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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 5, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 848     Pr0vin
Nelson,   British Columbia,  Friday Evening,   October 5,  1900.
Eleventh Year
English Electors Declare In Favor of the
"War and of the Annexation of
the Republic.
],������,l���n, Oct. 5.���The khaki boom
has swept the country. Yesterday's
pollings are a tale of Increased Ministerialists and diminished Liberal
majorities. The returns from tlie rural districts today (Friday) and tomorrow may do something to rehabilitate
the Liberals, but the results thus far
have fully justified Mr, Chamberlain,
and the party organizers are backing
the Government In the choice of moment to dissolve Parliament, Few
will doubt that an appeal to the country a month or two earlier would have
produced an even more remarkable
Unionist outburst. Nevertheless the
Ministerial may already congratulate themselves on being returned
with increased majority. Yesterday
the Conservatives gained 18 seats, as
against three gained by the Liberals.
The tvorkiugmen of the country have
replied iu a very decided voice in favor of the war and of annexation of
the Republics.   Mr.   Andrew Trybur-
get   I'ovillitnd.   who    was   defeated in
I the Bluckfrtars division, had sat for
Glasgow in the Liberal interests since
I 1886 and the llridgeton division was
Sir Geo, Otto Trevlyan's old seat.
I loth bad long been Liberal strongholds. The results In Liverpool and
other industrial districts tell a similar story of increased Unionist majorities. Mr. Chamberlain who was listening to the results over the telephone sent the following message to
the people of Birmingham: "This lias
been a good day s work for the Empire. "
London itself felt the full tide, of
Unionist victory. The Liberal representation from the metropolis will
not  amount   to   more than   seven   or
i eight out of <Yl members. In all directions the anti-war candidates have
been defeated. Londoners were uot
slow last evening to testify to their
delight. Wherever the results were
displayed crowds collected to cheer
and demonstrate In favor of the favorites.
Atasons Will Erect a Temple
on Lots East of Sher-
$,    brooke House.
LI Hung Chang Changes His
Mind and Leaves for
the Capital.
An elaborate Masonic temple, at, a
cost of probably over (30,000, is to be
erected upon tlie two vacant lots immediately to the east of the Sher-
brooke House on Haker Street in the
near future.
The enterprise has been under con-
slderatlon,by the members of the Nelson ledge, A.F. .V A.M. for some time
past, and the trustees of tin' lodge
have been appointed to look into the
matter. The two lots were purchased
some time ago with this intention in
view and now definite action is being
taken. The building is to be four
stories high, the first to be erected in
Nelson. It will be built over Hie entire two lots.giving it a oil foot frontage and extending to the rear 180 feet.
The basement story will contain the
heating plant. On the ground Boor
will he two large oblong rooms to
lie used as stores. On the second Door
large and convenient rooms will be
constructed to be rented for olliee
Use, In the top story the lodge proper will bo and where none but masons will cuter.    At  the   front   of tlie
lodge   r n,   which   will   lie   7.1   feot
long by 50 feet wide, will  be suitable
cloak n is.    At the rear of the lodge
room there will be a large banquet
hall, Tho lodge room is to he elaborately furnished, and no pains will be
spared to   make   it one of tlie best   in
the Province.
The   membership  of  the lodge  is
rapidly growing and has now udvanc
ed to tlie KM) mark, and it is said that
the present hall, on occasions of large
gatherings,   is   not   large   enough   to
comfortably accommodate all who attend,
Tien Tsin, Oct. II.��� Via Shanghai,
Oct. 1. ���Li Hung Chang and M. De-
(liers. the Russian Minister to China,
had a lengthy conference today, after
whloh it was announced that Li Hung
Chang would depart, for Pekin tomorrow. Li Hung Chang will be accompanied hy the Russian admiral, a Russian guard and bis own bodyguard.
Peaceful conditions prevail. The
failure of the Russians, to rebuild the
railway to Pekin is causing talk
among the commanders of the restoration of the line to tlie English owners
for reconstruction and operation.
The sick among Ihe Americans are being sent to tlie hospital ship Maine,
which will sail soon for Nagasaki and
with a committee of the board of
trade on transportation matters. As
a result it is believed there will be a
turn to the old night servico on the
Victoria-Vancouver route for tlie
winter months at least.
It has been decided by the Department of Marine and Fisheries that in-
Btcad of one vessel being built for the
fishery and coast protection service,
there will be two, the larger to be
somewhat samller than that formerly
intended. The change necessitated a
new model being secured and new
specifications being drafted. A telegram reached here yesterday from the
Department to the effect that tenders
will be called for in Hritish Columbia
for tho construction of the vessels as
soon as the models and specifications
are ready.
During the past few days upwards
of 200 stoves have been purchased from
the Albion Iron Works Co., by the naval authorities at Esquiinalt. They
will be shipped to China on the Empress sailing ou Monday next,consigned to tlie ollicer commanding the liritisli troops iu China.
left for Spokane, was employed at F.
P. tliitelius' office in Nelson, lie also
held the position of timekeeper at
tbe Nelson yards aud had been employed locally by the company for several months past. Ho left Nelson for
Trail on Wednesday, September HI,
but be did not report there at the
olliee and the company did not know
whore he was. Mr. Alherton was
born at Waterloo. England, and came
to Canada a number of years ago.
He came from eastern Canada to Hritish Columbia with the construction
crew which built the main line
through this Province. He is well
known by tlie loeal employes of the
company and many expressed their regret upon hearing of his death this
Owenboro, Ky., Oct. S,���A strike of
miners at Raskctt for recognition of
the union has been won. The settlement carried with it a reduction
of wages. The owner of the mines
never recognized tbe union but paid
wages averaging five cents more than
the union schedule. This probably
Is tbe first strike for lower wages
ever made.
An Old Nelson G, P. R. Man
Takes His Life In a
Spokane Hotel.
Pekln, Oct. L���Via Tien Tsin and
Shanghai, Oct. i.���A small body of
Imperial Chinese troops appeared at
I'ei Tacbu yesterday. They informed
tlie Hritish garrison that their pur-
poscHvas to disperse the Boxers. They
were not molested by the Hritish. It is
announced that the Germans will winter 8,000 men in Pekln. The liritisli
are reducing their force in preparation for the winter. One thousand
coolies will   start for India  soon   and
the Indian cavalry   will probably be
withdrawn.    The   volume of   business
being done is steadily increasing.
Hazelton, I'a., Oct. 5.���Eight Italians employed on the night shift of
Hie Calvin Pardee aud Coy colliery at
Uttimer, were attacked on the public
road leading from that place to Hollywood early this morning l>y :.'."> women,
��'hu had marched from Milnosville.
I he women were mostly Hungarians
and Italians. A few of the women
were armed with clubs, but   most   of
11 1 carried stones   of   various   sizes
I" their aprons. The workmen did
not attempt to defend themselves but
ran away and were soon out of the
roach of f,,,y ���f tho excited women.
Toronto,  Oct. ti.���Tae liabilities of
"HI am Levaek, the cattle dealer and
mitcher who assigned a few davs ago
are now placed at over 3100,000.'
Splendid progress is being made on
the construction of the electric light
dam. It was thought that the. lights
would be turned on tomorrow night
but it is now probable that they will
not bo turned on until the middle of
next week, The delay is caused by
the Nelson Sawmill Company being
unable to furnish tlie lumber owing to
a break down of tbe machinery yesterday. Tho work is now completed to
tlie ievel of the old dam. but as il
lias to bo carried eight feet above
this, the work will not be completed
until late next week.
President Shaughnessy And   Party on
the Way East Again.
(SPECIAL 'IX) Till'. MIM'.H.)
Victoria, 11. C, Oct. r,.-President
Shaughnessy and party left yesterday
morning for homo after a pleasant
stay of a day in Victoria, visiting
points of interest around the city.
Mr,   Shaughnessy    had  a  conference
Spokane, Wash., Oct. .1.-Charles II.
Atbei'ton, an old (J. P. It. employee at
Vancouver. Grand Forks and Nelson,
committed suicide in this city by taking poison, lie was found dead in a
cheap lodging house and in^ tlie room
was found a bottle of strychnine and
a box of morphine with a hypodermic
needle on the lied beside the body.
A packet of papers found on the
body was taken in possession by Coroner linker. It contained many letters, mostly of recommendation. The
most important of these from a historical standpoint is dated January 10,
Is'Js. It is signed by Laeey It. Johnson as master mechanic of tlie Pacific
division of the Canadian Pacific. It
states that Atherton was employed in
Johnson's otliee as chief clerk, his
time of service being from November
15, 188H to January IS,  1808.
Tlie Johnson letter ends: "Ather-
ton's conduct has been satisactory. lie
is a thoroughly capable man and
leaves mo of his own accord. I wish
him success.*'
The next in point of date was written at Trail, September 7, 18(1(1. by W.
F. Tyc, as division superintendent.
It was addressed to II. A. Durkee,
trainmaster, and asked that courtesies
of the road be extended Atherton, who
bad been appointed temporary agent
at Grand Forks. The third is also
from Mr. Tyc. It is addressed to A
L. Clements at Grand Porks,and bears
date of September 88, 1899. It gives
orders for tho conduct of the Grand
Forks olliee.
The next was written December 0,
181111, by A. L. Clements, agent at
Grand Forks, H. C. It says: "Atherton has been employed at my office as
cashier for several months. I have
found his accounts carefully and accurately kept and correct at all times.
His services has been satisfactory."
There is one under date of March 1.
