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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 16, 1899

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 Dail) Edition No. 265.
2x1 "..re
Nelson, British Columbia. Thursday, March 16,  1899.
Ninth Year
She Will Endeavor to Checkmate France-
A Oaptain of tbo R"jal Navy Oarries off
Holland, the Inventor, From
New York.
New York, March lo���John 11. Hoi*
land, the Inventor of the sub-mar no
torpedo boat, Citpl*. L K. Pell, of tlie
Roynl Nnvy. and L Y. I'onnott, of
tlui Hoothkiss (inn und Aniortctm Onl-
uanneOo., were fellow passoimors today on the Anierican line Moimship
St. Paul wlncb sailed for Semhnnip-
ton. I' wns suid tl, .-t Holland'h mis
hion abroad is to sell bin boat or reorets
to some European power. The fact
tbat he wus accompanied  to LSuglnud
by n captain of the Rovtll Nnvy, who
bits been here for tbe last four in uths
on an   alleged   mysterious   err.mil.    is
said tu confirm the auBpicioii that '.he
British naval authorities are desirous
of securing a siib-murind boat, which
will proui uh etl'cctive ns the Frenoh
The Apostolic Delegate Discusses  the
situation With General Brooke,
lliivniia.     March      16.��� Archbishop
Olinxpelle, the   Apostolic   delegate   lo
tin* Wesi Indies, discussed with General Brooke today the situation of tbe
Roman Outbolio Ohuroh in Culm lie
asks nothing, nxenpt thut Iho olmreh
be allowed to retain its property, jurisdiction nnd rights as n oorporution
under Spanish law, Tc this General
Brooke sees no objection though
nre Hume titles tn disputes that may
hnve to come before lhe courts Chnroh
Will continue to control the cemeteries
nml in ci.sen where these have been
taken l.y the municipalities, thu latter
will be ordered to give tbeni bnok.
The arch bishop realizes that a certain amount of distrust is felt regarding tbe church iu Cuba, nnd lie may
suggest to Homo some nlnii to "Oii-
bnuizt-" the church, gradually recruiting the heirnrchy from tho Cubans
themselves nml giving the local Spanish element less authority,
American Ambassador's First Message to
The British. People.
Final   Interment,   TakStlg   Thro     o-
tiight, Will Be  Quite Simple.
Berlin, March 16,���The fiual interment of the remains nf Prince nnd
Princess Bismarck at Frlederiohsruhe
on Thursday night will be impressive
in its sinipli ury. The Amoi hitioJl
of Hamburg, mnmbera ot the Ketob
King of lW-i-i. hearing torches, will
form �� line from Hie bouse to thi
mausoleum where the coftlli will hi
carried. Exoept for the nssociatiou
and mouthers of the family, Emperor
William and a few representative
persons, the services will be oi a pri
vats nature.
'The British Commissioner  Will Go to
tho Pence Congress in Style.
Washington, Miirob In ���In nonsuit-
iiig Sir Julian Pnuiicefote. ihe British
Ambassador, us to whether an appointment us one of the. British delu-
gnti'S to the Czar's disiiritiument Con-
greas would bn Hgreeable to htm, he
wns informed thut the delegates would
im accompanied by military and naval
attaches nnd a stuff commensurate
with the importance of the mission.
Pl-i'-i* t'tlicinls doubtless will stand in
the position of exports, nble to sbon
the extent uud cost of the great standing armies and navies of Iho world;
.^ir Julian's appointment as one
of the delegates was practically settled
although the otlicinl notice lias not
yet been given.
Senators   and    Representatives  Will
Have a Little Trip.
I Washington, March     ir> ���About 110
SeuntoTS  and     Representatives  have
��� ���'e1 invited ton trip   whioh hns been
ilifuned    to    iuspeol       the    Nienr
��� iiiiii umi Puin.m.-i urinal* coming
home by way of Santiago and oihoi
poiuts of intsrost In tbo Wost Indies
They will go ns guests of the Pun:i
nia Canal Co. Tbe party will V*** ���
i,u ocean liner   to itself   and will   sail
j rim New York about   Mnroh   88 an*
i from Mobile April I.
Au Italian   Loses   |300   iu   '   "s   and
All His Furniture ami C' ���:
A house on the 0, P. It. lints near
P. Burn's slaughter bouse, uud occupied by an Itullnu pntnod Drufoh * Pior-
ltio, was buvuod to the ground about 7
o'clock lust night and its contents totally destnyed. tn addition to the
furniture Ploiino lost $200 in bills
and ull of his clothing How Ihe lite
began is a mystery. Tho Hist alarm
at tho the   ball   was   giveu by  a   buy
nBiuod MoOnudlish, The department
responded promptly   but it   wus found
tug Iiiiililin*.*. The other red wus
therefore sent for but before u arrived
tho building bad been burning over -JO
minutes and could not possibly bo
saved. Considerable attention hud to
bo paid to the buildings in tbo vicinity of the destroyed bouse as embers
wore flying ill ull directions There
was no further damage, however.
Mr. Joseph H. Ohoate the Principal Speaker at a Brilliant
Gathering of Englishmen Last Night.   He
Speaks of the Lasting Friendship
of tho Two Nations.
Detectives   Are   booking For a   Blond
Thirsty Murderess
St. Louis, Mo., March 15.���The best
men on the lorce of detectives am:
Chlof Desmond nre engaged today ii)
looking for nu   unknown woman who
culled at tbe residence ol Mrs. M V
Mo Venn, a widow, aud threw vitroi
in the Inltcr's face, blinding her and
causing burns tbat will result fatally
Several weeks ago Mrs. MnVeau i an ��� d
a sensation by nppeuring at police
headquarters svt h poisoned mind
which she said she hud received
through the nniils Sbe ohnrgtd
prominent young woman of tins citv
with ha Ting seut it because she wus
jealous ol attentions paid Mrs Mo.Venn
by a well kuown   West End physician.
The Leewnrd Islnnd   People   Wish   to
Become   Americans.
New York. March 16 ���In
to tho Herald, today. Andrew
a member of the Legislative
of the Leeward Islands, Htates that a
memorial signed by the lending mi*
habitants of Fort OhriStOpher-Norise,
in the West Indies.has been forwarded
to the Right Hon. .Joseph Chamberlain, the Secretary of State for British colonies, asking tho Mother Conn*
try to transfer the islands to the
United States. The memorial complains bitterly of the indifference oi
tlm Ciown';tn tbe interests of tbe islands. All of the colonists withciv
exception, join in a petition for nego
tiatlOUS between the two countries
for the annexing of the Leeward Islands
to tho United Stntes.
Stiffening   Willi   Infiueuzn  tu
New Yoik. March 15.���A London
depute!: to the Sun says: "Lord
Strathcona and Mount Royal, Cnnud
mn high Commissioner in London, b
t-eriouslv ill with influenza at Luno-
villn. France."
a letter
Wr-hint-ton.  Marnll   IB.���Tn   couslil-
Bring what   pnlutv should   be   adopted
towi'i-d the Cub-'ti military   assembly*
���be authorities  have  consulted Gon
s-ules Fusadnda, the.  Cuban   represent-
ative, who was   advised   that   the as
seiebly be   allowed   to run  its  course
without molestniir.il.   as he holds that
it   has   no strength   outside   its   own
membership and that nny move to disband it would give   the   members   an
opportunity   tn  appear  as    martyrs
This  view   hns   teen   rceepted  thus
far and may continue,   although Gen
eral Brpnlte, being rn the (.'round,   bus
considerable latitude of action.
New York,   March   15. ���Mrs    Hen
rletta Schmidt, n   professional   beggar
was found dend m   her   apartment   at
No   ISO   Bjnrrison    Avenue   today   hy j
persona   senrcning    the     apnrtraent
The polioe fouud a bank   look   on tin |
Williamsburg    Savings   Punk   which j
shows sbe had ar least   $20,000 in 'hat
I institution.    She     never   spent     an-*  I
< inoiiev fm* food,  clothing   or   coal, but '
begged   it     all   from   ber   neighbor*;  j
[She bnd lived ::l the   address given for I
i ro than 20 years
Col. Colo  Thinks tho   Unied   Slates
Will Find Cuba Unruly.
New York, March 15.��� Among tin*
patisoncprs who arrived today from
Havana on the Vigilancin, was Ool.
Ashley W. Cole, president of the State
Kailroud Commission, who wn�� nc-
oouipanied by his wife Col Cole lias
been in a number of interior towns of
the island of Cuba and iu many of the
principal cities ou tbe southern sbore,
and declares that the condition of
affairs in Cuba is serious and thnt
thero is a chance that there will le
trouble for Ihe United States.
"1 have found in Onh.-i," said lie.
"A feeling of unrest among the people because of tlm continued occupation of the island by* .American
troops aud at Ibe delay In forming a
Government. This fMliug I fourd
among all classes except tlm wealthy
plantation owners. IYrlievo it will
ripen into bitterness and tint the Cubans will louk upon us as tbey did upon Spain."
Hamburg. March 15���The Hamburg-
American   Hue    stenmsbip   Ascanta,
���Capt. Schmidt, arrived today front St
Thomas, via Sr. Michael's on March '���*.'
aud Havre and lnnded   the   passengers
I of lhe steamer Bulgaria of the same
line which arrived at St.   Michael  on
| Feb. -J4, bound from New York for
Hamburg after having been ndnft at
sea and -ii.-abled from February :t
Sunhiiry, P:t., Marco tb.��� '1 be Buff
alo una Rochester cxpre��s ot tin* North-
fvn Central railroad ran into u landslide near here early this ' fifanihg.
The engine and si ivt nil cars were de-
ruileu The baggage car rolled down
nu embankment, The baggage master,
sustaining bruised shoulder.,, was the
only one hurt*. Traffic wus delayed u
!u*,v hours.
Albany, March 15.���Gov. Roosevelt
refused to commute the sentence of
Mrs. Marhtn Place, the Brooklyn
murderess, nun sin* will be olw.ro-
outed eouie day urxi wceic at Sing
"*i��g ftfikun.
I Rome, March If..���The Governmeut
I received warning Monday night that
anarchists couiempluted blowing up
the buildings of Parliament With dynamite. A strong guard has been
stationed about the buildings and
nothing baa bapptiued to exbiie suspicion, 'iho preouutjous, however, urn
, Using eeutiuiiMl.
London, March 15.���Mr. Jos. H.
Ohoate, tho United Status Ambassador
to tbo Court of St. James, made his
lirst public appearance in England at
the banquet of the Associatod Chambers of Commeroe of the Unitod Kingdom which w**s held at the Metrbpole
Hotel tbis evening. There was a brilliant gathering, about 250 persons
having boon invited to moot tbo Ambassador, Including the Lot**] Ohifcf
Juahoa of Eugland, Burou Russell, the
Hon. Sir Henry Stafford. Northcoto,
tho President of tho Association, the
Prime Minister, tho Marquis of Salis
bury, the Karl of Jersey, the Earl of
Dartmouth, Admiral Lord Beresford,
Mr. Jas, H. Carter, second Secretary
if the United States embassy and
���iiauy members or Parliament, Mr.
