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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 7, 1899

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''���i  r.
Daily Edition  No. 566.
Nelson*- British Columbia, Tuesday, November 7,  1S99.
Tenth  Year
Silver Lining to  the  Transvaal's Dark
War Clouds.
Silence of the War Office Causes Apprehension in England,
Colenso in the Ham'a of ihe Boers���The
Free State Proclamation.
Eaatootirt. Natal, Nov. -1���A reli-
���.ble messenger has Just arrived from
Ladysrnith passing the Boer lines daring the night, who reports tlmt Heavy
fighting occurred on Thursday around
Ladysrnith. The; hottest engagement
wns on George Talcum's farm on thn
Orange Free Stale side of Besters.
The British drove the Boers back lo
their camp. Tlio enemy suffered groat
loss, ami thirty mounted Boers were
captured. The fighting was resumed
Friday, the Boers firing from Nosil-
wuthshara, a hill near Pepworth'B
farm. Again they were driven back
with loss upon their camp.
A large force under John Wessels,
with artillery, has taken up a position
cm tbe left of Beacon, locating on the
Woodbouse, Pinoione's and Lang-
varaoht farms, facing Besters, and a
small command is now encamped on
the smith side of Pieter'a station, commanding the railway. Tho Boors have
turn np the culverts of the railway
near Fitter's station and hnve liurne i
the wooden partitions No damage
bus yet been at: Colonso. The bouse
stores.railw y and Iron bridges remain
intact. The messenger says ho henid
that the Boers would In in Oolenso to
dav, (Saturday) and that the volunteers were leaving.
Much regret is felt at the unnecessary alarm boiug created at Maiitz-
Inns when there is no need for it
The Natal naval corps with guns will
return to Maritzburg today to reassure
tho inhabitants.
London, Nov. 7. ���Tbe Wur Office
announced at midnight that no dis-
patohes bad In en reoeivod beyond tliose
already made public, and thai nothii g
fuitbur        Id bean     ��� neon
today, Hius, m n iii nrj HI i
item of hews has bi en posted for
nearly 48 hours. This bus given rise
to a cron of rumors, that Ladvsmith s
in nnmiiti n is exhausted; thu ir
[o ��� tewnrt Whi ������ la mon illy
unded,   thai   both   Fi   I being
���   ��� iii d   and lhat otbei unlii   ;V "������
I s havi    ikeu plai        i  ���    all   ui
these   reports   then absi  .     y   no
foundation, At " in ' in" thi
Britisher has had   ' I     ulati
him within the   lnsl ixci ���
tho news of the confident utl ludi i
the Ladysrnith garrison and ils slignt
successna last Thursday and Friday.
Advices from other parts of South
A/rica aro oisiinctly unpalateable ami
everything points to a oritionl situation in Natal and tho northern. portions of Oape Colony, likely to grow
more acute until General Whilo in
either relived or decisively defeats the
Boers. No body dares to think of capitulation. Rather than that he is expected in last resort, if Ladysrnith becomes untenable, to make a riespi rate
effort to cut hiH way through the
Boers back into lower Natal, and join
bands with the garrison there, which
is now almost, certain lo be reinforced
by the first arrivals of the army corps !
from England to he pressed forward to |
renew touch with him. It is generally j
assumed,however, that General White, |
with aid of the naval guns, will be
ab:e to ccpe with any bombardment,
and the idea that the Boers could take
Ladysrnith by assault, is scouted as tih-
surd. The defense then depends on
tbe uninterrupted working nf'.the naval guns, ltight bete arises the important question, upon which the dispatches hnv.3 thrown little light,
whether the naval guns, whioh themselves only arrived at the last moment,
have with them sufficient ammunition
to reply to a bombardment lasting
possibly several weekB.    If  not,   it   le
hardly likely that works exist in a
small town like Ladysrnith for easting
the special shell needed for the 4.7 gun
aud moreover, thore is no mention of
stores of lyddite at Ladysrnith for recharging those shells.
Meanwhile, vague remarks in tha
despatch point to tho impendiug arrival of further big Boer guns, from
Johannesburg to be mounted among
tho bills within range of Lailysmith.
Such considerations explain the anx-
ioty felt legarding General White's
inurements ami position,Jjnot only by
the. public, but in oltioial circles The
British retirement to ERtoourt has given the impression that it is intended
to make a stand thore. Estcourt is
the lust important luwn between the
Brars and tbo capital of Natal and if
tbe Boers sweep past Estconrt, nothing
can stop them from laying sicgo in
Pietermaritzburg, which oannot be expected to make a protracted defence,
while itn fall would be n tremendous
blow to British prestige throughout
Sonth Africa.
Already the British regiments nut of
Oolenzo have given thn Boers an.oppor-
tnnily to miiko n bid for the active
support 'f the disaffected Dutch in Natal by proclaiming tbe annexation nl'
the upper Tugela section. Thus far,
the Dutch oinnist. seems to hnve confined their sympathies with the invading Boors, to a platonio emotion. Ex-
cept for surreptitious assistance, there
is no evidence that they have vet joui-
nl the Boers in any appreciable number. Tbe Briti-.li newspap rs publish
a list of the Transports due to arrive
nl Capetown from today. According to
this, some 20,000 men Bhould reach the
Inpe le thi end of m xt w eeli. but
the admiral! y issue I w an ing List
. i uing '." the effect thai no dis ip-
poiiitiueni must be felt by the public if
the transports shonld not arrive at the
il ites nn ntioned, dates which, the War
Ofil ��� ���������!������ -. are "bn ed in many oases
m  toi   uiignin ��� e pe tations "
Tin  Fn ��� cl  !������ been i: ��� irfi lly
annoimi  ug th o   lotti ra   I n ai
qui  by the Transvaal   Go nrnnient and
predict    the  havoo  wire .   private) n
i :..   .*��� rk   n  ii up   Brit  ���������    nen bunt-
raus] li      . - Paris
.������ ,.i iliu;.- in pari i xplnnatiou
mobilization of Hie British
special service n squadron. The view
taken by tbe Qreraail press in the sumo
matter is interesting. Berlin journalism treats the suggestion of privateering with skepticism.
Loudon, N"v.7.���-Rear Admiral Lord
Charles Beresford speaking at Sunderland last evening, confessed he iegar.1-
e.d with great apprehension what
might be, the attitude of the blacks toward the vanquished wbnii the British
had conquered the Boers. "I must repeal" said Lord Beresford, "that ill
view of such a contingency, tbe Government is not even now sending but
sufficient troops. As to the possibility
of foreign interference, I consider that
tho great naval, military uml financial
resources of the Empire aro calculated
to ward off any undue European dictation.' '
Berlin, Nov. 7.���Commenting upon
���j rumor from Amsterdam that Dr
Leycis tho diplomatic, representative of
the Transvaal in Europe had declared
that the intervention of France, Russia and Germany in the Transvaal,
was now asssured, tbo Kolnizcho Zeitung says: "We do not know what Dr.
Leyds may have said, but the matter
of his supposed statement is false in
every respect. Neither Franco nor
Russia has shown the slightest inclina
tion, either with or without Germany,
to settle tho south African question on
tbe order of the day.
London, No/. 7.���The Daily Mail
has received tbe following dispatch
from Stroniherg,dated last Friday evening: "An Orange Free State force 2,���
DUO strong is now at Pewon's farm,
half way between the Orange River
and ; Bnrgbersdorp, The Boers are
awaiting there for the arrival of 11,000
reinforcements from Rouxville and
Bloeuifontein,before moving on Strom-
berg, There is a third Free State force
at Colesburg. The signalling in the
Boer camp was plainly visible from
hero last night.
Estcourt, Natal, Nov. 8.���Colenso is
now in tho bands of the Boers, Before
ihe evacuation was decided upon the
enemy deoided to oul off our outposts.
Th6 Durban Unlit infantry, under
Lieut. Molyueux and a force of Dublin
Fusileers, were sent to tha relief of tbe
outposts and a brisk light ansued. Tbe
Boers weie iconised, leaving 13 dead.
Twenty Boor horses were killed aud
the others stampeded. Tbo chief motive of withdrawal, however, was tbat
the long range guns of the Boers had
made the position untenable. No orders were received for retirement.
While retirement wus in progress, the
Natal volunteers of Fort Wyloh hud
great diffloulty in {setting away their
nine pounder in tbo dark. They were
advised to spike the gun, but wero exceedingly unwilling to do this, resolving to 'make a determined effort to
take it with them. While they were
running the gnus on its carriage down
a hill, the ropes broke, and the gun
and carriage ran on, tbe latter being
smashed at the bottom of the incline.
Nothing daunted the] plucky fellows
undertook to carry tho weapon itself,
which had not been damaged, and they
got it here safely. The Boers shelled
Coltuso camp at, dawn today, being apparently unaware of evacuation. They
looted the stores, hut did not harm the
bridges, saying tbey would wants the
railway themselves. The women and
children here are Crowding the trains
bound for Pietrmaritzbnrg and Durban.
