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 Daily Edition No. 83a
Nelson,   British Columbia, Monday Evening,  September 17,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Manitoba Premier's First Address in the Eastern
Great Enthusiasm  Aroused
By the Son of the Old
Following is the complete test ol
the speeoh of Hugh John Maodonald
at the Montreal meeting on the evening ol Tuesday, Sept. 11 It is taken
from The Toronto Mail und Umpire:
Mr, Hugh John Maodonald, when
the applause which greeted him had
subsided,said that he would Indeed lie
insensible if lie were nut grateful,
deeply grateful for the kind and enthusiastic   r ption   that    had   been
given lifiu. "I know, of course," said
lie. "thai il is ilue to no merits of
my own. lull that it is became I am
my father's son."   (Applause.)
A voice ��� "You're all right."
1 Laughter).)
Ii proceeds, 1 believe," continued
the speaker, "to a groat extent from
the fuel that recent events have called to Ihe minds of I hose who took an
Interest in polities in years gone by,
ilnii during the many years that my
father occupied a prominent position
in the public life of Canada,he always
strove with might ami main  to  make
our people forget whether their mother tongue is English or Frem-h.
whether they worship in a Catholic
"i- Protestant church, to make them
forget these diiToreuces and remember
only Unit they were brother Canadians, who should aet together for the
lost Interests of our common country.
(Cheers.) And (here may he possi-
1,1v in II11' minds of some a hope that
in that respect 1 would follow in my
sire's footsteps, and I believe thai,
wherever else I may fail, there is. at
any rate, that one thing which 1 will
���It is no ordinary pleasure to me lo
he here tonight ami see the enthusiasm with which the veteran ami distinguished leader of the Conservative
parly. Sir Charles Tnpprr. has been
received. I cannot forget that after
Ihe death of Sir George dirtier, who
Jnring his life,wan so intimately con-
 ted with my father that they were
generally known as the Siamese twins,
the warmest personal and political
friend that my father had was niv
honored leader, Sir Charles Tupper,
(Cheers). Together they tool; counsel and advised measures iu the Interest of the country; together they carried through every measure on the
statute-book at tin- present time that
has advanced the interests of Canada :
together they were in the forefront of
every political' light that took plaee.
and in nearly every instance they carried the Conservative Mag to victory,
I Applause.)
"I cannot forget that after the election of 1874, when the people of Canada, uol understanding what was
known as the I'aeilie seandal al the
lime in the belief that the Govern
inent had sidd the charter, turned
lh,'iu out of power, so that the small
band of Conservatives who were Left
iu Ihe House after the election were
known OS the old guard. My father
palled his supporters together iu caucus, and told them that, on account id'
Ills connection with the I'aeilie scandal, it would be in the interest of the
party to retire him, and he urged that
Sir Charles Tupper should lake his
place. (In the motion of Sir Charles
���Tupper the meeting dissolved to come
together on the following day. Next
diiy, at the appointed hour, my father
turned up, but there was not one single man in the room,and it turned out
Unit Sir Charles advised that they
ought to keep away and allow the
Conservative party to go on under the
old leadrship. That was a ease of self-
abnegation almost without parallel in
Canadian political life. I know Sir
Charles Tupper denies the soft Impeachment of being an ambitious
num. but he is a man whose ability
has forced him into the front rank o'f
Hie party, anil he is one who justly
feels proud of the position his ability
has given him, and yet he threw
���''"ay the leadership of the party,
which, to use an Americanism,he had
in bis mit.    (Cheers and  laughter.)
ion can easily understand bow warm
my   feelings   are   towards   him,   how
proud I am to find in this commercial
metropolis of Canada a vast meeting
receive him as he was received tonight, (Cheers.) I am especiaUy
pleased that this should be the case a't
��io present juncture, because we arc
"ow in one of those crises that occur
��WJ four or live years, when the
electorate of Canada have to decide
whether the present Government are
W retain power for   live  years longer
or lo be relegated to the cold shades
of Opposition, (Applause.) That,
certainly. Is the question lo In1 decided, and I have no doubt of what (Indecision will he. (Cheers.) It now
behooves everyone of us. vvvvy citizen
of Canada, to fake counsel with himself and decide bow he ought to
mark Mb ballot. If he believes that
the Government of Sir Wilfrid Lauricr
have fulfilled the pledges which they
niailc to the people who gave them
support in 1800, if he believes they
have conducted the affairs of this
country so as to improve our position.
Iu- should throw aside party prejudice
and mark his ballot in favor of Laur-
lor and his candidates. If, on the
other baud, he believes that the Government have been false to their
pledges, that their management has
been wasteful, extravagant, and improvident, and that they have con-
dueled affairs in general so as to lessen the prestige of Canada in the eyes
of the world, he should then also
throw away parly prejudice and mark
his ballot iu favor of the Conservative
" I have little doubt that when the
ballots are counted it will be found
thai the great electorate of Canada
have told Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his
eolleagues that they have been weighed in the balance and found wanting
���(applause)���and that they have
handed over (he control of the country to Sir Charles Tupper. I may be
told that I am unreasonably discounting the future, counting my chickens
before they are hatched. Being no
prophet nor the son of a prophet, I
cannot see into the future, and my
opinion is worthy of only such weight
as il gathers, from   the   grounds upon
which ii is based.
"I    Will tell you why    I    believe we
are   going  to win   the  approaching
���1 know that the Government, both
in press and platform, tell ns that
I hey are going to sweep the country,
ami they obtain comfort from the fact
that they carried it in 1800, when
the Conservatives were in power ami
had the weight which the Government
can control in an election.   They ulso
point lo the fact that they have carried a large majority of the byc-elec-
tionSj and that Canadian trade while
I hey were in power has been very
nourishing. We have never raised
the blue-ruin cry. 1 admit, without
Ihe slightest hesitation, that Canada
is prosperous and nourishing, Wo are
glad and proud of that. (Applause,)
Hut no man can point to one single
act done by Sir Wilfred l.aurier or his
Government, which has advanced that
prosperity, That progress has been
great, and we hope it will long continue, but the Government have done
nothing to aid it. As to the bye-elections, it Is quite true they have carried them. It is nothing new for the
Government to carry most of the bye-
elections, ami it is certainly not to be
wondered at when we lind Ministers,
Federal and local, appearing on the
platform ami offering bribes by wholesale in connection with the Department of Public Works." (Applause.)
Mr. Macdonald then instanced the
ease of North Grey, iu Mr. Paterson's
bye-election, where Mr [lardy told
the people that if they elected Mr.
I'atersoii they would gel warm sympathy, hut otherwise they would gel
nothing but cold justice, That kind
of thing showed how bye-elections
were carried, lie wondered that this
Government dared to say anything
about bye-elections, when ljrockville
and West Huron were called to mind.
As to the West Huron Iniquity, some
steps were taken towards investigating it, but various devices were adopted by the Liberals to block the enquiry. Despite their efforts, enough
evidence came out to show bow bye-
elections were carried under Reform
auspices. (Applause). As a consequence, a determined effort was made
by tin1 Liberals to block it altogether.
Finally, they were driven to the ap
pointment of a Judicial Committee to
look thoroughly into the whole matter, "but that committee, though appointed, has not met, and it isn't going to meet until the election Is over. "
I Laughter. ) At Ihe last election,
although Hie Conservatives were beaten, they had IS,Olio majority on Unpopular vote. Various causes had contributed lo the defeat. The Cunscrva-
tlvea hud been in power eighteen
veins, and Ihe younger generation of
Canadians bad forgotten the results of
Liberal rule.   During the last Conserv-
tlvo regime in  our  Parliament the
party had lost three Prime Ministers
by death. A regrettable difference
bad arisen between Sir Mackenzie
Howell and his colleagues, which, no
doubt, had an unfortunate effect in
the country. In addition, the Reformers had* gone about pr Islng one
thing in one part of the country and
another in another purl. In lumbering districts they were going to take
the duty off everything thai interfered wiili ihe profits of the Lumberman.
Among the manufacturers they promised free iron and coal, with a continuance of the  duty on   manufactured
Added to all this there was the
school question, on which; many Conservatives had felt consilient iotisly
bound to vote against their party.
The present campaign was entered
upon under totally different auspices,
The breaches in tile ranks were closed,
ami the party was under the leadership id' ii man ill whom everybody had
Confidence. (Cheers.) lie wuH just as
eonlhlent of winning now as he was
before the last eleel ion in Manitoba.
(Applause.) After Ihe ballots were
counted bis honored friend Sir Charles
Tupper would he Prime Minister of
Canada. When Ihe election was over
the Liberal parte would be something like ihe voiing Englishman who
died in ihe North West.