1900, signed by T, 1'. (lutelius, super
intendent. It was written at Trail,
and states that Atherton was employed as clerk and "checker" at Trail
and Smelter Junction from March .1,
181IH, to March 1, WOO. It stated that
his services wore satisfactory, and
that he was released because of a "reduction in forces. "
A toueli of possible romance was
lent to the tragedy by the finding of a
photograph on the breast of the dying
man. It was an unfinished proof of
the picture of a handsome woman of
perhaps 80 years. The picture was
enfolded in an embossed New Year's
card, on the outside of which wastliiH
inscription: "All good wishes accompany this from Ainice." The Inside
of the card bore a verse, signed "II.
M. Bumslde." Verse and signature
were written in a plain, well styled
hand. Tlie verse reads:
������My lips can find   no  greeting, dear,
That seems so lillleh  to sny
As this, 'God keep you all the year,
Qod bless you day by day.'
The folder was closed and   bound by
a rubber bund.   After  the  band had
heen removed  a   short time   and   the
proof had been  exposed   to   the   light
the picture grew too dark   to   bo   discernible.
Rossland Man Nominated by
Labor Convention After
Wilks Had Declined.
Carries Off the First Prize at the Spokane
Fair-The Province Wins in
the State Class.
Mr. Charles II. Atherton, before
.Tallies Wilks, as predicted by The
Miner,was the choice of the labor convention and wus tendered tlie nomination yesterday afternoon, but he declined it, and Christopher Foley, of
Rossland, was named and an acceptance was secured from him.
There were four names placed before the convention, James Wilks, of
Nelson ; Christopher Foley, of Kossland; Arthur Ferris, of Kossland, and
John McLaren, of Kossland. The lat-
tei two gentlemen withdrew and on a
division Mr. Wilks heat Foley by a
large vote. Mr. Willis was given until tlie afternoon session to decline or
accept the nomination and during
the noon recess some of the fastest
political work ever executed in Nelson was indulged in. Mr. tlalliher's
friends did not want Wilks nominated
and inlluences were brought to bear
upon the nominee to induce him to
declino the nomination. Whether or
not Mr. Wilks was influenced in any
way by these, is an open quest ion, but
in any event, be declined the nomination at tlie afternoon session. Mr.
Foley, being the second choice of the
convention, was offered the nomination by wire and after a short delay
an acceptance   was secured from   him.
A campaign committee, consisting
of the following, was appointed:
Rossland, Thomas llrownlee; Greenwood. Charles Wilson; Sandon, Percy
Johnston; Moyie, 11. II. Dlmmock;
Kimberley, Harry White; Slocan
city, John A. Foley; New Denver.
Duncan J. Weir; Silverton, Joseph
Brandon) Whitewater, J. .1. Maodonald; Ymir, Alfred Parr; Kaslo, Duncan McPhallj Nelson, Walter Kec;
Phoenix, James Kiordan; Revelstoke,
Frank Craig; Kamloops, John Savage.
James Devine, of llossland, was appointed secretury-troaKurer of the general committee.
Spokane, Wash., Oct. 5.���Mr. W. II.
Dowsing is tlie happiest man in Spokane this morning. The Nelson mineral exhibit to which he has given all
his attention for tlie past three or
four weeks, aud in charge of which
he now is, has been declared by the
judges to be the best mineral exhibit
as the fair and has therefore been
awarded the lirst prize for individual
exhibits. Not only this, but liritisli
Columbia lias beaten all of the states
and has been awarded lirst prize in
the state class. In the district class
tlie Nelson district exhibit drew second prize. Tbe judges have also declared that tbe bricks made by Ihe
Mansfield Manufacturing Co., of Nelson, are the best bricks in competition
ami they have been awarded tlie lirst
prize. For limestone the Manslield
Co. secures another first, and for orna
mental and building stone two second
prizes, There never has been any
doubt in the mind of Mr. Dowsing
as lo lh,' superior excellence of the
Nelson mineral exhibit and Hie judges
did just what lie expected they would
The above dispatch   will be read by
Nelson citizens witli   a great   deal   of
pride and pleasure.   In congratulating
i themselves, however,   they   must   not
forget Mr. Dowsing and the thanks
that are due to him. It was through
hi- ell',,rN alone that tlie exhibit was
secured and therefore to him is entitled tin' credit that comes witli the
award of the judges. Mr. Dowsing is
a good man to have iu any comniun-
ityjand il is too bad that he is to remain hereafter iu Spokane,
Items of Interest From All
Portions   of   the
Montreal, Oct. S.���The following
nominations took place yesterday in
New Brunswick: St. Johns City,
lion. G, E, Foster, Cons. St. John
County, Dr. Stockton, Cons. Ontario,
Kingston, I). M. Britton, Q. C, M..
P, Lib.
Montreal. Oct. :,. The police authorities here have heen requested to
look out for Win. R. Atnins. late sergeant of Provincial Police at Victoria,
B. C, who absconded from that city
witli 91,800,
Issues a Note to the Powers
Looking to Settlement of
Chinese Troubles.
Toronto. Oct. 15.���Conservatives are
endeavoring to get W. R. Brock, the
well known drygoods merchant, to
run in Centre Toronto, and President
Kemp of tlie board of trade, in East
Chicago, Oct. B.���A special to The
Record from Taeoma, Wash., says:
A new boundary marking has just
been discovered in the disputed portion of the Mount Haker district by
surveyors of a railroad. They found
the monument in tlie vicinity of Chil-
liwack Lake in the middle of a wide
swath which was years ago cut
through tho timber. If the boundary
follows the line of this swath Ited
Mountain and all of the disputed strip
is ou the American side. This is the
third boundary mark to be discovered.
It is expected tbe report of the Dominion surveyors will be made in a
few days and the boundary dispute
will then bo on a basis different from
a miners squabble, The Canadians
claim tlie line is south of tlie present
location, The Washington authorities will be asked to make a survey at
Seattle, Wash.. Oct. .1. ���The steamer Santana with BOB passengers and
(600,000 to 1000,000 in Klondike and
Nome gold has arrived.
St. Thomas, Oct. r>.��� 0. 10. Casey.
M. P., for West Elgin, has declined
re-nomination in West Elgin, owing
to differences existing among tbe Liberals of the riding as   to tlie choil t
Dundas, tint.. Oot, B,���The House
of Providence, u home for orphans and
old people, was destroyed   by tire here
yesterday afternoon. All the inmates escaped without injury. They
will be housed in the drill hull here
until more suitable quarters are found.
Toronto, Oct..",.-Mrs. Jane Brother-
son, a widow OS years of  age,   wnlle
attempting to take a short cut
through tlie railway yards at Toronto
Junction by crawling under freight
cars, had her head severed from hot-
body by a car running over It, death
being instantaneous.
Toronto, Oct. :,. W. J. Tin,ions.
president of tin- Ontario Hrewing Co..
died here last night after a lingering
illness, aged 00 years.
Kingston. Out.. Oct. .',, Al n public
missionary meeting of tlie gen,-nil
board of the Methodlsl missions laal
night, Rev. Dr.  Sutherland,   general
secretary, asked for 1300,000 from Ihe
church this year and said in a few
years he hoped to obtain half a million.    Mr. Endieolt, from China, said
It WM a Coincide   thai   Ihe troubles
in that country had broken out
where the powers were engaged In
sclllsh ends and not where Hi'' mis
bloiiarles were located.
Paris. Oct. 5���The following official
note was issued this afternoon:
"The foreign Minister lias instructed representatives of France to found
the powers whose troops are co-operating with ours in the extreme east
regarding the adoption of a common
programme for tbe negotiations with
China. Our representatives acquitted
themselves of this mission and left
witli the various foreign minister a
copy of the following note: Iu sending their forces to China the Powers
proposed first of all to deliver their
legations. Thanks to their union and
the valor of lho troops this aim has
been attained. It. is now a question
of securing from the Chinese Govern*
inenl. which has given Prince Ching
and Li Hung Chang full power to negotiate and treat in its names, suit-
aide reparation for the past and serl-
OU8 guarantees for the future. Penetrated with the spirit which Inspired
the previous declarations of the different Governments, the Government of
the Republic believes it sums their
real sentiments in the following
points which it siilimits as a basis for
negotiations   to   I ntcred upon im-
 dlately after the usual verifications
,,f ihe Powers,
"First    Ihe    punishment   of    the
principal culprits who   will    be designated by   Ihe   representatives   of   tho
Powers at  Pekin,
"Second   The   maintenance of   the
propositi,in of the import of arms.
"Third    Equitable   Indemnities   to
States,  soeiel ies and  imli vi,hulls.
"Fourth 'lho formation of a permanent guard for tin* Pekin Legations.
���Fifth   The dismantlement  of tho
fort i Mentions.
���Sixth Military occupation of two
or threo points on the road from
Tien Tsin to Pekin. which would thus
always be open to tin: legations wish-
Ing to go to the sea. or to forces proceeding to Pekln fr Ihe sea.
"Presentedcollectively to the repre*
sentatlves of the powers, supported by
the   presence   of     the     international
troops,    it appears    impossible to   the
Government of the Republic that these
conditions    which   are   so    legitimate
would noi he aocepted by the  Chinese
Government at an early date."
Toronto, "ot. .,. Hon, D. Mills has
offended the members of the People's
Parly by pointing out to them in a
letter the uselcssne-s of  third parties.
;: Nelson  Daily Miner,   Friday Evening,   October 5,  1900.
The Nelson Miner
Published  Every   Aftornoon   Kxcopl Sunday
���iiv nut���
Limited Liability.
london officio:
US Fleet Street,  K. <'.