London, Nov. (i.--Gen. Lord Wol-
sley, Commander-in-Chief, who wus
the gufst of tbn Author's Club last
evening,paid 'hat the short service system in tbo British army had at last
boon- acknowledged as tbe right oue,
even by its most strenuous  opponents.
Discussing the situation in South
Africa, tbe Field  Marshall   remarked :
"In my various commands I have
learned much of the Boer character and
1 can say truthfully that the Boers as
a people nre the most: ignorant witb
which 1 ever have been thrown. Their
aspiration is to rulw the whole of South
Africa. This is a point tbo English
people must keep before them. There
are nps ami downs in warfare i nd the
i upointmeuts we have suit'-red are
;.a iug iir goi ��� i ffeol oi bringing Ihe
English people together."
Estc "it, Natal, Nov. 4.���It   is   reported I hal the ! ioers losl 800 in killed
woundi:' i< id ��� ii  tun -1   in  Thm
battle on   'I stbam'fl   farm       ir,
London, Nov 8,��� The officials of the
British War Office, when shown the dispatoh from Durban, of November 8,
said they bad no further news regarding the military situation in Natal,
but thought no undue significance
should be attached to the oonoluding
phrase. Tbey could not say whether
the railroad to Ladysrnith was iniact,
but th(!y admitted thut Ladysrnith is
now completely surrounded,
Now York, Nov. 6.��� The Consul-
General of the Orange Free Stato in
this city guvo out today the full
text of President Steyn'a proclamation
culling on the Orange Free State Boers
to support the Transvaal. The proclamation reads as follows:
"Burghers of the Orange Free State :
The time which we had so much desired to avoid, rhe moment when we
as a nation aro compelled, with arms,
to oppose injustice and shameless violence, is at band. Our sister republio
to tbe north of the Vaal River is about
to bo attacked hy an unscrupulous enemy who for many years, hns prepared himself and sought pretext* for the
violence of which he is now guilty,
whose purpose it is to destroy'the existence of the Afrikander race. With
our sister republic, we aro not only
bound hy ties of blood, of sympathy
and of common interests, but also by
formal treaty, which lias been necessitated by oirenmstanoes, This treaty
demands of us that we assist if she
nhould unjustly be attacked which.wo
unfortunately for along time have bad
too much reason to expect We therefore passively look on while Injustice
is demo her, and while also our own
dearly bought freedom is endangered,
but are called as men to resist, trusting
the Almighty, firmly believing thai
He will ii. ver permii injustice and unrighteousness to triumph,
"Now that we thus resist a powerful enemy, with whom it bus always
been our honest, desire to live in
friendship, notwithstanding injustice
and wrong done by him to us in the
past, we solemnly duel ire in the presence of the Almighty God that we ure
compelled thereto by tho injustice done
to our kinsmen, and by the consciousness that the end of their independence
will make onr existence as au indpend
onl state of no significance and that
their lute, should they he obliged to
bend under an overwbclmning power
will s on afterward be our own fate.
"Solemn treaties have not protected
our sister Republio against annexation,
agaiost conspiracy, against the claim
of an abolished sazerainty, ngainst continuous oppression, ami interference
and now against a renewed attack
which aims only at ber downfall.
"Ourjowti unfortunate experiences
in the past have ulso made it sufficiently clear to us, that we cannot rely
ou the most sulomn promises nnd
agreements of Great Britain,; when
sho has at her helm a Government
prepared to trample on treaties, to
look for feigned pretexts for every violation of good faith by her committee.
This is proved, among other things,
by the unju-t and ^unlawful British
convention, after we bad overcome an
armed a barbarious black tribe in our
eastern frontier, us also by the forcible
appropriation of tbe dominion over
part of our territory where tbo discovery of diamonds had caused tho desire
for this appropriation, although cou-
trnry to existing treaties. The desire
ami intention to trample on our rights,
as an iadpendent and sovereign nation,
notwithstanding a solemn convention
existing between this state und Great
Britain, have also been morcj ban once
and nre now again shown by the present Government, by giving expressions
:' public documents to an unfounded
claim of paramountry over the whole
of onth Africa and therefore over this
"With regard to the South African
Republic, Great Britain has moreover
refused until tbe present to allow her
to regain her original position in respect to foreign affairs, a position
wliich she bad lost iu no sense hy her
own faults. The original intention
of conventions to which the Republic
had consented under pressure ot circumstances has been perverted and continually been used t.y tbe prosenl Brit
ish administration as a means for the
practise of tyranny and of injustice
nnd among other things, for the sup
nort of a revolutionary propoganda
within the Republic in favor of Great
Britain And while no redress has
been offered, us justice demands, for
injustice done to the Snnin African
Republio on the part of bad British
Government and while no gratitude is
exhibitieil for the maguanamity shown
at tho request of the British Goveru-
ni t to 1 ril ish snbjecl -' ������ fid forfeited mm :��� the laws oi the Republic,
their lives aud property, vet no feeling
of shame bus prevented the British
Government, now that the  gold mines
of immense value hnve been discovered
in tbo country, to make claims on the
Republic, the consequence of which if
allowed, will be that those who, or
whoso forefathers have saved tho country from barbarism and have won it
for civilization, witb their blood and
their tears, will Lobs their control over
tbe iuter.'Ms of the country, lo which
they are justly entitled according to
Divine aud human love. The consequence of these cluiuis, would bo moreover, thai Iho greater part of tho power will be placed in the bands of thoso
who,   foreigners   by   birth   enjoy   the
privilege of depriving ihe country of
its chief treasnre while they have novel shown any loyalty to u foieigu Government Besides the inevitable consequence of the acceptance of these
claims, would be that the independence of the country  us   self governing.
independent sovereign Republic, would
be irreparablyv lost.
"For years British troopB iu greut
numbers have been placed on the frontiers of our sister Republic ;,in order to
compel her by fear to accede lo the demands which would be pressed upon
her and in order to eiioouargo revolutionary disturbances and the cunning
plans of those   whose greed for gold is
me ensue of their shumeless undertakings. Those plans huve uow reached
their cliniiix in the open violence, to
i which the present British Government
now resoiH, While we reiulily acknowledge tbo honorable character of
thousands of   Euglimnhtn   who  loath
such deeds of rubber) and wrong, we
cannot but abhor tbe shameless breakings of treaties, tbe friendly pretexts
for llie transgression of law, tbe violation of international law, und .if jus.
tice und the numerous right lending
deeds nf the British slatomcli, who
will no force war upon llie South African Republic. ()n their heads be the
guilt of the blood and may just providence award as they deserve. Burghers of the Orange Free ..Stale arise ns
one man against, (be oppressor and tin
violator of right. In the strHo, to
which wo are now driven, have care to
commit no deeds unvorthy of a Christian and unworthy of a Burgher of the
Orange Free State. Let us look forward with confidence to a fortunate
end of this confliot, trusting lo Unit
higher power without whose help lie-
man weapons arc of no avail
"May God bless our arms. Undo* bin
banner we   advance to   battle   fi r lib.
erty and for fatherlaud,    (Sgned)
"State  President."
Capetown, Nov. fi. ��� A dispatch from
Maseru, Bnsulnnil, dated Friday evening save that since Magistrate Lag-
den's warning that their interference
with tho Basntos would cause an uprising, the Boers have been letting the
Basutos cross the river into Bnsutolnn.
Tbo natives, however, continued to
complain lhat they were being robbed
of their savings by the authorities,
There is no disguising from the natives that the British suffered a roverso
at Badysmith. It hns been explained
to tbe Europeans as a mere incident
of the war und tbey are regading it
as insignificant-. It wns thought better that every body should know tho
truth, the dispiteh adds, nnd not ful
low the Republic's method of concealing reverses both from the Europeans
and the Basutos, wbc have implicit
faith in Ihe Imperial Government."
The repulse of the Free Stale forces
ou October 27 is claimed by the Boers
to hnve been a brilliant Boer victory,
and they sny that at Eluuds Luiigle,
the British lied und tbat at Ladysinitb
the Boers retired because tbey bail ex
peudod their ammunition. Tbe Boer*
also usseit that General White wm
killed and that certain documents were
found on his body. Certain resident*
of Colesburg are freely communicating
With the Boer force across the river.
Hamilton, Onl , Nov. 6.���Walter N.
Btrlpe is dead ns the risult of his bodi
being mangled by being run over bj
the trailer which In attempted tnimn]
on,when in motion ou Saturday night.
Toronto, Ont., Nov. 6.���Annie
Greeiiinan, domestic, aged 27, was asphyxiated by gas Saturday nig! i. It
is presumed she blew out the gas.
Brantford, Ont.,Nov. 6.���The Farmer's Binder Twine  Co.,   of  Ibis i ty,
has declared a dividend of   a   bundle
oer cent.    Last  year they   declared   a
dividend Of sixty per cent.
