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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 21, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 890 AoV|n(
Nelson,   British Columbia, Wednesday Evening,   November 21,  1900.
Eleventh   Year
^Protestations Against Partition Not Believed In
Pekin  and  Tien  Tsin   are
Again Threatened by
New York, Nov. 21.���Government
lofliciuls, sayB a Times dispatch from
Washington, no longer make any at-
.',tempt to conceal their disbelief in the
sincerity of the protestations mado by
,the Powers that they do not contemplate the partition of China.
jl'Tien Tsin, Nov.   20���Via Shanghai,
Nov. 21.���Thero   has   been   considerable tiring recently in   the   neighbor-
���.hood of Tien Tsin, and owing to a report that the German   quarter  of  the
city would be attacked, last night the
German troops were held in readiness
for  action   at   an    instant's    notico.
Nothing happened, however, to   show
any cause for   alarm,   although today
rail the Chinese servants of the Bengal
.^Lancers' officers and men left, saying
-that they bad been   informed that, the
���Boxers were inarching in a large bpdy
fen    Tien   Tsin   and   Pekin.    Neither
General Home-Campbell, of   the British troops, nor   Colonel' Poole of  the
Americans, believes there is any truth
In the rumor, but the natives evidently  believe  It   and   many of them are
���leaving the servico of the   foreigners.
|pLondon, .Nov. Sl.���A special dis
Itch from Pekin, dated Nov. 19th,
���is tho   Kal  Gan   expedition  found
pdmiral (not General)   Ho occupying
I strong position at   Hsueng Hwa aqd
bat  tho   commanders   of  the   allied
forces  decided  they were  not  strong
aough to attack him and sent to   Pe-
_in for reinforcements.
Berlin, Nov. 21.���Count Von Walder-
ee cableB from Pekin that he will return today the visit  of   the   Viceroy.
tie has  advices from Colonel   Yorek's
orps, showing that the Chinese  General   Ho,   with   10,000  regular troops
ami much  artillery, is near Kal  Gan
prepared to resist energetically a further advanoo of the  expedition.    Col-
Dnel Yorok therefore, will await reinforcements before attempting to   pro-
erman Troops to Push to the His
torlc Pile.
li Berlin, Nov. 21.���Tho War Office
:ias received the following telegram
from Field Marshall Count Von Wald
ereee: "A detachment consisting of
two companies of infantry, a force of
mounted men and two guns under
command of Major Mubltcnsfetz has
been despatched via San Kia Tien, 20
kilometers west of Pekin with orders
to push on to the great wall. The column under Colonel Yorck arrived
twenty-five kilomeetres south cast of
Hsuen Hwn. Fu November 17. On returning Colon.. Yorck will establish
communication wi h Major Muhlten-
Reported Secret Decree Against Allies
Telegraphed.to VIceroyB.
London, Nov. 21.���"It is creditably
reported," says the Shanghai correspondent of The Dally Telegraph under yesterday's date, "that tho Empress Dowager has telegraphed a secret
decree warning all Governors and
Viceroys to prepare for immediate
war against the Allies everywhere."
London, Nov. 21.���"At last," says
the Shanghai correspondent of The
Morning Post, wiring yesterday, "the
allies In Pokin have resolved upon
stronger measures to bring matters to
a crisis. They have asked tbe Viceroy of Nankin to stnto'jsleflnltely hie;
position toward the ChlMjj^ourt and
the question of forwarding 'fhipBllcs.",
Berlin, Nov. 21.���A special despatch
from Pekln says that iViice Tuan has
been arrested  and stripped of power
vy the order of the Emperor and Em-
Wl 00
press Dowager, but that fears are felt
for General Tung Euh Suing, who
with 10,000 regulars, is in Hu Jang
Works Great navoc in Columbia and
Kills Many People.
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 21.���A
special to The Age Herald, ��by long
distance telephone, from Columbia,
Tenn., says: "A terrific cyclone,
moving in a westerly and northwesterly direction struck this place at
0:30 ij'clock last night and left havoc
in its path. The northern and western sections of the city, populated by
negroes, were almost entirely swept
away. Fifteen personB are known to
have been killed and it is feared that
this number will be largely increased
by later reports. Many houses, including a large number of negro cab-
Ins, were blown down, and many
others unroofed and otherwise damaged The fencing surrounding the
United States arsenal was blown away
but the building remained intact.
The cyclone lasted for about five minutes and its [lath,about 1,00 feot wide,
is clearly marked by the devastation
it wrought. A freight train on the
Nashville, Florenco and Sheffield railroad, was lifted from the truck but as
far as reported no one   wasjinjured.
Mimphis, Tenn., Nov. 21.���A tornado struck the town of Lagrange, 40
inili'H east of Memphis on the .Southern Railway, in Fayette county, yesterday evening and aB a result not a
chur.h is left standing except the
Episcopal. The streets are littered
with the debris of destroyed buildings, merchandise, telegraph and telephone wires and poles. Several persons are dead and Injured. A deluge
of rain was falling when the cyclone
came bnt its advance was foretold by
a roar and rushing sound, followed by
a quick heavy report, which gave the
inhabitants warning and they rushed
inn. of the falling structures in time to
prevent a greater loss of life.
Welcoming Crowds at Marseilles Dispersed by
Reported Death of the Acting
President of the Transvaal.
Columbian Government to Acquire a
Navy to Operate AgainBt Rebels.
Kingston, Jamaica, Nov. 21.���It has
been ascertained that a fortnight ago
the Columbia Government was'nego-
tiatiqg with the Pacific Navigation
Co. for the purchase of one of its
coasting vessels for war purposes. In
consequences of the rebels activity
and tho advance of the rebel forces on
Panama tiiat city was placed under
martial law November 10. The steamer Taboga is believed to have been
sent November 13 to bring In reinforcements from the coast. But it is
not known positively here whether tbe
Taboga was seized by the Columbian
Government. Letters from Colon say
that several people including foreigners have been lodged in the prison at
Panama on suspicion of helping the
Fog and Snow Storm Tie up the Big
Grain Carriers  for Five Days.
Detroit, Mich, Nov. 21.���On account
of the dense fog hanging over the Detroit River below this city, not a boat
of any kind has passed the lime kiln
crossing, just above tho month of the
river sinco Sunday afternoon. There is
one of the largest blocaades of craft
of overy kind at this point which has
been known In the history of navigation.
Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 21.���Navigation on tbe Great Lakes Is practically
at a standstill owing to tho snow on
the upper lakeB and densejfog on Lake
Erie. A number of vessels have not
been hoard from for five days and are
undoubtedly at anchor waiting for
the weather to clear.
This will mean the shortening of
the season's work by one trip for
many of tho grain cairiers and will
decrease the profits of tho year very
London, Nov. 21.���There was a
vague rumor In the service clubs last
evening that a battlo was In progress
between the Boor forces under General
Dcwi'.t and the British troops In
South Africa.
'Sweetsburg, Que., Nov. 21.���The
Liberals here have appoaled to the
Court of AppealB against a recount before a judge In Mlsslquol. Tbe protest Is based on the fact that an order for a recount was granted at the
town In which tho judgo resides Instead of the Chleuleu district.
" Marseilles, Nov. 21.���Ex-President
Kruger not having arrived at 11:30
the crowds followed the lead of the
reception committees and dispersed In
the falling rain with the idea of reassembling at two o'clock. The landing and the inner bay had beon ani
mated throughout the morning by a
great numbor ot spectators that occupied every place of vantage, and moved about in small' boats.
Marseilles, Nov. 21.���2 p. m.��� The
Dutch oruiser Gelderlands, having on
board former President Kruger, of the
South African Republic, is reported
to be off Toulon. The recoption of
Mr. Kruger is likely to be postponed
until tomorrow.
London Nov. 21.���The reported
death of General Shalli.urger, acting
president of the Transvaal since'Mr.
Kruger's departure from that country, is discredited here. This is a
meTe rumor that he died at Johannesburg, Nov. 9th, but the report .lacks
A long dispatch just received from
Lord Roberts refors to a number of
-minor occurrences, but docs not men-
tion General Schalkburgcr. The only
incident of importance is the surprise
of an outpost of the "Buffs" southwest of Balmoral, Nov. 10th. Six of
the Buffs were killed and fivo weie
wounded. An officer and thirty mon
were made prisoners. The post has
since been reoccupicd.
ists made an attack on the Government in connection with the recent
extradition from France of Sipidio,
the youth who attempted to assassinate the Prince of Wales in this eity
soiijo months ago. M. Vaudcrveldt,
the 'Socialist leader in the House, declared that Sipidio's extradition was
illegnl and that it had been secured
by the intervention of King Leopold
who was prompted thereto by a desire
to propitiato Great Britain. M.
Vanderheuvel, Minister of Justice,
defending the Government's action in
the case, declared that Sipidio had
been surrendered to the Bulgarian authorities by France in virtue of the
Franco-Belgian Convention of 1,98.
which provided that each nation
should surrender to tho other rofugee
minors who had acted without discre
Minister of Agriculture Will
Promote Dairy Farming in B. C.
Cut   Her   Successful   Rival's   Throat
With a Razor Last June.
Eldorado, Kas., Nov. 21.���Miss Jessie Morrison, charged with killing
Mrs. Olin Castle, last Juno, by cutting her throat with a razor, was
piacod on trial here today. The case
is one of the most remarkable in the
history of Kansas crimes. Miss Mor-
riBon's alleged motive for the murder
was jealousy,she having been a former sweetheart of Castle, who is a
clerk In a store. MIbb Morrison, who
Is 2(1 years old, is tho daughter of
Probate Judge M. II. Morrison, anil
tho family has beon prominent in Eldorado society for years. Mrs. Castle,
who was a Miss Mary Wiley, was the
same age as her alleged murderer.
