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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 2, 1899

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 Daily Edition No. 202.
Nelson, British Columbia, Monday, January 2,   1899.
Ninth Year
The Past Tear and its Object Lesson.
Year Was Marked bj American AdvanoeB
and Greater Kespeot far
London, Deo. 81.���The Speotator
this week, epitomises the reviows of
the passing year, which fill all today's newspapers declaring that:
"The dominant fact of 1898 has been
the rise in the position of the English
speakiug peoples."
It desorihes how Europe 1ms been
amazed and irritated by the expansion
of American, though Europe bus not
dared to interfere. But the Speotator
says that the powers are apprehensive
that the change may compel a defensive coalition of the military powers
of Europe. It ulso quotes one periodical as saying that the European contempt for Great Britain has been succeeded by respect, compelled by the
stiffening foreign policy of the English speaking racos, which, "Disregarded in 189i, are in 1898, regarded
at the potential equals of the remainder of the world." The Spectator
concludes: "The English speaking
people may govern half the world
without graeiousness or system, but if
they are to govern its justice, without
consideration of right for others, their
del;'.iiiiit<: ir will bc-ic | vlVile day
come crashing down."
The word "American" might well
be written at the head of all those annual reviews, as the text is so overshadowing in the attention which
they devote to the Republic's affairs.
This new found interest contrasts
sharply with the samo writers' references to the Hnitod States in rooent
years, whon they found little worthy
of comment, save the lynohings and
corruptions in different cities. The
friendliness of all the articles is nnns-
ally conspicuous, as though its universal sincerity is not credited by Americans acquainted with tho inner working of the British foreign policy
and who know that several of the papers acquired this gnod will only
whon the British Government, during
the recent war with Spain, hinted to
them that it was a most important opportunity to cnltivato tho friendship
of the United States and that itsnould
be improved.
The prospectus with which the
American anti-Ipmerialist league supplied all the newspapers here this
week, apparently hoping to enlist British support of their plans, was at
first treated respectfully, but coldly,
while tho pross unanimously urges
the United States to suppress the Fill
pinos summarly if they are troublesome.
Gon. Otis'   Proclamation    Will    Not
'   Be Made Public at, Once.
Washington, Dec. ill.��� Upon full
consideration the authorities hero have
decided to adhere to their original
intention and withhold from publics-
tiou tho proclamation to 1 e addressed
to the Filipinos by General Otis, tho
military commander of the islands,
until the document has boo i given
publicity at Manila. Tho proclamation
is very long, going in great detail
into conditions in tho islands and outlining, as far as possible at this time,
the intentions of the administrations
at Washington towards the peonle of
the Archipelago, the key nolo being a
strong intimation that the whole future happiness and welfare of tho islands depends on their conduct now.
New Yoar the Spaniards Still  Departing.
Havana, Deo. ill.-Tho city is quiet.
The Spanish auxiliary cruiser Kapido
and the Spanish torpedo boats Mar
quese Ensadn, Galcia, Marquese Melius, and Diego Volasque sailed today
for Spain. Tho Uapido had on board
Admiral Mauterola, the Spanish naval
commaudor, and the Patriot, another
Siiauisb auxilliary cruiser, takes the
Spanish naval officials. The arsenal
hero was occupied by Americans today. Mono Castle and Oulmuas were
ocoupied last night.
Organ of   Conservative   Party in Germany Surprisis its Headers.
Berlin, Deo. 81. ���A signifiomt fact
this week, wns the conversion of the
Kreuz Zoituug to pro-American views
which is understood to havo been duo
to the direct interference of the Government. The Kieuz Zoitung, which
as the leading organ of the Conservative party and exerting a vast influence in court, official and army circles
has tended all along to maintain the
spirit of unfriendliness towards the
United States, 1ms now suddenly,
without giving any reason for its opinion, become a powerful advocate of
better and more Intimate politioal and
commercial relations between the two
countries. Speaking of the commercial negotiations between Germany
and the United States the Krouz Zeit-
ung predicts that a way bo found to
reoouoile the interests of both countries in a reciprocal treaty.
A Spanish   Minister Speaks of an Alleged Danger to Spain.
London, Dec. 81.���A despatch to tho
Standard from Madrid says that
much Comment has been caused in political add diplomatic circles tiy an
interview printed in the Liberal with
an unnamed Minister. This Minister declares that, above all problems of
interior politics, there is a question of
extraordinary gravity effecting tho
verv existence of Spain which praoo-
oupies so deeply all Spanish statesmon
that it should suffice to unite them in
order to avert a castropbe.
He adds oracularly: "It is impossible to speak more clearly. I will only
say that the preoccupation includes
fears of apprehended events that
might, some day, give a pretext for
the thing England is pursuing with
offron tery.''
Hong Kong, Dec. 81.���The two
missing boats of the wrecked British
steamer Glenavon have been found.
The only missing persons now are
Chief Mate Nixon, Second Steward
Wilson and two Chinese. Quarter Master Smith died of exposure after swimming to Ling Ting Island,
This Notwithstanding the Fact That He
Possessed   Nonoy  and
Buffalo. N. Y., Pec. 81.���Judge
Emery, County Court, granted an order this afternoon releasing Edward
Norman from the penitentiary, where
he was sent on Decembo.- 22, to serve
00 clays on the charge of being a
tramp. The petition for his release
was made by Attorney John L. Cronin
who asserted that tho arrest was unjustifiable and his conviction a gross
miscarriage of justice. Norman's home
is at 219 I)ufre8ne street, Montreal.
He is 37 years old, and he has a wife
and five children. His wife is lying
at the point of death According to the
petition presented by Attornoy Cronin, Norman came from Montreal, intending to go to Albany to accept a
position as telegraph operator with the
Western Union Co. He went to tne
house of Mrs. Jacobs, at 44 South Division street, for a fow days. Mr.
Cronin informed Judge Emery that
while there Mrs. Jacobs gave him $45
to speculate for her in wheat, that be
took the money, but the market went
tho wrong way and the money went
to the pockcrts of the brokers. Ho
said Mrs. Jacobs then had him arrested on I bo charge of petty larceny.
When he was arraigned in the police
court the following day, Mrs. Jacobs
ilid not appear against him ami then
the police jbarged him with ueing a
tramp and not having any visible
means of support. Norman ho said,
at the time, ban monny m his pocket,
had recommendations from high officials of the Great North Western Telegraph Co. of Canada, and a number of
other valuables. He says that the recommendations anil the money have not
yet boon returned to him.
Anyhow, Judge King committed
him to the penitentiary for tho term
of tit) days on the testimony given by
the police officials. Mr.Cronin produced
an affidavit signed by S. 0. Rice,
chief operator of the Western Union
Company, at Albany, saying Norman
worked under h m all last summer
and that lie was a man of good charter, and splendid operator. After
reading the affidavits, Judge Emery
said he would grant an appeal to the
case and would release Norman in $1(10
bail. Tho papers were served on
Keeper Sloan this afternoon and he ro
leased the prisoner. Norman says be
is going to Montreal to see his wife
iiinl children and will return to prose-
euio the people responsible for his arrest unci incarceration.
Havana, Dec. 31. ���A proclamation
y Major General John P. Brooke,
Military Governor of Cuba, will bo
issued tomorrow to the people of tho
island. It will say that the object of
the now government is t , give protection to the people, and security to persons and property, it will ask the people to resume pursuits of peace and
will announce that the Spanish criminals code will remain in forco with
some modifications.
Berne, Switzerland, Dec. 31.���After
protracted negotiations, tho United
States government has agreed to the
unrestricted application of the most
favored nation clause to Switzerland.
The Washington Government proposes
to negotiate a special commercial
treaty with SwiUerland.
England and America Must
Go it Alone.
the   United  States   Independent
League With Opposition as
its Object.
New York, Deo. 81.���About a hundred Irishmen, many of them prominent in various Irish societies, met
last night in Hudson Hail at Eighth
Avenue and Thirty-Seventh Stroet,
with some men who are not Irishmen,
and organized the United States Independent League, the object of which is
opposition to an alliance between the
United States and England. The
meeting was in response to a call is-
snod by a committee of Irishmen,
which was formed for tho purpose a
week ago. P. J. Boylan was elected
temporary chairman of the meeting
last night, at which little was done except to make permanent the organization. Judae Van Hoesan was elected President of the now organization.
The vice Presidents elected were Patrick Egan, ex-Minister to Chili, Wm.
Astor Chauler, William MoAdoo, ex-
Assistaut Secretary of Navy. F. G.
Sheehy, Theodore Wolftouo Maxwell,
Patrick Ford aud Dr. Thomas Addise-
Judge Hamion Appointed Py the Circuit Court at Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, Ohio., Dec. 31.-���The
circuit court of the United States at
Cincinnati on the application of the
Mercantile Trust Company, of Now
York, appointed Hon. J. Harmon, of
Cincinnati, former Attorney General
of the United States, reoeiver of the
B. <fc 0. South Western Company.
Judge Harmon has been general counsel for the company for years, and was
a member of tho Cleveland Cabinet.
His appointment has given great satisfaction. It is expected tho rociever-
ship will be of short, duration as the
plan which has been promulgated for
the reorganization of the property will
be speedily coiisumated.
Italian Squadron   En   Route to Cartagena, Colombia.
London. Jan. 1.���A special do
spatch from Rome says an Italian
squadron is now eu route to Cartagena. Colombia, to enforce President
Cleveland's award of indemnity to the
Cerruti creditors. Admiral di Bro-
ohetti, who commands tho squadron,
has been instructed to insist upon satisfaction for insults to Italy which
occurred during the debates in tho
Colombian chambers.
Tho following greetings were received by the Minor yesterday:
Tho World   and   its staff send   Now
Year's greetings to its eotifrors of   the
interior, and hope '99 will he a happy
and prosperous vear to each aud all.
THE WORLD. Vancouver.
Happy New Yoai to you aud all connected with The Minor,
Queenstown,    Dec.   81.���Inooming
Atlantic vessels report hiving expert-
enced terrific weather. The Lucnnia
and the Germanic which have arrived
from Now York describe tho storm
they passed through, as tho fiercest
gale they have encountered for years.
Tin ir decks wore swept by tho waves
and a great deal of water found its
way into  tho saloons of both ships.
Naples, Deo. HI.���An eruption of
Mount Vesuvus has occurred from the
orater formd in ISIo. Two streams
of lava, each twenty metres broad,
have already reached the slopes of
Monlosomma, which flanks Mount
Vosuvus on tho uorlh.
Armstrong and Morrison of Vancouver have been awaided the contract for
supplying the city of Vancouver with
four miles of 22 inch double rivettcd
steel water pipe anil fittings at a cost
of 140.000, This well known llrm has
completed the largest order of stool
pipe for water works and mining purposes given in British Columbia and
last year satisfactorily supplied tho
City of Vancouver with H)i miles of
water pipe. Their plant for tho man
ul'aoiuro of hydraulic pipe is the largest in Canada and when engaged on a
large contract their works present a
vi ry busy appearance 75 to 100 men
or more being employed as occasion
I demands.