A friend cabled Ihe news of  Hie sad
Galveston  Is   Beginning  to
Present an Improved
Railroad Communication Will
Be  Established  by
Galveston, Sept. IT.���Now that the
water works lire running, some of
the streets lighted, many others cleared of debris, and telegraph communication with the outside world established, the people of Galveston are
anxiously looking forward to the reestablishing of railroad communication, Tho officials ill charge of the
work say that they will be able to
run trains into Galveston Union depot on Thursday. State Health Officer Blunt left here yesterday for
Austin, where he will report to the
Governor concerning the conditions
in Galveston. It is expected that
this statement will estimate the mortality at eight thousand souls. Miss
Clara llarton, of the Red Cross Society, arrived at Texas City last night
with a hospital corps and supplies.
She will reach Galveston tonight.
The steady stream of refugees from
Galveston is kept up. There is not a
departing train from across the bay
which is not packed tu the platforms.
There will be refugees leaving for a
week to come.
No sadder sight could be imagined
than tlu' picture presented by a boat
load of refugees with the ropes cast
off ami the craft swinging out into the
bay and away from the storm swept
city. There is not a face that is not
turned towards the ruins. There is
not an eye that is not moistened by
tears. There is plenty of work on
hand for ten times the force of laborers at present employed. The urea
which has as yet been untouched embraces four and a half miles of frontage on the beach and bay.
Amsterdam, N. Y., Sept. 17.���The
large drygoods store of Young .t Striker in this place,was entirely destroyed by fire yesterday morning. The
book- store of Seeley, Conover and the
furniture store of Hanson & Dixon
were damaged by smoke and water.
The total loss is 810,000 partially covered by Insurance,
Aberdeen, Sept. 17. ���At a meeting
of the Council at Balmoral today it
was   decided   that the  dissolution   of
Parliament should take place September 86th,
Toronto, Sept. 17.���The Liberals of
West York have chosen Arch Campbell. M. P., Kent County, to oppose
lion Clarke Wallace at the forthcoming general elections. Mr. Campbell
has declined to stand in Kent County
again owing to all his interests being
iu West York.
C'onllnuod on Fourth Pago,
Toronto. Sept. 17.���Sir Charles
Tupper and party who have been touring eastern Ontario reached here yesterday. While enroute they were
accorded warm receptions at Cobourg
and Port  Hope.
Hamilton, Sept. 17.���Peter T. McLennan and Charles Mummery, two
young men of this city, while driving
in a wagon Saturday night, were
struck by the Grand Trunk-Rull'iilo
express on Victoria Ave. crossing aud
instantly killed.
Brighton, Ont., Sept. 17.���Daniel
McKinnon. a Grand Trunk Railway
fireman, was struck by a projeoting
water crane nenr here Saturday and
fatally injured, death resulting almost
He The Nominee of Saturday's Convention at
Platform Adopted and Movement Made Toward
As predicted in The Miner of Saturday afternoon,-Mr. A. II. McNeill, of
Rossland. was nominated by the Conservatives of the Yalc-Kootenay-Caii-
boo district in convention at Revelstoke on Saturday. The nomination
was made unanimous, after other
gentlemen who had been named in addition to Mr. McNeill had withdrawn
from the Held. It was considered by
the delegates to the convention that, in
naming Mr. McNeill they were naming a man who would undoubtedly
poll more than the full voting
strength of his party in the district.
and one who was sure of election.
The convention was a most enthusiastic one and the various speakers
were accorded warm receptions.
The following is the pi al form adopted by the convention :
We, the delegates of the Liberal-
Conservative party of Yale-Cariboo
constituency in convention assembled,
re-nllirni the principles of the old
party, and more particularly that cardinal, principle, protection to home
industries, ami that that principle be
carried out so that, all sections of the
country shall equally share its benefits,
The one industry on which the prosperity of this constituency is almost
wholly dependent is mining: and we
believe that our mining industries
are as fairly entitled to protection as
the manufacturing interests of Fast-
em CrtnaiH; therefore, we advocate
that the duties on lead and lead pro-
duets be increased so that they shall
be as high as those now imposed by
the United Stales on the same articles.
That the output of the precious
metal mines of Canada is largely increasing, therefore we favor the establishment of a mint, so that the
specie in circulation shall be that of
our own instead of that of a foreign
We advocate the restriction of the
immigration of Chinese and Japanese
and all classes of people who cannot
become good citizens of the Dominion
of Canada, and suggest the adoption
of the principles of the Natal Aet.
British Coluiuiha has not now the
representation in the Federal Parliament that she is entitled to; therefore
we adoveate that when the redistribution of seats is made that this constituency shall be given represents--
iton according to its population.
That it augurs well for the success
of the party that Hugh John Macdonald has decided to leave the field of
Provincial politics to take part in
tin' larger one that affects the people
of the whole of Canada.
The following committee report was
also adopted :
Your committee to whom was referred the duty of reporting upon an
organization of Liberal-Conservatives
for Yale-Kootcnay-Cariboo beg lo report that they recommend that such
an organization by this convention
he formed, to be known as "The Yale-
Kootenay-Carlboo District Liberal-
Conservative Association.
That the officers of such association
shall consist of a president, a first
vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, and a district organizer. It is also provided that every president of a
local association within this electoral
district, shall ex-officio be a vice-president of this organization
That the officers of this organization
shall be elected to hold office until
such time as their successors arc appointed, excepting the organizer,
who shall be appointed by the executive and shall hold office at their
That the executive of this organization shall consist of the president,
vice-president,secretary and treasurer.
It is provided that the membership
of this organization shall include
members of all local Liberal-Conservative associations within the electoral
At all meetings of this organization
the voting power shall be limited to
one vote for every twenty members
appearing on the' roll of each local
Members of this organization may
vote by proxy at all meetings, but
proxies can   only be used  by members
the association, In districts where
no Liberal-Conservatives Association
exists, delegates may be appointed at
a meeting of Liberal Conseratlves called for that purpose, and     delegate
appointed   for  every   twenty   persons
signing the organization roll.
Informed by The Miner on Saturday
that Mr.McNeill of Rossland had In	
nominated by the Conservatives, Mr.
W. A. Gallilier said :
"I know Mr. McNeill,and know him
to be a gentleman, I am sorry
that he is to be disappointed in the
matter of election, but I am glad he
is tile nominee for the reason that it
insures a clean light, free from all
The delegates to the Revelstoke con
vention returned to Nelson last evening. 'They report a splendid meeting
and are all confident of BUCG6S8 at the
[lolls. Every man of them is pleased
at the choice of the convention. They
believe Mr. McNeill to be a very
strong candidate and a vote getter,
Netherlands Government Offers to
Transport Him to Holland.
The Hague, Sept. 17.���The Government of the Netherlands has telegraphed to Lorenzo Marques offering
a Dutch warship to bring Mr. Kruger
to Holland.
London, Sept. 17.���Mrs. Kruger, according to a despatch of the Daily Express, has arrived in Lorenzo Marque/..
Lisbon, Sept. 17.���The Portuguese
Oovernment has telegraphed the Governor of Mozambique authorizing the
departure of Mr. Kruger for Europe,
The Governor, however, must satisfy
himself that Mr. Kruger is really going to Europe, meanwhile he is instructed to take all precautions to
safeguard the personal security of Mr.
Erie, Pa., Sept. 17. ���Fire broke out
last evening in the plant of the Erie
Litlio iS Printing Works doing damage
to the amount of between 140,000 ami
Sat),lion fully covered by insurance.
The linn will continue to fill orders
promptly with the assistance of the
other printing offices in the city.
More Interviews With Leading Citizens and Business Men.
Want   Something   Done at
Once So City May Be
II. A. Jackson, of Spokane, general
freight and passenger agent of the
Spokane Falls and Northern, is in
Nelson   on company   business.
The Canadian I'aeilie has issued an
attractive pamphlet describing the
"glorious sport on Kootenay Lnac iu
a house-boat" that will go a great
way towards advertising the City of
Nelson. The pamphlets will be placed
at al! the principal ticket offices in the
East and cannot fail to attract attention.
C. W. Young, of llowser.who is acting as chief of Provincial Police in
the absence of Mr. Bullock-Webster,
returned from Rossland yesterday
where he had taken prisoner Aldolph
lliuiau, who was to have been given a
speedy trial on Saturday on the charge
of assault. The ease was adjourned
until Octuhei I and the prisoner was
again brought to the jail,
The mining records today arc:
Transfers���From William Ragless to
M. R. Drlscoll, entire interest in Gobi
View, Lueknow, Hecla and Gem, for
a nominal consideration; W. A. Bur-
pec to Jesse Graham, one-half interest
in Jessie B, for nominal consideration ; Jesse Graham to W. A. Burpee
one-half interest in Springfield, for
a nominal consideration. Locations-
Minto. on Cottonwood Creek, by John
D. O'Neill Mary Tudor, on Morning
Mountain,   by \'v. g, Burnham; Alts,
on Porcupine Creek, bv Ovid Poulin.
