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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 2, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 642.
Nelson,  British Columbia.  Friday,   February 2,   1900.
Tenth Yea
Enormous Forces to Go to
the Front.
It Is Sow Qenernlly Thought Tint Ilo Is
Again Ailviuicin- Against tlio
Eufuij-A Review.
bmdon. Fob. _.-(4:80n m.)-Mr.
Wvnnbaro's deolamtion 111 the House
"/oo-niii*" ihat Great Hrituin will
b���wiijafoitnight 180,000 regnlais in
South Afiicn, 7.000 Canadians Bnd
Australians, anil 2.1.llllll Miiilii Afrionn
.uluni.'.'is 1- i.'c.'iv.tl with wonder-
meat ul Un- iota] nf -18,000 tioops
Willi 45*! 8 "8. "" '"'" "(nv   'here w>"'
tbeexeeiit ot   about in,(HH) thai   are
at -a Beyond eompa'isou, this is
tlielorgem foree Grent Britain lms
ever put iu to the Held. At tlie end of
die riiiinaii war   she lunl    serupetl In
���,,ii,,., -u.nm nun. Wellington nt
Waterloo had 25 000. Mr. W\ udhnm's
rneecli wus the strongest defence the
GoToranii ni ban vet put forward ur to
what lms la cu done, and is being
done, The general tone of the morn-
inn papers ia tbat Ins figures will as-
tonlsli the oonntry. Roughly apeak-
illg, only SO.OIlO men are lit the front.
Tt'ii 111 aisiuil otlu'i's have been lost.
end 10,001) are shut   up ul Ladysuiith.
Excluding ili.'si'.thei' e 70,000 troops
whioh bars not yet i n in  notion in
addition iu those nt sen. Why so ninny
effective men lini e uot yer been en
nageil in explained by tbe lack of laud
iimi-li.iii nml the organisation of sun-
plies in which Lord Knherta is devoting in- former  experience   nnd   Lord
KiliiaiHi   lias genius fnr   details     It
Kerns as though the weight of these
niMes innsl destroy the equilibrium
which now holds the British forces
itlitonnry wherever they are in oon-
iat'1 witli the ho. i 'irttiv. Oable scrap-
rewired dnring the  last   1_   hotn-s  do
not fntthei   iln note   tlm  military
onerutioas. Various independent correspondents confirm the report that
tienei.u i nil.i i.uii his tro. pe mi Jnn-
linn- SN, iii.it he hoped to relieve Lady-
smiili itithin a week. It is believed
in Min.' rather trustworthy quarters
thnl he i- again assailing the Boer
lines, A further list ol the casualties
BObllaJien by the Wur Ullice brings
the total, from the crossing of the 'in-
iiola m ihe abandonment of Bpion Kop,
in |,lj��5 , Hi, i rs mul men
Ex. .'nil,mul Rctivity ill the navy
y,'iid�� continues, inn a correspondent
ia iia -ssicnteri Press learna that this
ie chiefly new constrnction and relitt -
lug work, Three shipa will be ootn-
mi.--ii imi ui Devouport this month
Home unpleasant criticism of lhe Wnr
Offloe lias heen caused by tbe discovery
iimi the sights of the Lee-Enfield oar-
luucs are defective. Old oar bines have
been supplied to thn outgoing fourth
brigade of cavalry, The only announcement regarding fresh military
preparations is the formation of tiir-V
nilditiiiiiii] batteries,
must hope that the splendid bravery
of our men will be rewarded by success. When Mr. Ohurohill says that
"the pnblio must nerve themselves"
he probably means "prepare our countrymen at home for heavy losses m the,
coining battle,"
Mr. Winston OhuicliiU's dispatoh
from Pieterniaritzburg, in addition to
details reaped tin a   the posi'ion  on the
Tngtiln gives most interesting survey of
the position. He savs: "Thn most
seiitms attacks upon the War Ullicc.up-
pe.r unjust the great army in Snnth
Afrioa is the finest qua litv, beautifully
organised and equioped in all details,
antl with excellenr artillery. The
liner gnus are few but splendid and
are oleverly bandied Thu liners can
find the range of moving targi-ts nt 7,
(Hit) viirds, often nt thf ttr-t shot of onr
gnus, we oan not ktuIaIii hoW, In an
interest! g c inia ison ot British and
Bon methods of ..arfme, as illustrated
dnring the battle uf .Spion Kop, snowing how the British troops were
"cramped, mixed nnd disorganized,
iimi how tha muobiuery of oonirol wus
stuttered." lie says": "Ibis wonld
mil have uU'edlt (1 tile tioeis, each of
whom, in pursuance of u general re-
snlve, either to bold nr to evacuate a
position, wn. Iti hi.ve acted iiniivi.iu-
nllv, and quite independently of dtti-
oers' nrdeis    If wus u case of a pack Of
hounds ngninst n  flock of  sboep.    Hut
the next morn log, the Hritish battalions worn again collected uud solid.
snowing the advautage of discipline.
A similar loss would have disheartened tbe Boers and have caused a general
trek. Herein lies our expeotatton of
ultimate suout-as. The tn-msb have
great recuperative powers; the Hoers
have none, 'lhe wnr, therefore, is
in-,,ught nearer un end even iiyjunsatia-
factory operations,
Distribution of Recruiting for
Strathcona Horse.
the guns nu Nepenn Point firing the I
accustomed  salute
'The Speech l'rnm the Throne was |
practically along the same lines as I
the synopsis wired The Miner last i
"D" and "12" Batteries lost four-'
teen horses before reaching Cape Verde.
Guv rnmsnt Will B ing Down Contingent
Papers Before A dr ss Is Debited,
Elections in Montreal,
Lend'ii. Feb. 'J���The Daily Telegraph publishes the following dispatoh
from Spearman's Omnp, dated January
110 : "Colonel Wynne has taken com -
maud of General Wocdgate's brigade,
Uulouei Miles has been appointed chief
nf General Buller's staff. The Boers
are still constructing defensive works
oppos.te Pntgieter'a Drift. A strong
cavalry reeonnalsanoe proceeded today westward m the vicinity nt Hon
ger's Spruit "
London, Feb. 1.���The Wnr Otllce
completes this evening the list ot the
British casualties at Bpion Kop, by announcing the mimes of Sit missing
men of various regiineuts, Inolndlng
18? members of tbe   Lancashire   Fnsi-
Spearman's (.'amp, Jan. 80.���Lord
fjiiii.ii.nii d's reconuntssanoe In tbe
direction of Monger'- Spmit found the
mail clear. The enemy was not to be
have little
bit" in. Feb. _ ��� ,\ir. Spencer Wilkinson, i, im. Morning Port today,
'li-ii--'- a long dispatoh from Ur.
Winston   nun-, im ,  dated  at l'i. ter-
iiuiril/ln r::. aud iie-eriliiug the situation in Natal 11.��� says: This dispatch
-ereriei tn be olnsnly read, li is an
iipiicai >i> ii,.- public at borne,   nnd  as
it lms Imn passed by tt st.r,   may
be taken to leprese.t the t'. e ing of
Oeneral Hnller's army. Mr. Chimb-
ill represents the ciiii.mti. s nf Oenei I
Boiler's task in concise terms, tbe
Mice y will net win, oommon sense.
Il"1 ���sill place ootposts on tin Inlis
jntl keep na, k iheir main holy until
iln. see tho decision of General Hollers inmouifiiit Then th-v will
li |inl,l\ bring up (he iiiun) iKiiy. and
Wteiiipnme ivbnl di len-ivc woi'ks thev
(;l" '" "'a.in.at In snch ns tbey have
profusely prepared In ant ini path n nf
��snoos ucssibie advances Thai is
���' rj .uu wonld expect them m
nn; anrl thai ilnir main horty can ride
nsterthin General Bnlhr> m-In body
ran wail, ihal��o generally nunetst'od,
" "ti.. i- ih,,! (j,,, Hner nriiiv
ainnot ho tinned. Wherever it is at
��c.ed, ,i i-itti ���,��� ������ ,,,������.,���.i������i fr���Ml.
a'"'.im,il- i,, Ml ('bur. bill, there
J,��� ''  1;'"'**��   iM.I.'hing   l.ailvsinilb.
"" -sin.' number held ready to icsist
"""' ' ' '""* and 5,110.  kept   in   ie-
"?"e to relnlorce either body nt  d.
ii.is (..,���-,���, Holler has to ..ttack 18,.
''"  nnil     cmri ,n |,,,|    ,���,     tm,,,.,,,,!,,
'""'"'I "nnks I ���Ki��� �� havo SB,-
����nien nisi.,,,, of .u.niio. 1��� oibc
iir.K. ���,|���,r���| H���|l,.r ���������,���,���������.���������.
�����t ilivis on.   Chie opinion coincides
111 n" View we   have   all nlnnii ex-
*-"' that ti���, centre (f gravitj   ol
��in ||0II j,, Nlll,ll| uw) lh<|| -llnl
"J]l*-'lorj there   would   I ������,sii���,
"������ complete British defeat lo Nn-
; ' *'""'",   have   dlsastroo ise
A,,'     It seems  dlfflnoll In view ol
���i V.;"'���-"���' ���"���c.'ptcil ill Ihe War Ollice
,,.'.''  n]   Oapo Town,   to believe
,,���',' """''l   Bnller  is to ,ii,,��e,i
I,,,,"*'1"   ''"nek   a position   with
three tn        nntnerlonl snoerlorlty or
' """��� winch inn H commonly
''""���a,.  (,������ Mich a task,     tl    is
, "     melligbla  thai he shonld at-
���\i'.,,'m'h   w."1""" "'i"��!   w��nf_r-_d.
I ' '"lv.   however, a third attempt
i,''i!, ,   "" wltbonl  Ion of time,
.������..,''    "���'"'*   PTOba    that    the
""m '���  DOW   in     progress.
Feb. I.���London papers
news From South Afrioa
todny anil there is not much comfort
in that little exoep" Hint the beleaguered garrison of Ladysmitl. did nor despair when  they   learned  of Oeneral
Holler's second   reverse, bnt wen  slill
nop. fui anil determined. Tim public
trust that General Boiler Isoapahleof
relieving Liadvsmith,   so  the  tnlk of
fresh movement inspires hope. It is
not true, as   bus   been   reported,   that
General Boiler has withdrawn all bis
troops south of the Tugela. His big
guns were still at Jlonnt Alice on
Sunday with Littleton's brigade covering them.   Tbo campaign in Cape Cob
onv does ll ,t develop rapidly. The
Hoers at OolesOurg, Steinstuirg and
St'irmbcrg seem to be content if ibey
can keep the British troops in cbec;.
while tTIronje operates between m. d-
d.r River iimi Kimberley, holding Me
thncn quirt while the Hoers bombard
tin. Ilianioiitl (lily.
(Special Dispatches to The Miner.)
Ottawa, Our., Feb. 1. ���Major (1. W,
Cameron, of   thi   nth ttnyal Snots,   of
Montreal, will   be   Senior  Lieutenant
i , tho Stviilbcoiin  Horse.
"Our arrangements nve vetting nn-
der way splendidly for the organize.
tion of tlie Stri.tbeoii'i H.'i'so," said
Lieutenant-Colonel Steele, before leaving fnr the wesi, "nnd T am going
west this nt't' inniin. I have every ex-
peiintinti thnt the last nf the recruits
will lie stand east of Oalg >ry on Feh-
iiiury 12 for Ottawa, where they nre
to be outfitted. As to prospects nf sun-
cess in recruiting. 1 need only uive
you one instance. We hnd eontemphiterl
Inking 211 men from Knrt MacLeod,
but I am informed by wire flint there
are eighty tbere, awaiting my arrival
to join. If is the same at other stations in the wtst, and 1 am glad that
we are to bnvi- the chance of picking
from Hritish Oolnmbia, where there
are some of th�� very   best   ex-Monnteri
Policemen, When we no ooncentrate
hero we will remain about ten days or
two weeks, and there will be a full
mounted parade when the men have
received   thiir  full  nutflts."
