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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 15, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 911
Nelson,   British Columbia, Saturday Evening,   December 15,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
Parliament  Prorogued With
the Shortest Speech
on Record.
Bobs' Return to London Will
Be Occasion of Oreat
London,   Dee. IB.���Parliament was
dismissed today until tlio   middle   of
February   with the   reading   of  tlie
shortest of tlie Queen's speeches. It
was as follows:
"My Lords and Gentlemen���I thank
yon for the liberal provision you have
made for the expenses incurred by the
operations of my armies in South
Allien and China."
The proceedings today In tho Mouse
of Commons wero a repetition in niin-
aturo ot the debates of the session.
The Ministers were heckled, the war
was denounced and Mr. Joseph Chamberlain was further attacked. Hot
tho war funds were linally voted after the Secretary of Slate for War,
Mr.Win. St. .lohn Broderlck, bad given an assurance that tho Government,
during recess, would cordially cooperate with lieneral Kitebncr in an
endeavor to end the war.
Particularly stinging   were   tne remark's   of   Mr.   .lohn   Itryan-lloherts,
Liberal,    lie declined   that   the Hritish treatment of women in South   Africa was an outiage  on   civilization,
and that it   was   blasphemy   to  bold
Christian services   lu St. Paul in con-
neotion with the return   of Lord Bob-
erts, while there wero   such   proceedings in South Africa.    Mr.   Broderlck
hotly   denounced  Mr. Bryan-Roberta'
charges, asserting thnt it   was  urlml-
nal to   make allegations which   could
Heel be proved,   but   whicli,    however,
would be telegrnplieil   to   .South Africa to ineicasn   the discontent existing
there.    He held up Mr.  Bryan-Huberts
to   the  censure   and    reprobation   of
nearly every member of the House   of
Commons.    These remarks were greeted with cheers.    Mr.   Brodorick   then
repeated that the I lovernment did not
elesire to pursue a policy which would
make   it moro   dillieult for tho   Boers
to cease fighting.and that the (lovernment abided   by   the   declarations   of
Mr.   Chamberlain.    The   session   was
suspended until two o'clock in the afternoon   when   both   Houses met  nnd
were prorogued.
The dreary prospect of interminable
war in South Allien and increased
tnxatlon at lioine is no detriment to
Christmas   gayeiy     'I'he   shows    and
markets are brighter than ever,  gay
throngs till the streets, business is at
top notches, the theatres are crowded.
Thousand! of people are preparing
tn invade I,.melon to welcome Lord
Roberta home. The number of spectators of "Bobs'' march to St. Pauls,
accompanied by the Prime of Wales,
January 2nd, is likely to bieak all
records. The ofllolals are already be-
selged for tickets for the thanksgiving service and window owners are
anxiously awaiting the announcement of the line of march.
Th" British Admiralty has thoroughly wakened up to tho importance
of the submarine and similar methods
of warfare. It lias been arranged to
test Varscar's Invention for steering torpedoes and sub-niarino boats
hy means of the wireless telegraphy
"perilled by Mr. A. 0. lliggs, the
united States Consul at Weymouth.
The I'nited States Commander (Hover
is following up the matter closely.
Germany has made an offer for tbe
German rights. The invention has
been considerably altered since it was
Hist shown to the German Government, '."ho inveutor now expresses
the belief that the danger of interference or "jnmmin"" as it is technically called has been eliminated. As recent Marconi experiments prove, Instruments not exactly tuned to tbe
same note can have no iniluenee over
others, regardless of the power of the
batteries,Mr. iliggn provides each tor-
potli) iioat with a different note and
directs It from a Bhip or the land, on
or under water towards the obje_t it
is desired lo destroy, by means of the
tame current whereby wheless messages me transmitted.
A special despatch fiom Washington
complains that the London desp-tcli-
es dealing with the Niearngnaii Canal
do not  give any  Indication  of the
Views of Lord La'nsdowiic, Lord Salisbury, or any authoritative person.
It may be said that Lord l.ansdowne has been given an opportunity
to communicate bis views on the matter fiul he lias definitely refused, remarking that he did not wish to attempt lo interfere, eovortly or otherwise in tbe formation of American
public or legislative opinion. Helms
not even   dlsutiHscd   the   canal   in his
frequent conferences this week with
the United state's Ambassador Joseph
Choate. Great Britain's decision,
donbtleBS,   will   be   nrrivVd   at,   curly
only after a Cabinet conference. What
Lord Lansdowne will advise his fellow Cabinet Ministers to do. depends
entirely on the final shape in which
the truuty is returned.   As the matter
stands, it would be equally unsafe to
say bo will counsel Its rejection or
acceptance. Though us he follows
tbo   ideas   wl   D '   ������-"(l
among tbo provincial library
officials,he will fall back on tlie _iay-
ton-liulwer treaty and reject any
modifications of the Hay-Pauncefote
Mr. Robert Arlington, the eccentric
gentleman of Leeds, who lived in a
miserly manner in order to he able to
devote bis wealth to foreign missions,
left over one milion pounds to charities of all kinds. He made bis fortune out of a brewery and lived in
one, filthy room, containing about as
much furniture as a pauper's hovel.
Disappointment in love is said to have
been responsible for his extraordinary life. This tall, spare man wore
a slouch hat and dressed in frayed
garment, made in tho style of the sixties and was never known to give
away a penny in his life time.
List of Conditions Which, it  is  Said,
the Emperor Will Agree To.
Tien Tsin, Dec. 15.���According to
creditable Chinese sources of information Emperor Kwang Su will agree to
the following demands of the Powers:
First���Indemnity to the amount of
700,000,uuo taels. payable within sixty
years and guaranteed by the Likiu.
Second���The erection in l'ekin of a
suitable monument to the memory of
Baron Von Kettier.
Third���An Imperial prince, near
relative of the Emperor to go to Iierlin to apologise ami express regret for
the murder.
Fourth���Foreign troops to hold the
lines of communication between Taku
and l'ekin.
Fifth���Punishment of Boxer officers.
Sixth���Candidates from districts
where anti-foreign outrageB hnve been
perpetrated uot to be allowed to compete in Chinese examinations in Pelon for live years.
Seventh���Abolition of the Tsung Li
Eighth���Foreign envoys to have access to the Emperor at all times.
Ninth���Importation of arms and
ammunition into the Province of Chi
Li to be abolished.
Tenth���The land and sea foice between Shan llai Kwan, Taku and Pc-
kin lo be destroyed.
ft.1        DIVIDEND
New York, Dec. 15.���The body of
Confederate Brigadier Oeneral German Bins has been found in Black
swamp, four miles from Morristown,
N. ,1. fie was known as the liermit
of Wanoug Mountain. For 35 years
Bins bad lived a solitary life on the
side of Succnssunna Mountain. He
had little to do with anyone and his
retreat was fur removed from the
nearest house. His cabin was found
in ashes by those who went to it after tlie body bad been identified.
Bins made his appearance on the
mountain in 1HI15. When be first came
he wore a gray uniform and on it
were the stars of a Brigadier-General.
Ten years after Bins settled on the
mountain his life story came out
through no fault- of his. William
Becker, a veteran of the Union Army,
who had occasion to visit Atlanta iu
1876, commenced an investigation and
found from the Confederate sources
that Bins had enlisted as a minor ollicer soon after Sumter was fired on.
lie rose rapidly and at the close of the
war held the rank of Brigadier-General. At the outbreak of tbe war Bins
was a well to do planter in middle
Georgia. While he was in the arm"
his two children died. When Sherman marched to the sea,leaving Georgia desolate, Bins' home was one of
those left in ashes. Mrs. Bins bad
lied before the arrival of Sherman and
joined the refugees. Exposure and
hardship brought her to her death.
When ho returned to bis plantation
be found the ashes of his home, the
graves of bis children and near them
the grave of his wife, whom faithful
slaves had carriod to the plantation
and buried. Oeneral Bins ut onco left
and until Mr. Becker informed them
his friends did not know what had
become of him. No one knows how
tbo old man came to his death.
New York, Dec. 15.���According to
n dispatch from London it is reported
that Charles (Kid) McCoy and Margaret Cornelllc, the music ball singer,
were married this week. Nelthor
will affirm or deny the rumor. McCoy says that he has three fights in
prospect and will perhaps announce
them next week.