Her family also was well-to-do. One
afternoon a few weeks after the wed
ding the neighbors were attracted by
Mrs. Castle's screams and tiroke into
her bouse. Thoy found her lying in B
pool of blood with several gashes in
her throat and with Miss Morrison,
razor in hand, bending over the prostrate woman. Miss Morrison too was
bleeding from several cuts,
Mrs. Castle lived for 18 days.and before she died she made astatemont declaring that Miss Morrison had attacked her without provocation and sont
word forgiving her. Miss Morrison
will plead self defenco.
Shorter Hours for Machinists and No
More Strikes.
Washington, Nov. 21.���By agreement botween representatives of tho
National Metal Association and the
International Association of Machinists tho hours of labor of machinists
throughout tho United States, begln-
ing today, were reduced to li', per
day. Beginning May 18, 1001, nine
hours will constitute a day's work
among the machinists. In accordance
with tho agreement strikes and lockouts will not be resorted to in lho
machinists' trade. All further disputes are to be settled by arbitration.
Belgian   Ministers   Endorse  Extradition of Slpldlo From France.
Brussols,   Nov.   21.���In   the Cham
bor of Deputies ycBterday  the Social-
Great Northern and N. P. Not to Com
bine Under   one Management.
New York, Nov, 21.���So many eon
Aiding stories have been told regarding the relations,present and prospective, between the Great Northern and
the Northern Paeifio, that a plain
statement of a few well authenticated
facts will not be amiss.
There is close "community of ownership'' in the two properties, but no
apparent design or desire on the part
of the controlling owners to have
these two systems managed in any
other way than as separate lines.
Although J. J. Hill is a very large
stockholder in the Northern Pacific,
"possibly the largest individual Btock
holder," and four or rive men hold
enough stock In oach company to practically give them control of both, the
two systems are not to be merged, and
tbe interests of one company will not
be subordinated to the other.
Existing statutes of northwestern
Matc. expressly prohibit tho consoli-'
dation or joint operation of two parallel and competing lines, and President Mellon of the Northern Pacific
remarked the other day that public
sentiment strongly upheld these laws.
It is an assured fact, however, that
while these lines will continue to engage in legitimate competition for
traffic, they will not be permitted to
"cut each ..other's throat" nor jepp
ardizc their respective revenues by
rate wars. '
Tho same permanent friendly relations will prevail iu northwestern.ter-
ritory, which is dominated by tbe
joint iniluenee of the Vanderbilts and
the Pennsylvania roads.
Contrary to certain reports, Great
Northern capitalists have not been reducing their holdings of Northern
I'aeilie stock, but quite the  contrary.
Delngoa Bay Awards Handed to the
Claimants Today. '
London, Nov. 21.���The award of $3,-
0112,800, with interest at Ave per cent,
from Juno 25, 1899, made by the arbitrators in the matter of the seizure
of the Delagoa Bay Railway by Portugal, will be paid to tbe claimants today or tomorrow. In adelition to the
principal of the award and the interest thereon, which makes a total of
about 8.1,000,000, Portugal paid 8140,-
noo on account of the seizure in 1840.
The Portuguese Government has deposited i-.ocurltieB valued at 85,000,000
In a London bank in the name of Ambassador Choato. A large proportion
of the award goes to the widow of Colonel McMunlock, an American, who
with a number of English capitalists
built the roail and operated It until
the Portuguese Government arbitrarily violated tho concession It had
granted and felled the line.
Past Season's Gold Yiold Estimated
at 820,000,000.
Seattle, Nov. 21.���Dufflern Patullo,
chief clerk of the Gold Commissioner's office at Dawson, estimates tho
past season's Klondike output of gold
at 820,000,000, as against 817,000,000
for 1899, Next year's gold output of
tho Klondike, Patullo thinks, will
reach 118,000,000, Of this year's shipments of gold United States Consul
McCook has a record of 814,000,000.
St. Petersburg,Nov. 21.���ft has been
persistently rumored hero for some
time prisl thnt Mr. 'Veil Rhodes has
been In St, Petersburg In strict incognito secretly engaged in some financial business. The rumor cannot be
Instructors Will  Teach   the
Industry Throughout
the Province.
(SI'I'.CIAl. TO THE  lll\i:ll.i
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 21.���Prof. J.
Robertson,Dairy Commissioner, of Ottawa, had a long conference yesterday with Hon. J. II. Turner, Minis-
tor of Agriculture, at which Mr. J.I!.
Anderson, tho Deputy Minister, wus
also present. The subject of the dairy
Industry of the l'rovince was thoroughly discussed, and the wants and
complaints of tho farmers laid before
tlie professor. As a result of the conference, Mr. Robertson proposes sending three of his stall' out from Ottawa
jn the spring, one of whom is an authority on feeding and breeding cut'.lc,
another on eheeso making and testing
milk and the third on butter-making
and dairying., These men will bring
an outfit and will remain in tho Prov
Ince about six weekB, during which
tiu)e they will hold live-day meetings,
whore practical feeding, testing and
dairying in all its branches wi'l be
taught, and addresses mado on various
subjects* appertaining to dairying.
At these meetings it is proposed that
students shall take a course, whose
naweB shall be entered beforehand.
���In addition to these people, he pro
poses sending a practical stock man
and a practical poultryma*. the latter
with all appliances for breeding and
fattening poultry. These two latter
gentlemen will^spend about two weeks
each in the Province.
A number of gentlemen met at the
Board of Trade rooms yesterday to
discuss the proposed railway and ferry
scheme and aftor due.cousideration all
present; agreed to aet upon a general
committee for the pdrposo of fully informing the ratepayers of the defects
in the proposed scheme, with the object of opposing tho same.
Authorities Thero Tried to Conceal
the Unpleasant Facts.
Vancouver, B.C., Nov. 21.���A snuill-
dox opidomlo has broken out In .Nanaimo. Tho municipal and health authorities of Nanaimo, which Is the
center of the British Columbia coal
mining Industry, have several times
denied the presence of the disease, but
Dr. Fagan, the Provincial health officer, reports that there are now ten
caseB in Nanaimo. Many of those now
stricken with the disease were miners who went to WOTk In the pits with
a rash on their faces, pronounced insignificant, but now admitted to be
genuine smallpox. All passengers arriving from Nanaimo are subjected to
a rigid examination by the Vancouver
health authorities.
Vancouver, B. C, Nov. 21. ���I'. L.
Albright, a mining man from White
Iiorso, Y. T., In an interview re-
garding'the copper mines near there,
Bald: "I think our copper mines will
surprise the world. Tho ore is very
rich, and thero seems to be no end to
it. The belt so far discovered is about
14 miles long by two miles wide, anil
equally rich ore is found in all parts
of the belt. Assays have been made
aB high as 72 per cent, copper, aboul
820 In gold, nnd 14 to IS ounces iu silver. A few mlnos will ship ore this
Winter. The Copper King and War
Eagle havo already several carloads
which thoy will ship as soon as the
snow iB in shape for sleighing. I
don't think a mining camp every had
a brighter outook   than White Horse.
names of experts to   act with him and
asiess the damages.
Alien Labor Officer Williams is now
engaged in investigating cases of infraction of the Alien Labor Law in
Brentford, Toronto and Montreal.
Ottawa, Nov. 21.���A cable was received at the Militia Department today from Colonel Otter on board the
llnwurdon Castle, with the remainder
of the First Contingent, dated Cape
Verde Islands, and reads, "All^Well."
Charlottetown, P. E, I., Nov. 21.���
Some excitement was caused here yesterday when the recount in West
l'rinee was about to the place before
Judge MoLeod and it was found that
one of the ballot boxes was missing.
Late in the afternoon the missing box
was found and the olllcial recount
was taking   place tolay.
Halifax, N. S., Rev. C. C. Burgees,
pastor of the Wolfville Baptist Church
has been deposed from the Christian
ministry and 'membership of the
church on tile grounds of immorality.
Quebec, Nov. 21.��� R. M. Stocking,
ono of the best known stenmship
agents here, also proprietor of St.
Lawrence Hall, and Vice Consul for
the United States in this city, died
suddenly last evening.
Toronto.Nov.2L��� In response to the
appeal of the Presbyterian Church
Mission Hoard here for special contributions for the relief of the famine
sufferers in India, Dr. Warden reports
they have received   nearly   8100,000.
Leopold Grants Chnngo'of.Boundary of
Congo Free State.
London, Nov. 21.���In return for the
support given by Germany to Belgium
In obtaining for the latter settlement at Tientsin consisting of a strip
of land on the left bank of the Pei Ho,
King Leopold as sovereign of the Congo Free State, a representative of the
r\ssociated Press is informed, has
agreed to the rectification of the frontier near Lake Kivu between German
East Africa and the Congo Free State
in favor of Germany thus terminating
a boundary dispute.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 21.���Russia Is
retrenching, on account of the Chinese troubles. The oflicial journal of
commerce announces that the proposed Increase of three and half million
roubles In the appropriations for pub-
lie schools in 1901 will not be made.
Ottaw_, Nov. 21.��� In the Exchequer
Conr' vo��teriliiy Judge Burbldge practically gave tif* idgmrnt or _;iiio,i)0()
against the Crown In tho suit th*t
Archibald Stewart bad again** toq
Crown for damage! resnltKvg'froni a
cancellation of hi- crn_ir>M>t toIwjlfl
the. Hoiibingesj/^'-ai. The .��dge
found that tr ;,'.,.,. wa, a i ~'-1 <>' �������
trait  and  atU..i ut suggestions   of,
Grand Forks, N. D., Nov. 21.���The
ist blizzard of the season occurred
last night. The storm was general
throughout the State anil the roads
are badly drifted. Seven inches of
snow have fallen uud the storm is Btill
Charleston,    N.   II.,  Nov. 21.���Chas.