The recmitiiiK fnr the Strathcona
Horse will commence on Monday next
ami will be distributed as follows I
"A*1 Squadron���First troop, Manitoba. 401 Second troop, Moosomin,
���1(1; Thud troop, Regina, 40; Fourth.
troop, Prince Albert,   411.    Total,    l(i_.
"H" Squadron���First troop,Calgary,
���Hi: Second troop. Edmonton, 40;
Third troop, Plnobei Creek, 80; MacLeod, 2ii; Fourth troop, Lethbrltlge,
'.'ll; Medicine Hat and Maple Creek.
���40.    Total,  Hill
"O" Squadron���First
Steele Hi; Second troop
Third ttonp, (iolrien, HI
III. Vernon. 18; Fourth
loops. IB; Vancouver, 16;
troop,    Fort.
Nelson, 40;
;   Kevelstoke,
Hoop,  Kilm-
Victoria, 16,
Total, ino.   Grand total, 4mi men.
Jau     2tl. - A
I'lnncr     who
the  Mai, in ;
Hnluwnyo, Saturday,
tncss.ge from Colonel
was at (Jra crones v ith
relief force, sivs be has teoeived n
message from Colonel Baden-P. well,
dated Mafeking, Jan 27, ss uiu : "All
will du ina tm- past fortnight. Have
been pnshinii out lhe iron Ies towards
the eneinyr's big guns. On Jnunnry
2(1, their 84 poi.n er nnd high velocity
Kiunr evacnuted their positions win
retired eeitwatd of the town, whence
they are cap ill" of llMlft damage.
Ilui.. thus pushi d tbe en. mv on three
-ides well out of rille shot. II ivi
i,p, ned new ar sin. ground for nettle
Then enemy ha< �� ill two strong positions in the oust sine, which we hope
fo shift with dynamite,
London,    Pen,
who   wus   forced    t
with   other    Hritish   olergymen,
arrived in  I. indnn,   With reforen
ll-'ll T,
r- toria
��� t
Montreal, Feb. I.���The municipal
elections today resulted in a victory
for civic reform, 10 of ill civic candidates foi aldermen being elected. The
civic reform candidate for mayor,how- I
ever, wns beaten, The weather was
intensely cold. The total vote was
light. For mayor, Kaymnntl Prefm-
taiue was vd-elected over W. F.. Doiati,
Irish-Catholic candidate by B,800 inii-
joritv,. Although this was thn niii-
.iurity, in view of tho light vote, it
was much less than Piefontaine expected as Doran was almost, unknown
and bad do organization. Among
aldermanic contents the greatest, interest wns inkeu in West Ward, where
Oolonel A. A. Stevenson, chairman of
tbe fire coiniiiittHe nnd alderman for
a great many years, was opposed by
C. J. Smith, retiiing President of the
Hoard of Trade The vote in this
ward was heavy, lint   Smith was elect,
ed bv 874 majority, Another .'hair-
man opposed by the civic reformers
was Aid Rninville, of the Centre
Ward for his management of thn finance committee especially in connection with the last civic loan. He was
defeated by Mr. Lelioenf by 15 major
itv. Alderman Mursolais, ot the East
Ward a chairman of tbe police committee wns defeated by Jos. Lamarohe,
bv llli. Aid Kiuselln was defeated by
Government's  Conduct the
Subject of Debate.
Parliamentary Secretary of tho War Office
Makes a Speech That Clen a the
Atmosphere Somewhat-
London, Feb. I,���In tlie House of
Commons the Government parried
most of the questions in regard to lbe
war in South Afrioa. Mr. George
Wyudhaifl, the Parliamentary Under
Secretary for Wnr. maintained that
the information furnished by the Intelligence Department wns accuriile
uml be added tbat Information in re-
gard to tbe statement which the Government  would  make sbnrtlv    Bela-
] one which gave greater strength to the
Government, and  bud done something
to lift the [iliinm Hint hnd fallen ou the
country.   "There are differences   of
iopinion   among   thn Opposition," hn
! continued,    "but   tho  amendment is
j nor intended to cover theBe differences,
, We cannot withhold censure for   what
I is past, bin we  nre  prepared   to give
ihe  Government our  support   tn  tlm
future and prepare to help in pros-out-
ing the war to the end.    Tbe dominating object of Ilm Government's policy is
i equality of  rigbtfjhetween   the  while
races in   Smith   Africa, and   next   in
point of importance  to see that   aevei
again shall it be   possible   for   n  vast
arsenal to be formed there under other
'control than   that  of   Great   Britain.
!To  thnt  end   the  Government  shall
bave onr supporr
Sir Edward said thorn was no
thought tbat the Government had pio-
vnked an unjust war, but it, was cer-
tninly the speeches of the Ministers
that occasioned the amendment. Ho
was prooeeding with detailed criticisms of tbe management of the wnr
ami was refarring to the occupation of
Dundee wheu Mr. Wyudham, Interrupting bim, said, "The advances on
Dundee and Glcncoe were made en
tirely on tbe initiative of the late Gen-
oral Syninns. Other military authorities warn not consulted, The Government lirst learned th" news from the
newspapers," In conclusion Sir Edward Grey repeated bis assertion that
he would be alad to give the Government bis help and   Confidence,   if he
five to tbe   speech   made   by   General  could   feel   assured   that   they   would
Mr.    Charles     Mn. rum,     the    fun.
United suites Consul nt Pretoria, f
said to n reporter of the  Associated
Press: "Mr. Marram wns one of ttin
Inst men I -mv before leaving.    I   told
bim he wus tnkinir the WTO0S side nnd
did mil understand Ann rienn   feeling
His chief   care   seemed   to he   for   bis
persona]  lafetv,   and I think it was
cbicllv on thnl i.ccounl thnt be left in
tl e midst of the crisis He if not II
strong man, and President Kruger may
bave taken advantage of this, . ut,
when I lis. saw Mr Ma.riim. le wus
ll patriotic and loyal American, In
regard to Blake's sn-calici  volunteers
thev lire like Mr. Blake, mostly burghers who would have been obliged to
tight anyway,   Mr. Mnornm  told  me
then were' ii,llllll Americans in the
Trnnsvaal, mist of whom the United
Slates was glud to get rid of."
Ottawa, Feb I ���The attendance at
the opening proceedings of Parliament today was larger than has been
the case for some years past. Both
iu regard to military pomp, ami social
display thn opening was in every way
a successful und pretty event.
Alter the introduction of new members ;n the Commons, uo time wns lost
in bringing 10 tbe front the subject
ou which most important debate ofjses-
siou will be, namely South Africa.
This was done bv Houia-sa. Four
new members were Introduced, Jose E.
Arcliam'uiult was Introduced by Mayor
and Taite. .1. T. (innld, West Ontario,
by Cartwrigbt and Mullock. H. Bourn-en, of liabelle, was introduced by
Eail and Monet, and Viator Qeoffrion,
of Vercheres nud Ohamhly, by Lnnr-
icr and Tarte This nud some Other I
preliminaries being disposed of. Sir
Wilfred moved tll.it the Housii adjourn nut 1 lomorruw.
Mr Hnnrassa at once sprang tn his
1.11 und   asked whether  the   Govern
ment      would   have     any     Objections
to mingiug down, hi foi e the debate on
the Rimress   was proceeded  with,   all
tin. , oiicsp "lidenie Hint had passed le
twecn lhe ( aiiii'iiiii (in.eminent nr any
mc i bei of the O'overniiieiit in reguro
lo ibe wnr il the Ir.insvnnl He nil-
milted thnl this wus au unusual pro-
, ee ing on the opening dny and before
ihe n 11,res- was adopted, but he wus
if opinion thai the dcontd on tint address would be facilitated by the
course   be was taking.
Sir Wilfrid Luurier said it   w s   ntt-
,isul to bring down am correspondence
beinri ths address was passed, not be
admitted that it might aid in debating
the address In reply to a speech from
lbe Throne, and therefore woold agiee
to in.' request, but lo bo aide to do
tin- ii would be   necessary to  ndjomii
nulil    M.uitl.iv.      The     ciirrispniithi	
.mid papers oonld   not begot ready be-
lorti Saturday.    Aa main  ns  they weie
: ready be would supply  copies  to  thn
j leader Of lliii Opposition. Topper
agreed '( ��n adjournment lill Monday
Instead nl tilt tomorrow und tbe House
, nun adjourned,
1     After the Opening   fnnctim    ill   the
Senate was over, tin- Senate mm and
two new members were introduced
Mr. Charles Burpee,who bnd represented Sudbury lor vears, in the Com-
���,,,ns. wns Introduced by ins old polities] iissiiciines and warm friends,
Mills   iiiiii   Scott.    K.   T.   Fulford,   of
Hi-nckviild,   was also   Introduced   As
iMillnrd ������'ill nnt be nble M be present
on Mnnibiv through hnving to go to
New Vnik, Burpee will second the addles"
The usual stnte dinner   was given nt
l.jdeuu   Hall   tonight,   when   all    the
Ministers, dermty-Mioisters and other
high i llieials who   are usually   invited
to this function were present,
Ottawa. Feb. I .���The Dominion Par-
Win "ipeg, Feb. I.���The decision in
the Winnipeg election recount has
been adjourned until Monday, when
Judge Will .ir will give judgment on
the rejection or counting of S10 ballots,. 11 of which nre marked for one or
other of the candidates outside the disc
-nonId these ballets be allowed the
election will then depend upon the
judge's ruling npon about ,*i0 other
disputed bullots.
The Piovincial Government has finally -lecided noon the appointment of
a Knynl Commission to investigate into the financial affairs of the Province
and the organization of the various
departments ot the civil service. The
members composing the commission
will be Charles A. Kennedy, manager
of Ihe Hank of Nova Scotia, Winnipeg;
Cameron Bnrtletto, manager of tbe
Hank of Hamilton, Winnipeg, aud
George H. Hulse, accountant, Brandon, Manitoba. All the other hank
managers of the city refused appointment;
Sir Charles Hihbert Tupper reached
here today en route ro Ottawa.
The Central Congregational Church
members will invite the Kcv. J. B.
Silcox to succeed the Kcv. Mr Pedlev,
who goes to Montreal in April.
Thomas A. Porter, a C. P. H. trainman, has confessed to the theft of .liiO
express money nt Regina, and received
a live year sentence.
Miss Rankin,eldest daughter of J.H.
Knnkin, rancher of Calgary, was
thrown from a buggy while returning
from a country dunce, early this
morning. She fell npen her head
and was instantly killed. Newton,
the driver, wns thrown beneath tbe
wheels but escaped almost uninjured.
Miss Rankin was very popular in society circles.
Montreal, Feb. 1.���The Cnuadian
Booiety of Civil Engineers opened its
fourteenth annual meeting yesterday,
and went for a trip to Boston in the
Tillbnrg, Ont., Feb. 1.���Fire broke
out early this morning in W. Ij.
Sire,its billiard ball, ill the Post Office
block- and totally destioyed the Post
otllce, the Q. N. \V. Telegruph office,
mid Wright's butcher shop, nnd badly
damaged (Jassiny's harness shop.
Winnipeg, Feb. 1.���Elmei Llewellyn, section foreniau on the O. N.