Chicago, Dec. 15.���Mayor Carter
Harrison has undertaken a personal
investigation to ascertain whether or
not the Mc'lovcrn-Gans contest nt
TattersalB Thursday night was a
fttko. He declares today that if tho
facts satisfy him that either, or both
the participants nrrangod to "quit"
he will never issue unother license
to boxing promoters.
Cornwall, Ont., Dec. 15. ���Liberals
this morning entered a protest against
the election of R. A. l*rlnglc,.in Cornwall and Stormont County,
Rev. ,T. II. White preaches in Sandon tomorrow at the opening of the
new Methodist Church there. Ills pulpit hero will be supplied by Rev. A.
E. Roberts of New Denver.
".lack" Ross, night operator In lho
C. P. It. telegraph otllces, was taken
to the City Hospital today, suffering
from the effects of a hemorrhage,
Rich East Kootenay Property
Pays Its Third One
Prospects of East Kootenay
as Viewed by Mr. Frank
Mr. Frank Robbins, manager of the
North Star mine, situated about SO
miles north of Cranbrook along the
KimbeiTey branch iu the St. Mary's
River district, iB iu Nelson for a few
days, his principal business here being to attend the Mine Owners' Association meeting. Mr. Robbins is greatly pleased at the way the property
is showing up and speaks in the highest terms of that distiiet. In speaking
in a general way of that section, be
snid that it was comparatively unknown and had not received a great
deal of attention and yet there were
in it three of the greatest producing
properties east of Rosslund, namely
the Sullivan, North Star, and St. Eugene mines. From these three nearly
0,000 tons per month uro being shipped. The North Star is a great property and at present more development
ib being carried on than mining work
proper. About .5 miners are engaged
in the workings. Tho ore taken from
the mine is a clean galena with no
concentrating ore. The oro is deliver-
eed to tbe railroad by a trumway with
the capacity of 10 tons per hour.
The property is Jnlso supplied with
a hoist, air compressor and good
machinery for its development Tbe
shipments are about 2,000 tons per
month. With only development woik
being carried on, and the greater DOT.
tiou of it being done during the last
year,tbe property has now declared its
third dividend whieh will be paid
today. The amount is three cents per
share, while a consideiable amount
of capital is being placed in the treasury for the opening up of tha mine on
a much larger basis. In the workings
a large amount of ore is already in
sight, whieh goes to show that the
payment of a dividend will be continued for a long time to come.
The Sullivan group, which Is operated by Spokane parties, situated in the
same district and ubout three miles
from the North Star, is also showing
up most satisfactorily. This is alBo a
galena proposition, and contains no
concentrating ore, but ull is of a high
grade. From 50 to 00 men are engng-
ed in it development. It is equipped
with the latest models of machinery,
consisting of hoists, compressor, and
development facilities. The mine is
producing about 00 tons or three carloads per day. This mine- bus ulso an
enormous body of ore in sight, and
the monthly returns brings to its
owners, now, and will for some time
to come, a handsome profit. These
two mines are the only producers in
thut immediate vicinity, but a number of other properties nre being developed by Spokune capitalists. The
shipping facilities are now most satisfactory, and this is due greatly to
the enterprise of the Canadian Pacific,
which has placed a daily passonger
and fast freight service to that district. This gives to the mine owners
easy transportation und they can
readily place their ores at tho various
smelters. In former days the ore from
the North Star lind to bo taken 17
milos by boat. The Sullivan being
three miles from the track,the ore has
yet to be transported that distance in
wagons and considerable difficulty is
encountered. The company is thinking of constructing a narrow guage
road ovor that distance in the near future so that ready transportation can
bo obtained.
The other properties that nre being
developed in the district aro not numerous but energetic work is being carried on. Judge Waltfield of Spokane,
has let a large contract for diamond
drilling on several properties near the
North Star aud good reports ure looked for In the near future. The Hastings Syndicate are also developing
several properties in the near vicinity. The Mount Sicker nnd B. C. Development Co. is also working a group
of four claims, situated near the Sullivan group. The three companies,
North Star, Sullivan nnd Mount Sicker, ore doing extensive work to obtain water power from Mock Creek to
produce power for each of the properties. The power thus obtained will
be converted into electricity. The
Hume tc the North Star will bo one
mile long and will give 300-horso
power. The Humes to the other properties will be somewhat longer and
give a grcuter amount of power.
At the southern portion of this silver lead producing district nnd near
the town of Moyie is situated the well
known St. Eugene mine. The ore of
thiB is not of the snmo character as
the two other producers although It
contains a good quality of clean ore
and a still larger quantity of concentrating ore. Krom 250 to 300 men aro
engaged nt the property. The development Is being curried on Steadily
and satisfactory results ure being obtained. It is estimated that about BOO
loos of ore aro being  broken  in  tbo
mine per day. Although these mines
have come to tbe front during the last
year only now they are all on a dividend basis, which clearly shows the
great wealth of the mineral deposit of
Fast Kootenay. In the district there
are three towns which have beeu
greatly benefited nnd Drought to the
front by the development of these
mines, 'i'bey are Moyie,Cranbrook and
As these three mines have proven
to be so rich, and huve made sucb ,
large returns it is wondered at that
the district has not received the atten-
tion of the prospector There nre yet
unlocated hundreds of good properties.
Tho mineral deposits are also reached with but little expense and good
returns are obtained in only a short
time. It is thought by tho mining
men of that district that in the coming season there will be more attention paid to the district.and in a short
time it will advance to the front
among the mining centres of British
��� ���   ���
Mr. McGnire of the Molly Gibson
mine arrived in the City today. He
stated that since tho operation of the
new tramway regular shipments have
been made. During the last week
six carloads of ore were shipped. An
additional 35 men have been added to
the force working nt tho mine, and
now    development    will    be   pushed
��� ���   ���
At the mining recorder's olliee this
morning certificates of improvements
wero grunted to C. Sherbert on the
mineral claims, The Kid, Comatte
Fractional, and Achilles 200. The
other records entered were: Transfers���From A. S. Gray to G. Sherbert,
J. interest in Comattee on Kokakneo
Creek, for a nominal consideration.
Certificates of Work���To R.;c Campbell-.lohnston on Ruby Fractional,
Iron King and Iron Queen.
Montreal, Dec. 15,���-Tlie directors of
the Dominion Iron and Steel Company
whose plant is now approaching completion at Sydney, 0. If., held a meeting here today and decided to erect a
big plate and roll mill. The funds
necessary will be provided by tbe issuing of 85,000,mill of preferred stock
which has been underwritten by a
strong syndicate. This stock will be
issued to the present shareholders in
proportion of one _>n it of preferred
for every three shares of common
now held, any stock- not taken up being assumed by the underwriters. The
new plant is expected to begin operation in 12 months.
Ottawa, Dec. 15.���Sir Alfred Milner cables the following to Lord Minto: Cape Town, Dec. 13.���Canadian
Contingent sailed today in Rosslyn
Castle after triumphal march through
Cape Town. I inspented them on jetty
nnd thanked them for services.
Troops left amidst enthusiasm.
(Signed)    Milner."
Toronto, Dec. 15.���Lake trnfllc at
the Port of Toronto duiing tbe season
just closed lias been the heaviest in
its history. Tonnage of passenger vessels sailing was 15,000 and inward
cargoes of green fruit alone in packages wero almost 4,000 tons, chiefly
from Niagara Peninsula.
Toronto, Dec. 15.���Upper Canada
College was formally handed over to
the private corporation by the Ontario
Levis, Ont., Dee 15,���While coast-
ing neur the Intercolonial track at
Hadlow Cove, near hero, a little girl
named Dussaiilt, 11 years old, was instantly killed by tho 1. C. R. express
at noon today.
Hamilton, Ont., Dec. 15.���News has
reached here of the death of Dr. Iloep-
fner at Denver. Colo., from typhoid
fever. Deceased came to this city
from Germany a short time ago in
connection with his patent process for
refining nickel and copper.
DOWN BY THE SEA.       _*
Halifax. N. S , Dec. 15.���Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his colleagues held a
reception    here    yesterday   and   wero
guestB of Lieutenant-Governor Jones
last evening. The pnrty leave for the
west today.