Hamilton, Ont, Nov. (i.���William
Glide ia (lend as the result of eating
canned maokernl on Fridsy night,
Symptons of poisoning were 'evident.
An inqui -t will i o held.
Toronto, Ont , Nov. 6.���The Ontario
Power and Flats Co.'s premises were
destroyed by lire Saturday night, loss
$17,500, insured for .$111,000.
The outlook bears evidence that tho
price of oopper will be kept at its present market rule for a long time to
come. Oopper stocks may respond to
speculative movements uml hit every
note iu the gamut of bulls and bears,
but, the market price of the red luetul
will not vary much from its present
figures. In a word, the demand equals
the supply, and purchasers find profit
ill its bundling. It pays to use copper in
the industrials, and us long as it does
there will be no falling oil' in its price-
Prospecting for copper propositions is
meeting suooess In every portion of
tho great mineral west nnd northwest.
Copper prospects nre being developed
into producing mines, ami tbe mine
are being capitalized al healthy figures.   The   investing  capital   In  tbe
east is hungry for copper stocks, and
very ninny who have been content witb
their little holdings in small divided 1
paying pursuits, are putting their
money In copper  securities  yielding
larger Interest on their capital.
Il is said thine is no trouble to sell n
copper mine in New York or in Boston. All thnt the would-be purchaser
wishes to know is thut there ie merit
in the mine, and that u reasonable
price iii wanted for it. The capitalist
win. cun be satisfied upon those poiuts
becomes a reudy purchaser.--Tbi Wist
���ro Mining World.
Tho Purchase Price Is Fifty
Thousand Dollars.
J- M. Williams   Cakes   "old  of   W. J.
Guepel's   Kovc   Cieek   iliue.
Ohap em St rting Dp
An important milling ileal has beeu
put through which ensures an addition
to the list of producing mines in tbe
Nelson district. Mr. .1. Muliiusoii Williams, representing a London, England
syndicate, bus bonded iho Whitewater
mine, on Rover Creek, from Mr. W.
J. Goepel and his associates for $ii0, ���
000. The bond extends over six months.
The necessary tools will be sent up
today, and active development work
will commence, nt once. Mr. Williams
is calling for tenders fjr driving' a
crosscut tunnel to prove the vein at
depth, anil when tlm vein is tapped it
is llie intention to drift along it both
'llie property was Crown granted
some years ago, but bus been lying idle
for some time until Mr. T. G, Procter succeeded in interesting Mr. Wil-
liiims iu the property. There is n ledge
of free milling quart/, on the properly,
from four to six feet iu width, which
averages about $37 to the ton. A good
iiwt of tbo oro wus made some time
ago when two hundred Inns wero run
through the Huntingdon mill with
i\bich the mine is equipped,    The mill
xiruotcd s;qij worth of gold to tho ton
mil the tailings assayed $11. 'Ibis ore
a as not picked or sorted m any way.
Tbe Huntingdon mill now on the
properly will no. oc used by the purchasers, as Mr. Williams intends,
bhould the ore body   retain   ils   values
nd width ut greater depth, to elect a
stamp mill next summer with which
he expei is to save 70 per cent of the
gold on the plates. The chief develop-
mi ut work al present, consists of a 155
foi i tunnel driven iu on the vein, und
a 70 fool crosscut tunnel.
The Cbaplcau i lini near Slooan City
villi. )i Mr. J. M. Williams bonded
some months ago for $80,000 will bo
worked all the winter, and the noces-
sniv buildings should be completed to-
day. Tiny consist of three substantially built cabini aud a root house.
Proi sons and tools ure being sent up
to the nunc, und a force of 14 moll
will be put   to wo.k at once.    .Mining
operations would probably huve commenced ere now, iu  for  tho diffloulty
experienced in getting the necessary
materials and supplies packed in.
There is an opening iu Slocan City
foi a packer who thoroughly understands his business.
Tbe Exchequer is making u shipment of their second class ore to tho
Hull Mines; Smelter. Fifteen tone
citnio down lust week, und another IB
tons will' bo shipped this week. Superintendent Musson reports that the
mine never looked better.
Paris, Nov. (1. ��� Major Count Ester-
hazy, tin1 roputed nulhor of the bordereau which br night about the conviction of Cnpt Dieyfus, on the charge
of i reason, wai sinieneed today, by default, on his cousin Chiist inn's charge
of swindling, to three veins Imprisonment and to pnv a line of 50 (runes.
He was also ordered to refund the Do,-
ooo francs claimed by Christian.
The   Washington   volunteers    came
marching home to Spokane yesterday
after over B .year's service in the Philippines,    riie Spokesman-Review oele-.
bra lea the   return   witb uu excellently
prepared   group   of pictures  of   eight
I ooinpanies,
Nelson Daily Miner
I'ublinned uaily except Monday.
NiCi.90.vVIi:��i:R Pai.vri.va Sr, Publishing Co..
I). J   BEATON, Editor and Manager.
D.ily per month by canter * 100
per half year    5 00
per yee r  10 00
per yuar by iiia.il    800
per year foreign  1000
Nelson Weekly Miner,
Weekly, pc  naif yoar * 1 25
p^r year    2 00
por year, foreign    2 50
Mubscrlpclom Invariably In advance
���I el son Min *r Printing & PubllshingCo
Telephone   No.  \.\.\
Spokesman-Review is rightly informed
the greater part of the trouble, if not
all of it, is due to agitators from the
Couer d' alene, who found their own
country too hot for them because of
their wanton violation of law." Iu
this connection The Colonist republishes the famous resolutions of the
Silvertou Union last June, in which
the members took pride in saying that
they wore no better than the miners
of Couer d'Alene. Wo are glad to
think there were very few Canadian
hands held up in support of that declaration.
Mr.Tarte is careful to explain to his
audiences in Quebec that bis oon-
sent to allow a Canadian contingent
to be sent to South Africa was obtained only on the distinct understanding
that, such action on the part of the
Government should not be regarded as
a precedent. Indeed, so he assures
us, he took pains to have that understanding or condition communicated
to the Imperial authorities as a protection against future sacrifices of the
kind. The gentleman is not as familiar with tbe English tongue as those
of us who are so unfortunate as to be
members of the Anglo-Saxcn race, and
thereforo he will be excused the misuse of the word precedent. It does not
apply in such a case. The Canadian
battalion is a free-will offering of the
Canadian people, prompted by grati
tude, affection, and patriotism. It is a
matter of feeling, of emotion, iu connection with which tbe suggestion of
obligation would be incongruous. One
does not. say be is iuufienced by precedent to contribute to a charity, because he had given money for a similar object on a former occasion.
But although our French Minsister,
Mr. Tarte, was not as happy as he
might have been in the choice of the
word, we are not left in any doubt
as to hiB moaning. What he says is
that the Canadian people may send a
battalion to aid tbe Mother Country
this tune, but we are not to do it
again. This is what he said to his
colleagues iu the Government, and
only because they accepted the condition did he give his consent. He is
making this quite plain to the compatriots whom he has been addressing
at public meetings. One is hard put
to it to discover tbe motive of this ostentations insistence. Tbe maBS of
Fench-Canadians are not disloyal to
th'o British Crown, and it is hardly to
be supposed that Mr. Tarto ie laboring to undermine their loyalty. But
it is plain that he is counting on their
support iii the course ho has taken. In
some quarters be is accused of deliberately fomenting race prejudices, as he
did on other noted occasions. If he
cau provoke the English-speaking
Press to some more or less mild abuse
of his countrymen, it may count him
son.e vot s in the next election.
The uttera iobs of a responsible iin-
is hi f tin Oruwn ci t be taken - r-
l icsl     li     c nd s    '.st ncc
ah   li
ano t>ir .vilfrid i^aui ei u I
tained at tin next general election,
tne Canadian Government would not
permit aid to bo sent to the Moth- r
Country, however urgent t> e need
might be. It is quite on tbe i arils
thnt Groat Britain may find herself involved with European Powers in n
struggle that wonld threaten the very
existence of tho Empire. Although ot
the most supreme moment to Canada,
we would be obliged to sit quietly and
look on while a Europeua combination
wore harrying the life out of her.
Mr. Tarte would not permit ub to
move a hand, for ho has said an much,
and said also that suoh was tho understanding ou which tbe contingent
nf tbe other duy was allowed to depart
This is much too serious a matter to
treat with indifferent, If this is a
British Dominion, it looks ns if tho
timo had come to make proclamation
to that effect at the polls, aud in such
munnor that Mr. Tarte will be spared
tho necessity cf keeping our loyalty
within limits.
A serious renr end collision occurred
at Coal Creek last Sunday afternoon.
