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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 22, 1901

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 i     II
Newspaper in the Kootenays. Established
eleven years ago*..
S A Miner want ad. will \
$ make it known to all t
I    Nelson and Kootenay, l
Daily Edition No 941
Nelson,  British Columbia, Tuesday, January 22,   1901.
Eleventh  Year
One of the Most Promising
Properties In the Slocan
Development Work Being Carried On In an Energetic
The year and century just fairly
commenced undoubtedly bus great
things in store for the mining district
of which Nelson is the commercial
centre, and no one property Is likely
to see more marked advance than the
Queen Bess mine operated from tbis
city. Within the next two or three
months the culmination of a comprehensive programme of development
will be reached and the property will
piobably assume a nosition among the
most extensive and richest producers
In tlie Slocan.
The Queen Bess mine is situated in
the heart of the Slocan, its shipping
point being Alamo Siding. It also
has tbe distinction of being one of
tho two or three raining propositions
worked by English capital in the Slocan. The property was opened up
jnst a trifle over three years ago and'
was operated by the Dominion Devl-
opnunt and Agenjy Company. Some
eighteen months ago the management
passed into the hands of the Duncan
Mines, Limited,the former owners retaining a large interest. A subsidiary company, the Queen Bess Proprietary Company, Limited, was formed to
swing the property.
The mine has been a shipper from
the start and has paid at least two dividends. For the last eighteen
months, however, the policy of the
management has been to expend tbe
whole proceeds In development with a
view to reaping enhanced benefits later, a policy1 whicli is only rarely
adopted. When tbe new management
took hold it was found that the ore in
the upper levels would bs exhausted
in the course of a year and a half,
and It became necessary to devise a
large scheme of development or to
face the closing down of the mine.
The directors determined upon the
former course and a deep tunnel was
commenced in September last. Since
then only enough ore has been taken
from the upper levels month by month
to defray the cost of exploration work.
The mouth of the tunnel is situated
400 feet lower down the hill than the
fifth or previous lowest tunnel. A
three drill compressor plant was put
in to facilitate driving together with
a large ventilating plant operated by
water power. This main tunnel is
now ln;1700 feet and Is seven feet by
nine feet in the clear. Tbe records of
the work Show that tho actual driv-
age was over 100 feet per month, an
excellent performance under the circumstances, while the highest drlv-
age in any one month was 103 feet.
Last summer a shaft was also started
from the lowest of the previous tunnels and this has been sunk 320 feet
on tbe vein by the aid of a compressed air hoist from the same compressor
that rung the drills. The lode has
been opened up at two stations below
No. 5, that is No. 0 and 7, 100 and 300
feet respectively below Nn. 5. A
raise has now been started from the
main tunnel to connect with No. 7.
This will be 185 feet long and No. 8
station will be located half way up
the raise. The lode has been proved
at No. 's 6 and 7, and ore is being extracted at tbe present time. The lode
at the level of the main tunnel has
not yet been explored but the upraise
will be completed in the course of
six weeks and the vein in the lower
level will then be vigorously explored.
All pre from tbe upper levels will be
handled through the main tunnel,
thus expediting the work and reducing the cost of mining.
The Queen Bess is situated in the
same mineral belt as the Payne and
Idaho mines which are located respectively ffjjf' north and south of the
Queen Bess. Roth the Payne and Idaho are now driving deep tunnels. In
fact most of.the big Slocan mines are
looking for their lodes in deep levels,
and from present indications tbeir
efforts will be crowned with success.
The Queen Bess vein carries, besides
the high grade silver lead ore, a' considerable    quantity    Of   carbonates
which aro now In demand at the smelters and can be treated at a very low
rate, btit the smelter rates now prevailing mean a loss of 93.34 per ton on
Queen Bess silver-lead ore. This silver-load product nets   -bout   800   and
the carbonates   S3
cost of
1 trans-
minlng is Boraewhat \\e~J'//1 *
portation between the mlne*^
amo station is also a serious lie*//
view of which a lino has been survey'*?^,
ed for, a tramway which will be put
up should the mine open up well
with depth.
The company has recently bonded
the Silverite group of claims on the
Sandon side of the mountain, the belief being that the future deep levels
will be driven from that side of the
property, as the ore chutes seem to
dip in that direction. 10. R. Woakes,
consulting engineer for the Duncan
Mines, Limited, is the local manager
of the property, while W. O. Scott is
mine superintendent. Mr. Scott has
held the superlntendency for the past
two years and has been connected
with the Queen Bess almost ever since
the property was firBt opened up.
��� * *
Unless Unexpected Complications Occur Queen Victoria
Thomas S. Dunbar   Confirms the Good
The report of an excellent strike
on the Phoenix gronp on Springer
creek was confirmed here yesterday by
Thomas S. Dunbar, who is in charge
of the work on the ground. He states
that the discovery was better than he
had anticipated and tbat all doubt as
to the Phoenix being a mine is removed from his mind. The exploration
crosscut started some months ago broke
into a ledge from ten to twelve feet
in width which contained three distinct pay streaks of ore. These streaks
were carefully sampled and proved to
average 81. SO, 81.35 and 810 respectively. The Phoenix is located on one
of the few dry ore leads yet located on
Springer creek. A proportion of the
values are found in sulphides carrying silver, while the gold values are
largely contained in a free state. The
character of the ore renders it especially desirable because of the low smel-
tei charges conceded to dry ores.
The Phoenix is 2\4 miles from Slocan City and the shipping facilities
arc fairly good. The original owners
were McKinnon and others of Slocan
City and the property was controlled
by a stock company be/ore it passed
into tbe hands of Mr. Dunbar and bis
associates most of whom are Portland,
Oregon,   parties.    Work   was   started .        ,
on Noveriiberij the lrrltlal, opwttrons��� ���JJortroii tbe queen, spent in conscious,
being a shaft to determine the dip of
tbe vein. This accopmllshed It wag
possible to commence the crosscut
which was carried into effect and the
vein secured at a depth of 00 feet.
The bondholders are thoroughly satisfied witli the prospect and will increase their force shortly and continue to do so as circumstances permit. Various people who have seen
the property since the strike describe
it as among the best propositions in
the section. The bondholders have
erected a comfoi table camp on the
property, and are to be congratulated
on the success of their operations.
��   ���  ���
A sheriff's sale took place at the
court house yesterday at which a couple of mining propositions were offered for sale. The first parcel was a
quarter interest in the Two Friends
group a promising shipping mine in
the Slocan. The interest formerly belonged to R. Marpole and other coast
parties. It was bpiight in by A.
York, a well known business man of
Slocan City, who, with W. Shatford,
of Vernon," now holds tbe entire prop-
ery by virtue of ownership and options on remaining interests. It is
probable the mine will change hands
shortly. The second lot wa*) a block
ot Venus stock seized on a judgment
in the suit of Heddle vs. Stamford.
When the shares were put up W. A.
Galliher, M. P., acting for the defendant Stamford, filed an objection to the
Hale on the ground that the sheriff
had not served proper notice on the
defendant. On this ground tbe sale
was postponed to   Thursday morning.
Excellent reports are to hand from
the properties operated by T. G .Procter for the York-Manchester syndicate. At the Silverton Boy in the New
Denver cunip the long tunnel which
has been under way for some time has
come Into good concentrating ore,
and further work promises to show up
the clean shipping ore for which the
management is looking.- The galena
encountered carries some copper and
in every way resembles the ore from
the Emily Edith property adjoining
where the development is much further advanced. At the Alice near
Creeton, work bas been under way for
a considerable period and the property is rapidly becoming a mine. The
company has 800 tons of three to one
concentrates on the dump, and will
make a small shipment of its high
grade product abont tbe first of February. It is not proposed to ship in any
quantity until tbe concentrator now
in contemplation is Installed when the
Alice will take its place among the
heavy   producers   on the Crows' Nest
��   ��   ���
Mark Manley, of Slocan City, who
is identified with the syndicate which
has taken over the Iron Borse group
on Ten Mile creek adjoining the Enterprise, was in the city yesterday on
a flying trip from Spokane, where he
has made his headquarters for the
past two or three months. Mr. Man
ley returns on Saturday and expects
to start work on tbe Iron Horse about
tbe first of tbe month.
Will Probably Live Until Thursday
Yesterday Another One of Great Anxiety Throughout the
Whole Civilized fald-The Day at
Osborne Castle.
Cowes. Isle of Wight. January 22���5 a. m.���The Associated Press learns
that Queen Victoria Is expected to live until Thursday morning unless unless unexpected complications Occur.