II.   Iloyt,   the   playwright, died    last
night,    His comedies   were known   to
all theatre goers.
Tbe ore shipments from Kimbcrlcy
were not quite so lnrge last month,
owing to the inability of the Sullivan
mines to get ore to the railway. The
North Star shipments were about the
same as for the previous month. The
total fur the month wns 8,418 tons.
The total shipment from tho St. Eugene Consolidated for the month of
October wns ,1,007 tons, breaking all
previous records, and distancing for
the month any silver lead mines in
the Cuuer d'AIcnes.
The lumber shipments for tho month
of October fell off slightly, owing to
one of the mills being shut down for
repairs.    The total was 43 cars.
W. S. Keay, collector of customs
feu- the outport of Cranbrook.furnishes
the following figures on collections for
the in.nitli ending October 31: Value
f goods imported, dutiable, 88,342;
fri i, 82,345; totul 810,(107. Duty col-
leclted, 88,080.701 inland Revenue col-
!.' lions,  Sl.i)":..l,i3.'7^7 -��
Hun.   Richard   McTlride. Mir
Mines.arrived In Nelson thir
Jtiu will spend   n    (lay   urarm***^   AUD
He   has   been   In   consul
Mayor Houston and wit!
Turner, Government ao ������_-���__-
eimutov Daily Miner, Wednesday Evening, November *i.    i
The Nelson Miner
PibUihed Ererr Afternoon  Except Sunday
���BY* THU���
liUCITBD l.lAIUI.l'l'Y.
146 Flaot Street, K. C.
Cantral Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agents
Dally, per mouth, by carrier     _K
Dully. fT month, by mail     "j?
Dally, per year, by carrier * I S2
Dally. p��r yoar, by mall    J> jJJ
Dally, por your, foreign    �� on
Weekly.per half year  |1 M
We_kly,per year......        ��
We��. ly, por your, fnrolgr    3 0"
Bnboorlptlons Invariably In advance.
All Chocks should bo made payablo to tho
order of Nblson Publishing Company,
Mr. Galliher's friends are guilty of
eulpable negligence in not procuring
the fullest reports of Mr. Oliver's
speeches,in whioh he dwells with lov
tng appreciation on the Governing*
policy that haB been specially devlsSd
for the needs of the West. The people of the West���and In speaking of
the West in this connection it is understood of eourae that we refer par-
Mcralarly to this Provinoe of British
Columbia���have net known of such a
poliey, and have been crying out for
it. It is rather shabby of the Govern-
nent, If they have baked one in the
Cabinet oven, that they keep it concealed, or expose It only to the friendly scrutiny of admirers like Mr. 011-
rer. We In Yale-Cariboo would be
glad to decide the election on that
policy, or the record of the Government generally, and indeed have serious thoughts of doing so. In view of
this It is soarcely fair to Mr. Galllher
that the policy which is to serve the
needs ef the British Columbia people
shonld be kept in the dark. Mr. Oliver's exposition of it, If he makes one,
shonld be widely published, and a
copy of the poliey Itself should ho
nailed up at every mine In the const it
We do not know whether Mr. Oliver
is aware of it, but there has been a
strong belief prevailing here that the
needs of the West hare been aystemat
loally neglected. There has been no
policy devised in their Interest. The
question of Mongolian immigration,
which Is one of no little importance
here, has been ignored. Tbe Premier
promised five years ago to take It up
and deal with It as our people wished,
hat as soon as be got into oflice he
forgot the promise and nothing was
done. On the eve of another election,
which was to determine the fortunes
of himself and his party for another
term, he professed a renewed Interest
in the question, but that may mean
anything or nothing. During their
Are years of ofiloo the Liberals have
done nothing to develop the trade of
the I'aeilie They have not even treated as with any sort of consideration
in the expenditure of public money,
although wo contribute more largely
than any other Provinoe, head for
head, And not a hand has been turned
to help tbo groat lead industry In
whloh this constituency has a special
Interest. It was so easy to do something that would put lifo into It, but
In spite of appeals and romonstrances
the Government suffer It  to languish
Thero Is roally no reason why tho
eleotors of Yalo-Cariboo should vote
for the Government candidate, other
of course than the party loyalty which
carries so many Into the extremity of
political Indiscretion. Wo do not
want a man who will go to Ottawa to
talk and vote just as he is told by his
party leaders. We wnnt one with independence nnd courago enough to
stir up tho.Governnii'Ut to a sense of
th jso Western needs of which Mr. Oliver speaks, one who will tell tho Oovernment to their faces that thoy are
not doing their duty by us. It would
bo impossible to purine a worse policy
than to return a supporter of o Government already too strong, and who
have shown by their past that thoy
tako llttlo interost in our wolfare.
Our member should havu a mandate to
mako himself a thorn In thoir side,
until they were moved to tako our
needs Into consideration, anil not ono
who will go to Ottawa lo mako him
self an additional footstool for Ministers who care nothing for us.
fill .
of min.,
fund is i
dinner is
When spoaklng nt Vancouver tbo
othor night Sir Charles Tupper was
interrupted with the Inquiry: "Whnt
about tbat utterance of 'Laurier being
too British fur niu.' " Here Is tho reply:    "That was the result of a lively
'^agination, and   was a   base, lyi-sr
Ing.   Runs) chir,                                     ,   ,     ...
amy,   and   my   whole   life wits a
0-KM, chicken ��� 11, ,i   .i             ,, ,,   u
 'Ilotlon to the   statement. Half
acies will constitute oc onl- ,,���,, ,,,.���- use(1, y,-^,.
The bazaar will con tli,, WM llmt  whpn   Hlr  W||-
row night. ��� ,n 1H)1. )nl(1 (|own hr ,.,_
unity of the  Brltsb Empire
of Parliamentary federation,
that, he said, was too British f<w
hiiu." The "lying ealumny" Is Mt
actively circulated IB Tala-Cariboo,
but wherever it appears it la as well
that its true character ehrald 1>e m��-
derstood. Sir Charles Tapper Is hardly tbe man to Bay, In its 'bald seas*,
that Sir Wilfrid Laurier Is more British than he is.
Whatever happens in the eleotloa
Mr. Galllher, who is the Qoverament
candidate, will bare tbe patronage ot
the constltueney. That Will snflei-
ently explain why 'Mr. Houston
marches in such close touch with the
Liberals in this contest. Where th*
boodle Is there or ther**hotrts h* will
bo found hovering.
'The retirement of A. H.   UaeKslll
from the Conservative tick*t ia Tele1
Cariboo," says The Veneearer World,
"only makes the eleotloa of th* Lib*
eral oandidate all the mere certain."
Walt and 6ee;a too great *oelrsur��_e*a
is often attended with mortinoatioo.
Mr. McKane is more Khan a Oonserra-
tive candidate; he ia a mining oandidate, and if there le on* thing this
constituency and this Provinoe require
at Ottawa It is a member who will
keop both Government and Parllameat
constantly reminded of the neede *f
the mining industry.
For a short time before the ���IMttM*
in the East Mr. Deane, who has *���*��
made secretary of the Mongolism On*
mission, at a large salary paid Vy ��h*
taxpayers ef the Dominion
a seeming regard for jra.Hs
and remained qulMaent. Row
his party is assured of another tern stf
offlce.he throws off his pi*M��_��e'lr_* H
openly and actively eaavMatag far flH
party oandidate. This Is not a _*!_,
ous crime; but tha bread��Mb_H*r
of the Commission la as m��eh .eases I-
ative ns Liberal, and a m_bI.It*
would remember the fact and genua
himself aeeordiagly.
' , m mmmk
I  ll 'lam mans
To the Prtblk
Send  us  your  ��m tntf
address and we will mail ywa
one of our artistie Chrtjflrww
Business Cards.
Patenaude   Bum,
Manofactarhtf jsvmiss,
NELSON,    -    -   % C
R. W. DAY,
lift, AttlflCTt and Fire In.nrancc.
IiOJUm Bl-TBOTl-P   OK   D-BIBAn-l
QtriliTB, ETO.
Fo�� Saub.
Terse* Bi   10 foot lot-with house* oa
earn* bringing In ftO monthly.
10 foot 1st and honse, Baker St.
For Bart..
T roost honse, all modern convenienses,
.   tM.
trMsiMN and kitchen, all modern
oonv_aieai.es, $10.
11 rooai hotis* and cellar, all modem
���oatvnlmcee, $35.
Alsosplt-dldlT furnished honse through
out, t��elndlnr piano ; wonld be suitable as boar-Tog house, $80.
11 reons here**, hot end eold water, etc.
If dsilrtd, furniture can be bought
��a reasonable tsrms; $116.00.   .
"stamped o* eresy I
garment, tasures 1
it yon gtniim
the most perfect, most hut-ntd, i
1   most  delightfully comfortable/
underwear made.   EmtorjotJ '��� J
ley pliysici.i-a.
for m_. WtM M
MlHritclae,. OryOofl
. eVoru-Mpfan
A woll established Hvery baslnsss,
known ns Itcynolds' Idvery, consist
ing of four horses and dimness,
two busses, two sets sleighs one spring
wagon, and building.
Lease of ground for three years and
four months at 810 per month.
Part of purchase money can be nr
rnngerl with the undersigned on
Hugh R.Cameron
linker Htroot,    Nalson, ft. 0.
