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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 27, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 637.
Nelson,  British Columbia. Saturday, Januap
y  27,   1900.
Spoin Kop Has Been Deserted
by the British.
(    _. _
., .,.n-nT <,t|- ���.Tyt-;
, u L L   1, jj ��� -_- -
i'U_u bpeoul.ion  A_f>diB|   *��> ��� ll
���tea s-letorestinK Despatches
From tbe Generals,
London, Jan- _-.-(�� :,�� !l" ��� )_
Tbe Wnr Office has jnst poBted the
following dispatch ftom Gw.nlI Bnl-
le, dated at Spearman's Gamn, -burn
,1;i; Jan, 85, noon: "Ueuer.il Wir-
..,,',"S garrison, I am Borry to sny, I
And this morning, bad in the night
abandoned Spion Kop."
l,������,lou, Jau. _7.-(4 a- ni. )--evnii
nays of fighting have left the main
position intact and Genernl Boiler's
many 706 men weaker, aooordlng to
the official casually list whioh seemingly do not include the Bpion Kop
losses, as these last forwarded do not
mention Oeneral Woodgate'l wounding. Bngland is pressed by a depressing sense of failure, although not a
word  in criticism of her generals nnd
MhiliTs is uttered. Not .mnoh effort
is made to place a happy construction
nptiii General Boiler's bare eighteen
words, telling of the retirement frum
Spioe Kop, ami there is an uneasy
impression abroad tegarding the news
vol Iii come. Mr. Spencer Wilkinson, in the Morning Fust, writes us
follows ot the Spion Kop loss: "This
is ii serious matter and nn attempt will
not he made to minimise it for no
greater wroug can he done IO our people nl home than to mislead theui
iiinut tlie significance nf tho emits ot
the war. The right way is tn tell the
until ns  far   us   we   know   It."    Bnl
facts from the neighborhood of tbe Tugela are scantier than ever. The censorship now is limply prohibitive, and
something is wrong with the cables,
The   break on the east const lines   has
beeu repaired  hut  the cable between
Snu IhOtns ami Luanda on thn west
coast is now Interrupted. "More
tumps" is the on'y suggestion hern ns
the wnv to lireak the Uiht resistence.
Mr. Wilkinson regrets that Hem nil
Buller has not -0,(11)0 men, declaring
that if they would not make Victory
certain, his enterprise without them is
hopeless   The Spectator, dealing with
the necessity uf huge additional   mill
tiny  preparations, snys:   "It may   he
Hint ne have yet   another cycle nf disasters in front of us,"
Th, transport Assam arrived al Oapi
Town last Friday With 2.1117 ollicers
ami men Tlie lirst pin tion i,f tlie
si I'lilh division Is i, float, hence Ml Hi
ihe lii.iiiin men of this division mm
about ll,uno fillers now at sen, il lies in
tlie nonet nf Lord Koberta io reinforoe
Oeueral Huller heavily. This course
isad.iseri hv several military writers.
Allliuiii.li England's nerves are severely tried, hui nerve is nhsnliiti ly
ini-liaki'ii   und   proliiilny   nothing lhal
nm happen in Booth Afrioa will
change in ilm slightest degree her m-
tontloDS. She will cniitiniie lo receive
had news, if it cuiiies. with digulty
mul will nialutnin her ileteriniiiatioii
to -iu at Inst
I-" uinn, Jan. 90.���(Evening,)���As
tm ns tin< general puitlla is nonoerned,
dow thut ilm tirst Hush of disappoint.
ment is nver.it takes the news stolidly,
When the newiboys, bearing lug pin
cards containing tlio wonts "Bpion
Kop abandoned,"  appeared    in  the
"'toots, the people rushed to liny papers
'imi, from tubmen mi top of baniotni
to business men bntrylng oltywards,
��ii 'iinili im men '.inn  tbe news
With iliiznil expressloiiH.    The   signs of
pleasure winch hid been visible every,
where yesterday, now  give place to n
Wave of ili'pressinn, lmt Hutu   were nu
outward demonstrations or swnoi In
the West Bnd Dm rapidity with wbiob
tho iimi news tlevelled was remark-
Rbl��. A few minutes before II o'clock
Ihis morning the dingy Win Offloe had
ii deserted appearance, only a few rn-
porters and raoNengen being visible
��b00t   the   liiiildlng.    A few   minutes
liter, however, mui almost limultine-
"""Iv with Mm posting of General Bnl-
iW'l ditpntob, carriages and ciiIih en	
rollinK u|i. people wilfa aiixloiis fines
InisteiiiMi (0 the hoards nnd tlm   lobbies
"""" iiii'iiiiio oongnted, "Forced
M0-,"    "Shelled   out,   I  suppose,"
"Gient Heaven he's hnd to go back,"
���these ami similar expressions were
heard ou 'ill sides, and with down oust
countenances the lmig s1renin of callers
made their way hack to ilia streets,
while their places worn oconpied by
new comers, The afternoon papers
only brefly comment nn the situation,
preferirng tn await fuller particulars.
The St. Jiimos (ia/.ette snys: "We
are only at the beginning." Slill the
Westminster Gat-ette suggests that tho
lib iiiitomii' lit of Sninii Kop meil not
���"..���in more 'li n turn n   in scnlci-l 'ti n
.. -s       i.._ i   i   .   I...   v  ,ue   -.I    ilio
I he Pa I Mall Gazette h , s 'I a the
fiV.lt.l_Hd    villi     "ugilill   C ail   0 io    ns  li
began,with a series uf rushes, a kopje
taken here, inifn mile gamed there,
anil tlmt we shall have, in short, to
light our way to ilm rescue by hardly
wen degrees, Ladysmith, n.verthe-
le-s, will ho saved. "
The Globe snys it is iissnri.il that
"the country will fare the s ini'tiun
on I inly and bravely, with firm determination to press forwnrd unflinchingly, in spite of all obstacles "
Loudon, Jnn. 37. ���(4 n. in. |���Tha
morning papers editorially advise coolness ami judgment and a careful avoidance of over estimating the importance
Of the lost position. The Times snys :
"The natural disqnietnde of the public is inoreased hv tbe singular vagueness nml Inconsistency of General Boiler's dispatches. Then is indeed a
very singular .md somewhat disquiet'
ing attitude in General Boiler's comments a- revealed in The Gazette's
despatches. Por Instance, ihis comment ns to tlm notion ai Zoutpnn'-i
drift, his remark concerning the probability that I'ritisn officers would in
time learn tha value nf scouting,inigbl
properly have nonie from a foreign
military attache, Put il is rather more
than surprising tbal it should be
thrown out iu ihis casual Irresponsible
fashion hy tbe head of the forces concerning his s'.ihiirilinnles, u week or
two, moreover, after the loss of the
guns till the Tugela, The e nsi ipcm is
of line latest check may be very seri
mis tn the nullum Liniysiiiiiii garrison.
It is i in possible to estimate tbe next
movement. It may be Ibnt Gonernl
Rnllcr will ho compelled to retire
lninl the gronud he lutely wen, hot, in
nny even! we may be sun- that tbo
Hritish people will not show themselves wanting iu fortitude ami stead
iness   The Government wonld he well
ill]vised to on 11 Out   all   tlie militia ami
to expedite the dispatch nf the eighth
division and of the fourth cavalry brigade No donbt Lunl Roberts will
strain every nerve to enaole General
Huller to renew the attempt tn relieve
The military cri'ie of The Times,dis
cushion valines po-iible explanations,
dwells strongly nn "the ternlhn drawback to British general imolved in
the nlisi n e uf uinn- uf this tangled
hill i oon try."
The Standard. Which thinks still
iii'irn troops ��ill he reqnired mul
whioh onmmeuts upon tbo "ustnnl*b
,ng manner In ��hich Bnnih Afrli n
swallows up troops wholes ilu, without
am appreciable result," u u tn refer m th ilium al jubilation and   in
the predictions regarding General Bul-
lei's check, ll ��iii�� : " ll is I umilial-
inn tn lii.d th  I lhe Nnlrtl     ine l.n<
been onn' scnnrately  studied In Ber
Iiii Hi t   uur own   headqonrtl is iiii
the Tn.'hi
Tin it' rial then all" li - to tio slg-
iiilieniice of iir Leyds doll _s in Paris
remarking: "Dr. Leydi wo* n gneil
at   President   Lonbet's    bnuqoei   on
���| iiiirs'iay where, i nsequonoo,   the
British   Ambassador did   mil  appi  i
M. Da I caste conversed some ti" s v Ith
him nnd It   Is   believed   Hint   lie  has
sin, a r ived Iiiiii   ui tlm (Jnn i nm
say.   Our I'm is   correspondent,   bow
eier, nssutes   us Hint  tbe Flinch Gov-
eminent   l�� deteru Ined   to   pteai rve
iiinn's Oamp, dated January 83, which
"There was heavy firing nt Lady
siuilh yesterday. Gonernl White is attacking nud making a diversion. Alter the Boer assault General White sent
to Oomiuntidnnt General Joubert for
interment, 7!) dead liners, killed in the
Hriiish trenches, The correspondent
describes the operations from January
17th to January 88rd, nnd grently
praises the pluck, devotion nnd cheer-
fullnnsB of the noliders, Hu says that
(! iii-nl Wiirr.ii'egnns live i '1 000 shells
nn ,l.i nm , ill. II b left on January
91,  mn ml un Hns i ni hill. , hi��h    pons
a Ob ft ia  Iln in   "s li- is.    The nl).
jnnt s ini lnugei to u.ui the li. ei right
hat,by iuiroduclug a wedge of infantry
into Hm fl.fr, to spilt ihn right from
the ei'iiter. The gap wiih widouad
liming lhe day and General Warren's
right completed the capture of the
; whole edge of the plateau,,'md oconpied
the lirst line of Hoer trenches, where
lie   found   about   ".Villi)   who had   been
killed by tbe shell fire The correspondent foreshadows Tuesday's attaok uu
Spion Kop, ami declares that there is
absolute confidence and determination
throughout the army. Anxiety, ho
says, is felt concerning the result.
nro of the   artillery,   wo  would   have
carried the dressing."
General   Bnller   rnoommeuded    the
Victoria  Cross   for  Onptoins Oongree
niid     Keiil,   Lieutenant   Roberta   and
l Corporal Nurse, all in connection with
tho attempts to bbvo   the  guns.    General Mothueti in a dispatch  dated   De-
i ccniher 11, with refeieiicn   to thu   hat-
I tie nf Modder River confesses  ihat be
believed   tb:it   the   force in his  front
was only   fighting a   retiring   notion,
He had no iden   that,   8,000 Br-'ers  hnd
been brought fioin   Spyfontein  to   oppose his nrivnnoc.
London, Jan. 87.���The posiliou of
ilm British armies in Gape Oniony is
practically unchanged. Lunl Methueu
forwards by mail the first official recognition oi Boer valur ami military
nit. He call their tnatlcs mid iheir
courage " Indisputable, " In tl. fen ling
frniit.il nitacks. Lord Methaen says:
"The mobility of tho Boers is such
that tiny can change front in fifteen
minuted sn that a Hanking operation,
when striking home simply meets a
new front.''
. 'Ibe Daily Majl, referring lu Boer
resistance nnd what may be neces-
sarv to overcome it, nlludei to a saying of Napoleon,thnt "no position could
resist 800,000 men, '
In,nib Inn. .1    'll"'  Times  publishes: iins moruing tic foil owing  dis
OBI Oh frum I''n W II p   'bi'.al rVodliei
dny morning   and evl iiv   mi up n
bi'ii r��� the osptnre o Bpion Kop wn*
known.   Alter demrlbing lbs position
nf   tlio    liners,    urtivolv     enlrenel ing
and bringing fresh guns forward, tho
iinriespiiiidi'iii snvs: "Tholr ii"in extendi III mill's ami   W0   will   hnve   to
lirn.ik   in ihe middle,   Bvory  ptli r
snys tlm Boom will nevor let us teach
Lady, initli. This is their mst ohnuce
nf preventing us. for behind this lull
lms upon oountry,witbonl n single tor
lilloil    position,    Tl f"ie   Uev    will
strain every nerve tO Ibruw ns   lunl.". "
London, Jin. 80,   Thi Morning Po t,
in a sccund edition t"dny, prints a dis-
/pntcb from its coirespuinlciil at Spear-
Luiiiiiin, Jan.sn.-The Gazette today
publishes a iininber nf ilispiitches from
General Bnller tn the War Offloe en
dosing reports from Generals White.