Central 1'ress Airuncy, Ltd., Special Agents
Dally, per month, by currier     ti5o
Dally, per moach, by mail     *""
Dally, por year, by carrier $700
Iluily. tier year, hy luiiil    a 00
Dully, per year, foreign    11 00
Weekly, per half yo;ir  Sl 25
Weekly, per yeur     -00
Weekly, pur your, foreign    3 00
Subscript ions Invariably in advance.
All Cheek'" should tie made payable to tbe
order   of    NKI.SON     1'l'lll.lslllNU     COMPANY,
Returns of Hritish elections continue
to come in day by day. 1'oiling began about a week ago. and at this
writing less than two-thirds of the
House have been elected. These daily
returns make novel reading' to the
younger generation of Canadian electors, who are accustomed to seeing
these events disposed of in one day.
The returns themselves have in a large
measure lost their interest, as there is
no longer any doubt of tbe complexion of the next House. Indeed, there
was none from the beginning, as it
was quite evident that the country
would support the Government who
have so vigorously prosecuted the war
with the Transvaal and who have
been so determined to make another
Hoer war in South Africa an impossibility. All that was a foregone conclusion; but the wonder is why tbe
elections are dragged along from day
to day.
There is no explanation, and all
that can be said is that it is a way
the Hritish have. As a rule they are
slow to make changes. There have
been several radical election reforms
during' the past half century, but
simultaneous elections have not been
one of them. Abuses that were acknowledged to be such were abolished,
but this practice of prolonging the
elections was not regarded us one of
them. Canadian institutions were almost without exception patterned after those of Great Britain, and among
others wo adopted this practice of
scattering elections over a number of
days. After giving it a long trial,
we came to the conclusion that it was
not a desirable one. It was made the
instrument of undue iniluenee. Our
Governments were not above the
tempation to bring on those elections
at the outset that were considered to
be safe for themselves. A half a do/.-
en Ministerial victories In one day,
followed by another half or a whole
dozen the next, with perhaps a soli
tary Opposition success, was calculated to give the impression that tho
country was overwhelmingly Minis
terial, aud in all electorates there is a
considerable element that cares less
about being; right than being on tbe
winning side. This practice was
th,night to be so abused that an agitation began for simultaneous elee
tions, and after tho usual struggle
and delay in tlie ease of reforms the
present law was adopted.
Many of us are unablo toundei-
stand why the practice is still in
vogue in (Jreat Britain. Politics
thero are on a much higher plane
than In Canada, but in the face of the
returns it would be folly to pretend
that Hritish Governments do not yield
to the temptation to iniluenee public
opinion by bringing on the elections
in the order most favorable to themselves. Tbe earlier nominations wont
to the   Government  by  acclamation,
and the pollings for the lirst few days
were ill constituencies that were safely Unionist. The returns that put
the Conservatives so heavily in the
lead are n,, doubt having their Influence in the closer constituencies, and
there is just as little doubt they were
so Intended, Vet the practice provokes
nothing more than a mild protest
while the elections are still fresh in
the memory, and the losing party arc
smarting under their defeat. There
is no sustained Sgitatloi for a change
that would put the two parties on an
equality. This is the strange tiling
about it. and one naturally wonders
why it is h,k	
There   is   a   ehicl  amang us   takin'
notes for one of the brightest Weeklies
In Ontario. TheOrillia Packet. He has
been furnishing his paper with a report of our reception of the Governor*
General, to which ho appended the
following paragraph:
"As  1 do  not hold  a Government
olliee, I cannot lose my position
through Offensive partisanship, when
I make the predlotlon that a Conservative band will be at the helm in the
next Government of Canada. I am
not alone in holding ihis opinion, I
feel quite sure thai British Columbia
will go Conservative, Pour reasons, if
I judge rightly, have made the Liberal Government unpopular In this
Province, tl) Their railway police|
(!) tb.lr Oriental lminijfratio'11 policy;
(:i) refusing Hritish Columbia a representative in tlie Cabinet; (4) not giving the Province her just returns. The
Labor party, however, bold the 'balance of power,' and whichever party
can get the 'Labor Union' vote, will
prove the winner. In this constituency
of Yale-Cariboo, although the sitting
member is a Liberal, 1 haven't the
slightest doubt the new member will
be a Conservative. Hut your readers
will hear and read enough politics
from now till election time. I intend
working witli one object in view, and
that is the overthrow of a Government
of promises unfulfilled. "
Wc do not suppose that the members of the Labor convention that adjourned yesterday have any hope of
carrying' their candidate. To the
average outsider the nomination appears to have been manipulated in the
interest of the Liberal candidate. Mr.
Foley will poll a large vote in Kossland that would otherwise go to Mr.
MaeNeill, while it is by no means
sure he can hold the Labor vote of
Nelson and Slocan. Supporters of
Mr. MaeNeill will be stimulated to
greater effort than ever by the nomination of Mr. Foley.
(Toronto Mail and Empire.)
Suppose that in 1800 Lauricr had
made a speech like this to tho electorate, would you have voted for his
"Gentlemen,���We propose to make
great, reforms. Your taxes are too
light; we shall increase them by $1~,-
"The Tupper Government have
spent but 840,730,853 this year; we
shall gradually add to the expendiures
until they reach 851,68,635 in 180��.
"The debt is altogether too small;
we shall add $8,000,000 to it.
"We have too many markets; we
shall refuse a preference in the Hritish market; we shall give the Yankees all they want in our market so
that their tariff against us may be
kept up, and we shall induce the Germans to put a discriminating tariff
upon Canadian products, that the
United States may have that market
"You are paying far too little for
your coal oil; we shall sell out our oil
industry to the Standard oil monopoly, and will thus raise the price
from six to ten cents a gallon.
"The idea of standing by Great
Britain in periods of crisis is absurd ;
if trouble arises, aud the Empire is
threatened, we shall refuse to help in
Imperial defence until we are forced
to aet, and if we do act, we shall notify the Queen not to look upon our
action as a precedent.
"The Tories gave too little to railway corporations; we shall double the
bonuses, and shall subsidize parallel
lines all over the country.
"To small are the amounts paid for
pulhic works; we shall introduce 'go-
betweens' to take contracts and pocket tbe difference between the amount
the contractor charges and the larger
amount that we shall pay.
"The elections give too much anxiety to the people; we Bhall Bee that
the ballot boxes are duly stuffed thus
relieving you of the necessity of forming a judgment on public affairs.
"Our friends have been long out in
tho cold; we shall warm them with
boodle, according to their deserts; the
Toronto Globe shall be granted a coal
mine it does not earn, and faithful
politicians shall make money, even
out of the food of our soldiers."
If this had been the announced programme, would you have supported it'.'
���ON    THE���
For   terms   aud   particulars   enquire
Art Music Co., or at 288 Silica Street.
instruments Supplied.    Phone 132.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd,
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No older  can be accepted  unless
accompanied by cash.
OITlee Corner Hnll and  linker Streets.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. U LENNOX, Baker  St.
(ice Can Pit You.
Be lias   one of   the   best   and   largest
Fall and Winter stocks iu
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's   Hotel,
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Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. $r, 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 50
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines  :; 75
Lang's  Matte   Smelting  2 :.Ti
Miller's  Qualitative   Analysis.. 1 75
Kemp's Handbook of   Rocks  175
Tbautwine's Engineer's [land-
book  5 f,0
Hawkins'   New   Catechism    for
the Steam   Engine  2 25
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for   Boiler Room  2 25
Hawkins'   New     Catechism    of
Electricity  2 25
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations for Engineers  2 25
Machinists'      and       Engineers'
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A Careful Reading;.
at band that a thoroughly
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and plenty of time to give
your prescription careful reading- and careful compounding
so as to insure the best results.
Baker Street. Nelson.     P. 0. liox 220.
Soo Line
lniperia.    Limited
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead and Kootknay Landing
Tourist Oars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same ears
pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:35
15:.'tt) Lv Nelson Ar 18:46
Morning train daily for nnd from
Rossland, and for Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Coast.
Afternoon train daily for and from
RosbIbhiI, and from Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Coast, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary poiuts.
7:110 Lv |   __,__   ( Ar 1I):H0
1 hereby give notice that at the
next meeting of the License Commissioners for the Nelson district will
apply for a license to sell intoxicating
liquors at the KoNsland Hotel. Vernon
Street, Lot 10, Hlock 00, In the City
of .Nelson, II. C.
f "e,8��n I
I'or and from Sandon, Slocan points,
Revelstoke, main line and Pacific
Kootknay Lake Kasi.o Roi-tk.
(Ex Sun)      Sir Koknnee       (Ex Sun)
1(1:110 Lv Nelsou Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenla nnd return,
leaving Kaslo nt _O:U0k.
Kootknay Rivkii Hoctk.
Daily    Strs Movie ami Nelson     Daily
���:.'I0 Lv Nelson Ar 2:.')()
Connects nt Kootenay Lauding with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
For rntes, tickets and full Information apply lo Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, IJ. 0., or
Trav. Pans. Agent
A   O. P. Agcttl,
Kor wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largest    line   carried   by
auv linn in Canada.
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The Florence Hot Blast |
Heating Stoves
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The Florence Hot Blast is made Particularly
for these Coals. Satisfaction guaranteed,
Baker Street, Nelson.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   5alted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
Baker Street, Nelson
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Plaijers  WaVi)   Oil
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton & Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Talil-np.     ,    .    .     ��i,nx.r>,o:��.oo |   Krai ��l,700,ooo.o
_*_*_    ",r BJrgetomi   Thomas K. Kenny,   President;   Thomas  Uitchio. Vlo___snl
Wiley Smith, H. G. Bauld, Hon. H. H. Fuller. M.L.C., Hon. Hnvld MaoKeon. """*'
���lead OlUrc, Halifax:
General Manager, Kdson L. Pcaxe. Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, nallfax
Inspector, W. K Brock, Halifax,
Inspector V, M. Stewart, Montreal.
