
or Friday. Such an attempt of General
White to cat his way out us was probable, and may succeed, although tho
nature of modern weapons is against
him and there would be heavy loss
nnd many stragglers would be captured. The likelihood of General White
trying to fight his way out would explain the reticence of the War Office.
It would also explain the demonstration from Chieveley of which we bave
heaid only^throogh a Boer telegram.
"No decided opinion on tbe operations
of the pas;t week can he pronouncpd
until a connected antheiitical account
shall have been received."
s. Neelands ..
Vi.   Duncan
H. Howden
T. Duncan.
D. Bntberford
F. Pollen
R. F. Oocke
Refen-, W.
Voters,  Shaw-
keeper, Messrs.
Both Nelson
teams  will attend   the
ably leaving here on Tuesday nigbt.
The Lacrosse team did not go to Rosslnud yiistl i-day as the members of the
team could not get  away.
Employes ut the Ymir Mine Make
a Protest.
The   miners   ut tlie Yuii: mine  are
very  indignant at   the Insinuations
made by The Tribune that they nre
alien aim lucking in patriotism, and
have sent lo The .Miner  the   subjoined
uphold her, has ac<iuie.si,-d, until pfiic-!!"01"*' "Rainst the nccu-ution. The
tloally there exists today an alliance ot! letter wns gotten up and sent on the
the strongest lihre between Greut Brit-   initiative  nf the  men tbemsolves, aud
mn nnd Portugal. Yet foi reasons of
diplomacy nothing could be n'oie
quickly ollicially denie 1 in Loudon or
Lisbon. It. is scarcely necessary to
say that all foreign news is gleaned
from the highest sources and is based
on unimpeachable authority.
The abrogation of th�� Bulwer Clay
ton treaty is a -ourcc of copious com-
ment in the weeklies. The Saturday
Review laughs at Great Britain for
giving up her rights, maintaining
that nothing will ever lm got from the|n
I ii-ted States in return, und saying
that Grist Britain s magnanimity
will he mistaken by Congress for a desire to avoid complication,.
Th,) Speaker, on the other hand,
��ays: "Certainly it Is not in onr interest tn uvail ourselves of a diplomatic technicality in order to   prevent
a result which   i,  Inevitable.      Oon*
tinning, The  Speaker  supports     Lord
.-Salisbury i- declaring that the  United
states Intend, to forestall nn European
descent  upon  smith  Aroetioa, which
is not objectionable, provided there  Is
no attempt to thrust American rub- on
unwilling people, ami ibe dootxlne ol
iqiial  trading  lights  I, fullv  main*,,
mined, Biitish subject*
Lord Balfour of   Burleigh, .Secretary , ;\"1'i;;r.,,'a,",.
(Or   Sc..ilnn.I,    has   issued   from     the
Hootch Education Board, a   circular lo
tho schools  calling  attention  to sle
mentary drill and advising   the forma
Hon of school corps.    This is the    Inst
sup toward, the _y 'etm in vogue In
the United State,
The Archbishop of Canterliniy. tho
most Reverend Temple, ll. li.. will
shortly 00UM rate lhe Rev. James
Johnson as Suffragan Bishop ni the
Niger. He will be the third roembel
Anglican   Bplsoopals  In  lhal
was signed hy To of ibe miners. Iu
these days of blacklisting, however, it
has been deemed advisable not to puh-
lisb   the signatures:
Editor Miner:
Sir���In nn editorial in the late issue
of The Tribune it is stated that the
Ymir mine is being worked by a crew
of imported miners, and that Captain
Forrester 'isitcd the mine for the purpose of securing volunteers for sevrlce
in ihn Transvaal, and found but one
was prepared to serve. From
these false premises the writer proceeds to moralize on the danger iu
peopling a Province with sm-b an element.
We desire to state emphatically thnt
those assertions are wholly false and
without  the  slightest   Foundation   in
fact, and cast uncalled for reflections
on nearly 100 loyal British subjects.