Room 1, Turner -Boeokh Illook.
Houses and Building Lots io All Parte
of the Oity.
five, six, noron anil ��Hr_t room hesim fw
��� eile'. i u"nir !""��� iwnt below <mm_
'���' ' '    '" ���
The Miner is on sale at the following new* stores at live cents pw
Gilbert Htanler
Thomewn 8t*Uoinirr no
Ciiimilii Ilnin til!   _ Go.
Iliiifll HumiTNeWH Rlanrt
Hotel Phair Newn Btiuiil
11. Uainpholl
C. F. Nolson
.'. F listener
H   ... BnulHhaw
Hloi��,i >H��V" Oo.
��� ee^fWIOT]
- R-.lo
'VkOo.    \
and News   At...  *on boate and
trains out of Neleorf
Plant your Hyacinth
Bulbs in a glass. They
grow better and look
prettier in a glass than
in common clay pots.
Hyacinth Glasses 9
inches high, assorted
26 cents each.
Peat-Office Store
H. & M. BIRD
V_)__M fcr ����re__  ntiwr.l Wool _*d
A.be.ton   Co.
Mnngeefl*. ef North America, (nathal tblfe
r-Sursses Do,, erNew Vcrk, Qncb.o
Flro Assurance Go.
flllrteea less in Bogustown have been
placed Is our hands for immediate
Ml*' at prices varying from 985 to 9125
jMMh. These lobs are al] tn good poni -
ilea *ad are flrlt-elass building sites.
��-X*fH-i��d honse, Terser of Ward
���nd ��obso_, all   modfrn  Kitt-
veinieaees 935 00
t-Ko_R)*d honse, Hume Addition)20 00
Few hoes* on Water Birstt 18 00
t9*lt_g. tm Water Street  16 00
f-_M-_NdiKni**ea Robson St.,
b����w���a Kootenay and Stanley , all conveniences  It 00
S*rle* M b��r*by glv��n that,' in ae-
astdaa** with Motion 11 of "Bnrean
of Mlaes Aet," a special examination
for efflelency in the praetloe of assay-
l��f will Wbeld in the City of Nelson,
oa D*eemb*r._rd, 1000, and snch following days as may he found neces-
���sary. Details of euch examination
neay b* found in th* B. C. r,-_etu���en
lie in eaoh Government Office.
InteadlAg candidates should make
application for snob examination 10
days in advance to the Provincial Assayer, Seoretary of Board of Examiners, Victoria.
Such application to be accompanied
with the fee of 910.
Hlnlster of Mines.
Department of Minos, Victoria, B.
C, ��tb November, 1000.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
_ .. Prom Montreal
Beaver Line Montfort Nov in
Beaver Lino I AkoOhimiplaln .'Nov T!
AJInn I.lno Ttinlnlan Novll
Dominion Iilns _*_ibi__-,n Nov 10
....   ..    ..   _... fromPortlnnd, Mo.
AlUn T-no NnnrMlan .Nov28
Rointalon Una Vanoouvor Nov 24
 . .      _.    _ From Hnllfsx
Dowlnlrm Mno Vanoouvor,,,- Nov 25
_    _ _ .,      . From Now York
Cni>��r(l  Lino T.nonnla Nov 17
Oiinsrn I.Uio Umbrla Nov 24
white Star Lino Oormnnlo  jejov 14
Whit* HUr IjIho Msjostlo , Nov 21
American LlnoNow York  Nov21
Roil 3tAr Uno WonlernliHid.... Nov 21
N. O. I* Lino Trave Nov 20
Anrhor Uno Anchorla Nov24
Trcnoh Lino It, Lorrslno.., Nov 22
Allan Btato Lino State of Nebraska.. ..Nov IT
 , . ,  From Boston
omlnlon Lino Commonwealth....... Novll
nnitr,! l.lm, Iviernlie. Nov 17
Pnawgoii arranged to anil from all Kuropoan
potntii. ror rat**, tloko.R nnd fall Information
applr to 0. _ R. depot airont or H. L. Brown
nt-T Pkai-ncer Agent, Nolnon, B. 0.
QoneM-1 Arrmt. C.P.K. Offloes. Winnipeg
By the week from $5 to 06.
By the day *i.oo.
J. V. 0'I,AUGHT_IN, Prop.
J?_.5?_!.!���*!__!_.* dosen, or a barrel of
QALQARY BEER as It U tho hest and
fffl-Si on ���e nmrkot. Aluo tn' our
WINES,   LIQUORS,    and    0IQAR8.
WephoneW. BakerBt. Nolson.B.C
Prepare For Winter
A good old fashioned cold winter is predicted. Be ready for it
by buying strong, solid, dependable footwear���the kind that will
protect you from the rain, snow,
and ice.
We can supply your wants, at
prices to suit you.
���rWV��v��wWW��WWVWv^v^W<r>rW^W*A>MryrVVV*W�� '
For wood or b��re_ or soft ooal.
the largest  Has carried "by
any Ann In C*m__a.
"Ohm-   Ohear "   -Utifes  aad
Oook 8tervM.   A eo_solet�� line.
* Call and be convinced that the only place <��� b*y
* Stoves and   Rangee at the rlfbt orlo^  Is ��re
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in RoMland, Trail, W��1wmi, Kaalo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Dearer and Warn* City
Orders by man to wit branch will have
West Kootenay Butcher Ca
____   KWDS   Iff
Fresh   and    Salted  TlonU
Fish and Poultry in Seasoi
E.   C.   TRAVE3,   MANAGER.
Bakmr Sxaicr, Nvupom.
Orders by mall receive careful and prompt ftttantioa
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporate, iMf.
sii.oas,cTe.ee I
Capilal Paid-op.     ,
������ar- or ptmiUin 1  Thomaa 1- Kennr,  Pr��M*t��<  *��*"M_ KMU.A. Tlas FllseMsat,
WUor Smttb, H. O. Bould, Hon. II. B. Fuller, _.UC,.-it.Hri4HM__��.
���ea_ om����. ���llfbn
Oeasral Mannger KiltonL.Psaae, MsatraaL  .______
-uperlnionilonl of Ilmnoln'ie. unit B^orakair, W. 1. T*-M-Ce. HaBJCMK.
ftrpeetor, W. F. Brook, Halifax,
laspeotor I). M. Stewart, Montro-l.
Itraaehea I
Unva Sr��(la-HiA!��i\i Ilfanch, Antlgonleih, nrleltewatev.^ajiWia, I0m4k*,tlmr. tueaktn..
Moltelanel |H_nt�� Co.l. Ilolou,  Port. Hawk._buiT, Bro����r. Sfc��fc_a��o__lo, ITrfire, Wetreisoth
Scrr nrrnii-lck   nnlliurnt,   HoiThrolnr, Fred.ric��on, ST-**-. lKt���� OM, ICoaMoa, Hrw-
oaa-e.-Mkvllle,'vV'eodatook.   P. _. Iilaa��-Charlatt*Wwa7_t___>HS_He.  %>tn W
(UltT Offloo), Montreal, Woet End (Cor. Notre I)��me ������� Mpmi. it:****; W��.������n.. ,
Oroeno Avonne ar.d HI, Cethnrines  Htroot   Oatarle���OMava.   Ion*****!*** -Ut. JekS'l
rnba, Weil ladlea-Bavana. Unilrrt staiei   New Terk ftt __M__-_S n&���t KcraUlo, W��*h
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanatme, Itslsea, HmbJiw., Van
ooaver, Vancouver East End, Tfttntu,
��� or rr itpnne ����*�� t
Canada-Merohant- Bank of Canada.   ���Mton-NeMenal -kavrmot �������-. V��llf   AaiarlM
Nmlonnl Hank-   San rrxnclaco-Flnit National Dank,   !.������������, ��n��.-����rk sf Scotland.
I'ni-in, Franee���Credit Iivonnaiii.   Henonda-Bankof BanBnfa.   S_tti> __< ����������������Hctik
Kong and Shanghai BankliiR Corporation,
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills mt H-stunge  Bought
and Sold, Letters ot Credit, Ete., Nagotfatode
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Intercut aTIewod en special
deposits and on Saving Bank aaeotmte.
Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that in rirtue of Art Aet of the
Dominion   Parliament,  63 and 64 Victoria,  Chapter  103
and Chapter 104, the name of
 -I.���a���. ��� ������!���,__��� si.,--. ��� 11 -._-������   -��������� ll ��� 1��     ��� ������ . ,
will  be changed to
"Gbe IRo^al Banft of _JK____j__j
from and aftw
the Second day of January, rgot.
E. L.  PEA81,
General Manager.
Halifax, 1st November, rgoo.
 "       b ei   -i iinnriii  111 iTii'tiin' in _H
The Nelson Electric Tramway C��. J_td.
Large number of Choice Building' Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Maedonald Block, corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. mWCAH, Secretary.
"The warmest thing in
town" is the Hudson's Bay
Blanket. Made in Re<j
White, and Blue.
otf Point, $7.00 per ft
4    Point, $8,00 per Pair
We also carry a full line of
Canadian Blankets, in White
and  Colors, from $2.75 per
pair up.
See our stock before pur
chasing' elsewhere
Corner Baiter and Stanley Btreefc
Anheuser- _
St. LoUis
To be had wholesale at Nel**.
It-   P.   Hifchel  *
_"__      Ltd.
Kootonuy Agent.
Ooal and Wood.
Agenta Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd'
Crow's TJest  Coal,   $6j|5
Anthracite,    -    -    $9.65
No order ean be soeepted nnl��*
acoomp-nled by c.i��U.