An east-bound freight, in charge of
Conductor Manaban, failed to make
the grade ou this side of Coal Creek,
and bucked up rapidly so as to get another start, s.iys the Fernie Free
Press. A gravel train from Monissey
Creek was on its way to Fernie, and
the engineer, seeing Ihe freight shead,
reversed his engine, and had stopped
when struck by the freight. The engine of tho gravel truin was badly
smashed and the caboose and two fiat
cars completely wrecked and another
flat car badly damaged. One of the
crew on the freight had a narrow escape. A wrecking crew was Bent from
Fernie aud the track was cleared after several hours hard work. Tin
east-bound express went around the
mill siding and arrived here a few
minutes behind time.
"We do not like to hear about Italian miners being imported to work in
the Slocnn," snys The Victoria Colonist; "although we have long foreseen
that something of tho kind was certain
to occur. Tho effect of demagogical
among the workingmen in the United
States was to produce such a condition
of things that the dregs of Europe were
brought in to labor in many of the
mines and in other industries, nnd
we are not surprised that similar
causes are likely to produce similur results in British Columbia. An attempt has boon made to arouse sympathy for the miners by representing
that the trouble whioh has arisen and
tho ill-feeling Hint is kept nlive is due
to tbe natural ; rotesi of a British people  against    oppression;   but   if   tho
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McLean's Drug Store.
Prescriptions  carefully  prepared at
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Telephone No. 145.
Mail  Orders   Promptly   Filled.
P. O. Box 226.
We have removed our
Next Door to the Postofflce
Canada Drue
& Book 60.
C. A. PROSSER,   Manager.
Bargains in BftrrHlic!
i IIJ J m q U n c
fflasen & WP1m����
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town Mow Co, Li
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Montreal
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To work In the Metalliferous Mines of British
Columbia, at the following prioes per
day ot eight hours:
Hand Drillers ��i.no
MfohlnoMen  8,60
Minors In Shafts    3.50 to ?4 0(1
Ciirincn   253to   3.00
-hovellers... 2.60
Laborers  2.60
BlaokBtniths 3 50 to {4.00
���rinibcrn.cn  3.50ioSI.OO
AnivyoTll!.; SILVER LEAD MIXES ASSOCIATION, Sandon. British Columbia.
The Nelson Soda VValer Factory
aie the sole iig." ts for
Kootenay for
.;     �� j  [[g|   |])fj]]|j jjfjtlf
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lllill   the elll.il ive   |i.     I'l-   i
its   ni is   s trr ii  r iii
h i    f an     ill,-.- >
Nelson Soda Water Factory.
N. H. CUriAllNS, Lessee.
Great Reduction I
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purchaso- wait! or exi li ingo-
Stevens S
Rooms i and n
Clements-Hillyer Block
HEALED TENDKRS will he receivod
hy thn undersigned up to Monday,
Nnvomher 111th, fnr frapplvinp; gronfir-
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���PHONE nil.
Frank A. Tamulyn, Mgr.,
Baker Street, Nelson
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
*   of nil Icindu.
Welch, rt. nnd IlnH'.lie systems.
' OC        ' ll ���)���   Cl
Qfi ���    tn    O       ENC    ���
'      ���::-:
ESTIMATES,     1-LAiMs;.    REPOR   B
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Crow's Nest Pass
Special  Rat^For Carload
'��� I. J. BOOVII-
MININtl IIBOKKK.      ���������
Windermere Mlno*   Ootmp0ll4����
Necessary By-Law 'Will Be Submitted to
the Voters.
Sparse Attendance at the Council Meeting
Last Night���Considerable Routine
Business Put Through.
It was anticipated hy many that
yesterday evening's Oonucil meeting
wonld be characterized by important
developments, but these expectations
were not fulfilled. Tho meeting, too,
was but thinly attended as, besides the
Mayor, there weie but threa members
of tbe Council present, Aldermen Hillyer. McKillop anil Kirkpatriok. The
meeting opened with a disoussi.m ns
to the advisability of taking advantage
of prison labor for breaking stone for
thn sheets, tha Provincial authorities
being willine to lend the eliiiin gang
for thnt purpose providing that the
City pay for their superintendence and
the onst of tin- tools. After so..in discussion the matter was deferred for
two weeks on the motion of Aid. McKillop. The Mayor then aniioun ed
that a' the interview he b '-'; ti cei t t
hnd ii itlt '���' r. T. 1 I. SI an ibm my, ���
the C. P. R., the president had proni-
ised thut any agreement entered into
witb tie Oily \-oiilrl he eatriP'l ..nt.
A letter which was published soiu-
days ago in The Miner, from Mr. (.'.
Halifax Hi.II, engineer for the Nelson
Eleotrio Tramway Company, was then
read regarding the keeping open of the
road to tho Hume Addition, aornss
some lots they have recently purchased.
As ihe lots lie outside the City limits
the Council decided tbey could not
take any action in the matter, but
thought it was one for tbo business
mon to settle privately. Mr. J. Lning
Storks, a director of the company, assured tbe Council that tbe tramway
company would be willing to moetauy
oue half way iu tbe matter, Another
communication wns also read from the
tramway company's engineer drawing
intention to tbe fact that on Front
street, Water street ami elsewhere
trenches had been dog whioh endangered t e recently constructed irack.
On Water sireet the Gas Company
seems to have been tho offender, bnt
elsewhere it was clue to water connections being made. Tbe letter was referred to the City Eugrioer witb instructions to see that any earth thus
taken from under tho track was properly tamped in again.
Messrs. Macdonald & Johnson wrote
asking whether or no the City intended to pay Mrs. Gilbert's account. Alderman Hillyer spoke very strongly
about such an account being allowed to
run so long unsettled. The Mayor
hold out a prospect of its being settled
by the Provincial Government within
a fortnight, and ou that understanding the matter was allowed to stand
Mr. Fred Elliot, secretary of the
Nelson Cricket Club, wrote asking for
the refund of $5 spent in repairing
damage done to the recreation grounds
by the circus Inst summer. The City
Clerk explained that Mr. J. E. Anna
bio was responsible for this under the
arrangement with the circus, and
that he bad already demanded a settle,
meut without eit'eet. He was instructed to write Mr. Anuable again and inform him thnt legal proceedings would
be taken if I e did not pay no.
A )��� tie from thi Wnti rons Em ii e
Com] ..-��� isklnp  11 " I onni ii   lo   wire
I':.     , 18    hi III!    li I ������.:-'       VI I   ������
v    ���'   ������'     ��� ,'           askiii)
nn ��� 111.11
the lay;i ���
pipe i . "     Hi ....... thai   ii    In.      i ii'
$4(1(1 on be roun this summer and thnt
it ��:���s now impossible for him to haul
llie et.rd wood he haC cut,   into non.
'the Git* Engineei wns inslr. onl
to look over tbe road and Hie whut repairs wi re necesaaiy.
Mr. John.sin, of the Sn.elter band,
asked the Cmincil to oontribute something tovvarih Hie band, and also for
tho loan of tnreo of the City's musical
instruments, The matter was adjourned pending an opinion from tho Oity
Solicitor as to whether the City could
appropriate money for such a   purpose,
The Oity Clerk read   the   following
statement of  the   Oity's   finances   for
tho month or' October :
Fire Department I     157 67
Police        "            878 70
Health       "            !>2\ '2C,
Legal  expenses  2(18 57
Miscellaneous  110 00
Printing and Stationery  117 00
Public b'ldings,   grounds ... lfi 00
Salaries  ��1 66
Sewer construction  2,810 70
Sewer maintenance  10 7o
Electric light  maintenance. 188 20
Electric light construction.. . 11,211a (ill
Waterworks construction. ... 0,580 98
Waterworks maintenance. .. 202 40
Streets  1*8 37
Sidowallcs  898 86
City weigh scales  77 8(1
Sinking funds  B.ybO 00
Exchange  c"
Total 121,712 10
Salaries *     la ljj
Real estate taxes   ;.��M 07
Electric light rates   I.8O1 88
Water rales  ��-0M 08
Licenses      868 00
Police couit fiuos      265 o0
Sewer  rates  430 6(i
Miscellaneous ...... 075 00
Burial permits.    . 0 00
Supplies  22 \r,
Health department.    . 201 75
City weigh  Bcales.              " 12 50
Uoa(J t"X  1,402 00
Tota' WWiM
Balauce at credit, Sept. .10. .$18,045 80
Deposits in October     7,525 05
T��tal $25,570 35
Checks issued iu Oct     21,712 10
Balance credit $ 8,868 25
The Public Works Committee made
the following report:
1. They recommend that sewers be
constructed as folows, viz., In alley
from Ceder street e.tst, on Block 86,
and through Blocks 8 and 15, Addition
' A."