K.', fell from a windmill at Cowan,
an i sustained a compound fracture of
both legs nnd iirms. He wus taken to
Danphen an.l died shortly   afterwards.
Sumner's ge. oral store at Antler
Si iug, was burned ye.-terday. The
loss is .l.iiOO.
Toronto, Feb.   I.���Daniel   Trombly,
Arretted    heic   Tuesday   night charged
with murdering his  wife and obi Id in
Bay Citv,   M|ni|.,   was   taken to   that
citv today by th. sheriff.
RlngBtOli, Feb,  I ���Cadets S.Dcnsnn,
aud Kuid, of Toronto, Keith, of Halt-
tax, and Simpson, of Kidiliugton, Que-
hec, have accepted the  oommlsaious of
tin. Field Royal Military college by
the Win- otllce.
Iioudnn, Ont., Feb. 1.���Final returns
iiiun Kast Middlesex show that Rob-
sou* Conservative, has , ecu elected by
a   majority   of   47   over   Mci. iiliunis,
St.Flavin, t^ne.. Feb. 1. ��� The Intercolonial Hallway's fast express from
Halifax to Mnn I real, was derailed between St. Muisc ami Little Metis, this
morning, The sleeper, iiining i ui ami
lirst class ctiacb were upset, and lhe
second clnss coach thrown across the
traok. Fortunately no nm, wns injured.
The cause of the accident is thought to
he due to a broken rail.
W'olseley.the Oommillldet in Chief, ex
plaining the Hritish reverse in South
Africa, Mr. Wyudham said that General Wolseley merely intended to convey the impression thul the military
qualities shown by the Doors were of
ii higher order than hud ln-en anticipated. At this remark Hie Irish
members oherecd.
Mr. Balfonr, the (ioverninent lender,
said in answer to a question, that
while the military operations were
proceeding he could not answer any
inquiry as to the slaughter of the
Highlanders at Mngersfenteiii. Regarding the nispatohes of Major-General
Sir William Ftancis Butler, who wus
in command of the British troops in
South Afrinn, until August, IHllll,
when he was relieved by Lieutenant
General Sir Frederick William Fores-
ter-Wnlkor, it Being intimated that
Genernl Buller's sympathies were in
favor of tlm Boots, Mr. Balfour
said there were no reasons to present
them to tho House. < ieueral Butler's
opinion in South Africa affairs, he
added, was well known. The general
had never suggested to the War Otllce
either puulidy or privately that the
number Of troops required would be
anything like the number actually
In regard to the suggestion ihat Indian troops should   have been used   iu
South Africa, the House, Mr. Balfonr
said, would understand the impossibility of this.
Replying to questions relating to the
letters of Mr. B. F. Hawks-ley, counsel
or the Hritish South   Africa Company,
and other hitlers published hy thu Oor-1
respoudeuce  Beige,   tlm  Secretary of I
Statu for   the   Colonies, Mr. Chamber-1, ,    ,, _
lain admitted tbut those of which he I l
had personal knowledge wera published substantially correct. The letters
hud heen, ho added, stolen Irom Mr.
Ilawksley's ollice by a cleik who wns
summarily dismissed in 1887. Mr.
Chamberlain further declared that lie
was only aware of tlm existence of
tbe letters a few days before they were
Sir Charles Dilke, advanced Radical
member for the Forest of Dean division of Gloucestershire, resumed tbe
debate on Lord Edmund ViizMaurice's
amendment to the address tn reply to
the Speech from the Tbioin. He said
he thought no onn could deny tbat the
result had been to kill tho belief of
the world in Great Britain's ability to
conduct a wur. "My country's military reputation,'' be added, "was
never lower, and even now tbo Government failed to grasp the serious-
niss of the wnr."
Mr. George Wyudham, Parliament.
my beoretary lor tbo War Office, wbo
followed, admitted tbe War Otllce hail
Out been unimpeachable, hut he argued
ihat Hie Government had done iis
be-d considering the limitations of tbe
military system aud welcomed criticism, us tbe country would (.bus lie
cnsilncd to luin tn best account thu
tide of patriotism linn Ihe lessons ol
the war. ll the (jtc el'mncin bad done
wrong he continued, it bud done il
wiili right motives Ihe caioiiial
paints in the campaign, were, m-i a i
desire to give diploiuncy a (bailee; second, the tl.fis nn uf General Buller
to relieve Lnilysinitb. ll must not be
supposed Unit be ci it ici/.cd General
Hnller's decision. Genernl Hulb r was:,
ou the spot uuil could doubtless �� J' "
plum his action It v.asejsy to con
cejve other disasters which might have
Occurred along another line of ndvitiice,
The) might have bad a un.versil li-e
of tbe   (jape   Dutch.      Mr     -A . unburn
again deplored tne amendment  which
he assarted would   be   "inisiiiideistni d
by the continental critics,   by our fellow   suhjocts   ill   Natal,    uud   by   our
kinsmen in America, who are   watch
ing the   vicissitudes of    the struggle.
As regards   the toices   engaged, M
Wyiidhani said,    that exclusive   ol lbe
I'.iu'hth division and tbe Fourth Cavalry Brigade, t_r.nl   Britain had 149. ���
nun foot ami artillery, 8,700 cavalry, lill
-i.gc guns. IIS naval gnus, 8-   Ibiwit/.
"atlnpr adequate measures rn bring tin.
war to a successful issue nnd to pro-
led the country against any complications that might arise." The debate
was then adjourned.
The gossip in the lobbies tonight indicates a belief that Sir Henry Damp-
bell-Bannerman's support of the
amendment to the address hns lauded
him in n tight place. The amendment, ns a party movn to unite all
sections of Liberals, has failed. It-
has only resulted in rally ing the snn-
porteis of tbe Government who bad
been considerably embarrassed by criticisms even on their own side. Moreover, the followers nf Lord Rosebery
will probably bo even larger than ns-
nal, It is felt that the Liberals have
been trying to make capital out of the
ciisis, an attempt which is utterly
out of touch with tbe real feeling of
the country.
Loudon, Feb. 1.���Iu the House of
Lords today tho Secretary of State for
War, the Marquis of Lansdownn said
hu desired in formally announce that
General Sir William Francis Hutlur,resigned command of the British forces
in Snnth Africa because of a political
divergence of opinion with Sir Alfred
Milner, the British High Commissioner und Governor of Cape Colony,which
was so great thill hu concluded his
command of the forces In South Africa
would become a source ol emiinrrnss-
ment to the High Commissioner.
rouir's Death.
(Special Dispatoh to The Miner, i
Victoria,    B.    ('.,   Feb. 1. ���But   for
the death of  Alexander   Dnnsmuir in
New York   today,    there    might   have
been an all night sitting of the Legislature, The second reading Of the de
bate ou lbe Coal Mines Regulation Hill
was continued Ibis afternoon by Mc
Phillips, who spoke foi about tWO
hours. He concluded by moving nu
amendment, half a column in length.
with twelve whereases, tho effeot of
which would be to rob the bill of the
provisions directed against Mongol
inns.    Turner seconded it.    Joe Martin
did not favor the amendment, bul hn
had   two   objections   to   urge   to   the
pivotal clause, three amendments to
which   the  Governmenl   proposes   to
make iu committee.
His minor  objection   was  that  the
clause proposed that miners must bn
able to read the rule "to the satisfaction   ot    the     Inspector."    Thai   wa-
placing arbitrary power in 'be bands
nf a  servant   ..i'  ihe Government   It
was ino-t vicious legislation be said.
Uii major   otjention   was   Hint  the
clause would exclude mill.us ot 01 be)
nut,Oil- besides ('linn sc uml    Jnballc-c.
He wanted tn keep Mongolians nut,
Inn there were large unmbeis of mn.
ers . i other nationalities  employed in
I the ( low  - N,'-l Coal mill, s v. In, will)Id
I lie effected, li was nul in the interest
nf the Governmenl in prrvldlng
Inguin-i Oriental labor, to take tbe
lohnnoM oi k,.|inig these others unl  ul
the Province   He ken i nlnrtod the
debate, and at n o'clock moved an ad-
The Government,  however,   nodded
io favor ot a   night   session.    Prentice
culled attention  to   Ai-\un""i   Duii--
niuir's deiitti ini'l   -aid ii- Hi.- whole OI
tim fJunsinnli Inteiests wereoonosrued
in the bin ii would i>e wise nnd oonrl
eons to adjonrn, McKo boie ngteed
under the circumstances snd Ibl llnuse
Spearmen's   Cnuip,    Natal. Tuesday,
Jun   III ���There is an   Optimistic   I'' I
ing in the   ranks Hint the   troops   ui"
coolblenl, of   ultimatn   success.    Great
eiithnsinsni was ai'ousud by Ihn Ojiccn's   |,.,,
message, and General  Bnllet'asp b.   Minto,   There was the usual m mary
expressing    admiration   (nr   Genernl display,   an   Bsootl    from    ��,no�����
Warren's and General Olery'i divisions Louise's Dragoon Guards, reww
-   ing His Excellency to Parllaiueiit. ami
limn  was forinalh opened   this   after n hv ibctiovcii.ni General, Lard
((iniiiui.'.i nn fourth rune.
Ottawa. Feb.  '.���Lieutenant-Colonel
Steele Is going to be presented with a
testimonial by bis ndmiteri in Ottawa
before be leaves   with   tho   Strathcona
Colonel DomVille has   lost   in   time
in ilircoling bis   attention   to   General
Million.     He gives notice   tonight of u
question which   he intends putting   to
('onlliiui'il i,n fourth I'nge.
Toronto, Feb. i.���A special from
Washington say- the British Ambasss
dnr bus handed Secretary Hay   an  in
swer (in behalf of Oiuisiii   ', nn   Siltstt.
of  Mow Orleans, to the nhsrge formulated by s. nni..r  Mason, that he bad
i Mason, nnd
t the   hitter
Mr, Van Blttari make   in sxplleil di
nml   of   the stiiieiiients  attributed tn
Iiiiii iu lin- interview
jers, u4 batteries of horse  artillery, and   Haid Improper things al
j;ii   field  guns,  while  the combined I the pro-Boer expression
forces of the two Republics  were est!
I muted In ls0's at 69,000 men.
The Parliamentary Beoretary of the
War Ollice also said he   would have to
ask the Bouse for large financial
means, In order that the war might be
brought   to  the only   possible oonoln-
Islon, and that the system of Home .1,
t.uee be put on a   sound   footing     Sir
Edward  Grey,   Liberal   member   fi
New Haven, ' lonn . Fob i - The
condition of Hon ltd ward .1 Phelps
was unchanged this morning Tin
pneumonia   hns disappeared,   bnl  thi
, Berwlck-on Tweed, snitl be riicngnized Iseven- illnes- hn- left Mr    I'help-  u,   .,
j that the Speech of Mr. Wvmlhnm   was I ver* weak cnmlitinn
He Says He Will
Within a W
Thi  Usual Lack of News f
Was iii Evidence Yent-n
General are Oouve
]...ndon, Jnn. ill.���Tli
correspondent of The Dail
graphing yesterday,    say
Hnller .yesterday (Morula
rnllowiug messnue from tl
Sir diaries Warren's for
express my admiration o
daring the nasi trying v
ally of those regiments
nnd of tbe iiccomiilisliiiien
iln..us inarch.'
"Genernl Buller told 1
they ought not tn think
had retired from their pos
their work wns of no nv
..intrniy. in his opinion
gained the key of thu i
Kinith, in which he hope,
i n a week.''