Cowes, Isle of Wight, Jan. 33.���1 a.
m.���Another day in the Victorian
era, now rapidly drawing to a close,
passed without any great cbange in
the condition of Queen Victoria. The
slight improvement, so frequently
mentioned in the official bulletins,
merely indicates i postponement of
the inevitable. The end may be a
matter of days or only hours, but the
members of the royal family, who are
w dragging out a weary vigil at
Osborne house, know that the death of
her majesty is merely a question of a
short time. Tbe most noticeable feature of yesterday was the satisfactory
ness, which she regained early in the
afternoon and still retained at 10 ��.
m. At that hour she had not seen
Emperor William, local rumors to the
contrary, notwithstanding. Royalty
at Osborne thus bad a chance to recuperate from the terrible ordeal undergone during the early hours of
Monday. The correspondent of the
Associated Press is informed that the
members of the royal family were called to a room adjoining the queen's
bedchamber no less than five tines
yesterday morning and were kept in
momentary expectation of being summoned to witness the end up to half
past five. Her majesty's physioians
had tben only a vestige of hope that
they would be able to keep the
queen's feeble life in existence until
the Prince of Wales arrived. To se
cure this result they resorted to the
frequent use of brandy and champagne. These stimulants, used to an
extent which only the greatest emergency justified, worked their process;
and, when the Prince of Wales and
Emperor William entered the oastle
grounds at 11:30 a. m., they found
the queen a trifle better than had been
expected. The desperate remedies
employed Monday morning to enable
her majesty to live until her eldest
son's arrival will not be used again
for the doctors are fearful that the
remedy might be almost worse than
the disease. They trubt to prolong
ber life by a moderate application of
stimulants, combined with as much
nourishment as can be assimilated.
Such expedients as were employed
during Sunday evening and Monday
morning are not considered justifiable. The queen's rally astonished no
one more than her physicians and
when at four yesterday afternoon they
heard her ask for chicken broth, their
amazement almost equalled their delight. Privately, however, they build
no false hopes upon these signs of
what has been one of the strongest
constitutions with which a woman
was ever endowed. Despite the favorable afternjon, the doctors dreaded
greatly the portion between six
o'olook    and  midnight.   When  that
was safely passed they seemed hopeful
of her majesty's living at least
through another day, although the
memory of tbe previous night's, re-
lapse kept their anxiety at high tension. The news of tbe death, when it
occurs, is likely to be publicly announced in London before it is announced here, as, according to the
present arrangement, the first telegram is to be sent to the lord mayor
of London. There is an enormous telegraphic staff in Cowes, and additional facilities were installed yesterday
at Osborne. Already the villagers are
bewailing the fate that ig likely
to befall Cowes, for it is known that
the Prince of Wales will probably
never make Osborne house a place of
residence. There is an entire absence
of local excitement. The town has
settled down in patience and sadness
to wait the inevitable. Never has Emperor William arrived at any place lu
England with so little eclat. No salutes or cheers were given. The
men of the guardsbip Australia silently manned her sides. The crowd was
equally undemonstrative, the people
contenting themselves with baring
their heads. It was a greeting given
to the grandson of a dying woman
rather than to the ruler of a great
ally. After luncheon at the oastle,
the Prince of Wales, Emperor William
and the Duke of Connaught strolled
around the grounds and visited the local sailors' home. The Bishop of
Westminster, who bas been at Osborne
since .Saturday, visited the rector of
Cowes, Jan. 31.���11 a. m.���The
queen has rallied slightly. Since midnight her majesty has taken more food
and has had some . refreshing sleep.
There is no further loss of strength.
The symptoms which give rise to most
anxiety are those which point to a local obstruction in the brain circulation. (Signed), James Reid, R. Douglas Powell, Thomas Barlow."
Cowes, Jan. 33.-13:30 a. m.��� Following is the full text of the bulletin issued at midnight: "There is no
material change iu the queen's con
dition. The slight improvement of
the morning has been maintained
throughout the day. Food has been
taken fairly well and some tranquil
sleep seoured." j
Osborne House, Jan.  -35.���5 p. in.���
The   following   official   bulletin   has
been  posted:    "The   slight   improve
ment of the   morning   is maintained
(Signed),   James   Reld,    R.   Douglas
Powell, Thomas Barlow."
p. m.���The queen is just  holding her
Cowes, Jan. ,21.���12:3.r> p.
queen's light rally of this
was followed by a gradual
which, if   continued,    will
result  in
her speedy death. No surprise will he
felt here If her death is announced at
any moment.
Berlin, Jan. 31.���The foreign ofliee
has received information since Emperor William's arrival at Osborne
house that the condition of the queen
is hopeless. The Associated Press
learns that the object of the eniper
or's visit was to deliver special parting
messages on behalf of himself and
his mother, but it is believed at the
British embassy here that the Queen
was unconscious since Wednesday
night. Tbe embassy officials have
cancelled all invitations and acceptances.
London, Jan. 21.���Sir Thomas Bar
low is a celebrated authority on cer
tain afflictions and doubtless his diag
nosis led to the inclusion in the noon
bulletin of the explanation of refer
ences previously made to "symp
toms," the nature of which were not
London, Jan. 21.-12:12 p. ra.���The
more hopeful bulletin received at
noon hardly lessened the universal apprehension, and everywhere that bulletins are posted sorrowing crowds
have gathered awaiting the outcome
of her majesty's illness. Preparations made in all official quarters for
all eventualities indicate the expectations of those who might be supposed
to be best informed. The royal
aparments in Windsor castle aro being
made ready for a sudden return of the
court, and all state officials in any
way concerned in the issue are holding themselves in readiness for prompt
action. Another of the queen's physicians, Sir Thomas Barlow, reached
Osborne house this morning and a
moment later carriages dashed up
bearing Emperor William, the Prince
of Wales, the Duke of York and the
Duke of Connaught. A good sized
crowd had met them as they disembarked at Cowes. Naturally there was
no cheering hut the men present took
off their hats and the German emperor cordially and frequentlj* responded by bowing. They drove to
Osborne house in open carriages. The
Princejof Wales appeared to be half
dazed and the Duke of York's eyes
were red, while the Duchess of Connaught never ceased crying. There
was intense relief at Osborne house on
the arrival of the emperor   and   royal
would not live lo hear of the Prince of
Wales' return.
Washington, .luu. 21.���Tho British
ambassador has received the following cahlegrum from Lord Lansdowne,
the Ilritish minister of foreign
affairs: "The queen has slightly,
rallied since midnight.
London, Jan. 21.���The Inner circle
of the cabinet has been in session
this afternoon in connection with the
official procedure iu case of her majesty's death.
London, Jan. 21.���The secretary of
stato for home affairs, Mr. 0. T.
Ritchie, who had temporarily left Osborne, has been resummoned.
London, Jan. 21. ���A dispatch from
Ostend Buys the arrangements for the
departure for England of the King of
the lielgians have been countermanded.
party, for  several times   during  the
Cowes, Isle pf Wight, Jan.21.���12:15  morning   it   wag    feared   the  queen
Gooderham and  Blackstock
Bond 5000 Acres in Nicola Valley.
Vancouver, U. C, Jan. 31.���C. F
Law returned today from Nicola Vat
ley. He reports that he has bonded
for Gooderham & Illackstock tbe coal
measures in the valley on the lands of
Sam Tingley, Gilbert Blair and the
Green-Warnock estate, 5000 acres in
all, for 8100,000. This was done owing to the report of Mr. lturell of New
York, the same expert who reported
on the Crow's Nest field. Mr. llurell's
report was that tbe measures were the
most promising he had ever seen, at
their present stage of development,
and with a railway into the Kootenays from one to two thousand tons a
day could be shipped. On this rerjorl
und the further report that a mountain of iron ore very rich, waa located
behind the coal mines, running 55 to
60 per cent, iron, Gooderham tried to
secure a railway charter to run a railway into the mines. His attempt to
buy out the V. V. & E. for 8100,000
aroused McKenzie and Mann, who
straightway bought out the promoters
of the V. V. & E.themselves, for 865,-
000, and who have been trying ever
since with the promise of backing by
the Great Northern to induce both the
Dominion and Provincial governments
to give bonuses, before tbey start construction. In the meantime the C. P.
B. became alarmed, and reviving an
old charter obtained in 1873, they
started surveying a road from Abbots-
ford to Spence's Uridge, where their
main line passes, which takes them
through the valley. If they rush their
road to completion the V. V. & E. will
be blocked out, as they will not be
able to cross the C. P. R. tracks. The
Nicola people are greatly excited for
they think they are bound to have a
railway anyway to carry their cattle
and coal and make it possible to develop their own mines.
First Contest For Trophies Presented
by tbe Mayor.
Tho curling club's tournament for
the rink trophies donated by the mayor commenced last night when the
following games were played:
S. O. Campbell. B. M. Bird,
A. H, Buchanan, J. A. Dewar,
F. Starkey, R. H. Williams,
W.Macdonald.s. 0. G. 0.  Hodge,
J. A. Kirkpatrick, D. J.  Dewar,
C. D. J. Christie,    Geo. Kydd,
l)r. Hall, J. A. .Turner,
A. T. Walley, s 13. T. Lillie, s. 8.
This evening the series will be continued, games having been arranged
between rinks skipped by F. A. Tamblyn vs. W. McKenzie and between J.