How the Highland Was Secured and Quickly Made
a Shipper.
Halifax, N. S., Dee. 15.-Tho War
Olliee cabled the Admiralty authorities here yesterday that the Lako
Chiimplain witli the remainder of the
First Contingent aboard would land
at St.   John.
Ottawa, Dee. 15.���Bakers and Confectioners ot Ottawa and Hull have
umiilgumutcd into one nssoclntlon for
the purpose of mutual protection.
Milton, Ont., Deo. 15.���Trooper J.
W. Bordes's grandmother, aged 105,
took keen Interest in the reception
tendored him on his return homo from
South Afrlo. yesterday.
History of One of the Quickest Deals In Kootenay
Hamilton, Out., Dec. IB,���Joseph
Itymnl. ex-M. P., died thU morning
after a lingering iUncus,uged B0 years.
The following report of a meeting
of the Highland; (Kootonay, B, C.)
Mining Company. Limited, makes interesting rending as showing just
what can be done in tbo way of mining in British Columbia when tho
proper people ure in charge of affairs:
The first ordinary general, or statutory, meeting of the above named company was held at Winchester House,
London, on November 19th.
Mr. Charles Edward Shepheard
(chairman of the company) presided,
and Mr. (leorge II. White (secretary)
having read the notice of meeting,
the chairman said:
Great progress has been made with
the equipment of the mine, and we
are considerably in advance of the
stage usually reached by a mining
company after only four months1 existence. The company was registeieil
on July 20th with a capital of ��40,-
000 in ��1 shares, and the prospectus
was issued four days later. It, was
therein stated that tin? directors would
not go to nllotment on u less subscription thnn 24,000 shares. We went to
allotment on July 30th witll 25,007
shares subscribed, and since thnt date
we have allotted a further 7,050
shares, bringing up the total shares
subscribed for to 32,057. All these
shares have been paid up lo tlie extent
of 15s., and Beveral holders havo already paid ill full. Tin ce>ii,;,u.iy has
paid its own expenses of formal ion.
and has incurred no promotion expenses whatever. There aro no vendors1
shares and every share issued has
been paid for. From tin' lirst everything in connection witli the company
has been paid for in cash. We bought
the property for a cash price of ��16,-
500, the negotiations being carried
through by Mr. E. Woakes, who obtained u reduction from tbe original
price of more than ��5,000. We have
paid for all the expenses of equipment,
as they fell due, in cash, anil arrangements have been made to similarly
meet all existing contracts. After
puying for everything so fur us can at
present be estimated, including additional ground acquired, we shall be
left with a very satisfactory balance
in hand. I'he property we originally
acquired, which is all Crown -granted, extends to about 1(10 acres, but
since then we have added to it two
more claims covering so far as wc can
judge ut present, uhout 70 to so acre's
more. The smaller of these is a piece
of ground adjoining the mill site
which Mr. Woakes, recognising its
vnluo to us, sluiced out under the
name of the Rubber Neck, just before
other purties who were after it. We
ure indebted to him for thus getting
it without payment. The other claim,
which we believe is upwards of 50
acres, is known as the Kootenay, and
a glance at the plan will show you
Its value to us. Thu Chairman then
proceeded to__rend extracts from a report, dated Octobei 31st last, of Mr.
Woake's. Tliis report was most encouraging und comprehensive. "We
believe," says Mr. Woakes, "that the
Highland Mine docs possesses the conditions necessary to make n successful low-grude proposition. The mine
is situated 1,200 feet above the Kootenay Lake, with which it is now con
nocted by an aerial tramroad 4,000
feet leng. The concentrator Is situated on the shores of the lake where a
whnrf bus been erected so thut ull ore
can bo taacn directly from tbo lower
levels of tbe mine nnd placed on
barges on the lake at a probable cost
of 20 cents a ton. When once the
mine bus established itself as u regular and lnrge shipper il is believed
that better rules cun be obtained than
have at present been offered. The
former owners of the property had
ovory conlldenee in the mine, and had
spent quite largo suniB on its development) they,however, suw that to work
It on n large scale so us lo produce
adequate prolits %vouhl requite a further considerable outlay of capital.
Work wus started nt the mine on August 10th, the Idea being lo start to
ship clean ore as soou to possible in
order to take advantage of high prices
now ruling, while due regard was
taken for the future working of the
mine. Every thing is in a unst fur-
word state,'nnd I hope In he alehe lo
cublfl you before ihe dale of this meeting that ore has been shipped,
The Highland vein (iiu be traced
fer a distance of over 3,000 feet on the
surface; In nearly every Initanoe' in
which open nils have been made on
the outcrop, ore bus been found. . .
Owing to the large amount of lurfaoe
works necessary to be completed !�����
fore the winter, and to enable us lo
got into shape, for regular shipment!,
tho mine work bus not been pushed,
only that; being dune which was ne
cessui v to enable   us   to open out and
ham Mr the ore already  developed in
an economical manner.   These works
consisted in the starting of the No. 1
tunnel 100 feet above the No. 2, or
main tunnel, ami also the commencing of No. .'I tunnel loo feet below No.
:.'.    . .    The amount of drivage al
ready done in No. 1 tunnel has proved
tlie existence of several hundred tons
of ore not counted ill tbe original estimate. A lind of ore was also recently made 05,feet up No. 1 raise in
the footwall. where two feet of solid
ore was found with from two to three
feet of concentrating ore.
The clean ore was of exceedingly
line grain witli a silky lustre; It essayed Pb 70.1 per cent., Arg.,10.8 o_s.
It will take about four months to
drive No. II. tunnel under the oro
shoots of tbe upper level. .Should
these prove to go down it would be
advisable to start a lower tunnel for
which there is a good site BOO feet below No. s. Thero is another and parallel vein to the Highland 2550 feet
to the west. This has been only opened in two places, and shows a few
inches of solid ore in both. As soon
as the work is well progressed on the
Highland vein we propose starting to
drive on the west vein a tunnel on the
same level us No. .'1. . . A contruct
was entered into, on September 3rd,
for supplying the machinery for a 100-
ton concentrator, which may cost
about 810.000. Should we not be
unduly delayed by non-arrival of machinery, the concentrator should be
running some time in January. The
whole plant is driven by water-power,
and includes an electric light. . . .
Tlie value of tlie cloun ore has been
taken at 38.4 ozs. silver per ton and
00.7 per cent lead. These values are
taken from the average of the assays
of the ore visible in tlie tunnels and
raises, and are not the values of tbe
picked clean ore, but should represent
fairly well shipments of clean ore on
a huge scale. It may be taken that
tho clean ore runs '_ oz. of Bilver to
the unit of lean. . . The average of
tlie concentrate samples,   which   were
concentrated   by band-panning, gave
.'ell per cent. Ph.-14 o/.s. Arg. ; one of
these samples.that from the east vein,
contained a large proportion of iron
pyrites and some zinc; this brought
down the aveiage of tlie whole. Sly
opinion is that we shall produce t��vo
classes of concentrates, tbe one nearly
pure galena, which will approximate
in value very nearly to the olean ore;
the second will contain probably from
lo to 15 per cent of iron at the expense
of lead,and will, therefore, assay lower, approximating in value the concent rati, sample above quoted. The
second-class ore sliould be smelted at
a lower rate than tbe first-class ore;
iu fact, tlie representative of tbe smel
ter has stated that be cun certainly
make a better rate should we be able
to produce such a class of ore. At
present rates the ore should net 820.55
per ton from smelter, whilst at tbe
lowest quotations _sincc 1807 it should
net"8I5.SS per ton. The cost of mining, ou a basis of 100 tons per day,
should not bo more than 811 per ton ;
of this 100 tons probably in tons
would be clean ore, the   reuiniuing 00
tons concentrating, which at s to l
would give Is tons of clean concentrates per day. The 510 tons of concentrates and BOO tons of clean ore
would thus cost So,nod per month to
mine and place at tho concentrator ; the
ooel of concentrating would be about
50 Cents per ton ut lirst, and could
probably be reduced to 40 cents; or
oven less, later on. Thus the cost of
mining and concentrating ,'lou tons of
olean ore and 540 tons of cunceutrntcs
per month would   be   110,860,   which.
with another 1500 per month added for
management and oflice expenses.