Emperor William and Prince
Hohenlohe at Outs.
Expulsion of Danes and Austrians From
Germany  One of the Causes
of Dispute.
Berlin, Dec. 31.���From an inside
source it is learned that another
Cabinet orisis here is approaching.
For some time past there have been
serious differences of opinion between
Emperor William and Chancellor Hohenlohe. In two instances, the question
of tho highest military court and the
Lippe-Detmold succession i ase, His
Majesty yielded to some extent. This,
however, was done more because of the
Emperor's affection for the aged
Chancellor whom he calls "Uncle" in
private conversation, and addresses by
the affectionate '"du" (thou,) than
because Prince Hohenlohe's views
convinced him. In several othor
equally important matters, the
Prince's views and intontions have
been over-ridden by the Emperor and
part of his cabinet, more espeioally by
Dr. Miguel, the Vice President of the
Council of Ministers aud Minister of
Finance, the anti-strike bill, the refusal of sanction the bill to extend the
right of public association and expulsions of Danes and Austrians from
Germany, being instances of this.
The consequences of these ceaseless
expulsions, and winch were still oo.i-
inuod, have greatly embarrassed the
chancellor, especially in the case of
German relations with Austrians and
induced him to address the Emperor a
long autograph letter this week setting
forth in detail the reasons why he
disapproves of expulsions. If tho home
and foreign policy he has hitherto followed in his agreement with Emperor
William is to be pursued, it will be
necessary to discontinue the expulsions. There is a powerful clique working insiduously with the aim of rendering the situation more acute and
forcing Prince Hohenlohe's retirement, when they believe an out and
out retiouary cabinet will he formed
with the reappearance of Baroii Von
Zedlitz in a high position, after a disappearance from public life during
seven years past, and at ihe direct
command of His Majesty.
It is adduced" in support of this he
lief that Government circles will give
as aii explanation of the !. iperor's
concurrence in Baron YnijKollors
wholesale expulsions in Noi i Schles-
weig, that the political BitVa'ion there
has beon for some time much worse
than is publicly known v 1 that the
net work of pro-Danish conspiracy
had to he forcibly up-rootod in order
to guarantee the security of the country, and it is further asserted that the
Prussian government, in reply to an
interpellation early in the session of
the PrUSSl U diet, will ndTRDOS evidence of this conspiracy. But, in
spite of this, all private reports, newspaper reports aud individual reports
agree in pointing out that the situation prior to the expulsions was harm
Germany   Asks   it   For   Its Property
in American Colonios.
nerlin, Doo. 81.���Tho Hamburg
Chamber of Commerce in its annual
report, expresses the hope that Cuba,
Porto Rico and tho Philippine Islands
will bo opened to the commerce of the
world on equal conditions like German aud Brirish colonies. In viow
of the report from Porto Rico to the
effect that a number of plantations
have been destroyed since tho Spaniards retired, tho Chamber of Commerce requested the Imperial Government to ask tho Government at Washington to take steps to afford efficient
protection to German property which
is considerable there.
Twelve inch Gas Line Near  Portland,
Ind, Explodes,
Portland,   Ind..   Doe.   81.���With  a
roar which was   heard 15 miles a-.vay,
followed     by   a   flash   of   (Ire   which
I reached    hundreds of   feet   high   and
lighted the entire   country   for   miles
around, a 12   inch   line   leading   from
i the Ohio and Indiana Pipe Line Company's  immense   gas station one mile
south of Red Key burst today.    A few
sooonds latter the entire structure was
I in flames and the fire   raged until tho
[building was destroyed.   The pumping
.station   compresses   gas   which   wont
, through   the   lines   to   Lima,   Plana,
I Dayton and a number   of   other  Ohio
towns and cities, as well   as a number
"in Indiana, and was erected at a heavy
expense, bomg equipped with   a   powerful batteries of boilers and   immense
engines and compressors.    It wiih  one
I of the most oompleto   of   its   kind   iu
existence. Three years ago the same
station was wrecked by an explosion
of natural gas when two men were
killed and the loss was close to $100,-
Mrs. Botkm, the Convicted Mm/dress,
Will Try for Liberty Again.
San Francisco, D^c. 81.���Mrs. Cordelia Botkin, convicted of the murder
of Mrs. John D. Dunning and her sister Mrs. Dean of Dover Dcleware, is
an inmate of tho Branch Count Jail.
She becamo hysterical shortly after her
arrival there last night and was calmed with difficult. But she recovered
her usual sang froid today and has
taken hope from tho promises of her
attorneys who have stated that tl.ey
will stand by their client to tho end.
The next move in the case will probably be an appeal to tho supreme court
as it is certain that Judge Carroll
Cook will deny the petition for a new
trial thus casting the case into the
higher court for settlement.
Washington.    Dec.     81.���Chairman
Dingley, of the House Ways and Means
Committee, who has been quite sick
with grip the past two or three days
is easier tonight and his physicians
speak hopefully of the outcome.
New York. Dec. 81.���In the intercollegiate chess tournament iu the
find round Falk of Columbia, defeated Weston, of Princeton, by means
of a very fine combination after 29
moves. The game between Arensberg
of Harvard, and Webb, of Yale, was
drawn after 38 moves.
Just   Keturni-d   From    England-���
Talks of Politics and
Colonel .James Baker, ox-Mmister 01
Minos, arrived in the' cily on Saturday evening on his way from England
to Victoria to attend the opening
of tho Provincial Legislature, Ho
stopped off at. Cranbrook for three
days to visit his son, who bus been
ill with typhoid fever for about three
months, bur is now convalescent.
When questioned as to the feeling in
London with regard to this Province,
the Colonel said that ho bad met many
people interested in the country, and
that ho understood that several new
mining companies were about to conn
out, but that the long expected British
Columbia mining boom on the London
money market seemed its far off as
ever. Ho had left London before the
Le Roi company was Boated and knew
nothing beyond the cabled reports regarding its flotation.
Colonel Baker said he bad been ab
sent in England about four months,
and so had not been able to keep in
closo touch with Provincial Politics
but so far as be could gather from the
sources of Information at his command, he thought rhoro was no chance
of the government controlling more
than half the seats in the bouse. He
also (bought that the government
would bo very unwilling lo risk another general t-lcction at this junctur",
which would, moreover, be a groat expense to the Province, Thus, taking
everything into consideration, be
thought a coalition government the
most probable outcome of the. ensuing
Tho lead smelting question was one
which greatly interested the Colonel
He saw no reason why our neighbors
should reap practically idl the profits
from this important and growing in-
dnstrv. Pig lead was 111 demand In
Great Britain, and a market could
bo obtained there for British Columbia lead, and the industry once started, factories of load products would
soon follow.
"Pig lead" said Colonel Baker, "is
now worth ifHO u ton in England. It
can be produced here at a total cost ol
$15 p��r ton, which would leave a large
margin of profit, even after paying
the cost of transportation. " Col. Baker seemed confident that an Industry
properly started on these lines would
be assured   of   success.
Asked if he saw 11111,'b change in
Cranbrook since ho left, the colonel
replied that it bad grown almost out of
all recognition. He calculated that
there were over 11)0 people on the platform when the train came in. and he
was informed that the crowd was no
bigger than tisnrl. The O. P. R was
���pending large sums of money on the
erection of buildings, sidings and other
accommodations necessary for an important divisional point, hotels and
buildings were springing  up,   and it
was very hard for travelers to se.
cure beds, notwithstanding ;],0 extensive hotel accommodations.
Colonel Baker loft for the coast on
yesterday evening's train, and hopes
to moid, the Hon. J. II. Tinner at Vancouver, when the two will proceed to
Victoria  together,   The late Premier
Haiied from England on   December   91,
Local Government Act Goes
Into Effect.
Landlord and Laboring Glasses Will Predominate the Politioal
London. Dec. 31.���The New Year
brings Ireland tho greatest experiment
since Catholic emancipation, namely,
the initiation of the local government
act, which really, in many 0? its features, is an extension of ei incipation
acts and polioy, The fence, ...rough-
out Ireland are placarded with the address of membership of the district
councils which the act establishes, and
appeals from landlords and former
grand jnrys are posted beside those
of tenant farmers and laborers. While
siriet party Hues are not yet drawn,
there is a distifot line of cleavage, one
set in which tho landlord class predominates, hailing tho scheme as a
solution of the Irish problem and promising to legislate solely for the good of
the people.
The other set, chiefly (he laboring
class, promises to work in the new
positions along the old lines for the
realization of home rule.
Dourt Determines it   is Not Necessary
to Bring Him   to Paris Yet.
"���,; ';,..-r"i ���Th�� Gonrt of'.Oaasn?
���in has decided that it is not ueces-
���rv as yet to bring Dreyfus to Paris.
Ibc court has-ordered a commission
o go to Cayenne immediately and In-
errogate the prisoner upon the evi
lence collected by the present revision
nquiry and u, 011 the report of the
���urn mission will depend future action.
Kelson and Rossland Teams Will Meet
in the  New Rink.
Those citizens who observe today
as a holiday will have an opportunity
10 see what promises to be a very ex-
citiug hockey match between the Nelson and Rossland hockey teams. The
game commences at 2:80 and will
take place in the commodious new
rink at Stanley stroet. Tho Nelson
team has labored under the disadvau-
inge of not having bad auy ice upon
which to praclico but the men are
111 good physical condition aud will
put up a game that, will keep tho Ross-
landers awake during the match. Thoy
are verv anxious to bring the championship to Nelson this year nnd they
intend to bring this desired end
about, by defeating Rossland from the
lirst. A good hockey team is a valuable advertisement for a town and
tne Nelson club has started in to make
its senior team the best in tho Koote-
uavs. For this reason, and because
the game itself is one of the liveliest
ami most scientific of sports, there
should be a largo atten lance at the
rink today to encourage the club.
The Nelson team will bo ohosen
from the following players: J. Thompson, W. Duncan, T. Duncan, C. Archibald, A. Pernei, G. Boll, Wetmore,
D. W. Rutherford, O. Cowan, J.
Blackwood and Geo, Nunn.
'the Rossland team arrived last night
aud have taken possessions of rooms
in tin l'buir Hotel. On Saturday night
tho team defeated the Victoria's of
Rossland after an exciting match by a
score of three to two.    The  following
I. ake up ihe party: J.    McCioery,   J.
II. Klwood, A. M, Lahey, T. H. Rao,
0. W Chesterton, C. R. McBride, A.
W. Davis and N. F. Kendall. The
team will tie a heavy one and will put
up a good game.
There will be a practice this even
ing of the Nelson Mnsioul Society at
Mr. Brougham's house. I
Twenty     Hours   Will   Be    Saved  in
Reaching Nelson From the East.