H. Wallace and W. W. Beer.
Final   Test at   Procter by
C.P.R. Officials Sunday.
Empties and Loaded Cars
Transferred from Barge
to Slip.
It is probable by tbis time next
week the present C. P. R. executive
offices on West Baker street will be
vacated. The engineering department
will move on Sunday next unless
something transpires to prevent, and
Captain Troup's personal staff will
probably Bhitt their quarters before
that time. The new building is now
in the hands of the painters and kal-
sominers who aro finishing their
work. The old depot is likely to be
abandoned at the same time.
The local epidemic of grippe seems
to be increasing rather than otherwise. One firm of physicians has treated over 50 eases during tho last few
days, among the sufferers being A. C.
Ewart, Rev. Wm. Munroe and F. J.
The final test   of the  new C. r. R.
slip at Procter   yestorday   was In several respects  a   notable  event.    The
enterprise   was   commenced last summer and its suoeessful culmination ha-
becn awaited with   keen   interest  b
looal railroad and stcambiit men
the reason that the plan
tion involved several nei
product of the inventive
engineers   of   the   const
maintenance department
partures were made "
plans arid the
about Bometh'
Slip building i
tofore the slip,
ers have   been
similar to those
and   Kootenay
principal   feat*
heavy   aprons
raised   as   tbe
hoisting appar;
ate the 50 torn
tbis weight ���*'
ally cuiiihersi.
The slip built a. .
a pontoon   for   an   a-
toon is semi-submerk
ed to its proper positi
to the permanent wor.
of the barge forcing th
the pontoon   up   the   (
where the couplings ca
principle   is  simple an.
first by the Great Northr
at Kalama on the Columl
the Proctor slip the prin
onstratcd in a much   si
and is   probably   as
scheme as will ever be
idea wag evolved   by
van, Pacific   division
construction departm
sisted by Captain J.
P. Gutelius.    The  r<
the new style  of si
viz..economy, the
000 to 84,000 less
plan, while effe.
ed ; ease of man)
ment of heavy ;. j
hoists, securing
the time occupied
fer being much si
Sunday's test ol
very thoiough.    Q
Procter by train
the apparatus w
ed an   outward
with empties,
ed and then re'
nlng smoothly
test was to tre
For this purpi
some   hours
barge from the
The Btring   of
easily as the empt,   .
and the fifteen cars n
city by the locomotiv.
extra out.
Tbe road bed on th
sion is in excllelent <*
branch is ready to Ix
the    operating  depti. oi
Tbe tenders for the construction ol
tbe railroad slip at Lardo are now in
tbe hands of the construction department, and arrangements are being
made for letting the contract. Practi
cally all the tenders nre from Nelso
contractors and the contract will prot
ably come here. The slip is to b��
built on the pontoon system which
has proved such a success at Procter,
and will cost in the neighborhood of
810.000. At the same time a contract
will be let for 80,000 ties to be used
in the eonstruction of the new Lardo
railroad. Some 14 miles of the rond
have already been graded,and the first
step taken after a final decision to
continue operations in the spring will
be to lay the ties and steel, so that
the line can be continued with all expedition possible. It will be necessary also to have the projected slip
completed before the plant to be used
in construction can be landed. While
the C. P. R. has not yet definitely
btated its intention to complete the
Lardo road, their preparations seem
to have removed all doubt on the matter, in the minds of those intereated.
The approaching Pan-Ameriean exposition is beginning to stir up the
railroads who will cater to the transportation business. An evidence of
thiB is contained in the last C. P. R.
folder issued which devotes an entire
page to the exposition and expatiates
on the facilities afforded the public to
reach the Bison city over the C. V. W,
system, Kelson Dailv Miner, Tuesday,  January 22, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Published livery  Afternoon  Except Sunday
���BY THK���
Limited Liability.
119 Fleet Street. K. C.
Central Press Agenoy, Ltd., Bpeolal Agent*
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Wookly, per year, foreign    8
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The following from the Spokesman-
Review of Spokane, is an indication
of the feeling of Americans:
"If the kindly hearted   Uncle   Sam
were a real instead of   an   imaginary
entity, and lay   dying  this   morning
keener grief could scarcely   be felt  in
"ie United States than hangs over the
itish empire by reason of the dying
dition of Queen Victoria. It is hard
- \tr   '-"in   to  comprehend   the
tged   sovereign  on  the
1.   For   nearly 64 years
national   defense    and
b of war and peaoe have
I in her great name.
-*n partizan strife
s become the
British hope
1 three score
j the nation's
ed   in   its   re-
i being is held
���tion which all
nd in the very
i��and  minds,
-  pljhcu  when
Will   not  be
' 1 crown  the
irt   Edward
.. her   stead.''
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Whittaker's Almanac.
The N. Y. Wot     Almanac.
Canadian Almanac.
New  York Clipper Annual.
Office Diaries, 1901.
The Great  Boer War.    By
A. Conan Doyle.    Cloth,
The    Eldredge    B.   Sewing
Machine.    (Ball Bearing.)
Canada Drag and
Book Co., Ltd.
Four Drawers, with Top Quartered Oak,
Drop Head,	
CHAS. PARKER, M. I.MM. CTedford-McNeil & C.oughe
P. O. Box jot
Mining Engineer
and Manager. Cable Address:
Nelson, B. C. Parker, Nelson, B.
Charles Parker & Coy.
Members Rossland Stock Exchange.
Slocan, Nelson, East Kootenay, Rossland, and Boundary.
Working Minos (or Sale.   Dovoloped Prospocts to Bond.   Reports by Own Englneois.
1   tire    East und elso-
,ng much apace to the
a  seem to have marr-
pleasarit   relatione ex-
the C.P.R. aud Crow's
One paper puts it:
\se   of  tbe   Crow's Nest
Y.   R.   has   now,   and
tain,      a     monopoly
ortation,    while    the
has now, and   wants
jpoly of   the mining,
oomplams   that the
wants to  ship  oyer
rn into   tbe   United
not  supplying the
market.    Mr. Jaff-
he C. P. R. wants
���n lands oontrary
Hudson's Bay Stores
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers.
BuiU Mode to Order, Cleaned, Dyed, Altered and Eepaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mail Orders Solicited. P.|0. Hox 034
Advertisements Inserted under this head at
the rate ot ono oont a word per insertion. No
advertisement taken for loss than 25 cents.
FOR   RENT.���Cellar.
Bank of Canada.
Apply    Royal
TRAINED NURSE   open   to   engagements.    Mrs. Seton, Silica Street.
to he the facts
mse of the trovt-
. Coal Co. desires
this   reason   has
into   the   fold,
large block   of
and undertakes
ng   the   Oreat
w*s  Nest  coal
���r a very large
'est coal.   The
he C.   P.   R.,
inds   that, in
railroad   with
ai Coal Co. will be
/  the local   demand,
erferlng with the in-
Cootenays.    In   order
ijury being done, the
xinnected therewith,
.���take .-on up new   coal   fields.
.at they shall be independent of
Crow's .Nest Co.
Or it may have been that the C. P.
R. was the first to take the step which
lead to the trouble, and that the
;row's Nest people, finding that the
dilroad company was about to open
up new coal fields, laid a proposition
before James J. Hill, which proposition, or a modified one, was accepted.
It is known in some oircles that the
coal company and the C. P. X. have had
trouble in regard to freight rates as
they apply to the Nelson, Rossland and
Boundary districts. The rate on coal
from Fernie to Nelson, for instanoe,
has been and now Is 82.25 per ton.
Tnis rate was supposed, it is said, to
apply also from other points of shipment of the coal company. Recently
coal bas been coming to Nelson from
the oolleries at Michel and on this a
freight rate of 82.51 has been charg-
ed. The Crow's Nest Co. had
contracts for tbe supply of a
amount of coal upon
freight rate of $2.25,
therefore now forced
of  26 cents on every
FOR SALE.���120 acres of first-class
agricultural and garden land, 12
miles from Nelson on Kootenay Lake.
Will Bell In 10, 20 or 40 acre tracts.
Price and terms reasonable. Apply or
address, A. F. Rosenbergcr,
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson.
Room 4,
WANTED.���A   10-roomed   furnished
house.    Apply at Room   4, K.-W. C.
WANTED���Young man wants work of
any kind. Handy with tools, understands eare of horses,   also  furnaces.
Address, R. F. S., Miner.
PROSPECTORS having promising
mineral claimB for sale are requested
to call at The Prospectors' Exchange.
Phone No. 104, Room No. 4, K.-W.-C.
Block, Nelson, B. C.