Hildyard, Meibuen and other generals,
regarding the various operations but
ouutaining nothing later than the
record uf occurrences to the middle
of December. A dispatch from General White, ilnled November 2, snys:
������I wns su grsutlj linpiesied with tbe
exposed position of the gnrrison ot
(;b nr, r Hint I determined uu Ootober
n in withdraw from there ami concentrate all the troops at Ladysmith, Rut
the Government presented tbat ihis
slop woiibl involve mnoh grave political results thut 1 determined tc accept
the niiliiiiiy risk of  holding Dnndee
a- tho It ssei of two evils. "
Genotal White then proceeds to de-
ben be tbe subsequent attaok by 4,tion
liners, nl ��Iiiiiii about film wore killed,
Ibiee nf their guns being left (lis-
iiiiiii nt, il ul Tallinn Hill, but. hu adds,
tin re was un hope ot bringing tbem
.   i      II s i lies llOW Hie lineis   were
s, eu streaming away in bodies of
(uuu roi i.i   nil mi   win b ihe British
artillery Id have inflluteil great loss
but tho Bnera displayed a while Hag
ami tbe Hritish lefrained from firing,
vt or des tibing ilu- di spernie fighting
ni Kliiudslungie. oulmiunting iu thn
biii.r prutr etui fighting hefoto the
i'i lure of ihe Boers' linn I posiliou, the
gi mini i nniiiiiii s : "' At li llgtll Ibe
gnus "a b ns mul tb,< captured end nf
tbo rldao ��� ii ���'. mi' d. from whioh Ilia
m hole of  the  i uomy'i  oamp. lull ol
iPUts an I 1" is u. was   fullv exposed
in . |i ,. ai n   fixed   range.    While   the
iilnio Hug was shown  iu ti eutre ot
ii, Cn n p.   Col mi   liainiiiiin  ordered
���, ,���   ,   in"'   mil    nu i the  Biltisb
 Mai in tlie nm i imi ui   ihe on mi.
|,, i n few mo i cuts tin re wns n com-
,,;. :. mil ii i n n h l was bom.l, followed bi ii deadly Bro from a nearby
kopje.   Tin  British n ulailly   fell
la.'K. bnl ohargld and   innpli.1, il   Ihe
p.    I "ii
General    Melbnen   reports  similar
while lllll/   lie lilellts.
i;,.,., i.,i Buller, commenting on thi
a' linn    III    /."lilpllis    llllll.     Ileielllbel'
18, saysi   " I loppoaa tbo Britiib  mil-
, , ri lllll I u Ihi    value    ill    M Hug
ill liine. but ill ipitl "f nil une can snv
Our im ll si'i'l'l In 1 lninl' I illtii lhe llllll
d|�� uf lhe ell' 111v
ii.s.iibiiig the battle of Oolenso,
 >ii| iinili r. iiniier  dnle nf Decom
b,r III, snys : " Wbeii I In nni of the
,h.as|, l In Lotlg'S Allilleiy, I lii'llceil
iho   si.v n nal   gun-   shareil   lhe   mine
i���i,, mni i nm nidi Immediately lhal
,i ������- |ni| thin in inn" tho passage
Without goni, Lung wus iliiugemu-ly
���,a,l I,  iiiiiI    I    WO", nimbi.' In nblaiii
exnli Muni,   i  had   personally    lu
, ,.,i   bim where 10 gn into ROtlon
 I with  ib'' naval  guns only,   bnl
Long advanced so flit tliirl ba lofl tbi
lufuntry ���* orl and unvil btlgidi be-
hind.    I bellevo ihat, but for the  fail-
Toronto, Out.. .Inn. an.-J. K. Os.
bornn, of Hu llasscy-Hums (,'u , ic-
ci-ivod today a coble from tlie War
Office stating that his sun, Lieutenant J, \V. Osborne, of the Scottish
Rifles (Cn-neronlaus), hud been killed
in action in the Tugoln district, Jnn-
nary 34. Jjiimt. John Woodburn Gs
linriic wns the ei lest son of Mr. J. K,
Osborne, and was bom in Brentford,
.Tnnt! 86, 1H73. In ISH;. lie entered the
Knyul Mllflary Col lego, graduating
in !89."i. The same year he received a
commission in the niuh ScotiiHh Rifles
and sinoe hns been stationed with regiments nt Parkhurst, Isle ol Wight, Alder-hot and Glasgow. Ho was assistant
adjutant uf Ins regiment. Last full he
was appointed A. U. C, to Sir John
Woodburn, Lieutenant-Governor of
I!'iignl He catnti tn Toronto nnd spent
a few weeks with his parents. While
here he learned Unit his regiment hud
been ordered tn South Africa. He immediately resigned his appointment
and crossed the Atlantic to England,
joined Ins regiment nud proooeded to
Sonth Africa, reaching Cape Town in
November, Since that time be had
been in Gen, Bullet's command. Only
today Mr. Ok borne received two let-
tors frnm hi- nny, written befoie lhe
battle at Oi !��� nso. Sympathy iR felt
with the parents.
Bank Ville Marie Oase Is
Brought Up at Ottawa.
\ collapse of the campaign which has
been carried un for the lasl three
months, with the object of making
political capital nut i.i the wnr in
South Africa, The Mail nnd Empire
snys thu usiili of thn Sherbrooko's
election is n rebuke to Hon   Mr,Turin's
:.'ippenl io Kri'in li I'niiiidiiii.s not to
npporl an English speaking man.
Lnndou, Jnn. 2.��� A dispatch to The
Standard ire. n Ladysmith, dated December -ii, un.t describing the Christmas celebrations, snys: "Only a tew
were for tonal P eu-'igh to get turkf-ys
or geese; ii mujolity hnd to be content
with liaid beef of underfed oxen, or
the iiiiirso gum flesh which docs duty
fir mutton, on Saturday there was ii
provision auction, Potatoes were
bought at the rate of a shilling eaoh,
eggs averaged iti pence each, carrots
seven pence oaoh, dookl half n guinea
each, and whiskey from   five   In seven
ponnds per bottle. Everybody, however, was able tn indulge iu Christinas
pnihliiig as the cniiiinissairt kindly is
sued     the   neiossury   ingredients   for
the ocoasion,
Durban. Wednesday, Jan. -J.���One
bundled nud sixty Boers, captured in
General Buller's recent operations,
bave arrived hero. A Free Stater,
who is annum the ro. out arrivals, snys
ihat President Steyn had been removing his furniture to Pretoria, where
revere]  of  ins  offlolola hnvo   tnken
bouse*. It ii reported that no big gnus
iiiii now left iii ibe Pretoria fort and
that the Boon have exhausted iheir
-lurk of gi nil MiiiiHor cartridges and
an' now issuing cartridges formerly
condemned by Genernl Jnnbert They
nre said in he manufacturing I. (IIIII
cartridges and 800 shells at tbe dynamite fm lory.
Berlin. Jan. 88.��� Th_ latest news
frum Sniiin Afii'M l< interpreted as a
signal  ih I. in   for  iho   British,   The
lb iil-i'he Tngi'lilalte Zoitung   culls the
British position tb.ra "another step
min the mouse trap " The lust German ilir'i'l iiinils to the   Triiiisvaiil are
now being  returned  from Cape Town
wiihonl nny explanation nu thu purl nf
Hm Iii ilisli utilliurilies, The (loroiuii
pl'. sn   eniiimelits   upon the   faot   with
considerable boat.
Loudon. Jan ���-H.��� Great nnxiety is
felt HI to tho situation on thu Upper
Tngoll. ami Hm thought that tha
heavy hisses suffered during the struggle Tuesday night, have counted lor
nought, Military oirolei made no effort
in oonoeal tbelr obargtn, expressing
tlm graveil lean us to the nltimnt*
lun' uf Ladysmith. Bonn mthoritlei us
iMnjui lienernl Sir Frederick Curriiig-
imi,  when   issuing   orders   fur   Stmtli
Africn, and Lnnl Gilford,who won tbe
Viotoria Truss while scooting for Lord
Wolseley dnring  Mm Zulu wnr, wonld
nul be siirpilsed tu belli uf th' cuptui'u
ul' (icni'i'iil While's fiircn within a
Week.     Lunl   (iilVnnl,  who   knows thi
country like a book, ooold nol ondet<
oiaii'i huw Oeneral Wamn gut to tbo
tup of Bpion Kop wiilinui ascertaining what poiltions ciimmamleil it.
The pnorncM of tbe niups.it was pointed oui, could hardly he an exonse fur
i inm iis then  must  bo with Geneiol
Wiiiron si'viinl HOUtl, lo sny   nothing
UantlBtt-d oa Veurib l'*g*.
Puttee Will M.ke au Effort to Capture
Winnipeg���What the 0ig..us Tl.ink
Abjut tlio Result
(Special Dispatches lo The Miner, i
Ottawa, Out., Jan. 85.��� The mil it-
unulc position of the depositors of the
Banque Ville Marie was discussed
again this afternoon between the
members of the Government andjrepro-
seututives 01 the depositors, The in-
tirview took place in iho Premier's
j ullice when there worn present Laur-
: ier. h'lel nng aud Tune. At the bead
of tho delegation was Deputy Speaker
! llrudeiir; Monk, M. P., -Mayer, M. V.
H., Girenuard and Barrister,Montreal;
and Jacques, i resident of the vigilance
committee. All nf tbesa nttdroused the
Ministers, Thoy supported the petition
which was presented to the Miniattrs,
and which represented (1,800,000 In
losses. They asked thnt the Government provide for repayment of une
half nf this amount on the grounds of
contributory negligence This nogli-
geno. arose hy ihe fact thut in the
yenr ISHI, the paid-up capital was
shown to be 1600,000 and 111 the yenr
isi)_, Deputy Minister Comtney reported that of this amount __00,000 bnd
reverted to the hank, leaving the paid
up capital less than the charter
amount No aotioo wus i iken on
Courtney's report, anil the bunk vvni
from bad to worse, Brodeur held Hint
tho Giivi'i'iiuitiu should have taken
action und that under tbe ijuebi '��� Inw
thn bank cuuld have been compelled to
have lived np to its cliurler Monk
pointed out that grent disttoss was
caused by the hunk taking deposits
from farmers in the district surround
ing Montreal, vet it refused In give
discounts or do any bunking business
in this way. The farmers gut no return from their deposits, He thought
the Governmeut should make provision for adjusting 60 oeuta on tlm dollar. There wns, in his opinion, precedent iu the course of the Government
pursued In the Upper Cannda bunk
Mr.    Fielding   said   that   the     case
would receive favorable consideration.
There was lie snid, u great deal nf mis-
understanding in regard to the banking act. All that ilm Government did
ivas tn see that certain affidavits in
regard to certificates were true; the
Government undertook no responsibility, The bunk wns u private corpora-
ton and if people put  money In It,   it
was nl llinir own risks. The ciisis iu
the Ville Marie Hank tonk plane in
ih!)"v\ before tlm present Government
nine into power He merely mention-
d that pnint. Tho Upper Ciinadn
Hank mutter was lieforn Oiiiifndcriilton,
uud he believed the Government  lust
their money as depositors Hun, Iiiii
be wonld look into that  und the whole
matter nnd meantime he sympathized
with Hie sufferers for the fiilnre of the
bunk. Sir Wilfrid Luurier spoke in
similar strains.
The return of  Gonld, foi   West Ontario,   uf Qeoffrlon, for Ohamlny nnd
Vereheres,    nud   nf   A.    Uiohanilt, for
Berthlor, will bs gnznttefl tomorrow,
Lieutenant-Colonel   O'Neill   B   li.
Vidul, ennimiin.liiig Military District
No, h, will not as militant Adjutant-
General at hendqnarters unlil the return of Mniui <'nrlw I ight Hum South
Africa. Chaplains and linrses iiiliu'b
ml tn ihe second special service force
are 11,'creililod us captain ami I.eutOll
ii nt h,   respectively,    and    will   i Ive
ihe puy nml nlluwanoesfot those ranks,
A hamfaoed robbery wns reported nt
a loolnl   In ihe Boll  Btreet  Methodist
I huii'li. The conn ills nf a table, including eiiilny mil crockory, wore
jtolen while Hie congregation wn- In
nnothor pari of thu building,
W iimi peg, Man. Jan, 811.���E, D.
Martin, was today declared elected
member for Winnipeg by -in majority,
Pultcc, the Labor candidate, will ask
for a locount as there are 1.0 rejected
and 8(1 spoiled bullots Puttee claims
ib.it full 75 percent of the rejected
bullots are marked in his favor, with
the cross outside tbe disc, nnd hu is
i|iiilc confident if the ballots aie allowed that be will secure tlio seat. Ills
rep ne l that Gavin Hiss, Patron candidate nominated to oppose Htm. Mr.
I MnFndilen, in Emerson, hns ictired,
Sherbrooke, Jan. 8(1.���Complete returns in yesterday's bye-lection give
Melnlusli, Cnuscrvalive, 1,4)6; Lebur-
ou, Liberal, 1,1)18, majority fnr Mc-
Intnsb, lis. In Lotbiniere, I'. Kortier,
Independent Liberal, was elected by
Kit majority over Boissvert, Liberal.
Ottawa, Jan. 311.���An Order-in-
Council has been passed providing
that a drawback, equal lo the customs
duty paid, may he allowed on Bhips
stnies delivered for British ami for-
eign war ships and telegraph cable
shies, for use on board  only.
The ease nf Archie Stewart, contractor, against the Crown for damages sustained by tbe Government Inking bis contract nwoy on tbe Bonlanges
canal, is np in the Exchequer Cuuit.
Stewart claims 1850,000 damages.
A delegation from the Hunkers' As-
suoiatinn will lie here tomorrow to see
Mr. Fielding in regard tn legislation
which may be introduced mxt session
affecting their interests.