London,   Jau.   110. ��� [2:i
There Is almost  n cotnplei
news from "British sourci
\tricn ii]. tn this houi
reliable dispatoh of any i
ii confirmation of the repo'
era Kelly Keiiney. comma
Sixth Division, has ocenpi
tion about nnd war betw
I'r.'iich at Rensbng, nnd I
acre, al StekatTOm. Froir
dednoted that a juncture
foroes is being made, pi
the beginning of plan of
Hloemfontein. The despati
etorin. dated Satordsy,
gives the Boer version of I
lein r.-i'i'iiiidissaiice tefen
.li-patch of January .N,
Hritish logsos were two
and ten woouded. The
Press learns thnt Genera
brigade is still in its ..rig
at Fotgieter s Drift, st
part of General Buller's
still north of the Tugela R:
Mew iuik. Jan.HO.���Pof
alias t,. otter his   gocd   uHl
abont a truce   between   Gr
in, I tbe   Transvaal    Rspnt
cable to The World from R
lias so notified   tlie Queen
who asked bin to nse   his
this   direction.    The    Pa
that no   war has caused hi
l Itteroess of mind ns   the
lw.en   England   and   the
says:    -This war   is   inspi
by ideals nf   civilization n
national   interests.    I   can
but pray f'.r the dead. "
London, Jan. HO ���A dil
Durban says : A refugee,
rived hen from Jobannest
tbe destruction of the Boe
tory nt thnt place on Janus
���li --. ni- added, is Impel
New Vurk. Jun. 30. ���U
served under Genernl Whit
s ivs n Lntidon cable to The
elaie that lbe ' I'uiuiaiidtr c
-miili   garrison   will   mat
effort and al any cost, to ct
out, if he suspects   that   f
surrender is about to reach
���rury experts nre inclined _���
ie  British   nt   Ladysmith
.els,  in   Kimberley,    and
River, will   be  left tn wo
ilvation and hold as
as possible, while  the  Cap
Bents ure moving   tov
���ml French'l position.
Pretoria, Satordny, Jan.
patch from   Colesbuig,    Ca
-ays Commandant Delnrry
i; large   body   of   British
Thursday, Jnnmiry   16,   ai:
them, i .losing the British i
'������r suil.'ring   severe    |..ss,
.'asnalties   were     two     m
m traded. Oeneral Otrob]
heavy fighting since day
British in _i,ut Faroe ��nd(
mrroonrl the Bon position
jchoeman basteoed to tho
f Oeneral  Qrobler.   Qant
returned this evening
'-   tbi    British   were   re
tbi   B . rs maintained
The   Boer   |o��< wns
tly and one man   sever
..I     The British loss is nut
racst bavt ��� sea heavy    Tbi
' i.innnie-.    The     ol
��� reported .(tiiet.
Kimberley,   Friday,   Jan.
sle hrui'iar'tnient, wh
all da;    v, ilerday,  was   res
���morning,   The  B.-rs  sent
Into all   parts   of   Kiiiihcil
viral casuiiltiea,     A
ploded oloas to a   hearse,   v
ni- to the cemetery ���
Nolson Daily Minei
rnlillpOed I.nily except -MoDilny.
N_uomHi..sb l'nisri.Nd & i'1'iii.isiiixu r. .
fl   ���   BEATON, Editorand Manager,
Ii .ily per im.nl h bj. can'er 8    '-���
per hint year   :i 51,
per j_fr    7 00
per y.nr by mull     '.Ol'
porrt'-.i' forul���n    .��'
Nkl_on Wbbkit .Ml.NKR.
Weekly, pf r hall yoar 11 ?o
p, r roar    J00
porye-ir, foreign    ISO
-uh-crlp���on, tuvariably In advanaa
��� -Uiin Min :rPrinting&PubllshingCo
Telephone   No.   144.
Ictimatiou hm been made hy the Attorney-General tnat the grosaei feature
of the Coal Mine- Regulation Bill will
be dressed down iu tbe Committee
stage. The Bill is so evidently directed against the Chinese tbat not even a
pretence at concealment i- made, but
to reach them it is thought to be tie-
cssary to make tbe ednqation test goners! in its application, It is proposed
t,. get over the difficulty in the exclusion of white laborers by giving min
iug inspectors discretionary powers.
Through the txeici f these, illiterate whites may be allowed to escape
tbe prohibition that will be tigidly enforced against the Chinese.
The Legislature will make a grave
mistake, however, if it settles down
to the oonriotion that ihi- will end
the matter. The Chinese may be a must
undesirable class, of whom it would
be a fortunate thing if the Province
nns well rid. As to that thcr- may
1*, and are, differences ol opinion.
Bnt undesirable or uo'., 11 is
donbtful in the extreme if the Provincial autbotity can do anything against
them indirectly that it may not d.i directly.    Tbe   Judicial    Commit! f
tha Imperial Privy Council have al-
reaoy decided that tbe British I'nlnm
hia Legislature -anniit exclude th.111 01
weigh them down with disabilities
by direct legislation. Their Lord-
ships have held that the Parliament ol
the Dominion "is invested with exclusive authority 111 all matters which directly concern the right-, privileges.
and disabilities of the ulaas of Chinaman whn ar.- resident In the Pmv
iuces of Canada." It i- beyond tbe
p..wer of the Provinoe, therefore, to
directly interfere with these people
Let ns see what may not be done in
directly Iu au able letter t.. Tie- Victoria Colonist. Mr. Oasaidy calls to
mind another judgment of the Privy
Council, rendered as late as Jnly
last, in the case. Mail.lcn >-. Nelson S
Kurt Bbeppard Railway Company.
The Province cannot legislate in r.-
spect ti railways that have bren declared for the general advantage I
Canada ; but although It conld not order this Company to fence their line,
it presumed to hold them responsible
for injuries that might recall by reason of tbe line nnt being fenced. __
cane arose that ultimately _. nt n, the
Privy Council,which held that lbe legislation  Was llllll    Tins,     I'll    the  Well
known principle thnt "you oannot
do that indirectly which yon are pro
hibiled from doing directly.' The
Legislature cannot directly imis.se .liabilities on the Chinese; it Is indi
rectly seeking to do it by Imposing an
education test: is it not plain that it
is exceeding its authority, and 1-
merely preparing future tti iible and
expense to set aside its legislation?
Hxtmordinan ouve.nairy.wa all know
that ii,  dauds convicted ont if his own
month of pa] on I b itnbryo
politicians ol Mi ntn al me 1 1 the most
monstrous gonsebenies of the season.
But we are bound to admire the fertility ol bis invention.
1900 1900 *t�� i-> /*���*-
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m,.^:iv-l;::'.K NELSON, B. C.
Or to FKBGC880N ,v Chokts, Vancouvei
At Nanaimo the other niiiht Mr.
Ralph i-inith laid he "wai Randlofl bj
the pre^pnt (..ivernnipiii baosoM in
nontrarlistinctinn to Tnni.risiii it wa-
the best (jiovernment lie- cuiimrv ev.-r
had." It Ii probable tbat Mr. Pmlth
diil better than this, anil thai In.
meaning is ol.M-nreil l.y veiy liml r.
portiiiK. If thi* in the he-t fiin.in
ment the coontrv ever lnnl, tin fu,i ||
no' ifftoMd . in- w��y or tbe other by
(.uttiin! it "111 . "Iltra-.li'lilnlieli 11,
Tnrnerism. *' Hut thnt i* a small
affnir Whal we 00mplain ,.( in that
Mr. Smith did nut give :.n Intelligible
eipUnati.in i.f tin- awful Tunnrism,
that can "lily ht nicntinn.-.l with Lat.il
Lreeth and blanehi il face He evi-
dently "hoddereil as the listed word as<
caped him.sml in thin he , am, an Deal
io an explaiiHlinn nf what it Is IS It
���MB! |HM-ihle to get fr.cn ,uiv Minis-
tsriali.it Thi"-. brief lOU-bei hut
serre ti, (.-ive 11 j.iiiiifiil c,l_.' to one's
curiosity ____^__^__
Mr. Tnrte ii< a man nl vv.mrl. rfnl re-
source*. He <-:ui gl*ra Jroo as mniiv
real and only nasoOS lor opposing   th��
sendinn "f the Canadian oontingenl as
Uiaic are varieties of indlences. The
Iste-t real and nnlv rca��on    wa-   1_iv.11
to wime yonng Liberals ol   Montreal,
and wa�� to the .���".. 1 that thi Colonial
Beoretary had Issued  olrcnlar  mvita
tlOIlS to the cilli.T Colonies to cum,'
OVPt snd help, lmt   hn.l   *iikIii.:I t'nn
ada of eour��e this lonohed Mr.Tarte 1
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SwysotipllBB, a portion of which
,,,,,' h..'ini! nrtlt-rod in Nelson.
As Btnted in  The Miner  Borne t uno
',' I* ffas gsnerally exi-eoted that the
nontranl  would   be awarded nn it  Iuih
,n   ,������| lnn nnlversal ootumfltit of
ih���'iinal contractors was, "I told you
��," Ufssrs, Btnait _. Welch, the
.g'coouifn] bidders, represent the inn
miiwa** routrnnilog firm of Fob-y &
Luwn, ��i St. Pa"!'  It ia ptobnhle tln.t
' ,.,| biiI ���'������ nt.act- will b ie . mm
jh.iooul "eu   liiifiid   10  have u nu   t
f\v lim 1 a- hta'.i dually li ciite.i 11 "
surveyed f.,r a distanoe ol nine miles
from Bnllour to here, and lhe Hiirvey-
ms _re working In tins direction.
Tho construction work will probably
lm In-tin from tlm Balfonr end. though
there ig little donht bnt that gangs of
men will he plnoed at Intervale along
tl,,, mote, (htiH assuring its quink
completion. It is evident from the
tm that the pnrohase of supplies has
begun already '.lmt work will be
started nl nnoo. All this going on at
priii'liciillv tho ilnnrs of Nelson, nan not
f_j| tn I... nf iii-eut ' enelit to the town.
ev.'ii lli'.ncli the advantages reaped will
mitli, bo great us they would have
been lnnl a local Arm secured tho oon.
Lacrosse Team   Easily   the Win-
iiims in the Opening (jump.
Tho swift teiim pluv Of lhe l.uirosse-
Hockey team lust night earned for
them an easy viotory over tho Nelson
team In the opening game of the hoc-
ki.y lesson played In the skating rink
latl iiiunt. The luck of ice nnd the
conseqnent link: of practice of both
team, had an Inipnrtaut effeot in the
gams, which wns not ns switr and
clean aa ii might otherwise bave been.
Tin n  ahnwed that thev   needed to
get their skating legs on before they
oonld do their best, and as the Beason
grows older there is no doubt hnt that
Nelson will witness some excellent
home games. The teams meet, again
tomorrow night in the rink and an
interesting game may he anticipated.
The Isorossw buys' forward line played
excellent bookey, nnd at timeR tholr
nombiuQiinu work was very pretty.
They ate a quartette tbat would uti-
dntihti'.lh linId their own with any
rush Hue in the interior. The defense
phtyed 11 -ti'.niy reliable gnme Tom
lliinraii wns the bright and shilling
star uf the Nelson forwards, and was oontempl "flier
perhnps, the must consniooous Individ*
nni on lhe Ice, bnt he lacked the sup-
put; tbal brings success. Kiitliiirl'onl
played a lninl nnd sternly game and
when he gets his wind will be a decided help to the team. The defence
dirt well bnl Howden played back ten
lur nml forced Duncan on to the goal.