Qhonte, who otj urriviug wns  heartily
* (deemed ny   the   Rhnivinau    and offi
iiills of he A ssociat ion,, sat lu the
place of honor, on the right of the
Rein* Admiral Lord Charles Beresford, who replied to toast to tlie Nnvy
inclined to he drawn into a discussion
if the Chinese situation, Ho concluded his speech by saying: "Tin
���oinpany is willing to hoar a disttu-
ttiished guest, tlie new Ambassador ol
he United Sta es. whom overy man,
inro and lift, in this country is delighted tu see, but I cannot be seated without saying that 1 took every op'pbtton
ity to see tho fleet of America in both
������neilie and Atlantic. I saw a ven
excellent fleet, not only in tho way tb*
.,hitis nre built, but in respect of organ
.ration nnd preparedness. I need not
extol its otilupi**! and men. They arc
uf thu same ulnnd ns i ursclves nm'
kitve proved what tbey could do whei
.ii).-d upon, I hope tbe time will very
i'.iurtlv ooine wheu there will be sue!
*i understanding between tbe twt
'.tintries. that if anything occurs (lis
igreeable to us or atleoting our honoi
mil sat��*ly, these two il cts will bo to*
..ether.   That, will matte for peaoe."
Vice-President Harper thou submit)
*-.d the/j-|*V'*r '?Ai*fH*iiests" com lei
vitb n'M ������if Mr. ChjHttu and Barot*
ilnssei 4iJl('iw��liH|rHe    expressei
iiis keeii-u)etiJl3V0-��t-#'e event of Mr
'hoate if "a time when there is every
disposition to lighten the bonds ot tin
itiglo-Saxon race, whose only object.-
*.rp   tiencR,    prosperity.     freedom  ol
* radc and progress " The toast was received with loud cheers, the ootupain
stnndiug and shouting the nume o:
Mr Clioate, who wns thrice cheered
Mr. Ohoate, on rising to respond, ic-
ueived nn ovation.
The United States Ambassador be
san jokingly, protesting that he wn>
overwhelmed with embarrassment ft1
ueing e.illcd upon to respoud in prior*
Ity to lhe Lird Chief Justice. He fel
that when the British linn was   abom
> run- even the American Engl*
nhonld hold his pence, He was delighted, he   said, to   re'tetve   and   tic-
* pt the iuvilation tn tbe banquet, although be was not  at  liberty  to d ��
���UR8 British  commerce.    His   general
.nsti-nciioni from    Ins    Governtneii
were not to discuss polities or onlv a*
extraordinary festal occasions (Laugh
tor). After a few words on the snbjeol
of commerce,   which   he ohnrnnleri'/e*
as truly the "Mainstay  of the British
Binptre,"  he  continued   as  followsi
"I have  felt, however    thnt   1 t'ligln
properly avail myself of this Brsi pn ���
lie occasion to express the uppreciatii n
oi my countrymen for the forbearance
good-will nnd friendship manifested ti
them so freely by the   British   people.
it. is   trim, geutlomen. that  peace bo
tween the   Unitod   States   and   Great
Britain  is the lirst  interest, not only
of these two  nut ions, hut of the whole
In exoressing his gratitude for the
cordial grectin.* he had received from
all soils and cnu utions uf men since
bis arrival in Enelait I, Mr. Ohoate
said:' ''Everywhere I hare bfteti iie.it
ed as a friind und us the representative
of your friends and brothers. In fact.
I have actually discovered the 'Open
Door' open to such au extent as would
satisfy even the yearnings of the Rear-
Admiral who has made thn circle of
the globe iii search of il. I think I
may say, as n tostiniotiy to the good
feeling sought to be encouraged on onr
side of the water, that the President
gave the best illustration of it when bo
said iu my letter of credence, that, he
relied with confidence upon my constant endeavor during my stay ill
Great Britaiu to promote tne iuterost
and   {U'ssytlrity   uf     both     untiuui,"
(Cheers and cries of 'Bravo'), After
nnnthei rcforeuco to the "Open Door"
and tho "Enlarged sphere of iufltionne
which n cordial brotherhood has opened, " the Ambassador continued: " I
Peg that yon will not* mistake my
meaning. I do not believe, that nl-
though mends, we shall ever cease to
lie rivals In the future, as in the
past, wo on our sido. and yon ou
yours, will still press overy advantage
'lint can fairly be taken, but it shall
he a generous and loyal rivalry uud all
que-itions, disputes nnd controversies
arising shall   ho   settled   by   peaceful
menus by negotiation*, by arbitration
by any and evory possible means, except war."
After pointing cut lhat this was no
new sentiment, Mr. Ohoate remarked:
"While tne last great conflict between
Great Britaiu and America failed to
settle any of the great questions upon
which each sido look up arms���showing that between brethren war is the
worst, possible means of settling any
controversy���y-t, in tho 84 yoiu-s that
have since elapsed with tho tremendous qnestious, heated words, threat
ehiug demonstrations, which Would
inevitably havo brought any other
two nations into open and freqilom
conriict, havo ocourred on each side
and all been arranged��� and adjusted
without resort to arms. "
Referring   to   tbo   Venezuelan   imbroglio be observed :   "You kuow that
��� ti our side of the   water, we   love oc
easionally to twist Hie Lion's  tail  for
the mere sport  of  hearing   him   roar
i Laughter).    Well,   in   that we  were
i isappointod.    He   wonld   uot roar at
all,    Ho sat silent as the   sphynx  nno
by   dint   of   mutual   forbearnnoe���om
���-ober second thought aiding your sober
lirst thought���we  averted   everything
ut n more war of words. "
Alluding to tho   satisfactory dispell
tig of tho cloud betweou   Russia   nnd
���ingltiud over the   Niu   Chw-aiig Rail-
,-ny extension loan by means of peace
ul diplomacy,Mr. Cbontesaid: "That
-i the kind  of diplomacy   which.   I.
ust entering upon a diplomatic career,
desire very   much   to understand,   for
! am fresh enouab   to   believe that  ir
'hose two countries,   laboring tngethr-i
or peace, unite   their   voices  aud de-
nand it, is almost   suio in every ease.
(Queers).    I   wonld like to quote   my
President   again, for the last words  i
hoard him say were   that   the United
States today was ou   better tonus with
every nation on   the   face of the oatth
than it had over been before.  (Cheers )
Vow   I have   little more to say of mv
own   country.    (Cries  of   'Go   On')
Our young   Ropnblic bnd   hard   work
hiring Iho pint century to  subdue the
outiuent and to turn a wilderness in-
to a smiling nnd wealthy garden.    But
[hat business is  now   pretty  well fin -
.died and  so   last   year, your brother
Jonathan  s.nrted   to  see tbo   world.
b donned   sovon   league,    nny  seven
Hindi ed league boots and   planted   his
���intsteps on the i-des of the   sea     And
vhat gigantic   strides   be   made���Hawaii, tlen Manila   and   another step,
Mv   Lord Charles, would have brought
him to Hong Kong���Well   onr interest
aud commeroe   riiller   only in   degree
���uid I won't  say.    as   Lord   Beresford
lid, by putting fleets side by sido, but
i common purpose   and a united voice
Tor us to command   peace for the  mn-
nal support   of   tbo commerce of   the
wo countries,"
After paying eloquent tributes to
he lai-i Baron Hersobell and to Mr.
���.Halyard Kipling, Mr Chonte oonelud
���d as follows: "Gentlemen, we aro
.)uiO"*t one peoplo. What. I say is. lot
*mr voices always be lilted together
!'ov tlie cause of human progress and
���he advance of civilization aud mv
.vor I for it, law, order, peace, and
freedom, which aro the nurses of com-
merce the world over will prevail,
and tho cause of humanity will be ad
vanned."   (Cheers),
Baron   P.nesell,     of   Killowetl,   Hid
Lord   Chief    Justice,   followed    Mr
Ohyate, complitnented  him   upon   his
eloquence, tho width nnd depth of hie
observation,  nnd  the    statesmanlike
Mine that pervaded his speech.
The other speakers dealt with mat-
tors of local interest. The chairman
who said he joined most cordially iu
welcoming the American Ambassador.
(���spwgsnd the hope I but during bis
tenure of offloe no cloud would ev r
arise between England aud tho Uuited
States. Tho proceedings ���hen terminated. Mr. Ohoate spoke deliberately
aud in a rather low tone. His humorous remarks mot with peals of laughter. Ho had a wonderful reception,
made quite tho speoch of the evening,
which was hsumed to with the deepest*
attention and taaaoied his seat amid
peifeot thunders of npplause.LovU Hun-
iwll f-emaelly uyugramUHug hit*,
are now mam
Premier Fills Vacancies in
the Upper House.
William Karr, Q. 0*. of Toronta, aud Petsr
lioiweeny, a   Prominent Merchant of N- B. aioikllod.
Organized At a Meeting At the Hiimo
Hotel   Last Night.
Nelson baseball players and fans to
the number Of lit) or more met last
night ut tbe Hume Hotel and organized a club for the coining season. It,
waa decided to   take stops   toward the
I formation of a league.   Including the
several towns about Nelson nnd to   ar-
l.rnngo, if possible, a sob    tie of i       ��
for the season,   Officer   were t.
I as follows:
Honarary President���James MoDon
i nld
President���James Lawrence,
j    Vice-President���J.  A.   Kirkpatriuk
Beoretary��� H. Houston.
Treasurer���Bruce White
Manager���James Neelands,
Executive Committee���H.   H
Jasper Phair, S. Neelauds.
The membership lee was fixed at ono
I dollar and the Beoretary was   instruct *
led to comuinnicato with tho   Hudson's
| Bay Company with the vinw of securing a cup fjr a league contest.
Ottawa, Out., March   15. ���Tho   two
I Senate vacancies   cieatod   by appointment of Sir Oliver Mownt us Lienton-
lant  Governor of Ontario and  by  the
'death   of   8eootor   Adams,    of    Niw
Brunswick, have been filled.    William
! Kerr, i),.  (j., of  Oobonrg,   and   Peer
j Mehweetiey. of Moticton,  N.    B,    have
1 henu called io thu   ; eunte.    Mr.   Kerr
ant in Parliament for '.Vest   Nortlmm-
Iherlnnde   from   W2 to 1878, being defeated by t,   narrow   majority   in  the
latter year, by Hon. ,T.    Ooekbiirn, af-
iorwni'dB  Spenker of  tho  Oommons.
rle was bom in t'vlfl, is a graduate   of
I Victoria University and   was called to
the bin iu lHfi'l    lie was it well known
i i vyei -ind is prnmineuetly identified
with the    educational    work  of the
Methodist obi'ivh,
Mr. McSwee'ty is prominent  uuioitg
the busiuuKS men of N,  U.