Hamilton, Out , Jan.   80.���Over ten
tl.nusaiid   dollars   has been   raised   iu
this. ity for  the Canadian  Patriotlo
Newcastle, Out., Jan. 86,��� Two
Grand Trunk freight trains collided
here yesterday afternoon, badly injuring Fireman llissnn, nf Torouto, and
fining serious duuinge to the rolling
Toronto, Jan. ail.���1'rivnte Abbott,of
tho Mounted infantry, who returned
frum lhe Yukon to take u shine in the
South African war, is flown with
measles, und is isolated in the Barracks bnspital here. Every precautinn
Is being taken   in   prevent the  diaease
Windsor, Out.. Jan. 36.���Levi Stew-
iiit, the inn.ill l. r uf .lames Kuss, who
is to bo hanged February li, is Buffering trie i pnei nniiia. His condition is
cousin  ii d 011, cu.,
Ottawa, .Inn .fl, ��� A deputation to
ropteseui the du,usiiui�� of the defunct
Ville Marie Hank, mine tide   this   af
n rniii'ii   to urge tin   Government  to
liliiku :. mn .jM.D.tnii Jul lhe wrecked
institution wh'ch they cluiui tho Gov-
��� i->, limit 1 ih : in ��� ini ly responsible for,
Ottnwn, Jnn.80.��� The Canadian Pa-
uiotic Fund  bus  reached nearly .78,���
Kingston, Jan. JO.���Harold Parker,
aged 18, wns iiniwiioii ut the breakwater tbi- morning while anting. The
ice gave way under bun
Montreal, Jan, 86.��� Judge Oho
quette todny committed Walter Fel-
lowcs,  stuck  broker,  nnd  Ferdinand
Loiniiiix,    uiiniiutiint    "f     Ilm     Ville
���Mm rn I,i.nk.   lm lnnl   iu tbo Court uf
yi n'e Hooch un a   charge nf conspii ���
uny lu   rub   the bank.     I'lif pnliuc sny
further nrreitu me likely.
'    Mniilieiil, Jnn   '-ll.���The sli.lenient is
made thut ai to the result of  Pathei
1 Vniinnins   million     ut   Bt,    I'ntnok's
I Church, thnl a iininber of Piotutonti
! havo boon converted    inquiry   In the
ohnreh ulloted thu lads thnl Viuinnnis
j bus baptised nine nr ten Protestanti In
' tu iho i Intholla church  since thn mil-
shim started,
QnebeOt Jnn,   86.���The  eleotion  of
l'*nrlier,    I lit.   Liilept'iulelil   Liberal    in
Lotbiniere, is regarded ns n rebnke to
partisan  heelers.   The successful  can
ill,lain bus iiIhiivs tieen ll slaiincli Lib-
sTali nnd his oh'cliiin is not considered
n ilefeat to the Luurier   (inverniiioiil.
Toronto, Jan.    "Jll --Thu Clulii
minting on tho by-eleotioni yesti
says i
Cjoebeo,   Jnn,   80.���Three   hrotben
nn i Mut'iiu, boinnging i" River dn
Lniip.uiui tout ' Ho i men  hel mging i"
II,,.   ..hi,,-   place,    "i     iis     iinineiliatii
nelghboi I,    h iv    been   arrested
iluirgiil with   the minder of l   Joa-
epb Bosse, who  was killci   in  a row
there some wcoks .igu.
Tenth Y
ihuusn.iil dnllars, were si izi d b
the police nf the store i i   lb n ,
ersuii, whn was arrested on n t
receiving stolen  goods,   Aril
woll, olerk in the house   . I   i 'mil
Hendeisi n and Burns   w  - nlsn ai
ed on n charge oi   hi iti matin r ���
the allegation   11 ing   tbut lu
vantage of  his   position   hj
goods tu supply Brodersnu i lindi
ottuwa, Ont Jnn    -ii - \   M
clair, representing the  I 1,1.1
Steamship  Co., wa    li .    b dny.
Sinclair statea   thnt his ci mpnny
placed tl.e liner Montoroy .ir   the
posal of the Cnvi rnmi nt . i trim
ation uf Strathcona's  n
Africa. Thn Monetinj  i.i a mail _|
er of 7,(100 tonnage,  I . .
trip in about 80 days,   I.
guud as settled   thai   tbi. .', ,:,.,,   .
hu chartered, inn no eai ��� i
been entered   into  w ith   iho c
Dr,   MuEncheru   ban    ,   \,
view with Dr. Bordi i I    ny regn
purchasing    horses   fm
Hni'.-o.    Arraugemcnls    wen      li
conoluded between Iln in and Uoiui
Ier Whip'   and    111 till
have entire chnrgi      li
tinned that Lunl  Strntli    i       i I
Dr.   Mcl'aii'hoiu   in tin     !i -i plai
purchase the lioi hi
This was siibji'i I to I
Dr.  Bniil,mi.   Mini-:, i     i   Miltin.
has approved, and I ir
this afternoon for the v.   i     He   will
proceed direct to Fm
he will commence   pnrcl m ing oi
miry 81, Pinoher   Creek     u   Pel riiury
'.', High River   nn tin     li, I . mi
the 8th.    After    tin nu u        I
date he will visit uibi i      i lions i i lhe
Terrritories.   Bauclu rs and othei   w
suns whn bnve siiitubl
pose of, slinuld  coniini uii nto u Ith Dr.
MoEaobern,   Tiny  �� , un I  ti t
here.   Comptroller   White will eu
sunie thing with ini n.    Jusl .
he has gut a narload  i i   recruits   Ihi y
will hi broogbt to Ottuwa.   Tho entire
work of Outfitting,   equipping nud   in
faot everything thnt is neoessnr] ti
donetotliiic.iniing.nl. will bi cntried
out  here   where   ilion-  are   excelleut
quarters at  Lunsdowne   Park    i.
tenant-Colonel Steele will ntteud	
teoruiting, while Or. MoEaobern
the horse buying Hi fori the lisl ot
officers Is published it will hi submitted fnr the approval of the com mam ng
officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Steele, and
for eudorsation to Lord Strathcona.
it will therefore be some time hi
the Information is given out.
Toronto, Jau.. 80.���The Nationul
Patriotic Fund stands tonight nl -..'ii,
888.88, contributions inoludlng 11,000
from tbe Saudard Hank of Canada
Tho County Connoil of Wolland linvi
voted i..'ii'i in lhe fund,
Montreal,  Jan.   30,���Tbe Oanadiai
Pacific  Railway   bus  pnrohnsed    tin
property at present occupied bj i-    i
egra| h   deport men I    un   Si.    l'i ,
iCavier Street, and will tear  down the
building,  uml eroot   large and In
ing buildings on it I site
A lug storm, nooompauying n   blii
sard, ragged  here all day,   Btrw
traffic was tomowbat    impoiled   am
trains tonigbt are greatly dolaywl.
Colonel suiii', who   is   i" coin
Btrnthoona'i Bono, arrived   here  i in
evening    from    Halifax     Hi    li avi
lor Ottawa In the morning   to n
Inatruotioua before  pt  liu
Toronto, ' Int., Jan   :    'I In  i
Government bus undet ration
the Intn duotion, ul   tbe  coming
sinn, ni a   law establishing u   i.,   in
rial t imissitiii     i    In aid   nl   ai    ua
null, with plenary powi
disputes nnenl fan i, freight
oondltlom un ��� ii' in   ia
.Inn.    80.���Clothing    uud
The   results   mark  a  complete' furnishing"  to   the  value  of marly a
Halifax,   Jau,   80,    l he    i hub
Milium il Kiib'-.   i uyi,
il'uln Ilo     Not thWI   '     nil
Impel ted nl the at u u li ti dn). whei
ilm greatest enthusln in wa ihow u
The battalion   will  In   the   Qui >i   n.
Suiiib Africa mul thi ��� i * ul a bet
ter appearanoe   iu   tli i     nni
inruiH. than thoy did In 11 ��� I nt lot) i
>'c���-1nm.    wot n   M hi ii
this  citv.    The    ii   were   linpi
uud nlP'i �� aid- oi in ia 11 ed b) Ma
jur General Hotti n
The Ti ii I tori a 1
nn An lea totnoriow   on the Hun, i in
Bt, .Inliiis, Mbl .   .Lm     iO     (',���
Meroer,   representing   I
ngellt ol    bn nl.'iinn r Hi    gl i.imI. v, bioh
was wrecked in Ht   Mat ���   i ay, i imi���
night ago,arrived hire w iti rday
ganice a regolai  narah for tbe bodies
of Iho vi. tuns nud to antugl lm   I .  ;
iudvuiili' uiii'ii uud I'Uiiui.
_____��� Nt-LSON  DAILY MINER, SATURDAY.   JANUARY 27,  1900.
iNelson Daily Miner
this man's plaoe in thera, it annuot but
know that his whole career is au un-
broken record of efforts to use his
"representative position to suit Ins
personal ends."
It knows these tilings, nud knew
ihcm a year ago, eigbteon months
I ago, as well ns ii duos now.
j Hut eighteen mouths ngo it saw
I that Mr. Mnrtin could In used
to further the ends of the pulitoial faction it wns then supporting, and il put
forth all it., endeavors and employed
all its urts to foist him on to tbe people of Hritish Ci ni 111 bin. The effort
was Buooessful, nnd ns lung ns Mr.
Martin served the purpose of his sponsors there was nothing fur him bnl
compliments and oommondatinn, He
was 11 "lulined beast" then us nnioll
as now, but The Province was glad to
embrace  him,   If  be  has   turned on
those ftiendS whu introduced him here,
he is merely  appearing  for one   other
time in his true character, nnil it duos
not lie in the mouth of The  Province
to reproach him,
As tor The Miuer, its  opinion is the
The  Miner will pay Sio reward  eaiun   today   ns   it  was a   year   ago
for information that will lead to the  Britl,1:   Columbia  politics    will   be
, . ..        c nincli better with Mr. Murtin   exclud-
arrsst unci conviction of any person     ... . , . .
ed,     It opposes him, bus   oppnsoil linn,
who steals a enpy of this paper nx,ci -%vilt ooutlnoe to opp.se him, un-
from the premi.. ��� of our subscrib- loss, indeed, tbere shall be the clear-
ers. est evidenoe of, reformation,   But it is
I luirtlly sn sj]|y ns to  condemn him   for
MR. OARLYLE ON THR LAW.       .i0'"'"*-'  with   thn Opposition   in  the
endeavor  to defeat   the   Government.
! The   Opposition oould   not   renin,   the
benefit of bis vote, nnd bis vote alone
! would be powerless'.    Only very   sinall
I'ubllsocil uaili except Momlay.
t-KLSONMltrBR I'ltlNl'l.va k FuilLIHlll.N'G Co.
n  J.  BEATON, Editor and Manager.
Sobsobiption Kates,
Morning Kitition.
Hilly per month by canter 8 11.'.
por hall yoar  II 50
por yorr  7 00
por j't^ar by mail  a 00
por year foreign  ��� s 00
Nelson Wkekty MlNKH.
Weekly, pt I' half yoar % 125
p..r yoar    2 (XI
per year, furciKO    2 SO
Subscripiioni invariably in uilvanco
-elson Min irPrlnting&HublishlngCo
nelson. b. c.
Telephone   No.  144.
(iilice anl Pucket.
Gash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
t on
When  you   want   any
We guarantee  stock,
Vegetables, we
and  our prices
Whittaker's Almanac _     Parsnips,   Beets,   Turnips,    Carrots.   0 io s
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Cranberries - -        - IOC per Ih
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Pie Fruit, assorted, 1 gal tins   -   ���   50c
Delivered to an any poi
Kootenay L.ke.
I have a complete stock
on  hand of
Remember, these prices arc for Saturday only,
keep your eye on our Saturday Bargain Columns,
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New and Important JJ
Book g
Tlie Red Front
Telephone 134.
Huldane'e "33(\l Miles AcroBS Uuni'dii.'
Price*!. 30.
_��__r^^*\jrM-,#V(r_*X*AtfX_*VM*_j��V/rna _,.* _*fU(*i._Hif'a*-,-"**'!'.,
0\0 \0\0\fl _,* *0'O.0\0\0\0 \0 \0\f\+0X0\0\P __>#-*0 "l_i *-0\0 -_"_._ _
Mr.W. A. I.urlyle will not lie a on
ed of purt injitisli j p. or of undue liiiis.
in dismissing the Eijjht-Hour law nnrt I
iti effeots. Hu is n lair niiiu, mid his
position in the luile mining "worlil of
British Colombia was so high that be
was never Under temptation to pander
to the prejudices of one side or the
ntlior. Iu an inn ��� ivi'w given to The
Colonial Goldfields Gazette, Loudon,
In'-nid: "In thu last session of tlie "
Provincial Parliament n law was pass-
ed that limits the hours of work underground to eight. It was mrrooti-
iinu-1. hurried through during the
eloniiip hours of tlie nonsion, and has
ilniio very great harm to tho Province
in that it has aroused 11 stroun feeling
uf unrest between the employers and
tbe employed which did not exi-r ln--
f'ore���a feeling Hint tur the time being
may lend to a serious disturtance In
mining work. It certainly lias lauded to make capital very ohary and ma-
picioos 1 although,    after   all. it is lmt
likely tbal this trouble will la--! for
any -"nuns length nl time, However,
:i��' haa done tbe Province local,
' liable lun in, nml has checked mining
work nt a very unfortunate time in
ii < history, '
I'ln- responsibility for tbe law Itm-ll
n 1 all the wretched consequence! that
have sprang from II reets entirely
with the bemlin Government. Tbe
nun did not ask for it, bnt when it
m���- thrust uiu 11 them: when u ��as
i' nle unlawful to work lnnrn Hum
eight hnnr- a day, under ho,ivy penalty, it was natural tbat they ihoold
1 11 ,' ivor to retain their old wnges
No cue oan blame them for that : lmt
when tbe Injustice to the owners waa
explained to them, thej wore to Memo
in 1 irryiu- their demand to the ex-
tn in ty of a strike and refusing to li--
I'-ii I" nny compromise,    Thnl was Hi,,
mi" mistake committed by the miners,
line,11 -o iiniia-i nahle iii itself iiiiiI   ini.
iniiiii ��� fr..in their "w.i standpoint.