During this week the Spokane Falls
and Northern Railway will make an
Important change in its timo tablo
which will be of groat boneflt to passengers for and from Nelson. The
Great Northern has adopted a now
schedule which will reduce tho time
between Kooli nay point! and the east
twenty lour hours. There will be it
great saving of time on the main line
where the daily trains will bo veritable (Ivors. From the oast tho train
will arrive at Spokane at 7 a. in. and
from the west will arrive at H a. m.
The train for Nelson leaves Spokane
each morning at 8:80 so the passengers
for hero from either east or wost will
have but a .-.linrt time in Spokane instead ol having to remain over night
as iu tho past. A day will thus be
In a few days (hero will also be a
change in the time of (he S. F. Sc
N. train leaving Nelson for Spokane, the time of departure horeaf-
ter being 9:20 a m. This will mean
hi t sr oonneotioni at Spokane for trains
going east aud wost. NELSON DAILY MINER. MONDAY,  JANUARY 2,  1899.
Nelson Weekly Miner
Pu lUshed Daily except L'nrdny.
hi. on MINED Phintino Publishing Co.,
1). .1. BEATON, Mnn",ging Director and
Kdl,or in-Chief
A1J. COMMUNICATION; lotho Editor must
be iccompi.nied by ths name and address
of the Witter, pot njce&sarUy for publlcu-
n, but us evidence of t-ood faith.
StJPBciui'TiON Rates,
Daily per month by e,an:er S let)
per month by real   100
ner half yoi-r by nn '1    5 00
Doryear  WOO
por year foreign  13 Oil
Nbison Wkekiy Miner.
Weekly, pet half year * 125
per year ���   2 00
por year, foreign    300
Subscription! nvarhbly in advance.
Notices of Hirths,   Djaths, and Marriages
nserted for ��0 rents cioh.
Advertising rt los madt Known on application
Nelson Miner Hrinti-ig& PublishlngCo
TO uivi.itnsins.
Cap)' I'.ir < llnugl'-l u     Ail vet llscllicnt    must
lie In llic CO e  by  4  o'clock  p.m.  to
Iiimii'i- ehuuKi
Rivor and the North Star mine, thence
to Kootenay Eake, with an extension
easterly to Port Steele and branches to
Upper Arrow Lake and Golden.
There is an application for a lino to
pet into the mining region of Salnio
and Ynnr. Another is to start from
Speuce'a Bridge, through the Nioola
Valley, and on to the lake sourco of
Nioola River. A ootnpany are seeking
to build from Revelstoko north to the
iilith parellel, and the.nce to the Liard,
or westerly into the Atlin region. The
Teslin & Atlin Company aro seeking to build a line from Burrow's liay
Kheni Canal, to Teslin Lake. Tho
North Star and Arrow Lako Company
ask for additional power to build from
Fort Steele to Golden. Another pro-
jiot is to build from Fort Simpson to
Glenorn or Telegraph Creek. Amendment to an existing charter is asked
to permit, tho construction of lines
from Kitamaat Inlet to Coppor River,
east to Telegraph Trail, south and east
to Babiue Lako, thence north and east
to Germauseu Creek at Omenica
Here is grist enough for one session's
grinding, surely.
It is suggested that the recent announcement of Ministerial policy in
respect to the Dunsniuir franchise on
the Island was made for election
effect merely, the hope being that it
would influence the result in Albemi
and Cowichan. If this was the purpose Ministers will be disappointed,
as the Government come out of tho
little conteBt no stronger than they
were. The Opposition candidate in
Cowichan had a moderately easy task
to beat his opponent, while the Gov
eminent candidate in Albemi has to
content himself with a smaller majority than he obtained at the general
election. If tho purpose was more
serious than is now supposed, Ministers will do well to recousider it. Albemi and Cowichan are closely associated with the E. & N. Railway, and
if grievances and abuses existed such
as have boon alleged (hose constituencies would know of thoin and ba tho
first to feel them. As the announced
policy of bullying and confiscation received no support from the people who
of all others are tho most directly interested, it is fair 11 assume that
there is nothing to justify it.
If we refer to the two official Ga
zettes, the one published at Ottawa
and the one at Victoria, we shall find
fvidenco of one of the worst outbreaks
of railway chartering on record. Nothing w(i could say would be more olo-
quent of the fnot than a bare recital
of tho applications already advertised
for consideration at the next sessions
of tho British Dolnmbia Legislature
and the Dominion Parliament, And it
is only necessary that wo confine tho
list to enterprises promotud iu tho extreme West.
Tho British Yukon Railway Company are asking authority to build
from Selkirk to Dawson City, and
thence westerly to the international
boundary line; also to build from Car-
ilmo Crossing to Teslin Like and to Atlin, us well us fifty miles of branches
not specified . Notice is given of an
applioation to build from the boundary near Chilcoot Pass, along tho Dai-
ton Trail lo Dawson. Other promoters aro seeking power lo build from
DawHiiu along the Klondike to Hunter
Crook, and theuee to all other creeks
in the region that are   known lo fame.
An English Appeal Court, with the
Chief Justice presiding, has confirmed
the conviction of a man who was
charged with manslaughter, becauso
he did not have a doctor to his child
who died of an infantile disease. The
man was a member of a sect known as
"Peculiar People," who do not believe
in physicians. His perfect sincerity is
not questioned, and his natural affection is evidenced in the fact that he
did everything possible for his child
short of calling in a doctor. Perhaps
his conviction was necessary in the iu
terest of society, but in the face of it
what becomes of our boasted cry of re
ligions liberty? The man is not pun
ished for cruelty, but for his religious
Iu casting up the Dominion by-elections since 18'JO, tho Winnipeg Free
Press says that two Boats in Manitoba
have changed from Conservative to
Liberal, meaning, of course, from
Tapper to Lnurier, What two seats
are those? Mi. Macdouald, a Conservative, was eleoted for Winnipeg, and
on being unseated was succeeded by
tho present very worthy member, Mr.
Jameson, a Liberal. Which is the
other constituency? Does it mean
Brandon, which was carried by Mr.
Dalton McCarthy and ia now represented by Mr. Sifton? Mr. Sifton
was one of the strongest supporters
Mr. McCarthy had ; in fact, if it hod
not bein for Mr. Sifton Mr. McCarthy
could not have been elected. Is that
tho second gain? If so, Sir Wilfrid
Lanrier's present Minister of The Interior was guilty of supporting a Tory
candidate in 1896, If not so, the Free
Press will require to correct its fig
i* ii Because France i* limine?
M. Paul Oalnbou, who has now settled down in the French Embassy, is
credited with the intention of actively
renewing the negotiations with Lord
Salisbury concerning the 10 yptiau
question. France has no allies, no
lighting force, military or naval, on
which she can depend, Her internal
affairs are hopelessly involved. There
are minora of a coining revolution.
The date of the opening of tho Paris
exhibition is approaching with ominous rapidity. The best thing the
French Government can do is to adopt
a common sense altitude, change its
policy, aud make such arrangement
with England as will enable Krance
to promote the success of the exhibition in peace and quietude, There is,
however, verv littl ��� hope thai this will
be done.��� Loudon Empire.
i Sensible ��uuit<'��ii<in
It is against the law to mutilate or
. , deface legal coin, yet all    through   the
!'������     ..,,,���: i,    Railway   aro  Dominion and especially ill the North
West a great deal of sin-li money   is iu
I circulation.    A    comparatively   large
asking a charter to build from Pyra
mid Harbor to Dalton Puss, thence
along the Trail to Selkirk and Fort
Oudahv. The Pacific & Yukon Railway & Navigation Co., ask to start
from Pyramid Harbor, go through Obil-
cat Pass and on to Alsek River,
thence to a point on tho Lewes River
Another company propose to build
from Stikine River lo Teslin Lake
and on to Dawson,and also from Lynn
Canal to Dawson by way of Selkirk.
Still another from Asboruft to Dawson, and, to complole the list of Yukon enterprises to dale, another   com-
propor ion of our silver iH bored, Hied
or chipped, and some person must be
making money thereby, Moreover it
appears lo be on the increase. While
of course even bad money is better
I ban none, yet the best is none too
good. If the public would make a resolute stand against defaced ur mulli-
laled coins the taiUperai'S would soon
be driven to other methods of   gaining
a living,���Winnipeg  Free Press,
ii isOiirtitilluntryi of Course.
There is some ground for the   belief
that women have been more foitunati
than men in escaping   the   death   sell-
, tenon.     We do not need to look for any
pany are asking to build a railway other oanae than tho infirmity of flesh
or tramway all through the Klondike and blood. Human nature revolts
region.   The British Columbia South-1 "Kalnsl the  Idea  of souding a follow-
'creature lo the gallows,   and the shock
and, in a recent case regarding a transfer of a license,voted against His Worship. His removal under the circumstances is on a level with what the removal of a judge would be who had
rendered a decision distasteful to a
dominant party.���The Kootenaian.
New Books.
With Kitchner to Khartoum, by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Theme,
H. Rider Haggard.
Linnet,        -      Grant Allan.
Britain's Roll of Glory,
D. H. Parry.
Fights For the Flag,
W. H. Fitchet^
Deeds That Won the
Empiie, W. H. Fitchet.
Whittaker's   Almanac   1899.
Established io7H.
The Brackman b Ker Milling
Company, Ltd.
Beg to announce that they have opened a Branch House  in  Nelson and
will Carry a Full Line of
Hay, Oats, Mill Feed, Rolled Oats, Graham
Floui, Etc.
TEMPORARY WAREHOUSE:���Turner, Beeton's  Warehouse  on C.
P. R. Siding', below Gray's Planing' Mill.
CITY OFEICE:���Room 6,   Aberdeen   Block,   Baker    Street.
Write t'01  Quotations iu Car Lots-
Victoria,  Vancouver,   New Westminster,
South Edmonton. Nelson.
Office and Pocket
Diaries, 1899.
Start the
New Year
As You
Should. I!
Subscribe for
and Advertise in the
Kootenay's   Greatest
em an! applying for an uxteniion of
time iii reaped to their old oharter,
ami nlrto of Ihcir power* in order lo
build from Fort Steele to Golden, Mr.
Oorbin II forward wilh liiN Kettle
River lohotne, It embrnoei a linn
from the boundary
westerly along tin
Canon, and on to boundary on the
Other Mdo. Alio to build from Midway, along Boundary Crook, to join
tlm Spokane Palli & Northorn, These
are the Dominion charters for which
npplloatiom arc already in.
The Provincial list ih almost uh formidable, Borne of the enterpriiei
are linked'with Yukon projeoti, ami
others are purely local. One Is for a
line from Toku Arm to Atlin Lake,
Another from Vancouver via Lillooet
to ih�� northern boundary, Another
from  iiic  ii,   o.   Southern  between
to Cascade City, i peolally of women.