_, BrnncliPH I
RHh H7"��-H,>I,I'*X Bf��neh, AntlKonlsh, Bridgrwater, GuyBboro. Londonderry, Ltinciibiinr.
��,����_<-���tt. _Co���',licl0,"' , "r ��'J"-keHlsurr, Sydney. _11bon1.ca.Ile. Truro," Wry,, 0Stfi
E3i TO!'<*-����tl��iret. Dprehertor, Frcderlcion, Kingston tKent, Co.l, Monoton Now-
��_&{_��. _ft 5 SS-?0. ,-' ���,!���. '��'��.'"'-l'l'��'lottetoivi,, Hu..iiiier��l.lo. tl.H.ee Montreal
r,_ 2_5:,, ul't";��,W;?tLn. II-r. Notre lame and Seigneur* Stneta) Wesimoutn Co.
<__ ���A ".' ",..""d _ _ to**"" Sit-""- ����!slnrlo-Ottawa. NBWf._dUnd- St. John'-
Cuba, Weil todies-Havana, muted Males-New York 1111 sCxchanno Hlaoo) BumUto w���_
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Van-
couvcr, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
(leneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Rooips ai)d Offices to J^eijifc.
Apply   to   the
Nelson Electric TraijiWai) Co.
Corner Josephine aqij Vernon Street*.
Will pny tlie highest cush prion for all
kinds of hotoikI hand Roods. Will bny
or sell aiiythiiiK from mi niielior to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, enrpurta,
cooking utoiiflils, bonglit iu household
quantities. Also east off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Ha"
Street. NhIwiii. R (1.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. I. o.B
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Oorner Victoria nutl Kootenay SW.
P. O.  Buxton. Telephone No. Or.
Houses aud lots for sale in all  parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal     Fire   Iiimiiiincc
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company, 	
Madden Block
Ward Street
or Writing Paper won't lust
long. You'd bettor place uti'
other "hurry up' order wlih
���nd Iry a bolMc, B dozen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER "h It. _ tho tn < and
ohoapgit on tho mnrkot. A Inn trv our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and    CIGARS.
Gamble & O'Reilly
ME MINES I Telephone IB, Haker St., Nelson, 11, p,
GEO. GU 111)
Room 1, Tnrnor-Hoeokli Mlook.
Houses and Building Lots in All Parts
of tbe Oity.
I'lvo, kIx. seven and olgl,| room hou��e�� for
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you have seen.
tloruer Baker and Stanley Strcela
Spokane Falls dc
Northern R'v.
Nelson  dc Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Tlte only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Noithern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
Stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkatb.            Pay Train. AimivK.
in .:tr> B.m Spokane 7:lu p.m.
12 ill") p. m Rossliiud 5:30 p.m.
��:30 u, 111 Nelson SW p.m.
Ni^ht Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:06 a.m:
11:00 p.m Rossland .8:80 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. * T.A.
Spokane  Wasti
Aeent, Nelson. B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Allan I.lno TimMnn  Q_tW
liuinlnlnn Line  Ciunlironian ��''|!
Heaver Line lake Ontario  OftS
llenvor  Line   l.iiHltanin ^l _
Krom   ow'Ort
White Star Line Oeoanto ""},���
WhiteSlar Line Teutonic  Qgin
t'111:11 ril Lino 1 ,, ,11 ],, 111 ( ,..,������
Uunanl  Line Ktriirin  ��Zl.i
American Lino HI, Lonlx  igft!
American Line New York    ,, ,V
Anchor Lino   Kihiupla ;!   Vi
Anchor Line City of Itome 'H.i
N.C. L. LlnoKalBor Wilholnnlor UO����o...Oc '
N. U. U Lino Lnlin Oot?
Krench Una Le Quoogno nt 11
French Line La Tonnune  _.l
Allan .Stale Lluo Calllornlan.
fhtnnnl Line Ivomia	
Dominion Lino Now I nrl.u.'l	
I'iikkiikoh nrraiiKcil to anil from all J_>sH_
PolntH. For raUH. llcke.B and full Informal!; 1
apply lo ('. P. It. ilop'it anon! or H. L. Brow
City I'uHHutiKur 4__ NolHon, Ii..C.
(lonrral A mint. O.P.B. oltlne*. Wlnnlp_
, Dot I
Del W
inchdiam. HE80per 100feet. P"1'
immediate delivery in Helen
J. 0. T. CROFTS. ��� .   ��� n n
!>. O. Ilnx       , Nelxnn, P n
K~0. GKKKM        F. a OI_MENTH
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. 0. Box 1�� Melson, B. tt Nelson  Daily Miner,   Friday  Evening,   October 5, 1900
, peieotlvo' Malccs Revelations
lo William   Le Queux.
,..,,������ The London Mail.)
,1 uarehUUf    Vos.   We   have  on*
'1  ,.,.,.ttv lull of them jnst   now,
"Lete to me recently, as we sat to-
etlU3rontl,eterv.ioeol tl.e Cale de
*,,,llix sipping our maaagrans. I may
well explain that once
I   wns  nlili
US U'Cll      . ���	
0 render this great  little  man a ser-
iee  Hence, when   in ParlB, wc often
"voa( adenttal ohat.  He has kind-
,v-ivefl his consent to his  words up-
pearlng 1�� The   '"'���'>���   Mal1, wlth��D'
proviso    namely, that   his name Mini I
not be given,
,,.,,������,, dm-k-halred, pnle-faoed, s.nurt
Md dftpper, his appearance is more
tW 0f :i business 111:111 than one of
the heads of the greatest detootllve
department in the world, the Paris
Sureto His Bpeclal department is
tl,, watching  of  Anarchists, and   his
,���������.,. g\ ny bureau is  the centre of
,otivity  i" Europe  that Beeks
if tlie   polgnard
otis (
to control tlie gentry
und bomb, lief""' lunching I had Bat
In htB office turning over album after
album of photographs, all ��r known
AnarohlBta-Frenon, Italian, German,
Belgian, Spanish, even Brazilian���to
,._, ���f which "'tis i' short terse de-
Bpcrlptlon   ami   a note saying   where
the dossier of the BUBpeeted person
I be obtained. It ��;is a marvol-
ectlon; a writable, feast for
the phalogomlBt. Sonic were prison
photographs, yellow and failed, others
bearing the names (1r well known photographers in various towns in Europe.
������Yes." said my friend, when I remarked upon tlicin. 118 we sat before
the Opera, "our arrangements here in
Paris are practically perfect. After
the t'afe Terminus explosion my special departmenl was formed, and the
police "f Euorpo now work in unison
with us. Every photo we obtain���by
secret means, of course���we copy and
send mil to the police of tho other
capitals: while they ou their part
send copies of all their photos to us.
It is perhaps something to say, but 1
can honestly say it,  that at   this   1110-
 nt Here is no single   Anarchist   in
tlie whole of I'aris that I could not
place my hand on within half Ml
hour. .My assistants, eighteen of
them, have brought the watching of
these gentlemen to a tine art."
Ami. notwithstanding this, two
attempts have been made upon the
Shah within four days!" I  remarked.
"Madmen!" he responded   quickly.
"They arc not   Anarchists,    How can
you control a madman, who. suddenly
seeing a monarch   driving past, pulls
out a revolver'.'   There   was   no   plot,
like that which   llresci  consummated
at Mon/a. His was a clover, deeply
laid plot, We knew several weeks
ago, by the usual activity and tension
In the circles wo were watching, that
Something was about to transpire. Indeed. 1 sent reports to London, Iierlin,
and Rome, asking whether the same
siefiit. had been observed In those cities. From Berlin oame a reply that
the same tension was observed there,
hut its cause could not be discovered.
Truth to tell, we suspected that nn
attempt was to be made either upon
one of the royalties visiting Paris to
see the exhibition, or upon the Herman Emperor, For that reason we
summarily expelled six undesirable
persons from I'aris, while the Berlin
police redoubled their precautions.
We never dreamed that King Humbert
was to be tbe object of the attempt. "
"Then the Italian police were negligent?"
"1 certainly consider that they
Were very negligent, litcsci was well
Known, 1 have here a copy of bis dossier, scut me last year by the Quesura
of Palermo," and he showed me a
straw colored paper written In Italian, which, on translating 1 found to
'��' a .statement that Hresci, whose description was very minutely given, was
& well known Anarchist; Hint lie bad
been in prison iu Palmero antl thut
afterwurd for 'COBttO politico' he had
been banished to the island of I'linU-l-
leriti, where he bud remained a year
prior to leaving for America.
Vou see" continued tlie great detective when 1 had finished reading,
"Hie Italian police knew hi in quite
Well, and yet actually allowed him to
walk about Milan openly and go to
Uonsal To me it seems incredible.
Had he arrived in I'aris, lie would not
nave remained in the city many hours
if any royal personage were bore."
"Is there any truth in tlie rumor
that the plot includes other royalties?" i inquired,
"Most certainly. Within tho past
two days sonic very startling Information has reached   me.    To be brief,  il
was intended to assassinate the German Emperor, the young King of
Spain, the Emporor   of   Austria,   .'ind
the unfortunate King  Humbert.   The
plot was a wonderfully widespread
"tin, more formidable, I think, than
���iuy of the previous ones.    That It or
iginated in America is without
doubt | but in the light of later facts
we can now see thai one of tbe
branches here is I'aris wns extremely
active, due of their number, an ouv-
rier who lived up iu the line. Constance, was found dead in the Seine
aud taken to the Morgue a fortnight
ago. We have since learned that, he
was removed by his fellow-conspirator ou account of a suspicion thai lie
was one of our spies."