Would make   a total of   110,860,    The
300 tons nf clean ore should net 18,830,
whilst the value of the 540 tons of
concentrates can only be estimated us
yet. Granting that one-third of the
concentrates, or 180 tons, are of equal
value with the clean ore we should
have another I5,310,and allowing that
the remaining two-thirds, or 160 tons,
or ceinccutratcs only, net half the
value ol the clean ore, or 814.75 per
ton, we should get n lotal return of
810,170, showing u monthly protlt of
|8,020,o r 1103,440 per annum, or over
As a sequel to his report, Mr. Woakes
Cabled us on the lath lnst.1 "Kootenay and   Fraction   secured : operating
tramway:  iiiiienccil   shipping ore,"
and only this morning wc have received this further cablegram fiom him:
"We have shipped l::o tons first-class
ore." Of the importance of this com-
uiuiiiiatiiin 1 need not speak; it
meant that within four months of the
dale of registration of the Company
we arc commencing to get returns
from the mine. I think you will ngiee
with mc that we have mnde a most
satisfactory start, and that it is rarely Ihe case thai a company,ut its statutory inciting, cun show such n record eef work done. The Directors believe that the equipment of this mine
will Compare favorably with that of
any other of the same kind in British
Columbia, and for (lie nipld progress
made we are entirely indebted to onr
engineer, Mr. El nest Wonkes. It
will give you increased conlldenee in
tho property, if such be needed, to
know thai Mr. Woakes has subscribed
for a large number   of shares   in   the
oompany,   i Applause.)
Some practical questions have been
put by shareholders and satisfactorily
answered by the chairman, tbe proceedings   terminated   in   the usuni
RESULT op ki.kctioN.
Galllher lias  467  Votrs More Than
Poley   Full Returns.
The full returns nf the election   are
is   follows:   Galllher,   1,1181  Foley,
8.6681 McKiiui . 3,606, (Inlllhcr's ma-
iorlty eivcr Fieli'y is 167, and over McKane ���.'.'ii, while Foley has 1)3 votes
more than McKane,
Lord Kitchener's Account of
the Disaster to British
Eighteen Officers and Over
550 Men are Reported
London, Dec. 15.���Lord Kitchener
reports thut IS officers and 550 men
are missing from (leneral Clement's
force. Thoy consist of four companies of the Northumberland Fusiliers.
Judging from the message these were
captured by the Boers. Clement's casualties December CI amounted to live
ollieers und nine meu killed and many
apparently wounded.
Lord Kitchener's message to the
War Olliee is as follows:
"Pretoria, December 14.���Clements
brought in his force to Comiunndo
Nek unopposed. The casualties were,
1 regret to say, heavy, killed five officers and nine of othur ranks, missing
18 officers nnd 555 of other ranks.
These latter wero four companies of
the Northumberland Fusiliers, who
were stationed on tbe bill and somo
Yeomanry and other detachment sent
up to support them. Names and nature of wounda are being telegraphed
from Cane Town. Broadwood's brigade took no part in the engagement.
Tho Boers suffered severely. Knox
drove Dewet north to the Thalia.
N'Chu, Ludybrund line, which waB
held by our troops. Dewet's force
abont 3,000 Btrong made several attempts to get through during the
day, asslsteil by a force of Boers operating from the north. These attacks
were driven buck, though some of the
I'.-.''!-' of tbo south were able to get
through tbe lino."
Wiring later. Dec. 14. Lord Kitchener reports that while passing the
lines in the neighborhood of Thalia
N'Chu Dewet's force lost considerably. The South Africnn Light Horse
and Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry
captured u fifteen pounder taken at
Dewetsdorp, a pom pom, several wagons with ammunition, 22 prisoners
und some horses und mules. A portion of the enemy has not been able to
pass north.
London. Dec. 15.���Oeneral Kitchener's supplementary despatch referring to the disaster at the Magaltes-
berg, forms yesterday's most pessimistic fears and demonstrates that the
eatnstrophe is among tho worst of the
war. The mutter was brought up In
the House of Commons today by the
Secretary for War, Mr. Sl. John Bro-
dertok. lle had no information to
ndd except that thu wounded numbered six ollieers and 45 meu.
London, Dec. 15.'���Mr. Kruger and
Dr. Leyds. who dined last evening at
tbe Palace, says the correspondent of
the Daily Mail at The Hngue,on bearing of the British disaster at Nooige-
dacht, wero quite unmoved. Mr. Kruger reasserted his complete confidence
in ultimately forcing England to in-
itiatu un acceptable settlement.
No Othor Mayoralty Candidate Yet in
the Field.
Nothing new has transpired today
in connection with municipal politics,
iii..--��� ��� who lind hoped to induce Mr.
John A. Turner to enter the field
huve given up hope of success and are
looking about them for another candidate with very little prospect of suo-
cess In that direction. It is generally
agreed among the business men of tha
City thnt It would be foolish and useless to oppose Aid. McKillop. The
only persons who favor a second can-
didutu are tho present Mayor and
his lieutenants and they look at tho
mutter not in the light of public spirited citizens but rutber in the light
of "ward politicians" and seekers after the spoils of office.
Mr. McKillop bus received assurances nf support from nearly all the
business men of the City and In the
unlikely event of a contest they have
ussurnd him further Hint they will
get out and work for him. Several
names have been mentioned up to date
of likely aldermanic candidates but
no definite steps have yet been taken
In this direction. It is understood
Hint Mayor Houston, in hiB efforts to
get back into the good graces of the
laboring men, is advocating straight
labor aldermanic candidates In both
Toronto, Dec. 15.--E. V. Clarke. M.
P.. for Went Toronto, has received an
appeal from workingmen of the Victoria Mines Club to assist In having
I tho Alien Lnbor Act enforced against
' the crowd of American workmen engaged in erecting the Hmcltcr. It Is
Claimed that Canadian wurkraen   only
r lived   fiom   11,60  to   |2   per  day
while Aniei ienns aro   paid from $2.50
I to 83 per day,
ift<_ Nelson Daily Miner, Saturday Evening, December 15, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Published Evory Aftornoon  Except Sunday
Limited Liauilitv.
US Floot Streot, K. C.
Central Press Agono., L14��� Special Agonts
Daily, por month, to carrier     <jg
Daily, por month, by mall     wi��
Daily, per your, by oarr or * <���
Dally, per your, by mail    J ffl
Dally, per year, foreign    Jm
Weekly, per half yoar  ����� jjj!
Weokly, per yoar.......    ; XX
Weekly, per your, foreign......    �� w
BubtwrlpUOM invariably In advance.
All Check* should lie made Pa7��hletothe
oflice he sh-uld leave his Unionism at
home   or   in his lodge.    As for   labor;
Unionists, The Miner would be happy '
to give its support to one of   thorn, if i
satisfied   that he was  qualified and if
he   presented   himself   as   a   citizen.
The mun who goes   to   tho   Council is
expected to do bis best for   the people
as a whole,   and if houest   he will see
that   tins   expectation   is   not   disappointed.    The   people could not tolerate a lawyer Unionist who would seen
to bend the Council   to   the benefit of I
lawyers   only,   nnd why should   they I
be expected to tolerate   any other sort
of Unionist?    Hut if they come ns eit-1
izens, und in the spirit of fairness   to i
all, no ono will   welcome them   more
warmly than The   Miner, whether   in
their lodges they are doctor Unionists
or labor Unionists.
Mention has been made of Mr. John
A. Turner as a candidate for the Mayoralty ; but the gentleman himself haB
not authorised tho use of his name,
nor so far as known is there any reason to suppose that he will. We
should be sorry now to learn that he
had been persuaded to accept a nomination ; not that The Miner distrusts
him or believes that he is Incompetent, but becauso it is quite sure he
would make an excellent Mayor, and
that personally he would do credit to
the position. As there is already a
candidate of this kind in the field, it
is not necessary that there should be
another, and we are not aware that
the best quality of Mayoralty timber
Is so plentiful in Nelson that we ean
afford to be extravagant in utilising it.
Mr. McKillop has earned his spurs.
He has served several terms as Alderman,and has a complete knowledge of
coiporation affairB, not only as they
present themselves to the meic observer, but in detail. No one is more familiar with the municipal situation.