Kettle Biver to
is greater when the offender ia it woman. Wo arc not arguing for or
against tlm sentiment; we limply soy
that it exists  and   that it ncoounts for
tlm facility with which signatures
are obtained for petitions in favor of
persons condemned to death, and ei-
Toronto (Holm.
Better Than Ever,
want Nelson "mil-.
We see by the Nelson Daily Miner
that George Noolands, one or Nelson's
oldest and most respected oitlssens,
has. nt tho request ol mo lending lam
iuoss men ami voters, consented lo he
a candidate for mayor of thai city, it
in ample tune Unit. Nelson should h.tvo
an old and respeoted citizen for
mayor.��� Rossland livening Record.
As outers lee n.
The official  Gazette announoes the
ii|j|iniutmi nt of John A. Turner uh
license coiiini issioner for the oitv' of
Nelson vice W,  A.  McDonald who is Q
man of standing second to none in
Kootenay,    lie whs not snbsorvieiit to
Reliable Min
ing News
Warduer aud Cranbrook to st. Mary's.Uih  Worship the  Mayor of Nelson,
The News of
the World
Give Thanks
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
New Year Gifts.
A full line of goods specially  suitable  for   the   New Year.
Pocket Diaries for 1899
In   Choice   Bindings, Bill Wallets, Purses, Writing Cases,
and all  kinds  of Leather Goods.
Office Diaries for 1899.
Thomson   Stationery   Co.  Ltd,
Nelson, B. C,
D.   McARTHUR   &   CO.
(Tor. Mart) �� Baker Ste.
Carload   of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its   branches.
We have our own Hearse.
The   Following   Direct  Shipments
Just Received
Cigars  From   Havanna-  Bock & Co's   Golden  Eagles,
1 lenry Clays.
From   Alexandria)   Egypt-   Hadges   Nessim   Egyptian
From Reims, France- Pommery Champagne, Quarts and
Painting and
Drawing Lessons
Given by MH PBNW.IOK, For terms,
eto, address P, (J. or Thomson stationery (Jo.
lull inn i:��r<
1 1:110 .I'cliM'l,  11. Ill
, Si'iili'inlx-l-
iii.  ihiih
I'lirlllr   or   KOIIi   ll.ri.il;,���
vvkht Bound
Hast Bound
TlntO Curd No 2
���Sept.. Uh 1808.
First Class
. Pussongor
LsSVOI Dully
Arrive Daily
a.:tn u. iu.
H.ftij a. in.
11.18 n. III.
Hum n. in,
10.011 u. in.
10.20 n. in.
in :n ii. in.
lO.M ii. in.
10.U u. in.
South Pork
Hiiar Lako
1'iij no Train
Cody .Munition
8,80 p.m.
0,03 ii.m.
it.iii p.m.
2,00 IMII.
1.60 ii.m.
l.HKp II,.
1:2:1 ii.m
t.i.i ii.in.
Arrivw Unil)
Leave Dully
1 ,1-UVi".  Hull)'
Arrive Dully
11:00it. in.
11:10 "
11:26 "
Hai (ton
Cody .Ininllon
II;-.') ii.m.
11130   "
11186   "    1
Alll.r.   II,. I
oave Dally
HOHT. IHVINo,             , F. OOPBLANI),
UH)            U. K. ii                    hiiporlnl.nnilnni. j
bus taken oyer the practice of
Dr, II. E. Hall and is prepared to ilc all kinds ol Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
Itiiili.'ii mil llloili linker si
Cigar   M'f'g.   Co.
��>���<   our Hr iicJh.    Hmolto   Llioin   nnd
yon will like thena
'". " no* iiiit m ihov n, t:
*   BUY IT    4
The Miner is on sale al tho d.l-
Ipwinp; news stored al five ivnis per
(llllll It Mlillilov IS'olMlll
'l lionwnii   i ,  ��v i ii        :��� mIi , I,
1 ��l'l " .   '.   Hnilll  ' ...       \'|il ii ,
lit!    llllll"' S'UHS  ���ll.lllll >,    |.,���,
Notice of Application Por Liquor
Take noMoo thai I. Clmrlo��01|onp will apply
to the (lold Oommlsiilonor or w ��t. (Conliiiiav, -
H. (i, thirty dn)H lift- r iliiin. fir a iloon n in
loll liquor iiy rotnll m. my hotnl, li i"i   al
��� ii.IiH . oil Ini  I, iii" l( 80, in llii' U'i'.iI Kimli'iiiiv
dlHlrliit. I'll AMI.MiH.sON',
Dated at Nolion, B, C��� thin I8t.h day of Do
uuiyWr, 1808. m I
|i    i "llll ... I,
l . P. SoImiii
,1. I<' Dolatioy
Hlncnn Nihvh Co,
,1. I. Ml'ltltOili
RlocVUI Nmv�� Co.
W, Parker
'III i> <>n IiroH,
ii I Hpoknno
,M. \V. -Iniiwon
M, Andor  in
O, W. Hill
Noll Drip ' I'
Boiooori t
Hloi'nn City
vat over
Slooan t'roM.lnn
liiiHuiidn Oily
aim   News   Agents   on  boats and
rains out of Nelson.
To the many who favored
us with their patronage
during the past season
we desire to express out-
deep gratitude, at thesame
time asking their kind
consideration forunavoid-
abledelay in filling orders
through non-arrival of
part of our Xrrias Goods.
We have on hand a
small lot of Turkeys and
Geese of which we wish
to get rid, in consequence
of the present mild
weather. They are now
in prime condition and
till disposed of....
We Offer Them
at.... .
15 cts. per lb.
13 cts. par lb.
this Morning
(A little late for X'mas,
but in time for New
Years) Plum Puddings
and Tom Smith's Crackers	
Wishing you all happy
returns of the coming
New Year
Hudson's Bay Co.
Permanent Loan
and SavingsCo/s
Why pay Rent w'hen you
can own a home of
your own?
Loons are made on the security of
Improved Iteul Estate, not more than
sixty per cent, of the appraised cash
value being advanced.
The rate o( interest is 8J ppr cent
per nnnuvo. Interest is stopped on
riii'h sum nf the principal returned.
Illustration! Bnowihg the cost and
time required to pay on a $1,0IK) loan
ut the following monthly payments;
Al lilt
of l,cmn.|
$10011 IIO
IIHKI 11(1
loon i��
Monthly   Tlmo Uoqutrod. I  c��nt.
$!.-> IKI
20 iki
2.i 00
llll 00
Yi-'b. .M'Uh. 1) VK.
7        II 21
6       i 12
1     0        e
:t     2      20
tuos 4.1
12117 ��2
12011 00
Onr mom lily payment MyBtum linn beea
pro,oil to bo the RUrOSt ano oiiBtoBt way of
clearing off u mortsnge.
Tlii'Mt loans mny be repaid in full or in fnrt
nt noy time without dodub.
liAKI'lll  i^T.
Nelson. B. 0.
The following are tlm priens of groceries, provisions.etc, m quoted hy onr
local dealers, It is the intention of
The Miner to have these prioes corrected everv week hy trustworthy rlf��l-
ers, so tlittt residents of the city ��nrt
others may he informed hh to the cost
of living in (lie city:
I lour.
( ikiIvIc'h lluoirnrinii per ,'i() It) Mok.t 1 '"O
Ukeoftha Vvuods       "           .. 1 ���
���Snow l''lnko por Ml Hi Hook  IDS
Wheal i��r ton   Mno<*tnoo
lirnii por ton. JoOOfflMOO
Uround foeu per tou M00W2800
1 lorn leraoknd)  "      27 (hki��:io 110
iiniK ���'      UOOaBOM
D.il.mrnl por III tl.H        IVfl    (K)
ROHM mil* (UK KIHIIiHiiCK..    M
liny llmloillpor Ion  23 004121 110
Potatoes per 100 lbs  1 is
Ueolspor Hi  21
Cabbaga per lb  21
Unions por lb  ol
Halroon (srnokodl per lb  12)0   us
Qystors Itllvmpliiiil por i|l  so
Oysters IKnslorn) por tin  so
Coilliorlli  121
llnllliiil por It,  12*��i)    IS
Bmells por lb  12|a    is
I inn. l-i'i'lu. 1
Eggs por don     2s     ss
Butter (Qroaroerr)      asm   so
gutter lllnlryl        20d|    2S
(IIioobo (1'iiiiinllnnl       litrt   174
Ohsoie hwIh��)  2n>i��   30
Hiun (Aoiorloiuil por It,  IS
II,nn 11 ..ii.iiIIiiii) pi rll  IS
lln,11" 1 Ainoilonn; porlb  IS
IIii.-oii 1 'nioiillnlil por lb  HlA     10
lln,-on liollodl por lb  lOirt  191
llnoun llongoloarl per lb  12J
-iliooiiloiM por lb  124
l.iu-.i 1 lb  12}
Hoi f pur 111..     881     IS
Mmloo pir lb  10����    18
Voi'lp.rll  1IX��    U
I'd-li por lb  12J4I    IS
Spring Clili'kiiiiH onob        60��    60
Tnrkui" pur Hi      20����   2.1
(li-Bi! |.��f 111  10(i�� 18
llm-liH per Ih  I8��J 20
I rull.
Lemons lOallfornla) per dOl  2i 40
(ii'iiimoHto&llfornlaiooallDgi)  ti so
Aprl"��.   os
1   1     mull groonl   08 08
Villi1-   ol' A|i|ilii:utiiiu for Liquor   License
MOTiOH is boroby hIviiu that I, the iiiiilor--
lo-ii, itobori B, 1,0111(01, Intone to apply to
 iiimi'ii of Licensing Opminisslonora bribe
fiiy of Ni-lmin,11. ('.,111, Hi-11- next Killing on
Hi,- nib liny of January, a. Ii. ihiiii, tors retail
ll(| '  llaiiise In (-oil llipmr by iiiUill In tbn
1 in 00 Win-il stroet   IioIiik tho second iloor
from i.iio corner of Uakor mni Word itreoUi  n
lln- InlilitluKHll.iiiiloil on I01 12, l.l"-1   I.   l-ilyn-
Nobiiill, II, II,
I ini .-(I 1 ii b day of Deo, jL, !>., 1808,
Arguments Raised by Counsel at the Trial.
Johnson   Thinks   He   Has Been  Badly
Used and States HiB tteasons
In consequence of having opened up
his new saloon on the strength of the
License Oomniissioners having trans-
fered to him Mrs. Mallette's license,
Abe Johnson was fined 175 and costs
on Saturday night after a hearing
which lasted practically from 4 p. in.
until midnight. Mr. Johnson was he-
iug prosecuted by the city for having
sold liquor oontrary to the by-laws of
the City of Nelson, No's. 8 aud 12,
whioh regulate the conditions under
which liquor may be sold.