Sum Ni'i'iainiy made bis debut hetween
ths flags and ia a decided success. He
made many brilliant stops and the
eight shut< that passed him were by
no menus the only bard ones that poured in npon bim. The ieo was tar from
good and will require a great ileiil of
atentimi hefnre" it is lit for good
Noun plaved gnnl for tin. Laciosse
team, Archibald, point: Jeffs, covet
point, niul U'ltinnre, Qremley, Par-
tier and J Thompson, were forwards.
Neelands nruopied the Nel��on goal,
Duncan wns point, Hon den, cover:
T. Dnncan, hnthei ford, Hawkins and
K. Tbnmp<on, fnrwardB. W.W. Beaton
rafereed and b*1 tivnch and J. Zimmerman  wore umpires.
'X'hn directors of the Nelson Pnblio
Library met yestorday evening,
when a mirinvnl for tho benefit of
the library was suggested, a general
meeting will be culled at
An extra nf the llrilish Columbia
Guz.itte, published on Monday, runorcls
thn appointment of Aid. William Irvine nnd .1. a. Kiikpatiick, un members of the LicutiHn Commission for
The Gas & Coke Company have got
the roof on their generator house, and
will have the roof bn the engiui and
purifier bouse liy tomorrow night,
1'hey hope to lie in a position lo supply
gas in SO days.
The Australian Bpeoinlty Company
opens 11 two night's engagement ut, thi
Opera House tonight The entertainment promises to be 11 good one as several ol' the "turns" are said to be of a
high order.
Mining operations on the Birdseye
mine, on Morning Mouutain, have
been temporal il.v suspended, and the
entire crew oame down the hill yesterday. Tho men report that the property continues to look exceedingly   well.
Mr 0. D. McEenzie yesterday trans-
f I'l'ed the   I.a   Dura   fraction   lo  the
. -'iiig.-   1 ntlsh  Columbia  Rxpl rn-
1011 byudlru e.    The clan,, is sitiiioeit
on   the  norib   fork    of  me    Bultnon
Kiv. r, which belongs to the same ��yu-
The Cascade Water it Electric Light
0 Dm pony hns let a rontraot fi.r driving a 400-foot tunnel to Oley Oleson,
and also a contract for making an
..pin cut, necessitating the removal nf
.0,000 enliic vnrils of rock, to Simon
Mr. A ,1. Murks anived from Spn-
knne yosterday. Ho reports thai there
is considerable indignation in Spokane
at the way the authorities are dealing
with the smallpox epidemic there, in
some   quarters   it   is   even said that n
general quarantine of the whole city of
Spokane will have to 'in resorted to.
John Putersou, committed for stealing a watch at, Kaslo, nnd .lames
MaoGregor, 00mmilted for robbing
Hyde & TltBWOrth's sale,were brought
before Judge Forin yesterday to elect
as to the manner  of their trial.   They
both chose a speedy trial and pleaded
guilty. They were sentenced to three
month's imprisonment apiece.
A scratch curling gnmc. the first of
the season, took place yesterday evening ut the rink, and resulted iu a vie
lory fnr Tiimhlvn's link liv HI ro 7.
The iee was fair, lmt rather rough.
The teams were, .lames Lawrence, I'.
Lament. .1. 11. Wallace, F. Timililvn
(skip), .md T Lillie, B, Walley, A
Carrie, nml .1. Rae (skip). The match
hetween the president and viye-presi-
dent will start tomorrow,
Mr. U. E. Kingswell. who hns been
testing the ore of thi Granite mines,
with a view to its adaptability to
treatment hy the cyanide process, has
completed his tests, and came into
town yesterday. Ho reports that the
tests of the Granite ore were eminently satisfactory, bnt thai the Pnor-
iiiau ore did not turn ont so well, owing to the presence of copper in the
Familiarity doesn't always breed
a familial ity between merchants and their customers
which bieeds confidence and brings
prntits to the former, The reciprocal
feeling is engendered and promoted by
oareful nnd continuous advertising.
When n merchant's name has become
a household word his success in business in assured All this and much
more can be achieved by placing   your
announcements iit The Miner.
: >**+**0*r>0V**V<fi0V**^\*+/0^ i0V**>r>��,^*00**tfWWW*S+/+'ir>r>+0
Are you going to the
will probably need a pairoi
Kink?     If   SO   yOll
Slotting Shoes,
And can St
if you will
mid   have
pply your needs on
come early. Hring
them   pui   on  free
shori notice,
your Skates
of   charge,
There is a Clearing Out Sale o
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
Nelson Opera House
! Ross, Lee St Taylor I
_ \A;^./.-,;..   ___+_.__��__    I__��__c_nri
Friday and  Saturday Evening-,,
February _ arid 3,
Matinee at 3:30 _ntur_,.y~A.terno_n
iGreatest Novelty Act in the World
Victoria Street, Nelson,
(Opposite the Postoffice);
Correspondence Solicited.
3    Nights Only    3
ti Monday, February 5
The Premier Colored Oi^un-
ization of America, in
! 15 Leafling: Colorefl Artists
11 te
$�����������������������������������,..�����,.���. +++++++��+���+++++.M.+ .. ��������������������������. ������.-�����.������
Dr. H   I,.
paying n vil
The Imi r.
Gas \\ iirks.
A.    Killur,
,t tu Nelson,
uf   yiuir,   is
ar nf machinery lor the
onntnillinR connections uuil
purifiers, will nrrl-e nt the works to-
Tin. stciiiiiT Nolson took tlio Movie's
nut last night, the latter vi-hhhI tikiim
ii day's 1 iv off lu  effeot a few   trifling
Mr. T. Henderson, train despatoher
��l ths 0, P Ii rtepot here, leiive-i this
morning (or �� month's bolidiiy  viait
tO till' OonBt.
Tin. sis ers of St. Joseph nf Ponce
iiiiii.iiiu.'.i ilm their si'iuiol will be
ri'ii'iv tot iln' reoeption of pupils on
Miiiiiiay next
.1 in ti,-_ Sullivan nn.l Tliiiiuns (iiillliiill
were oomtnltterl for trial yesterday, liy
''���'!    Magistrate    Grease,   on'  the
filing., of burglary.
Mr. Prank
-I  till,     jlltli.ii       nu,:- i   :     i i n      ,i	
Eiiiuiy & \Yiilli..v,\viis married ou Wed
iifsilnv evenlug to Miss Dorothy James
lill nit.
Dnring tbe month of January   there
Were 91*. visitors to the  rending room,
lurm'Rt alt. iidanei! on rooord     Dur-
E. C. Kinsswell. G. B. Winters,
Nelson; M. J, Nicholson, Silverton;
H. J, Wilson, Birdseye miue.
P. A. Dun forth, of LttUrniiRe, Ga.,
goffered intensely for six months with
a t ri u li rt ii 1 rn im i n _r sore ou his leu hnt
writes that Bnnklen'B Arnica Salve
wholly enroll it in ten days. For Ulcers Wounds. Burns Boils, Pain nr
Piles it's the host salve in the world.
Cure guaranteed. Duly 2n cents. Sold
by Canada Drug & Bunk stnro.
Was the result of his splendid health.
Indomitable villi iud tremendous en-
en_y are not found where Stomach,
liver. Kidneys and Bezels are out
of order. If you want these qualities
nnd the suicess thev brine use Dr
King's New Life Pills. They develop
every power of brain and lindy. Only
2ii cents at Canada Drag & Bunk
Herbert   Walley, brother
nior her   of tlie llim of
ItiK the   (iiiiiii.
lout nut.
period   'liifi books   were
Persons wishing to purchase
a very fine Watch ure cordially invited to visit PATENAUDE Bros', establishment. Watches of all the
best Swiss and American
manufactures are represented.
Expert Watch Repairing a Specialty
Pretty Girls.
Having Ins.. roturnoil from lhe Eastorn Markoto, whore 1 have boon.PHrohssliig
Spring Gobd- which nre now in transit to Nolson, and to mako room for the samo, wo
wll for ih.- next ton days do awaj with tho ordinary proili Mid sell goods at 10 pel
I'Viimiv,,,,,',!,,, 'vi,,,i,>i.l,''o,.s.,ihi.'ii, peroonl beog Jus  sufflolont io PWfrelKh
oharges,   This is un oppor ly not often presenter to the publio,   Horo are a row
sinniili' prices:
[The Black Bostonian
_ Quartette.
srculcnn  Equilibrist;   $5,000
produce his equal,    A puzzle to  the medical profession.
Champion of Them All
Europc'i* Marvn.lo.i**- Promlor Ju-Kgtor and
AnM'i-irii--iir.*i_test Ragtime ArttflU*.
I Hon- TBE    McCLEARYS   -Viola
Promlor Coincfly MubIcaI Wonders.
The Wondorof tho 19th Century
���IThe Coontown 400
lire..- Qoods,' regular piico 65o, salo prlco.,	
Dross t!o...K ir. Him- pi'leo |1, sale prloe	
Dress Uo.i.ls. regular price tl 50, salo prlco	
Rlnok (Irapon, regular price $2.80, salo prloe	
BlaokOropon,regular prlco SHOO,sale Prioe...... ���-��� ���
lila.-lc Ivan ile so..' i-'ilm. regulsrprico 81.50, Bale prior.
Uiu, k Satin, I'.'-ul.ir prlco 11.80, salo prloe....
Prints, roguiar prlco u<-. -ale prlco  - ������     	
Ijlilic. Silk Itloilrt B, ivgulnr prii'o SS. sale price 	
Ladles' Vol i el mouses, rogular price $.'.. sale price	
K.iiey i im inn Kiani a'. regular prlco I3_c, sale price	
l-nili.'s' Kloctric Seal Coats, at	
A tow LnilUs'Jackots and Capes	
Jubilee Singers,
And it   Host  of Other Specialti
Matinee Saturday Afternoon.
Admission    so  and   75  Cents.
il! The Eveut of the Season!1 Mining stocks
r.rov lllaoki'ls, rognlar price tl. siih' price ...
Men's Tweed -ni s, rogu ar pr .'o SI', sale prloo.
Mon's Sorgo Suits, rogulai prlco ��I2. sale p Joe ..
Men's Ovurooats regulnr price, |12, sale prloo...
Men's Uistei-H, r gulai p Ice 18, salo prloo	
..at loss limn cost
.  tll.1'0
. *;..-iii
. 17.60
Admission   50c,   75c,  and  $1
' Dongola Hm ton Boots
' Doiig..lii l.u .'.1 Boots.
' .\luski Overshoes	
. $i.r>
Bought and Sold.
5000 Bii; Horn Treasury. A snap.
IOOO  Noonday    600 Richelieu
Referendum Tronsurv Stock.    Hnl.l
nil installments 7'..0., O110 tliinl rlnwn.
House and  Lot in
tion of town, $3500.
business poi
Patenaude Bros
The Minor lms roooivod an Inter.St*
inn letter from its correspondent with
tho itisi c nipiuin aontlngenti writ-
i'ii fruin Belmont Chmp, It. will up-
pi'iii' in tomorrow's Issue.
Mrs .1. Rniinriok Robertson wishes
to noknowledge wi*h thanks, the re
oelpi nf gooka fnr tlio soldiers In tinuth
Afrioa, Irom Mrs. Captain Dnnoan,
Mr. Martin O'Riellv and Mr. Vi&\ Ir-
Messrs, Qoorge Tunstiiii, J, Slierrnn
��yd R, E, Lemon, bave sold their half
jjj the smelter lint above Truil to the
I1 K. Siitno yours ii|io the owners
oeedetl the other half to the C. P. R.
o'Viiii: mil the   hiilnuoo. uiiKiniitui-   to
-05 iiii..,', j,, intn. Tho exaot amount
of tbe uonslderation ih withheld, but
>' amounted to several thousands of
The deal wns engineered by
U. Procter.
Mr. T,'
Atlantic Si S. Lines
Krom Portland, Mo.