0. G. Dixon Further Honored by President J. J. Hill.
Recent changes in the Bpokane Palls
nnd Northern road and in the Great
North in aro announced in the following    . . idar :
Mr. C. G. Dixon, iu addition to his
diuios as general freight aud pnsson-
ger agent of tho Bpokane Palls &
Northern Railway, is hereby appointed
������omnteroial agent of the Great .North
om R ilwny at Bpokane, iu charge of
freight and passenger business.
Mr. H. A. Jackson is hereby appointed contracting freight agent of
the Great Northern Railway and Spokane Palls aud Northern Railway at
Spokane, under the direction of Mr. C.
G. Dixon.
The appointments aro effective today.
Madrid,    March   15.���The    Cabinet
Oonnoil this evening   decided that tho
Treaty ot Pence with the United
St des should be ratified immediately
after tho dissolution of the Cortes
which will probably be dnor**>iJ tomorrow. The eleotiona to tho uow
���'.lumber will be fixed tor April 18 and
to the Seuate for April 80, thu new
Cortes to reosst mble i.a May 3.
Pour Thousand Dollars Damage   D'tte
to Machinery   and Building.
Tho   tire   nt   Inn   Dundee mine  on
Tuesday did damago   lo tho   extent of
������������loiio. Mr, W. A. Golilhor, Vice-
President cf tbe Dundee Oomnany, returned yesterday from tho mine au.l
reports tbat the shaft house, engine,
hoisting gear, blacksmith shop and
tools were completely burned and the
boiler severely damaged. The company carried full insurance. The ore
bin, trnnway, mill and other build
ings wero uninjured. The burned
buildings will be replaced at onco, in
fact work on them is already under
way aud now machinery has been oi-
SWAN       SWANSON     IN     TOWN.
Will Appear nt the Nulson Opera House
Tonight at the Nelson Opera House
Al. E Markham's Now York Theater
Oompany will appear in the Swede
comedy "Mavouruoon and Swan Swan-
sou." Tlm company returned to Nel
son from Ymir last, night. Because of
iho success mot with ut tl.e performance given here on Monday last and
at thn request of several   theatre goers
it was deoided to again appear tonight
Al  Markbam's,   "Swan Swauson    is
said to bo a very olevor piece of work
Tbo balance of the oompany are good
aiida first class performance is assured.
Northampton, Mass., March 15.���
Joseph Martin, inventor of the cash
carrier, died at I.is homo iu Florenoe
this morning of cancer of tbo stomach.
St. Johns, Ntld., March 14.���Marine
authorities    hero   ure  inclined to tbe
opinion that the Canada  liuo  steamer
laspesia bus been relieved by the sealer Hope from the Ioe Hoes in   the Gulf
.if St. Lawrence   and that the two ves-
���-���"ls ere making their way toward Port.
\ux Basques,   from which   point   tho
laspesia   would   be able to make  hor
vay towards St. Johns.   Capt. Delany
i' the steamer Bruce   believes that tho
laspesia will be nbli to wake hor way
0 it   safely.    A   severe gale   is  raging
a'**ng the north oast coast of the island
idnyj and   it   is   feared tbis may eu-
. anger   the   scalers   especially as   the
Greenland disaster of last season is anil
fresh in miud.
Minneapolis, ;,nuii., March 14.���
Colonel John T. West, proprietor of
'be West Hotel, widely known and
oue of the most prominent meu in
the Northwest, dropped dead after re-
taming from thu theatre last night.
It ia   thought bo died of heart disease.
Bherbrooke, Que., March It.��� Hon.
,1. G Robertson, formerly treasurer of
the Province of Quebec, died nt his
residence hero last evening after three
days' illness.
Hume���A. G. Melvounnv, Toronto;
Charles W. Burke, Kokanee Creek;
,AT.   Collins,   Montreal;C   M   Lar-
'son.   Silverton; Hairy   1 borburn, Sil-
[vertou; George   M.   Aikniun,   Winnipeg; P. Westren, Toronto.
Phair���J E. Sauoirr, Rossland ; Eugene Oratonu, Ymir, B. 0.; J. E,
Jackson, Spokane; Ur. Doolittle, Toronto; 0, Taylor,   Halifax,   J.   Sinip-
|son, Ohnrlottctowu.   P. E.    I. j It    E.
Gosnell, Victoria; J. C.   DrookBhanks,
��� Trail; John 0. Brown, Rossland.
| At tho regular -monthly meeting of
i tho Ladies Hospital Aid, the report of
the committee on tbo carnival was received and was very pleasing, A74 being the amount cleared. 'Lhe tlinuka
of the Indies of Ibe Aid are dim to tho
friends who helped so kindly liy donations of prizes, froo busses, refreshments and also to tho press. The
, treasurer was authorized to pay accounts amounting to about -$50. Burling the month the matron of tho hospital received 18 white spreads, curtains, linen etc, chair, window shades
aud two dozuii table napkins, one
doieu table spoons, one dozen knives
1 Md iMkli
Tbo Hume   Hotel   are  advised   thut
the English   Billiard and   pool   tables
they have   ordered   from Toronto were
I shipped yesterday nnd will  be here in
n few days.
P. E. Emerson is making extensive
repairs to "The Utlice. " The interior
is being knlsotnined and a fresh coat
of paint added to the interior.  He will
< also add an art   gallery   to  his estab-
. lishment,
The School of Cookery recently hold
in the Cit} netted $108  for  the  Free
I Publio Library. This is a very creditable showiug for tbe Bahool and reflects  great  credit ou Mrs.  G.   Prank
] Beer aud Mrs. A. L. McCulloch, who
wero obeifly instrumental   in assuring
I tlio success of tho undertaking.
Tho Nelson and Port Sheppard tram
| was an hour late in reaching tho  City
last evening   on account  of the  largo
number of obstacles encountered ou the
iline.    In one instance ihe   train  came
too standstill just iu time too keep
I from  enoonntering   a   boulder  which
bad beeu loosened by tlm melting snow
and came down to tho track.
The special committee nppointed by
thi Board of Trade consisting of P.
Fletcher, A. E. Hodgins, John A. Turner, H, B. Thomson,   J.   Bannermon,
T. G Proctor aud G. P. Beer met
yesterday afternoon at. tbe Board rooms
to discuss thu question of rhu best way
to get up the map of Nelson and the
surrounding district for which purpose the Board have appropriated $800
wilh a view of bringing tbo City of
Nelson and its  mnuy   aavumagui   be-
Ikil-i th* public
Nelson Daily  Miner
ruiiii-.iii.il Dully except Bnrday,
N'KI.HnN MlNKIl 1'HINTINO St I'uausniNQ Co.,
I). J. hkai'i.n, Managing Dlreotor sad
be HOOOmptUlled hy tha iin.iuo'"Mid address
o( tlio witter, not niCOtsnrlly for publlua
Lion, but aw evidenoo ot good fallli.
Dally per month by cantor I 100
per month by mftL    1 UO
inirhalfytu   by mi. II    600
per year  Iff) 0
per year foreign  t'la)
Nkiaon Weekly MlNKU.
Weekly, |Hii half yoar t 12b
por vear    2 00
per year, fort,'gn    300
iub-torlpclom Invariably in advanoo.
Notices ot Births,   Djaths, and Marriages
Inserted for 50 conts each.
Ailvortinli|t r, ton iiiuili Known on application
Nelson Miner I'rlnt! tig & PubllshlngCo
TO niii:i:il*.i:��.
Cony tor < Iimuk.**, or AUvrrilHruirut must
be lu tbe om,,    by  4  o'rlerk  p.m,  to
liiHitr,*  chuuue.
Roaders of Tuesday's Hossland Miner
wore entertained to another vicious
article on tho Canadian Paoifla Company and thoir "mnchinntions. " But
they were hardly treated fairly, for
they ar�� left iu most perplexing i^noi-
ance of the cause of tbe newspaper's
complaint or grievance. There are
some mysterious alluBions to "breaches
of prouiiaes aud tyrannous exwrcisc ot
power." to "(iifsiuiulatum and trick-
ery, to oorruptiou, cajolery, and
ooeroiou-" "We know ns well us they
do," says the nrticle, "the stake for
whioh they are playing and which, if
thty secure, means the grinding of
this Proviuoe under the foot of u despotic aud merciless corporation. Wc
know that they want to Bootbe our peo
plo by such pleasant opiates as they always have, into silence and hollow
dreams,and so induce tho Government
to believe that this Province does not
fear and does not oppose the maehiua
tions of its worst enemy. But tbey
will uot succeed. Tho people of this
country have suffered too much ; they
hays too much to dread from the C.
P, B.," and so on, aud io on. aud so
All this was provoked by thu visit
of Mr. Whyte and Mr. Marpole, with
���whom tbe paper had an interview nnd
to which referenco is made at tho beginning of the nrticle. Thinking to obtain from it the clue to our oontem
porary's acute perturbntion of mind,
���we turn to the interview as published
and ascertain that the ouly two subjects of discussion wero the Trail
branch and the Uosslnud station. The
Trail branch is being improved into a
broad gauge rond, and the Company
have promised to erect a new station
building. The change from narrow
to broad gauge is progressing, and
Mr. Whyte says the work will bo completed as quickly as possible. He gives
a most excellont reason why the Company do not want to delay. Owing to
tbe necessary transfer at Trail, on account of the narrow gauge, the cost of
operating between Boslaud und Hobson
is about five times ns much as for the
same distance ou the main lino. As
to the station, the General Manager
promises it will be worthy of tho city
and ready for occupation by the time
the change of gauge   is completed.
We can ouly gather, therefore, thai
the terriblo "machinations" of the
article are merely the desire of the
Company to escape extra cost by hastening the change of gauge. We do not
know whether the building of a new
station "meaus the grinding of this
Province under the foot ot a despotic
and merciless corporation.'' Porhaps
it does, in which can* Nelson would be
very glad to have some grinding of the
Province on its own account. Altogether tho situation is a puzzling
one. Tho only quite clear thing about
it is that The Hossland Miner has a
bad attack of O. P. H. rabies. Bul
with Heiuze blood in itn veins, perhaps that ii not surp riniug after all.
The end of the plebiscite humbug
has been reached. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
has written a leader of tho prohibition uiovomout that the Government
would uot bo justified iu accopting
tlie prohibition vote as authori or
prohibition legislation. That ends it
It wns a fraud from the beginning. It
was never intended that there should
be prohibition, und tbe plebiscite was
introduced as a means of escape from
au awkward situation.
be been pledging the Government to a
cash subsidy in lieu of the land grant?