8. They also recommend that an estimate be obtained as to the cost of no-
oessary street lights ou the alternating system.
li. YourJcommitt.ee .also recommend
that proper sewer connection and lavatory be put iu the City Hall and Fire
Hall, and tenders be called for tbe
By-law 54, better known as the Music Hull by law, then came uu for final
��� ��� ion and adoption, and n
1 igely .s.KUed petiliou in iis favor wus
presented. Alderman Hillyer defended his oosition in;..the matter, and
spoke rather bitterly about the personal
attacks he li id iieen suejected to In tbo
matter. Ho stated that the strongest
opposition to thu by-luw came from the
saloon men am the sporting fraternity. Aid. MoKillop saidthat no legitimately conducted musio hall could
p.ij* nunei the provisions of tho proposed hy-law. Tho Mayor said ho was
in favor of a properly conducted music
ball, but thought there was considerable opposition to it in town, and he
theiefore agreed with Aid. Hillyer's
suggestion that the by-law be submitted to the people. This the Council decided to do.
On tbo by-law for closing* barber
shops on Sunday, Aid. Hillyer made
rather an unexpected flop, aud proposed its adoption wliich was carried.
By.-law 55, wliich imposes an annual tax of $100 on Fire Insurance
Companies operating in Nelson, was
idopted without a dissenting voice.
Alderman Mc.Killcp gave notice of au
amendment to By-law No. 8, so as to
make it conform to the. provisions of
tbe Municipal Act. The gist of the
amendment is tbat the City must lay
and be responsible for tbe service pipes
from the main to the lot line.
Chief of Police Jarvis' report for October was then read. It stated that 34
cases bad come before the police magistrate during the month, most of
which wore drunks, but tbat tbe temporary influx of railway laborers were
almost entirely responsible for these.
He referred to the number of offenses
committed by small boys and also stat-
d that A. F. McKinnon had interfered with the work of the police by representing himself to be a policeman
thus diverting information from its
proper channels.
Fire Chief W. J. Thompson reported
that the damage douo by fires during
tbe month of October amounted to
It was decided to exempt tho City
offloinls and the members of the Fire
Department from tho payment of tho
road   tax.
Mrs. McOullocb wrote thanking
the City for a donation of $200 to tho
Public Library
Au offer to supply the Oity with
;:  ninou      mould   >:l:iss   nnml era   for
��� ������.:, ��� win referr  1 to tin  tinnnce oon
. Iii    :'    <.'.:
mounted popper and salt shakers u
set of spoons from Miss L. Bulg
two vases from Miss McMillan, silvei
cleret jug from F. Simpson, lounge
chair front J. McKeirnan, Fauquier
and J. J. Kiughorn, window sent from
J. Macdonald and a piano oover from
Fred Irvine.
R. G. Fulmore, Moyie Oity; R. Mo-
Guire, Molly Gibson mine; E. C. Davison; Alex Yuill, Mediciue Hat; John
H. Heel, Granite mhio; R. T. Lowery,
New Lenver; W. C. Burckett, Spokane ; A. McLeod, Fernie; O. A. Farr,
New York; John McDonnld, Winnipeg.  __
Greenwood's daily paper will make
its first appearance about the end of
the mouth.
Mrs. George Hunter presented her
husband with an infant daughter yesterday morning.
Mr. G. F. Motion leaves toraonow
morning ou a business visit through
tho Boundary country.
Mr. W. J. Goepel, inspector of the
Government offioes.left yesterday even-
iug on a visit to Kamloops.
Patrick Mollay, committed for trial
for au unprintable offense, \. as brought
in froiii Fernie yesterday .tiul lodged
in   the  Provincial   jail, by Constable
Hill Bros., of Rosebery, have the
contract of supplying 90.001) feet nf
lumber to the Wakefield mine near fcil-
verton, Tbey are shipping lumber to
ihe mine regularly.
Mr. Koek is moving Ins saw mill
from the Enternrise mine to the town-
site of Aylwin, situated nt the mouth
of Ten Mile Greek. He intends to
keep the sawmill rnuniug all the winter.
Fernie is keeping right up to date.
The Liberals of the town have oignn-
ized a strong Liueral Association
with Fred Stork, president; W. H.
Wilson, vice-president, aud J. H.
Brioker, secretary-treasurer.
Tho teamsters of the Oity are complaining that the street railway company has closed un the road leading to
tho Nolson & Fort Sheppard depot
which traverses some lots recently purchased by the street railway  company.
Tbe by-laws sanctioning the borrowing of $15,000 for further improvements wero passed hy the ratepayers of
Greenwood last Monday. Immediately
afterward an offer of 101 was made
for the debentures through the Bank of
Montreal aud accepted by tbe Council.
The purchaser is W. L. Hogg, the
well known Montreal financial man.
Tho switch which the O. P. R. is
constructing for the .Nelson Gas &
Coke Company interferes badly with
the switch O. W. West & Co., have
been using for unloading fuel. The
latter firm complains that they now
bave onlv room for two cars, instead of
six, ivhicb makes the proper handling
their wood and coal almost impossible.
At least some of the nockey players
of the City nre showing life. Tho juniors have eallod^n meeting for Friday
evening next when they will organize
for the season. They expect to he able
to arrange several games with tho
Rossland juniors during the winter.
The place of meeting has not yet been
decided upon but wiil be announced iu
tomorrow's Miner.
Harry Swain and Charles Clinton, two
tin born gamblers were yesterday fined
$30 and costs, or four months, and
given 24 hours in which to leave town.
In delivering sentence the magistrate
took occasion to remark that sucb 1111-
dersirable characters were becoming
too common in Net-inn. and that stringent mosures would be adopted with
the other members of the fraternity
who did not speedily make themselves
The sales of work conducted by tho
ladies of the Methodist Church ht*vo
always been successful nnd the one
wbinli onens at tlm Nelson Cafe tomorrow evening nromi-es to be even more
0 than usual. All kinds nf fancy .'md
useful an idea v...!   bi    ITai   I foi  .ale
jam The Ladies Admire I
IB "late Bool 1
y The latest in Footwear. We have ��
jusi received a consignment iuclud- E
ing   the   Famous Julia Marlow  and c
and the mannish ntyles with bn ml E
toes ami heavy soles. E
You Can See Them
in onr window.    You can try them on   ill-   g
side and it wont cost you anything.
Wholesale Houses.
NfcLSON, B. C.
LI LLIE  BROS. shoePsts
3   Canadian, American,       Fleece Lined, 5-:
.i.   English unil Scotch        Natural Wool,
'x   Manufacture.
Fine Cashmere, &e.
��&      Trices   from  $1,50 to  $7.50   per  Suit,    See  our"Verus"
<S brand absolutelv unshrinkable  English G.'ods.
Hub Furnishing; House.
y %
Shredded Wheat Biscuit.
Requires Little or No Cooking.
Economical, Wholesome, Palatable, Nutritious-
The Best and Only Food for Dyspeptics.
Telephone Call, No. 10.
Post Office Box, K and W.
The Nelson ElectricTrain way Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C DUNCAN, Secretary
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I      : !   ���  . -. , ��� ,  1.
.. Well ivuu 11 Nelsou I ouple Eiitei
\ marriage which created a iioori
iIb.,1 of ni erest wns consummated yon.
t.i.i.iy v\i..eu ih.. Kev. it. Frew juiuerl
Ijytlii M. Jameson and .James M. Bulger, tin.' popular foreman of the O. P.
K. shipyards in the bonds of holy mat
riniiiiiy, Minn E. La Dno officiating uh
bridesmaid aud Mr, James MoKerinan
11 s best num. Thn ceremony was per��
l'ortni'il yesterday afternoon at the ms-
iilenoe of thu brido on Baker stent. An
elaborate supper hail been prepared to
whioh a large number of thn friends
of the brido ami groom were biddou.
After supper a moat, enjoyable evening
was spent, some members of tho Smelter Baud enlivening the piooeedings
with musio. The happy couple leave
this morning for Spokane on their
honeymoon trip.
The presents were numerous and
handsome, and included: A handsome marble clock from P. J. Butler,
a silver tureen from G. H. Sproat, an
oak side board, silver tea serivce aud
n set of Hilver mounted carving knives
and forks from the shipyard boys; a
set of six jardinieres, two silver napkin rings from J.Egau; a copy of Mrs.
Human's poems from J. H. Howes;
silver soup ladle from James Law-
roueo, silver bread basket from Charles
Crandon, silver cake basket from
Frank Loriug, six silver fruit knives
from Charles Watermau, silver butter
knife ami spoon from F. Riohardion,
two silver Indian sugar shells and pio-
tme framo from Mrs. 0, S. Moorn, out
glass silver mounted toilet ornament
from   Miss   Bulger,   cut   glass  silver
���   ,
...   .mi    I.   i.i 1 iu  hear   .11    si e,    ....
adroissioj charged,
The meeting of St. Saviour's Ladles'
(inili held last Thursday was well at-
tended, Tho statement nf accounts
BDOwed the Society to be in a good tin-
uncial position, The following oltl-
oers were elected I President, Airs.
W. J, Goepel; Vine-President, Mrs.
U.S. Ak.'lmrst; Sot-Treasurer, Mrs.