Allan Lino "Parisian*1 \',''\' "'
Allan l.lne "Nunildiai,"    '.','���,-
Dominion lino  "VancOIIVOf  ,,',.',
Dominion Lino "Dominion ;��� -.""'l'!' .,
Krom St, John, V B.
Boavor Mn.' "Montroso" J"oh ,
lloaver Uno "Ariiwa"    KOD. 11
I.'l'oin lloslon
Iionii.iion Uno "New KnKland"......   Koh, II
Krom New York
t:iiiinril Lino "l.iicunln" Foo 10
I'uiilll'il Uno "Ktrurla" I'.'1'' IJ
VI hiLc Slur Uno   "tloi'iniuiio" .J'!'"-,',
White Sliir l.lin. "Oceanic" Kpb. SI
Anchor Une "Astoria"  foi   ,
nicrlonn Uno "Now York"   "!*.' '���
llml Stnr Uno "Kcn-lnglnn'    Feb It
North Oonniin Uoy.l "l.uhn" -Fob.SO
Allan State Line "State of NchriiHka .March I
Passages Brranged to and from all Bnropean
polnta. Kor mlos. tlckotB and full Infcrnnil ion
imply loC.P. It, depot agent or tl K. Boasloy,
(Jlty Pissongei Agont. Nolnon, H.I'
Qonoral Agent. C P. R. Offloes  Winnipeg
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Roysland. Trail. Nelson. Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have carefu? and prompt attention.
The N elson ElectricTram way Co. Ltd.
Laree number Choice Building Lots adjacent lo the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the ollice of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner oi
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Fraternity Hall I REISTERER & CO.,
��'��r liiiKcr .V KoolenW ������������
onn be rented for Concerts, It
Dan-es. Banquets aod every kind of rn-
���r in in in- Good ante-rooms, cloak
room." Kltchon and dining room fur-
nlahad.    For tormpply
m. E, O. ARTHUR City.
13th Feb. to Feb. 17th
Agents and l'i rskrs Rev-
elstoke and South, Fernie
and Wisi Sell Tickets Feb.
12th, i;,ili, 14th, 15th and
16th, limiting going portion
to   dale  of  sale,   and   return
portion  good to leave   Rossland   up  to   February   18th.
Nelson, B.C.i Inn. .Mitli. i'i..-1.
House  ami  l<it   i'.t will'   close
businesk part of city.   Prloe 92,0
i'Al.1. ON
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and   Letters of Credit
1 on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
|C., and Dawson City, Yukon
1 District.
Young Men, Become
Own Assayers-
11 i'i
mnn thi. will uutch pou AjMijrlng tot
lOom, Sllvor. Copper.   Thin dopartmen) i- in
ohunra  nf   I'mi.  But or,   llnimr (iiinliiute  nf
MrOI-l I iiivrr-llj
i.ivi and loam In . choapor tliaii fou mow
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer nnil Poller.
Drop  in  and see  tm.
Il.,iir,l  un.I   In, ni
l\v.'iil\ -l\ ,li,Unr. pi
all    I,a
B. O.
Kor rutr., nml full iDformntloti addroM soar     WrilouTUi
' ost louil ,���.��, ni. or
C  K. hkasi.ky  riiy Pauongst A-OIU    ReV.J.W.S
It, W. DIUBW, ASOIH, Nrlrwn
, VV. K. AN1IKI180N, K. J.eoVIK.
Trav. Paw. Ancnt,       A  (1. P. A�����i.i,      ,    All ola*_u ol Icihhiiik ni.i> !����� hiul in thi-,.
| Ntl.rn. Vaaoco.ir I he only Collcvo of 111 Mud In ih, W,.i.<
He Says He Will
Within a W
The Usual Lack of News f
Waa in Evidence YubWi
Generals are Oouvo
London, Jnn, 111.���lb
correspondent of The Daii
graphing yesterday,    say
Buller yesterday (Mouda
following message from t)
bir Charles Warren's for
express my admiration o
timing the past trying v
ally of those regiments
and of the iiocouiplishmon
diioiis march.'
"General Bnller told l
they ought not to think
lunl retired from their pos
their work wns of no av
contrary, in his opinion*
gained tho key of the t
smith, in which be hope.
In a week."
London,   Jan.   80.���(-ii
Tbere la almost n complet
news from 'British sourci
Virion np to this bout
reliable dispatoh of nny i
a confirmation oi tlio repo
era Kelly Kenney. comma
Sixth Division, hns occopi
tion abont midway bet iv
French ut Kensbug, and I
acre, al Stekstiom. F'roir
deducted that a jnnotnre
force- is being made, pi
the beginning of plan of
Hloemfontein. The despnti
etorla, dntod Sntnrdny,
give- the Boer version of l
uiu reconnalssauoe  refen
.li-patoh of Jauuary 2H,
Hritish losses were two
and ten wounded. The
I'nss learns thnt, Genorn
brigade is -lill in its orld
ut Polgicter s Drift, sir
pari nt (l.'iieral Buller's
till mirth of the Tugela R;
New V.nk, Jan.lit).���Poj
a I he to oiler bis   gocd   oftl
nbonl n trace  between  (ii
nni the   Tiiuisvniil   Keput
cable to The World from R
has -.1 nntiti.d   the Queen
who asked him to use   his
this   direction.    The    Po
thnt no   war hns caused hi
bitterness ot mind as   the
1 ween   lOnglaud  and  the
says      "This war  is inspi
by ideal- of   civilization n
national   interests.    I  can
bnt pray for the dead. "
London, Jan. no ���A dii
Durban says: A refugee,
rived here from .Tohnnnest
the destruction of the Hoe
tory ni that plaoe on Jural
���lon, it i- added,  is irrepar
.N.u York, Jan. UO. ���O
���erved under Genernl Whit
-a>- a London cable to The
dare that ihe commander t
-mitli   garrison   will   mat
' ' ft and at any cost, to ci
0111. if he suspects   that   t
surrender Is nbout to reach
nary experts nre inclined t
ic  British   at   Ladysmith
..'.���In.  in   Kimberley,   and
Itiv.r. will   bo   left to wc
��� cvii salvation and bold as
i- posi ible, while   the  Cnp
oroements are moving   tov
���rnl French's position.
Pretoria   Saturday. .Ian.
; ai dt from   Cnlesbuig,    ('��
inyi Commandant Delarry
ij largo   body    nf   British
Thursday, Jannnry   15,   in
In in. ' .inning the British  I
nil,ring   severe   lost
Casualties   were      two     m
���rounded.   General    Grnbl
'envy fighting since day
Hriti-h in gnat force endi
���nrr.iimd the Huer position
-.lineman hastened to the
f (lencral (irobler, (!eii<
nan i-turm-l this evening
thnt the British wero re
that the H.s.rs maintained
The Hoer loss wns
-lightly and one man sever
"I lie British loss is nut
must hnve been heavy Th.
ment continues. The nt
fi t . - an reported o,niet.
Kimberley,   Friday,  Jan
lk iiibai'dment, wl.
all dm   yesterday, was m
rn. ruing    'ilm   Boers  -cut
Into  all   parts   of   Kimberl
viral casualties.    A
to  a   benrse,   v
nng to thn cemetery a
Men   as    Police   uml
Viotolra, B. ('., Feb. I ���Tim mil-
cial Gasette contains notice of the foi-
lowing appointments as Polioe Commissioners: Columbia, lv Leonard
Beer, Joseph H Stmrnd; Grand Porks,
W. li. Davy, Hugh B. Oanuon; Green
wood, James Sutherland, C. .1- MoAr-
tbtu;   Kuiiihi.ips,   (*.   Monro,   A    .1
Taylor;    Ku-lo,   .1.   0.  Mootu,    l'i.    F.
stiipheiisoti; Nanaimo, W Mansnii,
Thomas O'Ooiiool; Nelson, VV, J, Wil
son, K.  A.    Urease;   Revclslcke, Tims,
Kilpatrick, Thomson, EC. L. Tayloi;
Rowland, John Olnte, Beotor MoPhet
son; Vernon. Alfred Curtis Oarew,
Frederick Hillings; Victoria, Alex
Stewart, John Bi.'iri.
Ltcensu Ooniniissiooars nre named ns
follows: Colombia, E. Leonard Beer,
.1. H Simard; Cumberland, 'I'. F.
Ni.'hnl, .Iniiii Robertson j 1'rnnil Porks,
w. H. Dsvey, Hugh Cannon i Green
wood, James Sutherland, c, ,1   McAr-
lliur; Kainloops. t'. Monro, A, ,1 Tay
lor; Kaslo, John Ii. Moore, I F
Slephelisoti ; NniialMin. Charles Hai ies,
W Trail Meddle. New Westmil!
si..r. j   m. McDonald, Arthnr Mnlinsi
Nelson. W. Irvine, .1. A. Kirkpaii ul. ;
Kevelstokn, W. Newman, W. K Nel
tie; Rossland, A. A, MoEensie, W.
F. McNeill; Vancouver, F r Stewart. Robert Martin; Vernon, Alfred
CurtisCarevr, Frederick Billings; Victoria, Alex Midwurt, .1. H Lovi 11 ;
Dew-dney, Hector Fcfgiisnn. nf Port
llnnev, nnd John Wren, of Mission
City '
N."v Justices in the Pence are
eph   k ii i, pal in-,   Johnson,   uml
Haptiste Henderson, und   .Tnines
-nu, all nf Grand Fork-
Tbe Notaries   Public   i;a/..|leil   ni'e;
Harry John Painter, oi Vancouver; W.
(ieo.  l'.ixioii. nf Atlin; Henrv c   Han
nington, of Grand Porks; John   David
Spcncc. of  Columbia;  Edgar  Bloom-
Held, of Vauconver ami Lister   Neville
South, of   Chilliwnck,     Angus   Cam
eron, of I lladstonc, and   Haul    Kocbu-
ssn. of Casoade, Justices of the Bene.',
to hold Small Debts' Courts for Casoade, uod within a radius ol ten miles
ii rn,,mil newspapers have bad time to
discover the otter lack ot relation existing between the feeling of 111.' people   nun   in,,  temper  ol  the mot -
ileiiinu-iiai, ii in Parliament. The ul-
tru-tniiii-irv organ, Tbe Globe, saidi
��� * l lu. iioiut <>f  the  Empire seems par-
nlyzed,   while   it-  extr Ities  are in
mil vigor.
llnW   I'n   TREAT  THU  PLAGUE,
Entire Chinese Quarter  Wa-  Borne.
iSpeeial Dispatch lo The Miner, i
Sun   Friincisco,    Feb.   1. ��� A'
in advices
receivud   hen   from Houi
Berlin, Feb. I.��� It i- Btrnngiy ru-
tiiiii'.ii iu Parliamentary circles thnt
tbe chief politioal objuol ol in Leyds
in visiting Finis, Berlin and St. Petersburg, i- tn induce Prance, Germany
mul Kusslu tu inlet (.ini it Great Britain should attempt to seise tiehigini
Hay.    Tho t on.-pendent of the   Asso-
elated   l'i,���   i,aiii-i   that   0 t   Von
Bnelow, has thus tar refused in give a
detinue promise, Ti ere hus been !
daily conferences between thu Emperor and Count Von Buelovv on the sub
Jed. German Colonial circles and the
Gerninn (ioverninent Itself, rogurd the
wnr n- distinct!) uniavoinble i.. Germany's Intrusts in Africa, No matter
how it inav end (lermauv will acquire
uncomfortable neighbors, eithei fanatical liners,   nr   presumptuous   Hritish.