Of the effeot of tne law on development, Mr. Caiiii" nys: "In tbe Slooan dlstriot, where tbere are now
many line properties, prodncing high-
urn,I" ilvor lend urea, work hn- been
considerably retarded daring tbe post
51:11 11 rough lulu,r misunderstandings.
nml 11: I di 1 ii��-t. e.-iiiiiiily   nil" it    il"i
I In tbe Province, m more nr liss at
II standstill   On  tbe  resumption  of
w'k  lie   shipments   nf nm will   cor
lainly ht mnoh greater tban ever baton     V considerable amoont of work
111 in:.'   limn    in   niher pnits   nf   the
I'liivn   with   more or  less incness,
the result! ol tbli woik oanni 1 yel
hi   felt."
minds can distinguish nny impropriety
in two forces working together fm' a
common end.
CANADA drug &
Wholesale Houses.
Unsolicited testimony   in the  exoel- 1
loiiee of Brackmnn & K,r"s  n,ll,d nuts ! AERATED AND MINERAL WATERS
niarti'i". no I
THORPE & CO., I.!__T_D.-Corner Ver
lion nnil I'l-iinr Streols,  Nelson, inunu-
far! ii 1 its nf nnd wholesale ilouloi's iii nointed
waters aud f rati syrups,   .-.,i,-.,.:, ni- tor Hal-
contril'iitur j oyon Spring iniiior.il water,
comes from nn  influential
than   the  American   Journal ofj
Health, of New Ynrk, a publication of
the  lii-het   chnraoter.    A
has made wbot he calls a systematic
Investigation ui the quality of thnse
rolled nuts, nml lms ooran t" lhe con-
olasion thnt they deserve the position
accorded Ihem al tlio Chicago VForld's
Fair, where they wore awardsd first
lilnie in competition with similar products from all parts of the world, This
is a distinction from which the Province can take a gund deal uf ploasute,
us the liim is a Incnl one. with large
mills nt Victoria and branches in several plaoes, Nel-nn being not the least.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
011 Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Great ��� Reduction!
, &VM& $9.65 Per To.
UoULI'lNiiS, SASH DU   ���
Mill ut PILOT BAY.
tn;;OH"OHfhjF-' 1970
J.   A.
Insure your Hffl
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
We have just received
a carload ol choice
$6.15 Pe'" Ton
Insure you1 house, house furniture
and pianos with J. E, Amiable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Kire Insurance companies,
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelson.
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���... M. i'miliums:. Less**,   Kvery known
variety nr soft drinks.   P. 0. Hu_ 88.  Tulo-
ptioneNo 31. Hoover Street  Nelson, Bottler,, i
"f tho ruinous Bt. Leon Hot S|irii>n�� Mineral
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cotnont, Uro i, ick and flreolay, ivutur pipe and |
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l.iMiii:!!.-rront i-iuwi, kelson, ivlioio-
Kiln dealers in Hour, meals, etc., unit hay
and drain. Mills ul Edmonton, Viotoria and
Now Westminster. Elevators on Calgary k
I'.ilmonlun llailivav.
A MACDONALD fi_ CO.-l*oi"cr Ver-
��� no,, anil Jusepbllie btreets. wholesale
uro 'fr?,iiii(l,i���l,l���r. m IiIhikois. gloves, nilliH,
Doots,  rubber
cklnawH nml miners1 buo-
We iiiivi- imotlii-r example ot the in-
I'llii'ii'iii'.v nf Iln-Pusliil s.'ivir,'   as   ml-
miniitered In Southern British Oolom-
inn. Kor three ilays there Iiuh been nn
mail from Bpokane, and tbe statement
tins been made thnt there may not be
nu�� fnr n month. A large quantity nl
Important Postal mutter intended i"i
the liusinesn men nf Kelson remains
nil this time   lnin_   nn   nl Nurtli.n it.
This is owIn. In   the   smnllnnx   .-eiir..   ! WtST KOOTENAY BUTCHER CO
i ins is owiiiu iu  me  imnnpoi   wnr",|YV   ��� n..k.i .-n,-, i .\, i-,m.   Ivhoieoaledwl
bnt ther? can lm nn possible exenee tor |*"tn tn handomod meats.
detaining mail i'im- longer than n dny
PUUR.._ .. CO
rs iu fr
ireol, Nelrion, |
-li uml curen
unit if He I'llli'inls who pretend in
direct the Hen ire were slive to Hie
needs ot Ihe situation they wonld >ee
thnt the detention was nut nny greater
i.i.Mini.  uaker Bireut, Nelson,
lie dealers in li
l'llllllU-1'..'unit 111]
Iwaroand iiiinieg supplies,
till,'.- BUppliOS,
An ounce of prevention is
worth n pound   of cure.
���11'HtM.I) BBAS1
I in \. noouver Province frets nodi ���
relink., n id  ns   even peevish,    It
grows :n,.-i\, imii ed   : i cause The Mm
��� i !��� ni."'.,ai ii   thai .i year ego II was
i i,ia' �� nli piai i the  uinn whom It
i- nun ��� i ��iii_ li tries i" excuse It
-, ii i ,- saying tbal s fear ago Mi Mai
tin i.ui Ij reprosi ati 'I the colls tin-
������pinion ��� i bli .a Ditttuents, while to
i,v )i> I r.-.i nn-_ tn misuse his reprs
���iintatlvo I'lisiiimi to sail  his ptnonal
��� ndi      iHi'ii ton   li   is  justified   in
turiiiim nn nml imn.    Hut il
��� .niuii . maps urn:  ���     are!   nf   rnlilili.li
"t tin- kin I,   li ���   Mr.   Martin'i
iront h    i nms  to Bt 11   h
��� ami M    it did   not  know,   far it
��� "iii'i ni' that bi bad reponted anil
bi ��� n born ngslu politically, [I knew
in ni hi li id always i bi u a "horned
.nasi       :i km w, oi  ought to know.
n Ileal  ' ourse ns ��  Minlsti I
w '   to turn on thi   i'   mis whn made
Iii" il fortum     ii knew bs bo-
truv. i Ihe i'ii ui b 0 in idians "I Mnni-
i   in i ii��� i rem
reed |   that   lie
* lob nl i lhe Govern i ��� m
there win n be I  ltd na longer bn a n ��� ihai in- turned
In- ii ths i.anrier Qovern-
menl lieus di ther wns prefern A lo
hltnsell i i bi Provlnos knowi nnj
tluu- at nil or Cuniiiiluu politic! aud of.
, amis ,i,���i oils.
CO.   Whole-
TURNER,   BEETON   &   OO.   miner
Vernon Him .in-,'i lime dtroeu, NeUon
wholesale dealeis lu liquors cigars unit dry
Komi.-.    -\ne���l-lor IMi- UrowiUg L'O. ol  Mil-
wa too and ua'Knr. Urewin���L)o. Dt r-luniy.
HUU   nJi.o BAY  OO.     "Iiolisillu   KIO-
. , ia, . aiai iii|Uni..,e \:. Maker __.NelSon.
t,nlnt- ,,nd
JY  GRIFFIN   4  CO   ���Ouroor
���   aim jusupnl.io atreuU. N'ulson. wholesale
ili-al, rs in pi oi IriiouS, laireii ineals,
NELSON    _aw    AND     PLANING
MILLS,   i.iMinai   . ..in.-,-   I i.nii.   mul |
tt ia,li-
ia la, I
liliuin iu-i in-ei's of  anil
i deatt-rs In sash . ii iu,.,, _; nil kiiniH
lie   .I..-,-,��� mm. ami  inner   .slarln,    Agls.
fori a' in ii r il.  ���i,,| VVulland Aoetylenu
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i.cb.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
My $10,000 stock of BOOTS AND SHOES must be sold
inside of 30 days.
Ladies' Fine Shoes,
Men's Fine Shoes,
Children's Fine Shoes,
$ The Best Goods from the Leading Factories, at your own
I' ii li.,\ UU,
id ICootona] .st-.
i olephoiio No "a
>���<- i-iii in IK. GLMBRTS
Livil  Bnglnterj   und Provincial
Land Surveyor!,
I', il. llo\ ll, Nils.in. II c.
A Piano thai Improves undet
usage,   Mnn'  musical than
ntiias nml lusts longet    .   .
Mason ft Risch
price.   Today is the first day of the sale.
1 whir-' rou t.t"  'l'i" rnl
iituh'tM in tli >   iiiiii �� i i    in
i   I00.   IIP,       I'lH ��� ���   < -H   lliil   III
tn  kciiiiii*:  tin' boil
uny ��ji*.��� ii111 \ fmn :
dl putod,
Prank A.
11 .KBH Slid l.i,
A Piano tli.it has nol only
won n reputation, but a Piano
iimi is constantly ai centuHt.
Ing thai  reputati m, nothing
Inni:;     It'll      llluli'li'     liv     lis
makers to advance ths ln>
instrumeul musically mul to
keep up thi high stundaril
NELS(       B. C.
Paper Hanger,
Glitzier,    l>..ir).cr,    B.C.
Chimney Sweeping.
| Olli.o, Win il St. odi. Opera House
Nolson Cleaning and Dyein�� i p. J, BRADLEY & CO. SPECIAL
n. ii. lMK.KKK Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired,
R-wr nf llHrh.- .l.t.Hl. Ml...\
I' -INTI'l-S nnil
Ilullll-rs Will  llml   II   In   Iln Ir iiilv.iiiliiK!'  in
��� l_-.ni' Willi llniilli-v ,V I'm. .in I'lilnlliiK.
Mrs.   McLaughlin's
.Atlantic S. S. Lines
! (V''*"'.li.'V'1-i n,l������"..|rr0""'"r"""ll',|M.Vi
ffiti-.^vi^"4- ���""������������'S3
'" won Lias "V ������������;,. .::.. .... k,',i,'. j"
���    , Krom Now  v.irk
roilUllllo" I',!,. ;|
Bargain sale * O'Relllu'.
| Whits Slur l.lno
J1"",1!"1;,! -Ii.lair_." ..
North Uorinin i,i���,ii ������<���.,,,,-
Mni'ilrun 1.1 'Sr. |'���,.|"
rn',,.':-,';'',,1"1'1.';,''"1""1'' ���
I ilin.ril  l.u..  "l.niiinin"
| AllllllHliit.,  l.lnu
l'"iii. :i
lab. ii
HVIi. 7
I.I.. 7
Kin Iii
lllllll I' II
'���iiiiliiof Ni'liru��k��' .Minili I
.. II
Vtom mi. John. n. ii.
���lf-_lS?_Sf^"' *,"":"
.   I'Mi  7
!"'"" "'. ' N'wt;,,,.,,,,,,," "'""' j!;',,'""
uniosi wiouins
Imn traristerred a quarter
Mv \V     I'VC   UBS   inillKH'llia.  ���> -li"'"-
,     nn the Bnni-iine olalin, situat
I, J,'',,;,,��� Porouplneand Bear Greeks
.,,.���,,   is  mn_ln_  a   despernte
,, ,,'t in _.'i tlm Government tijfloes nt
���,sin.i,    lini'li to the ilisKiifit  of
ed i" 1
liiiil  "��ir
y0rt Steele.
���|���,, culprits were fin""' jW0 ""'1 ''"s'"4
aini -
|l,,- ri 11 - 11"'
,1 Kiwi ll, ulni'iii i
lor  ' ommltting 1111 in.'
",1'ii.e  1 tlicr fur   lieina  iln.uk
nan ing on thn Bueets.
S, l-uii   Hoi key   team and   the
��� ' Li u'ri'BKe-Floi'KPy    team     are
ni,,I in  pirn   11 ii'iij-'ii"   niatota   nt
Hi in rtny ��eek,
1     lit    lilt!
iv.si K.a ii'i.nv Power & Llalit Oom
.finv . work at Hoiiliiltgton Palls, pan!
a'iliini: visit to Nelson yesterday.
ilnv afternoon the rink people
jiill fin/.' 11 bottom to the rink,
bat it"" imprnViable that there will
bunny i"" to"1"''. *'s 1""1 beea bopfid.
Mr FI.R. Smith, u Mirvci'iir of Rons-
Imi.i i�� r-gieterert at the Home. He is
herti'witli 11 survey party, nnd is work.
i������ in the Interests of the Great
Northern Railway.
.1  , 1 ', lock yesterrtny   nl'r. moon ll e
I    ,!���,.   , i���i  ,-r 1  Bl-ier.i!    si v, 11   ni i-t "s
,, I,,.    n   haul- ti rei-i      1 In ���  1- 1!
1 ... - ;., ,1 in-,    which   hi s   li 1 n
lt,., ij,    in   \el-' 11   his winter,
Th.' work of lepnirinn tbo tram cur
which V.11B damaged in il:e aooident
winch occurred some time buck, is
nenrli completed, and the car will
soon In ready for active service again.
Tho City Engineer and hisussistunt
ii'.. Inn. -I'ttini! out the plans fnr the
new Ciiy wharf. These are practically
compliiied nnd the Bpecificationa nnd
iiiiiiiiinl sheet vwill be ready by Monday.