A. B, Kskrigvo It was decided to
hold the usual weekly meetings in the
school room every Thursday at SI i80 p,
m It was also decided to hold a
Doll Pete on tho 16th of December
when there will bo offered foi fitilu a
large number of beautiful dolls of all
sizes, descriptions and nationalities,
' '   ���
���-: N   15,
*    ���
" Looking back-I see I never
saw before."
This is the exclamation of satisfied
We have fitted successfully stubborn
cases that others have failed in.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Consultation free.
Patenaude Bros.,
Nelson, B   C.
bandon. Three Foi-ks, I'<J ew Denver and .Slocan City
Orders bv  mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1K69.
Caiiital Autlioiized   ���  -   ���   ���   $2,ooo-ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
(ieneial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Bxchangc   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in '-t favorable terms.    Interest allowed  on Special
deposit) mil im Having Hank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
ESTABLISHED 150 YEARS 1^0110011,    Grig".
"ORB! I        Brand and
PRbniER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Agents fob Canada i JAMES TURNER & CO.. Hamilton, Ont.
THORPE & CO-, 1-:mitku.���Corner Vermin ant) Cedar Streets, Nelson, manufacturer.-, of and wholesale dealers in aeratod
waters and fruit syrups, Solea-goate for Halcyon Springs mineral Water.
��� \. M. fiimiiiniEi, Lessee. Every known
variety of Roft drinks. P, O, Box S3. Tele-
phoueNo, 31.   Hoover Street Nelson.
nor Baker and HailtttreetSt Nelson, manufacturers o( "'tnyal Seal" and "Kootenay
Belle" brand of cigars,
HJ. EVANS -c* CO. Baiter Street, Nel-
* Mm. u hoiesaJe dealers In liquor, cigars.
cement, fli e b' Ick and Are clay, water pipe and
stool rails ond general commission merchants.
LiJirrsD.���Front Street, Nelson. wnoTo-
sale dealers In flour, meals, etc., and hay
and, grain. Mills at Edmonton, Victoria und
New Westminster. Elevators on Calgary &
Edmouton Railway,
;EO.   F-   MOTION-    Wholesale Hay,
I   (iriin and ieeu.   specls! quotation   on
,   MA.-DuNaLD -iii Ou    (   r er  Vor
"���   uu    anil  -. -���*, ii in   . t t-c.-v  wholesale
I'd    t   itud ,i  bhel     .. ul  n  ��� i.-. g) vo . mitis,
biKr.s,   ruUuerrt,  uiaci-.iii.iws aud mi tiers' huh-
drii -
'OOrt-i   YtU.'PuYCO   I.imited-
vurno.. oLroet, .NuIbO... iiuyorttrs  aIioU---
2~j)  ��IU   N> a GO   linker street,  Nolaou.
B.    whuli'-iil.'   aciliern   in  l'iu-h  and  ourod
mr .is   c Id storage,
-Baker stretl  Nilsun,   \\ Uoiu.uledoal-
urclafre baudeurod meau,
HBYEHS A CO. Corner Bakor nnd
��� Joeepblno Street*, Nolaon, wholesale
cI'mmt- in tiordwaro and minuig Bnpplles.
AkcdLs fur Uiaiit I'.iwdcr Co.
i.imiikip Bakor titreet, Nekton, wholn-
paledeolore in hardware and mlnlpg Buppllee,
plumber-i'and LiniiuiItn'B supplies,
-ila' .anils nun uils.
Vernon and Josephine rfiix-oi*. Nelson,
wholesale dealers In liquors cigars und dry
Komls. Agontnfor Pabst Browing Co. of Mil-
wu. ken and Calgary Brewing Co, of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY CO.   Wholesale ��ro-
corlesand Uquoru.eto,, Haker .St., Nelson,
JY   GRIFFIN   &   CO.-Corner Vernon
��   and Josephine Utreets, Nelson, wholesale
dealers in provisions,cured meats, butter and
MILLS, LotrTBD���Corner Front and
11.iil Btroeis, Kelsou. manufaoturers of and
wholesale dealers In --ash si d doors; all kinds
of factory work made lo order.
ner Jottephlno and linker Streets,   Agte,
for ('alciu.n Carbide and  Wolland Acetylene
Ga- Machine Co,
WF. TEETZEL & CO    Corner Baker
���   and Jo-ei'Mir  .^treel-. Nelson,  wliole-
Bale dealers In assayer'a supplies,   Agents for
Demur Kire Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.
I In' direct icmte 'i-otti
0UN1   T
A EtsI
Full lim- S ���<r|n-i.-i  i nil tniiiiK li'om
TOriilsTt'AHS pH8�� MedioinoHat
iIhIIi mr ^p. fanl, Sundays and Wed-
nostlnys for Toronto, Ki-iilins fur
Monl real and Bo iton.
Same cats pass rXevelstoke one day
To and fmni ttnbson, Roulnnd,
El, Sun. Ex. Sun.
7.10 Lv.        NELSON Arr.10.40
1H,ix) l.v.ilaily NELSON dally Arr.Sl.40
Morning train connects fi r nil points
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line ainl points north, and (rx.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Dally, Str. Moyie Daily,
28.00 i.v. NELSON        Ait. 1.1.20
Connects Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nesl Branoh trains both ways.
Ex. Sun. sir. Kokanee. Ex. Sun
16.00 Lv. NELSON Arr. 11.00
Tue., Thtir., Bat., to Aiifeuln. and
ret., leaving Knslo nl   link.
Ex. Sun. Kx. Sun.
0.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. B.20
Km-1 itBiandful] liiforinulion address nonr
on! loi-.i 1 ngont, or
C  B. hkasi.ky Oity Passenger Agent
It, W. DREW, Auoni, NolBon
W. V. AN11K11SON, K. J. COYLK,
Tray. I'tuw. Agent,       A   O. P. A��er.ti,
I     MINING NEWS.     I
Part II.
When the Canadian Mining Institute
met in Nelsou some weeks ago it went
on record on tlio Eight-Hour law*. The
debate on the question \va�� criticized
hy various papers and even at this late
date, a reproduction of the discussion,
published by the Canadian Mining Review will prove interesting reading :
The President���Now that all the pallets havo been read we are ready to
receive any resolution which will open
forjliscnssion this vexed question of
the eight-hour law iu this Province.
Mr. Croasdaile���We take this matter
upas the In-litute is interested in
mining throughout the Dominion, and
as this matter affected mining in this
district. Wo lately had legislation imposed on us which was not desired,nnd
:i class ut legislation generally ap-
proacbed with the greatest caution,
interfering as it does with freedom of
contrajt. In the British Columbia
Legislature at the end of the session
legislation was brought in interfering
wilh freedom of contract. Men oan
work in railway tunnels IS to 1-1
hours, but because it is Ihe mining
industry men cannot work more than
eight hours. 1 do not want to go into the political part of the question. I
therefore beg to move the following
resolution :
"Be is resolved that this Institute
feels the necessity of ;r,eordir:g its
strong disapproval of recent legislation
in this Province, legislation that was
unasked for by the miners and wbicl
interferes with freedom of contract
by restricting the hours of labor uu
derground ; the which has led to the
closing down of many active mines in
this Province and has caused a disturb
auce of the cordial relations which had
hitherto existed between capital and
"Also resolved, that the Council of
the Institute be authorized to take such
action in the matter as it might tbinlt
lit, aud forward a copy of this resolution to the Hon. the Minister of Mines
for the Province of British Columbia,
Mr. Leslie Hill���I beg to second this
Mr. Bell���What steps have been tak
eu by the mine operators themselves to
have the obnoxious legislation repreal-
ed? I suppose you would like to havo
the Institute, as a body, take action
upon tho resolution?
Mr. Croasdaile���I do not know
wli6ther tbe local house would be
miK'h influenced by what the Institute
thought, but we would be glad if the
Institute saw fit to take action in the
The President���I may sin that ninny
of the members from the East have
only beard of this Act through the
newspapers. Tbe distinction is made
that men oan be employed on railway
work underground for as many hours
as they like, whereas mining companies can only employ men for eight
hours nnderground.
Mr. ,T. R. Robertson���I would like
to say that this matter lias beeu discussed by most companies and in the
general press of tli3 Province At a
recent meeting held in RoBiland of the
Associated Boards of Trade of British
Columbia a strong resolution was passed nnd sent to the Minister of Mines
requesting the withdrawal of this
legislation. That is the position th"
BoRrtla of Trade ��� ' Briti li Col i io
1 ���      n     is matter,
I     a  ���
avo the Boi       of Trad
i equi  ���   to tin   ilo i ���nmenl
1       i
portance of the legislation pass   . di I
egations proi eeded  to  the C asl   i pr
seitting    iiis  district   thi   .   wan   an I
the Rosslnnd districts, presenting their
views and requesting  the rescindin of
this 1 igislation.
The Piesident���Have the mining
men obtained n legal opinion as to the
validity of this section of the Act?