More than this the feeling Is tbat In
<ie,iniiii Soutbw-ai   Africa,  where the
Boer element is Strong, but slumbering, ii formidable Boer movement is!
bound to I..* awakened, Germany,
therefore, would like peace undor conditions tbut would leave both belligerents weakened,   Generul Vou Bchwel- j
ling, ill the Lnkul An/eiger, snys:
"The Boers will, uml must, oontinue
the light until the military bankruptcy
nl ihe English in accomplished."
Ill  llllVll'I'H     ItiUOiVUd      lll'll      lllllll   llOll.i-
liilii. in un effort to stump out tbe
plagne, It wus decided to burn one of
ilu,  blocks iu  Chinatown,    Sua lire
was started nnd it gained such headway Hud the ilr. department could nul
control it Soon tne whole Chinese
quarter was in dames, und hnroly it
house was left standing in tbu district
A-ii result ol tin. in-triii lion of lie
Chinese quarter, six m- seven thousand people were rendered homeless,
un.I they uiu now liv ng iii touts,
'lim Ure destroyed III nl cks, buuuded
by   iviikui.    1,1111 eu    it I ver   and   NuuU
Streets, 'lbe must notable building
<nirinit was Ilm Auiunnkiipill, a prum-
iu.'iit landmark and the most ''tun
lot-table edifice of its kind ill Honolulu, li contained a large organ vol
tied at |8,000,
There   is  a   Clearing    OUl   Sale  ii)  Gei)ts*
Furnishings on al O'REILLY'S.
New Vork, Feb. I,���A dispatoh from
Zurich slates thai reports thai Monelik
is iirming, are untrue und (hut Hit.
Negus bus rejected   French   und    Bus-
sum request to attack the English trout
Iho rear.
storksiriiniu. Cape Colony. Feb- I.���
A rumor whn has niiived here brought
a letter fiom Alliwul North in whioh
it is annoonced that the Boers have
reopened  the line t,.   Borgbersdorp as
their supplies weie short Ut Strollllierg.
The plains being bare the camp of
the    Burghers,    it is   added, has   b <uii
moved   hack  of  Stormberg    heights,
which are still held.
Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. |,���In the
international houspiel, Oaundn wus
defeated by the United Btntos lust
night, in the contest known ns the
Walker Intermit niuii Event, bv a score
of IK to 14,
('oDtinuiMl From First Pago,
aud hoping they would reach Ladysmith in a week. Tlm natives persist
in asserting that (ienernl .loiihert was
ktlledZby a shell outside of l.iidysiniih.
London, Feb. I. ���St. James Theatre,
which wns entirely icmodnlled during
Mr. George Alexander's nbsencd from
lioiidnn, was ropened ibis afternoon,
with Anthony Hope's "Rupert of
Hantaan"  before the   most  brilliant
audience that, bus been seen there since
the out.Teak of the war.      The   Prince
| of Wales, with the   Uuke and Duchess
of Fife,   occupied tbe Royal   box,   and
General sir  Evelyn   Wood  ami other
otllcers were in the stalls. Before the
curtain rose Mine. Albimi sang the
National anthem, the audience joining wilb patriotic enthusiasm.
Loudon, Feb. I, ���-The announcement
ihat n llnu nf Cardiff coal shippers bus
contracted to supply foreign agents
with '1,0110,(11)0 tons ol steam coal for
shipment ubroud, bus   occasioned gen
nine uneasiness. The destination of
the fnel is not mentioned, but as cual
is exceptionally scarce io Germany,
Franco nnd Russia, it is probably going lo uno of these three countries.
The vital Interest which the question
has fnr Englninl will he understood
when it is realized thai Natal is depending nu us fnr coal lor the numerous transports that have gone to Durban because the Colonial coal fields
bave been closed since the war.    Some
of the newspapers advise the Government planing au emburgo on such
transactions 111 war time.
Tbe actual hows of South Africa is
of little interest. General Buller
maintains ailenoe as tn bis future
movements, but it is generally supposed he is maturing another attempt tn
reach Ladysmith
London, Feb. 1. ���Hear Admiral Lord
Charles Beresford started lor the continent this morning on bis way to
Mnltu, to take command of Ihn second
division of '-be Biitisb Mediterranean
London, Feb, I.���Tbe Shanghai correspondent of The Times says: "Emperor Kwiing Sn continues to issue
edicts in his own name. Nakiu and
Waobang offloials consider that his immediate retirement Is improliuble."
C. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
Continued from First Pago,
London, Feb. I.���The War Cilice hns
no news of (leneral Buller's movements ss reported by The St. Jinnee
Gazette, but the paper says it has no
reason to doubt the correctness of its
iiitiu nun i io, although it has nor yet
learned the exact position General Bnl
ier seized.
Loudon, Feb.    1���A    letter   appears
todnv fiom a   liiiimvi'i mn  officer, for. i ,  ������ ���
marly of the  Und  Herman  infantry, I _B_?_!_.,_��*_.h__,?,1,_le!
tint now among the mil I tan advisers
of the Boers, which says that nearly
lo.ooo trained, European soldiers, including quite BOO officers, are  among
tin-   Boers.     Referring tn   Ilm military
situation at Ladysmith,tbe officer says:
"Owing to the strength of onr posi
lion, on a allele of heights, like Sednn,
we .-ulin, ,| be brushed aside except by
a column oiit-numhering us tun to
one." Owing to tbe discovery that
cotton i,linki is  lnsulllcienl protection
for troops sleeping on   the South Afri
the Government as to whether attention hu-' been directed to an interview
given to t'le   Conservative press by iho
Major General Commanding, affecting
Lieut. Col. Sam Hughes. In this interview, Oeneral hutt.ui makes tbe extraordinary statement that Hughes
could not lie in bis light mind when
be wrote certain letters to the General
Commanding. Colonel Dom ville
wants to know if tlm Government has
done anything In the matter. At the
notice of a niii to
linen I the .Militia Act. the idea be
nig to bave a Canadian as the commanding officer in future.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows:
.Inva nml Aralilioi Morhn. per ptiunil $   ll,
Java and Mooha Bleud, 8 pounds ion
Kbit: Hfintos, i pounds 1 00
Bantos Blend, b pounds  I oo
(lur   8po('fiilHlenil, 11 lioiiiul.-  1 110
Unr Klo Roast, d pounds  1 no
.i mill, ociii it soi.ii iTini.
Sai.khhoomh ;
Nelson,      -      b. c.
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
Small   I louse. .
Small  Cottage.
. $ S.oo
,    10.00
Puris, Out., |.'eh. I. ���Arthni lining,
'teller in l.iiwrason's private buuk ai
St. George, charged witn embezzlement of about 110,000, wus commuted
for trial yesterday, but counsel promised mnie -turning evidence when the
trial wus resumed.
Toronto, (int.,   Feb.   I.
    __.      .   The Globe
oan plnins, the Government is starting I nable  front    Belmont.  Cape  colony.
to rcclothu tbe forces a* n tbe Held with ; -Snnth Afrioa, says Major Septimus -I.
woollen khnki. and has nlrendy order : \ Qenison, hus been appointed aide
ed  nino  thousand   soits   in  Glasgow | ,|��� oamp on the peisonnl  staff of Gen-
Berlin,   Feb.   I.���The Madgeburger
/.eitnng lenrns that Ilr Lnyds will in
all probability be again received by
Count Von Kenlow. The greatest se
crecy is. however, observed regarding
this visit.
erai Lord Roberts, and will i-Mho representative of the first Canadian contingent.
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    Pairi.er,    Etc-
Chimney Sweeping.
Ollice, Ward St. opp. Opera House
Hoer Laager.   Ladysmith, Jan, 80.���
All is (piiet here The Long Tom oe-
cnsionnlly tires on Ladysmith. The
deaths in Ladysmith from fever uml
other causes must he eiioimous as we
can clearly nee them burying corpses
daily, (ienernl Jonbert went to the
Upper Tugela yesterday.
Alexandria, Ont., Feb.  I.���The Liberals, of Glengarry, have ohosen Jaoob
T.    Scell.
manufacturer,   to be their
bearer   at   the   next general '
Loudon. Feb. I���Advices from
Spearman's Camp says that General
Warren's retreating force crossed the
Tugelu Kivor, withont tbe loss of a
single mnn, bnt got uway none too
IOOOi u lbier la-pounder tiling at the
cavalry column as it was retiring.
The Hoers are mounting another big
gun to lire on Liidysmitli.
Toronto, Ont,, Feb. 1.���Asa result
of Ihe action of thu Army and Navy
Veterans against the attitude of tlie
coroner in allowing tbe body of an old
veteran named Kentlriek Connel, It. be
banded over to tlie stuannts tm disseo-
inin, Colonel Gibson, Attorney General) has otdered the students to baud
over the body, which is   still in Hick-
ling vat, to the Veterans for burial.
London. Feb. I.���(4:80 p, in.;���The
���St. Jumes Gazette says it i> reported
on good authority thnt (lencral Bnller
has crossed tbe Tngcln Itiv.r at three
plain's, and that lighting bus been pro
.ending all (lay long.
Montreal,     Feb.      I. ���Mr.   Andrew
Donsmoir,   a   wealthy   Pacific  Coast
mine owner, and brother of Mr. iJutis
muir, a member of the Hritish Columbia Legislature, died nt New Vork
City this morning. He was Stepfather
of the Heiress,   I'.ilnu Wallace Hopper.
Cam. Town. Wednesday. .Inn, :il.���A
Hritish force with nrtillcn i- reported
to have occupied Friosk'i. and is now
encamped there Prleska is on tbe
Orange River, "tin hundred mil,- be-
low Orange River Station, and west of
London,   Feb.   I.���(8:60 p.   m. i���In
the absence of exciting war   news   the
Toronto,   Feb,   I.���Charles Qilmore
Hooper clerk in the Confederation
Life Assurance Corapanv.diefl suddenly
last night nt the tienernl Hospital
from blood poisoning, A row days ago
a small i impie broke ont on ins face,
nml bo opetici it gently to get tbe impure matter withdrawn. The wound
i���.,,'iinii, painful nml his face swelled,
blood piii-iuiiiig having ensued,and bis
death followed,   though unexpectedly,
i.niuii n, Feb. I,���Full returns of
yesterday's Provinoial by-eleotion in
Middlesex gives Robson, (Conservative i 17 majority
Corporation of the City of Nelson.
Separate sealed tenders will be received by the Mayor and City Council
of Nelson up till noon on Mondav.February 12th, lllllll. for mutsrlal for the
construction of a wharl st the rool ..t
Hull Street, al Nelson, Hritish Columbia,
ill Fm squared timber nnd plunks,
approximating 400,000 feet board measure.
C.)   For piles, approximating 19.900
lineal feet
(!)) For holts, drift bolls, and
v. ushers.
Specifications and conditions of tendering and contract may bn sen on
application ut the office of the City
Engineer, Oity Hull, Josephine Street,
Knch tender must be accompanied by
an accepted bunk check or certificate
of deposit,mode payabli to tbe Corporation if tin. City of Nelson, equal to
-'a p.r cent, of the amount of ihe tender, as a seoutity fm' the dun fulfill.
ment of the contnict,   which   shall   be
forfeited it tin- party declines to enter
int.. contract when called upon to do
so, or if he (nils to snptily the mntetiaj
contracted lor. Tne checks of the unsuccessful tenderers will be returned lo
them niiou the execution of the contra-1
The lowest or any tentl.-r not neces-
-airily in.tiled.