A lull et sale was registered yoster-
ilm transferring the Touch -Sin-Not
claim from Mr. 0. K, Walmt-r io Mr.
.iiiun s Oromie. The property is situ-
ntul south of Robson nnd one and a
half uiiles east of the Columbia River,
Mr, R, M. Maodonald, counsel for
tlm di li orient, bus (ih d a notice of ap-
paul in the ease of Vmstone vb. Rook-
worth The rase, which has Iir.iii fully
reported in The Miner, arose out of a
.in k iiaii-ai'tion.
Tin' ii.'w pnuurtkeeper is already t-et-
liiiK in Ins dendlv work. iVesterdny
Iif nuiiiili'il up four strav nones ami
put them In P. Hums & Co. 's oorral-,
which hnve heen temporarily lent to
the City us a ponnd.
Nutice will be given today that nil
children must bo vaccinateil. The
Oil' Olerk will also draw up a set of
draft nkiiliuions which will bn s-jb-
iiiiit.il in Dis Hall nnd Arthur, the
suh-cjiiinittoo of the   Board of Benlth,
Sixty I'luht oitieena of Oranbrook
have n���nid to enrol as members of a
Monnted Infantry Coinpanv to be or-
gnnized there, the signatnras being
obtiiiiinil within mi hnnr s time. That
smaks nil for tbe military spirit oi
A tiuhorn, commonly known ns
"Kid" Bnrns, was summoned to no-
l-wr hoforo the Police Magistrate job-
lerriny to answer to the oharge of vaf,'-
iiini'v. He had taken Hie lnnl, however, innl left tnw-u iu a Imrrv the
night before.
Messrs. \V. H. TowiiBend nnd .1. II.
Monre hnve canoolleri the bond given
in Mi. .1, Edwardi Leokle on the llnu
gry Man, ami have   rebuild, d the sumo
i.inii.itv in Mr. Lome Beecber, of
Boa-land, for $-8,000, of which U.ISUO
was paid in rush.
ll was riiniore.l in town yesterday
Unit there wns someone iu town who
wns offering to einhange oaah registers fnr thoroughbred liull puns, and
three owners ol these priceless nni-
mills wne nnikiiiK enquiries at Iho
Miner office yesterday.
Acting iinili Commissioner  Goepel
ye-li'i'it-iv issued certiticutes of ini-
liiiiv.ii,, .ns I,, the Canadian King Gold
Million Company, nu the following
claims: The Canadian Ring. Iron
Arm, Hroad Axe nnd Gold Stmitlnril
riieclaliua nre sinmted   neir i'.'rie.
Tho Nelson Has <& Coke Oompany
have moved their uptown offices trim,
tlm iiiia Follows' block to the premises
former y occupied by the Wonder Mil-
b'li'v store, west of tlm Hunk nl Brit-
uii ' nlninbln, Mr. Morris, ihe mibI-
'"���'���i. will have Ins otllce at tlm winks.
Niniiav aiii'innnn at 4   o'clock n pn
r"" "Ice will be iinili jn the Pres
"."'lan rimrcli. Rev, Robert Ptl *
""I ia ni, r ��� sermon on   ���'Tho War,"'
;' ''"��� Will be specinl mimic. A nil-
'"''  "'II In. laken up   in   aid of He
fi.ijtamnl Piirtiotia   Vnuti     All am in-
Th" Inni'i'iil of Mr. George Steele's
���niiUiiiil s���i,, uli.m.. unitiiiely dealt.
w����nnnounced in yesterday's Miner.
���K place vester.lav iifternnoii an
WW Otto ndod by a Inrui, number if t'fl
'ne ili.nl the
parents,   ti.   Mo Art1' i
' - l,:"1 ohnrga  of the funeral or-
l.iiii'i a,,-,i|s,
Mr. ii it Prlnele, of Toronto,   nr-
' i" Nelson yesterday, nn bis win
'"'I'lnw,,,,,!   rjly   ,,,   v|Hi, hu   m-
; ''>'��� 1'riiinle, who ib prantlmnu
is�� ti thai town Mr. Pringle sees
s .0 I'lMiiiaoi for tlm in.imr in Nelson
v,.,' '. '".' ""*" "<"<: "''out two
*'���"* mul ii hull ���Ko.
Msyoi ll,,,, (on i��� ki-finiiiir   bis  olec
"""���s.    One of bis (Irst uela on
taking i
lay   Off, wilhi.nl
r,lr ,,   """'iiyonc, r���ui men wbo have
i" nasi ye,ir i i K Btnfliieni
...���') onhoOitjf as sidew-ilk layers,
, '     '""'""'   <"'   four   of Ills 'own
nenuiiuieu In their ,,������,.���.
Si.nl,',,',','"','   '"!H  ���v<'t' ' " received   via
I,'.,   "' ';" ""��� 'J'", us   tbe   Wash-
"Wei'snthorttiei deoline to fnmigate
���     i" lust,,,',,  Onnndlnn mail  has
,'��".,illH w,,��� as the Washington
' .""ionu.il. nlthonah the regola
m* only -apply tn mall
���  "i'.'..r  in mini   OOlniUg from
.."."""""''listriotH.    The fan It, bow-
 " ,""'   He  on IbiH  side of Iho
i'i, i
���'���'���"1'i.v   Thn    Minor    wiih  askou
" youiiK ,��������� if Ulm(,  ���  ,j(l|   ()f
*"i" iiiiii, ,....      .      ..
In- I,.,,;      1,,R     Miner    wiih  asked
���wo young mini if tt
trii'!.."..l.'-""".*i"*u'. ,i��"h<-h   ||i    III.   Ii���
not    online
ill,'���l""'l,i""lv if OOnlfl
l,on ��� ""���>" nre private bonrdin'u
wiiiiiii'i!" " ,H presnmed tho nwnnrH
Boaro v ,!' " '",v" """" P"trnnlsed.
rloni nni        v  '""""-'H  t,lnt   Homo  one
_l��(l of t..l__J '_   ,ow"  wh0 wu'-l "0
ot pr|,BU ^m Mi iodginK, uut
hfl does not know whine to look for
tliiini. If the owners bad n keen eye
for business they would advertise.   '
Mr. S. Neelnnds line decided to dis-
I'oniiniie his boat nnd slim, business
and ibis mnrnitiH onmmencBB the olear-
iiig nut snle. Hi) will devote his nttetl-
lion hereafter to oilier business.
Tbo Nelsou Hookey and the Nelsou
*jii"l'.,sso-Hiiokcv teams met Inst   even-
IV in the Hume Hotel In consider nil
Invitation from Rnsslnnd l" Bend a
teiini to the onrnivn] there on the Kith,
17tt.   uuil   1Mb   of   next   month,    The
inlis were unwilling |n aillil l^ll lllll I (,
aiui Mr, 0. 10 I'msiev, Bticretury of
tbe former club, whs ins rooted to
urite Hiissiaini iisking it nrmngemeuts
""'Id not b nile whereby both leuu s
11 ��� i i_ t ��� t I'onipeto.
.1. K". McOnlloch, Ilie Winuipegcor
who can nive a better Biitertainn eut
mi ice than any other niun living, nr-
rived in the City last night nnd, with
W. Cr natoii, Ins mummer, is reirister-
i"l ni the Hume, A date ban been nr-
rnnged for  Motlnllonh to appt-nr  here
but Ibe weather failed to uillke i".ii-
iii'i'lioiis iiiiiI lie is staying in Nelson
now en route home If the present
'���olil sunn provides ire it is possible
that nriiinuoinenifl will he made io
hnve the 11 li uinn i'ii' tin exl bill n
ii -I u ei I . He I ns hnd a ven sn-1 a h
f l inn aro i n In' In'eri'ir oitiea nrl
e .vi are lie i cpeared nine und ���
cue s    ere ib lighted >- ii'i Ins wiiih.
mail he brought here in sucks and that   ���-('-*'-��V*,*"��''��V*-��'*��,*-��V*-^''��V'��'V''"^*'*''��'-*'-��'*��V��.
a fumigating tank, big enough to hold i
n suiii, be I'Oiisinii |ei| mid Unit in tnis !
way the letters could be rendered in- [
odious in case they ooutaiued any- j
tiiiiiE of n contagions nature.
It is understood here   tlu.t  Superin
toudent Klwell, the chief oleik  n( Hie
United States Northwest mail setvice, '
bus ti lofiraphed   to   Washington,   uml
the muttor will therefore he brought in
the attention of the postal authorities!
at (blown and Washington,
(J. A Carlson, Kaslo; D. Mcf.end,
'trail; .-yimi'V -,y es (Ineli.li. Om. ;
C. A. C nn, Vimonuverj C. B1 Caldwell, Kaslo; ,1. MnUonuld, Loudon;
Pedro clieilin, Kusknno ik.
The Ex-Trail Stiitinti Agent to Ho Ko-
leased���Something About the Case.
In yesterday morning's Miner appeared a speeial telegram from Uttawu
stating that Walter Brewster, serving
a nineteen months' seutome ut New
West minster f r appropriating ('. P.
U. money nt Nelson, Iiiih been reprieved, utter serving only tivo months'
lime. His lelenso was brought about
by political friends iu tbe East.
It was ul. Trail, uol Nelson, that the
money was taken, and it is safe to say
that tbere Is not one familiar with the
oiroumstiinoes, including  the officials
of the railway, who will not be glad to
learn nf Brewster's release. Brewster's assistant in the Trail ollice proved r isb'inest,inift when Brewster found
it out tln> defalcation amounted to an
amount that seemed considerable lo
him. In the desire to save his friend,
yonng Brewster took the company's
money to gamble with, iu tbo hope of
winning enough to make goml ihe entire shortage, but met with the uson|
result. Both were proven guilty and
sent to jail.
The citizens of Trail made up the
ainonnt of the misappropriation and
offered it to the (". P. R, if thai oompany would abandon thu suit ngninst
Brewster, but it was necessary to make
an example of him, and he was convicted and sentenced, It is safe In
say, bowovci, that, yonng Brewster's
experience will not be held ngninst
bun in the community where ins tumbles occurred, for he was one of Trail's
most popular and promising young
men, mid still retains tbe confidence of
those wbo know him best.
P..'!'',in iiiiii Sold.
Tena and       and others worked
Mary  Belle  ^  ti)e rV,es^rn
J Canada GrlJ Mm-
in    Co , is one of the snfesl buys on
tlie   market.    Thorough   inspection!
con i lly invited.
iooo Noonday    ooo Richelieu
Kefi'M'iiilimi   Treasury  (Stnelc,     Soldi
on installments 7Uo., one third down.
Give Your Feet
a Chance
To live respectably. Buy good,
sensible footwear, ilint is fitted io
their needs nnd shape, and th \
will give you no trouble,
TiBir Comfort is Your Bapiss,
Try us for comfortable Shoes.
The Highest Priced Wine in the Marl I
Sold retail at the same rales as the ordinan standard wines.
Veuve Clicquot Champagne���^
A.  li. QB \ V,
Kni'l;nay -A-k1' Nelton
Nelson Employment, Agenov
Milkers,    (iirls   for
*      Teamster.    Tie
i      |p     DDf^^     <  Hoosawork, tinnndry and S'nio,
I -m 1 Li I -* I Y~lt      Vy\\.\J^*    C   0ONTBAOT8    TAKKS    KOlt     DIAMOND
��_-. �� ��___.��-��_ ��.-��       a_-r m-v. x_r ��^ .    ^, CORK DRI1.UKQ.
J. H. LOVE.Ap't      Baker V
Brewers of Fine Lnger
Beer nnd  Poi ter.
Drop in and  nee  us.
B  C.
^S*_^ -JS-JS ���__&-^��' -^-J**?* -JS- _____ ___S -J2-- ���**������> _J___? ���____�� -_^_* -__2v-
���~�� _��B> __S> __K>-^�� __JJ��-__�� _a* __B��-
"_i - ""a -^
-��8s> -���*:*, -�����
-^_ +n0\-^tw '���^af -^ktw ~^m -^fl_r -^m ^^ar -*^_a_' ���^���_�� '^mt*���-*____> '^u_>-^__d>-^a�� -*��3��-***^_�� -��<_�� -^m* ��� mm "**���*'___. -*-*���'-____�� ^mw-^mw ^m"mw>^mtm>"mnw ������^m*-*^�� -*"*_�� ���*��-> -������-W ���
eel Yesterd
Hou-e   and   lot   fnr  pale,   close  tt
business pun, of city.   Price i'i,000.
fx New Plaid Skirtings, Prints, Ginghams. Piques.
and Ladies' White or Colored Aprons,
0. A- PEOSSER,   Manaeer.
Difflonlty in OnrryiuR Ont Instructions
At North port,
Kowslnnii, Jnn. lid.���Today only i">
pnueugers arrived on tbe Red Mountain train flOIII the smith The nvni'-
ii},'.' iiuiniier lms hitherto been 48 nnd
this revpiiln (hut tbe qnnTnntine
nnuiiiit smallpox is lessenioR pnsssnser
tiiillio. Thure is n deadlonh on nt
Northport. Provinoial limith Offlner
i.uHiiu today telegnipbed to Perry
Wright lo stop nil the mails except
il.iit which ouly passed thrmiBh the
Infeoted dlitriats, In nooordnnan with
instrnotlon., Mr, Wright usiieil thui
ihn ii i it j 1 ui Northporl   he   fnniiguted.