Offloe Corner Hall and llsker Hl'��*
F. O
EnelneeM and ProvlocH' U��
iBo_Wl ��.!������� B'_
T. O. Box -6��.
R. BARROW, a. M^*
,incial Land Surveyor.
Victoria end KooWflV8*
TelephW" �����
WIRE ROP,^   for
/ ���__���__!
Dblso^  Baily Winer, Wednesday  Evening,  November 21, 1900
Mr. Dooley put down his newspapor
ith   the  remark:    "They   cudden't
et me into eoort as   a   witness;   no,
lr,   not  if   'twas to   hang   me   best
Tis hard enough," he said,"with
ewspapers an' clnsua offloers   an' th'
m'ry iv cab dhriverB to   live   down
e'er   past without   bein'   foorced   to
Ihrill it in   a   r-red  coat an' with  a
rasa band   ahead   before th'   eyes  iv
1 multitood.    I did it wanst; I'll do
no more.    Wanst I   was summoned
appoar.in th' high   temple lv   jus-
llou, where Timothy Duffy is  th' pre-
lldin'janius, as Uogan   says,   to   give
3 priceless tistymony   as to whether
' plumbin' in Havrigan's house was
tied to hold wather.  'Twas mo opinion, havin' had a handful iv thrumps
held in Uarrlgan's parlor   spiled  be
���alee Michigan dhroppin' through th'
ilin,' that   said   plumbin' was con-
rary to th' laws an'   ordinances   lv
country iv Cook. State iv Illinois,
, made au' provided,   an' th' same
,y I put on a   high hat   an' a   long-
iled coat an' left a -man   in   charge
mo business an' went down to Ilal-
iad Street an' sforo   to, as solemnly
I cud knowin' that  llarrigan wud-
n't pay th' rint annyhow. An' what
me iv it? I was two  minyits givin'
tistymony, an' two   hours thrying
convince   th'    honorable  court���a
afer be th' name iv   Puffy���an'   th'
jury   that   1   hadn't   stolen   th'
Irt  on   me   back   fr'rn   a   laundrhy
on.   Th'   lawyer   f'r   the   deflnse
Bbrongly intimated that  I was in th'
.B)eighborlmoil whin Charlie  Ross   was
kidnapped,   an' th'   jury aat to be al-
lowi'el to bring in   a   verdiot of manslaughter   without   exthra   pay.    As 1
��Wlnt out iv th'coort two or three wo-
Blen   in   large  hats hissed   me an'   a
man at th' dure   threatened me   with
an uuibrolly ontlll   I made a counther
dliiHiustliration with me foot.   Justice
says ye I     I   tell   ye   Uogan's r-right
whin    he   says:    'Justice   is   blind.'
.Blind she is, an' deef   an' dumb,   an'
has a wooden legl   Niver    agin   will
ithey dhraw   mo to a  eoort.    I'll tako
!th' rude justioo iv a piece lv lead pipe
lentil out costs or   th'   r-rlght   iv   appeal.
F "Here   In   th'    pa-apcr   they'se   a
���piece about a la-ad that had   throuble
Srith his vallay���"
I  "Whst's a  vallay?"   Mr. Hennessy
Inti'ri lipii'.i.
I "A vallay," Mr. Dooley explained,
P'ia a retired English gintleman hired
(by niillyonaires wlio ar-re goin' into
bankruptcy to wear their cloThou.
_._kod a millylonaire oomes into th'
wurruld an' naked his vallay laves
htm. Th' vallay'a a kind lv he-chambermaid that aeeB that th' millionaire doesnt' go to worruk iu bis night
Bhirt an' r-reads his letthers. I can't
mako out what all iv his jooties is.
fie rubB th' raillyionaire's head an'
rubbers on his love affairs, an' afther
a while laves him an' goes to worruk
f'r a sooiety pa-aper. 'Tis an ol' say-
in' iv Uogan's that no man is a hero
io his vallay. That's thrue. Th' vallay's th' hero.
"Well, this mllyionaire I've been
r-readin' about, he havo a vallay an'
,th' vallay lost his eye wondherln' who
th' lady was an' thin he dipped too
sthrong Into th' Florldy wather an'
th' millyionalro bounced him. He'B
tired Iii in out. 'Lord Roland,' be
eayB, 'go,' ho Bays. 'We've lived too
long together,' he says. 'People can't
tell ub apart, we stagger bo much
alike,'he says. 'I'm getln' so used
to ye that I have no tear iv ye,' he
eays. 'It was bad enough whin ye
give me bluo suepinders with me r-red
pantaloons,' he BajB, 'but,' he says,
'whin I asked f'r an orange an' ye
brought in th' bootjack,I felt that we
cud no longer asBocyate on terms of
equality,' he says. 'Yo'll havo to go
baok to th'house lv lords,' he says.
An' ho tired him out an' wudden't
pay him a clnt Iv wages he owed him
f'r th' rest lv his llfo. Ho Lord Roland sues him an' has him in eoort.
"Th' millyionalro thrlps In' think-
In'to hlinsilf: '"l'ls on'y a question
lv whether 1 shall pay this jook what
I promised him or what ho ought to
Ixpect fr'in a millyionalro. Do 1 or do
I not owo Lord Kolaud ��82 f'r ourry-
combln' mo In th' nox' cinchry. I'll
lavo It to an intclllglnt jury lv honest
Americans who havo always buttoned
their own shirts, an' r-rlght will conker an' I'll keep mo money.'
"That's whoto he was wrong. He
had tli' Bamo experience I had, ex-
ocpt mine was a ottBe lv plumbin'an'
hiB wan Iv peronnl decoration. Afthor
ho explained to th' jury that he didn't
owo Lord Roland annylhing becauso
his lordslp got a dhroopin' eye fr'rn
dhrlnk an' frequently give him th'
same oollar ivry week, ho was tur rued ovor to th' attorney f'r th' prosecution, who cross examined him.
" 'Wo will paBB over th' question lv
yo'er fynancial relations with mo
ellnt,' says th' distinguished ban-lather, 'an' come down to ye'er own
private life.    To  begin with, ar-re ye
Thi! nlgnntiiro la on every boi ol the genuine
Laxative Brmno-Quinioe *��WeU
the remedy that care* �� coM ta *���!��� ��U#
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and French markets.
or ar-re ye not a man lv th' most dissolute morals? 'Lie admits it,' says
th' lawyer. 'You were dhrunk in
1892?' 'I can't raymimber,' sayB th'
millyioniare. 'Put it down that he's
always dhrunk,' says th' lawyer.
'Where did ye get ye-er money? He
don't know? Th' jury will take note
iv th' fact that he proha-ably stole It.
Ye-ie father is did. Did ye kill him?
'I think so.' 'Now that ye rsyfnBe
to pay Lord Roland what's net eom-
iu' to him, how about ye-er wife?'
'My wife isn't in this case,'says th'
prisonei. 'Th' divvel Bhe isn't,' Says
th'coort. 'Want ye to know that
ivryborly is*in this oaBe. We play no
fav'rites. Whin th' clear sunlight It
American justice la tnr-rnsd loose on
a matthor of this charac-ter nawlhln'
oan be bid. Go on an tell ns abont
ye-er wife. Th' eoort wishes to
know. Th'eoort is human,'says he.
'Isn't It thrue,' says th' lawyer,-
'that ye-er spouse ia pettish an' disagreeable be nature an' that th' colors iv her hair ar-re not fast, an' that
Lord Roland frequently peeked
through th' dure an' seen ye talkln'
to her? Answer me, ye fiend in human form, don't that lovely golden
sheen upon her looks come out In th'
wash? Tell me, monsther, tell th'
bon'rable eoort that's now leanin'
oagerly over th' bar to catch ivry pint
tell th' jury that wud like to oarry
home some s'ciety ohit-ohat to their
own tirod wives, tell this Intllliglnt
oonooorse iv American citizens behind
mo an' th' gallant knights lv th' pen
in fr-ront iv me waitln' to spread th'
details to th' wurruld, tell tae, ruff-
yion, Is hiven or peroxyde iv hydhro-
gen th' auther iv th' splendor? An'
abont her teeth���ar-re they her ow_?
Will ye swear to it? Raymimber ye
ar-re on oath. Will ye uplift ye-er
hand an' swear that th' left bi-ous-
pid ia not acquired? Ia her complexion her own or fr'm day to day? Did
ye iver see her befuie ye were marrld,
an' If so with whom? An' about th'
othor women Lord Roland saw ye
with. Wore they no betther thin
they ought to be or not as good as
they might have been? I can't recall
their names.but ye might tell me who
hey ar-re. Give us^thcir names. Dhrag
th' wretched crathers fr'm their hid-
in' places in th' vowdyvllle theaters
an' lave thim to ahtand in th' oleir
sunlight iv American juslriee,' he says
'an' be smirched,' he says.
"There waa scarcely a dhry eye to
th' eoort whin th' lamed council concluded. Th' ladies in th' audjeenee
applauded furyously as name afther
name was brought forward. Th'
judge said that ho had th' time lv his
life, an' th' jury afther aecurln' clip-
pin's iv th' priBoner'a wife's hair returned a verdiot findln' Mrs. Hard
Gold guilty iv peroxide in th' first degree, without extenuatin' clroum-
stancoa, an' added a rider recommen''-
ln' th' ladles Lord Roland seen with
Hard Gold be tur-rned ont iv their
lodgin'a. It waa a gr-reat triumph
for th' r-right. It shows that th'
coorts iv our fair land will put down
with a stern hand th' growln'.peroxide vloe an' that justice will find out
evil doers���whin they a-re women���11
it hns to tako th' bandagos off Its eyce
an' bide in a clothes oloset."