For many years it was the policy of
the Dominion to give land in uid of
railways. It did this because it had
plenty of hind uud little niouny. Thnt
is British Columbia's ense. We.Jiave
land, but no money, nnd it,will be
easier on the taxpayers of the Province
if we stick to the originnl bargain. ���
The people are not anxious to burden
tbemielvei with interest on borrowed
money, when they can escape with a
land grant.
TemlufH for removing u houso on corner of
Jjike mni Pork Street* vrtU bo received until
���Saturday noon, 18th of March. Particulars at
lhl�� office.
Tho Critic, Mr. Henry Hess's
clever Weekly, hns no hope tbnt the
Anglo-American OoininisBion will reassemble It suggests that the British
policy of "eterunl cruwl" has tilled
the American mind with tbe idea of
mastery which will yield nothing.
This is uonseuso. There is no evidence that an arrangement with the
United .Sutton is impossible j and ou the |
other hand, a day has been sot for the
resumption of negotiations, and the
llritiBh Government huvo uninod Lord
Km* irll to take tho place of the luto
Baron Herschell. Prom all that is
known yut wo have aa much reason
to suppose that next Christmas will
not come as to say that the Commission will not resume its sittings.
To The Editor of The Miner:
Sir���Has tho City Counoil lost sight
of the fact that the residents of tho
eastern part of Nelson bays been patiently waiting for thnt nugnst body to
tnko Rome notion long ero this in ro-
gnrd to the removal of the notorious
houses of East Baker stroot to more
obscure quarters, The time is now opportune for attention to be given to the
oft repeated protests that have appeared in Tbe Miner from time to time
bearing upon this question i and if the
authorities persist in maintaining such
rcpbrebcnsible indifference in this
matter,they will suddenly find that an
exasperated and outraged community
will express themselves iu n more cm
pbalic and publio way. East. Baker
street is required for legitimate business pursuits, and I, for one. do not
relish the idea of driving the projectors of brick   blocks to the   west of
Eootenay street, or to the vicinity of
the C P. H station. Move Iho handy
bouses outside the city limits. Move
them now. Let the quest ion be taken
up nt the next council meeting.
Nelson, March 14,  I8'J!>.
II,-lin��lo^l,-ill Ki-|l<irl,
(Observation** taken by A. II. Iloldioli.
Mur 9   Tliursdnj   11.(1
Mur 10  Friday
.Mar li Saturday
Mar 12   Sunday
Mm* 13    Monday
Mar 7   Tuesday
Mur 15   Wed'duy
33 0
27 .IKI
r, bs
28 00
Notice (h hereby given that l, i lie undenlgb*
ed. Austin H. Clements, intend at the first
��� ittint-j of the Board of Licensing Commtgelon-
urn ofthe Olty of Nelson, to do held thirty (3U>
diiyw after tlie publication of this notice, to apply for & Retail Liquor Saloon License for the
premises known as the corner store of the Ocltl
FellOWB Building, on lot number ono (I] In
block twelve [18), boiiiK situated on the southeast corner of Baker and Kootenay streets, in
the Went Ward of the said City of Nelson.
Dated this 16th day of March, A, D., 18!��9.
Boarding School
For Girls	
Gyppeswyk, Moss street,
Viotoria, 11.0. Senior, Primary Classes and Ktudergftrt-
en, conducted by
Miss   Green   and
Miss   Dawson.   .   .
Boarding nnd Domestic nr-
rnngenienta under tbe innn-
iigetueiit of Mrs, Green,
Ladles or girls wishing lo attend   any   school   received.
Highest  references,     Terms
on application.
First-class boned and room, Todd's
old stand, corner Ward and Carbonate, in rear of English church, heated
by steam, Table board fl; room and
board fn and fl. 50.
A collection of fine Belgium Cm aries
for sale.
West Kootemi) Valley, B. O., on line
of 0. N. P. Ry., and
Nelson St, Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Oreston may
be bad of GEO. if FARLAND, Agent
Nelson, ot* from
Creston Townsite Co.,
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Humphreys & Pittock.
Fresh Fruits, Candies, and all  kinds
of Soft Drinks.
Canadian   and  American  Papers always on Sale.
Nelson e\ Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail routs without ohang
of oars between Nelson and Bossland aud
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
���'   11:55 "   ROSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   8.30 p-m
Train thst leaves Nelson at 9*40nm
mokes close oonueotions nt Spokane foi
all Pacific Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Bound
ury Creek, connect ut Marcus withStagi
C. G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Acrent.Nelson. B. C.
Next to NHsnii Hotol,
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
Sewing Machine Sale.
As we are short of floor space, we are selling the
balance of our New Williams' Sewing Machines at
the following prices: 3-Drawer Improved, $28; 5-
Drawer Improved, $30; 5-Drawer Improved, Drop
Head, $35. There are only a few machines left.
Drop in and get a bargain before it is too late.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Some Pianos are Sweet in Tone
Some Pianos are Responsive in Touch
Some Pianos are Chaste in Design.
Few Pianos are sweet in  tone, responsive
in touch and chaste in design.
Listen to a Mason & Risch Piano,
Play upon a Mason & Risch Piano,
Examine even the case of a Mason & Risch Piano,
And in it you will find all the requisites of
a perfect instrument.
Inspection lijvi-leil.     Corre3poijtlci)cc Solicited.
Thomson Stationery Co. Ltd, T
Bird Cages  Bird Cages
We have just received a consignment of Brass and Japanned Cages, which we are selling At Exceptionally Low
r rices.      .....
Tinware and   ��� (jraniteware.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Nelson, B C
tE Real Estate and Insurance Agent. ^
|i The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 3
�� and Savings Co.
advance money on Imprgved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and
8 years by monthly instalments.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Civnips supplied on shortest notice unci Loweg  Prices
Mall Orders receive Oaroful attention.
Nothing but fresh nnd wholesome incuts and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson ami Ymir.
All Kinds Of Smoke.
Tht annual report of tlm Canadian
Pacific Company speaks of the Columbia & Western brunch, which it says
will bo completed through to the
Boundary country bv midsummer.
The fact ii mentioned that the Company acquire in connection with the
line 1,(100,000 acres ol Provincial
land, but it is expected that this grant
will be converted into a cash snl'Bidy.
What is the ground of the expectation? The Attorney -General is supposed to be the Canadian Paoiflo'l ��>��"
U the British  Columbia Cabinet; hai
MUSIC LESSONS.- On piano organ or
[-altar, by Mrs, W. J. Antler, lton**on street
wo doom went of Stanley.   P. O. Box 130.
Hti-lctly Pure ('renin Tartar Baking Powder
made In the Province Auk your growr for it.
Encourage B. 0 production, nil other thing,
being equal. BTEMLER & KAKLK, Manufacturers, Victoria.
MUSIC LKSSONS-Klngiiig anil Piano, hy
lln. Sydney Oliver, OtiHcrvutory Htreot. two
doom *we**t. of Stanley.
WANTED���A woman cook] nurse kept. Apply Mm. F. Fletcher, Silica street.
j WANTED���To rent, a four or Ave room cot-
! tngc hy I lie Int of April. Apply A, 11. C. Miner
1    TOR SALK CHEAP-Two nlco resident*!
, loll In Hume addition,   W, 11, M-wLtan.
Havana Direct.
A shipment of choke assorted Clears. They are
the best value for the
money In the city.
Prices 2 for 25c.
and 3 for 50c.
Also best brands of Clear
Havana and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos to suit all
Hotel Hume
Cigar Stand.
piper heidsieck
Ae we keep our Tobaccos in both our Excii    ml Customs Bonds we ire
able to cany a large anil assorted Htock.
PRINOIPALS-B:^����%fBTCSfcl oamb. enq.
Boarding and Day School.      Present  Numbers 44.     Preparatory  class
under Lady.   Highest references to  Parents, etc.
FcrTtrms apply to Principals,        .        (,7: Georgia St., VancouvM.
LOTS  14 & 15.   BLOCK  26
Tourist Cars pans Revelstolts daily
to St. Paul; Mondays for Toronto)
Thursdays for Montreal and Bosti-n.
To RoBsland, Trail, Robson,
6.-10p.m.-Lenvou*-NKLSON���Arrtvea-10.30 p iu
Kuoii-iiiij Lake���Kail* Rome.
Str. tfniiANKK
Rxocipt, Sunday. Bioept 8und��v
*   p.m.���l*avo�����NKLSON���Arrlvou���11   a.lit
Koolriliiv  Hiver It,,11I0.
Stk. Movik.
Mfin., Wed., Fil. TueH. Thiirn. Pivt.
8 a.m.���leaves-NKl.RON--ArrivoH--fl.S0  p m.
MnkCH connection at Pilot Bay with Str. Ki ���
kuiH.i' in 1***1 li diroctionH.
Steamers on their r��npeot,ivo routOH cal at
prinoipul Landing** in both dlroolloUH an t
othor polntu whon nl|{niUloil.
Mala  Line and  Intrrmrdlate folaU via
Slocan < Hy, Ilaily.
0.30 a. in. I.cuvoh   N KLSON���Arrlves-8.�� p. 111.
Ascertain Bates
and full Information   hy   nddroHHlnx nenroi t
local Agent, 0. K. II* ii-li'y. Olt)  Ti.-kol Aif'l, or
It. W. DltKW, Agent, Nel. 1.
Trav. 1'iihh. Agent.
lll*l.  I'll,.:..   AgOl.t
Viu.'-nM ���
Time Cnrd in elTi-ct January  3rd, 180R
South b'nd. North t   u
Rond down Road up
Hunt  Lvn. il.:ni ii.in. Kuslo    8.30 p.m. Boat Ar
���'    7.30   " Alnnworth 7.10	
"    8 00   " Pilot Buy 6.30	
"    8 15  "   Balfour   0.00    "        "    "
'���    Ar   9.4S   " 5 Mile Ft. 5.10    "        "    "
"   10.30  "    Nolaon    1.30    "        '"   Lv
Connects with N. & F. ti. Railway train for
Spokane, leaving Five Mile Point at 10:05 a.m.
Stcumot-H leave KiihIo city wharf at foot of 3rd
Htreot.   Subject to change without notloo.
Steamship Lines
From St. John
Allan Line���California!! April   2
Dominion Liuo-ScotHinun April  9
From Portland
Allan Lino-Caatlllan April   8
From New York
Whlto Star Llno-Britannlo March ��!)
Cunurd  Uno���Umbria April  1
American Lino���Parin March 20
Anchor Llne-Anchorla Manch 25
From BoHion
Dominion Line -New Kngland March 29
Pannages arranged to and from all Kuropeau
polnta. For rules, tickoU and full Information
apply to C. P. R, depot agent or C. K. BeaBley,
City Ticket Agent, Nelnon, B, C.
6451   Qenoral Agont. C.P.R. Offloefl Winnipeg.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8*y
Improved  Property
' ourc and lot on Victoria street, near
Pri.-byt ���rlnn church ������ fS}S
Houho and Lot on Victoria street  fiS
Houho and Lot on Victoria streot  !��"!