WANTED���Free Milling Gold Properties in British Columbia. Phone No.
104, K.-W.-C. Mock.    Andrew F. Ros-
enberger, Nelson, B. C.
THE NELSON Soda Water Company
will be obliged if householders having their empty syphons, or patent
screw top bottles, will communicato
with them by telephone or post card
as the syphons and bottles are required for tbe holiday trade.
FOR RENT.���A    warm,   comfortable
house, seven rooms, water and bath.
Apply. "D." Miner Office.
FOR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient,with all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
Mining Companies   needing the ser
vices of a millwright to erect stamp
mills, concentrators, cyanide plants,
or any other mining machinery can
secure a competent man at addresb below. W. V. LEMON,
Constructor and Supervisor,
Orand Central Hotel, Nelson.
Pursuant   to   the   "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and   Amending Acts.
Notice is  hereby   given that   John
Leask and Francis C.   Rankin, carrying on business in the   town of Cranbrook in the Province   of British   Columbia, as tailors and men's outfitters
under the firm and style of  Leask  &
Rankin, by deed of assignment for the
benefit of creditors, bearing date   the
7th   day  of   January,   1001, made   in
pursuance   of  the  "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and amending  acts,   bave
granted and assigned   unto Creighton
Rose   Palmer,    of Cranbrook,   British
Columbia, clerk, all  the   personal estate, credits and   effects  of  tbe  said
John Leask and Francis   Q.   Rankin,
and of each of them (both partnership
and  private)   which   may   be  seized
and sold under execution and all their
real estate and   of  each   of   them   in
trust to pay the creditors of  the   said
Leask & Rankin, ratably u.)d  proportionately   their   just claims   without
preference   or   priority   according   to
The said deed of assignment was ex-
touted by the said John Leask ana
Francis C* Rankin, on the 7tb day of
January, 1901, and by the said Creighton Ross Palmer on the 9th day of
January, 1901.
All persons having claims against
the said Leask & Rankin are required
to file with the trustee on or before
the 20th day of January, 1901, full
particulars of tbeir claims duly verified, aud the natures of the securities,
if any, held by them.
And notice is hereby given that after the said 20th day of January, 1901,
the trustee will proceed to distribute the assets of the estate among
the parties entitled thereto, having
regard to the claims only of which he
then Bhall have had notice and that
he will not be responsible for tbe assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose
claim he shall not then have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Saturday the 26th day ot January, 1901, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at the oifices of W. F. Gurd,
solicitor, Baker street, Cranbrook,
It.   C.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 11th day
of January, 1901.
Solicitor for the Truatee.
Wholesale Houses
Cottage comer of Hall and Silica
Streets $15 00
Fourteen rooms, en bloc, or one-
half number;   Ball Street	
Store, Hall Street, per month... .825 00
7-roomed house, modern conveniences  16 00
B-roomed house, modern conveniences  10 00
Victoria Street���7-roomed house,
modern oonvenienees  30 00
Lot 26x120 and 8-roomed house with
bathroom, pantry, and electric light,
corner of Carbonate and Stanley Sts.
Assume loan, $1400: cash, $1000; balance, 8600. Equal payments, three
and six months.
Lot 8, Block 23, 30x120 Nelson Avenue, Bogustown, 8200.00
Lot 12, Blook 24. 30x120, Davies St,
Bogustown, $225.00
Lot 31 and 32, Block 2,60x120, Hume
Addition, with house on same, 82,-
Lots 21 aid 22, Block 31; house on
each lot; all modern conveniences;
bringing in $25 per month each; Carbonate Street; $4,000.
'PHORPE lit CO. Limited���Corner Vernon
A. and Cedar dtrould, Nelson���Manufacturers of and wholesale deulors in aerated waters
and fruit Byrups. bole aguuls tor iluicyou ilol
Springs mineral waUu*.   Telephone oo.
J3| N. M. Cummins, Lessee���Every known
vuriety of soft drinks. 1* U Box 88. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nolson. bottlers of the
iuuiouh ot. Leon Hot Springs Mineral W uter.
basis   of a
and   they are
to   suffer a loss
ton   shipped   to
this point from Michel.
This misunderstanding in connection with the local freight rates may
have been the thin edge of the wedge
whish has been hammered deep
enough to split the Wook in twain.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'LAIIGK.JN. Prop*
and try a bottle, a dozen, or a barrel of
QALQARY BEER as it is the hast and
cheapest on the market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGAR8.
Telephoned Baker Ht   Nolson, 13. C.
Coal and Wood.
Agent* Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd-
Crow's  Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,   -    -   $10.75
No order can be accepted unles-r
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall and Baker Streets.
C1ANK St MACDONALD (H. Cane, James
J A. Macdonald1���Architects una suimrlu-
lemleubs, Hrokeu Hill .Block, corner nukei aud
VVtuu struct*, .Nelson.
I Crow 6 Morris \
I Flora de Vlneda
Vallens 6 Co.<
Two choice cigars, well known
all over the world.
Will   give  most   enjoyment  to
people who know a good
Tbe Queen Gipr Store f
Bakes Stiiekt.
���ftuAai oYjauaYjati **-smm^^-sm\^-^EX
Put Us On
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superiority of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your wants perfectly.
Kirkpatrlck ft Wilson
HJ, KVt-LNS & CO.���Baker Btreet, Welti uoii���W dulusale dealuiu in liquors, ci-
Kttrs, cement, lire uncle aud tire clay, Water
uipe aud nteul rallu, aud gonural coumiibaiim
WhuietJaiti uud re urn dealers lu grain,
uay, flour, feed. Mills at Victoria, New Went-
uiiiiHtor; lulim,;.-... , Alta. Klevators on Calgary and hdmuuton 1 tail way. Mauuiacturers
at the celebrated li. & K-. braud cereals.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
KeN'u.. B. 0.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland, Mi*.
Allnn Lino Tunisian J-uilfl
Allan Line Nuiiiidinn Feb S
Dominion Line C'ambroman Jan 23
Dominion Line Vancouver P"eb2
From St John and Halifax
Bearer Lino Lake Ontario   Jan 25
Beaver Lino Lake Champlaln Feb8
From Boston
Dominion Lino New England... Jan 30
From New York
Cunard Line Umbria  Jan 19
Cunard Line Cnmp nia Jan 26 f
White Star Line Majeatlo Jan 23
\Vfclte Slar Line Oceanic Jan 30
American Lino Frienland Jan US
N. O. L. Allor Jan 29
PuuHagen arranged to and from all European
points. For ratos, tlcko.w and full information
apply to C. P. R. depot agent or H. L. Brown
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, B. C.
General Aeont. C.P.R. Offices, Winnipeg
Will pay the bigheut oaih prioe for all
kinds of second band goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Fnrnitnre, stoves, oarportt,
cooking ntensils, bought in household
qoantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see m�� or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. H��l>
Street. Nel��on.V,P. O.
7-8 inch diam. $13.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nolaor
A MACDONALD & Co.-Corner Fron
��� and Hall Streets��� Wholesale grocers
uuu jobbers iu blankets, gloves, uiitts, boots,
rubbers, maukiuaws aud miners' suudries*
J_l Olllce corner Hail aud tfrout Streets,
nelson���Lumber, ceUiug, flooring, aud every
thing in wood for budding purposes. Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
BURNS St Uo.-Baker Btreet, Nelsou-
VVholesale dealers iu freah aud cured
menu..   Cold Storage.       	
Bakor Street, JSolson��� Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.
llson ��� Whoir
supplies, sporting goods.
1J   Street,  kelson ��� Whoirsalo denials in
Hardware, ruiners'
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Co, i.ul.j Baker Street.
.Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware ana
mining supplios, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup*
paints, oils and glass; mechanics' tools.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; aynamlio
X^RNER, BEETON & Co.-Corner Vernon
aud Josephine Streots, N'ulson���Whclo
���ulo dealers in liquors, oigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary. 	
HUDSON'S BAY Co.���Wholesalo groowie*
and liquors etc., Baker street, Nelson.
Front and Hall Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers n wines (case and bulk), aud
iomestio and imported oigars.
JY. GRIFFIN k CO.-Corner Vornon and
.   Josephine Streets,  Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealers In provtoiu-'s mired juts, butter and
I have a complete stock on hand of
Bough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tarda, NELSON
and LABI'0.
China Hall
A man is known by the company he
keeps, a woman ie known by tbe room
she keeps for company.
The  Quest Room
Toilet Set	
Is an important part of tbe furnishing.
If rightly selected it may be as ornamental as any pieoe of furniture in the
room. Do you entertain guests this
week? See our Toilet Seta in the window today.
First Door West of C.P.R. Offices.
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -   B.C.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.b
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Oorner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box S69. Telephone No. 95
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
F. O. Box US Nelson, B. O.
Could we road the hearts of women, what a
vast amount of Buffering* would be oxpo��od,
Kkmai.k Weakness hat produced more Invalids among women than unj other causa.