"And was he'.'" 1 asked.
My friend carefully rolled his cigarette, but made no reply. Of course, I
did not press him, and be,on his part,
deftly turned the conversation, saying: "You must not think that, tho
attempts on the Shall were by Anarchists. Both were half-witted fellows
like Sipido,whose escape, by the way.
has had the elVecl of encouraging the
assassins. That, incident is to lie much
regretted The action of the Belgian
(lovernment has merely put a premium on regicide. I shoul 1 never be
surprised lo hear of an attempt
against their own King, for Belgium
is a veritable hot-bed of Anarchy."
"Hut this great plot, of which llresci was the Hrst-elioscn assassin'.' Will
arrests he made'.'"
"Yes, a good many, and in various
parts of the Continent and America,
In I'aris I snail make arrests when
I receive replies to certain telegraphic
inquiries I am making. Vou may afterwurd expect some curious details,
and then the public will not blame
the police���the French police, at any
rate���for inactivity. It may surprise
you, perhaps, to know that since Sunday week I have had twenty-three additional police agents at work night
aud day, and the information they
have collected shows that both day
and hour of the attempt were known.
Further a telegram in code dispatched
from Milan and giving the news
reached a certain Anarchist living in
Monttnai Ire three hours ahead of the
lirst intelligence of the assassination.
1 have the original of that telegram. "
Was the ball that hit G B. Stead-
man of Newark, Michigan, in the Olvil
War. It cause:! horrible Ulceis that
no treatment helped for 80 years.
Then Bnoklen's Arnica Salve cured
him. Cures Guts, Bruises, Burns,
Bolls, Felons, Corns, Skin Eruptions.
Best File cure on earth. SB cts. a box.
Oura Rnaranteed, Sold by Canada
Drug <& Hook Store.
H. & M. BIRD
AgentB lor Eureka nincrul Wool und
Asbestos Co.
Insurance! Go. of North America, Mutual  Life
Insurance Co.. of Now York, Quebec
Flro Assuranco Go.
50 ft. on Mill   Street 8   BOO
.10 ft. on   Victoria   Street,    easy
terms      BOO
SB ft. on   Victoria   Street,   easy
terms      SBO
SO ft. corner on Stanley Street..     OfiO
SB ft. Victoria Street, west      BBO
BO ft. Vernon Street,   west   1,300
S-ltoomed   House   on   Carbonate
Street ��38 00
7-Kooincd   House,    Park   Street,
close to Haker Street  B0 00
7-Roomed Bouse on Mill Street. 2~< (III
8-Roomed House. Hume Addition 20 00
l-'urnishcd House on ObBervatory
Street  8B 00
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer aud Potter,
Nelson, 1!. C.
Canned or Fresh
Advertisements inscrtod uniler thin hond at
tho rate of one cent n word per Insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 25 cent*.
KOR   RENT.���A   furnished  bedroom
on Baker   Street, West.    Apply Box
180 Post Office.
Hill IlKNT.���New seven room house.
High Street, Hume Addition, 300
feet from City line, City water and
bath. Possession given October nth.
Also   furniture   and   stoves   for   sale.
Apply to Charles W, Dill or to  Mrs.
Hulllck, owner.
Just now the fall fruits are especially attractive. Vou can buy here the
best of
Peaches, Apples, Grapes,
for fall canning or for present eating,
Our line of canned and preserved
fruits will continue to be the very
best, so you are tree from the necessity of putting up fruits if vou prefer
Fresh  or  Canned  Fruits as You
Want Them.
Peaches, Pears,
Plums, Quinces,
Apples, Bananas,
Sweet Potatoes,
Green Tomatoes.
Wholesale  Houses
npHORPH & CO. Limited���Coraor Vernon
_L and Cedar _'col*. Nelson���Manufacturers of and wholesale dealers la aerated waters
anil fruit syrups. Sole agents for Halcyon llol
Spi'lngB niioelitl water.   Telephone IK).
J_ N. M. I'liiiiiiiins, Losses���Every known
variety of soft drinks. I'll Hox 88. Telephone
No. ;ll. Hoover Street., Nelson, bottlers 01 the
famous si. l.eoo Hot Springs Mineral Water.
C-1ANK fc MAODONALD III. Cane, James
J A. Maodonald)���Architects and Huporin-
leiiilenls, broken Hill liloek, corner Haker and
Ward Slreols, Nelson.
CO.���Manufacturers or tholtojal Sea)
urn  Kcotonay   belle   Cigars.
illlee, bnker Mrccl, Nelson.
Factory  aud
Kirkpatrlck fe Wilson
UJ. KVANS & CO.-Baker Btreet, Nol-
��� son���\\ huloMilu dealers In liquors, ci-
Ktw-n, ooroont, tiro brick uml liru clay, wutur
pipe aud -tool rails, und _uu_ral commission
J    A. M'liOXALU-Madduii Block, NeUon-
���   _ru|td, Ico cream,  "U. li." ol.ucoli.U_,
ingii clans ooufoottooory,   ico Cream Parlors,
Wholosale and retail dealers In grain,
huy, Hour, Iced. Mills at Victoria, Now WuhI
uiiiiHior; Kdmonton, aiui. JiUevators on Ual-
gary and Kdmonton Hallway. Manufacturers
of the celebrated ll. fie K. brand cot-ouIh.
A   MAODONALD   Sc Co.���Corner  Front
���  and Hull (streets���Wholesale grocers
and jobbers in  bluukols, glovctt, mitts, boots,
rubbers, inaokinaws and minors' sundries.
Children's School Shoos thai will stand
all kinds of wear. Strong', reliable
Shoes, that will prove a solace to the
father's purse, 'lhe.se are the l.ind wc
have to show you.
The Sboeists
\0M0\0\0\0\0^^\0\0*0*0-*0 + \0%0\0\0\0'*0\0X0\0\0 *0*
0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0+.0*0* + 0 *.0\0*0*0'*.0\0+.0\0\0\0\0
1  Morrison & Caldwell
i_ Ollluu uurnur Hull and srront, SlruuLH,
.Nelson���Lumbar, 00-U_, llourinir, and uvury
iliuiK in wood lor building purpose*. UcL oar
prici*.   Correspondence noliciiud.
I) lil.'KN. &. Co.���Baker Streot, Nelson-
X ��� Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured
aioalti.   Cold riloruKe.
,y     Haker Street.. Nelson���Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured moats.
Close connection Hast ami West
liciiiul at Spokane with trains of the
1 rains of the Spokane Fulls anil Northern Railway.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and aflpoints West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at'10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p-m
West-hound trains make direct COD*
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and nil points
on the Bound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent .steamships North. West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Hy., Kaslo & Slocan
By., Kootei al Railway & Navigation
Co., or to
Geul. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
LOST.���Fox terrier hitch. 10 months
old. lilaelt and tan   head, black spot
on tail answering to name  of  Spark.
If any Information   is obtained,  ad
dress.' t'.  W.  Voung.   Provincial Police
olliee. Nelson.
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete   class   (evening)   being
formed  By   an   experienced   teacher.
Pit l's system taught   In 80 lessons.
Apply at once ������Stenographer," Miner
Office. .
WANTED. ��� General Housework,
(lood plain oook.    No   objection   to
going  outside of city, will wash ami
iron. Address W. Miner Office.  	
Thu nlmuitiin, |, on ,,vory |,ox uf the gm���,|n9
Laxative Bromo^Quinine Tawcts
'he remedy that cure, n c_M H, o���� ����� .
make up and   remodel   all kinds   of
fur   garments   in    the   latest    styles.
Dressmaking; a specialty,   Mrs, "y��<<-
inan, opposite Provincial  Jail,   Ward
roll KKNT. 'Furnished r is- Apply BIS Baker Street.    Quiet part of
POR RUNT.��� Cellar. Apply Merchants' Hank of Halifax.
FOR RKNT-Furnished rooms.   (1 1
attendance,    riecond   dour   cast   or
City Hall.
FIRST   CLASS   room   and   hoard  in
private family. |6.60 and 10,   Table
board 84.   Carbonate Street,   second
bouse east of Josephine.
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Rout and Bale on Easy TermB
Nelson Wine Store.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C., and Dawson City, Yukon
JL_ btreet. Nelson ��� Wholrmilu dealaiH in
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (SuoooGson to Vancouver HardwareCo, LtdJilakerdtruetj
Nelson Wholesale dealers In hardware anil
mining supplies, plumber*' and i m- nm li������' -up
paints, oi_ and Rlhis; moohania_  tools.
Agents foi Ontario l'owder Works; dynamite
rpUHNKU, BKBTON Sc Co.-Cornur Vornon
X and Jotephlne Street*. Nelwon���Wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goodn.
Agents for Pabst Hrewing Co. of Milwaukee
aud Calgary Hrewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S HAY Co.- Wholesale groceries
and Liquors etc., Hukur Street, Nelson.
t California WINK CO., Limited-Corner
J Front and Hall Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in wines (case and bulk), and
domestic and imported cigars.
JV. UHIFFIN _ CO.-Corner Vernon nnd
��� Josephine Streets, Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealers iu proviolons, cureH moats, butter and
NELSON 1.0DGK, No. 23, A. F. & A
M. mcetd Heconil WuilncHdny In each
month.   VlwitinK bretliurn welcome.