He wus told Hun there wns no one
there to do it, anil that nu Olio lunl uu-
tbnrlty there to open the mnilsacks, is
tbe railway mini olerk lnnl returned tu
Spokane. Mr. Wright hnd no means
��� f segregating lbs mail in nreordunoe
with the instructions, Beheld it nil
mul lis n eoiiKei|iienee I hero wns 110 mull
ro eived from the south this evening
exei'pl. ll le.v h'lleis I'n m Sheep Creek.
whirl) is ou iln-  side   of lhe   line     I','.
W. Ruff, the agent ui ihe iini Mountain Railway, telegraphed in North
pert regarding the mall this evenlns
nml received u reply that the mail -n
helng liopi for the purpose ni fum(tuition uml il W.IS nol known   when   lhe
deadlock nl Noiibporl will   he innl,en.
II will dike  two  nr   three   men   to
fuiuiuiito the mull   ih il Iiiih Io he lull
mi out nf the siii'iiH nml tlie pnekngen
���epnrnted iu order Hun   ihe npnration
limy he ell'ieli.ely   iliiuc.     The   Amei
lanni Hunk thnl the   ('iiniiiliiiu   health
ulllcei'H hIiiiiiIiI iln   Ihis nml   Ilie    latter
consider tbat tbo tusk should be performed by Ilm AmetieiniM. It wns
suggested by Mnvor Qnodeve thnt the
The direct mute from
lo nil points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Class Sleepers on nil trains Irom
A.RS puss Meilicine Hat
Inlly mr St. P
ml, Sundays and Weil-
nes-ihivs   f' r
Toronto,    Frldavs   f. i
Mnnii.a' nnil
Same  ens
puss Revolsioke one day
Persons wishing topurchase
a very fine Watch are cordially Invited   to visit Pat-
ivNAi'iii: linos', establishment. VVali'lics nl all the
best Swiss anil American
manufactures arc represented,
Expert Watch Repalrlnga Specialty
Patenaude Bros
Tn ���unl from l.nbson, Rossland.
Ex, Sun. Ex. Sun.
8.00 Lv.        NELSON Air.11.40
is. lo Lv.dally NELSON daily A.rr._2.10
Morning in,in ennntcts for till points
Evening train connects to nnd from
Main Line anil points iMirt.h, and lex.
Su .1 nmi all pninl.s in HIH'MAKV
I'iiilv. ""li"- .Miivie Daily
24.00 Lv.        NEL80N        Arr. 17.20
Oonneots   Kootenny    Landing  -Ith
Ci-,,ii's ,\, si Ilr.i ch I'inns liulli ways.
ffix. Sun. Str, K.'knnee, Ex. Sun
[1100 Lv,        NELSON        An   11.* 0
Saiiinlav in Aigenta nml return
leaving Knslo nt !_0k.
Ex. Sun
ii.iin Lv,
lOx. Sun.
Ai. 14.11
4i;is NELSON to ROa8I_AND n��4
i .a iairs ami full iiiruniiaiiiai nddroM near
...i luiiil uui'iil. ur
O, IC BKA8I.KY City PnsMngor Akciii
ii, w. liliKW, Again, iNcImii
Iini'. I'uss  Ak.'HI, A   II. P.   Asm.l
v���l. ���., V,,.,,., . .   |
Spokane   Fniis  A
Northern R'v.
Nelson   &   Fori
Sheppard R v
Red P^^untain R'v.
Tlie only   all   rail   mule without
olllinge nl*   em's  hetween   Nelson  a il
Itiissliiiiii and Bpokane and Rdssland
l.v 0,16a.m. NELSON, Ar. B.iOTp.m.
Lv 1120u.m. ROSSLAND _Vr80Ui.ni.
Lv,  8 l.iu.in SPOKANE Ai-.n Ui p.m
Ti mn thnt leaves Nelson al 0tl6a.n
makes close oonneotlons nl Spokane li i
���ll Ooosi Points.
Passengers for Ketlle Rivernna Bound'
���ry Oruek.oonneol ��i Miinms -iihsni.
ll   A. JAOKSON, G. P. AT A.
Spnkanl   Wash
Ageut, Nelson, u. V
Flannelettes : :
Good All Wool Grey Flannel
Toweling, extra quality :
Ladies' Black and Navy Top Skirts
Ladies' Mercerized Underskiits
5 cents per yard
20 cents per yard
5 cents a yard
$4.00 up
$2.00 up
Ladies' Jackets for $3.00, $5.00, $5.50, $6.50;  worth double
Ladies' Suits (Skirt and Jacket) $8.00;
Ladies' $1.50 Blouses
Ladies' All Wool Black Cashmere Hose
A good line of Ladies' Corsets
Table Linen
Table Napkins
Large-size good-value White Bedspreads
worth $12.50
-      for $1.00
25 cents pair
for 50 cents
20 cents a yard
75 cents a dozen
|        O'REILLY'S
fi Houston Block Nelson, B. C. ;
"��V.^. 0" -0* ��� eL-eL: ___.��. ________ ___:___; Cim\t _����. ��-��_: ___-_&__&&-'___�� & & _�� _&C ___. C C:___; __A
i ������^���.���jf. ���__f.s_'. -_T-!_? ���^'������--r- ���2r-!__r'- ���^���ar- *2r-*��r' **. ���'^���^������-^������^������^������^������^������^���^���'^���'^������^������*K*^w-��_.-;s_r ___���
i ���
f   f
(llffii, dim/f 'fhumr -fo->v  .'lLl^-^ c/la,.
TV Aoj^iljm/
Young Men. Become Your
Wholesale and Retail Meal Merchants    �������*���*���
llil.-e   111.11.Ill"   will   I,lull  JiMI   AsmijIhk  for
lliilil    Hllvor   1'oppor.   'I I.I- .l<-|.ni I ttntit Ih In
 ue   nf   ITiil.   Sul,a:   Honor   (llinlnalo   nf
Milllll I'linel -111
1,1 vu nml  l.-iirn linw. .'lii'iipi-r Uinn I nu now
i^g. ���������������������������-g��-B
Branch Markets in Rottsland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo |
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Board  mi'l  llisliii.'linu  III  .l-ailnK. nil 'or
Order, by mall lo ��nv branch will have careful and prompt attention. lWrlf��1lol-i��W_-.--iT.0	
" Rev.J.W.SiPPi.ELL,B.A.B.D.
Ni'u WonlmlniKr.
All  rlii-   i     .,1   li'iiiliinu   Ilia)  I,., hail  111 Ihis,
h��� ,,ni> ' nil ki "f ii   kiml iii il..' Hut,
Large number Choice Building Lois adjaceni to ilu-
line of their Tramway. For price ami terms of sale apply
al the ollice of the Company, Macdonald Mock, Cornet' ol
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretar>
...L. POGUE...
1   Mil
Barnwa and Saddlery
Thn londlnu hIiod, I-if
look  n.-1   -s.uii.i ntnck
on   hum'     I t.iriii'HH, Ool,
I Th ul li.'-l niuki's. Hnil-
ilh's. Wank, is, balls,
Whips. Hi n.Ins. Combs,
l'i ia-    uii  farl.it) ,
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lor. War.1 ��iul ll��kiir
iinieii s Impniv
Safety Fusi
An   Supplied    llriiish   Admii
Wliite Countered
Gutta Perclia.
Will Nut Crank or Bn ,,.
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nlilwdi  l''in ii'iin* apply
A Way to Get Around the
Chinese Disallowance.
in sornetbing which it was our Interest
tn rtn. Wo do not want in fact to
qnarrel with America "v.r nol lining
something wbiob would be greuily to
tne advantage of the British Umpire,
If tlm .iiiiiii is in be ninilii uml cannot
la-nmler 0111 r-nnli 1 It is iminansi lv
importiiut Unit it should be In the
bands of n} strong, friendly nentrn]
power, and Uml be thanked there ia
less rear of onr being at ;\var with
America Hum with any other power
in the world. We iln not believe C'an-
|,ulii wonld blook the way in a nintter
oonoeiuing tte welfare of the whole
Umpire "
i onl Inuoil from First Poko,
A Big Petition from Bosslsud Praji Tbat
the  Eight-Hour  Law  Bn  Not
Interfered With.
(Speoial Dispatch to The Miner, i
Viotoria, B. c., Jan, 3(1.���The pass-
agu ol minor Qovornment measures
through ilii'ii final Btages and the nap
peatanoe iu ins plare of D.W. iii-_ins,
junior member [01 Esquiinalt,weie iln
features of today in the Legislature,
while promise ol fun is contained in a
notice given by Keilio. of Revelstnko,
"l u bill in regnli ��� tbe length of hair
of mine employees, lit course this
hits nt tlm Chinese. It la a novel way
in get around disallowance, lli���i_in-
Maketl for tbe appriintment of a commission tn inquire into the workings
of tbe New Westminster asylum, hinting ol scandal. He asked the Govern
ment to support tins and make th1 expenditure for tbe necessary expenses,
The Attorney-General said he must
dealine to do so unless chames wen
made, and Higgins Bald tbal although
he would not do so publicly, bo was
willing to .1" so I" Henderson privately. Henderson accordingly moved
an adjournment of the debate.
Daring today's proceedings, Prentice
complained of misrepresentation in
the Nelson Tiibune, which hurt oliissed
him with Martin and Higgins among
turncoats. He snid be had not y.-t
turned, bnt whenever he go! ready to
lm would imn and take his own
chances with bla constituents A
largely signed petition from the bnsl
ni'-s lin'i,, saiil to be H8 per i cent, of
tli'iii,  and    -ID   hotel    keepers of Ilo--
iiuni. was presented today, prnying for
the maintenance of  the   Eight-Hour
Exoodil mn oi an American Korea Sue
coasful���Killed and   Wonnded,
Manila, Jan.   80.���A dispatch   frum
Sorsegon,   dated   Thursday,    January
26,   says:   "Brigadier-General   Hobbs
expedition has oconpied Sorsegon, Don-
soln, I .niuii, LoRasni, and  Vin i t'n-
iiniiiiiis Islands. The only resistance
wns at Loftaspi, where five Aineiicaus
were wounded, and 43 dead, and 16
wounded Filipinos wore found. It is
estimated that there are 185,000 bales
ui lu-ii>ii in these Provinces and ?0,000
bales in the ports of Horsegon ami Lo-
gaspi The United States gnnboiil
Nashville's shrapnel burned 8,000
biles in Logaspi, The expedition nr-
rived ntT Sorsegon Jnnnarv -,|!, and the
town displayed while Hays, General
Hobbs and Colonel Holmo, with a bat-
aliiin oi the -Kill Infantry, landed anil
raised the United States flag, Thn in-
Burgents force, nniiibering 800 nun,
evacnated tbe pine. The unlives
were passive, During the morning, ot
January .!), the Nashville ami Venus,
with fonr companies of the 47th regiment nurler Major Shiptou, approuob-
ed Logaspi. l-'iliuina flags were fly
ing, and tho trenches were crowded,
\ detnobuient of 160 men, picked, led
by Major Shipton, landed on the beach
about a mile nortb of the town, then
ilia .Nashville bombarded the Irenohos
ami the enemy retrented to Albany
whence they were easily dispersed to
the hills-. About two linnilreil insurgent", armed with rifles, forci il 000
nnwilljng villagers, armed with bows
aud arrows, to serve in thn tieuobes.
The Filipino dead are mostly villagers.
I.ieutenaut ('oloi'el Havs has defeated an entrenched force of ih" enemy nl
Sariaga.   one   American    was  killed
and five were wonnileil.
nl officers v, hn at one time or another
have served at Ladysmith, nnd whose
mete hunting expeditions wonld have
giveu them knowledge nf the country.
While Geuerul Warren is not blamed
for retiring nnner what is supposed io
ha' e lieeu a heavy shell, he is severely
riiiiii/'-il fnr ncenpying a position to
which he could not bring np his artillery
I., ii a.n, Jnn 80.���General Bnller
reports linn the British casualties Jan-
nary 84, were: Killed, nllii'O-s six;
nnn commissioned officers and men,
18, Wounded, officers, 12; non-commissioned iiiih.ers ami men, 148, Missing,
HI m> u. General Buller's dispatoh is
itnted Spearman's ('amp, Jan. 8(1, ai
i" .a a. in , bo there has heen node-
lay in ilie communications passing hi-
t,in n General Buller nan the War
Office. The killed include Colonel
Buchanan Hiddell, ol the King's Royal 'titles, lie solved in the Niger wni
ol 1881. It was mil o-lnar whether'the
casualties include those at Spion Kop,
nr only those resulting from the light-
ing prior to tlie Spion Kop engage'
Hon the Prince of Wales mnile a speech
in which he said: "I am proud of
the privilege of inspecting yon here
today, before you start fnr active service. I also feel it is a very high compliment, that I have heen asked to be
yonr honorary oolonel. Yon ninv be
sure I shall take the deepest interest tn
yonr welfare and wa'oh all your proceedings Throughout yon will, lik
all tliH men who have volunteered for
active sen ice, do ynor duty to your
sovereign and your country."