For the puat two years he has been
Intimately nssociuted with all the
problems presented by It, and has
tuken his full share of duty and responsibility in dealing with them.
His friends believe that his abilities
and application can be made of greater service by advancing him to the
higher position of Mayor.nnd they believe further that he has deserved the
promotion by bis fidelity in the past.
It was eminently fitting and natural
that a person in every respect so well
qualified und so deserving should be
offered a nomination.
Why, then, should any one think it
necessary or in the public interest to
dispute his claim or challenge his
qualifications? We cannot Imagine
that Mr. Turner will do this, or that
he will permit anyone elBc to do it for
him. He can advance no claim to
the otlioe that Mr. McKillop cannot
more than make good in his own be-
hal'. It is because we can conceive
no reason why any good citizen should
desire to opposo the nomination of
Mr. McKillop that we cannot believe
Mr. Turner will permit himself to be
put forward as a candidate. Should
ho do so there will be very general
regret that our little community, already rent enough with divisions and
dissensions, is to be further agitated
by a contest that can serve no useful
purpose. Hut there will be this consolation in the end, comforting enough
no doubt in one seuse, after we shall
have recovered from the regret of it,
and that Is thut in any event the City
will have a Mayor of whom there will
he no cause to be ashamed.
Canada has not yet been invited to
send a deputation to represent this
county at the ceremonies to be observed in opening the first Parliament of
the Australian Commonwealth, somewhere about May 1st. Hut no doubt
it will be.and if we accept the invitation it should be done with all the
credit we can give the occasion. We
should send our best men as the deputation; anything less would be a poor
compliment either to ourselves or to
the Commonwealth. The suggestion
of Sir John   llourinot's is a   good one
the deputation should be composed
of the Premier and Sir Charles Tupper, as the two most distinguished
Canadians. It is doubtful if the
Goverument will rise to the occasion
and name Sir Charles,but it would be
a fitting and also a gracious thing to
do, and one that would give immense
pleasure to tho country   at   large.
British-Boer War Pictures!
The end of the war is now in sight,. Everybody will now want
pictures illustrating the various battles fought in South Africa. We
have at great expense published nine large and beautiful pictures, on'
heavy, superfine, calendered paper,
Battle ol Belmont, Charging the Boor Guns at Elandslaagte. Attack
of Royal Canadians at Paardeberg. Charge oi Gen. French's Cavalry on
the Retreating Gen. Cronjo's Army. These plotures ure 20x24 in.
Sample and teims 23ctSeach; all four for 80 cts: $1,75 per doz;
$6 per 60j   $11  per 100.
Battle ol Tugela River. Battle of Splon Kop, Gordon Highlanders at
Battle ol Belmont, Battle of Margersfonteln, Surronder of Cronje at
Paardeburg. These pictures are 22x_S in. Samples and terms 40c. each;
all five for $1.60: $3 per dozen, $12 per 50, $24 per 100. Very hand-
soine; printed in (1 to 14 colors.
AGENTS c"'" ,n"m'y- Enormous bucosbb. The pictures nre
RED HOT SELLERS. Veritable mortgage raisers. One
Bgent sold (IS in one day. Wc will send a Complete Outfit consisting of
all the nine dlllerent pictures for only $2. This sum you may deduct
when you have ordered for ..2l) worth. Absolutely uo pictures eent free.
Don't waste time and postage In writing for lower prices. We pay all
Charges. We tako back ull uusoid pictures and rel'uud your mouey.
Cut this out und send today and begin to make money.
Home Novelty Mfg. Co. (Dept. 381 A) P. O.
Box 518, Chicago.
Mr. Houston is either vory dull of
comprehension or too perverse to understand oven if ho can. lie suys in
Ms paper that tho luwycrs and the
doctors and the dentists have each
their Unions, but for this reuson they
are not to bo debarred from running
for otlice; and if a lawyer,or a doctor,
or a dentist, why not a member of a
tradcB Union'.' We do not know that
any sane person has ever claimed that
a member of a trades or labor Union Is
not as free to offer for public oflice as
any one else, and if possessed of the
necossury qualifications as fully entitled to election. But he is to present
himself as a oitizen, not as a labor
Unionist. The Minor would opposo a
lawyer Unionist, or a doctor Union
1st, or a dentist Unionist just as readily and earnestly as it would a labor
Unionist. We want no class representative in the Council, but citizens
who will represent all classes impartially. A lawyer or doctor or dentist
who would put himself forward and
claim election because he was a lawyer or duotor or deutist would deserve
defeat. A member of any Union may
be as good a citizen ns any person not
a Unionist, but when he seeks public
In the departure of Mr. Peters, Nelson is losing not only one of its most
prominent citizens but also one of its
most useful. He is devoted heart and
soul to the Canadian Pacific Railway,
lives by it and for it, swears by it,
and on no account will permit anyone
to swear at it. Yet be has found time
and has bad the inclination to help i.i
every movement or enterprise calculated to udavnee the well being of
the town which be had made bis home
during the past three or four years.
He will leave a big bole when he goes
which it will take a long timo to fill
in. If he were not so ambitious to
serve his Company, he could make
himself content to ride at anchor in
some comfortable harbor during the
rest of hiB days, but nothing will satisfy the man but the Presidency and
of course he is not to be restrained.
Ihe Miner hopes he will'get it, or
something very close to it.
��� ���   _^_r\l___tL__^   ������
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Buy    Only   Union - Made    Shoes,
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PHERSON CO., Limited, of Hamilton,
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Tlie Rubens Vest la the BEST
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Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital raid-up,    .   .   .    m,ss_,ws.ee I  n.��t, ��i,tm,om.o
Hoard of Hiredors i   Thomas K. Kenny,   1 'resident;   Thomas Ritchie, Yioe-Presldcul.
Wile. Smith. II. Q. Bauld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. David MaoKeen.
Head Olliee, Halifax I
Oeneral Manager, Kelson I,. Pease. Montroal.
Superintendent of Branches, and (Secretary, W, B. Torrance, Halifax,
Inspector, W. F, Brook, Halifax.
Inspector 1). M. Stowart, Montreal.
Branches 1
Nova Scotia-Halifax Branch, Anllitonish, llridgowator, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lunininv;-
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Canada���Morchants Bank of Canada,   Boston���National Shawmut Bank.   Chicago���America
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Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
I have now in stock a line
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Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
's. Nelson Daily" Miner,   Saturday   Evening,   December's, igop
Quebec, Hoc-    ler>.���At a special pen-
arul meeting of tlio Hoard   of Trade at
whloh representatives of the   Corpora-
,ion of PllotB,  all coutiulij and consul-
nrv agents In the city   and others Interested in the matter,were in attendance, was held yesterday before whom
Captain   inman,   Uulnth,   explained
l,is ico breaking  vessel for use on the
npper Lakes and rivers and   the   (lu.f
���_st.   Lawrence,    Before  concluding
a ..solution was passed   oalling upon
'tl10  Dominion   (lovernment    to   take
Btepa towards subsidizing   vessels of
il,e Inman   type   for   the   purpose   of
having   winter   navifjution   on   these
w a to is. ________
Toronto, Dee. 15 ���City women yesterday formed a strong committee to
[orianlate a scheme for the maintenance in connection wilh the Woman's
Medical College of a woman's hospital
for Ontario, In which all tlie opoia-
ti0,i8 shall he performed hy women
gurgeons and the resident phyicians
,|,a]l he women.
WANTED.���Position an mine foreman
or will develop properties hy contract. Just returned from developing
properties in the north. Can assay,
survey and a good accountant. High
class testimonials. Extended experience in 1!. C. and Houth America.
Apply P. 0. Hox 75,;iiossland li. C.
Toronto, Dec. in.���V. Riehardsc .
a ll. T. II. engineer, was Instantly
killed yesterday afternoon by striking
Ids head against the support of an
overhead bridge on the mainline ten
miles east of Bcarboro, while the train
was running at a good speed.
Toronto, Dec. IS.���A. St rat ton, an
olel man employed in the city Scavenger Ing department, slipped and fell
under the wheels of his earl yesterday
afternoon and died in the hospital.