House and lxit on Victoria streot ��� - [SK
Houho and two lots on Carbonate Btreot.. im
HuHiness Corner on Von on street.. .....   VMI
Hairy llanoh near olty-Offers wanted.
House to lot on Stanley street. ,   ��. ,,.,
Money   to Loan-Real   Kstate   and  Chattel
MortgugoH. ���   .   ���nA
Wantod-Mining Shares, Nelson, Ymir anu
Mm TumMmiU H-Mfc MM* ���'
nl Un-  Native;
A   lillliltliMllll j     li<*t mil
Llfe'g  Little Ironies,
linrriiilcii. Beatrioe���Ships that Pom
in Ilm .Nittlit.
HflgRaru, Ruler���Bhe; Mr. Meesam's
llulliin.       Hfiiry���Kurniii
Middle Ages.
! ilmiiy, ti A.������young Oartheginian;
1'W tin* Tu 111-.lln ; LlOU of tit. Murk;
Linn of ilm North'! By Right nf Oon-
<imt; With Olive in India; True to
1 Dm Uhl Kin-.'; With Wolfe in Oaiuula ;
Oaptaiu Bnyley'a Heir ���, In thu Rcigu
uf Terror,
Hope, Anthony���A limn of Mark;
A Change of Air; Rupert of Hartsan.
Holley, Mariita��� Bweal Oloely.
Holmes 0. W,���Elsie Vernier,
HnhiiH, John-Oliver���Tales of John
Oliver HoiiiiH.
lluwiiUs,   w. D.���a Foregone Oon-
pIuBloii;  A   Oliaumi     Aqquaintanoe;
,   ,      ���      ,,   ,    ...      ,,,,, Thnir WmliliiiK Journey t The Lady of
Tlireo Hundred or More Books That Will  AnmMuok. T,*, RlM ,/,*���,.������ JJJgj,*.
Lniiiorii nf Head,
HuhIioh, T, ���Tom
Shipment That Was Received Last Week.
Provide Exoellent Ri-adiug for
the Nolson Public.
Thn following is noomplete list of
tlm iinoks reoeived last week ami now
nn the shelves of tho Nelson Free
Public ljilirary.
Alilm, Max-Out of thn Hurley Bin--
Ainsworth���Tower of London; Old
St. Paul's j Windsor Castle.
Allen, Oraut���African Millionaire |
Umler Sonleil Orders; Miuhanls Craig;
Wbat'l Born ill tho Bono.
Alexander, Mrs.���A Ward in   Olimi-
Alilrieli, T. B.���Prudence Vulfroy ;
Queen of Bbebni Mtijnrie Dow ; Stillwater Tragedy,
Allen, J. Laue���Kentucky Ciiriliiuil;
Aloott. Louise M.���Littlo Women I
Litle Men.
A. L. 0, E.��� Fairy Know Alnet;
Precepts in Practice; Kohher's Onvo -,
Giant, Killer; Young Pilgrims; Idols
in the Heart.
Bulliiutyue.R. M. ���Young Fur Traders; Hudson Bay.
Bartlett, John���Familiar Quotations.
Burring, Gould ti.��� Curious Myths
of Miilille Ages.
Barr, Amelia IS��� Jan Vediler'i Wife;
A Singer From the Soa.
Barrie, J. M.��� Sentimental Tommy ;
A Window iu Thrums; When a Man's
Single; Marguret Ogilvy; Auld Licht
Heoke, Louis���A First Fleet Family.
Hesnut, Wnlter���The Master Craftsman ; Beyond the Driaius of   Avarice.
Bell, Lilian���A Littlo Sistor to the
Besant and Juskiu���The Golden
Butterfly; Delia's Arbor.
Bent, J. T.���Buried Citios of Miib-
Benson, li. F.��� Dodo; lhe Bali* B.
Black, Win.���Strange Adventures of
Phantoms; A Princess of Tlmle;
Sbandon Bells ; Judith SlMbesiieuro
Blackmoie, K, D, ��� Orepp, the Carrier ; Christowell;   Daniel.
Bourinol, J. G.���How Canada is
Governed ; Story of Canada.
Bolder-wood, Rolf���Robbery Under
Bridges, Unlit,��� Overheard in Ar-
Bryoe, George���Short History of
Canadian People.
Brassy, Lead)*���Voyage of tho Sunbeam.
Brote Harte���Choice Works.
Bronte, Charlotte���Jhne Eyre.
Brewstor, Sir David���Martyrs of
Buchanan, K.���Come Live With Me
and Be My Love.
Cane, Hall���Deemster; A Son of Ha-
Carry, Rosa Nonchotte���Esther Cam
eron's Story ; Cousin Mona ; Averil;
Not Like Other Girls.
Cable, George W.���Bonaventure;
Old Creole Days; Madame Delphine;
John Marsh, Southerner.
Church, Afrert J.���Kail of Others;
Iliud ; Two Thousand Years Ago.
Corelli, Marie���Ziska; Ardath ; Thel-
ma; Romance of Two Worlds; Tho
Mighty Atom ; Vendetta; Wormwood;
The Soul of Libitli.
Collins, Wilkie���The Woman iu
Conway, Hugh-Called Back ; Dark
Cooper, Feiimoro���Last of the Mohicans ; Pathfinder; Deerslayer.
Cookton, Henry���Valentino Vox;
Sylvestor Souiui.
Collingwood, Harrv���Log of the Flying Fish.
Crockett. S R.���Lad's Love; Raiders, ; Cleg Kelly ; Man of Moss   Hags.
Crawford, F. Marian���Zoroster ; Au
American Politician.
Dawson, Sir J. W.���Dawn of Life;
Origin of the World.
DuviB, Richard Harding���Soldiers
of Fortune,
De  Kovan,     Mrs.    K *
Dowie,   Minnie  Mnrrial���A
Trip thro' tho Carparthiaus.
Deland, Margaret-Philip   aud
A   Sawdust
Dougall, L.��� A Question of Faith;
The Mermaid; Beggars All; What
Necessity Knows.
Dodge, Mary Manes���Hans Brinker.
Doyle, Coiiau���Tragedy of lhe Kor
aseo; Oaptaiu of the Pole Star; Exploits of Brigadier Gerrard.
Drummond, Henry���The Asceut of
Man; Natural Law in Spiritual World.
Du Maurier, George-Peter Iblietson.
Dninbur, Paul Lawrence���Lyrics
of Lowly Life.
Duncan, Sarn Jeaiinette���Vernon's
Aunt; An American   Girl in London.
Ebers, George���The Emperor; An
Egyptian Priucess.
Farar, F. W.-Darkness and Dawn;
Uathering Clouds.
Field, Henry M.���On the Desert.
Field, Eugene���With Trumpet and
Forbes, Archibald���Buttles, Bivouao
aud Barracks.
Brown's   Sohool
lingo, Victor���Las Miserable!!
Imperialist���Oeoil Rhodes,
JaoKsou, Helen Hunt���Zeph,
.luiues,    Henry���The American.
Jerome,    Jerome    K ���Sketches   iu
Lavender, Blue and Green,
Klines���Are tin Kxploiiilioim.
Kipling,    Rudyard ��� Barrack    Room
Ballads I Jungle Boiili; OnptaiuB Courageous ; Seeoml Jungle Book.
Kingsloy, Henry���llillyars and Burtons.
Knight, K. F,��� Where Threo Empires Meet ; Faloon  IU iho Bultio.
Lamb, Charles���Titles from ��hake-
Lover, Cbalies���Tom Burke; Harry
Longfellow,  H,  W.���Prose Works.
Lover, Samuel���Handy Andy.
Liibliock, sir Charles���Pleasures of
Life ; Uses of Life,
Muchar, Agnes Maude���Roluud
Greame; GHeir of Fairmont Grauge.
Murk Twain���Adventures of Tom
Sawyer. ; Puddin' Head Wilson; Inuo-
oents Abroad and New Pilgrims Progress.
Muckay of Uguuda.
MaoDonald, George���David Elgin-
brod ; Thore and Back ; Thomas Wing-
field Cur-ite ; What'B Mino's, Mine.
McCarthy, Justin���History of Our
Own Times.
Merriiiiiin, H. Seton.���The Bowers;
Flotsam ; In Kodur's Touts; The Grey
Mitchell, 8. Weir���Wheu ull the
Woods ure Green; Hugh Wynne.
Mitford, Miss���Our \ illugo.
Moore, F. Frankfort���Two iu the
Oliphant, Mrs.���Sir Robert's Fortune ; Lady William ; A Country Gentleman ; Days of my Lifo.
O'Rell, Max���Jacques Bonhouuno.
Ouidu���-Under Two Flags.
Parker, Gilbert���Seats of the Mighty.
Parky 11, George R.���The Great Dominion; Round the Empire.
Baton, M. W.��� Letters and Sketches
From Hid Now Hebrides.
Payne, James ���By Proxy ; Lost Sir
Parkmauil's, Francis--12 volumes.
Pemberton,    Max���Little   Hugenot,
Penys. Samuel���Dairy of.
Phelps, lClizalictli Stuart���An I Id
Maid's Paradise.
Poe, Edgar Allen���Tales of Ad*.un-
Poetry���Browning, Robert, selections ; Lowell.
I'li'scnlt, Wm. H.���History of the
Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella,
Proctor, R. A.��� Orbs Aronnd Us;
Other World's Than Ours. ; Myths uud
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Wilkins, Mary  E..���Mndoleu;   Pern
Warboise, Mrs. Emma Jane���Sir
Julian's Wife.
Zangwill, I.���The Master; Premier
and the Painter.
Mayor Neelands was out of hod yesterday very much improvod. He ex-
pacts to be down town about Saturday
GaVkell'm��    ���SrilTpS?*?!?inati011,   carload of tine Jersey cows which have
|&%^3 MongoHa. &*��** *�� "*  ^  "^ "^
Goose,   Edmnud���Seventeenth Oen- y'
tury Studies. Moyie has had   its first baby.    It  ia
Cough,   Jonh    B.���Sunlight     and described as a fat, plump, nine-pound,
Shadow ; Platform Echoes. ! black-haired girl  baby, and the happy
Goldsmith,   Oliver���The    Vicar of : patents are Mr. aud Mrs. D. J. Elmer
Hnrriani,   iu^0     o��� .       m j        Marshall Hodgson of the Kelson staff
Hundred   ' Burton-Flower ��** Lf ���� Bank of TBrltMb  Columbia  has
Hnlih-nr-nti       T���,i...   c- a,- 1 ,   'been   transferred   1.0   tbe    Vancouver
Wise S ,w^i nrt M * ge-TS*m      Sl1^ s  branch and leaves for there this morn-
"ise [jaws and Modern Instances; The ,_"
Old Judge; Traits   of   American   Hu- j    *g*
mor; Americans at Home. I    The   Molly   Gibson mine will   ship
Hardy,    Thomas���Trumpet  Major; two carload) of ore to the Trail smel
ter today.    The   mine   will   bo closed
down as soon as nil  the  ore   now on
the dump is shipped.