Mr. Fowler���Ye*; it is not unconstitutional.
Mr. Croasdaile���We had the privilege of a visit from the Minister of
Mines, who introduced this amendment to the Mines Inspection Act,
but in answer to a question by myself,
tho only request the Government ri
ceived for this legislation was from
one member of the Rossland Union,
but tho Ciovernmcnt took no steps
Whatever to ascertain tbe views of ihe
employeis of labor,or to take the views
of the miners throughout tho Province,
but considered it advisable to bring in
a resolution and smuggle it through
the last session of the House without
anyone knowing about it.
The President���Is this a paragraph
of the Mines Inspection Act?
Mr. Croasdaile���Yes,
Mr. Robertson���The clause ns at lirst
printed referred simply to buys under
111 years of age. There was no mention
of the eight-hour clause for adult miners, and it was brought m as an
amendment on the 84tb of February
ami the Legislature prorogued on the
JJith, and there was no getting of
newspapers before that date. The
whole thing was run through Without
any discussion of the matter.
Mr. Croasdaile���In our own mines
we occasionally work three shifts, but
it is exceptional. Most mines cannot
work three shifts, and the r suit is
the actuul production of the mine is re
duced from in hours tu   Hi.    It   might
be argned   thai   we  can put more men    8. Bong   "Che Furo"	
on, but you   cannot   when   only   two L Solo-VioUnoeHo-"IJtanle" Schubert
shifts   can   be  worked.    Tbere is only | Herr Steiner.
room for so many   men  in   the  stopes 10- So"B~""SoreMS."Trou*i """*
and drifts, and naturally the outputjof i n, song-"Boi��Epnis"   	
the mine is  actually   lost  by about 15 Mr* H'ril"1' 01lver-
/, .   ,     . .   ,. 12. Song���"'Solvicir's Sons*".....
per cent, owing to tins legislation. Mrs. Brougham.
Mr. Alex. Dick���I doubt   very much ''���'��� Chorus-'.'Hail 1 Bright Abode
...       ...       ....      ,      ...     ,      .   i UoD SAVE THE Quei��n.
whether il is advisable   for this Insti-
tute, representing all of the Provinces,
A L.
.. .Grieg
to interfere in local mutters in British
Columbia I do not know that at any
meeting we ever hnd iu Nova Scot in
the Canadian Mining Iustitute ever
tool; any prominent part, and I think,
Mr. President, yon will bear me out in
Ottawa, Nov. 8.��� It is reported lo
men were injured by the explosion at
Ottawa Caribde Works, shortly attor
noon today. Among the injured is
Chief   Provost,   cf   Ihe   fire   brigade
that statement.    I believe out here the ! The origin of tlio explosion was due to
mine owners have formed associations, I fire.
aud no loulit any moral support  given !
by the members as a   whole would be j   Lindsay.   Ont,    Nov.     8.���Wesley
welcome, but [ doubt whether it wonld Montgomery   lost    his right arm   in
be wise for   the  Institute to  take any trying to jump on  n  moving train in
The President���I must take exception lo one ol the words Mr. Dick has
used, viz., "interfering" It is not
interfering in local matters in British
Columbia to have this Institute dis-
nuss a matter which is of vast import-
nice to the Province's interests, Furthermore the language of the resolution only records "strong disapproval"
of the Government's action.
Mr, Bell���1 think 'his is a question
upon which the Institute may be fairly
culled upon to exert its influence. Any
legislation which is so detrimental to
tbe successful developments of the
mining industry as this eight-hour Aot
has proved itself to be in the Slocan,
should be combatted by the mine owners and mine managers, not only of
this Province, but by their oonferres
In the other sections of the country.
The Institute, while Dnrtaking largely
of a technical character, i?, I take it.
primarily a protective organization.
It has been so in the past. Mr. Croas-
daile's resolution appears to me to be
perfectly in order, and I think we
should do all we can as an Institute
to secure a repeal ot this obnoxious interference with the mining industry
of the Province.
Mr. Alex. Dick���I think an appeal
should be made to the Federal authorities at Ottawa praying for a repeal of
the Act, and at the same time we
would be doing a greater service tu
British Columbia than by petitioning
the Provincial Government, which is
to my mind a repetition of what has
already been dene.
Mr. Croasdaile���Tbere has been no
resolution sent to the Government by
the local organizations. I do not know
what your methods are, but I think it
is a perfeotlj legitimate matter for
the Institute to take up.
The resolution was then re-read, put
to the meeting and carried.
the Grand Trunk yards here
s. SAVioun's [K.Mii.i-iil Church Corner
Ward nnd Slhcu BU. siiihI.i.,-: ilol Communion 8 a ni : ainl o" tlm 1st and3id Sundays
in tho month after Mnltlns; Mm tin nl n a.m.;
I Sunday School2,30 p.ui: Evensong 7.60. I'ail :
.Mai,ins at 9.30 a. in. Thursdays nnd -:;iint'.-
Daysi Holy Communion ill a in. Fridays:
Evensong 7.30 p, in., f.illo^nd hy choir prao-
tioe. 11 8. Akohurst, Hector. Fred Iryine,
Geo. Johnston**, Wardens.
Phebbvterian Ohobch���Sorvleosat II nan
and 7..'10 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m
Prayor mooting Thursday nvoning at 8 nan.
Christian Hndeuvor Society meets every Won-
day evening at 8 o'clock, itov. K. Frew,
METHODIST Church- Corner Silica nail
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 a.m. anil 7.30
p. ui. ; S.ibluitli School, 2.30 pan.: Frayer mooting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock: ECpworth
League C, K., Tuesday al S a.m. Rev. John
Robson, Pastor.
Cathoi.u: CHURCH���Mass at Kelson, Unit
and third Sunday at Sand 10.00a.m.; Benedio
lion al 7.30 to X p.m. Itev. Fathor Ferland
Baptist Chuboh ��� Ser lees morning n.nd
eveningatll a.m.and 7.30 p.m.j Prayer meet
Ing .Vednesday evening at S p.m. llio B. Y
V. I'. Monday evening at s o'clock, strangers
cordially welcomed.   Itev. C. VV*. Hose. Paster
Salvation Army���Sarviu �� every evening
at 8 o'clock in b.ura.ekson V eioria street
Adjutant HJdgeoombn in charge.
There Must  Be a Full House   at the
Entertainment  Tonight.
A NELSON LODGE, No. 23. A. P. & A.
��. Jrf M. meets second Wednesday in oaeli
^^Nmonlli.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lennox, Secret
I.  O. O.  F.     Kootenay Lodt'i'
No. 10, meets every Monday nighl.
at   their   TIall,  Kootenay st-eel
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
A G Shaw, N. G    John Sooley, V. G.
Fred J Squires, Seoy.
NELSON LODGK No. ��, K. of I',
linnets inl.O.O.F. hall, MoDonuldblock
-very Tuesday evening at 8 o'olook
A.   vlislting knights  cordially invited
'I'. Ln.UK, C. C.
It. G, Joy, It. of R.aud S.
NELSON AFIUE No. 21, F. O. K��� meets
every second and fourth Wednesdays of each
month. Visiting members cordially Invited,
J. H. Wray, Secretary.
NELSON'S   QUEEN    NO.   211
SONS   OF    ENGLAND,    meet-
first and    third   Wednesday   Of
each  month  nt Fraterniiy hall.
JJJ   corner of  Haker   and   Kootenay
^f^s"^   Btreeta,   Visiting lirnll
ially nviied.
hern  cot'd-
John Watson, Secretary.
NELSON L.o.L. No. liiii.'meets in ihe Mao-
Donald block every Thursday evening at s
o'cloi k. Visiting members cordially Invited,
John Tovc. W. M.t F. J. Bradloy, It. S.
i:. k ���:���
������   . ���
...i,. Pili-Hr:..,
Bargains In
KXI'KESS II m; -. --.
t*l< Ji I! lil.M-.--S,
iV. KAIHM '   .
A. R- >W, v.m.1...
ine ii ;  -;;' S
. ���'
Found Leading.
Kelson Opera House
Tuesday, Nov. 7,1899
9 Our fall stock is now arriving.   Four cars are nlri-adv
K mil ml,il. and  .    niiiii.i tuoio    ��� follow     O r stock this
!';  ! '      ' ���" : '������:���������-���������   ���     ire  . , I), , ��� '
s�� exc ci.-ed in I  e puioii sin-' oi    li s   Roods.  A* regards '���
S quality and p ico, we can s ifeh say ihey have been well 8
I bought.   Bo you can depend on getting fresh xoods at tl
'* lowest possible prices. 'i
?�� We would ask you to bear in mind our motto j "Oxe *1
ft) 1'iiu'E to All."   Aud wi make it���not the public. ��
bh I
Miss Carey,
Mrs.��. A. Macdonald,
Mr. Frank Oliver,
Of Rossland,
Mr.. Gk Kydd,
Mr. E. M. Macdonald,
Mr. Harris,
Mr.and Mrs. Archbold,
Herr Steiner,
And a  chorus of ladies and
Seals can now be obtained at
the Thomson Stationery and the
Canada Drug and Book Company's
Spokane Fa!(s &
Northern R'v,
Welson _ Sl  Fort
About two hundred seats hnva ul-
ready been booked for Mrs. BronR-
limu's concert t nif^lit, lmt there is
room for twice Hint number in the
Opera House. Surely, among the
numbers who bave attended some of
the services in the Nelson churohes to
hear tliis hide A<\l. thera will be none
who  (tin  refuse  to paj for a seat for
��� lice.