London, Jan 20. ���A spenial il
patch from Ihnhan says the Boer 1, sses
on tho Upper Tugela, during the lighting hniinav last,were very ureal. They
uilii that tionirnl Warren's men Deplored ion prisoners and that 180 Boers
were found dead in one trench,
Loudon, Jan. 20. ���Probably m an
immediate effeot nf the receipt of the
news of abandonment of Spion Kop,
hy Warren, orders have been sent i,
Ahlershot to have the fourth eavalri
division in readiness |o embark for
,-onih Atii'ii earli in Felru-.ry,
Ladysmith, Sunday,   Jan.   81.���(By
runner via   Frere Camp)���Wednesday,
Jan. '.'I ���Tlie garrison is watching
General Buller's guns shelling Hoers.
Their fire can be seen at Ihis distance
and appeals to he very ellei live. The
movements of the Hoers show thai
they aie evidently determined to stuh-
hnrnly oppose the advance of the relief
column. They show no signs of removing their guns and have mounted
new ones and lire continually stieugth-
euiug iheir fortifications, Onr fortifications have been greatly stongthened
sin. e January ll, and Lady ami (h is
now practically impregnable, Owing
to the dry weather, tbe fever has diminished nml the number of convalescents returned Irom Intombi oamp ex-
needs that of the patients being sent
thole The supplies me holding out
splendidly, all the troops having snlli-
ciout wholesome food. The heat is
terrific, tbe thermometer registering
lo? degrees in the shade.
Pretoria, .Tan 84.���The Pedeia
forces have started a heavy bombarn
ment of Kimberley. Tho garrisons
IIBiV gnu enriieil live miles, hut collapsed nfior a few shots A body nf
���.'no Lancers made a sonic from Ladysmith under cover of a heavy cannon
and rifle lire from the lolls opposite
rhe Inagor of the Pretoria command,
The/Hriti ih rutin d with evident loss.
One Boer was wounded. A heavy
cannonade started at 8:80 this morning ami still continnes.
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IK Hit si \il-iiv it. �����    a
>��i.8_.__..n>uf_,   &"^"&"��""{-">-"��'><t'^B'eJ-H'-^"^"<-'��^'^"#"'t 1.>i.a
We are
I 11 1-. i ������  i :
('ape Town, ,Iau. 8(1.���The British
transport Manchester Corporation has
arrived here.
A British Company Claims it lias i:.N.
elusive Right i" the Field.
Washington. It. O,. Jan. 86.���Before
��� House committee on Interstate aud
Foreign Commerce, iln-   Panne uahle
H mist ion was taken up  todny and Gen-
.1.1   Wager  Swayne, of   New   Vork,
spoke In favor of nrivat,'  construction
uml  operation of the oable    line as
-t  Government    ownership.   Mr.
I is Marshall, 01 New York,   appeared In behalf ol   tbe Eastern  Extension
und  Australian  Telegraph   Company,
the Hritish company   which now   iper
lm cable oonneoted with tbe Phil-
Ippn es. and   i.ueii iimi he was present
imii a inilice of prior riuhls     He
explained ih" oonoesslona held by this
1 ipmy   fiimi   Spain.    Mr,   Mai-hall
sini he oompany maintained thai
Ihesi j_iunis by Spain were binding on
lie- I nited Stales.     Mr.   Corliss Asked
11 |i   was  claimed  tha Dotted  Btatea
could nol lav a 1 nol" In Manila Mr.
Marsl ill said ii   was  held  this  could
   don,'  without    extinguishing
1!        Istiog tinhts  iii  some rouular
Captain  Bquara.   Bating   chief
;  iffli er, stated   thai the War Depart it had secured ooplei of origiual
Ionia-- ..us- under whioh this Hini-'i
1 nmirony was operating. II" said these
control rrted the claims of exolnsive
rights They weie being translated
ami u would be submitted to Con
-H -
\ .   '   1   a,   I'..   '    .   Jan.     .11.-The    onl-
I ht   M. 11111, which   went   ashore   "ii
.'. ml" II ick, mi the ' n'raiiei. lo 1 ly-t, r
Me I  .r,  w ill lie a total   wreck, b- r
,      I.. mn   11,11   broken   wit'i  ihe
I illlli.    :   de       M,"  Wa     V lllllll al   |I80,.
oily Insured Tbe rook li
111 io be pro] ��� try oharted, extend-
log in1' 1 than marked and with li ���������
i. pill ��� i rati 1 1 aptain Watbran, or
Un- Don iio'ii < lovernn.enl ati sun .
i.n, idra vt us, however, thai the
rm k 1- 0 i oon 11 goons to the proper
11,11, 11 i)y��t( 1 Bay barbot
lie t.ii -1  Wilson,  a   hiakeniaii "ii Ih"
1; tt n    Ballway,   [ell   between  the
��� M ,   10 au   attempt   to  plaoe  a
a I. li and wn- "nt to plBOC I, Dl ''"lis
nil .an., Iiero h"iii I'liionln a few
iiiinill,    a(/o.
in M UCK nu   11 K.-l" MO\ i:
1. 1 lon   Jan   87,   Tho bpeotah i   In
I an   iiiipni lnnl   in 11��� 1" ai
uninn that it is  onlIrely to the advon-
ii Di 11iiiii  Hint the n i mm
in,a ilmnld be ont, urges   ths (lovotti
ineiii ���    onn uuu"   the   possibility  of
Hn- v. i, i,   Vdmlnlstrntlnii   i il
nm thi oi" 'lent ot ihe  abrogalii 1
ihe ( la; i' n Bnl... a  treaty In an olliii
fm I by voluntarily offerli�� to
abrogate tne treaty, "We should thai
avoid. iyi i be si��" tator. "hi Ing
put lu    a i uio uloui position by �� n
IlIK 11UV. UU i�� lo J ii |d lo pia sslire llheii
pi in    .sal   b.inK iiurted in   regard
New Ynrk, Jan, SO. ���A Manila cable
lo The Herald says: "The war ill the
Philippines is over. No further surrender can be Imped for. The danger
iu the present sitoatiin Is flint a
bloody fend may arise between tho
American army and the Filipinos.
This danger can be greatly lessened by
tbe action ol Congress, which  i- no_
iinnerative, outlining the policy nf the
Government In tbo Philippines, h is
likely that niauy luiurgonts ure still
holding out for the verv terns which
Congress will bo willing to give. The
time is ripe for a couoilliatory policy, allowing th" Filipinos to have
some say as to the nature of the government under which they will be obliged in live.
Berlin,   Jan. 80.���While the  ciders
of Emperor William to  ii all  court
fetes, owing to the death nf tha  moth-
r of the Empress, will I urried ont
rigorously, ihn military and pnpnloi
oelehratiou nf His   Majesty's   birihda.
tomorrow will nol be omittel. At 8
o'olook in the morning military hands
will perform the   so called "Waking."
Simultaneously   trumpeters from    the
JOStle cupola will play several choials.
At noon there will he a parade at
the arsons! at which  nil  tbo generals
and admirals will he present, On
Mis Majesty's app'aran.'i a salute of
101 gnus will be Hied.
Wilkesbarre, Pa.,   Jan,  80 - \ i, ur
n,I  explosion ol dynamll inrreri In
the yards of tbe .Terse) Central at
"ishley, n suburb of Hns city, ol II
o'olook last night, which resulted in
the killing of Promt  McLaughlin, Me
Hall Bird and W. Buckle., all Irak"
men,   and   fntally    Injuring   two   nn-
known men.   Eogit t Jobn  idling,
ol m uilii (Ihnnk. was  badly   Injnrert,
Engineer John Hoanghley, of  Ashley.
ua�� (overfly scolded   WHIam   Brown,
i Ashley,   Binkeman  Thomas Itowe,
it    Newton,   and     flagman     Miclia.'l
iniie. nf Ashley,   wore badly Injured
London, .Inn. 30.��� Tbe Westminster
lia/cttii this afternoon points out thai
ii is not unpatriotic to "decline to
gloss over fuels," As a matter ol
laei. Great Britain assumed that the
point gained was more conclusive than
it   really was; hence   the   revulsion of
feeling caused by the report of General
Holler's announcement ol the abandonment of Spion Kop.   Considering that
'he   liners,   who held    till! position,   (loll,
that the British casualties lu retaining il during subsequent attacks were
heavy, and that the Strategic value of
ine point has sun lo he demonstrated.
Until further particulars arrive it is
[mpossible in estimate to what extent
the publio disappointment is justified,
lit is impossible at present to say
whether the British soffered a  reverse
| or whether tbe movement waa dictated  by   strategic    reasons.   Obvion.lj
lie    position   was   useless   unless gulls
"innl pe planted nn it ami this evidently na- Impossible, General Warren may huvo dooided it was unsafe to
altenip, to hold the posit I ai any longer or ueiliaps he is assailing u more
profitable assent elsewhere, The abandonment ol Bpion Kup, however, appeal- In have heen so unexpected at
tne War i mice thai General Bailer's
dispatch caused something in the nature  ot  eiiiisi, rnai inn.   T'he    lobbies
were crowded nnd I here was evideiic.
nu all sides thai lhe news was keenly
felt, Tho only official statement was
"apparently General Wnrren found
the position too hot to bold.' The
Cabinet rnel Ihis aftornoon under the
presidency of Lord Snllsbuty ami
doubtless tha Ministers fully canvassed
the  n. w  sit mitli ii   ii un  primarily
summoned to disooss, thn terms ol the
(joe n s -p. gob
I   ndl l     .'III. I       on, iiinslnln ns    n.'WH
Iiiiiii Ladyauilth, showing greatly im
proved inn I tar j conditions, tlio pleiilL
folnnss oi provision, and itronathoning
ni lm I IftnolioilS, iiiiiii the place ih regarded as Impregnable, wonld nave In
pn in <i ihe nnii.ui. Bui these good
tidings in Hi" Hi I tish are overshadow*
ed by Bii*Tot_ ni in ihe situation on 'he
I'l'I'M    1'llgl 111.
Boffulo,   N.    *_.,   Jan.   80.���C.   V.
Dunbar, whose motion   that   the   pro-
Bum" resolutions recently passed by the
Board Of Aldermen, should   be   killed,
was  adopted*] by    the   Counoilmanic
board,   received   todny   n   eongratulu
tnry telegram fro n   residents  of   Pun
Colliorne.M.lnt..   on   the slaiul he  linn
tnken  in favor of the   British,    lu m
ply Mr. Dunbar has  sent   the  following dispatch:   "I   nm pleased to know
you approoioto my notion  in the council  yesterday.    Yonr   thanks,   though
gratifying, were unmerited.   I should
he a churl indeed, if I did not stand up
for a country nnd people   tbat hnvo always been my friends,   or If   1   forge!
how England stool by us iu the  Spanish war, when we needed   it.    Il   was
sprung on the Aldeimiiiiie house by an
Irishman,    I should like to know how
an   Irishman could   he an alderman ol
Buffalo,   If   onr laws   were   tho   laws
lllll Boers nre   fighting   for.    Wherever
England   goes   sin.   governs   hv     laws
lhal are for the good of nil,   nnd   why
nny people should light |o oppose them
la past my understanding."
Neuon, B. C,
\    oiinlliiB unit Ua, school onuduotod by
1 i ni- , f -I .ln-e;i)l nl" I'e CO ll is slant ed a i Ii cantor ot Mill ami Josophlno itrooU,
liione.it lie hesi residential pardons ot Nel-
nn. innl i- i n-i v ncosst le from oil p.,is
flllei ily.
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nd mul l> da - l.rniii la - of    He rough Kng i h
t-ducnrlon,     Business    courso��� Bnokl ooplng
sn-nn ii- 'I'liy iiiii] Typowrttlng.   ^oloucoa urse
Mnn,-. Vocal lllltl In-li iiaienlil; hi'.i\vi-_,
Ota- I'lllill iiinl All .Nee llewol'k; l'ali-1 lieini s.
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If von have not hiul
Stoves & Ranees
Which wo arc offering at
AMI 1H"\
Which will sei-are In you I16.H0 I      ���' loll il
lull are sn lllir,iilniiiile as  In cotoll SIMALL
I'n,a' 13.00nnd .*! 00,   ls-ued hero.
San. Kianciscn. Jan. 'Jtl. ��� The transport Pennsylvania sailed Thurad.y lor
Manila with 11,600,000 In gold coin,
and a consideahlc snin in treasury notes
lor tne payment of the coldlers. *
iiimvu ii 11111:11      ..orvuv rnii.ir.
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Now Yirk, .Inn. 27.���Ar   ihe Broadway Alhlelic Olnb   tonight   "Mvsiei-
ions Billy" Smith of ihis iiiv. knocked out Prank UoOonuell, of San l-'ran-
cisco, iii the 'J'.'inl round, ot what unto hnvo heen n -J,"i round lnnl. Tic
men nnd   nt 148 pnumK
London,   _nu  27.���The Hung  Knng
".,1'iespolutein of The Times says lie
has received a dispatch iuiillllltillg II.
dethronement and death ot Uuipeioi
KwaiiR Sn.
A Tl lor,--ami   TONQIJEH
(',nnd mil express the rnpturu nl   \ n
nie IS.Kprlnger, nf ll-'". Iln,.aid Btnol
rliil.nl. Ipliia. I'll., uhell she liniinl Inn
III.   Klliu's   New     D'se'Verv    lor   I'ii
snmptloil had oniuplrtely cured hm nf
a hao-lng onngli that for many y.ni*
hnd made  life  a  bntdi n    All  nil m
rem. dies nnd dontors could giro her no
help, imi she sus, I ii i- Rnytil Oon
"li soon removed the pain In niy chest
nnd I can   HOW   sleep   nannllv,   s	
lllilil/  I  can   scaie.lv    leneinlar di.iii;-
la ime    I in I 111..- sounding us pralsoi
llil'iiiuhollt the Ijlliver-e " Sn Mill
i vi I \n"o W hn tries. Ur. I'illp' - Sen
Ill-rnVerV fill' IHIV llnlllde nf I Kill 1    l'll'-l   nl   I.I1IIU-.   I'lne.'il Ills
iiiiiI t\ Trial I'lillli s flee at Canada
llniK ,V Book Sloie.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
I-.AS1.II ..  SI.iiiaN   ItAllAt AY
.-eliisliU" t.r TtlUO, I'.u'ille Slninliu-il   I'ilue.