Quebec Doc. 15.���The drygoods
stove of George Ilrown Ktrochs, in a
suburb of this city, was destroyed hy
tiro lust night. The loss ia about 8^5,-
Montreal, Dec. 15.���Bev. Prlnolpal
George of the Congregational College.
this city, leaves tomorrow morning
for Hritish Columbia, lle expects to
be way about three weeks visiting
the churches in the west.
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This  morning's Spokane i|uolations
s received from The Miner's special
sspondent i
NAME.                                         ASKED. BID.
Bl_0kt-.il  OX 8^
Bntte... Boston  2X Hi
Crystal    6J_ 4%
Deer Trail don  '-.Hi \%
Evening Slar  (I.1. .,'"_
Gold Ledge   I3;,' 1
Ueilden Harvest    Jg %
I.X.L 11).'. 10
Iron Mask 81 24
Jim Hlaiue  8 4
Lone Tine Surprise  7.. (i;V_
Mountain Lion 24 10
Morning Glory  7. _ 1%
Morrison ....:  3 2
Noble Kive  4
Princess Mand  1% IX
Palmer Mt. Ton    .... 20
(Jnllp '.3 20
Humbler-Cariboo 211 J. __���,_
Republic    05 1!)
Reservation  4X 3
Rossland Giant  2.-_ 25.
Sullivan 14 13JB
Tom Thumb 11). 10
Widerloo  B 2X
Winnipeg  4X
Cntijeclure  4X 4
Sales���Conjecture, BOO at 4 : Morning
Olory, ,��XK) at 7>.,; riullivati, 2000 at
14; Juno, 21X10, 200(1 at 5; American
Boy, 1301, 1-OOatO.i.   '
AdvcrtlBomont- Inuortod under this head at
tho rato of ono conl a word por InsorUon. No
advertisement takon for loss than 24 oonta.
''OH    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
WANTED���A position in any oflice hy
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R. offices or at house.
FOR RENT.���A    warm,   comfortable
house, seven rooms, water and hath.
Apply, "D," Miner Office.
WANTED. ���Capable, reliable person
in every county to represent large
company of solid iinaneial reputation ;
$036 salary per year, payable weekly;
8.1 per day absolutely sure and all
expenses; straight, hona-fide, definite
salary, no commission; salary paid
each Saturday and expense money advanced.each week. Standard House,
Caxton Building, Chicago.
FOR   SALE   or   Rent���Two    Smith-
Premier,   one   Remington   and  oue
Empire tyewriter. Apply W. L. Tebo,
C. P. It. telegraph office.
Mrs E. II. Thompson, (late of Doran-
wend's well known establishment,
Toronto), has opened parlors for hair
dressing in Victoria Hlock. Ladies
may make appointments by mail or
otherwise. Room 1, corner llaker
and Josephine Streets.
FIRST-CLASS   Room   and   Hoard, in
private   fnnuly,   reasonable   terms.
Apply   on   Silica   Street,   two   doors
west of Ward.
FOR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient.with all modern improvements,   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
PRIVATE Hoard   and Room.    Heated
throughout. Hot and cold water and
baths.   Three   doors    south   of   Post-
office, Ward Street.
"It often made ray heart ache,"
writes L. C. Overstreet, of Elgin,
Tenn., "to hear my wife cough until
it seemed her weak and sore lungs
would collapse. Good doctors said
she was so far gone with Consumption
that no medicine or earthly help could
save her, hut a friend recommended
Dr.King's Now Discovery and persistent use of this excellent "medicine saved her life." It's absolutely guaranteed for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis,
Asthma and all Throat and Lung diseases, so cents and 81.00 at the Canada lhtig __ Book Co. Trial bottles
Vou Won't Miss Your Club���On
yoar trip, if you take the "North-
Western l.imted." The library car is
a club, room on wheels. Here you
will lind your favorite paper, magazine or latest novel, card rooms, writing (lesks.and last but not least a porter in attendance who will mix your
favorite beverage to your liking? All
agents have our tickets. II. S. Col-
hns, General Agent, Spokane.
If you don't like Blue fiibbon Tea it's
because you've never tasted it.
A Critical Test!
We like to have people test
our Paints and Enamel. We
like them to know the good
qualities they contain. They
are full of good points, and we
know it.
But the best test of Enamel
is the wearing quality. There
is no cracking, no peeling, no
fading, where the Sherwin-
Williams Enamel is used.
All you need with it is a
brush.    You can do the rest.
If You See a Good Thing
We have Good Things to dispose of and want you
to come for them.
Cat)dies For Chrisiipas
GatlOng'S ChOCOlateS are superb.    Put up in such pretty boxes.    Then
we have LOWliey S FaiflOUS Bon-BOHS and ChOCOlateS.    These  come
in aii sorts of beautiful boxes.  Ro wntree s Celebrated Chocolates
are also on our counters put up in the most attractive forms.
What better Christmas  present  than  a  large   box   of  any   of  these
Wholesale Houses
We have all sorts of Plain and Fancy Candies. Too many to tell about,
you must see them. The prices are ridicuously low. See our Endless Assortment Of Christmas Tree Ornaments before getting your tree. A small
quantity will make your tree a thing of beauty.
Palace Confectionery.
nelson, b. c.
rpUORPK & CO. i-iiuitod-t'oruur Vornon
__L   and Cedar d___uui,,_Ni__Hou���Manuf*otur*
n.-ul und w iiuii- ,iir iic.iitT.-. in itciaii .1 wuLons
und fruit nyrup-i. tiolo utfuatH for iloioyon Hot
SpriiitfH iniiiLtrui wutor. Telephone uo.
___.^| N. Mi CuiiimhiN, Lessee��� Evory known
variety of soft aiinkH. J' o liox SO. 'lolopliouu
No. 81. Hoover Streot, NuIkoii.   Hottlorn of thu
i.um.iir. at. i..Mil Hot tiimugH Mm..ml Wutor.
C1ANK & MAODONALD (11. Cuuo, J&moa
j   A. Maodonaldt���Architects uud _>uperiu-
icn.li'hi ., hrokcu Hilt hiu.i,, oorner linker uud
Ward Struotri, JNelson.
UJ. JO VANS & CO.���tinker Stroot, Nol-
��� sou���Wholesale dealura in Uquon. ol*
Kara, eeinont, lire brick und lire cluy, wutor
pipe  uud  bteel   Falls, and   ie.-'ii. .nl cumuli ��� urn
V\ liolesulo uud retail duulorH in grain,
hay, flour, ieod.   Mills at Victoria, Now West-
Qunsterj  hUmonUm, Alia.   JlIov ______ on  Oul-
K-ki'l and I'.uniuiiiun Itailway.   Muuufucturer_)
of the celebrated H. it k. brand conjoin.
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cornor Frou
��� and ll,ill strcetH���Wholesale grocera
and Jobbers in blankets, glovea, iniLU. bocle,
rubbers, iiiuekinawH und nuners' Huiidnes.
JLl Oilloo corner Hall and trout Strceta,
.'i���; -un i,mudit, cdlini,-, .louring, and every
thing in wood for building purpurea. Got our
pricos.  Correspondenoe solicited.
1J   BURNS Sl Co.���Baker Street, Nelson���
. ���   Wholesale UoulurN iu fro_h und curod
mouLh.   Cold Storage.
liaker Streot, NelHou��� Wholesale dealer., in fresh and cured in oats.
Baker St., Nelson.
P.O. Box 626.  cable Address: "Croasdalle," Nolson.  Godo-Morclno _ Noal.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing- in shares on the London and Montreal Stock Exchange*; Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
���IS MAKINli-
This Store
His Headquarters
for everything in
the line of
Suitable    for    ballroom or party.
See our newly assorted stock.
atreot, NoIhoii ��� Wholesale d_alai�� in
hardware, miners' Huppiiow, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS,  .Succowore to Vanoouvor Hardware Co, Ltdjijakordtroot,
Nelson���u holesslo doiilors in  hardware and
miniiig supplio-, plumbors' and tiusiulthH' uup-
VTELtiON   HARDWARE  CO.-Wholesale
_13(    paints, oils and gliiss; oioclianlrH' UmjIh.
Agoiitrtfoi Ontario l'owdor Work**; djn indte
To Chose From
The largest assortment of
Imported Cigars,
Case Pipes and
to be found in Nelson.
Over 200 Different Patterns of B B Pipes
Just the thing for   Xmas   Presents.