Nelson people wll be lacking in grat-
itu e if ther   is a vn ��� ill  Heal ti uiRht.
���'.'���-, i
vill      a fe\
,i 0      ti     t"i ill,
bi   ,  ���    , :    -. excellcn
.  ,   I  ��� ������     e rial I bal Mi
down i in    bers, out oi
li is the       ���   lo      n "Cl    Faro"
i , ...    ���     Mrs,
'm ham tn I Icadin -������i,i iu
this opera -t tin Lirni t pera iimise
five vents ago, It v,ill be tho first
time that she has sung this piece in
Mr. Frank Oliver, who suiif! for
some years iu grand opara, is coming
from Rossland to assist Mrs Brougham, llii is nm'II known in Nelson already and it  is always a treat to lieai
him si UK-
Taken as ii whole the programme is
tlm best ever put before tbe Nelxon
public and those who are present will
enjoy a rare musical treat, Perhaps it
may be the last time   thai   Nelscnians ft^jj j;,':;.t'hM"'i!'ii,,!,':;i'.!,u''1.'''     V$i i��!
��� I
sign workTspkcialty.
- Mnil'l-th will Hnd II. to Lhfdr advuntaRo to
ilfjuiv wilh linullcT & Oo. on Painting,
Our Fresh Roasted Ooffee of Besl
Quality, as follows:
will bear Mrs. Hiuugliaui situ:, tliough
she has promised the priest of tbe   Ro-
nmii Catbolio church thut she will, i|
possible.stay over Sunday so as to sing
once more Rossini's "Uojns Am-
main" at tha evening service.
On Thursday Mrs. Brougham and
Herr Steiner will be heard at Rosslnnd
at Mr. Frank Oliver's concert, Ihe
proceeds of which will br devoted to a
local charily. She expects to leave for
San Francisco early next week.
Tbe following is ihe programme for
tonight s ( onccrt :
1.  Chorus
���_'.  Song- '
1'AHT I.
'Souk of Vikings" E.iiiiiins'
.Mv I,ove Im I'omo "..,
W. It. M, Macdonald,
Sun:.'   Wnllz So.ixfroin "ltolileo uml
Juliet " Oo  110(1
Miss Carey.
Sunk  "Beloved.ll IsMorn" Ayhranl
Mr. FrntK Oliver
Soog���"The Children's Homo" ��� Oowon
Mi-. Brougham.
Solo   Violin la) ' Oborl   ���-"  ..Wlenawskl
llil' I'urlici " I'lipiiil
Mr . Archbold,
Song���Aria, from the " lily of Killnr
\V. U, Kydd,
r, a Bantos, I pouudy*.
Santos lil'-ml, 6 pounds       i'i,i
Our Special Blond, 0 pounds  I uti
Our llio llo.i-t, 6pounds  l no
A TKl.tL OKIIKK MllilllHI.
N/EL.SQ1M, - n.  C.
Nolary Public, Accountanl
and   Commission   Agent.
maiu^-MOwe CITY. B. c
Red Pountam R'v,
The only till rail route wit bout
change of cms between Nelson a, d
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland
Lv.  9,10 a.m. NELSON, Ar. 5.(50 p.m.
Lv. 11 28 miii. ROSSLAND Ar 8 80 -.ui.
Lv,   8.60 a.m. SPOKANE, Ar.8.00 p.in
Train that  leaves  Nels-.u at 9:10 a.n
���   ;       -Vse   woueotious pi Mp kane f
ill ['aoitic Ooasl Poi  .-
I ! ���:���- ���  ]'��������� Kattl   .: . ��� Bi an
:i-i O-   ���'       an ���'    ���     BI :';ir
D.i   -
I!     L,  ,!.',< '; S-.\
Spokane   Wash
Q  K. '���
-  I .
tenay Railway and Nav.
��� -
K        ,0 .&S1.0CAN' KAII.WAV
INTKHNATION M,  ��!AV,       ni Mi   00,
lodi        'Time       i  i  1'imo
tl  o  J\       19, 1SUII
E.v.-I..i & SLOCAN  KV.
Passenger tratu tor Su idim md ��;n ritatlonn
li i-oa iCiisin ai 8 a. in,, dully. Rolurnlng,
leavos Sandon at 1.15 p.m., arriving ai Kaslo
at H.S5 p.m.
Operating on Kootonay Lake and River.
Str, "international* leavos Kaslo for Nolson
ut (I a. m, dally except Sunday, Returning,
loaves Nelson al 1.80 p.m., calling al Balfour,
I'ilot Hay. Ainsworth and nil way points. I'on-
noots wiin sir. "Alno u" lo and from Bourn r Fi try, Id iii", ii��o with S. K. A N. to and
from    pokaoo a   i'ivo .Mile I'.iinl.
Sir Alboira" leavos N'olson for Bonnor's
Kerry, Tuesdnj's, Th rsdays nnil Saturdays
at 7 0.1U., ineotlng sieainer "InternaUoual'
from Knslo at Pilot Hay, Returning, leaves
Bonner a Forry al 8 a.m. VVodcosnoys, Fri-
daysotnd Sundays, oonnoeiJng with sir. "in-
I, r, ale'ud" for Kaslo, Lardo and AiffODta,
Direct onnnootlons tnado ut Bonnor's Forri
with Ore.it Norjiern Railway /or ml polnls
e i.-t nnd west.
Btr, "Intornational" loaves Ka. In for Lardo
and Al'ieent^i nim.i.'i ji.,n. Wednesdays und Pri
days, Sir. "Albert*" leaves Kaslo for Lardo
and Argenla at8.no p.m, Sundays,
Steatnersoall at principal landings in both
dlrcc.i ions, .md At other points wlion slgnallaa
Tickeis solcUto all polnls in Canada ami the
Unl'-ed .*iiai(s.
To aseei'iaiu rates and full information, ud-
ilrnss :
Mnnagor, Kaslo, B. 0
Agents for Pabst and Calgary Brewing Co's.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Al.l.   KINDS  OF
Fresh   and    Salted   Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
[nmv EJectnc Mi ail Const.
mplete Electi ic Kq  ipm< nts foi  Elei trie  Pov
; mission and ligh .. nes,   town ,   et<      Electi
tures, Lamj   Belli    I . ,. ;*   me , Annun i    :>rs, etc
i Joseph inp S*
IMI I ' UN,  R
SMOE E  "    01 .- ���
'     :     J.
CIG \ ���
Provincial Land Surveyor.
NEI>ON Ii. 0.
A liuiiti'ii amount of private funds to loan
IJoiiodlct   on nii)itK,iguu|iiin improvedoliy prpoorty, Ap-
j ply to Klllott fc Lonnlo, sollollorn, Nolson,
The Miner is ot. sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert at.inW
Thomson Htfttlonerr Co
Oaooda Drnff AsBook Oo.
Hotel flume N'iiwh Stand
Hotol IMnvir News Stand
Humphrey & PiUuok
1-. Oampoel]
0. P. Nel ��n
J. tf, DeluiHty
it. A. Brodahaw
Slocan Nowb ('o.
TlioniHon BroH.
Ilo(/Ol Hnokuno
M, W. HimpHOn
Loniobtft Vounff
.loiin Drydon
.IfLiiiCK liatnilion
Bamttel Price
H. a. King & Co.
New Denver
.Slocun City
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
trains out of Nelson
H/jcS ttufes foujls 6$;m pffl
Real Estate
Fire Insurance
Life Insurance
Money to Loan
Nelson,  R. c
Money to Loan
Collections   Solicited
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeinp
S,  II. P1KKRK Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans 1
dyed, altered and repaired.
Btar er CUrke Hold. NEUOft
A il-iooin houae(new), rented
ni, $10 per month	
Au 8-i'oom lio hh   im"w), two
corner lots	
I Ili-lli A I ImyfO	
I Ilnoi's Wt'sl Jlomiiiiim  Hxpii-sH Olll<'^'
Fraternity  Hall
vat linker .v Kooteu��r ��!�����
can berented for Ooncerte, Loptiiw*.
Danops, Banquets and every Kind o en
tprtalninenfc.   Good ante-rnonia, oloa��
rooms, Kltohen and dining i'""1" ""
���lislu-d.  For terras apply
DB. E, 0. ABTHUB, O.ty


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