I'lisseii'-.T Irniii fni' Sinnlnn nul w.iy slut lull-
loavon   Ka-ln  ai s u. in., daily,    lieininlnir,
leave- Salnlnli at   Ida pan.,  arriving  ui   Ullsle
n :l ,., pan,
IM Im(...\THi\AI. NAY   & TltAII. CO,
ll|���,|'iilil,t: nn Un, l-lei.l  t_d; d Illver.
Sir. .' liileia.nl inmil' 'e ives Kasln fin- Nel-on
al ll a in, daily oxr-opt Siuidiiy tloturnli.g,
loava Nel-nn ni i.;m p.m., eniliiiK at Balfour,
Pilot Hay, AtliBWorlh and nil \.uy nnlnlH. Con
lle.'ls wiili ST. "Allie In" in mil fi-nie linn
ner's Parry, Iiinl,.., ilMiwlMl S. P. .t N. IO mill
from S|i,il.:,,i,  in  Five .Mile I'nial.
Sir      Alln i.n" l.c,i\"s Nelson fnr  llminer'-
Kerry,   Tut-idoyi   nail    -id unlays  al   7 nan..
OOllng MeiiuiiT   "liiteriiiilloind" fruia Kaslo
��� I  l'i ,,l   "uj.
Itelurntng, tenves llnnnei-'s Kerry ill 8 Sum,
\ -n "-,ia. - and tfundnys,
lUl'eel eeieeell,ins <uud,- id  Hutiners Kerr,.
.itli On-al  Nur.li, rn  huil-u.   for ml  pnlnl-
i-l uml WHSl.
I.AKliu lll'Nl  \N   HIVI-KlN
sir  "lieei "iilleuio" lenves  Ku-lu fur I art.
ml ArgUi'U. '.I K..6u, n. "*\"eiliu-sil,i>s ,n d  i n
.ii��.    Sir " III.,- l���"  leave-  K,i.|n (or l,���i,|.
illll A rue' la in StHI p III. Sllll'lilVs
-,.��� ,1,..T- ,'all   ,0    i,i-iueo,iil   ll.lldill-s  III  l|,i|l
an, teal-, anil ill ulliel  li.illil,.   ..lie,,  sibtlil.lle"
I . Mild Iinili ,,.luls iii  i 'Hindu   i.ui lli
' ll -I	
K,   .i. .'..in r ie  a-i ! ful, liifnrionttnn, ""
n-, s :
It Id lieviv...
\l ,,.  ii- ,-.  K , ',.   H   ���
Incorporated 1869.
riipiini Paid-up.    .    .    .    fM,-l-i,-.0.00 I  It.-I,
.    .    -1.-.1111.111111.1111
"Olir.l   (it   lllr.'.'luesl    Thnili'is K. Keiiue.. I'l'e-iilelil :   'I'li'inns   lliteliie.   Yiee-nresidelll.
Mieli.ul llivyer, Wlloy tf lllllll,   II. II   ll.iulil,  llnu. II. II. Knller, M.I..C, Hun. Ilnviil MllcKeen.
���liit.l iiiii..', iiniiiiiM
Oeneral Manager, lvl-m. I.. I'la.-e, Montreal.
Sal.' rinieu.leiii of Hruaelies. \Y. 11. "I'luiituee, llulifax.
lu-ieeini. VV. K. Itroos, IP. ifux.
Se, ri lnr,\. It. M.Slewiol, Miailreal.
lll-IIIH'll.'s !
.eve -.-..iiii  lla'iinv Branehi *intlgoul<*li, nrldgewnt��r.Gursboro, Londondoi-ry, Litnonburg.
Maidn- d ilini.is i'n. 1. I'ieoai, lv,ri Hawk., bury, siiliiev Niubonaoaitlo, Truro, W'.yaaaiili.
���..����� llrinisw lei. ll,lliai'-t. Ilui, le-or. l-'iiil. I'ieien, Kiiiir-lnu ike i Ci. i, Muneloii. New-
eisllo. Saelivlll". W ,..lsi..e , I" K. I.Ii.ll.l I liil'lulle'n.Ml. suiiiinelside <|.|.>I|.<- Muni real
rll)   Ollleci.   Mnnneal.  'lest   Kll.l lllll    Nnlle   llame   illllS.I-li   ur- -11. el-l;   Me-lannill'   iCOr.
Qroonu Avonue an I i*t Cuilinrine- ���treot. oiilarlo Ottawa, .%.'..lu.iii<liu...i BUJonn's.
. .iini. Wesl ladles   Havana. I mled ��inlr��   New York ini blxchangn I'lneei Itopubllo, Wash.
tltlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver Bast End, Victoria.
Com s|....,.l< nis i
(iilin.lil   Me'eliinit- ' "ell i f Ciniiulii.    HtiRlnn    N ��� 1 i.<i.  I Slu.winlll Bnnk.   I'lilrnil..   Allierie'i
Mil ii I Hank    .i... l'i* .-.'I-.'..   Kis-   Vein i.i  Ha  k    i.u.iii  Kng.   Hank   -f  -mitland.
I'nr., Ir ���������   'ndl   Ul lninl-.   "in I.,   llml, ,if II iiiiii,la.   < lilmi ami Ji.iiii.i   HunK
i\un_r und slum.Imi ' nn .mn Corp imtlon,
ileneial llanhlng Blislneai Traii-sactcd;  Sterling Bills of  BxChdngO   Kuuglit
and Sold, I.-Hers of   Credit, tile, Negoliated.
V > Hi's I ived  .in 111'' liuisl  I'uv.ll'illilo lei ins.     llil.ei'esl   illmv.'d   on   special
deposits nnd on Raving Umik accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
cm ion imii CTOHV.
I j. .ri.l.iti. .lan. 80, - A ipeolnl di i n, h
Imio   SIiiiiikIuii   says:   'I'he   father   of
iii" new emperor   is ihe  head  of tbe
great    secret    soeielies    klimvn    Iis   the
"Tlie (innl Swi'id ami    Ilie   Boxc    .
evIeodillK OV.'I   III.'   1'rnl III"!'  ' I     ("III   1.1
Slum Tung   and    Nn Nan. wbloh wore
responalblo    lor   the   inurdot   of   ,\lr
llrookes.  the  missiomiiy
I,,,',Inn,    .lan     "J,.    Th"    111.     I'm!
I lal id   I'dwilld   11 MU III'.-,   lhe  el, HI
nnd  111 VOntori    whn    died nn    Tin-day.
hit   nurnorons    benevolent   11 tjiti I
i n enoh of four leading London  lioapl
iv     l,e    l,ei|ueathed    ��80,000,      I'mi
Hughes pad iiii   Income  ol   E4I I  a
London, .lan. DO.���Al the Life Qnnrd
barracks, Reaonl Park, this moruing,
ih., Prince of Wales Inspnnted the   lirst
loi   ill    Yei'llU'll   Willi Will   .lllll   fill' Snlllll
Africa ti rrow,    A uumbor ol   well
".im" o people weie pie.eoi, Inolndinn
Lady Uisox, Lord Rothschild ami Lord
ami I.adv Lonsdale, 'lhe Priuoo of
Wales, whn wore ih" undres". uniform
i I a stall gl in rnl, w aii.' 'I alnii" Ilie
,nl If ��� lain   w Hh    land I 'In -Inim.  luali-
inu-   ih"   ""I   uiiiinl.-   Inspection  nf
in I V   innn.   "In n   lal,ill)' a  1 Ilie    III    Ills
linnds and examining nil nf lhe ei|iiip-
iiuni. Th ��� men loflkl d vi iy In, i ins..
lit,,   in khaki   and |,i,Iln .. with   cow-
in.v imi- turned up at Hi" Ida, on
whoh was a utile hrousa emblem
representing the Prince ol Wales'fenth-
art.    At tbe   OOOOlnilOD u( tbo luspeo  I
Ailierii-eineiii-in-erie I undor nn. head al
Hie nil., uf nne ei ni a Hind per  III el ;|,in,    Nu
ii'lM'illsriueiil liiken nul,'-   iiiiiii M e.uils,
Tn    I.I'IT. ���Kiiniisheil   uinn       Apph
IS.   0     II  ,    MUel    Ulllee.
I>. O. Box K. ii nil W,
Telephone  10
s.    -ami,I lis  |Kmii l-ll|    Till lieu    I i,una
\\ mi a ,i mi ,a -i.     rtiuiiluy-: iini   Com
i... I...... > .-- :.   in:  In    lie   I-i ii   d 11 iK*-aialii. s
iu He- nl, '  .l.utln_; il.ni a ni n u.ui;
unl . .-' I I .'.an e in : K.i nsonii 7 3U   i :
il. o  pn. nt U.aU a. iii.    Tliui-il .i- ana   -mil'-
la]   :    ll"l'     ' I"ll   I'I  11    III.      K.I''   .\��!
I... i,    ���,.:<" II  ui . f..ll.i\v,.1 h)  el ��� |	
     II   -.  Ak.illilr i. Ileal .r    lied li \ in..
i nlin '������"    H inlniis.
l'i I,    < in l: 'II i  Ward mul Mill
in,i    Mm    ' " "   S -   "I  s, in il lam	
i   It 1   " e "i     d '     >" , ,, n, ,-   ,1a.
ai ; i.,u.a,,   in ..  I- ii>, I  i "it i i.
Kin -HI I - '  li'  III    I rl lec.nl  II a in
I    j, In.     Suiulii.    Helu.ul ul   B.80  |' in
Praia r is Thin a i]  evening ,.i h i,.iu.
���i,i   a  Ki loavoi    ",, i. 11,..a   ,a in)   \lni,
.in>  evening a'  * o'olook.    Itev, it. Pre*,
i' i
MlTllnlilSI     I'lleaeii   Curner   Hlllcn   mill
.lii-eplillie Slleels.    Mill,., al 11,1111. unit  t.lll
a. iii. : sal,nnli si I i, ..:iup in.; I'rnyer i I
am un Kiliin) i  "nu.: ni ft ..'.'lurk' I'd.worth
I.> -i'i." l . K    Tie -In) ul Hum.       Ile\,   John
Itobsoil. I'us'.ur.
iiiiiii   I'll lu- uml
i.('uinn ni ll nan. ..ml ;.;m p.m.; Prayer moe
Ins A , dniu-ln) ne a al �� pan.  ilu   n   y,
I'.U.AI Iiiii.iaiiii-.il -O'olook,    Minn.Ken.
in 'lll.lly  Wl, uilii.I.     II, .. O. W, line,    Kalni
,-.i\.ii.,. ahmv  siaiies 11. .j ovonlng
ni   s i,'i meli   In   lmi in,na    u��� V     ,u      street
An,i,i ml i/, ' ��� Inehanm
For Uio next   TWO   WEKKS    ly)   KIRKPATRICK   .\-   WILSON
offer lhe Public lhe Greatest Reduction in
Ever before advertised.    A cull will convince you.
linker Street
WANTl'll'--A   competent   newspaper
man can hear ol an   opportunity   nn
employment by nddrpsilng tbi    nlHoe,
I.' i-l"    une hluok   I'l'-her   tail   i	
a Imii.s' fur inn.   I'Inder please  to
tutu lo 11.   A.  Mrl'in land. CI ty.
l.i isT.-A black siailsliin mull'. I, ii in
ihe Tiro i Hotel,    A reword ol lit)
Will  he   paid  In   anvi'lie   III llipli n    s i'n,
In lhe Clarke  Ihn, e
M I. IIN'd   i.ri.lA    Nil.   nil
sn'ss   ul     KMll.ANII,    moot
>.   ilr-i  nud    Hnrd   IVerlnosda)   "f
!llc n Bi1    '"' I I'    "'    I i "'liil'V   hull,
ni,3-W'C|i    a  ,,i   Maker  anil  Kooiuaar
Irenm    vtsltiliu  la,in, nl
lull) In. it. ,1
.1, n . W ITI "^. Boi i"' ni
Mn      I   null'.   N,,.     .' ,  K.    ol I'
 ,  .a I' l , Oililfellov. -I k
���' JfTBi'vi   I"   'I "K ni   �� .." I
���        All vl Iiiiiii knlghl   iiu.ii.diy  linn,,I
I        ii'lH'.C,
(I. .Inv, li . uf H. mid S.
No. 185
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Aid.   KIM IS   OK
Fresh   arid    Salted   Heats
'I'll    13HNT,      Cine    ollue   m     - I     in
rear nl Ubnbn en Hnli on,   11
hy (la- t noipaiiv.    Apply on prem i ���
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nklson.
Ordora by mail receive careful ami prompt a*tentlon.
nil   BARHKR, Dcniisi   lm    nneiii
RO offloe   with   Ilr    Morrison.    Cioau
llUd Pllilne Work ll specialty.


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