To prove the case for the prosecution
Mr. S. S. Taylor, who hold the brief
for the city, called Chief of Police
McKiunou to prove the sale of liquor.
He then called Mr. T. M Ward, collector of licenses, to provo that no li
cense had been issued to Mr. Johnson.
This closod the case for the city.
Mr. W A. Galliher. who represented the defendant, then moved to dismiss the case because the by-laws
which were alleged to have been infringed had not been proved, but was
interrupted by Mr. Taylor who asked
permission to be allowed to reopen
his case in order to prove the bv-laws.
Mr. Ualliger objected strenuously
to this, but Police Magistrate Crease
admitted the evidence subject to tho
objections   raised   by the   counsel
the defense,
Mr. Taylor then put In the original
by-law, which be proved by the City
Clerk, and the ease for the city was
again closod.
Counsel for the do feuso then objected
that the by-laws were not sufficiently
proved, as it was necessary, iu order
to prove them, eitlior to produce a copy
of the official gazette containing the
publication of the bylaws, or else to
put in certified copies of the bylaw
which were freo   from   intelineations.
Mr. Crease noted the objections
made, and then called upon Mr. (ialli-
hor to proceed with tho defense.
The defense proved by Messrs.
Straohan and Johnson that Mrs. Mallet to had requested the Hoard of License Commissioners in writing to
transfer her saloon license to Abe
Johnson, and that, the latter had applied to the Hoard for a transfer of
the said license which was granted
by the Hoard on December 14, 1HIIK.
Tho minute book was produced ihtiw-
ing the entry of tho grant to J( liiison.
It was also proved that Mrs. Mni-
lutto's license was, aud is, valid and
The prosecution, in rebuttal, produced the minntea of a mooting of the
License Commissioners held on Do-
cembor '11, 1KDH, which contained a
resolution purporting to cancel the resolution which was passed at tho meeting of tho Hoard held on the l-lth of
December granting the transfer of the
license to Johnson. It appni red from
the evidence that Mr. W. A. Macdon-
ald, y. C, who, was one of the com-
wis-donors who favored the granting
of the license at the meeting of the
14th, had without unv apparent,
CBBM been removed from office, and
that Mr John A. Turner had been
substituted for him. This change was
niadu on December 99, if also appear-
ed iu evidence that the meeting of the
27tli was hurrioly called by Mayor
Houston, aud that lie and Mr. Turner
had undertaken al, this special meeting
to annul the resolutions passed al the
previous regular Hitting of I ho Hoard,
Mi. Crease, the other commissioner,
declining to take auy purl in the proceedings. It also appeared that this
resolution was moved by Mr. Turner,
the new appointee, and seconded by
Mayor Houston.
Mr. Uiillihor objected that the regular sitting of the Hoar I having boon
adjourned to a day fixed, 1. e. January 14, Hi'.i'.i, that tho resolution passed
by Messrs Turner and Houston at the
special meeting on December il, was
illegal, null aud void, and that consequently the defendant was still in
the same postion as lie was at the close
of the meeting of December 14.
The prosecution contended that no
transfer of the saloon license had boon
completed, aud that consequently the
defendant was acting in contravention
of the by-laws regululiiig tho sale of liquors in Nelson. Against this tho defense urged that the transfer of tho license from Mrs. Mallottu to Abo
Johnson was completed by tho act of
tint Licensing Comniissiouois, aud
that, consequently, the defendant had
acted within his rights, Iho transfer
being complete even if lie had no paper license; for the fact thai Mayor
Houston wlio was also chairman of the
Licensing committee, refused to sign
tlio document in the defendant's fn-
Aor, did not affect the lights granted
him by tho Hoard, as Mr. Houston s
signature was not a vital and necessary
ingredient in the transfer. Alter
hearing the arguments. Police Mngis-
truto 10. A. Crease who was also one
ot tho commissioners who grunted the
transfer,   hold   that   the   transfer was
not complete, and that consequently
the defendant had infringed tlm liquet
by-law, wherefore be ffiied bim J7B
mid costs. A very remiiikablo font
uro of the case, which was brought
out iu the ovidenodo, was the fact
Dint through tho special meeting
above referred lo was held, and though
tho resolution which rescinded the
resolutiou passed   at th* former  ordi
nary meeting was then passed, neither
the Mayor nor any of the License
Commissioners informed Johnson of
what had transpired, but deliberately
permitted him to go on and open up
under the belief that nothing further
had been done to alter liis position
from what it was when the License
Commissioners granted him the transfer of Mrs. Mallette's license on December 14.
Mr. Johnson was interviewed yesterday by a Miner reporter. Through
naturally charginod at the result of
the trial on Saturday, he was quite
confident of winning the case on appeal.
" I was very much surprised" said
Mr. Johnson, "when tin minutes of
the special meeting of the Board
were read lust Saturday. I bad no
idea that any such action bad been
taken, and neither had inv solicitors
I opened up my saloon fully believiup
that the action of the Commissioners
entitled me to d-i so. and, though 1
have no fenr of the ultimate result,
such underhand action seems to me to
ha>-o been promoted by personal ani
"The magnitude of the fine also
came as a surprise to me," he continued. "Mr. Crease, when he voted in
favor of the transfer of the license to
me, seemed quite sure that tho wishes
of tho majority of the Board could
not legally he overridden by the single
voice of tho Mayor, as did also Mr.
Maodonald, I opened my saloon without any attempt at concealment under legal advice, and Mr. Crease, at
one time at any rate, shared the
opinion of my solicitors, thus there
was no leason for an exemplary fine,
as Mr. Crease could not help knowing
that I acted bona fide in tlie belief
that I was complying with the law.
If, on after consideration, he thought
that I was technically wrong, a nominal fine would have answered all purposes.
"I cannot understand tho action of
the Mayor either. When I first made
my application for the transfer and
paid the necessary fee, Mayor Houston
assuredjtne that I was legally entitled
to the transfer, aud that I should have
his support in the matter. He also
told me to go ahead and open up the
saloon, and that, when I was ready,
he would give me a permit until
such time as the License Commissioners mot.
"On the strength of that assurance T.
engaged premises and bought an extensive stock, and it wns not until tho
appearance of another candidate in
tho field, that the Mayor, for reasons
host known to himself, went back on
his promise to me.
"The affair is not over yet, however. I shall appeal at once, and I
have no doubt that I shall obtain my
the present administration. George
Neobinds last week announced his
candidacy for the mayoralty and to
his credit, it may bo said, since doing
so he lias lost no time in getting to
work . He has been fortunate in
finding many enthusiastic supporters
who have already commenced his campaign in a quiet way. There are several aldermanic vacancies on tho opposition ticket , however, and unless
the men are found at a very early date
to fill theso satisfactorily thero will be
little chance of success for those who
wish to defeat Mayor Houston's administration. Two or three names
have already been mentioned but it
has been found that those who were
spokon of cannot qualify. There are
others, however, and it is understood
that some of them will be approached
today or tomorrow. Apathy is a very
bad thing during election times.
To  Every Onel
The voters' list iihows 898 names in
the cast ward and 227 in the West
ward. Copies of the list may be procured upon application to the city
��-������������ ���"���>��������������� ������������������������������;
Cottage in good locality  114.
Aberdeen Block
Printed Copies Supplied the Oity Olerk-
Other Matters ot Political
Don't put a three cent stamp on your
letters today. Two cents will carry
His Honor Judge Forin will resume
the suspending sittings of the County
Court tomoiro.v morning.
When you start down town this
morning remember your good resolutions. See that you live by them for
a day at least.
When you write make it 1899. The
old year is gone and the new one
brings the change. It will be hard
at first but do not be forgetful.
A crying baby is said always to
grow into a good, liouest aud prosperous mau. The year of 1899 spent its
first day in waitings; it should be a
piosperous year.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. F. Brougham gave
a dance on New Year's Kve to a large
number of their friends, which passed
off very pleasantly. Mr. and MissHed-
ley alio gave a dinner party.
The. following registered at the
Phair hotel yesterday : M. H. Cowan,
Duck Creek; W. J Dickson, Kaslo;
Ii. Colpitis, Spokane; J. W. Spring,
RoBsluud ; J. K. Mittchell,   Wiunepeg.
Today is a legal holiday and will
be observed as such by most business
houses Tho banks will be closed.
The only holiday attraction will be
the hookey match this afternoon.
10 Rooms
8 Rooms
7 Rooms
6 Rooms
5 Rooms
The Ross-Haley boxing match which
was scheduled to come off in the Auditorium -if the Hume Hotel on Saturday evening did not materialize. The
principals were there, but so few
spectators arrived that tho exhibition
was postponed indefinitely.
The transfer of the business of the
county court registar for tho Kaslo
district from Nelson to Kaslo will tako
place on the Hith ot January next
when Mr. John Keen will bo installed.
The time of the first session will depend on the number of cases to be
tried, and the judge's press of business.
The long looked for voter's list
has at last been made public, Friday
evening printed copies of it wore delivered to the City Clerk and on Saturday anyone could find whether or not
his name was on the list. He did
uot havo to take tho word of anyone
for it, but could see for himself for the
list was posted in the city clerk's
nllico, as it should have been since December 19 Inst.
All day Saturday thnro was a line
of visitors at the city hall and not a
few of them were very much surprised
and disappointed to find that they ha I
been overlooked when the list had
been compiled. Some men who have
lived in Nelson foi three or four years
and who have voted on (very issue
ever raised in the municipality found
that thoy had been forgotten. Some of
tin se same men claim thai there are
others on the list who have no right
whatever to be there, but uro thankful
that while those who are illegally on
cniinol be taken off, those who have
boon omniitted will he able to have
their names placed upon tho list before election day.
One week from next Thursday will
bo elect ion day and although slops
were taken over a week ago to bring
out   a   ticket   in  opposition to Mayor
Houston's administration, no names
have yet boon submitted lo the public.
Si,hi a prominent cil.iy.cu in conversation with The Miner yesterday, :
'Many of the Nelson properly owners ami ratepayers are tited of the
city lining entirely run by one man,
particularly whon the running lias
been conducted in such u hiilldo/.iug
manner of Whioh we have had almost
daily evidences.