Havo you uny of tho following symptoms!
Norvousnoaa, Weakness, fiaokaone. Headache,
"All Goue" Feollng. Hot Flushes, Variable
Appetite, Restlessness, No Ambition, Easily
Excited, Painful Periods, Bearing-down Pains,
Louchorrhooa, Pimples on the Faoe, Pains in
the Loins, EyesSunken, No Vital Energy, etc
We Can Cure You. It matters not who baa
treated and failed In curing you. Consultation
y Mail is Absolutely Free, and if curable we
will tell you so. Don't let surgeons operate on
you. Wo can oure you without cutting. Our
New Mu riioi) Treatment la mild and pleat-
ant. Family Doctors have treated you rot
years, and yet you are not inireti���they only
help you from time to time. Let us cure you
at your Own Home by our New Method
Treatment,. Hundreds are being cured. Why
not you? Wo will mail you our Symptom
Blink simply for the asking, and wo will tell
you free of charge what we think of your
caso. Remember, your letters are kept strictly
privato and confidential and are answered in
plain sealed envelope. Write at once, enclosing stamp for reply. Address Ilk, W. M.
bADW��ekk  * ���:<��., uin, c   Ckleage, ill.
Mention this paper.
Canada Permanent and Wes*
tern Canada Mortgage
head offiob toronto, ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. L. LENNOX. ����*er fc��
17 if
Nelson Dailv Miner, Tuesday, Januarv at, 1901
Scenes in the Canadian Rockies Likened to Vision of a Glorified City.
Hie fascinations of a glacier aro
aa *tvitching as they are dangerous.
Apostolic vision of a crystal city glorified by light "that never was on land
or sea" was not more beautiful than
these vast Ice rivers, whose onward
course is chronicled, not by years and
centuries, but by geological ages,
���ays A. C. Laut, writing In the New
York Post of the Great Ilhcilliiwact,
Asulkan and How River glacial region! of the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. With white domed
show cornices wreathed fantastic as
arabesque and with the glassy walls
of meraly grotto relleetlng a million
sparkling jewels one might be in
some cavernous dream world or among
the tottering grandeur of nn ancient
city. The ice pillars and silvered pinnacles, which scientists call seracs,
Stand like the sculptured marble of
temples crumbling to ruin. Glittering pendants hang from tho rim of
bluish chasm. Tints too brilliant for
artist's brush gleam from the turquois
of orystal walls. Rivers that How
through valleys of ice and lakes,
hemmed in by hills of ice, shine with
an azure depth that is very infinity's
In tbe morning, when nil thaw has
been stopped by tho night's cold,
there is deathly silence over the glacial fields, even the mountain cataracts fall noiselesly from tho precipice
to ledge in tenous, wind blown
threads. But with the rising of the
sun the Whole glacial world bursts to
life in noisy tumult. Surface rivulets brawl over the ice with a glee
that is vocal and almost human.
The gurgle of riverB flowing through
subterranean tunnels becomes a roar.
as of rushing, angry sea, iee grip no
longer holds back rock scree loosened
by the night's frost, and there is the
reverberating thunder of the falling
Take Laxative Brotno Quinine Tablet*. All
druggists refund tbe money if it falls to cure
iHn.    IC. W. Or-tvfl. sfirnAl.iirn Is on  ��anh hnx.
Hockey   Match   Tonight
Stanley Street Rink
Entrance Fee 50  Cents.
the: best
St. Loliis
To'he had wholesale at Nelson.
R.   P.    Rrthefc    &
CO., Ltd.
A. B. GRAY, Baker st- Nel8on
Kootenay Agent.
.. ^..am...amj_.a^aiq1
"A Warning Voice"
Is the title of an interesting little book
that shows how
is LOST and how it may be
It is sent securely soaled in plain envelope Free, on rocoipt of 2c stump for
We are tho leading specialists in
curing all cases of Kidney and Bladder
Trouble, Sexual Weakness and lmpo-
tency, Syphilis, Gonorrhiua, Night
Losses, Gleet and Stricture, quickly
and permanently. We havo cured
thousands at their own homes. All
letters kept strictly private aud an^
sw/ired in plain senled onvolopo. Consultation by mall free. Wrlto today.
Sta- 0, Chicago, IU. f
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
We carry a complete stook of Coast Flooring
Celling. Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
Doors. Speolal order work will reccivo prompt
attention-   Mull orders solicited.
K     PortoRicoLiimber.Co.,
Bead Office���Peudrvx and Vomou St., Nolson.
Lot 12 iii Block 2, in the City of Nelson,
with stone and brick block thereon, commonly known as the Houston Block. Said
lot having a frontage of 50 feet on Baker
Street and a frontage of 120  feet on  Jose
phine Street, with 16 foot lane at rear, will-
be Sold by Public Auction subject to a reserve bid, on Monday, the nth Day of
February A. D. 1001, at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon sharp, on the Northeast corner of Josephine and Baker Sts.,
Nelson, B. C.
Terms: $5,000 cash at time of sale,
one-half of balance of purchase price on or
before 30 days from date of sale, and other
one-half of said balance, on or before 60
days from date of sale.
All rents and other earnings of said
property will be received by vendors until
full purchase price is paid. Further terms
and conditions will be made known at time
of sale or upon application to
Nelson, B. C.
A Snap! For Sale, $2000 Cash
gJ/2 miles from Nelson, on Kootenay River; 77^
acres; l/2 mile river frontage; 8 acres cleared; good
garden; apple trees bearing (10); strawberries and
other small fruit; 6 buildings; good house, stable,
barn, root house; large hennery and runway; line
fenced; plenty of timber; creek; light wagon, and
rough timber. Also household effects���cook stove,
bedding, carpets, etc., and a quantity of carpenter's
tools. Large float, and when in place steamers will
stop in front of house.    Clear title.
R. W. DAY, Agent.
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The  largest   line  carried   by
any firm in Canada.
" Good   Cheer "   Ranges  and
Cook Stoves.   A complete line.
Call and be convinced that the only place to buy
Stoves  and   Ranges  at  the  right  prices  Is  the
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   fleats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
* Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The little things that
make your housework
easier are the things
you are best pleased
with buying. We have
the odd things that will
give pleasure and rest
to the housekeeper.
Everyday Necessities, and
The Prioe is Bight for Eaoh.
McLachlan   Bros.
^VVV��VVVVV��V��VyvVV^*%^N**i^*-^r\rV\-��*V*VV^V**>'*^*a^^a^A/VVV��-.^a^- ���
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to bear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarterB when in Nelson.
All samples should be Bent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to
Tolephono No. 104.  P. O. Box 700. nelson. B. C.
I lyyvvvVVVVVVV-a-V-V-V-V'V-*'^''/*/*^'**'*^^
���^%i^%%i^%^%%^i^i^\Bii)i) 'Mto%%^W&%i%%&
1 Miners, Attention!
MARK   m
Gutta Percha Water-proof Fuse has been 1;
�� .proved and not fonnd wanting.
No miss-holes.   No running.
co. i
Bank of Commerce!
With Which la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
head office-toronto.
Paid-up Capital,
Reserve Fund,
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
S. Cameron Alexander, Manager.
��� New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
!   Alex, Laird and Wm. Gray, Agent*.
Hamilton, London, Toronto (8 offlcon), Ottawa and 34 other places
New York, N. Y.
Greenwood Nelson
Dawson, White House
New Westminster   Vancouver
Rossland Victoria
. 1, San Francisco, Cal. Seattle, Wabh.
Portland, Ore.        Skaoway, Alaska
Bankers In London.���The Bank of Scotland: Messrs. Smith, Payne & Smiths.
���'     " New York���The American Exchange National Bank.
Agents in Chicago.���The Northern Trust Company.
"       " New Orleans.���The Commercial National Banki
Savings Bank Department.
Interest Allowed on Deposits.  Present Bate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Your eyes need attention, and it
is a most imperative duty that you
should have them attended to at
once.    Do not wait.    Do not wear
half   fitted   glasses.    Do  not buy
- :/>',*y
glasses   from   a   passing   peddler.
Go  where you can receive  careful
attention now or at any time that
there is anything wrong with your
Watchmakers and Opticians.
P. BURN5 & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
>i*g ������������������������ mk*a
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Order* by malt to any branch wf. have careful a*"* oromnt attention.
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block  corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
A. V. MASON, Secretary.
9  to brace up the system or retain the good health
~,r you already have, we would advise you to
every morning for breakfast.
%  Lentals make nice soup.
Groceries,  Crockery.
Nelson, B. C.
In the expression of
the one that wears the
shoe that fits.
We   have
shoes for ever
I Neelands  ��
I      Company
We  carry a most complete stock of everything requirt
Office and Laboratory.