Baker St.
iUltXKH, BKETON & Co.-Corner Vsrnoi.
and Josephine Strootn, Nelnon���Whole
kuIu dealers (u liquors, cigars, and dry good*.
Agents for Pabst Hrowing Co. of Milwaukee
and ralgury Hrewing Co ol  Culgury.
UIJSON'S HAY Co.���Wholesale growrio-
and liquors etc., Hukor titrcot. Nelson.
) Kront and Hall Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers n wiuoH (case und bulk), and
do men tic and imported cigars.
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Cornor Vornon and
���   Josephine Streets,  NoI.hoii ��� Wholesale
dealers In prov'nlou_;, cured meat*, butter and
Thi. eeii;nntiin) ia on cevtery box of the goaulne
Laxative Brtinio Quiaiue ^blet9
tbo remedy that run.- n ran'fl ta one ��Ioy
Gee Can Pit You.
He has  one of  the  beBt  and   largest
Fall and Winter stocks in
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
lt_li[��r Street
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Melton. B, 0.
McLachlan Bros.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland, Mo.
Allan Lino Numldlan Jan. 2
Dominion Uno Vancouver ..............DHH
From St. John, N. B.
Boavor Lino Lako Champlain. .Doc20
From Now York
Cunard Lino Campania S002!
WhltoStar LlnoOccanio i;00S!
Aniorican Lino St. Louis.. D��o26
N.G.L. Lino Kaiser Wllhelm dor Grosso. Jan. 3
N. G. L. Allcr J>cc2��
Anchor Lino Anchorla I'��� f'
French Lino La Tormina ���.������������ j>0lr "
From BoKton
Cunard LinoUltonla -..Dec29
PaasaSM arranged to and from all hnropoan
points. For ratos, tlckois and full Information
apply to C. P. R. depot agent or H. L. Brown
City PasHongor Agont, Nelson, B. C.
Goneral elirent. C.P.R. Offlces, Winnipeg
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont,
Monoy to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to Q. f_ LENNOX. Baker St.
Hold   Your   Christmas   Orders
Oponlng on December 80th  In  lho K.  \V. C. Block
Coal and Wood.
Agenta Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order can bo accepted unleu
accompanied by cash.
Office Oorner Hall and Baker Streeti.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day fLOO.
7-8 ineh dlam. $13.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Neltoa
P. O. Box
Turnsr-Boeckh Block linker:streot
HININU  properties of  merit
standard stocks FOR SALE
WANTED���moo   Athabasca.
Mail  orders  promptly attended, to.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.j and Dawson City, Yukon
V. 0. GREEN        F. S. OLEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box US -Tataon, B. a
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.e
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Oorner Victoria and Kootenay SU.
P. O. Box 6.9. Telephone No. 98
In order that the Government may
be in |inHs!'ssit)!i of delinite information with which to supply those seeking Investments in this Province, I
am instructed to Invite particulars
from those who have properties for
Bule, and who may feel disposed to
forward such particulars to this office
for the purpose in question.
In view of the proposed early re-or-
gftnlsation of the Agent Oeneral's
Otlice in London, England, the desirability of having on file a list of
farms and other properties for sale,
with full and accurate details, is obvious. Properties submitted may include farms and farm lands, Industrial or commercial concerns, timber
limits, water powers, or other enterprises affording opportunities for legitimate investment.
It is not proposed to recommend
properties to intending investors, but
to afford the fullest access to the classified lists and all available Information connected therewith, and to place
enquirers in communication with tho
The fullest particulars are desired
not only of the properties themselves,
but of the localities In which they
aro situated, and the conditions
affecting them. For this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded to those desirous
of making sales,
Secretary, Bureau of   Provincial   Information.
Of Writing Paper won t lant
long. You'd bolter placo an-
olhor "hurry up' cdor with
ORKI 1       BrantTand
PRE/rll ER Navy tut Tobaccos.
Ar.i��TS fob Chad. ��� JAMES TURNER A OO.. Hamilton, Ont.
OROW  &   MORRIS,   Solo Agent*, Nalson, B. G.
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -   B.C.
nnd try * bottlo. ft ilornn, or ft Imrnel of
CALGARY BEER ft" It U tlio DohI nnd
choapoHt on tho mnrkot. AIko try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    OIQAR8.
T(e>lo.riono gs. R.ltcr Ht    Nnlwm. II. (1.
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Effected at  Rcasonablo Rates.
Balrar Street, Nelson.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
_=.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelsou.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
.   v
'1 Nelson  Daily   Miner,   Saturday  Eveniko,   December   15. 1900
Mr. S. S. Talyor, Q. C, left for
Rossland this morning on legal   biisi-
The Cabinet cigar store is advertising for Joe Rushon who won a handsome case of pipes in last week's
"The Offlce" has received another
Consignment of clams and during the
wet weather will serve their pations
with clam nectar and clams on the
half shell.
Judge Korin held a short session of
Chambers at the Court House this
morning. A few minor cases were
considered. There will be no chain-
hci s on Monday.
At St. Saviour's Church on Monday
morning at 7 o'clock Qeorge Dillion
Curtis, architect, and Miss Agnes
llertha Cricki-ay will be married by
the Kev. 11. S.  Akeburst.
A marriage license was issued today
to Mr, Thomas l.eniban and Miss Anna Holm who will be marired this
evening at 7 o'clock. Mr. Leniban
and Miss Holm are residents of Moyie.
The farewell banquet tendered to
Mr, Frank W. Peters by his friends to
be held at the Hume this evening
promises to be u grand success. The
friends of Mr. I'eters are invited to
Mr. A. Ewald, representing the Seattle Times is in the City in the interests of his paper. Mr. Ewald is
one of the bustling and enterprising
variety of travelers, who is fortunate
in representing a good paper.
James V. Welch, railroad contractor, will leave tomorrow or Monday
for Kort Frances to carry out a contract for tbe completion of a portion
of the Canadian Northern branch
which extends through the Rainy
River district.
Business men are praying for cold
weather and the curlers and skaters
are loudly acclaiming "Amen." It
begins to * look as though the Coast
climate had moved into the interior.
Nelson is experiencing genuine Coast
weather at the present time.
The Canada Drug and Hook Co. will
offer the balance of their Christmas
stock during next week and tonight,
at reduced prices. They desire to
clean out everything purchased for
the Christmas trade before moving
into their new store in the K.-W.-C.
Anniversary services will be conducted ut the St. Paul's Presbyterian
Church tomorrow, by Kev. Robert
Frew. This will be the last services
conducted by Kev. Mr. Frew in Nelson, ns his continued illness has caused him to resign as pastor of the
Thu Drill of Sloean City says: W.
A. Oalliher, Esq., of Nelson, is to be
our representatlre at Ottawa. We
would rather it had been Chris Foley,
still Bill isn't half a bad sort. He
can be depended ou in tbe future to
think twice before signing another
petition.    Hood luck to him.
Special interest will attach to tbe
services in the Baptist Church tomorrow. Rev. John Hurtt Morgan, the
new pastor, will be present for the
lirst timo and will occupy the pulpit
at both morning and evening services.
Mr. Morgan 's said to be an eloquent
speaker and the members of the Baptist congregation expect much prosperity during his pastorute here.
J. J. Walker, the jeweler, will tonight display ia the coruer store of
the new K.-W.-C. block his large
stui k of new jewelry and silverware
purchased for the Christmas trade,
lle had hoped to be in the store now
occupied by the Canada llrug and
Hook Co.. in time for tbe Christmas
trade, but as this wan found impossible he has secured permission to use
the K. W.-C. store until after Christmas. Ho has a large stock of new
goods which lie will sell at very low
Tlie one thing which most impressed the mine owners who met in Nel
Ron this week was the excellence of
the banquet at the Hotel Hume on
Thursday evening. The Miner calls
attention to this ut this late date because of the very many complimentary statements which have been made
hy those who attended the banquet,
"It was the best ever spread in tbe
Kootenays." said one of tbe visiting
mining nun. and spoke volumes for
the excellence of your leading
Used in Millions cf Homes���40 Years the
standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder,
Superior to every other known. Makes
delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
griddle   cakes ��� palatable   and   wholesome.