"Surely the ft mo iu the history of
Nelson has ciimo when our citizens
can elect a thoroughly active and energetic council of business men who
will jealously guard and foster her
Interests with the object of building
her up into one of the  greatest   towns
on iho Paoiiio slope. The outgoing council although composed
of good men in some WBVIi are unfor-
tutialely completely under the thumb
of tho inayor anil his rule has boon as
a rod of iron. What the electors
should aim at is to elect a council composed of men who have minus of then-
own i nd who can from an opinion as
to tho belt time of action to follow out
and have tho Strength of character to
purine it without fear or favor. While
there may bo nion on the piescnt conn-
oil who havo slrived lo make a stand
against some of tho mayor's iirliititiry
actions yet. unfurlunntcly through waul
uf support they have failed to carry
their points."
p This is tlie sentiment expressed by
one Citizen but it will be heartily con-
eurrod in by hundreds of Oth -rs. Those
who havo interested themselves iu
bringing out the Candidate! have nl
lowed the tune lo slip away while
their opponents have taken advantage
of this apathy and have spent many
hours iu electiouering. Up to date
their is but one candidate opposed   to
Sunn people think flint, a Hardware
Store is a poor place to look formal able
Disabuse your mind of that idea,   We
have a line of goods amongst   which
will be found the most  useful and   np-
iii-opi'iiite articles for presentation purposes. Their value is not. Heeling
Every day the receiver of one of these
will have reason to praise your judgment in Hclccl ing a dialing gift,
Ylltlinir DlMli.II Oi.
Importow <>f
hunts, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
miners' Bui>i>li<��
Turkey Shoot
Monday, Jan, 2
On Lake Front  below  Court   House.
If weather is disagreeable a canvas
will be provided.     A rillo can  he obtained on the grounds.
Newly Furnished Rooms
At Uic Carney Hlock,
Italb and elect lie light.
MkS. li. iVlhDt
Baker street.
Prices leason-
MUSIC LKB8QNB, - On piano organ or
guitar, tiy Mrs. W. J. Am.ley, Holmon street
two doors WdMt. of Stanley.   P, 0, Box l.'tl).
\v \ ntmii  a position us luansgef sad beck
keeper fur 1111 hold.    Hum hull K I eXDorlstlOO
mni i-ioi give good rerorenoes,   Apply Miner
Thanking our many customers for
their liberal patronage during the
year 1898, and asking for a continuance of the same during the year
1890, we wish you one and all a
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes  Pi-ices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000,
Reserve, $1,175,000.
Hill Office: Halifax, N��va Scotia.
AtitlgenUh, N ��.
I'miiIiiii-i, N. )..
ilrlagewatsri N. S.
CliiirloUetown. V. K. I.
Dorchester, N. B.
Krcilerlcton, N. B.
I aij i.liitrn, N. 8,
timed l-'iiiLii, B. O.
Halifax, N H.
IlillgHtOtl, N. B.
l.'iiiil'iiuliTr). N. I.
LunoRborg, N. s.
Muliliind, N. B.
Mom-Ion, N. II.
Meet real, I'. Q.
Muni rriil, Wei i Kail
Montreal, We 1 nnuiul
Nauiilmn, 11. 0.
Ni-li'dii. II. 0,
Newcastle, N. B,
Pie N. S.
Pari M.iwlHbury, N. 8.
llo   i .nd, B, O.
BaokvUlo, x. B.
Shubennoodlo, N.s.
Bummorsldo, P, K. I.
Sydney N. s.
St. John, NHd.
Truro, N. S,
Vancouver, B. 0,
Vanoouvor, Best End
Victoria, II. C.
Weymouth, N. s.
Woodntook, N. B.
Ymir, B, 0,
(icneral Banking Business Tr uisactaa1; Sterling; Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Said, LfttvTS ��f  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the tn  ���' favorable terms,   Interest allowed on special
deposits 'til on Saving Hunk accounts,
Nanalmo, Nelson, Bsssland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Ravings Bank department has been established In connection with the Nolson branoh of
IIiIh IiiuiIi.    I lepn Hn nt ime (Inline and upward" reoolvod, iiiiil current rate nt lnlerext. allowed,
nt proHuut 3 per i-ent, [ii-i annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 3
Two Lots on Mill Street.    $300 Cash. ^
The Birkbeck Investment, Security 3
and Savings Co. 1
5   advance money on Improved Real listatc.    Repayable in 5 and 3
8 years by monthly instalments. ^
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
WANTED  An Intelligent hoy toitudj law
Apply In ICIIIol.lt l.riiniii, aollotlory, etc., Nel-
,ip]y In I
h, R U.
$6.25 Delivered to any
part of the city.
Charles St.  Barbe,   A?rent.
Office with Charles A. Waterman & Co
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer anil Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. C.
West Kootenav Valley, B. O,, on
of C. N. P. By., and
Nelson & BedlingtorJ By., now uuder
Information regarding Sirdar may
be had of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent,
Nelson, or from
Sirdar Townsite Co.,
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Abboo. OorawaiU
Opposite Pliulr Hotol,
P. O. BOX ����3.
Extended oxperlenoe In ditto Mid German
-'���mill Africa. Ahkhj-m and nnalyilii of oreH.
[loports and valuations onmlnerul propertien
Underground surveying and miue plani kept
up liy contract.
If not, kindly notify us, and
we will call for and have them
promptly attended lo. Satisfaction guaranteed or money
Patenaude Bros.
it ��i. 111 st.     .       .      WsstofB, ot*. <:.
ok Wist Kootmay. District��� Whim
I.Ol-ATKIll-ONI    ��KII    A    qiMHTEIt   MILKS
1 hum Hi in l.iiin. a:iii iin.r ��  UII.K rimu
line Kaslo Trail,
TAKK. notice Unit I, Wilfrid KriineU llretni'
ham,    K.  M. ('. No. 210ft   aireiit.   for ChSMM
Klngsley Mllbourne,F, M. ��'. No. ikw��, intend, h[x(y ilnyH from tlie (lain tuiroof, to apply
In the Minii'ii itfi-order for a Cnrtlllcnin of lin-
iirovenienlii, tor the purpoxe of obtaining a
Crown tlriinl uf the ahove claim.
Ann further take notice that, action,  under
Hccllon 117, nuiHt, tie  eonimeneeil before he In.
BUIMGG Of IU0h t'cl'tltlenle of I in|n'i\ iinrl nln.
Hated thin lotli day uf Hi-eemtier. 1MH.
I 'mhiuiii ok Knoi.anii Matin It ��.m.; Ktou
Bongi T.HO pill, every Hnniliijr. Holy (loramun
Imi mi 1st ami Bra Hiindayri In the month aflei
MalltlK; (in 'ind and 4t.li HundayH, at S a in
Mnnilay School al.2.80 p.m. Itev. H. 8, Ako-
hurst, Hectnr.   for Ward and Hlllcii utroeta.
riCK.HIIVTf.HIAN OlIVROB     HelvloONttl II a.III.
and   7,:��)   pin.     Holiday Hehoiil at i.X) p.m.
Prarer meeting Thurndiiy evening ui s p.u.1
Christian tCudoavor Society meets even Monday evenliiK at, 8 o'cloeV. Unv. it. ITrew,
Mk.tiiiiihht    <milium   Corner   Hlllen   and
Jonephlne Streets, BemowatUktn, and 7.so
ii. in. ; Hatihath Hchool, '2.110 p,in,; Prayer moot-
Inn nn Ki'lilay evening at 8 o'olook; Kpwortb
League0, U���Tuesaajruia.m. ltov. Jena
Itnlixiiu, t'ltxinr.
I'ATiiiil.li- Cm in ii M.r . at Nelnon, Unit
ami third Sunday at Hand in mi nan., Ilaneillo-
ii'.'.'i i :m to  8 p.m.   ltov.   Father  KvrlanS
BAPTIST OUUROn   ��� Hci-vIcim  mornlai ant
evening at 11 a,m, and 7,80 p.m.; I'rayer m��c��-
ttiK A'cilncHdny evening at 8 pan. the li. Y.
P. II. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Hirangrn
cordially welcomed. Hot. ('. VV. Itoae, I'aator
Salvation Aiimv Hervlc . every eveniny
at 8 o'clock   In  hurra ek��nn Vlolnrla HreeU
A .1 ml .nil  MlllllOr 111 rli',1 ��� ���������
���rtUn will b�� received.
Subscribe for The Miner NELSON DAILY MINER MONDAY, JANUARY a,  i899.
Milling Stock Quotations.
ompiled by II. G. McCullocli, mining hrok
Nelson, 11. 0��� P. 0. box Pi5.|
Name of Company Vitlao.
Nelson, Slocan and Alnsworth
American IJoy 1 (10
Atlialmsca 100
Arlington Con 1 00
Dundee l 00
Dardanelles too
Ilcllie 100
Klsie 100
Kxchcuucr 100
Kci-n G. M. Co    23
Gibson 160
Hall Mines  ��1
Idler 100
London Hill    25
Nelson-Poorman     23
Kaslo Montezuma        100
Noble Five 100
Rambler Con  100
Iteco 1 00
Slocan Star    50
Two Friends    30
Wonderful  100
Washington 1 00
Trail Creek
Butte 100
Caledonia Con   1 00
Commander 1 00
Deer l'ark 100
Enterprise 100
Eureka Consolidated l 00
Evening star l 00
Georgia too
Good Hope t 00
Grand frize  100
Giant 100
High Ore 1 00
Iron Mask.... 100
Iron Colt 100
Jumbo  ..1 00
Lily May 5 00
Mayflower 1 00
Monita 100
Monte Cristo 100
M ugwuinp 1 00
Novelty too
Phoenix   too
Poorman 1 oo
Red  Mountain  Viow 100
Rossland   Honiesliike 1 00
Rossland tted Mountain 100
Silverino 1 00
Silver Hell 1 00
St. Klnio loo
Virginia too
Victory-Triumph 1 00
War Eagle Con 1 00
West Le Hot Josio 1 00
White Hear 100
IphaBoll 100
Cariboo tCanip Mold too
Waterloo (Camp McK| 100
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00
Channo      25
Golden Cache 1 00
Oec. M. & M. Co 100
Old Ironsides  100
Smuggler l oo
Tin  Horn    25
Van Andn 1 00
Winchester    25
Fire Mountain 100
r���'���%%'%���%/%'%<���%' ���%/Wtv%%'*V* like a lion" will "go out like a lamb,"
__^____^   __ m tie year 1899 will die a very   peaceful
MTNrS  DP 5 deiUlb   imU't,d-    vvlKU    most     Nelson
���LTXJ.i.T JjkJ  L/X J citizens went to bed oil Saturday night
* to seop  tlie  old year  out unci the now
one iu, old Boreas cum nienced  a mora
L,.. , ,, , ,  ,    ,     .   tumultuous celebration of the  imports' ant  event.    By   midnight   when   '9b
-V%'Vtt/**--%V '%/%^%/%^'%'^* passed   into   histroy,   the winds were
sweeping down the mountains and
playing iiid aud seek around Nelson
houses with that dreary dirge that
accompanies a winter storm. The
scurrying clouds entered into tho general jamboree of the elements by dropping snowtlukcus which immediately
became tho sport of the winds and
were sent to tap gently at window
panes, to push their way through
cracks and under doors, to rusli in
white irregular armies down the icy-
streets or to seek shelter behind a
protecting object where the wind let
llltbem He at rest. The moou rose
^ | when the new year was but a few
ji minutes old but was invisible to the
55 storm swept city. Daylight succeed
ed darkness but Boreas could not tire
and kept the elements at play. All day
through Iho blizzard waged with ever
M j increasing energy and away on iut.i tho
night the wind was stilt blowing with
a fierceness that showed no signs of
abatement. The thermometer kept up
tlie excitement by hovering around
tho 15 mark and making it decidedly
cold for those whose interests took
them out ot doors.