Fur Ihe foul weeks ending March (1,
2-lfiN tons of ore were smelted at tho
Hall Mines smelter conliiining approximately, fil tons of copper, iili.HllO
ounces of silver.
It is said that Nakusp will be incorporated as a city ou July I, and that
Mr. Thomas Abriel will bo the llrst,
Mayor, Mr. Unlit. Iiainillon is mtmiiil
as probable Police Magistrate. From
all sides come evidences of the steady
growth of the Kootenays.
The new hook and ladder truck for
the local IIro department arrived yesterday aud was tested last evening on
Tho Nelson Opera Houso. It is a
highly ornamental affair us well as a
very useful fire fighting implement in
case of a blaze in u threo story building.
Mr. J. F. Woir, the Bnkor street
meroliunt, is back in Nelsou after a
two months visit, to Eastorn citios and
bis old home in Toronto. While away
Mr. Weir purchased a stook of new
goods which will be upon tho Nolson
market in a few days. He also arranged to bring his family here us
sunn as be oan erect a residence on
Water street, the contract for which
was let yesterday.
Braekimui and Ker have ou exhibition in the window of M. DesBrisuy
St Oo., a sample of buled hay which
thoy believe will find a ready salo in
tho Kootenays. It is 75 poundB iu
weight, half the weight of an ordinary bale and is but one-third the
size. For a year past tho oompany
has been shipping these bales into
the Klondike. Thoy will be pushed
in the Kootenays for use iu the mountains whore hay must be taken by pack
Mrs. Charles G. Allan, whose present
address is Woslporo, Ireland, is looking for hor husband who was Inst
heard from in May, 1898. He was then
in Nelson. Allan was about 45 years
of age, of dark complexion, stout
and rather good looking. He was a
Londoner by birth. Some time ago,
he was in business in Gravenhurst,
Ont., afterwards engaging as a oom-
meroiol traveler and it was in this
capacity he oame to Nelson. He wns
a Mason and an Odd Fellow. Anyoue
knowing of his present whereabouts is
asked to communicate with the editor
of The Miner who will in turn inform Mrs. Allan of ^any^infornintion
Straight as a Die-
To achieve the greatest success
one must  use the   best means and
materials athis disposal.
Carpenters, Joiners and Builders
cannot, expect to do good work unless they have good tools, and we
are showing an Ai line.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
importers of
Shelf and Heavy Hardwares
Out of Sight
Are You ?
will   fit   you
If You Never Had the Grippe!
Patenaude Bros.
Mnili-rn (i-Rooin Mouse,   Cun lie lioiiuhl
j for $1*200, J7UU ca-*h down, (
Several good 4 nnd 5 Room CottaKM 8
House and 2 Lots on Carbonuto street ��)
$1,200, only I960 cash down. . jR
Houses and Lots in all parts of tho city. (���
,1.1, VANSTONE, Mining Broker-
It. II, WILLIAMS, fustoirs Broker.
Ileal Estate Agents,
Boker St., Nelson, B. 0.
Is now prepared to fill orders
for Luncheons, Dinners or
Evening Parties.
Melton     Mowbray     Pies.     Chicken,
Veal, nnd Pork Pies,    All orders
promptly   attended   to.
Ward St.,   ��� Oppoiite Hums Hotel.
Don't cultivate it. Better pay $10.00 a pair
for your Shoes than go through it���its cheaper. But you can't pay so much as that here.
If you Grip on to a pair of our $3.50, $4.50 or
$5.50 Slater Shoes you'll not have the Grippe.
If Your Watch
Is out of order bring it to me. First-
class work guaranteed - 18 years' experience in the business.    Engraving free.
Jeweler, Baker St.
The West Kootenay Brick
& Lime Company, Ltd.
Capital $50,000.00,   divided  into 50,000
shares of $1.00 each.
DI RECTORS���W. W. Beer Esq., W. H. Dowsing Esq.,
W. A. Macdonald Esq., H. G. Neelands Esq., T.
G. Proctor Esq., all of Nelson.
li ANKERS���The Bank of British Columbia, Nelson,
B.   C.
SOLICITORS���Messrs. Macdonald & Brougham, Nelson,  B. C.
OFFICE���Proctor's Building, Baker street (west), Nelson,   B. C.
Issue of 5,000 (10 per cent, guaranteed) Preference
Shares. Also 7,500 ordinary shares of $1.00 each, payable as follows: 25 cents on application, 25 cents on allotment, and the balance when called for, no call to be made
until three months after 22nd February, 1899.
The subscription list for this issue will open at io a. m.
on Monday, March 13th, and close at 3 p. m. on Friday,
March 31st, 1899. Applications for shares, accompanied
with the amount payable on application, should be made to
the bankers of the company (where prospectuses and forms
of application can be obtained) or at the office of the company. Copies of the memorandum and articles of Association of the company may be inspected at the office of the
company's solicitors.
Just Received!
The Largest Assortment of Boker's and Wos-
tenholm's Cutlery in Pocket Knives, Razors
and Scissors that ever came  into   Kootenay.
Nelson Hardware Co.
In the lead agnin this spring.   Their  Stock of Groceries is complete, both
Staple and Fancy.
Their shelves nre heavily laden with all the delicacies in Canned und
Bottled Goods. They are noted not only for carrying the Fancy Stock of
Nelson, hut also for carrying the Stook Suitable to Supply the Wants of any
Kitchen or Camp. They carry by far the Largest Stock in Nelson, and defy
competition. Their prices are uniform, taking no advantage on any one
nrticle above another.
Don't* forget to try our Tea, also the New Brand of Flour. The price of
this Hour will lie very low, and quality guaranteed.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions.
Wo have been appointed K>'fl agent*
for Ivootomiy for SWIFT & CO.,
Bouth Omaha, and will **arry a full
stock of moats of UtSir iminufuotur*
at NelHon	
Mull ordurn will *..- Hllcd al tirlcct
ruling 011 day oriloi* In reoeived.
Head - Offices - Winnipeg.
NKI.MON,  ltOrtHl.ANI),    AXUM    L.4KS
TiOISH   I.akk,  Urkknwood, B.O.,
ami Iiawson t'n-v, N. W. T.    .    .
P. J. RUSSELL, Hanager.
Patronize Home Industry, and Smoke the
Royal Seal
And  other   Union
Made Cigars  of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.,
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop In   and see   us.
For Sale
House   and   Lot
on Stanley Street,
Between Mill and
Latimer    Streets
It is a Snap.  : : :
Baker Strekt.
General Teamsters.
Aleuts 1B. G. Oil Go.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
Nelson  Opera  Holise.
A. E. Markhaiji's NeW
York   Thealre   Co.
ii)  the Great Swede plated Coqieclly
MaVoliri)eei)&SWai) SWaijsoi)
tHUrspay{ t4aj{cA J6tti.
Prices���35,    50f     ai>d    15    cents.
Capital l'ni'l   up ��� (fc-.OOOOOS
Host . l.MO.MO
H. S. Howlnncl, Pros.   T. H.Merrltt, VlcePrw.
Wm. Kan-wiy,      Hugh Ryan,      ItohLJatrmy,
T. Sutherland Slayner,      Ellaa lioftan.
Head Office, Toronto.
D. R. WILKIE, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
iirinii lie** In all principal cltlen and Inni
In    Ontario   and  Qnrbr*
ISn-iul***.    In      Huiillnlm,     MuMkwrit
TcrrltorlcK and BiiiUh < oluiobln
Winnipeg, Portage La Piuirie. Brandon,
Man.   OAtOABT, Piunck Albert, Kdmonton,
South kdmonton. n. w.  t.    vancouvu,
Neibon. Kkvelstoke, B. C.
Agents In Great Britain���Lloyd's Bank, LML,
72 Ijombard street, London, with whom laionay
may be deposited for transfer by lei Ur or oaMs
to any part of Canada.
Letters of Credit issued on Alaska Commercial Co. payable at St. Michael'*, Aluka, mni
Dawson City.
Draft* Sold, available at all polnti la C*n-
da, Uniled States and Europe.
IiOtters of credit lssuea, available in any
part of the world.
Savings bunk Department���Dopot'lU of $1
ind upwards received and interest allowed.
Debci lures���Municipal and other debM-
turcs purchased.
Money Orders Issuod payable at any Bank
Kates-Under Sill, 8c; flo to tW, 1����;
920 to )30, 12c; t30 to tao, He.
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
All kinds of day and nl��ht SosTennerinf
Work promptly done. Chimney dweeplag
BoiSBJ.   Lmts otdsn t�� bt Ossatttsr'*,
-   I
<*ffijt /
NELSON DAILY *����* THUMPA?. ******,�� **
iiciini* ihnll receive some Brant, from
lovernment. Tha tees tp he paiil hy
In* pupil prnllfthly Plight have to Im
���tried iu  oiffreut  localities,   cost of
Paper by
A. H, Holdich
Ur. Hoiatoh Point" Out ���-���������-  v-lUin
OltiBBOB in b'niall '1 owna und Oities,
OeneroJ Mining Sews*
At a meetiug of tlie OnuiuHnti Min*
ini,' [ustltule hold in Montreal during
tho lirsi week of this month, lhe fol
owing paper "On tho establishment
oi lolence olasseet," written by A
li. Holdiob, ICaq , ot N* Isnn, wns
r.iad nnd liijjlilv spoken of!
It is right to stato nt tin* commotio*
ment nf these few remarks, that tin.
Ideal! therein oontuine i aro not Intended to apply lo large und well populated
oities, wliovo fin* superior arraugeinont
can readily be nude, but rather lo
the Niuiili nml goatterod towns that
help to make up the vast Dominion
The Inestimable value of, amounting
really   to  a   necessity,   for  technical
education will hardly bo disputed, anil
tho   <|iiosvn>n   now   skoiih   l*i   he,   liv
what moans   oan il   he   heat   applied
In tin1  larger  oltios of the  Dominion
this offers no dlrloulty, tia tho   various
well known   universities  can   amply
snpply nil needs i but lu tho less  popu
lali i   distr'.ols���Brltish Oolonihia per
hapa especially,   no oity   is yot powerful enough to support   �� properly con
ItitUted and equipped School of .Miues,
or  Collage (or Teohlnioal   bldnoaii m
nor oould u student   be moving   about
from one town to another  except at   n
prohibitive  loss of   time and   money
But the fact remains that this   n leohd
o.lucntion ought to be afforded, so tbnl
al whose lasics i*v  occupation   incline
them   to titln'o  advantage of ii   should
have nu difficulty in   so dn ng  at   llio
niinimum   ot   inounvouienoe end  ex-
p one.