Morgan Crucible Co., Manufacturers of Battersea Cru
F. W. Braun & Co.'s "Cary" Combination Furnaces an*.
Vancouver,   B  C.
Complete   Electric Equipments  for   Electric   Power   '
Lighting for Mines, Towns, etc.    Electric Fixtui
Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Houston Block.
Soo Line
Also TOURIST OARS passing  Don-
more Junction Daily for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal and Ijoslon, Mondays and "Wednesdays   for  Toronto.
Same ears  pass  Revelstoke  one  day
for  Tour   enstem  trip is tn see
Spokane F
Nelson &
Red Mountair
e with
(Train   for   Rossland,  Grand
1 j Forks, Greenwood,Midway,eto
your ticket rends via ('noadiim Pacific.
Trains and Steamers Depart.
1 Steamer for Kootenay Lar*d-
!��� 111K   and   eastern  points   via
) Crow's Nest Route.
Ex Sun
0:00    I Train for Slocan City,  Slocan
Ex Sun ( points, and Saudon.
10.00   I Steamer for Kaslo and  inter-
Ex Sun (mediate points.
) Train for Rossland, Nakusp,
!��� Revelstoke,   main    line   and
) I'ai.'itiii: Coast Points.
For Time Tables, Rites and full information call ou or address nearest Local Agent, or,
R. W. Drow, Depot Aircnl \ Nolson, B. C.
H. L. Brown, City Agont. /
A  a. P. Agettj,
D. J. DEWAR, J. P.
Notary Public, Oonvejanoer.
Cottage, 7-rooms on Mines Road,
cear Stanley St., 81,060 easy terms.
Furniture for 12-rooms for $450 and
fhe rooms can be rented at 830 per
month. There are three rooms let at
810 per month each.
House and two lots, Vernon Street,
82,600. Thl�� property is paying $10
per month.
Seven-Room House, Good location,
826 with water.
House In Hume Addition, six
rooms, 820.
Houses from 88 to $50 per month.
Loans on Improved property,
straight or monthly payments.
The only all  rail  rout
all points east, west ant
Rossland, Nelson and in
points; connecting at Spok
Great Northern,   Northern
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v itli steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay Ink*
Con. acts at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects, at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave           DAY TRAIN Arrive
8:00 a.m Spokane 8:40 p.m.
11:60 a. m Rossland 3:10 p.-a.
7:00 a.m Nelson 71]0 p.m.
0:45 p.m Spokane 7:00 A.m.
11.00 p. in Rossland 7:00 Km.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. * T.A.
Spokane   Wash
Aicont. Nelson, B.O
Besides doing high class portrait
worn we take special care in developing and printing kodak films or
plates. If you fail in Baking good
negatives bring your camera to us and
we will locate tho trouble and set yen
right free of charge. Mail order! receive prompt attention.
Baker Street.
A new supply of office stationery in
what you want now. Telephone 144,
The Miner Office, and we will Ml] or
.. -,���;���..'���.' m sAt ���"
���.;;������������ Nelson Daily Miner,  Tuesday, January 22, 1901
"���"    1 1     1
���MTlTjrT r'nTTWr'TT'C! 1 at upper station.   Number of practices,
ll��lW    UUU1>Vj1J_i 10 ]35j number of flies,   40;  811,151.
Reports from City Officers and
Employes Considered
Last Night.
Standing Gommittees for the
Year Named by the
The city council of 1901 donned its
harness for the year last night. All
the new city fathers were on hand
and the board got down to business
without delay. The business was
largely of a preliminary nature and
in its despatch the council manifested
a grasp of affairs which indicates that
their regime will be a business ad
���'nistration from start to finish.
yor   Fletcher called   the meeting
t tick of eight o'clock as indicat-
"���lrlerm**- Hamilton's chronom-
probably  determine
to ti.ine   which   may
���   Aldermen,   Selous,
Paterson and Oillett,
January 3.���1 :80 a. m., fruit store,
Josephine st. The property of Ueer
Uros., occupied by 1*. Donato. Cuuse,
over heated stove Damages, 8100 on
building and on stock $141.
January 14.���4 a. m., steamer Kaslo at 0, P. It. wharf, entirely destroyed. Property of Rank of Montreal.
Cause unknown. Out of city limits.
January 27.���7:10 p. m., burning
chimney at Kootenay hotel. No damage.
January 29. ���0.15 p. m., Mrs.
O'Liiugliiiu's boarding hoube, Carbonate St., burning chimney.    No loss.
January 19"���9:16 p. m., Queen's
hotel, upsetting lamp.    Loss, $115.
February 2.���BlflO p. m., Wah Kee
house, Vernon st., explosion of fire
crackers.    Damage 810.
February 18,���o:80 p.   to,,  Tuttle's
shoe shop, Ward Ht.,burning chimney.
No loss.
Februury 88.���11 a. in., A. McDonald, new wharehouse Front at., cause,
boiler of tar upset und set fire to
floor. No damage.
February 24.���7:30 p. m., Mrs.
O'Loughlin, Curbonate at., burning
chimney.    No damage.
March 12.���8:30 p. m., rear of L.
Pogue's residence, Victoria St., burning shack. Cause unknown. Damage 860. ���
March 28.���10 p. m., sejtion house
near C. P. R. depot. Cause unknown.
Damuge 860.
March 211.���9:30 p. m., Mrs. Harris,
Observatory st. No loss only No. 2
Hall called out.
April 22.-6 p. m., A. R. Harrow's,
(lore St., caused by ash pile.    Damage
*   the   minutes,
Hiding corn-
i, Selous and
ldermen Pater-
^.Ight.���Aid. Irr-
.ed   aldermen   in
��� inated   as chair-
is arrived at   re-
id   hour of meet-
lermen agreed   to
/stem   of   meeting
.   of eaoh week at 8
ser's report was read
authorized Its   publi-
ilcDermid,   city   audi.
. comprehensive  report
lances from which   the
is are taken : The  total
00 weie 880,430.44   from
sources   of   revenue.    In
:s 884,535.09 was recelv-
lank of   Montreal by a
Irafts,   city  debentures
1   as  collateral for tbe
otal   expenses     Slfi-1,-
balance   of   cash   on
1.    Tbe   city's   assets
KS,Sb5.06 and the lia-
, leaving an  excess
707.20.    In clohing
lermld said: "You
at of assets and 11-
xcess  of   liabilities
707.20 as against ex-
year   ago of     810,-
view of the fact   that
-Mints were   paid out
900 I consider   the
ent   one:    Unpaid
88,164.73, expend-
, 835,620.41,   side-
addition to   this
.   written off   the
on   accounts for de-
...e amounts   outstanding
^ht and scavenger account
t   81,516.45,   83,169.40 and
a and C. E. Bcasley pre-
aenitu .port of their inspection of
water and electric services. The total of the water connection were:
Closets, 580, lavatories, 24, baths, 404,
inside taps, 1,507, outside taps, ,178,
���water motors 7, steam heating, 9.
The electric lights include 4 c. p.
lights, 4; 5 c. p. light, 9; 8 c. p.
lights, 196; 10 o. p., 116; 10 c. p., I,-
714; 32 c. p., 184 and 15 arcs. On the
alternating current there were 2,250
The engineer's report wns referred
to the board of works and that of the
auditor to the finance committee.
Dr. LaBau submlttted a lengthy report regarding the year's work in the
medical health officer's department.
This was left over until Wednesday
when the council is to meet at 4
o'clock as a board of health,
The report of the returning officer,
J. K. Strachan, as to the affirmative
vote oo the messenger service by-law
having broached the subject, the bylaw was finally reconsidered and
passed. The next step in this matter
is for the promoters of the scheme to
arrange for tbe use of the city's poles
to string wires and to commence installing tbe system.
Chief Thompson, of   tbe fire department, reported as follows:
To the Mayor and City Council:
Gentlemen,���I beg to submit the
following annual daily report of
alarms and fires and estimated losses
for the year 1900, and also apparatus
in use.
Combination chemical and hose
wagon, hook and ladder truck, three
hose reels, fully equipped ; 2,800 feet
Paragon hose, distributed as follows:
B.300 feet in ball, and 500 feet on
front street, and 1,100 feet ol old bos*
April 24.���12:30 noon, P. Burns &
Co., cold storage. Cause unknown.
Damage, 84,000.
April 30.���11 a. m., M. St. Devles'
shack, near Brydges. Fisher & Co.
sawmill, Water st.    Damage 825.
May 3.-2 p. m., J. C. Crofts, Ob
servatory st. Caused by electirc wire
damage, 810.
May 13.���1 p. m.. Tbos. Kennedy's
shack, above Observatory St. Total
loss, cause, defective chimney. Loss
8150.    Outside of city limits.
May 13.���10 p. in., telepohne office,
Baker and Stanley. Cause, electric
wires.    Damage 8100.