A Northwest bilzzard is not a regular feature of Nelson winters and the
proverbial "oldest inhabitant," win
knows everything and remembers the
most extraordinary things that the rest
of us forget, had some difficulty iu recollecting just when there was such
another storm. But he said it was
most unusual. The trains service
suffered by the war of tlie elements and
the O. P. R. train, due troin Rossland
at 10:110 p. in. was over two hours behind time. Drifts in the mountains today will probably interfere seriously
with railroad traffic.
)lll\l:i TO LAIN II (i i'i:n cent.
Valuable Baker Street and  other excellent property for sale.
Oilier Ttn ina -!loc,-kii Block. Neliou, II. C
1 20
1 25
2 05
1 25
tM ������������������������ ��������������������������������������������
^������������^������-���"f ���������������������������������������������������
��� New Years Dinner
��� FROM 12 to 8
| Sunday & Monday
t JANUARY 1 & 2, 1899.
}������������+����������������������������� ��� ��� r �������>���������>������
CD. J. Christie!
Where no oonsUoration is Denied in transfer)
the nominal sum of si in to be understood.
Dec 81.���
Arthur Assolin to Joseph lilnncliurd,
Jjj iu Fraction, (260.
Max Bompery to W. E.   Mnroan,   yA
iii Uermina, $60.
Deo. 8iJ.���
John Hustle to A.   L.
Iron Hand.
���I. M.   Somprey   to  Peter Dressell,
3-4 iu Herniina $11)0.
Deo. 24.���
James MoKiau's declaration as to
interest, conveyed iu Ducky   Edd   and
Dec. 27.���
K. ,1. Wun-en to Slocan Mines Lim-
ited all in Royal.
Stephen   Brooks, to  Elmer (Joy \A in
X Ray.
Dec. 89.���
P, ,1. Flnuoane to F. Le Onsto y^
Kootenay Queen and Bluoan (mint
No. .0.
* #   *
Tlm Silvertoniun of Silverton review-it the Past Yenr as follows: The
past year has been one of healthy until ity lo the ninny mining properties
adjoining and tributary  to Silverton,
Some of I be oldei properties havo been
more fully developed and some which
were mere prospects twelve months
ago an- now ready to take Ineir places
in the trout rank ol the mines of the
l'rovince. The amount of development work (lone iii the Bllverton dls-
triol during tho year aggregates 11,0011
feet of over two miles umi no other
ih.Irii-l 111 British Columbia can point
to 11 bilier ri-Mill tor the anioiint of
development nonompllibodi
There has been   no   boom   with  its
Oonsoqut lit wild-cat compiinicH. The
BilvertOlI district bus been most forlu
mite in iliiii so liir her mines have
l'allrn Into the hands of unu-linil
bUSiueSS men who are OOUtOUl to work
the mines on their merits and who do
mil result to the tricks of the stock
jobber to give them a llctitious   value.
Although many of our  properties  aro
slock c.oiiipanies tlm stocks uro nowhere quoted for the simple reason
that there is little if any offered for
sale which in itself speaks volumes
fin' the confidence the owners have in
the mines of tins of this district.
* #   ��
Tlie discovery or a guld-bnaring
quartz in i'olnac count.i near (juyiou
is peculiar. Mr. Kelly wits returning
from the funeral of a friend buck in
the 0OU!lt*y when he was stuck by Die
peculiar appearanoe of a stone fence by
the  roadside,   Upon examination  it
turned out that. Iho fence eoiituined
rich nohl (iiiurlz. A carelessly put ipics-
lion elicited the information us to
where the i|tiartz was obtained and a
prospecting visit to the locality
brought about the preleul excitement
over the Mud.-Ottawa Citizen,
* *   *
The shipments of   Ol'B   ft    Slocan
Lake points for tho past year were:
Prom New- Denver California 80 tons,
Prom Bosun Landing���Bosun 804k,
l-'i'niii Bllverton.���Oomstoak 885, j
Emily Edith, 801 Fidelity, 180i Fisher
Maiden, 107 j Silver Nuggof, r>i���; Vancouver, 120; Wakefield, 1001 total,
1,011?),,, Ten Mile Landing.������Knler-
prlse ii,".
* ��  ��
The Hall Mines Smeller i< resuming
Shipment! of nnniluH of COppM bullion.
al ICt-porl,
by A. 11. Holt
EST      KALI,
Dec 2'i
32.0     0.58
Dee 27
45.0    0.10
Dec 28
18.0     0.00
Dec "9
18.0    0.00
Deo ;,0
14.11    O.(X)
Dee 31
15.0     0.05
Jim   1
150     0.20
Waldema*   Wallach &
P. O. Box724, Rossland, B.C.
Correspondence  Solicited.
QUK'K TIME   GOOD SER \-/' /���
Tourist Cars pass Rovelstok^ daily
to St. Paul; .Mondays I'm- Toronti.i
Thursdays lot' Montreal and Bosttnt:
Fridays I'm- St. .loin . N, U.
A   I,
Plrsl liny of ihe   year   Distinguished
Itself With a liliz/.ard.
II tin ic is any   truth   in   that slate
meiit Ihiil, anything   that  "comes   iu
To   Itosshiiiil
li.tiin in. lji-uve-i
and  Main   I.in,
���NHLSON   Arrival
pi nt
in.up in
i�� \ i.iiin-   Kitslii itiiiii.-,
Elfoopl Siinilny. Kxcci.l HiimI \\
I   ii.m.   Loavoj   KKI.SON   Arrive,   11   u.n
hniili iiiij  Itlvi'i- ItiiiXc.
s.i ii, .Mm n:.
Mini., Weil., I'M. Men,, Weil., Ki
7 nan.   Loiivoh   NICliHON   Amvos   ii.iiii   |, I,
MakoN coiuitiullon u! l-ilm tiny ivIthHlr, Id
k,iiieii in linili illrci 11 i.
Hianmors on llielr ruiitioollvq ronton unl   u
prlliolpal I,iiiii|Ihk��   in  Imlli illrci iIiiiih mi
niller points uli'-n ,ai;iuilli-il.
Trains io mni iT'iiii Nloean I'n.i. su   i
mill    i. , , ,   Lulls   f.iini.
uliiyi   I'.xi'Olltort)
M!H.HON    trrlvm
2.20 |i, in
II :t. 111.     I,i'li\
Aki.'I'.ktain Baths
mni full liiftn null ion    li>   addrosstpK neiii-n
loeni ngontf, i'ii> Tickei Agent, N'ihon,or
.toilN iia.MII/i'iin, Agent, Nuled
W, l'\ ANDKltHON,
Tray, Puss, Auent,
IC, ,1, COVIjB,
DIhI,   I'llNH.   AUI'I.I
WHEW . . .
Uhii   li   flrsl   OlalS  line    In   ti-melliiK   linlnenii
Minnoapolls, si. Paul ami (iiiIcuku, mni
iIi-j pnnolpul towns In Uontrnl Wiaoonsin
Pullman Paluoo Blooping ami Chair Oars
Hel-vlce .....
The Dining Carsai poralod In Hie Intel-Kit of
lih patron*, tlm most olaKiint-xurvlac over
Inaugurated,   iMuulx aro iisrvod u la ttarfi,
To obtain tirsi olassssrvloo yourtlckol ulionlil
ruiul vln        .....
f      THil WISCONSIN      +
+      CfcNTkAl, LINfcS      +
Dlreci oonnoolloas nl Uliloagoand Mllwaukoi
fur ait Ida .1 ..iii points,
Kor roll Information cull on your neio-iwl, llilie'
ngoiit, or write , , ,
Jas. A. Ci.iicu. in-        ,1am, ���', I'llNH,
OOllOral Agmil, tlcililiil I'iih-. Agent
MOStark sii-ci i. Milwuukoo,
I'm I limit   Ore,
NOTICE  OP   Ai'i'liKiATloN
TAKE NOTICE Ihnl I, V. C. Umik-
litv. will apply to the (iolii ComtnIs.
Slolier of West Kooleiuiy, II. I!,, thirty
ilnvH after dale, for a license to sell
liquor by relnll al my liolel, located at,
Sirdar, Ifi 11)11(11 from Knskonook, iu
the West Koolcnu- district
Dated al Nelson, II. (J., this Utb day
of Deo,, I8U8
f Turkey,   Goose,    Duck,
���     Chicken, and the best
f of everything".
!��������������"��� �������������������������������������������������:
I Y. HOSHI        - Proprietor
A   3 Roonuvd tind a 4 Roomed
Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
; J Advance   money  at  terms
suit borrower.
0. D. J. Christie,   Agent 1
���������������������-���>��������� ������������-���������������������������������������-���������������t
% Unfinishea V/orsted Coats
8 to wear with odd trousers is the
(C correct thing tliis season,
I And what, is correct can be
�� found here at any time. We
K have a huge stock of clothing,
jjn but we don't keep it long. The
f. arrivals of this week will lie
'i gone by next. The style anil
S cut of the garments catches the
(A eye and the quality of the goods
fl the judgment, and makes cus"
loiners of all who conic to see.
1 P   O, STOHIS.
Groceries ai)d Crockery
Great West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
Fancy Dress Goods at Reduced Prices.
Mrs. McLaughlin's,
.iu-KftliNK ST. NUi.nol
0:20 a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
7:15 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
7:30 a.m.���S.   S. -Altw^tar-,",'""f- *��^
N'OTICK i lii-K-liy Kivi-n Hull mi MpiloAtlon
Will lie miulc to tnO I'ttl-llHIIKllit of (lilllllilll, lit.
tlto next stuslon thoroof, fur an net In Incur
I,ileum u ciiliipiiiiy Ui OOnitniOt, lllllllltnlll llllll
ii|ii-l-iite u linn nr linen (if liilnurmili In llin I)|h
ft'lots (if Yule nail ICiihI unit vt'nwl KrKitciiny, in
tlm I'l-nvltic.o i��i I'.mi j'.ii i nl ii iii I a,, mid to iniike
connection wltli tho lino or lines of nnjr icio-
::ni|ili c(iiii|iiiny In tliO tlnllixl HtninK of Aiiinrl
en, or wllh any tslograpn or trli-pliono eoni
it.my whii-li Ih now or liiirmifler inuy tin em
jiowori'd In curry on IniNlnehk In ihn ill.lil.-u In
i|(niMilon, or In liny nt In i portion of I lie Pro-
\ linn of ItrllMi Columbia, with power Iu yell
or Inline the coinpiiny'H line or linen lo iiny hiicIi
i-uiiipiii y or to iiniiilKiuiiale tho iinitnrliiklnu
oitlin conipiiny ulili I tint of nny other mii-h
, uiiipiiiiy or eonipiiniuii, or t.i enloi- Into nny
i ml allsuoll con'riietM, nKreoiiienlH or ni-i-uniri-
uiaiitMfor ilin   Ii-iiiihiiiIknIhii unit excliiiiiKii of
 hhiikosuiiiI iIIhii-iiiiiiioii of rstos of ojisrgo
il llll liny oilier hiii-Ii ooiilpnii) or OpmpalllQS H-
iniiy lie iieeiiii-i) ni-1-iiMi.iir) or usponiont rortns
tlitrpoNOS of the i-oinpiiii) mi to he Ineorpiiriiteil
u . ntul-u  lllll.