"It serves th' man r-right f'r havin'
wan lv thlm valleys ar-round th'
house," auld Mr. Hennessy.
"Well, it showB that," said Mr.
Dooley. "An' it Bhows th' disadvantages lv wealth. No man eares to
henr what Ilogan calls 'th' short an1
simple scandals iv th' poor.' But I
wasn't tlunkln' about th' man In  th1
Advertisements Inserted under this head at
the rate of one cent a word per insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 26 oente.
FOR    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
SALESMEN granted to sell our goods
by sample to wholesale and retail
trade. Wei are the largest and only
manufacturers in oar line in the
world. Liberal salary paid. Address,
OAN-DEX Mfg. Co., Savannah, Ga.
WANTED���Te Rent, eonvsnlent to
centre of City. Two rooms with
bath room, and attendance. Furnished or untarnished. Write to A. M.
Johnson, Box 80 eity.
FOR SALE���A new hones, ten rooms,
very convenient,with all modern improvements.   Apply A. B. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
WANTED���Sitnation as housekeeper,
chambermaid, or  waitress, in  a respectable   hotel.    "M" Box 887, Spokane, Wash. 	
TRAINED   Nnrae,  open   for  engagements.    Surgical,   medical,  and ao-
eouchement.   English   and  Canadian
diplomas.   Apply, "E" Miner   Offlce.
PRIVATE Board  and Room.   Heated
throughout. Hot and cold water and
baths.   Three  doors   south  of   Post-
office, Ward Street.
SHORTHAND and Typewriting  done
at the offlce of B. C.   Riblet,   Front
Btreet, 2nd door west of   Hall Street.
Tel. 151.
FOR SALE.���Florence Park Hotel and
Roberts'   Ranch,   situated .on ��� lake
ahore, 3X  miles from Nelson.   Apply
H. R. Cameron. '
8H0RTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to oomplete claBS (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in Do lessons.
Apply atonoe "Stenographer," Miner
Applications will be received by the
Chamber of Mines,Rossland, B.C., until December 1st, 1900, for the position
of Seeretary. The salary will be 81,-
500 per year.
Applicants must have some literary
and newspaper experience and be well
qualified to discharge the duties assigned to a Beoratary of a Chamber of
References must aooompany application.
Southern British Columbia,
(Kootenays and Yale)
T. O. Box 578.
The moat miserable beings In the
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per oent. of the people In the Dominion are afflicted
with theee two diseases aad theii
effects; snoh a Sour Stomach, JSIek
I li'iiilnHic, Habitual Oosthneness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in
tho Mouth, Coming up of Food After
Mating, Low SplritB, etc. Go to your
Druggist and get (I.bottle of August
Flower for 75 cents. Two doses will
relieve you. Try it. For sale by W.
1'". Teetzel.
The Chamber of Mines wante thoroughly reliable correspondents in every
Camp in the districts of Bast and
West Kootenay and Yale to whom reasonable compensation will be paid for
their services.
Oerr-spondenta will bo expected to
furnish the Chamber of Mines with all
development going on at the mines,
the Installation of maohlaery, shipments of oro and value, and generally
such news as will attract tho attention of capitalists and cause them to
Investigate and Invest
Applications to be addressed to  the
Southern British GohimhU,
(Kootenays and  Yale)
P. O. Box: Vtt.
Our Fresh _to_e��e_ Coffee Best of
<JnaJl.v. ns follows ;
_*~^i^__m--_f��w^-dliuna'''"' I *
ftt_-BtOfc.eee_-��_      }SS
Santos Blond,S pounds..._ \_
���fl _-_fi__M tvoovni.
l>fBl_SON, - B-  C
Olose connection East and Westbound at Spokane wit-trains of the
trains of the Spokane Fslls und Northern Railway.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Ohicigo, Toronto. Montreal, Mew Y'ork
and all points West and South.
Loaves Spokane daily for East _t_10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct conj
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Hound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagniflcont steamships North-West
and Not'lli-l-uul of UieNorthe.ru Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls A Northern Ry., Kaslo St Hlocao
Ry., Knotei ai Railway A Navigation
Co., or to
Genl. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane. Waeb
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v,
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermed i at
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connect- at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective Sunday, October 21st, WOO.
Train No. 33 (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    10:45 p.m.
Leave Northport     5:50 a.m.
Arrlvo Hossland     7:30 a.m.
Train No. 34 (Night Train).
Leave Hossland    Hum p.m.
Leave Northport    18:4B a.m.
Arrive Spokane     7:05 a.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane  Wash
A umit, Nelson. HJ)
Tumer-uow.kti Block Baker Street
600 Canadian Golds..  ��%
Real Estate ana Insurance
LOans Effected at   Reasonable  Rates.
bakir Street Nelson.
mill-- rt-Oli-U. -OTA-MI rilll-H
Wlndernioro Mines.  OorrefPSfiSeaoeBoilalt-d
Wholesale Houses
rriHOKPK & CO. Umitod���Corner Vernon
X and Cedar tiueoin, NoIboii- MatiU-UOlur-
or. of and wholoaalo doalura in aorutod waloni
and fruit ayrups. bole attonU for Haloyou Hot
-jprlugi. mineral water.   Telephone tW.
__A N. M. C'uimiiiiiH, Letujeo��� Kvery known
variety of ho.l drink.*. 1* O liox _W. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover btrooti Nebon. boiUui- of the
f-uuotit. tiu Leon HotHpnntfH Mineral Water.
A. Maodonald)���Architect* and uupurtn-
UmdoniH, broken Hill blook, oornor linker and
Ward titreeta, nelson.
CO.���Manufacture��� of tho Hoyai Seal
aud Kootenay Belie Clgara. Factory and
otttoe, Baker btreet, NelhOih
HJ. EVANS & CO.-Rakor Street, Nol-
��� son���Whole-Ale deal-n* iu uquorH, ci-
Kara, cement, lire brick and lire olay, watur
pipe aud uteel rail^, and t_oueral oouuniboiou
WhoieAale aud retail dealer* in grain,
hay, flour, food. Mui-- at Victoria, New w'wttt-
tuinater; Edmonton, Aita. JUevuiore ou Cal-
tfary and Edmontuu Itailway. Manufacturers
of the oelebrated li. & k . brand oereala.
A MACDONALD Ic C?.-Cor��er Fron
��� and Hall streets���V\ holeaale grocura
and jobbers in blanket*, glove*, mil it*., bootu,
rubbora, mackinawu and minora' Hundrioa.
J__N    Oflloe  corner  Hull aud   Front StroeUi,
iseleon���Lumber, ceiling, flooring;, and ever)
thing In wood for builduiK porpottea.   Get our
price*.   Oorreapuudunce aolicited.
PBURN6 ft Co.-Baker btreet, Nelson- ���
���   Wholoaalo dealera lu frn_.li und cured
meat*.   Cold Storage.
Balrer Street, Nelson��� Whohwalo deal
ore in freah and cured lueuU.
Btreet, Nelaon ��� Wholflaale dealars in
hardware, iniocrn' supplios, aportiug good*,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Suecofwora to Vancouver Hardware Co. Ltd.) linker Street
Neiaon���Wboleialo dealora in nardware anu
mining supplies, plutnbora' and titihimtlit-' sup-
.J..N paints, oils aud glust*; moohanlca' tool*,
Agents fot Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
TURNER, BEKTON tc Co.-Corner Vernon
and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in llQuorn, cigars,and dry goodt*.
Agent*, for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.	
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholoiiale grooerle-i
and liquor* etc., _���kor street, Nekton.
/CALIFORNIA WINK CO., Limited-Corner
\J Front ma Hall .trout*, Nelaon-Wholo-
. alo daalera n wlnee leBane and bulk), and
domeetlo and Imported olKie.ru.
paovisioiie, produce & fruitb
T T. 0_tI___N 4 CO.���Cornor Vornon and
O. JoeepM-O Street-, Nole-n - Wholesale-
dealere In prortalona, ourod moate, butter and
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
In-ide Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSOU
Browew of Fino Lagpr
Beer _n_ Poiter,
Kelson, B. 0.
Will p��y the bifb<Nt oanti price for all
kluda ol ieoonii band rikiiIb. Will haj
or Mil anything from an onohoi to a
noodle. Knrnltnre, ttovea, latperta,
oooktac nteoaili, bonght In honeehold
qoairUtiei. Alio oaet off clotbin��.
Gall and aee ma or write. AMnm
Silver King Mike, Box 200. __��U
fltraAt, Nelnon. I*   f)
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
hkad offiob toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to U. U LENNOX, Baker 8t
Put Us On
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your  wants  perfectly.
Kirkpatrlck fe Wilstii
" Soo Line
Also TOURIST OARS pawing Dnn-
more Junction Daily for ot. Pan), Sat-
nnlivyB for Montrenl and Boaton, Mf30-
dnyB nnd Tlniradaya for Toronto.
Hume cars pans Revelstoke one *ay
for  yoar  eastern  trip la to aae  that
yum- ticket rgjdl vin Oanadian P_ett_,
Trains and Steamers Deport.
1 Steamer for Kootenay _*&)-
j-iug   and  eaataro  point*   fts
) Grow'a Neat Route.
) Train for   Roaelaod, Gran*
1 Train for Rlooan Olty, . loean
j pnlnl 3, and Handori.
I Steamer for Kaalo and Infcer-
( mediate point b .
Train for Itosalaad, Nakutp,
> ltevelstoke,   main    line  and
) Paciflic Const Points.