Note.���A void baking powders made from
alum. They look like pure powders,
and may raise the cakes, but alum
is a poison and no one can eat food
mixed with it without injury to health.
Your Christmas wants can be satis-
lied at our store Fanoy Goods, Novel-
lies and the like are here in great variety, and nt prices to suit auy kind of
pocket book.
Timely Suggestions-
A Dross or Skirt Length of Blaokor
Colored Mattilisse, Covert, Homespun,
Vienna, Barge, Plaid or Tweed, at, per
yard, Hue, 50c, 75o' Jl.llO to $4.50.
For a Dress or Shirt, Waist. The
latest produoitoos in Stripes and Fancy
Designs, at, per yard, 50c, 75c, .1.011,
$1.25, .1.50 to $2.50.
For Ladies and  Children,   in  Kid,
Silk, Cashmere: Fleece lined Cashmere,
Silk lined and Hingwood, ai,  per pair,
25c, :i5c, 50c, 75c to *1.50
(Ready to wear:) in Tnfffltta Silk,
Luxor or Satin. Tho latest Stylos aud
Colorings in Stripes, Checks or Plains:
special values at 86.00, ��7.00, S7.50,18.1)0
ond 810.00.
Pin Cushions. Glove Boxes. Handkerchief Cases, Fancy Pillows, Table
Covers and Silk Drapes.
Call in.    Our Values nre Worthy of
Your Quickest Thought.
Since the establishment of the new
time schedule and route via Bonner's
Ferry of the Spokane Falls and Northern, the passenger traffic has made a
noticeable increase and especially is
this the case concerning the traffic
for Eastern Canada and the l'nited
States. Tlie latter service meets with
approval owing to the good connections that aie made at Honuer'fi Ferry
with the main line of the Oreat Northern. Passengers leaving Nelson at 7
o'clock in the morning meet the regular train for the east at II o'clock- and
no time is   lost.    This brings the pas
sengers to any   point   in   the  east   -4
hours earlier than it otherwise would.
On Sunday evening at Emmanuel
Church Rev. Wm. Munroe will proaoh
a sermon to young men. The special
music lor the evening will be: Anthem. "The Lord is My Shepherd;"
male quartette. "When the "Weary
Seeking Rest;" baritone solo, "The
Children's House,'' by R. Thompson.
This will he the first of a series of
"Young Men's Services" and a cordial
invitation is extended to all.
at the
Until Jan. 1st, 1901, these Solid Gold
Plate Buttons containing photo of
yourself or friend will be given away
with eacli dozen of our best Cabinet
Photos. Our reputation for artistic
work is well established but pay a visit
to our studio and you will be convinced
of our ability to please you.
Baker Street.
Do you want pretty Handkerchiefs lor Xmas presents ?
You can pet them from io cents
to 50 cents at
Everything   up   to  date   in
* ___. _, . .,_._____, *
J     We arc going to give Jewelry away.   Wc
W  will ask a little money in return for it, but only J
J a little.    We have a lot of goods that must go JF
before Christmas.   We will sell them at almost %
any price.
List of   Thou.  Granted   For   Outside
l'oinls This Morning.
The Hoard of License Commissioners of the Nelson district met ut thei
Court House at in o'clock this morning to consider applications for hotel
licenses. Twenty eight were granted, und ono refused, that of Alice
Linklater of Sulmo. The Nelson
Tramway Company's application for
a license for Fairview was laid over
until the next meeting of the Hoard.
The following aie a list of those
granted: ( heriio and Mannurino,
Kuskonook: E, M. I'eters, Ymir;
John Philbert, Ymir,; J. W. Master-
son, Ymir; Thomas Flynn, Ymir; C.
II. Archibald. Ymir; Hoyer and Lo-
vill. Ymir; lirant Morris, Ymir; S.
Wilier, Ymir; .lohn Cosgrove, near
Ymir; ,1. A. Benson. Halmo; .lohn
Meliilvre. Hall; Martha Collins, Krle ;
Fiid Artie, Waneta; Hall and Cox,
l'ort., Rioo; 0, H. Itenny, Sirdar; li.
J, Long. Crestou; George Monro,
Crestou ; .las. Walker, Kitchener; Alfred Manson. Fairview, near Nelson ;
W. Roberta, Florence 1'ark; Robert
Wood, Woodvllle; .1. Illanchard, Pilot
Hay; David Clark, Pilot Hay: T. (1.
Procter. Procter; I). T. Morlce, Fretl-
criclon; The Hall Mines, Ltd., Toad
Mountain I Fred Fisher,   Kitchener.
#  _-_-____________________________=	
T     'We will occupy these quarters in addition to
3, our present quarters until after Christmas.   We
have a Jewelry Stock that will surprise  you.
Call on us at our new quarters tonight and next
week.   It will be worth your while.
TO 1 1 111   A COLD IN  oil   DAY
Take L_x_l.lv�� Hrmini Qulnlno Tttblot*. All
iiriiuKlBl. reft,ml the mono. If It fall, to our..
Wo.   H. V.,UiQv..i ulgu��tur. In os CMhbox,
J.     J.
The   Jeweler.
���Sfr-% ^^^**-%*8^***%*-%*^^-��
09 00.00���^���_L-___L^^^^^^/^C'^fcfcfcfc_i_^<"^^T^^
i/X 9r- ^t-- ��"-sr^ ��^ <���> ����� ��� ^ ���������** ��� ^;* ��� ^ ��� * ��� ^ ^^ ^-��r ^^k
"xrus presents'
Meuiicures, Shaving -els, Port-
foliees, Writing Cases, Purses,
Card Cases, etc.
BEASS GK.OPS-I.amps, Gongs,
Candalabra, Inkstands, etc.
EBON"? GQODS-Mirrors, Brushes,
Military Sets, Manicure Sets.
14 karat gold, Sterling Silver and
ISickle Mountings.
Don't miss this opportunity to get Bargain Prices.  ifj\
The reason why is that we wish to reduce our stock  ffj
before remeving to our new store in the K. W. C. Block.  9)
SOUVENIR G00DS-Papter.es and
Pads with local views, Purses,
Match Boxes, etc.
XMAS CARDS, Calendars, Bibles,
Prayer Books, Standard and Miscellaneous Books.
FANCY G00DS-A large variety
of Fancy Goods at figures from
io to 40 per cent below regular
6ai.a Drug and Boi 60.
'^S^00^00    00 ��� 00^00 ��� *0-   m>-990-00-00> ��� 090- 090^- 00- 090- 00- 990- 00- 00- 00- 00^.^.^t^
Here's Profit For You 1
WE will be the losers, but if you get what you want for
less money than you can get it elsewhere, or for less
than cost price, that fact need not worry you. We
have in stock a few Special Lines of Ladies Jackets, which
we are going to sell at less than cost.     Here are some.
Ladies' Jackets.
$ 6.00 Jacket at $2.75
10.00 Jacket at   4.75
12.50 Jacket at   6.00
18.00 Jacket at  9.00
Tailor Made Costumes, g
Perfectly Uiiloro.1, of groat stylo und In ovory colorlHR gj
Which in in vogue XhOM arc tlie most extraordinary soil V
values wo have over knoWri.   Ank to l��o shown these. rj
$17.50 Suits .If $ 8.50  ^
20.00 Suits at     9.00  u
22.00 Suits at    10.00  O
25.00 Suits at    13-75   y
30.00 Suits at   12.50   (5
35.00 Suits at    1900   ��*
If you want to make a Xmas Present of a nice Jacket or Suit  to   your  wife,
your sister, your daughter, or any of your friends be sure and see our stock.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Put Us On
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your wants perfectly.
4^\l> \*> %l> i*> iJur \l> \A#\I> iA> U> \4> \<i>SiA> i*> idu \ii> \A> \to \A> ii_r i*> i*> i^> ^>^;
" Why should I insure my life in the
Great West Life Ass. Co.'y of Winnipeg ? "
" Because it is the only Life Company
that invests its money in the City of
Nelson, on improved property."
Call and see.
Furnished House to Rent.
Klrkpatrlr.K 6 Wilson
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ft.g> ������������������������ ea-J
BranchlMarketBin Rossland, |rail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, Ne-w Denver and Slocan City.
order, by mull to any branch will h_ve careful 0* ��rompt attention.


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