Certificates of Work���To J, R. Cranston, on Attawood; Chanango Mining
Co.. on  Chenango  and   Bald   Eagle;
Fred Buyer, on Iron .Marsh.
The Cranbrook Herald says: Lord
Minto and party, returning from his
tour of the Northwest and British Columbia arrived here at 10 o'clock. He
occupied his special car���the Governor-General's���and there were two
others and a baggage ear in addition.
There was no organized reception for
the distinguished party, although a
fair-sized crowd had assembled at the
depot through curiosity. After a considerable wait Minto alighted and engaged in conversation with a number
of citizens. The only thing approaching an address of welcome was delivered by Sullivan.a veteran of the British army, who approached the Governor-General and said: ������Put 'cr thai',
ef it weighs a ton I" and Minto did
so. Then Sullivan added grandiloquently: "l'hwere do de Bures fight?
Behin' de rox-! Phwcrc do de English
fight? Behin' de Girish!" And the
Governor-General had to join the
Hamilton. (Int.. Sept. IT. The San-
ford Manufacturing Co., has shipped
11.0011 overcoats for India troops now
in China, via Vancouver.  B, C.
The Miner published last Friday a
number of interviews with citizens in
regard to the question of lighting the
city. Further expressions of opinions
have been secured and are herewith
Frank A. Tainhlyn: "1 voted for
the Council to take over the present
plant, and thought then that it would
give good satisfaction, but it has
lone anything but that. There should
he no more money wasted on it, as it
can, in my opinion, never be made
satisfactory. I consider that the
money already expended has been
thrown away. There is only one proposition in my mind and that is to
move the present plant to the rapids
al Kootenay bridge and have one that
will give power for lighting and
manufacturing purposes.'
Then. Mndson: "1 am in favor ot
selling the present plant itt'onee to
some company but before selling it
make satisfactory arrangements with
Ihe Bonniuglon Falls Company, lam
not in favor of repairing the old dam
or the building* of a new one."
Hamilton livers: 'I would say that
something should be done at once,
and while improvements are being
made light should Is' obtained from
the Bouningtou Falls Company, not*
withstanding a high cost."
P. Lamont : "The City Council
should announce al once what they
intend doing, as customers are being ,
lost every day. I am satisfied that the
Council could arrange with the Bonj
i.'ngton Falls Company and get light,
so 1 it they could retail it to the citizens at a fair price. If this could be
done it would be the wisest step that
could be taken.''
D. McArthur of Mi-Arthur and Co!
������The city has spent a largo amount
of money on the present system which
has resulted most unsatisfactorily and
will undoubtedly continue to do so,
although other large sums might
be spent. Immediate action should
be taken in arranging with the Bon-
nington Calls Company, Then there
would be time to consider a proper
proposition. It would undoubtedly be
a wise step to install a plant at the
Kootenay bridge at the rapids where
satisfactory power could alwavs be
II. K. Stevens: "For the post
three years, the time that I have been
iu Nelson. I have not known the plant
to give good results. In the managing of a hotel it is necessary to have a
continuous light, both night and day.
'Fhis the city docs not have and 1 have
been compelled to install gas to be
used during the day. At the present
time one cannot rely upon the lights
and the citizens are put to a considerable expense anil Inconvenience owing
to this. No matter what it might
cost light should be at once obtained
from the Itonuingtou Falls Company
until such time as the city could arrange for a proper plant, hut no longer, as the franchise is a good one and
should be controlled by the City."
C. Ii. Miller: "I think the electric
light system a humbug and an Imposition on the citizens. For the quality
of light furnished the rates arc exhor*
bilant. It has been claimed a net revenue of SU'.uoii per annum is derived
from it. Only about one-third of the
residents of Nelson use the light or
could get any if they wanted it. Consequently the unfortunate one-third
who must use electric light are forced
to contribute some (0,000 annually to
the city treasury more than the service is actually worth while companies, resident and non-resident, and
property holders who don't use it get
off with a mere nominal taxation, 1
believe ill a fair and equitable distribution of the city's expenses and I
hold that no fair minded man will say
that this is fair. Then again the
plant is a cripple and has now Cost
875,000 or over. All income of 81-,000
from an Investment of 87"i.ooo is not
very creditable  financing,  especially
when said income is derived through
municipal extortion, I opposed the
purchase of Ihe plant in IstiH. In January, 1890, before the new council
started lo complete thai famous 'election flume" from Salmon River, I urged
several members of that council to
abandon thai work, realize on the old
���leetrie light   water   power and   such
parts of the u hiuery   as  they could
and submit a   bylaw   for such further
sum as would be required to put in   a
Continued uu Fourth I'uko, ^9m I��i
Nelson Dah.v  Miner,   Monpav  Evening,  September j?, iqoq.
The Nelson Miner
Published Kvory Attornoon   Kxoopi  Suiidaj
���hv tub���
IJMII KM   l.l.Ulll.l P\ .
>nt and Managing Etlli
Iiu Iiiq is Mauagor,
M Flool  Street, K. C,
it Press Agency,  I.t'b, Sposiil Agonh
ki'iwhutihn k \'i i:-
Pally, per inontli. by em; ie:
Daily, per iniuith, by mall.
Daily, per year, by carrier.
Daily, pur your, by mall	
Dully, per year, foroUrn.
Weekly, por half ye ir	
Weekly, per ye.'U-	
Weekly, pel- ye ar, fnreiu-h    .  	
Subscriptions Invariably in iidvanoo,
-1 2.1
:i mi
All Cheek* Rhoiiltl he irnile ri
ot-'lur   of   Nki.sux    IVhi.isiiim;
yahle In thO
We in Nelson naturally know- less
of the Conservative candidate than do
the good people of our Bister city.
Rossland, It would perhaps not be
quite fair to take the estimate of him
held by bis political friends and .supporters there, as it would be open to
the charge of a too great partiality.
We are surely quite sale, however, in
taking the opinion of The Rossland
Miner, which, if not :< Liberal organ,
is certainly a Libera! paper, in hearty
sympathy with the Lauricr Government and anxious for Its success In the
npproaohlng elections. Of the nomination of Mr, MacNcill it says: " II
will be a source of gratification to the
people in this town and to the people
throughout tho Eootenays, to know
that the Conservative convention has
made Buch a wise selection as it has
In the person of Mr. A. II. MaeNeill
us the Conservative candidate for this
Constituency. There is certainh no
person whom they could have chosen
who could be iieue acceptable by rea-
Bon of his personal qualities than he
as the candidate for this Biding. Mr.
MacNcill is a man of recognised
standing In bis profession, a man
who occupies an exceptionally high
position in the community in which
he lives, and one whose reputation
throughout the whole district is such
that it will commend him to the
electors and will probably win for
him votes which few lnen in the Conservative party today could hop'' to
obtain. There is lilt I,- doubt that on
personal grounds Mr. MaeNeill is tin
exceedingly    strong   man,   and   thai
apart   from   political   i sideratlons,
his chances arc   better   than    those of
Mr. Uallihcr simply beeausc he is better know and   I,,,.ins,���   his reputation
from a personal    point    of   view    i
thoroughly high."
This is high praise, und all the
higher for the reason that if come-.
from  the camp  of  the   enemy.    Our
own knowledge and  information  >	
earning Mr. MaeNeill fully bear out
all The Rossland Miner says of him.
Personally he is an unexceptionable
candidate; he is a citizen of high
standing and repute, and he Is a man
of sufficient ability to command respect at Ottawa  I to rolled credit on
the constituency. The nomination.
indeed, is such an excellent one that
our Rossland contemporary is in great
fear that Mr. MaeNeill will he elected, and it hasten- to point out that In
that event the constituency would labor under the disadvantage of being
In the Opposition column. Il thinks
it better to have a "friend ;���! court ;'
if it does not. it will have to sue for
that which otherwise it would :���
to demand." Our contemporary Is
needlessly distressing itself. There is
little doubt, we suppose, of Mr. Mac-
Nelll'a eh ction, but there is none at
all of the defeat of the Lander lloi
eminent. We have no sympathy with
The Miner's attitude   in this  regard,
for it    is   an    unworthy   one:    hut    il
there are any who could be Iniluenccd
by the suggestion that there is advantage in being on the w Inning
side, IrreB] tivc  altogether   ol   coi
Sideratlons of principle, they may rest
content   iu   the   nssuri    that there
will bea Conservative Government :it
Ottawa soon after the elections, ami
that iu electing Mr. MaeNeill this
constituency will not have I" 811C
for what it In able to demand,
Houston I an   pollt Ii     ,, i  i j
more   and     more     111 This
Uornlng we arc told there n re two
parties thai are contesting for tin
control of the Government of tl
minion." Thai i quite true: thu
Conservatives ami the Liberal have
been so contesting for man)
past,    Then v ���   an   given  to  umli r
stand thai  lie i      lin     I" ��� n   I nfllcf
between   the   Houston   men   rim
"sponsors" "f The   Miner,   mi
the latter  were "knocked mil   in   ihe
first round'' In   the   conte t   bi ���
the two partis   'I'.'i  are  contending
for Difminiou control. The "spoil'
lire not specified, but in the unorder   of   things   they are   men
��� tire helping in the struggle for
Conservative control. What we have,
therefore, is a statement that the men
lien who tire working for Conservative eoni,ni in the Dominion were
���knocked out in the first round" by
Mr. Houston and his followers, That
would mean thai Mr. Houston is working- for Liberal control, yet he has
[ust returned from a convention that
nominated a Conservative candidate
and pledged   Itself   to   do   everything
Ible to i ecure his election.    If the
gentleman will permit   us lo   make   a
Ion, ii would be lluit   he   send
out     a     searching   party   to   discover
where lie is at.