I. O. U. F. Iwnoii'iiiiy LodKO
No. Ki, nn ii ��� cvury Monday nl^hl,
at   tholr   Hall,  Kootenay Htroot
Sniniii ninir Odd KellowH cordially inviicd.
Jolin A, Mi'.Kao, N.O.   1>. \V. ltullierfonl, V.G.
Kri'd 3. Hi|uirc, Per. Sec.
Nelwon Kncampinenl No. 7. Meoln overy 2nd
nml till Friday of each month, In Odd KcIIowh'
Hall, coiner linker olid Kootenay Ktroels.
Nelson. A. H. pigment*, C. P.; D. MoAlUnu
H. S.   VlwitiiiK brothorH alwnyK welcome.
M-.l.SIlN l.OllGK No~2S, Kr~o7T'
/OD\ ineotw in K. of P, liall, t)ddfellow�� block
fr/*fc>Vvcrv 'riifsday ovuniiiK at 8 o'clock
r U|A11 vliltblg knlght�� cordially InviUxl
F. J. HHAlil.KY, C. C.
J. A. lMgt i'.ttk, K.of It. and 8.
NKLSON 1.. O. I.. No. 11812 mucin in Fraternity Mall on Brat and third Friday evenings
rf I'lii'h month at 8 o'clock. 71liUog meiiitters
('.(iidially issrlUsil.   it. ltobliiHon, W.M.;    Wm.
l'niwfiir.1. 11. S.       	
I'Ol.'llT KOOTKNAY. I. O. F��� No. Ill*'
Meottngl  llh ThUMdayof month.   Fraternal
hail, .1 a Irving a it.  P. it. Fleming, lt.a,
Finest line of
Staple and  Fancy-
Groceries, Provisions,
Canned Goods,
Fruits, Vegetables, etc.
Our Specialties :
Best Creamery Butler and
Fresh   Bogustown   Eggs.
Morrisoi)  <&   CaldWell
0\^0%0\0'*0\0+0\0\0\0*0*0 + + 0\0*.0\0X0+.0'*0\0\i+0\0\0
Representing the Largest
European and  American  Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83      -       -       DURANGO, MEXICO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
NKLBON'8   QtTKKN    NO.   241
==&v    honh   OF    BnQLANDi   mucin
v   lho Ont WfiiiiiMiiiy bvodIok of
, iii   iwich   iiioulh   ill  KiHturnity hull,
Lt9*w*D/|]   cornnr of  Ilnk.r   uml   KooUMiuy
mItcoIm.   VIhIiIhk brolhurn  corO-
iiill) lnvil.d.
John Wathon, Sor.roUry.
NKLSON AKIllH No. 22, F. O. K., moot*
every BOOOnd und fourth WOdUMdnyn of each
111 onLli.   VIkIUiik    iii.iiiitri ���������   cordiitlly    invito
OniifiM Pronnti BsontUT*
St. Joseph's
Krxt. term oommBnoM 8rd
September, Kor portlou-
lora apply t�� the
Hy the week from $5 to $6.
By llie day 81.00,
j, V, O'JiAUGHLIN, Prop-
8, Saviour's [Engliih] Chuhou���Corner
W'unl uml Mlllca 81h. Sumluyri: Holy Com-
nitinloti 8 u. in.; uml on tho lnl unilllnl SumluyM
in tlif! month ;ii i-'i- M:ii i in : M.in in- at II a.m.;
Humluy Si'hool 2,30 p.m ; ECvenMODg7,80, Dally:
UntttnsatO.80 u. in. Thundftjra and HalniV
Dayil Hiilj Coininiinlon 10 ii. m. Friday--:
KvcnsniiK i.80 p, m., followed hy r.holr pruc-
lice. H. 8. AkohurHl, Hoclor. Frwl Irvine,
Duo. Johnston*, WfirilmiH.
OATHOLIC  ('HUHCll-f'ornor'Wnnl ami Mill
Htroels Moss ovory Sunday at 8undlo.ooa.rn
Benediction St 7.30 p.m.   Muhh ovory wook day
nl V.l.Mi.in.   Itov.   Futhor Forlnnd Hoclor.
uml 7.IW p.m. Sunday School ul 2.30 p.m.
Pruycr inuotlnK Thursday evonlOg at 8 ji.m.;
('hriKllnn Kndoavor Sorloly niiioti< ovory TOSS*
day evsnJns n- w o'clock, Hov. it. Frow,
MKTii'.iiiHT OBUHOH���OornST Silica and
joMphtne Btroots. Bervtoesst n a.m. und 7,30
p. m. ; Suhlmth Hchool, ISO p.m.! Prayer im>ct-
intf On 'rtiin-clay ovonliiK at. 80'oloyk: Kpworlh
Lc-Hfiio I', K., 'lurwlay at H a.m. Hov. J. II.
Wlnto,  I'uHtor,   l:>   ni, t,. ,-,  JOMcphluo Street,
roar ��t ohnrah,
BAPTIST OnUBOB - MerviccK mornlnK snd
OVOnillgal 11 a.m. and 7..'t0 p.m.; l'raym inool,
IriK Thuixlny evening ut, 8 p.m. the H. V
I'.l*. 'Im-diiy evotiliiK ul H OolOOki    SlrunKiTH
pnrdlslly wslocrwad. itev. O. J. ('oult _r wiuto,
hAi.VATiriN Ahmv Hrrvlc h every ovonlnK
ul HuVloith In bun-auk* on V olorl (tlroel
Adjudant KdKroombolnctiarKO.
Brancli Markets in ROBsland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by malt to any branch will have carefu! a*4 prompt attention.
Lu inber..
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
I have a complete slock on hand "I
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY   Ynnl��, NELSOU
uml LAKDO.
(illbrri Btanlej
nn SliitlnlHTy Co
I'mnt'lii llruir ���I1(hik ('o.
IIm ��� l Hhiim' Ncwh Shuiil NflMin
Holol I'hulr Nowh Stand NolHon
I*. Campbell Ymir
c. k. Nelson NowDenTer
J. K. Delanoy HoKoborry
H    A.   Und   ti.ivv . liitrnii City
EUocan Nowi Co. Sandon
Thomson Bros. Vsaoottvsr
Lamonl Sc \um\n KilhIo
11. A. KiuK fcUo. OreonwotKl
and  News   Agents   on  boats  ant!
Iniins nn! of Nelsnn
OmFrcHli Kmi-slcil CiilTi'c lli'st of
Quality, iih fiiiluwH:
���Invannil Aniliiini Mooh��. porppnnd..
.luTiii.inl Mix-in. Blond, 1 pound. ......
jrfne   __*i I pound.	
HiinlON Hlonil, 5 iiciiinilx 	
Our  BpooUlBlwsd, 1 pound"	
Our Hlo Rout, (pound!	
A TBIAl OBDH1 ��<ll MIS I I"
Hai.khuoom '"
��� n>
I nn
I nn
I Ki
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Bohedttlfl m* Tims.       Psolflo Standard 11ms.
Kffbcllvo February int. i---.
I'l-HHcnuiT t ruin for Sanclon anil way itettpBI
leaVM Kiu-lo nt H a. in., dally. Itoturnlnv,
leave* Randon st 1.1& imh,, srnrlng at Ka��lo
nt. 3..V(ii.tn.
Operating on ICootonsy Nikoand Rivor.
sir. 'Intrrimtional leaves KauO for Nolnon
at tl a. in, dully Birept Sunday. ItetumliiK.
loavon Nelaon at ii,io i��.m., OfUlULg at Italfour,
Pilot Hiiv. AlntWOTth ami all way point*. Con*
Boots with s. K. Sc N. train lo and from 8po-
Icano ai Kivr Mil.-Point.
Btoamer Irgonta loavon Kiwlo Tuoodsrs and
Rrldaj nt ii... m. for tho hoad nf navigation on
tin*   unper Unncan Klvori  roturtrins loavoi
,,   1 lull - fin tiding Wodnofldayiiand Hnturilaj��.
BtSUnefS Osll  Sl   lirlnr-ltial  landing" In hoth
dlrootion. and sl ntm-rpoinu whon -.iKiialli^t
TlokeUi nOld 13 all points In Canatla and lho
2 DOORS EAST OF ODDFELLOWS      TossoertaJnrstesMd full Information ad-
Irotw 1
Mauagor, n|0���tflH O,
NELSON,        -        B. C Nelson   Daily  Miner,   Friday  Evenwo,  October  5,  1900.
Mr. Frank W, Peters, assistant gen-
eral freight agent of the 0. P. U.,
who 1ms been on a trip through the
Boundary Country for the past week
In company with Mr. W. R, Machines, of Winnipeg, general freight
agent for the'comp any.has returned to
the city. In the course of an interview Mr. Peters said:
"We first went to Kossland and
there visited the l.e Roi and War
Eagle, which we found to be in the
best of condition. With the management of these mines we made arrangements for various matters in connection with the shipping of oro. At
tlrnnd Korku we found tbe smelter
working and it is in splendid condition. Tho work there, has been increased 000 tonH per duy. We visited
the Mother Lode mine, and of this
too much in its praise cannot be said
as it is in a most magnificent condition. There is an Immense body of
ore in sight, and much blocked out.
Iu order to have more room they are
now moving their ore to the bins at
the smelter at Greenwood. The 11. C.
Copper Company has been delayed
some in the construction of the smelter there owipg to the lateness of the
ai rival of the machinery. The smelter should be in operation by the end
of November. Its capacity will be
300 tons per day. We visited the site
of the smelter at Boundary Falls and
found it quite a suitable one. I had
advice today that the first shipment of
machinery for it was sent from Denver, Col., today. They should have
it completed by the end of the year.