Fur Time Tallies, Rates and fall In-
formation call on or address nearest Local Agent, or,
H. W. Drew, Aepot Alcent 1 Meboa, B.O.
j_ h. Brown, City Atfont. /
Ex Sun
Ex Hun
Bx Aim
M .  ... HI el\MI. Ill)   .
Tr��y, Pan. "
A. ��. V.
Collegiate School
Victoria, B.C.
The Lord Bishop of Colombia
3. W. Laing, Esq., M. A., Oxoa.,
Headmaster. Rev. C. Enter Misrp,
M. A., Cantali. II. I. S. K.ekett,
Eaq... St.  Peter's < ullege, CambHdn.
Moderate terms for boarders and day
scholars. Hoys received from s1g_t
years of age and upwardn. MIKtMry
drill. Technical art Infludl-g rnachan-
Ical drawlnr. Jloardera may, by thmr
parents wish attend any place of iror-
Kliiji to which they are acen��tome4.
Present Ilnmllern 54.
fiee Can Pit Ye_.
He has  one of  the  liest  and  larfwrt
Fall and Winter stocks lo
the ProTtnoo.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
Kakar Street
Twenty-five per cent oil afl
Trimmed and Ready -to- W��tr
Baker Straat.
ornot Aho eeemsNOt.
TtitnnHl  ��o. ik.
__________ Nelson  Dailv Miner,  Wednesday  Evenihg,  November 21, 1900
The pictures left from Mrs. Lang-
ford's studio sale are to be seen in
Painton's window this week.
The ladies of the Congregational
Church g'vo a reception in the parlors
of tho church this evening to the
membors of the social club.
Hebden Bros, have been given the
contract fur tho plumbing in the new
General Hospital cuttage and William
Lawr has been awarded tho plastering contract.
A telephone message from Capt.
Gifford at the Silvor King mine this
morning gave the temperature np
there as 12 below zero, and snow fall
ing very heavily.
Mr. Horace D. Hume, manager of
the Hume Hotel, who has been in tho
General Hospital for ten days past
suffering from typhoid fever, is con
valcscing rapidly and will be out in a
few days.
The remains of Alexander Dono who
died at the General Hospital on Mon
day were shipped this morning by the
steamer Moyie via the Crow's Nest
line, to Montreal, where the inter
ment will take place.
Tho water on the electric light dam
was not at its usual level this morn
'ing and it is thought that the flume
which brings the water from White
water Creek was broken during the
recent storm by falling trees.' Three
or four of the City workmen were*sent
out to investigate and will make any
necessary repairs.
Several of tho hockey players of
Nelson have been enjoying themselves
for the past day or two on a very excellent piece of ice which has formed
over the reservoir up near the moun
tald station. The ice is smooth and
clear and is about four inches thick.
Yesterday afternoon a large number
of skaters climbed the hill and enjoyed themselves.
Because of the early advent of the
cold weather it is more than likely
that the Kirkpatrick-Wilson-Clements
block will note be ready for occupation
before the latter part of December or
tbe first of January. Tbe high winds
which began to blow last Friday pre
vented the putting In of the plate
glass windows and work on the interior had to be discontinued entirely.
If there is not a very warm spell
between today and the end of the
week, there should be skating In the
rink on Stanloy Street by Saturday at
thepatcst. Since Monday night every
blt^of cold weather has been taken advantage of and a very fair bottom has
been made. Special attention is being paid to the curling sheets and
they too should bo ready for use by
the ond of the week.
The officials of the local Baptist
Church havo beon notified that their
how pastor, ltev. John Hurtt Morgan,
at present pastor of the Baptist
Church at Aylesford, N. S., will arrive in Nelson some timo during tbe
second week of Decembor. Rev. Mr.
Morgan is looked upon as ono of the
cleverest young men of that donoini-
n.-it i.m. and the local members are
looking forward to tho building up of
thoir church during his Service   here.
The apathy which had made Itself
apparent in the ranks of the Conservative party in Nelson has disappeared
and a great deal of interest ia being
taken In the candidature of John Mo-
Knne. Tho committe rooms in the
Houston block aro filled with workers
every evening and much progress is
being made. Mr. McKane is expected
in Nelson in a week or ten days when
a meeting wil. bo held In the Opera
House to which Candidates Gallihoi
and Foley will be invited.
"* Tho members of tho Baptist Hun-
day School are busily engaged in ro-
heursing for the production of the
cantata entitled "Tho Crowning of
Christmas," whloh will bo given on
thu owning of Friday, December 21.
The cast is a most excellent oue anil
no pains aro being spared hy tho committee in charge to make the affair a
, groat success. Thu coimnittcu consists
of Mrs. S. L. Lester, Mrs. S. Smith,
Mrs. J. Laing Stocks and .Mrs. 1_. il.
Mel ie-1 iniel. On the evening before
the presentation ol the cautata, the
Bcliolars will participate iu a social
It is quite probable that the Council
to be elected next January will be
asked by n large number of citizens to
pass a by-law regulating tlie charges
of bus and hack drivers, and licensing
every bus anil hack doing business in
the city. There have huen many complaints of late In connection with
charges of certain hack drivers. Tin;'
complaint Is nut that they charge too
miie-li. but is rather that there is no
uniform scale,and a man never knows
how much he most give up If he doos
not always ask the price iu advance,
Some people pay 88 cents for a trip
In a bus to or from on* of the stations,
while others are ehiirgeil 60 Bents,
One man says that he once paid ���::,
r.nts for a  trip from  (be  Mountain
station to the Hotel Hume, and that a
short timo afterwards he had occasion
to make the same trip with his wife
and was then charged a dollar, 50
cents each. If that was the regular
charge he said he waB perfectly willing to pay it, but he didn't like the
idea of being forced to pay more
than other people, or moro than he
had paid at another time himself.
The Council will be asked to fix a uniform scale of prices, which will be
agreeable to hack men and patrons
The Nelson Chess and Checker Club
held its fourth weekly meeting last
night and had a splendid ��.voning.
Tho Checker tournament is growing
more interesting with overy game and
the contests last night wero hard
fought ones. At tho conclusion of last
night's play the five leaders stood as
follows: E. Smith, 850 per cent; J.
llardie, 815 per cent. ; J. Tuttle, 565
per cent. ; U. Clark, 537 per cent, j J.
H. Wallace, 530 per cent. The mail
chess game the club is conducting
with J. R. nunnex, Erie, grows more
interesting and is now at a oritical
Professor Robertson of the Agricultural College at Ottawa will deliver a
lecture In the Presbyterian Church
school room on the evening of Friday
tho 23rd. Professor Robertson is
brother of Mr. Robert Robertson of
Nelson, and is greatly interested in
the work of the Women's Council nn
der whose auspices the lecture will
be given. No admission will be
charged and the subject of the evening
will be "Technioal Eduoation." The
ladies of the Council extent a cordial
invitation to all those who are interested in the works of the Council and
trust that Professor Robertson will
be greeted by a large audience.
The large boiler for tho Silver King
mine which was taken from Nelson
Friday last on its way to the mine is
still on the road and it will be two or
three days yet before it is delivered.
It reached the snow line Sunday and
notwithstanding the heavy wind was
successfully transferred to sleighs
The road, however, has been so heavy
that no effort has yet been made^to
move it further up. As soon as the
snow is packed and the road in good
condition three of Steeper &Co.'s best
teams will be hitched to the sleigh6
and there will be no more long stops
until it reaches its destination. Some
of the smaller pieces of the new machinery reached the mine today.
Mr. G. K. Tackabury, local agent
of the Spokane Falls and Northern,
who has been spending several weeks
with his relatives at Lincoln, Neb.,
returned to Nelson last evening accompanied by Mrs. Tackabury. Mr.
Tackabury was thero during the presidential election and in speaking of it
this morning, he said: "Well, it is
just this, it was a complete walk
over for the Republican party. In
Mr. Bryants own state, Nebraska, and
even in his precinct in his native
town, Lincoln, ho was defeated by
good round majority. The wholejcause
was that every town in enjoying the
host of prosperity. Everybody seems
to be over-joyed with the good times
and apparently nothing could persuade
the people to vote for Bryanism.'
The meeting held in W. A. l.'alll-
hcr's committee rooms last night was
very well attended and from a Lib
eral standpoint was a splendid sue-
coss. Frank Oliver, M. P., of Alberta,
and M. _'. J. Deane, of Kamloops,
wero the speakers of the evening and
wero introduced by Chairman James
Kanneiman. Mr. Deane told of the
condition of affairs political in other
parts of the district, and Mr. Oliver
delivered a genuine campaign speech.
Mr. Oliver is a splendid speaker but
the conviction which his utterances
carry was lost last night because" he
was talking to an audience composed
wholly of Liberals. Suoh a speech
should havo been delivered to an audience of undecided eloctors. There it
would havo been of greater value to
tho causu which Mr. Oliver espouses
for it might have made some converts.
The Miner has been approached on
several occasions to call attention to
what many people have for a long
time Considered a publio nuisance.
Tho nuisance is a mnn. Sober he appears to know how to conduct himself,
but when ho becomes Intoxicated,
which is about once a week���Saturday
nights���he talks so loudly that In tho
stillness of the early hours of Sunday
morning be can be heard for blocks
away. And his language during these
drunken spells would not bo permitted in tho toughest dive In Nelson. It
Is of the filthiest and most profane
character nnd people rooming in
block! on Baker Street or who are
forced to be out late must listen to it.
The police know who the man is and
should take some action. If they
don't some citizen will swear out a
warrant for his arrest. There is not
a public place In Nelson in which this
same person has not made himself objectionable and people are growing
heartily sick of him.