11 will 1�� better to keep in mind the
exact words given out by Sir Wilfrid
Lauricr in thai famous interview with
Tin Toronto illobo, in whioh he declared iiis reluctance to consent to the
first South African contingent. They
will no doubt be Ihe subject of much
dscussion, of much angry controversy,
indued, before ihe political struggle
on which the country is about to enter comes to an end: ������There is no
menace to Canada, and although we
may be willing lo contribute troops.
I do not see how we can do
80, .    Wc simply could   not   do
anything. Suit is that we have not
offered a Canadian contingent to the
Home authorities. . . . As to Can-
::ii:' - furnishing a contingent, the
Government has not discussed the
question,foi ihe reasons which \ have
stated���reasons which, I think, must
easily be understood by everyone who
understands the constitutional law on
t he question. "
A statement made at Napanee by
Sir Charles Tupper confirms the const ruction put upon certain words of
:i in ;i<! article in this column a few
days ago: "1 am asked to say how it
is 1 ihdared Sir Wilfrid Laurier was
too English for me. Well, if I said
anything of the kind, you would e.\-
pecl mi answer, lint I did not; say
any! hi lie'of the kind. What I said
was this, I said: Sir Wilfrid Laur-
lor's policy, with which be stands
before Ihe people of Canada   today   in
i ni to the future of the great Do-
iii i it i < ni. is loo Knglish for me.' 1
say the policy lo which he has committed  himself, the   policy   of   repre-
entation in the Imperial Parliament
as a means for promoting his proposition lor lie- unity of the Empire, is
ion Knglish for me, ami I will frankly tell yon why."
Gentlemen and electors of the Nel
son district, permit us to introduce
Mr. A. II. MacNcill, a respected eiti-
/.eii and an aide and successful practising barrister of itossiand, lie is
Conservative candidate for election to
the House of Commons, and as much
because of his excellent personal qualities as of his poliitcal principles we
commend him to your favorable con-
siileral ion.
An     old   I iiller
prnphe ied that
Kitotenuys will h
on,- million.   Tin
Ii     i In,i If they
at      h'evelstoke       has
n   twenty years   the
i'.e  n   population of
Miner  will   add   to
have, .Nelson will be
the largest city in the Province.
Books You May Need
tematic Mineralogy.. Sii ot
I'el        Modern Copper Smelting r> 51
Stretch's   Prospecting,  Locating
und  Valuing   Mines  :; 7"
Matte   Smelling  :; :;.l
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. 1   7(1
Ki "i!''    Handbook of   Rocks  1 7(1
Tliauiwine's   Engineer's  Handbook   r> .10
Hawkins1   New   Catechism   for
i he Sb am   Engine  :.' 88
us' Maxims  and   lustruc-
���    i             llollei   ii i  '.' '.'.",
Hawkins'   New     Catechism    of
Elect rlclty  2 25
llnwkiu-' llaudl k of Calculations   fin- Engineers  - 25
Machinists'    and      Engineers'
I'oeki t Manual  I :;r.
Sievensnii's   Practical   Test  1   00
Canada' ���   Met:, Is  sfi
Canada drug &
A. R. BARROW, a. m. i. o.E
Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
Corner Victoria unci Kootenay Sts.
P.O.   BOX MO, TfdophoneNo.li:,
Soo Line
��� imperial    Liipsiedi
SERVIOE      .
East   and   West
First ('lass Sleepers on all trains from
Tourist (Jars pass Medicine Hal
daily for St. Pauls Saturdays lor
Montreiil anil Boston; Mondays anil
Thursdays for Toronto. Same oars
pass Revelstoke one day earlier,
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:38
16:80 Lv Nelson Ar 18:45
Morning train  daily for and  from
Rossland, ami   for  Revelstoke,   main
line and Pacific ('oast.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rossland, and from Revelstoke, main
Hue and Pacific Const, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7:110 Lv I K,    ,   I Ar 10:30
,n,    L-     , r rielsoti < ,.-,    ,.     ,
(Ex Sun) j j (Ex Sun)
For anil from Sandon, Slncan points,
Revelstoke, main line und Pacific
Kootenay Lake Kaslo Route.
(Ex Sun)       Str Kokanee       (Ex Sun)
16:00 Lv Nelson Ar 11:110
Saturday to Argenta nnil return,
leaving Kaslo nt 2i 1:00k.
Kootenay River Route.
Daily    Strs Movie and Nelson     Dally
22:110 Lv "Nelson Ar 2:.'il)
Connects at Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
For rates, tickets and full Information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, B. C, or
Trav. l',ii.-. Ak'i-1'1
0. P. Agouti,
Mrs. Enfield has received a
fine and well selected lot of
English and American
HATS and
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Agents fur l.ni, Ko  rtinerul Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Insurance Oo. of North America, Mutual Lifo
Insurance Co., of New York. Quoboc
nrn Assurance go.
Three-story bouse on Park- Street,
near Halter Street. To be sold clieap.
I'art cash,
Building lots anil residences in all
parts of  the city and Hume Addition.
Two Story House,  six   rooms,   furn
islied complete, on Observatory  street
close to the   Tram    I.inc.    835.00   per
Seven room house on Carbonate St.
All modern Improvementsi */;.", per
Coal and Wood.
Agctitn Imperial Oil Co. Ltd.
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W.    REINHARD,   M. D.
Specialty:   Eye, Ear and Nose.
Office)   linker Street, near Fraternity
Hall.   Telephone No. 11.
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Nun llruiinwlok���Bathuret,  Dorcheitor, Frodoncton, kIukh'oi
oohUo.Hih'Uvilli'. Wuucl-lni'k.   I\ B. I��liiil<l-<'lmrlnl,l,.|,m���. sm,
11.' Writing r ipor won'l taut
lotifif, \ (iii il hotter pines ��n-
otlier "hurrj up" order with
IP. 0. GKKBN        F. N. OfiKMUNTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Lund
P. O. Rox WfJ Nolnon, B. C.
iiml try n botUo, a riOKon, or ;i harrol of
OALQARY BEER m ii i Mm boil and
oliuapeal im tin- tnnrkot, Al��o Iry pnr
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and    CIGARS.
FRANK   ��. TAMBLYN. M.n.��.��.
TcIoiiIivdo W. Bttkur 81., Nclton, U. 0,
Incorporated 1869.
Capital  l-iild-up.     ���    .    .     si.11 v. ii;ii.mi  I   But,      ....
���.'"""" .<'!' ',,,"T'',!',r''i,T,l',""i:i,H,l'v,Ici",!',)'' ''"'"I'lmit; Thorny ltiu-]iii>.
WIloy smith, II. (.. liniilil, llun. 11.11. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. DafId MaoKeen
Bead Office, Uallnuci
Ocnonil Manager. Kil*on 1.. Peano, Montreal.
u:x:!Z!tVn":zi^ ^"^ w- "���Torra,,cc' "���"""*
luspootor I). M, Btewart, Montroal.
Ki an, 1,,^ t
ihnro. Londonderry, liiiiiniilnin
���    ,->,-. 1 iilmnni'iulli', Truro. Wt-yiiioiitii
Krarrirl,.,,, KIiik-Ioii llC.nl llo.l, Mbnot >i,   N ,.
ppityOffloo), Montroal. VVrotBInd(Cor.Notre Dame mid SolKiicnr��sin,.|si: w," ������ ,   " ,'��� r
Qroono Avonuo and m. ( athartnoa Streot,  Onmrlo-oitawa.   Ni-wnmndiana   ��   Ia\S$'��
nn.u, Weil Uidlei-Havana, United Malea-Now York im Kiohanw flu', 1 t   uiii ,'��� waih
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nolson, Rossland Van
couver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Oomipondenta 1
Canada���Morohanbi Hunk of Canada,  Brnton-NaUonal Bhawtnul Hunk
Niiilonal Hunk-   C1111 rrnnclaco���Ftrat National Hunk.   1 1,,,,   1 ,,..