June 6.���6.15 p. in., J. Y. Griffin &
Co., smoke house, Josephine and Vernon.    Loss 8100.
June 19.���11:15 p. m., Phair hotel
(annex, Silica st. Cause unknown.
Damage 8126.
June 27.���4 p. m. telephone office,
Baker and Stanley. Caused by wi.-e
crossing trolley wire. Damage 8200.
July 2.���5 p. in., shack on Lake st.
July 23.-6:35 a. m., J. A. Mara
block. Stanley St., unoccupied, cause
unknown.    Loss 89O0.
July 27. ���1 a. in., Cliff Wader residence, Cedar st. Cause, bush fire;
no loss.
July 27.���12:40 noon, Applewhaite
block, Nelson Furniture Co. store,
warehouse in rear, cause unknown;
loss on building, 8600, stock 83,000.
Aug. 1.-2 p.m., Arc at Nelson Pinning Mills, lumber piles and bridge between plan'ng mill and sawmill.
Caused by sparks.    Damage.   8200.
Aug. 2.���11:05 a. m., shack occupied
by St. Dennis, lake front between
Cedar and Park st., caused by sparks
from Fairvicw Lumber Co.'s mill.
Damage 825.
Aug. 10.-2:45 p. m., J. Jameson,
resident, Front Street, burning chimney. No loss.
Aug. 21.-2:35 a. in., Fairview Sawmill, Water front. No loss, cause
froni boiler furnace.
Sept. 1.��� 1:15 p. in, property of Mrs.
A. Collwell, Josephine and Silica st.,
burning chimney ; occupied by Messrs.
Collins and Little.    No damage.
Sept. 3.-12:35 p. m..Fairview Sawmill, water front. Caused from boiler furnace.    No damage.
Sept. 10.���3:20 a. ni., Dr. Hawkey's
residence, burning board fenco, caus'
ed by hot ashes dumped against it.
Loss 85. ,:
Sept 22.���7 p. m., Vantsone Drug
Store. Caused by explosion of chemicals.    No damage.
Oct. 9.-3:30 p. m., Vanstone Drug
store, caused by explosion of chemicals.    No damage.
Oct. 17.-8:45 p. m., Nelson Saw
mill, cause defective fire place. Damage 8500.
Oct. 23.-2 a. m. Mr. Rowley's residence, Josephine nnd Observatoiy St.
Cause unknown.    Damage, S80O.
Nov. 8.���4:45 p. m.,Emorson & Neelands, Office saloon, cause unknown.
No damage.
Nov. 19.-8:05 p. m., Ed Curran,
Club hotel, burning chimney. No
Dec. 21.���7:40 p. m., Nelson Club,
Silica st, and Stanley, burning chimney.    No damage.
Dec.26���6:20 p. m., Mr. Archibald's
cottage, Kootenay and Baker St.,burning chimney.    No damage.
I bave the honor to be, your obedient servant, W. J. THOMPSON,
T. J. Sims, secretary of the united
charity organization, addressd a communication to the council stating
that the organization hud closed the
past year with a delicit of 897 and requesting a grant of Sluo. A portion
of the delicit would probably be recovered and in event of the grant being
mat*c this sum   would be returned.
The mayor remarked that he had a
letter regarding a certain piece of
sidewalk but as the communication
was anonymous he would not lay it
before the council.
A man named Jones asked the coun-
oil to advance bim funds to purchase
a ticket to England where his people
belonged. Jones claimed to have
come to Nelson with 81.000 and to
have lost his money in wild cat mining and other unprofitable speculation. Mayor Fletcher volunteered to
investigate the matter.
This concluded the business and
council adjourned.
The Leitch Mill of Cranbrook
Doing a  Rushing
Lumber Being Shipped to All
Points In Northwest
One of the most Interesting features
of the industrial growth of the Koote
nnys is the development of the lumbering interests of East Kootenay
Tho industry has already reached
large proportions and the prospect for
further expansion is very bright,
Alexander Leltoh of Cranbrook, one of
the largest operators in the district,
enlarges on this subject in an Interesting manner. His mill at Cranbrook has a capacity of ?5,000 feet per
day and is usually run close to this
mark during the season. Last year
the Leitch mill cut 6,000,000 feet of
lumber and this year the management
figures on an equally large output. A
crew cu* men is now engaged in cutting the season's supply of
logs and the mill is turning ont the
completed product for stock  purposes.
"Last year," says Mr. Leitch,"was
a busy one with the East Kootenay
mills up to September when the partial failure of the Manitoba crops
practically put an end to the demand
at a juncture when business should
have been unusually brisk. It is possible, too, that this crop failure may
affect the market in 1901 if the farmers of the Territories and Manitoba
should not feel disposed to carry out
the improvements they have planned.
The great market for British Columbia timber is in the country between
Winnipeg and the Rockies, and I look
to see the demand grow constantly.
About all the timber thus far sent
into the country has gone into temporary barnB, houses, granaries, etc.,
but now that the settlers are beginning to get on their feet financially it
is only natural to expect they will j
want better homes and buildings.
This with the influx of new settlers
ought to guarantee the market for
some years at least."
The Cranbrook Lighting Company
has recently completed the installation of a plant which has been set up
in Mr. Leitcb's mill. It includes a
2,000 light engine and a 750 light dynamo. Already over 600 sixteen c.p.
lights have been put in about the
town and two men are wiring other
buildings so that the present capacity
of tho plant will be reached shortly.
Tho question of arc lights is still nnder consideration as these have to be
put in by private enterprise, the
town not being incorporated. The
matter of incorporation Ib likely to
become an issue during the present
year, particularly because of the water supply.^ At present the town is
supplied from St. Joseph's river, the
water being distributed in tank carts.
A few wells exist but the water
therefrom is strongly alkali and unfit
for domestic use. Cranbrook's population now numbers 1,800 to 2,000
people and a number of fine residences
have been erected, tbe railroad men
running out of tbe town taking the
lead in this direction. The ensuing
year is expected to see marked advances in the building line, and with
further development of the mineral
resources of the district the citizens
look for marked expansion.
Thin signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative BromoQuinine we*
Uw nmtij that cures ��� ccJd ���*���*���} �����"�� (t*f
There will be skating at the Stanley
street rink this afternoon.
Born, yesterday morning to Mrs.
George Hull, Goro street, a son.
Captain and Mrs. John R. Gifford
are down from the Silver King mine
for a few days.
A gentleman left in Tbe Miner office
laBt night a mink boa, which will be
handed the owner upon application
to this office.
Several social events which were to
have occurred tonight have beon postponed on account of the serious sickness of Queen Victoria.
The new board of tvorks will meet
on Thursday at 4 o'clock and the fire,
water and light committee meets on
Saturday morning at 10:30 o'clock.
On account of the serious illness of
Queen Victoria, the Burns' anniversary concert to be given by tbe Ladios'
Aid of the Congregational church will
be postponed ludenfiltely.
J. J. Walker bas moved his jewelery
business to tbe premises leased by bim
in the Elliot block. The new store
Is commodious, well lighted and very
suitable to the purpose intended.
Yesterday's police court docket comprised but one case, that of a party
locked up for vagrancy. Magistrate
Crease allowed the man to go on the
ground that be would leave for Rossland instantcr.
The United Charities' organization
bad several cases on its bands of persons who are Maud require temporary assistance. Up to the present
time the applications for relief have
not been as numerous as last year.
It is understood that the steamer
Angerona now sunk off the city wharf
Is to be raised shortly. The craft has
suffered some additional damage to
her upperwoi-ks through the action of
the water since she was submerged.
Jack Sims, an old Nelson bov who
served with the second Canadian contingent in South Africa, arrived in
the city last night. He enlisted at
Calgary and saw much active service
under General French. Sims was in
several warm engagements but escaped unhurt.
The ladles' committee of arrangement for the Nelson Operatic Society
ball to be given" next Friday evcnini?
met yesterday 'morning at the residence of Mrs. Vv*". J. Goepel and completed arrangements for the provision
of the supper, 'Which they are going
to make one of the features of the occasion.
A man named Gammon, recentlv
discharged from the provincial jail
after doing six months hard labor for
assaulting a constable at Creston,
gave the local police a tussle yesterday. Gammon was run in for disorderly conduct and when Chief Jarvis
and Constable Hardy took 'charge of
him he fought every step to the lock
The Rossland hockey team arrives
here this morning and the game tonight will undoubtedly be the fastest
of the season, particularly as the ice
is in splendid condition. The home
team is the same as crossed sticks
witb Sandon: Neelands, goal; Archibald, point; Jeffs, oover; Wetmore
(captainj, Nase, Thompson and Per-
rier, forwards. The game will start
at 8:30 and the admission is 25 cents.