If, us the writer ventures to iluuk.
Hi   * statements will not be  di i   ta
it may not he time   wasted '���' no mo of
it i�� spout in considering  tho   matter
seriously, alwuys of course, inakiuK use
of experience thai lias bean guined   In
Otlier i-uiiiiii-ies.    In   England   for in-
stiii**",    soienoe   olusges   ;.n    held  in
BVHry   town  of   any pretousiou,   and
pretty well  alt   branches   ol snieunea
ure lang'ii   besides     teohnlnal   edu*ni
tiou in Hit- chief Industries of the dis-1
trict,   e.   ft, dyeing,  tannin?, carpon-
tery, weaving, and   many other allied i
BUbjeots.    In   many   of these   sohools
well fitted laboratorioa are to be found
where the students can carry out prao-
tioally   what,   they     have   Irani!     in
theory, and ul-oo make experiments  In
their own particular branch nuder ih
guidance of the. teacher ;nnd noun up i
so prodnotive of permnuenl knowledRc
as carefully and thoughtfully perform
ed experiment.    In some of the   larger
institutions    there   are   in   addition,
fully equipped   workshops fur making
engines, eleottioal apparatus, and such
like niaohinery, a thorough tcnowledpi
of   which will   ensure a decent living
io any   ordinarily   clever man.    It it
not my   purpose   here to refer  to tin
still larger educational   establish!: eut*
snch as tho   Royal   School   of   Mine
iLiou.loi),   o-.vrii a Oollege (Manch ���
ten   or  the  Liverpool University, all
of whioh are far   beyond   our   means,
if  not. our warns, (and indeed   it   ha
been forcibly brought homo to tne thn
flue   work   is   not    wnnte I, or at lea-
nol appreciated in British Columbia
the rougher   the better,  usually),   bid
merely   to   s*-e what can bo done will
tie limited means at our disposal, ano
il seemb to rue  thai il KtnbMihumi
of  Boieuoe   olaBgea   in  all   the   towns
where thern appears to be a desire  fm .
th in will prove a comparatively   easy
i'lie beginning must of course  be ou j
a wery limited scale; there is uo  need
lo build a huge structure till the outer  I
prise is able   to   afford   it;   but   mosl
towns can (ind a large room  furnished
with all   that is  necessary   in   which
lectures   could   be   given   on   various
Boientilia  subjects, and possibly  boiui
practical     iustruotiou     as     well      A
"rough outline"   so   tn  speak   of a
chemical laboratory can   be easily and
obeaply fitted  up, a vast array of  mi
iforinly sized bottles with complicated
glass apparatus,   aud  nny  amount of j
paint and   varnish   while uuyuestion- *
ably pleasing   to the ordinary eye, lio
ing totally unnecessary     It is not tin
bottles ami apparatus that do the work,
but, the man who   knows   bow   to UBi
them.    Tbe difficulty is tint not nine,
experimenting can be dono al nigiit-
iu iho throe boura  uaua ly assigned t-
such work���ii is nol ni   ull easy lo see
juat what you aro doing, and what b is
actually   happened  as    the result   tfl
your   experiment, by   artificial   lighl
But leotnrea can  easily bn   given   a
that time and possibly a   few hours o
daylight    cun   be   spared   during   tb
week as well, for experimenting onlj
The study  of  minerals indeed, which
is a most important hrauch,   can only
be carried oil properly   by   daylight-
nnless at   least   some   form of electro
light can be  introdnoed that  is in aii
respects equal to   daylight.    However,
these and   many   other   points   which
are liable lo crop up   al   any moment   *
must bo left to be deall   with after the *
BUggeSted   classes   are formed   aud   in
working   order���the   Si:-*:1, thing  is  tt
have sell   classes   organized   for   the !
benefit of those who uio  unable lo at- j
tend the larger   universities   and   col- |
leges,in tbe more out of the way lowns !
iu this   Dominion,   The   question un-;
tur.illy arises, "who   is   going to   pay
for this teaching r"    And it is  a ques
tiou that, most he   answered, as   it   is
the lot of very few of us to be out here
exclusively   for   the   benefit    of    oui
Hon, then, can the. espouses be met ?
Well, let ns hope our Provincial Governments will be abb* to seo thou- way
to assist; nud let the pupils themselves p��v a certain fee, more of course
where laboratory practice is included,
and lot. thero be regular examinations
(pe.Imps     annually   or   oven twice   a
living, eie., being an Important too-1
tor in the calculation, l.ut the Government grant should bo nl least equal
to such fees, depembml on thn condition ihat, thu pupil passes a satisfactory examination    The grunt  might
rer.V reasonably be graded, bo imioli
-icv bniiil first class; und ho muob less
for second class ;lhon thn teacher would
have a strong incentive to touch the
lubjeot thoroughly.
li iB very much 04*lei for one inuu
to travel (if be must) 10 or 50 miles]
nice a week so as to teaeh his particu- |
bu* BOb-jOot nt different centres, than it
Is fur pupils to travel tli.it distance;
iiinl it is qui to possible that in every
town Rome oue man can Im found who
"an toaoli al lenst one special (Ubjoct
ami do n thoroughly; the same being
true nf more than one mun and more
11 io n oue subject. In any ease, Ibe
mutter appears to me to be well woitb
attention   and 'here an* some   grounds
for hoping that i!*e British Columbia
Uigiflliiture will iuke ibe scheme Imp
gousldei'ntiou al an early date
Poibaps hiiuie members ol the Institute will offer their own opinions und
uiggestioun  ns  to  the  feasibility  of
t. ning up,OVeil on a Small scale, some
>uii'h ('buses as I bave at templed to
III close oounection with (his subject
is tlm urgent need of some kind of as-
���iocintions of analytical chemists and
ussnyois, to prevent, tho too commonly
| utterly incapable man from misleading
those who innocently come to him foi
advice. It has fullen to me more than
mi'i' ill British Columbia to find a
man professing to do assays (and even
analytical work) who was lgnotnni  of
tbe   flrst   principles���und     often   hud
ipiiie unsuitable balances. While the
assay for gold and silver ia uot verv
tllHIcult (but witata to be performed
onr recti y) vet copper is not ^uiie so
easily estimated and requires dertidedlj
������lore skill ami experience, and I
b��\c met ussayerB out here who can-
I .luilv acknowledge that they could not
a samplo of cupper. Cun wo ndl
join   together   nnd    insist   on   a   niui)
proving himself capable before allowing him to ptactice? Oi would H be
"interfering wuh the liberty ot tb*"
subject?" Sural notion ought to be
taken, nnd it is my sincere hope that
those rather random notes may ha considered end discussed and that ihe
hnpMi for good results will follow.
New York, Mareh In. ���Bar silver
60**j ; Mexican dollars IT'.. ; Silver oor-
ligoutea 58)-j to fiii).-,.
* *   *
A recent   visitor   lo Republic brings
buck word thai n   rumor is  onife cur*
; rent   Iheie  thai   the   Republic   mint*
has i ecu    so'd    1*1  the   Uoodcr lutu-
Bluckstook syndicate for 811,600.000,
* *   *
A. C,   Mavis, the local   manager fir
j the company owning   the   Rambler ill |
i l'ass Creek    camp    bus  received   In
I struoions to  commence   work ut once
laud a for. e of   men will go up to   tlie |
iroperty next week, says   tho   Bound j
I ary Creek Times,   The   Rambler   was
located in ist-il by A    G.   Davis and
Chas. Franks.   It is situated about ���
iinle from   tbe Summit   lintel   nnd   is
o. ned by n company composed priuei
���'ally of  Fnirhaven  parties,   On   the
property   is a   lurge iron cupping  1)0(1
wide   and  1200 long,   through   which
runs a   porphry  dyke   from 10   to  20
-eel in width, separating two well dc
Sued ledges,    On the wesl   ledge eon
stoerable development   work lias   bean
d ne, consisting of   open   cuts and ,\o.
O't shaft.     Sample nssays,   mndo  iu
vereti,   gnve Slf)   in poll and IU   I-.'
������ cent,   copper     A    ;:* I-���,'..���   i"ut    !
nliiutl   gav*"   ll   per   cent,   cupper,
;o *-ol i aud nine ounces **i]v**r
The ladies of Nelson will all have their
Spring bonnets and your old suit will
shabby. Call around and let US make you
look new in a new Spring Suit. A full line of
spring and -summer goods just received.
to Suit
New Spring hats of All Descriptions
All Tastes  	
Stitson's, of Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,
London, are Our Leaders.
H. tt. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
j   Y   GRIFFIN   &  CO.
Dairy I**;*", Mild Cured Meats, "GRIPI-IN BRAND'*
Choice Creamery and Hairy Butter, Cheese
..   Write us for Prices.
our Specialty.
+7     w       *������
J, A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries   and   Crockery.
We have just received a large assortment of
R0BT. R0UERTS0N, Mgr.,
Nelson Branch.
cheaper  than
the   Factory,
Prices 25  per
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant
��������-�������� ++++++*+<s*s
Branch Ma- kets in Rossland, Trail, Nolson, Kassk
mdon. Three Forks. Ne-w Doiiver and Slooan City
(Airs h*�� mnll lo ..r.v branch will havo careful *��nd urt'mot attenlloor
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall.
Gamble & O'Reilly,     ��
Civil Engineers &  Provincial  Land  Surveyors.
(Mineral Claims Survoywl an.l Oiown Granl.s n,ii|*lipd f*ir)
K"iil Hitnti' lii-iu'iiiiw und General Agnntp, Notary Puh-
lit!, PtO. *l
uludei mi Accident aud Kpvor I'oiiry, which *ji*.pn you
JlBOOpsr ���
death for
The Br
tlv* "inn
while laid up 01 $1300
   premium tit $3.00 per year,
���   QAiMBLE & O'REILLY,  Agents, Baker Street. M
M,*.-* . ^.t T L   '���   wf*<eii����������������i����������������������������������������������^��X����I��^������<^
��.���,  i/.wwi ate. LIMITED.
Wholesale and lletail.   (iiain, Ray, Feed, etc
Write Co; 'H!notations on CarLotiH,
Spring Stock
of  Footwear-
Nelson, H- C
Vll  Communications relating British Columbia business
to be ;i
Iressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
-���wvt *%.*v-%w��-"V*- %%-%������
Roderick Robertson,
t      \ ,T .. .. .
L50N, B.C.
m     . Has Arrived.    The Verv   Latest ir I ..     General Manager     -
^<   everything,   for    both   Ladies   anciU- S- Vom*���.> .E- ^ .            I   !^P"-PvI>lf   t>. C.
-^       rV     Gentlemen  Mining Lngincer     J ^^
Neelands'Shoe Emporium.     LETHBR1DGE       COAL
^75   ^r   TON>   DELIVERED.