The smelting capacity, with this and
tho other smelters of the Boundary
will then be large enough to reduce
all the ore that is produced in that
section. The distance for JJhauling-
from any of the mines will not exceed
25 miles and the freight rate can not
bo a very large facltor in obtaining
the precious metal from the ore and
with the modern equipments of the
smelters'] there should be no reaBon
why even the lowest grade ore should
not bring a profit to both the smelter
and mine owner. There are several
properties on the west fork of Kettle
Kiver that are showing up well and it
is said by prominent mining men
that they are equal to the mines of
the l'hoenix camp. If this is true
there will be enough oro to keep all
the smelters running to their fullest
capacity. Taking into consideration
the present conditions' of the mines of
Bast Kootenay, Slocan, Kossland and
the Boundary country, prospects were
never brighter than at present to
make Hritish Columbia famous as a
mining centre. I was never more impressed with the great advantages of
the country than I was during my lust
���   *   ���
Mr. B. C. Kiblet left for Spokane
yesterday where he will spend a
week on professional business. In
addition to his other enterprises
Mr. Kiblet has secured the Contract
from the tramway to be built at the
Tamarac mines near Ymir. The tramway will be about a, mile long and
will run fiom the mine to tho Canadian I'aeilie Railway at the nearest con
venient point where a siding will he
put in to facilitate the loading of ore
from the mine. At present the mine
will only ship the ore as it is taken
from the mines, but it is probable
that a mill may be erected in the
near future. Work upon the tramway
construction will commence soon, as
the survey for the right of way has
been completed and   clearing   Is   now
going on.
Rossland. II. C, Oct. ,1.���The decision has been given iu the Le Roi appeal against the (lovernment assessment of Its ore values. Commissioner
Kcene has practically taken a fair
rate for freight and Binelting charges
nt 8r>.H7, and has assessed the Le Koi
mine tax at Bl,888 for the quarter end
ing June ���'!, 1900.
This was a compromise. The Le Koi
maintained that it was entitled to deduct a freight and treatment charge
amounting to SS.T."> from the market
value of the ore, . leaning the value
given to it Dy the smelter. This was
19,87. They tendered a check for
9242.35, being at the rate of one per
cent, mi the net profit made on 8,808
tons of ore after deduct ing ihe freight
and treatment from the smelter returns.
The assessor claimed that the value
of the ore should lie taken on the metal price nt New York and this,according to General Manager Bernard Mac-
Donald for the quarter ending December .11, 1890, was 81.1..10. Krom this
he proposed to deduct 85.00 as sufflol-
ent fur freighl and teatment, and collect one per cent, on ihe balance, $K,
Now the l.e Roi balance was 03 cents.
Commissioner Keene has assessed the
balance at 93.50, a compromise which
In in favor of the value placed upon
the ore by the l.e Koi, rather than
that assumed by the (lovernment. His
written decision has not yet been glv.
en, but tho figures have apparently
been arrived at by assuming the smelter value rather than the New York
value as the market rate and by assuming that 8.1.87 per ton was a sufficient charge for freight and treatment.
The Le Roi counsel held that the
rate $S.7"> was according to a.contract
with the smelter which was still in
force. The Government counsel
showed that the Le Koi shareholders
were owners of the smelter and, being
beneficiuries, were not entitled to
shelter themselves behind the contract. The commissioner had apparently held that the latter view is the
correct one. It is probable that the
Le Koi will appeal the decision.
��� ���   e
Kossland, Oct. B.���The biggest mining or real estate deal that has been
made iu Kossland for some months
past was   closed   yesterday  when Lu-
cien Weyl of Nelson, representing the
Societe d'Etudos de la Colombia llrit-
anique of Paris, France, purchased
from T. II. Garrison and W. V. Clark
the Derby and Nelson No. 2 mineral
claims. The price at which the property changed hands was not made
public, but is understood to be about
900,000, of which half was paid in
cash and the balance will be paid by
October 1.1. The sale includes not
only the mineral rights of theso two
properites which adjoin the Legal
Tender, I'ack Train and Nick of Time
on the south, the Alice and the Spit-
zee on the west and lies within 600
feet of the Le Koi itself, but also the
title of 101! lots generally known as
the Derby addition.
* *   ���
Rossland, Oct. 5.���It was announced
here today that Mr. Paul Johnson of
Greenwood, the manager of the smelting department of the Itrltish Columbia Copper Company, Limited, has
offered the management of the Winnipeg mine in Wellington camp a
freight and treatment rate of 84 per
ton, to go into effect ou December 1.
This is the lowest rate offered yet for
the low-grade ores, and it makes 88
ore profitable. It is one of the most
important announcements that have
been made to the operators of the
Boundary district. The Winnipeg
has been paying a $.1.10 rate to Gran-
by smelter at Grand Forks. It is understood that Mr. Johnson has made a
similar offer to other mines in the
Boundary distiict.
��   ���   ���
Tho following locations were recorded today: Maid of Kent, on 1.1-
Mile Creek, by Fred Adie: Sunny-
side, on Anderson Creek, by Henry
Dennett: Fairview, on" Anderson
Creek, by Fred 1*. Drummoud.
Shenandoah, Pa., Oct., .1.���Advices
received here early today state that
the North Franklin Colliery at Tre-
verton, operated by the Philadelphia
and Reading Coal and Iron Co., is
idle, the employees having failed to
report for work. 'There was no disturbance. The mine employed about
iioo men and boys. Edward Coyle, a
miner, aged 10 years, one of the victims of the riot here two weeks ago,
died today. While the riot was in
progress Mr. Coyle left his home to
look alter the safety of his children
when a stray bullet struck him below
tno heart. A widow and large family
survives him.
London,   Oct.   .1.���The   election returns now total 433, as follows:   Conservatives, 250; Unionists, 42; Liberals
and Laborites, 78; Nationalists, DU'.J
Phair.��� R, C. Davis, Quebec; W. E.
Davidson, Toronto; John Sullivan,
Trail; Joseph Sewell, London, Eng. ;
John Albi, Rossland; E. Criddle and
wife. Sllverton; W. F. DuHois, Slocan City; C. T. Cross, Sllverton;
James MclOvoy, Ottawa.
Hume.���George M. McKinnon, Winnipeg; K. II. Henderson, Victoria;
Dr. S. M. McGlllyeudy, San Francisco; Geo. A. Campbell, Victoria; II. S.
Kingsbu y, Slocan Oity I F. 1'. Clark,
Ymir; J. II. Hewitt, Gorton's Minstrels; Crampton Dullois, Mobile,Ala. ;
Miss S. Knight, Kaslo; Miss L.
Knight. Kaslo; K. C. Lyons, Ottawa;
Henry Roy, Kossland; W. S. Swain,
Horn, to Mrs. W. C. Kichards of
Haker Street, yesterday li son.
Horn, to Mrs. J. II. Scoley, of Latimer Street, yesterday, twins, botli
The banquet which was to have
been held at the Waverly Hotel this
evening by the members of the Nelson Quoit Club, has been postponed
until next week.
Captain Fitzstubbs. warden of the
jail, Is contemplating a mouth's vacation. Head Jailor George Partridge
will aet as warden during the captain's absence.
Two prisoners, George Mitchell and
W. E. Brown were taken to the penitentiary at New Westminster this
morning. They were, under guard of
Ollicer Young as far as Robson and
from there will be in charge of Constable Forrester.
A quiet wedding took place at the
residence of Mrs. Cleary of Vernon
Street at 8 o'clock last evening, when
Miss Ireue Cummings and Clark Wilson both of Nelson were united in
marriage. The ceremonies were performed by Rev. William Munroe.
Walter Edwards, a laborer who
caused a disturbance in front of the
Salvation Armv Barracks, was summoned to appear at the police Court
this morning, but was not present.
A bench warrant was issued but he is
not to be found. It is thought he
has left Nelson.
The contract for the construction of
the piers of the new bridge to be
built over the Columbia River at Ilobson has been let to Contractor Gunnof
Winnipeg, and it is expectod that
work will be commenced shortly.
The construction of the pier has to
be done during low water, therefore
a large force of men will be put to
Mr. Halifax Hall, who has
been in charge of contrue-
tion on the new Lemon Creek
wagon road, is in the city for a few
days. The road is practically completed as only a few days more work
will be done there. It is now being
used by teamsters and will prove a
great factor in developing that part
of the country.
The excavating for the macadamizing of Haker Street between Stanley
and Kootenay wns started yesterday
afternoon. 'The earth removed from
the street is being used lo make a
grade for the sidewalk on the north
side of the street. 'To bring the present sidewalk to the street grade it
will have to be raised considerably.
The building owned by Earnest'Mansfield and also the one occupied by the
Exchequer Gold Mining Company and
Wind Hros.,will be raised tothe grade
of the new side walk.
The sales of gas of the Nelson Coke
and Gas Co. during the month of September were double those of the previous month. The company is now
overtaxed with the work of installing
gas in the residence and business
houses of the city. Many gas heaters
are being put into offices, A large
number of kitchen ranges have also
been installed. The company is ulso
Bending- a large supply of coke to the
various mines about Nelson to be used
for blacksmithing purposes.
Considerable improvements are to be
made ut once upon 'he Government reserve upon which the court house and
jail are situated. The entire grounds
will be fenced. A picket fence will
be placed along Vernon Street, down
Ward aud along the railway to Stanley. From the railway to Vernon
along Stanley a board fence will be
constructed. The grounds both at tbe
front and rear of the buildings will
be leveled and sodded. The lumber
for the fencing has been ordered aud
work was begun today by the convicts
nt the jail.