In many ways has tho war in South
Africa had rather a bad effeot upon
the mining industries of British Columbia, and more especially is this
noticeable in diamond drilling. Mr
Fred Stone of Spokane, who formerly
did a large amount of diamond drill
lug at the Silver King mine and who
is at present carrying out several contracts, in the Couor d'Alene and Rosa-
land districts and who is about to
take a contract fordoing similar work
at Ainsworth, is authority for tho
statement that the work now costs 84
per foot while before the war it could
be done for $1.50 per foot. The advance
is due to the advance in the price of
black diamonds which are imported
from South Africa for drilling pur
poses. Before the trouble started there
they could be obtained at the low
price of 816 per carat, but now they
cannot be had for less than $7(1. Mr.
Stone did not say what it cost to prepare a drill to be used by steam but
he said that it cost over $1,000 to
manufacture a hand diamond drill.
Even at the prioe of $70 per carat it is
exceedingly difficult to obtain the ne
eessary supply of demands. It is well
known fact that all work has practi
cally been stopped at the diamond
mines of the Transvaal but as the
war is about over it is expected that
it will be started and vigorously pros-
eouted. This will relieve the long felt
strain upon this most ��� important
branoh of mining in British Columbia
and the western United States.
��� ���   ���
Mr. Nicholas Flood Davln and wife
will arrive in Nelson on tonight's
boat en route to the Coast. Mr. Annable-of the Opera House, has arranged
to have Mr. Davln deliver a lecture
here on Friday night. The subject
will be "The British House of Com
mons." Mr. Davin is considered one
of the ablest orators in Canada and a
lecture of this kind will be a treat for
Nelson people.
��� ���  ���
Mr. B. Thomas of Vancouver, a
mining engineer, arrived in the City
yesterday. Mr. Thomas is engaged in
reporting on different mining properties throughout British Columbia
for various mining companies. He
leaves this afternoon for Kaslo and
from there will visit tbe Great Western and other properties in tbe vicinity of the Payne and make reports on
them for Vancouver companies. Mr.
Thomas is also interested In the Kootenays. He has recorded an option on
(he Robin Hood group on Cottonivood
Creek at an earlier date than the one
taken out by Mibs Leigh Spencer.
On this property three tunnels have
been run to the respective depths of
40, 15 and 50 feet. Sometime ago as
says were made from tbe ore and gave
returns of $37 in gold but it is expected that later assays will give $47. Mr.
Thomas his also a bond on the Cartage claim, which is situated near the
Ymir mine in the Ymir district. On
this property he will begin work
about the first of January. About 50
feet of tunnelling has already been
dono, and a vein 15 feet in width has
been uncovered. It is believed that
this vein is the continuation of the
same lead as that of the Ymir.
��  ���  ���
The following transfer was recorded
at the mining recorder's oflice today:
From Hugh Nixon and M. Drlscoll
to B. Thomas of Vancouver.entlrc Interest In Robin Hood group of eight
claims on CottonwoodJCrcok.for a consideration of $10,000.
��� ���   ���
The Orillla, Ont., Packet says:
Mr. J. P. Secord has just pnrchasod
from Mrs. Harris, of Kaslo, B. 0., another largo lot, 15,000 shores, of the
Kaslo-Slocan Development Company's
mining stock. This makes about two
hundred and twenty thousand shares
of this stock that he has purchased on
his own account. It Is evident that
Ma confidence in the company hns not
suffered from his recent Inspection of
the mines."
Dress Goods
Speclal Reduced Prices
Por This Week.
The kind you want for
cold weather, and the newest
Dress Goods in the trade.
Homespuns and
a Suit.
a Skirt.
In all the new leading colors,
such as Castor, Grey, Brown,
Green and Blue, etc.
Kerr $ Co.
Cor. Baker and Ward Streets,
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
as  received from The Miner's special
isi_.c_.__, to the: miner.)
N-J-B. AHKED.     BID.
Blacktail  0% 8J_
Bntte & Boston  2% \X
Crystal ���  5 4^
DserTrnilOon  2% 2%
Evening Star  o' 4
Gold Ledge  2 1J_
Golden Harvest     4i W
I.X.L ...- .....21 18
Iron Mask 37 o
Jim Hlaiiie  8 4
Lone Pine Surprise  7<< 6
Mountain Lion  40 o
Morning Glory��� 6% o\
Morrison;  �� 2
NobleFive  4 o
Princess Maud...  2 IU
Palmer Mt. Tun   17 0
Qnilp 23 0
Rambler-Cariboo 20 23
Republic   71 0
Reservation  5 3
Rossland Giant ; 2% 2K
Sullivae H 13
Tom Thumb 13}_ 9
Waterloo 8 2%
Winnipeg ...4 Q
Cnlibtbd stocks.
Conjecture-  4 v 3%
U.S. Marble 1314 12
American Boy lo 0
Gold Standard. a,  9^ 9
Rainbow 6 4>_
Trade Dollar  8. 2%
Sales-Conjecture, 1000 at 3%, 1000
at 3%, 1000 at 3%, 1000 at 8%. 2000 at
3%, 1000 at 3>_; Gold Ledge, 5000
From Coopcrsvllle, Mich., comes
word of a wonderful dsoovery of a
pleasant tasting licmjid that when
used before retlriug by any one troubled with a bod cough always ensures
a good night's rest. "It will soon
cure the cough too, "writes Mrs S.
Himelburger, "for three generations
of our family have used Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption and
never found It's equal for Coughs and
Colds." It's an unrivaled life-saver,
when used for dosperate lupg diseases. Guaranteed bottles 50 couts
and 81 at the Canada Drug and Hook
Co.   Trial bottles free.
Today's passenger train on the
Crow's Nest Pass Is by the last reports from 11 to 12 hours late. The
delay Is due to heavy snow storms.
There are two boats at Kootenay
Landing.nnd one will leave for Nelson
on schedule time, not waiting for the
mail or passengers, but thu other one
will wait for the arrival of the train.
The bazaar in aid of tho Catholic
Church fund which is bolng held at
the Opera Houso and which wns to
havo concluded this evening will be
continued until tomorrow evening.
The  attendance  this  afternoon   was
German Syrup is tho special proscription of Dr. A. llosheo, a celebrated German i'hysiclau, nnd Is acknowledged to bo ono of the most fortunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds and Lung
troubles of the severest nature, removing, as it does, th'o cause of the affec-
ton and leaving the parts In a strong
and hcnlthy condition. It la not an
e.perlmeiital medicine, but has stood
the test ol years, giving satisfaction
in every case, which Its rapidly Increasing sale every season confirms.
Two million bottles sold annually.
Hosche's German Syrup was Introduced in tho United Statos in 1808,
and Is now sold In every town and
vlllngo In tho olvlll/.ed world. Three
doses will relieve any ordinary cough.
Price 7.1 cents. For Sale by W. F
ow to Keep Warm 1
Visit the store of Martin O'Reilly & Co.
inspect the stock of
I Blankets and Comforters I
and then purchase a supply. It looks as
though there would be a fuel famine. If
there is, you will have to stay in bed to
keep warm. To keep warm there you will
need lots of clothing over you. We have
it, and at lower prices than it can be
purchased elsewhere.
1 Martin O'Relllo _ 60.
Holds in solid assets nearly $ 5,000,000
Has business in force nearly  30,000,000
Holds 4 per cent. Acnliiries Reserve, Has the FUNDS ON HAND to put
every dollar its of busiuess on a il;j per cent, basis and still leave a IuuIsoiup
Has an Annual Income of Over $1,000,000.
Pays its Policy Holders an average of over $1,000 everv day in (he yenr.
Has an Interest Income which much more than pays all its death claims.   Holdi
nsurplus over all liabilities on Government Standard ofoverHALFAMILIe/ftf 1"
Pays all its Profits to its Polioy-Holders.
District Agent.
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83
I'�� 11 iti:   ��   COLD IN om; DAY
Talis 1 11 Milivc lii-miiii Qulnlns Tablot-. All
ilriiKiiM.i refund lho money If It Mia to nuro.
t'l'-.   K. W, Orovo * signature Is on f*��b hex,
Have you ever eaten MAPLE PUDDING? It Is a new confection made
especially for J A. Maedonald. Try
It nnd you will be sure to like It. We
havo a frosh lot of Lowney's candles
Just in today. Ontario apples hnvo
arrived too.
Visit   Floronce Park Hotel at Rob
erts' Hanoh.'two and a  half miles np
tho river. W. M. Roberts,
If yon don't like Blue Kibbon Tea it'i
beoause you'vo never tnsted it.
very good, and a large number of visitors are expocted this evening and tomorrow. The sale's up to date have
been fair but a considerable amount
of the fancy goods still remain to be
disposed of. A dinner will be served J THAT PAD
this evening and tomorrow evening, i
and the ladies have promised a good
time for those who attend, j
The pnbllo Is hereby Informed that
W. A. Costello is in no way connected
with the U. C. ExpicBs and Transfer
Manager B.C. Express & Transfer Co.
Of Writing t'apor won't lust
lonir. You'd tatter place another   hurry uo' p-der with
All persons aro horeby wnrnod
against dealing with or negotiating
.Share Certificate No. 0.14 of the Molly
Gibson Mining Company, Limited,
for One Thousand (1,000) slinres of
the capital stock of said company.
.HaId Slum, Certificate was Issued In
the name nf Goorgo Kydd,and was endorsed In blank, and wns lost or stolen In Nelson, 11. C, about tho month
of October, 1000.
Dated this 7th day of  November, A.
D., 1000.
Bbobob kydd,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax,Nelson.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., AtUn,��
C, and Dawson City, yuk"0


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