Il.ilcil ill, Vli-toi-ln, II  (',, tlinZlnl  of lleeem-
lu-r, IStlH.
iKHiWHi.h k DUFF,
Holll'ltul-H for Hill A|i|>lleillllH.
��r..     NKI.HIIN LODQB, No. M. A. r.k.v
'^ J^M. meets Koeonri Wi,l,e��i��j in ueh
^rVmonth,  7lsltlna>brsthrsi Imvltnd.
(). ),. LhMMOZi SsorsMlf),
I.  I). O.   r.     Kso enur l**j'
No. 10, iii.-ctieT,.|T MnnSn* nlKh  .
uf   I Mi   Malt,   tn,)i,��.r  .t'..i
-t.i.lolll'llllIK ("1(1 Fallows ri.riti.llly IutIUkI.
a. II. Oldmellti, N.a.     ifi-ort j :'(iuii.��, nn*j
NICI.SONH   yUKEN    NO.   811
1\ BON8   OF    KNCihANli, mssts
seeonil  I funilli Weilmmduy of
em-li iiii.nl I, ill, IC. of I*. Hall, Ma,-
I inn.ihi   lllnek,    l-or.   Vel-lioii   kill!
.Iiwepliliio Hti-eetN.   Vli.llhiu lirotli-
riin i.oi'illiiliy hivlteil.
llUiS. U.  |e��(i iii.vt,
COIIIt'l'ltOII'I'ICNAV, I.O.F., NO, SIM moetc
Ixl mni llril Wnilnesiliiy in eneli iiionlli In tbe
l< of I' Hull. F W Swiiiiell, (', U. 8. ('. It.; J n
(lrecii.(!.lt.-. J. rarklHH,Hfoy.
NKbHON 1.011(1 IC, N0.7o"a;6Tu,W��� meets
every   Thursday In l.lio 1,0.0.1''.   Stlli    ��  ('
WlllluiiiM. M.VV,'.   W  B Hlillth, Itco.Heo.; I,  J.
Inn. (ill, FltUUllllOTI F, i rlqulru. Hoeelvor, mil
V, M, VV.
Nliil.SdN l,.o l��� No. IIIUI moot. In "the Mao
Honiilil hlne.lt i-iiiry Tliiin.iiiiv eveiihiK ul S
o'cliii It VIhIIIiu iiienil��er�� tiordlnlly hivlteil.
John 'love, VV. M,| F, J. Ilrntllu-r, It. rt,
Knskonook and way points
Tuesday, Thursday and
8:00 a.m.- S.S. Movie leaves for Kootenay L'd'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
0:00 a.m.���Train leaves C. P. R. station for Slocan City, daily
except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kobtiuee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday,
2:20 p.m.���Train arrives O. P. R. station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, except
���1:00 p.m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:H0 p.m.���S.S. Intel-national leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dadv except. Sunday.
5:35 p.m.���Train arrives N. & F. s.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
(1:50 p.m.���s. s  Moyie  arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way
points,   Tuesdays,   Thui'S
days and Saturdays,
(1:3(1 p.m.���S.S. Alberta arrives from
Kuskonookand way points
Tuesday,    Thursday    and
0140'p.m.���Train leaves 0. P. It   sta
th n fin- Unlisoii, Rossland,
and all .Main Line points,
10)80 p.m.���Train arrives ('. I*. R. sla-
t.ion,   from  all   .Main   Line
points, Rossland and Rob
son, daily
Steam tuns Kaslo, Angerona, Red
star, Hei'cnle.-., Surprise mid ol hci-.-
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nel
son, but. have no regular times of arrival and departure,
TrAUHportnlinit CoiiipiinieH nre roquostod n
iflvc notice to ttie Miner of uny filter il ioiiN in
i In- i hiii-iif ii'i-lvnl mni ileniirture from NolsOD
To onr many Customers  for  their   Liberal
Patronage for the Past Year; Wishing you
all a Bright and Prosperous New Year.
GrrocerieB and  Crockery
Steamship Lines
Allan l.tne    l'iirl,l<l>
Allllll   Line    I'iii'IhIuii
,t John
 Inn. 11
ra'0,-11  Miilirux
AIIiiii blue   I'iii'IhIiiii Jan.  H
From i'"i i line
Allnli l.llie-l.aiirciilliill Inii.il
Prom Ne,v Viirii
White Htarl.lne Ian. II
Wlilin him- Line    Inn   If
('iinuril l-lne   Ani'iiiiln Inn.  V
I'limo-il Line   t'lnln-lu   .    .  Inn. II
Anchor I,Inn   I'lii iuikhIii Inn, II
Anchor I.toe   Kilnopln  .Inn. *
American blue   rit.l'i.ul      .Inn. II
Allan l.lllft    Htnle NelnilMltll lllll. Ill
(labia, fi.-. (hi. s.iii. fih.. t7n i?m�� unit upwards,
llilerineilliite,    '..!..id niel npwni-ilH
Btoorago, ptil.00and uuvvaras,
I'liHHciiKci'H tlc.lteleil llirmatli  to nil luilnl-, !<i
(Jrent  Hrltnlll or   li-elniul, mill nt h| l.illilmi
I'liteH   to   nil   pui-lH of I lie I'liiroiienii i-iint I lent.
I'repiilil piiHMiiKiui nrrmrfe'l from nil pnliiti
Apply toO   I'. It. I'Hy 'llel'el Anenl   NiiNlill.
or to
Wll,1,1AM S'lM'I'l ,
Will   Uenernl AkiiiiI. C.I'.U. OfflOSS, VVllilllpOg
<iciicnil Teamstors.
MICI.HON    UIDOIC   Nn. M, K. of    I',
iiin-etH In (IiihIIh  IikII.   Mellonalillilaelt
J-very   Tnemlny  evonlnn at. | o'elue.lt.
) Ml vIhIIIiik In,,,iiii     ,,���,ii..|i. Invllnil,
It. O. Jnr, (I. (1.
IBtfll) lliMi.   Hiiua li.uf ll.an.l.'l
NICI.HI1N   I,()II(1K,    I. 0. (I, T,       Meet*  Iii
<   ,  ii,   Hull,   \l, li i l   Ml,,, li,  every Monilny
         '���-'     VImIiInk Templarsoor-
John I'k.i.coiiii,
chief Templar,
J. F, .liiei.luian   Uee'y
eveliliiK  nt S o'l-luuli
(llnlly hivlteil
Apnts for B, I!. Oil Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Oor. Baker & Hall Sta
Telephone  Ul),
Xmas Is Over
The New Year Has
There may be something you have
forgotten,    Perhaps  we  have  it.
t'oinc and see
vV, F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Ml  Communications relating in British Columbia business
to W addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
s. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Orders   received at   Frank    Fletcher's   Office,  Corner of
Kootenay   and   Maker   Streets.
W. P. TIEMEY,       -       General Agent
I'    -    ^,1100,111111.
President, T. R,
tl ::i 11 i.iiiin.
MERRITT, Vice-Prnsidenl
St. CalhaiineH.
i-'i,Ki,i ,1
. M.l
I, II. WILKI1G, (ii'iici-al Manager,     \<��� HAV, InipeotOT.
lll'illirlK-a    In    Olllnrllll
ITOBONTO, 8( Wol'g    HI. K. IHt. Itkriiinisn
''"  �����:�������� y��..w.*.Mis.,, te����
11 llHIKCdi   111(1(11- I WOIIIIMTIICK
UiMiiiiii,,,. NnriiiMi, 1 Terrlterlss mni iii-iimii ���
I'lltlT C11I.II11IINII
II.CI- I'.illl.liil,
hai'i.i btii, Maiiii
Urniirlii h In lln, Im-
U INNII'KO,  Mini,
(AIIIAIIV,   Allllll.
'out mi. I,.1 I'llAllltB, Mum.       I IIiianiion, Mini.
1 imk Ai.ii|.:it-i-. Hiu.1i. KuMONTpM,       Allita.
\ ANcnnviui, 1.0. BOUTll BbiiOHTOK, "
It,  < ��� l(KVKI.HIOIi|i;,  It,  (1,
HiivIiikk Hiinli llrieieii,i.,nl    UnilosiU of 91 mul iiiiwiii'iN received mni  ,,:.���,      nllownil
niii/lHninill Mr' m&WttA fcttv '' '"'"^l"11' t*V" ��'�� wKin.,
11,11 '.'!} li��ii-l( i li) leiicr iii'i-iilile tn nny uf tin, iilmvi, lii-ini'lii'H
,,MI IWI 1 on Aliiska 0 pioroiMCfo; payable at ft. MIoKsol'si Alimka, and
I.UltOlll Of (
Daw -iiy.
iieiiii- s���i,i, aynllalilc til all points la Canada, Uiiin-,1 Btotoiand Kurnpe,
 ;> Onlnrs IhkuiiiI payablo ul uny linuli InOanttdo,   Itttos   tfndof \
(SUtolllO, IVui HOtoflU, lie
HI, He; til) to sarnie;
J. M, LAY, Manager.
The Great
>hort Line
Prom the manufacturer
In   I,he     I'l'lnller    ilii-ect,,
means olose m-i-i- and
|ieiH(inai feiponsiblllty,
nylng from tha mnnufne-
(iii-ii in maker of ku<m1h
niuam uverythlnu to the
pUrflhasm, for it Ih In  It-
Helr nil  IllHtll'lincn   iij-.aiiinl
liil'ei-lin- (IikhIh and Kxor-
��� ���Himt. I'i-Icch, while the
cuhIhiiici' reaps the lui-
nieili.t.e benefit
��MW?tal?ttM% \{'r"���"��� '"' "       ���Hl'"H'  Pld,d   ^'WOttel, Lickots.
v,,  ��� i, n,    v,      '    N'      ll;,,lr'  \"lr,,,,H'() K>' BteilirurHllver and Hll-
*{,t fnotal-le* |l"'""1 5",el00tud.r',"�� Imineuieetookeatt Ilffw
Buy from J\COIJ  DOVER and Save Money.
Engraving BW,


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