Iierlin, Oct. .1. ���The   Lnkal Anseig-
er's Shanghai correspondent says that
Lu Chan Lin recently appointed   president of tile grand council, is a tool of
Prince Tuan.
in connection with the recent burglary
and the theft of securities valued at
357,000 yeres.that more than a fifth of
the stolen property came from America. It is said that the thieves are being tracked. Cardinal Rampola, Papal secretary of state, has given oi-
ders that they be denounced as soon as
Their Fate Will   Soon   He Decided by
an English Mining Expert.
Vancouver, B. C, Oot. .1.��� The second payment has been made on the
Britannia group of copper mines,
twenty-eight miles from Vancouver,
which are being purchased by the
Valantine syndictac of London, England. The payment wheb amounted
to $.1.000,was put up three days before
it was due, and the total amount,now
paid, has been 910,000, and this before
a tap of work has been done on the
The next payment, $.10,000. will he
made on January 1, but it is said that
if tho Knglish Syndicate find that the
fifty world famous experts who have
pronounced judgment on the piop-
erty, have been coireet, that the
whole purchase price will be paid on
that date, namely 8100,000 and $1,100,-
iioo in stock, in a new company capitalized at 8.1,000,000.
The Valentino syndicate has sent
out from London a mining expert,
whose name is sufficient in 1 nglund
to make or break millionaires in the
mining world, aud although the syndicate have bad American engineers
examining the property since April
last, they will bo guided by this
eminent mining engineer's judgment,
as to whether to drop the $10,000 already up, or put up their additional
84110,000. In the meantime Vancouver
waits breathlessly to hear the great
man's verdict, for it means in
creased population for Vancouver if
the big syndicate works the Britannia
group. It has been learned, however, whieh does not please Vancouver so well, that labor is so high
here, that it will pay to ship the matter produced by the mine from tho
company's concentrators to near-by
United States smelters probably Evcr-
rett. rather than erect a smelter to
handle the ore ou the grounds.
New Suit. Jill
ic latest id
eas in
We are now ready to show you the
They are cut in the very latest modes and the
prices cannot fail  to satisfy.
JACKETS range from $g to
SKIRTS range from  $2.75 to
SU ITS arc t0 be had from a I Iomespun at
$8.50 to a fi��e Serge at         $34.00
We ask you to look at them. Their worth will convince you,
Martin O'Relllu & 6a
Houston Block.
Vancouver is Making Another Attempt
to Establish One.
Vancouver, H. C., Oct. .1.���Another
attempt is being made in Vancouver
to start a mining association, the
aims and objects of which are: Tu
submit desirable amendments to the
Provincial mining laws for the consideration of the Hritish Columbia
legislature; to prevent wildcat
schemes being launched on the market
tothe discredit of the Province; to
provide a suitable meeting place
where ideas could be exchanged between mining men, papers read, and
lectures by eminent mining experts
arranged for; to establish a museum
of mineral specimens from all parts of
the world, the specimens to be prop
erly tubulated and displayed, and to
have available a general report on all
the different mining sections of Hritish Columbia and specimens of all the
rock and ore and to eventually establish a mining exchange. The fact that
II. Waters, II. E., late general manager and chief owner of the Britannia mine, is the promoter of the
scheme augurs well for its success.
Havana, Oct. .1.���The yellow fever
situation is not improving. During
the months of .September '.'.17 cases
wore ollicially reported, with a mortality of 88 per cent. Eighty-four
cases arc now under treatment aud 88
new cases have been reported during
the last 4rt hours.
Kerr & Co. wish to announce that
their millinery opening us announced,
will continue all week; no cause for a
postponement. The HrHt day, although the weather was not as we
would have liked, was a decided success, both as to sales made, and numbers of Indies in attendance.
Mr. .1. E. llalton, is nearly through
with "The Mikado" scenery and pending the doing of similar work elsewhere, he has a few days which he
would like to put in making water
color sketches of scenery around Nelson for adornment of parlor walls, or
for sending to friends abroad. Mr.
llalton mnkes fine, spirited   sketches,
full of life and highly artistic.
Iierlin, diet. .1.���The naval societies
news bureau iu   China cables that the
Russians have occupied Mukden,   cap
Ital of the Province of l.iao Tung.
Wilkesbarre,   Pa.,   Oct.    5,���There
is no change in   the.   strike   situation
today in Wyoming Valley.
Scranton, Pa., Oct. .1.���There Is no
change today in the strike situation
in the Lackawanna Vallcy^not a mining industry being al, work except the
live washicries which tlie Lackawanna
Company has kept [folng since the
strike began.
Home, Oct. B.���The Vatican authorities have informed the Italian police,
Shamokin, I'a., Oct. 5.���An explosion at the Euery powder mills near
here last night caused the death of
two men and fatally injured another.
The dead are Daniel Kurkc, died in
the hospital here last night; Daniel
Halo Kuscb, died this morning. Richard Hewitt was so badly burned that
he is not expected to recover.
Newark, Ohio, Oct. li.��� Oscar (lard-
nor, of Wheeling, anil Eddie Linney,
of Philadelphia, fought twenty rounds
hero Inst night. Both men finished
strong, but Gardiner badly outpointed
Linney and was awarded the decision.
To Our Customers
...AND THE...
Public in General.
\k \iv \iv
E having- this day disposed ol" our Business, lo
Wm. Hunter it Co., wc bespeak for them u
ance of that very liberal share of patronage winch has been extended us during our business career in Nelson. We can only
assure you that those trails which has built up for us .and maintain
the reputation for Honest and Reliable Dealings, will be continued throughout hy the new firm. Wc therefore lake great
pleasure in recommending them to all our old customers, and _^
also to as many new ones as may honor them with their pat- _\
ronage.    Thanking- you one and all for past favors, wc arc �����
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.      I
To the PubJic.
Having this day taken over the Business of The Western g
Mercantile Company, Limited of Nelson, we beg-  to  ask for a 6?
continuance of the patronage which you have heretofore ex- t_
tended to them.    Our aim will be at all   times  to  supply  yoi^.gi
with the best goods at lowest possible prices; being in   a  posi- g;
tion to buy goods in  larger  quantities  than  any  firm  in  ihe gi
Kootenays, wc will therefore give you the benefit of the margin, ��1
The same stall which has waited on you   in   the  past  will &
continue to do so, aud they will spare no pains in   making the gi
dealings both pleasant and profitable to  you.    To   those  who g
have not honored the retiring firm with a share of their patron- g;
age, we would ask you to come and have at least a trial  order, gj
when you will be convinced our prices are the lowest,   and  our g
goods are the best. &
|     Wm. Hunter & Co.
g�� Successor to
r=�� The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
j�� Staple   and   Faqci)   Groceries.
���g NELSON, B. C.
TO < I its: A < CIS l>  s\  ow   oil
Take Laxntivo Hromo Uiilnlsiu Tnblets. All
'1 -Klil" refund the ninnny If It fails lo euro'
ft)c,  K.H, Orpvo'ii iflguaturo 1* on cwh bo*.
The busiest and mightioHt little
thing that ovor was mado is Dr.King's
New Life Pills. Kvery pill in a sunar-
cou ted-coated globnlo of linaltb, that
changes weakness Into strength, list-
lossiieBB into energy, brained.fag into
mental power. They're wonderful in
building up tho health. Only 3/ic per
box. Sold by Canada Drug & Book
Visit Florenoe Park Hotel at Roherti'
Hunch, two and a half miles up the
rirt>r.   W, V, Roberto, proprietor,
Names of Canadians on the Way Borne
Will Not  He Cabled.
Ottawa, Oct. 5.���The Militia Department are receiving numerous applications for the list of those members of the Canadian contingent who
are returning to Canada. It is estimated that to cable the whole list
would cost over 81,300. As. however,
it is not customary to cable the names
of the British aoldlera'returning with
their regiments, or with drafts of
their regiments, it is not likely the
list will be cabled As fast as the
iccounts can be made out the militia
authorities are settling the amounts
duo to Canadians of the contingents
who did not draw the   whole   amount
credited them in London.   A  number
were paid yesterday, others are today
and the work will be continued until
all have been paid.
London, Oct. 5.���A serious fire ha
occurred at Welbeck Abbey, Nolting
bainshirc. the famous seat of the Duke
of Portland. The Oxford wing was
gutted. The extent of the damage 1
estimated at 8100,000, Priceless pic
tures and furniture were saved. Th
Duke and Duchess of Portland
present absent from homo.
Are You Right?
Vou can be sure of your minute ���
if yon provide yourself with on1'
of   our   accurate    and   reliable
Don't run���get a good watch to
run for you.
Mannlucturlnp Jewelers.
are at
LOST.���Sootch  Terrier���Black   back,
yellow bead, collar and tag. Retttrn
to Mr. Lennox, at office, Baker Btreel
���rreeidoucc Mill Street,
Send your buslnrns direct to Woah I" i:'" "'
Muvt'.H time, emta loia, better sorvlro.
My office clow to V, B. Patent Office. FREE preliminary examination* made. Atty'e fee not due until HWj
AOTtJAL EXPERIENCE. Book "How to obtain Pnt*nU,
etc., tent r ,   Patent* procured through K. 0. BIM*���
receive ipeclal   sot ice,   without charge,  In   toe
lllojtmted monthly���Eleventh year���term*, |l. ���JjFF'
Of Writing Papor won't lust
lonif. Y ou'd better plnco ��n-
othur "hum- up' ordor with


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