A big crowd is expected.
relatives afflicted with the Dis-
euse of Drunkenness ? We have
a sure cure whicli can be given
with or without the knowledge
of the patient. Send for particulars, enclosing 2 cent stamp
for reply. Address Dr. W. II.
Saunders & ...Co., Chicago, 111.
Buy   Only   Union - Made   Shoes,
, Factory N? 88^.
This stamp used bv the JOHN Mc-
PHEH90N 00., Limited, of llurnilton,
the only Union Factory in Canada.
During the cold weather do
not worry about baking your
own bread, when you can
have Fresh Home - Made
Bread delivered daily by tho
Star Bakery. It is also to
be had at the following stores:
T. J.  SCANLON,  Stanley Street.
Josephine and Lake Streets.
Joy Cometh in the morning,
And in the evening too;
If you eat his home-made bread
You'll be Joyful too.
The properties listed and samples
received yesterday at the Prospector's
Exchange in the K.-W.-C. block
Free milling ore from the Home
stake, Summit Camp, Boundary district ;. silver-lead ore from the Pretoria
group at Ainsworth ; copper gold ore
from the lied Rock claim. Cottonwood
creek ; freo milling ore from Cooper
creek, in the Lardo-Duncan district;
silver-kad ore from the Snow King
group. La France creek; silver-lead
ore from the Mcintosh claim, Sable
creek. Lardeau: free milling ore from
the McGilllvray creek properties. Lillooet district: gold ore from the Paradise and Majestic claims, 49-Creek,
Nelson ; free milling gold ore from the
Majestic claim, 40-Creck, Nelson ; free
milling gold ore from tbe Lila group,
Morning Mountain, Nelson ; gold ore
from the Pool group,Hall Siding, Nelson district; copper gold ore from the
Sovereign group, Trail creek district;
selected specimens of silver lead ore
from thejlector group, Ainsworth.
"I stuck to my engine, although
every joint ached and every nerve was
racked with poin," writes C. W.
Bellamy; a locomotive 'fireman, of
Burlington, Iowa., "I was weak and
pale, without .any appetite and all
run down. Ah I was about to give
up, I got a bottle of Electric Bitteis
and, after taking it, I felt ��b well as
I ever did in my life." Weak, sickly,
run down people always gain new
life,- -strength and vigor from the
use'.iVJry them. Satlstaotlob guar-
anteedyby Canada Drug & Book Co,
Price W Mute,
"I would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrs. Charles Applegatc,
of Alexandria, . Ind., "and could
hardly get any sleep. I had consumption so bad tbat if I walked a
bolck I would cough frightfully and
spit blood, but, when all other medicines failed, three 81.00 bottles of Dr.
King's New Discovery wholly cured
me and I gained S8 pounds." It's absolutely guaranteed, to cure Coughs,
Colds, La Grippe, Bronchitis and all
Throat and Lung Troubles. Price 50
cents and 81.00. Trial bottles free at
the Canada Drug & Rook Co.
The crystalline lens Is a transparent
body just behind the pupil in the
eye. It focuses the rays of light
thus forming a small image on the
retina. If this lens is injured or the
nutrition is insufficient it becomes
cloudy and finely opaque resulting in
blindness consult Prof. W. J. Harvey,
F. 0. M. C. I.,at McLean's drug store
about the matter.
The most miserable beings in the
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the Dominion are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such a Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Pal
pi tat ion ot the Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomact, Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in
the Mouth, Coming up of Food After
Eating, Low Spirits, etc. Go to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
Flower for 75 cents. Two doses will
relieve you. Try it. For sale by W.
F. TeetzeL	
If yon don't like Bine Ribbon Tea it's
bwauifl yon'ye never tasted it-
Provincial Secretary's Office,
17th January, 1901,
His nonor the Lieutenant-Governor
in Council, under the provisions of
the "Land Registry Act" has been
pleased to establish at the City of
Nelson, in the County of Kootenay, a
District Office for tho Recording of
Instruments and Registration of
Tities affecting real estate, situate
within the County of Kootenay.
The name of the said registration
district shall be the Kootenay Land
Registration District.
Henry Fry McLeod, of the City of
Nelson, solicitor, has been appointed
to perform the duties of the said District Office, which shall be open for
the transaction of business on aud after the second day of March, 1001.
By Command,
Provincial  Secretary.
Packed in Pnr.,4. oz. and Vz lb. Air-tight Tins.
Now Is Your
During this month we will sell BoOtS, Shoes
ar|d Rubbers at greatly reduced prices, and we
would invite you to come in early and secure a bargain.
The Royal Bank of Canada.
.....   i*i,-foe,ooe.f
Thomas Ritchie. Vice-President.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital PaW-ap,    ',   .    .    Wi.9h-i.070.mi |  Rent,     .
Hoard of Directors!    I*h' mas K. Kenny,   President;
Wiley Smith. H. G. Bauld, 1.-.,. lHvid MaoKeen.
Head oilier, llalirnxt
General Managor, KOmiii L. Pcaxo, Montreal.
Superintendent of Hrimchou. and Socrutary, W. B. Torranco, Halifax.
Inspector, W. F. Brock, Halifax.
Inspector 1). M, Stewart, Montrea .
Branches t
Nova   Seotla-Halifax   Ilmnch,   Antigonlsh.
BiidgBWaler, Uuysboro. IxmUoaderry, Lunenburg. Maitlund (Hants Co.), Pielou. Port
HawkeBbury, Sydney. Shubonacadic.Truro,
New    icruiiswlck ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Frodericton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sacbvilie, Woodstock.
P. K. bland���Charlotte town, Sunnuerelde.
Quebec���Montreal (City Office), Montreal,
West Knd (Cor. Notro Dame aud Seigneurs Streets); Westmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue and St. Catharines Street.
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba. Went ludlci���Havana.
United hiiiIm���Now York (10 Kxchaugo Place) -
Republic, WahIi .
Pursuant   to   the    "Oedilors*   Trust
Deeds Act" **.nd Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby given that George
Bremner, cubing on business on
Baker street in the town of CranbrMoh
in the Province of British Columbia, under the firm and style of
George Bremner & Son, as general
merchants, by deed of assignment for
the benefit of creditors, bearing date
of the 10th day of January, 1901, made
iu pursuance of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts bas
granted and assigned unto Kobert Edward Sherlock, of Lethbridge, Alberta,
North West Teu-itories, merchant, all
his personal estate,credits and effeots,
which may be seized and sold undei
execution and all bis real estate, in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
George Bremner & Son, ratably and
proportionately their just claims without preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment was
executed by the said George Bremner
and the said Robert Edward Sherlock on the 10th day of January. 1901.
All persons having claims against
the said George Bremner & So*n are
required lo file wi'h tne assignee full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the nature of the securities if
any held by them, on or before the
2sth day of January.    A. D. 1001.
And notice is hereby given that after tbe said 38th day of .lanuiry, 1001,
the assignee will proceed to distribute
the assets of the estate among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard
to the claims only of which the assignee shall then have had notice, and
that the said assignee will not be responsible for the assets, or any part
thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons, firm or corporation, of
whose debt or claim be shall not then
have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Monday the 28th day of Jan-
nay, A. D. 1901, in the premises of
the said debtor, Baker street, Cranbrook, B. C , at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon.
Dated at Cranbrook this 14th day
of January, A. D. 1901.
Solicitor for tbe Assigne.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents 1
Canada���Merchants flank of Canada.   Boston���National 8bnwrmit'Bnnk.   Chicago���Illinois
Trust and Savings Bank.   Han *r*r��iiclsco���First National Hank,   r.oiiilmi,   Eng.���Bank  of
Scotland.   Parla. Prance���Credit Lyonnnis.   llrrinuda -Bank of Bermuda.   Cbina nnd Japan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Ueueial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Litters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
We  must  have  room  for our  Spring   Stock  of
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing and Room Moulding in the City
Sign Painting and Interior Decorating a Specialty
Josephine    Street,
Opposite   Clarke    Hotel.
Protect Your,
Best   Faculty
and  Save ,?
Your   Sight.
W. J.  HARVEY. F. O. M, C, /., Professor of Aphtholntology, Doctor of Optica
and Scientific Optician, of Toronto, has given flight to thousands that wero suffering from
almost total bltudnosH. People afflicted with Weak Ryes, Headaches, Pa-inn in the Head, Eyes
CroBsed or Diverged, Doubto or Indistinct Vision, Loss of Muscular Power, or any Error of
Refraction of the EyeH, will bo given a fr,eo consultation.
Glasses fitted lo imy sight under a positive guariihtce.of satisfaction.
AT M'LEAN'S DRUG STORE until Saturday, January 2(ith.
Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5,
P. O. Box 626.   Gable Address:
'Groasdalle," Nelson.
connissioN agent.
Code���Morelno & Neal.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and Montreal Stock Exchanges. Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
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