Pat-In, Franee ;Orodll Lyoiinals.  Bermuda-Bank of Rerniada
Eongand Shnnglial Banking Corporation,
Ueneial Unnkinj; Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Bxchaneo  n,,.���.i,i
and Sold, Letters of  Credit. EU., Negotiated.     * *
Accounts received on tho moat favorable terms,    [ntfirest allowed on sik.pI.,1
ili'pomtH and on HavinR Hank accoimtn. ��l��i.ia'
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Oorner Ihikor and Stanley Hi ii'i-l��
Spokane  Falls A,
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only nil rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane witli
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at   Meyer's   Falls  with
Stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburfj with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
LbaVB, Day Train. Akbivk.
Minn a. 111 Hpoknne 7:1(1 p.m,
12416 p. m IIiihhIiiiiiI 5:30 p.m.
'JiiXJ a, 111 Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
H:4,r> p.m Spokane 7:06 a in:
11 :IH) p.m Kosaland (1:110 a.ui.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wast)
Agent. Nflleon, H.('
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Moniirni
 Be|il IJ
 Kepi IS
 8��|il B
 Belli .'I
Kroin New voik
�� hlragu-America
Hunk of Heolliinil.
< nlnii mid .Inpnii   ||onK
Qoips aijd  Offices io I^eijit.
Applty   io   the
ISfelsoi) Electric Trai)iWai| Co.
Corner Josephine and   Vcrnm, Streets.
Allan f.lno Corinthian 	
Allan Lino l',,:i i.,u	
Dominion Lino Vancouver. ��� ���
iioniinion Lino Dominion...,
Heaver l.lnc 1 uko McKantic.
Heaver Lino l,.il.i- Buporlor.
r rom no.. -
vVhltcSlnr l.lnc (lernmnlo Bepl <>
WlilloHlar Lino Cymric  BeptM
Whlto Star I.in- MiileKtlo  Bepl ��
Cminril l.lnc Klruria  Bepl"
American Lino Now York Sept IS
Iteil  Htnr   Lino  KcnnhiKloll Sept ��
Cllliaril l.lnc Senla  Bepl >'
I'unarel Line Lurnnln Bopl ��
Anchor Lino Aniliorla Bepl hi
Anchor Lino  iintm Bopt a
N. II. L I.lnu Kaiwrin MarlB Tlioronl��..8cpl l��
N.O.I* Line Aller BwVll
All.in .������laic Lino Liinciitlan Bcpt.1
From Bonloii.
I'linai-.l Lino Saxonia Sepl��
11,,mini,���, Line   N, iv Kni'.lai.il  Ihll"
I'iinhukck 11, ,u,p',l (ii ami from all Kuropeii"
point*. Km- raUM, llcko.8 and full Infornml��>��
ajpto to C. ft It doint auont or if. I* llrown
i 'ily I'liKHcnircr AKent, Nelwui, B. C
Ocncnil / ��cnt. C.l'.lt OffloM, WliinlpfK
MRS. RBILLY, who has taken ovrr
the house on Ward Street JHM
aliove Ihe l'oat Ollleo, will Rive Ixwrj
ami rooms. Several nlioiee rooms mm
iiiinceiipied.   'I'erniH reiisonalile
I'.kl'i.liu.i  CAST STEEL
7-8 inr.li illmn. |]&69pn MM (Ht
iiiiniediate   delivcrv
Helm* Nelson Daily Miner,  Monday   Evening.   September 17, 1900
Description of the Plant to Be Erected
at Post Falls, Wash.
H win supply compressed Air Direct
to tho Mines.
An  entirely   new departure  in   the
method "f furnishing power to mining
for tho   purpose  of   run-
machinery such as drills,
haraoterize the
ntng mining
lmists and pumps,wi
extensive power plant to be erected
,t post Falls, Washington, by the
ncw company, which has just been
organised in Spokane, of which Mr.
K c Rlhlet has been appointed consulting engineer, Mr. Rlblet when
seen by a Miner reporter gave the
following synopsis of the extensive
work to bd done in the near future.
The new company, which was
chiefly promoted by Mr. R.K.NeiU,��i
Spokane, who is a well known mining
man, being a heavy stockholder in
tie St. Eugene mines.will have a capitalisation of about ��1.00(1,0110, ami
numbers among its directors, such
well known men as Messrs. French
end Campbell, T. ii. Culbertson, aud
Charles Sweeney. They have taken
over the rights of the Post Fall Walls
Power Company and propose to transmit power from Post Falls to the
incur d'Alene mining country, a distance of ns miles, and there supply
the power to the different mines.
The Spokane River just above Post
Falls, Is divided Into three channels
und the Intention is to build three
masonry dams, one in eaoh channel.
The dams will nut he In alignment as
the two outside channels will be dammed at Hie same point and further
down will be built the dam In the centre channel. The two upper dams
will he used tu concentrate the water
in tlic middle line. From that dam
four circular steel Humes will be built
to carry the water to the power
house, which will be built of stone
11111I brick. The power house will contain dynamos capable of generating
12,00(1 horse power, with four units of
3,000 horse power each. Thirty thousand volts will be the pressure regularly maintained on the power line.
This power house, however, will be
only tho Hecouil link in the lueaiis of
furnishing power as the company will
curry its feed wires to (Jem. Idaho,
which is the most central point in the
Couer d'Alene district. There they
will install an Immense central
compressing plant aud will use their
electric power to generate many thousand horse power of compressed air.
This compressed air will then be piped to the mines for the purpose of
running their machinery and besides
being a new feature in furnishing
Power, it will also institute a great
reduction in the cost of operating! as
the mines will not have to make any
changes In their machinery ami again
the number of operatives will be re
liuccil as no compressing stations will
be needed.
The right lo construct   dams   across
the Spokane Etlver for the purpose 0
acquiring power therefrom was grunt
eil by special   aet of Congress   to  Mr
Post, one of the pioneers of   Spokane.
and was  partly   disposed   of   to   the
l'ost   Falls   Water   Power   Company.
Tho new company   has   acquired   the
sole ownership of the grant and work
will be commenced on the new plant
us soon as Mr. Riblet has finished
the plans which are now in preparation,
expense. Four days thereafter, tho
gift may be thought of as providing a
day's food for 1,400 hungry persons
Including not a few famished children, or buying 126 native blankets
for the almost naked, I deem it
scarcely less than wonderful, how
much relief can be afforded by each
dollar wisely expended in the famine
I wish you would convey, if practicable, the hearty thanks of the Committee of One Hundred to eaoh one of
the kinilliearted ilouors of the 842. (It.
occurs to me that, perhaps, you could
have this letter published in the papers of Nelson, and thus the conveyance be made,)   Yours very sincerely,
Executive   Chairman   of    New   York
Committee of One Hundred.
Wholesale  Houses
lluui'K & CO. Limited���Comer Vernon
und Cedar Streets, Nelson���Manufacturer* of and wholesale dealora In aoruted \vatorn
and fruit syrups. Bole agents fur Halcyon Hot
Springs mineral water,  Telephoned^
N. Al. Cummins, Lessee���Every known
variety of soft drinks. I1 O iiox 88. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelson. Bottlers of the
famous Be Leon Hoi Springs Mineral Water.
CANK & MAODONALD til. Cane, James
A, Maodonald)���Architects and superintendents, Broken ilill Mock, corner Baker and
Ward SiroelH, Nelson.
OO.���Manufacturers of tlte Royal Heal
and Kootenay Belle Cigars. Factory and
olllce, baker Street, Nelson.
HJ. KVAN3 & CO.���Baker Street, Nol-
��� son���Whole-ale dealers in liquors, ci-
Kard, cement, lire brick and lire clay, water
pipe and tteel rails, and general commission
J   A. M'DONALD-Madden Block. Nelson-
���    Fruits,  ice cream,   " G. B." chocolates,
high class confectionery,   leo Cream  Parlors.
Wholesale and retail dealers in grain,
hay. Hour, feed. Mills at Victoria, New West*
minster; Kdnionton, Alta. Klevators on Cal-
Kury ami Kdmonton Railway. Manufacturers
of the celebrated H. & K. brand cereals.
MAODONALD   & Co.���Corner  Front
. and Hall Streets-Wholesale grocers
and jobbers iu blankets, gloves, mills, boots,
rubbers, mackinaws and miners sundries.
Otllco corner  Hall and   front StreetH,
Nelson���Lumber] oeUtng, flooring, and every
1 inn;  ni v, I iof lnnMiii.; purposes.   Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
BURNS & Co.���Baker Street, Nelson-
Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured
meals.    Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured mcaU.