To tho best of iiiii knowledge ami belief, there is nol oue miner on the
property who was imported by the
company, or at their instigation. A
careful census of thi employees, taken
on tin--.'ml of February, resulted as
follows :
Other Alien-
Inolude 78   na-
Wn venture to
of   the
up on |
('nnsirinral.li, Business n. I'nm,,
Monday Night
" Tin- regular monthly I ling   of Iht
Smith Kootenay Board uf Trade will
be held iu the Board room on Monday,
February IS, at H p m The Council
iu its repoit io tin-   Board recommend
.���iiiiot-ation of the  i lutlon, adopted
liy the Associated Hoards of Trade ol
ia i.in British Columbia el Un meeting ill August lust, covering the follow ing lubjectsi Fitting representation of the Province in London; I'm
vlnoial Government bulletins; Mining
Royalty nml ��� Municipalities contain
Mil    Hi_,h School for Kootennyi
The British subjei
live horn   Caini'liai
say that this proportion ol British -ul
j.-.-t- l- larger than wonld he shown by
a census of tbe organization, whose
cause Is championed by The Tribune,
Then, i- an old saving regarding the
throwing of -nun - by people who live
in glass bouse,,
The assertion tbal tne Ymir is an
iiiun worked property is so utterly al
variance with the facts thnt ii could
only hnve emanated from a diseased
.md di-onicie.i imagination. The bol-
itering of any cans, by snob rank untruths ileliinli.tlates that either the
champion I, unworthy, or the cause
r - ll is in a pitiable plight.
Signed by ill Kmuloyeas 6f the Ymir
Cold Miii.s, Ltd.
Grnnd Forks, B. O , Feb. 10.���A
sensational shooting affray ocomred in
the Windsor Hotel tonight. Morris
O'Connor, while iu a drunken frenzy,
wounded his brother Pal. Miss Maggie O'Connor, a sister, is suffering
from a scalp wound supposed to have
lieen inflicted with the butt' end of a
revolver. Her injuries nre not serious.
Two bullets tore through the frontal
lionn ol Pat's skull. At this writing
the victim has not loit consciousness.
His recovery is likely. According to
the police, Morris hud been drinking
heavily this afternoon. Before taking a room at the Windsor tonight, he
created a disturbance, and his mother
and sister attempted to qniet him before sending for the police. When
Chief of Police Sheads and Constable
Mills arrived, tbe frenzied man stood
at the top of the stairs brandishing a
revolver. O'Connor, on perceiving
them, tired several shots, but missed.
Tho officers replied with a fusilade,
but none of I hn shots took effect. Pat
O'Connor, who bad been sninnnmed,
rushed upstairs to act as peace maker,
only to be shot down. 'Miss O'Con-
ner, it is supposed, was subsequently
Htruck with a revolver in the hands of
her infuriated brother. After a further
exchange of shots with the police,
Morris O'Connor walked downstairs
and surrendered. He is now in custody. "Gave up because my revolver
is empty," be observed to the chief as
In. handed tbe weapon to him. The
shooting attracted a big crowd, aud
created no little excitement. While
the shooting was in progress, a Are,
whose origin is unknown, broke ont in
n he-Loom on tie ,-uine floor as that no
enpied by the desperate man. The
fire brigade was called out, but no
damage wns done.
Kootenay Railway and
Company, Ltd.
Schodulp of Time.       Pacific Standard 1'inie.
Kllcetiyc Kiilirunry 1.1, IIMI
Passenger train for Bandon nnd waystationi
loaves kaslo at 8 n. in., daily. Returning,
leaves Sandon al. 1,1*> p.in,, arriving at KaSlo
at 8.00 li.tu.
Operating on Kootenay Lakoand River,
sir. '-Interniitioiial' leaves Kaslo for Nolson
at li a. ui. dnily except Sunday. KctnrtifiiK.
leave, Nl -on at 1,80p.m., calling at Hnlfour,
1'ilul Ilav, Ainsivorth and all way points. Con-
nenLs n-llli 8, y. k N. train lo and from Spokane at Five Mile Point.
S'r. "AHuti i' leaves Kaslo for l.ar.lo ami
An.-ia.i nt __30pm Wednesdays
Slenders null at principal landings In both
directions.and Al titticr points when signalled
Ticket., -old io nil poinls in Canada and the
I  nileil Stan-.
To ascertain rates and full Information, ad
.lie-.- |
Malinger. Kaslo. li. 0
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
I h,��',��n��ii��ii��..#..��..�����.��i'��<.�����'_����� *.*-*_��� *���*��.,���_�����������,,��,.��,_>.,
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards, NELSON' and LA.RDO
3 Good Companies 3
London & Lancashire Life Ass. Co.
Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation,
Phoenix Fire Insurance Co-
Have you seen the new throe dollar yearly Accident and Disease policy issued by the Ocean Corporation ? Includes S1500 travelling
railway policy and weekly payments for illness caused by Small
Pox and twelve other common
General Agt-        Opp. Oddfellows' Block-
Baker St-. Nelson.
Another fraab conslgn-non. of our
' 11    Brand of Mocha and Java Coffee, reputed by the beet judges of the above article to i*.   I
1 ,�� possessed of the highest quality nnd tinvor.
As it i_ i-ur�� to please even tho mosl fastidious.   Por iale only by the
;; The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd,
Successors to M. DbsBrisay it Co.
ouses for sale and rent.
Benefit. Concert
Monday, February l_tti.
Trio Domlnoe Mendel.Hflohn
Mrs. Bruce White,  Miss   Wilson, Herr
Song���"Toreador1* from Girmon.Bizet
Mr. R. Macdonald.
Cello Snlo���"Caprice" Roever
Heir St( iner.
Song���"Happy Days" Stresliwky
Mi km Carey.
Violin fc'olo��� " Polonaise". Wienia-wskv
Mrs. Brnre Wliite.
Song���"The Two Grenadiers"	
Mr.  George Kydd.
Recitation--"Sioux duel's Daughter" T. Miller
Miss Lillian Gurd.
Cello   Solo���"Litania"    (By    request) Schubert
Herr Steiner.
Sciig���"The New Kingdom.".. Tours
Mrs. Vi. A. Macdonald.
Trio���(a; "Intermezzo. " .,   Mascagni
(b) "Spring  Song".... Goonod
Tii-tas on salo at Music Store, Opera Houso
Mock, ivhon- -<-,.!- may b,- reserved.
Spokane  Falls <__.       next door to opera house.
Northern R'v.! 	
Nelson   &   Fori
Sheppard R v
Red Mountain R'v.
Tlie only nil mil roote without
change of cms between Nolaon n,d
Rossland and Bpokane arid Rossland
Lv.  11.1.1 ii.tn, NELSON, Ar. 6.20 p.m.
C. A- PROSSER,   Manner.
M ���9>I^V**V*4 W**^** w**W** ��� **w******�� **^w**w * ���w**w**w ****w****w ***W**^ ttWHi
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
Ina Stoves &
Which we are offering""at
Shelf & Heavv Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
mi.in. RO_8LAND_u.aO-fi_i.
111.111. BPOKANE .ii.ii.M p.10
Washington, D, C, Fob. 10. ���u.
''on-ill Brosli rn Niagara Foils, ro*
port�� to tbe State Department, tbat
tin* electrinal Industrie*' 111 Canada
bave doubled Hair outpnl h,> far, over,
Ibe predarllng year'* bntlnm. T**,o
workshops ar,- -,, crowded with oritur**,
tbal no promise of deliver; at a spool
llixl UUlf* cm, Imi , - lain,,il.
l.v. 11 ���_.
Lv.   S.I
Train that IeaveH Nelson at 9:1.1 a.rr
tnakoa close oonnaotiona at Spokane foi
all  Coast PointH.
Panneligurn for Kettle Kiter and Boundary Creek,connect at Marcus withKtaB<-
Spokane  Wa-sh
Ai/oiit. Ni'Ihijii, II 1
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland, Me.
Allan I-ini* '���I,ari-..iwi ���      Keb. It.
Allan Linn "Nnmi id in 1,   jr,.|.(i g|
Dominion l.lno ''Vancouver"    .   .   . Feb 17
Dominion Uno "Uominion". March 3
From Ht..iolni.N, H.
Reaver Lino "Alontra i Keb.;
beaver Lino ".\ ra Fob, n
From Ronton
Dominion Line * v ���.-.  Kntfland" F.b. u
From Now Vork
Ctinunl Lino 'Lucanln         ....Poo In
Cunard Line "Kl ruria ...        Fob, 17
While Star Line "Qei'inaiiic" Feb 7
White si.ti Lino  'Oco..niu" Fob 2]
Aii'bor LitiD "Astoria1  Fob 17
American Lino ���*X��v\ Vork"  Fob, 1.