.1.  K   STKACHAN. Citv Clerk.
Kelson, R 0,, January -9th, p.ksi
Wholesale Houses.
���"���<|_..��>a_.m��9��W��mr��m* sr- w w- ^ m    j
���\  HORPE & CO., l..'MU'i:n.   I'tinnr Vi-i
I     linn  an.l   t'udur   -ll'uuls.  Nil-   iiiiiii.e
fn.-HiieiM.r ami wh.il,-in, dealers in sweated
wniiT. .mil fruh syrups, _olcagout_ for Use
. > ..o sin-iii-- minora! water,
li V .\l i iiiiiiiiiii.., i.i-.-i--1, Kvury kuiiwn
vnrlu > ..i -"b ,ninks. I'. t>. linx ss. Tele
phono Nil al. Henna' Slinel Nrl-nii llnllleis
,,( I In- l-'.i ui.,11-. SI. l,,,,ni Ilui Bui'llltm Mm,nil
Mai or,
HJ- EVANS &   iO.   Baser it root, Nel
���   mm. -ini ,,-.i|.- (idAiHrrt in li-inn _, olg o H
., In, III. lire a  ak llllll lire l'i,y. Witter pill.'llllll
steel rails iiiiiI ic in rni commission innr. h <nts.
I.Ulllia,.    l-l'niil Street,   .\elsen.   WllOlO'
-al,' .1, .,1, I'-   II,     Man,' a.-,    ,-li'..   1111,1    liny
iiiiiI uruln.   Mills nl   Kitiiiinit. ii.  Vletnrln nml
SOW    *l\'08tl -le  .      I.I    uiler.   lltl   C,llk"ll'J    &
Kdiuonl rn Itiitlway.
A MAI-DONALD ,i Gu.   Hornor   v,-,
���   nu, nnd .,i.M,|,iiiiiu blruubi.  tvnulusulti
nm ei- nml .,..1.1..-C-. in nl ,iii.,as, gluvos, mitts,
linnls.   rnlilii'l'-,   inaottltiaWS ami   nuiii'ls' sllll-
U.  UUnN.t * UO   Hiisor -irun.,  Nelson,
!*���    ivllule-llle   UuitlflrS   ill   fl'll-ll  Ull.l   Ctll'U'l
l,,l.,i'Mi'eel  Nolson,   V, liulL-uliiilonl
I.I.MHICIi    linker   alieel. NufsOO,    wliulu
-al,- dealers m n trdwara uml tntnlpg suppllos,
plumbor-'nnd Unstuith's suppllos,
apldlj Inori'.islng In
Because  it i>  unilor.n  in  flavour nnd the quality Is far above
uny   lea in lhe iiiaru.l.     I l'i.  .1   high   class    lea  flt   a   low   price.
I'm   up  iu   '..  .md  i   lb packages,    Once   used always  used.
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd. |
Successors to M. DbsBrisay it Co.
AKBR HT *"*ns �� ��
���������>������<��������� �����������������" b.<9,i&>mr"9"m*'+��**��+ *>"��"*',��"**"4*t4*''4*"*n*��i
We arc showing a
First-Class I.i no of
ILlO i ttlBlM HUll OllB
TURNER,   BEETON   A  OO.  ��omor
.'���_rii-.ii mul JtMOi-hlno dtrottiBi NeUon
-vlmit sulu duiili'iH in liqtiDrs olgtuia mui ilry
Koud-.. Ageut*-for i'.tht-L Uruwing {'n of Mil*
wn kooaudOtiK'iry JirewlnKCo. nt i'.-lumy
UDSON'S BAY OOt-WholMAle k-o-
cartttiana llquorttU o., BcUcur <._.,Noisuo
JY  GRIFFIN  4  OO.-t'urncr Vornon
_   and ijo-wpuitiootroutB. '��� ���:  "���. wboi6_w_lo
ilfitlui-s in provisioiiH, cured iiichih, buttof and
MILLS, 1-i.MirKU -'urncr Ki-onl. und
Hail sttDQi_i, iNuiioii. iQanufaotarara ��f and
wholotifUo dcalors in Mtsh ai d doonj all kinds
of fitutory work mado lo oitlur.
no-* JuM'tihiiif nm. i-ukcr *stiti*is. Ak'*-.
rorCaloiu.n OariildQ und Wolland -aootylone
(in Maohlno COi
OooKifia Stoves & Ranges
Which we aro offering at
Shelf & Heavv Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i.cb.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Cornor Vlotorla and Kooiiaiuy su.
V, O. llox KB. Tolophono No. 99
I. I . I.Ill IN
i   -.. CLB-IBim
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P.O. Ilo\ IU Ncliun, n C.
Corporation of the City of Nelson.
Sealed tenrlHrs  will  be received by
tlm Mnynr mul City Connoil nt Npl-
snn, up till nnnn on iMninluv. Ki'lirmiiy
K'tti, mui), for thn construction of  h
wli.irf ill Un. font ni Hull r-trcot, at
Nelson. Rritich Oolnmbia, tlm oorpor-
iitloii supplying nil  niutiriiil.
Dinwinus, speoiflcatinn��, nnd comli-
linns of tendering nud ooitraot muy lie
seen on nppll'Btion nt tin- otllce nf the
t ity Engineer, City Hull, Josephine
Sii'i.'t, Nelson,
Kui'ii lenrler mnst hn Bcoompnnled
hy un accepted lunik check or certiHeate
of (tppni-it, nn.ill* paynble to the Cor*
pniiiti.in of tlm Citv of Nelson, equal
tn -a p.-r rent, nf tlio ntnonnt nf the
ifii'ier, us ii security for ths doe fulfillment nf ilm enntrnot, which sliull he
forfeited if tlio puny rleolmes to entei
intn nonlrnot wli.-n rullen nnnn tn iln
sn, or if he fuils to complete the ��ork
contracted for. The ohecks nf the an-
Bnccessfn] tenderers will ho letnrnen* ta
tin.in npon the execution ol the contract,
The. lowest or uny tender not neoss-
sunlv accepted.
.1.   K. STKACHAN, City Clerk.
N.'Imiii. B.C.. January 89ih, mnn.
(uiilitil ruii|.ii|i.
Incorporated iM-n.
_i,os-,ois.oe i iiiii.
��� .l.:iia.nun.mi
-mini or Dlrectorsi  Thomas )���'. Ronnor. Prmildoiit;   Thomas ltitolii.', Vtoo-t^restdont.
Mtohuol Dwycr, Wiley Bnilth, H. Q. llaiilil, lion. II. II. Fuller, M.L.O., lion. llu\ail MncKcon.
n, a,i nul,','. Halifaxi
Oeneral Mnnngor. K.Uon L. P.a_o, Montroal,
Bupertntonilont of BranohoA, W.B.Tomuioo, Halifax.
Inspoctor, VV, I'. Broclt, Halifax,
Socrotary, 1*. M. StowarU Montroal.
\inii icetla- lliliinx Hrniirli. Anii-.ini-li. iii'iii-tiwui.'r. Quysboro. Londonderry, Lnnonburg.
-Miii'lni'.l illar.i- i'o.i. l'i, tun. Port Rawke-biiry, Sydoo) nhubonaoadlo. Truro, WoymouUi.
Ne*a llriii.-v. Irk   H,tlnir-i.   Iioirli,-t, r. Krrilri'irioti. Klngaton ilvi.it Oo.l. Monoton, Now-
ra-ilo.Siu'kvilli-, VV IkiooIc.   ip n. i-iaiiii -i'li.i]-iii;ii.i��iuii. ttu-imerstdo   iln.')...-   Montreal
lOlty imii'i'i. Montroal. tA'ost BndiCor, Motro liainc nndBetgn. uraStreets); tVestmonni lOor.
Qroono Avonuo and Bt. Cathnrlncw Btroot. nularlu Otto-tva. NewlUiiuilland -si. John's.
�� ulin, West Inilit". -Havana, iiuii-il Mtnlca   N.v. Vork 110 Kxohango Plooo) Republic, Wash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
. -M-r-ropotnli ills i
.'iiiirtdii-Mcniiiiiiis Pr.nl. of CADada.  Bnatnn -Nsttoosl Bhawmut Hunk.  ChtCAgo���Am-arioa
Nmi'ii'l Bank   H��" ������'���' �����������-���-''���   Cirsi National Ba  k.   Lond  Bags-Bank nf -Jcotland.
run*., Prancf < radii [_yonna_��, iti-niMi.iu -Bankof Bcruioda. -thiuu mui Japan -Houk
Koiik mul ^hiih. bat Itanklnii (Corporation.
Ueneial Banking BuslncKs Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Soiti, Laeters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Aco'intH recalvfttl on the most favorable terms,   fnterest allowed un special
deposits and on Saving Batik accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
P. 0. Box K. and W.
Telephone io
For the next  TWO  WEEKS  (only)  KIRKPATRICK  &  WILSON
offer the Public i lie Greatest  Reduction in
Ever before advertised.    A call will convince yon.
Corporation of the City of Nelson.
Separate sealed tenders will iw ro-
raivi'il liv ihe Mayor and City Onmicll
ol Ne*_nn np till noon on Mondsy.Feh-
ruary f.tli,  1900.
di For rasosdamlslng 8,000 lineal
fi.it more m- les��, of Baker StriTt, Nel-
son, British Colnmbta, the corporation
soppljtinR the onrliiiiK.
(_) ]"i.i Implying II nrliini;.
S|i('iilli'iiiii,iis iiiirl nondltlnns nf ti'ii-
iii'imn ami I'liiitrini   may   in' seen  on
nnplinit nm   nt    ihi' i.lli.i'   nf the   Citv i
Kiiu'ini.T, City Hall. Josephine Street, j
Each tender most be nooorapsnled by
an iicr.pt.il bank oheck or certificate
of deposit, made payable in tho Uot*
porstlon ni the city ol Ndnoii.pqoal to;
"a porconi nf the amount of tbe ten.
di'i, nn a security for the falfillment ol
tbe contract, which simii be forfeited
it tin- party ilecllnes tn entt r Intn i on
trait wii.i; iiiiii.i npon to da so, or if
li- fail* to complete the work or to trap-
ply ihe material contracted foi The
checks of tin- iin-ii,,,-..(ni tenderers
will be ri'ttiniH tn them npon the bx-
eoution nf the oonrrant
'ih.. lowest nr i.nv tender nol neoes
���urilv accepted.
,i. k. stkacii.w, CItyOlrfk,
Nelson, B. 0.| .liniuaiv SOth, 1000,
Baker 5treet
No. 185
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
AI.I,   KINIW   01'*
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Ordera by mail receive careful and pro
ompt attention.
n.A-iraV;'":-, ���:;r:!.,',",':!,';;';l,:.''lv;v-,l-:'v
 I ���" ili'-nrncrol Mill nml.I m,,  .,,',,'''
 V "  'ini 1 -,,r . -'
W|10Xh,Ml '  '  ���" wrta
'I Hi, ��� ;M.     ""   I''""       t'JJ
Thocnur-oof -ttuli ,,, |Ul ,, M      I :
������l'i. al-lon     Hm in.   .    ,.,
;:;;:��� i-i.n., ,_,,,i .\,, K-eahwuri-i _W.ti.m___;
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..L. POGUE...
{i-.f||- \  ; Harness and  Saddlery
'.  ' '1 Ht    'll ' Tlio leading shop, hargo
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j  Cor.  W'nnl   und   Hakoi'
1 Hlri'oN.
1 a ��� 111      rikdMflk


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