_J   Street,   Nelson ��� Wholesale   dealuis   in
hardware,   miners'   supplies,   sporting  ^ooils,
Yf "LACHLAN BROS, (Successors to Van-
jjA. comer Hardware Co, Ltd.) Baker Street,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in  hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' aud tinsmiths' supplies. 	
HARDWARE   CO.- Wholesale
paints, oils und glass: mechanics' tools.
i> paint,.
Agents foi Ontario Powder W ork
"MJllNKlt, IIHKTON & Co.   Corner Vernon
A Tempting Table
If you have difficulty in making a
pleasing variety in your bill of fare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
and learn how easily and economically
it can In' done.
Here are a few tilings that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A fall line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
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Kirkpatrick fe Wilson
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in'si quality '
surely prove
ladles. The
Bweet flowere
a right price.
White   Rose,    Lilac,    Heliotrope,
Sweet Clover, Carnation,
These perfumes are Bold in bulk
or bottled, and are guaranteed,
an  assortment of the
of perfumes that will
an   enjoyment to the
natural fragrance of
bottled und sold for
H. P. MclEAN,
Baker Street, Nelson.     P,
0. llox
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Pan Points
and Josophine Btreota, Nelson���Whclo-
ialo dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pah^t brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S HAY Oo.���Wholosolo pooerloi
and llquon utc��� linker titrooL, Nelson.
Kydd Remembered For His Indian
l'amiiie l'und Work.
Mr, (ii'orge   Kydd, manager of   the
local lirimeli of the lliinli   of    Halifax',
llU received the following letter from
liainnun of tin- committee of One
(1AI.1KOKNIA WINE CO., Limited-Corner
J Front and Hull HtruuK Nelson���Whole-
sale dealers in wines lease anil bulk), and
domeslfe and Imported otgnn.
Jy.oniKKiN & CO.
-Corner Vernon and
. Josephine BtroetS, Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealers In iirovloloim, cured incuts, butter and
Hundred on Indian  Famine Relief:
Dear Sir,���Permit me, i" addition
to our tre&eurer's formal   receipt,  to
iiinke speeiiil and grateful   aeliuowlcd-
ineiit of the 81:; forwarded in your letter of August 80th, contributed by
the cltliena of Nelson through your
'"ink for tin; India sufferers, The gift
I* timely,
The kind services of your bank are
JPpreolated by the Committee of One
Hundred, No small part of the more
than 1338,000, which   has conic to our
relief treasury, has come through the
agency of the hanks throughout tho
Country,    Moreover,     their   sustained
Interest in the work   is   peculiarly
gratifying,     I have been anxious   lest
the Impression should prevail Unit the
HtreHs c,f the famine WM over.and that
there was less need of relief gifts,
Prom the enclosed statement, which
contains cablegrams received August
""Ii, you will see tluit the famine ills-
tress is still unabated,    Nor can there
beany real Improvement until after
"'<��� gathering of India's harvests next
October and November, The pros
peot for those harvests is very unfiiv
On the other hand I urn glad to lie
"',|1' to tell you that the 8IJ, with
Many other gifts,   wan   cabled   to ln-
""l- Friday, September 7th,   without
Houses and lots for sale in all parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal Fire Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Madden Ulock
Ward Street
Tin Pans arc not all
alike. There's the difference in the tin, in the
ironing, and in the making-. All the points that
go to make the difference
between good and bad
quality are embodied in
tin pans.
We Have Tin Pans of
Every Kind and Size
made from  extra  heavy
stock, and warranted to
wear well.  All our Hard
ware is equally meritorious.
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle,
Room 1, Turnor-Boeckh Block.
Houses and Building Lots in All Farts
of the Oity.
WANTED���Good building lota down
town for client.  AIbo land adjoining
city for gardening,
The End of
The Season
Finds   us   with  a  few   pairs   of   Men's
and Women's Summer Shoes
on hand, and these we have marked down
very low. You may find your size in the
lot if you call early.
The SLooists
i<& jeMl it i'i i*i i*i i'i i'i it it it it it <
r.TVVVtiTVV'Vr ?,t-t,t?,t?,??,T(
jg V/e Have Sold 75 Per Cent of 411 the
Jjj    Portland Cement
�� Fire Brick, Fire Clay
and Sewer Pipe
X U"ed in the Kootenay
jfe Just Received���Ourload
*��?     Dominion Ale and  Porter
(la pints ami quarts)
Dominion White  Label Ale
This is the finest Ale brewed ill Cnnin!*.
Dominion  Bilk   Ale
(pints ami quarts)
Teacher's  Scotch   Whisky
I tn   15-gallon   kegs)
1b still the best
NELSON.   I!. C.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day Si.00.
himm Kiiimir,    /iiotabv pinmc.
Wlndermoro Mlnoa.   Corroap ��� onooSol'.olttd
AilvcrtlHcnioatH IliKOrtod under this head at
thu ratn of 01m cunt a word |n;r liiMirllon. No
advortlBCliiont taken for luffl than a conW.
Thorough English, Calisthenics,
Music, French, and Herman If required, Pall term commencM .'hil
September,   Eur particulars apply i"
Josephine 3t,
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker.
WANTED���A  furnished   house,    Will
offer good rental.
Straight   Mortgage,  ut H per con',
Wanted���Molly Gibson Stock.
General Agent, for the Qrhat West
Lite Asbdranob .'<>.
WANTED���For Hunt Oath -Two ceo.
tral    lots   mutable    for    lemileiicet.
PRICES  $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive cnreful and prompt attention
Players   NaVi)   Oil
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Co:
Nelson, B. C.
R. P-
, ^, Thl,
I '
' nlnnitnro la on every box ol the genuine
l-axative Bromo-Quinioe vam
��i leniedy that cnrci a eoM ID ���"��� ***
LOST���On   14th   Inst.,   liiimllc Bui
terrier   pup,   white     breast,   about
three months old.���Reward for returning tn r. B. Wllaon.	
Kolt " SALE.���Mendelssohn     Piano,
cabinet, Hewing Machine (Singer),
Apply   Geo.   iiunl,   Boom l, Turner-
Uoecxh Ulock,	
FOB RENT���Furnished rooms.  Qood
attendance,    Second   door   east   01
Olty Hall. .
K1KST   (II.ASS   loom   mid   hoard  in
private fiui.ilv. |6.60 and |6.    lable
board 84,   Oarl ate street,  second
limiHO east of Josephine	
FOI!    KAI.K   OIIKAP-   I-ai'Kc   liousi-
and II) acres opposite Nelson.    I'owl
house.     RiinninK  water      Apply O,
NcwliiiB, llokcr .Street.
Bithet & Oo-, Ltd-
Aitenl.i   lor Brlllah Columbia.
A. B. ORAY, Box 5al, Ntlaon, Kootenay
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C., and Dawson City, Yukon
I>UR8UANT to thoH0roditora'Trait Doodi
Aet,"iih(l AmuiulhiK AcN, mill ihu Trun
Uhm* mill Bxeooton' Act, BooUmu St to w;
Notice i��H hereby Rjvee thut h u ftdnilnl��tra'
ior of tneoHtateof Thom*i Uii-huni^on. iii iii��
iiii'iiiiii- of Illeelllowaot, in dio County of
Kooiunay, hotel Ltoeper. dooeneod| bftve filwl in
the Vimcouvur tt4,K{Htry nf the Supremo i ourt
of liiiii ii Coiuniiiiii, il deolAMuon Unit the
��� i:<l    r-l:tlr   iH    III   tlflirirn'     fnt   I In ���   | ,'i \ tin  Ii i   I Ii
full of tho iloblH und   liubilitlcM of   thu sttlil
ThomtiH UiflhnnlHon.
All DOnODfl  Imvinn cldilli^ HKftiiir>t thoculnto
of iiu! Haiti 'i hum i Rloha^djon, wim he>ve nut
already tiled wuli mo full parUoulan of tho
>iame duly vortuud. togother with the pint leu
laPH of BoounUof. if any. hoM hj them, are
required to do ho boforo too lei day of Ootobor
Notlco Ih huruhy furtiioi- Kivun Unit after the
1st day of October next tho ndminlnLrator. iw
Mil   lee, Will  innrii'il ! u il i- Il I hh I .��� the | !
of tho true) I'rttnLo utiioiiK tiio partlei enllt led
liicroto, hiivinif rcKiinl only to tho claim* of
which ho thou miH nulieo, und that ho will not
Ik? linhle for t lio pro<:oodri of I Iiu IrUHt MtatO. or
any part i hereof, bo dtetrlbuted, to any imthou
of whoeo claim bO had nut notice at the time of
the -ii 11 ihni inn
Noi ice [h hereby uiveu Dial a mooting of thn
- : 111 < r i n of the MUG. Thomai KfchardHon wdl
ho hold in tho Court IIoiihi at Kort Hleulo,
B.0h on Monday, tho tttli day of Septcuilwr,
A. !>��� l'HKl, at thu hour of one o'clock In tho
Dated at Kort Hlcolo, H. C��� this i:��h day uf
AuK'i-l. A.U. 1U0U.