1 Ik.*   Gieanwood    Mu.-.r snyii   thn
Messrs. .1. Denipsfi-s mni Mnrtin Grin
*t  (iiQiniwoi'tl  ���"=��� ii����� their properties i
Oi'.iil** iT.il mni Onppt'V otltnps Insr \<,<<
u Hallott ami Nfttlen. nlsn of *1,.k *������:���
n IJosrinootl I'Hiin they Kohl tin*   Vi.i  '
.in  Viotn  ami Uniied   unonp for %,   I
UO. .u,rl   in (Jupper  ciimp   lhe   -.'��� ��� ���   .
��� um.lrr inn'! imii nnd ! >i..lu  f* ��� ���   ,51)0  i
. lie*-'*-* propei'iieR have hud si'tutieh n
WOrV iloii" on Ihem, hut fi'i ni tlmir 1**-
���nlity nnd Hue   iiorfnoo  rhowiUKM   ��)'"
moug the tnosi fro nisinj*.
a   ���:,   *
Greenwood   in   anihi ions     It   tun
not   have   a   stock   exchange.   1 nt it
olainin to have n   stook   market    This
is the report   in the Infest i3*-ue of the
local paper:   Morrison has nppr* cinttd'
from IE to I**1, within   the   lust week
on lhe strength of tlu* strike last week.
Golden Crown sic* k is almost   impossible   to  ��ot   at Sts   rents.    Hiphlaud
Qtieeti aud Oamp  McKiutiey (jold   M
St. M. Oo., stock has been u re idy sel
"���i* ni li vis conts, n larg'e block   of   tho
latter havitiK   been   taken in Toronto
Waterloo nt 18^ nents is   in   demand.
O.i nil   McKiuney   stocks   o[ all kindR
are flndlnR   ri-nily   a " in this market
vViimiiiOB is   v**-hi.i iipnili'd   hy Mowm
\- Palmer uh a safe investment.
i*      *     il
Wilson   TentTandr'AWnlOB   Pactor��I
l1lel ' ALL KINDS OF
Canvas Goods, Tents, Awning,
Fancy Striped CartaiM for verandahs and Windows.
Theo. Madson,
All orders mast be accompanied by cash and should be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
Cor. Kootenay St Haker
A Lucky Strike
'ii* Bread and I
un(j; i e* ti tryin-j
Jio celebrated
���.*, iv nn.Uei-.    Tin
to induce   �� me  81
if Nel-on
inert! liant
an*l mi
to  put
louudingi h
in   a stock
a nd
yiar) upon   &��  resnlti
i if  tiporntions   at Moyie The Lender
Jays:   Sevnn carloads, or U2 tons.oou-
st'tiucil tha ore sbip'ticnts from Movie
for the week eudiMg March 11   The St.
EnRene led    with   six   oarloadB,   121
toustand the Lake Bhore added another
���atload,     2\    Ions,    to   the   list.    The
ileiRhing   is  beginning   to  give out.
whioh   is rendering it  very   diofflnlt
for pctlintJ ont ore   for shipment   Bnt '
*his will only have thn alleot of hurry-!
11*4 up the building of the St.   Engene;
lainwav, -*o   tha' or * can he   hr'ni(*iit |
i". n from the mine regardless of the
-enditiou   of   the    road   or   weather.
'.���.Mik on the littka   Shore mine i< progressing quitefavorahly. The tunnel is
iio.v   in ahout HMJ feat and   there is a
splendid body of ore in eight. Another
1 niuucl al* mi 100 feel below ilm present
' torkiugs   will   soon   be   started   and
. Irove in on the   ledge.    This will ore-
��� Ufa a considerable Increase in the work
��� iii4 foroe. i
#   *   *
An expert who has he*-:i among the
coil Steele mines, savs that Weaver
Greek is geftinK a good share of the
nttentlon of the prospector. True ev-
idence of the fact is that the int*-lli-
(���cut prospector is satlsflefl tn expend
his efforts ill lmril labor for the benefit
of himself and the people of llritish
Columbia ut this point, and that he
finds iu the c.ruukn and gulches the
ear marks of hidden treasures which
bids fair that his hopes will be realized in the fluding of th.* source of
wealth from wheuci came tlnie promises of wealth nml happiness found iu
8\eu twice a | tbe placer diggings of early days. A
of wlin.li Uiu 11**''��*J uuuibui* wf nu-..*   eltliai w��  lo
cated ou   Weaver Creek.    Among
. ost  promising are  the Prospediors i
llream,   uhl Alie.   Sniper, Nile, Pau-
ii *-'s   Dream, Monitor. C4old Beserve,
und the Hamilton fraction.
The surface ore. in this region is
sin "ly free milling II is rnrelv that
one finds sulphites in ih*:> ore, Tie
character ol the ore is a honeycomb
hematite oxnle of iron qnartz. Now
and tiipvc ore containing a ainitll
a**iouni of copper is found. No trains
���if zinc or lead art encountered Aa
car as we can jncl-ro the cost of milling m ibis vicinity   will not exceed SO
���ents per Ion :md mininK $1 per lou
which will leave a huudnoiuu murgii
to the Investor.
*   a   *
The Prospector |iu'fi ill a strong plea .
for l'ovi Steele as a hiii lliniz point.    It
���*avs:" llni'ii are many inaterial reasons
why   Port   Steele   should   become  au
ideal smoltiug   point     There   is   convenient tn  and   ut   our verv   door  all
I ill* necesary   material  in the way of
flnxeB. The line is easily within  reach
] and can he obtainod from many point*!
i in   rlm  district..    Tbe   necessary   dry
ore oiin be obtained from   Wild  Horse
Creek in any desired quantities, galena
from   Mark.   Tracy   nnd Wild   Horse
Creeks,   and ihe question  of fuel has
i 1 im answered   by the construction of
the Crow's Nest  Bnilwuy.    Assuredly
! Kori Steele has everything that is   ia*
cessaryfi.ru   smeller,   and   the   most i-miaum*.****,
perfect site for a location can be toned  Hugh n <
on thn fiat opposite the town, near tin*  ' r" '
C. D. J. ohristie!
'   known   1"   all   K" (1   l,,,***d   mukB
il   hi-, ml  makers  ss
General Brokei
Estate lu all P "*
of til'
We feel satihlic 1 lhat all i  tei-c led along this .ine will ft'
o Know that M. DesBiisay k Co.. Ihe lending me chants
upt'ointed mile agents-fur Nels n    The pu'ce of this Hour
uo other . nd quality tun niiiO ed.   Ask for 3 Star at
���l highly pleased
���f this city, have been
is  much   kiwer  thau
quality Huauiuuru.   ^i*--*** ���*������ -	
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1S69.
;M0HEY -TO  Vm^/^"" ''"" " ' ��� " ,2'0OO'��00
Aberde* 11 Block.
Fire, I
nn, Accident
s Assurance,
r.i.-uiut to lio' ��reilltorsTrust i>i>ki Acts
mill Amended Act,..
Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve,'$l,25o,ooo.
Head Oil ice:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Siat*ineiit, hhowlng   ilm pr*igre*>H umdo hy this linnk iu the
$ J ,000,000 * 1,600.000
200.000 1,2(50 000
2,802,1100 8,176.000
098,000 l,887t)00
8,88'),000 8,554.000
4i��-i.ili��l 0.900,000
5280.000 I2,7$7.,000
past ten yoarsl
Ciqiitid Taid
Circulation .
Liabilities i*i
Total   Ass I-
vtltli'K is  Imnliy Riven that Annuel J.
Mlghton, ot Nelson, B. v . horntotoro onrohnt
on din.* c* *- in- Tobicoo Ntoruhunt al N'cl.-un. 11
C,,hft��bs doert dated tho 10th day uf March,
A. !>.. iH'J . iis-l,;tcil   all   lils  iims-iiul   *j-.lcitu,
etc Ul- mni eU'*xi*. wiii^h nniv li�� seised unri
���oi,*, under oxocutlnn an 1 nil his real estate, to
Oigii it Cameron, of Nolson, H, C��� Agent, in
nut for t lio lament of las uroilli ma.   'I lie   aid
iij.t wns oxoonti'i i"   i"�� said Baniaet .1.
"   said Hugh R, C&tnerop, on
(Ieneral Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of   c���Jit. Etc.. Nczotiated.
Ai counts ice*
nhnndanoe is found at this point
Dealer in   BOOTS
SHOES.     Repairing
work a Specialty. The
Cheapest     Place      to |
Deal in Town.
i -in- tat von* ihiimr ncaniia ihu -'iiii bantuel J.
MU-'hiori bvc loqnlri'u.oii or bofore thu 10th flay
uf Al nl. A. II, I8IH), tn -'*n<! tu theTruslM lull
parte ulsrsof llio samo. duly voflflod, touo hor
with the particulars of tho soourlty Uf any
held by lliu.n.
Nottco i** huroby further stven thai after ihe
uttlel huh ihi*. uf Ajirll, A. v., I8U9, tin trustee
will procooil to alxtrlbuto lhe* nsaniB of ihe
trustoiitateamongst thi-'i tiredlfors who *rs
ont-ttloil theri'i'i, nnd whosn olaltus have then
boon It'll^;tcl with hiiii, haying i^gard unly 10
the cl*.llll'* ef  whl. h   he  then h'is liotiec.  unit
Unit he will not,beTospon��lblo after ��ald date
tor tho annul   of 'he sold trust Delate, ur any
(inr: thuiuof, -o iii't*.ih'it**il to any '.'-..rson or
orttons, tii'ui or oorporallon of wluiso olalni i*c
il 1,ut notice nl Ihe lnne Of distribution.
:u,  .ii*.*i"*,s  u...u ...   u���...
Credit, Etc., Negotiated,
on the in   t favorable terms.   Intereal allowed on special
deposits  ml on Saving Bank acoounts.
Atliu, Grand Fur'ss, Nanaimo, Nelson, Kossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Having* Hunk dopartmont has bucM Ditabllshed in connection with tfao Nelnon brunch of
'���  of onodollfirand upwards recetv6d< mni curtont ratuof Jnicu'st. atluwoa.
,bi i bat k.   Dt'ijusii.
nt present ;i per ooi)t
; ' nt present :i \wr ooi)t. twr annum*
; Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nolson, B.C.
Hall Street,
Fow Dcora Below Bakei.
^iSSSSH^Sftjft! DealerB in all kinda of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
fe-JgSaiS! time in any Quantity.
A. BICELOWp - Manager.
or H*i!:cr ittcot, la Iho I'ie* ef Ndfann. oil "Mnu
day thoSOthdarof Maroli, A l).. U90, ��t tb��
heir* nf two o'clock ii* 'Im aiternoen.
liii.nl at Nol'on, ti. c, thli 10th iluy of
jinr*.h. A. II. IWI'i.
HoUauura tar tU< mU XiiuUi.


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