Ifiii Slur   Lino "Kt n-in^Min"    F..|,   |J
North Gorman l.tuy-i "i_abn"       Fob "0 ���
Allan .statu Lino "mate of Nobnu-t^M-iro-i 1
I'ftHMOgeH jirninitod to and from all Kuropp.ui ]
pointH. For rale*-, ticket!*-, and full InfcrmuHon '
ajpplytoO.P-Rt dopotogenl or V K. HmnU-y :
City I'li-mentfoi A if.nit. N'uNon, Jit'
General Ageot, 0 i*. K. Ofitoei vviuLir���_, j
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capita] Paid-up.     .    .    .     tM.!.H.-.<).o.o*n !  Betl si,:ih,..io<u. ���
Woanl  of IMrrcior*.:   Thomas K. Kenuey, President.   Thonm-   Rite_lie_   Vi.-e-VreH.dc.it.
Michael Dwyer, Wiley Smith. H. G. BatOd, Hon. IL 11. Fuller, M.L.C.. Hon. David MacKotid.
lira.I Olll.c, Halifax:
General Manager. Kd.son L. Peawi Montreal
Superintendent of Branohea, w. B, Torrance. Halifax.
Inspector, W, K. Brook, Halifax.
Secretary. D. M. Stewart, Montreal.
Hi .HM Im- !
Nora Hcotia-Halifax Hmnch, Antlgonialii Bridge water. Gursboro, Londonderry, Lunenbtird.
MalUand .Hants Oo), Piotou, Port Bawke��bury, Sydney Shubonacadle, Truro, Weymouth.
(lew Brunswick���Hathurnt. Dorchester, Froderieton, Kingston (Kent t'o.i, Monoton, New
eaatle.Sackvillo. Woodstock, p. K. Islaad���Charlottctou-n. f-unimonride. -lurhr. -MimtriMl
tCity Office., Montreal. Went Bnd (for. Xotre Dame an 1 Seigneurs Btreeta); We��tniOjiit ICor.
Greene Avenue and St. Catbarinea Street. <-iitnrt<i Ottawa. %>>-. .'ouiiillnnc. - St. JolinV
CubAt West Indies���Havana, United Kutes-New York ii��; Kxcbange Place) Kepublic. Waih.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
.orrr-iitilnlr BI. I
Cauda��� Merchants Bank of Canada.  Baalra ���Nation ,1 Bhawmnl Hunk.  .'lilr.Kii-Anirrirn
National Bank.   Han Frinrl��rii���Klmt Natlmuil  hank.   I.umlnu, Knii. - Hunk of Hrollnnil.
I*nrl��, naaea���OndU LromiaU.   Iln i���   i; ��� llcrmiiiln.   i lilmi nml Jnp.n- lloni!
Kong and ShaiiKhiii HaiikuiK Curporation.
Ueneial Banking Hjslncss Transacted; sn-rli.i- Bills of i:\cli_n_c  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,   [ntfltest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Hank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
;��������� -���������������,������.���_������(,��������� ���,��Mii
��� *ill-"!-i SuiXnq .u| fonoui JSujab!   t
w   iiioqB  ||B noA [[31  01 past:.-,|d oq ||ia_ 3a\ pin: sn o.-s pun in ..iiio.*)    .
i   'SaOOO ISHfl   UM*  ..'INO  ��|puBq  pun  _|du_ip os  |[��8  nii.i   S
j        NOS1IM   V   >10ld_LVd>ibl>i        I
:   .
Turn   ihis   around
people   of   Nelson.
is   puzz
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
A 1,1,   KIN I is   (li
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders hy mail receive c.irciui and prompi anention.	
...L. POGUE...
Ni.l-on. H. C.
A Bimnimu and Day Bchool oondnctoii i,,
iln- Bhtern oi _u Jo-onliof I',-,,-      i       -, ���
"������-l��i'l..;.-oi;.i..r,if:.ll|,���,:I .I-.-.".*,,,i���.'.V..,.. "'
:::,:;; TgttmtxU&JFB i
��� it.   i nun ami An NoodHworki CklfitEonlO-l'
-UMrlor"0"'"'" "anl';'"*'**�� ��PPl�� io the HI.ut
Bunions and  8addlcry
The loading shop. I^iik,-
-la, k. BMI n^ortf',1 stock
���n hunt). Ha,,,, . Collars ol lir-l makes. Sad-
���lli*-'. i-i,i,I ,-i -. 11*11 .
Wblps, llniHlies, Combf.
,'   IVcoHMili-faotorji.
I 'all llllll 800.
��� or. Ward  an*  B_-��r


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