Ofllcial Administrator.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head  office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Btntlght MortgaRO.
Apply to U. U LENNOX, Baker  St.
Will pny iim liiuhi'Ht oaah prloe fur nil
kimlH of wcoiiii band goodi.   Will imy
or mill unylliiiiu I'rijin im iinclioi to a
lirii'illii. Fiiriiiluri', sloven, oatpertf.
cooklUK utnusilH, IioiirIiI In hoiiHi'liold
iinnntitlPH. AIko wihI off ilolliiiiR.
Oall and w-n mn or wrilo. AililreiH
Silver KiiiK Mike, Jinx UOO. Hall
Stroot. NhIbod. K. (!.
Brewen of Finn LaK��r
Hiiiii mi,! Potter,
Plalfoo, B. c.
VValtrosa,     I liambi ��� iinld       Wood
��� nit,.,-...   Cool   (wnmnnl     Walter.
Hltrifttlon. wanted 1>,   nui ��� ������   labor-
't's.   riiulis.
J. II. LOVE, Agl., Uaker St
Unci st. Joseph's
Next ii-rin oommenoet 8rd
Si'iiiciniii'i. I'm- partlou-
Ian apply to tin-
��� Nelson  Daixv  Miner,   Monday  Evenjho,  SmEMBflR  i?, 1900.
BORN.���To Mrs. Lowe  of   Victoria
str,','t. yesterday, a daughter.
Alliui line steamer, Corinthian, was
reported ut Fame Point ut noon Sutur-
at   Montreal   Unlav
day, and was due
('. 10. Ni'ill, manager of the Vancouver branch of the Merchants' Bunk of
Halifax, arrived in Nelson this morning.
10, Skinner, the tailor, is early in
the field with his full suitings. The
first consignmcnl was received this
It lias been learned thai Thomas
McLeary, night foreman^ of the smelter, who mysteriously disappeared last
Tuesday morning, lias K-ft Nelson ami
pone to un American city.
Mr. VV. II. Bullock-Webster ol' this
city will in' married tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock in Victoria to Hiss M.
10. Di'llan of that city. Mr. and Mrs.
Bullock-Webster will return to Nelson
about September 23,
William Join's, who was committed
for trial mi the charge of stealing
money from .lames. Harris, eanie before Judge i'orin lliis morning for
election, lie will he given a speedy
trial the date for which has not been
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church intend giving :i social at the
parsonage on Wednesday evening'
next. A choice programme will be
rendered and refreshments served A
collection for the funds of the society
will lie taken up.
An industrial exhibition will lie
held at Cranhrook September m ami
25. Owing to this the Canadian i'aeilie will issue tickets lor one fare and
one quarter for Ihe round trip. Tickets will he available Septembei '-'���'! and
24 good   returning September 20.
The scenery for the production of
the opera "Mikado" by the Nelson
Operatic Society is now being prepared by the association's special Bcenlc
artist. No pains will be spared tohav-
the production complete in every detail both as to seeiierv and general
The Nelson Operatic Society will
have a lull rehearsal of caste and
chorus at St. Saviours' school room at
8 o'clock- sharp. There will he a
meeting of the committee this afternoon at live o'clock at the Hoard of
Trade rooms. The date of the opera
will hi' definitely decided upon and a
stage manager will be selected.
Rev. Ralph Breckon,D. D.,a member
of the Faculty of ,\lt. Allison University, Saekville, X. Ii.,accompanied by
Mrs. Brecken, spent .Sunday in the
city on their way home from a tour to
the coast. Iir. Brecken preached to a
large congregation at the Methodist
Church last evening. During their
stay they met many old friends from
the Maratimo l*ro\ Inccs.
Perry Wright was appointed as
special constable by (lovcrnment
Agent Turn,'i this morning-, to collect the Provincial revenue or poll
tax of (he City of Nelson, lie started
on his duties this morning, Il is estimated that there will he over 83,-
(IllO collected. The Ice is }.���), and
every eiti/.en over the age of Is years,
except those who have belonged t<>
the militia over six months, and ministers, will lie assessed. The lime
for collection extends until lice. 31,
The funeral of Albert La Courstere,
a Fieneliin.-in, who died at the General Hospital .Saturday afternoon,took
place at B.-30 o'clock this morning
from the Catholic church. Father Fer-
land officiated and tho remains were
laid lo real in the city cemetery. Mr.
La Courslere, who was a miner and
who had been working al. the Highland group at Ainswort Ii, was brought
to the hospital about four weeks ago
Buffering from typhoid fever, from
which lie died. It is not known
where his relatives live.
The registry office is being cleaned
up preparatory to being furnished, although Mr. Turner, the Government
agent, has received no instructions
about opening the ofliee. Supplies
were voted for the business of the
office lo commence on the first of October, lint no move has yet been made
either towards the expenditure of
the money or the appointment of a
reigstrar. The amount appropriated
for tile furnishing of the office was
S.'l.olid ami Mr. Turner is awaiting instructions to spend iu
\V. II. Dowsing is receiving- many
samples of ore from the various properties of this districts which is to
be exhibited at ihe Spokane Fair.
Probably tho richest   sample that bus
been received is that from Ihe Athabasca which was brought down on
.Saturday. The sample makes a line
showing- and is accompanied by anas-
say statement that shows 8.1(1.71 of
gold values. This sample will be
given a conspicuous place in the Nol-
son display nl the exhibit. Mr. Dowsing is getting tilings into shape and
will leave for Spokane Wednesday
In company with Mayor Houston
and Aid. Irvine, Mr. II C, Itlblot today made a preliminary examination
of tlie proposed site for the new dam
that is  contemplated   by   ihe city to
Supply power lor Ihe elect lie light
service. Mr. liiblet was not prepared
when Interviewed upon the matter to
give a definite opinion for publication
as lie  had nol   had   time to make the
in ssary surveys.     lie will   probably
hand  a   report   to  the   City  Council
this afternoon upon   tl Id   dam and
us soon as the necessary data can he
obtained will report u| on the proposed new dam.
There will he a meeting of Ihe City
Council al    s   ,,'elock      tonight.     'I he
principle   business  will   lie  the    consill-
eartion of tl Icctrlc   light problem.
The board of public   works will i t
at 4 o'clock lliis alien n. and although there is very little work- for
them to do a report will be presented
to the Council thin evening. The com
niltlee appointed lo consider Hie woolen Industry will also meel this afternoon.      H Wil'. s;ii,|   by one of   Ihe com
initlcc I hal Ihe city iiad no gr
give  the  company  but   that   i
The Spokesman-Review says: in
a short time Spokane will be a more
extensive lumbering point than il, is
today, There is now in contemplation the purchase of a 25,000 to 40,000
acre 1 raet, of timber land north of Spokane, and close to the British Columbia line. Upon this land large sawmills will lie erected for the supply in
this district. D. P, Simons, representing tlie Sound Lumber Company,
left Spokane last, evening- for Stevens
County to look over the timber district. If he reports favorably on the
timber in that section his company
wil] buy up tlie largest tract owned by
any one corporation in eastern Washington. Upon this land extensive
mining iudustrrirs will be started.
nf Ihe Edith Miller Concert Co..
which will appear in fraternity Hall
on Thursday evening, the Calgary
Herald.says: a large audience, considering the wet night, greeted Miss
Miller and her talented company in
their concert on .Monday night. The
fad Unit a Calgary audience liberally
applauded all the numbers ami demanded encores to not a few is. to
those who know Calgary audience, a
sullicient guarantee of the quality of
the concert anil it is no exaggeration
lo say that the programme was both
excellent and popular. Miss Edith
Miller is a contralto of high order
and happily without tlie sensational
methods which so attract the musically uneducated. Needless to Hay,
Miss Miller sang charmingly, powerfully and artistiealy. Stanley Adams
is an old-time favorite with Calgary
audiences, and lie does not pall or deteriorate. Mr. Campbell, heard here
for the first time, has a voice which
is both a tenor and a baritone, possessing a singular roundness and purity. As accoinpaniste Miss Forsyth
was all that could lie desired.
The Edith Miller Concert Co.in Fraternity Hall. Thursday   evening next.
First Production  Here   of  the   Great
l'luy by Russell ,t Drew's Co.
Seats are going rapidly for the attraction at Hie Opera House tonight.
No play of recent years has awakened
such great interest as the dramatization of Sienkiewic/.'s famous novel.
It will he the first complete .scenic
production ever offered to a Nelson
audience. Mr. Sheridan Jenkins, the
scenic artist of the Third Avenue
Theatre was engaged for over two
months painting tlie scenery and those
who have witnessed it claim that it
Is superior to any ever painted for
til is masterful production. The scenery will not only be on a scale of
grandeur never equalled by any travelling attraction, but Hie company
will be a phenomenal one. embracing
leading actors and actresses from live
distinct companies especially selected
lor this play. The Nelson Opera House
will doubtless be crowded to witness
this production.
Continued From First Pago,
evenl to the young man ^parents, aud
his father, desiring to have the corpse
lie in the family vault, sunt word to
have the remains shipped to England.
To this tlie friend replied: "There
were no remains, lie \vaBkicked In a
mule " (Laughter.) That would lie
the condition of the Liberal party after the electors had an opportunity
to   pronounce upon them.
The Edith Miller Concert Co. in
Fraternity Hall. Thursday evening
Continued From First Page*
first class power plant to run a pumping station,supply the city with clean
tillered water, drive tramways,
smelters and manufacturing galore.
That is what we might have had for
almost the same money the old plant
has eost. Still we dont see that what
"might have been" is any reasonable
reason why the city with two fully
competent and experienced engineers
in its employ should continue to remain in semi-darkness Indefinitely.
When we only had one engineer and
there was any very difficult work
to he done the mayor who was always anxious to earn (?) his salary,
would eonie to the assistance of tin1
engineer and help (?) him over the
hard places, Now we have the same
mayor, true not quite so well paid.
but there is a very able assistant engineer, and tlie three of them, with a
council which we thought when we
elected them were the pick of the
city's Intelligent and excellent ability.
can't build a 80,000 mill dam. We
must have the opinion of still another engineer. There are those who
would he disposed to put in the Koote
nay river power plant now; but the
city's financial position is not in proper shape for undertaking such an en
treprise. It is doubtful if any individual member of the council were it
his own property, or even tlie mayor
who loved it so. would spend three or
four thousand to repair the old dam
with its unsafe foundation and worst
of all its very limited capacity. Yes.
we   are putting in gas at once.'
T. .1. Sims of the Kootenay Cigar
Manufacturing Co. : "There should
be immediate steps taken to arrange
for a steady supply of light. It matters not where the power is obtained.
We should have it at once. Then satisfactory results would be given to tlie
citizens, who are paying for a good
service. "
Edith   Millet   Concert
���nily    Hall,     Thursday
Co.,   in
Hume. ��� ErncBt Mansfield. Kaslo; W.
I). Ramsay, lirontford; Thomas K.
French, Kaslo; C. F. Caldwell, Kaslo; It. Trudel, Montreal; K. C, Powell, Vancouver; \V. MacAdams, M.
liyers, Sandou; II. F. Johnson, Omaha; Uev. K. Bricker,  Saekville, N S.
Phair���.lames Cronin, Moyie ; C. K.
Neill, Vancouver;.!. P. Nutting, Ottawa; It. Ii- Johnston, St. John, N.
Jt.; E. IJ. Barchard, Montreal: C. U.
Wilcox, Seattle; 11. A. Jackson, Spokane; O. Hughes, Sandon; C. A.
Steele, Victoria; .1. K. Clarke, New
Denver; F. 0. Sissons and wife, Medicine Hat: Lesli Hill, Vancouver; P.
II. McCurter, Grand Forks.
The Edith Miller Concert Co. in
Fraternity Hall, Thursday evening
Spring ohicken and all the delicaoifls
of the soasou served to yon whan you
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Hunch, two and a half miles up tbe
river.    W. M. Huberts, proprietor.
TO (li:i    A  toil.   IK OXK 1>AY
Take Lnxat.ivo Broino Quinine Tablets. All
IruggUta refund tho monoy if it fails to cure.
���'.><���.   K. W, Grove's signature Ir on each box.
I hereby give notice that at the
next meeting <>f the License Commissioners for the Nelson district will
apply for a license to sell intoxicating
lii|\nirs at the Rossland Hotel, Vernon
Street. Lot 10, Ulock on, in the City
of Nelson.  B. ('.
Conies from from Dr. Dr. D. B,
Carglll of Washita, I. T.. lie writes:
������Foni' bottles of Electric Hitters has
cured Mra. Brewer of scrofula, which
bad caused her great Buttering for
years, Terrible sores woule break out
on her head anil face, and the best
doctors could give no help: but her
cure is complete ami her health excellent." '."his shows what thousands
have proved���thai   electric bitters  is
the best Id I purifier   known.      It's
the supreme remedy for eczema, tetter, salt rheum, ulcers, boils and
running sores. It stimulates liver
kidneys ami bowels, expels, poison,
helps digestion, builds up strength.
Only B0 cents. Sold by Canada Urutf
& Hook Co.
The   Edith    Mil
Fraternity   Hall,
ler  Concert  Co.   in
Thursday   evening
Give the Eyes a Chance
In ail ngQi, In all land-, tho oyoa should be
permitted to give tl olr owners unliuninured
Ik You Would Have Vih'h Kvfb Serve
V��r in tub Best Way
Vim should set; thai they are COrroctlS lilted
with proper glasses, Our;attention iiiMirou
you BotUfaolory sight Our lonseu tit your
vyuti und our frames tit your face.
Patenaude Bros.,   opticians
Mew Dry Goods
Millinery Store.
Our NEW Jackets and Mantles
are now ready for your inspection. They are direct from Germany, and include the latest
styles and most up-to-date Mantles ever shown in Nelson.
Our Golf Capes are comfortable and stylish. Plain Colors in
Fawn, Blue and Black. Prices
start at      ... $4.75
Our Ready-to-Wear Felt Hats
include the latest English and
American styles. Will be pleased
to show you everything in the
NEW GOODS. Our prices are
the lowest.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orden by mall to any branch will have careful ������M nromot attention.
Commencing Monday
Sept. 17th
Russell 6 Drew's
Theatre Co.
Change of Play Each Night
The Great  Christian Play
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill ��t PILOTBAY. Yards, NELHOM
and LAKDO.
J��       Thursday Evening, Sept. 20.
| The Edith  Miller
i     Concert Co.
Will appear in a Splendid Programme
Songs and Ballads.
probable   tho  Government   would  1
aokuU /or a Ittitablc site,
ml   i���|3��
wan I \m
hi   iJA
l^a>&&&&&��&&S&S.���^ 00 **-0*-<gr-0*\
Non-Assessable and Non-Personal Liability.
Capital $250,000, in Ten Cent Shares.   Four Claims, All Crown Granted,
With No Debts or Liabilities.   One Mile West of Rossland.   Over
600,000 Shares in Treasury for Development.
The properties of this company are situated directly west and 6oo feet
lower in elevation than the famous Le Roi No. i ami Le Roi No. 2, that are
now shipping 10,000 tons a week. The Workings consist of a shaft and Two
Tunnels, driven to tap the ore body on three separate and distinct veins. No. 1
Tunnel on this vein is in over 100 feet, and No. :> Tunnel on this vein has
reached a depth of 112 feet, with three and one-half feel of shipping ore in
sight, and forty feet of the ledge to cross-cut. The ore is identical with the
Le Roi ore, the High-Grade Gold-Copper Ore of the camp. The No. 3 Vein
has been opened in five places for 2,000 feet, which dips to the I. X. L. adjoining, which is now shipping the highest grade ore in British Columbia. Several
buildings are on the ground, witli two blacksmith shops and large boarding
house, etc., with water and timber in abundance.
Our assays have averaged from $5.00 to $Hoo in Gold. Copper and
Silver; and the shipping facilities are the best. The Great Northern Railway
runs three times through the ground, three smelters close at hand, and reduced
charges of $4.50 per ton for shipping and smelting, and we are now ready to
start shipping ore.
The shares in this Company have been strictly pooled, and we will issue
Pooled Receipts only until the Pool is dissolved. Wc need money, and will
send you too shares for $7.00, 1.000 for $60.00, 5,000 for $275.00, and 10,000
for $500.00.    Address
JAMES LAWLER, Managing Director,
BOX  545,  ROSSLAND,  B. C.
Or Money can be sent care Bank of Montreal.
References :    Any Bank or Business Man in the City of Rossland.
Investigate Send for Prospectuses, Engineers' Reports, Etc.
^y^^ft ���^���j�� ^-.s ^b^ ^^ ^���-St ^'S'-^ ^^ -^- & ��� *��� ^ ��� a ���.�� ��� ^ *&i
w- 00 ��� 00-00 -00- 00 ��� 00- 00 ��� 00>- 00 ��� 0*- 00- ^^ ^-5 rjs.^ r^rjf ^^S^t^ ���'


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